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Retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink and Director, Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership in business, war, relationships and everyday life.

subscriber only 248: If You Think You're Hot Sh*t, You Don't Know Sh*t. SOG Chronicles with TILT, John Stryker Meyer 2:57:03 2020-09-23
subscriber only The Unravelling 9: What's Your Story, pt. 2 1:12:40 2020-09-18
subscriber only The Unravelling 8: What's your Story, pt. 1 1:11:20 2020-09-18
247: W.T.F. What it Takes to Beat The Odds, with John Stryker Meyer. Wiskey Tango Foxtrot, by Lynne Black. 3:41:14 2020-09-16
subscriber only The Debrief w/ Jocko and Dave Berke #4: When The Boss's Boss Skips Down The Chain for All The Info 0:33:02 2020-09-15
subscriber only 246: The Only Real Failure is Giving Up. With JP Dinnell 4:09:36 2020-09-09
245: Knowing What Leads to Victory. Critical Importance of The Fighting Spirit Combat Lessons Vol. 3 with Dave Berke 2:24:35 2020-09-02
Jocko Debrief #3 with Dave Berke: High Valued Employee Creating Friction 0:38:26 2020-09-01
Jocko Debrief #2 With Dave Berke: Importance of Contingency Planning 0:42:40 2020-09-01
Jocko Debrief #1 with Dave Berke : Telling Your Employees The Truth 0:34:02 2020-09-01
subscriber only 244: Don't Do it Alone. How to Build a Winning Team. "The Talent War." Recruiting, Selecting, Training, and Mentorship, w/ Mike Sarraille and George Randle 3:49:14 2020-08-26
The Unravelling 7: The Sword of Destruction 1:23:00 2020-08-21
subscriber only 243: Finding a Way Back Home. Life, Death, Murder, and Music with The White Buffalo 2:07:07 2020-08-19
242: There are Things Bigger Than You. Do Whatever It Takes to Establish a Winning Mentality Not Just For Yourself. W/ Marine Gunnery Sgt. Justin LeHew 4:33:18 2020-08-12
subscriber only The Unravelling 6: Trying to Win 0:59:22 2020-08-09
subscriber only The Unravelling 5: "Do You Guys Have Run-Flats?" 1:05:21 2020-08-06
241: There Will Be Pain. Life is Rough. Lessons From Being Shot 27 Times. "Perfectly Wounded" with Mike Day 3:18:12 2020-08-05
240: Your Fight Against Inertia--A Body At Rest Tends To Stay At Rest. Combat Lessons 2, with Dave Berke. 2:32:04 2020-07-29
The Unravelling 4: War Party 1:28:26 2020-07-27
The Unravelling 3: A Festering Sore 1:09:43 2020-07-24
subscriber only 239: Avoid The Trap. It's Critical to Learn Lessons From Different Angles. With Dave Berke 2:36:07 2020-07-22
subscriber only 2: The Unravelling. Saddam at War 0:59:14 2020-07-20
1: The Unravelling. Defining The Enemy 0:59:54 2020-07-16
238: Shake the World with AWESOMENESS. Ancient Chinese Battle Philosophy. The Wuzi by Wu Chee. 2:07:37 2020-07-15
237: How to Turn a Vision into a Plan For Ultimate Victory. In Battle and in Life. Army Techniques Publication FM 3-21.10 2020-07-08
236: There Will Be Punishment. You Will Get Beat Down. The Projects, SEALS, and Martial Arts, with Jeff Higgs. 2:53:56 2020-07-01
subscriber only 235: Setting the Conditions for Victory. w/ Gen. John Gronski From The 2-28 3:11:06 2020-06-24
234: How to WIN Using Your Mind Rather Than Brute Force. Applying Couter-Insurgency to Life. FM 3-24 2:23:27 2020-06-17
subscriber only 233: Pressure-Test Yourself and Your Methods. Are you Moving In The Right Direction. The Boer War. 1:55:49 2020-06-10
subscriber only 232: Do Not Fail To Learn. Adapt to New Environments. The Boer War. 1:52:31 2020-06-03
subscriber only 231: Welcome Stiff Competition and Keep Your Ego in Check. Top Gun Fighting Tactics. With Dave Berke 3:04:26 2020-05-27
subscriber only 230: Push The Envelope and Test Yourself. The Founding of TOP GUN. With Dan Pederson 4:09:50 2020-05-20
subscriber only 229: Pick a Plan and GET AFTER IT. Any Good Plan Executed Boldly is Better Than Indecision. General Omar Bradley 2:08:11 2020-05-13
subscriber only 228: Put Pressure on Your Mind, Be Your Own General and Be Your Own Soldiers. MCDP 7, Pt.2 With Dave Berke. 3:09:02 2020-05-06
