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#1021 - Russell Brand

2017-10-05 | 🔗
Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. His new book "Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions" is available now, and his podcast called "Under The Skin" is available on iTunes.
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App for I o s or Android? We did it. My guest today is the great and powerful Russell Brand and we had a great fuckin time. So please give it up. Four Russell brand. The will gain experience. Do you don't we do? What is this? Will actually I was thinking about making sure that a minute position mentally spiritually to talk openly and clearly connect be doing it with fists on interest. I'm not gonna talk openly what you're gonna be strong about it. It's not like this. This is thing that the meditation thing where you just gently touching your fingers together
dear. I suppose I am looking to be embodied Israel, tents present you're, like a hybrid, near That's what we got become these day, what a bit above little but a spiritual, What about a warrior thing, because avoiding this world say can be all ethereal crombie or economy the right in the consciousness yeah there wasn't anything done right. You just constantly dealing with other peoples wants in wishes and now I'm not going to make the decision to be when those cave people, unless you- because I something rather like this- put on robes meditate only that only live in the consciousness, but given my extreme levels of attachment of experience, thirty years to physical things- and I think that's my path, you or me, I'm in the world on selling books on average baby caring about what people think about me, I'm wondering if I'm gonna be in a film I'm dealing
if the world being a man in the world being the type of man. I am it's not like. I now the Otter life myself off in a cave. But there is a certain amount of attraction, did we think we all have? This ideal came out soon get away from it all, but the promise you it's going on, whether you like it or not, it is happening so might even if you're, not there the answer- you probably be just to go. What is this deal? What is this even in Christiana, a cry says in the world, but not of it so like for trying not to be defined and determined by other people's opinions of you. This. Systems and structures that set up around you particular if you question, though, systems and structures and think what I do- trust that citizens do not agree with that years. Her how you don't wanna be defined by that, but the fact is we are here, and I think there are certain people. You know that do have nasty tendency that should be meditate in the annex? for the material world and one of the great of things
me sad about times as if you dont have economic and productive value than your. Nobody here, and there are some people who don't know how to resource themselves. You found a way of turning yourself into an economy of creating a kingdom from my own way of LA. Why can make my mental illness work for me? Pupils money only those criteria Everyone gets those kind of breaks, or has that kind of skill set yeah I mean obviously that some people that really do thrive on that monastic lifestyle. This have you ever seen this a vice documentary on this guy's name is high mo. He lives in the believers that Eastern part the of Alaska. He's in this this arctic region is there's a vice. Peace called Hindmost Artic adventure. That's it Artic Refuge hi Mo Eighty, I am oh hi Mose Imo Court is his name and these guys
area. He lives in the elastic artic national wildlife, refuge hundred miles from the nearest human, and he is there with his wife and he in this little log house that he's sort of built himself and he thrives up there. It's very strange because we're were attracted to these people like to just skull. Ok, what do you do all day? Man like? What's? What's your lifelike and DDT do miss people has like a vcr, anyplace old movies and damn it's a fascinating. Thing because I think when you watch someone like that, you see you d always run it through your head. Like could I live That much is this guy happier he says he is me. He says that the the Hunter Gatherer lifestyle that he lives is like a uniquely attractive to people. And an uniquely satisfying and something that we don't get
in our everyday world so whenever they completely, even whereas he is just running around fishing and honey, caribou and stuff We have with any with someone's. I Elsie's idea of what life should be. A system under which we have in which most of us operate is no listen. Why would do if pay if I'd is free star in other means? Is personally me Russell? I mean I'm for pelagic clear. We design to be nearby nomadic tribes. People, when my put CASA do as a suggestion by you I had on those, As you well know Harare, he wrote that book sapiens and he does a lot. I am for policy stuff and says about like that were designed to live. In tribes of about seventy five. Two hundred people were at least that's what chimpanzees do when they get big. It is normally conflict and a separation in a split in the nomadic tribes would follow? that food sources that were available to him so in a way
If you can replicate thy or get close to that in some way of your own in your own life, it would make sense that they would make you happy, and wit we ve like when you and about the guy's, a hundred miles away from the nearest personal people. These people that live in suburbia that mentally or a hundred the wife from the nearest person you just really your life? As you sit in front of a screen, you don't connect with people. You know spoke to people for dies, and I think about this. When people make these desperate attempts to connect fruit dog in is a thing in my country where people me up and lay buys and just have anonymous. Sex masturbated involving dogging is uniquely british phenomena died. Gang heard of this well. Welcome. Welcome to talking is people got allay, buys quite layer buys and start could be. So suburban is a bit like swinging you, nobody slight! You pull up in a car with investment. This is never done. This interest clarify, pull up in a car with a partner could be. You know, I think it's gonna hit your sexual being or how much you can do. It were in a wherever you're persuasion. Is this particular place of particular people? You know the lie
go on and people jerk off, and you know you have sex with loathing in these desperate attempts to find some connection to nature of drop anchor and hate your primal self to get into you are because he wake up and you gotta do your job and you got green in front of you and you are consumer you're, not leaving in the world any more. You want some visceral experience. Wanderings government's new proxies are what are your personal questing, after which they were really cherry or the di t? Looking for war easy the way meant, a bees humans on doing that in my own way, having unfortunately written off substances, because my stupid stupid mistakes in my twenties, I can't go into the empty I westwards. Much as I would like to add that I want to find. How is it that I be me in this world, and yet I think it is free. I solution is in what I think is not wrong your trunk in Ireland and thought may sentiment it is, if I think, it's all right what we all night,
We create this. This is a form of nature out civilizations, our manifestations, but is it the best we can do? Can we change it? Can we pull back from what seems more than ever, like some kind of apocalypse with in your current president, no disrespect and without Cunt breakfast. So, like a, we turn fracture and the manifestation of ugliness stuff bubbling up fully like dark unconscious map, bobbing up man, I was in the airport travel to hear- and I was in New York and not just the people at work in the lines when you put your Casey's fruit, that people felt seem heavy and low. Unlike us, if you bring Donald Trump just something that you know you're gonna make jokes about, you ve hope that there isn't gonna be nuclear war, but he seems office of a comic vigour. But here I saw a cent
Are these pie, known others, while people Don T like him enough to have made in present United States Boffin get even in those cases, he speaks to a particular rage, something that wasn't being addressed: the failure of neo liberalism that lies of the last four years of a kind of politics. It was just about management and not about giving people truth no joke highlighting owed like our individual journeys. How can our individual journeys inform our social and tribal journeys now national journeys and he's ever even hope any more for such a thing the United States of America or Great Britain or shall we start looking at smaller projects, because you know if the United States of America in Great Britain later Colonialism Mass captain Isn't consumerism acknowledge co melt down? If that's what you believe it, then maybe we need to look at break, down some of these great institutions. I wonder if what what's going on, is that our biology in what we ve been sort of programme to further thousands of years of living, these tribal existences, where we in these terms,
zones, where these small groups of fifty to sixty eight hundred people, plus that this is the news, Lange and then part of our chaos is our trying to down to the new thing. It's almost inevitable created this incredible way where we can get food people were so more people had babies more people stayed in these areas. Were there not growing food and then you have your dealing with these massive numbers of people in own Ella, twenty plus million and we're trying to figure out like how do we get along how to all these different ideologies coincide? How do it? How do we do we cooperate? How do we, how do we figure out what what to do with our waste and figure out what to do with what we're owing to the environment, you know, how do we figure out? Who is right, you know, as it is
the doom and gloom people correct or other we're gonna, be ok people correct on! What's those the right attitude to take about this? Many of those with significant movements that you're talking about agriculture. And industrialized nations and urban areas? Asian agriculture obviously mean food available on mass industrialization products available on mass urbanize, ancient people living together on mass. None of these things are good for the people on mass. They good for select straw or of people that primarily benefit. You know, like the advice I say that the average dire of few and being got worse off to agriculture. Before that varied diet, people wait. Loans is now after coca, your and potatoes. Now peasant your own rice, now peasant in I say what I think each of these movements are to benefit a particular aspect of the system of particular
loss of particular straw, particular economic class and mean I mean you, ain't doing bad, we have relatively near the top, but we note the engineers at eight thereof, cooperate genes and leads to use that very popular word these days. That benefit from things being this, I don't when you're saying their way that we can all coalesce and get along in urban, innovations are: twenty million people now cause the powers to say true lies: don't tell anyone really are, we are getting along main, mostly most mostly we are getting along in these, where groups in even with ours, whatever static that we have at each other, you with the weird weirdness of it all the diffusion of response. Mobility comes these gigantic groups, and you see things happening just get away from them that we still further. Most part of getting along this weird new world. A thing you write in us, Joe, like I'm, not I'm, not a demon, gloom guy. I think human beings are really really beautiful and brilliant and, like I've got this mess dwarfing case is that we're trying to inhabit ceased?
if they are not designed for us to live within, and I think that yeah people are getting on biosafety than you think. There's a lot tension in sea ease that everyone one right turn or one traffic light away from getting an icon smashing someone in the face he could, I can feel it bubbling under and that in that the feeling I had in the airport the people who are working there Wanda You stress you just want anecdote. I feel that we have been forced to live on a particular aspect of our consciousness, a particular bandwidth of where what kind of a bit for I in the full little bit too much desire, I'm talking about most people wit, and I'm not poor, no more so on labels of money creation stands in. Iran is not even fuck off problems, I'm gettin in a nice car and I'm out of here I remember the feeling in and a lot of people are living like that with attentions up in their face, and so yes, I agree that people model along and that, I think, shows you the way nor, as in adult Darwinism,
model or some of the ideas derived from Darwinism, rather like the selfish gene in the Richard Dawkins idea that people just want to survive and we just want to kill him fuckin be known when this is what propels us forward. I think no we're coat we're cooperative, collaborative artistic, imaginative, beautiful people, but we ve. It systems around the worst aspects of our nature: greed, selfishness. This what capitalism and consumerism thrive on and they so all encompassing our cultures, our domed by them- and we can't see beyond them. We exist within it, and I feel that if we were to break down those kind of systems even smaller assemblies, smaller groups with power, is close to the people they affect is possible where people would vote on what this is, how we want to use our resources. This is well how we want to run our street. Our hospital prisons have schools systems. This is how we want that IRAN, then things which really really slow down, but man. What's the rush things would slow down get lost lover, but I think the people would be
How would you wouldn't have resources and power fill it to a small group of people? I think you definitely right. I think she's probably start a cult another idea about how to run it and how to keep to the resources in the community. I think that also this does content that we have is a sign that peat people being upset with how this is in the momentum of the way things have sort of established themselves today that we, this is like what we need This is the momentum and they d there. The motivation that we need to try to improve upon things. I think we're uniquely qualified to do that today, because we're we're talking about So you could be the doom Google today I'll be rose, color glasses. So I think that this tension that we have in this, even like a guy like Donald Trump or breaks it, I think- would be a good thing about Those things is that people are looking at what they don't like about way we're running the world, what they don't like about our culture, and they're, getting upset about it and hopefully will sort it out that way and that being completely content with it.
The thing and everybody just sitting on the couch and smiling all day. It doesn't leave necessarily lead to progress. I think we're more informed now than we have ever been before, so I would hope that with our ability to in a k and being more inform now that we have the potential to move towards a better society. I agree with that. Might biosafety that we let the was important in the world is who has power power being the ability to effect change? I am not one of those people, I've got like baffled by what happened with Trumbo. I feel there is an indication that a good many people feel extremely angry franchise. The same is breaks in our country, and I recognise that this Similarly, I don't think I wouldn't everything be
but he do door if Hillary Clinton was presently the United States that was war. The way stuff was going. That's what the previous three years is being like in your country, my country, managerial politicians, with no vision we ve seen the failure of recent serve that kind of promises the were offered by an administration recently. I think that what trompe is what breaks? It is a big fuck. You to the system, but we want something different but for me in a way. These things are good because I believe the people that fill those things right, and I would like to see more power delivered to ordinary people, genuine change happening. I think it won't but unless misuse of look at will what? Where is that parliament? Really the palate really with people that this system works for us of a particular copper late tick killer, straw of no politicians and bureaucrats and an pope that what these, of course Play of reason in recent years later is deeply of power new systems, because even
the tongue. I've been in your country on this trip, Joe, you know they ve been mad, solve massacre there. You know that it's all for me is it, and this tells me This is a six aside, not not open Britain's wonderful, of course, that we went round plundering the well but crazy, crazy. We got enough problems around but like for me what causing this. Why is this happening in it? For me, see in isolation, and, I believe in lone Wolf. I think the system is coughing up these mad events. There, a patent and this thing that we can read- and there are things that we can change to improve, who is certainly part of the guy, that was that shooter is certainly a part of our society united. So if we have a sick culture, I mean that there is. There is evidence of a mean. Is it not is completely so culture me? We know we're not all dying right, we're not all we don't have all have his disease, but some of us most certainly do so this thing that you say like that people looked at Donald Trump as a big fuck you
system the tipping over the apple card. I think that's absolutely what people are hoping for and then there's a bunch of people just loves ain't fuck. You is a bunch of people that one fuck you is flying or our yeah fuck, you they just get in it, fuck you you and then you seen a lot of that with Donald Trump Sport as well you're, seeing people that they looking for some excitement looking for some fun you're. Looking you seen, people enjoy chaos, you know maybe they're trapped in cubicles. They just completely frustrated by this fuckin grind dated day grind like literally being their sole being ground down a great every day, being forced to stay and these fluorescent lights and fuckin small little box dealing, human resources in the corporate environment and they're, gonna, fuckin, crazy and- We think that happens that the Tipps that, over it's all fight club Brian, did you get punished in the face looking to go crazy than theirs. That as well. You know, but I think.
