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203: One Man Can Make a Difference. USMC Corporal Jason Dunham and The Ultimate Sacrifice

2019-11-13 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening.

0:02:36 - The story of Jason Dunham, with Bill Hampton, Kelly Miller, John Ferguson, Trent Gibson.

3:34:07 - Final thoughts and take-aways.

3:38:20 - How to stay on THE PATH.

4:12:00 - Closing Gratitude.

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This is juggle podcast number, two o three with me: Jacko willing. I want to make sure everyone makes it home alive. Corporal Jason. Dunham too, this friend Lance Corporal Mark Dean. He was explained, dean. Why he was extending his enlistment. You're. Battalion was headed for a six month appointed to Iraq. G And was due to get out and marine corps in a couple months into that deployment. Which men his time was up and he could. Carry on with his life. He had honourably served his country done
what his country had asked him to do. But. It wasn't enough for him. Three signed on four enough time to complete that deployment. In order to make sure that his friends, his. Comrades. His fellow Marines. Made it normal life. Can that's what he did. He took care of his men. He led them. He protected them.
Then he gave them and all of us everything. And it is an honour to night to have Some of those men with us to tell us. About Jason Dunham. Are we lived served and how he died. A man, a marine and a hero. We have with us Corporal Kelly Miller, sergeant Bill Hampton
staff sergeant John Ferguson, Lieutenant Colonel Trent, Gibson gentle. Thank you for showing up here you're coming down by making the trip. Adventure sittin on those seats to talk about this and I want to get right into it, go back to two thousand and three: are you guys are. You guys are in S place in the world to be the for true Battalion three seven Marines little it's called twenty nine palms and you're all in He will company, I believe that's right, you're, you a copy company at the time. I was now at the time I came in and late may have both three goes. It he d be,
gotta kittens crook horse team was packed. My shit and I go, often from the battalion, so major Anthony Henderson and he says hey: when did you overhear your flying other election two weeks. So he's gas had already been in country if the whole fucking March up were already back in cobbler, South Baghdad to stability and security operations. So I came in late May To command of the current spent three months with keen on two August, when we'd redeployed. It works. The same last ring the time back. On seven state down in the charter, and so that was August, three worker in Dunham. Still a member of three four Kittle, three fourths
got it, but these guys Miller, I'm sorry happening furred there are there for the whole fuckin march up and rested canyon Miller came on August, a three is when I grant you know I was at school them tree. I went to boot, camping, Juno or three graduated September. Eleventh Avaux three went to school tree. I didn't get a twenty nine pause and tell his first month December, her first first to December, two thousand three, so I join during the work up forever to so tell me a little bit about the work up for that deployment was just jump into that taking a bus ride, ten literally the middle of nowhere, which was torn up arms and so we had the ground sergeant, trio took all of us.
There's a big it was big damp. I think he s got like twenty guys. Third yoga and so literally we got off the bus innocently went to sit, and got her hair and when we got our rifles, we got our saviour plates and by the end of the day, We're up in this and hills so you're a boot at this point yeah. I read your check in and its it's legit like here's your gear and now we're goin on some training exercise now yes Video so that day we graduated the School of infantry at three o clock by ten o clock at night upon the sand Hill attached to opportune guinea. It gets on, What were you doing it this time? Well, down I'll, take it two October of oh two, because I was on security forces cadre. Do the little place called little Creek, which I am sure you are familiar with deed
and then I checked into the battalion and then what did the quick work up and then we did the push, but what it's crazy about three. Seven. As I remember we were there for so long. We were the First Infantry unit in the desert and slowly, the entire division built up around us and then on the up to Baghdad. We were the first ones across the breach took so at San Juan Hill and in the whole snake head of the division just past as we fell in trail, and we get the lead element into just about to go into Baghdad again But what was unique is that we didn't either what were you? What were you at that time? I was a staff sergeant. I was up to him sergeant, okay for Kilo, one at the time Rodger and I had a good man up. Lieutenant Dave Fleming has my platoon commander and then I had Bill here he was one of my top saw gunners for that deployment. So I got to do nine months all praise the saw gunners of the world women doubt that's the seeing just
Care very shall sing all day, for you did, So you, sir, you are on that push up Dubell! Yes,. And now you guys are all back. So So you guys get done tour around deployment, Do a quick tour around the go back again right, I think one of the quickest ones we did nine months and then are work up, and everything really did five months back in the states and went back. For. I have to four eight months, so look twenty two period or twenty two months time we were deployed for seventeen of those it was unreal and then I remember too that the data they told us we were goin back, for I have two. It was
Friday and it was just before the ball weaken gets. So then, then the wives find out about all this and then so there are not. Two managed must have a good time at the ball in law. Them knowledge can think about is well. You just got back and I told her I was thinking. Maybe they should a rate now told us away till Tuesday after the seventy two you know, but let us have a good week with the Ladys good, all military and agreeing with me Jack so that's that's a time you go back pay. Would you guys remember about? when you meet Jason for the first time. So, if I can put this in perspective Similar is talking about graduate knows why the afternoon and in being upon goddamn, cardiac kill that fucking mind. So This is a
The full five do better, level. Train exercise it were conducting station training schemes take a bar search for time, one seven, who was the last time out. You know I have one but we're gonna be the first time back. So they went overboard. Words to set up a strain of force in. Once said, Friday hits run a two week, weekly block for Christmas then on the second January, were gonna, be March AIR Force base for one more but time train exercise and that's the last. Tyler train we ve got before he purse. And I'm gonna wind up going on in advance party. Fuckin Valentine's day right so get some. It's all is happening, seven, including legal. We can offer type so that afternoon forget him
upon the hill above This role barracks were three cents, this building. And were ran through the stations in first come to me says: hey Sir, we're getting thirty, boots mess. Why tonight. Second, excuse me, thanks for the heads of foresight, I know I'm shooting the messenger, but what buck I'm not complain and we're getting thirty new moraines, but Jesus Christ. We get low heads up so those monies are going to get plug right into the training right, and so I get a decision to make about how I'm gonna plug thirty brand new moraines into the company which right now is really unbalanced,
there is a huge law ass of ensues. At the end of the last one in a venue deployment right here: either yes sooner pcbs and so We don't have an even spread of. Leadership ranks You don't have even spread of experience and another tunes, You know, I think, second, but soon had like twenty Marines in it through. The tune had twenty five, the time so I'm a good decision. I do I do I just top. Everyone off at thirty Somethin range in an overnight, if I did that Two overnight is gonna, be twice as inexperienced, a secular three. So a new there's got to be some manpower shifting in order
be bill. Absorb the new blood evenly without putting up a platoon at a deficit rank. And on top of the dead, from my three months in country? at the University of one, the thing that was never happy, which was weapons. Is there there are weapons, do not organizes stand around and in the environment were operating that conventional task organisation had no place holy impact, article and unwieldy. If what The tune was tasked with doing a patrol in blood- they Adam borrow rifles- from another rifle timber in order to they're a patrol and on the other hand, if, if Kindle two was
on perimeter security, Gonna have to poor Marines are weapons of two to man. The machine guns. That I've got on the friggin posts right so it just made no sense. It was clusterfuck. So newer, headed into an unconventional operate, environment ass. I walked. Looking it away if one we needed weapons guys in the rifle squads, bright needed Rifle in the weapons for doing so What am I just make for talking rifle tunes I put weapons specialists in every squad. So if there Rowan in in trucks, and I a machine gun a truck than death squad, can mandarin vehicles right
or if their honour, a damn perimeter post within, two forty Gov, they don't have to pull A marine from weapons do now the rotation to demand the damn gun so I did what was at the time problem the most unpopular thing in their history You're coming when the door got up, I was gonna reorganise companies dnc as it stood, fucking shit fit well, but I'll put you in Groundwater battalion commander figure. This idea he didn't know jerk I occur to me to telling until my good friend, George Travelin Operations officer pulls his island Asus hatred
I share, reorganise coming yeah serve, says till Bosman know you think you're too, There's only guessing radius here is just so so good for certain I said: look, you can adopt a company in a fucking pile, time with the thirty new rings we had about a hundred and twenty seven rings slated to deploy. That was a hundred and we need to trigger pullers was all I was gonna have so. You divide that equally, amongst forever things that give you of ten man squads so were you to pronounce the list of every marine in the company.
Certain on down with two swords time. It doesn't work rules and all the rest landscape was in blue and You can hold nfl style draft. To make this fair kill. One will get first, pick first round kill for we'll get. Fourth pick first round For the second round killer, formal get first big. Would you go back and forth going to fill in school leavers, first, eighteen metres than women specialists in every fuckin squad and in full in the rest of it far teams Atomic only add to the tenth day, Fleming kill one and J Joscelyn had killed too What's your trip to grander head rotated up and
the website you commander head fleet up his exile, grew socio, so far it was turned down, is to grant or for uniform he became the kettle fourteen ground. So now wasn't just kill one two three and what you use cure for so forth. Pick first round he picked culture Trooper wrestler our your call right, and then it was another one of my saw gunners that I have I have once I knew he was solid guy leadership, eyes and everything awesome first pig second round for picked No three, thirty one single Dunham. There was a base. Well during the year,
five months that we had had the weapons platoon, so I got to work with Jason, Dunham and To see his leadership and the kid just had that it factor, and I think the Big Thing about him was wanted. Political laugh at himself, but the thing is, I think his leadership was so often cause he would tailor it. To each individual rain? We all know he can how certain style leadership, but I really like the way he did that and it took me three years at the School of Infantry from Corporal to sergeant get back. They had fifty difference. Goals, cyclic, good, cop, bad cop I can accept, but when the biggest things I found out, even with brand new Marines. If you give them a reason. Why are you tell them what's going on? They work that much better for you. So if this is with a bunch of boost that are just at a boot camp and they perform that much better for you then, What else can I do for a bunch of fleet land squabbles incorporates, and I just
his style and I know I was taken at taking a chance cuz. I even got left up by some peers because we had company full combat veterans. I also use your second pick. Two topics some Dunham a guy from security forces. They had no combat experience. But, unlike that's, what am I that's. What I want is a squad leader, and one of the great things that they did, though they they did spread out the talent, because what they did is kill one. For they put the scene platoon commander until one and then all the way and then than cure forehead? The boot platoon commander the juniors got and then for the staff and seals we did the opposite a brand new or the juniors one was in Cuba One and I was the senior staff and seal so I have called for, and that was, but also with the draft one, nor the big things that Kyoto six forgot to mention one of them. We almost gonna do it at night, but we were working on godly hours, training. Everything like you know, I mean couple hours for this cause
myself and then he took it seriously at times Ass, our Walker here I went home and I basically took I gotta company roster and I put everybody knew for categories from must have great average and then I evenly did this and I put the and then even once they in these categories. I write them one through thirty or whatever, So when I went in there I was ready forthe, all my pics. I was going right down the list and then boom that I had like a little triangles or squares for saw Gunner, Zorro, three hundred and thirty one and fifty one, and restructuring the company at the time. It was kind of like a groundbreaking, but it was by far one of the best decisions we ever did Anne spending three hours that night, my wife was mad at me, doing that that set up the foundation for having a grateful to those who gets to pick their able to I got to experience. Are these guys?
