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180: Covert Lessons Learned From "Across The Fence" in Vietnam, with John Stryker Meyer

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This is Jacko broadcast number one. Eighty with ECHO Charles in me, Java willing good evening ECHO bid evening. It was may nineteen sixty eight we were trip volunteers weed when tiered and graduated from the army's parachute jump school at Fort bending Georgia made it through the qualified asian course at the special forces training group in Fort Bragg North Carolina, Retaining the fifth special forces group airborne in country training programme, we had fallen, here to serve in MAC V, sags command. And control. Special forces, training at Fort Bragg, several Green brays teaching. Various courses told us avoid Cnc, because duty was rough, an especial worse casualties were high in the top secret unit. Despite all those warnings, re Coward
Mcintyre Rick asked is Tony Arel, Mark gentry. Bob Garcia Bob DE leathers myself and a few others violent to serve in sea and see. I've been in training or in between training cycle since entering the army on one December nineteen Sixty six in May nineteen sixty eight We were finally shifting gears from being, training mode to operational mode, None of the rumours preparedness for what followed. You won't need those the sergeant major said put away, Pens, pencils and no books the tops good briefing, all of you, have either obtained a Topsecret Clarence or will do so in the near future or you. Be here. Welcome too Commander Control detachment of the fifth special forces group. Airborne first special horses, United States, Army special operations, augmentation studying observations, group or simply
see and see. Gentlemen. Before you is a confidentiality agreement, you can't Your girlfriend, your mother, no one we were prohibited from writing anything about the operation forbidden from, keeping diaries taking photos, making drawings or tape recordings notes of any sort. The sergeant major advised us that anyone who didn't want to sign the agreement could leave gentlemen the sergeant major turned toward a giant, map on the wall. Then, for you, army controls these neutral countries and pointed Cambodian louse, located to the west of the public or south Vietnam and, of course, North Vietnam for several years now, The inmates Army had moved soldiers, supplies rockets guns and pro again to south into the eastern provinces of neutral louse Cambodia through an
ever increasing network of trails and roads called the hotel men trail complex listen up real close. The sergeant major said when go across the fence. Carry, no identification of any manner shape or form that men identification papers, no dog tags no diaries, no photos, no love letters and certainly a green brace one would wear sterile foot, Each with no company insignia no name tag no unit designated no jump wings or combat infantrymen badges. Why without giving any one a chance to respond. He said that because Louse in Cambodia, where Neutral United its government could publicly programme that the? U S, wrappers, respected that neutrality. Thus, if were killed and Louse Cambodia or North Vietnam. The you
government would deny having anything to do with us. You know states government, would expect that no Americans were station in louse for Cambodia, which was technically accurate government had a plausible deniability. If we were killed or captured, and, if captured, we were to speak. A foreign language don't tell them who you are? He ordered! Remember: technic, under the terms and conditions of the Geneva Accords, your status is different than air force and Navy pilots shot down over North Vietnam. Therein uniform there. I do and a file as, U S servicemen. See men don't fall into the category of prisoners of war. We were in effect, spies although the sergeant major never use that word, he also didn't was that spies had no protection under the gene the convention and that
could summer largely be executed if captured, that right there at some excerpts from the beginning of a book called across the fence which written by a spell? forces soldiers in Vietnam named John, I Meyer, and in this particular case it is. An absolute honour for me to say that we have him here with us tonight to, teach us about his experiences as a member of mackerel saga. Studies, not route observations, command, group command and control teams. Sir. Welcome welcome to the show clear to beer, that's cool
I welcome you got there, Vietnam, yes, it was quite something absolutely get him at the time we just wants to John Wayne Movie Green rays on top of it or so we are all site. My senior movie were ready, that's all we've been forewarned, you know when you go there. This is going to happen to little guys going to come out and ask for people to volunteer, so he said yeah right now, when we are done, it happened before they shipped us a little guy cuz that we're looking for volunteers and then the MAC goes for what so can't tell you either urine unite, so we re at hands next day we're up in denying for that briefing. You covered daring, help before you jump into that yeah how'd you and how you end up in a motor words grow up Europe in Jersey, Cubans, New Jersey, dad was a milkman, grew open in the truck and Mama Z was teacher. Choir, organist and after high school took be two years. The flunked out of college upon fly
going out in nineteen sixty six hours working up, Yosemite National Parks, mirth yeah, the garbage- far man up there and the book degree brace came out and my dad is Malaria saying hey: that's it you finally flunked out you're going to get drafted. We got the notification here for the draft board. So I read the book and I said you know what, if I'm going to go, if I can get in with these guys that be great challenges, and if I can do that, that's the way I want to go because at that time, with the army, eight weeks of basic training, eight weeks of advanced infantry a month leaving urine not you could be, but any render conventional unit and but at two hundred men of stories about some issues, particularly when they were engaged in irregular. North feed me sorry that there were have some major issues surprised how strong Hamley was so um gimme. Some work ring. I needed it and what, when you were a kid, we did you play sports or anything like that,
I was never a good at it, but I love baseball's ahead, game and foot. And my dad would. Let me play football. My senior year of high school, so I have one year football, but everything else was just like Gavi Little League, just love baseball anywhere you pay for body which can hidden had too much, Did you hear about today, I think it was more well an eighth grade. I hurt Monday play soccer worried about follow up injuries here and still have your body and PETE want peace. When you go to college her wherever you gonna go now, so They are very conservative, mean knowing my mom she's, no farm girl from a subtle jersey and she wouldn't choose really unhappy. My grand I gave me a cap pistol, so that's the so we grew up in. But do you know eventually we we went out, learn about weapons a little bit along the way and then, of course, when it came along, do we got the real deal
And the the force, so nineteen sixty six, so public opinion wasn't completely against the war. Yet wasn't in sixty six. Nobody beginning you start, it will start you. You had people do under protest and thirsty to and some new fringe elms society like we see today, whose is somewhat parallels, but you goin down. How your parents is your dad was onboard. Obviously has he sent you the letter saying right. Buddy, you know was that school did you forgot to translate guys, and then you just said, I've known have grown Yosemite to be a firefighter while we a couple bodies of mind that I've been in college with help me flunked out and we did, must but serious drinking. Just you know just stupid young young and as you are you're talking about the eyes so day,
had a crop congressmen that got us jobs in Yosemite girl right Thomson came through force. We drove across and in fact in Manhattan cancer because it would tornado Jude Twelve gone across the, females. We have snow with a back window, blowing out a car, so it's just fun and nice experience was. It can be drank a little bit too much. There but first I real job real money and then the reality check is just like these guys are amazing. If I mean if I can get even close to this, get the jump school district taste of this, so that was the plan. How was the house the culture shock when you rolled into two army boo camp oh, but I saw my seeing a couple dozen of the movies overtime from the world were to move us. He kind knew what was coming so early on, adding a friend of of who had been in the army, goes up
you go in just remember. This is like the game they want to see if they can break you or not, and use got to have the right mindset messed up with me. So few basic particular jump school. They come in and shake out of bed to in the morning for bogus inspections just to see if they can mess you up or break you a little bit sky like okay. We all know this is a game rolling over training here, and so that was the way we were or an you guys could go right into the you got you go right into the queue course like you could just do that pipeline. There was open for you well because we lost so many people they came out, but at that time we called the baby s f course. So, yes, and even to this day, some of the Gaza Monthly train grew with are still down a bride. Now training as half guys and me were biased, but we feel that if you come through basic advanced jump school and go right into the chorus and qualify good, now have a pre qualification
then you're qualification, and then you get the brain that does no bad habits like a lot of the sergeants. From the old days when I came in you, you had to be any five above more more time in grade, etc, etc and before it even consider you, but they need a body well the guys get whereby so it would be good to buy us out front if the green kids are came in that went off and did the job and eventually a song by sixty eight sixty nine, the majority of the ones euros. Team leaders were young guys and there's a lot of us that either got bored like a mycase flunked out for just wanted some different something different and said. This is special forces and then you get the rumors and then you finally get to that briefing where you said he has a chance to volunteer
as is the highest caused, the operation and tar war. Did they forgot to tell you didn t their part? So did you did you volunteer foreseen sea? While you are still states, cider was at once you got overseas. No at that time. The only way you get in the special forces of that programme was a list for airborne honesty, and then, when you went through basic, then at the Van symmetry you you would be offered the opportunity to volunteer. So during one of the classes they would have. No, like a my case, it was a rainy day we're in the gym, just like six hundred and seven of people sitting on the floor and I had to stage a front with sides. And a cook would come up to say: hey the coolest M, O S, you'll never go hungry with us and are all faster slob begin own, traditional cooked and that other guy growth com Intel Mps that constant at the very end through Bandy rooster comes in. It was raining
everybody. Should the rain, jackets and stuff on his beanie rooster comes in with a beret is in his fatigues or wet. He came up and did a straight jump on stage turned around and said we're looking for recruits thus the forces, if you, if we see me outside fact anybody interested, will help Read the book I jumped up off the floor be about three other guys other seven hard, you sat, don't go like diabetes. F you guys are gonna mom a couple weeks. Unger gets a little bit more training. There was just amazing, so he jumped off these days now it so he vanished through psychological tat, had to show we could swim run
or ass stuff, and will you come guy initially? Did you get train is a comrade? Yes, he does. It would do this so called eighty echo back down or nanos visit prehistoric go five for us. Therefore, us as the S S designated gotta and oh five b is common Morse code and then, after training group we ve sent they sent a staff or twelve weeks before Gordon for our TT could they need a lotta, a camps and quasi in seed needed. Some are tt. Opera is real telecom, and so that was the extra training and asked where I got busted me and Macatawa got busted down to private deduce, so we landed and not words, words, words do turner of wealth. Just assholes really revisit. These are butter bars to young lieutenant company. Here come these green raised. We got done our training near
Mrs Green Brands near review the bad men on the planet. Here I had already your body so where I have my article fifteen hearing what they see I go indoors. Eight article fifteen on a terrorist is pick one. I picked once crusted up Good. I because you got my now. I got me a magic target past it so the deuce landed in arms and he dues yeah, so you get So you see it. Wasn't you got to Vietnam correct that you heard about Cnc order. You said some training instructor right until you like aim COM a well. You know here one little sidebar as we go through Como myself, Macatawa. If you I've got recycle because you had to get up to, I figure twelve The fifteen groups were in it or some other men, air doubly peons go to the Inverashiel team. I went to a court like when the last guys that were learning Morse Code and we had to get whatever it was. I think we had a lower standard.
