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This is Jacko bought gas number one. Ninety one with Charles and me Jocker willing good evening ECHO vit evening. Some nights I wake up drenched in sweat. I have dreams and some people, my column, nightmares, but that would not be accurate because I'm not scared and am not anxious, I'm actually out ready and the dream is usually about some bad situation unfolding really quickly. Some up
Racial gone sideways and I'm in a building somewhere or a bunker or in the ravine of some kind, And the enemy is maneuvering can bring in it with a small group. A squad, maybe six rate guys. And were low on ammo then I'm about out. And one of the guys is hit and he's hit bad and we can't move, and we can't leave then this is it. And the enemy is pressing closer and I'm prepping grenades. There are some prepping grenades, I got my head, their laying down fire and the enemy is advancing and we're kilns. Some of them, but others are getting through.
And the enemy fire increases. Never in a building, I I hear the door open up I can hear them entering the building and I do a quick, Yes, but I got three grenades and I got a half a MAC left and I got my K bar then I'm ready to get it on pulled a pin on one of the great its role it down the hallway toward the stairs and it explodes. Then I hear our Pga launch. In one explodes a little distance away, but then the next one explodes on the wall right near me and ox me out and then I come to an end- From my rifle grab and from my rifle, but it's not there, and so I reach for my pistol my pistols gone too then I feel for the rest of my dear, I feel for my knife I feel for,
needs and there's nothing there. All my gear is gone. I feel for wounds and there's nothing And then I realized that I'm ok that I'm just sweating a lot but there's no gear. There's no good And I realized that I was asleep and that this was just a dream and now lay in there in a pool. Of sweat in my bed and I'm awake. M M, actually mad, because I left my boys hanging there my dream and am also mad, because I dont get that final com Fr intention with the enemy in us To close my eyes and I'll try and back asleep or trying to force myself back in there. So I can finish the fight
can't force myself to fall back asleep. So I lie there, embed master thinking of what I would have done. Start thinking. If there's any mistakes that I made us are thinking about how I could have defended that position where wouldn't maneuvered too, how I could maximized damaged. To the enemy. And then I think, about the rest of the guys on the team. But I think, if I was in that situation, who would I want with me then this was this is a common topic in the teams. If you were in a desperate scenario with the
odds stacked against you. If it was time for the last stand for victory or death who'd, you want with you, I have a list of those names, those men, a list of the guys I want with me in. That most critical of moments. When I think about that list there is always one guy that comes to mind. First, the guy that I've. Seen perform on the battlefield, not for an hour not for a day or not for a week. But for me it's on end. This guy would go out on a three day. Operation in a hundred twenty degree heat, two leaders of water, three cans of Copenhagen and twice as much
bullet as anyone else and assumes the mission was over. He'd want to go back out again, the guy that can lead and that Can follow a guy that can plan and execute And never put himself above the good of the mission or above them his teammates. And I know without a shred of doubt that he would have rather himself be killed or what You didn't watch me be killed or wounded step into the line of fire, take a bullet or jump on a grenade to protect me or any of our brothers in arms. That's the guy I'm talking about, and the other thing is. I know what he's think when he knows what dumping
there's no need even talk. We were, raised the same team by the same people. We don't have to debate Discuss whether we should do this or do that, we look at each other Give a little nod and we know we need to do so. If I have to assault a beach or attack a bunker or storm the gates of hell. I want my brother Tonia ready by my side, BT of Tony big, tough frogman. And that's what he is through and through and that's what he did where's entire career through eight overseas departments,. Use one of the first get I had on the planned gas part gas number forty one. If you haven't listen, that podcast stop and go back and listen to it.
He had left have listened to it. Well then, here we go again with BT. Have tony Tony welcome back? yeah, let's just deployments or ten ten ten the porter? It's not. Let us just go back because I didn't want you yet wounded. Could you so you such a move? Mr at ethic, carry you feel any better like I go wounded easier for you. My cargo portray our good BT, Epps Great big opera, not being thoroughly tar. Wacko do you know so I'm your on we kind of jump right into like going into the teams, everything and, May we scepter skip over a bunch of stuff like I'm, not a bunch, but I mean cause I know, you're gonna put it while you. Why grew up in the night with the Nathan, and that was in the Navy and then that's it like that?
You grew up you grew up in New England, yeah New Hampshire and and did you play sports played hockey Small did the issue. You are hockey stick when you were born in New Hampshire. It's pretty much. You get one in kindergarten, then replaced hockey in and you are not a no light, wrap up your buddies and then get your ass correct. And then you just keep and did you play organised hockey? I play Rocky had played use hockey all up to. I was like seventy, play lie all my life three years old to seventeen, you kept your teeth, yeah pretty much. I played. The measure is for category lengthwise. May I point out a hockey now May I point a lotta hockey now?
till I got a little bit older and then we know how to work so school work on one lot of time: written and I realize I wasn't gonna be like wicked good. So I guess it was one where the yoke a chapter, my life and that's it, but I still love hockey, o it big fan and like, when I was a kid we would play like out on lakes, designing play, organise hockey that Tunisia, we would taper magazines to our shins grounded and have like the actual value. So you'd do that that way, when you get Schwab with a park or a stick, united dogs in even the summer's like people. My at your age everybody knows in talking about Saturday morning, when your little mother would give your breakfast and get the hell out come back at lunch,
No. I want my room and when my will computer and have any of that, so we were left with rocks at each other or why, ball in a field or yea, see your mom would say, come home for lunch Mama, we're just get out, but then the funny thing is what win when it was like. Oh it's time to eat it be like oak or I'm gonna get a Snickers bar and a can of coke that's what we ate. That's that's what I that's! What we ate it wasn't like. We need watcher, you can't and do what non bunkers glue likes him stop that boards around in the sky. You know what that is now. Apparently people in a word I don't know, I always knew about the peanuts in shellfish and all that she is not really. On the old man. Oh it's on the table either. That's it don't give a shit out is the the things
Ain't even I'll catch myself with my kids go on you. You don't want drink that soda and I'm thing about. When I was a kid just, that's that's all We drank, we didn't turn Well, there's no such thing as bottled water. Not feels back on, you drink it out of the tap. Yet it's it's it's better than avian or whatever the fuck. It is like the bass life so good. I feel I feel The second is still the best, so you played Archie and in what. When you went to high school? Did you guys have Aki timid your high school now, the next the next town did, but we have a high school team dead. You thought so Did you read you? Did you play anything and did you point sports in high school, just baseball, just baseball, and I I sucked in it I played Little League and in my leg, junior high at the sucker baseball more than you. It was a bummer gala vericourt. My dad was like a fanatic about baseball and I was out they're gone.
This is the most boring thing of ever done in my whole life ever like this is I could do that? I seventy, old boy. I still in there. I like it because now I watch baseball- and I know I get the appeal now or what I'm saying is when I was seventeen year old, african, hyperactive youth and my dad's like this, a great game, you don't understand the tactics in them and in the strategy. What's going on you care about anyway, because the funniest thing, like the funniest sport that I remember playing that our share of the school was dodgeball access rights Yeah you're, like a hawk the balls at the other people that was fun, like a highly active, yet so would play more accurate glee? Hockey, though- and I was a kid too- and that was all on outdoor ranks- that's also wooden boards and be like ten was there and they flooded and in like my uncle, was though
two wonderful Higgs and he was terribly could not escape, but anyhow, idea by horribly Aki just kill him without checking practice for an hour. Modern, Jackie job. Like really, I didn't like them and I know how to play. I know the rules on this or do I gotta kill each other Yes, you know we're talking about the fact that party play are getting smaller again now, rather than there was there was I guess this is the HANS. I wouldn't talk to their goals. The San Diego girls and their code was explaining to me- because I said man, the guy, smaller than I expected some of Rome, and he said I said, I thought it was huge now and he said no cause now. What they figured out is these smaller, faster quicker guys have a
have an advantage that they can exploit maneuverability. Just like on the battlefield. You can exploit right being able to maneuver any small quicker guys can actually maneuver faster than the bigger lumbering guys. Now the there's position for the bigger guys do get ever next year s life with their figured out, that's different up. So if you would go back in time. You, my building my build a hack. It now applied sports, but my real thing was like hot and envision trapping, and I did all that shit that that constitute a higher step. That's that was oppressed. That's where I live priority, freer, well. I've been out in the woods hunting was dad in the military. Yes, my dad was in the army in sixties, dropped it he was in Vietnam. He went to. Germany owns a helicopter mechanic. Last in the army, but these over in Germany, like the coolest guy every hour
cool is the richest guy ever right, drink beer and go to work every day and ended talk to you about the military doll. Not made you wanna join the naked. You join right out of high school unlisted, allows see six days after I turned them D Day thousand delayed entry for her, and then I wept six days after I turn what made you wanna join the Navy, because this is the thing. This is the thing that I tried warn people about the Navy. If you want to go in the Navy, mean the seal teams, that's cool and everything if you don't make it in the seal team Your job is not gonna, be that cool I mean unless you're into that kind of thing. Is there some people that water and work with technology, that's cool, your being I team in and then in the Navy, or you want to work with. Genes in your being engine men or you want to be a good thing that if that's what you want But those are industrial type jobs there neo live.
They're in while not really do not violate their industrial jobs, their trades right in the army like if you don't make it a special forces or you don't make it arranges or in the marine corps. If you make the MAR sock, you can still be an instrument, which means you still get to get Napster. Do the machine gun thing, which is pretty much what I think most people when they joined the notes? I should say most people. If you even think about special operations- and you wanted you wanna- be using a machine gun will ya, I mean you won't have a machine gun in everyday life. I may come and saw a handy to eliminate a lotta bringing a harsh yet like waiting and trap had just get out. Excuse me bodes well: Mamma lie down, ok go. It would be so much easier in its legal work. What did you join the navy to be, or you just be like something about? I want to be a frogman, but it took me awhile. It took me a couple years to go to buds.
How did you know about the soup? What year was this? Like? Eighty six, I knew about the seal teams. I wanted to do it, but the the thing that helped me the most was actually doing like two years. The fleet and yet two years I could have been a team gamble for me. I wasn't ready, wasn't maturing up, so I had I needed that structure and I learned how the Navy works people out there and all that was station in the Philippines for two years. It's not like. I was in on a bow. I was just drinking and I'll just being a madman and of course the seal teams are over there. You know the weather coast guys, like yeah me muzzled. Stew, lad. That's like the best so I argue as more seventeen years old and you gets you get love a regime. Were eighteen station in Subic consume it as a wife. Women are also hymen.
I sure duty you know, but it's like overseas duty There is a bad insane about who did they give you did Everyone is kind of like briefing as is eighteen year old kid, like ok you're in the Philippines. Now This is what the biologists tell you it's all about, as all kinds are hookers and that's like the main thing back there. Hookers and drinking Jose. Two hundred and fifty buys and like a city block- and you know I mean like two hundred dollars every two weeks and I always had money there. It was late when good girl, I have the hour whatever, in the morning like Saturday morning at the keys, tavern or whatever it was and Gordon Avenue and was like nickel for a beer. So I really like worn by polish my drinking skills, big time over there and causes a thousand degrees out, and it's just like so much fun. When I
for a year you say: ok, he commands. So you ass, you actually had enough of it. Well, I I need to get on with no I got to work. Then I took my screencast got orders to buy odds and was I alright and back then now they got this big wine, and all this I blew in the coroner on a Friday Sunday, where class, a party which is You shake your head was king, a big lacquered up, and then the areas and then Monday morning, your style is they want? So you can. Then, on Friday, shaved her head on Sunday? They want classed up on Monday that set up here we go. Did you get role I got rolled in the second phase, which nobody does I get hurt. I just wouldn't leave muslim body will happen. My swim, a win on a swim on my time on the job. Will you can't leaders who embody
right is you? Do you fail and you just take it in the short term? Dylan and unlike the next, while what well glass like I was a mean brain. The cheese man he's dead now here right at the top three cylinder Maya, swaying, rarely resumed. I failed us when we began LISA, They they bring us to the first phase office and I'm standing my swim and there like are indeed there was a ten or two over fifteen pairs failed the swamp, so they're asking everyone, the condescending office, the first phase office by the Bell, show me and my somebody get called in for like numbers, seven to get called, and I couldn't hear what everyone else was saying, but I didn't know what that was going on. I was just like scared. I wanted wanted to make it through this training, so we in there and so there's something called guiding which is the person that when you're swimming in the open ocean you have to its base, ITALY Steering, but you call a guiding for some reason. You you got
You make your swing regression, so they go. You do next pair getting here, so we walk and abstained, and attention is without happened. You too, My phone buddy points. It me, Ngos like in the guy, was a slow swimmer like that was the problem and he was and I was like, and the guy was a slow swimmer might that was applied, men. He was one that was the problem. Some saner just going damn I just got just got die doubt for something I've been even new site is, keep my mouth shut and those like I'll do better right, and in what they did was they split us up and they put us with good swimmers and then the same thing. Like me, I mean my new swim buddy on the next. When came in like faith or seventy some, I wouldn't gonna come in first or second, I will not add enough that noakes. You got some of those factors in there that are swimming like seventeen Nazi. I now hear, but this guy fail to get there and it was like. Maybe it wasn't willingly guiding
yeah really would you over, but it was I I just had to or weeks by weeks weeks back and was fine and then and then you you got graduated buds. What were you good in the water when you showed up the buds? Did you grow up? women in Lakes- Niger- not just so you gotta do like, like I'm anyhow times was I in the woods, with people in the teams were from New York origin. Single flora or new city or Chicago there, like with black? What would manage our colleague who say that Dar it's time for him to night at the park. When are they going to do? I go to your just lunch, wouldn't go on luncheon be now so that just one of those that you had to do this
Some people don't do that very well. I know I had a guy in my class like a stud wrestler Iowa, but you never went in the water. Then dude He was my swim body in awe in like the pool phase where they're doing like the stuff in the pool with you yeah? Well, you are even stuff on your, so where'd you embody breathing, and this dude is taken of the regular and breathing forty seven Breton RO, given it back to me, I'd take like a breath. Batteries ran like do your lacked. Agents are still he still pop to the surface. And yet he didn't make it he did make as he would just freak out the water so Yeah man, I was lucky, you know up and main as a little kid when the water all the time, clout the water, never freaked me out, Does he only wine people out man, but that's that's the whole thing you have to be competent in the water like when you're under need to ship, and you D Reagan,
and all that in everybody's like right next to each other, and you can see Andrews just like cords floating around, my god people they like it's all you watch the movie, they go. There they show em diving than all of a sudden. They shone climb in this year by well. What about all this shit in between missing like a biggest buckin portion that our you're under their lines everywhere, guys keeping you in the matter, then you got a deal that it's just fuckin Sahara. There that's like sinking into the bottom. I can you down and so wise words all this pressure going this way. For that wasn't the plan we re Ursula's like forty, you communicate Amy, not thing it's all, just as afterwards like survival like you just gotta, not die, and then somehow usually works out next thing you know you're the surface and everything I then you gotta go back. So is what makes the teams good
I think what makes the target is when you have to deal with all that crap of whether it's going over. Beach just to do a land warfare, did you come over the beach or you know rigging underwater, were a combat swimmer Europe or rigging the boats or whatever. When you add the one and it just makes it it's all. A real single, docile, much freak, inhuman and turning its real world drowned again. The man but the buds thing lake grow up syrup and running that stuff, but there are things I didn't, have a plan b yeah. It is easy for me. Never even thought about quitting anything. I mean why what is nothing else to do I mean everything else is garbage, can I do not know I have to do. This is what I have to do is like the bats I never thought about quit, get off and it was we're, not a guy,
my class- that was from the fleet, and he was I bet you do, what fleet, which you do not want to go. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah any quit again, yeah well in our business man, really where these cereal quitters that come back and come back and after a while you give up make? it. The purse you not succeed, tried try again. Return, inquire noses quit being a damn fool about it. You know who that have a plan b. Did I did you do any of the water stuff when you're ensue, they did. You did any of the team guy show you like not Tyner. Anyhow not at all, I did. I did die, though I like power goes. That's good!
