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199: Pain Makes You Better. With Kirstie Ennis

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This- is Jacko broadcast number one. Ninety nine with Charles and me doc, a willing good evening, our good evening. I have not been on this earth long, but been through more than most would in a lifetime. Six years in the United States Marine Corps as a helluva. Your door Gunnar and airframes mechanic My last point to Afghanistan: I was following a helicopter crash, June twenty third, two thousand twelve was defining moment in my life suffered a traumatic brain injury, severe facial trauma a left above the knee amputation, which, to my cervical, spine and damaged
my upper arms. I remember screaming, with tears rolling down my face when they said They were taking my leg above the knee. I thought it was all over that all of my dreams were turned into nightmares. I have it on repeat in my head, A scream encompassing terror pain in full- here of what my life might become, and those are the words thoughts of a wounded warrior, a.
Marine corps sergeant, they thought, generation Marine, whose and father were both reigns. But in this case this particular Marine was able to take that fear that fear of a new life of a different life of what life might be com. With those devastating injury suffered. In turn that new life into one of overcoming straw a life of facing new challenges and a life of leading the way and showing the path for anyone. That faces challenges and struggles in any walk of life. As this marine proves, you are never out of the fight, and it is
Honour to have this marine with us park ass tonight, a marine by the name of Kirsty Ennis Kirsty, welcome to the podcast thank you for having me. I dug a little deep on your blogs and Facebook to assemble some things. I like to read what people right in because I think that's the best pathway to figure out what their thinking at that time and yet some pretty free in, terrible statements on there and I was able to go through woman, assemble and, like I said. What's, let's start talking about where you came from setting, that's always a good place to start in, and one thing to you, you in your writings, I found this, which I thought was. I just had I just had to bring this up, he had on that guided only some somebody someone's gonna go, throw your social media stuff and we that's me.
So if you re doing what you said about your childhood, I was a jerk as a child My mom and dad would just love to tell you stories about me: dismantling my window alarm to sneak out disconnecting phone line, so my principal wouldn't call home or maybe even bring stink bombs into school. So there's that we're getting indication. Kind of a view into what you like as a good, well where we would all this take place. Man also with my parents being in the marine corps. We we bounced all over the place, but after my mom dad got out. We went back to her that the Panhandle Florida and I spent most of my middle school on high school years There- and I was just an absence- harris- I mean I mean I gave my hands a run. Our money, I mean I looked back now and I actually feel really really bad. But I'm terrified of kids- and I guess I know payback circling, notably patchy.
Always I'm just always for my own good. My school was a joke athletics. Whenever really hard at an wasn't challenged, say I have just always up to no good, nothing like militias, little mischievous. The most malicious thing was stink bombs and school. Were we don't want? A statute of limitations? Is you're not gonna. Go there. Yes, exactly what you mean, and athletic cellar. But what sports did you play so grown up in it? A bunch of teams wurtz I mean everything from I thought of I've on and everything in between actually like a lot of the individual extremes. Worse than doing now, never even domesticate everything is obviously very southern and and team related, so Were you good at where you get athlete? I do things out, but I I never really was challenged over just I was ok with you, Know- good, but not really having to try that hard at it. So that was your high school career. I mean you, you played sports at what point? Did you
go from the dead, think Unabomber into saying: you're gonna during the Marine corps yeah. Well, so I actually was my high school curriculum that Hamas fifteen, so I started doing college classes up at the time. Pensacola Junior college and jam. Yeah? I got my two degree and again, were you just be motivated to get done with high school yeah just born. I was really bored and I mean I'm sure you're familiar with physical others, especially the surrounding towns, are just not allow their so just wanting to be done with it in and get the hell out. Never look back, and then you enlisted, how old were you when you unlisted seventeen? Did you so your parents had is unhappily how'd your parents to Marines feel about you going in them core so my mom was a? didn't sign immediately want nothing to do with me. I was our doubtless prepares, though he
really wanted me to finish that last two years of college before I went up to the marine corps, and so he came home, he was he was working on the pipeline. The time came home like a bat out of hell and was like no argue with me. The whole nine and I just glad you're my teeth and tell him that I would do it. Job to him, signs that look. Do you can sign the papers now or you can wait months, someone asylum, anyways myself, so he finally buckled. He trusted me, which that was a bad idea. When I was seventeen It's so strange when you look back and I, I got a sun right now that sixteen I'm thinking while like it you grow up so much between the ages of sixteen seventeen. Unlike Even twenty twenty two and then twenty to twenty five, like you, don't know a lot when you're seventeen years old has the bottom line out, but you I mean I will say this: both your It's been rains one thing
kind of cool. Is they at least knew what was going to happen? I mean if you, if your parents have an expansive private, a completely free doubt but you at least know what the marine corps is. You know that it's you know that it does. What it does and it does it well. The marine corps puts kids from every background, every walk of life on to the path of being a marine, which is a squared away thing, in my opinion, absolutely who? How much of a shocker was it when you? How much longer was it until you went to boot camp? I went a few short months after that. Originally I want to try and hold out end and actually wait a little bit before my eighteenth birthday, but again I got that little to a degree from Pensacola Junior College and had a little bit of free time so to get in trouble again.
It is time to leave this up until then it was the hours com which were shock was it for you chicken into book here. You know it's funny Atomic wakes right, but my family are my parents, because it's a handsome ferret sorry but mom don't get married. Eighty linen of our Beecher Florida, daydreams mingled right afterwards, Eight years later, I'm already borne were living on twenty nine palms and in California, and my mom comes home until my darling. I think these female marines are pretty bad ass. Dad looks at mom, says I'll, never be married to a female marine monologues at him. Dry leaves gets an age waiver and joins the marine corps. So, like my earliest memory is actually know my mom walking across the prey DEC So how old is your moment? She listened in the marine corps, fewer than twenty six me seven there that The marine corps doesn't take people out of that old. That's like an ancient dinosaur in the marine corps to go, get em cap N bill camp. They are called him
how long along did your dad and have done in the marine corps, I'm using for nine years. And then what about your mom? She just did for a hidden part of it was a spite thing. I bangemann part event. You know she wanted to do and I think she would live in regret if you didn't, especially of her husband, told her no further just ass, I leave you are that was gone. So three checking of the book in a book camp was it. Was it a shocked? Your system? Did you? Did you with your mom and dad, both in record had a kind of giving you heads up that you understand what you are getting into and how much it still shock you yeah. Well, I saw I could you not like idolize, my parents and I just love the fact that they got up every morning, put the uniform on and did something bigger than themselves so I mean my favorite movie, I mean I got off the bus and watched, documentaries, Unring or boot camp me. No, my barbies redressed undress blues much my fate.
T shirt was my mom's? U S marine kind of things. I was very well educated inverse unless boot camp would consist of, and of course, I heard stories from everybody, but I loved Vous Camp MA am made away harder and myself and I needed to cause us again, seventeen years old and just a little shit, You know, they say yes and I whispered is being asked in pain a home, but as far as the fish aspect of a united reminded myself, like I'm gettin, a play for thirteen weeks like or else do you get paid to run and throw grenades and do the obstacle course, The young with everything you had trouble within in marine global camp, Allow me to say it. I had an issue just like a broken down. My attitude as was seen, I wanted to say wide everything, and so that was honestly the hard part again. It was just give him my head in the right place. And then how did you end up becoming like
what was a process for you, picking your imo ass well I want it again. One of them is the challenge myself and I didn't want to do supplier admin, and I wanted to the boy when I actually walked out of class that I was in when I was seventeen. I very vividly remember looking around this chemistry lab and being like. He won't do it. She can't do it there's no way in Hell hole. You know hill, deploy or any other and obviously very ter, abundant mental of me, but I mean that was the catalyst. I mean that inspired me to out of that. Can love and gotta requires office would use this journey. So you fall on new, that you're goin go to unemployment in Afghanistan. If you got up some kind of a job that would put you in the field and somewhere exactly now, and I want I mean I growing up. I would like further a long time. So my family was like, oh god, she's gonna be a social worker, I always love like. I was the boy that beat up the boy. I love protecting the kids, you know couldn't or wooden protect themselves.
So yeah, when I went to the repeaters opposite, you just gotta, get me something why I feel like I'm living that higher purpose or I know exactly. Without a doubt. We know what my role in the grand scheme is, I say, I know, and into their crews offices. I throw me whatever you got, then of course the as that I had the score. So do it and I knew nothing about aviation. But that's that's what I went for. Become a to become an air frame mechanic I was the first half sat and where is it is not school in Pensacola, Do you imagine how much trouble I got into getting up up up up the when will you do you remember, September, eleventh yeah. I was in fifth grade MRS Dodds Class at deluge roads in Milton Florida. How much understanding the drop? What was happening where parents on the marine corps at the time now, but my dad was actually working on the outskirts of New York City.
And so I remember my mom picking me up men's honest issue, petrified she out using it. You'll stop. Auschwitz ushers and I called I can't you know what to do and dad's working in New York and you were down in Florida, and I just remember it laying on the on the carpet in front of a tv that wasn't even a stand under this big blue, Jean Blanket and just being there and crying and waiting to hear from my dad and figure out what's going on today I mean say very emotional and then, as you, let me go back labelling when you don't drink or your parents, absolutely no that in the Marine Corps after September, eleventh you're in the Marine corps, there was a really good chance, you, your own, or Iraq or Afghanistan, and what year was it? You must have two thousand eight yeah so you got air France will how at school asked as I feel it's really, but it was hardly get classed up into it was in the school of life. For
like four months down there and see school or new river for a ban on New river. What was its religion? and this is for people who don't forget I don't know too much about the military. I mean that military is a massive organization that basically encompasses all. All of everything that happens in the world. So yes, you see, Marines find helicopters, but there's a marine that knows how to work on the helicopter this morning? That knows how to fix that helicopters in Marina knows how to fuel. The helicopter is marine to know how to work on the electronics in there and then there's people not a landed is there's people that, do everything and then there's people that supply the people that doing all those things with the gear that they need enters Marines at all in charge, educate so there's this whole world inside of the motor inside the marine corps. So any have to have it all in order in order to,
go forward and fight wars. There has to be all these different religious, goal support elements and men elements at me just is this massive machine in the army has the same thing in the Navy army. She has the same thing with ships and planes everything else so what school is when you join the service as the To say when I was a kid, I still say that Can we enjoy in the service of ours, fell like thousand World war to intimidate me hey how the house being how's your run in the service going so when you join the service. When you joy the service they give you some out of a job and some kind of so that's what you're doing learning how to work on on the on the fifty three right. That is specific to the fifty three area. So you're learning, specifically how to work on a specific aircraft. That is used by the Marine Corps called the what is the image fifty three with which the Marine Corps version called siege, the fifty three big awesome
bird powerful mass. Bird helicopter that can hold forty Marines, I'm gonna say I remember memorize, all that stuff. It's my memories, gettin shady speaking of senior citizens over here. So then? Where do you get stationed when you get done with these schools are my first use and was murmur actually also, Diego, lane But better than twenty nine palms little bit better. So And then what your day to day life when you're are attached to a squadron, as is I what's goin on yes, my first unit know I was having Marina Copper Squadron for sixty five and totally honest. My therefrom shop didn't really want me they're right off the bat you know at throwing a female into a shop of all do riding a pretty interesting dynamic, so it was really a matter of me. I had to prove myself how to wear a chip on my shoulder and keep my head down again got into my fair share of trouble. Isn't
ten year olds in San Diego home. I work my way out of that, Mr Kinkel, when I first got in the mail, and got to San Diego. There was a rule that drinking ages, twenty one in California, but the drinking age on base was eighteen, so like yeah, you could do is kids that did had never drink before. Just Reykjavik principles and such a disaster at some point. Luckily they changed it. So, You're you're in there you, the first female. You said that that was with this group very, very long time. If ever Bam and then I mean us when you're new guy checking in anyways, it's gonna be you're, gonna get you gonna get. Haste is politically incorrect or a we're not going to allow the haze but you're gonna get is rather Ok, so the same ask me: get really get rationally Hassebu about your somewhere. When you check in
Are you guys already look? Our Europe is seeing a deployment ahead of you, so you check another k, we're goin on employment. At this time round, like other, actually consider myself to have been getting lucky cuz. They were just leaving for a meal. I lucked out miss the MIA and that is the ground sit back. And I, learn my job and become, profession in that, and then, when the next cycle came around half of us on a more than half of us went to Afghanistan and I was lucky enough to get an instant and then what was that deployment? when you are heading on unemployment, were you what was your warrior nerves like we just like a typical eighty your old marine? That's just fired. To go and get after it. I wish I was so super excited honestly. I am just re going at my bags were packed weeks in vain, and I don't even think the nerves kicked in about any other up until I don't like your showing the land you're doing your lapse. That's when I got nervous Earlier we were did you? How did you guys get their how'd? You has deployed there,