That Sweden is it what it has? No one world one even lobby should then you couldn't give me the officer out so Delbert with one of our guys who took us under his wing was a gun. Call bill rose in Sf City been a knock three times had a little tattoo around his neck cut here and he helped us. He got us going so in our mind, he and we had a winner Russo to other instructors for Fourtou O five B S, a wonder, got a nose. Nubian is like is like hey, you guys, go, don't do this, get in a camp learnt about the people, blah blah blah? Ok, that's what it came down to. So we get that breathing. The tuft eager briefing wonder. First things we hear about from scuttlebutt Pablo Rosa was carrier. The first care yea
out of a full before the time which was in January of sixty eight. So here's one over on living legends who got us into S F, trained us up, is chaotic and that had a talk by science hard, but you, but so that was in Vietnam. We need for when a now said you, ok, do you wanna, be a part of this other programme right. You want to go one more volunteer, get out and end up here. Yes, of course, you're like yeah, let's bring Huska young adults. And then so, then, is that you immediately got assigned theirs. Wrote a letter to screen you anything any anything out of it said I ll call you your unanimous martyred out a volunteer Vive la everytime, you oughta vetting had been done and all of us either the top secret or it was in process- and so from near Lily next day. Into denying up north, and then we had the briefing and, of course you know,
we had a safe out tonight. Where does there's house twenty two at the safe house and walk him special forces? You know, and that was a safe house that was run by either us or to the agency or both- and you know you go in, and here's old SF guys he was one of the team's just got back from trying to rescue one of our hatchet forces. Nearer the signal sinner talk about the combat and Mackinaw city line. Oh shit, we're gonna really die. It's a good thing. We spent all our money. Could we, when we were going through the training we had a weekend pass? We go up wearing Washington when we see the Tet offensive in the tanks are running over Lang Bay, the a camp in line what we want and we go. We we now We're gonna die with high degree of certainty. So we went home, took our money out of bank all of our princely areas of one thousand dollars. We ate steak dinners until he went to Vietnam,
so did we weren't this house twenty two and we're thinking about the same thing as guy O shipper brilliant to it now as so. We got steer take showers in the showers of companies hookers therein near dijon out with the coke caught the call here, and the clean up just like walk me here, a couple guys gettin a load on the back burner all pop unaware like this is really cool, but the sight of Vietnam. Here we go again so bring an already. Then and then you, u turn, that flight up to the first place you have to sign was was five one f Jose the above throbbing lose called of Ethel being or were you guys call Fabio generation I guess we're cutting corners over here. Ok, you're gonna Ethel, one called like I believe the supper, we're gonna whole there's a whole lot. There's a whole offshoot of the word f o b, which we turned into fog have you heard the turn father before yes
the US or someone that stays on the farm and never goes out also known as the rents yeah. Oh, yes, the Ramses is what you guys call them in the name of my companies, echelon front and the reasoning called the company echelon front is because we wanted, and people know that we were the guys that we're like in the Future and had not been not the roofs which is specifically dated four David outwards book, indeed reduce, run to read a tunnel dimes yup two: how is awesome and flying up into F Obi WAN right with the king, be here. How is that our guy he's just another day the secret worrying, because they had all these thirty force, and so the pilot sit up high and then you had the apartment, a parliament and backward passengers and as a door Gunnar. So when Mcintyre me and John Puncheons get on the eight thirty four,
The door is only on the right side, so we all then- and I see the helicopter polygon, I mean the Gunnar gone was the Gunnar Vietnamese yeah. This is obvious, he's from where you were you ready for that mentally Nora ethical, Psych yak as one more undoubtedly important note to make everyone. So the deep the aircraft has been flown by a vietnamese pilot with the vietnamese Copilot and a vietnamese Gunnar yeah. The two nineteen says Better Cooperation Squadron Ford, South Enemies force and whilst and so our training was we're gonna work with the people there, the indigenous people but when you lily climate to their helicopter and your life is now in their hands. That's like now of their domestic goddamn, really think about it, but it was taken us couple steps jumpin, a guy like that deputy
to what's goin on here now I thought we have your lady, you like be seen in the movie, which way they all had. You is. None is old age through force, of course evening has it in the engine, and that was be. Seventeen rotary entered her They were going to get into the fact of how those guys prove themselves over and over and over and over again to be just incredibly brave and not not just incredibly good pilots, but just If beyond comprehension would you fine up there was it Was it a mellow flight up there was yet has agreed. A full day knows warm like it is always hot, but what you get air you get to flow. You know how it is we are flying through and gone over the cemeteries and everything in a move going down away, one which is heading north from denying of the food by We will pass the fu by airport and so we're flying north when the west side of the highway one and deceit airport and in his be compound, which was the second Armand division, training, cramp company
and then all of a sudden dislike the fly in north, and then on your side looking straight down You didn't ninety degrees flip as begins his turn, so I seen the guy talk in the door, gonna like Tunis quantity thing. You know we all had our new fatigue and you can just tell where new bees disgusting, new green, asked grace, amend this guy's gonna halves kick so was kind of thinking. Something's, that's gonna happen. What is it will Macatawa with cheap, However, an Hutchings goes the same way. I want the guy, so we didn't he looked down. There's two road ass. If first time we had a helicopter with that kind of a radical ride They did a one hundred and eighty then came back and did a three hundred and sixty and landed we get off while we get off and then a recon team gets on disappears was that was
spied team. I too hope that got erect yesterday, so so that happens, the ones you as the bracelet right there and that those that you got off that bird that brought you into F will be won. In the end, it was spite team, Idaho that got on board. When I was the one zero and Robert OWN was the one one. With for distance troops were five indigenous troops in the end, so you start your check in whatever then, whatever how many hours goes by and all the sun was happening camp when you start to realize the sums gone sideways well, it was very fortunate when, with betraying group, catcher in place in a field for a company supporting and we went onto fields as such. And the reason why spider parks, Robert J Spider Parks, was our pitcher. Now little skinny ass tacit could bring and we still play fast pace. Nuns might be slow pressure has so we want our games and the site come in. We lay a MAC and Hutchinson we're like Lily. Walk in
one of the best re office. Just you had a long road that win from highway one east into the compound. The training centres on the right side new. We heard a Vietnamese in here Cambodians on the left. If you go down, we get in and take our stuff out, we're just stand, look stupid and then here come spider parks What am I glad to see you? Could we use it? We're both nay company again spent many months dear training up before we came. And now he, but he was no one. I told you I was going on with no could write. That point was like hey got a spear bug if he goes and tossed Sergeant major as I notice asshole. I'm gonna bring him with me for a couple days in which she was gonna happen. Could, at that point spider had been on Idaho run for five. Mrs with the sergeant Lean and then lay said you're ready for your own team say most of they appointed as a ones euro. As
he was in the interim time waiting for the transition to come when he's gonna get assigned a team, and so he's and base team goes out. So he's got a high degree of interest on what, but this Addison, so they, Mr First first a check. They gave a team o k which, in our case, what you're on a ground usually about ten minutes to see He was going on around you gave a team. Ok, then the assets leave because they can't state along anyway released the helicopter. So they had back which the team ok was SK, Breakin, squirrels, on the radio right generally Joey speaking here. Or for those you don't know that answers when you breakthroughs. Greece, the hands on the radio you can tell on the other end. Ok, they just purposefully squeezed out microphone three times. We know that. That's the signal for ok right at sometimes on a guy's may say team, okay, but
later on us all. Was this break break and then ass? He ok, Covey believe so therein, and then spider came back layers. Hey we have heard from Idaho. So by dinner time hey, we haven't her by her, to whom we have her for. I M really concerned about what's goin on here and about a morning there still that that point, not a word. At what point did you guys get word? I know I'm hazy on how many, what the day or time frame was, but eventually another they decided that have been who long no common. They put him what to call bright light, which is a team that goes into Finally, the team is casualties or down pilot S with the bright light. Mrs word down. Pilots bring relief, are just bring casualties out or help people. The team out the wounded team. So they went in a team. No one in everybody was wounded, one guy was killed them
the team that went in winter for the bright light. This is this: is a Oregon correct you with a MIKE Tucker and enjoyed the troll Sternberg they went in and point. There were thrown hate in a bomb crater as such NBA hitting them with our weapons car fifteen fire they had em twenty six fragment needs, one of which blew off Georgia's jungle. Boot guys really banged up pretty bad when it came out and got out and they do, but they didn't find anybody from Otto Correct get back to the book here this sort of the this is. This is the reaction back it s we'll be one when Oregon comes back back at base, there was a collective sigh of relief that, as T Oregon had survived the short lived but furious, but ferocious bright light mission. The. Of SD, Idaho, however, hung
the camp like an invisible. Fog spider was the first person I spoke to you after that bright light. He went straight to the are unable to believe that as the Idaho had vanished. The completely of clues, to the mystery, where they killed where they wounded capture. Now prisoners of the NBA makin. Our voiced everyone's next thought before him be captured by the envious. He said: he'd kill himself with around from his car fifteen or pretend to be dead and blow as many enviers possible with one final hand grenade. There was no out my mind? I'd never be taken alive, From that date forward, I carried and am twenty six fragmented on the upper hook of my web gear. It was the asked one eyed used at. I would use welcome to see and see Mcintyre muttered. We had heard about S, T Asp from
So before vanishing and louse presumed K. I e on twenty eight March nineteen sixty eight, but there others surgeon first class Robert L Taylor killed four April as T bear from, we'll be three K. I louse major George Cuomo Use. Seventeen crash died. Fourteen April Ethel Five based spike team members sergeant, first class Leroy and right and staff urgent, Lloyd, F, Miss out Kay a fishing area of Cambodia to May F, o b to based lieutenant Joseph see, shriek, K a hatchet for operation. One May Ethel be one based as T Alabama team members, specialist fifth class. Kenneth M crying and private first class Paul gesture King K, a a shall talk. Four May
we'll be one hatchet foresaw first class Ronald J Miller, k- I twelve May F will be, one based master sergeant, Robert DE play when first and sergeant first class John thirdly, Robertson K. I can be helped to crouch crash louse. Twenty may additionally five s: F troops were killed at fought. F will be three from mortar and artillery shrapnel between fifteen and twenty one April. Nineteen. The eight specialist fifth class cha yes, M, Corey, specialist fifth class Daniel Sandoval sergeant Dennis Thorpe, Sir first class definite mosaic and special, fifth class. Samuel are hues. Mcintyre and I didn't personally know any the carriers, but the sheer number in that a period of time were sobering, most of them were veteran special forces. Soldiers be
his green, as we were made us all, the more nervous not scared enough to quit. Cnc! That's! That's! That's quite deep equate the welcome word. Why then, do what little side note on spider parks on a bright light with a team came out? There is so shot up because one of the team members, God Disney, wounded on the extraction that they never gave. A team, ok, spider, went down with a king, be separate. King, be got out looking to make sure everybody was out and he took they took a tense far. I can't be got fired up and on extraction the door. Gunnar was care, hey who had so spider was.
Quite a mess with a bang yeah, that's how was such a short period of time to be losing all those guys. It's a matter of months where we left several so the these spike teams goin in x. You explain a little bit about what the spike teams were. Words
Sort of Theseus by teams, with a code name for a weakened teams who had two basic elements, were cnc to hatch, a force which could be a company petunia copy size, operation and then do we contains which we had would be two or three Americans, with corresponding number of indigenous troops. So nicely we ran three America's with three selfie enemies and south Vietnamese. Our team were really good and then later there are so good. I just ran myself on a one one with foreign: ditch.
And up. We trained up heavily particular after that and then learn who the best ones where we had a couple of guys had been. I kept our interpreter Sal who had been there. They been running missions for two years by sixty eight, so they were highly respected. The fact only by the grace of God they weren't on a team, that's appeared. Real to build around them, you have this other pardon the book here, This is another sort of welcome to F be one during the during the first few weeks in F will be one I attended at least three memorial services for fun, SL comrades services were held in the mess hall. The last one, attended was for Lane and Owens during the service, the chaplain hesitated lanes name. This was the last. National function. Honouring spite team, Idaho's members and the chapel. Couldn't remember, lanes name, I don't care
feed attending a dozen memorial services for other branches of the military. That day I was so angry. I never attended another memorial service said Ethel, be one The services soon stopped anyway, because there were so many casualties. No official announcement, they just stopped. You never talking a little bit about remedy. When we were in Romania in the bureau one thing that we started doing immediately was going to memorial services of the soldiers and Marines that we're getting killed, and that was a big wake, call for everybody. I can tell you, I dont think probably Anyone in my task unit had ever been to a year. However, into a memorial service overseas for guys had been killed, I mean- and here we were there were- there were happening every day. You never think about now do there now,
and you as it were, having so many casualties. The descent ok said we're not going to have many more here's talking about some of your first few operations that you went on and I don't think I've talked about this, but So these little teams that you had these little teams were getting into helicopters and flying over the fence, which means over the border into Louse and Cambodia to do reconnaissance, pretty much. In the middle of nowhere by yourselves. Cracked. This type of operation in present day is not very likely to happen the met amount of risk that you guys were taken its it's cool easy to read about, like my my personal
contingency rather abundantly my head, you know one of this happened. What we're, if that happens right for these, and if I was the commander recharge I'd say: well, you need you. Ve come up with a better plan. Did you come up with something where, where we have better back up Especially when the situation is, could you guys can get air support and you guys used it heavily via assumes the weather rolled in it was like as Rapporteur on your own. We'll get him some stories, we'll talk, your monsieur
as you know, at the is that that element of an extra tend to seek. We had no artillery no traditional army or marine corps support the course. No seal teams near there are busy doing stuff on the coast, and so it was quite something go across the fence and is a way we're flying into the eighteenth century, because everything was so old. The way of working and data do slash and burn agriculture, so you come in with the helicopter. Everybody here you come in and the local people had to come operate with the envy aid for their model was work with us. I'm gonna kill your dumb ass, so games on the purpose of most of these was to figure out where trails were what was being transported. What, where the look
vision of enemy personnel where it was bake. It was your basic reconnaissance missions right well and additions. Yes, that was a first part, so you always had general missions he'd, appoint mission, caused by the end of sixty eight. There were building fuel lines from the north. There were coming down near gone across the DMZ River in lay us, and so we heard reports about. That's really act, point mission or General Recon see where the movements gone. What supplies are and then wiretapped pows snatch and those were the other missions, and so are our south Vietnamese are trained. We trained him up so back, then we have state of the art except playwright, how to climb up a telephone call hook it up and covered a wire all the way up, much of any by walk past. They would never see that wire and we would record court could see. I told us it
Do you record, even though you don't hear anything, keep it on cuz? We get those taste back to his we're going to amplify two hundred times: cuz, the north vietnamese phones, even over in the cradle. There is still on and we can record it that amplifier that you hear people talk to the background, get Intel off of that So there are some of the other missions, so you start going on your first few operations here and by the next morning, back the book by the next morning the weather broken. We were inserted smacked ad in the middle, the biggest road running north to south through the shower volume. I send it right actual Ashraf Valley, there was no uncle. There were, however, hundreds of bomb creators of various sizes. What surprised me, the most was the number of punchy pits that we passed. Some were huge large enough for animals, and you go through. This mission is one of your first missions and there's like
oh enemy contact and when the guys with walk in- and I looked at each other in complete disbelief- we just down into the valley the shadow of death without seeing one envious soldier spider joke with me, saying that I was with a few few people in the history of see to have a run, a practice mission and two missions and still have not got the combat environments batch. The given the soldiers who had seen combat with the enemy. Or your under direct hostile fire I kept on them. Self that this was a fluke, and I I heard what the special forces trainers told us at Fort Bragg, the NBA and the Vietcong guerrillas will fight when they want to know sooner so you first couple operations. You got Prieta pretty lucky worse. Letters and health not wounded, could put in those year for sensors and then We have all the terrorist tat here stacked up. Could we disfigured it's gonna, be a shit. You mustn't happen, so we left out some pork support of e Gunnar opens up,
the fifty caliber they killed him several times again napalm bodies because they want to use up the illness. Big mission, Were you are the other interesting and you talk about the book? I don't think my years, but don't even that would do training mission over there and I was like a potential for enemy contact on your training missions. Absolutely yet limp and his team. They ran and heavy contact in fact, the baby to save your dumb ass other one training Missy. Could they just happened to to frequency the king? You couldn't get in? They called the Navy and they came in a big boat there. So we got a mother got really wanna guns, but it came in a blue full dress. Out today, the vehicle must have a couple hundred people were coming after and they they were just out trying to do like us, shake out patrol I'll, just a little training operation. Just little country thing. You know it's just train get a couple. Please give our cap each Ethan lurks fund
