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298: The Way of The Frogman. "By The Water Beneath The Walls" With Ben Milligan.

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This is Jack, podcast part gas number to ninety eight without Charles and me Jocker willing good evening. Echo could evening within weeks of their arrival. The seals of debt go Were shaking off their initial jitters and even displaying some measure of proficiency signs of. This were apparent in every aspect of their operations on ambush no one can, His throat coughed spit, sneezed or even sniffles on in certain extract. The men stepped here to toe to reduce the sucking explosion of mud, walking and, above all, of the footprints of the man in front to keep from sinking even deeper. To improve their infield support. The seals, befriended, the pilots and crews of the Navy's helicopter squadron at not Bay and overhauled the seals denuded landing craft into an up armoured ironclad six heavy machine guns mounted the gunwale gunnels
a sixty, millimeter mortar bolted to the rusted deck plate and a bunker busting Recoiling rifle pinioned to the top of the sandbag pilot house. It was which armament that the men quickly we commissioned the Elsie EM the mighty MO too added academy to block the sun and rain a two burner stove four meals than draped hammocks between everything that didn't pivot or fire, essentially turning into a houseboat littered with empty hot sauce bottles cos cops close lines all aids to reduce the number of trips back to gnaw Bay and increase the amount of time they could spend an emission area too the quality of their encounters with the enemy. Spare me with a variety of tactics, false insertions, that made the vehicle think the seals landed where they hadn't false extractions. That made the Vietcong think the seals are left and probably most important squad, sized missions that half the seals punch, but correspondingly increase their stealth and the amount of swamp land they could cover. Thus,
doubling their chances of vehicle contact knows all challenge in an area as empty of the enemy as the wrong sap. What did these innovations yield? A handful of capture documents and north vietnamese currency, some fresh water wells, some rice caches one so monstrous that merited and air strike. Then, finally, after more than a month, frustrations debt Gulf landed a jackpot ambush of two sampan that killed seven suspected Vietcong guerrillas the seals reaction was the same as anyone who has just caught a hot streak: a little more than a week after the first coup once Odd pursued a tip from the crew of a hovering Navy gunship that it spotted several camouflage sampan not far from mighty Mose Anchorage D. Having already blown their cover in that area from several days worth patrolling the squad leader in full,
daylight. The squad landed in full daylight and fell in behind point man Billy making a keen twenty eight year old, Texan, the father of a daughter and five week old boy, he had never seen stepping alone into the middle of the sun, drenched clearing and said adding a Vietcong bunker, making managed a single burst from his m16 before you cut down by an eruption of machine gun fire. The left him stranded. Hugging the ground to get under the rush of snapping bullets and splintering branches. The seals fell back on their training and Claude themselves into a rough firing line, but one that was not nearly stiff enough to break the wall of lead that block their way to the fallen. Comrade. Tom Troxell, gauged the untested platoon commanders perennial to front war. The enemy,
and his own doubts. It seemed that the only recourse might be to pull back to the river and the mighty most guns, that is, until one of his men fired a forty millimeter grenade into the bunkers mouth. The ship, forced a momentary, flinch in the enemies ambush just long enough for the heavy weight Moscow to bowl a mad dash for making who was carried to safety just in time to whisper. A final message to his wife, while the corpsman ransacked is tiger, strives to find his wounds. Considering that Macon's death was considering that maidens death and combat was not simply the first for the seal teams, but that it was all So nearly a two percent manpower lost for seal team, one, no one would have faulted wires. If he had forced a pause to assess the operation that led to the tragedy, he didn't
the reason was no more complicated than the same. One talked to anyone who has ever looked up to see the belly of the horse that just block them off wires ordered his men back to back into their saddles and back into the wrong sat this perseverance would have payoffs within a month the seals, Gulf WAR expanding their operational repertoire from plan patrol an ambush to unplanned quick reaction, counter attacks along the wrong sats choke points. In theory, was an operational expansion that finally fulfilled the Baku report's recommendation for riverbank raiders in practice was a resurrection of the Navy's grew. pull swinging boarding parties, encounters now included the inland pursuit and corners.
black pajama, wearing attackers, firefights that varied from a few sharp rifle exchanges to fifteen minutes skirmishes, one of these against an enemy pact haystack that did not stop firing until the seals launched forty eight grenades into it. Before long, the operational impact of debt gulfs aggressiveness was considered so substantial, the Admiral Ward approved its increase from two platoon to free all, but a guarantee of a corresponding increase in impact all this blossomed, Sir two did the seals. Confidence best ever spider swagger around not bay, but also by a wooden sign above the entrance to their tent scrawled yeah. though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil because I'm the meanest bastard in the valley. Though the helmets and flat jacket,
of the UN's uncountable g eyes would soon both the same thing by MID autumn nineteen sixty six, the sea claim to meanest in the valley was on spewed. It. In the wrong sat now Other unit was as lethal in that right. There is next Europe from a book the book is called by the water beneath the walls. The rise of the Navy seals and it's written by a guy Benjamin million. Work is a Bree. Hence if history book the origin of the ceilings now that passage hit me as I trained throughout my entire career at a place called can't Billy, making out
the Imperial Valley of Southern California, and I knew the story of Billy Can he was awarded the Silver STAR and they have that citation out there at the desert training compound they are, have pictures of his platoon and do Tony Tonia Friday and I wish to inspect those pictures. And we used to look beyond one mass cone and he was listed in tune picture we used to talk about him and he was a massive guy. We stood out in the picture and we used to what would what would be one Moscow do right now in this situation,. but that really is About all the information we had about Billy Macon and his platoon, and what they did in Vietnam some word of mouth, stories that we hear from some of the older Vietnam guys, but that's about it, but this book spells out so much more in the book tales. The entire history of the ceilings from
The scouts and raiders drew the naval com demolition units to the underwater demolition teams up to what we now know and where I served my adult life in the seal teams. Now I normally dont cover history books on the pod gastric, because I prefer to read first person accounts of people that were actually their people that understand what like to live through and expense Hence things just research it, while this book is an exception because the offer then million was a seal. Which adds a level of understanding and connection that comes across on every page of this book? It is also so thorough and sensitive of history, of the seals that it leaves no stone unturned in connects
really through the soul of the modern day seal, connects us with our frogmen forefathers and I think this book should be required. Reading for all all seals or anyone even remotely interests in the seal, so they understand where we came from. The sacrifices that were made to get us where we are today, and it just so happens that we have the honour of the author Ben Mill again here tonight. to us about his time in the teams. And his amazing account of the history of the frogmen Ben. Thanks, rejoined us thanks Let's get a little start off by get a little background on you, you came from before we get to the background and where the seals came from, what's figure out about where Ben Milligram came from so where'd, you grow up and unanimous north side.
And- and what was the situation you about your mom and dad do. I was in your nose and throat surgeon, worked in a small town in Indiana Anderson was a smaller GM town. I think he was the only It was him and one other anti and town, so he was kind of like minor, celebrity status and was a restaurant three will go to entire somebody I'm up and say: hey thanks for you do such and such hey doc. I got a sore nose to help me out and it one point I think every single member of my family, except for my younger brother, worked in my dad's office. So we kind of grew up in the in the medical field. Welcome to welcome.
Milligan's, can you have a seat over there? Would you like a candy that kind of thing I kind of was probably the worst of my dad's employees, but he was kind enough to keep me on the work ample nepotism. We're done what I remember. The g did you work with you ass, my wife for your house, why she she looked after three boys and no one girl so firm, what number, who you know: I have an older brother, younger brother, then baby sister earlier. So your number two out of four right- what about what sports reed we planned grown up? I played soccer badly. They think that kept me on the team. we the school that I went to a so small. They but he asked
I didn't- I Didn'T- get to see things through any athletic ability. How is a really good Trier after at the end of every year, soccer season when they passed out awards? There would always do you like them. Mr hustler profile most improve or some other underhand a word. What was the, anything else, going on in high school. What kind of music did you ever? I therein track those I was a decent decent attract, but as far as Musica Dust typical, nothing, nothing, crazy, nothing, crazy! Nothing have been looking at them like the landless guy that average, would you choose that you read Tracker Red Cross country? Are both a car? Did a little balls. I did the cross country my freshman year was the longest ratio run across country in high schools and an energy like three miles or sold something ass, nothing, nothing overwhelming per hour good at it.
A product could have done that, but after my prophecy run a mile when you're in high school, I think the fastest I did. It was something like four fifty four forty eight, something like that, but the only reason I am I think that was as good as I was ever gonna get I didn't when I when I raised after every race it was mad dry heaving everything else I couldn't. I would get so nervous before the race that I couldn't, but couldn't eight. I would you sleep the night before miserable. What were you nervous about brutal because I didn't have the natural talent to do this. I just got it out so you're nervous about the suffering. You're gonna experience
what made you suffer even more Zack? I wish I was tougher insular. What what? What did you have any inkling about going to the military when you in high school I knew that was granted. I I think I I announced my parents and I wanted to be a seal when I was well, I didn't notice your was did you notice? Your was I'd, heard my older, brother's friends, talking about it and prior that my grandpa had been a marine in World WAR Ii, so growing up until I was about twelve I'd wanted to be a marine that I found out what Navy seals were, and then I also that sort of found out right at the same time that, after the battle of open out, my grandpa had volunteer use one of the few guys that could swim and they were so desperate for frogmen. After open our for the invasion in Japan, they had ransacked the ranks just looking for anybody swim and he volunteered for the unity. So he was one of the handful of
non Navy guys that actually join, so he didn't do any operations as a frogman, but here he was attached to a unity, so sir. You found that out but found out, and I was like well, you know impression Asian like I am I gonna do that? what was your company level in the water high comfort he was my grandpa is, I think we we were at the pool every every weekend. Swimming was a big part of our are growing up in a very comfortable, but not never raised in the water, never never swam competitively, like I said before the school that I went to his so small, I think I'd. Fifty four kids at my graduate in class I mean I plates because there was no football team. I ran track because we didn't have a wrestling team or anything like that. How we had those, I probably would have done them, but I did what I could do when I got the bud like me, no realized,
However, that I was easily the slowest swimmer that had made it through how I did not tell us done so with, but you didn't you go to college, I did on the high school Edward you go to college produce produced any history. is that what you knew you wanted to do their duty? Do you always have like an affinity for history, always yeah, starting My dad was always reading to us. My grandpa is always reading to us. We would as a family, we would take trips and often we were hitting a battlefield along the way. When I hit junior high, though right it that you know consequential my life my grandpa every every four, before break, he started taking me to a different comfort the long weekend, he would take me to a different civil war battlefield or some other you know revolutionary war battlefields, I just can't got just got addicted so just cause
his enthusiasm. I guess so when you are going to college, where you actually e learning and put at their was around what college. I was just doing what I was told to do. I may I would. I was already in the navy when I went to college, but I was just doing whatever I need you to get grades. I didn't care about anything. I just do what I didn't you get good greater, wasn't like. Oh, this is so interesting because it that one single died, while just like do any to memorize. This cool give it to me. That was my attitude, but it seems like you might have a different attitude now lie if you at least we're trying to get good grades you're better than me, because I don't care about what was I mean I you're just surpass all my so I'd. Try to enlist in the Navy, my senior year of high school, I haven't shown up after a soccer practice back home and I had gone
directly from practice to the recruiter's office, and I was getting ready to sign on the dotted line. Cuz I didn't want to go to college. I want to go right into the navy and to his credit. He asked me before I sign and he points, obviously behind me? Do you know that woman. I turn around. My mom has both hands on the window. She saw that I took a pause in the parking lot. My mom and I had a conversation, and she begged me not to the military. Nobody join. The military are family since World war. Two. So when I got out there, I said I would go to one you're, a college and after, if I did that, when your college, I would have their blessing. So when I signed up for class as my first year, I had no play, no plan, just sign of her request
looked interesting assigned over the history will or to a sign of her I'd. Let me I I just by had no, I just signed up for all these extra classes and I went to the first one and so you did kind of like your classes. I liked my history classes, so the only classes that I paid any attention to a pile of them and I had a great professor start of the history of political science classes. So that this really no military history classes are, of course, other left in the country is in a couple of institutions that do military history, so they Taken a lot of that military history curriculum and cut up farmed out two different disciplines, pomp localize, being one of them, and so I would just look for all these interesting classes, all the stuff it in. I was interested in managed how about a degree and when I graduated in two thousand, Somehow I managed graduate in four years than
I tried to go to see us. I had no idea what I was doing. I never met another seal. My application to go to oversee get above contract afterwards was ridiculous. I mean they ask you how you on the application, and now I know you know you need like an animal or somebody to write a letter. Recommendations here, my body Fred. I had my high school Sondra, my application than is presently values in two thousand. Oh yeah, two thousand the competition for the officer abilities in say insane, less insane, scientist and listen and different. Soccer coexisted cut. It sets a butler It was a very nice little so so then you just said: go on enlisting the than I am as you know, the true Mambre Deadly didn't you know my parents were on a trip
When this happened you and I'm just gonna, be at all for my mother. My parents were gone. They knew how important this was to me. They knew that I really didn't have a plan afterwards. It's not like I have been in some sort of go to law school or anything like that. I wasn't prepared for anything. So when When I hit that road block, I call my parents, they were lawyer said they weren't. There talked to my dad and my dad to his credit. Just said this is something I have to do so. I went over and went to the enlisted recruiter in a sign that, do we to eclairs guy, that's freaking legit and what you're was at two thousand? So I sign up in early August of two thousand. I was gone by the end of the month. That was two thousand: ok, so you sure and boot camp and
you have that shocked your system. Did you said yourself? What did I do? My mom was right out of college graduate put back home. I dont folded. Underwear I mean I didn't have the worst book have experience the early on. They had asked her. If anybody here had the college experience and I raised my hands, I got made the division yeoman, so I was able to co. Leave from time to time a caravan mailbag just through the mail bag for forty five minutes languages march around the basis. so you get to always you're out. Pre training getting ready for, but did you do anything or AEGIS, hey whatever the Ivan I have been following the the buds pre or the pre buds train plan
certain number pull up, setups, pushups everything and running in swimming every day to you your Brigitte. Now I'd I didn't I I thought I was an ok shape and I've been doing it for a year and soap about for months before I actually join the Navy. I had linked up with Thea the Purdue ROTC, guys that were all training to go to buds when I linked up with them, their training was completely other level. These gave her serious. They had. You know they met sealed before I'd, never met but met one, and so I did for me training with them. I mean there are. These goes wrong or ROTC Arab ponytail, at a beard. I just I was just it looked like a piece of shit really who the hell is this guy Europe? retail at a beard ones as ninety. Ninety nine
but was funny, is a year later, when I graduated, but to these guys were shot which were checking and above the day I graduate school, and I burst into the room to say: hi and Nor do I was. Did they make it? The awesome Was any challenges in boats, anything that gave you struggle Do I acted that swimming with would be just like it was like running was for me like you'd start. Running for for me. If I was going, do a long run go out. moderate pace that moderate pace. The further you going in order to maintain and then by the end of the race enough here, you're physically tax, but you can got through the last, but pain. I swam like that. I swam that amount pace and by the end of it I was pretty well gas
and it wasn't enough. So I started going every weekend and buzz. I was linking up with master Chief Knepper, who I didn't know what time I mean. I just knew that he was. You know a guy that would you do take pity on while the shitty buds and its when everybody else's relaxing in Canada looking their wounds from the previous week, I was at the poor master chief number and I would not be here I would never made it through if it wasn't for his glasses little did. I know that you know he was. I mean he's one of the oracles overseer history. Treasure so so you grant. When did you graduate from but August of two thousand or its tenth, My my twenty of yours has one or two thousand one. Yes, you graduated August, two thousand and one Good stationed I was postponed,
in turn, but I want to see a thing for these costs to some paperwork. Except for something half of our class was going to seal team five and one slash two was going to steal the antenna for whatever reason seal team ten hadn't quite stood up yet so they switch tester team. For so you. Where are you in September, as you graduate in August, two thousand one? Where are you where you actually standing when you went September eleventh goes down, I was home having just completed airborne. So I mean like everybody else in my class and I immediately went downstairs. Pack, my bag was ready to go, no call came thought. You were gonna norm like I did, and we all do, and I thought I was gonna love and ninety ninety I got going nowhere but disappointment so you're a ceiling for you with you.
two opportune: what jobs, what job you an upturn! I was there a sixty Gunnar Spade Gunnar Freedom New Guy, the new no no responsibility. I was yeah. I was the intolerable button right there, like. Oh you went to college, you can read rang the Bell, rang Progress, it catapulted, so it's your team for you can overturn. How is it has a work up? You know the right. Click on the there were some leadership challenges, but it was a good put in London will achieve a good. Oh I see. We we didn't, have a great mission. We were remark so attached to a marine. What was it now? Pd L, a J somethin like that we were sort of on call the med you know, and at that point in both
Afghanistan and Iraq were going on just now we were sudden sit mountain the magic floating around. We didn't do any internally, we got called the God. Do Liberia, Billions of wars, winsome hydrographic reconnaissance is stuff like that you got you lead violence laid out. I did ride. I did, and I was so we had done by half a dozen these things. the last one we were doing was directly in front of the young, The? U S? Embassy, Monrovia and my was probably the key the swimmer to the beach, which meant I was the closest swimmer to the CNN cameras other out there, and if anybody knew my my history with swimming, it probably would have pushed me further back.
But so I'm in parallel. In the beaches we're doing this, and I know that the whole world is watching at some point, I got wrapped up in my lead line cash tied up in this I can't swim. It's a really close shore breaks on getting hammered where about me, off a big rock like I've. Gotta get out of this line so poor, knife. I start cutting this way was coming up on me and I'm getting rid of a good plan. With this thing, I don't want to stab myself while doing us so I look around. I know I am holding the slate with one hand. I got the knife in the other. I need something to swim with, so I did the only thing I Do I put my knife in my mouth and I started. I swear through the struggle like how worldwide two frogman is death.