came in on us. Even thirty. Ok and the birth of the euro, coppers were already there, and so you replacing basically replacing the crew group yet exactly and Sir you show up on the ground. The day to day was you're osier mission. There will we do Day to day life? My first and second of women's were very different. The first line with new Super Erlich maintenance man's involved? I mean it was everything I was usually night shift by Armenia was everything from doing the hydraulic stir riveting, moulding composite about composite repaired, new battle damage assessments, stuff, like that, you know they try would be enough to go and do those jobs by resolved, but not really enough to take sailor, wired or anything like that wars. Temple. Look. How often were the birds fly when I find myself every single day all day every, Today I mean oftentimes, we send out seminary flight
and again, you know me: I'm birds don't play out their single ship, so mean you'd, have fourteen aircraft down and haven't, unlike do turnarounds and aliens back, tends to get him out the next day or even five. Six hours later, marine corps usually deploys for six months. Was it a typical kind, a six month, opponent, seven multiple annexes a little bit on the beginning, little bit on the end were you always when you get to sleep yeah I mean I mean I had I hadn't. It was weird. Like I mean, I by no means we're doing any of the things that you as well and I very much so loved the fact that my job was directly supporting the guys in the ground. Like I had such I'm not. I knew that if I didn't do my job, then again like you, guys, aren't going to be able to your job. So I had a huge bryden that, but I did to me I loved everything about being out there. I love the simply, in my mind, simplicity of it. You know you don't worry about here there is no luck. You know we're about even aware what you gonna eat in just worry about given birth,
up stay alive, keep you guys, live and common home safe, so to me? It was very routine, I mean. Even your days are varied between. You know what your maiden scheduler your fire schedule of Psych its remit is pretty fuckin straightforward. And an that's one of the things that I love always loved about deployment. Was you son, nothing else in the world matters except this thing that you're doing your job your job, whatever that job may be, whether its friction, helicopter or going on patrol. That's what you life is and, like you said there, there, there lives at stake, I'm here with your job everyone's rhinos helicopters. Everyone's rely on those helicopters to to do what they need to do to provide extract, insert helicopter up casualty. Evacuation. I mean it's absolutely critical on every single person that it plays a role in making sure that those things do what they're supposed to do? It's like yeah. It's absolutely critical,
in that becomes your whole life? That becomes your focus and it's. It's feels good. In my opinion, when you have that much focus and clarity in your life now and I loved it means I had three months between planets formats between deployments, so you come home from that first appointment and what what gave because normally the Marine corps takes what twelve months to eighteen months between deployments fur whatever unit somehow you end up going? Switching to another unit? What happened here, yeah so towards the end of the second half of that first. Appointment in May two thousand and eleven, my former gunnery sergeant reach out to when he said, hey, you know, and I want you to come back to Afghanistan with my unit. What do you think Initially I was like get bent. Do there's no way I M coming back here like any break, but sharing got home August, two thousand eleven one only with family and then and Jan arrogance gives me in September. Asthma Levin was Don T they
complain about that with having written, Hanukkah prescribing three sixty two and then we were back in Afghanistan. He asked Jane and degenerative and well, and then what did that people It look like that's when I actually was able to step up and no could be proud of those dakshin wings, and that's when I was actually in a fifty caliber machine, gunner, aerial door. Gunner and I'm still trying renters and maintaining the aircraft at implying on. But to me I will, in my opinion I was feeling feeling a much bigger purpose. You know again the things that you are just rattling off, whether at sea, no you're sitting there on traps and by waiting for to get called in or insertion extraction in it. You just in my. In an ambitious way, more high speed, low drag, sir you're still doing your maidens job and yours, you're, other job is when they launch some of the times they would need a door Gunnar and they put you on the fifty go. Yet
it a routine thing supposedly every other day, once every three days, I'd be fine. Ochre yet so it was just like here, your scheduled for flights these days and what kind of missions where you guys supported it can give rod. Spectrum play I mean sundays. Would us your generic lake the or you're dropping off male mother times. You know you're doing everything from drug raids to money, my favorites worthy insertions and extractions for sure did you already knew how to shoot a fifty gal, but the day Pham you up further once you started doing it from the halo, I mean I love that indeed as the fifty Calaboose such a beautiful piece of machinery is, He too old man when I first say that I wanted to pick my wings like that was even more of a battle, then even just being maintained nobody wants to see a five or three blonde.
Dragging their knuckles and turnin wrenches alongside the dunes and then now she stepped up and says she wants to speed reloads with eighty five pound cans, and these are looking a little funny I'm so again proving myself all over again, but I mean I loaded even when you go pick up. You know the boys. One seven or to five or somethin. They just be looking at you so funny with little blonde pointing hell hanging on the back of the flight home at the end of this year. I loaded and the work. So the third day, you're goin out the other days, you're working. And the missions at your supporting r r everything everything Mme we will work with the Marines prickly Australians, would work with threats. Georgians had worked with everybody how how hot was the AOL that you are working and like out? What was the threat level? How did you feel did you feel? Were you? at a point where, like oh yeah, where we know organ outward know, we're gonna get contacted or was it the enemy, Pretty team in the ears were gone into? he's gonna hit men go back and forth. I mean even
so she said earlier, I mean where huge bumblebee nowhere huge target as it is You know certain areas last cargo, whom we cyclone all that lake sure those areas like for like a better terms? Yeah, I mean you'd bucker, like I mean very real and other times going on a Dwyer, not so bad, but I beg you know and then the fur Did you start feeling any any like stress or were you like? in the zone. Let's go Thirdly, I never really thought about getting her ever I mean Maybe it was a young mentality, but I mean every day when I go pick up my boy and meanwhile grub grabbed the gear out the bird it was an eminent crashing. Are you getting shot down or any of those things? I've never even crossed my mind, a vicious I want to go. There I do my job and, quite frankly, flying over anywhere saying in or any of those areas the greens on like Afghanistan is beautiful.
If you're not getting shot out you're, not terrified leg, I mean I loved it. I mean it's stunning country. When just like the interaction that you get with some of the people. I mean it's pretty special, sometimes so then. You never expected you never thought about it. You never thought about gettin blown out of the sky, never thought about it, either this stuff and then all of a sudden. Let's talk about June, twenty third, two thousand twelve. So what what what's a missionary you're going out on as you actually doing a resupply and then we're dropping off free space, available army medics, and then we were going outbound to do an extraction of Marines a little bit of everything I mean. That's pretty cool He just bundle it altogether and training the schedules that everybody needs, but I mean honestly, it should have been fairly routine, so we were making wait and now that there is little What's going on that, we are getting spotlighted sets common on Afghanistan, where basically, they try to bloom alcohol. Accomplish the paths can't see anyways, but they would
Basically signal to the next stations all the way out to ever we are going to, they could figure out. We were landing we're in route to now, Zad and unfortunately, never made it to him now that we're supposed to be dropping off those three aromatics and everything from ammo to mail and everything in between And yet the last thing that I remember was pilots are like sees me, my tail Gunnar calling for power for the for the pilots level, the news that aircraft up are off and private. You have coms and said it wasn't getting the desired outputs and the next thing you know we came nose up and then rolled left in being on the left, gun, night vision, goggles down. It was weird and is counted like just like normally lake as it as a door, gonna you're, the eyes and ears for the pilot. So when you're landing, especially a big piece of machinery like that, it's five, fourthly to one's mean
means on deck and one sided and we hit the ground. You know there's a lot more embellished stories out there, but now you remember all that stuff, you That's what I remember there's a lot that I was knocked out. The assumption is the barrel of my fifty call, which obviously sticks weigh up the side of the helicopter hit the ground before I did and came up and threw my face. So hasn't brief, is pretty severe. Damage may face them a right from But how did you ever pieced together with the pilots and what happened I think I made, in my opinion it is choked. In there what there was pressure I mean it was brought circumstances we were being violated. There are small arms have gone around us, nothing. That was a real threat to us by any means, but actually my last memory of being an Afghanistan on Camp bastion. This make ship hospital
I want to his name, but I was the pilot sitting by my bedside and just sit in there and crying, and then I found out later that he actually deal ward. So I know there's a lot of guilt there I mean I forgive him the situation for sure I am so the Euro crashes and your knocked out. What's your, what you're fired memory of after being knocked out. So if really would like my pilots screaming for my tail dinner, who I mean I just idolized this dude And they couldn't find em, they couldn't get a reaction from him at first. So I started screen like I'm hearing all this going on and it's not real. I wasn't in pain. I was in shock. I wasn't crying. It was just like Holyshit find my tail gunner and I don't know the details of what exactly happened or how exactly happened to him, but he ended up going out the back and hitting the rocks before we actually hit the ground, and I don't know if he was coming off of his gunners belt to get to the one of the three of you.
On the other side of the aircraft or what he was doing, but he went out the back, and so I just heard screaming to get a reaction. Luckily overtime, they got a reaction from him and, like all of it pure fricking chaos, but I remember the rolling tongue around my mouth, because I couldn't breathe out of my nose and there were no teeth. Everything was shattered, there's like a big hole and it was just gurgling cuz I couldn't windows can be out of my mouth and warn the army. Medics actually crawled. All over all of these trials that we had and gotten my face. I remember reading is Minos Patch and you, just in my face, trying to keep me basically out a shark and and they called in reverse, or so I hope second battalion. Fifth moons is listening. By they called to out of now so to come out, provide security, and obviously you help with stripping everything down. And when they called it in
whoever said it, you know said the female Gunnar that on impact, because it can get a response for me long or short. They come out but me and the other aircraft or lead aircraft along with my tail, Gunnar and theirs. Crew and get us other batch of combustion wall. Long story short fast forward a little bit segment. I am fifth Marines and adoption these pistol rounds underwater when the one that's done, they blue Mountain, the flowers and they got him back to me in this little wooden case said for fought for flowers. I don't ever died. Like here via in every single one of those deeds, now to this day late, they laugh early. We didn't figures, sure fairly Bush, there's not a female on aircraft. Some was the whenever I think of a helicopter crashing, I think of it exploding in being on fire. So how did it was it what did it survive kind of intact? Now? Ok, so I was just
you know, so I actually have a little bit of. There was a g boss, outrun us an analysis, and so I have actually seen what happened when we hit the ground, so? When we hit the ground, the transit transition, section came off and, of course, like the tale pile on everything. Does what flyin the voters and all of that, but I mean it wasn't salvageable I mean they just took the guns and couple or things off and then they just blow it up. Then you were the worst injury, worse casualty on the hill, yes, that's probably because, like you said you were the door Gunnar on the website and outside and to be totally honest, probably just because I'm s eyes, I mean my fifty cow on a gown. Twenty one mount sits up diameter just on me, so you ve got some pictures are nearer. I think it's your facebook of your face in it. Freakin crazy. I was like wholly I mean it is it's like
fully exposed like you're you're. Europe hurt bad boy add and I m so what then once you're next memory. When you, memory, did they put you in new induce comma what they do with you know that, Give me any. Let us her rest whereby southern saw much pain does I awoke back up in round chew, can't bastion in this dude Comstock, who is the new left or Gunnar on the other, a crappy bent on next to me and you specifically basically effect on closer falconers cause you're, not gonna, open and again the Mattel, Gunnar mild, gunnery surgery was actually laying next to me because it is lying on the floor where their craft and he kept
throwing his arm over my face to keep from getting hydraulic, fluid and stuff all in my open wounds and what not, and so I'm letting and I'm trying not to cry and panicking that, like I'm going to die that seem a little sister, because I have no idea what's going on like I was numb. I knew I was hurt, but I didn't realize it was weird. I couldn't feel anything and I just kept staring at this blue cabin overhead light and thinking I was going to say my little sister will buy your leg. Did you did you? Were you aware that your leg was jacked up? I was well where them and I was shocked up, is that was I mean I wasn't paint like. That's the only thing that actually her for whatever reason why I could feel that and nothing else, yeah. That was pretty brutal, they are. Then they got me back to Camp bastion. An ironic we're thinking link. As for conveying my there's. No, so back up, I'm the right back to this, I got Ramos on her way out. We're gonna go home in August majority. And then my gunnery sergeant, the one who asked me to go on their deployment
They sort of major at the time walked in and they were looking at me in there, both crying and staring at me. I'm like oh shit. This is this is not good. They met when I, when I realized tat, I was going home and yet I was devastated and I think that was the hardest part it of any of our wishes having to leave early. Many behind I mean even once I love Combash, nearly seventy Kandahar, Germany DC, and then I made it back San Diego and I had been just been combat meritocracy promoted to sergeant when you, when you're gettin the the hall, The to Germany are people meeting with you are you? Are you starting to get a glimpse or are a feeling for? What's goin on Yes and no look I mean I knew what was going on. I didn't, I didn't quite understand, obviously the whole process, but I was pissed off and I wasn't really
letting anyone help were explained me anything actually didn't really opposite asian sorry mom, but when I was in and would have either been Germany or Kandahar they. Finally, let me call home because of course my ceo gets hold of my parents and meanwhile my doubt interests and eventually I can call home, but I can't talk because, as in others, there's no Johnny, some try and tell my mom, like I'm coming home, my mom sorts laughing at me and she has a new baby girl counters and you must be on some really good drugs and they get past. My mom and hang up the phone, honor Don't talk to anybody like I'm, not mad, you know, and then you know their loading me have like I'm pissed off at my mom and anger that only when my dear it's like I'm just under such a show, and then they load me. You actually they dont have me.
