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#1004 - W Kamau Bell

2017-08-29 | 🔗
W Kamau Bell is a host, writer, and stand-up comic. Watch is show "United Shades of America" on CNN and check out his podcast "Politically Reactive" available on iTunes. He also has a recently released book "The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell" available on Amazon.
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W Kamau Bell. You might know him as a stand up comedian. You might also know him from his excellent television show CNN, which is the did shades of America. We had a great time talking together, as I always do with him he's a very cool guy. So please give it up for W Kamall Bell the Joe Rogan experience trying my day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day, and we're lot noise, always wonder when I see a deal with and Android, oh you're, on that team, like people get,
it's so into teams right so into like groups. I belong to, like always an android God. What does that mean about it? Android guys use a windows phone, I just contrary yeah yeah yeah, I'm trying to be outside the box. He's gotTa Henry runs for president sure what camping this guy down, what you're trying to do is Henry Rollins really run for President go ahead and run. It gets a part of this merchandise, most likely yeah yeah. I feel feel little bit bad about that, but yeah. I don't think he gives a shit now. I don't give a shit, but I did buy it sort of excitedly and then had a motive. Like wait a bit so yeah, he don't even think he probably knows no, I would imagine he will find out now, but how much you paid attention that guy? I will
a fan of inner islands. I mean I've been like Henry Rollins is one of the eyes of the four one. Three Dave like his music Amy, bickers sort of stand up really absolutely about about. When I used to go to a spoken word shows I'm all in a hero. Wow. Did you hear his podcast with? Are you sure fear? No, I haven't heard that. Do you got to listen to her and he he nre met at Edinburgh at the Fringe festival and they were talking about Travel Henry just pick this spot on the map yeah. He just like. He goes ok, Mian MAR! Let's do this, yes, and he has his travel agent, organize it. It doesn't go with anybody who goes by himself. Yeah brings a laptop and a camera and some clothes. When I was, I actually met him better because of what I really meant. And finally he came to my book tour in LA it with his assistant, Heidi, and he was going.
Don't say that can say assistance. She gets pissed uses manager, his manager, okay, all right when it when she was call, maybe assist sorry, that's what I mean as a person who has this is- and it's not really good word. It makes it so you're saying like you know it doesn't sound what the what the person does. Yeah the keep your organized seasons- Nirvana Joe yeah. Yes, sir, his manager, Heidi, was there and he was leaving next day. I needed know where he was going. She she told him you need to get out of town, I'm tired of you. She said she booked him a trip and he had no idea where he was like. I don't know where I'm going. I don't know if he does it all the time and he just writes it goes there any rights. I mean he's living the life that as an artist I would like to live. If I wasn't married with two kids, so I've always lived even before I had was married. Two kids like I can't live that life, but I can't do that either, but he does it will. Ari should fear, said alright, mother fucker. You think that strong, I'm going to go for four months so already went for four month. All throughout Asia brought no phone, no lab
No, nothing completely lost contact with everybody didn't talk to anybody. He knew no agent, no manager hold the mall, I'm gone for like three months he might be in for with the loss for the last month. Okay, just as I did not to come back in and just did whatever you I mean he has his comedy central show, and then he just decided, look and take some time off and I'm just going to go. I mean yeah, that's great, it does rain yet so it sounds amazing, but you know I there's a lot of negotiate have to do to get away for a weekend, yeah yeah yeah. I got a plan out like to watch me where the Mcgregor. I tell my wife weeks in advance that that night yeah I wanna one three hours, yeah yeah yeah, it's like I was like you can watch it with me which he did, but we I can't be responsible. We get to bed. I have like spread that out here and then remind in, like put it, do not book and all those things yeah yeah for three hours in time away. When you have responsibilities, it's like the more things get comp kated around you like the it's like big
more money, more problems. You know me that really get a lot of money. Then it's a lot less problems. I don't know what that man. I think you still have tons of problems if you, but you can I I I I I do. I believe that you can sort of create your own problems if you want to have the problems, but there are people who have a lot of money, Zack de La Rocha. Somebody else have friend of rage, machine that dude like made radios machine money, and is this peace out, but he you know, he's a different cat. That's what I mean, but I'd like he sort of like I mean I'm not saying that their problems, but Tom are surprise more problems he's trying to like I'm starting to ban with Chuck D and the guy from Cypress Hill, and I'm also releasing a solo and I'm also entered the E street band. Like that's a lot of problems where, where is acts like every now and again, I'll, go with rage against machine and pick up that big check other than that, I'm going back to LA so for me, there's a level of money you can get where you can sort of just turn the volume with the guy from Calvin and Hobbes. Another dude, like you know, I'm sure Calvin and Hobbes was the biggest comic strip like
that time. People loved it. People were shipped it and at some point after ten years, like I'm done and hasn't been seen since that's a good move, if you could pull it off, that's my that's my goal. That's my goal. My goal is to get to that place of like there's some. I don't know what the number is, but I feel like there's some number where you go. Okay, that's the number where I can put it in the thing in the in the in the index beings and they sits there to just and I yeah I'll, be gone, stockpile and then disconnect good luck. Everybody yeah! and maybe still like, the thing is every now and again you sort of pop up to go everybody, but I don't. I don't have the need for the attention part of it. It's like you know. I like I do what I want to do the work I like to do, but I don't have any need for the star part of it yeah. That's that becomes a real problem. You weigh better off with the resources, but no star yeah. We could just go to the mall and nobody fucks, it's like the like the guy next to Oprah, who nobody knows their baby. There's always husband, there's also another guy, some white guy who's like just maybe he's the assistant or the manager. I don't know what the name is, but yeah there's these people who are like you go, do the thing I'll be here:
yeah! Well, that's a good move if you're like if it's Oakbrook, because Oprah is such a huge figure that nobody's paying attention to you there's so Kristin Hersh, if you two steps behind your good yeah yeah in a non amiss, yeah yeah! No, it's it's real! I'm by for product or cracks. You've met Oprah for this thing and if there's a whole team of people who are like it's like both like for three year old white women who feel like there in, like the israeli Army, like this feel like like, we will take you down if we need too yeah yeah and then Oprah floats of the room like this happy beam of light and they're like the ones who would like to welcome, take care of the problem, but you gotta be intense if you're around a person like that, imagine how many people are trying to grab it open, I mean I'm sure you get crazy, like request, yeah all day. Imagine what it is to be Oprah. I can't yes see and that's the way I see. So if I got to Oprah's level and she's, like I mean she doing great work, see the own there's like she's helping bring other people up, she started. I would, after that
I done that show and be like good luck. Everybody yeah yeah! I mean I yeah, I don't you know, I'm! I don't have that level of like trying to be in the thing. She's got so much power. She kept Dr Oz on tv after they brought him in miracle weight loss, Doctor Phil's the the show that you're making money off of the Dr Phil never had like a scandal or not, but I just feel like he's quietly. Like the you know, it's like it's not like it. He was a big deal. It will rightly right now. It's like he still that you turn ugly still on yeah and she's any sooner check. You know yeah if you like housewife and use it at home, and you know you want to find out what's wrong with the teenage kid here over got sued by to meet. You know, maybe like you and she was on her show, and she said: I'm not gonna eat meat anymore because of red meat. It was a whole thing way soon. The end of the it was a it was. There was a some sort of like there's a court case yeah, I'm so my
so if you say something about she said her show she basically, I must have regular coming, but she said something about not eating red meat anymore. This is back in the 90s and then that think, that's how she met Doctor Phil 'cause. He was like a jury consultant, it's I know too much haha, yeah, interesting, Oprah, Winfrey versus the beef people and ninety eight president, George Bush wow. I do not like broccoli, I have not liked it since a while. So this is this is this is all different? Keep things simple, so yeah! This is an audio story that you could listen to, but they're just hurting, so she got sued about who fucks hear some meat corporation in Texas 'cause. She had she had to move her should've Texas. Oh, that consumer 'cause. She was like testifying. Yeah. Yes, yeah What did you say? I wonder what it was that she says something on the show, but, like I don't think I'll eat meat anymore or something how come you can't say that
not quoting her directly, but it was something about it was the mad cow blah blah blah. Oh, was that it veggie libel laws. I was only some weird shit. They only have in Texas, probably taxes only to move whole, show Texas about Meanwhile, have you watched, I posted a Youtube video on Twitter earlier today. That shows the contrast, Queen with Houston, used to look like versus what it it's like now hold, leash. It still raining there. It's still raining there. That's the thing. People understand my family from Alabama, so I know how hurricanes work. The hurricane hits that's bad 'cause knock things down in Knox buildings over, but then the water rises. So that's when it gets that's the most damage is done from the flood that happens after the hurricane yeah flood and then mold and fungus. Like a lot of times, you have to destroy houses just 'cause. They get aid up with black mold like look at the beginning. If you go bring it to the beginning, Jamie
and he'll show what Houston used to look like like look at this. You can see the river and now look at this, and then it keeps going. This is fucking insane. It's insane and this river Houston, is the city that many Hurricane Katrina survivors from New Orleans went to yeah. So if you're and some of them couldn't back because New Orleans never got rebuilt in a lot of ways, and so there's people in and right now who moved there because of hurricane Katrina- and this happens while remember. I want to Houston like six months after Hurricane Katrina- and there was a ton of like people that were that had to move that we stuck there that were like piled up together in houses like many families and small houses. Do you hear the joke,
standing, he lives in a basketball arena like it's that when he does live there, but his church is the old, Houston Rockets, basketball and it's elevated yeah in the yeah it there it. It's got sixteen thousand room for like sixteen to eighteen thousand people, and it will bring people, and now he has yet internet shame. This is, let's all remember, sometimes internet sheet music. Yes, sometimes it works is. Are these the people that are in there now does? Is it yeah? That's? This is a a big. It is that hot that have bought the place where the Houston Rockets used. I mean that the church is in a basketball arena that they and and it's all about the prosperity gospel, but he put up a link to donate money, for the flood did went to him. It wasn't the Red Cross yeah. He was like
after he got. In addition, first time you put a blink donate money for the flood relief here, and it was the link on his website is just that donate to the way to his church, he's so sketchy a consul, sketching man when you're making billions of I mean how long, how much she's, making that much money, our Lord and also tax free tax free. That's that's right, because her she's, terrific yeah, so he's making twice the money that people that level of income on that's so scary, yeah! Well, that's like when you found out the Scientology doesn't have to pay taxes like wait. What well it's all I mean you know it's all it like. If you shoot at you, is that taking paying taxes or anything? No, it's it's complete. Sketchy there. It is that is page on his website. Yeah so help you think, give now to him. You know I'm going to take a little piece.
Well, I gotta I gotta overhead. I can't bro man, I got website be bills. I gotta do that handles this. I gotta pay him. I got a manager and in the Centricity internet connection, sorry I can I get this page built I'd. Have somebody do this page to me that was so like just I mean just so tone deaf to send out thoughts and prayers, do you have money you gotta, fuck Clodagh money and it all comes from preaching the word so yeah, so you first sent out that link and then people said no and then he said and now the doors, open and others taking pit yeah Lakewood doors are open. We are receiving anyone in need, shelter and, let's be clear, there was apparently somebody treated out that there was like all the mosques in Houston had open their doors already and we're talking, yeah so America.
oh those guys they just too much money involved. When you say it like does Joe old steam, you must drive like some crazy car too right. Yeah, perhaps has many crazy find out what Joel Alstyne tries. I want to know when he drives guarantee you it's not even a cadillac right. It's probably like some ridiculous Bentley, something something stupid with like a golden cross on the hood. Well, that's the prosperity gospel. If the pre features rich, then we're all rich. That's the! Is that what he's preaching that disagreements? It's called the prosperity gospel and it's not just him. There's several southern evangelical preachers called the Prosperity Ministry, where you preach that, if I do well then you're doing well through me, oh yeah, and then you'll eventually, eventually you'll do well. Eventually it will come to you, but it's about. Why would put the preacher to look bad, if because the preacher is the representative of God yeah, I saw one where this guy was talking about people that have no money, that if you have no money, if you donate whatever you can, even if you have no
money, the Lord will pay you back. Ten yeah! That's that's exactly the thing. That's exactly so prosperity minutes yeah, it's totally and it of course for scanned scandal or the course Baker yeah yeah, it's just so ruthless to go free flow dollar, Creflo, dollar, so awesome it's got like hot dogs in the back of his neck, the back of his neck, big thick rolls. My favorite is Robert Tilden, the guy who talks in tongues. He literally said this once he goes every time you write a check to me saying gets a black eye. Does. Did you find a car for Joel Steen? He must have some phonic bomber vehicles. I can try to find a better like official, but these these are coming up now they got officially his. It doesn't like he's not in it, but we were doing the right, one isn't for yeah there you go and that's how he lives in river oaks in Houston, maybe
yeah, but that's his house was like car down on the left, the the we're using these. I don't know. If that's really him or not it's too small, and it doesn't oh yeah, it doesn't look like him, don't worry about it. Forget it correctly with being a mystery. Nitpicky know we know, he's doing fine if he doesn't own a car. Is he still doing fine yeah he's managed to rake up? godly sums of money and do so without too much scandal. No, not yet no he's, but the money should be this and you know like, I think, that's the fact that you know, and it's because you know whole God. Thing is caught up in our government, so all those people in our government who feel like yeah he's doing that. This helps me out. You know I can't I can't be mad at him. 'cause, I'm going to be like him all that happened during the Reagan administration. That's when they first started, bringing in those right wing evangelical people an
making them a part of the Republican Party in a part of the campaigns in those all claim to have like a people who follow them. So you want. There was the you want that I support you and so yeah and they will yeah they're in they will like loyally. It's a it's, a very creepy situation, because it's, if you can tell- tap into that market mean he thinks it's happened to that marks where it is now it is a market is really really clearly. Is I mean it's nothing more than that 'cause? If they had real integrity, they would leave it out. And you know they wouldn't go after those people and try to use those people to win you, these people are doing God's work, just help them and prop them up and leave No, no, no, no there a pawn on this whole little silly game? This game is ridiculous. Like where do we? Where are we right now like, but now do you have your show? Your CNN show. I mean you're on CNN, so you're like I want CNN. Do you get a fake news? Do you get that? Do you get people claiming that you're part of fake news yeah,
Yes, but not in the I mean just like I've, I'm caught up in the storm like you know, it's not like it doesn't always come because somebody was like the good the I did something that was like another CNN, fake news, journalist and I was like hold on- I'm not a journalist I'll take the fake news part, but I'm not actually a journalist stand up comedian, stupid, yeah yeah. So I mean I get caught up in it, but I think yeah I mean it, it's not don't it's not coming in with one of the people, but I d I mean the biggest thing for me is that went back to the jobs in and is that a lot of because I live in the Bay area? So a lot I was like what are my friends going? I think you know CNN is not as much as the right wants to say. The liberal news media to my friends are not the liberal news media you know. So what is it to your friends very middle of the road probably leading to the right? Cnn leans to the right yeah, yes, yeah, who the fuck are you hanging out with live in the Bay area? Man I was out there on Sunday in the rally have a mascot, no point of Xbox. What's the point of that, I went out there with my face. Look at this look at this celebrity star who showed up at the rally yeah yeah yeah. So
You know, I know the people who started black lives matter. I know the people who yeah so that they don't get scene and go. This is the liberal news. Media you know is not funding Sol perspective. Right, yeah and I'm not there are lots of perspectives at CNN and CNN doesn't tell me to make it. They don't tell me to do anything either. I'm doing it to be clear about that, but I'm saying the perception I think it's funny, like some people have the liberal news media and then I have fat friends who it is, as maybe the center. Definitely but also or leading to the left or leaning to the right, and I'm just like Well, you know I'm in there and I'm not doing anything different because I'm there well, you have a different perspective. Also because you have,
Essentially an entertainment show yes same as Anthony Boarding, yeah right that insulin, entertainment. If you were to Angel made my show possible that that be there without it. Well, really Jeff Zucker occurs again really in chi, and I was working under him when I was doing fear factor a yeah I got to meet. Him is very, very smart guy, and that was a brilliant move to have things other than these shows that just continually show over and over again the collusion with Russia, the collusion with Russia all right now, the or like now it's just like the Houston, yeah, like you, know, exact. Look at this. Look at this rain over and over again yeah and anytime, your shell, that One thing, though, being a news network anytime shit goes down, they will bump your show so like? If I record your show, then I'll go to it logo. With this Russia shit, we have been people, think we've been, but more than we have Sunday night is the best night to be on the news. 'cause. They news things, don't happen, but we've been bumped for the Orlando shooter, which
yeah so does in Florida. That week as again, let's take us off the air like that uh, you know, I don't want to be looking like look at how fun it is in Florida we did a spring break episode, it's like that's, not no, and then we got bumped. The last episode of the season got bumped. The camera would probably rush it. I don't know what it's for, but yeah, so we've been bumped twice, but people who really hit it like the history of common, was on CNN on Thursdays, don't be on Thursdays, Thursdays, bad third, yeah, 'cause Thursdays. The world is happening, Trump is tweeting, you know things are things are going on and and people are more likely to pay attention to breaking news on the Thursday the Sunday like it doesn't have to be. You know, there's people are still you know what's happening today, where is on Sunday we're all sort of like take a break. I think a lot of people thought
when Trump got into office? He would stop with all the insult weeks and start with all the stuff that made him a popular person yeah and then all the sudden. It went from being like something that like look at this guy, he doesn't give a fuck look at him he's running for President man he's going to win, I think he's our guy and then all the sudden, like hey you're, still doing that. I mean even right now. Amidst all of his like sort of some, but you know, presidential style tweets about Houston. There are tweets about his enemies. You know he can't even like take that limit, it's not enemy, tweet right now. You know he still in the middle of like talking about these things. Meanwhile or Mama just sent out a tweet like hey, everybody support the Red cross. You know it's like that. Where is that tweet? You know so right. Well, he doesn't you know. Obama obviously doesn't have to do anything and everything he does could be completely from his own thoughts and it doesn't. It doesn't have
agenda yeah, but I think that I mean again. I get I know, people who are like maybe it's time to have some thoughts in agenda which maybe it's just as we were sort of you know for Obama. Yeah. Like there's, I read an article that said, I didn't read the article with the headline sets and we honest about this Obama. The thought is that he's going to come back in the fall to help rebuild the Democratic Party and I feel like we don't know be here in the fall. You know why you waiting like what's going to that you why? Why put that off? Like things are happening now yeah? Now I get he's playing like that STAR Trek Chest: where is three levels, and things are happening, he's seeing things I can't see and he sees the matrix, but I feel like, like I'd like to I'd like to see you before the fall, even though the fall is only like two weeks away. What could he do other than you know got a lot of money access to a lot of money for sure, which means you have a lot of any other. He still has a lot of influence. You know. So I don't know what I don't know what he could do, what he could do this. He could do something. You know. I think that you know
He just responded to every Donald Trump tweeted I'd be like, like, I think, there's there's passing power for something, and maybe he's got some plan that I'll be like. Oh my god, you know, but I just feel like he certainly is. He still won with the most influential people on the planet yeah. When you talk about like that three le all testing or multilevel chess thing. You gotta wonder like at what point in time does a. Some sort of candidate from the Democratic Party arrive like like, where are they and who are they you know they think you and is it Gavin Newsom? Is it you know? Who is it I mean? I hope it's I mean his. I I guess I mean I I will say this. I a- and I think my party affiliations Democrat, but I'm not somebody who's like Rep in the Democratic Party, how these people sometimes think I am just because I'm against Donald Trump, but So I would say this that I hope that that person is somebody whose name we don't even know yet 'cause. I feel like the thing that happen with Obama. Is he came out of nowhere and I think if you go to the usual suspects, with the way the current series
set up to do? If the electoral college is still in place in four years, then then we're doomed? If we go to the usual suspects, Obama might have come out of no where but a lot of people. Looking on like this guy here, you got this guy, Harvard educated, very articulate, good. Looking smooth clean long lane is Joe Biden said he was. He was calm. Yeah like that Was the most when you look at the way Trump has been re finding all these things, how he freaks out when he gets a small crowd in Arizona at a press conference I mean the thing about. Mama that stands out more than anything was his composure yeah. He feel like the adult in the room weather agreed with him or not necessarily didn't agree with everything he did. He felt like a grown up who's, making thoughtful adult decisions, that's that disagreed with, but I knew he had thought them through well and also one of the most important. Is about being a president. Is the president sort of sets the tone for the rest of the country like he represents the country now, when the president represents the country and he's talking shit about
bull bleeding from plastic surgery, and you know fake news and yelling about this and and then saying things that are just absolutely not true yeah. It turned out to not be true. It's like, then, you have to look look in the event it out, you go all these lying and all the associating in with people with known can, there is you know and white supremacists, and you know I him to me it's like here again, you're saying you setting the tone for the country and all those people feel certainly emboldened by him and empowered by him in a way that, like is not healthy for the country. Well, even if he doesn't for them that whole wink and a nod since I'm saying that's who's very sketchy. Most of you know we know most of communication is nonverbal yeah, so the but it doesn't have to even if it sounds like he's saying the right thing, if it's not landing with the people, he's talking about the right way like if he says you know, I support the blacks or whatever it is it's like if it doesn't feel like that to the blacks, then it's not that doesn't mean anything well.
