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241: There Will Be Pain. Life is Rough. Lessons From Being Shot 27 Times. "Perfectly Wounded" with Mike Day

2020-08-05 | 🔗

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0:08:15 - Mike Day. "Perfectly Wounded" and shot 27 times.

2:50:24 - Final thoughts and take-aways.

2:58:06 - How to be capable and STAY ON THE PATH.

3:15:52 - Closing Gratitude.

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This is Jacko podcast number, two, forty one with Charles and me Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. I was the number one man on the door in my train, which men I would be the first man into the room. Missions, often included debates as to who would get go first, All these guys, we're fearless and like, to train hop to the from the stack the most dangerous place to be. Into a room. Seals loved a fight. We all want to be the first. Into the fight and every seal is willing to accept the greater risk, especially where's buddy sake I had no apprehend. About the possibility of my own death. My concern with former platoon mates bike, I speak for everyone. Their action
This night prove they all felt the same way Thirdly- and I looked at each other, he smiled back at me- We practise this maneuver a thousand times in its success. We done it on hundreds of missions just like this one. There is no rush of adrenalin, or anxiety. We were composed relaxed their professional We would simultaneously breach our respective doors and go to work. Clearing, the rooms of enemy fighters and other potential threats. We launched on the signal to a wave of our rifle barrels at the door to my room. It's swell Open to the right, I've, Dorian. Is it opened? Look down? Wall and saw it was clear, as I pity
it off my right foot to move down the left wall. I had the sensation of my body was being slammed with a dozen sledge hammers. My entire body was now in the room. And the men behind me in my room, clearing train were attempting to follow me in. The room was small twelve feet by twelve feet. Night vision, goggles illuminated the darkness- and I saw in clear view four of our targets aiming at me all of them armed with automatic weapons and All of them firing at me not right there is an excerpt from a book called perfectly wounded by a retired seal named MIKE Day, and I MIKE when he was a young seal, he was
be ten classes ahead of me going through basic seal training. He stopped his career, it's your team! Three! I start my. See your career next door fifty meters away hundred meters way over its seal team one week. Cross pass on What was my first deployment see each other around from time to time he was always very called me from I could tell always called everyone, nice guy, no You go no attitude. And on the day that MIKE writes about in that book? those insurgents that were shooting at him. They had their mark and not just once.
Not just twice, not just three or four or five or ten times, but twenty seven times twenty seven times MIKE was shot eleven times in his body armor and sixteen times in his body. And you have to keep in mind is a strange thing. But one single round. Or one single tiny piece of four augmentation can kill you. So to receive. That. Many shots. And survive is,
whilst some kind of miracle. And then to go beyond that cost story, doesn't then there, but to receive that many shots and actually fight back is beyond a miracle and that's exactly what might did he fought back and key one, and it is an honour, to have MIKE here today to tell us about his experiences, his life and his lessons learnt he's got a bunch of us tonight. Thanks for common all men, I appreciate you guys yeah, get get you out here. I know we're in the middle of middle a right now, you ve been doing turn off country
You just got done with the total archery challenge up in up in Utah. I wish the a grabbed. There's you'd have to come all the way down here, but now you tell me to try and looked to serve a little bit, which is awesome, long dry, I would cite deserves to be taken up in Virginia since another hurricane come up against the way it works is way it works is no way men. I want to jump into this. Your book is first It's just I mean everyone, obviously not, can read the whole book on the read some of it just going on. Get the book right now. The detail, that might goes into. This is storing document about being in a seal teams about in combat and and what's in addition to that, the I stories that you bring to the table are important for people to understand understand what how
people grow up in different situations, what it does to them at how to get through those hard situations cause definitely went through some hard situations so on Jump into a man Briggs Balkan Car talk about your pastor and how you grew up and it starts off like this. He looked huge like a damn monster. He was screaming and fighting back which only made it worse I was frozen in terror. He bent her arm over his knee and like a twig cracked, it. I watched him break her arm. He yelled at me go get me a glass of water. I ran to the kitchen, filled glass and ran back to hand it to him. He drank it. Then smashed the glass on a nearby table and hell broken shard like a knife. You and after her again with this newly created blade, I jump on his back to stop him. I think,
that would finally snapped them out of his uncontrolled rage I flew off him as he swung his arm and landed on the ground on my back. He spun around to attack is unknown aggressor and realized. It was me. I clearly remember seeing his expression dissolve from rage into one of guilt and shame. This is my earliest memory and my fur first encounter with a terrorist. It was one thousand nine hundred and seventy six in New Jersey and the terrorist was my father is victim. Was my mother. I was five years old. That's your earliest memory. Ceilings were easy.
Edit easy yeah, I believe, pretty prevalent in our society. Now a lot of us have just terrible parents and one of the one of the best books I've ever read is the body keeps the score and he says in that book the the largest medical issue, the largest medical problem we have in this country, is childhood trauma because it you learn what you are in the first seven years old for me. Luckily it wasn't to the point where I became more of a victim and and worried about what things would happen. My response was just a fight, so when I get scared or angry now,
I fight. I get scared, lotta people when they get scared. The the fighter flight is, is to cower. You can see a lotta lotta gunfights with people that aren't trained when the most prominent places you get shot. Somebody that doesn't know what they're doing is therefore arms in their hands is because our power and are when we get triggered people know that you don't jump around a corner to scare me because I'm a smack said, that's my response. I don't I don't flinch. My response is to go forward and my father ingrained that it may then I got monsieur teams that was ingrained in me and at night and that gun pilot was. There was no thought that was all reaction. That was all muscle memory. I was terrified. I went to a terrified a little bit a tariff.
Verification. That's a new word and once I got past additives is angry and then everything was automatic. You go on You go in here in the book. My parents divorce, not long after my father broke. My mothers are, my mother would soon start dating, and eventually Mary Tom, a black man, a rare union in the nineteen seventies. My father held racist, believes in my mother's marriage to a black man inflamed my father's racist sentiment, the device included a custody hearing I was young, but I can distinctly recall someone in court alone, Possibly the judge ask him strange questions about Tom but have you ever seen Tom naked? Have you ever seen Tom in your mother, sleeping together the focus the custody battle, which should have been my father and his treatment of us wasn't. Trained on me, an inner by standard interracial relationships were not the social norm in them
team seventies. I'm sure court knew my father beat my mother and US kids, but they still awarded him full custody, regardless. My hunch that the court's war, so biased at the time that they decided my younger brother and I would be better off with a wife beat an abusive father then be re by an interracial couple or speculation that I mean the seventies. Were yeah. We're really knows. Where was this, this was New Jersey, still New Jersey and they still married, and I got two brothers one month in the coastguard from that marriage and he's a rescue sore, not rest. He's a cop. Chief on the birds that good health care, the rescuers. So how old are you at this point? Meme? Spend six years old or something like that right about them? That's it I'm thinkin um, you know when I went
I picture you? I dont picture of the old bastard, seen from me right now Extra this young kid, Blonde blonde hair and you dont blue eyes at a picture of me, you know that's that's when I hope now that guy up this guy yeah, so I'm sure you're. Looking at me thinking the same thing. Your dad we're drive around as we have to that much really about imaginative. I say this: There are! No, you do you, you don't look down we're different, except for you used to have the frequent the blonde locks bright. Blonde locks miss know what I'm thinking you know you're there you are in court, this little area in kid and the judges are looking at. You know the the interracial couple and, like you said I mean, senator. Would you it's an assumption but to think
of any other reason why they would decide to send you with a known child abuse or is it come up with a different reason or another. Is mothers books really good? I don't think anybody be picked up. Nobody gets this life without travel and it's a lot more prevalent. Then. I think we understand child abuse in diesel. Your child trafficking going on right now, they're, just really bad parents really bad people out there and people get a supper drama. You gotta builder resiliency its training. They they help us build the resiliency. We required to do what we did in the ceilings and it's just training. If you sit on the couch, need twinkies all day and watch and watch tv anytime. Some.
Other than that comes up that causes stress and does not give you handle it. You got a train to be able to handle stressed in, and I mean the fact that sounds awesome. That sounds awesome. The reality is, I mean you're, probably this Small percentage of people that can get out of a situation like this and moving in Nepal direction. I what the percentages, but obviously there some percentage of people that go through he's traumatic experiences, kids and they end up Oh they end up in jail on drugs and wherever Elton Innocent there's something along the way that made you. There's not all are difference between Mean eighty percent of prisoners here in California. I just had the proper opportunity at the right time, because I didn't want the maybe I might I be rather they must
nothing? I can do other than come after me. The amount of seals and it sounds freakin horrible to say, look, there's some guys that are saints and the teams for sure, but the amount. Eyes, monsieur deems just if you just took a broad caught the siege mentality. Therein. An element of oil through criminal mentality in their like. The if you, if you want to join the Navy. We know where this is end up pressure. While we have to deal with criminals, he has made a lot of people think that when we go to war, I venture to say that seventy five percent of the people that we're dealing with are or are not ISIS are allocated at their justice. Criminal element, better profit to profiteers off of
after the current. What we could call whatever measures going on, they did the theological little they don't care. There is ok. I can make some money off looking at the religion in this country, you'll get how many Christians and then what level they practicing near the same thing with Muslims Heather Muslim, but are they really practicing? Are they really get a follow up? What they think is right or they can take the path of least resistance, which is what humans do. You owe you continue on here fast bordello, but my father was a sailor. When the Navy issued him new orders, we moved a Pennsylvania from New Jersey after the divorce, my father remarried, our new stepmother, soon became pregnant, giving first birth to my first half sister. Two years later she gave where's. My half brother trauma attracts trauma.
It has its own distinct language and behaviors. We would be raised by two people who had been severely traumatized his children minister mother was a natural fit for our family. She to add a history of childhood abuse, both physical and mental know much about her. The early years of her life of her parents would locker and a clause for long periods of time choose, put up for a day, option and taken in by loving couple. My stepmother would grow up to be both victim and perpetrator Jude. Alternate between coercing my father to beat us and slapping us around herself. She and my father would get into their own fights to she would fight back, even though she had no way of winning. He was six for two and wait. Two hundred and forty pounds when the worst beatings, iron bird was
When I was eight, my brother and I'd gone out on a winter day in tilted, car were snowballs, the driver was passed as it, but if I had known the price we're about to pay for our transgressions, he may have given us a pass. We ran to our house with a driver, the car chasing us. He knocked out front One told my parents what we had done, my father stepmother had a friend over at the time they were all drinking. My parents were outraged Father sent us to the basement and ad hoc torture. Chamber of sorts we made a strip, naked before tying our hands to a pole, so we were facing each other. He kept us with his belt so hard after another. Fifty minutes, we'd worked up. He'd worked up a sweat. All the while my stepmother and her friends out on the basement step sipping their booze, urging him the beat us harder and longer when he was dead. My brother and I were both badly bloodied. And bruised Fathers violence escalated as we grew hued smear toothpaste on the nylon belt when he Thus we would sting is caught and bruised us, I'm not sure where you
skip this technique, but it worked his routine to bring me in the basement We draw my pants so that my bare ass was available, you'd wind up and rip into my bare backside with them. Belle holding onto my arm as I twisted in a circle trying to escape. I recall a week that prefaced with him telling us. I know. You will be bad kids. This week, beat us bloody and then he went back to work for some crazy stuff, you so how to set an alarm for four a dot m to wake us up and beat us for no reason whatsoever before he went to work, we got beat and we went back to bed hardly a typical morning routine for a fur. Greater my childhood was a real life. Horror movie, I couldn't escape those terrible, but that one people have worse. I got out of la people, know Yeah
where this ends up. You say. Finally, at the age of twelve after years of enduring had shrunk rages in endless beatings. I decide to fight back when I and passed out drunk on the couch. I knew that he was passed out because the crop, his blue Jeans was dark and from having wet himself, I grabbed a base call bat and walk back and forth for about five minutes debating my intentions until. Finally, I must about my courage and we overhead act, swing, drilled and hard on the chest with a baseball bat, it felt great a totally powering rush. I didn't kill him, but I sure surprised him. Guess he immediately woke up from his booze induced black out with a look of total confusion that quick turned evil. He looked about my hands and realise that I was one that that was what his bones down office chest I knew by Look in his eyes. He was going to kill me. You chase me upstairs still to my room, where I jumped out my second story window into a thorny rose Bush. I looked up to see my enraged. Father stick his head out only to pull it back and I could hear pounding footsteps from outside ass. He ran downstairs. He was,
determined to hunt me down chasing me through the woods around our house. The dark he couldn't get through. Thick underbrush, but I was to tariff The slow down he never caught me the night at a neighbour's house and the next day when I returned home he had, for I know about it. Nearly three, my father was transferred a mere Amar San, Diego California, that's where he totally lost it drinking causing problems at work had been arrested several times for defeat deprecating in aisles of stores. Some mental health professionals have tried this peculiar public display as elimination disorder its behaviour. That's been identified in several serial killers and manifest out of extreme anger at someone or something. I was twelve years old when my stepmother receive word that my father would be medically discharged from the Navy and in the tunisian lies with schizophrenia and a host of other psychiatric conditions. He would spend the rest of his life in an impatient facility or an assistant
living environment. My father since died. He was very sick and really broken. He did it my job is apparent. However, I know now that It is best. Did he did the best? He could. I don't hold any horse feelings toward him. He really such as a father J. So I mean it's just it's beyond Riyadh like logic
commit serious mental issues. All his father was worse than he just wasn't the one that was able to break the cycle. Think he tried to just eight em up, I'm his fathers to chase hit him is his brother and sister around butter, knives and bright and kill him. He never actually threatened to kill us. We were that fact that thought so is there. His father used actually make that threat. I never never met my grandfather and what was your grandfather already? Dagger was corners. I don't know they just kept us from or or was it or we had passed. I met his mother. Looking back on that as a kid, it was strange, she was she broke just American.
Broken woman just strange just not nor more coming over Thanksgiving dinner was in Kentucky Fried Chicken, which I don't complain about. It means that you have heard a lot going, a plane with haven't food, but it was just there was not a normal atmosphere. Legal
that. It was weird and made him. His sister grew up in a psychiatric word. She wanted when she was really really really young saw. I dont know what kind of what was done. Her son mean some serious darkness. There I mean we gotta go on now the world. It is pretty prevalent, just shitty parents that abused or kids don't how to be parents, because they were abused, really not an excuse. My kids, Tummy logger old kids, twenty year old and twenty nine year old- and they have always told me we wish he would spank- has rather than yell at us. As I could never respect. You might change your mind. You got. Korn. Here I was about twelve or thirteen years old and my stepmother became our legal guardian and seeds or new found freedom by dating a guy in a roku in a local rock,
roll band named BT. And hosting parties at our house, our home quickly turned into a constant party, with its own in house, banned in all the characters that came with it. People strangers, would sit around my house all day. Getting drunk and stoned. Two killer occasion, my stepmother was parting with BT and his band of losers. When she tried to smack me, I caught her arm spun it behind her back than swept the legs out from under dumping or honour ass. That episode got me and my brother sent two main to live with our maternal. And parents who we hadn't in years for that summer, My half siblings were still young at the time. I still remember looking over my shoulder and seeing my half brother lying in his grip on my half sister lying in her bed. As I made A way out of the house as funny thing about travel, because that's the only thing I remember those to me- I thought all now, but it's as if they were
in the same house with us? Why don't? I don't remember what we get any different treatment. I dont remember them ass wild. You liked or other tat you might you're waiting for. You four thousand, two hundred and thirty one team to team a brother did like eight years, a team two from one hundred and one sometime after two thousand and ten. When I was gone, I get out two thousand and ten, Two thousand ten years he was a tinge Roy Tenures awesome, but does no memory of them of them? None at all. The only thing I can remember is looking over my shoulder when I was walking around now I can tell this is what I think about memories like I don't go back to the town where I grew up very often, and so I don't
because I don't like five, but when I say very often I mean for ten years at a time right, and don't see all those people that I kind of grew up with so I don't fire those an animal of cells. Right, I don't files memories very often, so they just like fade and I'll go. There and see someone that, like all your member need this all members, member that girl a number this and this thing over here and I'm always like, I feel bad,
is there tell me vivid stories about my own childhood and I just don't remember, I think its cause. I just dont didn't fire those. You can read studies on people's memories, especially distressful situations. Like I said, might my citations not accurate. They gave me credit for saving six women, children that were supposedly in the same room that was in a gunfight with four days without maglev and they all be dead. The guy that saw that look past, one of our guys had been shot and killed the sea, the six women and children in a totally different room that even see the guidelines in the doorway to dissolve the six women, children and superimposed them in the room. I wasn't they'd all be dead. Hundreds its rules and a matter minutes. Sir. Now you have two main that far
My brother and I moved to Maine from Virginia Beach to live mother and her second husband Tom. It was only after we arrived that I learned about how my stepmother and fathered deliberately and systematically try daily, nay me and my brother from our mother. She showed us box filled with years worth of Christmas birthday cards had been returned without the Czech she'd written for us, my father and stepmother cast him all kept the money for themselves spy. This, I feel the same about my stepmother's. I do but my father, she survived my father's violence into the best. She could Any hard feelings towards her either Tom and my mother never hit us. Their patient did their best apparent some severely abused young minds. If there ports hadn't been so biased. We could have skipped the seven years of abuse and lived in Virginia Beach all along but would learn everything happens for a reason never made it through, but I made it through three great and entered green run high school. When I last into my junior year.