subscriber only 227: Learning for Ultimate Winning. With Dave Berke. New Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication. MCDP 7 Learning. 2:22:01 2020-04-29
226: The Code. The Evaluation. The Protocols. THE PATH. With Dave Berke 2020-04-22
225: Overcome Insecurity. What To Do When Nobody is Respecting You. How to Be Agressive When You are Not. 2020-04-15
224: In An Uncertain World, Stack The Deck In Your Favor. With Darryl Cooper. 2020-04-08
223: Be Skilled, Capable, and Prepared to Take Care of Yourself and the People Around You. With Pat McNamara. 2:41:25 2020-04-01
subscriber only 222: Life is a Challenge. Life is Suffering. So Live With Fortitude. With Dan Crenshaw 3:58:42 2020-03-25
subscriber only 221: The Unimaginable Path of Jonny Kim. SEAL Combat Medic, Doctor, Astronaut 4:41:02 2020-03-18
subscriber only 220: Seeing Death From Close up. What We Learn from Mortuary Affairs. With Chris Bussler 4:06:31 2020-03-11
subscriber only 219: Auschwitz. You Had To Have Guts To Survive. With Rose Schindler. Two Who Survived 3:08:15 2020-03-04
218: Pinned Down, Shot In The Head, Still Winning. With Ike Eisenbach 2:50:49 2020-02-26
subscriber only 217: Gratitude and Service With Gary Sinise: Grateful American 4:37:30 2020-02-19
216: Why You Should Do The Best You Can and Never Give Up. The Memory Endures, by Reg Curtis 3:50:34 2020-02-12
215: You'll Never Be Free Unless You Tell Yourself The Truth. Taking Control Of Your Destiny At Work. Brown-nosing Team Members. Passed Over For Promotion. 1:52:53 2020-02-05
subscriber only 214: How to Overcome Our Natal Defects. Patton's General Instructions and Keys to Victory 2:19:32 2020-01-29
subscriber only 213: Battle is The Most Magnificent Competition in which a Human Can Indulge. Patton's General Orders. 2:31:53 2020-01-22
subscriber only 212: 4 Years Sitting in a Little Room, Across The Table from Jocko Willink. What I Learned. With Echo Charles 2:50:43 2020-01-15
subscriber only 211: TACTICS. Leadership Strategy and Tactics Review. Pt 2. with Dave Berke 2:52:32 2020-01-08
210: Leadership Strategy and Tactics. First Look and Review, Pt.1 with Dave Berke 3:05:28 2020-01-01
subscriber only 209: The Crafty Rogues of the French Foreign Legion w/ Legionnaire, Joel Struthers 4:14:54 2019-12-25
subscriber only 208: March Forward, One Foot In Front Of The Other. With Jason McCarthy 3:53:46 2019-12-18
207: Live a Life Worth Fighting For. Medal of Honor Recipient, Kyle Carpenter 5:36:01 2019-12-11
206: THE STRESS EFFECT. Pt. 3 w SOG Leader, Dick Thompson. Why Smart Leaders Make Dumb Decisions. 3:12:09 2019-12-04
205: DEAD MAN WALKING. Pt.2 with SOG Warrior, Dick Thompson 3:12:04 2019-11-27
204: Don't Volunteer for SOG. With Dick Thompson 3:13:37 2019-11-20
203: One Man Can Make a Difference. USMC Corporal Jason Dunham and The Ultimate Sacrifice 4:14:45 2019-11-13
subscriber only 202: Never Forget The History of Our Freedom. "Faithful Warriors" with Dean Ladd. 4:16:16 2019-11-06
201: Life is Precious, Short, and Unpredictable. Don't Wait to Become the Person You Want to Become. “The Knock At The Door” W/ Ryan Manion. 3:02:54 2019-10-30
subscriber only 200: Are We Doing Everything We Are Capable of? With Jim Sursely 2:05:56 2019-10-23
199: Pain Makes You Better. With Kirstie Ennis 2:26:02 2019-10-16
subscriber only 198: Life is a WAR. Fighting for How You Live. Field Service Regulations FM 100-5 w/ Dave Berke. 2:41:51 2019-10-09
subscriber only 197: Time, History, and Knowledge, are All Connected. Truppenfuhrung: With Andrew Paul. 2:08:23 2019-10-02
subscriber only 196: Make Peace or Die. Service, Leadership, and Nightmares. W/ Charles Daly. 4:02:37 2019-09-25
195: Take Everything Thrown Your Way. Keep Going and Keep Giving. w/ Rob Jones 2:53:11 2019-09-18
194: Costly Pitfalls to Avoid and Critical Maneuvers. How to Win in American Business. With Pete Roberts 2:28:56 2019-09-11
193: Operational Excellence. The Last Vietnam SEAL to be on Active Duty, Kirby Horrell 2:24:44 2019-09-04
