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167: Lessons on War, Leadership, and Life, w/ SEAL Master Chief, Jason Gardner, Pt.1

2019-03-06 | 🔗

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This is Jacko Podcast number one, sixty seven with Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening ECHO bid evening. Beware of that trap. Choose Dear Beowulf, the better part eternal rewards do not give way to prove I'd four brief, while your strength, Is in bloom, but it fades quickly And soon there will follow illness, The sword to lay you low or a sudden fire surge of water or jabbing blade or javelined from the air or repellent age. Your piercing, I will dim and darken, Then death will arrive dear
warrior to sweep you away in that right there is some timeless wisdom Offered by the the epic poem Beowulf, the first poem in the english language, of course, its old English, which is mutually unintelligible from the modern English that we speak. But it has some in credit translations. If you want to read it, I recommend the Seamus Heaney version. But regardless of the transition translation that you get? The story remains as do the lessons lessons based on a war and leadership and really human nature.
Can we find these lessons over and over and over again throughout history and indifferent cultures, and indeed wars and. We all continue to learn every day from history and from each other, and it certainly seems that there are some principles that are universal. There are some. Underlying unifying theories that bind together and thread through?
leadership and war in human nature and the more we experience in life the more clearly we can see the thread of these unifying theories. I am tonight I happen to have on the podcast an individual with lot of experience, experience in war experience and leadership and experience in life, and he also happens to be someone that I grew up with in the seal teams, who is a great friend and who, just retired a couple days ago, as a seal master chief, my friend and my brother, by the name of Jason gardener Jason Jacko overcome an old
I'm really excited to be here. And it and a cool, because I know that you listen to the past. You were one of the first guys that reached out to me. Know what number podcast it was, but you reached out to me really early and said: hey, this is kick ass, man keep doing it and then you know, as the podcast kind of credit started hearing from more guys, but That was a pretty you. Is it literally a first guy that reach shouting at Bro? Keep a goal, and I sent cool? Will oh that's awesome. Yeah like Iris is the one that said told me: I jocose gotta podcast Like all She goes. You don't listen. Podcast do you know. I gave her my phone, she got it set up. It was six saxon within a week and half because I'm commute. I was caught up there and then just
held in from their own out and talk about it churn with a lot other guys and huge helped me, that's all and you have when hasn't put this together. Yet this is irish gardeners, husband and I realize on podcast number seventy you want to listen to that. You can hear us talk about you, I guessed indirectly, because you are still active duty in the day. So, alright, let's get to your story, talk about you, ok we're drop, My dad was in the marine corps, so we moved around little bit kind of settled, down up and sank, lamenting Pier Orange County group up there, Swam played why APOLLO, did through high school and there are no yeah. I think. Started? Doing a Marshall ARC, archology camp or one of the instructors was
team guy in Vietnam order and it back in the day? You know I know what seals worker and then my parents had found out that that he was a c on Vietnam in their. Like all. You know this guy was a seal. Unlike what is that and they said these guys are awesome. It's really hard training there, Water warriors, which is super appealing drawn up at the beach careful and swimming so then I just storm that that's what what not after him and was did ride out after high school. So if your dad was your dad kind of like the stereotypical marine. That was just by own, like actin, like a joke, charging. You know my dad. I might add, with super laid back. Easy is an easy going good guy in a jag off surrendering Corso is like an attorney, but but
Definitely not your stereotypical, Marina and at one point I was thinking about going. The marine corps- and he taught me out of it- I don't do it don't do it needs a K. A navy to seal deems is closed. Loop sure you could go to recall that at the time it wasn't close, loosely you go in and out in an anti goes. You don't want to do that. You want to do this and how easily are now has more sought, which you can just go in and you can be a special operations guy whole career. What is closed loop, one of them meeting so You said about the Marine corps like now. You can go in the Marine corps and you can just be in special operations for Behold career
before you could go for what would have along the Torah. They do two or three deployments added at a sideline. Raising standards like a three year tour six years they would do to command and then you have to go somewhere else you they might go back to an infantry unit or something like that and that's called like open, open move, meaning that you don't necessarily stands. Dear John. You want the whole time that we are now. What point did you start listening to heavy metal, punk rock and hard music cause. I know that's the first like connection you and I had, which is there some weird soda thing when you just like look at some other guy broken disguising the hard core I mean. Is this like. I walked up. You said he what kind of music you know they just like a media you just now. Yeah it. I don't want. The bona fees are actually on that yeah shoot. I explored around like a lot of different Musingly. Just wasn't enough,
You know it's like all, came all listen to the doors straight. So like them for a little bit more than that, and it was kind of investment to buy an album back in those days or to find even any punk rock. So I found I think, like Kennedy's Kennedys ELM fresh for rotting vegetables. That was kind like my gateway drug and in like oh ok. This is really get moving. There are member like. I think I was fourteen. Fifteen. When I went to my first show up, you see Irvine, it was like p o, which was Johnny Wrongs Ban, and I I saw I now. A marsh pit was just like what is this I want to live here? I want to get a mail box right outside this thing in just stay in here. At this point of friction, circling around and around forever, I was like bomb than that that was it. Then you know
discovered Gb Agent and Orange County at a really really like. Probably a one biggest scenes in the world at the time for all the music that would come through their or was going out of so GB age. That d I uniform choice, was was guys like London later in high school. Those guys were awesome than an end. You knew the guys from uniform. Now I do not. I really like their music and I like their message because some of the other stuff, like ok rage against machine, for instance, are like the music can't get behind lyrics. You know or chrome acts as a great example loved the music, like the lyrics, do because it's good like get after its staff. So and then there just maybe that the buzzing don't look guys did in Other wars. When for sure no come music to going in those on that list.
To kill em all, instead of leading to pass the magic dragon wrong. That's literally! What's what Americans were listening to write their listenin to pass the magic dragon in those folk music and I mean I guess me- at the outside edge. Somebody might have been listening to Hendricks or somethin, there's a little harder yeah, but yeah, yet neither theirs, this is just straight up: the weight is some human beings, I would say, normally boys have this thing in their head: that wants to fight and I want to break things yeah and, and when you hear Europe apple the doors you you like. Ok will this is you know you hear light my fire near. Ok, I, like a kind of a little somethin there, and then you- the crow MAX and you got,
Ok, you, motor head and you're gonna, all ok! This is this is make. This is what I am talking about my ear. I completely understand this music right now, not just they can use pick it up and other people there a lot of what the other men. So and then, like I stuck with punk rock, For a long time and then a body of my high school who I swam with Steve Rosen Thaws, like hey, you should check out Metallica area and then they were like they cross me over to where, unlike oh, no knowing like speed matter soon and finally, I found my way Slayer and going to stock with them forever in slayers on a continual loop in the back of my had all the time, it's always surfacing up or down, but now it's like really. Exception that I always do it, because I just can't listen to it all day I fired off, but still real.
Good hits it. That is so! Then you, unless the Navy, you gotta what's in this time. What do what use it. I want an eighty seven and then one of the great lakes did gunners make a school up there. And so I think I checked in the bud sometimes may or June. Eighty eight- and I have you prepared for you for, but because you know a lot of people on this and this will think they we gotta buds and in their paranoid about what they can do to prepare, and I know I'm assuming you prided something similar? Why did because we had no idea what was going on had no idea what the turning was like? video, you pray, was the same videos me if they even had the video the placing special she wants to be someone special and you think well, in order to get ready for the seal teams. What I need to do is look cool. Where all black yeah and be cool, but there was no hay yours,
protocol to get good pull. Ups. Here's the protocol you're good at swim. With friends. None of that. No in it You know like in book camp I found that we actually got out of shape, merely others. An organ in in my book care class that actually just retards amassed chief as well, and we would go in the bathroom undue pull ups in the stalls just stay in shape One thing I didn't do enough is run I hated running and then I was in every goon squad until Third phase, then it clicked I was already a really good swimmers. The water was an issue for me, but I was just hammer Nego Goon squad. You know it's way towards a bag of a deal on and are like, Ok, you guys are down you you're, going to run the rescue. You start doing, pushups hit the surf and they just mess with you for ever feel. Like the first all through first phase time bromide I threw up because
I was gonna, I was like in choosing front of failing and you said, to reach, deepen and push wish it across finnish learn you said there were some. What would happen it sank? Will you tell me the data on the happened sank when all what was that Supposing, before you started, training and retraining, they said hey, we need volunteers to come out Sacramento to help out with the class. That was, was out there and you just gonna go and work behind the scenes with the staff out there. Many island and so they like the second night I was out there. We re in chow men. Structures and students are eaten in the same room with his little clients at Han and they had it was taco night. And so there is a big sign up there when you went to get served like hey we too tacos. So when I got up there The cook is like There is only one talk left. He goes ages come back when I am making some more come back up here and get one so
I ain't. My one taco went back up to get my next one is. I carry go and, as I'm walking with my train back point of the instructor says to me: hey Didn't you already ate to talk over my oh, my goodness, I didn't want to do so. I said no, I tried to keep going wall. It was the phase officer You know it wasn't. Worrying rank insignia, Sudan, all your instructors leap up there all huge and they start screaming at me, thinking to myself or I've already. We have done so We need the the can I just got out of there and I went back to work in our little where we were sleeping when I just went to It was like a five year because, like oh, no, then next morning at four a m there's a knock on the door and one of the guys opens up the door. It's when the students, it's actually in the class, and he goes hey. Their guard in here
and everyone just looks at me. You know and I like it, I'm back here and they go. They want you down at the beach, so I got dressed and went down there. You know I feel like I'm going to Castle Dracula like what are they gonna do to me. So the instructors are all circled out in the phase officers there. He goes garner get over here. So I go over there and it goes he handed me a thermometer and it goes. We need to get the water tempts. You're gonna go out in the water up to your waste and you're going to stay there and do not you. I need you to go all the way to your waste stay there for two minutes, don't come in early and our who ya. So I take it and I just go- I go until unjust treading water. But as I Why? I see how this is going to go right, so then, and I don't even look at my watch- I just stay there until finally, there like getting near dummy, come running in hand and the dominant, and they check it was fifty three degrees or something like that I get
your gardener and of the Did this like one other time and then they just decided it's. It's not gonna, be fine to pick on this guy and that's what I kind of feared was going on. I just like ok, Don't give him a reaction. Dont give reaction and are in a Why do I found someone else to mess with, but the guys in the class later told me that the group of pre trainees that was out there before our group came out like they had one guy that they would just harass and they would just make em burst into tears every time any end quitting before even started training. You talk about this, a lot on the the cast seal patterns, are just super aggressive and, like anybody looking for any weakness, and if you show weakness, it's gonna get hammered and then you like North,
Jon Snow response, you got it, you got to have normal face normal faisal, your emotions or your life's, going to be miserable until you figure out how to deal with whatever that weakness is a thing. There's a couple things that really bother me in the world and I won't help anyone they are. No one knows not. One single person knows what really really like the couple things if I thus the opportune what a known these things I would have been eaten alive but I never ever say, I won't sell any one right now ever put it in my will. When I die it'll be ok, you guys missed a huge opportunity because the as announced egos with things that can happen with team guys just anyway just things happen and if you let it show here doomed, you are or are they just hammer that weakness until that nerve is dead and it doesn't bother you anymore, gesture they'll get the work you through. Ah the nice gent away it did you
any sir, you you, you were crappy runner, obviously and use that was it, jack, that's like me, every run I feel one run, after that run every run. I did. I just ran as hard as I possibly could sprint isnt further. Four until we were done here, so I was done. What did anything else trip- but all about because every the all the water suffers easy pull comp lifesaving all this up as easy as you did. What nothing about. Buds is easy, but It was all stuff that I was really accustomed to, and so the so was like eyes. This is no A girl is no big deal, but it was freedom, brutal. Like I wouldn't do it, I would want to do it again. That's for sure then, but the truth of it is, cause. I wasn't bad cold, her the teams tyres, I wasn't buds tired or in the team, so yeah
a guys. It was a great experience. I finished it. Did you finish up with dive fail, I finished with land warfare. Cells and they switched it somewhere around. When I was there, which was ninety ninety one, that's it was just before we got there. We switch. In fact, I think it was actually a class that did the opposite way did at the old way. The way you did it before right that that was still there when I got there, so right because a pool com is because of poor, so many guys get kicked out. Cool on that they're like. Why are we wait until the end? Do let's shifted over your poor competency is something that I knew zero about when I was coming into the into buds and they had they had a poster in the Med medical. Area by the grinder over there, and it was a Texas Chainsaw massacre poster and it, and yet they had written to Texas or the Bud Pool master and head like a guy with a regulator getting ripped out of his mouth and and the killer and in leather face
interface with was owner. Like an added like an easy to use your instructor teacher on and on I just remember walking by them checking in or whatever, and I don't know what that's all about, and then I found out that the other going to do going to crush you and we're not. Then you go to you and to old school airborne school, oh yeah over you so it was really good, but I was you know, I was really really cocky and when I go back and examined my cockiness, it was just here's the deal. I was super secure, and in them compensate for it by being cocky and hope hopes it. No one figures on island secure him, but anyway the physical aspect of John School. In all the runs and stop it's so easy. And then what are you gonna get throttled back where it's kind of a boat camp mentality are not used to it. So I mean the guys we were going out drinking on and there's rolled you're not supposed to drink a week night near outbreak in on a week night.
