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302: Have a Plan, a Protocol, and a Code. Iron Sharpened Leadership. W/ Gen. John Gronski

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This is juggle podcast number three o two with ECHO Charles and me Java, willing good echo good evening, Sir, we have a tick as I quickly walked across our that cooperation centre to the opera to radio operator. I am sure, my heart rate, spiked, a tick pronounced tick, stands for troops in contact. It is something arresting everyone's attention because it men, one of our patrols, was taken enemy fire on the mean streets of remedy. as I pressed the hands it of the rich to my ear. I could here, a sense of urgency in the voice, the patrol leader on the ground. He was your group of soldiers on a dismal, patrol on remedies. South western side of town things forget kind sporty there, the young
sergeant, leading the patrol patrols requesting a direct super cobra gunship helicopters to fire at insurgents on top of the building. They were engaged by insurgents with small arms from behind a building, but now he could see guns and other weapons on the roof. These and had ceased for the moment, but the patrol it was concerned about what might come next. Something did not feel right. People need to pay attention to got feelings and instinct. I have found the more experience. One gains the more gut feeling factors into decision making is somehow he's not feel right. It probable requires a little more attention are useless. The voice to calm the patrol leader down. I let him I would call in the cobras, but first I knew
to provide positive identity identification of exactly who was on top of that building My intuition was telling me to let the situation develop before calling in heavy fire power after a few minutes the patrol leader made a positive identification of the force on the roof on the rooftop. I was glad I did not pull the trigger on the cobras. a U S marine corps. Civil affairs team were on the top of the building. Stressful situation was averted. Calmness And coolness prevailed as it doubt the small arms fire he received was some harassed Fire and the insurgents who initiated the incident had quickly disappeared. So that right there is an excerpt from a book which is called iron shod.
and leadership, which was written by General John Grand Ski who served in the? U S, army and the National Guard for over forty years and I had the honour of serving with him during the battle of remedy, we're deployments overlapped by about a month or so in the spring of two thousand and six and he's I ve been on the pot gas before episode to thirty five. So if you listen about podcast, yet stop and almost without want to get some background on general grant ski, but we honoured to have general Grant Turkey back again tonight to discuss his new book, which, as I said, is called iron, sharpened leadership and this title is transforming hard fought lessons into action, so general grant ski. Once again, thank you for coming back
a jog. Oh it's great to be with you, thanks for inviting me always gonna, be here in San Diego safety, because not a bad place to be so. You first book that we didn't. We touched upon. The last podcast was called the the of of our lives and is about a by great bike. Ride that you made across Amerika. with your wife and your the jackals you talk about some of the lessons that you learned along that voyage the experience you have, but that was very early in your army career, and this is reflective of your entire army cursor. What what made you decide to write this book own sharpened leadership? You know go, and I wrote that book. The right of our lives near and the book. I put some just leadership, lessons that I gained on that rider, as you mentioned, and I actually had people love asking me to expand
and on those lessons and ignore the book focused this done, that very short period of time. Three months in nineteen, eighty three and I just gains much more experience and learned so many more lessons over the next thirty plus years and I just felt compelled to to those lessons down in writing and hopefully would help their people gain from really most of the mistakes I made along the way we did heads- written the right of our lives in proximity when it actually took place was that did you remember back thirty years or whatever was gone. I took that like ride with my wife and fifteen months, son back and nineteen eighty three I kept the journal got it that journals sat shoe box for over thirty five years. And then, when I retired, from the army and twenty nineteen hello,
at a time on my hands. So I decided to write the book to write about. And was really meant to be four from myself reflect back on for my family too. and then I decided to self publish it as as a book and it turned out to be quite popular awesome. So So this book, like you, said this- is this going back on your whole career and lessons that you learned and you ve been through the. tire leadership spectrum in the army and spent about time, diamond, combat and so This is a great book and less jump into it. So, and then just everybody knows, look if I have to skip I'm not gonna read the whole book right now. There- is an audio books version of this as well, but when I can read the whole thing, so I'm gonna jump in spots. It's it's obviously not can be completely cohesive when we read it on the park asked it's it's set up. Very cohesive manner in the way it read, but I gotta make data caviar
before I start reading, but here's what I wonder star with going to the book some of the best your ship advice was given to me by a crusty noncommissioned officer during my first experience in the army, when I was training, as in our ROTC Cadet at Fort Knox, Turkey in nineteen. Seventy six I was six patrol, Peter during a training event In this scenario, my patrol was passing through a cleared lane within a minefield. The lane was forty yards in length, as we begin as we were crossing them the mind. on the cleared lane we began. Risk If small arms fire from an enemy position about two hundred yards away, I hesitated the soldiers were waiting for a command. I did not give it took less than a minute for the enemy to destroy my entire patrol the Sarge Who is a seasoned Vietnam, veteran pulled me aside and loudly advised when in charge be in charge
your followers expect you lead. So you better damn well lead. Good, less marked out of the gate. Yeah again, I could just say, as I reflect back on my career, it was those noncommissioned officers, especially early on in my career, those Vietnam, that's who I was fortunate to be around and unfortunate to get. You know just just some hard advice from You know no no punches pulled. This is the way it should be so where yourself away and lead when you're in a leadership position, yea North thinking and that particular case, and when I was running training a lot of times the the younger guys the young seal officers, one thing that what happened to them would be. There were
here are platoon chief or a leading patty officer that would get in the habit of making a lot of the calls, and so the officer would get in the habit of not making calls and it was there wasn't unify mine. What they had to realize was if if one of the Ngos makes a call awesome, you helped the diesel they're called you. Gonna go no factor all good it's in those moments. Those rare moments where you know in this particular case may be the and seo got hit with the first volley of fire or the unseen wasn't a position on the minefield where he could see where the fire was come from, so they can't make a call or their panicked whatever the case may be, so you get that leadership vacuum that's win, that officer has to be detached. Enough has to be heads up enough. Go away to. Second, my Ngos are making a call. I need to He'd right now, so it's a little bit of a cautionary tale to you. If, when you're in charge
doesn't necessarily mean you need me the call, but you better be prepared in case. You know that, the people they are supporting leadership does make something happened in an ideal world subordination, it's called you have to do anything. I hate to say but in an ideal world would you are in charge, and I have to do anything deal it, and you know Jackie, you speak to the fact that You know you have to put your followers int positions, where they have that opportunity to make some of those tough calls in nice think of this, reflecting back you're, my kids, in their thirties now, but reflecting back when, when my Remember teenagers! and I really think it's important for parents to let young teenagers make decisions because of it's her, making all the decisions for their kids when are they gonna, learn how decision, they learn learn how to make a decision when they become an adult, but that's kind of too late.
So I do think it needs to put your followers and in positions where they gain that experience experience a they make, stake now that usually how we learn more, is more we make mistaken than when we do something right by accident, yet I was going to say when you were saying let your kids make decisions. Let your kids make mistakes too, and just like in the military, this doesn't mean you're gonna send a young, you know first, lieutenant out on an operation that they're not capable of conducting cuz. They don't have the experience, yet they don't have the knowledge or not cuz. They all. Let's see how it goes, know you're not going to do that. Just like you're not going to say oh my kid. Go play in the street, which is not a good decision where they could get hit by car. That's not what we're talking about, but you Certainly let them make decisions and let them brush up. The guard rails of failure cause. That's where you learn through this. scratch is that you get on the on the body, exactly I'm a fast forward a little bit because this this
section kind of sets up the rest. The book, my personal leadership philosophy, is based three elements of character, competence and resilience. There are so components to each element of my leadership: philosophy, character, com, hence resilience and their sub components are skills and like any skill. Can be learned and strengthened. although some may be borne with higher levels of any one of these elements, everyone improve them through training and practice, and this is something that I think there is a lot of people in the world that, Think that leadership, something you're born with, anything you have to u dont and like use, There are certainly you might Some advantages in some areas you might be pretty articulate be pretty visionary, you might be have a good sense of other peoples emotions their tears different,
levels that people have in all those categories, but no matter where you are and all these categories you can improve upon them. Then you can get better and I think a lot of people think o leadership. The just just gonna come through ass, Moses or something you're born within there's nothing. You can do to actually train it when the fact the matter is, there's a hundred percent things that you can do to improve your leadership skills yeah and you know I think it's like athleticism. You know people were her harp are born with bout, better athletic skills than others, but everybody could improve in that area racism. It doesn't mean everybody's gonna be financed I'll player and be a player whatever, but everybody could get better. I feel the same way about leadership and and and that's another reason why I wrote a book and just as you, ve written many leadership books to try to help people develop those skills that we know could be improved.
there there and that's a benefit of being the military's you get to see over again. Young leaders actually improve and get better and and make better decisions and get more experience, so it something that you and I threw the blessing of being in the military, got to see all over again. It's it's fact to fact that you know leaders can be improved Let me get into these these components here. The first one care characters: the route of leadership, a leader of character, wheel, able to establish an environment of trust, a character based leader grows, asked by trusting others first providing a vision, displaying integrity leading by example, and sincerely caring about others. a leader must have values and principles. Values are something a person believes in and will be guided by when times are good and when times are tough a character based Peter sincerely cares about those they lead and they pay
in the interests of their followers above their own, the key component. I had a guy on this broadcast by the name of General James Mocha Yama, and he was he served in Vietnam and he worked for you, for Colonel David Hack worth when hack worth was the battalion commander movie almost one of his company commanders, but that was point that he made so clear. Was that idea of you gotta care about your people? and that was a thing that hack were tad at an open. Ways comes about comes across in in his books and and writings, but hackers just cared about a soldiers elevated him. So much in their eyes and that's exactly what you're talk motor yeah and you know it It's easy to say: you know care about your
people that you lead, but it's, I think extremely hard to do to put the interest of those you lead before your own interest. I think the only people who could naturally do that our parents know I think, tat could naturally put the interests of their their kids before their own, but to do that to people that you know or an arm blood it of yours at that. That's a hard thing, do, and I've been fortunate enough to be around leaders in the military who had that ability do you have is almost an innate since they had to put the welfare of those they lead. First- and you know, we learned a lesson in the the army in the Marines in the Navy AIR force. You know that leaders eat last and and the reason we do that a junior year out there, either draining environment.
Around operation. You get this chow mermaid out in the field, drain it's called, and if that leader, John in a jar line first polite, whereas the last going to jail, I'm probably than going at least get a full force Only that that's why leaders the last! You want your folks that you lead to have the benefit of of that nutrition before it before you sucks socket. You know and then again we we learned this in the military, and I think you know folks and civilian sector, some some know that kind of it in lately and others maybe never experience that and that's why I think there's some organisations that cannot develop that what that I trust that is so essential if we're going to have an organization effectively run
another thing about this- is I think, there's people who think that they can fool their troops there's a born leadership in the thinking that they care about them. I promise you having been a young enlisted guy, having been the youngest and most junior guy. My first use your parents, everybody can tell when you're looking out for yourself, everybody can tell you're not fooling they want and that's why the people that truly care about the the team and put the team of themselves. That's whether we shot yeah, yeah some examples that we have seen in the military? You know a leader who, member when I was over remedy in what one of the platoon was getting some better. and of an apartment, humvee and platoon leader refused to take that better version. He made sure you know this is
their soldiers and in the platoon got that version before he would take it took to ride in himself in that's putting yourself more at risk for the benefit, those your leads to that. There is a perfect example of how one could do that, especially if it me is putting your wife at risk that this guy was a true leader, potter percent. No, that's that's a outstanding example right. next thing next characteristic competence, when I talk about competence being an element of leadership? I am not referring to the technical competence in a specific job. I am referring the general competence of a person to lead others. Many elements make up competence, but the most him impaired We are providing a vision and purpose for the organization decision. making device being others and communication. A leader must be. able to articulate a vision which is simple, unique, ideal image of the future leaders.
explained the why, behind the vision and tell her followers what they believe in when leaders provide vision and purpose. They instil confidence and provide inspiration, fuels an organization empowering it to success. Elite must learn and apply problem solving skills and decision making processes. We also must pursue possess the courage to decide one of them, important roles of a leader is to develop other leaders. A leader must mentor and coach must be a mentoring willing to take others assigned provide insight into. It means to be a leader. A leader must, mitigate in clear, concise and respectful manner, most leaders and between seventy and ninety percent of their time, communicating important for leader to develop listening skills and the ability to get a consistent message out to all stakeholders. So that's that the competency of
being a leader all these skills that you list and here again what's interesting about these skills. Is you know, if you, you scan threw him. Can you get better at explaining the vision? Yes, you can and you get better at decision making. Yes, you can. Can you get better a problem? Solving, yes, you can. Can you give there at decision making. Yes, you can't, can you get better mentoring? Yes, you can everyone, these. Can you get better at communicating in simple, clear, concise language, respectful manner? Yes, you can. Everything you're talking about here with a calm of a leader is, is something that you can you can improve upon yeah and you know in the book: is people go through. they'll see you know, there's stories associated with these lessons that I've learned and then there are certain actions I found through my experience over the last forty years that help one get better and stronger at these particular skills, I imagine,
so just to make that clear cuz I how much I did it my notes, but you broke the book down, almost like a military learning manual where hey here's, the action that you need to take. If you want improve in these areas- and I know hit em. I think I had a couple of em, but that's what that's the way the book is broken down. the last thing, is resilience. Anyone who has ever lead anything will tell you that at some point in time the organization you lead will face adversity for that may matter. reliving person faces adversely at some point in our lives it all comes. Two: how prepared. One is to face these challenges and one response, leaders prepare themselves and give their followers and their followers to overcome challenges. Positive Energy is essential when leading a large organization or a small team optimism enthusiasm or to keep traits of a resilient person like any other trade, they
be exercised to become a strong point. Part of one's make up a leader. Must be physically, are mostly mentally and spiritually fit to Thanks resilience. Leaders must follow. Themselves must allow themselves to be vulnerable by moving out of their comfort zone by taking risks and getting on tough challenges, scar, tissues, developed and resilience is improved, so the person that's gonna led had better be able be able to get back up again. If they get knocked out, you know Jack, I think resilience is something that has been talked about a lot a lot over the last few years, but resilience- I don't. I don't be eve resilience actually just happens by itself. You know you ve got to train to become a resilient person by doing certain things that that you just mentioned:
moving out of your comfort zone. I mean, if you're a leader or a person who just wants to take the easy way of just staying in your comfort zone. Doing things that you know how to do. Never stretching yourself for putting yourself in a position where you might make a mistake, because you think you're gonna, look bad for your followers or your peers are whom ever you're, not gonna, grow that way and and then when tough times do happen, you're gonna be a worthwhile We need to demonstrate the resiliency that's needed in order to help your organization get through those tough times reminds me talking to some of the sum of the tankers. This is the one one I d that replaced you guys Romani, but one thing that I found trusting was they do then, and it was actually I need my motto is the whose company commander friend ass, the guy, but using to me: what what did you do?