This chaos in the worst part about it. There's no good to write is no good to mass shootings. But what comes out of all these things is the discussions and the intense realization and that we have real problems. We have real problems with the way, we're communicating with each other I don't necessarily know if the solution I mean it, it would certainly be a solution for those involved. If you get a hundred amazing people and everybody just starts Co. Op in Maine somewhere yeah be great for those involved, but for for all some even while that mean it's almost like that monastic lifestyle we're talking about. If everybody just isolates, it's all going, around you if you put your phone in a drawer and never used again stay out of the grid and get you water from a sprang out of people out. There is still drinking water with antidepressants in it, and you know this there's a bunch of can small the people have to deal with is a bunch of problems with hurricanes now, because the waters warmer, it's this, its inevitable, its inevitable that this is all You can decide. Hey man, I only have a hundred years and this planet fund, this I'm just gonna,
this out, but if you do make a kid You haven't got a bunch of them and we need it woods. What's gonna happen to them. You know what we have to think about what happens with them as well. We're we're all this global community. Really, yes, we are, and that's why I don't go for a head Dominique lifestyle of ah fuck. You have got a century right. Let's line up, some blowjobs tried that route and I could live up to allow this guy century, whether blowjob straightaway and putting on line up some blowjob ice cream here below just enough to their own yard in life. Good because I, like you believe in the possibility of change and I've been like in a mention again, I start up costs, as you said, you know dying on gas than he is. Why do you mind if I get like, because I'm dead, university degree, religion in global politics. In fact, this thing happened. Worm me really is a heat for a four right now A bunch of things are going to work, the ice cream, the blow jobs, the attention
privilege heroin crack. All these things are control coffers, not working. I Congress troll him. I've got to find a way through this, and oddly peculiarly is over personal. Version of spirituality. That's why I've found in, like the great english poet says, each EAST must find these own religion. We have to find our own way. What works for you not gonna, be the same as what works for me in a narrow ways that we're collective, but there are ways where we're individuals, so awful Rog on after educate myself, and I have to do things that means of its may be part of that was not right. In doing so in my own small, fragile, Bristol Way, brazilian Gigi Sue guidelines have it done stuff like that, before our guidelines do right, leaving your body being named, go Genesis, Jimmy Malo or give them address all these causes that big fancy or show you know a code or not do session we ve Chris, that titanium scale and if a man that back they twist summing up, we can cause pain in ways as what. How is even doing that- and I want to try to do the stuff back. It doesnt work or puts me my body in a different way:
learning the history of the ideas there in in religion? The way that that the death, the distinction between politics and religion is in the sort of an imaginary distinction when people talk about religious, Lindsey secular violence. This hang their violence is a rational and our violence he's ok, I've learned some amazing stuff in the last few years. Though, and as a result of that kind of guess, I M a bookcase like this guy Khan Ross might you'd love. Ammonia is actually he was a diplomat and the four service around the time of the weapons of mass destruction and nine eleven. He believed in this is he's not ye may only wanted was to work in a foreign service. He knew they were lying. What is going on sees that are now. This thing I believed in is not true. Luck is being asked to participate in it he's come out foreign office. I'm leaves, but no centralized power can ever work. We have to have devolved
Our assembly's anarchism is the word. Anarchy doesn't mean chaos, anarchy, maize, devolve power to the smallest possible groups that there's no power between you and I and Jamie the way equal in here and we should run space, according to all of us, think as a group that hospitals, schools, institutions community, should be run on a democratic basis. NI liking to minimize the amount of centralized before alienate roads to be run needs to be some secure. Innovative companies base will be minimized where possible. That's what this guy came away than he explained it real. Well, to me, a more like the increasing laughing is that when you talk about that night, she's great or on the so that's it that's the phenomenon of the west in it that's what people in our countries are coming through is alienation is talked about like important things. Never guess, taught me about Marxism, the marxist theory of the way there he criticised the broke down. Capitalism. How operate you weren't talk about. The economics about March was a great economist. He goes.
Capitalism will lead to individuals, failing worthless and meaningless cause. I've just be Compton. Machine is bright people, spirits, and that is what happened because they will itself ought not. The only thing that happened go on its own oh created incredible technology and medical innovation, all sorts of different way, is that we can make the world easier. Do you think we could keep those things without the cheese great? So often we could. I think we could have gone to stuff. Now we could progress with it. We could have different, fairer ways of doing that, and people are often people kill. That conversation to early Keziah Zena could is working for the non paper here, the thrown out the baby with the bathwater. I think sire, that's what the whole thing of Marxism as the abandonment of capitalism, and so let's go this way, but you know you look at what happened when people adopted Marxism and left the lead to the death of millions and millions of people, as has capitalism and a lot of places Nowhere, but nor deaths, but is not reported in the same way. By saying that we want a living communists in over the Soviet Union or China, terrible terrible things happen, but that's what we always we ways revert
you know what I want is there, nor is it not possible that we could four star they didn't do it properly. They ignored it. That's what everybody says, but no one's ever done properly. I mean probably have more freely today, human beings have more freedom, more freedom to behave, more freedom to communicate more freedom to excel with this capital society that were criticising today than any human beings that ever lived ever. There's a lot of negative about it: a hundred percent It's also there's a lot of benefits positive about it. There are not a soul. This people and adjust counting numbers and throwing the a hard drive somewhere and buying yachts. That's it that's true. To that doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to evolve and spy out. I think evolution is finished under these loans are good things about capitalism. Having this carry on that see what we can do is. Could we be doing these bear? I believe that we could eliminate this is taken is about as far as you go because of certain ecological imperatives and then the spiritual thing that you deftly mention
that is destroying the soul of a lot of people and it's not necessary. When is that you know the war we were promised in the fifties and the technological revolution will mean your work. I have we're day. You know like I've. No one delivered on that people just went out actually carry on fucking working, unmoved, siphoned, profit appeal and we could have left by societies, abide think that is normal. There is as a form of centralized power. People at the centre of that power will not sherry. I think you have to go all right. This can be could we run by those people, these communities, Can it be run by these people and I also solves a love. The other problems at defining at times of people seem to want different thing. Some people say absolute, we know how my sexual ate some people say. We want toe sexual freedom, somebody want we want to live in a written. What would be called a religious extremely somebody was a iciest. Well that can't exist the one banner, namely the problem of people, saying no homosexuality- is that they are deciding about freedom without other people's freedoms to to exist for other people's free.
Comes to behave in to express themselves the way they want to and the real problem with. That is a lot of them. But one control other people's freedom. They were the really the reason why the doing as they're trying to suppress their own urges and design hazy right, one or two things a most interesting. It is how much of our activity is unconscious activity or so much with doing thing. We don't know why with doing the book here that promote in recovery are written book is my version, the twelve stare reserve at last. I grew in the twelve stepsister a journey from unconsciousness to consciousness. That's where sensualist viewed unconsciously pursue pleasure. You unconsciously pursue patterns, cause you don't know, you're doing it. If you're a smack it or crackhead. Like me, events I guess you know such trouble. We have to address it, but most people hover along on the cheese, great level lives of quiet desperation. Never realizing, I want a mini, it is possible to be happy, is possible to be contented move towards, nature you, while yourselves doing it, you can why these one good at this one doing
The way you are new life and at youth tat will now tell me what to do you don't compromise. You want to learn all of this fascinating staff and fulfil yourself don't want. It light. So you ve created a road for yourself to do that, but not everybody can, and more people could, and I think that always be resistance that always be corruption. Greece in me like it, action spend another second condemning Donald Trump, because I've got an also in me. I am a greedy person that once attend generals, people to love me and by my book and tireless you ensure that your interest back to thinking is lead you to stop that path. I mean that's, that's surely you you saw the flaws and hedonistic behaviour and you hit the pause button. You thinkin about that's very attractive because we all see that in you know- and we need to talk about, like
What would I do and what I've done, that the most important thing I have ever done surround myself with people that I love of a really good group of friends and interesting people, and that that leads to more like they find more interesting people, it bit branches out and spreads out, and then people Listening to this they become like minded. They pursue their their happiness. They pursue their their actual desires, what what interest them, one, what what what they would like to do for their for their career for their life. Are there their craft. What do you enjoy like find that thing? Sir on yourself with like minded people, and I think we all get fuel from the people there were around and it's one of the most underrated aspects of being a person in a community is, if you are around a bunch of ambitious people, who creative were open, minded and honest. You are inspired by an you seek to have like like minded thoughts.
Rub out. I think that's another one in the call, the against column, foot disappearing into the cave and and being a hermit or among coevals, because I heard someone say we existing dialectic, wish me the existing relationship in conversation with one another who argue without other people, your nobody in it, in an aluminium capture flowing through spice? What does your personality man you're? Not here, so you re about that we exist these relationships with one another and I suppose will I saw out is to connect with pay well on the level of the damage on the level of the wound on the level of the vulnerability nor a pessimistic based ring ourselves out of it got a y know. They recognise that we are flawed, but that together we can create support if compassionate, loving Munich even for me, be the starting point, for that is a life that is pretty.
Hey don't spirituality as opposed to materialism, predicated on what my consciousness does. When I stop thinking what my consciousness tat, when I made a tight, not enough the advance, each of them didn t experience in the eye western fascinated by listen to while she tried Coon Delaney, you know, but I do have. You ever had any sort psychedelic experience through doing Coon doing, because the people that I know that a really into it. They say that they can achieve here that another Dundee empty all. Say they can achieve the same sort of states, while with good Delaney will that do It will contain one. The things I believe in this particular time Oh my finger by Mark Marconi of Shamrock Tattoos. Los Angeles he's the kind Lenny Serpent Ash drawn by CALL June on the grain early figures, if psychoanalysis that they thought, are in the belly: the animal energy of survival, the energy of creativity, this
an energy, the reptile energy, that deep in our dna, when we would lose it? When we were creatures, the crawled on our daily lives in a still can be coronary it? The serpent the snake within can become crowned, come become royal. Your animal desires can become royal, and I think that the current Alenia, as I understand it, is harnessing those energies bring any up. I do like you're gonna have to do, have pretty trip tat experiences where I feel like. Oh my god, I'm awake, but I am not me, I'm not my thoughts on services of transcendence ninety Fulham retrospectively. You know in the moment there's no me to register. It is only after Saint wow, I lost myself. Do you feel weird when you finger people with a finger outside Antonios? Activate, does another set of that's night came out and debate is fingernails become highly significant? Half my life ferries are very weird. It seems so rude. It was in the expression fingering,
Is it daddy business is not functional now would like there's no need for it in the world, but like it, it's not a Berlin people, love people ass for it I say: do it yet that there's no one, I think your phone is rank. Give it given the snake hand that reptile right open the shockwaves. Is this the right moment to tell you? I dreamt about you last night from knowing every night to tell some on the dream about them? Cause he's ones is out. There is out s in particular. You know check it out, so we were in this dream, we're in some sort of semi organic forest type world, but I had an industrial component somewhat labyrinth in May is now going to ruin component likely. Is it lady walks how'd. I have made the most of the woods United, build our hearts and stuff, and maybe that have little Marianna. If the walks have another couple thousand years, maybe that about Louie work trains, I don't know what they would it done. Who knows? Lovely cuddly little guys So anyway, there is a sovereign small industrial compulsory. We was somewhere within that world
We would do in Brazil in June, so that use the word rolling. Now there was a solve. This is how we now drinks. There's a member had you inside control now, from that moment, a move towards choke and you, something we arched inflict I've a very acrobatics very eloquently than even Iverson actual move on this very, very beautiful right near the spot, which can quite well this rolling. But it seems that joy, Please bear Priscilla due to say the make, but that even in the dream world that seem like some kind of an understanding of well there's jujitsu. What's in about it and it's interesting about it. Is that the more time into it, the more you understand the moves, the more moves you acquire, the more moves you drill the better you get added the more its little literally like a language as your vocabulary increases and your ability to like, even if your vocabulary is very broad, if you don't talk a lot,
he'd, probably have stumbling conversations right. But if you get used to talking all the time and you're happy conversation with someone and the words kind of flow? But if you're talking to someone in their weird and they, the bark out things- They talk over you it's awkward and turkey jerky much like jujitsu judges almost like a kinetic language, brilliant, but there is a puzzle, that's being solved right and it's there a problem rightness persons. The problem is this person's trying to apply these different techniques for their chokes or joint locks on you, and you are trying to both defend that and then put it on your set put yours on them. Is people I heard you say before high pressure problem solving. Well, I M A may- I always describe as high level problem solving with dire physical consequences. I physic Punkahs Emma may is the most the most high level of all the problem. Solving because it the consequences are so grave. Getting kingdom had getting elbowed in need.