Or was like a Sunday night on the I'm before one of the last before the final week of jump weeks, and I going to get a pitcher of beer at the bar there and the guy who was the bartender, turns out. He was a black cat. Arm and jump school and he goes you're not supposed to be drinking on weak knights, and then I am I get well whatever animals do. You know who I am, and I said no, because I'm a black cat any set it in a manner where it like there should have been some spooky musicland oriented black hat any set it in a manner were like there should have been some spooky music plant, oriented and- and I was like ok. Well, you know nothing. I can do no drink this beer and do the pity and run in the morning you're. Out of your mind- and in case I get out of my bar rightly so- kick me out. So we leave the next morning we're on Bus on the way to the drops
for the first jump, and kind of a commotion outside and a look and there's that guy that was the bartender with is in and he's with one of our guys cause. He was in a different phase and so pulled, everybody off the bus Linus up, he was down. He goes, oh, here's, the guy. Pull me out of line up Pulled me behind one of the buildings in tune me up. You know our kind of deserved I I did didn't. I kind of served it and so they let me have it and then that was it. I went back and did three Or for more jobs, and then I was get ready to do. My fifth junk, which is the last year on their jump school and the liaison officer came in pulled me out and said a you're drinking on a week night. I've got this statement. You're on pointing out the sting and I'm gonna take you
GDP which non judicial punishment comes mass so I was like hey wait a minute. These guys shoot me out to me up a little bit by that I mean that got punch me and I had beheld comments all good, and you know that it was going to be done there negroes nope, we're not having this. This is. So you're you're gonna, gonna mass. So I got pulled the class. Graduated laughed and then this is like Friday. You know they didn't last jumped the graduation I was put got put in a holding company and then I want to his master in front of the MOB Marine Corps lieutenant colonel. It was kind of like the officer out there and towards the Navy and Marines going through John School and I call my dad is used duty at the time The JAG Jag your yeah,
he couldn't pointy strangers. Ok, you're, just gonna have to go in there and own it. So I go I sit. Sit in the room common in the guise office remain the rights they read, statement against me, which would you Basically, the story. I just told you to embellished a little bit more, but it's all good and so the current He reads: stuff just looks optimum at me. I'm standing attention and on I'd, take up we have done it again. I wanna get thrown out and he goes on you. Governing safer yourself and I said, Dorothy. That's pretty much what happened! You know this. Meant that he read out- and I said dot I've bears the Navy and by ensuring the marine corps All I can do is take my lumps and press on with my career. And then you just stared at me, and he goes
I find you a hundred bucks for one month and I'll. Let you re class up with an ex class and do your final jumping get out here soon You got a hundred dollars extra money, junk pace. It was really kind of a wash. It was awesome. The one guided pulled me out of line and in brought me in there the merest he's like. You know who told you ought to say, but I found that and have always told young guys military career just own. It If you get in trouble it's when you make excuses that you run into trouble, but when you're like this is what I did most things, that people have done guys come close to doing or didn't just didn't get in trouble for you own it. Works out better in the engineers and every time, no doubt about that So now you go back to back to your team. Between five checking. Eighteen, five,
We didn't have asked you to then so what they did with us was we use. Bounced around. I worked in a different department at the team. The worked and diving for a couple weeks worked worked an ordinance for a couple weeks. I think I was at the team for about four months and in those days the teamed and deploy we all always had to pull dunes pushed forward and a command was back. So. I think I was probably for five months at the team when denial and worked at the old cap camp out there. The camp Gardenings great experience and then got in. My first platoon, which was an hour Galva, so we did the whole deployment on a ship. And that was that was great had doubts. Awesome guys and their platoon. But the tune chief was a guy named bill, Coon who's up, asked away now really miss him, but He was just super
in keel, quiet direct, you never really saw loses temper and a good good man good example for all of us, And then now in a couple other guys or get into your second, you know, and then we wound up deployed on the ship We did a longer work up. Then it was. We did Como Se Year long work up, because we were going on the Ark me to do. Everything guys were normally doing like an eight month or and then they do is six months to pee. I will well when I did excited to ards You know, I don't know it's deploying on a ship when we did that it would be do the normal work up, but do the normal work up before we started our inner operability with the Navy in the Marine corps that tacked on that that text their work up the Navy work up in the marine corps work up so like we did to work ups kind of, and it was awesome training. I got so much out of out of that then. Where did you which you going to plant it well
story or was pack, and we were We just got into the Philippines when the Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and all that stuff kicked off. So then we pushed over fur, operation desert shield and then was thought we were: gonna go home, we made it back to the Philippines, and then we stopped there in the pi for like three weeks, in turn back around and went back over fora. Operation desert storm did you guys do anything we just did about so. We did the tanker boardings like you, talk about? on some of the islands off the coast there that we would we got all away a point of doing rehearsals form and then like on some of the islands off the coast there that we, We got all away a point of doing rehearsals form and then, like the Iraqis, would it to ban and the island or caught one of the times. When the heat
flew over to do they surrender to the helicopters and they just sent helicopters in there and took all together. Och he's over butter, on Roma Craven was our task in a commander at the time, and also that was cool you use, he was really good work for and Anna one of the guys in the petition that I'm dead, I told you I reached out to him because I want to mention- because he's kind of a bigger than life seal was Steve and Steve as it is. A big guy he's all at the time tat it up quite a bit which an early nineties a lot nonaligned guys had tattoos. He at some point in a bar fight, someone had caught him up with a knife. So yes, these amazing scars criss crossing his chest. He really smart he's got a razor, sharp whip wit and
It was just a lot of fun to work with one of those guys. Where is, he is bad, as things ever got he's always cracking. You know crack and jokes. So it's always body takes the edge off of it and one of the things that he did really well was You know when you're on a ship you're on the ship, and there are some guys that decide. They're gonna be condescending. Everybody and just doesn't get your foreign life Steve ran a pity for the ship. So we would do our own physical training in the morning and then he had one that he would run in the afternoon and he would invite everybody to it and the captain of the ship came to his pitied. The master key for the ship. Was there by the end of deportment, we would have most of the flight. Deck would be covered with guys come into his pity and that he be crack and jokes the whole time everybody loved him. We would do like ok, Hey, we're gonna, do a fantail shoe and we would have different
people from the ship come up and we would let him shoot organs and beat our range safety officer. So so gay all eyes at work in the galley. You know in the galleries our message come out, we're gonna shoot for you and then then what happens They hope you up with food. You know you. Every boy on chicken Paddy sword, chicken boundaries- you know- maybe some actual deserve and then everybody just looked out for us, and I was so good it paid off in spades. I'm gonna of building relationships with people, just such a benefit across the board, and I certainly learn that literally getting extra chicken patties an extra chicken nuggets, because our rose with a dude working in the front line and and the chicken nuggets, what might sound like like that's what ever know the real thing you ve gotten gator squares off the coast of Africa for ninety days. They they don't have a lot of food left and it gets
down to ok. What are we gonna get worked out there trying to get jacked by the way? If you give, you will have fewer so yeah Brow, those people a little bit. Everybody is this, like no skin off your back, not to here. The answer is when we really that's what karma is right, the good. Be born and it comes back to the end, so you guys did some ship boardings and but in the Gulf WAR, is over Seventy two hours yeah ended on really quick and the guys in the teams that did do missions do they were, generally like by companies there's a couple tunes. It got the comforting disappointing that almost got overran get it over coffee right NOS one platoon. Nor was it as it was a tempting but
Wasn't it wasn't even conflict? I forget what it was both right up. There line they punch through was pretty crazy yeah. That's like one of the main one of the guys that was in that pollution. I ended up in a balloon with later, but generally at an even even chip boardings back then was, I guess you know we did something real world real weren't real world op everybody got around I was the truth, That was the view that was that was the way was hey. If you did something real, there was awesome and it in I mean when I was coming, and I had all these fantasies that once I was in this you'll deems look, there's clandestine wars going on world wide and I'm gonna be all up in arms, I'll, be fine wars. People don't even know about, and then I found out when I got to know. That there was no wars and Guam it was where my ears deployment went to hear. I felt like same thing was going on that there be like guy,
with clear you'd get there within a week. People be wont, load your stuff up, we're going here and you loan, reaching out men. It does happen that way or it does just gotta. You can't use it. I get well, it happens more now I mean now there's a lot more stuff going on and it is going on. It is what wide and you see in the news- and sometimes you don't but is totally diff. It's completely different. Now I mean we are at war and so those little fantasy that you have about going into countries are those that that happens now, whereas in the nineties one happening now, and then there were all these assumptions about what you're gonna do when your shot at I remember, like we shifted our are immediate action drills around, at night island right after the Panama thing happened, a pretty airstrip. And we decided that or
It was decided by guys thing and mother like a year, just when a when the the gunshot goes you're just gonna crawl so we did everything crawling around in the desert and are you know it's not on our goes there, no one knew no one knew and we'd lacked simulation, or yeah, well laser systems that we ended up using. As I was here no, I mean even see you see was specially totally ridiculous. What we used to do and you know new guys. Like me, they're telling me that this is what you do, and this is why you do it cuz. I have theories behind it. They have theories theoretically the theories are hard to argue with a because you don't know me better, be because they ve kind of power. Your tested the theories in little arguments months himself, so hey You listen to and you ok, that's the way it is, and then you find out well, everyone found out actually, even just when they started implementing paint balance, and it was like you know what this
it seem like a smart idea It doesn't seem like a smart idea for all of us to be standing in the hallway that that's it that's one of the big ones, some obvious my first point, soon it was at airports in the hallway and you get ready go in the next room and that's cool then second to insane where it wasn't all you'd like I think, even pass. If it was, I think it was in I'm trying the year but like ninety eight is when I started seeing a change in hey. This is not smart because watch what happens. You guys go line up in the hallway cool somebody sticks it. Simulation Ghana on the corner of the hallway and most down eight people right and the first reactions like. Well that wouldn't happen. It just happened. It just happened. Will that I wasn't aiming yeah. You don't need a you ever automatic weapons in Sudan what kind of the beginning or thou that definitely had an impact on the way stuff is gonna, be
and it just like. You said, like you talked about Panama, those guys and how the guy's me, theoretical changes, which is hey when the shooting starts you're, gonna crawl. Well in the desert you, Contact is likely to be much further away and you have much greater distance to travel in order to break to act assault. So if, with what you're doing here, not saying there's no times where you will be sucking mud cause. You certainly can be, but there's a difference. Like you, fired, ineffective, fired nurses, difference between dead space and when you're in it open space where you can actually get hit so yeah. It's we, It was awesome and weird to see all that unfold, and it is actually very similar to what the? U Fc did the martial arts of yeah, because everything was theoretical and again it was You remember some of that kind of weird martial arts, made for a lot in the teams
I remember one in particular where it was hey when you hit the guy here, his ivory, They called it. They had a scientific name for his. Dogmatic reaction, but they had some scientific centre where he is automatic reaction. His physiological reaction is gonna, be to do this and then, when they do, that you can do this and it would end when you do this. It's going to call me back and they have these big scenarios that would they would play out. That was what it was here when you get for like it was literally when you hit the guy in the neck, it's gonna, causing too like fall to one side and any and every when it gets hit in the neck arches, thereby and sticks their chin out venue hidden with this. It was their stir them that's what they're saying you can't say well, amen. Had my hit me in the neck, with all your my I actually did do that. I actually did say like hit me see that happens, and it didn't happen
and then I got some other weird cycle babble circular argument about. Well, that's because you are expecting it well, ok, but Do what I'm on expert you noticed is just one of these things strike the neck, stormed the groin raked the eyes raised on the Rhine. Yes, what was that it was the the rising like us off, combat assault system or someone was in when we go? We went through a whole bunch of those, and all it takes is a couple people in a leadership position to get convinced by this I noticed I lot of circular arguments in those things. And it's so that that things are when the started, it was like. Oh these kung fu guys or whatever the karate guys or whatever. These needs get you guys or whatever, whatever their Marshall ART was anyhow, the thing that oh, when I wrote, and you you breathing will be incapacitated, throw
ultimately, forty five second generally about forty five seconds when you want to throw in order for the look it's about forty five sector good about forty five second window would now you want to attack the nerve basis when it at the solar plexus, when you get him the solar collectors. Probably now you got about another forty five seconds, this, good rate. The eyes are doing some grand master gains, Dick that was it and, and so, when the USA gave around was like, oh all, of sudden that doesnt work it's the same thing happened pre, I'll even say: priests, ammunition, prepaid ball and pre, and we MILES Gilbert MILES. He was kind of weak miles. You wasn't quite good enough, which is, Suppose you don't like a laser tax system that mountain on your wheel, weapons, but it wasn't very act You do with jams in your blanks and which was not good, but those things definitely started to make. It leans towards oldest this, this theory,
doesn't seem D pulled the water that we all thought that had held yeah yeah. Well. You know what here's the thing even if we were crawling as long as we had a plan and rehearsed it. That was way better than stuff that wasn't so a lot of those guys that did that first, those fighting systems that there was a lot of goofy stuff, when they would get in a street. Finally, would still do ok, because what what's patent said that thing about good plan now is better than a perfectly later right. You know that's a good point now what I think about, if you think about the tactics, so you got told after Panama to crawl. Seems, kind of crazy right now and innate if you think about as a broad hey, what we can do is call time think about this remember when it was a whole squad getting
online moving, but getting up and running all at one time yacht just as ridiculous. Just you Jesse this. How did exactly and there's a time and place for both things a time and place for both things and you as a member? I was always at one of the teams. I don't know a six months ago, a year ago we were talking to Dixon a guy ass. We locate. Where does the argument moving been? Your team The question was like: where does the commander go in this situation and it wasn't one group say that they should be in the rear. The other group Saint Aubert, for I was my team, and I will listen different times with a commander. These being the difference bought in the matter should be is where he is. In the weeds but still kind of understands, what's happening and can provide them as Commander Control Summit, The answer is not. He should be here the answer is. Where should he be for that particular situation? And does the commander have the understanding, the tactical
