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258: Impossible Missions Across The Fence in Vietnam, with Kingbee Pilot, "Cowboy" Khanh Doan

2020-12-02 | 🔗

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0:06:13 - Across the fence with Cowboy Khanh Doan.

2:51:27 - Final thoughts and take-aways.

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This is Jacko Park. Ass number two. Fifty eight with me Java willing several acre. Forty seventh open fire before king bees wheels touchdown, Nonetheless, black in the remaining three Vietnamese Sd Alabama team members exited the aged thirty, four. As the king be lifted off. The envious gunfire increase significantly and moments later. The laboring sikorski, aged thirty four crashed. Although this was blacks first saw mission in the prairie fire, he knew the odds were stacked against Sd Alabama. he and cowboy argued vigorously for an immediate extraction. The team had been compromised. The element of surprise was gone. The other african, who had not gone through special forces qualification course at Fort Bragg, remained silent. No, said, the new one zero are,
can know slant. I'd son of a bitch is gonna run me off. What kinda offered the one zero a chance to extract the offer. was declined. The team is to continue the team leader, ordered the point. Man walked down a well travelled trail away from the Elsie into the jungle. Black cowboy and the point man, argued against heading down the trail, The first rule of recall was to never use trails, especially well travelled once. the one zero pulled rank and ordered the team to move down the trail with how are leading the way the elder green berets, following a short distance behind him The trail wound into the jungle to the left, as the Alabama moved cautiously. As the team went down the trail, it moved parallel to a small rise on its right. That was about ten to twenty feet above the team. at the envious colonel had
We assembled a force of fifty enviers soldiers who set up a classic l, shaped ambush. The quiet of the early morning, jungle was shattered when the envious troops open fire with their eighteen. Forty seventh and ass K s rifles the aching rounds ripped into the point man's chest and face the fate, impact of those rounds lifted. The canteen covers around his waist appearing to keep his body suspended in the air in air what had been a human body milliseconds earlier was chewed into it amorphous form that hit the ground with us, Beginning thud are cereal blood spurted high into the air three round slammed into the one zero head blowing the right side of his face, killing him instantly nothing who prepare asked he Alabama for the grizzly horror unfolding at that moment, the one one buried his face in the dirt and started praying.
Black. In the remaining as T Alabama team members return fire, the green berets stood there, firing us on single shot. picking off envious soldiers on top of the rise he loaded. His car fifteen went down the line, shooting them one after another. Sometimes they spun and he shot them a second or third time, as the envious continue to fire on the team, black and cowboy form the team into a circle and directed a barrage of em. Seventy nine grenade rounds and car fifteen fire into the surrounding jungle. Then startling eerie silence. black thought he was in his grave as the Alabama was look in a low spot with the ground. Rising, tended twenty feet on both left and right. Both the envious and asked he Alabama tended to their wounded while the live in combatants, slammed loaded magazines into their hot weapons. There was moaning and groaning human suffering on both sides black.
on the pure, see twenty five to ten. Covey about as the album is tragic, turn of events, black and foe, scavenge weapons and ammo from the dead as to Allah Bam. A team members for we cover you still airborne black. Port that he had to Kay eyes and two w ideas and was surrounded by envious troops. He responded, you're, not a doktor. Nor for that fact, emetic you can't determine who's dead or alive, bring out all bodies for verification of death. Then more than one hundred enviers regulars opened fire on asked he Alabama as enemy troops. It reinforced the initial ambush unit. By now, The envious were too rose. Deep. The front row fired a K. Forty seventh, this RO through grenades or fired. Our policies,
Now that is a story from the book across the fence by John Striker Meyer? Also, still it's a story of October fifth. nineteen sixty eight, a special forces sock mission. The border in a louse. the story is also covered in the book: Whisky Tangle Foxtrot, which, by Lynn Black Coat named, jack, and for a variety of reasons,. When was not able to join us on the show, but through tilt. And his friends and the special operations community, are absolutely honoured to have with us tonight com. Cowboy dome? the enemy soldier fought for freedom alongside american special forces soldiers from sock con.
Thank you for joining us. It's an honor to have year my places, and also joining us once again is don't strike Meyer, the man himself till a special forces soldiers. Member of Zog, who has been on the park ass before one One hundred and eighty one one hundred and eighty two one hundred and eighty six, two hundred and forty seven and two hundred and forty eight, good to be back, sir. I could have you here with cowboy thank you on its is. It's awesome be have you here and so you're nickname is cowboy. How do we get the nickname cowboy. One mission I able What name Radio contact Let me name a cowboy. And then up guide Goin. I still show Bible so my man, a working man coming
cowboy from day to day we were calling on camp, nobody called caused by a cowboy we knew cowboy was yet can now live. It is difficult to pronounce years nor by american show it easy. Are you know like it, the four friends say: hey cowboy all the time, you're, even my commanding officer We shall make us now right, go where we got information every single morning. Me tat. Everybody Y know who Why was an well, that's all some before you, Kate became cowboy what let's go back to Europe. You know where you from where you grew up. What that, what that was like a lot of a lot of Americans. We don't know what that's like a grown up in in Vietnam. So
What you re born. I was, from not Vietnam the name been provided. and then I will very young I don't know anything but nineteen fifty four my family, we too shall in order in the communist took over. Not Vietnam. We immigration to shout We live in shag on for two years My family, moved up to. not our city you know that our bit, I shan't on nice city, beautiful beautiful end did it whether it like a d yes, Norma and you can see the
you can see that I, like my dear young lady of me, I don T, know twenty years you'll like it shall we live in there What was it like when, before you laugh was like when the communist came and took over with a nod better. What was it like for your family? What did it? What did it? do. What that seem like what happened. I don't know big, I what young but I understand, opted in their common when the queue everybody and they and collect Juno property from there. Edition. to be. You know, like a day, the Communist Party and That's why my farm, my family, moved from not to shout What was your father's job? What did he do? Actually,
do you now. I still don't understand. what he did He only the Beijing that man. but he was in the business of business vision of man, yes and he Now to the shout he bit that but inside you you know, idea the bat rise. The gun in there But I have no who woogie worse. Ok, and sometimes he beat a taxi driver. and motorcycle driver to take at it people, but I wish that now I understand. like a he's right now, with a new and cover anywhere anytime, night, didn't you The tree.
President nor Jim. You know he was assassinated before candy Kennedy s eye. a strong believe it he. What with him. M after the revolution revolution from data. From the Aea, Vienna ME army. I put my body in jail because He worked for the old woman who work for the pressure and Jim This time I would like, Thea. you saw that India so I still don't understand it, but when I visit him, the timely What in jail I learn something. I learned. Something were him.
and. I'm thinking about you know what I'm trying to do to pay back. The people. you know did to my father, and then He in jail. But he worries Mark man. He told me American Gannon go to. Vietnam. when I was young study French. And then, when he shall, we say: hey. I better learn English beguile here an American gonna come to Vietnam The study I studying this at the time. Lucky for me.
my family very close to you know the usual admin. Vienna me American Association show study from them. And then my father still in jail, and my family. You know the economic it going down a lot, trying to survive by my shell and for my family. an embryo lucky. When I studying this, my teacher he's american He understand my situation and my family, and he. I buy me. To join the army I bet I bit I dont know about him to, but very nice guy her.
meaning you dont, know what his actual job was. He Only just the teacher that issue, but I talk in my he was. He no actual work where the government, sometimes she Aisa. Yes, yes, you gonna go? You know the pick up the who's, the bad guy are who the good guy began in a glass yeah. He ordered the time ass. Well, well your family, what a Why has been you know our situation, my family? I want the money, but you know How do we survivor He learned from most allowed from the student and I ve been up to that. He pick up. And to become you know, dear the, Brazil, forty, who s government debt,
I talked right now, so he was a recruiter looking for good people that will do a good job of fighting for your rooms and man do something or smart man dead. Way. I'm talking about my teeth. So when you, when he told you to join the army, how did you feel about that idea? Oh, show me the the movie. PETE he went on. I hear people were known here. Jfk. Yes, yes, ok glass. He showed the movie. You say you wanna, be John F Kennedy S. Why? Now and not all family. He asked me asked me a lot. You know,
something going on to them up to my family and he can read. What are you gonna do say yet joined the army, but Asia, I don't know anything about it. Does what it on and he go. My friend. The french say TAT to join with the special for a ship at this special for the people regime. we got the Vietnam WAR winners. Situation like it. You know now the marine, ah, you know coastguard. like a infantry, you ragged airborne, show you know who's the one which The heel, I don't know anything about. She, try, try it. And the written a letter to Saigon to pass through to two
he's alright quarters economy has just passed us. I got their streets Saigon, yes, A year ago, So how old were you at this time? one thousand seventy yeah and what year was it one sixty six. one sixty six year, seventeen years old- and you said The others in a letter to saga telling that they ve got a good rather recruit. He speaks english and ass, a hot commodity. We need a good english speakers interpreters. did you have any idea what you are getting into now I don't know what you know when we were young. we're gonna be here, We'll be like it Donna Martin another one. Like Jason, I judge Joy it like a J o K. Kennedy do every day in Europe at the time. You know you from
one swim, another Iceland. I know that AIDS is man till this man in save him handsome guy I, like him very much less guy, I'm joy, So what is your view of America at that time? You must a pretty positive view of America. You know you're gonna, joy, army and you're gonna support the american efforts there. I don't pay attention anything I just wanna join enjoy. Do it whatever they need me to do it and you know tee my man, Actually, you know my army and my father no, the torn by co nobody in my village it mean the county. These out, We're the than that changes, They know who I was they know who am I.
so they worked together. We worked together at a time in the camp. So TAT s why I can go with dear Frenchman Team, the I go with Russia Island him around. Go with the measures you paid in Alaska. Before Alaska. I go anywhere because hey, come you're good man, we need to learn from him So you know I like it or will it with them? because on beer begin o t attitude found my family and my father. Do they have harmony? Shall we look together time? Even, one day I yet you know wicked, I wonder where vacation him he said cowboy tomb. I gotta go. You gotta go with me. I said yes, I do and then I quit my vacation. I go with the team
so to training, is honor To learning from HR, I'm not saying you and I'm good man, but. my experience. When I was young, I mean younger with my family. We worked farmer, John you, strongly drawing any, but a strong right in some doubt someday, You know, I'm I'm thought we gotta We have to do it. You can my hand here scar, I can catch the eye. I told her to the end of it, daylight bullets cowboy catch and bullets lucky she here I got a wounded, gotTA wounded every way in my bonnet. When I still survival.
And I'll tell you you're lucky you were skinny. If you're any beggar, those bullets were rewarded hit were spot. You are hard to shoot at your eye, not big. Like a here when I saw you. first I saw him he's a hey. There's got to be. Longer, but we'll sell said that normally American, the big guy, like you I'm like again, but you know When we there, we were skinny small one like a hundred nuts. anyhow hundred tat. Pow look Hey there baby shall write that American go. My people read it barely Jean little people their later people here effect. iter, the area and but you grew up in the jungle, so for you being in the jungle was just just nor
Oh that's! Just yet Vietnam used to you're just that's the way you lived. That's where you grew up, So that's a real advantage. Yes, on only spoke English, unlike the round I already cities- and I can I can honour to tell you hence male visually. This smell because when we go land outrage over there the flower. They got a plan d arise. Are they gonna plan hunger sitting in his younger we know we Imagine a year, they're gonna do where the delayed were there, Portugal, where the hospital We we can smell it and then my Dixon can Stan how Communist
Activity, there they can grow up Do anything become great we're local people right as we managed as what Green braes love hard indigenous people, the nuns. like you said he could smell, they had extra sense that we never have contained some by. Like me, a city slicker, that's why like him, I never won and I kept us alive the jungle we we yielded to now. They always ran point. Not us and they got me out local loop or local people there We can smell, deepen like at the bar, where what why or chicken well when we weaken comparison, right away. Each other's younger, empty, she'd, quiet. let me know already more right and as a problem,
prior trouble is close. We understand exactly right. I always keep your fucking I'm sorry that word, but that a true, sometimes people need to keep your fuckin head down it s a fuckin, true that money to I'm not tell you liar and then Was the training like that you went through to get you ready to work. With the special forces team, did you go into the regular army? Did they process you into the regular army or they just take you up to one of them one of this one of the sea and or something to him duck, which was actually I'm down duck. There was the first saw, train base was up by core and camped out was open, had bad weather, that's where they did nettle train mega, allow border close to the border. How long did they train you for
even now- when they send you there, you are free to do it may not in the law. Not in the morning, wake up sick about what They needed to dramatic call you one or two: p. I am one or two p m, and they let you free and may now? tomorrow we gotta go ranging arrange many times range and then what What are you doing when we you look John. Mamma you care, then we got it like a damn. You know box. At the moment, right. We gotta be set free, only my furniture hey how to.