It's really awesome, so you you get done with that point without coming to highlight another point that was doing hydrographic, reconnaissance and Liberia on I want to brag lady hey. I did too turns out on the West Coast and I've done so. Maybe I geographic reconnaissance is it's ridiculous, but I guess, I've never done like I did real ones, but they work in combat. There were like in Kuwait with there was real like someone right land their men, but didn't I never put my mouth Emma. I make my knife in my teeth and that's where our boat- and I think you, probably Greece, not the reason you join us Europeans, not quite why John the symptoms and Must be so, would you do after that? Hudson sort of family challenges. I briefly got out until
figured out, whereas can be living. When I finally found out, I was gonna, be living in San Diego, I put my osiers get back together. I really wanted to go back to the team to be an officer, soccer coach right, you another letter, fragmentation. I actually A few years and letters- and I wish I'd, got to Santiago I'd contracted my during that year after Blackmore, triple canopy, but what where'd you go: Iraq, IRAN and what we do. PS be basically asking here. but once we got to Santiago Way where were you in in Iraq? Were you? What years well, that was two thousand and four two thousand and four two thousand and five I mean I was, I guess it was two thousand and five. I was back in the team's by two thousand and six though, what's psd,
security detail. As I do and security that's what a lot of contractors were doing, you're doing secure, before other government workers need those governor work could be people working on telephone miser could be CIA people, they could be government people, but it's basically security gotcha. So for many of those contracting jobs were four. and special operations just doing secured. So you how long we are for that a year come back in your way, we has package. So I my oath he s package was I really just needed. My last letter recommendations. I was in the group one commanders office for my for my interview. He was kind to give me an interview. Been getting ready for that interview for a while and the
morning of the interview I was contacted by seal team, eighteen and tat. I was recalled so well, it's not the end of the world. But let's see, if I can get this, CS package signed off, observed, reserve or no ceiling, eighteen as a reserve seal team driver if you're in there. If you get out of this teams- and you want to stay connected, you can go in the reserves and ass bad ass. You got recall how many teams are there, like? All together was eight seal teams. There are eight seal, tended the time for on each coast and understand group, but then, in addition to the act of duty team plus two group there's there were two reserves yield him a sort of a new concept. They were trying, so they get eighteenth was to reserve team
so ten and then Dev group, eleven, the essential kind at or some other things, such as foreign. You say team. That's like a technical thing like yeah cause. You got as DV teams to write are also aims gotcha. The numbers, though Cosette through our young desk. Did he wanted ass dvd to another? Two teams I just need you. We can't meet me at the views out. The boys are working hard here working hard, so I'm in the office I knew that I'd found that morning I was getting recalled, but it's still hoping that in other, the captain could maybe figure something out so The interview goes great, I think, and his idea of anything for
and I said well, sir, not for nothing, but I just got recalled this morning. I was wondering if there's anything you could do you not really like to follow through on the socio packaging, come back the teams and after he said now, that's Second, I felt myself back into, but you know was the best thing that ever happened. I want to see a thing five and jumped on a great Britain, with great leadership and That way we followed you yeah, you guys relieve, does not my task, you know, but guess what a hobby Hyalaea shoe about two harmony and you were a reservists that words activated and they put you in inopportune. That's freakin awesome. There was there was great: did you doing the work up or anything? So you did work up, went on Nepal, you're reservists by your inopportune. What was your job? Aren't you the radio telephone up- I was the calm guy- did a little bit breaching, but then you know cause taught myself how to be a J tack but
that's interesting food deterrent to herself on the ground and harbour? Not only that, but you know they. I knew that the platoon needed a calm guy, the council has never been a Congo, but they asked further com. Guy said yes on the bus. those targets, yeah how's that deployment. It was great what were you guys doing hobby? You know six hundred and seven sounds like a winner of six in two hundred and seven right correct. What was your missions? Were you guys doing her daughter, sniper over watches and then just don't gone house after house do a little we'll house to house raids. Looking for Al Qaeda, just like you guys were some kind of the dream I was I was doing exactly what I thought I would be done and when I am less than two thousand there let's go, I I I always felt that way. When I was in Iraq, I felt like I was so long.
key to be where I was. I will say in remedy was a little next level because you're a kid you, you kind of I was thinking norm in my whole life ass. They can now right, but even or something even a little bit more seem like a little bit extra. Was train of world war. Two Fred, you figured. What more do you think it tags and stuff? So in remedy there was time we're tanks were rolling down the street growling of ain't in through buildings over walls it was Debbie Debbie. There was friggin awesome area. I mean it was. I mean I had that non expectation too and make up there? It was. It was. It was the groundwork. The only thing that made it sort of mom, like is the Friday's Riverboro yeah for sure I would use those suckers dancer, and
you know, there's only so many buckeyes on on the stock cars and sometimes their alternating between right or port and starboard side gone. So if they didn't have anybody on, you know what gone. To stand up and you grab one and yeah you're in a t, shirt well, one of the Euphrates River in their way area, a whole EO called names here and see one I can remember, but it was up north, cannot northeast of the town, a remedy, and it was on the on the north side of the river and it will look like norm. It is ridiculous. Plus we had the marine corps here is flying around. We called it the wrong remodel, but it look like Vietnam Edifice, freakin, crazy, right on, and so get down with that deployment and then what would you do to get home The point I started thinking about grad school router I was
Are you a reserve, assuming you got homer you released from active duty kind of the year I went to administer. Parlay that going over to work out a worker a couple years or or come, and I my platoon she from sixteen five was going over there to run the J Tat program and and I kind taught myself how to do all that so here he said, if you want come over work with me, while you're going to grad school, and so we just we just a jtac stuff for the next two years. While I went through, I got my degree where'd you go to school, you Eddie. I went to her undergrad there did, U S day,
gorgeous colors for us and then we you thinkin, hey. We still think about trying to put that Austria s packaging or I was I mean I hope it was on the side of the back burner. I was trying to decide whether or not I was gonna go put the ocean s package to go back active or do like enough ts package and get a commission in the reserves so my first kid at north and the first kid. I think I want to leave this guy, so I went with the reserves, so I got a commission so the day I left active duty, yeah the commission reserves I'll see you didn't get a commission reserves. I do you still have arena others reserves. Now I left left the reserve for years ago, her mellow more so that you you get done, and now you realize you want to stay home with the kid and so then what you hear you're trying to put your life together on the outside how's that go,
Ok, I get a guy with another dream. Job enough suddenly find themselves doing something they never expected to do. It didn't go great I was in a like everybody trying to figure out what my next. My next big thing was looking for relevance in any an area that I could find it. I quickly realized that in my business life I was not going to be successful what business is? Did you drive why first office now started? textile manufacturers. Philly were trying to get back to family as we had dinner at a new new kitten play another one on the way. So my wife, at the time I lived in South Jersey, so we went there, so I got a job at a textile, manufacture and Philly, and
There are great people and I really like the company- and I was just terrible they wanted to start like a tactical products. Leinen, I thought I'd try. business in there. I didn't Well, are you didn't do terrible, but I just like I don't. I don't know. doing so. I started thinking about this right about then I'd like theirs, two things that I can do and I don't want to leave the kid and you know what the time it was made of one kid become too So I started thinking about this. What was the catalyst that made you actually Your computer opened the word processor and start typing. that was probably extortion, one seven. So everybody I went to you know
quite a few, the funerals after that and I went to jail he's Funeral John. Wasn't? He was. He was from the Rockford Iowa I went to his funeral and total unexpected. But when I was there, I met Jim Horn Fisher James De Horn, Fisher asses author name, but here, He was a literary agent. He would but he was also a problem in the greatest naval historian of the country he had written last stand of the tin cans, sailors, Neptune's internal. So when I got to J Funeral everybody's there restricting drinking, I see this guy, whose totally out of place six foot fives where's glasses just cannot not a team guy. Clearly and one of my friends quickly enough.
I that you know he has as the two biggest nerds at the event and introduces a centre within thirty I know that this is a girl tat changed my life. so we started talking naval, we gotta. got pretty lit up kept his business card in my pocket for the next year was caught up in a sea working on working on an idea for a book and after a year I cinema him a and just now here's a chapter, one take a look at it and sent backing so and said. This is fantastic but the next six months putting an outline together for what the rest of the book would look like and he took that to New York and you gotta get a contract Can I give you to your contract? Is going the next eight years working out to dig you're too your contract, the end user.
Kept saying I just couldn't you know, and I d rather than I was there- no wasn't that it was like I I just know they they wanted. They wanted a product that I quickly realized. I couldn't give them So I knew that what they want. They want they wanted a history of the of the teams, but they wanted it done quickly. Like everybody American so I knew that, if I did that than the history that I was going to write with, to be like every other history that have been written on the teams, sort of just wave tops and knew that it wasn't gonna be written with any sort of intent beyond no just my own interest in each of the events. I knew in that I knew the teams deserved something like this. I just didn't know how to do this, so I can't broke the whole thing down and a bunch of ice by found two or three books that I really liked. I read each of them three or four times
One of them I went through, and I literally outlined it. You know not page by page but like chapter by chapter is like this chapter is doing this. This chapter is doing this and I just sort of broke How does this author? Your eye? I found another author. Wasn't this author introduce characters? How do they know? How do they just struck? How do they know? We've weave multiple storylines together, and I just can't taught myself. I do this. did you, but I knew I knew the day that this was take me a lot longer than two years. So when they give you two years, what did you did you to sign? A contract- and yes, I signed the congo- is that you would, I did the same I did a sealed in five. I said ya, Makan guy just use I'll write. This in two years that's where they were kept missing the deadline by five years, if it weren't you not to their credit, they didn't bother me. They would check in
the only thing that they really did was they. They wanted to see the first chapter so once the first chapter was finished, I sent that off and they said okay. This is, and I it took me Between six and seven months to write that first chapter on the raiders, how about how many hours the day. Would you work? I would start at four thirty and I would work until about eight and then I would and I'll do rest. My day and I'd come home and get my kids to bed and then once it was, I put them in a better at work. As long as they couldn't largest Smoked, zere, probably get like five six hours a day on the book for. Yeah I mean day what what were you will get into the book now, but before the book is frequent, it's it's incredible book and the detail,
into. It's over five hundred pages long real a fraction of that today, I it was so hard for me to fix figure out what to do what what parts to read your pipe, I guess to talk to you about it. Maybe we could discuss. But I just kind of like there's every page has got really important stuff on it. The writings, terrific, clearly and unmistakably you sourced from a lot of first person accounts. You know capture documents information captured from documents from official traffic from interviews from other sources, it reads like an action novel in many parts, except for the fact that its all true, which makes it even better to read so this I can recommend this book enough. Just a fantastic history in it's not it's not just about the seals, because one of the premises of the book is that
The seals wouldn't exist if either really the marine corps. or the army Would have stopped who in committed made it to the idea of having these kind of direct action raiders, which is what you'll teams, ends up being in everybody's, got kind of got it now you could say, but for many years there were many attempts to doing this and They they wouldn't work out for various reasons, maybe would go bad or a war would end or a combination of those two things or you know when you're in the army and you're a general. When you got some some cash. boy. Looking guy runnin around your senior that cowboy looking guy think I don't want this guy running around. this ban his organization or yours In court you do the same thing:
Hey you know, I was in the marine corps, recourse right and tight. You know, and now who's this guy run around with freakin long, hair, no army to disband that organization and and That seems to have a lot. There's one group, the Navy, where you're in the Navy, so you're sort of you know heard admiral the Navy you gonna wanna, have somebody's I tears running around that can make something happened and that's I think part of it part of Genesis, seal teams, so book is fantastic. Let's get into some of this, so here we go. On August eighth, zero, nine hundred both submarines departed, Sebaste, pearl, harbor and made for the open ocean. It was in the lead, was the nautilus with Karlsson. Eighty seven raiders a bee company follow almost a day behind, was the larger and slower Argonaut with Roosevelt
and the remaining hundred thirty four men, the majority, belong to a company for eight sweltering days. The raiders lived crammed alongside each other anywhere. They could stretch each man a prisoner to to the heat, sweat instinct of the one next on after two thousand miles Pacific's omnipotent slightly farther the New York City, San Diego, the Nautilus finally arrived at its target on August sixteenth. So these are marine raiders Group that Put together to go out their conduct in freakin sob operations. in World war, two fast for and that's new, no obvious him only written chunks, the books of seems a little bit stilted or or you don't recognize him the names believe me. Every Percinet in this book is described unit. You given credible background on people where they came from how they
not in the situation they're in. So when you hear me jumping you haven't heard of a character. It's just cuz, I haven't read: I'm not reading you! The entire book fast forward a little bit sensing his momentum, eroding like the ground beneath him, Carlson sloth through the soft sand, hastening to gather his men before the sun rose, obviously been inserted at this point He could find the and find an untangle his two reduced companies and put them in the direction of their targets. He might still have a chance because there had been no reconnaissance. However, no one knew for sure where or where they were or where to go with four miles, a beach to the left and another six miles to the right with targets. There, too could be anywhere if there too, Its were there at all, still one whole. Both crew is missing. now target locations or knowledge of enemy strength, the thirteen men
with thirteen men unaccounted for impossibly drowned. Karlsson was blind and groping for answers. In an ever brightening world, his men becoming ridiculously conspicuous along the white beaches in their uniforms of died black, so this already off to a bad start with these guys yeah there, their notice me I'd the m. I didn't. Right are organizing the book. I knew where I knew where needed the books, and I knew that the book and in Vietnam, because in Vietnam, is in Vietnam that the seal to become what they are today. Landfolk is going where commandos, but he didn't know was how it happened and I didn't have like in order to decide what a book going to be you gotta have a not just an end. Point can have a beginning point, so I need
define that first instance, where the Navy wanted the Navy had that A desire to create some sort of rating unit now we all know that the Marine Corps is a department of the Navy, so the Navy has its own army and so logically The marine corps should have been able to feel that first commando unit that worked directly for the Navy. The reason that they don't do that ultimately happens in in the opening days world war too. happens because this make an island rate. The marine corps doesn't want the readers they. The marine corps, wants what it's always wanted. not what it always wanted. They want what they wanted since world war. One what were won. The marine corps becomes every bit as consequential as the
army, so the leaders of the Marine corps who off on the battlefield of the first World WAR, they feel like one world war, two happens. They can finally achieve the status that their services long deserved, so they're not interested in being the Navy's anything there than in their interest in being their own branch of service, completely subservient to themselves. So when the Navy says they want to spread the beneath attention away from the solomons or away from the South Pacific, and do this raid rank or thank plants. You know not really what we should be done, but we'll do it because the Navy wants it, so it? Predictably, when they send these raiders up there with a, manner that the Marine corps really didn't wanted. They really didn't like Karlsson, goes. Predictably bad and then the marine Corps justifies the reason that they never one of them in the first place, it's it's interesting M, even when Anne
No, you remember this cause. It might be a little bit. You'd come until two thousand yeah When I came in the the marine corps attitude was what we don't need: special operations group inside the marine corps because all Marines our special and that's the two hundred as their attitude, and they kept that lake. To that, when I was in that was that was just how they rolled was through that yeah. They have had that attitude since the first wealth since world war, two, but it's in the first World war they they realize what they can be a parallel on you, the the work that you did research these these battles. And you're going to so much detail with him. I mean we're going back to the book. Real quick come thirty minutes a company fought a suicidal enemy arm before machine guns to grenade throwers.
rifles and aflame floor each time the raiders managed to silence a machine gun nest, another Japanese gonna, which step over the piled body surrounding it and bring it to life worst of unseen, an inescapable where the snipers lashed to the tops of the palms blinded by the sun and rewarded for their patients, each sniper sought out movement and took aim. We play with Thompson to stay down one man remembered years leaders there were snipers within fifty yards of us. He did not compelled, steady shuttle between his men pointing out targets as he went. His medal of Honor was awarded posthumously. We adapt in front of us above us alongside us, to our left and behind us remembered Corporal gone exposed at the Tipp of the Cul de sac. even when they managed to fight free of the Japanese around them, they're good sense, kept them nailed to the ground. I lay his fat is flat ass. I could and try to shrink myself as narrowest possible, said private Glenn, Lincoln, playing Possum under the palm trees and the scrutiny of two separate machine gun positions.
In thirty minutes, nine raiders from second platoon we're dead, so was Thompson was Lieutenant Jerry Wholesome the better. intelligence officer, a child of missionaries and the one rate, or who could speak, Japanese or killed were for radio telephone operators, each one singled out by the antenna waggling above his shoulder, which was connected to a water logged radio that either lacked the power to reach Carlson's command post or did not work at all. So You said this is just a disaster: this this situation, it's a disaster, but you know what is highlights. You know, even though each branch of service has leaders that have their own purposes creating these units at various times, for various reasons in each instance, whether its raiders or rangers or lurks, or whatever, the guys on the ground. These are, I mean every bit as
and deserving of our respect as the seals that their legacy is ultimately funnel into so it just. Then, the branches of service dont support their efforts for one. Various reasons and it a long time to get there but you're right. You said it in your opening remarks. I mean this, this history or this institution, the seal teams could not have would not have come to be, would not have come to be Landfolk Commando unit. Had it not been for the gap that the art in the marine corps in the CIA or the US continually provide over. This thirty appeared history. So that kind of asthma, That kind of that that first read that you can read kind of Porter put a damper on the enthusiasm of the marine corps. Two to go out make one of these units
fast forward a little bit. You say this in the book in May. Eighteen, forty two in anticipation of the armies, need the Navy issued a narrow call for volunteers to join something called the amphibious commandos. What The call narrow was that it seemed to be directed at a single group. That group was in what the words of one reported, the six hundred or so quote You created muscle men who had signed on as distant instructors to the Navy's physical fitness programme. These rules, by the most educated muslim men of his day, lieutenant Commander James Joseph Green tuning. and the right tunic tawny. Twenty six. It all with heavy fist shaped chain and handsome smiled at every man, woman and child in the country. Recognised Tawny was known. Where did I get there? Right on your tunic tonic, Tawny Tony was known as the great war machine turned heavyweight boxing champ, who had not once but twice defeated Jack Dempsey
many boxes of his day, whose training consisted of in the words of one competitor, a hair, cut and a shave. Tawny had managed this feat by relentlessly conditioning his body during the day and by reading Shakespeare every night after winning a second second fight. Tawny had fought only once more than quit the ring forever to follow what fall irresistible pull as one contemporary reported note, reporter noted to do something big in other fields. Said, included lecturing on Richard, the third at Yale and in getting there Jeanne Tawny Exercise or a long board equipment a long board equipped with ropes and police. That would raise the feet and condition the admitted sold for three dollars. Biggest of all kid had swap is old, global anchor for the broncho leaves of a naval officer in order to read his new service of what he considered its greatest threat. The pot belly
I dare say that fifty percent of the officers and enlisted men cannot properly stand at attention, said the newly commissioned Tony and one thousand nine hundred and forty one partly blaming their ill fitting dungarees with stretch too much and induced the wearer to stick out his belly and hold them up tawny reason that the problem was actually a threat to national security, then what eventually lead, in his words, to moral collapse, believing like all Marines that a strong physique under girded a strong character. Twenty initial efforts in the Navy had met with only moderate success, because sailors were not Marines and ass. I had never cared much for either fitness or character. The other dry hoods humor comes through a lot in this Barclay cut. I don't know probably five six pages of tiny out. I mean the one the one problem that you we face when you're writing a book like this is that you researchers Billy seductive you can
go down rabbit, hole after rabbit hole he going to keep going to find article after article article and you want to you- want to cram all of this information into that into that paragraph, and it don't take anywhere be constantly have to be asking yourself? What is this? Your first of all was the book. I kept a no card on my desk when I started working on the book and the no card had three questions on those Pinta. Well, let's head was the purpose of the book was the purpose of the chapter was the purposes paragraph and if the paragraph is not in support of the chapter and if the chapters not support of the book, the new not near your doing wrong, so it wrong so every character you come across you you want to give them some sort of, serve introduction, tunnies consequential and that he attracts all of these studs yeah? He brings all red dots
but he doesn't have. The program is going to be able to contain these guys. So here acts all these pro football players to his programme that have they are want to serve their country in the most aggressive way, possible, and they find out that they're gonna be calisthenics instructors. So, of course, you know what's gonna happen, tonic are these guys and then I think, the matter yeah, it's it's the use of them lot of reading about saga and every basically I say, every song mission in Vietnam could be its own book. Therefore, once every single submission- and that's the feeling I get win win reading your book every one of these characters that you introduce could be their own buccaneer just about every single character could either on book. Didn't you just have to You gotta go to draw the line at some point you, like yesterday,
Clearly by will work were going on to another. Jack. I never wanted to write a book with a thesis. I was never my objective. I didn't want to prove anything, but what I did find was that, with a thesis with visas, I was able to connect All these desperate story never would have formed a comprehensive story, but with that thesis by asking the question, how do the Navy come to create a land focused go anywhere commando unit? I was able to stitch all these other rights yours and writers, and all the other stories of the non seal units into a book about the seals. Here's another character that universe that we on the seal teams, no, in twenty eight year old Feel Baku, a football star from Columbus Ohio at present himself at an army recruitment office immediately after Pearl Harbor to volunteer for the paratroopers their recruiter had taken. One look at his six foot to two hundred thirty five pound frame and said I could I could take to and said, are you can see
at the smallest soldier, the army could accept, was a shadow heavier than a hundred five pounds. A recruiters absolutely right disappointed to be passed up for the paratroopers and thus lose his chance to be dropped into a foreign land. Baku had settled for the Navy, then settled again: four tonnes for the Tawny programme, ostensibly the best place in the military. For someone with his background after play four Xavier University in Cincinnati and then the rent for the Rams in Cleveland Buckley would since gone on to raise money, recoup players for his own professional football team accomplishments. That demonstrated not only intelligence and toughness that Tony sought, but also leadership and the risk taking of an entrepreneur. He was not the footballer with hidden potential big job.
