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93: American Made With American Hands. The Value of Grit and Perseverance. Pete Roberts and Origin USA.

2017-09-18 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening.

 0:06:42 - Who is Peter Roberts?

0:26:45 - Lessons and Fortitude in Career in "New Media"

1:10:23 - Building the Origin Brand.

2:16:31 - More thoughts on the struggle.

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This is joggled podcast number. Ninety three Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. I was lucky, and blessed to have him the honor. To serve in the union. States military during that time, of war. I fought alongside: U S, army soldiers, sailors and Marines on violent battlefields and us. With my own eyes, my generation, warriors uphold the proud tradition of the american fighting Man, a marrow, goes military. Has a
Storied history bravery. Ingenuity and grit. But its most important tradition the tradition of victory, a mirror does military wins wars. It is simple Who's that if our nation deems it morally right in suspension necessary. Then our military is unstoppable. Of course,. And rightfully so, the credit for, Victory is often given To the men on the front lines to those
that are taking the fight to our nations enemies in close combat that credit. These well deserved. But it is not the only credit that needs to be He bestowed as it is a simple fact that, many of the most critical victories in american history or one not only on distant bloody battlefields, but were also one right here at home in factories, fields and farms. You see, our ability to produce to design grow
old and manufacture has been just important to our nations victories as our ability to fight and throughout history, Americans March to Bore, we mean wearing boots made by american hands and we or uniforms that were cut and soon in factories like this one. Or body armor helmets and weapons have been. The problem of american work ethic skill and Termination, best planes, ships and vehicles in the world that care yes to war and then support us on the battlefield. They only exist because Americans built them.
Without the american worker. There can be no. Eric and soldier so let us never forget. That the freedom we cherish so dearly is a gift, Not only. From our american service, men and women,. But it is also a gift from the american worker miracle worker, Toils in fields in factories, in shipyards and on job sites, the miracle worker who gets up day after day after day, not only to build and create products, but also to
build our economy, the strongest economy in the world, which gives us unmatched influence in gives, our great nation the ability to make the world a better place. With that knowledge, I could not be prouder to stand here today and be a part of this opening. I could not be proud to be a part of this company origin. Which, like America itself, will succeed because of the power of the american worker will succeed because of the power of american grit
Origin. Usa will succeed because of the unmatched power of the american dream, and I would like to thank all of especially America,. Workforce for making this dream possible. And that is a speech. I gave today in a Town called farming in Maine and I was at the open, of the new origin, USA. Factory now as I've been saying, we are now in league with origin,
USA, and tonight I have with me- are new partner. And our new friend PETE Roberts, who As you will see, has shown some pretty incredible fortitude in the This world who, I believe, is just getting warmed up. So mister PETE Roberts, founder of Origin, USA, blackmail, jujitsu by the way and also blocks bell in making things happen. Show me it really is, everything you just said: Mendous captures everything I feel in my heart and mind for sure. Well, speech Live- was phenomenal,
you know we was awesome. Walk around the factory and meeting people mean The workers here I mean just we came in and with Jill she was she was a week of vacation. What's she doing she's in your work and work- and you know just and- and I wasn't even really didn't. You know what I was gonna say, but after coming up here, meat her seeing the rest of the people grinding to make this happen, I realise that I realize exactly what I was going to say. I was gonna talk about the fact that Little now on the battlefield, you're you're you're propelled there by american workers and that's what this debt this represents, and you know we'll get into how all this country came. Together in this kind of storm we'll get there. But get their own while hookahs first, we gotta know little about a bit about you and your crazy ass, which
say with all you know, in the most complimentary possible way, so tell us about is growing up like give me from like birth Highschool. What was that all about? Absolutely so at all Artisan Sparta, ample, real, real spartan blood euphoria. My wits, what you're which your because Roberts isn't nor Angela has some Greek actually alarms and it she's Greek saw she's, clearly Greek, because I've never clearly Greek and she made that bottle out today. I know I thought she might pull out a spartan sort at some point in like attack me. Nonetheless, who sees pulled out a big thing about provide aid in sexual. Accordingly, I don't care if you feel guilty about. No, I wanted more how did you give away like wears off a buck?
how do I get God? Another door? There's six pieces left I had four of hydrogen. Norma, Halfbreed, just half spartan so no yeah man, I mean like the rest of America. You know my my grandparents emigrated from Sparta, Greece and the only nineteen hundred scrape Graham live. Do a hundred and five I've legit credit. Yes, my lies. Even on doc away tv makers of others, you some go and hurrying through she now she that need to be sure the Mediterranean diet are you my son, to meet her where she lived for a long time yeah. So. From a young age. I got to see the american dream from my mom side of the family in Owen. When we were kids, I was borne down Massachusetts, Gloucester and.
Moved up your nose young kid, my mom won't get myself in my three siblings, ATA Massachusetts and into the woods Just cause she saw some shifts happening, she didn't like, so she brought us up here and said: make it go of it basically what what business? Whatever what did they would you? Oh I saw I got to see my my family, build some pretty pretty cool businesses, data Massachusetts so Being an entrepreneur was something I always admired but didn't realize I wanted to do that until a little later in life, but my my family down there. My grandfather had a sub shop. You know soon, herself for those you
that's one of those things where they call it different things across Amerika, a sub in New England is this thing. Is a subway sandwich rivet. Also renewing when you called a grinder, Jakarta Grandeur a grinder would be, I think, technically, not aha sandwich. At hoagie holy of holies, more boy nevertheless the that's an old one, up poor boy than other Managua for Sub the sub. So granddad on the sub shop. A few a few, very successful with the sandwich making noise I got to see that my cousin spilt, big Malta, Multi million dollar company, and I The watch this from awake. I moved up to here two main another, eight years old, so I wasn't cultured in that at all, in the business world, and have anybody teach me about business?
I just got to see it in and not be directly part of it, which I always wanted to be. You know, but I always looked up to them and in and what not, in both from business perspective in athletics, city and other, very good athletics, my family and in my uncle's cousins and stuff so I looked from afar- appeared main in the woods and an old farm house down a dirt road with no neighbours cows in a field. That's where I grew up in, in high school? You you said your. I know, you're athletic wondered how taller you six three and shrinking ensuring man was and what your max, what you? What do you walking around out right now right now, I can tell you exactly two. Fifty three point zero, but you what would you play? I in high school resort athlete in college football division
couple years, not the best experience in my life learning experience, but not the best. Why wasn't at the best experience in your life I you know I was, I was real good at football was not passionate about it, but I still work my because that's the thing you were kind of, even though you would this be jock I was. You were also an artistic guy right, Artie forging. I was a hearty forty kid I get along with everybody. The jocks athletes are the Archie kids. You know I like everybody could appreciate everybody's talents, were you like drawing paining doing everything during a painting, scaling, sculpting, everyday he's doing everything in tackling people. We're getting late data and where you more passionate about art than you were about football for sure for sure answer, your plane football.
It was just one of those things we re. Ok, I'm good at it and I'm getting a scholarship subsequently, don't don't yes, so back in nineteen! Ninety seven Burke, during our backing, Yeah, no, I was back in the day some will remember hockey, fans mains hockey team was phenomenal. They had a career kids on there and they were that that team took gifts and what happens when you get gifts and people find out sanctions, so I went to college and they had like ten scholarships, so I didn't actually have a scholarship to my second year of college cannot approve myself but I work my ass off and then I I fell into the politics of college football. And I saw the ugly side of the politics of college football and
And what are you talking about cause? I'm the only guy sit at the table that apparently play college. Football is busy in the to it what are the one who does not consist of like you're trying to get to being a certain position starting or is out. Let's say, like Ok, so I was I was supposed to start might ray. I Richard it myself, my fresh we're supposed snort tight and got into a barber all right in during the summer, couldn't play first, you games, and it was me in what one of my friends were report freshmen and he was a big kid local kid. Hitler playing in the NFL and we're kind of like fighting for the first spot on the depth chart at depth. Chart is for those who don't know is like kind of Where are you staring at? Don't you see your name on their knees? everyone else's name, and you want to be guy right during that offer every position, no yoga every position check,
so little pressure to perform that I stayed after my freshman put on twenty seven pounds of like hard earned muscle. No, illegal substances, squats mix What's this water like be go eat some food? does a wit ye? Well, what would you go from what weight to what we it came in the college at like it was like to hunt. In my two twenty five and you and all less thrilled hand me How can you guys go and then yeah and just earned it in the gym. Never my tight end coach coming up to me and say: hey you know, Steve is Steve with his name. Is that he's out and he's like you're going to be starting this first game and I'm like shit, I'm not stayed. I stayed like work. My ass off, you know state during breaks everything and I was a good at yeah and what school is like that you're actually going as hard as you can? Yes,
Can you weren't even that passionate now, but I committed to each one to win. Yes, Why do you look yourself an adept chart? Even if you don't necessarily like what you're doing you made a commitment in you, drive and I didn't wanna be number two. So is super competitive college sports.
So anyways with my tight end coach, like you're starting the first game, I'm like yes call all my family, my friends tell him what's up make sure if it has tickets, yet Eid IDA like a day before the game, the coach comes to me and says piano talk to you and I said: okay, it's like I just got a huge argument with a head coach and you will not be starting in the football game. I said, okay, why? He goes basically told me politics, my friend, still a friend of mine. Look kid. He came in on a full right, local kid. Big kid had probably a better frame to build on, and basically what the, even though, maybe at the you know, it is college. We have different gifts.
The head coach shut down said no peace, not starting. My coaches, like he should start he's performing better In his strong and await Hank in three hundred pounds, the kids ago, he should be starting a huge fight. Almost got fired. The coach am, I might add, encroach on Skype fired. He said you will be playing a lot in the game now, but there he'll be starting guess how much playing time I saw none euro who so that was the first game of the season? You said yes and so, then what happens to grow up and the season Yemen how's your attitude, I worked my ass off to earn you kept growing to earth. Did you ever start? Here's the shady thing a ruddy sounded pretty, should be the here's. The shooting
and I couldn't I'm telling you I had football PTSD after this, I didn't watch football for ten years they put on television. I walk out of the room. I just tango do something else they be watching the games. My son loves football Mifi, my find my family. Couldn't football couldn't do it had like? I just up version two sport to make a long story. Short sighted has been forty five minutes. We have new Meda shut huh. I guess My Maya. My scholarship, the money like like somebody hit your account right in like shit, didn't kick in for, like my food and everything in like my coach, the head coach, who is a narcissistic, I love coming to the
Roman dislike waving his hair and one of those guys you no one knows Gallia College graven that he's like I'll take care. Repeat: that's fine everything's happening ok week later coach. Still, this isn't in all our eminent alone, I'm talking with the ideas everything's good week later coach. It still. I am stressing in all they have to get a job like. What's up with with this, because I need to talk to you. My office to locate I sit down his office. Your scholarship money is not going to kick in. Really I over gave title mine had kicked it and he over gave now.
Is he being true for with me, or did he find a new recruits that was better than he pushed me out? Who knows? I don't know? Why cause a kid behind me and that starting fall back the next year right, so maybe I got pushed out. Maybe he over gave The matter is that Bastard lied to me. It didn't follow through with his word and that never happen again? I will never surround myself with those types of people in that light soon I carry to this day. I think about it. A lot for those.
Moments in your life that kind of changes your life. I said you don't pay something. I work my balls off for you in this programme already, and this is what I get that excuse out out of the office. I grabbed my cleats ended in my body. Chad, Rogers walk Thornton looked back now that so that that was your sophomore year? Yet? What about my richard? It was right after my raised the software. So what do you studying time studying new media which was really new cause. He murmured the internet hidden like ninety seven. Ninety eight came hot rain, really there's a date on that linking all at ninety seven in when it became hot yeah for think so would for sure That's for what it is like the internet
yea everybody. Everybody has dotcom year Netscape here, but you you could really surf the web the undersigned websites and stuff and website development and flat this flash it the media, the stuff so anyways. I was into that. I discovered that the computer thing and. Fell in love with design on the computer and other was a sculpture, major. I used to weld up crazy. Looking shit, I actually different to call post dude. I did like my final project. You want to know what I did. I built this big in zipper on this like canvas and I erected it and I zippered up I'm talkin like them like Jane reels, zipper reels. You know like then the like the thing
hold the nude? It was this big ship. My my my my our teacher They allowed you to do that. They too have a choice. I just went out: did it savage style? and with a street are airlines gear and I love it was weird. I think I got some of that frustration Amber sharing it up. I have never met anybody that do that they might might might we did you get grated on it do so how not only body, because happened was as I erected in practice field and my teacher she walked over with me to look at it and she looked him having chosen said a sweet little schaffner, you did it look like did in theirs. They here look at this one. I think she goes. She looked misuse what
she she didn't think I was possible rural when you said like a zippered megalopolis, I'm sending your thinking. What is this some slang term that I don't know dial? Does that mean Zip, hang hanging toilet paper off of it like with me is any means zippered ass would be. I wish I had a photo hours. She did. We don't have digital cameras back then, but that that teacher was call she was, I remember her name, she was created and you left it up for the practised guys and they had up or down she. She actually toppled me aside, one time it she's, like you DR this class, how what you do and how you act. Everyone is gonna, follow. Basically shoes. Pretty cool, but that was a jail vengeance girl I've. Given you promise for proper that done zipper. You did not answer.