diving like it when you I've, never done that. But when you go, if you like the basic, do this do some kind of guy? Do I can't even wreathing, but it's like the big there, the big beautiful regularly, I'm ok, Take your mouse governing board through yoga query masking whatever, but that's definitely helpful. But it was Monument Xanadu besides drink and all the time I did that one weekend and I was like yeah, I'm good how long it takes to get one of those qualifications classes some pool, and then they take you in Subic like out to flip flop island essentially really you're nice man tat man when I got the little card member you going through buds and you get. Why don't of if they for you for added yeah. So I got look a little card that said I was qualified like I could go and the ivory. I don't know where that is lost it.
But why it had that thing. That thing I got that I thought I was them the bad. You know, as I you know, I would look at it from me to be my wallet. Look at it like you you. Like your aunt Jane. I felt like I was James Bond. Who cares lover not even a thing more now, not not kind like when I got issue my first floppy hat, I thought yeah well you're neither arrived there, I'm ready to go to no that's like you sell us away. I thought I was going to like that day. I now, but I still have my first flapping Of course you do is keep everything I don't. I don't keep anything you got, you might need it one day nah. I kept my floppy arabas shadow, why? I have a shadow boxes. Someone made me like the good friends of mine who use
to do that. Living like make coins made from his parents like in my room somewhere. Not idle nor any my metals large, don't care and wages such a loser. When it comes to that she one time I was in my son's room when he was like. Maybe seven are now used by nine or ten years old and I'm looking for something I figured he I'll get walkin around immediate who stole my yeah eggs. I am as always I step on some minutes. Ike sharp atomic bonnets underneath a pile of my kids close poured out, and it's like my job a bunch of my metal since it recommends our cork, whatever leaf lifelike they ve said to me: may we never got anything for to you personally. Some he's been saying that for ten years, I would be very useful. So that's why I don't know of any kind, nothing, the guys
retired Gimme a big giant tried it. That's like break seven feet tall. I already there I'll have it in the with all my weightlifting bars. I have it in their oh yeah now everyone's well. If I I feel like you're fired, if someone breaks into my house and I wound beneficial, come off it? That's well, yeah me I'll, get it and just run it put one of those things right through their neck. Like that, I could also spear in no way through the midst. And then I get the war and then both can wept, object. Be good picture. I You get done with buds, no factor whatever you shoulda team, one and you get put into a immediately yeah and its now. What nineteen eighty nine, ninety ninety so the Gulf WAR on the horizon. Yet are normally so
it has not been invaded yet or has been invaded, but we're not sure work that up that happen. August. Sixth, and when did you get to the team by December? Ok, so it took about nine months, so you showed up at the team, is no war going on my way I d go through SB. I I didn't ask you D background ass, the eye so basic and dark, and they just grabbed a bunch. Eyes, and it was actually really squared away. I don't want. You did last work The demo, all your weapons and shit patrolling tactics ended maritime air, rubber, ducks limp ducks all that shit. He did for Photo Intel like all kinds of stuff in field. Developing yeah I'll. Just talk on this camera guy up in Wyoming was, I told him I used to do that either. But now it's all like. Digital carefully I gotta course spend hours and hours do that
I'm in a lot of shooting basic shooting shot. M14 till your freaking fingers go cuz. You were not a man. If you didn't carry them. Fourteen, oh yeah, it cuz. It was like the best ever and ever my bicep would get bruised from shooting the m14 because- and I know he will soon because it be like move like you- can't just keep their at time night slang gigantic, and that's why I'm fourteen God bless sold such a great been member. How many malfunctions you had with it: the S eye, man, none however, and here I had one somebody else's shell from an m from an I'm sixteen when, unlike went lodged somehow into my eject report, my middle of whatever be. I could happen. So that's one banana things are freaking but accurate. They didn't. They didn't survive the air I put it
The rail system muni once once start becoming the catch. Shit. They try to do it and then the gun was like three hundred sixty pounds. I would just never really back down. The m16 was basically a piece of shit even the inner seven twenty seven the carpet dean's, that whole evolution leading up to the end before they get better better and better the more reliable- and you know it just makes sense on the battlefield. You you got an employer, you get it by by six, you work with the Marines, the army you can, go anywhere and get some more ammo say who has stripped clip friggin three await him. Some sixty Nobody in doing get all to sixty. That's got to be a wicked pain in the ass. But was a great gone. I mean I still well the thing you put it
front side on. There must have been there. Dixon night vision it didn't make the current there might take about where I still have one. That's like my primary battle, Rifle Alex Grace. I was gonna work up a hundred percent work. I mean if she goes down chaos in the streets and you're like on a cul de sac, you could come out with that. I mean I have a fucking. Tommy gun is what I'd have Might the door on your Mama volume lack and everybody was neither fantasize about stab me, I'm in excuse, to AIDS on Tuesday afternoon what're you gonna, do I mean yeah, I'm gonna, fedora hat he become open. Hey. You want to go to the bar and get liquored up. Yeah I'll just grab my Tommy Gun real, quick. What yeah, so ass B, you
go through, you got a bunch of stuff I had asked. Tt is what they called it. When I would yeah man, good dude teach us that stuff. I was great because we still get Conakry like shit at your Werner, new guy budged. Do you You are getting cherry tree like a little bit better than a bad guy. When did you get, then you got assigned to a full two. Yes, I I get assigned to up to insulting one. And so in the old days alphabet, but you are right: the boat! Yes, a hard alpha golfer, I didn't care juice. Know anything you just like one, whatever I'm in cool, how many new guys, when your first put her wealth, we're late for some Africa uses stacked the art buttons with more new guys. We had a wonderful that thing up, because no one wants to do an unarmed float bow I knew you, I am sure, no nine. Some say thirty, like ok both for our new guys in her lap and let them flow, but you get you had a bad ass. L P, o
I did. I did. I had an appeal, leaning, petty also, who is one of my buds instructors. What was he like as a buds instructor? quiet and lying mean looking like coming. Don't do this you just a big pussy in our guys aren't put now and to sleep because he was good. It is wicked Jews Odin everything once became my appeal like he was good shooting. He was good at all water stuff. They drew up like somewhere in California Kayak he could kayak two's, really good sky. Diver uses good at everything, everything mountaineering, so respected, yeah and speaking nice man, is a great guy. I'm going actually see him here, by the time this podcast is. Probably
I'm on a visit him somewhere in a country here, but he did I think, twenty years after that state trooper them now, I think, was Alaska and pressure. But he's just eaten a thriving that environment and he was a good teacher. I could take us and get okay guys who's who's. How you do this you, like eighty percent correct, This is the twenty percent, the you suck at an here's. How get better at it. You know it Rodger that I mean he was just in a good day. The reason I know one ask us: when he got back from that deployment he took over, seek you see or seek you be at team one he was the sea could be instructor, so he put me in my first work up through see you b, and he was the first time that I was looking at my maybe the first guy, but he might have been. He was the first round the clock on he's theirs. Wanna come on here. There's a lot like
this. Isn't just mechanical king of your going through in your clearing rooms like there's, there's, there's thought happening here there's there is intentional decisions being made. Like I, could see I could see that all the way he would explain things I'd be thinking He knows like some more more than we oil, then a lot of us other guys do indeed explains, little detail and you'd say ah would make sense to me. You I'd be thinkin, while that makes sense and Yahoo say stuff like a room, combat shit, he'd, say Why you do not like? Well we're done here going to go there? Oh, what about deconstruction like what you mean? You're, not the only group within your group assaulting this bill. Being or the ship. Your make sure that the other guys right!
First, one who actually exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about when the blinders come on in teams, everything's lake went from well warfare. Seek you see where we call it now, skydiving diving, once the blinders come off her and the good the good people in your life and the teams we'll make the blinders come off and then that's when you start growing as a fragment because it's easy just guy I'll go above, but you have to do. We have to do The basic shit so well and never forget it. But then open you mind up to outside shooting like front site, Francais Francais! Then you get exposed to both eyes open and your front said: is blurry Cuz your targets, clear, cuz, guess what, when you're shooting paper front sight front sight front sight, that's great when you shooting people have to make sure you can shoot them if they look at their hands, can't do that
if the targets blurry when you transition them in that really open joys, You two years and years of front site, then you start open your eyes and look after and then it all goes away cause you're on knowledge and got a laser, and then you have to vision cause you might be noone. You mad glad to go. Salt is building I remember we were doing shipboard movement on the many member that peer side ship that recent use attitude so we're on that ship we're doing just moon ass. Do you like asked Siegel? She had all or the point, but we were doing. We were like moving at we'd come up the stern of the ship. You know, like oh, a big group, a big at you and He just asked a question. You know like. Oh what, if someone's new shooting at you, and in every was kind of stumped like the older guys in my power to work, and you know we should back
some dom answer. You know like WWW Youtube back, but meanwhile we all die because we're all in the in autumn rattle ship in and he taught us. You know how to do the little bump and and then I realized, oh So there's this isn't this isn't a recipe is not like so like a recipe. Oh, this is what you do every time I can't know if that's that was proud the guy that made me start thinking, others different way two days ago made me start the others different ways to do. This is things that I need to actually think about. I can't just I can't just follow the the the the thing that you ve been taught one time in that's how you do it it's like. No, you actually need to think and that was the first guy that I said that I said and realise there is a lot. We're going on, then I was aware of absolutely
not a lot more. A lot more. It's not just of aid. She would straight down at the range and shoot head plate. Fifty yards icon, timer. You know with his pistol be ping. While we read much you just down there had that forty five, yes as wickedness, how would we know one had like the early nice weapon is like that? It was a good one. So So that's an awesome help your to have for your first time round, damn you're old run in May. Tell me a story. You guys we're on a boss somewhere, unlike liberty, some guy was run in his mouth. Some free guy was run in his mouth and making too much noise use our drunk and whatever get crazy and all of a sudden you're LP, oh just like put him in a chokehold.