subscriber only 192: Important Lessons of Outlaw Platoon's Long and Horrific Road w/ Sean Parnell 5:24:42 2019-08-28
191: w/ BTF Tony Eafrati. Sometimes You Just Gotta BTF THROUGH. 2:58:14 2019-08-21
subscriber only 190: How Tolerance Can Be Your Greatest Risk. USMC Tactics Pt.4 w/ Dave Berke 2:44:20 2019-08-14
subscriber only 189: Adaptability Is The Law That Governs Survival in War and In Life. USMC TACTICS PT.3 w/ Dave Berke. 2:05:41 2019-08-07
188: USMC TACTICS PT.2: Every Moment is of Utmost Importance and Other Lessons from War 3:25:35 2019-07-31
subscriber only 187: Principles and Tactics with Creativity Dominates All. MCDP 1-3 Tactics, with Dave Berke 2:56:13 2019-07-24
186: Taking A Secret War to The Enemy in Vietnam, w/ The Frenchman Doug Letourneau 2:22:04 2019-07-17
subscriber only 185: We Only Get One Shot, So Fight The Good Fight and Make it Count, with Mitch Aguiar 2:40:02 2019-07-10
subscriber only 184: Getting Over Severe Abuse. How to Build Relationships as an Introvert. How to Control the "Cowboy" Mentality. Chronic Complainers. 2:16:21 2019-07-03
subscriber only 183: Remember Your Mission and Remember Your Cause, And Be a "True Believer" With Jack Carr 2:27:29 2019-06-26
182: The Terrifying and Claustrophobic Reality of The Vietnam Jungle. w/ John "TILT" Stryker Meyer 2:48:31 2019-06-19
subscriber only 181: "WE CAME TO DIE". Mayhem, Bravery, and Leadership "On The Ground" in Vietnam w/ John Stryker Meyer. 3:34:00 2019-06-12
180: Covert Lessons Learned From "Across The Fence" in Vietnam, with John Stryker Meyer 2:46:02 2019-06-05
subscriber only 179: Playing The Long Game. Millennials, Mindset, and Leadership Mistakes from Battle, w/ Jason Gardner. 2:51:30 2019-05-29
178: The Power and Cost of Extreme Obedience. The Code of The Kamikaze Pilot. 1:50:37 2019-05-22
subscriber only 177: What To Do When You Fail. Dealing w/ Betrayal From a Bro. Motivation: Customers VS Money. Advice for New Leaders. 1:48:37 2019-05-15
subscriber only 176: Morale is the Most Important Thing on The Battlefield? From Bernard 'Monty' Montgomery. 2:32:54 2019-05-08
subscriber only 175: How to DOMINATE in Leadership. Lessons and Guidelines From Bernard 'Monty' Montgomery 2:29:50 2019-05-01
174: Set Standards. Aspire to Achieve Them. Become an Eminently Qualified Human 1:56:31 2019-04-24
subscriber only 173: Fighting an Uphill Battle: The PATH w/ Medal of Honor Recipient, Ron Shurer 3:16:36 2019-04-17
172: Man is The Fundamental Instrument of War, and That Remains Constant. Army Field Manual 10-22 2:46:56 2019-04-10
171: Seek. Never Settle. Inspire. Never Complain. Rise. Never Stay Down. No Legs, No Vision, No Problem. With Matthew Bradford. 2:04:25 2019-04-03
subscriber only 170: How to Be The Person Who Executes. Standing Up VS Avoiding Conflict. Extreme Ownership When it's Not Your Fault. How to Lead as a Subordinate. 1:54:33 2019-03-27
169: The Slippery Slope, Half-Truths, and Getting Back on The Path, with Jody Mitic. 2:26:22 2019-03-20
subscriber only 168: More Important Lessons on War, Leadership, and Life, w/ SEAL Master Chief, Jason Gardner, Pt.2 3:02:37 2019-03-06
167: Lessons on War, Leadership, and Life, w/ SEAL Master Chief, Jason Gardner, Pt.1 2:49:55 2019-03-06
166: Trust and Be Wise. Psychology for the Fighting Man. Part Three. 3:05:15 2019-02-27
subscriber only 165: Govern Your Emotions But Know Your Nature. Psychology For The Fighting Man (Pt.2) 3:00:32 2019-02-20
164: Psychological Attributes For Winning. "Psychology For The Fighting Man" 2:48:40 2019-02-13
163: The Trident: A Symbol of Strength, Courage, and Humility. Overcoming Adversity w/ Jason Redman 3:03:52 2019-02-06
162: Seconds Count: Urban Combat Lessons Learned From Hue City to Ramadi. 2:24:05 2019-01-30
161: Machiavellian Leadership: Myth VS Reality, with “The Prince” 2:43:08 2019-01-23
160: Live in NYC. Humbled and Mystified. 2:22:13 2019-01-16
subscriber only 159: Machiavellian Rules for Warfare, and Life."The Art of War", Niccolo Machiavelli. 2:05:15 2019-01-09
subscriber only 158: Mass Murder. Evil DOES Exist. But Why? "Panzram" 2:18:16 2019-01-02