When my resting coat comic smoking pop the school bathroom. This cause expulsion- was at a public school green on its art, get kicked out at all actually, it was basically gang run to get better that one. Shortly after being expelled, I had a running with the police cop. Us me with a bag, a weed at the time any amount over an ounce was a felony. The cop grabbed the bag and said. Is this an else I said? Yes, he opened the bag, grabbed a pay, it on the street, Ben Tennyson House now know, I replied that cop saved me from a felony charge and maybe even saved my life, I'd like to find that guy one day and thinking there's a good cop trying to take care of his freaking knucklehead. Kid was like fourteen or fifteen and a half. So from this. Are you gonna spend almost thirty days, India, where learn how to play a pinnacle? we're gonna play budget guardians
man. So then, you end up bathes Myspace spades that comes in their comes in handy are now on the ships. Once you're in the Navy and job core which is like you know you. You and vocational training that doesn't seem to work out too great one thousand nine hundred and ninety or one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight. You got a neighbor retired Navy, Dyer Diver, who tells you you're going to up dead or in jail. If you keep this up here, should join the seal deems instead they'll pay. To do all the things you're doing to get in trouble right now. It was to news giving vice and they retired hasty totally? he told himself. His keys were crazy, me, man knows there is that attraction of violence? Man and dismay him will your kid: what was violence? It was just time Robson dream low and another one slide down on handlebars and just jumping over.
It was John Solar, bikes, smashing frames by eggs. Just stop! I wanted me to him So are you you? You had down and you're going to join the Marines I did I tried to, and then you got rejected by the Marine corps for having a g and I actually met a guy that was recruiter back then, and there was an eighty, eight or eighty nine and dad restriction he had ever has called upon the deity wouldn't get you in which, on my guardian angel new out of them for years and bring go out there, I could have done that. There's no way. I could. If I mean I like working with them, but pray nine, eleven
Marine Cor's lot different there we are willing to operate on eleven. The added some. The marine corps is a completely different environment in, and I mean they do. What they do is actually more that's more dangerous than what we do there in their day to day life freedom, more spartan life, the especially if you're an instrument like that's patrol contact dad's got some which are somewhat future its sucks. I like away to theirs The goal you wrap up here saying my childhood was not exactly idyllic, but it's what happened to me and I'm very grateful for all of the wounds of my childhood trauma, serves the foundations of some truly exe resiliency training, that's a very positive way of looking at this point resiliency. His condition respond to physical and emotional trauma and stress its net. It's a never ending process.
Of understanding, endurance, evaluation, acceptance and application. Can you to help me get through some very difficult situations, child trauma, especially the kind perpetrated by parents can be some of the most damaging because it can cause don't feel unlovable. Children who feel on lovable can become unlovable adults and some of those big on lovable parents, thus repeating the cycle. The unlovable live, lonely tragic lives. If my Hertz mistakes, but whippings, an insight can help you overcome yours. Then this book has value for both of us but only one mommy and daddy issues check a yeah. I got my. I got some co dependency shit going We are told people whom we all get insecurities. I thought maybe Sylvia S carries on this one most insecurity by no abc less than trying to hard
yeah. I was now everybody now we care the genes. If someone says you know my my days really good at a parachute several times, galleys, slow runner exaggerates I'll. Let you down here but running breeds cowardice, saurians buncher, cowards the negro bouquet buds. After signing on the dotted line, I spent the next six months working out do my best not to get in trouble until I finally boarded about bust fur maps facility in Southern Virginia that's the way station for all new military recruits there I found myself of an interesting blend of Americano. One then include all shape sizes colours and temperatures of young men, women who leaving for the Seville leaving in world getting tastes, the? U S military. You know that's inaccuracy, because I went to great lakes of enjoyment. I did have a writer with me on this that when there was all deeds up there,
although women were gone or landlord about maps. Yet mats was even even even it maps at maps yeah, they were sent in other women at the time to or Lando everybody goes a great lakes now that play sucks, What has maps they heard the military military entry processing station. So you actually and list- and you wait a period of time before you then to snatch say, don't go out do something like a haven't. I only had a tendency to evolve not under any kind of research. Should or any kind order under that they use him J. Yet you signed a contract and they give you a date that you're gonna leave aside was only on an that's right. Six months, I've talked to give them a ten months. They had some kid, my school waiting for graduating, get him young. I was seventeen years old when I joined
who else This I found this morning in this house and pry why you say that the marine corps wouldn't worked out great for over a long period of time. It's you I never in my life one to quit anything more than I did Navy bouquet bro yeah. I mean there's holding underwear, oh great lakes to January fourth, five feet a snow, thirty below I hate the cold weather, rather sweat The universe is, I think the company commander saw some potential me the new than ours, works are kept volunteering to wake up before aim to do what most people dreaded, they decided to max responsibility may mean divisions Recruit,
The divisions recruit mastered arms, as like you, for when I was going through camp. I got made like a squad leader or so I got fired from now on bomber. I told by both the guy with the bugger on my pillow right as the company manners Walkin Endoored punched him it's. So that's when I got the wrong guy from regulation week of bouquet him, and then I get Y got role in buds at one. Sixty sixty one sixty eight and I got rolled graduation week of one sixty eight, irony that then you may both maiming fry. How are you going to succeed in order to act in Vietnam, the boot camp Which are even know where such things get rolled back. It was only one week which was claw. That's right, because because the great lakes, her, I would Orlando, but you still have to do that.
Passing review or Morgiana gardener. Nobody was coming to visit me for graduation. I got into that fight as he put a vulgar. Oh my beloved, I did not come out my day. While he was not a kid, I was a kid usual at all, and so I don't have to do the password. They dismay me like a parking lot lieutenant. I don't do it anyway that practice and we were in Nazi company to their flags morosely. Flags. Fur idling rover therefore, were 440i. Ask martyrs best, new folder underwear. The best the others like I very limited, memories and boot camp. I hated it I don't know, but I hated it, but I dont remember a lot about remember like the highlights of it. Private biggest I remember just remember, shovelling snow night I remember sweating, honourably like sweat of the giant pools, sweat rather go there
space shuttle took off. While we were standing out there like there was a space shuttle launch and we got so lucky and I was like oh that's cool, but don't remember much from Do you go from there to see school and then get orders did orders to go to the? U S S Carl which is five percent orders were to the car events in nuke. Sisco seek new machinist mate Sisco So basically, forever doesn't know. That means Hallo, regular Navy, now no no buds no seal deems, and I got the watch, those guys go through school. There there was at the same place. I was going to a school lunches armies like twelve hours class, for that, unlike last may have for ass. I don't nuke yeah. That's death, freakin, hard job man. It's a free country, George, I kinda Highschool, they want a movie
The rapporteur is around in your career. Court of consulting was not due to great job issued a bee line. You straight freedom, but but You did this kind of crazy. You like requested captains mass. No, I just went to his office
so you can even see that's even better and even requests Gavin. As you said, I'm gonna go talk. The old man, s kind of like Unite Group. Do you know who it was her name that was out there for like longer than anybody was in a sealed teams? The secretary ere, I talked to the secretariat, I'm sorry, I've got a problem, I waters Ma Am orders and I don't know how I got in there, but she let me get in there, and I think the guy was just amazed that some EU, too has come into his office. Some boot, unlike real, that's insane dude and I told me, look I passed the test for the screening tests for buds those fifty of us only like ten of us past I was told I was gonna, get this on my oh my contract, and this is what I got whose like do you understand that you're not supposed to be doing this way? That's gonna have come as a kind of plate and between I knew it was wrong
but I didn't care because there is no way I was often smooth sea school. So whatever I do, I was giving out. Do it and then the duties calling just set our when he took care? I got beat a little bit, but beat that light bulbs, Javert radically amended push up. She didn't mundane buds and you get it without. Did you ever? I'd, really eludes cow. Then everyone thought about the point. Eighty two in or semi too in the back of their forget, wouldn't memory. I drove the child once a misguided make it then he was such a big teddy bear. Crews does could run and we were late for Chow Inedibles way.
Beetle, as I also get shell. So last was already wine, so so so now we're fast warden abides reopened about three diseases. First rays. I must not governments, or is this first phase this was I can you remember. So you put the brakes when analysing and across the cross intersection. Seventy five, so I crash into that bank. As my breaks go out, I would today, like twenty five thirty miles an hour both visit the windshield start, the windshield, when she'll down the middle, seventy five as the bug class and the instructors dry by us and like, oh god, fifteen hundred count body pillars that we can. We can both of us. We cheated the paperwork
sometimes you can't buy threes, he can't do fifteen on employment. Or did you just stand out the first phase outside the first phase office resentment Nobel? It was first say so. It was read by the bill. How demerit was why did you do like seven fifty a day or something like that? Now we just when nobody was looking with account. Sometimes they sat in front of us. We can't buy ones. Since I left. We, like five hundred Do you have any idea what you're gettin in into you into buds level? comprehension level, did you add I? Basically I heard it was going to be hard and that's kind of the mindset of always I've always gotten out and it works. I don't know if it work for other people by wish things could be worse than it really is
so odd times it just hard to get started like how good it will you. I know you owe me were in high school for a couple years, but how good of our little did you? I know you wrestled delightful bar wrestled. When I grew up. I put all sport soccer, I box a little bit. Harrison knockouts Aromas, not myself out playing football always has given after it play basketball, never really scored a point. My coach, would you single fella. So so, but you had so yes, yes, I'm good athletic Background Lane sports, sir. You but you had no knowledge of birds. I came model. Did you do? Did you did youth? Think about like I was? I was Talk about me when I was quote getting ready for buds, no idea what to expect. I just knew that you ran a lot. Just went a lot, so I ran a lot. That's why I'm a lot.
But I would do you know four that's a pull ups and be like I right. I was good work on this, had no idea that Europe. But you're gonna do Hundreds of pull ups in an hour nor more than you could count. Will they do? Don't expect you to be able to turn a forty more relevant to show it is progressive yeah, but I think the reason and smarter about it. Now there definitely smarter about it, but and guys or the guys or get smarter about it. I guess poor people who abuse it to you can only keep me in the water for ten minutes cost fifty eight degrees They know that we do. You think that chart became a thing after
Are you really serious like you think it is after all, because I it is as follows: there I mean they would just there was no freaking rules seem like they probably looked at the student body is a curve and if some of them again it might be the take about. I remember that part. I remember them walk down the line to be like you get him like this british good coordination of national, your relegate discourse typing in but if no, if you didn't hear that in his back in the water- and they just keep, you do do in that until someone sorted and hypothermia, maybe two people started up their manipulate onto the next evolution. There were no graph that there were followed night than they do now. I think it's getting good man to it. I wish the students to know it as part of the game, not knowin, then you also met your wife. Why?
you in for face of the old fourth phase. Was you? Are there basically standing by to class up? I don't know what they call it now for face. I thought you still call forth so you are you. Were there as well? that's when you you, you met your future wife. And then Rowan into four phase. Drown proofing, you can rescue swimmer, lifesaving yeah, sorted work with a writer says some other stuff. This is changed. All that talk here, the whole process about this. What is at work programme that you gotta use when you're editing, sometimes
something just get by. May I cant figure its programme, its post. When you look at something over and over again, you just gonna missed, often happen swollen when you work with us today and started. They thanks. Interesting is on top of this Chet Atkins so would say there was something the guy worked with. That was interesting in and get the proper terminology, because to me drown proving was we didn't lose many people to that? John proving jumping was pretty easy. You may well, I feel your guys use a few thousand, not tying lose a few guys in dont know how lonely water swim. We did lose if you guys in lifesaving because lifesaving. Let us interesting, because it was a subjective thing where they can look at a guy like heinous guy. We know what it is trying to drown, yeah and then they gonna drown you when you they don't like you. Could they have that power t? Do the whole waste? Pushing gonna then tell honour shit and make em comply
it's a scrap for sure it is. I mean that it will be swept out you don't let em grab onto you. Gotta get him away from you and sometimes get hurt, but man I could punch to the gut. You know about coming back. They definitely forgot to live. There were some guys that did what they just weren't going to make it. You know like a guy that they didn't like or whatever pattern attitude, or they thought it was a punk. He you're gonna get out of the water those people of history to its, not just one of evolution. Listen to repair or performance. I think that it seems like this. Are you think they're stricter about that now? Where does es subjectivity or you think it's the same. While I would just like to say that another some things that change
and a lot of guys we gotta think but is easier, but the attrition reached the same near so them not making any more seals. No, even with a class that's twice the size may we would start would like a hundred twenty five guys. Twenty now they're, starting with two hundred some one at this hour with one sixty five and they still get whatever. Whenever historically we have presented that there's only get, there is still some five. So it still. I don't think it's an easier than easterly knob, I'm having sound there. I talk to friends that are down their direct national nicer. The other thing it's one of its evolution might be different. That's like, for instance, one What do we had twins? Seventy two: is there not his buoyant as the twin eighties So we look at heart to tread water with those damned tax because their steel and they weren't symbol, You know ass, they were I'm like lightweight boots. Now, not jungle boots, not old school jungle, those that was different.
You know what I was going through is everything was in boots. They were get ready to try in addition to the shoes, so the times were different and almost didn't translate come from boots and then lowering the times because your sneakers, it was almost heart. I just know we war boots and then, when I've eventual, we picked up what they started wearing. I was half way nicer. They were issue unless those garbage new balance, which gave me shit sports. Oh just the running shoes when you. They didn't my ways were better off and boots than roman sneakers. They ve sneakers hurt anyone so what has seven ten pace? That's not bad and boots, but the thing that's the thing it's Where is deceiving, the thing is deceiving about buds. As they go hey, it's only a few
Thirty, two minute, four mile time running to the eight minute mile, when you first get there, you go. That's what I can do that don't get what you just did to miles who does anything else wherever the year five miles just five miles to go to jail. Three times a day run five miles everyday, just the to mention that formal time run ain't for miles. I don't know what these on now, but I know that there were side railroad is ours. Are good now would be over I'll, be like barely passing, while they do that every class they have that one run. That's long, so everybody fails it's mine game cycle and we were given the five mile time round the extra mile with so much harder exponentially, just the put out for that much longer, just one more and they actually had to get rid of that because it was injuring people. A lot of people are founded crazy. With their opinion me on trying to get me kicked out, but I brought a watch. I was passed yes. So how did this happen? You issue so
you brought a watch. That's another thing: it's hard as you dont not allowed to have a watch, and we run into you, tease so Europe what phases, as do remember its third face, which was devised back on Are you failed one run he was found. We want all and everybody behind. Ok you had a beef with an instructor with our lack of imagination, but he was the phase officer who was phase officer and though you know, you know the game that used to be played their room inspections, Yemen, you're, gonna, failure, video and sandy, and he who's in front of me- and you was like. Why do you have all the stolen equipment in your locker? I don't know what you're talking about so he's talking about like extra knowledge, needs, keys and see what he's garbage front and I don't have any that stuff. My locker, we was just up there, the conversations to the point where he was like, won't one or two things, as happened in your line or online. I was like. What's not me, so it must be you, but it wasn't. Like disrespectful thing, I was answering a damn quest.
