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186: Taking A Secret War to The Enemy in Vietnam, w/ The Frenchman Doug Letourneau

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This is Jocko podcast number one. Eighty six with me: Jocker willing, among the newly minted special forces. Soldiers were done. This l, maternal skinny hundred thirty five pound, California cowboy John Shore, a blonde haired, slightly overweight, baby faced kid from Georgia in France, mcclosky a tough combat hardened veteran of the hundred first airborne division. Mcclosky arrived sporting seepage from a wound in the back of his head. This True of green brays had completed their special forces in country training programme and not trying to special forces group headquarters, we're sergeant. Not Trang asked for special forces soldiers to volunteer for a secret project they raised their hands in short order, they were flown to F o before in the northern sector of
Vietnam. I corps. Upon reporting in they were told Camp Commander, Colonel Jim, Warren would brief them in the morning on the sea and see mission in these days you. After more than a year of training for Le the game was on how much better. Could this get? It seems all his life had been preparing for this moment. Riding Rodeo Bronx and breaking nearly every bone in his body to wrangling animals for television shows like deck Tory and Cowboy in Africa. Starring Chuck, Connor's lieutenant eternal knew a little bit about your calculated risk. And after he had gone his hands on Robin Moors Book of the green arrays. He knew this was for him guerrilla warfare check counter insurgency, training check on conventional warfare check Are no couldn't wait to write his own story that
someday share with his dad a world war to be seventeen pilot and form P, W. Nothing, however, could have prepared him for the site that greeted him as he entered the transient barracks there onto the concrete floor and forever in his memory was the charred outline of a man's body. A grisly reminder of the twenty three August. Nineteen sixty eight attack on sixty before that Fateful evening north the enemy Sappermint Vietcong operatives killed eighteen Green brays in a carefully executed sneak attack. The dead beside of guerrilla warfare was blue home to him right. There he was in a war zone, the didn't play by any set rules, it was an unsettling event. The next morning after breakfast the trio. Over the Austrian chose, their code names, maternal,
Mcclosky ensure now became the Frenchman now move and Bob names that would stick with them far beyond their tours of duty in Vietnam,. Because s three was temporarily located in the headquarters section of F, O B. For since the attack, it was a quick shuffle into the briefing room with everyone else. An intense short that an intense short Black haired man wearing pajamas, slippers and bathrobe. Why, didn't smoking. A cigarette. Before a word, was spoken, colonel worn abruptly pulled a white sheet awful large map with a flourish and tossed aside and announced Welcome to see and see men, Turning to the large map that had black tape box target daddy designated on in louse. The DMZ and North Vietnam. He continued. This is what you volunteered for. This is why this is a topsecret project. If anybody asks the president can say, we have no men stationed in the EU,
That is why you we're sterile fatigues and carry no form of identification of any kind on your missions That's why you you agreed not to talk to anyone about this operation for at least twenty years are Hell reports land in the White House, Questions not waiting for a response, worn continued to explain the difference between spied teams and hatchet force elements. Where are they different f bees were located. How Ethel be three at case on was closed after the siege earlier in the year and how major Clyde. Sincere Junior had opened a site my lock now designated F, o b three fold an update on intelligence reports in the risk. Active areas of operations, colonel worn asked if anyone had any questions. Maternal raised his hand, Where do you need help, sir. We need man at F o one week:
to one zero one October fifth, and some of first special forces tv. Why troops from open our returning back to the island. The short term to shore mcclosky and asked how about it. F will be one sure nodded in the affirmative. Cross said no, I think I'll stay here, but nor turned back to warn and said will go heading toward shore surprised, Mcclosky response. Without missing a beat told the remainder of the ISAF troops in a room that he'd be right back He turned to return on shore and said. Follow me as he headed out o the briefing Roman into the S three operations centre he told the centre staff to get a king b f o before in an hour to transport. Latino and short f will be one s p. Next, He added ass one and told the clerk that the new bees were to be processed and clear to go too far by. An hour later, Pfc Latino inspect for sure the king be heading
worth two f o b one in that right. There is next Europe from the book across the fence which was written by John striker Meyer nickname tilt, Was a special forces soldier and sod Recon leader in Vietnam? and we went deep with tilt on podcast one hundred and eighty one hundred and eighty one and one hundred and eighty two, and if you haven't, listened to those podcast and stop this one right now and go back and listen to those first, you have already listen to those podcasting. You heard a little bit about, does the code name, the Frenchman, and you know that he was also a special forces soldier. Green Bray was also saw teen. Member in Vietnam and It is an absolute honour to have not only tilt back again on this podcast, but brought with him the Frenchman himself Douglas.
The one in the young gentlemen. Thank you for common on good to see you get good evening, sir, have good evening. Thank you for happiness. They agreed to beat your great to have you both here and yeah. Let's talk a little bit about how you ended up, but I mean we you, you got you glaze over the book, which were riding rodeo broncos were working in Hollywood Tamenay animals. What was your upbringing they got? You did they got you they're, believe it or not. I was born east delay in the boreal. Well, that makes sense not I know so. Living in the city. I not fortunate enough. When I got into high school then I got into a program called a future farmers of America gave me a whole different way of looking at life, and I ended up becoming a president of the chapter. I had several spanish speak
in spanish people in our chapter, one, the largest in all of southern California, as it turned out well. What these people I can. Came such good friends and their way of life still working the fields of the San Fernando Valley, which was still open. I tended to lean towards the country way of life, even though I was born and raised in the city I do nothing about anything in all, but city life I tried to break away from that through the organization and the stern, end of the San Fernando Valley, well one thing lead to another and I learned about you could go rodeo air there was a place that I could go right in practice. We could do bull right and wrong riding in bareback riding. All the three
we're we're always ask iridescent several, and this was actually out thousand old, It also occur there. They had a ranch right there and not with deep and now Coopers is what it was called knows. He's, and now we could go out on a Wednesday night and Saturday and Sunday and ride and have jackpots I got into it and then one thing lead to another. I got into college and I've in the college in a clean team, and we traveled in Brody Odin and, as I would through college. I became adapt. And got into open with broken horses and on my own role, Parson The way a life changed from being a city. Slicker too cowboy where'd you go to college. I started Pierce Junior College. In Woodland Hill from car saffron out a valley, and then ended up with the cow Polly.
Now those avispa mustanger here. So it through courses there and now, but basically ah we just just kept on going and then with the tv series. It were, popular were lotta. Animals There was an opening to be a wild animal trader, the USA and Sand Canyon new hope. So I jumped up there your. How old? Are you at this point night, I'm twenty hooker and wild animal turn? It sounds like you know with yet another colleague jumped up there and before I knew it, I was handling Clarence, the Cross outline Judy the chip and then They had a rope horse there they used and they want to meet. Dakota Duke, and they wanted me to go out and capture all these animals by reopening they knew I could rope theirs actual picture of me on the front
the pig string that was produced out Lancaster, Antelope Valley, me on the front, cover rope and a tiger, this ward off his horse. That's what I did and our development elephants and I wrote YO healed Emma healed giraffes in an hour. I headed a white rhino form It was a common attitude. I turned him back and you know we day with you all these, they call a veil. Avail would be open. Land is its african term and We just turn these animals loose, but somebody had to go. Get em I actually got to work on the other, tv series that was very popular called doc, Tare And people would,
the trucks they were zebra trucks. I went on Youtube and checked out some Doc Tory own footage, classics, you're, really Edna, but it was shot and like Africa, but actually was all done right. There new all saw the compound itself From there we ran into a serious called the cowboy in Africa we bought Johnny, Chuck honors in it and He was the star and Hugh O Brien? It actually done the original movie theirs of Cowboy in Africa and they shouted in Africa. But here they're gonna shoot it here in the United States and so got to work with Austria, Jews and all kinds of different animals that they had to have around the. Compound of the house that he was working out of in the series, but one thing left to another, but as it turned out one night, somebody had amino ragged book is called green
hey Robin more and I looked at it and read it couldn't put it down, and I said this is to be something that this Vietnam WAR has been going on for quite a while. I grew up almost listen to it. Every day gotta be something going on that. I need to contribute. And I think this is what I want to do. I went down the next day very next day and signed up, What were you resent? How old were you as twenty? and this was like September just before it was like, I say, because I went in September. First saw it was the day before so so August. 30th of what you're the nineteen sixty eight. Nineteen nineteen sixty seven. Seventy sixty seven years, and no. I actually entered the service and light out September. First, nineteen sixty seven
By that time he had obtained. Eyes, degree bike tending classes and night, so TAT going before your programme, the cause. Three years. Well, I graduated when I was seventeen from high school from high school guy classes at into classes the night there s like the the attitude towards the Vietnam WAR ten sixty seven you're from the I mean it's better when we think a Hollywood. Now we think of people that just are you know this data. Everything that has to do with the military most the time, and you are kind of in that Hollywood. Seen hang around with all these people, but that didn't rub off on you at all. It didn't happen that way in sixty seven sixty eight it wasn't like, was marked our partner. I was shocked when I got back and I actually visited Bubba in Don Peach tree in Atlanta. Georgia- and there was an anti-
Rally Vietnam Rally going down the street and I look the window. I said Babo The world is, that is those her and I wore protestors, I've, never seen it never heard of it? But in sixty seven there. Everybody was still pretty patriotic garden. Didn't have that situation and now what about your old man? Who was now he was you raised as a sign of a guy was a bee. Seventeen pilot, yes, a war hero in itself was, he ran. Thirteen missions are able to actually at first two missions in world the Berlin he was on First, two missions, the bomb Berlin itself, but he flew through team missions on its thirteenth mission, they gave him a brand new airplane because his airplane had been shot up so bad with his crew that he brought from the United States.
And flowed over to England that they had to do a brand new airplane that morning and he took off, and he had nine hundred ninety nine planes behind him. He was point that day and he went over argot called schwaiger for as it turned out, shhh wafered in in forty four had lost fifty six airplanes and this day his entire squadron of twenty two out of twenty three were to be shot down. That day, and he was the first one down, and they were you
he knew tactics the Nazis were when they would line up of Mr Smith's and one o nines and not in a row and go right through instead of coming around or going on top. They just go right through they didn't care if they lost the planes or not, and then they had fought with one nineties behind them and that they too, All these planes in the very led just start the battle, but no one could ever figure out why swine flu was so protected and so many losses every time that was tried to be bond and Garrick during the Nuremberg trials, he admitted that it was the only ball bearing factory. Their Germans owned
now barberries or would have been over within a matter of a few months, and this whole war went on and on and on because neither the british or the U S, configure figure that out and they should have Bob did every day as what he said, and if the war would have been over what they would have had to survive. But just a cork and the whole situation, but my dad ended up being I first airborne person in our them in HOLLAND, following an halo law himself, went out to do when they find out ten thousand feet when he jumped because eyes plain caught on fire and they could Stinguished shit, his engines, we're on fire and he couldn't the bomb Bay doors. The hydraulic system had been shot up, he'd lot, His radio operator Hannah twenty millimeter right through his stomach, and they had to put up parachute on him and just shoving about that, the bottom door and not it was pretty high.