Scarcely able bodied schedule nap and be also in which crazy about that is. No one knew what a chokehold no one knew. The sleeper hold was really did yeah and he's like knew how to do it Gaia, another point B will leslie up and then does it he's a bad man still as great guy you're freaking out. Anything else if he so there was at first put Potu like did you guys is Neptune. The war kicked off while you're, not planet, yeah, so August, first or August. Second of ninety. Ninety Saddam invaded Kuwait and everything Baba So they sent proteins from the strand, even though they had four deployed patterns which guys repair, Snorri everywhere and so we're on the art pattern we didn't leave to April and that, like officially didn't end everything was done by telling it they wouldn t do anything really
The only like real thing I did in that was Blake AIR. Shit boarding now that the big fifty three helicopters one went down, pulled off the ship current killed everybody, we we drove on the bodies and put them up, but I was with that guy. Now who's the guy. Here I will do it till we call, but that was moving get any gunfights enough, which is unfortunate. Can I so we're on a ship most of the time please. We got off, we did training in summertime deployment. If you have an April. The absence of a was one thousand degrees. Oh yeah. I was just terrible and then you know you can't eat enough, and all you did was like Lyft is there way to get back and then so you get
I'm not going to go you wrong to write your next to have, and I get a story about that. First will not work up talk about like attitude the judgments and stuff What kind of fact up some infraction somewhere I wasn't lead. I just and then have something right. I don't know what it was, but my chief, the time he's like Oh yeah, ok, you fucked! my alright achievement and I really know I fucked up. I'm ok so like one thousand six hundred you know, I don't know if it was Friday. Night was a weekday and it goes up to the grinder with me when I was thinking to do like, make. Is that the team that's gonna like it in all, still the thing would go crying do age or whatever. That is we don't have that just like
figure it out hit each other and be done with it and go to back to work. So he's got this bags. Big construction, garbage bag in them its filled with a tangled up, flutter borderline hot Jesus so LEO those you know no afar borderline borderline. Is this getting into the whole hydrographic reconnaissance thing? It's parachute cordial. Why fine. It's five hundred yards worth and its tangled up like a mother fucker. He goes. I want this in the mornin back on the flutter boards use, which is like a big fishing real. Yes gigantic, Lord about that big, its bigger than like a gigantic pizza. They or yes, that's it. Yeah whatever? That is I now so I got well. This is perfect man I'll just now, flacon, The fresh fish in line and split cut in place. It has,
Why do I guess I'll now? If you cut it in space, it might fuck, So I did that for a few minutes and realize mass can take I'll fuck a night, so I went to the king restored. I like a six pack. Budweiser actually go like twelve pack. And I'm sitting there and about five o clock in the morning. I finished it I had a shine. The floorboard- and I put it all and I put it on the chief's desk and I sat in to space. You know with a couple of beers and I kind of like passed out in about six six hundred and fifteen cheap comes in. They use the smart you up, and I owe you but also chief, is right that the girl could go. We should do so. Pity Roger, good lesson. Learned iron tabled some five. Fifty corridor like waiting.
After my wife when it comes off the spool, because it does need a cardboard why one end were disintegrating embryos, whoever made that thing is committed, a war It is therefore desirable jack, so you come back from the plan. After being at sea, and now you roll into your second potter. Did you get this? When you came back now, there they were I half way through the work of so it was, did all the staff, but I don't have any time doing all. That's right, because the art petitions were off cycle Iraq. Cycle do so you get get tossed into some. You lucky, then, you got about demanding that was already in their work, impotent. Wasn't much going on back then they, ninety two three so
when a ninety two came back nine through you to put the p. I was Appleton or Job porter. Guam glamour just started, so that's where you point two year. It was like nothing there. I know our view is right. It was right in a wee wee. There were just exiting, so we couldn't actually deploy there. So we went along there was nothing in Guam. Like was because my father's deployment was too Guam and we would like the first guys to go to Guam a hundred percent like oh, you are going to go on and the guys it has deployed to the p. Four we're just moping around the bare I'd. Like you said, I was stationed, there's whatever it in
was. It was the work up standard work up, math bunch, you're, freaking humping around the desert. Nip like this forward, being at battle. We had some good guys in trade trading that under stood more about war than I did. That's four day I am but it was. You know there was not much to do reflect back on for a lot of guys. Guys headed the guys who deal with Vietnam guys and now well, my first platoon, my there were talkin about he was in Grenada. Truth would damn that team six and then my second Pretend chief in your native to things that so I had some redundancy and now like warning, but some of it like in crazy though, and that's like cause- I had my platoon commander. My second tune was also in Granada.
An oil doc, and everyone was you know that was sort of the the. And actually my lp, all my second tune was in the First Gulf WAR, and actually did gotten some firefights and Elsie there, and so so This guy's, it was like buried, knew the unknown to us, you know, and that was it crazy. There was that little combat experience in the teams back then military, we know the ease, then all those on his arm was and now you're gonna soup to every single, literally everything out. I, unless you are a brand new guy, every single guys been on a combat deployment, or seven You're right. Are you dollar fifty, our whatever urges whose tons turn on it I really do this deployment now. It's like we're gonna go somewhere with another going on there. Because we always used to have a say in late. If you the deployment and you're told
at war, the great but a few deployment will just drinking beer and work in our undoing exercises, drink beer work out, zoo exercises, do that for the boys. Who can't do that? Cuz? Guess what it's going to come? Full freaking circle. It always does you know, but we're fortunate. We we had a I'm just fortunate, like the time frame I was born, From everything that happened in the eightys in the world, all. I went in the service and who still old school and in the world I too k like actually what, let's, what learned about the industrial revolution in school? We really fuck that the technology revolution cell phones, computer, that made it the world is not just a teams. Everyday life. The enemy
That was weird two cars we got to see and nine aware. Remember I mean we got two teams, there's no email not I mean, there's no email zeal. Computer is no. Computers is no email. So the copy machines we realise eating. Little Mozilla was my first deployment, my platoon commander and the US. Captain Commander had each had a computer The aim like no one, knew what they were doing. A cool is working out a year where they were you in anything on it. Right was just now. There was no use form whatsoever and then Yo you fast forward, I remember, were Microsoft word and it wasn't even Microsoft. It was like some other word, processing programme and ethical started. Doing your target print to gear list. Oh I had, or on the execution dry I've got out. Funny thing about our right Lake training lake after my seventh platoon, though
Oh yeah, you you're gonna, be the appeal as a spur to routine five and fast for now, wherever they now you ve done enough. You on training, link fuck. So then it became trade at and I was like pike honour their so I had to put all the while warfare stuff on Powerpoint. In didn't like doing right now, professional, not bad. I never had one minute a formal computer turn the name names any other ass, a judge. Turn on the pc like. I had no idea on side there, and then Had I taught myself I'll, do it and power point K? Can you put powerpoint on this? the guy comes over and does it might ask if you can shoes and figured it out. What do you do get figured out? How about the open
midnight night, starting at zero, six to scorn- and I could I could get up- go to work due to I'll go run six miles whatever the fuck and pity was. So my by I run through the house eight hundred times and good drink a thousand beers and go to bed midnight so four hours and I be good to go. Eight hour day on the computer. I can barely get home into my kills me with terrible. I don't really know what are these partners who sit in cubicles by blow the brains out ten years ago, the business sooner Allah, overweight and high blood. Like I told you, can see it, that's no way a human being to you, you have to get out of the cubicle man. Oh, my god, I gotta make head button the mirror, those yeah b the teams, were ear at a minimum. You worked out in the morning
at lunch time, you're going to go like for a run on the beach, some or you going to go, do Jiu, Jitsu or you're, going to go. Freaking do rope climbs or something at lunch and and that's just the way like think about the fact it when you get when you're in the teams. You can you work out every day every day by day, just awesome rate they have you not work out you doing everything we do in the teams is working out, the soul ok, we'll nothing pity to it over to full capacity. Climate is ships all day of that I worked on what the fuck is. You know you're sick, if you're in one of those jobs where you are staring at a computer all day, long or you're sitting inside all time you got to you got to get up and move how I absolutely back to your second pull to or going way forward to use our second platoon Was there any major leadership lessons that you learned in your second and I don't really ask you a question very first platoon when you
Imagine your help must have left such like, like: hey here's four points on how to lead, but you uses watch that guy largest gather as any later. That's a cat, you're talkin about. Now use your I see. We are tired about his. I just do with that guy Do I know you're all said I My whole career, China emulate that guy. Everything about it and I did a crappy, but I did the best. I created events like you. Do you know that My second petunia, oh no, I we didn't lay. There was no major like conflict not even close to, and we did some acts as well. Good time, Thailand, Australia gotten a lot like bar flights in you mean you didn't color went by,
and a lot of one learn? I learn. I don't know I improved on my my shooting skills in your second porter and myself to not a tonne little bit and I'll get more into that as we go along Mozart right dude what illness that period of time Peertopeer tunes, which I did one deployment Guam in that time Period- but you could see what was happening and what was here when it was. It was a pretty cookie cutter thing like You gonna do up you gotta go under two Guam, you gonna do some exercise, you gonna come home and you can do tat again. That's actually why when did a couple arcs, because it seems, different yeah David. They had a little better chance. It seemed of doing something real and Why did a couple large with a couple other guys, butter,
but yeah. It seems like it's kind of cookie cutter. Hey! You can do your work up. You can do in your learning stuff you're getting better at it, but that's about it. That is exact. About it and now that I would back added some of the people. Charge me What are they rely, sees appeals or cheese. It sites, twenty twenty. Would they really do many favours. They didn't have a lot of forward thinking I'd say about Sollermun like LA. I was just get through this deployment noise get through it. This is like my whole life. Wake. I don't care if I ever gone home. You know this is what I do is our profession known and I would hold some and animosity ozone. Piss me off. Basically did it seem to you it seemed to me. Well, as we did from what you just said, I
that there were some guys in the teams at that time period that worth now thinking at all that we were born a war and on and on and now he was just now. I want to do this, so they could punch that ticket to make rank there, but they were there. Not thinking, hey, there's a war on the horizon, nay, need to be ready for combat. We need to improve our skills. There was definitely guys in the teams in the nineties that war, just Numerous and break eyes, you obviously, but always plenty you guys that were hey yup. We're disappointment the sort I have to do. Hey stay out of trouble night down. Are we to set a pretty sure? No? No, no, this train. When we have the train. We want well yeah, cuz, if you don't make us train, we're going to go training out in the bars I'm going to get in big fist fights and break there's or people head and get in trouble, which I awaken trouble? I still think it
oh yeah, yeah gay, by I dont. Do it again and I never got anybody trouble for lad cool, don't nosed don't be too speckled got but come on lockers On an island for six months there and then go: oh, you know, go home anew, give watch now or not we're not jobs. That's would taxpayers pay us Ward of EVIL, wild and crazy. So in all that happens. We're like writing off. That's what that's what we do so that so that will do do you do it's Covey got her your next book, your next book- after that, were you the LP own experts who never did another pull too well, the second platoon I gave up the machine gun and waited at Washington, and I became a point.
And that's what kind of one I was one that kind of takes. The winners are- and I became a point man- What are the best appointment know it was I the best at anything in the team's no ever in the history of ever nothing, but I was decent play. Man I'd say it was average. Then. I did that the next five platoons, unless I was in a leadership position, so I did my third platoon was a point man with your second petunias portmanteau? Second bathroom? Ok, so you gave up machine gun after your first puts it, and now Secondly, to point man Third platoon point matter, which means you're getting really good at land now and we didn't have deplored gps and you're pace counties. Seven thousand yards in my head nodded account or nothing, just Roger? How I got
real good as pretty good at laying down anyway, When did you get a sniper school? My third put so in your furbishing work are we gonna snapshot which snipers was at an end, is doubly snipy out with it. I must have been in one of the early once yeah it was. Not not the earliest one. So squared away it was awesome than we did make couple days classes and then we went to college California, and that's when my shooting my long gun, shooting just became insane argue for zones. Oh all, right, you know sniper school now, where's, my cool sniper weapons now iron site and fourteen for, like two weeks straight at a thousand inches So, after a while this is your group size
quarter, twenty rout. This is your group and then you start shooting for distance call on wind still Ironsides eyesight answered. Finally, they break you in this, Mr teaching out of your mills had arranged targets. We have lately rigid laser rangefinders vitamins, and so when you finally get all that stuff, I mean you such good shooter. I got a sniper school and my platoon. We did a pistol shoe. Me, my Shootin buddy Z, they're, not zeal, but that's his initial z, J. We smoked everybody Desgas, we could shoot and they just go back from like Roger yeah, but, and I really really like, I became a really good long unto like awesome I've, been shooting archery and me.
And the laser range finer, their freaking, crazy. All like The best state colleague taken everything. There are easy I bought one algorithms gonna buy one guy like music, which ones the best one desolate its compensating for Angolan, just real quick. I was two weeks ago tune. Please go. I was I range. Ah, they call it lets a ring safety officer at the. Why arming ripe rifle tackle championship? My homing summit these range fighters, you guys, are like a credible in a shout out to them guys fearsomely, best shooters I've ever seen in my life like in the world couldn't we competition. It's called a while Mean W Archie, see whiling Rifle Tackle championship or or Deputy Arcy a care member skews nearby fuck it up. As this one
but it's also a fundraiser through special operations wounded warriors some of the best people on the planet. Man awesome, but some of the heroes like holy fuck. You know but I had this back in the day that you save me, like, I don't know, seven hundred hours of horse shit in my life in all wet now times the I became a really good shot. This range franker have as a stabilize Rona two across his you're, not like shaking owning it doesn't do, is like colder, to give you a blow job and shoot the gun. For you, I mean it's, it's like crazy, So you start. So that's when you went to snap school and you did it. That's neighbour school was the w with the stocking in all. I am now, as I was uneasy wasn't easy at all. How many people, educated at school.
Care, remember those I wasn't like that like the top cat, but that I think we have ten, maybe fifteen man s w, came out of the gate, hard core on that's cool yeah edited like that. W sniper school. It's was yet legit yeah, it's not easy there, but I, like I loved it. I thought was awesome So then you go on the planet. With that word you as another Guam deployment. We're Elizabeth is another insignificant Not that wasn't great and everything, but there was no. I mean it. That's what people have to understand in the nineties. It was like you're goin on Deployment we're on stand by for whatever praying every day that a major theatre war would break out. Absolutely I mean just hoping, but one thing we did do is we I'm so I get it back
track one platoon, we're in Australia work with the S s and shooting the shit, and we were doing some training or do some shooting our guy we're were doing right really well, like shooting lies course with those cats who are awesome, like the basque guys arena. Just like a bunch. Special forces round world task, as ever, lay You guys manners no shit out that make use wow. It's easy boy. You're gonna, like the fuck you talkin about you, guys, grow up, by an friggin cowboys and army, and am I I never really thought of. It goes back to the way we don't have guns here. They like don't have guns when you get a splash permit the hard are you Jonah, no terror, the cops when I grow up doing that it might never thought of it.