and real world combat ops in real world training. So I felt very fortunate unknown. It s kind of like an unfair advantage for Europe, because you knew the guys you knew the guy's better than The officers would right right, So what about the other up? Tink manners? I knew like there to top squad leaders too, so that you know their picks would be so. I went even put those guys on my board. Client is anticipated them get taken their first. One two or three guys and so it just worked out really well fur. Myself personally, the but soon and then also for the company to with strategic maneuvers out there. I watch out for those that are you make it happen. One day a week, he was impressive because the the two guys who took that draft most seriously were Fergus. And water, and you could tell when you
When, for certain put the final rosters in front of me, you could tell should put the most work into and is a testament to. To this man's sense of commitment. Responsibility now his degree of ownership to put that much time into it and we did we didn't have any goddamn time. I made this decision on a Wednesday Thursday right of Second, the last week of training and we pulled the trigger on Friday right So by the time the Marines went on to a Christmas, lay block the new squad organizations have been announced, but the fur. The time that those what leader stood in front of their rings was on. Second, in January and March AIR Force the first day of
The last five days of a tiny little train, we're gonna, have forfeited deplored we accepted the degree of risk in it, but in the end getting that spread of talent spear since leadership and fresh blood spreading evenly across the company. I felt quite common, going into a way of to thrive. Plugin rifle squad into a mission and they be off there, how to rid the bandit off. Just like hey we're just gonna do this, we gotta do it. We cannot let her otherwise you, to a country now, so you look around goddamn. This isn't working away its boss to work and I need you, move people out that's infinitely worse than just gettin a done so so, bill and color. You guys were you guys immediately in Jason, squat that I worked, when I first arrived, I in first platoon for the first time up, it lasted five day
for Christmas leave em. So now I I'd seen but I do know who he was oh bill was asked I only knew the guy that showed up with doubt you're keeping your mouth shut and your ears open. I was really good at keeping my mouth shut. My ears open, do what you told so I got. I got put in charge of a couple of the other boots to make sure they're the right away. When I got there memorable memory actually of when we first showed up is I met first, our attempt at times and at the time captain gives comes over an address us remember it's the memory he stood with the sun directly as back I know How can I deal with it? Look like at all I couldn't. I can see him. I couldn't see pictures I can see anything, but if you ever met this man when he talks, you listen I remember like the presence he had. I think I'll go with this guy this guy,
and what do you think about? The report will be honest. I think I think carve a whole- and I were we achieve words. First, lives that we kept to ourselves, but, in the end. Entrusted Sesar Adverts and we were I can elaborate on that too, because if you think you got these two guys era in through nine months and they know the drill and then they got this brand new Security force corporal come in and I saw that are some animosity and obviously if they were senior to him than these guys by all right. What I had that, but Jason had the rank and everything I saw that leadership. So I had to take that chance. It was weird to see the Bonn because the two fire team leaders like I said they are a little but her a bit about it, but then the way Jason eventually one them over and everything
display smiles leadership. You just did that to people as its cough spot to get put into you're. You got no combat experience european in here and you're gonna start taken over four guys that do combat experience certainly think that day deserve that role. That's the tough one word that guy brought about reorganization, like from it brand new boot. Doesn't know anything as soon as we organization happened, one of the side effects was, I learned how to shoot machine guns. Cuz, I was surrounded by a couple. Machine got to learn about mortars. I learned about demo, you know by The time I deployed Io Data Dunham girl me sort of a machine guns, I could clear and operated. You, forty, I understood
Like the basics to shooting a fifty cal, if I had to adapt in Chino like I, I had more knowledge than I was trained for a schoolroom tree so like that we organization really started to cross breed us and everything in it. I wasn't just no three hundred and eleven. I was more of an o three everything cuz. I could function in more than one situation with one weapon That's that's good across the board. So what do you guys did, every or January but after leaned well before we pulled the trigger on it. Before they went on to its of leave for Chris before Christmas got. It is the first time those squad. Stood the new squat stood together was on day. One trail signal January got it in you guys come back Would you get when you come back and said he knew one more battalion. Big battalion actually was anywhere. That was Second, through the sex now and then just
its load out time Could you guys are deployed in February and did you guys know where you goin on appointed to yet what was the What was the kind of thoughts had now there? How much did you guys know about it, starting now to Al Qaeda, that's that's! We gotta get told you ve been out to Algeria. The battalion was already leaning into a George Shreffler was the operations officer. He had to leave my tummy during the march up and he's hands down the most comprehensive leave for fish professional, I've ever been honoured to serve with, and so he was given as much entails occurred from there very squadron it we return or with first the thirty zero was up and all kinds of atomic after they had been in country for little prick Mars
operating out of their debt, so, on the syrian border. And you say about and in their cattle headquarters was at the train station in all kind, which was about twenty miles south these to preserve the border post. You saver, so we knew that things were going to Helen had basket up there and across Iraq is a hold if you're listening the news reports that listen impure more common in, and european attention that you knew did this This was gonna, be a wild worsening? Wasn't gonna be the same. Environment that we had experienced at the end of the push up. You know the last three months ago? If one, it really hit me. One day I was, I was coming in listening to
and pure news in normal rifle company commander had been killed that weak and issue than on the radio known at irrevocably. Commanders kill the You know that this is gonna, be a different fucking show what you're deployment the actual logistics of appointment? You guys are, you guys are flying over yet so We flew in I went ahead, but everytime main bodies are cut me. Gunny life contact you was killed on the fourth wise He and I went over with the rest of the other, come commanders and coming guns to get things. He so we went into all kinds of what are their probably week. I think before betimes mean body started echelon in
flew in and then trucked all the way up from way, so these guys guys. Pretty by the time they got up. There So we fell in on that station We knew that killer was gonna, be taken over four fox troop. I think Then he so again they had their responsibilities. Roughly same as one would take. No words was traveller. Sata treat sprawling settlements, east of the border, town of who sabre oh, we went in, and and started a turn over. With that cavalry true and they ran through some basic things like
some basic patrolling through with his own doing vague searches had a cordon offer robe kinda vehicles, churches, pasty house. She's whatever in it. In the process of that turn over? I had to give two. Teams are new that was coming had four rival to right leg. Just organized for this fight, and then I was told that I was given up two of em to the time and effort which is leading a company in who Sabre so that was of may never. So I gave him my best to render the Fleming kill one and then to make it. I just said: our killer once go and then I'll essential for to go with them, which gave me
kill to give three during that turnover. How long were they gonna, be? You know, take on to this other to the southern company. Temporal lobe as promised that I get have cable for back after months, but regaining Gannon company. He needed as much ass is possible that the first month just to get two feet wet and get established, and this was because they were to be rolling in in and try this in any safer in whose sabre- and so we say, but was the centre of gravity for the Baton, AOL right, so and it's the border crossing in point with Syria, if so there, determined to be there the time and effort, and so he just loaded him with his mother Manpower as possible in order to me, the transition
as seamless as possible when we took over the ale from the army. Is the anytime There is a unit turnover in country, the movie and now the right and and you're gonna get tested, and so new that go into it. So you want to make sure that the dilemma had ass much ass possible, so they could go in as heavy possible there strong presence and If things go without getting bloodied too bad as ever. The first Marty in you say that they ran platoon, size patrols, didn't run squat patrol lightest June had ever stepped in the zone was of fuckin uttered. Meanwhile, in my own, I fuckin sick, squads the whole hold down the polio wits, and so we were rolling in squash eyes shows from the outset
what over some of these patrols. Forget you guys we're goin in what are you guys doing. Lottery would just get familiar with the area and then because we did happen, tunes who do the satellite patrolling were even though we all go in the same direction. We may we have one squad on the street, the other Scott on this street, still keeping visual I'd. I haven't phase lines and check in and now just getting to tee to know the ale. And I remember that it was. It was called for a while, because we just relieved an army mecca unit, and now you got Marines boots on the ground so eager to like insurgents were taken. A little bit and then nothing happened for a few days and then all of a sudden it just started and just the fanatics kept flown and it was like captain ass, games back and forth now talking early or for some one thing: it's interesting is there were I, but they work
as bad as they got, I mean they warn as bad as they got in all five six or seven. I mean that they just got worse and worse at this time, you're see. I obviously like I said, I'm not saying there wasn't any ideas, but Was that what you would you consider rolling out into town your maid, for I was I diesel was it you know, for an hour or two small arms by I've saved a little bit of both that you're absolutely right arm. Some of them were buried too deep orbit backwards, I know, are not the battle. The seventeenth myself in carbon hall, there was one Between us and one summit to kick the blast and cap out, we heard was little small pop and like one of those pucker fact yes but yeah the middle of a baton, attack declared the year term It's what you got to rolling in how off what you're optimal like you won't take the optimal
meaning like how often regos you guys doing ops. We were doing them, it was to day six hours. Each is about a day and night patrol. Each patrols about six hours, because you'd go from we'd go here. Town and back. Well another thing that was crazy as you, you know you have a set mission and then something would happen. You would have to secure a vehicle that got hit by an id or you get this new Franco to go to this house that you heard could have been a torture chamber? Had insurgents so I remember going out there and then Afore or a patrol turn into an eight hour patrol at the time or twenty eight. But I remember my back was killing me because I had extra large savvy plates walk in all the time and later on, we learned that from the the war fighting lab came out lower attached back to Kyoto, they came and wages
and I remember I was about to twenty five at the time me and my first aren't, or one of two only Marines that we're over three hundred pounds with full combat francs in all our stuff in we laugh about it because at the time in other some those anti tank mines, you just need three pounds of pressures. Dale foresaw asked that there are six depth on any be good to jump up and down on me until then we have to worry about it your question about the evolution of the ideal is whose fascinating commentary and seize it The idea threat the first. The third was dealing with eighty two mortar rounds, one five two artillery shells all usually trying to decorate this, sir soviet style, red dead court and so
when the mover first employees very know enough to bury the fuckin deck cord so rolling into town and need to see this string a red right coming out of the desert terminating at the roadside and like oh, what do you know? Maybe we shouldn't drive over there, but By the time we left the had already evolved into command dead visa. Not cellphones, but cordless phones can quarters phony having your house Round Vtech or but we came in there to move your used to dealing with an armored threat and thing that scared that soldier, the most from the cavalry. Was a sixty millimeter chinese Rock the sing it showed up and zone several months earlier and The moon were
affixing these things to walls they would They would mortar in around and this thing so he could Caesar Circle rang. Indeed set it up about Bay, the term height and way for vehicles role by in our opinion halls and mean betel tanks and once I had not said the other of it bravely fine vehicle so you're scared, shitless sex and remember they put it tat a display and make if shareholder in time cp of different types of ideas that day they had encountered during their too tour, which is really instructive. Rusks, where he's got get eyes on So what does? Was a chinese rocket unlikely fucking Jesus and were run out of and today. Day of relief in place when it was finally effectively
first. The third was run out. Upon the Bradley. Fox troop Commander, who is my counterparts in the turnover shake his hand and thank him for the turnover he looks behind me at our rose Hobbes, which were soft skin hobbies, We had four onwards that the first two thirds org in itself propelled battery had used it turned in their supper. Howitzers for whom these wants it. Into their end, if one, thank God to gives for them we spreading out amongst time. So for came to kill and- This asking of these Marines are in the process of strapping used army road wills that they had scavenge from that frightened scrap heap and strapping knows
cargo straps to the side of her humvee, so handsome armor, and he looks at her knee looks many says you're gonna fuckin. Do it we were all we're. Gonna choice rank within a few weeks ago. His rock disappeared needed that one to each mortar ram. Do just fine and they had their hands full of anti tank mines and they propose to good effect They learn to platinum upside down, he could get her rear will strike? The aims of a friend was drunk because you know, if you feel for strike and only with a mine. Can Killilea grant but most likely We get guys may get a broken further. Robe leg
but she could have rural strike chill at least one rainy proverb too. If you do that, shit out On the last day of our turn over with look at me one seven. Certain Templeton stepped on one of those damn thing's left his size. Fourteen fucking blueprint right, written alive Thank God who is planned upside down had been there awhile. Slant. Squabble engineer comes up the answer to off to stay her face first with this fuckin. And I don't mind breaks out, his care bar starts on earth in it MRS I'll be there. I swear to God. I don't tell me it's upside down, I think spoken upside down. Then just an angle: heart tat, red Fidel. Bout
months into the deployment What did you guys? guys prefer to be in vehicles or on foot foot deaf man. We had a unique situation because we were attached to the main effort lemme company for a while, so we were used to patrolling on and then we had great. This version is deafening, going back to the vehicles it took a while because yeah winds was uncomfortable I mean in remedy. We we don't like being a vehicles, I mean COS, You just don't have any control, you know, I mean I was a damn vehicle commander and I didn't feel like I had in control cuz, you just can't see what's happening fast enough, you can't see an id fast enough. Whatever so I always felt at we pretty much, Did everything we could too take the vehicles to where we needed to take him to get out of those things walk without the same that you guys were failing, we will get dropped off. We can judge wade
get dropped off and they go in. I would go back and no support cure, raffer or whatever wave Wait to go get us. Are they go? check out another spot on the other side of town, while we're: U satellite to them, got it. Would you like better, though bill? Did you like better sit in a humvee, we're gonna start? An idea. Has her outlay? one for us. We weren't rowing in Britain. Border humbly. We're high backed So in the back of the hungry there was. Six of us seven climbed in there. I do it in you, just Dr, though, is in your easy targets. You drive fast here. What can you identify going? Forty five fifty fast enough to stop, do not hit it, and so I was to be on the ground. If I got more control sweet came up with a method employment, that involved what I came to call
split section so we'd have to contracts. Ask worrying too high backs right source if you put a an upper limit of front because it head armor, if you're gonna had ninety and then to too damn high backs and one rifle squad, which was organised, ended too far. Teams give you didn't, have largely squaws have three far too great, so far too many traffic and by the time we were country long enough. We figured out you take third squad and those guys are gonna man, the vehicle itself to drive it they'll vehicle commanded and no gun it. We got two forties eventually now and on the tops of these things and then had left you with two four, dismounted rifle our teams, one in each time.