157: When to Play The Game, When to Break The Rules. Ultimatums. Making Co-workers' Shape Up. Coping with Loss. 2:12:26 2018-12-26
Christmas 2018: Be Grateful. And Keep Smiling 0:10:52 2018-12-22
subscriber only 156: How NOT to Lead. Fall in Line or Face The Supreme Measure. Monitor Your Hope. "The Gulag Archipelago", by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 1:58:00 2018-12-19
subscriber only 155: Jordan Peterson and Jocko VS Evil. Cannibal Island. The Gulag. 1:59:03 2018-12-12
154: How to Effectively Communicate. Advanced Extreme Ownership Tactics, and Other Winning Tips for Life. Q and A. 2:36:28 2018-12-05
subscriber only 153: When You're Called Upon, You Get The Job Done. The Seawolves in Vietnam, With Dennis Rowley. 2:16:13 2018-11-28
subscriber only 152: Consistent Discipline, Drive, and Sacrifice. The Ethos Of a Marine Raider, with Derek Herrera. 2:23:13 2018-11-21
151: How to Really Implement Change. Different Leadership Styles. Balancing Discipline. Different Jiu Jitsu Styles. 2:07:52 2018-11-14
150: Drafted to Vietnam, Surfing, and Surfboards with Dave Hall and Josh Hall 3:34:07 2018-11-07
149: Fields of Fire. James and Jim Webb. United States Marine Corps. 3:51:58 2018-10-31
148: When Life Laughs At You in Crappy Situations, Stand Up and Don't Let It. "Valleys Of Death", by Bill Richardson 3:45:38 2018-10-24
147: How to Build a Relationship with Your boss. Politics. How to Disagree Up the Chain. 1:56:29 2018-10-17
subscriber only 146: Holistic Talent, Holistic Success, and What Game Are You Playing? 2:05:53 2018-10-10
145: What We Can Learn From The Principles of War From the US, Soviets, and Other Military Forces. FM FM 6-4. 2:24:19 2018-10-03
subscriber only 144: We Lie To Ourselves. An Interview with Col. David Hackworth. 2:22:01 2018-09-26
subscriber only 143: Make the World Better. Even Just a Little Bit. Lessons from "A Vietnam Diary" from Peter Nash Swisher. 2:22:51 2018-09-19
subscriber only 142: Face The Unforgiving World. "Men Against Fire", by S.L.A. Marshall 3:20:35 2018-09-12
subscriber only 141: Achieving Success Begins With What You Have, With Pete Roberts 2:43:05 2018-09-05
140: "If", by Rudyard Kipling: Analyzed. Not Liking to Fight. Personal Intelligence. Giving Tactful Feedback. 2:19:02 2018-08-28
subscriber only 139: Whatever Darkness You Face, START WALKING. (The Bataan Death March)"A Soldier's Journal", James Bollich 2:51:59 2018-08-22
subscriber only 138: The Dichotomy Of Leadership with Leif Babin. Self Control, and How to Find The Balance 2:38:11 2018-08-15
subscriber only 137: If You Know The Way Broadly, You Will See It in All Things. With Jiu Jitsu World Champion, Dean Lister. 2:36:42 2018-08-08
subscriber only 136: War and Madness. "He Was No Coward." 2:11:44 2018-08-01
subscriber only 135: Supreme Excellence with Discomfort and Extreme Ownership. With Dave Berke. 2:42:59 2018-07-25
134: With Mike Sarraille. LIFE is a Gift But Not Free. Don't Waste It. 3:11:55 2018-07-18
133: Face History so You Can Learn From It. The Horrors of Unit 731. 2:35:03 2018-07-11
subscriber only 132: How to Win in Battle, Business, and Life with The 36 "Strategems." The Spirit of Wu. 1:38:20 2018-07-04
subscriber only 131: How To Win With People You Don't Like. How to Not Get Interrupted. The Exception to--No Bad Teams, Only Bad Leaders. 1:48:11 2018-06-27
130: Lessons and Guidelines from 430 A.D. That Still Hold Up Today. "Concerning Military Affairs." 2:06:53 2018-06-20
subscriber only 129: How to Lead and Win Using "The General Principles of War", by Fredrick The Great 2:43:33 2018-06-13
subscriber only 128: How to Gain Confidence. Forgiveness VS Settling The Score. Does Discipline Inhibit Creativity? 2:08:05 2018-06-06
subscriber only 127: Hell Yes, I'd Do It Again. Leadership Lessons From Iwo, with T. Fred Harvey. 4:00:06 2018-05-30
subscriber only Memorial Day 2018: Remember Me 0:09:26 2018-05-27
126: Leadership From WW2, Korea, and Vietnam, with Col. Thomas Fife 2:38:20 2018-05-23