People know when you're saying something from the heart versus when you're saying something for damage control like Charlottesville like when he came, not after Charlottesville, and said that people are behaving badly on all sides on all sides. Did you got out knots that ran over a crowd of protesters, he hit the asked and ran over other white people? You dumb this. This is so crazy, so say on all sides. Yes, so crazy, yeah, any improvise that part that was not in the speech he that was his riff on all sign, because that was it. I think it had been written for him and he's like you know, I can't I got. I got put the magic in the air. Well, I am of the belief that Nonviolence is always the answer and the running around with masks on hitting people with bike locks, wait showing up with sticks and bats and know that the ship the people are trying to do. I think, although there are heart and their mind might be in the right place. When you show up with both cuvaison and helmets and sticks
people see that, and that is an act of aggression and the opposition is going to show up in turn with something similar or worse. It escalates well, I think, the problem is is that I was in Berkeley. I said in the weekend at the no hate in the Bay rally that was supposed to that. You know that whoever said they were going to show up all right people, I don't there also be names white, supremacist, they're, going to show up, like four thousand people showed up. You know somewhere between three three or four thousand people, side, mostly on the side of not not the uh, right so four thousand all told yeah yeah, but it was like the the side. He was not in our streets. This is Berkeley. We don't play that right was way over was way bigger than the than the side from the whites privacy all right side. It was not even close as it was in Boston, yeah so and the an overwhelmingly there was a thirteen arrests and as many people, pointed out, there's more rested a raider game. You know like it's, not that's, not a lot of arrest, and sometimes you get arrested. 'cause it like this. It gives you the fuck out of here or or this is this is a safety issue or so it's like thirteen
some people were injured, no deaths. Thankfully, but if you look at all the mainstream news reports. It's like it focuses on those people who the anti for the people who the black Bloc, anarchists, who weren't there to like fight with people and for and for p I was there. There was old people there. There was young people there. There was. I have a friend who is yeah. I got an alert on my phone that said that there, tear gas, and I was in the rally like this tear gas, like he's in the middle of the rally CNN or the Samsung Chronicles, like there's, tear gas in Berkeley and he's like there is, and all that stuff got overplayed when I was there, my wife was there and it was a. It was a very full day, despite despite the reason why they come together. Well, there's a real problem in that the media need something to bleed. They need. Some your gas. They need a riot in order to get clicks. It's like that New York Times, article that I talked about with the Conor Mcgregor's face being compe
lately bloodied and found no that's you're doing that, because you're trying to sell newspapers not because that's what happened and you haven't hired anybody there on staff, who actually knows the UFC or knows boxing or knows or knows, combat sports. Like that's to me, it's like. We need an article about well and also having someone with a perspective that would go to that rally and say: look how many people were here that belief, even equality, that believe in unity that believe in peace that just want to support this idea that the community is. Filled with way more of those people and the people with the bike locks in the face masks and that you're talking about a few scrambled images of people who you know and here's the thing about those people they don't show up when it's just a beautiful day at the park. You know nobody, I live in Berkeley. Nobody is like walking through berkeley- oh God, think about to show up to the farmers market, like those people don't show up unless the shit hit the less. They fear that shit is hitting the fan, but what can
turns me, is that those people, when they're wearing the bike, masks or the masks and the fucking vests and the knee pads and the shit? That's where you get those assholes in Charlotte that showed up with guns like those guys that were open carrying in Charlotte with bullet proof vests on walking on the street, showing trigger discipline with their finger in the outside of the channels like how the fuck is this allow and rest in many of them just in military garb. So they looked like they were part of the military or, like they were part of law enforcement, so like that was the real properties people thought they were the same. We were confused and thought they were on there like they were part of law enforcement yeah, and I think the thing the thing if I would say this too, is that the reason why anti, if it even has a room to exist, is because people those communities, don't think they can count on the police. You know, schools, eight glad that there were two other like with a protest in Berkeley that erupted in violence. The police were standing by watching it happen, they didn't go in and break it up. That is certainly happened in Charlottesville to what's been,
and in none of this is true, but it's been said that the police were instructed in Berkeley to not engage with the anarchists yeah. I don't know how that works. I know the mayor Berkeley, I don't know yet, so I don't, and then I heard finance out recently that the mayor Berkeley is next in charge of the police, with some like than the want to be in the mayor who's in charge, the chief they guess the chief is injured. I don't know. I had never heard that before for NATO Green told me that, like he talked to them he's like I'm not actually in charge of policing elected, then why are we listening to you? But actually we talked the boss 'cause how the fuck did the mayor have enough time to be paying attention to every single issue that the police have to deal with when he's dealing with every single issue, the mayor s deal, but that makes but the president is in charge of the military sort of, but he so it's one of the things that the president has done is sort of given the power to the generals, and that's one of the things that military really enjoys about trump yeah, as opposed to the president is they feel like. The handcuffs are off yeah, but I think that the today, the president can you know, can consult with. If he tells the generals go. Do this thing they have to see it now. So I feel like that's the kind I don't I don't.
I don't I mean I think the president has too much by the president. As you know, many purport have reported can launch nukes. If you want to do right now it it without. Somebody would have to like violate his order to not launch the nukes, so I think there's too much car there, but I do think it's weird that the person I would like to leave the city isn't in charge of the law in force. Well as soon as he pardoned Joe ARP Yeah, that's when everybody went wait, I think there's no. I mean there's no serious debate, the problems that we have debate about things that is like new with these. These aren't yet to equal sides is not many sides. There's nobody who seriously knows the law are nose, nose with droppers price history who believes he. It was not guilty of those things. He bragged about the things that profiling people and bragged about abusing people. So there's, right about people dying in his prisons because they had heat stroke. Yes, I mean they couldn't get cold water. These people are out in tents at a hundred and twenty degrees, yeah there's an article that somebody wrote it in the this kid was born in Tijuana, live
of the Arizona and got arrested for drunk driving and spent a year in those those camps. You know. Look he was raised in America is essentially an american, even though born in the wrong patch of dirt. For some people he's an American, he just got arrested, drunk driving and did a year in this tent and was talking about how people died around it and talk about the food that they ate and how ruthless they can. You know some people have this. This meaning of like hey. Well, then, don't break the law, but that that is a God damn convenient way to look at it and not it's just not very humane and not very and not what we're supposed to be in this country. I mean we're not supposed to be a country that is that is that punitive with the law we often are- and also we know the one thing we know what America is that the law is not equal. Applied everybody. So you know: uh, rich guy, rich white guy drunk drives he's not going to print
for a year? You know piloted so which rich white guys in jail unfortunately went through everybody. Was it in that prison? Was he going to the outside hot prison? He threw a lot of people in that hot prison. He's a cunt yeah. I guess I was talking nationally yeah, but are probably yeah that the law is not applied equally to everyone. You know that we know that if you have money and been privilege, you can get out of situations, but that other people don't have all the money in privilege can't get out of well sure. I know comedians that have been arrested in LA for drunk driving in never did a day in jail yeah. You know this one kid was born. Tijuana does a year in a tent yeah. You know it's I mean. Look. You shouldn't Mark Drive, no yeah, that's it. I mean I feel like it's weird with the punishment yeah you should be. You should break the law. There should be repercussions water, that question, because you don't have control of your body and your driving a deadly vehicle and you could crash into a family. Look there's a lot real, real issue. That's why we have the law. Like I mean like I did
an episode of United States in the first season about saying Clinton about lifers in prison, San Quentin, and I talk a lot of guys. First, one of the guys I talked to said they didn't do it. Everybody is like yeah. I did it guilty thing I did, but when you heard they did a lot of times, you like is that life in prison? What do you get like? What there's a guy who'd was confers commute convicted of robbing two banks. Now he he that's bad. Let's say that's bad, nobody died, nobody got hurt. Certainly people were traumatized by the fact he robbed the bank. He didn't have a gun. He did the things you could rob a bank by just saying. Give me the money I have you know they quit everything, so it didn't have a the weapons and things like that. Now that's bad, but he's like try and 60s now and I met him and he's one of the coolest people. I've met he's a leader in prison he's one of the guys who runs the newspaper and he invited me he's like Talk to my age, like you coming back in September, to speak to the guys like he's he's, a total leader is in prison for life, while yeah killer house directly responsible for people being dead. Yes, yeah, there's a ton,
People that have mysteriously died inside that guys prisons yeah. And that's that's the part about me. It's like this is not the same scales of justice. We're talking about. You know, there's a guy who got a third strike in California, Casino, California, third strike law that happen for fire. A gun in the air, that's bad, but it ended up with him getting life in prison and you just like you know it's bad, it's bad! It's, but I'm not. I think you have to say that enough. I'm not saying that every every inmate out, but I'm saying it's bad, but life in prison. Well, the idea that you could never reform people yeah? That's that seems insane and well, I guess, there's the other perspective. Where are the resources going to come from to actually reform someone? How much effort does it take an Cases are different and some people really are just habitual criminals and there's nothing. You do about it and if you do release them and they continue to do crime or they hurt somebody that they didn't have to like. Where does a burden live there? But you know, I think Norway, I believe, is the country Jamie will have to look it up, but the longest prison
prison sense you can get. Is twenty years prisoners live in like one bedroom apartments like they, you know they have tv they have in. The whole thing is like this sanguine, as is too there's rehab programs. I talked to inmates who said then, after twenty years in Norway, they talk to you go. Are you ready to go back outside like they don't let you out automatically, but they sort of check back in with you, and so, if you're, not like the guy who shot up the those people, Norway he's trying to get out again, but the whole idea is that small percentage of prisoners serve more than fourteen years. Wow yeah is there in there like, like in San Quentin, the inmates who said in most California prisons. The re programs are a a in Jesus. That's all they have a is Jesus exactly exactly yeah, so Temple down on the lab, yet just a pathway to Jesus, but in banquet and there's a newspaper there there's a there's. There's a restorative justice programs. There's uh!
You know this is a tough nut plate, the you you can learn how to code like there's a prison to learn how to code right now. So when you come out, there's a sense of like I have there's a lot: other programs I can't even think of it, but there's also this yoga in San Quentin, the Bay area, and so there's all these things so that when you come out, you are a more fully formed human being so that you have you have job skills, you've done restorative ' s is programs. You felt other inmates who came into the restorative justice programs. So when you come out, it's not that it's easy to get a print to be paroled from prison. You know, but when you come out your more prepared for the world as opposed to guys in other prisons, California get out who have just been like doing. We have in Jesus and have no way to interact with the world yeah. I just feel like they just been punished, yeah being isolated and locked in a cage, as A lot of these guys say they go in there for one crime, that's not a big deal and learn how to be better in bed or criminals in prison because you have to sort of like California has like rules of prison. I think level four is the worst and like maybe level five but anyway, so everybody sort of starts out at a level four. So
view like are in prison in in California, for something you know that you know shoot a gun in your your the level you're at with their with murderers yeah, and then you have to survive that and hopefully graduate the same quick. But if you're in there with murderers, you have to survive that, and so a lot of guys become bigger, badder criminals, because they're surrounded by by bigger, better criminals, just to put on armor just protection just to get through the day, and so to me the whole. I mean you know the you know, there's a lot of money. That's already in prisons, that's not being used well, the prison. You know private prison system like we are selling companies are selling like they have to keep the prisons full because they're running a prison for profit, so it becomes less about like it's like. We need to keep the handful. You know it's not about like rehab in rehabilitation's about. We need to keep the bed full because we're running corporation running for profit, that's where it gets dark, how the fuck did anybody ever improve that?