Great indeed, you had another gun truck in trail, so you get where you're gone too far. Squad. This mouse and didn't knows for trucks. Could satellite around the dismal house to keep enemy? Guessing these guys did their work, What was the how gonna take for you guys do take casualties Rowan there, you remember times. First, casualties were on Saint Patties Day: Ferko so you got there in February and say tat his days, what end March middle our march The actual- active transfer of authority day, I think, was the damn? I think, the first week of March, maybe say it wouldn't long before we put
our first casualties cat took an idea check my fifty one in my zone, we're still run around with windows down ring, hit, the elbow another marine took shrapnel through the window into the back of his legs. Gunnar did and then use either. The same day or right after that that but under his first care to kill in a real or mine strike in age, a triangle which was the western and of kilos zone against waddies delay the eastern edge of whose, and limit, can be found Kay, was at this sort of no man's land right between them. I would still leave zone, but it belonged to me at the end of the day,
deployment the vast majority of the tides casualties had occurred in each case. Kelly how'd you at this point. I turn twenty one on April. Second sick. So like a couple So in country twenty one I got pulled of my my bed by had first to my sleeping bag, and I was given my twenty one happy birthday I, what do you at this point now you how much you to change your per cent, perception and perspective when all of a sudden you here you know the battalion has taken casualties, came from a military family. I may I got my grandpa's in one or two in the navy
my dad and my uncle were in Vietnam cousin in desert storm law enforcement everywhere. So I grew up with an understanding of service and when I join the Marines we are already in country. Casualties are happens in now, cruder make no bones about it. When I told him I wanted to be in the cemetery, you do know you're gonna, deploy Isaac Game, I'm well aware I didn't going blind, you others, some guys it they join the Marines. Knowing what I read in fact, did you join the news, pick the newspaper, so I you. I knew what I was getting myself into it and that never pairs you for it by we are surrounded by such good leadership. You know through our going for four years. I three different command sets. In my first one was
of the highest quality? literally and I never I we shall all be taken care of and at Easter at all, because I believed in the guys that were above me, it made it easier if in a really weird sense. I was felt com. I never went out nervous, other heard of the Marines, it's like you're going out, and you know that every single guy you're going out is going to do everything in their power to make sure you make a home and make it back in. Confidence and calm. You know I never felt uneasy are never scared. Just there to do a job esprit de corps Yes, thank you know. How old were you at this point bill twenty to twenty two some you're talking to a lot of these guys that brought on that we're going into the most horrible situations, whether it was Tar were gone
can a wherever in others, theirs. Given that the young man has written. We all know- which is it's gonna happen to someone else like that. People are to get hurt people he will not be really get killed, not gonna be me and in job just telling you guys but D Lad, who had just sat on the park asked? Who is? water canal. Tar were sidelined. Intention, and he never have thought about. You know he was I going up, I'm sure some border take actual take casualties as we crossed the beach to Guadalcanal and I'll try and help those other guys as much as I can cause is not have to be so and it had. I know you guys know this too I had guys and I'm sure you guys know guys that fought they were the one that was absolutely gonna, be the one that gets it get like this. That was in your mind, and God bless him
because I don't know how they did it day after day, but they go yeah it was. The guy was got a bad feeling about this one man, I gotta back you'll, be ok bra, it's gonna be all right. They always, After all, it got their home. A back on you know, but to me seem like people fell into those camps for the most part, and I'm sure you no occasion some of us do. You know we're taking casualties. I could be one of em, but for the most part I think people are either hey going to happen, someone else or it's gonna happen to be so arrogant as risk are what I see Jack. I think you're, like a hundred percent right and I've been fortunate or unfortunate to see, combat and my early twenties with Somalia at twenty. In Iraq and then thirty eight, Afghanistan and I think, as a young twenties, you feel invincible in your. Don't think it's going to happen to you. Are you just operate in your there? You wanna be the one to kick the door and you want to be then clear, the room and they, Twenty eight
I started leading war Marines and I become You understand your mortality in what we do want is not normal. And in a fire and stuff and explosions, and then, when I was a company first part four to one Then I just wanted to be that father figure and take care of mom, and all you see all these young rings. They just want to see that grizzly dot com and then you know, You know it's not. What has cracked up to being that grizzlies power, Frank fight back I definitely from perspective, was always hey. I'm not worried about me. I'm worried about my guys. You know, I was always in a leadership- is exacerbating the matter as a task nuke manner. So for me it was always a mortar My guys, you know like in eggs absolutely right. I mean I was twenty one. I I was on the island. I was gonna, be me bandwagon enemy. Why? I frequently ran point as I gotta be forefront on being the lead on the beach. Friday's summit,
happens. It's gonna shoot me. I know how fast I am buying a wall. You know I never ever enough. Crossed my mind. I need a new, really weird wave and with all the countries that have an I didn't think I was an option chinks it at least from my experience, but this sense from other range, as casually started, ravenous lemme, was, was taken away the majority of the bright and- and I was probably nuclear corrected at seven about the king casualties. Had been more Sabre problem, but anyway the as they started happening on a regular basis, at least for me, No longer a question of, if you just question win So I eventually just decided, what's gonna happen right, I mean regaining lemme coming Commander
and for the range killed in opening stages of the battle for save on the seventeenth three days. Have you done with it from each man? Oh god just like that, so it wasn't a question of issuers gonna happen so leave me. I just resolve that was going to happen, so was accepted that it was easier to operate because You didn't have that uncertainty about whether or not it would happen so it like well when it comes to council and allowing for do about it. So to get things done I think, there's I would say, to a large degree in and acceptance amongst the Marines we didn't pull back One day we didn't fuckin operate in it, some multiple one day. I was after
our three Marines on their the damn fitted to lie one day we did not send a patrol. Yeah. I know I know for us, certainly Rowan into remedy. In two thousand six. Was there was, Memorial service is going on Every other day, every two days for soldiers and reads ever get killed him. It was it was that So much like you're talkin about I knew Every time we rolled out the gate. Or every time my guys rolled out the gate. There's a dead, chance that some That was going to happen and you are all evening whose do everything you can to mitigate that risk. But there's no possible way to mitigate all the risk that doesn't happen. Even even if you say you know what we're gonna stay in camp, there, you're gonna get Mordred so
my attitude was default. Aggressive, we're, gonna, go and take the fight to the enemy in that was certainly the attitude of the troops that were in my body was or not, sit back the way forward to take to fight the enemy. And I believe that the best thing you can do you have to, I think, and The most inspiring thing to me was watching these Marines Diane Day out every fuckin day. Like the danger, despite the casualties, despite what times, I'm sure seemed like a ridiculous mission, despite all that the cold resolve. Do the job Keep each other safe in the process was Miss humbling. American sons out there,
Devoid of any political context,. What they were doing there are doing for each other there, it's also interesting to think about when you say American sounds look Americans come from all different kinds of backgrounds, but fact of the matter is: when you live in Amerika. You or a privileged human being Do you have opportunity- even if you're, the most on motivated person in America. You still live a pretty decent life when you compare it to that of a grunt overseas livin in some out station somewhere off Emma Rees at crappy bottled water, shit Nina a damn outhouse burdens. I mean just the whole nine yards, so when when these you know it's not like: hey people join the military.
Maybe there's that idea, how I'm trying to get out of my home town, which I know I certainly did hey, I want to get out of my hometown. I want to go somewhere, I wouldn't be in the world, but your signing up to two put all that american privilege on hold you're gonna, put on hold and you're in go out there and you're gonna live in horrible situations with the threat of being wounded, killed it that's the way it is an end. Yeah, when you see that and when you see those service members. Rowan out, like that day after day after day, and that's you have talked about this intervention, you. You might remember this Kelly, but they had the earth the vehicle graveyard, the vehicle graveyard of all these blown up vehicles was on the road. The head into the main gate. So when you are driving to go out into town, you are driving past
droid not just destroyed Humphreys, seven done seven tonnes. Take that they dragged back in school that was your letter, was your little send off every time you have to get a camera body, others, seventy five or a hundred vehicles that have been destroyed, and you know that each one of those men some level of casualties when you know got real. There is the two year de vehicles there in a graveyard that had to be barrels earlier, bear Caterpillar now yeah, those those big mine resistant vehicles. They were, they blew one of those things in half so yeah. That's that's! What you're signing up for and yet american sign up for voluntarily. Every single day. Out there do the work What was morale overall wrong? That's wrong here. Strong
his resolve my assessment finally, resolve we're in When I get out of it right, we got a fucking job to do we're gonna get it done we're not gonna, let up the enemy. Wants us to focus to break. They want us to feel sorry for ourselves, Turner, Fucking Baxter Minute, and when I don't fucking given to pure, They will not win what I a boot active, but a really working happens budgets, It's happened, you gotta, try you get shot at and I d goes off- doesn't take out There is one situation arpeggio vehicle to guide in orbit. What're you doing about base you, nobody, you sit around. We fuck enough about it's a joke about it. And I've told that a lot of people in people look at you
you're crazy, but the reality to it you do that because by making it a joke. It's not serious. Gotten due to get him out We actually have video of one small elements without eating rahmati got to a big gun fight after they were some iraqi soldiers want to rock you smoke, you got wounded, one iraqi soldier killed, called it attacks the tax waited escorted em back put down fire Kazaa back the whole nine yards the report back in one of the over watched. The over watch positions was video in them their competent like world war, two style it a column. The in between two tanks Therefore, patrolling back in the video the video cameras track it on, and you can hear the
the potential. If tony affrati looks up at the care at yells, everything's, a big job, that's up to you said about exactly. Yes, if you take everything to seriously you're gonna go crazy, so there's That's another thing that can't be stopped. The american resolve can't be stopped and the american sense, if you prefer, to stop no doubt about it let's roll into let's roll into April, fourteenth so April fourteenth. This is pretty much what do we do with another day at the races, for you guys what you're, looking at nothing abnormal seems at pre standard.
Type of operations that you guys were doing at the time he has. The only difference is that cuz now we were back with dark Kilo. Company proper. There was back with six, and we way we looked at it is instead of walking outside the gate, to work. We get a ride to work and then would do our patrols, but dad at the one thing that was different. That day squad size by to say that what you were saying I know now you got into Kilo in our We know enough ass to roll out in the voting. Some terrific, a rain. So for the first six weeks I was pumping out It leads to patrol the day. For the first four weeks, we ran for patrols a day with six squaws. Indeed, they were smoked. Every marine and in the company was sick. It was like a freaking, sick ward in that warehouse
it was heartbreaking at night to listen to all those Marines, coughing and hacking and Fucking sleep in a no one, but I was gonna, send him out on the next fucking patrol, regardless of what state therein We had no choice but to rolling squad size patrol. So kill for actually got a bit of a break in we now have who saved, because now the up, simple, maybe the same, but now, instead of happened it send the whole damn tuna. Now you know you could rotated do one squad time so The time had just graduated the first, class of iraqi policemen from this police academy. The tanker AU thought up at an attached in people to and He understood that policing by the Iraqis was the key to the
thing right: that's an impressive. That's pressing force? I right there because I was thinking about that when I was reading this book this idea of iraqi police became a national programme in two thousand and six before that had become something called. It was caught desert protector, which was sort of the same thing like when you get home grown kids. Young men to help. Please and a lot of that for I've been told, came from our time when the push happen through our time, but that wasn't two thousand five that poor chap and Alzheimer's Operas Matador and those Marines got civilians that came up to hey, there's bad guys over their Haytersbank over there and the idea was ok. Let's get that lets blitz higher those people, so we're talking now, two thousand for and you're Battalion Commander
coral Lopez was already in the game. Thinking that way, that's impressive force. I right there that's outstanding and I go ahead incredible sense of ownership. You never wave permission to do anything he just like. Ok, we need to finally come we're. Gonna have one, and so he his Mps, not that shit out, did it three recourse and at the end of the course chrome calls me and says: Hey Kevin Gibson tomorrow we're gonna zone. I'm gonna pay the first two weeks of pay for these pleesmen turn it over to the police chief, we got thirty. Three police recruits that we just graduated and I'm giving them all to the travel place. It wasn't up to the iraqi police Chiefs to determine where their man Paragon, Crow Lopez, decided. Third, are going the traveller so Kilo, you got him and what I want you to do to reinforce the skills they just learned in this. Please cadmium. You
a conduct around the clock patrolling these guys for forty period too, show the people of Crasweller rings, the police, work side by side and Iraqis doing their job. This is this. Is this incredible foresight from girl, open, for sure that's brilliant, and so he said we're going in, homage meet right, so At the same time, I need you. Do identify a prospective location for company patrol base to carry this joint operation. Out of so I can be a permanent base like hey we're looking for someone for days. Ok, ok, but we're looking for four days. Yet gentle matters have time for made fee it establishment of any thing below the size with time Zone right. So you see you
come in for a straight to patrol daddy so I came back and grab full ten rounds in Cuba for since, they were on the rotation now and, I said hey. I need a fuckin squad to get me into zone immoral and by the way I am The big issue, because during this patrolling operation, kill for is gonna, be perimeter security for the patrol base. So I need you guys to get eyes on this water treatment plant and confirm for me whether or not it can answer the mail for us from a security standpoint. So for you guys, this is like a re gone to find out where you could establish this forty fire base and that you really cannot patrols out there for, four days with iraqi police and it was right situated right behind a police station so make perfect sense because we're gonna grab. Two they were going to be. The patrol platoon We would have a squad size patrol around the five o clock we
policemen embedded in it, killed. Three you're gonna be local security patrols for life. Six hours straight, outside the perimeter, if the enemy offer fuckin backs and kill for you, ve got the perimeter security for the patrol base itself. All right. So you guys Rowan did you roll in with the kernels with his convoying negative. We met his patrol on site at the police station. Ok, sir, you to shut up first, you guys not color ok, so Colonel Lopez there they're doing their meat. Great he's paying people here he shaken hands and in establishing that, and then you guys role in their afterwards meet with him? and now you're doing your assessment. In any event, you have
who's. The element dust with you right now with just you who is it is killed search queue of what you that's. That's that's who you have they were your escort go into their basic retract. So, in addition to Dunham squat proper, we had attachments rang for being one of them because he was gonna, be the fourteen starting in charge a parent or security. So he wanted fucking eyes on to to get a good idea of exactly what he was gonna need to pull out, a perimeter security plan right and then we had stopped by our right there are three we also had tea payment. For the time was framework ass. He was, he was the one turn over the cash for sure, and we had brought along. We had started in order to stem the stadium kiss. The defence of plan. I was also put in
sniper hives because I wanted. I wanted no interference whatsoever with this joint operation. And based on the feedback we ve gotten from first the third It got in a couple times to try- and stay was patrol bases and every time did they learn in their couple. For they were taken waters, turns out in the day. I think they didn't have strong enough local security rent I think they're there since inherent sense of protection that came with an armored unit. They think they took some things for granted that it set rifle company wasn't taken for going to get a little bit detached. Will you inside our right? There's it there's a connection missing between you and the local populous? If you're not careful about it in a certain sense of invincibility, I think, or
for sure for sure. The rooms main battle tank is the bad has he or she can give everyone a sense of invincibility until, of course they had ideas that can take em out So you guys get there. And now you're The colonels do it has got a thing and then at some point, he's gonna leave and he leaves- and you guys are now doing a deeper assessment. Your check and things out, probably looking we're gonna set up sniper of watches and whatnot We had we transitioned over to the treatment plant by then Tighter Manders patrol continued to who per head, plan to visit Z, New Iraqi, they station and then continue underlying got. It so heading into this.