I'll, tell us the goalposts meddling with all the other in five thirty feet. Probably more that, like the full gold depends, the practice is only help Jim Berries photos effort. I am not even creating put that I put in the end, and I built out of line Would laminated Ban saw like all the logs and had a fit together perfectly in that Poles zipper part had a zip, It warms functional, single giant, At present, I told my teacher resolutions like impossible could make it function. Policy here I said it's fortitude. I mentioned earlier so at this time. What are you what going on personally personal life, don't you with your high school sweetheart. I was area so I my wife Amanda, my bride
we got together. We were sixty fifteen. Sixteen through through a difficult situation. We became friends and with vinegar, been together since they are drawn together by a difficult situation and you stay together through, college absolutely and she wasn't looking like like like, like. I need to get away from this guy. You know she she's very understanding. Yeah other corny lie. Like you complete me She I tell people She is my glasses, a little fool. She just stops them out and if it run a little dry, she put it back in so, and she always has not. I mean so she's brutally honest and. You don't like my saw, it is not often that you guys were you know. I knew that, but it's
cool it. You guys did get all that time now back to. Your your major enough. Now you are now play football. Sit there in college, your studying new media, which no one knows anything about. I don't even I think about it and we actually hired the professors, my class room we committee of students, we hire the freaking professors and so and so then you're learning how to do what build websites like this? you're learning things like a it's. When all like the first software hit you had like this Maya, you could do three d animation. They built like toy story in my something you had like Flash Macromedia member, the flash websites are the innovation you stuff like that, so we About that, so how did you make the jump from that to go in a business in that Arena Osgood? at it and I was passion about it and what happened, sophomore year after they gotta play football, I went right to a marketing agency
sold myself on the spot and get hired on the spot, and I became their lead web developer and you're like nineteen. I was nineteen with blonde hair yeah like who is this kid brother records one. I was nineteen o Blaanor too, though giddily many similarities high school, we'll lotta Hawaiians have blunder XO, a blonde land area and I walked in and I just sold myself, ok. So then, how did that more fun to your own business yes away. I was even a curse job. I d give you the lead nineteen years old, kush job at two hundred bucks a week body rake in which I was pretty logic. For you, though, right yeah because it was either that or the wives yea. You know, and I did work at the- why but yeah I mean it was I cut my teeth at this agency where
I learned from this route. Good graphic designer Brad, who started his we're doing paced up so paced up his. When you're designing and add you have yet to take an exact so out a little tools you use when you're, like Photoshop and out of your rooms, pose a real tool. Real life tools. So he take like the knife and cut around the picture and any put that, unlike the topography and so I cut my teeth under real designer. Not many people get that anymore. So I learned from a master of design and I want to state That means you think I was there till I was nineteen twenty twenty one three years. I think that then I move back, and I start my own company here and now was just in sporadic. What what? What? What did you say? You know what why to see a pathway at the agency miles you to take over or not even take over, but just a move up the chain of command and get paid more than two hundred bucks a week in all that it did
in your brain, clicked where, like know what not working for the man, yeah, absolutely lousy. Are you there? I gotta go back to give you that, though, making blueberries and throwing hey. Manual labor, throw her for a day and get a ten dollar bill, even a work very hard, not to do raking, blueberries and main, which has a staple of Us Maenas. That's tough work, your bent over in the sun and the blueberry fields, and guess what you do for your first week. You earn your rake so was I mean, there's a different job that they wanted to know the rake picking and you ve got a bought that you ve got up I'll, arrange your in debt, the rake and you have to work and off how much it ain't that right, Costa, I'm doing the math. With a lawyer less like this is task, but I like it so what I want
I walked into my interview at this marketing agency, this kind of a pompous kid I said He said: what do you want to do long term mark? I said starting up my own business, I'm going to own my own business and you don't want to do that. You do not want to own your own business. You know you don't know what it takes to survive in the world of business and I said proceed. When I learned and suck the knowledge, I could all the knowledge I could I sucked in sucked in sucked it, and then I moved home and started and what city was added. I started well, I started the business out of my college. Apartment is about ass, big ass, a stable. I was man, though I had a little a MAC
the black one Wall Street ever that there is now called Austria had like. I was black and had like rubber on the sides, and I mean that's a u them yeah, but you, and I think that thing cause me some issues, because it was very tough to have kids. I sat that thing on my laptop. Hours on end and I'm tellin you something with radiation. Men had the practice. A lotta have practised was good, but I got a little tough when we get but yeah manner Arnie. Did it the business out of my college apartment? My first incite new media marking agency, see a new media company and just started hammer and I was fearless going after accounts and clients in Owen two years later I find myself in Park City Utah's sitting in the front of the president of Russia
our quicksilver selling of an idea like bill gates. I didn't exist yet and telling them what I could do and then they gave me the money to do it, and then we did it, and I address this history that so every other recession, so everything was rocking and is also has rocketed you, so you in Europe, department, but then where'd you end up. I ended up. Here in my hometown and you space. You got an office in all nine yards yeah. Well, I started in a barn. It was me at another guy, my first higher and then we move to kind of like a like a double wide trailer house. We call it double. I did have a skirt the area as you have rightly vinyl sturdy kitty, who doesn't have one Oscar gotta keep a real. So we
went there, and then we will go into a basement in town. This is like the perfect progression right and then we heard a few more and then we moved into a beautiful. We had built out a studio man, it was on. We actually design it because you are making a legit money. Now we were how many employees are regarded about. I think maybe seven or solar haven't sunlight six employees, custom design, if that yeah it's funny to getting me two years or so, employees cost design office and we did everything you want to hear something I didn't know if I should say this, you ready for this. You may have to edit this out I handled to governors campaigns and main point two years old. They wanted like the best design, the best marketing so that came to these young
and we have this one. Guy are less often she'd. Maybe you not say the name you It was a national news sort out, do you cut it out, There stood really international news. They know it the power of national new sucker, really nice, right after Obama's first term, so less came in. He wanted us to analyse campaign. And so he wanted a logo that was circular like Obama's logo, and so we did a. I designed myself, a circular logo which green and blue very similar, feel not even closer the same, but it was around who had done around over that time. Next thing I know this thing ends up on CNN all the national new stations and they have like that. Logos uphold, barbers logo, lasses logo. I scottish influx of emails and phone calls people like rip because member how that first,
robot remember how hot that was never met, my lovely people negative where they were negative on you because they were like we ripped it off and I like really. Really. So we was round don't make around logo there especially after the first Obama use circles. Don't use does that's no reason circles so, anyways it was. It was, it was an interesting time, a little bit distress did he catch for obvious near gas here, because hardly you know no even knew there like some. He was Oh, my outrageously made it up and I thought it was great well, he know not what they kind a little bit in that, but- he had an advise adviser than said this is the right direction and what not so it was. It was interesting times. So what was the heat? The heat was like national media like ripping you down people down who designed it language
opening that design it just like Harry you. They found you here, pick. You is that, whereas level bomb like fifteen days of like holy shit like awareness, we can survive this as a company. You know and we did you. You survive that, and I guess you lesson is like from that that you can survive thanks. You like it's interesting. I just caught that. You said ten days because guess what ten days no guarantee anymore is at much pretty much ass. He had allowed the news, no people, How many people freak out about something yeah weight of wait a week for four days and others anymore, there's like some other media that hit the saddle, fishing or whatever you. So it was. It was interesting. You know we were young in our in naive. In our mean, I think our started
I honestly and from a leadership respect of your position right for the first time and You have a team of six people, you're the man and I'm trusting, using say that we'll hesitation yeah, I trust that people will do the right thing. Are you people at are working for you, your age, yellow, younger, Japanese. All the signs same salmon year to difference sucker all young, so now you said recession what happens there. Well, we were We were kind of like booming as company building. Some incredible that we would do interactive touch screen key asks all this really really cool shit with their nobody was doing it recession hit. We lost sixty five percent of our business overnight. We was the first thing you
recession, advertising you're not supposed to, but you do the wrong move, but it's a move that everyone makes that man, I probably make the same move. Where can we cut cost at spend right? Stop that anyways the recession hit, and we had built this company from like the ground up just follow the money back in the company built built built by equipment. Philistia do all this stuff, I'm like oh shit. First time I thought about like these guys bought houses. That families are starting families moved away. How long had the run been at this point, this it been the five years and that's a good question: what does the recession eight or nine six IRAN, ok, six! Oh yeah! These guys it established here alive as they stand. Their families up here. Yes, a you were the for the form
income, your how they're paying their mortgage absolutely, and I felt that you know oh that's weakness, but I'm sensitive Man. I, if I promised somebody something like this company is your future. I mean this company is your future. I will stop taking a paycheck and that's not the right thing to do yet always pay yourself right. I will stop taking a pay check to make sure you get yours, that's what I did and when I also did, as I took out a line of credit knows the first money aid. Now from the bank ever and I use that money to keep things going to try to get through the recession That in one way to buy off, I had them do was I haven't start designing in house because by the way. The next thing that you do after you cut advertising the biggest costed. Just about any business. There is your people, people so that the next thing gets caught for years and you're, not gonna. Do that.
Numb and I'm young in learning about business. As I go, you know so now, I'm not gonna. Do it now they'd someone bought houses and nothing like I'm, not taking away their livelihood. You know I'll find a way to just get through red. You know it and I believe I had fought fortitude to get through- you know, but and there's the but they didn't. And here's why? Because I had them start working on, is how in house projects- and I was training Jiu Jitsu at the time, and so I was going to develop a platform so that an academy could build a website based off of attempted system for their duty to school and it was gonna, be bad ass and we had done this for, like resignation, Dena STAR we had. We would like one of the first companies to build online tools to build things makes sense.
In early two thousand sooner go on, and you look at some product than you wanna, there's a little customization that can be done to you guys the design things to move the mouse around until those now as a bunch of creative was none of them. Ok, zero, and so we started building this thing and your your building, this thing, but you're not being paid for yet because eventually gonna sell it. So you just that's, unite in House project is an oddity. Now did you do to take a little bit more of my time than it should have these things happen, did I think about it more than anything else in the world
I did and just real quick how'd you get into Judea too well after Football STAR Play Football and asset man. I need a fight like any day. You know I was here this desire to fight, and maybe all men have that I don't know, but I felt like many extra like extra like any to fight. So, unlike Taiwan Dough, so I started fighting in Taiwan dough and achieved that in about two years was like ok now what and then I found you do too and I got choked out by hundred and fifty pound kid now towards an eighty five pounds, and I was like that's convince her. I'm in configured out came at him with every bit of that letter says in the kitchen me out almost cold. What just happened and I bought into it. So any anyways I was passed
budgets you and I want. I had- is perfect plan to build a system and they started getting salty about it. Now that, because they felt like there was, an income is because they work in paid by the project cannot, commissioners have like, I would willingly aldys out, they all got salaries. So what were they getting salty about the fact that they were working on my pet projects? Those words, my pet projects- They were also salty. I had two very young kids and my wife and the office that the kids were in the office and they were you know, playing with her stuff and doing what kids you, kids are being kids, my company, my office, my kids, okay,. They found that a problem so out of the mainly was your relationship, because this this just assuming right now that you got a bunch of people that are working for you that around the same age as you and so
Guessing that Europe, broke out when we were super rooms. A super grows super mature brow externally, immature kids, right, talented, immature kids I mean you're talkin about like hey but shut it down a go snowboarding we get to adjust how should the low, and we did a hit that does it. We do you shut it down gravest, nobody arousing would send us like ten thousand dollars and product suggests. We just go up. We just rip rip on the mountain, hey man just get the work done in all you need yet meant. Nor is this duty. Make sure the works done very loose? Superhero superb rose up the S hit the powers, the powder so
The relationship was nodding, boss worker employ relationship; it was a creative. I always wanted to foosball table ball table Gimme a break. This creative genius. When should hit the fan? The thing, Go to one person this guy right, so alright, I'm ready to sustain this thing and make it happen they weren't. So one day, I'm in my wife's office in the whole crew gets up and hands me a paper and Suffolk paper. There, like we'll, see you on Monday to talk about this because they thought they weren't expendable, so they're giving you an ultimatum ultimatum. I was like I turned white for a second ok and they walked out
Were you did you anticipate this at all? No, no, ideas. I will never be caught off. Guard like that again here that one's gonna stick. I was gonna, leave more visitors mutely. You know that Israel's right at me straight up, mutely up, ok, my wife is, an emotional being we sat down. We read this this paper and it was a list of demands, a list of demands about profit, sharing how the company was making all this money and it wasn't being filtered down to the employees and about my kids and how they cannot come into the office anymore because they make noise whole list of demands. They can concentrate when their plane, food ball and of and amongst other things, young, stupid, kids, and I was one of them
because I was naive, so we start looking at analysis like whilst I can punch in the face and my wife went in and she spoke up and shoe she's, french, Canadian and she's she's anyway. She spun up I said: ok, this! You speak French when she's angry now work. I wish that we can hardly be rather like. Maybe you speak French, this major bad, yellow your deejay, no soap
What we did is we just. We sat there and looked at each other and we like white. What and I said, do they have any idea. We just took out a line of credit to support this place to get through the recession. They have any idea. We don't have any work. So what do we do? Recon we open up their computers logged in and started looking for all the interaction between the staff in wow, what they thought of me. I was sad I was like wow? This is said. Maybe me feel like shit what they think I mean they thought I was like some type of miser like slick squarely way cash and re in because Because I was, I always kept a straight face had a happy personality in
they had no idea how much in the whole, we were there I can imagine that you're trying to actually protect them from the strategy business. Yes, and in doing that, you didn't come you gave them what was actually happening, which meant that they created what was happening in their own minds, which was obviously ratchet them. Creating what they think reality is in their minds when they dont know all the facts are so many times in business. When I talked to businesses in both business you're, going through transitions or there's something happening, and you know that they'll be asking like what do you think we should tell you know that the employees what's happening right now, Will you have two choices? You can tell them what's happening or they're going to make up a story to make up a story, and it's not going to be good they're going to take worst case scenario, and so the old communications. That is what is how you prevent this kind of thing and obviously twenty two years old. That's pretty often that you are in the position to earn an obvious, you can look back now and it's pretty simple to see what the solutions war.