for the planet where they do things that they do to prepare for deployment as they bring their tank on this tank range and they do gun we were your shooting in your moving in a maneuver the tank and do coms reloading and it's a challenge. It's like I guess in for infantry guy for or for seal, it's like Duenna combat and of course we run you shoot you got had played the hate you got long distance shot to take you gonna do Pelops rope climbs, they gotta shoot more, it's like that, but it's in a tank and one that he said to me was when they go. Do gunnery the first That goes if Donnie Crainer, That sets the example hey this I'm going first, and so what you're doing I'll, get now your comfort zone. I can't imagine a lot of those tanker those take battalion commanders, depriving the tank for a while, yet to step up their to showcase opposite. Does what we do here, and you know you Cotter reminded me of something that I went by sharing with you, because I think it's it's kind of a great lesson in
in resiliency and- and this goes back to remedy- I had a national one of our now on guard tank companies when we're train yet at camp shall be before going over to two. I rack this, this company Three platoon in one of their platoon went through that gunnery that that you just talked about only one of their platoon stead They got over remedy. We actually task organised them two six nine armor, which was an Easter, mighty, combat outpost, corregidor area, and and two six nine armour was was an arm. battalion they didn't need this company to rate and tanks or they may the Motorized infantry, so they operators, motorized infantry for the sick, the first six months moreover, and remedy, and then six nine armor leaves and they get replaced by first at a five or six infantry from the one O. First airborne lie
infinitely. But we're still needed at least remedy. So now these, so these National Guard soldiers who were tankers operating as motorized infantry for the previous six months are now in tanks and You just did a remarkable job. They had several main gun engage, and while they were over there and goes to show you how, by training to be resilient, training and those skills. Even when you are taken out of vat regular job in combat situation for six months and then having to go back into those. thanks again and then just forming remarkably, I think, has just just a great worry of not only resiliency but but adaptability. I think something that has made the seal team successful, Annie and it starts in the six seal training and I
save a hangover basic seal training. You don't really learn anything cuz, you just doing pushups and being wet cold in this. Will you learn how to suffering? And if you don't like to suffer you're not going to be there but one thing, I will say, is you're in total chaos its total chaos when you're there, you everything that happens, I mean you go out. You got your boats in the ocean in there to get flip over and you get washed upon, and people are confused lost, you got, can lights bounce and all over the place when how weak kicks off there's just total chaos, confusion. There's the throne smoke grenades everywhere. You can't see anything in this machine guns going off again hear anything just like that all the time, so you get to this environment, where there is total chaos going on any have to figure it out. You have to adopt a new one not the sittings, and it's not so much like this anymore blood. It's still does have this still does have this. This dna, which is third, there, was no doctrine when I got the seal teams If you want do arrayed, if some
didn't tell you if you're platoon chief did not do read, you had just figured out and there's good and bad I mean it's kind of good in the army, you underrate you can pick up the. What is its said. tactics in triple tunas. Logic and figure out of your rated tells everybody what they need to do. Seal teams doesn't have them and so use go. Ok. Well, I what makes sense. How can we do this? And, unlike said, there's some good to that. There's a bad I can now you might not come over the best plan, but there is also some good cause. You're constantly learning to adapt and annex that's one of the things that its look the whole I'm I'm saying but the ceilings cause that's my environment, but the military in general. Does that an that's exactly what you're talk margarita guys? You train them in one one aspect of combat you take him, the point that you put him into a totally different aspect to combat they perform and then halfway through three switch back to the original thing and they get back on that horse and do it again or in this case, get back in those tax due to get there I remember when we got over men. The brigade I was part of got over too.
To remedy in two thousand and five coin, Akron wasn't written yet. The new coin doctrine wasn't by general betray us in general, Madison Toll Reich early, two thousand and six really, and so there was oh COIN Academy, that leader that leaders brigade, went to when we got to Iraq, but I think two thousand six, two thousand seven after that, any brigade that got deployed. I rack went through this thing called the Decoying Academy. Insurgency Academy, and so we kind of the figure it out on our own and where you figure it out. You know you read history You see how it was done in the past, you just you Some common sense, you two leaders that that your respect and that you count on it in your kind of figure it out, and that was densher. Same thing that was done: their young brigade of five thousand soldiers and Marines, but alive
the operations were occur occurring at the platoon and company level. So it's not like not because I was brigade commander. I was directing some type of law brigade operation. didn't exist. They were all done at very small unit levels in and just The amazing thing about our American? You know servicemen and women of they figure it out. Have a way to figure it out, and I think if you read history of the military, which I know you You do when you read on your pack has regularly just amazing how we have her American. Military has just figure things out. As we went yeah, I don't even remember cause the first, When I arrived in Ramadi in, like April of two thousand six ivy
It is one of my friends who is an Intel officer at one of those at one of the bases and in remedy, and she had the big target. Bored and I had worked with her before she had a big targeting book. board when I was in your Iraq before the same big targeting portholes like man. This is this is not. It's fine cause, we're just gonna, be targeting these people on this. This board is just as big as as it was when I left here- and I went- to my talk, my dark Robert Centre and I googled- I think I'm I heard something about this new counter insurgency manual, but I do that was on it was a draft. Copycats did even get released, yet it was a draft copy that I got an island Ok, this is it and I found it on. I forget those websites, those there's a couple besides, I want to say one of music
global security, dot- org- maybe I found out- but it was on one of those websites that are used to read about what was happening in the world, sorted from us from a military GEO political perspective also has a bunch Minos, so we had had the new ethics. Jack twenty four counter insurgency and our eyes. I literally read it that, like that night day to prolong- and I just pluck things for yeah and realized. Okay. This is what we need to do, and I remember I know I I stole from it, because I remember my boss, saying you know- or what your objective in these types of operations and I said, provide security for the populace, which I know I didn't make that up on my own. I don't come up with that. That's two hundred percent stolen for Roma. From the counter insurgency manual and that's what that's I drove me in that direction of like hey: how can we really help the broader french nor forces that are here as as they
start to move in and enshrine stabilize, what's happening? Yeah, you know it's it's funny. You mention that, because we kind of love evolved and in read somewhere. Somebody told me, you know you can't kill yourself out of an insurgency. and we, when we first got there in an hour, mission, was to kill them surgeons and we evolved into protecting the populace because realized. You know that the main the mayor goal here is to protect the populace. In order to the chaos into into something that was gonna more than chaos there, and so are the same. the thinking you had about your your mission of protecting the the people Ahmadi. We kind of evolved into that too, from again reading history talking some of the IRA.
EU leaders and remedy that we would be dealing with on a regular basis, and we came to the conclusion that hey we're to be successful here. It's about protecting the pipe foolish, not not simply killing the bad guys. Now, sometimes you would have to kill me guys in order to protect the populace. So I'm not saying No, that was totally off the table, but it that the mindset completely changed for us throughout that one year there were conducted operations. There. While some stuff getting back to the book here. say, discipline, respect and selflessness are part of the United States. Army is DNA. Forged over two hundred years ago, during the training of the Continental Army Valley, Forge Pennsylvania, thrown Pennsylvania. Any chance you get can't don't you I got to These traits of served our military well and account, at least in part, for the region,
The United States military always tops poles announcing the most trusted organizations in America. Any leader would do well to demonstrate the traits of self discipline, respect for others and self. Business in order to lead effectively You got a story in here about was sergeant MIKE culture. Mica culture tells a story here. MIKE is an amazing person. My not was a soldier in the Pennsylvania, National Guard, Twentieth, infantry division, who was deployed to Afghanistan. and while he was in Afghanistan, a rocket came in this rocket landed about ten feet away from
and it just cause significant wounds to my culture, broke his jaw, internal bleeding and and damages and then his his is left arm was wounded, so significant significantly that had be amputated and they it. Always they were treating him. He was eventually put it in a coma Coma undertook Two years to recover from these very very significant wounds that he had and you a lot of deal with, obviously recovering from these wounds nodded using his arm, etc, etc. and he decided the way he was going to overcome this adversity that he was facing. was to just build himself up physically and compete and physical competition, and so he decided to enter than victis games.
And Invictus games did, I think, by Prince Harry, if not mistaken, and it was all about bringing me a wounded warriors together to compete in olympic style competition. and so I believe it was in twenty eighteen and Sydney. Australia when MIKE was competing in its third Invictus Game as he was competing in some track and feel advance. He noticed this young girl about eight years old in the stands- and she was kind of you know. Shit owing him. Whatever event, he would go to compete and she would kind of mover seeing to come over and watch him and then he he realized. She had one arm and when it came to- for him to receive his so over metal that he earned. He asked Germany up on the podium with them and when he was given the silver metal he took it from around his neck and put it around Jem as neck and gifted this.
Over metal that he worked so hard for to the young eight year. the australian girl and I the opportunity to email back and forth with generous father who agendas austrian and he went on to tell me how that had just completely changed gems wife, interesting thing. He told me he said you know Joe his arm was not amputated. She was born without that Armand. He said and there's a psychological differ, between having your arm amputated or being born without norm. So he made that distinction clear to me, and he went on to say that in know from MIKE doing that, what might probably thought was a very simple gesture adjust dramatically changed. JAMA's life and now she's computing, Sports is a matter of fact. I see pictures of her on
two gram where she is winning swim, maids and she's, just read it to tear up because of this very simple leadership. Gesture that that might catch demonstrated to her and go just goes to show you. That is the simple things we do in life, as leaders have a profound effect on those that we do those things for an call. At similar to butterfly effect. You know that this this this could have a generational impact. I dont want to sound true to dramatic here, but it could. Have a generational impact on Gemma and ungenerous children. She has children, someday, etc, etc. Just because of their very selfless that that my caught, you do and you got realized you work hard to get the silver metal I mean just give it away like that. Somebody that you don't really know was was quite a gesture so that that's that's the story about.
yeah. I can only imagine a young girl like that, and you know young girls and boys, but I would say I've got three daughters and one son, and I would say that girls, really self conscious about. You know those kind of things, their body there self costs about that, and you can age and someone like JAMA, who sort of avoiding any time where all the suddenness becomes. The focus is that, through what different about her- and and I M just come along its end up. It's cool. It's good! Don't worry about it. go: do you think he exerted how much that just change your life? That's all seemed to yeah, hear you wrap up this, idea. Here you say self discipline giving up become a habit. Working here, Striving continually to get better is also habit. Habits are developed, a petition and where self discipline comes in leaders who are self disciplined adhere to the same standards they have set for their fur, worse, they
lead by example and sheer hardship struggles and tough jobs with their followers. By the adhering to the same standards you expect from others and sharing the load, are two of several actions. A leader must take to instil trust throughout an organization self discipline. People have the motivation to do the hard work behind the scenes, which makes them great at what they do. These people have the drive act in order to make themselves better and to avoid anything detrimental to achieving their goals. This work generally has a way of making everyone around them better to self. Split leaders have a biased for action and in certain Times leader dispel uncertainty through competent and confident actions. Self discipline leaders have an offensive mindset and do not allow setbacks or obstacles to stop progress leaders find a way to win and inspire faith and believe throughout an organization some people are born, with a greater propensity to be self disciplined than others, like other traits, sir,
discipline can be developed for those of poor self discipline. I found the best way to improve self discipline is to do some small things and work yourself into a more difficult things if you had a bad then backslide a bit. Do not be yourself up just back with the programme remit, Good habits are developed through self discipline of continuing to do those things I get asked this question a decent amount. Am I disciplined cuz. I was in the Navy, or am I discipline cause I'm discipline and our now? What do you think, I think that I think the training that you receive the Navy certain certainly helped is my belief in and I think goals are important. You know I mean if, if, if you have no goals in your life, nothing, that's me. Full and purposeful for you to work toward, but there
you're gonna be disciplined about. You know I mean you're gonna be kind of like just just drifting one. Other so I think You know people that have specific goals. You know you to be a seal. Your goal buncher were a seal to be on a seal, commander, etc, etc. Kind of such you up to be more disciplined about achieving the school, so I think it's probably a little bit of of both, but I do think that path you chose and those goals you have probably didn't want to help you become, a very self disciplined person. Then you think that's the same for you them well, do I think if I didn't take the path I did by by getting into an army
I probably wouldn't have had the benefit of those and see and another role models who showed me that in order to We achieved something you really gotta work hard for now you haven't. I drawing up as a kid you know. Might my dad by my family, tried to show me those things So I think it's you know now that I'm thinking of it It's kind of I think, building locks along the way in your life. You know: you're gonna learn some of them from your family. then you know on the big believer in sports and you play sports again, I played some sports in high school and you have to be disciplined in order to get out there on a few. Do not get yourself, beat our bright and then you know you did joint military and again you ve gotta, show some discipline in order to please you know. People are counting on you and in order to achieve wait, wait what you want to and in that regard, so I think it's really like building block
as you go through your life, and some people are fortunate to have role models and in an immense tours in their life, who are going to show them why discipline is important, and then you just continue with it. You I think I was out of this luckier I'm lucky. I was lucky the fact that a war really graded anything out of the seal teams of other work hard? I was gonna look like an idiot, and I didn't want to look like an idiot and I don't want to let my teammates down so I doesn't work hard to be ready for stuff. If we do that we influence my bath quite a bit. I think- I would have been a natural unnaturally gifted Aff. I would, I probably would have had less discipline. I wouldn't needed as much discipline, but everything I remember is people get out the seal teams, that's another even stillness, you'll themes in eighteen, oh they they let themselves go they don't practice you don't train, dig it out a shape yeah. You know it's so just be
because you are in the military just because you were in this you'll teams or whatever you did when you gotta, maintain that when that this one is not it's not a ship that they put into your brain, now you got it. You have to worry that anymore. No use- gotta go. You know Jack, and I do think that spoil purpose is so important and in those goals are so important to the same ranger school. You know you get get that Ranger Tab and that's when the hard work should start, because now you ve got approve at every day that I I deserve to have this ranger tab on my shoes leader and I see it. You know folks. I know that that went the rain, school another out of the military in the China just like. Let themselves go in and it's probably because they don't have that. That purpose, anymore or that goal anymore, and I thank them an unfortunate thing, that's why purpose is so important. That's why I think leaders have to
What communicate purpose too their followers of their followers understand- and I know you talk about this year by cod of leadership book in also so people understand. Why am I doing this thing that the leader has told me to do? Well, if you don't explain the purpose leaders are urged. The followers aren't gonna, get a hundred percent, fast forward a little bit dignity and respect leaders demonstrate leaders them. Respect for others. By the words they choose, the tone of voice they use and by treating people with dignity, demonstrating respect is also about being considered of a person's time and showing interest in what others think good leaders treat others respectfully, regardless of position. Good leaders, The maintenance person with the same amount of respect they treat the seal. I believe it is impossible to be toxic leader to be altered leader, if you treat those people, you lead with dignity and respect. This does not
You cannot hold people to the prescribed Standard and council them. However, there is a dignified and respectful way to do those things a leader. Could fires, someone in a dignified and respectful way, a rule to follow is praise and public reprimand in private now. What's interest about this paragraph is this: is anybody that doesn't that has sort of a surface view of the military, they don't think that this is due not exempt applicable at all. The matter? I guess it's just one book camp movies I guess it's just from four metal. Jackie format package has has given love that movies a great movie it. Incredible movie end, it is accurate. You know you talk to any marine, they don't use the same language they used back then, but man boot Camp is camp and it is yelling screaming making people uncomfortable in and really? not treating them between them. With this respect, especially, beginning.
