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293: Rickson Gracie. "You Do a Good Job Staying Calm in Bad Positions. That Is an Important Thing." Jiu Jitsu is Life.

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This is juggle podcast number two. Ninety three with ECHO Charles in me, darker willing bidding good evening Fixing Gracie approached me and asked me if I wanted to train with him. Yes, sir, at that time, I was a blue belgian jujitsu, a lean two hundred twenty five pounds. I worked out every day and had been training Jujitsu hard for about two years. I completed at the Bluebell level and one many competitions, in daily in San Diego Redeem, Lister a future world champion and with many other highways jujitsu practitioners. I was focused. And motivated and determined, but none of those things mattered Hickson, who is forty pounds lighter than me, made me feel like a child
Effortlessly controlled my movement isolated, my limbs and submitted me over and over and over again I fought hard applied technique, Your technique made adjustments tried to surprise him, used all the strength and trickery and skill and effort I could muster resistance- was futile. There was thing, I could do nothing when he was bored with my pitiful attempts at survival. We stop sparring and talk for a bit me about seal training. He relate to the warrior culture of my occupation also gave me an assessment of my jujitsu quote good job staying calm and bad positions. That is an important thing. End quote. Soon the class was over.
We shook hands, and I thanked Hickson for his time and for his knowledge, over the next few days I thought about. What are you told me. you do a good job, staying calm and bad positions. That is an important thing. I realised that this did not only apply to jujitsu. You replied to my job in the seal teams as well. You are going to get put in bed positions, the enemy might get the upper hand, you might be outnumbered or outgunned panic will destroy you. You have to stay calm. then that was only the beginning of the correlation I began to see from Jujitsu to combat, to leadership, a business and too late itself. As I continued to learn. Jujitsu and progress in mice
career Jujitsu taught me much, but it was Hickson words that initiated my journey, the principle of Jujitsu can be applied to every endeavour in life you have to. a calm when you are bad situations, you need to call Conseil you're. Your intent with other maneuvers To utilise the simplest and most efficient methods you need to prioritize. Your focus of effort. need a train until you trust yourself to move intuitively without having to think you need to move at the right time. You need to do to do. and critical areas. You should not, tat your enemies, strong points? You must utilise leverage you can let your emotions drive your decisions. You have to establish a good base foundation to build upon. You cannot The overly aggressive, but you can't just are things to happen. you make a move. You have to believe in what you doing.
You have to be mentally strong. You have to keep an open mind. You have to continuously learn new techniques. Why always reinforcing the fundamentals. You have to adapt your plan. Circumstances change. The list goes on and on. I deployed to Iraq as a sealed that leader? I continue The operated with these fundamental principles in my head ones that I understood because of Jujitsu, continual utilise these principles now and civilian world as well as a business, a teacher, a father and a coach jujitsu gives me confidence, but also humility. Expert also compassion a disciplined code, but so a free and open mind. as Hickson says: Jujitsu is now just a sport jujitsu is
philosophy, and it is at the root of everything we do that right, there is an excerpt from a forward written by me for a new book that is called breathe. A life in flow and his by brazilian Did you legend Hickson Gracie, and it is an honour to have Dixon Here- we thus tonight to share the stories his flocks these jujitsu and his lessons learned Hickson Thank you. So much for joining us is not
Have you hear my pleasured joke land is a great pleasure to shoot ICE Anna and, first of all like to really thank you and his honour for me. Have you do the introduction in the book was a special compliment for me because you such a highly skew motivation warrior and we follow your sayings. That's gonna establish a very high high end for my my journey. So I appreciate your support. My brother, you, I've. I've often talked about the fact of what Jujitsu gave to me and what you did gave to me was connecting all these things. I started to see Jujitsu everywhere in everything became related to Jujitsu and and really I it was in. I think it was one thousand nine hundred and ninety six or one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. When I went up and I just I stayed in her in a crap.
hotel up in LOS Angeles fur like five ten days or something, and I went to people Dear you're academy people every day and in just one absorbing I'm still sore from those who have good memories. For our people, ask me what it's like what it was like to train with you- and I said I people if you ve ever like the pressure of of a high powered hose like a like a high powered hose just just water, just bearing down on you and when you move a little bit. It doesn't matter just flows around you, that's what it that's what it felt like when you ask, was Rowan Review everything that I tried you already there waiting for me and end the pressure and the Agnes, but at the same time the fluidity target describe yes, Judy she's. A very is a very, very special technique, because
Give you the size of utilizing your body, but not exactly trying Stress yourself, he's not he's up is a continuous motions. We ve leverage and angles and and the ability for your true to bring basin way distribution and indifferent grebes maneuvers the chest for you to flow into more news, gaunt control, because it's not about holding and in fighting for, but is about you I understand that the motions in be ahead of the game, so when you scape from the neck you already. me the arm in there here for the one who suffering that back. The pressure is relieved. When do you tap
for me was just a continuous understanding off what's necks and is not in their ability to move and to make it be dead in the right print precision time. So it is a very interesting technique in them and give me this chess for really use. Not only my techniques, not only my physicality but also my mind, said, and my emotional control and all
So what I believe is a very important tool for the spirit or water is using this beautiful energy from forgiveness and a sap dense and not fear death and setting the circumstances in a way to be, like you said, offered the brain, how you know so many things which usually to favour you to show a sap life as it is, and transform the battle Emma and ground, and a growing situation for your mine in Spirit so George, it's a great component for anyone there. I I try and explain to people sometimes that when you do Jujitsu the more digital you do you get to a point where you kind to see the future, because you know what this other persons gonna do and when you know what they're gonna do you can be there waiting form because know what they're going to do and its
Anything with any thing that you practice and you train and you pay attention to you- can get we're point where you can kind of predict the future and I think some people say you know You're a couple moves head, injury, jitsu and Are you get the more moves ahead? You're gonna, be yes, similar chess chess game, you know, should play a guy. The champion he's already know what you going to do when you move a piece if it snows five or ten movements ahead and he's already to strategize your defeat so I felt like the same issues. You too, you gonna, dissipate the emotions basin on the mechanics, India and dashed in so you can cut the lies, basically always in some kind, a mistake or some kind of lack of time. He or something like that. So you wrote this book I was lucky enough like that and honoured the elder to write the Ford, but that also meant I got to read the book early and I have a copy of it here and I just want to
a jump into some of the balkan talk about how you up, which is, I mean, it's just credible. Your journeys been incredible. Your whole families had such a huge impact on the world and very interesting to kind of here. what it was like for you and grow up inside this? This influential family, so, let's jump into the buckler bet. Here you by the time I was born. my father was already one of Brazil's biggest sports icons. In addition to being incredibly tough fighter, he was also a showman of the highest. order who pub we challenged boxing icons, Primo Code Carnero Joe Louis and as a Charles although the boxes all declined in nineteen. Thirty, two wrestler Fred Herbert Ebert accepted seventeen year old, a LEO's challenged embryos, your father Aber outweighed.
Him by about fifty pounds, but they fought for an hour and forty minutes before police. Stop the fight two years later, my dad two hundred twenty five pound world champion: Ressler logic: the bicycle to draw window hands greatest Eudocia must He go camorra travel to Brazil and nineteen. Fifty one Elio also challenged him camera agreed to fight my dad. If he could first defeat you crew, you kill Cato. The black belt travelling within my dad's first fight with Cato was declared a jaw but Elio choked him unconscious in the rematch clearing the way for a match. the Judo champion they LEO and camera. Squared off in front of twenty thousand spectators a week later even the President of Brazil.
And the match the Joker outweighed my dad by eighty pounds and threw him around the ring like a rag doll, but could not finish him at once: point, my dad win unconscious, but because didn't tap. Camaro fought the joke, wasn't working and released it an alien regained consciousness. Thirteen minutes into the fight the Judo champion secured a bent arm lock and again my dad refused to tap camera kept. listing and ripping at his shoulder still Elio refused to tap but Camaro kept cranking. Uncle Carlos throw in the towel My dad later said he got his samurai spirit from camera and named the Ben ARM, lock the camera So here is your dad dad way hundred and forty pounds. Thirty five year was a light guy. and go up against camera, whose a beast and and by the way you can see at least parts.
This match online. You can go to Google and see this match. Yes, yes, Kimura was the champion in Japan, which is very unusual for a champion in Japan should become five years consecutive champion normally every six months D. They trade places with Kimura was establishing a true champion in the japanese community, And when he went to Brazil, my father, challenge him and then he fought got to first and in the fight to if Kimura Kimura put in the newspaper. If you'd best minutes he is. Are you willing to fight like Ferris vice three minutes? He winds and the fight to ensure thirteen minutes saw in one point the whole crowd sea ice is done. Is done? Could stop the fight these already one, but the fight continues in my my father, Beth by some get submit making Moura and
and even though after the fight commuter went to my father's house, with a translator inviting him to teach in the bureau school in Japan, because he said the issues you too, he knows Japan has forgotten and I dont believe is like that exactly because a big, out of the brazilian Jujitsu was created by my father, exactly because My uncle Carla's learned from my either from from going coma and. My father was a champion who has been fighting for all over him and then went to pursue to saddle, and he stuck teaching Uncle gallows Mason the friendship he has with my grandfather and
in that process. Uncle you, girls, learn a lot from from my either but ere. You was twelve years younger than my my uncle and was very keen very yankee that this time and then they went to real and nineteen twenty five sorrowing reeled and my uncle cows open these first, a school and nineteen twenty five. At this point, my father was: could not do any sports, he was doktor said for him to not do anything not play soccer. My right, a bike nuts nothing because he's very skinny and he has vertical all the time his voice Bess out any any after his passing out. So I had to rest. So my uncle Billy School, my son,
Father CD on the corner, all the time watching my uncle teach and for three years from thirteen years old, two hundred and sixteen he was just watching amazed watching all the details out if the same Saul that moves on, but he never practiced and one day I student arrived at the school and my uncle was not there yet so my father said mister. If you wanna do, let's play a little bee into my brother arrive, so we ve debts. They start to pay pigs half hour earlier. My uncle arrive, Students said guileless: if you don't mind, I like to keep training with the kid, because he's so good, I love to practice with him So that's the way my Father get into jujitsu products. but different than a normal person. My father could not do one pull up one pull up One push up. He d have to strengthen the muscles to do that
so he basically actual, for example, which is up, He learned as a arm movement. What you grab the carters in squeeze. They got you choke. You could not even think about choke somebody with the strength on his arms. so he has to bring together and use the chest which trust trust with trust forms the whole pressure on to choke giving last fm muscularly and much more efficiency? Technically soul just just a very simple example of how my dead in every movement you could do. He had that for him weak for his own weakness, it is another very important element is he was so light and so small he could not ever fight on top bout positions, passing gods and Anne and kicks kickass. The top, so he was able to just beyond the bottom regardless and he was able to create from the guide position
such a new arsenal of Greeks, because he has nothing to do but guard saw he develop a God in various an grace style and residents die which doesn't belong to Japan at all. All the ground techniques from the bottle I develop by by my father, which, as weak enough, should not do what it thinks. So he's improving we'd mommy, saying in the family and graces version was Einstein is to physics he's a creator. Is a genius and impossible to compare and followed this. This idea of of in connection with the techniques in the development, the juice. The president was useful, becomes more like effective and divided,
due to end the no holds barred and effectiveness. Overall, we ve without key because gives to the weaker one elements true to submit the bigger one. So I felt like juice, it's really becomes of art for a week or one after best, true true, Brazil before going to call my going to marry, the former was a very effective. He has many many victories, but he was. guy. He was solid, strong, Japanese, not your doll, but is very solid, maybe eight kilos or eighty five cures or something so was duly sheets and his own form of athleticism which is different than what my dad imply. So we are very grateful to have any Greece in the family took to bring another possibility for our style yeah. That's it
seems like in Jujitsu Jitsu, when, when you have jujitsu like that, It's the situation where, like you said, somebody smaller and weaker candy feet, someone that bigger stronger and everybody that starts Jujitsu. For the first time when I say you just do. For the first time you I was like That was two hundred and twenty pounds, my a teacher was Fabio sent us. I think he weighs a hundred and fifty eight hundred and sixty pounds. You just Do whatever you want it to me? and he was an old man at the time is probably younger than I am seem like use. No man I set out this old man with gray hair gonna. Do anything to me and you, Jim allows you to do that. Jujitsu. Is you know what what your dad, because he had like you said because he was smaller because he was weaker. He had to develop that style
So effective. Yes, leverage replaces strength. You know techniques replaced speed. So when you have the perfect combination, you can anticipate the movement you can use time. Yet your favorite in other deflection, so is a very interesting concept of Winnie. Without really bank heads you had to have two makes Said he, my boy or fake, or is set up in a way to you almost surprised. The guy was, in the end, end the feet, not exactly you smash him, your nose too brutal. Sometimes it's too much to boost fighting. You know I love to see the appellation of a technician suppress the strength. So for me, you're always amazed about the factors of in the
It is of huge it'll, I'm in a fast forward a little bit, and just so everybody knows. I already skipped a bunch of the book and are you talk about? The origination? Is the family to very interesting? You know you came from and you have you had. A great was a great great great grandfather that that was in the civil war on the confederate side. Yes, degrees of families in the warfare for longer yeah, you mention what was it Archibald this? Archibald, Gracie and your broad Gracie, are also brought. The third was a warrior west point. He earned superintendent Robert E Lee respect after got beaten up in a fight on the parade ground. When Gracie was called the police office, he refused to give up the name of the man he was fighting after it. it turned himself in leading not punish either of them when it? a civil war broke out Archibald
Gracie. The third sided with the confederacy. He started the wars and major, but after fighting heroically in some of the conflict fiercest battles, Gracie was a brigadier general at the age of twenty nine. Robbery? We survived the civil war, but Archibald Gracie. The third did not so that's the side. I went to America. Yes, I didn't know much about it than you Peter, which wrote the book. Weary he's a story, a story on in war. Military professor saw he liked me with that gonna interesting story I actually looked up on the internet and saw a picture of Archibald Gracie, the third dressed up in his confederate, uniform, so crazy, yeah. You go into some more those details. What you kind of disgust about that, the history of you know how it came from Japan to Brazil how your uncle got involved.
How you brother gone out. Those details are so rich in the book. It's so fascinating to read from a budgetary perspective which also just from a historical perspective in the world. I'm a fast forward, a little bit towards like for you growing up You say initially, we kids went to the academy. Just a play. Tug of war have a game a soccer. We were introduced to Jujitsu slowly, nothing like what I see these days today, too. Parents, push their kids to compete before they are ready for young kids did. You should be nothing more than a fun form of recreation that introduces them to the movements through games and structured play as they get older. You can induce more jujitsu, but it should be playful if you kids, too hard to young. They will quit forever pairing. Should never burden their kids with their unfulfilled ambitions, frustrations, anxiety or any other form of emotional baggage parents support the parasites.