One of em. You are you're, throwing out what these eyes too much, and this is a fine line. You know, because what is Europe doing? I had rose lifetime brothers steer that were being three or four ranks below me, but they were professional and they understood the line between and they understood and they respected the position and and other guys that were the exact same rank, lower rank that I couldn't. I couldn't give that kind of closeness to, and so that's one of those things that you know we talk bout a lot with companies is its different for the different people in your company. I'm not saying you can't bro outcome, and also that doesn't mean you don't have awesome relationships with your people, because that's what you want. You want to have awesome relationships with the people that are working for you because they're going to do much more for you and you can do that much more for them and it becomes general winning team, because everyone cares about each other- is actually there dichotomy there, you know
are we being so. The lights. Are we super Bruce? What is that? What is that lie in that line? Is the thing that you need for what makes a really hard with the relationship pieces that its different for different people and some guys that wasn't e five and a sea opportune, and I was the lieutenant and they were my total brows and there's another guy. That's me five and I gotta keep a little distance just to make sure that day they stay professional right and so This is this a challenging stuff and great lessons learnt for anyone run a business, especially young people, It's not just young people, because I see seeds and see Yo Yos, asking these same? Quite all, learn this shit in college comes to hurry, like being entrepreneurs or businessmen we're woman, whatever its learn.
You know you may have a gift of something I'll be counting. You may be a good salesperson to the marketing some nobody's, born with a gift pinot noir and how it's built it's crafted overtime and you have to fail and fall flat on your face and get punched in the face to figure it out. So, but what good is unfortunate? There's those like those lessons that your parents tried to teach you, but you didn't listen to any come out, if you're, even aware of them, and that's what's good about like someone at hearing what you're saying right now they might not recognize it before, and this a chapter in extreme ownership right dichotomy of leadership and kick you gotta, be you can't be so close to your people that once more for the we go through this, but the awareness of it is it gives people percentage chance? of maybe a set of falling flat on their face. Maybe they just stumble nor to recover right. So this is the classic I felt, flat? Yes to do her too,
so what happens so I was I men at first but I got angry. And then I got even know I Basically what was his we are not expendable heed these words and these demands and we'll talk to you Monday morning. Ok, so what happens? We do a little recon get outta the computers see the communication between all of them. What they thought about me, what they thought about. My wife what they thought was going on with the company half an hour later on in my vehicle divide and conquer you're, not they tell me is in that paper said, do not come and see us individually. Do not seek us out. Do not try to separate one of us and have a conversation and that's exactly what I did by the way.
From the employer standpoint. This is a horrible move. They are making new paths, bad of a mistake, as you were, making as a leader because They should have any one of them could have done. It said PETE Bro. I got to talk to you, man, let me tell you what's going on there. This is what we're thinking we don't. What's going on the company you, those working on these random projects that are like your projects. We should be working for other companies that what can you tell us? What in God's name is going on? We can move forward. That's one, those nobody was that mature and you could brought into ruin said. Hey guys. I apologise for not tell you, but let me tell you what a what come we have on the I that, which month, nothing, nothing So this is what we're going to do, try and provide you could have given the plan. They would understand why you're doing what you're doing it more and it would be good so both the chain of command. There are actually making grievous mistakes, side mistakes. My and I learned from that that that
Was I mean I'm a transparent person as it is? You can ask me anything you want, and I will answer it. I was just a dumb kid though I didn't want to show weakness to them is what I was thinking, because I didn't want them to feel like they needed to go find another job. I just wanted to thank that Startalk, like all the companies going to shut down house, making my own stories, I didn't trust they would make the right decision if I told them this so I just carried try to push through and you're right. It was a mistake to not share with them because it would have been. I was we were bleeding as a company, but they were the blood I was trying to keep in. It would have been easier just her. Let them decide what they wanted to do after In hindsight, telling them where we were as accompany how the recession has affected us, but I didn't and so I divided and conquered meaning.
I gotta, my garden drive to the first ones house knock on the door, John we're gonna talk or you have no job, John still with your right. Now he works. Origin pissed was so pissed. I was crying a little bit ass. You have been so pissed like you, just like Cried is negative, next question, really Not even your cattle being a monopoly, oh yes, I guess. I guess I'm tired of being a seven, I'm talkin like twenty. What am I to three twenty? Fourth, There is, I wasn't deems at that point: we outcry. Ok, it's not as a one time to go
level, a conversation with no requirement, as is our life and reserve, had invented so pays you like started crying honestly. Crying is not like a It does not lead to tears in my in for me as weakness, leaving apply. Ok, I get it being angry, that's that's. Ok, you know. Every muscle gives a kid. I was a new Yorkers kid. Turkey's you remember. I guess I didn't have a mentor, neither like when I was a kid. I never had I had one mentor, my friend, my my buddies father, because it is a single single mom who was yet edges. We bark s, kids A lot of time we raise ourselves, have a mentor, Nelega Father figure around All the time to see So I just I worked off of pure drive an emotion. Yet
again, I'm not jerk. Now I'm having fun with it by ass little, but if you're so pissed so pissed, got freaking tears in your idea and you John, you can you this job or not, because if you say no you're, not to me. You do not have a job and you ve got a new house professor. He had eaten the car. Ok, one down, one would have won in the game, still want it again, got it I drove to the others, houses they either didn't answer the door and hid or answer the door and said I can't talk to you and closed it. Ok, our kids, you know what he does is your kid, which is a good message to everybody. When you don't work talk to somebody you not solving anything. You tell me you don't yes! Now, I'm not saying that there is sometimes where I'm so mad at you that I'm like PETE Come
tomorrow, bro right now it ain't gonna go. Georgia is emblematic cry like that. Sounds really sensitive? That would you actually do that and I do week, but that is that the point is no seriously, if there's, if there's a problem and you're not talk about it. You're gonna sound like that kid right there that answer, the working document apple, good, shut, the door, that's not a way to get anything solves times we need it will reduce the step because we were headed. Yes, that happens as long as you know: you're gonna. U both low that its successful. You know, like, I feel like. With respect to business and stuff like like. If you work client, you may, like Bang heads with a client. Recently. We need, if we did it, shut this down and discuss it like in forty eight hours, That's learned over time, not when your keys, you just want to get after, like for even your approach was soup.
Hard core, and this is again you know people a bit aggressive, yet people people want to hear me say like that's right, you go in and you say you talk to me now You don't have a job that I was already bleeding, though so was that the right choice I don't know, but there The approach for me would be like hey Lemmings when you what's going on and then you can think more about your decision, because, right now I'm telling you what you ve decided and what you presented to me is so far off base that if this what you want to make a decision based on I'm telling you. What I'm gonna have to do is let you go because I haven't told you yet, but we don't have any money, I'm paying you out of my own pocket, So if you don't like that- and you want me to pay- you are my own pocket or anymore. I'm act. Good with that but if you don't have a job and you aren't, I make this, they work less a conversation and that's close to exactly what I would say now exactly I represent
The reason I am making this point right, a guy hit me upon social media. He s a logic, question in any pre preface the question he says I am a very direct guy, like you mean he's direct like me over any says, and I give feedback and makes people mad and rubs on the wrong way and just you know I back again: look man, I'm direct on twitter, which is a hundred and forty characters and an amateur answering seven hundred and twenty questions in you know rapid fire an answer, yeah direct when someone says what is your What is your average daily diet? consist of stake next, what internet mean, but through you're, not an asshole, but when I say this also like I'm having fun like that, it's that's the form part of you know, interacting with people through social media does how I'm treating another human being face to face and real relationship on we're gonna build some. Then I'm using tat amusing manoeuvring
manipulation the situation of setting things up on being the most taxable person. In fact, not only I'm not gonna rub them the wrong way. I'm gonna rub them in a very nice weight and they feel good about the conversation that we add disarmament and have a real claims to be. The point is, is that you know you eat will have you said the what little club was, is what you would say now back then you're young you're bleeding. Leading you're pissed off, and you say you know the wife nagging at me about finances yeah. You know how that I'll builds. Two young kids go through the night. You know. What's it gets. It gets tricky and you're trying to maintain this. So so f. Why that what you just said. You use a you know how it is to be honest, I don't know how that is because I was so every two weeks there I, get a ride. Health insurance tanker. If I had a house taking care of it, It's a huge, its
it's actually a feeling I dont know so. Yeah. Don't know that. For my, I can only imagine. I can only imagine what I would be thinking. If I was in your shoes at twenty two years old with a wife to screw in kids and I don't have any money so check? Ok, yet some I will tell you about that feeling Feeling I'm never gonna go back to As we as I divided in conquered, did not go my way. So meaning that the people were saying the kid Hocker, the hidden cannot be, they went, they left their having their homes, whatever. So I made a decision. What to do my talk talk my? What she's like what are we gonna do. I said well, I suppose, I'll think they're expendable, except they're. Not
because there's not a person in this world. It is so good, I'll take care of your exclusionist right. You got him, they think they're, not expendable, a person's world that is so good at their job. They can't be replaced dear that occur, This is just to say almost, but you're right you're right is allowed to tell the people in the world. So what did I do? Hefty trash bags get some I went up to that studio and scraped there. Desks individually into trash bags, and it felt good I didn't even mean to say that like, but it felt good yeah, I literally just scraped it tied it up, went to the next one. My wife is pushed it all into the bag. This is good
yeah we drag doll, the shot, any care. What was in the bag? I don't care what they had on their desks. My property, your shit in the trash bag, the organised, nothing scraped, Agnes down the stairs gently I'm getting a feeling. This was not as you're not dragged them down the stairs. We were in this this like studio. You know, third floor studio that we had built out for us beautiful right. The Monday morning, the art director who I cut my teeth with came down. He lived in banger main. We sit back, four came down and we were sitting. There was glass like the glass and it's like you could see through it being inside, but from the outside. You can't They all got out of the same vehicle, gonna, giggling and chuckling like
they own me. They own this company and they walked in door and there we were sitting there were the trash bags and they went from giddy to guilty sadness and their faces turned white. There's your shit. Take it now. Is it done now, staff. I said a few words But I was not going to be held hostage to this. Situation. In business eyes. I say you ve got like. Forty years of being a maker. I did a speech recently at an innovation. For I wrote a speech for an innovation expo.
Zero to twenty year learning twenty to see Do your doing and six eighty. Clear, enjoying the fruits of their labour. Anything good and life takes ten years, so much first ten years had passed, but I still have thirty to go. And so I knew I wasn't done, but pain of the situation in the in the experience. I grew exponentially overnight. We had salvaged a small part of the company, which was a was ass. We called it web where right it was like online software, like everything, is now like the cloud, but there was no cloud. There was this system. I was able to salvage that because it had a cool little customer base of some high and customers they pay monthly, who, just like reoccurring, payments right just to use it.
And so I found a buyer for it in the negotiation took a long time. And in that long time we had no income, no money, and so what did? I do? I started selling shit dirt bikes Four wheelers snowmobiles Every non essential item I owned got sold trying to Ten keeping my home right, which we had built my wife and I in the forest. Which was our dream home. Just a tiny little fifteen hundred square foot timber frame. Borrowing, money from family and in our parents And there knowing the situation, the and sell them actually just like giving us food whatever,
that whole time I had the maintain, like the super composure to try and sell this thing. All this shit happening in the background, and I think it was like eight months and I finally sold it two hundred thousand dollars. I think it was which was cheap for what we built extremely cheap, but I was in a position where we had nothing left. Freaking. Nothing left in. Oh. It was super sue we're challenging and I could have eaten easily turned to substance abuse which I didn't have never been into substances. I could have easily just fell off the deepened and felt like a failure.
Which I knew I wasn't my wife wanted me to go, find jobs that's what I was about to say. I can't normal normal that you will get a nine to five. Actually, I can't do this. I can't do this PETE. I can't do this during that eight months, then you've got to figure some. I said babe. I will find a way to make this work and I, to leave. Everything happens for a reason happen for reason and I just kept out of back my head and I pushed and pushed and pushed forward, and it wasn't frequency. It was super super hard like on us. But she stood by me. Unwavering she stood by me.
Never once did she wants to leave. Did she not believe in me or not trust me witches, What I needed and, like I said earlier about filling the glass back up, it was to bone frigate dry. Bone dry and she just put a little bit back in and we kept moving kept Johnny. Not during that time period we can to sell the old company are you hatching plans, or You gotta be percent focused on two, so Moscow by creativity dove The bottom of the ocean done was I don't I've
we're experienced depression in oh, but I get it. I felt a little bit like a failure, I felt a little bit like a failure, but No, I wasn't So every time I had a negative thought I would just push through it. I just pushed through the thought and what got me through a lot of that was training. You do. Where I could expel my energy end use my creativity, which I thought I had lost in Jiu Jitsu, a very creative sport art. That kind of kept me, I guess I kept those endorphins flowing, so I can maintain some stability But tactically, your focus is so Scotty
I've made out, make it look good, but we'll show them. The numbers that are coming in for a few clients about at projections could be, if that's all, you're doing that's all you're doing and you're you're thinking. When you sell that thing you're going to have enough and you'll figure it out later regional word about arena exactly so you make it. Sale I made the sail for the first year. We get a monthly check like five Grandam autism not the full amount, but five grand a month During that time, I decided to just take twelve months and figure out what comes next in that twelve months I traveled around the country gaining jujitsu and filming thing. We call Pga weekly. Because that's what I was passionate about.
Travel around and film technique and train and other stuff and was like an excuse to train Julia to let it this newsletter and After that, twelve months and travelling around distract me what I wanted to do years earlier. I had designed this low oh for YE brand off the cuff came to me I get my dears in the morning. One morning I sat down and just both done five minutes, Sometimes you can have a client come in. We use doing. I spent hundred hours on a friggin logo. You know people dont, really Miss Lucas cost and sometimes you just nail ten minutes done finished it just get hit by lightning. Just done. That's what happened with the sort of thing. I want to start a brand because what I
done what I had learned and over that year of. Driving around in training in reconnecting with myself. My family was that. I love the building, brands and products I loved, taking something from nothing like a drawing In making it into something- and I had an aversion to the screen and in that space, because of the new media thing I was always on a screen, and I I I just I told the mandate and I need to like do something physically like have something physical and have a physical. Thing to do because I was in our major and I'm an artist and I slip up goalposts. I need it to do so, and you do too.