Worried about a worthy wetlands and how the work the weapon and then next day we gotta go range of to fire how to clean the weapon and ask what you were. You carried an acre or you carry no car fifteen gate sitting when a job? What and giant and joined only copying broker and then later cabin M one, then em too, and then after that date, to Sweden Kay. Sweden s readers, carry weight and k and Afghanistan Spanish stun gun have both stand at last silent. where the magazine, I decided and later on, we move to the full by we usually m16, a our fifteen and then a car, fifty and then m16 rag carpet,
Could you are hard to come by, but we we training, ever a weapon like mortar to shake the horizon. Right, you like you to come to And I made sure return home kind of weapon, nor be forty am sure, the two men were these special forces, american special forces soldiers that you guys were in charge or some group was in charge of training? Yes, there was come at camp duck. It was the first camp, so many early saw guys were there Parties are recruited. They came through Saigon, my cowboy ended up there. Training and passed the camp was so close to the boy had self defence at night. They would be derby pods, and the NBA attack the camp several times price, two made sixty eight when a camp got over animal
this whole book about that called bait and after that they close camp Doc heat and, but at time Alabama was already a that will be one and when it we have come up and then just more were too however we want, I get there in May a sixty eight laid me back. tired. These guys came in with his team course Do you wanna tell about Alaska Alaska? yeah. What happened with the Anti Alaska they brow. Everybody was killed, supper. The one zero John L who escaped can he need for two days and I caught a want. A helicopter pass brought him back and they said we The change the name of the team they choose, From Alaska to our banner, and and TIM Shop was the one zero window Trees are now and jam on our forget. This data but they know this David Charm Alan. Now give job.
and then and then I everyone flow ever we want close later we gotta go Appleby Now than ever before, Very Cn Ccs, but those yet we close F, will be but this is like may with a very incremental months, so was that was at where you first checked in you went to you went to Alaska, where I had Alaska just become Alabama. Yes, the fuss The first joint is why you didn't go on emission his Cisterna, Mr Mission, or he would have been on a mission with Alaska. Now, I'm from to its action, All of us were forgot, Missouri. Ok, so you started with a hatchet force. Yeah cheerful work. You know like a deeply to no company to go with abbot he's gotta contact the enemy and a bit from the from the recall, go down to the heart of our looking toward the bathroom
They say, hey cowboy, you wanted yeah reckoned him, I say Why not? I try my back and The first thing I came to deal to the team recanting. I scanning everybody. Looking back guy, look at because you denotes retorted the other beating me haughty and say how ok. Try your back I join the team at the time of the time that a large guide, but now they blow out and when I joined it and they got it, review the team- and I say about guy: it's no good. Too many God, because too many people died. So we need to change the name and change too Alabama and we work with,
Alabama. Then Appleby one grows came to the now she's Yan. Seven sushi ending at an Alabama team there to show my name watching. Indiana that was really sixty. Nine ethical that will be one not till was tell me about one time when you're gettin taken out on strings. and somehow you ended up upside down or something like that, Swiss just normal thing, but I remember it we are in contact with the enemy. Magritte cannot move out earlier today to do here. Today, our algae. We share the younger,
the chopper came in without the rope one knowledge we had a different role. but tat he go for ship for the team for guy come up big up their drop new, hang it up and another for guys. Still, you know keep them shut, the right to security computing over it and then, after the chopper lab wealthy fall guy. We came over and then another far up put toy DOW retired a hooker but I had drawn out and none of the two written you up the rope. When I
I know where you and I try to hope, hope, my shell into my room, but I look it up you another tree here the rope with turnover tree. She worried what are you gonna do? I shall look it up and then Now we are stable wreck, we don't have a stable recovered persists with sea. Yet we have a creed road whose one for sheep and one for another two for shit right. and John out and show it you give me one from here: I hope it up that another job, we're gonna cut it out and I drop it back to the plan I gonna die and then the poorer I only want streaming here while you
De with the daring wholly I went in and when the going up like a thousand feet on two thousand feet something, and then I got a brush up here. I gotta go I got an idea. My web media, yes I now turn over two here to my knee Europe's. Down there I know that's feelings, John Brown one word but but but we cannot be to add another time show. When I was going down to To my mind, do you feel now you get, but luckily we gonna jungle boot. You know the deformed with jungle. Vote. Yes, do you and I order without
So you were hanging on the road by just your ankle and your jungle, boot jungle here Who John out and should have begun? We get it flag at night. We would shoot Previn. Yes, and you know the year the job was still and we here we understand that we we weary, we thought you know they might or might not know something upside down ass. Yet Sir John, our shooting the flare gone to try and get the helicopter pilots to realise what was happening to looking down. But
maybe a communist underground. So how do we do if we re still through a fruitful and admire my body up and down an ado, we grow to the full by ended. I would now when, whenever I go underground, I still understand We doubt day my gun managing it empty. I ching a magazine, lava. No, then do it and then coming now to pick me up to the year put inside the chopper. Am, I don't know anything anymore, you're consciousness there too, to the full by.
good Johnson, you know Johnson right, yes, emetic time, he was all conscious and America was Bruce Johnson on that Miss helicopter now here in China can again he died a boost how would you do his abode in your chest? Await your heart going, but I still, I still No everything even I die while brought Johnson should again hey mandate and the car coming in with me up to the thirty eight, if he patch bitter right and on the way he tried it. You know, wake me up to you to apple when I, I now hear function here. You can see the bone coming outright, your prisoners automatic, and so he died. three times
talk about their years later. That's how he brought back to life, and they thought he was dead. They took him down to the field hospital right there at Phu, Bai, Tay, hey! I beat you up you and you don't got you wanna die, bought. You say I love you very much much, but I don't know anything. I remember what he thought I remember who guided gotta tee, but not do anything then mean I die for something. And a broad meted out Peter darkness can anything to me anymore. but I will never do remember. Hearing the doctors say that they can help you anymore, guess I still alive Even I don't do anything. I can do anything. The people
I am I'm dead. My shall I still alive well I hear what you say. I know something going on: not something I live in their full Bruce on your chest, yet even you beat him I in my chair drawing it, you can see the boy here there is. the special forces medics, mineral landless, do anything to keep you alive. Yes, you have already putting he put in a cowboy weaker he almost cry. I noted Can do anything. Sit down a long time. and then after he tried it Wake me up by at least one and an animal How big the bruise you earlier
he was safe, then upload it to our three hour. I think three hour I forget. Three hour my team can buy clip alcohol. cowboy, good wooden, Goodman, We are bringing it everybody. John Nolan, yeah, John Ellen, and cry took a deep brain drew up to the hospital point again to the doktor. See you at the camp here. Are you wanted Did you die, Sir John L, and whether the doktor and wrote a god and said you that take care of our boy cowboy? Sometimes a doctor's, the miracle daughters, air, Reluctant John, wanted and had the same problem as his mission August, cowboy? They hurt you, getting the right treatment
The one zero and write down her in a dress, the doctors, they had a policy. No indigenous people at the hospital and that's what they were up against. Our team leaders had to give a little rested at all that problem. Well, this case. Was a car fifteen Regan reality here, John. While he was ready to be gay you empty right now right, uniform at my chest. play more. My the carpet in agony you. What are you doing What will you do? You're gonna do whatever you want me to do at the camp David. There has been a shame, you better take care covered and my brain You know the people drone cry. Miss me, I knew I hear that, but I can
anything why you gimme a copy you gimme small I don't know, maybe the poodle the high plotter in into my mouth, and I feel something go through here and there I wake up, saying: hey What's going on here, where's the party and there our we come back to camp. we saw before October. Fifth, there did you now did you did I hear, that you had a relative that was also while his wife. brother was on as T Idaho, when Idaho Gal wiped out May sixty eight. That was your wife's brother. Why? Rather, rather? Yes, I have a two round- one, empty that'd, be a blue at the long way.
and then at one with the IDA the line was the camp. I got over run on TAT only at the NBA tank and they capture some of our people as well. Some the indigenous people, to come back spilled of his we paid a high price How often so now it's nineteen. How long were you in the job? For the total I'm from simply seek to Germany to me now they seek to meet up to sixty seven. The time ways for training and she D Chairman am jointly Alabama team to two others. Seventy two, I lost my leg well
and so these, so these guys you're goin out the whole time you just go out on Mission Mission Mission mission? Yes, no, I mean other wait, maybe go back to town Miguel Little break for a week or something a month but most of the time his work yet sometimes Legatee. Yes, I yet column a button for one vision, told us some down only ten day. down. One man, three time. So that's why we received the money got paid for to damage at. Can you buy on the first day of the month, we take the money. We go downtown to three day two three day. We have no more money when we set the measured
many mission admission, I say: ok, we got We stand by their awake because the weather whatever you notice some vision we can get not go. He went there, but you know D. You know the shop law right when we come up to the algae. The commonest should up. We we can buy. not just make now and then, after a few day, one girl, we Arab Pass group, ass, you say: ok for one day and denied to try to do it. I understand that no money adopted there s one together, man and then we on we on past for today or whatever we can, you can back
because the region we stand by that time we gonna go you're, not alone trip like a ghost, I learned a lot he's, got away yes and then come back. for the mission again become up there because the weather? What whatever for after, which we cannot go at the weekend, I say last October. Fifth, guinea, the mass they got through the pay day and the weather broke Could we had brains and want some guy at the end of the Monsoon Caesar standby form for the time yet for like it to do with three weeks or one month. are a lot of reason. We cannot go down where or they come and eat activity underground. I bet you know like it. The way We are now the mission, everybody, no even the Pentagon,
even dinner, daddy. He a quarter issue. Course. I dont know why, high whatever we have attached livelier house, we work to added, I think so, so that's why? But we cap I cannot remember how many mission I gotta go. I cannot Emma to many did you visit you didn't the dire you couldn't round diary, we can do anything we can. We can say hey I already I got an airliner but when we received the mission like there. when General Shanghai we gotta go. I shall we understand Asha We gonna the envy. We noted the envy. We had a go now. We know we gotta go. Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam the bottle.
No situation from them become. We learn from from training from the not more to the shop they got. Show many secret Joan from the fund the Communists. and we know when they moved from the north to from the north to the South Howard. They working on it I'll, be able to wear it to have it like in Russia, what we have got it like a hundred power or more another tile rain, yes close to it, yes, but the communist Laden, where anything, yes, a forty, seven and eight because they live in their data, mid food. They don't mix water. They don't make cabin food with them because they live in their back. In my house,
We can now here we carried thing, the heavy then we learn from them we know how their activity, but our job is to protect glacier talk, big I'm not weep. We issue tomorrow and we easy to understand them. you from here. You can't do it now. He can do anything young and don't you now they good. Good mother knows so? Why is my Marinos? Far from the vietnamese so in this mission are on October fifth, the the
Copper puts you guys on the ground. You're getting shot at before you land one of the helicopters then get shot up and crashes, and and the one zero says we're still going correct. I guess when, when we come down the chopper. It made me Jim, try and another two in an annex to the enemy s we gotta go and I became now it the communist way we drop now the growl they should it We are not surprised about it because we understand and she did. You see the flag. There was flying union I envy
Others and envy flag yeah. That has to be a little bit of a warning sign. That's why Lynn argued with the one zero saying that flags is least three thousand people here were nine, like Guinea Legatee, the flat accounting from the plan. We can make it out d, not division, naked reach him like a dream, thousand guy and on the ground. We understand that dream thousand bookoo, we understand beaucoup here then the black try to get them to get shot, then king be lit up and another, can be. They gonna particle from the chopper. The land way down this way, and this way down this way and shoot another place to make it difficult to far communist adjustment, where we going their written.
And then another job will mean it's funny. Folliot banal drop it out. Press yes crash, but you know we have underground, have at the chopper what you gonna do we gotta go and then right up now. When we dropped out. You know that a plan algae we had More to the jungle right way to heighten and we get it were a quick breathing. To what you gonna do next, I, according from the pact lucky Did I tell you Covent garden in the and we got a briefing with him:
working shame if the team, what wonder extraction you have a right to do it, but Jim Strike, the bigger the signal He thought you know when we very strong, but he he forget to understand it. not in their three thousand guy there, and Not our homeland Communist Landry Lass, yes, they messy until March.
Yeah, that's what he said and they learn bright told me this go back and then we go wrong decision. He made in his life yes agreement but like like fitted feed. Show unity postcard from the communist named black forget to tell you. We found the year eighteen, forty shaven magazine really planning we value not ran caution from the air from the air from the idea from the communist,
and the tree they lead. They shoot it. No very clean China Shan another person, yet they cheat air for the Portuguese from the communist Elsie once mare their allotted to serve a different policies. There were two decisive many layers of that boy, so heavy Elsie watchers sounded beginning he platforms and has won the first ones. I forgot about guess you ve heard about it. They had a platform is when they saw it to a distant. They knew that the compromise they sought a platform go back.
and yet there was yours, a good Algeria, greeting helmet communists have this hell? Yes, the! So what was the wanderers background right now like in this operation? He had come from Germany so years on a journey. Has the excise duty rates have been the Vietnam, so he was not familiar with working with our vietnamese counterparts listening to people cowboy and listen to live that had a whole years very much so here one is all school guys on the leader river Judas That was the last been decision. We move to the team into it. I still time and then we are not going out the trail journey we go by in the jungle. So when you're done that real data, big mistake, yes,
never happen. Would you guys a rap situations where the team would get the one zero and say now we're not doing that. Wasn't there there and it was your over water and most of the times are we listened to her or deafness, be right if they said dockers, reason- and this is the mutual respect we have particularly what you're on the ground. So it's just a matter of the report between this was a new team that come to get an age is taken experienced one zero who had combat experience. Many missions there to shop was the one your prior because yellow person just ride was more right. They appointed him the team and they told him to give notice yeah. This is why, when you're in a leadership position, you listen to people
you listen to your team, I mean this is why there's nothin you're. If you let your ego get in the way, and you say I'm these people tell me what to do to like ok doesn't work out. Well, you got it. Humble as a leader any we should place if you want to show where you shouldn't do. This is a classic example. We don't know adjourning with him now Oh you, never even trade with them, Retraining, daddy, daddy, does Ivan past right. An anti russian, yet his two giant pre trainers Returning for the mission the team shop mother. or is it a different one? Zero right? Yes, this is just a bad. Does about all the way across the board and is the one would enable save yet it ass. He held out his training mission and they had a water is an area where you had
The com and envy, but Thailand before Thailand heavier as a day. They got it wrong trouble there. rose there on a training mission and make them in the NBA drove down to the south chancy from their high ground. Could they had higher ground drove down and then fortune had a frequency for name shall one the Navy now a pitiable, but about the had to two or three fifty cow and they came in a pick, the team, otherwise there my dream is: the rough training russian wise cabin was have you got that neither now I like it because it free you can go now. Nine.