I think movies like that. Have given this false, image of the military that that's how military leadership works and and not true. Now Arthur leaders that act like that yeah. Actually are in order and guess what there's leaders act like that in the civilian sector too, that act better disrespectful three people back there in shit positions, and it's not good good and and Watson, about this is I can t one would. If I, if I'm your boss, I can yell at screamin you and your problem do what I tell you you're intimidated. You don't want to get fired. You you don't hear me yellin scream, so you go do what I told you to do so, and positive feedback on my yelling and screaming? However, when you get home you're on monster, dot com looking for a new job, because you oughta be working with me because I'm a jerk and by the way, how much effort you actually give you know. Do you give ten percent? No, you probably give seventy
two percent, which is the bare minimum you needed to give to get the job done. So all my yelling and screaming got me the bare minimum that you are going to produce, whereas if I treated you with respect, you can have a hundred and ten percent you're gonna do that job better than I could. And better than you could do it with your minimum effort. So this idea- people would respect. I mean this is just a It seems like common sense, and I think sometimes- and I had this happened when I, when I started working with companies- that very for actually was. Why wasn't the very first? It was one of the first company. They started working with and I'm on the phone with a the ceo dude, an introductory call, and he says I can't wait you get out here with my people into shape. and I said hey- you know something: if you want something to whip your people a shape, you should get someone else because whip people is what happened. That's what you do to slaves and slaves is not a good environment and no one wants to be a slave and they don't do the job that they're supposed to do that Bear minimums, they'll get punished for it, so
I'm glad you got the section in here. You know Jack. I have business owners. Talk to me about that all the time you know like. Why cannot be a tax glittering? I get get get the job done. Young gets it done. You know that type of thing and the kind like you know what you could be a toxic later in life. You said you could yellin stream and people are gonna, listen to you and I are going to do it, but a few looking for sustained success over a long period of time. That's where you know toxic leadership does not work because toxic leadership workforce or term gain, but if you want sustained success over time that that's not the way to do it certainly is not fast forward a little bit here again, if you lost we read this, I'm I'm just jumping through various sections. It's it's not gonna sound completely cohesive, as I read it, but you get the book and it is
Please be cohesive. Next excellent read here is a three successful life you more make yourself vulnerable there's. No, sk without reward with. That said, the risk you take must be prudent and must include risk analysis and risk mitigation measures. Nothing is risk free and seldom can a person eliminate risk entirely. Although, cannot be eliminated. Leaders must identify, ways to reduce the most probable and highest impact risks. I think this, funny, because I say to leaders all time. If there is no risk is not even a decision we're. What's a decision if, if there's no risk and adjusted benefit call, we were doing it, I haven't it's not a decision, that's just what we're doing the Lewis and and and that's why some leaders failed to have the courage to make decisions, because It's almost any decision, you're making, there's some sort of risk associated with that and again, if
going to look at gaining anything for your organization we talked about, Moving yourself out of your comfort zone, you ve gotta, move your organization out of its comfort zone to, and so it's it's it's. It's about. Ok understood, but those risks are and then how am I going to reduce them the ability of this happening and also reduce the impact of it happening and those those are certain steps you you could take you know, I talk about optimism, alot and especially you know with if you hit a a really bad day really bad day, No, you have to be optimistic and then led your organization through that. But it's not just because Europe telling people hey things, you're gonna get better. You ve actually got to the plan together, that's beautiful viable to your followers, so it
it's just not about what you say it's about. Ok, plan? Have we put together now? That's that's going to show that we are going to be able to do things a little bit differently to overcome this adversity so you know that's! That's really takes a lot of hard work and it doesn't come easy, Yo Iris. Whenever I talk about, you gotta believe the mission right and I, I believe, isn't doesn't mean the the old saying if you can believe it, you get even actually not true. I get that. I believe I can fight. Is I'm not going to fly to me believe belief in the mission means you see an actual pathway to achieve the mission, and am I be challenging and there's gonna be bombs and hurdles nostrils long away, but we are going to do it and hey everyone. Here's how we're going to get there and as long as you can show people on actual pathway to get to this victory, then you can. Then people can even what you're doing for sure, yeah
and you're not just reflect back a bad day, You know I had January fifth, two thousand six finger familiar with it, the glass factory bombing there. and remedy and you know you have a bad day like that, and you just as the leader you you just can't cave in the making, so give everyone a little briefing. I mean. Obviously I knew about I ride there shortly thereafter. I tracked it as it happened, was a horrific incident at a police, recruiting event so recruiting local police in this, remedy to to enjoying the the IRA key police and become the defenders of of the city and help the local people you what we talked about earlier defend the populace here. You go common sign up and it was actually go pretty well
and then this event happy I was I was going remarkably well, you know when we first scam there, I guess was delusion or July of of of two thousand and five mixed. June and July on their course, but July of two thousand and five. You know we started police, recruiting events and we'd have like two or three people show up to join a play, some enormous, pathetic, and we started talk their shakes and actually through are talks with the shakes. They would tell us some things that our troops were doing that probably weren't that beneficial to the citizens of remedy, so we started to change up some of our tactics and procedures that an effect operation, but it helped the shakes understand that here we were really here for your people, freer tribe,
and this really demonstrate itself and in January of two thousand and six we held this recruiting event was January. Third, fourth and fifth, and on January third, we had two hundred tee. while show up the glass factory in reality were conducting this event in the glass factories old factory, but as a nice big building, and it was right outside or very close to the main. U S: Camp of Camp Romani cells, pretty good spot. The exact opposite is a good spot. The do it do where people showed up the first states like. We can't believe this, like whereas two or three people shop got two hundred people staying alive to joint police, so the shake no that told us to Shakespeare getting the word out to their drive. People to hate come and we trust these Americans come in and so the second day,
we had around four hundred fifty five hundred people standing alone to join the police like this is incredible. The third and it is our reflect back on it whenever you're operating in an insurgency environment, you don't want to do things three days in a row. So is a big mistake. I made thirty. We had about eight hundred people standing in line. We works, ecstatic thought we really turned a corner here and suicide bomber, because this was a thirty in a row we were doing a suicide bomber shows up and debt nights, their vast ride in them of this large crowd killing over one hundred Iraqis and killed, and brain dog handler sergeant. Con and also a good friend of mine, Lieutenant Colonel MIKE Mclaughlin. An inch several other of our or soldiers, some some severely, but thank God, no, no one else
I know no other: U S. Military died from that attack. And I was a really really bad day. The way. I handled it is I brought the leaders together the following day cause Those two weeks from that particular day we were going to have two hundred Iraqis show up at the glass factory again, so we could ship them the Baghdad the ten police training for women we're gonna, have a similar situation, so gotta run together next day and the importance of leaders admitting when they do something wrong. I think really comes out here, because I got everybody together. I don't know what they were thinking. Maybe we're thinking I was gonna. Try to I'm somebody I dont know, but the first thing I said was not going to waste time. Fixing blame on a body could cause I'm the one responsible for this so forget about fixing blame it's it's it's on me. What
need to spend our time doing is talk about. How are we going to change things? So this doesn't happen two weeks from now, when we do the same, and again, because you know we had to publicize the so people new new show up show up. So it's not like your keeping it from the surgeon and so I'm not gonna, get into the details of how we change things, but we change things significantly in terms of the way, the side of that last factory was set up so far forbid. A suicide bomber was gonna blow themselves up again. The most I take out would be ten people, rather than a hundred or more and so the the point is when leaders hit these bad days this. This adversity, there The organization is counting on you to find a way through it and then that. That was a lesson I learned I mention you know this book is filled with mistakes,
made that I was able to learn from and by putting this book out. Hopefully others will have to make it simple. Mistakes and so that the whole point of what I just said is when had adversity. You ve got to able to be resilient enough to fight your way through that for the organisation and again that's not gonna, come by itself. You ve, You ve got to prepare an end and develop your resiliency before these bad day, because we all know they're gonna happen and there it's also the important part of a leader admitted They made a mistake, so the innovation doesn't have to start pointing fingers at one another, because if, if you Don't do that and you can't develop that sense of of of trust were because people, knowing you screwed up, ok and of people, the arctic spending more energy
watching their own back they're, not gonna, be expending energy on done what the organisation needs it to get done because watching your own back takes a hell of a lot of energy. Doesn't it and so, and so that that naturally, the moral of the story, the knots of an You were there when this, when we had a. We had a blue blue that our I wrote about an extreme ownership and at the same, because the same exact approach I took, which was hey, there's a from the iraqi soldier dead, their several Iraqis wounded. One of my guises wounded, who we gonna blame, don't look any further. me, because this is on me and it is on this This is happening on the Senor Guy on the battlefield. Design represent my fault, and that way there We don't have to look at who we're gonna point fingers that no one has to about having to leave you out to dry my going to hang you out to dry. This is one hundred percent on me and then we, how do we prevent this from ever happening again, so the thing a leader ass, do no situations, yes, absolutely,
fast forward a little bit here you talk about creating a vision. You say the concept of a leader providing a vision to an organisation. They lead is at least two thousand years old in the James version of the Bible, proverbs. Twenty nine eighteen reads: where there is no vision, the people perish we point my experience leading people. I became aware that providing a vision of the future was one of the most important things. A leader can do the whole com of leadership. Is about taking people to a place where they could not reach on their own? found that when I provide a vision of the future to a group, I led motivated inspires them to work towards achieving a desired and state. That is why I believe creating a shared vision and communicating it consistently Portman roles of a leader, Visualizing achievement is essential if you are to gain success. Of this must be a simple, unique, ideal image of the future. Ideally
the vision. A leader develop should be a shared vision, a shared vision, not only does not only mean Everley Organization, believes in a vision, but also representation. Representative member, of the organization have provided input to create the vision, a case. I'll get out. I talk about decentralized command, all the time with all the companies I work with, and occasionally get someone Saint hey. You know I feel like that. Team doesn't really know where we're going. I'm trying to lead him in the right direction, but I don't want to impose Donovan and I say: listen, ok for leader sometimes say everyone. This is where we're going, because Everyone has the visibility that you have from your leadership perspective. You know if you're in charge of a project, not everyone can see all the moving pieces, so they might not see hey. This is where we need to go this. What we're doing? Is it good to get input for that collective vision? Absolutely absolute!
but you may be in a situation where other member The team dont have the vision that you have become just because a where you're sitting oh you're standing. You can see a little bit more. You have a little bit more visibility on things. So sometimes you do have to make a vision and issues, Our vision is your vision. Doesn't isn't written in stone, or you shouldn't right your vision in stone. If you write your vision in stone, you're, probably making a mistake, and some people might think that that sounds weak well, yeah to change your vision. Actually change the vision. If we get to a point where we need to summon the just like when you and remedies that hey wait, a second, we been doing things like this, we are not yet progress with the shakes, the Shadrack Thomas August order to adjust our vision so there's nothing wrong with just your vision and there's nothing wrong with if you're not getting feedback took a coup watch this here's, the visionaries, we're gonna, do start moving action adapt as needed here, you know are totally agree one month and learn when this is back.
Around late nineties around the year two thousand was before nine eleven when I took command of fifty six brigade No National Guard brigade so in about three thousand soldiers distributed across northeastern Pennsylvania down toward the Philadelphia area and. no. Eighty five percent of them had full time civilian job so like Africa to develop a vision for this organisation. In order for us to show some to move forward here and what I did is I went around to representative saplings of soldiers who were part that big, I would talk to appear to see that happen, a year and army- and I would talk to a major who had male may be sixteen in ten years and the army and in every enough fuel folks in between there. Three thousand soldiers can't talk there. All them and say Where do you want to see this brigade go in and
the question I would ask them, I would say: hey you know: few fell asleep for five years and woke up five years from now. What would you want to see this brigade look like then? You know and The funny thing is whether it was a soldier low rank one. experience or higher. King officer with seventeen years experience, everybody kind of one and the same thing. They want to be well trained, so we had to deploy we'd be allowed, do our jobs successfully and that led up essentially what what what the vision was. So would it taught me- and this goes for business leader out there trying to develop a vision for their organization and in many organizations are working distributed now you know what the pandemic and everything else it's. try to get up when I say shared vision. Try to get a representative sample if you could of where people would like to see common ultimately used leader. Like you said you, you ve got a broader view of everything so yet you're
finally got to put a stake in the ground so yeah. This is going to be our vision, but I think it's a good idea to get a representative of those in your organization and and then you know you get it out there. You know you, you ve got you ve got a shared and in a multitude of wage, know when you're speaking to people one on one, you ve gotta, communicate that vision. Your speaking to a group of five hundred you ve gotta, communicate the vision. Through email, three website, through whatever you know social media Mean Jim. You might want to use, but the vision then has to be consistent. Happier a new flavour the month or a new vision of the quarter in like a sad vision? could change but a shirt. Be changing very, very frequent basis that that's why I learned about developing a vision in over twenty years ago. Yet it's it's. It's always interesting, like that's alignment right, no matter who you talk to you talk to a front line,
visual- has been in the army for six months- you talk to someone has been in the army for twenty years. Enlist it officer on both ends that spectrum and the US Oh well, I'd like that if we deployed we're ready to do our job. You can make so many decisions based on that? Knowing that right there hey. Is it help us do our job. If we spend time you know clown and round at work on our drill weekend, as it can help us be ready, George, I'm! No, it's not so let's do something else, and up and down the chain of command and now that we have that shared alive, vision? Now we can all make a bunch of decisions just based on that. We know that when we deploy, we won't be ready to do our job. We want to be effective, ok does this help us be effective or not, and we can make a decision, so that's important stuff First, what a little bit bigness gotta chaplain here called keeping your feet on the ground, which is about humility. You say I work for an arrogant leader before it was now,
any fund. All of us who work for this man felt our opinions were not valued. He was the kind of guy who said things like when I want your opinion tell you what it is. Still the typical military, but not actual north. We believe we are not respected in. We felt more like objects; rather they will. We were part of the team. The result was our initiative. Imagination and creativity were stifled, as you can imagine, leader failed again. This this is one of those false image. of military leadership, does it happened? Yes, it does happen and end here. The other day, about this You want to know. Why does happen more often in the military and one of the reasons it happens more often than military, his cousin, the military you're only in command for two years, generally speaking, so mostly enlisted guys you workin for jerk or air.
