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172: Man is The Fundamental Instrument of War, and That Remains Constant. Army Field Manual 10-22

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This is Jacko Part gas number one. Seventy two women, Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. The President of the United States, takes pride in Resenting, the distinguished service cross posthumously to Fred Garland brag Junior lieutenant. U S. Army for extraordinary heroism, inaction in connection with military operations involving conflict with an armed hostile force in the Republic of Vietnam, while serving with battery. Bravo fur, battalion. Forty second artillery. Fourth infantry division. First, Bhutan, bragged distinguished himself by accept
we valorous actions on twelve July nineteen sixty seven while serving sixty seven, while serving as artillery forward observer with an infantry company law in a search and destroy mission near the cambodian border in central highlands when his company was surrounded and they come commander was killed. Lieutenant brag immediately took command and directed extremely deadly artillery fire on the insurgent forces. He bravely moved among his men giving courage, men and regrouping them into a more secure defence. Although he was fully exposed to intense mortar and automatic weapons fire. Seriously wounded, continued to direct air strikes on the advancing enemy until a mortar round destroyed his only remaining radio staying in the open poured round after round of deadly fire into the advancing enemy force. He gave his life
bravely leading his men in the face of overwhelming odds. First lieutenant. Eggs extraordinary heroism and devotion. Duty at the of his life worth keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect Greek upon himself his unit. United States Army had called, there's? U S Army Vietnam September fourteenth, nineteen, sixty seven. So there is some leadership. And obviously, some heroism a lot of heroism. But Leadership, taking command derive King fire, regrouping his men, returned fire into an inventing enemy force. During thing his men decide
overwhelming odds, that is leadership That is leadership from one. Sir in the United States Army, but obviously there are countless examples of that leadership. Leadership. And leadership in it so clear. And it's so obvious when you see it especially from the outside, but. It is hard to actually emulate them leadership and performance specially when you're caught up in that moment, and so We have to continue to work on it at all times and at every level, and today we're gonna talk about a book the field manual, actually that I think, can help us a lot with
our leadership and it's an older manual which comes as no surprise some comes from nineteen, fifty one and you're gonna see that the lessons apply just as much today as they did more than half a century ago, the book is F, M twenty to tack, ten leadership, then he would go. Let's go to the book. Talking about the purpose of the study of leadership today, more than ever in history. The army is in need of leadership, of the highest calibre. With the increase in the complexity of warfare, the sign, Of war is increasingly dependent upon human guidance, no matter how complicated it may become war is always waged by men. The man who leads And the men who are led win wars, every member of our military force must be a leader actually or potentially.
Now you could say those same words right now about what happening right now and How much do you ask me, well. What about when the drones are ready? You know remained lists and You know when you see the progress is happening right now: when you see some of those robot things that are do in pretty good. Then we start mountain some weapons on those things. Yeah, there's no point where those things will start fighting each other replace humans, on the battlefield to a certain extent because the bottom line is happens when you run out robots right When you run on a robots whose left humans, you're, not another manufacturer enough, those things so sure damn sure they'll be battles that take place with just robots in other military robots or are robots, fighting other fighting humans or some, but sometimes it's going to humans against robots, and sometimes it's gonna be humans against human you never able to get away from that. In my opinion, I don't
I'm not happy about that How about that at all, like I'm done, down to have robot wars, cool bring it. You know. I would rather that's better it's better. We have good technology, will go Toto and will create some. Killer robots people are scared of right every time a robot doesn't go, I get five million tweets of it better. Tell me hey, watch out robot animation, they show the ones that banana banana peel right, and even worse, since I was in the seal teams, put any those spray of squirt gonna. Those things you know remain there things are gonna fry, so bring on robots, but now not a money, it's robot. I think You know you just have to put a system in there that can stop him. Oh yeah, three polo switch on a governor on a jet ski yellow? terminator for
is that Terminator salvation salivation, those the whole deal kill switch like a little girl, little programme. Whenever did they try to eliminate it, because you know if I had a kill which I'd figured out year, I've already about do that year. I wonder I mean you, know, robots and hey? I read the Beagle for like a trial and error kind of learning penalty, Croatian where they mean they can do that like people can. So if you may be, if the house means implemented it and it didn't hundred percent succeed then. Like all kids would happen and analyzing then created defence. My point is: My view is a seriously like. I know that drew I mean, look at drones, yet fully we're not gonna have fighter. Pilots have much longer like gave Burke out of a job good idea, the out of a job. We're not gonna need day's work anymore. They will pay. Why would you
And I've had the little business conversation with Dave and he's he's trying to be trying to hang on to it bra to try to hang on to the glory days. He still thinks he's Tom Cruise, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven, but here's the real deal. If you look at it magic. We in another generation there, be any more pilots. In my opinion, and I think that's what Dave said to his work? Well, I think he said a couple generations. As I said, hey man. This is going to take a couple generation. We already have drones flying around, so people always gonna have to fight. To say it, but you have to. Prepared and eat few build a robot army. There's a chance Ro Army gets overrun, aura or- destroyed somehow and then guess was left you without with a weapon. So you with a weapon and with
groups of human beings and need to be led the book in the ultimate sent leat sense. Leadership is not inherent. It depend upon, treats which can be developed and upon the application of techniques which can be learnt. This is important because No time is your ship are born or made, and I would say yes, both you have some actual skills and they say the same thing here, but there are plenty of skills and techniques that you can learn as a leader that will make you a better leader back the book. It isn't which can be acquired cultivated in practice by anyone who possesses the mental and physical ability and the moral and ethical integrity expected of a commissioned or non commissioned officer? Developing the art which I agree with, that is an art is a continuing process which involves the recognition in practice of the basic traits of leadership and the understanding and application of sound leadership, principles and techniques. Clear enough, weak,
become better leaders, despite this guide Constantly must be borne in mind that successful leaders of the past were not all of the same pattern, nor did they all use the same methods of attaining success. All of them, however, consciously or unconsciously understood the basic concepts of leadership and success. We practised many of the techniques presented in this manual boom and to be honest with you is, one of the most simple, straightforward kind of guides to leadership which, which makes it awesome starting off with characteristics of leadership, essential nature of leadership? The military profession has no monopoly on leadership in every walk of life in every industry. Every government, in every phase of human, in
however, there are leaders and in our followers, progress success are dependent upon the quality and efficacy of leadership. Elements of leadership leadership is the art of influencing human behaviour the ability to handle men, the art of influencing behaviour. The very essence of leadership in turn involves understanding, analyzing, predicting and controlling man's behaviour. Also involved. The successful leadership is the will to lead together with the care of you're, which inspires confidence to know we're getting. We win turn about character like these things, things that, in the world, to lead like you're, gonna born with some level of those things- I guess, maybe you're. Obviously you can develop that, but certain people are. Or with a stronger will? I'm sure you see with your kids, I see with my kids and when I see him
kids, interacting with other kids. You can see how this kid's got a strong will to win like they're, not gonna, stop, sometimes not even to their own benefit. There's not going to stop me. Undoubtedly there are certain inherent characteristics which may aid in the development of leadership. Okay, that's what I say all the time. Yet there are Surely certain men possessing desirable leadership traits who have never attain the statute of the stature of great leaders, so you can be a naturally gift leader and, yes, we are in charge of nothing guys there are men deficient in certain of these traits who retained this stature Any theory, that's that leadership is so we inherited, must be rejected leadership. Is intangible only to the extent that we make it so any.
Reasonably intelligent, morally sound, forceful man, no matter how energy inexperienced can become acquainted with the car component elements of leadership. These elements, maybe studied practiced, learned and applied just as any other human accomplishment, maybe learned or mastered now,. We have limitations, you know Alex hobbled is he's the guy that climbed El Capitan free solar. Did you see a movie freeze free than Eminem of ok, ok, But where have you been here to Yosemite? Ok, the three thousand foot eat up granite wall. He climbed the whole in three hours, with no rope saw just hanging out. So my point bringing up Alex Arnold is that He has a natural gift for climbing
which he then complete. We worked and trained and took to the next level, but that's the way it is with leadership me like there's gotta, be something I just have this great natural ability, which Alex huddled, certainly had a great natural ability, but then he worked on an even more but Even if you took someone that was there there's people that may want to do what he did, but they're not physically capable of doing this is you know you don't have the physical action beats that are needed. Of the mental attributes, because what he it was a mental game to Europe. Two thousand eight hundred feet so check that out going on back to the book, the leader in the small group, every leader, whether civilian or military, actually maintains close personal contact with only a small group, regardless of the number of men ultimately controlled by him
I he must have been Upon that small group, in order to make his will known and execute his purpose in the realm of the military? We refer to the small group as immediate subordinates and staff, and also this is as these last comment hundred percent Can't control everyone. You know, in charge of fifty p what do you can't control or doesn't work you after use your subordinate leadership to make it work. Next may Terry leadership. Military leadership is the art of influencing and D acting men tunas? go in such a way as to obtain their obedience, confidence, respect and loyal cooperation. It is indeed sensible to success in combat, all leadership is dependent upon personal traits and upon the application of recognised techniques, the personal traits can be developed and technically Now this is important because
We think that oh jocose talking about military leadership now in two thousand eighteen and it's a softer gentler form of leadership that it used to be right. You might think that it's not doesn't think it's not. At no time in the. U S. Military was the best way to lead to bark orders of people and what they're saying this is nineteen fifty wants. This is postwar. More to discuss, came back from from world where to in fighting and they put together this manual in they knew that. Lead. Military leadership is the art of influencing and it goes well. Deeper right here there two kinds of leadership authoritarian Persuasive one who is predominantly of the earth. Authoritarian type normally is recognised by the dogma.
Use of authority or power, the persuasive, Type of leadership takes into consideration the human element, with all its complexity and with all this differentiation of the physical, mental and moral capabilities and limitations of the individual to a great extent, the persuasive leader bases his skill in leadership upon example, and ability with high speed, words of discipline and efficiency for himself as well as for her followers. This manual is concerned solely with the development of the persuasive type of leadership. So they got a whole book here. They're gonna spend zero time talking about here is the best way to bargain order. At someone, because that is not an effective way to lead so even Nineteen fifty one common out, a world war, two commonality sustained for years of combat them,
Terry leaders got together and said: oh yeah, do we need to talk about how to bark orders? People know we don't we need to talk about how to persuade how to influence The exercise of command command is the authority that a member of the military profession lawful exerts over subordinates by virtue of his rank and assignment leadership. Can exercised by any one at any time, irrespective of the framework of command, some will say that again are you can use your rank? That's what they're saying Ok, you can use your rank. You have subordinates and you can use your rank to order the round, but leadership can be exercised by anyone at any time. Erased active of the framework of command it is recognised that in any group, some individual will emerge as the leader, even though command or organizational structure is present. You put them
well together and there's gonna be leader, we're gonna come out, and this is something I learned when I was running trade at and brought us. You too at first. I was really expecting that the protein chief and the balloon commander would be the leaders And you didn't take me very long to realise pay. I'm happy if I get it. If I get up the leaders in their of any rank, the balloons gonna. Do fine as long as the chief and lieutenant don't have big egos making. They can figure out like over this guy. This can actually knows more norms, go, let him run with it, which is the smart thing to do. If they can, how their egos if they can subordinate their egos. In that scenario, there they'll be fine if they, and subordinate the reuse and they feel like their eagle has to be on top, then they should that person down and they run things Babylon, it turned out to be a disaster so here once again, no one expects the? U S, army, to be saying in nineteen, fifty one hey ranking given
leadership can come from anywhere in the chain of command. Back to the book, the leaders responsible not only for initiating action but for supervising all activities within his command. The directive of military leadership is the creation and maintenance of an organization which will loyally and willingly accomplish any reasonable task assigned or indicated and will initiate suited action in the absence of orders the proper. Application of the principles of leadership to command can create an efficient, well discipline organization possessing high morale and esprit de corps. He's gone into some of the responsibilities of leadership and by the way, I'm not. I say well on skipping a bunch you're a skip it very little right now, because this book is so straightforward that it's all, it's almost all important, at least at this juncture in this reading
possibilities of leadership. The responsibilities of the leader are twofold. A cop. Women of his mission and the film and of the responsibilities too to his men. May is the fundamental instrument of war, other instruments, may change. New weapons may be created. A new modes of defence may be devised Man, the fundamental instrument remains constant, so there go. They agree with me the robots cool that's fund for a while How many of them can you build? Can you build them fast enough? In the end, the robot thing at the end, its would like what your kind of fighting for is in a robot decision You know, like the thing like oak emissaries robots, to accomplish this or to take out there. You know, though, that thing that their train it for or against or whatever that's a thing always gonna be amending, where we hope it is because when we start getting into a high.
Yeah yeah. I start to become conscious when it becomes aware than we could have some scenarios go down the oil but sketch then lead in what are you gonna? Defend your man, stuff yeah sure not argue against the robot. Is you know, I guess is multiple scenarios you can imagine where the one you're Talking about our, I think you where it was ok, still manning its member we're just gonna use robots to do it even though I mean as of right now anyway, I guess it could happen. It did it as well, that's one thing, but the meeting its man using robots and then yeah man against robot the ashes of robots figure out some stuff. If its David Smarty, I think we re way we want to fight each other. There in fact were better together, whereas robot because robots on Anti goes anymore, not at that ever had, but they don't have, They haven't like that, so they can be, they can go fight each other and then just K. I want to be the leader and the other robot. They don't have it like that, so they can be, they can go fight each other and then just takes one little. What do you call it precedent or two robots kind of conflict like
In other words, he hey wait. We could have done that. We they learn together. They I learned from eight out of power through and then they look, like the man, where does he waited? Secondly, given that little thing, we just learn this mandatory in the way, and then they can The best way to oppose this mission would be to get rid of that. Do dear the other and then what you get rid of one man, oh shoot. Other men respond, they got a kind of jumpy and, above all he was more these men. Let me we grew more and more new world. I held my robots exactly right, but the end of that little scenarios, so sorry for bringing the man has to fight for them and interests does not augur well. That's never. I mean it's hard to imagine that that everyone, the fundamental instrument of war is man, and that remains constant. So back to the book the leader must be concerned with the desires needs and mental state of his men.