Let me let me take this back up from the book on this mission on October force or where we left off their sorrow on October. Fifth, where this left off was, The envy air to rose deep front row firing a k, forty seven second rail thrown grenades and and fire nor Fiji's, and they I'm gonna pick this backup. Does another Vietnamese Sd Alabama team member was wounded. The team, had to get out of a whole or die in it bold enviers toward the Sd Alabama member to chew, Hoy or surrender speaking in French, English and finally, Vietnamese. as the Alabama weapons drowned out further chew. Hoy requests. The one want to ask you to surrender you shot at him, and it's you who was a whole program right. It was
program to get people to switch sides from Vienna to light, and then I knew the programme, so they use the same words, surrender and ass. The albanian and answered in fine. the carpet with one man Burnett when managing to get an answer to them. I bet it says the one one continued to pray, so the one one got he kind of lost a little bit totally and he was curled up in a ball. He was put in his face in the sand and he was trying to pray can tell, because he and my team got it He was my dear. I need to protect him. He neither protect me beyond my team.
Well, I says your black couldn't believe it. Then black says this is no time to pray do under others before they do want to you. He held whether not the envious soldiers were praying. They continue to move around Sd Alabama, some climbing into trees, cowboy and black crawled fifteen feet toward them close enough so cowboy heard the envious commander tell his truth to prepare to charge Sd Alabama position. Are you. You actually heard their commander give the order prepare to charge debtor. the commander, also told his troops on the long side of the alarm Bush not to fire black quickly. Rig declaim or mine in the direction of the pending charge. The fearless envying mounted a charge toward Sd Alabama with eighteen, forty, seven on full automatic black debt. the claim more mine, it blew a huge hole in the NBA ranks before them oh cleared as T Alabama ran through the human Carmen Carnage Fire
car fifteen's on full automatic and throwing m twenty six fragrant age while dragging their three wounded team members. Leslie S T Alabama made it through the NBA wave attackers and moved back towards the elves Elsie, leaving their dead behind. we try to bring them without, but we could. I try to move up to work there in the dead man, a cave orator winter. I gotta move back I'm plan by going up. You know the strike he too big to bury the FAT guy came clam over and where they should it, he took the dry body
and I can feeling his body shit when heed the bully, so you're trying to drag his body in his body is getting shot. I understand exactly when told them, alas, but they never this. you mean ever listened to me. Even there I hurt Hey Communist Shea Ambush don't you, damn that mean don't kill us. Ok, one of the capture you they wanna get in I do it allowed. So if those either just listen, this cow what keeps giving the hand signal for hey. We need to circle, get out of Here- get get the helicopters and get out of here. If that's what you're giving a handsome over whole time, jumper the king. These up.
And then he made me listen to me, he said: go he at the poor man, the Vienna meeting later here. Jim stripe come back of him and then bright. Another absently, I hear you should go. You know that you're you're not arose from the team. The first man get up first step seconds, tat dog step. Another man stand up and step to do the boot Well, where the push management and his stand up, I saw Show him because I hate you- I see he said no
now the time about you may well listen to me and first step he going down shaken step doorstep. I had a bullet and he now I turn around. I'm not stay there. For for ship, my life, I gotta turn around them. The big tree and lay there, and if communist, should again because we gross like here to hear what ten feet, I got no more intently number entered the bush, helium in there and then, when I try to move into get it like at the air, show a map and then did the team for survivor.
In his pocket survival and radio rig. In actual, why swagger, radio frequency pow everything in his body given to, then you meant to black and tat taking out a short stretch strike it nothing happened. What do you do? I take a grammar and they should be again, I'm lucky embryo lucky because you know it. Read very big. When I try to move the especially the year deployment need to show what will we gonna do we can do anything, but when later on,
the team leader in here, then you know pie like a to do here. but he that he didn't she could hear it happened here today, the echo forty seven hundred year and the communist oppression when sure that we get an. We gonna find our way ass. Any of show vision ass. I gazed forty seven point: did he look here and hissing and hit unity, love that were hit now were now here should do common. It dropped out the aged forty seven here. You never know it from here to hear. How we sure arrival in happened in my mind. We got it
training in it in income, we shape, Hagen it when managing their men, have a hand in it, and you have a magazine. when we talk now, hangin egg weaken toward too far now. It been clear communist around us, one engine it when makers when we told again it to close. We operate the communist pick up to it truly drawback sawdust, why we get it One agony, one magazine, retorted in it and we gotta shingle shock been been pink, be sure the communists, their head down, they don't have time to looking to pick up again. It usually catchword. I should one man it one fuckin hangin one fucking
magazine when becoming I drew in home right and we try get ping then we'll get you guys get home as what he was. We don't have it we, the communist we had. They don't have time to think in what are you gonna? Do and an optimum MA am get me but in an empty he should it up thing thing how the communist doing nothing can do anything when we we clear hours and another wave one negative. When magazine in a scene. We got a big company, because everybody one true that one when gonna, what what are you doing? What are you here?
Mama, They scanty us how we, how we fighting That's why you know we try to Leah Aroused and, We be shaped at the time, meanwhile, going back to the book Covey. Says King bees had to return to free by to refuel. No, Strachan was possible for ITALY, two to three hours that Battleax. Meanwhile, the relentless and the relentless and bloodied envied ran after the spike team. Black and at a claymore mine with a five second time, delay fuse wreak havoc on the hard charging inv at as a smoke. weird and the body parts settled back to the earth T Alabama, split and half again ensure through the battered torn ranks. The envious warriors killing any standing enemy
they counted at least fifty enviers dead. again: eerie silence, engulf the team and asked he Alabama regrouped justice. Suddenly, a new wave of envy soldiers rushed the beleaguered team, as too Alabama had been pushed near, the cliff it was, thousand feet to the ground if they went over the edge, now online Sd Alabama charge through the weakest envied flank. Killing more enemy soldiers. So you guys There's thousand foot cliffs there's a thousand book that you guys are up against jump off, you re labour, not but its happen. and then, sir, you guys this is an important lesson for people. Is time. You guys are put into a tough situation. You go on the attack. You attack through the flank. You attack through the ambush
and right here asked he Alabama charge through the weakest envious flank they did at several times with the NBA used to replanting charging but saved their lives at that point, yeah! That's! Even though the Vietnam guys that taught us when I was a young seal, they would say if you get caught in an ambush, you have to attack them you. If you stay there, you're just gonna die, so you have to attack the acme exactly quickly. If we not attack them They is no worse, shall we gonna attack them and that they scanty. we run over to them. If you about I'm continued on here, something here black on the side of the head, knocking him to his knees. He was scrambling to get up when the grenade went off. The last thing he remembered was being slammed into a tree face first in the car fifteen handled digging into a chess saw somebody hit him in the head with a grenade
We don't know where is that, where that from lucky for judging from the China is Chinese damage poorly made. You guess them. by their mission by them jail in his younger, there's like a homemade grenade He thought he was drowning brief, but then he felt feet. Kicking him in hand slapping him all over. It was the team. They were beating black back into consciousness and pouring water. In his face. He tried to get up at his legs in work from the down. There were no fatigue, pants, just surface bleeding one of them. started: smearing gelatin. Rice on the one, two's legs, arms and chest blacks, web gear and what was left of his fatigue jacket were lying shredded, bloody on the ground. The car fifteen was bent where the barrel meets the receiver and the bolt couldn't be pulled back one, team buried it. By zero, nine hundred ward of Estralla Ban was precarious. Position had spread through fog won through half will be one like wildfire wildfire,
requests were made for an extra assets. It was now an official prairie fire emergency. All aircraft were pulled from their missions and stories to support as the Alabama Any gunships attached Assad were summoned to their aid. gunships to arrive were Marine Huey known as scarface with them was a siege. Forty six of the latter attached for jungle extraction. When the twin Roeder helicopter entered the Ayo, it was hammered by heavy enemy ground fire, as were the marine gunships. Green tracers were seen going toward the siege. Forty six, the ground fire became too intense in the Marine chopper, had to withdraw and make an emergency landing a cap camp Eagle and a hundred first airborne compound. Despite this, despite the scarface gunships made several passes: expanding all ordinance before returning to base to reload. king, be officers regrouped unprepared to fly back to louse to extract what was left of Sd Alabama. The
three asked for volunteers for a bright light mission and every recon man and F will be one volunteered. Nasty Idaho, was scheduled to insert into the Prairie fire ale. Day six October, because the team was ready to go. There was some initial discussion about Idaho being the bright light team as a day dragged on, however, and the pair was nature of Anti Alabama errors, situation worse in the bright light option faded, because the original Elsie was now who deadly for any helicopter to attempt and extraction you were you. Were you and asked re, though one one we the one, zero in Estonia, so you got your own way, we'll go we'll go now. Here again we are missing sex and there were already you guys Razor provided a bright light in a changed. Your mind me because of all the tests fire, another key helicopter that shot down in the process,
so workings walking was the Covey ready to be able to walk, and then, when the public alone fuel is by heart and he got law. If you pay back both the two of you guys, Listen that time punishing, so here we go when Watkins who's, the Cobby returned at the F o b for The senator refuel he told the others that it didn't look good. He wasn't sure if they'd be able to get them out, he explained the low sunken area in the policy. The spotty, whether and how smoke from expended ordinance hung over the Elsie, making it more difficult to spot the team and to deliver airstrikes accurately array. supply of ammo grenades, claymore, minds, M. Seventy nine rounds, water, bandages, more fiends and morphine was placed on a king, be launched towards Sd Alabama. In louse cowboy worked
blacks legs, he told blocked at the last wave of envy, had continued onto the Elsie cowboy and black heard more? U S. Marine Huey gunships arrive overhead and witnessed the NBA on the Elsie Open fire, hammering the lead aircraft begin. Two hundred and eleven panax cried and shouted skyward did vietnamese team member speaking through cowboy told black that they were going to kill the one one? If you didn't shut up black agreed I'll pull the trigger myself, God, forgive you the one. One responded to your fully. You and your God have no place here. Black retarded cowboy grab the start of black by the throat and lifted a catholic crucifix from his neck and shoved his lips to it it's the guards who allowed us to get this far round. I so. This is just that and a nightmare of a situation. What are you guys doing on the ground, while all this closer support is coming in.
I can tell you the first thing in the air it in a win win win. Right now: you're, not a water in the jungle. We cannot, you know wave, but we still poor home kind of one or two him to make him wake up. and men. We don't know how she situation. We do now the water. How are we to now the water in the agenda, but we still do bigger. We lower him very much anything in a week. I don't know how to tell you, I don't know how to tell you that we can protect by gap at the time. The evaluation, maybe You know we only pray, only a library,
the amnesty. The way we on at the end, The thing, in my view, should them they should it and then they got not brought at me now brought out a member greener stay here pushing hundred percent. True, that's what I told you I can tell you if I can imagine Tom. He right now, I'm crying ass, a bright light black! he only one. We can believe.
One one: I cannot tell you anything, you can do anything came even you know we respect him alone, but other time. What should we do in my God? Protect us. Please be how we have no change. We ever know where to go. We can't do anything, they got a thousand thousand, where only if it were only seven guy, you can't we did two hundred and three wounded. I gotta wounded. Go am eat myself and black black when it black with it and seventy nine right, the ammo, the bullet,
almost we use a knife, but lucky for us. I mean we can pick up the year before. The AK, forty seven and the weather from the commonest, and we still protect. We can protect us at on the ground, so I can tell you it you can win That's all my heart and all my heart, even you know, Jem strides still by still like there to drive in me bodies do right now we can do anything wing rearing up that make me feel. You know that the press again
Let me tell you that so I dont know why Meyer and me still alive in here. I don't know that emerge. By the way, this isn't even over, yet not even close going back the book. The sound of the approaching king bees ended the religious debate as the realities of a surviving Asia. Hell became centre, focus The able bodied picked up the wounded, a move towards the Elsie spider. The covey rider at the time told black that the first king be was en route to the Elsie, but plan to work the areas surrounding Sd Alabama attacked where support first in this case, and I for phantom jet pilot, told black two key handset for ten seconds and put your head in the dirt black acknowledged his radio transmission and tone
teammates, to put their heads down He looked into the sun, he observed the slowest moving full flap phantom. He had ever seen the guy path: ratio was critical seconds later. He saw the tree line across the Elsie explode into sheets of white, yellow and orange flames, setting the jungle on fire with napalm the ship, bank sharply appearing to stand, its wing tips on the ground, the pilot cranked burners, down to the valley below and then began a vertical climb. Enviers small arms opened up on all sides: the valley, the therefore took numerous hits on its armour plated underbelly among those shooting at the fast mover were several envied troops about twenty feet from asked. He Alabama perimeter as the name on towards the jungle, dozens of envy soldiers scurried into the open field to escape the instant inferno that engulfed their comrades as second gent rolled in four had gone wrong. The NBA initiated what they called getting caught to the belt
case the envious soldiers move toward or outright charged Sd Alabama to get close to the team members as possible to avoid being hammered or burnt by the air force, Marines or Army air ordnance. firing on single shot as the Alabama picked off each of them as they came out of the burning jungle. The phantoms return before returned with two cannon and many gun runs along the teams perimeter before the dust settled. The vietnamese team letter, foe team, leader, foe and cowboy crawled out and recovered several acre, forty seven's and precious ammunition from the dead enemy soldiers as their car. Fifteen ammo is dwindling to a few precious rounds so you're crawling out an act. We grabbing the enemy, weapons and grabbing enemy ammunition debts.