Eddie Hectic plain blew up in mid air, but those that could got out and made the free fall to the ground and I'll pull their chutes. And anyway, my dad was attacked by farmers with pitchforks and, thank God, the Gestapo and the SS. Were there two retrieving and push the farmers back? He thought he was going to die there in the whole, he sprained his ankle and he was kind of out of it and now but anyway they hauled him, often strung him up and try to make him talk. And you know the usual serial number name in rank and and they put him install log one, which was an all Officer, Camp ahead ten thousand officers that had been shot down at camp all the listen and went to enlisted stocks and he's thirteen months in the Pr W camp
and then one morning they woke up and the Russians were there, the Russians liberated, and now he was TAT taken home and that's the story and he became a well known for in our town for what he did, plus he had two brothers, I'll glum was given a silver star by patent general patent himself in France, pinned on his chest My uncle Eddie flew corsairs, so the literal brothers were quite act as there were, so I had a lot to follow so I ran various there had I, I ran thirteen missions. How ironic right, where ran thirteen missions and one bright light, would we your dad came home. What did he do? Did he get out of the army? Did he, where's army, are core knows to wasn't the air force
and so he He tried doing a little Barton, even in a little this little that, but he had bidden construction. He actually was partnered up with his. My grandfather, like my grandparents maternal and maternal construction company and he filtered by into the construction and stuff, the building because they needed homes, every Ali soldiers coming home and he built most Burbank Glenn Dale in time, and that did always did quite well and got into commercial build means, and now I sort of followed up into them. Footsteps eventually after I got back from the service so you when you enlisted What did your out your dad view about that
well. He was not not happy about it because I gave him a days notice. I said I'm gone gone in the service, I'm gonna go to Vietnam and I'm gonna be a green break, but. When we and I enlisted? They couldn't give me that the only Emily that they could not give because- it wasn't guaranteed. They could guarantee me anything else. They wanted me to be an officer design, a degree, and I said no- I'm not gonna go no cs. I wanted. I want to go and be whatever it takes to be in special for as it turned out long run whether you really want to hear the whole story it's up. You, but I did and up. Being a green Bray and going through the processes and going through all the volunteer and being accepted and going into it and I'm past it. But during that time, I'm here
to realize I'm just an e two. I went in Isn T one. I'm an e too. And the lowest wrecking there is the Emma less than I actually graduated with, was approved I am aware that only a few would make ten and now, heavy weapons they go can't be heavy weapons unless you're in a five or above but my turn came up to go in front of the panel my name be an l. That's made it documented. That's why I can say this. I was the first ie to ever to be accepted for weapons. Emily S, training, I think, because I told him exactly what I had in mind. I said come Monday morning we already gone through our phase. One and I've got my Green Bray and I said we need to go into m? Alas, this? What Monday? I can start. I said when that's em
What is done is so happens face. Two of graduation exercised or near go out in the field for two weeks in survival mode. I said it will start immediately the following Monday, I said, and I can be in vienna- in the next three months and they look. At me and said you got it So if you look at the orders everything from El Disease, there was a he too E3 E4, was weapons class, because I started something that couldn't be turned back the tide that mattered. So what I got to Vietnam, and my first assignment that efforts be one. I'm now Pfc, E3 and Pat walk. Who has the d sea? thing: reserves cross from his time. In our knock August, twenty third, when Ethel before was attacked,
He told everybody thereby be one bad son of a bitch coming up here because he's up CS eleven Charley S ass if he said he's been busted down so far. He got it beat about a soldier working on the lamp, and I know what I showed up and he looked at me. He goes you are appear, hides green grass noon Dudley. She's been trained. Are as a good, that's a good way to kick off man up on F will be one that would you would you go through the check? How long was the along with the block? Turning that you ve got your book camp. How long was the s s? Training was at total. Well, I had to go to boot camp and that's where I had to volunteer to even be go through. The acceptance trying to be assigned to a staff, training, Then I went in to advance. I t witches advance, in french retraining, you had to go through that.
And are you also had to sign up for airborne training, so he had to go through all all the best. Dixon. Come out as an eleven b, which was a small infantry arms so anyway, ah The job you jump school, but I went through the day nomination, part of their taking tests and physical tests and swimming everything, and then interviews with the. Safe guys that were there that were in charge of selecting who was gonna Gulf WAR. Start out with three hundred and fifty men volunteering to go through this acceptance, the elite Thirty five and the end of the deal. I was one of the thirty five hour I went on to airborne school. The next day and night went through jumped school at Fort. Then in Georgia, They put us after our last jump, which was out of the old car one nineteen and then they
came in with the new jets Anna, so I I can promise proud that and we will on a bus that night all the way to Fort Bragg, got there in the morning, hours of Saturday Saturday Morning and then Monday morning we were information for our very first day of training since in in special forces and that that block their will. Two weeks, Ireland, survival phase. One then eight weeks of training. After now and then another two weeks of art. Adulation exercises where were trained to overtake government. That's what's many forces does is actually over take over governments and train guerrillas to do so, and not so then thirty
days later, I was in Vietnam. I'm sure the focus must be like a hundred percent on the hell you're going to Vietnam. We know you're going to Vietnam. This is what it's going to be like this. What you're dealing with when I graduated the colonel stood, in front of us ahead of all of trading, grew and said. I dont want one of you to volunteer for fifth group spent Vietnam. We spent too much money on you he's gonna, go there die you stay here pick any other group. I'm going to go down the line with the command sergeant major and he's going to tell me what group you want to go to. I had twenty three graduates in my class all but three volunteered for Vietnam. He was not happy I don't think like white is. Why is someone during the Vietnam WAR gonna join special forces unless they want to go to Vietnam? I mean exactly, but
In my mind, there was something wrong it had been going on for years and- special forces had been there before it was a war advising and I just could not figure that out, and I say I've got to go on- to see. Why is taken so long? longer than the World WAR two. Five years saw Why has it taken so day long? So I said gotta get there and do something about My attitude was front. It's coming is gonna handle this sea. Oh I see here. Aren't I wanna go to the book here? Don't you see? This is gone back to across the fence and dumb, obviously told everyone to buy this. I've been reading chunks of it and, if you haven't bought it yet, just by it right now
written by John Shrike admire. So this is a sector where he's he's writing about the Frenchman. So here we go within twenty four hours. The turn on shore we're on canteens, it half will be wanted. The immediately began training, immediate reaction, drills weapons and explosive, straining reviewing team S, o peas, practicing helicopter extractions on strings and practising wiretaps October yielded to November many of the members of the two recon begin to build a report because they were doing so much training together on the food by range. In addition, maternal, ensure could also quickly, learned that the veteran indigenous personnel on their teams were highly skilled and fearless warriors one night. All eternal was recording a verbal message for his parents on his portable Cosette player lap. The Point man on Sd Virginia came into his room and spoken to the rapporteur,
I want to tell you: parents of private letter know not to worry about him. We respect him and I'll, keep an eye out for him and don't worry if an enemy shoots at him I'll catch the bullets with my body. Your son, thank you for sending him to Vietnam. He's a good soldier tat. He was a kid was like sixteen years old and he was our appointment Who knows how many kills he had? He was fearless. His parents had been both killed. He was in adopting the song. He was right. He lived and fought and sock where any prided himself. Trying to learn how to speak English because he wanted to be number one interpreter yeah how'd. You, parents, like that did you ever get the tape they got? the tape I wish. I knew where they were they
ass away. We couldn't find em but yeah It was amazing and my dad new right then, and there I wasn't coming all he knew I was coming home and he didn't. He had to try to keep my mother from figured that out, but he knew that I would not be let come Paul because of the secret missions he figured they would the government would take me before they would. Let me come home with what I knew and lap as a kind of you to me self may amuse ally that you never heard about that. We worked with every day we live today. Thanks to them, we are lives to him. We do. A couple can be part, stir distractions I have thirteen string extractions,
thirteen for thirteen. Yes lucky thirteen, so my dad said he had thirteen hundred bombing hours flight hours, but he also had thirteen months an appeal w any was also shot down on Friday, the thirteenth April of thirty April from thirteenth, no superstition here how much less right continuing on a few, as before, Thanksgiving Sd Virginias one zero children announced that an operation ordered come down from the S three. The team had a mission in the western section of the DMZ in I'm real fast forward a little bit here too, of a guy named Mcgovern quite spoken. Mcgovern gave him a wry half smile and said we can have that. You need to have car fifteen for your first mission. Follow me the duel,
ordered Mcgovern's room. He opened his marker and pulled out a clean car fifteen and handed it till the. This is a your car fifteen. He said, according to official army records, this car fifteen was written off as a combat loss at F, O b three in case on meeting. As far as the army's concerned, this weapon doesn't exist. Some day after successful tour of duty in Vietnam. If you're so inclined, you can take this baby home with you because doesn't exist but You can see it does and it's a sweet weapon. It never failed me, and I know that since your weapons manual take good care of it? Up to this, point: youth use m16 for all this training. Now with his car fifteen, he was ready to take on the world true There was a meeting weapon. You see that picture book has the picture of the year
Then, just Jos Rock in those twenty round mags I every terrorist. Those pictures you guys are those twenty round MAX. I just I was we carry. I carried twenty five level stuffed into the canteen covers Weedin carry food per se all my food. I am deeply sewed into my sleeves up on my shoulders left and right, and I would run up drug dehydrated rice with electrical tape. Instead of one full ration, I took one full ration of food and cut it into five different days from maximum output and Willie. Once a day- and we just put- we only had for courts water because we didn't want to carry any more weight or any more anything else but ammunition. We carried all ammunition gurney
AIDS and seventy nine shells cause we carried sawed off them. Seventy, nine and so That's all we carried was ammunition because when we go in that's our supply, there's no resupply, it's all up to us and many a time we came back with nothing and had resupply ourselves because we got down to the last point: many times twenty five. It was your legitimate. You load outweighed yes my web gear, with all the clips and everything in it and all the water all at Wade. Seventy five pounds, my rucksack because I carried the radio the pr see twenty five C4 claymores blasting caps on everything that you needed an extra antenna. All that stuff inside was another seventy five pounds.
