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#1008 - Cody Garbrandt & Urijah Faber

2017-09-05 | 🔗
Cody Garbrandt is a mixed martial artist and UFC Bantamweight World Champion. Urijah Faber is a retired mixed martial artist who fought as a bantamweight and featherweight in the UFC.
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brought you officially by the ufc watt there's a giant you we fight this weekend two title fights an ufc's first and only flyweight champion has a chance to make history this weekend you mean if you this podcast before and you've heard me talking dimitrius mighty mouse johnson i believe he's the best fighter that's ever lived i think he has the finest example of mixed martial art technique as far as the way he can do everything he can submit people he could knock people out he gets hit less than anybody you ever see inside the octagon he's just a masterful technician and it's a pleasure to watch him fight and this weekend he is defending his title against ray borg at ufc two hundred and fifteen tied with anderson silva for the most successful title defenses in ufc history and john and can shatter that record with just one more win plus is a fantastic women bantamweight title fight amanda nunez the woman not
ronda rousey in forty eight seconds and choked out miesha tate to win the title she defense women's bantamweight title against valentina shevchenko which is a fantastic bachop valentina shevchenko is one of the most well rounded women that have ever fought inside the octagon she's fantastic she has excellent moitie real world class striking skills and really strong on the ground as well um mid julianna pena which is a huge feather in her cap and she e this is my opinion the most once stacked women's world title fight i think when you look at the two of them i think this is the highest level women's world title fight we've ever seen hi as far as their overall complete abilities there over all well rounded games and both of them devastating knockout power and amanda nunez the champion of course is one of the hardest hitters
in women's mma so amanda nunez defends her women's bantamweight title against valentina shevchenko and to me mighty mouse johnson has a chance to make history against ray borg who is a very talented and very fast flyweight and ray borg is very awful as well this should be a really exciting fight it's saturday september ninth live on pay per view from the rogers place in edmonton ab canada not the rogers place rogers place i think they call it the scott rogers arena anyway always love come in edmonton i'll be there doing commentary and you can watch that fight live on pay per view we are all so brought to you by draft kings even waiting for this since february six ladies and gentlemen football season is here and there's no better way to get closer to the game that you love then with draft kings one week fantasy football to celebrate draft kings
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five hundred dollars new driver bonus that's lift dot com slash rogan lift ly ft dot com forward slash rogan limited time only terms apply you motherfukers and now for the ads my guest today is the current ufc bantamweight champion of the world cody garbrandt and former we featherweight champion urijah faber who is his teammate is coach and is now a retired fighter and we had a great time talking so i hope you enjoy it please give for your faber and cody garbrandt the joe rogan experience all right german will live with a freshly fed uriah faber no my or dieting no more weight cutting is this is mike on hello
there we go there it is up to you cody mother falcon garbrandt finally made it yeah here gentlemen what's happening and we had a nice little beach run and i jumped in the open kodi kept issues on all that good stuff so i'm out for those green belly bars don't do you see talking about four squirrel check the way these t their specialty that have like pockets in your i need to floss twice a is this making fun of me he's like bro been brushing your teeth with twenty minutes twenty minutes straight brushing his teeth but maybe you know walked out and i was like brushing teeth made me have the second guest up brush my teeth long enough not going to do it again i got busy there had braces or anything so i've got like all these natural gas is like i'm like a squirrel my food get stored up in there i gotta get it out i understand understand how does it feel
to not have to worry but we talking about this for the podcast and not have to worry about weight cut anymore to be able to eat healthy banged up anymore man it's been real the really nice you always kind of envision after even in college like having a break and then you know fourteen years longer fighting people but i mean it is really nice to be will do i mean you go train i train when i want to but i don't do stuff i don't want to i i the grappling rounds what not but i just feel so much better retirement perfect like you had a long career but you didn't get too banged up like you just end pick the right time you went out with the win with a quality opponent like ride off into the sunset though man so i was little little bit of it just felt right so you know i mean the last fight went out to what million people on big fox it was the first fight my hometown
the new arena it's like the heart and like revived our town you know we had cody for the belt like coming right up and and you know it was just perfect man yeah you got you time to good time did good you know it's nice it's nice to see someone do it the right way and i hope other guys coming up can from you in that regard well one of the as i thought about was first and foremost like i've been rocked more in the last two one slash two years in my practice and live fights that i had in my entire career which is you know a lot of different factors probably you know how many times you own the dice you know you get hit in the head a bunch time seems to loosen up a little bit you get a little bit older guys are getting better i got cody gar brands in the gym and chad mendes is and and you know lance palmer's these guys hit heavy so you know i was just like that one actually then i lost two fights in a row for the first time in my career ever even though it was a decision
in the dominating the decision to what's his name uh riviera and it that kind of lackluster losses but nonetheless is like like you know what i'm not going to i'm going to i'm going to call this one in a good time smart very smart man and i really do hope more guys learn you know and pay tension how you did it and do it the right way 'cause like how do you guys feel about like uh you seem like a lot of these guys are going over to bellator an i think bellator science would really good fighters you know like rory macdonald lorenz larkin and they've got a mean gegard inside see they got some great town over there but they also have guys that are you know late 40s fifties still very tough yeah freak show stuff for me we always talk about this i told you i said if i start getting sucked up in there knocked out like i'm going to keep fighting like make sure that you pull me away from my leg be the home that says hey sits me down like hey let's do a different career path you know if i always say that
that's one thing always say you know we're fighters rob's going to fight through it and obviously a lot of different reasons financially or sometimes just hard to walk away what do you do when you know the next chapter life people don't set that up you know looking fortune have a lot of good people around me so you know different avenues ago and always telling me if i say again locked up in there is also important understand the kind of intensity and focus that it's required to be a great fighter you could do anything you will have the yep just applied just figure out what that next thing's going to being go out of the same when you went out your championship career yeah i was these guys we do talks before and after practice an it's like a feather in the cap mentality like everything we've got guys in there that see the you see daylight middle never see step foot in the octagon but they get a little bit of pride well it was one day it was ten years or whatever a being a part of that team and that's up they add their life they take on with the next thing somebody
it comes in for a week some guys are are going to be you know to the big show some guys are going to be world some guys in the hall of famers you know and and and that's that's what every year journey is that's a proud thing you can put in a the cap and move on to whatever you're doing next but but it's the bigger picture and it's like he's never over she is always changing what do you do for a guy like lance palmer who's a real world class guy but he's fighting in what they call now it's not world there's a funny anymore they've a new name for right what do they change the name yeah real pro fighters or something like that yeah yeah this is what the problem is nobody's watch a few very few people watching but he's a real world class professional fighter like you see when just engaging came over to the ufc you realize like hey this fucking kid is world class right he's been fighting in an organization that no ones watching right well i mean the part about that is like you said you got gucci and you got a lance palmer they're still fighting tough
dudes over there so it's the same level competition sometimes sometimes even even worse you know it when they get all the the russians over in beltre like those russians are tough yeah you know so like for yes we just have the exam at the right opportunity right he has to get on a little winning streak and be at the right time is it is it is contract to be able to jump out and go to the big show but it's hard to these fighting these tough guys like the last guy he lost he broke his hand in the first round and he's fighting a tough guy and it's like oh he lost in this show he lost against a world class dude and he's a world us fighter so you know it's it's it's some you can make that transition over how do you guys feel about win lose like paydays like one thing bothers me about mma is that ma if you win you get a certain amount and if you lose you get less i feel like contractual i think i feel like you should contractual amount that you get paid and i feel like
you're leaving it up to the judges sometimes and the judges i mean here both of you guys been involved in at least teammates getting terrible calls four and you've seen it and you go why in the fuck you know like look even in boxing the mcgregor floyd mayweather fight the two of those judges connor winning one round so there's slogan crafter crazy i was looking around this judges too they're very familiar summer ma judges also rank there's a lot of the did that they started with boxing and then they learned a little bit about i'm a man and came over and you gin but there's a lot of them that literally don't know what they're judging or very little about it and your career could be you mean you could you might have a hundred and a hundred so a hundred thousand or swing on someone who doesn't know jack right terrible that's crazy that's crazy i guess for me as a fighter i look at it like it's rewarding right but then the opposite
but you can be on that losing call and horrible call screw yeah but i know for me it's they appear like yeah everything you do so you gotta go in there and fight for two checks is more your training you come out with two check so you lose its for me on it lee and i always remember getting a check afterwards actually i first started i was like oh yeah i got paid for this like literally like it had nothing do with the money at all and then you got that check and then you're like a man so if you're doing for the right reasons it should be yeah just your your percent amount i think that is to warn against the guys that are doing it for the wrong reasons i think it was a good motivation first or the idea when they're trying to build it but now it's not me not building anymore now it's a world class professional sport and you know however uriah when you're fighting in king of the cage dude outside memory
first time i saw you fire thank you were fighting fifty five two yeah i had to start i mean there is no weight class for me at that time yeah i remember pocket i remember i was all pumped his rogan knew who i was 'cause he followed all the underground schitt i was super self aware of like how much my notoriety was and like the bigger because i you know youtube i started looking on there like i only have like fifteen hundred people watching my shift i'm here and then kid yamamoto has like two hundred and fifty thousand i'm like fuck yeah but yeah well i was frightened i mean i thought tyson my first loss was against tyson griffin and cannot die casino and that in the parking lot and him like need him inside trip them into the head dive into the steel pole and just gashed my head open like eight seconds into the fight i'm just
pouring down blood i remember that they didn't have padding on the pole will they supposed to do it but the crew was running out of time so they didn't even take the time to put the padding on the bottom level they just put the clear like fake leather on the top of it and i'm just talking gushing blood i think we talked about this last of those undersheriff think we gave the way man yeah for real pave the way i was careful way to pave the way fuch that but you know like i said a lot of guys can learn from you and i think it's good man what's it like training in his gym in like when did you come here you came there like three years ago for about going on for going for an ounce for years i came out i was off an injury i had symptoms vertigo from like small concussions and i broke my hand my pro debut so i have a whole year layoff and always
shop the riley answers out there so i knew lance you know rests on him his brother throughout a are arresting careers is the always game when you want me to come out there and finally hit favorite browser eighteen about going to come out and check them out see if it's a good date he hit me back it wasn't till like four years later i was able to make the trip out there instead of the year off i was like don't waste anymore time i know i'm good i want see how good i am with some of the best in the world amid all those killers out that tj chad favored joe danny and chris was on hold was on you know get you just won the ultimate fighter that's a bad dude right there well how's his head uncrowned champ bro i'm telling you uncrowned he's doing okay i think he's just a look at things a lot different and he's like he's like a gem in the gym the coach for us and just like
wages soaks up he's got an easy good just going to stick with coaching hours you think about fighting them and there's always an option how old is chris he's twenty seven still young very young and he's not been off for about two years now almost longer was that when she who won the belt was his last fight they fight the same card so and so i was dealing with some concussion issues yeah a lot of guys remember tj grant was going to fight back in henderson for the title getting some concussion issues i mean could have it where i look at him and one one of his eyes would be all black and one would have like a little skinny dot in the middle and i be like dude what's going on and he be like but like holdsworth is like weird so you know master tongue always used to say hey you know tj a champion you know eighty percent holdsworth champion one hundred percent he was like he would never come to our our team
gatherings he wouldn't go to the river he would do anything he was like just all about training like almost like a problem you know but that's what happened a pen would bj penn when the when the bjj world champion the first american to do it and like you get an obsession and he was just vision vision vision had this obsession to be the best he was knocking guys out on accident in practice high kicks and knees you know with knee pads on like just because he he's good all the way around but his jiu jitsu is the top yeah super member coming out there and those guys like a year year layoff and also i mean i'm going to see how how good i so i went out there and mix well with good with the guys and had a fight lined up like i'm a fight in two weeks i'd really went out there for a week they became in the last day when i was there and like matching me like put me through the gauntlet with all these team alpha male guys it was wrestling day so i was going with these guys and we walked off the mat and he's like fixed me up and down and look at my tattoos like
what do you want to fight in the ufc and be world champ he's like alright he's like you come back out i'll be back out next week and hundred thousand guys been in there and said the same shit to him so i was like back out came out you know the week after shook handshake is a great man he's a good the five and will get you get you to the ufc and a disk every fight i'll save enough about hi we came out there for a week did you can't knock him out flew back suitcases then at the fighter house it was like twelve people in there turning japanese japan canada all over i mean it was just man in a weird set up right like do you still have that block in sacramento block of houses that's our team got built and that was like i bought a house in the in the the time of market where anybody could buy a house like stated income loan and i didn't like
i'm going to buy a house about like three two thousand and eight crash yes before the crash it was two thousand and five or two thousand and four five and i had no job no income really i was coaching wrestling camps in i i was get like seven thousand dollars but you could do it my my egypt him buddy was do and onesies i get you alone like really is it yeah saying income do this do that work history because you're coaching now and you went to school as a teacher it's a two year like all these different things i didn't know that that's the reason our whole economy crash but i was able to get a fuckin' but worked with you alone yeah works for me i never defaulted i just moved all sorts of buddies in there i started i mean that house a block i mean block at houses we had probably by forty five people that went through their child with their tj live there just buckles of their master tongue lived there fabio prado our coach live there like we had four or five houses at this point we've been selling them off so we all hopefully now
sports at a place we can be a nicer neighborhood so we're all trying to get the same neighborhood in the sack the fabulous forty so that's a nice neighborhood is that argument though that's the new that's a new block yes my name's unease in the interesting spot because you you go i have like surrounded by it's kind of country in a lot of way you know this is like the rivers there yeah it's beautiful left outdoors activities tahoes san fran yeah our way yeah yeah it's a good spot mid century that's always say and i think cody like you know is is rough is cody's background was he had a core like a town that like awarded him for being a champion athlete from football from wrestling from boxing etc and then the heart to it that's why i feel like cody such a good person in general like when you get cody like you know deal people and individuals walking on the street he's
gentlemen gentleman in like has a heart for the kids you know is kids disabilities you know these kind of things it comes that small town where there's there's accountability you know i mean it's like you a good part of the community you know that's it so i think sacramento has a big city big enough city but a small enough town feel for that which you lose some of the places yeah def ever all the the glue mom pop shops we go to college b t math math fans with a disco it's like most of friday night lights football town kind of like over the fighters out of there so we get the hook up you it's it's nice and everyone super nice with us to move the gym the old gym was downtown so we moved it to over by the stadium and stay darpa sillitti it's great so going to drive through fab 40s or where i live i dropped to five hundred and forty that's who's who make you know the nicest houses so it's always i have to drive through that neighborhood like i'm going to buy a house here and go to the gym so it's nice nice little change up