Those things are so Jujitsu I live thing is better for you for sure, physically, because the consequences are not nearly as gravy get choked out your fine. You get your arm. Tat Dna tab if you like your ear, you have is on your willing, how bout you have to be willing to tap you'll you'll get through it. Ok,. And if you get injured, is get a fixed and take six months after we back alive connect languishing. You said that really make sense to make us feel like when I'm doing it, I'm not capacity on her shoulder, move a world trade order, her door like an hour, they were like. What's going to happen, I don't actually forgot thousand ways like critically exactly do watched you just do it all online night. I watch those sometimes a look of videos. It embraces of something and Marvel at their effortless capacities and charisma. You should watch just because you are enjoying it was like current top of the food chain. Jujitsu
half amend as you know, watch some Marcello, Garcia watch some. You know some of the young girls coming up Gary tone and its fascinating to watch them apply these neustria. Jeez to this old language. You know, because that's really, essentially what it s me, will you What you're saying is these new approaches to this? Never ending thing, I mean really This doesn't it does the like boxing, although its very complex it doesn't seem as complex to someone on the outside. But when you watch like a guy like floor, May weather or sugar elected or someone is like just a master at their craft, which it you see how complex it truly. As you see all the different than others, different nuances to it, but it's still punching right is just still to punching, whereas Jujitsu as this fuckin tangle of bodies in past abilities and potential. So many different ways to approach it is people at a choker is people that are arm lock eyes as people in they like to get you with their legs. I try
your people and then they all have their own little way of approaching this conversation, tv learn a few of grammatical pathways fruit that kinetic language, you think right? I'm gonna master, that particular so watching. Videos online is like watching videos on watch, talking, you're, ok turns Mckenna or Yosemite Wearier, whoever it is that you think is fascinating, hear them talk and develops new pathways and possibilities for your own. Thinking it has one of things I was gonna say earlier- that we went what what I was thinking, what we're having this conversation about the future and about possibilities and about civilization that you, with all due respect, what you and I are doing, Both of US word, for it is a very rudimentary way of trying to figure this out. I think we're we're we're clubbing right. You know, and I think People are listening to this. That will do a far better job than us in the future, and I think that that's important- and I think the word we are back soon we're taking ourselves, but when Henry Ford created the model t he didn't intended to read
against a la ferrari. You know he did know what the fuck allow Ferrari was, but if he didn't make that Malta, the lover I wouldn't be possible. We can't go back, go Henry Ford, Fuckin sock, dude ride this piece of shit with its leaf springs that stupid tyres. You know and then getting two thousand seventeen, Corvette z- are one eagle. Okay. This is where tat. Now, it's like the all these things have to be in place, the next evolution of it to advance, and I think we're we're can add today with our societies, were hoping that there's a solution out there we're home. But the There is a solution, but it's God, damned slow, just like all evolution in its goddamn slow, its faster than single celled organisms to a draft, but it's still fucking slow and we are part of it all of us, not just you and I, but the people that are listening to this and the p but are having their own part gas. Their own conversations in doing TED talks in writing books we're all a part of that. Give this out in these little pieces all fit together, slow
Lee but surely and create this mosaic of ideas and potential and what we spiriting now is just what we can experience in this realm, like in this world, with this life that we are currently stuck in and then some one fifty years from now will be looking back at our stumbling conversation, trying to figure out a way to engineer society correctly and they'll have a much better way of doing it. S very beautiful, progressive argument. I agree with much of what you have said accepts did to some degree Joe even things I've heard on these podcast say when you have Graham Hancock Optical Intuitive when you got the MOSS Ass, sanctioned academic guy on there and that you like and Grand felt like you know in a you, bastard seal, the people that oil lamp such rebel. You know it's it's fast in to see these people know attacking him for his ideas, research, but now having less and less stand grams ideas have been more proven in the last ten twenty years than ever before. These findings
these new civilizations and finding these new evidence that human beings are existed on this continent far longer and that their travelling all over the world for far longer and civilization is probably quite a bit older than we thought. That's right, and so we don't they form. That this idea of continual progression? Linear progression is the only one. It is possible that when it comes to that of consciousness. Ancient people knew something that we are are going to want to stand there, and I recognise that your model t to Ferrari Metaphor- is a good one and actually speaking to young people. Now I do feel that their economy more switched on jeez, look at a baby with an Ipad who seems Lorraine, know already, but why feelings- and this might
be my personal narcissism. I like to think of myself as the pinnacle of consciousness, that there is in some other room could. Even though God I want that DM t. So bad like. Why afraid? Because it's not it's not like it's on toxic can't, because I'm of step guy and amend our supper. They tossed up that you How can I found? I have just read fucking book about Ellison hold you never forget you knock. It off by multi, with addiction near the study. This idea that you're going to fall apart and become a junkie again. A second happen pop has that you can say that Joe, but also a pertinent and integral parts of my recovery is the idea of surrender and, I think, that's an integral part of a law, spiritual beliefs and internal part of the empty. Year. S run. I fill you man but like to bypass the
Dear of my ego, we call for ship my Google, for, if I'm russell- and this is why I believe- and this is one where do I have surrendered to a way of life- I've surrendered if I can find some people with twenty four years in in recovery, clean time that go you're allowed to take the empty. Do not inherit apart. You don't either their visitor if I so, the sanctioning once in a while you and by the way you don't even need the empty now need it, but you seem like you wanted there, because I'll the transcendent. I love it because I've no and I've always known that this experience of being in a body in the conscious, individualistic modern, remember if taken those of acid whenever it is, we know this is not all of it, just which is reading one bandwidth of data without century instruments that there is a consciousness and limitless reality. Do you miss them asked experience? Yes, I do I love it, I love it is the concern that, if you fell into it like whether, whose mushrooms
whatever. What is that, if you fell into that experience again, that would lead you downward spiral of addiction, innocent states that in a sense, it is there and the fact is as well to have turned my life round. My life is being turned round by this programme by they system, unlike in the twelve debate, does have something in it. That's quite what on asylum is a little bit sake, is a little Bethink like it's about the Nile Riot, because, but the reason This book was interpretation to twelve. That scares me what I think is a masterpiece of ink is a masterpiece of Tom and people are struggling with idea, allergies, atomic people struggling with religion, because the bad things about religion is so obvious, the bigotry and the violence. Those things is so clear to us, even though there are many many beautiful things about Islam and many beautiful things about Christiana, it were focused tend to turn on the bigotry and the hatred that present or used out those ideologies. The twelve step is accessible.
When a body and can be used as a code to unravel your connection to your own individual experience, your own self centered ness, your own self obsession, never mind will be a problem that you have that this might be the line rights. Us me, I'm self obsessed and I have the firstly like this: How it works. One you admit, there's something you want to change a lie that who bay I'm a smack, it pretty obvious. They know your sex attic them, that's a hard thing to admit because it can be rewarding if you're into adult human females in a coach like I was baby alternately leaves you lonely and unable to have a family, and you feel like you, having a negative emotional effect on others, and yourself, then you need to me is a problem. The second thing is: could your life be better immediately Was it good and the third thing is being willing to accept help from others? Are women,
a community of em your understanding of a higher power lap into ass. I believe in God. In that sense, I believe that these limitless consciousness that my individual consciousness is connected to something. I can understand that no one can ever understand and again, as I've heard one of my own pockets is a matter of fact: Yandex Firefox you let this political movement in Greece is if we never know where the consciousness they did my or map proceeded consciousness, way easier even now because spirit this quality is here. It's here and it's a big part of what human beings are an and dealt with by consumerism- and it isn't dealt with by contemporary politics. People down- took about love, kindness togetherness, though, but these are the dominant- things in our lives, that's what's mostly board to me. The people love like you, said the connections with the people. You have that become your reality, but a police who system the reduces you to a component of an economic machine is never gonna fulfil you. So what I now believe is that by watching this book can do is give people a guide.
To reaching their own spiritual truth, because it's completely non prescriptive, your version of God is gonna, be different from mine. Your personally Coventry that you draw up boob reveal the truth. If the way you see the world in the problems you might, the communities You belong to will support you, and you can change your patents. You can make amends for your past. You can continuous they present and a vital part of this programme is prayer and meditation continue connection to the moments. You don't lose yourself in your pass. The projections of your future now, whether or not that prohibits me from experimental psychedelic in the long term, for me the Jews out, What do you want to and bewildered
the guy who founded these fellowships was fascinated by us. Aid and subsidies like even when he was sober, took a love ass. It and I think that guy was a profit. It was on a mission. He was trying to discover what is truth WAR, Israel not really discuss, discuss much in the twelve to program those because I think it's like most things. It becomes orthodox. You know that most religions, most systems in the end they become offer docks, and it does such a good job help him with its primary purpose of stopping people. We now call it stopping people being drug addicts. Are such an amazing job is doing that job and should continue to do that job. Why food or how we need to do is extract the thing that I think, is amazing about it and say: oh, my god, anyone could use the issue here is again and again from people have got long time for clean in these programmes. Everyone should work programme. Everyone should now. What is the impact of your mom treated you that way or your that bit they saw Besought she hadn't you at school, you abuse, you're, still care in your consciousness. We touched on it a moment ago, Joe, if you like. I say this here
don't choose between having a programme and not having a program you choose between having a conscious programme and an unconscious program if you're not working in a conscious program, you are being worked by your unconscious programme. This is why do if a man makes me feel intimidated. This is what I do if a woman makes me feel like I'm important. This is why I do if I have a bad day Programme programme Programme, a programme of your class, the programme of your school, your family, your culture, your time and this twelve step system, candy buggy from it- nor anybody else telling you what it is. Your own version of a higher power is your own version of a truth, except he's gone by the idea become free connected who we really are and become benevolent and love into others. You know, one thing is really important. These said earlier about no political system or no, no politicians at her talk about love and values and and and caring and a sense of community. I think that's the saloon
she too, what were fearing about breakfast and Donald Trump, and the rise of you know the just this? Turning of the apple card, this this thing that people are seeing right now that they don't like, and there's this this, that the hateful direct that people most disturbed about particular breaks. It right. That's like the big thing the people really disturbed about is that it was fuelled by this fear of the other that's right, but doesn't it possible that the when, if people decided that didn't work out, whether its breaks at our trump that the response to that would be the rise of this ideology. Rise of someone who's going to talk about love and community someone who's gonna, be genuine. We don't have that person now, but it doesn't mean that person can exist and we ve only at forty five different president's. We will have any every single version of what is possible for a human being to be interfacing. With the entire
civilization of the United States of America, I think, is pretty clear that bought that system delivers. I think that those power systems are evolving in this direction. I think that this is, if not the pinnacle. I think it's possible that their Rebecca versions of a president birthing that systems that that centralized will always deliver inequality. I think it's impossible for them not to, and I think that they should be evolved, altered, devolved in it since broken down, but I do agree one of the things in that I think you positive about Cackle ism in politics, something up, regular, went breaks up and went from happened. I focus of I'm a bit on arrogant a moment. Trickster Mccormick I'd live in mischief. I live in the madness that, just by reality, I've been a way. This is good not for the good and I like people's lives, will be negatively affected when we ve seen the rise of divisive politics and like into solvent clout fashioned ideas about of ethnic nationalism in that kind of stuff. But the good thing is, precisely as you say Joe, that it does open the conversation not for someone to say hold on a minute, a thing we ve just left out.
Of kindness, unity, togetherness like these things. Perhaps people will be open to, whereas I think, if you know, if we state in the European Union, if we had had Hillary Clinton, is president things is a bit more business. As usual, we not forced waved we not staring into the face of madness. We're not forced to address things are going wrong. I talk to my friends sturgeon. Mr Simpson, the musician he is brilliant. Vision, and he was sent me this text message you have a conversation than he had with Doktor Rick's draftsman doktor extraction as the guy at the university, Mexico ran those clinical Sunday empty road them book DM two, the spear molecule, but how was quoting. When you talk about the times we live in a fucked up. Everything is, he was quoting this figure The thing was a monk who said this, that we are constantly in a fight between
in forty nine point, nine percent and fifty point one percent good and evil, and that they fluctuate back and forth. That we feel. Like We are just like a speck of dust because we are both a speck of dust and the most the important thing in the world really, because the actions of one individual literally can influence the course of the human race, that course our civilization and that this period a phloxes. What creates growth in change? Manette, the tipping of the apple carton The positive thing about having someone like Donald Trump and I dont like Donald Trump more than I like Hillary Clinton, I didn't like either one of em anyone Hillary Clinton represented to me was this lifelong politician who didn't support gay marriage until two thousand thirteen which She was to me, which he represented to me, was an obvious magician. Someone who I could see employing the cards in their sleeve and I'm supposed to not pay attention.
I suppose it's bullshit Riah, and what he represents is the ego unfettered in firing out with crazy hair and Belize and nettles hands and the whole deal justice. Chaos ego putting his name on buildings in and they were realising that both of these are terrible options. Such a system is a terrible system. This We want, we have what's, essentially popularity contest to see who controls nuclear weapons. It's insane literally in saying that the only way this Gonna change is by having this incredibly upsetting moment for everybody there looking around going what the fuck is going on here and there and new ideas get introduced, and I dont know what those new ideas are going to be or who's going to introduce them or how someone is gonna, come along within the next three years and challenge this current system in a way that appealing not just to the right.
Left, but maybe in some way to just human beings, maybe in some way to human beings, they realize like it's. What's we're not going to get in this world by enforcing right wing politics and ideas, and and and this sort of the ideology or left wing ideas in politics, ideology, but freedom and love and community and duty to be free to practice your own level of conservatism on your own, the idea that I don't want any gaze and I have a little tribe or no gazer allowed. That seems to me to be counterproductive seems to be counter revolution. You know all other ideas is any suppressing of people's individual right to express themselves sure I agree with almost every you said there and since I have been involved in Academia June when the main changes I make notes
but why you note now, whenever I never would attempt to that, when I was younger man notice excellent, Neda beginning, you talked about his idea that fifty percent of good and evil, but has now this great quote- bite a rational for solzhenitsyn. The line between good and evil runs not between creeds, religions and empires, but through every human heart- and I quote from now on our personal theory that the reason that idolatry is bad light, but it comes in a most religious. I don't worship. Individuals is precisely because they understand that don't make one individual have too much power even now, Don't worry. We know that Gandia skeletons in the closet. Great great gang babies are wonderful, great hero of bringing down the british empire, bring it about freedom and I've. Interesting me, and he said, there's no point asked Can the British out of India men replicate in their systems? This is a country of seventy thousand villages, these seventy thousand visit villages or should be autonomous, run on their own craft craft economies, trade with one another in excess soda.
