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400: Humble Yourself, Work, Strive, and Do It Again. "Transformed", with Remi Adeleke.

2023-08-23 | 🔗

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Remi Adeleke is the author of the acclaimed memoir Transformed. He was born in western Africa. Following his father’s death, his mother, brother, and he relocated permanently to the Bronx in New York City. After years of making regrettable decisions, Remi joined the Navy in 2002 and later became a Navy SEAL

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This is jackal podcast number, four hundred with echo charles and me jack, a willing good It got going good evening. With high school out of the way I was after the races I quit sneakers store teamed up with a hustler. I met along the way named roderick started selling drugs. My grandmother lived in washington heights and in our younger years, bail and I spent many days and nights at her apartment having spent at a time in her area, I knew was where the Dominican had control of the vast drug market, so that I build relationships and brought my work. but soon rod, and I realized that the dominican controlling washington heights area, down to the southernmost border of the bronx gangs, running the bronx drug trade and the queen's in brooklyn territories to risky and unfamiliar to impose upon we had to find a less saturated and safer place to sell. We were
the two men operation there was no way we are going to go to war with anyone over a corner. So we did next best thing we jump on the metro, north and south. up shop and upstate new york for a few days at a time when we could be upstate the next week, we're back down in the city, replenishing our inventory or tending to other hustles. after a while. We decided to expand our operation by bringing in old friend from the hill Ricardo seven years earlier, Ricky and his family had moved to poughkeepsie to escape the trappings of the inner city, the time rawdon I parted with him. He knew that people in surrounding areas of poughkeepsie. Like the back of his hand, These knowledge meant we spend less time trying to find on policed areas where we could sell, which in return less time on the streets. We the three amigos, the rebellion three out to conquer poughkeepsie like Bundy and sin from the movie belly
we watched scarface on repeat during the day and had the key which town of new parts or poughkeepsie house part at night, We did well in the money, was good but and good enough for I was trying to do. I had big dreams of launching a record company that rivalled rockefeller, bad boy and murdering not only down wanna make music. I wonder to produce and control music so far, will you be able to do that gonna need to generate a lot more money in a shorter amount of time. I need a new hustle and I would quickly find what I was looking for. so that, right there, That's an excerpt from the book called transformed, which is written by remy at a laker and the the book is transformed and it's quite a tree. Formation, indeed, because remy in the book
and in his life transformed from being nigerian royalty too. Drug dealing street hostler to a partying navy sailor to becoming a seal, a christian eventually, a writer director on offer. and an actor, and it's an honor to have him with us here tonight to share his remarkable journey and his lessons learned along the way. Remy thanks for joining the bake, your brother Jacko this february go fish, guys yeah. That's This is the first time I've got to start. The podcast with someone talked about Sellen, draw to show your on youtube. You you, you broke them old on that one. That's awesome is a first where they yeah data a crazy story you been through and arm yeah, It's surprising that you made it. I shouldn't have yeah I shouldn't have. I know that plenty of
plenty of those decision points in your life when you, when you read your story, if you, if you think about it, if you sk redistributing. All you will. Let me it makes sense to do, but The time when you were a kid and echoing I would talk about about this earlier today, like when you were a kid, you dont know, yeah you don't see this long term picture you don't see, you don't have strategic vision. Yet sometimes you just looking around the next corner to see what you can get get and you'd make a decision. That's going to put you in the best spot tonight yeah so yeah man, let's Let's get the book a little bit and others still from their men had this book when this book come out came out in two thousand and nineteen, two thousand and nineteen, and it got picked up to be a movie right before the writers' strike, so a major studio. So I turned into the forest,
at a script before the strike in at the strike of sugar. Had this dual rewrite your finish it out in an awesome so go into the book. Here my father was chief added. My friend that read the bio, add a bio and you're going to have to correct me. It's good! It's all good, bio at day lake. A of the europa tribe europa europa. I I can said that europe a europe this year, as it depends on I get in nigeria. You know, for example, like every lake I do it is a delicate latin america's at daylight gay. so you're the europa, and then he isn't easy you, but This depends on what clothes can. If I close it, I'm just go good brother, the euro, trot. He was the first born son to my grandfather, who devout muslim faith and
customary to the time had many wives being the first born son of a chief, my father was marked as special buddy lived up to his given status and early age at an early age. Dad had an uncanny gift for members nation, whatever put in front of him whether the koran at islamic elementary school or language, or a common book you we memorize it before? of ten spoken red fluently in both english is tribal language. Aruba He also spoke and wrote fluently in two other prominent nigerian languages. The guy was a savant my grandfather died when my father was twelve, so he my grand mother, moved to the south western region of nigeria to be close to her family. The move change, the trajectory of chiefs, educational path. At the time christian missionaries permeated the southern region of nigeria and provided free education, muslim
rex and islamic centric studies were replaced with christian missionaries, biblical studies, english literature, world history, math and science. My father's intellectual gifts became evident as easily recited chapters of the bible with an cycling memory and dazzled is teachers by selling in all subjects, especially mathematics and science in granite. Due to the missionaries for the education they provided him dad legally adopted a new first name, John. After in the? U s, a quiver of high school dad receive they for ride scholarship to the university of london. We, trained his degree and civil engineering. He also Degrees and architecture of business return to lag. Oh sorry say that lagos legos, when you return to legos after years, completing his studies abroad and attaining great success in the west. He was endowed with the title of chief heredity. Total for the descendants of yoruba lineage. As the seventies approach, my father had created a vast and enterprise that operated out of the western world.
Your house buildings in lagos, with rescue that up Not ass, beggars legacy legos. His business has consisted of an insurance company, civil engineering company called city property development, liberated and car dealerships. His office also served as the headquarters for the world trade center of nigeria. As well as the base of operations from one of his most passionate endeavors, the lagoon development project chief wielded enormous power and wealth not just nationally but internationally and in the nineteen seventies he served on the board of the world teleport association in london. This was a story for a black man at that time, equally If not more history was the fact that he also served on the new york world trade center board for many years a man from the bush on board with the elite of the elite, as one family friend would put it chief was never restricted by where he came from,
So your dad and look- I'm just gonna, read highlight from the book today going to some of these details, but your dad was was royalty. Yes, yes, so my grandfather, I don't I never knew the story, my great grandfather, but my grandfather. He was the first born son, some to his father, so he inherited the title of cheap, add daily, gay, so add day means crown and europa and legal means is supreme, and that's why we talk offline about people trying to get that get that that ah dot com, because it's it's it's not just a name, a name, but it's more of like almost like a slang for like elite of elite of ghana and in nigeria. You know kind of house here in the us will say something like he's he's the don or you know he's the he's. The king or you know, he's the man like in nigeria is like a delay. Gay he's an adelaide observed. We like the king dot com
yeah, it's all a crown, is supreme, so the elite of the elite, so Michael, and father was dad and and in unity had allowed a wise because a bad and then obviously there was wealthy came along with their now. Also, there is what the while you and are not pronounce arousal. Forgive me my nigeria brothers assistants who are listening, but the only rule is considered to be the king, the king of the eurobonds, and so all that adelaide gaze and other royal titles kind of spread out from the old wallow in person at all one passes out, is of data on the world right now. That's the king of the europe of the supreme court, I dunno, I can't recall his full name, but he lives in nigeria and so yeah. My my grandfather had a lot of wives and then he had my son, my my dad being the first born son and my dad inherited the title of chief and add a lake a and then you know just started. My grandfather just started
grooming him from there to prepare him to take over the family so to speak, but on four in ITALY will. My fire grandfather was about. My father was about eight or nine years old. My grandfather died and die when he died. He still retained. the title and he still retain summer, some above the many answers, but For some reason I have to ask my older brother cause. He probably explain is better, but all the wives dispersed to different parts of nigeria and die, but even though he came down to the south, he was still recognises chief at a bio at a lake, the son of- and I out you know my grandfather's full name and that's bad and a year, so it s kind of how it all started so speak in then you again you go into this in the book by your mom is a native new yorker, so how'd that link up occur, yeah, I'd, selfie, wallets on them a mom and dad stories are real. Coming to a man,
pretty because mobile, She was always into the arts, just like my dad. My dad was a art collectors while well so when he started gaining some while he would buy up a lot of europe, art and other art from around africa beneath We had scope beneath sculptures in our house as well and so my mom, she was an artist wow. So one day my dad happened to be in new york to visit the world trade center, and my mom veto recognized that there was an exhibit on em, where you are are at the metropolitan museum of natural history. As sheath and she tells me I don't want to go, but something just told me to just go, and so she went that day and she staring at a piece of art and my dad happened come alongside our he's. Looking it's the same piece of art and he said something to her kind of like hitting on her. She was like yeah whatever, and then she walked away to another piece. pardon and about a half an hour later. My dad just happened to be. There is well then he started drawn a mac
or some more. He hadn't met my daddy. You know, as you read, he was a savant, but he also was a man of many tongues. He spoke fluent kalani, which is another europe, but tongue. He spoke ibo. He spoke europe a he spoke french and he spoke english and a pigeon english, but he also sport consequence could, like a chameleon fluctuate into a british acts. Because he spent a lot of time and in the uk and he had like a good air for picking up other languages. and picking up other accents and and so stuff- is really good for business yeah and for picking up girls yeah yeah. Absolutely absolutely so. You came up, went up to my mom and he's speaking in his very suave, pretentious, but not too pretentious, but sua british accent he's like annoyed that you've done it
again, you know like beer, whatever can have arms in new york is she grew up in harlem ass. She was born and raised in new york similar this bullshit a hundred times. I have your decay, your mama, I get away from me, and so he did and then she went to another piece of art. He followed it in, and you know he continue prospers pursuing or he was funny he was very charming as well. So that kind of one one her over it and they went on a date and a long story short. They ended up get married five months later, and my dad. You know ass mamma. Would you be willing to live with me in nigeria because that's that's where I'm doing my project, the lagoon development project my mom said sure I'll follow you anywhere. So this is a chunk of the book this. This look and is actually a big piece of history to check it out. I do some research about it. This whole lagoon project at your dad started. So
is basically a lagoon, in lagos, yeah, it's right off the coast of ec legos equality lay go so like how we have sent you and you have cornered, oh so, they ghost like the big big city like coal. sitting and then within lagos is equally, and so there was. This laguna was offer the offered a coastal was actually it was a swamp. It was more than that It was, it was less than it was like a swamp and that's no that's what he asked for. Essentially back up a bit, there was a million. Recalling the seventies might by proof right before the military coup. My dad boredom mass, a plot of land call morocco an essentially what he was trying to do was he wanted to build a like an african wall street, because lotta people are
realize this, but nigeria is so so rich in resources. We're talking oil in abundance, we're talking natural gas, we're talking, gold, we're talking cocoa, you name it there's so many minerals in niger. As a matter of fact, there are politicians in nigeria who are signing deals with the chinese government so that they could buy up our minds and and and and mine, the minerals and resources from africa from not just nigeria, but other parts applicable nigeria's well and so um, as a power richer resources. Nigeria is my dad said: hey
we need to organise this a little bit more because there's a lot of corruption is always been historically alot of corruption in nigeria, and my dad felt is, though, if we can organise our business sector a lot better than we do. We can be a beacon that put a warlike people from all around the world can come and do business and we could generate our economy of a better. economy in africa and we could create so many more jobs. There was does no days. There was and is still no reason why duration and be like saudi arabia or america because of how rich they our resources and my dad recognise that and that's what he wanted to do. America, where you have a lot of nigerians who want to get into power? You know and gay wealth yourself, my dad wanted to give power and gay wealth so that he can make nigeria better place and really get it to where he saw it could be from a potential
standpoint, and so that was marigold ass one. What was marigold? That's what miracle was supposed to be and fast forward. The military coup happen. I think it was obvious obasanjo who lead that I might be wrong. He ended up dying of overdue. saw viagra and some others crazed of drugs. A few years later is abner craze sex orgy in and died He he carry out the military coup. America was taken from my dad and my dad border for eight million pounds, so you know just what inflation and interest me? That's that's a linen pounds is in our lab. More than dollar, so he bought it and it was just gone It's like that! Nothing! You know, that's the difference between. You know nigeria and other countries and america. You know we could buy property, we could buy a business, we have rights ownerships and when we were going to have it, but in nigeria you could buy something, spend millions of dollars and then one day somebody come along and say well
Yours belongs to me and I, and so that's what happened to my dad and after the coup had subsided into my prosy was rinsed reinstall. My dad went back to court in and for them. If what the court system for the court system- and finally, because how persisted he was they finally gave in is said. Ok, what do you want an odd when I can be miracle back? That's not happening. So what is it that you want an ace and my dad said give me the swamp. I laughed at them visits swamp. What did you two going to do? What a swamp my dad said just give it to me cause my dad was such a visionary that he felt this though I can create something where there never was something that no one could ever come along and say that was mine that belongs to me and so on. That was the swan there and then, as it as a civil engineer, yeah, he knew that
that swamp could be turned into something awesome into an island and that's what he started. Writing the edit brought in the company to do the dredging and started dredging out the the water and filling in the land yen turning into an island, yeah yeah yeah, I dutch and engineers from another. winds and the west minster company, specifically so funny book, not funny but interesting, because I did a jealous fourth post this past your life worth and color bullet, pointed out my dad story and died and went like on twitter. I got like four million views- and I saw many, nigerians were commenting on the- can This comment that I got was one. We will feel I was. We didn't know that you were that you were chiefs we saw you and plain and have we sought a name that only when we are late when we didn't know put two and two together that you achieve john added by us on that in a lot and then the other comment that I got was the current president lied,
current president said that he discovered banana outs now known lisbon in ireland, but it was lagoon city em, an end. He lied so many people, but they are not. If he wasn't, we knew he was line because we all know the history on your father's- that we knew he was lying and that guy was the senator. The current president of nigeria was with senator of lagos name and I'm will get to it in a moment what happened, but he was a centre of legal state. When what happened to my dad It happened to my dad year, so your dad basically die. all his money, everything into this project, everything will it be like your your example of sandy go and core nano you'd be like you are gonna own san, diego! Yes, are you can own corner? Why? On which? You can even put a value? Oh yeah corner So your dad and like you said it on. If Europe, if you listening
Google maps right now and you look up banana island yeah. You can see it. Yes, there is a bunch of houses on it. They actually don't have any pictures inside it, because it's like a closed property, which you talk about at the end of the book, but so you're, Add dumps all of this money in this everything I mean not just his money. He leveraged his already leverage our our compound. I mean everything because he he felt like the he's gonna be successful over me. So I mean he will put so much money into it, that my mom being an american wisely tell him byles, please. She would beg him I just put some money in the: u s! put two million hours, two million hours in the? U s that waste often happens when we have a cushion of
well back on which, by the way, already happened a few years ago when he lost the first exactly, and that was one of the things that my mom would say to him. I don't trust the system. You know and my my mom and dad from what I recall they didn't an argument. I didn't see them argue much, but the, but the one time that they did argue or have disagreements. It was always about that. It was always about. I do not trust the system, him alone, but she's a new yorker, so she she knew when somebody was scamming or walking down the streets of new york. I mean you kind of got to know what a hustler is and a hustler type system. When you grow up, your city. So my mom, who tried to warn him over and over again but he was so loyal, said the vision and he was so loyal to the people of nigeria because he was like if I could just get here packages. Cross that lie every day, we'll be all right and everything will fall into place and he told my mom once once we start people, all contracts assign and we start building the bill
beings in people start running our office bases in the company. are operating there then I'll put money in the in the? U s, but until then this is my priority. Well, as you can see, by the way, we're both talking it doesnt work out and like the the term they use in go fuck. someone else in court. If they say acquired yeah, the the the island yeah yeah and it's just terrible yeah like it. terrible and you know I was, as you explained this to I'm. I'm sure your was like your mom was part of that. We lost that. Probably before he's a gather, we got this other thing now like it almost seemed like. It was proof you, if you will in a positive light you could be. It could be proof that sea we did get You know we did get something from an. We still have this, so this gets like. I said Eric its acquired slashed, stolen the by another entity yeah yeah
or dad's company, the the positive urban centres, city developments, benefit development, gets zero money, for they did nothing. Yeah, so the lay goes state government after conveniently waited until all the work was done. I mean years. This is not something that happen overnight. For years out, there engineers were flying in the equipment was being moved in before sure was being dragged. It was a pride I mean it was six interlinks, it was six and the best way to explain that plots of land that were created individually and then linked together. That doesn't happen overnight. and so that the legal state government and you know the federal government I am sure they will involve as well. They convened we waited until everything was done. They saw that people
actually walking on the land, and things were being built on an island. They was ok, it works now, let's go get it and The legal state government came in and said that the federal government was never supposed to give him the lagoon for compensation because they try to say that you some type of measurement and say the distance from the from the from me coolies shore to the fore shore is like some man medical equation. The answer to that came out to be it's. It's within the the Ikoyi saw belongs to the lagos state, government, and yeah, I was my dad and see coming at nasa's thing. You know an essay, that's my downfall! Sometimes now you know what I look back on all mistakes it I've made, and is
Dad was so driven that he cannot see what was going on as peripherals. He was so focus and driven a get. The job done that to him. Nothing but I was going to happen and that in so crazy that a situation happened a few months ago, where I was just like was just so driven in brackened, attested is because he was you know But what I issue about publisher and I just kept pushing and pushing and pushing and realize the conflict in the issues that that was causing enough for me to be pushing so hard, but I wanted, I had the boy interest. My best interests was heartened projects. Best interests was at heart. It wasn't like out of something maoist
was like I'm just so focused to get the job done. Then I couldn't see what was going on out here and how was having a negative effect on the people around me and asked what was best what my dad was dealing with- and I know that I inherited that from my dad- is that you know the drive is good. It's important to be driven, but you also have to check out from time to time and take a look, great love, yeah, there's also a thing that can happen that can be a bit of a blind spot is like you or likenesses happened I couldn't comprehend that someone would do something like the whatever less someone's gonna steal. Your friggin when you leave a something out on a counter like you couldn't come and that's nasty plate, mysterious and yet there's people- gonna blame you steal it yeah, so that kinda guy can be a bit of a blind spot to. Maybe that's your dad at some. I, like your dad's, a guide Hard work and straightforward he could imagine that he could
millions and millions and millions of dollars into this project and that they were just take lawyers and taken away. it's like a little bit of a blind spot to where you can get caught, you don't it back people that can be, you think, people can be freakin that evil yeah yes, they can be yeah in. So, as you know, you brought up a great point, because I got out of the military and twenty sixteen like I. I went into the film and tv business and other other businesses as well under the pretense that everybody has the same level of integrity as the people that I work with in the military and and I would get so upset when I was proven wrong because it was just like but wait like you're supposed to show. Are you supposed to keep your word yeah? You said you were going to do this and it just doesn't happen like that so yeah. That was the point
as some of the legal documents I saw about this, the titles are still disputed. I dunno, if you know that, there's still like disputed titles on who owns banana, I caught banana island now, which is which kind of crazy like in america, if you buy a house yet and there's a disputed or if you're, buying a house and there's a disputed title, you're like oh, my bad I'm going to buy this there, so very interesting that the title steel dispute it while its bodies allotted is alive, banging stake your clay waggonette via the go portable I'd like a dog on that that boy like they offered my family, eight million dollars. They offer our broad my brother's a lot. My hat brothers lawyer he's been fighting the case since eighty seven and they offered him eight million dollars like five years ago when he turned it four years ago and he turned it down. So I mean They know what they know what's up and then I don't know you remember the end, sars movement that happen in twenty two. What are your twenty? Twenty one in nigeria is paid. Movement with people were like protesting, as I think the sars was like a special.