Person. It takes him three months or three six months ago. Hey this got really is arrogant. Then a six months are like all God. What are we gonna do about it? This guy's horrible now a year now to start thinking aid. We should really do something about this. We should get rid of this guy, which run up the chain of command. We should fill out. Surveys are command climate surveys and report when a jerk disguise and then eighteen months and they go. You know, he's gonna six months, ledges freakin deal with it and that I know it's the feedback, and so everything that he did worked and positive feedback and it's a pause. Feedback loop. He thinks he did a good job because he yelled and screamed and then takes anyone's opinion, and now he gets promoted as the unfortunate reality of the military and the other interesting thing with that, and we could call that guy a toxic leader is. I found that Exec leaders are very, good at not letting their people they work for their superior officers. But if you want to call it, see their taxes at all for shirk their able. I hide I've known a lot of military leaders that
We want above them in the chain of command loved them. Everybody below the chain of command hated him because above the chain of command, they seem to someone as making stuff happened right below the chain of command. There give they're the ones that are for and being driven to blow figures as they try and get the job done and yeah that happens off. It's amazing how good they are at hiding that toxicity when they're talking to somebody who who they work for you and you gotta be careful as a leader to make that's not happening! That's why it's important, like you said to go down and talk to you. Yeah and say: what's there what's ECHO Charles, like as a leader how's that go in, and what I can say at first. You see these Greece, great where'd. You go, ask. How often does its argue? Do you take your ear? You gotta dig it out of him most them. They don't wanna, they don't want. They want to They didn't want that beef, as echo words,
you know that them, the more you get down there. You know, I call it money, money, boots, leadership, the more you get down there to talk to the troops in over there be military civilian venue, be able to develop that trust to cause you're right. The first time you go down and ass. Somebody hey how's it goin they're, not going. Totally honest with you if they dont know yet, but the more they used to seeing you come around and and just haven't or a poor, and see that your hey normal guy and you really do want the best reorganization, they're gonna, loosen up until later truth. Also, don't burn your sources. So don't go back in Syria ECHO. I need to talk you, John, you said you were a tyrant and never get any information again now, so you have to be careful about that. One fast forward a little bit one of the best ways a leader could show respect to others is by asking for their opinion and in seriously considering it leaders in power others in an organization simply by listening, the state level headed and keep once feet placed firmly on
round leaders must acknowledge others for their contributions to this teams Success, so this is something I have written about. Talking about listening is, I think, is the most underrated. Possibly the most underrated aspect of leader, The only other wandered in a close second and its core It's very directly is asking earnest questions, numerous questions and then what What people have to say. oh Some leaders think there listening, but their actions dont show that their listening? You know like you're going to talk to somebody. Hey. Can I have a minute? Can I talk to you? and hour later is checking their phone why you're talking to them further tapping something on the keyboard, their computer? Why you're talking to them or you talked him there looking
off at somebody else. You know it's kind of like. Why was this guy really listening to me? You know that leader might think they're listening, but their actions are showing that they're not really listening. So it's it's important that you do really do that active listening, actually yeah yeah fast forward. A little bit identify your core values that have to develop strong character. You must take the time to figure out what you stand for and what your core values really are. This came to light for me. Many years ago, I attended a dinner at which the speaker gave an impassioned talk about his own personal core values than day as I was still thinking about what I heard. I realized if someone asked me what my personal core values where I would not be able to give an answer. Sure add values. I try to be an ethical person, but to that point I never. the time to think long and hard about exactly what I stood for and my principles. I never took the I too consider what values were most important to me: important, you know what that other thing about values. If, if you don't
understand what your own personal core values are hut. When you make, personal decisions or or when it comes a time for you to make a personal decision about something I really believe you have the factory Europe, Europe small core values in the decision to make? So if you don't have those core values. Are the later in your own mind, how are you gonna factor them in your decision, and the same with organizations you know organization, many organizations have organizational values but when the leadership team gets together with the ceo and there in the they're gone through this decision making process. How many of them actually factor negotiations, values into the decision that they're making, which I I would think I would just guess many- don't even think about their values when they're making a business decision, which is crazy,
think about. You have your making decisions that you must also be making decisions in the blind, exactly then, and then you're not being true to your values and again that breaks trust what your customers or that break structure your employees were whomever that particular decision is going to facts. Oh yeah! Really that that's why values are so important. I believe in the thing behaviors, I think born to you know why I know a lot of organizations are getting. You know they do organizational values, but now there also getting into organizational behaviour, so they actually list out. You know, maybe because in ten to twenty behaviors that they expect from their employees, which I think is is very important. As a mere fact of consulting firm, I used to work for green castle. Consulting has expected behaviors if they want their consultants to
straight and I think that's a very good way to look at things. Cuz. You know, values are kind of conceptual. Behaviors are more tangible and, and I do think taught you know why identifying expected. Behaviors is really helpful in in getting your employs two treat customers or treat each other? The way you want them to This is something that I was acutely aware of, especially with he is in a way. I wrote the first war, your kid book. The whole project the entire premise of the first book is the key has to come up with a warrior kid code of what he's got an and his uncle in this book. It's kids book, but the kids uncle is was it wasn't, he'll teams, and so he introduces him. He can see that the kids kind of floating around not making the best decisions, and so he says, Hey warriors: by a code, and I point out you know the marine corps value
the rain? your code, the I just point out The shouldn't you have a samurai code, the Viking guides. I now put him on the book and say: hey. You need to make your code and the kid ends up. Writing his own code and unclear proves that this war, your kid code and then eventually, I wrote another book called the code, the evaluation of protocols, which literally hats like a code saying hey as an adult. You still need a goat. You still need to figure out what it is you're trying to do, what we can do with your life and, if again, if you have this code in place, I want to be healthy cool. Is that donor can help be healthy? No, it's not don't eat it hey I wanna be I wanted spend quality time with my family. Ok, why am I watching tv right now? Don't watch tv if you have something to live by Then it's gonna make your life that much better and and that's. Why do the work we could go out in the cold evaluation, a protocol, but that's the purpose of those say: hey, listen and an impulse, those cases I say, write your own code collusion
my code, but I can pretty guarantee. Most people would have an eighty percent overlap on what their code is. Gonna, be I mean I might be more into you know. Martial arts than someone else might be more into fishing, but if you can focus on some party. Your life is going to eighty percent, who doesn't wanna be healthy, who doesn't want to, good family, who doesn't want financially successful. Who wants to save money like all these things? It's it's a ninety percent solution and make you can. small adjustments to it, but to wander through life without that stuff is actually that its wandering through life I think you putting that emphasis on code and in that book, is one of them things have ever done because if you to keep people on an ethical path, one of the guard rails to stay on that. Ethical path is by actually writing down. What your own personal code is.
And then that will help you stay, grounded and help you stay on that path. At that, that's just a great technique to use to keep somebody you staying within those limits, because how many times have we seen c, O ceos governors. You know, stray ethically off the path residents. Yet president, anyone in the chain of command yeah items in the top air and an egg again it's as they either never took the time to write down their own personal code or, if they down other, not paying attention to it. So I think that's for. Why should give out there this is one of sections were actually made a note of what your action shall section of the book. So here here's the actions- and you did this for every one of these sections- you git you identify actions that actually take to move forward and improve this area of leadership. So here the actions are, I d. Fi, your own personal core values, ensure
Your personal personal, core values and the values of the organization you work for our aligned when may in a decision factor, your personal values at your organizations, values into decision making process strive to is the welfare and interests of your followers ahead of your own and those are some thing, some actions that you can take to me, this a reality and hate identify. personal core values and write about some everybody should do section here old cultivating trust and you get in the situation where its nineteen ninety nine ninety nine nine you're gonna. Lithuania. Let me go to the book here. The country had regained its independence only about six years earlier. It was going to
my job to work with the lithuanian military to help him understand how the? U S military function and grow the relationship between the? U S and Lithuania. I would have a tea, of three other. U S military personnel representing their Marines Army and air force and The team would also include one lithuanian army officer and three lithuanian civilians, and this is your I think, Commonwealth Battalion Command at this point to our just done. leading eight hundred people and I got a team of seven, you arrive in Lithuania for this job and I got this part after on four for a couple weeks, I began What with what I thought were some excellent ideas. Instead of tackling the work myself, I gave began to shoot off, yellow sticky notes to everyone giving them task to do I'd plenty, upright ideas and I shot off plenty a task force to them. I thought I was making a great impression on the team because my exceptional ideas, however, I could not painted, but something seemed to be amiss somehow
did not feel the team was comparable. Under my leadership, I had an army reserve major working on my team as an operations after he was a bright guy with an analytical mind and positive demeanor. One morning when I was sitting in my office, he knocked at my door and asked if he could speak to me privately, I brightened up. I was about this. I thought to myself. There is a young officer who needs advice from a site. each like me, the major sat down, and I asked him what was on his mind. His answer for me, he said, sir. You are tearing this team apart. He went on to say that since I arrived Morocco is, at an all time, low the teams perception of my leadership performance as a hundred eighty degrees from when I was hoping for their part action was not the bosses, a sharp guy. He has great ideas. Rather, perception was negative, including such thoughts as the new boss thinks things are all screwed up here. The new boss thinks we're all screwed up. The new boss thinks we have nothing to do. The new boss does not trust us. Nor is the US versus him attitude that developed here. This is definitely a lot.
learn for me, thankfully, I'd someone on the team with enough guts, Thus the issue with me, I thank them your further personal and moral courage displayed by discussing the issue with me. I had no idea that, through my behalf, you're in tone. I was giving everyone such a negative perception of how I thought they were performing. you go on here, look fast, we're living what I did to her to repair trust. I mean we met with the team members and apologised for the mistake I made. I took full ownership of creating a perception that I did not trust them. I told them. I trusted them completely. I explained to them that I now realized how my behaviors negatively affect the team. I promised them. I would change my behavior. That's a good start. Yeah and not weaken battalion commander, Post Post battalion commander wrote in the good idea fairy. We call that you know that taught me that, whether you lead an organization of eight hundred or Julieta, an organization of a the leadership colleges are there. You know it doesn't
and get any easier or harder depending on the number of people you lead, you still got those challenges, the folks Your team are still expecting you to be a good leader, positive influence on them and, as I mentioned above I'm just glad of this. The sky had the the personal courage to come up and in and tell me about, bread is really it was really life changing for me, because that really got me on a a journey. To really study were trust is all about and only how to cultivate trust, but also how to repair trust if, if you unfortunately break it yet and one thing that is nice- is luckily you to give him some kind of a impression that you are somewhat approachable- and I guarantee. You there's provoke the the fitness
ports of the world and evaluations are littered with people that decided they were to go, tell their boss hey. This is what it looks like and they get scorched for it. Yeah the person didn't, have an open mind and didn't really want to hear them. So luckily You had an open mind and were humble enough to say that good. I'm. I made a mistake. Unfortunately, the boss, that often times need that sort of personal guidance. The types of bosses that our open and had to pay prefers. Look so, unfortunately, scared of gradual Reggie complemented is moral courage night. I realized so far that that was for him and and and again I think. the lesson for anybody out here. Listening is hey you you, you could be. You could be a jack. You know if you want to be in and not be approachable in me. I had my way or the highway on the boss. Who are you to tell me what to do? The advice bud
Probably all your go so far in in you know your journey as as a leader and if you really want to have long term success, if you ve got to follow some of these basic leadership. Tenants now next chapter, what leadership is all about an end, and you have a great combat story about, was a gun resurgent Gunnar Sergeant Burglar Master sergeant where he knew already retired the mastership I'd standing, just a real? well, we will show occurred He told the story of the last part ass. He recited with some more detail here on the book just over a guy, just is unstoppable so Hu. I won't cover that right now get the book to read that story. but you do say this about leadership. Effective leadership is measured by the results and organization achieves. After all, organisations exist to achieve their purpose and attain results. Meters cannot. Attain results on their own leaders.
to enlist the support of their followers to be successful, when we demonstrate to followers they care by placing their followers welfare ahead of their own that the great way for leader to gain follower, support for army chief of Staff, General Gordon Sullivan in his book, hope, is not a method our effectiveness as leaders is not so much. What we do is as in What influence as what we influence others to do. A leader inspire others to be their best and to work towards achieving organizational objectives, a leaders, nothing without support. of those here. She reads using them all of character, competence direction and overcoming adversity is a framework for listing and retaining support, which will the organizational results and success. If you'd, doing your job as a leader, the big team is going to be doing what this must be doing. Yeah don't forget that And you know what it's all about you know being
sure enough. There people around you like, like a gunny, Michael Burghardt, and what one other quick stop one till this- that's not an book. I didn't mention at last time, but I think it's inspiring. We had this one soldier from the twentieth hundred vision. You can remedy with us. His name was Anthony Jorgensen and again we got there in July, two thousand and five it was in the fall. two thousand and five he was in an upward humvee- believes in the gunners position. I d that needs This is up armored humvee to slip overran aside its side hands up by having a broken arm, and I think a broken leg both and so get sent back The United States recovers from his wounds. and with some time in early two thousand and six he tells the leadership in the pencil
Can you guard him? I want to go back over to rahmati. You know it's like. I can't believe it's kind of like no, we are not sending you back, so I did have a battalion from the Vermont National Guard there with mate. Asgore my brigade, Sir, so this guy leaves Pennsylvania. National Guard joins the vote. my national guard so he could get Vermont to send them. echo reminded departed appetizer biggest back over there and then it's a Europe, two thousand and six there are another patrol. And he's in a support by fire position. He's, though, the gunners compartment of this up armoured humvee there's some this mounts going into a building that is, they believed in certain foreign and and insurgent fires in our Pga Iraq, propeller grenade added at this up armoured humvee that Jorgensen his end an end just like wings. It. You know that
slight damage to the humvee he gets knocked down out of the the gunners hatch gets. Up there. He sees that insurgents are pinning down these dismount set out there. So here down into the drivers, compartment drive Murmured humvee, between burthen surgeons, are firing, and these smart set were pinned down, gets back up the gutters compartment ways down suppress of fire on these insurgents. Allow these dismount to disengage than can continue to miss all this after suffering, these wounds and that attack back in the fall. Now how many how many people would leave remedy with with you know, honourable wounds like ie there and then fight to get back over there, and then you know. Does this oh action, which I believe you gotta bronze store with the four four for doing what he did
just just again the reason I want to bring that story up as these measures are so inspiring and and- and you know we think as leaders we should be inspired, our followers, but our followers have away, especially in the military of an inspiring us in some of these stories. Just have to be told the New York insane? What's he doing now, do you know he lives up in the strand Nera after this grant yea? So just as very proud of you know, he does for eleven offhand, I dont know ran on yeah Bud well, are you guys salute you, Anthony Jorgensen Inexact, shout out what a beast yeah and will you get blown up by an idea and thrown out your vehicle? Like you said oh he had these women. You he's lucky to be alive. He, after that happens there, and then you go within our p d, lucky to be alive and humvee again
I hope is playing the lottery. Apparently, George, that's Skynet! Pierre he's! Gotten luck! the guide one watching me: back any anytime, awesome stuff Here's an interesting title do not for a chapter do treat everyone equally doctors about that. The bait base it with with that's about it. You know, I don't think leaders should treat every body, the team. Equally, you got and when I say that that is what I mean by you got to get to know that the people in your team everybody's a little bit different. So you gotta really get to know what makes them tech. And what's gonna motivate certain people as opposed to motivating others, and so what I can't treat to make what I think there's a story, and there I think about Jimmy Johnson, Wendy Coach, the Dallas Cowboys and