Heading into this mission were you're gonna we're gonna stay for a few days. Was there anything from a planning perspective That was different or that you noticed headed into it, or for me I hadn't, even I'd, started the draft of the company order for their new enough did already. When I was assigned to do and I'd be flesh in that out. Days ahead. Of most immediate concern was the patrol the next day getting us in their conduct to return and that mission planning phone Dunham and said to him as the I squad leader in charge of deep Troy, he had more than just his rooms. He was responsible for he had another
ten Marines in escort from the cats blood section to another squad minus that was gonna, be men and the trucks it was given his squatting designed so all told he had something like twenty five Marines. She was responsible for in that patrol and it was his first time doing. It is hard to that end, and you say, but he was always up to ten Robinson rank obtain sized patrol Tal time, Europe so in addition to that, there was a bit of anxious to act, but concern in the air of the company as a whole. We just fired two rightful squabbling: both from the same tune cure three too apples that had talked a good game
came across is nowhere near shit. No during the train back into my palms and worse, acted is squaw leaders Colonel three one and kilos registry and by the time we were in Europe third week of operation, in our time you could tell In DE mission brief, prior to step off weather, squad leader. The fuck is going whether she had put time and effort into preparing his moraines for that fucking patrol and these two Marines Stick Robles, weren't, taking it seriously enough, they didn't.
Grasp the gravity of the situation. They thought they could just bullshit their way through it, and so we fired him and we put a lance corporal in charge of killed, three days, those Salvador from EAST fucking level risk telling outcome that Fuckin could fight and he added extremely strong sense of ownership. Did. I saw stood out to me during our train March AIR Force base. In early January, sport, new guys in Before and after every training patrol just teaching them everything he forgot to get them up to speed, without arrogance. And when I saw the odyssey, you know what that guy. He needs to be a squad leader, but does it shook out? He didn't get selected, but when-
opportunity arose and those to Corpus got fired. You need to be said. He was a boy the conclusion that Danny Santos was taken three three and then Pfc, Matthew, warrior took killer three one should, of course, always did Coke between right before. Oh, if one round she had been busted down, so he was in the same group. Is that some of the other corporal squatters? But he was Pfc, but it didn't matter to me because the gangway shit and he was afraid to stand up and opened his mouth right so to me was more far more important to have a marine him newest shit, and wanted it.
To be in charge that fucking squad than anyone was fucking rag. Didn't matter to me was performance based, rewards right that point. The only thing that matters is fucking performance. I don't care what your rank is This was hanging over the company. Rang European. Your squad leaders see other squanders getting fired. They know that they were never to shit, one bag right and I can tell. The done was nervous about that. Care so much in he didn't want to screw. Anything are and let there be any doubt in my mind You deserve to be squandered hey deserved that Roy
It was so obvious that he was nervous, and I think the marine or just military in general puts the sphere in you that you don't want to let anybody down and just if you have self respect you want to be prepared and you don't like an asshole, you just want to have all your eggs one basket than he was nervous, didn't that our skipper here was in all ages, his last duly station. He was struck her at the empty offers. I also greatly as there is a little intense, so Dunham was little bit worried about that. But, unlike Jason, just do what you done do what you're taught round. The checklist said everything up will help you out whatever you need. So this patrols due to step as your way and it's midnight on thirteen debate, and I'm in this- you see, I got You operator Cresswell, I think, on the radio such as me press can Dunham
and we had this make shift Nick table that we had inherited from the fox true and head too. Laminated copy of the dam. Company Ale, satellite imagery on the whole table rank so that that was the table covering it was a useful planning to Donna was sitting there and he was writing his order. It was fucking midnight right. He spent the whole damn day given his squad ready for that fitting Detroit hidden. Bothered with Paypal You know, but he knew TAT he needed to give in order the next morning spent the whole damn time given them ready for the mission and there he was gonna, be losing a lot asleep
in order to make sure that they also had proper freak in order before they step some sitting there watching him bear chested thought fucking, boots and utes. Chest working on his order. And it in his midnight and cut Hampton carbon welcoming dunams too far did what we do best the Chow second walkin in with his card board trade with some tray rat fucking, eggs and probably slab pan rank something whatever they get, what it was when the not remember the sun. Such look like oh just
But I remember there's saucer, John and thus nasty eggs and hush that beef hash, terrible, but the horrors of war. Walk in there, and I look up and I realize it reaches to its is too, for converting gotta play to chow form He looks at me says what says an Hampton says: he spent your day. Take care of us when we have had time to carriers of its charm and always remember, being student at TB ass in a single tenant inherent stories from instructors about Being a good leader has an officer
and if you're doing your job, taken carrier rings? they're gonna take care you back like you dig in D, you got more important. She didn't De Groen Fuckin Hall Tourism, story about their a metal too and who had come back to find. His Marines finish up for a whole form because is too busy, taking care of. Damn you know to worry about protecting it. Came back to me in a flash and to me the imagery of them presented him with that played chow he was symbolic in to me, What I saw wasn't dim, given him up like a child whose then put in
on his head and seen your fucking head. And it was in their moment- and I've been worrying since Eighty seven was until that very moment, that I realize it The only one who can designate you as leader is you're. Talking rent your peers can say you got leadership, qualities in Europe's senior. Can see the same thing, but the only one who gives you that title, we need you earn it from me. Can I was sitting there and I thought Jesus Christ.
What I ever do files to bring like that I should take a photo and was fucking tired- and I didn't do it- given the last photo can affect many these guys taught me a lot. I was
Probably the most important lesson I ever got his leader We see these two crown him. A lot of that in part to us. Carbon HOLLAND, I kept when two women trying to help him with the old the order. Does the first deployment that's all So a trio how to do, That's all we did was we demand overlays, we troll orders, and so we can We knew it. We had it down and we were kept coming in. Hey help me he wants to helping. You want us to do something you need to get done with doing their sole. Do those no don't touch it? This is gonna, be all ruddy there Let us know if you need us,
after that, that was when I was like middle School get Joe what because he knew that the way we're going it's. What up that I've got to run point that day, Sir Have me: do the patrol early here. He had them. Brown mapped out, but he made me: do the overlay the timing is asking questions about where we going. What during next in their member mask me. Forget here what else the Tina and stuff and I had to turn out into the sea or sea with all the radio frequencies. He knew I wanted to know. That's how I was I was wanted to know. I don't want to know my king there's job. I wanted to know my squire leaders. Job like I want to you know, I'm going to pull me out like I felt rewarded to get to do this. Because you trust me to do it as we do to me? yeah. No fur was talking earlier about. You know
make sure that people understand why they don't want to do it and how important. That is no out your for me. That's the key of decentralized commanders makers would ever knows why they're doing what they're doing. But the other thing that happens is when black, what you're saying when you give people the opportunity to come up with part of the plan? It's like it's the them It makes them they have ownership of because they made it up They made it up That's that's exactly what you're talkin about and those the kind of things that both the kind of things that make you know. Young young troopers crowd their leader, not because their leaders, bark and Adam, but because there, yours go hey I'll do this I'll take care of this I'll handle it? You guys get some rest! You guys kick yourselves and at the same time here's this piece, the mission you come up with a plan for this. You make sure we know we're doing and I had heard a guy, the podcast you may Mugihewa
retired as General Journal Move Yom about you're him. He made the statement that I've, under played over and over again, but Him he's like: oh, you know what leadership boils down to. Is that you care about your map? you care about your men, because if you care about your men and your men, though that then it goes to what you said trot. If you Carry your man that your men are going to take care of you. And the many you see a leader, that's walkin around bark and orders. Think of themselves and by the way anybody that thinks they do. They quite a little good agenda for themselves and their team isn't going to see it you're wrong all day long today and twice on Sunday. That's what's going to happen, but that leader, that's going hey, I'm doing this for the good of the team the one that will get the crowd of leadership, one story that sticks up to me
and it was when we first got his own. Where limo is setting a base. There wasn't one- When we weren't doing a patrol, we are setting a Pascoe barriers along film, I hand and you get a working party together go to do it Well, who does working parties? did you nearest you But there is one day almost everyone teens out there doing it. Most leaders are working on trawlers organ things together and outcomes. Dunham. Comes joins us starting point? were by hand were filling. It has only squad leader and opportune that out their openness, Billy's Escobar's this time are united. From the thinking. I he's, because this its miserable, like an awful something like using yeah you're doing it, but Munich has we're doing you now in agony,
countless examples of that The exact reason why everybody in his squad would and through a war for him every day. Now He took care you he took out. The junior is really well. He took his assigning the euro. Establishing our theme is like end of the line just to let me know to come talk to him. You know I remember him down but, like you know if, stout can talk to me. I want to know about it. It's just always available and it made you want to. Please him. You know, I got. I remembered in Calicut I want this guy to look at me like being pressed by, don't want him to like me to know, but nah, I don't like not as a friend I wanted to look me back. That's fucking, green. I want my Marines and so you trying to live up to this bar. He sets and it made us all better,
taken us back now Eve Eve, you ve, executed the plan and now where we're out in the field where we're in so you in the the police station are you in the world? treatment facility was the difference between the two. What what's What's going on right now he s so the commanding officer had finished his business with the police chief. So he was hidden turf receiver and we want at the back of the police station right across an alley and into the water treatment plant It was unoccupied time wasn't in use, but it had been actually was occupied by Morocco family who were squatting in one of the buildings, the liquor headquarters building of the true plan, so the thing had been built, it has never been used, and so
for was doing his sang get nice on the perimeter the entire structure- and I gone up to the roof of this headquarters, building since it was a three story, so That's cuz, you were on the roof and I remember it all. He is done on the radio operator. Jason Sanders was paint had good essay and he was listening to what was going on and who save it. With some of the other stuff than shatter just like a good young rain. Does you brought it to a squad leader, squatter Dunham came and brought to me on my Roger, let's smoke as he is gonna have a say what's going on and then that's how that started, By the way I kind of skipped right into Colonel Lopez's convoy, that had left that station and was headed out. But there was a whole other scenario unfolding where
had casualties and who Sabre casualties that a sniper of wants position. Gettin head, he had wounded Marines, but it was so all that Chaos is breaking out, in the morning kind of all morning right So we know this is a we're going into it on Europe day in this area. Yeah the end limits we have been in contact. I think fur since sometimes doing zero tell her that morning, I didn't have a visa math, but as I was stand on top of it, that building Lookin West, just check out the general lay out from that vantage point we heard explosions to the west First thought with you. Explosions was that the company was gettin mortar again good evening Mordred every day for about two weeks.
Straight twenty to twenty two districts: king. But they had yet been able to get the jump on these guys. So I thought shit you: where were actually in zone right now. Lemme get, and we may be in a position to energy supplies. Sit down came running up. The ladder will still through these explosions, thirty minutes. What do you think? because I think limbs getting hit I let's go, get those motherfuckers, so we call his boys and told him they were several not push now and vehicles had been satellite into the time on certain yes, outside of our position, so we started moving out on too.
Rob diamond there was a sorry that would lead us West into Lena companies. Part and we started running because, There was a sense of urgency in a win win. A fuckin sister units gettin head you you want. If I can help, so we started running down diamond in and Sanders on the run, got hold of the gun trucks and got him too. Link up it s on time, so before long, the Truck showed up, we mounted up and in started racial west and within moments. Fiji, flew over one of their high backs. Read over COBRA halls head and we knew he had arrived. The ambush side by the time we got in the trucks we heard on the
the radio net that he wasn't. Lemme get Mordred document, control. Just got hit. Outside the archers, which is the almost the eastern periphery of who save. So it was a direction we were headed and then we were there before and they got hit hard data multiple casualties and had pushed they pushed through the kills or no right. Yeah No, but now they had casualties and and that's what you got your drove through the exact same kills them we rolled into it as in my assessment that the ambushes element. Was ass in the the ambush, sounded I'm sure they weren't expecting us to arrive at oh shit enough to fresh meat is fuckin. Lodging refugee bonus yeah,
so we start taking fire immediately and thing like reductive, utterly get I'll fuckin truck prank. Sir, we gotta The trucks and got up against a wall the trucks leave now. Stayed their initial acre and we all got up against the wall to give us some cover from the fire it was actually than coming over from behind that wall in down the hall RO buildings are towards the arches and slip Dunham. I against the wall on right now, storm and to say when you get there will you do. It was declared these fuckers out on foot rang and
I'd I'd seen the battle drill before, on my first day in zone before the company even got there when we're doing a orientation patrol with first and third, we got hit the age Kay. Damn near the same spot and The guys we're on that patrol with were the soft propelled battery. That was organic to first third, and were the only guys I think in that their debt only guys in that squadron who were employed, movies, so there the closest thing to grunts, as for The third had. Indeed, they knew their shit they called an immediate audible when we got shit with an ideal and started taken fire and those drivers immediately push south to the
elevated train tracks on the south side of age? Kid was delineating the southern edge that village and they they pushed out to coordinate and did in dismount and extra Sweden in the process, they killed one move and captured two more so My first thought was pacing Gordon's on the south sweep or to south and Dunham said I am taken Hampton you go with carbon Roger there, get those drugs to the south, and let's do it again So then Hampton Fergus and Dunham and milk second thirty Reynolds. Somebody. Otto
that alone and start a push in south and myself with carbon, how we wound up sweeping where did the west initially, as these guys were killed to the south. Now there's a book this book called the gift of valor and its Book written by guy named Michael Philips, who's. The Wall Street Journal reporter which may Reykjavik all well? What is that Well, he actually did were tours in Iraq and He was with the three seven a bunch and He did a great job of. Interviewing so many people too kind capture This story, the book is called the gift of valor, and
spells out this section well Good pretty comprehensively, and I'm sure you guys, lifestyle add, but. I'm actually to go on and read a little bit of this book? Picking up from from that? Situation So here we go at about one thousand. Two hundred and twenty p dot m to Marines reach the Next Cross Street, where the alleyway hit a t junction on the before the junction was an unfinished single story, home made of a tan stone and port concrete, with met with red metal doors and window grates on the right. The alleyway wide doubted the courtyard of a concrete cinder block house, a rusty twisted car chassis like forlornly amid the trash straight ahead over some buildings and about a block away. They could see the top of the water treatment plant. The dirt lane that crossed in front of him was deeply rooted to the right was bordered on the north side by a tumble down stone wall and a cup
dozen yards further to the west, a straight ahead. Cinder block wall stopped in the lane were eight vehicles pointing from east pointing east toward the approaching Marines. From the corner. Donovan his men could see a small boss, a Van White Toyota Land Cruiser a second suv, a red tractor, a black Bmw, Truck frozen in the middle of an attempt turn around in a narrow lane and find a white Sudan with all four doors open. The point. Man Miller had just gone the tea junction, when staff sergeant Ferguson a few dozen yards back, no the lineups lineup of vehicles what's goin on, he asked corporal bottom. What are you doing? Dont want to keep moving, but Ferguson called the White ass. She read it sergeant Reynolds had seen high tailing across jade a few minutes earlier and thought the cars will worth a quick look.