well you're. Your luck didn't hold up ass, going back to and is this guy's name sow the machine that right perfectly by now south eyes were sounds eyes were bigger than sauces, so you been inserted, and now you you're starting to have a situation unfolds if you south never been wrong. Look at him. Declaring prairie fire emergency. If he said we think about not hearing any gunshots Tom to fuck off I'll, explain later so never been wrong. Look at him as we spoke Sal looked at us beaucoup Vichy beaucoup, vc. King bees now he whispered. And then you get on the horn either fire emergency teams. In distress. I have a prairie our emergency. Can anyone hear me? I spoke in a hush Tom with my hand, Copd over the mouth of the radio, looked at my watch. We still had more than a hundred minutes before next scheduled com au check, with spider at sea Eighteen hundred,
No one responded so that the deal with calm windows are back the day when we batteries that would run out you couldn't just sit there and monitor the radio all the time on either side you people that were waiting for you to call be waiting than they do what they do. We monitor the whole time, so they would come but certain pre designated communication window. So that's what's going on here! You have this ban. Situation unfolding and you go to call but they're, not particularly, sitting at that moment, which is why no is responding right. The industry pointed out to say folks. That is nowadays we have well first, while we have cell phones, we call anyone what everyone makes ringtone and ringtone, and you every everyone evening when I got in and we calm windows or their right, yeah yeah, we are, we set up cause a comrade, do jury instead of your home windows and will call you you know whatever was every two hours or whatever and the situation that unfold right here you can still here
been contacted yet so back the book I sat down with my back against the pure, see twenty five and opened a can of apricot I was facing south into starting to sip the sweet apricot nectar when all hell broke, loose, The green jungle around us, our rapid, with deafening full automatic blast from envy eighteen, forty, seven and our car fifteen's, because my back with them, I had seen, sounds warning. Gestures are watched. Him get the jump on approaching NBA. I remember spilled. Apricot nectar on stock, a core fifteen. As I turned to my left with a majority, the envious gunfire was coming. Foolishly my first thoughts, where they have to clean off the nectar off my weapon and spill the entire kid of Africa Apricot, because I had waited so. Damn long to eat them. They were always treat in the jungle. But the initial seconds of the fire fight, I remember sow and procedures and in what a fuck you fuck
fuck yelling profanity profundities at the envy, as they fired on full automatic the crack of eighteen forty seven rounds I'd, never sounded louder closer. All I could see from our perimeter was Gunsmoke the Red and Orange blast coming from the darker than ever green jungle and the green Ok, forty seven tracers flying over our heads odd sort of way there was an eerie beauty to the scene, the funders, fury of dozens of men. Blasting await each other on full automatic within ten feet of each other killed. All other sounds the eardrums were numb adrenaline. It slammed into our bloodstreams and was now screaming through our systems, it huh doll, senses it extended time, for example, a car, fifteen fires, twenty rounds of five five six hive lost the ammunition, than one and a half seconds yet those first opening moments of combat with the NBA seemed. Much longer than a half. A second then Second and a half ordinarily, when food
during our full automatic the weapon expended rounds quickly, and we train ourselves to try and gauge when that last round in the magazine was slamming into the receiver. Some men play to trace around in the magazine as a visual q, during our firefight. It seems as though I counted the rounds leaving the car fifteen and knew exactly when the eighty. The last round was exiting the weapon also do first expect exchange folk was slightly behind me to my right, and since I was on the ground, he was firing over my shoulder that exposed my Yoda, almost a full blast from his car fifteen. The explosions were painful but Fox saved my life. I had car fifteen down the hill toward the largest number of eighteen, forty seven muzzle flashes that could see to my left. What I hadn't seen were handful of a handful of envious soldiers who broke out the jungle to the right and it opened fire on US folk realized, I haven't seen the envious troops coming up the hill, so we got to my room in blasted them back into the jungle
I was so focused on the first muzzle flashes that I completely miss the others. If those envious soldiers had advanced a few more feet, we would have been history and the remainder of the team which was on my left, would have been at risk that time continued when ever buddy ran out of bullets simultaneously. The old Audible The only sound audible with metal, clicks of cold magazines being slammed in the hot machine guns and boy slamming shot to resume the firefight. A key element in any firefight is the rule, to reload after the initial contact on seven October. Nineteen sixty eight the Idaho One, the race, no one was faster than south Heap Ep Hep folk getting the first magazine out second one in and turning full automatic gunfire on the enemy within and we had gained fire superiority, the months once of training on the range under the tutelage of spider, spider, unwelcome
all of life fire drills, all the lie: fire races to see who face reloading, first paid off all other games in life were frivolous and irrelevant in this deadly game you missed, hitting the target you died. So is first big contact huh. That was it that's a duty. It was absolutely and is still sticks with us. You know never forget it at fuck coming later wrong, we're back and base our complain. Clad in what has happened, and so talking through have the interpreter said you dump fucker. I just say Your ass, these guys were coming up the hill and you're too stupid to realize it. Oh, so you were mad at him for shooting too close to the air, because my ears as fuck I couldn't hear for the days Thanks for save my life on complain, classic oh yeah,
You continue on this little bit as as we gain complete far superiority turned on the: U r C ten beeper and started screaming into the pvc twenty five. I have a few can prairie fire emergency that bit Fear laced plea was greeted with complete silence, woken Less than subtle keep yelling until you get someone. A key factor as the Idaho's favour. That day was the small know that woken is driven us to the jungle. So second, the normal, so small that only a score of envy could Russia, once they weren't, move work fast moving fear spiralling charges that the envious were known for success we executing either here jungle worked against them, but the NBA kept coming at one point. One can pulled me over pointed into the jungle and said: look there. Stacking up dead bodies to get us hit showed me can you believe it, and they keep coming Helen We kill enough of them the bodies it will be as high as we are.
The jungle area was so dark at first I couldn't tell exactly what I was looking up. Awoken is right. The we were stacking bodies in firing at us, from behind them, comrades, alot of envy soldiers, died in those first few minutes of how on earth Ass, a determined enemy oil- and we heard about wanting to do here about a basic in and better forces training. How determined the enemy was agenda to see at first hand, dialect at me, Lily just kept coming and we had high ground now, thank God for high ground, thick jungle and effective, wasn't a big big area when it could mass more to you, just didn't bring you guess in hammer automatic weapon with you examine, A job like. Oh look like a Bell FED machine gun. You wouldn't carry those No, we sit well decades, six man team and they, seems Socrates began, carrying diarrhea and sixty
later her and then of the rpg cuz. They cut the power off and have the the magazine that the circular magazine, the Hell's up Hicks. Two hundred and two and fifty rounds, but they did a button our case because we tried the M seventy nine also off I'm sending. I gave you are too far power, but did you use the full shout rounds without are just the dessert eighty, but the first round would be flesh at survey. Thing was close. That would be the first round and that beneath the eightys we had the aid rounds for Norway, W man this I'm it. When I hear that story right there, I would do anything to have an m. Sixty me. Yet. What is absolutely but just a way through sounds and everything else going to like. In my case, I cared to radio always characterised as between a radio the battery, and we always had six hundred plus round We were wrong
I was on my first appointed to Iraq also make one of my first patrols in whom these and we're out, and we we ended up. We hit a a little or no, what you call him Steel hedgehog do not as yet like a little obstacle right right. That Americans had put out american input. Still had job little. It's like a little obstacle for those. You don't know it's to prevent cars from go by yellow we, we we made a long term somewhere and we down Robin worse, Pasco too, and we hit, one of those little still contractual didn't know what it was so we're drano is actually my humvee to end it. Made a loud noise and sparks, and I actually in my mind. I thought we got hit with a low order. I d like a lower booby booby trap. It didn't fully exploit so come to stop and we get out of the vehicles and now we're in the middle of Baghdad in the work surrounded by threats
and, in our mind, were about to be attacks. We do know that we just ran over our american thing, but we're together still it'll. No, we don't know that so ever out there we're out there with our with our efforts. Where's, our little basically car fifteen do and I felt the I felt completely naked us myself, God real work. We need better weapons. Now we had decals melted in the Hungary's. But you know once we were mobile, I'm thinkin we do when we have when we have the Nobel fudge. When I got when we are back that night. It wasn't just me that fell like cause that, because that night all my guys. They went in every humvee, everyone put velvet machine guns, we mounted and we stated on so any time we got out of those vehicles where we were ready to go to war. Oh yeah yeah attending a situation like that because you have on limit the people come eyes have a little. But yet that naked feeling act as an aid w in a situation like this to be an going back to the book. And more than an hour,
my cries and screams of the radio and the? U r c ten beeper went on answered as the envious mounted more attacks. There was no need for radio secure procedures now the hide and seek portion the game is over. Now is simply a matter of survival. By respect for The envious tenacity grew that day, but the hill, the jungle in our car fifteen's, worked against them as they can to pile up or dragged away more bodies with no. Help around conserving ammo, while keeping the enemy back became a top priority there were no more full automatic blast from us. Although we had been in contact less than two hours it felt like we ve been fighting for several, The team anxiously awaited for help from above the few team members pitted against the enemy an seems ludicrous in terms of survival the norm, many of the jungle hit home So you got me, won't you say you would bring wireless card six hundred plus per man I'll know DVD Music, Harold
alone because they could. Just now you like ninety eight pounds her, so I forget what there when you get twenty round magazines at this point right, correct notes. Thirty were just a dream. We thought about a cup geysers far enough to two right to call order and they had, Milton Layer, we weren't s, Morton had the twenty rounds because of the spring only put eighteen year answer you taken it at some point. Probably how log into this. Are you start and take point shots instead of oil is wait till things come out, you see it and I just want to find me. I heard the Texas drawl of spider on the radio and at four M jet. Returning from a bombing run in northern louse, had heard the beeper and called him I told spider. We had a Perry, Friar Prairie Fire emergency spider said that he had also called the judge and the executioner who, with joy the executioner.
They were pilots, one, seventy six Dove America division and they were muskets her hand. They had been assigned personally to seen see earlier in the year neighbour the camp duck, and then they beside own camp was closed down food. They came to food by now she built the barracks that hillock off the Pakistan nearer one of these Ruth them in the marine corps. Scarface were gushes readily hung out with us, Theodore Bacon, so the the judge he it they had. These old gush of took a brilliant, ground, but he had the rock pods and then the executioner was a cook and he had the many them. Some awesome call science lawyer and going back, but thankfully we had made mirror contact with spider earlier and he was able to pinpoint our location in a matter of minutes. Soon, spider was over us. He told me to
smoke or ass. Opie was not to say what color smoke grenade we would use swimming. The NBA were monitoring, are FM frequency, IP the yellow smoke. He said he saw two yellows, which met the envious were manner, frequency and guest, which color we would use, which frequencies, and I popped violet smoke. A few minutes later. The first, a one the sky writer arrived on target and made a gun run on our eastern perimeter. His wing man made the first napalm round on the south side. Put your heads down, I'm gonna make you sweat. He said he brought it so close we could feel the heat from the deadly jelly. A few. Seconds later we smelled flash he dive toward us a third time. The pie drug its Chris be critter time the napalm run was so close. We could feel the air being sacked away from us by the sporting material. If the Jellied landed on a person's skin, it would continue to burn either to burn it. Self out, oars, deprived of air by mud or some other substance. The spam
The arrival changed, the Temple, the firefly when the envious heard the old world war. Two playing me, Another run they charged us indeed in a desperate attempt to get as close as they could in order to avoid the sky, raiders deadly ordinance. The end inv we're getting close about, that. Horrifying so I don't understand the tactics of that situation. You got aircraft overhead, their dropping napalm. So what are the you think I'll call that'll make the envy run away? No, no! Actually, what they want to do is get close enough to Americans that they can't get Nay Palm dropped on them. By sixty eight, they had to tackle down really tight. They knew and aircraft for there that there are safer to closer to us and then so they get closer hoping to wipe us out and to save their own ass
but I guess there's no higher motivation than the napalm coming at you. If you don't stay where you're at nasty and so therefore it even at that stage of the game, we could go back to format a couple times: cuz they're charging hard, oh yeah. What numbers are we talking about? Never knew we just acting up so high. We never had no, no time to go. Nobody can deny that it is you just busy tongue here are not thrown out this all nonchalant. Like you, I know how that is. No, actually, we never stacked up body. So either we lost count. Going back to book. Then an air force pilot and therefore phantom arrived on station, tell your people. The ordinance will arrive on target. Before you You hear me or the rounds the pilots, as I told the team to put their heads down the phenomenon of having bullets tearing into a target before anyone could hear the aircraft which delivered them was unbelievable. The young front of us, was shredded by the AIR Force Gun run within a man
you're too, is wingman drop to five hundred pound bombs. The changing Aircraft, staggered the NBA for a few moments right, then, in there I thank the Lord for Uncle SAM's air force judge and the executioner rolled in right behind the fast moving the judges begun with real close to our perimeter seconds later. The executioner followed behind him firing, every two point: seven: five millimeter rockets, while his door gunners blast away with their am sixty machine guns, because we hadn't splendid, any ordnance to our west. We ran the gunships over the western edge of our perimeter, they drew oh enemy fire, either got a half an hour before Dusk spider told us. The king bees were on their way by that time, Judge the executioner, refuel reloaded were returning a few minutes in front of them every S T Idaho was dangerously low on ambient ammo grenade and am seventy nine rounds. So now you got the extra
platforms are coming back. The king bees are coming to get you before the king. These moved in an attempt to pick us up spider. Had the judge in the executioner made gun run so close to our perimeter that we could hear the expended shell casings from the gunships and sixty in many guns falling to earth all the excitement. I told walk in that sphere or had spot an area west of our primitive can be, might be able to settle into some elephant grass for us walk in and in an hip past the word too team and we started moving toward the area from our location. We can see the elephant grass and I had assumed we were locked into double triple canopy jungle. Again the judge, an excuse, hammered our eastern flank as we moved toward it tentative Elsie, so I got x or if you explain spiders position a little bit, because that's pretty I think it's pretty unique to Vietnam,
of how those guys could be up overhead sort of watching and and directing yet there we call I'll be. The code name was Covey Seal v. Why? But they would afford air controllers basically and in in the Cmc mission you have an air force pilot at that time. Most of the cubbies copies were oh two says no to data puss pool double engine and but they always have a price one zero. Somebody with experience has been on the ground, who would be with the AIR Force pilot, so the pile would fly, then he would turn the radios over so to spider or whoever the copywriter was. But that was a lot, so sometimes the guys would be wounded, they couldn't go to the field,
They can fly, Covey got it so that we were on the ground. We have a situation there were dealing with then he's able to understand, as opposed to talking to an air force pilot bird whose just used to getting a bomb and drop it somewhere and talk about a contingent liabilities spin off over firefight and so that was a spider shops. He was the cubby rider and it hit a heating pad walk is that they were the two copywriters that came in and they covered us until they got it down going back to book, sound hip were covered are frantic desperate drive to the chopper after taken ten It is to cover those last ten yards we reached the hovering king be which is about eight feet above the ground. Fox set up an improved to security watch on the western side of the road or wash a quick check, my ammunition revealed, I was down to one Frank grenade, one white fur,
ass first grade and two magazines of car fifteen rounds. If I didn't extracted that last Friday grenade would be mine. There was no way in Hell. I was going to be appear w, especially after all the envious. As the Idaho intact AIR had killed it to use it because many enviers with me as I could this bold statement oil, but that just the by that time we knew about peel doves what they gone through and we have lost cool guys with one of them had escaped, and they were by now we're hearing the Pows stories Bro, so bad, nothing country, but for our mission was going to happen. I figured if this is it. I'm just try to take as many as we can make it a final contact,
check. Now you guys eventually get to work. You're loading the the king bees again, these are the enemies pie it's their old aircraft right, probably look like they were held together with David what he always had: oil and fluids. Insofar as the top, he sat in two db get the fluid on your head, but we liked him better than a ue because they could take, they could take more hits and they handles all be seventeen engine. The front the Nairobi heads and they could take more his ass. What we like them This can be seen as a who say, Philip and tin. Ten at some. Went during the craziest. I looked up at the pilot of the king, be captain tin. He was above all the madness on the ground completely calm and collected. While his errand, Took numerous hits from enemy rounds, what may
demeanor. All the more extraordinary was how it contrasted with our adrenaline hype, frantic behaviour on the ground. We ve been four hours we were dirty. We were sweaty and we were exhausted and there sat captain tin. Was a rocky mountain breeze giving them. Oppression that it was just another milk run. It was though he said no sweat boys. I got, all day. You just take your time stewardesses will break out the beverages after you, ve secured your seats. Looking a captain tin four brief moment: generator mental image. I'd carried with me forever for We are never understood. I one man could be so steady under so much enemy fire and keep the chopper hovering, can imagine this day again Yeah you go into a little bit further here a day or two after the extraction captain Ten and his crew came in to F, o b ones, Green Bray Lounge. I went in and thanked him again and ordered a couple rounds of drink for all the king
be pilots and crew members speaking through an interpreter captains, the king, be he food extracts us echo for had forty eight holes in it from an M enemy ordinance sitting at the bar. Having ten appeared to be just as cool and above the fray of daily life, as he had on seven October tints, that an enemy round had torn a baseball sized hole through one of the road or blades. I asked him. We could hover so long. He told me that when he piloted a helicopter, he fought only while flying nothing else, no enemy, bullets, weather or anything only flying it's my turn to die. I die that day. Wasn't my the dying Maisie man he's he in Arizona today really still live here, We haven't him on the party cast all three months ago. I here that's awesome.