As police force that wouldn't you know it was taken advantage and and shaking people down which you know. Corruption is something that's normal. When police come and shake you down, so They are the important the protein it is. Apparently the story is the test went into the court house the same courthouse when my dad's cases been in for like the last forty years and they go into the record, the room and they burn down the records room, but the we files that are destroyed or the case files for lagoon city and ministers in twenty twenty one, twenty twenty, so you know there's a law and before that, might they offer my debt, my brother, eight million out of our family and he turned it down. You dislike know. Dude, like my dad spent eight million pounds yeah. The arid is seventy seventies. So here
So at this point it's like nineteen, eighty, seven you and your you and your brother and your mom yeah you, you guys decide to move to new york, yep right, yep, yep and that was just like get out of here. You know the current yet the times he had a little bit more stable. I guess in america is a big gap which, behind there was just it, was a lotta gone on and my dad start again and threats. I mean adding catalogue at all, but my dad started get threads. My mom has sought to having crazy stop here. But her like the horse bit. Her are of a horse bid her and in like something else, in which she almost got run over by somebody they want you to walk right across the street and like a car, is pulls up and just beat passer. She jumped back industry today, well what they were a lot of things at what happened in my dad was getting more more threats,
even before the lagos state government came in and did what they did, he was getting threats from people, you know, and the government people who were supposedly friends they weren't threaten him directly, but they were passing a message with somebody, and so my mom, you know me and my brother were her priorities. You know we were only kids and so for her. She was just like. I can't I can't risk staying here. You know adebayo, I need to. I need to get my kids out of here. all this stuff settles, and it was in that time were you know my dad died as well? Yes, are you in your brother and your mom moved to new york, your dad's travelling back and forth? Yes, he's doing business he's trying to make this thing happen, he's bit by african dog abbott dog in there through some combination of that in the treaty that he got there so the z. So my dad- I bit,
Who did germany to go? Do some business? Well, got big, went to the hospital got. Medication flew to germany to go in. Do some type of business flew from germany to new york, saw us for beet and then flew from new york back tonight Julia he gets too. He gets back to Nigeria, my mom, was pressing him. You gonna, take your medicine, you gotta take measures like our I'll take. It takes a medicine. Ultimately, the autopsy report showed that the medicine is ultimately what killed him and that's essentially what happened it from there He was a he couldn't fight. I mean here because he was fighting them and he was no longer data final men body else was so o k. The titles now belong to us
and your mom and you you know you talk once again, I'm only reading small ports get the book. You can read the details, but your mom flies back to africa yet meets with your brother yeah and she he's like. Alright, let's go through the finances, let's see where we're at. Let's see how much you know how much I'm going to have yeah and it's nothing, nothing, because everything was wrapped up in ireland and so we went from rich Traveling the world cars nannies host lavish part. How much that do you remember a little bit. I remember my dad More so now I remember events around my dad, like I remember you know, playing with him in our in our in our big living quarters living room area
amber riding. You remember that nice ass house, though yeah yeah, I remember the house- I remember doing things in the house with him. I remember riding with him in the car, because we had our driver, frederick, who would drive, as my dad would play flu flu kuti, who was like a famous nigerian singer. He was against the government at the time and seeing I remember criminals november private school that we want to, and I remember, recall. This is one of my where's memories. I've got to a fight with a kid cause. Island. Kid will make fun of me because my mom was american and it was not. dragging this fight. He no two small kids and my dad came, mom- came to the school and my mom was just that he was upset at me. no shit that why you do like yahoo and my dad was justly proud of mice Thank you, my mom's, like what do you do? Why you why you do know why?
it's celebrating him and my dad was just like my boy, my your boy, yeah, and so I have those memories and do you know. I saw interesting because of the father now for kids, certain things come to me. Certain memories are true. good from my pass. When I do certain days what my kids or say, it's like a certain events, happened or even I finally openness. Is the riis use thing? If one by respecting all the somewhat all the sun does something that he's just now, you're not supposed to do like something out at a nor I will go into a pigeon accent, sounding like my dad, what do you what are you doing like, and I was what did I just? Where did I come from, is like my dad? You know just jump through me, but yeah
It was a. It was a good life, but I'm I'm grateful for the way things turned out here cause I want to be who I am without that transition so there's no money left mom. I'm gonna go back the book here for a second year, and you say this africa, my birthplace, but the boy Is my home there's no place on the planet like the box, the food, the people, the culture, the music? It's in part of everything, chaotic you're, beautiful or one blue. Italians are serving up thin cross pizzas, while right outside of group dominicans played dominoes and talking keys, salsa and miranda music glass from scooped up civics black is really aids, stand on the corner, taking questions from critics haitians jamaican vietnamese importer weakens hustler. bottlers, both literally and figurative, all walk together with a few eastern europeans. It's the ox not rocks it's the bronx, you know, A person place
thing is special: when you have to the before it we fight hard. We love hard, as a matter of fact, doesn't the rocks sound hard. That's because it is hard. you go on to say the bronx molded me formed me and trained me in ways that no other place has it. This was my environment. Africa is my birthplace, but the bronx is my home. I can't tell you much about the land of my birth, but I can tell you all about them. rocks I love the bronx, but The good and the bad so you're in the bronx yeah man you're in a place called the Fordham hill oval yeah yeah, which is like a it's for the bronx? It's not it's, probably the nice spot, while now it is. I mean it doesn't it now is its very squared away now: yeah
but it will even back then wasn't it still like a gaiety like like a gate, it's kind of more squared away place. It was a is a co op, so it's light. Yet it was. It was definitely better than right outside the gates were, it would say it was a co, op and middle class. You know Bob class. Nearly any was the only thing that my dad left us really because dad when he was when he started doing his business and in an up in new york. At the world trade center, he you know you, he needed a place to bed down place, operate and in this and end fordham, who actually was a predominantly white area, I mean the bronx in and of itself like enough before white flight? I think took place like around fifty sixty the sunlight that was. I'm irish italian? You know why areas and boredom hill was that as well as for my dad was a completely different place, but then, after you know
and the crack epidemic. Elvis things brought everything went down here, This is the late eightys there and ladys new york city was a totally different place, all yeah hundred percent. these areas? Are the bronx you're talkin about like a like across the street from Fordham hell yeah, it's I mean it's like what it's almost like a stereotypical run. our city like that's what it is not about the broad that's what the bronx is and looks like up there and that's we're yeah, that's what you're, so again, but everybody get the book read the book, you out all kinds are crazy tales and then what will tell us a little bit about life with with Dante, Elijah charles show, time d, sean Erika, dennis canny monkey, Chris, the joker and ricardo and roberto the damn. it can do. Oh man would you guys have gone on how we had a lot going on there? We we that was like my mother
bud products we will play, kicked the door on. We will play a you know where we split up and teens, and then, when you find members of the other team. You beat him up a rough mob. I remember the old, the kids and of india in the park. They they got chalk and they would they drew like squared boxing, boxing ring and they would vat on on us younger kids I know who was going to win and we would slap box. So we would have the slack and you couldn't back out of it. It was just like nope you're going in that cave you crying you're growing, and so you we fought. It was so crazy because all of us, like I, had fights, anti, but then we would be friends like the next day. I had made a lie every summer we have like good brawl like a bloody bra. We fight like the next day. We would be playing with each other and even erica.
Member erika she was the Tom voice. You were hanging around. She could scrap carnal guide to apply it in her brothers. God came to beat up ricardo but that we will all buddy buddy again, and so it was a good crew. Men and those memories so funding. We would afford him he'll. Yesterday I went I was in new york yesterday and ass or one of the guards or captain Robinson he peed. He was may I go away there in any went to go work, the yankee stadium and he came back recently. Annie we saw. It is like. Really I do not want a crazed up very warm mama told you. I know I use leaves a proud man he's in California. I why you write a year but is useless. It was such a phenomenal hard up ringing, but from a phenomenal upbringing and at the same time, the other something that I think of the suspect, as of social media, because we know more now.
We know more like about the bad things happen in the world, but you know when I was a kid look we just go out, like kids just went out with no parental supervision at all didn't really matter? You weren't expected? No one was worried about you later today kids go out, you know, you're thinking like all gosh, freakin, kidnappers and molesters and, like all, bad stuff could happened here. That's was happening, knows no one knew about it, and so you go out and do what you're gonna do, and you do it that's what the book you know your mom's workin she's, a teacher rights. It teaches us up roxy out so she's future? So that means you know your home alone a lot you got things going on. You got your crew just rolling out again after it like you said, though, to rough, it's wrong man then the book it says in the midst of our dreaming chaos intruded pop pop pop.
The shot started off then erupt. It into a barrage of car pulled up on the south bound side. The street directly to the left of us started, shooting up the building at two fifty twenty five. fifty nine sedgwick near the target. The drive by shoot, started, shooting back in our direction and before we knew it we're in the middle of a shoot out I froze not knowing what to do. It was like everything was happening in slow motion. I can't remember what beg you say: bail or bile, via by I can remember what via was doing but right, Romell took charge. He looked at me and yelled come on remy instead of moving slowly turn my head to look back in. Erection of the hill remit grabbed corrie and threw him over his left shoulder to shield corey from the bullets. Then he person, bio which prompted meet it would my brother's start sprinting back to the hill after receiving one last verbal lashing from romania, I say
out of my frozen state started sprinting to catch up. We all ran is fast. We could, I don't know how romero was able to do it, but he was way ahead of bio and meeting, time, even while carrying corey over her shoulder just we thought we had made it out of the furnace. This decree. Started speeding in south in our direction. I will never forget the father. in my mind, the to kill us where the only witnesses they're coming to kill us. Despite that fact, I kept running as far as I could, as a cargo closer. I thought this is it then just like at the car sped by running the red light were Sedgwick bailey avenues met, we sprinted back the entrance of the hill stop the chair each other for bullet holes then made our way in. Let's just say that we got back up to the apartment and told mom what happened she didn't. Let us walk then walk the other way to cory's apartment. Instead, uncle Kirk made the drive over to pick up corrie and army that uncle made sure to bring his gun I'll. Never for, at twenty five, fifty nine cedric avenue for two reasons: one it was a fine.
place. I recall almost losing my life to a few years later. It would be the same building where D dena taylor, biased. Friend classmate would be murdered just like Dana wasn't bothering anybody. We were all kids, who can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. So yeah thus the bronx yemen, and in that time period there was all. I described the uses back out now it's worse, it's worse worse, man gangs are out of control, and then with this, like, I don't even know, is this new type of rap hip, hop where you got these kids going on social media and and making and wrapping these negative lyrics against another. gangs or a rolling up and murdering people to high school, that I went to teachers get emerge. A teacher got murdered recently, like two or three teachers got ripped murder, recently, kids, a killing, the is bad me. Brad nosey, The drive it through. He was like we gotta get out, but is
is sad and are not I've tried I had to go to my high school and talk to the students and get in because I have to cut through, go to so much red tape to get it. But it's bad and it's it's it's disheartening to see. that that not only has it not changed for the good, its change for the worse that's crazy because you know for a while new york did change any was deafening in a better situation yeah, like the late these annually on here he jamie irony grain and am crackdown on the lawn crime there and then in it Finally, I mean when I was a kid going to new york. It was like it was can crazy. The ladys like there was just drugs everywhere workers out on the street whose like you'd go walk in Austria and like around Hell's kitchen or something and there would be hookers.
Probably three to four hookers on every street corner yeah, and we're talking like movie looking. You know: hookers and it was people offer new drugs. The every three steps you took. Some we offered you drug leah. It was bad and and then man by the time I wear the edge on the navy and by the time I would go back to when I was a little older, and now it was like the nineties. the mid nineties, the late nine is, it was a tough times, worse, told, wholly totally dead and now- back in the other direction again yeah, especially brought, I mean the park that I that I I grew up next to so walk outside to phone bill gates, Devo park is right. There you have to walk through the park to get to any part of Fordham hill and I remember being a kid and you see crackheads strung out. We see people selling drugs right there in front of yan playing basketball on a court
people that something is nor. My look. The other way drug deal. Looks you wave your plan, you looking in them. You bet attorney had really really quick, you know I remember going into the winter stores you know showing brad the corner stores when we were there yesterday and seeing a mafia guys come in with the big caller slick back here and and and collecting the attacks coming in and the stone gives them an envelope with a bunch of cash and that he will so that that was the environment. Then too big like as a kid I remember, walk in a school when I must have been about. I was a middle, what this time so I must have nah. I was just bought to go to middle school, so I had to be about ten or eleven. Maybe twelve and seeing grown men beaten up kids
you know just just you know, slamming the cars, because the kids said something and asked. That was one thing that happened to me. I ended up getting beat to a pulp once on a on a basketball court for having a disagreement talking junk to a kid, my age and then that kid went and got his uncle were just got released from prison and got his brother's uncle was about thirty five years old. The brother was like nineteen. I was eight at the time I got slammed remember being so scared walk in a school because I would always is this. Is this when I'm gonna get jump because the negotiations time to was you know if you are in order, get into the gang you gotta. Up an innocent person. As a matter of fact, there was this big thing that was gone gone around all over the news in order to get it the beginning, they had to give somebody a buck. Fifty across a dollar fifty did ride. The train is so what the gang, but the bloody what do they would get on a train and and the new met. The new member would have to go up to somebody that the senior member picked out
innocent person didn't do anything, pull out a blade slashes face and that I was called fit. These are my mom would always tell me if you get on a train, keep your eyes open. You see any red anybody were red, get off the train, He walked to the next car, but don't don't play around because you don't want to get your face. Sliced and you'd see people walk now for non road. The street. I grew up on with big scars on it and girl. Not just men, women as well You know so it was, it was rob what it was. It really help me learn importance of being attentive and looking around and being in reading people and not taking people face value like really looking at the situation trying to dive into. What's this persons and ten you know cause of not Did you get to this point. We highlight this
conversation you had talk, your mommy say, Do you ever think we'll get the money back from the nigerian government. I asked mom gave me response that I would hear a million times. I wouldn't hold your breath for it. All we have to work with is what god has given us. Don't count on anything else, many I many nights later I sat on our trundle bed. I begin reflect on my life in the bronx via was on the living room watching tv, and I was in our room alone, thinking about mom, financial struggles. The bad things I had experienced in my short life and the life I felt we should be living the life that was stolen from us We had one lamp in our bedroom that sat out on our in dresser and the lampshade had been thrown away. Probably because we broke it, below the lamp was framed picture of chief. I gotta, from the bed walked over to the picture, picked it up with both hands and for the first time it finally hit me, your father, is dead. He's now coming back, and this is your life I was so young when my father died, that I couldn't understand it, but it was
in that moment of reflection that I finally grieved my father's absence. For the first time I broke down crying miles. Wasn't structured for me to succeed, and I was finally realising it: inner city life, a single mother, financial, hardship, violence. A sub par school system. father witness my mom must have heard my cries from the living room because she quickly rushed in and asked what was wrong. It took me to get it out when I finally told her I miss my dad. I wish he was here, so we could have a better life put her arms around me and she comforted me She assured me that everything would be all right. We would make it. Demeanor, if not our words, she summarised the title of that tupac song, I know it looks like things will never change, but my son, you must Your head up, my did the best job she could, but as
I grew older and taller. My fear of her maternal presence began to wane and the absence of my father loomed large The next part of the book that you go into you start. Market about fill in that filling nedda the void of not having a dad here and you fill it, gives him different poland's that fill it biggie rocky caress one right, so even some west coast snoop dying- starts to fill it with thousands surprised to see that then you so you had that you had tv right, jack saw the fresh prince you know with will smith is he saw Martin, you saw music videos in the movies. You had a bad boys,
with well smith and martin in it we ve happened. Martin, he stood they shoot neighed issued Bab boys for now lauer before right before the strike back. Bad boys, and in this interesting, I noticed in the book you talk about the director Michael bag, which, like when I was a kid watch movies and care about new directives on anything. But you You somehow also had some kind of in it like you're, standing of directors them the kid, the airways, because they would that he had to move either came up bad ways of was my favorite movie of all time. Even this day and memory as a young kid. A really hit me hard because, as I mentioned above was the first time I saw it to two guys. Look like me, but we'll play heroes and planet bessie that I could be something other than a drug dealer athlete. Or
or a rapper and and so I studied that movie to nauseum. I remember as a matter of fact, right after it came out, I bought the bootleg version. and if with a guy holding a camcorder and- and I remember, watching it and rewind it and watch and went to my uncle mike's house It's like, oh, who am I gotta, watch this and I just I watch everything read through the credits: listen to music watch, the music video that came along with it and so like my first like introduction to not just the. what's on the screen, but behind the screen. You know because our As you know, everything about this movie and then its own michael bays name popped veto for me that specially being being that I studied the move. Religiously, then, two years later the rock came out. So when I saw Michael bay prison direct, bad boys
movie rock apples like oh rock, I'm gonna go see this. It adds kind of how the name part in my head, So you go see the rock- and you say this about going to see the rock green light on the ceilings incursion character in the film said. The seals received the go ahead to sneak onto alcatraz, rescue the hostages and diffuse the missiles as sat on the edge of my seat. I got my first insight into these bold men who these bold men worn what they did your gear with state of the art they didn't seem up, tighten the way. Other military units were often portrayed in film. Their movements were smooth and precise, and each member of the team, though unique, operated cohesively with everyone else. I would like to find out that the guy's playing seals were so convincing because Michael bay hired real navy seals for the rolls then came I conic shower room shootout. spoiler alert, The seals are discovered a shooting it and Marie insecure all the seals
One might think that this would leave a bad impression with me, but it didn't even after the movie ended. I couldn't get navy seals out of my mind, the scene of the seals rising out of the water to sacrifice themselves to save others. Captain playing in my head. I recognise something honourable and that something special about that group of men somehow resonate with me bad boy is planted the seed that I could one day be a hero, loretta planted the seed of the type of euro. I would want to be, if I ever, could weeks that followed, I learned as much as I could about the navy seals and one day I made the commitment to myself remy. If you can, ever become something special. It's going to be a navy seal how old were you when you saw that movie? I must have been sixteen sixty ceiling, beginning to have some cohesive thoughts about the war you get there, but but
you still have a ways to go a long way to go in fact, euro. Your next chapter book is called hostler here and You know this is when you start doing your sardine batch of honour, Well, your mom's engage Eric yeah yeah yeah yeah. I know to this day. That's something that I I I regret that something it. I wish I can go back in time and take back, because I was the only thing that laughter. I was solved gone back to me, said the whole driven part. I was driven in the wrong way. You want it affirmation a thing. Every boy need man teach them how to be a man, but also to affirm him and every girl. It's a father to her affirm her so that she's, not look of affirmation from wrong sources and me
information came from, getting money will make money, and my friends say you demand. Moody's knew that in so doing That was the substratum of. Why do what I did? I'm not justified in any way. But I was looking for that had on my back from my dad. Did I couldn't get in still in a ring- and I can remember me- wasn't board and maybe the rings problem worth fifteen twenty grand only got like maybe two hundred dollars for it there disturbing read in a book. You talk about your bring it into this pawnshop there. You know you know do you know the warnings worth whatever ten fifteen grand and the guy I could give you one hundred and fifty yeah yeah yeah, and I think maybe you get them up to two hundred by there you go,
all kinds of things going on you, you work at a sneak, restore. You start taken cash for four sneakers, so you're selling people, just you know not not put him in the register. Getting that money. You in high school, your kind of just barely get by the matter. When you're about to graduate flights could find out you're, not gonna, gradually, nice and soon fuck. You say you had to write a fifty page report in a weekend, but no no, the reality was no. It wasn't a night and and reality was I I changed from. It was actually a hundred page report for a book. I cut it down, fifty because I was like unrealistically Pierre people not going to believe me if I put in and and one one hundred, so let me let me put it down to fifty, but the reality was. It was one hundred how the hell did you read a hundred pages in the night I just put in? I was driven
I want to grow. I don't want to. I didn't want to get left back the worst thing that could happen to you, at least for me at the time, the worst thing that could happen where everybody would call you stupid and do the opposite of affirm you as if you ever got left back And I didn't want to get left back and I didn't want to drop out and I didn't want to have anything to do with school, so that drove me and yet MR wolf I'll, never forget he said right or paper or why english is a boring. and I figured it out man. Do you still have that paper? I you know my mom bad knows. As we remember in the house. Yesterday. She brought out a whole folder of of papers that I've that I had been that she would make me rex. You may be right from the time I was a small kid and the dated when I I didn't see that paper I think I had to turn it in though I think I turned it into the the teacher. I don't think I got that one back So you get the you do it you just doing bad shit you're doing that, but you don't you get it get out of high school
That's where I can open up with you had to take the opportunity to open up with just you'd outside the drug. So you go through that phase. Interesting in the end of that section, I read. I start talking about how you you were saying you needed something, bigger something with more money and what that ended up being that ended up being actually sell Sellen cell phone to drug deal with you and you're gonna pay good money. Do I owe money tens of thousands of miles away? It was good izzy. It was nuts, so talk us through that scam. What were you doing so sentient in the book, but, like I don't want to read the whole section? That's all good! So essentially I got it I got gotta I was able to get a license or cell phone selling a cell phone license through a company. I won't mention their company name in the book. I call them wtc and the and this guy who work there essentially show me how to activate phones on lines of credit
so essentially what work on other peoples. The credit people who worked, who were trying to get the phone so essentially depends. When a person's credit, you can activate up to three cell phone lines and then you had you want to receive your bill until the thirty day mark, and then you had thirty days from there, which was the sixty day mark to pay your bill, and if the bill was paid by the ninety day mark, then the phone will cut off. So essentially it was a
It was a free phone and you did an upfront. There was no payment, so it wasn't like buy the phone for two hundred dollars and then get a bill because the cell phone company was making this it's money more of its money in the in the actual monthly bill, because it was twenty nine. Ninety nine a month for thirty minutes who talked for thirty minutes even think about it now, but who'd talk with thirty minutes, especially with cell phones became a thing. Nobody talked for thirty mins. Everybody was going to fifty minutes, sixty three four hours and then you do. The cell phone companies were making crazy money cause. I think like five send a minute or something ridiculous like that after you exceeded your thirty minutes, and so so yeah I was I I partnered up with a guy who I wanted high school with than he had a girlfriend at work than a hospice clinic.