The light out there. I pick it up deliver to another team member be gone in order to survival. We had to do it, we going to do it, we can barley, enemy, put up, make a chain back. to protect our people use anatomy is sandbags to protect ourselves you got. It goes on here to the nine cylinder king bees came chugging up the valley toward Sd Alabama Black popped green smoke marker the envy. A parting identical smoke marker confusing the pilot with devastating results. The first can be king, be followed the envious smoke marker and took a direct, It from a rocket which toppled lived on its side smashing each rollerblade into the ground
approaching Sd Alabama team members nearly missed getting hit with shrapnel from the crash black cowboy and another team member charge the rocket position, killing the three NBA before a hail of envy, a fire drove them back into the team perimeter, the second age, thirty, four hate and outcropping of rock on the western side of the North Africa. Henry Enemy gunfire. It exploded and fell thousand feet to the valley floor below taking with it. Ass. The ala was resupply Covey barked nice guy black jack FUCK, you Covey, he replied cowboy told the one one to pray for everyone except black, because he was going on the devil side. broken the laughter as he assessed Sd Alabama predicament. Emma was desperately low blood trails. Look like slug slime. Therefore, phantoms had expended their ordinance had. Covey was belligerent
His nerves were shot training in a man's basic survival. Instinct had completely taken over there. The envious! Bugles sounded! So at this point this scene, you guys are run it out. I am and ammunition you got three wounded. You got two dead, no more than two dead. Your your ear taking enemy weapons off the ground, your building, a bunker with enemy bodies, the copters, find me show up to get you out of there and they get shot out of the sky. Yes,. What do you think your chances are for survival? At this point? only can I can shaded, God protect us. Now, No one can even not only to do job boy
We got a lot of support up the air like a fund on like Legatee. She is Fifty three jolly green giant. We can see the bird, Over the air time not only to allow So you can actually see your air support. Their flying around their dropping bombs are dropping napalm, but really help. I mean the fact that you guys are on the ground, even though you can see them. Yes, I can share and then an enemy, very scanning, and it on the we can point skydrive to bomb. Is there And then they diverse Ganny, that's why we shall, while another reason,
in this day, God came in the form of closer support. Yeah. You can shoot at keeping open We have now made neck due mainly to me because they are, they know what room where we are in the have. You got a piano the we turn over the Shorty plan. Can she where we were right? We do the same thing. Yes, There is another thing with Vietnam. Guys taught us inside were floppy attitude, so air panel in their figured for, but over and lent let the helicopters are going no what we were doing you're to call for the five year. Yeah agree. We we have ahead. Yes, in China, we get it pal
many stadium. They don't know anything about and then exactly bomb to the to the enemy light was on her way running on a colony nurse poor, like it right, banishing, hey now club, but to refit mommy. there I away, and I want you to help club five feet and next to me did you get with which we can control the year a plan b. Pat and pet working then spider recovery is no way that we work together. we control everything, but the people outside How do we shall rival it either
it was you I ve become we there be shot a bomb. Did you did it because, like you said regularly willing to pay farmers, and so when the first Mazato Breeze scarface when they expand it deletes the ones came in than he was kindly his later? We had You just execution. They came out there. We understand a check me communists. You know very afraid the airplane even to get a big gun nor the other thing they were standing to settle for a week. We on the ground They want Turkey was very difficult.
And they want to kill us because they are afraid of how you know that the area got to Detroit by the bomb weed. Are we not authorized to shoot the people, but we can call a plan even at night or day we got it. You know like coming in with the with the air I e at now began. Moonbeam movie
green borrowing airborne. I want something I guess all South EAST Asia is liable to college S. Aversion moved on a daily Hillsboro serve more yes, they stay close to support your way above all, active, clearly and affairs, so that this communication dropped off. They cover these worrying between they stop their girl. Don't recognize his talk directly to the counterfeit lived in order which he was with shop. We got it you're, not a shit them when a stand at Jack me. So we are not a private. We only small group, they can apply, knows what they got. Big group you there, you gotta bitter Thank you, hello. How are you doing, but it will take
Speaking of communications, I can't imagine a more horrific, sound the here then the sound of the blue goes from the communists. getting ready to attack. That's gotta be a nightmare. We we become their their vows. They appear to be tried a house job we They want to coerce, did not not easy, not gonna breezy. He had not easy because we learn. Ass, we training allowed. We know when when we came out there we had a big thing: how many
enemy underground, where weaken, eyed and where we can put the top. Amid am fourteen my duet top up where we can put the blame on my weekend, put it there she for- and we know she to it and underground. We know our everywhere specially. We got a spirit in energy, and you, American, you know she duration. You know our knowledge with America, Vienna me whatever I'm no ambition, Then the people from the not so we I understand, exact When they moving, I look in.
The younger and looking the mountain, and I can shit where they now you can hardly in black direct airstrike risotto any activity right here by the boy day by day we got a superior. to good, but with my experience I can look another job than my own here on here. I can't say a hamburger black. We Ah here I read the location, and then that way, it is a beautiful blue things, we again here and then you have you bill. Let me pick it up. So
the envy a bugle sounded waves of envy troops, caring s cases with fixed bayonets, advanced on Sd Alabama when they were fifteen feet away. Ass, the Alabama Open fire, the Semi Automatic s, gases were no match for the fully automatic fire power of the spy team. After the first burst of full automatic fire, the team went to single shot, it was the Turkey issue without a word, a look or a plan acting solely on instinct, all of them, the one one scurried forward and dragged back dead, enviers, placing the bodies in a circle around them and stacking them high the deadly skirmishing continue for several hours before We told block that more gunships and five jolly green giants with heavily armoured Sikorski, H, H, three ease were en route Blackjack Covey what you're up against is the regiment you are sent to find over it,
Jack replies is that all only three thousand the bastards? Well, I think we made a dent in them whose winning they are Covey responded black finished his carbo. He saw sight. He would never forget. The envious formed a fault line of envy troops who were firing there, a forty seventh behind them or several envious soldiers, swinging fogs made of leather and cloth, which held three to five hand: grenades each with age. Of their collective risk. The envy curlers launched more than two dozen communist manufactured grenades at asked. He Alabama The sky was full of grenades, Fortunately, they weren't you s, grenades they hit the ground and through dirt smoke and dust all over the place asked he Alabama looked up just as the aid case started again and behind them the fangs whirling overhead, like helicopter blades, when the
case stopped. The grenades were released as the Alabama fired, more grenades, were least Alabama through some back as the Alabama was caught in a Debbie version of the kid game. Pop goes the weasel Kay forty seven continued to roar Alabama ducked the grenades were launched, Alabama, rocked catch duck, throw duck catch, fire Oh, the NBA advance First grenade shrapnel several severed the intent of the pr see twenty five radio. He Glee Black quickly rigged an impromptu antenna from wire. The relentless envy continue to advance inch bloody, edge cow we took to vietnamese team members over the cadaver walled perimeter seeking you get another line of fire to direct at the advancing envy? The advance
continued, despite firing from black in the remaining vietnamese team members, the envious were now merely feet away from the perimeter she's do you believe it I can't believe you sit me you're talking to me. Will you now. Throwing bunches of grenades. it's just a horror- show that's crazy. That's the first time we are so that a new tab, we live in here. They hear hear the baroness Glinda here hosting we we at the top, so there's a rich, so there's a little red line. Yes, and there on one side, the ridge line you're on the other side of the ridge line, and then they should have
you going now here we mode to in a we gotta high in it the cover us, I'm gonna. Try I they're throwing grenades over the red giant ideas and as you say that come in did not training will show if you you're going to put it I'll come in here. One two: three four Detroit, we're gonna die everybody, but they display They have all been everyone, then they come at all and we
a tab with time to pick it up to it that we go because they are not well training, but with owes hangin edit putty thou covered one, two: three toy it when the pick it up it gonna blow it now. That's why we can. Cigarette come made, it not well training or whatever they not trend, though they just no put it in a toy, is why we must do you yet we still survival The paper they understand that hey there
liar now it not a liar but their train. They get not not not knock. Well, not good. So that's why we we hear Meyer. I'm going back the book at the last moment with the envy a few body links away from the perimeter. Two huge gunships from the american division won her in seventy six aviation company, the minute men muskets of the thirty six Charlie arrived, the? U H, one be pilots were code name, the judge and the the commissioner, they roared into battle first, with a mini gum. Blast followed seconds later, with several two point: seven five millimeter rockets placed in the envy ranks Alabama was saved if only for a little while the NBA backed off for a few moments briefly licking their collective wounds, although they were far from whipped
new assault lines of the envy troops formed before the NBA, open fire nasty Alabama. However, the the commissioner confronted the envy a head on with. Door, gunners blazing away with their handheld m. Sixty machine guns, he hovered inches off the ground between the team in the front of the envious and skipped several two point: seven five millimeter rockets off the ground into the NBA. Before the bleeding startled envied could respond the pilot lifted, the old you each one be modest gunshots, over the tree line. down the canyon regaining enough airspeed to return for another pass at the as the Alabama perimeter. before us. The Alabama could celebrate the envious charged again: Threem, dead, enviers were added to the cadaver wall. Silence dominated the battlefield, no bird chirps, no speaking, no noise of any type, even the aircraft over the scene had flown far enough away that their absence amplified the empty air. The one one who hadn't fired a single shock, continued to pray black
stop a bleeding cowboy. Gave him some morphine before bandaging a wound on the right side on his right side from an acre forty seven round, where's John Wayne, when you need a cowboy asked, the others laughed to avoid Duma, give mother fuckers banana meet soldier yelled, another envious told black to chew high in english black slept in the bird? Is a sniper sniper, shot Alabama tail Gunnar Quang? The right course gone, belong in the crotch heating in ordinary, as A pride direct pleasure pressure, qualms wound and a one in a sky raider lumbered into the ale form by pilot Code named Snoopy. He roared in from blacks left, brushing the tea tree tops full flaps working is throttle. The aircraft was so close to the team that Black could hear the distinctive metallic click. Click of the napalm canisters being really
from the old korean WAR aeroplane, the sky raider appeared to be falling, but it actually slipped down into the valley to escape NBA gunfire as the image. Michael you each one be gunships and fast movers had maneuvered earlier in the day his wings. appeared as he flew and he, as he flew over the team, they could hear the nuts and bolts of God knows what creaking and groaning as he saw that salvo the Rockets, the envy were pissed again. The hot shall casings from the airborne warships rain down on Sd Alabama. Where's John Wayne, when you need them great, that's why you cowboy in we're. What do you got? You got shot with? Ok, you watch it. You wanna see scar, moment I'll take your word for it. Sir he's got his car.
Yeah, it's crazy. You think you're so close to these guys that you're talking to him ironed out How do I do my they all away? Call them. the enemy, awake, joy. Fuck, you then three small mortars open fire black knew there was no way in Hell. Any of the teams could catch the martyrs and throw them back. He and the vietnamese team leader fell rolled over the cadaver, while toward the mortars cautiously picking their way through the charred envy bodies and carnage. From the previous airborne assaults, they moved into the jungle within twenty feet of them. First, mortar tube foe drew a plan in the ground. He would hit two one black would hit two three and eight compiled on take tube to after the modem and launch three salvos, so open honest target, while black attacked his target tube in several enviers, several nearby NBA soldiers to survive
chased black? In the confusion, the NBA opened fire on each other S, black headed towards two one, with envy soldier still chasing him, where foe was pin down black through her hand, grenade and killed at least three NBA with a blast of gun, fired a free foe. They turned on the envious chasing black and dealt with them. Then he and so wiped out the envy eight, the second to before they quickly returned to the team all well. Picking up ammo and loaded acre. Forty seven magazines from debtor wounded envious soldiers. by now Watkins had returned to flying Covey Writer above SD, Alabama spider. Called the? U S, air force, thirty, seventh, air rescue and recovery group in denying to attempt to rescue as the rest of Sq Sd Alabama during the Vietnam WAR, when pilots were shot down in the north in North Vietnam, more louse and all else failed. The jolly greed giants were called the circle,
ski h, H, three wait: twenty two thousand pounds loaded and had to General Electric T, fifty eight g, five turbo shaft, fifteen hundred horse power engines, extra armament and fire power, and they were manned by remarkable airforce pilots and crews, the first heavily armoured Jolly green giant code name J G twenty eight started its descend to the Elsie from four thousand feet as an approach. The J G crew was Looking for an orange panel on the South EAST side of the Elsie, however, as the aircraft was about, touchdown crew members noticed the second panel, the NBA had an identical panel. The momentary pause was nearly fatal for J G. Twenty eight, as the envious opened fire on it from several sides. The heavy gunfire severed the main fuel line, causing a massive fuel weak inside the helicopter Jake Twenty eight had to withdraw from the Elsie. In a matter of seconds. There were two or three inches of aviation fuel on the aircraft cabin floor, perfume
temporarily. Blinded the crew members, the pilot was able to stabilize and return to denying as J e ten hovered, a safe distance away from the Elsie Walk and directed a few more air strikes round, Sd Alabama with hope the communist soldiers would put their heads down long enough for the team to get out after a few years to air strikes, J G, ten piloted by air force, Major Vernon SAM Grenadier was called to attempt the extraction for grew near. This was his first assignment in the Prairie fire Ale was Jolly green giant pilot way. I'll come to welcome a prairie fire when the call from Covey came grew near knew that there were two? U S, green rays on the ground with their vietnamese team members and that the majority of the team was wounded. He didn't hesitate: green your piloted the jolly green giant toward the Elsie. Unlike J G, twenty eight grenadier new Which side of the elderly as to Alabama was on ass? He approached the Elsie envy gunfire again reached a deafening roar, despite as teapot alibi
but directing fire power at the communist soldiers. Drew began to hover over the Elsie J G, ten was hammered by enemy gunfire his crew. Chief reported that one envy around had tourist sections hole through the floor. The round, apparently slammed into one of the engines. Both engine warning lights went on both engines, we're on fire granary, did a hundred eighty to return and move to damage aircraft away from the dead, the enemy fire and away from the team struggling to keep it airborne. Call palm all. The training he had received to continue flying both crew members continued firing, the machine guns as Granier battle to keep the ship in the air. Time ran out for J G. Ten after travelling, several hundred yards grew near warned, is crude abrasions themselves for a crash landing. Both crew members continued firing the weapons until the burning h, H, three e slammed into the jungle. as the Alabama was stunned, cover.