We're trying to get like important ideas out there, but like let your great civil rights leaders, Malcolm X, mine, is a king. These men had Flow Malcolm X, did prison time for unusual shit, but doktor king extra marrow stuff people are not perfect there, right here, only a pie enable our people so that we have to change. This is what I think is that we can have a popular economists to decide who is in charge of nuclear weapons. These kind of systems need to be devolve because it meant, or we know the exact. I agree with your analysis of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump entirely. I think that the reason that we have a mad option like Donald Trump and successful people, have enough of those cheap tricks and that leaves and financial corruption so year that the apricots going over chaos too, I agree is an important part of evolution. We rest on chaos. These plans that we observe a just temporary Osh I would also, of course, lead errand of poetic figure than leader
said, we talk about civilization is if it's this great thing, what is civilization clearing in the forest for a moment we create our cities in the forest closes in, has again where these ancient civilization that Graham Hancock tool about lucidly. Where are they now, where all up by the Amazon? And I great quote in homer wills, Moby, Dick that says, you're no, is is still happening. We are. The majority of the earth is still flooded in war. These we are connected to these. Then we are out there in that chaos, so I suppose what I'm trying to say he had Joe
is there a when we recognise that we're all floored that we're all fallible we have to soar, think we have to think. How can we build systems that tend towards the bare aspects of our nature, not the worst aspects of our nature? Can we recognise that any politician in a position of power for too long will make mistakes, will be floor, the powers to be spread out as much as possible and as close to the people that effects as as is feasible, yet is always going to be an issue with some one being able to acquire a hundred billion dollars like the Amazon Jeff basis. Guy, like that, that is going to come upped penal is gonna like. Why would you first of all why which keep working? Why would the amount of money in which your plan. What's your end game, we try to make the world a better place. You gonna try to acquire more brown boxes with your logo on me. What are you? What are you doing? where's it go on, and it seems to me that there is a game right. Everybody places game. Some people play it for ten dollars an hour. Some people play for ten billion dollars a year and that, once
you make ten billion dollars a year. You want infinite growth. You want eleven next year. I would like to tell my stockholders that we have cause to celebrate and where we have twenty percent increase in our bottom line is here and thereby looking good? Let's go to Tahiti like where it. What are you doing you can't? This is last, you're not gonna live forever like what? What does the end game? But there's no end game you're caught up in the current game. Again, they they are literally capital, is are literally living in the moment because you're right, you just put stockpiling shit yeah that then I think about the overall objective. You know sky down. Looking from the! U know, looking from the heavens down on earth like what the fuck are we doing do not thinking about, nor are they accepting
but limitless growth is literally impossible, that we have fallen night resources on a finite planet enable you you not for me, and I think that's also you get caught up in the momentum of whatever you're doing you know whatever you do and you just get caught up in it, and you know you you're doing something in your trying to get better at it, whether its make better paintings or acquire more wealth Montague these requests and you try to get better at these quests. You know, that's, that's that's a real issue with human beings and I think it has ever snare routes. I think it has roots in our art are now and desire to make better structures and shelters to make better weapons to make a better civilizations and that we can stay alive longer so that we can ensure that our children will be alive longer. I think, there's routes and that arc, a sort of just dealers, sort of
Astrid eyes and twisted in this world of ideas were where you're talking about like money in and then and stocks and lawns, and mutual funds and hedge funds, and incite Jesus like where it's it's almost like. We, these ancient instincts, fur for constant improvement that judges they these human reward systems get. They just get corrupted my theory on this item. Is that we have biochemical drives, as you have just described, that compel us to move forward and to survive, but we also have a culture that's continually, stimuli in fear and desire in order to cost us in a particular economic role. That of consumer and the reason that I believe that this programme, and indeed this book are important, is because it is a code to awakening a code to becoming conscious and ones you a conscious. You aren't beholden to the same systems. Some
of our behaviour is a result of what we don't know about ourselves. We are motivated. We try to fulfil ourselves because there is that by a chemical imperative to get more to survive which, as an attic experience and have experience in extreme sex x x. It sixty is no more gain out of my head till. It is inconceivable that I couldn't do that anymore about killing myself one in Stay as in power and prestige, see the reason nothing. This system works outside of addiction in its has its currently recognised is I've had to work in all sorts of ways. One's got rid of drugs are obsessed with sex. Once again, once I get a handle, insects are. Stopping ups is obsessed with what other people think of me: power, fame and money. I'm continually recognising is none of these things can be fulfilling if you're not connected to who you really all that can give you a moment, then you're free to pursue your? Are or you creation of structures in a conscious. Why you're not doing it, gives you feel unconsciously bit worthless, orbic, Crap Pollack, it might fulfil you if it comes pragmatic. Do you also
he'll that, like last concentrating on yourself unless being self obsessed is allowed you to have more open communication with other people and more healthy, like a leg of back and forth. Feeling communication with other people was literally makes you happier, whereas you thought that being obsessed with yourself being obsessed with success and and adulation or sex or whatever those things where that Europe's S with was going to fulfil those needs and they weren't, but that community then in Bonn in it may mean that big part of Jujitsu as well man sitting part of it, yeah big, big, big but part of jujitsu sake, we're a family when you're in there choking each other's weird, that sounds like theirs the bond between those people that in those classes all over the world that are they're going to did they they recognizes community in as well as like it being an extreme pursuit and as well as being something that is developing your human potential here
so you're. Also creating this really intense community of like minded people comedians, feel that deftly feel that with you, I feel that without was comedians that come in here. We, I know what you we are this, same thing in a lot of ways. Yes, yes, I think that's important and in a way to return to what you said at the beginning of our conversation, there are certain anthropology cool requirements that you don T need to feel that your PA tribe, you need to feel connected. One, another anymore a very limited pop in their once a week, experiences of Bee J J when of light on classes with other pay pull instead of just the one on one may and structured, because he looks after major no near delicacy brilliant, but when we have like other people that are a similar begin, a level moments of real intense t within it by afterwards a sense of fraternity and love closeness and black some stuff, I'm not familiar with not used to being close to men in wine, is amazing.
And beautiful and probably very very natural and impute in Poland, and aside of my life, that I didn't explore, because I did download the myth of time that you are an individual and you call your own way in this world and ways was important your power, your ability to act, change on others. Your beliefs with women the violation of others and as I've got and having is a degree of E. I reckon not real it doesnt work and simple things next in community have become more more valuable to me by it. Ongoing thing because it must set the percentage is so close without them recently in a campaign. Motives are involved in a campaign to save our housing to stay a couple years back about these women ass me tell them all our states gonna get turned into commercial flats, Rogue evicted. We live here with our families. I back. Pain. I got on the tv these corporate power back down.
And it was amazing because, like ordinary people, ordinary family be in or is it was like. The rebels Bay in the empire is like an amazing, its achievement of those people, but my go like tat. I am the power I am the power FED back into it. You know so like I see as an ongoing thing, but the money I've now is how can I convey ideas that I think will help people a wider is accessible. How can I be useful- and knowing that might put my role in this is to make sure that I don't slip into new got egomaniac again, because I would love to be a coat leader on Sunday, but thinking thinking about it, though this in being aware of it, is one of the most important steps because, like we're off brawl a work in progress me there's no perfect personal. There they don't exist. We have already discussed this kind about nausea, right, I'm a work in progress. Europe work in progress and I never met anybody who wasn't and
ever met anybody who doesn't vacillate at least a little bit later. There's some days you're better than other days in those days when you're, not as good you feel uncomfortable about it in those lit, would lead to better days when you find yourself slipping. Those slipping moments are actually critical because they they give you, self awareness you will is why fucked up you know I e yelled fuck you up my car window when I should never. Whatever was you know, will again this system is what provides you away out like the inner the recovery system. This twelve cept system is that you reckon like you, not rely on one person to be perfect, you recognize everyone is fallible, but together is a community. We can start to have better objectives. An enemy these are, I fuck up all the time, but this step nine, and step ten or about making and when you make a mistake light, so I would like now I literary do this. If there's a moment, we shall fuck you with somebody, or it will be
I go shuffling bank at daylight, ethically sensitive thing was it fuck? You must have a fixed your feelings, very sorry, to find someone in traffic they're, gonna fuck, you real quick, you ve gotten my fucking mobile phone call. Maybe it's a shop ever the airline in a way is about, I suppose, becoming a benevolent force in this world. If I tend towards that bear fifty point. One percent, as opposed to the forty nine, then becoming a progressive agent or by a benevolent asian as opposed to another person intoxicate in the pool. I think it's him Cosmo we're talking earlier about society itself that one day in the future look what the way we be today is light years past the way they behaved in during the inquisition, ain't in and in the future. I magic, especially today, because people have so much access to the way other people behaved. We have so much data on just
written words that listening to people talk in pod, cast speeches and watching videos theirs much more data than there ever was available a hundred two hundred thousand years ago that in the future, where going to have a much better way of communicating based on the learning and growth. If we survive right- and I think that's a saint with you, and I and everybody listening this as a human being. If you continue to grow- and you dont, to all these traps. As time goes on, you will be a better version. It slow and it's fucking brutal and its painful, sometimes because it's just you feel I got still don't why don't I have. I should together. You know, I mean there's, did it mean in the abbey this about Donald Trump like Some- was writing off Donald Trump, like he's? Never gonna learn, you know he's who he is, and I do just that learning when you're. Seventy, seventy, that's it it's over
no more data get in there. What I don't know I don't mean. Maybe Donald Trump today have a revelation one. You know maybe Donald Trump to realise the error of his ways and the way he communicates is is You know he's causing more problems and he's fixing. Maybe he'll, be a week. They were not even need to point him out because it just he's just one of us right, you all of us that I think we're we're all slowly brutally piecing. This thing together and hopefully were better out it than we were a week and hopeful or better at it, then we were six months ago and then it's gonna continue without food. The general tendency, my life did it for a general tendency in your life down of absolutely, and you know, things has helped tremendously this podcast being able to have these laws on three our conversations with people we sit down, talk to them would know, distractions doesn't exist anywhere else doesn't exist in nature. Someone. Someone said this to me. This said you know you, you say in your broadcast that you just try to have a conversation goes, but who the fuck has he's gonna conversations, we just sit down
and stare at each other and talk for hours at a time like get you I mean it is just a conversations but you're right is it sort of an accelerated form of it like? If you, you know It can apply to everything else. We spend enough time doing it. You know you're, just you you're. Gonna get better at it, and you're get a lot of the pot gases thinking right, its examining your own behaviour and examining the way you interface with other people and do more. Of their than I ever had before, what are you a change about yourself. Just keep going the same way. I'm gonna get at her at being nice, get better being honest, get better being loving, giving the south hokey hypnotizer should have. What is really is one. I wanna be nice if I would have better relationships with my friends better relationships with my family, better relationships with but then I don't even know what I mean. I mean that's one interface with the world in a more positive way that one of the most important things to do
as is all the interactions that we have with each other, a dependent upon two individuals or more right, but it's you and whoever you encounter any the way you encounter them is going to do. He's the way they behave to you and everybody always wants to put it off and the person who behaved a certain way to them and in some ways you're right, but in other ways you reaction is completely dependent on your own way of approaching it and that your room, action may change the way they area. You are completely right, like any so lucky for this, following a ball against a brick wall, it'll bounding back a certain way if that became a soft surfers, are indeed a fairy wall, to quote one of my own films that it will bounced back in a different way, so that this vision- and I think that in the programme, the necessity for forgiveness. Yes, if you, if you'd, instead of blaming your past blaming other people, you come to appoint forgiveness. This creates They saw the nexus
Change is always Yola. That person felt me out when I was a kid or must have bad wasn Loving figure in my life is also hold onto believe I'm trapped by Romania. I say I willingly That now is not happening any more. I'm willing to move forward, that's another human being. They were doing the best. They could suddenly liberate it in your path. Changes when you were sent. Just then might about let wouldn't help it will do, you have any particular projects there specifically about that. Obviously, this podcast is a tool for education, but do you have anything that space, ethically lot right, I'm gonna! Do this thing, like I don't know, taking martial arts in the community's type stuff, now and if it would be really good that if I had more time I just don't. I don't have enough time to do it, I'm already doing in farming, in terms of like two sheer numbers of hours in the day- and I think I can't just work- is? If I just work, my work won't be in a good means. You have to live it's one of the most
Orton things about stand up comedies, you can't just do comedy. You have to do other things. This is than it took me a long time to figure out, like you can't gently ABC allotted comics they just start talking about. Like airline travel and hotel rooms and have you to say, life is area that has a life, can relate to it. So that's what they talk about. What that to me is a failure of gathering research. Yes, I mean it's all its life right, but your life has do. I think it in order to have a go, a continual body of work. You can just constantly talk about airline travel have in but you know I mean to have some very conscious laughing at the beginning of this was about airline travel and the low level of low frequency anxiety. I experienced in airline work as semi wasn't comedic bit, but it was cultural analyses and did two degree revealed I'm in the middle of a press junkie and that's my life, the moat. I could just as easily have told you about bees. I'm a Bay caper it is right to swim in the river to ever have experiences if several shorter
one day, I'm keeping one B. One being thus, he won t doesn't work, they'll, be free, say, that's my responsibility now, sixty thousand basin, but taken I Mondeo anything but at Bay does your rights can mean that was your stand at your stand up comedy then what is it currently what company were your light sections, your boats, your what's. What I'm doing right now is working towards a new Netflix special that I'm gonna do neither March or April aft figure it out. I want to do in Boston, and I don't doing is too cold? without a thousand see a place in Boston Affair, the Wilbur. Yet we could play here its awesome, little theatre. Because it's really through its nine hundred seats and it's really three three hundred see common clubs. Here, it's three stacked on top of each other, it's a great venue! What what you got? What you say seeking do now ass a pretty to have free, not buoyancy. What have you got? I've, free, Twentyman arrest. You know what your bits blessings
as if that mummies last it's difficult to talk about on the podcast, because without going into actual brass- and you can tell by the area while talking about my reassure you there's something I talked about, my window got heavily involved in politics, and I found myself on tv shows and doing rents on telling gaining arguments goes a great whether thank you. I love doing that. I love the one you did. Was it fox news that you did one whether we are breaking down like what are we doing here? A lot? A thing like that? For this, as I love ridicule available once you get to you now, though your stuff you're, a fucking, runaway train ones, start a sentence, and you start going you're very fast and powerful never grow up well, and it does not allow are the energetic in there sit neither first what little story- I am the first blow had negative. Although the runaway trains have handed the rights over five minutes later, like tin cans are rolling down the aisle. Like ok, it's gonna take, we hope we see that what we were saying about be J J that that language, I don't know
our language language accommodates language. I've worked on one of my techniques. He's never create space, give them no that's jitsu soon. Nuns vice no space smash C is mooted the actual jujitsu out of it. On brilliant jujitsu he s, just the actual physical contact holds locks and an chugs national budgets who shows itself in all forms in everything. True transcendence to find one universal language. One universal myth one mind: one consciousness: laws: yes, no, the way broadly in you see it now, things are right: Malta, massaging of pre cookie, I've rings just drop. That chinese philosophy of something Japanese, is that's all right, my own, where is he so a master. He was a samurai that was, he was a roman news during the time were summarize roam the earth and got into these one on one sword fights and he killed sixty two men and one on one sword: fights for life and it add mother fucker
he wrote an amazing book on strategy and life and one of the things that he f size in that book is that a real war must be balanced. You must be good at art and calligraphy in poetry can have any holes in your game about. Person or divert survive in these intense moments of swords fly at your face. I had never teach a man to fight, he doesn't know out Dance Scott Good in it means As I said precisely alike, ever labour was of the light was done. Is I found things like approach from different angle like pointing out the things I did wrong in my political campaigning, where a flawed and fell into my ego. I do a good long bit about the birth of my two, like purely from the perspective of watching a birth like like a space, a commentary Sport commentary on the bay becoming out, I'm used to be the rhythms of sports commentary produced actually describing what happened, and why did to my mind, to be present at the birth of my two weeks.