Had seen that there, the uniform, like had changed now, maybe more kimonos four thousand years, but yet how Judo there are hundreds of years and did you two hundred years, Brazil same thing: Saint, cementing harm cotton, uniform uniform. You wear why? Why do you wear that you that under armor we'd, like winking staff and you ve got air helmets instead of leather helmets, and you know Stop these innovations and other sports injured. You two had shit. We had nothing wearing bunch of Distrait cotton balls and. Sweaty soaked in g? stretch using stinks bad. It's socked and so to start, I was like ok, start start meaning you you now the vision you may see that geese haven't progress right, you know that they can be made better. Be good
Actually answer you say: ok, I want to make the best in the world yeah. That's that's division. Yes, it is, and you have to start somewhere. You don't start somewhere. So. I didn't know anything about textiles, but I knew about design and I knew about the human body, and you know how do you the body worked in in in college. You learn about that a lot they mechanics mechanics of the body, they retrain. You had a running college like they you, on the same, he do it sizes, so you're all striking, forge striking. We therefore do all the same. And so I design like a deep handsome was like the cowboy cause. I knew that indeed you do what you like. Squatting a lot in on your knees and the material pulled up you're up your leg, but pulled down your, but so you like, got Palmer's crack, which sucks so
oh, I design like so. The new paths came up to your hip, Sonia squatted. It would pull from your hips right instead of cross. Pop your leg did. Did some cool innovations like that in a second time to go so we launched a key yet wee wee wee imported whiskey from Pakistan. One g I was in the basement of my house, and I was like we're going to start this brand. So I hid in the basement. Act? Here comes a key. We shot a photo, we saw some photos offer and I lodged it through Fiji weakly and boom forty grand Why would you didn't have any geese? No. Nobody's, but I want
To prove that we could do something different, and I trust that I can make it happen, knowin how energies, as our two hundred years, sold. I've got something here. I've got something good here. And I knew a new adventure was gonna start and my wife spun up in a positive way. No, she just like what are you doing, I'm not going to start a Nike brand and she like sick, like I wash my head anxiety attack and not first like you, you you you, you can't do this again you get a kick started, not accompany. You know it's like just, and I use this word lightly being around war hero like you no warrior here. I promise you that pity SD of business right
That's a real thing like she, she had like PTSD of business because of what we had gone through and selling everything in the feeling you get that you keep you get caught. This feeling for me. I used it for DR her she used it, for I know everyone feel that again. That makes me like ill For me, it was like I'm never going to feel that again, make sure. I never feel that again and I want to do so think about it. So. I did anyone has started a company or Jane and that's it began two thousand eleven tenant till two thousand eleven. So the. How do you started so you ve got one d or you're old forty and worth of one gave a Jen have right. What would we do next
Do you know at this point? You want to make him in America. Had you figured that part out? No! No! I I I Let me take my figured you make when America, when why do to make them in America, and so I started like calling all the facts: reason and main like hey. You know you guys so stop echo. Can you so there's no UK those I got know main has traditionally had a lot of industry appear manufacturing big time, especially when we, when we were kids. Yes, your big brands up that build a lot of tobacco industry bash you ten away, sold out Dexter Shoe Hayden Shoe Lou Hayden here San Antonio shoe passed away when huge companies, allow building new barriers, twenty minutes away so rich heritage manufacturing, but apparel in me a little different
made shoes and we won't fabric and stuff like that. But apparel wasn't wasn't there? I'm so. What I did is we're in that basement. Unwarlike added to make this note- that the almost a lot of those companies that you're talkin about that had built all the stuff you for all those years. A lot of them had left yeah so that that's the the situation accept, all of them had left Ella Bein they still makes and stop here. The rest left gone so well, new balance play oh yeah for sure yeah new balance is awesome, so I was like okay we're going to make a belt. That's where anyone can make a belt, so there was a sky and lose ten who ran this company and I called mob like anything, so I machines Is that ok wanted to stop by
was the main one of the manufacturing Hobbs of main at one time walked, and is like what you need us like this is what I want to make its about. Four martial arts, sick, okay- and I said I just need a machine to do that and, like I got five on a box cash I could spend on it. Can you give me some to practice with so he saw me machine, showed me how to thread Bob in January when put to the needle. Unlike ok, ok, we did so. We knew how to do it, so I like doing him doing this. Ok, So we took the sewing machine and then I put my basement next to the desk them like a machine and my fishes like shit your head locally? Luckily, we had sold a pre order, so we had sold. Thousand dollars thousand keys that didn't exist, so she had got not my back a little bit
So that machinery sat there and as looked at trying to like make this key, and I in order to make a gate. America just set out we're gonna, make you gonna change the g, we're gonna change, Magee first, so we and we started the M or game? Everybody else is doing it. Everybody he's telling me manufacturing dead. I did a few Phone calls prematurely It is like a you can't really do that, and so That's ok! You know the whole time and think, unlike something's, not right here that I can't do this and I just couldn't put my finger what it was. So I imported two thousand eleven in May. We started two thousand Lebanon in the two thousand twelve there you batches did whole who eliminated this bad thing. We're keys, but we promoted it with
patients? We had still shit. Now when it comes down to it, what the EU yeah man, news to shit is low, using old textiles. So you design vague or you said you Where did one from Pakistan and then would you do that cut it up and redesign into some or did you send the assigned to them and they soy by design like a everything in illustrator. Like a text back like I want this year. I want the knee pads year that fall here than your belt loops, because I don't want to untie the play all the stuff and then they and they send it. Yeah done yeah. Ok finish so you know you know in Pakistan there like them. Manufacturing for martial arts, like the manufacturing hub in this city called sale caught there are actually like most like migrant workers. Is a ton of factories, jujitsu factories, but the workers of the same the same guy
all the same guys, the aid or whatever rotate around other yeah. They we gotta contract over here gonna make jealous. I'm gonna, give you a bunch of our show up there. They work for penniless pennies, so We did the importing thing and we to grow rapidly. We stop to make money, and at that point my other business I was making color monthly income, and then I got kind of like a chunk of money. Like a hundred grand article. I can I take a deep breath and really this thing and sword. I pushed it and we started selling more and more. Then I came up with this really cool. Backpack called Mundell Backpack, more job, backpack technical backpack, and we saw the tenement thoust and then we came out with this product for grip training. We a patent in aid. They were just as a bomb because that's what I did like once. I got an arose like design this designers and we were just
Sally Selling,. And during this time I was also competing in Africa's a male do they don't want to hurt you and you want to test herself against the best in the world. Was training hard, did up winning the the limited digress reset I had seen another company release a product for grip. Training that looked exactly like ours holds a product training. We has called on a ring, hang also it's you. It's like a buggy and then color gear in line with its new school is awesome and those back. Kids ripped us off and I wasn't thinking my manufacturer anything while I'm sick man not to come to work is opposite patented that you know Baba blah. Okay,
competing. I ended up going to Canada. I won the world pro trials as a problem about at the time when the world, trials in the blackmail division cuz. You know they put it. Issues together. As you know, four thousand two thousand now. They think they separated him now again, but So I got to go over to Dhabi and compete in the world Pro. As a brown bout, in that black belt division I'm sitting there before my match and I'm supposed to fight Sean Jihad, Barrow in the core, finally of the open division And I I am going to say this: it was bad seeding like the sitting of the brackets, was not good worker Like I had in my bracket a guy from Brazil, a duty towards a shaggy and made your government in Seoul
J D want to fight, so he is so I bought you. Look it from Brazil. And he was much smaller and I was athletic and good night and appointing and then J T just can, I didn't want to fight so then he coach me. He we have war years He had last couple of seconds. Bad is very close The problem of Georgie's multiple time world champion for one of the best of all time and you jitsu big time, awesome, guided us some guy, so but the ceding was bad like Lovato. Wasn't in it like there's a couple other guys. I'll just by division could have been tougher and I would have got my ass kicked along earlier. Okay, so but we had a war is was awesome and maybe I one. If had worked harder or maybe We have one if.
That girl from Poland didn't by me right before the match within origin d on different logo. On the back. And what was ass, you're caught of GDP like that either you designed yeah and you see a girl, Poland, whose compared competing she walks by yet it was, it was actually it was. It was the pit, the pants yeah, there's a panther, there's a logo differently. On the back, but our whole thing: you're design, Luton, given different logo, I knew it was my manufacture and that everything clicked they ripped off if the right hand, grip, trainers, ok, ok, but what am I to do because I'm locked into these guys now so I had have strategies, so I went out lost and the court. Finally got an airplane. Worse,
can flight of my life. ADHD Kid- and I can't be stuck in a freaking seat for fourteen where's, that sucks. And on the ride back, I was talking to J T who had become good friends with it. He was kind of like in a tricky position life. He was still with his instructor in Maryland and just didn't know kind of what to do. He wasn't progressing and he's to tell me that man I got to I've got to get like. I have to do it for before I can actually train with guys cause. He was so good. He just wasn't getting it. You know, and you know the mecca of. Did you too? You know is, California I would go so far as to say: Santiago, Santiago, that's where you stand here, that's where he went so he was bigger His whole thing also cow for sure, soak area whose figure in his whole thing out and out,
think about it. Like this problem Mcmahon now, I think build a factory worthy airplane. As he's looking at me like now on appeal factory scrutiny, Shit, this is bullshit among competing anymore, I'm done and also What did it do as when the world championships we kind of like helped each other a little bit that plane ride back like Canada? eurobonds, bouncing ideas of each other. Decompression decompression, so I got back in Skype Manufacturer- and I was like over Skype like Bullshit, you freaking. I didn't say that
Blocking ripped off our intellectual property and sold it to other brands, business is business day, I have a defining moment in your life where you just turn on, and you like you done, I knew at that moment what we're gonna do like. It was clear it became clear and I knew the challenge in front of me- and I knew it was insane- and I knew it couldn't be done, and I was like it's happening props, so so why I gotta tell you a little bit of what happened right after right. After that I went out to the world chip. Ships to compete cause I had already signed up, and I was gonna be my ear.
We were there and there was a brand pair and I walked up and walk by night at a double. Take us what For the right and there's our Armando Technical Backpack right there, but with brain Send their logo honour. I went up to the guy knows: like did said got an original ideas. Everybody there's a bad ass, except for this guy who doesn't do Jussu, who does nothing right just some Shelby Dude, who was that Capitalize on the success of combat sports and you growth in California, and I'm not going the company and I was like that is a week. I said in bullshit. I said, get some original friggin ideas. I went out
walk down and myself and the deco our business partner. And his wife and my wife were down there and I told my wife in Spain. Did she ever she up there in sheaf flipped, our guy for men to bring she bringin at five to one three pounds a fury Jeffrey you reviewing Don it was awesome, we flew back in the picture was already clear. This was just like added innovation, state motivation my TIM and and John was already working for me from my last business. The sole survive, so survivor moved back to farm. What we did is we grab that, like that tape,
countries in you wanna flag, trees, cotton mainly that libraries to cut the kind of Guy John. I have seven acres. Property, which is ok, listen, seven acres is not a lot of property and main you can buy property and main four five hundred dollars an acre in some places, private sale. So let us make that clear. Seven acres is not a lot. But we have seven acres of land in the woods, and so I like flagged out like we're gonna, build a factor here: Would you should flagged it out like this? this is based on the architectural design your engineered put through for your factory here, right now, I think of factories should be about this bill. This looks like a factories eyes. I called about any broadest chains are aware, and I got to do it and we just random. You started cutting trees, my father
I came over with a cheaper. We chipped it out. Ok, we stop did we pulled the stumps out pretty resourceful up in here and may even murder, Yankee ingenuity that term. For sure that happens, So what do we do? We cleared it? We did. But earth work. I got on the compact compact at all the sand and Portas lab had had some some guy some company sorrowed about eastern White Pine and had my body build, build a barn Actor born in we just spent an hour waiting. Sixteen eight hours is one thousand one hundred hours around the clock. We just built this thing from the ground up myself, my brother friends, family images
we did it, we built it. I was stuck a sewing machine and see that were like Dewey. That's what began in and we either thing is, is like. If you listen I'm I'm all for planning. I I liked to plan the what's gonna happen in their lighter, like you say, executed like to execute that plan, but do it and I like to lead the plan, So as we did, and I'm a push or to like a push, push sure everybody's living up to their expectations like as part of the planet they bought into it. You better, fully into it. There is no room for like slacking like if I'm working to midnight year work until midnight right, you're, not leaving. So as we did and I'm a push or to like a push, push push Let's see how much I can get out of somebody to push them to their potential and see,
Their breaking point is so I can learn about the person but also get the best out of them. So we did it. We built a factory. And. That's where I started so then comes what what's next our machines yeah. And saw machines. Some ends started looking for staff that knew how to sell yeah. Exactly so, Oh we'd never light. Yet we had one sewing machine and we just like ok as our is how you so and I found old timer bill who came down he's like explaining the different types he's been in business for forty years, fixing sewing machines and his dislike You don't want his axe, any lay all you never had a single needle machine and a double meet all got locking stage in a changed. Ditch- and you know all this stuff on the site. Woe and so I just absorb got, became completely absorbed in that right.
Learning about. Sewing machines learned how to run on how to fix them what they were good for the different types of feeding You know all everything about, so I machines as it cool No buts machines now in its fabric, so I started looking for fabric guess what they dont fabric in the United States? They don't make fabric tat we needed in Mexico. They don't make fabric in Canada, shit, they don't make fabric for jujitsu ease I was like what are we gonna do? What would you do you just weaving, and so I just you know I was looking for weaving like hey, hey, hey you guys we can do is therefore sound.
You do so. Your only option at this point is got to order the material for that order, the material from overseas. You got it. That's what you going to do right. I was like screw that and so I started looking for like weaving, and so I just you know it was four weaving, like hey, hey you guys. We produce, therefore, Sap hundred thousand yards in twelve box yard, no, so I'm just looking looking looking looking and did you ever order? Any material I did ok, You had to sell geese, easy money, you gotta investment to sing now right- and I did I had I didn't take it- take a paycheck for like the first, two years of business, I didn't take a paycheck, maybe three, I didn't myself once every time I just dont back in don't back and dumping, weaving was impossible right, you're, not gonna, freaking.