Trips. In a six point, five bushy heerd, all American from MRS Sissy meat from Mississippi State, had already seen more the country that most Americans ever would having traded his life on the South Texas planes to play all protocol for the Detroit Lions and Robert Herrick, a mountain of muscle from the mouths of Colorado who stand every bit as high as his Texas colleague had enlisted in the Navy, not only as a graduate of CALL Colorado state but as its head football coach, essentially with a roster with more potential than Tony's program, could tame just a bunch of freakin beasts got it gotta read this part too. So The call for amphibious commandos Baku, other tighten athletes raise their hands when they reported to the next assignment, achieve petty officer with a knowledge of angling. The tawny regime took one look at the oversized arrivals and dubbed them the tuna fish, the name stuck
You gotta got another guy named Halprin in who plays a huge role in all. This is indispensable everybody. You know the the the temptation, when you're writing about these guys to introduce them as they come. You know you ve come to buckle. You want to introduce buckwheat because Buckley is in one of the most important people in the history of Anne S. W you come down given the good, and you want to give him the introduction that he deserves, but he doesn't become mid. He doesn't become Buckler the Consequential Feel Buckler until Vietnam, so you ve got hold your fire and you ve got to of convinced the reader. But if you hold on we're gonna get there so because the most consequential person person of this period as the guy you to negotiate
yeah, you get this guy back out, Burnett a mere six feet. Two hundred twenty five pounds guess what monsters this back in the day to this is ringing like world war. Two guys are not jack like they are now work of your six foot. Six through twenty five back in the day, you are jacked hundred percent echo. Can you confirm comfort from the Bro science perspectives? S dismay future at a mere six feet to twenty five pounds: Robert, how Britain was easily the smallest of the group, but stood out from his fellow footballers. First, a string of peculiarities, not least of which a face not unlike that of Hollywood Robert Taylor. Besides this he was half a decade older than the rest, not a personality that was not only is dries Cabernet, but also incomparably unflappable, most peculiar of all he'd been raised in educating the exclusive Chicago suburb of Oak Park, the second son of prominent jewish immigrants at the time not exactly features that encourage friendships with working class white footballers, but try to
not to help her and unlike the son of jewish immigrants, unlike many sons of jewish immigrants, hamper and had been raised to speak no Yiddish to practice, no faith, a boy so adrift from any spiritual anchor that he adopted to regional substitutes as sanctuaries. The first had been Lake Michigan, in which he swam so often, and so, whether you once the admiration of awaiting Al Capone and upon which he had learned to sail eventually. Reading the windy cities wind so well, there you taken up competitive, raising the other sanctuary, a high holy place. If there ever was one had been the Notre Dame Football Stadium asked why a Jew would submit himself to such a christian university helper, had flatly replied because it was the best so. This is another guy yeah I just a character let me start by many starts like me from nothing he does
I have no expectation, is so old when world were to start is thirty four years old, when he and lessons of seamen the Navy, but his brother had been at Pearl Harbor. and so you, after you see your brother, you know performing such service wait. What else don't you ve got to do the same so here he pulls restraining, can self in the Navy, and I don't know I don't want, give anything away, but he I mean he goes from. the Tunny programme, all the way to China. I mean he becomes an established first, force commander, it's free knots. Last week of nineteen August, one thousand nine hundred and forty two buck Halpern in the rest of the tuna fish plus thirty six enlisted sailors left the Solomon Islands where they were more than a hundred miles to a point where the lower lip of the Chesapeake Bay met the Atlantic Ocean. Here the rich
you gave way to an isolated tied water, inlet called little Creek and a dirt road based with dirt for housing. That made the solomons look like San Francisco. Upon arrival, they were greeted by an army officer, Lieutenant Lloyd, petty for junior twenty nine year old, former commander of the observer group, who now ward knee high leather boots of a horse soldier and, in spite of a small stature, Winston attention look like a nail waiting to be driven into a real tie, personality wasn't far off as one of the few soldiers who participate in the Marine corps flex exercise, he knew all too well the challenges awaiting the men. He now welcomed to the intensely difficult course he'd just created course of soft sand runs rubber, both races and endless. In calisthenics, known as the joint army, Navy, amphibious scouts and rate or school at last. The Navy's volunteers for amphibious commandos, we're about to come them that sort of the beginning
and there's something you know what's interesting. I don't know, I think If you do those like psychological games where psychological tests were somebody says something in it makes you think of whatever you do. You have to say with him, but when you hear Phoebe s commando who's, not a hundred percent in all night, like where I think I knew what it amphibious commando is when I was five years old wanted in There I had, I collected these little air fix. Hoosiers the little one slash thirty two size, little army man. When I was a kid, my mom eventually threw them all the way by the way, just as savage I had one hundred dollars and I used to no dream and talk and play with those things but my favour was the british command was little soda, accents and kayaks and little beanie caps That was the deal, and you see that that was when I was a little kid that was, I hear
amphibious commandos, So again, I can't reversible petticoat lackeys each of the people that I focused on the book. I I try to draw down, as close as I could include, there's the general system is used are begging, you go small, so you read whatever's available the existing literature that out there and there have been there had been a couple of books- have been published in petticoats character. So you can Mariscos down by the courthouse in Buckley, whatever you're trying to get a close, you can to the person that you want to write about or the the person that becomes, the consequential person of the moment, so you're trying to learn about them
In such a way that you can find out the traits in that person that made them consequential and whether the rates that made you know somebody like Karlsson failure or the traits that made pedicure buckler happen. Success so often I'm sure you ve, had a wall there's no place there's no more information. That's available and existing literature Steve got to start digging into you do archival material, so I had learned pretty quickly. You know what archives around the country usually had the most so I would go to those archives and I will dig, whereas this is a place you gotta go to like Jaso. Libraries are something yes The identical used about five different archives, the most the best one was probably the national archives in Maryland. They, they have the most stuff and they have the its accessible,
when you start getting to the military archives, not but the army so much. The army archives is actually really a world class institution. I loved going earth and Carlo in the Marines, archiving Quantico another another great. the Navy Yard or the naval heritage and history command. Our archive at the Navy are now was a bit trickier. They had, for whatever reason, I think, a lot about how to do with the fact that they had an act of shooting there a few years before us. security on the on the base was tight, but they would really so very close held institution. So when you went there in digging through their stuff, be a little complicated had to plan around it. But you know stuff he'd, find my found letters. The petticoat written in new you, ve gotta, you ve got to look at the letter you got. Gotta re at once highlight what import,
nugatory it again and again and figure out what you can learn about him from the letter. The way talks the way rights. The way thanks when you run that when you can't, you know, squeeze anymore information out of that, then you, your left with find in the family, and in this case I found petticoats family, tried to find at least a family member for every person that I mainly focused on the book had dinner with the buck operands son last night, still close friends with him, the petticoat family. You know some of these people. They don't realize how important their debt, or their grandfather was in this history and they
no idea why you're calling them- and they know that they would provide photos that provide letters. Sometimes they would let you come to their house and dig through their stuff. That accord was one of those that, back to find as much as I do. The talking to him, I mean you can get little details out of my found, one photo of petty cord wearing those boots and I knew that they were the boots. The army cower. Soldiers were- and I I didn't anticipate- that there were boats that he wore through the rest of his career until I ran into an old scale, and later I was ninety secure guy, oh Jim Barnes, what they call him I'd like it. I'd set the interview, Jim Barnes, I. What do you mean about pedicure and This thing that he remembered were those boats. Little did
After this here you, u detail, we go through the details of operation. Torch washes up north that Africa, the Sabre River, its it's a success, the oh! It's a tough operation. five of the ten original tunafish get the Navy Cross from them operation and again, I'm skipping through some of that right now get the book get the book and read about that. African operation has its epoch the origination- and you know we set as a couple times but The regulation of everything that goes on hers is you have to tell talk about the raiders. You have to talk about the Rangers. You have to talk about. Why? Why why what happened to them and why He didn't become seals. At least the seal type thing. This is a section here were you start talking about?
the range right, also the premises. You know that The navy should never have had this capability. When I started trend, under the title for the book. I want. My options for subtitles were like something like the and store the Navy seal the unit that should not exist. Something like that. Something is in a provocative like like that and the reason they should exist, is because of the army, the brink money and the CIA. All of these institutions were better suited for this mission than the Navy was ah so in order do you know explain the question that I asked you know ask the beginning how the Navy, you know come to field us. You know land focus, go anywhere commando force the way that's praised is you have to understand why these other institutions didn't become that. First, why they didn't block the navy from becoming up. only an understanding why they didn't become that. Can you understand really understand why the Navy did it? Why the Navy felt like it had to do it?
that includes the Rangers go into the book. The author. Lected command the Rangers thirty one year old, major, William Orlando Darby, born in Fort Smith, Arkansas in nineteen eleven, the same guerrillas studied year as Lord Low VAT and run? Volk meant Darby believing that he was destined for greatness of average size and looks his greatness lay below the surface as it as it is so often with tragic men. A war would be required to uncover it. Black hair, blue eyed, wide mouth does a duck. Darby had a ruddy face, divided into equal parts, forehead and chin. His She bore a mysterious, brilliant red scar, not particular muscular. He nevertheless affected chest out shoulders back posture in which his arms seemed always cock to the rear, as if never more than a moment away from snapping to attention. Son of a bitch
and a musician, the second child between two sisters. He grew up scouting the Arkansas Woods and playing the saxophone Walden school, his old sister died, in Texas. He married then divorced in spite of disappointment and tragedy. His attitude remained as it ever had been good humoured, an heiress irrepressible personality. Just like is posture. He was direct, forceful and never vacillating. Had the military g not dominated and given had driven him to a life of soldiering. he would have made a born salesman. He is the ideal commando leader wrote Colonel VON at the end of the course he possessed The energy keenness and personality which produces the best out of those under his command graduated from West point. Nineteen thirty three at the apex of the Bell Curve Rank two hundred and seventy seven on a freer and forty six. He was originally assigned ass. A field artillery officer
fast forward a little bit if the ideal army officer with equal parts, competence, bravery, energy and obedience Darby was all these things brought perhaps too much the last more than anything, he believed his men could and should perform any mission assigned to them from the most audacious lightning rates to the most ignat ignominious rearrest long duties to the most spectacular seized season hold operations because of this no one would be more responsible for proving the value of the Rangers. Or further downfall. So you going to talk about their first experience. The Rangers first combat experience of Jews in the EP, Misinterpret YAP gap I think I see France, nineteen forty two yeah- that that one sentence that I give debt- that represents twenty pages of book- that I had to cut out
like, I said the researchers really seductive and when you find something that is so, you know what you think is meaningful or what you think in a sort of shows you the direction. This whole thing is going on you, I mean the temptation is to really really focus on it and drag your reader through this, but you have to remember that. you're trying to get the reader someplace and you dont want to front loading chapter with twenty pages of battle and introduce characters in this battle or of his battle. The really I can take you anywhere there also abacha, speaking of british commandos jocose. Perhaps inspiration were being a commando himself. You got this courtiers, who read one quart monde that this with a ranger said about the about them
commandos that they went into gap with my god. Those commandos can fight remembered one range, rapid battle, they'd kneeled down or lie down, and fire then stand up grab and apple off a tree and start firing again freak Brits So you go through that raid you go through. Another raid was even more dramatic victim of a winch that broke, while lowering his landing craft dumping. Him is radios and equipment back into the ocean to Darby. Never let scramble back aboard his boat then led for companies plus one chaplain ashore. There spite squelching wet boots. He and his rangers marched appeal for three miles. Every man carrying a full load out of ammunition, plus fighting nice bayonets, climbing robes ones, ticket dynamite and two more around the two unlucky, is also pushed a mule cart bulging within still more mortar rounds. When the rages arrived at Fort do Nord they found it was surrounded by concentric search circles of barbed wire as high as eight feet in his deepest fourteen with every snip each man's nerves, nerves. So tighter
Did they were about to reach from last ring a machine gun, barked and drove them to the ground? Darby ever the artillery man wasted no time Roy pull up your pull your company back. A few yards then hit him when the barrage stops. Lieutenant Murray had got had hardly got his men untangled from the wire when the first rounds thumped into the battlements. persuaded, the french defenders abandon their machine guns and retreated chased by Murray and his rangers shouting hi HO silver away? That's fine against the young, the French the beach in French, We are fast forward, a little got, no remedy, when you read that when you were when you think about the Rangers just reinforce everything I said before, the seal should not exist when you have You know what is clearly a naval commando force go any commander force as key but, as the Rangers were in nineteen forty two- and this is the case
only the army had they if they were smart enough to create it and then they side of the reasons that created and are actually lose sight of the reasons. The the reasons that they created. It are the reason that they had the downfall care about near the Rangers commando capability. There were more preoccupied with using the Rangers as a way to teach the rest of the army how to fight. We want to integrate our rain. with british commandos, because the british Command was really the only English speaking troops on the planet that knew how to fight they wanted to. George Marshall wants to take it experience and pass it along to the rest of the Eu S Infantry early, the army, infantry and so. by the time that the infantry starts to elevate itself. To the The capabilities of the Rangers then divisional com,
your start. Using the Rangers Moors not commandos, to go in a radio, our position are composed. They just are pushing have the Infantry Palmer sort, But like suicidal spear hunters and when the chapter ends, I mean it's just it's so depressing, but so predictable. Let's get there This is a massive measures and this is an inner cisterna. you go through, I mean I'm going to come to catch the last little bit of it. You go through the battle you go through it unfolds. I mean there's so many leadership, lessons to learn and hear obviously thought about leadership all the time, but not a leadership. Lessons that are eating. This book is incredible.
Kind of wrapping. This up since he'd been blown off the top of a smoking tank Dobson had somehow made it back to his men near the calibre Kaliko Pretty house there, while organizing another defensive perimeter he had taken more shrapnel, is right. Throb, thigh, now lying in a ditch. Next, burning self propelled gone, whose artillery rounds continue to cook off around him. He passed Command to captain Charles shown strong, a ranger since the a canary days and Darby killing comparison, copy and Derbyshire killing companion at Gala upon they can command Sean's on aggressive as aggressive a soldier as the U S, army had ever produced shored up his position with several companies of the third battalion and even attempted a flanking movement to either break free of the encirclement or believe it or not. Take the town. None of it worked
At ten forty five solid communications were finally established between Darby and shuns drums radio, the care which was now in the hands of Captain Edwards Edward Kitchens. Kitsch to everyone who knew him, who was set up in first battalions makeshift aid station and whose feet were gradually becoming more and more encumbered by wounded rangers. At eleven fifteen Darby told kid to hold on and that the fourth battalion was making slow, but steady progress. thirty minutes later Darby reiterated his encouragement and even asked kids to put together a rescue party for third divisions. Reconnaissance company, that reported we had been captured in his vicinity. Maybe you can break up the thing and rescue them Darby said his suggestion is tone deaf, as its original expectations. Operational employed like Infantry Darby Rangers, were now dying like them to act.
Kaliko, pretty house alone lay some sixteen dead Rangers, another twenty two wounded, and only five men still fighting barely three loaded weapons among them while fifteen became so over. What overwrought and weeping that he could no longer make himself understood are we asked for another voice and kids quit the house altogether, preferring to die outside in battle rather than inside manning the radio. Grasping the receiver now was hoping Ranger Master sergeant, Robert E halt from Brooklyn New York, one of Darby originals. some of the fellows are giving up colonel said he All his voice, scratching out of the Speaker box, We're awfully sorry. We can't help it, because we're running out of ammunition. but I ain't surrendering.
In his farm House Command Post darling, came frantic let the boys give up, he pleaded get the old men together and Lamb for it. How many still with you. They're coming into the building now E halt replied gunfire snapping in the background, we're out of ammo, but they won't get us cheap, so long, colonel! Maybe when it's all over I'll see you again. the violent wham WHAM, halts transmission cut out. I'll, be squeezed the handset and stayed himself your head do. What is best you're there and I'm here. Unfortunately, I can't help you. it starts to say the words into the deadline, his four battalion still a mile from Cisterna, but why, ever happens. God bless. You bless. All of you.
with the mention of God, Darby Voice choked his eyes watered the hall, I leave everything in your hands. Tell the man I am with them to the end. After a moment he sat down had said bracing himself. He wrapped his hands around a telephone receiver and called general trust. Scott. it apparently was too much for them. He said muffling his emotions, placing the receiver and its cradle Darby asked his staff to leave the room. As enemy shells, beat a steady tattoo around the house. He crumpled you a chair, dropped his head into his arms and sobbed. Several minutes later. Darby appeared outside his shoulders straight and his chin, Fast forward, defiantly. You still in command, but
and of what no one quite new, I hear this about this. Whole episode is based on a couple of sources, one of them being shunted shuns terms report, He wrote I wanna say three days after the battle after surviving us. Thank you is one of the few that escapes and on a series of on the radio transcription that they were keeping Adobe's headquarters. So you, you can actually see everything that was said on that radio and he can read it and it's. Adorable- and you know you know- I mean no- you know going into it- you know where you know what is going to happen to where it doesn't make it easier, though so, despite
some. These legendary heroics, like you said, I mean that the relics of the troops are undeniable, after world war, two all six army, ranger appetites or disband, and say here, specific superficially, modeled on Churchill's butcher and bold commandos, the? U S army rangers by the time of their disbandment. Look nothing like them, this was, in the end, the predictable result of from parents, preoccupied with the readiness of his front, mind, soldiers, George Marshal, had created the Rangers not to perfect the art of Churchill's coastal raids. To serve his infantry first. by gaining battlefield experience that could be transferred to the rest of his troops. Second, by handing them off to him for two commanders who committed the rangers to missions with impossible odds and then either blame them for their failures or diminish their uniqueness by using them no differently than regular infantry,
One could have guessed the consequences it was prior. It was a prioritization that produced a lasting gap in the: U S: military order of battle for a unit that specialised in rating one that could must be filled by a branch of service less preoccupied less per year. He cried with its infantry and there was only one branch they didn't have. A forgery so there you are setting up- Up that one branch doesn't have any of you at the time. It is only three branches airforces in existence. The army are core, so of all three, the army and Navy and the Marine Corps navies and you can I mean you can see where this is going before even get out a world war. Two you can see the cycle, that's gonna, that's gonna! ten. You all the way and Vietnam commanders are going to identify a gap.
they're going to create commandos. To fill that gap. They're gonna commit them action, often to disastrous results, and then there to renege on their idea to pull the rug out from under these guys and every guy every time that happens is often going to leave near there. The that unit Amanda Partners in the lurch, and always that commando partners. The Eu S Navy, navies, just gonna go more frustrated, more frustrating they're gonna continue pushing their their unit, their special units into that gap here. The next. The next just part of the book is called the opportunity chapter four Title Draper Kaufmann and the court that crack the Atlantic Wall then laid the first bricks of the legend of Naval special warfare
here we go is that we are far from tall in thin lanky, even with dark hair of a narrow face and a chain that stretched down like a teardrop Draper Lawrence Kaufman also possessed poor teeth, and spectacles is thick as some marine glass two bouts of indolence. He was absent minded of failure in any subject not captures interest, an alarmingly progressive on the issue of race, at least so far. His mother, a shrewd on the topic as a young man commented, wanted nothing more than to attend the Naval Academy and commanded destroyer ass. His father had when poor site, threatened a torpedo, his dream. He submitted himself to the dark to doc orders, however medieval and for one hour a day held a palm over each open. I this
in his appointing congressmen, suddenly died leaving his academy application in limbo. He told no one of his plan escape from his Connecticut Boarding School got a bunk at the Washington DC wives, yea and then walked the halls of Congress slipping past secretaries and performing a rehearse sob story until someone anyone gave him an appointment, once finally accepted he rode crew acted in school dramas and in cruel foreshadowing, spend thirty days on a prison ship for sneaking off campus. He graduated in nineteen thirty three a year when Navy pinchers stock, the ranks looking for any excess ballast a pitch over the side. He was given a diploma and a physical disqualification from the Navy, a steep for your price to pay for to achieve the rank of civilian betrayed his childhood dreams. Kaufman packed his pride, shelved any ideas of glory and settled for an on shore operations. Job in the shipping industry, his life's suddenly devoted to endless manifest for all noting an offloading of cargo.
So there's your introducing National Draper Kaufman, I mean just so many characters, and this guy's deafening one of a gets put on a six month assignment to Europe, while he's doing that that shipping job while we in Germany he witnesses Adolf Hitler, giving speeches he realizes that this guy's? What he realized was coming so fast forward a little bit he decides who wants to go in and serve in the american Volunteer ambulance core to be did in the American Voluntary Ambulance core US adjunct unit of the french army. One must first required to submit a down payment, three thousand five hundred dollars to cover living expenses in the cost of one ambulance and nineteen. Forty, that was almost the price of a house even more than alarming volunteers were bound to follow orders the french military to a man with purpose in his boots and adventure and his guts just this sort. of Hemingway, Hemingway's the french cause had attracted and last war. No price was too high
Actually it was you I wish. I had bought beg borrowing steel to get this money man, you you have to come up with a price of our house to go. It serve in a freak, an ambulance core where you're going to get bombed a bone up workin for the french I mean we all know the drapery. What sort of biography I mean every, but not everybody, but we get. You know if you go to buzz. You're gonna, get the buds history class or the seal history class at some point something going to mention Draper Kaufman Deronda, there was no budget requires no seal history, glass and I went about Save I'm saying there was an army with ninety ninety. So much every time I know but if you come across any sort of any history book has been written, Draper coffins character and they're gonna hit. You know, like I said, the colonel.