he was asked by Reporter- hey, you know with. If you saw Troy, Aikman asleep in one of your team meetings and a third string offensive guard asleep and in a near team meeting, we treat them the same way and he answered. ultimately not because this is what I do he goes. I would probably cut that third string of guard immediately and with Troy Aikman, go up to him and I would call a nudge M gently awake and, I would say: hey gonna bring a cup of coffee. You don't see. The point is you know you ve got and the talent you have on your team in and not everybody should be treated equally now, some some people need a kick in the, but some people, a pat on the back Another interesting story with us of football story. I grew up as Green Bay, Packer Fan zone, one thousand nine hundred and sixty six ten years old Lombardi in a winning his first super bowl. I became Packer fan, so I started to read all kinds of books,
the Packers, and there is this one story now Bart STAR who is quarterback for four lombardy. I think of it. Like the second year. Lombardy was the head coach. He was just chewing Bart STAR out relentlessly during this practice and you'll talk about moral courage. After practice, Bart Starr goes to Coach Lombardi's office and go take coach. Can I talk to you privately for a few minutes, coaches yeah sure, what's up and says to him he goes coach. He goes. I don't want. You ever chewing me out in front of the team again said on the quarterback, I'm leading this team. He goes off if they see you chewing me out the way you virtue and me out. He goes on
how to be able to lead this team effectively and Lombardi. The lightbulb went off in his head and he realized he could not treat everybody exactly the same way. You know, so we never chewed part start out in front of the team again cuz. He realize that they would STAR said was exactly correct and we couldn't lead the team effectively if he was going to be treated like that, and so again, just just some great lessons we can learn from from from from past leaders and now I think we all try to do our best when we hear these lessons to try to apply them. If we could now that's when you and you get a guy like Vince Lombardy, the reputation that he hasn't he's humble enough to think. Oh, if if he can be humble in that situation and maybe less no one of his subordinates and say: oh he's right, I'm wrong! That's another indicator that you might stay humble as a leader. You got some stuff to learn the matter who you are absolutely. You talked earlier about money boots leadership in, and you tell a story in here about the you got
Complimented on the fact that you are in charge. But you are your boots were muddy, cause you ve been out in the field going, seeing what was happening and then that's The concept of getting a field get out their talk to people what's goin on the front lines, you say this a mentor in that same chapters, a mentor of mine, told me the purse the presence of a leader is probably the grease key to influencing the action. Once a plan has been put an emotion, leaders, pray this demonstrates to one's followers. The importance of the work at hand when the leader is where the action is there. Then position and motivate others and make timely adjustments when necessary. Leader sometimes has to go. drink up. You know, I remember as a young army officer reading in some manual somewhere, or maybe it was,
in some senior leader who was coaching me but said through there's three things a commander could do to positively impact the battle once it begins. He said commanders use of fires, you know a closer support, an indirect fire. The use of the reserves, as is usually the commander retains authority of one to use his reserve and a third thing as personal presence on the battlefield, and he said Those are the three things a commander. Could do to influence the battle once it begins. And in that always stuck to me stuck with me, especially that notion of the personal presence on on the battlefield and just have no personal presence there, which help. I think Soldiers in battle, or new civilian sector employs in an organization realize that
this leaders out with us, sharing the load, sharing the danger sharing what's coming our way and in no way they can get bolstered by by that whole notion? Well, I can attest to that. I remember seeing you out on the battlefield Ramadi looking outfits. They will go to the brigade commander, Rodger that I guess he's. I guess he's not a sitting back in the talk. All the time he's out here with the troops, like you said seeing what's happening, standing what's happening and taking that risk of it. If you were in remedy- and you were out the city, you are at risk and ideas, and roadside bombs in our policies in an machine guns. Don't they don't care, your name is. I don't care what you rank as though there do kill you one way or the other. If they want to yeah. You know I did try to get out there a lot, not because I had any type of courage to speak of it, but just because I felt it was necessary to do, and
their thing for any military leader? Listen to this end and really looked at it applies to business leaders to I would encourage my staff to get out there. and the reason I encourage my staff to get out. There is because I felt it was important for my staff to also gain ground troops. If, if this staff was gaining with faith, thought was the truth from reading report There were missing about eighty percent of what was happening, so Although I know you know in the military a lot of times specially in operations like that, the staff needs to be back doing staff work, I always encouraged them that hate it did have to make time to actually get out, there talked of troops, sea areas with their own eyes and again, just a
street from lesson: Hurricane Force, 28Th Infantry division, fighting in the hurricane Forest and in November one thousand nine hundred and forty four. The battle of Schmidt was a devastating time for the 28Th Infantry Division in about four days over thousand casualties, and one thing that was written about that period. Is it said that General Coda, whose d commander of the time most written I read, said he never even went as far forward as one of his regimental command posts, and the staff did not go forward either, so they didn't realize the call trail through the park and forest which they were sending Sherman tanks down. Sure Sherman tank is eight and a half feet wide. The call trail was nine feet wide It was not a good means. Amazon made supply route or or good route of any sort for those tanks to be going along and
so the lesson there is because the commandment get out on the battlefield, because the staff and get out there they relying on maps, they didn't get the full understanding of what that hurt and forest area was was like so again for any civilian later any military leader, absolutely important, not only to get out there yourself, but to get your your staff, the ones that you depend on to advise you to get out there as well there is another piece of this one when you are the leader and you what you're supposed to be doing is your spoke, be detached you're not supposed to go out there and get in a firefly you're, not supposed to go out there and and run the marketing meeting or meet with the client necessarily or get inside. Manufacturing stuff on the line you're supposed to go out and look. Do you do Maybe do a couple moves on the manufacturing line to make sure you understand what happened? Yes, but you don't start manufacturing thinks you come in from a dick perspective. You come in with a different perspective and then what you have look for as a leader is,
have to make sure that things are going in the right direction and the TEST but you should put on yourself is like it Basically, the momentum is the momentum that we're going in correct because them I could be wrong and the momentum could be right. And if the momentum is right call you can just get out of the way if the Madame is wrong. That's we're going to step in to stop it and and and one of the places where you see this is well in combat. When things lag you know you get, element, that's not moving as quickly as are supposed to move their lagging they're moving too slow. They don't mean realised that they, they can't realize it cause they're doing it. You can come in and say hey. We are stepping up hey. We need to push that next building. So when An element is lagging a leader can step in and move things quicker they should, because that's the the momentum is a nurse. The momentum is, eight were or go slower being methodical, but they need to move. after the leaders, make it happened. There's also Times leader, steps and says: hey: we need to sort out get moving,
recognizer taken you'd, not not taken too risks slow it down so there's all these situations, where I think what the leader needs to be cognitive, cognitive of in their mind when they step into the situation, as is the meant, and we have is the cry. It is the mob moving in the right direction. If they are get out of the way let him keep going, but not that's. When your opportunity comes to straighten out and check it, yeah yeah, it's not and is not just about speed. It's about tempo and what things came, the mind Jacko, as you were talking one, is my personal security tat meant and remedy you know is generally for apart. Come these I had a platoon platoon. Peter's name is Jacques Smith, just just an excellent leader and early on, as we were out there with me now being transported by this
and when we, when we moved mounted by the search for up barber, Humvee formation I was gonna radio directing the movement of the for up armor of reason and John lieutenant, he looks at me, go sir egos you're you're late Let me leave this platoon and I- and I said you know, you're exactly right. I'm going to shut up. You know we're out when I, when we're out here this is your platoon you're going to lead it. I'm I'm not going to say a damn word about how you shouldn't this because it was right. I had I hadda abrogate elite and another story is man sergeant Major Chris Capillary was my command sarge age or when I commanded Twentieth Infantry division? used to say
It will go out and talk the leaders and coach and mentor leaders. He would, he would say leaders could stop things from getting screwed up just by the fact that they were there just by their mere presence. So you know what That's right so porn again now fruit for leaders to get out there, because people are to do the right thing and adhered to those standards when they know the leader is. Is there I was down a floor a while back doing some leadership training for shares put me down there and one of the but his sheriffs was speaking to a group of corporal and he too, story. How, in the in the jail there, how some deputies that should have been in the kitchen watching the prisoners do what they were
going cooking the meal just neglected the be there as they should, and things really got out of hand, and his point was just because the sergeant, wasn't going down and checking the make sure those deputies were doing. The right thing they now that human beings are just decided. This must not be that important goes nobody's. Checking on sir we're not gonna, be doing the right thing, and so his point was again just by them your fact of a leader being present. They're gonna fix things just by being there This is a reminds me of of another chapter in the book. Here. After eleven and organizations personality say in nineteen. Eighty five took command of an infantry company in the twenty eight, drew division, Pennsylvania National Guard, the infantry company. I commanded was designated alpha company second eighteen hundred night infantry, and the unit has authorized drank the hundred forty four soldiers. I was honoured to have an opportunity to lead the commission officers, not commission officers and soldiers assigned to the outfit. I wrote
but reading an army leadership manual earlier in the in my career before taking this command. in the manual there was a statement I will never forget. It. Set a military unit and any organization for that matter takes on the poorest now the of its leader when reading that statement as a young inexperienced leader, I doubted it. I could not, but a unit of almost a hundred. Fifty soldiers would take on my personality believe, someone like me could have that type of impact whereby over a hundred of them, both assigned would take on my traits, based on my in committing that company. I learned I was wrong and the leadership manuals correct and organs it will take on the personality of its leader. In my case, the commander I took over four was a good man. However, has ok seem to be more on being a nice guy than on emphasising physical fitness and tough training. That was exam. See what the person personality of the unit was when I took him and everyone got along and was comfortable, but many of the soldiers were relaxed on their fitness levels in the unit did not go to the field, much to conduct rigorous training, I believe-
We just need to be an excellent physical condition, and I also believed infantry soldiers need to train rigorously in field conditions, be experts with their weapons and take excellent care of their equipment, overtime. The you took on a tough persona. This was right Fire Brigade commander when he selected are unit to train at the National training Centre of four or when California late nineteenth. This is a big deal and an honour for National Guard company to be selected for that training. So there you go a case in point the next section, I wonder, just jump into in its called decision making and there's some tap some time. Dixon here that you write about, and I just want to kind of do a high level review of some of these some of these sex It's one of those hit the ground running which and when you show up get started get your button gear, yeah, yeah, once character is foundational again. This is what we are doing
we're doing this- who we are, if we don't have good character, hey, listen of good character, you might be able to get away with it for a little while you mighty, be able to weasel out a promotion cause you, u maneuvered anew, manipulated, and you took credit where you didn't. You didn't give credit to the team are used to you you might even get a promotion, you might even get to promotions, they can happen, but eventually not is not going to last, now now. You know why friend of mine when Marilla he graduated from point, unlike nineteen, fifty eight or something in return, the colonel in the army? He wrote this book about character and in the book: he would go and interview dear friend leaders, who were known to be character based leaders and one of the people reviewed was coach, cautiously coach cave from Duke and in the
this interview. He was do a coach K. He knew when Linzer Dakota highlight what this character have to do it. When a basketball game and coach case answer was in character, has absolutely nothing at all to do with winning a basketball game, but it has everything to do with winning a championship in Ireland. As is that what you say, you know you might have a win here or there if you're not character based, but if you want to be a champion, a few one have long term success. He you gotta be a character based leader, at least s where I believe an sub headline. Here is no your job and do your job and this I might I know that I took on this one and is there Such a thing is a stupid question. Five weeks later, you'll be boys. They'll do no such thing as a stupid question. If you show up to a job
you're gonna be in charge of a tank, and you say: hey: what's the name of this vehicle, how far can gun shoot. How many rounds can we did if you're asking questions that you should have done some research and no, when you showed up you're wrong if you show up to manufacture to run a manufacturing plant and use up and say hey. What is it we're making how many employees do we have or who's in charge of the day shift, if you're asking questions that a little bit a research, could it answered the you didn't, do good are preparing you dont you, so no gee that's my part of no your job, there is stupid questions. Don't show up your first day and ass, stupid questions that you shouldn't known. If you had taken an ounce of effort to to figure out what was happening. You know you're exactly right. I mean how to put forth some of that effort now that some type of You know inane new technical, the right thing that may be a guy with ten years. Experience would know when you wouldn't know hey. That's that's fine and you can ask those questions all day long here, but
your showing you really don't care. If you then, and now take the time to do that type of research before coming in and job for sure, you say, take on tough assignments, and this is there's this This is just a good thing across the board. You gonna learn a lot. You're going show everyone that do you dont you'll take too not just the tunnel, but the crappy ones No one wants to work this weekend cool. I got it I don't want. My bodies says donors in Romania with us. He was used on a ship use, a ship driver in the Navy and they his his department got assigned to do some cleaning like they had been in. port for a while and his department, signed a clean, whatever I heard this after he died. Some one step we got past to his brother. Was you know at as his apartment was leaving for liberty. They looked up and saw he was cleaning whatever it was. They were signed to clean,
You said said: you know what little at the guys go and go on liberty and I'm gonna do whatever menial task don't use the guy jars Department subdue the do the tough ones in the crappy wants to hear and again all in line would hit the ground running. A lot of people say, don't volunteer for anything. Thing. That's a big mistake. Coming with you, you got a volunteer to take on those two things in and when you do that in a couple of benefits, first of all, nobody's gonna cost expected succeed a fear just starting a year, you out in your career you're, not gonna, have high expectations if you're just starting and so by tackling those tough things gaining that experience I know just like the military nor second Lieutenant Army to Lois ranking commissioned officer. You are expecting a second lieutenant to make a mistake. You know, so that's the time to take on those tough assignments gain that experience makes some of those mistakes learn from
and hopefully have the right leaders guiding you along the way and that that I'd say you're really gonna get off to a good start and be successful, another one device few leadership philosophy early but continued to refine, and this is one yet important. Even Vince Lombardy refined his philosophy. That's it neither do come up with a philosophy, but then refine it make it better. As time goes on next section here is- is competence and out of you did this on purpose, but some ear chapter chapter titles have a little bit of you know that We get some arise out of some people, this one's, not everyone deserves a mentor. How to develop verbal worry. What do you mean by that? One You know and again this gets back to an infant. The conference I was out and in general come on. You know he is since passed away, but he was, I think, the trader commander at the time span.
Intuos there, and he basically said that during his remarks and it's like wow, he know that kind of hit me in a like, like a brick hitting me in the face, so I can know what you talking about but but but he went on to say and in which what I have now come to the sea as true is not Everybody deserves a meant because of fear not out there actively. Looking for a man for somebody to somebody's example, oh, you probably don't deserve a mentor, and I remember even as far as a young officer thinking nobody's mentoring me, you know what what's up with this and I was expecting some no graybeard, you noticed, sent me down at their side and and tell me all the time acts of how to leave, but hey that that that will happen and then I realized mentorship is hell bring all around us. All we got to do is look for it for
again if, if you're a young executive than in accompany you know, and in and you're observing how one of these senior leaders in that company, is acting, how they're talking to pee both how their relating to people and you're learning the good and the bad from that. That's actually mentorship an end. Mentorship as all around us. If we took just look for but nobody should expect somebody to kind of citys down and and tell us about these. These are two things are really gotta. Look out for that. That's that realistic, vest, that's just just not gonna happen no, it is not, chapter. Eighteen, this one's always a big topic. Getting by in Napoleon
used attack need to obtain by, and it was the same technique used by the union general who commanded the army of the Potomac at Gettysburg General meet me it was a disciple of Napoleon. The technique was called. A war council on July. Second, eighteen, sixty three: need brought his lieutenants into his makeshift headquarters at the list or house. He had an agenda that evening. The council, how had to provide their recommendations on one of three courses of action Mead would have to decide one the Union Army should leave the battlefield to the union. Army should stay and fight and often battle three, the union army should stay and fight a defensive battle, meet Big, and by asking his lower ranking and least experience lieutenants to voice their opinions. First use this method because he knew if the more senior officer spoke. First, more junior officers in terms of rank station or experience might feel too intimidated to disagree.