it is so scary. So someone could speak the basically the using humans as like cells in a battery yeah like a giant battery that generates income yeah exactly and that the president it's the goal is not to turn these guys and a better citizen, the citizens. The goal is to keep the peace, men and women to goals Fifa prisons filled well, it's absolutely been proven by prison guard unions trying to they mean they lobby against marijuana, legalization yeah man the water, which is probably the one thing, that's going to stop people from committing crimes. Yeah, I mean you're talking about violent crimes. If there is a drug, that's going to stop you from doing a violent crime that might be it or at least
be like lessen the chances yeah. Maybe I should sit down and just chill out for a second before I go. Do that thing, yeah, there's! No, the reason the lobby against! Did you want to keep your job yeah? I wanna make sure that you have plenty of jobs. The people in union yeah and the end does gain as many of those people who are in prison for nonviolent drug offenses. Like marijuana other things who the next next murders yeah. You know you don't have to figure out how to navigate through and there in, if you're, not insane Clinton, you're, not you're, not in place where you can learn other skills, or I mean you again guys aren't getting college diplomas getting like all sorts of certificates and things, but the problem is that no, even wants to release them from prison. Right you take that chance. Nobody, nobody wants to go. You know. No politician goes. I have these more inmates from prison than any project in the history of this gardner takes his one Willie Horton right yeah, which you know, and that was like again we're demonising, like one cases opposed same thing with Berkeley, there's a picture. That was on things in the central, chronic
oven ever anti fungals anti for black black. I don't know like with like with like a gas bomb there are in surrounding that person is a journalist taking pictures of him. So that's but yeah that becomes the face. It's like they're, not surrounded by other black black people, writes like all the dirt that's where the picture is yeah. You know not like the people who are like them. I was an attack on a truck with clergy, singing like Google spirituals, knowing pictures of that and put it on the news, you know, I think that I don't take you hate it. I'm sorry Kqed today, yeah local public radio, 'cause, I'm a celebrity on the back of the truck well anytime. There's like some sort of a gathering, you're always going to have people in that gathering that act out try to get more attention, then they deserve or that get caught up in the whole group movement like there's, always this sort of like Jiji Antic Mass of people that will cause people to behave some able to behave in a way, that's uncharacteristic or mean there's just that
mob mentality and everything that happens it like you know, rock concert should replace faltering, yeah yeah mentality is one hundred hundred percent. You can feel it the air which shits going sideways. I mean it happens. I mean you've been in clubs where it's like you know, some happens like a heckler or something in the whole Energi changes and there's that moment like what's about to happen, you know what it feels like you also been in that position. I'm sure you have where you feel like. I have a lot of power in this moment like I but if I harm like, if I go yeah fuck you get. If you said you, certainly, if you said get him, people would get him. You know I mean if I said get him they'd be like. I will write my congressman you're right. We should start a petition, but that's that's real. That's all you know, and I think the thing is that everybody responds differently. The thing that happened I'll, say specifically in Berkeley, was that there's a sense that these people brought violence to Berkeley the last two times they came and people
differently the threats of violence. Some people respond with the non violent things some people respond to. I won't go to the park that day and some people respond with fuck. It bring it. But do you think, there's also a real issue? In I mean you got to find out What is actual hate speech and what is like I think is just a conservative guy, who's, very articulate and doesn't promote hate at all and he's extremely reasonable, but there's a lot of people that are beat him. Even though he's an orthodox Jew lot of people equate with being a nazi and they try to silence him from speaking like when you do that it becomes a giant issue. I think you got to let people talking if you disagree with people as long as you're not out there, promoting violence are promoting negativity or promoting some sort of a it is anything but that it's about a boring button. If you you let someone talk and then, if you have someone that disagrees with them, have a debate. Well, I think the didn't have everybody like big, peaceful and civil each other. I mean, I think the problem is that the
That line of what hate speech is not talk to somebody from the ACLU. My the podcast, the hate speech thing will podcast politically reactive. The Kondabolu. What's a weekly talk about politics, we're going to do it, we started it. Before the election. Like will do this political pod, Justin Hill ruined, will go about our business, see your dealer support, but but I was a figure that was the deal we were offered, do it up until the election and then it was like. I guess we're doing this for the for you maybe forever yeah. Maybe do the end of time becomes like putting the exit yeah. I mean you, you know, that's the real fear. I had a you know other than I guess. As the employee I don't know, rock was on stage right after the election, because you know he's never getting out of there. You know that right he was going to be there for, however, he scared the shit outta me 'cause. I never thought about that. I mean you know: Bloomberg stayed in New York, an extra term just 'cause. He wanted to you New York versus yeah. You New York mayor supposed to be two terms and out, and he was like it was I forgot it was
I was like he was like. I think I need another one and they let him anyway. I didn't live in New York at the time, so I don't know how it all went down, but they changed the law. I think he changed the law. I don't know if you change permanently, but yeah yeah. So there is a presidents for the hello I'm saying. There's a present for some sort of like the country needs me, because it's so divided yeah motherfucker. Could you divided it like? This is how the game works. So I would say the thing about Ben Shapiro and I don't I've only seen a little bit of work, but I certainly I know or people on that side who it's an ideological argument. An ideological arguments sometimes can beef with eight. So I'm not, I don't know Ben Shapiro, so that's sometimes is like well yeah. Just you just make making ideological argument, but it ends with me having to move out of America So that's reason, I'm not I'm not a guy, not yeah, but I'm saying so, but so the you know that some people make these. I I yeah I'm not seeing him, but the problem is that now there's a whole movement associated with things that maybe Ben it looks to be a part of so that he shows up people don't know, don't know that he's not that he shows up going up
bring violence but they're, not maybe violent traveling around with him. It's not him, but there are others like him or less less reasonable, like all right. Whatever the all right is. I I I I don't usually show right what the it is, one, seventy five right and what is that I mean I mean there's some people that are on that that are violent. These people, that are that consider themselves anti fascist that are extremely peaceful, yes like, and they would say that their anti for the real anti for and then what is black block that that's not Annika store. That's a! I think it's by a bear. How long is having on think of going on a wild? I don't know I I I I, but it's a thing that like whenever we would see, I think now we're talking and he for but like they would be. I mean is evident. The there are some black lives matter, protests in Berkeley and some black black and because of that, It's describes the same way wearing black I'll cut all covered up and they were like these people showed up. So I don't know if they were in teeth were like great. Now we can loot and people stood running stores going. No, no, no we're not we're not doing
we're, not we're not doing that either sauces, and let me know when you get into the Verizon store Bryce to do with you ransacking this radio shack. I saw some of the anti for people trying to stop one of the other anti for people from beating up a trump supporter. They had this guy down and well. That was a journalism outlets in that's, a yeah he's a jerk Mary journalists. Yes, the pockets revealed and he's got to try to stop he's got yeah black guy black. I waited to the white people with is why people that I saw doing it too, so it must have been like sort of a must be. Certainly it happened more than yes. Certainly there are people who are like this who support anti because they feel like well. We need somebody who stands up to this, but there's not people who support people beating people up randomly, so, yes with our lesson and other people stepped into like yeah. We're not the thing about the Berkeley in the Bay area. Is that people don't get. They think it's all one thing like that: it's all some sort of like lefty, we like socialist blah blah blah and the thing about Berkeley, is it's not that the berries not that it's a lot of different people who feel like who are
on some version of the left, but they don't honestly agree with each other and they let a lot of shit go like this. Now like that? You know so that can be the naked guy who walked the town by, could take that as me, we all support the Walker, and maybe we can write me. It also means a like during Obama's rain in the bay I would desire Cisco. They were libertarian set up on corners with a bomb, thank you for actual bomber and with Hitler moustaches painted on it and we're I, like you know as long as you're, not dogs, don't want to start a fight. You do your thing, man and that's what people don't get who have put this whole left the sort of whatever I'm tired thing on Berkeley. It's not one thing: it's not it's! Where it's a lot of things, that the berries is it's where all the freaks sorted end up with, like I don't feel in my life. If the time understood, but we don't agree with each other right. I think that we sort of all agree on is that you can so the all right wanted to show up. You know. Conservative people come to your birthday all the time. It's specifically around people who are look like
bringing violence or bringing targeting people, that's the problem. The Berkeley see Berkeley one of them This is, I think, of law. There is named John you why? Oh, he wrote the Bush torture memos he's a professor at Uc Berkeley Nobody is like who got his daughter. I guess he's a good professor unit. I mean what is the professor in a law? Is a law professor. Been there for a long time and he's he wrote the Bush torture memos. That said, you know I, to do some waterboarding boarding this not a direct quote, but he wrote the like metals. It said like that, it's sort of outlaw how to do enhanced interrogation techniques he's been there for a long time and do my thing about him you know they are now David and go get him. Everybody know, but I mean I'm jokes. I've never met him. I've never socialize with him, but he's there and also, dude, who is a deep in the Clinton White House, a kid, his name but yeah. There is also at Berkeley,
it's not some sort of a lefty version of Berkeley. That is one thing. It's a lot of different things. The free speech thing is true. The thing that people are nervous about is violence yeah. So I think that you know and colder it can come speak at Berkeley anytime. She wants to if the, if the, if there's the, about like there's, not going, I'm not going to encourage violence. Here's the issue with Ann Coulter, I think in culture, is an opportunist yeah. I think that what she does is try to inflame people so that she can sell books and stay relevant. It's a it's a it's a she's actually going up to the market like we're talking with her. She saw this market out there like I'm Pretty blonde lady Microsoft is what I think: that's how she's been marketing, but at some point I'm a black guy. I can't see what do you see in classes? You gotta do it. I tried them on real, quick. I feel like earlier.
She was marketed that way, I'm not trying to say I'm not trying to I'm there's a lot of those out there. I don't think she's, one of the okay well, that there are, but please do yeah, but I'm just saying there I'm a I'm a blonde lady yeah! There you go, then I did a lot of that yeah. That is like that that, in this in this package, this becomes it it's the same with like it's comics ago, you're, the guy who does this. You know yeah so she's doing it on. I mean there's people to do that online that you, the there so saying things that are inflammatory, they're, saying things they don't don't necessarily, if being completely injective and reasonable. They wouldn't say that you're only saying it because they think it's going to get a reaction, which is why her and Bill Maher get along together, 'cause they're both doing the same thing. I think it a lot. I can't deal with that. I just don't have enough time kind of time in the world. You should get attention for what deserve attention. Foreign. If you want attention by being provocative intentionally and less you're funny
it's kind of the nature of comedy, but if you're not funny fuck, oh yeah. No, it's absolutely true. I think she thinks he's funny, but I feel like these, like Berkeley is, had conservative speaker speak there throughout the history of Berkeley. It's not about that! It's not! The history is different than the current current is. The current thing is because when Miley was going to show up, there was fear and it's before he was targeting students either undocumented students. He, like many students during his stage, thing, undocumented or trans and there's feels like we can that's a vote. That's promoting violence. That young documented thing is a huge issue. Yeah! That's that's not that's! Yes, if, yes, specifically targeting individual that and that thing is Berkeley like we can't stand for that- that's not a free speech at about safety, and I feel like that's where the word is. Hate speech began words free speech, because where there's a huge murky area, that even the law can't tell you where it is, and so, but those issues of what is free speech. What is a free speech or freedom of fresh and yeah it again in the Bay area. I live right. Next to Oakland, black Panthers were in Oakland ca used to be an open
Terry State until the black panthers like? Oh, it is and they went to like Sacramento when Reagan was there and like openly care, and people like huh here is not such a good idea. It's not really of a debate right now in Charlottesville, though, is it? Yes, let it slide. Let me slide so it's about who's in power. What they want to, let you get away the Charlottesville Open, carry immediate yeah Monday, yeah, there's no way, there's no! No there's it's definitely I mean they. You know that the I think the big shots will, More reason isn't that weird, though, because it's like a liberal college, well quote: liberal art, liberal arts college. That means the Liberal College, but a liberal arts college, a blue dot in the middle of this red state that is open Carey, so it like there's re and the targeting these places, I think Berkeley.
Until recently set for like a soft target, because they've been there twice and worked our record thank all right. We we just give the third fight. You know Mayweather what, if I get my regular, you know the octagon, no, no, no yeah on our to a much or I get right, yeah. So this third time it was like we like now well, silence filled to me was so representative of the times that we're in because all these white guys with citronella candles they got from home depot. What, in the what you guys like Kerry Whole Foods back well, crocs on another cd torches are not white invention, so it's like a whole like it to the whole thing like you and you can even bring your own. You can just bring sticks yet to bring polynesian t torches, but the whole torch thing again, what the they were doing. Their idea of torches there. Invoking the images of of white people carrying torches that have terrorized people of color, but that's what it this exact, there's no other reason to carry torture. Free speech thing is, like you're, purposely invoking an image 'cause. You know you could just hold your phones up with the lights on. If you want to give head, we were talking about those headlamps you get when you
camping. What are the words yeah? Those are way better than those stupid, fucking torture, but yeah they wanna, look supreme that doesn't make you look at prince. Also, what torches represent is fire and fire is very volatile. You could use that fire. You could light things on fire like we're at step. One step two: is we lighting shit on fire with this fire right now we're carrying it around in a controlled manner, but you're, showing it's in a way like a step below open carry. You're walking around with something you can use a light things on fire and the they know the history of of right white people? Can coaches is the clan, so they're, very poker, purposefully doing the thing I love
I did that, like this. Probably clan members like to that's why we were the hoods we could record, we don't wanna, be fired, that's why we were the hood because, as you can fire left and right, yeah yeah, crying but yeah. I think they know that they know the history of the fact that, like if we show can torches, it means something different and if we show up wearing headlamps, are can often to couldn't even get those Frankenstein style torches with a red bird quickly. This is so not real. They had to replenish those every fifteen minutes of that movie set yeah. They they those, but you can okay as either with the clan that would burn too quickly yeah. Well, that's also the thing with flaming arrows, like people to think he could like light an arrow and through the tunnel to go out. You should how Arrow wind in their work feet per second yeah through the air. Go out sign a bill like
that boat on fire, get the fuck outta. You know there there's probably rehearsal for the torch thing where they actually did have regular torches, and then I thought this isn't. Yes is not working now wow, you know, home depot is probably like wheat would we biggest factor yeah yeah? We do you know a home people. Managers now like how we talk to they won't slow down as a backyard torches like what those things with the like the the Bay Ambus talks that they're using for the bottom or whatever the fuck. The stick is: right, so so the sign of the times it's such a poser move yep. It is supposed to move in yet they know that if you're a black person walking through the teachers, three streets of Charlotte can you see that coming your way? The end you, you know you do you're think your invoked by manages images of America's past, where that was like that equal death because they weren't back then the torches were for your house. You know the tortures were for you, they were not, for they were not just showing strength, and so
we know that and that's why when people go it's just free speech, it's like we have to stop acting like that. Speech. If you walk around the torch, it's definitely more than that. You don't have to have a torch. Everyone could see you snapped is not so dark out. We can't see you, especially in those in that way, my wife actually, the other day. It was like this guy walking street with a blowtorch that she is only now because we think like what's that mean but, like in the Basel welder exactly she wasn't. She called the cops he just like on the phone. He is going to do the torch, but the idea is that alert her because, like it's just some guy walking on the torch, but it's specifically the context of nighttime, a group of one hundred white guys carrying torches walking towards people is like that's not that's, not free speech and freedom of expression. The chance yeah yeah chance that they were yelling out and said. The whole thing was just so fucking bizarre, it's like how did they organize Where are these guys meeting up to figure this out? I feel like it's the same
things like live action role play it's like their meeting up online and then they probably meet for the first time when they get there. You know and I think it's also really, like you said the times we live in, that they they think they can get away with this and then get surprised get fired like they think that, like oh, we'll, just do that and then we'll go to Applebee's. You know, like you know, dude. We can see you addictive of them being fucking stupid, which is why they do it in the first place, which is why, when the president goes on both sides yeah, maybe there more people and a lot of people said this. Maybe there were some white people like yeah. I do feel like that. My rights are being a little bit trampled on and I really want to show up the minute. You hear people chanting, like all whatever the anti semitic things they were saying. You gotta go home yeah, what were they saying about? Take it back from the Jews or stop the Jews from taking over the President, yeah and the president, can't come out against that. Well, you know well, he
seeing people open care with military outfits on walking with these folks, you, I mean these people walking down the street with torches and he doesn't have some sort of an articulate response to that where he sang. Like look lady, now. This is not being inclusive. This is not. This is not like step not been saying that what we need to do is like come to some sort of an understanding and be at peace with each other, which is what America should be book. It will you yeah, but you started it wrong, articulate response and like that's, not that's not his thing. I mean he used to be more tissue, which is really weird. I don't think men should do anything when they're seventy a really don't yeah. I think they're, older dick, doesn't work anymore. They're fucking skins falling off their face. Their back starts to hurt Frankie. I just think when get to be that age, you should just shut the fuck up yeah you should you should sit down, you should go fishing or something, but you definitely shouldn't have the kind of insane high pressure job that, by the way nobody should have. Nobody should be the one guy that
or the one woman who runs the whole country. It's it's an insane responsibility I was reading about. Obama. Oh I put a tweet up yesterday about when the Republicans Freaking out, because Obama wore a tan suit, yeah that when they do they're all these all these this date Obama scandal like in the middle with something yeah you or get you like. Oh my god there with they were trying to find some matter that he was gay there were there were days when you wouldn't wear a jacket like he does. Wear like a button down shirt and tie people like you need to with like Bush's thing. Was he always wore W Bush always wear a full suit, and I'm I was like I'm still, the president is not in this room, but if people gazing the things that they need- and this is the thing as a stupid- there's been many people on the left- to have big huge disagreements with Obama that we weren't able to express effectively because we were to be
the defending his birth certificate. But you know it was a Trump thing: yeah yeah, that was a trump that he was ahead of. That shit was the head. He was certainly he likes saw that thing happened in sort of stepped into it like yeah, like this spot. Did he hire people to go, investigate it, and you are Pio is a part of this. He sent people to jobs that are you sending there's all twitter is like. I just sent a team to Hawaii the things they found. Are it's big it's and it's a mess, and then you, let you you know here we sit like nobody ever held in it. Trump never got held to account for anything, still isn't really get held to account. For anything he said or done, What bothers you about? Obama when he was in office, It was business as usual. President stuff, like you know, using the military in nations in and killing the innocent civilians that you know they didn't need to be caught up in a war. You know I mean like drone and like yeah, you know, I think you know usually get out of Afghanistan and it's as regular president that we said that his first you know I, but I drink all the Obama. Who is the first time around. You know hoping change lot of hope
change is about not being a president as usual. Also, the key really. You know the thing that Trump does. So effectively the thing that George W Bush did really effectively. Republicans do good. They really know how to use the bully pulpit to really push their things through. Not that Trump is really done anything to push things through, but he knows how to be a bully from the pulpit. He has a really passing major. Let met legislation but Obama because he was a he wanted to be an adult and he really wanted to be a unifier, and I think a lot of it comes really literally from the fact that he's half black and half white that he's he existed. More than one world. He didn't. I feel like there's times it's like to just you get. You are effective speaker. You could really push through like single payer health care in a way like at least the debate on it. You know, so we don't settle for a bar with care. You know, I think that there is, I think, that he didn't, and I you know I I've never talked to the man. I've never met him. I think in the only black person associate with Hollywood has never met Obama, but so piss you off now.