I wait hundred thirty five. I cared a hundred fifty pounds in the field Yeah, that's crazy! That's that's crazy! but that everybody's load, the Indian. Our mercenaries. They carry probably honoured thirty pounds, and they pride in way more than two hundred twenty on in fifty years, continuing on opportunity arrived on Thanksgiving Day. Ninety, sixty eight after their cleared at the law, try launch site Quainter right click. The tree clung tree launch site, Sd Virginia in your boarded the king bees and headed west to the target area with three American and enforce Alfie enemies. Team members laugh the seventeen year old, hard core point. Man who had Run many missions home there. It is home the interpreter Chow
the M seventy nine operator and com cowboy Doan who had fought valiantly besides Lynn En Bloc, junior with S t Alabama the second sikorski turned westward two hundred thirty five pound maternal went through a mental check list of everything he was carrying Mcgovern's car fifteen, the purest you, twenty five FM radio, an extra battery for it sought off office every nine M, some nine grenade launcher a twenty two calibre high standard. Still with a silencer ammunition for all weapons hand, grenades gas mask smoke, grenades a camera. In five special bags of dehydrated rice we realize you're carrying more than a hundred pounds a year. His inner far were jarred when the door Gunnar test fired, is thirty caliber machine gun without announcing his intention, Danny one within a matter of seconds that can be caught power and began a tight downward spiral into the Elsie where children, lieutenant hone
lap were already waiting. The dizzying downward spiral ended as the pilot read the engine and landed on the Elsie Joel accepted the aged thirty, four, with turnover and cowboy following him into the Woodbine connecting with the remaining members. The team the king be lifted off and the Elles quickly cleared the target area and then was absolute silence so there's your first on your first mission insert right there. My first answer: you talk about I do not know what the gold, but we just dropped out of the sky, nowhere I mean. It was adrenaline rush, but you know I did and tigers rhinos and I've and Bulls and Bronx and in it it just came to me you know, but it, but it was. I mean I'm here all my training, all that,
over a year I'm here this is it. This is the day now. You question whether you're gonna stand up to it. Cuz, you know the enemies there we didn't go therefore cause it wasn't. We went there because there was a trail that needed to be followed and find out. Who is the net? they are the door Gunnar test firing at thirty gal just is a good wake up call, though I'm sitting in the door this right over my head, the captain, and not only that our king bees were so stripped they were so light compared to that your age. Thirty, four marine ships they could fly him in height, we could get up and over in those mountains in those high ranges and stuff, and but they ripped oil and they had oil going down your neck,
a shot that thirty cal over the top of the hot brass hit me in the neck. I'm going all in Criminy. You scared the crap out of the almost jumped out and landed. Yet through the book. The audio contrast was startled. Startling maternal senses adjusted the quiet he scooped out. The Elsie, which was in a deep valley between three juggled covered mountains, gradually sounds of the jungle. Resurfaced: birds, chirping bugs humming. After ten minutes, children's singing the colonel to read: covey with the team. Ok, the insertion was successful. Now enemy activity evident this move, the team toward the first mountain movement was slowed by tall elephant grass, and the only communication between the team members was hand signals the team in ten minute interval, stopping every ten minutes to listen to what was going on around it.
After more than our the team finally emerged from the elephant. Grass has continued to climb the first mountain Maternal turner was on hyper alert, his heart pounding hard, whether sitting in a long rest period or moving up the mountain near the top of the mountain lap. Pointed out an observation platform that had been cut to the jungle high off the ground. From that platform, Anyone could observe the Elsie and the valley where the team was inserted, as well as the other open areas that could be used for landing helicopters, a trail watcher been sitting on the platform when S T Virginia flew into the Elsie. If so, where was he headed and when with the NBA hit the team late. In the day, the team finally reached the top of the mountain and found a wide well used trail. Turning first thought was could anyone be out here in the middle of this, in the middle of nowhere in this thick jungle regard
was the team set up its night perimeter far above the trail? Where could see any one moving, while remaining camouflaging out of sight? At last light children made the final combo check with Covey, as the team settled in for its first night in the jungle, it was not invent for my did a midnight Kamel check with Hillsboro the night command aircraft that flew high. Above the Jim in trail in the DMZ and checked in with coffee in the early morning. After the team, a breakfast and shifts Childers directed lapped move parallel to the trail, with cowboy as a tale Gunnar in the line of marginal and maternal walking in front a cowboy. T moved slowly in less than ten minutes intervals before taken breaks to listen to the surrounding sounds they did this, because moving the trail was fraud. With inherent risks. So there's your first night out in the jungle relatively mellow, it was what
the mosquitoes were huge. We war corvettes around our heads, we actually use those four tourniquets is more as we could pull him down over our ears and face, grounded and pick does mosquitoes out the next stake, as they were like cranes and then you have to realise too that's. It first meal for an entire day with hundred hundred degree weather and only one quarter, water, a ship in the morning, a sip at noon A little bit for the dehydrated rice at night and a sip this wash down with them. There's one court gone for the day. It couldn't allow yourself to drink ever
except on those intervals, and you didn't you didn't, did you guys plan debris, resupply water, like did you guys? Look the maps and see Nazi rivers rethink, not streams? No, nothing! so you plan one quarter day. One quarter day. We think that is not healthy. I know you know your trainer, that's what we had to allow ourselves because of the weight of a girl in the waters. In point five is so we had to judge our weight, verses, ammunition, We that's what we train ourselves to do with that. We also took pills, so we wouldn't go to the bathroom either because they could smell you on smell and American. That's what we had to eat, rice and eat. It thing they ate. Otherwise they smell you MRI
C rations, all that stuff they could smell at four mile and they have trackers out there and you had to watch for those which I think you'll get to, but just that water rations. What you have I I train myself here to do that. I did that all the time because we figured we'd be out in the sixth day we come out in the sixth day, so we'd have no water on the last day, but we can survive the five days. Javert, take any HE casualties, guys that went down from lack of water. Actually, never did that's amazing Never in the desert. We would even a training guys we'd have guys go down like honour on a day day operation. I have guys go down from lack of water. I've heard go down and training in the state side, but I never had any our guys we are on track to say we will talk when agenda is a little different in the desert to her yeah and because you got shade
here. Triple canopy see your you actually are got shade on over the topic. You not open areas you never go in an open area. You always follow the canopy
we have to move slowly, because it's so darn thing. So it takes time and you have the tale. Gunners job is to cover the trail. Try to put if everybody walks in everybody's footprint. If you try that's what you're supposed to do, everybody has an area. The cover one guide turns the right, and the other guy turns the left point. Man covers the one, eighty in front tail, gonna cousin one. Eighty and back, and now we train like that, we don't turn our backs and look at what the other guys doing. We only concentrate on our area and keep that area clean unless we have to move in that direction and we all turn that way and move if it's a precision said: precision movement that weak practice. We train like that. Every time we were back in camp, we train how to move
That's why our team Virginia and RT, Idaho or survivable teams, besides having the luck of the gods with those you know from WI, to make your own luck a little bit throughout your wee wee. That old time like we would train all the time would patrol around the compound rehearse rehearse. We rarely get his orthodoxy would risk and that in and out of the trucks lay and here we have a big, a bigger giant, doktor tray transport troops in, but we did you arrange with those things and we practise get now. You know like ok as if this takes you seven seconds if you're in a firefight, lemmings efforts access you ve long time to be trying to get out of a truck that people are launching grenades at you know, and We'd practice. We could do it quickly do at night dude in the dark due to gear on. You know, reverse order. Do it again and that's what we do so that we'd be. You know ready we for those which we did the same thing we actually working out.