No Ferguson told Dunham we're gonna certainties calls cars. So there you go guess I didn't really cover that part of the story, but their been vehicles that were p idea leave in the amber site. It's if that's what you're saying it positively identifying or least suspected vehicles beds, if the member state concerned, as you said, the ambush he's probably over when you guys showed up release, they were trying to wrap it up. You guys showed up, they got a little bonus secondary, but most likely there I'll leave and that's what you guys are thinking had now and now you see these views, lined up there looking sketchy yeah. That was the assumption that they would try to leave the area and I fear they got caught up in the air the log jam right there, and I knew because we control that area before Would. Lemme companies were familiar with that area. New is the other water treatment plant and then on the opposite. Side of that would just be the railroad train tracks. So I thought that
our best course of action at the time, and I remember when I told him that he was look. At me and then also looking down the rows of car. So something was going on down there. That has attention as well, then he's here, I'd be lying down that way Remember you yelled at for hasty, buccal searches, cuz. We were simply pushing to contact, so it was like a we need, a certain yeah. It was just we're on the move Hampton worked alongside the small bus appeared through the windows. He saw me. Women and children decided not to bother searching the interior, the drive and second vehicle, the ten, the Van and was middle aged with a younger man. Next to him search vehicle Hampton had never phrase you picked up from the Marines Pocket language carts he saw no weapons in the driver's lapse. We open the sliding door in the advance right side, the harvest. Is contained, nothing suspect. I always felt like when I spoke arabic to Iraq that it
Didn't really seem right, coming out of my big head. They never understood a thing. I was saying I'm out I wasn't sure if they were just shocked that I said something do best the lead. I gathered there just the way. I always got doing this guy just tell me, he's good search, my car did he just tell me the dog is brown and I don't understand why I need time my shoes. Nobody here, has laces just so quick vehicle search, that's what you guys are doing pretty straightforward. After the book. Corporal Dunham and Pfc Miller moved quickly up the street until they came to the elderly White land cruiser, which awesome fifty yards from the intersection where the alleyway met the road. Were edged along the passenger side
and saw the muzzle and would front grip of an acre forty, seven rifle poking out from under the format. You look up in time to see the driver, a young, iraqi man in a black tracks, you open the door. In large at Dunham people, love the people a lot of people don't know about the Mujahideen uniform of the tracks. The drugs. You too, you see the guy the track suit. Given these things you can't when you explain on the people, it's almost like a bad movie right, like you see there a k, forty seven hidden under a format like you, guys, we're gonna get away with this. Why he had multiple like it was a small, ash. Before five guns I can do there's an r b g in
his eyes passing by appearing in the windows note passenger window and I hit the and went on vehicle- and I saw them in its like instantaneous, as I'm looking up to say something. They start fighting. And I didn't have a chance like same thing. I just reacted to go round and assist. How many guys we're in the vehicle? One? Oh, so, is just one guy the vehicle. So as your come up on the passenger side, you look in one window. You see it next thing, you know you look up the driver in it actually gets out, and he's on Donald like it. It's too. Yes, yes, There have been more guys in that way, but they amassed by that I'm Dunham got too. It is that in the vote in the far vehicles it well. That was true. Turn around. They use on ass round the other go behind the foreigner everybody tv man,
I guess they have the same fashion, being in vehicles as we do. Let's get out of this is about to become a bullets. Bunch battle in his vehicle are stuck. There were all stuck in in hindsight. Is there There were Maybe a couple of those Eggs were So what's insurgents and all the rest or just fucking innocent people who are trying to get through the age k around this site the ambush been unleashed upon diamond rise so that they are going to try and drive through that thing, so they were just trying to bounce around through the village to carry on with their life's business, and you know stuck in the middle of whom were a couple of weeks with insurgents and and and a correction on on my eggs terminology. In the book
What we discovered later with by this, Eighteen, three days later, the battle for saving kicked offers its scabbard, an iraqi Lucifer via them they're dead, dead infiltrated through Syria, by the hundreds, the kicker An offensive across the entire province there. Are there to fight so continuing on the Iraqi, which again, is you just point out, pointed out this guy's a foreign fighter from any number of cop countries, wrapped his left arm around the back of dunams neck cocked, his right arm to punch the corporal in the face Dunham caught the man's fist to block the swing The two stumbled Toward the land cruiser pulled his right me up and drove to the iraqi stomach, the Iraqi doubled over from the blow and the men, fell to the ground in an angry embrace Miller's brother, a shit
Deputy California had brought had bought Kelly, telescoping police Baton and shifted to Iraq. I didn't really think he'd ever needed but I like the idea of having one and kept it in that fosters zip tied to his flat fist up until that point, Millard used it mostly to fend off stray dogs but ass. He ran around the front of the suv toward Dunham and the iraqi again foreign fighter. He pulled, the thought out and snap down to reside to extend it two to four weeks Miller, saw the iraqi lying on his back his head. Toward the rear of the land cruiser Dunham was face down. On top of him, torso wrote it slightly counterclockwise. Miller, planters left me in the Iraqis, ribs bracing left hand on dunams back. He slammed but of the Baton ass, hard ass. He could into the Iraqis forehead, the blow so sharp that the metal Baton collapse back into itself,
Miller was amazed. The man was still conscious, much less still, fighting. He drove the baton to the Iraqis. Forehead again then jabbered into the left side of the man's neck, a blue joke here, and told, would Pitshaft circulation to the brain. Carotid artery We have Corporal Hampton, saw the melee uncharged around the Van and up the street his adrenaline surgeon. All they could hear was allowed pounding of his own pulses, search for an open shot on the Iraqi to hit shoot him in the head. He said to himself: he aimed his rifle butt, worried that any shot might go through the Iraqi and hit Miller hell. He thought Our model for Marines ought to poke the rifle barrels under the eyes, their enemies to make sure they're dead, Only the dead or comatose could resist flinching when card in the eye with a long piece of metal. The model
fund could also be delivered to the chest to get someone aggressive to back off without resorting to Debbie Force, plan to fund the Iraqi in the Temple knocked about fine. If you killed him, that was fine with bill. Two had been picked up spot on the wriggling Iraqis Temple and pulled his rifle back to get some force behind it. The rainbow was shaking her head. I was asking was good that thing through his head, no spread through his eye. I wasn't gonna put this temple, I was gonna hear You can go right here and push that rifle back out. This way. Yet it Harry those the grappling situation, well that's going down and you have a weapon and your beer. What are you guys grapple with amid surgeon back and that's it that's a tough shot to take causes not wake up. A movie where the
guys whole hostage. Still because this is a fine that's going on in you know anything could happen at any point, and the other thing is, I mean, you guys are You gotta think I'd be thinking to myself. Ok, will this guy didn't shoot us? He didn't he didn't blow. It blows up so how do we know these guys are not that's a cordon the question that can be going through your head, people's it back and say are just kill, yeah, that's something that is, is a decision that getting made, but when you your first instinct in that situation, you got your body on top of a: u dont off the guy's armed theirs. A lot of things going on to just start upload your weapon. And that's why I'm thinking both the guys are thinking. Well, you're kind of got the thought, your mind I'll shoot this guy and you guys but both you are going non lethal at this point in time.
Are just train, like my thought. Process was, if I hit him hard enough, I'm not going hit him with a metal baton I am the first time in history struggling. So I came in for the second one and at that time you could see that I split his forehead wide Open fractured his skull, and you're still fighting and so I like, like I need to do something different and I always remembering who kept the talk about the blood choke side to start. What pressure process crowded. With all my weight and then and I can build adjusts when I started by the church. That's when do I come up and that's when the rest happened. Did you know up again, for young People in any employment like this, whether your copper, your soldier, your marine, whatever its situation here in what is one thing that we learned there's this idea that when you hit some one-
if you hit him hard enough, they're gonna get knocked out and We learned this over and over again that is not true, and there's a chance. When you hit someone, you can knock em out, there's chance that they don't get knocked out. One of my assistant to commander entered the room. We were taken down a building. And there was a. Combative, a combative insurgent in there, and You know we had learned Muzzle strike model strike, no buzz instruct the face. It'll it'll knock em out for sure it may kill em, so you gotta be a little bit careful whatever I assisted between commander. Did the hardest muzzle strike. I think a person could he. We took a running start without eight yards in full. We call back his weapon and drove it into this guy's head in. It deflected a little bit like around the brow and carved out big giant chunk of his scalp, no factor
guys bleed might stop pig, but he kept fight. So all that's going on and here we go back about book, while Dunham Miller and Hampton wrestled with the Iraqi Sergeant Reynolds Sniper told Sanders to provide cover in case the Iraqi had friends route. So centres is more than a desert, a dozen yards away from the fight when he heard Dunham, yellow warning, no, no, no watch his hand Hampton heard nothing except the beating of his own heart, but he kept caught a fleeting glimpse of dunams helmet on the ground. Next to the Iraqi. Done was on his stomach with his arms outstretched in front of them. And wrapped around the sides of his helmet, as if you were holding it down on top of something.
Then came the explosion, Bill Hampton saw Flash of light, but it the explosion didn't sound very loud to him. His vision blurred, and he knew that something had happened to him He just didn't know what. His first thought was whether his teeth had been hit. He read Tom along them and was relieved to find them all in place, but his face leg and arm leaked red. The concussion had broken his nose. One. Tiny metal, fragment hate him under the nostrils and another embedded itself and its top live, Piece of shrapnel about the size of a pen tip had it hit him in the right knuckle. Several shards of metal hit him in the left arm and left leg One piece hit a bone is forearmed, broke up and open and each wide whole acid exited when other travelled up his arm and cut away cut its way out. The middle of his elbow, leaving exit shaped tier tear, The enlarged is his bicep.
You remember that slowing is breathing would saw the bleeding and he tried to do so. He staggered gets the sender block wall and back toward the intersection he couldn't left, lift his rifle with his left arm. We held him is right. Trigger Garda, pistol, grip, try to keep an eye out for enemy fighters. A boom in a flash. Kelly Miller saw the explosion and its aftermath and a series of still frames. For she thought Dunham tipping over his radio headset still on by his helmet gone. They never saw the skies. He fell over backwards onto the rocket loud lodger slung from his shoulder here. Steady. Ring like the sound of a hospital heart monitor, makes with patient flatly aids Miller's, face, hurt and his and felt hot, as if he had a bad somber. He did blood in his mouth, and had a vague feeling use
being shot at. His left arm hurt. Next he tried to grab his rifle with his left hand, but nothing happened. He wondered why his arm was working. He looked down to see blood streaming off the fingertips. One piece of hot metal of hit Miller's upper lip travelled inside his right, cheek, shattered them older before coming to arrest inside of his back cheek other fragments peppered around the area around his eyes left cheek and forehead. But blast blew out his left ear drum One piece a grenade shrapnel went clean through his right. Try set Side, decide imports third, the breakaway will artery but for some reason it didn't hurt his babies upper left arm, which had been hit by five or six big chunks and metal and spread with pebble size, fragments. The explosion left Sanders the radio operator temporarily death. He saw them Dunham Miller at Hampton Hampton, not bad. By the blast and thought.
They're, all fucking dead, so with that. The surgeon. That was later actually gets up and runs and Sanders the radio operator. Then our modes on him and gives him. What is interesting in the book it was like Sanders didn't really. Undersea was looking for someone else as well. He thought there's no way to whoever was their survived. So he was looking for someone else another answered. And that leaves you Fergie kind of tat. What an organised? The Kazakh this point right voyages, from a seven man team to three rooms, get movies or of all combat in an ineffective somewhere.