we're standing and the operational relating to go. Oh, you know what. If these, a busting into a building right here and I go into that building and there's contact. I'm gonna be sucked into that contact and I'm not can build a control. Anything contrary to that, if I'm way at the back, where the content happens. I don't even know what building its and that's a problem do where should I be? I should be where I can provide the best man actual. That's me adaptable, it's very easy to adapt. But it's very also very easy for people to come up with doctrine and in supporting arguments, support, Fear is that that are very hard to argue against. Could you get into circular arguments against crazy people? Yeah become emotionally attached to whatever the ears are: that's a state This is why I think it stop use, always been so slow one ways its weakness, but it's also at the same time our greatest strength, because so rigid in what we do and it's so
in Spain. One ways it's a weakness, but it's also at the same time our greatest strength, because everything I've done on deployment, most things actually was now Exactly something trained for, but the training and I got was eighty percent there to where it was easy to pivot foam. And do whatever what it being requested overseas and the training that you got trained you to think trail you today is not just pay this, which can do hundreds and the time it's a hey. This is gonna work in this situation, but you should be looking around. You should have your head on a swivel. You should be looking for work. You all those little causal like Montrose that you get told they actually make sense. Could it's not do the same thing every time, it's red and react right the art and react. That's one of the first things you started here like red and react it because you don't just do you actually
red and you actually assess. So those are all important. Anything else from that first deployment, besides, is being on the. Organ beyond man hot long ten month deployment. Remember why the end deployment after that, deployment- none of us wanted to talk to each other for a while, I was like you see guys around the grammar, and then It was just so in there's no internet. There is no internet. You know you. Communication with home is snail mail airspace, Three we conversations you have back and forth, and and the whole opportunities in a room at twice the size of the US dollar racks or stacked for high you, you ve got like eighty. Movies on videotape and
they're just run in constantly, and you ve seen every one of these eighty movies a five hundred times, because their literally playing nonstop in the balloon space we did was we got on a kick in this- is then another art deployment. I went on later one of going to Somalia, but we got on a kick with, What's the movie where the girls had spends around the exercise, exorcism we're watching the exorcist over and over and over again, and I write about that was the term we did the yard. The shell back ceremony were over the equator, and so there's only two guys in platoon done. It's all the rest of us were logs were gone through it and basically all they do is throw food at you and sprang you with water, which ok it's like bonds, we're just doing it and guise of combined with like all these walks over here. Remember one of the guys gone a power of Christ come
pillar, our of Christ compels you and then we all started shown in the guy just looked out as for a second and wandered off someone nosegay my willows and raise a little there, but they had no idea what to make of us at all. Also you come home from that deployment and in what then what's up what's then I went in the armory for a little bit and waited to pick up another platoon then, after that I did who worked in normal for another six months? Did another platoon and then, when I was a speck on, you will do and you into the armory, because you were in truth, I was gonna J and I was going to interact. What, What position will you and your first platoon? Oh good point? So was a sniper, but didn't. We didn't have to stop. You didn't have a sniper course so there the guy that had just come from. We appointment
point Man Second Squad and the first quad point. Man was labour and he'd been to the army sniper school shirk, so they ran ran me through some different training and stuff like that. To get me like kind of qualified, but I'd never certificate or nothin in and it was really minor stuff, so me and the other sniper would ye practice just on stuff out and then, when we do the tanker boardings I'd be up in the Hilo eyes above some info and so on, got back I went to arm was can an ordinance. And then I got an opportunity to go this second S w sniper course they ran on the West Coast. And that was that was brutal. I've never failed anything up until then. I'd never failed anything in my life and I didn't make it through the first Of course, I pass the shooting portion which most guys pass butter,
five weeks straight of shooting. But then I came to stocking, I just didn't get it. And lack the patients that I needed that later figured it out, and so I Pastor came out of their without not a sniper club in advance. Marksman call the lack of dishonour. A pretty much guy, so actually this funny, because I say that jokingly like everybody knows, that how hard that these two everyone in stock in the crazy MIKE my course there's only two guys that graduated with a call with a sniper crawl out of. Like how much the animal. How much of that was the seal instructor Oh guys go and we're gonna have the hardest course. Ever no one's gonna make it there's gonna, be the toughest course. I write
yeah. Yeah, I mean I mean I've. I've been in possession. I think there is that there is definitely a piece of that because there is like some guys getting pretty dying, excited and screaming, and yet you ever yard learn your good grief going on and on but I don't know what that would have made a difference from a person or not like had it been more levelled out and they had gotten too excited about it which I'm not saying they did, but that's just that's all rolled out! So second- and I I platoon and I was again appoint man and then I think I acted as a sniper, but then the sniper thing kind of fell off the radar foreign stubby a little bit. It wasn't a priority for anybody, and second platoon, which is speck, opportune, went to Philippines or no. We want go on? to remain here at the junk. And go on in the jungle was his bar, the german originality jungle. The jungle was the bar that everybody went to
and then he had dad platoon. Then I went of doing a year overseas. Well, I went on for a week and then came back with another platoon straight away and did did that Those great experiences I mean who travelled around a lot did a lot of water work back in the day. Logic Ankara boarding lot of diving. All that didn't do anything real and then what came back from those deployments. I went to work in law. Training sell at the team. The guy was working. The land warfare, section workin for a guy named Danny Carroll who the time was back up a little bit on this, but are key key was just he was awesome to work for he's he's one of these guys that
no matter how bad anything ever was. He never complained. He might complained to someone that was his but he never complained down and then never complained about all this is stupid or he was not the torture genius which, when things were hard and he wasn't complaining and then it wasn't hard- and he is another guy with a really good sense of humor, and I am just a good good turn to be around the biggest thing about him was dislike now, or ever complained. Always something positive to say Anne was was an expert in then when he did give you a critique didn't it wasn't condescending. So he was somebody I looked up to when he was in. My platoon was actually a leadership in my sister platoon and I'll go over and talk to him all the time and Back in the day I had my hair, bleached white was always long, You don't was never in the right uniform ever book.
Not being a uniform made me feel special cuz I secure and all all people just scream at me cut you're, good and uniform, but they never would tell you you know: hey, within one day. Danny goes hate. Jason, one aren't, you aren't cut your hair so easy to her decent erika and being the right uniform and your life is going to be so much better and You should just try for a little bit any just laid out in it. There was no. Condescension borrowing? It was a straight up advice from one friend to another, and I tried it and I was like hey. This is amazing. People asking what hey. What are you doing tonight? People actually giving me stuff to do and then leaving me alone, and let me do it cause. I trusted me that I was gonna, be professional, be perfect, about it and, after workin for him. I got,
opportunity, because when the teams ran sniper courses, agony and reject Roquat, there's also those guys that would be like they are condescending. And all you do is you you know the guy. That's all straight lay strong around the team. Looking like a dork, and you just think when you're young team guy, like this guy's, a dork, he is eating, and if they come up and say some huge mad at him, you know Second, your stupid, you don't get it. You know, What it's like to be young jacket right, that's how everybody else was was for makers, your life really but you're not going the beast and the answer was like gap, mental, listen to what you say, and you know it is important to things about Steve lines in and Danny which work with either of those guys other than peripheral proof we through through the years. No, I think Steve Heinz put without free all school with who is now and forever so whatever and dainty Carol.
And I remember Danny from being unemployment and hear my appeal was good friends with him It's so you know we were always liked open. But, What I want to say is that you mention it real, quick it good operator like he was organized it because, if you you were good at your job. That like the base level of having respect and getting people. Listen you. Is oh, this guy's a really good at his job, and you doing here, before we before the word operator had the had there. Right of meaning that it has day words like always operator that kind of his this taken unawares of its own, but back then to be like that, as a good operator and really meant something when I here that about someone here that is a really good operator and you take a while that guy's. That means you can chew. Well, let me too can navigate well, it means you can dive. Well that mean seas, he's, keeps his cool, like meant all those things that guy's a good operator and so
That sort of me was the baseline, especially for guys that I looked up to mighty. When I was a new guy, it was the guys we're you'd here, acts as a really good operator, and then it was ok and it wasn't like that was everyone you will not a big number people and and develop a reputation as a good operator when there's no war going on actually very hard to do that, because what that means is every one of these stupid training missions every one of these dumb dives that everyone's bitching about you're actually take completely serious and you're doing your best in your teaching other people, and that is what that's, what developed the reputation back then was like this guy's, a good operator We are definitely answer, then deny gazing at the kind of water where he can hand out advice and then the fact that he gives it out without being condescending or or straight up here so much its work? absorbing would have.
Did you sort of this? Was you got here? Did you get any did you go to your school year? How'd? You know, You know that that was, it was I forget what I think it was in this period after I did those pupil tunes. I finally got socked undergoing Sears glove. And are I remember, I didn't get water boarded for some reason and sear school, but I did kill and eat a rattlesnake and they're like a you're, not supposed to do that, and then I got caught and then I'm like okay well, but this is just in the field training portion where you know you're doing patrolling. And danger crossings, that's all you're doing all day, and then you have these little land nab exercises you're doing which were super easy for me is what we did. So I would just just get him down and be done sleep in Hungary and try to eat grasshoppers nervous because not feed you for the whole week. And then when they,
how'd you, and they put. You ended at that price, can't so the this thing they do is have everybody line up and then, Mr President Naked, because apparently there there checking you for texture. So then they see all my tattoos and one of the instructors is like hey. This guy's got the mark of the devil, causa the guys are that russian accident right. So I get get grabbed and then I'm in this circle of these instructors, and there, like he's, got the mark, the devil in their gonna shovin me back and forth and like okay, this is kind of fun. This is Yours is a big deal and then, guy that straight across from me, I can remember seeing a big black hand come over his shoulder and it it covers up half of his chest like like, aren't really the giant big and just moved dude away, and then another guy iron moves the other guy away, and then there is this: just a mountain of a man,
grab me with his left hand, picked me up there only allowed to like hit you from out here to hear, but it was like you know. Those images and rocky. Where would you like a cup of stars not just oh, that was that little smirk I just had on my face lying on the ground over there in order comes again boom and humbling. I'm. Literally got the exact same tree. I remember us in some vehicle any was after you got your voice, capture and then eventually acres call up in the widening of Cambodia to surrender. So we had avoided capture me in my pilot body weight avoiding actually go down and get in the vehicle, the driver somewhere, and I'm just you, know, things, a joke whatever and get
the vehicle and some guys yelling at us, with the fake russian accent and I'm just laughing at inside in which means you know, like kind of progress that I was nineteen years and dude. The dude comes over. He like yells at me, and I like I'm gonna, who knows what I said to prove that I was a tough guy and this dude. All of us like, I can't believe he just did that and ok we'll get times so that must be they must. They must know who we are common in. They must look at the young punks and go. I got this guy. I What number is gardener Yom it over here from seal team, by what numbers willing coming over here from seal team, one may get me
some of that here. It's gonna. Do I'm just an immense amount of satisfaction when that look, it's knocked off your face because they could just see the light come out your eyes new, like it's me. I've been passed many times. Open hand smack for lawn, and I don't know what you're talkin up only bring it back to wherever this brought it back all the way. If you want to go all the way home to the good one and I've been like, I said, I've been hit before I've been knocked out before. Didn't knock me out, but it was. It was definitely a. It was actually reality oh yeah. Did there these guys? Are these guys? play around these guys are gonna, take pleasure in being the crap out of man and they're gonna. Do it if they, if I give them any reason to so in which that so that was to deployment you come back here and drink. How much did you learn when you were working in training, because I know I ask me: five working seal team, one training cell learned, like just mountains of information tonnes. The eye,
actually cause that's when, when you have to teach something is when you got a really absorb it, because you have to completely understand it and everything else. That's one ran at all and up the curtain for me, so I saw everything that went into training. That was behind the scenes. You know when you go through the training like ok, While there is a lot that goes on from laying on the range is doing the med drills to order and the ammo to trying to make the training relevant, and realistic further guy. So do you just don't feel like you're wasting their time? but yeah. And it was at that at that time I went back and restart and got my sniper gwawl and then was an instructor fer a couple. Different sniper courses Stop little difference is what you want You said you didn't get it the stock in the first round. Was it like? You didn't like figure,
dead space, was it you just didn't, have the patience for it? We like whatever, on what? What? What did you? What changed about you? What did you learn a mile, or so I thought so, they drop you often and then they'll just point eight The observation point is that way during a stalk you're on your own to find where are these other guys are at an end? don't know, and their other their sniper instructors who they are really really good skills and optics in their sitting out somewhere to shoot not totally concealed, but you ve got, you. Ve got to find him before he moved in steak I was making before are getting impatient and I'm sick like I'll just start going that way and along the way, all figure out where thereat and as opposed to Ok, I'm and sit right here and. Take my time and figure out
where everything is and how are things laid out and then try and find the o p before I move down to at all. I know, you'd have to I'd, have to move laterally one way or the other to figure it out, and so typically on the stalks when it worked for me. I would be the last guy to leak took actually leave where they drop us off and I'd be the first guy darn Typically I'd spend almost no time crawling, because I would do do that. The dispute fine, the Opie, once I had it located, then I would study the terrain really hard and figure out. Where do you go to get within that two hundred yards? Do you you know? George, you figure this out on your own. Will they tell you that, but I just start listening to an end and it click.
They're like a uniform Neil, be ok, cause yeah? Isn't it strange, and I mean well your kids? Well, you you got. Kids are old enough like it's the same thing with your kids you tell him like a figure out where the opium, before you start crawling or whatever. It is less life lesson that you learned in the head with a baseball bat, an you try and give your kids a hint or just tell him in there just like now, I'm some start moving yeah. I got this Here- and I have no idea how to deal with that- it's it's funny because I thank you and I have been a lot of the same experiences with with dealing with our kids. Like hey, I'm telling you. I've lived through this here's. What you should do and but now I've come to point we're I'm still gonna tell him, but I know what they're probably gonna do and then and then just wait and see keep your hands crossed yeah. This is what people say.