We material. So I I did I imported material for that first ear and we, we figured out how to make a gay it was a pain in the ass and that first week we finished the weak and I called tobacco, and I said we made five pairs of pants this week. And he's like that really high production dude. I was just like what am I doing and I kind of snore zone that story you like legit, were questioning ice down, like, oh, my god, you know You thought you were going to make two hundred dollars in a week and eat your deep and we can you make five hundred and fifty five pairs of pants. I was just mind: boggling mine,
going and Jill was my first it she still with us today. The one you're talking out earlier. I did not know what to do. I was: truly had a loss for I didn't anybody, do they teach me about her, In fact sure thing I should set a sob Because a knowledge had disappeared out of the state, it was gone. The folk that used to do that stuff, either they passed or there they moved on snow birds able to Florida whatever they weren't around. So I had a lot of late night by myself in my basement with a glass of whiskey.
I started to have that feeling come back of that, like a failure feeling, and I didn't know what to do as I. What did I get myself into? You know like what what are you doing like? How do you? What am I doing And then I figured like I cannot basically like I can't do this alone have situation. In conversation my father has like German. I need to talk to somebody who's like been there done that like done built something from nothing and he's like pities, I've got a friend that he did some more foreign is bold, ordered my philosophy macro affair.
Share in the cap, and so we made a phone call to the sky. The John leave last name out. And John said: yeah I'll meet with PETE Here's a date and time meet me at my. They cows, play showed up at his lake House and I sat down and shook my hand. They said. Let me tell you something, you're, not fucking special, I'm already p down Just allow me using his words and you're, not. Special your idea special. Nobody gives a shit, ok, motivational speaker after agile. Nobody gives a shit said reality check as yours. What's your problem, I said I I we need money
like you. I know you don't know we need we need and we need money to did like do this time. Learn how to do this and build this and like make this happen? I need money, the capital Those PETE: what were you in the back? Your my thinking? You had good capital investor right. Here's beguiling lay Coulson. Maybe this he's gonna, throw you jeez at you know. No I wasn't therefore financial. A financial. I wasn't looking but that was the solution that you saw. You do not using saluted him. He just thought I need money for this. The only solution- and I need money and, as he kind of like beat me down in the sky, ran like a fifty. I think there are two billion dollar company now. At that point I was fifty million dollars
And he's got a retired to this thing in giving his time to me for free to help another kid from industry. In succeed. He basically hated me and two hours educated me and I locked away from that meeting, like with a plan, a plan of action was like do what was the big, who is he told me, I need to basically I know who I was and do it. A personality profile and he goes you're, probably what you say and I and F J some like them. You guessed it
But I am each body, we knew exactly sure what why so I did my personality profile find out my strengths and weaknesses and if spot on does like always shit. This is like crazy and they told me you are not all in. You don't really want to win at this, knowing You then go all in. How much do you believe in it? Because a million friggin people like you said: there's a million people like you and a million great ideas in less than one percent are willing to go in chase. It and go online and do it. Are you one of those people? and if you are so of the money problem. And saw the rest of the problems.
The next day. I was at the bank signing my home away with my wife by my side, shoe stoked fur two hundred thousand the whole alone. That was tougher her two things as you were seen, em there's a big difference. You put him together, which is, when you put him together, make sense but chasing. Your goals, chasing your dream and being all in That is not to say, not the same things not now all in and did you have to change that you and you don't even know what else do besides chase it right, but I think some people they re chase it, but the run. Like half speed and I was a half speedier, You gotta be uncomfortable, that's basis. I took away from that and he's the one that told me he said PETE. How old are you? I said, I'm thirty, which a problem I said,
John on the progress in some points on stock, I sort of stock. It is. You got three more chances he's, I'm sixty. You got through more chances, he's like you you believe in it and he's the one that told me. Everything in life everything great takes ten years to build, go, build it and be, committed because it's gonna take ten years to build it. But if you believe in it, you have to go all in and if you gotta put up your house put up your house your work, your way out of it eventually- So that's what I did. I followed his advice and I went online. He also told me the moment you stop growing you'd die. He said if you stop growing. You will die, The moment you
do something different then, what you're doing at the moment. Your mind wanders, to see why to be somewhere else. Your business also dies. And you need to recognise that in that meeting with him was just I just changed. My changed my game and when I sign my name on that alone, When I signed my home to the bank to receive that check, I was laser focused it's like being in the woods on early morning, hunt when it's dark in the sun is coming up in and in the end the leaves ghost. Right as the sun hits the leaves its the trees and you're waiting for the dear for whenever you hunting. That's what I felt like about business
at the same feeling you get from that, I felt laser focused in it's like, everything just opened up. Like my mind, open like this Naps is connected it I was like new per unwatched, I was. I knew. That's what I mean by like you can't you was born and entrepreneurs in born and entrepreneurs. You need to get punched interface and John punch me right in the nose is awesome. So the next step is you order some material That's not your long term plan right and and the next thing you do. Is you go to make this material we gotta mercenaries? We're gonna, make the material called every used style. Many in the United States every year
whose textile company to try and find this machinery we add to weave our own fabric, in a sustainable model without weaving our own fabric. They're. All like she's now can happen. Unlike what is it, I it up a million dollars right, seven hundred and fifty grand. This is to buy a brand new, lose by loony operational experience in there and they are going to send you from the factory after they build this loomed I'll. Send you a guy, that's gonna help. You run it yet. I set up as we just need a million dollars exactly. It's not gonna happen. So I think ok, in business. It's like boxing like it's like you do too it's all about the angles people get stuck on like one angle, can only see that one angle
and I just had d, like I, the step to the side- and I see this angle. I knew main had a heritage and weaving I knew there is weaving here at one point, and so I went back to that same old timer lose two main who had sold me. My fur sewing machine and I said What office and I said no, where there any looms what you mean and like a waiting room like to weave fabric, you get my truck, I get in his truck. We drive up. Why street and get out, and this is a massive building slice of the total square foot. It was like one point: five million square, he mostly abandoned.
Few businesses in the front that they ve refurbished and there's a museum there. And walks in introduces me this woman Rachel and he says Rachel's is p, he's looking for a loom and she goes well. Follow me. She made me sign a release. We went up the stairs and into this old mill five and the floorboards the windows were broken. Saw tooth building. You know the sought to male buildings. Windows rob broken the wood. Zob Pankey in like, like I'll bet, top and splintered you had like watch where you're walking And there's a big green nasty things sitting in the middle floor right there in this whole place and we walk over to it. She said I need to get rid of this.
Like this is all whom, if she's like you holy shit, where's, the rest of them. I should, moreover, overseas. Company in India bought us, but about the mail in shipped everything overseas and was I kept this one I kept it here I wanted to put in the museum. So we didn't lose our heritage. I said, can I buy it? She said he up as it. How much had three thousand bucks ok done. Men in this. Is it like. I just want to point this out, the the the Floor is all in the windows are broken and the loom is equal. Rusty right out due to this term is not like this. This thing is disaster when's, the last time it was used. How many years ago, eighties,
It was it's an eighty three second, one thousand nine. Eighty three, I dont know when the last time it was used, but it had been had any love Rate a long long time most of the parts were strip Off of it, it was like a frame dislike it infrastructure, it ok, by it I'm gonna, buy loom yeah. So you ve gotta, be a little bit naive to be in business and think you can accomplish anything. That's bottom line and lump as pretty we driven a naive to think that we could weave fabric But I believe we could so she told me it And then I called my Father in law. I said I gotta lube it's on the third floor, of this old mill and lose two main and when to get it out.
I a quote on moving in it. I was twenty five thousand dollars to move it them like we're, gonna movement and he's like ok, so I got a bunch of friends we went up. There took. Nine guys, eight hours to move from the middle of the floor to the edge of the building- and we. Had another friend who had a crane and we ended up getting it out and onto a trailer and put it in the factory. And they were like. What are we doing here it was awesome. There was awesome, so we're started it I always believe like. If it was done, it can be done like If, if you know in Maine, we have this thing like me
one point was ninety percent field, how to become Ninety per cent fields, you know a hundred years ago. Hands in daylight, hands in daylight How are these mill buildings bill. Pans in daylight. That's it these people they got after it. I mean why, because if you don't you die, that's it you're gonna die, so you gotta. You got to know how to build a house. You gotta know how to start a fire like that culture of New England. Is still rich in a still passed down. We burn, would everybody burns? Would We build our own shit. You know, houses everything, that's what we do, Why is everybody say we can't manufacture? We can't leave, we can't cotton, so that's bullshit if they we can do it because they did it with a lot less. I found a guy Lenny
When that mill shut down, he had a car, fact go over to Pakistan, Pakistan of all places to teach them how to run. The looms that were purchased. In a month later was nine eleven and he didn't go, and he stayed here, thank God because He's the last he's like The last one left there and actually get this thing going and make it work again. Ass lady, how many people know what you know. He said a whole bunch of what Holbein she's like five
so he Lenny passes knowledge on us, weaving pattern making for textiles and all this stuff, and that's a whole, not a store where maybe four different time, but we started weaving fabric. And we became vertically integrated and we started making the product from raw cod from towards it. If you like the first time that thing create creature like fabric kudu, here has to do with shrieked out, we would just like he's just like. We had that? We had like the path that we had to make per week so we did, we may probably would like tucked up, prohibits part that was I like from the IMF. Fabric as I come. We just picture. Part and when he looked at and figured out what site through your yarns. In the way, in everything, so we just recreated it and he turned it on the first time outlets, to clean that thing.
Forty man hours to clean it like it just needs cleaning for, did anything cleaning. Then we had to buy it all. The parts are machined and just to get it going in. He turned it off the first time and it was like- and I looked it John, my employer, John Lenny, Holyshit and then and then comes in and there's the pearl. We ve come off the loom man so exciting us like nobody's ever done this nobody's. Done this and it was super proud as like we're we're friggin do in it. We are doing it then we announced to the world, we thought we still got a lot of work to do better,
Can we announced to the digital world sent men now his it. How do they will want to tell you the challenges? After weaving, how do you color this now tell me that way like I was telling you before, when when I was in this single teams in the early nineties, we didn't have the bidder, the custom gear right you couldn't by this stuff, on the internet, from these tactical companies right. So we, stuff, and we had we had parachute riggers, which are the people that pact parachutes, but in a parachute raft. You ve got a nice medium duty and some of the heavy duty sewing machine, and so we would make our own gear and and skies like we would come to get into a little bit, and I, You know I had a lot of seals would have their own New York Sewing machines and you know, you'd make gear and some people be good at it really get it, and I was one of those people and it because
moreover, these threads and you gotta get these things. Work could rightly fear poured through the efforts of my stuff, and so and every time I click start showing it which you don't fall apart, learning s nasty and you may him and when I see like the loom with It looks like stress you out, one billion threads coming through these little things in and are flowing through and then look on the other side and all that craziness there's like these, goods of thousands. It looks like little pins that are moving things that are pulling opposing grazing and it comes up here beside you, see this pattern and It makes me it actually does stress zero. No matter I can be inner for dialogues, I'm freaking out just like it. If I get too close to these things, my my presence will cause disturbances in the forest, and things will go wrong. I'm not allowed to be in there for very long cause. I'd like I'm, I'm I'm gonna
issue, You know a subliminal issue with threats, and so I keep it s keeping a little distance from the machines pair. I don't want to follow up. You guys have the magic like stairway for that, but you see that an end to even imagine it, like. You know again as a novice person working with the sewing machine is young, get the hell hard. It was for me to do it and then, because to Julia, wham, wham wham, just hammering you just its just such a good cause that's good skill to have an end just to see the loom and almost different parts, you're saying yours Well, for one thing, but good luck like somebody wants to do what we're doing. Oh, how go yeah do gaffer without even now not happening by the way we bought the last loom screw yours, you're, absolutely in the last bit and knowledge with six which exists the man
and so then you know you. Take and you start weaving it, and now you start Marcel Geese and how the business going now now you're able to put on something me in the USA, Russia and that's from the dirt to the ship. Yeah, rod, rod already dirt shirt right, I mean because yield finish because the cotton is coming from Tennessee Delta region, Tennessee spot and the Carolinas and shipped up to us. This act of adults for him right. It is the way it supports the work, tat old School, making shit. You know I mean I talk to you little bit at our grand opening about like minors,. Generations of folks that put their hands on something right. There makers they need them
something in there trying to cross train these people to type on computer. You know, Do mundane office type of tasks filing papers answer the phone call centres. These people want makes it were known in Maine for being some of the best craftspeople in the world, the price that come from main or some of the best products in the world in to be part of resurrecting that heritage. Is it's incredible you and it is our ultimate mission, you know to resurrect heritage in manufacturing and build, old world level quality products. And stand behind it stitch every stage every
Free yarn and the weave. And that's what we're all about it's what origin stands for, what little bit more modern, look and feel. But sourcing and manufacture during one hundred percent in the: U S and I'll, why we won't compromise on that at ever Like other companies do when get greedy. And they say well it's time to look at the numbers. It's time. Increase the margins and without import some of this stuff. No. Which is not doing so not happening was in at bath. Iron works for loss of the Chris many of the: U S S, Michael months or obviously named after come on sore and it was awesome. For me, you know I I
It was in the navy from that down in Portland and to come back twenty six years later and see what you're talking about. What I knew existed. In New England in Maine and seeing the pride that these you don't shipbuilders the iron workers that did it pride that they took in that shit. Named after absurd, of a human being and no that's one of the things that I tied to origin, because I know what you're doing up here and you knocked get to how we ended, joining forces, it's funny. Because You know you are just some guy, you know
some crazy guy up and made, in my opinion, that I'd what I'd seen a couple, your videos and I've seen it. I see a dude, you know you have the video that shows you pulling this freakin loom out his factory. And I'm just the heater myself this guy's insane. I think I, like you and I had actually the funny thing is for my Germans, any egg victory and may I won- to make due to Turkey's in America, and so I was like ok this I looked around. I find one guy, that's doing it, it's you we'd like three or four years ago we were back and forth on email, we know nothing ever came of it because I was busy you were busy and just nothing happened I would just from ok, you know what this I been main he's he's he's doing what he's doing it. The right way and what happened was the way we actually got connected was I was on a facebook, live just talking to people, and someone says what kind of geese like it,
