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#1012 - Brendan Schaub

2017-09-15 | 🔗
Joe sits down with Brendan Schaub to discuss the upcoming boxing and UFC fights.
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we go over some fight since silly shit like we always do it starts we're just gonna go over the fight this weekend big canal however as genetic alaskan gennady gulf can fight and also david branch taken on luke rock old and new of sea we want to talk about those fights we did but mostly we talked about diarrhoea whom else animal tax it was fun we had a good time i hope you enjoy it welcome brennan job agenda will gain experience yes yes ladies gentlemen yes we're here i'm sorry we can go live earlier folks as not tweeted twenty minutes ago we just had a bunch of shit we never talk to you about a lot of it has to do with dicks
as usual sharks are about to do which go do dixon doesn't speak index that fuckin thing you're driving around yeah you drove around a kids toy tat had so crazy mister fogg boy torn attitude i was because i came here from there tell me what it is the slingshot saw it saw this you know three wheelers big two wheels and affront one the back it looks like bruce wayne like yeah like that more like weird toy it lives you should be able drive in wait a minute how do you do drive around greenhill has i worked as a car is a car a good is that i don't know what it is but technically it's considered a motorcycle in you i have the helmet over the helmet sometimes kids if you listen we were how it when you have it but i was part of their works
one part my porsche there hung out yet part that the airport i am i i thought i'd have time to go home thailand is more from san francisco don't have time to go home and changed odds outline come here and in order to shoulder but i didn't saw the god forgive us have we done i'm gone but over the hill at its of leave out the window phase i got fucking eighties rock slacken i was feeling myself that did only be worley that either the coolest guy i've ever seen the biggest tool to help me with your best shot i'm just can fly man that's hilarious yours and pat benatar just louder my god i love it make us again i would never done a motorcycle because things so big thoughts or safer little losin it's a bit people
see it most likely effect i can't see it does very part but this thing i mean went to my face i can see like everything like a call you showing closed this i love it and the sticks it like i feel like i'm with the road all year round with a catch all yeah that's easy much better it is evident that over driving you feel i feel more like us with the road i feel like a paul knew where some shit advice car driver special that thing that's sick the sweet spot between a motorcycle on a car exact that's what makes sense in the gas mile is super beastie it's also a priori nothing right now thing little engineering fast but having a ways can pick it up i don't know shit after the shipping that you like and ever think of your wheeze somewhere around like like really light light car supposed to be the most and drive they say like a nineteen seventy three porsche because they're not they're not that powerful but then already
need to be a nineteen seventy porches like two hundred horse power it's like while as facile car because they way you can get em like nineteen hundred pounds at insane it might my gdp three three thousand pounds a thing that's not so very light that's why you that's why you're buying a porsche if he had the target the so much heavier class the heaviest file that bolshevik similar they do a cool but i'll think they're the especially the old one i don't think there the most rigid and i think they have that delegation have an annex acts that have a target of wood you're seventeen hundred what years app now that's russia without using porsche while that's why that's like lighter than probably one of the lightest cars you guys the stickler know your bags so if somebody hit me that's no bueno
live life on the edge though fellows lever now look at that thank god how you go away like having no airbags how does it work not shirts basic motorcycles consider motorcycle industry but they say they see that a helmet they will polio were impound the car i just these things are so new they think i'm like some low budget alex bruce wayne or some like that they thumbs up i've past seven able under if you don't know how many and i go in part going purple like an asshole blaring eighties rock waiting on carpal because as a motorcycle yeah michael organically it's a motorcycle why are you can car you gonna hiv and i'm not sure job there is really no rules on common no man's land right now so you get europe to go and how funny that you're allowed to go in the carpooling fuck a motorcycle that's the opposite of carpal and it will be so stupid i give your carpooling immortal we put some risk corral get somebody on the back with you
never dummy i see of ghana motorcycle i see one person i see well it's dangerous but scanners as he to be blunt a motorcycle ago while this is this is like exponent more danger and usually is girl on the back with like she has daisy dukes on some bright and how much how good are you at adjusting with that extra hundred and twenty five pounds in the back this nonsense that extra hundred twenty five pounds whatever she weighs one let's go one for spain are real women s issues hundred thirty pounds so you get a hundred fifty pounds i knew how good you at correcting for that if you really practice that you good in the when the shit it's the you make good decisions even know if you do i think is what things were does it matter if you both on more cycle knew of daisy dukes unclasped meet goes every with super maybe just chunks of me hit the gravel unripe apartments she's going to tear weirdo barefoot in shorts no shirt right
motorcycle cycle realised and you could do in colorado you have to have a helmet thing device has no helma too so bunch of voices that arizona no helmets i saw these dues riding around harley davidson know how men else like why and a fear that like your own red motorcycle are you tell me a helmet if they breathed if they don't want to wear one who gives a fuck because i see only negative their life i know if turn a motorcycle i'm saying like out whatever manner this is like the live while lizard theirs argument there for sure i don't think he's tell people what to do but i think guidelines for young people very very important because they make kipling impulsive decisions and a few you could protect more of em if you made a mandatory helmet law maybe should say up to eight thirty of age thirty direct five minutes when i do i can't have all those loopholes ghana yeah probably since i think the reason why they do this for insurance a thing insurance policies didn't want to pay out for
injuries and deaths and all that shit that's why they make seatbelt laws that's where they make helmet laws i don't really think it's to protect people i think protecting people as a consequence of protecting their money makes sense insurance grosses that appreciated through the that's life they realize how people coming people get injured and how much they have to pay so these they factory in this it will just lobby for more protection the cars more airbags airbags mandatory seatbelts allah difference a lot of that is really under the guise of protecting us it's really the protection insurance companies money nasty they say you're you're of dinner get in a motorcycle accident your first europe owning a motorcycle ninety nine percent nine observing we'll get in some sort of they record they do something the first year of driver motorcycle so you don't buy
super fancy motorcycle your first year jersey deemed array when he wiped no he wiped back when his fat dean de numb got up sugar completely really improve actually he was always it was never fat but he was a guy who was not in care himself are not going the gym and i got real thick more cycling some crazy method cut him off some lady might have been stolen car it was something like super sketchy but she she crash into amy he wiped she never stopped and he just got to up all saw his legs arm he's got severely jack the other is god damn yeah dean dough re live life there's a there's a picture of the actual wound if he could find it he put up the actual wound on his especially on his back inside it
really bad at me he fuck a marathon crash i want to because my my air some random lady not see me on math yeah man it ain't no sign in their it so there's a picture of it no worse than a way i do like shit over his side does bandages amene that's how big the the fuckin giant terror is it goes a skin is fucked up for like a good silent foot how funny as this and so in the fell mba in each l motorcycles are illegal which sign contracts cannot drive a motorcycle i'm sure there's that have em but legally or avoid your contract you see you can win a motorcycle they give you more cycles at cause the deal with harley i get it didn't wear the apple there also like i don't know that with me you got things who was run in the eu have say right it was owned by two guys the fatigue is there were independently ma very very well see already and vat
wise business and they were fans so they decided fuck this which is tried it try to make this work try to make they are doing a white to be the president whose crazy indeed all worked whose lives it is raised its great i kiss crazy this part of the reason why so appealing like one today's oil was talking shit about the may whether macgregor fight any any those were used like allows this guy sniffing coke again such a virtual rosa meanwhile we while he didn't do go into the cross jesting no easier right z hothouse cuba gnats it became that new i this never go a lot of people i work at all but tell me
as you have seen the whatever ten million follows blasted picture and it went out without even having to do one thing to efforts and obvious second thing and you see the first thing and be real mild everybody else to pick up the slope did you see those bragged idea at those back again literacy is the crafty made of travel we canelo nine asked it was in the mill as across they didn't want to me with a fanny bygones like grab jesus christ jesus right that's funny oh my god oscar moscow ask your lack of yes please shut the fuck up asked with smart though because with all the hype and may whether macgregor he would go on and shit on it right john the fight just a hype up his fight go to that night and neck picture that everyone's on steroids go scroll up scrubbs at the top everybody
is unstable what a great picture so me while they may be right yeah it might be right you don't i sort of washing last night i don't hesitate icarus or iris netflix yes it's all about doping and this this guy was helping the russian to hand ruins there was one estimate that it was somewhere in the high nineties of russian athletes are on performance enhancing drugs since then that that's my thing with this whole john joan stuff like i go back and forth and call our friend eddie bravo when you look into it when you look into that trap of like so many guys article came up to irving on fox exports are looking today of this guy who's a miserly baseball player and he's pro now and he's tested twice for positive and a third time he's waiting to see if he gets ban for life to strike out and baseball ran for life and their same how many guys in baseball test hot for this travel
while they seemed jean see forty some products at jean see that this can show up us why i know so i saw that like flock here bewilderment he's on was we taken what about the guy was already lost his ability to make a living from mexican dick pills like why would he ever just take something off the shelf a gene say moat where were not given the guy kudos cause he's the smartest tool in the shed shortlist charged with what i say smartest tilities shed more throws a smart to smoke a little you dont say do you like you might have been like out need energy gear this what is tat susan prior looking round balls out neck and it is that do the truth is never destroys i put on my children i put on my heavenly father he does not have any file lovely capitalize heavily and father because sure do that while we get has speck respect
joan authorities facing measure becomes baggage thirty four still fox nobody but he's too and sixty pounds a heavy wages and we're gonna fuck others cutting wages does a lot of power lived rampage for the next four years keep your body in shape the stuff everybody up everywhere but if you look at that travel by man and see how much how many guys tests hot for like one fact is not in there i can see you agnes literally i now go back and forth i'm off the jones dream but when i see that i see how big issue it is in baseball in my family small you saw in the commission might be like flock look at all these guys man we are real issue here maybe did so then i think there's no way for years but i learned realizing else nerve anybody else tested positive for the stuff in the sea of you is it the same stuff right near does pause for you this is the other thing usually
die tests hot for something out of one of those major camps other guys it s hot for the same stuff unless he's getting a stray from the powerless to guard the hours nfl brothers didn't frank mary kangaroo does it tainted kangaroo me brow was at the worst argument tourist who have got people rang a real smart guy i'm using a modest tool in the shed some people eat kangaroo but it's not common table fair in australia not just in austria dont show their hurry the kangaroo burger not now the venison beef eating cash yeah but what he was flagged for is my favorite part however he was still given maximum punishment by usanga cathy claim he listed numerous potential sources for the positive test including eating the room while in australia use you sought as like light out of here that's the best get we ve onto ship that's all you got
boy no it's interesting it's like how much does it help how much like what think about what these guys are doing it mean deafening steroids help right to steroids make you a better athlete they allow you to recover some say ten percent better it's hard tell though because could john beat in your without that small doses for yes he could do that's what dc was san who's the guy does need to do it he superpower it does not need to do i know that's why when you look at the evidence like why this small amount of travel in other gets tests buzzword how much would this really help body risk all this to take some piss hot it's really not help much and then whitworth we stopped so right now we wanna and listen i've been the fuckin poster boy of making
john on the stuff but in all seriousness weirdo he'd say aright most guy you're doing it does that notice i heard luke thomas talking about it they what water right we'll start in water what is the big one i think in two and seven they did this survey of athletes included that we're doin overseas and competing and they they asked them as at a ton of under the radar how many guys are doing performance enhancing drugs alarming number like seventy eight percent and that's people you know that would be a little higher than that yeah like you have it's a word we're gonna tarnished johns name and he's not the grace all time let's ike ok but then paid a watch over and fight you paid what reader balfour fight you know like we don't know exactly who doing what we would have overrun becomes champ a guarantee of pesticides
people turned on him to not get it but he disease does for way worse things than john has but he has paid to be tested fur testosterone right did me it was just doktor my god elevated levels spain i mean that same shit remit when he was ill barium that's with rice tossed a rolling him but he tested positive for that did me any said doktor game a shot was now all deal at some the chinese are shoulder ever i i dont but was just think about what they are so he tested positive for testosterone i believe all of you pause for that and if he had a exemption that means is levels run that feed or balfour network card shit where the till she like holy fuck man how are you know is one of the drawers eyes he's one the first guys pop by usanga believe he's us lord who remembered he ran away others is what you gotta go lily sprinted to his car their daily
big man run yeah really living had come back he ran to ask are the astronaut they got him after like a post pre fight pr he's like all shit and then ran like you know it runs in outline he's like doing that and so you got away and he got his car drove off yeah what happens in serious trouble right block yes all income islamic comeback pride dana's like what the boiling member would have one vanderwiller i read about family for life for life i don't think that was you sort of the film that was nevada the nevada commission those and what you want to ban nate for learning for life and fucking told connor helium two million dollars and then his shoe commercial one hundred fifty thousand and ensured a commercial and what about you my finding an impartial yet you know that you're what was a commercial and anti boy commercial other misery base hundred thousand she discovered for free
why would i do and anti boeing commercial when you're bullying me your bully me into doing an aids i boiling commercial or conscious will act by one who i do obama giving my rate about two minutes newcomers right now i mean about hundreds of one point two million that's why show me that so i'll pay the fine only one point seventy the commission late is a lady in devonshire via the commission is very mean one lady think that your job but i mean to africa who was it was john john was it nicky as might have been nick ds but just a scolding and she was given one of the fighters while this is going down the wrong over some sort of positive actions like because their government officials in us they feel they have this power and they it becomes a tyranny through not nice and having a personal relationship with this guy you shouldn't have personal issues i guess stern
used anger and your voice urine like some sort of a competition to convict someone and to punish them i didn't think absolutely is it's not like look there there can absent loosely be like what we say we want about the golden snatch right nevsky alike so wise on re snatch that's a positive turn its fun things say yes i write gimme gone snitch toilets enough roma harry potter no gold stars paper carry on the vets key is now angry about it never emotional about it very factual like when he describes what a thing was snack casting judge he's i've being mean you're saying this is what we have done his job we now is doing its job not some backbone tie my john would destroy the bullshit gotta help that happens he's doing here also realise when they brought on mobility is day we're trying to paint the pitch
the self for the most money pass will be taken seriously so he signed the shoot reebok endorsement deal you saw in early start doesn't happened up got up and then that there and then frank m lorenzo just sold the remain shares do like we're really out the mole just tell me about how they do that with businesses businesses are not operating just to try to make a profit their operating the cell yes and i went back and then this one guy was telling me that his friend had a business was operating that way but then it didn't sell the cell fell apart this and then we have to change the business plan and then start making it a business to make money what the fuck you talk the fourteen hours i mean you're talking straight maverick incomes in business or with all all they have going on they don't need the usa do well did that does my eyes and i mean share my now that today look at in as a business yes idealistic steps with a strict testing it
does then dont care reebok this dont care that's not our deal this what's gonna make it look best for buyers rats what we're doing four billion go fuck yourself how funds was just genius strategy really really about evaluated at harvard we're arena than the fifteen as did the bright each at harvard you really think that way in terms like it just a giant sum of might be and the only living in that you know what they are they earned it too because you think about where the the business was before they came along and how they were forty plus a million dollars in dead when they filled the ultimate fighter there are losing so much fuckin money just hand over this losing money in there and at one point the rest would call dana said would sell it try to find some buyers in the morning they woke up them changes minds like fuck that him we're gonna keep it for me that's how much money they were losing it not a lot of people would have done that depends on it thank you but even if with a lot of money in the bank you can't just keeps