What must be consists. Consistent. The most important thing is that the child gets the experience. We lose or draw without judgment, so This is something a lot of parents need to hear. This is something I wish I would have heard earlier. I I was telling you before we started. I definitely where's my kids to heart into you get. Maybe that was my on filled the ambitious I tried to impose on my own children and a book later in life in it it talked about. How do you want to make things fund for your kids and its like for you guys at the beginning, Jujitsu with just one. Yes, but as you know, is a must for us. We no matter what we represent him and we are seas. We all dress geese from I mean I get my Ebay for my diapers, so we
become little graces in our dented identities, organised by all. You wanna, be a champion truly want to fight like a dead. So you you'd is a natural for you using IE, Grannie Spiry, is all fun, and I never felt, like it was a serious business even competing, because my dad didn't put me pressure. He always like my first competition. He said to me if he asked me if I want to compete, I said yes and then he said. If you will I give you a gift You lose. I give you a chill gifts, so that's gonna in between lines say my that's not gonna be upset with me. If I lose So I didn't know, what's really represent can a statement, but I felt like my dad's novel We upset so that's a plus and I lose that fight, and I don't even remember if I get to gifts or not, but what I felt from that
situation is my dad was not upset, is ok and after that I keep continue compete in. I was successful and my other fighters fights what was a good support of my dad and no pressure make me feel like Jujitsu, something for me to products, regardless of somebody else judgment, You going to say this, you say even as a small boy, I silently observed from close proximity, fear courage, aggression and cow Thus, I noticed small things about people because they provided clues about their true nature. Things SIMPLE is the way someone shook my hand. The way people acted when they won and the way they and when they lost told me a lot I often wondered why a guy who beat me so mercilessly, maybe uses not to train with my older brothers. I didn't judge them. I do, knew that I didn't want to be like them
there's a lot of human nature that gets revealed on the Jiu Jitsu mats- oh no doubt about it. I was young and I would start teaching helping. My brother bought him to teach private lessons. I was thirteen fourteen years and I was there like a dummy- you know, so he only down John Mountains just to practice movements, so I was helping him to teach. And I get a little deep after the glass. You know he give me something. scream or some. So I was there to just watch in teaching and helping endemic My dad said that what I should do to be the best teacher and then he said to me you wanna, be a good teacher. You learn a good I'm like a good scape from the bottom, whatever and teachers do it and then he will be efficient onto the technique. What are you gonna be an excellent student? You have to see you have
try to understand what these students needs to learn. So What about what I want to teach you why he needs to learn so based on that another route was created, because I cannot just be a huge teacher. I have tribunal college. You see and understand what I mean to did you make happens to make the guy seeking happiness more efficiently? So I stood we stress an industrial fabric. I will keep teach him like to become relax into the movements almost in slow motion for the guy stance and try to be Taphian in aggressive in so I come down and relax the other guys are lazy, came up, man come come, come up with why I break the energy needs to be truly on him. So becomes psychology have jujitsu glass and that's was
transformation. For me, because I start to understand my service as that something chewing Hayes: people's life quality of life. You know it's not about being just a martial art order. Order, teach you to fight, I have to teach you to breed. I have to teach you to strategize. I have to teach you to have emotional control. I have to teach Youtube while making sensations, I have to teach you to not only using the technical elements, but also speedy, toil immense. I have to teach you to have hope fate and, and- and things like that, so in order for you to become an expert in Jujitsu. Is you? You basically becomes exploiting life chew because you and you know how to put yourself in situations and be able to recognise, This situation is safe. You need a bell about a common is in your brain. I better call in your body or, if you
to really surrender to a higher god and input, because in one point we can, I have be afraid of death and if you were able to understand your mission, you aren't you are your commitment, your your honour, our above that Canada, that line you become a fearless opponent, because you afraid to die at all. How I maybe see you can go to battle, not visualizing the possibility to die, how a fireman can save a kid Roma from a structure without the slightest chance of him to die, fall with so, once you become profitable in their sadness off the result, you not in control you become a much more complete, not warrior, because you just find your mission as a priority, not exactly so en route.
that is. Your sheets was a big thing for me, which trust since my life, my main, my physicality was something I put my honour and my fate on top of, everything, so I was able to accepting challenges and be ready for challenges which different, then a soul, They represent the Amal Army, which you have commands. You have weaponry, you have strategies, you have situations, are not exactly up to you for me. By represent my sport, I whispered I myself for no, no time limits. No rules, no cops! No mouthpieces, no, no wait, division so how unpredictable diskin be, how much have to be on my toes how much I have to accept my wife,
my final moment how much I shall have to be calm the day before in order to achieve my success so we are not accomplish a lotta aspects of my life, not only the technical, not only the spirit or not only. The map I have to be checking every day and being com enough. So that's why, in my career, I was putting a lot of attention and my breathing putting a lot of attention and bet ice bets before anyone tell me about it twice to create situations. We're gonna, pull me myself on the edge and in an being fearless being connected with my spirit or guidance in and accepting any think, even death. If was the case, so I was preparing myself to be a warrior, but but without the the command, without the duty to force behind me was just like her.
have to create a lot of things to deal with the pressure. You know, and I felt like today- I'm not as used to fight it anymore. I have many injuries Stu in my mind, sharp as always we're using all my invisible tools in Jujitsu shall keep me on my best game in terms of using timey using visualization using breathing using dig the capacity for mutual emotional control and the capacity to surrender forgiveness and another important thanks
who is all might warfare is all my situations, I don't I u. I dont want resolve with hate. I love to fight. I love to choose to use your sheets. I love to represent. I love to put myself on age. So love was a big important part of my my my history, because I never been ordered to do something I never being obeying people do something. I always a free will- and I put myself in situations- I I I my regret, but it was stuffed situations to be based on my own fashion, based on my own love, so I've been a warrior which being guided by the heart, not by the rationality, the scanner a little different yeah. It's it's interesting. It's different one of them the thing she said and again there's somebody connections that I make. Would you jitsu with battle with light
with relationships with with everything and just one little example you set there's sometimes in Jiu Jitsu you got to calm down. You got to remain calm. You get put in a bad spot, you got to you got to relax, you got to not panic. You got to think your way through it. You got to wait for your moment, other times and jujitsu, where, if you dont explode and make a move right now, it's gonna be too late. Yes, and you have and it's the same thing in you know of Europe. if you're in a business, you might have a situation where you got a calm down you gotta the decision you gotta think through it, but there's other times where you gonna make a move right now on the battlefield same thing, sometimes something starting to happen. You're starting to see the enemy do something, and you need to wait in calm and relax and detached Knockit emotional there's other time something happens. You gotta go right now and it's her. You start to dignify that look there's times where you ve gotta take a step back, relax you gotta, be calm and there's other times we gotta be aggressive. You gotta make things happen right now in the type of lessons that again
I learned them. I I learned a little bit from my seal training. I learned a little bit interacting with my from a leadership perspective, but when I really started to see it was when I, when I was started, training Jiu, Jitsu, all the time and started recognizing, sometimes you got to become. Sometimes you got to be aggressive. Sometimes you got to be flexible. Sometimes you got to be strong that position and you got know when to make these adjustments in your life. Yes, I feel like with the practice of Jujitsu
you said, give you more awareness of this situation to be in, and the sense of applying the right. The right action for them, for this situation is is based on reflexes is based on. Products is based on on preparation, which sometimes that preparation comes from my understanding, strategical understanding, sometimes that preparation coming from heavy training, heavy muscular and explosive training, or sometimes the preparation coming from a completely emotional control.
I was keen about twelve thirteen years old products, we ve man's at the deck at me after the glass everybody Trinity, Beach gathered and they ought to care of me. I was a kid stew and twenty we fund odds and in one particular products. This strong guy rebuilt gave me, go ahead. Luck and I was caught in a head luck. I was not able to choose to escape I was not able to prove to be comfortable and normally we dont up in arms and head locks, because you can keep in key breeding, but I was get panicky tap and was like a disappointing for me. I greatly it'll, be the guy said: hey kid: you ok, Eddie. I'm ok, thank you, but I am very so I was beast and I went back home and when I arrive, I do
I truly down on the floor on top of a carpet and ask my brother holds true true. I cannot stay like straight like this And ass, my brother to rule me on the carpet like like bleed, That's it Dixon Burrito, yes, endless like summertime in Brazil, about hundred them human, very hot, and I said just take me out from here in ten minutes so I mean it was struggling. Gastro phobic and I started thinking about seagulls and breeze on the ocean in ocean breeze in the nice weaned. Am I eventually best through the experience my brother relieve me. and then, when the same, yet I did three more times just to make sure I could handle that gamut, suffocating, agony and Anti Castro, phobic feeling
so- that's just to show how competitive I was and how much. On top of my problems, I was fixing my problems as I. As the problems happen, and I was just comfortable and become you, I wouldn't eyes- inbreeding suits you forgetting, and then they start to be common and find myself in peace. And then I felt like this not happen with me anymore. I never gonna to had locks anymore because was just the way I felt like I was fixing my emotional dear dear, confronting your weaknesses, yet what you're doing armor when I started you do too It being on the bottom here, because I was bigger and if I could get on top of someone awkward smash women be ok. and I hated being on the bottom and for that reason I remember one time, for it must have here every day, every time I rolled with anybody, I started on the bottom and oftentimes I'm across cider or
maybe even mouth gesture, Used to that and get over the fact that I didn't like it, you have to come in to just like life. Frazier weaknesses. New got a correct him. Yes, definitely now you mentioned your your brother holes. I want to give just a little bit of background of your family. which is hard to give a quick background of your family? Mrs Gill's crazy, it's huge you have section here. Carlos Greasy does your uncle decided this is it you, so he lost two loves of his life. He lost his fiancee and was it is financed anus first wife, there right. Yes, they both died. So after they died grace. She decided to fathers, many children, preferably boys as possible, and he encouraged my father to do the same their goal. Decree create a clam of fighters between
one thousand eight hundred and thirty two and one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven Carlos and a LEO Father, thirty children with eight different women. Twenty one of them were boys. When margherita my mother, my father's first wife, the woman, I consider my mother was unable to get pregnant. My uncle came up with a plan, my father, with my mother's knowledge and consent. What impregnate? Our african brazilian babysitter believe Miss Amelia Billina who gave, to me to me and my older brothers, korean and health, and the whole thing was an elaborate ruse. Margarita wore a fake belly during Belinda's pregnancies and when the time came for two gave give birth, she went to the hospital came home with a baby, not even here friends: do when I was young, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw freckles. I thought they were from my scottish blood. Little did. I know I was half african brazilian men. It's crazy store? Yes, man? That's part of this directive, the Gracie.
Fanatic idea of growing jujitsu, really. I learn you know I was just epic apathetic. So with that. Let me let me go a little bit for the snow got all these brother. I go back to book as this fast born a little, but I studied all all my brothers with great interest when we trained because they had different strengths and weaknesses. I wanna know whose brave who is scared? Who would fight the death who was crazy who is indecisive? Nobody, press me more than my brother holes at eight older than me. He was our leader and my idle because he was an incredibly charismatic person and unnatural warrior. Holes was go Carlos his son from Claudia an eighteen year old woman who work for my family, because my mother, margarita, could not have children Uncle Carlos gave holes to my dad to raise as his own son when he was a baby holes who, up with us and shared a room with me for much of my childhood switch interesting when you talk about holds fast portal little bit my bra
open mind, helped him in June, you because he was willing to look outside of it for ideas when family members were not home. trained and competed in Judo wrestling and Sambo, which he used to improve Jujitsu like alien He always wanted to win by submission and aggressive attacking style. If I disappointed holes there was nothing that I was not willing to do to redeem myself. So that's that poles, with that attitude that open mind where he was doing sambo and wrestling The game changer completely- he was just such a brave. finally, on water and competitive and with a good open, mind to understand, Jujitsu great but doesn't have the ability to to draw up a jewel, doesn't have their bills
the true to get some water situations like wrestling. Some maneuvers from bottom should adopt some reverses, so. Adding this we're not gonna hurt. Nobody is just gonna head for us, the cup, the capabilities of not only controlling better from the top throwing batter from this from standing standing aspect, and also be you be doing what we do good in terms of use. You, too so was just a complete improvement in our capacity to handle the. It's all over saw was just a great addition and for me, has always always being the number one guy he pushed me the most and will defend and hard on, which is very technical, but Hoddan was less competitive. So when I was very competitive, so I was seeking to to do What all is, does you mentioned Horry in here a little bit nine years older than me and my brother Horry and could not have been more different than holes, Alias first son with our birth mother Belinda?
It was ten months younger than holes. Hurrying. easy going nature and while he was never the fight of the holes was he was a born teacher training with worrying included the theory behind such concepts as positioning technique, leverage and base. He explained Jujitsu much better than halls. Who was impatient and saw things is either black or white yet influence on my teaching style and got me a focus as much the person, as the techniques are father, thought, but a good teacher taught the techniques well, but that a great teacher taught what Indy Individual student needed to learn in strong or in life pouring was great teacher. eight years older than me. There's another brother health and might have been the best fighter in the family if he wasn't such a wild man, health and which but a tournaments having had no sleep, still hung over from a night on the town, but when he put his on Gideon tied. His belly turned into a Tasmanian devil. How else inward all day almost die, but with this
this. Is it fast forward a little bit just a little Glimpse into what it's like being in the family, Elio encourage competition among us always want to see her stood where in the greasy food chain, their work rotations and test my dad would step on the canvas tarp crap, and say: ok, hoary and poles go and without cetacean. They would step forward spar holes in here had totally different attitudes toward life which will reflect in their jiu Jitsu. There was never course not holes was the best our generation now, you get this sort of side of the the martial arts family growing up training all the time but You are also in in real, which is a crazy, placing anvil style that you had gone on their, which you would. You talk about here go into the book. Rio is like New York City in Bangkok. Combined
a turbulent whatever you want whenever you want it makes of sex crime, drugs, nature and beach, culture, Although we lived in a nice apartment, Copacabana real is not like allay there's, not a rich town like Beverly Hills and then a poor one might Compton. They are combined with you're in Beverly Hills and the next. You turned down a side street and you are in Compton as a kid Philips Street smarts, gang bankers to fighters to the high society matrons to the surfers, to the most beautiful girls, and even Emma I wanted to understand all of it. I would often did school just walk around real. I had normal rounds that I made through the city. you're gonna live in this crazy or bullet Journey lifestyle and you're just drawn that very much because you know in my house was the youngster and halls harder in house was eight nine and ten years older than me. So When I was about eleven twelve, I liked you,
your what they say to keep up with you know. So for me when I go home was listen in learning with those smart guys, you know, and when go to the street. I don't stay with this eleven year olds, which have just taken about silly thanks. I was just woke me for the other guys can about thinks. I hear my brother stalk and the guy see the skins. Much does not really is Norway saying so I was trying to be very you know. Battle with the higher level street guys I sat on. I see on the street So that's gonna pull me and I am in a very soft place because I have to be smart. I have to be very much solid with them
show. No fear show sought to be which work with them to be able to getting the guy go some surf somewhere. so I was there to just showed them I can handle you know. So I was just. Give me a mission. I will do you know sometimes the guys they do want to smoke fought. For example, and nobody wants to go into dealers spot because they all want afraid of the cops was there twelve eleven I said can go with mice drugs. I can up and down hide the thinking. Nobody gonna see it. So I was just being like the kid which.
Helps the other guys you get what they saw. I was just doing thinks, regardless of right or wrong. I just tried to keep myself in a position to be respected from the the boys on the who would you know in and being lake I street guy not exactly a spoil keyed which for beating sharply on the street or something so I was just taking care of my life as I was a girl, I was eighteen, nineteen and I was just well, you know, and you ended up kind of run in with a gang of kids. You, oh yeah, I'm in for me was a demonstration of courage, demonstration of being tough. You know it was not about doing right or wrong- is about to be keep being able to keep with the boys and be respected in the hood as a as a as a guy who can not going to flick, you know we're not going to so
That's gonna give me a good sense of being be part of a team which use a tough team, the guys they all fighters the art of kids. Now you know very, very much born shoe just Troubling things- and I was statue growing up a little bee. I start you see all Why does I learn on the street? why do I should take me in my life as if I want to grow up in represent what I want so my mission. My passion for the family was take me away from that dark side of being just doing problems in stature to become more not less than becoming completely focus on my life as a reference, devolves jujitsu, but with a sense of bays and sense of you know, I'm not gonna. Let my friends down, I am always good, be to be
a solid. You know, no matter if he's going, you know if he's a good thing cuz, I don't think I wanna be part of envy trusted by my friend. So that's what I call yet seems like you, you You ventured into that world of sore. That guy, mentality, and then you say here in the book I began to drift away from the gang win member started, stealing stereos and using guns. I knew they want a path. I would take them nowhere fast, and I was much more interested in Jujitsu, surfing and girls HU I for crime, although rebellious and did things at my dad didn't agree with. I never stopped competing and never stopped winning in his eyes. That made me special. It was about this time. I began to train with my brother holes. Up to this, when Alia was my teacher whether he was surfing training, fighting, writing horses, hang gliding or chasing girls. Holes constantly in motion, he was fast. Technical always push me to train harder and achieve more.