The wave tops of his of his biography before he becomes in other indispensable character in the end, the utilities setup the campaigns. What they're not going to do is not going to put that biography in context. And when you really dig into like we know he was an ambulance driver on the western front in nineteen forty, we don't know what sacrifice it actually cost him to put himself in opposition and The reality is so much more. Like me, I mean you're right I mean he cashed in everything. He had you not to go. Something and he believed and how many people do you know. I don't know anybody like that today, there would you know Take away your house like an all, because he was just trying to try to do we thought was right. It was trying to
in a service country, even though his country wouldn't take him at the time, because he could see anything yet a every character in this book they have everybody, wants to do something in the book and most of them, don't get to do the thing that they want, but all of us we don't know, you know what legacy we're going to have, and we don't know like what thing that we don't want to do. That we have to do is going to be the most important part of our lives and that's what happens with rape or government. It has one do any of them I want to be an ambulance driver. He doesn't want to be a bomb disposal guy in the bullets he, to be a naval officer was to be on a destroyer. They won't let him so he does all these other things to try and live up to but his dad has done any ends up being. He becomes a legend because of it so just a dive into a little bit of Kaufman. What what
it on May tents. Nineteen forty Kaufman arrived at his post six miles beyond the action of the Maginot: no forts in the SAR River Value Valley in the northeast. Shoulder France, where Bore where the borders come to appoint and joy, like a salient into ravenous mouth of Germany. day, Hitler launched one hundred divisions through the Ardennes force. As you As he had known it would. The second war Second World WAR had begun again and again for two unrelenting weeks, Draper drove to the front, picked up survivors and returned the inside of his amulets slippery with blood the whole. While he sustained himself on bits of food and the horror of french cigarettes. The only sleep to be had was taken, it snatches, never in a bed and never with his boots off response to the deliberate fire of german MC gunners. Both variants. He called them here.
Fellow ambulance drivers began draping, dark blankets over the side of their vehicles. To cover the giant cross emblems by the end, third, we can combat to ambulances, had been shot out from under him and he lost ten pounds is what you get a house worth of money to do go do on the afternoon of September. Seventh, one thousand nine hundred and forty a thousand german planes attacked London and surrounding areas killing four hundred men, women and children and wounding one thousand two hundred more. The next day, four hundred and twelve were killed, wounding nearly double that number four hundred and fifty seven consecutive days days, London with hit any earlier. Who knows what the royal Navy reaction would have been to his request as it happened as it always happened when opportunity meets courage, Draper arrived exactly the right moment. The data we're coffin volunteered for the royal navy. He presented himself to the admiralty at nine o clock in the morning. We goes and volunteers to join the Navy
but because of his eyes by five that afternoon, young Draper Kaufman was a sub lieutenant in his majesty's navy. The only hitch. Once again, he was barred from duty at sea several weeks into his new career, a german bomb, landed just outside the hotel, which Kaufman was built. It had a dedicated upon impact coffin story would have been buried. We, along with the hotel another footnote in military history, nothing more as it in the bomb hit did not but did not dare it's only damage being a thirty foot tunnel gouged into the earth. Before long and army bomb disposal team arrived cordon off the area and set to work with hand, tools alone, the squad painted painstakingly dug a path to the bomb enlarge the whole and shored up the sides in case of collapse. The objective reach the bomb without disturbing it gently unscrew the fuse winch, the inner remains from the dirt and accompany police, and Company by police or sirens by police car sirens and loudspeakers unexploded bombs coming through transport, the carcass to a nearby cemetery. This
Usually, this method works in case it did not. The entire bomb disposal team was killed the next day, Kaufman volunteered for bomb disposal. Four slash. Eight months from September, one thousand nine hundred and forty to May one thousand nine hundred and forty one Hitler waged war on the british people. More than forty thousand civilians were killed more than a hundred thousand or injured. The instrument of all this destruction was the bomb. Many of these weapons were defective or or deranged, as in they failed to debt made upon impact or were times detonate after a bomb disposal team had arrived. so that's what he ends up doing the ends up This bomb disposal duty after a while of doing that, he decides is going to go back to the states. Want he's back in the states. Japanese attack
after two years of waiting, the United States was finally a war in a few days, the message, a message found Kaufman ordering him to get out to Pearl Harbor right now. Imagine that japanese trickery extended beyond strategy and in the engineering Draper prepared for the worst. When shown the five hundred pound bomb at Schofield Barracks, he sent everyone else to cover then examined it, sketched it and telephoned each nail biting step back to his controller. It had been to low. He determined landing on its side. Instead of its knows what he had. Visualized visualized as an old fashioned oriental puzzle, turned out to be the easiest job he'd ever had, couldn't set that bomb off it. If I had a sledge hammer, he said later to those who witnessed is the deepest speckled master push the line of dockers to single handedly disarmed. The bomb there were few actions is deserving of praise couple had.
I d C man takes live Jap bomb apart, gets Navy Cross ran the headline in the Washington Post. All Florida will rejoice with rear admiral, Jim James Elles, Kaufmann on being the father of so worthy assigned. So there you go. That's where Jaber Draper Kaufman comes from Is there some folks in the M that spent their life looking at the history of narrow special warfare and they know more about this history than than even I do I mean they are my specialised over the likeness of the period from one or two. It appeared to be a non. They have a maiden fuller account, than I do, and one of the things that annoys them is that Draper Kaufman has risen to this sort of.
But you said legendary statuses, considered by many, be the Father of America's frogmen he's. Not he doesn't. He doesn't create. Unity is create the foreman he he happens to be the pivotal person at multiple points in that history, but he'd he's not, This is not the godfather like everybody or not. Like many people have suggested that he has including his sister, who wrote a minnow, pretty decent biography of him, but, like I said he is, he is a consequential person. What's also interesting about him as that he is like everybody else in this book is, he is he's making decisions or he is he deciding to do everything he does he's, not a he's. Not a victim of history, he not writing.
away like like a lot of people, would suggest, were all sort of doing like the There's a there's, a metaphor that people use to describe the the transformation of the seal teams and that's the evolution. We've all seen that sort of painting it pees, where you got the name of the the naked warrior crawling out of the surf, and then you got to sort of Vietnam, guy sort of crouched, and you know wearing his the tiger stripe fatigues. You know all the next to the the the seal in Iraq or Afghanistan, where in the body are made everything that they call that transformation. The evolution two evolutions her to suggest, though, that this that this transformation was one inevitable that it didn't require the the intent
The all of these folks who have the consequential role in our history has been they are they clearly hadn't I mean when Draper's going through is history or his biography he's deciding that he's going to go serve in the french army. And when the the German sent him home arteries released from the Peer W Camp and they make him. in this document that he's going to go back to the states and never take up arms against the german empire again intention intentional decides that he's not going to do that, he's going to go, join the british Navy and he's going to continue. It continually. Does this, and just like everybody in the book they are there not victims there, each of these characters they all have agency and all side that they're going to do these things, for whatever reason, mostly it's the decision, that they arrive at is to satisfy what they'd have decided is, their version of relevance there. There's it.
But where you say basically, Draper Kaufman is not really the godfather that people some people give him credit for of the frog man, but such a consequential guy? He is a concept forgotten your right he's not he's not there, but Father America's frogman Kelly, Turner's Kelly Turner creates the utilities nobody would have done. It wasn't her character, he wants. The unity is because the Marine Corps every step they they frustrate, has plans to use reconnaissance troops and Kelly Turner. He's. Kelly Turner was to control everything his orbit, and so he creates the unity to do just that. The demolition of sort of secondary he wants reconnaissance forced that he owns and Draper just happens to be the vehicle for four Kelly Turner's. Once we pick, we do pick up with her,
with Draper Kaufman. Now you say, as such, you better start the Navy's underwater demolition course in the second World war than the men who had seen the most of it. The man who had seen the most of it a sailor for whom no barrier ever held and who was out to squeeze his biography into a syllable like none. That had ever existed to create type of amphibious engineer that he envision envisioned Kaufman needed elbow room like record before me, found his elbows had em space in four Pierce Florida decree. Such a unit. He would require students with in his words both temperamental stability, and individual initiative to that end. Kaufman insisted that candidates be subjected to very has heavy fiscal training very heavy. He emphasised again as he knew from his own career first in France, then in the blitz. This type of experience would show students that they could push beyond their physical limits, doing without sleep and food and warmth and still function without their arms falling off more info
training of such intensity would create its in its students, a sense of purpose and unity like nothing except actual war. Fast forward a little bit short on time, eager to screen out the obvious people that would not make it physically and long on his desire to stimulate inexperienced. That was, close to war as possible, we decided that all three problems could be solved by the same solution. One week of misery, never reluctant to ask for help. He walked sound, a long term. Rowan till we came to the section reserved for the scouts and raiders there still six months away from being transferred, petticoat listened, listen to cough this proposal? He had never been asked to impress the scouts and raiders eight wheat physical train conditioning course into one block. uninterrupted training, certainly men could be pushed indeed nearly broken, but what Kaufman had
to do- was another matter in the Petticoat agreed. What else could he do? This was Kaufman, the sea parted at his arrival. What petticoat not know no one did was ass. He was about to help create this. The Sacramento CUP from watch from which nearly all future naval commandos would drink. You were wet chafed with sand. Just completely miserable remark, but Frank Kane years later in the time men melted under the sun at night. They shook so hard from the wet and called that their hit flexures, swelled and cramped. There too. Chattered, like jackhammers, shoulder boats swashing with water? They marched four miles and sand dunes that collapse beneath every step. Sodden fatigues adhered to the grit and sand turning arm files and scroll comes into raw meat if any instructor detected a student on these steps
then concealment problem as he warmed his his chafed and dripping body to the plantation house. The man was punished by being sent to sit inside where swarms of mosquitos feasted on his misery in addition to simple surf drills, rubber boat training included hours of paddling. Why, while harassed by the nearby air, squadrons F for pilots, who would try to nail the floating grass with sacks of flour bombs? Jerry landings and night portages were attuned by based, come ambulances and performed over boulders has brought his dinner tables the end. The surf smashing the panels and men against the rocks in To simulate the long drain of campaign March before battle, the seemingly endless harassment ultimately culminated in a day long mock skirmish, known as the extended order problem or to the students so Solly Day,
beginning before dawn students raced off the ramps of their land and craft, just as the beach erupted in thundering sheets of flame for a whole day instructors. Armed with charges unleashed a torrent of exploding, columns of water and showers of modern debris, the students, Ellie crawled on throbbing knees and elbows into hip deep mud swamps and serve as the explosions chased them from cover and foxholes until often regime no Navy unit, had been subjected to training course, whose essence so closely resembled tat of real war. The frantic, ass meant the inescapable cold, the relentless exhaustion. Not only did it prepares men for what was to come. It set them heart from everyone else in the Navy even in the early classes, as many as half the men who started did not complete the weak was entirely the point modeling. his project on the culture of the core, frank com.
Men had set out to forge both an esprit de corps and the reputation that always accompanies it who If you haven't been through it, he would later say you're, not demolition near enough just nineteen forty three Kaufman volunteered for his own programme at two years old, with eyesight, not good enough to qualify for his own demolition standards, he was hardly an ideal candidate. I think I have never seen a man struggle so desperately Warnock said after witnessing Kaufman's performance the moment he finished his ten mile beach run, he passed out during the ocean swim war. Not forty would drown. We all knew he wasn't, a greater athletes, said Frank Cain and we fought hell. If he can make it. We can too throughout the training Kaufman listed, but never sank. Alternately encouraging and Boeing is both crew from start to finish, as one remembered with his bloody battle cry of core frock.
When men showed signs of cracking during another bone, trolling dip in the ocean cough, turn it into a joke. Annoyingly repeating the same mocking phrase: the water he boomed in his strong MID atlantic accent is never called. The Monday after Kaufman completed this week, he was ordered to report to captain Clearance goal Brunson base commander of four Pierce swollen from head to foot with fingers like sausages, ready to burst he crawled out of bed and staggered into the commanders office. What's this I hear about forty percent of your classes, either being in the sick bay or quitting the captain bark. I dont think you have any idea what you're putting these men through Draper. I do Kaufman responded. It was hell Kaufman's trainees completed how weak the name
Week of miserably, misery inevitably took on their demolitions training programme, progressed to its next phase, two weeks of explosives to eco reconnaissance and three weeks of practical. four sizes, so there go friggin how weak yeah created by. Are we we look around them in how many came guys. Do you know that would fit his bill today? I mean we can't think that we sort of created ourselves. We have a lot of people that sort of came together to create this programme, and not they don't look like us us. They were sailors, ship fleet sailors, the put this thing together and somebody who's the most unlikely person Draper Kaufman is not what you
think of as a modern day, seal and modern day fragment. In fact, you don't wanna, be he just a means, he sort it continues to the thing that he doesn't really want to do, because ass the right thing that he is the thing that's going to accomplish the mission that he's been given, which has to demolish where's. Atlantica may doesn't know how to do it squeezes every drop of his biography into this curriculum fast forward, a little bit flaxen, password and private junk on into D day and again your ear Your detail and that the research that you did I get here is just it's unbelievable, the red terrified soldiers frozen in place, neither advancing retreating, Freeman, Keeley, Key Hayley spread between pose yelling authorities in kicking the infantry men away. Once clear, Freeman gave the signal tossed a purple smoke grenade and petty officer Bass pulled the fuse fire in the whole at six. Fifty five, only
me two minutes. After landing, the whole area exploded in a roar that drowned out the battles, din, shooting skyward, a mixture of water smoke would sand and steal high into the air. The defenders response was vicious as soon as the smoking debris settled, the fire from the hills became unbearable as mingled orphan Georgian. With a hole in his leg, crawled hand over hand to the sea wall and safety around slammed through his helmet into his forehead, killing him instantly with the US, was blown in the beach cover, gone, petty, Oscar Bass, a former c b from Durham North Carolina resisted the urge to run, and instead found seamen, feral alone still rising from the whole, on his knee and with a fresh route wound to his right eye. Bass bent the cradle the boy to cover him and ass. He did a bullet tore through his back and ring just to the right of his spine, blowing a whole hours Shoulda sergeant, Murphy, one of the armies naval, augment tease, found them both and drag them to the sea wall.
Wounded himself? I, with nearly everyone and his crew, either shot or Dead Freeman was unstoppable. Blasting obstacles clearing out infantry men before his charges, blue helping his wounded cover, though they caught to shreds gaps. Team one had completed its mission there. If the yard gap was clear enough, just one little, chunk of the detail that you gave on all these heroic acts that are going on by me, sport by morning by mornings, Ed, with the help of halls, destroys the gap, assault teams at partially cleared five of their sixteen target sections along Omaha Beach by nightfall. The total was ten for the end. He d use and accomplishment that came at a cost prematurely, estimated at two dozen dead, at least at many wounded and fifteen, more missing these last have either been blown clear of their landing vessels and drowned or in the words of one writer, had run off to fight with the army. In fact, some done just that, or at least
abandoned their section. A beach. as a handful of planners had expected the most difficult aspect of rambles at last. Wall had been the beach and the underwater obstacles, a problem that has been overcome only because of the Navy's commitment. First identifying the issue next and commissioning Kaufman to solve it, then, in sharing those lessons with the army's combat engineers. Ultimately, however, the Navy's greatest contribution had come from the end. Seedy use themselves. In addition, the presidential unit, Citation Admiral Hall, had gone on to recognise the demolition ears by recommending them Trunkful of individual awards. Individual awards, including six Navy, crosses one of went to chief Teddy Officer Bill, Freeman kick myself ever since that I had didn't, recommend him for a medal of Honor Hall said later I never heard of anybody who did a great job in that fellow did.
responsible for getting the army pass. The underwater obstacles on Roma Beach, the agency to use achievement, was, in the end, made possible only by their training at Fort Pierce. There they had learned not only the technical skills of underwater demolition, the explosives, the pull fuses, the minimum safety distances, but also, as Kaufman had insisted, the ability to push past the limits of normal human endurance to withstand cold hunger, raw skin exhaustion. Even the chaos of combat the kind of fortitude that made winning wars possible, only our vigorous training held us together once survivors said afterward, but what about But what about? After that? the collapse of the Atlantic wall. The mission of the agency to use had been accomplished and therefore no unit in the? U S: military was in greater threat of disbandment, or at least would have been Had it not been for one final, hang up, the name planners were loath to disband a unit that had just performed so effectively. After all,
the war was far from over was no shortage of needs for sailors so conditioned to combat that lay ahead. Sir, I mean I don't know about you, but nobody ever connected how weak are the reason for how to Omaha Beach, but I dont think that we would have that crucible today, if it wasn't for that justified everything. The Kaufmann did I mean we later in the war. You see a lot of people get pulled over to the unity weather see bees or Marines, or even soldiers, in some instances, in those days They don't necessarily go through Herwig. If I had
then, for that experience is likely that we would not have this like that, that crucible and without that crucible, what would the seal teams be? Maybe another commander forth, but would they be everything that we are today? I mean that's. The defined moment of training right there, while you called it the Sacramento cup. That is the second I mean we all have is in there institutions all around us, whether the institutions of the Eu S constitution or their whatever I York thousand em. I mean that your faith has these little institutions built into it, and you know if you're going to take catechise there's all these sacraments. They gonna do and what's more, what what's a bigger, sacrament and other becoming of a sealed and then how it did not want.
You get into next Torah and why happens tomorrow, which is a total nightmare, or if you had the chance, we had a guy dean lad. That was on the spot gasped and he was a marine corps. I think he was a Because a first lieutenant by that time that did a bunch. Islands, including Darwin, got got shot What eight hundred yards from the beach to Marines disobeyed orders to leave him and move forward and dragged him back to a boat. He survived end up going back, but yeah, you detail what happened there, how bad it was in vain Leave you dont know anyone that doesn't know the the marine corps hit reefs on the way in, and the boats got hung up and so the guys had to get out and walk with me. Protection whatsoever,
through the ocean, eight hundred was wrought, eight hundred yards to get to the beach where there was wasn't where, once it got to be sure as hell as well so then we ve always known the tar was the moment that the need for utilities as identified. We don't exactly know the reason, though America's the Marine corps, they come up with the the solution or what they perceive to be the solution before the Torah battle even commences and not like I describe as the the landing vehicle tractor, the l b t it's a technical problem. They have a technical solution for the problem with that is Turner doesn't like their salute. Kelly Turner sees the cancer ceased of the coral as a cancer. It is going to complicate everything as far as all the the rest of the campaigns ahead of them. He doesn't want to deal with us he wants to. He wants that coral out. So get his Higgins both to the beach and the only way to do this to find him young and at what
trusting to is after Torah? The marine corps solution was like you said it was just more yet more we're ok, so we're gonna lose ex percentage of boats on the wane, call more elusive, familiar l tvs when cool more bring us more. That was their answer. Turner was saying: hey, actually not a good answer. Will it Let's forget how to solve this problem. Now. Churchill's quote: if we run out of money now it's time to think I mean it, you could just say Nero just as just as much when it comes to adjust there I mean there's nothing the compares with the U S, military logistics and manufacturing might going into this, but we still have limits you can't these activities. They take up a ton of space on all ships at the Navy's going to use to transport them that Higgins boats they their easier to carry their faster in the water. You can time
everything from naval gunfire must support to aircraft coming into sport. The landings, if you have a faster vehicle to get them from the ships to the shores and that's what Turner once he wants to be able to get his ships as quickly to the beach possible once the safest way is the easiest to get everything there and the only way to do that. I find the coral get rid of it we start training now bounder Turner's direction, which our training retraining. Why now in May, a fresh batch of in city. You recruits arrived and Maui per the direction of Cholera Kaufman. The men were told to abandon the bulk of their gear, their green fatigues, their boots, their Mae West Life Jacket, even their helmets and sidearms, and slip into a pair of black Maui Swim trunks and dive masks their rough rubber edges, sanded down to prevent them from biting into their face. What followed were nine seemingly endless days of training on how to systematically mappen underwater landscape and blow it up? Rocks coral night
swimming blast, no rest! No sleep suicide, stuff, one trainee remembered for fuel for no fewer than six hours a day recruits lived in the water perfecting strokes until they could swim a mile before breakfast. There only day off was Monday when possible, seeing that this the first time many of them and handled explosive, fused or tied prime record into a trunk line. Accidents were routine fingers clear offer hanging by bloody shreds of skin How long he could swim under water. With a hundred pounds of powder recruit, Nordic replied with a hundred pounds of powder. I could probably stay under forever, so this I highlighted that work is the point now we're we're starting to see the I d of the naked warrior, get rid of all their Deirdre. Just where trunks sigh pan is where we get. This recon like up like
budget recant going on the closer his swimmers got to the beach. The more nervous Kaufman became at a hundred yards tried to turn them around, but most of them kept going at fifty yards. Some began a pivot back, but some didn't closing to within thirty yards of the shore and forty yards, the guns so cool. the day swimming and dug their toes of their sneakers into the sand, pulling themselves along with their gloved hands when that last line finally did run out of water. Each man backed off slightly turned left then side stroked along the beach for twenty five yards, edging his mask out of the water, with every breath breath careful to remember the locations of Aragon positions under circumstances, not an easy thing to forget on the swim back. Each man ignored it. His exhaustion and worsening leg, cramps and state, as close as possible to the bottom window they neared the reef Kaufman Reborn, is mattress and offered a nearby Swimmer Otto did that damned thing out of work. This is you go his earlier of the little room,
so they aggregate shot up on the other side of the now serve slammed reef. Each swimmer waited for pick up when the landing craft arrived Cox's took, turns motoring. Each man and either drop drop them Jacob Ladder or is worst engines until he could grab hold and pulled himself up through this cumbersome boarding period, packed with vociferous cursing, had one survivor, every man bored, fully expected a mortar round to drop square into the boat As soon as the last man with loaded Coffmantown, we did numbers and realize that, in addition to the officer killed on the air, mattress, two of his swimmers were still missing pulled in for directions by his instinct to rescue and his orders to rushed back. If we kaufman around at his blue tinge black stripe men and shows the more painful option with the fleet waiting for his information been ordered his boat back to the eighties when the men of unity seven arrived back at the Humphreys, they discover something remarkable, though several men had been wounded.