And then you had one: are you guys and this is it like the other in the spectrum. I talk to maintain when your guys Davidson had to talk. You and he came up. He said tell him that your nickname was tilt yet when I that nickname ten boss see you play a pebble machine. You lose and walk away, pissed off when I lose a shake the shit out of good to see by nickname Leon delicately. How did the as F guys know about that? How they learn about from us goes way back ass, a kid we severely pimples all the time. Little anger management own data so Davidson comes up till I have two days you, the brother. I dont think I can do this. I survived DEC two brother, but I ain't seen never seen shit like that. Before in my life we were really lucky to survive that mission, the guy go on,
to desert you brother, but I think I want off the team. Now I understood that look on his face from the previous day. I davidson that I respect it is decision and I appreciate his frankness. I thought it took more to be honest in camp them, not say anything and go in the field. On shore. The field could get other team. Members hurt he read I reiterated that he'd performed well under fire and echo, for he had run he hadn't quit and he had Demoniacal exemplary courage during the entire mission as we walked into I put my hand on her shoulder James you and I and walking- did something few men in America will ever do. We survived ECHO for and all the envious could throw us there were. Six of us against hundreds of nor three enemies, finest we will have. We always have a special bond, something new one can ever take away from us. Thanks again for your honesty
I asked him if he wanted me to talk the sergeant major or did you want to do it? because you'd only been in camp ashore, while he asked if I wouldn't mind speaking the sergeant major first, I agreed in What sort of assignment he preferred? I don't know brother. I need some time to get my head straight and you have a note in here. Thirty, three and thirty. Two years later, Doktor James Davidson in New Orleans on the telephone. One of the things he said was brother. I've never been the same since those two days and louse earlier gave back the captain tin for a moment the at the pull the south we learned a few by I'd, come up. The fact was: come on I'll, get you a drink, he was no. My found was waiting for me.
To hold him dinner known even on that extract and that night cause is right at sunset, and so when we pulled out is one of those beautiful scenes, whereas it dark Green Evergreen, of the jungle and all these little sportsman lights that are red with the green tracer coming up. If it had it betrays, it was just a beautiful scene, but then you realize hey, that's the end of the day till trying to shoot our dumbass down and it was but then we flew, he had a cell therapy. For a few minutes we had the sunset cuz that sweet sunset, and it's at that point that sell looked at me and gave me that look the thought it was so we we cut the mustard so hit YO cuz when I first got into camp. He looked at me, my came into the spider introduced,
he goes he's too tall is Fida too big and he looks stupid to get on his good side, but we finally got there. An echo for all you had to do is just fend off a few hundred in VA together, yeah, that's all it took and so Davidson. So this is a volunteer to get into the program and you could at any point to say: hey, oh yeah, absolutely no dishonor to it always preferred because I'm black in them in chapter six, when they came up against ten thousand and one of his Americans, who was the son of a general who was just there to try to get some metals for himself and never fired one around and anger and prayed during the entire day. With his face in the ground, the Vietnamese were ready to kill him. So that's kind of thing that you do
No, no! That's horrible! Here these these contacts that you're getting in. I guess it's too, for me to get my head around out to be out there, like alone, like that, with with just really limited support earlier days, but we had on the Sands Airforce, the door gunners or a great the absolutely, and we have scarface no from marine corps and we had differing units are attached to us and we just really lucky. Whenever we call D always came- and this fact one scarface was Lieutenant Colonel Robinson, he put Sal several times at the pulls out the one time he got his plexiglas shot out the bird shot up. We get us back to food aid to my ass. Every time we come to get you to my ass. We go into the club don't you myself, a bottom drinks Gus
drunk, he couldn't walk. He had to fly. He still to my assessing colonel. Are you saying you're not gonna come the next time. I didn't say that every time you ran EL the game, but oh my god. They could really, though, their tried the door guns we Godiva Hillock the right to be or de models is really early. You ISA This truly muskets the door goes out to get out, if the helicopter they tried to get enough power to get off the ground. Could you just so loaded with ordinance? Then they jump in was a gun moving quite site they always gave. And doping is that's weirdos Did it really have nighttime capability, not like anyone so well, it seems like elected nowadays. Night is no factor for America. I know we would have run over a mother for one knobs area. I dont really yeah, but
for you guys, once the sun went down, it was hard to get picked up. It was hard to call for fire. It seems that way, oil, No doubt- and there you are raising this: U racing this! your resonate you always yes, she's of which is a key player. The weather and the sunset. He asked. The other scary thing is enemy. You too, you know the southerner are usually say early on, but I haven't said yet. I'm right in tiny excerpts of this book, so If you listen, the park asked the Your tiny accepts. This is less than five less than three percent this book. Work is filled with this, may him so you have to get them work to appreciate how I'm just gonna hit and some other behind its, but the fact that you guys were racing against the sun. Going down How eldest the sun goes down? Ok, cool word! They would go to that mean in modern day, seal teams. For me, that means we use a night strobe.
And infrared strove that the army can't see instead of marking panel was mean, for you mean nothing twelve hours out the Bush not getting picked up. Just hope that the the I'll leave, you alone, you know when you TIGERS, You have this one idea or your gear. The group had an idea of drop in like a big giant daisy cutter up by a bare arm like a two thousand pound bomb right in order in areas that were so packed with with vegetation that you, gettin helicopter their say all we got an ideal, just drop a big bomb, go land they're gonna get dropped off in there. And I M so this this one operation, where you doing that you're here heading into the jungle. You go to one of these things. We dropped two thousand pounds you got a bomb you repelling you're. The number one man heading down right and you decide that,
ok. This is an absurd situation. I think I saw some enemy answer you decide. Okay, let's aboard this thing and we're going to look at that looked up. I was glad to see king who's, one of your team members, climbing back into the king, be I got on the radio and told Covey to abort the mission as we had been her again for few fleeting moments. I'd consider trying to get the team ground. Frankly, I was sick and tired of getting shot out of Elsie's. I wonder on emissions set of going through the gut, Jim firefight. On the policies which is the again I'm skipping around this book. But you would do me after mission, were you guys would try and land you get shot off the Elsie oil they'll be the primary secondary and then the alternate Elsie's. So you try three insertions. You know I'm just gonna, I'm gonna further occurred. If I got one insertion and I get shot off uncovered home, I'm covered all these words regarding road round about the mark and go to the secondary, and if I get shot off the secondary
damn sure not gone the tertiary that company everywhere that America back come up with a new flat or by then the king be run on the gas how'd it go so you're there. Then I saw the helmet of an envied soldier heading towards the bombed area. He was approved. From the area where I heard the fur voice from the jungle area in front of the helicopter, which was up the hill from where I was on the ground. As soon as I saw him, I open fire was like AR fifteen. Suddenly the king swerved away. Leaving me on the ground suddenly was eerily quiet than it hit me I was standing in the middle of a smoking Elsie in the middle of louse, and I was alone all the sunlight. Small, very small, the trees that survive survived the bomb blasts were tall. The jungle surrounding the Elsie was both impressive in formidable, not somewhere I wanted to travel by myself. I tried to his coffee on the radio. There was no answer from Watkins, even though I was the american teen leader on asked. He Idaho, I insist on carrying the radio, because I want to be the person calling airstrikes around my team, the veto.
Kept alive in the field. I felt my enshrining surviving the jungle warfare was to direct tax your strikes in helicopter gunships to the enemy, so the king becomes backs, are you're there, the king leak was back captain to on dry jobs are rope down to you for you clipping Ducas its biggest too tight for it to land or doesn't want to land cause. It's gonna take a bunch of time and energy, so they just throw you rope, yet it can't land cause they're too many tree stops the yacht uneasy cards in curbing down and at that time, we were just refining the tactic of using rope extractions so for anyone listening right now,. When you're refining tactics try and do on training operations. We did we train with those. We know we had a horrid. Fifty foot rope say goodbye to it and then I have the hearing on the end and be a hundred fifty foot rope ass,
They had to have a sandbag, so we get through the jungle to get to the ground to you and we hadn't developed other taxes. But you had a d ring on your chat. Will you go the area, but so here we go. I saw no envy aid but the weapon, those being fired at the unmistakable bark ronicky, forty seven, to find another m. Seventy nine round in that direction that explosion must have startled captain Twond, because he jerked the king be up. Yeah me off the ground before I could slip the be ring on my left, shoulder around the rope that show during was critical for staying in the swiss seat. We heard here horror stories about the body dead. The in the NBA had performed on saga men, and I don't want that happening to me as too long lifted me into the air. I open fire with my car fifteen what appear to be a muzzle flash coming from the hill top area, so you're horsted up by the helicopter, while you're returning fire and slipping out of your deepening it quite good
that, as we got a little higher buzz brick ashamed of the trees, I was, as you have pinball for a few men, Sir Tilt during off then became scared. So then you decide to become scared. That's fine! I still hidden hooked. My shoulder daring and someone fired green tracers out his Kapital long start to pull out of the target area as he started gaining speed. I ricocheted off a few trees. Before I cleared the jungle. Having sat these copilot seat. I understood why you pulled away from the Elsie before I had cleared the trees if the child Forget shot down. The mission turns into an operational nightmare while potentially engineer or killing them. And the required time members borders I wasn't angry with him how he came back for me, would have been stranded down here for at least two more hours before other choppers with ropes could have been able to extract me if he hadn't but being dragged, the trees hurt? I was angry myself for not getting there
m d ring hooked before I lifted off the ground? My arms were getting very sore. As I went to switch arms. I was by some sort of air pocket. Suddenly I was upside down at five thousand feet My only physical linked to life was the daring hoped into my rope seat and the hundred fifty foot piece of hanging from the helicopter twisted my body to look up a k again. Thank God. You still hanging out the door, I signal to get the chopper to land. As I was giving king signs, I felt the rope slipping down. Five, to my knees at this. Time. My web year was fighting for my hips over my stomach tore my neck in a matter of moments. The swiss seat, without my knee, is the only way I stop it from moving further was by spreading my legs. I felt really stupid. After all, the training gonna be a dumb way to die. As a slid across my feet, I knew I was moments away from passing out. There is nowhere could keep my leg spread, just
for the end, several brief scenes from my life flashed through my mind, Dolores my kids sweetheart. Why did you To California! I saw my dad's new nineteen, forty nine Chevalier milk truck with its dark ever green evergreen paint with the white side panels and rich gold leaf letters, my red wagon from childhood high school football games and too add insult to injury. I saw the front page article in my hometown port paper about my death. The story below the fault, because stories about local boys dying in non were now commonplace that me, because my family would never know where I really died. On the other hand, I didn't want them, no, how I really died. Just as I started to pass out, I felt the rope slip off my feet. My body went limp, vaguely remember hearing the elephant grass before landing hard. On my back on the ground, I had fallen ten or twenty feet? The elegant elephant grass cushion the fall,
I didn't realize that captain twang had the aircraft descending during those last frantic moments had a leg spread like a New York City, Hooker yeah, that's that's a nightmare. Yet king came on pick me up and threw me in it, and the chopper left all my dear they're, so my car fifteen and my sod knife, which now would be highly treasured item sternly, Are you sure you ass soon ass? Ever he just pulled open web gear and had a good thing off my neck. The rucksack the web yard oldest took me out. He pulled it off is pick me up now through mean the helicopter nerve. Us really happy feel my head bounce off that matter floor. It hurt, but it is a happy hurt Oh yeah, yeah again, if you have to get this book gazettes, I'm I'm trying to.
EC, like some good stories, but these are the kind of ridiculous, things that are going on just another day dancer just another day and saga hung upside down five thousand feet above enemy territory by a d rig, neither one here He's got some bad weather. Your gun support overhead. That's enough! people need to understand is when he because a where you guys were located at a pretty good since away from the bases. If there was no aircraft overhead, then you wouldn't be able to communicate with anyone, because they would you'd lose line of sight. Did you get here ever carry HF radios to try and make long distance. We ve just for you. Each of you had your ten was at an but oh at nights, Donna Data Reserve. There is always an airborne command near crept up.