here we've had yeah right now your prep and to fight t j to defend your title for the first time first of all what is a feel like to be ufc on command weight champ in the world and it's awesome i'll have it so fast yeah it's awesome you know now it's about what you do with a belt about this on our a run yeah he started taking when i started talking about this fired up here i get off i hate to these runs he's always after the practice to do these like she explains rents on treadmills and i do this is not fun like he wants to do this like ten minutes press like just on i'm like is it that people don't want to do and like i don't want to do this brother sorry i just hate it every once and he was like alright do you think that running like i've had a conversation with a friend of mine about this with conor mcgregor conor doesn't run and he was like i really feel like every athlete that's doing something that
choirs like real endurance like boxing or mma or some like that should run said like the act of moving your body like forcing your body like your legs propelling your body and constant working your lungs builds you like at the kind of lung stamina and strength that you can't get from anything else so that's a good question and it's all different because i mean me cody had a discussion and previous title fight cody look dude i know i'd like to do am want to do these fuckin' runs i'll get on a treadmill and do like a ten minute or put it on ten and run for five minutes straight and then i'll put it on twelve it'll it'll why did you like forty seconds on twenty it's often i had to do with me once things like bro he goes look i've always i've done this
kind of thing i don't really like to run it's not part of my regimen i guarantee i would be in great shape and he went in there and he fought dominant cruise and i mean so you can't really argue with that but in my opinion i think it's a great way to get yourself uncomfortable you can run easier you can run hard to simulate like the feeling where your lungs are going to blow up in your head is going to pop in your fucking teeth hurt like i like to be able to do that with running but you can get the same thing in a hard going wrestling or jiu go if you're pushing the pace boxing go you can simulate like that type of like energy energean expenditure but forced to do it when you're running really really fast until you until you stop there's no coasting right yeah it's funny i asked dan henderson asked dan here since good buddy i'm like when i first started fighting you know i was trained with randy couture and dan henderson they come out to sacramento and do little camps and stuff and i sky i asked
dan henderson's buddy i'm like bro how many days a week does dan run and this is two thousand and six and he's like dan hasn't ran in twelve years mother a savage dude savage dude he's a savage she is a savage among these immensely i think is the toughest dude ever my uncle was all like old school trainer so we'd like pad work bag work run shadow box inspire we get when i was younger he would get his fifty rounds of work so you get fifty rounds you're ready for a fight we'd always spar fifty rounds around when you're younger fifty rounds rounds of foresight before right so it could be ok like five rounds ten times is that what you mean yeah throughout the four or five weekends to your flight you know we tried every sometimes we lived at tristate area so i would fight and i had a bunch of books i'd fight in ohio on friday saturday in pennsylvania west virginia on sunday so i have three fights you can't
do that anymore but we lived in the tri state so we always had these regional books and you fight i got this book you only have five fights this guys has one hundred blocks amateur boxing was almost like m dressing they're always you know can like that but he never really forces us to run we always spartan oh that's when you really fight would have some just composed in that i told me growing up is like doesn't make you better run or running doesn't make you a better fighter better i just is always tied to favor every time you want do those damn runs exactly by running doesn't make you a better fighter a bunch of different schools of thought on it and then people think have to run like long distance enable your body to dig deep in those late rounds when you're getting tired that you'll have more endurance out why it doesn't hurt that's you but the whole thought process behind one persons theory this is why i can't stand coaches that like
i think it's the only way you know where i was learned of course you always want input from other people and you have things that work but like even my my my manager back in the day he always used to worry about chad mendes his training because like batman mendez lance palmer those are you guys have been training since there are five years old on uh benjamin like their dads pushing can go to this and make him do that and so they're they're like little stations they got were like the most they needed they needed to go go hunting or go fishing and get the break for me i was always my dad he dropped the trail we have a have we drop papon he go to work and we'd fish all day and it was having me wrestler do anything i didn't start till i was in the eighth grade so i've always been on like a like trying to catch up kind of deal and like a chad lancer like get your homework when you train your butt off you do a regimen and then you take your little break and you take your breaks you know and it doesn't matter
about what you thought your processing as your method that you believe in as long as you really believe in it that's the most important thing the belief system is bigger than anything else it's gotta be there's got to be different methods for different fighting styles too yeah some people move around more like dominic and some people more more stationary and you know wrote rely more on power i mean it's got to be different routines that would be more effective it's kind of not finding whatever works best for you right right exactly for me i like sprints on like a explosive fighter in brasil have endurance like i did the video testing is actually tested as a cross country runner i hate running on the results you know right from what i feel like i'm i do better at spreading in long distance but it's crazy like what you have to be in shape for going in you know the fight for the cage i get to be great wrestling conditioning boxing conditioning those are all different conditions like yeah boxer comes in and wrestles he's toast in a minute if that
sometimes dressers they same thing they go just the composure you know it's uh arms i would connor said right after mayweather yeah nothing know it was just the composure yeah logged in he's just so efficient to any new the connor was going to fade 'cause connor was relying so much on explosiveness intents and so he didn't he didn't repair yeah i thought i thought i thought conor did a good job of staying nice and flowy and everything but here's the truth it's like if i were to take a pretty good high school wrestler a like i even like a really good high school wrestler and put him against an olympic gold list like like a high high level high school wrestler versus gold medalist i mean there's going to be a difference but when when the fatty he cracks a little bit it's it's happening a little bit one guy is going to keep composure completely and the other guy is going to have a little bit of an opening in
and then i'll be able to isolate that that's what happened with with fight and i that would happen i just didn't think that connor would do that well the whole fight until it happens you know he's doing awesome it makes me wonder like how would he have done if he had six months to prepare how good would have done if he got into really good shape yeah i mean it might have been able to make it to the 12th round i think either way the the more loose floyd got the more he was going to start landing shots he's just a far better boxer he's a specialist you know i don't think it was i don't think it would be it's about getting in shape early connor had amazing shape already a world champion then he's got this big opportunity that's what who is tell the guys also it doesn't matter kind of shape you're in cheap only means you can do or until you get tired i think the better shape urine he would've kept doing more do more do more and if he wasn't able to finish him you know what i mean like 'cause floyd was let him do more
well it wasn't letting me was wasn't not necessarily but he's taken rounds offer shortly sticking around like connor blowouts managing so it's it's like the shape you're in the more you're going to output until you get tired but if you're trying to fucking win you're going to be you know you're going to be put it out put it out yeah i think you will be able to do more into i got tired but the fifty with a set in we had a west we had this in a wrestling room the border saying it said take makes cow bizarre yeah i read that i was like in the same room with five years old all the way up until you know software rose junior year olds done wrestling but always read that i was like man fatigue do you know if the tiguas by new to coward was because i knew they didn't go away so i wouldn't go so hard i don't know how to wrestle really i would just go go go go and just keep scrambling out of things and that's how i always dress and my brother was like same exact a grinder old school wrestler
and you know and then pushing me so it was always that fatigue you know that makes cowards of us also when you get tired you're always going to get tired in a fight like i didn't i've never been to the fourth round been in the third once you know if with cruise at all these you know questions like i go it going to be a composer can you go you keep that power and speed up the fifth on i didn't know how i pay for that and believe that something it just believe i was but i was having so much fun there you just kind of pushed do that when you're tired and that's something with fatigue sets in some people can neither wilt from it or you know propel them to like it has a a bite down while more eyes in x i'm tired i know that mistakes happen when your tires the attorneys got a stay on it more right down to concentrate more on keep your take me clean and make sure that you well it's like an interesting thing when you fight a guy like dominic crew to because he's so awkward like you your europe caring for someone who moves in such a way i mean
no better than anybody you found several times he moves so weird you know he does move weird like the second time i fought him i feel like i did a good job of of like bring him move and then when he landed him and so the one thing i back in i watched that fight and i'm like you know you're always looking excuses of why you know why did i lose this fight or not and i think little things count i talked to cody about this it is it is fight with was let make sure the eyes are on you when there's no action happening because dominic is always doing this weird it's like peacocking he's moving and doing this these little movements and weird shit and so when nothing is happening you looking at you looking at the weirdo you know i mean busy so then it's like he is weird but it's not like noun it's it's a different kind of weird what was it
by doing the ultimate fighter opposite tj like no one guys were eventually going to fight and no one that you guys used to be teammates wasn't bad like for the first one two three weeks it was cordial like you know it was what it was and until he started going to like the media and like would say that i'm different off camera hey so i was like that was a as in like do they keep it we were just like being chords on cool like getting through the way into doing that whole process honestly it's it's a lot you know i'm i'm still trying to train and fight was opportunity i love to do it i love the guy the team had my coaches out there garden vegas it was a good time we had a good time with the team we were until like i said he would go to media and i talked it out was different like about choking one when he was talking to his step towards me so i was like so you're saying that so we corner i cornered him
and the and the and the and the and the with no cameras are teachers like me what's what's going on why you talking in the media saying them differ on off camera like a winds but you're actually right now there's no camera is uh so you think that and he's like no i don't of mass right now i grabbed squared up with me we have will throw down and that's it no cameras down and maybe that was some of the ships i was getting pistol was being with me so how many people were there when you guys almost fun no one we're in on him i was there today well it is how old is this out of the shower it's so funny it is down but i was this confused on it was like dude we're cool cordial with each other and then you go and the media that's when i started i was like man i was just kind of like fed up with the whole thing but now it's like long drawn out for the fight i'm just like all that away and leaving team alpha male all the variables and you break it
on against fighter versus fighter this is a sudden that i like thankful for you know i mean finally finally the to fight these opponents that are there worthy opponents that can go out there and show showcase my skill against you know so horrible being around the guy until he would go and talk the median house like a pod buzzing and what it was going so how did you guys resolve it when you were still alone in the locker room do what everybody came will literally broke it up well that happen and then he put his fist up and i was like alright here we go i was going through like some some fire adam like a lasso i'm sorry who is in the fighting and then it he put his hands on he's like look i you're acting bro and i was like well like he went from trades ready to fight then to that so i was like whatever it is what it is i'll just like do quit talking sheet in the media like right here you can see it to me i don't know why we don't have we can talk about it and a couple times we've had off camera talks like with me and him about the whole joe daddy stevenson fight i was like look grow
i understand you're trying to get your guy back on but joe should not fight so much damage in that fight and he's fighting in six days i'm twenty five years old and i would not fight in five or six days after i just fought like that he was concussed he was hurt and like a mean like i can't tell him not to fight like you have to tell him like yours code you can't call his wife or his coach or you know you have to set we can have i don't want my teammates fighting each other but do that's going to be as if he's going to get knocked down be hurt yeah and you just don't then his head coding like joe and we're doing our friend joe look i love your pioneer like your yes but you don't need to go out here and get ten one thousand dollars in in whatever was there getting getting for that fight to go in there and have serious damages fine haidar haidar has good like i think eight knockouts has not knockouts he throws his hands i knew it was a bad matchup up yeah the eagle ego thing one wanted his whole team he cuz you team
we didn't stylishly pick the best match up sir you know who's in there trying to do we could but those guys you know it was it was it was tough you know it's like teaching an old dog new tricks it was just you know it is hard it was i was awfully hard it's gonna be weird coaching people my short period of time like that to me is you really these are all raffi's actions yeah right so as you know it was like i said i do see right we have no i didn't do any of my research on like how they did outside of the ufc career i've never done in the ufc like okay you know what this guy's beacon fire eddie gordon these massive let's go with him you know a we we just didn't know like you how they did outside of it you know so i would just assume that like a like as a coach if you get anybody and you work with a for six weeks you would start thinking fried six months exactly out of this but i noticed when i coached against dom we had we had three months so that's right 'cause you guys did
there was a crazy live the only lie yeah well like it is true life a yes man all these guys they i was i was staying under wraps but we had the hoax go out there with all my coaches were just the young guys coming up trying to get them exposure and everything so i had tj in lance and you know all the guys there or my coaches they're running okay vegas it was hilarious is thriller not season that was when i came out i was i was ali vegas sikeston way to leave vegas after that it was just yeah cody is my coaches remember for the gregor yeah it seems give me the like vegas to live in vegas is kind of like living near a nuclear reactor like you might be able to do it for a couple days but after a while the radiation is going to get you one wrong one wrong decision from like a whole change of life yeah too much like really need it yeah all of a sudden
will have seen daytime for a couple of also then my my feelings on it is that your around like maybe just me being sensitive but i think you're around people that make shitty decisions here all around a lot of that in vegas you around a lot of compulsive gamblers just a vibe of the city like this rate should i it is a lot of successful people they know dane in the for there's a there's a lot of people that are making great money and doing well in business but then there's a whole like underbelly to the city that's compulsive gamblers they should have a shift in a bunch of other stuff all sorts of stuff yeah man city of sin sin city but i think the it's funny like you go to la this is we talking about like you know people live there right in the entertainment industry or whatever it's like la is like a social climb if you take them the crappy part of the the social scene it's
we're trying to socially climb and what do you do for work i would encourage you know do you know how can it can i get out of this person like try to play the game and have success in vegas this is just sold out like alright i'm going to get make a bunch of fuckin' money strip in this cocktail whatever it is right so it's like yeah whatever the deal is or whatever it is so it's like la social climb vegas sold out it just doesn't seem like uh this has a a there's not transient people and there's a lot of people that are there just for the casinos whereas like any other city you know like if you live in chicago for instance it's a town it's a real city people there for generation after generation there's a lot of different businesses a lot of variety to it in vegas you got the hub which is all the casinos when you got the surrounding areas that are just sort of feeding off of the casinos it's weird it's a weird egg weird great great for short short times
one thing i would say it was cool why are there is i mean that is not necessarily destination spot so is living there and people knew that we were living there i would get hit up like every couple of days with somebody that was coming too vague iss so is always like you get to rehash like see all sorts of that you would like to see that they're popping into vegas all of a damn everybody is you up like it's like you know it's got little reunion place you know we go there all the time now as far as your new place like what did you do differently when you guys move to a new spot like how did you set it up at the old spot for a long time right you get check the place you love i saw online looks amazing so simply we just made it bigger and better try to cover all the things that that we do as mixed martial artist within one so we have crossfit we have yoga we have t next we have you know conditioning class is that are you know and