subscriber only 125: How Can Discipline Fail You? Excuses, Playing The Game, Good Decision Making, Jiu Jitsu 1:44:12 2018-05-15
124: Hardcore Recondo, General James "Mook" Mukoyama. "Everyday is a Great Day. I Have My Faith, My Family, and Live in the Finest Country In The World." 3:27:18 2018-05-09
123: A Fight Through Darkness with Marine Corporal, Jake Schick 4:18:35 2018-04-18
122: "Fortunate Son", by Lewis Puller Jr. 4:18:12 2018-04-18
121: "Marine! The Life Of Chesty Puller", by Burke Davis. 3:00:12 2018-04-18
Warrior Kid Podcast 1: Ask Uncle Jake 0:20:02 2018-04-13
120: How to Maintain Improvement Over Time. Healthy Competition. Too Proud to Ask for Help. Comfort Zones. 1:44:28 2018-04-11
subscriber only Human Nature, Leadership, and Atrocities w/ Daniele Bolelli and Darryl Cooper 2:33:10 2018-04-04
119: A Detailed Guide How to Live Life The Gentle Way. "Mind Over Muscle", by Jigoro Kano 3:00:26 2018-03-28
subscriber only 118: Always Find A Mission. And Win. With Dan Crenshaw 1:53:10 2018-03-21
117: What to Do When You Have Bad Luck. Tactfully Question Leadership. Tyrannical Leadership Proven to Work. Ratting on Your Boss. 2:09:52 2018-03-14
subscriber only 116: "I Can't" VS. "I Won't". And What's More Important? With Rob Jones. 2:47:40 2018-03-07
115: Into the Fire, and Beyond the Call of Duty, with Medal of Honor Recipient, Dakota Meyer 3:42:35 2018-02-28
subscriber only 114: How to Lead and Win with Leif Babin. 3:02:03 2018-02-21
113: Into the Mind of a Working K9 Warrior With Mike Ritland 3:06:44 2018-02-14
subscriber only 112: Life is Hard. So What Are You Going To Do? 12 Rules For Life With Jordan Peterson 2:10:48 2018-02-07
111: Being At War.. In Life. How To Become The Ambush. With Jody Mitic. 2:20:30 2018-01-31
subscriber only 110: Making The Right Decisions Each Step of the Way. "Reveries of The Art of War" 3:02:41 2018-01-24
109: What Are You Doing That You Know You Shouldn't Be? "Stalingrad Memories of Hell" 2:43:13 2018-01-17
subscriber only 108: How to Stand Up to Bad New Leadership. How to Deal with Boss Not Listening to Feedback. Apologizing Shows Weakness? And A Chance to Say Goodbye. 1:51:07 2018-01-10
subscriber only 107: To Be a Leader, You Must Be a Life-Long Learner. Hal Moore on Leadership. 2:15:56 2018-01-03
subscriber only 106: Be Clear In Your Mind What You Intend To Achieve. "We Were Soldiers Once... And Young." 2:12:04 2017-12-27
Christmas, 1944 0:15:44 2017-12-23
105: Discipline, Guts, and The Will To Win. "We Were Soldiers Once... and Young" 2:33:26 2017-12-20
subscriber only 104: How to Be Liked While Maintaining Discipline and Authority. Identify an Unclear Enemy. Improve Tact While Still Being Aggressive/Assertive. 1:29:15 2017-12-13
103: Human Will is a Super Power When Called Upon. "Recollections of Rifleman Harris" 2:05:24 2017-12-01
subscriber only 102: No One Owes You Anything. Using Ultimatums. Moving On. Useful Tips for Using Extreme Ownership at Work. 2:21:13 2017-11-27
101: How "The Hundred Rules of War" Will Help You Rule Your Life. 2:22:42 2017-11-22
100: With Tim Ferriss. Musashi, and How Warrior Way Relates To Life 4:05:03 2017-11-14
subscriber only 99: How to Ask For Help. How to Deal With Incorrect Feedback. Maintain an Unpredictable Schedule. 2:06:24 2017-11-08
subscriber only 98: W/ Dr. Jordan Peterson. Facing your Inner Darkness. Breaking Your Wretched Loop. The Ultimate Hero is Dangerous but Disciplined. 3:43:47 2017-11-01
97: Leadership Do's and Don'ts. Be Humble, Keep Your People Informed, and Treat Others With Respect. "The Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier" 1:49:43 2017-10-25
subscriber only 96: How to Introduce Extreme Ownership to Your Boss. How to Deal With Your Spouse's Trivial Issues. Leading People Out of Complacency. Strength and Weakness. 2:06:30 2017-10-18
subscriber only 95: Hardship, Leadership, and Victory. WWII Army Air Forces Pilot, Jim Kunkle. Vietnam Vet/POW, Capt. Charlie Plumb. 3:05:29 2017-10-02