I just feel sort of like, like I don't have my dad, has a picture of Obama. I don't have picture be nice to be able tell my kids was the first black president, like I have no fucking idea that he did and that he didn't use the full force of his of his presence. He was a rockstar and I feel like that that could have pushed some things through or at least got us to debate things that you know even Obama, going when they asked him about marriage, gay marriage. He was like I've evolved on that. He had nothing to do with legalizing marriage equality, but the President saying that made a lot of people go huh. Maybe I'm ready to have all of you know I mean, but I don't think he used the full force of his of his bully pulpit in the way that I always said I wanted him to drive the presidency the way the George W Bush did like. I there's no rules, there's no law, you like when someone gets in office? They realize how complex the inner workings of the federal government really are, and then they just kind of a band in a lot of the ideas that they wanted to push when they got in there
remember when Obama had that hope and change website that had all this stuff about whistleblowers now whistle blowers are going to be protected under the Obama administration and then It seems you got an office, he was worse on whistle blowers and anybody yeah, and then you remove that section of the hope and change website. They deleted it after the whole, you know the and we, Snowden thing in the Bradley Manning thing. Chelsea Manning thing there were like fuck this. You can't do that yeah. I do I think usually we're not saying that with this current president, but I do think that's a thing where they get in there and something people go your 'cause. There's part of this. You are the most powerful individual world, but also the train is going this way like it's already. It's already left the station, so I do think that there is you're not going to get real ultimate revolutionary mindset in that in the present seat. You know what his route for who's reasonable. You know, I mean you're, not gonna, get somebody who's. You know the of the cigars from black lives matter is not going to be the president's much nothing should be great at it 'cause. This is not going to end up with somebody who actually has a uh revolutionary mindset, so I think
and then so then, if you start out there, then we put those people in there. Then they, you know, I don't know what the pressures of the office I'm sure they're amazing, but it automatically lead you to capitulate. You know, and if you have a revolutionary mindset you mean you might be able to use that for one aspect of being the leader of the entire free world, but what about all the other that guys to deal with all day long, there's not enough time in the day? No one has enough of that was from apparently has enough time to do it go golfing. You know not doing he's, not doing the stuff about how many people aren't even appointed in the Pentagon. Yes, load of jobs a day they have been filled with for Trump is extra time in the day you know, but I thinking. When I want to be clear, 'cause, you know 'cause. I know we were listening when I say revolutionary mindset, I mean single payer. Health care is a revolutionary mindset like every American has the right to to health care every American has every American has the right to send their kids to good public schools that are well funded. You know these are things I think that are like her. When I say were then write it, I don't mean like setting things on fire. I mean like revolutionary
is that every person in this country deserves you know, and I think that that those people aren't going to be in the driver of the White well utilizing the resources that we have because of the fact that we pay taxes. A tremendous amount of money goes the federal government with very little recourse. There's, not there's. No audit, you don't get like some sort of we're talking hours. When you don't get to pick right, please send this to the schools what yeah? What would be important? You know what would be more important to fund. I mean I think we should all have that conversation, and I just think that the way it's structured right now, the amount of power that corporations have the amount of power that special interest groups of influence. The president, the amount of did sheer money in politics with lobbyists, and you know, there's This one community outside of Washington DC, it's one of the richest communities in the world and it's all lobbyists yeah I mean these are,
people that are using and selling influence yeah. I I I you know, I'm not the people sort of call me a communist, but I think I'm not a communist at all, but I certainly not anything capital. I'm trying to make money. I also believe I can help put a spread, a better message and helpful, and use my resources to help people, but I'm yeah, but I mean the I mean in the I'm in show business. I get you know, yeah exactly I'm not! I'm not. I know activities and I know how hard they work and then I sometimes use my resources to help those people out and donate money. But I'm not like I'm not I'm in showbiz you know I I'm in Kevin Hart's career, like I'm, not Kevin, Hart that everyone have a lot of respect for Kevin Hart. I think he's amazing, but it's like I have to sort of remind myself and other people like yeah, I'm not something people with the word act, exactly my name, I'm like activist is actually a job I don't have that job. I mean. What do I do things that are engaged in activism, but I'm my tax forms this comedian? Well, you have
triste yeah, I'm interested in. You also have thoughts about how things could be better yeah and you use your platform to spread those thoughts, yeah, and I also want a bigger house. It's like you know, it's a and I think that, like it's okay, to do to do all the this thing you know. As for my family, not just 'cause, I wanted like roll around my money. I want a big house of my second move, my mom out to eat us right. I there are selfish interest interest in there, but you know so yeah not trying to how much I I, but I do think that this country has level of research like the the website, Iscalleddonorschoose DOT, Org and I'm not trying to a commercial, but it just it's a website where schools in your area? You go to the website and you put in like your zip code and you will see the school, the public schools in your area that need things and it's it's sad what they need. We need paper right. We need like. Trying to teach the kids how to like learn how to read, and we don't. Free books where the fuck did that happen? Where did it
still wrong? There's so little money for schools that teachers get paid like thirty thousand dollars a year and is supposed to survive offer them and every teacher, even in public private schools, but certainly public schools put their paycheck back into the school because they go the kids need. We're trying to teach, you know learning thing and we don't have this stuff and they can't afford it. So every team, every public school teacher, I've ever known you some of their check to go back into school. Yeah. I mean this is a is one of the most important things that we have not being has an amazing yeah they're not make yeah you the making thirty that in some arming at thirty thousand dollars a year. Some of them are like teachers, aides who, just out of college, with a half, do if they don't put money into the classroom, their kids will not have things and that's ever even private school teachers do that they may not put as much we at every every teacher ever known has to do that and we don't. We don't think, that's a problem like I feel like. Why isn't it that I feel like they would be some way like? Why isn't mark Zuckerberg
public school teacher get a percentage like some sort of like just what there should be some tax on all of us to go back to our public school teachers if we were to buy was clean with it, but I feel like it's weird to me that, like we're acting These people come to know. Where is Joel. He's got all that piled up basketball stadium. I do think there is a base that we talked about. Like of that is like a hoarding money. Let's not supporting that toward its hoarding. That doesn't have to pay taxes. You don't have to pay taxes, you're straight up, Porter yeah, there's, no there's no cats guilds in there, but that's a any should be like billionaire hoarding. I feel like that's it that's the thing you know I mean that is literally what made the guy who created Scientology, get involved in it It was literally the idea behind L Ron, Hubbard, making a shit load of money created a religion best way to make money yeah literally his quote yeah and then then you know we talk to our time with four got on, but there's all these, like. You know me to this like real vision is a good way to make money, but there's all these, like motivational speaker, type yeah, where it's like. I'm like looking like now, where
you before you were. This opens a motivational speaker, yeah motivate. What did you do right, but some people like what you just a comic before he had been a good one. I mean I get. I know one of those yeah I mean I just feel like there's. All I did. I did not know a guy was a hack yeah. I was a motivational speaker, it's like, and you listen to things like general sounds right, but who are you I don't you know who it is the you know what what what what your resume that you get it does. I mean all the stuff is sound right. We can all read forty here. You go actual cheese yeah. What's your yeah sure, yet what? What put you I mean? If, if you, for example, were like this weekend in the air in Berkeley, I'm doing the Joe Rogan Motivational speaking training seminar, I would like to go see what she was talking about, because there's clearly a thing you've done and you have done a lot of could be like. I want to know how this all happened. You know how do I get my own podcast studio, but there's a lot people out there who are sort of not they can't be a religious leader 'cause that that does require some work.
Yeah and you got to develop a new take on Jesus, which is our but but they're doing this thing where it's like they just they just motivating people based on the fact that they read motivational books. You know yeah the new take on Jesus is what Bieber's guys doing right is that I keep hearing wisps of beavers. That was happening as easy, as it has some Jesus guy who is also influencing athletes. Who is the athletes he's got? look up yeah, but he's some up in common Jesus to new. Take on Jesus. So apparently just really knows how to sell it. Use data tickle, those balls of Jesus lovers. Well, because I think it you know you get to that deeper level he's been famous since he was what twelve and got all the money and he's probably had all the sex with every different combination of humanity he wanted to have sex with and then at some point
huge public funding for the next level. Some of the animal human hybrids got stem cell people working on new human mermaid. Alright beads were on it, and so is that, although he's done all the substances you can do and all the combinations and he's he's had he's like he's had all the new houses all the cars and then you wake up in a room. What does this mean in some ways like I got a new take on Jesus for you, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Wonder man, that's why you gotta pull out earlier. That's why you gotta like, as far as if you once you get to hit Bieber, retired five years ago. Is this the guy? Oh Jesus? It is a new technologies. This kind of my podcast three hours a, but you can find out what the fuck that dude, oh yeah, that that is we take a look at that with the haircut and everything at like the Jesus Beard, but Jesus with the hipster haircut yeah
looks like a band member yeah looks like yeah like isn't like. I could see him in the neck. Tattoo yeah see that's what this is like. Grungy Jesus, because he's not would like all the pastors and we were suits and stuff interesting. I don't think that anybody can get through a Bieber did and be any better than he is. I think it's insane to think that you could take a child and not have them go through the normal day, elemental shit that we all go through not being liked and trying to get people to. Like you and data a girl and being getting your heart broken. You know getting in a fight, right and get in arguments and not having any money in your neighbors houses and getting a fucking neighbors mansions. I mean he did a lot of fucked up shit, but I mean he is essentially like living out his adolescent with
billion dollars in public. It's insane, and I mean we already saw that works out with Michael Jackson. Like it doesn't it doesn't, it doesn't go well. Anybody who the fuck is ever got through, maybe Jodie Foster, but I don't know her, but yeah the only ones. Actually she got through it, but she also like turned the volume way down like disappeared. She moved in Paris, she lived her life She had a whole family that people like, I think, she's a she yeah into so yes, you, you know it's like Kurt Russell. Another dude who like was a huge movie star the kid, and now it's just like you know not it, but most people don't get to that yeah. The keep the entire cast of different jokes is gone. Maybe that Todd Brittania around yeah. It's like that. You know who that is not a it's not you know. I love my daughter, I two daughters, but my oldest daughter is definitely a performer wants to be and stuff, and I told my my age. Yes, if you ever see me bring her in here, like I think you already know. That means that means we're done yeah. That means that I've lost all perspective. 'cause I mean I don't,
I think, you're even a person until you're twenty five work in progress. Why don't you read a car in two hundred and twenty five, but we need a person behind the wheel of this yeah. I didn't by the way I didn't have that opinion until like maybe about five or six years ago, I'm going slowly starting to develop that, like realizing that when you see someone is young and stupid and doing dumb shit like their food, and brains, not even ready yet yeah. I mean, I think, that well, the older you get the you might keep raising that level two you might might end up being thirty and then for it yeah that age bias. You know what I think it's probably sixty. I don't even think it's an age bias. I think it's just understanding who you are now today is very different than who you were a decade ago or two yet to deck, and if you're, not you up, yeah, that's. I think that somehow that we quote a man who thinks the same way as fifty as he did it. Thirty is with a twenty years of his life. You know like you, you should be going to some new experiences. You should be wiser allies are you need to be like man I can live? I do that's dumb, yeah, that's what really sets
bad, when you talk to someone who is fifty, doesn't know anything about the world, doesn't read, doesn't pay attention, isn't that's what I think is so awful about Trump is, he seems Pleat Lee Uncurious, but he doesn't seem like a curious individual. He doesn't seem like to me. That's the worst, that's worse than dumb, that's worse than racist, like this feel, like he's just completely uncurious about the outside world. Well also, so the way he like adorns his homes with gold like it's not like a kid, he just got like a magic bottle. Yes, he gets to rub this Genie bottle yeah and the like. What do I want? I want everything, the furniture and if it's not total gold, I won a gold colored. You know like it. You know you know that you, because the White House, this will work at the White House forever, no matter who the president, you know those people are there like how God he's redecorating everything go
is he doing? Is that what he's doing the White House there's a whole renovation? That's happening like that's. Why part of the reason I said he went on his seventeen daybreak is that they were doing a bunch of renovations in the White House. Is he allowed to just do whatever he wants? You do whatever you want. So what if we wanted to do like black light paint, Jimi, Hendrix and Bruce Lee? That's the problem with the presidency here, for we thought there was no limits on stuff right and truck, doesn't believe in limit. So when he was a reserve, we thought it up. Naturally, the natural selection of running for president only elevates the best people or the people most of prepared for the job, and I mean I'm not obviously there's lots of people we could point to that person, but we generally people thought that, like it, just the natural selection process like in the same way that, like kind of like can't just kind of Mcgregor, just upset the whole thing use up until then, you had to be a professional boxer who had lots of fights before you got the Floyd, Mayweather and Conor Like
I don't think the way that works well and I'm not mad. This is not completely different situation, but I'm not. This is not about me. I think that you have a big Conor fan, so I'm not I'm not mad, but no you're right. It's like a new way to the new way that people like I didn't know you could do that and then it makes other people get. So I think Trump has done that to the presidency, where it's like. We thought there was a the process of natural selection ended up with buddy, who at least had a through line of an idea? 'cause? If you don't agree with Bush, George W Bush, or we don't agree with Clinton. You at least know there was a through line of an idea and I think with Trump there's, not the belief that there's a through line of an idea, yeah and it's there is also this idea that he brings things. Yes, thank you gets and has these press conferences like that, one that he had, that was really set a lot of people back like just a couple months into his presidency. We went on the like seventy minute rant and just you know, rallied about fake news and and people came out of that going. What, in the was that like was everyone in raising her, not that that was? Was it read
the recently yeah. No I'm talking like way or ok, one of the first ones that he did. I remember I got text from friends who are Republicans were like this is not good, it seems unstable, yeah yeah. No, I think that I mean, I think, the one in feet, it felt a little bit like you know, it's a little bit like Jeff Foxworthy do in the old. You might be a redneck jokes like dude right, new stuff like if he was still doing like the same. Stuff, you still going over the same. He still legislate like dude, stop stuff cricket We have moved as a nation, even fans of Hillary, like we got it, move on. He still doing the same electoral victory and all these things that he's been doing it doesn't seem like get to a new idea. Man. Well, that was one of the really sad moments when he was confronted by a reporter and he was talking about how he won by the big This margin ever in the report said well actually, Sir, that's not true because of this, and that and that- and he goes why, from Republicans as a republic
rattling off. Thank you. It's like what who are you like? What kind of crazy Ekko battles that to have on live television? This is a guy who is way more related to be more than he is to any other president, as far as like he's surrounded by people have told him good, good job, good decision, I mean since there's a the insanity of like first of all, their fake time magazine cover that was in one that was in his golf courses. I mean that that's insane, that's not that's. Just I mean we've all taken the fun Make magazine cover it. We don't put it up and make people think it's really. You know that means then there's another one that data, so I just found out recently at one of his golf this is. There is a fake confederate monument there's like a plaque that says there was a battle here that was, they call this the river of blood, the denida and can talk to him. Historians. Like none of that. None of that happened. It said it
and it's got Donald. It says Donald Trump under the bottom, like he's saying, Donald, J Trump. This is what this is. What happened here and it none of it's not like it's an exaggerated dong, comes golf course: plaque honors, fake civil war about whole. Be sure the river of blood people like that's not. This was never holy shit. That is insane to me. That's like the Potomac River near the 15th grew I mean is shown during RAP from three of the senior Pga championship at Trump National Golf course on May twenty seven pop up above two thousand and fifteen report about a factually inaccurate, inaccurate plaque featured at Donald Trump's, Northern Virginia Trump National Golf Club- has resurfaced this week in light of the president's controversial remarks about the violent weekend in Charlottesville fucking a map, and they went to like three different historians, an one and they were like yeah. That's there's no he's not even getting something wrong. It's not like there was,
each is built. Yet is that didn't? Do you think he did that or someone did that, whatever that to him in the New York Times story, they question him about it and he's he says. No, I talked to historians said it was a very bubble bubble bubble. He he it's in the see, no uh. Go away. Nothing like that ever happened. There were people adamant about the accuracy of the plaque. However, publication that he was certain that the area was a prime site for river crossing. So if people are crossing the river- and you happen to be in If a war, I would say that people were shot a lot of them. Did you understand my ward, those president you're in war when you walk around like you, don't get shot everywhere. You are yet this. Yet this 'cause you're in war is the battle is not everywhere. People are the self professed big history fan is unable to name the historians he claimed it told him. The site was known as the river of blood wow to Maine.
Wow. That's crazy. Yeah, that's been there for awhile. So to me it's like this is again. This is where the press forget the fake news, media fake, the fake news. This is where the press really fuck shut up is by entertaining him through the election season, without really making hard effort to go right at the truth of the matter. Like people thought again well, it's he's not going to win, so we can drain the scheme, we're getting good. Well, I mean even people who didn't agree with him. People on the left, who are like he's not going to win, I had friends, were like I don't even waste time thinking about him you better. I wanna wait some time that they didn't people didn't go after him. Hard but all these little things. Meanwhile, let's again, Brock Obama had to pull out several cop burst birth like,
people want to go. I don't know if he's racist trump, I don't know here's my take on it. I don't give a if he was born in Kenya. Yeah. I don't care, I don't remember where I was born. They told me I was born in New Jersey, but I wasn't there yeah, you were there, but you aren't your yeah. I I don't understand words like. I did not in cities? Yes, it's not your choice where to be born. The idea that you're better off, because your choice was some by divine birth. Right you you're out in Michigan. Yes, so you you could run this country. That's why the whole immigration thing in that everything is ridiculously insane, but that's about it. It's eight state. Doesn't it it it it shouldn't matter, but it does matter and also they were using. He was born in Kenya as a way to promote a lot of conspiracy theories that were connected. And it would not that if you search by the how he was it was a fake version,
Ok 'cause, his parents. When he was born, he was going to be the first black president, so they got him a fake Hawaii birth certificate, and then you attach a lot of things to him that delegitimizes presidency 'cause it think if Trump it said, I don't agree with Obama's policy on this and this and this and left all that behind didn't. Yet, let's, let's see the run for president the craziest one was that he was some sort of a manchurian candidate. Some sort of under, however muslim that was sent, yeah destroy America he's trying to destroyer. Miracle, Kenny Candy just be a disappointing president. Isn't that enough must must we take it to that? That's the part about this is serving that Obama who was just uh they were questioning the legitimacy of his presidency, like just the fact that he shouldn't be president 'cause he's not. He wasn't born here in this country and he's and then with Trump All these things should be should questions. Is he fit enough to run for president? Is he is he? Is he a serious enough person 'cause? I don't know you know Kenny question peoples. Mental facility
is a serious enough person to run for president. It's clearly no he's not serious The president you have fake time magazine or fake time magazine. One is almost inexcusable. I mean it absolutely, maybe some of it on the cover of time more than anybody else, which is again. It's like this is not true, but had he been on the cover before actually yeah, but there was like but yeah, but he he. I think I think we have to look this up. He been on the cover, but not that that picture it had. I wasn't that picture wasn't that there was for whatever they do that, then, why would he just frame the real one he done this? Is you have to ask your adult? It's crazy right, I mean the guy is actually been on time magazine. So if he has more than happy, but he started on the cover of magazines, I mean yeah, it's like get another one get one that you've got talent, you're, not famous. That's the weird part yeah. He needs to feel like the most famous. He needs to feel like that. But what do you think? What's the thought process
Behind that did someone bring that to him. Did he say I need to be on time magazine? If they don't put me on, get make me a fake one, that's a real one. No that's the that's! The fake look, even time magazine would never say. Trump is hitting on all fronts. Even tv, entertainment, weekly Obama's next move to the curb healthcare cost. How stressed it's? Let's weird yeah prentice is a television smash wow? What I mean, I feel it would. I feel, like somebody made it form as a joke and then he you know is- is real this one's real okay? What does it say their script? This man may turn you green with envy or just turn you off flaunting as the game in trouble,
the name that seems like a real one yeah, but it's also not complimentary enough exactly yeah, it's not hitting on all fronts, yeah. How many people look at the results like it's clearly, not the right, like the fault, is it late? After is also the things that yeah well looks like yeah. It looks for it looks like when you go to like the the like a carnival, and they give you, like you know, put in cover sports, illustrated I don't like his lips. Something about is like the people like when they make faces with their lips. Lane can kind of tell of their kind. Yes, it's set. It seems so weird to say that, but it seems to be true. Well yeah, it's like he. He doesn't again. He does not angry he he looks. He looks like he's perpetually either the point when he sits there massive amount of money and power and then deciding
the thing that he didn't really want to be. That's the thing he didn't really want to be, don't wrestle now. I think he yeah. I don't think he could have anticipated that he was running it. Sixteen people or the fifteen people who just couldn, who knows who should have all been the clear it like. You know any of them to really well made JEB Bush gives, but they none of them had a personality test to top him. Jeb Bush seem like you didn't really want to do it either. I seems like he was kind of like half fasten it. Why? I don't think George W really wanted to either that's the main thing about America. You can become the president and not even really wanted if you rich white dude, like you 'cause, I guess I'll, be the president well, who the fuck is going to do it. Next, that's going to be interesting, I just hope it's not the people that whose names I already know, I hope it's not people talk about. Maybe Biden, can it not be somebody? Maybe I just like the thing about there was excited about Obama. The black thing was exciting for me personally, but the fact that he was under the age like he was in his 40s that was excite like, it was like a president who would actually who you know had life.