Do they dont have me sedated or anything. They load me up in Germany to send me to deceive. Why don't they have you? Dusar is because your brain trauma something ass. They wouldn't give me anything for payment right off the bat, especially because of the had trauma by but yeah seven from, many some of that was just a helicopter crash. They don't let em to sleep for a flight from Germany to Deasey and so then I'm on this thing like they have me, strap down to a gurney. There's a bunch of other duties with their legs blown off people sitting on the sides of the aircraft like just staring at me, as I'm losing my my feelings, my lungs taken together, so I can't breathe. I mean it was. It was a terrible terror, journey back. Let's put it that, but I think once I mean it's in D c, I know you know they're carrying us all off on the stretchers and stuff like that, and you know there's some american flags and supporters and People out there, you know tell you, there's gonna be ok. Thinking that moment like I realise that I was going to be ok, but I still don't cry.
I think I was scared of of what was going to happen in a resolute when bureau stand. That was the fear that was the viewer fear that you couldn't you wouldn't be able stammering or how long you been in for at this point. For years just made sergeant. We're your parents waitin for you and you got to now there heading four million scenario, so it was, for them to decide. You know, of course, both greens being are both parents being Marines, tunnel money floating around my family, so they we know, we need to a weight to figure out. If I was to be a Polly trauma in DC our polychrome in San Diego I'm so as soon as we got word that I asked you to San Diego, that's when they make hold everything in the house and then we loaded up in the car and are they loaded up in the car and they made it out to sandy. Actually sell their house now raise that everything in it literally everything in it. And where they were they down and forty still so they sold everything that they had him for a while longer you in DC, for not you not.
Maybe a handful days for five days and then straight about, And what are you thinking at this point in terms of give level of your injuries? Have you seen your son? Have you seen yourself in the mirror yet cuz? If I would have seen the picture that you posted, that would have stout like hidden, pretty damn hard also has actually where they took those pictures. So it was actually really cute when, when I got the zones on cue, came about through a hole in your face now. So when they build me and again this little makeshift hospital tent, there was actually a british plastic surgeon that was voluntary or time this little sweep. She was old and all the guinea and she looked at everybody, and there was no one touch her, I'm so in her back up. As far as my face goes, and so she took those pictures and when I finally came to after shoe sewed my face
initially she's a good owing to freak out. When you see there, s like this is what we started with, and so that's where this, but actually came from knowledge, savage. But sir, you saw those pretty quickly yet, but then you gotta see she did a damn good job here, humming, it's like a miracle shoes. American lady, this unthankful requirement, we committee I had to leave record, my god I would have been about it, not been good, no offense to E3 Corpsman they're doing their best, but you know obviously has some experience surgeons gonna do a better job here has so so that's good, how about your leg, where you feelin in your leg, so I like I knew, was a bad deal from the get go, so that nobody would touch it no one,
merci, but even was willing to mess with that. What had happened to it so, and so, when we hit the ground, there is a bone in the middle of your foot. Gotta tell us it snapped and shot everything so damage the heel and lick, my tip and everything, something I don't. I don't know what it was when obviously have steel toe boots that we fine and all that but yeah. Something was underneath it with enough force that it broke everything upward and pushed everything up. It's. What does it look like on the outside? Is it like a compound fractures and all internal damage normative is all internal damage. I mean everything There was no other from my leg. There was no blood, did it because it seems to me that that would be like if I had that happened like oh, it hurts a lot, but it's all there there's no blood, I'm gonna be, that would be I've opinion because I'm kind of the They come to survive every year, no alike, will I
What worries me was like us at the fact that everybody was looking at it began like we're. Not gonna. Do anything about a nobody did anything about a break a week ten days and then? Finally, someone came in and said. Well, this is what your deal is because of the damage that has been caused. You've disrupted all of the blood flow to those bones of those bones are going to have a blast, mitosis and they're all going to die, and I opted for the doctors to not cut it off right away. I told them like look, let's fix my spine and took my face at six, my fucking brain, and then we can worry about my leg, and so the let's go through that order. The face they so you up did a great job with that. Your brain so you got knocked out, you got, I mean you got wailed on your head got whalebone in this? And what do you mean get headaches. Is your memory work? What we? What would a sentence that you notice out of the gate
the biggest thing right I mean currently the biggest thing is summit memory like I'm going to have solid chunks of it, and I've liked made a really conscious effort and thank God for her again, my mom, my sister and my dad for really working with working with me for that but for a while I mean it was. I mean everything. The biggest thing was being over controlling mood. I had a real issue with mood civilization There is just like a constant anxiety, no matter what and then I couldn't sleep. Of course, all of those things together, on top of like word, recognition in word, retrieval and being able to communicate effectively with doctors. Are your parents? Are friends like what you need? That was the hardest part and then they got on if you ve ever been done developer, but they have this whole building for their patience to live, and so I lived in I mean it was just like a little bedroom like a little tiny condo thing,
but I can go into the bathroom and just not know what the hell is going on like. I had to be reminded that if I'm in the bathroom I'm taking a shower, brushing my teeth, washing my hands so like I had to have a very specific routine to be able to like get all pistons firing, as that did you did you notice progress over time, oh so Could you see the progress? I guess what I'm asking or will you just like what is this not getting any better? The first year I really really Chauvelin, because, frustrated. You compare yourself to how you were. You know whether that's fine, we're mentally emotionally like it's. Just is not one thing is another,
so I was the first year was really really difficult, but once I made it over that hump I mean I'm pretty broader, say that its ban, like I'm I've, tried like hell I've, given this everything that I have that has been like on a cup constant upswing. At this point I mean I still got a speech therapy to this day, but I mean that helps with everything from cognitive to again just the verbal stuff too, but I mean it's its work how about the cervical spine? What what like? What was the were? You feelin numbness in your body parts or anything like that? Like I had I had next our drugs. I hurt her my spine and add. I woke up one day and I know man could move my right arm like it would not move, which is a really scary thing and eventually it all came back, but what what was your cervical spine injury? Did you break vertebrae so there
Helen fractures, and may I say to you see then just so and then just from the soil being in the aircraft. Are these mean they're tothers, I mean they go around your ribcage and tethered to the floorboards seed uncle flying anywhere should help Regresar something happened, and so when we hit the ground, it was like the helicopter. One way when I went the other, so economists like take us, be severe whiplashes go with and so than my Massachusetts currency for did was called stepping. So there are basically select one was audible, something about their burden, didn't fracture spinal cord. No, no, I I look down on millimetres right there to and idea that was scary. You put it that way, and I mean I didn't know what to do in that moment either, because now you're playing with again
military medicine? I'm super thankful that I am where I am today, but now you're. Looking at the situation where is like, is it that bad to fix it? You know what do you let them go in and do surgery, or do you let it heal on its own. Do you live your life in the seas buying for the next year to come and say I mean it's just a huge gamble with Oliver, what called the dramatic I lived in a sea How long does he lived in the dang that big thing anywhere under neck? You not to and you're not moving your shoulders fit you doing nothing. Mia. Then you know obviously damage to the arms. The hedgehog. I'm also like mess up the backside of my right eye. Of course, your eardrums ornate blown out and all that good stuff in helicopter crash butt the hardest part for me Meno. I think all too often people look at me, like, oh god, she's missing her lovely the hospital but the reality is, if I didn't keep my head in my heart in the right place, then nothing else is going to get better, so fixing fixing my brain and fixing what I had going on emotionally
That was the harbor sir, so you're in the hospital for like I mean: how long are you in hospital for tears? Two years from two thousand twelve to fourteen to two thousand fourteen. When you're, when you're going through one of the things that you talk about, is you're going through your anniversary is called an anniversary. You're alive day, A year after and you got to appoint we're like I don't know. If I can do this, serving my my doctors and my leadership. If you owe I had a lot of you will come into my house my room and sit there and tell me I want to go to the drill fold so bad so for bad. It these people coming. I even have this e g of them. Seniority come over and say: you're gonna be the first shown shutter that seen only amputee and you're gonna go right back into the sea.
In this and the other and on one hand like I use that to really push myself as we do better, but on the other hand, like I think, of Muslim misled me quite a bit so when I got word after my Second Med board that I was unfit for duty to the injuries I lost it like that's. When I knew add one more shot at staying in the Marine corps and it wasn't going to ever be to fly again. I was going to be the desk job that I really didn't want. You know from the get go and you No, I mean that wasn't even promised, so I I don't know I dealing with injuries in specifically may, like that's not getting better obviously still processing and honest off and then finding out that this is the one thing that I really loved at that point in time. My purpose I was now getting pulled out from under my feet. I mean, I guess you you have to hit rock bottom. Nino tend to be able to rebuild everything
True, then, you got a couple things in here that you wrote about Jack, your your your mom, your dad said my dad's been won best friends biggest France's day, one he's given me: tough love EF, I needed after injury, but also motivated mean ways to continue creating an chasing dreams. I'm alive. Thanks. My family approve Are you being a stubborn as I am that you you talk about your mom said my mommy to look at me sitting in my wheelchair and say: do it your damn self. That right, there's gotta, be fur apparent in I got for kids, but the attempt. And for parents always is to try and just take give your kids everything that you can to help them and that I've said many actually hurt your kid and here's an example not of a child but of head of your mom. Into a twenty whatever,
three year old woman and saying you gotta. Do this yourself? Das leave a mark yeah, I am I mean, I'm not parents side. I dont totally get that. You know that side of things, but I mean my dad. I am one of the things I mean island to the nitty gritty over because I'm transparent, but sundry June, twenty thirty doesnt Warwick. If tell yourself you're not going to you're not going to tell anybody you're just going to go off and do that, and so I went down to the Blythe River and had some friends with me: cuz we're celebrating all the stuff. And I decided to move it like a donor. We do it anymore. More do I need to do and I'm gonna walk, walk myself out into the blaze river, John I solve disappear, and nor does it have to do. Is here with me or my problems, I'm not going to be a burden anymore
long story short. I am lucky that I woke up the next day, surrounded by people that did save me an m. My dad came to me and crying Montedison crime it as this big Tatu. Do that's some ice Gary's terms hum. I said you gotta, be shit me. The enemy couldn't kill you made at home. Now you do it! and that's the moment I realized. I was being selfish the moment that I realized I had a lot more to live for, and then I had a lot to be grateful for so then I decided that I was going to turn my life around but I mean I dont know what that's like for my dad, especially like he's always been hard on me. He's always been the one to really set those standards. For me, a pun intended like he's the reason that I hold him. You know he holds my feet to the fire. For me.