Therefore, before we had island called Monkey Mountain and we go over there and we set up a course to walk from one side to the other and that's how we were train so that we we could continue upgrade oh, how we walked, and you guys didn't try to talk to talk to tilt about that. You guys didn't bring mosquito nets in the field to wear over your head. Never that would What we had was what they call believe it or not. They had mosquito repellent was? U S, army issue but we also had MAX factor that did the makeup ok, what's at all about the grease pay, first pay or a flood of law there What we would do is take the repellent and mix it in our palms. Scored in our palms put the grease, pain and our palms, and then
but the paint or our face or to cover our highlights, there's no reflections and not besides that I used electrical tape and wrapped up my my trousers at the bottom around my my boots, so to keep the leeches out, but all that closed off, and then I also did that around the risk of my arms and then we war, we are car, fifteen's or so hot that we had to wear gloves with a few fingers cut out among we look like Michael Jackson, way before his time and wish you going back to Greece, pain idea like them. You didn't know that not enough children, some game will lay the leaf days later this year, repellent in Greece Paint mixed together. Made a very gooey mass, but it would keep, them off your face in all
and when you are at night, when they were at their worst, you can pull that corvette down and keep him out of here. Years, and they would stay off your face because they don't want anything to do with, and we always carry just a little extra weathers to keep it going. You know cause being out there for five days. You know the most that most that most of the time get shot out in a day two days three days, but I had the look of having several five and seven day missions. I said I was able to stay out a long time as our teams progressed further and deeper. They didn't think we go that far, but we with deeper than anybody could ever go. We got down to some of our missions, Leyla with one minute on time. With the king me
there was no bringing us out once they dropped us on the ground it was over with they had to go back and get fuel. So no ten minute station time. They just drop you and left at two, but they weren't expecting us that far we could get right into him. Catch him off guard alright go back to the book as Steve Virginia moved at the second mountain cowboys. Maternal begin to hear women's voices off the trail, cowboy urge the turn out to go explore. The soundless journal shook his head no and the king. They had to stay with the team cowboy. You spoke, broken English repeated the suggestion. Adding it could be a small envied village. We could kill everyone and make the envious beaucoup angry. We wanna let them no weaken heard them the same way. They attack our camps and villages. Maternal
gin declined and gave him the hand signal to plant some M fourteen antipersonnel mines on the trail behind them in The envious soldiers were trailing them. The team moved on maternal planted a few more topers and mark their locations on his map, fur recovering them expertly. He laid down some powdered mustard gas on the ground for any tracker dogs that might follow their trail. The mustard gas was left over from world war, one how it land If food by remained a mystery to return the Good NEWS, it was that it still worked. The fact that it was the first was confirmed during the next when the team heard a dog how in anguish after snorting some of the old mustard gas, maybe work that well because a few minutes later, the dog back on the teams trail I told the turn or to use his pistol the killed a dog, the turn of mind, flash back to special forces, training group or instructors had said the same thing: Maternal pulled out the twenty two quiet,
move back down. The trail took off his rock rucksack and moved a few more food before lying down on the ground, facing the trail the dog never realized. The Turner was there when the door. About ten feet away Maternal fired one shot instructed between the eyes killing him instantly Kane I dropped in his tracks out turn those view unaware of what had happened, the dogs handler moved up the trail he got near the dead dog when he got near the deck dog stepped on a toe popper, maternal cowboy heard the envious screaming in pain and anguish. They and behind figuring he would die shortly. The team moved further up the mountain, with return Owen Cowboy, providing where security again turn on cowboy heard women's voices below them again. Cowboy urged the turn out to go downhill and attack the encampment and again maternal declined that's so these guys are on you. Obviously, at this point, when
when you are, you guys are still had not the mountain, because yes, but but do you think you can get away from them a boy? What is your point was your. What is your? What are you trying to accomplish at this point at this point which get away from the tracker, but I to take care of the tractor. We we don't know how many people are there. We appearing the voices of women's voices blow us Cal. Keeps wanting me to go down there with him, trying to confuse the whole situation cuz. He wants to kill him cuz. He says, it'll make a mad, then they'll come after us and we really get into it. Cowboy just got off a mission on October. Fifth, which is in the book, were They decimated
a ten thousand men division of all things, eight and a half hours. They took down eighty five percent of them with an ape man team. It credible, but it's true real, and here they stack bodies up for sandbags. That's how many they were killing so fast, but he was insistent. But I told we can't do that because accounts Let the team I have to do it. Might one zero says: I'm just the one to unload man on the total failure ill and there is even a lieutenant weathers, but these he's the one one he's bullet he's actually below my sergeant, because there's no rank in song That was one of the things that always took me back was there was no rankings inside in carry rank, we didn't wear rank. Whoever was there the longest lived, the longest was the tent head man
he's the one zero wherever lived alongside was one zero and that's how it went down. At10 was killed. The one one took over and use it took over the team from there on until he was killed, and then the next one the one to would take over and you would cuz he'd stepped up to the one one position: that's how we progressed with our teams, because everybody was killed. One has as it as we went along. We were just lucky, but I did lose my one. Zero guns and no cars, Childers went home and he was lost to an automobile accident and so issues, but that's how they progressive At this point, zero first mission you got it's like
I'm trying to do everything right, yeah and you're. Getting the full benefit, I first mission: you got the dog track in you, you got the Nva encampment down below. You have been women's voices. You got the tractor coming up behind the dog amid these at the top operators, is like, and we know in everything everything Europe open for year. It is in respect- and we know the enviers there the jungle that families are there, so we know course we're on we're. Thinking too maybe they're there, the trackers families to you know because they would hire trackers. They tell the trackers you either track for us will kill you, and so they have no choices, because they're, just India edge out there, trying to survive so you're trying to get up the mountain get away from the tracker. Was it possible to shake the trackers was possible, the like actually lose em, sometimes sometimes
Or did you feel like once the trackers we're on you? You were pretty much hadn t your extract exactly exactly because they were. They were communicating in some way of fashion and let the NBA no, we fought regular juice whenever shot fought them Vietcong that they call the Vc Wee Wee wee, actually fought uniformed, ah NBA, and not the regular army that the north it means had we needed to get off the keep off the trail and keep going that because we need to find out where this trail was going. This was our mission to try to figure out where this trail with it. We did accomplish it in the end, because I went on a second major issues later in the book and not. I found actually went into North Vietnam with inserted on Christmas, a sixty eight in north Vietnam on same trail, but higher up and that's
hold different story, but we're going back to this story, Here we go by the time maternal completed his last ray. You called a covey. Team was enveloped in darkness and team members began to set up a perimeter for the night dawn without any enemy activity with Covey flew over the team. In the morning, he warned Childers that a team was being extrapolate extracted under heavy fire and another was being inserted into a top priority target. Sit tight was the last instruction from Covey Sd Virginia didn't move from its quiet spot alongside the mountain during lunch hour, the member each member state and shifts and maternal went out to inspect the claymore minds. The team had deployed to ensure the NBA hadn't turned the devil, explosive devices around to face toward them. We completed his inspection, maternal found a log sit behind. The envious would actually do that. They call up your perimeter. Turn your claim triple canopy, you don't. You could pass some up within
feed of you could be two feet away from you would know what that's how thick the jungle is in You would see a foot here, you think combat. You might see a foot, you shoot the foot flung she shot. The foot you know he was down he will go survive. They had no hospitals help, so you can count doubt as it is a kill. You know, but you can see you ve just had to move down the jungle, it up. Guess where they're out The green traces Coronel gave you clue. Dear yeah just shocking to me the day they would crawl up and try to turn around your claim more mines so that when
when they attacked you than you clock, offer claymores and boom you're actually claim morning yourself later on, the sea I ate gave us a piece of equipment that I carried that had a little threat out of a box, and you can wrap that whole thread around here. It you encampment, or were you always right the moment and put it in your ear? And if that's thread was broke, it would sound a buzzing noise in your ear and you knew somebody came through. It could have been an animal, but you knew somebody came through your perimeter. Nea had to put it in front of all your claymores and then to stop it. You just little batch: aren't it used
next day next type, but once we had that my by perimeters were always covered going back to the book later in the afternoon, Childer signalled the team to pull in their claim or minds, repair to move out. The combined weight of his rucksack and web gear, maternal move to his knees and sluggish rucksack on his back. Just as it landed on his back Forty seven to open fire maternal was slammed the ground face. First, the IMF. So severe. He thought he had broken his nose startled maternal jumped up at his car fifteen, pointing toward the eighteen, forty seven gunfire that was near the front of the team surprised that there was no envying near him, maternal removed. The rucksack to discover that for a k, forty seven rounds had ripped through the twenty Ray pound pure see? Twenty five?
He reached into an especially especially tailored pocket honest for teachers, which were sown with vertical zippers one on the left side of the shirt and one on the right side between the top and bottom of the pockets of those shirt it pulled. His? U r, c ten emergency, radio and I cast a general alert for any aircraft in the area. Sd Virginia was declaring a prairie fire emergency this- is that your first fire from the enemy who could shot in the radio for four rounds in the radio knock. You doubt, yeah I didn't know nothing at all. I knew in my but knows was busted. I thought it was anyway and I M going I'm having to think what am I supposed to do, and I might was my first reaction. Meanwhile, my one zero children of man is hell at me because he says bring that damn radio could do crap for us. I should work, and I think it shot up in
I said I don't work is no signal in so I brought it to him we'll. Needless to say, I was standing up what I brought it to him. And he's laying on the ground and he grass pieces can't you just get down or the AK. Forty seven rounds are hitting all over us we're in the middle of a firefight artwork returning fire me, I'm Standing there in shock, pulls because it growled saved. My life in pieces, He looks at the radio real quick and he goes. The intent has been shot off. There was the fifth round that went through it. A reach between my rucksack. And my web gear and pulled out? sparrin Jeddah and scrutiny on and we had come up here was good AIR Edition where's give just then Watkins is flying over our copywriter and he called we
He assess what was going on. He could see it from where his location was in the air. You could see we were taking massive amounts of fire. He called extraction from country name. They brought the king and get us. We had. Being read the area, the idea, once you got that once you got once you got the radio back for you started work in children screams in the radio. We need an extra now declaring prairie fire merged C. Is anyone out there with a second or two? There was a response: calm down children I realize you're under fire, said a covey rider. At that moment, several aged forty seventh opened up from the woodland near the log. Will Latino had been unceremoniously slammed on to his face lap and cowboy return fire cover? Her continued we heard Your team declare a prairie fire emergency on the guard frequency and have rallied the cavalry. What's your mark,
Do you have an Elsie insight before children said a word in the radio? He turned to maternal and said see it works. Suppose we left over the envious. Never I say never ever leave a radio behind to emphasise that point. The NBA open fire again his lap took as that big Looking for an Elsie while moving the team down the hill away from the most concentrated envying gunfire, cutting return- oh no slack, Childers roared, tell Covey, will give him a fix in five minutes will probably need strings to get out of here. I got We can make it into the valley. Where can we can be, can pick us up without missing a beat maternal who, for the first time, felt for burning stings and his back repeat those words to Covey, while he in cowboy begin providing cover fire The tale element of the team then Maternal nodded, a cowboy who ignited several claymore minds at the team and set out on the perimeter. Those minds only sold the envious for a few seconds before doesn't debris from
blast settled the envious soldiers were moving through it toward cowboy maternal. Without saying a word, the two men took turns firing at the enemy while moving down the hill rotating. And each other cowboy wood fire several burst from his car fifteen and then reload as you reloaded Latona would open fire providing cover covering fire for the team. The clock cover, move scenario. Yes, just the way we drill it. That's right I just came natural, believe it or not. Just came natural. What part? it just came natural loading far larger floating fire move loading far and just we we had to get in the team came together our firepower. You can only imagine what a full team firepower, withal car fifteen's and seventy nine play more money.
He's goin off. They knew they had a battle, but they were overpowering us there, I talked about this with tilt as well like the determination of of them. Were you Think of the insurgents insurgent army? You know their rule. As I say we don't. We need to fight we'll need to win this fire fight. We don't need to win this battle axe we're going to be here for a long time. We can wait, we will fight when you want to fight it it's the way. They attacked you guys and lot took so many losses, but continued depressing continue to press actor. Their fighting spirit was high. Well, let me give you a backdrop on that. Maybe tilt hasn't even got that after the war is over with in history, starts evolving in the books and people start asking questions we find out that they ve got. Forty thousand troops Hunt Miss down Hutton Sagres down and there's a huge bounty, honest. We heard hundred thousand two hundred thousand dollars
the killer, american sovereignty and they had a kill, an american award, they kill somebody they got. You and a bonus and their instant heroes in her noise forever. It meant everything to them to kill us and they put forty thousand troops designated that we had tied up because they wanted to kill us as we did so much damage tool go here near speaker, damage during one shore law cowboy again, plan d, claymore mine in the direction of the advancing envy aim: Maternal dug out another claymore from his rucksack and placed a ten second delay fuse in it. When the envious again advance cowboy ignited his grey mind, claymore, mind when the envious moved again toward the team, colonel ignited his views and ran down the hill with cowboy to catch up to their team before they reach the team.