Ok, so what I notice, what one of the things that I'm I'm I'm actually thinking about this right now. When I was in training cell, and I was so because our single and didn't care about anything else, and so I thought everything like all, would allow Orford you're gonna go goodies, no more for others seek is eat. Your coat. Go. Teach that go teach combat swimmer, to address, teach everything eyes, And now I look back how awesome it must be when you got like guys like that at the team who are just like oh yeah, I don't go and on another month long chair back to back, doesn't matter will go train and it wasn't just meet. It was like all my all. Browser, you know ass friends with all my guys from Timor. We're all say that, like I will go teach whatever he steps on the road. We don't care is awesome. I had a Volkswagen Van I'd, taken all the seats on the back and line of the carpet, and I had some so being bags in there and when I was in the strand, I slept in the parking lot for, like, I think, eight
because I would like I would rather be on a trip, collect collecting per diem and doing stuff than sitting here. And so that's that's. Where cuts? I wanted it was always out on training block. I was running and Sq tee. I was running it, but I was one of the instructors on an s tt when we used to run std at the team. So is a bunch anew guys we're putting him through training, remember Roy, now I'm remembering this, there was a multiple fishers in the same as Tt Club, certainly a squad had not waters, so we were rotating through, like ok to your turn Ray Squad leader to your two during I ads and now that I think about it. I remember so much of it Like all gives you one guy, do it that he be all screwed up when you say what is wrong with Skype? Oh, he shooting the whole time instead of looking around and then just from one adoration and differences when you're not,
doing the I add when you're actually watching it unfold, everything becomes so with. This is like when I talk about catching Europe. This is my. Earliest or some my earlier experience being detached, is your wife watching these immediate action drills unfold, and I remember one officer that was all jacked up. And I watched him like. Why is kid? The squad do a whatever, Why can't the squad do a strong laughter whenever or appeal right. Why do they do it? What is wrong some seeing this one officer and the other also echo the saucer. Did it fine? I watched him. Contact happens in the people start. Shooting and then the guy looks around a mixed call. I washed its other officer. The contact happened. You start shooting and he doesn't stop shooting and no one's make the call- and it was just a simple as a k, man, Your job is not to shoot. Your job is to make you look around and make a call that you would so much when you're instructing, not only because you have to think
but what you say and you have to be able to artists Why? Why, at that make You dig deep into the reason why and then you get to detached, actually watch it unfold and watch these little minor mistakes happen, and then you get to correct them, and then you get to recognise them in yourself when you make them too powerful thing too, and I, when I was at trade it I think we did a good job of trans because and it s no use beyond what retraining and want to go to training and retreat at, I think we did a good, job of trade, fearing the mentality to hate you wanna get good at this job. You gotta come here. You got two young, which I believe is the truth. So anyone. If you want to get good at something trying teacher then what you did to as well the on
That was an s o p for us one. When I was in land warfare, five was one guy was having a hard time. We pull him out. There's a cake, come stand, me, the media- are so and just watch your guys. Eighty per The time now that would objects. The problem which is a testament to just attachment. It is a testament to detachment and man once you learn how to detach even you're in the situation. Site just makes life so much easier, so much easier. Ok, so now what you'd you do not do so got three balloons and my belt and work in an inner, here on land fair or at at tat, train, saw the team and then one, the patterns that was- an they were. In Poland to Somalia and up the murmur of the, U N,
pull out of Somalia and ninety five and one There there sniper in their platoon guy. Thrown in jail in Hong Kong. Big international incidents, so they were down a sniper. So happen to be on a quarter, deck watch when the all the platoon called back to the team and said we need another sniper out here, down one, and we know we're gonna go into Somalia here and like three months and Ah I'm like I'm a sniper animal sniper instructor. Send me so I sit back to the actual and there are actually a couple. There was another guy that was senior to me any six at the time that was gonna, go and then something came up at the last second key couldn't go so they're like hey you're, Goin, Swap Pact, my stuff they flew me over to Bahrain and when the ship pulled in met up with the platoon,
and then got in the petition, and nor must weeks later, we want up in Somalia. So I guess I just lucky, you know, because you can't, you can't say, and then in the nineties. There was no like at that point think. There have been two other platoon that cycle through Somalia and and and both of them had gotten troops in contact which was a dream; for all of us and in timing wise. This is like Two years after the big black hawk down thing out there, so an apple tune another opportune back on the same ship that I did my first argon. We were in the same burnings base, which it was it the Ogden Albania Pfizer debts And-
but another guy that was really another guy. That was a big met or a minor. Looked up to a lot was any. Was the LP always monetary size? money had been around ass to argue for a long time and he had the additional deal were heeded broken service, so he was a police officer up in LOS Angeles and he had a lot of you know cause those guys argued actually been in gunfights before, and I stress situations so was it was really good? Haven't him having them there and then, when we did go ashore, myself and the others night, we split up into two different sniper elements and money was with my element and then the The other sniper was with the chief, with him and then each of its bad, like fire, guys and our group, which was an excuse to get ashore and the reason- and this was completely. The Marines deal they were there,
Pull the? U N out, but They didn't have the fifty caliber sniper rifle capability and that's than that they wanted to have so that they can reach out these long distance and be a little bit more surgical with them. Application of force, small. So we re our officers are to sell it and then we got to go ashore doing that and I was coming down did you spend the great man we were only in therefore, like three days and so the Marines, I think, We were on the descent left ashore and I down on the airfield but the airfield in what the Mogadishu airports right up against the ocean and The reason I say is because before this, maybe was after this, but I was
cutting gaiters where's, which means drive around in circles off the coast of Somalia for for a long time and we we're supposed to go in and we were speaking. We add we our issue of of em real ammo. All of our key are ammo are mags were loaded are, I remember I put the wheel forty MIKE Mike in vast for the first time and they didn't quite fit right like it was a grand no one in airlines or longer, if no one had ever done it or not. Like I didn't know, and and so here we were in we its? We did all kinds of masters weeds. We were ready to go in and then we can. We never win it, which was an parlor reason. We didn't go in the same region. We didn't go into Rwanda because Black hawk down it happened. We're just like they were ever- was super hyper cautious about everything, yeah. I remember we were going. We were actually taken boats into the airfield. That's what we're gonna do
I remember that Ethiopia animals, then Sir Arthur the funds, you gotta. Why and helicopters and no, we rode in another on one of the big hovercraft, the Elk ACT, but we win in so ok this is not dangerous now, but you know Mogadishu airports controlled by the, U N and then there's that green beach right there, which is in vested with bull sharks. I think like twelve total shark attacks on a couple fatalities on that beach. So We got tasked with doing the hydrographic carnal. Is there some story about some kind of slaughter house or something that lay? I never saw it, but that was the story things at the Amis launderer. There's a camel slaughterhouses, just teeming with blood and the sharks can't resist. That's exactly where we are going to wherever we have that story, that yeah story like the midgets labour in Iraq and they're all dead I'll, just waiting for you day at the water.
Which is what kind of what I think any time I'm doing anything at nice in any ocean you'll take like the sharks are just waiting right there free to come in and just come up, invite you I'm so stupid. I never think about that. I never One time in my whole career thought ok I'm getting the water tonight in southern California, there's big sharks libyan there could be one. I never thought about that, for whatever is I I do, but then, unlike called now, writing about some now, sir, you're so as to help accident. So wait. So we go to do a high to recall and it causes the sharks. We gotta do this big perpendicular rider, recon, permanent or parallel whatever on em, doing it was already acts and then we're spaced every fifty yards and then the ribs on the outside of it. Waters I mean three is not swimming, were not used. Making yourself because reference boats- and
There was a big net that we had to get out of there so that the fell Caxton we have come and so on in the first rib, and then a rib is like so inflatable whole thirty feet, and then the next one out is likely the art passport. So the water super clear, like you, can see the bottom like sixty feet deep. And the no doubt pass me they're all yell under like hey, look down there, some sharks down there, so one of those the water you like or even it, but he got it upon the sponsors of the rib to look at the sharp end slips in the water and it was like he had a tramp. I dont know how he did it because the river so high out of the water you like leaving get it when he got in and he was out so fast. I'm not even sure I got wet
and I don't blame, but no we went in. There is just a ending cycle was crazy. For that four days everybody was down to the spot. They were going to be and we do in our study. There was a bunker that we wanted to use would be a good position from where we were out so we run, The third left on the elk acts and l tax, those big her craft. But you can't sit the deck. So they had this big forty, what MS strapped to that. Jackie went inside of it, and then there was a bunch of troop seeding, and then we just rodion on that hope the thing didn't saint cause. You just be gone got out and then over debts drawn over your spot. Where will we wanted to set up in this does bunker, and
it didn't work the slits out of the bunker, though the scope of my fifty coward stick out and the scope was looking right at the cement. So then we built we got up on top of the blogger and we started Phelan sandbags, moon sandbags around may ourselves. A little like fire position on but that bunker and so on. Teresa covered down on you cover now looking for Workers on they came in to to try and attack the airfield. So the field was controlled, so we had set a perimeter up inside of the U N perimeter that was already there and so the first day there nothing really happen because it was all status quo, the, U N, controlled the airfield their watched hours and stuff like that, and then we had a line set up. That just a narrow strip of beach. Between us in the ocean. So when the? U and laughed, and we would just all fall back into the amphibian, go back out to the to the ships soda
Thursday. You know, there's was tracer fire going on Mogadishu, pretty active now Much has happened then the next morning, at night for I am all the manned positions were replaced by tanks. And everybody laughed just there was a big care plight, five hundred yards of the south of Us- and they just they just They just left everything there and then like eight in the morning the it's all left and just left it open, so there was this weird period of time- were always like what just happened and then a lot of a civilian populist started pile and incomes. There is like water there is building materials. They were written the roofing awful lot of the buildings at that these guys it just abandoned and then about an hour after that
you know, you're different warlords and factions figured out what was going on and then they had to stop people from getting stuck because they wanted it. So we watch like em, a crowd of people. When I was just like that movie big crowd of people ribbons running everywhere, ribbon stuff out of these buildings and then Guy show up with a jeep would like a pm which is built and machine on the back. This aim at the people and start shooting up you see it like oil on water when, if everyone moved and they're just all taking off so one clan kind of two control of a camp that was at five hundred yards in the south under their own ways, six hundred yards away from us, was the edge that camp. I was you and controlled, the or clan which these two major fashion is of warlords down their control, the other under the runway at one
point. They move down the runway and tried to attack this other plan that was holding. Could you can't control half of a runway and they they had like Craig they had crazy technicals and Our rules engaging we'll take, it can have technicals out. That's a civilian vehicle was like a road warrior. Vehicle was gonna crew, Crusoe weapon in the back, and they had one was like a big five turn truck with a cloth. The anti aircraft guns and development, a guy like you, know, die, things, are moving around the stuff and they were half way down the runway? They try to shoot out, but this other camp the other faction shot back and shot him offer their. So that went on, but that was really those too fat. There are some spill over toward us. What was its two factions shooting at each other, while its on point people stood. They started the one faction that controlled the south this camp to this under the runway, started to shoot at US
and so we started Jake and a lot of indiscriminate small arms fire. And then we had a record the rifle launched out us, but it went overrun, land in the ocean, when some random are PJ's. It was all pretty far away so. You know, as you know, in an urban environment, it's it's really difficult to tell her you again shot out and then Actually, when six hundred yards away. There's its day lie. You can't see any mortal flat, so unless somebody gets really sloppy or you're really lucky you're not going to see it in the way Mogadishu is like, big hillside with all buildings and roles it's just not like you're looking at one set of buildings, you're looking at like or all buildings than behind it, another old buildings, infinite yeah, just realities, giant, mouse, maize, so who. Saw guy on a roof with an army Jean than a second later one gets launched at us and there
I go hey, buddy, missed and there are so Basically, at that point there, like you're you're, cleared hot this silly. We ve met our rules of engagement cause in then back in the nineties. The appetite for applying lethal force was was pretty subdued it's not as liberal as it is today and how it should be answered. It took us a little while I get there like. Ok, these guys are bad. These guys are obviously trying to get a so you're cleared find somebody to shoot. Em can finally shoot for awhile. Then this camp, that was finally hundred yards south of us. We saw her. Like seven guys, two of them, be Geezer Rock, a propeller grenades and other guys. Patrolman with like to peak to Peking Gunnar said, Rob gunners famishing guns- unlike an acre, Gunnar
their patrol and we can see- and we can see him and now they come out the front of the care and at the gate of that kind, Which is facing us five hundred yards away? two sandbagged positions for the watches, who would be there are the czech people coming in and out. In a There is one guy had a grey or ironically, he had a grey t. Shirt on that said, army right he's gonna be Jeannie's, definitely in charge, and you put it became on sandbags point knows, I was talking to guys given direction, turns around puts the our Fiji on his shoulder and is looking at us through the site. And so on, are all I see is like ok. Well, hey, let's see we're doing the money whose Mine is really savvy. He's hey they're getting ready to shoot at us, he's adjusting the sites right now he's getting an inn,
we wanted to pre empt the so I could shoot the guy before you. Not a chance to launch european cars to close the plant. So. Guy she's, like ok, go, shoot him, so I've got kind of it. I got it really jacked up firing position of five hundred yards shot. I I squeeze he's around off boom and then Apparently I missed so which, which I would like my shooting position was not good and I was really really like excited either with the call you in a buck fever with the first time I've ever shot at human. So I was worked up pretty good. Then, the guy you responding for me wasn't or spotter, because there was this I propose in the other platoon or at the other. The other, far position. He was sitting right next to me on the sandbags looking through the spawning scope and when the fifty cow went off, it's got.
Big muzzle break, so the recoil doesn't break collarbone it ports back it blue a bunch of sand in his eyes and not the spawning scope right out of his hands. So, Mommy's. Ok, you missed, like you, have a correction in and he's like, no one, so my key was talking in slow motion cause. He was just just for calm and cool and I'm like no now, I'm questioning whether I might my my My dad on previous games from five farmer yards is any good or anything that if the car you to take the entire bolt The gun knock the browser from the round. You just fired put a new round in chamber. It in, so I chimera reload downrange. They were there like, oh they just shot ass. You know
so. The guy was like, while so they're starting to talk and now he's got that r p d on his shoulder and our whole little harder. I take a breath. Let half ballot start to squeeze out trigger. I get that surprise bake boom, bolt out knock brass loan another round and I'm Goin did. I hit and our coms guy- grab. By knows any goes. Oh I'm like did. I hear any goes drawn it good grief, and I'm thinking that he's gonna tell me that I by like half a mile and he doesn't even know what kind of correction gimme I'm in the arm like dude? What did. I hear any any remaining hear me. He goes he is, to her? So now p Kay Em Garner who, who is
set up on the sandbags. He just left rip and shoulders that the bulwark crops are those rounds going over the top of us, an army, Ok, I think these guys like right at five hundred yards. You got your dialed anyway, just talking to my ear like me like we're going to get the mail or something or whatever just com and there are now so I can't see the guy at all. All I can see is the muzzle flat, so I put the crosshairs in the middle, the muzzle flash squeeze the round off relay come back up and look to see what what happen, and there was up- the gun and spilled over the front side of the sandbags. There was a huge give it in the sand. I couldn't see you know I couldn't tell. I think I hit the rifle but then he had spilled out. He was out from the side of the sandbags, honest side in and is just he's, got reverie where he was flail around for a little bit and then he expired. I assume
quit look inanimate that point because it Cheap had now shown up and it had like one of their. Fifty Fifty one thousand the back and a guys just technical boom boom boom boom boom. Linking all man. We ve grabbed a tiger by the tail, because I've got this round. I can. You know one round at a time and I'm waitin for like there, a toll missile Gunnar, Europe is for him the lighted up but gotten really really strict rules of engagement, briefings before we went and saw the guys were a little bit hesitant to let a rip so that shot. I rushed. I wound up, hitting the jeep right on the side. Walls between the gunners legs, but that was enough. Choose a jeep got hit boom, they drove away and they were done, and then these guys started to do a peel.