when through money you will use your forty million dollars and that means that several years you're a hundred million dollars and you gonna get that hundred million dollars back not very likely how bout the cause in bought the houston rockets for two point two billion dollars that family is fuck you an hashtag ball it how so bond software you get me the loan for johnny mishap does need alone some unease it tell johnny doesn't fourteen johnny settle down and and they look at him speed or you want what you sign the mortgage for that fourteenth house you like it always does killed but that fourteenth house like holy shit would you do with though you don't do anything with unless the problems of illegal thing for you that johnny depp kentucky horse farm fails to sell at auction sherbet go for two point nine it is it just
happen no matter what like look up scroll up and look at that picture of him does it just happen no matter what that after while you almost become like a caricature you become one of the characters yeah i mean you you paint yourself as the odd fellow who's she now on the outside for the longest time and then also he becomes blockbuster guy because johnny depp a long time to talk about two very respected actor hell yeah i need to talk about how he doesn't want to be mr blockbuster guy in there he gets on parts of the care mean they probably distinctions cool part but still disney you know forget it seems in cool part me so was alice in wonderland that didn't fuck his life up in wonderland which is great good movie he was a great move and he was awesome in these as the mad hatter ip i was the man had a for halloween dress doesn't caution with solid but he's you know he's a legit brilliant
and then on citizens bog poster that's a disney thing solace and he becomes dislike huge enter national just top of the food chain for stock ross legato jack sparrow tat to you is a jacks the sparrow on his form he how you feel if i had a fear factor tat to a big mtv sudden in about right here i was an unemployed but if it was on my side just said fear is not a factor from me on your ribs fears knighthood and you pull up in that slingshot dig move i would have the gold plated i thought that slingshot missin some blame need behind you sometimes i don't know man with johnny damn you just got to into it why just think when you're on something that you don't enjoy is one thing that does happen i'm it's alive people on bad sitcoms are making a ton of money they just are gone crazy in buying
thanks because they need these things to make them feel good because there were doesn't and so they say lilies yeah elite some work in but i'm gonna get that new ferrari that ferrari for whatever the fuck it is or for dinner is avenue one whatever it is you got the top and food chain dough bass ferrari maybe dislike ferrars but then it may be just by a yacht maybe by this need by and then you sign a deal to do the show they don't you want to do any more we have to sign a deal now because you gotta twelve mean our mansion and malibu over mother father i think i think you're done johnny depp have anyone is life go now after four hours ago my children on the fifth one man no not really even staying me other ones this nose i end brow i think we should take a break this asked for
yeah there's just a theory but i think that one of the things about a guy like johnny depp is if you want i don't know this amber heard lady oh he was alive unless she seems nice enough to me very beautiful manufacture read somewhere that she was like some computer program said she was most beautiful personal i've had it makes sense to me symmetrically her eyes were some add on computers different my thought is she's beautiful school but my thought is when you're a dude like him and you got a girl like that in like you know you're you're having a great time like one of the great things to do is probably just by a ton of shit and just impressive girl and just taken on this journey go what kind of all once fourteen how crazy while he she didn't even by fourteen houses with her materially bought a few weeks ago
a but he's gone crazy spine all kinds of shared by involving she loves that but it is what i think i think thing just escalate think things this the spiral out of control this get you get away for yourself next year no you standing on the fucker red carpet with island iran and so for change in yorkshire filthy chest beneath your act like you and some crazy indy rock band and your fifty three you become a care jack sparrow start dressing like what think people want to see like this instead of you cut it forget who you are maybe maybe not just say just him jim carries latest interview he sat down i was gonna bring it out he's playing it i'll worry he's play ease but he's get ready for a character who acts like that he's in character them over that's jim tear he's doing he's off my feet human being one but he's playing a character in that
so he has a new role i forget who is plain but the guys he just signed a necessity centre for new sean showtime raise plan comedian that's freaking out later in life or something and that's where you know he was a part of the whole i'm up here thing is a producer so he's playing character of a comedian is freaking out freaks out like that my dad's a typical too that role so that's how it do and there he was the postern play or at least a rumour that he was supposed to play turns mckenna in some sort of biography the famed psychedelic adventurer turrets turns me can he be great on be amazing out she was ended afraid i'm andy kaufman with yellow around and painting too what look at him he's got some really cool painting that he's been doing recently throw qualities that doesn't look so it looks like an under there i think this has been prior two or three year time here that this guy made over
excellent video gypsies daughter will stuff man no he's a sick payment that thing with the knee and go back though for a second jamie the thing with the neon and black but it was just tat is amiss super town that's really cool lookin did you see his daughter when on american idol named the port girls greatest saying the biggest nine of her life like let's go in wired into her famous father jim carry jim's all hey is like on skype hey baby good luck they get away little carry like ask god what a shitty moment man her like that have a moment man jumped you dead jim carry with television man that's how they do it they go hundred percent cheese on don't go at all this what they want to appeal to joe slack jaw sit on his easy chair at home as late as i feel it
when joe slack job does it like that bullshit it's enough people to do enough people little tolerated see ratings beg to differ well they don't really these days too ill to have good ratings is just a tired she would depends what it is like think about most shows i gratings or dam in general but look at things that are more organic and real right like worship might not like other just like other shows on youtube stuff like that where it's not so bull shit producer tony how to feel what opinion should have their stuck in their model because they have commercials theirs how can that model because they have to those commercials if they have to interrupt their show with a governing ass a kind of wrap up every few minutes how many minutes so they go without commercials railway thousands global guppies let's play the full thing like bubble guppies my kids love o my kids upset
they loved when a real euro four let's find that out twenty minutes eleven minutes every settlements awful so every seven minutes for a sick common giving they do the same for an hour show the brakes or different putting on a shovel like twelve minutes twenty minutes there oh it's gonna be they can't you can never get real deep water they front loaded it like partisan us no one's gonna walk apart those watching me there is sometimes a do that like the show is brought to you commercial free by yeah you don't get it but still announced that everything that's probably the way to do it that's the way to do it or product placement is awaited doing don't be gross programme stuff he age can be gross about it so it could mean if someone is drink at a coke show coke so the wrong with that as long as you know it makes sense for the scene like the other idea that you gonna put stuff in the doesn't belong for product placement well that's gross but could figure out some way words organic
think dimensional world terrible to asia the soho live like that when he's all worked up fuck powerful rob low but timey very his arm but i i think they can start towards more that real this they have to smell bull shit now the abbot joe slack job sit in his arm chair rural illinois sorry to pick on the illinois sister picked a state could see masters its runner montana but he just sit there and it goes mouth open and may be that appeals to him and maybe you'll tolerate it and then there's that huh spectrum in between true of people that like this a fair bit show our level of people can't sang up and love it i love it when they get up and they try to saying in their voice cracks and you know that virus i made me feel so good people do i used to love it
when i watch american idol my fair report was the people that sought me to those that's my friend when they get all serious sets i count on your good i'm out whatever happened to that lady whose like so that usually inner fifties our teeth raw floated out in boy that's america got talent in england it was exactly what happened is this simon cow guideline everything he's ridiculous i'm gone crazy bomb those workers i heard not that the matters but right i heard susan boil i got paid back those like fuck this same thing well founded really that's all it's like you some of my teeth britain's got talent britain's go tell him so great she was too member one eight they just didn't expect it and she came out smashed the vast number one letter by the outside world that is crazy that she can good well she but
hold us you just turn fifteen she's my age has possible well that's crazy that's cares that fucking shit me your agent like she's she's aging like fruit wow you shut use it or lose it baby she's using her voice man there but with no voice around they really want some species of pricing and here and there too i know she kind about the spotlight though well she lives simple yeah or she made i'm gonna money so weight loss photos or she's fifty six on two hours when that was kenema what how to program with childcare she wants you will soon broken looks like in six years time look at her yet although talent shows a fuckin weird man you know america's god talent and what's the one with it jennifer lopez's on one of them now she's
dance shall write and then that country music guys are without a girl in our analysis katy perry host an opinion twenty million buckstone there are sometimes exists some crazy amount of money the hosting is upheld he would beyond donald trump haze black people drunk on hard ideas pierre nobody's raw usually solar leaving no their ratings are up like that so crazy right now but the down yellow guys it had left him people even cable how someone said the ratings are up though no a great recent ratings me maybe i just read things i'd go with him and i fell back i mean there because the somerset but but in general there down to stay in a usb then all those cuts heard kill a bunch of people budget cuts are cut so much talent but that was it out your name jim out but you smell came out was like on her granted she's employee the obvious being put on her personal source me on twitter she's saying
the right stuff i said is a white supremacist and she said is the worst president of her lifetime and a lot of people say that this is the fact that she is a public media figures everybody wanted her fired and the like it's weird out rage culture we live in right she's child to her fucking opinion now the thing is disease paean one people on their network being all political and talking about shit like that on their social media and do their rules about that some companies do every about that whether you agree with those rules are not some companies have rules and what you can you can't stand social media but here's the thing that i found fascinating donald trump and talk about her talked about european i thought tat was a chicken shit thing to do like there was a woman who works for s pan out and out yes that's true that's what i'm saying there's a woman that works for s p in a very specific person not yes pierre you know telling lies should apologise whatever the fuck you wrote it in color
eating collar out i think he's like is knows we can do it josie not now everything's your white supremacist can't you have taken the black lady he's pick on rosier donal all day long right he'll go after everybody else com a loser the groundless america and her little speech slammed em too she would like settled shit about him and you see this jones really those zachary cameron looks like her cameron that's that's homeboy from survivor wives who is from survivor around i'm sorry enough from thrives on bachelor better it yeah you're seeing him there also means queues of teenage girl classic anyways the other miss america abounded about trump and no one's going after her necessarily corn quote gaining millions of fans are now right but what's interesting is i watched someone posted something about anthony boarding as a boarding was called items here the airport ok very quick sort of silly interview they ask him a question if you had to cook for kim
moon and donald trump what would you serve and hemlock and he away it's a joke it's a fucking one line is also funny he's a funny guy says a one liner and all these people are saying should he be fired from cnn for saying that he would poison tromp afeared who you know good luck the secret service gonna contact you and so i look at his fuckin twitter page man and it's crazy these fuckin cycles are telling the secret service station investigated cnn via hand like you're fired razor as with people man outrage come out he's been outraged culture people get excited about things being outrageous instead of just going the sweetest got me coffin settle just looking at it and go online on agree with that fuck that guy or going
that was obviously a joke which lives in normal purse would do like effects you like not at all do you really think that anti bourdain wants to fuck and poison donald trump and they should hinge on jobs etc well she's amazing by the well he's a raised on his culture outrage culture people to decide they can try to effect something and then things start getting wrapped up the momentum kicks in all these other people on board and they get excited about being a part of a group that wants to get anti boarding kicked off the air they want they want some sort of weird direction they there are important enough within these people fired i think if they get together and after a power to effect a person i even believe the right buncoed pictures you right here you're he and i kept saying they are threatening the life of protests capsule hedonic are you what are you talking about the king you guys around your mind is a person with the terrible jobs in that aim a throne donald trump as a person with a job that no one wants ok that's what he or she doesn't doing a good job in it no but is anybody doing a good job in it no i think obama's
the best present we ever had and look at in uno people get mad at me for this a lot a lot of things that i think that he did that i don't agree with like the way when after the press what the way he promised to protect whistleblowers but he never did of free speech and people having to give up their sources was damaged heavily during obama's administration the use of drones on precedent the use of drones unprecedented out of civilian deaths during his administration the questions much allows his fall how much can one man even can draw mean this i think it's impossible fucking job but the way he carries himself like a person i'd love more than his characters where the way he can enunciate clearly he's a to me using a good representative of what i would like to see is a calm peaceful educated american who smart and is just easy
affable he's seems friendly in nice he seems like one of us he's the four impression that kind of sound like lois we could kill them and you could i could actually relate to guess the only reason why and i guess i don't believe i think if i was a lonely clinton i probably wouldn't be able jai with them i just don't think especially your loan there's a chicken the room i think you'd look right past you yeah he's you'd be like a distraction you gotta talk block with iran think almost not like a rooster i think clinton's straight up rooster he's not rose you just can't help him certainly go he's got that is she's flinging dec that's not what i'm at long slender flying got time to talk some old comedian seriously oh you your family your vote of no great did the fucker was a long time ago i'm trying to get my dad
i love to talk to you but i got them at a time of you look to me lately motherfucker i'm dyin ok fuck you fuck this up men inhalers exact every kind of europe and on air force morning i still get to use it in one if they so wish to use it you seek it serves terrestrialized how they fly around they fly around commercial although president carter is on a trailer high five anew and train of flight i five and everyone here president carter was a beautiful persons why only lasted one term in all day negotiated with the hostages and i ran to make sure that the hostages were released till after ronald reagan was elected president now that is of shady surety dirty shit polynesia you kept americans imprisoned extra so you look good and would be released when this fuckin actor with slicked black black hair get a crack fuel
my government was an easy it's so dirty knowledge of threatening weakens politics or not saw business rag was also the first guy who used the religious groups of our country to get elected he got them on board with him you want to get to do while he brought in religion of politics and a lot of ways or made it made popular and obvious that that was a good choice to align yourself as being a per i know president today could be an atheist i don't think you do i i disagree what really you're gonna name where they live and fork they're out there in the white house where they the launch a nuclear bomb they think that the un doesn't mean anything ok i'm i'm here god's heavenly glory well what's my heavenly father i'm looking up my heavenly father right now what's the percentage of atheists in the united states now its higher than ever now still low think we're gonna have to get the fuck sakes but i think it's let i learn percent get what you need
if you're more run for president because people are more more concerned about the lord than they are about anything else ok too we to preserve europe's population is religiously on affiliated atheists make of three point one percent agnostic make up four percent of the u s population wait you so it says a twenty two percent but it says there religious their religiously an affiliate those are vote for these is present but that means religiously on affiliate elated could believe in god s but they just don't long to a certain church now we get those words ok to fourteen general yeah those those votes i think would go towards a religious person if that person will go back please if the person but he's in god so to four teen general social survey reported that twenty one percent of americans had no religion with three percent being atheists and food percent agnostic does not even much as i thought is that many people murmur you cannot be i just don't think i should say this
shouldn't citizen blanket turkey's maybe it can happen but i just think it's not a good strategy of your just trying to get an office does tromp was never religious he talks about got all the time that's all you know god this and god that its strategy needs you you almost it's like words that you have to say like mammon sir that dont know told it makes sense to you what did you i heard the i think the governor or maybe the mere florida when the hurricanes but to hit a much and unjust balls deepen it on the hurricane stuff they he's energy use you not yo yo these great but basically just pray force just keep praying for that only when you appeared poisoning here tonight to you but figures shit out i got that it sounds use everything just keep pray enforce just pray that's all ass everyone here pray for men
you mean more liberal taking it may at work brow jesus gunnar on yesterday afternoon facebook and got trouble after some people were digging into dad retiring thing that was going around also yesterday without a rhythm super looking into the russian i think someone uncovered that a hundred thousand dollars had been paid to either some rationale agency or somethin i didn't follow the exact but her digging into that they found this story that junior doctors and well you add an algorithm created this tag to people and labelled them as jus haters and so someone could buy a targeted add to them and what they are i guess there assuming as that from people did it are there are holding down you not say in this rights are expelled it is more clearly so someone could put an add on your page not allowed internal hypothetically i could put out a mad if i was a fine for hilary for instance in the situation for trump targeted towards people that were labelled