bass we have introduction to stuff and then we have the mma side which is a tradition my tie our our pros happening work out of there we have our own little locker room for the the pros and we have like like these finishes there's a cafe there there's an outdoor area there's like you know sam's in showers and that's amazing the other place was just it was eight thousand five hundred square feet which is still pretty big at the time it was cutting edge and it was one shower and it and it was thirteen years of building the team and i mean place duncan that's a good recipe for staff one shower his time ever got staff was when i went out to team alpha male he's right before my ufc debut literally like remember at two weeks two three weeks yeah no i got the call like you're going to fight in three weeks i'm like yeah
donna and about in a minute yeah i mean he's he was like i take i'm like dude i got staff at like in my leg i couldn't log it was horrible first time i had it and was it from not showering right after you trained or just i think that we really have staff all over your body you have at your nose and everything else i think the muse system down and then answers your address you know you guys with defense soap yeah that's stuff is guy say go yeah yeah it was awesome this boy going on at great guy so and that that product is amazing here's a bunch of different things like salt for scratches ointment this teacher oil eucalyptus and stuff like that on that desktop yeah yeah would you be you could stay on that stuff on a regular you avoid ninety nine percent of that ship they get that sleep getting sleep and eating right and shower after workout now what kind of diet do you want cody like how do you how do you organize your nutrition actually i just spoke with
a couple weeks ago we did like i've done submit at from on it and gave me hold protocol freeway and all for this camp daytime nighttime stuff really mad i can eat really whatever i want i have super high it's hard for me honestly to gain weight like i'm hovering around one hundred and forty seven after work output so high yeah so high and i don't not never been yearly i never like to be full like i don't like that 'cause i don't know so i just i usually do some meal perhaps i've messed with some meal prep companies some my wife's a great cook so she usually i eat a lot of salmon like i love salmon bison so i keep it at you know george locker i work with him so he people who diet of here's my carbs here's the proteins and then we get to fight we come literally twelve pounds overnight
doing his die and water loading and i don't run i don't have to i just do my work outs regularly like i would for you know just to keep shop for the week lose the way i mean it's it's best i feel the greatest i used to always cut weight and then like cuddle i wait and then get i beat up and feel sluggish like with what you would george in a die that he's he's giving me on us with the with the onnit products for two months i've been on the other products and i feel so much like just just better better with them like joint as a stat such did as i got a job we give me a whole thing that this krill oil boom all that stuff yeah oils giant man fishel is so important for people in this so many people don't take it but it's just for joint mobility and joint health and just reduction of inflammation also if it's fuel for your brains great for building your muscles like fish oil is just one of the primary supplements that i think people should take my mom used to have a stake spoons of that not the pills should actually have
oil in a jar yes i have that stuff i get a carlson's i get in a jar two tablespoons of it but they have it they you pay put like lemon flavored and and different things but you don't know what it his tastes like our when i'm in the previous section not true not yes good yeah so you just essentially is eating healthy you know i don't have like any specific diet you follow no i mean i i stick to the you know the lean stuff out sam and i always do that um once you get a little healthy spots around around town too who got actual sin out some juice a liquid did juice it's fresh juice we have two spots are like right by the gym they have like super healthy foods good science health bar have almost like a whole fitness location there it's not just a gym right now how many how many members you have now we're like one thousand four hundred members tell what's the name of the place again uriah favors ultimate fitness ok that's good
i don't know you were thinking about doing something with the ufc gym at one hundred pm right we have and we have one out there that want us to thirty five minutes away that as well that's in rockland which is about thirty five minutes so when i got a partner there who is a gym guy he has crunch gyms and he's in tight with master of the guy ufc gym and so he primarily runs that and there's no contact in that in that place you know you can't do sparring and things like that so oh really any the ufc gyms so i have like huge excesses could strangle each other can't kick or privacy gta so when they have like boxing classes do they tap each other at least no the now bag work and no drills i mean you're not going learn if you don't do they they do they do some jobs they don't do any network like now they don't have like one one person hold the minutes and one person holds the
do privates and stuff like that is it like a liability thing i would imagine so probably worried yeah well at least edit jujitsu and you learning great technique it's a great idea to to to have a gym that's like based around the u of c were people are fans can go and and learn that kind of stuff and get a great workout just to the should bob arum said today the we boxing is an enemy and it's the ufc the the us is the enemy of boxing is just a little dummy funky yeah he just told me that you just you just you just got six point five million pay per view buys for mayweather versus mcgregor in a bar match so you tell me how the u f c's the enemy he said this is what can help you out dude yeah made made is made boxing cool again definitely i or you have bumped up canelo alvarez and triple g absolutely reflect the twenty four slash seven oh yeah me too we've taken boy i don't know i don't know look canonical lufkin is a mother fucker dude
but canelo alvarez get gets better all the time is younger guy you know he looked fucking sensational it's a mere con he's looked sensational gets everybody except floyd yeah now i mean floyd just floyd from a drain himself then go all the way down to one hundred and fifty or one hundred and fifty two or something to write them cut down that far yeah you cut down way low and they just looked sluggish and floyd is the best boxer pretty much ever just got his box him up game plan selected the game yeah and just look beautiful to triple g the interviews are hilarious like traditional like russian i think you know it sounded like exactly how you max max i hear for big drama show exactly max of course i think it would be a good fight good for the fans that's what i'm here for more
shows cross yes my friends mexicans love trouble g lights like julio cesar chavez man he's a seven is a animal body puncher and rip and shots with things going to get it cody man i think honestly cannella i don't i just they can now add laid chip which is a beast i think would you like to know why do you like to know in this guys like is on his pressure is body punches in a is that how we flows if there's a lot of hooks on away i'm a big guy and like mike tyson i used to watch all mike stuff hooks and can it is to it does some creative stuff too right i so i did that i i sir doing to move off of watching cannella he throws like a fake hook to an upper cut so it's like this and it goes like that because the guy cover here it comes out of the middle man i mean
i didn't look as good as his i didn't want to get scotty jorgensen when i find it look like i was just winding my my my arm up like this but it's like well he has a bunch tricky subtle thing does i the also ring generalship like that's huge for me i like you knock people out fast there have good combos but the way that you take the octagon or the ring in next document and and then impose your will on his presence in there he knows where he's at all time yeah what's interesting to me about this fight is this is the first time that he's fought a guy is world class that is a brutal power puncher like him who's bigger than him who's going to come towards him you know where he fought floyd it was a smaller guy but just wave crafty rinse liquor with style and you know it was an interesting fight but ultimately wasn't wasn't like the most exciting fights for just kind outboxed him i think this is gonna
bang up fights angle is fine yeah i think going to come towards each other and it's going to get crazy yeah for real this is like the highest stakes fight in boxing because you have two murders rogers in their prime gennady golovkin undefeated the only person canelo us too is floyd has only lost yes is only loss and is in disarray issues fifteen professional fifteen for nominal phenomena a fight i mean just such a good fight i cannot wait for this fight yeah that's going that's where i was when oscar tweeted about you know he's all but how about us they do we're still going to watch eg comma this is why they're all fools if oscar just this is great for boxing this is great for everybody that everybody would have been fine instead these guys create enemies you know and say this is a disgrace this is a fixed target numbers right they're saying floyd is fix the fight in the you know they like about are they still saying master seen some crazy oz
just talking about data is like he doing blow and cross dressing due date is a savage he's a set of nomo fox will come out some of my pics about like some of the every that post about him or someone that he just kills people you know he and i give a yeah funny he's aware if that's what happens you have a half a billion dollars yeah yeah you don't give a i guess so hey have a in the beginning which is why he is perfect for the ufc i sent a picture he went right before he right after he did the whole deal where they sold everything he was on the espn news on some show and huge slouched over looked like it like a pile of crap picture of it and i sent it to him i said bro why don't you like you have four hundred million dollars in the bank or at least investments of some bucking fitness shift or something i send a picture just all slumped over like this i think he's super stressed
i think it's better now i think at that time was like a crazy astym could you imagine you're about to get involved in a four billion dollar deal and then how about afterwards all this shift starts falling apart rhonda gets merked connor decides to go to boxing the sports falling off in the a lot of the paper view buys john jones test positive again like the itself so much i mean he was on his way to being a next gigantic super star right i'm if you take away his to his time off right the time off where you get busted before take a whole year off because the deck pills all this difference if the time off from the car accident take all the time off and john keeps winning and you got god damn jag can't take superstar the likes of like anybody that's in the see maybe even right up there with connor means you don't know even even i mean all the negative stuff the top the jon jones people are still
so in dc and cheered him i'm easy way more said some great pr going behind the guy that i don't think it's at all i don't think it's i don't think they have the brain i don't think anybody alive as the brains to organize public response i think public people tweet to pete they love john because what john is he's a ruthless killer inside the octagon and then he's he but he's still a bad mother fucker like here at this time when he was getting booed and everything and then he took the time of and then by the time he came back back at his side it's like you know he has continued was getting booed there he's getting food like before you got suspended the the the time before yeah would test positive for coke now things are remember i'm getting bhutan if but if he was it was nothing like dc dc wins fights and gets booed crazy you know he beats rumbly gets booed people get mad at him they got mad at me trumbull member who are doing them like what do you bowl in the gorgeous
i can choke johnson hi how are you for the second time how you doing i don't get it but you can't the the public yeah you can jeff fickle is the sign is ally yeah exactly they decide who they love and they decide they hate i don't tell you what john speech every be dc was beautiful yeah i was yeah it was it was great it was followed up by but steroid test why it's so sad that's i mean look i'm hopin but just like everybody else is there some sort of a up yeah and then we have your out that something happened something was wrong well i haven't really followed it too much so i don't really know that's not good it's not good well he tested positive for something that only shows up in urine tests and so they did him a urine test after the way ends he tested positive for this stuff and then they did a blood tasks and you know he's campus saying oh it's not in the blood test but they don't test for it in the blood test that's why they do a urine test in a blood test it's two different tests like d ball like the main t ball teacher at a bar
it's a weird substance that not a lot of people take so apparently chill son was talking about that if he's taken that like there's some real old school steroid took a short acting short short half life steroid on it just mail it in it's sad yeah i said i've i just don't think i mean what's what do you prove that's my whole thing well he must have felt like he needed some sort of an edge if he took it if he took it or or the real problem is or was he taken stuff the whole time did he get involved those powerlifter dudes and start they can ship because memories got falcons supercharged due to this massive yeah i mean we we was going to have the way he looks josh yeah i mean i don't want to speculate at all really now
i know but that you were involved in the sport in the early days when there was no testing they just look at yeah yeah i mean when you were when you were first fight like he did changes or any drug testing no nothing right it there wasn't any type of anything i mean it was illegal in california so the only reason we're fighting on indian reservations 'cause everything was illegal in that crazy it is native americans do whatever they want yeah 'cause we screw them so bad but it's not we i mean it's open so many generations ago is weird that it's still around they have like this sort of a nation inside a nation so it's a very odd little situation over the u s we talk about the holocaust and what happened over there and over in like germany we talk about what we did at the indians well you know we did the indian well it wasn't we my parents were here when it comes genocide you know the biggest genocide was disease yeah ninety
percent of them were killed by smallpox and all sorts of bugs that they just had no resistance from that's right when they first met the europeans and it had nothing to do with like a planned attack on them people would just dying off like crazy that's what happened that's terrific it's crazy but thank god they have casinos well so i've got a bunch of buddies that are native and so they have like things in one tribe like you had things you could you could choose it won't one group up in northern coast took their fishing right so they can fish with nets in like put bombs in the water
and but they didn't take the the casino right cedar had up he did while the fish you will see no money they say they slang that smoked salmon it's good it is good but it's not like the casino money a lot of smoke sam cash is actually yeah there's some of the place of it and alberta where i've been hunting up there and natives the calm first nation people up there they're allowed to basically but anyway they want they use spotlights and shoot animals at night they shoot as many as they were there right yeah it's part of the deal i know this yet in your dizziness is a violation of free moose have free as the disallowed use all sorts of you know what other people would think of as unethical techniques and tips gonna yeah yeah i'm going to utah soon l can't couple weeks excited you eat mostly i know chad does that tries to eat mostly food that he's killed in there
as much as i can ninety nine percent of the food i eat is while game is of the other vegetables yeah well if you shoot elk like of the eagles l codes are how back that's four hundred pounds meet i give a lot of it to my friends who don't hunt you know just like elk that's and that's enough meat for a year know and then i usually shoot a deer two year yeah it's just me out about people that are so against hunting i mean i'm not a big hunter but like the things that happen like on the farms where they're like you know have animals is cajun and try to feed him getting fat i mean that's some nasty stuff this is a way more humane and a healthier way to eat right it's definitely help there would eat is definitely way or more humane but people love to point of ninety seven percent of the people in this country meet either that or they're pescatarian or heat but you know that there's maybe three percent of the people in this country that are vegans
that's a that's a small number but you know they they get very vocal about it and the best way for them to like they can find person like say if you hunt you hold a picture of a deer that you shot they found you're you so that you're an individual whereas like if you have a steak like that steak was raised by a rancher it's on a ranch who's the guy who shot it who knows but you got it at a supermarket here it is is too many too many hold down the line it's not you can point to one person but if i see you i favor i holding up you know a ducks that he shot like lets that's you you killed that dog get the vegan cat lady after you again it's true that was really funny there's a truce that's a true bit man as a true bit this this bunch of commits a community of people that think it's a good idea to feed a cat vegan food yeah there's a whole move to feed cats vegan food if they go blind and have heart attacks and shift really yes yes yeah cats are supposed to
something called taurine that only exists in animal food and uh like in animal protein sir what's called an obligate carnivore which means they can anything anything else this like a dog dogs can eat carrots and a bunch of other shit like dogs eat things like you can eat dogs can eat some grains and potatoes and stuff like that is fine for them they sleepy eat meat like dogs are mostly carnivores but they can third eye it up a little bit still be okay not cats you fucking start feeding cats beats and fetch bulls and she like that they got away so it's a bit this chick came after that i'll show you don't want to do that because it's on my netflix bit but it's like only got mad at me because i posted a picture some meat on instagram it's based on the total true story that was one of the vegan cat ladies yeah this fucking good so don't want to ruin it for you i don't but it's just the commute yeah people that that feed their cats vegan food they're fucking completely there
like next level crazy like if you talk vegans are crazy they like well we're taking this ship to the next level it's like there's levels to everything you know like this like you were thank you jim this guys are just tough guys they don't really want to fight these guys who want to fight the fight in the amateurs and then this could garbrandt she's the cody garbrandt of a vegan active vegan activists yeah next level crazy i went to is he was an xactware so go yet not even yeah i was at a yeah i mean i would like to because of this great as a first cut i i went live you know said that it was it was great i was laughing my off sacramento is fun man they came out with a good time i always love form that i ever since back in that little comedy club there the punch line sacramento yeah it's great spot yeah it's a great little spot i would have craig robinson was in town he's my buddy's a good dude and he pulled me up on stage that had me do something i thought i'd shoot it up to play