To be forty antipersonnel rockets slammed in the trees above them showering them with shrapnel a few. Exploded is la turnover, cowboy moved down the hill, the ten second, then the ten second fuse ignited another claymore. It broke Bob precious time for the gun and run team of maternal cowboy covered ground and catch up with the remainder of S. T Virginia. Would you drill point those claymores where the ten second fuse and hold them up and set them up. I mean you know it takes like a little bit of time to do that because pre rigged, where you could you stick em in the ground? How did you guys do that? We did We are pre rigged, everyone we can't have you blasting camps with your? U yours, they they hit by scheduled gonna blow you to smithereens the abbot, those precious seconds with me, and I had mine and my ransacked pre rigged
you go air would with Barbara, had his pre cut, so we had to fight second ten seconds and then longer than you had actual cracker itself with the forced and accord that you could blow to give you more does how long was that court fifty feet the defeated, so you could put this claim we're down tree pullback than they hit the hand held there as we do have. One mission will unify. Second above are put in place. Pre cut him ready go so you just Diffuse and pull it, stick it in the ground. Yet, although stakes prefer the yacht standard, glamorous, Yassum, German, the ground and you're good Senor send those things up in my ten second class. She always had to make sure there had pointed the right. Why has indeed, I point towards the Enron towards enemy back
continue on its shoulders called an air strikes, maternal reflected on house real, this fire fighting, been. It wasn't like anything he had witnessed on television or in any movie instead of men charge in each other and kill each other in plain sight here and Nor can it be jungle. He observed green treasures from eighteen, forty, seven first or at them was an enemy hand or foot And somehow the envy you found firing range where they could launch shoulder held, be forty antipersonnel rockets that slammed above and around them as they raise down the hill for their lives again, the end. The voices of the special forces instructors echoed in his mind. They had told the young aspiring Green brays at Fort Bragg that the NBA was a tough resilient opponent. Many had fought against the Japanese during World WAR two and the french driving them from Vietnam and nineteen. Fifty four after the battle of Denby and few in North Vietnam, and
of king bees in the distance and crashing funder of before rocket slamming into trees above his head. Shook would turn out of his moment of introspection and turned his undivided attention to a crescendo of eighteen, forty, seven fire from the enemy S. T Virginia responded with volley after volley of full and semi automatic gunfire, while eternal and show fired several m. Seventy nine rounds toward the dense, a section of the jungle where the Kay forty seven gunfire was emanating. Through the gunfire someone popped smoke grenade which brought the king bees closer to our t, Virginias location in the jungle over the din of gunfire children, cowboy told everyone to put their swift seats on and prepare for extraction In short order, a king be was hovering over Sd Virginia more than a hundred twenty five feet above the jungle. Floor return cowboy show in home. Up, there d rings into the old Maguire rig that hung from the end of the ropes and surely were being lived. Out of the jungle
Quartette of Recall, men were being lifted into the air, the envy on the envying unleashed another salvo of eighteen, forty seven gunfire and several be forty rockets shrapnel from the Rockets hit them with varying degrees of size and velocity. All of them were wounded It was during those explosions that maternal realized his car fifteen somehow been caught in a rope above him just far enough away. Did he couldn't reach it? He pulled out his m seventy nine and launched a forty millimeter grenade toward the envious positions. Now all he could see, four of the enemy were hundreds of muzzle blast from a K. Forty seven in green tracers Green trade rounds eerily climbing toward the quartet of S T Virginia men, where he could reloaded M seventy nine them king be began to move away from the target area surprising because the men had not yet cleared the jungle in
Of continuing to climb out of the target moving straight up until the men cleared, the jungles triple canopy of trees and vegetation, the king be was moving away from the target area due to heavy enemy ground fire in recent months, at least to king bees were shot down during stray extractions from hot targets. But these facts were unknown to let her know at the time. Capital from the B for Iraq to spill exploded around Us T, Virginia men, stinging them with bits of hot metal. Furthers can the king be crew. Maternal begin to violently collide with tall jungle. Trees feel like a metal born a pinball machine. The turn Karun off several more trees as at least one more be forty exploded in the tree tops again showering him with shrapnel a tree. Branches, maternal from the decided, turned him upside down and is in his ropes, were seen as a
began to slip down from his hips maternal, remembered spider, telling him how one zero from another team had recently been shot out of his Swiss, see during a rope extraction. Another tree struck maternal before he was able to muster a surge of strength and momentum to reach up and grabbed the rope above him as as is body finally cleared the tree top the only thing between him and certain death blow on a jungle floor two hundred feet down was the single piece of rope tied in. The king, be She's just other day saw just another day and saga, and I had thirteen of those like that. How did you guys. When will you get in here with all that and your children back hanging from a string I mean
that's just like completely insane that dead. No one died on that on that rope on that extraction and you're. Also spinning is the rotation for the helicopter getting knocked around strings. Just spinning and the air is flowing past you and you're having you just try and everything you do do it stick but that was my first mission. Later on, finally realized that I didn't have an extra d ring on my web gear, the strapped in that's why I was falling over backwards. I did that twice then. I finally found out from my good buddy here till that I'm doing it wrong after my second mission, children's have left, but he ain't not giving me that information out of all of our training had not thought about it.
Extracted another jumper, so he didn't see that up whose just it's it's unbelievable. When I, when I read these things, I just can't, it's hard to even fathom the mayhem. Weird, about just all these be forty rockets, which is basically iconography g, exert an older r, p d, crazy. Going back to the book with one final urgent, Paul, eternal, was able to move himself upright in the swiss seat. Is the king be continued to climb higher into the sky distance distancing itself from the fear of exploding, be forty in eighteen, forty seven gunfire while gaining airspeed? The king be ascended the heavily sweating maternal clung to the rope as another sensation overwhelmed his body chattering teeth,
within a matter of minutes. The king bead climb to an altitude of more than five thousand feet, were the heiress, thinner and much much colder than on the jungle for so much colder. Now but turnovers body began shaking violently from the dipping temperatures as the king be continued to climb into the safety of higher altitude. In ordinary circumstances. Few people would ever think about freezing to death over Southeast Asia, but for the men and see, was just another hurdle they had to clear. Can be headed turn a look down on the spot in the jungle that appear to be good, Elsie's thinking. Why don't you land there But as a region is collective agony continued until the king bees finally landed in South Korea, not by that time, every member of Sd F S, T Virginia, had their circulation caught off to their legs. They couldn't stand or walk. All they could do is unhook from their swiss seed, grabbed their stuff and try and get the circulation going again in their legs, while the door Gunnar help them to get back to the king, be when the team
turned to Quang Trot clung tree luxury, launch site before having south to flew by Childers, pull the turnover side and told him take sure that radio you're gonna take it on the next mission, whether you like it or not Where did you bring the shot up? Radio? The idea we did you saved his life tilts life in the inn, how's that Christmas Day miss our guy. We had the entire report was at the same radio. You brought a shot up, radio interview it not me. I got a hundred miles get out. That's ridiculous, as is fell. The king bees lifted off from grain tree for free by when the old war boards landed on F, O B. One landing zone asked he Virginia was greeted by one man. Former t Virginia one, zero, John Mcgovern,
he greeted each of the team members as their eggs exited king bees asking each one? Are you ok, the king bees departed bathing them in sand dust, and Elsie debris kicked up by the product prop Wash Mcgovern Ass children. Did you hear about bade her a tall. Childer shook his head? No, what happened November change we lost a king, be with seven ass, F troops on it, we lost, the entire can be crew they were a bunch of strap hangers volunteered to pill. Poland elder son mission on the tree But an anti aircraft round hit the king be en route to the target bloated in mid air. They never a chance silence, Mcgovern drove the tired, dirty and hungry team. Back to the team room. As the vietnamese team members climbed off the truck Mcgovern turned to maternal and said, you know, is really scary about that mission. The date for they got shot down me Lynn. Black Rick, Howard John Peter
TIM shaft and a few others had volunteered and were actually on the king. Bees suited up ready to go only to be cancelled last minute by a bad whisky x ray, which is whether in the ale, that was too close were comfort. After long. Pars pause the turtle. He asked paternal. How did it go are there I heard you were good on the radio. You don't get rattled you a no more you ve join a small, unique club of ass, F men, Cnc recon men, who were across the fence, it was nothing like. I ever could have imagined the responded. Look toward the vietnamese team members. He added. Let me get some chow for the industry. You will write about them. They have ice in their veins. I beat I'll, see you in the morning. Maternal walked through the white Sand to the mess hall picked up. Some fresh sandwiches and called sodas for the team. After lingering with the vietnamese team members, maternal returned to his room. Finally, It offers rucksack and web gear as you
to undress Luciano became aware of pain in his back, where from where the for a forty seven rounds had slammed him. Faced first into the ground, first Field office jungle fatigue. Churn was amazed to find for bullet holes in it then. Took off his undershirt data, four bullet holes, rennet maternal picked up rucksack for bullet holes were in, it both in the front and back the yet realised during the firefight then in the mirror and solve for large welts and broken skin up his spine, where the eighteen forty seven rounds had hit body after punching through his rucksack and Pierre, see twenty five. Only then look de la begin to clamp comprehend just how lucky had been hours earlier in the day when the envious shot him in the back four times. The began to cut away the metal. The black electrical tape around his socks, which he pulled up, overspent legs to keep out leeches and bugs, Then he made a startling discovery when
pulled his pants leg from the sock pulled off his right boot for Kay. Forty seven bullets fell on the ground In the heat of the battle man didn't realize that after he was shot in the back, the four seven Six two millimeter envy rounds had fallen through pants and is socks into his right boot. He said in utter amazement, stare. The four rounds on the floor before picking them up and throwing them in the sand outside his room, exhausted maternal walked over to shower room. The water stung, the wounds in his back. Amazingly, the four bullets had enough energy to penetrate his skin, wounding him, but not enough to, it under his skin too to treat the four bullet wounds in his back and she no wounds in his arm, turn off finished a shower and went to bed so that.