I'll just answer this question, he said one about one or two things is happening. What is it what's not me must be easy to two narcissistic lieutenant there at the time that freedom, crazy- You had like you had more balls than me going through, but that wasn't balls. I was just answer. I don't know I went off. I said. Let me I guess it depends on how you set it to It was not coming from a place, a desert I was just totally answering the damn question. Yours, I'm not lying on that line. It's you. You asked an answer, your question, in, like that economic and had it out for you and then he said that guy we were talking about earlier on me, so he started just harassing me. Third phase was a lotta classroom, divers economic garbage.
But every breaker I was getting wet and sandy. Don't Bob's, don't pushups users beat me up and then he started fail me on runs a torment and a book. I think actually name a guy named Doc for an earlier told him up like like look, I brought a watch their fail in me past mistakes, Two minutes and they're? Failing me and everybody behind me, it kind of a weird move cause you were breaking the rules at it yeah over. That's a weird move. Bear that we move to be always done. It went out to the commanding officer you can like. I said you got more balls than I had. I just didn't know any different. I wasn't doing it because, but was having balsam. Just I don't help. Else to get out of this fix this so allow to bring a watch. You brought a watch timed yourselves. I time the title to the member that the buckles only tied it to pieces like five Citicorp hung down cool,
you can haven't you valid you single out Doc Flynn as the guy that you would trust you one of the guys in the phase that really never beat us out for no reason you seem like a fair dude, I'm in there. Who guards have instructors there. There was guys hide now that never really did anything and then those guys it back those days till it was an awful lot going on Gaza or operational. That is new to break so If someone does beat us up just because they thought they were the gatekeepers, you're kind of like to somebody's army schools, the gatekeeper we have to have insurance rate and I'm gonna make sure you go something as hard as I used to, or I did, because their fish story but was harder when I went through this get this guy was a skinny little punk button, tv later, gotta minestrone separated personality answer. Carvers a bit new Zealand.
But Doc Flynn was like a cool and then he ran the next room and he somewhat, around the pace and if you finish in front of me, pass Flynn legit, so he ran it. And this was a fine old time run, which they got rid of. Became cross, the finish line. You know what happens when you cut off guy? How many times can be the cut off guy everyday on time? You know that one of my lp, who you know the heap eyewash when I use my first lp, oh and I was like coming but I asking him buds questions like did you ever? Were you ever in the goons cohabited? He was. I was there after the good God he's at every single Roddy that I could ruin squad like you know. That was only time I got until again squad to the old time through. But what was on those time neurons and what I was good at- was winning that first race cigarettes
cured from the goons gonna. So then what happen? Well, he came across the finish line than when you cut off for the Good Squad get sent to the water, and that's where you went up when you fail that run. He comes across. You know a couple minutes after we finished Morgan hammered and use like. What's going on with those guys music will they all failed and Flynn was like? I just did it. I was passed. It There are two minutes in front of me, but it got hidden because I want to Asia A review board and still get roll back. I got rolled back that was graduation weak and I get rolled back to write your face. We set out to do open circuit, garbage again yeah. This is when this is when die. Phase was third phase. When I went through a year, to later died face was second phase because, there's still get rid of a lot of guys during dive gets me up
was the hardest face. Diverse, be, I think. I think that's why they moved it to that, but we lost more people, there don't waste, people. My warfare, yeah yeah, pretty stupid. I think we lost two guys The Prince Edward one of the guys was a good dude. I think he did some that they didn't like and they got rid of him even officer to personally that he'll never happen crazy. It's a pretty critical community. Itself regulates the world's indeed, and then we're U S. Cutie. Did you go through at new address, tt right, well it was. It was kind of weird when I wasn't sqt like it is now it was kind of thrown together at the team. Could you put the team 3D up at they?
They cooperated with the other team, so I went through whatever think I think was called STD. It's done, and it was just because we are training cells at each of the trainers and they would run it. So we met together with team one three five and was planet ad hoc, and then they Jemison, Appletons and appletons pretty much too careless. We do have tried and back then the guy showed the team's not with the tridents, and we actually had a different nec when we should what was it fifty three twenty terrible to decide when you got it studies, given the guy's tried once it cutie, so they show up to the team. Guys were taken there, guys that showed up with their trades and make an MP caning and blue foreigner alert, but then they still cannot be kept at the tradition. I didn't go back inopportune huts now, no double tunes with a new guys like you, don't
you're, trying to even though them putting your admin record. We're not gonna give it to you until we say it's and then we'll have like the fish tanker c mon, those pack, man frogs I've seen a pack man for. I will also try to answer. They gotta keep the frog alive. That's what it's a small community you talk about some of the fund in the community. Colleagues, I went to the air some of the form of the community, which is called hazing. Zero tolerance, whatever happens the as yet Gooden getting about hazing, especially where our problem now also another zero tolerance and it doesn't happen. But if you don't get haste, they don't like you. I don't trust you. So you get haste. I can't get his guide. Our privileged certain I have another very them: You heard me, but not enough,
One of the things you said here you get your bird and arm. This all sound good. Can I just this brought back memories? The commanding officer was the last out of pound. In my trident he had a big grin on his face, as he approached he pulled the trident out of my body cuz this after you be when you get your training, you know what, with all the quarters two A you get your tried in and the first you know. I don't know who pay I that's. My servant was my platoon commander, but anyways the whole team freakin lines up in pounds at thing in your chest. Rinaldo and it doesn't hurt you I mean well, ok, maybe it in her you air me, I mean I mean the punch by Isley feel the prongs after yes, we feel the prongs after the first eight
the leading, but then but then Geisler pointed out and like all its little crooked jacket, and they get you again hurts worse. But when I like yes, it has got those little nubs only and about the world. A little widgets attached to their when you pull it out. You could feel at all your chest common out But you say, you're commanding officer, he pulled the tried and out of my body street did like use, fixing a bent nail. Then he placed it on my chest and slowly pushed it back yard at her, as well as good as their that's freak in good times from the old man right there back in the days were the back. Forty was we're attitude, it Payments were made You gonna peacetime performance. You say this out. My peacetime deployments took me around the globe: Asia, Middle EAST, Egypt, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Guam. Beyond between conducting joint country codes, training Almighty pointed to Bahrain, we patrol the Persian Gulf enforcing
embargoes, wheeled boy board oil tankers that we're in violation of various infractions. Most the time infraction, was that they didn't identify themselves. Cause are reviewed in work. Weird gestures gets tankers bearing the arabian flag filled with it. When iraqi oil, all sorts of shenanigans going on. So we you for deployments eight You do would in the end that first run it teen. Three four four the first one was Southeast Asia that was like right after the Gulf WAR Europaea. Went the pr. So then I think you're not more happened so fast. We couldn't get. There then you end up Europe. They look like you were gonna, go to buds and be an instructor but you actually had orders you had the buds and in what? What? How did you have a different here about the Leap Frog trial? I was by chance, and I would have liked thirty thirty five jobs. That's insane! I had no idea what I was down. That's insane every those guys at that time
had thousands of jobs while mothers, there were some guys on on that team that had what was that over and we still have our own more. We still do that. The original report. Programme we out the military freefall. That was out three, some three m three tee. I can't remember our own programme at there data essential essential here. So a lot of those instructors were on the team when they Dwight Saddle Danish Crown Hamel I'm glad you acts. May I come about while the other guys and talk about Laguna freaking at thirty, so you decided what the hell I'll go, get a bunch of jumps in no way don't make right. I think I got like forty. Five jumps try out with a cool parachute and then you ended up making it more freakin crazy.
Clay Tommy. He could teach a monkey divide and their point of view of bananas. But why can I didn't realize you make it up? I was going to buy and I really want to jump team was was some of the most while I had probably one of the most dangerous jobs. My old combat, yet the jump team at that time in there pushing the envelope part core there. We had some We had we had a death when I was on the on the jumping, admiral doing like my whatever my jumps to get my gold wings. When I first got the team, I got him, I tried it, but they sent me down. The friggin brown field go get some jobs and the jump team of jumping, and they did like down. I've never seen a freefall person in my life, never seen a freefall jump and idle. I landed and got me shoot all packed up or whatever, and then income, the leap frogs and they did a downplaying there,
a thousand miles an hour as far as I could tell, and they were so carried around and I could hear them say break and I was like holy shit. This is saying we had a guy she'd himself, he broke Boulogne went into the stadium which at the time was Sir Jack Mirth That was a long time ago. I was and he hit like four seats and rhythm out of the ground, or bolted into the chronically hungry, and he walked away from it. Yeah I was highly Marcie So tell me that you get it that deal upside down with a bad all of these ahead. Now we can do couldn't hurdle piano. That's Romania's is a monster. A nice for my solidarity,
you ve, got this or second here, while we are falling towards your three guys doing all kinds of crazy jump and well founded the earth. Another guy and I had to crawl out from underneath canopies to clear airspace. You guess we're doing crew relative work, you're all freakin, wrapped up I can't say exactly how fast we are falling. As we are, as there were fully and parsley inflated parachutes, but even slowly falling out of the sky can be deadly. I was recovering from the terror of my first cut away. When my can happen. A few days later mean another guy got tangled up and calm the helicopter spin. The deployment retraction system on the tops of our parachuted, somehow got tangled together. We will. We were twirling, around opposite each other following he was look directly at me and I had him and we held back and forth at each other cut away. No, you got away like that. Most high state game of rock paper scissors. He won and I caught away he's a good long time. Friend of mine he's a big pussy
to scared. I don't you now that happen. Warehouse He's got all wrapped up, I know how the rap happened, but the were or parachutes got connected to each other was ridiculous, so that those are canopy relative work parachutes certain. Usually when you open a parachute, there's a trailing pilot, yet on those, because you don't creed about that stuff trailing. It has returned, since my three ring attractions estimate, pulls it up to the top skin in it of the parachute, and that's what I connected on both Of it was a rapid, we're were doing like a man stack rotations, guy pills top and flies order. The bottom! That's how it garden, you get into a rap like five sixty. Some get shot out. And some get wrapped up in wheaten everybody gotta that we were to stock Did it away on film now, as we know it back then.
There was no such thing as a material go broke. Oprah I mean guys we're still taken. I think I remember going from Paul Robinson was one of our camera guys and he had this jar enormous fricking. When he opened his parish, you hold his head his whole head down because he had always weighed up there. You break MAC these to jump and wasn't film. So I think we had high eight, which is a pretty large camera, not Oprah. Any clown can jump copra so tat blow tubes on camera. Yet they take a picture Oh I was, I got a radical, that's how you took a fire dear, oh no kin you'd have to start camera before he went up the still cambric as they would have a video, and I am still- and I had a blow to the blow into the two
take a picture, and then you had reticule here. I remember seeing I jump those in a radical, so they do word, aim crazy, as were personally, although back them with that with the jump team You did three years there, you go back to the teams and which go. Did you go? do you want to use coasts and want to teammate what you want Ninety nine check? and you and I was Kosovo We ask and say you rolled on there Nato is aligned with the ethnic albanian forces. We were tasked with working with NATO too,
system in apprehending suspected war criminals and keeping an eye out on the movements of various warring frank warring factions. Kosovo was a real world tests. We do semi to our special reconnaissance missions and rugged terrain full of natural manmade threats. We did twenty five s our missions in six months, averaging about one week with one day of prep three days on debrief. On the other hand, it was a kick in the bud deployment and conventional forces. Don't react anything inside of seventy two hours. It doesn't sit around and that's still. I mean at that time doing real missions was awesome. What we thought. That was the game for sure for sure nor can barnesdale we can get restrictions that they had on the eyes out. There was ridiculous some indeed they dared to put. Rigorous tape over their magazine well bed but rigorous tape over their magazine who
Everybody that was how it was supposed to do that we didn't do it, it's not unusual to have when they had to do to have an id at the front gate with a fifty cal, but that's they're clearing process at the end of a pull the trigger what he could pull the trigger replace EVA weapon. We always you gotta, help me out, When you saved her aided will figures. You ever seen a fifty cows sheep, ten feet in front very impressive. So that's ninety nine come back from that again, I'm skipping a bunch of stuff here, really cool information about what those two planets were like. That's why people gotta by the book to get some of? details. Jumping a little bit reported a naval special warfare group to training detachment on September eighth, two thousand one new instructor. Be there. For two years
that was the week nine hundred and eleven yeah. I was going to say September 11th, or you just check in to trade. At wanna go there of course. Now, where's the idle. Now, when do what we teach him. Kind of monster around and get over. There did all the air stuff at first then it in when warfare in secrecy. How about a little boys yeah I mean it trade, has become such a great place to develop zeal I mean it really as an back in the day like one when you, when I first got it I don't know one wanted to be in training cell and I did the organised it warrants, yet they did your majesty. That's one masterpieces couldn't think. I would imagine you didn't miss buildings. Yeah I'll tell you got some good advice from some of those old man she's a worn officers that would say like hey. If you want to learn the stuff, you gotta go, teach it, and I was you're, not going to training
Zealots yielding team. One spend a couple years there and it was. I did. I learned I was trying to figure out the other day had made. Some estimate, like fifty kind of what I learned in that entire teams was was working for whenever was three years or to two and a half years in training, salad, one and Washington. Do the same on using ten groups do eyes what best teaching or teaching junior officers that are going through std. How to do- and I add like what to react in these different duration and watching them and seen the mistakes they make. That was Forty percent of what I learned, another big chunk of what I learned was when I was a trade at later on. You know saint Europe teaching guys you're watching her. Do it you're, seeing the mistakes they make. You put him through drills you're seemed the sample tunes go through the same training evolutions. What the law do what mistakes they make so yeah the training cell and turning attachment is a great step and a great systematic has guys girls they both they,
thirty five and then go there to make you sick and it will never do not feel they just got done, teaching the stuff man they're ready. There was the time they're getting there a little bit faster than we used to also yeah yeah, yeah it's a little more, it's way more formalized the way it all works now, which is freaking good for them. I just left traded. I was a contractor there from all of us, the care coercion. After seven years I went to teach him muttered freefall, had an injury and then went to seek you see south It was interesting seeing guys that when I was the potential are now like leaders, german gas resources. When I was a potential for now master chiefs and some of the new guys you're doing their protein Cheapside was found a watch. My should go through its always. If I do when I was doing my potentially flat So we have earned securities and I didn't want any big heard and want to make sure I Why did everything that the guy's needed.
Base to tell me when I started to micromanage a cheap get out of my back pocket, because you can't manage all that crap quote honestly, the worst guy. Were more experienced that were dear to me when I was in charge- and you just gotta know when you know what you know, what you don't let the people that are more experience take those reins and you gotta be yet have for your leadership, a value, your Blair, you ve done. Things for you run it nope, no factor no problem good to go, micromanaging hurts oh yeah. It is after Little House so I M so then you get which rate at you go to for your ear. You go you go on deployment. Would you go back that yeah got you going to Baghdad,
some team for at the time was actually they had nine details. For those huge there is Nobody knew putting this you'll teams wanted to do the PS, the so deaf people who don't know one of the major asking that the seal teams got in two thousand and five. Its two thousand and five was to protect to the senior leadership of the new iraqi government, everyone! Well, everyone, but how much people want to kill those guys and the people who got the job to protect him was the seal deems. So that's what you know you did and then, of course, there's atta doing what is a whole lot of things that are that are wrapped up in doing that, because, if you're proactive about it, that means wriggle trying capture, bad guys or kill bad guys that might be trying to target our people world. Doing intelligence, gathering we're goin out and figured out who's trying to kill these people to the great set up, that's what I did I didn't do the actual entering our protection. I was
for outgoing looking for threats that were going after targets within those Psd's and we had mine and they all whatever every one of US politicians. I want my Navy seals wanna work. Would you visa? I was a horse or sworn horse pill to swallow fur alive, Thus I got lucky I was It started right after I left and it ended before I came back They all got turn over. There, there's actually military units that that's what they do. They get turned over them. You did have some good times on that on. Here we go route. We were speeding down the road and slid to a left turn as soon as right. We made the corner and nearly smashed into a makeshift roadblock. We must been moving too fast as we caught the roadblock construction crew off guard. We still out there who still have their Kay strapped to their backs the four.