jus haters were labelled and only that was you haters you'll see a thin face book ok so there's for something because a category of two haters in their saying it was done by a computer algorithm not buy up should be by a person it just sort of happened what yeah and that's what this is it still being uncovered right now the system yesterday you hitters was trending on twitter and others was rightly says that does i facebook advertising the best that there is like for anyone because of the algorithms yeah of course you can pick out a certain demographic weight if you have a show in san francisco or else you can really pick everyone in a ten mile radius and they will see that add but that is such a phrase you aid or ideas figured out the buddha crazy thing the idea that you could reach a group of about don't allow those people to be there nope level i thought you know the reaching of ones on the same ads in the same vein i was ass your second ago when you said you're looking at anthony boarding twitter account you saw bunch a hate yeah do you
think that that could be bought let me living without limit correct that it wasn't anthony boarding twitter account it was under the tweet by tm z for show the video then there is all the more even that even but i'm sure they prevent this makes it even easier do then you could specifically by by that hate for cheap twenty fuck you fuck you can buy that but they also hire people that might be multiple tunas i mean by that but by that hey you could send the messages that you want you can set up a couple key words in five hundred a council just start setting those messages take accounts like fake accounts yadda count how many people going no look through to find out how many of those accounts are fake ok but you have a human rights day after right now between for those figures figure to fill in the word holy shit so how do you know of someone who is doing that great question therefore that programmers ale book twitter defining it everywhere and how do they know what they say
until tell by the algorithms in the computer programmers can figure it out tenant fake accounts for sure why when twitter and soon they can do a flush of all those bought accounts and so you see a lot of people's followers like kim kardashian she lost like three million zero a bunch of bought account like vacant whether so many things i thought she was three million people saw her real ass good lord really did you see that now it's i've seen the pole did you see that mexican disaster no she's on the beach mexico and she didn't have our own photographer here's the thing do whatever you want i don't wanna body shame but there yes i do let me just explain my position on this once which she shows when she shows all these pictures of a giant perfect ass she showing an extremely unrealistic representation of a human being so she does she hears a photographer to follow her everywhere and take pictures and then photoshop the shit out of em they clean way i'll lumps and then
it's amazing right so what she was on the beach they were they were taking pictures of urge you didn't know they were there at is a dumper that's grows that is a gentleman here is not real that is off fat that someone stuffed into your ass like a giant diaper and when they smooth it out and put it on instagram with although retouch has inevitably that this forces women like think that this is possible this is normal my girls ass beaters by the what its re at rio and she's got a body that makes sense and she makes her look like mr burns ass if you have a giant head like and then a tiny little nose i want them plastic surgery noses people going to hate the phone line on here right like you did something weird shit what she's doing is it's not only not hot promise she becomes famous and then it becomes a thing that people do down his hold on member or talk about wig
we weren't you here we're talking about powdered wigs was it you as you may have bigwigs think about that these fuckin guy as with syphilis that we're losing their hair started wherein wigs every body start shaving their head and wearing those goddamned modern whew because they looked like those guys they wanted to be cool cannot can produce for making ass is cool my man now ass a sort of real attitudes on a real ass she did make ass is called shallow made ass his cool way before him card action i saw her she was a legit so that's a real ass this is a disaster this is my problem of kim kurdish not my prompting production granted cheese influence a lot of people and i would not i would not kicker bed for look at those parameter those pictures uranos pictures are dinnery sent to a cartoonist whatever but a real the problem is her sister her little sister so like my nannies daughters always run or how she's twelve she's in seventh grade every
most girls especially in middle school high school every one that kiley generalised she's a fucking lets you sprints diana like they think he's the shit have you seen what bitch is gone through its saying it was so she said you talk complete reconstruct of her face body ass tidies ribs temple the different person skull reconstruct it's not my shaved her chin yes and cheek bones to make it look like came in her ass in they cut into the bone in her jaw when she was sixteen what the fuck are we doing but now all these little girls look after her like cheeses huge role model and i ask why why do you why why do you like her the life and then you know she she but with all the stuff she's luba time she's driving jus exiles and they think like that all that's what out that wasn't amino bigwigs big was the same thing to same goddamn thing
so's dues weren't wigs that everybody seas and they think that shit so they want to copy it that's why it's dead during these rivers though it is but it's not same fears but it's the same theory it's the same thing that happens to people but which is doing is bonkers but but it doesn't matter it becomes a trend and the people get sucked into that trend and she becomes important his why mad at myself a moment not at all the other one look at these pictures stoppage amy on your part you right and he asked i got to everything but one explaining oliver he'll come in general what coming to hear or tabooed beyond surgeries young go now establishing with around the surgery having as you did you hear that red giant easier back together and i'll say where did they get a misfortune ritalin but with her what's what would i get people you know she's beautiful amount myself in that time she's fine she's not an ugly woman
no no she sexy now young dog bull bars i talked much him kids we italians gray i'm talking about kiley letting us twenty one but before in a basic like girl average one as white girl now she's this video vague right and i'm not mad i don't you think i was ruin that ass a biblical water balloon have you ever felt no what's alike pre lorries really a fake one no do not know if they have implants but they can take fat from their stomachs eyes and they inject the fat i asked no different reborn it was all over to the bathroom and you should ask goin back and forth waterbed does not freak you out it was there is a video of what is that your ie whaley exactly whatever and there was a very of her shaking her ass and someone sent to me they go do what in the fuck is this was a cool now she's where these gin tie pants and shaking her ass it's like ever try to fuck waterbed yet a nightmare
add one when i was twenty one was in his turn as a kid and then swapped it out for one with baffles which is actually pretty bad ass a water habitats yeah baffles are it it's not one giant bag it's a bunch of tubes and makes us and when you get in there it's pretty firm but you feel the coup the warm patents and i want to bet it's pretty dumb but you get any good fuck with one of those but with the other on your kids like me who is sitting on a well functioning and i like train a fuck while your peril boarding is trying to find no one of those four on those vibrating you she is just an idea you're so that's what her ass looks like she shaken or ass and it's going back and forth and back and forth like some crazy ass camel thing like you're storing water and medical ethics scalable agency have on curing magazines or water in it it's like
something going on it doesn't make any sense whose us i mean that's fine right there that's not the video lizzie video there was any of her dancing on stage i wish i didn't like that stuff pink pants yeah but this is like this is mr liese miserly look here that's a return of different colors its negative you know but that the that's the lets the culture we live in that's all we like not we sir now you know like big tidies any eyes that disaster and i don't like i did ask that i like big cities in athens crossfire checks checks the two squats and shit i like chicks it look good luck strong and healthy that's what looks good like cowan healthy type of chicks callin war cry he's here let's leave him out of locality loves like the big bulky like shredded girl who if she had a dick like i'll make sense
yeah no i mean the girls it looked like girl like later lived up to our ally when you see there ass you know that is earned ass that's not some experiment in doktor frankenstein lab arrive to picture you with a too running down your mouth keep you alive we gotta fuckin reno you're noses taped up in your line they or their eyes rolled back in your head whether fuckin in areas like cocking gun is the both at the same then i shall i not just its womanizer healthy did not as vibrant here woman that's in shape sheriff them how is this not like i'm sure like a man who's in shape it's the same thing to peat like people like things that are healthy its seems like you talk about sex right we'll sex you don't want to have sex with somebody sick right sex someone who doesn't feel good you don't have
ex if someone is barely make it like if you get a staff infection because someone's been pop and fattened your ass hall and then i'll send you feelin feel sad but you still have ass big ass that's actually now that's not fun it's not exciting like you're looking at an unhealthy person body like you look at her body like that's not a working out body she hasn't work out for she does her heart that's a lazy persons body pressure through general salt and wont let me and i'm not say lazy person like ma and that is a full time job listen if you can't work out of my blaming you if you don't want to work i am not blaming you but if your fucking job is only to be professional hot chick and that's your body achievement a worker yet you gotta get on that or at least nor did that's what i'm talking about i like that i also love oh i'd like a tiger gaol doesn't dead lives like us
he's using those path to cover actions is something grows by girls scarred options unless they fight in this they do my tie that's even than its hot again leaving then gangsters chicken butler joan gale guards it better to any but i redeem feel like bodies should be earned in a jam i mean i just feel like in some stuff and your asked as i already said in but it's a trick tidies that's where i vastly exactly our final allow new but here's a irma tidies that's while ago because you
and earn them you can earn and ass a kind of a little bit little business genetics you have it i mean come on let's be just be honest but we're talking milan what i'm all you can do some squats in deadly some lunch is built on us and even automatics thing how much you could probably effect it but you might be evident not people get the jailer levels but i bet you get too pretty perky levels sometimes i don't know i don't know aims at you and what other workin out they got a good trainer they lived heavy that i see the programme yet you deficit programme yet solana with a diet is people make allowed a goddamn excuses you through their real indicted generics are jerks i guess i jamie's like india's biggest fuckin you'll romero just not in the card on a per centre right genetics do come and a factor but when you just blame genetics for everything is ok but did you how the hell did you weren't you try did you advance at all where was you're starting point where you are now and how much effort you put in along the one you're cool tidies becomes law that's a real woman's ass
she is so real she's forty how is eighty five no the good thing about that you can shoot loads and they're all day long enough inhabitant all day long nose on the came over there about that can now be wrought in her trying to everybody's trying to euro practice i would try i saw at the financing i would impregnate her bright known for nurses postal viable for another four or five years there was also she has talent these other gordana do not yeah and that's what i think like if you want to spoil if you want to be a man radio but also hard work she works out hard man i ever see her dance routines and i'll stop that she does she finally harbours ten out hard on it i mean that's she's a professional hot chick was also singer was also an actress she has talent these other goddamn out do not right
but she also worked hard see super that's what i think that sexy yeah and that's what i think like if you want to spoil if you want to be a man right will you built like the rock i see the rock on the fuckin instagram in the gym every goddamn day we're out here we'll get it done you know nobody works ardor or i have a good deal but it is an odd spirea shitty shock to the flock and kills you look she'll do right that is impeding the clearly but that's an urgent physique does not stuff in the fuckin still complain in his muscles to up he's not injecting since all an air would look like i'm crazy poznan shouted and other stuff though it's off your light he's working out he's working out hard i don't know what it's test levels are the probably elevated but weren't you didn't point is even with drugs accessible see
it's still hard work but yes it is still a real muscle this where i draw the line look of girls could take a stairway that made them grow and ass they wouldn't be a flat ass on the planet the aim would be no girls the difference you girls and man is that because there's a lot of guys don't want takes their or the fact that unlike unwholesome don't if stairway existed for women's ass as it would be as common is botox they would all be german and even more carbon more you i like you i don't know maybe i hear die every girl have a fat if you could afford it take it a way to break i guess i was driving on street near the das sunset botox twelve dollars guard dog that's a deal for sure don't go there you don't you bells policy to have yet a stroke
apparently like a very tricky process you gotta know when you shoot nets far i saw a deal for lazy guy surgery by wouldn't want by in venice by you cannot do that you can not skimp on your eyeballs please go reputable laser i surgeon i would get when next to the way you don't want to deal with euro on i certainly or ass treasury implants or tat is just you about that one person who got arrested they were given people asked jobs and they pretended to be a doctor and they weren't a doctor in their shootin all kinds of stuff in nepal was ass little children see meant see merit in the ass of these pop oh my god did well with people are crazy there so great a form car dashing blinking russian she s a man ass cannot ladys workin walgreens like followed like him good azure grabber ass new literally feel a rock of cement now what do you want to do
cancer is fuckin kitty stone didn't pass if large it up your ass cheats cannot man made a ways through your happens lodged itself but here's the thing but tidies i'm all about a more about him plans we go back to the thing you cannot earn big breasts can earn them so about guys with tat simple since they celebrate that now john joneses new ground only does need em about that well john jones has the calf of an ankle and he doesn't care not like us a moment ago is the cap like white girl oh by the way is a glorious picture of markets with a fanny pack put on it today in a whole cohen stash you habitat fanny backed in fact gangster so please by support markets new book is out now that it's a fucking camel fanny pack extra points he says gangs is the most gangster guy ever i do love that's dash you don't i
scary gentlemen an article though an interview they did with him that was very add and disappointed he knows i can start as a breeze no no no that was terrible tat roughly overcame that it wasn't about it was about his brain damage already we say sin is already started those words and forget thing that moustache and manufacturers miller i looked for signs that eyes moustache and very packages glorious he can't be if i were a very kind to me they want to run dear i don't weird to the god superman idea like a psycho i do i do they make sense when you think about it there are some i just now i just don't you should but so you say it out loud be down i'll call you might think what he was saying that he is brain drain no shit sir shit for sure we know but he was talking about it that is slow in his work having trouble remember things but he also said he was born
to do this is only supposed to do and if he dies do unless that he be fine with he but there's a caveat too that he said i die in the ring like i want to die in the ring glad on my shield but it better not be from someone who's on p d zone that's that's really good point four people are the last five people finally the tested positive repeat ease or tested not they are there zapatistas was brought all them it was our stirs pass it in the past for doing these were doom and genetic foot and j d s right now is on even that's a dire at but i'm just saying it's worse failing tat if he would go by feel tat almost every if you look at more cuts career and you went through and went guys bagged has positive like almost no wonder he's in fury did it now and he's roma superior genetics like markets genetics or insane like his bill take a punch for years was on godly you see
get hit you build this is new makes sense is he took croak up head kicks brow would you workin out show me i'll just go grow up silly our silver is tested positive diverge just positive presented us produce when did he does a while ago ok sir oh right i've depots hunter percent the jetty basically as they come there's bigfoot silver again how dare you he had a dragoon than the first time is crushed and the second time because a second time usanga was involved and bigfoot so wasn't on the juice first time the first on big foot of a was on the juicy tested positive not only that it sid negative before the fire and positive after the fire which means each used himself up before the fight and they had that incredible ethic five round war remember that fight it was amazing it was so apt
the dana white had a bunch of market routes of fights with his shirt to they made like four to before to ever happened they printed up the jackets for two certainly one and all dude i'm all in that was one of the craziest fights of our time and then a week later came a big foot test positive and insight this done mother fucker like this could have been like this incredible yeah i mean it was empty joshua klich go style incredible incredible match our bright so he tests positive and you saw it as on his ass then they come as for the second fight and marketing smokes him in the first round i mean just wearing it ran back room but usually give so we got bigfoot j d s is anita he's in these issues thing i've been raw through a busted what i'm going to say if anybody legion currently has a reason for using steroids its bigfoot his bigfoot has real gigantic germany had a tumor removed from his pituitary gland like his body doesn't produce test us
drone right or any hormonal dry visor rack this is that this is a grey area because of our great kind of major because it brain surgery hit a tumor honest pituitary aware that look at him with so even even if you get the perfume turkey after regulate so much were he didn't have such an advance i'm not saying you shook his him without it is awful you can compete on sand more than that maybe i shouldn't be able to compete that's say that's army this isn't the business here you if you have to have two such wanted to be unless you want to go to russia or japan is what you should do is get worked out their ways probably done he said to me crazy crazy fights but he was the first gotta t kayo phaedr yeah him but when he mounted i'm nervous about like getting along in his just giant fire finger go like this waiter was done whose fate or in all seriousness should have into a five powder he's a tank who is just