I just ran off. I go a man for you to give. You need to get. You started, Jitsu we're gonna jitsu. Were you just want a good guy? I go get a key from origin. Origin main dot com- I go get a given their echo, this crazy guy up their fixed to lose sight without laboratory. So, unlike he took a loom out of a flat out of a broken factory and he refurbish that thing with his team and they built you know they're doing it their bill net. So if you need a key asset, I've tried talk this guy cause. I had I reached out to couple times of through various, even since the time ass for four geese. I'd said since you need me or something and I said you know I am trying to talk to anyone knows this. Guy who's name is PETE. I go tell myself what's up and this this some woman, that lessons about gases. Her name is Sir Armstrong and she's super squared away Ito professional it with a big company and yeah dead, communicate in with the various things over the over the past year that I've been doing
I and we not and for what she said. Oh I'll, take that action and she contact contacted. You called me it's what you say: just said you basically she's like You heard the sky jock, willing dude. I'm sorry. I had my head up my ass for the last five years, trying to build this factory no factor, and I was like you like who know and then so what do I do? I dig like holy shit like this I am making some weaves is awesome, and so why. I did a little recon her and then I reached out do after that, and what's awesome is, why'd you what we're gonna do. We went back in with copper times an email and then finally, you like amiable. Let's go to Skype right Skype,
cuz we've been out today. You don't want to do something like that. One do somebody wanted on my mouth, but strict you don't figure it out. Send me an email about that. She like how about we do Skype calls so my meetings like scheduled in the work and all they sure and I blocked- two hours. Am I deal with this problem take awhile to get this conversation going for a few hours, we're just going to get on Skype and bake this app and we'll figure out what we can do to we end up talking on Skype, we're talking laughing knocking lab yelling yelling. North Africa were after I got off my way goes. It sounded like you were talking to. You. Folks know good amendments here and in it was You know it was, it was awesome for me, it was you know the things that I believe in as an American as a person as new englander. We like you had
the thing that I didn't have right like Reno friends. That's why we're we're making things were building things, but we don't have vertical integration. We don't we we want when we do it the way I want to get it done. And so you don't say: hey like: let's join forces, the Absolute Lynn, from my perspective, of course, as like this, do for real has, like my wherever they met. Guy he is he's on another level, and we we had been like looking for somebody. I remember talking with the deco in the psych and you do too it's like you. Ve got all these world champion, then you have liked the flavour of the month. Guys would like the fancy jujitsu stuff, and we just ich never part of our plan to sponsor Jujitsu, we'll champions right, because what we were trying to build is much bigger than that sick man. We ve been talking for them. A year that we need to wait,
find somebody your partner somebody with somebody that, like represents origin through and through and multiple ways. This is impossible. You we will not find this person is not possible and then we talk here? You you're we're talking to you today, and this was Missus Classic, as I didn't remember this. So for those EU that know anything about negotiation, when are you negotiate and carve purchase or whatever one of the things one of the tactics of negotiation. Is you don't? gave a number first. So if I want, if, if MECCA wants to buy these sunglasses, Any says. How much are these? I dont, there ten box, because what if he was willing to pay twenty brain? So so if, if he says how much these go well, you know what you're willing to pay for them well you know what are they worth to you and so
He and I had a text Boyd lose. It was more than that because it was it with. Strategies is like what you tell me why you ve gotta you gotta devalue or Chauvelin, so go back a worthless! Well, yeah! Well yeah yeah, but you know what it's like. You know back and forth battle battle battle here I gave it its geography, other value of whatever of something and would you like a little just give me what, if you add to what would you would you say, number viva that, and it is he's, gives me acts and remember, do this, but it overnight, and then I remembered, isn't he says, gear the valley probably acts and I went your we ve broken. We will start elaborate as we did in play the game it was like. Actually, that is what, like both I think both of us realize, like we were just let let's just get it. Let's do this, but actually You know I'm busy you're busy and so
the event we actually we both definitely got along. We we I mean, I think both of us felt really solid about the other person, but we didn't quite Figure out, how do we can for you how to make this? What rights you he's got something that he's put years of blood what dears into I've got something that I do not want. My life has been to get to hear and so on you couldn't quite figure out where others has been work, so we just need only kept in touch little bit of conversation over the next. You know couple months and then You are going, make you you you you. Can I ask you something now you do You knew you were coming to Maine? I knew you were coming to Maine. Neither of us like we didn't text back and forth into last minute. Because I knew the date you're coming to me. Did you were you? planning on a meeting.
You came to mean the whole time. I definitely knew we needed to meet. He's that you are, I succeed. We always thought I was put you on eyes, we're both eyes, so that was an oil isn't. That was like the meeting awesome we made up in Portland we had dinner. We actually Both brought our wives and I, my wife is always too busy to do anything business wise with running so she was super stoked even be around and meet a man in everything, and you know, we sat there are why don't even know what they were doing and I were just after we sown and and at the end of the night. We figured out and we shook hands and I knew right there. We were good wee. We we crafted deal. That was awesome. It was awesome for both of us it was awesome for everything that both of us want to achieve, and it
did. He turned into, not even Beaufort started us exists that was awesome and I think one of the best lessons learned from For me, what is just incredible opportunity. That's I see opportunity in crafting a deal is making sure that your both what you want in Europe, both a little bit uncomfortable so that continue to. Feel a little bit of the struggle to make sure you can take it. The goal line you're too comfortable. You become complacent bite off a little more than you can chew, and you're gonna be chewing for much longer. So that's it! Some those important it ed so just it so everyone knows I mean you have been saying it like we're partners, you know
we're partners with with the podcast. In what way I've been doing for the last couple years and what Japan has been doing for the last five years, seven years five five years and six year to six years and and at the end of the night, when we don't eating or stakes in Portland, Maine. Shook hands, and in this whole, you? Ve described as a perfect storm, which is what it feels like to me. It is the same as I was born in class and you go. It is the perfect storm. We are the perfect storm and then so that's what's going on is that now we ve got this, and we join forces and that we both complement each others. You know In terms of our business. We complement each other's weaknesses in terms of our personalities. What we complement each other's weaknesses and what we're and the best part about it is the whole time
that we're doing it were actually laughing our asses off at each other and have a great time which is, which is what it's all about. So that's, where we're up That's why we're here by the way he has that's. Why we're here by the way is for to me in origin factory, twenty thousand square feet working and up with how many employees, in here in a year how many boys, we, probably in a year thirty forty, fifty m in somewhere in there. You know between thirty and fifty. That's a year, but remember this is a start we're starting and so in five years we have a lot of people. Oh yeah, we're and people ask. What do you mean Everything and I say, were to make everything everything that I used in my life.
It made here in Amerika from the shorts to the hats, everything that's ordered adieu beans. Polly, bigger who handsomely. You know what that store the other day you like a hardware, Store but big one where they sell work, close I said to myself: you know what just cause? Obviously, I'm thinking about this all the time now use court. To look at work, clothes and you say, of course, american workers. They would want aware American made close where clothes not made here. America than are made by american hands, so I think square to take no prisoner scenario and working after it was just kind of date. No that we are going to The big dogs of God look out
listen and look out, and that's not that's not it. Like an ego thing, that's the truth, listen and look out. Yeah and, like I said today when when you, when you rekindle the fire, that of you factoring in the Ewe, Ewe rekindle, I mean just talking talking to the boy. You hear this. They want to do a hundred percent paid. This is what they made to do. That's right and, like you said they want to take these things and build them with their hands, who got it and that opportunity has been taken away in the twenty five years and we bring it back, and that is awesome Pritchett that glad areas party. Also that's what we did echo Charles Brenna, my brother speaking of what we do Why aren't you do what you do
look after you asked. Do you find it poetic that The origin logo is that, Sir, I remember when you are getting shit from politicians in gas. Funny now have what about you have an origin logo. That's where it is. I feel that we are in and of itself is like a circle. Actually, it is a wave Actually I could refer wave is that what that logo is there the flow, did you do to flow the surface so it's a wave is what that is its with breaking symbolic. What color. They ironic put aside ironic resembling symbolic, symbolic Clia, even remembers that when we remember who that politician was does matter, no
do you know about origins, Hazara high in the industry. We call that layers restore anyway speaking earlier, scottish and support by the way, support the spot gas and yourself Origin may, and I can't speak of the devil- that's how you could support the so good to know. We do that give so that's the thing from the beginning. People ask what's the key to get. We know we know now hardliners a hundred percent. Now hundred percent. Yeah like a hierarchy, you one, even though you have multiple selection. So, yes, I do They argue Edward were about to like below are manufacturing, and this new factory can grant opening today lots product coming right on the EU side. Wrapping things up over the next. What timeframe.
We ve started ramping over the next forty sport, a weekly saying. We're gonna be higher and other sixteen people we put another luminous factory, so three looms now and we're gonna be weaving ninjas like for real site I I only want to collaborate. You just come the main and see the any time in the factory come check. Now I like it, when are these shorts coming out that I'm wearing boy, cuz, they're straight up my best short shot him back yet we're gonna make it happen, then maybe was a day's pay. I get that Alla time hey when is than you know, coming out hates or not on you a little bit, but yet these
straight up the better look at our previous peoples. I was an oh you're talkin about the gear side, the emperor, the merchandise and eyed, and I do believe that it might be a little bit more work on peace and compare it's on my aunt little bird, but you never know from from. If you go for like the level that your current cruising out? Maybe both have to travel. The saved is relatively organ relatively soon. I think you're right, but not just geese, right known only by also tourism, Au Pair, everything is our teacher to knit like we have a partner that knits needs all the family. Six hours way or something is everything is a sourced and made here, and I don't know we make all our own compression apparel like cut sew and sublimate dice. Mason everything you say, compression apparel,
still called rash Guard hereafter. I don T just you know I say an impression of the because I know it's not just the rapporteur. I ask artist reserving the right, but but but like that, like like that, We call is a jujitsu community, don't we still say ya, gotta new, rash guard, oh yeah. We still making sure- because I wasn't like here in someone at the gems. Did you check out this new compression, but in the waiting room, very They do say that now we re- I see like in football for boy like some company that, advertising compression the idea that we might. Oh you mean a rash guard targeted on oil. Me you gotta! Rarely every textiles different than what you used to like, like the warp we use our our textile for the rash guard or tighter. Whatever else is different, and you just call them tights did because Spain, I have no idea what a speck is. A lot of work is a out in California. It's definitely called spam.
That's the allies and under even over that word comes from broad spat. I knew spats is when you take your ankle that, despite our round, we hear about spare your little, why doesn't even quota I'd at you? I bet you. We did this bats, go down your leg like tight around here for you just over in all its history ankles, but instead your ankles under your Sogdiana, really tape wherever they were you over everything? We need trainer stop doing us, so why do we call on communication how to list some of whose amabel you know earlier? got kind of like right, the round, or we got sidetracked about me being sensitive about something were not being sensitive tights. You know them It has a dude right or no, not weren't idea, not evidence about, has conquered russian. Perhaps that's the compression short sea, Threed or compression sure compressed and run. Spats, rash, guard pants. That doesn't make sense either. Does it even though it prevent rashes, justly Marser or due to Melbourne
okay, you know why people to know why a lot of people where compression pants and compression church in Jiu Jitsu mention of disease, the funk right there The hang hormones I didn't want one room: they don't want You know whatever bury Mercer s old people where that and the the people that I know that, where it they they seem to believe in it. Now. We just the level of it's not like. I like the what's that on protection recipes for s fifty or so you you pay. A few pm feel right. You pay a fee there's no answer. Ring. Warm percentage rating right right, there's a general end, but I microbial right proper, like but verification that keeps it from Greece we in the material arousing as if you wear like russian shirt and compression pants, Sir
and you're, not rubbing your skin against some savage that came into the general Ringwood railroads. We have less per cent rolling with him too by the hour We put a triangle and his ring where money is something the need that that's a good reason to compression gear Rescoring cross. Or to the rash guards there now they're, not like the. Rash, larger used to the one you put and then they on talk and talk me in the Antarctic, their design and stay tucked in so put him on the way. The fibers flex and with your body it's not your mother's org mothers, rash garden so when, when you say TAT, the aim to really talking a rash guard right, or do you you're gonna, but under the gear Oh that's a whole new world. It some places, make you wear rash. Garda yogi ARC
I think is good to have a rational and a lot of people. Think that is not traditionally mean. Honest, Rhodesia, you, why do you like like the barrier I like the key, how much barriers between the the fabric in the skin, and I too compression cause the compression muscle you get more you yeah you straight performance performance got absolutely biggie slides a little bit better on a rash garden and does your skin once it's all sweaty dope and sticky so that's. Why is it why Harry creaked, nor its rise, a chest. Air. That's didn't want to be no Europe be happy. If we all war, rash, virtues are black belt at our Jim Female and and she is still
rural, so things like chest, hairs yeah! I am not happy about a business. She begged me to where you don't something under Maggie she's. So far failed fill them my motto, oh, you know. The other thing is you we didn't talk about. Origin main dot com is supplements absolutely so on them in your body there you go sit What to put everything you need on your body and everything you need in your body, krill oil. Yes, really! That's that's the one Now, it's critically on a super cool things there. You know you'll I feel know that peat and I would like to make things happen, and you know, obviously, a big fan of crude oil, for instance, so. Nor was I used to be a fan of White T, a big fan. I drank it alone. And eventually, I said you know what I mean is jock away,
and so I a similar thing happen with gruel wanna have gruel good color, so you know what we're making good grill oil. Actually we like to call it, Jacko Super, so Jack was super girl. We're making that awesome quality on top of that we got a little again little do. We need joint maintenance right. Any German is when we are active when training jitsu when we're Jack and dig steel. We are turning everything could well be sore. We might admit to it in public like, we would admit, crying right, on a public situation ever uncomfortable with my masculine, be I'm over your right now, don't cry cry. My wife says you the only time you cry is babies and pelts
Someone has promoted in someone has accused weddings, no funerals and weddings them, so we get another another thing where out with its Jacko joint warfare. For your joints, go to war against the pain inflammation gonna lose in our enemies there We had. I been kicking it for since we, since we originally formulated in August samples, I went on a hard core and is legit. You asked the board about that. I have like bad back from sports and rough her needed. This project Ask didn't you surgery, severe arthritis? I can train seven days a week. If I wanted to a matter of fact, we have our mish mash campus, weak train everyday.
