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218: Pinned Down, Shot In The Head, Still Winning. With Ike Eisenbach

2020-02-26 | 🔗

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0:08:40 – Charles Robert "Ike" Eisenbach. Silver Star. Vietnam.

2:17:39 – Ike's son, Matt Eisenbach.

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2:47:50 – Closing gratitude.

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This is Jack Park. Ass number two, eighty with ECHO Charles and me Jocker, willing redeeming echo good evening, in the marine corps in Vietnam, first and second lieutenants, made up about sixty five percent of the Marine in officers killed in action now view if you Add captains marine corps captains, o threes onto that you get too about eighty five percent. Of all marine officers killed in Vietnam were in these these. Relatively junior right officers. These were the protein and but he commanders you gotta. Nineteen sixty eight nineteen sixty eight was the year with the highest number of Americans killed in action in Vietnam.
Sixteen thousand eight hundred and ninety nine that's over fourteen hundred per month, fourteen hundred per month killed in action now. To put that in perspective a little bit during the heaviest fighting. When I was in Iraq, which was in two thousand and six. It was eight hundred and twenty three Americans killed now. Obviously, Every single loss is a is a tragedy, but during the Vietnam war. The tragedy was twenty acts that number.
Twenty times more people killed in nineteen sixty eight vietnam than there were in it I can two thousand six. That is just a it's just a different level now. In total, in Vietnam, there were fourteen thousand eight hundred and thirty six Marines killed. One thousand three hundred and eighty seven of those were officers, so that's sickly ten percent, of the Marines killed were off your, as has already said five percent of more these junior officers. Now you just run that mouth math out a little bit theirs. Generally, around To be one officer in between the two and this can be around forty guys, which means that these
Officers make up for about two point: five percent of Marines and then again, just by my estimation, just some rough math- That means that these young Marine officers about four times more likely to be killed, then the enlisted guys and you If you think about that you do you wonder why? Why is that? That happened, while from from a tactical perspective,. First of all, The enemy knows what I say all the time, and that is that leadership is the most important thing on the battlefield and because of that, the enemy aims to kill the leaders. And then, on top of that.
Marine officers are trained to be the first one on the ground, the first Well, that's off the helicopter. The first one is out of the vehicle. The first one in in the combat situation and then the last to leave the last to load the helicopter, the last to get inside of an APC. So right. There. Your chances go up cause you're in it long And that might only be on extra thirty seconds, but those moments when you're inserting your extracting from the battlefield, those are the most creed we dangerous moments, usually. And then on top of all that you add the fact that, as an officer you generally lead from somewhere near the front of the patrol, maybe you're, buying the point man, maybe behind the point man in the first automatic weapons, Gunnar. And since you in the front of the patrol well, increases your exposure to booby traps antics
increases your exposure to ambushes and, of course, on top of all those things when the time comes, you actually have to lead. You have to step up, you actually have to make decisions. You actually have to get your men too, maneuver on the battlefield what your job is and by the way that job distress description is not just some theoretical job description. This is what the marine. The young marine officers in Vietnam actually did, here's a here, is an example of what a young man in core officer did in Vietnam.
The president of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the silver start to second lieutenant Charles Robert Eyes and back. United States Marine Corps for Conspicuous gallantry, Torpidity in while serving as platoon commander with Company de First Reconnaissance Battalion First Marine Division fair enough in connection with, operations against the enemy in the Republic of Vietnam. On four July, nineteen sixty eight second eyes, and back was a reconnaissance patrol. The unit suddenly came under intense small arms and automatic weapons, fire from a numerical superior North vietnamese army force and the like, elements were pinned down. Realising the seriousness of the situation, he immediately directed the remainder of his men to maneuver, to aid the belief,
good Marines, while he fearlessly moved forward to direct the fire of his men, ignoring the enemy fire impacting around him, he moved about fire, swept terrain, deploying his men into advantageous firing positions and directing their fire. Until he was seriously wounded. Though he was partially paralyzed and unable to move, he continue. To direct his men while simultaneously adjusting air strikes and supporting artillery fire upon the hostile positions. Disregarding his painful injury. He resolutely controlled his unit throughout the remainder of the fire fight him. Heroic and timely actions were an inspiration to all who observed him and control. Significantly to the accomplished of his units mission by his courage.
Superb leadership and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of great personal danger, second lieutenant eyes and back up. The highest traditions of the Marine corps and of the United States naval service. Now, when you hear in a word right up like that, going to have to ask yourself. Who are these men? Where did these men come from? Where did they learned This level of courage and bravery, and where did they learn to lead? Well, It is an honour to say that today we have one of those men with us
As a matter of fact, we have that man the man whose Silver STAR citation. I just read it Ms Charles Robert Eyes, and back or Ike as he was no and he's here to share story so that we can learn some lessons from him about leadership and about life Ike. Thanks for coming on appreciate my pleasure great great to meet you. Luckily year, your son and your daughter, put together bunch of information kind of a time line of your wife, which made really easy for me to prepare, for this part casts cassettes normally what I have to go back and do but Matt priests, you do that not a problem, and
it starts off where I, where I would like to start off these Pont gas in the beginning, so sir. Let's talk about your childhood sock about like what was young. I do and where'd you come from young I wasn't around, but young Bob lies are Bobby because I was Barber Bobby to the family before I went in the service and about it week into the naval, can we please summer Squad leader got us all out? One nine gave us nicknamed some stuck some didn't. I struck that story. There was, but one Bobby was drawn up by Bobby. Dad was a career naval officer and we're just to the right of Attila the Hon. I would say it was with a hard man, but we had a child had moved very couple years back and forth coach, West Coast spending for years, and
Peru and ended up in at Subic Bay in the Philippines graduate from high school out there? So is it Trusting childhood It was he was he in World WAR too. He was, he was unable to me anyway, chemic class of thirty six flu, p be wise as he used to say, flying used to be fun but on the silk scarp. Go up or forty five minutes or so, Then somebody invented this damn p b. Why? What state allow for twelve hours? flying was not so much fun after that. But that's that's what he didn't we're or two he was in the on the Pope and the Philippines. When the war broke with his squadron, which I think would be the one on one they kind of got out. By the hair. There agent Chin their way south being islands to job. Current day, Indonesia. In Perth, Australia, from
they're. Here he came back there, for about a year, did whatever they did with folks in the world or to back them and went back picked up. Command of a b plain, Hence the sand Pablo and worked his way back up the specific with their Macarthur group. Was the battle later galvanised combatant, because such see play tenor. Isn't Every one or two five and guns are involved. Shoot him apple. Anybody, we hope not know about this carried F gas and ammunition so that we would have been a pretty picture, after world war? Two came back, I didn't even see me until I was a year old. I guess I didn't know what I look like because he said my mom's pictures. Various none were so and we just picked up the phone
We from their started moving sister, but born a couple years later after after I was born in Ireland, can separate legal we come back. The carnero once or twice Of course, these rich before long, that's right, it was they who was the fairy back. There was a big deal course. Will your little kid. It was very good fun in Europe when you're a pair. I guess I'm just a painted a, but goes you try to get back. For TAT matter from San Diego time schedule. So how long would I want you to stay in, for he was- for twenty six years. Had a heart attack out in full maize is less station. In the sixties. Our attack was Europe, emerges automatic medical, retirements, lace, shipped him back to Newport in English, retired. Probably up about seven, twenty eight years. How old were you at this point
I was in first year caused the university a veto on he had a heart attack in the night. Will carry the following year, When you are grown up, were you thinking about I mean obviously view at the University of Utah. Will you did you want to go in the navy at that point? where mass my dad being my dad. He at present for the name, academy. Can we visited aerial. I was younger anything like that. But a junior in high school. He would start with them what do. I do happier graduate from high school I didn't have a good answer. No answer was gonna, be just right well, the answer should be sought vibration. I started say labelling in one go to college, that kind of satisfying for a few months, and then he came back and said well gonna pay for their ahead. We stump for another couple of months,
finally end of my junior year, I said daddy, I think you're gonna pay for and so stop there so good at the Philippines red ribbon. I'll go out. There has seventeen at my graduate class all time high for George. Do a junior. Senior high school and I still I wasn't. No golden able carrier said this. Wasn't in my scheme of things three of us, Sir, got accepted the university Utah a virtue Yoda because I was the one school- are accepted me out of high school another. Had men, radio had these and grades and good recommendations, but assist the way things worked out in the end the early sixties was sixty two when I graduated from high school so Three of us went off from our graduating from my graduating class. After to sell excision, whereas rolled a freshman for universal outta. There was get together all the fresh moment before schools fishes
started in. And I know who is up there on the on the stage, but he was touting of the diversity back then of their entrance. And so we have to stand up and to that end we have three jobs, hair from the Philippines. We're just amply so a free, gringos kind of stood up I'd like to hear from the Philippines Well, technically, we were with leads me to a really what I thought at the time was cool If my story, we're in two other time you couldn't get a higher than three point: two beer, but and you could smoke unless you are older than eighteen. Would you get tickets for if I gotcha the baby, I'm so excited police but somehow we're the liberated some beer one night in We had a guy in the dorm who had a car, so we went up, Canyon road, evening and hour drinking beer up there,
next thing we know: is a cop car by right behind us at cop gazettes is? Are you guys get out of the car? There was the three of us from the film panes and a friend of ours who was Dad was in the diplomatic corps though he starts one entity, where are you from philippine Sir Mexican Philippines me, Philippines, and so Kitty says, I suppose, you're from the Philippines to get No sir, I'm from Saudi Arabia is they do not guys. If you go back half up the road, we don't go left me. We dump the beer and financial assistance. That's the deal And then what point did you start? Beg you not to go to the Naval Academy instead of continuing with your career at the university, you talk like career the university eats. I was fading fast ways I join in Eritrea, say and really enjoyed that, but the rest
academics related work, my forte about purse. Time my parents were back in Newport, Rhode Island, so I could cut a train back to their for Christmas and and that's when my dad, I had some serious talks about you know what I was going to do when I smoke. I promised him. I had to promise him that I would apply to the Naval Academy and I wasn't keen on it You gotta keep that happy happy dad and he kept that fifty dollars a month. Spending money coming. Typically was spent long before it arrived, so I apply to that. I have come to me S eighty one weekend, surprisingly well, couple months later I get this little bundle when the mail and I'm taking you know well actually was a pack- and I guess novel and I was there- I was afraid opening my roommates it.
You know if it was gonna, be replaced with a rejection letters by just a simple letter. They said he get a pack of prominent you're, probably end so sure enough. I opened it up. I accept presidential appointment from J F K and And I had some interesting experiences as an end. Pc Kedo at union at that Unita and one came from senior enlisted the rain there was a gunny Jason outstanding JET Hayes He couldn't do enough for you, organized Programmes on the weekends where we go on so ambushes in the canyons up from Saul, expire up from university outta, and there is a rule, is a kind of I think, that's where I got the idea that I wanted to be a Murray from my gunny links, name can't remember what was in world war two guys, thanks. I either he was more a Korean just up
He couldn't do enough for you and he in my speech class, to give layer speech that use their a prob, and so we had just had a class honor Thompson, Sub machine gun. You can't imagine doing that. You couldn't do this today, Zion ain't gonna. Can I borrow a conference that machine I got to see from my speech could have begun for couple hours. I hadda a guitar case from somebody Florence dorm I carry it in so I am parent. I'm walking across campus with his guitar The top and sub machine didn't think. I think our back. Then again, this was sixty fall of sixty two got to the speech class surgeon what kind of got the class at Lamberto talk about, my whatever I would,
Forget what word I used in my weapon here, but made advice here in the case of course, are what, if I was gonna, be a tar popular. After some shame the prophet nearly kills over. So I give my will spill. It was very well received, I must say- and I gotta aid for this speech, but here he gave me a pretty good tongue lashing about bringing such a thing to a classroom. Much less in receiving any other grant, no problem that, but it was foot when you, when you how long was between when you got your acceptance letter that, when you actually showed up for sleep summer Four, please summer, on June twenty six of nineteen sixty three programme, my acceptance, letter March March April somewhat and were you were you mentally prepared for please summer, I believe I was yes factor pet. Pretty much.