So at the daytime was Hillsboro Code at night it was moonbeam, so they would check in with us on our frequency, so you would no matter what you'd have some rang of cops? Ok, that's good! As so because of the we knew the NBA idea Radio direction. Finder was really good. They were, they were sharp on that, so when they would check in again, if we just click, click no discussion and so you don't know the that's direct radio direction finding. So if you sit there How can the radio for a long period of time the end You can actually capture those those transmissions, triangle, a use, multiple stations and they can tell what direction they're coming from, and I can try and do it where you're at and they can come, get you for this particular one. You guys are the weather's, I do not have any good you don't have any actual direct support. Overhead. The the NBA had been just. The word is the one where you got used to set up an ambush and they told you don't do it when we had them
set up. We ve been yet Anthony told you don't execute the ambush right, don't ask you because we were had visions of you get the pill W cousin that day we cashed a live p o w a five day on or anywhere in the world hundred dollar bonus like man, we're talking about were to play plans. Why or Australia we hand quite decided in a spider came back over my gave Nicole, we got appeal double. We'll be back at the primary Elsie and one hour ass. We said, don't move. But you hadn't initiated you didn't, have the punitive now yet you're, waiting or other walked down a chill. Yes, it was a matter of time before you, Rina, Bobby Springer, ambush misfortunes deals where we ve lay the auto rules. Recon known we go ten ten walk. Ten minutes, paused tend to hear the jungle that jungle see, house gone, one is because we had so much trouble trying to get in there,
slash and burn ears dare were underneath the jungle. Canopy I'd divide. As a team we had eight man teams tat, her perfect damp, washing away a train. Gotta go up to seal until we get to an area to a tree or whatever, and we didn't stop. We when really hard- maybe twenty thirty. Forty minutes I forget. Now we came up to the big trail. Recrossed at one time covered, attracts, got things set up, shall prep the wiretap have perfect damp washing away a trained men. Black had developed the of the UN ambush, kills them so that we have claymores that would go cross, but in a centre dubious six foot area that to be no shrapnel, but we had he. He practiced on himself with C4, say finally figured out certain live, what a stick of C4. We knock yourself out. He did lonely here,
This is another and I advise you, but that's how I was lucky, but we had lost set up. So we had to C4 to knock out one person claymores to kill anybody else with sides perimeters and one in the rear. Just in case it came down the mountain on us and they're Diddy Boppin up and down the trail we could, we could have had officers their walk down. The trail no bisect upset because we had gone so far, so fast violating all our rules, that the people up the hill didn't know what was or downhill and then spiders is don't move, I think that's one thing that really ugly. We will lose a reason why he told you guys know do it, because the weather was moving earlier girl with the sort of nearly burnt ground to three hours and whether socked he's at ten thousand feet. I can't even see the mountain levels, see and Elsie. Sir. He said. Look we're not gonna get out of there right now, just don't do are we gonna do in an enjoyable? contact it away? She was a kind of
kind of on the rock you just move out of their right and about top up the hill. We hear tanks and other trucks starting up their engines and all of a sudden. The activity on the trail goes from cash. Two frantic everybody's to with regard to all got to a case. Would you coup demanded that you were there while they come in and by then we could hear the dogs they hasn't dogs or debt back only Elsie, so they start to look a forest Fifthly, so when you hear dogs, tanks, trucks bunch of people. They gave forty seventh yeah. Feel about that the pucker factors. Minus zero really is sick, my god. And you know that you ve got no form of extraction cracked The thing is, I guess, and and haven't worked in the jungle a little bit of I spent some time, young on South American is out like I will
say this the jungles huge rohingya and you could see we're. Ok, I can get I can. Myself scarce, at least until you remember they got trackers sprite, Nigger dogs blossom. So you're in that situation is another. Thursday night. But we did. We dig at the wiretapped oversell have underwrite hours for an hour is what you want. You guys had to take the tape recorder with you. The rohingya we carried the little. Will you think about the traditional early old Cosette me quarter so had like to afford the chip they d batteries in and then we had the microphone doubt was plugin in
and this shall run up the tree or fly up the telephone pole. In this case he gone up when he came back down and put mud on the whole thing. So anybody going by on the trail looked at the poll. They wouldn't see him, and so we ran for over an hour. We have run that wire tab and it flipped set over cuz. That was stated at the time you set out as we weren't you re outside down now Yasser move in poor backwater, claymores C4, which direction did you head? did you go away from where you inserted where'd, you go back to where you and we well now we went away from it from facing easy, we went to our left, Ghana. And we went away the go we crossed at big trail again, but this time we had across it in between enemy, come up and down the truck. I went past us and so a while to get back across the big tree of this trail
against his last year by weight, is light or t men trail documentary spiders that we even when he could see the jungle. He couldn't see that wrote in a row was being left. You could drive tanks down side by side. Its huge would be the equivalent of highway. Seventy eight occur or fifty two two lanes so TAT S. By side, but its commitment we covered by the covered by the judge, vegetation, so because a while to get across the road then we went to left. Then we finally came to a little stream bed and went up that stream, but could now dark. But now we hear more dogs, the activity on the trail, another couple Tresco by an artist ways. We noted looking and eventually your holed up in here. You you stop when Anne on the way up, that stream be put out, pepper, be put out the mace to throw off the dogs out the dogs. Had our team go up and down a little cuz. It's about ten ft tall back
warns, little creek or stream had water in it, and so try lose a dog We knew to come in at night and now it's dark and we can't eat up that stream for a while. I want to get as far away from them as we could go. Salad climb the tree and said they're coming. He pointed out his to told her after hundreds of them coming with lights, they all had lanterns and the dogs are getting closer, so we could team up there stream for another hour or two at night doing still going out put down a maze to me. Fies went up to the bank on the right set up rron for the night rest overnight, I'm face in the bank and the other seven guys around. As so again, we hear the dogs people, so we there
in the original to three hours to guys come up to cheat. The of the stream with a lantern burning brightly Nagel passes. Lantern goes out, may come back as a compact HEP Cos, and then they stopped a where you're goin next we're that's here is one of the envy of the creek started crawling up. The embankment toward me, I was still facing. Greek. The envious soldier was good. He only moved when the wind stirred the trees for a moment. My thoughts drift summer Camp in New Hampshire years earlier, when we played crack the flag on those clear summer night. My favorite trick was to use the woods to get as close to the flag as possible Now my mind was racing a hundred miles per hour and I realized I was the flag and he was closing in. He was to close for me to tell anyone on my team, the jungle, might seem deadly quiet, except of course, when the Winston
as the envious soldier crawled closer. I remembered thinking that my heart, beating so damn loud that hoochie men could hear it in Hanoi. I flash to my childhood, when we Play hide and go, seek on West Paul Avenue and tread New Jersey. When my feet hiding place, was behind the hedges and Mister and Missus Amigos front yard. I remember worrying that Teddy brow ski John Wayne Arsenal worse Barbara, pointing would Only because they could hear my heart reading so loud I tried to compromise. Of by thinking that, because I had not been running in recent hours, my heart beat shouldn't be due out. Yet my heart sounded like a kettle drum during It opens knife, no man, the envy, a soldier kept moving up. The embankment I was very of my size. Ten are army issue, It happened during one windy moment. I heard movement very close to me. It was a slight sound but a sound nonetheless, before the wind
stop the envious soldier touched the soul my size. Ten are army issue jungle, boot artist, like gasp of surprise from him at that and I had a death grip on my car fifteen, I had it on single shot a car fifty Apple Imac sounds much different from the bark Renee K, forty seven on full automatic. I had to shoot, it would be single shots from it. Second, I wondered if my left foot was far enough to the left. That when I fired, I wouldn't shoot myself times said still my pocket factor- was minus zero. After few of the longest seconds of my life, the wind stirred, but there was no movement. He remained still afterwards seemed like an eternity. The Winston again, and I heard envy. I moved backwards just slightly. He was cool: I knew he was facing me. I wondered why couldn't hear his heart. The jungle around us remained pitch black,
As my twilight zone moment, yeah that sir that's just craziness, and you think he was you thinking just decided like this disguised, probably got the drop on me and I want to live. Who do you think he decided I bubbly circles addressed, in any other movement at all, then he would have been on the receiving end of the five six somebody did, he ain't attacked all decision to live yeah. I got actors in I've been obvious. You once you start shooting the gig gigs up and you would have been right on your term close and had to happen. The mere thought was, a virgin did one single shot. Could the muzzle flash will light up where he was and then I was hoping to would take no more than a second shot, the finnish moth so that the jungle they were here gunshots, but they were, wouldn't be quite sure. Where was this people
spend time out in the woods around the jungle. It can get completely pitch black. In the job? Is that what this was all? Yes, I completely keys you could barely. Even could you see his face at all, nothing I mean you sit there. You can feel your hand in front of your nose when you shake and move it back and forth. You can feel the breeze from your hands. You can't see yeah, so for those you that haven't been in this, it's when you get at night time and then it's a cloudy night and then you're in trouble. Canopy jungle. There are no light, not kids anything and that's it, this situation is absolutely well. Luckily, you you you, you got out of that and then you. Guys continue on going back to the book by nine o clock. We had look. The Elsie and secured the clear area several feet of grass on it. The ground was at an angle because it was on the side of the mountain. Again we heard dogs are ethical scenario, stunk we're in Rome If we open area on a hillside with minimal cover and the
We had the high ground, seem to be our worst enemy although having limited, airs air resource, didn't improve our mood. Finally, Other team was extracted without taking further cut further casualties and spider was overhead taken ground fire from the north of the Elsie, he told them, Hosty, unreliable marine corps? You age, one b Ships with the radio call signed. Scarface were seconds away as we are. The choppers approaching us one of the top, does that sound solid planet exploded exploded, so you guys are doing that to you guys. I said Ruby drops on them on enemies that claymores on them right. Which would really pissed off. Oh yeah. Try to ruin your parade yeah. We knew the NBA we're gonna be hopping mad. Now, that's a gentleman putting it spiderweb.
Able to vector the Scarface gunship to our location quickly? There was no time for orientations. We pop smokin seconds later, the first Scarface chopper roared in the jungle. North of us erupted with small arms fire, the second scar- his chopper, roared and so close it. I could see the face. Expressions on the door, gunners blast the area north of our Elsie, with his m16 machine gun both scarface both scarface aircraft took several hits sky raiders made their passes. They also took its from small arm fire. That sounds like a k, forty seventh, during the second Gun run, Sal blew a claim or in the face of an envious scout south who a second claymore and returned the Elsie reporting more envied troops right behind him. And you guys this another interesting s, we would do this to carry more. Do I only regret that we would we get trained to do this in a jungle situation right, you guys would make claymores with like five six. And ten second fuses autumn. Right, we'll put him
pull the fuse and run yeah run? I never used willows I am very, I did not yeah yeah, Apparently, the combination of air assets in our forty millimeter barrages, slow, the Nva troops long enough for the extraction ships to to the Lt Spider told me that hundred first airborne division was going to extract us. The marine corps gunships would make one more gone wrong and for the time as the Idaho slicks from the hundred first airborne division would follow right behind them and get as close to the Elsie is possible. We were used, the king bees and new most the pilots on a first name basis a hundred feet, pilots were good to, but because this is our first time with a hundred first airborne division slicks, I told you, when king that they had to be the first people to approach the ship. They had to alert the young door gunners that far. That five of our men were vietnamese. That's crazy thing to think about absolutely so you got
Had we honourable results when they would only fearful again, you know young door gunners for coming to countries that do not briefed properly as our guys dressed Erectly did not that they will look like envy eight, but do they want Americans and we ve had team members did that ass Vietnamese away their tragically, we when Roger he was on, he told the story, the same thing. He had their heads, the head of the enemy scouts and they were do a and anvil operation with a platoon. They had worked with before that was new and country, and mix up on the insertion in you know just to my mistakes that compounded and anyway, These guys the the end. Oh portion was waiting and the first It came out of the tree line where their vietnamese scouts and they got their lit up You know we were in when I was in remedy, we you do you see
picture of seals with beards and all that I'm a girl, like everyone shaved, and everyone we were Regular uniforms thwart the army in what the Marine Corps war. Why? Because that exact reason Oh, you swing around a corner and you ve got a nineteen year old, honestly, the girl, and he sees some guy with a beard and a gun, there's a chance. Your get shot, whereas an american hookers because the jihadist would have beards right in Romania, we just didn't we everything we could do to identify ourselves. As good guys right did you're jihadist, could have everything for M16 oversaw beans to a case. You don't know what they be carry yeah and they also Willie's. We knew our guy said: hey Gazers nutcases, yeah the other thing was they were they wore paramilitary outfits? they work Hermes. They were body armor sometime they wore helmet, sometimes so yeah! That's amazing that you guys that, and also you had the you had, the
cognisance, to say: hey, wait a second, we ve never work for these helicopters before get out. There in time. We got some vietnamese folks come in their way with a forties Evans. Yet therapists, because, given king went after first chopper, nobody else followed the subdued pastry Tom. You give me the green light, double central, never people and, above all I got on the second There's two of the things on that mission: their king had Spear mental pomp and seventy nine, which he carried, you have five rounds and we we thought we try once, but he cared for five day world of whole five days. Bureau Graham and so after Elsie worked and imagine five m. Seventy nine miles called forty millimetre. Then also one night was a night that the Russians flew over us and did a resupply, and we were begging for Moonbeam the show up, because somebody on a russian ass but whole side of me. Than a bit awareness damned thing we saw so that was like a signalling device for
that was signalling devices that that that the Vienna These were using to have the Russians drop the resupply and they were doorway supplies to the Vietnamese. What language did you speak up? My foreign languages, english so they push this through and they were, the way the language required, because by sixty eight they knew we had it. S F had a strong interpreter core God like much like HEP he's both for languages. He'd been educated in France my English and he was a smart ass on top of a little fucker at that. What is our little guy, the area Also going back of the extraction was slick and quick win as we pulled out, the automatic out as we pulled out the Elsie. The slick took several it's three of us returned for automatic fire from our car fifteen's. I threw a white phosphorus grenade as the
area nor for the Elsie lit up with dozens of muzzle flashes from eighteen, forty, seventh and ass chaos as the green traces from the aching forty seven's appeared as though they were coming between my legs. I told later that, as our slick pulled out of the algae, the scarface gunships laid down four fuselage Few slot of of suppressing fire, the lead marine aircraft piloted by Lieutenant Colonel Robinson, had the plexiglas windshield blown out of the aircraft in a day. In his chop, and the second gunship had taken more a dozen hits and yeah That's, that's! That's! That's the yes Carlyle! You were saying. Yes, he was writing you in writing. You the way you tell it out of work. Colonel does this mean the next time we're in trouble you when we call for scarface, you won't respond to the bell. Hell, no Robinson responded. I never said that.