The thing was trying to set up a charity collection point around the back. The fence line right there, these means tended to. Could you guys, in the book. It says I felt the actor its accurate, but I could feel the bolts passing and I was incredibly disorient, never lost consciousness. Looking down on the ground and I can see the bullet striking, and so I, got my rife with my right arm. It still worked and I actually knelt behind I know at the front of the white man, and try to hold security, one handed and ears it like an eternity. Only tell you I, but it body seconds pass in my adrenaline started away, and then I actually go back. I can't back down the line of cars way. We came because every passing. Second, my
level started skyrocket and I actually puke right there at the White Land Rover, and then I mean back behind the red vehicle, again imagine sanders came up He was passing by announcing actually so much pain. I asked him to knock me help because I just wanted to stop like ours. Is I couldn't stop puking has the pain was so had. And then I think I saw for moving up, Ask me as well: then Sergeant Reynolds, guided me to wear their carriage collection point wasn't just put me up. The wall. The pilot was at this point in the Hampton join me the thing that occurred about most- and was the same way I give to fox about myself I never asked how I was an arrest. How bill was because I can see him Where's Dunham has done now
the only thing I could care about cars like I'm. I could tell I answered talking. I can think I'm fine enough I could see bill. He was talking looking at me. He was gonna, be ok but both when I would just wanted to know where was Dunham how is Dunham those like a theme? Almost because nobody knew how'd you get did so, did you go? Did you bring down a back over the casually collection point for what it was? Actually Jason Sanders was movement him. They were fired upon and he'd gotten them back. The wall, but I cannot stress enough, because I was at the just passed the first headlight of the vehicle when unexploded in eyes absolutely amazing. I thought I had three wound Ok, I'm on my hand, because, the amount of concussion I felt, and I have the vehicle between me and just a reverberating off the walls in that Montes even says in the book I gave you could feel how halo your chest. Cavity is and
Take me back a few feet to know how to get my orientation. So the fact that these guys, any of them were able to get out there like yeah in the was the wall behind me. I, like I, put a nice little body in print, into it they went into its heart and I was on one knee hunched over, so it was Powerful? Yet it would make sense when you are talking, look at shot at. Obviously, if you're those insurgents that bailed out of those first, the Sudan and then the other guys jumped out of the crew, the Lange cruiser they What's about to happen and they're going to set up on you as soon as they get a good distance they're going to set up position, so they can start shooting at you once this suicide guy gets, does it is part of mission, there can become an ad is wondered, describable everything's because- My hearing from the Version was so fucked I couldn't
here being shot at, I actually had. No, I was been shot through. Hearing The only reason I knew I need couldn't be theirs cause. I can feel it I saw the dirt strike marks. Save your bill. I didn't anybody shooting and just baffles me because I stood up and I walked back. Towards desert in Ferguson, and Let me now that I through bullets, and I have no clue I could hear anything was ringing. My I mean I got slap in the face of filling a slap in the face with a shovel I mean whoever did it got a full swing with that shall be That's I can't explain it any other way. It was just you got hit with a shovel in the face they were almost like walking, zombies, odyssey, obviously cousin concussion that and then he uses nose like if I can hurts
All right- and I could tell the way they were holding their arms and which alarms were hurt and which alarms were damaged, and then I can see some other visual wounds aren't going to be fine when we get back there, what about your break. Your artery, be in here. How that is, it's like a waterfall going down my arm. He puts his arms up. Those are far all three of my nerves, my left arm, damaged our high bicep I had no function from my shoulder down. I can't move my fingers contended I'll, send no feeling because Are you in shared. Then I'm gettin body aid and Unlike weary, like his left arm- is a problem. I know my my right arm hurts and the like, No, no you're left arm, and also I just look in my kemys bread and, unlike it's like somebody took a water bottle, is just wanted on your shoulder, initially flooding down, they watched it just what This can be seen
since then, I actually got him both break your cause. I lifted my right arm up after he cut my sleeve off and it was- scooter. So I hadn't did either getting tourniquets on both arms. Animal certain Reynolds was doing. That was, was rent, around thirty eight, any ok self, aided my leg and then I think help me with my arm, but I so faded my leg, what he was doing out with Miller and then and then I had to be adequately. Not as serious as respite things. You worry about after you get hurt, don't make any sense, about took off her watches, because we know one cut it off. I was pissed off as I have showered in thirty days and I shouted enforcers wearing clean kemys They have my blouse off the rift it now. The buttons went off from my first time. Mother
I looked a bill and I told her mother. I got my boots off. I was pissed about my boots. Getting caught authors leases cut the laces pull it off. I want those back here The bill. Can I turn my mom was gonna, be pissed I got to go probably right about that, but it's amazing what the mine can do. I'm sitting there with our breakers damage to tourniquets on I've lost. It's a blood. And I'm worried about most trivial. Things goes again on the twenty one year old, who think some pretty even visible, but it fuck in her. Right now How long it get the Gaza conferred going they were there in a matter of minutes. We used are fixed, out our Jason centres. Once again, he was also because he had that all set up moving both. He asked me to what clarification I said: one urgent surgical to routine and he took care of all that
and a lot of is the way that the skipper broke down our company because really is groundbreaking, because I always go comparable. That no matter what the mission I have fifty ones with me back a breach. Demo, ores, Before anything, my mortar man, there were call for fire specialists and they are also met a vat guys and then thirty once when we rightly my company. In Cuba, one were the only ones we didn't. He no help from lemme wicked man, whatever position more nineteen, two forty golf. So the way We did that, though it was awesome, that paid off dividends, you're having Jason Sanders, and I didn't tell him anything except for the car education. How would you vehicles came in to get you? It was our. What was it you herself wrote tat way. The way to start was their Mcmanus himself, reform mix for vehicles over wash position. We kept them
Any time we had a union zone. Anyone what we're out of Amazon first two months we had a cat section. In zone around the clock. As as a ready cure wrath. In case the battalion in in the meantime came contact. There is always someone in zone could fucking respond, wonder For me, it was an intel cat, wait Kim and picked up Dunham that actually realized how bad I was hurt. A guide, Buddy Aden at the turn dont burden stout Gunnar for cat like him, and I went to the school router at some time and his vehicle parked read by the warning could see me I looked at him and he looked at me like. I know, you're going to be fine, we're going to get you out of here and you you're trying to conference, but it was look on his face when you Can I mean that that that was when I was like.
It's something like I mustn't B is ok. I think I am right now the thing. No one wants to hear. You're gonna be ok having to get you out of here that was the thing to I was worried about it cuz my facial expressions. I could tell, and I told sergeant Reynolds Hey, look cuz, I was worried. We might have to turn the kid that or something cuz I knew he was. He was bleeding that and but The weird thing I remember is because everything was gone off in and who say, but we just had the incident, we know what was going on Time saw my like I guys up on. My eight would wonder how much scary wouldn't have for you. There has been a marked street in the middle of this stuff. So you you have to be prepared to fight you, don't you get to the to the Elsie like Roger that stuff weapons ready in lower them up we can send anybody with them as we have our ground. Ellen exposes the cat guys and in reality
I'm back train them here we want. We want guys, we wonder luxury, we every ass market. We are we asking like what were you going back in the leg rock train in both Billinger Khazars? ideas all the time on training as a great, only about fucking, twice yes, it wasn't just can't wait. Aspired was also are high. Export any fontecchio or company gunny gunning. He he heard a call. When Sanders contact, TAT, wise use on the path to net, so he passed down there as well, and it was our own high backs. Did they the casualties up into to get him back to the Kazi back he'll, see in her saver it's what did you forget? You stayed out there. Yes, with with with what you Sanders. There's three you know
And I asked Ass Army ATO and what we did as our way to the cat guys came and we move forward. And we just went around that position to clear those two houses and the weakest Mamma and enemy repealed abuse from her and carbon out with cargo Holstein right. You we were on the western edge, of the age Kay at an old, abandoned mosque overlooking the Wadi and who saved the west. When we heard the gunfire an error, I never heard of a fuckin grenade, I never heard a blast all I heard with small arms fuck and there is a common there with me and SAM. Our arab hating atheist. The linguists though we inherited from first the third thank God, and so get those too.
And yielded Carbo home. We ran towards the sound of the fire there was a black said Dan was backing. Out of that that road then line of vehicles was stacked on. There is a vehicle training, get the fuck out of doors in reverse. We stop did SAM was there. We started search in the trunk, and he they're gonna, fuckin wedding. So let us go so we let him go and I looked down the road and certain Reynolds sniper the wit, prolong I could see him next to a line of vehicles in he yelled at me, to cut off a white piglet, truck that was headed, south, so
All I can grasp the situation at the time was that made contact with insurgents and There is at least one vehicle trying to get out there that we need to cut off. So I add Carbo Hall, who is he would have gotten to where we were destined amber by that time? pushed all the way south to the train tracks as we are pushing south we saw can't why Ray seen from the direction of stand and whose but just to cry the worry they were flying full lying east beneath the train tracks. We didn't we I had no cars and fucking radio concise. I sought at no clue but that was your boys being chasm that threat
so we got into the water treatment plant and in colonel had no comes on his interest. Radio waves You just scared and. For radio. Now we still using caviars, yet pure the time so We needed elevation to be able to give coms with Dunham. So we got to the water to plan, which was the tallest had, building around and carbon scrambled up to one of the roofs Got a hold of sanders and in one of them rings. Colonel actually got a views on so tell from history spect of how we can get to where they were so he came back down and then we arrived on foot at the sight when we got to the site- fur were standing there in the mill.
The road In front of them, or maybe behind them wide toward land Cruiser Honor forget he had. It was widely ex goggles on came up to me and he said: hey, Sir, Miller in Hampton her gonna be all right. And there's something about his tone. There implied that Miller Hampton weren't these objects Fuckin statement. Looking in the eyes, the fucker you San
this is done. So I do largely a popular saying and said we, clear these fuckin houses. So I stood post on top of one of their buildings. While these guys throughout the rest of the house. The vicinity and We told in some e p that right, I support time date they and got back to the site.
For it was explained to me what had happened and always looking around they had taken the war. Turns out of that cruiser and stack them up again the wall. As I recall there were a case couple Geez mark, one Add bomb british made grenades. Like a pineapple grandly from over and I saw some nurse. I saw what looked like a large chunk of kevlar. And already knew that the mood was scrubbing knights of contact win can't read, lost that marine
to raise PVC Smith, and I can't remember, the ceremony was killed in that real, remind striking the age k, justs Fuckin, Maybe twenty metres from where the Santer back on Saint Patrick, there sometime around them, then two days after the incident steps are at the petition certain for cat. Why was patrol upon diamond and they rolled up couple in a black Bmw with a pistol GPS and I recall them. They were grids saved to that GPS. There they were inside the Fuckin Battalion Patrol base at the translation, unwelcome and one of those one of those guys had Pfc Smith S court
they had scrub decided that my strike and My first thought was that was probably a piece Kepler from the inside one of those humvee doors. A form visa. Those doors are armoured, Kevlar on the inside My first I was where it came from. But I'm looking at it. I see Scott familiar shape to it, and that's that, scoop on the side of their the cap where it drops down from the visor to cover the ear. And I realized I was home in place of a killer helmet, and I started looking around a night. I notice that there were tiny scraps of Kevlar cover, Fuckin road.
From Wall the Wall probably governor a damn, at least two hundred from our group, Square foot area, there is kevlar scraps everywhere, and a call over the furnace words dunams helmet and for cultures, guys and grabbed. We went to wear ones, gear, restore stage at the c c, p behind that wall and there is no helmet, they couldn't they found the rest of his gear, but no helmet and realising that was. His helmet was all over that fuckin road and I looked a furnace enlist the ship picked up
the last thing I wanted those fuckers to see the goddamn move was that they can get us. Formed no sign of weakness that they could John too. And one of the Marines had a couple of tea gown the plot bags and his backpack in over for waterproofing fucking. Whatever Gary, was carried and we filled to two gallons of block backs with pieces of dunams homer, four gallons of fucking Kevlar, replaced off that road so my assumption was there. Based on the injuries it for told me about Dunham had sustained was that he was probably
facing the grenade and I just assumed the blast- had ripped the helmet off his head and blown apart and it wasn't until two days later when I was sitting down with sanders in the fourth too space therewith built diviners within that warehouse, To give at least petitions thereon fuckin space, and I was sitting with Sanders eyes caught and Four were there and we are talking about Dunham, and Sanders me a story about it,
can conversation that occurred two weeks earlier. When when kill for was still attached to lemme during a between patrols, error, rested in their damn. Space, doing dart, tournaments, dart tournament, the White Border man and Jason always at the Dark board practising or just school and people. This conversation comes up The type of conversation Combat rains have combatants period Cute You take that that medal of Honor citation book thicker than a friggin bible, in my estimation that- and I used to read from that thing: old timers instructor, the basic school
Can we have citations in that? Damn book are from rains and soldiers, current funding rang for some racing about an outlet for take it from here. He was there for the conversation What was actually the conversation? Were you there with them when the tax I member Yemen, soon Commander, you all turn more looked at me and you. What do you think captain Jason said, you'd covered up. I set a kick back or pick it up to throw a back the topic is what you do with a live grenade. What you do and rules to your feet? What do you do you run? I mean I just assume: kick it get away from Us
I'm at a theory that, if you put the helmet on it, and then you shoot your body on top of it with the US happy plate, the helmet and the flag. But, unlike concur, from it is still gonna rocky world. That's what they were talking about and with TAT Robinson says beside it doesn't really matter, because the grades only got a three five seven fuse, time covered with the help of way I'm done much. Aramis has really we back in a second and he goes back was gear and shows back up with this phenomenon? looks ITALY, TAT, Missus tie me some War breaks out his g shocking says, go and within it a second element tilted his head forward. Chintz trap after June, in its swept the helmet on the deck something he'd just thought about it.