I had life and also we still had a lot of life ahead of him. You know like the idea that he now that he's done he's still like a young, a young old man. You know that he was that he had done things. You probably done nearly had a little coke yeah, you know yeah. If I play video games, he announced that you know he. If you know the the the weeds are became the dip culture president 'cause it was like he would say. I is Jay Z and you're, like I believe he really does United mean like it just felt like he felt like somebody who was connected to us in a way that, like Trump, is not he's not one of them. The whole he's not part one of the people and he's never tried to be one of the people now. It's all. It's all strange. I've never felt like more disconnected then right now from politics and from like I've. Never felt like the president is more disconnected from the people, the United States either and the people that support him boy there so I've never seen that before either the type of people that are like really into Donald Trump. Being President yeah, you know it's just everything that he says they
hang on every word. They turn everything into a positive spin, everything they hashtag magga yeah. Now it's like it's really odd and it feels to me like it's a very much a you got Obama. We get him like it feels like it's very like like they were sick of of the love that Obama got, even though by Yeah I mean Obama got a lot of love, but it wasn't fervent by the end. You know, but I mean until right, but it's a real like a lot of that love of Trump come from. It's really like wanting to spite Liberals, like you, know, haha yeah, like you, don't care if Trump does something, is bad for you. If it hurts liberals feelings. If you just want somebody who is hurting Hillary, even if you are hurting the liberals, you're, not it's not about what's good, for you 'cause, if you're, looking at what's good for you, this is not good for you yeah. Well, it's also like getting some sort of a reasonable conservative
Someone would step up right now would be very interesting, very interesting like if you could and someone who is a reasonable conservative who knows how to debate and conform more sentencing can respond under pressure to like Trump also bring to the table is like this ominous sort of Carol yeah. You know it's like a Mardi gras float that walked into that. I think there's a lot to deal with it's a lot. It's a lot to deal with yeah I think another problem is, is that you know there's all these people who are trying to position themselves as the Trump alternative. But then, if you dig too deep into their wreck it's like. Well, they really support all the things trump supports, but they're, just not out loud Cyst so it's like it's not it's! Not it's not really like it's, not an alternative. It's like, I think all I think both parties, it's gotta,
gotta, be looking for new people like, I feel, like I said like in the 80s. It's like the NBA just went to Africa and grab tall people just like there's like we need to find some new people and they got the Kimbe Matumbo Inoki Malaja One and it just like they were like. We need to go and I feel like if I'm there we are at a party, I'm scouring the United States of America for people who nobody you know for like. Is there a city controller somewhere who's got a good speaking voice. Let's go get that dude. I feel like that. You can't be looking. The regular halls of power. Do you watch house of cards? Ideally, do you wonder if that's how it really goes down? I want to know how fucking accurate it is. I want to have killed people wanna know. If Clinton sensor marks. I have to feel like that. Probably No no senator has pushed arsed represented his push, somebody into a subway train. I have to sort of spoiler alert season one while season two yeah. I have to believe that that it's a but I do believe I
yeah, I think some of it is true in some of its got some right. Yes, I was getting Basinger, but the thing is, I didn't watch this season of house of Cards guys like Hayes, and I can't I can't I have to be focused on the real like I couldn't. I was watching it like it didn't land in the same, but it's so good. Ok I'll go back and back- and I could I just was like I was watching it thinking it like watching trump tweets like I couldn't. I couldn't focus on that. I'm like it's really bad over here guys. I wonder how going to play out. Do you think he's going to make it through four years in the White House. Those of us who don't think he should make it through four years in the White House or hope that he resigns or gets impeached. Can't take it for granted, that's going to happen, I don't, I don't think we can so is going to make it through four years. The latest history says yes, most of them. Do you know? There's no, you know, there's there's not a point at which you know it's very the the impeach thing and also the speech thing doesn't really get you out of office. So just you know, so I think that it was impeached. Yeah forget you know it's like it does. Impeach doesn't mean you're fired as much as we'd like to believe it this. So I th
it's way way. If I'm in Vegas is way more likely, it's like the Floyd, Mayweather Mcgregor odds. Think it's way more. The bet, the bet that he makes it through yeah yeah. I don't think that there's things are already off the rails, so I don't think we can go, will clearly is spooky things. Second term. I think it's I think the The reality is that after forty years of this is that if he does lasted for years that he gets the end of four years like I don't want to like. Maybe right like this is really hurting. It's also 'cause. It's hurting his business brands. You know, like he's, you know people are canceling hotel, reservations and, like I think that if he sees his bottom line going down instead of going up, but is it I mean this would have heard like a bunch of people who pulled out reservations from like MAR Lago and things like that, so they take the name off of one of his buildings in downtown New York. That makes I mean, can you do that in the condo? So I think they decided to take the name of one of the condos getting more. It does not say yeah people weren't buying in condo yeah. We don't want to yeah like
I know that's already made of business management, let's find out a good idea, but I do think that, like if it's affecting really looking at it certainly has there's reports of Wonka's brain. Our data, you know, like the things they're not said they thought this is gonna, help that stuff right. If it's not helping that stuff in at the end of four years and it's cut, I think you could leave because he's an annoyed by it all. But you'll have some big speech about. I have done, but I came to do and I think I've really drained this will just say he did and his people but yeah. You know yeah talk about how unemployment, without is the lowest rate in fifteen years, even though the the Ark that unemployment is on is the same like arc, that it's been on like an economy, arcs and say it's all going to the same path that it was always there. It's always been on, I think, was some initial speculation and he was going to be good for business, and then there was some sort of a rise in that yeah. This I mean what is it that all important for business trump name to be removed from three Manhattan apartment buildings? He doesn't own, he doesn't own them, so I think he
sells? I know he sells his name, a lot. People think he owns more than you. Ok there been owned, Chicago based real estate, equity, firm, firm, ascential, equity residential since two thousand and five now will trump place bill remain on the condominium buildings. Two hundred two two thousand two hundred and forty Riverside Blvd, which neither equity residential nor Trump own. How weird for now. They're going to remove it, though huh one of those he was selling his name to stuff for licensing his name his stuff. So it wasn't I thought he had more than he had, which is why it doesn't show tax returns. 'cause, it's like it's, not as how weird is that he doesn't shows taxes are, the rules are different. I mean that you know is that rules are different for for, for you know for this, for rich white men, the rules are different, but is that? But is that what got a mandatory thing 'cause. It's obviously is not it's not a legal thing. It's just what has been done and yeah the problem is is again there. May they may make it after Trump that it's a legal thing all these things, we're sort of like that. The president were just
had been done and what people assumed would always be done and then Trump the one shining grace of trump, is that a Pruitt that exposes how that stuff isn't that we think there's more, that it's more become the president and more complicated to be the president and that there's more restraints on the president and they actually are so now that we know that maybe, but when Trump leaves. Eventually, I think it's forget, Republicans Democrats, it's on the benefit of human. It's a bit, the benefit for the entire world that the president doesn't have. They can't launch nukes right, that's I'm not making this republican or Democrat it just it should be a cup, more people than just one guy or what about pardoning people that are criminals. Hi again, is that the case like you have laws yeah, but then you have a president who apparently can't be charged with laws or can be charged with crimes right, which is why these women that were trying to sue him. They can't do anything about it. Now that he's the president has that happened as I was like what happened at all that the press conferences and gets in the way
guess the way of her an employee business. The unemployment line is going up. We can't really deal with women who say you were harassed, yeah yeah. I think that's when these women were trying to sue him when he was running for president. I think he got rid of all that shit. Why would it was I did? I was like. I should google that but yeah. That would happen. I mean. Can you pardon himself? How does that work? That's the thing! People don't there's like this weird there's all this stuff that happens in the law over there like we've, never actually asked that question 'cause. Nobody thought that was a question that should be asked like nobody ever thought that the president would think to do that. So but there's all these sort of things worth like there's, no, he would sign a thing and then the Supreme Court have to be like. Is this? Ok, you know. Is this? Ok, you know you get a number of pardons to write something like twenty or something like that. No, I don't think
yeah yeah, I think we have a limited in number, though I think this answer are highly I was in they are you got fifty let but he's playing the game all right. We're like yeah yeah, really go these pardon, and now I see that pile. It's like that. You know it's. It's even Mccain, freaked out about our plan scenes from Arizona yeah and he doesn't you know their files are criminal. You know now the question is: why didn't you do somebody before Mccain again, you don't have any jurisdiction in that way, but you could have been eight used to bully pulpit more effectively if you thought he was a criminal before this. You know when we can his defense had a brain tumor. I don't mean now I mean like even one thousand five hundred and twenty years ago. I don't need another think how many do Obama. I don't know this is a list, I'm just scrolling down it and it goes for ever yeah. I know they should under that under this hundred yeah the end of vomited into the most I will be clear, but but yet I think this is us there is there a limit to say how many confer limit? This is not just a stock. I don't think there's a limit, that's crazy, yeah!
It is so weird yeah yeah. I know your criminal, but I mean magic. There is, I mean the the part of it. That should be good, as there are many people who are in prison again like we talked about earlier yeah for things we like the rest of your life. You know I mean like so I think there is a good side to this, but we thought that they would only be you, but what times it's like friends and colleagues right in you know, look at the way I would pardon people will like Bradley Manning Chelsea Manning thing yeah. Well, I'm a part in her right that wasn't yeah. That was an example of like you have served. Obama was like you have served more than enough time two hundred and twelve people, but that's not the most. I think that's the oh, my god and commuted the convictions of a further one thousand, seven hundred and fifteen people. Only she everything where he went. He actually went to federal prison and talked to inmates and It was all nonviolent people. Again. This same thing. People have been convicted of nonviolent crimes who were just languishing in prison for no, you know, you know you he smoked a lot of weed and sold a lot of weed, but you've been here for thirty years. You know wow yeah,
most most granted, clemency by Obama had been convicted on drug charges and have received lengthy, and sometimes mandatory sentence is at the height of the war on drugs. That's that's the scary. Think about that Jeff sessions asshole. He wanted to bring that stuff back and bring back just say no and start arresting people for pot like come on man. It's two thousand and seventeen We got to catch up yeah we had and we were about to catch up yeah we were. We were getting close. That will now we're getting we're getting close like because I feel like, even if you had, a forty five year old republican president would be would be more open to things than the seventy one year old Trump, you know. Are there any seventy one year old Republican? You said one year old Democrat just by the nature of the fact that, like for the most part, forty five Republicans don't care about people go to the bathroom in old people shouldn't be running I used to. I did this job really, but it didn't. I didn't stick, but it was ready to like you.
You too young to vote in. You can also be too old to vote yeah. I definitely right yeah that, like there's a point at which there's a there's, a meaty part of life, where you're in the world doing things in your in the mix and there's a part of your sort of like you know where you know, I think well, these we should we, you do some checks. First recently, yeah for sure. Do you do a cart wheel, yeah yeah a straight line, but I do like how how well does your body doesn't? It doesn't make sense that it would be the oldest person to it doesn't know it doesn't make any sense does if it's an incredibly wise old person, who's like learn to a bunch of things and has control of their ego and as a person who really wants to make the world a better place, but it's also an m AG eight, so they can actually do this live up to their first records of the job. You know to me I think. Well, that was
what did you read about Obama, like not Obama, about people, thinking that Trump's on stimulant? I couldn't find. I don't remember where I saw it from 'cause. I looked back up like that said. There is no real history of him using drugs, but some people have had rumors that maybe he was doing like Fen, Fen and whatnot and 80s stimulants. I don't I wonder where the guy gets the energy like when he was, he was doing that whole thing with Hillary and then it was revealed that a Hillary when they were running for president was on new visual or pro vigil, which is a narcolepsy drug. They give it to fighter pilots keeping way of having taken it before it's interesting to see that he was actually on actually on it. Yeah for sure, and a lot of people take that stuff. Yeah and what it does is it kind of keeps you awake and it keeps you alert. Even These are getting tired, keeps you from falling asleep okay, but does this to you for what not not at a press conference or yeah, but it doesn't, it doesn't speed you up, which is interesting because it doesn't like it's not like we, king yeah, exactly it's not like a an amphetamine. It's some weird thing: yeah. It was a
actually originally created as a performance enhancing drug, but they needed some sort of a reason to medically prescribed to people, so they went narcolepsy yeah actually found it yeah. What are you doing here? but is it legitimate truth, but MSNBC fun fact we need to Trump started, taking amphetamine derivatives abuse them only supposed to take two for twenty five days, stay down for eight years, really how the fuck does. He know yeah you you when you're saying something like that man, you gotta, you gotta have something other than it's a fun fact it's between storms or some at the end. Where he's got like a a tweet storm, I love the but I just I just I just texted some. I like what is my life. Look at check out this tweet storm Tweet Storm Doctor Joseph. What does it say about them? It said the doctor Rific Prescriptions Doctor Joseph Cree,
Enberg diagnosed him with metabolic imbalance, which we have never heard about again. Greenberg was later publicly shamed slammed rather sorry as someone who provides uppers to rich people in Manhattan and medical metabolic imbalance of true be a electrolyte insufficiency's anaerobic imbalances, acid imbalances, an assortment of related disorders that could have serious health consequences. Yet his other doctor doctor, Harold Bernstein Bornstein, said he had been Trump's doctor since one thousand nine hundred and eighty and never mentioned the metabolic imbalance found, Greenberg how's. He know this though I you have to kind of like writing a book and doing research. Someone already found it you gotta. Have I mean I mean he's, he's a he's, a he's, a he's a you know a legit journalist, but I yes, you do have to you know, but he also certainly openings of of being sued. If it's not true, so he's always going to be sued. If it is true right, but that would make
sense, because if you, if you see like how much energy he had when he was running, doing the campaign against Hillary God, damn the guy never got tired yeah and he was look there. Just hammer fairly, I can talk. The White House admitted it to me said only for short: I'm for diet when he was not overweight. I countered with Med records they cut me off people misreading drug was who dia so we get the Duwayne Reed in Manhattan, where it was filled at seven milligrams. A day prescription filled at Duane Reade on 57Th, ST in Manhattan. Seven, not really ground things, seventy five milligrams yeah. I don't know what that is, though, and I got I just bodies I mean. Certainly is writing a book he's apparently yeah he's interesting. He certainly well. That makes sense that would make sense. Why is this kind of energy? I know so many journalists that are on adderall. He and I have a friend who told me that they're all on it, I mean I don't know what that means. I mean
percent yeah, sixty what it mean, but he's like. Listen they're all on Adderall, and that was one of the things that when I was his name that that guy that crap his car and are suspicious suspicious Michael Hastings. Remember that crew his car under suspicious circumstances, and they said oh well. This guy had meth in his diet. He had amphetamines in his blood. He was probably fucked up on pills, no he's a journalist, yeah they're, all on an enemy yeah, yeah yeah, and if that's? What, after all, is it's a it's a prescription amphetamine that you can get it's like man, because
dragon ass lately wink wink good dog. I've never had that. Doctor I've been dragging ass. Lately, you should probably exercise and get more rest. Damn it just mother fuckers real you're right, but is it there other things you could do what I my tv told me to ask about these things. He brought back panels yeah, I'm always tired everything. I want some stress with my back pain and give me I want to float through life with, but care in the world, so I can take care of my family business yeah I'm really stressed out. You need to organize your day better mother Fucker, that's not what I was looking for would like to talk to a therapist. I drama yeah Elon Musk,
like some super geniuses, seems to be able to do everything. Well, that's the thing that the other group sort of good side of this is that it is sold separately, opened up. The possibilities of who can be the president. Yeah like it is completely blown now, will some he's not a Republican eat out like step the big wheel, a liberal step to that with the Democratic party support that person is that you know you're like the rocket my run for. Is it in my gonna? Probably probably do it while he's working out on a fucking elliptical machine is talking like streaming, his run for president yeah I mean, but but the Democratic Party might be like we don't you know. Are they going to get behind that kind of person? You know they don't have a fucking choice. This is the rock. The rock decides for president I'll fucking help him all the finding that people like we don't even know that the rock is a Democrat. You don't know what he's not a guy who has declared his political affiliation. That's true and he's you know, he's rich guy
yeah that's true, but he's so rich. You probably doesn't even notice notices, taxes and that's yeah rockets hit that elite stratosphere You know it's like three million more for taxes like have fun, I gotta lift weights. Are you father trying to get my pump on over here? Let's move on less depressing shit 'cause. I want to talk about some I want How about your show and what is its been like for you, because your show is a very you. Big show on CNN. It seems like and correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like you have a lot of creative leeway. Absolutely I mean it seems like you. Yes, that's the about the show that has been such a it's been so cool because you know Nevada Career, where I was like sort of in the trenches. You know for a long time, just trying to figure it out and didn't think I'd ever get this opportunity and the way that I got there was not some way that made any sense. But now I
sit in a room. I had to kick off meeting yesterday in his room full of people like what do you want to come out, and you know it's like at feel super hashtag just to be in that position again 'cause. It's like it was not something that five years ago it wasn't, like. You probably end up on CNN, also to be at CNN. That wasn't like none of these things were on my like. How did it happen? so, after my show totally biased that Chris Rock executive produced, I was didn't, have a job didn't know what I'm going to do here in New York and that was on fx in FX and FXX and then get the fx outta here so yeah it was on. It was and it was on fx. Now if x is a legit channel, but we might show helped launch fx and didn't do a good job. That's why they've got cancelled so to take meetings like general meetings and I ended up in a and it was always sort of news organizations like little on my knee. I got fat, it wasn't like entertain
channels. It was all these news things that thought like you could do something here with your thing and nobody had a real id and I went to see an enema Jeff Zucker had like a fifteen minute meal, Jeff Zucker, where he was like had eighteen thousand tv's on. And gave me a news quiz he's like you, pay attention to the news again. He gave me a news quiz to see if I paid attention to the news really yeah like he's like, let's see I'll, give you a quiz like what did you ask? It was all the kind of shit that if you have and like the CNN app on your phone, you would know all of it. It's like it was really like. It was just the big news stories of the day like it was like you know. Do you know what what app is? What's happened just been bar I face because it gets its after but was bought by Facebook like if he gave beginning yeah. It was just like I mean it's funny, but he just wanted to see. I don't you know people who don't have much thanks for coming out of me. Jeff Brad's as people who are paying attention all the time you know if you want to see if I was for real and that yes so and the,
and so they want to see your mindset well, you know: are you concentrating on being the next Kevin Hart, yeah yeah yeah? Actually it is, are you do you have any actual interests? Are you going to? Can you come into this new space and be well? Can you to the right- and you can't you have to sort of be painted to the news, so can't pay attention. What's going on here, the bridge gate thing and happenings like what you think Christy said you and I sort of rift some things out and he's like alright, the same trumps on so he so then They had been pitched a show by this company. All three media is now Maine event: media called black man, White America, where a black man- travels around to all the white spaces in America. That was the premise, and they told me that, and I was like I don't want to do that. You know like. I would want to do that. I don't want to do it if I could try with more than just white spaces, and they like that idea and the guy Jimmie Foxx he hates. When I tell the story is like it was such things like he realizes. That was not the best idea, but
it was like so then we changed it to you. He changed it to United States of America, and then we pitched the clan episode like that was my idea to talk to the pilot episode with me with the clan. What the fuck was that I mean it was a twenty people. Ask you that I think it's exactly what you think it was. Is I mean you know it was a. I like we could do. Was different versions planned. The big one was really what to wear to the cross burning with a call cross lighting. It's gonna be politically correct, so it I mean I we. I drove into this place. I had to more crew, there was one security guy. There we go. That was the first my first day at work on the United States of America. That was the last thing we did. That did the trailer. No, it was. It was off in the woods in Kentucky and that was the my first day on the job. This is the last thing we did was watch across burn and we and also when we got there, we got there during daylight, so we had to be there for several like two or three hours, while they he did all their rights. When I talk to them an interview, then they did rites and rituals, and then it ended with them setting the cross.