Training with holes was essentially fighting. he reinforced what ails. You taught me fuck points fuck judges win by submission or not at all, get to improve quickly under holes and Alia was not surprise. I wasn't stubborn and never choked under pressure now the preparations for me we're both from holes and my dad and they were extremely high. many hours a day retrain with holes at this time. Least for hours at least two hours in the mood in the morning or are in the early afternoon four classes in deed and then the training at night. So I was always at the school. You know I was never been too much. I still a good student, you know, so I get an excuse to stay away from school and stay at the academy ordered the B.
each, but you know was a good training. Very fine. How much time would you spend sparring? How much time would you spend drilling? How much time would you spend creating new stuff now the glass follows up with a sequence of drilling learning some technique, some drills and after the freezing of the free spiry. So I followed but because of the glass- and I always gonna- learn something twentysomething grabs, improving some kind of technique and also the bright ex afterwards. So I just follow the program off reckless. Did you find yourself in holes. especially as holes, is bringing in some Bowen and wrestling. Would you
after break stuff down and and kind of adapted, and did you get you? Do you remember doing that kind of thing? I remember halls showing the techniques and we need it because he also have died for what's good for us or not. I always not. Learning from our wrestlings teacher I was getting. I was. From a guy who loves wrestling, what is as usual did you try to favour? Does we ve made the best of it. So thinks he may learn and he didn't like it. He might even shores. He just Oh the thinks we are related to watch the guy grabbed you here on it. So you do that. So I was just follow up that he's his lead, why they should use from wrestling what I should from sambo. Why should you from judo some techniques enjoyed or suicidal techniques and put it after the draw you get caught
in a bad position, so you don't want to do those those techniques. So basically I was my dad to learn Judo. I was that you learning efficient way to take people down with Judo, but first we should sue so was that all the preparation, the techniques are kind of slightly different than being a a general practitioner yeah I was, I was lucky my my son when he wrestled he added a wrestling coach that working with his wrestling team. That was a jujitsu guy too, and so he could tell him hey. Do this like hey. This is like a sweep hey. This is like a scissors sweep you'd, be coach him to wrestle using, did. You with wrestling can relate much better yeah, yeah, they're, nice, not your surfing. All the time at this point to yes, yes, you you're going to some pretty good details there about some of the sum of the experiences you had surfing pushing you're. a little hard, sometimes taken some risks have maybe you shouldn't take it in the water? Yes
because, for me, surface was not exactly just their products off the debilitating go down and a wave and carbon do this snaps or whatever so for me has to do with nature with the power of the ocean. So sometimes when they met the waves are too big for think to do is get afraid because you don't know, what's gonna happen if you get found for dealing with this fear noise dropped in the best way to go in and out of due to serve. when you get to waive the timing of the wave, the soil. Thanks. Reach has to keep you in control of situation, not only the ability to serve, but you to stay calm true to battle in the right direction to understand nature that we in the reports so is there is a lot of things to learning should be offered the Boyne. Sometimes, in a very uncomfortable situation, so
The ocean plays a very important feature for me because you cannot fight nature, You have to understand nature and deal with in the best way possible. So that's surface was very important for me in terms of Did the reading the ocean and stay connected with the ocean in a more and in the most deepest way I could possibly do and surf was just a bonus. I guess it's the same thing which, with opponents right because of opponent, has Some really good move that there really strong at what why? What's the point, fighting that move that there really good at go, go out from some different direction, of course, that the perfect Strategies work, your strengths on his weakness, so when you feel like you're losing their the perfect aim about. Where are you
Is it you have to shift not just try to force the wrong entrance. Find me another way to get the whole. You know. So that's daddy loves you too, just capitalizing on your opponent's mistakes and be aware of. If you changed, you have to flu and changing again and again so no expectations, you maybe expect a joke, but you going to unlock going to happen or food looks so everything can be. unpredictable. If you do right, for a little bit to this section here by the time I was a brown belt matches Other holes were getting closer. I was beginning to stand the limitations of his game holes had Excellent neon belly move that used to set up armed locks and he we feel if you got your back, but he was also predict The aggressive in final, ten training sessions. Not only did holes not submit me, but
was getting reversals and our fight were now even one. Afternoon we were trained together by ourselves at my dad's ranch The only thing I remember is engaging with roles then going through the eye of the hurricane with all the violence you would expect. When the storm past, I had holes in a joke and before I even realised what was happening. He was tapping was a completely reactive fight, I'm not even sure if I was mounted her on his back all. I remember that I finished him with a choke no You saw me, beat holes and when we this training, he hugged and kissed me on the cheek and said you did good kid. I'm proud of you when I remember most about that fight with sadness. I felt afterward as though I had made a mistake by beating him a huge invisible weight of responsibility had shifted from holds its shoulders to mine in heart. I knew that I was now a better fighter, but worse So did he? U wasn luck or a fluke holes just didn't just
surprise me anymore. I also realised that I would never have to beat him again to prove it we better than him. Are you smaller than him? He has got the Silas hours a little bigger this time, maybe five to ten pounds. He was maybe one sixty eight pounds, one. Seventy four. Now he was sixty eight kilos and I was seventy four kilos sugar. Yes, you get your black belt and that's you know. This is always an interesting thing when you when, when someone you know you get that add John someone, that's been beating You for your whole life. Yes was a very special feeling, because
I have him as my idle as my coach as my main trading partner and but at the same time, I might go was beating him because no other way, I have to change this pattern. I have to be the best, so my goal as a student, these to be better than mine, teacher and when I got achieved that I felt like somehow was was not here. was it only positive? Do I felt because I put him in a bed side in a bad mood or feeling he was not exactly the best anymore. He's number You saw was a sad thing for me and was ahead thing for me, but my my my demonstration of love and respect was after that, even though we goin in everything and then I go in here. I got my division you go in his way division and we go both for open.
and before that we close the bracket, because we could not fight before the final vote because we could represent in December. And saw- and finally I always gave it to him- the victory rig, not fighting him and even after I like would be able to beat him. I stew doing this for life. You know I do he pass out. I pass away because you know I felt like He was my I honour his represent the dvd or me, and so he was gonna be number one and I'm not a true for the word. I can be draw delightful to their lives before him, but in the official tournaments, where he goes with me, I never gonna be capable in my honoured in my integrity too, to take his meadow. You know where to find him what you tell him,
better than him, so he was the champion of the family. You he passed away and after he Bass I take it, take do the responsibility for myself. It's when, when I turn with people and arbitrary with them for a long time- and you know I must one day: I'm gonna get you, you know they d that goal one day, I'm gonna get you I always say yeah. Of course, and I say: listen Jujitsu works and if you put a you, you move on me that I didn't it better. I didn't see common will happen. What's gonna happen, yeah, that's the way it works. Jujitsu works, it's beautiful thing. That's we train for how. You have a situation here where you had a little lesson learned. He said growing so dominant competition that, when I stepped on the mat,
and the referee said: go. The crowd would begin to check chant ten nine, seven hundred and sixty. If I didn't submit my opponent and ten seconds, they would start counting again, even as a black belt. My only due to fight that went more than five minutes came after the judges robbed my brother Hoyer of win against one of my cousin Karlsson students, my final match was in the open class was against Carlson's two hundred and forty pounds heavyweight. I was so upset that I decided that I wanted to make him suffer after I got him down. I mounted and just put unbearable pressure on him. I was fighting my actual opponent. Instead, I was trying to punish Karlsson for robbing toiler. I'm gonna wasn't that guy everything I was doing was fuelled by ego and anger, and I was working against myself because my emotions were negating all my precision and martial artistry,
spinning my wheels as if I were on ice going nowhere. I was just blindly punishing him until until holes yelled eight minutes are up. I was shocked to see the irish because that was too long. I say: to my senses, got matter myself and easily submitted him afterwards. I realise that I'd never wanted to fight like this again, because I was putting emotion before reason although nobody else realize it at the time. I learned an important lesson that day that it was. state to fight emotionally because emotions blinded me. Yes, I think the, biggest experience of having that matter was on my first flight to Zulu, which I was nineteen. He was thirty something years old. He have one hundred and twenty five and only four draws and one hundred and twenty victories. So he was a professional vale. Tudo got no holds bar fighter, and I was just you know watching my my dad talking in the
when we for his manager trying to set up somebody to fight him and my dad said: no man, I'm sorry for them. I don't have nobody to fight this guy because you know we are and then I I Catch did the conversation dad please put me in. And look at me and said Furthermore, I have it here, my son, we nineteen years old, you may want to try and what said? No master? No, no he's not he's my son to try out for a cue guy stuff he's mean inasmuch as the guy trade. taught my dad out of the deal my debts, you get emotional, but I think I'm gonna put him because I d like to try the kid see how goes so and then set up a fight for me with this Zulu guy, and I want you to do his state, the capital and in the day of the fight-
We engage, he has a scanner typical move, he does, which goes in one hand between your legs and connect. You and then left everything can throw your back on the floors from China, Got the good old man and his style how much damage Zulu way about two hundred thirty and he's just a beast. of a human. You said he had a hundred and somethin fights. Yes, he was There are two dogs, he has no sharp techniques, but he was just a very intuitive Animal very flexible, very strong, very me- and you know a very complete fighter for the time, And I was To dealing with him in as equals straight move, and this is I'm sorry for interrupt you, but this is your first actual fight that you're ever going to fight my first value to them at yes. Officially on the ring and how many people are at this right about ten thousand
thousand people- and you have the Gracie name yes at Stake- yes, You're, nineteen years old, yes, how much are you way about once I mean seventy four kilos, Sir by one one. Seventy sometime another year, seventy five year so why would he set Gummy? He coming for the great move I kind of under Do I can't hold his his shoulders and his head was down. So I hate him with my knee destroy guess heed the solid heat I could imagine possibly give somebody and after the heat boom, he just left his he lifted his hand head shook his face like speed up to. and gun like nothing happened and I get scared I get me, I thought they gonna kill. The guy he's just shook his in his head, so we start you back to the do. They do the engage,
Then we draw me out of the ring. I went back again and get him in the back, but many times heat him with daily he threw himself out of the ring and we start again and again after the first rank. Ten minutes we stop and I was dead. Tired So I was crawling through my corner and when I get back once said dead, I quit. I cannot go any one. I'm exhausted Dead, not even hear me, he said, always where's, the new we wanted now we're gonna kick his ass. You gonna do a bed, I'm serious. I start to. I wish my dead trying to play my gaze university and I'm disaster. And do you not even listen to me that you gave them my brother Hallstatt Romeo? But could we ve water ice in my head? and then the ring the bell rings and back to the action like my dad said three minutes after he was sleepy. I could get his back. He was dying to choke him out.
And then I realized my worst enemy was my mind was, worst enemy. I could ever have you. Somebody inside your brain value is time to quit. You're not gonna handle the guy strong So I realize, if I was Firstly myself. I was done so I not have this enemy, this powerful enemy hanging on my head, all the time so I decide now. I will fight to die, but I'm not gonna quickening, queries, not my word anymore: either we're gonna die or I iguana win, but no quitting. So was maybe the biggest lesson inaction I have ever have because I once then how you're aboard mindset can can really kill you from within And I understood that in from that on, I was just putting all my mental spirit
physical in one direction and daughter directions us only death, nor have we No, I think I've done nothing like this, so my brother's has the idea of something happened through the Tao because I'm not gonna quit Sir that's gonna make me happy because I become a water and a good direction and takes my dad for don't let me queasy. and sometimes a bed choke and Gue Lubeck Abed coach can kill you. If you hear sapped your your moments, you know, so you have to transcend that Ghana, panicking in and just back to normal and regain confidence and after I learn that I was completely different. Guy are much more superior entity in terms of putting everything should get off my back. It was
together always- and I felt like I was a bless, my that now I'm going to ask you how you changed, or what did you learn from that fight from a training perspective? What You do different, but I know that this is in this time of this when you got way into into doing yoga with Orlando Conny. Yes, I was a little before their toga, because. Cease by twelve year old, when I told myself on the carpet, Philly did did panicking the Castro phobic feeling was always glow to me a little bit. I always been an athlete. I always run forever training forever in young guy was always be natural for me being competitive in and fight and do whatever but in one point, if you don't. if you don't master breathing. When you get to tide.
Et confuse you get your mind. Fading away is not ex enough oxygen in your brain. in your muscles, for you too few clear mine and still getting tired and still sharp. So I like was always a lack of this. You know this profound understanding, And one day, because my mother, he pulled, should we yoga in one point, and I did- and I start because I didn't like it- transcends though meditation which make you seat and repeat that mantra for awhile and statue opener. My. I also believe that by sleepy almost all the time- and I didn't adapt much by the Bye dad saw was not for me and then friend recommend mutual London Guinea, which was army, been thoughtless champion. he was also yoga teacher and it was Start to develop some kind
exercising with movement and breeding, which can be very helpful, so I went back to the sky, and he knows my dad he's very friendly. Guy said: okay, so goes through the glass and products before so I start to go into his glass. We father people in stature products. And right on the second time he said he had some, you very flexible, very strongly in the top high athlete I like to teach you personally, because it can improve your speed. I can improve you personally more than their the class said great, so I started doing with him a couple of times a week only privately with here
his place, which is meters and one side, has the did the wall and has the would attach on the wall, for you to hang so from here to the roof, always would scan it. So you play different games and you sometimes we emit data monkey. Sometimes we need data. Are you a jet crocodile or whatever? So you play animals and moves and breeds, and Such teach me toward the diaphragm matic breathing and that's go in for a mind for two months, almost three months on that one day we about EAST initiate products, he said Hickson, I'm in the form the bell rings, the phone rings and he said you keep doing, because I want to take the and come back so for the first time, I was doing the exercising without a leader,
nor was folly. I was improvising myself to do in my thanks and breeding and do in my things, inbreeding breathing. And thinks Goin and then eventually I opened my eyes like wake up and I was hanging on the top on the top wall on the top Would in the wall side hanging like a monkey dream sweat and I opened my eyes and I'm gonna start, stand when I was a kind of wake up, and I saw all the city I mean standing up on the corner and and he said to me: gonna crying a little bit said: Hickson. I dont think you need me anymore, because you achieved it. Highest level. I said why you say that must weigh say that to me you here for an hour in fifteen minutes, and I quote a few times: I try to get it
fashion and you're gonna love. You cannot even hear me you completely animate meditative state of mind empty mind. Do thanks: breeding movie and Now you just wake up you now you just put yourself cautious again before was just reflexes and subconscious mind. And I realize I could achieve meditative state of mind empty mine too, that products so to that products which I start you doing in my academy on the beach I statute. And breeding and are much more profound do you not only to help me mechanically, not only to help me to to. Charge myself in em, we view my energy from the oxygen instead of point.
but also to give me some kind, a meditative state of mind, empty mine, be drunk we'll, be able to control my emotions. So this products become a central part of my life, because by breeding I could be able to not only have a better functional, strengthen and ability to recover fast. from tiredness, but also which is very interesting, ease the lungs because the heart in the brain, I don't u organs, who are able to give in receiving information. So sometimes you can get affected by reading Betty may we can get a stress immediately, get effected Sometimes you see something which is relevant, somebody love or some by touch you, few immediately emotionally by the heart is not there getting formation and we can send information for you and said: I'm not happy some,
the care of me, I'm not happy the care of me, I'm very exhausted, so you're tired, your heart, can tell you. Brain all. I'm confused stress, I'm afraid, I'm out of my so the brain, the heart: are there to be controlled by the lungs? The lungs are the most fast, the most effective way for you to deal directly with the brain, and we ve your heart.
For example, we should hear you just reading Betty may, when you stress. If I keep that routine for three minutes, no stress can keep on, because I have to control. I have to
the great motion and feasting and movement. the movement together and as a statue play on this. Nothing can be like. I do not think about all the time to travel. I have to go to send your which more I have to give my daughter whatever it is. You have to refresh because the way you breathe, you can really clear mine. The way you breathe you can lawyer had rates for fighting. For example, I was doing like I get an event three hours before the event. My fight, So I go to the locker room sleep out in the half hour. Forty minutes by we. Why just really my relax breathing? Can sleep deeply wake up one hour before the fight War myself up for forty five minutes, we my had been met
reach two hundred. Sixty hundred forty two really break the sweat and make sure I'm cool and thence for five minutes and being my had Rachel. Sixty five hundred pod beats a minute so, I was deeply raw hot ready to go with my had been too So I see my letter, opponent and other side of the ring jumping around he's already. Eighty five, ninety, So when I engage engage not to talk to me, some kind, a nice reading, my treachery. press the gas in Glasgow for power, we do everything we can do so you find struggle. You cannot rest. You have to keep up with me. So. When I made you a hundred then when I'm home then hundred fifty when we are when I'm a hundred. Fifty already trying to add so you start to regroup in stature city for air and that's time normally, where mistakes
happen, and I really make if the close the deal. So breeding become my best friend, not only to control my emotions to keep my my my heart rate and the best performers to recoup so to be controlling ban a trolley emotions. become counter strategies. Everything coming from this capacity with the into control yourself by breeding. So I felt like was a great addition to my my products in makes a huge in my life. This is something that I I connected the dots on a few years ago, because people would ask me, I would say: listen when things are going bad, you have to stay calm. If you have to you have to learn how to do no control your emotions and then don't get all excited about something with things are going wrong we know. How do you do it. In one of the things that I realise that I would do is
so in the military know, you have a radio with you and were you when you talk the radio everybody can hear you and in the military It's very frowned upon if you get on the radio, and you our emotional. If you scream help over here, if you panic, like this so every time I ever talked on the radio. The goal was to never sound panicked, never sound emotional, no matter what was going on sound, very calm and cool, So that means whenever things were going crazy and I was about to have to get on the radio. What would I have to be very brief? I had to take a breath. and so it's the same thing. It's just something I was doing so and I could use Well, I guess we're gonna get again not talking radio It is a java. We need about ten more guys down this building right now and that mean
taking control of my above. My breath also would help me get into controlled emotional state. Where I'm not losing my mind. Yes, that's very powerful from Jujitsu. Yes, because you know did did the breeding system or because you stay seven days without food. You stay three days without water. Fire me without oxygen was already dead ass, so. Efficiency of the british system. very needed and people take this for granted. They don't like you, I I I get slap on the birthplace, and you alive and well, and you can leave like you, don't do any breathing like a biceps. It's like your your your strategies, your techniques, your shoes if you don't training the breeding system you gonna work with Forty percent less the cup of the cup capabilities to really
fresh yourself, hyper, ventilate, breathing or so to next level of understanding. Because If you get died and you don't know how to happen, ventilate, you get died in your mind. Statue phase, two faded it'll be such making poor decisions. You start you get completely off your game because he's no occasion to enough for the brain in the in the body We should know how to hyper ventilate. You can have gramps us like all over. You cannot even move well very tight, but your brain is too sharp. You can see these days. You can see the gale smiling. You can see them. Guess you everything you want to see and talk because your brains do fresh and that's it but you have to learn how to hyper ventilate the news, the diaphragm matic breeding, which improve, improves your lifelike at dawn that's all some stuff going.