So he his girlfriend would get me a sheet of paper and it's like five or six people's names on it and b name their name, and these are people who are about to die expire. So the name date of birth, social security and address, and then I would plug. and if I would call up, we use my license, call call up the company, we say hey, I have ricardo rigoletto, you know just on a random name and here's a social years this and then they will run the person on the line, would run and run the credit. But like the qualifies for three phones, perfect I'll, take all three and then I would I would receive the phones from the company as well. So I would have the box, and I would read the number, the serial number to the operator and they would act of eight three votes. and I would then cell phones, I started sailing around people, but then I for the most part, the majority. My clients were drug dealers because they liked the phone. The phone will stay on for ninety days and the burner phone and would dog turn often and they would
come back to me and get another one, and then they will you. How much do they pay you for a phone? It depended on it dependent on the phone, so the cheapest phone I can put my memory serves right around three hundred dollars, so I will sell afford the most expensive phone was nine hundred dollars an hour is a motorola tic tac phone because it was like it looked like a tic tac and it was really small guys like that. It was. It was cool, went in there with a motorola two way: pagers. They came in like silver and and black and jc, and all these artists made them super popular because they went to music. Deals and- and so I would sell those for about five hundred a pop and again they would stay on for ninety days as well. Classical texts do what they needed to do cut off. Come back to me. Here's another one and I was rolling in the money man. I bought a brand new car
I remember driving right off the dealership downtown manhattan, not too far from my from it wasn't a lexus or some lincoln, lincoln lincoln said in the book. Yes, the lincoln ls and yeah. I was, I was started by record companies and essentially laundering the money through the company, so that that way we could we could make music and I could kind of. I had the money there and this is the eighth wonder: a regular entertainment yeah. I have to wonder entertainment, yeah yeah. So now you got some some rap artists that your and produce you get started. Your time is up for studio time pay for need when it came to shows and we need the guy's needed new clothes and boots and all asked us if they can look the port pay for that we would go down. There you beach. Interestingly, how have we got out of the genuine beach record? Dounia poor? I was a portsmouth with words, Portsmouth virginia and found a degree,
down there, they would make beats four, so yeah, that's where a lot of the money was going to now. You get a one at one point: in the balkans is a big part of the box, is kind of a turning point for you. You get confronted by this guy. What's his name, divined of under Divannaia he's drug deal that you have given a bunch of funds through there and The phones got caught off after a short, very short period of time. To get back to you like you that these things are work here, You realize, or you at least suspect, that phone companies onto you yeah, because how many freakin people have not paid for the follies aid is old. Yet we do need a legit business. At this time we ask us, I was always smart about it. I was always smarter. Ok, if I'm gonna, so
with three phones that I sold illegally like I needed to sell at least like seven, eight or nine phones. That way I was covering my bases. So if somebody ever came and investigated me, I can say: hey like this was a legit customer, here's the id cause they would. I would also get the driver's license nido photo of the driver's license to prove that this person into the guy hospices girl we'll be able to get me the pictures of the driver's license as well. So if anything did come up, I could say: hey this person I met with in the desert. signature, I don't. I was gone I hear all mile? The logic lies, I got scammed and and so I was really really smart about not going overboard and until I met death and he comes your house and friction he's going to he's telling you I going to kill you, you don't give on it, but it was all his fall because when approached me initially
and, I said, hey- I want to buy bulk. I said no, as I did not the weight as works. If I'd give you, if I do bulk, then I'm gonna die. Message, my ratio in there guys that would get in court. Maybe not a company other companies, there was one gamma company would get caught prosecutors and the federal presents a federal crime. Why is it a federal, and you're you're, you're, you're, stealing people's personal information, I gotta vacation and your activating lines of credit. so you knew this, and so I thought a market
sell you bulk. No, I told them. No an age is kept on press and kept our present come on it'll, be fine! Just try one time now you just do I just so. You know I wrote a book called extreme ownership and uses blame him for having set its. Let that's like belgium, Austria, lessons. I rapturous bag, Norway. The reality is that was the idiot I wish I mean I was. I was the brains behind emulation, so with it all, it all falls on me, but so he comes to you now you think all their onto my aunt. I'm scared wise man back when he went he threatened me. I wasn't even taken about him you see him eagerly. I saw federal president arroyo prison. You know, and you know right is actually still in prison. To this day, HU I used to hustle with and what- What are you going to prison for a strong arm robbery? You know drugs I mean he guy and a crate, Thing is, after all,
got into. The teams I met ride. Lino began if he got clean for a little bit, I met him. He got clean for a little bit. He was a bus driver and then he fell back into the he will you call me up and and talk struggling you don't do it off your back and finally use either. Can he fell back and with strong arm robbery in pennsylvania. He did his time there as soon as he got released from prison in pennsylvania. He had charges in jersey, so he got don't write right back in prison in jersey, so he's still in prison in jersey. Right now, too. Okay, so speaking of charges, you did get rolled up for eating a freakin burger at mcdonald's yeah right, so you got that in there and that plays a little bit of a role, because now you have a record yeah, so you get rolled up typical, like kind of cops or harass new guys, you're at you know just This is the kind of shit that happens. You know yeah, so you guys get you get arrested, yeah and that's at a mcdonald's and you
and of quitting your job with the phone. Thank you like I am out federal prison does is out of the air, and I wrote a letter, Mom I'll be right in my letter because a my stupid mine, I felt oh if I write a letter and quit and wayne, that the reason why I'm quitting is because there's just too much craziness going on They ever discovered. It was me they can prosecute me cause. I quit. I dunno why I thought that would just cover your tracks really quit before I get practically yeah. Well, I think you'd get prosecuted, even if you quit written in sorry. What was the letter to play with to the guy was to my boss at the company. So there was a woman that I had to report into as she loved me. I mean she was a you know, a lot of money and a lot of money. She even cry when I came to gave it a letter, and she was just like why you like you're doing so good here, and I was just like this it's crazy is on so
not that goin on quit that once you quit that now you don't have the money that you had to fund wonder here: so now you're starting to scramble and trying to make something happened there and you had a connection who attic action who had a connection or something along those lines with with Kevin Lyle screws, like I think at this time he might have on the president of that jam, and so you get a meeting with the whip. The with the present F gm records. I mean this is as good as it gets and so you Kevin liles. Here, let me go to the book. Mr lyles. Your visitors are here. The assistant said Mr Lau stood up and said come on in guys he had a warm comforting spirit about him. He wasn't intimidating, but I could tell he was all business. Will he embraced him with a handshake and said these the guys I've been working with? I think the guy good stuff for you after willie made the introductions he stepped into the corner and stood there with his hands in his pockets. What would
happened for the remainder of the meeting was now on me Ok, what what's your name again? Mr allows act, asked I'm remy on the ceo and founder of eighth wonder records, and these are my artis- do have muse with you, he asked a hand. R c d to Mr Lyon's. Yes, here accomplish now that we produced he read the print The cover cool cover the eighth wonder of the interesting. Let's see what you got MR allows pop the cd into his player and started listening are out. Was set up with what we thought was the best songs first, because we intended the city to be a demo. Also, as me it played out, MR wiles intently. He only into snippets of each song. He nodded a little seem d. interested in some songs and interested in others. Good news was that he listened to some of every song. I honour didn't know what to think. My assessment was that he could either way finally
spoken when he did, he was direct yeah, it's good, but is not there. My heart but I maintain my composure. He continued. Let me play you something that's popping. I just signed an artist named joe, but his album is now yet but check this out. This is the kind If we're looking for four artist, that pop. So he plays this year just trying to live freely cool. You say we set goodbyes to MR lyles that we thanked him for his time in honesty and made her way out of the building we were. Finally out when we were finally out we stood at the southeast corner and talked I tried to motivate the troops the best I could telling that we'd find another way, but deep down I knew was over. There was no nowhere keep funding, eight wonder at the same level. So, that's that's what Where are you cause at sometime around here? Is when nine eleven happens, yeah yeah, as fact that event with def jam was jane.
Were two thousand to everything that happened. What devon happen in november december? To thousand I watched the twin towers come down. As matter of fact, I went mom woke me up on September. Eleven like nine, a m and told me what was gone on. There was a girl I was staying at the time she lived like tube to build this down. She called me up and told me that to her can be heard, her apartment, which our parliament we went up on the roof, and she was true call her cousin cause a cousin. The windows of the world and I wasn't getting through, and then we both watched the towers come down from like the eighteenth floor on the seventeenth floor of the building, so the eighteenth proof of the building and yet ours that was crazy. Man, sirens back and forth, all day all night long,
It was horrific man, but it the city to gather that was One thing I remember every body, regardless of race, regardless of what neighborhood you notice, it was like new york just came together in a way that no, seen before, but it was. It was absolutely horrific. It did it were watching when I was on a room watching a twin towers. Gary come down. A pardon it was like man. I want to go. Do something like I want to. I want to go like I want to go, get those who did they did whatever happened, cause that nobody really knew what had happened yet At that point we didn't know. If it was, you know, did the plane flying by accident. Nobody really knew what was happening until the second plane hit. It was like okay, this is an accent, but we didn't know who it was. We didn't know the pilots tomato pack or what
and a part of me just wanted to go in and get revenge, and but then I feed it really really quick because of what I was involved in from a hustling standpoint and focus being, focused on making money. Yeah yeah- and you had this dream of the music right. I mean you're, putting work to try and make that happen the as well, you got the meeting common up with f jam. I mean that's friggin, look yet more funds for a little bit as I lay there are better heard. A voice say you need to get out of here. You to join the military. Is that a voice. You here often the distance within a dream. The way someone speaks to you while you were asleep, but I was dreaming. I was awake in the state be amusement
I brought my head up to look around, but there was no one in the room, but me the voice said it two more times but softer than the first, even soft and even softer on the last. You need to join the military. You need to join the military now. I'll be honest. I smoked a lot of weed in my teenage years and in the process of getting high. I did experience of freaky events, but I hadn't been high for at least three weeks before this I was clean. I promise not only was the voice audible, but it penetrated my mind and reverberated through my very being. It got my attention. I sat up and just stared in the room and Stared actually begin to entertain the idea of joined the military. What do I have left? I have nothing else to do that, my head began a silent argument. No, I can't do that. I hate the police. Anyone uniforms, the police know, plus I, like my hat back where did my clothes baggy? So there's no way I'm slipping into one. Those tight ass sailor, costumes, no four straighten anger. I laid back downstairs the ceiling, damn damn Am I a gun, often left? I too Deep sigh began to whisper. If you don't leave me in your programme, end up dead or imprison violation,
I lay there for about thirty minutes, trying to figure out what else I could do in my life and nothing came up finding a or I will do it. Do I have left the decision made was made I was always there I like that next thing you know you're going to recruiters to go to the army. You talk a little bit to the army and you but a marine recruiter who are trying to get your, you see the you see like a force, recon picture you're like yo, that's it yeah no one's in their here and now you go into the navy, recruiter there and get. petty officer, tiana re rears, yep, de on arrears and she's she's good to go. starts run in your record and stuff little
background check she she finds out here. She says you have a warrant for arrest in new york and you have a warrant for arrest. New jersey was the new jersey, arrest or something that was that was being reckless driving. I was doing like some like a hundred twenty like like a sixty five. Seventy something stupid in and identity, top of furs and cause. I knew the cops whereby me, I knew the sirens, but I try to play off like they weren't you, actually Paul, I wasn't like eyes beaches and when it pour me order like what are you Why did you stop? It's? Like, oh, I didn't know, you were going one hundred and twenty missouri sirens. Who else do you think we chase and I never went to court I you know I even with the whole, you know the thing that happened with the rest of the resisting arrest and disobeying a lawful order like that happening. I got arrested with the I never went to court and I was like oh I didn't. I didn't know I needed to go to court
on the issue of words for trial and so does more to see a two words out and arm. Luckily, t she's freakin, squared away. and she sat up appointments were you with the new jersey, korea and the meat. Of course she went there. Put her ass on the line, is matter back and said, like I vouch for this guy he want The changes life he's had some rough steps. He's gonna go in the navy. If you can let him, if you Let him in italy's wide spreading is where it comes from now how long was it before you actually shipped out two weeks? that was jus real, I'm nineteen turned twenty a bouquet turned twenty, a merger between your book in a car The thing about his tiana died. Two years later
Is it cool afterward that you write about her and you find her find her favorite one for actually very rural yeah? I was with her aunt and uncle yes. Two nights ago at the at the lit bar so yeah because a family. But yes she she changed her trajectory in my life and You did it. You know you mentioned this day of the book like in discharge. There. She changed a lot trajectory of a lot lot of young men and women to get them in the military, and those people talk about recruiters recruiters line, all the stuff we the ale voice, but I say what you know when they, when they take someone it's on a negative trajectory and you get him in the navy or get em in the military man you're doing a huge favoured, a huge favorite of them there. I can t right now, like best thing that ever happened to me was gone and the gold in the navy one So book camp you ship off taboo camp there, how how's remy young remy, like bookshop
It was easy. It was the the easy arm. I was motivated to be ages squared away because it is essential decision that Tiana made maid ideal. two prove her decision wrong because they were the reason why the military didn't want me in with my record, but my warrants in my background, which In retrospect I understand, and I new, the tiana took a risk, and I knew that if I screwed up, if I talk back off, I was rude What I didn't pay attention to detail than I would just be proving proving the system right So so Okay was easy for me. You know I just do what I was told by every single day I was in boot camp though even in the even when I got busted my got to teams, I was petrified
because I always had that thing hanging over me that that the stuff that I did with the cell phones hanging over me, it's going to come back. It's going to bite me in the butt to every, I remember being will Campbell when my name will get called, even if it was simple as hey you, don't we get over here lincoln or go I'm like. Oh crap, this sitting shipping me out. I lied moment of truth wallets this other stuff. You know I was. I was just petrified and it'd be something simple. We just want to confirm what your preferences are you dog tag. Hearts drawback aid by now. Follow me that one thing alone, you know when you do when you do wrong and do sticks which you sticks was demanded in form time there.