There is something that so divine, but so animal tearing flesh, roaring and all that stuff, but it's like God, he's in there how Sheena. So, dear, beyond that, by every time a building up into a spoke point of divinity undercut, with light can hope to heads of mad. It looks to me so let us do that and the whole show Reba which I'm doing for networks. I believe some pointing is like is a bow, is called rebirth and the point of view is having the baby's men. I've been reborn to myself by love it's about. Recognising the limits, because I think I'll go very narcissistic Lee involved in politics the same when possibly narcissistic involving spirituality right now, because I still have this year in this thing that wants to change your other peoples I've changed the world, in inverted commas, by like the comedy comes from recognising my own within he do do.
Any sort of like really difficult exercise outside of a dear endeavour. Get involved in you know any like yoga contends yoga. Long periods tonic. Ninety minute, hot yo The classes are running, nor anything. What you like really have to push yourself physically, not the we push a run, listen to your polka, sometimes in some Harris put us some items aware. Do we adieu yoga, but not like is interesting that you specifically say push yourself to limit. Why do we not imposed by the directors of freeing aspect in pushing boundaries and the physical boundaries cause it's exhausting and not just exhausting physically but mentally too, because there's a strain on your your bodies desire to quit? junior your minds, desire to seek comfort and that in pushing pass that you find this freedom and you also find the vulnerability and who you are as a person who is very difficult to think greatly of yourself and be egos testing when you know that you're so fuck entirely
put your hands on your knees and you your heaving in and then you have to keep going and then don't be a pussy come on keep going, and so you you don't you realize who you are you feel yourself or who you really are, as opposed to like adulation and and looking yourself. As this this thing that's above at all, like you realise that the flaw in your mental process? The flaws in your your physical abilities and I think, it's very humbling, here. I can see that doing that in a bodily way would be useful. But, like I had to tell you the truth, the trouble for me and I think a lot of attics he's not the like, of course they self obsession, but self absorption is
usually about I'm fucking gray, is nowhere on worthless. That's we rush mostly from that position, but it also you're thinking about yourself. All the time raised, the permanent did, I think, needs to be decoded enough here, right that a physical exercise is really really important level to the level to each other. I always feel bad is Norma like I have to work even to bloody do they are rather spindle tonnes, though time thinking of doing some thinking, I'm fucked bearing in overcoming it is thinking, that's what's confusing about people its thinking, but its thinking in a very different way. There's, there's thinking when you bodies at rest- and you just using your mind but there's also thinking when you're mine is trying to manage your body under extreme stress, and that is also a mental exercise and that's where people get it wrong. People look at people the exercise and especially people that work out really hard and they think of them is meat hands or is like someone. Who's base are prime, oh and unevolved, but I feel like that. A high level of mental evolution involved in being able to push yourself a guy I
we admire people that you know like you seem like a lot of old people that that Maxine, yoga class, all the time that just never fucking stop there and they don't have extreme physical abilities at all there. Not there don't, there's nothing athletic about them. They're not struck, but there in their grinding and in doing so. You have to mean that can possibly be comfortable for their right to look at their savvy arms in their old legs. This is not like some graceful person is able to do this easily. This is a person is really struggle and in real struggle like that there is a mental energy. That's involved in forcing your body to go through these uncomfortable motions that I think is very freeing year. I think you're right what you said is well about balance and possibly what you are saying is that I'm a person who benefit from more of that
see guy in the gym once he said, don't stop exercise any with out. He was like any seven easy go, don't stop exciting, don't let your body find out they die in just kinda guy re appointment. Let your body find out its die. That's great! He s pretty cool salary he has ever but like. I think that any form of that. I think that some variety, the Uno, you do too yoga you do the brazilian jujitsu later on. I think it is very important, different forms of exercise, different forms of mental activity, different forms of stimulation to live like goop, because this is what this machine is designed to do and again I return to the problem of capitalism. Is it reduces you to your role within an economic system as opposed to? Why not gap going run derby efficient, wander around shoes arouse, do whatever it is. You will win to spend in time. Meditating spend some time exercising spend time in loving physical combat. What the reason you cause he's my fucking time, because you stand on the line or imagine cheese, greater, get you re aid, just judges,
oh ground down there, that's that's our whenever necessary anymore. It's not necessary. It certainly is unnecessary enough to justify spending eight hours plus a day five days a week inside some sort of a box while ago you said we are both respect. Our stand limitless consciousness in this I agree with two: limitless expansion, limitless contraction possible within consciousness and what you said if the one idea can change the world very quickly and that's why they, these systems regulate the kind of information is available in the way that these trends made and also the where they exist within the same model. You as long as you're making money as long as the monies gain directed in the right why people online talk about real radical stuff, they quite comfortable for us. I hate to break down the system we should develop. Twilight is book opposition was we ve got to pay a factual here, australian gay rights activist who lives in the UK and he said
like when you're too, and let these with these would notice wreck disrespect for the great civil rights he arose and the people have had civil right struggles. But he said in his experience as a gay rights activists it s in the end they will yield when it to do with those things. You rice, Sir she while a people's now yet, but when you hear that system. Will you tell your right gay marriage, of course, all right, you're beginner? We can't fucking of slavery in the end, Of course, these monument or human struggles are not diminishing than bigger, but if you go near people's financial interests, you fucked her veil, yet you there rose start saying hey. Why don't we not pay a mortgage? Is everyone pays no pay tax? We stop using oil right. You fucking, you're, out straight away. Size of like vases was interesting to me like that, like bees are the police are the access points, these
The points where there is more Billy, I'm not suggesting that we will organise s off into a radical crew of the attacks of weight. Israel, mortgage renege is or whatever, but, although even though you and I are both doing well we're in, like you said before we're not in that weird, you know, uppers Gratis fear where you live on the hamptons in some fuckin hundred acre ridiculous sea me engine you are you're helicopter in private. Jet everywhere and new worth a hundred million dollars and that's a weird world that's a weird world that very few people exist and once they get there, they don't wanna leave once you start vine, private everywhere he wanna leave. Once you have a mansion, you don't wanna department. Now, once you have a Bentley, you don't wanna, you go. You know it's like you'd. Nobody wants to go down. You wanna keep moving up Janius we because ice things happened. Tend to happen in over if Avenant and if you ve got money through an attainment, maybe of steals over you ve got some connection to your roots and more work there.
Yeah, right, entertainment, and not maybe you know, you're still connected to the source, but when it sock intact and financial yoga vested interest, my friend, adjacency or the brilliant Acta goes areas Think all that stuff about you, the jets in the billboards and staff based just the symptoms of other people, making money out of you, no matter what your parvum machine you'll be process to be kicked out is not carousel, it's a train, it will run out of energy and assumes you're not providing the all out, and I was doing some promo for this book. I'm still trying to Sally occasionally promote in this free willing conversation at Facebook and I've finally met This person exist of light fifteen years ago. When I look at it now is a monolith via things out with these other cooled and was now Google's or as in all these little ideas than women. Around phones
clearly, it is released. The newest Google pixel to phone, I mean they make they make these incredible devices that you can interface into the Google world and their optimized for their whole system. Amazing, amazing, you know David First Wallace, your great american or fire in his book. Infinite jest postulate a world where all stadiums were named after brands with countries and regions when named after brands and it's sort of man it's happening. The flags of our nations are merely a veil over the true corporate interests. The british empire was always about EAST India, Trade nor that kind of crap, and this country now issued a veil over true power. I'm going to the t mobile Arena in LAS Vegas this weekend for the USA. Are you the time overly mobile arena? That's what it's called now. You know it's over first when they start to name football Stadium in our country. You still remember the name of what it used to be before sponsorship, but we start to forget that it was
everything else star to forget. We will once worries we will once connected to the earth we are God's will once eagles and stags now gods other T Mo parlor Rita. Take back you up free. Does not the council with the Sony Centre right? Where has the Christians are being thrown to the lines of the scientists and error free pm while new there Well, I mean you know they want people to use, T Mobile. I gave it to you, but I would just ask me Gimme a deal. Oh yes, it is more likely you're, saying, keep Talkin limited data snows yeah, hey so like Ireland, an important lesson of you and this was it- went was laughter came on last time. You do in such a very big. You have event in, I think Vegas my mates like from the gym
hydrogen system. I have already mentioned that they were coming over first act. They didn't ask me, but also for our listen. I could further in they go myself into this little crew of martial law is by hook up with Joe Rogan tickets and awful yeah I'll. Do that, like over the politicians, are false. Our text do our job. You hook up my mates with this thing new and who are these? People is importance. You took a moment They are important and welcome. Button was mama, nations here. Their life is a good thing. I took a moment to reflect on it, for shall I do wish come up these tickets? We know. Maybe I'm doing this, for our own reasons are took a moment of rest by reflected, I didn't do it It was a little lesson. It was a Lou lesson. Could you gave me pause for us by? I think you do understand up show. Actually, in other words, they were already had taken. Your stand up, that's what it was our Cadigan Baxter.