Where's that shit here, he was so comprehensive. In his concern for his marines. He was axing what to do with a fucking lot. Grenade and my fucking job drop when Andrews told me restored and I, got right. The fuck up and right into the damp outshines cp lieutenant. Colonel Lopez was in his office. Knocked on the hatch- and I said Sir I just found out what happened to Dunham. And I explained to him what I just work from Sanders
looking uses, ok get written up. So I'm back to the fuckin companies is an agreeable to dinner, the two men for olive fuck. For months the second lieutenant being told by his company commander too, after a medal of Honor citation any lieutenants, whoever ever get thrust into their situation and all this is unfolding well Kelly Bill- you gotta get gas backed our country by the Norwegian we went to
anaconda. First, her I did. I went there back to our time hey station are therefore only be covered this time the station, and then I went From there I went to Al Assad. When I and transported in there the helicopter, the aid We were legal status. Miller's on top I'm on the bottom. Take us less good boy did what Miller still. A boom no miller I needed. Clarification as again now ass. You say it's two days after this that you're getting you start you pieces together. You know it's like you had one, and now you get
the other one and I got one of what he calls to you got balls start, the right up, the citation for forwarding up the chain of command but but one thing it a lot of people specially civilians. Don't understand is that. They're, still missions to do still work to be done and it the enemy did do any of you get to win they don't back off. In fact, oftentimes they step up, which means we get no rest from a leadership perspective. You guys now, looking at your troops, going ok here's what happened. We are about to do What? What did that look like from your all's perspective? It was a really each time we knew.
That don't had been Kazi, backed and eventually it made it back. Stateside Tibet Thurston we're in them for the fucking middle of it, and on the seventeenth, hell broke loose and that was data gathering for his range from weapons between Lemme company were killed and that that you adopt a battle for the same and that lasted for three freakin days came out of their own there. On the nineteenth and so that there was a conventional attack. Defence force. By sweeping clear within them,
tired town of you, but then back to patrolling again right back to it. There is no no break in There was the last thing that I was gonna take was a break. Because now now we know what the fuck and score is we ve, just we ve lost. A marine on a knife edge massive ambush we ve lost Dunham there the baton is taken, casualties remedy is blowing My good friend Chris Bronzy takes fifteenth me actually, on the thirteenth coming commander to four
is in there in their fight for the fucking life, it's going to help her basket across all our problems, so there is no rest. We were in it and. Eventually got word on the twenty second, that Dunham past when he was removed from my support. So He lived for eight days from point of injury to in real life, support this set aside, The common on rank were there as well that is all for us and
In total, we're in the middle of it there's no break It's just something else that we had to absorb and when I got the word that evening, when we had a breakin patrols, I pulled Whole company in and gave him the news One of the things that that. Really on the this. This guy What's he literally interviewed like everyone in TAT came in contact with Jason for that time period ends.
The story ass, it unfolds is very but it's so detailed than it lets you. It gives, he born insight into not just the frontline troops wherever that's that's in that in the service and what they're doing the medical folks. There's a section right here that debt, park, its back a little bit to that Its is AL. Ought Iraq on the morning of April, Fourteenth Becky sparks commander of Alpha surgical company received an email with new instructions from the chief surgeon, the first marine expeditionary force, the title treatment of expectant patience, patience or have struck a civilian is out of place in a hospital in the middle, the combat zone, but on a battlefield met. Medicine expire
didn't means quite the opposite of what it does and far away world of maternity wards and delivery. Ropes Spected mother is expected to create life and Beckett soldier. Was expected to die. For years, the email, occasionally in our trio of patients, in the combat violence. We classify. Patients is expected. The chief search wrote with four casualties. These patients have our Lois priority for care, but they have the highest priority for care for another member of our Navy Marine Corps Team, the chaplain Unexpected patient does not always die Spectin means you expect something to happen, and most often it is death, but sometimes after the higher priority patients have been treated and x. Active patients survives there there.
There should be continued with resources that can be committed. Hurrah. Efforts may seem to be helpful in the short run, but if resources are expended when the next patient arrives than you have not helped this latter patient. This is when judgments are critical, and I would dare say that very very few of us have enough experience to make these decisions easily, when the decisions must be made. Talk about it, include your entire team in your decisions, move on. The patient is expected. Make sure that he is comfortable that someone stays with an until something happens. The pace Does die doc at the death appropriately. At the seven I am staff meeting commander sparks a brisk woman whose auburn, hair and bright lit lipstick stood out next to the black nine millimeter pistol hanging from her shoulder past, the chief surgeons message along to her physicians She briefly discussed it with them, highlighting the advice that doctors revisit the expected once wants that
have treated the other patients. Then she moved on other issues. That New Jason Dunham arrived at alpha surgical company expected to die, in alpha surgical, companies, contingency plan for dealing with mass casualty event Possibility for the expected ward fell in the navy. Dental team. They had enough general knowledge to push intravenous food into a dying man, but not enough to be much use in the trauma were ward operating. Room or intensive care unit dental Technician first class Christopher Graham, who had help carried Jason Stretcher, inform the helicopter been waiting outside the emergency room, while the doctors completed their trio's after Fifteen minutes the door opened in an order emerged from the chaos please
this patient to the expected ward. Graham and three other Graham and three others carried corporal dunams letter to deem white tiled room with a pair of broken shower stalls. A tape above the door red washroom. All the saw is were used elsewhere, worse of validity, carefully placed the structure on the floor. Grandson, By corpuscles, by the corporal side cross from Rachel Sterling a twenty one year old, dental technician, third class sterling The chosen service in the Navy, because her grandfather and great uncle had been sailors maybe who tenant James Elles Harris the third a thirty two year old, Dennis from crime? the Texas joined them in the expected warm word and deed, The chaplain Did the chaplain lieutenant? What's. Then they waited for Corporal Dunham to die For forty five minutes they spoke to him in soft voices.
Holding his hands and stroking his limp, monsieur arms, ass, Lieutenant Harris pushed fluid. Painkillers into his veins from an ivy sack. The marine corps is proud of you and world. Out of you Graham told Well, obviously, em. Dunham was a fighter, wasn't wasn. Was going give up makes it to Germany and you know again. I think I. Shows up in Germany,
and this is the year. Situation, he was in Jason, was hooked up to a plethora of medical equipment over the course of the day. It was an inter cranial pressure, monitor There was a catheter that passed through his urethra drain, his bladder into a bag, a line ran into his left femoral artery, to monitor his blood pressure and allow the nurses to draw blood samples easily. He had a rectal, temperature probe on the right side of his coin, was a triple headed catheter running into a vain for I ve fluids and drugs and endotracheal tube in his mouth, to facilitate the passage of air between the ventilator and his lungs plus, a suction tube, to draw excess fluid from his lungs and an gastric tube to suck out stomach acid. Impressive sleeves on both camps, alternating these squeezed and relax, to keep blood moving through his legs to prevent clots I've pads on his chest, mongers heartbreak
oxygen, monitor, was clipped onto his finger. A blood pressure cuff was on his arm in case the automatic reading failed. Nurses put a sterile plastic cup under each year to come, the serene cerebrospinal fluid that continue to drain. Out of his your drugs,
So he's normal conditions, horrible permission and he's on the brink of of of die. This whole time. These men. Folks in the military are doing everything they can to making. Our efforts. An aid they want to get him stable enough. So that they can get him back to America at a minimum, An error there actually are able to do that
at this time. Jason's, mom and dad had been notified of others. That their son had been wounded, and this is one thing that's. I don't know what the protocol is when. Someone gets killed, there's a there's, a knock on the door. When someone's wounded. Depending on the severity and how well it's known- and I don't know what they do in the Marine corps in the seal teams- they're gonna still try and give someone a knock on the door. But why, damn damn Dan got was a phone call, hey No, what's going on, we ll have much information. Jason's been wounded and If I remember correctly, even get like a massive amount of criticality, you know they didn't. They worked quite sure, but
They do find out that he's common. They get two Dc Bethesda area and. Jason nickel personnel, the Germany, are able to get him stable enough to. Send him back. And when he lands back in America. This is what our fault, Thirty nine year old, Lieutenant Colonel Jim Burne was working as a federal prosecutor going After colombian drug traffickers, when he volunteered for active duty, he expected to end up at the naval base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba prosecuting the Taliban kind of suspects. Instead the Marine Centre Bethesda. TAT, the liaison unit.
Burn strove to Andrews AIR Force Base Wednesday night too the plane from Germany and watch the crew load corporal dunams litter, private ambulance waiting on the tar back, sat for a few minutes. Next adjacent Laurie The plane was deafening and burn leaned over the speed it to his ear. Welcome. Back euro we're gonna, take care of you. Earth colonels standard, greening for a wounded man. Bird had no idea of Jason could hear him. But just in case plain that They were at the year base where the president's plain landed, going to be taken to the naval hospital.
In the. And when he gets there. This is where his mom and dad Jason's mom and dad didn't. Dare finally get to see him, Dan and Dead walked into the room and saw Jason line naked on his back. A towel covering is growing in a catheter tube running to a year and backed by the foot of his bed was rapid, gauze, and the left side of his face was a mass of purple and read it. That bracelet tilted his head slightly both eyes- were still swallowed, shot and dunams imagined de left eye socket beneath the information. His lip and tongue which protruded next plastic breeding, tube, looked parched,
The ventilator moved his chest up and down in perfect, robotic rhythm rhythm. His feet, curled down towards each other in an exaggerated, pigeon toad position, Dan thought he looked thin as if his muscles were already fading. Body looked called I'd, love to put a blanket. She said I know that's the instinct. The nurse responded but we're trying to keep him cool. Deb sat in a chair on Jason's, more heavily damage left side and dance at across from her. They each Wanna Jason's hands they each other's hands across station stomach. We love you. Sure, Jason. You're gonna, be all right. Hi, honey, Deb said we're here, your home and we're here.