That was mission number one But there is a saying that we named realized. Later on, everybody, just look at you say was just another day in song. My first mission I had run twelve more before it was done in when you got done with it, I mean where you were you talking to other guys and they were telling you how yeah that's that's how it is. Yes, that's how it is so you couldn't go into into the bar and go there. This is what I did I got back. Well, I don't forget the footnote on that because, like about what, for five days later, the medics yell tumblr the wounds from shrapnel course, I had ignore everything, because otherwise they don't think I was
just a whopper, so I just that suck it not say not an, but all of a sudden. I started getting these boils on me. They were huge, so I went to the american Anna. What's his name, you monsieur magical, says well, this is You got shrapnel anybody, that's all that's all swore he adds its infecting. You see you going to have that for quite a while to win get every piece out of you he says I don't know how many holes you got, but this one here needs attention right now, it's huge and it was my man, my arm forearm, actually enough looked at the other medic shipment said holding down and looked at me and said: don't look at what I'm doing. Don't you turn your ears, he said,
because otherwise you going pass out on me when you see what I'm gonna do he said. So don't you look driven were holding harassment, hold them down and don't work long lass out what he was doing was taken a big stick: swab in hydrogen peroxide and burning a whole right through the boil and then he took forceps and he pulled the strings out with those No one here from the be forty rockets guys are all made new in China. There Jai comes you know, and so they have a lot of string, that's how they wrapped up. They didn't molded in the metal like we did and so on. Why I keep having to go there and then another day I d go any. I do the back in my head and I a cup my head, and I had a couple, my back and another under my arm, and I drove bandages? From till I went out by next mission. I gotta tell ya: I witnessed one of those get pulled out and it was groups,
what were you doing just wanted to the world day. He pulls several I'll keep hearing about these things. Let me show you L facts. It talk about tee. My who talk about Us Temple, hey where you gonna go back in a field. Anywheres was like it doesn't matter. What do we do? We can right now exert exactly field exactly cause he had another mission blind out for Christmas of sixty eight So what was the optimal like meeting? How often would you, it when you did. You did your thirteen missions. How long did that take? What time Span was out over what anyone your door one year to her. I had Thirteen missions and one bright light Sunday will talk about the bright light. I guess we're not today if you now It's it's! written in the books because of what it ended up being, but a bright light in song
is a volunteer situation where a team of volunteer to go in and get another team outfits can check it out and we had a lot of those or to try to find a team that disappeared, and we had a lot of teams disappear. Irt, Idaho Lane and Owens completely disappeared. They never found to this day. No trace just completely off the bat. People have gone into this day in the government hunts today and cant find under good, sir. Stands for these. The guys that you took over four yes and so When I got on the Idahoans transferred from Virginia to Idaho, cuz Tilt went home and I became blind blacks one one one day he'd been gone for a while if it headquarters- and I I always protected him, cuz, I'm the one one I am. I protected my ten point, two know where they were: don't do it all the time cuz you
renew, because we had, we had knows where it can mountain yards, we had Vietnamese, nor can they all thought amongst themselves, let alone wondering if they're the enemy- and we also had an entire team. Of envy to hoist to always being made, gave up and now team cobra, and they were there for a very special mission that they went on and to get U S, prisoners out of a camp was located, but We got a call. Limb went up to their headquarters, it had been a little whilst I went up there to see what was going on his walk back down and says Can we go on a bright light? I said: were ready were packed just what you did fewer ass? She went
said we got two pilots down and weak in there. We think they're alive, we gotta go in. They brought a jolly green giant in force, which is very unusual. Air Force I don't know where they really took us at this point in time. In my life I do, we still don't know, em all kinds of records, but its very confusing of where we went we came in and that jolly, when we circled over the top of the plane, it was all in tat, have just sitting there in elephant grass. No one could figure out why so they brought us down and I jumped out, but when I jumped out there was a slight lived in the plane and and in the jolly Green and just came down back down on me
crush me and then it came back up and then Lynn jumped out my guys jumped out and each I know it was an old to what's a push, pull Cessna engine in the front and engine in the back That's what I've been shot down yeah, we think it was shot. We don't crashed how. However, we just don't know how it happened, but. What the real deal was the plane. Whatever happened to it was making emergency landing and he saw this opening. Like an Elsie and thought this would be a good place to at least start the landing. Even if they went into the jungle it would slow it down. Problem was since they hit the ground, there was a bowl and they hit the front of the bowl with the front engine and stop dead. Like a burn, it was a bird
And now it stopped at dead, but it bent the engine around to the right, and the men in the right seat was sunk dip into their carburetors endeavour like home engine, and now he was in the fencers just had his head in his arms taken out said when I got there on that side. It said ten minutes after ten in the morning, as Rolex Watch was cracked, the vessel was cracked and stop the war, ten after ten, and we get there till about two. Thirty well and don't forget to chop, has gone down you're under fire yeah and its. We're getting some small arms fire, Lynn goes to the pilot side on the on the left side and he looked fine
But we realized that yoke and crushed his chest and killed him in place, but it also had him trapped and we couldn't get either one out. But at that point in time that was a trap. They had said the jolly Green it backed off and we started taking tremendous amount of of fire, and I looked across the inside of the Cabinet Lynn and then look back at me, and I said I love you brother, we're not getting out of this and he he said no we're not fighting the goddess and I looked up and radioed them green to come back in and he shook his head. I can see him playing his day. He shook his head. I don't think I can come back. I said you better cuz. I got an m. Seventy nine pointed at you I'll. Take you down with us. He moved up forward.
By that time, there's two hundred NBA surrounding us, given it everything they got. And we managed crawl into that chopper because it we got upon the wings scooped us up. And I had already called intact Eric, as they already had tech you're ready, We lifted off, got up about fifty feet anyone sped through right underneath us between the plain and in the chopper and like he looked up at me, This was smiling and he W p right on top of their was crispy, critters, run and everywhere, and we got out of their got back and we walked down, landed us back in April before and we walked down the road back to our hooch
we just looked at each other's another day and saw an all time there on the ground they're under fire going in there. Perimeter around the aircraft, well Lynn and dug winning to try to establish what the status of the piles war and they firefight was intense. Come over like up back down It just left- and I came to now at the end of October, sixty nine set up rightly was fresh lives mine. We talked about it and I talked to help it later about them. Really know got. This was crazy. Costs have sally when it would, for indeed from Archie Idaho in a team the was like me, oh, you know how he got out of their social. Real another. Just a really tight one bud like dog, says and away when you now in retrospect, like not just another day in song,.
But there were really stuck here just out of all my missions- and you read the book and we're tilt honors me with a few missions in his books between across the fence and on the ground that when there was as tense as it got, and we thought it was over it physically and mentally we gave up. We thought it was over that we just weren't going to get up out of that mess and get in that chopper. Then B40 rockets were hitting that plate. Underneath that jolly Green we we would go up in the air faster than the chopper could get us up in the air from the pounding we were taken that had been flats bad. We might not. Up to this day. We can't find this bad violence. We have reasons we go to his maddened bringing is, but we still can be dealt with That's bad pilot that sounds like when the jaw greens pointing out to be forty pounds around
in your replaying could sustain it with, but give the chopper Joel a glint black hat on October fitness. What there is experiencing One October year later saying exactly: I'm surprised, you take those be forty strikes like that. I'm in one you shot, it hits the tale road or something only ass game over sure enough. When we get back on missions, we walk around our king bees and count how many bottles and how many were the blades with theirs clean shots through the blades and then we come. Forty fifty eighty rounds and knocking these when we come back and pieces of metal gone that they had put ten over please beer cans alone, a beer cans, then what about the young
an operation were you. We had to go and get the fifty five gallon drum of. And pull out one over ok, go through that somebody reply like the read it in the book, but we're gonna go through that were trained. We had a CIA agents come in and trainers for a new explosive detonator. There was a time device. There was shaped on the top in other, of the fifty five gallon drawn as curls you put wrench on it and unscrewed. You ve seen it Anyway, this is by what is a seal type missions. Are you really appreciate, as always is absolutely I when I read about a less as regards your mission. But a well well and let the seals do that no state. Laughter
now there are busy on a cosy other busy on because they really were we under this I mean everything up to that is in the jungle. Into the river about exactly what we Actually went into secret, lock up conduct anybody's. Nobody could come in and talk to us and we went through the exercises in training. We actually loaded up for and they took us out to it and took us to calm tree and we launched out there and now when in delay us into this huge river that they had. But we had to stay away from it. We had actually hike in for to day
to get to it, and when we got there and down the hill and to the river, it was night on the second end of the second day, and then Gunther must my one zero and as one one there was no one one slash two and He was an Ex marine and he was any six, and now he was my one zero. He been around awhile and now he's ok go in and get that draw my says we hear them baby. Why should I go you're? The one you hear the one one year Pfc. I six that's out going down and don't forget before you get there? They hide three jungle for two Is it two knights to meet the CIA age. You forgot that
who gave them the special try? He come from. He had Chinese with him and he said, we'll meet you out there to give you this device, because I can't trust anybody to have this device case you're caught between now and then I see there's no way we're gonna find you out there. This impossible. Don't you worry about it, you get this coordinate now I will find you that's impressive and I did We got that coordinate, we waited and waited next thing. I know it come right out of the jungle and Mary was. We were gonna killing with us in the EU. Of course, my knees with So Zola, Nautilus was his name is fair. Pronounce it ray pride, I can't pronounce it right. Spelling. It was he actually was a renegade CIA agents. He was a desk jockey,
what did to prove that he could be an infield age. As the story only when we didn't learn about this until what about twelve years ago and we urge you. Did you meet him The later no help, no, no one knows where he wept. What happened to it? We men not a CIA, we needed it was actually a counterpart, two a russian KGB agent. That when they d Russia, deep finally admitted and declassified the Vietnam WAR, and admitted they had three thousand Russians helping the the NBA. And they had a reunion and they did an actual video of the reunion. Admitting the day had work with the NBA and that China, Chinese and helping the The NBA go up down the whole team. In trail well this Zola Dockers
figured this out and got a whole of this device and how we learned about it. Was this see I agent had go on there and help declassify all the records of special ops stuff. That was they were. They had located in here? They found my name in the KGB files in Moscow, twice my code name and my real name and the missions that I ran. They did that twice and they fan Lynn because we bumped into what we I thought was a mexican spanish speaking person speaking broken English and I'm from forty arrive. I go back to my old days, Anna told land. I said this, this guy's a Mexican gotta, be
what the hell you doing out here and these talking to us on the radio he's got our frequency. Glances gimme that goes back and forth with him in and they says you got it moved out of the area. He says I'm not going out of the area, I'm here to stay, here's my coordinates to get my five digit coordinate So what are you going to do? He says I want nothing, but you need to move out of her. He was trying to save our butts because he he was from Angola. He was a cuban station in Angola and had been shifted was layers and then. Turn around, he hated the Vietnamese so much. He was trying to help us. But we could see him on the other side of the river that where we were out on this particular mission and so that mission was in the KGB files that we spoke to me. And he had art and they knew it was Archie, Idaho and that new was linen me and
they are they had as much because we had spies and Saigon, giving all this information out to. We had a spy that that they finally caught and American. It was giving all this information now, but two missions, I'm in the KGB files so on this oil John Mission, We get down there after we ve given the device night, and I go in and I grab hold of a drum, and course they have those little lips on there and I can pull that drum it and they're full about three slash four, because I got to be buoyant and I bring that fuel drumright to the side and I'm holding it. And Gunther unscrewed it the vulgar off and the new one in screws it up tight. Now I've gotta get drawn back out into the flow well. The flow is NBA walking down with bamboo.