All the case be begun wars in your kids and I just drawing proxy server rock by what you know. So anyone You think too much about the fact that many of the people that come into the teams or in the in the military they grow. With a rifle reaction was comfortable around got in I don't see any reason, be afraid of a gun, no monsieur an idiot, and you should be afraid of it now, because you shoot yourself rate, but that and then my third platoon we so within Lucy's, did some stop it. You know like forum people know realizing them years when there was no wars going on, we did some like ridiculous training. Staff not the cavalcanti like this three miles. Swam then put gear on and home in our walk like here too
scotch you on and then and then you get a five minute break and then you get a shoot like seventeen rounds and two seconds I really mean thou skinny. Do you want me to be in order five miles were ten mile run and two miles wormwood dude Rick takes all day, do monster. Mashes out right. I were born there. They were phone but there and then that's the thing is I have occasionally people ass, they say something along the lines of I was in the marine corps. I was in the army. I was in the navy during the nineties and didn't do anything and I feel, like I Didn'T- do a good job during my card. You know they look man. He said you can't you did what your country needed you too and win win when it was nineteen. Ninety, four or nineteen, ninety six and you- and you'll teams in the Navy needed you to deploy to wherever you go.
Exercise with some country that that's what you did and we trained, and we did we it established and maintain in standard operating procedures. So all these little things that we do, you know why they came out there somebody had to carry the thread of being able to do this stuff for, during these time periods and that's what that's a weirdo. You know mate, making sure This thread maybe that the knowledge at least that a minimum level state in place a lot a lot of it's, not even the tactics and stop it and the seal teams. I think the world the word like praise, old school Hasta always be there has to be, just bt out through everything- that's not an old school than just just that attitude like you gotta
least every day in a super tune, so true, salt team, whenever we talk about someone's gotta be leg, don't be a fuckin pussy. Just do it and shut the fuck up because every day like that in the most exclusive man's club, our where were you you gotta do you got nothin there is definitely the you- definitely have to maintain that attitude of hey we're, gonna do or gonna do what you re going to get the stuff. I that's organ in order to stop, and it's like cool man. This is gonna really sorry yes things that are going to suck real back as if you don't do it. Even if your operating here in potato and whatever you doing, if you're not doing check like a serious got check every two months or so sums It shouldn't be easy. Now, It should be like fuck this can suck.
Then, when you're doing it sucks so bad at spawn casual chums you I get what our good! No one knows. Ever says anything about it. Just now you go because you think about some of these things. You do you didn't you jump you jump into the ocean with a and then you get in the Zodiac anew. Can you rig it and it's freezing and you're in a wetsuit? That's cold? Now you do I've from over the horizon, so its fifteen or twenty miles of driving in his zodiac against the swell against the swells you're gettin beat up, Ass is chief, I did I next use puking and in what you're doing it you're getting to a harbor somewhere. So you then put on your do the real or your dive rig out of a kid bag duel like a cursory check on your dive rig to see if it got damage on the jump, and then you put that thing on
you're freaking. It's all huge in any. Roll into the water and then you're on the water for three and a half hours nexus. Some idiot who doesn't know where he is any freezing. We get in the water. You freezing your hope now. You you're actually happening in the water because, as you know, in a warm up like two men could be kicking and then get on. With that you come now. You ve got you too Ah, you are strobe were higher strobe somebody's, a white, Strong, no one's out there, not there's no enemy going to see you here in the middle of the ocean and did you get picked we climb back in your totally exhausted you have one of those collapsible canteen like the two court. There is in the bottom, your kit bag. You pull that thing out. You drink. Some of that. I pull it out. Punctured yeah got another, does not legislate. I've just Gulf nothin
you gotta, DR another, fifteen miles back over the horizon in and about the other. Seven miles left, the sun starts coming up there and then you get there and you get loaded into some whom else see you ve, got you out there. So that's it! now like that just the two socks meant get used to it all right, so that you're so, third put in your fourth platoon. What about your faithful? To my? Fourth, not my fourth platoon. I was l, p o there. You go you a second class lp I'll. Do something about that. For those you don't know what that means in a second, stay out here, elbows, are you usually supposed to be? First classes
now. Everyone inopportune is like a first class right back in those days. Manders E3 easy forty five and then you'd. Heaven help you but you're. The l p o as e five how's that I loved it an hour. My choice, was a synergy and our God rest his soul. My ankle died two years back, but I He was one of the talk about nice. Guy has super nice guy. He was like so much one. Yet Texas, draw like Ta we were duly shit. Tony leaves just Bonnie, no four Gray put in we're, again. We didn't. We didn't really do anything. No awhile
made. No, what do you like being like actually in charge? I loved it. I loved it Did I see now I see. We were together. We Didn'T- I wasn't my hey. This is how I think we should do it, but let me know and there's couple ie six, pretend to their new guy solid, and so you are the five l p, o ranking, bossing around or whatever in charge of guys at work. In your. Do you on paper because they have like, unlike that no big deal, no big deal team, guys team. Figure it about. Once again we did a lot of drink in fighting and didn't you knock out when your guy, yeah, something yeah. Let's just as that. Stop that happened. Platoon Mean
I got yelled at by the exile. What am I yeah whatever I girl? He was don't do that? The my gal Kay, we're around and town the cop single just got to like whatever, so table I would like in the office I got I'll. Do it again. It now has a new moon care, but Mozart Then I left him one after that Knox I had to, but I transferred the silky five after that At that time, seal team five seem like a lot o seem like it had. A little less stringent, oh my god, It was the wild West, it was. It was three hundred feet down the street and I was like going you're not going to the wild West,
I say this about DM five men. At that time, the Ninetys there were four characters. I mean fuckin character, show up recorders. A purse first morning in my starch came out of my hair cut. My you could shaven my jungle boat. You know steam on em cause authority. One was up, The quarters is like seven hundred and twenty I'm standing, I'm the only guy on the grinder and it's like seven hundred and sixteen and in the back gate opens like coming out of the carry show back in the eighties, like geysers eight boards nobody's where in a uniform and give a fuck I what's going on about where we go repeatedly. I don't know gear just go wrong in our own hit, the germ what the fuck is going on here. Everything was loose. Everybody was wicked cool, so am I but then, when I started working with everybody.
The squire awareness was there in the tree. Department in the patterns. They just prove that you don't need to be like so be uniform standards that and still be good operator amidst gas from the past, loved being at seal team five. I love being an all my teams, but you know that was that was fun. Your there was a bunch of guys that might from team. Why? Down that? All absolutely till I get we're doing. There was another argh, so this was my fifth platoon are we had a great ended. They make you the appeal. Oh no, I did three more patterns, not be any appeal after the air, that's kind of interesting deal? I outlined our knew, how to run slow still any by So we did the icon and we,
who, in overseas again, we did like some watch in Kuwait. Still have that they were going to do and I or whatever, but nothing major. We didn't do anything but it sacked. Like goes another ard, and I was a man. This is this is a fact. Upham, like I'm gettin, I just reinvested I want all relate ten years, so, unlike ok, I'm committed puts money now you know now. You can only work out so much and you know we drink so much younger than getting stagnant.
But when I came back they had this. The cat become an event. So there's five thousand two hundred and eighty five at seal team, five and what they'll do is they'll just says: taking a test will just make you an e6. Can you get paid right away? I was a bit and it's kind of a big thing out of fifty two e5. I will write number one. So I get the cap so and tv was a ceo I walked in there were talking join me in Diamond God bless my brother. Many die last year and I go for iq. You give it. The diamond he's got a wife and kid
I'll get it next year or I won't ever get it so diamond, got it and I was like yeah and he bought the beer. So what's the difference, so it was all good to go, but I was like I don't care about rank. I never did so. I did that and I thought it was cool That's awesome. What did you get cap the next year? Yes, sir, I hid They used to tell me that I got capped. My all career cuz. I did not captain because I I got cap DE five, to answer now perfect right because you and programme, but that that I put two we did. We had a grape tune. Wake. One too, three for those guys, if not without any, more
and not one of them is from a combat thing, and no natural causes or self inflicted minnow, but who's. A good pussy grip tune with a lot of fun that a lot of terrible times, but look here, terrible times with their phone. No reply and managers are having for that too Opium Arab still in the age, he was awesome. Few use great much. I had to choose an opt in one like gave up or
fired or something- and all this time I had she said, gave me some good advice. Like my third platoon JH was the cheap. He was in bed with me. He was a higher ranked, so he had top go at it when I get to the team, but he turned out to be one of my best, but he was smart, in whose call to arms he didn't offer me alive, advice tactic is weakening, grew up at the same time, those were both same level, but he was good with the Navy, like he told me this, and that taught me shit that I forgot, but it was good to know. But a water, the examples I used as a platoon chief, drew on were mostly bad. I have to say you know fifty one percent of whom were what not to do
and you look at him at the time say: no, that's not a good move or we look. Or did you figure out later, that chief wasn't doing a good thing, memory doing one thing we're doing this crazy shit boring thing in my view, stood again, can know what we're not there yet were not good at it and my tubes, we, confident guys are going to say that my what the What now over suckers two groups like the content and the non caught, we're back in Prague man would remain non confident. What is that? a guy on them. That way, when I look at a fuckin computer or something but like in the teams, who's not confident there. That is like ok, I'm never going to say that ever in history of ever, like ever ever,. So then, at what point? Did you go into training? All I salute. Captains will hear damn so you're fiscal tumors, the art petunia you step down from
were you you are not the opium right. So now you do your six peltier up. And what are you doing in the expert employment? Again, by man, arab point, man, arab and as a speck OPS deployment Guam hammered are now work out. The good work done. Land warfare? Seek you see? camps in the desert. O r e I up there time by then I knew now and so well, I go as Lake Yulka there from the point. Madam, I guess Did you do with your eyes closed and my hey? You know what chief one just let me carry the machine gun he's. I lie because what the machine gotta be the point. Now it's mix it up here, Cool guy layer, those
another uneventful near now have two years? When did you make so then? What about your seventh potter? But I made a six in my six button. So I was in IE six in my seventh platoon, but I wasn't the appeal again. I was, I was the ordinance rap. I wonder the ordinance rap Point Man, just keep Roman earns, keep no one dead, key role. It now after that one another. I was Bravo, though reaction. Yeah but was not like thirty days on the shit like Korea or something terrible. I remember that, because I watched the subway Syria on the ship back down, the Mets were planning augur like We ended in two thousand, Maybe ninety nine two thousand sir you're a first class at this point. Then you get sent a trader. I guess
The training cell, treeless, L, a team and after lake couple among you did your platoon l, p, o, and then you did for more deployments tat before I was achieved and then you then you cited to sign yet and I need turning training cell and they group at all together into trade at read so delayed. A year and trade training cell lie yoga and then, when I got orders to trade at least three years, my women are, he did a year and train. I don't give a shit like park, so we stood up trade at and I was the appeal of Lauer Bear the whole time. I was there and During that I did get another school, though I went to New Zealand to the tracking course Oakdale our narrow track humans over there was to the awesome
like not easy course meant a lot, a really good cats from around the world I live on. When did how long you been a trade at when September 11th happened. I'm not sure, maybe six months six months and then what would you just freak out come now. I went to New Zealand everybody what they against an island in ASEAN How long was I course seven weeks, so you get done with that and now you're freaking out, because I am so I come back from that and I want my gone ok, you really know they're gonna go and then wait. I didn't. I just kept work in an iron work and worked workin
And I want a racket job we're mile mast. Use like I need a guy sleep took me and semi overseas, that's when you were there in Iraq. This is yeah. You relieved us right so wish we d like a lion turn over. What allows word would ports there, but we will work with the poles. So right there, so you came in the kind of take over liaison ran at exactly those guys and in which good job pose great. Your husband stoked so I was I was in Baghdad. I was on our I was in Mosul, goes back and forth. Erin. I really I was like the end theatre guy. If you wanted some done, I mean I was walking through these foreign airports. Would Duffle bags for machine guns and just going to like the bread serve whatever country had a plane.