believe me we talented and ridiculously skilful in his eyes execution and just felt figured out a way to win was lightning fast fucked a lot of people are god damn it could you imagine if he got himself and ferocious shape at two o five knots men i don't like to forty right yeah i'm proud to thirty right too these are two good solid twenty pounds of hundred percent yeah so he's really like to a team which each shit to cut into our five that were to be anti johnson is what if he changed his died who knows he might literally be like two or seven beyond our field lost all that way explosive and a real valley in a straight i gosh and dad got yeah i mean that might be twenty five pounds you know i mean you literally might be like to ten years back to market mrs bonino you get this out so he says hey i see signs of brain trauma right counselor my word speech then is the main event next month yeah i get what brand
does when you hear that does the you'll see an occasional all stop stop last year you you slurring your words whose item that russian borrowing eleven rada big fight for fucking mark i'd love what model which which rushing guys to bora forget thither somebody got him in writing from russia russians taken over the world the rushing out it stops deafens druv that's pretty goddamn present any of the milan attached to a sitting round the balkans were identical moron tat you have my grandma fan yeah i guess you i'll go wrong movie yeah furthermore as a bad ass is good as a sweet left high kick doesn't do my mama orthodox yeah just as enhanced in if you are going to do at least on the main amendments to it but what what why do we have someone where we have a guy like d gone snitching yossi whose watching out for that stuff is going to end
so market do every word he has some real issues met in oversight rwanda look out to take care of you guys want to go out on a shield i don't want i don't want to watch mark hutton ten years should his pants and drooling and doesn't remember his fight career that rushing dine australia where he has nothing he is nothing that prove what to do for him but at a certain point you really have to have some sort of regulation that stops people from hurting themselves when there they ve taken too much damage and the camera good decisions anymore right but then its becomes a personal freedom is free will write because because there's a certain amount of damage you're gonna take there's fights the poor we shouldn't get made like france in ghana verses almost anybody others almost nobody is agreeing to getting your fuckin head scramble yeah you know i mean i want to see what happens with ouster once you ve ouster and survive it scares i faster
because in ghana clips and once an outdoor could be in deep trouble also francis has never fallen striker high level strike little loma best of all time the heavyweight division by you dont have seemed chin so it doesn't insisting matches fast to man scared alister nor france events as well as through clearly fast to but but francis always does touch and once true francis puts people tooth i guess into a high level i know you do high level i'm lying jump on the train when i wanted to table billy's but right when you watch it with alaska unless he's already down down the slope you know is already slide and weigh down he's been knocked out who knows how many times been down the slope he's been down the slope so that was impressive good test khazar bosque still knocked out travis brown couple years ago you cannot buy yeah still can fuck you up enough you make if you fuck up true santa rosa for due to does a while ago though it was
he went on that tear out over but there was the big guy yes event but a guy like having j d s big tests for male stroll room be pretty good ya know for sure look a great deal i'm on board both his right now to be honest we need em we need a young killer like a guy to bring some life into every division he just has everything gone as far as like you bill knock eyes dead his look i mean he just check out the market really can be tough until his english is better ethics jack others come out the coroner gazeta besides market people heavy wayne to highlight real the heavyweights ebay's working people he's from cleveland is not a draw every but stand is it a marketing thing hundred percent so it's late i haven't done a ride home on leaving the other guests jump on the public it's not the sea i mean steep agent this thing uses doing the thing with em sometimes the star
don't lie where you become the scots over pop culture i caught fire ass public then i got white guy standard why he's a firefly though standard but he's not dollar one standard vat for housing standard it teaches people want you know did and but he's real humble and your wealth again and rocky so they don't they were drawn the negative we were drawn to the john jones in the conflict in all they want that kind of that corner was negative he's not ideology talks like shit using take stipulating hunting brian work in his ass off training hard to win the fight isn't like crazy that well with conner thing to solve sensational by him whimsie as both of those things he has fighting a bit buddy and he also as this crazy personality magnetic record or steep ay just has the fighting
the interest on i just love is work ethic i love the fact they start bless yo gang i love it may not have people dead just your heavyweight champion the world is not a draw which is it say aimed now i know it and even a francis knox out alister not just steepy there's no way to draw they take it did it does just these and i'll have the former trust me the issue be hit me up if i did there's this weird superstar soup and he had a feeling yes your miss we don't know what the those are the guy's hit it yeah hit it almost sought by chance yet they sit around once every now and then connor was like that early in his career on good not at all who just a great fighter in ours like looking promising and then all gets to the eu see he feels crowd all the irish people behind many starts just talking it and go off and then people love it and he more shit goes off more than its cars per day do what rounds gonna work people learn that he starts pull it off
and that is i wanna fuck is that guy nobody goes hooray region and then think about john didn't get really mean streaming videos being covered the morn america too bad people like i want to see that bad ass by any amazing for how long he had a press conference that he he said what i have always said he said the other day he goes about him we set about him he was the end of the day i'm a bad mother fucker while motherfucker i want and that's what i do perfect at the end of the last yet at the end of day i'm awhile mother fucker am i test and i would say that it brother run with that i told them to talk to you about it you know when he wanted to have a conversation before did the podcasting you know we wanted to come clean i go do you're gonna make mistakes you're while mother fucker it's ok that's you
don't get to be as good as you are without being a wild mother fund will have to apologize for an urgent if u k moment lists ameer ali i'm we make some states eyebrow you make a lot more i'm a while my fucking i'm a bad attitude on the planet yet this is what you get leather aid but he dragged him i can't do things it hurt people like the driving fucked up matching that ladies car take away the things of her people and you just out party and have a good time the occasionally do blow nobody can your hair and then give up that's a great guy that's a fungi it's like you got me sure you avoid hurting other people and then this this steroids thing is the god damn that's the knife in the heart this said you got you got a yellow look in those drab our stuff with it with the baseline all these guys who have all these problems genes in all these upwards i saw that and get i've been roasting john bad because i'm up madame cause he's my fear further right one of them so it is possible that he could have take
in something does trace elements of this i have also seen that other things are recognised as that stuff in the task but i hard time believing that you sought it would know that no sign of a hard time what's they come clean with ass they come out with this i don't think it's ever been proven once that they said that a person is tested positive or something and that that person had never actually take nothing i have not seen on al you sought a so thoroughly s a man if if you have the gaunt snitch on your trail europe fact he's like sherlock holmes of p d year show flocked and again this fuckin dead calm about it not judge mental just a fax going over the details on others do so above me a little bit in the while i'm gone back and forth on john if my where was in jeopardy i would be out there like listen this is what fuck it happening hear me i'm not goin radio silent soon these weird cryptic tweets doing this evening
mass like do let's wait i'm doing oppressor like listen to me right now man this may i can this supplement i've never done stewards i fuckin let that is bullshit you have you can't say too much if it's going to go to some sort of arbitration or a try or honor with process can you can if you didn't take it but here's the thing he's gonna find out how if there is a way that something happened all save you may bids you ok say take something from gnp and maybe take a bunch of shit you thought everything was good and then you get tat tested positive before you say anything i ever dexterity you have to find out what the fuck it is was in those that those things c of the report those things and then they have to check and inept independently by those things from somewhere i confirmation and that's a process and this one thing that have no excuse said he's gotta let the process play out before you start accusing john so bill
a process to say men not good a sample and be sample it's not good it's like good i just did you go along ways with his fancy rethink on if he came out always just like look let me take us here this is done but right now we see test day be both pause of ah fuck steroids he's dead to me but if you re my tweet where he's said that retook stairway again his heavenly father memory capitalize heavenly and father so sceptical so fuck off cough then that actually made me go and he was on steroids yadda we do as a god damn it i ll anyone heavenly father or are you a bad guys on your knees a bad guy how about how about john does this and we're like i'll fuckin do worse graceful time my ass than brow and cushion i football bright cushion captain of this houston texans he's been caught that two or three times before straight up as possible
four p d like straight up steroids he's a monster linebacker these tests again if i think your bandwidth he's gonna miss like ten games they die four million dollars worth of his paycheck them it doesn't make it nothing about this guy's a superstar ball of course they're on steroids every body whose three and sixty pounds asylum muscles on steroids but how crazy we just give them a ride off like they should be testing those guys it's ridiculous but he's up he's lay in a position to where he hits guys he's taken years off their lives here he's given them bring trial and he's rostrum jack the gills that's what we want to see if you want to see football ok you once he big giant guys colliding with each other you chauncey natural athletes without delay trying to fuckin pounds protein the middle where do you want to see now drafted a grass johnny you see the grant aid to tell you here has those guys are right i area but there's wake up his knee network it's different because you talkin about guys trying to get his
big fast as powerful as they can we ve all known forever you asked the average person to football players to it is of course as you of course i these mountains almost people assume yossi files on parties like i've got some talks and what are we heading while i mean well there's a giant percent but but these are diverse standard way less are now but i think for the longest time forty two supplements cloning some that are available at jean see contribute are positive test for terrain of all the others that fox works or clia these beneficial so the cubs again were minded this week that players should we should use only subway certified by ennis of international independent organization the tests products bob
oh but so is large share looked a universe concern about the run of suspension of taranto ball and continues to seek evidence that might shed light on why someplace are testing positive guess somebody gadget has some positive for well dismisses short acting drug though that's out of your system fairly quickly i think that was the thing about this stuff but they reside in a raid on the is even debate on that though joe why did i see what did i see something that sets out a sixty day window i've seen it's actually months i've seen weeks acting days i've seen hours again we don't fuckin noted for one of its been explained to me the stuff that gets out your system the quickest as those little at a ball tat faster on things like the dummies random but those are just a few hours in a few hours or adding system they'll we're gonna just like we do now with base while i bury bonds mark maguire sammy so sir at the time we're like oh my god hades homer that doesn't count the years go by
like many of them still pretty fun get if even the pictures were soft up i think that can happen with john to like five ten years i knows he's the greatest of all time but no because daniel komio wasn't sawston dinner komio totally on the match buddha i don't know i assume is scant nice to me is i have de i have no reason not to do i don't know maybe you this world anymore when it happy rise while you know you think man helstone align you're futures on line you careers in a line you been out of the game for essentially two and a half years plus one fight in between there the us be fight these bad a cage for life time the best in the world yet inviting the best in the world capital meda you got all this pressure on you and he's got a bit guess skinny little bit
if you need help if you john might not not only will the club de coupled to israel's maybe it's one of those things where he was used to get away with it now i didn't he took a supplement that had it in it we will really don't know it's one of things invitation dress that i really believe you got a kind of before tat a hundred percent judgment on item let us play out but this is daily say let it play out again play sides feel here but when you say let it play out we know he has a history of fucking yeah he's gonna hang him before it's actually come out because go now gives us good at beating people up in fucking up and here's another factor here we're looking at you that's why that's why ruins like nope he's done to me what's depressing to us right as fans because he so fuckin good and i know that he's gonna be out possibly for four years now that's just is devastating to me
when we meet him i don't know i don't know i don't know we fucking medium unified steep pay for the heavily title you fast if they didn't even know about that one i you know i have fight for steeper and then use your fight brok less do we just in oldham it seeing this so much out there john would versus deeper for the heavyweight title would be as we talk about fuckin dragons and john snow it's just neither one on happening it's interesting right it's like what your theory about the four teeters pumping up with reboot and when you saw it and then just sell that science son limit there but it's a very good theory there having heard before our i never heard it is your theory entirely your idea to i meets the evidence is just right but
the evidence was always there they always always two and two together what they do it's that's genius mean if they really played that that three d chess that's fucking genius hundred percent that's what they're really is so smart man if you just bought it in you debbie emmy he probably ever tita zero sata thing sir we doing with this yeah you're gone holbein issue how i don't know what that deals with these articles you sought as an employer see that's fine now realise that right find out what how long the deal is with the scene usanga let's say yes saviours these yours you can't do ten year our laws for god's sake
can we by forty two houses of its table what happens if they abandoned it and also nobody's gonna like eric silver comes back raising school everybody vows stern jacked ouster goes back to be brief i do is past that the one at the wagons set we're goin sizzler they better pray tat the goldsmith contract runs out in the next two years you bringing that russian cat from care ass you bring a girl s whatever the librarian everybody in anybody or the russians there the best out of all of them bring them in this guy this dude on a protocol i fell asleep while watching our only was first fifteen minutes and what the betterment of watching us i've heard about was banging and like fire things it is ass these like amber liquids like jack daniels as you know is a cyclist use around slim got it but he just started doing this you just start doing soils in the sky and i guess is there going to test him and he's gonna give him peter
ever and these too sick yeah yeah i need to see the whole thing i say like fifteen twenty minutes into it you have your w me you're looking at that goin ones that contract up when the robot did your lily dawn your dinner down go let looked let us do it like you guys got it to this point i like dissonant worked enforce those are two ideas that will look good to sell to another but i m a gadget but the thing is like if you can get a better deal like right you have a deal reebok goes for so long and then if its profitable for reebok than adidas comes and goes hey we like you do in here that serves which it up go adidas and then a bidding war between indeed is in riga and then maybe nike thinks about it too and you if you can prove the uk in the sport of bright with usanga that's a very smart move to get a big company to invest in sport and twenty two but the big company has to see some sort of a pay back that's where people were pissed off because they were like while the sponsorship doesn't match what we were getting
for now i know you had a real issue that was a big like plus thousand hours a fight yeah that that was biggest issues are i like the uniform system and make it look like professional sport briefing bring in a maid response like that then cut down dies pays then you're fucking the product you're fucking finally and what you don't realize is you actually fucking reebok yes as do you see as the middlemen your school rebar cause no one any issues with three back their owning the cross the world their dorothy actually like i've no issued iraq i talked to rub them firmly back the other day when a semi fight it so far get her to say i want my sites i ever knew box and shoes and some short you want a semi like i comment i would like your honest fight kit sides bell her name i want mine how much if i gave you ten million dollars do you think you could spell yawning injects last nope no no no i'm close i bet she cares
kennedy she's like who it is this what is this is the or as some do not say that you see that was approved since the programme they started together so they can cancer time ailment imagine that already have a contract it doesnt said and they have a long usanga or only thing i realise that the u s c has committed millions of dollars to in and out of content we know what you know i do to bring in for the usa to bring in a big sponsor like reebok that's a good way to ensure that you gotta clean sporty rubbers you want to represent a clean sport you know that's why that fighter the other night when gavin tucker fought goddamn was a jesuit tucker because his you know he's go take the be downright yes without rough right that raf that stop the fights gets admit so i am now great though wreck wrecked a gladiator land yet this work to resign his moustache rick to further glenn
beat the shit out of him beat the breaker like way too much is like that fight should have been stopped minutes before whore yeah there's not good when you see that like if i was reebok and billy kate this guy can't do we can't sponsor a fight with this guy's ref ever again the fact that i will support that will do that whatever you get us they know it now you know you know i do if as the usa if i'm w me i get rid of this niche and say hello but i don't say anything i let people assume i let people era everyone assume i'm sure there's a non disclosure that don't thank the golden snatches gonna go on the aerial hawaii show the moment out hey my fat some should doorway but what's that say you are a district it s only it was brought lesters urine looked like gator grievance idle i that's aloud