To all stop active academically at youth, when I got the acceptance letter because they had had my first some your grades, and that was all I will evaluate so I am Kenneth ditched couch, The next for five months There was a joke I heard later in it and they are. In the end, our ROTC, you was later that they lay joking Naval Academy Kennedy was flunked out of the university of Ok there I struggle with academics. An everybody looked at it More is a leadership laboratory, I guess and then So so now it's nineteen sixty three! You said when you started Sharia are you guys even thinking about Vietnam? At this point, or not. I can recall room hearing about. We have. You do that for all we had heard him and not part of, but you know
the whole hold? You I've been about the cuban crisis. At that all the news that fall. We followed that pretty closely, but now I don't think we had heard but Vietnam, yeah, I mean things were not really escalate there are also not at that time. It's no surprise. You, I ve had some prettier notable people here in your naval academy class if this this true became friends early on whether fellow by then at that time went by Larry Larry North Sea now goes by Ali. My friend, sir, in the class, That was Jim web. He was a boxer. I was a boxer. North is a boxer bunch of but the guys I unavailable boxers, Well, I'm later on became much to star seal. I believe a first London to carry to stir
sure about that, but the good guy captain the track team. Space and the class first Maria to ever be chair the joint Chiefs of staff for stars pretty, but have you to company yeah and then what what about was Starbuck with you guys to stomach the class a sixty five. It was two years ahead of us, but our plea me. The first year there was the year he won the Heisman trophy, which of course- argued well for pleads, grafter football game if v1 you'd have carried that we can, and if you beat army you got carry on meaning you didn't happen. Braced up in the halls, and you know chop in the halls. Never cinema last couple inches of your chair in a mess
and I know you got another guy that have got some information on a guy, but the name attacks Text Harkin's fellow from Texas. Needless to say, was my roommate plead summer and plea beer. One of several met him first came into the room, see bagful a gear that night Stenzel he peed been there, Couple hours they introduce himself its Maurice. I I Do the devil. Take nothing. Maurice was gonna fly, I'm sure a couple hours later, when when I was worn out from hearing about great things were in Texas and he became tax and take stock. He still text of this guy. There's some note about him, trying to cure thirsty that wasn't text nor I stopped north gone in this first he's room
early morning when we had when window closing detail in the winter had to go and closer upper class windows. He was headed after this. First, less room with her mandate. And he was gonna do this guy. This guy was a horse. You may believe north. I can't do that. You'll, be in serious trouble, but yeah you can't kill someone you gotta get in Sweden's direct, that's good advice right there. Please here is a little different back then I do not quite the same anymore did you talk about boxing and were you a boxer before you showed up their negative now you just gotta do when I was not a particularly athletic young man.
Boxing with something that most of everybody started out from ground zero, with no experience. So that's kind of what I did this summer and took it on to play beer and box to play beer some youngster year, which is sophomore year and same class year. Junior year, first class here senior year. I was in academic. Trouble? Shall we say I was On the boxing team, but I did run them fixing sub squad where freshmen and sophomores ended up if they fail boxing as part of the petty curriculum you'd have to go to a sub squad. This was for every sport until you could, you two subjects leader the subscribe pasture, so you get a d, it could happen
Do they make you? I know guys that I know that went to Naval Academy. They made them box for a semester. They made him wrestle for a semester. They made him do judo. First semester did you they make you guys do wrestling and judo we did Wrestling Box. We had some part of the people Eureka were met was mandatory. You had, two years of boxing lessons to years of a wrestling two years ago: gymnastics ok, and for years a swimming and they fed in all kinds of things squash engulfing track, but the first two years you had met some mandatory things that you had to pass as part of that a peachy correct and then have judo well zeal boxing and rustling, is, is an awesome base to have as a fighter and when there are pretty good to go. What no, you did some cornering for some the guys you know when, when they were
oxen That is my suit Your first class here in the north was in the final boxing files. You could win ear maybe an your letter in boxing even though it was not in a mirror sport so much by was more of a club sport, but we didn't. We didn't box against Their institutions they do now there was all within brigade and we have championed would have quarter final, semi files and files I was in north corner He won his an boxing against another well known naval comic. I do it Jim web. Why thank you ve had on your part. Nor indeed and there shall we say it was interesting way.
Web had a lot of experience, boxer, he'd box, the golden gloves, I believe, before he came to the Naval Academy, or at least a city in county type, boxing state bottling from wherever it was. This was stationed at the time but never they were too folks, it were, but heads I think they retire. Years whenever they would run and each other certainly enable cadmium, certainly when they were boxing, but it was in it. So this is a legit grudge match by think that, It would be fair to say that I have no doubt north one much to everybody's surprise, north was the the street fighter and The web was a more polished boxer there. That's I mean if you boxed, if you certainly at the golden gloves level even that, like the county rebel you're you're We can no longer Syria, that's. That's it. That's a big achievement. Well,
Somehow, there's been the people look backwards and that all comes up what you are talking about north and or web always was the boxing match everybody knew with. Did it didn't distance did the distance being only three rounds back then by the time it around the freeman around because I'm as amateurs box tenant arriving. There are too many six minutes of fury. And I know wrestling going to wipe you out and five slash six minute, but we were, we were spent at the end of a boxing match your spent. All you could do to pull yourself out of it ring it. Wouldn't you were like four for marching for use, as you are new to boxing and you much of an athlete before. What do you think you took away from boxing? Well, don't quit I went to the
some final, sir. My junior year got knocked out with a bring by that guy by a pork. Back up got back in the ring to it. Standing a cat and finish the fight. No amount of marine after one year later, when I was on service election night was able to select the marine corps. The Haitians got the oversight like us, but in our you don't quit it ain't over until it's over and it was only at night, for maybe you mentioned from guinea that you work at the University of Utah that you are thinking marine corps when you showed up at the Naval Academy was that was at did at? Did you stick with that? The whole time I did? you know my dad clear Navy I knew I wish I could never feel his footsteps and He was perplexed. One go Marine Corps
here he asked me straight at one time I think was a first, the seniors mummy. What is it that the marine corps? Second has it may be in doesn't having Elliot three hot meals a day and night bed was she's asleep in so what what is it rank or single Tena got the navy into doesn't? Am I like em in this respect, Jacques shut. All man bow wow, that's? That's? Definitely yeah. That's definition, I'm fired for sure and my group was not somebody. You probably won't say that too about the time now. He's not a nice guy here he just was like I settle into the right. It will still be. There was one way to do things. There was his way there was everybody else's heap. He took me ever dinner before I
now go on the train to head off from the naval got me from up from a province, Rhode, island, where I could catch train back. And he said he toys it bobby you Edward they will carry and by other car we're choice. Thank it. It four years later, I'm going to close the graduation as any man when When I left will enable carries, told me you buy me a car, my choice of my graduate heel to Mason you get it in writing. I, as you, as the other thing is unfolding, is its in nineteen sixty three when you show up there hey to be a marine, but you there is no war going on now. We fast forward its nineteen well Nineteen sixty seven and Vietnam is now in Vietnam really started escalating, like nineteen sixty five sixty six, even more nineteen, sixty seven, I mean you guys now, no in the marine corps. What
signing up for you, no mystery now we know precisely what we are signing up for their rights. A board. I think this has been reference in other places and books and articles, a board of those have gone before. Cells have died and it was to fill up with her. Pictures and names from Vietnam we are. We understood that, but you know of Serbian, combat yourself that, as you know It's not gonna happen to you, maybe the guy on the left or the right to your ear bullet proof of this. In your own mind, So you you worried about maybe getting. Maybe I found I was leaving worried about that. You about past beginning, kill, but then a there's nothin for that you know, your worries are done. Your family picks up on it Or you thought you might get: will flee figure flick flee
Flickr, wound or something like then get a purple art which you never figured you might come. Back without limbs. Otherwise, the markedly impaired that this never entered your mind, I'm sure of it You have been useless to your unit, the the guys are all all go. When for the marine option at the cabmen, its competitive right, it's like it's hard to get that right. Is it hard to get that marine option coming out? We gotta me! Well, I can speak for today because us today that I'd like two hundred fifty guys and I'll go and rigour in my day and in the years in the sixties than before there was a certain percentage of a classic GO marine corps. We had some just about nine hundred guys in my class, and we had a six slots and they divided at half from retook half from the upper
half of the class: great wise and half from the lower, so could get in the marine corps, say in being the middle of the lower half. Your class, when a fellow was in a lower parley upper half of this class wouldn't got selective because those forty three slots were gone and I got slap. Eighty six When I went down for service electric light Sweden Wars, but when I got it effective, good friend of mine. It was a couple, a numbers behind me offered me who Gran for my spot, if I would give it up, one of them, rigour and I knew how much a drink or Russia. I can't do this Do you know that it's me? I know that, but that there was. Competitive in that respect. It was academics, boiler, beg Pardon, yeah that the report does that with the way they give your jobs in the marine corps to like come out the basic school. I know that they can
the classic break it up, two thirds and like the first, you your job so you can be the number one guy anymore you or you. If he didn't want you get your job. Well, you might be. Top of the next third down and you get your selection in the top of the last third and you get your selection. So it's it's it's away. They distribute the people not every single that that that the class goes everyone's goes infantry and that whatever jobs at the bottom, we get a bunch of people at work, the highest performers recourse, smart, it's about the marine corps. The rigour understands that it's about them regarded as they have lasted this law without there being a public good fight. Both innovations, wars and back and Deasey area when it when the time comes along for keeping the marine corps.
Rigour and now, as is your dad talking you any more about looking at you insane- hasten there's a war going on and he's obviously been in the Navy in World war. Two, he knows exactly what the marine corps does is easy, Evan. Many more talks to you would say: hey you by want to think about this, a little bit more. No one here, quick and respected my decision. I guess- and just Let me go it s interesting person, I got back to the first after I was shot spent twelve months and Bethesda. You can see me once which for and was probably enough for me it was inevitable. But I I later on found out that and he obviously was affected by my being kind joked at him one day they were out. Barbecuing, some hot dog, summary dad was collected on my life insurance. What are you talking about Bobby
What are almost got that tensor, ten grand tourism group life insurance from from from my demise of Vienna, don't talk like that. That was it that's that's! That's the affection! You got as that was the idea that they understand. The from bed get on with you get down to enable academy you graduate and now you're going to debating school right Do you remember what rank you are the? How close to the bottom? Oh, I think I was so on services? Like him, I went down and groups of fifty, which is why I was sweating beginning a place in the Marine corps presented, could have all been gone by the time,
I got down there. In the last group of fifty, I was in the last group of fifty Gaza Anti cyclical. You are eager man's aid and unique like any monitoring at the dollar remarry body, but always out. The last time was the last answer at the legend of never confirmed, but the last person in the classical dollar from four. Maybe it s so you can walk off, Six, seven, eight, nine hundred bucks, the spot. Distinction. I guess or or well. We ve still got so. I guess at that point it doesn't matter ending up heads and my class we were going to put out by our anchor man was a foreign national. I think from it You didn't even have a navy, so we're, like the women, were fork over this book for fiscal, and, of course we did because I was just as a tradition. It's always been that way so You shall be tedious, and now it's
Nineteen sixty eight now graduate in June of June seventh of sixty seven and I forever. The first basis school class that was forming, which is for if July. That was that the beginning of the fiscal year back then July first, so you know, I had a few weeks at home boom right back down to the Quantico. To start basics war broke out, so you start in the summer, sometimes summary of sixty seven right anyway, how well the Naval Academy prepared you for the basic school pretty well, of course, we didn't ever get into the technical side of things and enable academy for for the Marine corps butter You are in good shape they could wear your uniform, whichever it was regular, inalienable well, because you can do it for the past four years. And I had gone to jump school between
My summer leave between junior and senior year and of his requirements for that pretty demanding, and we got data for banning in August after crews and man maybe it's hot- that red clay and short. It reflects that here and you sweat all those midshipman come of you know we were with wider They ran around with Navy chairs and any cod, valiant staffs, ardors, pop up and holidays and drop. It push up earnings which we'd love to Africa. Ready they tear seal groups. Through when we went through, but they just ate the programme up? this hour I went. I was one of them, Eventually, she'll stop going to airborne school at Fort, Benning Georgia and started running it in house, but yeah. I was lucky enough to go to airborne school and and yes, the the instructors down
definitely appreciated our presence and surly. It's ridiculous. Through his work out, you know buds right literally a week way. Whatever you know, we travel Asgard to shop there somewhere, really good shape. So there was really nothing they can do to us because heard Us- and we just words and of course, bikers guys to be wise, asses and we were able to make a new pushups. You can't make me do enough warships, others that are often going in and now now that you're a tv s, though well now you know exactly what's gonna happen, you know you're gonna go to Vietnam. Right, regardless of your ammo ass. It came out with a course. I'm gonna be an o three and most my friends did too Oh yeah, that's good points are not actually guarantee. John, I'm thinkin. You still have to do a service selection inside jobs like an insider marine, exactly exactly you put in for your top three in number one Carson guys did you're pretty.
Sorry about your capabilities in here you know: likes and dislikes. By the time you get a tv think, regardless of where you come from, we had a lot of recent ROTC Grad, some recent Elsie S grads and enable credible rats and you couldn't distinguish who came from what pipeline? we're all pretty motivated folks back then, and the I'm sure. All the instructors must have been guys that were common off towards they were just back from their tours whenever they are all captains or but where Sharp guys in pick us slacker seems to be the structures. Tb is how I mean compared to the Naval academy? Was it just a totally different vibe of seriousness because they know what exactly what the prepared you guys for the church was in your ear on problems, the daytime
nighttime problems didn't matter when they ended and if you get back turning a gear. You checked out three. I am in the morning you're still in our own work early the next morning, No, you didn't do that the naval Capua you had study our and stuff like that. Let now there is a definite heightened of serious seriousness at the basic school again Instructors were giving you straight poop in a bag for your. They had just come back from there or recently back Maya platoon commander. We have platoon of about fifty guys it was a kapital to silver stars. Well, decorated, bigger than again it rink earlier. All kinds of ways there look at how you did it echo your heights or subversive your weight some other fab, obviously other factors before they assign you someplace, like if you're few think you want to get to the eighth and I
and be part of that in Washington DC. You know you ve gotta, be like six it or higher dollar, whatever there the criminal, the cream of their crap s, ear. Representing, as they were, incurred for the public on a regular basis and rightfully so all the services due to them. The guards at Arlington him aren't you for feed a sloppy they're all stand time, looking Gooden, very professional? Needless to say, how hard was too When you started pick your job, I've seen, you said you want to be enough to come. If Jupiter commander how much Competition was near for that. What did you have guys that? Will I go about doing that much that job you can have it was There- was a competition for it might there was only carpet there. We didn't feel competition we had to do well on, of course, and all the different evolutions in the past, the Pierre DE and
you had to do well, and land navigation daytime nighttime. They well on the rifle range, a pistol right, but that was that which is partly our vision of pcbs. You are always competing with your, but here what we call classmate yea, your classmates tedious, but a lot of guys, one or two ago, symmetry and arbitrary, everybody must go infantry. I don't know what the selection process was, but I good It will enable academy, really good friend, but here I use he was I got it would go. Are you? Are you gonna go infantry to all meaning also, of course you have no idea. So what the marine corps or their selection process. Well. Well, you may turn out and I'm not getting ever dream, which probably probably didn't move for him and the core.