Gets everyday. That's it joint warfare, keeping it so that stuff we its be manufactured. We I've been on the samples for what a month and a half in now it's been being manufactured in America check. And very close by right by apartment, right and in so I'm gonna website now pre order it, and that way we can. How to get a feel for how much because we gotta Coming We need to figure out how much of a bunch is that actually means so kind like with jock await tee. I did do that idea how the G20 for sale it was gone. I order some more in the night was gone and people were really getting angry, because when you you know when you have drunk or tee, and then you don't have it All you know use things are called sideways yeah, it absolutely so. Do you think tat tax rate? So many ways you can
those things out: origin main dotcom, they'll, be their joint warfare you like that? Don't I do yeah, there's there's a layer on their that's deep deeply it over the one person. That's gonna get this layer is deemed Lester. Tribute J, I leave it at that drives a janitor. You know jeopardy at the thought of moving parts are attributed to keep on. Greece has got to keep that joint, also speaking a jack in steel else. So I came here remain arena with people haven't gap that already in camp no wait room China of Little Fitness centre. There first we get here when you guys they care. I brought my on it. Bill or who would have been too
Johnny here was gianduja nice unaccountable the gorilla loans. I just order led away legit the ship there on the way tracking anyway, yet thus the good ones, you d cannibals don't stop lifting that's. Why stop? I did. I stop left to massive. We cannot bear brings up because we talked about this pre recording. So you, It's you! Fifty! If you are now, as we talked about you use away to eighty five, and I asked this question- and this is a good question that everybody should come of hear the answer to could ve Two hundred and fifty thousand toward him fifty pound p b. The two hundred and eighty five pound peat in happily match and your answer was two percent, The smaller guy wins. Yes, why is it mean lots of reasons you're, more flexible, more flexible and better positioning? or causes less mass burning, less oxygen catch. You have less muscle mass
and for me I would wear the two hundred and eighty five version of myself out so it's I stop and I love wait. I love lifting waits, but for me digital fulfils the void because it is resistance there. You're always work and I never feel out of shape well to me what replies I hear you anything to work out besides, you do not do you Do you spread? No, just pure judges. I do MR tells me that fear windy, MR doesn't want to work out, doesn't do any veto. Sprints is, I guess, I'll get it from Jujitsu juggle. That's why, stick so now you're supporting his argument. Not. I am now going to deal with that we'll be Robert said you know we will talk about something how you jitsu makes you unethical attic.
That's a whole other talk interesting and I have facts. On why it makes you an athletic what it keeps you keep your body to gather your core together. Your muscles straw So what does it do to make you on our work? it slow movement, you slow, you start when you started you to your party slows down my slows down. You must have slowed down whenever you had four fast which turns a slow twitch cause. Your point and tugging in your mood. Slow, isolated Duncan. Ask apostles every dunk so touched room now. I think we need it. I will go ahead defend the Jiu over here on my side of the table, because if You continue to do cleans, you continue to squat- and you can do you sprints and mobility drills and agility drills, you can keep athleticism us use them. As I know, you're right
Jack. That's what I did you that's what I did when I competed. I had a striking additional closure. Sprint lived push cool, so I guess Big picture is one of those deals work and confirms the idea that you don't have to be led to do. Hidden Jiu generally speaking all, but if you want to do some kind of athletic competition but not limited to Jujitsu? It helps to be at least Jackson, Escurial, I'm was glad that you can hit him with that. Because when I said I stop doing like legs and stuff like that, I got a lot of crap for by here you I I I squats, colleagues, you crawl College football earlier. I I'm scared of em like hack squats, hacks ones, may have for sure bad news, there's something back accurate. My back
last time I squatted I hit the floor right, of course, pad back back from years of major and and personal question: does your ego not allow you to get in there and do a hundred and eighty five pound, for some higher wraps. No, I do that our accent But you still don't like it. I do hack squats Still don't write stuff like it, but when I mean it, it's. Steel is great. Yeah the bottom line is great. But she's gotta do jujitsu men and push. I do you know Every time I a second amounted six ten minute rounds and I train to the break so I'm doing torment around make sure to get six, and I get it as as things free up and myself wants to lift ass. He started the summer here I'll get in with him more pressing mine, you
that sounded pretty resolve, yellow you want to go to renounce. Look, I? U S press buyers kettlebells don't get you that b, I mean I'm sure under certain circumstances it will but but they athletic there's only like a hang clean. You hang cleaner more years, persons now in the big thing is when you like, for kettlebells snatch it swinging motion and when it gets to the top, you have to stop it another rip, your refugees out. So you have to use all this whatever kind of muscle. What is it go centric respectfully, risen concentric whenever you gotta do, is to stop it at the top. You gonna stop its use in all these muscles and make that thing. That's cool media. I don't want to be school on my little get fun when you start getting like the balance and then like does the momentum yet to create momentum, they get a balance. A moment is like all this remember one cause. You said the true true.
As to how strong somebody is frankly yeah. They said you could better squat near there's, there's a lot of began. We use a lot of things that you'd, like freedoms, as will be able to get on overhead squat I got a virus that cause you gotta, guided to do massive when big weight in or board medium weight, high wraps, overend squat as yet. But on a clean you gotta use your speed, also experience as explosive, so you go straight to snatch right, then again the snatching mean that the balance of the top, this coordination, devising cells or any depends on what you mean by strong to her. Like you know, in certain circles they call strength power. Instead, There are two different things like ok. So what are you talking to me? So I dig it and I agree actually but this is also twenty years ago. Exactly right. Look another point to consider a really good changed.
Yeah they agree use it hang clean right, clean. As a result, we must review the solid metric Persia deadly another solid metric by the one year, the boy had raw strength. That area does consider remember by like when you were a kid or maybe old school kind of philosophy. It's say: hey here: are you get the old timer he's call stronger you in here? Real strong was ok, picked ETA I mean I mean ok, you can pick it up you week, you can your strong he caught up in the step to pick it up over your lift, bedevil, yeah yeah. I know giving you do. Let's not do so. Yeah good Did you not see that those whose I was just talking to somebody there's lots of their lives? It was it used to eat my back and stuff. I dont get crazy with Daedalus no but
I can talk to plenty of people that say, oh, I had a bad back and I dead lifted, and now it's healed, railroad plenty of realisation, absolutely crazy. With I'm gonna give you good general strength like you're you're back too bad, because a lot of times anyway, even Justine, wearing your core, is because, when you have like some cool or they are your back or something. When you do stuff, you adjust Is it enough and that a deadly? Yet because you don't use it so now, when you do some thing: you're driving the cranberry juice. From this side, you gonna put it over. Here you got along the floor like how did I locked grimmer? Jews were served in a bottle. Throw you shouldn't, be that's your bodies way of telling you dont want that Green amen, dig it. Maybe a revenue from you put in the trash doctors is like that. I'm just say that's why, though, so you go deadly, if not heavy, not crazy. Just like you bodies, I like any lifting its like your body just getting used to it so both used to picking stuff, I'm gonna, try and do it. I like it for the cannibals too, and if you want the coup
once when I see cause like you, look at him in their cool, like irrefutable, equal on it. Once the gorilla, what it actually data the girl. Only ever do the Chimp one for here what about me that as an streaked zombies, just superstore does that we will always have the same category C and everywhere, all called zombie, when I look at the legend whereas the gorilla ones or the primate wants to two zombies. I wanted the ones that look crazy naval. Let us know because it makes it easier to honour them collectively, know why you're the zombies technically is so, but that brings up good point. In my opinion, all the different categories- primal bills- that's the camp. The other thing different zombies, all zombies, lesbians, werewolf site
Cyclops, like all the legends super pick your category, but that's the coins. I recommend one I'll stick among jump ropes, actually it's kind of good you go in there and they all kinds of work out stuff like stuff in bragging when you get into maybe that you you're not like this, but like I into the kettlebells and it became fun. You know you know how, like if something becomes one, stop doing to do something that sucks who were daily life? I gotta tell you, but they got all kind. They have like a Mesa's any and all the workers, of whatever anyone, that's a good and on its outcomes, last Jacko check out that stuff in men get after. Even if you do bored man, you got some interesting stuff to work out with highly recommend awesome. Also, if you like these books, PETE didn't write a book? Wait heavy written a book before, I wouldn't be so arise. I rode along ass paper,
I couldn't sleep over the last year, but net book see a little bit different anyway, I loved him stock will review books on the spot gas people like to get em if you're one of those people out there good website, chuckle podcast outcome, section books from the pod gas click through there to get the books at a good way to support, thinks it Amazon or if you do in any other shopping, do their big support? Small! actions more action. Big reaction rice also subscribe to the broadcasts. Google play. We still feel the need to say that their because what some, the subscribed in the event I guess you know it's. I guess it's just our guests, My guess is probably hype type part. This is speaking a hypothesis. One thing this, probably a marginal group whose, like a whose Jacqueline
Furthermore, european or I don't know I've seen em on whatever you're, not gonna, listen about gas as like, ok cool, Listen to me, listen to another, ok cool, maybe let down. You know, he's gonna, weird or just one little understand like I can subscribe to this by our union git You'll tell me when it's coming right. You don't listen about gas yeah! I had a question for that. Have you thought about. Could you this number ninety Years- youth, about breaking the broadcasts into categories to speak to your audience As you cover such a broad audience, when you say breaking them. You may just another deception like Kennedy had em up no noto the full podcast black. You we're recovery books were about busy ass, where you're interviewing somebody breaking a mob that way. Yet they, the text as a non linear right. You don't listen from why
I recommend when someone says pay, you know. I just heard your podcast. To iron out. I just doesn't progress you just put out. I want to listen to the rest of us. Should I go awkward juggle fertilizer and I tell people started one- and in most of the people that I talk to that are ended Comcast there, like that's the right advice, tell people started one if I Jack. I wanna list do your really business related pocket rights? I couldn't. Could I do that? what we are going to do, Then I have this in the back. Gone it's something that I've been trying to get done for wireless, we're, gonna cut archive kind we're going to be able to maybe figure out. I want to listen to business boom and here's a park ours, a section now Whether or not we like chop up and put him in one group, not yet not yet not yet mean it your yes, not organised, will say, but
it's one of those things you gotta manually lurking. Ok little say what it's about in our act upon it straight up by times. The other is right about that. You can kind of do it that way, but not organise like if you, if you- and it makes sense, though, because if we're talking, a book and people like one love world or to love the idea, poor, Molly and Polly S, and one or two, and they can just get after it, and then maybe you know tonight, good idea. No in the house a bigger but subscribed, that's a good one if you have an already habitat, given already Grab. That's a good and also Youtube subscribed it out. Now, little bit more, like makes sense to be like hey subscribe. And the big thing that you might not know is: if you're not subscribe to Youtube, there could be things that are not in the pond can't get. So, let's get you partners, you listen to it anyway. I've heard all the partners to get Youtube you're wrong Is there could be things? released in two. Did you use?