pretty bad his body is greg bring his music up there yeah but save me a little bit because out he's like right now i would bring to a boil bow and i got up there on stage and then and some like my my manager it kind of gave me a heads up like craig might pull you up there so i had like like alright well i just told the story that the check that knocked on my door and came is she about that story i did that but i had craig do sound effects for it so i was like maybe i'll do this but you gotta give me sound effects views on this thing like like then she took a massive shift and he's doing it on the what with this was like new years right
so in your house it was just a saturday night i mean this this was a newspaper saturday or known for this lady shittin my hat my bed my bedroom or my bathroom then fuckin' most things i've done in my life for myself well you told a story somewhere i like cooking magic video of it on snapchat and i'm like dude this is still up and yeah it's probably up tmz did it and did a story on it and they did an interview and they showed my whole thing i actually like got a picture of the chick open the door there's like a canoe of schitt between your legs and she's sitting in vomit and shit half in the toilet half on the floor and my brand new house i just spent a whole year building it me and my dad and he is christ getting your house what happened with the door like an idiot so ok so i'm my buddy version and his girlfriend it's like one lock on a saturday we're just kicking it one of them yeah
it's like inside piece it doesn't put it in there now timeline so then i hear a little knock i thought i'm liking someone knocked on the door and then it goes away and that here again like an akamai think somebody's knocking so i go in and literally i opened the door like this an i got this plump like twenty four year old fucking drunk as shit woman like leaning against the door like looking at me open the where she like just walks in and i'm like can i help you to get a little boiler is at her in the background now that's my buddy virgil's ex girlfriend this is great yeah this is kind of strange so she just
the case walks in your house and this was in the bathroom walks in my house and i'm i can help you thing i've ever seen ready see in there so of the season so she was passed out in and piss in your bath and so so i open the door and she stumbles in like all chubby and like in boiler hanging out there so i can ambulance firetrucks swat team to come get this check out of my toilet and so she walks in and walks us i'm not going to help you and she it keeps going to excuse me and she like walks the end of my house and just lock yourself in the bathroom is there right there oh yeah just sitting on this this is after she wiped up yeah oh jesus oh she didn't wipe up i don't know what you did that's hedjet myself jesus she missed everything everything
it is weird that she knew exactly where that bathroom is at that is why i'm just i'm just just say i think that it was not there the heroes had she ever been over your house for a party or something no so she just was in the neighborhood so i live on the corner and there's maybe is like it comes more block down there's a bar called all the cheaters i think she used not from that walk and had it really take his shares a bar called cheaters yeah is kind of like that ashley madison of bars really been in there yeah of course of course yeah i really wouldn't go there so anyways i think it starts with you know if you go to that bar like like you know what's going on oh right thanks you're going to see it it's an oldass like bar in east sac which is like like the nice little neighborhood
second shift dive bar so i don't know what it's all about the dudes name is cheater it's probably his cheaters bar man about cheating cheater cheater cheater cheaters there cheaters maybe it's cheaters it's on 34th and fulsome is there an apostrophe after the no cheaters looks angry fuck up so this is that bathroom was not there before where i got the house i've added that on port a slab and built back and everything else and so i don't know how the hell she she dead ended in the end of the house and just took a left so just got lucky found bathroom shed all over the place which ever contact her afterwards gibler no never contact you and say hey let's go over your house like
he's got a notice on tmz but all these different websites i think she like reach out think it cut back on again because that one that girl gets into a twelve step program you will be one of the first people she apologized to say i gotta make it right with all the the wrong the packet i wonder if she's is she someone in the neighborhood i don't know but the truth is like she went in that bathroom like she was just drawn like how she gives you have no if you know my house that's what i'm saying is like always asking you just too much but this guy had this mexican guy that was working for me and he had like an he would do the lacquer on all my cabinets and everything and so he took like an extra month and he would get in there an i go into the house like it was being built and he'd be passed out on the floor he just get high as flocking like pass out my theory was maybe he when he was he would like stay the night at the house the house under construction maybe he was
having this chubby chick come over something i mean passing off to mexican yeah there's no it is not really how you doing that let's change the subject shiteru companies like team alpha male in sacramento you guys are like one of the real super camps in the world like there's like a handful of super camps this country right there's like dt you know there is do groove is there is for hobbies camp tristate r there's a bunch of super camps do you try to pay attention to how other guys are running their stuff and try to figure out what what they're incorporating as far as like strength conditioning rehab places like physical physics therapy things on those lines a little bit you know we have a reputation whenever we go somewhere going into the gyms in trying to get a role and you know test yourself against other people like like a kind of an open door policy at our place to like somebody wants to come in they can come in
and check it out so we've gotten a lot of about the years a lot of feedback and on her own stuff but always trying to learn but not necessarily like we kind of have our own recipe like we ever things at work and it's about regiment in a lifestyle it's like set set programs throughout the day and you can kind of make shift your own depending on what your coaches think you need to do what you feel you need to do 'cause there's twenty three practices you could hit a day if you wanted to and then there's individual workouts and they go you know some guys do the cryotherapy and then they doing that suction therapy and they've been doing believing that their cup stuff kuping i don't i'm like i'm like old school like i don't really believe in i'm not like looking for all these little secret things to do but i think those things help a little like somethings gotta help a little like cryo helps do you do that at all i've done it a couple times
not like it's not a thing that thing i'm i'm adamant about that i think is good which i would have liked to do more of throughout my career is the hyper bericht gamers yeah you use after the aldo fight with your leg with after the aldo after after the mike brown fight like broken hand broke my hand had surgery like i mean i'll use that just as regularly did you do a show actually got one and had it at his house in his garage really like in sacramento he and he had like a certified him is wife got certified to do it and he was just like chill i think so what is the hyperbaric chamber do it's like a it's a learning oxygen rich environment right yes so it's high oxygen rich environment so it basically like you can like it does like the same thing that red blood blood cells to do like transport things to to your body fashion help you heal for sir so like there's high altitude which helps you like get acclimated and and make more blood
close yourself and this is just like helping pass things through it's like a hyper oxygenated environment and what do you what do you feel like it did for you and healed faster so that's it for that i never i i was never been like a big straining conditioning guy even in in in wrestling and in college because i was always cutting weight so i felt like let you know i've always been really strong for my size it wasn't one of my things that i need to work on this is surely i was working on technique or working on this fluidity or whatever so i i started when i broke my hands i start doing the heavy lifting regimen i used to not like to do lifts like squats exactly i would get so sore i couldn't do all the shit i like to do like wrestle and run and things like that so i was to heal my hand while i was doing heavy work out so my trainer kept asking me like what like in my sore and i was like nah i'm not sore we finally put it together because the hyperbaric chamber like i was like hyper healing it was like
like i would do a hard hard workout never get sore because i would go into the oxygen chamber my schedule just worked out i was going in there quick huh that's interesting yeah is there any downside of doing no there's not the downside is it offensive and that's the same reason why insurance didn't didn't pass to be insured so there is a discussion it could be as much as two hundred dollars session planning for an hour and how many sessions will you doing i would get it to where i was doing you know like four sessions a week insurance wasn't paying for this pay uh that's nice yeah so like this i have set up the the new ufc performance center i think have all that stuff there and i know the underground treadmills the high altitude building i've used their pt a couple times i'm just we have a very fortunate with
russ magnus sacramento dorado hills that he does all that i use hyperbaric amber well i had the whole last year you know you kick someone wrong angles messed up for two days i'll go on there that day and put put weight move around be fine what they use it there is great brain trauma it helps to your brain like they'll be later yeah it's the thing that they do for the band's when somebody goes and does deep sea and they they there is a like deep sea diving they have to put in a hyperbaric chamber to like acclimate them to like healed from coming up too fast i mean there's like a real science behind it you know i've heard but people using it for brakes bone breaks and having some really quick recovery yeah i just never experienced it you should do it like yeah but i would imagine would be just a good thing to do all the time but i wonder if there's any negative effects i don't think there is i mean you so they're doing it for autistic kids for people with
limes disease lyme disease is a big one yeah jesus that stuff scary yeah there's so many people that have that don't even know tired all the time and broken down they don't understand their immune system is devastated by ticks yeah that's not really a thing called the rocky mountain tick rocky mountain flea or something like that i think it's antic but there's a uh oh no that's not it it's the lone star tick there's a disease is that people are getting that makes you allergic to red meat i'm getting it from ticks that's it true yeah you take bite and you don't realize anything even happen and you go to eat meat like you cheese or something get really sick immune system gets devastated there it is the lone star tick injects alpha gal the bloodstream and then the immune system releases immunoglobin e antibodies to fight this foreign sugar after this
action the future intake of mammal meat with the same alpha gal result in an allergy reaction because meat has its like alpha galactose they're saying alpha gal as a short but i forget what it actually is forget the actual law citizens who does it say there yeah galactose alpha one three galactose so that's the you that like clinton later bro i never ship bro progress every day three hours ago learn something been around is this yet but that's fuckedup chad mendes got that he the idea is that man make sure you get that a lot of jazz stuff on you you just just get each you can fish it's mammal protein starting crocodiles hunt crocodiles only yeah so the hyperbaric chambers is a good one i've been and uh the salt
well he's been doing float yeah you told me that a long time ago and they finally got one right sure little vibe health bar in sacramento liquid allergy that using viber and they have the right next door they have that that the floats that floats center says that that's amazing in it it's cool i mean the only problem is i have to have a quiet mind in able to go to to get the most out of it like if i'm stressing about something i go in there i just like i mean i end up like just thinking the whole time whatever yeah right place to go in there i think yeah the personality thing like you like it when i can relax but like if i have like a lot on my mind i can't just shut it down and then i'm stuck in this like nothing just thinking and i'm like i gotta get out of here and go take care of this take care of that right right when i when i'm able to chill i love it and i know cody uses it a lot i use it a lot i one time
puskar like astral projection right yeah it was crazy i went in there basically i was explaining to the guy that owned at the time 'cause i quit going i was like one time happens feel like grim reaper came over to help me know shit was like trying to show me down drown me balls like sleeping like a deep trance i always like my body would vibrate and it kept coming i will come back to it like the wego such and i sleep deep trance i come back up and i finally got myself back down relax would drift off into the flow they've only got like just but the whole time i could feel the hot coils on my back to my face you know because it's still you know you're just above water to run your overhead and three times i found as i got up and also like i felt like something was trying to do some was i don't know what i was going on in society or something crazy crazy wow i still have some crazy vision
is there a model is in there i just kept the that has a blue light in there and i got the music going and i was just spinning and like bouncing off this i was just staying busy i could chill i'm not good at relaxing these days we would think i would think would be better relaxing now now that you're retired from fighting no way man no i have to i'll have to like if this is going on and i'm like i'll have to like stop like look guys i have a meeting right now i go let's cover this over and like gee to start twenty minutes ago i need to get that work out an otherwise i'm like you know i you know you treat your self a regimen throughout your life of working out a couple times a day and that's what you do and then you go in and try to have meetings all day in in like do what this and put this fire out and get on this call and it's like i was doing that together with being a full time after so find the balances been the key for me well for you there there probably is like a requirement that your body has to like blow outs yes to that and that that's another thing with the
diet like about his diet like i have been like an over eater he doesn't like stuff he's coming you know making fun of me for eating all the time i'm like just constantly eating and whatnot just doing that you burn so many calories in the day now i have to be mindful of not like overeating 'cause i'm not putting out the same thing otherwise i feel like crap right you don't want your fat you fat i mean i'm not worried about getting fat necessarily is more of just like feeling my shit cody is that vest instigator ever whatever i'm doing he tries he tries to like accentuated like like if he knows i'm like man i'm a little thick it it will wait like a day and the like and if bigger is always trying to make things worse about thirteen do you have a digit to match with paula meow right yes that's uh and you went to a desicion with him man that's
again six overtime yeah that's gigantic that guy is fucking legit yeah pretty good for a guy like you didn't specialize in that and specialized in mma and coming from a wrestling background obviously have a grappling background and you are great at submission in your mma career but to take on a guy that's like that accomplished as a grappler that's gigantic yeah it was cool i mean i always tell these guys and i should leave and that's why i said about connor to like you have to in our sport you have to be able to go with the world champion jujitsu player world champion wrestler world champion judo they're a world champion boxer in be able to hold your own you know that's that's the difference with our support and that's why it's so impressive and so that's why i was saying for these guys and i didn't even for that i was going to train real hard take it real serious but then i got this the rampage movie role within the
movies i went and spent ten days in atlanta and then i had told chad before i would do this charity fishing chip with these you know the injured vets and so we did that three days i went in there looking like a chubby there's a picture of me i look so friggin chubby that that thing and didn't even try but i was like you know what i go i take a lot of pride grappling ability i feel like you know one of the best grapplers in the sport so is good to go in there and do that well you know that and chad beating jeff glover tapping him that's fucking crazy i think it just shows you the level of grappling that you guys have at your gym but i've gone like jeff glover and i when i star training in mixed martial arts because i'm from santa barbara when him and cooper what is your sound barbara yeah i was born in san and i live this we have in santa maria two i love it up there it is all bro you gotta come stay at my house i will read rent it out right now
barbara i read it as straight out to family from sweden but i'll come and play all hook you up did it's bad you bring your family up there it's like a sound bar was also yes it is you want spots really is one of the best bots so we say about jeff cover you knew him from paragon so jet i've chain with jeff for years so that you know paired on used to be like the size like to these tables well like in a little room and so i would go down and walk down from my uncles house and go down to pair when those guys are just starting in me and jeff have trained together for years and bill to bill when he every time yeah builder every time i come in there he'd want to go straight straight wrestling like hey can we some takedowns because he's trying to work on that part of his game but like i've i've with cool i've j with hobson more i've chain with glover like whenever i see someone that they can look me in ju jitsu i'm going that guy had hobson come stay at my house i go and share with karina all time i had
glover i'd always hit him up and go with them so i've been going to the top level guys my whole career that's used though because of the other john accomplishment for you and a even bigger for chad yeah tap glover misconduct as see this guy i mean that's always say in i was i was give you i've said it like two or three times are like i'm like let's roll and you like you just want to try to fucking you know put it on me and this and that i like them because you're always worried about me in other people's guards i said this the other day i'm like whenever i'm worried about you and your and other people like arts like in a fight i'm comin down time may come to when ever been worried been worried about you and someone's guard his name michael mcdonald he's like right michael mcdonald got a real
good clothes good bottom today that i mean if i'm looking at a fine i'm looking at what what's the possibilities here absolutely no hi i'm just with you does have a good gittin from his back we him up yes a good he has some good triangle he's got he's got a good game but i was a big win for you it was a fight that was a good fight wow yeah i was yet that fight him he was knocking everyone out now he's a weird one man like in his style because you look at his body think like how this car heavy puncher and then he you believe it it's a weird thing like that look at him all skinny and will be at heart given this guys ship for the last two days 'cause his black guy he got a black eye yeah elbow by by something it was like covering up kind of scared and then he bought my little joseph morales is doing with me since he's nine he's a twenty five just had his his dave