Even to this day like he doesn't do in her use. No I'm constantly like doing media stuff here and there, but you know one day he was ass. You know- and you are you proud of your daughter and he's like we are proud of her, but the moment she stopped paying it forwards deserves ever taken and I have live my life like that, need to get those little one liners that sometimes look at my dad and I'm like. Oh thanks like I hang on to those, and I mean he really has he's the one that holds me accountable like through and through through all of it, and then my mom got to love her toughest lady. I know cuz. I can't even like raising me but then for her to lake I mean I could see it even those moments when she's telling me to do it myself. I just tears in her eyes like she wants to do it for me, but she knows the moment that she stops in and- and you know, Cottle Situation- I'm not going to be independent. You know, I'm not going to move fast season, pass keys, injuries and live a healthy, happy life, and I can't imagine the the internet
turn, will let you go battle for you to go through this? Like actual one hundred and eighty degree transition from I don't wanna live anymore to I want to live the best life I possibly can How long did that transition take? This is like a couple. Days that you went got. There's your butte when your dad said those words to you. You just said you know what I'm wrong. And I need to get on the right path, He said I mean, I think I think in that moment I for whatever reason, email on the run? China, before have risen at that time, gods bared me twice and I'm not even a religious person but gods Bergman Why so, obviously there's a reason I'm I'm still here somewhere something cut me here and then the dude that I respect it the most coming to me in saying that, like I mean not just destroyed me, I mean
as the has. If I couldn't get any lower, you know him saying that I was like you know what you decide like, I can't control the helicopter crash. I can't control what this crazy fishes world throughout me. I can't control that, but what I can control is how I'm going to respond, and it is I mean I wholeheartedly believe it is when you were not dwell on this subject too long, but we do know the lot. People that listen to this pod gaster people at served and people at end up some rough spots. When you were descending into that place mentally how long did that. Take I mean, is it something that you woke up one day and set I'm sick of this or is it was like just rind that beat you down over time. We said: look, this decision is not worth it right now knows the guy, and I mean it's not sought in some thing
again don't be wrong, I'm not the person that walked around and talked about it like you know it wasn't screaming for attention. I was just going to go and do it, but I mean it was just one of those things where it probably nothing was ever getting better, and I was just digging this hole digging this grave deeper and deeper. Nor I asked you about the progress of your injury vows. Actually a really personal question for me, because I'm per person. I notice point zero, zero. One percent improvement is up and, unlike other yoga say, I'm gonna get better. When I don't have that happening that that that's like I don't have that happening. I it it's like one otis any improve ride. I start feeling like oh no legged sit down on the wrong path right now. This is not gonna get better. It's gonna like how I felt with with my neck Monica double the sun. I came home our mosen younger. Get better, can get better and better. It's not getting better and yeah that that's the.
The grind thing of like hey just get. This is getting worse and it's not gonna get better and for me like now, when I look around, I never recovered destroy, did. I have in mind in my right. Try cept am I right back like I got some of the back, but not all of it, and it's ok. At some point, I just a psychological. That's why Yes and I that happens to people where you have We have to look at the situation and say well today you just said, listen, I can't control. I can't control what happens when you can't control happiness. Helicopter crash. What happened happened. What do we do now and I got that? I was actually getting some mob social media. Responses about just some restock about me, my buddy leaf who seal teams with we wrote a book called extreme ownership and it's like you, take ownership of everything in the world right people. That will say. Oh you get cancer, how you gonna take ownership without how's that it was goes wrong. It's my fault, that's that's! Where look at things right
Some goes wrong. It's my fault that's. Why look at everything if something not going. The way should be it's my fault, so how take ownership. If you get If you get cancer like how to take ownership that, and the answer is yes, ownership forget cancer. That's not that's not, but you take owners. For how you're gonna react to it. You take owners, for your response. You kid Take ownership. Looked at you, oh, crashed when it, for whatever reason could be a million different things that that he loquacity low, crashed you ok, what do you do? You can't take ownership of that crash. What you take ownership of is a response to that monster injuries and that's to me is the most powerful thing that a person has, because that gives you some level of control over circumstances that are truly beyond your control. I may have said at trend
pretty much since June. Twenty third tooth doesn't thirteen. You know the right actions, father at perspectives exit here and I can bitch about everything that I've lost. I could bitch how many lost memory alas, lag lost, no decree or lost years of my life to the hospital to recovery, or I can look at would have gained. How does not happen? I wouldn't be sitting here with you. I wouldn't do things things. I'm doing I wouldn't be living this very different purpose on a totally different platform than I was before, so I can take it with a a green assault. Look at it as a blessing in a curse on that I a curse at Odin, wish on anyone, my own worst enemy, and then you know I can trust you on about day, just stressed at what point so so now two years in the hospital, so two thousand and fourteen you get out of the hospital and you start live Duke. Is that when you get medically retired here, may two thousand and thirteen may two thousand fourteen you get on. What do you do when you get out what you're
What are you would move into? Are you live your eminence any? I got this time living in o b area no others to leg. So I'm gonna growing up again the academic thing enough. The athletic thing I didn't struggle with it and now find myself in this position. I getting out of the rancor, I'm like I'm, not the same person that I need physically and I'm definitely not the same person. I knew immensely and I really wanted to finish my first masters and why, I'm still in the doctors looked at me and they were like there's no way that we're going to prove you for tuition assistance army. That's that you're going to fail your class there's no way serious? Whilst I went to my speech, there are best said: hey: can you download this programme ridden rag old onto my computer? I want to figure this out. Like I'm gonna finish this last year, my masters, ended up. Getting that masters in psychology were the sea average
so there you have, but I was determined to bring those doctors wrong and in every single one of em kept on me, give you don't use it or lose it. You have to continue training and re wiring, your brain, so I didn't stop. I just kept going to school at the moment that I got out kept going and obviously this post on eleven July Bill Unanswered Bracken of scholarships, cited school ache? Hardly so this is two thousand fourteen. You gonna last bone your leg, diving school, hard core yep. You keep How can I gonna speech therapy and I ve been listening, really intently, trying to figure out why you need speech there. Vienna found nothing so far, super Turkey would, you know nailing every word pronouncing. Announcing everything awesome. So what was like your lowest point for speech, was it because the damage has been done to your jaw? Was it you brain damage, or was it just both how bad was it? Was there a point where,
you know you were, you are able to carry on a conversation. Yes on the very beginning, causes phaser right now, like Nasser the very beginning, it really was. It was b is getting my brain to fire to be able to express myself to again to retrieve the words that I was actually looking. Now, it's more of like nerve and all of the trauma like the physical trauma. Now it's like trying not to, like ours and asses I'll. Try to avoid that said both of them properly the sound vague they like action I was trying to sail Rewiring just now, there's a lot. Effort and land where buzz, though they the head trauma that was, there is one thing that I really focus John and then run that time actually started computing snowboarding. So you got your bad leg, admiral in your bad leg of her bad brain good banned by the way and you and you
our society at school, like work, starts at our borders with your from Florida. Where'd that come from one knows are either as an organisation that came into my hospital room when I was actually still living at the hospital and to act of duty and they came and of just how do you feel about learning a winter sport? And this isn't the energy doesn't thirteen? And I just like you know at anything just get me out of the hospital. Well again, me being me: my doctors cleared me a city, but then, when I Chopin Breckinridge in Colorado, when asked me for medical clearance. Anything well shit knowingly school? You try that, instead of picking up really quickly and I loved it- and you know it is one of those things that reminds you of your independence and resiliency, and no one can do it for you, so there's capital and what was it like on your bad leg, when it was painful I mean- and I had I have. I have like a little this weird kevlar
Carbon fiber contraption that basically took all the way off of my lower? and put it on my knee at the time, so I'm in a hurry, a little bit of help, but I mean it was. It was painful, but it was worth it I mean I mean I wasn't. Thing I mean I was still dilemma. Surgeries mean I was having a surgery once every eight to twelve. Weeks and having the recovery, and so I mean I would sinning away from Balbo and got a big bear reservations. You were mostly surgeries on your leg or where they on everything. Yes, my leg so between between my leg and may face, that's where the majority came from, but forty four now they told you out of the gate that a bunch Bowman's, we're gonna die in your leg and they were right at an end. At some point, lay gum your ear
are they give you the production? Okay? This is- and this is my last get a mantra the end of my efforts. If you up, I mean coming in there like this is a Christopher Columbus order at this point like we're, going to go anywhere going to try and do whether it was bone, grafting or nerve, decompression or whatever it was, it was like we don't even know. Where would you find anymore? And finally, I came to terms with that and let you know what you can have it. What was that before, after you did the walk in England, so my walk was my son after my leg, correct that was so So you decided, This bad leg got brain damage. I got everything else going on, but I'm illegal walk a thousand miles ass in United Kingdom. How that come about. So actually there was a couple of older marines. I was that I was working for an organisation called Barbuda Foundation and they heard about this event called walking, with a wounded that you know they ve done everything from the North pole and this helpful and it was kind of just like,
this pilot idea and they were just looking for people stupid enough to walk a thousand miles and sure enough? One of them's me: Ahern Venosa, they came but they're, just like hey we're thinking about sponsoring this event. That's going to raise money for american and british soldiers that are dealing with specifically bright injuries had trauma ends. You know invisible injuries of all and then the moment Irish. As you know, the legs come and often I don't care if a trash it so what's two thousand miles and then literally seven days after I got home, they come alive the thousand miles at you walk. You were with at some point you with Prince Harry and he's a legit dude as illegitimate. I will give him that then I won't matter up. I mean he, you well is at least legitimate he He he served. I mean he he fought in Afghanistan. Have he was in Iraq, this I rise in, but yeah and
some pretty cool stuff of him. There's a a cool little video someone's interviewing him and then like the alarm, sounded doktor go get some in. That was gone, usually had some some interaction with him yeah. So my personal spin on that thousand miles, Course as over there to raise awareness and and VON raised, but I made twenty five memorial dog tags firmer into either never came home or they kill themselves when we got back home in a carriage one for forty miles, the poem and left them all across England, Scotland and Wales, with the intention that a stranger would find them and honour our fallen. You know we shed blood together, we deserve to heal, or you know, men wounds to other fewer Anna. He actually help me lay a few of my dog tags and then I left the final one with him at Buckingham Palace and then on. What's their veterans day, he carried it to the senator. For me. So again, here really is a great deal has had his hearts in the right.
Waste for short, and that was what are your friends teachers at that the final dog tags are actually that's pretty sad story play I'm. So there was two gentlemen that were in the hospital with me: they were blown up ten days before I got hurt. So they were with one seven and of course meal me being the three unit. We were doing constantly doing stuff with those guys you know insertions and extractions and stuff The two gentlemen are with one seven year we went through all of our recoveries together and T J was actually one of was the guy that passed away when they lost their legs. So I didn't. I never knew him. He was never really a friend. It was more so for them ass. His wife. So then you had done with that walk a thousand miles, and you can Back to San Diego and Pre planned
You get back in your like. Ok, this this might my foot is a die and let's move forward, that's get rid of it. There's a like a video like many documentary about you, it's done by by Cosmopolite and which is something the magazine, it's a weird fit for me by up, anyways, I watch this video and man theirs There's a video of you and your walking on the beach and your barefoot walking on the beach you're walking on ocean beach by the way and theirs you're in the background and you're like saying yeah, you know I'm walking on the beach cuz, I'm not going to do this anymore. I'm going to be able to feel the sand on my on my foot anymore. That has gotta be the the hardest decision.
That you ve had to make it. I mean for a person right like you have at least this. Like mean. I the saying I mean I I serve and like I live by the beach. I love the ocean and walkin barefoot on the sand is like totally. A thing that is real. Who gets the best thing sit in their and you'd been living in o b at the time- and crazy that you're sitting there saying yep, I'm going to I'm going to walk on the sand for the last time we're right now this is it! This is the last time I get to feel the sand between my toes slap, get her wait around in this water. I was one of those things: words like your quality life. I was living a life that you know it wasn't happy with. As far as like living a life of constant recovery in pain, a lot of drugs and I'd be lying. If I told you I was like
sober when under the thousand mile off there's a lot of medical funds? Have hackers have? But you know like one of those things. I was ready to close that chapter and move forward, there's theirs, lot of things that I wanted to do with my life or that I am doing and still want to do with my life. And the thing is also in power To note is they were gonna they're gonna take your foot, your shin leave your tip fab, which, as I can fully express this, but I do know from friends that have had above me and bologna amputation. The differ it's between above them petition and below the knee is absent, Lee Massive the amount of situation that you have in your knee is just it is. Incredible compared to when you lose your knee, I mean I I'll. Never bitch about being in an amputee am thankful that I'm alive, but I would do anything to get my money back.
Will the initial surgery they they Do what they said, they're gonna do day whatever midway up your Kafir somewhere? They leave, they leave enough me, and this is right around with this writer on Thanksgiving, so right around giving you This initial surgery- and for you it's gonna be liberating because you're not have to worry about this pain. You can get the defeat that will work better than your foot, that's what it boils down to. I guess that's what I was talking about like all this stuff about the sand and get nor crazy with that. The bottom line is Europe again a that great feeling, but I'm. Actually, we to be better off with you know with with them, different varieties of prostate. Feet and ankles and all the stuff that they can give you, I mean there's many people than have deployed after they ve gotten below a bologna surgery how no home
people have above, but their puncture. There has been some, but it's a lot different. It's a lot different and dumb So you get that surgery and a It was, I guess it was, bad surgery. There was that there was an infection. Is what happens here again, we'll go too far. Thou but that that was devised malpractice on their own, but yeah. Instead of using staples that use dishes and ever put a wound vac on there's a number of things. I was turned away from the emergency room three times and the time that it was fine and then finally- and I mean it was bad- I mean it was really really bad. And they. Finally, there was actually a doctor from Scripps that was like fill it in for one of the doctors down in the er at Balboa, and she saw my leg and she's like oh hell, no like take every but like and put an x rays like take everybody out of the alarm, like I'm, going on with her knitted up cutting out
half of my knee. They left my protector and then they went back in and they I thought that was enough and they took our patella and made it abundantly so they getting caught my eye, my femur. Here's a note from you December: twenty thousand fifteen. I am awake enough surgery for today allow a lot of muscle due to infection unless every Christmas miracle Bobby my need a moral. These it's easy to give up. December twenty third, two thousand fifteen update the infection almost killed me. It was eating the muscles in my leg. Saved my life plain and simple. I am above the knee amputee, but if your now still fighting the infection more surgery, ten, a m which could
make me a hip deciding which could be worse but nothing. I can't beat there. They are trying their best. Said they ve, never seen anything so bad as to what was going on in my leg. I know I can beat this. I just hope they don't have go to high on this limb. Mentally and emotionally? This is the hardest thing I've ever dealt with. I am terrified When they came in and said that they might take my hip, I didn't want to wake me back up. Please do not bring me out at surgery. Room keep me asleep, you take it. I mean.