have not been released, for instance, deleted scenes deleted scene, which is as talking off the record about things like people that have certain veto what issues can be nothing broken lack of squatting issues as well as the year, and I said, I'd- stop squatting because of Maxine the technically the story goes. I stop squatting, because my wife said hey, your legs are like real big and it looks weird. That's funny is my wife said you're starting to get an old man, but Colombia has another thing. You know me, I don't know I don't like. It, though, means- and I must do that- I'm squatting due to get good water or like kettlebells, swings bull
Let me say that the irregular when they say that the regular or the russian sure cannabis wings, posterior Exterior Jane a New York. I learned that either way the other deleted since that would do use. Given me shit about caused I'd, stop squatting actually did squatting a stop squatting like hard core legs, You don't think he's talking point is, as you start squatter deleted Caesar on their excerpts too. You know like let's say you like: hey. I, like that part in people still emil me about that by the way ok, war, that part or what episode that from that part where, whatever that having to scour museums, sure that excerpts easy to find. So us again That's got to you to also jocose store skull, Jacko Store, Jacqueline Come guess. What's on their everything,
potentially everything, but as right now, there's some it's on their women stuff on there patches on their put them on your hat. Two changeable velcro patches. If you a rash guards blossom. So now they have two options. Jacko rash Kurds git after it trooper. Darkness, rash guards in origin or escorts. Just like that, the selection- That's right, I already and eventually they're gonna be visible, we will all be melt together. We have one gagged vast, I'm shan't waste just going straight to Sweden be a melting pot of awesome Yes, indeed, but yes, impulse, indeed yeah all that so some hoodies on there. I think we're consult. No! You eat going to tell you. I already know what he's gonna say he's from Hawaii
we want. A livelihood is no easy. He made hoodies and from New England has also call you make a hoodie. You can wear it in like a full, fledged arctic storm and you better have a heavyweight hoodie, so his his duties, r, r, R therefore, their Coover Socal yeah good for Hawaii. If you even have hoodies in Hawaii there like fall hoodie, I guess the uneven. That's like my guess. I don't know, that's ones that we should cause. I mean his is like consultation. Things went to consult like a baby. It's it's like mixed in with a scolding, so you know yet the scolding first there, like my dear. I want to make a really really bad ass flat locked hoodie to do what the fly, we won't wait. A SEC flat seemed hoodie. How could we possibly do that? What were we going to get someone who knows how to make landlocked awesome bad as Moody's way we're sitting give em a tractor us for Hake? We are with them,
couldn't make it happen and beg whether you that's good stuff, also, psychological worker. Previously few minutes ago we talked about joint warfare for joint The generation is some invitation, all its overall. We'll generous, generally supplement elation for your body yeah. Sometimes you need supplementing for your mind where you mean yes full on so your campaign against weakness, psychological weakness. You know you're trying to get up every day, so let the diet can that help me with eating. Multiple, what replies? Yes? Yes, yes, actually, users and specific travellers, you and I'm I'm definitely interested that gazettes bend my one struggle as human. What is a would be pie. I will replies like cake in
with cream razor. Yes, I think so like a fig newcomers, because it includes signal, if you put those two next to each other, their indifferent planets, perhaps even etons were help either. Allegedly just a big giant blots. Is sugar figure TAT, which is pretty much what Eddie buyers are homey over there? You have to coordinate the single parent families for kids. We fight no, the food in the house to never broken out of that in the working party. Definitive brings you here we can, we can weaken worse, we can introduce you to attract called sugar relies really we're here. I would very interested I will get it on the sharing of his last week there yet and we think it be like Jackal yelling at you know what. But it's a pragmatic explanation of what your mind is doing right now and what it should be doing and what it should be doing like organ and psychological over that can help use of the term Basically it till you mention that it's an album, it's an
Yet it is an album with on Itunes. Jacko try as Amazon music. Like all these things into three- and you know what you? U pricing here, thinking like! Ok, that's that A neat little idea that you know ECHO came up, with a major could do this in a court that album Number one spoken word album on tunes for And lastly, like thirty eight street weeks kitty number one ass, bad ass, no big deal, you know, I don't Lhasa, and I will say that when I was you gonna, do you notice just do these things are asking about you can't just like you know, and also coordinate yeah. It's basically like ok, so I used to have this thing. You stew not anymore. Had this thing, where you know when you re welcome working out this day, this I'm just this their work on this and when it comes to the worker and I've a gym at my house. So so, unlike maybe I'll, do I meant to do
at noon onto tonight. Like doing around do tonight, and then no accountability nobody's watching the you can do what you want when I'm with you like a little bit marching some coffee meet whatever its right outside you know, can totally yet there and that that that night turns into Hale due tomorrow, see basically turn a workout deign to arrest day, and this is how you turn on your motivation to get it on yeah and its again. It's Like a motivational thing, it's ok! This is it. Taco saying it's. Ok, there's that, but like saying ok, this is what's going on right now. This is what you're thinking right now. This is shouldn't. We think there and others we should be thinking right now, ok, go it alone. The thing that I find about em because it is me talking here, I find it they're they're, very, very tight.
Arguments yeah I get done listening any girl you want. May I still find a little hole in his argument. You know, I think, is one sugar go to lose. One will be wiser, not gonna. Do I know you like to know what this is a big deal. Adam said there will be by his I'd know. You met the ultimate test case. Yet I will be the outcome. I don't care here whose round me? like I get craving for sure. We will travel in the other day. What I get sweetie Why sugar sugar, but my Lord Bach, draw, I'm gonna ruin. You know your mama's. I know I can hear you know like hey, you wanna, try these things and I know what it is in an easy man. You gonna try and sparkled. My modest title brow. I know it's sweet right. No doubt he added, I gotta know had Spartan Booklover youse, like you know, you know no big deal in India. We ve been lately been saying, like
discipline won't allow it that you in the eyes of a nuclear free. I believe that when we, when we you know, maybe see each other may be taking the path that we shall be taken, it we're going off the path and onto the path of weakness. Are you gonna be like echo, you know, that's cool everything, but the bid the discipline allow man so at awesome. You know yesterday, you know your dangling this stem homemade Laval and my mom's, then your mom's there actually like- and I know I can see her. She looks like she arrived from Greece three days ago right to make the debacle of online. Ok, I've won rights. I had one yesterday and then spoon, wouldn't allow anymore. Today,
I had nine of reality. I didn't. I really got three of them today. Rhythm sugar coated lies Bach Lemme give you my mom is gonna get called that make Booklover Zella but origin, Barack Obama. We got you, they will serve but yeah, but keep in mind, though, with these tracks you gotta be on that path, though it's not like you're. Like hey, I e to much limit. Listen to this track. That it's ok, my plan is to straight up clean up my whole shit, my planet, so you ve already found a bit of motivation yeah you're motivated you're on the path or eighty, but it's on the weakness. Moon at the moment that we greatly like. Ok, I'm a rested amateur in what areas that kind, I know that I do I'll. Do we all do? That's that's probably why a lot of people get that album, with drugs, you don't ideal axiom, unlike
you used to do not know? What I would do is this like, especially when I was training competition, I'm going to eat this whoopie pie, eat it, and I would run two miles. I was the only for right you're breaking. I do that to lady, like Norway try and pre empt weakness with hard What do I owe you pay? We provide a way often mitigates yeah takes like a like. Oh, I want to have a majority of military cool. I dunno, George Gyp milkshake, as as I do clean and jerks. Ok, that I can announce what I bardo. I can do it in school, in what way the time you get don't you want that high infused, my brain with discipline from the bar from the bar in my hands and into my brain is no great idea. Yeah you in It was one as barriers to Berkeley spike. Ok, you want I can have this if I do honour Berbeus that less than ten minutes
Had this thing, other data talk about it, freezer. My house broke in so we I have an army in are frozen, food was in the army refrigerator. And I wanted some ice cream and then I was like- You know it's all the way I'll get got worse, Leezie loser you deserve our committee. Have it gives us a Europe pathetic if you act questioning whether it's worth it guy goes on with you don't need this at all in any way, shape or form. If you were thinking it wasn't worth twenty seven steps to get to the army grabbed the MID chocolate chip, briars ice cream, bring it back down, scoop it into a ball, let it and a little bit and then just sit down past so good like a little melt, the ice cream just a little melmoth, unlike its size. I really discern gains ball, now. Have you ever better thine eyes, Gainsborough, it's it's you
basically take ice cream and you put mill in it an older around generator gains, but that's what I do. The data. Ok, let's do Toby TAT right now and consider what we're talking about the pleasures of gains bore problem, chocolates ice little guy would walk barefoot and to feed a snow to that for an hour. We must avoid this guy. No, he was that in Germany. I compliment that these negative or positive. No yours is worse. It's weird because you have a better result, but your disk were you're. Worried path is we're because he was like hey, I'm gonna be weak. That's what I'm doing a week to be weak with him that there, but you could that's rationalize because the end, you know the means and end the situation thing is. I actually embarrassed myself what it was. I just you know myself and I said I can't believe, I'm even questioning the fact of out
twenty seven stepped my arm a fact that I'm thinking that, why don't you don't? I should hate myself right. This is ridiculous and pathetic and just stop and so yeah. I didn't get the ice cream that night, but the Minch harboured by asking for sure is is a real thing. Even but it's my favorite labour, I dont events drowsily and his labors, although when I was in Montana, whose tracks loose tracks it must try ass loose tracks, that's the other, that's the other guy, I'm not you and I understand- and I saw it in- I dig it, but it's just it's very simple. I think that you are giving industry are you you can call again right away. You can close the moose track with a scoop of men, chocolate. She I've never done that derives. The range is like it would be, a regionally cheese and wine cheese.
Those are just finishing touch is that what it is actually do, thou who should not want my bodies in Is it is awesome? Guy bad, ass, Ressler wrestled was champion wrestler in college and was on the olympic team, didn't compete. For a variety of reasons and I will talk about, but he was dance every new member Danny's wholly. I early you have said so it. So I don't know why this just came. To my mind, oh I know I did so. He would say: they knew each other, they were friends and when Haiti Danny's ever Danny seven was a heavyweight and This buddy mind was cutting weight. You know if he was a big guy. He was like whatever would like two hundred lb to cut the one hundred and ninety whatever, and he would call Dan Severn Potlicker
Maybe I can you like your ear, just your guy. That's over there you're eating everything you when you could donated your leg it by four picture year with a smile, you gotta have a raid upon liquor. Friends on the other that ball, you, like all I'm getting the the rest of this MID John lies previous Gideon medallion. Now my my MIKE Aids have followed the path of my wife. And they'll come up to me when I'm meeting, food and the black dad. You got moves that alone is grab that fat on my guts, you don't need that their brutal the extent of the singularity workers from sunrise you're not supposed to eighty four pounds I should be. Yeah, it's a guard, ITALY both will say. That's the Freedom Party, the thing is you gotta be on the path, so I guess you know Discipline was freedom ray. I say you know you grabbed the ice cream,
I had to pull that one, for the first time, I have set out a little like family it together and there was birthday party for a friend of the family Babo Block and there was a grandmother there. So a grandmother from these kids had departed. Bob So in she's, a german woman- and you know she gonna knows what's going on a little bit with the game, with what's going on with everything else, I'm sit there. Indeed, this is like a straight up this rough. You know ice cream, cakes, you can get him job. Do I yell screams eggs or the cake is a MID China. Japan can Khatami to Iraqi there, so I'm liable to potluck. So so, unlike ok, you know what gonna get some of that majority. Bicycle echoes what even know what it is. Those little black like crumb things that really myself my cape Verde and there too we're talking this is a situation needs to be. You know
we need to get it off his. They broke it s a little bit, melted soft! So anyway, I'm caught in a piece of cake, not a big piece. Small piece. But you know peace get on my plate. Stick my fortune, and this woman is german woman, whose supercool she's thought. You were about the discipline and I was like dang. She called me up and I look in her said. You know what I have the discipline and that allows me to have freedom sometimes to eat meant. Chop occupies, can kicks which I'm about to do. You think? That's it. You say this is the Freedom Party, but, like I say to you that in the past we have to be in the games. Agendas. We like the freedom for every single day, no, don't work, there were also d, you can get that you know does if you are dead lifting again you, you should get drink. Little bit more Jacobite t because it will increase your dad left. Eight thousand pounds is proven.
Why proven across the board? Among everyone books some books if you want to get em extreme ownership book about leadership book about com, leadership, you can get that You can get it for yourself and you can get it for your team and you can get it for above and below you in the chain of command. It's gonna make life easier whenever ones on board. If you go kids or you know, kids, you can pick him up a book called away of the warrior kid and what that's gonna do is gonna lay out a path, actually is a path that a kid who who doesn't have a path? Most kids don't have a path. The book will give them the path. The path leads them to being stronger, smarter and better so you, my daughter, read it she loved it. That is, is she is an individual,
and she speaks her mind and as I like, no really, what do you? I love that book. She came up. Hence you want. Did you decide it is you want me to get her copy back at home today? Fails that we will tomorrow, my awesome, that's yeah. I appreciate it in an yeah straight up like when you Kids. How did you like it, which I always ask, had how they like it and do you know kids like, is it going to tell the truth, the area? And so for I have not had a good girl, marginal hydrogen whole marginal economist mark, but you know entertaining, but you know whenever they should make us into a movie or some other they're gonna make it do movie. Also the book common out October? Seventeenth discipline equals freedom, manual there will also show you the path It's going to show you the it show you
one path: the of discipline grab that book you need help your business. I a business collection front with my brother they ve ban and he was we work together. In this you ll teams bowed, Remedy we took since that we learned. We wrote that book Extreme ownership and the reason we wrote that book extreme ownership is because we had people we are consulting asking us down the lessons learnt so there? It is. If you want us to come work with you, it's late Balin me Jpg, now Dave You know they are email us Foe, irrational front door come also, you want to communicate with us? You can do that. We all be found on
something that we talked about earlier tonight. The Inter WEBS twitter Instagram. And that face he bore. Echo is echo Charles Peat is. At origin we talk in Instagram. Are we talking Twitter Instagram, where you at origin, USA twitter, where you at at origin, be J J as in Brazil, India? To awesome? I Jack a willing if you wanna, hit us, You can hit us their echoing things off clothing, close aiming holding fast. We got a lot of holding thoughts, closing thoughts, not that's. It PETE the man great to finally meet you in person negotiator at all, but you guys man of honour to be at the table with you, both
and just mad respect for everything you guys do likewise. Glad to be here with you in experience this. Also. I want to thank my wife Amanda for putting up my crazy shit and midnight ideas and allowing me the flexibility to live this life which is important relationship and my kids employee who are the ones I work for every day day in and day out that family good things come in. Yet well for me, you know I wish I were a match. You, twenty years ago, for whatever reason I didn't, I wish it would. Ten years ago, for whatever I didn't met you, six months ago and just
can at what you ve done. I'm tellin you and if, if I haven't made it perfectly clear today what you ve done point already is incredible, I don't I don't even it's the possibilities of you pulling off what you ve already pulled off. Is incredible on what's which cause it's like wind up when we speak Shovel takes off the hook. As part of the journey is that first port dealing breaking away from gravity of earth and what you ve Don't you ve cleared the gravity of earth and now you're on track in its its veto, just Nothing but respect What you did. I know that you have, who's your hands to make this happen your mind to make this happen, and I just risk backed everything you ve done so far talking to the team here and the ad two: did they have ever But he has that attitude and unjust. For me to comment a part of that is just outstanding. I look forward to be
part of the scheme. I look forward to getting to know the team when I can come up here, which is hard but to see the people on this team is is phenomenal, and I can't wait to see where it goes. So thanks for coming on- and this is good- indeed not be the last time and, of course to the military folks overseas. Right now. Thanks for allowing us to make Spock asked we could not make. Podcast without your service and sacrifice, the police in all law enforcement to fire fighters. Tease and other first responders again you allow us to make this podcast and we are thankful for it. And finally,
And, of course, to the working Class of America, thanks for doing what you do day after day, working sweating, bleeding building callouses. While you build our great country thank you for holding the line and thank you for getting after it. So until next time this is PETE Roberts and ECHO and Jacko out.
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