Pisses me off with my aircraft get shot up, partisan guard hard to come by and I'd rather be flying fearless in you don't continue on here. I went back to my room, so this is after that crazy operation. You got really make it out for the hundredth time that you've, do you dancing face back to my room and picked up a newsmagazine with a picture on the front page about the biggest latest anti war protests seaside insane whose side were they on they hadn't seen Charlie, like as T Idaho, had they? Never they never asked sow hip and other. Vietnamese men on my team, what they felt about the war, what a day as three refused to pour out when we were ready for extraction, then asked three question my integrity, despite the fact that we were only minutes away from fighting enviers in close quarters battle, had not scarface there
you want to use and the hundred first airborne slicks defended us from the sky, and there are people back in the its protest in this war. I shook my head dropped. My rucksack and web gear picked up I am about holding several magazines of five five six ammo and to the asked three to get a jeep the debt. It was only a short drive up the road, but I kept my trusty car fifteen nearby. Anyway, I went to the door He's got my tooth pulled drew new rations and Pierre see twenty five batteries. The reason I read all that is to read this line right here, the next day, the next day, as the Idaho got shot out of five Elsie's. There was the morning was the afternoon about time we got inserted. Commissioner, we had gone a couple days. The same thing in the morning get shot out on one of those miss and on the primary Elsie
can't be was going in south, saw a wire Hosty, how to Sally, see a wire and a helicopter we're going in. He saw it, he told the door Gunnar. Fourthly, the Vienna meeting was quick and they were able to swerve I am a one came in and hit that to the five hundred pound bomb, They knew we were common and we ve compromise we never We will also seriously we ve been compromised, and that was proof hard proof and we are guys so targets which the lot of e the museum your guys were some of the Vietnamese were getting burned out, while sure cuz. You know you do that long flight go out to eat with me. Then you go in and gets shot out. Shout out shout out, flyback get.
Get a new target. Sometimes you just a huge neck target cubby with no. Where would be, we wouldn't even have any kind of background or anything like that. They want to get a team on the ground go back and then we did it again. Bam bam bam, And sometimes we you in you read me sometimes Sarah had enough the who's, your main who's, your hours, I south, my counterpart, he was the assistant team leader. Is the vietnamese teamwork And who is the other American that would be with you? Ah at that, in time was Bubba John sure he came on a team in November when I became the one zero at the end of October and these guys, raw freak out to cause, you were like young and what will you or what was your rank at that time? Will by then I been promoted to four, because I never had promoted here. The Deuce in camp with the bill for IE, eight or nine on a recounting, so spider probably got refer back to Pfc of ceasing now rope asleep, so people think
sergeant. I didn't know you just a dumb ass pfc instead of by October. We were able to as back four and then, when Jim wanted off the team team, which we respected, and this day our respective never I'll, never say a word against the Mona than Barbicane so November as the bubble. He was the one one and then at one missing king came along. I just felt funny about. I want a little after fire power. You want to try that that pump, absent yeah. Why not just gone off on a mission to test out that they are yet that they send us some Thermo Barrack grenades for them. Seventy, nine and really yeah, and We will also speak as it is. Get a chair was actually lay for think leaf dumped like an entire load out of him on one operation
and I always like they call back this aid. You guys, we wonder if you get a chance to use those that are more thorough, Burma Collegiate like where we use them off, send more as the feedback. We will also speak as it as one of our side. Missions We always carried eldest son or italian green, which would be enemy ordinance doktor to explode in, So when we would go along a trail like with that big trail, we crossed it. We go down, dump a little of the ammo. So if anybody will see the animal they pick it up and then, if we ever came across cachet, which only happened a few times we put to bed ammo inner cachet, so they use it for science them a blow from her face. There was a good site obsolete, will eight or those who theirs. Another mission were you talk about where they killed the Americans, but they let the boy in Moscow
does their January first, sixty nine high speed holiday season. Here's Christmas day, nineteen sixty eight you're, inserted into like some the tall elephant grass, is NBA around you go away. To book. Do the elephant grass, both in terms of the noise we were making now muffled palette muffled? Our other sounds. We couldn't tell exactly how many envying we're moving or if they were even inv black. Said I smell smoke, either our hand, grenades or the NBA have started. Fires. Things are really heating. Up on the Elsie, literally I radio spider, I told we were surrounded and had fires on two sides of our perimeter. I told him that can be didn't get in here s, a p s, The Idaho would be engaged in fighting fires, as well as firefights.
We really making these pony jokes in the in the middle of these situation, substantiate the lad to keep a cry they're starting more fires by beset by now the noise from the fire forces to raise our voices we were talking to each other. The smoke was getting thicker. I began to sweat. We through a few more hand, grenades down the hill to force the envy to keep their heads down the southern fight, so the disorder and understands this is actually happening. You're in elephant grass, Dry elephant grass and it's burning on multiple sides of your position, which is twelve to fifteen feet off the often grass So you're visibility is like five feet. Three feet minimal and his fellow smoke and getting worse error we wish you America's the southern fires. Intensity, grew by the second and continued to move up the slope towards us, and around to the east, there was fire or five.
To the north, the northeast, but they weren't heading as the Idaho, with the speed of the southern flames. By now Smoke was so thick my green comrade over my face and pulled up over my nose burning, embers from the south kicked up and- who over small jagged perimeter Bing ashes, soot and small burning sparks on the elephant grass and on us only and one were hats, several of us soaked, our hair black too, with the envious work for behind the flames Twond, reported seeing images, a short distance behind the flames to the South and South EAST Captain Twang new, exactly where we were, as he brought the aged thirty four down the canyon toward us. Second, became hours. My vision was clearer than ever and I was keenly aware of the smoke fire popping sounds it and enemy gunfire. The western edge, the perimeter waving a call panel skyward trying to catch the pilots. I, the aged thirty fortunes,
you did slow motion descent. All I saw was the bottom, the chopper with the from this not sticking out to the right and left coming down like a giant, praying Mantis the road or wash from the king be began to hit us. Finally, the choice: where's, knows turned slightly to the left and I could see Captain Twond seeing his face, seeing him sitting in their so calmly in the pilot see made my car, when its surge. We would revive, and then you guys been get get around get it under control. While on a uncontrolled you can't you start boarding the proper choppers them man border chopper. I signal to the door Gunnar to exit the area. As I said, door I found the door swung lifted. The king be straight up for several feet before heading South, as we pulled away from the no fire, swept up the hill and engulf the area where we had been standing moments earlier, oh yeah, every Christmas, I pause.
Captain swung roared down the canyon we had shrugged off a short while ago I read it. Spider and gave him a team. Ok, once again, as to Idaho entered that magical powers, commission moment adrenaline was still flowing, we had said, lived another target every breath of air was sweeter. There was no thought of Christmas, mom or holiday presence, argue was to be alive that Christmas, nineteen sixty would hot me, sporadically for more than twenty five years after a while, I was able to stop sitting upright. Sweating with fear when the nightmares hit it's been almost ten years since I had that dream, but every Christmas. Now marriage or not. I always a moment to think of captain Swans courage, no sweat
in never rest, yeah, so that was does that's that's just a crazy situation. Oh yeah, this is like on Thanksgiving was when we had to miss it down south or a six man, recon team. The colonel tells you to find three missing: NBA divisions, the first one slash three and seven bowed and other work out for him. I was pretty attack her usual with more than one. Those five confuses the hold back here. Yoda Data again that's that's why you needed by this book and with this book. If When I hear about the ape man, Spy team verses. Division on that day was three free divisions. Prozd! You, though, is Canada's that's thirty. Four. A thousand men roughly yeah, that's where those those five seconds. Five. Second fuses too,
Everybody understands what that means. You Trying to escape the enemy of little thing called claymore mine, it's like the size of a book, maybe a little bit bigger and it's got a bunch of ball bearings on one side, the five hundred fifty five hundred fifty our bearings on one side better, that spray out when the same exports, and it does so they wound people How many of those things did you guys carry every everybody had won on the team and then one one rose carried two or three years at long C4, yeah a lease, and so but these guys would do so. You can use them for a bunch of different reasons and one of the one of the things that you guys did a lot with them in this again. Neither things that I was trained in when I was forgot to they too ok when you set up when you're in night or even set up her arrest overnight, presenting you, gonna put out claymores and where have you been attacked in the middle night boom you can let off the claymores me get up, can get some fire superiority or at least shock the.
May your do some damage terms. You guys did that all the time, But then you made these little five second fuses, knowing that if you're running away, you can just put this thing up you- are putting the groundwork quicker, put up against a tree. Polio, you always want to have it up against a tree or something to take the boy. But back listening when you put it in and you got the last four seconds before explode your runnin, you could still you want to make sure that you got little protection under black blast. We used to that need those things are completely on safe distance behind him, Well I'd. Like I looked back now, I'm thinking. Why would we doing deputy of times do yeah? It's likely we play the game. Let's find out, are you really The limb, blacks, strengthened, yeah yeah, so you started that's very low levels. It didn't catch the whole story. The story was Linda was trying to figure out what it would take to now somebody out with C4, so C4 a six feet. Yet
C4 just explodes, there's no shrapnel in it. You can put shrapnel when it, but you don't have to search it, just a big concussion. So lindblad, was trying to figure out How much C4 it would take, so we can start a guy, so we grab homes. We get appeal w so that we can get a five day. Liberty anywhere in the world anywhere were in a hundred dollars cash. Hence we the way he the way he experimented with this was by doing it himself take me for out of the range and blasted himself with have you have real wait until he got knocked out. It will suffice seated here his hearings bed for a few days and tat. His hair was all see now travels through the analysis in the seal teams. That would have been waiting. The new guy. For that, we do use the new guy like okay, let's see if this works only lets winds. When they are done guns. The tailors first came in bright. It wasn't to be a new guy
see all those things were not right, sir. We're waste experiment that, The others Stories is crazy and you and you looking down and seeing the fire in golf the place that you just got picked out all you instantly sure, as it's like one of those moments in time does the same thing like on Thanksgiving Day. We got distracted, they were coming out of the jungle running at port arms, and so they would be trying to come down so being the door gunner, but just literally stopped him in the trial iguanas cartoon just seeing the tv with the guys running and stop because they were just push them right back in the jungle before it even fell down, and that was just forget those things they stick with. The next chapters called a happy new year
The day after Christmas, the S three brass asked SD, Idaho to run another Emma target louse. I respect for fleet declined citing fatigue in general weariness. I didn't the brass that I funny feeling about the target. I felt apprehensive for some reason back F, Obi one around twelve hundred hours, someone from the Congo Shack came the club and set a vietnamese team member from Archie asked was on the radio talking to spider. That was a very bad news. Will the recant team members in F, Obi WAN, headed toward the Congo Shack before we got there? Tony rural, a veteran recon man came around the corner with some more bad news: they were hit by suppers. It doesn't look good. It appeared the Americans. Bit slow to react. In a matter of seconds. The sap was killed three s: F troops and chosen the south vietnamese team members alive. The news about the sapper was a triple dose of bad news. First,
we had three dead, green brace. Second, ports. One zeros had received four months about envious, sapper as being a leaf lethal force were now confirmed. Third, by killing. Only the Americans, the envious pulled off a major psychological coup, by leaving the envy by leaving the vietnamese team members alive there, survival would plant seeds of doubt and dissension between ISAF troops and our little people, and then you guys we're heading north. The hundred first airborne division, choppers carried the six men sound when the choppers landed on the helicopter pad Colonel Jack warned had ordered every man and Ethel before out to the site. You held in high regard by s F troops, because he Jenny we cared about his men. It has been said that, because,
his dedication to the ISAF mission and the man, of S ef, he would never do that's beyond the rank of colonel here. Remained an asset to long occur. Your decision that the traditional army hierarchy, despised and punished. Asp was from fob for efforts before which warn commanded. After the three corpses were unloaded from the helicopter. Worn. Peters, Terry I'd speech to his captive audience. Warren warned everyone that if they were careless in the field, death was the result of that carelessness. Then he bent down, opened a body bag and picked up a portion of a body of one of the dead Americans. He was now crying and screaming at his men to never be careless in the field. Warren was never the same after that. Neither was cnc.
What what was it that changed from your perspective? Well, we are early briefings, probably in October we heard about the NBA soccer teams, they were highly trained and they would just wear a loincloth tie a weapon and they're, really just how I trained and tracking so that when they came to the attack part, they have minimal clothing and they knew what they were. Looking for and the NBA that point had a metal kill american metal, so they killed us. They got battle of bonus and they would be heroes for the rest of their lives and within the Communist party. So we heard about him. This confirmed it and it just kicked up everybody's concerned a notch and
that being new year's eve, the team had at the Americas had taken a bottle scotch with him. So did tat a little hint of the Scots will know how much less would Jack warrant had gone after distance on saying about being carols we'll know, but Thou salaries were good and that proved it just gave us and our case no on. As you know, for you do you are in a night without the dogs, you will do your perimeter and our people always check the issue. Is it rotates whose be sleeping who wooden and we never ever had a problem with that? No matter how tired you are to be somebody awake to so Something like that happened. Somebody be there on full automatic ready to respond new level terre and those guys were so. They so I can just traveling super light and super slick. The sappers sure you know just could move quickly.