God, love. Could anybody that sitting in a bucket- and I salute their life as a hip deserted? The news was was awful and yeah. I didn't think I was gonna. Have the courage to keep going. I didn't want to keep going at. That point, The beginning of that, when you were reading- and I was doing her thing- I was full of shit and I'm just telling everybody that it's going to be okay, but I'm glad that I at least finish. That was I'm terrified because it's honest true. December twenty fourth, two thousand fifteen, since the next to the next day, Christmas Eve. I am, I am alive, so I am happy our seas. The Good NEWS about my leg and looks great being above the knee amputee will be challenging it first and all I can say is bring it on another.
I am very second, will be for quite some time. They fell three bacterial infections, including Mercer. They all farm bud in my arm. They put up. Line in this, threatening matter so the delay low for awhile? Please keep praying. I got this. We got this craziness Your parents were eleven here at this time, no so. You are who you, with I was living with my boyfriend. The time actually My mom was living with us an m, so she was around, but it was. It was the craziest thing, like we all knew my life was just a minute was rotting, relax minutes, that's just what I was doing.
And so late. My mom and go with me to er would get turned away to get to Norway and my boyfriend at the time had gone back to Florida to drive with my little sister out, because there was no coming up on the hall and when he was in Florida with her there like you need to get your family here, because we don't know if we're going to pull through this one, and so my dad's flying in from Youtube on the pipeline they're rushing like driving across the country. You know through the night, so you'll get back yeah. It was Was bad so. You eventually recover from this good Lord away, How long does it take to fight off these triple bacterial infections and what not I'm so I end up getting out of the hospital. I would have been very late January early February. So is there for at least another month, five six weeks and at that
During that debt, five six weeks is that when you started doing rehab too, like get fitted prosthetic due to happen! That fast so they actually shortage fitting me when my staples came out so yeah. So what a ban pose the week before I go to the hospital, and then I had on one run with that which is no big surprise at this plague. I want my leg and only get the fuck out of here so and then and then what what happens answered so now. What was that rehab process like you're, trying to learn a walk again and all this stuff? Yeah? Listen, you suppose you gotta go both are being good gate dreaming in sit like sixth sit through like six weeks worth of training, like flying on a walk. They let him go after two weeks ass. I took my leg over two weeks and just like me, this is this: is it not a man? Actually of these videos of my mom watch me for walk for the first time and of course it was very emotional on and one, but it was like didn't give a b
he gave me two weeks and I was I was in a figure it out and they were to go and you got released stories. Did you dance any idea as an incentive for quite some time going up? Thank you for a little while and then bouncing back and forth, got back on my snowboard. So is spending the winters and garden back here in California. What is it like? Snowboarding now is a weird No, it's! I don't know I mean I don't know any. I can't remember what it's like any more links number with two legs were a busted up. Like I don't know I really is again like I just got back on my born. Just road, of course, are wiped out. Her quite a bit. Korea have risen again disdain skipper B point like ok, so that cosmopolitan video. Was made around this time right, yeah
you you're, starting to get some kind of notoriety set. The right word ways note Pretty bad now Now. I don't know you sound, like a type of commissioner, do not want to be called famous but you're starting to get some now some recognition. People are no search here. What you you ve gone through and started interested in the story right, so this is all happening to at this time, which is which is weird advent, very real, and I'm not but I think it was any of the things I've done at this point. Is that you don't want to be celebrated. You don't want the attention for doing what you want to do and living your life. How you want to live at, like I wasn't doing they miraculous Anders like I want to know. I want to move forward. My life want to be here for my family and then even now it's I just like helping people like you, I mean so get the cosmopolitan thing you're you. Go on you you going to do
a job as a staunch woman in a movie. What's that all about Fillan Void, Siena adrenaline, singing ass, I feel that what did you do that? Don't woman, so everything from car crashes to explosions Pyrrha did anyone notify you that there is several times the air you're like a crank up the speech therapy horse stunts Jack, What did you are? What you were a movie with Mark Wahlberg there right now has the biggest answer: patriots. And what are you doing that movie thought it? you're like I got experts experience just like Can I get blown off get carried around and stretchers lose a limb fall out of a wheelchair ones. At one point, but different scenes Maya Ok, so we got back on you got the
People magazine Body Image Euro, which is what what is it all when I was in this whole process and even from the go with a face like the interest in my face- and I Didn'T- and the doktor saw me all this up about me like I didn't really care. If I was going to be a look, it up and run again, runny available as a young woman in I cared about, was whose looking at me differently and can I were heels, can we're in trouble. Is anybody gonna find me attractive enough to have a family one day, egg really worried about the self esteem stuff, and so like moving I just decided that I was going to own my differences that I was going to like the proud of the scars that I wore, because they told my stories that you think me an invite in my opinion, to make me laugh talk to him. But now I wanted to show people that it was ok them street grid, exactly how pathetic one of these should be that it was ok. I, like you, don't have to be the cookie cutter. You know definition of what beautiful as
and I dont want to that. Cheesy like me, no beauty comes from within, but I like. I want should people that I was may it was beautiful, would be strong of his Minos, beautiful to have drive and have well and enter not fail mean to give it here and so the that's. That's what the people magazine. Things are what they interview you and take a bunch of pictures of you. Yet and all that and now again, I'm sure I'm just gonna, have to trace the fact that people are still. To follow you in and recognise that Europe that you have, a very interesting story and inspiring story. As these things are happening because the real I have to say that is causing you like do other things. At the same time like getting stone, women getting crashed and blown up suffering tat in Some point: you got your masters degree in Business administration right and this is just to to people that you can sell mentally go? Yes,
yes, but on the other, on the other side of that too vague, right now, when I do eventually finishes doctorate, like I'm terrified what I'm gonna do at that time, unlike my god, I love structure, ambled filling avoid the other is like, like couple minutes ago, you like showing the void. So what you're saying as you have to be built you, you have to have something to focus on something to do exactly what a sorcerer explained some things guessing because at some point. You decided that you are going to put another thing on your list of things to get done and its climb, the seven summits so the highest degraded, some continents. I was one of the things that has been done by and a female above any amputee against evil man. I decided that I needed something. You know I lost the two thousand sixteen snowboarding season due to the last revision surgery to my amputated side and suchlike,
I can't do any high impact sport, so what else can I do in the mountains on mountain might want to check how your facts for what we want to set up a little coaching duration, here because I'm not sure so so check it out. So the idea you get the idea you mustn't is that ok, what can I do that super super hard yeah? start with Kilimanjaro at the first one, and how Bacco eyes it was amazing actually is and because we were up and down in four a half days which Kilimanjaro stands: nineteen thousand dollar forty one feet so for me to make my way up and make my way back down that quickly was without control, but it was one of those things her was I mean it.
The sick wailing just like ours, addicted schools, Reykjavik addicted to that suffering, because that you suffer in your miserable for days on end. But then, when you make it to your goal, it's not much sweeter, and so I mean it was just. I don't know like a weird hunger from war that I wasn't really like finding anywhere else, and then I mean if we ended up raising like one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for clean water for these hands Indians with that climb. So now it's like. I have the personal side of things, and then I have this other purpose that I was already knew felt like. I was missing by not having in the Marine corps and then from there that's when everything so which one came next cursed ends and call stands out. Looking at that one, this is in Indonesia how tools it just every sixteen thousand and it looked to me like the getting there was half the battle so Lastly, I am incur sends an interesting mountain coz. Its notorious were being the most hostile and technical invert. What really verse
ah but means a seven too mild track into the base of this rock face so soon ass, his eminence honest, low impact, it will have a lower seventy two miles, Jacques Home, but I and even just getting out there, and I mean the people you encounter the Donnie in the morning tribes Lake I mean that was just an experience. In itself I mean the logo, like indigenous tribe, came through and like ransacked and destroyed all over camps and still are passports, while we're like up fifteen thousand feet watching them you, the italian laws, must have you got a little couple: people barrels on that stuff, it seventy two mile hike in now so my friends that our amputees- it's not you're you're prosthetic. Just is this clean, easy fit, and it's all good to go that thing. That thing gets all kinds of issues ousting about. I sweat a lot
If I was wearing the prosthetic you have there would they would have to put drain holes on the bottom of it, drain horse now, but the Freedom Party with another, because I would feel that thing up with sweat would I'll. Send you a link later to my Everest, hike, mini documentary and I'm in a tank top when everybody else is in life, is big papi, some issues I run so hot. Now that I'm missing my leg, and so I feel your pain on that. So you're you're doing these law. You do that and you may get to the top of car stands right launch at some point. I guess you'd want to put your business administrative degree to work, so you launched a t, shirt company called. Had case. What inspired that? a box MA, I'm an avid hunter, I believe in The things that I can soon they need to be mainly to die at my hands. I dont like eating things that are bred to die, so really involved in the outdoor industry as far as mountain hunting in the links that nature- and I, if you walk
my house now it is full of taxidermy, specifically skulls, and so we have a lot of ways: joining forces with my buddy Nevada, who carved schools for living now and using his artwork and and schools. The head case on the outdoors you? Who, at what point did you do? We did you grow up, as I mean did little softening white tail and an hogs and stuff like that growing up, but none of the stuff doing now or wounded start by whole freaking crazed scenario you gotta unfolding, so we were talking about weight, loss and gain earlier and again my biggest fart like biggest gain at the my perspective on life, and so I started appreciate, started to appreciate just the cycle, and so that's when I really started to look into okay on. What's going on in the outdoors
I'm actually putting into my body a and then also just your conservation efforts and some and any I'm being able to provide for my family like in the most natural way possible. I mean hunting is not DAS: it's about living. Where were you? When did you on your first hunt? Man goin up, none are like you're, more recent hunting career, probably chosen thirteen broker. So you go right into a fourteen someone area. And by the way, if anyone doesn't know, hunting is not easy and you I mean involves, they involve that's right when you talk about seventy two mile hike enemy, hump hunting takes a lot of LA. I just went on a hunt and why we were averaging, like I think we have a slight ten, ten or twelve miles is like to twelve miles a day. You know you're the you're, putting out up and down hills and it's it's hard work
do our mother do with two legs by so ok, so You start your t shirt thing: and then you go for your first little kind of though what would you call the red? on a little recall of avarice to base camp? Yes,. That was just that's gonna This thing, let's see, what's up yeah men. How inspiring was that we like, ah exactly like them. I should arise with the if you have that in your mind and you get there near the bottom, your like, let's do. Now is losing them with a mean mean obviously just very emotional, together, buttoning owners, several like there's a hooting and hollering and several f bombs in tears, and you know everything, but no I mean the moment like three days into the actual like Base Camp Trek. I saw average for the first time and I just knew like that's it, I'm going to do it. And then so so that was just getting getting a feel for it getting
Oh people, the kind of see how the system would run who'd you go like what brought how'd you get on that trip to actually not like walking down to travel. One of those people help travel but reader base camp. One way. So actually this chair- whether you are highly web, that I met on my thousand my walk. She She was a little come out and get over there and she hit me up out of nowhere and just like a I'm going to let you know, guy to a base camp trek to Everest, you want to come Actually, yes, I needed a side of a minute gleam from their side or the south side of you know down the road and so yeah I mean I went down there and absolutely fell in love with Nepal, on the people and just their way of life and their culture. Ok, so you get done with that. At some point, you open a hair salon. Yes, here NASH inside her. Is that right, solve their area as generally well
also so little Box, where it all of these random little things that I'm doing you orders random stay ass, a woman like a completely freshmen here. No so when I woke up in the hospital you doesn't fifteen, I looked round the room and told myself. Whoever was not hospital room with me that they would never work for anybody else ever again now they are willing to sacrifice their time. You know their personal lives remained a measure I was ok that now I mean I want to help them about their dreams. They help me alive, so my best friend Christine has actually my business partner in that, I'm so she's the had honcho down there, I'm just the CFO, Slash investor! So if we, if we're on our side- and we need a hare, where do we go chapter on harem body lab? do you give high and there now,
tat can really see. Oh, you said, like was three five. Is that I hope three finals new, thus tv you said, I hope to five in my mind to five is listening this once there are so many Marines us and this right now if you don't give up her clippers, add at the place up an ocean side, you know, what's going on Barbara. Let's make it happened, I you get that go on in in February. You start you go To climate for November, was you into ever Space camp track you, do the hair salon thing February! You go to a backing. You gotta Ecuador, for Cotopaxi and this is a summit attempt might, but you didn't make it Nope lawyer turned round. I like eighteen thousand five hundred and worse what is it? How much further you have to go
oh another, fifteen hundred vertical. What was it is out of tune move slow. My claiming partner had a headache. We were better as a really long traversed section and link with my prosthetic. If the high side is on my left side or my prosthetic side, I can not move while so with her being light, had I'd having a headache and me out being little uncertain, fetuses don't make sense than murder smart call, you colonel! about that at least some of your blogs just about like making good decision, which the mountains, are littered with bodies of people that get summit fever. They're gonna go for that'll, make it exactly and as one of those things where it's like, if someone's climbing with me and something happen, that I would be able to live with myself so yeah I mean the mountains are going anywhere. That one does can be another. So you'd do without one some lessons learned and then you go to tools. Then you go to
finally denies my main man yeah. So to deny and spend literally a month, your entire month of June, two thousand eighteen undeniably, and we made it up to fourteen thousand feet repay four hundred and seventeen days no going out no going down. We were scalping food and fuel from people as they were like making their way down. We were trying to be stubborn and ride out this terrible, terrible, I mean what would really be a seventeen day. Seventy needs and thank you, would sleep ninety minutes and you gotta your ten four ninety minutes and dig your ten out of incorrect sleep lake. For seventeen years, seventeen it do. You do Europe does your body a trite, so bad in seventeen years, like I think about like I work out all the time, but occasionally, okay, so here's an example we descended. Called the muster in Denver Colorado.