After all, this was by design a hierarchical organization need new key, had to get the lower ranking leaders to speak first in order to get their unvarnished thoughts after and one spoke, meat decided the union stay and fight a defensive battle, the rest as they say, is history, the Union Army was victorious and won the battle and would go on to win the war. Although take another blood two years before the Confederate Army lay down their arms. I went when people ask me this question? How do you? people to bind the plan, I say: let them come up the plan you have to worry about by anymore. You don't have to worry you came up with it, I'm buying into your plan and I can do that easily. I can control my own thoughts and if you come, John, comes up with a plan. That's pretty decent, I'm cool and I will go with you,
yeah you know, as a leader I found you know, give the task give the purpose, but dont give the how I know the one in the wide, but not the how and usually now. Those people who work for us are going to figure out a better to do with them. We would have figured out so yeah, you know let them run with. It in any organisation. Usually those people at the grassroots level have that their their closer to the problem so turned over to them. Now you might have to provide a little bit a guide and she might have to kind in own. Just just I just one way or the other, but essentially in giving them the one in wine with them figure out the. How is this general the best way to analyse and I'll get leaders they want. One of my more of my support is come up with a stupid plan
what's wrong with you. If you got the borders that are coming up with a stupid plant, yeah I'll say what's wrong, you haven't train them properly. You have given that the right mentorship and guides you haven't. Let them come up with plans before so they can learn how to plan better. So if they cannot stupid plan. Would he do you start asking him some earnest questions about their plan and kind of it reveals to them what some of the holes in their plan are and then they can make adjustments. Other making adjustments there, also learning so the next time. You ask me asking to come up with a plan its may not be a brilliant plan, but at least it's less stupid, then the first plan and a you up in three months or six months, all of a sudden there planning, out standing. You look up and here and there probably planning better than you are like. You said that the ones that are close to the problem- and you know what you said a little bit earlier- I think- is exactly truce sometimes, followers will come up with a plan that isn't exactly the way we would do it. But you know let them run with that anyway, big, you know. As long as you know, it's not flawed in any way it just a different way than I would have thought of doing it, and- and I think
that's really where leaders have to leave their ego ass, the door you know, to say you know hey, this is in the way I do it, but it's gonna get the job done. It still, gonna be cost effective work in or whatever the case might be. So so let us go forward with it and like you said you don't have to worry, the buying. If they came up with a I going every meeting with my subordinates when I was in a pull tune when I was a task in a manner right now in the business world, I walk into a meeting with my people, Michael, use their black does Michael I dont want to use whatever I'm coming up with. I want to use theirs, and if you have that or the beginning. That's can lead you to the best possible place and look like you said. Their plan is dumb, which were to know you Its people come up with him down plants. Occasionally, basics Bulgaria's and Romania's. That's ok, ask murders, questions and they're gonna see that their plan is what the reality the plan which is done here and you know,
this kind of leads into the whole asking your followers with their recommendation as annual sum some followers are going to come up with some type, a crazy with innovation that you're. Just over your experience. It ain't gonna work, but I think, leaders need to do is then get back with those followers and explain to the follower hey. This is why I didn't use your recommendation now get on top about situations where there is time to have those conversations, you're an umbrella, firefight area, sometimes a no go well right whatever, but I'm just saying I went in and most situations where you're asking recommendations on some type of long term plan you're putting together. Somebody comes up with something Well, you know that's really wacko not going to use it. I do think you show people that respect at least getting back with them and explaining to them. Why I'm not gonna use your plan year, cassettes That's also your opportunity teach them why that plan wasn't good
and again I'll. Do it by just by saying Hey Channel. When I asked you about. You know this discharge analyzed area that you gonna take your patrol through. Do you think the best approach to the target common through this valley, Withers, elevated positions on both sides that could be occupied by the enemy, and you look I mean say Europe When we get back to come up with a different planet, exactly for a little bit. You got section in here talking about tactical patients, which is a concept. Everybody needs, and I think it's, the younger. You are the more you need to understand. Tat corporations cause young, you are the last actual patient you generally have, and that goes all the way to like little children that are forty years old. They have the least amount of tactical patients. So you talk about that born. I like yours, you also thrown a section that is is called what tactical patients is not demonstrating echo. Patients is not about putting off a decision. It is about in the time when you have the luxury of having time to think
through the information available and the recommendations before deciding just as nothing happened in business before somebody sell something, nothing happened. In business until the leader decides, good leaders have to have the car to make a decision with less than perfect information. So it's good. Tat rotation, but also comes a time where you gotta make a call yeah so loudly and Jack. Well, you know the CEO of General Electric for for twenty years, I think from like eighty one told two thousand and one year, hee hee wrote in one of his books that the problem he saw, what mid level managers throat General Electric is the the UN's successful ones were the ones who did not have the courage to make a decision, and again when you make a decision you're putting yourself out there and some leaders just don't want to take that. You know that risk put them South Erin
and potentially make the wrong decision, but so important, because again, to make a decision that doesn't mean that you have to stick by that decision. No matter what you know you ve got to assess it's going on. You know, get some feedback about what actually. Happening out there and you know the real deal and then those adjustments as you go, but anybody who thinks that hey once I made decision. I can't I can't leave from what I don't think, that's a good technical units, a technical talk about, and leadership stretching tactics book is what initiative decisionmaking. I'm gonna make the smallest decisions. I can't you know you me to go off the part of the city of remedy, I say: pay got it boss to take one building poorest are with this one little building over and see other goals, and if we get a good foothold now we can put some troops in a good spot. Now I can go to the next Billy I dont send you.
All my troops into a bunch of different buildings? At the same time, no one to make small steps in that direction and- and then it's very easy for me to make adjustments very easy for me to say: oh, you know what hey Bosman, nay more troops are hey boss. This doesn't make sense right now, there's a way more fortified than we thought it was going to be. What what the case may be- I can make adjustments, but I start off by making very small decisions and in adjusting and the other thing that that, Think about what you were saying. That is when you are too Roger, Welsh and end the mid level managers failings make decisions because they dont want to put themselves out out there, and this reminds me what you're talking about earlier in. What's in the book of the idea of forming scar tissue in and the habit you get in the habit of hey, look, I made a decision. Wasn't the best call my Tommy here's the adjustment to make? What do you realize that that doesn't as at the end of the world to do them?
Now? I can tell you you: can you can you do that to an extent where people can there be a job which is not a bad decisions? And every decision makers ate my mistake? They this one's minds. They argue this is my mistake. Eventually, you're gonna lose cloud near loosened credibility. You can't just make bad decisions all the time, but if you make decisions hate even a is it a broken clock is right twice a day. You can be right some of the time you know, if you're doing a good assessment, you make a decision and it turned to be wrong, hey guys, sorry, my that we should go in a different direction years. They just more making people don't lose respect for you. They gain respect for you, but if you dont IX rience that and you don't build up the muscle of making a decision owning the camp, where, It's good or bad, only outcome. You can build a book. Muscle memory for doing that, were it to be a bit you and it's ok, and I think, if you never if you never step into that arena,
You just scared of you know it's like Mikey in the dragons other kids book, I wrote the that that they get scared. The dragons Israel, as the dragons, are small and that's true with most things. We fear. So if you don't open that door, when that cave and make a decision. Occasionally, you never could understand that. There's a once, you do that a bad decision just own it make it assessments and move forward you need to learn that you need to feel that and you can get used to it, and you know why Jack I was to an interview you were participating in once and- and I think you said something the fact that every every problems, a leadership problem, and an ear that gets too- is your leaders have to create an environment where subordinates feel comfortable, taking the risk to make a decision half a dozen turn out exactly right. At least me, I'm not gonna get my legs chopped out from underneath me, so you know really important that a few
if you're your leader and you see that you ve got subordinate leaders who has been to make a decision may be sure, look in the mirror and thank you, okay. What am I doing to create an environment where these these people are afraid that even even the side or make a mistake that's not a good environment, a horrible environment and you're gonna end up your team is gonna, fail eventually yeah. fast forward? A little bit chapter? Twenty five, sharpens iron, as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another proverbs, twenty seven, seventeen- and this is right in line with what you were just talking about diamond great initiative. An attribute I felt strongly about was initiative at every level of leadership throughout the division, and this is again this when you were not in a leadership position, this was the result of my combat experience in Romania, Iraq. I saw during my time in remedy how it was
Java junior leaders demonstrate initiative in order to get ahead of the decision, making loop of our enemies. I believe If we did not encourage initiative in steady state operations at training exercise, subordinate leaders would not display the necessary level of initiative when in combat, I put out written guidance and continually reinforce dating, I believe, demonstrating high levels of initiative was worth the risk. Of making honest mistakes, so this is actually what you were just talking about, if you, got a team of making decisions, you're you're you're the problem. and with the way you The way you instilled that culture inside your division, when you are division commander, was by talking about by putting our written guidance by demonstrating it. And I, like this this point of the fact that initiative is worth the risk of making honest mistakes.
That's a huge deal if you're a subordinate leader- and you know that the boss- I want you to take initiatives and that it is worth the risk of making honest mistakes that's that could be a game changer for a young leader You know, as I think, that an important statement there about in a demonstration it is worth the risk of making on this mistakes, but the caviar that is If your leader and you put that statement, I with their guess, what your support you're gonna be looking for they're gonna be looking for first time, somebody diamond rates the notion of a makes it on a specific and organist Ursula. Everyone has the. How do you react to this thing and and actually I think it was my sergeant major Chris Kepler, who mentioned that to me after I put that statement already goes, you know People are gonna, be watching to see how you react. The first, I'm somebody makes an honest mistake by demonstrating initiative, it was a little in some good counsel from him. So again,
leaders again to develop and cultivate trust and organizational. They put someone out there now they really have to pay it. To make sure that they are they they walk that that the talk there and and do what they said, they're going to do, cuz people are going to be watching nobody's going to be leaving nobody's going to believe that written word until they actually see in action fast forward. Here you talk about something, Internal attributes says: if leaders cannot get in touch with their own feelings, they will have difficulty understanding the feelings of others. Leaders must practise self awareness and mindfulness one one develops self, whereas any talk about an unfair. For. Let me talk about journaling is a good technique writing down what your fault, what your feelings are, so you get some perspective autumn fast forward a little bit,
once one develop self awareness, one can then become better at controlling emotions. Followers look to leaders to be able to get thing, get stable. When things get chaotic controlling ones. Emotions has many personal organizational and societal benefits. I remember when I was young. I was a young Sperience leader, I acted out in front of a group of my followers showing great his pleasure, not with them but with a situation we are dealing with, granted in raved and through my notebook across the room ass. Experience leader. I thought this would demonstrate my followers followers I was all in. Instead, When I saw the negative reaction, my followers, I realize this was a poor technique. Remember what happened? What made you so mad yeah, it was actually. I was the lieutenant and active duty commanding opportune, I can't remember the act. Will incident that made me upset, but it was something that was upsetting to two hour to hour. You,
dull between Gov weekend duty or something something you know, and I thought oh, I'm gonna show my really care care about this. In down in I realised that there were. There were not looking for a leader to act like that they were looking for the leader to act, professional, more stable and- and I think I might- or either road The worker or somewhere else that there were look for Iraq and said with a guy was a pile of San Marino and that that really me that you know it's gonna be an apparent. You know the kids aren't looking for. Friends are looking for parents you know I went in and support Aren't looking for for bodies they're looking for followers take account on and on the beat, be a father. thing. Is I like to say is that leaders dont need to be great all the time, but they need to be great when it makes a difference and need to be great when it matter sure now, because
No less face it. You know steady state operations. Eighty percent of the time thing. Ninety percent of time things are kind, moving along right. You know, but then yet this bump into road that's where you really got a stand up and you gotta be a leader and you ve gotta, show that that a what are you to control your emotions and be stable, because that that that is something that creates confidence and organization of a leader falls apart like that? Ah then, then, heck this born is don't have anybody to counteract, because even the leader is starting to crumble. Let that that's not a good thing. So that happen on early on that happen early on in my career, and I realize what a mistake that was so I was always very, very cognizant of of the fact that hey yet yeah yeah, you had a show strength when things were kind, I'm caving in all around you and that that's what does your sports are expecting? I was looked at it
if my leader couldn't control his emotions, how the heck is going to be able to make good decisions and that I was remembered. I saw him when I was younger summer leaders. I had wood, the handle- and I just I was going to make a decision. No one makes a good decision when their emotional, displaying empathy, But there is an essential element of being a servant leader. Empathetic leaders consents what their followers are feeling this eliminates tone deafness and the perception leaders do not understand or worse yet the perception believe does not care when followers think a leader does not care, they will stop bringing forth their problems and issues. Empathy capacity to show followers you care about them. A leader must understand how followers feel and their issues are in order to provide the resources allowing followers to do their job more effectively and increase the probability of mission accomplishment you to see the priest, active of the people on your team and united,
who was Colin Powell had said something to the fact that, when, when soldiers bringing you their problems, youve effectively stopped being a leader very good apply that the nearest civilian sectors, while when you're the people who work for use bringing you problems you you ve, really effectively wash your ability to lead them because, the folks are gonna, stop bringing us their problems when they figure either. You can't do anything about it or you just don't care enough to do anything about, and, and and and that's just it a terrible position for fur leader
been here. You gotta, you gotta, maintain that connection is always a running joke. Whenever I'm in a leadership position that no one ever tells me that their tired that they don't want to work more is never happens, so I always have to make sure that I am Poland that string a little bit more than normal, because no one to come and say, hey Jock without enough we want to do. I don't want to do another operation. We don't want to go. We ve been on. The to no one ever tell me that, so I will have to make sure I'm digging a little bit deeper. Otherwise they won't say a damn section: three resilience and I made a readable section here- are for our part, up armoured humvee launch themselves out of the gate of for operating base remedy on a sun drenched Sunday morning in September, two thousand five, the heat was stifling the Euphrates River running through our area added a high degree of humility, causing my eye protection. A mixed up with sweat
travelling around along route, Michigan toward Observation Post hotel over in EAST Romani O P hotel pursues bomber attack. The observation posed a few weeks earlier, but failed to dislodge the tenacious soldiers who operate it out of there. I wanted it check on the soldiers engage their morale, our vehicles, made their way through the city through it is struggling. Do the violent insurgency there still as we made our way EAST Timor used remedy the streets were busy with vehicle and pedestrian traffic. I was happy to have my brigade chaplain riding along with me in the back seat of our vehicle and the army. I've always been a big fan of our chaplains. These wars of a higher power could bolster spirit of soldiers any time they visited a unit, the chaplain was, support. My personal staff and I value insight prior to making decisions affecting the well welfare of soldiers after all, two o p hotel. We made our back way back through this of the city.