the book I mean at this time. You also you had met your you met him. Yes, you She got pregnant with your first son. Yes, at this time and she was what some kind of a model some kind of a share of the euro was the forest responses, surfer girl in Brazil. She was doing, hang gliding. She was a top model for fashion. She do some some models for four soap operas and stuff, so she was pretty pretty hot girl at the time, fast forward a little bit here you have your first son says the nineteen. Eighty two was a bitter sweet one. I was now the father of the sun I'd always dreamed of, but I also suffered a devastating loss in June holes and his family
For a family weakened in the mountains, holes noticed his old hang lighter, were strapped the roof of a car in front of his hotel. It turned that the owner was a friend of a friend, even though my other had promised his wife, Angela, that he would would hang gliding after it had several close calls and friends had died in accidents. He made arrangements to go the next day. The following the conditions were very bad because there was no wind, if he's got his mind set on something. However, there was saying no to him Although the owner of his old hang lighter did not want to go because he thought it was too dangerous. Host locked him into letting him use it for just one flight. My brother ran down the ramp, launched initially got some lift but then begin spiral and he hit the ground. Ninety yards from the ramp. His friend Rand over ran into the overgrown forest and from my brother hanging upside down with his eyes wide open. Although we looked for
Refine his neck was broken and halls was dead. I received the news over the phone and it took seconds, to know that my life would never be the same. Not only have I lost an idle, a teacher and my favorite brother, but I was now officially the family champion. now I would have to answer all the challenges and lead the next generation of greasy fighters I was now my family's last line of defence has affected our family dynamics dramatically. Holes had brought the two sides together because he was Carlos, his son, but by earlier. He acted. a bridge between the two sides, the family, but now that bridge was gone forever. Tragic! Yes, I know
My my my original teacher Fabio Santa yeah, he was originally hosty as well. Yes, he was an end. I wish he'd, where he talked about holes, was always just elevated. Beyond belief. Yes, father has a passion for horse not only for the kitchen in danger to guide and inspire him too. to do the best when they also have a watching Cuomo, you know D, the go out together, they saw a good friend saw, was devastating for five years. At this time. On top of all this, you start to have this kind of famous or infamous right We without due to leave refiners yes,. And had some mom had
my interest in interesting things going on there again this this book is so filled with. So many of these details that people will be interested in. Meanwhile, you you, you have a daughter right. Yes, your first daughter and then a second daughter, yes or no now you're up to three kids and again, these are all things that are detailed in the book in all kinds of interesting stores around that you also say the Gracie Clean continued due to divide along bloodlines, while Torreon was trying to establish our more flights to the United States, Carlos grew Junior was going in a different direction and Brazil, and primarily focusing on a competitive, formal jujitsu that come known as sport jujitsu. And this is what I one thing I appreciated you said- I have little interest in the politics of Jujitsu, three children to support. I wanted to a valet Tudor professionally and the only place to do than outside of Brazil was in Japan.
this point: oriented move to America, yes, and- and- You're looking Adam. Possibly fighting Japan, yes, going with my friend to Japan, to see if I can find some I was having a letter of introduction to want twenty knock. You, which was ambassador in Japan, very famous wrestler, and I tried to find of pick a fight, threw him in Japan. So I was there, but I was you know, wasn't I could not achieve my goal, and back to Brazil, and then you have Chrome is born yes and Now things are really seem to be eaten up with the loot delivery academy, and if there is one point You guys drove over to the
to leave it to account about God. Yes, you say here we walked in, and twenty or thirty fighter stop training and stared at us, Marco, who s rock, walked over and greeted us everyone's very respectful at first I told who us that I heard he wanted to fight me, and I was there to fight it. Said that he wanted to fight, but that, wouldn't that he would four months to prepare made me feel that he was more interested in capitalizing on the fight, then prove proving himself, which piss me off. I was the one who walked into the lions den ready and willing to fight for nothing but honour its. to get heated and my dad step between us to calm things down, and then you have here, Duarte Kindest stepped in and and do you know saying hey I'll fight you too, and then you said I had a friend tell you go to meet me at paper beach on Saturday, I got sick we can fight and was thinking about, postponing it until my messenger called and said it's all set Hugo.
be there on Saturday now I knew there was no backing out source r d well and get ready to get to the beach. You get to the beach. I walk up to you, go and slapped him in the face he golf assurance animals. We begin to rest on our feet until I was able to drag into the ground Hugo use my ponytail to control my head and stood back up. He fell on top of me. Then I swept them, but my need. buried in the sand and Hugo escaped we stood cup and smashed into vendor stand that we went down on the ground again with the crowd surging all around us. I mounted again give wrapped him and begin to punch him in the face, will there was nothing could do to stop the punches when I ass, you go if you wanted to give up. He said you'll have to kill me, so I a blasting him with punches in elbows. After a few more both the face. He changed his mind and said: ok, stop I let him go
that's another where you can find on Youtube and its problems billion less. Fast forward, a little but a week later, a sleeping when my friend pulled up in front of the apartment on his motorcycle scream takes in those motherfuckers invaded your dad's academy point. That seems like a bad move, It is like a real bad news, but was crazy. They cannot, because the coming for revenge will was prepare fora for next year. Was not happy with what happened on the beach as they walking, maybe about three or four miles: walk from from a different areas: the city at an inn,
some of the guys were with him, are coming from. The gate was, you know like gangbanger, so they come in. We flake, deface, Matt, masks and face guns, knives bottles. I mean all crazy diaper, not only fighters but also gangbanger. So when are you getting to the school when I go about? I was getting in my friends motorcycle he can't shoot. I saw I was going back to school on his mind, motorcycle and I saw about two hundred people in front of the school I half off the street, already we flow of guy, so the traffic was jam that so I get into we from my bike with my friends bike insight inside the crowd and immediately go up to this there's only two into the school, and I mean to will coming down with my father in other guys like about twenty new delivery, guys they still.
and so we all meet in the middle of the stairs, so I said, let's go down and talk and fight, so we went down to the parking lot and I I might call him with his coach and another guy who fought harder afterwards. Eugenie of the deal they went to a corner and my father in law, We talk, and I said you say a man. I respect you. I see you come here revenge- and I accept that when you brought along bad guys. I want a guys who has no integrity, no, no fighters. If somebody touch it before it is over. You gonna end up on the deep sometime. I promise you wanna beyond a doubt very soon. Now no space fight for man, man to man me a new nobody, gonna teach the fight is just me. Ok, so let's go back to the crowd and, let's fight, so then we gonna Greta circle on the concrete
crowded around me and him and why felt like from the first got the previous fight, he felt like you. Missing. They stand up game. Who was missing? Punch me in the face somebody told him, maybe all. You should start fighting him punch. You know grapple him, just slice, tell him he's a stand. He was looking for heat me hard. You know am I played dummy. I play a kind of you to unaware and expect he's back when he mainly for direct. I deflected His body leave, throw him on the ground and bang him on the concrete mount. Start bunch him on the head. He protect his face. I put my hands on the top of his head and pushes head against noted the floor a couple of times and his soft up a little bit
and then he said, quick. Stop! Stop stop stop! So I stop it stand up. He stood up and said: o came in. I respect what is open for us. Now several came and I respect or to have a potential. You know you can become a great fire. So we shook hands and, as we start to chew, to finish there to terminate hours problem. While you start your phone did their eugenic that deal right there and confused. Student into putty scummy and one guy we oppose sky, very short guy with a cigarette and mistake. I cannot forget this guy. He go machine and issued on the roof, so the bullets, the roof and coming down he'd somebody on the lag and stuff Now I want to see you want to fight, and I was very fine, so
wireless fight was postponed for next week. They fought again with the same guy, but might deal with is resolved. how to fight with oil ago was a draw because we put damn guys from the delivery, then guys from Jujitsu Auditorium close doors and higher. We fight the guy today right so intense, they start to fight Weiler, get punch in the face and was the tooth. And then the fight continues why they control the guy. He put the guy, bad position, but not so meeting. and the guy said. Ok, I want to quit. If I was no better, if I was smart, I said, ok stop Heiner win, but I was beast and was gonna see, Heiner revenge, the bunch,
Ok, why don't you just stop the fight? If you want a fool, if you don't wanna, do keep fighting keep building this guy, and the guy. The formal delivery stood opposite boy by US notes. Pushy mom I pushing down like sit down here, shut up, the guy was quitter, you know it was not a tough and brave guy, so he don't want to fight it boutique. So why you did that to know if they go to fighting today, and so they keep fighting and eventually quieter, it died in both get. I saw the agreed to stop. We want to stop ok, stop, so they stop and was a draw. Was should stop defied sooner and make lighter three. But it was not exactly for me. It was not the politics or the was just the you know. The guy does deserve some points in the face and hide it missed you get it so, for me was missing point what I want to see happen and didn't happen
Hoyer he's he's. I train with oil. Learn in you, ve helped us out of the academy here allotment. What a great jujitsu player he is he's a water Fisher hundred percent it's kind of a kind of cool. You know you talked a little bit about forgiveness already today, but you you say this in the book. Looking back today on the fight between you do to allude to leave ray, I see them. differently at the time we re all young men, full of aggression and testosterone. The rivalry between our two martial arts made all of us better fighters, steel, sharp and steal. We should be grateful for the fact that we always had the ability to fight one another respectfully, although there black eyes bloody noses, unbroken teeth, are we're always one on one and were governed by honour and mutual respect. It was part of the natural competitive process It was no accident that Marco who ass, who go Duarte, Denison Maria Eugenie, to do
my brothers and some my cousins, and I would all go on to fight mix martial arts professionally in America and Japan. Definitely I'm a good attitudes. Have yes competitive, but respectful against these other guys yes be easily is on, or between fighters you know is not about, is not something we ve had to having dared. You have to have respect, that's part of the code. You know something I highly appreciated the next chapter in this book is coming to America. You say there is little left for me to proven Brazil at that point. America is a bigger stage and more opportunity, and I thought Kids would have a brighter future there. When I decided to move to the U S came and I have been separated for over a year and a half I went to see and told her. I would like her to come with me and the kids and give our relationship another chance. She agreed to my offer. I wonder, make a fresh start.
I might have been the best fighter in the Gracie family Hoary and was by far the best promoter of Gracie Jujitsu. born salesmen with a great product to sell and nothing spread. You do jujitsu more than the portable video camera. After horrid and hurrying to America. He began challenging fighters from other styles at videotaping. The bouts footing from these and other fights transformed what would have been urban myths into documented truth to eight hoary on put together a video called Gracie inaction, which he ties in the back of martial arts magazines and sold by mail order. There you go. That's That's the beginning, he had great there, that's when the word started to get out, because you hear it to see it as something totally different. Yeah I mean that's a brilliant marketing move, hey common fight, anybody
The common fight, common fight, we're gonna, video it and we're gonna show it to the world is that's a brilliant move, I think so too. He was a genius on that. I know we'll Fabio monitoring of fabulous. He had had some of those videos that won't even in the videos shown to us, like on a special Friday night, get to watch them some real greasy inaction. Videos. Both arms get broken because they didn't want to tap exactly you go on here. Are students regularly fond one challenge matches against other fighters and then convert them into students, Chuck Norris for one the actor Eric and martial arts icon was not only a great supporter but was also dedicated student, who eventually earned his black belt eighteen. Eighty snores took a vacation in Rio everywhere he went heard about greasy jujitsu and the exploits of my family Norris contacted my dad and arrange to have a private lesson after I got filled with him, my dad told nor to mountain, and when he's he did said
chuck punch me, there american peasant, but my dad was was in his seventies by then, but Elio kept, insisting finally nor drew back his arm to punch, but before could throw one. The old man, opium out chalk left Brazil and power by the Gracie family invited us to come to America and hold a seminar for students fast. Boredom hurry on in the actor had a disagreement over money. This is, after one of those seminars, Chuck Norris, hired our cousins, the Machado Brothers, Carlos Higgins, harsher job shocking John, to teach him. The Machado came from a more stable upper middle class background than we did. Their father was a judge and they did not grow up and real. Not only were they much more reasonable than hoary on. They were great. did you fighters and teachers in their own right.
Cousin, Jean Jacques Machado, isn't inspiring person who went on to become one of the greatest Jujitsu teachers in America, born with only a firm and part of a pinky on one of his hands, Jean Jacques learned how to adapt and in improvise better than any one. I had ever seen his jujitsu both intensely personal and creative. So he had the Machado brothers. Now teaching Chuck Norris, yes, but you did there's that there's nerve it there's a video of you going against Chuck Norris, isn't is a little stake on their video, vetoing. The seminar very strong dog browned guy was a Chuck Norris. Goods Oh okay, I fighting with my check at that time got it. I spiraled, should I teach him a few times and I spar with him through that. So he knows our power, but the tranny was not with him at the time,
you when you showed up and in America Union Speak unit speaking english word hoary. In order to speak English, he come be proud that he coming few times to America in the seventies and start so you he love here the culture in stature, learning in working different jobs and try to make Hollywood work as an actor s stent men. So he was, and he likes to speak dealing, so he he learned very quickly. In effect, fast forward a little bit even though Alia wanted hoary on to lead the greatest in America. It was easier said than done. There were just too many of us moving in different directions and hormones, efforts to control the clan backfired after if and to sue members of the Gracie family, whom he had grown up with on the mouth, for using their own Gracie last name, many family members surrendered Gracie judge.
You got renamed brazilian Jujitsu. I believe that my brother had allowed everyone to use our family name are. Marshall are would still be called Gracie Jujitsu today and perhaps- even bigger than it is I wanted to mention that partner book, because I think ECHO Channel and I get asked at least ten times a week. You know. I trained greasy jujitsu, are presented to what's the difference between the two. Is there a difference between the two and I think you summed it up right. There are pretty well, I think we start doing jujitsu. In the protocol, where you have to learn self defense, you dont have you no required to use collar belts, nor collar belts at that time So I student can be ten years. A student in still white belt and destructor will be forever a dark blue belt. So that's was their reference and Danny Sixty five, my father stature, greatly
duration, because demand has grown up big and a lot of people try to training stories about ukrainian rules for the federation, for the sport, Jiu Jitsu and that's a start, the difference between the color belts, because, if you ten years white belt you going to be better than a six months white belt and if they is not fair to put them to compete. So let's make a blue belt purple belt to create the reference. Not only for products but for competition, because a new warrior is not going to be a food water. So let's make different rankings and that's was the process for callers belts. Was the evaluation of levels and stuff, so we ve this juice, Becomes also I sport Jujitsu has points Mouth position, Troy and as the self Defense aspect, which led you to a more open
situation. If somebody coming before knife, if two against one, if the guy coming to punch me Asians, no position, So you start to open your mind two possibilities for unpredictable situations. I guess a knife against a bunch with fight with glove without so, we start to become a more open mine, so we ve coming to America, after especially after her voice, Keaton someday. You see, people but you see wow what this kid did with the key is so people wanted. Learn Jujitsu. But they also want to competing jujitsu in competition becomes bigger than the actual platform learning jujitsu. We ve self defense. The protocols did the technical protocols for spending. Technically, visual sheets were not just brazilian commies, we Rasputin so fighters to experience for housing.
fight and they come here to display and fight. So in may a greasy jujitsu academies or Brazil budgets, academies people each how to pass a god. He people to challenge you choose to choke or to a foot long, But they don't each girl mutation, Erasmus controls, knife attacks and in and fighting without glows folly fight. Mikey saw because that lack of Formation competition budgets becomes much bigger than the self defense refugees. And I'll anyone can do, but as it can, fight can best. God can do so but not anyone knows the total grace issues use which self defence and more elaborate techniques for self defense like they do. They lie forcemeat programmes or the situations which require more techniques. So that's based
today is a big difference. When people refers gracious Jujitsu, they go more towards the traditional aspect of the art in and when talking about, President Jujitsu didn't really organise competition, but they said They're all the same, we lack of information. You know in both sides. Because sometimes now you see defence academies who have no fighting, excuse they more like self defence, the others other academies, these they have fighting skills, but they have zero self defense saw is what of the movement to breed those together for the perfect academy, become a centre of knowledge and projects for competition, not only competition or no, not only self defence, yeah, but I don't know if this is positive or negative, but I just just refer to all of this. As you get through now, yet aren't even aren't even say brazilian Nazi, say Gracie, but it
this to me. Jujitsu is all of it. I agree and- and that's not just me- I should say that's when I talk to everybody in the general community, they decide to do jitsu, so You used to have to say: well, it's different cases. Gracie Jujitsu, where this is presented is because you had japanese jujitsu and always now jujitsu issues, what you're doing May I make my federations Jujitsu global federations, no bigger j or no self. The own resources be judge. These refugees jujitsu relation to think that some of the confusion also comes from because you have like Gracie Academy of Gracie Baja of greasy from Mighta there's, so many grit, like officially named academies and in places that have Gracie in it. Yes, we are question is if we refute. What do you think that that adds to the confusion? Enough for me also took, so we end up how Jackson we end up eventually just calling a duty to do. You think that that added to the like the committee.
one of the separation right now the situation becomes very, very complex. Does the brazilian Jujitsu states tournaments in competition? grace, as usual, is more traditional and jujitsu embraces everything I believe talking about. Jujitsu is the perfect way now to deal with the situation, because it is just use Youtube and and how you pratix will determine make the determination if you going to be a mma fighter, if you want to be a police officer, if you want to be just the practitioner or if you want to compete. So all this is getting. Today Jujitsu Category, which I believe now he's from here to the future becomes Jujitsu d Do you fired? You know anything about, like Greece, greasy Bauhaus,
comes off is like one that they focus have heavy on competition. Yes, is the deep into the thicket? Yes, because girls, Greece, junior witches, did president of debt J J F felt like more. He feeds the tournaments squeeze. Students Better for him as a profit better for him as a growing the politics of Jujitsu, so he's emphasising the competition element and creates US team around that which is very strong Gracie by another team like alliance or check, MAC or or other deems the old. coming in that same pattern, so is a very big for is a very good for the sport. Yes, so you is there options goes that's a lot of time. The question right words like oh, I don't know what to choose and why and all this they just kind of want to start. But then they here like also to some academies,
on sport Jiu, which might not be aligned with my interest- yes, I feel like whatever is used to petition today, who is bluebell maybe a hundred give up before get the bluebell at least you're putting the perspective with Jujitsu Poodle. confronting yourself everything You go to me academy. You have to somehow put prove yourself show yourself is like a tough enough. Resilient enough capable to job creation, right, as you saw, is a challenge there. The average whose you'd academy for everything to those who come in to try to use its road. Eight we leave in less than six months. because somehow he's not only should the techniques I should
That connects you, love it and then Repeat you love the glass. at the end of the glass say: ok, ECHO Sidney lay down John Mount. John, you tried to keep your position. Echo try to escape at this point. We! Leave the wild wild white melts them. That's from patients can lead to a little root movement that you violence or you know sometimes the guys too young too aggressive. So you want to deal with a beast which you you recognize as your worst nightmare and you have to basic because for the war say, ok, the guy kick my ass. True they're gonna go back detriment tomorrow, gonna fight, think so, to have we been your your capacity be resilient to be tough to be competitive.