Probably known you you've been there for, but it would've been awesome so like during that week, it's kind of hard to do my normal work out routine. It's a little bit lighter than normal, and then from now. I came home for one day. I got one work on it and then I went hunting in Utah and I didn't we got their other than humping up enough, but I can a man if all you're doing a sitting in a tent and then getting out over ninety minutes. Do not envy if you think at the end of that you're gonna, have to go and walk up, that freakin mountain yeah that seems like uh yeah, I mean I mean I mean your body just atrophies anyways, with, of course, being an altitude like you just need a withering away, ass, it is and of their limited food, limited spies like your neck. That their interests be chauvelin all sorts of anyway. So many of his heart and then out therein denial ailing, like you, can't just go for a hiker and
a valley. There are so many crevasses everything he had to do. You tell your technical gear beyond a rope, so many more literally confined to your tent and a very, very small, a little living space was the avalanche throat. Luckily, we were far enough for him for many slabs, I mean we're really gonna hanging out there at the wires word of a being very I because he subdued hooker knowing dont, know well, but at least sitting through this part, Gaston realising that you need to be doing something at all times. What what, How was your mindset after day? Well, I was terrible. I honestly any claim made them the hardest. Part of me is tat time. I cannot it still and they I merely bearing Anglia with my hearing a book. Do whatever the Essen now signed, annihilates illegal to have any sharp as or any help, but it is part of the national park servers. So many have to drag a fifty pounds carry fifty pounds in her dress up, so you have important igloo at one point in that
Ok? So then, you get eventually get weathered off. That cloud While so we had a very short whether window. We ended up making it up to again eighteen thousand two hundred three hundred climbing partner that I was actually I'm gonna boxy with. I wasn't little bit slow up. This action called the autobahn ends. You know the weather was wrong and quick. She wasn't feeling too hot knows what's gonna happen, then so made the called a deterrent come down, so you so now the next thing you're looking at is the upturn do ever again. Now, that's where Europe is going to come down from the knowledge, and now it's now its ever go time. He has a nose. I did Albert the highest point in Europe or in Russia, or so I did Napoleon June two thousand and eighteen or attempted it in June, two thousand and eighteen Albert the highest point in Europe in September, two thousand and eighteen, and then I went down to South America and Argentina January. Two thousand and nineteen crash that one.
Decided. I was ready for Everest there. You decide you ready for Everest. Is there still that's because you ve been hiking in the mountains so much you ve been doing so much that you feel like you're conditioning is good or is it like? Is it likely? you fight in Emma may, or you run a triumph on where, when you get done, you ok to recover a little bit I mean it is. But for me actually aiming for any mountaineers, a building box like each of these mountains, a humbles you but then teaches you something different, so, whether I you know you know Kilimanjaro for example, ways my first will exposure to endurance so to speak, and I especially altitude cursed ends with super technical. That's a totally different skill set Dolly winter camping, glacier travel, Alvarez patients for myself,
people. Hacking cobweb as the highest not asset, rushed over that a pretty good air Elvis no patience for putting well of began, work on south and then yeah. I can cargo is known as the mountain of death. It's the high mountains of the Himalayas and on an urgently needed, and now I'm really taught me just how my body is going to reactor that kind of attitude to big mountains. Then how did it react totally? Then? It's weird, so I run super hot because of losing the leg, and then I dont right now knock on when I dont really suffer from any like altitude, side effects. If you don't have the headaches, I don't have a hard time breathing someone's. I confirm that I was like all right. Let's go, I'm the only at the only issue that really ever going to comes up is my residual limb swells inside of the carbon fiber socket, so that can be kind of whiskey.
And that can be risky because you won't be able to get it off I'll cut off circulation. Ok, so you got off circulation and then he, then you have a real problem Ok, what did you have to do any more prep? So so are you when you were when you now looking at Everest, you're doing your do you like your pretty good shape for it physically and then its Ok, let's go my gear together, which now you know pretty well cause you ve done. The climbs. Your feel, like your gear list, is pretty straightforward, so. Let's talk a little bit about Everest, so you get to you, get there get base camp, What's that like What how freakin panther you at this point I was just I mean more than was crazy to just because of easy. I've been up already so I mean I am these memories are coming back up- and I mean yours in total- all walking on the Atlantic
you do not matter nothing about you matters out. There are silly, I mean it. It is a whirlwind: human, your first crews and in cyberspace campaign interest and the Kimberley region of Nepal, but making end of base camp. It was interesting because there are so many people like waiting for me, they're like Sony either they saw me on the base camp truck. They ve been watching swear whatever lake there just so soaked to have me there? And that is meant so much to me because it was like you know what I knew was big and my minuses bag by not as big as what everybody else thinks it is. I guess leg it made me realize it. I was impacting a lot more people and, of course, there's like the naysayer and from you know from time to time that tell me all your not going to make it above camp to as an above, the knee amputee, and if I just feel my fire hung, but now I mean it these games, a special place, because a sick, this huge, obviously tent city, but there are people from all over the world with the same common goal of getting to the highest point in the world.
Come on, come on how many days report based care for he's! So what about two or three weeks. It's like three weeks a base camp and then Beautiful excursions where you go up following come back down the Al Qaeda acclimate, also and there's the Coon Blue eyes far, which is realistically probably the most dangerous part of avarice, at least as far as climbing goes, and it just cut because the grounds constantly shifting, obviously with the name, tells you all like ice followers. And was just crazy, and so we would go up there and we like tat. My prospects in the latter's we'd know, obviously go crossing a move along the fixed lines. We went up to camp one and we came all the way back down and after doing that, I actually made the decision that I wasn't going to come below camp one again, so
climbed eyes the blow a couple of times and then finally, my team left me, I can't on. Everybody else went back down and I I say to camp one fur above twenty thousand feet for almost four weeks in your decision to do that was just tat. I get better acclimated or to avoid the candidates are here. I can't move fast through that stuff and then There is a new that going up and down through that, like that, just another variable and more risk. I know for a fact that I can withstand twenty thousand feet, who is really kind of in a way the pros and cons of both, in my opinion, like again Something happened to me when I'm sitting in the middle of this valley at twenty thousand feet, then it's just me. I mean I was out there myself in a tent there's no one, but if I was in the cool and there's my team and then another twenty people who I also like doing the same thing and and something happens, then I don't know that's just a huge cross to bear.
Side rather be solo and something happened then go back to from it. People are on your team, so we had to was my buddies Robin Chris and then a couple of arcs me to Americans Robin dress than to locals that's the team right there who are Robin Chris, so crisis, Actually, I do that's climbed with me a few times he actually Albert Snack and cargo with me and then rob meaning stood high. He he was my son photographer for Dolly and then I decided that he's just I mean he's a mountain go, so economic We can be a part of my team, obviously, because you can handle things when it has. The fan but also it even further, So what point so. Are you get to camp to you spent for weeks or notice, a camp one? He spent four weeks up. I D spent four weeks about twenty thousand me. Ok got it and ended at what point is a decision? Boylike? Ok, it's art or go time so
it would have been. We get word like going. It's all a weather game out there. So we get word that there's a really nice whether window and its long cloudless sky, the winds per And then we get word that about sooner. Fifty of the three hundred and thirty climbers are going to be trying for that same what and I just went back and I thought about things and my biggest fury on when I'm climbing isn't dying Kane. Oh, my big Where is getting frostbitten? Losing more of the minority very short limb and so on. They're, not reflected and said you know. I can't get stuck in that line because, like what happens at my client partners run on oxygen, there are no options: there's no going up or down like I run the risk of losing what somebody that I care deeply thou. Obviously there the risk of frost by I run warm. I have an elevated heart rate because of my injurious, so
I'm using more oxygen that there was just too much. There is too much to like deal with other people, not only that, but what happens if I get stuck behind somebody to in my world, like if you're on my team and we're climbing together, like you go at my pace and some days, I haul ask some days I'm leaving a little bit sore because of my life So I mean it. And decided that we were going do is called threading the needle and go from much shorter, whether window, and then we didn't even know if the ropes or be fixed, the top, So this is prior to this big window. You guy said well, there's a shorter window, that's gonna! Last how many days or to go forth, and yet we decide area I haven't. We are in the first instance to push. And then and then so you
up from camp to to camp three and then you stay camp three. How only say, therefore just night and then Camp three to count for another night and then yes for like three hours account for than you push the summit so goes care for care. Five. You just there's no candles campfire camp six, no camps? Where are you from kicks rate from camp for and you guys made it to Hilary step the observers so we Meda is associations, we mean it too, two hundred metres away from the summit agreed should be really can proud, actually leg. I should say that little margin ethically but yeah. No, I mean we made it to the South summit sums, Obviously super brought it up, but I was a little disheartening to see a throw rock at it. And that some
yeah- I mean when you look at those precious when you see and Hilary step has changed, I think in two thousand phone and made change from like this big country will like a. Ten metre like well meet her something rock, and now it's like a little bit. It looks like it What happened to it, yeah, earthquakes or something, and so but that's where you guys made it to an, Once again, you faced with this tough decision to make of like do we press and go it's a huge risk. I had a friend to cut Climb Everest and he was a total stud and he was like I mean a total stud and he was again. You know every step is a frequent nightmare like it is so hard It's like you can't describe how hard it is because people think hey your two hundred metres, You ve, No, I mean
Bizarre to so actually look at the moment when we were going to turn round or we did turn round. I was above nobody by an all twenty yards. Maybe the local sure actually made his way up to me at the anchor and said they're out of oxygen. You and I can keep going up to the summit in our. Around, and so I am like I'm looking at them are entirely summit. Push was rough, I mean it wasn't it is torn insanity. Member looking at them and both of them having this look obvious exhaustion and this fear- and I now I'm not doing this guy theirs That doesn't mean I much to me what they ve sat there and waited for you to come back because they were ever sharper they just around ago. They were discerning go because even I mean that's even more dangerous to workers and right now I have no accident. I have given us public offences. Gas is a bad situation
and not only that, but why would I only go up with one sure, but I don't really know so. It's like I was just in these areas, and it was so strange to make I think about some time, because if you have seen my reaction to turn around and Molly, I was passed like I practically shoved. This camera back and robs face? I'm like angry the euro itself. On a par and then that's after seventy days as it does from the start. But then I mean this time like I just looked down at Rob and was like no linked, I'm I was at total peace. The situation. I mean like you wrong. I would have loved to summit, but a just- and I also I felt right leg. I mean I've been through so much with those two deeds for two months at this point on ever ass eager later, yes, a summit now later, I just get a good. Do it better, and come down is not is not like what you turn around. Ok, now we're good. I want you Turner downwards.