And it was really organise squared away good peel, so they were peeling behind buildings of the now. There are starting to gain a little bit a distance on us and there fallen behind this big building on he's. Given me gives me. Another round is ok, I think they're about seven hundred yards. Now I just job. So I dont made my adjustment from from where I would you shoot now, two to seven hundred, and as you know, has done their due. Peel a guy gets up in runs so there was a guy runnin. Full value is run across with with the rock r g, so I shot at him here. Way behind him and he by building then reloaded two more guys peel behind the building. And then they were just gone. So I held I held my process errors agitate building where they had just gone in Aceh, later, the guy with the army juice steps back out into my crosshairs. And so
crosshairs are squared up on his pelvis and I start loading the trigger, as he's taken in me to shoot the r p e g. So his heat me at the ground when that DE cow round hit him in the chest, and so we were shooting the Rufus mark. Two eleven witches and multi purpose armor piercing around and it split one in it. Something hard and- spotters like Bro that thing really right up when it hid his chest, Downy, went and then no then that was it. Then they got some guys over there. Linguists near loudspeakers on their on these new. I came down here Add us we're not taking sides in this whole thing in that country calmed everything down for the next couple hours that day in and we we watch the guide. Psych wife was incredibly cheap there,
saw guy get pushed off the roof. We're watching now. In the evening we had gotten someone said like this one building bout two kilometers away. That's what clan leaders, buildings, and We could see guys up there in the evening and they get that caught their. That makes them all go kind of crazy in We see guy sitting there like watching the sunset up on the roof, and then one of them would start to get animated, waving their arms around their arguing about something, then they are all animated. Then they were up like beating each other, with clubs hitting each other with rocks, and then it would just stop and then it would start up again and I think at least one of those we watch, the guy just get pushed off a roof fall dead, This is totally wrong answer this, so the they was pretty well with this. All this activity took place on the second and the third first day was mellowed second day,
was it was when it back and then the third days when they did not know the first day was millisecond morning as when they pulled back and in the second days when we got not first firefight, and then it was either that afternoon or than stay my memory. You know it's been thirteen years emory slips where they called- and they had been an issue with a guy like hit one three years ok. I should have taken more discipline on the it is out there like hey. We ve got a guy down here that is close to where we are getting ready to move some armor and he has an eighty four which is weird because that's one of our weapons, it wasn't an army, Jia, it'll, eighty four and they They shot at him any ran away and came back there like he's gonna use it. So we want to do this. The organ going have a sniper
initiated kind of assault on the sky. So on this in an v over to our position me in the icy got in and we went and saw the film colonel but he's ok here we we studied a map is ok. Here's where the guy is. I think spot. Is this tower there, some recon guys up. They're gonna put you There- were summoned and then get this going. So I went up to the tower to the tower. The guy showed us, so what it was was out there. There is a set of bankers in alongside the airfield that was now controlled by? Yes, whoever and this guy was in one of the bankers, and then he would come out was like six or seven other guys me in a you know, and they would smoke cigarettes and yet the eighty four he wouldn't they were watching
The? U S line, so they said hey yours, we want you to do you know keeps coming in and out when he comes out again. We want you to shoot him. And then we're gonna have they. They shifted some of the light armoured vehicles down the line to where they could go out, go at the bunker with their collapse guns and trying. Get him in his bodies. We put us up in the tower there's this like twenty miles, an hour wind, just howling, full value. It's all right to laughed and then from where I was in the tower. It's a thousand yard shop. So. So I got a bunch of sandbags bunker. My position we waited around, you know for the guy to come out becomes up so I take this thousand yards shot at a guy. In a twenty miles an hour. Full value cross wind which at the time
boy to three people in the world. The Khamenei shot like that and I'm not one of them, I missed in his body. I didn't need the guy with the aid for I ate the guy with the aching. Forty seven stand and three feet to his right. As I put in do much wind and all over the bunkers, then everybody on the line started: shooting the bunkers toward the bonkers up there, called the cease fire one of those guys survived, and it was the guy that had that. Eighty four buddy left it any just God and ran away, then at a later point, there was a guys they were shooting at the Elk acts as they were coming in and out, and so we wish there was a There was a big sinner walk while seven about two hundred yards away away from the arm
airfield there and he was on the other side of it. No one sooner block missing any, would look thrown shoot through it so I shot at him and hit the wall right next to the wary we shooting out and I scared him away and and come back, but then I was it. Then, the today we are packed up in everybody fell back out to the ship. The Marines ran a great operation because everything kind of when, like clockwork Sadly, the way I was supposed to. It was a good girl and you were back on I'll catch. You just said the odds I'll catch came up on the beach shop at Millville. Go back in the mill then went back to the ship and in the final deal was There was just a strip of the am Phibbs that drove out to sea as they are, down the final deal that was it the owner was it that was, but then I was like one of six guys at the time on the West Coast. It you know better,
the triggering an in combat yeah. No, I remember it was awesome hours. Super stoked and super jealous, of course, like every other guy was Ike, which actually this is. Why did another argh, because its like if you're gonna get some action, you need to go with the marine corps in the Ark and go out? Do that's why myself and all the other guys it. You know all my old roadmate we all were like. Ok, what's do another arc get back over their lives let's make this out it's going to the problem. I mean I'd to urge them to combat action ribbons and then it worked out for a lot other guys since then or before that, because over to the other guys ended rotated through Somalia had been on article two. When you get home below going on what were you may at this point I was. I was married to my son's mother and when did you get married, I told him it was. It was no one, not not what you
But like we haven't, training sell at the towers and training cells everytime. I was already much of blood Than a year of marriage, or maybe two years of marriage here and then hours, that dealing with you now being gone and been team guy Original gently really are was harder in it? I want it back really quick, as I want to make sure. I point this out before we get into this next thing and another thing that that money troll taught me that kind of talk about a little bit was he's like Ever you go run for mayor and he's just talking about be? good to everyone everywhere. You go because they're gonna go out of their way to take care of you. So like that that crew on the organ on that deployment they took. Take care of us because he always went out of his way to be good everybody. You know
to go back to money a little bit. It's weird to think about now right back at what you did now what you ve done since then, which is obviously a ton and going act to you being there and when I think about it my mind about how just I guess picture is part of the word, but it's beyond just being immature cuz, I'm not just talking about being immature in the traditional sense of the word. I think about being combat immature, meaning no one had any combat right and I think about Just having a guy like money whose, like level headed who's been in some shit before and can go. You know what hey we needed. This guy before his use. It ass, a just told me sensible thing to say, but if, if everyone's cause, you got these mass, if all our we breathes and everyone's being paranoid and UK listen, we don't want, we do want, is to escalate and all these things are in everyone's head.
And it's so easy. It's kind of like the detachment. When you just go hey you know what this guy has nor piggy. They just shop one at us. He's aiming at he's, gonna shoot us again. We need to kill the guy, ok go ahead and then insight If you to your love, your love, you know or whatever just a you're good load another round just being com I think about the advantage in how that's a prick good performance. What you guys was a pretty good performance. With no experience, because I think of how the what I gained through experience and the maturity. The combat maturity of seeing things and things unfolding be ok. I can handle this right now. This is no big deal or whatever man, when you're, when you don't have that everyone's excited to everyone's freaking out at every things, just met defied and so impressive and to me again. You have a guy like money that's just Can the oh, I see his boss and saying a word
I urge you to kill a guy right now and and be like. We need reject this guy out, which just escalating the oases they could. All my Garrido, you might say, shot whatever just got payment. We need to take this guy, just just how that mentality is is, so important- and I don't know how well would you guys have done if he wasn't there ultimately to done as well. We, we might not even been in a position where we shot in the arm. Yeah cause. You just carried us through the whole thing. He had a funny then. He taught us he goes if you're ever really excited in, and he may put shout out to you to over the radio egos. If you tried it, like you, have a southern drawl, it'll slow you down and he goes, and you won't have a sovereign drawn by the way by little slow you down, and he us of a case. If there was some officers and a high speed chase
and they were so calm over. The radio people didn't believe that they were in a high speed chase, except for the rapid speed at which they are gone out. We just past history, we just past history. We just pass this street because they were wars. Cucumbers. You know I'm pot freak now some doubts. It's definitely just its coolly. That story and eve. You top priority. That story twenty one years ago or something like that, and I actually you brief that story to a bunch of people at a dog and pony show, and it was we epic to tell a story. But did you hear the full actually voted year review it up detailed debrief, but its awesome that at that time no car that experience like. Ok, here's what we're gonna do and that's a good lesson for everyone. Man detached stay, calm, look what's going on and it all does go back The fact that you were in that position probably had something to do with the fact that you that you know you are
running for mayor or or be Romani, as between chief, was run from iron building relationships and hanging out Marines and teach them whatever and getting giving them some gear, and what you have just doing. Those things that you're build relationships with the rest of the team is that of being an errand jerk to everyone, because you think you're, better, absolutely because there was another unit that had fifty Kehl sniper rifles that didn't get to come. Well, there you go here, there. It is okay, so now you get back and how long was I deplore that just a six month or moving? they were already deployed, saw three and a half months with em cause. I replaced it. Gotta guided gotten trouble got it. And then but you Ok, so now we were to get dive into marital scenario so you got a kid already. You gotta get ah. My son's mother was pregnant. When I went on that deployment, and so He was that thousand,
February and he was born in September a ninety five jerk. So yeah? I came back and then it was one of those situations where me being go on all the time, didn't help me being home all the time to come feeder and it in, and so We just parted ways and it was It was hard for me not down my son in my house, but it was. It was, best thing, because many months didn't get a longer, and then this is the point at the same time? Is this when you got out this is right with it. We got divorced right after I got out the joy it out with the vision in mind that you're gonna be able to save this thing. Or did you get out of his mind like or notice is already to force? Now I got out cheat she wanted to locate, launch around more you're gone too much. As you know,
this isn't good get that, but then So we got out. I got out, and then she realized tat. She really doesn't the operator. I can't blame her, so then, then we ended up separating or org. You know going through the new shortly and getting out. Oh, I was gonna, go work for a guide do in some kind of vat on investments, That makes it we know there was no plan. It wasn't thought through the smartest thing I did was the day the day I got out listed in there or I join the reserves. So I was in the seal team, five reserve team so I did that for a year and a half. And then, when all the dust settled and with with the too you know who's gonna have custody and where my son's gonna live, it was like what am I doing
There are only happy when I go to do my reserved for a year. And so, ok, I'm gonna go back and act duty at the time they were critically undermanned, free sixes, so they're like boom. Saw the timing. Like my timing, you I've been so lucky for timing like being on the corner, knock that one day I checked into trade at in August the two thousand one in sniper cell and dance Your all the plans at the towers, and then the teams are just off to the races there did you you, when you were civilian or whatever you were a reservists civilian How long did it take you to realise that this was a backup and I'm going jump forward like when you you have guys at work. Saying they're gonna get out at thirteen years. Nine years? Whatever did you, you know? What would you tell him about that.