That's scarier here, because you naughty, we nudity PA. Had our sources setup mean besides being compromised and headquarters, they also have people that Lord of when the choppers left the launch site. They have border watchers so that when we came in, they would report where we were heading to a higher command and they would try to rally their troops. So we were up against that at all times, just a question of who would be there. How many and a lot of times are getting on the ground was the first part He hoped to get into the mission and it was just a real challenge, being a challenge. You're going back to the book, the daily grind of running missions across the fence was wearing on me. Physically and mentally, as sixty nine dawned. I began a mental examination of life in saga
being in only unit within a mayor. His finest special operations was where I wanted to be the addressing enhanced high of deadly firefights. Again two relentless M enemy, Andre. Dreamily lopsided odds, was intoxicating. I'd, never experienced such exhilaration or sheer terror. There was a little voice in the back. My head, which spoke of survival surviving now only a vigorous enemy campaign directed against sobbed members, but merely surviving the odds of going home in one piece Mind also began the mental debate between rising to the new challenges inherent in a secret war and return. To a safer assignment, my one, Tour of duty was scheduled to end at the end of April Onest general rules of saga after running targets across the fence. For six months, I could request
a cushy assignment. I had already said seven months with the team. I was alive. However, thanks to hip sow fuck Twond, and the other men of asked. He Idaho. I couldn't just walk away and that's where you. That's where you wrap up this book. No, you got some cool you going to some cool, what one more really interesting story, and then you we also have a very cool thing in their about what you guys carried more. We didn't carryin anyway, you didn't carry how much so, how much longer son out January of Sixty nine yeah you they're for seven months. How much longer do you stay with the sea and teams I'll stay right there to the n
we closed Applebee one in January. They shipped it down to Danang and that's where I picked up with the second book and they needed help down here. So we hit the ground, continue to run Bubba as to tape, be taken off the team, so he left and then Black came on so is linen on for my last couple of months and at the very end they had a mission up at the museum pass, which was
north of the DMZ River in layoffs, which was a major channel point, and the plan was for us to go in setup on a mountaintop, taking life, claymores mortars and call in airstrikes for two or three days on at just a brace help with the Nva there cuz. You never had a recon team go that far north and we did an inspection, which is that inspection prior to that mission, which was about 20th, sixty nine and then we finally went up to the launch site and we're up there. I guess maybe about the 24th or 25th. I just forget the exact date now, but we're at the launch site got out of choppers and get me the launch chops take off and they turn around with back that target has
just had two aircraft shot down over it. I figured they just shot down as manly jet in the sky. Reader choppers are going to be easy to knock out of sky soda side. Part two that I met a reunions two years ago. One of the guys here and Recon has pictures. You got your second book on the ground and said yeah yeah yeah says: what was that mission? Wasn't that something like there's a suicide Ryan says while about suicide was going, be high odds, but you know we're gone, and we had to your Americans, where we had em sixties, we're bookoo bullets hang bananas, we're gonna, give the shot. A guy goes Do you realize they asked me to do then I told a fuck off go really. This is you saw us. Take me pretty you to tell me that so I don't know what your mission was, so here's a She got operation, the Rico
guys another recall man had been given that target set hell. Now it was too far north and he just felt that the speed beside mister? What you get in you never get out of a casket or body back, but does no talking between teams. Much with everything is like you, gotTa Missy do your mission. They do tears. So yeah well already gave you a fair warning before we started this that were private, have to have you come back and here I got just I mean this- does these book there's awesome the the detail that you go onto and the experience that you had, which are just it's a miracle that your sittin here talking and aid, to tell us what you went through when, as far as I can tell,
there's no way in Hell, you should be sitting here right now, high Drake, I mean there are times when I'm talking to friends of our people to read the book you know protecting on page two hundred and two of the guy touches your food. I mean talk to people dislike like it feels surreal, even today as like thank ivy body homes, prime and The last thing I want to read from the book is just the justice section right here? The dedication as this book is dedicated to all Song reconnaissance team members, both? U S, national forces and indigenous troops as well as every man in every air support unit, especially the be pilots of the two hundred nineteen south vietnamese Airforces Special Operations squadron who were daily with Zog teams on the ground across the hence in America's secret war,
this book is also for every man and saga and their support units who made the ultimate sacrifice. Yeah, because today, as we sit here, there are still one thousand five hundred eighty nine Americans Missy inaction in South EAST Asia from the Vietnam WAR. That includes CIA. Regular army in lay us alone. Fifty green brays are amongst those am eyes over a hundred and forty Aviation Army Marine Corps. Airforce am always die. Supporting our missions here
just helped. Delia was you guys had it over one hundred percent, casualty rate cell or guys have multiple purple hearts. Bob Howard received eight even put in for one thousand one hundred he he he was a recipient of the medal of honor in December. Sixty eight for mission out of Cancun and young, the how'd you it did you see that present the then I didn't. I couldn't find any numbers on the numbers that were actually killed, but that was a massive number percentage wise of guys and saw that were killed right yet in the numbers are hard to track name of the gal, now who's a real she's, a retired master sergeant from the hundred first to see. If he going to do some research to to try to put that never together because
During the war three point two main American served in Vienna that includes the following: two thousand sailors: they're off of the coasts and your seals. There were gone up north and out of that, twenty thousand across me. Twenty thousand were S F out of the S S prospects, two thousand, when two saga out of that, the peasant which offer you talk to that has no hard stats anglers cause. S F was not as good as the seals, a keeper records and be between five hundred seven, maybe eight hundred green varies. When across a fence with recon missions. Out of the three point, two million children members here have amazing. Well, I hope you don't I'll come back here and the honor come back cause I personally yours do is tell me my stories are big joke I covered
I thought one of art when the guy that was in Ramadi with me, the other guy by the name of Dave Burke. He was. He was a marine corps, tactical guy, on the ground with us, and you know we always joke are about are by wire art. France's you know he had a friend and we had him on the broadcast who served in world war. Two Korean Vietnam, really he was a purple heart. Recipient in every war in everyone was worse those you know that's the way I feel centre here. Talking to you like Burma in a totally different, and much lower category of experience. But that's why such an honour to sit here and talk and love is mutual. If you the closing thoughts to Molly, I think about this book. I have spent the mentioned that there could have done it without my wife awesome, my dear wife, Anna at the time we had the fourteen teenagers and one new born in the house,
and see, if you can imagine that turmoil and I'm working that a fish wrapper up in North county and so between the fishwrapper and the kids, she goes go right to book awesome. She support that is one thing: real, quick yeah. You got home from so you got out shortly there after we got done with Vietnam. Is that that's when you were done right? You got out of the army shortly thereafter yeah I went back to to cc for second or and then I got out of the army in April. Twenty five foot book two is about come back. One tour. Wasn't enough, it's easy! Well, you know, we are honest with you, I came back in but I landed estates. I may one may second sixty nine. The
Anti war movement going on strong. There was Woodstock or men walked on the moon, but I hated hated being. We were supposed to go to to Fort Bragg with a regular sf, but they person tenth special forces group was up in Massachusetts and they had five companies a b c d and E. He was a signal company was rinkitink, they had new lieutenants butter bars run this they treated like basic Camp bought us up in the top off they had all we are sorry just are all overweight on embarrassment to the parade they wore and they came in and put me at the two sergeant, I'm in this environment. That was not a good chemistry, so um I heard that Mps were common basically and I went out the Pentagon had a woman billions and who handed our orders as to what kind of wine and what flowers she liked so
before I went down here. I had her wine. Her flowers Thursday morning I get to the Pentagon at seven to give her the flowers no wine went back to sleep in the parking. Lot came back at four. She gave me the orders to NAM I cleared on Friday. The MP's came on Monday and I was, can my team for freedom, peace govern for some bar face crowded destruction. There are reports of a four four to which I had a time for forty doubly authority, which is what Serbia has arrived at that for forty go youngster, I hear it's a sixty nine, which was Decoys court time. Hear me to her sir, said the reports about that car going through the entrance gate on a sigh ways, drift so I went and entered the base on the extra gate. That's what it was. Mps were unhappy about that they couldn't catch me. As you have the high within our car equipment, but they were trying to begin to figure things out. Funny was the erika
sounds like a good sounds like the next podcast does. A warm up for the next part accounts will will for their next time, like a bad dream. I'll be back of. U S. Thank you know. That's awesome! These books, The fence which, when you people should ride red first across offences. The first after I book about my getting involved in etc, and the stories of other, he which, by the way, we have agreed re Medic, John Wanton who, was the Son of SAM Long, you harvest or called call Martin son, one of the best medics. There was at the time chapter four, where a fella queen break his leg, blown off and the front of Vietnamese got shot four times, John brought them all. Back and Tom Cunningham's alive today, The has two children passage on its awesome. These books are available on Amazon Rams, ox goddamn Zander Bill was e books or paper backs. When then went website is chronicles. Dot com saw chronicles doc
That's the name of volume, one! That's another book great and and on the ground the secret worn Vietnam as the second book. The second book he was in here. There's some stores I missed because of deadlines right and the first story. We have the our recon teams in our worst target. Oscar eight in the NBA, come up and tapped him on the shoulder and say it's your turn for guard duty, pretty close to the enemy. Are. We will cover these books and a future everyone go by these books. Are you ready? And now you really true Honour, to have yon propitiated Oughta, be here, and I can we get back return outstanding. Thank you. And with that Mr John Striker Meyer, has left the building and
an honor was to talk to him and I can absolutely promise we're having that. Guy back on and thanks to you, John for your for your service and your sacrificing sacrifices routine mates, it is men You that have allowed us to live in the way that we live in, that is in freedom. So he has left the building and echo of living. Leaving the way we should live when he got force, as we have been doing, talk about digital First Jiu, martial arts, capability is what it is that really what it s very generous, like the whole thing into one big nugget capability to simple
if we want to improve our capabilities. Sure way to do that now. Just in the marshal fields, but in life is to train some of that Digital yeah suck in it There's a girl named Kara who trains here, you see every once in a awhile see or whatever, and they cheat She said. Basically, the stuff we were saying where its shoes are over, but I only fear sort in them. Classic said, hey have you tried, the woman's customer whims has good developed in do you like not yet I want you whatever you know that guy that's, I think, a lot of the Times war will offer more benefits. To hang onto your as a girl. Will offer benefits, because you can get like the moves you can kind of. Do you know on that's more similar to yours. Things can go through the move a little bit like more thoroughly. I think in a way for like a better way of putting issues. I can that's good. That's true! She's, like you know what the
I really like there's a lot of value here and in the guys in the men's class, and she said straight for self defence for sure and like yeah she's, they care because like when you get used to guys and meanwhile there's like too throw me MIKE hard, though you, the kind were the rolling and grunting it right in front of us like sweating explain this list was lashing. She think when you get, and we got a laugh cause. We she'd like motions to them and I'm thinking like at any girl to come in and see that or anyone. Even anyone, even revers opinion that thinking I could add to that Norway men ready for that all those are not ready for that are and what, if you would just all of a sudden like one day you go to the grocery store in boobs. Now you got a deal with that man, that's that's tough leg, psychological gap. You need to make up a stranger jitsu again on major issues like I'm. You search he's not a big girl, either she's, just like a pre small girl, she's like stroll nice, you Norman, I suppose, you again in area I'm really used to that and have been training for like
almost a year not only to be different sets, that's good! you can come in here as often as you do and have that mindset, that's good! That's gonna get you places hundreds we're talking about your jets off, and then you need to start talking about the gear that is needed for negative. Almost yes, some of the gear that you need for judges who is a key? Yes, if you're gonna try Gee Julia to which we recommend, strong, strongly recommend. We also Recommend train Novi. He turn all kinds of digital it s. You train. If you need a key which you do you want from or June so good a origin in dot. Com is wreaking at all these things also genes, American Denham, the guy and we all know this, but I'm sitting in forming in America all of it. Three little piece of it: the little seeds that they plan to eventually girl cotton to eventually go into the loom to eventually formulate weave yes, formulae. Both the fact
Rick that gets sown and slid into geese genes. Rash guards all this stuff shorts bishops in order by the way, factually all of it. Is in American done in America so boom. There's that huge deal by the way so American Denham hasn't with now genes good one's job, we're sweat, pants, sweat, athletic gear boom origin mean they're supplements. Big deal, pretty much all the essential supplements that you're getting as you go through this kind. Hectic path at times about the sector should be yeah? I does not the path we want to be on the other, athletes down Ya Vez. If it's a downhill situation, cuz all you do sit there, life don't take the path down. Now Yes, the supplements are joint warfare for you joints
joint worker is more for like if you have git abuse on your joints. You're running a lot, you you're doing jujitsu sting a lot, anyone everyday or something like this reality is lifting everyday lifting everyday, always leave your doing physical activity yeah, that's gonna like hot. I mean I guess you could break it down like off your doing some weak physical activity then you might not need it, but I think method so much joy, for you made a good point, though the muster Does your knees like kind on the panel on the final stages as reeling, and you were like other girls, you neo whatever in here, would you say always good bye like us, I've been standing up on it for a long time. Ghana later yell at the muster. Yes, It actually swelled up again, yes, surprising, so here's the thing it me We think when I was about to stand up all the time like for the whole thing. Many of the front door and not the attack, the authors and designers.