Will a nightmare. That's wrong. Dies is on the way down because a they let you earlier they get some fever and they exhaust everything they have to get up to the top Linda's leader and go to sleep on on the way down there done, and it was a mean for, especially for me with the prosthetic the growing up. I have a technique It has tons of right leg, lunges and trace of deaths and eminence its intense, but on the way down, there's no technique. It's just for mental. The best thing that I can do for myself as know how to fall down say I because you fall a lot when you're gonna know I mean a better know how to fly. As I had recovered down These are not a catch myself. Do you change? Legs were going down? No, I don't
because it's impractical is that, because it doesn't make any difference, does it make any difference now? Here I mean so they actually. The only thing out there right now for people like me, are the first area to climb the way that I'm climbing is the feet that I make them myself so there's not many options, change of anyways ok? And get down Europe, peace with a decision, how long the weather hold for quite some time. Actually, four days broken, I mean Of course, I am not sad for me because I'm sitting here watching these people go up, but I mean your bodies are so trashed after being at you know: twenty six, twenty seven twenty eight thousand feet. Long leg and if you're out oxygen, you're on oxygen link that point you're pretty much tapped and so I mean, even after we made it back down to base camp, I mean coming down link through Camp three in two
I was so at peace with everything, because I'm watching these zoos of her come up. I mean hundreds of people, And that moment I was like you know that you did the right thing: you're, not one of me and you're, not one of the minions make you receive your smart, and I'm IRAN like when I got back down the bees can but definitely there's like do you have anything to do another two attempts lake what's up, but I mean just the weather- wasn't gonna hold out anyway. So the other. He images coming back from the Everest this year of the lines of people has been crazy to say, literally the entire, like ridge to the summit is one way, traffic jam and happiness mountaineering ass. You know like, in my opinion, link that totally discredits what what all it should be united. I am glad that I was out there with me, thoughts in literally to other people for counter measure, but but
Yeah you're right you, you covered all this really good detail on you're on your blog witches, which is cool you get done come back. You acclimate at what point you go back in and go to court proxy and last month. For some this time as excessive. Successful crashing, you got up there and now you're here? What? What did you come to Santiago? Four, because we ve been trying to do his pockets for a while now and I was I looked at Europe's social media because I don't know why you come out here and that I put to you together with yourself why your carried out here lay you here for a national army in Vigo. Very briefly: aim handed down to Mexico cheeriest than our five hundred amendment no five hundred five hundred is pretty extreme offered. Race were actually
I mean a friend of mine are actually racing. A rebuilt flyer vehicle on military vehicles, Ike alight strike vehicle run off, presume miles working to support you get on that very none. So it's where we have a pic crew, which is really one didn't feel track that can kind of traces down. But if you break down, I mean you're in reseca four hours so so, better hope, your machines running good, yes, cracked and that's the next. Damn adventure on your list of how long does it take to get up early today many race them and is a consistent thing. So Europe today is I'll, be back and singing on Sunday Back and Colorado's knights to hustle and work my tail off, and he would you working or to cover everything from speaking eggs
those eighteen I do with my Ma Ma- am opening the crossword Jim appear in Vista dealing with but my work, my work until things giving them and take some time off. So there's a thing that you got on on on the scout right now, opening Jim, real date. Species is gonna start. Yes, I can. I say we up there. Where do you usually snowboard at all like throwing for greatly so Aspen snow Mass. Live up in. That area is well right. Yes, very lucky check. I mean so what kind of up to date right now. I wonder I wanted it. Cover one more little chunk writing before we actually close it out you got some really cool writing. Thank you So here we go. I joined the Marine corps to serve people then you're twenty three years old. I was looking to repeat myself now twenty seven years old, I'm still serving people just in a different capacity.
Nothing about my injuries has been easy, but what I M thankful, four, regardless of the pain and grief on experiences that come my way Four years ago I was petrified of what my life may become. Now I could, be more proud. I fought for it. For it harder than you can ever dream of, but and get here alone, family friends, believers, everyone who is there from the start? Thank you. Appreciate all of your days. Even when you're writing in the rain. In the beginning of my recovery, I struggled a lot and it made me a bitter and sometimes mean person how Disable do I have to make myself feel before I give up. How much easier would this be had I? on two legs. My heart, her in a way that then I couldn't
then tell when I was hurting the people around me family included. That is an excuse, but know that, I caused you any pain, I'm sorry, I'm not per nor will I claim to be real thickly. None of us Ever will be its all about the progress over perfection and taking steps in the right direction, but couple of years I've, Working on me as a whole. I've been focusing on the person I want to be in recognising a lot about the person I was. I've tried to surround myself with people who wish the best for others and build them up, not break them down. I step away from the toxic people. They had a negative hold on me. If someone is wronged, you forgive them. On shackle yourself from that pain.
I started living my life for others not for myself, and life so much sweeter that way. The truth is I'm doing more now than I ever did on two legs. I've been surround, by people who keep me inspired and keep me looking onward an upward. Now I can't stop I have suffered loss, that's no secret, but look at all. I ve gained. How the low points had the low points in my life not happened. I would not have had the amazing friendships, your experiences, I do thankful for the highs and lows Life has a funny way of putting us exactly where we are meant to be,
well. Firstly, I think that it seems that you have been put exactly where You are supposed to be on this path. Living this amazing life and somebody other people, where can people find you I mean everyone can follow along on of course, social media, Facebook and Instagram. Just many Christiana us but if here of, if you're interested in any of these bogs or the writing there, all upon my foundations website, so Christine's foundation, dot org are you sure, not Christiana Foundation? Dot com is both. Ok just checking one of those awesome os so you are the right. Cool stuff that you post on that there were the detailed description. Of your climbing or are really really cool, is that Documentary reposted that you're talking about so will be waiting for that. Let me know so: worker reposted, no
some just awesome. I talk to you. I know that we we try instead path around here. You know the path, the righteous path- yes, sir, ECHO, Charles speaking, to the right righteous path here: curse leading from the front. What can we do ourselves to kind of moved down the path you know broadly speaking, planning plainest, but steered, is very loud erst. Will you know like throughout the story in others, little pockets of maybe like await, will in a small detail. So you said the pilot, was deal or what is the army drop on request? Oh don't mean I don't want to do this anymore, ogre. Also thought. You know that we mention like how you'd have like challenges with your memory. Just goin to the bathroom like hey. Why am I here can think divorce? The movie memento, oh my god snow, but that you are the second percent higher than today's younger should if we want to move its very cool huh
so it's the guy- you know it's about- then it's about this guy Leonard, like a man who is there anyway. He has short term memory loss right, so you can't make new memories the long term, and so he can do like habitual stuffing stuff it s a use, a different party or brain. So, like habitual of driving a car like deck and stuff? He can do and he has his long term memory like he knows about his wife in its who is and stuff, but it basically he goes about like I'm here now So he has all these tattoos, like you, except his, are like notes in all areas, self yeah, but their every wearing it now, and then he takes these polaroids of the people. So it's like, I know you you know, and thirdly, that any goes backwards. The movie goes backward. So you don't it's like you follow along with them, so they all. How did he get there and you know will just wake up in the room with empty bottle. Like I naked decade, when you like allotted
heavy enough, This is an amendment at bathroom thing, but as far as the path goes we're doing a budget that image anywhere it all starts you ever try energy, too Does it reminds me because interesting. You snowboard. I I don't know how to snow burden and the merely not apply to you cause you you're different. I think, but I do not us number. I probably couldn't claim. Barely climate driveway talking about every is how these things, I don't have a hair salon, don't say that, many reasons- and I have two legs- you know- and I know it seems like you- like when you say: ok it. It depends on how you react. Like all these things, like your reaction, is that you chose to go for like these huge reactions.
It's not like this weird impossible thing you know is if Have everything can in front of you your less likely to have that big reaction, I mean if everything if some was easy for you to achieve you'd, have less of a probability of trying to make it happen here and there at the end, then credit as is there any kind, but I guess with you like. You were kind always like tat right now, you're, like a camera dominant, make things happen in this? Maybe extraordinary where you are good or bad or yellow mischievous. Whatever, like you can you can. I started with that. So I guess in the big picture, can make sense from the outside you kind of look in the year. Can I use it or lose talked about this before, where, if you're Handed everything there you like, you, won't go. Russia is important. What are the chances that,
you would be attempting to summit Everest if you got out of the marine corps after six years- and you know remain like it's just you these challenges, and because that is like because there hard and even harder than normal, that you want to do even more. Yes, nice Can we use Anthea, I think, Julie, Kime mums. Oh, my an I'm nauseous, listen, but not necessarily with other people and just look at what I did Yesterday I say ok or what can I do, love more motherland, something, physical or mental or whatever, but then also link? honestly I mean, I'm not the fastest personnel there. I struggle my way up, I'm not perfect out in the mountains or and anything that I'm doing, but I really do hope that there's somebody out there watching me and they said to house Kersey. I can do about it another area, but they try moving. That's what it's about you know like. I want somebody to see it doing. Koenig boost shoe. Also. You talk better me too, by the way that the more
pull brain damage, their readin. Nothing happened to my jaw the way better than me. I guess it goes to show anyway. Fujitsu. Are you? Don't you just do so either here or you currently doing you get to know? I went straight in front of it and then I really found lover them in May and then just boxing. And we're good with all the above actually here. We decided. We dislike, you scrap ass. All fighting in general is good, Well, I mean, I think when I started training, when I realize examining your little person, let's get to get at her elbow, descend, elbows while these are all elements of the path included on the past so far as Jujitsu goes. If you do get, you need to be, if you do get would you show hand in it? I think you should. I can do on the other, a guess, but ideally Geek Mogi both. What are you trying to get too? As we have a company we make Jujitsu geese, we may rash guards. We make
t shirts and we make em all in America, which is awesome from the dirt to the shirt from the dirt to this from, cut into the from the sea to the gate All right, I mean we're we're actually making genes to making american genocide donor to Datum jacket doesn't like fashion or fashion gothic. You're right of the health of our citizens, aesthetic, like that's what in about cosmopolitan so cosmopolitans like there If you think magazines, what do you think people time Chauncey apologies through engines, but God alone anymore. No that's, why they're out there making radios cosmopolitan dialogue about their making videos? because they know no one's reading a magazine, its free on the website- or I will tell you- I used to be a sucker for
and maybe even even up to eight years ago, If I was in the airport, I like walk through this shop and see like a magazine, radio and offers a gun magazine and offers a car magazine? I know if it was a out Door magazine, but like one it was nice I'd, say all unite a flight Hale read this magazine. Years ago I may have bought. I would I would there is a set percent chance that I see a magazine. It look kind of cool and I'd get the magazine, right now there is a zero percent chance of getting our paper magazine, zero percent. Yes, I mean, I guess one, would you call it this people who, like they learn the yearn for the pass with it with
a personal yearns for the pay anyway? It is in that there is a word for their tempers anyway, so it may be that part of me maybe still likes. Did you do that speech here is my word recollection see I can do on someone else's anyway. The people were nostalgic like that they, like the physical magazine by this thing, which Eminem you probably religious. You have your phone so like here. That's what I'm saying. Oh origin, dot com. You can read in all the stuff: the reader, whatever That is one thing. You don't need the physical magazine anymore, they needed ugh, around fiscal magazine you done with countries like that's all I'm saying no was reading a magazine anymore, even me, and I used to buy represent us. Why, though, but that sell young? But that doesn't examine? Do you get magazines? Now I think the back at cookbooks, But that's not a magazine very there's, a cup we call a week I'll cut, but magazine em
the guy is a cook magazine oil address agonizing. It's a marked, a problem electrical idea: s your eyes lit, I loved you have to eat. Yes, both. Yes, I love to eat. And I did not that I don't love to cook or even really like to do it just maybe not that great at it lacking. I was gonna, make a good salad funding I can make a good sex, so anyways origin, USA Origin Maine com. If you want the stuff, we also supplements you drink Jack Jack a White DE over there and which a verdict numb offence. I think it's great You got a big smile on your face than you had earlier. I think it. I think it now give you need thousand pounds. I it will make you smile. You want in a way China's misleading, because when you look at the can, there's no like hibiscus or pomegranate, like fruity, lay males image
Oh yes, there we're not gonna plaque I'll, explain, tat. Its tactical looks kind of tactically seems ain't, but then, when you drink it certified organic, going in very light. Very refreshing seem saying things like a things like when you drink ear. Your pleasantly surprised, I think, on the subconscious level yeah. So What's the difference, and one thing I do have to say as we got so I made this little drink. It's called discipline, And there's a powder form and we just came out with a powder form- that's called jock open Like do you like Arnold Palmer's idea? Ok, so I'm I like, I love them made our readers called Jacko Palmer Counselor is gonna, get away with it for but yeah so anyways. Taste so good. It tastes like the best Arnold Palmer that you get from you know the rest, on Oral Palmer's when they do a good job and job creation. Go out, examine or Palmer innate they use, just do a good job like ass missus cutter.