All the men flying over the target area viewed the horror in grim silence. What's that for helicopters have gone down now, five. Including the first, the first one on insert for poor the men back at F, o b one monitored the radio transmissions on their Pierre see. Twenty five, as Covey talked a black team Alabama radio Signal was too weak to hear any response. The word spread through camp that the latest horrific turn of events surrounding asked. He Alabama the usual hustle bustle of a Saturday at F, O B, one was replaced by quiet hush tones as the entire compound feared the worst, but continued to pray for the men men of asked he Alabama work. The proposed ARC Light mission reinforced the gravity of ass, the Alabama situation. An arc light was strike by a be fifty two bomber from the twenty five thousand feet. Back in louse,
Dont members of Sd Alabama returned to their cadaver perimeter. Once again, nearly out of ammo one one was facing down matter muttering. The Lord is my shepherd. One of the Vietnamese went about collecting a forty, seventh and ammo from dead envy, a spider in Watkins directed more air strikes around the team within ten to fifteen minutes. After grin ears, burning, H, H, three crashed into the jungle cover learn that there were two survivors from the Jolly Green Jain and asked ass the Alabama if they can locate the remaining crew members. Drew had broken his back, but somehow pulled himself from the burning helicopter. The other jolly green giant survivor sergeant earnest Dean Cast beer had been through. Clear of the crash. Neither knew the location of the other Walkest old black, where the air force survivors were that they run a daisy chain between his position and the men, hopefully to clear the area enough The team to get to both of the survivors.
The envious through one more curve, it s t Alabama. When Black tried to talk to cover, he found the primary secondary, an alternate fm frequencies jammed by the envy a fresh. it'd Black smashed the pvc twenty five and pulled out his. U r c ten high frequency survival, radio he was told and art light strike was being planned for this area as soon as possible. Now all air assets, Navy, Marine and air force, which had been scheduled to fly soared into North Vietnam, were diverted to the prairie fire emergency surrounding, as T Alabama covered acted numerous airstrikes, including Morgan and rocket, runs from helicopter gunships scarface and who is from the Marine Light Helicopter Squadron three six seven returned to make several runs after refueling and reloading in full by the men. not many men, muskets return to wreak havoc on the persistent envied troops. They pounded the jungle area between Sd Alabama AIR Force survivors around
Eighteen hundred a jolly green pilot. Air force, Major Don, also called over the radio blackjack J G. thirty two over. Down in the draft draw in the trees from you, you twenty minutes of fuel. Before I leave the first person we must see is an american hurry. We're too king heavy ground fire. she's. So six o clock at night. You better All day on the ground for helicopters, down two survivors that you're gonna try and link up with joy. Egregious came job. John just waiting their lorries profile and away yeah. It's a counter intuitive thing that when you're in an aircraft carrier, a helicopter were a plane you're up higher. It makes you an easier target, it's better to get low where the enemy can't see you so
It might not make sense people I think I'd better go up, but is actually in a lotta cases better to go down. and that's what this guy's dude Anything that couldn't be carried was thrown over the side of the cliff as quick, We as the wounded could move they headed toward the jolly green giant. Could you guys here the helicopter did you know where it was You could hear it you're like ok, we gotta go for it. Yes,. The chopper, it literally cut away the tree, tops and branches to Nestle into the thick dark, green foliage, thus reducing its profile. The enemy gunners also had to keep the aircraft stable, as there were large trees on all sides. The aircraft, the trees were large enough that they could severely damage the five rotor blades and cause the trapper Tropic crash. If that any of them got hit copy, directed more air strikes in a daisy chain fashion a portion of jungle between Sd Alabama and the hovering Jolly Green giant, walk in scope would drive out or kill envied in the zone, even that too
Became more difficult as smoke from all the orders continued to hang over the trees, decreasing the visibility for pilots and helicopter gunners, as Move toward to have hovering helicopter as the Alabama entered, cool ravine before climbing a final hail to the chopper there Encountered a village with huge is built on ten foot stilts complete with large parts, cooking, rice and vegetables instead of an Yea troops Black found an american taking food from one of the parts. He was the flight engineer, sergeant It is dean. Cares one of the two air force survivors from the crash helicopter. Soon they found Granier who'd assisted in directing the hovering jolly green to this area. In the jungle, despite his broken back talk about miracles, randomly running into these guys
in the village, but we know we renew it to rise to survival. We get algae here, Johnnie Green Tammy drop down here crash. We ran from here on the way down here in other communist out here we gotta difficult time to join with them. So that's why we take You know why crazy decision. we go. Are we will so we go slowly. Are we go unity? by another way to get in do join with them. This from from miles from here you
cash. I it very difficult time of hers. But we gotta do it like I like it. Eighteen it their bit dal said starting to get dark black, an angle. One thing we stay here for overnight, but. I thought in my my stay overnight. gonna die, become my bleating either back every thing. In my body Let me let me join first. and I ran to, but we are not equal to its gap.
From the from here to the crash. I go and fight, and why and you to win this body ding, Ding Ding and then I run you just gonna went for yes in the state, Will you try to get to where the helicopter was yet a you're, just gonna go by yourself. Because otherwise you're gonna bleed out just at what point in the rest, the team decide to go with you when you beta they stay there. I'm the point. Too often do Legatee Broadway to let it I'm die it a team get it to be the shapely if I ran to and then when I get there
I gotta should by thing team run, ok you're in there were covering for you, yes and then, when you got there, you covered for them. Yes, When I run there I said hey, I showed a job there and lay there I say: go When we don't have a radio, but when I shouted the people understand I'm shapely and then One began again to my my way: We rejoice in there with a helicopter shot. We understand I'm still- and I are gonna die- be contemplating sure, and then anyway, Again, if I die, they try the tried to looking for wait for your wife right.
for you, you, you were either gonna die, trying to run their or you're gonna die, stand there overnight. Yes, they might as well get away eater eating. I gonna die then stay there, and you already had died what three times four times at this point your career? But how do we hear wish you? You know understand we training? Well, we training good and we work together. Really good, if I'm running. it quite black, whatever can protect may give. You got NAFTA I got die in my way.
The aim was used to you guys running. Yes, they didn't expect it now they're gonna, just before they charge through rank several times this one. Here. He running and then the others, while another one thing thinking right there and your buyer with eighteen, forty seven by Nelson outweigh the NBA baby, wouldn't be so learn the hard core. The teacher would come quickly for the carpeting. Ok, maybe they weren't sure tat may have helped. We still have one not to have it in you. Don't worry! I'm gonna wait tapped in data from gas we put with a uniform up the abject in good put in he copied in
if and shop, for a different one. Little Kay different shall through when I shouted like, like like a Michigan right by the conflict in the long run in areas where a small, but when we should it by the year, I don't know, Do you not from not least is the flat? Yes, yes, different prosperity around about two inches heavy early and sixty three pronged. Yes, everyone agreed earlier today. You wrong, they achieved difference our literature deference out very different live The common is one thing to save you yet one more thing: you're running you're bleeding and your firing carpet teams, but different, sound,
along with the egg, and they know that and then follow me at the time of day me I had been yet she got up the singles out. If you pull through automatic, you don't have a good in up unity. Ammo said been weak out. Maybe we can play games with them. One two three been one to dread, binging sometime and that they scanning impish food, you're, not the automatic it, they say, hey, that's guy, it no experience in the walls and amateur. Yes, any Is it right now to Emma Ping? Not binging. Women live in different way, different style, so they know they are not the people with it. Enemy. They understand exactly those guided how
how'd they learning. So, according from the from the training we're doing well we're doing good, very good, so any situation anywhere and at any time training counts this so that you know yes, let the people wonders and in the army now you were alone, you better train, don't don't say: hey am hero and hero and the big guy. Now we need to train. always trying to ending or away learn from each other, its gems try. He listened to me, he said hey, how do we get out and an easy rain got a chopper. I bet attraction and anguish, empty everybody. Let's get back to hear your now, yes, sir,
well, where we are right now is back to the book. The envious focused heavily on the chopper easing the pressure on Nasty Alabama. They neared the jolly Green Black thought it felt like they were moving closer, the gates of hell itself. The envy were pouring small arms fire and our policies at the hovering ship, while the door gunners and pilots intimately fired the many ganem. Seventy nine NAM sixties and the helicopter gunships and sky rigour sky readers. May gone runs around it. Time was against them. The weather was beginning to close in the smoke from previous airstrikes hung over the area for longer and longer periods of time before clearing enough for the net the attack from the air ground the manifesto Alabama hurry enviers running through the bushes around them? Fortunately, the envious failed to spot the spy team or the AIR Force crewman despite desperate black had to move his team onto a trail, so it could move to the hovering helicopter more quickly as the t moved up the trail. The tale gonNA was shaking violently and had turned a pasty white T member set calm down.
Proceeded to the aircraft. Crest of the hill. They saw the helicopter taking hits and dealing out its own. The M sixty was red. Hot black saw someone firing m16 out of one of the windows as black To the chopper, the intensity gunfire seem to multiply. The air was so full of lead. He could see it fuel and bits of metal skin fell from aircraft as they reached its underside. The Jew. Go penetrators smashed the ground. Next to him and re, three feet before he could put three team members on the first load granary the air force I'd engineer and wounded. Sd Alabama T member were second were Second hoist lift. The wounded. Vietnamese became entangled in jungle, vines and while I was while he was being hoisted upward, the AIR Force hoist operator had to stop the hoist lower it and give him enough time to untangle himself. When the hoist moved up toward the aircraft? The Vietnamese was not sitting in the seat, but hanging on
with assistance from AIR Force sergeant cashmere, despite the envious gunfire black right. Back to the bamboo thicket, where he had left the remainder of the team come along the dying tail Gunnar pointed is forty five caliber pistol at the advancing envy yea and said wait. Yet I die he motioned black to return to the helicopter. Before shooting himself. black was running back to the ship when two envious stepped onto the trail and pointed out He gave forty seconds at him to I, one of soldiers shouted. Black stretched out his arms and continued walking towards them. when he was only a few feet away, he said to hoist the young envious soldiers appeared surprised before they could react Black grabbed the aching, forty seven by their searing barrels and strip them from their soldiers. He back into the soldier on his right and smashed the other soldier in the face with one of the weapons he left.
Stunned soldiers lying there is sprinted the chopper where he found the praying one one the rest. The team was on board, firing any weapon they could get their hands on as the jungle penetrate a lift black in the one one upward they were showered with hot spent casings from the M sixty and other weapons being fired from inside the aircraft. The iter. thirteen fired at the windows and from the back door as the overloaded helicopter began to lift out of the jungle, Major also told Covey. He was at maximum power, as the jolly Green giant slowly rose, Black felt the ship making upward surges from be forty rocket slamming into the armour plated underside of the aircraft. It felt like it was a giant fellow giant sluggish ship in the stomach, boosting upward with each raw get lost. from his view above the fray, walk. It couldn't believe the bird cap flying somehow the pilot got the jolly Green giant out of there
once clear of the jungle hole, the ship began its assent out of the valley and the shadow of death, the door Gunnar removed his helmet and placed it on blacks head violet told him we're on our way home. Not quite from above, walk and saw the crippled ship catch fire and try to make an I too make it out of the killings on it cry to rejoin before descending into a clearing where it crash landed. Us I've gotten them out of the killings owned by J G. Thirty two had flown its last rescue mission. Everyone, a black and the one one were transferred to another jolly green giant piloted by a coastguard exchange pilot Lieutenant Commander, Lonnie, mixing, mixing, took over thirty hits picking up as T Alabama and others. After everyone.
after everyone knew that black, the remaining personnel from Sd Alabama any air force survivors from J G ten were cleared from the original target area. They hammered it with everything they had, including more napalm bombs and gone, runs did hardness pilot have Watkins fact plain was so mad at me. he flew the oh two down into small arms range and fired his two point. Seven only two rockets into the area where the envious had knocked down. J G ten, he walked and took a hit to the front. Ended the engine died, hardness somehow got this guy master. Oh two up out of the area back to free by there was no engine pressure when he landed. a cobra gunship landed and opened the armor make compartment doors which had seat belts, attach them blacken the one one buckled up and were soon airborne alongside the grub, Jolly green giant returning to denying
They are flying so fast that black had to turn his bloodstained face away in order to breathe within minutes he was so called. He was shivering uncontrollably. The calibre landed at a marine medevac site where the Africans were wrapped in poncho, liners and helicopter to DNA. At the denying infirmary everyone, was getting patched up When so saw black, he raised his right hand and a fist above his head. Two Hoy do my yelled. Surrender mother factors. Man That's it Crazy mission What do you think just another day, Itzhak yet another day and shop. and that was I mean, that's one mission, but that was your life that was your life. That's what you did every day
or multiple times a month. Over and over and over and over again over and over again I mean The casualty rate for saga was. Was over, two percent if you were known, Assad, you're gonna get wounded, probably more than once. You MA be killed. Obviously, I can imagine that the survival rate for the Vietnamese that, Going back to America, you're just staying in that job. For years I mean they're kit The survival rate must have been minuscule. For you to be standing here, is crazy, saloon miracle, actually I'll shoot to Asian that we have no choice. We have no joy, we go forward, gay yeah Vietnam, Vietnam, economic situation
Vietnam, war country, deep, I'm not I did I me I get back home, I cannot survival. I must go with the another in some degree on local local army. Why not wish day with the shop we added a lot of up. We had a lot of money We are in the year another when we go back to town, we live. We waited envy, I envy a uniform. No you can touch it because we have it and at the other car, employee of the last government. So
or you can post wherever they can, they wanna to touch. We got MP Military police there to protect us. And we got a gun in the wrong. We got to pistol either by come on whatever TAT guy Guy ever you. What did the Amber movie? I something we did like a hundred like him, we had a claim on my here? We gotta go somewhere. We pool our way here. Nobody now! Anything else I walk around with a claim were mine on your chest. I hear you wanna play, go had come on place, even get the police, whatever they want to do with this region. Together with one team three American and
I ve we went together now. what are you can stop us time? One was to get an idea. Yes, had breaking out of jail today. Wasn't it was their resistance from the jailer? Did they just let you guys taken when I realized through you guys were now. We. We went there for free Nobody can stop fear, we. We will end up in the air, claymores on your chest, someone here please couple. Guy, fifteen we're home candidates there looking Capitaine did what they had a gun. It s right. Nobody now We gotta ok, forty seven, if they should. I. Gray, Mama gonna blow out the general there is, as do
Frazier clung got out of jail. You gotta get out of jail, free claymore go Miss Eyre. Also that that's when you had to break a mountain was before this mission before his misery Brook another year. she's. So basically so So basically you're in that job. because you guys were the bad as motherfuckers in Vietnam, and you did whatever you wanted to Yes, sir, even in other strong guys, Hey claymore beats a strong guy all day long. I can counter the peace up to the entire five hundred fifty five b, while bearing the Barbarians insider claymore. Here I can't out. Sometimes we play just play the game, pull it out with
she volumes. We took our idea. We took out ass. She for society, yeah yeah, I am reporting and had already have a real effect sire. You stood good psychological aberrations. When did you up? I know you ended up gettin wounded badly in your leg when wended that happen Happen all the studies nineteen, seventy one Then what what happened to your shot? I got shot and how did you get out of the now? Did you escape the situation We don't know underground what are you mad swam in there, and then we get out, we looking for
with the people. S very unlike me, we're looking party I the place and another tree to stay there and they wanted. They wanted. They to be built up living men, they want to catch the team, the posting it they won the fasting legged today wonder, shot like a two year, rich man, I gotta, get appeal daddy. They want to one way to do it. They want me to they want they want to catch me, but we we we will not let them do it, but do that they were, but they wanted to the team that they don't want that killed a team. Ok They say: surrender like a joy, then we and should be by the captain.