some with serious internal injuries from the mortar blast. Not a single one of their swimmers had been lost. In fact, the only men that had been killed had been the ones who had remained on the Elsie PR as they waited for swimmers to return. When's unity. Five swimmers had been slightly less less fortunate, with one killed, several more wounded and two still missing, but it was nothing compared to the blood bath that occurred just one week before it. Normandy so, this is another methodology, of execute these things out of sight of sort of a metaphor her. You know what actually happened. They the entire history, so that in the navy intentionally creates all these years they create and see to use that create unity that create the Scots operators. All these units are created for a specific purpose. The committed action for a specific reason, but once the Navy creates these things, the Navy can't necessarily predict how far the individuals
that are the belong to the institutions are going to push them. They're gonna push those awful ups, so Kaufman in a when he's driving his men toward the beater is pushing his men to swim. He also try to stop them he's trying to stop and fifty yards were sure they won't that keep going twenty five yards, so the seal teams are created by the Navy that created by the Navy for the Navy but the? U consort, see it just in that moment, the ceiling has become so much more because of the seals themselves system created, and we, we're not responsible for our own institution. We think we are but were not, but we are responsible for what that Institutional Camilla became yea and others. An interesting time that you make in the Balkans merits my nose to cover results. Mention it now, the Navy, the Navy died, nature of being disaggregated in being spread apart, especially back in the day with decentralized command on,
Really, unlike any other organisation absolutely, and that that's rid of decentralized command of like hey, you go and you may you take the fight to the enemy you get it Shep or you get the submarine. You go overseas aid to fight the enemy. That's You have mission type orders right and that's that the way the Navy had had to exist back in the day and that vein and that that DNA remains and that's why Yet these guys that are very proactive and will will will be he felt aggressive out there on the battlefield. That's that's exactly right. Default. Aggressive latitude only works if your default orientation or default settings is aggression and, if you read any like naval history book during like the napoleonic wars or if you read the Patrick, O Brien Master income. and her series. I hear you're. Never you know connected to your chain.
Man, whereas the army always always is so that technology has improved or had as technologies gotten better to connect commanders to their troops in the field that chain of command has only thickened. Whereas in the navy I mean we have all the history behind us or the Navy has all this history behind it of latitude of mission type, of relying on the aggressiveness of the individual commander. You just have to trust your guys, but You have to be specific about what you want overture satellite, rogue exactly you do talk about what the unities by back from that and what they brought back was good information good Intel that they could then form and to make a better battle plan. The invasion aside PAN go smoother fast forward, a little but by the fall of nineteen forty. Fourth, the Navy's underwater demolition teams were the most indispensable of all. U S: militaries special operations units a facet directly attributed to the central Pacific planters, who will
no longer go anywhere without their reconnaissance reports. but you don T want a central part of our amphibious organization for the remainder of the war. Wrote Turner on the last day of combat continuing it is It is questionable if we could have made our landings, except after the great losses. Except after great losses. If we had not had these teams to prepare the way This assessment was immediately echoed by Admiral Connally, who concluded his invasion and Guam by declaring that, without utilities, discovery and demolition of some six hundred and forty obstacles along three thousand yards of beaches, including the nearly car site, cocoanut log cribs, filled with loose coral, the landing whoa whoa could not have been made there in spite of orders, forbidding them to do so. Three demolition swimmers, including gunners, first mate,. Gunners first mood gunners made first class Henry, El Green had grown so convinced of the utilities worth that they had planted.
white butcher block sized sign at the waters edged with the following message. You s marine, welcome to the? U S so greetings from unity. For hearing. This admiral Connally had summoned the teams commander to state room in order to hand and starts counselling stead had neutralised his owner admonitions by stopping the young officer at the door declaring wait till I tell tunnel. Turner have those marine generals eating Crow Ah, childish childless. But that's not me how many times have you in your service you interacted with no sister service, and I mean the rivalry exists. I get out of brotherhood dinner on the battlefield, but still were always chasing our institutional prerogatives or trying to push the boundaries are our institutional authority
yeah and what's interesting is when you get into the senior ranks, becomes real that there is a real tension between the services and the and the amount of money that they get right in and it becomes a real thing, but yeah eat. You say here to recognize our contribution for taking of the Mariana Mariana Turner showered that Eudici's with awards more than sixty silver stars, three hundred bronze stars, the point of the largest math recommendation for sailors and Marines in the war. Up to that point, given the importance of the job Conley would have pinned navy crosses on the commanding officer of unity, three and four, but ended in the end, settle for silver stars, each of them presented by none other than admiral caught. Kaufman Drape Drapers Father Ass for Draper himself, rumours circulating about his nomination for the medal of honor, collate his father chairman of the awards, boarded the Pacific lobbied against for fear of the metals Association with wreck recklessness in the end,
labour received a Navy cross. His second pinned on by his father with a comment that allowed the photographer to catch the serious young man in a laugh. The Lord, you found a clean short letter relationship. and a lot more time here I mean, is drapers, dad is out there in the fleet. Is he's a commodore himself and he, exactly the risks at his son is taking and he does nothing during the entire war to either convinced Turner you have to have the utilities take less risk. Yes, sir. I dont know as a father, and I knew your father to. I don't know that I'd be able to to keep myself disciplined enough to do not interfere. Getting does need get him orders to the Washington DC admin spot
I just don't know how whatever that impress. You know that those guys had. I dont know that as it exists today, but you did that make a frequent boat crew leader and let alone for us corrected ready, gets me. This is just a year. You jump at its next part chapter six. The contest for guerrilla war in China and the organization that had no damn business fighting it. You, navies army of sailors. This is just freakin Bach, while this section- I don't you get this guy born Milton he Robertson. Nineteen hundred and Jerome Arizona Mile spent his first years in a inside mining hub called by the New York sign in nineteen o three, the wickedest town in the west. He was only a child, he was the only child of a lumber. Carter was nearly thirty years older than his mother. Before miles was even eight is father was dead, which was something of a blessing as it had given given given his mother opportunity to move and remarry than in Seattle, a step farther Myles had received from him
father, Myles, had received the last name he would live with, but not much else at fourteen miles ran away from home and you just said this background with this guy. He grew list in the Navy. He ends up. Do taken some test to get into the in Ireland to get into the Naval academy. He gets in goes to the Naval Academy, gets any gets deployed to China for a five year. Tour ends up. of doing operations in the Yangtse River, This is a warlord period. He learnt about leadership, diplomacy, geography, small boat handling, how to shoot his way out of a hold up on that what most westerners picks up. Various coastal dialects of this dude speak infrequent Chinese, Mandarin or whatever. He is brilliant, I mean I there's nobody. Like. I said you know, I mean we got our history, not just from frogmen. We got it from me now just fleet sailors, and this is
I mean no recital B sand, pebbles yeah. This is and yet this is either so samples go watch it if you haven't seen it. I know you haven't seen an echo Charles, because it's a classic, aided actual good movie do, you know, There are not many like see gee I explosions in it, but yeah, just samples all that we had the movie San pebbles on one of my arc deployments is back before internet or anything. So we just had videotapes. We would watch sand pebbles over and over again and that's what this guy doing, he's so keys Braun in these freakin guerrillas in China, which is nuts he's. I mean nobody knows about him today, like he's completely forgotten history, but I mean he's every bit as consequential. as far as the Navy's journey from the ocean too the land as I'll say somebody like lines of Arabia. He doesn't
The style of somebody like that, which is probably you no part of the reason that he's forgotten and in his book different kind of wars in oh, it's not some pillars, wisdom about the he wrote that thing when he had been diagnosed with with the prospect. so he was racing against the clock to try and get this recording he was, and we knew we only had maybe a year to live and he's drafting this thing is typing up little sections of it. His wife is is, cutting these sections out to reorder them in his possession she's. Putting these think together with scotch tape. I actually found that record in the national archives. It still exists, so he talks about his MS wife wrote a the forward to the book You know how this was done: House cut red tape together everything and then to see that,
to find in the national archives the hold in these red tape. Together pages pretty incredible but, like I said this guy, he is the Navy, version of Lawrence, and maybe I mean, is the shrieking crazy gap in saying the he's a flag officer involving himself the entire war in these little many skirmishes and ambushes. It's me. He's almost killed three times just by assassins. It's not it's a freaking, crazy story, any loses mine in the process. Yeah yeah, you say this along with his promotion annual king, elevated Seiko, which is the sea no American Cooperation Organisation. This is a group. They got run in all over China, two naval group, China, an act that likewise elevated each camp to a formal, any colleagues capsicum camps set up his run in this network of camps,
an act that likewise elevated each camp to a formal naval unit invested miles with the authority of a group commander. Increasing is roles to six hundred officers to twenty four hundred enlisted men three hundred more then allow to a world war, two battleship and a commitment by the Navy that was further augmented by various numbers of Marines Coastguards, men, radio operators to supply all these men, miles, received two planes, their engines, rarely idle to which fairy loads from Chongqing to the various camps, the gas alone for these planes gobbled up as much as half of miles monthly tonnage allotment over the hump, but for the first time in the war Sacco camps begin Dan receiving at least a portion of what they deserved. So this guy's run an african, crazy guerrilla war he's running an army is, is a naval commander. Who's running an army like like we talked about earlier, is running it. He has no common. Asian with these units, for the most part, so he's he's me,
these commanders, mostly Marines that are that are coming to him, he's giving them a spine of sailors to go work with, and then this marine under these Navy sailors are trucking, sometimes three months at a time to get to their station in China they set up a camp, they start training, chinese guerrillas and then they commit them to action, and because he has no communication with him, he has to rely on the aggressiveness of each of these leaders and some cases it works out. Some cases it doesn't so really all he's doing at this point is just managing his his talent, bull and assessing whether or not their sending back. You know aggressive enough reports about the operations at their undertaking. Yet you, you cover it. I mean it's just is incorrect an incredible story again done properly phone books in its own right. Ten bucks like and anything that was, I was blown away with. I focus my attention of this chapter on complex, because camp six is really
the only unit in Sacco that is run by a member of NATO, spent special warfare every every other camp except in rare instances, is run by a marine, so the legacy of those camps. Is you know, understandably, you know a feather in the marine corps cap. They should be nothing but impressed with the legacy of the the Marine corps led units, but and looking towards the door. The tail end of this period they're, running out of Marines descent and now that, but the scouts and Raider programme is going away, King Kingdom wants to go away. He wants to send the sort of clause I marine sailors to back Phil marine commitment to Sancho, so he re purposes. The scout and major school turns it into the amphibious rotter school. And trying to get as many marine type sailors into Sancho as possible. To justify this,
So we have to get rid. Of course. After the end of world war, two camps six becomes so the repository of all of that experience, but Kalkbrenner you mentioned at the beginning. The book, the the Jewish Notre Dame quarterback. He get sent there a buck. How filled Baku comes comes. Western starts, Irene, leading reconnaissance and rating operations, but yeah camps x is the camp six as the first instance of naval special warfare really going ashore and they do everything they do raids. They do shipping by the end of the war Halpern, is literally leading from the saddle on a horse and pushing his guerrillas and action with incredible. It's it's freakin, it's just a great story and again you know I have often said that
one when I got the teams are when you got there still so was there was no doctor when you got the Teamsters did no doctor. When I got the teams you couldn't. If you wanted to know how to do so, on a target Yuki didn't look it up. Someone had to tell you your platoon g for your appeal was gonna teach you how to do it. It was written down anywhere, whereas the army in the marine corps that you can look up exactly how to do a target assault, tells you step by step what to do so we don't have any doctrine we have more now, but that's one of one of our biggest weaknesses is that we don't have any doctrine, one of us It strikes that we don't have any doctor and and that's why you get a freak guy. That's like ok, what we're gonna! Do we get on horseback raids? That's that's! What's happening, courts figured out how to do it and and again, that decentralized command the default aggressive attitude, that's that in that's gotta, be that's the dna of the seal teams hence Rudy Battle to Camp six, cop six fast forward
The end of the war should have been the happiest day of my life road miles, afterward tat, room, impossible mission, yoke to impossible partners. He had nevertheless achieved something greater than ever been asked of him. A Navy run guerrilla army and intelligent infrastructure that it stretched from Indo China to Goby desert assisted by Marines. His sailors had trained as many as a hundred thousand chinese guerrillas rescued airman admission, missionaries, blasted, open, Japanese takes blown up. Some hundred and fifty eight bridges derailed. Some sixty six japanese trains, sunk, thirty, five, japanese ships rate in uncountable japanese camps and lead at least one cavalry charge on camels estimate that the time place and number of Sako inflicted casualties at around two hundred and twenty six thousand seven hundred and seventeen killed, eight thousand seven hundred and two wounded six hundred three hundred and forty six capture of the
We twenty five hundred Americans who served in Seiko five were killed. That's amazing to me! That's amazed- and this is an even can considering the strategic impact because you're there, laying down a million japanese troops the entire time. It could be fighting on all those. I write a mirage you're lying across for sure, but the king, a million I mean there do you know what you think of those thirty or forty thousand Japanese on these islands when mostly somewhere on that number. You know if you have a net four million soldiers, the throne of that mix, That's true of every successful general in history miles success had come at the price of his sleep. His health is found happiness and even his sanity for his a crisis he had been keep not with praise and press releases, but with troubles bureaucracy, overweening scrutiny in the end sake along with the Navy's guerrilla warfare effort received. A reward as glamorous as an obituary. As my bitterly concluded the money
followed. The surrender of Japan was the worst through which I lived yeah after hosting a dinner for many of his Seco officers. This is, after the war is right. After the war miles began to rambling, seemingly endless lecture on what the atomic bomb would mean for the Us Navy's future, as men awkwardly drifted out of the room miles continue to unaware when every man have left and when the lights have been turned off after the camp, doktor confined him to state room, miles, jump from the window and took off sprinting through a rice, Patty chased by a group of american advisers in chinese guerrillas. He escaped past them all and stole a jeep as he rattled passed his pursuers. He was heard muttering over and over. I must get to the drill field block the road. goddammit, that's an order. He shouted shouted the camps doktor to the driver of a six by six truck when the
breach the row block miles, jumped out and ordered the truck driver to move the doktor counter man at the order and told miles to return to his quarters, whereupon miles accused everyone of line to him you're on the sick list. The doktor finally managed. What are you saying doctor? I'm all right? I don't think you are admiral, the doktor replied, nervously and and have to officially informed me that you are on the sick list and had been relieved of your command words drilled into miles delusion. The doktor could feel him shaking likely finally miles relented. I doktor he our backing to the job returned to his quarters. Next, more, placed under house arrest and raise your confiscated in Washington, metal MRS Billy MILES and informed her that her has been how to complete mental breakdown and that he could only hope he had not suffered permanent brain damage.
the broken or maybe meal. They literally left everything in China I when it comes back and takes months and months before he regained the salary, but here in this whole theatre of warfare with me mad, but in an IT sir, just dealing with the Chinese on a daily basis them in so many other people who try just I will try to deal with Chiang Kai Shek Yvette means frustrated his entire war. He leaves not in disgrace, but at least in and massive frustration. Wedemeyer has the same headaches with the Chinese, but what Stilwell and Wedemeyer don't have to deal with is an oppressive of the oppressive army scrutiny and they, when the army gets there, I mean they see China as clearly
in their area of operations- and it is indeed can argue with it- I mean it's- it's a delay let me just like at the army decided that they were going to seize control the South China Sea. The navy would certainly have something to say about when they get their. You know what the Navy has. This infrastructure They don't know what to do with it, they try to progressively take control of miles is organization and dumb and the miles loses out. The army takes control of it and the only thing that stops them from really seizing control. As all of the trouble that Myles had, which is geography they can't see, control. This thank miles, maintains his command over his organization for the remainder of the war. So the problem is the solution. The yeah yeah, that's it. I can imagine this deception here at the time the Japanese surrender
Rudy Bosh a seventeen year old volunteer with the amphibious Rogers. Looked up from the MID the training exercise in the swamps near Lake Okeechobee too, The class instructor now stop what you're doing the war's over told her before Pierce botanist classmates We then given a single final order, tear it down. Followed, was the sacking of three years worth of construction mess halls. asked offices ranges towers before a back door. The flaming white tents tense. It at once probably lined the road sheltering the nearly every that newly special group in the? U S: military from the Rangers to the unities, the Rogers, who not gonna crack at China took out their frustrations by demolishing everything with their bare hands by the end of the week. The only thing that suggested the past experience of a naval base was the pool lasting with the men themselves. That's it wars over and with it the the Rogers. And yet we must not. Words will give us
Briefly Rogers or the right the the natural combination of the scouts and radio programme, so the scouts and raiders there, the the name sort. It doesn't make sense, and indeed the scouts and like they will be reconnaissance troops and commandos, really weren't scout and readers are a joint unit. Pa created the very beginning of the warmth and Army Navy unit, the ideas we need army scout boat officers to take arm beach, marking troops ashore. So the army can you know signal the landing fleet signal the land crafts troops can get into the right beaches. This is what they do in North Africa. The problem is, after North Africa, the army start to lose interest in less than, and there they big they stop creating their portion of the scouts and raiders, because there they have spam enough going to be tomorrow,
troops for the remainder of the war, so they basically leave the the entire school house in the hands of the Navy, which now because all this curriculum and they have no prohibition on what the Navy's portion of the Scouts and Meda programme can do so Surely the navy starts in taking not just the the transportation side of the mission, but they take the the entire beach marking side of the mission, so they have troops that our clause I commandos there are trained to do beach marking. But at this point the war earth in nineteen forty five, when soccer has been created, they realise that they can use these troops not just for beach marking anymore but first straight up commando operations. They had the army's curriculum. They have all the experience of working with the army commandos, so they
train, their sailors and everything is the army. Commandos have been trained with and they the plan is to send these Sundays units to China and that's the amphibious Rogers, so the scouts and raiders. Naturally they have a picture. I think in the book of there's a sign that says scouts and raiders and then underneath that the amphibious Rogers within months, there's no more scouting raiders sign it's the answer. Rogers looked not not the best name, her commando unit, but the idea was that these were the the Navy pirates broader job, erotic, jolly writer of supposed to be the swaggering bushwhackers little civic, chapter. Seven, the! U S, navies postwar plight, and the sailor raiders who led her back to significance in Korea, again. There's so much detail that you put into this absolutely fascinating. To read the end up
highlighting now we're in a fast forward to work in Korea Target Baker. This time the scouts were accompanied by a boat load of Marines who, upon landing, established a hasty perimeter than flashed seaward The signal for all clear when the remaining voted the shore, the Marine, secured a beachhead, then scouted inland for the tunnel entrance as they did to train appeared and did the job for them revealing the location of the two rail tunnels. To the southernmost scouts put to flight one century armed with nothing, but a wooden rifle bayonet securing the southern tunnel, the unity swimmers slogged, some two thousand pounds of explosives. Three hundred yards pass the beach where they stack pack after pack, into the tunnels mouth and under a bridge at zero. Three o five, the unity swimmers pulled their fuses, initiating a hasty six minute retreat to the beach and the boats followed by a concert of oars through the surf. At three thirty noted the town.