Is. There is anything that you had struggles with when you're going through the basis for other than maybe in other o cautious course like apple, though I was just a yellow, eight men struggle of what you are doing, the best of good. The late in beating up to her, damn. But no, I didn't really feel that there is anything that was going to hold me back, in their training you, with all the tactics small unit tactics naval, gunfire calling for fire all all there are you feel like you, we feel like you're, getting good preparation for the battlefield I did what that, what the basis school does. Is it teach? You everything you need to know as a company level officer from your times. Secondly, tenant up to two captain after that: there's another schoolers, I'm sure it's gone
but for senior captains and new majors, but Del Valle prepared they had a Vietnam Village built up in Quantico staff, of course, by Vietnamese, the and in practice that you in your good helicopter operations, you did can insertions you did land obligation daytime and night, which, pure you know, a different. The horse. Different colors, indeed, butter is barely was pretty. Frequent die, a gateway, something the class, not the first like Where did it s class, but that's. Ok, Seven was gonna, run letter accommodation coming out of the basic skills, and the seven how to class. How many, but two hundred forty so it seems, like you were better at the field craft and you weren't the academic damn well. This is true.
In in fact that I got shot in the head and I have classmates said still say to this day. We think that major, smarter right, I did go on graduate school and get it masters and Phd after I was tired out and wrinkled maybe there's something to that I'd or so then so the basic schools, what six months, five and a half their near their shorten it up. Firemen, once long you get down with the basic school you get infantry right and then what happens I got selective her reconnaissance report my training, which was a couple weeks in the summer Fournier Weak Pendleton, again from more supporting arms trading in artillery Certainly there and then a week, Coronado Fur or any money we'll gunfire support use, the the board was called the smoke board. They have the little fake.
Terrain set up that you could call for fire on. I went. I went to the Marine corps, evil gunfire school. This terrain board it was kind of like a it must have been built in MIC, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five you'd call for fire forgotten the right spot. Little smoke would come up through that spot. Like you are looking at you know, through binoculars somewhere is pretty good. Now, whenever I never saw anything like that, we were, we were actually filing firing, real artillery about and and there may well, then fires support school. What we have Board, but it was, it was blue it it was the ships, ocean per se, but TAT That was interesting because I did one night get to fire the cruiser Providence in Vietnam, which was which was fun click. The canoes are six inch guns, big other two flat, their five image Brian
red fire and we had a bunch of lights below, was thankful to try to move move their troops around tonight and we in this house on call for so we used it. So you got to use the naval gunfire does like dream of my ever since I sat there. Terrain bogs ever larger and I got to use my brother's Zulu term at the end of it I can, for there are almost the real brought a real. I was real that is stand? If that is outstanding, I never even I never even get close to even remotely thinking about calling for new fire for real. So I brought it were too close to a big waterways, yeah, yeah, There's always that thing we're guys want to fire. You know budget differ happens, dream combat right. One guy get shot the chest, but hidden in the chess player, so
you I wasn't with him, but actually had video. There see you shot the chess player so he's all mad he's. Madame it shoot a bunch machine gun rounds and someone goes a junior piss lamb. Two goals we looked out of the boat while it increases, will make you feel better. Silly pulse is to help ensure that too, but I am sure if you would enable gunfire, who knows, maybe he would maybe we'd gone for about the pistol where we fired the forty five or qualification, tv s. I think structure actually tell us in combat, this is all you got- you know your product. Better off, throwing them pistol, Adam Shootin ETA, because a better chance of getting bad guy. On the other end, Did you guys not have imagery officer horseback then sets a multi, multiple of course now after tv ass, we did not view
you're considered good to go after graduation anti bs and know now they have a ten weak officer, infantry after training course which they may have been outstanding, but we had we had so so you go to this, you go concourse- and Nike are you jump, jump, pay and all that stuff? Now? No even the minimum junk qualified if you're, if you're, not in a Europe that maintains your junk qualification and the core, you don't get your pay vat get up yet now at first reading, battalion, there was only one company that maintaining their jump status. That was Charlie Company and they were the force you can't company, they did the same thing as battalion He can't companies did, but they did maintain their jump status as illegal jumpy and ever exercise endeavor Extra five bucks a month which is a big deal back then
you end up. You end up going through this week on training and then what happens in its time. It is time to deploy to Vienna the stamina, bus and head up to First Basin, San Bernardino, don't know the name of it. Then her and yeah float a floor. Apple Kanawa spend a week there for the kind of trouble trouble to end Are you with our you with all different branches deserves men? Are you just with Marines at this point just for just with Marines at this point goin over on Saturn Airlines. I believe in a non scheduled scared airline to open our eyes civilian was their civilian. Call hostesses stewardesses, although it is only a few stews. Flight attendants distance but because he wouldn't have anything to do and open. I you waited for you for your assignment to be flown in. Country. But I got
the more. We need to open our there's about five or was that were traveling together we had been the recon replaced, train together and we or just Milon around the receiving area after we got off the plane and somehow I got up above somehow erupting than the crab Aloman, I'm watching and this young last corporal with a clean war he's going to each year of the second- and I said I have my buddies and ask them. Question there. So I said this pork area I've been in this position before her I'll find out. What's going, not so hidden he, but he needed his. His company Gunnar, had sent him down. You need a signature from an officer on three plain loads Marine through a programme on an open, our they your fan fire, the m16 could never an anonymous had ever seen and over sixty
Muslim fired one before we went in Vietnam as they are. Five familiarize fight from motor eyes yourself, fire the m16 before he Country made sure all your shots were up today and all your paper work was up today. I said sure, that's I signed form. I I'd get up every night. Every other night I was there for about a week, meetup incoming plane, about two, I M in the morning. Find the senior There was a guy on the plane form. These guys Take him over to a barracks. Draw mattresses flop down, don't be invited me up next morning, centre in the morning go to jail and we started through the little the programme that you had to go through before he could get in country. So I met my three planes and more than a week's time, I was desperately afraid my my after buddies rotate in the country before I did didn't happen we all and off together, but there is an interesting we,
you shoot the basic korean forty and forty a house few about the M Sixty when you got it, I loved it. Lightweight mammals lightweight Unfortunately, Marina Vietnam for found out, they had pitted barrels and I've had a trade might Two after I got there one when there was a newer one with a good balance. That's crazy guys didn't even get get. You knew too tat weapon already that the canal that's right, and it was the other training course they're, giving you like basic, like proper preparation for Vietnam, jungle, navigation, or something like that or in open out there. You were just, kind of on your own until you rotated him Kay sign was getting hot then so is the oyster go to some three shack operations? Sack of some outfit on organ. Our here the morning brief about case on cattle at each other things, firstly get sent there
new, Nuno XO You spend at least once a week and open our bout me up. I know you guys all fly over to Vienna right, we're defiant of DNA and then, when you get there what's that process like that, first, we get an evening. It's dark again somewhat measure took off somewhere. You grabbed a mattress flopped you down at some barracks at the end of the runway. You slept tool next morning, when I was a force taken off of Bobby sleep. You have that stereotypical moment that people talk about which is over guys that are goin home because it take home after their year, and you see that the key contrast between the new guy showing up with their brand new gear, old guys that her head home and they look like they ve, been through how about it, never saw anybody was going home down at the neck airfield
didn't didn't seem we arrive sometime in another night. It was dark and we are now you have that little kind of internal feeling of imports in doom were dread or something I don't know what was maybe just at your adrenaline bourbon finally going to get in country and what what's I gotta take incoming around what you're clearly no there's, no the normally only to get off the yoke of the Erika. After your somebody meteors after this way, unless the guys that way he drew a mattress sleep arrests- and I do you know where you're heading at this point you knew the division you're going to first or third third, up north north, I core first, was rather an area is one of the first, You don't even know if you're gonna get to the Recon battalion, the division in exile.
We want a division with energy commanding general for some reason and we were required to sit down. There was a big book of engagement. You Heather Review sign to read and understood. Then you got sent after two to your unit and but three of us we're lucky enough to go the recast. The other two. They went off to regular grunt units in future years. So when you get your assigned to recall and then what are you? Did you guys drive up there, you took a helicopter, how you have to your actual unit, The actual unit first Regan battalion was located just below. Across the street, from division headquarters was resolved, Yo Yo walked up there and, so before we had the on come one company, Charlie Company, that wasn't with battalion, in denying it was forward is that food by they're, the ones it kept up their jump status
What am I birds? Who had gone to every kind of place, my training I was slated to go up there because I'm a single up to their force reconnaissance company and he asked if I would mind giving a position to him if he was okay with a colonel, because he was married. Exploiting their first kiddo need an extra seventy five bucks I will just happened to be there what you want you, it's no big deal so him when he went up to her force. Company and food by I stay, there were the battalion and dynamic. And it was the are you know what was checking in? Like a mean, your show they're your new guy. These guys been in country. This is something that it always surprised me about vietnam- is that you guys, rotate. One individual envied right placements right, whereas for me all my deployments, unit, yellow holier is going in the whole rights rearing and itself that's gonna, be gotta, be weird vague shown up as a new guy and theirs.
People would have been there for between. I guess between two days in three hundred and sixty whatever days right you I mean my my working premise when I to be. Was that anybody who is there a day longer than I Then I've been there was a day smarter by the situation or day more experience and by God I was gonna, listen to this personnel, but initialling enough. My the tune, wasn't even there. They were aboard ship with the afloat battalion we'll regardless battalion float off the coast. We are jump into operation. You know it moment's notice, give or take, and we set a reconnaissance platoon with him, I use them pretty much as point for the battalion, so that was not a plum job, but Maya, my the tune with its outgoing put Soon commander was aboard ships. I didn't see them for two weeks. I guess I had to do, except by a task to sit on.
Marshals and I had the unit AIDS, quarterly grades or something some like that would or do I all my guys service record books and give them agreed for their perform over the last four weeks. Noise without ever having seen them This will then be used for promotions, so I did the best I couldn't. I took it in shredded. Booker, how on the Had been the core in country, been wounded, where's level, education and I signed a few points like one to ten, and then added everybody's points up ahead. A give great and recommended the top three for promotion or something like that. It was crazy, but I had to do with what you did you're just complementing the brilliance of the marine corps? Me a story like that
The notice of them did you have actually get thrown out of the ship to be with them or that they know they came back rotated ban rotated back. They are just filthy area, then they came right from the Bush. And tat? I got it who for about ten minutes, because he was like were due to to rotate our countryside. Is he's gonna get a shower; for Baghdad at an egg in what I, what prose of wisdom they give you NOS ten minutes. He Tonia who the who the best guys in the platoon were and who I think it He thought I might well be my. I knows about it now no tactical. A nice tragical advice on anything else. Each city I receive a leadership is the most important thing and what he is trying to give you a heads up on her like who is the best guys and from a leadership perspective. That's interesting. One out of him, but I wasn't a huge you know with with other looting second version has been there anywhere from maybe too
monster for months and aid, Fill me in Vienna on have played opera, How did the elaborate? Was there anything that surprise? You know you heard hearing from those guys anything get you know you said oh, I didn't really expect that We think that really surprised me. I think it What was I going to Riga and got working? Women was that occasionally you had to go out far enough that you weren't anybody's artillery fan you weren't rarely where we under the one Leno five fan and the one five. I fan usually, and then they were army one seven five, which were very scary thanks because I The word was like a click IDA linkage pump out. I click money when they fire. They said they were we flew over my time. Look at him. I swear they drooped one seven five artillery face. They were huge. I swear they droop
and then, of course, of your out past one. Seven five fan you had nothing but air call on, and that leads to collect twenty minutes to get there. Pilots never really trusted officers to you bring them in correctly, so they always want to fly out an aerial observer. You know I'm just a little bit kit planes power in the back and I don't know what they were ov ten by thing, but that was kind of surprising this, but the artillery over there was fantastic. Great. You know. They were on call twenty four seven, obviously best they were fired, was Marine corps self propelled eight age there, like with like a big tag with age fire and ate it, shall, whenever accurate, to integrate unbelievable but basically artillery was excellent, say
bear bacon many a time. So when you it's been two weeks you're your guys get back. You take overs between commander what your intro meeting with the guys in the petition wanting to recycle just going to introduce myself. Tell him the same story. You been here one day I'll and I You got a better idea or everything you do talk to me I'm here to listen what you all get back home, obviously intact and attack them as we used to say but the five and a half months? I was a platoon commander. We only took one serious casually, and that was me I wouldn't have in any other way. We were extremely lucky, but we are also pretty good here, the dumb things folks who would like harbour at night you're a trail and hope guys would come down facilitate trade. Set up a hasty ambush. None at once.