If the leader knows and understand certain basic principles of human behaviour, if prescience, that most men reacting fix indefinite ways under given stimulus or influence, if he recognizes, develops and applies those traits of character which will produce the correct reactions in his men, he will possess the basic tools for managing man. He will be leader now why just rattled through so quick is, is so in port. Basically, what this podcast is about. Almoner read it again if the leader knows and understands certain basic principles of human behaviour, if he appreciates that most men react in a fixed in death. It weighs under a given stimulus or influence, if you recognize is developed. That applies those traits of character which will produce the correct reactions in his men. He will possess
the basic tools for managing men. He will be a leader, that's what this podcast is actually about understanding those things. Since effective leadership in battle is the ultimate goal of military leadership, it is obvious that, regardless of the leaders, ability to dominate or persuade his excess inevitably be inevitably depends upon. It skill in the tactical control of his unit, TAT Control is a technique developed by study and practice. Next accomplishment of the mission, the primary duty of the leader, is the accomplishment of his assigned mission. Everything else Even the welfare of his men is subordinate carry so. Here's where I will throw this out at you all day, long, one thousand nine hundred and fifty one book I'm going to throw trump card on you,
Ok, you have your mission. If you ports, the welfare of your men below oh you're, assigned mission, what happens on your next mission? you don't have any men left him. You don't have any loyalty, youve sacrifice. Your guys there. Looking to you like you, let him into a bloodbath so. You you have to actually this is one of this. Is that in this debate, is the opening chapter of the dichotomy of leadership? It's called the ultimate dichotomy, because This is the hardest thing to balance, because, yes, you do have to accomplish your mission, but, yes, you do have to take care of your men and I dont believe it. Well, for your man, is subordinated to execute the mission. I don't believe that, because if you do that, one time: who's gonna, just one mission and by the way, if I order you to take your men and end the one mission you get and give it destroys all your man and you what happens next,
I did I try in order to do that, to there not going to be loyal to me, because I already have shown that Care about the lives? the troops now there are times when A mission is so strategically critical that their way be great sacrifice, including the sacrifice of everyone involved. Yeah that can happen. It does happen very often elected DM, the Chernobyl disaster in Russia, the think it was like the first eighty seven fire fighters. That were there, they just all fought the fire till they died did their best and everyone only there to die, and these women there are fought did did their best to control the situation So whoever ordered him in there was a need for the game. We're going in there and they also gap. We gotta do the best we can and then they do Sort of bringing in military guys could go in and shovel sand on the fire for too many. And twenty seconds. Two minutes and twenty second they got their lifetime goes
of radiation, and then they were done then they I'm throwing these out there like I'm, no one, but it's something like that. That's what happened so yeah You have to take care of your men and, if you Take your your men why China as your mission, united in a situation where you don't have any men left or you don't have any loyalty and it actually goes into that little bit next year, duties, duties to them. The next responsibility of the leader lies with his with his duty. His men. It is rarely possible to accomplish any mission without attention to the morale and the esprit of the men. In the military service, the follower is dependent upon his leader, can do little to improve his lot if his leader, if his leader, neglects him so go to carry her people, that's the bottom there are four characteristics of a command that are accurate, indications of success or failure in the exercise of leadership,
number one discipline military discipline as a state of order and mediates existing within a command. It involves the ready subordination of the will of the individual for the good of the group Terry discipline is an extension and specialized application of the discipline of any organised society now pay attention true discipline, demands bitch wool, but reasoned obedience to command and obedience that preserves initiative and functions unfaltering we even in the absence of the commander. So so, this discipline it'll, be as about obedience. It's about recent obedience, doesn't eliminate initiative. It doesn't take away your ability to think that's the kind of discipline that is needed disk
when is created within a command by training, judicious use of punishment and reward and by instilling a sense of confidence and responsibility in each individual disappear. Demands correct performance of duty, the need for discipline is best inculcated. In an individual by appealing to his sense of reason, in other words, making sure they understand why the doing what they're doing enough The few instances where appeal to reason fails, the use of punishment is effective in causing the council an individual to conform and perhaps to appreciate the need for discipline. Commendation and earned praise from the senior to subordinate, either individually or collectively, for a task well done serve to strengthen, Disciplinary bonds, which bind together where the smooth functioning team scenario number one Most important thing is good old discipline,
Next thing, morale Morales, a mental, an emotional state, the portance of morale, cannot be overestimated, since it is a great contributing factor to the efficiency of a unit. Good morale is an indicated by zeal. Or the voluntary effort which men give to their tasks over and beyond, the perfunctory obedience to commands and regulations and a boy, sixth sense of personal worth, founded on confidence in leaders, training, weapons and equipment and last satisfaction or the pride of the individual in the accomplishment of the assigned mission. So that's important that even if you are able to bark orders at people and get him to do what you want to do. They're not gonna, do it with any zeal, there's gonna the bare minimum and a bare minimum not could be good enough to combat situation. Esprit de corps
is the mental, an emotional state of the union. It is distinguished from morale, which is described as the mental and emotional state of the individual. The spread of is not a simple summation of the morale of the individuals in the unit rather it results from the total interact, of the personnel of the union. Towards one another and with the sir some stances in which the union is placed. So you get morale which is hey how we do individually, and then you combine that together and then you know it's like the up? The sum is greater than the parts, so you did it. You just don't add up the morale of the individuals. You take all that morale and then you put it through the the calculus. That is will be hard to quantify that results in esprit spread a when the unit spree as high the collective goals of the unit overshadow. Those of the individual members in such
instances, the personal dissatisfaction of some. Indeed, jewels are overshadowed shadowed by the prevailing group spirit. Unit achievement both past and present is a strong force in raising esprit de corps, a unit with high speed, cork and accomplish its mission, in spite of seemingly insurmountable odds, We therefore, is enhanced when the group identification is in Greece and, conversely, is lowered when it is decreased, it has been move that pride in the unit was the outstanding manifestation of good morale and world war to this was accomplished by good officer to enlisted personnel relationships. Now as much as everyone talks about how bad identity politics are right. We don't want to identify with the group. We want to be identified as individual.
In a military unit. You want to have some of that collective identity, you wanna say hey where the hundred and first airborne division me and we are proud of that or hey. We, when I was its seal team, one as young seal. It was a mere. We were seal team one ever told you are little our little underground motto: team one is not just a number: it's an attitude which is the reason I laugh is gazettes just completely ridiculous right to even think that by like it, but it was your we wake, we kind of joke about that, but we, Canada, seriously too, when you inside the character so that building that unit identity, and you see this all the time and all kinds of groups I have just now, for. I was angry theories unfortunate when it goes over to the police. Echo realm and when people start
in the biggest the best thing that they ve got going for them. Is that I'm a white guy? you're, the best thing that I'm not going for me as a black dude, but that's not We do not. The group necessary: that's not the by dented you wanna cherish, or you I mean, especially when those inward I'm not going to go in that direction of easy, because we talk about something else, but specially sounds like you're about to go inside. I am a little. They said you order, but it is if you're part of a group involuntarily, you know so it'll be like or the group's gonna be. Less cohesive. If you like. Oh claiming that hey this is the group, and this is what we're functioning as like this when we're fucked functioning as a group because of this quality in our meanwhile those people that have that quality that my we're not part of that group. So it's not. Cohesive is like ok, we all are on team one because we are pursued. This we're all in it and then boom. Yes, we can, we can have you know it's not just a number
it's an attitude and then be everyone's gonna find out everybody, not not everyone around appears like eyes left. He want, because my mother attitude, they went down a team. Five were like dude, it's also a lot less stressful led one had uniform. No one had a uniform inspections on the West Coast and Anti One, the first Tuesday of every month you had a unit form, inspection and then decide in Tuesday, the first and the second Tuesday are the first and the third Tuesday of every month you had a hair, cut, inspection, This is in the that up, you you, you, may I didn't make up their role, but that was the old school professionalism. That way and that's why team one was like that you know not the other teams, nicknamed one star Log team, like you, were starlike like we were in prison, camp Because he was so strict, but quite frankly that I,
I took a lot away from that. You and I kind of always identified with that professionalism. That was a good thing, especially when viewed from the outside So there is a little bit of a fascist, I guess in each right. When you hear in Petersen, talk about like orderliness and all that stuff. What one was all about, that kind of thing is a little bit more fascist, whereas team five, for instance, Where do we gardener? Was there kind of lives here a little bit out, there is other time yet blonde hair. The area already isn't: gonna have bleach blonde hair, All I mean I had long hair at the time in long sideburns and stuff. I thought I was let me from motor head and things like that, how we were so. Group identity, unit identity, so important, the the the guys that we work with over Iraq in Ramallah. Those guys had their, thereby
all streamers that they'd a near tat to operate, center, they had pictures of appears a world war. Two newspaper clippings. They brought him on deployment to hang up in their tax cooperation centre. To hang up their chow house. When you walked in and out. If you were you're a soldier from the first five or six or you're a soldier from the one. Three seven. You would see that stuff. You would realize you get that group identity, you'd, feel that esprit de corps and that's a pretty powerful tool. Last one efficiency is the ability to accomplish success. We assign task in this the shortest possible time, with a minimum expenditure of means and with the law possible confusion. Efficiency in a command is built by sound training and by fair If administration, it is enhanced by good discipline, high morale and esprit de corps, I like I won because it remain
me of the whole show we did on Judo and just talked about the importance of efficiency. Moving on to some cycle. Oh gee. Leadership is closely linked with psychology. The study of human behaviour proved principles of leadership include, proved principles of psychology, it is known that human beings tend to react similarly, under a given set of conditions? from a leadership standpoint. Some of these reactions are favourable, some unfavourable, with a knowledge of how human beings tend to respond to a particular set of circumstances and with the comprehension of the basic factors that troll human behaviour, the leader can capitalize on favourable reactions and minimum as tendencies towards unfavourable once it is What, therefore, that a knowledge of psychology is helpful to the leader
something that I have more recently been saying because I just thought it was human nature, but now answer realise that human nature in psychology is one big bowl of stuff. That's all related, Ethics, the science of moral duty is closely allied with the art of leadership. In order to set the example for his men and to win their confidence and respect, the leader must be capable of deciding whether given if action is morally right or wrong. Temporizing with principles and more standards may secure a temporary advantage or fleeting popularity. So few if you, if you adapt your morals a little bit from time to time if you hesitate to really impose you're you're you're will beliefs on somethin. You can get a little part For a moment,
but in the end only strict adherence to high standards of honour and integrity will prove of value to the leader so important now we get kind of into the meat will call it the meat of this discussion principles. Of military leadership. Principles of military leadership. Below, are equally applicable to all levels of command from squad to the army group principle, one know your job to know his job thoroughly. The leader must possess a wide field of knowledge. He must understand the technical asked acts of the operation of his command and the methods and procedures of organization, administration, instruction personnel management, the leader. Also possess a sound understanding of human relations. Further, he should working knowledge of the duties, responsibilities and problems of his subordinates.