in the ufc and i'm like man popo got you that black ideas like now it was it was elbowed i'm like nah man it was but i was getting he got so busy like you could make it real hard day for joseph next time be smart don't you think the having a bunch of people around you that fuck with you like that is actually probably good for you when you get into situation with the galaxy dominick cruz it talks a lot of shit if you're so used to it like that was one of the interesting things about that fight you could you're so used to shittalking it didn't bother you at all it seems like it charged you up yet 'cause he fired up as a man doesn't act like that like you know the way he was acting like are times ran to each other i mean read the mizugaki fight he was and so much about me being fatherless and like crazy i do like is this like really tell you sat around trying to research this how he's going to talk she and i knew that my father was in prison whatever might do that right it doesn't matter so we go through
i'm getting ready to film to walk into fight miss cocky at two hundred and two and i catch fuckin' dom at the corner of my eye like looking leg look away and i was like ok i'm going to say something to him now online is it what's up man there what's up man is a talk on to action on me about stupid even saying i'm going to be going to knock knock you out faster than you did not get your ask next and then as a lead counsel slamming on the concrete knowledge is being in who data i was right there and he's like oh yeah like look back he's like he's like he's like you do have daddy issues like said like the off the wall shittily like sorry i know he's not about it he's a great fighter don't get me wrong but when when in that kind of situation he's not i knew he was flight you knew what that he wasn't about the fighters like any in his in his you mean you don't want a brawl with you exactly he's he's not a fighter he's an athlete he's goodies at what he does but
i knew that he was did it's different level mentality well but it but that's where did statement like the people i've heard people say that before like he's a athlete is not a fighter but if he's fighting he's a fighter like so what's the difference i think i think dominic actually showed like i think he got to brave with cody there's a couple times is it alright i'm going to get in there and show my can hit hard and got him in trouble in that fight i think he's a fighter i know what he's talking about with athletes that are more athletes and less of a fire people say that a lot about george st pierre yes like i don't know if george st pierre loves a good nasty like knocked down jack yeah i know tj dillashaw like loves can't he like likes to get punched in the face and punch you back the government will stand there and like if he gets punished hill march guy down with his face down and tell him to him again like those kind of people that like love of like a grinding fight
whether he's going to do it all time or not but like they have an affinity for it like they enjoy it and then some people that are like playing a sport consider themselves tough an don't don't like that kind of yeah it's usually rumble said that about himself rumble johnson said an athlete because i'm not a fighter i'm really good at yeah i thought was crazy yeah are you chewing over there so what's going on you just chewing tobacco keep drinking ok you're spitting out so i just had a loogie i don't see you i don't have any vices i thought you were getting into that now fuck yeah that's that fight lina dominic was everyone thought that i was you know the most no water in the way that he was acting like man this is going easy fight for me he goes out who's out of the not like dominic do that while you were a big threat that's probably what it was right i gave dominick cruz read it 'cause i know that dom knew that was going to be hard fight yeah but i said i said hey bro thanks for giving for choosing
harder route in talking up the fact that cody is the next guy because he went through that he knew that yeah is came you know he got he got busty was leaking i mean i was completely gagging was still fighting like come on you know talking but all the way up to that to that point where i had kicked him and split him open and he was talking shit back to me it was funny music what little bit i didn't hurt like i was laughing like god oh you like that allowed me i don't got so spun legos figure him out but still like talking shit each other and then going and it was great 'cause i'm like this is a guy that i pictured fight since i was a teenager and got prepared for him he's you know you said once he hit that right so exactly once weird every time i hit him or him with a good shot
every time you get mad when we go back and forth and so i had kicked him and i need him and then it came back up and i saw him like he great poker face man easy stuff he knows how to when he's hurt he keeps it going but his eyes like he looked at the blood and i saw his pupils grow really big and i was a dumb you having fun yet and he didn't answer back right now is a great then i thought the third round it was i knew that's ok if i just keep doing i'm doing i'm going to win this fight i'll end up catching amor you know it's my fight is i don't get caught with something he throws looping punches and kicks in these very unorthodox i knew right then after that he was like this interesting coming for you to be fighting tj after training with them for so long and all the bad blood that you guys have a tj leave the team and going to train with doing not so much about the team that's it there's a lot confusion about what what what went down and it's it's funny because i am now for people because take a with you guys for a long time here's if i send you
thanks i'll show you the four minute video of him explaining it exactly what happened which is you don't have to do that but you tell me from your point of view so tj left the team like said hey look i first off it was it was it would on ultimate fighter with connor with the he came from that 'cause he was there and this defending and that's why i kind of like yeah because he like i'm all about loyalty and like we don't do that she doing i never really like dwayne especially when he left 'cause he was a strange guy in like it was always money and weird things etc etc he left and that was like fine that was his deal tj was going to try to have him come back and train it or jim for his fight and dwayne refused to do it and i had a talk with tj he's like is crying and like you know that that dwayne
i just want to focus on his own jam and this and that is like you know whatever and and so is it coming to spend some time there it's been sometime here except you like that's fine so tj when he got there got some exposure for muscle form and muscle pharm was really help people out here duane ludwig's former kickboxing champion who's mma fighter who fought in the ufc and then went on to be a coach for a year for a year and three months ago now he coaches now alliance right it with his own jam but for you guys he was your striking coach for a little bit for a year and three months and he worked with a bunch of fighters and he had a very special relationship with tj right then he moved out to denver and he moved to denver to fight his own to start his own thing and then muscle pharm which has a big gym in denver they invited tj come train there so it fill in the blanks with people that don't know the story that aren't maybe big time fans so then so yeah so then he basically said that he wanted to i wanted to he was doing
cancer for about a year and a half right he's little time there little time here most of time time he lived in this most time there to could work with duane no problem with it cornered with duane even after he left with guys but that was an issue so then i heard dwayne actually text me it was like dwayne said something like well i mean there's a whole side of the thing which is hilarious that it was him getting weird like a year after he left like acting like is there a like tried to sue me for a figment his machination of some money that wasn't even there and like this whole thing yeah like is one of the students write this thing so there is some or he said that i like i can remember like something like i didn't give discretionary bonus it was supposed to be given or something like that and so there is like some
i'm intermingling is about that whatever so do in text me and says and i said did i never said i had to set the record straight on duane and dwayne text me and says hey not the one trying to steal your team fighters i know there's a team out here in denver being built but i'm not a part of that and uh like are you talking about and then i talked and and someone else it said that hey i heard that matt down in tj dillashaw are getting paid to be on this team and so i come in and i was like hey i we were talking about some team things integers impacts i go i get yeah i get the this thing doing text me this and other guy said this i said are you going to like are you getting like paid to go deep starting new team or something and it cody was there and lance was there and i was there and teach lies straight to us about about the whole thing he's like he's like no and they offered me but i'm not i'm not i'm with you
do you like this and that and i was like okay whatever then time goes on and we have an actual sit down talk we go eat sometimes everything in tj mendez my buddy phil we go and eat and tj this tells me like hey man my next camp i'm going to go out to denver which he started going out to denver had been like a year and a half since twenty gone it wasn't like he like gone or whatever he's like butt muscle pharm offered me like some real good money need to like be part of their team is like so basically i'm no longer going to be representing team alpha male i like i'm going to do my camp out there and i'm going to for the how much money we're talking about he told the time i think forty five hundred bucks a month a month they're going to rent to my house and i go and i was like ok and chad was sitting right there and teach it then i'm going i go
man it was nice having you on the team and he's like why you i've said i go i'm not upset i'm just saying like like you're off the even then and he's like well yeah but he's like but i have a house here i've still got to come back and come in and spa when i'm in town in the offseason or whatever and i'm like for real weird you guys for real weird and then i said i said well i said so that so you don't to be on our team is a different team and but then he wanted to come in the time i'm right three in the world cody we're going to add it in practice it's anybody's given day you know we can look at the footage if you guys have the footage yeah well that and then holdsworth seven or no anne had just won the ultimate fighter an so tedious basically saying is leaving the team i go bro tj i said i said you can you know welcome to the team but like if you're if you're no longer on the team like you know what does that mean he's well i mean
this a good opportunity man they like i don't they i don't have to pay they pay me to train and and like you know it's they're starting a team and everything's is going to be under one roof i go alright cool that's you ever done that where it worked i don't no they always try that black ops elections it but here's so then after that it was like he's like who's going in two weeks and so me and teach me in a code sitting in there and like we hadn't said thing i told bobby orr instructor are jujitsu instructor what was happening and he told someone in brazil as a brazilian brazil leaked it out that tj was changing camps and there's all this drama and this and that and then i said look tj so he he was coming in to do is never the best team me he would like try to hurt people is a very competitive guy and has a temper and like turn her people how change cheap shot you we always and the bell boxing he need
yeah anyway as a new jeezy's like i just need the bottom like yeah we're boxing sparking made easy to the body roadblocks on soaring did she asked there's no secret about tj's i mean we talked about it when you still on the team also that he had to be like real little bit right easiest you just temper that's no problem kelshaw yeah killer shoddily shank like all that kind of stuff i mean that was his thing you know super competitive aggressive guy and that's yeah the super competitiveness damn competitive i don't want to lose someone takes you know i'm fighting tooth and nail and not get taken down dexter that extra win that round it just bill needs you know i mean that's why chris is out you know i mean it in the back of the head yeah that's it i mean chris holds worth that with the injury i mean i don't want to chris doesn't want us really talk about that well number that that wasn't that we're talking about cheap shot and that's what was that in me isn't care if we talk about i mean i guess truth that's is what happened what it what how to go i'm not saying unless
it is a member ghibli do i need to come up there like hey like grasshopper he's like we have you know tj slightly detail easy how to take it easy i'm chris is a killer is a killer locking him up everybody and chris is the animal and i guess chris choke him out and tj got out and plug in the back of the head when he's windows down that'll be grappling match exploring with flying but needs to the back of the head that's what wow abacus amid i mean just dirty shirley i've been couple times to listen chris let him up let it let it was submitted let him off and then t down in the back of it i don't know if that's exactly how it was that i remember seeing the whole thing i don't really want to get to this causes chriss gig man as alfa i believe we got it already got into it but yeah so let's talk about tj being a cheap shot and again that's what literally killed this is career yeah join us obviously concussions yeah i'm group friends chris
in a gather they lived together yeah i would he went there it is that's why his last bite was he had to fight with caution because he knows the schedule scheduled his flight practice like that we've all you know is one of the things were first came out there i was never really close with tj i was out well with the guys and a couple of the guys told me that man tj can't wait to see why are this is wings come out raffi since our loss as i cool like fuckin' so it's worth them either he's better and it's going to be good around you know and i was pre one like a tj as a cheap she just you know keep will there's video i think i have some one of the kids that was a boxing and he sent it to me months ago today like cheap shot me after the bell tell tgs look mother cheap shot me again we take the gloves off going on the street in fighting yeah i had it yeah i just don't ever like that teammates don't do that shit like hey you you get me you get me but don't cheap shot me i did the balance as soon as you're hitting someone after like dude i'm sorry like you know
you're doing so anyway so anyways being said we knew that for djs thing but now he's not longer part of our team and is also getting paid summer season larkin shipping in anyway and he wants to come in come in so far are you guys in like right like ebay so want to be on our team the benefit of our team without being a part of the team many more in getting paid to be somewhere else which i've been fighting to talk to me about like hey i'm want to work something out where i go get paid and do this whatever but then i'm like okay so whole week he's in there and he said they're watching me and cody in practice i don't care i mean tj is a competitive he's always looking for edge that whole week are you telling us that he was leaving he kept getting like a there's getting five series in this series there's a single leg arteries are used to get him with things like have me and martin kampmann show him all the stuff we were working on i can you show me this joint with that like the week before and then
so i guess i go tj look man this is getting awkward in practice i said look we had him over at my house and i said look we can build a ship how we want to do it i said this this is getting awkward like you being in because she no longer being on the team and everything else like it's finish out there last couple days and then you know you be on your team we can be friends on the outside we can work on that as a as a deal whatever and he's like you you wanted to come in train with our team still you know as not as not part of the team and then i was like you're welcome to stay on our team obviously if you want continue to do your camps and whatnot an he is just like like out so that at that point it became him taking this opportunity going to denver being with dwayne getting paid to the muscle musclepharm thing and then the whole thing with happen on the tv show before this before any of this happen
mcgregor started condom condom because me connor had one conversation we're sitting there and he goes he goes man congratulations on tj defending his belt cylinder team is last title defense and i go thank you what's up with dwayne win say that no one on your team wants to be champions that's weird i said always is just bitter you know he's trying to i want to go out to his camp you know he's just being a hater this and that and he goes he took that little bit of of of drama between me and dwayne like dwayne saying that no one on our team wanted to be champions including cody who sent him a text to tweet that said hey keep my name out of your mouth and you like it girlfriend or whatever and did took that little thing and the next time goes sautee this i think in the grass and just built in this big thing so that more easy how well he is so good after seeing people right yeah so that took like what really and which is tj got paid to go somewhere else missing alright
are you going to do that's cool but like if you're on that team you're on that team and then then connor from the public around on him yeah because it came out later after thing and so then he became the victim and then he tj's new stories that i i got mad at you training with duane ludwig and i kicked him off the team tj now has a snake is is logan i know on the other hand fighter he bought and snakes you know i mean you just is that how with the ana yeah so it is so it's it's all good how weird we want a little bit like if you want to be friends as be friends with don't don't don't lie we got back to it i remember going to canada who is during the ultimate fighter sticking up for tj tj the other cars basically like inviting him to fight and teaches again you know like now absolutely whatever about it but wasn't defending himself like i'm gonna say something called mistake in the grass and sounds like disloyal
my teammates and i'm we're fighting that's why i stick up for check is tj's little like we're partying vegas we're having a good time like not i'll kind of a heart to heart with it with he's a so tell me this do shit like he's a dude i'm with you guys like i'm not leaving fuck that what with you guys so i'm like this is not even i'm not that close dj but champions you know having to get taken care of people you know all right so connor was is that what you guys are due to and it is talking about tj sows i mean i'll do some by like you're asking for a file for him the broken right pushing match and was going out to this up outside that's tj saying that we were there's some my duty not going to talk about my team so how does it feel now knowing that you're going to defend against cj with all this weird drama all this bullshit for me i don't ever get wrapped up in two