Pushing them around. So I get out there, but I can't get back. Because here they come so I had to go under hold my breath by Canada Thou these waters lies gold right, Fortunately,. I was a great swimmer in my youth, and I can I can handle but I could get my nose just above the surface blow out and take a breath. And go back under. Guess his dark and they went on by me. Finally, but I thought for sure they stick me with the well when the poles but push that german down few jobs were round me and I came back to the edge. And crawled out, but I was so cold. I can hardly move I'm silken when of course, and countries has come out. We gotta go in I
I put my gear back on my right sacking radio in my web gear and everything else back on and up the hill we go, but I'm still just barely making just barely making so stiff, and now we crawled out of their took too. Is to get out, but that device was set for two days. They hadn't gone off yet We finally got extraction orders in and they came in goddess and strong us out, and when we were on strings it went off the cubby writer was there and was like an atom bomb, was a miniature mushroom and the shock wave, even though we were miles away came through us. Strings and the choppers and just like this and were worth going like this back and forth, and chopper and in the cubby playing, is
is, is shaking like this, and I mean it was like an atomic bomb just went through us which picture when you see them. Then everything became calm and Mission completed. That's a good morning that's a real good, ass, a rule I never knew never knew women, no until the Russians new year that they never knew who were, and we were allowed to talk or tell anybody in camp. We got back what were you doing just another day in song and knows what we say. Because we weren't even allowed to tell anybody what we did because the CIA mission that we read, but everybody had certain things if they did like that, but it was the first time ever been accomplished. What did you notice about the one zero that you had from a leadership perspective that
you remember as idea this is this- is the quality some of the qualities that they had from a leadership perspective that you would follow. I was most fortunate. I think I had great one zeros, sir. Not as great as others. Ah when you my first one. He was my idle because my first two missions and thanks giving of of sixty eight Christmas, a sixty eight- and I can't ever forget those you know and now So fact, the mission of sixty eight is where I got the skip from the blow up. Radio did Let him know he was walking into an air letting tilt know that he was walking into an ambush again.
I'm laying on a trail with radio on and heard this my interpreter comes up and interprets what's going on I managed to get hold of spider parks. He just happened. By for radio Jack. I don't wanna go on he radios too to turn around and go back that he had in town until it's going what, Yes, first on her, like a direct until report, go to the northeast the Christmas day. Miss Emerald tablet, I know- and me, I talked about that. Quieter, probably does a problem, but we're taller than Spargo not go to the northeast? We have an entire report do good night in terrible they never have before or after all, alive live mission were on the ground and we know what the hell was, but they were right
we didn't he noticed or we give extract, isn't we're back and base a few days later him above a could connect, It's going like a book or you wanna, growl Christmas and we found out that the he had that into a report that was confirmed the one place but again we shouldn't have are tincture ripe. We had a confirmation from the Intel report, as just amazing opposites, that, to this day They got out of it in due to other fact, they got out of it, but just that it's safe the team was walking into an l, shape ambush been slaughtered and they were, but there are pushing them. That way will trackers fire and everything else, and so they just just like you say, the gods were always with sometimes, but does it that very next day I'm still on the trail where we were signed, that was the trail from my very first mission. We we got into North Vietnam into it called
they can steal. And I'm been lay in there for four days through this process and Gunther was I I mean children was my one zero and we were too. In Turns and now it has, foliated with or agent orange We had a pretty good view and all of a sudden I saw six point men coming up and I'm up there at the trail hi log they're down below I give him the signal: the signal. I got six can see him ensures right away knows. What's going on preparing the team, the fight and ex will out of the situation, but he can't with me up above but here comes one the NBA It comes right up to the log and steps over steps right on me. I put my car fifteen into his belly
pull the trigger all twenty welds made up the gapping hole all the way through him through him over the log and I'm on the run and I've got the radio and down the hill. We go, and here comes two hundred and VA and their point Jason US and we're bringing trying to get tat air on the line of finally do were were put attack air between them and us, and one thrown smoke over my shoulder hear anything Finally, they bring the some slickson and pull us out and and get us out of their austrian. The odd strings again on the run So the side note to the whole mission is I don't know how many we killed, but was not a good day for them.
But that agent orange was the only time I was ever nearer right now I've got stage for cancer from agent Orange was a limited amount of time left. So that's why I'm glad I'm here there L, a few stories glad to hear too airborne them. I saw how many tourists did you do. Is that what one tour I sign, for why I volunteered to go and special forces when I, while I was regular army, have volunteered regular army when through got special forces, Volunteer Vietnam volunteered for Ccs and saw again- and then one tour and went back home and became weapons instructor for a special forces, training group and angle for many years with the total three three years, three years that was it
and then what you do when you, when you got out, I kind of went back to rodeo and training horses and things like that, and then now I sorted got com because you pass licence pilots licences, fixed, William Rotary, where you got home. How long would it take to kind of adapting to the civilian life It took about a year because I slept with my car fifteen and then, when I was in training group, I always had all the weapons around me. I felt safe, but it does you know. Fourth of July was always a hard won with soft gone on. You don't know, and it took me a while the due to calm down and not because I have launched kills and you just have to work through all that all the time,
I was pretty good cause not after that period of time we are we'd, never talk to each other. We weren't allowed to talk about it for twenty years. When I was told I never ever talked anybody, I never met anybody until two thousand. Did you guys me when you ve gone, you good guys, didn't keep in touch guys, didn't write each other, each other health and I wrote each other, but him family moved. I only had his mother and fathers address and I ass contact for twenty five years. I moved, he moved, my parents moved and third, the Carlo drop, but were down. There is no books, no fear, no body could say anything. What about other team members other guys? Were there any one that you kept in touch with over the next twenty years, so when you are done. You're done, I was done Europe didn't
the day was over thick. As I couldn't find anybody I didn't know anybody talked you saw have just done just let them my life just. I never thought about it anymore and I I knew I get stuff, but I couldn't talk about it and I got married and I told my life about it. But we just thought we didn't know anybody where I didn't know anybody went to and then all of a sudden the internet came about. I typed in essence one time a covering the emails came up old ones. I typed in Mccluskey got. He was working as a matter of fact. Pilot and he called me and she was on shift and he saw it and call me gave me till phone number I called till the next day was Easter. Sunday year was have two thousand We're gonna get medical sure I have. I haven't seen him since nineteen sixty eight sixty nine.
And where we live in. At the time I lived up, by Yosemite National Park in the town called Mariposa, beautiful and Europe is down and then Oceanside yeah working at the paper fish forever. So. I said well shoot, I confess I got the phone number I called him on Easter Sunday. He was gone out the door to go to church and I said you better sit down Frenchman at that? But I do know we ve been. We talk everyday low because we can. What did you would you do for a job for you? You, you had a kind of continued. I gotta get it out of your system, were breakin horses would have rodeo for another year. Ever you know homes breakin propose. Ah and then you won in the construction business in the construction business so that my father had
into a private construction for a particular person and now so it left the license open. So I just continued the licensing he handed over to me and I built for almost forty five years I'm retired. Now, what? Where did you guys overlap? Was that did you guys overlap in Archie? Idaho? Is that when you guys overlapped, while we are a few by he came in he he'll above ok so Mcgovern got him for first before error. Talk too and I got Bubba so weary camp. Retraining together at the firing range than bubble. We're doing our targets there doing theirs, and then, when we moved he was he closed out. If will be, one is the last as have troop there, his recanted close it locked gate by that time Lindner were down in denying already
so we're running ambitious. He moved down with with R T Virginia with Gunther Wall, and so, They went down a manner mission, including the famous oiled Roman and lend our door our thing and then, by April my time in country was getting close, so Lynn, have agreed to become the one zero we special mission, which was built to media pass. We brought dug in Mass foreign bury an officer. To go with us on that list. We trained for the mission train right up to it went to launch site on the chopper took off in a cottage because to aircraft were shot down over territory. That day, and so I was about for five days from DE roasting, meet there We went back to camp to preserve the marble mountain so up there. We have pictures from time there and then I walked off marble mountain back on my gear went home, so ducks
with Idaho got it so April at the end of April, all away through the October, sixty nine he with Idaho Berlin and they ran a loaded missions, I come back. He just left base but lines there certainly is the one zero. So he allowed took turns funny sergeant major goes is too much experience your black you're out here and I went back. Being a one zero for another five months and it but He had come home, but training group. So tat. Play he got out of the army after I did that I got out in April and you got out in June July September, first September. First, and so I want my power back to regard state and the human the California and separate ways and we did it had the cards in some notes that they may phone calls and just letters we had a couple guys. I had other people, I stayed tat will and I Figured he got it
see I disapprove somewhere else it and then finally got a phone call in two thousand and address is history How often do you guys link up now every day. On a phone like like you uncle Charles and when we talk almost every day and because we can we're alive, and we try now spread the story, since we declassified like you're helping tremendously. The spread this story to let people know that we actually here was a secret war going on, and we were. Taking the war to the enemy because Archive we had signed a treaty say we would not go into North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia or the DMZ they wish, the operated in everyday life. Stationary just flew by helicopters.