94: There is a Limit to What A Person Can Be Asked To Do. And Sometimes You Lose. "Men at Arnhem", by Geoffrey Powell 2:42:08 2017-09-27
93: American Made With American Hands. The Value of Grit and Perseverance. Pete Roberts and Origin USA. 3:08:41 2017-09-18
subscriber only 92: Pushing the Envelope. Overcome and Adapt. Ultra-Winning Mindset of Marine Corps Combat Engineer, Rob Jones 2:47:06 2017-09-12
91: How to Win Back Authority. What to Think About When You Don't Feel Like Getting After It. Being a Renegade Leader. What to do When You Can't Get Through to Someone. Balancing Decisiveness w/ Carefulness. 2:26:59 2017-09-06
subscriber only 90: Tough As They Come. Travis Mills. Soldier. Warrior. Hero. 2:56:02 2017-08-30
subscriber only 89: The Critical Importance of Taking Care of Your People. And They Will Take Care of You. Medal of Honor Recipient Mike Thornton 2:19:14 2017-08-20
88: The Cost of Unpreparedness and The Importance of Fortitude. "Excursion To Hell" 2:52:56 2017-08-16
subscriber only 87: How to Act as a Leader. Importance of the Warrior Culture and in Leadership. "The Clay Pigeons of St. Lo" 2:59:36 2017-08-09
subscriber only 86: How to Develop "Man Skills". Thoughts on Online Jiu Jitsu Training. Install Pride Into a Team. Shifting Your Mindset from Individual to Leader. 2:34:01 2017-08-02
subscriber only 85: Rationalizing Evil Deeds. Burden of Choice. Following Immoral Orders. "Ordinary Men" 2:43:03 2017-07-25
subscriber only 84: Importance of Trust, Discipline, and Creativity in Leadership. "18 Platoon." 3:20:37 2017-07-19
subscriber only 83: Your Children Are Watching You. How to Stop Making Excuses. Gaining Credibility Once It's Lost. Bad Bosses. Warrior Mentality While Getting Dumped. 2:31:45 2017-07-12
82: Struggles Lift You Up. UFOs, PEDs and HGH. Fitness Advice & Tips. Martial Arts. Motivation to Have Discipline. 2:46:08 2017-07-05
81: Great Leadership Advice From The British. An Anthology On Leadership for Battle and Life. "Serve To Lead" 2:43:13 2017-06-28
subscriber only 80: How The Way of The Samurai Translates to Life Today. Musashi, "The Book of Five Rings" 2:40:13 2017-06-21
79: How To Get People to Take Action. When to Skip the Chain of Command. Sacrificing Short-Term Health to Reach a Goal. What "GOOD" Can Come From a Sick Child? 2:19:17 2017-06-13
78: How Adversity Reveals Human Nature. Are You Worthy of Your Suffering? "A Man's Search For Meaning", by Viktor Frankl 2:35:30 2017-06-07
subscriber only Warrior Kid: Ask Uncle Jake 1:07:15 2017-06-03
subscriber only 77: War Stories. Mental Toughness and Clever Tactics in Vietnam and for Life. With CWO Roger Hayden 2:32:18 2017-05-31
subscriber only Memorial Day 2017: Don't Forget To Smile 0:14:10 2017-05-28
subscriber only 76: Knowing Darkness, 6 Years a POW at The Hanoi Hilton, to See The Light and Good in Life. With Capt. Charlie Plumb 3:17:12 2017-05-24
75: Guidelines for Leadership are Honesty, Dependability, Discipline and Fairness. "Conversations w/ Dick Winters" 2:59:01 2017-05-17
subscriber only 74: Hard Times, Violence, Death, Darkness, The Cro-Mags, & Redemption. Hardcore Life w/ Harley Flanagan. 3:28:57 2017-05-09
subscriber only 73: Confronting Abuse of Authority, Overcome Over-reacting, Tips for a New Leader, Alternatives to Firing Someone. 2:32:30 2017-04-27
subscriber only 72: Losing a Son To War, True Honor and Leadership That Applies to Real Life, w/ Col. Tom Manion 2:53:51 2017-04-20
subscriber only 71: Heroes are Not Perfect. Never Judge. The Will to Overcome REAL Hardship: "A Helmet for my Pillow" by Robert Leckie 3:13:06 2017-04-18
70: Overcoming Unspeakable Darkness. Protecting Children. How to Support a Military Spouse. Living a GOOD Life. With Iris Gardner 2:43:33 2017-04-11
69: The Real Top Gun. Battlefield, Work, and Life are Identical. With Elite Marine Fighter Pilot, David Berke. 3:18:49 2017-04-05
subscriber only 68: Inauthentic Extreme Ownership, Excessive Self-Blaming, The Grammar Nazi, Loyalty in Marriage and Service, Jiu Jitsu VS Boxing for 7 y/o, Artificial Intelligence Soldiers. 2:46:34 2017-03-26