Oh you mean later like later or like, because no you, I wouldn't you know what I was welcome mile. Thousand officer- and I would have friends, like able to get out, and you know I do The experience I have, as I college right college. For three years and where came back, I was angry at the main thing I learned in college was never ever ever ever get out of the teams ever because dealing with other people who just so horrible and especially I mean like you and me, who literally spend our whole adult life in a protein. You get out of interest in not with normal people and you're, like one of the every one doing. What's out what why This is even happening. It just makes yeah there's a lot of silence is no one gets your job and it was on. What are you? we tell guises? Ok, I got broken service in Europe. Once you get out. You're going to miss this peer group, you'll miss
this job and I don't want you to make that much more money, but I never, I always tried the soft cell hey I would tell guys here's. My phone number do not lose my phone number and if you decide you want to come back and please call me I will figure out how to get you. Wherever I matter back in and I've done that for at least two or three guys. You know it's a. I know it's hard decision for guys to Megan in it usually an end, sometimes some what is that it's an emotional decision or completely? Could they had a bad deployment? They like someone or their wives mad at whatever, and they make that emotional decision where In fact the teams can take care of you too. You know the team can go, hey, look, we know you need some down time, you're going to go to buds and be an instructor or whatever you know for three years. You know you can get your kids through
school or whatever. So the terms as a good job, usually of taking care of of the people, will take care of team guys, but sometimes you know people they have their grasses, greener, situated in and again in the nineties were plan where it were training for a big game that we're not going to do, and so there was a loss of job satisfaction. There and who knows where and still what trajectory we were wrong. Had these wars not started there good question, it's scary question. What would you do when you got back in June? I got one went into trade at. Scott stood up, and I wanted to stand up as two thousand one, that's luckier armor and so on
got the inn in their there. Like hey we're gonna, do a sniper cell and we're gonna be dedicated to this, which is something that wasn't replicated on the other coast House. Like. Oh man, are you me, I'm just gonna do sniper stuff all the time and Romeo not in patch, and you were the perfect, literally the perfect guy and they probably were just overjoyed to have you come and did it with the world experience the homage serious at that time? No one had it. And saw it allows you to say stop to people in there and listen to you like, like we would not only or wherever guy tells you to get your hair cut. Guph Bonnie done anything. Yeah whatever in and then so when you run about cyber course. Are you guys now with that? The sniper course no, the sniper course was already stood up so now. What we're doing this is what we kind of ended up with that rate at which is you guys,
going out to trading you're implementing. Sniper things into the overall training and you're doing specialised training for snipers. That's what you ended up, not we So for a little bit, we were still run in the sniper coarsening too, like two thousand two or three and then do and sustain retraining training and so you know, we develop the urban course The long range target interdiction course which states They have a different varying on it now, but saw the way We was underlined warfare in the land warfare- oh I see it. The time was worn Sir Pritchard Doug Pritchard, is an awesome. Dude is still works and shooting to this day and we get along cool stuff done like we got the ballistic computers which made you know she during a whole lot more predictable, and then we could get guns ready you go in a lot less rounds because really
appears a did it, and we did a lot of good research and development and tactics that we could push directly. To the patterns, which I mean w snipers, are like Lee Mainstay Guph Group, I think of of snipers in the world, the not saying that were better than anybody, because everybody's really good, but we ve had a really rich history of employing snipers and doing stuff with with snipers and, as you well know here, yeah and speaking of that, How did you end up doing on augment because you are to remedy right right in what you were that to them. Five, so there was there is someone at video there got released of Nosegay Gettin fetters couple, snipers or whatever it was in remedy, and the common at the time saw that any goes. That's it end
they they add up a piece of gear that was supposed help us detect enemy, snipers ensue, they bought some they gave to us to test out real quick, and then we got to take it forward with seal team. Seven to go hey here's this new gear here's how you use it and and then it also gave us the ability to get. Yet straight over there and kind of in the fight. So we team, seven, a just moved into the shark base, their remedy and then We went in there with them alone. Did you stay there for six weeks? I wasn't awesome, is so cool. So why didn't? I didn't want to come back, but you know
you come from the strand. I didn't do the work of my guys didn't do the work up and there's other guys doing, PTSD and their like hey. What's up with these dudes, who aren't even our team and they're gone out and sniper missions. So it's it's! towards combat tourism and I was super lucky that we were able to be there as long as we were, and then it was just like it's time to go. You did a turnover, the guys that were there In other words, you taught them how to use the system and yowling highly lops. Were them went up I've got some ops with them to go on a lot of data. Like my favorite thing to do was go out daytime presence patrols with the army or the Marine corps, because that's what so far, you know, and then so we we could talk get embedded in the daytime presents. It was up one slight five w so rich, for the planning cycles. Really
easy like gonna, be approved, no problem and then, if you want to mix it nuts, where was happening out on the streets with the guys are walking on using themselves as bait, so we would balance between going, with the Marines and gone out with the the army. In both cases it was awesome, but I really have a soft spot. Might my heart for them reincorporate my dad was marine, but when you in a marine patrol it it's like. Being a part of a big, huge b East- that's just walking down the street waiting for someone to bump into it, and then they just turn and go after it, and we you guys, setting up bounding over watches during that. We just go on patrols, we gone, but so so the reason that we would go on petrol is so we could. We could look for position to put up sniper over watches in neighbor over watches were to come
guys placing ideas out on the road. Indeed already gotten like, three or four, or some guys went out on a really good up, and you don't gotta. We both now and they pay got two guys or digging our idea and then there is another couple: were they got in worse there having an impact for a little So what I meant or to the Marine corps the army when there guys all the time to ideas, and then then you Nick, we ever to the indian places, actually get capture or killed Sonia when they're getting laid out miss it's by snipers man? Those guys were excited about it and in their time, in an then ten? You know you had the whole thing going on with the populace, because they they began to believe that every building, an american snipers he's going to everything, that's exactly what you're denying them freedom of movement. They look over their shoulders before they placed one
one five five rounds in the road so you don't want that. How much longer after that did you go to eighteen three immediately I got back from that and then check out a trade at and checked and seal team three from my platoon she slot, and that was an interesting ride that true, you couldn't you so now, I'm at your three almond asking a browser and Europe's you'll team, three in your task unit and there's that that one there was some drama that one right in Africa I mean life and I wrote about it in extreme ownership, because this is the story and extreme ownership of when the puts one the commanders and the task in a commander did not couldn't get along and unfortunately they could not come to any kind of agreement of how to work together. In fact know that the skipper said: hey, you guys, got them
we can figure out how to target the boy together and I think they could come back into look. You know he egos ere I go somewhere else, will all figured out, but they both I'm back in a kind of stuck to the guns, which is no. I don't want to work with him know I don't wear with him and the the skipper fired and both actually yeah I was crazy. That was a horrible like that brewing for a long time, and so just that drama is so horrible to deal with like vague, when and they're, both good geyser, but it just this drama brood and then there is always crazy uncertainty and who's gonna get fired. What's gonna happen as a result of that, and so you know I'm glad you admiral made to quality. Did And it worked
and then we'd the guy you took over as it does to you commit. So we our aim I see went over became always oh, I am. I see, arson officer in charge became though I see a little button. There is an officer you read of counselling shit for an early podcast that the new tasks commander the fur sing he did the first day was down and give him a counselling, Chet Lydia that's good leadership here, he's: ok, here's what you're doing wrong here's. What right looks like laid it all out form and in that way and then he was he was super direct gave us our left and right, and then we were just like. I remember thinking personally. This is awesome yeah Strict, but that I don't care if he, if you tell me where my left and rights are especially no one that guy, especially because
when you're coming it, I've said this many times when you're coming into a situation where there's there's problems right brothers, we robs when the oh, I see, and the task in a commander just got fired. There are problems you have to come in and kind of set down. You have to lay down the law a little bit like you know. If I roll into a task in their doing great and that one of the guy had a family emergency and he had to leave and I roll and it's like. Okay, I'm not going to lay down the law in a bunch of guys that are doing well, I'm going to go in there and say: hey I'm happy working, you guys and, and then more time. If there's things that need to be adjusted cool, maybe they don't need to be adjusted, but whatever different when you roll into a situation where things are not good, and then you have to lay down the law. The other thing that's very important about what you just said is. Sometimes people, are sometimes from a leadership perspective, you don't feel comfortable, giving erection cause you like one. We know what's going on, but it's important think about times in your life or times
your career when you didn't get good direction from the person. Working for and how just? U dont, really what's happening to you, don't feel you don't you can't predict what could happen in so you, you just feel kind, a little bit lost and in you think yourself, man. I just wish the boss. We just tell us what the hell he wants answer kind of what happened there about the new boss comes in and says: hey. Here's what's going on here is we're gonna, do hey you guys all jacked up, here's what you need to improve and everyone instead of what, in your mind, you might think, hey a piss everyone off. I commend and lay down the law at this you got to remember that people have been wondering what the hell is going on for six months for a year. They don't know who's in charge. Everything's a disaster, no decision I can make you come in, and people to God you for telling you what the hell you want. I am tired of playing a guessing game every Monday morning about whose my boss, in what direction we're going into so that's that's an important part. Remember now,
deaf wheat there's a dichotomy. Of course you can come in and you can our bargain orders and everyone just says we're who're, you where'd, you come from. You know what you're talking about you ve been here shut up and of They won't say that you they'll just undermine what you're trying to do and cause all kinds of his just train, usurp you with whatever They can so that's problem, but what I'm saying is there is a happy medium and there our times when you lean towards being laying down the law others times where you lean towards being more loose and you to figure out where that's gonna be, depending on the situation or diving into an internet so he had vanished. The guy come in. I had was he'd been watching the situation for a while, and I knew everybody so sometimes you come somewhere knew new? It's maybe keep just listen before you start making some major adjustments, or some like that, and but that would have his prolonged the
so all of us were feelings when he came in. He had a big brief. It was, and after that I felt like someone had taken forty pounds on my rucksack because you're finally new where you goin, who is in charge and what at least the near future met which you get rid of the near future. You get with get rid of the certainty of the near future. You get rid of who's in charge. You get rid of. What's gonna happen all that await you just left uncertain and that's a horrible feeling, probably the worst oh yeah, I think from us from our perspective of being led yeah. I'm having no idea what's gonna happen is worse than I talk about that example of rats in a cage and how the rat on one side, the cage they just get electrocuted randomly from the floor, and but they elect fusion, isn't very strong. The other side
the cage has a stronger, elect, electrocution shock, but there's the light. Tat comes on that. Let them know that you're about to get shocked and, That's prefer to know they're gonna get shocked, even if it's more often, and even if it stronger, they just preferred to know that its common, as opposed to be just randomly, get shot. And you know I that's basically were you wear your task unit was because there was. I mean it was like a public tools like a public, every kind of knew it was going on, at least after about six months, after all, has been at the team for about six months. It was readily apparent. That's for sure in you guys actually that one of the pieces of collateral damage that was MIKE's, really in mice, really you he did know what to do with them, because I forget what the colonel conflict, but there was internal conflict with MIKE's rally and meaning that there I don't even know what it was, but
so they said: hey jogger, you want this guy like affirmative and then You came up to me and I was like you know this guy, you like, yes, he's awesome, and There were other people that we're Saint always doesn't he's that and of course, the other people like ok- and I listen to him and then was I thinking. Ok, when that's, why think? I asked you ok, what's this guy's deal, yeah he's awesome, here's your stoked and also call good ago how MIKE toss ear in and he was obviously he still is awesome. You guys did that work up, and then you guys deplore over two while I was in reminding you guys Rover in alarm in Guam yeah, so I tell you what is it it hasn't been contracted, it, was an amazing deployment like we nobody gone trouble. We did a lot of great stuff, which is a big problem and glum guys just get in trouble and you know that
The problem was it was you guys were hearing in real time like hey. They just got them. Where's Carl Gustaf kills remedy and aid, as is happening in and I remember one day, we were on in wearing Thailand on an exercise. Staying in a five star hotel guys are all gloomier to get everybody at the side of the pool at the five star hotel. Like listen I want to be there too. Not going to happen. We have to put the first, our mission is to be here. This is an amazing experience. I guarantee you're gonna, remember for the rest of your life. You guys Stop whining, stop worrying about it, of course, all the guys always joke about the fact that when you're sitting in a sweaty over watch position in two hundred and eighteen degrees, the light came,
Just when a week in Thailand right now by the poor in and when they used to do that, rip where you'd go to Iraq and then halfway through come back to alarm the promising Guam, maybe like guys, get back here, and they would want to do any work and they want. They want folks, Tom. What was going on in all but then that's the mission is gotta come first in the mission is in order, something that you can stories about hey. I got the right elephants. I got to sit on a crocodiles back. I got great per diem of them, either. I guess it was interesting to let go back to the work up. It was good contrast. From my best, Firstly, for my officers kind of sea like I'd, be watching this unfold- and you know How- stoner in life and I'd be in a week talk about work broke. This is what's goin on fellows. Look at us look what's happening here.
A good contrast for them to see, because it me it's so obvious like why you have to work together. Why these relationships we have inside the task and are so important why we need, if you- have an issue. You bring it up. You bring it to me why it's not gonna. Freaked me out why what talk about it? Why you know my voice says in stone, would have told you the same thing. If lay flat, like hey I'd like to try this different way. I'd be like cool. How when try to go. Let's, let's make it happen, I don't care, I don't care what happens as long as it makes us win So there is a really cool for me. Unfortunately, was not call for you to be. A position where I can look and use the leadership failures in that task unit. And the other interesting thing was like you talk about two guys. You ok they're both because actually know both those guys in would be getting debriefed by both of them one would be telling me what the
a person was doing and man you just be thinkin guys instead of telling me go, tell each go talk to each other, S didn't happen The enemy is outside the wire, not all ones, who you always wanted, you when you're. Looking at my task, you know what were you thinking, one where work up and stuff you got you're gonna, go to Iraq and were we're gonna go to pay com That's fine arena that is, do we knew where we were laid out and how we were man, and it was all good to go, wasn't like work can cancel like. Ok. Well, that's all it's gonna be well. They propose. Made up the command made a proposal that this was early on. My back, I was at an island dirt, so that was our first block turning the command made, a proposal that we cut it
disassemble the task units and reassemble them in a way that. Was more fair with regards to who's been to Iraq, in whose not, and They made this proposal so they made a proposal to us. It was to me personally to the to the task commanders. As a matter of fact, Haven we can rearranges thing in that way. Guys have can get to go. It was like this. Ferry was coming out. Raw and I mean I've was decided, there is no possible way, but when we back to night I want- and I sat down with the political matters and opportune chiefs and the major my synergy from other K. Here's what their proposing to proposing that we could disassemble these task units and we could reassemble them. So that guy's haven't into Iraq go and then the other guys. It had been to Iraq that have combat experience and there's all those things you can layer. On top of that, like hey cause guzzles, they will make it promoted. If I haven't been to me, like all these things, they layer all these things on top of it, because it
crazy proposal if you think about it yet but also, if you think about it, that's how much means two guys that they want to go, and so now this is two thousand five, so there was guys that had been on shore did over there that recycling back in never combat and they missed the two thousand three two thousand for deployments and their thinking. This is ridiculous and What you talked about earlier job dissatisfaction, you you ve, been the teams for twelve years and you and there's a big war going on in you, don't get to go. That is the kind of thing you have to consider and think. How can we take care of the troops? You'll take care of the guys it because we, and they all want to go to war. There's a war going on yet we're gonna send someone to not war, but I I came back and I went, I was said: hey guys, here's the proposals. Recommend when we They also offered its a competition. It's a competence, and it was really just a competition between my task
your task, because the other task unit they they actually didn't that task and it didn't go to Iraq on the lasted limit, so they said. Look you guys get to go this time for sure, and then it was between us too, and they said we can either split up a lot. Do that or make it a competition, and this commanding officer will decide who's gonna go based on performance, and I told my guzzles, like I say we go for for once and we do the best we can and we will probably crush everyone, and if we don't, we, deserve to go and we'll go. Do our job in Baker in, of course, all the guys like Hell, yes sure and end. You know like when I was a see him see a team five and I was doing my manning fast rule was. If you went to pick on last time,. You are not going to pay calm again and
so those guys could get a chance and then some of this, some of the guys I want to send com, went back but In the end, when on building seal leaders, I need guys that have been everywhere. I need guys that have had to pay com experience in and understand their mature enough to go. All the mission is first and then guys been exposed to combat. So they know what that's all about you. You know an end. When you got done so when you go home and opportune shift towards then where'd. You go so because I didn't because I was in pay com, I I made a deal with the new command master chief. And I said: hey, I know I'm stepping down but I want to go to so calm. So can stay here in the capacity of us as the ops chief for one troop, which was the might the guy. Who was the all? I see my platoon who flee Jack Reagan's fleda
to be on that commander. Am I I can. I can I day and go send call now cause he's. Gonna go to send gone, as is his his ops chief. And they're like sure, in its I'm actually stepping down your Tony did the same thing and then Tony and I both made senior chief. They're like eight I am free to go on this way and they sent us over. The senior law said Kennedy, and then we went over to seal team. Seventy color, which worked out great yeah you're getting late, and you know what the great powers that you just mentioned is like three. Our conversation here, which we don't market, have right now, because look the second part of your career or the part that, if the act looking into this will do another we'll just what is wrong.