He had a catch, your high, but they very close to us. They got a banker out there and that they should the with the radio before they went to cast a team. Gotta give the radio man first negative, Frenchman maybe a radio there, Tat made the contacted the team dynamic, you do video Memphis. And then my leg. It led to the radio. I put a kick the radio British Jude, The radio during my leg and maybe too, we now into my likely they should, by our a pity, to her gear, the child. I know it already:
I put my late the time we get get out there for ten minutes and team. I just report too. the being have been have yet reporter Kobe. Shea team, shifty team, ok and they can go home was indeed yes, they can go home, showed him in jail. Bing him and then. later on. They got a hit right away, and my friend that carry me out the day go back to go back to take her back to the chopper. Just drop it come back, but you know I got it of later on. They know pr issue, sixty eight radio, immediate. emergency, radio,
the fear, see sixty eight b I was still around when I came in. Tell me yeah with who is getting phased out, can replace by the piercing one twenty five, but there was like with one or two of that you go look at a radio or when they are too small ass one. We got it out and right now, as we gotta attend, oh tat, we cannot talk but Piazzi. Sixty eight weaken Jane deficiency to top net. They gonna develop the new thing and then, when I turn it on, you know when I pull out the your day got to put try to be around me to the lg and then put it on and do your job coming back and should up to the enemy, and I turn over my leg. It. It really hurt route and I to my ear, beer changed its sixty eight away, I'm drop somewhere and then they they thought. I'm I'm dead
because up to ten minute, I cannot end you're not turn our turn up. The parachute twenty that mean I'm the one day and they want a cue. They want to blow out the appear. She shook the eight then one b b, Archie Sixty eight. To do diameter animal earth and that's why I should like this to shoot aroused by the rocket by the measure I'm kind of doing and envy I thought you know, like a d the job we know where they are? They move They begged there were scared, they scan it in move it and I'm free, I'm not like an I had I gotta shifty division you in a job. The Landau put me up
the four chopper, and now I smell the gas, because the enemy should have the job were to guess time I say get out away. I cannot shoot bigger Should it the year the chopper burned down, and I await my hand, go go, go, go, go, go and they talk to hold. came, I say: don't should anything don't do anything and after that unity, the pilot, They knew you know the gas spit out and they let I dont know what what happened with the chopper but a chicken than Landau Big me up they take. Made it now, and I not a few parts bitter. a man. On the day I got inspection and then got took up my leg.
only tenement, it underground, only turn him turning when will endow, but I'm ok. Now So then what was it like? As the war was over, and America was leaving in the communists are taking over. I mean you had to be kind of a marked man, bean This former, you know Special Operations guy that was working alongside the Americans. They must have one to find you that's why I told you that we need your training. up to I gotta wounded, I watch and to work with the american Embassy ok, so after you got wounded, he went to work at the American Embassy, S got it station it.
in the man that, through the two but down you ass, I should like General one in their name. Due to my attention If I did it, we lost than at the end of the month. Nineteen, Seventy five. This my experience with the shop, We understand enemy situation fight from not to the shop. but I work in and then at the time you know do you d, they wanted packet alone, I'm a worked, the shall I get a larger enemy. I can't
the last up: Guenaud Legatee Security or police. What are you doing? They moved the attack from not to shout, but I'm from the shout move up to now They thought there have friend I'll, tell you that we need to train. so you did the opposite of what they thought you would do. Yes, you from the south to the north. Do not then been People from the not they're, not pay attention about the people from the shouted or not, but if you move from this not to reach out there a check boy where you, what is you name where you were every the end question, but am not from this to deny the region it
my father in law, up to weigh up the way for white gown, and then we stay there. you too, they took over the shaggy man. We almost crazy. We don't know where to go. we don't want to understand the situation, but my family in asylum and lot. it been high and up to they cover shall yet now. can, I use it enemy paper. Would it mean anything I declare and an enemy He shot. If you get mean from from the knot by the way my He lived my uncle my something really
my nephew up the not going to the child to see me. It mean When the first thing we need one, fifty four we do have it Believing it or not They came down they looking for us because Chicken, shack on and North Vietnam be great if you can very difficult and shag on it. Rich people- and you know no one likes people, but in North Vietnam, they only you know by the combination. They limit. with the adaptation sure when I, when they came down shy or when they came down to the shout to she, our family. They don't have nothing, but they still say: hey, we gotta tv or what
shall we go get it ink, but they have nothing, but at the time they s for the money. They add further, go there, s ring. That's why from them to show I'm not day only one place today, I'm in general J tomorrow and that the large ancillary internet I gotta go density And then I gotta go Washington D c I gotta go Gotta keep moving, get moving, the communist guessing, and then I buy something everything in in the communist. She transient government everything it not free like it. I wonder, I want wondered fees, I gotta go daddy. She some
the man or somewhere I buy the face, took from their back to check on two shouted super black market share, find out the way by the way I'm looking for the way to escape from Vietnam. They give me some time a free because they know they knew. I was from the chalk man. I thought was he for free In via because they got again, but they don't know how to do so, they actually invited you, the communists, invited you know they are the people in the shower our South Vietnam they invited you to start training them now. It is through security for them to do what to which he anything happen. In August I gonna shoot me got, dominate just got it and protect them.
And then you to night eighty shape topper. I suggest one to come to her Malaysia, and how did you do that? My small boat small boat? Yes, you tried fourteen times before the last time at fifteen ten people what right there and what is that you try to escape, so you tried to escape fourteen times. You were successful on your fifteenth time. Yes, what were the other methods that you tried to do was always by boat by about yes, always by boat. Most, I I got a guy, I gotta go. I can go back his head, whatever the loud, but I like because I know went away to go right. I know
by the way to learn what am I let go. Westley could walk. Yes, and then what happened? What you got to Malaysia? I be their way through the: U n it. May I stay there, I she d american delegation they come to innovate me so they say Andy. Take me to the year to come to the United States. How did they go? Have they confirm who you are? I am: thing but you're, not they got a special interview. The people from the? U S:
mean GB aid and enjoy warranty aviation again. She when I came down, I have nothing, but they asked me and I thought my story. They come back here. The call back step to check up red and after one man hey. You come who s so they did their pretty fast gas because they asked me they got it in a group like looking for the year. The bureau blue, wherever am I the estimated do I know any American Michelle
action beyond I said yes, I did. I thought poking came cry. James, try these rocky were teasing. I beg you to dinner last warning. I wiped out when our survival to americans- I only I only remember, were three but Ask me: do you know with the location I say yes, I did, and I tried to bring me back to the Vietnam to tell them but they could be got a time. I stay there for shipment for waiting to come back to Vietnam. But I dont know why then send me to the philippine irrigation, turning
for what work on education, training, learning, learning related orientation for how the american Life and India for shipment, I came over here on San Francisco. and there was a like when you landed in San Francisco, Nike thousand nine, something but you nine hundred and What do you do when you landed the family here. Yes, I got it. I should do in San Jose and had she asked From Vietnam, yet already guess, nineteen seventy five, and how did she escape? By because some she added husband, Legatee, the Vienna may pilot, and The outer Vietnam, by the way, harassment, while.
So what did you do and used when he landed does have to start a job and haven't you? strapper claymore your chest anymore and walk around town taken what you wanted My sisters she be here like the seventy five and then she got like a few agitation fire gas station. A shovel shall I cool and then I got when I came. I work for her like a Felicia until I get you know like India, I got strove thirteen years ago, fifty
seventeen years ago I got stroke and then it no more, no more job number would have. We offer cowboy fini we'll never seen. I believe we all heard. I don't know, I don't think, there's anything that can kill cowboy passport. Cowboys gonna live forever, so he has been through his mind, my mouse over you and I cannot rule, but now, I'm still gay, but another problem. Orange Orange agent orange. I gotta keep me from Diana now at home, and you manage somehow to have kids during all this. You have children I do and how many children we have totally attend.
Do you believe it? I don't I don't believe anything. You tell me that in the Vietnam okay, so you lost three kids in Vietnam, because when the newborn they don't have a you know any food, they don't have any energy to stay. And then, when I ascap with two of my son, came away with me, my wife at the pyramids still like in Vietnam. And then I do my Bible would? Oh my but here I now I got fashion and to her the mayor with me in my statement me how beautiful one up the decks it one of the North Carolina
three in here with me and to what my girl went in here with me and another one a I believe Louisiana. I have sixteen not even Rancho, eleven grandchildren well levels with a little less eleven little cowboys, sir. You are gonna live forever, no doubt Try my best, I told my, then I cannot tell what I like it when I got shot. My my my wife's shaken our connection. Don't do it my censure call, no one. Whenever they don't do. I mistake. I cannot sheet this is when you had your stroke. Yes, he said common one wonder
You don't want to call Prairie fire emergency on that situation. Now I quote chopper book it in. I blew bigeye retraining when, when I was young, I have a trend in council. I gotta turn mean turning guilder and I keep my body in a free. I give my my god and later about our I back to normal, not normal. It's time you know, Can we can? We can use it. You know medication. I say: okay, now, no one one take me to raptor, but the time for emergencies alone. From my father. He cried when I last, like. You say he told me why not use it. You know hope hope, hope
Medication hope is the medication, yes not used by the american way. Medication. The big deal I'll get shot dead, no good shot at me. I am, she don't call, no one one and then I'm sure I will right now. You see I gonna run travel. I know it effect by the war. You know sometimes make me depression. I got it a lot of medication and you know this were awaiting. In Vietnam, agent Orange became now there. You know that we were shop with the water we put out the wrong
the worrying there we take an hour drink. That's why I got a problem with my s right now, because the agent orange Well, I'll tell you what I don't know we ve been going for two and a half hours till one. We. What are we mess? What are we did? I miss anything while the only thing we miss would be. If we, if you wanna, talk about the day, he was with the Frenchman, the historic day, refreshment. Son of actual yeah, if you remember that, ok, so one month later, you guys are on another mission and I'm going I'm going back into across the fence. Here we go, later in the afternoon, children signal to the team to pull their claim our minds and prepare to move out. the combined weight of the rock sack and web gear. Maternal
does the Frenchman move to his knees and slung his rucksack on his back, just as it landed on his back, Ok, forty seventh open fire, maternal was slammed the ground, face first face first the impact so severe, he had followed broken his nose startled maternal jumped up with his car fifteen, pointing toward the eighteen forty seven gunfire. That was near the front of the team surprise that there were no envying near him. Maternal, remove the rucksack to discover that for a cave, forty seven rounds had ripped through the twentieth. Pound pr see twenty five, reached into, and especially tailored pocket, honest fatigue, shirt which were sown with vertical zippers, one on the left of assured one of the right side between the top and bottom of the pockets on a shirt and pulled out. As you are c, ten emergency radio and I cast a general alert for any aircraft in the area. De Virginia was declaring a prairie fire emergency. Then there was a sudden complete silence, eerie silent
Made at the quietude maternal walk to children who asked him what he had done with the pr see twenty five that turn or explain that four rounds had ripped the radio and that it was probably useless, get the fucking radio children. She held one of its work and we leave it behind for those assholes to use. Stand, Latona went back, picked up the rucksack and walked a children's. You grab the hand said, as enviers troops began, firing s team, Virginia and yelled in the radio we have a fucking prairie fire emergency. Get us the fuck out of here, or a promise will gal your ass all the way back to Saigon as the fire fight raged on the remainder of the team, was lying down on the ground, the firing at the NBA. Why chill? While children maternal continue to argue, while standing up oblivious to the age of forty seven rounds cracking over their heads the journal yell back at children, it won't work while pointing Pvc twenty five radio, where the antenna had been shot off, no antenna, no Como, but
grab a spare weapon tenant handed to children who screwed into the radio. This time children screamed in the radio. We need an axle. Now, I'm declaring a prairie fire emergency. Is anyone out there within a second or two. There was spots, calm down shoulders. I realize you're under fire said a Covey rider Joe at that moment, several eighteen, forty seven a forty seventh open fire from the would lie near the log where maternal had been unceremoniously slammed onto his face lap cowboy return fire copyright continued. We heard. team declared a prairie right, Prairie fire emergency on guard frequency and I've rally the cavalry. What's your, work. Do you haven't Elsie, incite before children said a word into the radio. He turned to maternal and said, see a works Both we left it for the NBA. Never I say again never ever leave behind a radio as
to emphasise that point. The NBA open fire again as lap began looking for an Elsie while moving the team down the hill away from the most concentrated envying gunfire cut, Letourneau, no slack Childress Road to recovery will give him five will get. My fix in five minutes will probably need strings to get out of here. I doubt we can make it down to the valley working. We can pick us up without missing a beat letter, know who, for the first time, felt for burning stings in his back repeated those words to cover while he and cowboy began providing cover fire as the tail element of the team Letourneau. Maternal nodded to cowboy who ignited several claim more mines at the team it set out on its perimeter. Those mind only slow the envious for a few seconds before the dusting debris from the blasted settled. Envious soldiers were moving through it toward cowboy and
turn out without saying a word. The two men took turns firing at the enemy, while moving downhill rotating eat around each other, cowboy wood fire several burst from his car fifteen and then reload as he reloaded Latona would open fire providing covering fire for the team during one short lol cowboy, even planted a claim more mine in the direction of the advancing NBA and maternal, dug out another claymore from his rucksack and placed a ten second deviate views on it when the envied advance again cowboy ignited his claim or mine the envy, a move towards the team? Again maternal ignited his views and ran down the hill with cowboy to catch up to their team, before they reach the team to be forty anti personnel rocket slammed into the trees above them showering them with shrapnel a few more exploded. Is the tournament cowboy move down the hill there?