No, we can't do, though I hear hear here's a bottle of scotchwoman. That's all you got shit done. And then all of a sudden I show up in my bozrah. Ok I gotta do this for a while and then I'd be like all right. Now, I'm going to go to Mosel get a plate there from Brighton people with stopping no orders and Uno you think as like. Will we get your orders anyway? Viewpoint now is like eggs get? If then, for yourself and I loved it, whose awesome there than you did, that and I made cheap on that point. That's when you read chief, I squeaked under the thing I'd like nineteen years in a day or eighteen and a half whatever and then, when, when did you find out, you were going to go to team three, all right after they cheat because the guy we were talking about call me in his office EOS. I got you a petunia team. Three, I might ride you that perfect. Were you ever worried? You weren't going to make
then you'd get now now you figure would work out what hours worked out. I wouldn't make. Worked out triangle someone before I didn't know it images work out. Bodies would disappear whenever I don't care disappear. I don't yes going do I ears what's gonna happen your signature going on there will your blood you. Now it's one of the other, it's gonna fuckin happen and I said, Does it not been doing those my whole life, just like a retired go soon? the corner cool. Now I can do it and then Seven you showed up between three, I sharp came very then there's tasking abuser. We talked about I don't know if we talked about in the last one got to reiterate that was so funny like. Is willing guy in a MIKE who. Oh Jacko away now
John willing willing alike, now really norm. The kind of omnium walk, annoyed gory were good to go we're all set, we're all set jump Oh, I know you know the officers label. Would you like a like these that's all did you know just stand up like by you don't have any fuckin me. I don't care, I know you, my wife may I, whatever I don't have any like the loose ends there. Just like you officers, irises though I am I. What do you mean? I mean no fuckin loosen because he's gonna to he's like a shock, and while I can smell blood he'll go really can't you up at a proper, uniform and they're. Just really. What is it?
you were nazi or every known now you just like do right. I should go ears? Here's an idea if you say what do you think about this job over your head? Looking ago. Why thought well like doing it like good, acknowledge what you're saying that just jump and there like cohesion out any meat. Everybody yeah that was his girl. That's funny, yeah, that was a good time You could tell almost immediately like that. We're gonna have a good time, boy. I know every was kind there ever was gonna win the game and you could tell pretty quick. We have a good time and the very first thing we did was land warfare
which is as it should be a little alone would lock involved with training. You get to do first, but you know we got lucky, you might sign, or someone moved the three things on the boards over a traitor to make us half way. Refer first, but we only warfare first, You know, there's a lot of guys: Teen Gazprom, listen podcast away. We should shit here and I gotta think the delay we did this for retirement, If we did that person like, I remember everything like everything but now everything you know remain. I give you say my charm that woods, downer flora rode over a book he's got a memory because, unlike had a pact, do you remember that The idea is the right step down. Now I had a wheel book just like you did now rights down I go back. I still have them, they make no sense.
It was and I got grid coordinates denigrating line through it and it's as other. Fucking grid in Rome next day, get get guns like what yeah my. Would you write that down martyr like that too? I have from when we were in remedy. I have three like I forget what size they are, but maybe maybe eight by six or some young written your cargo pocket right. I carried it all the time I've got a little boxes with words next on an I can kinder remember what some all one thing that's cool is when I would say through a mission brief, I would write my notes down, but I was gonna say to everyone, so I have like mission. One thirty four may it says Tom the watch, you notice watch road? this building is a threat and don't forget
check in with this easy, be right like just like random stuff that was snapped. Impulsive, maritime and super emphasise the rules we engage in the area. Of course, we did that I thought those great yeah but I have these kind of like random notes and what successes leaf had the whole hard drive of every up that we did and it was classified secret see and it was caused by secret for no good reason. But you know when we we to turn it in and they took it in his destroyed or whatever, but that had every op, some every option Every planning I mean breathing was on that and yeah. That's good no books I have are like you're no books. It's like some random grid, coordinate some random execution checklist four lines. I'm like rearrange lis jars so many they can't remember. Like all the shit- and I look at you, know,
looks and usually that not more like for some, like three quarters I lost it in a pair of bag forever. So you get another one and Billy I write now I am They can why my writing this down, like a what I like in the middle of the night Roma nods them in a gunfight. I'm gonna pull this no book I'll go! Oh yeah, you know, I'm gonna beat you someplace, where there's nobody shoe Natty an ally. Figured out the eyes out. That's I would be run. I wrote that the notes that I wrote down were all notes that I wrote down so that I was I tell you guys like every every note I have as a note to you guys mean very, I guess maybe there's if a third of them that are known to me. That say, like hey how will the ceo blah blah blah our tell the brigade commander that you know, guys are gonna, be reacts, others some notes like that, but I don't have any notes that say I felt I felt
good about this operation and I haven't horse now I never any of that. Any of that when I actually did sleep. I would like my guns, good. Ok, I lay down and out sleep like baby for those hours. Whenever I slept oh good, in a war zone number one. You like wicked, tired number, two, it's a simple he's like life, you get up everyday cares renew its wine and go back now, get up easy. Knowing regular like shit, tell whose there's there is definitely the op temper. Of their just. You constantly have the next thing that you're like there's. No, you never finish on a deployment. You You dont finish the day, the Dana's roles into the next day and the next day to the next day, so you're
on this this amp up cycle of what are we gonna? Do next, what's going on, This doesn't stop so we when you, when you have it is to lay down your high. I done this. Picture mean Dave Burke that still be yeah yeah most reaction time but is me and him, I'm pretty sure it's cop falcon and you know, he's the commander of salt x and on the commission of task in a browser, but we're up on the roof top and were both sleep is pray about ten o clock in the morning and its funny, but I was thinking like the time I would get into the field I'd be hired. You know, and I ll be the first time we're like ok, cool everyone's on security and I'm gonna go to sleep right now in its day, Burke me sit on a rooftop racked out just done.
Just need three hours of sleep. Remember that one disappointment that one I was up on this building and had three one and was looking to say and for some reason that little section was just me we'll. Never people with a whole building would ever so. That's why I could crawl and meet up other guys and go downstairs. No big deal like August back I have any water arrive, any shade. Nothing grab them again, So now I realize this about, nine in the morning so, the sun goes down awake nine at night and I go. Ok am braggin my shit down come since, after you been said, never fourteen our yep and you have
a crowbar you have zero fucking water nor systematic, not like a hundred and twenty two. So am I I break out my soul. Ranger. Look as I know, what's Goin on My lips are as white as this piece of paper like just like that chunks, some like going to be laughing like I'll, be fine, but I literally got like three hours till I die tonight, sound self, fucking thing cuz. I want to be a pussy, you know, but I know I got some cokes or something and Flynn come to you. If you know I finally like it that like
because my throat, like this big and others like nothing, there's no airway put my rock. Were Ex will allow the building at night you noisy unlike workin down whole my build a fire and unleash so I should be smarter than that, but am I vision, starts to narrow, exactly alike. Snap out of it now like that, I'm gonna go get back and after like an hour back at the camp, or should I drew some water on our drag like poor courts awhile ago legs, six hours later I was pissing like blue. You know still. I don't think you can really come back from a dehydration like that, but it's all those years like drinking and that just conditions you so when it's real nigh on
so when you get in that spot, it's not so bad like I'm, not gonna die wicked close, not seriously lacking stag, you know the owner dizziness, and then you just got it goes away for a while, and it comes back as you can now. We cannot On your body, like you, I mean the migration or get you here. It's crazy! How the man you see guys at each guys at the desert, training they go. There it's up pretty much. If we were doing when I was a trader, if it was summer and we doing. Mica. Eight six to eight click, insert The time extract was going down, there is a decent chant. Someone was going down. We have a real yeah An end you're talkin about completely sober, usually hydrate, usually onward answer. Why is it that was usually on the answer? Could you just come?
out of the dam air conditioning. Because that's another. I think that it is almost always on the answer. We want things I instituted if I'm wrong about this. Somebody correct me, but I think I was a purse gotta do. It was We're doing me action, drills and walked guys out. I didn't thousands of those and our pre plan a guy And you can, I could tell like we're, not gonna shoot back towards the canal partnership, but a guy who's on the right flank. If it was in the EU or parallel order was the point man. They were just fall down. With nothing just fall down like way their Gaza content right in our restart shootin, my daughter, The guy, like but and I come back jewelry and usually they did a good job middle like so what happened?
Well, you know what your contact, this guy went down. Bombobar know needed. Guy just well now. What you mean like, or maybe he casually and not to be kindly to be a damned yellow, but that's how you teach the less I it's like to so you differentiate music. He gets taken by so many on his shot. What were you shoot now in our business. Real good answer I'll take the blinders. I also see it as one of those things where you're actually teaching is like. You actually have to think about what's happening, absolutely even an immediate action. Drill like Ok, there's an immediate action Joe, but you better be bettered think about what actually going on because the answers are. What's the word, the answers aren't just a memory now, there's no answer. It's all here ecstatic garbage ago, decipher figure out
it comes close to it, and civilian world is hunting. Yeah Elk Hunt this last past year at killed his gigantic bull elk me and tooting. Guys were those five thing guys there in Wyoming and when I, when I kill my big bowl it was like yell at you guys couldn't carry gun cuz. I already limited out a Tagged out, and so we ran out just like a knot and we have little PLL take off and arm signal comes up. Guys are my chunk Ass is like cases big bullocks, go on from here to hear and was so intense and I tell them my Joms Lake, I mean I have actually shot some guy in the war, whatever you, yawning. We're like hunting out
my death their saw a vague and majestic and beautiful in, like they will kill you in a minute and they don't care about. You, though, just like psych life on steroids, it's so unbelievable. I highly recommend that you, if you like hunting, you hung out cause that's their screaming and rot in there killing each other. You can hear the times in the big bull comes back an incredible I'm goin in September. It's unbelievable. With a bow. It's I'm! Never I'm not about honoured here, We go on you and I are gonna Utah. You outta here too, to a place that guy went to high School Baja. New ties from his eyes. This good I'm going on I'm going with you the take up its act of the best possible hot, like Andy any stuff he
said that this he's like this one is gonna spoil you get the best plan. I love that even these guys taking the John Dudley, whose nor world famous both during Archer and he's like yes, good. This is as good as it gets like this, the spot, where I'm going as good as it gets so should its friggin asked its it so ass, our on home back to New Hampshire causes. I was in October season back to New Hampshire hunted hunt with these guys up in a camp there, just like the best everybody's, like a character killer deal did assure you know, but it's not that lets. You know what they were. So this guy John Dudley was asking me, he's a It seems like this would be good for guys to get into guy I'll get in for me. So we just did this three D Archery challenge up in Montana.
And when we're up there? Look it's an an admin thing. Basically lawyer. We walk into the woods and illegal. Ok, there's the target, and in you you shoot the target their anywhere between thirty and may a hundred twenty yards with a bow which is far shots. But for me, I was telling him. Unlike you know, when I was younger in the teams, we would patrol around the woods and that's. You're doing your patrol around the what you're trying to become like that, skill that and the win dear. Wind at but like even in the desert. It's different then like when I was when I was when we were gonna Fort Louis Washington, a we'd go to Fort Jaffee Arkansas, like we go round apparent juvenile, do one of which the training trips to Panama, so like rolling through the woods, but all then am I not Panama City, Panama, no paranoia jungle, oil. So can you get that that that
skill of walking quietly through the woods and looking at something Elton doing all hands angles and not, and I was this gentleman and you're not talking now now we'll which I know I have upon cast, which is what I do is I Don T talk a bunch, but actually actually don't love to talk to. All people all the time. You know really really so I some hours so my GEO Junior ass, you walk away, he jumped What do you think about this issue? Just like you, just like Taryn walk, I think I'd be like looking at me like we wanted to meet for our. I want to talk to you. So what don't get all butt hurt over it he's got like stuff on his mind, like I'm hungry,
yeah, so that's kind of cool. I'm looking forward to going out in that on in in September and I'll report back without it go absolutely man, there's a no pressure shooting a freaking bow and arrow at I had no joke did will be, will be thirty or forty yards away rights outside of that like out, I can loosely hit a target. You know while even price like do. She is practice, but you don't want you don't want to have a bad shot. Nobody, how are you Everything gets like shooting about like fifty yards I'll hit. All time I could get you Yeah, like you see your bad example like. How can I spin next year would like a fuckin tambourine make you like shake, because nothing will be like laugh, then man when they are lacking
green. It's it's the cool thing in the fucking whirl I swear to God. That's awesome Well, well, you know. If you wanna get. If you wanna get a bow and started Hoddan, one thing at a time on doing after this pipe cash preying across the street, a buffalo while wings get old goons, so browser I mean, like I said, there's a million things. A talk about. Do you browser, but when you got done with to your browser, What were you, what would your like? Looking back on it not looking, back on it now cuz. Now you just look back and every when I go that was off, but when you were like when we got back two weeks later,
what were really looked back at it. From that closer perspective, I I was cow lost, like it's gonna get a better than at home, I was in the next true. I was there the option then I got fired fired. I get fired because I she was and go and then I had to go to the senior enlisted academy and was like whatever and then with the team. Seven and I pretty much got fired, which was fine- I don't want to do that anyway, and those in ranges and their language a guy to go. Do the provincial reconstruction team? Ok, sunlight in Afghan and have gas and silent
Afghanistan? Why did this work out for like two months it can't bay in Indiana? So this is this is a mission, were you be going with not with like a syllable tune but you're going with some other kind of ad hoc group people per hour on all I was it was. I had a seal and commanders seo a analysis, seal synergies and we're the always seals. And I had about a hundred people from the Navy, the army, the national, so it was any hour for so it was ad hoc out there, and it knows it was like leadership chow and I'm not used to working life with the regular, but I am used to work with rhythm, the Turk, as every frogman has to say why not bad but Ed very, very minimal, combat experience. I had a couple of guys like these old crusty, guys
here in the South Carolina National Guard some guys, The Rangers, though, also man budget there all. I cops slot. Sheriffs or do they must allow you, oh yeah, or prison guards. The National Guard cats? They were friggin and once we are through the language barrier. Because I'm from knowing, when you know they're all from south going on there, they were bad ass man. There were like a platoon. Those is mine, my put now, and there were friggin greatly to up to a guy every one of them was awesome, had some reserves CBS took care, the trucks I guess we know, combat, never even drive in these trucks. Mortars common end they perform magnificently, whose it was cool.