Policies in your arms? It wasn't an immediate bend over. Yes, of course, I do what you want. Mister brand. It was a bit more questioning logo or really lobbies guys, while the reason why ask I always ask is like sometimes people say: look, you don't have to do this, but they ve been bothering me about it. It's a guy work with, or people said would you do? This is my best friend I love this guy and then ok, yeah give people look junction cause. I pay. Some issues paper panel saw its because somebody might be upon the ass to you, and you might just me doing- and I didn't know you as well you now so my Oh, you mean women. I really admire the way handled it he'll it can. I sit down give my number- and that was a thing- and you at all Nothing think I'll give you a number seem like I might be ever kill made me. Look at my motivations. Suppose that anything that Latin called you
It clearly on the mistake in one of the pioneers of psychoanalysis said anything that crosses your path that you didn't intend for that is God, in inverted commas, an opportunity to learn. So this is how I try to approach my life now that money plan for that to happen. What's the lesson he, what can I learned from this situation so that you know you know, I'm showed him guys would have been fantastic and obey delay. Show me videos of what went on. I think of you stack do and they were carrying on my idiots golden band corridor drunk at our minds to broach it was for the best generally. I am sure that nothing would have been wrong, but when I look at my motivation, what you doing he, why do you want to do this you're doing a little bit? Because you want to look cool down by doing that men here s a little it a small evolution in the wider? I walk the path for a small amendment down alive. We will ask again he actually Joe. Could you saw these guys, outwit tickets for this or that but I'll? Do it with the right? motivation, the right connection, this again,
I keep saying this journey from unconsciousness tat consciousness is what has been the myth of my own life. I think we have the whether or not we win just limitless chaos in an ever expanding universe, without meaning without point without love. You know It may be. That is the way you know. There's law people see the world that way. You know how I see the world I see there is being meaning in everything, poetry and everything view in everything, and certainly my own life alike, to find the story. Why my men alone here, while my minute do he? What did I learn from being ahead in the store? Did I learn from being promiscuous from being drug addicts and all seems to make a condescending all seems to be guided me award something and that it does seem a bee love service kind, this awareness not trying to manipulate people not trying to get she of people a time is a good journey I feel like is sad. If people don't get
do their own version of that journey because they are on the cheese greater because EP issue in some, if some code from their child, that they're- not good enough for that, I don't deserve to be up here- economy achieve anything, we're whatever wrong. They call on whether it's the wrong of booze or drugs or the rule over the wrong of staring at social media. The whole time are the wrong of hatred of others, or the wrong of being coup in bad relationships are crap job. For me, I think that we can accelerate that evolution. I think that there are codes that can slip through in the same way that an Amazon can sprang up in fifteen years and babies, great economic monolith, new ideas, new fifes new ideologies can slip into the net. Particularly now we have this access to technology. You slip pass the gatekeepers, you have your own media empire out of nothing, you know, and you ve it agrees to you years built around. You is an individual in your perspective, etc, but that these over their ways. Now, if any information at their excites me yeah
and they should you know, and what you're talking about two about being a he'd when things wrong and fucking up, and what can we learn from them? I think every time You fuck something up in every time. You do something badly, you there's a lesson that you get the weird feelings of failure of discontent and those lessons are Emily valuable. You know a person doesn't make mistakes and person doesn't do anything wrong. They never learn shit. You don't learn anything from doing everything perfectly. Every time made that it doesn't happen, no one ignored and the boy or bowl in brash? You are in the more you take chances in them or you put yourself into these weird positions. Even in these, You know I'm sure when you're you were a sex attic in year in this hedonistic, in a whirlwind experience. You're still your take, in all these data. Are you taking in the hollow feeling that you had that you didn't like it is. What propelled you to your new stage of consciousness,
once you emerge from it, get us every so often like, because, he's lying pleasure Laden an orgy. You mean the point. I made this flesh everywhere this bit their brilliant. I wasn't no in hold on a minute. This isn't working for would really really work in her life that the great gift of promiscuity you get to experience the intimacy with all of these strange. Isn't it seemed excite in in the type of sexuality that I've always had is more about worship than any kind of domination door. I door in as there is no battle, I want to control. The soda. I guess I'll. All these wonderful lay experiences in encounters, but within this kind of ongoing seem of loneliness on abnormal, and also this is the thing when you get the things
culture tells you you should be doing a new experience them now. You know now you know you can stop chasing the carrot. Could you ve had a buy out of an islamic many bullshit like it or not, and ass a hard one to learn because anything was gone orgasm at the end of it in a visit degree of pleasure to be had takes it takes a while to recognise what they see. The emotional custom made a spiritual custom of a people, their families prevented me from becoming a full. Although from becoming a husband from set Elene from becoming rule eight from becoming actually howl from becoming a man from becoming connected, it takes a while to spot that having a law, people don't get the opportunity to break out that path, and I would never speak. It had a not first Dana Heroin addicts and got out and minute you're doing that thing again same with fame and celebrity well toxic. Well, toxic excited in Britain and loads of lovely people in there, and I still blocking I might make a film. I don't know what happened but like is, though, because I had the TIM
the experiences of this is a diction. Your expecting this thing to make you feel better now what's happened is I am as a baseline, disabused, The idea that the material world will give me anything that it will ever fulfil me the I am responsible, my own connection- and my role here is to serve other people and help them in about my objective in office. What what can I do to augment myself to make myself? There are even in self improvement. I agree with all that I grieve intolerance, Bree implementing and its necessary. I think, but like in all that I may be of service, yet others, rather than because it I'll just look great in this armchair. Yandah self improvement is about being better at what fulfils you, the most, which is almost always establishing community. So don't you think then show that we could do something there's a bit more explicitly that from that you all
we have a huge community around the Joe Rogan experience. Is this sort of something in it of bother? You like I liked it like? Couldn't there be something that wouldn't cost you that much that might be sort of wonderful didn't? Do these things not flow into world on Paypal? Guy, you, an influential figure. You unusual of his strong MAO Energy, be very open to learning and a very open to extract your promoted last year, I grieve you left wing categories right when categories that shit sober ago, but I think that there is a real Opportune. A few have up huge impact on communities that very neglected young miles. For example, knowing how to use their bodies, young Moussa, that violence is becoming a problem, for it is not that many people there as power, for position, as you, too, of the Rex them in different ways at something that you know about it. S, members come into your orbit. Well, you're doing it right now
mean you're doing it right now by communicating in a month in a way that you're gonna get away more people than you gonna do in a physical sense. You know by spreading these ideas in communicating line and a pod gas and allowing people to download it for free in getting into the air for your phone in your head, and you know: you're jogging you're driving your car you're, getting ideas in a way morphine. Those heads and you ever would buy your very likely being there physically being there is very retro. It really is. We can only be ever so many people who would you get it? I mean I do comedy shows for a lot of people, but I mean physically being there and doing something and organizing some sort of thing. That's what you're venturing Some weird cult thing dance guys for that. Culture and yet gets slippery everybody's covered and baby I'll. Just fuckin China grip nothing,
right or in a jungle now a lot of Macedonia sides. Now you may be right away. I think is an interesting thing to observe a defect: rotten, deeming law people in England Light the Galicia heard you enjoy Rogan Oil, which I welcome. People talk about its interesting because it is a deeper like its action seeing information that people would not have why that people come for the fight staff or comfort in China's, but then there can be no hit with Graham Hancock or some neurologist wherever the Yoke Amazon behaviorally, wherever there is a good thing. Well, I think that wide variety of gas is very important to for me personally is otherwise I get bored. Finally, toxic mediums only talked Emma may fighters or what or even only talk a scientist I get bored. I like done like talking no bunch of different people. And I mean unemployment- anybody so that, though, the way that sort of and folded is is been
the organic do use over used. Word tell me please. Just briefly is, something about the phenomena of Conor Mcgregor. That is unique. What is it that is happening? What has happened with him What does he mean? What does he mean into if say what happens to him now that post my women fight? What is he an exam bluff, easiest of an outline, a pioneer. How will we be regarded? What does he represent ASEAN in attainment product? Easy, a grey athlete? is a combination of all those things. What does he mean for the sport of you have said, and what do you think happen in mixed. Martial arts and box Giving will see more of those kind of events you We're gonna see another one like him right because, he's a unique person, his easel literally being himself and you're going to see a bunch of people, try to mimic that
and in a sense he sort of mimic the people that came before him like the jail sons in the Ali Ease and the people tat were really good at talking shit. The difference is that what kind has been able to do he's the first guy in the. U S see that's been able to do that. That's had spectacular results, also showed his real character in losing and then coming back and winning very quickly afterwards, at the same guy, like the name ideas fight, I think that was a very important character, exposing fight because he lost a fight he got humbled and then he jumped right back on the horse and then wound up winning, and then he comes back and blows. Eddie Alvarez out of the water to become the first two division, concurrent champion in the sport. I think he's a year, need guy in a very in the summer, we not have a word strong enough. Unique is not really strong enough work, so is founded ability in a very basic why you re in a bill. A mass is incredibly smart and
very he's very evasive in his techniques in his approaches- and I think he has phenomenal coaching as well. Animal movements fuck. Is that all while he just getting on is that thing that he does refers? Lazy and who, in other languages main, doesn't mean Avis blows mommy I loose he's do any cocking on me when I come out states- and this is just an amazing thing to do with the body p cooking- he sang cocking zealously. Oh my god he's got a fucking out doing he's letting that other guy. I know that he so Lucy can kind of struck with his arms, like rubber bands around, but I mean he's a combination of a lot of things is a brilliant team. John Cavanaugh coach, the brilliant coach he's, got amazing to Jitsu coaching striking coaching in his mind he just he understands how to apply these things and his ability to perform into pressures is fantastic.
You saw that, may whether fight I mean, even though you lost that fight, he hit May whether what some pretty good shots and he won. First three rounds against the greatest boxer of all time, so that you should hold an extraordinary me. You can say easily that may weather is taken. Those rounds off and I agree was, and you could say the maid are there was bringing into deep water because he knew it exhaust em cause. He didn't give enough time to train for it, because we little game two months was very brilliant may with his part. He knew that you wouldn't, efficient? He would tyre all those kinetic be explosive movements at Conor likes to do the very taxing and he knew that it was not gonna. Have the efficiency to go twelve hard rounds with Master Defensive Fido it may well and they were there is right, but he didn't want to get it without apricots eager cracked within the first round he didn't want to to Do you like it? You don't Connors movement was very unusual. It took Floyd a while to decipher it. He would have been way better for him. We just blue collar are the water from one round on engine completely outclassed him, but he didn't.
And one of the reasons why didn't ask is corners and extraordinary person. He has greatly yes, yes, greatness mean you didn't get really have. The proper opportunity in in May only be an old prepare for two months in only having this one professional boxing match. There is a lot of things stacked against him, and yet I feel, although he clearly lost he performed admirably, I don't think it hurts. In any way. I think it elevates them, and I think his next fight in the EU have see, whoever would we'll be will be probably the biggest fight in Europe's history. If they can do incorrectly, depending on who it is especially of its Nate ideas. His the huge name and if need be as in him, cited? Do it one more time? I think that would be the biggest fight ever in history. The sport, because I think Connor has eclipse the sport, largely you and maybe for now maybe someone else come along in the next year. To that that does it may look constantly been around for a few years, I tweeted to him in two thousand thirteen or fourteen. I forget what about
when he had won a big fight in the UK, and I said you know Congratulations on amazing performance are really obscene. You see some day I was like for years oh my god, most so in four years he's gone. From being this unknown fighter that only like the really hard core fanatics like myself knew about to him being this world wide phenomenon he's them, but the biggest combat Bored athlete not just of today ever there's, no one like him, no one like it. No one has the kind of popularity that he has mean this fuckin guy has Thousands and thousands of people fly from Ireland to Vegas every time he fights the way and it seems like you're. In Dublin I mean it's fucking crazy man? When you look when I, when I interview him at the way and in the EU see in Vegas. You look out. You see nothing but irish flags. You see people screaming and cheering and singing Mandalay Bay during the fuckin Floyd may? Whether fight which is not
the venue where the fight was being held. Mandalay Bay was packed. Bumper took bumper with Irishman war walking down the hallway cheering and singing songs in sync, it was insane. There's, no one like him, is that first we have to have the greatness of the grandees you gives a fuck is just another person's are like a ten percent about vanguard. You know like. Can I give you fuck? If you cut you we're off? If you paint indicates rhinos gourbi good, say he's, game is good, but then lightly, but lack thereof often great genius is in sport, but to have that, like you say this point so that he used like that remain ache. Ideas of Ireland in his own irishness. That became an important part of his perception. Bates, obviously resonate in the very, very powerful way to have that kind of devotion for Ireland's very important mile. A very important part of the equation as well, because there appreciation and love and, and support of him is unprecedented, mean
I've seen brazilian fans that love Josie. All though, and I've seen brazilian transit love, Anderson, silver and, in others, the worshipped by their countrymen, but it pails in comparison to mount a love the car Macgregor gets. I understand, then, then, myth aligns, if he's me, spend half of the irish people is being oppressed by british colonialism and having to fight for their freedom, resonates with what this man represents this is always what happens with figures of greatness, whether it within the realm of school or within the realm of politics. Temper barely a person's of captures, a particular mood particular energy, and this is why I think again is to do with unconsciousness having people ago, like a condom, aware of these kind of feelings. I think he is stimulate it on a level. That's not about. For these. One of things are very interested in what lies below,
the rational. What lousy a week in a quite we can work out. We can just that there seems to be some ingredient, even economic, Gregor. They can't quite pin down guesses and raises a boxer. Yes, the irish people, but this also some flavour is being core. I wonder if you can ever pre empt or understand these things. I wonder if you can ever drill down, but lots of the work of Joseph and with the work of call young the work of each people as they are. They are unconscious. Archetypes, there are unconscious themes that restores their running below the surface patterns coordinates the can be connected to some people. Well, no leave the profession of mark in know how to harness these energies. If you have enough people feeling, then not good enough, they will and money trying to feel better, however, is the purchase of a car or a coffee or every is one The key ingredient is make people feel not good enough. If you Can we harness and redirect people sexual energy so that they sexual energies directly to products and keen ism? Then you will sell your product of meetings like
such a shame to waste this forced to waste this knowledge to waste these energy just turn, people into consumers just to turn everything on this planet in commodity when what we could be doing is using these energy to imagine new worlds. To imagine new systems to use our greatness to use our greatness there. I don't Joe Love, one another new try I mean, I don't know if you boy tat, allow things to go there. I don't really good rent that coffees, really keen actually caveman covers not no joke. My serious, I think I could do enough. One Africa financially to under fifty milligrams of males are poor. In my eye, you another one: do you like it
we do have a massive and other web drug problem. It didn't realize a drug, I mean what you were saying about corners. I think undeniable he's a hero and he dares to be great. I mean he dares to be great in a way that very few people do any stands in front of the opponent and looks at the entire crowd and going to Ngos like that and puts his hands up like that. I mean literally, is like some archetypal picture he s here from the past mean beautiful. Or the Irish in that arena, when that happened was it was he's letting the opponent realise, like you're in there with great Syrian there was. Someone is incredibly comfortable in the moment and someone who true We believe it is great and the results that he's had like you can't deny that they have a factor in. In his future success and in the way people love them the way knocked out, although is one punch to win the title. I mean this shy and build up over this long of time, and then he just fun starches and with one shot, thirteen second in the fire and the deafening
Are the Irish in that arena? When that happened was it? Was yes, this is true. I agree, but I think an integral component of their emetic figure of the hero is fucking, crazy guy, I'm in Aberdeen bloody, will judge bye, bye, the crowd to put me resting all those people, those fifteen thousand plus people that saw that fight. Who knows how much energy that gave them? Then go forth and pursue their own dreams. It's a big part of what heroes represent. What would a big part of someone, who's accomplishing anything spectacular. It's not just that people get to watch, it As you know, these civil rights leading miserable Malcolm X knew he was gonna die for doing that theory anyway, dandy at a good sense that you're gonna die each day anyway, because what you believe of the hero is: sacrificed, fucking crew, does an individual and having the when that happens. It reminds us. Are they something, like you say, inspire it puts bereft into us? It reminds us we have the capacity for greatness