The ten second fuse ignited another claymore. It brought pet precious time for the gun, run team of maternal cowboy to turn to cover ground and catch up to the remainder of as T Virginia as is called in air strikes, maternal, reflecting on how surreal the fire fighting been. It wasn't anything like he had witnessed on television or in any movie instead of men charging each other in killing each other in plain sight here and triple canopy jungle. He observed green tracers, from a k, forty seventh first or at the most an enemy hand or foot and somehow the envious found firing lanes where they could launch Shoulder held be forty, antipersonnel rockets that slammed above them and around them as they raced down the hill again
the voices of his special forces instructors echoed in his mind. They had told the young aspiring green, raise at Fort Bragg that the NBA was a tough resilient opponent. Many had fought against the Japanese during World WAR two and against the french driving the them from Vietnam and nineteen. Fifty four, the sound of king bees in the distance and the crashing funder of be forty rocket slamming into trees. Above his head shook maternal out of his moment. of introspection and turned his undivided attention to the crescendo of a cave. Forty, seven fire from the enemy S. T Virginia responded with a volley with volley after volley of fallen, semi automatic, gone, firewall, eternal and show fired several m. Seventy nine rocky rounds toward the densest section of jungle, where the aching forty seven gunfire was emanating through the gunfire, somewhat popped smoke grenade which brought the king bees closer to our t, Virginias location in the jungle, Over the dinner gunfire, children cowboy told everyone to put on their swift seats and prepare for string extraction
in short order, king, be was hovering over S. T Virginia more than a hundred twenty five feet above the jungle for return. cowboy show in HOLLAND, their de rings into the old Maguire rig that hung from the end of the ropes and shortly were being lifted out of the jungle or tat of recall men was being lifted in the air. The envious released another salvo of eighteen, forty seven and be forty rockets shrapnel from the Rockets. Hit them with varying degrees of size and velocity. All of them were wounded. It was during these explosions at Letourneau, realize his car fifteen and somehow become caught in the rope above them just far enough away that he couldn't reach it. he pulled out his m seventy nine and launched a grenade toward the envious positions. Now all we could see the enemy were hundreds of muzzle blast from a forty, seventh and green trees. Around climbing upward toward the quartet of Sd Virginia men be
we could reloaded M. Seventy nine the king be began to move away from the target area, surprising him, because the method not cleared the jungle yet, instead of continuing to climb out of the target moving straight up until the men cleared, the jungles triple canopy of trees and vegetation, the king be was moving away from the target area due to the heavy enemy ground fire in recent months, at least to king bees were shot down during the string extractions from hot targets. But these facts were unknown to return. Oh at the time, shrapnel from be forty rockets exploded around the Sd Virginia men string them with pieces of hot metal, stinging them with pieces of hot metal. Further speaking, the king be crew, maternal began to violently collide with a tall jungle, trees feeling Like a metal ball in a pinball machine return, Careened off several more trees. At least one more be. Forty exploded in the tree tops again showering with shrapnel tree branches, maternal from one side turned upside down and his swiss seat in swiss seat. As the
see began to slip down his hips maternal, remembered spider, telling how a ones euro from another team had recently shot out of been shot out of his twisty during a rope extraction other trees struck maternal before he was able to muster the surge of strength and momentum to reach up and grabbed the rope above them as body finally cleared. The tree tops the only thing between him and certain death blow with a jungle floor two hundred feet below was the single piece of rope tied into the king, be with one final urgent, pull maternal was able to move himself upright in the swiss seat as the king be continued decline higher into the sky, distancing itself from the fury of. Floating be forties. In a cave. Forty, seven Gunfire while gaining airspeed,
well there you go in a cab, lose their head. He was still recovery for lose motto with this here is about Thanksgiving so dear so a month and a half later after your October. Fifth insanity out there again hails almost healed asked in my ear, three of them. One nome, And another one that Jim village? and they want me to go with them. Also, They were from your village and they wanted you to go and helped them, though at them and then, by the way, the new man naughty german workers. It was this. The Frenchman First mission agenda for admission we really have just wait. I'm just how he learning right
That's why we gotta go strong enough to protect him sure and by the chow charter. It very good, perfect heap of men but he only one and then a Frenchman, the new guy. We don't know about you, but now it was you listen death. When they gotta experience. I dont one entity Frenchman, like a general strike. Jim strike first mission, and the permission it easy to go. That's why you know I'm volunteer to her with you, but you need to Take care, my might refrain sham I vanish by the way that the Frenchman, hidden by a new man, show your life
maybe sham that we call baby jammed, but he puffy here but he good you training good. Did you treat dogs item I don't know about you know we we very like the machine. Yes, when I sure chum He knew I run out the ammo. He called me and when he allowed the machine I covered him. So I I cannot use it. He Legatee number two never do we talk of her child, later on. I know he ran, alas, admission thirty years, I know about it. I know he ran and mission. But, That's why you should still survive unless you amazing
yeah. He did thirteen here, only by then yeah you're, not over. Yet. Parties are more jails with my scar I'm not here, not not! Really you much new. We got you shrapnel two new shrapnel. But in order you know, do we like you and me right now. I cannot. You know. Leave you alone I gotta, go with you here because we low friend, bright glow friend. That's that's what it's all about, and it's it's amazing to the elder, sit here and talk to you. I can't believe that I'm sitting here and talking to you, I can't believe that you survived one of those missions, never mind Yes, six years of those missions, I thought just now. No, no, not normal
like somebody out. No that's going over there that we pay right. And then we abarnis. If we do it good thing We have a comrade double the Morocco. You're gonna need one picture fire dollar five be ass. He asked how much the piastres worth like a baby So you go and do these Michele really dolly cheap date, and I can find out if I can find out if a picture and then for a recon picture We can learn a lot from the shop like you remember who sometimes we get a radio, small radio. We. Get in the jungle, we call it. And then some special camera. And we joy and younger. and we learn, alas, saturated
yes, an essential cameras and sensors come around Janshah and radio. Do you you had asked me why you told the radio interview younger, I seemed even even tell them now now it's topsy that another chicken and other shit them From the from the fund a department but, We don't know, or whatever do I have authority to speak in that the radio which all in the jungle. this mean you gotta have a question. the Communist party the radio who is the one I use it: Square metre a play too little company later blower no day not blow inside the radio.
They got gotta something when they are anything a plan No, what's going on very go now meat Greek. We learn from them alive. we learn from Greenland winner from them allowed shit, Legatee a flashlight. Yes, retorted younger. Nobody? No when we training to tolerate a placid, in his younger. The first question that they asked me. If you see there last in a younger, do you pick it up. No know you no! You know, after this. You should You should pick it up the NBA NBA gonna pick it up. Oh they're, gonna pick it up. What I'm saying I wanna get out, get out cause you don't
the major Anderson pick out? Do you dont use of it? It is important thing normal thing. Gay. first question: they attitude you, the flashlight agenda. Do you pick it up? You see now. That's me, something wrong with you, I say as went out, and I pick it up and the second question what What did you do with the fresh eye when you pick it up turn it on you failed to pass because, my dear, how do you know you turn it on it browser so many so many learning from. I don't know how to tell you what you know
Gotta learn a lot. I got to learning, alas, lot. Okay moving. And the aid it follow. You and me for you the first question that you wanna tree enemy debt, are you going three three enemy wanted. I am sure the tree eminently debt you go home, you then recall anymore buildings I wanted three guy, at least One guy did wonder why we go the team still on the mission, the wounded and other another. De I gotta take camp, damn right, sure that delay the time.
They followed. The t appeal w yeah. If we want a for hers, repeal W B the new, alas, Yahoo, Google, we like idea hundred thousand yeah hundred hundred thousand piastres it really your dogs. Are you here. The region that we had about it. But now I found it vanished before it I don't know anything: I don't know just exactly just hey. I don't know anything about what we learn. We learn from him. We learn from you. We learn from him. We learned a lot every every different guy, just like I learned from him. He then for me, shall we
we should allow. We show our sperience, like I told you If I show the enemy in the younger iq, made easy. But in order to complete my duty stay on the ground by five day that's why I'm not cutie enemy? I just Hey there they they catch. You my to handle the thing happen. That's why Wanna? Become unity, Greek until MID, very difficult, especially the posting it Felicia American Guy, the first the foot chart product american But we understand it. We watch recourse to.
feel the American came to the Vietnam Joy, and to tell you that I am sure lucky, I'm not good, but you know yes normal. bring everything it normal better better than for me, Well, you definitely are you lucky and I can tell from everything I've seen your damn good. Too luck. amazing. It just amazing story to sit here and talk to you in and get this information, and you know get to other people to be able to hear the stories its awesome indeed Do you know. Anything else till knows is right. We must again is special day it's awesome you got anything else, can thank you.
to invite me to be here today. Our country's situation right now, various yet again are you my dad? a day by day shows you ll open. My father did because unity hit a copy donors. Not very rich man, he middle Guy in Vietnam the commission it now. would at all, please send a message to the people: don't jerk communist! That's all I can say That we hear we shapely, but after the year the word
pressure than she tuition right now, I'm Shep, who let tee At my knowledge, I don't know it's true or not, but another him hand from thee. Communism touch to the United States of America. I be here for eighty eight point. Thirty two years, I never never get back the country. I never visit to Vietnam, even I wanna go back down, but for funerals yeah far from our France is still lacking in Vietnam. nothing, vietnamese government will let me get in. If you don't trust me, I gotta paper workin here, because we do. I work with the year generosity
whose am I accounting his care. he's came in the Hawaiian Schmidt camps made several years now it like a t fit in twenty seven. I went with him regarding about our people, yet can climb Robinson Airhole Caddy, and I get a headache: Austria, yes, straw, but they were lemme get get there. I met family with dear friend, poking poking am unpick pick up the name. The king right now become a parking yeah poking gone behaviour, poking crimes which are now
Well, I can tell you, I think, one of the reasons that you start seeing on these things in America's people. Dont understand communism and they don't realize how evil it is, and so you coming on here and NED, sharing your story in explaining what you went through. What your father went through, what your family went through at the hands of the communists. I can assure you that there are There might be some Americans that don't understand, but there are plenty of Americans. I do understand and we will never let that evil form of government control take over this guy It will never happen, I believe, shall I believe, job in my shy, I hear in Anti Communist wondered took over the the
You add because they measure in other water. They mess up the computer. For the year Browser then turn it turned out to meet the Joe Biden I heard a lot of information sharing. Scanning. I wonder by boat another boat. I gotta go. In order to escape from the United States you're not gonna need another boat to escape from the United States. We will make sure that does not happen Eric, is stronger than one person and in our roots our deep and we will stay a free country and because a man like you were well to be here today how they measure The country right now they found nothing. Then Mr Ashworth, the fire and a large man get fire the,
The cable cover to another country, why you said very strong, but reality? Can we gotta be careful? Remember communism control people buy food, you don't ever food. You can do anything, that's what they control the people in China. They can control the year who were they control. North Korea, you outside condemn their country. You, she hey, look good, the good the good, but inside the country, nobody, it no good. They say you wanted food, you gonna do it. They wanted what're, you,
they want to fish, one man or two or three fish. duenna. Doing I give you the paperwork to go, buy from the star it not free like here, you know, said by people You want anything, you have everything you can in there. you want anything good
Listen and obey me what to do just me about the way you did you say very strong country, no monsieur it! No carving out governments say you need Peckham ass thinking about why meter export commander with the United States Army. He got fire and another three, your fire too, gay, I'm! Looking back, I echo the question. I'm working don't lose anything, but why we stay.