Commands service unit. He should have knowledge of combat operations, so they're principle, one know your job principle too no yourself and seek improvement. The duty of every leader, to evaluate himself and to read recognize his strength and weaknesses in India. Who does not know his own capabilities and limitations is not master of himself and can never hope to be a leader Likewise, an individual who realises his deficiencies, but me No effort to correct them will fail, as a leader, The study of leadership, principles and practice of sound leadership techniques will develop leadership, ability. So no yourself and seek improvement as principle number two. Going all the way back to Sun Tzu, no yourself
for free, no, your men and look out for their welfare by making Conscientious effort to observe the members of his command as often as possible, to become personally acquainted with them, to recognise their individual differences and to share in their joys and sharp sorrows. The leader will have a better understanding of how his subordinates react and function under various conditions. You will then be well to employ them more effectively by assuring himself The members of his command are as comfortable well cared for and can ended as circumstances will permit the leader wins their confidence, respect and cooperation by Miguel acting their welfare, the leader in the gates indifference and as a car quince, forfeits the trust and com, its of his men. So principle number three: is no your men and look out very further for their welfare, which is interesting because
they said them. Mission was more important but Drew's, well informed about the mission in situation and about the purpose of his brain tissue or tax or keep your men informed. Soldier who is well informed about the mission in situation and about the purpose of his brain particular task? Is considerably more effective than one who is not so informed, better. He is informed the better he can perform this task with maximum initiative, the camp. Who fails to make essential? information available to his men will soon find out that they are performing blindly without purpose same time, commanders at all levels must realise that security requirements in limitations on information, which may be important in that keep your men informed The lesson that I learned in the back the long seal patrol no
tell me what has gone on. None of us in the back no have any idea where we are where we're going. One we're gonna, stop the nightmare. Keep your men formed Prince five set the example. Men instinctively look to their leaders for patterns of conduct, which they may eater emulate, or use an excuse for their own shortcomings. There always watching you the classic example of the military leader that isn't, that is that of an individual, whose appearance and conduct evoke from his subordinates praise price and the desire to emulate him by his outstanding performance of duty, the leader, must set the standard for the entire command. The commander, who appears in an unfavourable light, before his man destroys. The respect that must exist exist mutually between him and his men before leadership can be exercised. So don't look like a loser. Principal six
ensure that the task is understood, supervised and accomplished. So now, get into the mission right number six number three was take carrier people believe You must give clear, concise orders that cannot be misunderstood, which is I always say, simple, clear, concise. I guess a rip them off then, by close supervision, he must ensure that those orders are properly executed. The issuance of an order is the initial and relatively small part of the commanders responsibility here, Principal responsibility lies and supervision to make sure that the orders properly executed. Is this spots building that is most difficult to carry out the Able leader will make wise use of his subordinates to carry out his supervision effectively? The commander of a large you know who fails to make proper and adequate use of his staff and subordinates demonstrates a fundamentally a fundamental weakness. In his leadership capability, which
the weaknesses, he's not utilizing decentralize command. In for this one. This is a little. I I think what we have to pay them. Into his you give task in the new supervisory new major accomplished, but you have to be careful what you know given the task of micromanaging it because in you're gonna lose track? Could you can't micromanage everything that's going on so give to supervise you have to check back in, but you can't micromanage. Principle, number seven train your men as a team, The duty of every leader includes the development of teamwork through and thorough. The thorough training of his command, whether it be squad or an army group. Modern armies are complex organizations involving many different arms and services. All working too as a team towards common end part of the team must understand where it fits into the common effort
commander, who fails to foster teamwork while training his command will not obtain the desired. Degree of unit efficiency, so principle number seven train. Your mom as a team principle, eight makes sound and timely decisions. The ability to make a rapid estimate of the situation and arrive at a sound decision is essential to a leader here be able to reason, logically, under the most trying conditions here. Decide quickly what action is necessary in order to take advantage of the opportunities as they occur. The vacillating commander not only will be unable to employ his command effectively, but would cry Vacillation lack of confidence, hesitation and indecision within command itself. The ability make. Sound and timely decisions can be acquired by
constant study and by training in making estimates. On the other hand, when circumstance which circumstances dictate change and plan be able leader will act promptly without fear that the commission, may consider such action as of vacillation, so yeah, you gotta make good decisions and then, if you make a bad decision say eight. I was wrong, we're moons of direction. Now my boss, let's roll. Principal nine seek responsibility and develop a sense of responsibility among subordinates, this is about ownership. The leader must be quick to seize initiative in the absence of instructions from his superior by seeking Responsibility, the leader develops himself professionally and Creases has potential ability, proper, Delegation of authority is a sound attribute of leadership. The common then hold to subordinate strictly respect.
For the results and really the methods of procedure. So when he's There's a do. Tell people what to do not I'll do it. Let them figure out the methods of procedure. Action by the commander engenders trust, faith in confidence. So when I give someone a mission- and I don't tell him specifically every little detail of how I want it done is- let him run with it that Mean They know that I trust them in that develops trust back in my direction. For me, if it develops initiative in whole. Hearted cos operation reluctance to delegate authority often is the mark of retorted growth in leadership, so responsibility, but more important. Give that response. Bony gave that ownership down the chain of command Prince ten employer command in accordance with its capabilities to employ. Command properly leader must have a thorough knowledge of the tactical administrative capabilities
petitions at his command. He must have sign objectives that are possible of attainment. That's some moments. He business leaders, you know they're all fired up and they throw things. At their teams that are not achievable and also will do I can report of all over, but you want to give that good stretch goal and meanwhile no one thinks they can even hit the goal, so they don't even try, you know, you can see is all day with kids a vague you given something that's dead, they that they figure out the can achieve, and although the stop right there is the same thing with adults in human nature, is that what is called the critical here, that's what I sailed people then other people do. It is sales groups accompanies now called a structural ago. We got a stretch, cool got We got a stretch calling herself eighty billion dollar. Four weeks
That means we're going to do. You know four hundred times that we've ever done in a full year. Where do that two weeks? That's not realistic, I'm just going to do what I normally do To do less than this may spell. Failure in accomplishing the mission recur Failure brings about collapse of morale, esprit de corps inefficiency. So that's nothing these goals that around attainable than you do repeatedly. Mozart, figure we're not in good enough. Such her morale However, on occasion, when the situation demands, men must be pushed without hesitation beyond their considered capabilities, in order to achieve a quick and cheap victory or to avoid a costly defeat. So. Yes, sometimes you gotta dig in and the last principle principle. Eleven was gonna come as big surprise. Take responsibility for your actions. The commander of the unit is response
support for all his unit does or fails to do. They didn't know about extreme ownership back and nineteen it was apparently I guess they called it. Something else then come up with good, have a name often with the name. The leader recognizes in acknowledges this responsibility on all occasions. Any effort to evade this responsibility, destroys the bond of loyalty and respect that must exist when the commander and his subordinates take responsibility, take extreme ownership for your. Actions for everything they unit does fails to do you own it all right, So, there's your eleven principles of leadership, now get into some leadership traits region greater human qualities that are of great value to the leader, possession of these leadership traits.
Provides the task of applying the EU should principles and assessed greatly in winning confidence, respect and cooperation, an individual can better. By studying the trades considered important to the leader by care self analysis, an application. He develop those traits in which he is deficient and further strengthen the ones in which he has done. So you're gonna. Look at yourself. Yes, he which one of these traits are good, which one or by which, when you good at which one are you week at you, figure. Those out, a study of our nations. Great military leaders reveals that none possessed all the leadership traits to the maximum degree, but that a weaknesses, I'm traits was more than compensated for by strength in others, critical. Self analysis, will enable an individual to realise the traits in which he is strong and to capitalize upon them
at the same time, he must endeavour to improve those traits in which he is weak. The following is a list of treats the following this, Trade is by no means all inclusive, but does contain those of paramount importance to the leader so busy great list of traits alertness vigilance, promptness in wider weakness, so you gotta be. As leader, you could be in the game you're seeing a leader, that's like not quite in the game. Yes, it's just not good right. You got it, you gotta be in the game. If you tired. If your napping, you know you're sleeping. If you need a raft of your even daydreaming, you don't owe me You know it's funny. Is you you know. I have that tendency. Sometimes, if people are talking to me and I'm not, interested in what they're saying- and I know you complain about this. Well complains about this life
made some comments about desert legs. Not if you say that everybody everybody so but when I do that people don't think I'm not alert right. They think like he's these, just like he's a lot on something else. I checked the as yet the at this jacket does not care about what I'm saying right now so, but it is rude and I did as a weakness of my well- weakness of my video. So do you do it on purpose? No, I don't know, I don't think it's rude, then no, its rude, its route for sure its route for sharing sea. It is sure I know that it makes. I know It's not a, not a good thing to do. I know that and I don't mean to do it unless it better. I think it's better than account here. Obviously, it's better that I'm not intentionally doing it's not like it's not like you're in mid sentence MIKE and I just I just go you know, providers cries, show you the palm and walk away right. I do that. I guess you, like
We talk in me and I'll be thinking about something that I need to be thinking about it. I was not maybe I'll turn or all Walker whatever and the other, disrespectful man. I shouldn't do that as one of my weaknesses, but what, on the other hand, what, if I'm goin off on some thing way. I know it is possible if his boss, you are correct, as that is possible. Yes, I guess it's like it's a spectrum. I mean you're way on this side of the spectrum, where I mean to go off on something and you're still sorted that sometimes, but I still right right, but it still is not a good thing that it be better for me to say, like a man, you know: what can you tell me, now this later Like what I'm sixty your little about right now to login to care about it for another fifteen years, but whenever ok so alertness now one is bearing
hearing denotes desirable physical appearance, dress and deportment. This is important. He's how you how you preside, got it right. What your bearing slouched over I went worked. I wouldn't talk to some underprivileged kids and the Underprivileged kids warrant. I would say the type of kids they were. They were underprivileged kids, who are really smart and in a bad situation, not under pressure. Kids, who were not quite as smart and kind of just making their way in that underpin which world these kids were getting be down by their world I went there and talk to him was gonna talk about humility right and, as I can, got towards the humility part, I was, I said to myself: I don't talk these people, these kids about he will adopt. These kids are overly humble. These kids are be down. These kids need confidence right and what? Then? it was indeed very great. They needed to stand up straight right, that's it!
Maybe they needed to sit in their chairs or not The question I start making hey when you ask me questions, stand up, stand up and ask a question. I was the darkness stand up and let us see you could just their confidence was broken by life, and so you your bearing is important and when someone comes and presented to you and they they don't seem. They seem broken. They seem on competent, yea berries, bearings really important so that looking squared away. Let me show you Why do you Bruce everyone grass and the proper, uniform average additives shaved at everyone? Had you know everyone did the right thanks, so that women, when we went to talk to the army, the Marine Corps, didn't think these guys are idiots. Next courage must be both physical and moral. No real expansionist now and decisiveness the ability to make decisions promptly and win, indicated and announced them off.
Tat: if we concisely and clearly dependability Is the doing of one's duty without supervision endurance? of mental and physical is necessary to continue and complete any reasonable task. Enthusiasm is positive. Positive your interest in the task at hand. It is easily commute get to subordinates. You know That's one thing that so good in the military. Is you get to see examples of wind people we're losing ask about a job? It just changes, everything right when you, when you have people that are not enthusiastic and really I use is one or two people that are having a good time analysed. You too, you pretty much always have use at least someone. That's that's just gonna bring it Ready to get ready to get ready, and it was not you today- maybe it's you know bill which
we built by getting a lot of flak recently so will give bill some credit bills bills, No has a good day. And bill goes to make it happen, and everyone sees the bills crush net you. I know what was due to the zoo. Force is the ability to impose ones will upon another? Now this is an interesting one right in its nature, one the ability to impose ones will upon another because that doesn't really mesh too well with the pursuit the leadership that I've been bragging about about his book forces. I hate. That being said, I understand what the doctor about. I understand that there's people that will not stop until they
They have maneuvered into position that they want to be it. So I understand how force and I understand how hat Le Loup limiting this way, if I have a soup to- and I've got a task that need get done and there's someone in the soup tune. That has a high level of force, and I can say, hey bill. Go make this happen, a bill goes got it. You know he's gonna make. It happened right, so there and he might not necessarily use force as his primary tool to make it happen. He might go and be butter. Someone upper get some. You know massage some ego and makes up an happened that still using force just using a an indirect force. So that's why I think we're talking about next, as humility, which is freedom, from arrogance and unjustifiable pride talk about him, the old time humor? Is there
pass d to appreciate the many amusing or whimsical happenings of our everyday life, especially those which pertain to the leader himself, so don't take yourself to seriously. I did it video the other day the Monday morning, and it was. Poor day, and I got Super serious and went off April fool's day is weak. Would have run counter to the Spirit and a copy, was to people responded with. You know I could even watch. As you do, there's nothing wrong with having fun I said, hey man, what's all video laughing at the end, it's ok do I get it anything a tree. Maybe they trigger, I don't know yet he sits. I think imposed
something like a written thing about our you're, like hey today's, like one of those days right, I need more recovery or something like that. Basically indicating that you're gonna take a rest day or whatever, and they know it even would eat this table. That was what lesson Oh no you're right! I did do that this year, which is weird unaware. I always fall for those. My boy, you don't take it when a were there in your and you did another one to. I think it might have been last year in our like totally falling for money. April of last year. I think I was in Montana and I was eating moose tracks. The remember that money, the be again I beneath moose tracks, and I just much I'm thinking, maybe To spend two extreme with his old, the hundred delight, though anyways. So yes, you, gotta builder, you gonna have build. I think I think its importance not just having fun but the important promotion. In part a humorous realizing that
You yourself are gonna, be the butt of jokes and that's ok, yeah, we're together before where you know the guy who and take it and more so than they can't take it. It's just like you feel uncomfortable joking around with him everybody else in the button when they're around this time? Ok, we shouldn't really took run as much that sort of the dynamic when there are even in russian joke Round changeover on about that, pursue that's what you're talking, because some people they love to have fun and immunity, the mere shines at them or light shines on them and they become the butter. The joke didn't like it at all, and even if even they're like they don't respond in this negative will, even if the person is is just may just be quiet, That kind were like they don't necessarily salt, your bag or mad, but they're just making, whilst they d get quiet. Yet exactly it's like you, just can sort of tell others like a dynamic when you dry grass literate zone
wicked land. No one wants your. How men ensure old will do the job by sir, but men known once you around Quebec in your Keep your sense of humor respect about yourself. I have. I have a good time with that. I'm no issue with that sure you know another thing I think, as if You tell me says: I'm new like makes a joke about you and it hurts you. That's not your ego and there's probably truth in what they say, and you need to pay attention to. How does ego feed into insecurity because you know how I could love is insecure, legalistic Joe grounds in because it over compensates, so if in secure about it. In secure while from insecure about my leadership capabilities that I try to go up and act like a big leader. That's basically right because your ego is like hey. I can't like I can deal with this
Little like a shortcoming in whatever way. That's my mind or whatever, so I'm gonna get over companies yeah, that's where you see and then someone jokes around about it, a kind of should signs laid on who you don't like destiny us yet, but following your or most time didn't like in your mind, you know how bad it, next one initiative- is the willingness to act in the absence of orders and offer, welcomes and recommendations for the improvement of the command. Awesome gotta have initiative next integrity is the honesty and moral character of the leader. That must be unquestioned. Intelligence is the intellect of the leader, which must be adequate to master the problems presented by his level command. Judgment is the power of the mind to weigh various factors and arrive at all. This decision- and you want to talk to Making decision to one thing that I didn't really talk about it in besides too much is how do you get decision, making you better making my training you better
making my putting yourself in situations where it is happening, and here's the decision to make all it was completely wrong cool. I just learned not to make that type of decision before. Let me try again I was running trade at out here for West Coast. That was the whole goal was to put guys into situ they had to make a decision. They were, wrong. This is no time and then I knew they would not make their own decision again, because once you make it and you feel it and its sting and your hope tunas covered and paint ball murdered. Well, you will make them a decision that was the goal. Justice is being equitable anymore sure in bestowing favours and punishment lol t must extend both up and down a leader cannot expect loyalty from his prudence unless he is conspicuously loyal to them and to hear superiors as a big one right.