So when you have this, no matter the road, the bumpy road ahead of you, you gonna get from Jujitsu everything he can give you because you have you have did they did the balls. You have the courage to go there and put yourself dare to try to learn. Some days, you're gonna, get heard some days. You gonna hurt somebody by that's part of the products, for Ninety percent of people- they don't have they get short on that capacity so the Spirit ass usual and they say way. Man, I love Jujitsu, but it's not. For me, I working computers, I'm hot is you know you guys are if you can do for me, I'm very gentle, I'm a doctor, I'm so so they not involved in that Brad Tax, because in one point, is not that ethics use what they have in their hearts. You noise, their courage is their resilience, is their capacity to handle. Bain is compelled so the elements lucky for you. If you like of those elements, you basically north
yourself feeding in any Academy of Jujitsu, because you have to rule. my idea of the future for Jujitsu to create a levelling jujitsu, where you experiment the essential sensitive is essential, Jujitsu eustache breeding. You stay feeling the leverage restart your feeling, the angles. You're such a few invisible power, you statue, Few York Action, your reflexes, your defenses for sake of knowledge for this of being prove you have a chance, but at least for the first year of products You should not have an opponent you should have only training partners. This way you gonna have. A guy who gonna spearmen, Jujitsu gonna love. The techniques can understand their strategy. Any I pray you gonna must wait. You gonna get feed you gonna, get you know.
We don't want his knowledge, but not you, All the time not to be able to go in and be a fighter a competitor This way we would Did we ve issues? Yet we can help is gives you can help anyone in this. full circle. But if visuals uterus, traditional competition is Dr Youtube to chew, due to be on that lead, sometimes you fall short because you don't wanna be anatomy, so the idea of give users jujitsu something I never ever find. Somebody who don't like suits. Depends. How will we be introduce depends how you're practically is so you an appeal for the good good for the tough kid for the bully for the forty shy one. They all love jujitsu. If I don't put for this, I wonder pressure for him to quit, so you got After all, you want I'll. Do we want to work to do
for the bully. I gonna give him not only all of Oliver Fujitsu, but I'm gonna put put him to compete for him to start to respect others be more mellow in gratitude sway help the Buddha can help the shy one again have did the soft wound up the oak and learn, but in a different patterns, saw what I tried to accomplish and am in. when my time in my lifetime use be able to create a programme, We ve lost any one in the family. Without do do this this, the idea off prove yourself prove capable, because when you put that gonna challenge a lot of people not and enjoyed the capacity doing in job and in the development of their selves thinking about it from a surfing perspective, because I know echoes, echoes planning to start surfing,
If I said, ok welcome the surfing echo and we took him up to mavericks in half bay, with twenty four day or by bloody our pipeline by mavericks, even better, though, because it's up whatever fifty you degree water, it's freezing cold, its foggy, it's dark and their sharks. Urinating gonna go out. If you only get a paddle out well, you're, not even though the latter are only one. So so that's like got going to, firstly, of digital winners of guinea. two hundred and twenty down twenty one year old, blue belt, that's get ready to crush the purse, that your showed up that once a year in some academies you gonna have a bad experience in the first day and and other academies you been protected for one of the second month. So you say: ok now it's time for each one, a glass forty, five minutes. Ok, now you gotta stop. Let's keep rolling guys. You guys get role. Even so you pay that somebody from ruling for one or two but in one point
you have to allow him to rule and that then that drop off. We start from that point where new statutes. Stand yourself as hell to ruin all the time and sometimes can be completely depressive for many soul. taking that challenge. Taking that compromise to compete allowed yourself to go there to enjoy yourself is, is the is the key for bringing more people to the bed? fits of Youtube so because I see like Jujitsu can help you. In a minute, Huge spectrum, not only hope you on the mat but outside of the match. So sometimes you, you practice Youtube You become common, become better father, better police officer is just for the products you know. So it's a very important element of self confidence do self steam in an end
so long, so is something we all can do, regardless your as your desire to compete or to really fight Well, I'm glad it's gone, words go and because it seems to keep growing you're. Sure, you also! You know you hear you mention that at it. not only is worrying trying to control all this Please also got guys like hands, oh common, in whose veto great teacher. You said Andrea, came a father figure to his younger brothers, how often high and into many others, by the time you arrived in America, he was already leading many, the younger graces and other friends who lack direction. Hence it was a born fighter who, rather and getting scared and dangerous situations got focused. Hence it would go on to be one of the most successful Jujitsu teachers in America.
meanwhile, you had you say the West allay Karate school rented me their school on pico boulevard. In an industrial section of LOS Angeles, it was a traditional japanese karate school complete with raised wooden platform and oil. Painting of an old, japanese karate master hot in the summer and cold in the winter. My school had no sign, no parking, no windows, no showers, and it was almost impossible to find. I can vouch for that, but I was a family champion in California, was buzzing about the about greasy judges, who did not take long for dangerous men from all over the world to to find this run down. Karate dodo, tucked away in an alley next to an auto body shop, most of my first generation of students were aspiring professional fighters, lifelong Marshall, artists from other styles, surfers or professional men of action who use physical force in their daily occupations, soldiers, cops prison guards and bouncers. That's what I mean by
dangerous someone to learn, while others just wanted to test their skills against us, but in the end almost all became dedicated greasy jujitsu students. My people. Academy was a neutral environment. Will you You had to leave your preconceptions and prejudices in the locker room. I didn't It onto the mats, you certainly did not, this. I thought this was interesting because you say this about common to American. We first came to the U S came and I were working our asses off just to get by while life on the map was always the same life. Often that was more difficult, because Amerika was so different from Brazil, like the United Its Brazil had been a colony, but it was the it was one where the Europeans at first want primarily to fill their boats with golden emeralds and go home. Contrast America, had been much more idealistic, had a much more idealistic constitution and grew into a more orderly society, literally people here It things I'd never seen before
dotted line, stop fortress fact lights and mostly o paid the law. These. These may seem like obvious requirements for a workable society, but to me for me was a strange new world. My transition to living in american society was not always so smooth. You got some stories about some of the things you went through there. The end is the same for for your kids, and you say this moving moving was probably hardest for hawks and not your oldest son and a few short months, he'd gone from being the prince of Rio. To being just another skinny hispanic, looking kid in California, public school who didn't speak, English is being physically small compared to mostly american kids, made him in secure all, Yes, all classes in the world can help that one morning came out of his room to go to school, with football, shoulder pads under shirt and insist on wearing them to school. I said no of course, but I saw right into the source of his pain enough
become a leader hawks and tried to overcompensate with aggression, become extry and became extremely reckless in order to prove himself he would accept. Any challenge and fight anyone when I sent him to elementary school torrents. You want to fight every kid there at least once a month. The Prince Board call me screaming: oxen fought six kids today he doesn't understand the rules, a basketball and won't. Let the other kids have the ball. Another time hawks and came up with a backpack full of candy. He told me bullshit story about how we found it, but I knew stolen it even by punishing him, did little to correct is behaviour I a fighter, my entire life. So I understand putting myself at risk, but and was always putting himself at risk, situations that we're not rational or intelligent. This traded, always been him? He was very young when he was very young hawks and once said to his sister are going to be rich in prison or dead? Can you may a kid saying that he was dead. Like a magnet to trouble that could easily could have avoided this impasse.
concerned me because it took Cox and out of a go zone of comfort and put Cause we on the edge- I was not Watching another aggressive Gracie growing up, I was watching someone with an unbalanced mental approach to life. When king tried to rein in he became rebellious and defiant toward her. This call strife we came in me because she did not want her kids to be Gracie. Brawlers she'd hope that the move, America would put them on a different track, but it was too late. and was already on herself guided mission to be the greatest Gracie of his generation click. Yes, but for A fighter. Then we get to early ninety. Ninety three Koreans dream of bringing Valley Tudor fighting to America to showcase Jujitsu was about to come true. He asked me to meet with him in his student Hollywood director John Millions and told me that
their backers for the ultimate fighting championships, America's first Valley, Tito event. Finally, opportunity for me to make a name for myself in America this was the opportunity there had moved the United States for now. It was reality when me and told me that he wanted our younger brother hoist to fight in the first tournaments and keep me as a back. In case he lost. I was disappointed. So there you are the first you FC. Yes, you, the fact that you were going to beat the guy I was, short about that. You know I was sure I was the one who represents the family and then harden come with the news voice will do because if he lost you can mop, you come up and back it up and stop. I felt a little tricky with a good situation for her to keep things under control. What I do cuz it is and help her took fight, I gotta backtrack, but what you were going at this time
teaching up at the before you had your studio, your teacher in torrents garage right. I start I come here, rent the how start teaching my garage under hurdles, orders students. He sent me a list of students, so I already food food scheduled for four teachings. What's in their eyes and then we we left the garage and opened the First Academy Doris Academy, and I was keeping teaching private lessons group lessons that helping the whole system of defence. of the academy. There were some seals that came up and trained with you during that time, yes, and no There was one of them was a of old Vietnam seal. a little guy and he he Remember him tell me he was a: u gotta. Try these. They see guys and then another one was a was a ressler.
College wrestler Champion Ressler in American, a big guy who's who's, a good friend of mine and in it Only you to using just go at it. Yes, yeah, I've ever very, very deep respect about about the seals. You know because. and I also met Steve Watkins, which was also a sergeant at the corner, rattled I guess he because he was selecting people. He was dreaming trainer for the seal teams to make this election like the hell weakened, so I know a little bit about the preparing about this situation. Deep. They go through to get grab and ass. You and I was experience, the products we ve them, which emphasizes a lot because When you get tired, you start gecko fuse stature, get doubts. Statue make deport, decisions
see as they get exhausted and debate exactly what they here, so they don't have they don't blink or they don't ask or data have doubts they just their tool. To go to move forward on the emissions, so if measures keep holding the knee, they will hold any unduly best I'll show our training with them, sometimes are done at the academy. Sometimes different places sometimes are the carpet and they drain on the carpet and half hour into training doll bleeding Balistas in and they are even more notice and two or three hours, rest for an hour and other true three hours and they go forever. Any food
the training they think engage, they find it and you say: ok, stop you jump on the way. The day we stop and jump in the way that they dare to obey what so, I'm very press with their focus, their capacity to two completely fear less completely. No doubt dig did believe they be shorter. What they have to sign. A very, very special people, you Know- and I also hear from my students who are a trainer there In some test, for example, you have to go diary, two hundred yards boom and- say: ok, you watch the other corn. You shouldn't make it don't sure don't put your hand up. So, whenever you do get daughter end why standard the one in ninety who sent the guys they try to go for air when they lose their because not just for you to make other side. So. What do we want? These make you best
under the water passionately, sale care gonna die here, but I'm not gonna pull my head on the water and when best out they take you off the survive. You and that's all But your mindset is there to a set deaf took going There is now no problem, don't put your handled, so this Ghana makes law. Guy out a thousand a guy who's able to accomplish. navy seals are guys completely prepared to do what they supposed to do. They have no mind problems they face. whose name is admirable, how they can control their own emotions and how they can stand a pressure in because the wind do whatever they have to do. You know, no matter. If I'm goin that direction we forgot machine, my partner, looking backwards one other go my she looking my back. So if I. Surely here he cannot even turn ahead
to accept I'm take out of my side, so the loyalty did the surrendering did. Trust did did porridge should the high silly. You know just off the roof, so much personal qualities you know It is impossible to know, make a guy like a guy like that, can be shepherd can be anything because he control is mine and a very special way. The fur sky that I trained jujitsu with who was a guy Steve Bailey and he he was probably oh, it level White Bell when I met him and he was an oh, I thought you was another guy thought he was a hundred years old. He was probably about forty or something like that, but he had trained with you guys and yes- and I was in his house- also yeah down down here it's only a year ago and he wished up on the over in Guam
came in said, who here wants to learn how to fight- and I read I was a brand new guy- was a gay. I want to learn how to fight, and I also thought to myself Maybe I can teach you old man, although some you know I'd bomb plan, pretty bad asked myself. I just graduated from seal training, I'm pretty tough and theirs I'll be five of us that that shit up Jeff Higgs another one and wooden Jeff exert this train with father sexual or find your set us back up, and we showed up and again I'm thinking what what old man got for me and he just like us at you I'll, be wiped out at the time, but. You don't like us up in just tap this all out and in tablets all out again and then tat this all out again, and that was my introduction to Jujitsu, and then you get home the only hurt and totally hooked We didn't want to skip over those early days because those are pre legendary days inside the seal teams act so interesting because nobody knew anything. I'm even from that from what Steve Baby taught me. I probably got in
I don't know how many skirmishes like fights but put platoon fight, you know we fight your friend where you're not gonna beat the shit out of em, but you're gonna. Definitely figure out. What's up right, I got into all kinds of those things with my friends and just from what's the Bailey taught me like hey. This is, though this is the elbow escape. This is the Mount this the rear, naked joke. I think I am We just knew the Americana, the rear, naked choke. Unlike the arm locked maybe what guard was a little bit little bit amount that was like enough back in those days, men given alkali the world, a king of the world, in the blinds land, who has won eyes the gig and that's kind of going back the bucket that's kind of how it was four for the first you have see. Oh, it was poise, fight, against people that had no apprehension of Jujitsu really yeah they coming from Different styles was, I was. I was a war of styles. You know get boxers,
two more wrestlers and am wrestlers. The rest is they have no submission to have no striking, you dare not, would completely. Today, you see wrestlers with great strike- excuse great God, God defense than thinks you see, Judah guys with striking skills. You see striker guys with the shoes. It's excuse and rest, so he's a six, but before people represents their own styles. You know it then becomes a huge difference. If you dont know Jujitsu dead on the wood you're dead, I was here too. The z first, you have see afterwards beat the boxer without getting hit, then made can shamrock defied who oppose the biggest threat to him tat in less than a minute his. Four surfaced in the fire. a voice faced a tall dead. I dutch, box or names Gerard go, do Gordo and stop this winning formula when noise took him down to the ground and we just our choking Gordo Bit quizzes ear
after the referee after he freed easier, hoist choked him and when he tapped voice kept choking, not stop until the referee. pride in Moscow to day was interesting. I was watching this right the other day between between hoist and can shamrock. Can Shamrock went do for Walker he'll hook, no hesitation whatsoever horse totally site desire, digits dyke did perfect defence. Do it got up on top gotta got got the position, and people will be like. Oh you know. Four, talks are new right now. He's me: I've been around yeah they ve been around has hoist defended that, like it, was nothing yes which is, impressive, I think for ninety ninety three years. after horse won the tournament less than five minutes of total fighting time. Americans were stunned and amazed by the power and efficiency of Gracie Jiu Jitsu overnight Voice Gracie became the biggest name in martial arts and Gracie Jiu Jitsu exploded in popularity,
thought it was hard to control the gracious, but soon America be flooded with non family members who represent the good, the bad in the ugly of my family's martial arts during the ninety nine he's. An unusual thing happened brazilians when they flew to the: U S, some of their belts, magically turned from blue to brown or even worse, from purple the black. As you just said, in the light of the blind, the one eyed man is king that was a doubt. I mean if the first you have sees were like miraculous for martial arts ye. I was like open. I everybody start your few, something they never felt before was like this meek seed disintegration of, Fights invite people fight differently and engage in the who- so these statutes make up different conclusions about what they see on the movies. You know, like Bruce Liese and Stuff Suez. They can kick
lights, forty people in nothing happened, and they start. You feel, like little different, the reality is a little different from this strike it supposed to be, and they start you feel like how impossible we do not engage in not kept this kind. Ghana bite, once the state is not easy to separate in Greece for massive. If you'd the referees not dare to create this space, So then the value of the grappling becomes. You know push touch, got aware of how dangerous the grapple areas. When he's just around your neck, you know, and they start you- create better techniques and is a different open minded. Everybody yet weird, because if you look at a striker and grapple her, then you don't know anything striker kind of appears to be more dangerous because they are eating, pressing, the movies you hit him and they fall down and it doesnt wears a crap. grabbing hold me. I mean my wife grabs me said here be a problem, but the differences, major, oh yeah,
So now you start looking to you start looking to fight. and you're gonna end up in Japan, and you say, unlike the you have seen- the Japan open- had gloves and twenty men around, because it was an ape man tournament. The winner would have to fight three bautzen one night. I would have to be an open mind. I couldn't go in with a strategy or plan, because I didn't know who I believe would be fighting me myself- the problems, have to be reflexive unresponsive. To me, my fights, we're solemn celebrations, and I wanted my family friends and students to their, to wit, The combination of all the training, all the sacrifice and all the hard work on the morning of the Japan Valley to open to the stadium early and took a long nap in the locker room. When I woke up, I thank God for life and then acknowledge that it was a perfect data, die because of my life's mission was complete. I was right, sending my art in my family in the ring. My opponent would have to knock me out or kill me to win, for I was never going to tap. This was not a sport to me it was my
sacred honour and again. People have to buy the book to read through the details that you gave what it was like before the fight. What you're going through an end details, some of the fights themselves and fascinating to hear about him from your perspective, that's what people have the by the book, fast forward, a little bit and three short outside one: the Japan, open about the crowd on the floor. Sides the ring but did not smile. The samurai did not celebrate victories, and neither would I why celebrate a victory. Your next fight, might be your last battles are Parties win or lose fights are sacred to me So this is an interesting thing that unfolds here you say got backed away. I learned of that one of Japan's, most famous pro wrestlers no booty go to Cotta had challenged me. A few weeks after we returned? My representative in Japan called me to tell me
The cottage was telling the press that I'd not responded to him because I was afraid to fight and then we later two causes protegee Yoshi Angelo, one. The villains of japanese problem wrestling had oppressed prince to announced that he was travelling to LOS Angeles, to fight me to death. When I heard that Andrew had said this, I call I told to call me when you got into town. I was distress out about it. If Andrew came to fight and we'd fight the joy please promoters and reporters were always creating dramas in new fanning the flames. These kind of threatened these kind of you church were the story of my life by then I never lost sleep over the barking dogs. and then December seventh comes ninety ninety four: what happens yes, I was, I mean drunk will as always at my house, and then my strong
Call me from the academy said: Hickson has a cup has a couple huge job when he's couple who wants to talk to you immediately. I imagine could be the fighter so, don't worry I'll be right. There as I'm goin in the car, I was deeply my right hand a little bit. You give me a little support for the bones. in setting up the camera, my son, we feel so he was with me in the car. So when I arrive in my school, which was in the Alley deep Bali You think I saw was a van full of japanese photographers cameras and stops way was getting you and I saw the Van open doors With Japanese inside so I get through get, to MECCA me and has the stall guy? Who is the president of the? U S all day the? U S resting association in Japan Oh MR grazing nice to meet you like, I'm we come here to talk to. You said yes,
You said you I like to invite you for a fight in Japan, said man, I told you already, I'm not gonna fighting you are full because you guys are knowledge it you know, no matter. If I win or lose in your arena can be always fix. so I have no hesitation to fight in your agreement. But you also said Mister greasy. You really fight for your honor for free said that's what I'm here, for I thought you gonna fight, you fight me, but I saw you not huge for fight yeah, fighter is here in the backyard, is in the outside, our he can come through. Okay, so call him And eyes I saw the guy go out. You pick up did fighter. I said Forest and was there said, hey man, you stand a door, let the guy come back, let the fight, come in, but don't let the press come in so keep the press outside okay, so the guide, the guided president commanded.