So again at this point I mean you, still are working did. You guys have mean for you would see. You'd seen, Jason had probably where the most Whenever aware, you know mentally, while you're getting him Kazaa, backed what were you thinking do you think, did you think he was gonna live? Did you think
what I told you what I want. What I was thinking is like if we survived the first twenty four hours, that kind of going along with the no news was good news things, so it would like day for five and we started having really a lot of hope. You know, that time you see stabilize, we haven't heard, not them my thence unless what kind of told up its own way I've seen him? I really you can tell a lot of his damages and at the time Kilo six it only later that a peace had come up through bottom of his throat Wednesday We do not know that at the time to adjust others already capillary bleeding. I was worried as long is that pressure from the grenade. Like I said every day that you lived, I was I was hoping for I could tell the zone because your they ask every day for updates and just and the biggest thing is we still had to go work
and everything- and I remember, on the fourteenth- your body goes through. These is illogical changes that you really can describe to you do it in whenever the happen. You just go off your training than you'll. Think about it, but I remember as being at Camp Ganem, Limbless Lena's pause. Was just about the sun gonna set here another hour so, but we had a role that role through that dams. Town again in Cuba, to our train station but I remember, then I felt sick switch spots with them ring from certain in the back up against the cab, the hungry too, and so I can draw here and you know, and then I remember going back that night. Rode up a statement that was page and half long causes I knew what had happened and I knew it was gonna, be metal, little or Navy Cross for for what you did was hoping. But I also remember to waking up in the middle of the night that translation violently just from
explosion again and hearing that and just sitting up right violently and it's like, can train yourself for that, but till you experienced savages he can't help them and then I remember some of the Marines being angry and they won like retaliation, especially as we have those three enemy, Peel Debbie's, but dyke can't guy. We gotta get back in Tell clogs all that stuff. The bigger picture thing that some tough days for the company. One thing that it's interesting. Both both you guys mentioned is like and this is a double edged sword, but I'll take it is. You have work to do and We we're gonna have to deal with these things at some point, but you know What what when I lost my first guy mark lee-
we had there's no instruction manual and protocols to follow. There's no there's no book procedure that we could follow. There's nothin like that. And it was just me and then you know was the first you killed in Iraq And- There wasn't a lot of experience in dealing with that. And what I said to the guy's was. We're gonna go back to work that's what we're gonna do, order to go back to work and I believe there is Something beneficial to that, and one of the things that I notice a lot with guys do get. When they have a hard time. A lot of times, I see its guys that don't have a new mission of some kind of what is your new mission to be an that's one of the things that I advise
your military folks that are better transitioning out of the military You need a new mission. You gotta have something else to focus on Because, if you don't do that, then You're stuck yours, Thinking about this stuff and though Spots. You have to have right. You have to have if you're going to have them overtime. You know we were talking about this earlier you're going to have those thoughts every time you got to sort this out your head, but just like when you have, when you get sick and you take medicine you'll, take all the medicine at once. You don't take all the medicine wants, you take it a little bit of time and you bring it back a little bit of time. You you here, over time, and I I believe that a good thing about having when you're on the pointed like. Oh, yes, what we're gonna do Will you have a ceremony at then we're gonna get back to work tomorrow afternoon. And I think that beneficial
and we don't always get that opportunity, and especially guys that get home and get out. It can be really hard because their revenue mission in their dare try take all that medicine at once, which is which is hard to take heartily Call that medicine at the same time the medicine is gonna, be there like it's do your brain? Ask it sorted out over time, but- Take your time with it and when the only ways to do that is, if you have a new mission, something else to focus on if you guys get Kazaa backed all was that process like we got split up at times. Because I was a little more severe than bill. So American picked up from Elsie parent and they said, at the very root of the black hawk I could see was the ceiling, and I hear is the blades and then
Must have passed out a logo on a fake, as it was really short. A number waken up in the tiny aid And there were no my arms still here. Shit as really out of it, but I wasn't. There was like It will very surreal like I could send everything that was going on and I could see people doing stuff. But at the same time like I just wasn't mentally processing what was going on like on the door there's asked me if anything was with my mouth, and I didn't say anything I just reached in and pulled out a to fragment and showed it to us the non verbal answer. So I believe Gibson for our attempt to do you guys come into bs and see me before I flew out the time aid Cinema
eventually even told ok, just words. A moment human rob. I can remember. Ok I remember them coming in any news right before I was getting pushed out to our side because, I needed some abrasion surgeries which- God now Assad Basically, once a tiny announced by myself- I didn't have anybody else. In our I got sweat pants cause. I was in just boxers and am one of the key Maybe. People there, the muse, sat phone and I called home. Unfortunately, that goes. I left my dad out the dry on that one. Sorry, dad well. What was the message? Dad dad got wounded? Guess not homes are by no here he answered, and it was. Times when mom moment at work. So I call my dad I call
and my dad answer, they cater college now know I got her. I'm ok. I'm gonna end up in Germany. Soon I dont know when But I wanted to let you know that was it is it ok, I love you know everything, The problem was a lot more questions and he didn't have any answers. You know she was just happy that I called and told him. I was okay, you didn't think that stuff. So I kind of left my tablet ten point, one. But if he doesn't AL for few days, I had two degrees surgeries and then they as a me out to Germany. In Germany, I had two more region surgeries. Bandit changes. And I was therefore five days-
and I was actually peered up with one of the guys that was on the roof, they got hit yeah and he had taken a bullet in the hip and travel down his labor. It came out of pity to Yes, I came on name, he ended up yes and he can the vector taxes from Germany, because that's where is run so once I love Germany, I hid Bethesda for four days. I had one word abrasion surgery and that was it there and the man I had a bow in in in the on my mom. I had fallen out to Maryland. She was there. First it with me. She flew on military five from the third to the first
she didn't show you she was, she was amazing. The hope she jumped through to find out when I was asking to fester, were pretty impressive. She had an old friend who was attired airport colonel shadow, of him, he actually found out work has ratified. I was on and then she rallied her friends to get air miles and flew out and met me outstanding And then in boy I had two oral surgeries and like a seventh reason, surgery, because my arm had got hit so bad. I was and swelling whose basely pushing the muscle out of the woods so they had to clean up and I know, function and am I was in San Diego. Beat me. The same they'll be made a San, Diego. Because actually Linda behind their cause. I was there for a week in half before they sent me home on convalescent, because I can
take care of myself, so they just sitting here. Sixty days go home, so I M back onto Eureka and then in Eureka had former surgeries Two days from being home, I reached out to grab a glass of water if my right arm- and I had a piece of metal sitting Right- am I break already on the right hand, side the flexing from the muscle pushed the shovel down rupture. Break all in my arms swill up, huge and just causing not a I'd, have emergency surgery that night, Well, our vascular Sergio my right arm where I got from my ankle, grafting and a bunch of stuff Then, two weeks later, on my follow up for that the doctor, I asked my question doctor, but my left arm cause there's this weird vibration. In my pick, a few of my right hand, he puts his hand on varies a you haven't even officially we're gonna for surgery tonight so What what was isn't an av, so my break already had a hole it in So my vain had a hornet. So
what's coming out of my break ordering going back in my veins, charming down my arm like its both you and it creates like a really low. They called a thrill, but if it vibrates breeds, we can feel it. I was bad enough. So that was sixteen hours surgery happened that night and Then the rehab started for me, as eight months of physical therapy Two more surgeries lot, cussing lots of. But in the silver like my recovery processes after the surgeries is the brink I tried medically discharging broken marine. That was unacceptable to me, so captain
that time he put me in to company office staff? I was described Down so I did that was re. Having in when rotated out. We got a new captain. Captain gives new as a new company commander, and he allowed me stay on and keep having, Shari come back and it got whereas banned from his office. Has you Tired of me asking to go back to my party and it took me nine months of physical, be rehab a lot of getting here. Let us stop asking and. Captain Ash told me that I bet I'll bring it up again and this at a note from my doctor, my physical therapists and my mom tell ok enough to go back to the tune my mom I think, are shocked him. The next day when I came into the
Thus, with a note from my doctor, my physical therapists and my mom come on scratch. Guru mob decide off, but that's all so she knew I had to because we are gearing up to deploy romani in the whole time I, like I signed up to serve my four years are not merely discharged eyesight signed up to do my four years, so it can have She did like it, but she respected it. I think- and I M so he. Let me go back to opportune and I'd point again, but it was. It was indeed I needed to prude myself. I was about to die. There I had to go back and make sure all my brother's made it back I had to do a Dunham did for me. I d make sure everybody made it back and I just I had to serve my four years. It was this a spirit, a core derive.
To do what I signed up to do the whole time. I went through the emotional rainbow. This journey, it wasn't an easy journey at all. I went from so Destructive to depression, fires, invincible lot of what about choices, but in the end I I found this path of I'm not fuck and hurt. I'm not fucking stables. My arm and I planned slope its softball. Got yelled at my mom twenty one on a field with twenty of your friends and your mom shows up the stairs fucking yeah, it's embarrassing by that's how I healed is Got so fed up with being hurt, that's a fucking not hurt, I'll buy were open handed out to do.
But why should I mostly deployed with arm in a two thirds because my left arm wasn't stronger. Sooner have orange mobility. I was good enough to fit. And make it a good. You know, but. It was about a coping and I had to be run eyebrows Kosovo wasn't around them, probably wouldn't. I will kill myself someway somehow and I need them help me. Please keep grounded to give me a mission. My mission was They're gonna make it through this one. So. That was a lot of surgeries yeah a lot. I'd gone for a shorter surgery, because the war fuck my back and shoulder a pretty good and anesthesiologist. You know the guy to talk to you a frequent surgery she's like have you ever had, instead of four guys got this huge she's like what am I I'm an anastasia, proud.
I'm good, don't worry about me. I wake up from it. Just fine she's like how do you know and as I am about six, surgery, deep lot of metal, bill. You get chasm that it has backed. I think I want to after the Battalion aid Station And the Miller and I got on the helicopter. From there. I went to Anaconda an eight. Some metal out of my leg and stick me up and day later, a couple hours later, I was on a flight up the limestone. And then from their away, straight into San Diego. Stay there for about a week or two to skip. Made sure that,
I hold in my arm, wasn't gonna be detrimental then, they sent me on my gone combo eve, where'd you go on combo with back home of the Washington Washington. Nice place to convert her in all one of the hardest things through my whole life. Rebecca was nobody honey answers for me. I didn't know. No, and I saw a new- accept astronaut Jason, I wanted to know my mom had during the point, became a contact with Devon Dan Become became, you know a marine family And my moments when the next tell me Jason fast, when I was in as it does. First on hospital and stole me, a member
It was like crushing, which we just Bree living at all again, The lieutenant wanted, knowing only news, I got really was the bad news. Bill you you're, it sounds like you're, the one that actually saw. Oh, you saw him with his helmet reached out and your private first person at that. I know what just happened My sister broke the news to me on the twenty second, twenty third, twenty. Fourth whatever they came down to her and stated Fischer House. About about Bobo. Yeah when I pulled that rifle back and I taken in my head, my
had gone down and he was right there with right, learn frightened I didn't. I thought his helmet and come off during the during the fight and. Like our old him, There are go I'll, do this and then- You know what I know. Talk a lot about decision making and and ass combat leaders you gotta make decisions. Your ex existing you're, my car decisions and. As hard as those decisions are, I there's a. The absolute
Most horrible of all decisions. But I can't even fathom to make as one that Dandan Deb were faced with this is based on the fact that their gettin told that. I made this. This is what they get told. Doktor done introduced himself and Doktor Mahl again, Join them back in the waiting room dead thought. The thirty five year old Mulligan was pretty damn thought you seem lawfully young for neurosurgeon doktor Mulligan spent little time on pleasantries. The prognosis for your son is grim. She said she explained the biggest grenade fat, fragmented, cost, so much damage that, even if he survived Jason, would likely be paralysed on one side and unable to speak or understand those who spoke to him. So of his brain stem, destroyed its ability to keep the body alive unless machine Breathing for What you see is what you have she said
You will never be able to hear you know you were there. Well, then said there is an operation she could do to relieve the pressure Jason's brain she warned she was sure the Jason was strong enough to survive the surgery or that it would do any good. Even if you did survive. The damage she believed had already been done. Not be reversed. The chances for full normal, you recovery, are or non existent. The doctors then mentioned the unmentionable The Dunham should consider taking Jason off of life support, so
They pulled out a copy of juices living well, which he had signed while serving at the Sub Basin Georgia. They read it together in silence. If, at any time, I should have a terminal condition become in a coma with no reasonable expectation of regaining consciousness will become in a persistent vegetative state, with no reasonable expectation of regaining significant cognitive functions function, In any such event, Directed the application of life saving procedures to my body, be withheld and withdrawn. And then I be permitted to die.
so they make their decision the Dunham start the breathing Seemed more labored than before, either through the ventilator, I can't sit here and watch us anymore, dad told Deb doc done described, how they were disconnect ventilator, then, what happen afterwards, a nurse hooked up a morphine dripped, Jason's ivy. Is he going to feel anything? Deb asked the doctors assured her tat. He would not. The Dunham stepped out of the room, the medical staff Pull the current clothes net for thirty five p m. The respiratory therapists slid the tube from Jason's throat. The nurse turned off the alarm on his heart, monitor The observer Jason's right side across from there. Doktor, don't stood at the foot of the bed watching
Jason and the monitors the Turks a burden to his men stood there in silence. The colonel knew he was intruding on a private moment considered leaving, but this ban, was corporal dunams final battlefield. He thought. A Marines don't abandon their brothers on the battlefield. A chaplain administered last rites. Then he leaned over to help their removal gloves and she once again fell juice and skin. She held is here. Sometimes she reached across and held dance, and sometimes she pressed her own Jason's heart would break you dad said we love you.
Deb touch the side. And the bridge of Jason's no stroked his arms and said it's ok, honey. You can go now doktor on watches the blue line on the monitor screen, showed plunging levels and oxygen and Jason's blood His heart rate fell into the green line when silently flat one step forward and bent down to less magicians, lungs and heart. He straightened up. Remove the stethoscope from his ears and said he's got. There is for forty three p m April twenty second, two thousand and four. Jason's body relaxed. And they had thought his son look like himself again. Then put a photo of
family the hand. I know we were talking before we get this thing off down.
We're talking about the fact that the others always things that we can look at from, whether its decision you made whether it's a meaningless decision or one that matters no hay. We stopped here, do we go there or do we put this unit over here to go over there and we go down this road? Do I go on this side of the vehicle that there's a million little decisions that we all make and we all made, It is something that can absolutely. It's something that. None of us can change and is something that if we, If you knew the outcome. If any of us knew the outcome of the situations that we ve been through shared. Look back and say up go instead a right
Go forward and said, o back go to that vehicles. Are this vehicle. But we don't have that luxury. We don't have the luxury of knowing what the outcome is: gonna, be of every decision that we make. But we do have? We do have control over the decisions we make. The decisions that we make What we do now and how we handle The things tat we ve been through, And ass,
I hear this story unfold and said here with you guys yeah have rhetoric about. Not so much the fact that look, there's a million decisions we all made. Led to this point in our world, We can't control on. We can't take him back, and even if we could, we didn't know the outcome. But we have the opportunity to make decisions now But to move forward in the right direction.
You know we ve been on, we ve gone for a while and in I told you guys in the beginning I was like this is gonna suck and I was also talk about the fact that, like anything that Socks, you know you, you gain something from it. Do you make progress. You become stronger. Is the bottom line. You know you do something hard. As an individual, when you do something hard, you become stronger as a unit as you do something hard. You become stronger. These things that we go through make us stronger. They make us better. And your before, before, we. Close out, you know, I don't know if I just if you guys want to have one last thought. You know about Jason.
About his impact on you. And the decisions you may now in your life bill what he got brother. I'll keep by myself Occupies myself with four kids. Two acres and small farm I've I didn't grow up, hunting. But when I got out of the marine corps I took up hunting, I got into it. I got, Certificate and then went out and applause more or less my infantry, too, hunting. I found this
the more time in the woods and the more time I'm out there, it so quiet. That I can find myself and I Find peace and when you get at it, Is it a challenge, though, when you're climbing up the hill. If you love a he'll, is really work is that you, the top of the hill and their because Jason I've got Kids to teach and a teacher to hunt and they love the idea of it all. I've got things to do now because Jason I've got of life to live. I've got for race
and I got my best friend that helps me. She's, an incredible woman, altogether on our own. That's, she's she's been holding me together quite a bit we're goin almost fourteen years now yeah. Well, everything you just said from the farm, to the hunting too. Raising for and reason f