It all taken up positions on the right side of the road and had their weapons trained on us ready to shoot. If we spring around the corner and split second, the construction crew found themselves in a very awkward position pinned between us there free and their friends who want to shoot us. Confusion, we manage to get the jump on them the lead humvee was equipped. The many gun costing I m afraid we never got how to. I know I have to use a certain level of reverence when I say that, because it is so awesome to have many gonna homer and the Gunnar The reflexes of among groups, forty feet away the targets and their rifle wielding friends. I had a front row see to the action when the Gunnar opened up on all of them, As you know, many can live combat before solves a little surprised by what happened next by the way, there's nothing many about a maybe gun. It's a pedestal mounted six Beryl Roguery Machine gun that you too many six thousand rounds of sex sixty by fifty one every minute bull is about the size of a triple a battery bullets
so so fast, fast out of a gatling style rotating barrels at it. Look like a red laser beam sounded like the mating call of some bizarre prehistoric bird, the fur volubility one guy in the chest, as he practically vaporize in a burst of red, missed as what's going on about fifty yards up. The road in another enemy fighter popped up and fired, and our peachy directly at the lead humvee, the one firing the many gun, I couldn't see the r p d, but I saw the Humvee ten. In front of me lift up, dropped back down with a crash and catch on fire, the gun didn't even flinch. He just kept on shooting in thirty. Second, the twenty five or so ambushes, including our peachy trigger men, had all been. Old and were all red piles of flesh spread over the street when it was over. We secured the area salvage what we could from the still burning humvee and then, story with a firm. I grenade, the many gun turned Twenty five human beings into shredded flash in less than a minute. That was quick I fought and then fell weird, because the next thought I had was that was awesome.
Also because we did not get killed and because the power the mini gun it. This was the first time I'd seen people in the process of dying, but it was not the first time seeing dead people. My life in training and prepared me for these situations by constant inoculation of violence and stress made what would have been grotesque. Unbearable to too many and acceptable situation in me my traumatic condition, we do accept the unacceptable. That's what war does it changes the way you view the world, I found no pleasure whatsoever in killing the enemy. However, this Now come of war, everyone at some with someone's child, but that fought is. Austin WAR. The most pro Fain aspects of war is that it deletes the humanity from humans. He very much forget about everything you believe you haven't knew nothing about that one when you gunfight new reality religion. Political or whatever politics do trying to kill me.
The work on him You get home from that deployment in then then You did so when you get rolled into do inopportune chief, do you work up power work up? Oh well,. The work up priors pretty interesting because I Faced with the guys are really to be in the potential was a potential from her mother breaking my one of the guys. Not so I'm right before he didn't know. I was going to be able to achieve you can't treat me. I don't put your stuff on the ground and step on it. I did feel stupid that, though, but the work of up pretty pretty standard we were on eighteen months. I call my banked on that. One thing was eighteen months, go to your long work up now broken up into three and three
parts of protein ever body go into schools and Ul Tee just. Do it all the standard? secrecy, south error. Did you guys know that you're going to Iraq when Young formed up, we will cover the bastard. Belgium to everybody was looking for the shiny object at the time. That was some task forces We got what was thought to be the least of the shiny best apartments, which was Felicia, made the guys that were there were doing anything, but we we worked different. We until different than they didn't. We were really busy at dinner, Forty days on the deployment witches target, guys in the seal teams to do a hundred DA's on deployments, unheard of, and then on top of that Teaching medical classes to the to the military units that bear the second Fourth iraqi Army brigade, teaching Dixon had a patrol and trying to work with
met teams. It's when you run a target for you regular jobs kind of come and be emit team in full a proper yellows and run a military unit. Actually speak English Their standard work is not what I is not, and I was one of the hardest things for us to get too was we when we first got their week, we had the expectations that they were to get to the level that we were at least close on that Just not going to happen. You got to see okay, this right here. This is what we wanted to be at, but right here's got to be acceptable this conflict. What's over there, you gotta definitely adjuster standards and a real big way, but it's gonna go because I'm thinking about you know your last your previous deployment, where you were kind of Gatt and a lot of intel and stuff like that, then you roll out because As you know, we drive our own operations, it have you can make finding down. You can put it together even put up a target package. Let's go hid it. You know. What's to get that
get a bunch of DA's down like that. It's not us. Seeking to do the hard part is getting the target Back, is put together fun park going out and hitting them almost team guys. I had to show me what door I don't even care to show me what the door, if it's the latter, get the information so you're on this deployment, doing all these days and now we're gonna to get into April. Two thousand seven northeast of Fallujah when the shooting stopped? I was still on the four lying on my left side to this pick up where we started this whole. This whole pie cast out. When the shooting stopped, I was still on the floor, lying on my left side. A push myself up to my knees, I don't remember hearing any the gun fire, but now the sounds began to register my ears. The two
men would stacked up directly behind me in my room. Clearing train were our iraqi scouts, second man in our train took around to his chest plate and knocked him clear out of the fire ironic We that round may have saved his life. He originally been within an arms length behind me as we'd entered the room. The third man of my stack big shot ass. He entered the room, Ok, forty seven round smash through his bulletproof chess played he'd fallen dead in the doorway. The chair factor was insane once fired. A bullet can be unpredictable. The internal milling of a guns beryl causes bullets to spin in flight. Some bullets will begin to tumble through the air at low speeds, while others are designed to tumble and we'll after hitting a target which can cause brutal damage. Likely that we're all hit by the same type of bullets at nearly the same time, shop from the same gun, but the day which, to each of us, was significantly different. A balance of my room, clearing, train five or six other guys had been able to get in the room because of all the volume
a fire. I move from my knees and stood my feet like there were two hundred pounds on my back. I took off my helmet used a white light. All my damage pistol to survey the room, one of our other iraqi scouts entered the room been behind Corky and followed him into his room. The bullet that Hake, by past all three of the iraqi scouts stacked up behind him. These three maidens Clark is room and gotten trapped in, back of the house when the shooting started the scouted. In part of the original group of ten recruits who been with us since the first day he spoke decent English Gamey report. Once you killed in action when I'm Scale killed in action to detainees, women and children,
At this point, I should realise that they left it didn't register. Yet. Yeah you don't we start to get words about what had happened As you know, and I just remember thinking this is This is a pure insanity, you know, and dumb guys feel guilty for leave manner. But again talk to a lot of guys like eight. We didn't do anything wrong Nobody saw me go in there. You guys pol pot All that we would always follow you did blow the house than ever for her count. It did that right. As everybody to everything right an outlet studies, sometimes with a knee jerk reactions that we will have to try to make thing as safe as possible, which were good at four.
We do some everything's right, bad things can happen. You just can't can't minimize all the threats to the point where there is no more threat. It can do it and you can also do really dumb things and make big mistakes in everything turns out pervert. You know, and you can do everything things go wrong. Perfect plan goes the shit. Thirty seconds, reward and a little bit. This is what you said. It was surreal like something out of a movie times slowed down almost to a stop and everything happened and super slow motion. Almost if I were watching a scene unfold framed by frame can seem like minutes, slow motion torn bullets flew at me. I could, clearly see all the bullets coming at me. I had to we'll auditory exclusion. There were no sounds, I'd never been shot before. So I had no idea how it felt in this. Strange, slow motion scene. I had a man, oh conversation with myself: hey am I actually getting shot right now it occurred,
me that those sledgehammer smashing all of my body will be its hitting me one after another in this moment that I said my first real prayer God, please get me home to my girls. My way two young daughters were halfway around the world in that Didn't I of them and they felt me. I felt like a boy Dodge in character in the movie, the matrix only wasn't dodging any the bullets. They were hating me my rifle shot out of my hands bullets. Using pass my head hammered into the men entering the room behind me, even as I continue to penetrate down the left, while nobody else, my train would be able to make entry all four of the enemy continued to fire directly into what is known as the fatal, funnel the dimly lit doorway in which I was standing there, bullets, triggered my rage and drove me to act. It was then them Body became came my mind and took over. I suppose
That's what habit is when somebody when the body overrides the mind and acts without specific instructions from the brain. My right instinctively reached down from a secondary weapon. A pistol my hand was on autopilot, is unhooked the rubber strapped I'd fashion, to keep my pistol secure and with a fluid push food port. Forward, portion pool very say most nigh done a hundred thousand times and training my weapon released from my holster. I ain't a pistol engage the enemy fighter directly, opposite me down the left. While he was glaring at me with his weapon throwing rounds directly at me turn fire for five rounds for my weapon caught him in the face and chastity stared at me. His head jilted back I saw the wife leave his eyes like a like going off. I knew was dead as he melted into a pile in front of me. I led next to the dead man on my left years of training and muscle memory, without any direct orders from my brain lifted, my arm arched it and my pistol at a young male figure. Maybe in his early twenties ass he stood up and move towards. The doorway I was
Still on the four, when I watched and pull a hand grenade from the front of his vest and pull the pin my right hand, pointed out in my index finger squeeze the trigger. I saw the bullets exit my pistol and spin clockwise as they flew toward him leave. Green paper trail in their wake? I watch my boy what points in one side of his head and inexhaustible. And brain matter instantly exiting out the other side I shot. That is the attempt at a suicide mission to run out the fire with alive grenade, where my fellow seals and Iraqi scouted stacked up Did they entered the room? Morale drop them in his tracks. As you forward. I saw the grenade released from his hand and roll Let me, then it detonated, This is crazy. One of our newly arrived steals from team ten. So these are the guys that just showed up is probably just kids first off he had when he was. He was the platoon sarcasm, you gotta go,
One of the newly arrived night still arise where first night One of the newly arrived yields from team ten was outside under the carpet. Looking into the rooms only window when he saw might bullets entered the enemies head, he watched as the enemy fell, the ensuing grenade blast shattered. The window sprang shards of glass into my teammates face. This was his first mission. I radical new waste their way to start a new job grenade blast, to be unconscious, when I woke a few minutes later, was fully lucid and lying on my left side looking across the room to men, both were firing the weapons over my head out the window directly. Above me, the grenade blast twisted my helmet, rendering my night vision, goggles unusable. The light from their muzzle flashes in the dim glow of the gas lamp in the four were not to clearly illuminate the men standing no more than ten feet away from me
no sound. It was totally silent. I was in a very bad place in the middle of a gunfight if the enemy caught a glimpse of me, glaring up at them all, would take them to finish me offered both of them to point down, pull triggers and unload high velocity bullets into me, I could clearly see them than they could see me too, for an instant. I thought about playing, add, but in that same millisecond before the fire could be fully evaluated. My anger, rejected outright never been so angry, a feeling of determined ruthless rage. It seemed to be stored up somewhere deep inside me in something just snapped, and that moment my rage consume me my world closed in and nothing else matter to me, but destroying the two men standing still in front of me. I would fight back and kill them, for they killed me the thing about this is that there were some wholesome me that dont line up to hold my back. You think this.
You and your unconscious cautious atonement, I can come up with two rounds in my back. That's shadow, my rights globular, And there's no holes, nobody ever so. I think I they took the pistol Sheldon in there. They shot me twice in the bud only way I can get shot in the buttocks someone stood over top of me. I don't know why they didn't put one in my head should look at the helmet more, but maybe they tried to shoot me in the head in the helmet just got in the way, but this this round right here Four months after the incident, this is around your eye wearing around your match. That's a nine mil round that I got shot in the butt with, but I didn't know that was stolen May in time to proceed. To get a step pulled out of my bladder for foreign out months later they took an x ray of it. Came back in the x ray techs. Okay, you know, there's a bullet in your head, that's how I found this bullet, but-
the way the hip is. You know that our trade there so is right there and it. From two thousand and seven to like two years ago I was in a chiropractor and you took some x rays and they had moved and he took a side profile and it was literally at the surface of my stomach and then we had That's medics cut it out think like five minutes I say the pictures, show video them cut out. The back of a suburban, proper dinner right surgery. Come back to this. I didn't know it at the time, but I was lying unconscious on the floor. While I was lying on costs on the floor, my seal teammates were outside the door of the room. Trying to get a shot at the enemy to iraqi counterparts were the only eyes saw me enter the room in the chaos that ensued. They were unable to communicate my location to anyone the volume of fire coming from the room through the door and out the window is so excessive that
There's no way anyone else's getting into the room. The team decided to pull everyone back and colony air strike to neutralize the target and me with it. As a team pulled back from the House Conor, my other she'll teammate was shot wounded by one. The two remaining enemy fighters firing over my head and out the window. While I lay for my teammates work, the radio's calling for the status of each other and what was going on in the house. I heard nothing. As the remaining elements of my soul team departed the house and move to a safe, dropping distance from the target lying on my left side with my pistol still my right hand just like before my arm reached up and aimed at one of the men standing in front of me and my feet you're pulled the trigger. I couldn't the gun fire, but I felt my hand jump round actually my weapon and I watched checked out slow motion as they pushed into his body small holes, burst open in the fabric of assure where my bullets entered his face.
Contorted into a bizarre combination of surprise and paying more surprised than pain. Some five seconds. I ran a magazine dry completed a magazine change before the two enemy fighters figured out. I was still alive and I was shooting back at them. My bullets, they're gone friar away from my departing teammates. Therefore, attention and bullets were then directed back at me the enemy fighters were now both so close to me. I remember the stunned look on their faces, as they pointed their weapons back at me and fired around from wonder a gay forty seven struck the bottom, my pistol and dislodged my guns magazine, my pistol jammed, and I felt the guns, grip crumble in my hand, another enemy bullets sailed clear through the foot of my magazine. I opened my hand slightly to root release the shards of broken plastic that were once my pistol groups, the
seem to absorb the shock shattering like an armourplate. I was for To have this type of weapon, any other model would have been smashed it's a big shot out of my hands. My palm was now pay. Against the guns. Internal springs, the bullets that stuff My pistol caused my weapon, a malfunction I squeeze the trigger, but nothing happened. I quit we cleared the malfunction with a tap of a on the bottom of the magazine to firmly reinserting the pistol Iraq or the slide, then squeeze the trigger I'd done this top. At Bay malfunction. Drills. The times that it happened automatically all the while I was still being shot up from no more than and feet away. Later well before the human brain process. What and how it happened. My hand aimed the pistol at the other man standing cross for me, my fingers, the trigger I saw the rounds twisting as they exited my pistol flying toward him and entering his body. Then around Tunnels into his face.
I empty the magazine to both men as they crumbled than before. In front of me, I love My last magazine my damage pistol. I was lying on my left side. Leaning, the man who I'd first shot. When I entered the room, I push myself with one hand and reach behind with the other places Pistol against my dead enemies, motionless body and fired several more rounds. Seconds later, all four enemy fighters were silent. They're, dead bodies laying pools of their own blood and piles of spent what casings a matter I go to felt flooded the room, blood in Europe leaked from their bodies on the floor new I've been shot. I felt heavy There was a few hundred pounds sitting on my back. It was difficult to breathe, the fight was not over and the worst battles were yet to come.
Crazy gunfight. My left almost more shot after I ran go through this. This joint right here what I did figured out until later after I got up and walked around tried. Take my gloves off, but I put that pistol in his left hand and reached a shot swiftly. That's my problem, is I almost hayloft or they will hold knows my love. Look, I'm lucky, I just want band crazy, gathered the the weapon functioning, I mean there's no other magazine. I did go back after about five months. Knows I hair with a pistol, weary, clean it up and put it back in circulation, so somebody else was recently. I want that pistol. Did you ever get it
yeah the young. I was thinking about this. You know we started off when I start to talk about how you get one person get shot, one per catch, a little tiny piece of Frank like the size of a friggin, the size of a pebble and kill you pop up tomorrow. Are you nuts artery here? That's what happened. Clark we had one around basely does go right through his neck right here I was just that already who was quick and what I found a new start smile on his face. Citizen upright position. He was twenty seven years old Tom shirt off. There was a second deployment.