If you're running around talkin smack about your bosses that's showing your team that that's dead, you're, not loyal to, and will We could go down the hole road of if I have a horrible boss that mean I just have a yes man know I'll frame things for the guys to make him realize it look. I know this is short falls here, but we got who we got we can do is built a grey relationship with them, and then you will at least have some say in what's goin on so if you see me- and it seems like I'm just trying to trying to massage my boss- is Hugo guess what I'm trying to do. Try to massage my boss's eagle, I want have a great relationship with him, so I can take care of US and besides, what are we? I do lose influence of Europe. Do you want him to not listen anything I say no so, that's what I'm doing, because if you just If your boss is an idiot and all you do is support of a hundred percent, your guys restart, think you're, an idiot, and that's not good. So
there's a fine line, that's a tough one to walk yeah that off on the walkman. That's good man! It's like a fool. Just like a full disclosure situation where it's okay, I get it. I get what you guys are saying or whatever, but that's why we're doing it kind of thing because, like how you say, if you follow ass, whose loser cortical Idiot up and then using like in it and then on the other hand, if you like, those are the boss and it'll be Nathan that when you go you made on so done like talking kind of behind his back. Like all your two faced. Little yeah, you don't have to say, hey the boss needy were destroying Armstrong and bottom up. No, you sailor, K, listen the boss doesn't always see things away. I soon, but you know what he is the boss and what I'm trying to do is build a good relationship with him. I'm trying to do a good job said he listened to what I say so that I can info with him and steered in right direction on some of these things so that we can accomplish our mission Bet I just got asked this by a swat guy. I was out with the police out North Carolina in in Charlotte And- was the typical question.
What do you do when your boss he's telling do something. You don't necessarily agree with its like. Ok, we can talk about that. And I went down the whole road cause. It is a whole because of your boss, telling you sum that the insignificant telling you Do something that really doesn't make damage of difference. Then you just do it and you ve built that relationship a little bit more did? I do something else. Is a continent, It remains not the smartest thing. They there's more efficient way. Is that really what you want to fire restored for and create a dysfunctional relationship with your boss? No, you, ok got. It sounds like a good idea will make it happen and then that goes on. Continue? Build relationships are then eventually in your boss, as you do something that is actually unsafe or on sound or on ethical on ethics. Is a different story. Could have some some started. You something on ethical. Well, it's actually not a different story to tell you something on ethical and you say no, I will know I will not do that they go call you're fired
and now who's gonna come in a yes man and now no one's protecting the guys. So so yes, you do Just you don't just blind loyalty, but at the same time, you try and build relationships, that's what you do near to in in Jack. You inflooence later, when I read in the big you put it a real good way. A few times were, I think it was just at the muster much her away said it exactly, but how you really, Kay. If I'm a leader and MIKE this goes both ways better. So if I may, and I have a hundred per a solution to a problem and then but guy comes in and he has a seventy five. Eighty percent solution, I'm going with eighty their rights would be indeed in the situation where you are in your question. Example. What if I disagree, my bosomed is that why you're disintegrating because you're over with hundreds of any, though we hear with eighty live here, who care even ninety, sometimes there's like, will accomplish
I disagree with your plan. Could you do it could be that got it boss, I'm good goes up and down the chain of command. You are correct, the an example of this is in band of brothers when Dick winners gets tat his guys to go overdue reconnaissance across the river they goad they do, reconnaissance they get in a fight. They lose a guy, it's a disaster. They come back and then did winners bar. Do it again, tomorrow night and by the way, the war like all, but over this point, and he says, ok boss from then he goes tells US guys, hey gone going to sell her one of these buildings and sit there for four hours and then come back and want to tell him that you guys didn't see anything, and I know they do so that is disobeying in order. That is. That's what it is, but it wasn't the writing do yes, it was, Why would you put more guys risk and to say boss, I totally
sk we I'm not doing it here- is that ok, fine you're fired winners gimme another. The young officer and I'll make him go. Do it here and the other guy who's trying to get up the chain of command. He does it and it gets another guy killed, so There are situations and, of course, is that like the norm now not say that's the norm, I've seen an extreme case: the wars almost over. We just lost a guy this this Reconnaissance has no impact on the war whatsoever. There were even get a planning to go and fight you just recon. Just just do it ignore or not do that so That's it loyalty, try, Bilbil, loyalty up and down the jailer grant. Sympathy is the capacity of sharing the feelings of those with whom one is she had I dont like stock. My feelings were among her. Actually you don't, but with me,
in practice like you. Do that, surprisingly good in Ottawa and say something like I'm surprised. But Sometimes I'm pretty impressed with your sympathetic abilities. I guess empathy right. You like, I understand we're coming from, and I I always use the word perspective. I think maybe it's just because it's more of a tougher word. You know then feelings but I'll, say meta because cause us face it sound right. If I say hey, listen putting commander, You need to really just just reach out and touch feelings of your man right that doesn't sound right to does it from now, a downright factually. Hey, listen between commander. You need to understand the perspective that your guys or see this from new, do you need to see that their thinking you're just driving them to do something that does or whatever the same thing but I use tougher for cause. You know, that's all
a four year like you when I come to you with like this can german mean in going on in laws. Are what have you done? with humans now with people, and even you your sympathy, kind of towards me where Maybe on the surface, you might sort expecting you. Be like, like all men operating you know something like, but your like you can give me my. Do like sympathy, even with what you say like you, you'll sympathise like you'll, be like hey. You like men, that the Palmer or whatever you doing whatever the words you say well, the thing is: if I didn't do that, then I you have you won't tell us, no one actually about tell you to do, Sometimes the solution is hard sometimes the solutions to these things are hard, and if you don't open up, there
door a little bit to build a little son from it? Then you just not yours, go say: oh yeah it. What what you'll think is? I'm not Jacko. And what he says doesn't apply to bs here? If I say look you that's, which avenant our union is cut away, but whatever you need to tell that person, you know no more like knowing you man it's a rough situation to be it. I think. What's gonna happen here I mean The way it out there Real solution is for you to Canada back away from that. You know that means I brought you made. You think that I'm human and then look very good. Thank you, attacked is the ability to deal with subordinates appears in an appropriate manner without giving offence boy seems like so simple. Man tax. You got mad mad what'd, I say
I said tat trumps. The truth on a gas whenever an some p No, no, you know, there's times were what I thought you your performance, I thought was pathetic and embarrassing. And then I brought up forty eight examples of where oh, so, What you should do is just be true for at all times, no, no you know, there's times were what I you, your performance, I thought was pathetic. An embarrassing and disastrous, and yet You're in the position. I need you to do a good job. I need your morale to stay higher, see that you're be down yourself. So, instead of telling you all those things I pre em, we tell you look. This is a really hard task and I know this challenging you probably warrant quite ready cause. I didn't give you enough information, but here's some things I think, will help next time around
I didn't tell you the full truth I mean I didn't live you either. So maybe that's so that's different between SAM Harris endured, because Jordan Petersen says is tell the truth, or at least don't lie. So there is very little grey area between those two. What spark another debate between those two Galileo in a shoe that kind of in a way agree with both, if I even understand them a hundred percent but yeah like that, Does it all kinds of lies and lying by omission, enthusiasm when they say white lies and then they say, but I think its black lies but lying by by omission or whatever its they are lying by telling the truth but you're leaving out starting to lead him in a certain direction whenever to make him think certain stuff. This link, that is also cigar guy, beginning legacy, it you get into a lot of grey area there and I guess there times where the classic example that I guess SAM Harris talks about is
could you tell your wife when your wife comes out and says: do I look fatter. What she'd say, is meanwhile, that an please your error, but to his boy, if you say that will then yet you lead, Even then we want anyone wearing passes on us, not good and adds a bit about way, so so a little bit accredited. But to give a little push back on SAM, if you are straight up a jerk about it. Well, guess what we haven't done, what we just talked about, which is, I haven't, built a little bridge and connected and said you know answer now all she's conduce when you got that really and then it now we have an secret situation, might not anything that you're gonna say and now we might ruin a relationship based on that We went to hard core now too arms point if you dont ever index any kind of truth and you just let a person continue on a path that a bad for them and is bad for you
in this case their weight. Well enough, not good either, but the key component, if you of tact and you build a relationship, is basically I have this conversation with life a little while ago. You know when you dealing with someone when you're dealing. The team you're either. Forwarding and improving the relationship or you you could be neutral or you're, making it go backwards. What we want to be doing is improving the relationship, at a minimum? We want to remain neutral and the other aspect of going backwards in relationship is bad. So if we're business partners- and we ever we discussion about something? I want the result of that discussion to be that our relationship improved at a minimum. I want to be trial and worst case we ve actually gone backwards. Cassettes. I'm not good. So now you talking about your spouse. We that relationship to improve. We don't want to go backwards. And neutral is a minimum so when we
when we asked the question, do I look and the answer is absolutely that's. Gonna be dusk. That's not gonna led to listen can lead to the the is that could lead to your spouse, respecting it. Listening to what you're saying it's can lead your spouse, saying oh you're, a jerk you. Don't know how hard it is for me, you're, not part of my team, you're gonna do team and therefore, since we're on different teams, are don't to listen anything you say near so There is a better way to go about it. Tat then that's contact yen and in order to have these talks with my brother, indeed from TAT the time and saw an exemplary like if you like. If your corrector mean, are you guy, like you used the word wrong or sale, were pronounce a word wrong, like the guy who so quick to always correct new in front of people what ever you know your corrector,
usually those correctors people, those corrected people. Are there right, the line and to telling the truth. It's true its correct. You know, so their same either their correct and their lonely Let us not lose because look, no tax rate. So that's what they're saying is correct. What there doing is not correct. Like you shouldn't do that, then that's, like Essentially, what tat is you know it s, not loescher saying hey. Did I say that rate like hate me you didn't say there is you're Possum sided, say amen. Just want to. Let you know you. Miss pronounces were right now, yeah, there's an eye like the fact that I miss pronounced words and I do terms podcast on a fairly regular basis, and occasion? Some will hit me up and say: hey you? U mispronounced! This word that word, someone sent me a either an email or something the other day that was like
you mispronounced words. This would not be that hard to fix. You should pay attention or whenever such as pretty pre existing pressure for right and was. For instance, you know that's a bummer the thing is I don't? like mispronouncing words, and yet the corrective measures for not mispronouncing words is it for instance, if we're going out of some, I say somethin wrong in my cold on. Let me go back. Let me interrupt. One of my thought pattern, let me interrupt what I'm saying to try and figure out. If I pronouncing right or wrong I lean towards its better, to just flow and get corrected later. So I apologise for my mispronounced words near my best. I should do a better job like that guy who emailed me that
I'm. Sorry are the last one is on selfishness I'll unselfishness is the studied avoidance of caring for or providing for one's own comfort or advantage at the expense of others. Any time that you as the leader are getting the good deal while you're, People are getting shafted, they notice it, they don't like it. They didn't like it at all, so where is the military, does that dust the military operates. The officers get paid more money the officers live in officers quarters. The e dogs are known in bill of the ship, hot nasty,
and just ass the waiters. So there is a little bit of that, but there's there is a saying in the military rank. Has its privileges and it's sort of Us Bobby thing to say in my opinion here but anyways. I guess the point I want to make is when I had when I had officers that word that I really lot respect, for they would always downplay that and never rub it in your face. Basically, you could there is a separation pay, these guys wearing a leadership position? They have respect responsibility, therefore they're getting paid more they're, getting treated a little bit, evaded yoga, but when someone would rob better your face that, just as making bad Brad the what's the expression ennobling your boss, you're with someone who ranks you it it's the not necessarily it's in the military and think, but at some like this, it's like I have a few were letters in my title or something like that. Are few more Firstly, like my total,
humor letters in it, whatever it something like that, yet my boss, told me that winter day, yet like straight out like goes this back in the plant is really told you, they told me that straight up, yeah. Well, here's a think. So in in our club there was an area you couldn't go in if you're. If you had a dress code in the area, it was like a dumb just go to buy their butt Everyone knew that it is like you couldn't wearing jeans get like genes What about origin Jesus everything away, reward Indians nuclear energy? So whatever so one day how's. It was like I wasn't working and I was wearing jeans. All my friends were not wearing jeans over there, so I can so I kind of go right and then my boss was working. And he said: hey, like you can't be in here with yours, on some like I'm doing, ok, you're not in front of it body, but cool men are so I left, and then it was like.