67: "Company Commander": Important Lessons Directly from WW2 2:44:14 2017-03-21
subscriber only 66: Gen. HR McMaster's Tactical/Strategic Lessons Learned from his War Fighting Experience. Liars, Defending Bad Leaders, Jiu Jitsu Strength, & Dealing w/ The Grind 3:00:15 2017-03-15
65: What to Carry to Be Prepared for Battle and Life: With Leif Babin 2:32:32 2017-03-07
subscriber only 64: The Value and Cost of Real Freedom. "A Debt That Cannot Be Repaid", With Andy Stumpf 1:57:36 2017-03-01
63: Through The Valley: My Captivity in Vietnam, with Colonel William Reeder, US Army Pilot, Vietnam POW 2:42:09 2017-02-22
62: Battle Studies: Applying Ancient Combat Knowledge of Human Nature to Modern Leadership and Life 2:53:41 2017-02-15
61: Confronting People Who've Been Talking Behind Your Back. How to Deal with Anger Management Issues. Be Careful With Praise. 1:51:35 2017-02-07
60: The Importance of Standing Up Against Evil, and its Heavy Cost. "The Rape of Nanking" 2:41:03 2017-02-01
subscriber only 59: Valuable & Applicable Lessons from Battle that Apply Directly to Your Life, w/ Brian Stann 2:42:10 2017-01-25
58: Overcoming Regrets of a Wasted Life, How to Maximize Morale, Aligning Goals Up the Chain 2:00:36 2017-01-16
subscriber only 57: STRATEGIKON: How to Apply Timeless Combat Leadership Lessons to the Battlefield, Business and Life 2:20:36 2017-01-10
56: Overcoming Stress, Sleep Deprivation, and The Darkness with Peter Attia 2:45:23 2017-01-06
55: Dealing w/ Hostile Drunk Idiots, How to Eliminate Complacency with Age, Vets w/ Bad Behavior 1:32:52 2017-01-06
54: How to Lead and Command Ultimate Respect. With the "Armed Forces Officer Manual" 3:29:30 2016-12-28
subscriber only Christmas 1914 0:16:31 2016-12-25
53: WILL CONQUERS ALL, “Colder Than Hell”, Lessons Learned from A Marine Rifle Company at Chosin Reservoir. 3:19:39 2016-12-14
subscriber only 52: How to Overcome Fear. How to Combat Burnout. Violating Values to Achieve Goals. How to Follow Through w/ Ideas. 2:07:57 2016-12-07
subscriber only 51: “The Coldest War.” Mortars, Battle Fatigue, and THE COLD 2:52:48 2016-11-30
subscriber only 50: With Tim Ferriss – Darkness & How to Stay on the Path, Last Days of Life & What to Do, Back-up Plans, Misconceptions 2:42:37 2016-11-23
subscriber only 49: How to SMASH Days When You ‘Don’t Feel Like it’, How to Deal w/ Passive-Aggressive People, Advice for SOF Newlyweds 2:12:42 2016-11-16
subscriber only 48: “I Fought With Custer”, How Ego can Kill You, Avoid the Slippery Slope 2:12:29 2016-11-09
subscriber only 47: How to Overcome Set-backs at Work, MMA Fighters VS. SEALS, Prep VS. Winging it, Rituals for mindset, BJJ Gym Loyalty 2:25:07 2016-11-02
subscriber only 46: Jeremiah “JP” Dinnell & Jocko Discuss War, Fighting, and Life 2:41:30 2016-10-26
45: Wooden Leg, Native American Warrior 2:34:29 2016-10-19
44: Negative People, Entitled Team after Extreme Ownership, Managing with your Meyers-Briggs Personality Type. 1:46:36 2016-10-12
subscriber only 43: Glory of the Trenches. Discipline, The Selfishness of Cowardice & Giving Up 2:01:26 2016-10-05
42: Fallen Hero Mikey Monsoor, SEAL Vet Andrew Paul: Leadership, Life, Loss, & Lessons Learned 1:58:19 2016-09-28
41: SEAL Vet Tony Eafrati, Scariest Moments, Prepared to Die, Early Days, Transitioning to Civilian Life. 2:12:07 2016-09-21
40: Avoid Conflict Without Being a Weakling, Dealing w/ Random Threatening People, Was Jocko Disciplined as a Kid? 2:21:17 2016-09-14
subscriber only 39: Brave Men 1:54:07 2016-09-07
subscriber only 38: BOOTS. How to Effectively Navigate Life, Land, & the Battlefield. Infantry Columns, On Patrol, The Beloved Captain, Jocko Academy for Young Troopers, The Warpath. 2:32:30 2016-08-31
subscriber only 37: Vietnam Vet Navy SEAL Roger Hayden, War Stories 1:10:58 2016-08-24
subscriber only 36: Photographer, Kieran Doherty. Images & Experience of Belfast, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Liberia, The Sudan 2:46:08 2016-08-17