Force diary charges exploded. Twenty minutes later, the men of saga, climbed back into the back into the bass, which was the ship and into history as the Navy's first successful raiders of the modern area era for joy. And for many of the Navy planners, it was just a start. Yet it was a tough job There was a tough chapter to sort of figure out. What were the centre of gravity of listening is like what, because the I mean just the number of raider organisations that the Navy sponsors during this period they sponsor Marine Corps Unity group, which is of special operations group at the time the soggy, nay they spot. answer. You Don T led british commandos. They sponsor Army raiders. They everybody is trying to figure out how to vote
do sort of what the Koreans we're doing to the? U S! Military at that point, which is bottled up in the post on parameter that there's it's like in a week watching a push on perimeter moment in Afghanistan, the their lack of leadership, lack of planning lack of Resourcing forces army. Are they the? U S, forces back into this small pocket and are doing everything they can to sort of not necessarily break out of it? But at least you know not do nothing and the Doing nothing is trying to cut the North Koreans supplies and the one advantage that today have when the with the Korean Peninsula is all these arteries, all these roads because of the spine of the north korean geography. They push everything to this to the edges of the peninsula. So this is the first time the navy really sees a huge opportunity to start in sponsoring
aids ashore as the first time that the the unity and which is, only special operations unit that survived disbandment and world were too that's the last moment that they cease to be just beach, marking or just reconnaissance, drooped and demolition troops, and they start ensure, but they like every other instance. They are going ashore, not alone there going ashore with the Marines with bridge commandos, CIA operatives, partisans and their slowly learning this trade You go into a chapter. Eight here tells another story of the Rangers and the army resurrection of the army Rangers and the gorilla raid that failed to forestall their second death. Just just another one of these got a guy named John Hugh Magee these characters
all of them. There's freakin epoch we. What this guy did is just incredible, his career. You look at these guys career and some mean at least in John Maggie's case. How many you are totally He he maybe has the worst world or to experience of anyway. Just let me just jump into that real, quick, a year later, Magee was at the epicenter of history, hopelessly commanding Mauro troops in the Philippines, against japanese bombers. In the snake, choked malarial hills around Delmonte Field anti airfield at. Kilometer one. Seventeen of the seer highway become the only American of the eleven who fought to there too. Revive the war after
six months, resistance on May tenth, one thousand nine hundred and forty two Mcgee swallowed his pride Obeta superior and with a humiliating blindfolded, salute, surrendered himself and his american and filipino troops to imperial japanese officer wearing a kimono mini. The Filipinos were tied to stake, shot and buried in pits the japanese soldiers never bothering to confirm they were dead. Thirty three monkeys. Dark brown hair had already faded into an iron gray for the next twenty five months. Magee survived, beatings, trench foot, dysentery, malaria, mosquitoes cages and slavery for nourishment he and his fellow prisoners were fed a meagre died of rice and a few vegetables that occasionally included yams dog me wafer thing, candy bars and cigarettes the last to purchase with a monthly allotment of forty pesos that the Japanese could turn into a lever, deprived prisoners submission. so sensitive did the men become to their hunger that when fearful of transfer they gorge themselves on every scrap, they had hidden?
One man even devouring a litter of poppies born the same day along his catholic faith, to which he cleaved Magee sustained his mind on a series of escape plans into the Ps Jungle, even making use of a urinary track infection that kept him up at night to memorize the guide posts of the constellations too The plan was attached in obvious collaret call cholera, obvious to him any ways. One escaped, he would raise and lead an army of filipino guerrillas against the Japanese for two years he plodded mentally choosing men for work. Details not for strength but further knowledge, gunnery and logistics, men around whom he could build the Gorilla army in his mind on the net. June twelve two years, one month in two days after his capture, he finally got his chance, while anchored off the EAST coast of Zambia, Lanka, peninsula on a prison transfer ship Maggie
palmed off his rosary, beads to a friend, dropped every stage of his ragged clothing to the deck. Then tiptoed over his sleeping comrades placed a naked foot on top of the railing and over into the racing current through Initial volley of the through an initial volume bullets impasse to other prison ships. Magee drifted from miles until rescued by a native by native in an outrigger who paddled him too, and gave him a t, shirt which Magee turned into a loincloth ashore to native boys, eventually found fed and clothed in title, undersized sneakers to the bottom of his feet like he was slippers, then pushed and pulled his emaciated frame over jungle trails lit by nothing more than a torch, aspirin The cigar tip and you go on from there, but just you have the kind of realise what's happening to discuss it where this guy came from and what he wants dear. He spent entire war. You know essentially, just neutralised
so he's in prison camp for two years, when he finally escaped you wanna go run, run up in an army. A gorilla army weather the people had already been running a gorilla army in there and now they outbreak, and they have the experiences, so he can get sideline. All time is worse, just a series of disappointment, so he and when he gets back home to finally meet the daughter than his wife. He meets needs his daughter. You ve, never met before and has reaction, is immediately to volunteer for service back in the in the Pacific Theatre and the day He gets back the day. He takes command of his his troops, the drop their the drop, the bomb. and the entire time I mean that he's been neutralizes entire time facing the series of disbandment. His little brother has been one of Maryland America, males, marauders, most effective botanic men.
This is a really frustrating thing: psychology behind so when he finally gives to Korea. and now he has this new opportunity to prove himself. All he wants to do is create the other, the army that he had built in his mind and it gets therein- or maybe you have them, there's a There's so they got the end up, he ends are putting together kind of a group Maggie's rangers that Iraq's accurate same Emmi. He he's the he's the indispensable person when it comes to Army special operations and everything sort of flows out of him He has all these ideas at the beginning, the war and he puts them all in writing, and so everything from the the army rangers are reconstituted based off his recommendations, the power in command is created based off with his recommendations.
Once the sort of a combined these these units together he's got this, de I sort of unformed, not it's not exactly what its, not a mature idea at the beginning, it or you know you, you see when you, when you look through the structure of the institution that he had the sort of created you see like like a sea, just sort of electing comes Tony Blair there, like you, can see in and every time that he constitutes this thing. He the Navy, is a critical part of his ideas. You can't do any of the types of things that he wants to do unless you have significant Navy support Navy transports anyway. So the problem is that the army has moved p, move past all of his ideas. They mean: oh, they they entertaining, they entertainment these ideas for a period and as
see throughout his service the army plucks these things off the table, one at a time, leaving him to go back to the states, not disgrace, but not not to fulfil. The thing that you want he got these he's got these ranger groups together again appears here's a sector where the Rangers or his some of his Maggie's ranger to go out there on an operation but to jump into the middle. This operation after a moment of intense, are Watson ordered back onto the Koreans. They had left the radio Watson, we're back? One decrees Koreans to get the radio who now Surprisingly refused until Watson threatened to beat the man himself scrambled the clearing the korean soldier sees the radio by the backdrop than dragged it behind him, bouncing rolling smashing over rocks and leaving a trail of broken knobs handles and antenna. Bastard
his brains in his ass seethed Watson, as he watched when the runner reached the trees and present the radio. Everyone could see that it was destroyed, with our only hope for survival, buoyed upon the ability to communicate their position to the Navy's fighters and helicopters. The radio's destruction meant Virginia. That's the name of the team. Virginias was not far behind. Had Watson wanted to repay this cruelty? in kind. His rage was instantly short circuited by the shredding, sound of a machine gun fire and the terror. of communist soldiers lunching across the body strewn clearing without word export, recalled the Virginia survivors plunged into the trees and Corinne down the hill in a wild malay stuff
link, rising running and falling again, hoping with every bruise to break through the valley floor before the enemy since the noose around their necks. After running for what seemed like a half a mile, the men collapse into the relative protection and shadow of a ravine as their lungs punk pumped miniature fog banks into the cold there, their ears cut The growing but unmistakable hum of common cha of two helicopters, echoing through the valley when the first helicopter made it back to the clearing its pilot aged into a hover, kicked out, a bundle of supplies. Then leaned out his window coming face to face with a volley of muzzle flashes banking, hot.
the pilot escaped and ambush the ambushers. Only barely with the clearing obviously overrun. Both pilots roll roll, their helicopters into an anxious racetrack search around the mountains, flying solo that phone and can easily make out each pilot's face without a radio, even without even marking, panels that were giant Virginia survivors waved, frantic arms but betrayed not a sound, since any noise would only alert their hunters, not the engine death in the pilots, for thirty or so minutes. The pilot searched then ascended and retraced their path through the ocean. Virginia was alone except the blowing wind and the rustle of the leafless trees. Remember wooden. There was I once lonely empty silence.
They go on IRAN. You you highlight you, you go through some of that and then finally fast forward a little bit on April, tenth ten hallucinatory days since the mountain top battle in just two or three miles from you and lines. The last remaining members of Virginia mission, cornered in a cave, captured and ransack than beaten and bound with wire so tightly that Watson's arms soon swelled the twice their normal size, for this in time in his life, this veteran of the Darby Rangers was a prisoner of war. As Would have it captured while escaping from a disaster, as consequential for the Rangers as Cisterna had been. and this guy Watson. You you You you introduce and later- and you have to get the book to see, this guy's about, but let me give you a little somethin, so this guy get gets captured in the twenty nine months since his capture, corporeal matter.
an r Watson, a soldier, no guard or prisoner believed was actually a corporal had set an example for captivity. That, to this day, was has never been exceeded, thirty days after he was captured for eighteen which he had been starved in a cave to make. As two hundred and forty pounds, size, somewhat easier to handle, Watson and a south korean comrade had knocked out a guard with Iraq and made for the surrounding mountains, where they had provide for five days until their pursuers had disabled them by rolling a grenade into their hide out. Never Equally treated, except with some shreds of brown paper, covers, wound wounds. Watson? It nevertheless escaped again this time by wriggling out of his rope, restraints and jumping free of a moving truck as it slowed around the bend time he survived a week before inadvertently, walking right past a wide eyed north korean patrol for These attempts and one other planet
that suicide with a piece of broken glass, he had been relentlessly beaten with rifle butt and boot heels, and periodically starved and always open. always isolated. Wants on sheltered hole for seventy two days, with rations, described by the record as sparse. rightly suspected as an o s spy and saw the tour Watson had also been subjected to almost daily interrogation by North Koreans, Chinese and even Russians who had drilled him upon his exposure to the Gestapo in World WAR two, but especially on the organizations, methods and tactics of the paratroops unit to which they knew he belonged. What
in response to these, and other questions had been a mixture of stony silence or intentional contradiction, responses that had invariably earned him a switch across the eyes, a pistol barrel across the face or hours of kneeling, with his nose pressed against the wall and then a stone on his head throughout these deprivations Watson had never lost his bearing or conviction one standing during a pact camp lecture by british speaker from the London daily worker to say that he didn't know what communism was needing care to find out. Nor did he and his fellow peeled abuse want too listen to this trader commie son of a bitch. for this affront.
and as his example to other prisoners. He was eventually frog marched before a military tribunals informed of the armistice then sentenced to death by firing squad. He still didn't talk. In the end after having been star from two hundred and forty pounds to Hunt Twenty his was an example that earned him the final distinction as the second to last, a? U N, peel w to be released across the Freedom bridge. On the other side. He learned that the Rangers he had so steadfastly protected from exposure. No longer existed. As far removed now from the army's interest, as was the man who had resurrected them from the grave, a man whose accomplishments had disappointingly match those of his past about
same time that operation spit fire had been unravelling. Colonel John Hume agree: the Korean WAR, author of the army, rangers and korean partisans had passed Did himself for the third time to the Quantum Hut, maze of the eight armies headquarters improves on intent. securing a date for a partisan advance into North Korea, a date for which he had long been waiting. The reply from his superior had been simple. Never. after a year, long tour Magee Korea's dejected, as he had left the Philippines, never again to have a chance to lead a partisan army on a camp of liberation. on top of everything else, he was branded the scapegoat for the failure of Virginia and spit fire failures consequences beyond a battered reputation. The other in the
where the army is treating special operations periods similar to the way that they dealt with them in and world or two their created, the rangers they attach them to divisions for control. In each instance divisional commanders. They don't see much distinction between the Rangers in their own infantry, so they treat them like infantry and usually they use them as their front line infantry and Predictably, they get mauled and then the commanders justify their own belief that they were just like infantry, so the We think that really could have kept. The rangers of the army from disbanding them would have been the sort of rate that Magee sense Watson and his team to complete, which is a penetration rated, a deeper and deeper patient rate behind enemy lines, to destroy it all for
lots of reasons that the rug gets pulled out from under the this team before they even go and their chances of it success before the launch are diminished and almost nothing they still go and, like you read that passage to read the survival of the links that they go just to survive are incredible and this it is almost completely lost history. I mean when I researching that mission and researching Watson. I didn't have a lot to go on. There's really only a couple of accounts about it and I had no based off of what I had done the research I done from for my world WAR two I sort of new I sort of suspected that there would be like some post p, o W report about Watson couldn't find it the first time I went to the archives, but
I knew that these reports were roughly you know two pages. Whenever anybody was recovered from appear W camp, the military would interview them. They would put the circumstances there capture and the circumstances of their captivity. In these reports and dinner they locked away in an archive someplace, so I knew that this report probably existed so high. The archives. They confirmed that the report did exist, I being in Illinois at the time it wasn't super convened for me to go back. I expect the new version of the tube, his wooden provide a ton of detail anyway, but I asked them. Could you take a look at it and then send me the pages that his of his report that the archives were kind enough to do it? She went. She looked at the count? She said now the accounts in a file in labels such and such as the the record of American appear double
korean WAR, but it's seven hundred and fifty pages. So I can't scan it and copy and send it to you, as I called, can you just find her section and then send me. Those pages and said know what seventeen fifty pages it's not been cleared. You'd have to put a formal request and just to go through it to make sure that there is no and classified information. So I put the FOIA request. they go through, but they still want semi than the two pages anyway, sort of forget about it. I saw it moved on to another chapter, I figure, if I'm going, to find anything on the Virginian one raid and it's going to be the leader of the center of gravity that chapter all find it eventually, but it's sort of like I said it put it on the back burner already moved on I come to the archive several months later. I remember I put this square request and sayin. I do a double check on it: end of a long day. My back is aching, all the pictures that I take it, you have to stand over these these tables and take pictures.
your picture when I leave these the archive after a day, research got three thousand images, not fun not at, but at the end of the day, I think I've got about thirty minutes left. I find the archives and, like hey, can you find this report for me, I'd like to take a look at and see where does she comes back with the summer? Fifty pages I open it up It's not seven hundred and fifty pages of american pows in the korean WAR, as seven hundred and fifty pages on, Martin Watson and no one has ever gone through it. Not since the day the day took the reports and put it in the archive- and it is It's a gold mine in it had everything from his police reports of the circumstances of his captivity it in Cisterna August. parted Arby's rangers too crazy, and then the fact that this person he's present not just for you know
consequential moment of the Rangers in world war with the consequential moment of the Rangers in the korean war. Minutes amazing account, after account of all the people that you know it's not just his interview. It's not just his post captivity interview, that's in the seven hundred and fifty pages interview after interview by his fellow captives, and they all have the same story about this guy He is in comparable and he gets a brand star address after his captivity, any negative should the sergeant I mean I couldn't I mean, maybe frame and in some instances of maybe help A couple of other I mean nobody that I come across in the and the writing of that book is more deserving of the medal of honor. I mean the links that he went too for his own for his own men that he'll topic for genuine mission and then the links that he goes to just to survive in the Peer W Captain enter.
Escape numerous escape, but how his I mean I have your next book identified, yet I got a good idea, the problem, the study on the record that there's no dates- and I thought you could write a book about my Martin Watson, I think you have to Good fictional you'd have enough material to write that that book, but you couldn't write it with the same level of specificity that I wrote us, because you need the chronology to tell that story and the crew. you could pieced together. Could the chronology from the The events at his actually n, you gotta thought about it, and the EU would have to find you'd have to go through each of the reports and and track down near the
We had a hundred hundred fifty guys see who still alive to see. If they can put, you know some chronology to you. It would mean an I hope. I've thought about it what happened to him after the war to get out of the army after years Vieira Tory Asleep, promoted the sergeant you re, he is doesn't have it's it's not the best up. Tat is He ends up having some trouble. I mean like, like I written a book, his enter war period between his release from the german peer review, Mulder too, in the entrance back into the army, is punctuated, some. Seventy six arrest by the the Connecticut Police ranging from fighting drunkenness back to fighting to resisting arrest, I mean he has no clearly has no post traumatic stress, but it also in that
who yours just he grown up in the sort of like rough and tumble, gang type, environment and families his now would be a nightmare to command, but also an incomparable combat but after the war he he marries doesn't doesn't go well. He's completely broken from or he ends up having a couple of kids and then to Alaska to work on a pipeline His son, who I have become friends with, is every bit as big as is old. Man was men. He, sir, I just need some equally a monster but the nicest guy guided permitted, but he think he met his dad. You know maybe two dozen times in the course of his life and then
as part the way, I believe, from lung cancer. He smoked his entire entire life and the password that his son would have to use to get into his hospital room was courage, some green warrants you section, is early Burke the Bay of pigs and the launching of the Navy's limited war seals. You talk about our early here The period of the CIA preparations for the covert evasion, invasion of Cuba, the? U S, Navy, was led by Admiral Hourly Burke, the fifty year old Siano, whose most conspicuous feature were a tight ship of curly breach hair a fist of a chance. That fell into a loose and swollen neck.
and a sizeable bulk that had long since settled into his hips. A tree It gave said one witness: a sea role to his stride. join his shape, the impression of an up I base or afraid her. So there you got early Burke, not an attractive yeah, then he's yours and important partners has won a book on the parts restart connecting the dna of the seal teams to that the DNA of the? U S navy in nineteen, forty three, when Burke finally arrived in the South Pacific to take command of discord, Destroyer Squadron twenty three desert on twenty three, the oh beavers, he pinned himself to a drop dropleaf desk and sweltering belly of his command ship and crammed into his head a year's work of combat reports. Every battle from coral see to save all island up all that the micro management of destroyers in wood the permission to law,
torpedoes against an already discovered enemy fleet was denied for four four. immutable minutes, Burke crafted an entirely new doctrine of employment instead, spreading. His destroyers around the fleets, larger ships as nighttime summer submarine pickets all dependent on permission from above the brake guard duty to engage the enemy Burke propose to concentrate his ships, at the head of the fleet and to govern his airports, skippers under what has since been called the doctrine of faith on Unprecedented delegation of authority, in which an enemy citing, would be immediately followed by a coordinated torpedo attack without orders the use of all caps was Burke's to convey this attitude to Sailors Bert issued them at twelve page mimeograph memo whose very first lines read it.
will help, kill, Japs it's important if it would not help, kill Japs. It's not important. Keep your shirt train for battle. Burke's list of non battle, related orders was succinct. There were none corrections to this section will not be permitted, took less I month to make this point so that Burke, you you go through this thing in and bark is run in the navy and You are clearly he's an aggressor, guy and beliefs. Decentralized command, you're a great job of covering what happened at the a pig's. How that ties into our history in the seal teams. really pretty interesting story. The way that unfolds and- and you know it ends up with well The horrible situation, but we do gained some experience, that we then take we
for some of these sums. Cuban nationalists that helped us out as well This is the toughest chapter one as in the thought, the toughest our east of chapter presented in various challenges when it came to researching and internally craft. The narrative returned to figure out what you said before. What's the what's the point of this chapter, and how does this how does? How does this serve the story? How did the push us forward and in a what aspects of Burke Personality or Burke's own history? How is that relevant and absolutely you're gonna be hit the nail on the head when it two books in emphasis on latitude and decentralized command. Other thing about Burke, that's really important or its that's essential about him- is that he, refuses to allow the other branches of service to define what the Navy is, and you know
in the revolt the animals are in that period during the into the inner war period between one or two in the Korean WAR and the other branches serves, are trying to tell the Navy we need to really de arm ourselves and become sort of just a. Moreover a merchant marine which to Burke is, the more he has. No interest in a commanding a navy, that's just a support or transport unit, two Burke the Navy is nothing if it's not an instrument of offensive warfare and so he's constantly when he comes the CNN, he becomes a sea and over a period long, two years longer and even though the closest his closest it's a normally a to do your job he's the scene over six years. No one has the Eu S needed early bird does so when he beat.