It's your truth knew that there. You are serious about their welfare, will done anything for you and, of course you do anything for them. Twenty at twenty three rays of my two may become requirement. They rotated ended up corner the will of the tell him a station this young man ever cell and symbol and most took me say the same play, but these guesswork. Average age. Nineteen average medication ninth grade, but they were taught me, were primo if I'd had told them that the women Tasker Flap Illinois, been with a rumour raft and panel up in freedom, folks era, the help me they would. They were. There have been right there, maybe just great jets. It was always kind of norms. Well, first, always your first operational when I would use gas first,
the idea was turned out to be a voice tat. My sixty eight broke my first snap in Detroit. Late. They try to get on a snap in petrol or two before you started lead in your ear guy. So you know you were just now you're just there is to observe and learn patrol later might be any three cases and a five sergeant five, and we got up this ridge line after crossing this path. It looked like the I five of people pass and we It was smooth and we got up and up a bunch of Russians and rocks you're. Look. The ridge line for foreign. We come to them. There, down the highway, sir for and they were eight Then there were sixteen vary too
stop counties. Your first measures is the first example of this Europe will do no. I was with him a long time and the leader opportune leaders need five. Petroleum, wasn't far stronger if I write young Matt drinking man, so his His rule of farmers were therefore there's more If only saw these four guys come out of the jungle down. This original at first thing must discuss an ambush, no Sorry, I know not whether for we stop county at four hundred and bite out, we had artillery colony. We had err on the way we had EL observer. We fired artillery all day. All afternoon in the night in the evening we have put the magic. And drew up and flares with with her
gets coming and only that rapid napalm night pulling up- and this is your first, what will you do and the call for fire? No, no asserted southern Mozilla I was there to learn and to the perfect with light, with guys we're gonna want or to snap in patrols and never see. Thing, but they could be Vietnam yeah and they may. We have little to laws inferiority, but this was my level have yet now it. I thought it was great. The drop in Arturo on these guys. Their running down the path toward our position you know, and there and therein in the brush there not on the path of there in the brush we had brush rocks on my car. Northside and the sign a west side. He sighed selfsame western north of your hair brush, and there's nobody enemies therein, the brush coming toward us. There
cry and their scream and reality for mom, whatever, whatever you do. My fear North let me soldier their work they bring to run right into us, so sorry brings and artillery behind us real Claudia danger. So we get shrapnel flying over our heads and, of course, with this, Wade's she's bad guys coming toward us. Also in a kid set up when it should be, flatly movie pancake took a piece furthermore, right in his face and knocked out a few teeth and cut opens living room rattle of trap and burn right to your three era: utility shirt bearing skin you just Deja endured it.
There was little Harry danger. Close rounds, come in your first night out, Vietnam. They are welcome to the war and you guys any goes maintained, you're you're, clandestine positional, yet livelier. How many guys are out there with you, but ten eleven there was a heavy patrol our rights are now at, how many the snapping patrols do do too what is the next one? My second annexing was was even one that interesting from a technical point of view of butter. It can be led by a lieutenant who had now we'll tanked up at the club. Before haven't given the patrol patrol or
We're on our way for only Elsie Labour Insert he'll accomplished, get rid of. Take us off come down. The hill was the metallic manner Tenet colonel here comes, odor patrol puts it in turnover pack, your backup pack revere you're going Ratzinger born people up colonel system is less corporal system. Currently you guys can ones, Sir no problem, so we did this great but Hershey canvas guys right there on the spot, and you could do that in and Rika. I had to do it once in awhile, my guy, what the guy do that rated you fired them on the spot. I had my patrols like couldn't. Have I lit? My balloon was gonna, have eyelid half of it and we're from eight to ten guys depending on who was
not one hour and are who wouldn't sick resorting to add up to restart IE six staff are rarely other people, we flips lap a matter not halfway through my tour five, five and a half months, so my guys I lead we were our quota was west start. We have excellent reputation. Time they were fast day like they felt like they were kind of distant cousins. To number I go baby pep talk at night. We promote the patrol, or so you better Jimmy Professor, just like dodge no different. In again my three education same Asia, same skills and
somewhat to model Spillane. You know my reputation to commander administratively and stuff. I operate anybody than one, though, if ass day now one could raises Let me go back of you get out of here. Don't you sleep in the night with these guys? I don't know whenever Habitant was. I never came back from that patrol, but I'm sure stinker So what would you start getting into? What was it cut a typical mission that you guys we're doing The commission was We ve got six seven. But you always were just snooping improvement as we call it finally, trails of the enemy would use radio lamps. Would you guess answer on how a copper for patrol always hillock upper here also you got a spot and and get dropped.
And then what was your router recipes want? You guys got inserted I feel we are. Hopefully it was we're. We're The answer to Elsie was were new Noah. The operations after Hurry Operations Shack said it Sometimes you weren't there. What that's why as a patrol your I first thing I did wearing the helicopter was dont my gear get up my will map and insert myself a principle, a cop out with a view to know where you were when you started a patrol. You are gonna where you were for the next six seven day. Would you guys insert in the daytime in the night time, in the pre dawn in the dusk, when you guys go in with you, data we'd, be down Elsie waiting, bye, bye. Eight o clock in the morning birds would commend if they weren't been news, Men of acts and suffer some operation was going on, but midmorning did you ever get a brief from the intelligence folks at First Rica,
we'd be sitting around there. They come back down from their brief with pop on aircraft and off we go MID day, you'll get midday here. I was pretty much broader generally, he had the anyway you hit the ground or what would you guys do? Assumes you hit the ground? What was your standard operating so pay with a duty and get out of that elderly fats? Another says ranger. Are coming in here than much hillock comp and land. We are too to Hugh S now in Vienna. To forty six is vulgar me up. Army. Had he LISA Transport troops, Brinker did anytime anywhere incur a prior about sixty here, and we on any given about half of them would be airworthy. So and he would gunships he was. I guess brass around, but we don't use MR transportable forty six is
big old, forties, noisy forty six is, would you guess is like we always used to do something which was look and listen select. We would you know two or three hundred yards away from the Elsie and indeed all to start out and his list get down here. Pretty much the same way I don't want. You guys have different areas where you were headed to specifically we did. We patrol route. That was pre plan, an extract point that was pre plan. Now in prose, rarely went in all corners of the pre planning, which the other operations? Shall we didn't do that really were actually telling you? Where were you at work that way we're gonna go in it, but they have recommend a patrol route which would stick to if we could couldn't all time I then we get out at this point where they have recommended again. Sometimes it would work. Sometimes it wouldn't. What was How often would you guys, because
by the enemy it wasn't all that frequently, because we were We were so stupid Pope with Mass I'm your purpose of being. There was not right and recall one final fix When foxtrot on you didn't get online with that, ten guys are eleven, maybe they charge you right. With a gather information butter if The situation was to your advantage. You could you could, if the felt that it was The effort set up an ambush but normally would bring artillery on. We saw groups and I pray rent twenty one patrols, I'd say probably good three quarters of a way that we only had fire mission
up bad guys, rubber, less as if it were, I presented well what I think, what you got through you're in a moderate there is. There is some of my guys and remedy that would get contacted all law. There is one one group over in eastern remedy and they did. I was, I was actually briefing a briefing the sea to sort of commander who is it the colonel. I was George, while special operations- and I said you're sort of my group- is disappear. Six deals that are over EAST Romania said they ve been they ve been an enemy contact, twenty three straight operations and a market. I didn't plan this for dramatic effect, but my intel officer, who's running the tactical operation center comes walking in and says: hey surgeon just want to. Let you know that the guys Audi STAR in contact right now and I looked at the girl- I said- make that twenty for missions in a row. Those definitely some some hot potter's YO
pretty much expected if you were going out Ramadi that you are going to get em TED contact by the enemy? And I don't know what the percentage was, but it was in it was very rare that Michael come back and had shot their gods. Very rare, yeah but but seventy five, but I also what was interesting when I came home from that deployment- and we're talked somebody Vietnam, guys, depending on the Potu, depending on the soup due to Vietnam, there's guys that shot. The weapons on an honest six month appointed shot their weapons three times four times and there's other cartoons in Vietnam, where they shouted to judge their weapons, a hunted advertising where they were so it all depended on my first appointed to Iraq. I think I shot my gun. Yeah like four five firefights, some really not that big of a deal and then in Romania, the numbers, the numbers. Very high for as far as the whole task you to get into getting big gun fights, but
three quarters of the time you know. That's that's a lot of fires swell, but the ever they weren't gunfights per se. B, you I bought some barrier, some place or some trail crossing her. So little veil, which might come across the middle and lower one time we came across a corn in the middle, the jungle it was it wasn't jungle per se, but there was no high tree canopy overt roses to feel a clearing in the middle of a young with rows of core next. This is not your typical jungle plant, so we'd there will hire graduate with watch safe and become known, came and thence settled out. There's a few who is there to whereabouts where you guys operating in Vietnam. We are operating North South and west of denying first reconnaissance Tyres mission was to torture. To patrol the rocket, around airports denying, but that wasn't trick
that far out, so we further out looking for her main main line, NBA forces and or or where they were they camp the trail say used, etc, etc, but the gun fights with relatively rare, which is a good thing can't see anybody the general anyway, typically the firing line, so that was for the nice thing about the m16. It would put out a lot of fire for you and that's what you needed over there. You know you didn't need a heavy bullet necessarily to tunak guys down, but there are seven point. Six two were five point: whatever was justified: seven point, sixty two, that's the big heavy, never forget when you were when you get these mission tasking counter from. Above but from that from the battalion
we did get. They give it even how long with the planning cycle take for you guys to come up with a plan and do your briefing and all that at twenty four hours, it wouldn't hard cord boilerplate with no nowhere near the detail. I know that you all went through in Romania, but I was just we were out six seven days back two or three, so That was a regular schedule. You you knew because we're already raised were already in other. Their weapons were clean. If we had done things that we needed to do administratively like gold. The gas ten check all gas masses of that it all been done on kind that twenty four hours in between Were you carrying a radio as the latter array, a man premier rate amount was right behind me. Secondary radioman towards the end of the patrol You taken what tat seventy guys, ten guys so ten days, I usually one heavy, ten guys. How many days
batteries. Did you have to carry for an eight day patrol? Would you get resupply because we use and the seventy seven the prick seventy seven radio one prior to that, we were and pray. I get prick twenty four the first one is not necessarily the best thing, but it was pretty good line and luxury line of sight, but but they must have to carry a lot of batteries. For that we didn't. I may I guess the radium and an extra batteries, but we too plague go through that much better man. I was a radio men and it was dick. You ass the amount of matters in the early days because we have much smaller radios later on come up water. Would you guys just refill canteens and reverence and what not we would if we could find water, but we went out with eight to ten canteens, because you, didn't know. What are you gonna find water we value. No one was there we portable or not butter, but we would take place. Oftener, I say more often than not in mountainous Liberia, mountain
being in a thousand meters or higher. If we can thus running water, moving on, I thought would find safe to drink. Until I went to this little, one day school put on as chief corpsman who talk about her for Lyra could be, expelled or the water and rub bubble down with a watery us. After that I had on tablets. Guy, we failed in our heads, rocks pebble food food had an error, serious, the korean AIR, three an era Oh really era. Nineteen fifty four would say just plain cigarettes in Cannes Memories are brand new. When I was there in and we occasion onto patrols, I think that we managed Stilson MRI from somebody in the army dining at sea, they use water so that were there was that they were a better
but they would use water. So it was a six. One half a dozen another with any. Would you guys patrol during the day and then lay up at night? That's that's permit of we find the nastiest meanest for your night crawl in there and harbour libyan harbour shape. Did did they use dogs to try and find you. Nope never saw a dog in Vietnam have in the jungle with purely ricotta taken out. Dogs and handlers in the early days, and the dogs you couldn't handle the heat of the terrain cell first the hammer we're carrying the dog out. So that was guess you guys been claymores to supper. I will evidently did not claim claymores and some little personnel, no, which sounded like a great idea and told them next morning when who put him out, gotta go retrieve
You gotta go regime again, maybe six minds out a kind of black with five, so we will be moving out in the opposite direction. Claymore was a good weapon. Is it sounds like you're you're you're opt was like, go on a patrol Europe. Therefore seven days, you come back you rest refit, you spend three four days in camp, something like that two or three, maybe two pretty pretty quick turnaround. No time, certainly in and get comfortable anywhere. I mean it's back out. Will you guys just skinny is could be. We were I went over their way in a hundred feet, from her fifty five pounds, which is my whether they will come came back. It was a hundred twenty three. When I get back, but part that was the previous
ten days from ever shot like a magna states, I didn't eat too much. I was being for one thing: most timely, Jello in appealing I I couldn't look at regular for about five years. After that, did you Do you have any night vision at all like us? light scope, yeah, we have fixed positions that we would go to for sometimes along much as two weeks, and they were essentially high points like up A hundred metre high hill within it. A permanent radio. We have radio relay station on there and patrols region? rotate there every couple weeks to provide security for that guy because he was up there for like three plus months. And on those we would take. We his darling and we watch the valleys and stuff below us, but named Mary meant much. You know, go out the feel that much
You guys must have really been. I mean you guys must have been really good and really efficient out in the field. After doing it filled out after filled out that form filled out for six seven eight days every time, did you feel like you guys were kind of power a jungle at that point. Never never really part of the jungle, but it sure I got more comfortable in one thing that you always have to be very careful about in the work that recorded was. He did you know you to the serious he cattle is an emergency measure back which is again. Announcing the whole world of his brains out here and worms down, will with as a consequence. The days we were back in the area. First, between Delta company pitied, everyday people that we Crazy. I took my heat casualties on freedom, hill road. You know running two and a half miles down two and a half miles back.