35: Maneuver Warfare, Being a Rebel, Disarming w/ Words, Sliding into Old Habits 2:30:09 2016-08-10
34: Leif Babin – Ambushed Cops, Benghazi, Tempers, SEAL Combatives 2:49:21 2016-08-03
33: The Killing Zone (F. Downs), Male Psyche & Fighting, BJJ Frustrations, Talking about Yourself, Fear of Failure 2:47:24 2016-07-27
subscriber only 32: Privileged People, Leading Women Teams, Discipline Equals Financial Freedom, Does Micromanaging Ever Work? 1:51:32 2016-07-20
subscriber only 31: Book Review, “Four Hours in My Lai” by Michael Bilton 2:34:23 2016-07-13
subscriber only 30: Overwhelmed Countering Mental Shut-Down, Losing Temper with your Wife, Loyalty to Co-workers vs Ambition 1:20:55 2016-07-05
subscriber only 29: Book Review. “Platoon Leader: A Memoir of Command in Combat”, James R. McDonough 2:18:50 2016-06-29
subscriber only 28: “Steel My Soldiers’ Hearts, BJJ SOP’s, Going Back to College, Leadership, Who’s Standard to Follow 2:37:51 2016-06-22
27: “How to be Strong, Healthy, and Happy”, “I Remember the Last War”, Bob Hoffman, Being Late, Judo VS BJJ, Family/Priority. 2:53:05 2016-06-15
26: Omaha Beach and Beyond, Surfing, Relax during BJJ, Flanking, Manipulation 2:17:17 2016-06-08
subscriber only Jocko Podcast 25: Jody Mitic(Pt.2)Q&A – Mental Prep, Stressful Situations, “Soldier First” Principle, Jody’s Wife 1:58:33 2016-06-01
subscriber only Jocko Podcast 24: Canadian Sniper-Jody Mitic, “Unflinching” Interview & Book Review 2:42:03 2016-05-25
Jocko Podcast 23: The Art of War “Sun Tzu”, Dealing w/ Betrayal, Sport VS Self-defense BJJ, Campaign for Change 2:12:00 2016-05-18
Jocko Podcast 22: Mind Control, Knowing Personalities, Greg Jackson, Over-Thinkers 1:54:12 2016-05-11
Jocko Podcast 21: Tim Kennedy, Police Self Defense & Use of Force, Women in Special Forces, UFC, Chaos 1:52:25 2016-05-04
subscriber only Jocko Podcast 20: Parenting? Nature VS Nurture? Crossfit? The Jiu Jitsu Grind. Gaining Confidence. 2:17:48 2016-04-27
Jocko Podcast 19: Over-Detachment, Bullying, Helping VS Enabling, Theatrics/Acting, Use of Force 2:25:10 2016-04-20
subscriber only Jocko Podcast 18: One Soldier’s War, Mobility Workouts, Rehearsals, BUDS Training, Compromise 2:13:52 2016-04-13
Jocko Podcast 17: Band of Brothers, Losing the Fight Going Down Swinging, Jocko/Echo Backstory 2:29:30 2016-04-06
subscriber only Jocko Podcast 15: Band of Brothers, Henry V, Breaking Rules, Teaching Aggression, Jocko’s BJJ Style, Lazy Habits & Procrastination 1:58:19 2016-03-23
subscriber only Jocko Podcast 14: Guilty Pleasures, Storm of Steel book review, Training Schedules, Lazy Delegation, Evals, BUDS Filter 2:11:29 2016-03-16
Jocko Podcast 13: Chechens VS Russians, UFC 196 Review, Supplements 2:32:17 2016-03-09
Jocko Podcast 12: What Made Jocko, When to Quit, Mistakes & Trust, Fitness for Military, Switching On & Off 2:08:39 2016-03-02
subscriber only Jocko Podcast 11: Jocko’s Retirement Speech, Leif Babin, Charlie Platoon, Task Unit Bruiser, Stories, Memories, Heroes, and Lessons Learned 2:38:37 2016-02-24
Jocko Podcast 10: Police, Cussing, and STRESS–Deal with It, USE IT 2:21:22 2016-02-17
subscriber only Jocko Podcast #9: “The Motivation” – General Patton, Jiu Jitsu for Streets, Home Gyms, Hero Worship 2:13:00 2016-02-10
Jocko Podcast 8: USMC Manual(Book Review), Physical Limits, Injuries, Fear of Public Speaking 1:34:54 2016-02-03
subscriber only Jocko Podcast 7: Where Does Discipline Come From? Project Jaffna, Gains, & BJJ 2:06:00 2016-01-27
subscriber only Jocko Podcast 6: Napoleon, Aggression, Mind Control 2:05:48 2016-01-20
Jocko Podcast 5: Corrective Measures, Workouts, Diet, Marcinko and Rollins 1:48:37 2016-01-13
Jocko Podcast 4: Rendezvous With Death, Disrespect, Workouts 1:42:05 2016-01-06
subscriber only Jocko Podcast 3: Jocko & Echo (The Last Hundred Yards [book], Jiu Jitsu, Bosses, Failure) 1:48:30 2015-12-31
Jocko Podcast 2: Jocko & Echo (“About Face”, Mental Toughness, NewYears Resolutions?) 2:02:35 2015-12-28
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