i would just take him out of the equation not say anything to the public and then so you have all the monsters back i'll bet we will get to know how they get to know we all assume they get another find out people are fence final general public will find however we find it now you think so now that's so stiff visa either you wouldn't get out of usanga left of the euro what about the test known we wish i was more lasting we still do not think that a do before i was still being there are still too nobody ended athletic commission tests which would test after the wind maybe after the fight depending if they let you sought is just the surprise testing whenever he saw this three hundred since my days a year and they re also way more thorough tests are very very thirty blood what the other one does your victor candy the guy got busted the borgo scandal we're gonna blacks asked what he said to me he was like if you fail one other
those posts way in task that's an intelligence tat wrecked he just uses a dummy he's like anybody they're doing can pass those tests so we yan if he ever got again you deal with these high level guys like that's an easy test you cited there's no they're keeping yards years you're you're pests and your boy for like seven years of freezing nurtured we ve been over seven years mass too might be going to test toolbars and strip people the title imp exerted done that data they bus russians retroactively they busted two gulf medalists i say like two thousand and eight to gold medals from two thousand eight again imagine that call who the fuck was that the olympic committee from fuck interrelated stripped our gold medals we know there came real close to banning russia from complete rio did they d banned some other athletes research
did they bear like china's gymnastic team do you have to give back the metal finally in re from hell you siberia take due to hide a u s jealous hike with his knife they took like reggie bush remember that they took his hat man you can find anymore and they took the trophies criticising for what for what reason that year t proceed benefits like you took money from busters law legal can i said trophic bitch from might give a mine gave his parents like a house some like that so they investigated took all shit and avoided all ulysses wines that year u s seas wins holy shit because he violated that agreement him in the coach and they have a bunch of fucked up in such a way that is so bizarre now just act like an ever happened that so crazy how is upheld people how kiev disabled winds are everything not accounts
i was not anchored books like it still the wreck that's how the right now like some money money was transpired that who watched it on tv unlike the universally muddy once like john jones dinner cornea you could you called out and no contest i want we saw it on jones beat daniel asleep we saw with southern isolate the money you have may the money of the year but did thinking that way they think it is this is not its violation of the rules in terms of like someone competing on a performance drug they set up the rules the guy vial so this trip this title as are supposed to be reinstated dc are doing better about you see two hundred were brok less not think about that and then use because you get all the bias rock lesser they realized hot afterwards they fuck em the beauty of course i was it's a goddamn
wow rights often since a little you know brok lester independently tested himself a shit tonnage times leading up and try well listen let me listen to me listen why don't you crazy when you independently test yourself it's because you want to make sure that you show up clean it's not because think you're clean you want to show the world is because you want make sure like as is shown for sure we hear what chest out like it s really work in this industry multiple independent tacit he did which you wouldn't have to do if you aren't take anything he's trying to whatever it is out of his system trying to get his body up baseline for shirt mean when you watched him in debbie debbie is three hundred plus pounds for act hillocks he's he's a giant guy you know any thirty nine or frontline that that was a dirty one those that most earnest one that's another margaret beating and i salute speech air out
to overcome that was the worst one that need took to the face flatland straight up flat ran right in front of us man he was doing a toe curl in only get tailed think that toe kirshner do a deal the shock or with their feet tall curls hard awash did you know that does the whole body on between people enjoy seeing that did joy seeing that they enjoy seeing the kick landing is it so difficult and you know the consequences are so graves i like it like that were made up you you you must want to flinch when you see that zones brain shots i like that you should be genetically your oh my god you know i just don't think the people that suffer the most start they don't come out about it it is going to go away with me right like guys like don fry i do not see don fry all the time being interviewed on tv
think about his fight would talk i'm only both stood in front of each other blast each other in the face over and over and over your older generations not in their nature to do that we are not very good i came and stuff like that i think is you go on to say what i mean you're gonna see guys come out though maybe help but it just because people see them they fade away said i do not in the spotlight yet anonymous biofuels when you think of fighting you think of watching entire inwardly right now in his private now you know doing damage nobody knows had some good fights but he's ok fine you think about is what he knows not got lost to to nate marquardt in strike force the only like real bad loss and he has the losses you know he's just doesn't doesn't seem like he's in bad place but then you know you don't see guys that were in the eu of sea fifteen twenty years ago now that took crazy to carry goodridge they did a good rich who went over to k one and he's
crazy city now or way talks about or a giant yeah he talks about it really open lane is says got a great twitter to follow has ever had a money now would you for sure to talk about that i mean i'm sure you'd want off by that you want people know you know i just obviously if you're gonna fight brain trust was one of the we wanted that's that's where we do obviously so if you will come on and make a brain dr see tee i don't feel like most people my card upon my watch what you feel bad like you know you see someone slurring unworthy heresy joe frazier before he died he was on the open anthony show once in a murmur listeners while it is hard to listen to man slake some guys like then the of the year
yes a woman named some guys who i am conversational i'm like oh my god man you see it yeah it's look nobody rights for free you get hit enough just its than the weird thing is the numbers different forever body like the number for one guy like mark on it took years and years and years and years and years and years for chin started failing anything about the k one fights he had the drive for the other one pride pride fights he had you know i think he fought and dream as well when did melvin man of knockabout was in dream now i know it was brought it is the other k one bouts man when he was came on grumpy chosen men he fought simple fuckin war was it a k one emily i find yes killilea mean just this only so many those fights you can have it is weird how certain guys get their capabilities to take punches
much longer another guys you don't know what it is i think is a structure thing the weather built i think the way you built like markets billig tank his five ten to sixty five just a tank the other problem with beside us head is bodies denseness when you see a shins like migrant marcus for his knees or giant his knees electricity this big his ship are huge he's like a thick bond guy the other issue is as you have seen especially is actually makes my date when i would cause makes majority voting let me close art is so new in the grand scheme of things compared other sports we don't know the best way to train a stay healthy did not give raindrop we have not people trying to forget those doctors just hasn't been around long enough like in football and the sea i felt passes there not allowed to put path but in practice they are the killer hidden pacts and one that a rule smart anna fills goin bow will look into that now then a fellow has i think fourteen days of bad work well
pads during the season but they want to eliminate that while there what's been around for a grip the best say grace for sport would be or the best hope for the sport would be medical science medical caught science comes along some sort of stem cell regeneration thing the reactionary brained come back two hundred percent which i got totally possible did serve to crack the code you just think about what they can do with other parts you bodies with eager repair things the brain is far more complicated than anything we have to deal with but if you could somehow another reignite the bodies a bit ready to heal itself and in fact they of a new chip that they're going to their working on now were they stalin in a person's body and a re programme your genes and they think it can repair brain trauma injuries tissue damn and even the effects of aging oh my oh my god it's a chip you put india or body in it re programmes your genes and i think
it's probably at some like very embryonic stage of development in china trillion dollars who knows but its approach on a juicy up you know excitement for it by making the second you haven't i i can't imagine i can don't look do you know store my shoulder to shoulder in fact i was right get shoulder surgery hurt and all the time it doesn't hurt at all brain them now it is your right it it's like you title we must now do you listen sides signal we can you need a new heart we can that lungs muscle bones we make all that can help your brain now stop and think about where we were fifty years ago fifty years ago nursing surpassed by so all these ideas that are commonplace today or just is science fiction fifty years ago fifty years from now they might be able to use this chair but he found nothing that chip the life and has even knew its from three years ago but made
no no no that's not what it is its new chip installed under skin that reprogrammed dna and can heal injuries look forget about brain injury just like that because new chip i think it can read blockade in and restore the idea behind it is it can ram the genes to replicate and restore any sort of injury to resolve form of this knowledge it shows some i think was life science dot com is one of those i'd science websites you know about that is by the time that's out you'll probably dead non essential that might be out real soon breakthrough device heels organs with a single touch device instantly delivers new dna or rna into living into living skin cells to change their function this is it developed a will switch cell function to rescue failing body functions with a single touch the technology known as issue now trans faction injects genetic
code into the skin cells turning those skin cells into other types of cells required for treating disease conditions are welcome to the future mother fucker city out the window football no helmets dump opposed to a bunch of these always both russian citizenship sit down here in your heads majesty like they're fucking guy the mountain from a game ruins crushed stick that shit and your i'm on top right back into place i while straw devils and you know it happens then sword fight i think it is a bridge grab of old you bring you back the way it can be a bitter if he stabbed you recover sort fights of be like you'd not allow to cut their head off we can i fix it fix that don't go to this link in heads it's like elbows on the back of a hand when you get back to effect to austria within one week active blood those appeared in the injured leg and by the second week
leg was say wholly sherry researchers studied mice and pigs in these experiments in the study researchers were able to reprogram skin cells to become vascular cells in badly injured legs it lacked blood flow so amazing probably for people diabetes amazing for people are suffering from all sorts of circulatory conditions brow it takes listen second in non invasive come on sign welcome the new worlds like that non song chip doesn't even stay in your body but it she was this big news widen the sun seen a lot it should ask equation for fairness there too busy talkin about trump earth fled their battalion they're not trumpets racist and whether or not that girl should get fired instead of looking at it rots excitement o drama how's that exciting is she s exciting shit i'm good or my brains and we're in the new world man and this is just one step right what
it's gonna be like twenty million see this common what's he gonna be like twenty years now we don't know who's in austria are right now in some fuckin laboratory with white gloves on huge brentwood their hand interest crazy machine is a petri dish and they got all these lasers zap and this thing boodles what what they're doing right now what's a bummer this a first i've heard about you fuckin brought in on the balls on still powerful matt stag sent me the shadow demand stags like day day is awesome during this this all we were experiencing now is this you know the sum escalate sort of technological race like one invention like this is until allow for the idea of several other different inventions and maybe there come up with something they add this crisper you know crisper this new genetic programming are also the best way to describe it but it's a tool for alteration attics now they get ahold of that and they use it with this so
use crisper and this you got the hulk he got john jones and black baby you got the hulk john jones and brok less if the whole shows up right now then a baby rushing through the wall he leaps through the first real hovering nonstop literally from the dressing with led her through the air and put at the centre of the auction articles and brought lazarus girls she does the best when the whole grabs that fuckin his brother and the aid is like i'm a god scraps unjust funding around brussels the committee believes that fucking love the idea that some peaceful light rough hello characters is brilliant scientists dislike concern with helping people if you pass this much fucker off he becomes a bullet proof giant is ruled out dolly happens so quick did you try to
shoot himself in the mouth and by the time the bullet hit the skin the hawk spit on the bullet come on son greatest and it does so by chance you have on the whole you think that everybody else can suck my dick every single one of you know why because they all call in the hope of the ship goes wrong if everything goes wrong what just send in the hulk what's that asshole with a bow and arrow doing there get that groundwater is and what it can do triangle people will use the letters on that shut the fuck up everybody call in the green guy unless you get this over with all these puncheons spaceships into oblivion what you do is you are old arose the spaceship archer the farc adding ear lovey small is the best he's doing to carve out captain america vehicles and i'm doesn't happen america get the fuck out of my face attribute once gets
see ya wanna column down myself calm down hawk klaus without so fake there those nations deluxe like my kid drew it though little hilda six it looks like shreck there's two hawks though young in their lunch and then the mark reuben relaunch of eye nor yet norton was one eric banner was the worst what does he that aired banner movie once when i was not that he's a bad actor is amazing actor who is great and chopper you're seamen travellers ridiculous flogging acting but do something about that movie with handles like this is why it's not his fault i what i went to see its super duper high and when the sea at super duper high i was like oh my god the acting in this movie so bad men wanna is the number one detector of shitty acting a huge sense it with areas go big screen on that
we can only serve to so that's eric banner one that's early days that's the first hot san francisco hulk yeah see seated different switching ed norton hawk on the right and actually the wandering downloaded terrible one level exploded ban all could so faked at norton one is so much better which ones this banner does the battlements like shit now go to them most recent mark ruffolo hulk let's see without one looks like you're the mark ruffolo hooks abbess hulk yeah that's it right there come a little more realistic a little more but i mean it's obviously still a hawk google full screen jesus christ stop you have that thing hops and the afghan bark listener good luck you see if your whole thing is that your big and strong and that's a big part of what brok lazarus thing is his big and strong tis only thing yeah i mean he's hawk of fuel c4 what are you gonna mighty mouse
results in a move around them that's real elbaradei real well that was the ed norton one the opening seem when you fuckin how that does look extolled steve effect if we could find if they can figure out a way to do that people the world can be a totally different place is far away look single what did you do it steroids like the gypsy there go just died rich piana his name is he's famous internet bodybuilder ass i saw my goal to bernstein nice guy ever job very nice guy his arms are as big as my entire torso let his eyes this fucker he just died and i think they suspect painkillers did a man i mean i can't imagine stores didn't have some sort of play in the death of this man could very well have but we're suspecting painters apparently all the big cycles that he did bring back a long time ago and it has a really do those
cycles anymore you're here yeah some preposterous like tat photo identity so preposterous look at the size of his arm it's like get a person its head is it add to his shoulder his day in the persons like holding thereby lay this is are these bicep as a person's body with their arms cross to take two three of arms put together in her his enormous or was i should say i now know yet you gonna comber some i dont know losing picture there in this giant dude what good is that natural bodybuilder what what are you saying natural bodybuilder miko hearn dates my opens up steroids wasn't whatever their body billing not come to print shit must horace muscle rowan started that that guy's real it's a real natural
both are not we define now what is eaten and lets if that is the golden snitch test is naturally on steroids clean the day of the competition probably now i would do not you not hurt anybody red city natural bible but it's got behind possible targets in size this year some genetic like the biggest freak sign our genetically my frank tebow's for shredded naturally be those guys are but that's jack there are still only that picture them of the six pack of him go back that was a picture of you that come on certain the deuce jack's if that is now your honor percent natural that's insane genetics
the most essential eggs have ever singing and i'd be willing to bet my life on it he has some run through the system but is it possible to be built like that with nothing else than genetics and hard work what do you think you i say no not that well i want to say no but i think that tyrant woodley could probably look like that like i speak for sure i don't mean like the height i mean if tyrant ladylike tyrants body tarzan hijacked like naturally jack the deuce superior genetics wicked strikes on left though that's him yes so he was born like that you don't seem to make labour party and back then but look at any picture woodley every jeff jacked occurs up every day and frances in ghana there's another one some people have so where are gentlemen all bypass we have left people of great britain s narrative upon them good above and papa but button there's gotta be now nobody believes that are jacked i had a friend
i don't know day brian frazier friend of mine from boston who sustain a communal who was that it was huge bones and tall s no he wasn't tal whose like maybe things five ten or five eleven but like soup at the time super javert like giant muscles and i know fact he never did anything the little we know he didn't i'm telling you i know the guy very well hidden do shit but like i know unnatural bartleby he's a busy train for do matrons allow these guys needs makes a fi trains our work absent service jim are used to having his now training out of her graces jem and a natural volubility competes and he's fucking shore did these big no he's just that you like similar strong yet areas shredded now that totally possible zoo natural he's on actual on offer it can totally begun his all families like it was brothers his sister like they're all built that same way totally can be done the question is