I gotta be careful too, as sometimes you don't people make mistakes and they think. Well. I already made a mistake so like you could easily done that if he had a different mindset like well they'll, never let me and I'll never be able to make it so I'll. Just keep doing both be no criminal shit because I've already screwed up yet so luckily, you didn't get that I forgot to mention. You didn't come in the navy on a seal counter out you? out. The erasmus score was good enough. How can swim and you couldn't westward analysed skinny I come as you. I was like one, forty five, maybe fifty I was I was I was skinny. I would wear baggy clothes in and you know president mike, I was origin in charge, but I was, I was always get a one. Forty five as I want forty five one. Fifty deal I was skinny. My brother was releasing. My brother now is like still super skinny. Did you do? Did you play any sports in high school? I played I played basketball and then I got kicked off the team and I never played again. I remember I'll. Never forget it
I was in my sophomore year and somebody made joke the culture standing here. Somebody made a job of us laughed the coach eyes, Some reason landed on me. I said you think that was you think, that's funny, because I guess it's funny now being aware that he was upset. He said I kicked off the team and also what is lacking. the team get out of here. You still think that's funny and I never play basketball have again- and I like in that type of capacity, it really screw me up. But so like an did. You ever work out. Did you ever ron. Did you ever do pushups any shit like that, all the stuff I did at Fordham hill, you know running around with the guys playing two hand, touch football. You know kicking the door and running, and there was a I remember in high school. I can remember. Food was my sophomore junior year, but we have
like a weight lifting class, and I did that- and I remember you know getting you know putting on muscle, quick, that's something that I've never had an issue when I start working out like I'll put on muscle, quick and lose it fast. If I don't make came to an end now than at GAD. I didn't have like us set fitness. Regimen it's good to hear cause. You know sometimes guys they think all if I wasn't freaking swimmer or football player or whatever wrestler. Then I don't have a chance of making it in the buds when it suits. Actually not true just depends on your mentality, but you should but you shopping. Did you get a contract to be a corpsman? as a former. Yet so you
What a boot camp and you make it through the moment of truth, which, if you don't know moment of truth, is when they like tell you like. We have all of your records and if you don't come clean with what your records say, you're going to be sent to federal prison for the rest of your life yeah and then some kids regularly yeah. I got caught for shoplifting in fourth grade and you know, but but diana had told you to keep your mouth shut, don't let them don't come more! You in new york at all, for what you do yeah and I did it. I was scared almost there, but I did so you get that you get you get through. Bootcamp you get through hm school, so you're going to become a whiff. You don't know what a corpsman is is automatic in the navy and then you get stationed at camp pendleton at the at the hospital. What year is this? This is two thousand and I got to the hospital two thousand and three
two thousand and three year what there and again this is like great stuff funny stuff. In the book you get some day. interaction with some of the fleet, people that show up and treat you like shit, which is terrible. But you know you want what about you. yet the you the dvd of the document for the class toothache for documentary yep and again And you don't really know much about working out yeah, so you just make up your own sake it up. I just see I I watched a documentary on SC. Alright, these dudes are just constantly moving they're, just gone from the pull up bar to push up two deserves our back. So I can't work out. Where am I gonna do down beds get up now out said bans the neo gesture. I need to be constantly moving so That's what I did that I remember having a log book wedges. You know that the first part,
I work workout was where I had to max out. You know I had to with my test. So if it was a pull at work out, then that was when I would try and get the most pull ups that I could get that would log it's on. You know two twenty three two thousand and three like five pull ups, then you know the next week when I did that work out. I had to at least six polyps and I just gradually just started creating circuits around- seem like you're, pretty methodical yeah, something about your nature. That's methodical! I think it comes from my dad. You know an engineer ordering engineer and having their engineering mine, you leave announce a filmmaker and whether to do an organ harvesting, film, on action for a law or you know a drama like in my mind. Is it just piecing the story together in a way than an engineer pieces, a building together or pieces of a car to gathers dislike I just? I see the problem in my mind, just start trying to figure out how to work through that problem. That's how it, how work that? What were fitness,
when getting proper shape, and you do that with your ass vibe as well cause you gotta, have your ass wraps or so you figured out and again all the stuff is in the book. Read the book cause it shows. When you take a methodical approach, the things you can you can get through there You also do some dumb shit like this one likes. Second class, maybe she's a h m two or an hm three, and she doesn't like you she's, not her real name. No. Okay. I can tell you that this girl, from around the world yeah you've, got like a a thirteen world class third class yeah. Yet you like doesn't like you and she just hates you, and then you got a situation where you're the duty driver, meaning you need to be on all to drive if needed, and you dunder buncher times, you'd never be called before, and so
she tells you, you know your duty driver you better, not leave bases like okay and sure enough. One of your buddies is some new free, the tears of the sun yeah. I couldn't resist. I couldn't resist man opening weekend. I was fifty years at a sunday yeah, so you so you go and see if you get in trouble again. All this stuff is in the book. These are all great little stories from the book as well. But you end up: getting through that the end you get you get two thousand for the you get you get bored but there are moves me what's your first impression when showed above the site shock and oh, but it was also like wow. This is where I'm supposed to be, and there were times when I was just like man I do this to you. I was like what the egg, I remember one instructor care of his name, I'm also probably going to say his name anyway, but he's like You get hammered home donor inspection where uniform and my parents were had sat down flight paths by bite. My boots long
it's doing boy! This is the hood. Can you say that yeah you realize it's all a mind game messing with you, but yeah it was just. It was like a beautiful world. Men and I had never been in an and also to calibre guys that you know that that I was around you know they they which had never been in. This, is like the climate of crop, as it relates to americans mikey months or with a bold crew Bobby ear was in my class Brian Joe role in the world and to our class. It was like all these really really good dude in guys who had gone to be legends, you know in our community and so just to be a key from the hood here? They were tired, mouselike tie them up you gotta go find out there like beer was unreason end, but it was. I was happy, every day I was just. I was happy to be there
how old are you now at this point? When you showed up the seat as to there might have been twenty one? I should have. twenty one for shock that turned twenty in boot can't went through to january. In J worries of two thousand and four saw me twenty one per year out at a turn. What are you doing that outcome in august, two thousand and four give a good description here You say, this master chief picked up the megaphone and said this is just the first hour of training and new clouds are falling apart. You wanna waste. Might waste the time of our instructors staff, while I'm going to waste your time go line up on the beach we all scurry down to the beach and lined up side by side with our backs to the ocean, the medical truck drove through a break in the berm and flashed a tie beams on us. Then the after slowly walked over the burma and die to where we stood silent in silent anticipation. The temperature we're still around fifty five degrees and there was a slight breeze because of my lack of body fat, wet clothes I was already shaking. matters worse. I knew exactly what was coming next and evolution called surf torture.
Through the megaphone master chief gave the command about face turned round face the ocean, lock arms. Your help with smile. When we all know what this means. we interlocked arms forward march as a class. We begin to make our way into the ocean. The water temper you're san diego in february, hovers around fifty seven degrees in layman's terms. That's freezing cold I'd already been in the water, but it was a in and out now I was slowly walking in the only way I could stop was if I, on locked arms and turned to quit the water to my ankles, I said damn that's called, but I kept moving, then the water, without my five than hips and finally, the water reach my adamant mass. Chief said and hope we all bob and stood there as the waves splashed on us, our remit. We're trying to stand on my toes to keep this watch my offer body out of the water is possible. Then I heard the command take seats We all slowly gotten a sitting position. I could hear all kinds of cursing from the guys up and down the line are
for bodies were now spurs and when the waves crashed over us, our faces would be submerged as well We learn that I could take name calling growing up in the hill prepared me for that. The spring and push out my training at the hospital prepared me for that and everything else they threw me, but the cold was: kryptonite, my body, was built for after fifteen minutes of lying there shaking like a coconut on a tree. I heard the infamous ding ding ding again instructors at bay, the bell, the beach and another student had quit. Those bonds man here, what you you figure, your body fat with super allow done, and I d overhead zero body that a meal research torture, even at the end of every tomorrow, Tom swim. I was either borderline hype just because his leg in special being in one minos slate, so you have. You also had some problems with swimming
with since you've ever swam with finance firm yeah. I didn't know that I thought that act when you why I took the screening test, I thought that I just had to learn how to do the five hundred and to get it. I didn't know that I actually had this swim with fins and buds. I saw it in. I saw it in the bud two three four, but I didn't know that it was like time at all you just get in and cause that's base. Women, when the guy is a famous, is whimsy, got open out a little, but he has just completion. Completion as always the completion and yeah man, that's? That was my. That was for my group this, so you you can't got through that the car, this is a free can issue for you. You talk about doing it swims and by the time you get done with swims just about every time, european you're not doing good. Now Two hours like two hours instructors will always mess with me. Saying well say: hey do. Are we going to have to bring a diet of a team
players dvd or his, but what else on the safety boat is two hours because it's swamp the passing time with eighty five minutes and I'm out there for two I was, and they were they were. They were intentionally making me finish it because they were like nah we're going to let them suffer until quit you again. There's a cop pointed good stories about the stuff in the book, but for instance at steel, so now we get to hell week in how weak at sea appear you start, the hype out there, and who's hoosier. Your body temperature was like eighty seven degrees at eighty yeah. I think it's. Eighty eight point, seven. Eighty points, it was not a good sign now, so you you got hypothermia there they take you out of the water, the bring you to medical, warm you up here which are you know they did. This salute. Take you out of the water. They warm you up and now the what like an hour somethin like that attitude, core temperature back up
thing is man. Buds is psycho, but it's actually fair play and you're a good example that- and this is your whole story- is a good example. The fact that, like that right, there yeah. If you quit, could you call your quarter, but if you hi bout, there's only so much you can do and as humor like you know, you you some people, they just don't have a world number one, they don't have the body fat. If you will probably like this frequent, skinny one hundred and sixty lb or one hundred and fifty pound kid. Your bodyfat now you'd be freaking chill like even we have a joke in the teams. We call it when someone's a little chubby, they call it bat swimmer must lay day. I could say war for a long time, so It's a real fake there and when you got a guy that, like gets but firm. It gets to steal peer, echo, Charles. What is theirs. There's appear over in the san diego bay on the on the
maybe base is made of steel Clia. Steel is not war so as to appear Its beauty, I think, is the first night a whole week. It maybe like tour. The clock and what are you might be the second? It was the second matter how we get here. Could we did the elephant run down to aid in Britain the neck, as we did in elephant run? the boats or heads from buds down to imperial beach, and we were down there for a while and daybreak comes in, and we do some stuff down there then maybe with tat night. We had this its. It has to be one of the first tonight because we have by the third night. You'd knew just be like. lot into not able to do it, but put you they base. We put on the steel, pier, it's free, and cold, and they put you in the water bring you out there spraying you with cold hoses and it make you lay down on the steel pyramid, stand up with the wind blowing and it is, there is going. People. Hype outwardly get you connect so
you hyped out there, take you away. They warm you up. How do you, your cousin, to bring you back and is what does deal fort chief wharton right. You knew I do it all why he was funny man you know used like so you want to quit or you want to go back. You wanna go back in like we go back so that's your mindset. Like your freezing cold yeah, then it ok, yup we warmed. Your backup yeah, like I said budgets for your warm, now go back and go back, but they didn't know in their defense. They didn't know. I was sick. Oh that's right. The fact that you had said yeah, I started with sight. I was spitting up blood, and so you know now that instructors knew that out for me, as I do, I want a friggin goaded is mentioned. that measure before how weak they find out that I've saved in spitten a blood, and then I have to start want a free space all over again other you
get off and get the wednesday we wrote where'd. You go back to the class here, I'm going to pick it up in a book. A short rested help I wasn't feeling great by any means, but I was feeling good enough to manage about thirty minutes later my lungs felt like I was breathing through a katy straw. I started, dizzy from lack of oxygen and before I knew it. I'd formed the ground. I was still conscious when the instructors were on me, like blood drunk hyenas, get up you quitter. There is nothing wrong with you. Instructor G said as a stumbled my way to my feet and began to stagger behind my boat crew medical cleared. You so stop faking it and get under the boat. I must have last ounce last out of strength, my body. After about thirty seconds, I caught it to crew stood erect with my head under the boat and capture driving. Despite my lack, despite being back in position. The instructors didn't care they wanted me gone. Three instructors ran beside me, shouting all kinds of stuff drama, queen weak loser and then just like that. In the midst of chaos, chaos, everything went black. I can't tell you
after what happened before and I was told later every part of my body stop moving. At the same time, my arms fell down to my side and and like a leaf, in the tower. That is past the point of no return I face planted into the concrete one student described it like seeing a robot powered down in mid flight. Doctors flip my motionless body over and tried to bring me back to consciousness after two minutes? One of the instructors did a deep sternum rub, which led my nerves to shock me awake. When my eyes opened everything seemed hazy. I could see instructors running to me and the ambu pulling up. I remember coughing violently. I felt, like my lungs were full of dust. The medical team loaded me back in the ambu and raced me back to medical care. going in and out of consciousness, I couldn't feel anything hot colder pain emma. Dying. I thought, if I am it's not as bad as I thought it would be, it seemed kind of like a peaceful slipping away as soon as the The buds medical doctor ryan list to my lungs, or we could say, was all my that's not good. Civilian ambulance was called and I was rushed about boa hospital with silence and lights. Blazing myself
if the diagnosis turned out to be correct and I skip this part, but we mentioned that you would. You knew as a corpsman that you had some some a swimmer induced pulmonary edema. He had fluid in your lungs X. Ray showed that my lungs were filled with fluid. I was surprised subsequently diagnosed with syp pneumonia and another potential potentially fatal condition. Rhabdomyolysis there was no way I could return to how weak. Instead I spent two days now. I see you then three, four days in general recovery, so your first crack at how we didn't go good at it in a good, but you didn't quit. Diana and, like I said and buds, is hard, but it's fair, yes, fair and Why? If you meet someone of economy like blame, yeah there's been a really good chance there that there not being honest with you and they're, probably not being honest with themselves say my friend and former admiral maguire used to tell the guy's before how weaker, if you,
don't make it through its because of you, MR an alibi you're a good example that, because here you are you typed out their day warm you up. They let you restart with the class. Now you freakin tat second facile, while running and drop you get a union quit there, so they put back to first day a first phase again what I didn't want app and have anyway So now I met markedly other young markedly was in my bow crew. Oh yeah cause you hadn't. You had mikey was in two fifty yeah and then and then mark was into fifty one right on yeah. He was in your boat crew of the air. We were in the same boat might yet it wasn't a freaking character. He didn't know he was so humble. He got on me one time because You know how it is. You get low and
we better than but you know I got my chest popped out. A little bit more because of the fact that I made it through firstly,
it's the first time I got to how a week and then here I am this kid from the bronx. So my head just got big and I remember just walking around and I remember Markley. We were in front of a barrack six o to line up in our bow crew, and I looked over at the talking to the master chief master chief, the first day to mention his last name and that you know cause he'd, get nasty pics joking with me about something, and I had much as I instructors joke, only being buddy buddy, so I'll walk back over my chest is out and I look out the corner, my markets just looking at me and I look over them like what are you looking at me and he's like? You need to be humble dave and I and I remember it, bothered me and it wasn't until like we got closer to hell week, that I really understood what he was saying and we became really really cool, but he checked me because he saw where my head was going and he- and he said if you keep this up-
It's pretty much say. If you keep this up they're going to kick you out, don't don't let their kindness for you, you know just because you had a a run so I'll. Never forget that and I'll. Never forget him. Checking me what about mikey? Do you remember mikey? Yet I will never forget after I got he made it how weak and I got back- he came up to me and he was lay at the think of he had been but before that both mark and mikey had both been too but before they were with you. They both quit okay, so mikey came on to me he's like put his hand on my shoulder. I do not understand bro like this all right you get back in and keep your head in the game and I'll never forget that comfort that he gave me cause was crushed when I came back from the hospitals all with their brows shirts and ale
yeah tos and, as you know, the the yell that we do have to get a call out, and he came up to me and comforted me and I never get that he said something to me before. We went in how we that remember for a long time, but I can't remember now, is it was. He was such a humble due to yours man. He was like a humble good! Do man, you know I mean I was the one thing I remember about. Mikey and even when we were bulk, ruin everything we when we would like an answer torture to run with boats on their heads or whatever the case may be. Workmen was an our boat crew as well. You know he which just always be positive. It was almost like he was the leader of the crew and very selfless. You know, and obviously we know what what happened but
that's what I remember, but I'll never forget him coming up to me after I got released from the hospital, and that gave me back conversation that he had with me gave me that spark to keep going, because you know, and never the idea of quitting never really crossed my mind. But I was down hard, you know seeing my brothers moving on. In india. So forget that sure ass freaking guys here. sir, you start up again and one one day so you done what four weeks of training for weeks for weeks of this for circus gave. You go all the way back to the beginning. This time you're you do, right there you make it through how weak, yet once they could do how weak these goals, Doctors realise that use sock, that's where I am
and you had just barely guy asked every swim, and so they actually, when you get on with how we can this happens pretty nor I pray regularly. People get you to get done with how we can you just dont like you're, injured, yeah, you basically make can be any kind of injury, but, like you get rolled yeah haven't you a lot of guys after how weak you so you get rolled but actually role you for two classic class, no forget when writing off the beach hell. We just secure mass chief half God, rest. His soul command is a and captains smithers you know they they bought to run through. That gave no from the beach having compound Adelaide to me the best you for lego you ain't we'll be back. You buy yoda weeping, you the we think you could do and you got potential, but we got it now. We don t do it. you prove that you oughta be now that teach you how to swim in it.
Started when rollback last year. They do like even right there you can tell they didn't want to invest in you before the how weak, because then you take one to time put into vanished courts anyway, you never know he's gonna quit. It is never know. Someone might seem like a quote good dude here and then steel peer regularly ran away. Those leaves those good do. They sought out a different opinion about the about what they want to do in life. No, they start out with those things happen. So you you get rolled. We know you learn how to swim. So now you class back up again. You still fail swims the time tightens up the time heightened, but was it was my pride I mean that conversation it markedly had with me time had passed and at it
in another thing by mark. He was always hold me accountable throughout that whole process of us go through first phase in how we sometimes it was as a look like Egon. Well, how to yourself right- and I didn't have that accountability anymore and when I was a rollback lana had a lot of time on my hands and so after we we would get off at like twelve o'clock. We just have to do our swim, pt and then I'm out hey now, go downtown, don't already stupid things and then add on weekends. It was party time a writer. I passed my first swim in the first phase it was on. I was just like I'm making it through buds cause. Now, I'm going to I phase nobody body can't tell me anything and destroy this will show up on weakens our help to help any body when anything this supposed how we, you know whether you are struggling, swims unity will struggle runs. If you struggle
And if you, if you anticipate dissipated, appeal, you'll, be struggling with anything die related. They would show up one a weekends and light eight o clock. Warning a reasonable time, nothing too crazy work with guys for a couple of hours and then go, and I had never showed on because I'm too busy partying in the gaslamp district and chasing girls and doing the stupidity that I'm too hung over You know to what part of the test of buds is the weekends yeah. It's part of the test, like people are always like they're, not don't have every week, and often you don't need definite, have different, I'm every we can offer you deaf. We things to do and we get it. But if you want to go down to the gas lamp district, get drunk and be stupid, you can do it here, but catch up with an answer
is poor and not to mention just getting in trouble. Getting arrested, gettin whatever rolled up forever thing, so that their kind of looking to see how mature you are, if you can handle that, So you have the opportunity to each train, but you you best ones. Where would you like? A long ago the girl huey? You even have the book in the book and africa. parties, but it's a cardinal sin. Some girl out in the bar asked you what you do with a b c. You like, as you said, you're like oh wait that, like a cartoon- and I wanted to be honest- you know what I mean like. That was one thing in a book. I wanted to be honest about cars It's good to show all the glamorous things and all that other stuff, but I wanted to show I was I wasn't place and it was My it was all on me and I want people to see the mistakes that made it see. Hey, I even told foolish, later, for the car
will sanders rural, say or don't say it don't say you can say I'm a trainee, yeah, there's all kinds of things. You could say, but he said it yeah and thankfully no one was there to hear it and this poor girl. Why do so use you get to now. You get back in the classroom. The second phase, which is di fazio. You failed the first swim, the film the first one fail, the second swim, and then you fail. The second swim, yeah and then there is an area of training, its guises poor weak and now this when you're, actually learning to dive with with the war with open circuit in diving, which is like regular scuba, diving. and you have a bunch of people calls and test to go through with that and you you actually are passing these tests at there's. Another test called the tread. Tell us about the tread. The trend is five minutes.