But I did a water vehicle work with him. You know we need action, drills, how to deal with down people in all. We got some. We actually got some pretty good training, and I learned a few things are not afraid to admit women. I learn something. The weather, like a year, you known, I broke off for like a month month and a half and just went back to my seal buddies and got after it got a bunch and fights, and now we get Mordred all the time I beat and south asian Rock Chinese while Seven's come in my room, I whatever was What was your regos actually doing? We went to areas and late. We wouldn't build schools, Boon, build bridges would facilitate it. Go and ask me with the village elders.
We need this okay, so it's a proposal that would go back given. Honey you know or put it out to bed any course. That's all garbage. It's just big glass shake down? All the local politicians is to just come in and take the money, I will give you can't see him too. Thousand dollars to build a bridge. I saw the guy ones the bed his company gets a fifty. The politician, comes and takes like thirty and then they build. Bridge, for so many thousand dollars. Now they come back Nego. We don't have enough to finish. We give the rest of my It's like twenty. Percent of forty percent thirty unawares. Percentages all shakedown money that were given to Afghanistan's like crazy. But you know people think in this case true that every other countries like us yeah now when I remembered that matter of removing got remedied, wanna things at the guys, what
certain about. Was there like, hey the the This is in the iraqi Army are taken, the enlist their tears skimming out, I'm worried about that, and then it was like you talk the iraqi this ignoble he's the boss course you gonna, take us some of my money dear That scale must weigh goes. You know, and we were all thinking like like in Amerika? if you heard, that officers skimming money off the guys are paychecks it be like dogs. Needs be crucified right over there. You like mother, do they were like. We have course taken a little. That's is he's the boss its. It's like people, their guide us They see it on the lake six O clock news with whatever shit you now she's up they're going today the scandal was did not notice is number that whatever is it's all wild West, do whatever you have big guns, you get all the money.
Then you spent that that year, how many like different villages did you guys go trailing God like all kinds of em How did you get in there? Would you guys doing patrols in their vehicle patrols you find in we rarely used air assets. We have always had our support on at least standby, but most of the time we drew vehicles, I had some orbic between does and up to eight twenty vehicles now is usually the vehicle commander. I wasn't overall and the operational. Sometimes there was, but I too, these people who never We bear a military vehicle that much and we were all co survives you ambushes. Gub want few times have. Wreckers with us. Refueling tankers leaves grey these are some long transits. I am only a hundred miles. Summum. One way the idea
it was was. It was gigantic, lose Jaguar Dare I say we, I blocked cup times, but you tell us amateur our so back then like set back, then we had three big threats. One was your trip wires era. We were manual and then you had pressure play pressure plate activated so activated, so your pressure plates. So the way we count, we we counter pressure plates mine, rollers, the mine, rollers and eight, like an eight thousand pound thing they put in front of either a mad v oreo wherever the owners. I had my own bat views awesome, but so you roll out front and course at a driver,
but you can't just drive with that, you have to counterbalance the it's weird. You have to learn a driver, So that's it driving a trailer. Reverse rate. You'd have put eight that eight thousand the pressure whatever it was. Maybe I'm wrong and it would detonate. Does that Nate? It's not it so fuck you up, but it's not going to flip, because you know it's poison works goes like this, so we had the pressure plates for the three had some counter measures for thy visa. Then, you ended up hidden just a couple address. But around us guys who are waiting, spawned pretty good at a goin out. Not really Vienna Cure asked but go on providing support, and I would fan out my walk up and talk to those in charge in the air. What can we do
Afghanistan was gonna call because I really love the terrain. Big mountain slopes CUP thousand, eight that nine thousand feet up was pretty cool sexually beautiful there there could have ski friggin lodge is in. You know: that's North EAST Afghanistan, Westside Desert, but it was cool and then I came back from that and I put my papers in the retire, and I was just like. Went back to the island run the boys, but I basically had a great crew made pipe hitting guys. They just knew what to do so. I I kind of like get up in the morning have coffee they had to Jim forbear. Maybe your for IRAN and then
jump in my side by side with my twelve gauge and go shoe rattlesnakes than eat lunch and then do that some more glad. The range look around everything good. Yet come back to the camp like watch hockey in drink beer all night, I pretty good as I getting it I'll get her attire. Not pretty much terrible get out MRS amended contract. Work for wall. While that dried up then went back to land landscaping, construction tape, work in that sucks, but the school What are you now, you're retired? Now there right yeah. I mean army migratory like now you're, not gonna, work every day. Now now now I guess that's what I mean by retire
not this summer night. Yet so does Connally PDF around it's actually gotta go I got some questions we have in. This is the great first question, the very serious in retrospect. What's that almost reason you ve ever gotten into a bar fight pro these you to figure out the smartest reason you have forgotten: toolbar, fine, well, to save. Far EAST Rock one night like watching Monday, no football and the. Hatreds were losing her something someone said, No, you know a dead, it's cool because you know
around my fancy. She foot Bali and I went back and whack smack the guy. Arable wig I just I was passed in drunken. I was pretty dumb. Sounds like a good one in tone. Plus years in the teams. What situation challenged your leadership the most? And how did you work through it?. I probably have to say, were now when, when Mark leader killed, I have I honestly there, of course, and now I mean that's carnival weird question and I'll get to that. But
I I had two legs shove that fuckin shit deep down and not like, show it and make sure those there for the rest, the guys guys the Knox on the floor obviously gotta find out why it happened. So we don't do it again. What the fuck sometimes there is no answer, but I d push that shit way down and focus. The tasks it out whatever they were the day. I couldn't you screw, Jacko inlaid baggage shit. I shall see it in today's. You can't do that. So let me now you and I pushed down before without had really really really push down, so that was those challenging and when other times like leadership at guys again get you wise, we intercepted the male, hide it from the cops so than ever. Do you. I just take care on your own downtown, and I can say that is both the guy's therefore dead, so funny
I have no problem, my fuckin cutting through red tape. But I doubt that was private worse. What was your favorite qualification school that you attended, wound the teams? That's that's easy. It's across to snipe or school in the tracking course ass. Great, a really good! There must have been were here in that when you are hunting man, you mustn't just been like I highly overjoyed, oh, my god like track and elk You never done it. It's you don't have to go. I You look over, especially if now, as I ate, billion tracks herds salutary in me I can see if my six hundred yards away yeah theirs snow their cause. There was just
Do you when you listen to these part gas. When I had this guy till job, striker Meyer and his body. Does the Frenchman Maternal on baby out in Blausser Cambodia and the rest trackers, there was enviers trackers with doing ass down common after they carried as part of their standard load out. They carry pepper like gust and and on some other rules, the damn coughing method was coughing would tear gas tear gas powder. They had that, so they they put it under trail and then here the dogs, I counted. The docks, become internet, a range of rained and then also needs a freak out, and then they bring up. Another dog skip that area, and I said I said to till I was I do do I said you must hate
He was I hate the wee wee. Would we train arise freedom in its day, one way the several matters, but I mean I'm not gonna say it on here like how to freedom, but it's no simple, and it's got like nothing to do with the dark. It's like crazy! It's it works to light. As we did excises you don't like. So I am asking the cat like Hey made known these dogs like they're they're good, like exercises, I know now, might their real dogs they're gonna, buy you find this comes to soccer better, but can be good at it enough you're, going to my notes. Ok, what the f, yeah they were like. Started, I am working together. We thank God I mean I didn't write but holy shit
that's what he was a real world where there are going to end sixteen blanks and x is really not in a new Zealand that can hurt. You wait, does no poisonous snakes, there's no New Zealand can a man, it's friggin, wonderful, the people or are sooner that places also guide more easy, no they're like us, so cool, that's one of the places where they take you, unlike desolation of Asia, doesn't always I went to outside at this is: just awesome like I could live their enemies, in a minute, I could Libya that places freaking amazing. If you go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice before joining the teams. What would that be. Oh I'll, think nothing. I wouldn't do any different. I liked I could say I wouldn't
desperate this, I'm glad I did stuff like as a knucklehead and had some hard knocks in no, no, no I wanted donating differently, because the good debate, stop that I went through made me ladder and a good sign, o Connor shit but yeah That's one of those questions to its own. This is this. There's people that ask there's an ice. There's people to ask these kind of questions there. Looking for they're. Looking for like a one like a one thing I ever of like, you know, if you could tell yourself there's another, if, if you go back and tell you you're twenty year old self, what would you EL yourself, like its or Ojeda, invest in it always apple, or whatever? Now? What's the one
leadership lesson you like there's always that kind of thing or you may ask about everything. Man I asked about everything: what's not one book you would what's innately, ask the same kind of question that there has never had, I mean it's like I figured out early on, as you know, what buckle about face some somebody. Somebody asked me that in the live podcast and like I about up I've been talking about about face. Since I started talking to peddle public air. I is awesome it so this guy, the Life Podcast New York, similar personal. If you could, the men one book like learning what oh? Yes, it was about face that I was not a game greatly as a question for you could easily say like member like cracked magazine as about the same yes, it's weird, I turn. As you know, it's like people want to hear they want
the information to be so distilled down, but it's kind of like can we gotta to do the work yeah it's like being introduced will be like. What's the one move you should know introduced in other, actually is not one who so asking Tommy what one piece of advice- a man like where what is it, where do you stick to its guns, probable is good. Don't don't give up when you know don't like get away from your leg. I want to say principles I hate outward, but no one ever you believe, like the teams like for me, does like now. We know You know you don't do that national! Do that, like. If I'm running a crew and everybody wanted slate more time off and then you gonna give. Then now. Now errors were fuckin do and that's it. If you stick to that and there's the camp
disarm a bomb that already one off so just stick to what you doin, unless its sole factor. Of course, But you are. I had this Maya, my second putting commander the real squared away guide, but we did. We did a hydra at penalties and by grew red beat. It was a friggin nightmares. Freezing airlines were huge. We go out, we do it. Fraud manage it and then we we get everything recovered. We come back. We sit there in the Zodiac type up up the pipes message with the little codes in it for around the beaches we come We gain we draw them. You know the cartographer guys, don't take all that information and draw the maps and blah blah blah week, and then the Marines launch, we, we land the Marines, and
In the Marines were happy with what they did, they weren't happy with the landing, so I think I'll reload, so the next night there like ok, We you guys gonna, go, do we're doing all thing again, everything again so Hydro regard, so we go out, and all those boys were like. No, we just did died. Nuns change, nothing changed and boss that, oh I see he goes, that's not point because he goes. I remember Thursday, because I'll never forget him saying this, because I use this corn about a million times with all my guys. He goes. You guys you hey guys in. We don't have to do the hydro again, but would that be the right thing to do? you got it and I was like get your led lights boys I mean that's, alright, your date you're bigger than that cuz, the guy in the mirror. That's the one you got to answer to not anyone else, gotten them that that, like I'm, never
at that from then on from the rest of my life, it's been like. What's the actual right thing to do right now? What's the actual right usually the one at so fucked up and had its way up here. It's gonna suck. It is, I can everything there will. I could do this or I could do that now, which ones hotter than that's the one and probably should do nine times. I turn you gonna be right. There this, is sucked, ways easy, but this way socks. Ok that's the one I have to do with their new. If not you like I should, it did ass put em just all week and stupid, and then get all man. You end up doing that anyway. So mothers doing get away. As sniper team leader prepping for deployment? In your opinion, one of the top five things I should draw drilling my guys wants to support, combat opera,
genes limited range time about one range every other month, I wouldn't be so concerned about range time. I'd be concerned about environmental shooting like night time, low light, Sundown Sun up communication between each other. Not so much like snipers spotter, like areas is put yourself in three hundred sixty degree, no white, Whiteside Black, said whatever communicate ok, guys all around how we do in this. We got too much shit over here too. We need to shift forces there. You don't need a ride, to do that, you don't need arranged only we need to carry weapons to do that.