And they were more than willing to do all this on television, which is even more shocked, yeah they mostly there, you can see up there. They mostly kept their hoods on, but one guy kept in his hood off, so you could see his face, but yeah they were all day. I mean people ask me like Why would they want to be on tv 'cause? Everybody wants to be on tv like we talked to a bunch of different clan groups and are they the producers did, most of them didn't want to be on tv. But there was like three or four that did 'cause they. They thought they were spreading the word maybe they were. You know you know. So what was their message like when you were talking to them like? What was the reason for their doing this? They believe America is a white country ordained by God. That way, they believe the Bible says, that's true. They believe the Bible talks about American Hussein. It's like I'm, not telling you when I believe, but they believe that the Bible doesn't think the race. We should makes the Bible. Doesn't you know all these things that people quite a the? The Bible talking about donkeys in they were like that. You know so the data and they believe that Erica is a white country founded by white people and that,
like the black people in the mexican people and invented the Catholics in the zouzou they're cooler with Catholics. Now these data Catholics should get to leave, go back home. And because America is a in it, then, though, and the whole America is for white people is the whole white is the just the different. Saying. The white Ethnostate thing that a lot of the people out of the alt right, national, the National White nationalist movements, eh, and so you know they They think that this is you know this is they think Americans. They think this whole idea of America is that it's for whites only and that the rest of us need to go home. How do I feel for you? I mean I'd, be standing there with these people in the woods in Kentucky looking into the eyes of madness, yeah, whether we're in satin sheets over their head with holes poked out for- eyes, sort of there's a lot of it. That was fun. I mean it was like we got there. I got out of the car and there's a line in the show where you can hear me before you see them going like this was not good. And that was really me saying. This was not a good
yeah. That was not me making a joke, because I see a phalanx of them and they're all standing there at attention and when we got there. The guy who was in all blue was like a meal, goes into a rant about Ferguson. It was in two thousand and fourteen. So it's all about Ferguson, how black people have police themselves and the white man is going to get it. What the same time they don't advocate violence 'cause it's clear that at some point they were told. If you talk about violence, the FBI will be here every weekend, so they like. We don't advocate violence. We advocate self defense, I hate black people, just love our people, but also black people can't look what they're doing in Fergus images of black people aren't whatever blah blah are, the equivalent of the white Man and- and so I had to so we first started. Shooting there was like this. Guy was just going off and I just did like having to take it. And wondering is gonna, be the next three hours this kind of like yelling and the producer step Then I said alright, everybody, let's just hope we gotta, take the cam for a second and we slowed it down, and then we set up chairs and we sat down and started talking and from that point forward. They were so excited to talk about their clan thing.
Because they don't get asked that a lot that they sort of like. Eventually you would, if you thinking that it was the clan you'd be like yeah. This is people talking about their lives. I don't agree with them, but they're, not they didn't stay angry by the end. There like brother, then we're good grades. It was a good time and yeah they, Sir, only guys hug it out. No, I said the crossing do not take any pictures of me hanging out like laughing, because I'm doing it this way like yeah thanks man, you at the you know, try to reason with them. Yeah no, I talked to like it. You know, because you go well the you know, but you know like there was one point. They said the Bible says that you know man should not denoted but the thing about the Bible also says you shouldn't eat. Lobster you know do anything well. I just went to red lobster last night, brother and you know so they wreck. When is the hypocrisy, but they can't see why it doesn't make sense. Like you know they, they don't see. Why I like. Well, if you you just saying
these things, these aren't the the Bible should not be the reason this is happening. You know, and the data system a convenient way to justify their and their free clothes yeah, and so they I mean there. They say they don't. This is that the call the with the New Klan? They don't hate black people with this really love white people. What I feel like you can really love white people, but it didn't come with at the expense of black people feeling safe for anybody feelings, it's the same thing with the alright. You can think what you want to think, but nobody should feel like their safety is being violated in that process. So you know the funny. What is that, so we we feel we have to stop down 'cause we're changing cameras. Whenever we stop, then they pull up the hoods off and they'd be like man, it's hot under here and uh again. Maybe I should, if designed the hoods more breathable fabric, maybe get under armor in here, but they didn't. We do use our cameras, we get to the face but yeah, so it was like they were like, but there were some. There was like two different groups. There was one group who like was ok. Talking to me and then there was another group with every time we stop down. They would go away, they would walk away and one of them was this blonde one who is in red when she took her
She was like I mean she look like you know: Britney, there's eighteen, like this blonde as we sound earlier. Maybe I don't know what pretty white woman looks like, but she was abroad. Literacy had red fingernails, but in who is wearing a red red thing because she's fourth generation clan, so her thing is all red and she you look like 'cause she's, fourth generation. She was ready you get to where yeah that's blue yeah, I don't I don't get into belt system. I didn't get the whole fourth generation, so she but she's like so. She like every time she took her off. She would like he's like like she was. She wanted to kill me. No never had never fuck you well yeah or that they never never never, and I was like kind of a couple of drinks in error. You guys started dancing why it's like, if I could just take you to LA and there's a whole life for you at away from Kentucky. Where that you would have
I could make a lot of money off your kid. Isn't it so funny, though, that's just what you're exposed to your young child and you just don't understand, you're born into then you're born into the planet and there's not black people, there's not enough black people in the community to go. Well. That's weird! 'cause he's black people are fine 'cause in this part of Kentucky. There's not a lot of black people there are there. Or some, because that black people everywhere, but is not enough to like sort of for these people interact with and you're told avoid that black guy who works at the home depot. Then you end up, you know, and you just see that it's like it's about circumstances not necessarily about if we could get If you get people out of these circumstances, I think they would change but What is the phantom of the input of the environment that you ran? It just gets so people get so wrapped up and caught up in it and it become how they think- and you don't want to stand out from the group. You don't want to be ostracized and there's a fucking cross. It's not going
I'd itself, but they were really excited like this one guy I talked to you. We sort of built a report in that moment and he was excited to talk about how the burden to wear like when you get the wood from what he did like while he was excited it was like you know, because, like this old, like this old crossing, he was excited to talk about this stuff. It's a we. We sort of talked on that level, and I still after all that- and I think obviously I don't agree with you got. I said it was like in a hopefully at the end you'll. Let me leave which I was kind of joking and also like at the whole time, like I don't know what's what? If this is a setup, talk to the fifteen guys and then a hundred Klan members run out of the woods to take down CNN. You know this before fake news trump, but I like, I don't know that I so the whole time I was there. I also felt like this could go bad it any times we pulled in. There is a guy hold mode like a like a rifle, and we told no guns and he was like well, I don't believe bring my gun, and so it just felt like this could turn I'm I'm not.
Internet badly, but this could turn bad in. So it felt like it felt the whole time when I was making jokes with the clan who people? How could you make jokes up to the clan? I was actually using self defense like I was like if you're making people laugh, they general and I wasn't making them laugh at my expense. I was just making them laugh about. Well, that's weird, why do you burn this? You know that it actually felt to me like I could gain control of the situation Did you have any sort of reasonable debate with them or report like any back and forth with them? We, like Anybody that you kind of felt like they saw how ridiculous it is. No, I mean I think like I would like like that. I would make laugh about ridiculous things that were happening like like they were having a hard time. Getting kerosene rags to rap the cross in, like he's like, I need a klansman over here and was like what do we have to do, you, get a klansman over here like in Alexa and they're laughing, but I'm like it
but there's not a sense of like here's. What I felt like by the end, I knew some of those guys like to Maine. In that moment, I felt, like they'd laugh at what I said. They were certainly like trying to shut me up, give me their business card if you need any help, find another class, because there's some klansman right here that are full of shit and you need to go to the real like there's so there's that level of report. So there's like there's facts. Yes, I agree with other fans think that it's like, if you know it's like it's like, I feel like it's very similar, martial arts school. This is the real real karate. So quick did you guys started the same school yeah. We needed to get the real stuff so for yeah, so, but they were very chummy them, but also they can get the out here, but I did feel like some of these guys went to bed that night color there's a lot of fun now, not saying that, like they dropped the clan thing 'cause. I didn't come back the next day, but they were like you know. I've left there feel like. I wonder if I came back like in in six
months, DIS drove through like a guy or you wonder if you guys are on some sort of reality show were stuck on an island for six months. I think a lot. I mean the reason why big cities are more generally more liberal than the surrounding areas is because everybody's on top of each other, it just everybody, I don't have time to hate you 'cause, you make it. I like your bodega quickly make it you know, I don't have time to become accustomed to each other, and you realize it's just people, and then you also benefits of that thing. Like a the puerto rican day, parade is fun. You know what I mean like it's like. Your life experiences are benefited by the fact that you kind of a lot of different. That is really interesting. When you put it that way, I mean you do find that the big cities, tend to be way more liberal, like New York and LA in particular. Certainly more liberal than the surrounding areas like you know, Houston is a blue dot, but it's not as blue is like Berkeley is, but right running areas, much different Sugarland, yet out there yeah, yeah, yeah
out there. The ranches is a little crispy not from around here. Are you you know, so I think they like to me. That's what the whole thing is: is that you? Just not? You don't have enough, you don't get the benefit of having a diverse community because you're like which China, is restaurant. Do I want to go to not, and you want to go to the chinese restaurant. You know that's run by the chinese family who is like this was a bad idea. What's also the fear, you know the fee through the other when you're not around them. I think if you around people all the time that are all sorts of different people, it just you find assholes that are white and cool people that are brown and he just sort of go. Oh they just humans, yeah, we just were terrified, and so we lump off into group, so we somehow or another how people that we relate to well, I mean I think this whole thing about, like we have fear of the unknown? We have the unknown. Is the fear that somehow that unknown thing is going to hurt us or affect us in some negative way? It's the! I mean you know when Obama first one in the White House, you know you can, I would have lost money on
get out of marriage equality, gay marriage. I lost my like. I was like that's going to happen. That's the you know. I I there's. No, I didn't have a yeah. I would pay fifty years. You know I mean really why just because I thought the ball was moving in that direction anyway, but I still would have thought it was going to happen in his within his I first I just it was awesome if you came in campaigning on so it wasn't like something that was. I didn't He was on his anybody's agenda news on some people's agenda. They were working on it, but I didn't think it wasn't thing that was like we didn't the nation didn't set. Is a goal. It wasn't like a thing like Obama. Care was like. We need to fix this, so it sort of happened in a way like the people worked behind the scenes, make it happen and then it just sort of woke up one day it opened our phones up and it was like, is legal way. What federal, yeah, yeah yeah yeah you just sort of happened like we thought nothing, that's it. That was one of most disappointing things about Hillary is that she didn't up until two thousand and thirteen. She didn't support. Marriage equality, yeah, I mean Obama was Hikino, he had the thing and he sort of stopped talking about it for a series of years and then eventually was like Joe Biden. I'm with it in Obama had to be like God, damn it show yeah, I'm with it too,
like, I wasn't ready to say it yet touchy, subject among some people, but it yet, but I think, but it still is among some people there's certainly people this country, but there's a critical mass of people were like it doesn't actually affect me and right now we're going to that with with Trans people in bathrooms like it doesn't, it doesn't actually affect you, you know I did it. Two people It will be one in the bathroom for the entire existence that they've been bathrooms. You just didn't know it doesn't actually affect you. You know, and I think you think it we were sort of saying this is weird to me. This is scary to me. So it's wrong, but it's like no. It's is weird and scary to you. Those feelings are the feelings of the now assess the threat that go to the bathroom like there's, not a threat, that's coming after you. Well, I think people are scared of people taking their clothes off.
Put myself. That's what it is that people with the generals were going to be exposed in this is going to go crazy. The generals already were like it's cool. We just need bodies like you know like the military was already like it already accepted trans people. They like we just need bodies, people here who are good soldier, the military ones real weird, because he's he apparently did that while the hurricane was hitting yeah, he see Did that there's one other thing that he did that I'm not exactly sure what it was starting a full, again recently controversial thing, yeah trying to get Mexico to pay for the wall. It don't you think the Mexicans to be paying for education and take care of the poor people. So a lot of issues they have to take care of the time for your phone there's just no way you can make them pay for the wall. There's not it's not a thing I mean unless
talking about invading Mexico instant going into the banks. You know like it's that that we're talking to you heard about the wall being a gigantic solar panel, the idea for the Walmart store and would be a gigantic solar power to generate electricity and for it. Well, that's that's, but then you have to accept solar panels. Yeah looks right at the one of the problems with the old folks, yeah yeah. Some people just want to burn trees, shop, trees, down yeah MIKE Cole, yeah yeah. So from so you for me. Leave it like you know, back to the whole thing with the show is like it's it's for me. It's not about me coming to agreement with people right it sometimes if you like, I do agree with, but I don't know your issue a lot. So I'd like to talk about it's about the fact three. If I get about we're gonna, have this conversation. People are going to watch this conversation and that will create more conversation. Well, you're getting it's weird opportunity be key to be again like I'm saying that you're you like, I know you and when I see you on tv, I'm like. Oh, that's, that's you yeah and that's
That's not normal, for a television show, not you notice. When people take on the host of whether it's that night show or one of those kind of shows they they automatically become there's different thing than they usually are. They become like the host of a show yeah, and for me that the three is that this is because there wasn't like we're not there. None of these shows out there like this. So there's not like it's like ok, I've got that show. It's like talk shows the minute I got. We buy something articles about the tonight show no late, late, late, show and totally biased way. What and then I'm being compared to those people and I'm being judged against like well last night, Fallon Lip Sync with Justin Timberlake, come out talk to Laverne Cox, that's not the same thing, so I that's why? I didn't like, but that is that people were suddenly defining me against that thing, and I was not, and I would That show me like. That's not me, and I had friends who watch it shouldn't be like that's not me and we'd write things for the show and I'd say things like this. I don't believe this you know, or I don't feel as passionately about this is this show makes me think I feel about this because we just have to get the
done. Brown was with this show. I can go at night, I'm not saying that or I or I really want to say this, and I can re write things and I can go yeah so totally by seat in front of an audience, and it was like more of it that I don't think that that form works. I a good way. Finally, for anybody, I think it's a good way to have meaningful conversations, yeah giant groups of people and their everybody's clapping yeah, so you're, trying to like play to them to make a good point so yeah. It necessarily expressing yourself like what. What is what? What is that, where the your thoughts going on in my mind as much as your trying to get those little ones, yeah glass in it yeah and the the thing that I in I give credit to Chris Rock for this because he's the one who made me do the man on the street segments on telly buys he was like you idiot out. There people don't know who you are? You need to mix it up with the people and I was like I don't like. I really didn't like whenever I saw with it, was always like hey dummy. Why do
haven't talked to me your guys as of a log on the exit you, you decided to be nice and stop and talk to me now, I'm going to punish you for it right aside from Bill Billy on the street. I think that's the version of it that I feel like it's like he's. Have those people get have fun with it with Billy on the street by Billy Eichner. It's all you've never watched that. I mean this is whenever I see that I go he's sort of he's the joke right he's not making you know. It's nothing like what year was the war of one thousand eight hundred and twelve. You idiot, you know right, and so I feel like I'd, only seen it that way. So when I did I did I was I was like just trying to like. Let them talk and then if they got the joke, I would tag the joke or if I thought of something funny it wasn't it's necessary against them. It was the in the it was about something situation. It was funny and so that trained me free night shade I wouldn't united she's the show, I think, that's the. I think that's the only show I could ever do like that. I can't there's not other shows me where I would be on camera like that that I'm not an actor about twenty sit com. Not you know not these eyes have refreshing yeah. I just don't have any interests
not, trying to audition for movies. I don't audition for anything good for you live in Berkeley, so I don't even know if available to audition for things so, but this I'm like yeah, it's this or versions of this, but the thing was it was basically in my mind. It was based on, like the Dane model in Morgan, Spurlock's work in like in like even like Michael Moore's. Work were like those things about them right that, like when you watch sports respective it's about it's about the person and you'd watch board. If you like, board and watch him, do anything it's not just about where he's going it's like about. I just want to hang out with you for an hour, so I feel like with United Shades the more it becomes that going to help them out for now with the bet, then that's the show I wanted to be yeah. Well, you figured the way to do it, man and kudos to CNN for allowing you to just be yourself, yeah, there's people all the time without much pushback. Do you get? I think the most
check we got last season was. I had we had to fart jokes in the show, and I, like you, have to pick one you can I don't like what they're different fart jobs that they just didn't intensely right to four due to the show it is. We have presented with two opportunities for jobs, layer yeah, so it's like you, so they really, but it's never like they. Actually, then, I want to be clear on this. They want to show, I'm all should be smarter. They want the show to be smarter. I want the facts to be vetted and clear. They want that they wanted the journalistic integrity, because it's not a news network, but they don't pitch angles like, for example, there like you know have you thought about doing with Asian the asian american community. That was what they said. It was like I'd like to talk about Chinatown. You know what I mean so that I get to take their suggestion and put into it put into my version of it- and I was like I'd like to take it to talk about Chinatown in San Francisco, so I can film an episode near my house and I have to travel and like to meet Shannon Lee so like we did Shannon Lee's in that episode. Bruce Lee's daughter, yeah yeah, so it was like I got to make
version of the show. I wanted at the same time talking about the history of Chinatown and do other things, but it ended with me. Last line is like. You know. I really learned a lot this week. Who am I kidding? I just wanted to come friend, Jayden Lee and because I'm a comedian, I can do that. I will have to have some sort of like you know this sort of sometimes the people who write like 'cause people will write parts of the show they will write it like the way Journal said with this week. I've learned that people come together and there's some of that. The deal is, I have to keep her pulling out like it's. Not it's not you write a do you write monologues or do you just talk there? What happens is like with somebody? They will write like sort of version of the script, and then I will get that and then sometimes they will pull whole sections out and then and then, once we get into the Vio booth. It's me and usually a couple of the comedians like Ethan Berlin Ranji. This week's he's going be doing Kennedy who will then we'll sit in the I'll, be on the phone together in the video booth and sort of like riff other things out, so it's great to actually be able to hire 'cause I had to quickly Racine and I need to hire comedians on. This show
just be me in the news people or the tv people. Well, it seems like not just a show, but also an opportunity for you to just sort of broaden your experience with human beings, which is interesting. I mean we went to Barrow Alaska in the first season, what is that, where is that at the northern most tip of Alaska, it's inside the arctic circle jeez nobody visits Berrow like it's, not a it's not like a parts of Alaska where, like Anchorage right now, let's go visit. It's not a placement and tourism. You I mean you could go, but there nothing to do. There was a time of the year to go. We went in, he was, he was the weather. Where was it was spring in the rest of the war and America, but it was still like you know some deep snow on the ground in frozen, and but it was like- I was like negative toilet- is right. There choose yes inside the arctic circle like we actually walk, so far n that we were on the ocean, but it was still frozen. You know like no. Yeah we're on the ocean, and it was just we were like on standing on the water. What did you do there? It was the
the tiny little time was the idea 'cause we have here where, where have you never been like? Sometimes that's how we were. If you never been right, we should go to Alaska. Well, it's not just go to Regular Alaska. Let's go! Let's go to the part of Alaska that even that, even like we went to Anchorage for part of it and even alaskans don't go to Bero 'cause there's! No, it's not it's a place where people go there to work for the oil companies and people work for companies that work for the oil company, so it's not like, and it's like camp almost get to camp. But it's you know it's. Four thousand people in Anchorage is weird community anchorage. When I was there. The first things I saw were driving a rental car to the hotel was a group of I will stay on the corner, holding up signs saying honk for equality. Analysts. People honking as they drove by and then I was there, was like all these people with like purple hair and like this, like a real city, yeah. No, I think which is like. I mean it's like Bakersfield yeah, it's not it's cool. When I was there yeah, it's like it's like it's, it's a real, so it's like or you don't. If the from
The only thing it was it was. It was cold, but it wasn't cold in another place and there was like there was more salmon choices like everything else everywhere you went there and we have salmon fresh halibut yeah and we have Jerky salmon Jerky. So it was like it was that I'm glad we went to Baruch's barely is like, like I loved it. I was like I'll. Never come back here again like this. There's no way Unless I was doing something- and you know so that for me like that's what it is fun in that episode was people like that. A lot I thought it was 'cause. It's not sometimes people the show is just me talking to scary people, but most of the show is just me talking to people that I've never talked to before it just the chance to see America and, like you know so, we didn't have. We said. Let me see something Muslims, but it's like well, that's a big topic, but we went to Hamtramck in Dearborn Michigan. Small town, the highest percentage of Arabs and Muslims in America, like thirty percent Arabs Muslim in this town, and it's like a sleepy suburb we just happen to see lots of women in his job walking around like you know, but you sort of,
is this right. I mean it out. This is Eve's. We it's like it's just a sleepy suburb. I was outside of Detroit or inside choices in terms of the military and it's just a small town that happens to be because of the Ford for factory like things that happens. A lot with immigrants like like the Ford Van It was ok, hiring immigrants back in the day or Muslims back in the day, so the Muslims like everybody, come here, and so then it became a very popular, very populous urban muslim town, but it's like, and then I got to sit down with a woman. Her name was read. And I just gotta ask- are all the dumb questions about it about Islam. You know in all the dumb questions about about her job. Of Indiana Burke, is in you know, and how that works of feminism. Can you be a feminist in a Muslim and a woman whose work can be a feminist and one is wearing a burqa and he's like yeah? You can it's a choice. You know you know so I mean you know. So I think that and then we
talk about what about in Saudi Arabia and they go the government in Saudi Arabia, does a lot of shit that's wrong and they use Islam is weighted. Justify it just like the way. The american government is a lot of shit, that's wrong and says: God and country. You know it's not about the religion, it's about the expression of the religion, so you know for me, it's like to be able to add- those dumb questions we gotta go to standing rock in the middle of standing rock in sort of quite a while. It was going to watch code pipeline the height of it yeah wow. What was that like? Did you get hosed? No, I was, I was there for a few hours. This was not this is that the big sort of it, the big sort of the first third of it? I guess it was still not. It had not turned into that, and we were very disturbing time. Yeah yeah we're going to people's public or private land and they're, saying look no we're going through yeah and what is private land then yeah. If you We just can decide to have your business, go through my land and dig a fucking pipeline that may or may not poison. My wells have everything I was wrong like what is public land? What is private is this.