I need to secure the building myself, so I moved to the four year with its glowing lamp and then to the room directly beside where my gunfight. It happened, six women and children all sitting in the far corner screaming and crying. I pointed my white light at them and yet shut up, none spoke English, but the all became silent. That's also the room where I found Corky. He's just inside the doorway Sid. Down with both. Spread out front of him resting, upright, leaning back slightly honest, rucksack carcass, true mark smirk was frozen on his face with his lips curled in a smile. You look so peaceful he'd been killed instantly by round that come out of my room. I tried movement from the view of the front door, but he was too heavy clerks where
I was twenty seven years old. You take over decade for the magnitude of clerks death. Penetrate me, my team now are often spontaneous triggered by a fleeting memory, a mixture of accumulated losses or just a random fought. At that moment, though I stop and grieve over car I need is secured. Building and protect my teammates. In another room, in the back of the compound I found two enemy detainees are iraqi scouts made enter into this room, discovered the men and cost them. I check their flex coughs him. One of our iraqi scouts and placed a guard them. I position or other Iraqi scowled at the front entry with special orders to shoot anyone who tried to come into the house. I knew that I was shot up. I walked around and cleared the house with my damage pistol each time. I turn my head. I could feel my radio earpiece snag on my body. Armor. I plug my ear, but in key the radio to ask for a status in house, but no, but my radioed been shot
in a tone but no signal. My radio was smashed. I need you to contact the team. I tried to swap out my radio with Clark is, but gloves were slippery from all the blood I just started. Off my left hand glove. When I started my firm was barely attached to my hand. If flopped into my palm, there was a bullet all through the glove I must have been. On the farm when the enemy shot at my pistol, discordant, destroying my guns, grips I decided to leave my gloves on eventually managed to switch out my radio for car keys. I move in the room where my gunfight, it happened, I felt safer there as I knew every one in it was dead. It was there that I made radio contact with the rest of the team hey. This is MIKE I'm still in the house it secure We ve got four enemy killed in action. One eye you scale killed in action once seo, killed in action.
Through detainees, six women and children, man they colic Europe. That night took em our fifteen minutes. But like five miles I've my when they activate the cure F, when they privately started back in our house, has hit we always initiate the qrf as soon as a gunfight started. Soon. As you worked at tech, we would initiate Qrf, so they would get ready and then we could launch them. But again I mean that that area was so. We would have to this target other Tommy I on the way in Europe, and those are some the cool details. Are you put the book which, like I said
why people have to buy the book if they want to want to get the rest of it, because the background behind it, you know you explained efforts that you guys it may do hit this target in through the terrible area. They pretty much one way in one way out, unless you want to do like an extra seventy five kilometers to get, and then, if you didn't get lost back there, because I'm in the map for an accurate. And your greatest threat over there wasn't get until gunfight was going to and from there the biggest threat we get. I Fischer six times on that point. And you know one that when it happens over and over again, they start looking who's here. Every time one of the guys. Ok makes possible one of the two. Possible, Idee magnets every time we get idea, what are you too? As there are both EU there actually were about their problems? how big companies steals did you have with you coming?
You were on this up north force. We could take a look at more if we had birds but a normal force and the half of it had to be a racket, and we don't give the mud and radios so yet to make corrections. For that, like we had to drive the vehicles, so would be like twenty iceman, but that would include a Turk half a ragged force. Crazily brought this marine added but never found anything but a pistol holster. He did say that dog might got they do the car. It's warm at their tone, but we go out with six on these there's only four seats or five at the Gunnar. But the way we work, six, on vehicle, you're gettin for peace but are actually work. Maybe three inside so I have worked with other units, were they leave
but it gets out of the vehicle fleet. The counter stays on it like that, I saved as a result. Their plan d, Man for you don't like just go back into a full on team guy mode of ok. Here's what's going on, I'm shot up finish clearing this house by myself get the house cleared. Do an assessment sets, thirty and then contact the name and say: hey it's MIKE target secure damn how they are unemployed. In my jet man, I was dead We in shock I did miss, or am I miss the stairs upstairs to them? a prayer room upstairs, so they had clear that missed. It I D conflicted the front door they came in. They were very ask that public
at the front door that I told shoot anybody that came through because they were taken fire from the outside one Neighbours know that you're there some people she'd at the window. A witch The lesson that we learned early on, because who doesn't like lock the door but sometimes you don't have to blow it up, sometimes just turn adorn up. Sometimes outdoor networks, when you plop adored the whole neighborhood knows you. There, people take pop shots out. Free an awesome. Awesome work also get a k round. Let's I got the idea of this necklace The guy's found when they took my body armor and they came round- fell out of it and it's slow. The flat on one side, and it's got rifling on. So that's how you know that it actually came through a rifle barrel. One hit me inside of ten feet, and it's completely in tat means
barely flannel inside side. I can explain that when either, but I did get shot in the right places like How do I get to get shot in a femur? Are you hit you hit bone that changes everything I went to bones in my left thumb and my right. Scapula. I did have around got the inside of my right by which is probably the doctors are the most amazing about, because we know about the canary energy? It's not energy, that's be imposed. For the bullets what's being pulled and all the computation and how it ruptures organs and ruptured blood, thus I wasn't arteries that should upon my for more artery Cosette, ran from my knee right about money only up to my inner thigh, and I was deafening, they came round because the whole my leg, it look ice.
Took a cookie cutter of an acre around and cut it out, and the gunshot wounds healed, weird they started off small and then they got bigger as a whole and then they shock, I didn't have any bad exit. Once everything went through me. Got bad excellent out of my right, armpit that blew up but his car. Really hard on claimant twenty seven and that's that of her knowledge, but the one that went to my left. I might have been the same, one that went to my grown up. I don't know, but I'm not gonna run a good story hey broken as they were round up quite honestly, those wanted the body armor. I was more where the ones at the body armor I had no idea where else I've been shot. Until I put my glove off, I knew I'd been shot majestic back. I could feel it I mean I had a bunch of broken ribs
And a contusion on my right long. So when I, when I called those guys, are you guys get hurry up and breathing, I gotta sucking chest: one my body armor officers to hold my back and they try to get through reclusive dressing on it. Now one that we used to use. They could get it stick so. Luckily, wasn't a second just one. Yeah and you got shot with Green Tipp to right yeah. They took my body armor after that, whatever when he does the investigation and they took it apart layer by lair so the outer layer body armor. Following that black stuff annex I don't know how to stop the old everything you're, so ceramic painters, multiple layers, I had to carry her on and at the time we were doing the soft armor hard armor before outfit with a soft. I can't imagine getting shot in the chest.
With alone for alpha armor piercing production without that sought armor it's good Rick everyone, you damn ribs have, I am, I think, for broken ribs ain't you, Did you just say you pop a rib out? If you want some socks, it's freaking horrible man's, get that top of your breath and you can Someone stab me, no wonder you and make you laugh the calf or anything like that, but there yet weird thing about green to visit. If you don't know anything about it, ass, they demonstrated more through the body, armor them. Baker did ya totally vowed to green tip, american and and by pipes Five: five sixths. What scope? standard round for America there we got a bunch of other ones. I know but green. This kind of the standard round fur let's say an army infantry unit, and so You might wonder how does
get up with green tip in his body or body armor, and the answer is they recovered the weapon The there reserve this all those guys equipped to include his name is I'll, be Eve load bearing women with his magazines in it still had his name on it. That is made in goggles. That is pistol. At a bunch of this guy stuff and was from what we figured out ambushed out remedy, me unit or money. So an army units remedy got ambushed. They captured this eyes, equipment, and then they put it to use, and I put it to use on you, man than the green tip. Was the only one that penetrated through the plate and made entry into the soft armor they got about halfway You are the blight on software. You mentioned the Green Tipp like that standard, but what special about Green Tipp. As opposed to my yardsticks,
It's the standard ammunition that we use it, so we had a lot of people within different, different places like smaller, the terrible place varying women and children is shields, but that the Green Tipp with such a hot round, meaning hotheads So fast that, sometimes this goes right through people, nor does it doesn't get the lot of damage from what happens after it passes through, The communication and the cavity creates behind it. It's really not what it does in front of it. But the Green Tipp, so fast doesn't creed that invitation, that is cuts through stuff, but its awesome piercing right yards its Fastnet small. So if it's is made. It is your report is through armor a lot as the eldest. It's not it's not burst upon through, for a moment the who knows I got hit with granted three rounds in the chest and
the body armor. It's already. De aggregates, with each one, they think there are only going to say yeah. This will save you from one round hats, after that, we don't know what else can we do because it is a mere? Did you get that you take one and the tendering and that damages everything or maybe it does more damage all equally all the way around but like I got hit like here here and here, and maybe the Green Tipp wasn't the first want more. Maybe it was the first one before they I had it before it was so decorated that it was useless. I don't want this place in front of my face like she's not going to it all day. Does it make Let me make a dead. You can barely five. The debt from an eye mill and that stuff the castle. Just a lot weaker than rifles are and then the other. Me too. What round shop shot placement bombs? Job placement
you're all sharply as none of you not good at shot placement than has put a lot. There. He'll kill tee, not Skylark when in doubt overload going act about fifteen minute minutes after I'd call the team led them. No I've been shot. The metabolic landed had to sit access for economics. Jackass find any help. If we walk together to the bird about a hundred fifty yards and all I felt heavy and slow as we walked together over the freshly plowed field. I put my left arm over his shoulder to steady myself as I moved Jack. Thank you. We reached up and grab my hand, which also Ripped off my dangling farm jack, like all my thumb, Conor my seal teammate, who was wounded in the arm exiting the house jumped on the bird for the short flight to hospital in Baghdad. He was another one of our teams, medics, and I thought it why he was with me. I didn't know that he had been shot until we were in the hospital together. Bethesda Maryland, I wasn t guy my first deployment
flight medic was very efficient crawling all over me to cut off my clothes and gear. To get my wounds, inserting is need to every bullet hole in the process. In his defense there wasn't much. He could touch that didn't, have a bullet hole punched out of it. Monsieur teammate Christine had been assigned as my casualty assistance officer. Accompany me all the way back home Chris was standing next to me with a satellite phone. You have call your wife. He said I refuse the first, but then I remembered that my next of kin must be notified within twenty four hours of an incident. Brennan was back in Virginia Beach. Shopping with the girls when she answered hey I said I don't have a lot of time. I'm coming home early. I got shot but I'm fine, got on my limbs. My face fine and the doctors I'm going to make a hundred percent recovery I'll, see you soon and phone back to Chris medical team stacked me on the plane. I must have passed out because
next memory is waking up in the United States at Naval Medical Center Bethesda Maryland talk to get fifty people. That talked him in Lawrenceville. Don't remember, remember, yard ivy one of those people is was was admiral graven? Yes, sir, that's cool and you guys new Egypt because Neutral fourteen three yeah, I was my first three commander officers were, time, Mcnally Mc Raven, free three mix yeah. You do you do that in an U Utah about that visit from from the admiral again what I was from, I think I did some plagiarism Lady rising from his book here you pulled someone's, got a book called see stories and it's one of the stories in his book is you know, visiting I've just been shot. Twenty seven dives so
yet you but yeah you put it in this book as well as a good deed. Yeah. Some people might think he's got some swayed political. He's right now, but I know I watch them, take care of people and that's kind of like judge people like if you care about people and you take care of them and you're not doing shit the feet. Own ego your own agenda. When you have your own agenda, I got mine now are the reason. Why sold the book I wanna go servant all the time. That's all I want to do yeah. That's. It That's pretty interesting story. I guess we're from your respect blessed ab historian real Wanna talk about it. Then If you people Bela pick us up not find something it at that they're, gonna be all right to their own life. Bro.
You got shot twenty seven times. You do the job in its region at the least interesting thing in the ethic, but but just yet you put the whole story together and that means our foreign and MIKE said this all kinds of stuff. For everybody and I'll get into some of it. But a lot of it is. Is you trying to explain how you got through the stuff, and you know how you got Your childhood trauma on what that trauma turns into it and we'll get him some of it, but that's just a whole another reasonable you'd. If you, even if Europe, a hippie that doesn't want to read a single thing about war. Coquet skip, as parts cause you're still gonna get something out of the rest of it all my publisher. We're working through this or light, does does a Navy seal Booker Self help book and like leave an ambiguous, I don't care what you call it carry cod Yeah, I'm doing pretty good a media that the PTSD section,
true after on travel after you bring public your door, one. I have Peter Yes, do there's a pity as no you years as your books, her number one end Or biographies yearbooks, your books do awesome, get it in the PTSD section owner PTSD and the PTSD Section Banner coke body keeps us or which is well. But that's a book that you talk about yeah, that's one of the everybody Sri that Bob couple things in their view, understand your trauma. You childhood trauma, then you're behaviors are predictable. So did you first that you become the person that you're talkin. Invert inside of the for seven years. And you know what your reactions can be to it. Then its predictable many worker, I trigger is idle again might put me in the chest and when I get scared, I dont cower.
Sometimes I might over push back. I like to be called names and we. I cursed out by little twenty two year old, given Starbucks couple weeks ago ask me boy: how old are you here, twenty two in this kid's flippin me off, because I won't polar mask, you wouldn't be talking to me like this. We were outside, but that's probably a lot of people in this world right now. You know the keyboard keyboard boys naked behind the wheels of their car and act like a bunch of assholes that you know a lot of people just don't know that if it, if you can punched in the face for being route as you are, you wouldn't do it. Yeah I'll get a society, it's just so rude. Now that me every time you get your car to damned ask our raise. People cut me off We have got kind of slow down. I was that Taipei driver
in a rush to get everywhere, even though I I'm scared schedule you so you talk about legacy to talk about some of this trauma and what not did he like a huge here's, a little sample of a sort of how you start. Looking at this stuff spend the next eighteen months, training, guys shuffling papers and administrative duty at my new command. This is this: is now you're you're back a trade at again right. He went back to work inside of five months, but for now five months now and that course that we talked about earlier that communications Course physical good way to call my physical therapy teen became an important part of my recovery in life. My team was made up of doctors, nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors inclination to specialise in all types of care. Most importantly, this group understood seal culture. Seals tend towards the extreme. We think of one repetition is good than five hundred must be great was blinded by my own bias and it wasn't the first time or the last one day long into my recovery.
I can find it in my nurse that I may have been experiencing symptoms, related PTSD, post, traumatic stress, disorder, Than sitting in my truck listening to a radio talk show when the, when the expert being interviewed began, describing the common symptoms of PTSD the voice, but are a calm matter factory talking about the autumn autumn. Like nervous system. And how sleeplessness constant irrational fears hyper vigilance are often normal and predictable responses to trauma. I listened, strangers voice described me to me and I both relieved and confused. When I told the nurse who is friend and someone I trusted. She smiled and chuckled good to hear MIKE. We all You actually enjoyed what happened to you in that room She seemed to understand that being Profoundly affected by me, experience of war was normal and not being altered was abnormal. This is the first time that I consider the concept of emotional invest
bull and that I had them I've. Come to understand that if the experience of war does not profoundly alter you in some way, then you may actually have a problem when the doktor said that I've been perfectly wounded at sea. A metaphor for my life. I've been beat up just enough not to kill me the process. I earned the perfect of wisdom to survive. My next thrashing I still had no idea how the events of my childhood influence my fault, behavior. I become very good at compartmentalization. Myself awareness grew, as I uncovered layers of trauma. I later found that my childhood wounds prepared me for a career in the seal teams, but they also became a most haunting once ironically, it took me shot twenty seven times to uncover my original wounds, the ones that are ever considered or new. I had.
Yeah, so you know you start looking at what's going on in this The core adds gotta read this bro cause. It's why One page chapter, the enemy within I fully Accepted all the hazards of my chosen occupation being wounded was no big deal to me at no time during her after I was shouted ever think I was going to die. I was provided the best medical care available and we sure that my physical wounds would eventually heal the real battle began. When I returned home, the war in Iraq was straightforward. I was Philly trained and had the unconditional support of a community of like minded highly motivated professionals, professionals, as a seal. I've been institutionalized in a sense, I knew that culture, the people, the rules and the objective after me, the military returning home. My life became a confusing frustrating and stressful mass. I was a prison, had been released from the institution into a strange new world. There was a distrustful.