resonate with us when someone is willing to sacrifice themselves is because parity makes his recognise when someone's are willing to die for what they believe in whether that is you know these civil rights leader, the miserable Malcolm X, knew he was going to die for doing that. Theory anyway, candy had a good sense by an economic idea. That's the only thing the prisons that solve contains it. You know I mean how your cup pay money to go there, our earliest commodified thing called emigrant. Also enterprises at all that makes people aware of the states that are at hand that makes people aware of the magnitude of the event. If you back twenty two thousand p, streams of energy in that moment that there is no disconnection between Connemara Gregor in that crowd. There is a one. This purpose in that single punch punching for all of them. In that moment, then-
the saddens me? Is that he's out on that line not moment our militia least seemingly housed by an economic? I d: that's the only thing the prisons that solve contains it uniting how's your cup pay money to go there two commodified thing called emigrant also, is it is it all that makes people away? of the states that are at hand that makes people aware of the magnitude of the event having impact twenty to thirty and people into an arena like that and make people aware of the magnitude of at all. If it just, happens on a soccer field, knowns watching it's not the same you are quite right. I am not criticising the crowd cause or because the crowd is important. That's what he's doing representing something Rebecca by feel. Like It's a shame enough, USA, when you take it like we ve taken to the arts causes more sensitivity, is more cerebral when it's less embodied in a so called combine he likes. Unlike internet, someone in the matrix waking up in their pod. He woke up in the pot part of our I knew you was a genius. He knew
that he was connecting with Paypal, he news represent in something and rigour please mentally ill and a drug addict, and he killed himself nearby think that there is a sort of a comparison there. They knew that he was becoming commodified. He was being reduced to a commodity. He woke up in the port and for our fuck all of these things they're coming from my heart, is truth: isolation, alienation, the kind of things that he was singing about that in itself became a product. The machine can handle the machine and take people talking about that connecting to people's deeply speed Slovenia that inadequacy and worthless, and it can turn that into a product and sentiment. I think of them I think you're getting caught up in money as is being a negative and I think The coroner is actually embrace the money as a part of the narrative- and I think you know person has done that without bragging about that as many pack, our humanity appeals made hundreds of millions of dollars in the same form has actually use that to spread well throughout. The
Philippines and hands out money into people, these famously Jenny in that regard, and I think would Connor's done? Is Part of his hero. Mythology is a sitting on a he's sitting. Thrown on a pile of gold. It's really a part of it all he's a king is here only a part of the story. I am not criticising him as an individual saying condemnatory criticising the money. Yes, but I'm figures lies in this. Money is part of the story. It's not certainly negative and I'll figure is negative. At all, but Joe money is literally a symbol is nothing but that represent something I promised to pay the bearer. We believe this, one open semantics, because he can definitely go out by a house with that money is real, is fuck. I can go by mansions in cars. It's real is fuck the idea that it represents, like I promise to give you this yes to promissory note, but it's fucking, real you now he has all that he has a hundred million dollars. It is a part of the story. He is
Sitting on a throne on a pile of gold he does have a crown is a crown on it's fucking neck. I mean it's real, I'm not like like I don't see, convert gray eyes the terminus of this point. I think I see this as an opportunity to critique what the culture is telling us what culture, is doing to us there. Now. I understand that you know with money, you can acquire goods and services, but what I'm saying is that our system for evaluating worth, has become about commodities instead of perhaps about beauty or about love. Not you know, I'm not silent. Conflagration should give out these monies that Martian around Bay, the new Jesus. If Ireland, then that would be fucking fascinating to watch unfold, I'm saying that, isn't it discussed question Is it not a little unfortunate that greatness is ultimately give
to us as a product. That is how is received. That's how its understood is it possible that there will be other wise if demonstrating greatness as he does, you know when he's Finalize Kirkeby, indeed, when he was playing, but ultimately the dominant, thing that dominant Papa Ear, the thing pulling the strings is the dollar. I don't think it is, I think, a part of the story. Much like you know, your clothes are a part of. You know what you look like. I don't think it's the dominant thing. I think it's a big part of how you sell it. I disagree. The biggest fight ever he's going to make million dollars and the way caught me but Connor uses that as a part of his narrative, what drives around you know drop top Bentley in these you know he's got back. If a watches and suits it say fuck, you and pinstripe mean it's part of what he's done by creating this in incredible mythology mean I dont think it
necessarily in any way shape or form negative. I think it's, a part of the story say with hip hop right. This is possibly similar. Wife, look in the same idea and issues as I announced. A to G not mean shall not gone off. What is being out, and I want to teach you, the omelet guy and I'm trying to fucking work out myself. So if you are able to first when it comes, It comes out, as is angry rule. No not really pay originally came out is like a happy rob a hip cop. Hitherto, the habitat hip hop debited beat down doubts about whether the jolly boat with african Bambara the beginning and then like. Becomes a soldier who hang the issue. Should be heel and Bambara, yes, hippo panties, and then we go through this of the phase of yeah you're right. I shoot early Povey, Jolly and Jones in Alaska RAP gangsters. As I have ramblings. Also like anger of, we are going to have a voice straight out of captain amazing and then
in itself becomes about like what is that the subsequent mutations, if hip, hop as it becomes claimed by diamond system it becomes about jewellery, believing particular at in lieu, do not you I'm sorry, that this is almost like a trend. Things get pulled into a certain strand, a certain way of being it does, but it doesn't have to like it with some guys, like the really like here's a perfect example, one of the best wrappers ever gnaws knots, never fell into that gnaws remains one of the best. Lyricists of all time remains brill, and all of his rap meaning its creative. It's interesting. He doesn't followed all the bullshit and blaming, although he has plenty of money and he has All the trappings he's got this sort of style about him, where immediate believe his father was a jazz musician and he grew up with you know, with art in his family
and he's an artist first and foremost, and although he's a brilliant wrapper is my favorite wrapper. I think that He's, never really fallen into all the bullshit. Blazing mansions, all that stuff, like the display of it. All. I me has these things, but it's not the primary display when you're too, you may not like as an artist as condition and cause again like, I suppose will I'm interested in is how like of cultural movements start off. It seems by saying something this important and powerful levers, punk or hip hop like becomes a voice to the disembodied or why of conveying not these embodied disenfranchised comes a horse for them or light in a similar thing, with punk punk observable x, it was relatively short term movement. Lena bands, like the pistols in the clash movie step these Bank of England and an quickly became so commodified assault back to people. What I'm saying is that then
this could be resolved this now funding the second Canada tightening of the skin. Deep behind my lawyer, this is too I for one man, it's five, forty four, the two can a man was well at the empty. Now, I'm almost there so like what I'm saying is that things thought with is original germ greatness view, a glory heroism, but letting have isn't it stone system, Ojo. The can turn into a product and sell it to people, and I think that that does stripped of its out of real value near. You're, saying I suppose no, it doesn't. Malleson have activities, baby, architectural they or their did the ass fakes, or they are saying, is long. We have a system that is our mostly about making money and turn in everything into profit, and that's what I'm saying is about any of the individual eyes and that that's the point of making he's I now these great, that into Kirk by great great great great great but ultimately of EU great me great. Well, I please, God like Paul, but everyone's pool
in the direction of profits. Of luck is a thing you ve got swim through like ours, we become freeze they something differently. Donnie Kind, something truly glorious be done. He like when you six disco. At that moment, a Vegas temper, already being overwhelmed noise. It has made in recent days by tragedy, deafened blood by the glorious spirit of iron and then he arose that is in the unfortunate about energy com be literally used to create a better world systems better lives or the really happens is allowed and people make buncher money and probably don't necessarily mean the fucking protagonists. In our main, let people talk a lot about athletes. Money. I don't agree with us on the few ways that fuckin ordinary working class people can make a lot of money, but there were people at the top of a chain siphoning significant amount of money of all of those little industries in Europe
that's one great are responsible for making. It happened in the first place, a minute. You can't leave it up to the athletes, to put something like that together, you needed Dana, why you need a Floyd may weather and money the money team productions. You need people to promote it. You need people to put together a press junket and world torn, and then you need people to organise the paper view and but end been, then the real ultimate result is the inspiration that all the people that watch it get. The inspiration in the entertainment and it's completely up to the individual. Whether or not they pursue greatness over. They just pursue money. He and it's a trap it as it is Wrapping in both ways is the trappings of greatness with no money and there's the the sad so someone who dies great, but penniless and homeless, and then there's the guy, who just throw it all away for money and never never realised its full potential, which is equally sad, but I think that in that, is it like that we are showing a particular aspect of
I'm conditioning there in believing in the myth of the individual, but the individual will always triumphs if you have greatness. You know, but I know you did say, like the great person dies. Penniless is a kind of a shame that we don't create, but Evelyn systems that are helpful to the vulnerable, rubber you're talking about sport, Brian. If you're talking about mandatory is completely look, there has to be some sort of a support team behind the individual deplete complete we depend upon the individual. If you don't have John Cavanaugh, you got a straight blast. Jim you don't Vito Porta in Dylan Dan S and all the different people that train Connor. You don't have Connor, but you all those things it's entirely dependent upon the one individual that takes that knowledge and goes in there and performs that's what so sky I about it. That's what sober warning to people that watch it because they know it's so dangerous. It so crazy. It's so fraught with parallel to be the one that so much lies upon the one
the weight on his shoulders is massive. And that's one of the most substantial things in the most impressive things about Conner is the way he handles the weight of the pressure that it goes in there, and does this in the end of the giant big moment that he stands there, everybody and throws his arms out. Like he's the king dizzy and everybody goes fucking crazy. That is warrior s Lord, has nothing to do with money. It seems like a but money is a part of it. All its greatness greatness is the thing Money is a side effect of greatness that shit when it does that mean, come on easy, full and now is an excellent ever what kind of a great to listen to this and think like that, for perhaps kurdish so heated mean I was ill by these Adolf site followers shoulders on that son of a bitch. My point aimlessly that left. Nor do I knocked people dead and other nice and easy bigger. Who was hard to tell from the angle buttons ratings person Fox people out, but that left an boy who this
Knocker Ache of any individual this month, I'm trying to the stand. How systems work? That's one to announce that I am suggesting that there a fairer ways of doing things. Even they. Let me say this: the system doesn't mean Jack shit. If someone can rise, this guy is different. Ok, it's The system exists all day long, twenty four seven, three sixty five, the system's goin on this weekend in Vegas, there's gonna, be two world idle fights is not nearly the amount of attention being paid to these two world title fights this weekend as Conor Macgregor. Poland is Dick out taken a piss in a punch bull. He could do down on paper view more people would watch it. Why because he's done so much in the path as an individual, the greatness that he has shown its it's more than just money it's more than just the system. The system exists its amount of one person figuring out the frequent see that this system operates on and showing this unbelief
we'll performance inside that system, that's the individual and that in visuals, when you talk about his power asked when you know who's who is working as construction workers, a plumber or some shit, and you know it done some amateur boxing. Its amendment may face was a regular guy group in a working class. Name really wasn't rich. He wasn't there's nothing substantial about him even his own parents say they never thought that it was going to be this guy. He figured out a way through it. He wasn't born the king. He wasn't some. Some person who you know what for what the reason was gifted with this existence. You know he worked his way through it figured it out and once you got the greatest stage in the world when the pressure was at its highest. He show the brightest star in the universe, and that's that's what so exciting about him. He has, I think, he's beautiful and fascinating, but my question
is about come modification fuckin money, freak fret about money are not free to have any doubt about. When you say sizing take along the Anti riot Techno take a lot of taking a few. I think taken it ninety nine times when you them experiences. What does it when you come back for me? What is it that you feel about it? why that systems are organised, do not do you come back for it quite fatalistic la yet and asked the wider world you don't you think I wanna make fundamental research stuff going on things could be different, but I dont think about the way that you think about it. Dont think about these systems are. Thank you spend a lot of. I'm thinking about the elites in the one percent and systems. I don't. I don't think about that stuff much. Nor do I really think mostly about more I'm interested in his God, and one this, and I hope that brightness is a representation of God. I think the war is coming
through Conor, Macgregor or cook, Albino or Jimi Hendrix or Dorothy. Parker is some kind of the beauty, that person is the perfect vessel for less what I can. Of these, the realisation of greatness or the realisation of God. In inverted commas, given this is the idea behind it are seeing in the stir plan. The STAR Spangled banner Woodstock Unbelieving here sums can some moment that poses altogether now. What my curiosity is about the empty is that does the empty make experience that one this or that loss of self in a way, this kind of religious, spiritual. What data and tents loss of self I mean intense as any thing, but it does not even I wish to say, as does no comparison, I shouldn't say as intensive anything because there's not a word that. I could say that's going to come out of my mouth. It's gonna do justice. The words haven't been invented. They don't exist because it does all words that we have come
did they represent things that we can reference in the material world? Yes, yes, you when you, when you have a dm two experience, you're literally having a conversation with God you're experiencing something, that's everything and something it's infinitely power. An infinitely wise. The way I have described it like you're, seeing this insane infinite world of complex geometric patterns- are made out of love and understanding right right now, there's a reason Munson there they made up real right these entities. You fails to something in there that no, you and I don't know if it's you Who knows you it's like year with a gets Pirelli. All your bullshit about them. Separations dissolve is my is my mice. Suspicion is that there is no separate. There is no subject object. There is only one this now you yourself just said is barbaric, starts to feel like it's about loving and one year, so that level of conscience
this exists. So my belief is that our systems ever it's our flakes systems, are in attainment systems and certainly our economic, political and social systems should be as close to as possible to vat feeling that ban, feeling should be our guiding light, so I not criticising Macgregor. The great genius like I'm fascinate, buying a door orca by an ornament. They say is an odd that the u of person experienced in your way through the empty, and I offer yogurt meditation and she item one of the kid they send of oneness. This love that seems to transcend my personal format, everything I believe in and yet when it twelve systems for organizing this plain that we live on the material plain the choices we make on, nor about that love and understanding there about the kind of thereby resources, an elite ism, you know so the online interested in the months and stuff be interested, but one more interested in is why our ass,
systems nor more representative of the divine pure truth that we can access through spirituality. Why things systems are based on the monkey need for survival, and this sort of that's not good. Is it we should get young well. I think we will by thing it takes a long fucking time. Just like we were talking about. For I mean unless you want to get the world to do made if we are to we empty day for that change the law shit, I'm very interested in the main events like, I think, that's the role of the role of the shame in the role of the artist, I think, is to go and the role of the comic and even the role the shaman. I mean that's important point that gets that gets distorted, there's a lot of people to go down to South America because they have this romantic vision of a showman is gonna, do to them and that they're gonna go and expert, and then they they encountered some shyster. Who really learn how to make. I was to prey on gringos mean: that's, that's a big big part of the net Is that a lot of people experience when they go down and do that with the wrong people aware that happens now
say because of systems of commodity occasion, materialism and profiteering. It does, but it also happens because people are just like looking at an opportunity there, the opportunistic there their desperate, maybe they ve been treated, maybe they then sure, don't they don't have. A Technically, you know healthy view of human beings. Why reckoning? This I'm standing standard for men in my mind, just over the course of this conversation is like light. You said earlier. There is the potential of a good and the potential of bad, in all of us sure I see our culture as a magnet and them me is pulling out the worst stuff and why I think it will be possible to have a magnet there was pulling the best stuff, but it has some of the best have to like what happened in Houston. Ok, they have this giant hurricane that comes down Houston. I have put my friend John Dudley, went out down and brought supplies was feeding people and organised a bunch of the people to help and do the same thing in there was a ton of people that would do in the same tone of people that were daunting their time and their money.