We obviously have to shoot. You but an n cross training, all the other guys on sniper weapon, because sometimes we have to take break and you gotta give. Somebody else is not a sniper than me. Yet she was gone minutes easy, but do more, crushing there's no reason that Anna snipers in should have a thousand round through whatever weapon. System were used and right now, there's no reason, maybe a thousands will bid, but at least cup hundred there's no reason with that before busy. Now I've been going to work in the running around and talking about uniform standards, but we can, I mean come on. Get off this time you have like. No one should not you back here. So you should Yegg maximize I time alone
Don't get me wrong time off to drink beer, be frogmen, put jobs, job What did you do to keep Jacko in Czech? Nothing, terrorist, terrible of course. I now raised about that's an important question too late one who doesn't know you maybe not, like destroy everyone in the morning, Jujitsu sacks session, so when they had actually do somethin yeah well their other year. Is that call? a flower air fuckin talked yeah, our or basically hey man, this guy not chain of command whose like Workin department,
is limited you dont know on, but I do he's nazi. We can't I gotta be. Not a frogman, but I kind of got to be a little gentle with his guy cuz he's good at what he does Don't go and errors scarron daft, as he's just gonna like fire. Into the the shredder room and cry maybe that but very well how I can do with this fuckin guy, I think people when we talked about this last time wasn't might mean first, while you and I were light. If you and I looked it up target, we would come up with a solution, we both have a plan that was like almost the same thing be wise, because if this papers the target like when I look at it, I would there's nothing in my head, but that look at it
so we will I'm ok, look at it like really really will guide our vision, What does high ground here? What's on top of that high gravity in trees? Is it? How can I say I need to take this section of the map and I need to add the other five cuz we're coming from here, so I led boom boom boom boom and ness and then egress this way. If this my any plants are next to you, know the maps size of this fucking, that's how you look at it, you just look at you. I why go in here why, who says you gotta go in There's a hundred and fifty ways to do this mission. We have to look at that target and really really look at it. Envision it in three days you walking up to that's how I think. That's all we do pretty good there
I just always remember lighten idle. You know some wishing whether was overseas or no matter what I'd be? looking out again I'd ticket price, be good to do it like this and then you'd be like why, when we do this new idea, I mean the other may be like one little deference. But that's that's my new bt have Tony. Can you share some stories about teen guy that influenced you in good and bad ways during the early days of the teams I mean it. We can talk about about that all time. I think, with one reasons, I pick that question was cuz it setting good and bad ways, bad ways that just think not been poorly poorly one hundred percent team. I have seen some guys who in charge me that just seen them the time or the more interested in,
is getting through what we're doing and not view e outside a chief two weeks ago or doing us tonight, I on my notes of yours Well, don't have any notes, my that's terrible That's terrible, why don't you have any notes? Lake businesslike, like that, the pinnacle of your father and career has for me it was an you know. Yeah, I get it if there was no war going on, but still isn't it. That's why I say some of these guys were champions like I am most respect. But an awesome cat, some of whom the kind of put us behind our curve when the shit really hit the fan after nine eleven, because they were just gonna going through the motions and they didn't like before we got him the mobility world that they never
They're like I always get dropped off by his own hump banner, come in by both what above vehicles well, when I really do that when you do that. Are you going From pointed a fucking, be now no one, we start doing it. It was bunch catch up. It's fuckin, smart guy, like t k there too really Ramrod Mobility programme, and indeed a kind of shit like one. I think this oh yeah. What an I think of it! kind of did browser, lonely or low guides. Turn on ropes, known out there, is any fares I didn't think about it. I didn't think about mobile, we always knew myself like I'll call one but other guys debtor their frogman who to warn cats were doing it there and what I What I like
I was still trying to sort out my just beyond my right how to be a good team guy right, but yeah looking at it seems like. Those days there was Doris sing like you needed? We need as a community to look like what could happen been one one right: egg thing that I was looking at when I was a young team guy was. I realize, along fuckin time ago that there are no terrorists. Really I mean I'm wrong about some things and can stand, but there are no real bad guy. In the middle of fucking, nowhere gonna, be buildings? There's guys gonna, be it's not gonna! Be urban combat and then out in the middle and warfare in Illinois. It's going to be a mixer and as soon as we got rid of the sub gun to start carrying long guns or close quarter battle, that's that's. One of the stocks
That is all it was always going to be a max whether you're coming over the beach there. You come in go onto a ship ya, because people were some people want to stick with sub guns, cause you're goin on a she, and I love the sub. Oh yeah sure there are some for sure, but at a hundred yards fantail jar or a hundred and fifty yeah you got, you could ask some issues, big issues, at what point your career, did you start to feel competent in operating killing the enemy and making sure your brothers came home with you. Did you start to feel like you could do? every day and be successful. I always felt early. Without how many battues that it take before you started feeling competent alike one I always felt like I was good to go. I could do that. I can in fact I have fantasize about. I admit I couldn't wait to kill him. Buddy? I loved it.
That's your job like whose it was cool at town, whose I know you think like in a movie we train so much so bang all right on the next one, but I felt a right away, it's not that Good group want to go back and do it again and I feel like I would do it so awesome and you don't get to do the right. You know what I did took it, took me: how good were you ever as now p o yearning? Five? I style is pretty good, but when you look back on it, no, I was ok because we will have a lot of. I was basically really good at the basics of the eye was felt like ruins. I got down with a job. I would want to go back and do it again and I feel like I would do it so awesome and you don't get to do the right. You know me. I did putting commander outside
You know I did fine, but like assumes I got donors should than this issue than that as its Eu Command or got Donald should on this issue, have done that Wanna do better. While absolutely I mean L Yo thing when you're peacetime Lp Own. I was always mixing up and everybody seemed like me, I mean that's too much couple guys did lose all good. I can't do everything the team guys under your friggin belt there's this guy. Be guys volume, a fuckin asshole and he just fuckin did this was stupid a course is gonna, be no, but I think the most part I mean I did I Try do I mean I could and better lake killing people. How Oh, no, you you do. Good and now it's all key I know I'm glad I was
kind of weird stuff, but when I say that not a day, But now you say that, like an leaf pointed this out to me the other day Then he remembered in its wake, as I had just written about what I, about was like if opportunity at land warfare was doing good. I wouldn't like is one I traded. I would say you guys, kicked asked as a task, I wouldn't say: hey you guess, I'd say hey Bill now you and your fire team did a good job holding down black side of that target and hey MIKE, when you grab that other guy in you flank those, down the hill. That was awesome. But I would never just say collectively and also because then what happens as they are fall apart. I, let's what kind of what you did to you used it. If somebody, if somebody did something good
you downloaded good, yet if it be would like hey, everyone did great now. Does the chances of that's like fall sleep Oh you know ever do you do is amazing. This is amazing things amazing that source stupid. I hate that like you, did your job, why would he want of fuckin metal? Here's your metal, your memory, goer there'd, be stupid, ogier sharing it with another off and besides no sight. I talk down by these my brothers. Yeah man, I was go. That's what the best team guy compromising their our yeah good job, we're! Ok, that's the deal on an excellent. Cuz I got to the head. What would our no big deal?
question do you still smile? When you hear stand by to get some forty four, I mean come on. It's a you know, what's gonna happen and in after awhile fuck, yeah, yeah Brian, outside that cat thereof, TED Williams, terrible terrible game. I mean use hidden, four oh too, and he had to game series in like manner had no four hundred just don't play. In our view, the guys ever hit or four hundred is like fuck, that anyone like three four five if anyone like forty six, forty seven and he this dialogue has now, I'm unplanned Myers is a guy who took time oft fly jets in Korea
the n r a bore to an Korea Amelia what we would like. Ok, get it we're going home in a week or are going to do. This fact When I do this a and we go What have you to die right for you? So what That's why I'm here mean that happens. It happens, gives a fuck What is right. What teams in shit that Is everything that's like teams and shit? ok, I'm a team. That is, it done. Yes, indeed,. Good to see you good to see. You were right, Employees are I'll, see you, men, always friggin arsenal Have you back on that? I'm glad I could man and hopefully I'll see you up in Maine. If you can swing by yeah that be cool, I'm sure a bunch of people going to want to meet you up there. I tell
cats back home I'll I'll fuckin drive the Harley down there. How sad that echo is speaking of standing by the gets up. Would you got? How can we be more prepared to get some as in so many ways, well, One way, as we always say, is Jiu Jitsu a bit about that as well. When you do, did you to eat geese right? Unless you do nobody, but we Maggie Energy. So when you get a g when we get em or Georgian, so this, so Tony's from New England and who told I were talking yesterday. And men. If you grew up in New England than you saw, the economy get this annihilated and where there was the the factories, were shot the textile factories that were shot down,
clothing manufacturers. The shoe manufactures all these. The paper manufacturers back home got shut down, and you know it's one of those things that when I went, two companies nature. We know you're dealing with your doing with life and death and we're not yeah, but you do with people's livelihoods in what would act as a hazard as a mom as a dad. You're livelihood is how bet your life that our life and so. If you grew up in New England and an annoying as are the only place causes all over America. When manufacturing got taken away, overseas. It's a nightmare. To these towns and there's no work, not people don't wanna work. Believe me there new englanders they want to work, keeps a new Englanders goes. Everywhere you ever get it. Americans want to work, and so you know with origin and when you come up and see the factory you know we got forty,
five or fifty folks now employed in farming, tin, witches Awesome main the up forming two main, and you know it's like. Are. They employs yeah yeah their employees because their work in there, but you what they are part of what we're doing some of something they're, the ones that are actually making the the gear making the gypsies making the genes. We started making geography some genes, we get up their boots or make a move I'll get you some boots were get up. Therefore, like we got folks that have been out of work fourteen years, fuckin stuck areas get NAFTA out to be back. We want nothing more than a come in and and on those machines. Make the boots make the genes. We just started point like we do in everything we do everything so
I'll bring you up there? If you guys, can anyone anyhow, I can't make it up, then you can come up whenever you want me, I'm gonna open, pass to go to the factory main and be in check it out and see you it's it's just a beautiful thing, go up there and see a town. That's and this is just a starting point. Man and people. People can think, I'm, u no dream and I'm not like we're gonna build it is gonna, be massive working to bring back manufacturing to America and there's no one's gonna. Stop us! That's not gonna happen, let no one so If you need something like that, if you need to give you need a rash guard, from origin main dot com. If you need a pair virgenes, go on there and get em. Somebody said these genes, expensive, and I said you know what I said: you're right, you're right they are too expensive. Now there are there not at a price, but we want to get him down to, but as build more and grow, more
we'll be able to get those expenses down, but we have to start somewhere came obviously give em away. Now you have to pay the people here. We got we're gonna pay to workers, so we're getting there. We will build this and there is nothing to stop us. I don't think there that expensive well, well virtue there there more expensive than a pair of mass produced. Genes from China. In a sweatshop whither playing with her pain that employs re literally fifty cents a day. So yes, our genes more expensive. I flung last Xilai. However, there are a hundred bucks an hour. You by you years, two hundred bucks, so anyways that's the deal and if you think that If you think about it too much hey man, I get it save up get It's a pair of now really herself apparent genes made in China that or are made in a sweat shops were You know some, the corporate, the court, the corporal.
He's gonna make all the money, and none of us can come back here to America. So, Sorry I get a little crazy round with, but the Well, you don't buy genes, there's other stuff to try is also guns, saw what supplements so important supplements to keep you in the game. Joint warfare, crude oil, which I had an experience. Didn't even know it. When I went to why you and after I went off, didn't even realise the inner than when you do know you want often off the crude oil and joint warfare and here's the weird thing, my elbow amateur road. It is your correctly. Amateur buried a a real as it till I got so you know who else lifted over. I added so bad this one year. If you go on the joint warfare and cruel oil I have a blog use, its good takes lake
guess, depends on who you are to me like six days for two. Like really start, that's a couple days more new cortisone shot, really right. Annex I two and a half day, you will do it. You go and read the The reviews of joint warfare enters people that are said. Oh I couldn't do. I couldn't couldn't lift my whatever you know. I could swing my hammer whenever, on back in the game, unanimity lawyer, yeah, so completely logic, so I come back in a mug. Let me get me in backing the liberals have men. I wasn't lifting that heart in the way, and that is in either sunlight wise men will get a month ago. My gosh totally hit me and then another? And enough of me play myself but proof you seems in anyway stay on that joint or her end the killer. There is also discipline good deal, dues and discipline train big time, I'm with him on that train argument.