angel come in the door was locked and, I said, he's dead on the waiver please and give for Mister Asher sign. Because a waiver is always a good secure. If you get hurt or something that we were right everybody signs. We were here. And then the angel look, the waiver with ugly face and top of the Japanese, with the guy adblock little and the guy said to me. Mr Gracie, you mean, if you don't sign the waiver, you're, not gonna, fight immediate, the I felt like was a tricky question, because, if I say now, he has to sign is that ok let's leave them, so he will leave anyone talk wherever he says: oh, equal, I was here. Said. No, no forget the paper paper out you. What do you want to fight it out the papers? We welcome? Let's find out, they forget the paper. And then he jumped in the ring we statue, basic each other. How big is how big is Andrew
About two hundred pounds, my heart, my height, the is solid. What would you think when you looked at his eyes? What do you look like? He was surprised that you accepted this now I felt like he was. He was play a villain in rest, so he had the ugly face got to do it. He don't you don't flake, you don't blink, you don't show emotions just like ready to go. You know, which was bred, dandy or refused for sure, but he was ready to an end, the all these reporters, none of them came in northern. Come in. I didn't let nobody because I don't know what's going to happen, I dont like somebody which is not my aunt non, my friend to two recorded everything, but but your son recorded saw was life? Was it the camera was on so I'm down starts. I felt like you wants to punch me I can feel the difference in stands in their wish. When looking for a position
by joining grappling when restrict when you want to kick so the PAN European Approach can see from what I as a kick vary from one buncher. If you want to gradually- and I felt like once you have your hands on my face. You know he wants to adjust solid bunch and I did the same thing I play little dummy when he gave me with the right. I had the floor. the grab him under the waste, throw him the floor. We fall off the mad wounded on this hard wood and he get quite like a little faster. So he got caught in a better position and I started bunch him bunch and he was turned back, he turned back to me and I was thinking if I put him to sleep, he can't wake up. and do whatever you want to say. So has to be bigger than that has to be a punishment. His face has to show
so I was hearing him backwards on his back and you dont face me again. So I didn't shook him. I wait for him to turn faced me again and then I keep bunch and I broke his knows a lot of blood and then turn back again and I put him to sleep finally could make the tank and make it happen. So I put him to sleep. And he was passing out facing down on the mat. so, when he was out. I tell the guys: ok now you depressed income, So when the press coming through the place statute picture everything, It was our standing up into guy tried to cover his face with his hugging him like protecting his face from the photographers. And then came said so show his face, so did I move out and the guy's taking pictures of, Guy all bloody. and they left.
Two days later and you'll come back to my school- we forgive me for somewhat- I helmet and say was drawn on what he did was a lack of respect, but he's apologizing. He went to say he has no problems. He was very, very you know, ST Four would give me the gift and said to his respect. Me left and then one week after he's they did in Japan, who was jump into the and the fight out day. Job. Maybe so is like a villain one face with me if other face in Japan And at this point I have a deep, fortunately my guy coming true here to you ass. I give the tape to him was able to show that they too depressing Japan, nor make no copies and bring back to me said no. No, no, no poppies messages. so he surely, for the present saw my name in Japan with even bigger, because everything just.
It was a lie and was proved wrong, so that's happening, And then, eventually I for one more time in Japan and then after I fought, nobody could occur, the which was there, the boss of that association in a big event and talk your dog, seventy thousand people, so Dotterine was event that was against Carter. Who was, he was like eulogies master right. it was the number one of different there did rustly. I oil jewel was better than together as a fighter. He come in for better fighting background But he was the villa. He always never gonna be the number one. You know Gaza has about a pre. Luke has like his appeal or for the audience show you the good guy who was win and end in a fix fight. You can arrange that with no problems,
France that you're still not released, not only for When are you gonna? Be Four should want to see a copy there. I regret to say that for a long time me while there still I've got one on outside of fighting, so you got all this stuff go on and I pulled this one out. It says one day, a policeman who knew me called and said I have hawks, and here we caught in trying to steal from a store you come down when IRA, My son was sitting on. The curb pigs I'm gonna. Take him in the cop said, but talk to him. He could have gotten some serious trouble when I accurate hawks in on the drive home about how it was wrong to steal Mary didn't need to do it, approve is worth. He remained silent and stared at his feet We got home, I said, go to the garage or not finish. Talking to you here we did in the eyes and groaned dad can't you just hit me I'd. Rather, you do that then more talking. We don't need
Talk anymore. Just give me my punishment. I thought fuck. What am I going to do to make him fear the consequences of his actions? That was when I realized I was losing control of my son hawks and reminded me of my brother holes in that they possessed psychology that made me uncomfortable But while this worried me, I that it was a fate he would pass through, as I had returned to Japan and I to ninety five. A few weeks before the tournament, I went to Yuri, not cameras, mountain cabin, my preference, Routine was the same and again this is all stuff that you detail Utah Bout, you know what you're thinking about psychological, so interesting to read the book and get that side of the the fight. That's why people gotta get the book he had. These fights that you talk about you, your neck a little bit, then you submit a couple guys. You ve you end up in that classic fight against Yuki necktie. Yes,
who had had his eye gouged in his first fight against Gordo. Yes, and he ended up becoming blind in that high. Because of that, I gouging yes, and whose he's also you can arise a small little guy. Yes, he's a brave for sure, have all our respect for the guy, but you went out and its clear when you watch that fight. I remember watching it actually that you and I basically do any further damage to the guy. Yes, and you have my friends, my my guys in the end, the deprived, the extended locker room. They said you have to kill him by Gm Statue, damage him. Whatever you have a chance, you said no I'm not gonna. Do anything, I'm better technician than him, I'm bigger than him. I don't have to be hurt him he's already heard. I mean why you wanna be just mean
By going to win him with techniques, so I went to the the ring to do my thing and prove myself: I can win without the brutality without the fear that grass of illness, which are no need for that, so I was calmly putting him in uncomfortable situations in to get the choke, and this please a very important role, because I always admired Japan. I always felt like I leave my personal bushes, which is my moral code, my my code of warrior, and- and I never knew details about Japan varied details. But I know I after that. The fact that use why
it represents a lot for them because the somewhere, I dress, white before the armor. You know, in terms of surrounding that Cuba is a beautiful war. Collared white. I didn't know that the fact I'm not celebrating fights? the same thing then somewhat. I somewhat I'm not going to be Friday because he kills somebody next week. Next day can be him, so the fighting is just a way to a waste of life which it cannot be celebrated at the light. You so the Japanese also notice this because in the end have different, then U S or different places when fight. Starts you don't see nothing. You don't hear anything. The crowd is all quiet. and when you do a moved, ill they follow the fight with precision with details, Dead, my or not only the fight, but also the personnel,
de how they can relate to you, your attitude, your character, so well, I'm not celebrating you cannot guys defeat, oh, some respect show some attitude. the fact that wasn't I mean to him also be notice. They see, Hickson, didn't sponge, the guide disposed so they noticed effect. I was nice. I was serious for battle, but not overpowering not trying to be a coward and in here- More hurt human are in a bad way. So all those little details add to my my profile in Japan because they notice all those details and if you like, I- the expression of a new somewhere. I you know because I was not bringing back to Japan like I thank you damn form because at the first document I said I like to think of Japan to Regos regime to Brazil, and now I bringing back because they feel like it.
it is my way to give back to Japan. So all this translates into me become some kind of Suppression of, what's somewhere, I suppose, be today. You know Japan has a big problem with secure state of mind, because once they lost the war, the kindness becomes some kind of here. So they smell the smile at you, they bow to you, but sometimes they like you at all, and these show that Ghana code image of respect of hearing- eventually be becomes your enemies. They saw Japanese lost their so when they lost the war. The attitude of some rash, proud so they lost their swords, they lost their attitude, so they become more like servers in and comply with the energy of the rest of the universe. So my image brought somehow
kind of example- of how do the modern somewhat I supposed whacked knows: But what attitude the way I speak the way you know sometimes the prior to fight they have like a day oppress, Dana and then we have thirty different magazines for twenty minutes interviews. Always ended in the Roman. Do it quick interview some pictures and they live so some guys coming from very important magazines, one of them come to me and said Mister grace? I just have one question. how you do to fight the polar bear I left on that question. I don't see anything. I just thought what the questions that. And I asked her to him without losing my might base said men. I never intended to fight the polar bear. It's not my my goal, but if I have to fight one I'm gonna, have a nice jacket for the winter are going to have a lot to meet a beer meet on my freeze.
Am. I gonna have a nice necklace of bears tooth. With their ears, I show him I'm not afraid of the outcome. I dont bleak. of my soul must resign. I expect anything like that, and so they left So just to see how he's mine works. Japanese is very special in terms of They have a somewhat helm with almost like assent on. The outer you know they have got done is like a sample, the God for them comes from like bullshit life with. I have to have honour indignity integrity. So when they see me. They see me like as a new samurai they breathe decades. It can you touch touch his face. Please can you touch his head? Thinks you don't believe happens any say. Ok sure
so japanese becomes a very much delighted with my my knowledge of martial arts. My my ideas of how to deal with my opponents. How to deal with my piece of mine, emotional control is so, and so was was something very interesting, my spirit, in Japan. Now, that's that's a little bit correct me if I'm wrong, but in the movie choke right when you're dealing with this you, you know you have you kinda guy coming up and you your basically telling Hoyer HALO, I'm not gonna hit him. You know BP, I'm gonna be is due as little damage. I can't toilers like you, didn't, kill that mother fucker he's gonna be try to kill you your progress where you you re able to overcome that it may day that that samurai spirit, yes, I'm in The great guy he's very tough because he was not to be Always life was a smaller guy, so people they did
spect, hide it in a different way than disrespect me forget you, gives you forget, Greece, a family, but they look. I mean they dont problems with me. look at what is a home and get out of it, so they have no respect for what is always on his toes gladly muff impasse because he's a warrior, and he don't wanna be disrespected. So any glimpse of lack of respect he becomes agitated so one day we left the academy to surf surfboards on top traffic in Brazil draft Jim and somehow I cut off a taxi driver. I make a mistake they did not want and then he'll gaiety. get on my side. They call me names, you might have said, hey man, I'm sorry, brother soluble, hide and look at me said he I call you these decent dead, how you
I apologise for the guy you why you don't kick his ass. I said why then, can we manage the held the sky, leaving just being on traffic, grace, like that. Can we imagine going to surf now? Can we make just coming from these schools, training sparring kicking as training hard. You think I want to fight this guy he's old is FED he's out of shape. Just because you call me a name, I have to beat him up come on highland, forgive this guy let him go, let its net. Let life bid him he's, poor guy tell me up today said he accepts that message for me was he can be on the heart, because If it can be more, you know I never speck this from you and once you see We thereby statue. Redo my life and see how much people can forgive and how much com I can be. If I don't have to prove I know I can beat the guy, but I don't have to just prove everytime just because you asked me for
and that's gonna message highly, never forgot anymore, so you end up you, you you and fighting to caught a once and then you fight him again view be him privately beaten by our luck both yet both times. That's why, as they say, Hickson by armed, lock going back to the book here. This is two thousand earlier that year hawks and injured his knee while training it was slow to heal and I think he felt his dream of becoming a champion fighter slipping away. While I was in Rio, there were rumours going around that hawks and was a prospective member of an ELM street gang by the
I return to LOS Angeles Hoxton was getting ready to leave for New York with his brazilian girlfriend after hawks left the EAST coast, I received a message from him that he made it to New York and then every was going well. when we didn't hear from him for over a month, I wasn't worried because he was still using his atm card in New York City a month later, amber turned into January And we still have not heard from him. now, I was truly worried. my cousin hands, those academy was in New York City and some of his students were policemen. So I asked him if he could try to find my son. A few days later He can handle called. Told me that an officer had found a photograph of an. identified corpse at the corners office with a tattoo that red
Hickson Gracie number one doubt. up to this point hawks and had been missing person. This was the formation that he was gone after? I hung up the on the whole family melted into tears, seated beside me, looked hopeless, told the kids at hawks and moved on to another life, was now with holes. Now representing the Gracie family. I had to go New York City for the physical confirmation, I knew in my heart that my son was dead.
you talk in this sum you know, the section here I mean. Obviously I don't. I don't think, there's any body that that thinks, there's anything worse than losing a child. When you talk about what you did, what you fought in how'd. You had to get through this. Yes,. Some some of the some of the lessons that you had to learn some of the things that you you had to do. You know you ended up. You need a building like a legal like a tree, a tree house, yes, can a platform on the tree
and that was sort of your ear escape, but it was an escape route. It ended up sort of being reconnection. Definitely I felt like up to that point. My life was being just a very beautiful right. You know even with the pressures, even if the doubts I have always been in charge of my own desires, I was thinking I was controlling time. I have a perfect family, kids, loving friends in an trainee I mean if my life was perfect and I was thinking I was in charge when hawks on departure. I felt like I did the floor. Just get out of my feet. I was just lost track of. I lose the desire to serve and was the desire to train to teach. You know I was a little so show a little bit. You know I was not saving.