Week later, he was often deal that is the rolls were reversed. Yeah he's up their genes full on like doing it and I'll kick your mouth jokingly. I said: hey you can't beer, which means you know and that's what he told me he said I have a few more letters in my title manager. Serene determines track lever for him, up or down. When I put it this way, it would have went down if it wasn't at zero already so yeah. I would have went though you don't do that the unselfish and India, as we do unselfish things are the people notice it. If you're doing them, because if they also noticed this we're doing so and unselfish, because you want for it that doesn't work either strays like if you like, you know that you're doing something cause you want that I'll come. If you do
you do something for your troops. You should do it cause you care about your troops here, not because you are trying to build up a good yet image with your troops. Man, you guys have been ass near ass for me, and I'm gonna handle this thing over here. So you guys go get some time off. Go it's not it's not hey! If I do this thing for those guys, they'll failings, so like me more don't do that. You can tell on guys do that men, so I everywhere to tell people, don't think people think no one noticed you know it's back is that more than the dvd, Ok what about this, though? What about, if they you know how it is a common where we make a donation rate too to whatever charity or cause or whatever you write anything we just get on this ray. We just made this donation to this charity, whatever here like how about that. That's what you're it's kind of doing
publicizing manner under well? Ok, I get the people do that and then you take tat and you compare that someone that says: oh well like them. Vestiges some politician, and then they got this politicians. Are you know mobile person, not investigated when they find out that he's donated of dollars to all these different charities, but never said a word about it. You respect, for that presupposes little as opposed to someone. That's donate millions of dollars and I came to another photo shoot me baby, where's the leader and I know, for by six check, hundreds knowledge thing on the front of their website idea. Peter! Yes or at the end of the day, it's more about like ok. So what message was sort of sentiment received like is the message is the front running message. The fact it I,
so generous that I'd donated. I do these things or is the message that oh, my gosh, it's so good. Now that this be an old charity, whatever gets the help that they want pennant there. What's yours, you have people underestimate all the time people on estimate how well other people can see. What's going on, I get more likely that people say do you really think that aim buddy, you're, fully, anyone! usually happens usually happens with people that are couple there. Obviously there smart, but there, they're, so they think they're, so smart right, they think there so smart, I was linked myself, man Do you really think that anyone is? Do you think you're good, this over on anyone. So we really make these mistakes like. This is across example, where you do something cool but you're just doing it, because you want that credit
Everybody sees that everybody, seeing as you do not turn lookers Greenaway, they know that car two years ago you screwed up China be all cool but make no mistake all the time I'm hypersensitive to what other people with you, but I'm not agreeing with you in being like you, and I don't do that. Brow facade that I put up is just a bit its anyone. Basically anyone can make you might for a couple people, but people just look at you got us, that's garbage. I believe you bear its in at an I'm, green with you, but I'm not agreeing with you in being like you, and I don't do that bro I to me Everyone does literally, I wonder, then, literally everyone is and is not less aware how easy life is like would under. Would you would you under us on how much yes ever to make everyone, and that is how it that's why the important thing is when you're doing things do them. From
place of honesty right doom for You are all say things like I'm trying to think of a good example. Where I say hey, you got to do this and it I'll see you gotta. Do this now see what you gotta act, we may well read just take it. I mean really easy. Examples like take ownership was alright I'll see you gotta take ownership of that I am not saying hey, take ownership of that, because in every group think that Europe larger and then no one would be mad at you know that why you're doing you're taking ownership, because you have to actually believe you're the one that's in charge that your truly responsible for what had happened, you may ask me with. If I were you in extreme ownership. If I got fired with that of changed, my view take no my view was and is, as the leader I'm responsible for everything that happens: the truly responsible, not not hey, Oh I read in a book I read in the FM ten TAT twenty two than that, I'm sorry,
posts to be responsible for the raise my hand and SAM responsible no the truly believe it in that thing and and what good is give you can do that? exercise with yourself and say some weeks ago. Why am I saying this do truly believe what I'm saying you don't have to say, wait a second, this isn't that's not right is not right to do that. You need to actually believe what you say and then, after you realize that you know you're not ready, look up and realise that ever is already there ever not already sees that Europe is another one when guys, when a girl breaks up with a guy in the guys all heartbroken right. Thus he you know what to do. I'll, say look you have to not yet do not care and so what they think, I'm saying is act like they don't care, I'm not saying that I am saying half do not kill. You have to actually not care.
To actually say hey This person was not who I thought they were, and I don't care that they're gone and I get a move on if you say that that's your best possible outcome. If all you're doing is acting that way and it still jump you crazy goes. After what we just said, if you just act in that way, guess what the female in the situation, absolutely no, that you're just run act that way they have the damage. Human beings have a certain level of perception of of would the way other people Emotions are that you can perceive it unconsciously, they perceive it unconsciously or consciously. He also your. I gave a dog dog can kind and know what I'm thinking about. A damn dog with a brain like a size of a walnut or whatever habitat, would make a dog's brain is right, not big, because my dog can't speak English right. But my dog. If I come home- and I I I go
I act a certain way like he knows it when you act like when you're acting like you, don't care that girl can see that care and doesn't work. You have to actually not care. When you are trying to do something good for your troops cause you want to win score prop points with them. They know that trying to proper, so so. This organisers good example, when I said hey. I'm trying to build a relationship with a boss. That's why I'm going to act in this way right there Its differences that Barcelona say, oh he's just trying to butter me up like no actually, oh boy, Do you want it done that way? I believe that the best thing we can do is try and get it done that way. So here I going to make it happen, it's not I'm gonna skate around and sneak around and trying to fool, you know I'm gonna believe in what I'm doing. I believe that you have some higher intention that you're focused on an that's cool with me on that
You have to take it to the next level. Man you have to take it to the next level. You gotta believe what you're doing you gotta. Believe you, when you don't every assume that everyone knows it brought my breath, Turkey has made great Macintyre and my brother S secretary, for whatever a greater and were basically constant, like telling My brother hate like come back to G2, he's been out of the game for a while and then so he's like two he's making of this total story here, and you know he's good at those debates. You know anything about this in this than theirs and like being great chain are like. Not really thing now much stuff? You treat me like two of his excuses that you know since he's like sort out of shape right or since these are gonna wait to get back and she re for that's what we're asking, but when you ask it directly that it sounds dumb, so he's like no one. No, it's not that it's! So if I'm like so
exhausted. You know I like I like training, and I like kind of conversation with with everybody at the end and stuff like that, if I'm like so exhausted from training, not only is that experience kind of diminished venom, who exhausted to have like a good conversation d, he he said it way more or less. Could you laugh at him? I would be if I wanted him to cells laughing. I realize under heroes, talkin about this vote. Yes in you will, good thing. Work, ok, so mean any was right as Gregg was sort of leaving right. So I'm looking at you, eggs face in great as that look on his face. Then we are going to get a good, really gets kind like just wait. I'd at every second of being totally not leaving I am there. Man is like breaking you hear yourself like me: that's not even a believable thing, knocking
be so exhausted that you can't talk after a time you do that expenses are you ran off? I don't know a hundred marathon of eager yeah yeah, no heat. He can't the, and we all know that so anyway, so so, sort of leaves and leave it at that, and I'm sitting there like pennant looking at a monolithic, bad just think. That's that's not true. You know we. I know why you're not gonna, go it's not a big deal. You know we friends that do that same thing, haha, yeah, sure I'll be back when I just don't want to go tomorrow because of this, and that and this and we're like for those aren't even like applicable excuses and he was like he's accurate. You like you're right, under resentment, hundredweight, totally admitted it solely back on the map is not here today, Rick back in the map, get good quick to that end, that's kind of part of the whole picture
do you like your lease don t? You think that he would he learned learned anything from you just by being your twin brother, no one! it's kind of way to me, although His game is very different from yours a year in maybe from like tree he's. Like has an analytical mine in also, if like, if I didn't like it Yes, oh here's! Another thing, yes kind of indirectly from remit to invest so mean him can communicate like satellites is like we war run. To misunderstandings, very iron songs. If he's lying about not ready, jujitsu weakness, you're talking about leggy underestimating other option now is hit that which he has just like. We ought to be guess. So if he has a question or he hears talking about some something Jujitsu why's, he picks up on it in that way. Rubik and Please do not explain things really well too, because you have four
years of common language and experience to say, hey room. I do therefore hey. Remember football matter, hey remember when whatever and all this stuff, you can communicate to the total right, were yes so. I'd say there's that there's that, but he did he go, the interesting thing about underestimating the way that everyone else thinks is. You do that you, first of all its there they know, and if you actually just live your life in a way that you're not trying to put up France. You life is gonna, be better and If you live your life thinking that guess what at a minimum people are, gonna someone's gonna know that this is a front. If you do that, its kind like when I told the the about I've told a bunch of soldiers officers that they had a psychopath in their platoon, every if you, if you have forty get, I went through this with Jordan, where
I asked him if he is, I said: if you have forty people in Various in a protein in an infant platoon is one of em, a sadist and he's like absolutely absolutely and then I e said one in a hundred is good, but in the military you ve already eliminated a bunch of we non or area. You eliminate all nonsense, because there's no there's, no one! That's like not at least has some tendency due to be held he'll people write those be worrying. The balloons eliminate a bunch of people that have zero chance of being saved us they're, not in their so one out of four he's, not bad. So if you try Europe platoon, as if you have a say to stand there than you a limited debt problem from getting out of hand. So that's what you do so, if you treat your life as if people will see through the lies in France that you're trying to put up for him you'll do better in life and you'll have a better platoon,
I would better life. Good amounts are right, leadership techniques. It is important to note that in small units, the leader can influence in direct his men through close personal contact, whereas in large unity must rely in great measure upon his staff and subordinate commanders to assist him in making his leadership affected. The larger the unit, the more complex the problems of leadership, but the greater caught the greater become the means available to the commander. System in the exercise of its leadership. So, as you grow promise more complex. But you end up with you have more people, you have more tools, The larger unit commander must consider carefully the leadership aspect of all basic policies which he prescribes or tolerate. Ok visits interesting. So we work with. Companies that grow really quickly, especially nowadays in the start up world in the Tec, world and this is where they have a tough time. Transitioning,
because when you're, no room you're in an office- and you got six people in their guess what year leadership is really easy right. Your ted you're talking you know, you communicate with he guessed at one people a catalogue of Turkey, but still your own room, your meat, it use, In each of our everyday thirty, forty guess what we're still all pretty much in a room everyone's. Lunch, we're still a unit all kicks, two hundred two hundred three hundred and this is where, if you don't insert good decentralized, command, good leadership tactics in there. That's were these tech companies. It is not just economic. Any growing company loses it. There is it because they haven't put the command structure in place so that the vision the commander and the vision of the leadership distilled all the way down through the chain of command, and now you have people doing things that they should be doing
In an end, I don't necessarily mean they're doing something illegal, I'm saying they're doing things that don't support the strategic goals, the company and its problem. But as those companies grow, what they don't realize is just like this book says you have more tools that you can put into place. You got it, you got it. You ve got a communications department inside your company whose job is internal communications. So could be making we Could we make videos and explain to people to go on a given an update you can you can do all the things you have that keep you have the t c is right. You have video calls. You can make you you ve got support leadership that can go out there get in the field and make things no? So there is a way to overcome these problems. If you addressed If you don't addressing you, can you think if you think you can keep leading two thousand person organization as fuel leading twenty people. You're gonna have a major issues and in the lock and work
What does not work, back the book over a period of time, the leader will develop techniques of his own, which will be better suited to its own personality, which he himself will be able to employ effectively yeah you're, all gonna, get your own little leadership techniques until you are I'm really lucky is I've worked with so many different leaders that I just dont know my techniques, I say hey, you know what a good thing do here. My buddy bill establishing this new. Could you know so? That's gonna, nice now you're some leader subject makes these are leadership techniques that up I back to these principles. These reportable all leaders ok. So when it comes to know your job principle, one know your job see well rounded military education through attendance at service schools and through regular independent reading research and study, so how do you know your job? You study another one
keep abreast of the latest techniques in the field of communication order, facilitate control of your unit and disseminate information. Three c out and Foster Association with capable leaders, urban study, their actions and application of leadership techniques for broad your field of knowledge, through association with officers and men of other armed services, five seek the opportunity to ply knowledge through exercise a command. Real leadership has acquired only through constant practice six avoid over specialization into narrow field. Seven keep abreast of current military developments. Eight! familiarize yourself, with capabilities and limitations of all elements of your command by study and through frequent visits to subordinates Sacho your job and I'll say what wanting impressive, as I get to work with a lot of leaders and some of these yours come up through their industry and the man they are knowledgeable its impressive, its impressive, but
Where the shortfall is there super knowledgeable about their field, but they don't have the leadership. Knowledge got so that's what's beneficial about things like this package remorse like dichotomy, leadership like the putting this information. What where people can actually read it understand they can study cause, they know their job. They know their technical feel. No, that's another thing, with E F over watch right now is like we're back. Million people that dont hat necessarily have the technic skill inside of a field, but they have The leadership experience and it's a lot easier to teach someone a technical skill than it is to teach leadership, because to give leadership. The only way you better leadership is leadership. So weird, sorry, it's been very successful so far, and now we're, starting as employers? That say they were alive? you know you're hesitant. Could you think how do you know anything about whatever
notice. How can someone that's not from this field? Lead in this field If the person in overview of what the what the field is, and then they take your twitter, two years: twenty four years, twenty six years of real leadership experience and they apply it to human resource department. A little in a small right like where about HR. Hr, yes, illegal evil. You have this department that there I think, about software Erna threat. They are about unity here scenario and that you agree that the big deal and people working together in a kind of thing, the good good, good analogy. Ok, here's some things and techniques for principle to know yourself and seek self improvement, One analyze yourself objective: we to determine the strong and weak points of your character. You could make that into a little drill actually look actually go down that list of characteristics and say which, where you at
to recognise your weak points and make an effort to overcome them. Three solicit when appropriate, the candid opinions of others as to how you can make the most of your desirable qualities and eliminate your undesirable once be careful, because when you ask question. If you ask it, aren't you gonna get some answers? You don't want to hear what you weak point almost a year about those we do nothing from themselves. Neither for themselves and its it's so rare, that's one truly wants to what they screwed up its it just doesn't hardly existed. So so what that means, as everyone knows, that its everyone knows that they are not going to give you an honest feedback so you say: hey out, I do and at last ass they are about to good. There lie they're, not even being attacked for that align their tone alive, There told a lie to you, because if they if they want to be tactful biggest to be tackling, say, hey, you know what I know is a tough project.