It's like so anyway, that's available and or to other supplements smoke, joint warfare, krill krill, lower fuel oil. As for your for your kid mark, for when your kids need something good to eat, and instead of giving them. Level nine. She doesn t don't get about so the acting at that All in origin may mean dot com. B and dot. Org apparently could actually that smart, when you do the dot, org and the dot com. So- and you know, when you go Godaddy and they tell you, hey, you wanna buy the dock work, they got on the dot dot tv, whatever dot busy, and all this duffer whatever you say. Yes, Over the name, you say yes to all other. That's a good strategy. Ass, well
just get man unless urgent mean dot com. That's the go to rethink this also, we have called jocose. Or see, really really had figure out real, either end so Jacko Palmer is not a genius name. I know the name as a result of lack of genius like autumn homework. There's genius draw them with euro machine, and sometimes I get me some credit. Actually. There is nonetheless so if Europe wants an online store, was getting all at bottom eyes, I'm so on regional that I just starting with podcast episode to call called Jocapa cast doubt now. It's sort of everything hey. We need online store flimsy. We completely done doing that. To learn and work is now you look back if they like four years ago- someone that's, ok, you're, gonna name, all your stuff, Jacko outbreak
what's that dumb, but it did happened like that. It happened like a little bit of mixing. You know you got Jacko publishing what How did I even more, but the thing is big picture longing. It does make sense That is why I think you, the genius in simplicity- I think this applies here so nonetheless, Jackal store dot com is where you can get your shirts and rash guards tank to all these stuff. What you're representing on the path disciplining, was real theirs? I haven't really talk about to burst, but a guy occurs. We get a t shirt, that's as distant wait a minute I want to say, is that I conic, but there's only one place in the world that you can get this deserve. This you just got arrested. In summer on his mother s here has wanted this morning. Was real teacher and he's
supporting this and what he did was. Apparently there were some kind of altercation and he beat up to people. I've been dropped them off somewhere like out there. How it would, I think, they're like rugby players as unlike here's a thing so when he you, when I saw that earthy semi, that article wasn't but it was his court appear appear. So he raised the de proactively went to court. It wasn't like you got rolled up, and then they isn't this, what he decided aware to cork, representing all the power and the very serious, because because a lot of people like oh he's not on the path, obviously was getting arrested, rolled up, you're gonna, like known, we read a little bit while we all represent the path in our own way, and this guy no different so basically As far as the article goes, what I got from it was ok in his other friends who he probably found annoying at the time they were drinking argument ensued in the car. He beat on both a real bad
I was in the car before that. We require a little bit like either your friends. You can't beat him up real bad, we may hear what does nobody begins as well? They said they would ok and then the guy's got beat up. They were saying or legal injuries or maybe their lawyers. Somebody was only got some critical and then that the medical pro fashionables there like the whenever they got they got beat up like that. Beat down from the discipline equals freedom got. It would have been an ogre enacting, annoying and drop. That's what I'm then. He dropped off at their ok at this I will not issue and approved or disapproved I'm remaining neutral address time until further evidence comes forth and I can make a decision whether these actions were approved or Is it really ugly agree? Liketh, hey we all represented in our own way. At last, he got that shirt. Whether this means anything or not to us, even though it does, he got it from Jacques restored,
Carlos shrieking and is not just any kind of crazy. It is other ones is this. Because a little while ago you have see there was a guy wherein the shirt and like a bunch of people on our sort of this is headline news. Yeah you're means my brother techies. Okay, you your mainstream. Now you listen to this speaking of tangents, so my uncle's we're both used car salesman and there is a crime that happened in. Town, where one of my uncle's was used. Car salesman and at the crime He was close to his used car lot and in the picture they took of the crime scene. In the background, you could see the sign for his. You know, VIC's used cars. You could see in the background in the sign on the front page and my coke, as my uncle's are hilarious, they cut it out. They sent it to my mom and
even my uncle cut out the picture, send it to my mom and said I told you I would make it Big time so there you're, so we got it, you know is not nothing we made. That does nothing. If you have made the news we, criminal justice criminal trials were ever go? It's just learning are real quick. I subscribe to the park ass. Viewed, scratches podcast, ECHO doesn't think you subscribe to it. At this point, echo wrong by subscribing to it, don't worry about a warrior kid pot. Gas that's for your it's for your children and if you're apparent it's very, very useful. Don't tell anyone, don't tell your kids that you want keep your kids thinking that this is like a little bit unrelated to your thought process, because that way they don't do the little rebel
like some plans that another stable right, which is out of all of us, the out so check out document the warrior kid soap. Irish oaks ranch dot com, young Aden, making soap from goat mill. All natural. So everyone in the world can stay clean. They claim we also have a? U to channel cs lagging a frankly at home on tourism before We were we wait for you downstairs and the front desk role at the gym. So this he was at the Jim. For those you know, there's gotTA, Victor Jim called victory. Mme insane, your California, the studio in the gym, we're done stairs. We were waiting for Kirsty to show up and the front door progress, pay Jackal. I got a phone call. Someone wants to know where to train stooges too in the city in some city, then I'm a crusade to whenever you know
sure privacy act so is she is in the front? growth is. What I tell him- and I said Here- Gimme the phone and I like pulled up and I got amen. What's goin on music chalk paperwork and are you looking to change its jitsu in your city and I pulled out Google MAPS as a there's, a cool place years, bunch good places, yeah you're gonna go he's like he's a came in because I was on Crystal Meth for seven years, because I started listen: you're podcast, unclean families back in order. My job is back in order. Please keep doing what you're doing I'm starting to change it to, and I was like bro see you I'll, keep doing what I'm doing you stay on the path and stay clean so read on to you out there you know you are Now not say if you call victory and remain fitness that I'm an answer is I'm not cast by,
First, I I've talked on the phone here in a year year. So also that's not to become confused with you using trooper soap. Jacko Silt gonna rehab. It ain't your drugs. The jury will not help your crystal meth. Amphetamine habit might but does not divide yeah yeah. You can claim it, but there is little triggers that you could have that, could make you wanna stay clean, sir. I may be wrong that soap, goats, One of you could be superstar that psychological warfare you get that from Itunes. Go play. If, if you need a little copper words, maybe get you on the path don't forget that we have a? U to channel, if he was another person gave you want. I was gonna, say or of saying. If you ll see what Christie looks like, hey or a before you check and see what Kirsty looks like now. First you go and see where's that proportion of you with your freakin face as an instrument
Facebook ripped open can fit my first to their lower right side of my face. You can see she isn t. If you can see in there, you can see like white stuff, still teeth. Like my java shattered and just unhinge source. Can I hang in? There is the computer, an instagram the kind words like gum blurred out with eyeball with the with the cross over it that a clear anyway. You know our yes, it is helping so outlining the garbage. Remember if you reposted I bet you reposted you'll be like thou thyself dub. What's it called blurred out, certainly a sensor for approval something year, two ANG. Well, yeah them! Now. You can see what you currently looks like in black and white, by the way by Saint in black and white available on the EU to channel when people meet me, oh you're, in color they say, and you love they said to me you're sure than I thought you were dead. I know that a large, Andrea, I'm fine, eleven and like eyes.
Will a nation to everyone says to me, but, like I would say, ten percent of people say I was unable to say, say you want for that. I really am uncle. They say that about you about him That's that's interesting. Casino people tell me your weight bigger, but that is for obvious reasons. Footing. Came a stock quota. Meyer Decode was just on your Rogan by the way, pretty awesome to hear that and we have a little company of it's called foot side, Camus, Stockholm selling artwork you want to do something some saying of yours. If you want to put it out there to the world, will talk to Dakota will make it happen and by the way told the code, you know it's gotTA reliant. I told the coda that I was talking to you today and he told me to tell you he said: tell her she's a he said:
he said tell her she's a bad sign that was at all, let alone so go tomorrow. That, as of all about asses, says you are about us. So the conflict. I gave dot com. If you wanna get that of the row, a bunch of books, the latest book coming on January. Twenty twenty is called leadership, strategy and tactics field manual. It is mobile for pre order at this time, If you want to get the first a dish, if you care, and you just want to roll up to me in a year with the third edition and and have me but little you make one of you for not showing any commitment to cause could do that weight. If Wanna get the game big time and you want to have the the the card of books not atmosphere manner So you that way, the warrior kid one two and three available now.
Teaching, young kids, what what not just young It should noble what everyone should know so get those but Mikey and the dragons for the little kids, the littler kids, a lot of people think it's the best children's book ever written. That's the feedback that I'm getting quite a bit of. It could be. So you may want to judge for yourself making the dragons. I tend to agree with him: before the little kids, just freedom feel manual? We got extreme ownership, we got dichotomy, leadership, all those books about how to lead and win. In your life and leading the team that you work with Russia which my leadership consultancy, we solve problems through leadership, grassland front, dotcom, pretty just e f online, get the same training in active online you have all my dot com. We got the muster coming up in Sydney, Australia by the way, You ve, been Australia, have
You did you love us. Rather, I love that land and Australia prison. I went to is it too I was it was so awesome I loved it was so awesome and sir we're doing a bigger bent down there and definite looking forwards, insidious December. Fourth and fifth, here's the thing some people think we're not gonna sell out. If you're thinking that you're not correct you're, not correct. Because every event that we ve done is sold out. Some people said a well. Are you gonna go to Brisbane? Are you gonna go to perfect the answer's? No, we are now. A rock band on tour were not hidden. Every city in Australia were not what I mean it never is in America were doing. We do one or two. This is probably we probably won't go back to Us Railway for five years. That's what I'm my guess is right. Now we probably won't go back to Australia for five years because will do Europe, then we'll do Asia so like us
use your Roseanne. So if you, if you, if you're in Australia or your New Zealand or you're somewhere in the the area of the world you want to come to muster come to the one that has taken place December. Fourth and fifth: also the over watch for veterans that are looking to be placed in companies that need leadership, go to F over watch, dotcom and On top of all that, give You feel, like you haven't, got enough right now. Will you haven't got enough of me? If you're gonna of echo, you haven't, got enough of Kirsty yet cool This conversation will continue on the social media into webs on Twitter on its ram and tat. Kirsty is first of all Kirsty and foundation dot. Org and don't call me that
Kirsty. Instagram Kirsty Underscore Ennis, Twitter, Kirsty, Agnes and its k I r s tea. I e an ETA ski and an eye Essen and Facebook at Christiana. An echo is adequate Charles and I am at Java willing echo the only thing else. No, sir, no man good to see you good to meet you. I close thanks for having me Kirsty any closing yeah. For you I mean I just want people realise that me climbing all of his big ridiculous mountains all over the world. It's it's more than just being about me. I mean I'm doing it for the people that need hope. You know somebody needs inspiration, or even just the non believers really waiting for me to prove them wrong, and even more so I can do men of heart and passion and purpose, and even for example, when I was on Everest Me and my organization helped establish the first ever wheelchair programme over in Nepal for twenty five MCG orphan.
In only or just on Ecuador, we actually had seven amputees ending on top of Cotopaxi she knows really really is, is just about paying it forward and and helping you know, get the adoptive community and the outdoors borders in and hopefully encouraging other people, regardless of whatever your adversely that your facing you know to go outside and fine. What really set your heart on fire? It's been alleged honoured to sit down with you to meet with you and I definitely absolutely thank you for coming on the show. I know I noted scary time, commitment, Rosemont, I tell you get my baby. We ve done pot guzzler for five hours long, but so its awesome and saw some for me to have them to share your stories honour to be able to do that. So thank you for coming on. More important than that. Thank you for or your service in your sacrifice in the Marine corps, on top of that,
Thank you for your continued service today, with what you're doing with your foundation and on top of that But what you do every day to shoulder That was the path and set an example for for everybody. So thank you for all that the rest of the service members out their work. Worldwide, currently serving or who have served fate you for your service and your sacrificing thanks for keeping us free and here at home to our police launch meant firefighters, paramedics, empties, dispatchers, correctional officers, border patrol secret service, all the first responders that there are thank you. For keeping us safe on the homefront and to everyone else out. There. We all suffer losses. We all
are going to have highs and lows in our lives. We can all be petrified of what the future may hold and we can all have set backs and doubts and pain, that's, what's gonna happen in life, but. If you can look at some of my Kirsty and you can follow her led, can you fight for it? Then you work for it. You work through it. Those losses in those setbacks and that pain will make you better. So Ass Kirsty said Appreciate the days every day then get on the path and stay on the path by getting out there and getting after it.
And until next time MRS Kirsty Agnes and ECHO and Jacko out.
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