Shooting myself and I never had a casualty five and a half months control, some of the proud of You carry enough for that, though we right you just said the rationale: each individual will seize that eight canteens. You bring acreage things worry that that's ass you days. Such we get extended, which was not heard over the hills and rigour. Gotta be operation would start. While you are I'm patrol, it may be tat for men of action. You can get The Danish. You you pray, I guess would be the nice thing to say that you got up the next day, because my then your food, this exhausted here. Water was either garnish, you're short
yet we still have a lot. We ever he casualties in training out here and incoherent Imperial Valley, where two hundred twenty degrees and it's tough, I, like you, said a guy can go from here, Why do all son he's like a legitimate like only Geodata get hazard. Azra yeah let's go to July. Fourth, nineteen sixty eight. What was What was Go into that operational always that war is the overall operational guttural looking to do, We were looking to find an old Elsie place culture We read, you said you had a map, neighborhoods areas that were hotter than others in Romania. We have same precaution we at them. Someplace were known as hotspots. Iran was guaranteed, somebody's gonna should feel rounds edgier. Come in and are going out if they didn't find it during the are you didn't find them during your patrol, but we were supposed to flip
lab we'd go in, and another team would come out on top this mountain, the team had got lost. They didn't know where they were so they. Finally, somehow you scrape there Sierra, together and- and we went out- we flip flop with them, but we were. Far away from the saying they were three or four thousand metres away from this mountain, where we were supposed to flip flop with them retain. So I really pushed the patrol to find this place was really hard to find a disguise. Couldn't find it not enough. They just lost, but we ve been. That thing on the second day oh fire. Based on this topic, the smell you like three years of sea rats on the side of the mountain, because we had every eight walking trail below us stop and have launched all seas Hammond liable beans. I think Sir supplied at the NBA Vietnam, because
always preached those leading the way: Hammond Mothers, nobody, eight, the better, so we had a flip flop, cited get too far away from the sales with over one another Elsie within three four clicks. So we were in this way. Barnett might move off into the jungle outside the Elsie, her heart, that night had some big rocks around that good night. I would pre plot. Fires are children targets, nor serve these just around our position. Cuz, you have to call in the middle of the night. You know you would never figure out what that What's our six numbers are this hurries Roy plotted it so we up the next morning and we're just gonna go lay low all day long in that area. Wasn't somebody really wanted to do but to see us as we were scattered flip flop.
And battalion really wanted us to do that because it hadn't worked. You know when we had gone, we were we should garden where we were going out. They want, so they wanted to flip flops. I said no we're just going to lay low for this day and we'll be out of here the next morning. Well that morning, I guess some twelve men and we are very patrol- walked bore came by closer board us whenever hurt him They either saw flash emotion we in and breakfast or they hurt us. I don't think they dead we're soup, but all of a sudden pissed me off always or automatic fire opened up and Fourthly, was over our heads because, as pretty typical happened in the jungle shoot I, but I had a big rock behind me. So
getting guys maneuvered around started. Call our children when a bullet Peleus Rock behind me combat hit me in the head from behind goes forward. Bull Monday I'm almost history next thing. I know Maya hormones to pat down army, apparently bullet had gotten my floppy cover and didn't knock it off. Until he saw blood certain run down the side of my face it to realise the moon was up here, but does it we're not invisible so he's when a patent? I knew that met annoyed me. Shot, and I know he didn't know where it was, but I never they figure out. It was in my head in the head sometime that morning time that on a graph about another four hours before they try to get us up that had been by a cent appeal has a nasty centipedes over whose-
Apparently the check your central nervous system, so that was my working theory that morning was led by a centipede. How long were you unconscious for after you got here actually unconscious just for a few seconds, because one minute, I'm Neon, Moline Green means finding machine and ex momentum on land Molly mean green stock broccoli. How much how much time had passed between the the initial fire income fire and you getting hit. It was really is the matter Mebby of three to five minute. Ochre drank a guy's position. In return. We did not want to fire back. If somebody start a fire. You there really know where you were part of this fire going hot and the last thing you wanted to do really was fire backwards, and now we know where they are, and then you know so. The deal is not the fire back.
Just bring in supporting arms split. You could but a Of course, the guy started fire back because it was just a little too hot I just thought of this: I'm guessing you guys wooden carrier like heavy machine gun with you like an M sixty or some. We didn't Harry then we had to Timor guys tasked with ammunition, and you can't really get my listening so quickly and a gentleman. Occasionally we did occasionally. You know the picture the warning letter that I would get from battalion was I you know: you're taken an m. Sixty Onest drove a group had reports, x, Y and Z in this area- and you might need it so great, Somebody had a volunteer. Do that and my little this guy s announcement and was mouse, he would always foster care. The M sixty great care greatly never really had to use it in the jungle, which was good but case
carried. So here you are your five minutes into this gunfight. You get hit your unconscious for a very short period of time, and then you come back to. And how do you feel when you come back again into what happened again. My first thought was the centipedes thing, but sounds were muffled color. Was gone. Things are moving in black slowly in black and white. Around man sounds were very muffled by now. We there too, we started to come in and new second lieutenant with us. He was on his feet. Snap and petroleum apparently assumed command. Allow. In my experience, corporal, who is my normally, the patrol leader for this patrol and together they
They manage the situation and we got her body out. One would take that back crew chief onwards on the hill, a copper that pick us up was wounded. He was fifty calibre, got hit my hand, but we're going to move. I was only guy, I'm a patrol would Corpsman Standing Saint Class, He kept me alive lie for next. Four hours could get meeting today how bad we bleeding apparently bled out there's up there's a cavity down the center. We had post pierce, actual scientists like an upside down trial and trains blood you brain and I was Nicht by the bullet. Just close enough midline to Nicholas Pierce actual scientists like murmur communist, get put both bowed dressing after battle dressing on my head,
everyone my whole day, meals were reeling passing back out and waking mega. I was, I was, I remember, I knew I could hear a helicopter coming in and I knew were about to break out of the jungle to run z helicopters comment that we have been on the day before took less traffic could amount to open my eyes and look. And also sellers tracers, confirms a kind of over us from all parts of the company is a serious who Europe. I gotta get some information at that, kids gathered up and one One of them was a note for Roma Frederick, Rick, J Wilson. The third and he wrote the subtle, description. What happens as I was the pilot of the siege? Forty six, why
see TAT thirteen MH one sixty four that rescued your team, you could know, was a lot of people, including Eureka team responsible for getting you to the hospital. I didn't we remember the mission because my crew chief was wounded. That's the guy! You just honour outbreak, he You also survived and prospered. He and I received silver stars for our actions. That day, you tend to remember things like that. I flew nine hundred twenty eight missions in Vietnam have what was my harrassed I've? heard that your team was in trouble and you were wounded when I was landing denying hospital with another matter back because of your head injuries, I was able to get a corpsman at the hospital before I headed out for the rescue. Turned out to be the Corpsman Terry gaily, with from my home town of Wakefield Rhode Island. I found this out twenty years later, when Terry's wife showed up at my sister's house, with an old copy of stars and stripes that covered the mission Your team evidently ran into an end envy base camp, but no one knew was there and Greatly outnumbered
because of your wounds and combat situation and extraction was requested, and I was the closest to the action. The problem, soon became apparent that the tea needed to move about two hundred yards to an old bomb crater where I could land I called for gunships support and some fast movers. What I got was for flights of phantoms, dropping bombs, pretty close to the team and forty gunships. I was bring overhead for about an hour before team got to the only feasible landing zone on the rich. They did a good job suppressing fire until I was land. Fortunately, the bomb crater also protected me somewhat and we were getting. We were We were able to get everyone on board. I was a little short on fuel, but that worked in my favour, because I was asked about two thousand pounds over gross. According to my co pilot, who is wondering if we can lift off In the meantime, your team in my gonna were engaged in a firefly. Your team knocked out all the windows on my bird, but I didn't object because they were covering my, but we may
take off and took a few heads out on the way, but thanks the EU is supporting me. I was here. Dive off the ridge get out a rage, long story short, we were able to get everyone a hospital and the NBA got a beating, so he had to like take off and just fly over this ridge writers a period double author region- he's pretty beggar. I heard this that this They were so riddled with bullets. It's just feel was it rigour, helicopter Vassili, was a crosses highway from than possible in the neck. They would quiet over there. They cover tug two took. To tow it over there. I am we're gonna. Try to put that thing reckon the air that day. He can these islands is a nice, I'm I'm I'm takin like bits of this from a nice, a letter that he wrote, but he says I understand that you cap that day
as an alive day, which is a very good thing to celebrate. I was probably one of the few marine to enjoy their torn Vietnam. Private primarily because I was saving lives and rescue you teams I also love the flying since they would never let you fly like that. Pecking states, one of the best things come out of Vietnam, with the improvement of medical care. Your proof are proof that as a survival rates from Afghan, as are the put survival rates from Iraq, Afghanistan hope for wonder, wonderful, fiftieth rebirth. They happy birthday Marie. Once again. That's gap, Frederick Rick, J, Wilson, the third, the command pilot that day, Burdick pulled Team out say or life, no question about would you don T Will you guys under afraid, threat of being overrun at some point soon I the truth, Jack. I have no idea really. My memory of that day was pretty sketchy
I talked to him on the phone last year and he said they had a circle overhead for our because they can set it down. No possible way, and they estimated probably two hundred NBA on the ground and that part reason why they were unable to fly back to squadron, causes mom's fire through blades now, as in Eritrea after I always felt very comfortable on the ground and very exposed on hillock opera, I figure for things, were flying Magnus and made a lot of noise, but of course the aviator stroke does the other way they were felt safe in their bird and work never wanted to be on the grill, but never I feel the exact same thing. I don't. I didn't never liked any sort of machine, like any of my wanted to just beyond my feet. Exactly at all an area that view that you haven't helicopter where Europe Flight and all you see is,
all you all. I see when I'm flying to the helicopters threats, you know and you can't even come close to cover law, at least on the ground. I can. I can cover some of the threats, reared and aircraft, its weight begin, here s. What it feels like to me- when you, when you remember coming to or when you remember what they do it you ve got. The house will do remember much of that No, I I remember the your cup your landing, because my head balanced on the metal dampening seminary, might remember them. Picking me up and put Master Frederick grandma I built pick pick up a middle and it felt like a girl just gone right through me. I've faintly. Remembers the sound of hearing this guy
It's like there's another sign of a ball, fielding negative, vitals, negative little vials and then the next. They have others rush on my chest. That's ok because there in the heart mecca check also they were like doing CPR yeah. I was barely resuscitated three times just. After the helicopter that an essay denying the hospital, but my and had been straddling the whole time and covering was pushing hard to keep it blood flower was sir, sir. Day, but I'm here talking about it so it'll. Take you there might her huge, diverse believer. There's no reason I should be when I Bethesda after a year, my attending physician was the chief on earth ordered. He comment
hey, I can I wish medicine, could take credit for this, but we can I wrote this. What are we want to call your karma luck what everyone a cop I wish was medicine winds. Wasn't I figured he was pretty leading export. Had injuries, How are you you get you get to the hospital? and you're there at some point, they must have gotten stabilized they must have as I I it. The chief neurosurgeon from the hospital ship just happened to be there that daylight, like in service, like that, and a bomb they were on me like flies on steak? I just remember waken up my cold and hearing a baby cry. Cry and cry and cry can't be right, a myth Maybe I'm not here
but sure enough it turned out. There was a the cormorant later a couple days later, that there was a baby that had been burned dear. U S horse action! Who was? This would like a war that was on intensive care, ward, apparently and there was a baby and couple Mamma says in the baby- did trial must all the time should I, my troops came to say good by twenty two, only let a man groups to legged there was cry. I didn't have words for ovum, say like keep your head down stuff like that, but I knew by them and I had entered and I knew it just slowly dawned on me. No one told me- and the third is left side was paralyze on my right. Like no one told me I just came to me over Taiwan. I will try to do something.