Years, I was crying a lot. I was I let myself get down to the whole in a way to embrace the rock and go to the lake and go deep on the on the bottom of the lake, and I allowed myself to get deeper than enough to know to feel important and also from that lower point decide if I'm going to kill myself. If I want Rick drugs give up from LA. I don't know. I was just now. Myself to get weak enough in fragile enough to from that point, see what's happened in once I get to that bottle. I e I decide to make it. I wasn't it in
thought you side of my house. I was dead just and I was climbing some fries, and then I saw a beautiful tree with beautiful ocean view said I want to buy a. I want to create a platform here to stalk with oxen, so for about three weeks from first light on the first light to down dawn. I was working on this project from designing to bind the wood to bind it. Did they screws it in breaking their? Let's go to make the hose and stuff and just focus on this. My hands are gonna bleeding, so much work and so making focus on creating that can apply before and after that platform done took me almost three weeks, I will make amazing job booty they wouldn't put furnish so was beautiful. I felt like was a mission accomplished narrow said now. I make my tribute to you,
so? I want to be in peace and was a better feeling for me to make this because our anytime, I miss growth hawks, and I was going up there, light up when he says meditated it'll be thinking about good things have a picture the there. We spend I'm maybe a year more in a much better. vibration, but not exactly out of the hole and one day I was thinking up there, And I remember what my dad said about: nothing can be a hundred percent wrong or bed. Nothing can be a hundred percent right or good z. Always a dual aspect in everything. And I started thinking. What's gonna beat advantage of hawks was departure. How do you know how these
can be good in any way as much looking for a reason, and I Indiana Day I find something very important which was up nuptial, hawks and departure I was in charge you for him or anyone else, something he exulted. You did me today that guinea pigs the beach whatever it is. I can say now much they let's go tomorrow. Let's leave this not today I'm not a few good. I want it so was thinking about being charter of the time. It is in a much more powerful way than I was then I have so His departure, I'm sure, tomorrow ever happen. so based on that difference, I statue. Using my day, much more efficiently. To give you an example, I could be done,
the fruit age or to fight in Japan or Jamaica, Big Programme in Japan, I mean the freeway. If my daughter call me dad I have to talk to you she's crying. I will stop the car in the freeway and talk to here. What's the problem, this index or has of the reserve, so I will talk to. Haven't you be able to give my best opinion my best information given time as long as it takes after this finnish. I turn off the phone I will see if I still have time to go to Japan if I still have time to get the flight whatever. If not, I will reschedule, will do because today I have. I cannot do this for tomorrow. So I learn effectively how to use my time. with precision with we ve, not ex wasted time with thinks. I'm a matter or not give you the value of time, which time is very valuable.
And I started to become more effective on how to use my time how how the purpose of my life my service, what is really matters for me and I are to using my day much more worth it from a conversation like that today from a teaching a student from talking with my family, I will be much more precise. I, which, being I wanna, be much more on time. Much more that you know we ve no loose ends are no no gaps as just die. So, by doing that, I reborn, I revent myself in a different me with much more compassion which more interested for things much more wasteful to breathe. Sheets which, while others, I'm Stuart Service, so being happy with that. Make me feel like I have to thank you Hawks and for his departure in order for me to achieve that gun, enlightenment that Ghana,
death on my being alive and b that service. If I was not for that, that could be a lot of loose gaps up today and, having my mind in a different matter, so I saw them given his off his departure have give me the chance to become a better man. So I am thankful and away. He stopped me that with his departure, so I compensate the little bee and from that on, I become fully restore my energy levels, my happiness. Might this mighty my desire to? to leave my life and lead Hawksley being peace in in Heaven and with you know, if halls and waiting for us Darcy and have been happy. Yeah, that's all of US had that conversation myself quite a few times in I've lost,
close people to mean I've. I've actually had that discussion with many other people as lose lose their loved ones and they, They will people of literally asked me no, what possibly, what possible good can there be from this? There's nothing good. This is horrible and, like Did you have to gonna pull back and look at things from a different perspective and they're. They're always is something positive. There always is a lesson to be learned are always. Is the members that you that you get to keep And obviously this this impact on the rest, your family, you say here losing oxen put crown on the path to martial arts, greatness, on some level I think, hawks and knew the Koran had the natural talent and tools to be even better than he. Like all my
It's you train, Jujitsu, all his life, but was never entered as interested as hawks. It now his turn to shine even though they were brothers hawks and uncrown we're completely different. Hoxton was emotional, intense and intent on proving himself a greasy warrior crown was more observant, analytical and calm here, do the right things and always be at his best in one Last conversations hawks and told Chrome that he was a Gracie and give a hundred ten percent and never quaint and whatever it was that he chose to do hawks and died. Chrome took that to heart and was now want a mission become the next apex predator in the greasy food chain, you say here that the more Kron one the less attached he became to winning for he realized that the outcome of fight does not define you as a person. He improved by leaps and bounds. He trained as hard as humanly possible and when
Peter, he let the chips fall where they may win loser draw. He would be back in the academy on Monday and train as if the fight and had never happened,. When my father died in his sleep and two thousand nine at the age of ninety five, I was in Europe with crime for the European Digital championship. We leave the news the day of the tournament and knew that we could not get back to Brazil for the funeral. Instead We went back to our hotel room and held her own memorial. We cried and shared memories the day, LEO died, corn represented his grandfather on the mat, as Alia, would have liked. He want both of these matches by submission and we want a european title. He kissed the picture of hawks in that always as always and bowed to the giant mural of alien. The tournament organizers, put up to come round commemorate his life. is a beautiful moment for both of us, when Carlos graces legacies were now
carried and upheld by a third generation. that's the family, tradition arise again you know in the book you carry on in and talk about you some of the other things that preceded after that. And I want to get a little bit. Go towards the the book here, and you ve talked about this a little bit today, but I think important. To reiterate you say my gold today is to create a form of jujitsu that will empower the entire person both on and off the map. I can ever make a nervous person, feel more relaxed than they ve ever felt before I'm changing them from within in a way that a psychiatrist or a pill never can. Today. Conflict comes in many forms and
the county is only one aspect of it conflict was humans wherever they go and people adopt from strategies to cope with it, modern enemies can strike in attacks and email or in a social media post as the world of the communication has evolved. Many negative unintended consequences have evolved with it. Fifty years a ten year old boy when in his room only this sleep because he spent all day outside playing today, if parents are careful children will spend the entire day alone in their rooms. We cannot this technology, but why turn us in brains with that? vestige about bodies One of the worst side effects of technologies. The weight is reduced: human direct interaction because p, can get almost everything they desire. Food, entertainment, friendships, sex view, the screen they have gotten to the point of beings or to face to face interaction. There are so many wonderful things that are impossible to experience on a screen jumping in
a cold river, making the drop on a big wave and walking in the rain or just a few. Even worse, social media provides an arena arena for cowards to work in the cyber shadows and say things that they would never dare say in person MIKE Tyson, the best when he said that social media has made people quote way to comfortable with respecting people and not getting punched in the face for it. today. I try to use jujitsu as a tool to teach patients hope strategy. Motion or control breathing and many other things all with conflict and competition. This all those who need it most to learn the visible and invisible aspects of the art in ways that could help them in their everyday lives. I've deville, the training routine, wherein students learn the practice, Vernon act as all the movements and techniques of jujitsu in a cooperative instead of competitive environment. I can teach
critical, invisible aspects of jujitsu like base timing. We distribution connection with little stress in this type of class, can have two beginners blocking punches and doing hip throws your training partner is to help not to fight you that's what you were talking about earlier today. Yes, I felt like we all in warfare is not about being a sword, is not about being a fighter. We are under stress. We are, you know our lives today, driving indeed
moods and different aspects? So what you really need to conquer is happiness. Your biggest achievement is to focus on how you how to be happy, how to bring your family to the best scenario, how to bring your job, how to bring your your assets? How'd! You blink your it! You are the way you pratix your physical, so you want to conquer a lot of things. Is that what I think should be conquered in order for you to, happy, and in order for you to be happy is no luck. I dont believe in luck. I don't believe you you wanna, be happy just by close your eyes, you know, and if you happy chew, ten years from now. What make you happy today either evolve I make no necessity, not gonna, make you happy. You have different goes every
every time you just have a different first by a car, then by a caused them Mary whenever it is, is next step to make you happy to make you in a good position and I see those kind of challenges, though Schuyler obstacles as legal battles, which, when you focus when you have the cup Steve Strategical capacity when you have emotional control, when you have believe in yourself when you have hope So a lot I elements on the water to box. has to be used for daily products, for the jewels is not about being a special? Why you and be able to have emotional control is fine. Weak ones for the guy who has you may win gonNA, Moses, rent or whatever, so this guy needs emotional control is the same. I need is the same. You need, you know,
so the idea of empower people cannot come in with. I will empowered. Well, you have to prove you can handle some I was there, I don't have. I don't have what it needs. I don't have. One needs to be at fighter. but he loves to learn details for self defense. He loves you details for self emotional control to breeding, He loves understand. What's the solution, for that. For that problem, what's the solution for that? based on information based on products. He may never fight nobody, but Its will incorporate on whose behaviour are completely different mindset, a completely different way to breed and in an rebounded distress a completely different way for you to feel good about a possible engagement so? Sometimes I draining my students to keep the distance not in his money and not teach but keep just stay away from my position.
I will try to look so based on your space you can survive? You seem people in you have surviving and attack busy moving away so just move away, you don't have to be a fighter to survive. So I I put my experts not getting bunch that's already biggest in your life you for average Joe, you make sure you, nobody wants. I do in the face- was a big wean already. So my purpose, we ve that knowledge is to prepare Butch will without a fight based on different components, mantle components, spirit or components in fiscal components. ok, maybe you'll have to prove you just have to believe. You have a chess so by giving that's just what I ever Jew. I empower the word in a different and a very special way, because I will offer them what they need. Become more human eyes to become
Call sharp to become better in control, to become more strategically correct. Watch makes life different, you futile. we watch the successful people has in common The successful people have few things income, they all of what they do. They all capable true, true, too, to pass obstacles in not develop easy. They all capable also to chew. To become to making decisions under pressure. they all able to keep learning and keep progressing and keep it takes so they have all been mine about how to strategy Eisenhower, the new game coming, so they not they not unfamiliar with
We behaviors in situations which everybody successful hasn't come. So give you those tools, give you the glimpse of what you need to become successful. If you have to believe in what you do you have to to products, you have to make sure The strategy is correct and saw so based on those elements. I cannot transform people from a coward guy to make him a courageous, but I can make a coward guy become. Violent enough to believe he has a chess and that's can trust I'm his decisions and declarations decisions. all, because we live in the life of pretending, because we live in the life of the images and look good in so I like to take you from You looking from the mirror, for you start your feeling, so when you start to feel yourself in death, statue
understanding of breeding, understand or leverage and stand your base if we change the dynamic you'd be handled award the waves, your hand away you upload somebody looking in the eye, and things like that so that's gonna jujitsu can favours anyone in the globe different then I specialize use you for competition which favours just the wires one of favours treasures, yeah. That's you know you talking about what is a success people have in common they get taken. They happen, but mind they overcome obstacles. They use the right strategies at the times their comfortable? These uncle positions in situations, and these are all things that you can learn the hirlaji. Yes, of course, a metaphor for life, you know this. The same. Situation have to become enough in breed and put your hand and start working leverage instead, brutality.
Same thing in life: you get any any problems. You have to have the same: articulated mindset to just survive or escape war. or control whenever it is all about making quick changes in stature become focus in the purpose you want me to read one last little section from the book or almost we are three hours right now, so red. One little said last section from the book was fast. When we enjoy does I consider all day. You say this on my back stay now, I'm only Five percent of what I once was as a fighter. However, my invisible power transit my physicality and will be part of me until the day I die That is why, for me, Jujitsu, is about much more than fighting. It is a tool to teach people about themselves. It is greatest
become so popular and provide lucrative businesses for so many. But this has nothing to do with what I teach us. Students, ninety percent trained tour, three days a week, trying to perfect basic techniques and then testing them on a level playing field helping. students try to become better people, Just smashing machines is what motivates me Jujitsu my philosophy, my sacred honour and my family tradition, it is made me strong enough to forgive and confident enough to fight for my beliefs, Just the just outstanding, did you to his life? Yes, so before you before you go on once again, this book is called breathe a life.
Flow, its by Hickson Gracie with Peter Maguire, whose actually become a friend of mine, and I know he's a friend of yours and a great guy, a surfer, a practitioner. Yes, a scholar so I look forward to working with him. Some more so the way that your spread the word now you have Hickson DOT Academy. Yes, that's where you all mine training. I watch some of the videos you gonna get. People are gonna get good details our you're, saying something I think you'd be impossible for someone, to explain how you pressure and how you, how stabilize hips and how you move hips, and but when watch those videos. You start to understand you Do you have the ability to explain what you're doing yes because Hu Jia trees about feeling he's not
I see in and understand you have too few, and I liked you, broached, Jujitsu went away. I have to make you feel. when you relax when you just about angles just about details, invisible details which translates into deep effectiveness, so don't start to seeking to show me what you have. I tried to make you I tried to take you off elements, ok, relax border in a way for you to understand and few do we This vision, division, the weak one into the approach, because if you feel you can fight as a week person. Imagine if you put the muscles you have on you fighting If I change around and start you use in exploiting the muscles you have on, you may never gonna perceived the death of what I want to show you so my father always say when training
by Sunday. Many steps up you to day be relax loosen up, if I'm not, that, cannot fight as he was just seeking to give you the information which goes into your gut feeling sea? While I never felt like that different can change so much and effectiveness. By feeling bad you start to feel like is a different element to be whenever you have strong, if you fast, if you, if you but all this are qualities personal qualities, but they did the death of the knowledge we try to best. You transcends all this, so you would you not only explain for wheat person but also chew, gazed somebody with three hundred pounds, solid muscle, gun you have the floor, to deal with them in a different natural, comfortable situation. So
Is amazing how much that kind of sensorial feeling can add to your capacity to mental capacity to a dispute over capacity in twelve suit, your physicality, So that's that's Hickson, Academy, Hickson, DOT Academy is how you get there. Great stuff on there. You have. You have Dixon Gracie dot com is sort of where you can buy recent history stuff, but you store on there. and then on Facebook, your Hickson at Hickson, Gracie and on the grand which you have a bunch of cool little clips announced a great deal Hickson Gracie, J J, yes, ECHO, you anything of many thanks, but in the sacred in the spirit of saving. Sometimes I have one question, so you know the first year of when they too were hurrying, chose poise. Yes, did he
did. He tell you why he chose voice yeah. His answer was, I want to put on because in case some happen with him. We always have a beggar, a b, a bigger bullets. To put it on but in reality was he has Control over hoist did indeed have control over me. I was I work on people. Boulevard I was already my own. You know have my own school. so in either for him to have control of of of not only the fighter in there, but still with the best brand was better for him to have a voice gotcha this this that I think might be like in the document would have their like. He wanted to kind of displayed. You do
with someone who is like less physical, less beggar, whatever that way would displayed Jujitsu little bit better cause like if you went in and you're like this more athletic either would like all well he's Mormon athletes or does really highlights the Jujitsu part of it. I disagree with that because for me and hot between me and him are only ten pounds difference, so I felt like he was able to, even even the first payment for for do you see he hold high, suppose gotta fifty thousand check, and I both get five thousand from voices? I Stewart because he didn't being wasted in baby. Soul was just put it. Love for us and he was a business man, so he knows better. What he's doing so? I kind I disagree with that statement. We free Weiss was small and look for a child.