Applin noticed the same thing I and every soldier in our mounted patrol noticed the vehicles and the Austrians covering the streets. It about two hours earlier had disappeared, was a strange quietness clothing. The neighbourhood we were passing through. We had seen this before we braced ourselves for an insurgent attack. We all became tense, as our senses were alerted. The banter we usually engaged in as we moved about the city was quieted as well if the alleys and buildings around us, our full attention calm down our crew, the chaplain in a loud voice. Fear not boy God is with us. the young specialist operating out of the gunners compartment of our vehicle heard that Uplands announcement,
from his more exposed position, atop the vehicle he playfully called down to the chaplain- God may be with you all down there, but he certainly is not up here with me. Twenty seconds later we heard the boom of Iraq. It propelled grenade the grenade squarely hit the armor shield surrounding our young, Gunnar. and harmlessly ricocheted into the air before exploding in causing no harm to personnel and no damage to equipment are stunned. Gunnar did not miss a beat him Clearly and loud be proclaimed. I stand corrected, Chaplain God just arrived. Of course. We. broke up with laughter. It was good having the chaplain with us that day, This is a section that you ve got called spiritual fitness talkers about spiritual, Fit
yeah. You know why you know when we talk about fitness. Of course you don't think of physical fitness and mental fitness. Emotional fitness, but I think spiritual fitness is a big part of helping us develop or leadership strength and that's whether we are part of some type of formal. You know religion or whether we just are connected two or spirituality in another way through nature, Through meditation, whatever the case, it's important that we understand that there's something. I know that my own personal beliefs, there's something larger going on and universe around this. It's not all about us. You know we're just just purchased a speck of everything. That's going on! and I think that helps us- keep rounded. I think a keep helps escape humble and, and I think it
Dan Kind of the lines with whatever values we say or personal values where it will help us say on the right track as as were making these these decision, so I think, if, if leaders don't take the time to reflect the notion that there's a higher power- out there- that there's something going on that's really much bigger than ourselves that they may be missing. Something and this that that's one part of this whole section, the book which is called brazilians and one souvenir three overall themes- and you got some other fats its of resilience in here positive energy ass, an were used statement right I was thinking about what I was reading. This is Think of the positive energy as someone that sort of like it's hard to understand or can be hard to understand. But,
people have negative energy. That's real easy to understand those people rise, really someone's all this is never going to work all we're screwed. All this is horrible. You we all know people like that and is it seems easier to identify. Maybe I should I use the word hard to understand can be hard to under its hard to identify someone who has positive energy it's really easy to to theirs. people. It seems that have negative energy education. If someone I just got super positive, and then you will remember that in your member that how their dinner, what there response was when something has going wrong and how they took it in they look around like a good. We get a knowledge to go at this. Whatever the case may be sore, I think that's that's a good one. You got fitness physical fitness in here, which is again something that I get often asked. Does come from the military or is that just party and the answer is workers people in the military that get out of the military and physical fitness their physical fitness fails
they get out of shape. So it's not something that you get. That's not a chip. You get programmed. You need work out, you're, just gonna back to your your piece, thereabout that the positive energy you know you mention those negative before I like to call them energy sponges, because it just kind of salmon that energy from everyone around my colleague. Why do I want to be around this person? And you know and it's just good for a leader to be that way. I like to say a leader should brighten up the room when they enter not when they leave you know a few to type a leader. The brightened up her home with you when you leave our man you're doing you're, doing the wrong they're. So again, It's not like you, gotta be all smiling and slap and people on the back and glad hand people all the time. But but people have to know that you are expecting tomorrow to be a better deal then today and who doesn't want to be around a leader who believe
That tomorrow is going to be better than today. You know cuz, you know we want to move forward and and that that mean by by positive energy. Like we ve talked about earlier in the podcast. Here, you have to have an action plan, a believable action plan. You know if you want to be known, as as a positive leader because people are going to follow you if they just think you're glad handing everything- and you really don't- have a plan to back it up that the important gotta, you gotta, see a pathway to get this mission done see a way to get out of this miserable situation without we're in and see away to have some fun with it, yeah jamming You know that human nature marijuana be all in all. I have people want to be a ledge or their work. You know, and if old saying you know if you enjoy your work. You're not gonna work a in your life and I truly believe that ended in and again you just gotta fight, those things that really, you know, keep your motivated. Keep you excited about life
what about vulnerability. This is another thing that you clue into here at what time actors, about vulnerability from a leadership perspective when it when I, when I talk about vulnerability, and we are to talk a little bit about the first part, it's about having the courage to leave your comfort Allow yourself to be vulnerable to try something, maybe haven't tried before something a little bit hard. But the other aspects- vulnerability- is putting yourself out there. Exposing yourself to your followers, I'll tell you what I mean by that one way to expose yourself your followers- and I think this is a helpful technique- is sharing stores with your followers about time Maybe when you tried something in your failed, or or you made a mistake and the real. I think that's important is because no followers look at and a leader. The thank manner in this
of leadership. Everything they touched in life must monitor. The goal they probably never made. Any mistakes really want to be in this position of leadership, and we know nothing could be further from the truth. So bye, bye, explaining to your followers. How hey you know I've I've tried, I failed. Sometimes I've made mistakes, and this is how is it able to overcome these mistakes that that inspires those followers and then the the other piece about vulnerability is having the humility to ask p on your team, and I know you ve written about this, because I've read it but have the humility to ask people on your team what they think and how they would do something, and then, having the humility to follow through with their recommendation, you see it's a good recommendation that should be followed and end again Just have an attitude that the imo peter you ve only two years on the job. What could you possibly know more? More than I I know
But again you don't know what life experience that person had so so asking people their opinion. We talk about respect one of the best ways you can show somebody on your team that you respect them is by asking their opinion imagine working for somebody for ten years? never had that person you work for ever. Ask you for your opinion. I mean how could that make you feel good and and how could that make you feel the fat leader of yours respects you, man, never even asked me what I thought you know, so I think one of the best ways to show people you respect them is asked their opinion doesn't mean you have to follow the recommendation like we mentioned earlier, and if you don't follow their recommendation, a good technique is getting back with them and explain to them. Why Thank God to me that's what vulnerability is, as is all about those couple of things there Another negative example that I think is easier to see is: if you're talking
if you work for me in your talking, I caught you often right. That's everyone knows that disrespectful will That also means that if I actually listened to what you have to say that I am being respect from giving you respect, so that's it. If you can't remember to listen to people, remember how rule it is when someone cut you off, opposite. That is list of people, here's another. Think this is a vulnerability. That is so uncomfortable for leaders and people and subordinates up and down the chant grant it. Vulnerability. That is that is people avoid almost at all costs and the ability to say I don't know I dont pay about we're waiting was news, I dont know up undemocratic manner. I think the first, the first place. I learned ass. We went when when I got this you'll teams, you didn't get your you weren't a seal. We got his heel teams, you are a new guy, an f and g as a matter of fact, so you get
you're an f and g. You don't have your trident, which is the insignia that major seal, and so you have to study for six months, you're on a probationary board after probation, I should say, and then you have to vote a venture, we go in front of a verbal board. Can you go to the diving? You go to the weapons. You got a parachute, you gotta tat you, gonna radios, you and all these chiefs and master Chiefs and senior chiefs and arrest, the questions and what they tell you is in this is that this is probably the first place. I realize. Ok, that's that's the right thing to do. If they ask you can and you don't know what you say is I don't know. Let me do some research and get back here that's the right answer. They're going to ask you some court, they're, gonna, dig so deep in those manual begging to get that answer, or you can sit there and say you can try up an answer. You can try and pretend, like you know it and then you're gonna get crushed because you lack the humility and you're not being vulnerable, not to say hey I actually don't know so up to now, Jake man, just like you said no one x acts the leader. everything
as a leader, we think everyone expresses know everything and when we try to act like that, we look like idiots you don't know everything just hey, I don't know. What do you think? It's perfectly fine? Three, or for words their that leader should live by when when they dont know, say it, skip and forward a little bit remain calm during the storm, you! talk about some ways to do this new got a couple points near take control of things you can. I think this is something that you No it's so obvious. We still failed to do this, people worry about things we have no control over don't do that, but you got another another section in here: do not Castro five now did you make up our now? That's actually a word. I heard when I went through resiliency training. Ok, they talked about the concept of catastrophes, so here's the section on catastrophe using the United
its army train soldiers on techniques that will help them display resiliency, one of those techniques which I think is particularly relevant during these uncertain times is how to not catastrophe eyes You catastrophes you focus only on the worst case scenario. You believe the worst will happen and, of course this produces a great deal of anxiety, can also so the seeds of a self fulfilling prophecy, a method to waste things in perspective and avoid catastrophe raising is my going. You are practical thought process promoting resiliency using anxiety. First look at what worst case scenario would possibly look like second identify what the best case scenario might be through. Consider the most likely or probable outcome, then folks, attention on the planet on the most probable case and develop your prime. Plan of action around that scenario, self This is something I think. The reason I got a little bit focused on this
because this is what our news media gets paid to do, catastrophes everything everything is catastrophes. Everything is a worst case now, the world. Can it if you follow the headlines, the world end every single day, it gets killed, I covered by war by this politician by that polish and every single day there's a catastrophe that happens and end. If you do that as a leader you you're, making a mistake button. But what also important as you can't reach, to these things and someone runs into the office with a massive problems like ok, what's think through it. Ok, you're sided awesome, let's think through past, revising surprised I woke up this morning and watching the news I thought the world than the yesterday, but but yeah you're
Exactly right, then- and I do try to use this technique because usually the very worst case doesn't doesn't happen and- and you get yourself all spun up about it- all friggin Hanson and stressed out about- and it's not going to do you any good anyway, This is one of one of the most beautiful things I learned in the military is the is the counter catastrophe, rising individual above you in the chain of command below you in the chain of command appear whatever they per panicking. freaking out, and you learn in the military. Learn is powerful word, which is Roger that Iraq either Roger Roger that someone comes in their gone crazy, like arguably this happening, Roger meaning. Ok, I understand, let's, let's think about it, so any time beat very careful as a leader be very careful with the words you choose to to explain. Happening, and sometimes as a leader
You want to get a reaction out of people where we ve got situation happening, and we know its critical and we need to make some adjustments and so in order to get people moving. Instead of explaining to them what happening, and why we need to make a move. We just go straight to level twelve catastrophes in order to get it in order to get people to move. We catastrophes and the I'm with that is, it ends up being a little boy that cried Wolf, where you catastrophize everything everything's a catastrophe, everything's going to end the world. Everything is a strategic failure for the team. Everything is a catastrophic event and it's like no there are so few catastrophic events that can actually happen that there is almost nothing that you catastrophes with me: you're gonna, get through just about that. I like the whole thing, if ever things a priority, nothing's the priority that we know you ve really got to be clear about what the priorities are, and then you get everybody working towards achieving those me I'll, probably maybe
were three priorities: the things that are really important priorities cute. I believe. I believe that the word I want to close out with one last section here and it's it's taken out the book, but it it's a good indicator of everything else sets in the book, it says this. I was raised by my father S, faith in God. The we, though father face setbacks such as losing his wife at an early age and raising seven children after her death he never lost faith. My father made it point two marches March, all seven of his children into urge! Every Sunday morning this made lifelong impression, not only on me and my siblings, but me others who resided in our community certain things I learned about good leadership as a young boy from my father and others that have been reinforced. Route, my wife,
things. I learned were the importance of having strong character and staying true to your values. Even when things got tough. being service, oriented and helping other people ever you could, regardless of the race, religion, and setting an example by doing the right thing, even when no one was watching Oh, I m not a perfect leader, but I continue to do so best to learn how I can become a better person and a better leader, and I encourage all who read this book to do the same seat. placed the organization you lead in good hands well, I think that's what we're all trying to do we're all trying to do. The same thing continue to learn continue, trying become better people, better leaders and definitely appreciate you for writing this book and and given somebody's lessons learnt now, Jack
I appreciate the on the time to talk about it. I pray at the time to talk about the book with and just a really grateful that we could spend a little bit of time. You- and I just just talking about her own leadership philosophies and and what it means to continued to learning continue to grow, to be a better leader. So thank you for the opportunity. Others. I mean. Obviously we use some different verbiage in some some focus here and there might be a little bit different, but the underlying themes I mean these are: these are what leadership These are the underlying theme that exist and leadership anyway, you look anybody that understands it he's gonna you're gonna see these common themes so right now you ve got consulting company hold leader, Grover's leaders, Grove, Lena leader, Grove Leader Grove and its leader- grove dot com. Yes, you got John Ground he dot com people can
you there you're on twitter at J L, Lansky You're on Youtube you to channel that John Vronsky linked John Grand Scheme is a good thing about having the last named granted is not a real common last night, those that I mean the last minute not right, not not real common there, so you can get away with it in and you can just call everything grand ski linked in John Vronsky, and then you got Facebook, which is John Grants. Key leads and went out of the ground your area now want to see, go to all of you know. What's in that, and that's that John Grounds, GUI leads on the ground, so many other actor, you gonna, think no, sir. I think we covered it, etc.
But from ECHO John interesting to see that the memoranda, so the contrast with the overlap so much overland different terminology, he said, but very interesting at some good leadership, good leadership across the board, and he calls comets. Knowing closing comment I have is that I've got up. I've got a good time, drinking your Jacko go energy drank, so I love there may mango. That's echoes, favoured flavors wells by just Thank you again for the message you put out. I mean you put out a message that, so many people could follow whether there are no leadership position or not, and by the way I think everybody is in some position of leadership and- and I think
agree with me when I say you don't have to be in a formal position of leadership in order to lead, but anyway, thank you for putting the message out to do and enter the kids to you know what year, your kids, you know the books you put out for for children to help them get on the right path, it is very important, so pressure that the other thing I want to thank you for is not getting a picture myself, you echo together. So when people look at the picture, they could see what a small unmasked on Must in a man. I really am compared to you too. So I appreciate that, but not really. Jacko thanks me back again and again, thanks for the leadership message that you continue to get out there, so irritating I always say if you inert with other human beings, urinal leadership position. So if you view Listen to this right now, you're, no leadership position a thanks. Thanks! Writing the book
can help people lead and more important. Once again, thanks for your service, thanks your service in the army, National Guard at the army and the National Guard and thin once again to you and to your soldiers, that the service and sacrificing the battle remedy the effort that your guys put forth. They they literally say my guys lives. We learned lessons from you when we got off the ground. We listened to what you had to say. You told us to do operations, you're told us not to do other operations. You told us stay off the street. You told us how to better. Do our tactics, So your guys from the two to eight literally saved the lives of my guys. I know it and we will never forget what you and your men did for us and indeed for America thank Shaka thanks for coming on and with that General John, drawn ski, has left the building so echo
kind of clothes that out talking about how people we all want to be better. need to be better can be better start. Where do we start when we start with our health without health? We have nothing. From what I understand you edible disregard of your health the other day and went to a Mcdonald's presto is a food. There was a momentary lapse of judgment and discipline for sure, but it's the If you want to read you break opportunistic This is because if we gotta be careful for or whatever? the ability and urban. We'll get reminded of the importance of a routine to another. two percent sign onto the routine, his Mcdonald's partying,
They know what it's an example. If you don't have a routine, what it does is, Chris, opportunely arches. If you don't know where I live in inventing when hasn't how it's ok, this presenting new, if ever teen it's like. Ok, you don't you don't have opportunities to them through the men. I, but I got the item that is a soft soft Bonn and inside that, but is a fish flavoured concoction got the fish suddenly ceased yeah. I don't think that's the real fish in their at all, but either way you think, there's like up Ray Fishers net is on the move. Now you know what it is like. One of those is pure showgirl. That's like iron and zanuck lead. They do us the autumnal, but does what it feels like maybe like assent, a material, that's made, maybe an illegal many prisoners on like this with like some some stuff and then they put like some fish like extract flavour in it and then fry it. Ok,
the path that the path is making you better? Ok, you're, ok, ok, the path is kind of a routine. It so essentially is in this important, as are the routine, where you get a routine. This way way way less opportunity to make to have oh, like a decision making conundrum because the routine the decision you have already made before further routine, while you're the angry, hey, you, emotional departs, russian cause. You haven't had a frequent basis every few hours either way if you're angry. Even you already know, because dinner soon or you know, when the dinner is seems, even if you have a routine or launcher bootblack, whatever your buzzing eat, whenever there are cut you off the isn't: here's what Ronald does he would he just wait? He waits for. people with no routine or or he'll Flight India, routine, but a lot of hands for people like me in this case, where the little Little crack in the routine he's right. There he's. Ok,
You need a decision to make I'll make it easy for you. What's the one that's going to give you the payoff, be the quickest seem saying so: that's what it was. Instead, home to dinner by was somewhere else and she's. Ok, you know, I don't know how much food there's gonna be here or whatever. So you know grab something this is like who made the turn into it, like literally I'm away home change through debt trajectory look into the exit embalming, camels, Ritter, made it happen in a bad way. All right, so we don't want to consume things that are our arab know. What are we that's. The point is health and health is a thing with their with no health. Look if I'm gonna Mcdonald's every single day mouth goes down down down and then eventually I become incapable of pretty much anything. So if you're, unhealthy or your health is in decline or or whatever by your. Meanwhile, you have, if you have control over it and you
choose to not be healthy. You can have some problems because it was choose to be healthy. That's what I think I liked it so on this path starts with health. Fitness capability, mental and physical, now that we can have little helpers unaware that offer is jungle, fuel, Oh I'm actually working on a video, Joggerfys video just a small one about why you Jacko started juggle feel interesting. It actually does go very deep, when you think about it's like the stuff that you're losing your as one of the worst hype near thing ever heard, I again so not height for this video right now, the air, but I fear that the only reason I'm a little bit hyped is. I know you wouldn't bring it up unless you arrived, so you must have some vision:
about some explosions that are gonna happen. Yeah, you know, potentially amendment have explosions either. The point is not. The point is the reason: Jock GO started. Jago fuel is stuff that you use anyway, you figure. Ok, let me just refine and in an maximize the key beyond these things that I use anyway, produce some bomb and then one of their product they are one of the many little helpers in life helpers on the cause us face. If you're it's late, you dinner chains dinner play change your hungry? You, you could easily go to Mcdonald's, like ECHO Charles did, which is taken up in the wrong direction off the path on healthy food sick later, not good work out the next stages. Everything is turning bad or you could power a call going on market on the EU market home.