And you pulled it off, which was commendable, but there were some. Definite areas for improvement- and you know what luckily I kept a list- let's go through it, but now profit by studying the causes for past success or failure of other leaders past and present. Develop a genuine interest in people acquire the human touch practice. The golden rule masterly are, of good writing in speaking how'd. You do that right and speak and read and listen unless we cultivate cordial relations with members of other arms and services and with civilians that taken notice of some things, some techniques for knowing your knowing your men prince free! No, your men and look out for their welfare number one see the members, your command and let them see you stay
locked up in the ivory tower. Friendly and approachable their important, important. Develop an intimate knowledge and understanding of your suborners through personal contact and available records in small commands. It is imperative not only that the leader know the name and address of his subordinates, but also that is familiar with their characterised characteristics could know your people surely know your people interest yourself and living conditions of the members of your command, including their family environment, food clothing ability gamble provision for and give personal invisible attention to the various personal services, particularly those concerned with the personal problems of individuals, provide for the spiritual welfare of your command by supporting religious activities. Protect the health of your command by active, supervise, of hygiene and sanitation support. Actively a safety programme determine the until attitude of members of your command by frequent informal visits and by using fully in full
all available sources of information administer justice in partially to all, without fear or favour when judgment is necessary, commander should be fair, consistent and impersonal, punish and private private, with dignity and with human understanding, never awarded degrading punishment, avoid punishing a group for the faults of the individual. Always make the individual feel that the punishment is temporary and that improvement is expected. I think, when he says, expected and when they say expected. I don't figure talking about the K. I expect You do better, it's more like hey man like I know you can do better railways, that's what they're talking and it's an interesting wonder, avoid punishing your group for the fault of the individual, the motors famous for do not specially, unlike boot camp. Scenario. Where
We're gonna keep doing these until we can all do them in unison, wherever jumping jack. But beyond those scenarios, that's that's not always the best call to make here, because that's like it's one of those detained for what they do, that to real life Obviously I, like you. If you mess up everyone else, does the Bellman Bear Cross on you and you stand and watch because that's like a psychological punishment to the guy more than later, Tina swords liking, it's like a different approach, but I get for that very reason. By the way they bury reality it as I do it works in the bouquet of environment with it or the team train environment. We are trying to create this. Overall cohesion by make, Every one rely on each other and be able to count on each other. Yet as if to say it in.
In straight away like when you mess up, this affects the tea and put the peer pressure on every hand to step up their game right wheel by this time. If everyone doesn't make this time, then we're all get punished okay, so we don't want that on our backs, but when you get it Business situation used are punishing people for the group failure. That's that's not as effective in building, in fact with agony. Sometimes such ribbon. Things apart, you gotta be careful about what I hated MAC. Yeah yeah. Next ensure fair and equitable distribution of privileges such as passes leaves rotation, encourage educational development by providing educational opportunities. For members of your comment, I I often ask groups this leaders in companies. I say who here Some one that truly took a vote. Did interest in you and help to move up. The ring
through the chain of command. In your industry and every razor him just about you I need some people raise and how good did that feel? One ten to have someone that was completely invested in helping you whose whose niner, above average raises their hand how good that feels when you do that, for some one else does It's really easy to forget that some Ok, it's really easy to forget that you got hoisted up to your position of power by other people. That were willing to sacrifice their time in their energy to improve your lot in life. So when you can opportunity proof someone else's lot life. Do it next techniques for keeping your men informed, exe, plain to your principle subordinates why any particular task must be accomplished and how you propose to do so
hordes of understanding. Why assure yourself, by frequent inspections and visit, that supported our transmitting necessary information to the men. So you just can't expect it. You gotta inspected, Your principle subordinates informed of plans for future operation subject only to security, certain disseminate information concerning the capabilities of our weapons compared to those of an active or potential enemy where an enemy has an initial advantage show how this can be overcome, be sure the troops are informed of the capabilities and limitations of supporting units. Arms services, be alert. To detect the spread of false rumours. Stop rumors by replacing them with the truth, build confidence and esprit de corps by exporting all information concerning success, successes of command- that's that's a big one is a lot of times business,
his companies, people they do things, things go well, they don't tell anybody about it and he gets lost, whereas you gonna to build morale, and you want to get more mental gotta. Tell everyone hey we're out here were crushed it, principal five: how to set the example number one at all times, physically fit mental. Alert well groomed and correctly dressed their yeah. That's I set the example. To master your emotions, the and who is subject to intemperate bursts of anger or two periods? depression will have difficulty gaining and holding respect and loyalty of his subordinates to maintain an optimistic outlook. The will to win is in anxious the leader fosters it by capitalizing on his units, capabilities and successes, not on his limitations or failures. Maintain
an air of outward calmness, the more difficult The situation is more important. This becomes so when things start go inside ways, you gotta stay calm conduct yourselves that your personal habits are not open to censure, This behaviour and vulgarity are the marks of an essentially weak and unstable character. These, together with a failure to be punctual and a tendency Word, selfishness and self indulgence in luxuries not available to the command in general are inevitably resented by all ranks Sesar we're just talking about, but Yemen, you gotta hold yourself to a little higher standards, Maybe even a lot higher standard cause they're watching you, cooperate in spirit as well as, in fact, this is what I just talked about and what we just talked about it, Just hey, I'm pretend
do this cause, it's gonna make things easier for me. It's! I truly am doing this. Cooperation must work in two directions. It arises from a whole hearted desire by all members to further the effective operation of the team. Exercise initiative and promote the Spirit of initiative in your subordinates, be conspicuous. The loyal to those below you, as well as those above EU support. Under you as long as the individuals concerned have been discharging their duties, competently, the com, who seeks, however, to protect an incompetent subordinate from correction a higher commander, is being disloyal himself loyalty a prime trade of leadership and demands unqualified support of the policies of the superior officers, whether the individual concerned, firstly favours them or not, but the whole conversation we set about loyalty.
Avoid the development of a click of favorites, while it is difficult to avoid I like this because they they readily admit? This is interesting, so avoid the development of a click of favorites, but then they can throw this on their while it is difficult. To avoid being partial to subordinate, to have rendered loyal and superior service over a period of time. The temptation to show partiality should be vigorously resisted. So their say, and I guess we hire somebody under team- that's just do great things: s natural, then I was at a hard time of that, yet makes sense. I wouldn't be overt about it. But if you are doing good get some some benes from here be morally courageous. The commander, who fails to stand by his principles where the welfare of his command is concerned, a who attempts to avoid responsibility for mistakes of his command will fail to gain
nor hold respect of his associates or subordinates, and the last one share, danger and hardship? A leader who has elements of his command, subjected the danger or to hardship of any kind should visit them as often as possible to demonstrate without ostentation that his willing is to assume his share of the difficulties. So those are some techniques for that principle. Six how do we ensure that the task is understood, supervise and accomplished? Here's some techniques for that through. So in practice developed the ability to think clearly to issue a clear, concise, positive order is it strange that I ended up using the word simple, clear, concise and they they used the words cook. I guess not that weird, but it's It's funny to see too encourage subordinate to seek immediate clarification about any point your orders are direct is that they do not understand perfectly so that something that
the only difference. Do you mean the air is everyone just keep their mouths shut, nor economic questions so funny like these, then this one really, Seem so obvious Oh yeah, you not clear like oh, he do feel cleared his big mystery, to do by ever knows. Even if your kid, the you know like. Oh, I didn't understand that like when you meet, would you Y Y, you kids always asked why we say so: it seems super obvious, but yeah when you're in there Keeping Marcia is all you didn't. Do you mean yeah, you're gonna, look stupid. You want to open Nino. You do want to be that guy that. Question your subordinates and assistance. If there is any doubt or misunderstanding to. The task of this is something we always say how'd. You know people understand ask him for years. Don't ask him. Do you understand? You asked me to explain it back to you make every means available to
suborners, to assist them in accomplishing their mission principle set train your men as a team ensure by inspections and training test. Your command is being trained in accordance with the training programmes and doctrine prescribed by higher authority making best available facilities for teen training our provided ensure that all training is purposeful, ensure that each, one of the command is acquainted with the capabilities and limitations of all other elements, thereby developing mutual trust and understanding sure each subordinate leader understands the mechanics of tactical control for his own echelon, a command predicate teen training on modern, realistic conditions inside that each officer and enlisted men knows the functions of each other, officer and enlisted men with whom he habitually operates, insists that each
these no and understand each other, their traits peculiarity strengths and weaknesses. So often in companies. This is not happening in businesses. We did happens pretty well in the military, but in businesses you of departments have now idea. Would another department does no idea how they do their job? No idea what their job even entails: life and I used to make them to make teams brief what their department did. And when we get him in there in the room you'd see people just had no idea what their teams return. They be used at the hollow yours, but do not for nine years demand the highest standard of discipline and teamwork in all training. We support that sees Tunisia, train with other units both come that and service principle, eight May sound and timely. Do the decisions this first one These techniques again
develop a large go and orderly fought process by constant practice in making objective estimates of the situation, making it s. It is not restricted to the military to pull. It is employed in everyday life of all persons. So how do you make decisions? How do you do that one? and then you come up with a kind of a process that you u flow through in your brain. After add that the protocol book he how to make decisions, in so far as time in occasion permit play for every contingency that can reasonably for be foreseen. Since the advice and suggestions of your support its before making decisions, of course, decisions into to allow suborners to Magnus Serpents book principle. Nine, seek responsibility and develop a sense of responsibility among response subordinates So this one says learn duties. Irresponsibility of your me immediate supervisor. I actually think you
Your media supervisor and his boss you want at least know what's goin on secret find assignments which will give you responsibility in command. Experienced people always want to stain, do keep doing what the good at they want. Venture out into the different world, Take advantage of any opportunity which offers increased responsibility. Do that Oda the tasks and needs to be done. Somebody's run an I got it I'm on it for warm every task, large or small, to the best of your ability, and this goes back to what review progress, but we are talking about how you do anything is how you do everything I gave some slack on that once these guys got no slackening perform, free, ask large or small to the best. Your building your reward will
consist of increased opportunity to demonstrate your fitness to perform bigger and more important asks. What is I mean, the better you do the more work you're gonna get that's what it means. Tell your subordinates what to do not how to do it, hold it responsible for the result, delegate unsupervised but do not intervene, except when urgently necessary avoid. Usurping the prerogatives of your supporters. This is actually such a concise, clear rule tell your subordinates, what to do not how to do it, hold them responsible for the results, delegate and supervise but do not intervene, except when urgently necessary, avoid usurping the prerogatives of your subordinates. That is really good advice for anyone in a leadership
position. He could follow that advice, whether you worlds going to be so much better, provide all personnel with frequent opportunity to perform duties of the next higher echelon. Yes to you Bruce her. We made all the junior officers be ground force commanders beforehand, overseas experience and then they went overseas and did it be quick to reckon as accomplishments of yours borders when they demonstrate initiative and resourcefulness, correct errors in the use of judgment and initiative in such a way as to encourage the individual, avoid public criticism condemnation liberal, however, and openly giving praise for which is which is deserved, give unstinting we help give unstinting we of help and advice when you are requested by those onto your command. Now it's pretty obvious ensure that your personnel are assigned positions commensurate with demonstrated or potential ability. That's important, get some
that's got some potential put him in a good spot b, prompt and fair in backing subordinate to the limit until convinced otherwise have faith in each subordinate made you gotta, take a little time to make rebuild, add, up, he's dont dive in with complete faith in him. A little task. First, I'm in straight to your command that you are ready and willing to accept responsibility. Yes, ownership principle too, techniques on how to employ your command in accordance with its capabilities. Number one, No understand and apply the principles of war and those principles of war of different there. What we're talking about right now, the principles of war that they're talking about our objective
offence: mass economy of force, maneuver, unity of command, security, surprise and simplicity. Those are thee. Principles of war that they're talking about To get to know those, so let me in company gotta, understand the principles at your operating in. Keep yourself informed as to the relative operational effectiveness of various Ellen. If your command b The task assigned are reasonably possible of accomplishment. Analyze any tasks assigned if it means you're disposable. If means at your disposal, appear inadequate of four inform your media commander and request. Additional means is knowledge, I'll get anything done. Boss back can do anything No, actually amenities. More support over Europe needs a more people, money resources, whatever make every effort to
likewise tasks proportionally over appropriate periods of time among the several elements of your command, who don't jump laden down one group: they ve got one group that so much stronger than the other group move. People out. She gets a equality there and here's. The last principle techniques take responsibility for your actions. Principle, Levin, trim ownership. Remember that you are responsible for all your command does or fails to do, except justified. Criticism adhere to what you think is right and have courage of your convictions, so those are so my some heavy hitters. What this boy does now, and I'm not gonna, do it. Is it actually breaks down how the what different leadership
makes you can use at every level. So it talks about- and you know what I haven't said this year. This book is free. This is all mine. You can google nineteen fifty one leadership, FM ten tack, twenty two, who is it like a pdf, yes, Encyclopedia PDF, and so you can, you Look it up. You can figure out where you are it talks about technique. Will the noncommissioned officers it talks about tat, makes for what judgmental and lower unit commanders. It talks about commanders of divisions and higher units- and it goes through what kind of techniques you can use in each one of these positions and they're all solid information, solid information and points out good not just what the rules are, but the techniques that are used to to and to make it happen. And so
solid bunch of information there? That again, you can easily gives this book is a pretty sure red. I've read a bunch of right now I mean I actually kind of went crazy with my red with my red pen, just are everything I say in red Stu, but there's a ton of it in here I'm going to get back to. This. Get that information. Look it up, go, read it its powerful stuff I just jump ahead to his last little closing part that I wanted to cover, which is talking about how to train in It just talked about a few things. Stress realism, because have to make trainee realistic that we have to do its work I did when I was in the seal teams. It's what you should do. Whatever kind of organization Europe, if you're in it. You're in a business, you should simulate make your training as close to real as you possibly can.