They pretty much daily av disappear in all things, and this is this is yet another one. Yes also mark human additional protein in the form of a dessert by the way are the best I never would have thought what I'll do is make a desert. You that's that's good, protein, I wouldn't think back as it doesn't seem like it's possible, feasible thing we're, but then it turns out to be yes, it is one that Yep it Zhivago long time, one of his favorite things is not actually saying he's. Just like talking. You cause you next doom gone happens Darwin right now. That effect, I always Darwin like Emory like Ok, we now we ate like that. Our Africa so hungry. I really
I will now goes on all these really fast intermittent tragedy, for its awoke to ask and get some tea, some dark away tee and that all they don't get about the warrior kid monk, which I think is the game. Changer they'll is gonna, be guys from back home a lotta guys watch podcast, but can you score the God, calm again, whatever is oh origin, georgian main dot com. Main as in the state right am I I any order mean that comes we get all this stuff, also Jokela Store, Scald, Jacko, store, course super creative with the names, but a lot of thought yeah man good turned out good anyway. That's where you can get that's shirts. Who was it? It was, I think, Flynn Cochrane,
He was, he was saying that the original Jacko product, was because I used to give like a brief, the leadership brief to the need to the guy restart and he's the date. They called that the Jackal brief and think about is like oh yeah, that's like the original, their regional jacket a broader then, so I can't be just blamed on lack of creativity from my part. Why I can't! for one hundred percent annually and also get asked. The question did fling come up with that, after no joke about it was It was at an end, might really same thing like all this. He d Jockobinski you dont, want, though, when you kind of think about it, we could. Like fanatically or whatever? I don't know, that's the crack word but like when you say jacket can a matches. You know like Jacko, store, Jacko Brief. It's not like it's like you know,
there. The whole area is speaking only that story that you just told about me being hungry. The reason this whole thing started with Jacko is because, when I was on TIM Ferris is part ass. I fasted that day. And he was like well, you know, event for a long time. You may wish to go, get something and I went Jacko Hungary, You like I, was just joking. It then, but not really didn't like a little. While later it was all we're. Gonna have a pot Casanova, ok, Jacko Podcast! like I'm, a knucklehead, almost I haven't got jungle podcast that was the original Finally, this I'll Uganda, let us unless it start, unless it's like us, if you're gonna name something like that starts with an oh that's when it wouldn't really work like a few rag ocean Jacko. Ocean, that kind of sounds good. I guess today over an ocean somewhere, well pathetically journal,
uncle John restores ringing get shirts. This link was freedom boom, more s garden there too, by the regime. Which our origin Rash guard. Yes, sir, they remained America, joggled. Taco just goes on. Bigger another works that wasn't good chocolate taco, I believe, tacos talk of John Jago Valeo Jakarta be decided to start a talking shop. All are not yet known as well. Obviously after tea, not around air in San Diego far fan, Maybe I can find one tacos wrapped around here. I guess where my endlessly daughter who set out my eldest daughter comes home. Did you like fly home and she will stop at a time oh sure, yeah, sorry away from the airport? That's gonna get saga, of course. Looking for to see new you'd be home in ten minutes. These are ignored or no I'll be home in half an hour cause, I'm gonna get a darker absolute
California, Burrito, I hadn't three or four days. Can it make us all good discount change younger ocean juggled, stalkers and chocolate store, of course, like we're same shirts records. Hoodies hats often stuff you represent. Why, on the path boom good place to do so also subscribe to the pot gas? If you have an already, if you're into it, if you're into subscribe, mean super easy I'm Google place. Did your Itunes and don't forget about the warrior kid bog for the children stories, not just questions but stories from Uncle Jake about how Uncle Jake got his values in the lead. What made him say I should be prepared. Nor now I tell a story:
uncle Jack goes on a little on the little there's. There's a low rowboat and Uncle Jake and his body when he's eight years old go out on the rowboat and while the robot? He says, I know what I mean: only life jackets cause. You know we're just going. Stay on a paddle here, so there rowboat, and probably around whatever. Let go, the oars for. Second, they both slip out through the fewer or locks. And there's a wind blowing. So within five seconds, they're they're gone from I learned a Middle Lake and they drift all the way to the other side and borrow some. But you know there was a moment where things were bad. So that's when Uncle Jake learned, you need not always be prepared for things to go down, That's an actual story to by the way that really how that really happen to me, so their stores
oh Jake, unaware could part ass. So yet some of that also speaking aware, kids, the work that I know of myth, not amend, not real real name. Is aid in making warrior kids that network soap Jacko Self he's the warrior kicked off that now we are being set up to closing I'm getting out again. That's good. Do Jehu, silk, there's, also troopers, oh by the way, which is like another. What he called flavour of you will result flavors right, Donnie, this link between another user to wash up any help. You stay greenness. Very smells. Like irish smells like war. Frida good, hey, that would be awesome, smells like war smelled like core died or whatever, our good, smells like napalm victory in the morning
oh Jack, await T tastes like Victor Individual Exeter, employed Y yeah. You know when you say it, it should smell like war. That kind sort of made me think of how you and life, in actual you guys, would tell us how, war smoke like gunpowder, sewage Harry, that's actually the terrible idea after like the range the rain smells good, though that's good diesel fuels in the back of a sea fox, now or when you're gonna, Hilo and refueling like air. In flight refueling. Don't I've ever done that, carriers- diesel Every- let's, just like you, It is like like ever get sick about that stuff, but those like I've, yeah, I got seasick through germs once was in the back for Sea Fox, fell asleep with diesel fumes talks in and Next one was an Elsie. You ass downstairs in a written, a raging storm,
we want our proofing, your radios in the engine room just days on the rock in all ways I came up and started Yak and, in the end, a b and c that was alone in the house. He was Agnes out over the side of the attic twas a guide and cleared technically. Is that getting seasick Philpotts from that of you, I don't know I never did it so yeah you get Ccs IE. There never happened. My girl on the less the scent aroma of the troopers opens. Jacko soap is pretty good, ok and very functional by the way you still talking about this matter very important. I mean we could talk about the diesel fuel fumes, policing, this. If you don't want to take the heat nicely none on twenty eight up soon up to you to do and doing good anyway, the also will be to beat you have Tony into you do. But what not really but yeah we're
would be surprised if you were but needed addicted to various videos? Nonetheless, we haven't you to channel with good videos. Video version of this podcast excerpts, enhanced excerpts, enhanced means that echo puts all these effects Adam leg I gotta watch I had an explosion are on fire, so you want at this, but you too, gentle Jocapa guest boom. Also psychological warfare, Turk launch Gore Fur what does that brought isn't? Have you always get mad at me? Explain in it and I have the best ex gonna, here's a psychological. If you ask for an alarm clock, which is kind of, where this started. If you're you're asking for an alarm clock that as me, telling you to get up, there is very good at psychological or for its on Itunes is on. Google plays an mp3 act.
We started when ECHO asked me a question about something else. I hears the answer and then he was a young record that and then we just from now asked the question was raised our luggage, according to recent present one, and it was with me- was with work out. So I went to work or when a plan a work out, and it's really don't feel like it. Anyone that's a common thing like you just do it anyway, you don't be a BT through son thinking man? I wish I was better at BT if, in through that's insane? I know what I was too late to oversee the real thing, sunlight by one. You know, because I can imagine your job just media through somewhere, but what you'd like say. You know like what what goes on in your mind. Do you just not think about it at all? If you just sort automatically do indeed say something on another, what what is it? What message that, two weeks ago, I turned fifty one might actually made it past. Fifty
you're a fucking, be it's gotta. Do some right now especially when you think you're gonna do not make it a thirty refer, sir, I am I ah you go. It doesn't get any the old, the everyday get older gets terrible wake up. What is this now look here? What's that not really. I am doing now I've said one of the things I notice about getting older is, and I dont notice how much I admit that I was here so even if I was in China pain, I wouldn't tell anyone, but one The things that I have admitted is that my first four rounds of Jujitsu, I'm I'm I will- I use a couple around to warm up unit. Especially go on with Dean and and these are Andy didn't used to be in this bracket he's in there now
so there is no different. Now noticed. I once because I could run when her money and so now that my knees like getting better, I can run again, not okay easy, but what I noticed is same thing if the first like the first half mile that I run. I just. I must look like a person that, just never run in and then the longer I run when I mean the first step Are you run more than a half a mile? What do you do when I'm coming home and I'm once I'm warmed up? I'm like oh yeah, cool cool that it's one thing that sucks is when you are young, you just didn't have to do any they train, you don't do anything for three months and these show, but a team there, ok, we're gonna die my one three be called. Is God fine, now you'd, like first for my first half mile the flat
I want Russia to pump terrible. If you want a arm visual version of little things to keep you on the path the Gulf WAR sad canvas, Dotcom, Dakota Meyer he's got a company there again made in America made right Austin, Texas, Megan Cool art work, I'm trying to think of a better word for x. I don't know you don't match, I know sane, you did it has our noble. Is it better word? No, I think it's artwork visual inspirational shit, inspirational might be worth their inspiration. I mean a thrust young insane. I dig it it's inspirational stuff. Factually the right thing for lack of influence. I gave a star come for whatever you want to call it. What you hang it on your Lawson? You yeah. You know why you name it that cause the law.
I think he said to one of his. One of his teammates in Afghanistan. Was I right. Man will see you on the flip side. Everyone on his team died, including that got him so he's like that's what this, if that's, what the name a color effect from them, so support and his company Forbes I'd canvas dot com is making all kinds of good cool graphics that matter affix under but does not in practice from America Somethin eventually, maybe I'll make up. For it like mock me. Maybe they have legal didn't do that. I heard about it. Watch this Jacko Canvas that doesn't matter unless also on it so doc. Coms last drop, others where you can get worked out gear. There's some cool gives them, but you do send bass. Did you watch my a little clip by put up night
at the time left for you, I did. I didnt pay MAX attention, so you got a better idea. Yeah, but furthermore, that that band that I clipped out there, it's called life's blood, it's an old school hard core banned from upstate New York, that's from an old seven inch. Then Elgin James sent me cause we we there was a great ban, their great banned there, The lead singer is now a cop somewhere in Atlanta or something but anyways that life's blot out where you can find it, but that's the use it on that use video that I edited, Inter Alia, that after the email by the way, I'm gonna take echoes job from spreading dangerous, maybe rational in front- maybe do the briefings on jealousy. Maybe I will check so any Well, what I was trying to say about the sandbags is when I was getting stuff from honour. I saw the sandbag. Those are coming to get this
I don't have a setback retain yet for those who are wondering what I was doing the same back. I pick it up throat of my shoulder turnaround pick up through my world, my shoulder over again. How big is it I don't have heavy or whatever just I don't know my son when he came home from wrestling camp and you would let you know kind of walking around here, I you didn't, do weeds wrestling, the real good, rests Camp called J, Rob fourteen, intensive Russen camp awesome camp and they day day they put these guys through the ringer. Its wake up. In the morning conditioning Breakfast Wrestling lunch wrestling dinner, conditioning and they do that. For fourteen days straight a graduate you the last thing you do a twelve mile run so like it's in your I'll, be down when you're doing that so yeah when he came home from that, you know he was gonna bust up a little bear out
had been per year. He was borne up, and I owe you one do little well now Yonah them the sandbags. Does it get? Do this this business, like that sandbagged Niagara I want to take another look at that cause. I think I'm gonna get the same breach. Definitely Also, yes, kettlebells on their that's all my kettlebells are from and a lot of good stuff on there go there on a dot com, slashed jungle. I wrote it. Your books, where the or your kid warrior, two marks mission work it three. Where there is a will making the dragons and this. Because freedom fuel manual. The tree Marshall Plan, I gotta Malaysia. These are bunch what I wrote if you like what we're talking about here. If you're in get the adult books, if you can't get the kids book, you have kids, give them the kids books and you might want to check out the kids books, even if you an adult
So there you go echelon front, that's our leadership, consultancy and what we do. We solve problems through leadership, good echelon, front dot, com for details, you all day every day e online. This is leadership training online interactive and put you on spot ask you questions when you, when you become a leader or when you're gonna become a meter, your gonna, learn everything in one shot in just like an arm lock, you dont! at one time and now, you're good, you have to practice adopted here, for my dot com will allow you to do we get the muster next muster, come up September, nineteenth and twentieth in Denver and then since December. Fourth and fifth, and
the australian extreme ownership dot com for details, if you want to come to sign up right now, because otherwise himself they ve also about- and of course we have over watch, we were taken proven speck, ops leaders and combat aviation leaders. And placing them into companies in the civilian sector that need one thing more than anything else to win, and that is they need leaders and if you don't feel like we ve taught, for a long enough, and you want to talk to us more. You can find this on the whims tone, is frogman fraud, man an age one, sixty four Do you think you know your password yeah I got somewhere. Yeah
People are gonna wanna like ask you. Questions on the new can be like that. Ninety nine percent- that's binding. I presented my tax authorities down. It's ridiculous. You guys should see if I, if you link Put me or talk annual Jacko. Will you guys talking about a day? I checked asks our really a racist dealing with that his jocose tax. Mmmmm, eleven and Mmmmm, I'm more like seventy lines. For my What are you? What are you gonna crackers and all this time I can do. I three lines is like No so echo and I are on twitter- were also Instagram and were also on z, fusion bogan. She rose and broadening the echo is adequate Charles and I am mad dog. Like echo. Anything else knows nothing else, thinks
If Tony, don't elder brother pleasure my brother, naw man. Thank you, read me on Good to see you guys, those pad here now has its good to go. Never better Like the shout out all my friends back home in our phone, anybody. Know everybody unknown! I'm in San Diego right now and now my team go buddies. My go from back in you know back home my chose back there, see you guys soon, thanks for having me on always a pleasure guys are class act really out of it or man. And teams and shit course thanks for coming back on again, obviously, and hopefully hope we have hundred and fifty episode The episode since you can you on forty one were now on a one, ninety one, while it's crazy, it's ridiculous was the are we gonna do next time
if we could have someone in here like. With me. Someone else with me because this, like one you know I am running, I'm not that interesting. I can't I can't remember any shit half the time and know what you should do it next time, we'll listen to this one and then go and write down notes or what you want to talk about next time at and likes like five stories or whatever I yeah, but you say if we could get on like someone we were talking about my first LP owed some of my own. I get someone like that on. Yet with me, oh yeah, just me, you guys were there, no man, anybody any the autism come on, I forget: have him come on? Baby is sick I'll, ask you ask him, and I M in we'll. Do it again? they have seen me, seeing main thanks for coming back thanks for thanks for everything, you did you
you know hold that for red round talk about real that thread, through the years when there is no war going on. There is plenty of people that no, they did their job and they went on their departments, whatever you're freaking toeing the line. Man turn on the and an been that knowledge base improving that knowledge base. That's what you did too so that when we got to war, we were ready to banks for doing that. My play for the teams Thanks for everything you did for Bruce are, of course, and, as far as I'm concerned, you're actually the model of the american fighting man. Oh you're the mother fucker. That way up against the Japanese and the Nazis and said you know what we don't care: what kind of war your culture that you have we got something, else. Where Americans were about to fuck you up a
yet something that non EU other countries have What John Wayne Review, can produce anyone. A quarter is good news that man, then I'll, maybe was anew with Fucking John Wayne best I ever in history of ever. You don't mind if you miter saw to him in everyday life in Uganda, nor about. What would John Wayne do here? Go? Yes, now our punch, you, good. I need have a bunch of whiskey. Good I'll shoot a bunch people and get on his horse and gloves steak and smoke like one two hundred cigarettes, good plan, yup, good land area, Awesome everyone else, all the other veterans out there that have served thanks for what you ve done Those are the sermon right now. You think, for what you can can you do to our police and law enforcement of fire fighters? Paramedics, empties, dispatchers, Bp Border,
troll correctional officers secret reserves, all the first responders out there. Thank you for your service here at home, and to everyone else out there. You know. You're gonna make mistakes; you're not gonna, be perfect. Things are gonna, go wrong and when things go wrong. It's pretty easy just to say, you know what I'm going to stand down on the taking me or I'm going to give up, and you can do that or you can do with tony- would do which is grab your gear. Then grab a knife f until you get things back on track and that's what I recommend you do
so until next time this is BT have Tony and ECHO and Jacko out.
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