it might look like that with this you know and that that that is my life's been like this living it yeah i can live in and prosper and focus on what time the focus and die i think flipping a switch i'm not going to be doing the dumbest like we are fighting donna cruz were in the back just doing dungeon i am a warm of i'm just i'm flip the switch always like that since i a little kid like wrestling football just when the lights shine that's why like i trying to brightest i always feel like an hour tj i don't respect him as a person but doesn't mean i don't respect him as a fighter the guy skillful he's mean this block and he's going to bring a fight that's going to be where i love a challenge with tj going to be challenged i know him like the back of my hand my coach is knowing like the back of my hand we were able to dissect dominant cruise for me you know through all their experiences this is a guy they built up that was there longer than i've been you know
out there one l at ten fights now with the with the team alpha male i love it now eleven over which have been through there you know i've sailors skill before i got there we blended together that the recipe for success yes i listen to lead with favor and a lot of other guys on the team any so we know the and i do i know what i have to be prepared for so i'm excited for it like all the drama bush's a whatever they like it's been going on too long like i'm just grateful on this flight go in there and do what i have to do to get this win against you good mindset said i mean i think that is the gigantic part of what makes someone successful in the sport is being able to do that like you having the confidence that you're going to shine the brightest when the lights are on and having this mindset like you're appreciating the fact that each is mean and skillful is going to give you a great challenge yeah it's like maybe a couch or something like you really think tj is doing you sit on the couch so you're getting i'm going to do the extra work you know tj is a workhorse like that
that for me makes me more i need these guys to keep me motivated like dominic i watched indebted to them he was run alone you know like a sob story occurs the guys going to do this i like it i'm sitting there you know party everything i've enjoyed this is like i'm about to fight my first title you know i've never had this time again in my life i'll never fight for my first world title now it's a fight i'm finally getting fit my who cares a lot it we're talking about this a lot of people win the title but what the do they do it right now it's about creating a legacy and i have tj whose man he's a bad mother he was ranked in the the pound for pound before and the top ten u shores he's a killer so that's it i would a cat put my career with him and i normally do to do with him you know i would like to have been with i want to know when i was green so just boxing wrestling athletic love defy now i've blended found my own style and just filing getting really composed in there where i can let my show my skills show off and it's i'm fighting hire people so like my skill level rise i've always like that
now what is this video supposedly knocking him out yep yeah true truly how come you guys in release it i first off i don't know how video have seen it it was just it was on justin's go pro and do this i literally that i felt bad bad for it because it was just tj came follow me around the wherever i go but my gym bag weigh a man like slip did dude okay dj light he is off his rocker bottom okay so break it pat is ready for the ones that how to go down what happened i never man throwing doing his little foot did the down okay and i just do overhand right now out got evan is leaves fight fighting easton ready for these in remember the date he didn't go out cold flat out he just got dropped and it came back came back he was on stanky leg i walk
come on mother fucker hit me i'm leg disliking like paul my jibe out like he's saying that after you dropped him yeah he's deflecting now i love it so he's always like diseases affecting so wasn't a knockout as much as it was you just dropped him yeah i dropped him to his i mean he his legs for him and he got back up and started saying come on mother fockers he was conscious right and he knew that he was staggeringly boat like john dotson had him on skates again and i was going to hit your flight and in two weeks i wasn't like that billy had to say he fell for that he slept my do doesn't matter i'm not going to stay in i was showing danny how i like casteel 'cause he likes overhand rights highlight through my head out the lane bring the right hand this is that in the book was comes over he's like dude he goes and it was on it was christmas day or something spying blockages filming his own films on spying his focus is watching knock tj out
and i was like oh yeah it's like oh wait we still have my gopro at school and nothing ever came about it and then tj was saying that he used to make me cry in practice no i have cried factors for 'cause this motherfucker jump me on my head before that i made a fight i was like super mad about it favorite comes in has a camera crew the purest labs and like we're going hard like don't show my hand like i get mad like you know i'm like trying not to get hurt before the fight so like they were kind of did there in the chi sells like we usually talk about make me cry out on me if i cried it dumped on your head did you get can cross or something to eat her more like sound like he's out friday friday friday friday since they were comma i don't know barely remember this i think it was happening first off here's the thing thirty is a dangerous dangerous motherfucker if you're not on your even if he's not trying to you getting fucking rocked hurt or whatever so i have to be on
a game with him even if you're going light you know unless he's going to light but light doesn't work when guys accurate and strong everything else so we had to go so it was it's like a like a wizard hip heist lots me dude lock down my head because you're coming after me hamburger was animal so i know there's a camera kuphal on favorites not late it's it's stuck in the fight that came from about the video and like coming out like we have the video you can get knocked out tj using you made you be us beat us all up like with the i think it down to jb saying that or that but he said i got it on with the only be your teammates are busy i actually for medevac had to beat him up i'm like i don't fall almost stuff what do you what's your thoughts on sparring like do you think that you should be sparring hard or do you think you should be sparring technical and pull back on shots or do you think you should have a little bit of both i think a little bit of both i think beginning of camp you get your your
rounds into where you feel comfortable then later on i can't hear technique you know your combos that you're working kind of like flight simulation but get those rounds because you're not going to beat your body up close to fly i want to feel fresh at the fight now that i've always used i really get fifty rounds of sparring start tapering towards the end of the end of the fight camp as it called in boxing related to training camp do you try to spar with only people that you know so that you know that you can trust them so you know like especially obviously this tj it's a giant fight huge fight and it's going to be huge not just for the division but for the sport i mean all the major fans are going to be paying attention to this fine yeah definitely i'm safely and alec we are five at all these fights login not even just all the street fights all the boxing matches the sparring work i don't need to sparse much much but i need to we were spying ten rounds for the crucified ten straight five eight to ten each week i'm like buckles
you know it worked and i mean but we're doing the glove more anime based you know the big gloves me techniques are window you could just sprawl and brawl kind of share like i like small glove you're still pepper in the shots hitting them but you're working the whole taking on some issues right so i like that and also flight simulations i like fight like having my uncle come out pad holder justin's the other pad order for you know danny do you favor have like four different buys rely on you is like a fight there on right next you know you're hitting pads and the attack from i have to work right right right safe you're not and that stimuli well i like to do yeah there is there is nothing like you know like like we talked about running sprinting and blowing out the lungs etc there's nothing like actual like intent sparring to simulate what it feels like in a fight though and it's familiar as you get with it it still feels horrible when it happens like i've been i've always been known as like the conditioning i like i can condition
in like never get tired etc etc in fights you get tired it's about the poker face it's about being familiar with it it's about like you know these things being comfortable being comfortable with it so you have to get there sometimes it's just being smart about it you know probably doesn't spar anymore yeah cowboys actually does mostly drills and pad work and simulations and stuff like that and if he does spar things sparse superlight 'cause he was as the news beat himself up too much and training and coming into it's like already kind of little soft knows all but you know that hurt them for a week and that's what he loves to do viking treadmill bike workouts and sparring pad work you know nothing really there are also jets just loves bar and doing all that so he did this is sparta hard though he's tired he said he's like a killer now we can do the allocation like am at like a like a nasty luck in sparring sparring partner
maybe that's one of the reasons why i stopped doing that problem yeah maybe all that stuff just i mean look you can't always be the hammer if you yeah those kind of rock'em sock'em robots barring sessions you're going to get tagged sure right absolutely for me i like getting in those we just had saturday's line with the large images we had uh killers role of sparring going on this last weekend and you gotta get those in sometimes for me like i've been out of it a little bit like just knowing that it's a couple you know weeks knocked the rust off you know that's why it does give a feel good about like your mom we're going here fly in and it would defy the tedious and everything is going to be i hope it's available you know i hope it you know standing trade let's let's see i don't know how he's going to casinos my skills and it knows that i have you know really have gotten so much better since then i was still getting the better of and not saying the two men or whatever it's the gym but ask
this isn't competitive i am you're not going to give an edge in practice i don't give an edge in practice favorite takes me down we're going to and vice versa i overtime forty minutes after sometimes it's like this guys want hardee's guys a break he's just and uh too dumb to know he's tired stop going by myself and i'm talking about that now he's retired so he comes in like these guys like fresh fresh but comes in like this guys retired i haven't looked favorite and this guys breaking these younger dudes that are killers themselves 'cause he just has that mentality so it's a different breed and that's why i'm like i said tj he's that breed he is up to that point he said alpha male guy and fortunately so feeling could ever reckon the silo or do you feel like the line into some weird sort of you know ranchers here i didn't so much defending of that guy because of you know is a book you know whatever's thing is here and this and that and i have a lot of great friends there
newer i mean like code newer in my life but we got a bond i've got friends that i had since i was like kindergarten in before kindergarten and drawing together you know community and like i've got great groups of friends so it's like i mean i can reconcile whatever just stop lying about what actually happened to save your face is like i'd never kick the guy off of it team or anything and then he gets a opportunity on national television to say something about me that's my only qualm with the guy i didn't like dwayne these are things that he had done tj and i would always work till may work is that people want the weirdest things about running a gym and running camp is that you kind of have to manage to do like a psychologist personality yeah dude prima donnas in yellow yeah there's not just a trainer not just a teammate but you're also a side
largest and some sort of a counselor have to be glue which in when i honestly i'm just learning this more and more when i step out of the way too much it's like i mean i have to come back in and put out fire and bring everything back together and i would say that's one of my skills is is getting along with people and making things mesh in finding a culture and building like a healthy environment and that can get tweaked so easily it's it's crazy it's cancer yeah and now justin buckled sizzle your main trainer now right he's like we well we've gone to now is we have we have like a whole staff of mean trainers because we have so many fire i mean we just had sage north yeah year rodriguez and sara serving manner in the gym right now nice rick glenn this is about to go and he's a new guy with the team and we've got darren so we have different guys like dan he steals a head coach chris holders the head coach coach joey rodriguez is a head coach danny castillo head coach we have five
the product was a coach dustin akbari these guys have been with us for you know fourteen years thirteen years and i'm i'm in the lead as a coach i ran i run you know practices and oversee things in corning the call up it's a it's a big coop and different people have different coaches that are like their main gig you know different skill still fairly young to write how justin so thirty four yeah thirty five i think and is it completely noncompeting that's a great question you never know the fight game you know yeah it only takes a yes to be back in the fight but some this guys when the coach they also feel like they're getting better because i understand things more right you see that a lot with jujitsu compare yeah i'm coaching makes him a better fighter absolutely yeah i don't know if it will come back but i mean what we what we've got is a great co op in its always struggle to keep things 'cause there's going to be clicks there's going to be
heads in the nerds in the fucking jocks and rice and like you know whatever's decision dopers so are you enjoying it still all these years in the game did you know what you know what is it was awesome i went to mexico city and i miss chad's wedding go and chad's my boy i love chad and live abby wife and it was i know i missed a great time but i got bill corner joseph morales who's been with me since he's he's the old member of our team while he's doing this the longest and he's nine years old when he started with us that's crazy and he you know like danny castillo is it was me danny castillo and our because joey in his corner and danny was gay in all teared up like we all got teared up right before the fight like we brought it in and everyone is kind of crying and everything and like joseph i mean he's been through his struggles i when when he was going through a hard time i took him to the front row of a
so the ufc and put it right there and then visualize and so that's uh i enjoy now you guys said yeah he ran camp huh crazy in at my house right now he's all by himself a beagle house crazy style that guys can do he's really really talented guy weird style to write like that taekwondo based kicking in wild like when he hit with bj penn with a three sixty roundhouse kick to the face yeah i go okay yeah he's got yeah crazy janet is crazy i would range eve said that his hands you know i'm not so good with the range of like knowing like my kick some real actor with this case he's a kid kerr and stuff so i think that's just he feels like he's more accurate with this picture this kicks in he is with his hands he said quince is if he's not doing it with someone is also a great kicker you know because he's able to operate in a range where he's pretty effective and most people are so these long kick yet and saying he's been staying at my house the last like week and some
janome a lot and i mean what a cool dude i mean that guys personally very smart he's like well put together he's got to hear a little bit about like the townies from chihuahua in new mexico and like it's pretty scary place and and kind of his jaw a as a as a young kid is one of the top karate guys and in mexico so he's been a competitor for a long time used to have a coach that used to like him with this to they left that place in the guy called in backing was like can you please come back in i want you to study using yeah what is like seven eight jesus christ he's been he's been in a you know that calm this work for awhile yeah i think that frankie edgar fight was very tough fight for him but a good fight as far as a learning experience like and lot of people it said that i was one of the ones that said it like we'll see what happens when he fights a great wrestler it's gonna be the real issue with him because he's got all this wild kicking stuff but
doesn't work of somebody grabs a hold of you right and if something fragile you friend of mine yeah yeah yeah level yeah he's a great mix it together so yeah year his wrestling 'cause i got to wrestle in the other he actually posted a video of us wrestling his wrestling is good it's just like connor connors wrestling or boxing is really good it's just not fly mayweather good there's made a lot of games he wouldn't gin with izzy z israel martinez who put into like he's a great coach israel and he he put him through like a whole year of wrestling so his wrestling is top notch but it's not you know it needs to get to an elaborate yeager level right when it when it when you're a little bit fatigued and you make a small mistake in the guy can capitalize but it's getting there ma'am yeah it's
it's interesting you see so many different approaches and his approach is very unique and it's one of the things that's exciting about him is that he's got that crazy wild taking style yeah milt throw everything yeah it's a kicks all kinds of yeah i think i like to mix up with you don't see too many of those guys but once you run it jumps right yeah better you gotta be prepared for yet it's good to watch him in philly we're trying you know he got he got a win over philly but like philly i can't man i was in that fight he's got i got popped in the gordon got like couldn't seeing at switch the dome and so feelings like it's fun to watch these guys come serve full circle like like yeah here philly and now together in in in working together a little bit and then elkins lost to chat general kids came to see us and he's been like a six fight win streak that guy african jam do that fight will love this side effect it was one of the craziest moments of ever seen the art got getting his ass kicked forever
you second of the first couple rounds and if get a hold of them the him down and k and then just queens like i like a demon covered in blood i i left second i was like man i can't watch it like i don't like watching my friends then special with it like that happen when i walked out next thing you know the place that's i icl casino zero not the miles are cool i get i you got it i stop elkins yeah not shut his shoulder system off here for sure so tough elkins is the like the pillar of consistency he's always he's always at every practice listens to every coach he going hard we have these two jackson brothers that come in there from actually they're really talented guys i'm actually going to corner the guys over in ukraine but there super
skilled fighters but don't have that dry and like we we have here and so they keep popping him boom boom boom and then there then they keep trying to call timeout they catch up with couple things in elkins chase now there are you are you not get a timeout huh grabs the guy why did they try to take time 'cause they get tired at doby pop pop just flapping his head off my back boom him there kick him in the leg and he's like the like he catches it was something like grabs it all the time out to raising of that with the vulgar that no the grinder yeah he lived gradients dennis bermudez this is when i was a big win yeah he does and he looks mood and that's fine yeah yeah much damage names damage for a reason because he gets so but it's also like the way is he's moving looks better ways kicking and punching his comedy he left like