I could get attention so I had this perfect left, paralysis, doubts I'm afraid for profit that I raised. My hands are tied it down. The burials, because that's what we're all the eye we were in the right arm, while as our helpless, I wasn't ever been so miserable. Is that moment when they tied that armed energy the trauma to your brain, that it caused you to be paralyzed in your left arm and hand. Was your left side of your body on my body and a right leg. It was a the bull blown away three by seven centimeter d and my skull penetrate the Manila, Jeez Nick Thea parade alone in the frontal lobes and toward spurious agile scientists, and is incompatible with life as we know it, but here I am telling you about it. So
You know one of your one of your guys once again: you're you're, cute kids in an awesome job, getting scattering some of the information one of your guys, Robert Wood, Dale, Ebay, the third you're a third to I'm. Second, ok. I fought for some reason. He says he said he thought they refer, but so he's the third He was a lance corporal in First platoon Delta company first, we combat time and he talks about he eat used, starts off, gonna, tell him what it was right for it to be you and our presty was with you as a leader and actually felt what you talk better. There's like you know that he could tell you you cared. Out the troops and then it gets this point where he's coming they're coming about this journey, get too to say goodbye to you, and so here's what a robber would daily bear. The third says he said then that afternoon the team made a solemn journey to the naval Hospital deceive Lieutenant
Everyone wants the scenery without really seeing it as we rode along in a six by truck. We were too worried about him we arrived and went to Neuro Ward? Bravo too! We We seem to time since I was knew I was last. I waited when my tea. It came out, they looked pale then my turn, I was nervous. I entered the World Ward. It was lengthy with empty racks. Here. At the near end, Each rack was covered with a crisp white. She ready for its next visitor. On a long shelf on the right, there were plastic bottles of planes, ships in cars that patients have made onward weather your men was putting together a model play, on. The left was an ancient Papa son with why, here his beard, a dirty gray, contrasted with his hospital tuna,
a nurse within angelic voice, attracted my attention. I noticed her face firm with conviction, wondered how I how she could work in such a tragic place. She was feeding a baby seeing that struck me deeply. The bay He was burned over. Seventy percent of its body pressed onward, but paused wondering what I should say: patients the bed at this end of the ward, unhealed wounds burns scars and vacant, stairs stamped out at me half of the face there no wise and no orb legs here by is covered with gauze, seemingly mummified. The morbid display made me realize how truly bad war is, but the worst which yet to come. I passed Harry Monday, North and Rudy Seville they coming out? Somehow they didn't look the same as when I'd seen them a short time ago. Mary, was in the last raft on the left he lay on his right side and glanced up with glee,
his eyes. When I approached a turban of bandaged bandages, but his head Pale face showed no emotion except sadness, and his eyes were read from crime all the time we talked. He stay. The airborne parachute wings on my chest, as if they were something he would want it very badly. He told me when I first joined the opportune that he had gone to jump school yet and that it, looking forward to it? He started by saying hello bared how you do it I said, good afternoon around five. His voice was weak, like a child who is afraid at times I could barely here he again. The conversation by thanking all of us and I Clyde that had been the least we could do then. I asked him if he'd be back at recon of three months or so at here came to his eye and he said You never become back. You see, he said my legs are paralyzed choked up
skin crawled, and I was unable to speak. A silence, cold and heavy assigned cold and heavy prevailed. Finally, broke, the silence, Saint bared. Your big man, there's something I want you to do, keep your. Down there keep your head. When you're out the Bush statement hit me a grab, my heart and I screamed inside myself, deep deep down somewhere that I never existed, I pray to that I would would and bade him. My fondest farewell turn and walked away I wanted to run from him from them from the whole world. I wanted to run past those help with men in those metal beds out to the street at far far away, but I kept my control and walk. A brisk pace. The echoes that scream resounded inside me again and again, threatening to tear me apart. Suddenly the anguish, melted away, as I say down to the brutal Tropic son, but the feeling
that I had still ran like hot lava through my veins, the back home was the same, no one the scenery or at each other. Nor talked with anyone equal involved with their own memories of second lieutenant Charles Robert Eyes and bought the second. He was a man with such brilliant mind and exuberance to be alive. Now he lay in a hospital suffering a far worse. Fate to him than death has wanted He buying was now frail and flimsy, like, person who always been an invalid. Not only was his mind any had too much time to think and reflect upon what had happened and what is going to happen. It was great strain and shocked to see him with hope. Work is way back because he does have guts.
And what s interesting about that? That's that's a heavy. You know rendering of what happened, but that's actually from his personal journal, but he kept while he was in view not those of the thoughts of whatever kind. A twenty year old kid seeing this unfold loneliness, say I'll. Ask her will be they get a your college. It was kind of pollution, spokesmen. He became a writer and a poet So here we are but they had a great command of the english language agenda may be saw. Some things are invited some things that weren't necessarily there, but that was his reality as that's fine violent May, I can't can argue with nothing he said, and there I don't think was untrue. What we call a hurtin gator factor I remember that they told me that I was to an army hospital in Japan well,
Only when I know is that Marie's, when they got wounded in Vietnam, are now to want to naval ass one Yokohama, so I just pistol photo physically why are you certainly do an army hospital? not knowing that this army hospital in the camp Drake Outside of Patrick AIR Force Base in Japan with we're all head injuries, what that was their specially with ed in head injuries, I finally got a dark in there to calm down and and tell me, how does this work? place I needed to be, and hospital is just as good as another, which, of course, you don't believe when one it's, not your services aspect but hey. I was twenty. Three old kiddo I've been enable hospitals beforehand. It's gone great care and that's what I was expecting and it turned out that the sir Dell Support Hospital. I ended up. That was first rate. I was therefore like two
days before I was a stable enough to make the planter back home and interesting. Boys surfers are ten days: you're you're there. I do not see. Why are you in surgeries reviewer? They just trying to let you he'll up there just kind of letting me he'll up in there. They ve started physical therapy, I'm ahead tremendous spasms and my legs and my in my left, arms will have physical therapy makes embraces that they put on my feet and they made a hand race for all of my thumb. Stick it out like this and when my arms, Ass. This thing come a beat me and high. All this arm, I was miserable. There is just a young kid to my right. Last night I was airforce airman and laughter. An eye and denying that was- is that with this problem now is a major problem. Had been tasks to be my feeder and mice. Bulgarian opposite smoker that it- and I would just of a camel and heat
we be around to hand. Let me I couldn't believe it through it kid and us, and they grow, took. Excellent care me in this hospital, like I did. Everybody else the spasms in your arms and legs, which we are all Admittedly, all of us just laughed when you told that storage is pretty disturbing but There has to be a little bit of a good sign because some kind of spasm means that there are some nerve signal, get there well exactly what it was. I screwed up signally hours there wasn't tat. The thing to do anything useful. It was just tell Elisa muscles to fire again from the from the damage to area. In my brain as stand up, looking back on it with? was you're where's. Your mindset that you're going now from hey, I mean when you said you were paralyzed when you initially got hit and now you can't move your leg. You can't move, you want your legs or your left arm
Who did you in your mind? You think? Ok, I might be this might be. It might be paralysed, like this forever. Well, of course, you don't know what the future calls on me. None of us do, but the better you become more aware, you become of your limitations, and yet you start to think. How long is this going to lances this forever? What am I do for the rest of my life you're not gonna, be a marine, because you have a job description raised through We are in wheelchairs, but tat The one saving grace, I always thought was, while I'm single at least there's not a wife, Bob than a child on the way like most of my contemporary said, Conversely, the guys who were united. I found out later on it, but the rest of the guys who are married felt it was much better to be married because you had the new Durex. System which you are coming back into our
you know this woman was gonna, be there. They ought. They work, of course, Always things don't last loud time, big changes like your life. Unfortunately, but The guys were married, but I would like better be married and those of us who were single those much better, be single but sure you say you know, that's that's first question earlier of mine is when you get to your final destination was for me with the pheasant naval. Hospital How M I gonna be here later, Heaven idea. They don't know higher cup covers gonna on wine, so I'm might accepted me, aid could be here for two years and I can't guarantee walk out. Even then I felt to myself day he didn't know who is dealing with my plan. I got shot before July. My plan was to be back in Vietnam by Christmas, with my guys, I didn't work out, but that was my plan and I worked hard to make it happen. It didn't happen.
A year later. I walked out of there under my own power, with a leg, Brace and Kane, and got an ambulance and driving down the road, and I eighty five to the Va Hospital in Richmond, Virginia or upstate another four months, but you don't know, what's going to happen at sir, it's a slowly evolving in a kind of mental process. You go through The point I am I did, and I know other guys it took as we talk about this well. You'd say why me why? I mean why this happens to me and I don't know if our guys gather got an answer that question, but I did we're time this answer involved? and the answer was why you license block. Who are you? you know better but I also put down that little blue planet but you're no worse either so you're, just gonna have to go with
punches and that's the answer. Why not you you're? No better, no worse than anybody else, hard running for some people, stomach that that was the answer I got and its. It served its purpose. Ok, why not this is it. This is the way it is. I guess what I just have to take it a day at a time. My best to get better and see where I end up and when I get to that point in a moment, make decisions about what I'm gonna do for the future, which The idea had vocational counting from the vizier flushed, of the service and out of the visa system. A look like several occasional cancer got in tests that I'd taken up with of now is ok for the rest of my life surprisingly, I scored highest non military officer gee. I just was one of those moments ago. Second, highest was FBI agent, that sounds good, but they don't have
prescription for guys lip and find it. Escort. Third on teacher, I said ass interesting, and that of in the thing about becoming a therapist and specifically a speech there. I had a speech defect, that I just kind of overcame myself apathy. By slowing down and trying to think about what we're going to say before I said it, I got the nickname, Spock my speech, became very deliberate but when I was a spontaneous apparently I never heard this, but my room, I would say I suppose I said why with that language. I somewhat life Would you maybe has some visitors couple? Gals from people I know overseas and Vienna, TAT was filthy at it really. I ever heard That's I started slow down myself a pilot think about what.
Say but speech, therapist kind of stuck in my mind after this vocational council- and I got this eventually when I became a speech. Language pathologist, so he's in your speech was filthy, mean you're like swearing, oh yeah, yeah access, easy every building workers like like. What's that direct syndrome, is that what is how to read and write? I had no idea that I will do it. I didn't hear cause what you just. Did it naturally like the tiny taught anything or Why didn't you remember it? I know it wasn't now I normally would speak. It was just that would just come out and totally in a totally and approach. Such a, not amongst the guys. But, amongst visitors. Like I said, I didn't know what was going on, but you You gotta glanced over the fact that that you know you got the feedback, you can't. You can't stay in the marine corps anymore and you it's housing
You figured that out yourself, but at some point that's that's gotta turn into a harsh reality, but that's what you wanted to do in Vietnam able to command. You got the best guys in the world and all of a sudden in one day it s right. It's gone. You don't wanna, replace it, but eventually you get before. Physical Evaluation Board and what I had hope for because most of most of my roommates and most the guys there, I knew that and Maria Schmidt Orthopedic injuries and no stitched up with machine gun in their legs or whatever they get put on a tent very disable retired list. That allowed you five years too, Again, your ability and- and if you could you you would get a chance to go back into the marine corps on the other hand, if you got better the could the wrap your disability rating down. So was kind of a d which sword most I just wanted to get out, but the guys, like
me and they call lifers, because I wanted I wanted to correct. I argued that I could fly any desk. Well, that was fine, but that wasn't that wasn't gonna fly. I was gonna, be retired, but as long as I was on a tv, our elder, temporary, disabled or tireless that, well, I got a chance, but I gotta, I met the Ba Hospital, not I've been to my physical evaluation board. They were asked me I've got a transcript of it? My doctor submitted statements itself. What that may say well, we'll move will get you on the tv Earl S great. Could I have five years towards Russia back in the core came through? my orders for commerce came through one day. I was in the hospital permanent disable return no chance of arrogant bad boy. Beyond but I was on the phone to sector and navies offers
but which I got through to some nice, older woman right there, who obviously at heard this story before, and I was promise that tv aerial, but I pair of permanently retired. He said well lieutenant you. It is that you know. We ve done this a few times or- and we kind of know that the history of- these kinds of injuries and now you're bored did recommend the permanent, tired, Disable s, not the temporary. So we have to go further and of course they were right. But again I was Menachem old man at twenty four. And I ve been retired scares me- That's not the plan, but that's our all work. I'll. Take you to realise how Montague, except that's? U you kind of got through the the Why me why not right How'd you. How long take you to get through this fact that ok, now the Marine corps, you're you're sacred marine corps
has has made this decision you know Still thinking about helping to some fifty years answer, I am still not gonna knew why me question, but now I've. Adjusted, down to graduate school, got a masters degree them into the speed the permanent university flower and lay quite sure what had walked through the door. When a hearing when I arrived, I want to know where the coffee mass was. Look at me like that. What our place we're get its drop in mourning get a couple, you pay a dime or whatever We all know they like we're gonna get. Why do now? We do now and my class we're on the third floor, this building, in which elevator from went up. Therefore, but it didn't work here, work and ears as I went to my adviser, should look this three flights to
show me through it three times a day and we got to get that elevator. Where can I sell can't? Do it like no way work. Since I've been here, the profit we'll see by the simple what're you gonna do I'm a little talk of the president, the present, what press presently the universally you can't do that really watch me. I did he won there, but his is. Chief of staff was who happen to be a guy who had kind of an arm injury from world WAR too, and he said you can't be repaired What's with you tell me, sir I'll pick airport next day it was working just fine and work for the next three years my master broke. Whenever down, How are we can we can assist jumped over this port? How long were you in the first a forked tongue? I wasn't because if we ll over twelve months and in
Well, that time you know, when you showed up when you got wounded, you could move your right, your legs or on what was the progression like get you back due to the other the best means that you guys are well. It was a physical therapy, occupational, fair pay and once they, which I decided once it was good twice, might be better. So I argued for that pretty soon I got that. By November my, Leg had started certainly get remarkably better. I left leg still was really is but that you put a brake on it, and- and I could by November I was walking not granted. I had a crush on one side on the right side aloft. In Karachi or the metal things and call polio grudges back then, but under my com, laughed rancorous, because that's the guy, when a comment on my left side, but Walker and of course I went back to
brown drop. The cormorant and went to to La Frank Carter's dropped the right. The left one after awhile back to the right. One then drop that to a cane brace on my laptop did find for about forty two years that way But eight years ago my right leg said to take an early retirement army and so have start wearing a brace on that leg, and I was following too much so they put me to an electric wheelchair, which is water, scooter at a house and around town. In that a scooter over. There is what it flat my my wheelchair and flies to learn forty seven pounds and it doesnt flat that flies that breaks down into forty five parts in my wife can do it by our own course. This week we had the kids helper, just throw them back of a dozen speedily fall now some notes had you were wearing a football helmet? Why
down there. It's out like that, made it quite an impact on some of the places that you'd visit. Would you for our help and on well. You know I was falling when I started to walk independently with hospital, and I had a left foot dropbox meets bracelets was to bring it up so clear, all the little obstacles and there you don't pay attention to when you get through good feed. But I would follow the elevators goes. They wouldn't we exactly align. I formed everybody in it. So eventually star, like they say, Unita football. How much is you got that right right? I have that I've got a defect up there. You can put your hand in my defect and take it taking up my pulse just like the risk. We are. The thing would pop up when you gonna titanium plan. That was after about a year, the end of the year they waited a year before they put a plate in your skull, because it was considered a Tammany contaminate room, not sure what that meant, that the medical people but met We met you waited a year, but the played in
but they're. So this football from my dad got it from the University of Delay. He work and it was blue with the commission thing with yellow strikes. So occupational therapy. I gotta can have we have paid with my laid make it leaning over them in my lab, I re painted this thing. I'll drop my roommate at the time He had been there along and I had apparently was oppressed. The perfect room it form because I lost my sense of smell and taste. Apparently Haven in a body Spyker cast forbear down on his knees for like six months he stuck to high Heaven Adam Smith up, so I was brown paper. His sister got this sir button book. Where he had a black button and their boats, the things you could put on the body, and It also had some up no bullet holes with her.