you do what the other guy looks like no that's different i should say no because you know because life but like clap my buddy copies six six to seventy if he and heat like shit he's jack and shredded vienna like a regular die like an ostrich like cato surely the leaning out even more and if he got obsessed with lifting like he was lifting every day duty is several times a day yeah like it was his job here these priority this possible though you're just you'd have to be a free of all freaks it's like girls with joy natural ted's like woe where they come from i dare they do exist god bless him guys you jogs they exist do they ever people big noses am i right right am i right tell someone else just love a guy with a big nor sleep either pussy from behind such love a big knows that's why to restrain i back the rapporteur knows they want
in the ass mouth on the pussy that's what they want you think that's why they love big like i don't even have a bit about it's called doing the pigeon i think that's what it is don't know for sure but as monitoring as a girl again have a huge knows no that doesn't help don't help no action no diversion it would help if she was lying on her back with her head leaning over backwards those kabila taint rub the bird other birds horrible video that i put my instagram with his bird fucking up this chick a woodpecker funds these
chicks in this bird nest and just starts jack and a mega dale horrifies at it is at what peckham woodpecker crime or that it like a pigeon he's fighting devices another birds birds bodies asses railways in he ate his brain sylvia letting his anger he could figure it out and that fuckin chick cant do anything just getting literally stabbed in the head repeatedly by a woodpecker all my god fuck woodpeckers people we have a weird idea what nature is and you need to see things like that like there's a great website rampage page natures metal is that the one that i was that what i retweeted natures method is natures mental well my favor go to that every day it shows metals crazy it's all clips of shit again jacked everything is crocodiles jim i can cells and hippos jack and crocodiles and crocodile jacket
other cry let's go on him on a crock that's an alligator yeah otters ruthless brow of an otter thinks it is that thing so fuckin hawk turn apart another bird oh if good nature is metal the museums or greatly in the soul does want above all lion that it a yell that crocodile oh jesus christ like it that one crop with another crocodile in its mouth doing a crocodile winging it through the air by its head and ribbons face off just date there fuck brussels go go now observer status as there is no difference for past days friends did agree that everybody look at that fuckin look at her teeth on that thing do you see that worry that reporter who was several his friends and sir longer last night eaten alive by talk about our you do your wash his hands i click ok story do with reporter got em loudly
reporter who know the guy is job was a reporter he's out sir mancha just vacationing surf boarding salt water crackdown is s car damn salt crocs was terrified you know what i'm gonna do they want to start with a dear god jack by a tree the palm tree dropped on its head the treatise fell on his hand what are the odds not good to tear wait ago terwilliger just landed right on it head how the fuck does not only have a hundred fifty nine likes because now we will talk about my legs but the block progress ten thousand page soon and blue sure nature is metal and underscore but go go further down the some fuckin crazy ones on page i gotta should every day i'm gonna follow it now disallowed my god that hawks what the fuck up that snake their leader one go go back please look at this one with his crocodile worthier though the mouth open with a zebra had his mouth
look at that are you up people see bread it was an semi these all time as well as the heart asylum is ebay yours i know what you're thinking one fact right as ebay you can't i'm a zebra people like really lily semi these all the time at the mouth on that thing that is a fucking dinosaur that's a dinosaur that's ebro fuckin a mamma has served his teeth either but he's also older i like that's an old and the teeth are pretty quick they probably don't live long i mean i would assume that zebras much like any other animal that lives in the wild you know think if you know get to ten years regulations did some amazing it'll kill him again but those zebras if you're like looking at their rum our about jack that allows us to let us first life works eyes and picture the zebra stripes those
designed so that a line has a hard time picking out one individual animal is out why they do not always together in a hurry you can't tell if you look at him always wanted to me they would stick out in black and white in the goddamn does not even after this is one of things they did they put a call on a zebra to attract them and every time they would do it that was evil get killed a hoax see it because they could see it stand now i can see that car that's the one see that is a pattern that they use for camel that this company called first light they make like the if not the best one of the best hunting gears in the world like they make this i really fine marino wool clothes that they put camel patterns on their waste adam arena worlds are really good because you never get cold cutie bodies is a natural fibre but where they have this one pattern they use called a sat a as eighty all season all terrain
in a way economy mimics what you see in a zebra select what has libraries like you can't make out the well now as does the blacks and whites the contrast it's like you have a hard time for an animal and this camels black alight this camels get up different shades in it but the idea behind the invention this can also be one of the first camels most camel's back in the day used to be is like army shit like four jungle or they would be like leaves actual leaves a lot of companies are making like where it looks photo realistic trees and patterns dove which kind of works turn of although the high did that's asia so see see how that is like it breaks up like easier for go up right up there too though the jacket jamie the jaguar either yeah that's a guy come again so what has all this extra phrase to it you deserve your hunting turkey's turkey's could see real good but when you were in that the ideas is all
stripes break up your outline that's it the exact same reason why a zebra has that shit i did not always wanted that i was wanted it to that so have you seen the new body seemed to do in the water for sharks so they have a suits you have you seen those this use answer the sharks can't see your electoral so nice only allows for a short that they also they don't think you're seal ah but as it is different colored yeah it's too but somewhere or black and for look at em there's this thing called hat h e c s and their these suits that people where in particular when they go to visit and jimmy what is this carbon falsely wetsuit not as is pretty now if you go to commission fish i fuck you up if you do i look like a swede s delicious to go to hack suit hd c s simonov this is real so this is one thing that i want to just right heck sue
eighty cs suit i would love people yeah hex suit i would love people to tell me whether or not this really works because apparently your body is supposed to emit some sort of electric electrical signal and if you run lucky over this thing it doesn't registers your boss electrical signal but if you put this heck sudan and run body over this thing it doesn't register prove that really were to lead us to turkey's otto now we say doesn't shape i mean but it works apparently like noticeably works in the water like this guy's what he's doing here fucking gonna get lobsters let him do not now you can't they try to get the fuck away from you with this sudan they ve shown the diverging wherein it and not wearing it in he's too a lot see this amount impressed with because he's about to shoot this animal non animal can't see him anybody can do that i can do that with a clothes on
the animal can't cecily applied as a matter of the animal doesn't see you it doesn't matter the animal sees you the idea it this hex who is supposed to some other protective they should know shown that one that video didn't mean anything to you you couldn't see that the animal was look in his way so that's enough shows like soup go back a little bit so watch it shows only walkin for now you just had a similar go back the kind of show see he's pass in front of it and without hacks see how it registers now with the hair sudan a registry very little in this is somehow another supposed to be read by recognising the electrical signals at your body has they so badly cosmetics things are getting richer personifying pisa survey doesn't impress me this african armadillo how sworn armada test payment and only when it has one john dudley he believes in it that's why i'm curious about it
now how much this john doe leonardo hex testimonial i just don't no how much science is behind it i mean a lot you want to believe that things work i think economy so coyotes too that's a weird one counties i walk right up to be better wherein the ideas animals might have certain senses and ability to detect signals that you give off we just don't possess so because we don't possess those those abilities to recognise those signals we don't recognize that these animals do because we don't think of it as an option and what they're saying is entirely possible especially with predators apparently entirely possible that animals emit some sort of intellectual signal that animals are attracted to and then when they see this person wearing this heck suit those signals not come through and i don't know what the fuck you are which is really fascinating see
electromagnetic signal rights i would think of how much of it is real i've never i've never seen a study on this studies on this i did it when you go up there once as proof that they have approved thing to go to the top cower housework look there's now like links just here see i feel like hex blocks electrical signals seems to block that they think the real question to me is due the animal see it the way they have done an extensive extensive studies on what animals do and don't see as far as camouflage i think one the ways if done that in what can light they see we have done that is through like they're like dear farms or they have undulates in captivity they feed them and they only freedom a thick and see certain things they show certain things that's how they measure whether or not there
actually able to recognise patterns for some barons are really good at some patterns just completely break up the outline of a person to animal in the animal to see some weird shit that looks at a bush size the meshes crucial to effectively blogging humility fairly cages what its explaining the parties is phallic looking at the science invented in eighteen thirty six so just before a dude invented chiropractor an english scientist michael faraday affair the cages enclosure made out of a conductive mesh material that blocks electrical fields channel in the electricity through the mesh choose to particular electronic equipment from lighting lightning strikes or screen rooms which allows for environments to be free of electromagnetic interference that makes sense
but i dont know is whether or not an animal can see that i'd like to know why don't you google can animals detect a lecture coil british or the energy its white shows those like flocks of birds floating around from what i've read scientist i believe things that's how their communicating through certainly was a fish are magnetism magnet magnetic waves electromagnetic waves is what yeah i mean it only makes sense if you watch those giant flocks of birds are flowing gather that they have some sort of way of interact with each other we don't understand what is it now but this something going on when there's no way could ever get people to fly through the air like that of interests i've heard people that said that taken by the god does mushrooms can see it when i like all fucked up on it beach they can see magnetic waves common enough waves and lay down i've never been an apology they took no oars gardener
that's not his brow listen this because of guitar dishes were no less than that this would happen haven't eaten anything all day and out to starbucks aren't you know i can be one of those natural bruce i need avanti issue as we all do vanities is dangerously grandma both nature blew it sir get crazy kind of like i think a guinness coffee that comes out of like a tat oh it's like i caveman natural human nigel superstratum gimme event some shit nitrogen aided coffee yeah super strong she goes i can't do that you're gonna when i find put two shots and it has been recommended put two shots in it so what i got two shots in it you see their slingshot bitch would do she did that have we determine camouflage oh she was starbucks was right
the bilateral shit my pants i swore thou the close up ever comes shit my pants and fucking on apologise on anything i don't shit my pants on what you don't demands ever know no one brain lines issued his pants cause you like was later mr show hilarious said the old man don't shit their period of spare parapets iraq is changed him would you do if you add extra more you did how'd you clean up management organisation oh sure he did he's got eyes i ever i saw sense you shall be cool a good idea to keep a parapets underwear socks choose one up kate teeth one small change of clothes trunk always mar move i never do it right but seems like if you have a trunk what the fuck you can what's in your truck give room metallic is going to cost you gas mileage a little bag makes sense it doesn't make sense even djibouti the hors d oeuvres bring a whole outfit extra outfit so some terrible happens
well i'll tell you right now some terrible will happen when i'm on the four or five they got em slingshot would no easy my stomach on the fritz like why did you get that thing like was wars going i gave it to me for free yes that's ridiculous i'm not done that stupid america beside him and have thus they went yeah we'll talk about it yeah so tell people how ridiculous it is david says if you want to by what are we gonna do may i want you to take the spin around for me call right might as well that's amazing i love the fact that its gas dick shift yet junior detailed for spam that doesn't matter we're gonna drive corvette signal combat convertible yeah no no roof michael wolf like oh wrought when i'm behind a truck like ass a rock spits upload until by asking i i'd i'd get out away yet you gotta be clever about how you approach like large groups of cars me of convertible
motorcycle i guess that's why i like it because i'm more in tune with what's goin on my fuck i'm on it where wherefore my com so comfortable the pity k i can right now shit and jack off whatever their it's interesting does your car have the car plaything weaken talk to it until one yes people how amazing is ridiculous it reads a text are you and it tells you are like would you like to reply i guess i would bet take them back when everyone whatever you don't needed taxing were taken i want to be your programme siri wasted bitch after everything of course bits as i do that fisher and if you dont say bed syria is a recognised i'm sorry what do you think big you heard me say to you that new iphone snakes month still sort we have seen it is too oh you know my phone finally these two new ones finally i tried a google phone for a month
i feel like you're my google trip for a second i did when i try to get off the apple tat i went with a mac lap armenia windows laptop and a more than android phone abandoned ball the comments that i and the announcement for it they said something when irish on the face idea that kind i was alarming to me that i didn't know oh yeah i d one and fifty thousand chance at someone just unlocks your phone without your fingerprints why does seem that secure one and fifty thousands pretty goddamn secured gaming pretty secure by my chance jason chrysler how my dick picture you can run waiting areas i mean they can easily get on my i have dapple pay put on my phone so i can get you to start using my card right of local voters for membership will that my phone the new ones its face recognition and that's the next was this is what i see that the problem that is what i want i want my word about that i'm worried about you be next year girl and you girl sticks phone rang face starts it up
and then his right now look at this motherfucker jamie vernon what a bunch of dick picks sending sent one the same fall asleep when she put your thumb on there and i'm oxidized esther at this juncture i get my face touch me when i'm asleep i will wake up immediately and choke you yeah but i just fucked over this funny said you have already turned out and you have to like you have to have a rise up and gas than she drugs you please your takes her fingers poseur eyelids back she can do it then i figured out ashes does paint vague balls i sure didn't seriously but she's got white paper which is and then she put such bootblack black sharply mark but it's like the most the phone ever at six hundred bucks a thing if you're buying an hour i that's there's time he gets might i am less environmentally my for my son broke refusing to new and why i wait for the further about europe but is interesting there but they come out the iphone eight eight plus ended
an altogether sometimes like look even go packs ngo po escaped the nine adjust the acknowledged and watched the watches the three three it says it so ten how to pronounce the new iphone then you have tim cook saying we call it iphone ten it may be wrong i didn't know lagged so there's a nine and it is not our aim on manuscript hold on short term but there's a thing you get these bullshit ass like dead spots you don't have a screen on the floor next to the person has a ten but has no nothing and it's waterproof now like you can go in the ocean with it does the council not know where the phone yet now its water resistance that once just what little bit waterproof the new but the new new shit water reserves inside swimming underwater pics
phone three watched the watches the three three years are either added to it i like it you found in iran and then you girls back at home she's like i use your face to find your phone and i am counting on your own phone to say fuck you and let your house on fire you dick the second son of a bit of a bit do idle adele by phone watches not my cup of tea phone call like three seconds later yours even did pigs to turkey and eject wants a softer really really new trade is number you certain well that's what i would say my waterside you guys dick i'd say out criminal certainly they our hello l you just can't really so silly they say they know they're gonna socket well listen earlier in yeah if you say and then they call you ever go hey don't ever fucking text we sunlight sorry
ass a rule like normal of your ella well ella wells bessie allows like she's getting wet hello silly ass i on people say l l l you silly goose silly gonna go about driving over your house what is it about these new phone like would you really how much do you need that new phone how much you need that new screen saying it's a trap like an that's gonna be pieces shit in a year from now hear from now the recent news that everything that it puts pressure yet the new falcons that's what's cool that's what's here but they are adding new stuff too it's like the new car wears a fingerprint rear there isn't one does your face waiting or fuck yourself that's stupid what if i faced with beat up and ass it no learning with those of buyer i should because you d better man that's kind of skin
learning with you yet what does a fox up and that data is stored in its bulk chooses the apple has my face i just thought about big word where they gonna do three or four or five years down the line when they have five years of your aging of daily more twelve fifteen thirty forty times a day getting it looks at cairo generals who the fuck is that guy it's like a localised journalists have i can give my colleague general surgery is it clear clause which ones are one of the most highly by what was it was rest your job what's going on here she have you no viable every few months to scare up with it i don't like that no fingerprints oh i'll thing i enjoy that may not seem stupid you might love that is why i'm just gonna take your face holding up pull over they pull you further to take your phone put it up to your face i do
gimme a phone i want i want you don't know you can't look at my phone earlier and they do that did you do it like people of tops have tried looking people swans before they told people for taxing like they are allowed to put your finger on they're not yes they are there not allowed any your password the not allowed for you to ask what the password is well i'd say for people you should not use the fingerprint part because cops can act the act of a use it because it's not specifically stated do not allow it'll yes libano hell not allowed to tell someone you want their password sets an invasion of privacy you are allowed to take their finger and put it on their phone and open their phone up what the fuck exact yeah it's like attacking move and too fast and wood have the words in