People, always ask me: well how long did you fight and South Vietnam? I said I never thought a day in Vietnam they all. You didn't do anything now, that's true right it's a woozy reaction is stuff started, a kind of come to the surface, and people started talking about it. It was a slope. It's been a slow process. Hold it till and we saw each other for the very first time after all those years. I use standing on a corner when I drove by picked him up and reinforces our yeah. We went to an air shell, and now we started talking we had our photo albums it. We were supposed to have because no pictures which must be taken, look at the pictures that around a good recall men always do whatever they want right. So it's been a slow issues where we have a reunion. Now I really
We haven't Vegas every October now and has been going on what forty five years they forty three forty five, forty four years with I've been there about eighteen years now special operations, association and so we go there and see each other now sit around it, drinkin cause. I don't drink, but you married a drinks and it's a free bar in and tell all war stories each other caught his eyes couple lies in the stories get more exaggerated, but we, We have a week. We have the opposite problem, is were dying faster than then you can work we were losing about ten or twelve tops six! Seven in the very getting now we're losing over fifty a year. They weren't that many of us to start with
but this is a combined all the earth Support Europe's actual rican troops, there's probably not, but forty five or fifty there now at all, because we only had one four hundred and fifty requires passing it on to you know, and so we have this great reunion every year and I just never miss it because I dont know who's gonna die. This, like yesterday was are interpreter apps. Two year anniversary of his death and most everybody's, going down with agent orange of some kind of cancer and stuff. In March. Well, just went down from an accident, he was our two star general, very proud of him, but at the time we're both jocular target. If Germany wasn't, why didn't? I am. I learned a lot more directly and warm trouser under his command, but my my boss at the time. Just you know just absolutely love them in, and you know,
how to tell me try to give me quotes when you come back from meeting with bars, while he's at five old man said this. No man said that you know he was just at my house not too long before that then and my train real life. I've got trains Lionel and he was at a great, took their roommates for a few months, our car. Every way I are together. I met his first son when he was two months old, What could you know? Member story, Elden Alden, getting shot to Chechnya Two days later, Elden and Doug went to Hawaii with their respective wives, for aren't are There are five days in the elder met his son for the first time his eldest son Brandt, yeah, grant grant So you must have watched him cuz. He was you know of a general in the army when he was in the limelight for sure for military Gaia, and you guys new bowl time, you're looking at him thinking he wears com
best, fourth class addressed way. We knew I could never calling general. I could never calling at Bargia gone. Imelda spent four elden and he was the same Elden though we met and sixty eight is the same order. Will it went to dream? Was last year he was there and has responded, glory and that's the way we respect and, like my son, got a wounded in Iraq. He went saw this care for at the hospital. Picked up for him right away. They couldn't believe were to start a little girl. Some those best either scout got banged up with a humvee really bad about the Elton. What year was at August 20th, two thousand and five a couple weeks later you were in, you don't know? What's our in was in, there are three or four and six where Dinnerware wasn't Iraq yeah yourself, these two degrees ogre yeah,
smaller? What's he doing now he's but don't heavy equipment train of her long beach, human Bruno, his faithful companions or there doing it at school has taken? Never so pretty soon have on licences and place, and if you need any a heavy equipment work right on that the rest will build a house for you. I mean what about so. You got you you got married when you got done. Is that or along the way, along the way here. The kids, I have a son and I have a daughter gut, a grandson into granddaughters, very proud of them, but really proud of my son. He is on company in the oil business to really well. He repairs all the big cracking machines anchor for I'm right now, I'm in Texas, I wasn't Tennessee when I'm in Texas. Now now that I've found out what my medical health is. I wanna try to get my grandson to LA
No me before I go well, that's that's all he's gonna be price can be proud of you, as you are of him, that's for damn sure they made an action figure of me. So I've left that action figure for him. The famous picture. Yes, the famous saga the Frenchman, yes I've seen it there's a good review of it on honor you to buy. What's the other, you can go to Youtube and look up Frenchman. Action, figure and nets done really well by Ryan. Peters, he's didn't really excellent. Job even made the box and everything for the fleets operating arson while deftly I'll deftly posted data, that picture win, win this goes up? This goes out. Onto the year. How do you know
Epps as they say, and you got your frenchman? Charles coin, I got a frenchman challenge. Corn is right here at the lowest ragging challenge going out makes not geography European Z Geology and it doesn't get much better than that you got anything else I think is a good place for mean. If you listen to this and you think a more things you want to say, but you know, I think this is a good good spot. About this one, So if you got anything until you anything else, first, ah the these stories, yo it's funny, because even where a base, we never knew allowed the details and so, when I put the boss together talked, People like the oil drum story. We learn about forty years later that Lynn Black. It done the sooner thing with Archie, Idaho.
There. I left many between these guys asked us like a lot of history, that comes out slowly, like dogs. Was anyone tracking was anyone right and down the history. As I was happening, was anyone taken the operational summaries and compiling them somewhere? They are all destroyed. That was when I left food by one of my job was to go through and make sure that all the drums had been no ashes dead. All the other reports after action reports were all burnt and then, as we pulled out of every effort, being closed down ccs and Ccs and c c c we closed. Mulder everything was destroyed, there's very few after action reports with their arduous miniscule reports, people try to put him out on Ebay, but their fake is any door about the way we haven't their report,
our cars, there were even now begin to look into, but Recently in a guy came up to me as a hate. You know, if you done your books, I kind like the totty, because my job when we close Khartoum was to destroy all the records lot of our Europe That's it that's! Why I didn't even receive my purple heart for that first mission, until eleven eleven eleven real yeah ETA go back, do paperwork on and we have six years and People are we a lot of affidavits in a lot of this in a lot of that, and it too six years toll and black, my congresswoman! Only one day I was coming back
from Arlington from burying Gunther Wall and and my Virginia team Don Issue and an ill Brown, William Brown and ah she calls me on the phone on away. We know who she is She says, are you Douglas eternal? The Frenchman? I said. Yes, and she says I'm dying and black congressmen for Tennessee for your district in district, and I'm in my limousine right now and I'm here a purple heart in my hand. How do u want it presented? I said I want you to pin it on in front of our memorial in Gallatin. Tennessee and she did on eleven eleven eleven my guys came and watched. I seven. Oh my soldiers come to that and watched till came everybody
we were there when therefore witness and even though we found want America had pulled at this, the string of shrapnel. As an eyewitness that there was a key thing. We got the see you do a letter but to go out to track down. Put it together, Buddha. All the records have been destroyed, so while this record won't be destroyed right here, idea or sugar podcast one eight, six or eight there you go, but I would like to say The closing thing my mom and dad or both gone. My dad was a hero. He gave me everything he had to give. He was the best father ever my mother was the best mother, Proud of my kids, my daughter, my son, what they were accomplished in their lives and proud of my grandkids at what they do and now I'm glad I have something to eat.
Behind his mom was when she learned my mother died. I gotta coral next day till your mom was there, but I'm your mom. My mom loved every one baba I came to delay its said I need a bunk up for a couple days: six months later. He gone through the LAPD. Six months later, they even got married run. His wife into the moment had finally sick and also the other for your wedding present were giving you an apartment. Who soccer was welcome to my mom and dad ass? Well, that is awesome and, as you
both should know any soccer is welcome to come here. At any time And share their story. Is this door to the spot gases open discourages become the sod podcast as far as I'm concerned at this point that work We thank you you to embrace warmer back. You have opened up a lot of doors. The people that will hear this history absolutely and ended there. I'm sure there sure your hearing from until I know I know you can't even transfer some of the messages to me what you're? What's the twitter that you're actually looking out right now, because you have a couple of I am sorry, you have sod chronicles you know which one it is Doris out. There's one is J Striker, my initial Jane strike, am I haven't For now. The twitter thing are you, you ve, Margaret Mead exists as Instagram as to grants, rivers what you're doing
a legal measure, social young. Over of trying to catch up to you, I might be slower, slow moving. Busy last few weeks between, and yes responding to lottery feedback from folks offer D, the last I guess People want to reach out to you. Should they go through through John Frenchman, yeah they can go. They go great out through John or they could catch me on train one. Fifty three the word train. One. The where's, five, three: Hotmail dot com- that's my ass, his email and then my website is saw chronicles dot. Com and my emails year old, cracked anybody would Doug as the old fashioned way nasty grants which were still working on their yeah, but doors gotta give me another pursuant to Tennessee so she's out of tat struggle, but maybe it would be a briefing we hang up here goes out for that. For our good,
such an honour to talk you guys, Frenchmen, it's an honor to meet you, and now you welcome back any tat was glad tat. I could come and meet you in I told you what happened on the airplane, I'm sitting next to somebody I feel for you doing. Gotta go dog podcast with a guy named jog jog. Oh my god, I got my fate. Whips out is born and there you are at least as I got twitter with him. I got everything with my body I mean Why would I even expected somebody would have it small world, it really is, when we one regards or a service wall, part at one percent or less of of our country that serve to country here, combat it. I'll tell you that the amount of feedback I've gone from you came on till they mean it's been overwhelming. The number people that just thank you for your service there.
Past the same thing on do you know the guy should know that America loves you guys for what you did for this country. Thank you. Thank you very much. You too Airborne airborne all the way of life and with that saga has left the building the Frenchman untilled. Have departed awesome? What an or non, rather those guys on end. I gotta say this right after we got down. Of course word we did some more talking and the Frenchman was. Explaining the fact that when he would go out on a mission. Every mission he would go out on. He would
square away, his four Walker make sure everything was ready to be shipped home, because every time you went out to he figured he would not be coming back. So real euros and its also to be able to. Sit here and talk to those guys and water What an omen that is in any way, You actually one of the reasons that I can dear and talk to guys like tilt and the Frenchman is because of all this Porch that comes in from all of you so appreciate Do that because As you know, I don't have any like regular whatever.
While the advertisements on here because I'm not gonna interrupt some tilt or someone like the Frenchman or someone like BT have Tony or someone like Dakota Meyer Mckenna interrupt them. So I can say you have to buy their sir by that or whatever Num lock. Stop reading. Colder than hell or I'm not gonna. Stop reading. The forgotten highlander, I'm not gonna, stop reading one soldiers war, so I can you know mention a product or something like that. So to me, that's not what this part gases about. The information and. The information in this part cast as what is paramount to me than getting it you all of you uninterrupted is
What matters. Because I will tell you that I wish I could have listened to this part gas when I was growing up leave when I was a kid when I was in the teams. Just to have this information. Would have been really. Helpful to me. So much keeping it from anyone. So. That's what we're doing here If you do want to how bout which, like I said that that's what allows us to be able to do this. That's what allows me to L a fly, the Frenchman out here to sit down and I can tell historian so it's because of you all out there supporting During my companies sword my books or whatever, so it's appreciated, so, if you wanna, if you do want to help out, you want to see porch, the podcast. Then
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combat aviation leaders and placing them into companies in the civilian sector that need leadership. So you need leadership in your organization grief over watchdog com. And if you want to give me some feedback on this, odd Castro, you have a question or even answer or whatever. For me, I'm on twitter Instagram at Facebook, at Shaka willing and then once again, just The deepest thanks I can give to the job, striker Meyer Tilt and Douglas Turner. The Frenchman. For doing everything that they did, fight against the dark tyranny of communism. As it tried to spread through the world, they. They held the line and it's incredible there
Operations that they did and incredible: the sacrifices that those operators made in that time, especially and obviously the that did not come home. And to the rest of you that. Have served war. You are serving thank you for keeping us safe from today's threats which are vast equally evil? It is you that keeps us secure. And keeps our way of life secure into our police and law enforcement to the fire fighters out there too paramedics, YE teased dispatchers correctional officers, Border patrol secret service in and all other first, responders.
You are on call every day. You are waiting when we need help. You are there so far, you for keeping us safe. And to everyone else out there. Remember what the Frenchman, then what the Frenchman said after his colonel goddamn, explaining the treacherous situation that they were said to go into when that colonel ass. If anyone had me questions the Frenchman, replied. Where do you need help. Where do you need help the simple question, but it Powerful one there's people around you that need help
ask him what it is? They need asked where it is that they need help and then get up and lock and load your sawed off M, seventy, nine or whatever tool. It is that you need to unleash to give them the help that they need until next time. The Jacko out.
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