Shattered. Lastly thinks so. I bought a close on the front of the earlier of the football him and I had a little badge motion maybe three inches rack said my head is depressed area accident. I wear that on my mama path from around the hospital I guide nobody would describe and look at me. I agreed that look at manner and I just can't move up out of the way we want to mess with this guy. He might have Creasy dark, dark, haimaires popular wealth, Darky, Murray Bethesda. That's there, probably all always about a dozen unless young lieutenants, no between them. For in the forty four of the clock was EL direction the tower with us and we had a good nor at the time, but we had a great group dynamic going. There was, always someone who was worse off than you so when you started to feel sorry for yourself restarted, get down your buddy
come and ask what about you, rise Montgomery earlier about Bertuccio, over here, so so Smitty an ash There is always somebody better off than he was put up. A good fight, you never got to down on yourself knows, those are important lessons for life right you that Tibet, I mean we can complain I'll, be the four I'll be the person complaining about. Oh, I I I I jammed my finger and about that about a cause. I can't do something. I know what you need to do is be quiet and whereas I always say do what you can do to care so you get down So now we're go back to college. You got the elevator working, you got a and how long does it take to? How long does it take to get your Would you get your doctor if I got my doctor in and speech language mythology and with a minor in psychology, but sadly the masters, and I
I'm not sure L University of Florida looked at my Trask it from the Naval Academy in how they factored in. You know, weapons and navigation and, and course, like that, I'd that I took, but I had to do a whole lot of us. Redwood course before moving the gradual level are sought at me. Three years to get masters degree going to school full time. I'm gonna be able to pick up the tab for that with very good. To me very good, I know, there's a lot of complaints out there about the VA and I'm sure some of them are we to some degree or another, but that you ve met stamina Ba and I didn't happen yesterday- happened five minutes from now it happens. It happened down the road, but as long as you every box and go from a B c d: try to jump from a t f. It'll all work for your great after What point did you meet me? Jerry
I met sherry after I had my masters degree, work for year down in Orlando, it at Easter Seals community and with a great experience, when my will profit. The University of Florida invited me to come back up to the medical center there and become one staff speech, pathologies at the medical center and I set great, which That surely was a staff occupational therapists at an for some kind of across the hall from me we met, we met dull normal about these things like most men, apparently I I didn't John fasten up. So we had a mutual friend who was in the others, master speed, pathologist there and she had us over for dinner. One night great, master stolen, get it so we were convention Wanta one summer. You're having lunch together myself in the other speech mythology, who is all front assures- and she said, Ike,
what do you want anything? I invited you and sherry over for dinner you like this, she said. Listen if you don't, the amendment is committed to veto. Ask her out within two weeks: she's gonna ask you so I asked her out and we went out we did it for awhile and eventually Everything fell in a place where we got, Meanwhile, I had the kind of you up on marriage. I had dated fair mountain I was just run in the wall after war. So, but I'm sorry, I want to be a dead love kit and I would love gets so I What are the children's AIDS society floor at home? I wanted it up. Well magnet and this was now late. Sixties, early seventies. They looked at you
like you that a hole in your head course, which idea that was ok but but re settler. They gave me all the stuff to read and always exercises to go through and said You come back in a couple of months and if you still want to pursue this, they will talk about well. So It is past stood about nine must, but eventually I was approved. I mean they. Everybody my family had to submit the letters and all my friends, and they just they sliced and dice me one side, one sign down the other guys they weren't going to let one of their kiddos get in homes and Gunnar freaky guy. And would you totally undermined butter getting engaged all that went away here and get married, that's what they want. They wandered obviously to person situation. Their kids and stable. So if you got engaged or something like that during that this process, it was over,
I've been accepted and sure enough? So we got gave a comma casework and told her great. I waited go. But things adoptions after ok, that's why the old fashioned way, which we did I didn't, and as this time you still pursuing your doktor at this lamp semi Dotterine this demonstrate, and that was about seven years, gone to school, half time work and have time a fellowship at the aim at half time fellowship her or clinical fellowship and somewhat then go to school, half time my real money had run out by then so I was funding this, which was fine with me, then at some point, you finished with the marriage you get married and you start having kids. This is true. Map met he's a third
here we go my time shine, yeah you're, the only one. What was it like for you grown up with a dead. You know, I don't think it was a typical childhood compared to my friends. She would Charging around probably fell like four in the morning, but it was primarily seven o clock wake us out, we'd all be out in the hallway and lie like formed ready to go prior to school and he would do, but your belly buster Adela basic Morning, beauty with the family, I was here. Very limited, but we did like push up set. Ups jumping Jack's, we'll see how to do. But one thing actually get out of here
and so just like. I don't think anybody else's kids do that at the time of my hands right, you'll wake us that by like playing readily behind you at roughly was before I joined the military it was it was. They couldn't you gum. It was somewhat control. There's a lot of discipline there that be other kids. Have we We have put on restriction which know what that was in Taiwan to NAPS ground as opposed to being ground. We are really restriction and that's just what it was called and we had like explain what it was to our friends and is now about research. What is that so? We, to explain its being grounded, Yeah he's come like this. This hero like a lot of our friends, though, because he is
he's really good with our friends, and he was a wild man. Notorious throughout the school system of not be. I gotta mess with if you're like a school administrator. I think there is less like heads, I'm talkin to is not in the notes, but I'll tell the story. I think this sixth grade and had a friend who would get in trouble class regularly and what you want the honest kid. So a lot of teachers knew who I was in. My sisters were probably better at school at that time, and I was, and so the teeter pulls may silent, anxiously You need not be a friend's Chino he's too bad influence on you, and so I go home to my dad is mostly next day like it's, the school has like the loudspeaker that, like clicks on from when the office calls- and I think one of the office as a guy MRS Renate, I think Mr Eyes Mark is here
She's, like our green arts, send that down of the office, kind of here in the voice of the the office staff, and there are no he's he's here to see you. And the whole class is just like what is that so yeah is clearly different. It's you the growing up with like somebody that is like the essence of the worrying garlic the plan kind of like iron? that is what people think, but fair, sure that's over these most of the time There are things that you just have to do, because that way I want them done, or that I matter house right, which is like that's what once so, you're gonna have to grow up learning just telling you that's where staff, which is a lot of what you see
in the military is like we do things this way, just as is the way we do it or its because well, I want it, but not everything is like that in the military input which, I like eight years old and have a lot of input in and things. But where did you decide? You were going to the Naval academy. Like him, we would schedule trips around the Annapolis area to go of his friends and we'd wind up at the academy, or we would like a logical way more for a right. We'd go. We gotta San Diego for spring Breakin going check out the naval station things like that, and so you I've kind of known for a while ago. I want to be a pilot, this kind of what I want to do and I think the best way to go about that is probably going the Naval Academy, private. Early high school can ahead. That idea in mind. Like him, I pray wasn't the best ever
I got better over time, but at that time I don't really put a lot of effort into school in homer, exciting it. Oh, what was called naval kind, prep school wishes busy an actor here to get you ready for the new economy? I found out about restriction, their research If I get my brief moment, one of my favorite stories about met was when he was getting ready apply for the Naval Academy, United? Here in the PS eighteen years, whatever that is prey sat, and I thought well we're gonna bumped, this apple or better, our challenge them. So I made a bet with eyes. I bet I can score higher on there s a t that you can, He looks to me like a course that I got three heads and teen ears. Oh do so.
I mean why has strategically bought. Some of these are prep, looks that I was leaving around the house. We play to win over here s, how many, when buying those you know he didn't but scandals. The s idea we took at them with their results, come back in The outbreak here, what you wish were I out them in Gus six, fifty seven, fifty eight hundred on the english side unable to stay no one ever separate so that this came back the hot man. I beat a fund that, but the here they allow things go on for me. Was an eagle scare up the letter in a couple sports at high school, and he did. He had a good the interview with a bullet gold. After fellow who kind of routes, William Academy in cadmium. The area they got all over the country.
I announced that he knows all those people too. Well, I don't think so, but I don't know anybody either the admissions born when they helped. If I did, you got in there yourself but you ended up being a sub mariner about any the new economy, like anything election programme is gonna, be tough in theirs. Only a limited number of spots and there's physical requirements after me, too, twenty vision, aim or so of play, A pilot was not in in the in the world for me. So I just went I think selected as a surface warfare officer, and then I didn't I want to do that. I won't do something different or more choice, Jane so I went to be a submarine offering after you have to ask to get an interview with the mayor, reactors personnel on sale,
I once saw the captain on the art, who is the the head submarine officer there and he looked at my staff and said You put three major as an econ major. At the time, I am proud to have the best grades ever, but I was good enough in math and science that here three on the naval reactors interview so went from there. You gotta go your colleague old school, where Eu Africa Interview with Admiral. Over hidden, play online games with you. They still they keep that traditional I've used. Although interview with the forced our that's how they were actors, but you're mine games, mortars, technical, enter and go and how many years the gender and it's actually got out in two thousand twelve July. That is so just a little over six years and is Ike would you do now I am what I call fully retired am enjoying it immensely.