language and the other preparations are dealing new system built into the ilo s eleven which comes out couple days that allows you to bypass that sort of if you quick tat five times you can turn off touch i d like it basically what their cause it was a cop was count than what you gonna throw one too where was one shit yeah i just don't think that's the way to go there facial recognition thing to seems corny how judge you this ever drawn by some nigel how can i can't just put my fucking down on you noted as here's a problem these can't can't figure out a way to get your finger print right off your phone yet right after me screen that's it didn't work on forever trying to get on the big tree and yes you just touch anyone screen picks up your fingerprints that's what they have been working on for ever they do not have that yet so they went with facial recognition
we have already had four snapchat and for instagram filters and all those things really see your face and then turn you and abraham lincoln or some shit way better than those course but it's an acceleration of that what they haven't been able to do is get your whole screen to be a fingerprint sensor and still be able to show images lost i got somethin like six felt so the cameras ones like i are one idea thoughts like the guerrillas and it's like a little xbox can that good lord with the selvas the camera industry just done to date use was last time you saw like a shred of camera while you'd have to be a guy was a photographer like jamie then you carry those goofy bricks you weren't press checks and you know it is going to take a picture telephone earlier the lighting but fisher her tears but even that only one that they pose disclosure and they go see him all the time of day to go on like little photoshop
date twitter like girls to and to see it all that time there's taking pictures of each other they need the higher the photographer i seen that man i was at a restaurant these two bitches just kept doing that back and forth we each other like ladies enjoy your mail cry and they will acknowledge this i just whither i phones yeah this is the arm about take selfie face reddit is a thing that girls do the neck that they only do i'll take self it this is it ready to have that weird net move like that this is weird self but they don't redo any other time except for when you are looking for it is trying to sell your right and nothing is more that nothing is more awkward seeds or try to take a selfie you're seeing that mom at the playground whether kid frantic selfies she takes forty some selfies delay disparate smile as what you look like a tank
ro there doesn't always a great don't you don't have an annual stricken people but filters i really do is weird chicken movement jacket adds to you you're gonna that africans were crazy we're comes from but it belongs in a true it's in the same way the umbrella that's a real chicken had this is really this is trust me out chickens chicken happening this is that's what they do men there's nothing more awkward for trying to take fucking sell it sid ahmed basing this deadly more awkward shit it's more awkward if your friend is taking in your guy you're standing lumber again will opera it's so we have anything like this year
this growth your guy you're putting your ass out how many guys pictures i deliberate look like a mysterious think about this book i'm running as i hope so awkward man i saw it all about due to died who's gonna dick operation what get fat pumped into his dick like incarnations ass tat dick had a fuckin hardtack fat went ruiz bloodstream somehow and his body locked up and that's a rap and it was like forty two or some shit how old is thirty thirty year old relatively healthy person wanted penile elongated in girth enhancement surgery how large a boy followed the girth which includes transferring back one area the body he replaced
see doesn't understand voice we talk about how fat dick knock doesnt clout of the dislike you take that literally day like george formats asbestos manto shouted fish like george farms or pump fattened mickey mouse is clear who does it the very fact devilish fucked up now is dead pulmonary fat embolism when fat travelled bloodstream to his lungs and ruptured blood vessels christ the case of a seemingly simple unsafe procedure a penis enlargement by autologous fat transfer cause a sudden death of a healthy young man according to the report doctors believe this is the first case first of all doctors you said that sounds like an ad for dick surgery which is just shouldn't get a kick you don't know what you're doing here is making weird fucked up dicks you're not making a
the allegation is completely useless procedure will have never worked in disfigures man would have you dick got fatter but the head is the same size i got a giant guy with a tiny head it is a steroids dude that those pictures of money internet in his hand it is the size of a soft ball and his body his is why table and is the where it's like me you you will take the henchmen from my rose the movie if you remember that it might be faked it might be like one i'm sorry this is so it shrugs i love that guy is they charges that bill israel is fuckin outstanding bloody class a fuckin phenomenal movement of those remakes things that are happening dialogue and everyone will be beetle just the outbreak it's like a sequel my something probably because these crape here look lousianner do you see so good thrilling agony series it i loved you like me to sign
ass like have you seen my you like best movie ever i can't wait mom in may to a maoist figured out i think we need more master movies did you say john landis his sons remaking american werewolf in london their red doing some like so in the same vein the defenders exists now they're doing the monster world crisis was a mummy is like a frankenstein on the mummy you're gonna hang out together together like that i'm not going to be a fuckin fighting i love the origin stories first and i'm sure there's gonna be a monster mash fighters now they dropped rob that's not what asked the pretty sure john land this is son john land as they regional director of an american well off in london my favorite movie of all time to remove all tat was watched this day which which one one the real one the only one came out what year nineteen ten that i think it was
think i might have been like right at a high school like eighty five years american werewolf in his made comments against the remains at his son making is what oh john van is made comments against his sons network without dick six hours ago to declare a vacation of these comments keep your mouth shut pops slit sunshine deuce goddamned thing is seventeen if your son is like van ellen son needs takes over rehnhjelm hey fuck face be assuming our eastern singing is like a man i want to check my ass well ass used about helena about on migration might the migrant alien band murder like i said that i must panama associated with the heart for teacher just at the script process right now he's writing the script might get made
no time at all licence dad tweaking someone priam them ways to go blog about it spread what year was american war of money made let's guess ninety thousand two ninety no eighty seven say ninety two in seven anyone la way off then that's another one like a more current one right american oil from paris was tat lamp thinking about that hot french girl yes oddly hot see when you said that you free movie i completely judge you cause us based on his back then one terribleness so bad but that girl i was in an amazing movie that nobody's ever heard of killing zoe when you see now right around the time that you see pop fission was made by couldn't turn to you and roger avery lobby forget about roger avery roger avery was a brilliant brilliant screenwriter
really interesting guy and he went to jail for like a drunk driving accident on the pc h in math we like serious daphne was actually tweeting from jail for awhile yeah way way way back in the day figures on yeah julie dopey but roger every was tweeting from jail like really enter shit and worthy he came out that was quinn territories have his rant that he did about top gun being like really gay he didn't say moving apparently stolen straight up from roger every hour he did his bit roger every had like map that all our international just gang took it and in a movie did it move it that's the word but the roger removing killing zoe is with that girl julie delta and its excellent it's really good so crazy the drama drama crime drama movie quinton tino can't miss of economic hills
give me an answer a bummer than when you hear like that he stole roger every top gun there what i would like to hear his story like maybe roger recess he stole a booby him and cohesion and roger every came up with it together move their drugs like go back and forth yeah yeah and then maybe quinton just ramp no people have done that before doug stand hopes had a problem with that way has guys opening with em he'll be on the road to go to a diner and he dug be written about something and they will do it on stage the next day they don't think it's a bit it's like they're getting in under the wire tarantino to roger avery which whom he pen politicians does what s house as this outer space hi than was originally written yeah this but let's see if he says that for a separate feature while its compelling the theory errs on one as is the thing about him sitting on it this is just about the theory itself and then this mentioned have them together
whilst compelling the theory errs on one key aspect the dual argue that top gun is subvert and on a mass level but tony's god did not set out to make star subscribers troopers much of its homo eroticism was happenstance thus decided slash industries understanding land so that their road it together here and this right but find out of the budget now that find out if that's true i find out if roger every says quint talent tat tina stalled idea of sustainable beata restaurants leah allow hang out everything has a couple cocktails and ripping with his opening acts is a long time ago but he had a real she with it and those guys would wind up doing his rifts onstage what gives their own and i only want to saving terms user pissed off as may i can't even ran around you guys gazettes like unspoken shit not even unspoken like a kid but stealing
that still has gone i willingly ideas extend hope rather that's how he formulates idea the bounces is my friends if we can't bouncing off you can a shit concepts does happen though you know sometimes even state aids the casual found out so fast yup right like john jones people still do it people still cheat they try caught the would have harmonizing on the back and you say something funny and then a week despite some guy goes up does the same thing that you sad comedy locked comedies way easier to do that with and say cheating with steroids harbour says what steroids the thing was dead aids as you get tested thing with comedy you could say i thought of it to okay well top gun does seem gay think about it you know val killers faces all sweaty shaven is now also gave fuck boy here
tom cruise of each other tom cruise gets man rides oftenest modem i guess he's dangerous dangerous people but fuck but finally that crazy hair was slippery shiny smooth face it comes out a shower towel on looking each other's eyes play voluble i mean it's not out of the possibilities that you could come up with that too few watch it you'll go do is it me or is this gay movie thirdly you say and that had ceased granted we would be out get is gay the woman what the fuck the woman's name i forget the woman who places girl kelly something press praises female love interest she was proud
like what is going on here that we always assuming that i have seen who wrote it's like they gave me the corner of literally like that's what it is like is struggling with its true nature may not something that anybody could come up with but the question is did roger every come up with it did continent turn tino steel couldn't turn you know has been accused before of using the plot lines from a bunch of real classic japanese movies for his films oh yeah yeah like tape laden gee i don't know about that one but i think that was sing with reservoir dogs rest are dogs was essentially almost like a tribute of classic japanese gangster moving on another suggestion we would like to but he will go there's somebody concepts out of that it takes a lot of whatever the influences he'll call it but right it's like directs dean scenes dealing with
right which is why someone would probably accused him of doing this with roger everyone gives z roderick gotta receiving if i'm roger avery tweets from prison fast many colleagues in jail somehow another is able tweet whose turn it off but they found out about it after while making it kinda shit will twitters been how round how i'm not that long seventy six year eleven years shit and this was the beginning days a twitter when hardly anybody afterwards pop fish rather tweets on life imprisonment in his face their future few shit there january was as eighty thousand eight for drunk driving so he was quite a few years after it started sickness spread throughout the facility bush fires it was great stuff man i remember reading it is really interesting stuff seek to find it
it out you anything about that like like a sickness spreading through the place like a bush fire may amazing localism poet with his were please we writer and that's why that movie killing zoe which is his movie did he know what else did he may be underrated starship troopers said now i don't know him those someone else they would talk about the homo aroused verses quintet tito's of attraction i think was the one big when he made to germany and france are fucked up happening that he's got a weird mind for sure can have to be more docks bailiff that's right beowulf thousand crazy movie man like you watch live video game i bill of his the silent hill right yeah beowulf as like they did see gee i but not realistic remember that workers sort off as a video game right we'll start off as a feeble it's it's an honor old old old story and they
back when angelina lena da we kill ass when she hypnotize brad pitt stash rincon adopt and random crash cheap crack that dude she cracked more that's a black widow right there boy billy buckthorn maxim unlike some had billy bob thought my room blunder on your both wherein he does blood crazy yeah she was reckoned back then she's too powerful interaction does lips to another world how the world believes weird air shoes the tiger and panda niner kill me yeah but it some the bailiff move was fun like animated but like the use people's face so i can't close but you knew it was a real real weird i love you pull it off today you could was the air is a fun moving was good like that moving but yes avatars a little bit of that now
because avatar the people look like people and there's nobody nobody looks at a purse yeah but the avatars look the way they do look like ales where they still have the same kind of sea high quality alec entails the actor yeah that's true it looks a lot better than this shit way that's also because it's not a person she that's a sneaky trick see gee i is this gee i works best on something it's not real could nothing to the exact thing that's what's e g i so bad with animals are going to see those wolves in the game of thrones like that's not really there oh jungle book said what up snob add pretty good pretty good pretty it's getting way about overshort better it's like it's at the edge of what they call it candy valley european any values so the gap between some
it looks hyper realistic and something looks totally fake so you get to this point like while almost three close but then he can't tell which sought clear my throat try not evokes fucked up you get mad knots leading smoked we'd for his podcast just take out right problem overshooting my pants i'm worried for that is in sharp edges or bathroom up more time again appreciate sprang behind when the ocean win hits you ve been target imagine how will you driving your car and just shits bladders on your window you shall i didn't notice sure my vote again of course are reimbursed if you were in that slingshot india's diary as fly and at your ass and you maybe have beaver
ever beautifully fever is where the people drink water they got out of the ground creek water you get georgia it's from beaver is shooting in the water like literally you getting back tierra georgia literally comes from animal shit why be received from this when you get a year like her new got do wrong i'm trying to really who i put on my happy for you you have plenty of hundred she right we're going to happen a billion moody dear boy could share but i just can't believe you haven't show your pants before ever be when i was a kid man one are amazing how many here just now i was going over fear factor one filled my pants like like well i'm glad hefty bagley construction worker would you throw so there that i just couldn't
all that in as like jesus jesus no plus i am talking to you in remember did you shit you supra nerves as all the other ninety five it would be a serious let these olaf's excuse fit but i didn't want to i don't remember the exact specifics but i do absolutely remember failing my underwear with shit cargo i just couldn't maybe i stuck in traffic i remember the specifically for sure it my parents it must be so bad over a year ago flock it it was no i didn't have a there was no argument on my part i really didn't have the willpower there's nothing there that could stop this routine plays it was just going to take place this levels to ever
a brow his levels diarrhoea currie red is certain lousy diarrhoea while i listen i don't care how much sphincter work out you been doing now yeah within the common you think i would imagine life but is probably real like you know girls do i kill exercises king lashes two maids like men whose get them zat muscle even develop you're on a long road ahead of you timing than that barrier responsibility it is like russian dixon carry weight is a woman from russia that has only just like the world record so seventy kilos or their pussy cheesy clams daily polio golf ball the end of a robot tat took care about this and the boys in case does that golf border procedures clamps it down where's that wait wait around don't but you're but will be way easier to clamp down dont care who you are if you
the diarrhoea that day coming out i'm tellin you right now is eating if you get a nigerian brew with actual shots you go and sizzler new parents how to do but key goals and we go here plans for disease what does away with the website we're dealing with here actually spot luxury is it a girl website problem but keels criminals what they are and how to do them get larger please let me read this what no no larger area why do but king gos keels are designed to tighten the bow legged this third p you b o c c c cocky dwight g eu as pool cuckoo vow car keys gs muscles you're an asshole please see muscles are used for two things clenching your yes and controlling the flow of urine
anytime you stop yourself mid stream at the urinal these are the pc muscles at work or my shit work over time right now my my my anus inscribed am i came last yes but i have heard i stammered women was pc muscles tend to have tighter stronger vaginas which often me stronger contractions during orgasms if you know anything orgasms you know that stronger is always better owl caps if you ain't vehement orgasms that's my very technical right man on the other hand the pc muscles to stop their urine mid flow but also to stop buren from coming out in the first place when you feel the need to use bathroom but have to hold it thanks to a long line those the pc muscles doing the work so you're crunching ear
pc muscles so you can stop your flow of peers are your tightening up your ass whole while you will be able to clench to stop gas from passing through your to hold your waste until you reach a toilet even to eliminate waste more efficiently behind it be better at get but far that tied down about why did you leave that our their most for willis but key goals an exercise the use for tightening you're vagina to enhance intercourse so you colony key goals and you say do i'm doing it stopped shitting myself however this has taken place we should reconsider your diet for etc like an asshole just clinton here but all day will i wish i'd do those exercise last night will now be fatigued you wanna do like two weeks we around i started out on a period of time you expect this though to the bill now i did my run today and of wit harder and stronger than