Did all the governments land, are they just usurping my private land like this is kind of fucking. The native people are like yeah. This is what they did to us. This is what this is They are yeah there there's what is it whatever the number of treaties that, because people get there's like what they're, somehow several hundred treaties and they're like they've, broken all of them, like you know not like half of them, they say: they've broken all the treaties, so that the american people, like that's, why they had to make a big noise like this is how they do, and this was like it felt like the final straw, and so there were people like we got there before the winter and they're like there's people in teepees or like it. I had whole conversation about how tp these think of tv. I thought I thought of teepees is like you could have teepees I went to like yeah there, better than tents like there's a hole in the top, and you can have a fire in the middle yeah. I knew you would know yeah so, but I was like really in this guys like this. Guy was like yeah and then said this one guy like what do you do if he gets really really cold, go to the hotel down the street? Oh alright, you know like it's just like I was in this whole, like native. Do you know like crowds you and we go- we go to restaurant. You know I mean so it's like it was
my favorite episodes good again at seven. Ask all the dumb questions at that. I have another people have the nerve to ask them a question that I kind of the answer to what it's like. We need to ask the question right when we have an opportunity to don't go Tappan people in line at Starbucks and asking dumb questions yeah the Dakota pipeline was extremely disturbing yeah it just 'cause. It would just was one of the clearest examples of money, overwrites money over land ownership, money over everything they were going through. With this thing, it's going to make us money, and this is what we're going to you should get on tar hooks Qatar, Huesca on here she's. She was at standing rock and she speaks very awesome about all this stuff and she's. A hard core activity was one there's like Bernie Sanders native American representative, but uh and she's great about all this stuff, and you can talk about how to them. It's like this is just the most recent expression of this spell Tart Ara. H, O. U S k a there is there. She is anxious. Okay,
yeah I mean, and she was in the episode and she we sat down like I'm, going to ask you a bunch of dumb questions and she was like great. We go and talked about like this is just the tip of the Where is that now? Where is that standing 'cause when Trump got in office? He probably like green? Let everything there still people fighting against it, but it's not the same number of people out there, but they're still active. She would be able to eat more better than outlook, but there still there? Still there still people fighting but they're going through it anyway right there going right into the river and I get This is this is where it gets a little bit out of my depth but yeah. What is what was? I mean? I don't think, there's probably only one thing that was most rewarding to you, but there was anything that you got the most out of doing show during the native Americans do during your show United Shades of America, yeah yeah, the quit. Episode is actually the one that I feel like has actually affected me, the deepest that I've been back to say, women twice, maybe three times twice since then I co hosted
like a talent showcase with one of the inmates really yeah. We were like on stage together like he wrote bits for us to do yeah I was referred to you know it is this thing where, like believe me, even though I had gone San Quentin filmed it, I went to same to film. The show I was like walked in like this is in the episode I walked in with the one of that, with the like the co warden of the junior warden on a youth and SAM and he was like, we walk in it to the to the yard. He's like how do you feel I'm like, because we're walking into the yard, like you know, and it's all those inmates doing sit ups and push ups and hanging out playing basketball? This has the feel go, feels kind of walk into a neighborhood. They don't know anybody like you know like you was. It was really like. I need to be careful here and as I was saying that some guy goes lovely comedy bro and I go oh, it feels pretty good and it was and that's exactly what happened we left in the show and then from that, look. It was just like if you sort of close your eyes. It was just talking mostly to black men who had a
out of life experience in through a lot of shit and have learned a lot from there what they went through and had like done therapy, and self actualized and educated themselves and all these types of things and then but then you realize is there going to be. They have a lot of experience out of wealth of knowledge, a lot of skills never leave, and so for me it was like I can do more here. So I went back like we scream the episode there is the most ten screening I ever had was like what, if they hate it, but they like cheering and clapping and gave me a standing ovation at the end and so I went back and hosted this talent show and again I went back and still like what, if this time and they're like oh, come out. They make fun of me 'cause I could. I did not pay. Was it pinochle? They were so yeah play pinochle in prison. I know to play in there like a black man, doesn't play pinochle and like have you ever learn that user is it it's just. One of those crazy card games is you complicated that you know, and they said we play pinochle 'cause. It's really complicated takes a lot of time.
Yeah. You don't want to play like war in prison. You want to play a game, that's really like complicated, so it actually sort of fills the time you have had a friend who went to prison and learn how to play chess in his head. Yeah you do use the l outlines like drug too keen five, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah checkmate. Yes, we him in this other, give give this kid. Who is it test? Genius are sitting down on this ex con and then chess genius in down playing chess in their head in front of me, I was like wow. This is crazy and it it runs its like of the autobiography Malcolmx mechanic said: there's all this wisdom in the neighbor in the hit in the hood that the these can be mathematical, geniuses yeah. We, the people, cure cancer, but they can't they're not being put in a position where they can. Actually, use that you can take advantage of this yeah and also mistakes, like whatever mistake you make when you're a young person, whether it's selling drugs or shooting a gun in the air for your third offense, there's certain mistakes that automatically disqualify you from any personal growth for the rest of your life. That's it
you are now contained Caressa rated and they'll be no growth yeah. I think it should be a really small list of things that disqualify you from society for the rest of your life, especially like at eighteen. It should be, there are things right, but it should you have pretty small flying monsters. Yeah should be yeah, it should be like you are a monster, an even that we should still check in with you every twenty. Every now and again today, are you still a monster like how's the monster monster? Is there a pill to kick you from being a month? If we, if we like sort of put you in therapy and education, are you still going to be in Boston? We should still be working on these people, but it's certainly not in a fish for the betterment for society that we've taken. This huge pull people out of the prison system and, as you know, this is the thing black people are like twelve percent american population were forty. Was american prison population somewhere around there? Please, Google, it make sure, but it's not because we're doing forty percent of the crime. It's black people do crime, but we're over sentence a lot of times without getting proper representation were not there's like the three strike laws. So it's like
something that, like a white guy in in Nebraska, does a black eye. Doesn't California something in French is life? You know I mean like it's like we're, not getting the unequal apple nation of the law, which ends up putting us in prison at a higher rate and isn't there more people in population in prison in America than the raw. To the world's prisons. Are the same. We did the. If you look at like the graph of like Americans prison the number of people in prison. It goes like it's like It stays pretty constant for a long time and then like right around the 80s ago. We have like something like more than two hundred million people in prison. It goes like it goes like it goes. You can pull it up, but he goes over the laws that cause that it's like mandatory minimums and incarcerated. Americans wow look at that one thousand nine hundred and eighty something, This launch is straight up here in a completely vertical lines: yeah not- and it's like it, wasn't the people committing the same with my cry like mad people, to screen so many more crimes. It's just about why we were keeping them in prison. Longer! Look at that but in the 1970s it was less look at the
number less than one million people. And let's talk about this, we're talking about the 1970s, that's the Scorsese Scorsese movie air, like you know, crime and crime, is in off the streets of New York and then solid one thousand nine hundred and seventy. It looks like like four hundred thousand people in prison. If that's half a million that looks like somewhere around four hundred thousand, that's fucking insane. And now it's millions and again it's not because crime got so much worse. It was that we started to private prisons made it that we need to keep. People in here We need to hold this. Is that we're making money where this is money making enterprise. So we need to keep people in here. The real problem is once you've got something like that going on pulling that back is going to be extremely difficult once there's profit to be made from Carson people yeah, and that that I mean there's the there's a guy. You know Shane Bauer for her than
Name Shane Bauer. He works for Mother Jones magazine. He was one of those guys who gets on the ground, and but he did a whole thing where he was a prison guard in Louisiana. He applied for a job as a prison guard it for prom, prison Louisiana wow. Just for the story, just for the story and didn't hide his identity. Where do you work? for Jones magazine. We we need people like they didn't, do any sort of background check, and he is a huge article. He did a couple years like a year or so ago about being in prison I mean if you read it, it's like the you can get away with when you are the prison guard and the ways the ways in which you can treat people, this prison Louisiana or just it's like you know, it's nightmare and the this is the worst. Prison is supposed to be about rehabilitation yeah, it's not, and it's not especially at a for profit. He lives about for profit prison that he's not the guy Chevron, I'm booking your podcast. Please do the amount of money they spend is directly related to amount of money they earn. So they decide to feed you with the cheapest fucking food that
I'm getting exactly what this is about and also they it's about keeping you in line. It's not about keeping you. You know it's not, but it's not about help it's about keeping you in. I mean it's in the same point episode. I went to the mess hall with him and got in had the food. The dinner, and it was like first of none of it is it's like the it's like the worst level of food like it just like peas. You know like care, It's like stewed care. It's like not like No there's no there's is too to no taste to it and then, like a hot dog with a bunch of the hot dog, is a good San Quentin prison that every prisoner wants to graduate to in California it's a lot of guys, end up like illegally bringing food in and then making. Together in their cells, because they like We need this. This is that this is not good for you. You know, and also dinners at five hundred o'clock
like so I can you can you eat at five hundred o'clock, and you know there's always going to bed at six and still hungry. So you still late. It's like you know. So, like one thousand o'clock at night, you're hungry, you have to have figure out a different way to make something happen, and what's also fucked is that you get like that. Cents an hour or something like that for working, and you know if the weather is is because of the the Emancipation proclamation didn't apply to prisoners really yeah. So that's why you can pay prisoners thirty cents an hour oh, beautiful we're gonna talk about fun things. What happened tell me some fun shit. What did you do? That was fun like would you enjoy? What did I enjoy? We did Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico had Peter ship on. He moved all his money over to Puerto Rico, because you have to pay taxes. Yeah, the forty go. The whole thing for it was a strange, but it's a to me the fact porter goes bankrupt as eighty billion dollars and eighty trucks are crazy figure of debt and it's and it's just because the US is used. Porter Rico, like you know like, as is
like it's like the atm, you know we sort of did things there and we didn't because it wasn't a state. We didn't have to sort of do it the same way, but it Is one of the most beautiful place I've ever been in my life again, and I mean I was there like. We were the showrunner dining Jackson was like he'd, been there before he's like there's houses for twenty five thousand dollars, and I was like on my way we should just buy. We don't own a house in California, we should buy you know like it was that such a fun, beautiful place that has been exploited by the United States of America by not being a state and not be an independent country. Well, it's weird to like stings aren't allowed to ship directly to Puerto Rico. They have to ship the United States and then go to Puerto Rico, so that everything is super, expect everything super expensive, but it's like for me. It's like it's like being in a foreign country Your cell phone works like so it's like, so you get all the like different culture and new food, and you get all the like. You know people speak Spanish.