Stressful cynic, slowly working his way inside me, his voice sounded like my own and each day he became more convincing. I was surrounded, isolated and desperate, this enemy knew all my weaknesses. He was relentless and he eventually overpowered me. This enemy was me couple things I was alone on the BT, the at that point, a really wasn't, PTSD least clinical because I haven't had any dreams about it? I don't mind talking about it? It doesn't bother me more the people around me more than bothered me. It was more of a hindrance that bad criminal recline or for three months bothered might kids, because they ve never see me get her sick. Pretty much was my first Andrey ever. I remember
and fingers and toes. I did penchant for moral nerve that put me down for about two three months at one point: thirty p m But I was really my own first entering because two fingers in tones don't count. But what had happened to me at this point Talk about what I call false anxiety first did is bad beat terrible behind asian drinking too much your physiology when you're not come and that state a health feels anxiety, the increased heart rate the sweaty palms thought the whole physiology goes along with anxiety because about health, it's you physiology reacting to what people are double their bodies, particular issue. What I think
care should be: is individual valuation of each person to adjust their medical care for four? That can I watch for years. People take medication, fur from and then the migrant and go away but the another symptom. So here's another medication for the symptom, eight medications. Later. The guys tell me a migraine. I can't run one of the fifteen minutes ago, home taken eight, a meds for it. I had in your stomach. You have four back that breaks up the food sovereignty, lessons intestines can take the vitamins. Trains and I had no it for my stomach, so my body of physiological, in breakdown the food. So when I got tested my my urine, my my storm blood, and they ask is that between attics, which says
you're epidemics, your genetic say that your body will consume a new utilise certain types of feed, because Eu adding some where you from I would see a lot of guys monsieur teams everybody's on Kido. Why do you look you too good for you? You might be hurt yourself or a degree look for a long time to see the greek diet might not be for you, because you're genetic stop, Work but it might not be the optimum so I went on to fix mine either. Do is take antibiotics for we can. Then I rebuilt it with diet. You're, just probiotics him to repair your got floor after you get dressed ass. They study everything, that's coming out. Eu. They go oh yeah. This is what you need. I could even gimme those may transpose it wasn't physiologically working and I was completely beat efficient, deficient and all kinds of spy. Some heavy metals,
we're on what was this while you were still enters is after retired and you started work and for the care coalition it was when I was working for the care collision I've been therefore, probably six blue, over six. So you, U retired, two thousand ten and did you spend your last? So this incident happened, two thousand, when he's been eleven years that Loki and you I taught by course got it, and then I was operations officer which was the worst job over there, anybody. Then you retire other there and you get the job of the care coalition. Witches were spread operations care coercion. Do where, where where you located when you're doing that job Still live in Virginia Beach promised the job change. When I was initially hired for the job, had all the Amis W morsel guys is wherever they were. So more sock is on both ghost I got it once wants, I'd be once a month and you guys out there Miss W Air, more sock
and we were putting guys and if we could find a coup. Would care that was sufficient. We would put em somewhere you know where they were from, so they can hang out with family, and so your ear when you're in and that job you're an advocate for all these wounded, guys correct non medical case manager. Non medal case manager going ok in this guy's. This kid I'll tell you hey. You know, having problems with my ex girlfriend, and I need to help with that or what I mean I need. If I want to get back on my family or whatever issues their faces is that right was Irene guys through there. They were going through a medical retirement bored. I was the advocate for and there was the interface between them and in the pebbles this evaluation board liaison officers which warrant really good at what they did I did. The disability
I did a wellness troops. There was a lot of care that you know. No paraplegia doesn't care that it's a test, a test medication, Nord test treatment, they I want walk again and sometimes are medical systems not could facilitate that. So Others will so we would facilitate treatments outside of network. So it's my job as I described it, was to improve somebody's situation and I did everything from babysitters people too. Medical retirement boards siding. I was better social worker seal you you talk about Some of the cases you talk about deciding here. You go through this through this or the people that you helped out Holly was one of my first clients when it met her. She was only able to lie in bed and scream at the top of her long as it was scary, Hollywood
Import Angela, Washington enlisted the Navy after high school. She joined the military to create a future for herself and her family. When I met her, she was Hilda Breadwinner for most of our family should become independent duty corpsman, which is high. Enlisted medical care provider in the Navy, graduated the program and becoming arabic linguist hospital Corpsman Chief curry, offshore Holly Crabtree was assigned to work with the seal team as they can the various operations in Iraq is a fifteenth, two thousand and ten. I just joined air Coalition and Holly was nearing the end of her deployment shoes, during a medical civilian affairs operation. When she was shot the book. Pierced her helmet, fractured skull. And settled behind her eye. She was not expected to live. A true realised that she was expected and cool bid, Holly's condition as hope trauma Sheep. You, everybody wrong, Hollywood not give up or stop working
after we learn how to talk, walk even swallow. I watched Do it all both sad and humbling, but most of all it made me very proud to know her holly since made an impressive recovery, is medically retired. After thirteen years of service, had another guy he's in their sale same thing, shot in the same place, both both some did he have the real learn. Everything is well yeah about stroked paralyzed em on rights, either body. He's a he's working in a program right now, he goes after a child, Are your version traffickers, which is a huge when the country right now, five hundred thousand children go Miss Mary or in this country I'll. Show you real slavery. That's happening right now,
as your doing this stuff with other people. This is when you start to realise that you know use the Czech out yourself. They might get that right like in the timeline like this, when you start on hey man, I should get these tests night did. These test was because I was having issues and people around me. What you got go, go, get help go talk to somebody night. I refuse to and the reason why I went with his doctor was because it was least invasive and I'll have to do- is talk to him on Skype he was moving in the same state. Twenty onest, I gotta have asked it and it worked. I've seen or other people go to this to include people my own family and Everybody's issue could be different. My was bad got. Four. I've seen
People have had a priority, which is a parasite which is pretty prominent, which would the sin really look like you're having issues with the by right. So your initial react It would be well you're having these issues undertake. You turn your and then men working to make you take these medication so that we friar thyroid when the whole time it was just a parasite. They get us not beaten sugar and kill it from fix it, What healthcare should be healthier right, now is completely reactive. They don't treat the source Of the illness or disease they just treat symptoms. To hundred fifty thousand people die every year because a medical mistake, or listen to these people. They almost killed me too, with the potassium, We had a heart attack that an overdose of potassium when
another seal had been shot me ironic, store to me was almost overdosed Ryan job was overdose when he went in to get surgery, just plastic surgery and that and then, He tried to lie about it, yeah and those were that was civilian hospital Wasn't that wasn't the military swimming hospital? Medicines, not an exact science, everybody's bodies different and that's why that should be evaluated individually, is pretty narcotic resistant, I wake up in the middle surgeries. You gotta go more narcotics to knock me out that you want to do a surgery, Ameer Ali, wake up and fight, good luck in somebody surgery after they have to made these days until you get hurt anymore so you're learning a lot about that. You also do not like you said you do an awesome stuff with with some of the people set them up. You know you know
when Hoddan traps, you end up close Mt Mount Rainier terrain on that point. The year before I did yeah yeah Do you say this about that? You say our climate been on her Ryan Jobe. Another Navy seal have been wounded in Iraq by sniper an injury that it left and totally blind I met Ryan wants, it might. Monster, is medal of honor ceremony at the White House, which I say we say today. That was the last time I saw the last time we saw each other before right now, good party yet was good times in two thousand. Eight Ryan job cuts the summit a mountaineer blind a year later, two thousand nine. He died as a result of hospital error mode, people know Ryan from the Box american sniper and a warriors faith. He was the character been those in the film american sniper on my way down closed. My eyes once and gained
profound respect for Ryan job. I could take ten steps without open my eyes, there's some bad parts of it. Do the emerald. Do I heard- when we do that were sealed aims the journey I actually never did cold weather training, There are thousands of cold spots, but I never I got snowed on plenty of fraud, plenty of times out misleading snow, but I never. I never did the cold weather the actual cold weather training ten two guys, the old tv I used to love oh yeah, for sure when I got there when I got the team to you know, I was hoping that I would get to be to do that, but it was already on that programme was It was no longer like assailed him to wear that. That's all different there. You end up going to Europe check out. Some kind of I guess was called alternative. Medicine treat
alternative options. I went for happy and I went to a place that was Only now I like those things. I like the mind this practice is, I should get back to. Meditating Roy does help, but I was introduced at this point, to shoot, the recur in a walk in those paths that made with rice I live Indians used to do so they teach butter. Mountains practices mirror teaching transcendental meditation and I think that's the point, you get to where I live somewhere. It was like that of the first thing, happens: you're doing this ass, a trip or some but the man. Drugs in what you are looking at a chair and all of a sudden, the chair turns the human bones, and then you guys are going down to do some some therapy with horses, then we were the book here. While the other participants went to the ten with the instructor I stood outside the corral,
I turned and looked at instructors face. It was like type of Hollywood special effects scene. I was staring at him with his damn face when his damp morphed into an evil demon, I froze terrified and trembling. It felt like every so my body was vibrating violently. I just stood there close my eyes and prayed guy Please help me sure these people are gonna hurt me when I my eyes. Everyone was gone. I need to get out of there. I saw the group standing in for the corral and I said ass calmly as I could he guy thanks for everything that has been really good, but I need to leave right now. The instruct try to talk me out a leaving saying that it wasn't safe for me to go and I stood thinking whilst f we not safe for me to stay here with a demon dude. I try To hide it, but I think one of the instructors may have known that I was freaked out. One of the female instructors gave me a ride back to my cabin. I made her user gps, so I knew she would take where she was taking me when I arrived back the cabin a grab
chapter, two, my truck and immediately started driving back to Virginia Beach. That was his reply was like fully real in your head, did with butter research after that happened to me. That's when I started a troublesome not that started doing research into Sir an event. Quite a few people have well look I thought I was going to you immediately, went and got a drug test off full drug. Tell you thought, maybe you'd been drugged. I thought I was drugged, I tried to stop at a car accident We, the right yeah, you stop at a car accident, and so you kind of new that you could you worn on drugs cause you were doing normal things why I getting away with you, you said you you knew you were insane because that's why you thought it was drugs. That's what it was tat I was able. The still be objective
when you know you're crazy. We get people objective, am I greasy of Europe. If you just completely denying the highway. I'd be crazy, then nailed. Maybe you are ya, bagged actually investigated this, protested enough. I pass that old, but but in this debate all the research I did on it. It happens to a lot of people. Prominent people, educated people and I say the book. You know I either solid happen because I have some people that, like hey you just the ability to see evil. It was a temporary psychotic break. Which hasn't happened, sense, which I've tried to I may have to make that happen again. With meditation cause, I think, was the meditation that did it popped, opened Barks, my brain that I never used. They cover my ass in there. So they gave on my guard the looming, the counter leaning awakening,
Diana go check that I watch watching Youtube to from Youtube videos to figure out what a kundalini awakening. Look like it, yoga like you Just we it's a weird like spiritual trip. I guess I would say I M Michael People were aware this ring, but I would say I'm a recovering Christian, don't like religion, honesty first, nine others, a God modest. He isn't she whatever it is, haven't talked to me at Sir I a man whose right tenants, honest rock do more than I guess because that bad trip you cited you're gonna, still keep getting after it. There was a Ellie neither awesome seal he'd been through some some tv. I like treatments, he was, he was wheelchair about for a long time
Really overweight, so he won't let proverb Programme Kirk, I did a fundraiser for Yes, you so you do this. You end up doing some I'm trying for your, how you can raise money and the way you figure out you can raise money is is by doing triathlon I didn't have. I met half armed men so try to do a full. That's that's! when I was trained for that, that's when everything came down the ESA, so you end up doing the the shore one. Our short I mean it's. Furthermore, I guess thirteen miles and whereas short, it short for try. We do into an earl was exponentially so much harder than I diabetes, because I don't know enough about nutrition What did you induce at the diabetes before the first one there, while you're training for the second one for the full ironman? So you do you do the first one and everyone's all happy raise one thirty, five thousand dollars
some iron man, contact you and say: hey you're great, you gonna a bunch of publicity in its US amongst us money, Chris Patten, it with me to stress Pratt. Did it with your show. They wanted to get some of that in early life. Guardians, a galaxy at once Movie, with erect Talkin raccoon movies. Now I like em off I'm affair. The crest seems like a great guy. Madame. But then this app, so they tell you how you can do another. We always sponsor you're, whatever you can do it and. Sir. You start now training for this new you go. I was totally exhausted and burned out before the half iron man. Now us trouble, training for while the distance to the race. The first raised the word spread about what I was doing. A new donors came to my crowd rise page to support me doing the full iron man, but I was at a point were I just could not do my job any more. I was told He burned out and the iron man fund, raising and training.