i ve done it before i still suck out a long distance it what's that's all hills in tunis do two miles in these like very steep hill hasty but i'm can do it longer just i know a soccer still but when you know that you made just a little bit of how he s just a little bit of progress you know that's the same thing about cables you can't just do this go background running for a law time rather than love from not along too still run with their mother issues not today today i didn't because i've been i've been hunting with these things they saw women's gonna have laces and now they felt girl were kids they pull tight with a cord and then slide down the cord tux into the mouth issue varies tighten up when you're in a field after in the field of timetable but i the vibrant five fingers better but i wanted to get a real hard run in today i have to be more careful where a step and i were those five fingers shows i can just go reckless hard
full out with these things on a stab anywhere does matters we can get a better worker yeah because with a virus if i hit a sharp rock i'm kind of fucked with this a minefield snatch it with these things i can run over pretty much anything but i think for controls with so close should my gavel i've got it all around it little rabbit habits almost two o clock i won't fucks with my sweet server was when i was going to give it together it's your face is amazing this is your first reading because you cheated you know you like six like i wouldn't do that take us right disney we you is spinning aren't you says like ho ho ho ho me i don't be the first get a ship is like me and campaigns and our kids gotten one empty cup things and with me in him go and full clip
i mean full clip i don't know how found there's a limitation on health ass those things go but it ain't in any event we got it was so ridiculous we're spinning selflessly sick totally sec my youngest my seven year old is fucking nuts she loves to go on those things fast like there's a carousel at the that's actually way fastened want you really don't ever teacup thing on their regional street the pang em all you grab them fuckin steer and wheels just whip and around it go so fast your head is like you're holding you have to use all your muscles to keep your head from just heard ass what you as i right here you like s yama saying things like you're gonna teach cap like i read that slipshod hitting do just stick your ass all the air get on the highway one come over the crest of the four or five and eat them long hill just pull your pants down
lived your ass in the air they have to pay canada is an old sees me shit slingshot count as a great story about be another girl once many many moons go and he was going on a hike with her any had a shit and so came up with zags i hears any link made a game out of it that he ran and shit and shit i was really funny you know she's like what are you doing nothing i heard something nobody else i've just children etc that we're safe and then they will keep the cap hiking in things like i'm not gonna shit again and they ran away again there is what are you doing that you realize you shooting
this is how they would in itself is not doing so well there is life it is a thing man like inefficiency of the body like breaking everything down but not the stuff get out here bodies like this now give me get up i wonder if likely caught love that's a good is that a good design oh yes your family animal is there any animal like or plant is a plant do that the plant takes things but the plant doesn't sharing out please you through a waste does it gets rid of common concern of oxygen processes carbon carbon dioxide and turns it into oxygen but it's not east that's like us we breathe out carbon dioxide would necessarily sates waste it just we're transferring where trade a few if that carbon
ass i was in your body you die right so we get rid of announce now it doesn't kill you you obviously you're making it you re pushing it out don't wanna have too much sector but do you know that the air is not really mostly oxygen to know most of the areas nitrogen nitrogen like a massive santa fe it's in my the high eighties right now i want to say sixty eight percent let's find out about the plans and turned it into carbon dioxide that's that's it that's all they do that's me alexander so there would there are getting out of the water and the soil they figure out a way to use but sit with per se change of the air is nitrogen i really want to say it's in the 80s but i don't know making it up you know they pour nitrogen out of the air and use of her fertilizer seventy eight to lot mostly nitrogen that's crazy limiting
the air is mostly oxygen and carbon dioxide show a school but all the other animals living organisms may besides planets released the ways we do yeah aerial mammal fish they all do it you know it's crazy is that that there is now jen around us all the time and a dude figured out how to extract that nitrogen out of the air and use four fertilizer and that's why do so many people in europe today is gaining fritz harbour any made something called the harbor method of extracting nitrogen didn't like in world war one genius he also created cycling a which is the shit that they u they change agent a now the stuff of these the gasped the jews with fat fuck it he didn't mean concentration camps no he made can a which had sent to it and then they were because he could tell what is there to get away from it they remove
the sad and created cyclops b and that's what they use the gas the jews and gas charge me crazy and he was childish generally more fucked up so he was their during world war one and then one world war two was happening when he had to leave germany one of diet having hardtack ass crazy shit man he was here also this is like not nutty is thing about harbour at the time he was receiving the nobel prize for creating the harbor said of extracting nitrogen the atmosphere rightfully so he also was wanted for crimes against humanity because he gassing the the british and canadian i think it was troops like when i first started he was weak but first guy the niche aided gas tat jesus christ is crazy so this guy that's responsible the night gin from the harbor method is responsible for some insane percentage of the night jim in people's bodies it comes from food like this
something around like half like half the nitrogen that you have in your body from food was the direct result of the next track and out of the air with the harbor method which is what this is the same guy that was guy sing allied forces in this the same guy that created the cycle on a which eventually became cyclopes these two gas the jews thrilling rated brilliant dude but not his wife a pair only shot herself in front of him because she like she disagreed with who knows what the whole thing was but what he was doing and he was off to war and allison so in front of him he shot herself he left his dying wife with his thirteen year old son said see goggled wore a terrible person who knows we really knows what the actual circumstances were you know why i guess you'd have to get like all the variables what why you left the son might have had other people watch out for
we could've had no option other than to leave of their was killed drop them off at a friend's house for god sakes i know what the kid was with somebody or not cuz my point but that's the story behind it is this one brilliant guy figured out a way to extract nitrogen became this fuckin moderator a monster but also through and why means maybe somebody would figure it out eventually but he's a reason why they were able to do that during world war ii i think some other than she came on figured up yeah does who's that suddenly with most things with most things i think that was the case with the invention of life or bothy there's a bunch people are working on at the same time an invention of i think telephone same thing radios same thing is always like almost inventions like we're talking about that chip they sort of why is your dna there's always these inventions that open up the possibility of other inventions and there the technology gee that allows for an invention like that gets analyzed by a bunch of different peoples who is up
you know it's always one those things where any time soon then happens today there is a network is very rare that one person figures one thing out nobody ever saw before it's like there's a network of in pensions and innovation at all yet because you need machines for sure and computers on these different things at other people created that allow you do the calculations to invent something new so all it feeds off of all that and then isn't it the best got it sometimes the best marketer best talker they get the notoriety for it sometimes yeah sometimes just like fighting right full circle soap before we end this canelo or gennady golovkin my god what a fucking fight will you lady the americans you gotta move route for canelo otherwise from the site was at hand one in particular brooding fur canelo i'm rooting for a good performance
brennan shop as that is what i do that's what you do i do have to none but this case why because i want to see what happens i want to see what happens and i'll have your guy want to win leg of junior bulgy winds i'm not gonna be bombed now i've had my islamic his flight exactly i want to see what happens my dad was either guy loose like both among my falco winning guided lose money will have that el that way and today to argue with that little kid parts that guy in the dead at his son punched punchline the dick build your saunders he's again following lines as little kid on the fuckin i gave you some deal because i know it or do they do sadly this is flaxen isn't scale ages i would supplement punched him indicate any kick them that's so fucked up
such a bad look what's so stupid that they let that little kid be there when he points accurately face shut the fuck up early slap on kicked him be goody goody go tie boxing right now about to throw up a real one on zaire lady at starbucks says she's shots she's back in my ear you can add extra shots to caveman niger laser tate fletcher take fletcher can consume he can throw that men nigel download its water which is rather appreciation therapy in ship myself woody scorn on him not good this my prediction i think have tripled you don't stop m canelo that decision the public's piss geology the politics of golden boy fires canal only what i want to marry you you say of trilogy hold the music place you save triple g our boxes we'll get a decision nope box employer i think you would go they had set up the remit
oh you're remission of our body with gives decisions are known it stopped so you really think that have tripled g puts on a show and our box you don't i'll get some like for like ten rounds which i don't think you well i think of thieving close like would say it's like seventy six unlike some crazy you know my concern with canelo is that he might i have the insurance for a prolonged firefight anything tripled does he get against jacobs pretty italians jacobs without that was a goddamn firefighters welcome on diet fight yes i think you and you don't you wanna via close by thirty one the toes of great closure jacobs complete if i can help it is one that the other great fight i forgot how good it was taken as a motor having clear some space on my dvr so deleted some boxing i guess
it is certain thing why don't have a hundred ted nugent spirit of the wild saved yes so i got that fight as lenin washes against is trilogy fights coming up as we can that was jacobs fighters ass there was a great fight toughest vote people do not always over the hill it now jacobs monster legit and completely different voting canal his foot work makes me wish terence crawford but just a little beggar i now the axes about forty five now oh god to forty seven he was fight pack up here and i wish she was one sixteen only to possess thin a number of stone or part of like his style is like he's been perfect for the way fights now they have indirect i e if you put one weight on me probably way down it will slow down that he's deftly in his own but forty forty seven
the right way clocks and down a killer year merrick it s now they ever anti joshua he's fighting and then you have a jet goliath heavyweight champion built like a statue looks like a greek dire and then well like really well spoken super polite under a reddish guide and then you gonna wild or don't do out or fighting fucking what's name the fuckin cuban killer yeah king kong yes yes frightened him he's a rough fight for yeah louder it's a bad idea though the winners of each of those will fight that's godiva boxing but tomorrow's a big one tomorrow's a bigger tomorrow's really way shows who the superstar boxing ass because loma genco i think as one more skilful guys ever does not being challenge like a lot of drawl what is also not a guy in his division that stands out as being the guy has to fight is like mighty mascara whereas like the canal
and triple jeez the fight that everybody wants to see for while yielded a truly janeiro up who knows who knows how plays out i can't wait though i wonder i really wonder what's gonna happen a super fascinated me too and then you also have what you think about david branch verses luke rocco tomorrow here somebody i've seen it myself people like hey have you seen rockets at wanes doesn't like to say two things in what way their way enzo yesterday ah yesterday at way about when you saying at wagons was thing like other wines like what went for others today waits today suffice to morrow the waves were today yeah yeah and people were complaining about get a picture of luke recalled from today's win yeah i'm looks at it these are used the best model weight in the world he area that rock and you argue without my michael bisbee knocked about going hear me gee gets eight these night
business a real chair but he got caught by building right but before that luke records a mother fucker heartily bards back did you hear that tangled had a back on a guy who's that what is over here is another hour rocco he looks fine the thinnest i've ever seen a turkish to each other rocco should one of you were here a sandman out listen david branch don't joke do don't get confused if rocco fox hopping click by branch list what do they say to each other they volume bridge talking shit for wine you're nothing yes even here are three former you actually went away champion look rock old versus the ninth ranked david right that's annick breaking
break you up son not food food i was talking to break the sun was i mean i'm a break you off son does be funded from where they are and what does that mean was what it that doesn't mean i don't want to fight write another sweating do you bring me up you're gonna break means having a semi luke swing got for what little branches it of testimonies of form world champion worlds is fighting it light heavyweight middle way but if you're not near see i don't give a fuck you find the same guy grappled for what we rumbling one went to a decision in our laws to a decision a rumble on world series i like heavyweight there that's rubble world says he was no area world beater must no longer was it the rumble on the sea also day branch out his room you see before you answer is not good because worlds of sir fighting does work or general harris killed him with islam and its first fight for example
muslim land was greatly sea and then he lost two it's like it depends like how focused motivated very skilful i skills as ground gives rise to about branch radical branch i think i'm the ground righted may see it you kiss underrated cause he's undertake these findings plain gravest world series of fighting is not even close to them young bout dublin bay compared mba i just think he's very talented of rock old doesn't take them seriously the same way didn't take bisbee seriously he get fucked up a hundred percent brother more pressure on or because you think out for a while you know him is any this when my the only way i think rocco gets fucked up is again you if you don't think i'm serious yes and if you know if is hearts not in it yet live a game article shows up a game dude branch shows up rocco destroy them you know it i could see recording submitting underrated with his top position top game i too have a fuckin tree
his jitters redeem very ridiculous you'll get the leona but she d fight beat the shit out from the top position like when he got worried me down when he awoke and down you can see why moves like shock decimated busy being with one arm down after head kick but now i think i think give rocket stand this can be the difference maker and he's got a long reach man you he's gotta make sure they don't fuck up and clipped again but i want to see what happens when a guy like rock hold who has a lot lose but not a lot to gain fights a guy like branch who has the golden opportunity in front of me a branch can beat rock hold just gigantic elevate jimmy huge and i've been watching this training footage he sees training fucking heart the question is is it hard enough has a mean is that kind of shape i go as yet world class level to throwing their fault buddy like racoven rumble in the world series but also with branch it's like are you gonna take the fuckin governor
often go after it causes his last right maybe it's just a dance partner even the world's whose findings are merkin guys so it's like in the sea he's never been that you gave her was afraid of lubeck will take the governor from taking the fucking face it's a very interesting fight because it supposed to be if you looked at an on paper would be more of a showcase fight for rock hold rock old was the former champion i don't think david branches ranked in the top five things nine yeah yeah that make sense so it's a big opportunity for branch in our oldest branch horses like thirty scant till let us dare you you such a good turn you have so as not to old it's gonna be interesting and then brok old is like what thirty rocco still pretty young i thank them the thing about rocco he needs this fight too there are two out of sight out of mind grips
once again i would say the following out everybody remembers bisbee clipping i'm not gonna mountain and talk and mad shit tomb inside the cage after he knocked mouth is this fight it the latter saturday night myrna is it for sure tomorrow you're doing fine companion but you're not gonna be he does george by giving a silver i wash williams rouble gee i can't mister i gotta see i gotta have maybe i was a little bit of israeli little both functional level screens here yeah i will watch both deal to any logic wanna put one of em when you too was well robber well this is the background to our seven who put a k one on one of the scant miss it meant this santa bad you know it would have a lot better with yahoo as might prairie there'll be a crazy fuck in fighting terrorism monster to both american top team to try yet parrys amounts
two but jago is just very skilful this a big difference ok fine alex whereas stepped up outrages no job when third to whose outrageous short notice i've seen him five year by a quicker shape asean and can make the weight was there no regular there is not one of the updated fighters we are at last arrived this fucker up good night every body fighter and again t fat k dot com long beach next friday last baghdad last pact fact is de facto doggone live live tickets for the first show just went on sale today for new year's eve tickets for the second show the ten o clock show or i think they're sold out at the
well turn in los angeles me and the great and powerful even edwards whose in my opinion one finds fuckin comedians work in the world today so first shows going to be at seven hundred and thirty seven second show is at ten thousand seven hundred and thirty tickets went on sale couple hours ago we'll see soon by big kiss thank you everybody for to whom we have because hope enjoy the show and we very much appreciate you doing in listening and i'm glad you join it thank you sponsors thanked on good oh and an i t use the code word rogan and save ten percent of any and all supplements thanks to stamp stock comp never go to the fuckin post office again go to stamp stocks click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and typing j r e and they will hook you up with a for weak trial plus postage and digital skills
without long term commitments at stamps dot com click on the microphone and type in j r thank you also to my favorite other again underwear me undies you can get twenty percent off your first pair free shipping and percent satisfaction guarantee why fuck around my all favorite underwear gotta me undies dot com forts rogan that's me these dot forwards ash rogan for the best damn underwear ever last but not least we are brought to you by draft kings week one is in the books but it's not too late to get closer to the guy you love with draft kings one week fantasy football you play for free but a drafting come now use a promo code rogan to play and draft king
free contest with a hundred thousand dollars in total prizes has draft kings dot com used a promo code and we did it tomorrow we shall fight companion be i believe me eddie bravo scummy fund good times my friend thank you all for tuna and appreciate the fuck are you guys and see you soon yeah
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