The CNN constantly the imperative is constantly looking for opportunities to push the navy into a more offensive role. So he champions- sir. This limited war capability sees enemies all over the globe and is trying to figure out how the Navy concept New can either bring forces to bear launch Marines, launch missiles, launch Hyena Naval gunfire men and that you know orientation ultimately creates creates this unit. But, like I said, writing a book creates in our presence in restructuring and research challenges in every chapters hard right, this chapter, though this would probably the easiest chapter when it came to write the first draft, because it's been so much up produced about early Burke, mutton, numerous books, couple of a pretty good
There are lots and lots of corroborative detail in them and then in a just finding. You know him and your prince all over those goes documents are the create. The seal teams are all over mean everything all the while the documents that his offices creating, but then you can see his little scratches and is his pen scratches and all these documents is he he writes with the green pen, and you can see him still on the documents it when he heard the behaviour today. The problem with this chapter think of the bay of pigs. Part is just finding the material because it's in the sea ice all involved, and I can't tell you how many times I tried to get documents are. The CIA is a black hole. You just can't get em, so I finally was able to track down the actual cuban frogmen that participated in the raid and olive emerging new, totally generous with the time. So in the book is written almost sequentially there's a couple of chapters. I wrote out of order, but this chapter
particular is the one that just sort of kept me up at night till the end so like I know, there's more material out there. I've gotta get it into the book and in short of going down to Miami and meeting with the actual could close museum, the clothes, the bad thing museum, but I've managed to find them and their accounts are in That is an abject epic retailing of that. Again. That's why you gotta get this book to read these sections cause I'm not covered at all today, but we you get Kennedy. We did Kennedy who now is really focused on this idea. These small war idea the counter insurgency idea. The guerrilla warfare idea he's all over it. He starts push people in that direction. He need someone to run the special warfare centre at four I was where the green braes come from, where they get this like their school house he ends up,
talk in one of his friends, his mode of its military AIDS who, who recommends a guy to run it this guy. Colonel Bill Yarborough, whose care enough character in the story at the change a command ceremony, his his soldiers observed him, as he was average sized chest out shoulders back a rooster of a man, his narrowed eyes and purse lips locked into a stoic gaze as revealing as a roman, bust son of an army, Curl Colonel Mary to an army Brad with a sun on his way to an army, commission and two daughters on their way to army husbands. Yarborough was the very picture of army tradition, forty eight years old. Now it press lax and blouse boots with no prior special, no price,
experience in special forces. Nothing on the surface seem to indicate anything besides a conventional background and a preference for more of the same. But that was just the surface beneath his obvious soldierly. Bearing was hidden an ambition for a military organisation as unconventional as had ever existed, born into a military, family and predictably funneled into a West point education, whereas only step out of formation seems to have been as a cartoonist on the school newspaper. Yarborough early army career was in fact a litany of non conformities for years with the Philippines Scouts, one of the most unconventional silence in the U S Army two years as a parachute test officer during which Creativity had burst open wide as the thing he was testing this had manifested in everything from redesigning the paratroopers pants to boots to promoting his untested unit by acting as a stunt double for a Hollywood movie for which he was afterwards afterward nicknamed showbiz and
in creating a silver badge that looked like an ice cream. Combed shaped parachute flexed with winged angels that was ultimately adopted as a symbol for the entire airborne in world war. Two Yarborough survived, incomparable five combat jumps, five comp campaigns to combat commands, one of which had fought alongside Arby's rangers at Cisterna and later earned a unit presidential unit citation and one crash landing and accept a brief side, resulting from an outburst against this division commander, Matthew Ridgeway. It was an almost unblemished record of direct action with a record. A record Honor so compelling that any normal soldier would coveted its repetition Yarborough wasn't normal. was the outburst about Ridgeway member. I think it was. It was a was an errand drop. I believe
In ITALY, an error drop of the pair Schubert troopers ordinary drop of a bomb friendly fire situation, no of paratroopers hooker. Now they they landed them in place if they shouldn't landed them and he returned from that and he he does something that you just can't do in the army. He let his boss habit Matthew Ridgway, is not Matthew. Ridgway is another. You know. Hero of the story, but you know maybe not hero the story. He's a hero of an american hero
excuse rangers and career, but he's also the executioner, Yarborough sort of rise to infantry or paratrooper greatness. Here he short circuits his career send them back to the states. I think the only way that Yarborough gets back into command is through a mark clerk, the yeah. It was some ah Yarborough, Yarborough Yarborough. He is probably next Kaufman. I dont think I met anybody. Who'd, it was, is tough, does just sort a pin down like what does he want, because I mean Lamb. His household background seems to imply that he's just diskin venture an old soldier, but he has no interest in a night they couldn't find the letter. The document to suggest you know why he was sort of turning his back on that and why he
bought in so in a full heartedly to this idea of counter insurgency, but nevertheless, there he becomes the biggest disciple or apostle or whatever you want a column of counterinsurgency of winning the the hearts and minds of the people and then turning them or lease denying them to the enemy and the way that you did that is not to combat its through all the stuff that nobody likes to do is digging well yeah dig it becomes real. Obviously you say here lovers. First actions, commander of Naval Special Warfare centre and top train or special forces was soon issued, a top to bottom review of training, curriculum and f. Two matches: men with their mission. So here we go into fast for lower. Before long, the special warfare centre began to feel less like a commando, coarse and more A college campuses complete with courses in bridge building sanitation, animal husbandry acts missing crop raising.
Ten construction, swine inoculation leaflet, creation field, irrigation, seed planning and rice cultivation. not all of Yarborough Anne. And of course there is resistance. Not all of Yarborough staff are proof of the changes particularly said Yarborough. The old jock strap commandos the Ranger types gal. Blood letters in fighting machines to be sure, but men who were anything but diplomats and rejected any suggestion that they ought to be. They were he continued men, devoid of the more humane qualities, compassion, pity and mercy. Men who bristle, but the idea of lying on their bellies to teach an illiterate tribesmen on how to aim a rifle. he's got a totally different idea of really what Dream borri should be he's, got another little he's got. Another little for an opinion to hear fast, boredom convert is meant to new philosophy as warfare, my religion. He would one day call it in which battles the battles objective was
the destruction of the enemy of Enemies Army, but the winning of indigenous mines and sympathies, and must be the pre our hearts and minds Yarborough enjoined every one of his officers above the rank of captain to accompany him into the pine barons. For what, called his talk in the woods. As long as I'm charge of special forces, he would say there will be no womanizing, no drunkenness, no wild parties, no adultery, they'll, be no troublemakers, no wild men. Stuff is out. There will be moral stand, standards, disciplinary standards, appearance standards. The rules are going to change. He would promise There will be a new start Creasy coming out he's coming hard, and this that chapter in particular I saw it that's the challenges of other chapters and either finding material or figuring out what the chapters about now that chapter served the the larger story they
The story of the special forces presented a problem, but I was not prepared for every chapter took about you know between six and around six, some monster right, I got two men and they all followed similar pattern. You know whether the weather, the the though the unit was
a Navy unit that we're talking about words being created, committed action and then its retained in the order battle or whether it's an army or marine corps unit that is created and then disbanded. Otherwise, there is a pattern, was sort of predictable Navy unit, created army units disbanded and or rank or whatever, when you get to an end it fit with. You know my understanding of my thesis, which was the Navy's continuing to fill this gap in the order of battle and that held until the special forces when I get to the special forces, like my thesis, certainly sturdy crumble. I had this moment of panic, whereas, like the thing I can do is just ignore that the entire existence, the special forces- because it's a mean it doesn't fit
what I've been doing for the past seven years, and when I mean I obviously thought when I did, because not the right thing to do, because you're telling a history you have to understand the relationship. You just change history. If you know what I mean you Manderson so many times, if you're writing estimated near the temptation, is there you want to make the facts fit your narrative, let's not, let's not honest and is not what you're supposed to do so I ended up having to take an entire year and did nothing but no really learn the history of the army special forces, which is a fascinating history, but it also revealed within three or four months that it wasn't the fact that the special forces was created, committed action and
did it was that they were completely reorient it to a non commando type mission, and no one was more. Ah consequential in that shift than Yarborough yeah They up the gap that all these other raider units would fill and then get disbanded heating go into that. he wouldn't this other gap you under this other gap and that man and then there was a gap that was created by present Kennedy and Joe and trying to connect those two people. I couldn't figure it out until I found that article about Spartacus. Kennedy watching this movie? He gets oleander so that story, I'm not gonna coverage but tell a story in it and in the months leading up to migration, he's he's been elected, but he hasn't yet become president. He gets his his brother tells him how great the movie the correct, Ozma Spartacus has any
his new incoming secretary, the Navy, happens to be going as extra ticket. Mr President, would you like to go those under the movies already started. The theatre owner sees Catalina Kennedy come in stops. Everything brings him upstairs. They have a cup of coffee. Together and everybody all the other theatre guards. It waiting for, though, goes down with a cup of coffee restart the movie and he watches the fanny comes out and these minutes, if you ve ever seen Spartacus it's it's the epic coming. When I was a kid, I thought it was me. I've never seen anything like it in and it makes an impression on and where you know it's a slave army that you know is fighting across ITALY and there liberating other slaves and they're turning them into gladiators, and that's what Kennedy wants to do
an seasons movie, he sees an answer to his problem. You know we're going to turn these in a legions of third world people into you, know are, Army of Freedom and Yarborough brought into that bought into an area meanwhile fast forward a little bit chapter. Eleven at one o clock on January. First, nineteen sixty two a Monday team one was without fanfare of any kind unceremoniously commissioned on naval amphibious base. Coronado right, where the neck of San Diego's Palm tree Resort Island met the flat seven miles long sandy isthmus called this: We're strand located on this basis, peninsula military, great right angles that jump out into the sparkling waters of San Diego Bay
teams. Physical footprint, was little more than a single ward war to era wants it hot the two is authorized. Strength was for ten officers and fifty enlisted men, most of whom had not yet been Lord from their West Coast, underwater demolition teams, the man most responsible for recruiting, equipping and training. These men twenty nine year old, commanding officer, Lieutenant David Dell Judas. he's just outside of Newark New Jersey by a town, Speaking working class parents Del Judas was of we're tight and athletic, build and nearly every other frogmen well tanned as an For you, as an officer at you, did Twelve, he had been selected Elite, a ten man detachment of Vietnam on a trip up make on river to deliver landing craft to await laotian troops. True The army special forces were already training for combat
down the insurgents and a menu of reptiles that he and his men were sure to encounter. They had seen neither just a hundred miles of mud, browned river now Dell Judas was in charge of a unit that have been created in no small part, return to that river, but to what end? No one quite new, very go seal get commissioned, and this is what all the history finally start to collide. They collide culminates in Essen and, the individual collides as till Buckler, whose he's been there at the literally from the beginning of naval special worker, and he there's there's a reason that the naval special four centre is named after this person the Phil H Baku Centre for Naval special warrior. It wouldn't I mean he
he doesn't create in the scouts operators, Uncreate unities, he doesn't and create the seal teams, but he's therefore these critical moments. To help the seal teams along and his his billowy too far, relationships his ability to right, because he was obviously with any super, humble and, and is it The greatest convey a message apart. Clear message in so The way that really there's only one answer, but he never gives the answer. So I keep allows people to discover the truth for themselves having the best way to get people to discover the truth better than I could have said. Yes, I wish I had not yet he writes these. What we will get to it fill.
to Baku. When he had left his house on December seven nineteen forty one feel Hinkel. Baku was a six foot two inch, two hundred thirty five pound form of four back for the Cleveland. Ramses major concern that morning had been to choose one of the four football contracts burning a hole in his pocket thinning, hair and a heavy jaw. Curl, lip and down turned eyes, not diminish torso stick is a tree trunk bucks Twenty six look ten years older than he was and was ten times as mean while intimidating from a distance bucket close, actually possessed a purse personality that accomplish the opposite. He had never attracted to his orbit enough players to found and coaches own football team. The or star he had even attracted enough play, to his orbit to founded coaches own football team Columbus bullies. Mmm on its way to another led championship. Had the job
he's not exploded the afternoon as they did. If out a known about the colonists boys, my task in a task in a browser might have been the task in a bully instead at one of those things in Sicily campaign, he checked it. Checks each himself from transport. A little bit then signal the fleet from the bobbing shelving blackened kayak was great, screaming balls of fire skipped off the water round him in the weeks before Normandy Invasion, he scheme to the coast and collected density testing. Bottom samples to up to twenty yards from the shore then evaded a flotilla. Six enemy trawlers in the crash of bullets, snaps from energy, forty two machine gun by escaping into the night fog, honest- A great deal of detail. Baku and Elsie T Scalpel crew led the first wave of floating tanks to Omaha Beach, fired ear. Splitting rockets and twin fifty cow machine guns to silence in enemy pill box then spent the day throttling through bread clouded water and mine, topped obstacles to pluck drowning soldiers from burning landing craft
fast forward for a service world were to Baku, received an unheard of number of commendation of bronze star from North Africa, a silver star for Salerno, and then then abrasive Navy crosses one for Sicily, another four Omaha Beach, not even friend and fellow footballer buck Halprin had been awarded as many natural, such a record had open doors to more unconventional opportunities, including two and a half years in Korea. More than twice the length of a standard war torn where Buckley would double. Does the Navy's represented to the CIA and lead the beach jumpers, a Navy unit created to collect and jam the enemies, electronic communications or periodically Mitt mimic them too. So chaos in their transmissions so there's just some of the stuff that you talk about that that buck loose, are going on that's another. One of those units to the beach jumpers write another one, these Random UNICEF. The navy puts together freakin just get some.
So he's got a right to support. Where did about why he had read the sport report. He had a right the report, because the original commander, cats at home in the region the original commander of the the commissioner, the survey team, we don't know if he was sent home for a health problem or, as one person said for closet drunkenness, but they amid the the point of this, ports are sent to to create the figure out what the hell the Navy supposed to do in Vietnam. It's not it's, not a theatre
any naval commander is eager to. You know insert himself into this. There's no arleigh Burke at the helm of the Navy. At this point, so the the character of no naval leadership is slightly different, maybe not as aggressive, but they still want to see what the Navy can do. So they send the survey team, but the people that they select for the survey team or almost neither the sort of their way there waiting the scales a little, but I mean they send David they'll Judas, who is in a way the commanding officer seal team, one they send feel Caleb whose a former unity guy from the Pacific Theatre, Silver STAR Winter and the simple, but
That was the second in command who is in. Nobody has had a more inland naval experience in outside of the seal teams, and this guy make him the number to the commanding officer get sent home are putting Phil buckling charge of this report may spend the next six weeks, two months, hopscotch in the country, trying to figure out what to do and the report that he cried is entirely. Has I mean he? Let no one else take the responsibility for this report. He drafted himself, he typeset himself. Even he doesn't have a yeoman. Do you see original copies in assessing the African? surprisingly long time to find it. find it anywhere images of these things. Are you take pictures of all these things near? My have images of that may be. I don't have any. The original documents is left everything. The archive where it should be, but you out had not seen
The interpretation was there because some of the archives it I went to their some of their record. Keeping you know has a little bit to be desired and you want to protect. You know this history, but now I know that it's all there, but yes found report and on holding it is little weird or holding a lot of these documents gives you you know you haven't touched already most likely. No one's touch some of this since they were printed off at icon, for whatever you have here according to Bucklew. This is the report. According to Buckley, the battle required something not unlike the riverine force used in the emir, civil war in which set Abraham Lincoln Uncle SAM's web feet. had fought not only in the deep sea and the broad bay, but also the narrow muddy by you and wherever the ground was a little damp. and he quotes freakin. Abraham, Lincoln Sport disguise crafty
for an unconventional example in a modified in Phoebus environment. Baku could have drawn attention to his own legacy. He didn't he never it so the humility gins fleet was example enough in practical terms. A solution for the Navy here too, for failure was Preventive overhaul of the entire counter infiltration effort than you. about this idea of countering filtration as opposed to counter, as opposed to counter insurgency within they want to keep The infiltrators did the communists from pushing in his althea. Now it's a blockade, I mean that's it. The traditional Navy mission, maybe doesn't understand counterinsurgency, maybe there's much more comfortable with the with right and so therefore, according therefore more navy, boot boats, more Navy boarding teams, more riverine checkpoints, submarine nets, navigation lights, a system for checking cargo, manifest enforcing enforcing curfews and exchange for all this more neighbour of representation in for
or planning on the question of whether the Navy was missing the boat on Counter Insurgency the winning of the locals loyal. He threw civic action and leading the indigenous troops. Bucklers report was comparatively silent spring. given the date just eighties today, since Kennedys assassination, though he recommends increased, both support to special forces camps. He already judge the green Berets efforts as slow and time consuming and therefore ineffective. Fast forward. A little bit its forty six pages. The report used the term counter insurgency only two times or sorry, only three times a somewhat nebulous field. Buckley would one day call it for fewer mentions than the term counter infiltration. The reports, preferred mission. A period of ten times, was a variant of the term rating, a tactic that could said report engender more fight back spirit,
the rag sailors, though those were the south Vietnamese trained riverine sailors, but would require companies. Pursuit raiders, preferably Marines or rangers the company such command such raids on this question, the former scowl raider, turned Seiko guerrilla did not link the over water transport of reading and landing forces should be a Navy responsibility. yeah. I mean that part alone in mean the fact that he doesn't even mention seals in that in clearly the Navy thanks lake I mean if there is not like a little, you know, You know that when the teacher you know pounds on the job here and says, hey, you might want remember those for the test. I got to say: hey, don't you guys think that wanna be doing this mission and the Armenian regress. Like crazy nine days later, on February, twenty fifth nineteen sixty four, the Baku report, the name
which even Mcnamara would refer to. It was officially distributed to leaders across the Navy MAC Vienna chiefs of staff eventually rising to the office secretary defence, it was handled said Baku like a hot potato. actually was more like a gauntlet, a challenge to the Navy's leaders do not directly fight in England, River war, but to fight it in a way that mostly deviated from the consensus strategy of counter insurgency over the next two years. This challenge would propelled the navy toward the development of new vessels, new organizations and most import. The new missions, including the report's most recommended rating beyond and the river banks so there it is from there the seal start creeping inland. That's what starts happening. In an here's. The intro that I started this despond cast out with that one she'll one deck off Billy, making that's what happening.
from there. They start they start making adjustments to training Navy has set up the seal teams they create in the created the ceilings, but they haven't determine what the seal tempting to be. They raise them like a parent was gonna, raise a job. They like planted a seed right, but the child was ultimately gonna, be Wondered want decide what his future is going to be like a name. All of this has come together into this last last two chapters- lake. Here we are in they have trouble in the beginning, you're almost home. They ought. The seals almost completely miss the war there. You are some sites so that the guy start coming back from those Vietnam deployments and, like I said they start making adjustments cause they're your creeping, more more inland, I like despite some of these things
but these things just warm by heart because cause I'm so connected to em right. So here we go back the book frustrated with the enemies retreat from the wrong Sats Riverbanks debt Gulf had already started pushing further inland so far, in fact, that seal team ones replacement, ble tunes were now into supporting almost nothing but helicopter insertions. So What do we might be in the water, all not even extra river, to better prepare for this inland land warfare? team ones. Anderson head off guy stone, a former korean WAR soldier and Ford Observer, who had left the army to become and enlisted seal decree a six week, long pre deployment course in basic infantry tactics with a tree. In camp carved into the chocolate mountain. Some one hundred miles east of the Pacific Ocean Stone had trained his team, one comrades in every skill of soldiering, that he knew everything from contour, navigating to mortars. Every skill, a step closer to Navy infantrymen.
through the commanders now convened in corn. Auto such development seem to justify an official revision to the Navy's, to the seals Navy imposed operational boundaries. In other words, what Del Judas Anderson and early were describing as direct missions outside of a purely naval or maritime environment. as they already knew. There was only one other available area that could present a Navy unit with that kind of opportunity, an area Temporary describe contemporary a contemporary describe as the wars true bastion of iron. The Kong Delta Guiana, I've had some off some Vietnam seals on here, but that connection to our West Coast as our training facility. That's man like heads, you go out there, and had Roger had known here result of Vietnam neurotic yeah. Just so you worked at work up, but. You start talking about being out there at the desert training facility in like
They set up the point man course where they put booby traps and targets, and all that, like that I did when I got something when you went out there and you did the appointment course, everybody did deployment course that came directly from these guys and Vietnam, so these things are on. You can still you can still still have that thread Gonna push forward a little bit get into some mom, these stories that you you you get from the fighting that seals start doing as they portion, and this is the This is where the reputation really starts to stand. Strong jump into the middle of a mission here, realising that the enemy was already moving to cut them off. Gallagher decided the only thing left to do was fight
This decision made he directed his men to make for the only cover around alone, peasants house, but twenty just twenty uncomfortable yards away from the nearest tree line when they re did? Their first job was to calm the family inside not an easy task for any home invader, and one in which the squad was only partially successful, as two children quickly escaped show. To eventually tell the vehicle. Their position next important was to check the wounded yours in time. Entire left side. We starting to freeze up and fix whatever was wrong with the radio, the same troubleshooting checklist of cleaning connectors swapping out handsets changing batteries, plus a healthy amount of cursing and praying His trouble shooting, however, was only partially successful when you're fired we got the radio back on line. The only A person who could hear him was Jack rule the radio man for seven a and they had problems of their own, a little before three. I am Petersen and squads seven eight
your themselves in a very difficult position. Everywhere they looked in the surrounding tree line. There was movement at one point Petersen had even torches. What c like hundreds of them moving toward their south, but as they were now finding out over the radio, it could have been even worse Gallagher and seven bees situation was learned. Petersen was quick to count his blessing first, He had not a doubt Gallagher casualties, except for the loop who had shot the man Petersen, had meant to interrogate every one of his men still had a full, Laura load out of ammunition. Next was his position, clear fields of fire in every direction and this materials bomb for cover. concrete volts. If the enemy brought in his mortars, most Important of all rowels radio was now working as it should putting the squatted reach of army slicks and navy, see wolves, who were at that moment on their way to seven eight wrecked rescue. They had been
recognizing seven bees overwhelming need piercing, quickly made two decisions. First, he ordered rule to relay seven bees position to the helicopters effectively putting his own squat at the back of the line. Second and this decision was made by default of the first seven, eight would now fight the encircling enemy alone. Justice p since decision was made and the helicopters began diverting south a group of some thirty Vietcong fighters. As if sensing seven a sudden vulnerability, step clear of the Eastern would line spread themselves into a scream of screen of skirmishers started forward the first wave was coming and no one knew what was coming behind it. Having been forced to fend off, spend the first few minutes at the farm house, calming peasants dressing wounds and fixing the radio Gallagher despite shards of metal and his legs was now checking each Mansfield a fire and telling him to hold that fire until he gave the order
as men organise their positions with easily accessible stacks of ammunition and grenades, they scan their sectors for any sign of movement. They did If the scan line Scan long soon between the rice bales, there was movement everywhere. Look at them all said boy, It looks like hundreds of them, but as yet, He could tell hundreds who by their milling around still had no idea where the Americans were right. at the time that boy was making an assessment, hook tour received what they had quietly desperate for the checking procedures from Lieutenant Commander Myers of the Navy, see wolves who rattled off the load out for his flight of two helicopters writ wings racked with two point: seven five inch raw It's a machine guns then gave his altitude and vicinity a race track in the sky far enough away so as to not reveal seven bees position in research
sure gave a physical description of the rice, Patty and seven bees location in it along the rapidly deteriorating situation. Multiple wounded, an enemy everywhere, ex call was the law private of the armies, flight of slicks who, upon hearing of seven bees situation, replied he would not be able to help as it was a violation of squadron policy to land in a hot Elsie end quote what have Next, as a matter of some dispute, one account suggests that the Sea Wolf pilots may have changed their army peers by offering to pick up the seals themselves, or at least the wounded. The Navy fuselages could only handle one or two men. Explicitly claims that the Sea Wolf Commander, told the army pilot you're gonna go down or I'm gonna shoot you down. whatever the truth. Within a few minutes, the matter was resolved and Gallagher told cure to tell the helicopters what he wanted.