Another thing is: require repeated drills in the execution of simple tactical maneuvers. What does that mean? Repetition counts. You have To repeat things over and over again, if you want to get good at them another, Important training tipped stressed the importance of each leader so placing himself and his Headquarters that can most readily coordinate all efforts of his command and of the moments that may be supporting it. Where you located is important. Where you position yourself is important answer. You I recognise that that's gonna change, depending on the situation you gotta learn how to how do we do Us that and how to pick the right spot to be in in the last one is last couple, stress the importance of exchange of information by all appropriate means, so we gotta communicate.
And the last one is have a well planned critique immediately after each field exercise. And that again wrap up this very, very powerful. Summation very simple, very straightforward: feel like I actually could attack but each one of these points and go over examples that each one of them is so important. So maybe we'll do it again or they'll come up again, but that's giraffe and then disliked closing point on having a well planned critique after every few exercise. What's that actually mean what that means? Is always be learning, means always be learning, and almost every one of these principles, I recognized,
I have heard before I definitely ready before we ve covered appear before, but I'm still try to control still China realer. Even the same lessons after years of me looking at the stuff which. I guess it's me just kind of fallen the principles themselves, which is no your job, no yourself and seek improvements. That's what I'm trying to do and I think that's much. What anyone listening to this is trying to do. So I mean, I guess, ECHO speaking of rule number two Speaking of us seeking too costly Improve ourselves, what do you know about things? second help us improve our situation, support what we're trying to do in our cell improvement journey, journey, sure, path, path, Victor and actually can support this
gas if they would be. If you want to While you support your own journey down the path of discipline and keep in mind this path, that we are on also brings along others, even if they are not like on the path we you, you're results of being on the path improve them as well. Up directly. How do you know that in many capacities? Ok, so let's say it sounded like one of those states, Did you make? Were yours wanting a prompt. You can tell a long story. Is for disaster like kind I bid you already said how'd, you find argued, Bobo, Earl, anybody really lawyer, not well eight. So in a family household in a group setting a what right things can get stressful. In their stressful every single day every moment, but they can get stressful right, so you know like any, So you and you know about stressful situations in we saw
when everyone's panicking or what stop stouter, whatever you get one guy who jumps in their the situation, not panicking, overtly stew, A stout in here. He can sort of manage not only himself, but his tiny environment is contagious. Other people will get that and they start doing that as well, whether it be in the immediate situation or just engender rediscovered. This is part of a book rang lawyer, big to how that led. The first model leader can come from any rank. And then, when they step in that leaders, and the way that they act will spur throughout his so you're. Confirming is big time those for my big time, the huge that you do so is this all if you're getting in shape, ring people around. You will sort a notice if you're like happy doing things more make getting
done around you. You know taken responsibility for things you taken up the trash every other nightmare, whenever it fills a lot depends on big. If your trashes, I guess, but if you're taking it out, win it's for you don't let it overflow anymore noticed that, on the same end,. Slowly by slowly, especially if you're happier, treating them better other stuff, it they'll start doing it to same thing with extreme, ownership me knowledge? If you, if you I'm at a problem like hey. That was my fault it most of the time. Eventually, if not immediately they'll think well, you know I didn't cannot get to my ear. Seems him exactly so that's why you should be the path stem could you not just helping yourself you're, helping everyone around you, Sir Isla? Why those things that you're doing on top of taking up the trash really needs to be taken is digital. Now, here is that
it's kind of. Do you choose one of these ones where people might not write special? If you locate your husband, you want to do just do now, but wait with a family of six or more whatever or less and your responsibilities in there. Now you want to add this political extra extracurricular activity to these tasks. That's where you telling That's the situation I but like us. When you get the benefits of Jiu Jitsu, you come home, you slowly become a different person, a better person, a better other. Better person in the household is a better situation. So far everyone in the household everybody end the neighbors, then the neighborhood you whole street town. The whole world's better sir. It is, and will you do to you, do you will need a good and a rash guard at least one I think do what are the best keys in the whole wide world. There were,
in these regions by far and they are made in America hundred percent? Sometimes people actually not about the keys but people still at you. I know some people be like they don't like this, training and they don't like it. Don't like old you today. If some people realize immediately lead they submitted their like you, don't put our post up on twitter and they'll say I did my first Fujitsu glass yesterday I got submitted in beat up and I got submitted by fifteen. Old girl, it's the best thing ever right. Some people say that, because I think we are doing job of setting the expectations of the fact that its you're gonna get tumbled, nay one you're gonna get humbled. I actually dont care who you are? You really get humbled because if you D want ressler come in there and its committees we do not know the quite do what you think you're gonna get you gotta, do the able to take some now Rubio
you'll be out, but you won't be able to make them tap. You don't really know how to hurt me. If I must, a person doesn't know anything, but if you're going to get bluebell or purple bout gonna be hard for you, so my for it was like it was, it was technically, I guess, my first or second day in a class setting, it was with dean. I tried like two other jobs before I join and I win and they were like a united literally one digital class that I learned. I don't even remember what it was so there hey, wrote last under rule on good, When is it I way smaller than me and he was like within he had like a month. I think one thing periods of you, I'm way bigger than its eggs and using for like, but he didn't tell me out, but for we couldn t do anything gassing, I'm so tired of you d, like to twenty five solidly. Doesn't care now he's in these one fifty years it is about
one, fifty s inside here the thing he's like a month or two in complete white belt too, but I'm like new guy, but waymore athletic literally. I could pick this guy over. My aunt literally couldn't do nothing could even passes guard, and I knew what a guard guy like you have to pass. This has any tell any told me afterwards use a k like you're you're spending too much energy stuff, whatever it. I'm thinking my head back and I don't know that I mean obviously because I'm tired, but it just goes to show. Much you just don't know about when you go in, even though you, your big and strong whatever, so, yes, you will get. Pierre. You so expect that part of it and then, instead of when you do get beat up, we get choked when you get army instead of giving mad and think I'm never going to do this again. Think yourself, I'm gonna! Do this lot until I can get good enough that some unknown person can really
Impose their will on me as a human being. I didn't like tat feeling that yeah failure, just goes to show like they do it it matters response you have to it there like the what really matters. So here we are all going to be world going get submitted. Multiple. When I say multiple, probably Thousands yeah by people are smaller, who you figure it out. You get summited ten times a day when you start oil so you're getting submitted fifty times a week for training five days a week, small and new everything you smaller, who have so, yes, I am we our universe, one thing: I never what that experts arrogant ever again or or use one do with. I want that skill. Whatever this. That obviously has with the all these people are busy, have got it from this place by them I know that to the am I gonna do I don't know, I don't want their skill there's always somewhere out. You don't have to go to like some other country,
yeah generally in America, you can go down even Google MAPS and you can and nine Jujitsu schools well made me around thirty agree get somebody else when you get if you're in others, the country you try to two options where you are most likely? You could be way out. No nowhere cool gets mats. Get some friends. Get. One is all my programs start learning go to Youtube, Youtube's, free to start listen, what they're saying and tried it on your buddies and you'll start to learn: Jujitsu yeah bomb path to me, their future get an origin, be hunted percent made in America, good geese. Here's the engineer, Ford! You did to her, while eighty eight training Commenting on his new origin gave a new one poets like up It's like a thing and I ain't he doesn't like geek out that can, but he was in for good reason, the elderly.
No, you kind of gloss over like Maiden America that actually, a really big deal is actually bringing back an industry that have left that had left this country in brain it back where we are, we ve hired the people that got left behind when I left behind anymore they're up there they're making the best use in the world? in a small town in New England, bringing back that economy, So when you support origin, your she supporting much more than Jujitsu supporting much more than this podcast you're? Actually supporting America and you're supporting the working people of Amerika. That's what you're doing so. We're gonna try and continue to drive down this path to contain
to grow this company, where we can bring significant amount of jobs back to America, employ more people and let other people grow and pave improve for their families, that's what the goals and it feels great go over to farming tint and be there in the factory and see what is being made by this tradition. Craftsmanship- and you know right now we're we're bringing on the shoes the boots and same thing. We have people that no Heaven being able to work in this industry for twelve years. Down the factories up there and the jobs and set the machines overseas so best. What actually happened to actually happened and the people talk about the the the corporate greed right, hey
it's going to cost me. Whatever it's going to cost me, I can save a little bit of money by ship in these things overseas. Let all these people go and That's fine! I don't care! Where are we, due care, we do care We recognise that the strength of American from our economy in the strength of our economy, comes from the ability of our of the working people in America to have a job and work hard and make the best product and world that's what we're doing yeah in its men in overall did Peter that cool little series where it of sore it'll show the little area so he's like we have this problem, so I am. I think I'm gonna call this guy, and this guy he's talking about is the old school expert who you know like doesn't do it foresee? What do you know, but he has all this in my own. Ology comes in boom boom solving problems and that any shows like the interaction between like the workers, impeding like everybody rate. So it's not like this. I mean no offense to China,
But it's not like your typical go to China and eternal burn these days. You know no defects or whatever areas. Lady series is called origin, hd. Listening with that of the you two channels. I think its origin be J J So if you go to that, you can get behind the scenes are being made on whose making it on were on the kind of effort that the tea up at origin is putting in to make up the clause gee, that's up there. It's it's off! and a watch has asked to watch so that big, much closer to rash guards? You know T shirts and all that you'd give get. We also. We are and now we have genes which are gonna, be live like this week. We have we therein production we hired above two people a bunch of more people, so don't just run out and buy a pair of genes made in China by somebody sweatshop by it genes here.
That are made in America from the dirt on there on your legs, all that mainly America, so yeah. You get that we also have. We also supplements supplements that supplements that I basically wanted to make exactly how I wanted that's, basically what they are. Thirty months: ain't hey! This is what has always worked for me. These things put them together, combined em, an end, and make them, and also by the way, if it's something that I'm going to eat, make it taste good and here's how we're going to do it with sweetened it with monk fruit which is a fruit. Obviously it's not a camp. There's not some! You know group. Whatever scientists in a laboratory trying to create something that taste good through a bunch of cancer causing crap no fruit putting it in there. That's why more taste so good?
Is there any better way to get edition needed protein There is no better way. Now my house, where I live here, my family. Now it's who can make the best milkshake shake. Finally, my wife comes in the other day, his home and she's like she gives me. Let me take what in cod It's all good! So good! I don't. I e anything else. There was cocoanut me vanilla guerrilla, the ice cubes one shot, like a quarter of a banana the thing tasted like a gourd, a deserted ridiculous. If you the innocent little added thing, I put some like empty Cocoanut, Verona, Lujan! You know like this a little bit more like too much whatever its. We thought it more adds to the texture than it does in taste, but
like a little sneaky way to make your quality than than other competitive. It's ridiculous! I could be good for you. Can you feel, like you, just ate an ice cream, Jake right as you didn't you kind of high quality Brodie, you got by artists. It's getting me giving you do with your kids, but we can use. Keep Mach two or whatever, whichever Byways Strawberry was strawberry mark for adults. Is coming. It should be I'll. Pretty soon in I've tried it it's it's good it's absolutely completely and utterly ridiculous how to get it is and that it can be good for you, it's totally ridiculous. Did they send you a sample of Opel, of burden of those strawberry, mark! Oh! No! No! No! It's! I can't believe it looking so anyway. So what you do kids, you know you got a threatening with punishment, everyone soon I'll say: hey, no dessert or
You want to use it as an incentive like hey. If you can clean up your room within the next, you know three minutes or whatever you can have a more all, give you don't even say mocked I'll, just Kalkhi I'll make you Unless they already know the the northern when it, but so I'll give you Special dessert or treat or whatever. Make it with the mark, you put a little hepsey make it tastes. All Gore may the way you did so bomb they clean up there within three minutes by the way, never term parameters, even they get the more often he may one day one you all. I did that little task utilities are. We enable- and I say that the deal rank come a dessert you want, and then they want Lear the haughty wanting more ultima like it don't forget about Joint warfare incremental recently leaf Balin. Forgot about joint warfare, He got off the map, eat the text. Music, bro! I didn't take your wonderful.