After my speech, pathology career kind of it. Just petered out here in the Pacific, northwest it's a whole different there. Atmosphere and ball game for halide health professionals than it is. EAST Coast, which was ok that's a lie and about in ninety five, when selling life insurance and mutual funds, which which I enjoy, but there was, why only successful at what was successful and after pay the bills and keep from income coming? Anyone Finally, I to that end, said the live, a life of Lee shall we say, but in our everyday, is a little different. Gettin up in the morning is not the typical you're gonna get braces on in there the trio flower bed might might where my
There's a gravity always wins, it always does so just a little bit more difficult, but it's ok sure its main at around. In kind of looking up at the side, which is where I fear, It should be Well. We are certainly glad that you didn't end up their an and then ended up here. It's probably, place to wrap it up, just awesome to sit and talk with you will likewise struggle. Did you ever causing guardsman anything that I missed I'll have to close? I just want to others such as we almost always miss in the service and, frankly, in any kind of industry or, and that's the part. Your spouse place where my wife has been terrific over the last Forty one years she's a love of my life
be the mother, my children and I just don't think I could get through a week without her. She she helps me She points out where I'm going turning laugh left when I maybe should stay the straight and narrow good cook she's, pretty good at managing and I love her dearly. Well, if that's all cement the like we, we can often overlook beer. Families you know, whether it's right, the husband and wife, the kids, they all make a huge sacrifices for those that are still in the military. They always made the sacrifices to support. Your so absolutely to the families out there that are out there, supporting Browsers, you too, you all and Sir YO It is my honour to hear talk with you in an acute
thank you for calling on the show. More importantly, though, obviously thank you for your. For your service and your sacrifice you as well, and also you yes, yeah well we're it no matter Everybody serves in their own way, very endless gotta. We we now get this address that you made the effort that you made it what allows us to be here today as a people doing what we're doing so. Thank you for four you're, your own safety and your own life on the line for this country, and we deeply appreciate it
like you reassure us again and for all those out there who have served and are serving and gets up awesome bags like free Tibet, and with that, Charles Robert Ike Eyes and Bach has left the building and honour to have him on it. To hear his perspective. But crazy life starting. Growing up in the Philippines the fire, his dad sound like a character. A character is like from the Philippines than that technically Filipino, so you know how I you're from the Philippines sake, not computing, interesting stuff and awesome, ferocity or end, of course, get to get to talk with another hero. Another
visual, that adjusts steps up and overcomes. Reminding me reminder us right that we need to do more. There we can do more. Is everything ECHO Charles at you, recommend that we should all do what is digital Of course, ok, I think of the many reasons to do. Jujitsu I think we have concluded number one. Is that it's fun that should be however, I don't the biggest reason, I'm not sure, it's a region that will keep you with a toy There are so many strong reasons there, we'll just a fun, slash, beneficial. Here's, the weird thing like on social media story asked me all these questions, always if questions about what you do? If we, you do if you have trouble controlling your temper digital
What do you do if you have trouble detaching, or would you good way to learn to detach digital? What's a good work, go to start getting in shape jujitsu what good way to let off steam and knock it stressed out. Jujitsu is Europe's Antaeus wishes to answer answer answer is your answer so yeah much across the board, what we Our saying do. Jujitsu is when you do to get it to have a key, the cure unanimity, so you do ye. This is the you gonna get origin YE, not just an origin d, get as many as you want, but you have differ. Selections whimsy from saying so one of the reasons to get an orgy mg, not those fun this fund to get an orgy pressure. It is running at airports by oddly enough there factually however, more person feels when they shop. Yes, you everything. What do they call like some therapeutic
Turkey is. It is not what is called shock therapy outside its called sunk, but it's that situation worse, like therapeutic to go shopping Siberia. Go into something. I think what I ve ever heard might me rage against consumerism I'll. Do it right now? Well, neither do I everything right they want. Happens? Is there is a certain level of gratification that you get from building something making? Something right is whether it sir wall, whether it's real the hang and dry wall in the kitchen like it there's there's, a satisfaction that you get from from creating something. Well, I hate to say it, but sometimes for some people shopping starts to cut it, replaced that and and they want to create something awakened his click on Amazon and its common they're gonna get a little less of it. A little dose of it feels good
So there is that when you buy an orgy, I will say you feel a little bit what's better, though is when you buy an orgy. What you kind of thing: You do look when you buy some rare damn thing off of AMP Amazon dot com You know where that thing came from a bright. It you're not corrected to know. You know you buy an orgy. You know what you know exactly what you know exactly where it came from. You know what it means, you know what it represents than has so sir. Yes, and all it yourself in order to go away. You done about is completely correct. Were aside both, so you know your things they making something or doing something, creating Sardinian, some. So this minute so as a switch, the door, some door, nuts in house bigger right.
You seem saying, but you got gratification re years. Eleven right satisfies action. You feel good about stress. You shut that Dorcas trunk yeah, shut, solid pecking will want to bomb. The locking thing was like jammed up yet The thing is just Gimme issues like given. Did you overcome this state of my door? Knob? Those like there wasn't any acceptable state is in my room. Fixing that whole situation was like that are out of something that needs to be done, and I did it by myself same thing with the different door It needed a lock. It didn't have a lock, ok, so those three altogether with different issues, simply impact so I did it yes universally. You overcame over time. It did it gratification, but on top of that for the new door knobs on Amazon and grow nation from that two things in, but so fact does remain, but with the
we have the dish additional gratification, that of course, there, the best region in the world, but they are made at a MAC imaginary, like you you're a kid, you want the best car right. Yes, but it's hard to afford that car. Origin gives like. Oh, you want their best geek. Oh you can, if you can make it happen or you could go, get that not the not best gee up to you. But well, that's on you, though this face it the fun you have not encouraged being on man unless get Yogi orgy origin main doc. And the good thing is: if you need other clothing items outside the realm of Jujitsu out the realm of geese outside the realm of rash guards. Then you can get other clothing materials such as tee shirts, such as hoodies Chaz, yes genes, American made Denham thing deal
and you might be thinking what why stop there, don't worry, we didn't stop working it or even your boots to you. Origin boots Maiden America, but when you know where the letters from the where I was nor the stitching is from yes from America Well, you know we're there actually assembled, though, to be honest with you a merit and and then no summer, some supplement nation The most important kind of supplements, by the way, the ones that work and well since, in the case of mark the candidate, like dessert. So, yes, that is the best can supplement in my opinion, but but joint warfare krill oil. These are free, joint, keep you in the game. That's a big deal. How much I was led? That is the deal. It's the deal, you're, not the game. They need a sort of denying the game at all. Yet I do not like,
The men where you like you superstratum, but like your elbows, are or german you up so hard like breaking out strong anymore cause your elbows can't take. It seems in so doing for crude oil. Also. Discipline, this for your brain brain and bites brown body sorted scenario. Look at you, then effect has become an everyday one for me by them. Oh you're, obviously detain all day or will we d plain discipline? Playin the deeper railway said that I think do Burke, really good. Tell he's a wicked I am pretty sure. I'm not sure. Let me confirm that later, but unless discipline free rein every day and helps to lead us more help. Every day to especially when you got back to that little post did: do you want a little something? Let's face it? You let's raise at stake, is awesome We all know that, but What's his face, the facts, somebody
get down and you got that little craving little fellow want. She want something. A dessert? But you know Not part of the plan. Do not us on the programme. You know it is not on the path. Certainly, yes, cake is not on the panel, but that's ok. We got you, you can have dessert you get such a symbol, You also for Turkey's worry kid marks. The same deal raising a thing deal but more engineered for the kids. Would you say is that there is a need for the kids speaking it ends. Engineering for the kids You know, I'm running a dimension it, but there is an artist not artifact, artifacts wrong. Word, a product that I we sampled at the vitamin chop. Graduation. We allowed to talk about this because it might be like against some big reveal plan is determined bars.
It's been revealed that you go well. Nonetheless, look dad is gonna, be like another level, even the another layer of post dinner, dessert situation, something yeah. I do know what you're saying that, because it is a candy bar salaried straight up, good for you and legitimately good, for you believe that it is not normal. This is. This is good, whose different than what else you do for sure unless the amateur eurozone. I have those right now, I'm in mock worse, I have two hundred all you got them all see, that's where they were and as I read those go because I kind of wanted something. I never want anything When I was gonna keep you know, you can have it now. Europe has already that's my kind of my personality like I don't want to have the other stuff. You know
They were like an old. I took him all. I put him all right. My car around, like those now maybe did the right thing. We want to become more building a plan to make him because no one can make what we wanted: zoning, ok, you can't figured out collapses. First minimise Mars's need anyway. So, yes for more bars, not not currently available, but on the horizon on the horizon jack. It is available right now. If you need something organic in your life, could you want to feel like one of those people that is? healthy, all healthier than you are making come back at him. What sums act is an organic. Actually, yes, it is otherwise. I wouldn't put it in my body, third of certified organic. What step there you go. Minority stuff is all available at the vitamin shop nationwide, which is pretty it's convenient bottom line.
In no way I had a little trouble with convenience right inconvenience Allison, you know what is slippery slope, Mcdonald's, no business, no However, this also we have door called Jacko store. They said. Yes, we have a story, teller junk. We do better. Just you and me at all of us with the whole gamut collectively. Everyone here has a story, your own store, our own store. We could have called it that, but we do think that back as to suggest people you know, are still the trooper store for people that are just getting after it You ask if you, if you forgetting after it, maybe need a rash guard, maybe need a t. Shirt, maybe you need a hat echo, you don't need a hack as he doesn't, where a hat very I've never seen you with a hat for one second, not even in the hold, whether anything wait. Maybe I seen you in origin Billy. I think you ve ever seen in cold weather, oh yeah,
you thought I was cold weather nineteen? Oh, you must have had on out there. I don't know if I didn't yeah, had been younger uranium nonetheless jobless or the calm yes represent, while you're on the path that we get this course also. Du Pont Gossipy Evan already. I think it's important varying levels of importance, but you do livery youth on the move. It's kind of cool, it's kind of covering the due to kind of like is confirm where you're out in your mental space. Things don't worry about the grounded podcast, which part of the Deaf core network you know about that Did you get a whole network called the Deaf core network with building a network get free part on it. Jocapa gas grounded part, ass an warrior kid bought. Can subscribe to all of them. If you want or not of whatever you can all check out warrior kid soap,
at Irish oaks, ranch dot com, there's a kid, or your kids since day, one in the game and guess what he may His own soap from goat milk goes that he raised and we have a new soap, a new soap. It's called he's got some active ingredients that help fight against bacteria, the nordic dog area, Michael, we humans microbes there, those from guesses, fungi, fungi, all these things. All these things also he'd be defeated, so we have a soap and it's called killer, so and if you use it, it will help you to stay cream, You also youtube you do the interested in the video version of this broad or x. Serbs from the pod casino necessarily want to watch the whole
Being all at once, all the time Let's just say you might think that the world would be better place. If the world unfolded in things happened: part of the world exploded or call on fire, because he as command of virtual reality, can make my words things explode. He can make my my kettle bell make things blow up. Is he can make his own magic go powers be revealed. In forms of like sparks if I'm so inclined years, that's ECHO Charles. He may not be able to control everything in the world, but on that oh you tube channel, he can make things happen video like Brown and Sir I've ease explosions in a while, but you don't get. We were going to continue that from time to time. I think
I hope we ascribe gotta now called psychological warfare. It's a little psychological hitter. If you need a little bump to get you over a bump, You can check out on Itunes, Google play or any mp3. We have flip side, chemist Larcom, where Dakota is making visual representations of discipline, pure distilled onto a canvas that you can then hang on your wall and it will keep you on a path a bunch of books, leadership, strategy, intact manual, way or your kid got three of those books making the dragons for the little look, got to this week was freedom field manual. The audio version that is is on Itunes and
Amazon, music and Google play as an mp3. We got extreme ownership added. I gotta me of leadership. The fundamentals of combat leadership that I wrote about my brother Leaf Bab and we have show on fraud, which is: are we ship consultancy and what we do is we solve problems through leadership grass on fraud, dot com, if you need help in your organization with that, we get E F online, which is online leadership, training to get you speed as a leader, green, if online dot com for that we ve got the muster, which is our live conference gathering seminar, I gotta of a better word cause it's better than all those three things ever when are we ve done, is sold out this We are doing or Lando we're doing fine and we are doing Dallas if you oh come! extreme worship, dotcom, every One of these that we have done has sole about, and these are concerned too so get thoroughly. Also
If you need leaders, at any level in your organization check out. F over watch dot, com for executive leadership, Jack YE have legion dot com for frontline leadership. These are. Are platforms to connect the vets that have experience leading with companies that need experience. Leaders go check out those platforms, also wanted to say talking Ike ask him about, he charities. He wanted me dimension and he said the simplify fund, which does a bunch stuff for Marines for marine families from rain. Transitioning in outside out of the mill out of the Marine corps and also to help them out with their health and wellness so that simplify fond dot, org and also He wanted you to check out the Fisher House. Witches win, troops, get wounded.
And there in the hospital for an extended period of time the Fisher House provides them with a place to stay. Polite provides their families with a place to stay in the area, so it's Fisher House DOT Org its grip. Both these organisations are great organization, so check those out and If you feel like you want to hear more from echoed, I for whatever reason, if you want to throw a correction, that is, if we made a mistake, which is entirely possible We probably need it where we're there, where or on the into webs You are also not diamonds on Twitter, whereon Instagram and we are on Z, frozen book, then you can know find echoing echo Charles and I am at Java willing, Thanks once again to Charles Robert Bobby Bob eyes in back
like an absolute too me with him today to talk to him, and here he is. Credible story of service to America and the rest of the veterans out there that are on to beauty, the ones that have already retired. If left to service all you put on the uniform. Thank you for your service and of course, the same goes out to our police and law enforcement in fire fighters and paramedics guarantees and dispatchers correctional officers and bored the and secret service you take care of care of us here on the home front, war appreciated as well into both those groups. Thanks to your families, for the support that you give to the folks at are wherein the uniform rule out there. You know think about when you
think about the challenges that you face that I face that we all face. What challenges? Are we up against what what storm or power is trying to hold you down onto you. Little battle battle in the world. And then, if you can, you can remember you can remember someone like, then you can remember what he did facing these challenges shot in the head wounded pair Eliza hospitalized and What any one of us can fold those challenges of life. You can do that you can, for you can give him poor. You can do what I did
And what I does every day, which is take on those challenges by getting out there and getting after so until next time. Mrs Echo and Jacko out.
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