adding water hands above the water some genius touch to water. You fail twenty eighties on your back tanks for dive gear way, bout on you just using the offence and I'm a dude already stretched away. So you add that an ego for some people- iranian job, I know he had no issue with the float, but for me I'm already negative, no body fat jumping award. I go down anyway with that. It's like I'm drowning. As a matter of fact, when I it Brown proofing at first phase and part of part of the drown proofing is a float I didn't flow. I was literally kicking the entire time because I'm so negative so multiply that with father, died, tanks and tread, and now was horrific. For me it was. It was like I felt like. I was drowning and I feel that four times and again he was evolution that their structures,
job on a week in because I knew coming. If you want to some techniques or you know some wasted- two passes show up, it will help you and I wasn't there. so you fail the tread four times you end at one you're aboard the sea. What they're gonna do with you and take take it to the here at a lake. I come in and oh said, I replied who ya before stepping the roman standing and attention commander o asked at lake ay you ve been here for a year. Haven't you who, yasser? I replied. He continued well because you like your time here. I'm sure you understand what's about to happen, who I replied again. the command master chief chimed in at a later. Listen you ve, been right Three times wants for medical and the command decided to give you a double role for swims, who your master chief, looking down on. record mastery of continued after being double rolled for swims.
old, both your swims and second phase and one of those failing times did even meet the first phase standard. She got worse you so Eighty six minutes after reading through my staff, he looked up at me for response who ya know use master chief, I failed. I said trying to keep it short lieutenant b. Read me my rights because the trip roles, your failure to meet the swim standard, and this week's poor weak failures we ve shown is that you don't have what it takes to be a seal. We hereby performance drop you from bud. You must immediately return your training gear in and report to ex division, the command your council will talk with your detail or annual re enter the general navy. Who, yasser I replied, respecter, respectfully the commander asked you have anything to say at a laker. Yes, sir, I want thank you for all the countless opportunities that you have given me to succeed. When I look at what has transpired over the last year, I can't blame anyone, but myself I made sure to scan the entire room. As I delivered my parting words, I showed up
prepared and when I had the opportunity to get remediation on the weakens, I didn't show up my goal: moving forwards to learn from our mistakes and come back ten times better. In retrospect, that was the first time in my don't wife, I remember taking responsibility for my actions in the past. My failures were always somebody else's fault, but finally, I took stand to point the finger at my own chest, master chief, concluded, dismissed at a lady who you are replied then I didn't about face, walked out of the conference room through the quarter deck and out to the grinder. As I was across the grinder. I stared down the big be someone special side and then made my way, the barracks, to move out, yeah good and it was necessary. You know I look back on my life or things that happened to me. Even with you know. Looking back on my dad and what happened to him and come in america I want be, who I am without well
it's my dad? I know it sounds crazy, an hour it be who I am without. Having learned a lesson having taken responsibility. I needed that to happen. I wasn't ready. And I know for unequivocal doubt that if I would have made it through- and you know what all with mikey knows guys and and teams in all that I would have been out of control, monster and gone back to Martin. I saw that and Ass well I was trying to rectify me. You know throughout our time first phase and how we cause he saw what I would potentially become about got to the team so that moment was necessary me getting kicked out, but even more so me getting that lesson. Extreme ownership in you take responsible, what, if we actions, you can't grotto big
it is no way I could have grown without looking in a mirror. At that point, in saying it's your fault there I mean that's. It's! U at moment truly think like I'm gonna get better and I'm will come back. I I didn't know if I was gonna get the opportunity to come back, but I knew that, if I did, I would be ready. Because it's not now look, this is This is like the wars going on so at this time. At this juncture there was a better opportunity of coming back here. Then there is like today the area today, if guys know make it like they're not going back it's definitely even here I mean you've got to do all kinds of things get back, and you know you gotta get approval. You gotta spend a couple of years out in the fleet like it is no easy task to get back to this conversation was like a nightmare even more
read it lacked like turn my stomach here. Even I can just remember because you're always facing something. for me when I was going through but like I was, I was never that graded. Anything so on any day kind could fail. Something like I would pass but like if I'd try don around or something or I you, whatever drop the fan on a swim and had to go back and find yourself like that or or you know, like those kind of little things, could trip me up yeah. So I was was paranoid. You know I'll paranoid and reading this thing and- and I looked at it like man, if you don't make it through this time, I don't know what
I feel like I couldn't even imagine going to the fleet and coming back like you, took that, like a champ yeah, you took out like a champ. It was humbling. If I wrote this chapter didn't like so then I always cry yeah. I fell on the floor and beg for mercy and told them I'd, never be a bad person again cause yeah man and that being said, You really have a leg to stand. I did it where they go to the rules and you failed to swim. You fail you. Even they made the first phase time and then you failed for threads and Emma engineering mine. You know my dad's mine, you know it's always trying to figure out a way like fix. The problem, We'll get around it emma. Like me, I saw this power that there is no confusion. Here is a noble your way back into this right now you gotta go away, and I bet whatever they write on you're like
record yeah yeah. I bet if you went in there like well, you know I didn't get this and I didn't get. They probably been like don't let this guy return yeah but, like you said, you took ownership, is it my fault there? Thank you for that. Paternalistic we! U, I clearly, you gave me a bunch, rob Turnest they price at hey. You know what you got a good attitude if he wants to come back. Let's let him come back a case in point c. She pitch got game you recommendation letter right after that, and he, when I was walking, was a grinder, and a lot of this has cut out, because my publisher was like you didn't want it to be shorter books. Have so much is truncated, cut out, but when I am right before the grinder cg pitch count cause. I come in like one of these like do like here's. As a matter of fact, I ended up going to swick that's it. That's that's an all out in the book as in the book, so so so so afterward
words he picky hitchcock pull me aside and, like two other strokes he's like yo, do we want to kind of keep you in the community and what maybe you should consider going to swick and then then come back But so do you want to sign this week? How that go I was in our in training a wagon. back a rogue browser, rollback land, a name wasn't train if I may be like a weakened alan's. Like me, nothing against this is just not for me and went back to a or b board, and I was like in mma the proctor. I can't remember his name bad with names, but he was super cool and he told the was a ceo can't remember that dude's name, but he was a seal use, ops, guy in charge of both classes, and he was like listen reading wants to be, as he wants to be the ceo and you know we know he can
He threw his wig, but this is not what he wants dad. I went to first marie years. Those words n, n, n n hitchcock gave me the rome ii the letter guy too said: hey come back. We recommend you come back in a year, so dinner, you gotta first time forth, marines the warrior you're a medic, yeah corpsman doc. You go on the point of view as a pole of the ep, the up. How are you doing? it calmed appointments salem around what a waste of money quake, yeah yeah, we we were well, we were just gonna. Do the pay com thing and then the s report came in a the puts: our sister, but time was again taken, be losses, and so they need it s to come in and reinforce the beckley, the command but time whatever was.
so to pollute pulled in, took away. We off loaded a move to die. Iraqi border, so this is what year was at deployment. This was two thousand and five classify and do you know we sat there every day like hey, you guys going to go and you gotta go and finally like at three months they said eh we're just going to wait. I guess I got another battalion when emerson. We just bought a back on a pebble, sailed back to california. So no, I rack for you on that point here in it He there's all kinds of good information here, but you you you. some bad luck in your life. You also have some good luck in your life cause. It turns out that a guy named hm one roscoe roscoe, roscoe yeah. He's one of your body and he gets a sign with my appeal. He was your appeal your leading petty answered. He gets a signed at the at the division, H, q, solemn, control where all the corpsman are gonna go here.
and he knows you wanna go back to buds, and so instead of spending two years in the fleet you spend what a year and every year that year and change course, and he gets you orders back to budgets me back there you go back to what's this, this stuff is all give you get a lot of good stories, some funny stuff. You end up now you're in class to sixty six, so how's, your ad you come back. This I'm sway away kept yeah. I was out you play no more now you're already already got. I already got my peace, latvia. I had but happen again. I was AJ squared away quite helpful team, The team team player is weird going buds. When you have a pretty we're idea like what's gonna happen, it's easier cause. You know thing is gonna happen so in their struggle, like we're. Gonna give you an award for another
thirty minutes. Gastar quinton just keep busy like Hell week, is going to go into saturday. You know cause it ends on friday on fridays. I ain't going to say you gotta, be so usually that in my mind I already kind of knew when things were going to end. Even evolution is like beaten down sessions. I kind of, like a my mind, knew what it was, added. Yes, I I knew about botsey elegant knew nothing here and I we didn't know. I know a poor compromise like I showed up and there was a poster. They had a texas chainsaws massacre poster near, but they had changed. It was like a sharply our current and put like a student down there, I was getting massacred and it said texas, poor. No, but
it's poor cop massacre and the guy was like drowning and I was like what is this. That was about it. That was my first memory of buds. I walked by medical, and I saw I was like what is that? What is the? What did they do it? So why didn't know anything? So for me it was always just like. I thought in the thirty second timeframe like what am I doing right now on caring about it it seems like knowing could go. two ways. You know like, if you know like gosh, I gotta do all this again. Can I think some, people quit because of that yeah yeah like when you got rolled back. Sometimes people hear that one one day while back and they got I'm not to get it out. So now you going through- and you know what's going to happen, but you kind of look it kind of fell for a positive way for you. I knew it was going to suck, but I knew prepared this time cause us when he opened the dead very next day Last week I was in the pool meal,
work in all my swims. I was at a create this exercise to strengthen my hip lecturers in and my quads and just all the muscles that need to be strengthened for the tread, and I was I was good to go. I was Agee. I was locked in an idle fail this one's at first face how weak you do go. How we got to go kind of fun was kind of fun. I mean was it was it lay. It was, Fine, I mean in this I was able to enjoy. because I was the sole stressed out about. Cannot again trying to jump on weight deterrent fast not at all, if or how we get general back to buds at nah, I don't want to say a data I wanted, because I no matter what I, what I do even Today I can't put on body fat like I'd. Like I tried, like I can punch achievable
his popeye's all. I discover that genetic sycophant airbag terrible genetic euro much that it will be with you. So so it's all going good, You get to your nemesis, the tread the treads come again and you ve found failed to if I'm gonna go back a little tactically, We failed them. I failed but a past. I pass the tread part of it. You pass the trade part where you didn't pass the swim. Your thing popped off your tank popped off or something for the first yeah yeah. You know I thought you about to read it yet you failed the first one cause I at that. After italy, they call time for the five minute tread. I went
women down and in on my on, the strap was got loose and wrapped around my neck, but they I was still technically in it, and then I hit the wall, and when I came back, I was swimming in strap with now around my neck and then I fell. I was like right before I was about to touch the wall. Peer instructors called fail, so they say fail, then what about the second? Second, one: did the five minutes read swim down on my back on the on the on the swim. Back on the back, I have a shallow water, I got right at that pass a thing of the past. The second dime tower reserved for a small one and that the dead yet a die plant. I die platform and so one day they are I didn't know what happened, but when a pull me The warning got me on the revised meal said that I again like somebody pulled a switch and in and industry looks at me. I knew that certain well
so you fail. The two and then I'm going to go to the booker. It says at the end of the day, all the students who failed the tread were ordered to bud's quarterdeck conference room for a board, the last time I was in that room, oz performance dropped and sent back to camp pendleton. I knew there was that was going to happen today, but still I didn't want to be anywhere near that place. The second phase, oh, I see, opened up the board, sir you're all here, because you failed to meet the minimum standard for the tread twice board is more of a warning that a final decision, if you fail the next to tread, you'll stand before us and dress uniform and we determine whether you will be performance, drop or performance rolled. My advice to you: don't leave your fate in our hands. their moral and make the decision to continue with the rest. Your class, then senior If went down the road of students asking each one of us. If we attended the, if we attended the optional weekend, training we, to me as it who yeah that's right, this time. My weakens one for partying for just just for rest and any optional training offered. I had my I learned my lesson. draw the instructor said their peace. All the students were dismissed except me senor. She said at a later
too bad luck. Avenue Kui, I replied, listen! Dude! We know you can do this. You pretty much past twice, ok, but pretty which is not the standard here and can let you go on until you meet the standards, so just go out there tomorrow and get it over with. We continue with training. Okay, who you are, I reply, dismiss the next day I pass the buddy gear exchange with ease afterward. I went straight to passing area sat down faced the fence approached on meditating breathing had been. the conflict before the last two treads that I didn't do. My spiritual teacher. I didn't do anything. My spiritual teachers have taught me and you've got a bunch of stuff about how you will learn about meditation itself. Were to myself. Com remy in an hour in and out I cleared all the negativity and noise out of my mind. I search for peace with it yeah sorry, I just try to picture like I get like through focused you add. Today we were like looking for peace within the literary I found it stood up,
died, but he helped me down my tanks and waited for the evolution start prepared in a watershed. Chief commanded, you are You are one with the water or one with each inhale and each exhale peace among the chaos. I declare I was in the zone, stone, cold, focused jaw, clenched and body still under the water. Soon, as I hit the water I popped back to the top, I decided to keep my eyes closed this time to center. My senses, within everything had been I'd been taught, was working. The five minute tread felt like two minutes time start your swim on. Your stomach the command, I opened my eyes and turned around with my hands still in the air. Once I saw the target, I slowly dip my hands in the water and began to swim, even though I was past the hottest part of the test, I didn't let go of my meditative state. I breathe,
in canes with my mantra: peace, peace, peace, I've made it to the wall spun around, kicked off and started. My flutter kick on my back as I stared at the sky couldn't help but think my pool sprint workouts. I did those workouts when I, when it was cold. When was raining where the pool was packed when it was empty, I did it when I didn't want to do it and I did it after long drives up from backup from pet camp pendleton I was staring at the same guy I stared on so many days and nights. It was full circle event for the first time since starting buds. I've finally felt gratitude to the universe for all that I had to go through to get to this point. Thank you for making me do this tread three times now understand why I would I appreciated my journey fide past the first time. Thank you when I touched the starting while I peacefully climbed out of the pool, as I felt nothing had as if nothing had happened, the calm that I derived from my meditation was still lingering senior chief yelled adelaide. pass
is about damn time not drop down for taking so long to pass. The dread through yahoo takes me back. I dropped to do push up to do pushups this time, as I stared at the ground with water dripping from a body a news over. I knew that, despite having six more weeks of dive trading in eight more weeks of third phase when navigation, weapons, demolition and tactics, Nothing was done to stop me. I was gone the crowd graduate so He made it through that too freaking peaceful, meditation, hell, yeah man. I felt that even reading now, let's have an ego is like when I was reading it. I was kind of Oh yeah, it's cool, but when I actually started reading it out loud, I was like this is kind of fun, especially if you're an instructor and he knew that was going on. They were like freaking out on their ass. Do it for you,
He threw me you get role the two sixty seventy four land. Would you do dude failed to stupid. It was like a demo tat man like I I just I just screwed up the procedure. You know Israel, the demo test. I can't remember this is like years ago so, but it was like something with a demo. Some kind of demo procedure demo procedure ground yourself for something like this boom. They enroll you yeah. there stood it ain't over man. I know it ain't, that's why even like I never had the feeling in of budget, that I was gonna graduating until like gradually and even then I was a little worried. He was like wait a second I could make it do this. The way. This book, I'm I'm just read like some up some parts of this paper. You got like a whole. down relationship goin on his girl, cecilia, While you were.
You know you're gonna go out with her. You also like still like a young player out, get after it You end up car you're in this, like weird relationship with her words like I said it's on and off again, she seems like even away it started like she had a different boyfriend. You guys kind of got together, but then she went back with this other guy and you kind of like whatever, but the guys get back, there's a whole there's a whole friggin. You know romance story there they're going on, and that's covered But now you get you graduate body now you're in es que TE. Qualification training and doing land navigation in Alaska yeah. And you start like you have a little epiphany. A little later one of your life epiphany is here you say as I walked through the wilderness. It was hard to not to stop and admire the beauty. The snow hadn't start to fall. Yet so everything was bright. Green trees were
the trees were massive. Some shot up two hundred feet in the sky being from the bronx had never seen a place like this, and never in a million years did I ever think. I would end up in a place like this remy. I said to myself. As I stood in, awe My first stake: that's what you're looking for land napster! You come a long way while so beautiful. I wish to sue. You could see this as continued walk. I noticed that one of the most serene aspects of the force was the silence there were times when I would hear an occasional chirping from a bird or resting in the trees when the wind blew, but for the most part, is quite ass, truly alone something miraculous begin to happen. While I can t viewed through the wilderness in the silence and the beauty. I begin to reflect on my life, who I was and how I treated people. He was as though someone or something was holding up a mirror and showing me what I had become and the more I walked and reflected the more I didn't like what I saw. I saw a kid who stole an engagement ring from his mom and never confessed to her personal treaties own brother like he was worthless. I saw a person who integrity when it was convenient for him. Didn't when it wasn't.
private person, whose favorite song had become. You can't tell me nothing I saw a man who treated women like meat what hurt me the most was. I saw a man who treated a woman who truly loved him with constant contempt as the memories replayed in my mind, I begin to depressed and then my depression led to anger. My anger led to questions. You did that How could you do that to person? What were you thinking what's wrong with you? It was though I had been outside my body on vacation for twenty six years and when I came back and home and saw the mess I made. I was in shock that time of year and cardiac daylight was from seventy nine p m. So what got to the last steak. At eight pm it was still bright in the brightness of the night. I made a vow. That's it want to fix me, I'm not going to be the same person. I was any more I'm going to meditate more I'm going to spend more time with my spiritual group. I'm going by a ring and proposed to cecilia and I'm gonna, be the man that to her that I need to be no more.
garbage no more, no more so Interestingly, while you're had not epiphany she's having up an epiphany as well and on the opinion the cheese happen is that she should be with this and of course you can really communicated, and it did doesn't work out, then you get to you to a point where you you do you have it the alt, what you call a chapter called the ultimate transformation, and this is like a spiritual awakening for you in church. And you know you you, you basically, Are you encounter god for the first time there. and arm you go through that in the balkan, and it leaves you with this.