At a little before three fifteen, a m, the moon behind him to see what started their attack run across the rice patty as they closed with the tree line. Someone in the squad there's some dispute as to who stepped out of the farm House writ the pole ring on a mark, thirteen signal, flair and tossed it in the grass within us. The flare ignited a bonfire size, glow that told the pilots exactly where the seals were, but also drew. The bullet snaps of every muzzle now blazing from the tree line as the seals flinch beneath the fire and responded with their own the world above them exploded with the warp warmth of the two gunships, stressing the enemies muzzle flashes with their rockets in four machine guns, the landing skids directly above them, the combination of rotor blades and rocket exhaust nearly ripped, the robot roof off the farmhouse. As the sea was unleashed. This chaos several seals got online and followed suit, launching grenades and shredding through belts of stone around they had so, as so linked.
The noise was unbelievable, wrote one man afterward, and it looked like something not of this world behind this cover the army pilot reluctantly landed his slick and Gallagher directed the firing line of seals to begin bounding back toward it. While the firing line covered. My boy transformed himself into an ambulance cradling men from the huge to the helicopter, then helping to shoulder your to see cram between the pilot and co pilot, finding Gallagher limping away from the firing line, his rifle still in hand and compressing afresh, gunshot wound and leaning into the road or wash like it was a driving rain, buoyant, picked him up and heaved and so hard and the helicopters open door. That he flew right out the other side, that accident forced buoyant to run all the way around the helicopter and repeat the effort. Finally, stashing Gallagher, all the way in the back once everyone was finally loaded. The pilot eagerly applied is collective pitch control. Lever
till several knocks on the helmet, forced him to look back hey. We still got men on the ground, Boyton yelled above the the noise. At this point, depressed is collective. Just in time for Roy Matthews, the barrel of a stoner glowing hot read to dash from the huge and clamber aboard rounds now clinking against the fuselage. This, the pilots, lift off, sent a shudder throughout the entire helicopter, prompting ya. Ukraine is head toward the DAS, where he saw our pm indicator flashing red while gaining the next hundred feet of elevation, the helicopter shook like it would suddenly dropped out of the sky a feeling that only intensified when every gun still connected to a living communist finger started firing in surrounding the slick with green tracers. a barrage that had resulted from the near simultaneous lift off of the sea wolves because they had somewhere else to be.
yeah I mean. Then you eat you going to talk about how they go now and take it of Peterson and seven alpha amended the if I had written any slower. This would not have been written because the lot of the guys it gave me the story from us. They are no longer here round. Yard has passed away a couple months ago. Mendous died by Gallagher. Time in all this history is very, very slowly but tat name in one of the last things that Petersen, while on the last interactions I had with PETE Pete was more than a generous with the time to do. Interviews with us, but, alas things he did was I sent him a galley copy
the book before the published to get in Bob Gallagher's handsome. So he could see this. I want to know every minim all the folks that I interviewed for from seven till ten in the one person that would not be here Gallagher. That said, I still was anxious for him to know. You know the legacy of the contribution that he had. You know not just to the seal teams, but to establishing you know what. Ultimately, the seal teams became the mission that the seal teams have so sent a copy of the book to PETE it over to Bob's house and didn't get any information on whether or not he actually read it, but that they found a the copy of the book in his house. With a note inside that said, two passes book onto his best friend,
so hopefully very hopefully, here he was able to really see this drama than that's a good indication say here when this was done. He submitted awards Petersen submitted awards up through city F, one sixteen chain of command bronze doors for just about everyone of every member of seven. Bravo, a silver star for buoyant and for Gallagher, a Navy cross an award that he had to justify to an awards officer with multiple statements, but who responded by saying that the evidence could actually supported medal of honor? I hope it does mean. I am, I think there may be thou be really great far. This could act as something of a record, for maybe an adjustment on these words will see. Ya mean right now. I think we got Gallagher and Watson by one year and one of the great
things are one of the most interesting things about that episode. Petersen submits himself for nothing. You mean how many here, how many often how many people do we work with in over the course of our careers that, in their preoccupation, was in a what awards they're gonna get out of us awards her or one of those funny things that need they did don't always necessarily say what the person deserves. They often say in how good their chain of command was an right, nice thing, you know what they know. What they got percent awards are crazy award say just as they say as much about now the person it submits them for it, as it does about the person himself. I mean I have at a guy saga guy on here, Dick Thompson, got got into a halo too to like set up the spy, reg or somethin. bright. Light operation ends up the team,
This takes off he's get radio and leave you can radio liberty seasoning have his weapon he's never gear with them The huge takes off to go on this bright light to go and rescued down guys they. Get in. He ends up and thrown bout, repelling down grabs the crew, cheats, gone repels down, no gloves burns. His hand gets in their rescues. People recovers body from two different helicopter, completely its complete. Oh, by the way he he dropped down the rope and did any drops into a hundred. Fifty foot. Canopy just drops is: let's go unjust. False through the freakin jungle can be to get in. There is It's totally insane. he gets done with that. I mean: there's no possible way. He should live number one, No no way should you ve, actually rescue guys. He lives. He rescuers gets like a bronze star, get totally insane engine. Here's the other thing on about what
and you you- you- lay this out very clearly a very important thing about this seal team to seventh platoon, what really there great operations. But what really made important was that they were doing these intel driven raids. Then they gathering intelligence. They were exploiting that intelligence and they We're doing fall one rates, so this set like her standard it set, creates our cycle of operation and, what's important about that, is in a we didn't I'm trying to tell everybody that I mean that the seal teams we didn't invent ourselves. We didn't everything good about us. We took from somebody else. If anything, the seal teams are just an aggregate of all the best pieces of all. These other units have come before us and then not just Navy units. Either we took the best parts of the Rangers. We took the best
the raiders, and we combined all that and when we didn't know how to do something, we found the best person to teach us how to do it and they taught us how to do it. We took it man same thing when it comes to this cap near the site. Of capture kill. We we sort of stumbled upon it. I think, with guys, like P Pearson, about Gallagher, who are really no leveraging the information that they can get from other units and then aggregating that too to drive their own operations mean a guy like Bob Wagner You know I create new, Miss, essentially single handedly creates the peer youth and middle appear use. The best part about that is. Is this cycle of operations that they get and at the seal team sort of notice like we can do that too
some yeah, the use of interpreters, the use in the locals at the use of the locals not to build a gorilla force, but just to gather intelligence now go do hits, and it just like in its no different than what the item the police do in every major city across the country. You arrest somebody, you shake him down for information, and then you go get the next person it's a cycle of operations that just keep perpetuating itself, so you got a credible sections in here and again this whole book. We barely even touch the surface of what you ve got in this book, but I want to finish off with this section here. It says this: Last section would read: in March of nineteen sixty nine, the Rand Corporation Assent, Private think tank that specialised in research and analysis for the Department of Defense posed, published a report title the Navy seal commandos, a key
study of military decision, making an organizational change. As far as I know, the first academic level study of the seal teams. The report's author was Francis J being West a former Fourth recall Marine Vietnam WAR veterans, whose investigation had begun a year earlier by the way you can read a bunch of his book. Right now he wrote a bunch of other books, wrote books about her Iraq His investigation had begun a year earlier and whose research had produced a raft of documents. Dozens of interviews and the first hand observation of several seal missions into the wrong sat envy, May Kong Delta. So here and observed what seals we're doing. Sky is a force Rico. marine himself, from this research western produced in eighteen page report, whose interduction provided a brief description of seal training training.
estimated at a cost of around fourteen thousand dollars per man, plus overview of the seals commitment to Vietnam at its heart, a commitment that never exceed two hundred and fifty seals or roughly on one thousand one hundred fifty fewer than the in country height of the green brace total compliment it was it meant that stood out in even Stark relief when place next to the authors, obvious admiration for the seals progression from lack lustre, coastal raiders to the wars, most aggressive, direct action commandos, admittedly commandos, who had no had had no business becoming such and had them? drawn the interest of the same pre, eminent think tank that created The? U S: military nuclear defence strategy. intended as a study on organizational change. The report
True purpose had been to discover how the Navy could have possibly succeeded in creating a land focused commando force. A force Even the Vietcong had reported be dubbed the men with green faces, a color not normally associated with the Navy's traditional medium was a puzzle of personal importance to the officer to the author as the Marine corps the far more likely branch of Service had never succeeded in creating anything. Similar quote how the concept was shepherded through the joint Chiefs of Staff in Congress, I am still trying to determine the off the road. For the mission of the seals exceed the charter of the? U S, Navy asbestos, to tell the legality of this infringement had been Already, because of its negligible size, but later had been allowed to widen because of a series of factors, none of which, at this point should be, should come
A surprise most of these now used our talk about how we ended up with this, with the seal teams, First of these, at least in the make on Delta submitted, the author had been the neglect of the? U S army in general and the new Infantry division in particular to push their commando type units to the same. To quote look the same aggressive attitude towards ambushes that the seals had end quote, It further be added that neither entity had equally prepared those commando type units to make such a transition in the delta environment. A clean best, evidenced by one attempt to conceal the river insertion of five loop soldiers by having them copy the seal method of jumping from the back of a moving boat. but then ultimately resulted in the drowning of all five men. Can factor that accounted for this infringement. The report continues, had been the Navy senior officers
tours by comparison were mostly dreary affairs, a condition made more noticeable. When quote, in the presence of generals. End quote two com: for this. The Navy's leaders had allowed the seals more latitude than they had their other units, apply market trade off that it pretty the steady supply of anecdotes for the Navy and thereby quote saved the pride of the animals and quoth. That's an inch, the council, like the The animals wanted somebody talk about. It, ITALY, the author decided the most important factors fact, in the seals infringement was Into the seals themselves and the culture that weighed upon them drawn from a notorious selective training programme that for few qualified candidates, the seal, naturally had had to find a mission that kept casualties low
come stance that might have pushed them like the looks or force Recon Marines into a reconnaissance role that they had any one to pass. had they had any want to pass intelligence onto so you're. Saying there look. If you got a small number of people, probably one of the safest missions you can do hey we're going to reconnaissance, we're not supposed to be seen we're not supposed to come in contact with the enemy and and his and being wise to Saint here like they could have gone in that direction. could have gone into this reconnaissance role had they had any want to pass the intelligence to they hadn't Nor had there been any great pressure from the river reinforced to engage in any sort of green brace style, advisory, duty or civic action, so they need. That direction either go where Yarborough went hey. Let's go a bunch of Local guerrillas to fight
Organizational orphans with no larger, forced to support or control them and possessing COS no love or administer our admiration for the vietnamese end quote the seals it set out into the swamps, not to prove themselves. their training, and already done. That said the author, but quote because not to go not to go would have been inexcusable to the others. had developed a collective value system which Fas, Ized, physical haughtiness and courage and they liked to fight It's just a beautiful thing. So so the seals seals didn't have this arm. You know I talked to an army green berets, talking about hey, I, like my little people, Yoda the saw guys com little people there their former relationships with the locals
this is a quote. Seals had quote no lover aberration for the vietnamese end quote: crazy right and then just do that one were to say that one more time they weren't, you to prove themselves. They were doing it because, but quote because not to go would have been inexcusable, tell the others. There these are some of the others. Like its edicts leaves you don't go you're, not you're, not a seal. Z inexcusable to the other seals they had developed collective value system which emphasised physical, hardness and courage, and they like to fight end quote so when the tactics of patrolman amp, an ambush had proved, unproductive nobody not a seal mean no blue water superior officer had ordered them to try something else. They just done it.
was an exceptional adaptation. The marine veteran offer made a special note to point that is, fellow Marines had failed to mimic and by far when the previous logic for reasons that blame them for this a sequence attribution and blame that if the preceding pages approved anything was not a sufficient, Explanation quote: What strikes me as most remarkable about the seal story? The author concluded, is their performance and their ability to learn and adapt in a decentralized sub, optimizing environment. End quote. Though all true and commendable it, also an explanation considered only the record that came after nineteen sixty six missing, was any analysis that probe deeper than that. Layer of history who soil had fertilized this inland evolution, the army
these and marine course preceding thirty years of war. Sawing interesting, reeds and raiders, and the name perennial preoccupation with justifying its worth and offensive combat a prayer you patient that, combined with this navies, traditional latitude and the? U? Dvds tradition, traditional adaptability, to create what several on idea five seals soon describe to a documentary film maker, as the wars unsung soldier end quote, What we consider without question. The best troops at the country has end quote: descriptions, notable because they didn't you, The word sailors and just short of the readers Digest appraisal that had done them. The wars quote super commandos, by the end These would be assessments that were next to impossible to dispute.
mere kinder and on being worth report. That was one of the first things I found. I found that the unity seo museums archives when I started this book was one of the first places I went. Research and the archives of the unity, seo museum or little disorganized and some cases that's provides opportunities there. and one of those was being West report, and I had found it read it when I got it, but I hadn't thought about it. You know I provided enough kind of food for thought that it just kind of stuck in the back of my head, stuck in the back of my head for at least eight years, and so when I was nearing the end of the book, and I was trying to find a way to know kind of summarize everything that happened. You know if it suddenly dawned on me and I'll go back to that.
I knew that have been written by Francis J West was Bing West Flight, it's been worse, like I've read your books by being lost, and now either in a way that you know it made this thing even more, like just strange that had happened, but one of the last option that we did an alibi province. We had gotten my platoon had been ambush rooftop. sniper over watch and one of our one of our sealed Mark Robinson, shot through the through the headed, took a bullet a seven six two round from can't ride. I an exit at the back of his head and we were cut off from support, but couldn't get any. I was trend aircraft down to support us. They wouldn't come. They wouldn't come because there were so much now machine on fire and we were trying to Europe
the other seal element to fight to our position, and they were they just where they were on foot and tyrannical there as quickly as possible. So one point: I asked for a you know: a Marine Europe and the Marine Europe was separated from us at the farm by this road that we we called ideality would never known a vehicle to drive on this road had not got an idea, and one officer Who is there a major? He jumps humvee grabs another humvee and they our truck and down the road to to get to opposition they get to us. They provide cover for the helicopter to get in and we mark actually worked himself. The helicopter remarkably still around is a lake county cop now But what makes this story more remarkable? Is it the marine major who came to our rescue was Owen West?
there were some cities. You start out. I do exactly where the story was guarded by this has two: he always. This has three big eyes just incredible factor and paying was in fact a bang wrote this poor thing had this interaction, seal teams and nineteen sixty sixty and writing this report. Nineteen sixty nine super humble report too, credible super generous- and I am in the eu- have so many opportunities to draw attention to other things need I mean he's he's been truly impressed by this organization. What we know is a as, as an institute We have not done which I think we should do it every opportunity as recognise the the influence all these other units had on our creation. We are soldiers. Marines rangers wreak on everybody all contributed to two who we are and some sense, our,
Three, I think it's a mean at it, especially if you frame it in this way. It's not our history. It is our history, but it's a lens that you can use to to look at the entire history of american special operations from world war. Two to Vietnam we will be here without them and in some ways they would not have changed into units. Are they wouldn't have permanently created these units? Had we not set an example for them all so far, yeah. I mean it some day and ending the The thing with thing lasting it. Does that humble report that you can you can I mean the marine corps just so professional somewhere as it might be a Dave Burke who was a top gun pilot Rating Pilot Marine Corps Fighter pilot ended up in the sea instructor a top gun at thirty five I would have twenty to boost the total starred in
work with us to use a fact with us on the ground, the Bower model, which really interesting. As you know, he came from gone. He was a senior charter, top gonna mean you're, not yours. Gonna, get any more professional, the human being as a marine. That is the Signor instruction, destructor a top gun, and our talk too much about when he came to one of our briefs with first up his word about or Mahdi were due to brief to some kind of an operation, and he was just too me right away. He was just so impressed with what with just how the brief us, just how the reflex in others is young Luke wave back in, and she Tony Affrati get not there and talk about what we can do me. Given the commanders intent and like I remember him telling me that this is ten years later. It probably told me that, and that humility to think of these guys are doing something that is, that a squared away and for being to be able to denies that in.
That, while the war still going on Pretty impressive in and you know you say that he he didn't really pay deeper than the layer of history. That, prior to nineteen, sixty six, but on I'll, tell you what that left plenty of room for you to do just that with this book and in this book to provide so much history. So much information. Thank you and one thing that is awesome about the Marine corps, and I've talked about This progress before actually talk a lot about it with clients, because the Marine Corps has an incorrect the powerful culture. I think it might be, the strongest culture in the world are absolutely couldn't agree more of ice,
No time and time again like pound propound, there's no institution like the: U S Marine Corps there, their ability to they. They require much more from everybody from from their their troops than every other branches service. The trade off, though, with that. By requiring, as much is a level of responsibility that nobody else gets in the military and the result is its initiative and courage, and that initiative and courage is part of its part of the culture and If you ve, I thought about this for years, as I was doing this park ass, an interview, people and but the Marine Corps has. Is this culture that is rooted in the stories of their history? And I that's what you ve done with this book. strengthen the his three of the frogman and the seal teams interim anchor? Our culture, too,
a past that is filled with these qualities that we want these qualities of bravery and heroism and an adaptation and evolution and pride from our successes and humility from our failures, and I think this book connects us with the individuals who paved the way for us that we are lucky enough to be associated with a lucky enough, really to call her brothers and me this incredible group of individuals we call the teams and it's an outstanding book, and I think you ve done real service to the community by writing this book and any if you're in the seal teams absolutely just order, this book immediately there's an audio book version which is outstanding as well get. This anybody has any interest in any military history in the history of all special operations, give get
workers so much information in it. It's it's! actually researched and I just do I couldn't be. I can be more impressed with a man and I'm look feel I feel somewhat bad, because I write books basic from my own head. It feels like I have a much easier to ask. If you do. I don't have to read anything. I just write what I