Get out of here now why we lost Vietnam, the army's politics, because now it politics, but with my experience They can control you're, not a hero. Guy, like you like a maid and angry. Ask them. We're gonna die like it d Mr Obama, you Do you see the big, Marine, it aboard surrender witty That was not a good situation at all, but why why we still have a picture because people like it, the watch and like the mid term, the candy anything greater soldier
do and we had a follow with the honor, but they are us to come to die So I'm not up another guy, you know retire man. Seventy two years. All I can do anything I can make any money, but I M afraid of my children, Michelangelo grower, Levin and the commission, Well, that's a good point, and I appreciate that point. You know I'm sitting here said near saying: oh America, strong, but your point is can't get arrogant and think that it can happen to us. We have to Remain vigilant all the time just Eurostat in the future. Yeah. Well. What once again, thank you for common on. Thank you for sharing your stories. you're always welcome here
both you guys, obviously always welcome. Here. Contacts were coming to churn your story and, and Thank you, more importantly, for your service to your country, to this country to defend free, and democracy in the world. Thank you for taking care of big american brothers on the battlefield than you and your vietnamese brothers is its as well and thank you for you. and your family's sacrifice. Held freedom. Thank you, Sir, thank you and with that tilt and cowboy cod have left the building. Leaving nothing respect and admiration for incredible service, incredible men and everything that they ve gone to everything. gone through ECHO Charles you sit in a corner. Yes, we have room for you at the table, so pretty
insane right. Yes, very much yeah. It's with different one, unlike ex not alluded by Ex, not in on your table where every tat, she's dash d, I'm dead, that's even more so yeah, it is interesting. You consider. and imagine really kind of what's going on and what like, every month in how it was being like in a different culture and with algerian self and then you can compare it to all the people that have come on in shared their story very interesting. The crazy thing is, though, all those back to back to back to back to back years of doing these missions, I mean saw guys, could barely get out of their alive than here There is no getting out okay, so there's this part, this might seem kind of random. But there's a part of that. I remembered where he used to use said that he could smell. They could smell. You can open up with that yeah yeah. So
and I was thinking about it was a year. I see how that could be really when you're so used to a certain environment. You can tell us a little differences like hundred percent. So ever these things like when you're at home and If someone just came over and just left you come in, I don't even know if you can smell them, but it's probably has something to do with smell or you can definitely swing. You don't put it this way. That's what I thought to you that you could smell them, but I can't smell something specific. I know it just smells different. You know that feeling so it's laid. It almost does feel like a little bit of a sense. You know So imagine that, like or like you know how, like your your furniture, will be moved just a little bit. Then you walk in. Like you know, if a little home office, and there's this couch and when I put it in there it is it's the perfect. I painstakingly put. We put it a certain distance from the tv,
and No sooner in your home office, you have a couch in a tv. just some others. Look, let's go mad. I make videos, got it anyway, so One time I was fixing something underneath the couch, and I just you know I had to do parently move it just a little bit and just didn't think about it and then, when I walked in like later that night or whatever I was like immediately felt, it was off by like literally one it literally and I could feel it I looked at it was like through me off and also that Canada can stuff you snaky yeah and those guys growing up in the jungle they grow up in the jungle out and so they're, just a hundred per cent in tune with it, and then you got the big gringo, Come in You know and tell you call himself a city slicker. the amazing amazing gas wealth. But when I hear stories like that,
it certainly makes me feel like like and step up our game like I can definitely step up my game like I can do better, always, training like cowboy mom and cowboys, and you know what I don't know if we captured it cuz. We were talking before we pressed record, but he started getting really into training. well how well they trained and they did mention in a bunch know he did mention a bunch, but he he gave kind of foundational pot About training, before we pressed record, you know like the foundational how chip meant we kept saying it any rate reiterated it, especially at the end. You know he was reiterating it, but yeah No doubt you always get a train always got be prepared. You never know you never know. What's gonna happen, you're trying harder, yeah, tenable is everything to, even if you don't necessarily want to think of it in terms of like oh there's, an enemy out there, in literally or
and figuratively, if he'd, if he don't necessarily want to think about that part of it all the time it's it has with capability does any That can be anything clinical metaphor, Youtube Preachin, wrong guy here, I'm down with, but all the other guy all. Well, let's face it. If you have a little you bring in home, a unit was bewildered jugs, five gallon one or jugs you put in a lot of collude. Ever, let's see bringing some of those home say you don't have a lift gate on your truck or you just just car you. You have a car you, but it's in the back seat, and now you got a reach in there and you gonna grab it at this awkward angle, Suzanne that it's could be an enemy. You never mind envy a storm in your position.
Important water as a scenario. The chances of NBA storming your position today live it lower the governor water. Maybe I don't know, I don't know I ones different again, unless point still remains, look we're trying to keep ourselves capable or train would want to keep training regardless. How often you are what for warming perform, will call it a performer. You are actually are performing all the time, another way of thinking to face and performing and training of it. I could learn from your performance reigned. Sneezing, Flickr Anyone who do it, through training comes beatings, comes breakdowns. More or less most entire ideology. Sometimes I just gotta leave you to figured out statements right there. Always I can tell you,
Maybe you threw out there as if you get some support, other did come. I do that Sunday, but this is not one of those times yet anyway, one we build ourselves back up the benefit of training Sometimes I get little nagging things in our joint their places. Whatever we don't worry about. The can stuff so Jack o hare joint warfare soup crude oil. These These are supplements, supplement nation for joint line is called geography. Also with that job feel. Free choices has like, as a joint warfare, fair oil. We also have for your brain and body by the way is a I want to call it a product, even though it is a product, I would call it a product. We have a broad, don't call if it's ok, if you mean and who are saying that we have a thing called substance discipline.
discipline. You can take this form of supplementing nation it. Actually it in a few form, so you that the powder version mix it with water. That's I do sir pill don't mix with one swallow it maybe with some water, whatever hitter quicker or in the Cannes kind of like an energy drink. If you will
that for one that's literally good for you actually hell actual. So yes, a real energy. Yes, not, for you know, that's gives you energy cocaine right! That's what I heard very cocaine gives you energy makes you feel like hey, I'm gonna go and work hard right now, energetic or crystal methamphetamine. Apparently happy ass. Your energy live with differently. Now, Molly, you don't go around saying Asian, oh, you need some energy. Do some cocaine re doing it's unhealthy! It's bad! If we will say yes, Sir there's other the category that you just use quote energy drinks which In the same realm
quite argued baby. Now, while I miss Hale, I say no fully: yes, so yet allowed timezone energy drink you're like hey, let's stateless, drink out like two three four five energy drinks soon, but I don't know about all that, should we not be drinking energy drinks is kind of you have that feeling allow this seem saying, but this will go in the can may even actually might even kind of look like an energy drink it does. It is just not like tat its visit, actual healthy things, real energy sources, a cocaine- real entered well. It depends on what you mean by real, and it depends on what you mean by energy. I mean, in the Spirit, will hyreanus we'll have to get some of some somebody with some expertise and cocaine in here to discuss an energy and restructuring is nonetheless, you know what I'm saying: healthy energy: don't cocaine! Yes. Instead, try discipline going again,
all the area under the bed negative benefits, you d, rather not others in Rome I brought about. I was on feel vans partners and he was drinking displayed, and he said something really Fannys any- gives good. It's kind of slid under the radar comment, but he said Something comparing to cooking- and he said I think, I'm gonna come on back on a concrete efforts in my brain right now, the other two years, because I don't like I don't power- will have I won't like during voting super fast, but then actually does do I have, but when you drink it super fast Lenny. I think you'll get a like a little jolt there. while super fast beating. How long when you down like in three. Four or less hit all that's. That's definitely you down and go out one fear for sure, but no, if I do if I drink like too,
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Including, but not limited to just two geese, rash guards. Some please on there joggers on their some shorts on their which had been talking about, but there. Aside from board shorts there, the only shorts I wear but you know they were board shorts ground oh yes, I do in the on the matter of justice, mats of justice, work out Walker every single day and Y yeah. It's either Lord George, or that joined up got it check. I jumped the proverbial gone a well here, training learning. Also has I only see you in the origin shorts. The show in short, the army sorts icy went because unless we're on the mats of justice Strip so at origin main still in our Janine genes, American made Denham from of from the cotton
to make the fabric to make the Denham to make the genes all made in America by the way? I am also boots on their ok genes, are back in the game by Delta, see I'm wearing them right now. They I saw that there, and I saw you kind of like gave me a You grab the material and kind of pulled it where's your assessment, yeah a year war. My assessment was that they have some gave some legitimate give two on, and it did. I just reflected in the fact that I don't have any I'm really sorry, but the new delta genes are freakin and they are a little bit knew so we had the original to genes and then during covered we re. need some stuff. We got Denham I even more rigid the what is it. caught occurred, hell they're, just there is free, can also now so where they always dark. Like that dark
You probably see I my oh gee pair of deltas, that I just war. I welcome all the time, and so they dared like genes because I feel a little bit. They fate as time goes on with the pair that you're senior in our base no brand new gotcha night. I liked it dark Denham. There Well, it will fade overtime right on Korea. George me Dhaka also boots. I forgot that don't forget about the same deal. Works of art. art for work three feet, in America, good also jockers doors called Jacko store. Is we can get discipline equals freedom, shirts, hats, hoodies lightweight anyway, by the way, So when the stuff on there, some beans, some rash guards? Some soap some souls and more your kid. So wicked: silk, Jacko, silk, trooper soap, a dollar. So why do we all this stuff that we're talking about? If you want to support the podcast
provide. Some level of support All the stuff helpless out. You know that way that we don't- to get sponsors in others deserve. This might be annoying, which I'm sure it is on this whole thing right now, but ok may Not for you, but for a lot of people. This might be super annoying, but the cool thing is, you have to listen to it. We put it in the middle of you know. cut off cowboy, and you start it. Here's a word from TAT ever were not doing that We appreciate it when you Yes, if you will look, we need stuff and I'm not a big. What's that the minute I will look where I want to be a minimalist right, will be a minimalist, don't live and stuff, but there's stuff that you do need phrase.
Do you need a key? Yes, you do. Do you need a very genes? Yes, you do. Do you need a teacher? Yes, you do. Do you need food? Yes, you do. You need supplement Asian, yes, you'd, like always do it is making stop that you need to if you need it, it from us. It helps out the park as it provides a little bit of that support short Ccs legal win, win and helps everything here you could go up like a local store by right, you're good at their genes that were made in China, You could do that. I mean you, you are allowed to me, but it's not really is not really. Let's face, it's not really what you wanna do factor unquestionable, questionable behaviour, anyways. Speaking of this part cast away railway, none of obvious because subscribing actually Jocker serbs outcry. Authors are ok, so we have a t, shirt club would call it a subscription scenario where you get like hush
Like a unique, unique, a guess. Yeah. I guess at the given anyway, you sure every month, that's kind of more alike, it's different, but it's still in the game on the path etc. Good job start at come. Any, can check amount, see if you like down by others, cool little thing. People been doing that we offer sprinkled and then what? If you get a t shirt from this thing, You can't get it anywhere else. No I can't even really get it on the store really is their only for like you'll see like when you see kind of eggs. Examples of some will. You be Lecoq, as Penta makes their fun and there in a play off. We with what there's always all kinds of cool ideas it come in for shirts for this for that, but we can execute em all know that whether their varying levels gale here so you know we're doing on alone in exclusive scale kind. not when you kind of animal origin
by scale that already scuse me scale mean you're not doing it on. Mass scale around wants one of these on a more exclusive gaelic. Oh, we don't have to make whatever, however me whenever the number of teachers is yes, we know what the sun was an order. Yeah yeah, if the game that we know it and you get ashore, the school De Luca has more layers. Lay there many layers all infused in that situation. CS, jackals or dot com. Also, like Jacko, indicate eighty can subscribe to this blood tests on Where are we suggest outcast egg bone enough about the unravelling podcast data that I? also record enough about the grounded podcast, which we are supposed to record, but we haven't record lot of don't let the warrior kid podcast, which hopefully during Thanksgiving, when some people don't have to work I'll, be able to slip in there towards him.
We'll get bar gas so willing to work on that. One don't forget about. We have a Youtube channel, a youth channel and this is where the creative mind of ECHO Charles manifests itself via explosions, tanks, airplanes and Do you want to watch a video? That's thirty seconds on that has got to stop blown up go there. If you also want to watch a video, that's four hours, long with nothing. Blowing up also go their bottom gears that is true, you to channel good official By the way, psychological warfare. If you know what that is, an album audio album tracks of Jacques telling you explain to you how to get past your moments of weakness in the event of them arising which they do from time to time, let's face it via have declared just tell you hey, you shouldn't do this, you should do this seas,
thing, you're thinking about doing that, you won't wanna, have done, don't don't do it Jack o version of that, it's actually helpful wiping We also have a visual version of that flip side canvas dot com to go to my making all kinds of cool stuff there's a bunch of books. What books do we covered a day while we're talking about saga? So if you're gonna jump and saw you can get across the fence on the ground and saga chronicles by Johns I grew and then you can also get whiskey. Tango foxtrot by Linda black, you get about faced by David worth. There's a new version. Now are we release with afford to theirs: leaderships, dragging tactics, green field may what there's the code, the protocols and the evaluations, there's disbelieved freedom field manually brandy version of that out. That's that's a good go to for that Christmas scenario. The holiday scenario.
Check that one out way the warrior kid for field manual is also live right. Now, it's life will work for a few minutes here. Here's the thing on always: from what I understand, entail, there's gonna be a shortage of aircraft trucks. And labours drivers pilots during Christmas could everything is gonna be shipped. So if you want to get any of this, stop. Even though I know you were all trying to be mad at my last kids need a freaking book to read so get away to work at four he'll make a way to work in one hundred and twenty three making the dragons and then extreme ownership of the dichotomy of leadership. I have a leadership. Consultancy called echelon front where we solve problems to leadership. You go to Exxon, front dot, com for that we have ef online. which is where we do leadership, training online. interactive, so you
go check that out. You have online dot com, we get the muster in Dallas Texas contract out in extra ownership, dot com? We have e f over Watch, which is Decorative leadership for your company that understands the principles that we talk about. If you Help Service members act and retired their families gold, star families. If you want to help out veterans, if you want to help out american service men and women and check out my leave my mama. She has a charity organization. You can go and donate, or get involved at America's mighty warriors dot, Org and if you to torment yourself or you can do so with more of my protracted pronouncements, or maybe some more of echo's hyped up a prophecy
You can find us on the web on Twitter, on Instagram and Just so echo knows because he only refers to Instagram as Graham and all, on Facebook echoes adequate, Charles and I'm a Jackal allocated should more important, be known. That John striker Meyer is on Instagram at J striker Meyer. and once again, thanks to till an cowboy for there. Readily heroic. We need a new word beyond heroic for their service to America, and freedom we will not forget, the sacrifice or the legacy of these warriors and thanks to all the warriors all over the world in the army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, coastguard and all so to those foreign nationals that we fight alongside. Thank you. For defending freedom, and the same too.
Police and law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, M, tease, dispatchers correctional officers, border patrol secret service and all first responders, Ricky US safe here at home. And everyone else out there. I've got one thing to say. Chieu Hoi Duma until next time this echo and Jacko out.
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