he's got less extra steps it's like it's dissolved smoothness in his transitions in his movements that we've been working on and go ahead and i think a lot of that is to do with obviously working the footwork they've got some of these guys are straight wrestlers and then like alright wanna wrestle and throw a punch isn't right it's the footwork war of everything yeah you can have their good hands with your feet out of this you get taken down you know you're you're not going to land power punches so the full work i i religiously workout but work daily yeah i think that's all i just work that's the nominate means that is is entire thing is his ability to move it's just so unusual as footwork is so weird right one of the things where you went toll for total forum try to talk with them your foot workers equally as good as his is not better and you were landing harder combinations for a step master tongue was all about footwork and body mechanics and he's back in town
now in the nest and pass on to our next generation of coaches from people back he did move back after eleven what is decide move back silent came a monk for a day it came on friday because because his to die if you don't go and live the monastery for within a year and a half after he seen his son in eleven years since december is for and he he said almost i'm face timing with his family and he wasn't necessarily allowed back and then he went he went back he stuck back he wasn't allowed pack how come illegal oh oh so it couldn't come back to america if you went back to yeah so when he was gone he was gone 'cause he overstayed visa so he yeah that's when you never sought when you saw tj dillashaw my corner in canada mister tang couldn't go to canada tj do everything every single thing that that master like new all his stuff could hold minutes
but he was all about that now which see that's just having all these coaches like justin buckles he knows he knows master tongs style he knows my cell he knows every coach you ever had their dwayne style he knows you know any dimitri did she made an excel anybody that's been in here he knows bob bob's uncle bob's style so you get a guy like darren elkins it needs to work on that striking and we put him with justin buckles an with the cumulative part of the team it works wonders and then you get a guy like yeah here who comes in with his striking back and now we've got all these different attributes are like sage northcutt who's with us right now that guys that say let's take a moment technology sage knows that is a nice is guide the planning i generally like the nice is do it on the plane i think jack i got into the ufc too quick
save me a little bit but it doesn't matter i super talented and was looking really good in some small organizations but really didn't have a complete game yet i'm going to say healer this is really really fast always mess i always mess with cody i always get this kind of like man's age learns a lot faster than you i mean that is not really the case i just like to fuck with this guy but it doesn't change my sisters it so karate competitive yeah god she says item i may choose to ship the first fight and she lost but she she could she has the potential to that's interesting he's a a fun case you know 'cause he's got that weird karate style super fat he's got it mean streak too though i mean you wouldn't but he's but a little means you can he's he's he's got all the knowledge like everybody
these nice everybody wants to help the guy and he is so nice that he is just like oh thank you like just like learn from whoever tells him you know calls me mister faber mister favor now when you guys do a camp like say you training for tj who organize your camp like how do you organize like your strength and conditioning routine how do you again i was like what you gonna do that day or do you do a base on how you feel like who's who is the coordinator myself basically i kinda yeah that's what we do like favorite always would preach about hits a lifestyle change that you need to do this much work you need to do wrestling get get guys on the team and wrestle so i'll figure out what i need to do especially for this fight with tj i know the specific work that i need combos what so he likes to do vice versa so i get with all my is i would like to have this much work with chris personals this much work with motion and movement with faber favor pad work i'm uncle come out and do pad work as well and then i get my transition coach from going three times a week
right now i'm usually one heavy day to like movement footwork working greece in the body so is always like usually on that sunday okay we lay it laid out later and out so we'll see you lay out the whole week demands so it when you have a have a save you have a like a rock'em sock'em robots day the next day like to do like yoga stretch out do movement hip pads like how do work it i usually go sunday is kind of like a i already got like a shape gout kind of active reactive rest we're moving back to work yet so i don't feel like garbage on monday monday we hit it hard usually morning practice or pad works in the afternoon then jujitsu so it's usually three on mondays tuesday that usually just wrestle and maybe do some pad work 'cause i like to kind of be rested for sparring conspiring zolot a spying on wednesday
then i usually do strength conditioning wear out after sparring and on thursday is usually like no impact i usually kind of like it's wrestling sometimes will go in there and just rest if i feel good i'll drill i won't go live and then i'll do like yoga or more my hyperbaric chambers i'd go i'd go towards the end of the week after the spring 'cause fridays ma practice so it's like i think if you're doing the sparring and they're doing the grappling so this trial and error let's let's do this schedule that gives you like the thought to take thursday light and then go hard on friday monday hard sunday light okay this is what does work for me since i like i came out here lily i was in i was doing my own strength conditioning before i came out the team alpha male and i was hitting pads with my uncle going and spa i won't even inmates would do boxing with takedowns that's all we do 'cause a lot of the pictures i was with wrestle enemy say we would do we would you do the boxing arrested when her do the boxes and want kit right so we
and then i get my work as were with pots better for a lot of these boxers in cleveland and it is with our pittsburgh if i came out here and these guys had it like man this system a system like wrestling system that's what i do so what they do the drilling start with this way to go wrestling they were gonna go in the clinch you know back to strike spins like a it's goes from this is it its structure yeah right and then ever knew knew any of that like first time i really change agents who was out here like learning it like blended together i was like that was a good athlete good wrestler good for fight a good boxer but i found my own meals style here they going and doing really the first year that i was here i was just training like yeah he actually told me is like bro this like a little we had to tone it back a little bit which like i said we have the this team was built on over training it was like i didn't take a vacation
for seven years when i started fighting i mean i never vacations growing up either we didn't have money it wasn't like something that we did so i'm not like you still like oh we're taking a vacation but like seven years i didn't take a vacation and so it was this grind grind ryan everybody's kind of keeping up and we've shifted in got smarter and had more input in eccentric sector but the timeline for me is this we have a lot allotted right like it advisors that's a great example he can heal hill so whoever is talking to him an like and want to talk to all time tell me what to do right so like there's advised there's an advisory like we say this is a coaches and i think that you need to do this and we need to do that but you have to be especially at a high level like this you have to be thermometer for your own for your own stuff as well so we have set practices throughout the day but if your film a to beat up eight you know because it we're not worried about guys not showing up to
it's because they're lazy we have the best athletes in the world mentality we trusted the mentality and the in purpose is there and right so if you're feeling too much you gotta let us know will take a little back and do it there and so this is kind of what we found for his work now scheduling everything yourself like there's two schools of thought on that there's like one school of thought says someone should be overseeing everything for you so you're not telling me what to do scheduling is one thing but rescheduling he's scheduling something with a coat she's got a strain conditioning and a physical therapist that are making taking that part of his his thing he's got us head coaches overlooking saying hey we need to make sure that you're getting your you know this and but which is every single time for that it's not like you're just on your own doing your course right some people do do it that way yeah some people like to do everything on their own which is interesting some people just like to be told what to do yeah yeah yeah
we're going to do this exactly but that goes away once somebody fox you up you know i mean that's like my strain listening coaches pt coaches with my anime coaches they're all in like coordinates they went heavy with this we should ease back this maybe do this many around so but that's just are you doing that for the cruise by the first time we were heart rate monitor and trying to like track where my heart rate was at was getting up the high in the eight thousand one hundred and eighty trying to bring it back down never done that and what you what so like when you're doing that you doing that for strength conditioning are you doing that hold and pass like how you do that that was really we would throw for a ninety seconds we would throw we do it for six rounds out there the same combo we had three or four different combos we throw for ninety seconds he just keep it in put up so just by bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob four or five punch combos and finish with a kick or something
so your heart rates get jacked and then you wait till it gets down to what before you go again and then i think you would one hundred and forty or something how's it going today i think lower that and then i go and one eighty so we do that it is time you give yourself in the recovery times either but in between yeah i will i like to do forty five seconds as you think it right thing for i'll put my seconds i got on the fifteen seconds of you know recovering well usually you feel good at thirty i'm good at thirty more seconds i need to put it to forty five it's like in the fight like well 'cause and it goes fast as hell talking your coaches you like a bell rung get stitcher yeah i know your eyes fixed and then back up there so it it's alex cuba forty five seconds keep going here you are you twenty five right two thousand six hundred and twenty six
champion the world when you look at your future you look at your like your potential future in the sport and you could be a gigantic superstar superstar you have the world is or right like how do you how do you plan on the you you have like this sort of like master plan for your career you know what my goal so long to be the world champion in i grinded towards it had that well i got that goal accomplished that and then it was boom right into ultimate fighter boom injury boom fight postponed so like i haven't been able to really really set down 'cause you know when you're in training your focus on something for me i'm a creature of habit i like routine so we have recently now sat down and i will we said about you know everyone can win the championship everyone could be worlds house we do the tile now i've set these goals to build my legacy you know start going on and who knows who knows what can happen in the year we're so excited think i was going to be injured i never thought i'd be out this long this is the most
right i love my life 'cause i couldn't do something that i love to do and i've been in pain injured how long have you been injured for may have been years to as a junior year i started having back problems from football the so ball on yeah for football all the time that they foosball so i've dealt it but progressive the henry brown's fight was the fact that i almost pulled out of the fight first ever put up sides obviously tj had to postpone it couldn't walk but sean shelby got wind of maddox in our story and that he wanted to walk so i just told him and my back was like really
add then that's why i really sorry come on then i didn't fight for after one hundred and fight for nine months ten months and then i got the use ticket booking i find augusta mendez was to fight other brazilian linacre he got sick the week of the fight replacement and then find hamden almeida and then it was mizugaki that his crew so i didn't have time to be like really i just dealt with the pain like there was times where i would take two weeks off of like really training doing anything or switch side to my left side or my right side so i would go southpaw until that side started messing up and i switched back to orthodox like it was a lot of sometime working around the working around it because i had to say do you look at it there are many right for that regina king yeah each year and how that girl you know it it felt good i felt like it took the you know info
information away so it stop like locking up in setting the shop you know the shocks down my leg but still i was admitted rehab stints and i've been doing we have monday wednesday and friday and obviously onto that there's a new abilities i've been doing rehab and getting to be how i feel like a better at them moving more but still it's like from being cots interesting sensor boxing stance being like that now i really pride myself open it's the the muscles around it are still you know i just had a little scared a couple weeks ago we're good you know we're moving on from that i feel way better my back feels way stronger i wasn't able to fight july eighth like there's no way we try to get optimistic about it going to germany and thinking that it was going to heal miracle miracle shots in maybe would have been if you took more time off or something it's like you're a pro athlete so like you're not just having these procedures and then taking along
long time to recover your having these procedures then trying to get back to training pretty quick literally like i had that fight so i was literally seven weeks out from when i had the first time so yeah and then i take a month off my take four weeks off and then two weeks of trying too so that leaves me with a week and a half to train for my title fight you guys understand that yeah and then that doesn't make sense so you are october seventh is the fight november fourth novem oh yeah that's madison square oh that's right but it affected i think ok that makes that's that it was rumored i guess i mean i got hit by a couple of news outlets i was fighting october i'm like yeah that's a vague who's on that card who is kevin thanks for a holiday that's right ferguson kevin lee for the interim hi fifty five pound title yeah that whole intern things so crazy right they randomly decide when they going to have another title how they do that remember dominant
who's had it for a long time and they let him keep for a long time and there's some guys they just like right you're done yeah that's what i was with the whole thing that i said i'm not rushing back if you i want to make interim title or take title from that's fine i'm twenty five years old i'm going to i'm going to get the title back it's right i got here i'm going to get it back if that were to happen right i don't want anyone that's it you know tj wanted to go down fighting dj 'cause that was my thing i texted john and annex i can make twenty five that was my whole you know game plan was to fight tj july eighth and i got her put out and it was going to fight dj and madison square garden so i was always in my mind was going to fight in november madison square garden it's just a different opponent well somebody's gotta fight dj it was i was kind of bummed out that dimitrius decided not yeah how does that i've never been able i never even knew that was an option just to be like i'm not going to fight he said and i guess his mine
set is that he's one fight away from breaking the record of the most title defenses ever and if t j i b went down at being able to beat up anyone in the world in your way yes which is the important thing right about there yes it is but if he pasta tj and tj didn't make the way it would fuck him up like if tj but not if we couldn't make the weights a lot of this is a lot of that's a lot but he wanted tj to fight one time i want to make a way make sure you can make the way and then fight him i guess it makes sense but the other thought processes you the pound for pound best fighter on the planet he should be fighting the best fight that you can get yeah and that's a really good fight it's like no one's floyd did make sure kahneman where you could make the weight right yeah they just booked a fight and they have a lot on them as a professional with jon jones wouldn't fight shale though that's 'cause he hated shell though part part of it is like fuck this guy that did this guy might have a possibility of beating me he was noah
do this through a real camp because i'm not going to come in here and take this on short notice i don't know and i mean he took the o s p fight on short notice and wasn't as best fight you know he sort of prides himself on having a long game plan and that's his mentality to yeah you know and this whole thing is so depressing with john it is oh man apparently we're going to do is back find out soon what's going to happen with the b sample but if the b sample test positive as well is kind of doomed this is doing what do you do for years for years for years for years to believe i mean obviously i'm not the athletic commission or you saw it or it out but i think the first one was watt while the one was an out of competition this one was a tainted supplement and they gave him a year right did they give me a year for your dick pills so was it really did feel as though it was yeah yeah they tested the pills
there's some sort of estrogen blocker something like that you put those in the estrogen in these messages gas station dick pills yeah 'cause they make you cited they block your estrogen fill you up with the mean like they could put if they want in those things is trying to get your dick hard they're not they're not thinking that a world class world champion professional please take and then going to seven hundred and eleven gets maniac but yeah i think though i mean this is what i've always said that world class fighters like professional fight not like any other athlete 'cause they're fucking reckless there wild mutherfuckers like a boy like you like a lot of guys they're impulsive reckless risk taking people oh yeah i don't know i mean i guess i guess this blend for sure i mean professional issues in cali kid yeah you're definitely different but there's a lot of different guys in this sport you know that have you know personality but a lot of fighters
it's a big percentage that are wild and john's fucking wild yeah if you want to get a wild mother like john who opens up his fight at twenty three years old fighting shogun for the world title with a flying knee against so i mean that's how you open the fight that was a wild impulsive dude he just go feels it and goes with it yeah and feels like papa them gas station dick pills just like do these red lines that by the time you well i mean yeah all the excuses you know the cocaine was just party and the dick pills that's more the same now this one though is a different this is an saying he's not saying yeah official statement talk to my lawyer yeah i mean they're saying they didn't do anything you know that would be the most type in the world so many slip some to your water you know just to get you to test positive but you gotta watch everything you fuckin' me you