In a new in a new light right, there's a day after day would experience explain miraculous events. I began to feel gods presence. I began to encounter him in a tangible way and I add so many dramatic encounters with god that all I wanted to do day in and day out was be with him and do for him and forsake the life I used to live. So I could live this new life with him dramatic yeah man yeah. I went from sleep and around, and I have the sex it all you you will. You became ass in yeah yeah, which is that miracle in and I personally way I was worried. It was like you know, an encounter that. No one can fix me, but god I had a lot of traumas from weapon. My childhood, and must I created for myself
scars and I searched for other things, to bring me to healing that I needed meditation that to a certain extent when relationships, affirmation from other people, but it was only. It was just like putting a band aid on it. Should we do now and then it was. Finally, when my brother would tell me all the time it's my brother became a christian like when he was in college I used to make fun of them before, because I would fluctuate between atheism agnosticism, depending on the day. A week day a week, and I my brother. We always tommy remy when you hit rock bottom now. If but when you hit rock bottom, just remember the crowd to Jesus, and I just remember marketing for that. But when I was in a very, very dark point in my life, in alaska and even come back and nothing worked, and I just I just kept on hearing these words
It's just I was just at such a very dark dark place. That's all right! Jesus help me if you are real help me turn this around helped me and I'm not saying turn my situation around, but turn around. Here because was gone. He is really tormenting me and that's when it that's, when I felt, for the first time, peace like, I was saying to me the father that you had always been searching for or has been right here with you, and I am here with you and everything changed from there You know me: my wife were talking a couple nights ago before I left new york in she was shown a story that one of our neighbours in the support by where we live
and the neighbor was telling her that her her her daughter was getting picked up picked on by another kid in the park and the parent of the other kid wasn't saying anything. Parent was just allowing this kid to just not just won't hurt you but pick on other kids as well, and finally, the mother said something to the kid who was picking on her kid and the actual mother who had not been doing anything ran over and screamed at the woman. That said, how dare you ever correct my mind, my child, and as soon as my wife share their story, I was reminded of us the same exact situation that happened in the same park years ago with my oldest son. He's he's nine now, but he was five at the time and this kid was just picking on a bunch of kids. He was just
He was, he was a bigger kid, but he was like pushing kids and make it funny kids and just doing things, and he saw my son and he like tap one of his friends like he's next, this kid's next, a beeline towards my son now sitting on a bench watching? I just stood up and all I said was hey. That's my son and an instant that kid stop looked at me and went in the other direction and just the power of having a father say: hey that's my son, meaning on his protection on his source. I'm I'm the person that he can cry on. If something happens. That was what I felt when I had that transformation. When I when I, when I cried out to god that said, help me and it was just
he said you are my son and I've always been here, and I would always be here now uncover cover you, and that is something that can really be explained a word. It was real heavy and even to this day, like is heavy even now, when I go through stuff and struggling mentally, always like I had their source to go to, and I guess peace, and it gives me hope. You know, especially with all of the stuff that I still deal with in my head. You know, and with my family and the battles in the business that I work in the film and tv industry and even stuff, you know working on the human volunteering on the human trafficking side of things and just The horror stories and I hear and feel a hopeless and it also even the division in our country in a meanness dislike sickening to me at times
because now came here with nothing, absolutely nothing and put in the work and was able to write to him at today and- That's only possible because of the freedoms at america's allowed allotted to me. and so to see how diverse we are as a nation and the stance that part of it is this outside forces that understand the concept, the divide and conquer. The plan is to conquer our nation and they and the way to do it is from within. But to see how so many people just falling into that trap. Just just crushes me at times, and it messes with me. So but I say all this to say I always can go back to the source and say god. I know you got me. You brought me through worse. I know you bring me through this and I know that you'll bring my kids through whatever it's gonna come their way. So that's why I'm down
thou store even after this date touches me and is a government or for me a refresher from his well yeah, really in the name of the book, is transformed into an, and that is the its formation. Ultimately, as the biggest impact on you and the way you're gonna live your life. There You end up get through the qualification training for those you. no extra wholesome human, human intelligence So you know, there's obviously different ways to gather intelligence. Yukin study me apps, together intelligence, you can study data together, intelligence. You can ignore. at the radio communications, together, intelligence you can get in genes from humans from sources and world called human, human intelligence and there's a whole
if the whole craft to write not only how to meet the right people, how to communicate with the right people, how to communicate the information out of that the information there's a whole yeah a whole a whole methodology to it and a lot of things that you need to learn. Get into that world. Its becomes your kind, it can become a specialty, yeah you'll eventually ended up, go into I dunno. If I can say the actual name of the school, and I'm in this class is like all the stuff that I learn in the streets like lightning, I would suggest putting the terms behind- and you know because, as I mentioned earlier like I had to learn how to read people, especially when I'm hustling to do certain things, and it really set me up nicely for when I got into the course and then went back on an appointment wasn't actually deep into the humid stuff and running sources.
Having to keep track and having to be a different person. Learn the personality of a source and it'd be a specific person to that source to collect the information so that we can then run up the chain of command, get that it against other intelligence and then hopefully go out the door and do stuff. So it's It was cool world to be a part of sure. What do you remember about checking in team? Three? It was, it was empty. There was no letting down it was empty. You know why it was really a, but it was it was. It was the pictures of the battles on the walls stuff, just like your guys and you know, task force, bruiser and just all of those pictures- and it was just like wow Oh, it's like wholly crap. This is really have being read and an even like, even though I have a camera mc recall if I had my father not far but key
regarding today, so somebody has to do, but even that was late. You thought your James. It was like cool that you know what I mean, and you know going down and seeing the armory and again I'm a kid from the bronx that wasn't supposed to be here. You know, and so all of that stuff was eye opening even just being on the just being on that side of the compound, because we were always I mean we had to run to the park a lot to get to the old course, but for the most part we were always separated from from that, so to be able to be actually be there and see and and see the mark lee trade at centre, and all that was leg it was it was. It was surreal. sure go in the other direction when I retired. So I had my key card, and so I had my He card and I was the animals aid for awhile and so I had the when our work, the admiral I had access they like every
building, an inner stubby there and so and when I left in the amazon, I just kept that card and they never changed anything. So I like you could go anywhere near as though you d get anything, and and then that the last day I remember cleaned up my cage, I turned in that card and I was like yo it's over yeah, it's freaking over. It's like the cop movies, turned into your badge, and you got some good word in here from a your chief yeah and again, you know things when you write a book. They start editing, stuff and adding stuff to which the stuff around, but this I think it's worth it. It's a boudicca, yeah hoody hoody and he says so he's kind of giving you a tour. You said I could hear chief's word echo up the long stairs stair. Well as as giving you a tour. He says If you're not earlier late, Peter to muster five minutes early. He was talking to me as if I was already part of his between always check
jack and reject your gear. If we're out or an awful training- and you run out of anything- I don't care what it is batteries or whatever it is you needed. That's on you check that shit. all time if we go out the door roger chief hoody continued Dante. anything personal, and if you fuck up on it, this is the big boy club noakes uses. We accepted the stairwell made her way down overturned space hallway we got to the delta between space door. I noticed the legendary punish her skull emblem. The door was the emblem warm emblem, worn by civil team threes tasking too in a brutal which is made up of two tunes trawling delta. Many Genes were war, the skull patch, some of whom I was in buds with two fifty to fifty one ryan job come on sore markedly One last thing: you're a new guys. We note that means. I replied quickly. On the first, a volunteer for everything you got chief replied. Who do you? door to the petition space sitting right in the middle of tune. Space was Chris Kyle.
that moment really made me appreciate how far comp we appreciate the calibre people. I'd earned the right to work alongside who's, the new guy, precise hooty who d answered it, s so to add daylight. Came it he's from the bronx yeah. That was your first will do aggress yet there. Yet. And here's a quick I didn't know who we didn't know anything about him there. No, why would use another team? I don't know anything about him into later when people like sniper. done all it is a dynamic. I, like old, grab and again as a real, because, like I said for me, I wasn't supposed to you know it's a world that I never envision being in a not many people who come from in the city of browsers end up in our campaign or places so
I was that was that was I oh well, maybe if they'd, let you go back and talk to your old schooling as long as you could get some people on the track path? Dude ines of the craziest thing. I get opportunities to speak at like suburban schools, all the time, no red tape, no nothing inner city schools. All that in the world even though one when we ve done stuff, the inner city school here in san diego, all red tape. We had to cut through to get inside it. I think itself I think it's a part of it? Is you know they wanna keep. I address my theory. I could be one hundred percent wrong by like any inner cities. They wanna keep the cycle going Then that'll keep people as victims and keep them decisions and keep those people in power. Who are you know in power and and so that smilingly explanation for why you want to allow person who was quoting unquote criminal law. Was able to arise out of the situation at that. within, come back and tell him
but these kids and I who I can identify with and make an I I've. Gonna prisons spoken in prisons and you'd, be surprised Guys come up to me and be like I wish. You came spoke to me when I was when I was this age client guys in tears, climb And you know what I mean I get guys who read my book in prison and- and you know- and I hear I know they don't write me, but I hear from you know the counselors man he was moved. I never so. I've never seen such a such and may cry or show emotion, he's hard to ease him for murder and for life, never getting out and you read, your book came to me in tears. You know we were talking earlier about like little decisions and you made some good yogi made. He made some jacked up decisions, but you made a couple key decisions that totally change your life and you're. Already talking about you know the guy used to run with is in prison right now right. So it's just as easy that you could have gone that direction there and you
one little adjustment, one little change one little maneuver! That's that's the right right direction. Your whole life is is change and look, Michael bay made a movie about the free conceals now and made bad boys yeah. He made like, coincidentally, a movie with some guys. You could relate to and some guys that you thought that would be cool to be here and that changed the trajectory of your life there. So for them not to let someone might you into a school and be like you. This is the deal this is you guys can keep making these bad decisions, or you can get out of this where you're at there's a you know, people think there's no way out. There's ways out is there's ways out you're living proof of their. You know proof that you can get out of those situations but if you don't get any guide em, if you don't see that Michael bay, maria viewed in sea, bad boys, you
it just wouldn't have you used, you said it that's what put on the radar, but you don't have to be a drug dealer. You don't have to be a criminal, you could take a a a better path and it was just that movie that showed you that there was that exposure and, as you know, like my my brother's another good example, Well, he ended up not going down a path. I did because he was exposed to engineering. You know my dad was an engineer and so that I forgot what age he was at, but he was how he was, but he came across my dad's blueprints and all my dad's engineering stuff and that one instant of exposure with in his mind, he's like I'm going to be engineer, ended up graduating high school for three years and three years Kennedy high school, which is was a whore worse than Clinton. At the time from a from a safety standpoint, graduated from there three years got a full ride. Academic skills.
After surgeries university, graduating man. Three years got his masters in computer science, engineering from syracuse university in one year and then like now. He should have him on a podcast for me to deal. You know I mean he worked for saudi aramco for a number of years, as we'd be a great one cause. I do he's a genius and he knows a lot about. What's going on with the water drying up in the in the country, in colorado, a white skirt, blah blah by saying all that to say you know he was expose. It was that one moment of exposure that changed the project, three of his eye and asked what a lot of these kids need. They, especially especially these without fathers, is so they easily influenced you can have somebody come in and influence them in a positive way, somebody who they can identify with, and it doesn't have to be a long drawn out speech. It could just be one moment somebody saying do look at where you are look at where I'm at you can be there. That's enough. For a lot of these kids yeah. They start sand
This is where I want to be is worth decisions lead near I agree back to your story here. So you now at the team you get into a platoon you. Did you go to a humid school right out of the gate like as a new guy? That's not why I went I went to. I went after not during protests after you, lt, okay, I got it so you do you. Do you lt yeah with you yeah yeah? I never forget man's land warfare bro you killed AP to keep going I'll. Never forget you came in and be with giving it to the task like that's that due to these talked to everybody, the same no rank brother is awesome. I always joke, like everybody in the teams, from a brand new guy to the admiral, all call me Jocko yeah, that's the way it is yeah, so you Did you have any challenges, was anything hard for you you'd already been through with the marine corps like stuff was pretty yes,
nature for you at this point I am and it was land, war, humming brains- do lemonade. Those type of jokes all the time, so I got out there and didn't have any problem. What was your job and were you a gun or machine gunner? Now I was a corpsman. Oh no, I was a common sided. Accommodate should before we went to you. see I went to software William S, cool and did their course, and then I was to call me and then I went to humid after examined name, is Google? Will just a human phronsie your confidentiality by, went there after you already, so what you seek use He loves you, you see no browser now you know it. we would all eleven forget you do we do now. Yes, and I Somebody on the other side of the road, we cleared all the rooms and, in the last room, knew somebody like on the other and went like it was like with these paint them or what it was and had like,
paint balls yeah. They were painful, diligent, paintballs, yeah, probably just out of the freezer by the way yeah. Sometimes my old trend, trader, homies they'd, be from bay bulls, get those things move the freezer, but they definitely keep them in the fridge. Just the fridge is the next level yeah yeah. Oh, that was pay. What I remember we got to the last part, and- and it was the wish that we opened up the door and just It was like a machine one or what type of gun airport at the bottom. Like a bunch of bullets coming down, we all got back. in a corner was appointment and and there there was another guy, so door, when of the hallway and ones What are you? What did you do? So? What are you going to do? Not gonna do anything will do it? Finally, I took the blue and I thought in there, and waited like a second poor. That ran end
Yeah training K behind that blah blah blah that everyone's like what the fuck I'm talking about as others get accurate. So I enjoyed event and and I'll never forget,. At again. Is these moments that always come to my mind, especially with guys who pass away like alabama what happened on extortion? Seventeen, but you know, mark lee mikey months or just those moments of encouragement that always kind of gave me that push to keep going. It gave me the confidence to keep. when the job is so so yeah yeah yeah, they have a problem. The diving skydiving did it all an easy day: then get when de winter human school. I got up and got in and get through that. It risks kick nuts writing side and then it was a lot of writing and in compound is the point in time when we go to the book here this afternoon yeah, where you yes, felicia yeah, that back to pollution
after two minutes of holding on the door. The team lined up behind me and I felt a squeeze on my shoulder. I saw moved up. Two steps are slowly moved up the steps. When I got to the entrance of the roof, I saw the door cracked open. To my left hand off my m four ports, the door just enough for my team and me to make entry when the or didn't squeak. I moved on to the roof. I mean we sought to bodies forty feet from my position. The roof entrance was at the centre of the north end, the roof. The men were sleeping at the south end of the roof. They were lying about ten feet of about ten freedom. Apart from one another. There is now kay forty seven a right of the guy on the right which lead me to believe he may have been yes scenes bodyguard, I care. Scope of my em for appointing the bodyguards head while team entered around me with their strain on the body to the left? Three seals led by sea load mss, see large, see lord move diagonally south toward the east wall. We said. by half cross ambush with sleepers at the central point of the cross.
upon initiation seawater element, seawater element would move where to the centre point while eli and I moved to the south of the same point, eli lined up behind me and who stated the door to monitor the take down after Eli gave me the squeeze. Everybody moved swiftly as one we met at the centre point at the exact same time, without stopping I, a gps k away from the body guard them bent down grabbed his ankle, see odd element was already on top of the second sleeper. I dragged a bodyguard like a rag doll to the south wall away from him. While Eli followed me, this gun pointed at the man's head. After right, at the south wall e line. I flip the body guard over to examine his face. The look he gave us was priceless. He was frozen using a frozen stay with his eyes and mouth wide open. He could move, I probably wouldn't either. If I saw a six foot two, two hundred and ten pound black guy with a ski mask and a silencer on his gun. Just dragged me out of my dream and into a nightmare. I live for that. Look why because, in my opinion, a hundred per cent of the terrorists are cowards. They kill it.
And people behind we'll terrorists and kids to pull themselves up, never volunteer to do themselves. Then go and make a video and talk all kinds of trash about what there. to do so I loved being the one who waken them from their dreams and said: what are you? to say now homey the utter fear in their eyes. Nourished me So do you know you go into a bite Obviously I skipper out of the book. I just point out one of the opposite you're. On talk about the missions that you were doing. You are, obviously you will work in the intel side and then you guys would figure out where a target was going to be through various sources and various means, and then with those targets and that's this is an example of what you are, what you're doing, how was your op temple and that appointment? It was good man, we do a lotta da, so it was like say baby.
Three times a week, we go out and ill, and then there were times when we get like the random hey. We need you to come in and about what this or come on, gonna come to remedy or go to baghdad. As always busy, I was always like either a source me or you know talking the source to get one another source, and in going up to him, to have a meeting with again and to draw up a careful the specific terms. But to have dialogue with the guy that is boss incited things or two guys war, abortion, the even going to baghdad- and I never forget single two mile one year on a particular deployment. They may be to publish your suggestion. Taken at the book eyes. It was harmless but where We were there at the agency compound in baghdad and super singled miles and
sipping coronas or cinco de maya, by saddam's old or in saddam's palace, and it turned into a compound by the pool- and I was like man I'll- never forget this for the rest of my life. You gotta be talking to the feds before I was scared to death of getting wrapped up outfit, and so it was all. I was always busy between the source, can go out and you meat even meet with shakes offered a compound stuff like that. In the days when we work from that whole pompous like a vampire hours, so we were up like five pm out the door, maybe like around twelve I want a clock in the morning tried to get back before the sun came out. So such a friggin great deployment. Yet I mean just your best again after area, and that deployment during that deployment. You talk about this in the book. There's one do that you're gonna, really
rock and hard. His name is omar tsar. He'd changes, The name used use in the book is Umar, Zahid he'd, but this is a guys. You know these are guided just a terrible there, terrible sub human killer of women and children, and so you go into the book and you talk about the efforts that you go through to trying to I came down trying to figure out where he is you go after him a few times. You don't get them, and finally, get to a point. Where fast forward a bit. We get the book and read the book, everybody. You know I'm not do Audiobook actually read the audiobook, the audiobook, so good you want to hear you can hear the audio for chameleon too. So there you go. You want to hear a remixed version of remy. Sorry you'll have to listen to me. Do it get the audiobook at this? fast forward, if you're one of your sources tells you that that Umar is back in town this guy you've been looking for and then you get a location and
the track him and you say around one a m. Mr E called us in four brief, all right. At ten p m, the drone followed, who moors last known vehicle to a farming area on the outskirts of town, one individual exited. We believe it's whom are. The drone has a large group of people sitting at the front of the house sal side into individual sitting at the back and house. North side were not taken. Any chances will offload the assault team three miles to the east. The sultan consisted of the a Y see eli, seem odd. Christian ox me and a few other operators looking at us, MR he said you'll hike in quietly take down the two individuals at the south end and assess whether you have to conduct a second search among the north group roger. We all said any questions. Mister YI asked we shook our head that mister yi finished with mount up as planned. We loaded the vehicles and, with the lights off slowly drove to the insert point when we got there the assault force offloaded
started a hike. We crept through the large flat farmland. There was a full moon, so we major to spread out any time we thought we heard or saw something that would give us away. We melted into the ground and prone position three a m. We finally arrived at the house There is a large role of bushes running north to south. That line the east side of the property U I slowly peered through the bush, and I was able to see to individuals who were fast asleep to men, weapons visible, no suicide, visible. He whispered over the bone likes Oh, I see commanded in a low tone, roger semi or sorry. Remy seem odd, move through the bush onto the property line up on the east wall facing the two sleepers. We not, had been false mouth found. A small opening in the bush to creep through without making noise are found. Team was essentially setting up an ambush similar to the one we usually captured, Omar's brother, upon location see law now we're gonna move north from the corner of the EU and capture the sleeper on the right side. While the rest, the team was going quietly, take down to sleep on the left once again
position. It gave me here. I see the nod he whispered over the bone mike initiate as rightly crap north to the body on the right fire team to moved in. toward the second body. It was like a synchronize dance. I moved in with I am laser trained on the head of the sleeper. I dare you to move. I fought for four steps, five step six. He was only about thirty feet for me, but the walk seemed to take forever. Sweat was dripping down. My home at my heart was racing in anticipation, I'd, say the golden capture rumours ahead at the beginning of deployment and and in moments I might achieve it. When I got to the man he was still fast asleep. Umar his face posted at my trailer desk for seven months, and now I had him in the flesh. Honestly, I wanted to put a bullet straight through his head, not for me, but for the hundreds of innocent people, innocent people he'd killed in the family members who were left behind to you, my scan to ensure he was wearing a suicide vaster had a gun all this
her place in seconds once I finished my scan ike two, moreover, which startled him from his sleep. Then I down on his back, with my left hand, pressed down on the back of his neck. Don't move I whispered and close it out close out the book with this I turned and looked at the a Y see who is the process of zip tying the second individual and whispered jackpot, and then I thought now I can go on it's a good way to end a deployment right in, and it's not the end of the book, but I mean for for good. boy you go redress the book, a bunch of other stuff, I'm goin on here. So from there you do what another point is the inability to plunder I meant to another point: do not be careful way. I see national day maybe take out certain
Firms in the deal d want to see more deployment, so do Mord appointments Meanwhile, you meet your wife just got here. You started the kids. and so you do tomorrow. What did you say here and now continue working as a medic. Korea met it mainly, but no more, the human only who Mr Fiori, especially when we did the national level tasker Careful about target to cut a lot of it yeah we look for sega well, but don't need to say any good enough. We we understand it's all good yeah, you're working, high level missions on these deployments in then like at a certain point. You think about gettin out their swords what triggers up kids man mile the sun was born and twenty fourteen, a second son, was born at twenty fifteen and having had mud.