Israel is over and but I have dress, use not only have the new balance or the the deal isn't like dress you, so it's like it was meant joint worker. Would it came in brief. Well, you know varying levels of hearts or get some joyfully joints gets a crude oil for your joint that general maintenance and general maidens of life. Yes, life support. Then discipline and discipline go which is sort of like gives you a little bit of that guy, yeah little edge mentally hardened. It is be illegal, negative if you are going to come- someone in it. Actual battle. Is it legal for you to take discipline go and they don't should not be illegal, because it's not any
you'll drug smuggling. Drugs is actually advantages, the right yet good lifting wages, an advantage, or the results from lifting waited an abandoned. The results from eating salads, that's an advantage to boom same thing, but just when taste really good and have that advantage over your enemy, whoever maybe yes, there we ask Mark milk, which is more delicious, delicious protein. I had a mob last night. I meat loaf, no potatoes, meatloaf carrots, milkshake, that's good new right, their chocolate dark nor the darkness, and I put peanut butter in it phone literally my late dinner last night, I was standing there and you can give it to your kids to if you can get the warrior kid milk for Yorkie so your kids. So your kids, instead of turning out to be like an obese out of shape kid that Europe,
like trying to know. Don't we put them on that path? Put on the mobile tracker. Let me ask you this: when you were young, yes and you went to, elementary school during her. Whatever did you bring home lunch, sometimes so out? Very often ok, so do you as you can remember you did you, have a healthy home lunch need the wizard in or not we don't know Elsie laws get by it. Wasn't I wasn't even a thing so lightly and I would just like, or would you like to eat wrapping up and what would you like to eat and what's cheap right? you're gonna get you work, new coal cots those costs money, guess what doesn't cost a lot of money. Bologna jam, p b jam pattern. Jelly
go to all day long honour on white, bread or white. Bread is working on a white bread and then you know what you get a little at the Little party mix of of protein, No chips. Fredo lays Doritos were generally never like are still going through those like Doritos, then you get some of that and, unlike like some chocolate chip, some chips ahoy cookies, those are if they do get to sleep little of many sleeve chips, ahoy, that's as there's nothing, nutritional right The nutritional value of this launch a zero. You had nothing, if thou less case scenario, I used to get the chocolate milk from them. It cost. You cost five cents for a chocolate for a white milk, seven cents for chocolate, milk, organised school schooling so I used to get that thou pray be when I actually lived off because everything else was just boozes poison in wrapper. Basically, yeah, it's eleven zero as your question. Well,
I mean. The reason I was asking is because, okay, so my family or my mom more than my dad, I guess what he told my mom took care of the poem lunch is in the event of a spring, the homeless. She she's health, conscious shoes like a hippie. You know so we had like wheat, bread worker. You know that and then what, though you're? How would you will be forty two this year, so you're like five years younger than me, there's of theirs difference there in terms of what people even thinking we are keep in mind she everyone, Was it like that I'm seeing my mom was my mom was like a hippie shoes different than everyone and here's the here's. My point with that where, when we come to school, bring home lunch. We get sorted teased because it's like you, don't get the we'll snacks, the cool Fredo, what I lay relays and ships in cookies, unlike the cubes funnily enough now, and then open a milk negative. Now you got, we got the whole wheat sandwich with like Turkey from real turkey with with sprouts.
The greens are suddenly bread horizontally, rather sprouted growing lawyers and thereby level right or it is. It is the less we laughed at that I might Deco is common in hard with the proper oil ain't read with a health levels, making funny casino a cardboard I don't even know because they another tasty. It's not that it's more of a soldier thing I want to. Everyone knows that cookies are yummy and one knows it like Ships are delicious for snack and all the stuff we can have that we had the snacks if they knew that weren't that good care tasting carrots, unlike carrots, are produced I think so now young load of cares if you're not eating sugar and you eating. Pretty sweet? Yet if you like all this a supercilious, you can eat too many, ask your body can't digest. Just am fully if you eat you, minium just F way. I care of may devastate. Before pounding bags carry one. Those bags gives you ve got is gonna tell you can order issue. Good
noted, but where you goin on making a good point. Unless you talk well, little bit more. I can't we can't, but unless I made a point so schism make fun of because they know that the cookies- and we had like tomatoes and sprouts in our sandwiches, but growing up when you come early adulthood, adulthood that health consciousness paid off, bigtime huge touch to make the switch from non health consciousness to help consciousness? It's like it's. The can be agreeing that. Can be hard yeah, but Annesley neither have maintained the path and authority and still there's been a young person. So there's that so mark. So my daughter comes home from literally yesterday said they were teasing me because I had carrots. She was. She was a very happy about it, as russian is due to start talking falls out well
I think I started to say that, but you said it was no time for jokes at this point. Cuz then like. Are you serious or not for your carrots, but is what I said one of the things I said, I said: don't worry about them there's an first, nothing funny about carrots. Like that. It's not I'm not saying Ortho Series understand what's funny, but I don't get it kind of thing. It was like yeah, that's kind of true. It was like and guess what carrots are good for you, just like your lunch is good for you and as you grew up, you're gonna see the result of that and you can see the results of them that eating not healthy food. And you're gonna see you need you better than as a father, because you know better idea, nor should it to be like they say. Oh, what are you eating periods greetings and carrots, and then she says what are you in there, some type two diabetes you're gonna die at eight thirty, two loser get out of my face, for which you sleep, all implement that you know that direction is not part of the way of the warrior. Kid go right there naked,
our having fun before part of life, I saw her wheels. Turning once use, I, like you, know like I'll all see the results you know and then then my wife's therein she's look here, look you're dead. How big is Muslims are all this stuff writes a kind of pleasure. Life is kind of like making stuff unless a work but go back to mock, were your kid mark this you achieved with that. One of the many things is you actually made it like kind of cool to have a healthy think have a healthy snack, We're gonna sway alot of people, these books and this the stuff I mean I see that not every gun out it is happening is also missing. Dude we had arrived, a thousand important story along about twelve anyways De Groen lie jock awake you about the dark. Awaits you tell me about it: it drink it tastes, good, dead, lift eight thousand pounds certified organic
certified organic and all that good stuff, it it's delicious and it looks so good and we'll store scald Jacko Store gonna Jock Lasorda com. This is where you can get your rash cards. You can get. Shirts ha ha? You can get truckers hats and, if you if you're not into truckers hats cause whatever you get flax, fat, hats, flicks bitter. If ads are good, get the judge. How do where? Well, they looks Landau Nod and down at stand down. Anyway, you represent the path. Is what did it for its quality? Stuxnet ballpark gave away sure the one you never where you use for, like a wiping her hand in the kitchen and whenever not that I the kitchen where industry, low quality quality? Yes,
and representation obsolete women stuff on there ya, gotta get up two more new shirt nurse new I don't want to miss just shirts but tumor new items, things to come enough to stand by for that They also subscribe right. Yes, subscribe to what the podcast for time has subscribed to a magazine, because no one gets magazines anymore. Magazines are dead, magazine now, UNICEF and we bring em of random bunch of papers to your house with advertisements, are overdue. That known as good so negative when our muscles revenue a magazine subscribe to this progress, if you want to if you get value out of it whatever and Don't worry about the work. If I guess I just I've got hit, I got hit today, I got hit kind heart, somebody said: is the warrior kid podcast dead,
rather than square instincts, warrior part ass is not dead, but the warrior did podcast. I need to put more so I need a little bit of time which are making, but I need to get it. Asked is not just a part as whereas audio only on the Irish Oaks ranch dot com is where aid in warrior kid up in central cow. Has his own business Thirteen years old running a business, no big deal, that's where kids do. He makes soap from go. Milk, so that everyone in the world can stay clean enough about Youtube We have a Youtube channel. Did you know that you're cited in its called Jackal podcast and its on Youtube? So podcast is not just a biogas where's audio. Only on the video version. You can see us if you want to know what Johns
I admire looks like you can watch this on Youtube busy, getting a lot of views on Youtube Listening to John Striker Meyer and here stories, the so check that out. Also, Charles makes what he calls enhanced videos and some people call them distracting message. Sir, they might some people like em. They have millions of use some of your videos that you made I did on the views. Well, ass. They were like you said. Yes, you can column distract chickens, mine. The message which I actually won't even argue that thank you, but some people look at it or see it as enhanced.
Aid as well as you put it in the hands of a message, is kind of like a kind of like the one. You have a dog and you get a feed from the heart worm pills knew where the pills are one bills, good form, scourge. That message is good, but sometimes put it in the food you know. So I taste good is like the message gets to delivers reminded us. It is very hard to swallow that you have to put like videos around is what I'm here. Music. Burundi is sometimes break at the cello. Sometimes yet so that's it! You do channel check him out, and then we also psychological warfare, which is on Itunes. Google play other MP. Three platforms- and if you want an alarm clock, that's me talking then you got a psychological or friend. That's what you get and you will see that you can use it as more or you can use it as an emergency, as an emergency air cover if fire support. You like I'm, not sure. If I should work out right now, press play on the on the
psychological warfare track, that's about not working out, then you will, get up and you will get a job, and I feel about you, some doughnuts or some chocolate chip cookies right chips. Whatever chips: Ahoy Owen, find the sleeve of random checks avoid hanging around somewhere. You know the term for first time when it was, it was James Nicholson. What James, yes, would talk about eating sleep we already has just yet. After ten years, flows, toughest accountant agree, is black belt for a long time Oh gee american Jujitsu practitioners teaches us on salaries here at Victoria Man, fitness which, by the way, is argument any EVA California to retrain so
You know it's funny about that too, where eyes area two worlds for tough as accountant, any teaches digital do so teaching jitsu, that's a job like that's a career like you're Jujitsu instructor, true, but he's likely is an accountant, but it is too easy to its not like an accountant is like some scraping by sawdust gave. No one would think that in this a few like that. You know why, because teaching you too is fun. Makes you better at birth is just how it is in the nature, the game, that's an cycle to go over all seeing it. If you want some visual representation of the path to keep you there, you can go to flip side. Camp Dot com, one by my brother, Dakota Meyer, he makes art with layers with later the layers of free, think, while they do not further come with the cost of the art relate layers included layers- Yes
We ve designed some of the items there. Let him know like this would become if you want something you just request to code on Twitter? I think the best place we are asking it dot com. If you wanna get some cool stuff to hang up at your house back to psychological war, for you that whole thing is a playlist flick logic wherefore, even if it doesn't apply the illegal you not eating doughnuts. What playlist way work out eating donuts. I work out which most of us do not it still, like it puts you in this mindset of, like you, know, working and reaping results of work. It goes back to the party machete season when they talk about how the power of the audio into your urea that's what's happening, psychological refer, yes, go running year, you, like you, walk. You get done lesson that you're, not even thinking about the fact that you're thinking about the fact Yoda, just it's not illegal to thinking about the fact that you are thinking about the fact that Julius Tumult,
You wanna get the job that you want to attack your project. Oil. That's what's happened to hunt for censure also while your life, if you lifting at home, if we're doing the lifting of which I do, which you do, which a lot of us do actually people hit me up show me their homes set up awesome. You should kettlebells. In my opinion, kettlebells is one of them pretty much the biggest this first changes to my work out the most valuable change that I changed. My work functionality. Functionality like the bans on word. One time I was doing. You know you have introduced the at risk, control and varying levels of risk control. Depending on the position there are rolling. With a guy literally like he's like training release, my grip from his wrist or whatever and, like he's visibly angry cuz, he couldn't so I just sort of sat there and just let him like do it whatever, and I was just texting you cuz technically, you should be able to get out of that.
But I've been doing those kettlebells. So my wrist control is alot will say. The effectiveness is a lot higher unless original point kettlebells is where I get my cannibals from on it. So you are on it. Doc comes I shall there you can get these kettlebells and all the coolants due by the way. Like always, Darth Vader, my most recent one storm trooper kettlebells, my second most reach one and not to mention all the other primal bells and ledge, and those that have from there also add on it is the electrolyte mineral mix. That's part. My daily make mix with jockers discipline because at the mineral electrolyte mix water, maybe a little gator. If, if I'm feeling a little feisty, and on that, I take joint warfare and crude oil don't drink,
the second area, some books to railway the warrior kid three: where there's a will, it's all right now and frivolous garbage Four awesome pressure: some reviews so I know what you think of it, that that is cool if you have where they work. Why wave the work had three where there's well. That means you should also have way. The work had one in two number, two, old marks mission, also making the dragons best children's book written according to a lot of people. A lot of people dig it lotta people in tell me that and tons of people no seriously check out making the dragons help your kids overcome fear, fear of all kinds. Scott, the Disciples freedom field manual. If you need me,
I get after it. If you want the audio version that is on Itunes, Amazon, music and Google play us, we got extreme ownership and that I caught him leadership written by myself and my brother leaf. Bab and extreme ownership number one. The selling business book since it got released, did the whole time it's got. That will stop at its ethical, with a big step here here in person. Some people tell me, the dichotomy of leadership is better. It's a good combo, leave it at that echelon front. That is my leadership. Alt and see We do not solve problems through leadership. It is me, leave ban J P, not Dave, Berquin, Cochrane, MIKE's really might by my aunt Jane. Corner. If you need help in your organization with your leadership, which will help everything that you do in your business in your life, could echelon front dot com for data If you want to come to the muster.
You already missed Chicago. It was sold out your next for Denver December are sorry symptom. Nineteenth and twentieth vat is gonna, sell out in the December fourth and fifth and two Story, if you want to come to a sign of a square as you can see that you can actually go, you don't get all mad. You'll be mad at me, outwardly, but deepened how'd. You know do you and you and you procrastinating, you just get your game on. That's why you're not at the monster! So short, a kind of that checks we should talk on, the phone line should training is not in inoculation, it doesn't take one shot and now we're gonna go. You wanna follow up with it and that's it Udf on mine or, if you can't make it a monster for, have risen, grief online. Line. Interactive leadership, training check that out you have our mind our com and, of course, we have a over watch. If you have a company- and you want to get
I'm good leaders that understand the Prince most extreme ownership and apply them inside your organization, go to e f over watch dot com. We will deliver you a leader from the special based community or the combat aviation, carry that is ready to step into a role and led your company to victory. Also, if you wanna, hear more about it port in things like a wife, IVO or The highly intense shows from Charles or if you want to hear about leadership in war in human nature. From me between the two of us, we are on twitter, we are on interim, and we are on. Echo, is adequate Charles. At Java will again thanks to all the veterans out there, especially those like John Striker, Meyer,
volunteered. When tiered and volunteered again to do the hardest missions in the SK areas Four zero recognition by the way. Not even from your own friends and family, those are true heroes and we are forever indebted to them. We are also indebted to police and law enforcement. Fire fighters, paramedics, empties dispatchers, correctional officers, border patrols, secret service offered. Respondents. That's what people are safe here at home and to everyone else. No, that life can be stressful. But chances are. You are surrounded by elephant grass. Is twelve feet tall and burning In closing, in on your chances, are Europe being assaulted by envious soldiers? Chances? Are you
facing death, but at the same time, actually you are facing death. We are all facing death. So remember, like John Striker Meyer said, every breath of air is sweet and our gift is to be alive, said, go out there and live in until next time. This is ECHO and Jacko out.
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