I was stuffed you. I've train with voice he's not small and he's not fragile. That's for! Yes! Thank you! It's legit Eriksson, any closing thoughts, men first, thank you. Use such aspiring warrior and heavy you know you help him beyond the Balkan and get me in your bike. Guess is already a bless sack on man, like we are in the same business off empowerment. You know you, you bringing your knowledge your expertise to help people in terms of understand pressure, instant scoffers, one stem victory, understand
you know, bravery and I'm in the same business, which empowers people and give them better chance to handle life, which is not easy. Those days. So it's a pleasure to talk to you is a pleasure to see damage which is similar and we are in the same mode of supporting their future generations. You know with your expertise with my expertise so just a great day on the office in happy to see you know This book may be helped. A lot of people in this book is just the idea might is my personal life is not something which has the intention to make you copy or be what what is in the book, but great, citing, creates a venue for different discussions, grates of any for different seminars, different speeches in an ever,
then come from that because in essence we all need to use more love in our hearts. We all need to use more techniques to Viktor. You know, you're, nothing comes full lucky, nothing is just act of God. I feel like you have to represent yourself in terms of have got inside you in bringing the best service to make people get and if these benefits from it, so thank you too well. Thank you. Thanks you're all family. I guess especially your uncle and aunt to your father. Yes, who created this incredible marsh lark, brought into the world and you ve been saying it's not just as not just to help people fight better but actually to live. tat such a huge impact on my life, and I I can say without hesitation that
My wife would not be even close to where it is. If it wasn't for you for your family and for Jujitsu, so it's an honor. No you! It's not You- and I will continue to do my best to spread the art that your family and you talk to me. Take my brother thank level. Thank appreciated, thank you and with that Some Gracie has left the building only after he did spend a few minutes talking about invisible, digital and Show me some stuff. Will you you were hidden. Did you hit recorder degree you videoed, although that little bit yeah it's weird heat, so he talks about this thing called miscalled Digital too. We didn't really talk about today, but it's a thing, and I know it's a thing because you know when you're shown a move like the same shown, a move with you and I'm too
king too, so I'm using you as a dummy and I'm talking to the group of students right and I say well You can't really see what I'm doing here too. The stew. but, unlike echo, do you feel this and I It feels one way that I go now feel this and no one can tell anything different, but you go. You fuels lot. Heavier refuse a lot like I'm. Off balance and refuse a lot more stable. So, things in Jujitsu. That are invisible and obviously the hardest thing to teach well Hickson that sort O Higgins thing is he's, got them these things that you cannot see but their real, their invisible, but the real and Like, I was trying to explain. He talks about some of those on on Hickson DOT Academy. He took me start to go into details are those things and he can explain it so and just when he was explaining it to me- and I will say no he's doing it to me and unlike model that is freaking awesome right yet in digital, so dynamic. Even if you don't see it, where
doing it, verses not doing. It is needed when you're in there. You know so even like the thing was were was you're, essentially controlling your base. You controlling your base, verses, not control. Your base in that way. You, when you go up again somebody and they have to contend with you control. The vision that waivers is not is breaths gonna, be a completely different scenario for them different extra. When I grabbed the single on him- and he was I, I'm glad and I like trying to get a little low uppity with thank you and I could move him and I was enormous think I'm I'm has actually me. We did it for twenty. Second right. In my mind, those I'm working right now I think, I'm like I'm working, I'm trying to pull this thing and he's not working he's. Just he's just using invisible digital verses me at its. It's gonna where me out, and you can't even see it, but you be
are you came in when he said he you could see. He can want to show me some stuff and he goes You stand here and you start with it and numb. He just like stand here and he started you like some basic self defence with Minos. I'm ok, you know who we know. I'm thing of course. What am I think, an American. I have a big ye go right. I gotta know this because we cannot do this and also okay and he's basically he pushes me and I, like the immediate, get my base right now. My support for back into a fight stance, Ngos! Ok! that's! Ok, right, and this is now do this any teaches meal. Invisible jujitsu need now heat forces me get an. I don't go anywhere right, that's the Jujitsu prostitution. So Ozma have Hickson on speaking of The two were training jujitsu. If you Not only did it, you obviously start trainees jitsu and when you do that
guess what you're gonna need supplement What did you do it? The rock and roll legal connection? Does he did talk about two acrimony, ensure data about on air where, We need a lot of people start Jujitsu and then they they stopped. You didn't than this. Because in one of the elements one of them is that they jump into the competitor. if the heart of its global war, yeah the war and not even a surly voluntarily like they'll, get those on our sparring right now, ghost just go spar and then they'll come across someone who's. You know in. Answer whatever an eleventh. He just become intense, just cause the unfamiliar nature with you do. Is you? Are human beings being escalated on in your ass, going back and eco in all nine, your life? You know it's level, seven war yet and then just it, but just even before it gets toward just that stress
if some people they don't want that before right away. Even if some people want that beef they just they want to learn, they want to learn- and you know have kind of us stress, free learning, kind of experience, but that's part thus putting our thought about it. think we kind of going down for that beef. You know I, I mentioned serving as a comparison of the cave, you're gonna start surfing. I take you to mavericks, which is Harry rocks. cold water sharks giant waves, you're, not even going to get in the water bro you're literally not going to get in the water, and I think that's the way, a lot of people, unfortunately, view jujitsu and kind of right cuz if you go to a lot of schools, guess what's happening day, one of your in the big water in the deep water in the cold water, with sharks and you're, getting bit just kind of yeah. You know it's a bad man I did. I wish I would think about that. Little bit it's definitely some now think about
is good from practices which is important. Exercise in all capacities are important and, yes, we do need supplement nation from time to time. this part of your retain. You would be. get a Red Waymore benefits, overtime, short. long term. By myself. Juggle supplements are job of fuel. The server the energy drinks is, dunwood, discipline go real energy, one today by the actually having Wanna come in on some kind of honour, privilege, everyday have to drink on every day, but that's just now have been sense gas via the new flavors L, watermelon and mangled passion from mangled passions routes the best flavour, according to some people. Yes, let war factually, I think, I'm pretty sure factually. Is the best labour. So yeah you not. If you didn't know, naturally mills might have some say about the expected.
be the case that you might have to open. It can work as a bag. What about agriculture? I anticipate that being the case. He is nonetheless, yes, move labour, so yes Chuck check those out. Let me know what you think: I'm Angolan did review so far in way. Yes, healthy energy, dreads echoes thing, that's echoes flavour by the waves. Everybody knows all good is not a bad. It's it's not an unbiased judgment. It is leave you his signature flavour, like I said, factual unless all healthy, all good, no bad drink. A bunch of em you be literally better off the better. It will be a better person. We also got joint warfare. Look you don't get to your lifting your running. Your joints are going to take a little bit of abuse during warfare crude oil. You can just go under discussion on just get on and don't look back and if you have to back you'll be looking back at sore joints adult and by the way, so, if you wanna get autumn, say I'm subscribe supervision
it will order, subscribed to him and then shipping free you'll get it for you get the stuff shipped you for free. You won't have the mental, apps, like some people used to in the podcast, to have where they would forget to order? Don't let that happen to you from powder. We ought vitamin d three cold war, those are also just just sort. staples of life right staples of life I get enough the vitamin d, happening, get it the proper way. Yes was to where you get in the routine that the subscription others is just the routine. You off the worry about those effects anymore, that's a big when you don't notice it, but it's better to not notice it. Then notice, when you're you don't notice in a good way, you're not like damn my knee hurts damn my elbow hurts you're just going damn I'm looking forward to train today, if that's better, give strew. If you need, extra protein, get yourself a mark. I Ruby stakes aside for dinner. That's good
and going to say and hand? It was a triple mark so here that the this is it not a normal thing for me, but I wish I could start. It often asked what we call it. We need you don't mean too fast, incidental fastened and one is or was here and those like men. I've in Rather it is getting gonna labels. Member didn't eat anything today, some ski one time eventually be big. Gomberg gotta go bigs, fear who rabbis frowned rice are bigger to revise the real thing ok. Yeah there big they're, not the monster. I know what a reminder of the thing was irregular. I have an image. Yes, we're talkin, probably fourteen sixteen answers. You know pray about about just like a regular river? It is very normal person. Because my replies are those that, once the other difficulties are good to my brow, you think I'm gonna do. Those are no in I'd, have to be pretty hungry, but then a triple
the triple lock, you said it was a triple mockery: scoops I'll catch. You. They, in fact he was so big mark was so big, like my stomach is getting like way too big bills tasting goods are unfounded, but I didn't really message mixed with regular, more milk, half milk half. So that's the thing with the banana thing, and I gotta say you know: people like Thinker close minded about me: no nutrition Your unclosed minded about my hand because I'm a very habitual person, but the things that have recently been introduced to me. Cocoanut milk all men, milk, o milk. I've been trying to other Milton with nice bottom. Is it if you do that little lactose, I'm not lack, was intolerant like strictly, but if I, We got a whole bunch of milk, let's face it. We're not feeling great might have some effect yeah, so you mix up them all. the arm and milk or their cocoanut milk or whatever kind of other milk. That's out there, you you don't know you.
Really know the difference. It still two states like a freakin dream. Yes, so that the german embassy, this platform of different types of arm in milk, to he's gonna, calculating bark mill. The particular when I did was the answer we didn't its super like milk to meet that doesn't tastes suite at all. Milk is not the wheat, but apparently it because on Sweden, Armand Milk is like war like you can take the unswept ingress of it. So I did a half enough but with the mark and the banana boom period oil, a hundred percent appear, it was essentially a dessert, an additional protocol. There was like a thousand for you. It's almost priority. We also had a brown eyes. There was not let you treated as prior engagement, but why can't you treated? Maybe those later like a big like five, why you drink today the spontaneous of fights relays we train hot, I mean,
Out of you, thought it was hard, but you know you know when you get into like a routine workin out training that all feel dams as much. You don't feel like every once in a while. I have one with Gregg and yesterday was was actually kind of intense one with you, where the next day, like today, when I woke up like you for howdy downfall body like a like a guy hit by truck like you didn't rolled over us, and you know it was it. Was that choke Let us try to defend that. He didn't have sunk in, but you had it tight into that kind of stuff. We feel like I can defend, but I'm take some heavy on this and unlike defending Jonah Bilbil and then at the end sake I did it was bad. Your choke discuss it so your children sinks in and it's tight, but you know how most people when they sink in a submission? That's always something, and you feeling like pushing hard you pee after a few seconds you feeling let up a little bit for some kind of adjustment and or maybe cuz. He know you can keep that
Hence it is on the application for that long. Seafield loosen up a little bit and maybe a just and NGO Freddy Ghetto whenever bright years just gets tat like harder and harder. It's like you took the entire. Only I'm resist series is in them for whatever finally egg choked so they tap and then, like unpaid. price for even after each open, like a guy. Anyway, don't like alright cool, and if you train your I'll loosen, you know warm and stuff, but next day off, which is today by the way hurting are we going to drink, one eyed, so any the stuff. You know you can get it at the vitamin shop. You can get it the drinks out walk Why was fully in full support, good nature. While I get yourself a hoagie, a surety for what it is, the end, a dismal go and, and also darker barks like us, subscribe. We know shipping, be a pain, but if you can
right, beat only not worry about it. It's a common for free. Yes, that's at all we are talking about Jujitsu today and also at origin. Usa. Dot com get yourself a judge, you ve just go get. One Dixon was talking about like a we're at geese before we had diapers Galicia pictures like this. The Gracie family went to look at all what is wearing these threats to his Veronica's I've joke about. Like hey, you can't just where again around, apparently if it's nineteen, whatever nineteen, fifty sixty five and you're in the great family, you are where you are worthy when we go to the beach wherein the market where wherein it wherever. Yet, that's that when, like all those Magna Carta fired up for that, like I'm thinking about where you'd more often in more regular situations disruption and in Jujitsu it's crazy. The whole com sciences, psychological approach that they had because they everyone's one Hereby like toiler wooed tell us about it where he bill. I gave you know. If you lose
First tournament, you get twenty bucks. If you win, you only get ten kind of a thing: ass, a colossal psychology, not weird, but that some like intent, psychology like their thinking, it's not like that. Just throwing people and in the new digital, because you have two names greatly- is like there's this whole kind of thing everyone's allow those details. Whatever this thrill interesting, nothing, that's interesting. There were so use. Do it you just where the gdp of the desire to be kind of pissed off at myself that my kids just unawareness due to school when there were seven years old. What are you doing? You do to back away? So if you want any of this jujitsu stuff or if you want to get genes, if you decide, maybe ready to worthy all the time like I'm deciding right now, you're, not ready for that cool. It's cool get yourself. Some genes get yourself. Some boots get yourself some tee shirts, origin. Usa. Dot com and the? U S, a poor, isn't just like. Oh its origin, USA. We call you must know it because made in America. Which, by the way is not know, is, is no small feet me. If we are made
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mere first born child. I wanna be honest with either straight up. I don't even know what subscribing light does like for the pod gas. Again, nobody does for the person subscribers and right dude. It's on you feed. You get thing, that's all its benefits for sure. If you done for. If that's a pedestrian, listen do but like Whitey, care. If someone subscribe I'll tell you exactly like everyone or worker listen we may, this by gas to help people out if one subscribes to the podcast. If you, whoever is listening right now subscribes to broadcast that makes the podcast and it gets downloaded when you download it. When you into it. It makes the podcast more popular the more pop for the pond cast is the higher. It goes in the ranking of podcast behind goes in a regular park, ass, the morgue
Is promoted inside the various podcast platforms, the markets promoted inside the various podcast platforms, someone that doesn't know about the podcast goes. I wonder what that's about seems popular lotta people listen to it, they click on it. They listen to it next their learning about leadership. Their learning about how to overcome lost their learning about, what's gonna break up their learning about Jujitsu, so you're, not just helping yourself you now. Let me look like you said: does it benefit us directly? Will oh yeah you ECHO doesnt semi attacks, Coon, hey, you know our part cast? Is ranked number three you don't do that, but if it broadens the people that get to hear this information? That's why important important yeah. I guess I d never really thought of the whole chain and that's assuming that it does Fact git you higher in the rankings. Oh, it is definitely does have resumed
because I mean the rankings are based on Download, so few subscribe to it, it gets downloaded if you to your friends. You and that's three, that's true, but can't you download it without subscribing and you're, not we're lost. I forgot to ask fixedness, let's face it the grace, Could I just held on to all their knowledge right right, and just be dominating the jujitsu, though they may world right now, not not open any schools just keep it hidden, keep it secret. And other people will try and figure out, but stiffer different rights different it's spot. The right thing to do and fair art has progressed more because they opened up and gave it to the world. That's all trying to do to see is asking to subscribe, is to receive you know that we know to subscribe to help its help other people learn to help this mentality. That way when you go get a job at some new office. There's people are like hey nice to meet you there egos and check there looking to cover move, and
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as far as like this is what like legitimate in a way, redefined american manufacturing It is a unique one because of like the culture of all them impede and, like all them gets cold. I know, what's going on to write you order, those boot you can see who made? I see the poor thing about that you go to a regular storm, viper genes, you have no idea what you know. Irving person in a sweat shop in china- you didn't you, don't know right, you know that they got pay, thirteen sense for their weeks worth work like slave labour or You can actually go to origin USA and see the people that are making your staff and see what they're doing get in the game. Threeg inward. Main ties up, they're, doing great work. Enough also Much more for if you haven't moments of weakness like I used to minimise, maybe do sometimes, but if you have the you. You skip the work out. You have worked out planned and
and all of a sudden you like him and maybe tat it would be best to rest. But you know that deep down that's, just you been lazy or not in the mood and been weak or whatever psychological, offering a jackal helping you through those moments successfully little album with tracks that, where we purchase mp3s, and if you want to cool stuff. To hang on you all to keep your path. Go to flip side, canvas, dot, com, Dakota Meyer. He has that company and they're making cool graphical things, The images to put on a wall which schoolbooks got a bunch of books pay this book right here, brief alike, in flow by Hickson Grace. You just heard from him there's so much more information that I didn't cover. I wrote the Ford what an I read a little bit afford, there's quite a bit more to the fort, explain some of these things about Jujitsu honey. What impact it had on me so get the book breathe, by Hicks Immigration and Peter Mcgowan,
Another awesome guided that help the help them right that book final spin, but we don't know. What's gonna happen, final spent p are unsure what final. Spin even is, is it a book? Is a novel? Is it a poem? Is it Story is a manuscript. We know what it s letter- literature, there's no one, that's gonna, try and painted down. I think it will create don't form of literature, you're gonna that. First, the dish pre order that, right now you know that pushers or like well, you know. a publisher, here's this and they talk to me about it. so I need to do it more leaders are tragic attack. Israel may not called the evaluation a protocol. This political freedom feel manual way the work. You want you three for making the dragons about faced by hack worth extreme ownership and
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if you want more of echo's obtuse ordering, you can find it on the webs on Twitter on Instagram, which economic instagram and on Facebook Echo is adequate ass. I am at Jocker willing and thanks once again to fixing Gracie and the greasy family for giving us all the gift of Jujitsu and also thanks the greasy family. I mentioned this, but they ve spent at a time teaching our military, the art of Jujitsu, many Gracious have worked with the military over the years to improve our operational capability. It is much appreciated and to those military folks that if in those skills and use them to protect us Overseas, we thank you for that. Gracie family has also helped much of law enforcement, and we that law enforcement further embraces Jude. It's you as a
highly beneficial thing that will help them in every aspect of what they do. So thanks his family for that, and also you are police law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, empties, dispatchers, correctional officers, border patrols, secret service and all first responders who put those skills to work to protect us here on the home from everyone else out there. Please, no matter who
You are no matter what you do. No matter what you think, no matter where you from or where you are, do me and yourself a favor and go train digital. It will make you healthier, smarter, stronger, more confident, more aware I mean I could go on, but suffice to say it will make you a better person, so go out there and get after it and its next time. This echo and Jacko out.
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