dad died. When I was five, I wasn't fearful of death, it was more so I you know how it is when work up deployment being gone, I mean gone is almost a lot. I mean almost as much during up as you are doing it. Sometimes the banana deployment cycle is needed, cup cycle and I just want to be home. Like aids man, I want to be dead, so thousand main surgeon and your wife's, a doctor, yeah she's dead, was she? When did you graduate from medical school? She graduated from medical school. And I want to say june may two thousand lebanon's ok to choose a doctor while you are in the teams there? Yes, she her when she started residency start she moved out here. It's not raising this issue with the recent see it on. Saddam to invest in each for keyser comfortably
You kind of at least had some kind of financial stability with your wife. Now uses doktor. Residency reserves made them running away, but by this time, by the time you are looking to get now, she's done with a residency or not. Now she had chair horizons. Yet extending she had my my my son, occur during rest. She had to take a break and residency daily. I heard a graduate with her starting class, but then she had to go back a finish. Her
you lt and that's a couple of years- three years years mm and that's like you're making like thirty eight thousand dollars a year. I dunno the exact number, but she wouldn't make much much of any it ain't, much yeah she wouldn't make much any so with that you decide, even with her are only making eight whatever not enough to support the fam yeah you're like I'm going to get out. I was always smart with my money, so you had. While I was money after I had my faith transition before that it was like crazy with the money but yeah I was I was god was, god was good with you. That was, as I saved a lot of money and it from the deployments. You know I buying a flashy car. When I came back put in an account, letting you know save it, that's how I was able to buy my first house when I got back from Neta second deployment and two An internal labour by first husband of why the met my wife and so Tom I got out. We had a good cushion and then I was already started
If my bachelors walls and I was able to, I was taking classes online classes, and then I started my masters, and so when I got out, I was still in grad. I was able to use a post nine eleven g, I bill got it so that was provided some cover for us as well, and I was planning on going to business consult a full time because mob my wife's brothers, a wipe, your guy, I'm sure you work with those who has a bunch of start arms, and so he was getting me life cycle. Salt engage with is why people trapped and want or stuff like that? I wanted to get my mother. My master was because I didn't want it just rely on the team guy side of things I wanted to have it, but also to have the theory and academics as well, and so I was at school and my plan was suggests. You know for out school and then work will my brother, full time. What year did you leave the navy january twenty? Sixteen. January, twenty, sixteen so When did your first? What was the first acting opera They had was this. The was this last ship is
it is a movie what his last ship I sought on the internet, but everyone what it was like don t. Like a tv show yeah. It was like a tv show on tnt, so I did like some extra stuff. I don't really recall that acting. I can only want to call acting. I just literally just showed up the base of the satellites that come from what, where they come from team guy network, item team guys? I tell ya wanna sit down here here, I'll, give you four hundred box. I will do it yeah yeah, so then it's never too late. This is a play. The end I was the play yet I was yet a straight on this. You can declare process what I wrote ass is one I yet his lady of much heard she was like a they do. play down in and down where was downtown san diego, that more lucid lose it. There used to be bottom, all torn plaza horrible.
It is like a theatre like right under what were pretty much right in the euro area, do, I need you to be a pastor. don't they give us in the play in a pe okay, so I went and did that and I was like I don't want to have anything to do with this anymore did you emanates amity shows. Did you do? It was just booze It was just wondering if there was a mature ray I was like they did. It was like a big bill. Like is like a bit for training. I only know what they call it, but like a train, but I didn't show up most of the time because I was at school. I was just showed up just memorize my eyes, and then I had to give a speech but you didn't really like it that we are not at all now so then came transformers, yeah right now, two thousand and fifteen, so you're still many guys at sixty o two thousand and sixteen yeah it's down sixty two thousand. Sixteen may and Are you out of the navy now they're about on january, in an opposite, grad school and then in may twenty sixteen is when I got a phone call.
I was actually in my office writing papers. go and who what was the connection there, and there was a woman who worked with a guy by the name of Kevin kent yeah. I know cam and so she took a guess: Kevin had given her my phone number hunger She reached out to me issues like a chemical told me about june bays, look for some frogmen to work more on our way. I wish the schedule look alike that interested in doing it, but she was like you know so graphically it sounds like alright I'll give you five hundred bucks. It will usually be alright, Michael bay right now that can be stoked on that yeah yeah. It was cheap, but that didn't come out, I'm truncated, but that didn't come out until like little bit later in the conversation, because she didn't want to tell me what the movie was until you know until she found out that I was like more interest like best like my,
These were in the right place and a little trick simply larger. You could be like you care. It was her husband, her husband's? A team guy harry Humphries is that okay, so she's been around a lotta team guys and put a lot. Her husband put a lot of team guys in films and stuff. So I guess it was part of her vetting process to make sure I was going to be like I dunno like a fan, boards, I'm going not knowing how to act on set and stuff like that, but but yeah yeah, yeah yeah, you know, I said, policies and decent pictures are centres and picture She said a pirate bay approved your pictures and what else more soon. You get up there, but you this turned into bigger yeah yeah that one day on turn two three weeks after that one day she called them back and said: hey babe, like that, your your performance and your consulting and then that you could take a take direction.
Can you do three weeks until we can erasmus jp in this with you? Josie? repeated. Now it was the same one so that one week turnin one day, turner three weeks I met J p. He went out to lunch what else yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. He went out to london with us. That's right! That's right now, remember so he wasn't in arizona michigan. He came later in Michigan yeah. He would he was in in arizona, but he came out later to michigan to replace a bunch of other team guys and then I stayed on and went to london with him in wales and then and then came back here in san diego and we filmed some stuff in december down in
on base on a naval air station. This. So three weeks is total time that you spend on this no six month, six month, yeah yeah. So also I was in. How much are you in the movie? I'm in a good chunk of it? I'm in it from beginning to end is great. I got lines and everything in that movie yeah, okay, yeah. I got the line from beginning to end pretty much yeah, not like not the first scene but like from your first act of the film to the last act of the film. And what do you say how many man I got a couple of good lines. I got the we going home izzy at the draper or maintain and water, and then I have some other lines at mark, Walberg put it down and all that kind of one liners that not like heavy dialogue stuff. But then this There's a mine have and play with more more war bergen and some of the other actors, but the big one that splitting clear light
it's one. I skipped all and it isn't mine when the girl comes up to me. I have like a like a bazooka like it wasn't. Even it was like that transformer level bazooka tempting issues like does, I think he'll deceptive cards, and I look at our say. No, we do. That that's the line. I was looking at okay. So that's what's next after that, as he who dares wins are allowed. I didn't come until later that came like into twenty twenty one is when I did the I first season a who dares wins than we did that out and Jordan. Granted two seasons out there. What about and so ambulances. Another movie yeah he's got another Michael bay movie, and that was another one, this six on the ground before that. So six on the ground, I was I didn't act and six on the ground. I was consulting on six underground, six in the ground, six underground, six, one that was on netflix, where ryan, reynolds and and corey hawkins and a bunch of we shot that in
ITALY, like all over italy and in Abu Dhabi, and an at or train with the actors. Before we went out there and shot. I wasn't really on camera much. I just have like one scene, but I was the one. The whole shoot for like four months, just working on the consulting side of things and then the ambulance which was based and then what you do, what you rowan ambulance I played on the cover so I played an undercover cop that was a set and helping set up the bank robbers. So we knew that I mean, was it really explain watching this group has. Actually we got in tell that the bank robbers but gunnar rob this particular bank, so slight ass I go under you can also do some consulting on that as well, so consulting and you told them like hey, you should not shoot this type of weapon or like don't even go Chris yeah, even if even looking at the script and like just saying okay, this dialogue, says here or does make sense for this to happen in this part of the screen play because neo tactically, that want to happen that way:
Oh so that was kind of how I got into the would later get into the wj and end up becoming wj writer in hollywood is reading good at getting offered the scripts and say: hey. Can you read the scripts and consult on and then I will consult on the scripts? In else I do that. I think I could actually write the scripts that somebody's people right description in a sort of scripts and gotten to wj. That way. It's what was the first script that you wrote. I adapted a book called sleigh steelers into a limited series and so that it hasn't shot yet, but it's the timber and timber has a book cos the steelers, where he jumps back and forth between his story and a woman by name harriet jacobs, so harriet jacobs was a slave in the eighteen hundreds and she was doing all kinds of she make her stories cray crazy. She was doing tre crap before anybody even knew which re crap was, as she was a slave and she like intentionally got impregnated.
the internet, or in order to be able to use that to escape slavery. It was in her stories crazy. She was wearing disguises and she after she escaped. She came to the town and eating too nor carolina. How me her stories is ridiculously crazy. As she's the first known slater, written audubon, if the so called what was it called the incidents of an incidence of a slave girl or something like that, and so tim kind of did, did a book where he jumped back a forefront and it took techniques that she used to rescue other slaves and how he applied? Those tat plies those techniques in what he does, what he did at the time and oh, you are operating on the ground where room and so on. I adapted the flashback chapters essential. to a limited series and that's being made for netflix. You said I'd streamer has it. I finally have the money be made for streamer, yes short, yet what else? What
he got mess a bunch of stuff has a bunch of staff and so the lad, Is that thing that you got going on right now? Is chameleon chameleon. Is your first book first restriction book, any restriction, but first fiction book yeah tell us Chameleon deal with this thing, so chameleon is, I say, like somewhat of a fictional extension of transform. You know all this stuff that I couldn't talk about and would never talk about it. Transform is like hole if fictionalised right so like the plot and the characters and the places and even collie kit is very loosely based off of me. The name is based off of a kid in the bronx by the name of khalif browder, so Kali's full name is actually khalif browder can't there's a kitten in the bronx ro of grub not too far for me and die. He was unjustly accused stealing a backpack centre right as our jail at sixteen held an outbreak.
Silent for three years without trial. I he was put down, world population with adults, keyed up sp? He spent seven hundred days in solitary confinement, and then he was so tormented after he got out. He committed suicide. Years later, and he only reason why he got out his because that a judge finally looked at his case. Is that all there's no evidence you to charge them and so they dismissed the case and in need of lenin set him free, so any way that the characters may name is khalif browder can't loose new, very loosely base of me, but the name comes from that and he's part of a a secret program. The black box c. I a program called black box set you made up of people with different specializations. You have chameleon were able to become whatever care than any to become at the drop of adeimantus all ground at them. Just very good method actors. You have goes agents who are people who are able to get in and out of places like a ghost they have
well aberration agents, who are a combination of of chameleons and ghosts, but they do it for a decade plus. Then you have when agents who are pretty much swick. They could drive any vehicle like the when and they are all part of a team called dark horse, and in this particular book they are trying to find the identity and of a south african mastermind, this manipulating worldwide stock markets in order to cause economic collapse, or are they want to go with the traditional bag eyes clear by more guy has a illogical chemical weapons he's going to say I wanted to go on them on a financial economic warfare side of things, because I think that a lot of people now it's more plausible now of what at least a p to the general population is more plausible, with everything that happened financially at the cuban able, where we are with the rest,
I should now and with the impending recession and all of these things that are happening financially? I wanted to. She wanted to be able to portray a villain that is using his brain to essentially destabilize the western world and western economies and cause even more acid. In some cases a bomb can sometimes it seems like he'd, be able to possum get away with that the use of that, kind of crime. You get away with like right in front of everybody up and there are sound, like you know what seems like the stock market sound the sky happen to make whatever you know. sold shorts on these companies that we're not. You know like that's Maybe we're not gonna, they do in front of people's raises the upper part of what he's doing is, he is you know: you'll buy stock in specific company He will have his his team essentially take take somebody in that company hostage and then essentially force
force the ceo of the company to make a specific business decision that is going to either allow the stock to go up while stock to go down. So he does this under the table clandestinely, so the general public doesn't know. What's going on total, it's it's! It's very intricate espionage as type of corporate espionage is a part of it as well. and so the different differently so colleague, and his team, our task of socially socially bring this guy in and shut down, but then there is also the backdrop of a takes place during its. It was gonna now, ukraine russia. So there is a connection. There's well worthwhile were farm with the antagonism. What he's doing and in the substratum of the book is is its national unity. I got you know what I'm well, when I mom, a story whether its screenplay or whether to book whatever it is like. I always try to put some type of inspiration.
No educational motivational message in their otherwise, I think it's a waste of of a person's time spent two hours on a book, so two hours in a film or eleven hours when a book in and they invest at time in and all they get out of. It is now our thrills and last,
I truly believe that as a storyteller, my job is to connect engaged him in a different way or challenge him in a different way, and so the again the substratum of the book is the importance of national unity. What happens when we don't have national unity, and I also dive into the fact that the reason why we are so divided is because it's action is not just coming from outside entities, but a big part of it is coming from the top and politicians and people in Washington DC. That kind of needs us to be divided in order to maintain power over the groups that they want to maintain power over. So that's like it's, it's not just an espionage thriller and an action thriller, but it's also a it's also a political thriller as well to try to engage people's mind and get them thinking. What am I doing
think this is contributing to the disunity, not just in our nation, but in my family or in my community, or you know in my state, and what can I do better? So it's essentially holding up a mirror kind of like what has happened to me and talked about where I've had to abba mirror a proverbial mirror held up to my face to show me what I've been doing wrong. So I'm hoping that the book x axis that and brings the healing it will it plays a role in bringing healing that senescence retardation. What was your writing methodology? How are you writing? Would he do? You know for me, I have my writing It starts long before I actually gets the computers are structuring out and putting your proverbial pen to paper. So, for example, chameleons been in my head for over ten years, and I haven't no
had not a physical, no power, but a digital, no pat, where, when certain things came to me, like the idea about it, there the finances being up the backdrop and in an antagonists. I can't remember what I saw but of watching something on sixty minutes one day and the inner d interview was asking this guy questions about how somebody could think we had to do with insider trading and what's going on and how people getting rich, and I was like huh the interesting. If there was a it was a bad guy. That was you using insider trading in a different way, and so I just dropped down into my notepad. This might have been like three or four years ago, then one day I hear somebody say something and I'm like. Oh, that would be a great line of dialogue. So over the course of ten years, I'm just putting all this information in and
In one day, when I decided you know what I'm going to I'm going to create this world, then now all I have to do is take what I put in that notepad and I just now put it in the structure from three act structure: here's where this is going to happen. Here's where this is going to happen. Here's one went into it, introduced a building so on and so forth, and even now like for chameleon book two and chameleon book, three, like ideas come to me, I drop them in even with screenplays ideas. Come to me when I was writing the transform screenplay like I had the book as a reference, but there were so many stories that didn't make it into the book. As we talked about how to be truncated and changed, I was like. Oh maybe I could take that part and putting it into the into the into my notepad. but it is no pass him. Then what I wanna got to writing the screen play a lot of what I needed to. Essentially the meat was there now just had to massage it and then marked by process is just sitting down and in it
I I tend to not outline more. If I do outline, I it's I'm not I'm not regimental on, and you know it's not the gospel to me. So when I take all of these ideas and and put it in into the space even restructured, I don't hold to it. I liked, because I like characters to tell the story for me: it's all always about character, driving plot, driving narrative, vs plot driving characters and what they do so once I get a good sense of of of the character, I'm writing whether it be collie kent, where they been avaya, where they became macklin, who are, is how they would react, is going to drive where we were where we are going to go his story, so, for example, if if kali is, if I've already established him as a guide, is going to conduct an interrogation in a way where he's not going to go straight in and start screaming and yelling or he's going to be a bit more calculated than that's how that scene is going to
driven, because that's his personality and there's times where I don't know exactly. What's going to happen in the scene that I'm going to write, whether it's a book or whether it's a script, I allow that character with the attributes of that kind of giving him or he'll he or he or she has shown me begin to fill in the gap before you know. You have like a very cool scene, especially with dialogue and stuff like that it comes together. So can you write for a long time at a time like I can only write for like an hour and I get super bored, so I just like write an hour every day. I know I. I could write full time it's it's a gulf, a time because my nanny state eight thirty gonna work out I don't do the three and work wake. Ups, like your jack. Sorry, I ain't gonna like you there! Yet is so so I you know I workout and then after that I come to my I get to my computer and I'm I'm I'm I'm at my computer from say about ten thirty into money and it gets off at four thirty and I write for time
so six hours, yeah yeah day and sometimes like. If someone a time crunch and I need to get it done on they d- get into publisher I need to get a script into a product or producer or whatever the case may be after monday, and he's off hang out with the kids once they are bad, like around nine o'clock, I'm back at the computer and I'm there until out to three in the morning just hammering just to get it on the side of it. I wish I had a little log book and I could make it version of my books, where each section I wrote where I wrote it. You know, like some random, like boss, train freaking airplane a lot of lot. I wrote a lot in airplanes and hotels, travel, a bunch. I'd just be like on a plane to get my hour done. You know sometimes, obviously by my house, but yeah. There's one use them I would do cause. I write every day when I'm writing alone everyday fully our because otherwise it get bored and crazy and so on
right in our hours, so must take a long time. They get it done. Well, you know thousands. today cause. I can write. I write about a thousand words in an hour, so it's about you know three months. Okay and you got ninety thousand words pare. It down. You've got your book cody, so I can knock them out, pretty quick, actually so no writer's block, and at one I always dislike you notice, no one. I also I will have like you I'll, have the whole thing in my head. So I have the whole thing in my head and I just got it and I take the whole thing. That's in my head outline like I write it down like basic, chapter one jeopardize chapter three chapter fortunate whatever, and then I have like a very brief description of what can happen in that chapter? You know in this chapter uncle jack shows up in He takes me mediator, like I know, what's gonna happen, and I can already have the whole thing in my head: and this one you know regan marks gonna do this or what john he's gonna do this whatever and then I just
and I wrote for an hour- they were no matter. Where am I always leave like what's going to happen in the next frame or whatever. So I when I sit down again, I just kind of lead in and if you don't for me, if I don't write every day, then when I sit back down, if I skip a day, I can probably get away with it. I skipped two days not going to go back and read everything that I wrote. It takes me twenty minutes and I wasted a bunch of time, so I'm very religious about writing every day. So I don't have to do that review, but that's what I do yeah. If I wrote for six hours a day, it'd be six thousand words zimmer. I could write a book pretty freaking quit as good, yet I don't have the patience for yeah. I get very jumpy after a little while all I can't I get distracted, I love it and I don't mind if that's what that's what drives may think I what you said is that their scenes that year that are playing out in your head as running for me I'll have the already know what can happen so from it just like it's like?