Did nothing but add my stress. Everything starts to escalate my mind. I could feel something was on the verge of breaking The stress of work, training in financial obligations were all becoming too much. I couldn't sleep becoming edgy and difficult to get along with, on the best of days for five days before the coroner race, I e the iron man folks to thank them for the opportunity and backed out of the race. I can't did every donor and offered them to return all their money. I was a mess at work. I couldn't, I would get Jim calls from shrinks, who would say stuff. I come get your guy. Some of my clients would scare the medical clan staff and the doctors if they called the police, all hell would break loose. They called me instead, I would go defuse the situation. These evolutions were exhausting and looking back there all well beyond by area of expertise. Do the minimum reporting at work than try to sleep or play video games and attempted to distract myself from the constant fear of something bad happening, I was trapped without an escape route. So,
accumulate, was all piling up inside of me. I had no financial help and I'm not one ask for any. I was sure there I was going fired from my job, this is only the second real job I've ever had in my life other than being in the Navy. I embarrassed and ashamed and emasculated. I would not leave my home for days on end. I avoided Tom the people even turned off my phone Brenda was true. But she knows me so well. She was gentle at first asked me if I wanted it someone has, became more isolated and combat. If she reached out to my friends and co workers they joined with her together. They all hounded me to get help in a year I'd gone from training to do an iron man. Triumphal on do not be to get off my couch, I was in a dark, dangerous place: my life had become unbearable. There was guilt, but I think the real culprit was shame. Guilt in shame are very different. And controlled my fault. Behaviors indistinct ways guilt. About what I had done or my case. What I hadn't done. Shame was Our who I was, or at least to least
I thought I was. I felt like a prisoner brainwashed every day my mind seem to be stuck on a one track, narrative that became darker with each episode. Every minute of every day. There was a weird repeating internal Maya, walk, monologue that open with guilt which create feeling of shame. I would fix it things that supported this monologue. Like bailing out of the iron man, which I was Which, I was sure, disappointed the donors, the treatment facility, my clients in my family, my anemic efforts at work, reinforced. My shame, that's when The warriors began timing in what, if I get, from my job will we the new house in all my money, one of the people who donated to my fundraiser think I'm a fraud because I didn't do the full iron. These thoughts would be, who embarrassment, which deepened my feelings of shame. I was trapped in this desperate repeating irrational monologue that sounded all rational to me
personally new people like Dan MAR colleague Tyler, who had far worse injuries than me and far more stressful lives and who are all managing themselves well, but for some reason I just couldn't put things in perspective. I was locked in IRAN. In an irrational, disproportionate collecting mental prison. I sat My truck. I'd researched, how to do it actually were to place the barrel and how to angle the gun. I'd practiced it with cleared weapon and pulled the trigger. I didn't want to leave a mess for someone else to clean up not due to my trucks or someone else could use it. The bullet through my heart there would be an instant a pain and then I will the gun. I would do to myself with one bullet four enemy fighters failed to accomplish with twenty seven I stay but the black gun in my hand, I'd use one like this to kill before
I was NOME sad, confused and tired. I cried alone so many times my downward spiral would come to its final resting place at the bottom was hopelessness. The built upstream, the lingering effects of trauma. My psychological deficits, all collusion to create a condition of hopelessness. My mind work trying to come up with an explanation to justify my final act to my to boot, four daughters years ago in that room at that compound, the fault of not being able to see their faces again. Terrified me. Images flashed in my mind, holding my daughter's little hand in her own, as we sat together. The way the girl would wrapped arms around my neck and hugged me. There, sir, little voice called out o dad. Their smiling face is repeatedly flashed. In my mind, there was the dispute We should of guilt and shame that relentlessly stopped me. I felt trapped in a lifeline
with overwhelming stress, endless responsibilities, meaningless task and toxic people, of whom I felt I was the most toxic. There was all my fault. I felt I was my own worst enemy. This time there was a boy in the chamber I was beyond Contemplation my mind made up. I mentally paste back and forth working up the Kurds the same way I had when I hit father with the bat getting out of my truck when phone rang. I looked down at the number. It was Scott Heights, my boss, I picked up the phone in one hand and held a gun in the other I led a ring not wanting to answer. I couldn't with Scott calling, so I put down the gun, I answered: Hey Scott: what's up in Scotland, MIKE. I want you to take the next three months to chill out. I'm gonna pay you
wax take your time and find a new job I'll help you out have reckon your beyond, Burned bout: you did amazing work, but there's a time, for how long you can do this job. You max it out. My boss and good friend just give me the hope I needed to climb out of the very deep hole I found myself in. In that instance, I could not have answered my phone for anyone other than Scott. I've seen it all before He knew that I was surrounded by wounded, sick and injured people all day. Scott also knew that many of the people who I'd been meeting with every day for years, including patients, their family members, veteran service members and hostile staff were struggling. Depression. It's like it. Alcohol attending a bar. You can only hold out for so long if you're around it did depressed people all the time you become depressed too. I suspect that some are you reading this, Now think that I'm crazy right me off. Thank you come for coming this far with me for the rest,
if you have ever been depressed or suicidal, I can tell you that, while fully believed at the time that I was thinking rashly, I know now that I was not my ears National thoughts had started repeating themselves the world, we better off. Without me, I don't care anymore. I just one out of here, I'm a horrible person, my future be filled with more the same stress these thoughts. Totally rational and true in my compromise state but I had no idea that my thinking was compromised. What scared me the most about these thoughts and the entire experience is what happened to me just a few months later, Brenda in her desk we should help convinced me if visit a physician, who had a protocol to treat depression and other conditions areas, did first, of course, but find he agreed to work with the guy if only to get burned,
And everyone else off, my back. That's why the man, you get to it's interesting. You know you talk about the young like now. You can look back and see that you or rational Toya, but at the time there just EL, the chemical about submitted its beak. More people come and aware of it. Now that the gut brain access mean. The girl is probably a smarter brain than the one hour skull can't operate properly unless You were pretty proper nutrients and
vitamins this doctors also really big into the Eu Electromagnetic letter. Magnetic fields know how are affected. I mean we had. Radio and tat is over in Iraq and Afghanistan to put popcorn colonels and pop popcorn. What you think that does here that does to your skull, and your organs and yourselves we already use residents as a weapon against me, the waves, make people sick We also radioman, unfortunately, loved the job, but I mean sat all those antennas man. I was constantly hear the young guy get. We took the. What was I thinking about where the big on telephone salad? and we figure it was one of our new guys put it on on the radio with a switch, so this wise he's gonna write would like inspector gadget. You know the elk
they had their back hanging out over top of his head. I don't. I sat trend missions are very healthy the frequencies, no residents, uses weapon, nigger bees for the heel microwaves. They ve been used a lot to make people sick. So, sir, you go through all that. You gonna get this doctor doktor back or to put you on a path like a new mission of the union. Every night, you're gonna stay away from these situations. Blue tooth limit, your limit, Suppose you're. I find all this stuff, which is art For surely a map is art, so I prevent blue that off So what did you mostly? Would you mostly fix your diet? Mostly I was diet, got my gut back right so that it
because is the way that we should get prepares the food for it. Destined for the intestines, really what they do in the stomach doesn't work. Then I just ask you to pass through them. Customs are now going to be able to pull the nutrients vitamins and I don't take any medication, though I am taken bitches smashing. Greens started off with this to put me on stuff called green juice from organic. I hope it's got you can have one shake off the nutrients in one scoop of pro In once, scoop greens, that's all you meet We can live out algae and you go to school. What is that these kids were getting not now, because a covert- but I mean they were beating them crap Megan upset when I open up here I mean. U, I dread owes with like be hamburger me on it now even hamburger me
its hammer to me. It's not migrate so you, Sir you get dont, you you're honest protocol, and you say this: it took about two months and even then shop for all the foods, meticulous repair, the Measure all the meals keep the door killed food log. The process of gradual one day. I woke up and felt like the black cloud that I had been. Have they been hovering over me. Weep for years was gone. I was able to function to move and feet, could think of, really the fog it lifted and the constant negative internal monologue inside my head stopped. I felt straw. Clear and confident enough to get up and sorrow. Forward. Grab. My phone opened up my contact list, and started sending text text messages and making calls. I needed new job and that's when you're going to trade, it back traded as a contract. I went back to teach military freefall where a prior injury,
three. That's where I could open my main parachute because Let's grab would see that model back. My hamlet works when three heartfelt high speed malfunctions. What the reason in the last one rip, my pack off my connects Europe. Did you surgery gather reconnected it, but was a slot there, the whole pack him out it right here. Doing so that I want to secure seems out there. When was awesome? Publication Https changed because of me. The outlets that's perfect place for you to go and teach me what better person be teaching about? How to handle close Gore's combat that someone and don't do it? I did we still teach at others through better ways to do things in a different taxation using different situations. You can't do the same thing area.
And then how long do you stay? Therefore,. Cause, you're, you're, you're retired. Now from that job, as well as so where's it twenty twenty could. Eighteen I was. I was probably at trade between those two jobs for about three years off me other than just let that light, October. I think it's a cool thing that the teams do bring an older guys back to have experience at some of the younger guys might not have a special someone with experience IQ and bring them in there to teach and pass on those words. Man. That's freaking awesome that that that we do that in the teams by learned a lot. There You talk about earlier, watch him. Twenty different groups come through people do different things different ways and I was really stupid man. I wish I were thought of that You ended up, get some tattoos and all screw, you know, might Martin Booze
sure, chief team guy that wasn't Vietnam, who had got now, got now God now for like a long time more, he was it training temporary when I got there, Uganda, Rwanda, many gone but join the region. The Navy but I don't think they made do real bad yeah. Do you get it he's like one of a few people that when you like a gentleman's course of bud still what have we had a retread, my class it and make it was a reach it? Vietnam, that, I believe so really he was terrible that's kindly promotions or he passed away. You're, a motorcycle and I'll tell you what he was only sixty two bro, We were, I was with you tonight you come on upon podcast and and, like I was lining up with. You know one of our mutual friends and And we're just be just trying to find the date and bull he allows freedom so bomb. Now that was the first, maybe she'll book I haven't read many
maybe seals, don't read Navy Seal you'd, better somebody who needs jokes. Hanging out with black rifle, and I want to sell books in here. You sell the military boys and you know idea, but water Of course, the shell for all the Navy seal books dude while I was- is down with the black rifle guys up Montana, dumb with me and Dudley, the Dodger, guy and and then and then Jack Car was what's his name, the other owner small areas, Evan, it was Evan, Was he was there? Just item? Was that, because the other guy who got hurt, I thought he had not got her ass. He can come but anyways we sit down and end. You Evan makes a joke about seals. Writing, but and did it to me too, and then, of course I looked at him and I was like us because it I mean it's a phoney joke. Yes, but then we are actually sit with to see those that have written booksellers like all this is really embarrassing. I go real funny.
Evan are great group, a guy's, their deadly, doing their job pain of forward first man for sure I was really bombed out. When I saw the first moment I found out that you into the two larger Jones there and I Did I don't know why they put two and two together what advice, until after you left Montana yeah. So I was like my identity. The thing I did know is, I I knew I knew there doing some with with the wounded warriors. But I didn't know what they were doing. I didn't really grasp it again. I just didn't pay enough attention, but I think I sure goddamn for that look. Friggin are somewhat more than he rolled into a huge archery. That afterwards We ve there were twenty five of us. I was one or two eyes. It was an amputee. There was a dude They have a right arm The eyes. Are videos of you fight that day to didn't shoot at like utterly yard. Yeah, there's some real cool about archery, dad dad
It has a lot of similarities. You know the old job. You know like Sheila, Bobo yeah. I hate you, I lecture knew better. The main reason is because it's quiet It's like there's no like little shock it just now, quiet you can do it in your yard and its harder actually yeah. Is harder work Stephanie Ardor rage and they ate big of a rigorous island on the weaker than you at school. What you're, like primarily shooting, is irregular of these were compounds, but I've got a couple. Readers and its own distinctive or you can there's knows. It will now rephrase that you can have you. When did you get? It is totally lacking a couple guys they were trying to use a longshot up in Montana, with the rigorous man. Yeah look phone, what fun Don't know. If I got. I got a lot of work to do on the compound before I decide I'm going to make it even harder. I just turn up and do something man the US about our guys, the hidden
about a hundred yards. How hard that's friggin only on one arm, just friggin Lopez, get closer. But you know you say this in May: strange but being shot twenty seven times than having at hand grenade flow up next, to use one of the best thing that ever happened to me. It was a star a personal revolution that contain, you today and hope we will go on until I take my last breath, I say revolution rather than evolution. As a result, experience, I have talked to And or abandoned every bias, relationship, belief and dogma that has blocked myself, awareness and joy. Again, I'm reading this stuff cause. I know it there's people when people talk me all the time about what they're going through and What you say here, I think, is really important. Burn through a number of tariffs, some
good most have what I needed to help me understand how the traumas of my childhood shaped me as a person how those same traumas makes But my behaviors predictable, At times I had to be pushed into seeing therapists doctors by people who loved and cared about me. I don't know, I can ever think these people enough for not giving up on me when I was so rude and resistant toward them. I say all this, so you know that at least for me there been no magic pill. Quick fix or one size fits all solution to find, peace and joy in my life, these things You come to me slowly over the past decade, as I grew in self awareness and courage. Suspect your personal peace. If that your searching for, may be gained much the same way. Yeah you, I think, on that that
Just letting people know like somebody think so, I'm going to go, see a therapist and it doesn't work out cuz that therapist doesn't have what that permitted per particular person needs and then they go all see. I can't instead of saying, oh, you know what I gotta try some different people, most societal, two people think that they can take you years get into a terrible mindset. Page raining tell yourself do when all the things that make you believe the things that that your tone herself, and then you hit rock bottom or what he thinks rock bottom and get this fixed. I can go to this. One week programme took me two years. It turned this, Disaster area Think I'm gonna go to one we programme, let's get to fix it and a lot of you programmes I watch when I let the care coalition does help, but there's no follow up so there improvement while there, because everybody's feed them good food teaching in the things that they can use to really
stress and they do that, while the there. And then they go home and then this fall back into the same routine training himself, to get further into at all that's what medicine is right now people get, secondly, think that they can take her a medications given may make the sickness go away. You not even addressing wire SEC, Judas Hiding the signals as they had listened atoms and we'll get. Early. I saw I actually enthuse diabetes and it was because I didn't know enough that nutrition and the only thing to do Nutrition is, if I was hungry or not, and my favorite restaurants, where the ones are minimised. Boot haven't you, What it was I saw a large piece of ourselves: gown ice cream and tore pack a beer
winning bath baby, not defiling. It's funny take as we all know. Even since we were low kids, you are what you eat, but we know it, but we don't practice it and yet the FDA with stupid through pyramid. The I've got people about. Oh my stops at the April, like so what corrupt organization go, eat. Five. Loaves of bread, like they told you tat? No wonder everybody's fat yeah. Can you say pre diabetic than they take medication type. Two diabetes are you loose change die goes away, I did it. I endorsed it with cliff bars, Gator AIDS. I was named waking just new thinking what seemed like it's cool. There has also been trained by unaltered, honour and third dumber than we are
who goes on roads as she kick my ass man than I just don't know enough about nutrition, averages, dubbing cards and traders who remain everytime. I stood up. I was almost pass now: let's diabetes, crazy Sears, I fixed it. They went away Here's another little section that I think people should hear. I have a way I have way more stress and uncertainty in my in my life today than I ever did in the seal teams or when I was suicidal. The difference is that I now have a new resiliency portfolio of people, tools and skills. That allows me to If we manage stress almost effortlessly, while I do have days and very bad days. They don't control me or impact my outlook on life, I'm also keenly aware that most of my troubles or sell inflicted if you are
honest with yourself, you may find the same is true in your own life. Adversity is either a privilege or a tragedy depending and how you respond to it to to be a victim of the events in circumstances in my life would have been the real tragedy. What, if we all viewed averse adversity as an opportunity for personal growth, to define our lives purpose and to help others. The reality is that we can can't do any of these things as victims, if I am to evolve, which is my wife's mission. I can't be a victim. Even if my problems are the result of someone else's actions, I found it easier to find myself than to rely on the perpetrator to repair. The damage was what a lot of victims do. You're a victim. Is your mind, somebody else, and we expect them to fix it and persistent nobody's carbon. You have they're, not gonna fix it. So much.
Take the boy they take. Take the ownership and solve the problem after everything that have come through I'm grateful. I think that the grand dude in service. Are, I think that gratitude in service are inseparable? the more I serve the more grateful I feel can still serve and care for my family, my warrior brothers and sisters and continue to be of service to all of you. These days I spend my free time, hunting for perfect, surf and spending time, great friends, I set up a nonprofit to help short in the distance to recovery from trauma and depression. We join with people who truly want to help themselves. We offer these adventurous souls a community of the right relationships and a portfolio of resiliency skills and tools. What's the name of that low before You think I'm just on our all right now put in and the paperwork. It's called warrior tribe and the focus is gonna, be
trauma mental illness again, and I want to get in to up at risk youth there. Organ awesome, kids at we're like me, that are one decision away from one end up in the and the federal prison system yeah or winding up on a great career in the military or some other path. It only takes one decision. I got lucky, you know what. I want to close it out with what you close this book out with Joseph Clark Sweater. It comes in waves now and again there's an overwhelming feeling of disbelief that gives way to frustration. Then my eyes usually well up. It's been going on for years now. I've lost so many people. It takes at all. Clark was the kind of man. You
Your son to grow up to be he was smart drift. Had a great sense of humour was tough but thoughtful and responsible. He was a born leader and he made us all better people after missions we'd be tired, but Clark who would be working out so we'd work out too. He was like a swiss army knife. He was our navigator or Intel are Intel collections, guy, a team leader, sensitive site exploitation officer and one of our iraqi Army combat advisers. He picked up everything fast and became graded, whatever he did. Clark dream was to be a Navy seal. He was a midwestern kid from Crystal falls on northern Michigan town of one thing, and four hundred and sixty nine people. He was a senior class president played School, Forborne basketball ran track.
The two years of Michigan State and join the rowing team, knowing Corky he did, because the workhouse were growing any their to shape. He followed his heart abandoned com George. And enlisted in the Navy to fulfil dream of becoming a seal. Cause. You got to live as dream and did what he loved to do. Every time. I saw me at a smile on his face. What gives me pieces, knowing that, if I die doing my job as a seal, I would have no regrets o clock. He felt the same way. For those of us who have lost friends and family members in this war, the loss, connect us while we may be strangers, we
Each other well. There is a surprising comfort in being together in this painful club we don't have words to describe the depth of our grief, but we don't need them. As we can feel each other sorrow. There is a saying time, heals all wounds. It doesn't only makes them slightly less painful. I may again meet up with Turkey on the other side of this life and I'm looking forward to it.