If you knew it is true and in all even explain to say how much of a severe it is. So look s or energy drinks ranked number that was a tattoo get there in asleep or dang. Am I have a huge workload today and tomorrow, Maybe I need a little boost, or maybe I'm just used to a little boost at some point in the day, but usually gotta pick price easily There we crash or either would during the It's unhealthy boom. These energy drinks go job discipline go merriment because discipline anymore. It's called this punk dago boomed. could this window is an energy drink with front side and backside benefits, and no downside no downtime. Can it went off on that recently retard This is the no downside, peace, most things that gratifying and have much upside using, I was always will round side right. Knew. No downside is that Mr Bonde little help, on that path. At me, you're on the path is still on the path, little in fact, even more down the path in a good way
told me the positive cross, the border to bomb or you get home. Let's face it every once in a while, you eat dinner. He had a good day at a good week. Great weak spot the family got your work done. You know your ear, you moved ahead, you just want a little celebratory desert like that. Even weird thing is even after you have twenty six out, Ribby stake through and its baby, and it's perfectly cooked even after you get done with that, you in your ear, totally good to go, but another little part of your brain. I want something called dessert and you could just be like. Oh, I wish the cheese canker would have all Yang Kind of Miguel. A lot of the benign all week were denied women. Bad remains deserve the global clear. We got some monk bone and here look. He went to Marcus
Let's say: you're tired of hard week, just at Mach, two, the milk or the whatever you preferred mixer. This is not a challenging recipe directive, but not limited to that simplicity. Adsense There are two half a banana. This means by Jim, Either we do what you will it's the same deal. This will not have you slip off them. you stole the pack and all This is a really long way of saying. Gonna talk with you about com, get yourself some stuff exempting join warfare, krill oil, super krill, vitamin d, three cocoa and war. Yet these are all helpers off all Right Mcdonald. No, don't estimable better! Just a be testing things. Make it taste good, they don't care little care. What you feel like an arrow care about yourself, don't care you're, not one single person advocating for your health are advocating for your wallet. Do it? Isn't there
because the Euro even said that, like almost with like like a like a joking tone, but it's not Eric ART is that is one hundred percent. Through words, there is not one single person, one single person interested in the success of that business, which is not necessarily a wrong thing to be inches in successive if your business coil trawling, if you're gonna sacrifice people's health, not one person cares about your help. In fact, year is kind of like upon their big game. At Jacko Fuel, your health is, does your. Otherwise we would do if we waited like an extra six month and built out by lying to pasteurized the the Jacko go. You have to put chemicals and it keep it preserved that That's that shows you. Your health is paramount lawyer. Otherwise we you know it's not having to everybody else. Use of these chemicals, no, no manner
isn't that kind, the scary, when you put it into perspective, not one is you know what the most important thing about you is your wife but how many use that as a pawn in my business savages since and scary. Nonetheless, duck fuel duck arm Bomb energy drink. You re a long long ago it while I get everything it vitamin shop, to go up that up. Also origin A market made stuff with good stuff by the way. So get your remember me Denham, some leather on their duties. of Geese, rash guards of some fitness ducked attire PA there. Their hoodie, so I got a new one and I had the old ones from before is fine bone you, where am every other day? because you know they get worn Armenia used, Romania, like cool prevented.
Camp I got a new one, other person. I never knew a heavy hoodie to dinner. It's legit now called the heavy there. I know that, nonetheless, all the materials that are that make it means have ease what a freak an epic epic reading moment in life. He does a good job with those names screen, names and stuff. The heavy Well, yes, or even the materials that they make, these things with pot, our back and grown in America. So keep that in mind, origin, USA, Dhaka, also Jock, was stores called chocolate. We can get you just legal freedom, tee shirts, hoodies, her Whichever way you wanna represent on this path, easy path, but it's worth it is a wise man once said, Fiona represent boondoggle
a cup also have a thing called. The short locker is wreaking new shirt with cool design disaster. You learn, Sherlock assure you, Sir Kay Now, some, I have to say, is cool, even got Jackal sign onto the other, some cool out, it's a pretty much. It was pretty much successful, is fourth accepted design. People like come on, we know yes, we're gonna again we can get on stuff. You like, if you like, was the customer moves. Shirt luxury salaries are approved like highly approved, highly approved, desired, even desire for sure, we are back. We are opening thing for member likes that some members are like what about that. One I signed up two months ago, but I want one teacher from six months ago four months ago. Whatever so were not the store for the members is wealth. Licking the kid. Adam Ass short if they want to be on the lookout for thou on doing
nice of you and then I'm gonna be accommodating to the people Rather, this pond cast wherever you subscribe upon us. We have Jacko unravelling with Darrow Cooper. Dope has been on a mission lately so we haven't we wanted a bit. But we are a ton of topic, talk about so check out Jacko unravelling with myself and Darrell Cooper. We hit the ground I guess we get the warrior kid podcast. We also have the Jackal underground podcast and that some Well, it's sort of a little bastion of freedom that we have, that we're kind of setting aside its our it's our contingency ale, area of operations? We look if you crazy with this whole plan d platforms and there's a bunch of em. You figure, hey Willie. This platform that problem, what are the chances that they all decide to either start inserting ads or start making people pay or whatever they're going to do? I don't know, but if it happens, We have our own little around the world,
carved out. We appreciate you coming. into our world called Dark Underground got a job. Underground dot com, if you wanna, join, if we want to support a cause, a dollar eighty cents a month, and that's it- we're paying to build this alternative platform, and that way we don't have to read ads from some freakin, whatever apple company or the name, outfit for Mr Van whatever here what we don't want to do it, no matter what I had stuff You can't afford it at school. We still want to regain email assistance at Dark one around our camp. We appreciate the support and we also a Youtube chief speaking of platforms, true, where we put a videos, for you to put prostrate form for the platform and video we ve gone demonetized a couple times. We ve I'm warnings only a couple times like one of them: the warning
of info yeah thank keep know my wings, the demonetized differences, different levels of democratization in a video demanded, as you can get the or the whole channel straight up demonetized. or this somewhere in between where it's like. Ok, you can proclaim that hey. This video contains some movie star. Roy Adam one Halloween, I did like with video of looking out or whatever something- and I put in the background, Halloween the song by the misfits, and we almost instantly whatever blocked band and whatever else, because it was copyright, amateur, also burnt. Spread the word on the misfits lightly. Nano media is too, They were all Matt near any though they did they become consider both sides. I think anyway, because like hey what if They assume that you're making money off a gear year as a pole, video
suppose. Oh not on Youtube is on something that is on the grounds that different squared became at me. Why? You know what what it is, my hope offices, I think Danzig and the misfits highly protect their. I put the ip yeah position, your essentially acting as the distributor incident we are. All I meant to do is actually spread. The word: hey man, that's a great band. Misfits brothers iconic band. Yes, I will contact is true The rules gotta can kind to everybody and also without some kind of approval, distribute process. I saw the misfits recently with the Crow max like before covered in allay in a big giant stadium, and you know what it was freaking outstanding monochromatic draw some yes, absolutely Harlin's rocking and then the misfits came out. This is, I salute these guys they were
Slayer Spain. The word yes spread, the the word little bit and I was trying to jack their stuff, while in there defence, they didn't see your person in was like hey joggled. Take that down. I don't want you'd, you know destroyed and myself is not how it went down, but wouldn't some people be like hey? Can you put a clip of our music, so more people by our music right. That could happen right. What we, Think of it that way, instead of the animal technically, the misfits didn't. Do it directly technically Instagram did it misfits partly signed up sign that song up to be monitored or whenever automatically so without them. Checking back with you, specifically moreover, during Glenn Danzig in the misfits, I was not doing it in a fair Italy has actually been a promotional. Why you're gonna licence your songs to me thrown out there in the world. You can sets new primary her misfits this kind of sad nor have never
I think I've heard a missed its song, but I heard you talk with MR so kind of the same but that's if you heard a misfit song, you predict pretty good. Oh it's it's iconic music. To be honest with you, I conic music is iconic an opinion or a factual stand. Factual. So you can have the misfits. What's called white list, they can a white list your channel. Ok, there's a new to buy. Now you knew this anew. Tubes possesses out s, hands core jocular jack was down. They can't whatever the he post all as far as our account go. If they do that with us, I won't abuse it can I make like the Anona mean. This is only on Youtube to railway on Youtube. I may well do it on. Apply. The Youtube grew tired, neck socio long it takes over shut me down. I did some. their old, older, hard core bands and at that,
were around for a short period of time. No one ever said anything, so I gather pens on the band new year. They have their you up register, your songs and stuff like even on you too, like if if I use a know, your other fever. Like if you like Taylor, swift or something like that, you know that all Taylor, swift songs, have been registered with you too, through some process Thus I this little things is little print impact whatever the hell are, they monitor turns up automatic either choose whether shut down, blocked or just say and something some videos will just be silent as I audience, not not, who or they'll just take the monitors nation they demonetized my guitar playing the sun by the White Buffalo, no interesting, not yours
when he was eyes on it right off the lawyer. Interesting, so you don't make sense it's a process. I got a new GM common. Got a new, sound prep, the good, very good it here right on our sources. Rather that Youtube Journal juggle bonkers, also got origin. Usa you'll find out, what's going on in Amerika, there, two general yeah there's their origin. Usa, it's called track. What's going on up there, see see it feel it be a part of it check, also when we got also psychological warfare. That's an album with tracks that we have not put whatever thing too restrictive. People of Jackie Music, all kinds of things so, but if you want to, I got there Good human and you want to listen to the dislike logical warfare. Album tasks acts of me telling you not
We can go to Mcdonald's, not to order. Filet Mignon sandwich Then you really that gonna go to whatever mp3s thing. You can you can buy psychological warfare and I'll be on your phone waiting to tell you stop. Also footsore canvas subject canvas dot com to go to Meyer he's got a company here in Amerika American. Making cool stuff to hang on your wall and, of course, to go too far, It has had something in Dakota. Dakota Meyer could take a white piece of paper and do you like hey. I made this article was hanging on my walkers difficult more like a little hangman game. Reality loutish off. Let's put it on the one hand, down agree, got some books. The book tat I covered today was I sharpened leadership by John Brodsky. It will be on our website. Like through. There is in the eating
then you'll be supporting the broadcast. While you buy a book by every want once you click through their through Amazon or whatever, final spin, but come out. I wrote this book. Not it's not a book about leadership to book about Brotherhood spoke about sacrificing its a book about Corn dogs, earlier guy in jobs of mayonnaise. Salmon Pie and Buick century wagons. That's what the books about! No one can explain this book, no one. I can explain. As you can see, I just tried Haven one check out this new book. I got called final spin. It's a book. It's a poem, it's a transcript. We don't even know what it is, but so far we have been on it one Deb the audio engineer
listen to me, read the audio book and she quote loved it. She laughed she cheered. She cried. So we're talking about also leaders, recharging tactics, field manual, the code, the evaluation, a protocol, this one because freedom field manual waiting, your kid one, two three and four making the dragons about face extreme ownership in the dichotomy, leadership, bunch of books of written or co written. We have a company called Echelon front where we solve problems through leadership, grassland front, dot com. If you Won't help inside your organization is also where you can find just for our live events, including the muster, including feel training exercises, and he have battlefield talk a little bit about Gettysburg. Today, the battle of Gettysburg, You're gonna Gettysburg with us, and we will
walk through the leadership challenges that they face in decisions that they got made good and bad next muster in LAS Vegas October. Twenty eight and twenty ninth Next F T x is September. Twenty eight and twenty first think were to pass that. So sorry keep your eyes open. We also have an online training programme. Extreme ownership academy is all mind leadership training, but you can go to you, don't get leadership by listening to one pot gastro by reading one book, you gotta work out in the leadership Jim, the leader Jim is extreme ownership. Dot com go check it out and if you want help service members active and retired their families, gold, star families check out Mark Liese, mom Molly, he's got a charity organisation if you want to donate, or you want to get involved in that, go to America's mighty warriors dot org. And if you want
more of me regurgitating reading are you need more of echoes. candy quips, you confront isolated webs on Twitter, on the groom and on Facebook echoes adequate Charles. I Madrigal work Grand Ski General John Granted, John Grand ski dot com, leader, leader, Grove, dot com, twitter, J El Grand Ski Youtube, John Grant. He linked in John Vronsky Facebook and the Graham John Vronsky leads, and thanks again to general Brodsky, for joining us special all the men and women from the two to eight. served in Romania, Iraq in two thousand five, two thousand search. We only overlap with your for about a month, but we appreciate that what you did there and they turn over- that you got that. Gave to us, as I mentioned, to General grant ski you all one hundred percent my guys alive from the lessons that you pay
dont us, and we appreciate it. The time we were working after you left with the one one, eighty thanks to all of you and the rest, a military out their serving right. Now, thank you for taking the watch that we are done and a police want Forcemeat, firefighters, paramedics, empties, dispatchers, correctional officers, border patrols, secret service and all first responders, thanks to all of you for standing watch here at home and everyone else out their here's a little here's a little action you can take. You need a plan, a plan d by a code, a set of principles, values a protocol for behaviour. If you don't have that if your job don't have that you're just wandering around I wrote about it, Dave, Burke and Sarah Armstrong in the book. The code, the protein I'll be evaluation? I wrote about it first in the world Your kid books come up with a code
the Marine Corps falls Code, the Rangers follow Code, the seals and the army and the samurai, and the Knights and the Vikings all followed a code dont wander around, get on path follow the code and keep getting after it and until next time, Zayigo and Jacko out.
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