Do not podcast recorded like tomorrow and that's gonna. Follow you into Afghanistan back to Iraq, again more time more training more tours, combat too. Tourists as senior listed tours as the command mastiff towards us, ops, Mouser chief, I mean there a lot of massive stuff to talk from here on out. So we'll do that record that tomorrow, good shock echo. Yes, while we are waiting for the next part, gas I know, have probably out some suggestions on what we can do is that of just sitting around waiting. This probably some ways that we could get better
yes, I do how you have reminders. First thing: is you Jason Gittin? Yes, one stripe white belt, Girl saw so we know what we want and what I did what it feels like when you got the bug, you get on the map for the first time legitimately. Thinkin aren't. I want to know what this is all about: ok, so the same master chief that taught Some guano stability, STI Bailey. I train with him for a little bit warm and then just got distracted. I dont my teeth into a little bit, but there now year ago, started, train and out in east count here candle. It was just awesome, but I I was like a spaz I so as an ice belgian death match its like. What am I supposed to do like relax. I'm like well my disposed to lose the right. Now, the forty nine forty nine. So every body that asks fifty one? Can I start you two to thirty nine? Can I started you to whatever
age, you are. The answer is yes, you can start to jitsu we. Command that, Calm down, we asked. Are you I wanted to hold it? What's? U relaxation relaxation level right now I was cause I'm like six months by be our price bows for half a minute then figured it out, but because you your porn, you don't know what you're doing, but you just don't want to roll over and like all here on my arm, you just going all in a triangle and know that it's a it say. It's easier when you wish its weight situation that unfolds that you know is going to unfold. That you know is not the correct thing to do and there's no way you can stop you yourself from doing it likely to set you some I'm going to arm lock you you know: what's gonna happen, you could just go
ok, you know what I'm asking he's got me I'm a little, but no! You cannot stop yourself from Greece. Gripping your other hand, a hurried on for dear life for extra twelve seconds before you tat, there is no possible way to overcome that. It's just common, so yeah you have to do that, but hopefully you can make through that you can make it through that transition You fairly quickly the amazing for my kids to our kids. It's a beautiful thing. It's a beautiful thing for debts, yeah. It seems like the spasm thing, even as get it. I'm announcing, happens less and less, but they'll be like momentary, spaz situations, even at like the top level, where Can I go to state? I mean every once in a while I'll run into it, where I got to stay conscious of it. I want to see the danger coming and it's coming pretty quick to think. I in my Sidra think through it and I'll, be way more successful than like all spaz through its own, I'm more tired and its
you're coming kind. I hate to say this to its heart, for me to put this out there, but there our times when you have. Dispatch to escape something dean. Lister wheel, If I do that, he just like he'd, he is it. Even if I get out it's worth it that ice Basques, it can make fun of me good to fidget Spaz. These is making fun of me because we know we both know. The only reason that I got out of whatever he just did to me is cause. I kicked and scorned spaz doubt and he wasn't ready for it and then our unanimous once in a while it'll work out that a huge cost, so they rightly that this dude little additional elements to successful spaz escape more whatever one you gotta be at least somewhat strong, like you can like us. Smaller person like spasm, is less effective, even that ILO
that and then, when you're strong, when you're strong person in new spaz successfully, you weigh more tired way more tired. So you person, where you put them in a spasm state like two three, terms and Earl, no more! Oh yeah! You can spend more the editor, I don't make you give a MAC Spaz wraps after that year, the next one there will be no spaz left yet and it was very legit spasms that there's no doubt knows best left in which brings you back to went back early on as a white belt of something like this, where you know it's it's I spent Spaz in the feel the effects of three spasms in a row you like dang. This is exhausting the little maid our letter flowered. You start that judges Jesuits just spasm, Moors Bessie and then it's like the opposite of wind. We in the beginning there, small moments where you dont spaz and then, when you get better,
There are small moments when you do spaz yes and then, when you're really good, I mean very seldom. Do I make dean spasm? I do occasionally now read its aim of little little crazy and in a way to wear. That's why these loot, with smaller guys, their super advanced. I don't think they ever spaz ever cause it's almost like spin, unproductive for them right. Every attempted Spaz is gonna, be like unsuccessful. Any cut you spectrum, obviously, so their whole thing is just think through the thing. Andy Burke, surely does this his form of Spaz is like this silent, spies, He pretends it's not happen area, but it is an overt scandal. Investments is doing these little movements in its there's. Only one technique that it can truly be called to speak. But he acts like it, wasn't he's real cool.
Real call he's acting like that was NEO. Just like a defensive penal one of his I'm onto you any bark and know what's up as a bit to own a look out for it. I don't know if ever made Andy Spares but be looking for. It nonetheless when you do. We all need to be If we're doing and I'm a thing you have to do, get you should get up here. Should you nobody regulated, do both that's the recommended? if you trained G Nokia, both The place we train out, dated both the one I was no key, the other night whiskey was also got origin gaze, their awesome
in short, the European again, so some people they they may or may not be looking hey. What kind of geese should I get? They got just like the hardness and forging Geek hundred percent bessys factually by the tracing gardener with the origin, gay plug common straight off the top ropes just pulled out of nowhere is it we are tricky a Nokia and by the way, have large and gave it is a fine is key in America, and many people say the finest key in the world. I say that I support. To that end. It is made in America by the way there anyway, when you go to origin main dot com, that's where you get. It can also get other stuff like rash guards sheriff wasn't Nokia. If your name is echoed Charles margins. If your name is not Jocker willing, you can get joggers, because I don't look like normal! I dont want to know what to say. I look
I don't, I don't feel master joggers or not for me. Is it up? What is that bread? You just don't matter. So here these were active is what its cage jogger. Joggers are Do. You have origin that already skinny, no they're, so their skill, genus, viscera, pants kind of tapered were not kind other really tapered little bit about what he called like a drop crotch a little bit from a lot of room in the hips Eric you think their functional. Yes, but I think the big plush is a style thing. Khazars links genes and other stuff, so it's like a functioning. Yes, but it's a style thing. That's the part. You don't match reality in especially anything's. That's a skinnier, thinner, trim or web browser. If not you let somebody up yet that's not a mesh with you at all. In fact, even to you know, people have like real fitted genes like real fitted, yea, say type annunciator USA, fitted
You should not do that either. Now that it's just not you but the weird thing is the world changes right. The fashion changes I just keep were in the same stuff. Yeah at some point, is what I we're gonna come back with fashion lies, but you know what I wear. This is the thing I think what I wear. Doesn't it doesn't it just what you can't say: hey this guy's weren't, a t, shirt and a pair of genes you can wear. A pair of jeans in nineteen. Fifty one thousand nine hundred and sixty one thousand nine hundred and seventy never he never was honest and actually even to be more precise. Since years you don't go. Fashion at all you go for like this functionality kind of situation. So if it, anything. You do like fashion, which I have a real fashion stuff in your past, like maybe hairstyles, etc. That's why? If you see open
Does the jackal with his hair they'll, be like this kind of thing? That's that's the guy. That Jason was dark not earlier. That's me like we won't like that. Like hey, we were in the tv, now here we are pushing a worldwide ere long as I could get it and now the fashion thing to look good, but your clothing, wise you'll, never go fashion, so you'll never got a style consent. The fashion of the thing that revolves in goes out of style, origin jeans, I got like the final kind of cut and everything are legit. So that's another thing there. If not, it's not a fashion thing right, the origin genes, while they're not mutually exclusive, either So once you now their strong their flexible, their durable eloquence right. That's that's not gonna style of certain
So there we go origin genes. We're are in production with origin genes in production at this time, so check the website. Origin main dot com. If you want to get some genes or if your name is not java willing, you can get pair of joggers the job as a good. That's the thing where I wouldn't open, joggers PETE told means he open, but open my little like a mind or whatever I put him on us again. These are comfortable, but man they're skinny their thin in other than with their type bad at specific. That I wasn't very accustomed to, but impedes no. Studies I gather, like you know you gotta, he's a jackal They are probably not for Jackal bring. You pull him off as a peace settlement, but I hope it was like beam lay honest with it, but yet ever since another- ok, maybe I can do this only warm at camp so that I might where these at home, but where my camp and then it
about the dangers these are good to and when you job there way better than regular slip pants on like all these are good and they like super the bill to because in all the continent, these or whatever and then add, where I'm at home, and that's all I, where now a kindness. Which, over to that whole thing drill and how their sockets Are the parkins all kinds of life changing things hurrying out of his pocket away like one of them is ECHO Charles. Switching to joggers be noted. We pockets like what for like functionality like for my everyday, carry some go. None of the storm, the joggers yeah. Say like any other sort of sweat pants situation, namely the hockins on either side right, lingering, no regular weapons, donor, pockets bro. Yet it all that. You're talking on targeted out, you know like the asean coach from nineteen, seventy nine they're, not that they are pockets for sure To tell you I saw those boots on line and I'm pretty accelerate yeah I opened the gun mentioned and that now moves on where we're making women
yeah I had yeah veritable than awesome a pair of those Chinese aim at you. Gonna want your one like One degree separation from getting all the new stuff too, where Europe really could it feels like one? Eighty- and you know I'm over his looking online it stuff anyway, also look right, mom, train Jason. We talked earlier just more what your milk recipe morning respite. Ok, so I up in the morning. Twenty ounces of coffee. I grind up the beans due in the french press. I little bit hysteria reading it, but it's not gonna spike. My insulin then some cocoanut milk and there were no coconut oil. Ass FED butter about a tablespoon that some m c to your oil, a scoop of vanilla malt. I hit that with a stick blunder,
all that- and I am sure I do not have to eat until like one or two in the afternoon, I get all my fat in early in the morning, sawing unstressed getting good fat in doing. That is awesome, doesn't it at stake are the kids; on the contrary, they are The end is, have you tried to remark Drumming Warrior get strawberry, but no we haven't, we ve been doing a chocolate raw, hot chocolate, the other hotter, its eyes. My virus has been making a pancake saw. You hear that using it, makes him straight a pancakes. Oh yes answered the other day. I got it from there's. A guideline is a gamble pancakes. I think that's a good idea, so I just added them. I basically replace like us portion a percentage of the pancake mix with mock. I thought he muttered. I dont know what pancakes or even made of certain elements along its role,
That's on you and your kind of missing out on that one cuz it did. They work out really good yeah. What are in the head? We got the mole by the way, we're on that where I'm meant I'm on mint and I'm actually in this whole deal now when I'm having both mint peanut butter. I don't really real, like the flavor vanilla, as I mentioned on here so I don't have that. But the strawberry to the warrior construct remark which Brian is working on the adult: shrubbery, The vanilla, like I'm, not a big Manila flan, either Yoda just mixes so well, so I couldn't Ayers is making movies lives, vanilla, milk. In there I put my coffee because the mint chocolate chip done because it's my favorite like ok, I get to have deserved. That's exactly what it is it it scratches that h when it comes along ass, a thing man I went out last night, I had a legitimate stake, luxuriate at regular obi. And I still was needed, or something I needed?
because they sell this thing at Raglan called the illegal, which is a giant chocolate chip, cookies cooked in a cast iron. Hang its massive in an ape put ice cream on it was the only time, unlike the and the video can resolve melting age, just ridiculous, but obviously that's now part time, so I left Ragland Obi without eating an illegal and I went home and I like, I still need some kind of a little hitter, so I went peanut butter with Peter Buttermilk and adjusted. I did like a scoop in half with like half of cheaper of water, I think I think it was so good. I was sitting there saying this is a milkshake. If this is a milkshake freaking ridiculous, so there you, sir, and added protein snuff
for the aid and don't forget the pro by you're going to another microbiology there very. We have now gone to your whole health scenarios, which you say your fifty years old, fifty one, forty, nine fourteen, fifty this here and you're getting after I feel great, you feel awesome walkin around it like one fifty seven and before I you know for it did my diet and everything. I was one. Ninety three, all current inflammation and everything heard just european. Now, it's all just dialed, yeah. I remember when you were first going down that path, because our why were hiking in you and I met somewhere, and we were just talking about like the restart down this path from the planet to Yasser, as always like where this is my last deployment, I don't have diplomas to go on and get back and shapes arming and have to stick with it and um yeah. So the supplements joint work
twice a day or two in the morning in tune in the evening. The turmeric is amazing. The crude oil in the morning every morning and then usually hematoma do suddenly discipline go the designate. Well yeah. J P said the other day when he took the discipline going, he could see people's thoughts then you could get out of it. Are ornament answer. Yes, it will no longer good. Also Jack was door called Jacko Store, so Jacko story. Communist, and yet this, if you want to represent this link, was freedom this week and get you shirts, hoodies hats, trucker, hats, flex fit for have left I can go either way: Odin, yes, fence longer, no he's at both sides right yeah, in writing when you can adapt in just want either that we always gotta have a role and though I am not of a flat,
blacker than is actually serious, come from California. I nursing we do not have that's like in the last couple decades or sun was not the check either way they the Jackal store. That's we can get a or start Jackal start out, come also whims stuff on there as well if you want to represent, while on the path. That's where you could also jock await tee. Dead, lifting and you're. Like tired of your like five hundred ponderous deadly, tired recital which yet I can see how you'd be turned to that. Then you wanted to go up to eight thousand pounds. Stop a weighty and it happens. It is good and it happens to be: U S, D A or certified organic, organic, yes, but he's a good now That adds a kind of a little spin cause people used to send me. Did you ever picture that you be making tea and in its kind of funny you know like ours
But now it's like next level, did you ever picture that you be making organic tee is gonna whenever they memoranda, maybe everyone joggers as all world, go crazy. If you dont subscribe to this podcast, which is shocking to me, but now we have reports from the field of people that listen to a hundred and sixty six pod gas and haven't subscribe to it so now ECHO has made it clear that you need to subscribe, also worried about the the warrior kid Podcast Yonah you, where you could bunker oil lawyers had the kids memorized him, yet they love it pretty much yeah I been lagging I don't get about as much as I can part of. It is because I liked really like doing those stories from Uncle Jake and they take a little bit more time, and so I am need to invest the time the key. I should just do the juniors as well, but anyways
get back ass if you wanna get you get on the part on the path. In what you want you, and I will talk about earlier of how your kids just don't, really want to listen to you. They listen Uncle Jack, the absolutely just, listen Uncle Jack, absolutely and another mass Chief EAST Coast, master chief, come out and came to the Germany's bureau and whenever I didn't know, we're just economic guy he's got it. I did know and he's like he's bro your book, your little warrior kid books, He said you got my kid. I eat eleven years old everything I do for eleven years to get him to do pushups and pull failed. He because That book I use it. I can't thank you because its awesome- and I was like that- it's on potential. If you're, your kids are not going to listen to you as much as you want them to they will the snark logic.