we have to think people definitely do double crossed people yeah definitely in this world big there somebody who would absolutely put something tainted in your food all they have to drink a little bit a little bit of it and in addition you would even notice it i mean you really think that's what happened i don't think anything i don't know anything i wonder i mean that's true though i mean they're socket evil people out there that's one thing learn is getting older is like just be nice guy you assume everyone is nice and good and it's like there's some creepy negative people out there man beautiful when you find nice people 'cause of that though it balances it out when you know people that you can trust that really are your brother yeah that's like that makes it all the more like if everybody was cool you wouldn't necessarily appreciate cool people as much yeah i mean people everywhere there's only douches you look a bit mad i need an enemy on the beat up that have you ever thought somebody that you really liked i thought a bunch of guys
who did you fight you really liked you i i charlie valencia brian bulls eye like scotty jorgensen eddie wineland the with those guy like michael mcdonald now i was friends all those guys iraq is a private probably one who is a god he just didn't speak english right that's honestly as a man he's a but could you from the get go because a man i know you're cool your opponents everything but i like i like intense yeah like if i like people say that he's got a temporary thing he's like he's fighting this guy he's getting that mentality that's part of like my thing is i will either you i whip your ass you with my ass i'm always going to show you respect after like can't you know what it's good i remember that when i got signed i thought mark is bremen and i don't like shaking my opponents hand before the fight i never liked that i never like glove touching any of that marcus i wish i saw him a couple times in the hotels like what's up man like oh my god i cool man like good
yeah see you saturday i i mean before juan zazzau hey you know go on stage and like i don't want to shake your hand out there don't make me look like a dick like if i go to you know that's cool yeah right i mean what i said i got respect for you it was from the show walking away and i got shook his hand out there now is like in my mind i was out so i shook it again we're going back to buckles like he let me again with the handshake i still hope it didn't even realize exactly so yeah and plus it's only come up to look at your hand it's but how about the brimage against notorious and against no love man it's because he wears that thing yeah where that's normal so it was you know when the wagons your game the the post fight press i had a lot of respect for dominick cruz the way you handle that yes he just he had no excuses i took it like a man he's like he was a better man he beat me i got no excuses nothing i could say yeah
yeah for sure you know definitely have our differences and still might not we still have blocked on instagram and twitter go on my way photo and then block me this oh my god that when you're doing that you're going to be interviewed up i'm like you block me like cody was trying to be cool to him doing like some interviewing dom was trying to needle coding cody's like this i didn't even know what was going on what was happy i was doing the fox for the ultimate fighter it was obviously karen bryant asked about me mtg too device throw a gang goes i donna got into altercation at wayans at two oh seven i lick now i'm just waiting i had my hands full with all the paperwork bullsh if they give us and george gave me all these waters and refuel stuff so i come out of the door and i crossed paths adamic why didn't know didn't even register with him but my preview i catch something and i kind of like turn back around
he was like how these chicks sunglasses on like these big chick sunglasses yeah it's put up music get you skinny little mother and i was like well as i do fight and live as a so god laughing like really he was the first time we saw each other and a day before we are in this room this this much or talking to each other in a key around like we can't do like sit down i like that he has jeremy stephens in there right and i'm like man you got in stevens are good little boy like talking like just ran off of of hype type office off don like you brian a self proclaimed savage and jeremy stevens the counter balance that i was pretending to be a savage he kept saying i'm like where they are i'll go over his back both you guys right now to play a piece i ran through the security and then he was nails through it is the whole build up so we finally saw each other and i was like man it's like being tomorrow i walk enough to hide it jeremy stephens right he's like all puffed up music
two small little dudes that give me one of your teammates the house lights dropped she didn't get ready to hit him like that and i'll leave my manager comes out of nowhere swoops jeremy up but he grabbed me like he like scratched my neck had a big old scratch on it from his nails a little bit now and like so it was that and then that so we get on skype or not fox movies about to do interview about the situation of tough camera there you go see com he's like he's just a little dick you know he just you know whatever you respect him for what he did and he because he knows that i was that he knew what he had to do in that media for people not to hate him connor and and sometimes a little change it are you lost he took his whole pie and a respect him for that but i knew deep down that wasn't
he's got solid terry turmoil in their exact it has to be a dance all over his asset he's a great fighter i embarrassed him you know so honest how to really go so i come on i'm pretty cool it's cool i can respect him like hey cats off getting tough tough do we talked after his guys stuff like men pictured in this and it would come on and so you're getting joined by dominic i'm like oh cool like at school like right like it has to be brief that instead we're professionals like ok so it goes on about days again you never been choked up at waynes an if so what would you do and i'm like really thinking about this and like well you know hoping that would be professional enough to gamble keep my composure and know that i'm going to put this news as tomorrow and things like huh like just being rap songs like i said so you didn't tell me you never been choked up and then it dawned on me as it are you talking about when you brought your self proclaimed hype man and scratch my my neck with his little bitch now and he's like no no i said hey dominic i said what happened in the fight i said i danced around
beat your ass makes you look like a fool i said sit behind doesn't shut up and then this is all screens that go on skype this is all just a private conversation conversation goes black screen that produces come out like we're sorry how dominic was acting like it's not like do you like i don't mind coming out here and doing this ship but i've the first i said hey how are you as i always wait for dominic say hi and you start off things i've got to say hi to you i'm talking to you in a couple of minutes and i was oh god you guys are probably going to fight against dom stays in the game yeah so we had to redo the whole situation again and again and he just sitting there like you know they do it we don't yeah i was like man that's cool so that's why i wanted the rematch with them so obviously tj should thank god for not taking the rematch and finally getting his is shot so after the face of tj what's wrong doing these days you know i know he has planter fasciitis get some serious issues with his feet because he came back real quick after the knee surgery and may be pushed it a little too hard that's uh tough one i mean that's why his feet were all taped up
he's doing better commentary yeah try getting decent management i talked to his coach they're going to try to get you know we wouldn't we need tj wasn't scheduled but he was trying to fight on same card or around about soviets keeps in the transition who do you think would be good for him to fight for dominic it's good question we're out very good that's very good fight but i think doesn't he doesn't jimmy have a fight i think it's entirely just beat the dude that you knocked out if i that's where he beat drop them a couple of times yeah it was a very good fight that's why baby made it but i feel he has another fight line maybe i'm wrong maybe that is fine i'm thinking of uh the day before the fight like height before the fight is always so interesting man see how people react see with their heads at
like when connor came out with a heart on against floyd what is what is he doing is he fucking little rubber band around his dick and balls just to get it hard or is he himself before he gets out there double shakes before he gets his fucking dick was half hardly stand in there i guess there shiant hog and that's just what it looks like when it's limp but it literally like it was half hard when he standing there at the way into the others that's like a virus happens no i know i've seen a couple other guys i think miguel find dicks atlanta couple other guys had that same thing i think it's like an involuntary thing that happens when you're like hungry or something today when i'm hungry i'm starving survival we had to go get real creative on the physical anthropology of why you get a hard out with your bucket about to get in a conversation maybe you're going to fight over female out the nature and i can may it was just it was such a weird time once things konfrontation too with connor screaming yelling armor floyd just standing there literally
not a worry in the world was interesting how floyd handled it he didn't have a worry in the world we bad guys composed yeah yeah oppose fifteen no man fifteen now you know i'd said that he was the only guy ever reached that and break that record but apparently there was some other guy that have fought in go really light weight that made fifty one and uh oh oh really that i didn't even know i thought they were talking about what's his name who beat rocky murciano thought that was the chavez it was he like up there before he got defeated question vision retire with like six yeah sixers yeah he called or opens or wait does it say light flyweight yeah what is that what is light flyweight minimum so jesus minimum wage what the fuck is minimum wage but ricardo baby here i believe
he retired at fifty one and oh oh here somewhere around that range does it say yeah always draw fifty one wins zero losses and one draw the one driver the one draws the it's so funny that people worry about that shed weird and no one thing about mma fighters opposed to boxers like with boxer who was undefeated record that like that such a big selling point in the in the i mean i guess it makes sense though because i mean you're trying to make a case that knowing could you know
some intriguing about some of the could not know could ever be this person but the difference in mma and boxing knows in mma you're tested way more yeah we have to the title and you're fighting world class fighters pretty quickly soon as you start getting good zero your as in boxing you're taking care of the pure brecher gets padded ear slowly worked up to a world class fighter if you have a good manager maybe fifteen to twenty fights in your kind of maybe start let some okay people you know directly with your do you think that's the way to do it that would with those guys know because a lot of those boxers have had three four amateur flight right like they don't need groomed and that maybe to get out of the the shoe shining amateur style but analysts switching know what the heck you're getting taken away it's more you know it's it's set up and the points is about changing yeah with the live xto taken in the head gear off and how they're changing all that so the coming more professional set and stuff
not that you know pitter patter shoe shoe shine you know that's how it's been but i don't think they need to be like that but i think in boxing is huge records oh yeah thirty seven oh it's twenty rockets so we're gig i mean i guess the difference with we the usc is yes he's always had a reputation of putting the best fighters the best fighters yeah which i think is gone away a little bit i mean they still make sure you get tested do you think it's gone away i think it's gone away i think with the try to do is have even match ups because there's like a like a richie and and and what's his name is fighting alvarez for example i want to see that fight and they're both very tough guys it can be bet you know champion and you maybe cajun yeah just reaching yeah but they want to see matches but they do that all the way down like they're not going to they're not trying to set up mismatches right they're they're trying to get it more even
match but that doesn't mean that there aren't guys that they could set up with mismatches within the within if you want to get really see that guy get a tune up fight where in boxing it's a big deal like boxing guys get tune up fights you even call him a tune up fight yesterday tuneup fight before the big match you know and they go in there and they fight a guy that's not expected to win and then they get set up for the next fight but tunes am get some sharp in and they have the world champs of fight when that happens to get into the ufc a lot though yeah a lot for me i have over half of my professional fights are in the ufc has signed a five in a row and you know so i have my phaser been the f c against you know you see i you can say the primary organization with the top of spiders it's not even close but it's getting close now you know when you look at l towards doing right right now the age you are see is always going to be the top of the food chain so is like the the premier organizations far as the public know right but as far as the quality of talent belt
or at least finally has rory macdonald you know or have all their growing around home down also they are as well yeah you're right but getting you know gay hardly saucy world class guys will like legitimately with pay yeah i mean rory has a victory over tyrone woodley and a victory over damon mine so we had a victory over the one in two guys it's interesting it's mentioned or eat and go back to work talk about with training rory i mean that's a guy who he's a strange character and like i so it goes on is what's his motivation for fighting and what started him etc by i saw him do an uh interview about his training like i talked about coaches make making justin you just like do whatever the coach says he was like look do doing with all the coaches say he's like i'm going it i keep getting hurt i keep doing this and that i'm going to take things into my own hands a little bit more
he's a guy did that but he's having a lot of friggin success yeah he looked like a fuckin' world killer when he beat paul daley you look perfect holidays savage students because that's going to be interesting paul daley lorenz larkin yeah blows it dude right now style super psychic yeah this house like it's no longer the oc nope nope lorenz larkin just fought douglas lima for the title he lost a5 round decision very close fight very good fight douglas lame is another one that guys world class i mean he's right up there with anybody in the world at one hundred and seventy in my opinion he's been around for a while too yeah yeah you know what pieces is ben askren still fighting over in one fc like jesus christ i am the number one he just retired is out of his retirement fight that said a judgment crazy should have in the ufc along time ago i
i want to see the guy is a tough day in in this style was weird right the style was we're that's one thing with person of dana was ultimately the end at all i mean it's august of sears yeah now to get out of here it's too bad really bad i will have it mixed up with those guys funk you would have loved to see that guy fight the best in the world in the ufc you know and we'll never know now it's really unfortunate he made some decent money over there i want to see i hope you did i will be did he just a phenomenal grappler yeah in the here's a for example that guy destroyed larkin on the ground or it's not can a lima destroyed him on the ground destroyed course cough on the ground just man handled those dudes got ahold of was rag doll and fools just throw him around like that i'm orthodox weird wrestling style i to see fight the best yeah you know i've been here a bit they will match it for is george st pierre
who is george always feel he starts it is nice little shots but he always ends up getting the ny state now but how is he going to do grappling is asking that would've been a good one also and i always wanted to see too well you know that got him in trouble with or hendrix right but johnny hendricks is a different johnny hendricks back then yeah it's interesting previous order did you do you know i what i do i that's that's one sit it makes you want to get back into it is now that you saw it as i still have you saw ask me just in case there's an opportunity that pops up because they really yeah they they pop in all time zero like you weigh about a buck sixty right now what yeah book sixty do you think you'd get down with anyone in the world absolutely that's my sister got in there he'll come in he does practices with us and she just she will always give him a hard time like he still got it you still got it yeah yeah he's
i retired or you like kind of retired military be mostly retired i'm retired well i'm i'm definitely retire but i'm not a first off i love to fight that's are they not retirees it takes so much time energy and there's much to learn that i'm definitely a better fighter when i retired than i was when i was like you know in my prime even yeah as far as skill set goes but like there's not a skill guys out there and it's just like a focus in a motivation thing like were was entire career are you kidding me hell yeah ever feel any temptation when you knew that so many guys were using should i had i had a couple people sit down they try to talk me into it before they try to into just like hey you know like everybody's doing it but this is not long ago does api forget women
that something you talked about and i had a coach a long time ago that was like hey everybody in a like now i don't think so the i i took a lot of pride fact that i had my career and i didn't like oblivious i'm like like you know like when you're in the circle your ground actually not in the circle yeah they don't tell you what i want to tell you you know everything else so i i think a lot of pride in the fact that and i i teach to my guys and that's one of the conversations i had with cody i'm like bro no we don't need any of that shit dude that's all mental it's a mental thing the problem is that the difference is when you have and it's strong mentally that is like a scientist on himself and also has all the attributes then it matters right when you get a guy who middle class fighter and then on top of that they take some shed and then yeah it has the mentality right that everybody's doing it mentality is what it allows like champions to do it as well right
we never did it congratulations thanks beautiful i mean alright gents let's rap this big shot to see it right good luck man can we see masses were garden that's november fourth november fourth that's a big you enjoy this historic venue map as can be made using fire i favor uriah favors ultimate fitness sacramento ca you arrive favor on twitter and instagram and cody you're on twitter and instagram also should do thank you gentlemen a lot of fun thank you yes thank you everybody tunein into the motherfuking podcast these are sponsors thanks to on it go to onn it use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any end all supplements thank you to ufc two hundred and fifteen
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google memo and i think he's still in google i think a lot he got fired for writing something based on evolution very psychology with citations and science and i guess google is so committed to their ideology they don't give a fuck about your science will find out will find out exactly it's all about he's got some very interesting stories to tell us apparently so until then see you bye
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