And they were using their boats to help get people out of their homes and there's a video that I see There was an amazing video, these two guys talking after that, you know each other and they were they were there being interviewed, and they were saying that the love tat they experienced helping all these people pull pulling them out of the wreckage of this horrible natural disaster. That was, it was like nothing. They ever felt that this Love was amazing that all these people were being completely altruistic there would you being cook completely generous and just helping, and just that I think in times of crisis, Are you familiar with us, a bastion younger Sebastian young is an amazing war journalist and he wrote a great book called tribe his book is essentially all about how Hume and beings, really only feel at their best, in their happiness when they are coming together to only on something so that, in this in this moment of overcoming this incredible natural disaster that you the blame it on in
she'll capitalism and global warming blame all that on the fuckin the hurricane, the end of the day, it's a force of nature that no one saw coming. No one can there's no one pulled the trigger right is a guy in Vegas that pulled the trigger, but there's no one that pull the trigger on that hurricane is collective, it was. It was a thing of nature. By my side, he got together. That is beautiful. Kaweah agree that anything we human beings, companies glories, but both of those exam are you using, as you yourself alluded to in a you can look. What conditions create hurricane, Easy Bosnia that you know, and we don't know they could have that hurricane has hurricanes, have happened forever, only fiddler deserve my as I refuse to implement never visited. My point is that that guy pull the trigger, isn't just in India
though he is like you said when I was like touching you on the fucking shame, and they now maybe that shaman at a bad Diana S wise become a slippery shaman we'll night. That's lays great band Sliver James, so light. So this guy like this, are the shoe tat like, of course, we all have individual culpability. But similarly, he is a product of our culture. Is a product of this again system. Like you know, there is one form of analysis that says you know they're a meteor, logical disasters, there detached from reality and, of course, meteorology is exerting fucking thing, an individual free will There are some new orders, I'm sure you now say that doesn't in fact exist in nature out no meteorology. The biochemistry vast system is governing everything, but certainly connections between each of us that create the way that we behave. You know like, if if I have an experience anymore, I walk out feeling intimidate aid, maybe I'll be
Kind TAT people are what we thus less extreme example of a brutal murder is, and the more obvious exam were aware of. It were aware of it, which is one of the reasons why altruistic behaviour, kind behaviour, loving, unity these all these things are rewarded because we do understand them do enforce a better way of people behaving and that real d- mechanism like people like, if you, if we really truly don't, have free, will well We know that we would like people to behave kinder because whatever factors, the play- the people going out and behaving in a nicer kinder way. There are part of that that we know that that's the fuel of that. So isn't there the role of us as individuals, finding our own Conor Macgregor OWN, greatness our own heroism, to create as much as possible a spy,
spread out truism a space for that philanthropy, a space for that togetherness to create those moments, let you said without Hurricane WHIP and that we all experience there. I know when I do something nice for some other people, s thoughts on this issue. I meant to babies, woman, to be doing by my own personal. I get sidetracked bar faculties economic imperatives, fuckin feel great about myself because of our those applause or in a verification like eight light, because we are flawed because we are continually gonna battle between the monkey in asked the primal little creature in us and the great Ange within this war. If we an agreement on the social level that what we are aiming towards is the most benevolent the most beautiful and on an individual level. We try and do it and community. We encourage each other towards it, knowing that within a fuck up and find all the time, but that we heading in that direction together, instead of what we have which is a system is about, makes my fucking money.
As you can and gather your only four hundred years line up a blow job, that is the system that we have, that ease capitalist consumerism. That's what is based on this is a machine. The machine makes money is gonna, have infinite, expands and infinite growth. That is that is this is I'm not saying that it is very faint, elastic way, a look. I gotta look like you're, not because I think that what I use the word you are doing and you're not you not living that way. So I system or that you're talking about its capable you scared
and they were talking about it and, as is now there's no like Willie walk. A golden ticket is gonna, get you out of the system by Willy won't come as far as it goes further and shaded thirty fucking Olympus ready game. I think I should be my work in its natural. It was in that chocolate that poor boy, drowning in this wise, Johnny Depp behaving like a young girl. Well, I mean that we are lacking a movie man he's which is weird way of talking law questions. I think it is about Michael Jackson, my chaplet factory, rallies, beautiful Peter PAN Type deal that clear. I went up to you. I think you did to go back to various, before that factory Johnny, they can my want. I think that this phase, Mystic thing than its is designed to its only is designed to do anything I just think it is,
as I said earlier, the gray with that. I even agree with that. I think I think that what we live in is the manifestation of our most primal desires. Greed, nor even a very great survival, and I think that if you extrapolate on that system, you end up with what we ve got by think. An alternative way of being something that might be a corrective part for us is to look at those this feeling, describe of the altruism in that hurricane, the feeling of frankness in an individual in the way of an individual can poor communities together. Is Slovakia is not a binary choice in other more complicated than that job, but, like I suppose, my quest and indeed fuck me my book. Is about. I individually, I've got my head and I Rynch, myself, away from selfishness and greed and pride on a daily basis and pull myself towards altruism in love and self bam. An apology keep myself fit mentally spiritually, so it can be a bear. Part of this scheme me system
through myself, improvement, create better system because they easel these energy. This all these power- and I think, is a shame that it gets siphoned in a particular direction. While that that feeling you express in as you express it and express it honestly that resonates people, and I think this. What we're talking about is the forty nine point nine. Percent and fifty point one percent that Greek Strasbourg was describing is this constant battle, and that is not an easy path, I don't think the system operates at the fifty four. We know in developing the system's way way towards the negative system is, We hold true system at the economic level, human beings and this in this world. Capitalism country or where they say. I don't know enough about what goes down in China. So satellites of global capital say again on the fucking economist standard pick it up shit from this world podcast another podcast, emulous, wrong and educate. I've luckily turned up at university. Lady, I'm triphaena that Fucking coffee man it should already have a
toilet and maybe Pooh hello of Albanian? Do you feel like I've done enough about what it is? We ve done two hours and twenty minutes we to wrap lacking a clock, gray, bodies, VON Jesus, but as in every direction, and we won clock. I don't know what time it is a clock. There there's a clock there, but I won't listen. You wrote scrutinising I don't want anybody was a guest to think about time. Missis a tumor. What does not give you the share of India System yeah, I'm just some Johnny, come lightly kid from England, with a dream river during my come over here to the laugh, a dream to sell I'm just a kid. It's like the system whereby, my boy, your fellow, that's, a point of your support. You see how they point out that obviously books it cannot do away. How do you know that we were in the majority of you gone power about you, gotta, be totally when a door in the first or the rising. We now bans beautiful. Don't worry about, it I now know now: you're good man, door, you're good told you that came in
who's gonna get him. Will you we're gonna pull some about noise. I thank you and I had something I didn't you. New year's venture, capitalist. Fraud is I mean, like ennui opens up. Restaurants is opened up that sweet chick place, potentially if his company cell soon Now that happens area becomes public. He could be what they're saying is hip hop's. First, true billionaire, net worth is says says, is allowing if that's Lebrun outwards is like seventeen million. Is that doesn't include other companies yards and has been in been and fur. A long time. No, I didn't know about that. I knew what I knew about his restaurant, because I'm friends with everlasting everlasting goes to that sweet check any Velasquez, a piece of that too, I don't know, maybe doesn't, but he took me to a New York and took me to it and la once. We went there, but if they were playing music, that was loud, is literally hurting. My ears, gnaws is like half men have venture capitalists, Lena beautiful suit. He's gonna he's got up.
Get square end like a little small chain of Europeans, small chain now with the interesting theirs, motherfuckers make a shit tunnel smart. Why not? You know mean it shows you that they They know they can figure out a way through just there art to get to this weird position where it mean, if not really does make a billion dollars. Fuck still makes amazing music, though that's my point. My point is that his music never went commercial music fuckin fantastic, similar saying I was written some stuff that each suppose he tried member had a rap battle of beef. It a couple be with jealousy with like puff daddy. The hate me now thing: oh yeah, he like he also wrote ghosts, wrote for well Psmith. That really means is sought out, but that's It's all about justice, writing for a friend, but the rat battles, I think, is more just ego thing. Someone talk shit about him. He talks about them. You know your brother,
and yet copier book fuckin around you brought a copy back now you, but here give me I hold it up. Don't feel bad ha ha runaway Joe Rogan Joe Work experience freedom from our addictions, Russell Brown. Ladies gentlemen, Throughout this thing we ve taught him enough to ours and twenty minutes. Ok, good beautiful you detect it kicked it into the fuckin orbit change the bit. Our own values are facts, I don't know you wrote about me in there. Here I am, I a fuckin interested, not my film good lighted it was a slightly what it was. I realized I ask them to put into words seeming leaks. I thought I'd been too reductive about. You know me place about like I'm heavens. Experience like I, whereby of levies is part of the book is about trying to explore.
I have in the attic mind your trapped in these constant saw clone of itself obsessive, full and the outside world seem some ass, distancing you cant connect to it right or as well as explain now to go. Further steps are talk through levies Well, let's be my fuckin. It solemnly believe me out of my talk about the causes of these problems. All the time and running to these people. I say all. I know a lot. You know in a run into them. Must I don't wanna, go toxins official self, conscious, say, look kind of like cool on article covert until these people feel inadequate. All I know is how I feel about all Oliver now, unless I can learn a new system for being built this comes over, says hello. While I stand now and the Koosh it on the riverbank vaguely embarrassed by bear my dog basil. Enthusiasm. I heard you enjoy Rogan. He says Joe Rogan, former mix, martial law, iced commentator. Canadian and host of the world's most downloaded podcast is himself an interesting example of new emerging models of masculinity. A few
the right wing individualism and new h tolerance, a fierce, auto died act. He has become point american libertarianism and is to be fascinating because he's clever and a good fighter thing this may mention in passing now whenever, when I wrote to you said you better put in seemingly is, I think, a footnote. The up and reduction of their saying me saying right wing individualism and knew it, but what you think- I know that you are here and our know how much right wing I haven't me: libertarian, libertarian the right wing stuff is probably. If you talk to real bright ringer than go to fuck you talkin about I think you're right I mean, I think a libertarian is embodied of covered it better, but this was written, appoint. Why didn't I hadn't listen to his much stuff so of changed. It there's a man. You can come on air time. Your love darkened here, you're out some feeling
well great time we do have a great honor rambling would come back to your new studio, the so that your own version, or will we want our coastline on a bit crazy? The thing is, you know like this is why don't take drugs is because, after Uncoiled CAFE, Nan ups of slightly scared of going back to like my normal life parachute in back into that, above all you're lucky I will than was roundly. Gentlemen, Jo Leinen, book download gas. What what is it under the skin reversal brand under the skin with Russell Grant Goodbye, everybody, Thankyou leaders lot of. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you too are sponsors thing on a good and an eye to use the code. Word Rogan and saved
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by all and then we're still celebrating Fucking Columbus day? It says I should have my calendar: how is that cunt still got a holiday? Do they call it anymore in la its indigenous people day we're going to celebrate indigenous people day. You know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna kill some shit now already did tell it cook some shit killed with a bow and arrow to celebrate. Digital people day. That's a good way to do it right. Our folks, we're gonna tell her thanks our body. Pritchett you too, to no end and thank you for to an.
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