For some reason, Uncle Jack will we'll take it home form. I was an uncle Jake. I love notable on taking out just reading the book. Sunlight, oh yeah. I got it that. Oh here's, my could do better here. It's it's! The its uncle Jack Uncle Jack issue. Uncle Jack has information is kind of everybody's uncle Julia avoided itself, a young enable people say like or are you know your uncle jack to me and I'm like so not of logic. If I was a little jake idly so much good will. Jake is my among others, the lower your kid over here trying to try to get on the path we left the wages and were you kid soap you'd get that Irish Oats, Irish Oaks ranch dot com, speaking a warrior, kids AIDS making so upon his form, and he wants you to. Increase what it by my kids said today like,
comment and subscribe by God. Wills it What does your lady aids? We re not something you, oh so Instagram, desolate and then one my kids. Like comment. Desertion unsubscribe that's drawn up if I start saying that give the joggers out already Reagan organic tee for some weakens disco, That's a good thing. It's just. I know this taste good and it's good for you. So these are out there. They just sound can a light hearted compared to hear your whole. It was also yes, you too, by the way that They say that we can run into these videos where this is my daughter, sometimes watch you little Youtube videos and that's what does he like prominence Great just repetitive there so through the children. I get it. I get it yes, adoption of say that, but we do we too general and you're. Obviously, right now saying subscribing you do if you want
and so what Jason says you should like that. You, too, gentle, like and then I'm over your saying you should comment like comment as discriminatory use. I don't know that you can like you to channel video, yes, which is put of like, but he's a thing you like. You two generally lucky degenerate amount of opinion writer, you like it, you kind of neutral or you don't like kind of thing that is up to you and tell you like. If you want to have fun, you can go to the Youtube General Jocapa Aghast and you can look at the people that attack The down votes folk be no, we'll have many down votes, which is, I guess, cool, yet grace.
Or whatever thumbs down people read mad mad level. I couldn't find of ice. Is terrorism who the thirteen icy remembers that gave this down boat will wrought in Hell things around my back and they also like that lead lighted. Let everyone no echo looks jacked echo look, there's a video that was just released. The most recent video you just did that just got the normal face were not afraid. I'm overreaction went overreaction. You You release the video. You are not in the video, but people were say that they can feel that you reject just for lost me so that I can hear coils Jack psychological were for you can get that on Itunes. Google play embittered by forms, if you think you might have a moment of weakness in their day to day life, press play and you'll get pushed through their moment weakness, but jackal by the by yeah and words. It will say spotted with better here,
Can somebody, although not in the mood to get push pragmatically reasoned with Yes reason do yes, Maggie reason worried it. Also: begin a reason when you want to improve your home, Jim, maybe even your commercial Jimmy, a twenty percent. It's gotta know put on it, not come slashed Jackal, get yourself more kettlebells like meat that the storm to trooper one? You gonna break out. Some. Star wars, nerd stuff over your girl, you Eddie you're, so jangle fat the guy that they used for their work. Oh you're, the perfect warrior we're gonna make all the clones based on you and I believe that his deal he made with those people who, like you're gonna, get me one of the clones back and I'm gonna raise as my son, who turned out to be Bobo. Fat. Yes, ok, We wait till you're too eared. Let me know because I messed up, I think so I think Jane. Up in fact ass. If you guys you're talkin about again, yes, is there are books for that
so just something, then you kind of encouraging or was it nerd Jason? Oh eight I played dungeons and dragons when I was in high school, so yeah yeah. Absolutely. I can be open about it today, horrifying to tell you when I was a nice glad. I waded into the dragons got out, but right now care you got I'll, kill you. You got all kinds of like little nerd, no sight friction nervous, right, yeah enjoy science fiction, that's a lot of one very good school. My mother up, my younger brother, is attaching artist up and sank. Many he has a complete storm. Trooper costume through it. Do you all? Are you not later, but by the way, are you in the five or is it the final first bakers, fist so well mine is I got the storm. Trooper costume,
What what's five offers Vader so there's work their lives or something there's yeah, there's an organisation that does a lot of just like work for, like honest cancer, kids and stuff like that, and it it's all these people that are star wars, villains and because they don't make caught no one can make costume because it's all licence, so they have to make themselves and then you go there and they'll validated and say: ok, you're good to go. Your costume is good and then- and I hope I'm not screwing up the unit name, but I think it's the three to five First, raiders fist, I'm no I've never heard of that. That's pretty cool actually deal one the one I have is like. I don't know if it's a licensed costume
what better order, any you ok and has to be so good they're, like Veil validated Lukas. There's no such thing as a licensed cost enough for any for supplementary budget make the stuff now yet the ones I think we're like a lot their legs and feet. Will I but two there's a dark Darth Vader one Anna Storm Trooper there, like a few thousand Algeria to my brother thousand dollars for a well, not just to have it, though that's a thing. He wrote to offer flicks point rates, ally of making these videos climbing the Hobbes of Darth Vader. I got it check those out. Those really good video so use deeper than the potential in those videos. By the way you didn't get eating, get where you needed to get where we were going to hijack each year like gum like famous digital. People are well. You know like Jeff, Glover keening crony like about these guys premise is
we're just living our life, but Darth Vader Zaire to like he's doing so he's goin on deeds. He is doing this that anyway, the eternal kind of funny would have some there's one where the storm trooper was in it. You lawyer, when he got a head off, pretty good yet obvious liked her ease like the ex boyfriend of his data, whatever leader like chops, his head off, so the next episode he gets arrested for that his lords a storm super. So that's why I love it dear dear. I see that one worthy did like a cops episode, but it was troopers in their storm troopers
and they show up to Luke's aunt and uncle and is really a domestic disputes and they kill everybody agreed visited era. Go it's all here. There is a lot of fun to be with those guys for sure. Nonetheless, I got the kettle bill got it from on it and they got some good stuff on there on a good dotcom. That's good spot, including star wars, I also got some books making the dragon for making the drag Jason, you actually maybe the third fourth person to hear me read making the dragons and I did it on the beach in a corner of the universe. I was so excited. I couldn't believe it, but when you started rhyming and the rain fell like, how did you do like he's still rhyming still going in this story is just awesome.
Super stoked on making the dragons it's. How old are you kids, eight insects in and what age group can go down too? Would you say I'd, say: probably three year it can get young. It's got very beautiful pictures that are brightened colorful there's so yeah. Story. Rhymes, it's gonna make your kids martyr, there's times where I was. When I was writing it. You know they say right in a certain level, but at the same time, I put some words in there that kid, are going to necessarily know right away, and so they need to look him up again. Poise is one of in the word poise now thinking, while most kids will know a poison, and I found myself good now they can learn a new word. These Margaret, That's the point, though, when you say where's the good down to so three. I would say there my son's like to use like just before tuna. And I'd really more. We need to my dad he's there, but he'll cat certain
You know one there's like monsters ready to bite he'll be in all. They kill, no certain stuff. So, as you they get older. You absorbed more more, but get your two books for them to their Yahoo. All kids, if you kids, are a little bit older you can get away the warrior kid you can get Marks mission, which is the second book in that series, and now we have book three common out the title of book. Three is where there is a will and mark, gets involved some more situations for lebanese uncle Jake. Is there to help him out I get so many pictures of kids, do we pull ups working out. Studying they're gonna, be warrior kids, so get that book for your kids get that book for your library get that book for your school, but for any one that you know that has kids you'll be thankful and they
be thankful, no common, thank you it in you know it's cool gonna wrestling tournaments. This is pretty cool. I've had kids that are a linear freshman in high school, so there are fourteen years old whatever they like. I read. Will you kid? That's why I rest yeah yeah. I think about that. So three years ago, when it came out the kid got it and now is rustling. That's what I'm talking about. Did you get that kid's was an uncle Jack Dismissals Freedom field manual? If you want to know how to get after it there you go if the wonder you can just get to feel manual throughout the audio. It's on Itunes, Amazon, music. Google play Times her dream ownership. First book, I wrote with my brother leaf banned in that following a book is it. I got of leadership, which is.
Takes all those lessons and shows where you can screw them up and then teaches out of fixing dichotomy of leadership, both those books me and life. We wrote them check them out, and then we have echelon, front leadership, consultancy. We solve problems through leadership. It's me it's late, Babin! It's JP to know it's Dave, Burke, it's Frank Cochran, it's MIKE Cirelli. It might buy him a and b now also Jason, gardener Jason is an excellent front. He just retired, and this is what we are doing- he's already got. Gigs booked, which is awesome, echelon, front door com. If you knew need help with leadership in your organization. We will help you that's what we do. We have muster in two thousand nineteen. Twenty. Three!
four major goggled nineteen twenty September in Denver, four and five December in Sydney, Australia, Every event we ve done is sold out your extreme ownership ownership com. If you wanna come otherwise, it will be sold out and you won't be able to come and you'll be all mad. You be mad at me, and then someone said that it's like when I went to Lollapalooza. Anyone saw Rollin, hu I kind of new, and I was like hey man you get us in an Rawlins said: you'd be easier to sneak into fortune I kind of like was all hard core, like you kind of forgot, what it's like in the streets, but it to him exactly now. Now, I'm the guy. Now I'm the guy. This may be saying: hey, be easier to sneak Uniform Knox. I gave you a heads up your big mouth so she. That's that you have all my alma.
Interactive training from echelon fraud. We needed to speak to more people and we don't have enough instructors Could run enough monsters each year? So if you want to know what we teach you wanna get granular with it check out e online dot com and finally, we have the over watch, which is where we take guys that came from space, operations and combat aviation. They have massive amounts of experience, leadership experience. They understand the principles we talk about. We write about that. We teach them understand those any will bring them into your company. You can hire them to work and help your organization when ye have over watch dot. Com is where you can make that happen, and if you want to keep this conversation going, which is it
varied conversation worth talk about star wars, sniper operations, joggers indeed deal I mean that's pretty good spectrum. You know you might be de indeed holds good player with Malta is cited dice. Getting after it and if you to talk to us about that, we are on the internet were on twitter. We are on Instagram, we are on the bar echoes adequate Charles. I am at Java. Willing Jason is at Jason and gardener, Jason and gardener and honour Facebook. Jason. Dot and tot gardener on Instagram and Jason and Garber on Twitter and you need all free platforms. Now I've been on histogram facebook for awhile ogres new to Twitter new to Twitter. Have you checked out twitter before now.
MA am, and then I heard I'm gonna have to be careful. I heard no don't like you, do have to be careful and you kind of don't but heard, but then I found out like they were talking about, maybe same Harris and he was talking about their there's legitimate theirs. Russian people, Russian Botz, it's out of what is theirs anywhere, just trolling they're, just trying to create! May him. So we don't have a lot to me to be I honestly do not allow me, I'm comin out me forever reason, but everyone's pretty cool and its needs. I've gotten a lot out of it out of Twitter out of Instagram our Facebook people giving me information recommending talks on four on the book recommendations because I'm pretty much exhausting my personal knowledge of books right now. It's over now, I'm getting so many good books from troopers out there better. Let me know, what's up so echo anything else you neither star wars. Com
well, you know nothing for right now, no, but now that we know that you know we Jason as a knowledge and then maybe later for yes for now, thanks for thanks for Jason, but will continue this conversation. You know next podcast anything else, closing comments, I'm really excited to be on the bar gas just want to tell my wife, Irish, the cheese amazing and made my life so much better. By meeting my oldest son chase. How proud I am antimonium and a storming for love you guys, Looking forward to seeing you soon, awesome and, of course, some we actually could not do this part, gassed or even live the law that. We live if it wasn't for our people in uniform around the world here at home or military personnel police
law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, any empties, correctional officers, border patrol, all, first ponders out there. Thank you for what you do every day, so that we can do what we do every and to everyone else. That's listening until that next podcast. Remember that advice that Roth Gar gave Beowulf that you should choose the term rewards, not the short term once and keep it always in the back your mind that your piercing, I will demon, darken
And death will arrive to sweep you away so until then keep getting out there in the world and getting after it and until next time this is Jason Gardener, an echo in Jacko out.
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