Three days, whatever he's traveller, what's somethin and easy God unrolling ass man. Why am I so jacked up? Oh yeah calamity your warfare gone back on the joint warfare back on the good GO trade MIA yeah era, which was ironic- and I address this on- that there was a post that he made that's the way I am appalled at the air. So I'm lady. We hope because he was like. I can't believe this. It's ridiculous, that the difference that you notice yet in legacy Irony there is early on it wasn't with joint, were filled with krill. I forgot my oh yeah, New York in June comes in. You know actually told lay vital a bunch of people, but do you know really wanted to give me any idea who really want to give you any, because I travel with, like the number of that, for that, the Beard Army gone for, I can't parity Catherine Runnin around the extra
krill oil, you later not me by water in the field, I heard it, I'm drinking it unless we die I'll say really exert wrote in ice when I would mean did with women me and my brother would lift so? We were real like discipline with the post work on meat meal right, any Woody Allen say you'd be measured out. Let there be enough, you know, you'd have to have a specific amount for the post war from you, so if, to go by Soussio, go by something like good and Debbie My brother, I would ask all let me get some limitations, it would say I can't spare the nutrients. Can't give you any. I want to share my cancer, the nutrients. When light from my work, I would ever looks that's no. Oh yeah, that's what you do with your guerrilla, nonetheless, that after a few hours of failure, getting more cruel oil generally Babbage came through with the crude oil nice.
So it can in your back in the game or huge. So it is ironic that leaf is there a husband year went through the same? Do yeah yeah you got be careful with that you don't want to run for longer than you do mentioned working mark. If you got kids get Well, your kid don't play around. Don't play around. What do you her she's syrup to make chocolate milk you leave him s least quick to make charcoal, Why don't you just give them a big glass of tat? two diabetes That's what you're doing or you can say, hey here's something that tastes better and is incredibly good for you miss so there you go Where did mark you can get some of that clear. Also you wanna represent, while on the path chocolate, Mr Scott Jacko Store of its original wheel.
That I think better working members that unless Jackal stored DOT that's where you can get. Your discipline equals freedom, tee shirts, rash guard. New out by the way of a new rash guard out stand by to get some stand by to get some. Or well weird is you're. Doing wait, stand by to get the new Rash Carter. That's what the Glasgow says, but I call t, shirts, rash guards pats tranquil reality. Ladies, We hope for those you live in the lower forty hours. They re not Brady, Lantern, Texan, music, irradiated aid. Even Michigan he's in me, again. He said today is light. Weight hoodie day the armed well. He also did a good job of posting. A little thing of him out and freezing cold, and he was like we just need lightweight up. Here
his heart, you stealing Aki hardware, he's our car well right. If you notice hardware as Brady. In those circumstances, we have heavyweight at ease to support, light and heavy whatever you need. What have you like logical stuff on there? If you like? Something gets don't forget about Jacques away, to which I am currently drinking in the region. Drinking. It is normally cause it tastes good, but also because I like having a thousand brown dead, lift LL, actually hundred percent guaranteed. If you dont, if you if you drink Jacques, a weighty and you can't dead, lift a thousand pounds you can send me the empty, can and I'll send you the nickel for the can. So that's don't forget to subscribe to the podcast cuz. If you don't, then go ahead and you just don't What you're thinking now subscribe? Yeah you don't subscribing you're, not subscribed, which is good, kind of like a launch occasion. Rare occasion? We launch something randomly for like some kind of an event.
Kind of a situation for once the right to veto expecting. I was Wednesday, I know what I'm gonna get get the park asking you jump on there. He was another one waiting for you. So get those know. Those subscribed to the body ass wherever you subscribe to progress and talking about the warrior kid podcast, which is awesome, For some reason, I always clear myself hot to say that warrior could stuff is awesome. I think it's because, I'm saying it as like dad, yeah. No, I mean yes, I do not seen it directed at myself, I don't mean, like I'm great at the wardrobe kid pond, I'm, I'm not saying that. I am saying as a dad. You can get your he had to listen where you could buy gas. It will benefit them greatly. In trying to figure out the ways of the world and how to live in this,
crazy world that we have and also there's a warrior kid that makes soap in central California? I guess so California but anyways. Irish oaks ranch dot com, young Aden run into business, these thirteen years old priest Lockerbie get anymore. But in the meantime, you get him soap, so you can stay clean and we got a youtube vis your channels that what is called surfer yeah, yeah, zoo, video channel, right as it was to you, two were chariot Audio channel well, anyways on that video channel on Youtube, which the video channel is called Jackal Podcast. That's a video channel, right there, yes or no, if you go to that, you can watch a bunch of videos that echo Charles made and you were, Spock Ass, you can see, would echo Charles looks like he looks like not like what he sounds evident.
Evidently, and also he makes he ease, He would you would you experiment with her he'd makes videos with his own, personal skills right years that you Ellen interest will well. The thing is, I feel like a lot of times when you make videos you're not you're experimenting, unaware you're, not that is It's not like it's not like I'm saying hey make this video and here's the affected we want ray you're just over there, making any this with your own vision year. Well, the good ok Well, the goal for the whole. You do things is the video version. You watch the pot, the which you know men, that dig it now a lot of people do it and then the excerpts we, have excerpts on their to fuel. For all things you know you can watch you can share those year could be
and then sure I'll take an excerpt essentially take an excerpt in kind video wise have some fun with it met some facts. Is it can stuff? And yes, very much x mental? What would we should make a video of what my life would be like if everything was reflective of how your video does everyone things were downloading. I thought about the air without going to fund, because, like actually that that warpath video that essentially kind right under the beings like if you're on the warpath and use all things, are you doing so it showed like you know them a little bit like video clips of me when I or not of meal that I got a viewed just do your stuff, you see in writing and love for you, a party the warpath, that's kind of wood. It represents a little bit soothsaying. There is a path of destruction in a constructive way.
Checks, or you can do that. You can also get psychological warfare, which is of little bunch of tracks to help you overcome moments, weakness which apparently, are quite effective because I've have had many people explained to me that they use lies them regularly. So psychological warfare, Itunes, Google, play mp3 platforms of all kinds. You can you can check that out check out flip side, canvas which, to go to my view of innocent of episode, one fifteen of this podcast, it's one of the most Peter Part Gas one day heaviest pod gas, what most impact! pod gas and there's a lot of I hope I guess I guess that's saying a lot, but the code making where they, what it was he making. One of those things called can this canvasses, art, art, right, Pangaea, pieces and the?
he's got a bunch of different ones, but he actually has made some kind of based on this point. Cast scout one. This says despotic was freedom he's got one. This is good governance, as time is running out. And he's the one that says that after it if you want to get one of those, we will oppose that thing up you can post it up. You can have a giant get after it on your ceiling, where he sleeps. When you wake up in the morning. The first thing you see a giant sign. It says get after it so up Yes very good ones to us. Look at those actually browsing like a bunch of on those are good men who could it made in Amerika? I forgot to say that, but once again same think the same thing as origin we're in Texas were building, we have the factory were making them or print them which all american made, sir you're, not just supporting Dakota, who is.
An awesome, gotta support. You are also supporting just America in General, which is a positive thing, bigger all So when you didn't expanding our hour home, Jim's visible window, we're gonna, go to audit dot com, slash juggle and get your stuff there. That's where you get good stuff rings. Kettlebells get about big deal just like a staple the rings in the kettlebells big, stable, good stuff on there, some those elk bars- oh yeah, we're that Those are a big deal to those who come in then the clutch. When you want a little snack. No, you need a little somethin. You get yourself when those Elk bars, yes Betty and if you're
If your lifting kettlebells you programme needs him Elk bars threat to supplement the scenario big time allotted good stuff on there on it doc kind. You got a little bit like the characters or whatever right the De Kettlebells yeah I had also personal well, did you get? Did you get any star wars once? Yes, the star wars? This view? Do you feel pride when you say that answers Oakwell, guess as if like that makes you better than me little bit? Yes, they do little bitch, but the year will let hours really hit like strong you know, I guess it's good, but it doesn't will they have the Marwood Marvel preserve liquor Iron man want to hear than really yeah. They abandon. Surprise me, but it's doped up there
no I saw which, when did you get, did you get Darth Vader? No, you know that this was Ribeiro yeah. I'm looking at the debate on future, make it almost zero starfleet away. Is that the big I regret that the big article, forty eight bigger its bigger than a forty kilogram honor I guess- you're gonna say just how it might be the services of this arms race, warlords, forty kilograms, so all its own, Japan's than yours despots. What's your maybe he's one of the big foot one. Ninety behind this Everybody in the anyway on a dot com, lotta good stuff on there get something they got a bunch of books too. Making the dragons book for younger kids were they learn to deal with. And overcome fear way. The warrior kid and marks Mission- and now we have Three come out and action,
little kid posted a book review of way the warrior care and we have to re posted. But it's legit kids Bia MAX racer nobody talks about all the rules of the way the warrior kitten, how they apply to his life have yet to take of his be an ex bike, take care of your gear have to eat. Properly, has to get up get on the plan, so pretty cool to see. If you your kids, to be on. The plan or what your neighbor kids to beyond the plan or if you want your kids school, get this book reeboks way the work. It marks mission and book three common out beyond the elite available for pre order very soon I'll, never know it's called where there is a will and then political freedom fees. Manual just how to get after it mentally and physically and emotionally feeling there was it the fact that now book is continuing ants
continuing to get the best feedback on that book? So it was cool people are personal pictures of the cave. This page got me through the day, so there you go dismissals freedom field may not get that one. It's not on audible. It's on Itunes, Amazon musical we're on sound mp3 platforms. Don't read about extreme ownership. The first book with my brother leave bad and about what we learn in combat any how you can apply it to your business and your world and your life. And then we follow that up with the dichotomy of leadership which we are now getting multi reports from the battlefield that the dichotomy leadership is the better some people that I am. I am I felt. That way, but extreme ownership. Has the core like always gotta, have it's always gonna be the bigger brother, others the odious, but you never know man dichotomy sometimes that that other kid right
None of the other. Kid has them as well. We can learn lessons. That's exactly happened with dichotomy. We learned lessons after we rode extreme ownership and said you know what the most when you are. The hardest thing for people to do is balance that I gotta give leadership that was chapter twelve. The extreme worship. Then it became a whole book, some kind of like Rambo right, you know so Rambo Wendy was they who do you think you're Rambo Talkin Bout Rambo First blood part to read: Razzle DEC item is kind of like Rambo. Where lay people that economy love but but the people who know know that first blood, is the real movie, is the real Oh gee, one rambles, not better parameter Rambo get a lot of glory they get praise and its awesome were wondering- and I guarantee you is that gotta leadership is not jaws to which no one talks about jobs. To no one cares about Georgia. Osier as one is epic, so
the dichotomy leadership is. Is epic in its own right, and it can stand on its own, but it still still on the shadow seems we're gonna from shadow. Guess that's what I'm so justly crumble. Well, that's good don't forget about echelon from that is our leadership consultancies. We solve problems to leadership. So it's me leave ban JPL you now Dave Burke Flynn, Cochrane MIKE's really might by my Jason Gardener grassland front dot com for details. If you want us to come and help you align the leadership inside your organization, so you can destroy your competitors. Is that a little bit much maybe? But what do you want to do? Give them a gentle massage I you want to crush them. So if you want to do that, reach out at front door com don't worry about the muster. We have masters, it's a leadership event,
two days, long, we're doing it in Chicago, in Denver and in Sydney this year go to stream ownership doc. On every one of these events, it we ve done a sold out. So the These are all gonna sell out there on track to sell out right now. So if you when we come to those Gresham for dot com and or extremist da com, and you can register now before it sells out and when it sells out you're mad dont, be mad at me- take ownership of it, try to take ownership right now telling you that is going to sell out I'm taking ownership of the falcons going to sell out and I'm trying to communicate it to you hopefully listened So that's that you have all mine if you can't make it to the muster or less You got three hundred people in your company or three things. And people your company and you want to bring all the muster and you or you want to bring echelon front in, but front. We can travel. Nine countries that you're companies located it. So guess what that's why we made uniform mine so that you can do in Europe
entire organisation can get please, we aligned in how you are utilizing leadership across your organization. So It's online, but it's not just watching videos, it's you there's videos, but it's also interactive. Where you were you, get put into leadership scenarios, and then you have to figure out what to do and if you the wrong scenario. You're gonna led your company or your platoon into a bad situation. So get out. You have online dot com, and I talked about this if over watch. This is the company we have now we we're taking special operations and combat aviation people leaders and putting them companies so that the companies can utilise the leadership skills of these experts, is to combat leaders to help their company led to victory.
And as I mentioned earlier, you don't you I recommended Don't higher! Just based on experience, recommend you. You hire people based on the talent that they have on, especially the leadership capable they have, and if you want to in the game with us. Echo and I are actually on the into webs we're on twitter we're on Instagram and we are on Darth Face Book. Echo is adequate Charles and I am at Java willing and think to the police and law enforcement. Firefighters, paramedics, E M, tease, correctional officers, border patrols, all first responders, including the dispatchers Some time, as I said, with the police out and North Carolina recently under what a tough job in what a great bunch of people out.
They're putting it on the line to protect us here at home and, of course, Two or military men and women, like the one that I open up this podcast with Fred Garland rag, Junior. First, lieutenant! U S, army killed them, action: Vietnam, on July, twelfth nineteen sixty seven but a hero. A leader and an example to all was that, regardless of the odds you are facing, you can stand up and you can fight. And everyone else out there. You can do the same thing every day,
stand up to whatever challenges you face and get after it then until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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