So if you speak a little bit of spanish, you can get by it's a super diverse place so like as a guys married to a white woman with a couple of mixed race. Kids, we don't feel like we stick out there. You know just sort of like and the weather. I was like. I want to go back so badly, he loved it. I loved it and I don't like stuff. Do you think you could live? could retire there. I think it was all said and done. I think I could be like. I think at this point would be hard, but I certainly think if my life wasn't EAST coast life because a lot of people a lot of puerto Ricans who live in New York who have houses in Puerto Rico, but then I also feel weird 'cause, I'm not puerto rican, my gentrifier, if I'm making it better my spirit, my buy this house for twenty five thousand dollars at helping you or is that actually fucking you over so right? I bought this twenty five thousand dollars being conscious of that stuff. I believe you have to be conscious of that. So I think if I did it, I would but I met met the governor of Puerto Rico, who is not very popular, but I was happy to talk to The whole battle is over statehood in the end they want like it's
the disputed thing. Most many activists don't want it because they feel like. Why are we? Why are we sort of being subjugated by the United States working we round country, but the problem is like eighty trillion dollars, like whatever it is: they're they're so much in debt. It's like what happens, but it feels like to me like it's an uneasy. It's it's like a it's like it's Hawaii, it's it's Hawaii, but it's also it's like a Hawaii, but it's like. If we had it since it's in debt is what I'm saying it doesn't make sense that it feels like this is a beautiful place. This is this could be if you just taking advantage of what it looks like this place, should be making a lot of money just as a resort, there's a resort. This is a place to like done the right way. This should be making money hand over fist sort of feel like to invest in porter. That's what that's what I do with my money, but I'm really! You could be an EAST Coast guy, though, if you've lived all this time in the West Coast I could be in. I get. I don't well, the Porter Rico, Portugal, not the east coast. Different you'd have to
live there. Okay, all right! Well, I'm talking about hi, I'm all told I I'm talking about I'm talking about that version of me. That ends up with, like some sort of like that, somehow ends up with Kevin Hart. Money without working as hard as Kevin respect or somehow something happens where you go man. It's weird that I in and in that you know that that shoelace company and now those shoelaces are everywhere. You know, then it would be like I'm going to go to Puerto Rico out I'll go to Puerto Rico. I would certainly spend some time there. If you go to Puerto Rico, though, and you move all your business to Puerto Rico, you move your mouse reporter Puerto Rico. You don't have to pay taxes. I believe, I'm with him real weird, it's my wife that would not be she's the w coaster she yeah. She would not be down for that, but I do think about going back. I was hoping we could screen episode there. The Puerto Rico episode. There was a lot of fun, but CNN did not. How many episodes are you done so far? You done sixteen. It's ETA season, wow so we're about to start. We start filming season two like September third pumped
yeah, because I I mean it's been it's weird because last season, when the show went off the air I felt like I could tell they like people, didn't the the sort of the talk about the show gone away, but the true era is good for business. How how so we know you felt that the talk had gone away well just like you know, you know when you're, when you're like when it. If your special comes out, you walk around town. More people may recognize you, you know like more people like us and and then, when you special not out it's not the you know. Sometimes volume gets turned down, but with this like, I still walk around and like the show, is still on the air people still talking about the show when they see me there's a sense of like they really feel the show in a very deep way. Like I hear people like families watch the show together and like you know, I didn't make it for that reason. So it so, it feels like the show, with the first initial of Obama so office this this so I felt like that was like the mix tape in the first season was like the out. The second was like the album, and so I feel like now like people are looking for the show in a different way, so it feels like knowing that I have make sure the show steps it up a notch. So that's that's the. I feel the pressure like make sure that we don't just
I'm like I'm. I don't want to make the show like which whites prince is going to talk to this season right. We have to do other things. He came right. We can't be repeating that's interesting, so you feel like a sense of responsibility, not just entertain, but also to kind of like get some ideas out there that maybe would reach people and maybe I I just I mean I feel like we're as comedians we're all responsible to uh. Material. You know new, and so I feel like In that sense, I'm not doing anything different than Jim Gaffigan doing you know. I mean like I there's that these are the things I want to talk about these things. You want to things. I want to talk about or not Jim yeah, I'm not Jim yeah yeah, yes, but it's, but I feel, like I don't want to. I say I don't want to separate myself from it's a easy to somehow I believe in the I'm doing, I'm excited you're doing. I do think that the work can help Brooke, eight changes, I don't it's not the change, but I don't want to get caught up in like the sort of like this it's important to note, because I just like, at the end of the day, people often say to me like: do you still can see some comedians? Yes, I'm a comedian. Yet I still do stand up. I'm trying to work on my
next special, like I'm still trying to do these things, it's fun to be it's fun, to say funny things I just like to say funny things about these things right, yeah! Well, you also you're part of this giant discussion, whether you're a comedian or an author or journalist you're part of this Jai discussion, which is human culture, and I think we need people that are articulate and thoughtful on all sides. We need to like figure out, but there's going to be all styles of humans, the different things that people are interested in but was gotta, be like the most in one thing about being an American is respecting all all the other styles of human, all the other ways. People think whether there can serve it if or whether their liberal or whether they're you know whether we choose to whatever the fuck it Yes, you want to live off the land in Alaska or whether you want to be in men and in a way the. If you I mean you know whether you want to be in Alabama where they will be directly and I go to both those places. So I see all those people, so I think the thing is is like you
and you have to realize that this is something is made. Makes you nervous or scared. It's not always about you and I think that's the big thing that people get wrong about the Bay area, we're not all a bunch of liberal people on the same page. We just wrecked We all go out to his like as well, because it was working in my own thing and still meet some rich people, Marion County, thank God or so. Yes, yes, look on valley. All that will do. This will still come valid people so weird, though, because they try so hard to go left. Okay, yeah, I was like they feel like they have to take. A part of the bill, this model. A lot of that was a lot of people. It's like I mean it's like. Would you like? We did you really invent anything right? Okay, it wasn't like Instagram. Wasn't that Facebook for directions like you know, you know I I'm so I feel like there's, probably less Silicon Valley guilt in there too. Again, just like the amount of money I said I was gonna. Do the part about face with this picture. Now I have a billion dollars. You know they're they're thinking, Zuckerberg is going to run for president Trump has changed, he's turn the table over. So in that sense let's see, let's see what Happ,
I think you know we definitely new ideas, but am I I'm not keeping for soccer Berg right yeah? He get I but yeah. I don't know. I don't know the world is better now than it was in nineteen hundred, but it's a slow sort of gradual evolution of human ideas. You know, and I think that shows like yours, contribute to that and conversations contribute to that and getting just this thing is one layer of paint at a time we're trying to build a mountain. Yes, I know it's just it's it's frustrating for people because they want immediate change and I think the thing is the steps to take that now, the sometimes you go that was the wrong color paint. We got yeah, send me some error, yeah, there's there's and I think that right now we're, I believe, we're going through the air yeah. This is the error era and I don't know the oaks is. I think, like the the response to it, has genuine Lee energized people to look at the surroundings. Look at politics. Look at the the way
we were governing this civilization, the way they were interacting with each other and try. I mean the people that are responding to these people, walking down the street with Fucking Home depot candles and screaming out anti semitic, dollars or whatever the fuck they're doing. That has sort of energized people that don't agree. That is sort of like step up and try to understand how the fuck is this still going on in twenty seventeen who these people that we didn't know existed because you live Santa Monica yeah, you know that you don't you're not around any of that everybody you know was you know pretty left wing like what who are? Who are these people like what what what part of us is Ray? presented in this ugly aspect of our culture, whether it's you know what people that White people are people that he black people or people that hate Jews of what is this yeah like wise, is still here yeah. What? If what has failed? Yeah the distilled still exists, and I think these conversations are a big part mean. Would you do
Moon. By doing your show is your you know for millions of people to get to tune in and they get to. Let just like the words in it adds layers to the way they understand human beings. It's it's, so God damn important man and for me it's I mean I like I pretty saying that in for me there's a part of this. It is wholly just like. I want to have these conversations yeah, I'm happy that I have see it in the budget to make these conversations happen. I've always want to sit down, replace the engine. Yeah yeah yeah, that's the engine that pushed for you actually do want to have these conversations, and that's one of the things that makes him just authentic to people that are watch in the show. I can tell when I watch your show like this is come out like really interested in it yeah. No, I I've I'm not and when I'm not interested, we don't use it. You know what are we to we? We, we really work hard to pick the right people and you know, there's debates like we had a whole debate like what if we could get Trump, you know what would you do? I had that
I had. I really pushed back as like in there still. I like. I don't believe because I believe he's on curious. I don't believe, there's any there there would you it. Would you ask him if he's on I'd rather, but I don't think he would even taken the question that I was that you know I'd rather vodka. You know I mean I'd rather like somebody who's actually who I feel like it's like. You can see sometimes like who's, not going according to plan. You know I drew up at the end yeah yeah I would rather I would. Rather you know I mean, I pray brother band and you know what I mean like I feel like. I don't believe that there's any there there with think it would smell like sulfur, probably the purposefully someone light a match, he's kind of product Carey Software in his pocket disorder does smell like sulfur. He wants to create the illusion that I am deaf. I am the reckoning, I'm the end of all times, yeah, it's like the back about guy to become death destroyer world, like I think he probably that's why I hate it when starting alive made him the parody of him.
Like the grim reaper. He was like yeah. I am I mean, that's not making fun of him something good, yeah he's like that's. What I am I am. The grim reaper provide. The Sean Spicer was hilarious, because Trump thought that Melissa, Mccarthy doing it made him look weird. As a woman was doing, there was a push it one point of Rosie O'Donnell do Trump and I was like that we could do it after she was down to do it. She tweeted about it, was so good at these great, but I think that person, yeah Balik balls great, but I would have rosie- would have really hurt from his feelings would override specific it's it. She could see some dark dark shadow yeah. I love the fact that Spicer retired to win Scaramucci, get on board design that set yeah, but then now this year, which is gone, spies, or has it been like to have my job back you like yeah after the he would, he have nobody's heard spies ago.
Well, I'm glad that I can finally return to my place. Imagine being the guy that has to tell everybody that this is the biggest crowd the White House for the inauguration, the part of your first day photo. You know that there's photos and that's the first thing you want me to tell people is a lie and you could see the look in Spicer spaces like I know this is best. I really I have a weird soft spot, my heart for for Sarah Sanders. She like goes out there like, Aurora's, ignoring like thirty right now, she's mad, she think she's younger than that yeah. I think I think she's, I think she's twenty eight. No, I think she's into mid 30s issue. I think so, but I don't know, but I thought she was, twenty eight with hard years of fucking, like the fact that she's out there, like the twenty five, thirty five times, but I like the fact that she's out there, like, like you kind of know, she knows is the like to, but I'm not blinking lights by simple. She said: when but when a rather Trump was attacking people on Twitter, she was like. If you attack him, he hits back ten times harder like hey that's!
yeah good, fucking, saying like what are you talking about? You don't teach your children that have not had a boxer, that's really good at taking punches yeah. This is the president of the United States. Whatever happened to turn, the other cheek thought there was a thing called presidential, but we thought that defined the person. But now what we're learning is that the person defines the word that he's defining what presidential is so his supported believe if he did it. This is what trump leaves you can tell. If I say it, it's presidential. If I say it, then it's worthy of the President say so for me: retweeting as he did the other day like you know, So whenever we have some sort of conspiracy theory like nonsense, then it means it's intensive, legitimate thing. It has to be the president. Did it it's like the think the same thing with like the monarchy in England like if the queen says it, then that's what it is you know. So this is where we're at it's a fascinating place. If it didn't have so much of an impact on our a real actual. Well being yes, no,
people tell me the s r number, usually, who is a public school teacher and she was saying it had been a public school teacher and she's talking of the Russell teaches about. There are kids who go school everyday who are who are born in this country. You know they may be there: the Latino, kids wanna country, their pair where are undocumented and they go to school everyday afraid their parents are going to be kicked out of the country and not knowing what that does to them. And now somebody is like. Why did you do your homework?. You know like it's like you're, like 'cause. I have a lot going on right now. You know, why aren't you? Why do you places of sullen had to you know? I mean like we're not sort of the trump doing all that up their filters down to some kid in a public school classroom who gets in a fight and then they expel him 'cause he's like you got an attitude problem. You know that it's like people, they were not really people don't think enough about how this is affecting regular asp. Well, he's a role model believe it or not. Because he's the president, the president, by definition, is a role model for sure I mean when you were a kid when, when I was in grade school, I remember
it's saying I want to be president someday and other kids going. Wow this mother, fuckers reaches start me: yeah yeah yeah. Well, he wants to be the guy. I think wow you know on how difficult would that be, but you know, but then again grew up in. I remember like a grown up. I remember when Reagan was in office and I remember all my family- I received a letter, but he was like yeah yeah, which is not everybody that it was all a lot of people that would like that when Reagan was in office, which is so weird like the the whole revisionist history thing that happened like after is dead now he's the yeah he's the he's, the the the modern great president, did you guys for free? Remember the whole Ali Norse thing? If you guys remember IRAN Contra, remember the guy standing in front of the the the it's from from the court with their questioning him saying he doesn't remember selling arms to IRAN. This is in the Reagan, standing him feeding and the next thing to say, yeah. No, I think that the so I'd put for me it's like in my lifetime. It's like people are like like
when I ran Reagan, was such a bad president and then you get George English. Now that's a bad president. He would like some like well, what's yeah yeah. This is the time, doesn't end with Trump. What what's next? What's coming and that's why I think, when you say like seeing how people react to Trump and stand up in in the street, to me it's like today, they do and they did it this weekend. But it's like some point people either they get exhausted by doing that, yeah there's a march right now, going from Charlottesville to DC to protest Trump's that look at the Trump said in the wake of walk, the whole way lose a bunch people on the way or pick up some. I think that's more likely like people like several days. It's like a week long thing, yeah walk for several doing right now, as we're talking people and I think, a lot of times, those marches like the hardcore people start first and then I might show
Saturday afternoon, hey guys. We walked this whole sweating yeah, who you know making spray yourself with Mister jump out of a trail. Remember we were all in Charlottesville a few days ago, but yes, ma'am. We walked along way. Remember that fun adventure we had, but there's people right now who are walking from Charlottesville the seat, 'cause they're like saying we have to sort of keep the pressure on, but it's exhausting to do that. Not everybody can do that. I don't know how much it helps. Remember the women's March totally unacknowledged. He never said a thing about. It is millions of people all over the world marching against him Pussy hats, nobody cared. It doesn't seem to respond. I think sometimes it's not about like with the with the people in power care, it's, whether the people care to get the people energized do. The next thing is. I think that, like you know in the March on Washington, that king did didn't Chico and the next day what you can, but it certainly becomes a historical moment that people then look for, and it also be it becomes like everybody, not
but most people are home that we're talking about the women's March and it it starts to think that, like it's the same thing with marriage, equality like it starts to open up people's brains. So, like man were they talking about in some people are having bad conversations that we have, but to me it's like it opens as long as you keep the conversation going, there's a potential for change. Yeah. It just takes time, and so there's an old expression that comes to gambling, and it also can be applied to weight loss and a bunch of other things in life that you get better the same way you got sick like like. I am willing, like you, can't just win it all back. He got a slowly try to chip away and get back in the with weight loss. You can just lose all that weight doesn't happen like that, like yeah, how long did it take you to get fat? Well guess what yeah? I can take you a similar amount of time and maybe longer to lose. Yeah could very well and I think, for our culture, it's going to take awhile to sort all this out, and I think we also have a problem that the the actual operate system that we use this whole representative government that was set up back when you had to take a letter by horse to get the p.
Yeah like it's really not necessary anymore and it creates a lot of red tape and it creates a lot of bureaucratic inefficiency that I think, if we had to If we have no government right now, we're trying to structure a government. The last thing we do is have one person with incredible amount of power that could also launch the nukes and pardon crim. We wouldn't have that. We would never set that up, like that. We have put in those offices with cubicles that are in a semicircle, probably have like a council of wise people of presidential Council of people, people that are like mathematics, professors that understand economics and people that understand geography. You understand cultural differences, people that are you know that real We understand healthcare that really understand all the different things we wouldn't make like the Supreme Court, a lifetime appointment, you would go, you know you get it for twenty years and never move on yeah, you don't you don't and we would
there is no. This is the thing we. I don't think Democrats focus enough on an unless they're doing it behind closed doors. Thank you would not have the electoral college no, for fucking way. You would not. Nobody can sell it to you. Nobody could. Nobody could tell you why it makes sense. Now. Files important settle down column yeah everybody's important, but there's a more important than anybody else. Yeah one person, one vote man yeah we're looking at this. The whole thing like every election boils down to like four five states and crazy, like in California, at the time. The polls close, they tell you who won 'cause. I think we know how California voted so then I become a person is like. What's the point of voting for you know like you know so for Maine Electoral College and then gerrymandering where the whole thing where they get to sort of the divide, your neighborhood up into a way. That's a good idea. If it's, the those are the things that are really that's. Why it's scary about who comes after Trump, because as long as the electoral college exists, it automatically search tips the country, the more sort of right, leaning direction. You know
and now, which is maybe fine except when the right becomes trump. You know, like you know, if it's different, it's President John Mccain, which I'm not John Mccain fan, but I feel like at least there's a through line where so for me, it's like the electoral college is never that's why the left has to fight so hard and I feel like so you're, not if Nancy Poulos, Ian Chuck Schumer aren't in hallways earning meeting right now, like we gotta fuck the electoral college at we gotta take it down, then we're sort of losing the plot of how this works. Well, I don't think it's necessary anymore, and this idea that well the people in the middle needed, because the people on the coasts, the large population centers they can dictate what yeah. Yes more people there. It's not the actual entry, yeah yeah there's! That's that's why they don't because it Russell Meyer, curled here, our kids in the middle of fields. It's not it's not well people dick the people defined, as is the most like. We have more people,
we have more land, that's not the same. It's all of us we're all supposed to be in this thing together and is. It would be a way more interesting war, the board election, if everybody knew that just kind, the vote soon and there's a hole in the middle have to in politics, would have to work way harder. Is that I don't wanna go talk to people yeah up and down California, because that's already set, I think, there's an issue with states to, I think, there's an issue with people. Voting like we lost California, and I will Nevada's gone to jail. You know, I just think it's should be just one lump group of exactly yes. Let's all vote on staff is good people everywhere. There's good people in Iowa this year. People in Kansas is good people in California. There's the you don't we we gotta to stop all this divisiveness and I think that's one of the issues that comes along with people. I mean this people that, like they have Inter city competition right folks I'll go. You know like people get like that, we get in these teens worship. When it comes to the United States of America, it comes to being the president. I did genuinely think so. We have to look at ourselves as one group
humans. Well, I think we should at least we feel like that. Are that each of our voices counts yeah and we're in it together that he drove right now, it's like you know if you live in, does it doesn't. Laborales diesel and the EAST Coast are delusional. They don't have an understanding of the real p. Full of America that voices, whore, I know it's a real person I felt like I was with. I had like a motor like what just happened to some of my. I, like it I'll, show you how to burn a cross. Well, you could be like a funny joke me. The funny voice, comedia with all this all this other stuff. That's funny yeah, though it's a yeah. I think that we it because the thing is I like this is one thing I'll say about United Shades. When I go to the south side Chicago, we didn't have gangs and violence and gang violence in south and west side of Chicago, and I didn't put Appalachian about like
the boss about cold in the dot in the coal industry in house diet, even people they're not yet to die. You know that when truck comes a lot of in cheers like we just be with a few fours jobs right, they're, not cheering for coal, necessarily course. If you said, we have a job through the thick those job right now they do have hide in a culture that Cole of the cold culture, because it's about their life but they're not happy that. But all I'm saying is p. But in Appalachia voted for Trump people in Chicago who voted for Hillary or all just worried about jobs and better schools for their kids and safety giant so they're, not so, but when we break it down to this left right, blah blah blah, it starts to change the conversation with There is a party and some people, the Green Party, but there is green there, but there is there is not you could form party around those ideas and not wear these other parties have gone. I completely agree, but
this man, I love your show, I'm glad you're doing it. I always love talking. We should do this more often, absolutely thanks for coming on brother thanks for tell everybody how they could reach you on social media. W Kamall Bell on Twitter at w come out Bell at www dot com. I want Instagram on Twitter on Facebook, yeah yeah yeah, thanks thanks great conversation. Alright fuckers will see tomorrow. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for tuning the podcast anthem, Peter sponsors thanks to on it, go to onnit use the code. Word Rogan and save ten of any and all supplement. Uh huh. Thank you all. Go to draftkings, go to draftkings dot com now and use the promo code Rogan to play in draft kings free week, one contest with uh huh
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you guys- and we will be back tomorrow with Hannibal Burris. Ok, alright, bye, bye,
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