No, I know a lot it has put some new stars paws on there. Megan Warrior and Virginia Beach. I don't even know about the dogs at past. I think one of them was a suicide died by suicide. Terrible place to be, but since I've been are now, I can't get there again. There was one phone call from one person but stopped me so almost an answer that phone. Yet I think I obviously the lesson there is what message a lot of people have
secondary tertiary facts. I told the Our nutrition is about you help me out with the guys that I was assigned to told her what item was done and she was like? You know how many people that would hurt. I never considered that I thought I was doing people a favor, that's how trash, while I was but I've been around families where there is been a death by suicide and then it it's terrible what it does to the people that left behind it's a lie: don't recover from it. Well, You know I this this kind of tribute that you wrote there in the end to Clark is awesome, but you know from Perspective, there's there's no more awful tribute than you can make then than doing what
you're right now in trying to help other people out, Finally, the good life to carry family and in really. Sharing all the things that you ve been through and how you made it through them with other people and I think there's nothing better than you could do to truly honour Clarks. His sacrifice. I do want to make clear to us that I am still seeking a continuum of care recently a program called the save a warrior which handful guys are gone too. The last three years. My life probably a lot better book this. Stop it. I've been beyond with these last four years and affect them manage it is pretty incredible to me, but
I don't know. I think some people think I've had my ass handed to me up until this point is, nothing else is going to happen. I mean shit still going to happen and I've just been able to get to the point where No matter how about a red headed to me, I somehow extend or somebody help me fixed it in had that mindset now and care of the Russia, you turn into zombies all figured out what, when it happens, but your point. Your points in that you're still, you still are on the path of you still. No, you need help. Now You have to everybody. Does there is point my life, and I will listen, I'm fine, but there is always room for improvement. That's an easy way for him for some said he'd ought to say you need help. Aid is room for improvement there. That's it! That's a bet, teen guy way of saying it team guy, never once say I need some help, but if you do, your team, I don't you want to get don't you want improve.
Ninety nine percent in Gaza, how I want to improve and love thing with it It takes a while to get to a bad state in know that with programmes like to do it a continuum of care and that's working out. Good diet, taking care of the things that that lower the stress hormones. It's it's not just one thing: it's it's a lifestyle change you can expect to be well if you're taking that outfit everyday and I'm not going to be a hypocrite, I probably drink too much beer but I also taken all the nutrients and vitamins. I need to be for a drink too much. Why man, what we ve been going out it over three hours right now we're working people. People can find you Instagram my instagram handles- might day five thousand three twenty six my social media is a train wreck. Until I hire somebody, I don't know what I'm doing in my webs
I have a website. My daughter he's my job the inner graphic design degree did. My website is perfectly wounded outcome. So that's what people can find you. Are there any other closing thoughts? Now I just There is no easy button nobody's common We're gonna take care you better than you. It yourself it there. I can say enough: there is none Is he button you trained yourself to get yourself to a certain point? That's her mindset. Its training and you just look at like that you can train, to a bad mindset. You can turn out and and you are hanging out with budget. For us, people were people that are like minded that that are negative, you're gonna catch it
play we still have stuff in the seal teams. There's always want that. One guy that bitched and complained about everything, and if you didn't stop it and his buddy started bitching and complaining, and then it was like a damn disease. Negative thoughts and negative actions are not going to fix. Of a Jack Daniels Everyday doesn't fix it eventually other still deal with it. Right. All mammals are frequent, good, good guidance right there. The man picture sit down here: to talk about a central common all the way out here, thanks thanks for everything, you did for the teams and for the Navy and for american men example. You set, for you know four p, not just for what you did in the teams, but like the example, you said right now being put yourself out there, explain, explained to overcome things through Osman
appreciate it. I don't like giving advice. I'll try to live by example, came back from black rifle those people and PETE he's still going through surgeries and their lives are so much harder just to get up out of bed. You know a paraplegic, but that is, but they they still fight through it and they were living by example, and when I was at the care coalition, it did kind of help me for a long time ago. How can I complain when you know Dan can options above the double bug Pity you Taylor Morris Aquatic Damp and I'm the guy be upset. So it is. It is inspiring to see people that we assume have a worse deal, which is a hard thing for people to get across. To like. I don't have right to feel this way, because I guys worse or that girls worse, which is not true everybody's, is
Are there issues and they have to be addressed, even don't want the worst deal I'll be happy on the worst deal. You oughta fixed outlined the might of the worse deal, but it you're doing you got to deal with here Also man prettier brother, thanks gas and with that MIKE Day, has left being awesome scheme and that ends up being yet another excuse, Removal, podcast- would mean meaning can hard to make excuses. When you get a doctor, I d been through a lot and is now making excuses so well ECHO Charles Ear
there that sir, it's almost like you can come in just refer to that every single time we know something's going wrong for you, Aunt Polly others to rebuild widely citing get shot. Twenty seven times, true statement, I my thumb almost ripped off. Yes, we'd! You can keep earth that he can keep his head. Street when he looks down and be like. Oh yeah, my thumbs, almost off as well yeah, I said, as a team guy mode, and I don't use it term lightly, but just from reading it and talk to him about it, in fourteen, came out, which is when you're just like item and make things happened right now so yeah point in wealthy speaking of excuse removal. What do you think we can do to help ourselves and each other removed from excuses and stay on the path state capable? I think,
stay of course, you're, not gonna. We all have our challenges rate like what you were saying. Like people's challenges are more or less or whatever, but their ares. We have our So you're saying the area they have at their. My challenges are chums anyway. Software. Our challenges, but we want to stay capable yeah. I think so. With capability coms exercise. I think know your yard might mention about a thousand times Workin out rice stain in shape you good food lingered. First, Aplomb supplement taken is a thing very helpful so yes, elimination, Jacko has fuelled by with implementation juggle few. So what kinds of them Station for you joined to the big one. He beard in the game. My kids saw a guide to a back flip of big muscle, guy,
and he's doing a bunch of other stuff, and there was a kid involved in the video and he's doing so and my daughter here not just curious. She seven saw everything. Did she was like hey dad? Can you do that? answer was yes every single time and she would be like a prove it. So I'd have to like prove it. You know, and there was like a rope in it too, so we didn't have to prove that part of it and she was like a bunch of stuff and I was like, It was the list was going on and on, and I think I was doing good at first, but after a while I so they get nervous. Like brothers gaze, pretty started getting outside of your realm of capability, it looked like he was about to Iraq as he just kept doing stuff. Look at them, evacuees in good shape, one of those athletic shapes to muscle guy, I'm like okay, alright, alright and then. Finally, the last thing you did was this backflip sort of the finale of the video like saying thanks for watching any does a backflip, and I remember back in the day I could do a backflip right up.
It's come near. The king exaggerating saw, but unlike comment, if I were to bust out about backfire, Right now, cuz, of course you want to see right now I probably hurt myself, but if I warmed up a little bit, I think I could do it right now and I'm surprised you didn't go for it. Pools edge and say: hey, listen, p. I can do it bought I'm gonna, do it over here by the poor just because I'm cold, right now see this guy warms up. Oh yeah, that's actually what I said as a gaze war. May, of course you know she's like ok. So now, every once in a while, she Billy, hey just warmer, do before your work like a bus ethics use it in about ten years, since I did it and you can get hurt if you, do a correctly. So the last thing I need is for me to double down and get injured my daughter, you know, can blow her whole image of me, but she knows I can do it and Pool Shorty knows that I gotta get away from the poor thing. Unless I pray,
when she's not looking like in the pool, whatever pull it off, but here's the thing a little bit older now, so my joints could take a beating, I was in on this implementation. This one of the things I was thinking about, as I'm explained it to a black eye, can pull it off just up your joint work. Version of this might have. Do you not just a first step for us. If these sake as it were? Nonetheless, yes, all take the joint warfare, just in case some of you do Backlit Fisher talk what Russian, not inside the poor or other things with Lucy Each had a climber rope or some like this shoulders get hurt. But if you joints are good, you also krill oil super crude oil and also that vitamin d there get on the environment. Makes a little vitamin d with your cold war immunity, wisdom, strong boost the immune system or the bulk yeah. I guess I don't forget about discipline. Discipline, go
spam powder. We ve got all kind of discipline a little bit of that when you need that little accelerant ear to the kind of ignite things tried out, you might like a year ended and the chocolate Palmer both Powder and Kansas, I think, sort of the leading flavour. It was the Tropic one, but I think that the end kind of set in stone. I think in my sour apple, apple, sniper out right now The way gioconda nels custom signature, JP no signature- What does a good deal? Did you do? you're right you're. Obviously I tried the sour apple sniper and it's really good. It's It's really good! Really good and yes Dave, Burke good dude ass. He also has a flavor come a signature flavour.
Yeah yeah, but those are interesting to because you get lies with the orange after Burner Orange you on these areas? drink the Archie Dickenss, you kind of any kind of forget this from time to time to a medical care need energy drink, but it's not just the energy drink. You get the discipline and you dont get like for real chemicals. The day s. That's so yeah, there's no sugar and it sweet with monk, fruit, still taste, good and but what's even next level is that its pasteurized, so No chemicals that keep things stable, which we had to go through a long period of of testing to find the place and make this drink. The waiters so yeah check out out liquor. You'd be a disservice to call it a health drink, even though it essentially is
You don't I'm starting to feel over here is that when we do a podcast like this, where you dont say much during that podcast portion, Maybe that sort of bills of Tension- conversations head where, where were you have converse with you about that, and it seemed like you had plotted out a whole kind of topic here that we were going to go into or that you were going to go with me. You know I feel it too, but in now that you mention that you're right, you're, actually in real life, you re adheres. What's crazy, that's along like that. That's three hours right, so I'm thinking, okay cool. When is going to be our podcast fifth and I'm like. Oh, you know what we'll just kind of burn through people kind of know. What's up, they want to support the podcast are going to get the gambino to go to order amain dot com. We can just kind of let him know, but then we're talkin about backflip. That's what we're talking about? Exactly what I do is I screw up, isn't it I bring it up? I should just keep my mouth shut bill. I get back, that's cool our tv up,
or your kid mark get it up monkey up, but I don't know I didn't. I take debate I take the bay it's kind of beet, because a hundred percent may well Ok, so we're all at home a lot of us. I mean you know some some of certain going a little bit more than others, but like I'm one of the people at home a lot so I taped, I talked to the same for people in my family, varying levels of age, character, maturity levels, software gets repetitive. So when I see you once a week, I'm like hey man, let's do is talk with face it and that's that thing like, can sometimes wing Austria, two hours before leaving press record because where you know whatever whatever and when you think about it, I'm just realizing this. Just now we ve got to then we're in a kind of all business. Your correctly like that, you got a horse or like acts. Conversations floating around your head to just need to come out. I done all in the tank Images Bureau, IB just assumed I'd read off the stuff, you tell him where to go and we leave I'd be down with that.
Speed it up, but hey: let's do you know, bear with me if you will so. Yes, discipline can powder all that good for your brain good for you buddy keep it keep it keep yourself on the path and by the way more expert in in the form of a dessert, eating dessert like what ice cream or, knickers bars for decent existence. Don't really deserve this mechanical, but like a cake, a bunch cake, but don't do that without will take up the path Jocker Whitey, don't about that organic and even get all this stuff at origin, main dot, com or You can go to vied with job right around the corner. If you got one, The corner from you go check out there, and then we also at origin, main dot com. We make all kinds of stuff are you aware on your body things that you can wear when you are doing Jiu Jitsu it like Jujitsu Jitsu, like rash guards
sure, if you're not doing jujitsu used, you still need where something on your by war A t shirt You bet. I need someone. Your legs sometime, where some origin genes, where somewhere origin boots. If you need something on your foot, they got. Nobody covered, apparently whole body covered beans. Do and here's the thing this is you ve kind of floating in the Emma. It's no big deal everything that I just said, is one hundred percent Maiden America. Without compromise your supporting America, your supporting local people that are, Making things happen, our people bringing back this industry being. Back manufacturing to America, so good order, main dot com did self? Some of that stuff? If you need the cover up your foot or- places. Also speaking of clothing was close apparel. If you were actually apparel seems more like up like a like,
Let's check killer towards the close of this. Ok speaking, a witch Jacko has a story called Jacko store Some new things on there, but this is the place where you can get this winter, whose freedom good get after you know. Representing, while on the path with closing from Dacosta, so good job historic does come to sink or shirts hats J. It's. You know a lot of time. They say like. Oh, this is ours, but ask your question: is my new t shirt up yet? Yes, yes, he shows up. Yes, some people noticed it to overcome and they know that they text me reject annual hill there. So he tat music ale be doing good shirt is also mania. Architects, Mary Day, two souls like a thing. So after many years of planning they want to do this we, how many years we have been planned that Egypt three,
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uncle stored, dot comic, see anything up on their home and get it could we represent, while on the path, while supporting also, if you wanna get the book perfectly wounded by my day We got on the website. Jocko podcast, calm in the sections where the books are, you see it books from the episode we got you there or just click through there, he'll take you to Amazon, can buy foam straight from Amazon, also subscribe to the podcast. If you haven't already on your Itunes, Sticker Google playing aware we listen to two podcast, so fragment easy. One click bomb, easy money and is not just podcast. We also have the unravelling podcast, which Gonna have its own. What's it called its on feed at some point right now, we're gonna dual broadcasting get people in the game, Robert, naturally, that you know it
out there, but eventually will break down. Also look for the Jacko unravelling pocket we got the ground. Podcast get the warrior kid podcast. We got warrior kid soap from Irish Oaks ranch dot com. You can get so so that you and everyone you know, can stay clean we got you Youtube Channel, does work echo puts tons of special effects, indeterminate videos and inputs no special effects. In a three hour, video lotta people, a lot of people, I agree with that, but that's what I was doing any courting him. That's the way it should be so whatever also have an album called psychological warfare where I'll, tell you some little things to do to get through it's a weakness which we walk out. Little moments. Weakness attack him, that's Rumsey! If need some support, attacking support by fire position. Press play listening, psychological warfare
If you need a visual signal for. Overcoming a moment: weakness, gotta to side, canvas, dot, com, Dakota Meyer, he's making practical stuff also made in America to hang on your wall and remind you that you, to stay on the path got a bunch of. Obviously might days book perfectly wounded. We got the code. We got leadership, strategy and tactics field manor. We got way of the warrior kid one. Two and three we got way. Though we got Mikey and dragons. We got this. One equals freedom field manual. We got the dichotomy of leadership and then oh gee Book, extreme ownership written by me and my brother leaf ban. We so have a leadership. Consultancy called echelon front where we solved Through leadership, go front, dot, com for details, and also we have an online training programme and I'll tell you what I'm gonna. Do I'm reduce me.
Jack, alive events on a phone line jack alive event. So if you miss the world, Tor that I did we missed the world's or that I did what I went around America talkin. Everyone meet everyone, I'm going to do some of those on the internet so you build a tune in life, asked questions. Do those through the phone line, no dates jeweled yet, but its common, and by the way you have to wait, because if you want to talk to me gotta you have online dot com and their answering questions, the whole teams there. You can interact with me right there so check that out also if you want to see us in person, go to you go to extreme ownership, dot com and come to our muster Which is a leadership conference? Next one is Phoenix Arizona September. Sixteen and seventeen December through Fourth, it can be a Dallas Texas, they ve
sold out these. You can sell out to you. Wanna come to get their early and, of course, we also have e f over watch. If you need leaders, inside your organization. We, have connections from the military that under, And principles we talk about Greece, F over watch dot com. If you wanna support. Through our support service members around the world, go to America mighty warriors dot. Org is Mark Liese, mom Molly, and she is doing here. Best. Provide for people on the military, their families, gold, star families all over the world. You can go there and either donate or you can get involved and if you're a glutton for punishment. And you want to hear more of my- are contentions or for sums
Range reason you'd like to hear more of echoes, risible reflections than you can find us on the inner webs on Twitter on Instagram man on face, book. Echo is adequate Charles and I imagine How come when I can, of course, MIKE Day is at MIKE De five thousand three hundred and twenty six and speaking of my thanks once again to MIKE, said such an awesome example. Now for deeds on the battlefield, but for the example, he sets in life put in a word out their explaining what he's been through and how he has out and threw it adopt all of our other military members of the past present and future thanks to all of you as well, for also setting an example of service and sacrifice for I us to live in freedom and to police and law enforcement and the fire fighters
paramedics and he and tease, and the dispatchers and correctional officers in the border patrol bore tack, secret service, And all the other first responders, thanks to each of you for you, services well and thanks for keeping us see, the inner times of need into ever one else out there. We know life is rough and we know there will be pain and whether that pain as at the hands of an abuse or at the hands of an enemy or at the hands of nature or time or disease, there will be pain, but
with a man like my day as an example. You can overcome even get through it. You can drive on and you do that by getting up every day and getting after it and until next time this echo and Jocker out.
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