I'm building a house like you're building you're like an architect, designing a house like. Oh, what is this going to look like? I already know what it's gonna look like in my head already know. So for me, it's just the it's just labor labor and a freaking type. There's nothing exciting about already know history, there's no there's! No discovery, there's no discovery. It's already in there, man all freaking thing. I actually like the lyric, the lyrics or I guess in books. You call when I write songs. You know I call them lyrics, but you know what I'm writing books. I guess it's just words or dialogue. You know, you know what that's gonna be already have those things my head so anyway, that's that's me. So. What so you said, you're already working on the next two chameleon books or a unit, a chameleon books and then ghost books, then aberration books and then, when bucks lie that wasn't I right now, following the main character chameleon so, but due to more books income I mean for sure, and then but the the ghost agents are in the part of the part of the team in book. One is made up of a ghost agent.
Another chameleon agent, a few aberration agents and then when agent and so we're going to keep following kali in the chameleon in book. Two and three, and then maybe we'll branch it off rapid novel. Maybe we want to know what's going on down the admiration agents and that's what I like these darted out as a screenplay, you know I I I I wrote the screws, the first green play. I wrote and twenty nineteen and in blocks if you're my age I shopped around, and there were three production companies that want it. We want more one one of the big ones and went through a year rewrites on the screenplay and then after after after that, my agent. That nets are reproduced, started shop and bears can play around two directors to get a director attach and to get the same, kept getting the same message great screenplay, but I'm booked up for the next two years, great screenplay, but I'm booked for the next three years, and that was when I was like you know what I'm tired of this I want to. I want it,
teach myself how to direct, because it's kind of like almost any teams like the more qualifications, you have, the more ops you're going to go on and that's kind of how it is in hollywood. If you could read, if you could produce right and then then you must get the job done, and so I directed my organ harvesting film and then that got picked up to be a feature film which is going to go into production after the writers' strike lives cause. We can't get bond insurance wise during the writers' strike, but with the chameleon script is going to chameleon. The film is going to come at some point as well, and what's the organ harvesting film, so I did a film called the unexpected inspired by true events. Essentially complete is based off of the yazidi genocide where isis came in and essentially killed the men and then traffic the women section but also from organ artists and their standpoint and also from a labour standpoint. So I started up
about you. What a few different human trafficking now profit after I got out. You know nothing like when working with them for months on end, but just popping in here, and they almost like a contractor and that's what I'm really got exposed to human trafficking and have found that there was so much focus on on the sex trafficking side of things and not any focus, an organ harvesting side of things, and so that's when I decided you know what I need to educate the public more about this, and that's when I decided to make the the film the unexpected, which is a which is a thirty two minute short film, that really dives deep into the into the intricacies of organ harvesting rings and how they operate, which organ harvesting is. billion our multi billion dollar industry globally and its nuts go down a rabbit, hole and learn about a egypt has said to be organ harvesting capital. The world is
so many stories coming out as a briton, lately of of of westerners getting caught up, you know gone other countries to get a kidney and the or in harvesting ring, because but six thousand five hundred people die every year on on transplant, waiting lists, and so is about, is a big need. bored and so the more I started I went down a rabbit, hole and and reading these articles and doing more research. That's when I was like okay, I need to make this film and so, where can people watch that films on youtube I was on youtube, yet this free on you too, who what youtube channel my you too. I just realise you just write me out of like how I looked at up
and a hamas. I need to look hard at just remy. Had a lake in an unexpected pop up these right on the home page. Okay- and you know I I just made it just to get it out there and you know not to not to it to get distributed, but it got seen by some people in the industry. Now that's what got got picked up to be. True, that's awesome! It will it be a documentary future art. We talk to actor, she'll actor phil their rivals. The shorter film picks up five years after the events of the short what else If you have anything else all on us really to hit. I gotta a. I gotta edwy was, I was special forces fox. I do not doing that anymore, but I got a new project can get into gesture, but we start shooting at two weeks right two weeks military related show quickly. I unscrupulous show cool, gorgeous, educate people on caught sight of the military
not necessarily soft but like all aspects of the mill, terry and an arm got it. Transform. Hopefully, after after the writers' strike, we can get them to production as well. Outstanding revenue and probably a good place to animals when, over three hours ago, trial sisler any questions some ready to hear. How long are you, the Winnie single party in the gas lapierre? What we're here was that about man Two thousand and four I stopped partying and a gas lamp around two thousand and eight so from two thousand four to two thousand and eight okay. So that was my time to part ways so answer at any. I knew you look familiar. Was there a place
the corner and there was a grenade in his name. Sin yeah yeah hey go around, but that's the way I knew I saw you. I knew I knew you from somewhere better idea the idea of a lot of the team. Does it come down clear to my friends from quite a b? it always. We hang with them as funny you're grounded emails bonds for awhile to predict. Times since, like two thousand one to two thousand and twenty I happened to sit, I think still she might have a promotions come? I'm not sure I could I left that were a long time ago, but from what I, is she ciller promotion? You knows you know somebody out there. What enables as I said, she had a tattooed on her back or is in ok asian lady learner, she's cool gases,
could she was good? It was she dismissed him. She hasn't random happens to have an asian name, that's insane or you think, that's a adjustment, as it is passing like glass? Like sometimes you know, people have a name, it's one, so I'm sure it's like short for something maybe was actually had S. I an ill in red tape. some and then you said, your negative boy are you big time, negative boy like right now, like view like, took a deep breath. Youths although still saying yeah, that's how you know right there, because sometimes when you're in the middle, if you don't have any breath you just sink, but then, if you, you know, you can float a future where you at same right. Now, I'm the same. You like Thank you. Everyone, the bigger, rather email with a big bear, not but yeah. When I was bigger one like two forty, I couldn't, I could feel a little.
it's called the combat swimmer yeah, but yeah. I don't meant to meet your birthday right on awesome. We met. I know we met when I first saw you on the podcast. I was like man. I know that. I'm bad with names, I'm good with ease. Now you remember he throughout the club. You probably do that hey. We can find you it's. Basically instagram twitter, facebook, remy at a lake, a ser now youtube channel as well, sir. You got a website that you're going to get developed the near future. Rubbia, that's just going to be ready, adelaide, dot com, yes, gotta, get that damn yeah you gotta make that happen articles. Remy man, any closing source from you. Not thank you so much for have a meal and allow me to be a part of this epoch. I guess and thank you for your service in your leadership man. He always yo.
In my head pushing me from the time when we were out neo in and you gave it s dogma, how much more we can go is always more. You know and so I I try to follow that that that pattern in my life. So I thank you for the inspiration and motivation that you give me, and I know millions of people around the world research. Your brother, same echo. I will thanks man and obviously thanks for coming out, I started to claw when you live in san diego will be able to wrap it up. Do it again and and So thanks for sharing the lessons learned, obviously thanks your service and navies actually serves the teams that's what you continue do today. I mean you're here what no word out there. You send a great example for people that like you said you were card, A dedicated stay focused mom, the
american dream: the american dream you're living at mann center, showing people how to live it. So thanks for getting after abroad. Thank you, brother, right on this er and with that remy a day he has left the building and left some positively. can definitely change the course of your existence can change the course of your life, hard work, persistence, making some good decisions. Some, decisions that he made pretty epoch, joining the navy, no no relation to the military? Not even you know at one point he talks about in the book like he's not even down with being in uniform, hey, we, I did read that part right doesn't like aps. Does the he thinks you? No military. Just cops more cops,
I mean he's- got warrants out. He's he's ostler his criminal, makes a decision, so down the path out there, but he help people too. You know, spread that word a little bit spread the word a little bit, people, let him know they got a choice, will tablet they can change that they, you can change the direction you're going. You can do it. Do you feel like it felt like he's dead tangible seeds. Of of like doing the right thing now made not like super glaring, but just the idea you ok, so easily. phone illegal phone selling business.
The prison sounded bad now and he was like me and made the decision just because it's not like hey, he hit rock, while you know and or or almost died or got arrested, and then changes when he was like hmm. This is getting a little bit too. So let me stop and then writes a letter. Was it the best move? Maybe maybe not, but I'm just has a different mind. Thinking like yo, I'm covered yeah at least helpful. You know kind of a thing, so it's kind of like There were some ingredients in them which is good for sure. So yeah you add that with a little you know and he liked the movie the rochlitz face. If not the navy seals in the rock- and he was right about that where they did look for him? Ask sure they'll get massacred in that one scene again, because they had to make the bad guys look extra, bad, again,
but at the same time they look bad ass, so very not give that order. You cannot give it up. That was it. You must obey that order. I can't give that order that order, something like no that's exactly what it was, but the part there was a part where, probably if we we asked him he'd, probably be like call yeah that was sick too, when he was like when he asked nicholas cage, written skeezers scientists guy whatever, he had to go with them under the water in his eye have you ever been in a combat scenario, anything define combat scenario and then the the guy Michael being, possibly in terminator one better. He goes up and then ship is like his right hand. Man can a guy and he just goes into this thing like an underwater incursion, but any goes into this thing, rills and straight face, though real, like almost like yours, rehearsed, but just like real, like regimented, where he said it, but it was really sick. nicholas, gave gonna, listen to any growth in that case,
there are many doesn't throws up freakin for any part, but anyway, that are even that. Permit look super bad ass. So yemen, I dig it Michael bay, makes a lot of stuff look better through well. There you go, make Decisions get after it get on the path from the path by the way, good for you Did you sell some shock of your speeches? Often java fuel energy drink? Get yourself some protein you're addicted. I've noticed the moat protein, sir, so here tell you what happened today so worked out at a big deal. but right after worked out a leg. Ok, let me make my way down to record. So when I had was to peace, the chicken a peach one more, So you know some people they really like to taking the protein imports worked out protein from one of those people I tried to anyway, but
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We also met about with a bunch of my people. There they're getting everything, bring it into the stores. Ah hairs teeter lifetime fitness shields and they got like little gems, all over the puzzle, crossroad, gentlemen: crossfire wouldn't jitsu now have across crossfit energy to gym Jim called victory on them. and fitness Yes, we sell here doc of you when you get down rolling, you can get walk before you all. You can get a girl bulk go go mark, either way you could go if you want to sell the stuff on your jump in J, F sales, a jerk off your back and get on the path get on it. Cadaver tobacco. to the clean path, the goodness I would ask in usa. can made? What was that we started with geese.
This release made in america sure people thought was crazy, but then, when they start rolling out in a rolling off the line, people didn't think was so crazy. In fact, it started become the new standard. Since then, I'm archimedes which have gone through some evolution by where improvements all the time. So I don't know if you know this about me, but I have one of the original original origin geese before before I knew pete before doing or even of organ. It was gifted to meet to they did some work, for this It was like fitness dude in here in music, thank you whatever, and he gave me that guy cause too big for him or and he gave me that key and it was like a cool origin. Key right on cool black with a grey strip of school and then on. The heads put it away and night train gaeta much in them years later I get there.
If ye I get all these other ones, and then I go back and like wait. A second regional one I got was a freak in orange origin gate and grab it but you compare the evolution of the material, so f esquire the original once were better than every other day. but now we're just upping our own game. Across the board of everything, t shirts were making with the gene with the blue, everything were revolving, we're getting better and we're doing it here in america, which is which is what it's all about right, cause sure we can be like. Oh we'll make all t shirts and we'll makes money off in Heaven pray and write. Clearly that can do that in fifteen minutes, shut up set up a shop or fire drill, ship within the right to end not just If a small company out there you can make that, haven't, I guess that's cool, but then employees say oh corridor by american resell american. Not oh, we can save. Thirty's
it's a shirt and protein, pockets zones, we slaves and people overseas, erect the environment. Do that and I recommend it I recommend you good origin, usa, dot com, american made stuff. That's what else, so jack. Historical jacko store a k, a deaf court, dotcom, focusing on historical deaf quota, this same gauge? The scene in a way one way on this path or if you're representing closings like we should have something else on deaf core dot com liquid, I dunno maybe just like black screen that says get some. And any time you're feeling like what to do in life is go. There could be some It is a it's. Not a bad idea seems like that would be better use of the. U r l. You know that stands for me as well. Wait, no What does it stand for
You told me this a long time of year. They forgot nearing forget, does a matter for the matter. I know what it is so that you got the domain name, it's the neural anyway, the deaf corps: dot com, chocolate store, dot com. This is where you can get your shirts and hats and hoodies you want to represent on the path this This discipline equals freedom discipline. Reverie that on the path with discipline equals freedom or good, in the concept of good. You ever heard of that. You hear good things that I learned about that one too, but anyway, you want to represent boom, we can get. It was a what called the shirt, locker sub Encryption scenario: a new shirt new design. Every month there you get some that subscribed to shrouded apart ass, subscribe to the unravelled. Palm the warrior broadcast the job underground dot com. Go there! That's our own platform! Look we don't control the platform.
joy, itunes. We control youtube. We Control spotify we don't adjoining these other platforms, we control juggling around our come, so we knew what everyone on there and that's. Why, we do a little another little. adjacent podcast? It's called the underground with I could buy some other stuff on the underground. We answer a lot of questions on the underground. Well, yeah, that's life questions by the way you when you think about it, like okay, so every once in a great while we'll get a question that maybe not quite as impact for very interesting. I think, like you, know, there's one that asking what metallic us you like yours earlier, which accords fun one, but most of impact will stuff like hey you starting new job, and you know you know what like Hey man am I going to be able to handle this thing, I'm sketch about it all this stuff or whatever boom. That can question is going to like literally help you and like yup. I know at eight dollars and eighteen, some of them. If you can't afford it, it's fine.
just email assistance ajar going around our common will get you take care of that. Do need to have something there we own. We need to have ownership of a platform that we can control. Otherwise it could be a problem. So we took that problem we appreciate the support and pay for, you further support as we do that little adjacent pint, check it out youtube so proud of you to jail strata, psychological warfare, gonna foot, I can't get some cool stuff from Dakota marta hang up on your wall. We get a bunch of ok, so from remy Adela gay. We are transformed. and then we have chameleon go check out right. Book, you just heard a story. I mean it's an incredible story right I can. For three percent of the story. When I read it He actually did the audio book. And he does like you know he does- is little accents and stuff like this. He did he gives some. You know it is an actor
acts news. Reading it gets into a little bit lawyer that help uniforms and it's gonna, that's good. I listen to the sample. It's pretty good, remo did a good job on that page. Was it in the podcast, was before we were recording when he was telling about how sometimes he'll be talking, He was killed in like going to the voice, was out on the park at eight o clock. Remember if without before, after are you sure, I'm pretty sure? Yes yeah? I was ok, I'll, be able It is rather do that too. So what we do you go into its like pigeon, what hawaii pigeon not when I'm yelling at my kids. But if I get like it's been years, but if I start to like lose my temper at someone like, I remember when I was a bouncer like every once in a while, I could get into confrontation. They get remedies, books, transformed and get his new book chameleon Check out finals movies gave a copy finals. Men too use your like you're, the read are no
So there we go leadership, strategy and tactics, field manual, the code, valuers protocols, discipline goes freedom, field manual way, the warrior kid one, two three this is yeah. I couldn't help thinking right. You give a kid way of the warrior kid one. Two, three four five, That's the little that's the real direction, change that then you know I've. I know this cost Thousands of people have told me that that those books, a shift in their kids life or in their life so help the people around. You helped the kids around you, that's what we're doing Don't worry about making dragons don't forget about about face back worth her before or to that, what an honour that wasn't extreme ownership, dichotomy, leadership, also salon front, we have a leadership consultancy, that's what we do. We heard of autonomy, J, p d now today he's our first doctor that we hired so we lay forget all kinds of instructors, but what we do is we
solve problems through leadership. Go down on front dot com if you need help inside your war, innovation with leadership. If you wanna come to one of our live events, go there and check out events and sign up because we sell out Dallas is sold out in that In September man or tight in october, it's already sold out so check it out. We can have taxes, we got council, we got battlefield, we women's assembly coming up the the chief operating officer of echelon, front the chief operating officer of jocko of fuel and the chief operating officer of origin usa. There already there. so Amanda roberts gonna, be there Diane gonna, be there Jamie's gonna, be there go check that out women's assembly september, fourteenth through the sixteenth in phoenix arizona, of online training. Extreme ownership academy. This learn how to live. you interact with other people? Would you do urinal leadership position. This is life life
leadership you you need to know how to lead their skills. Are you can learn? extreme ownership, dot com and learn some of these in credit, skills and also You want to help service members active and retired you and help the families gold star family check out mark leave my mama. We should get a charity organization if you want to donate, we want to get involved, go to america mighty warriors dot. Org, also, don't forget about heroes and horses, dot org, where Micah fink takes our vets into the wilderness so that they can find their soul outstanding progress your connect with us on the inner webs. On the ground, I am on twitter on facebook, Ebola Maybe even on threats, your threats and one third on threats for remy grew at remy. At a later, And echo is adequate rules homage ongoing, just just just watch out cause. There's that force there anything! It's no big deal to sneaky force is not the case,
force that looks intimidating, you actually don't even really know. What's there next thing, you know you're getting choked out too so watch out for that. It's like a it's like a tenth planet. Planet, jiu, jitsu player, you like, oh dispersants, skinny Bravo would not the snow factor. You know little guy. Close guinea guy? You know in an excellent scene, choked you don't really detect the threat till it's too late. Yeah feels kind of like limber to write ross. We will succeed flexible, like what's up, I'm strong Next you know your back take it lets you know, didn't caught in that regard a blog, and I welcome that. Them. That's what it's doing, you'll see a comic kind, like and planet jiu jitsu player to watch out for him right watch out. For that also thanks once again remy for coming down today, Remy thanks for your
work thanks your service in the teams and thanks first. It was to our great nation and thanks to all the military people out there who have served and are serving in our military thank you for what you do we get to do. What we get to do cause. You protect our way of life, the freedoms that remy talked about today. that allow us to have these opportunities, that's because of our military personnel keeping evil at bay keeping tyranny at bay, and we thank you for protecting our way of life and also thanks to our police law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, empties batteries, correctional ashraf border patrol secret service, all first responders They're out there on the front lines here at home, protecting us and keeping us safe thanks to all of you, as well everyone else out there you sometimes it's two steps forward and one step back right. You are expression before ecuador, to step forward. We step back.
Times, it's two steps forward and five steps back. That happens, employers take the wind out of your sales that's, probably persons most vulnerable time. That's where you can rationalize quitting right. That's when you can say all is probably not going to work out already give it my best shot. That's when remy got sent back to the first, They have training after you been based, seal training for five weeks and he gets role during how weak That's it. I'm working lives and I gave it my best shot and then he actually gets drop from training dropped. You're done you're out of here Turning your cool clothes and get your normal navy outfit, gone and go to the regular navy made it through. Every made it through Hell week made it through the swims made it through the runs made it through all the hypothermia. Then he gets dropped because he didn't perform. What does he do
Hamas himself both himself. As mark lee, told him to do. only his mistakes and whose back and does it all again, that's a long journey. That's a hard journey, but guess what? in the end he made it. It takes to win a sort of So when you have to work, you have to stop you have to suffer. You have too humble yourself. You have to own your mistakes, you have to fix them, but most important you cannot give up. That's the rule, never quit and until next time, Zayigo and jacko out.
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