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2017-11-27 | 🔗
Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Check out his podcast called “What Brian Redban Do” at http://deathsquad.tv & on iTunes
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hey ladies and gentlemen how's things huh i got a bunch of stand up comedy dates that are coming up this weekend i think it all sold out but i'm in detroit on friday night at the fillmore theater with young tony hinchcliffe uh next weekend i'm at riverside on friday night long beach on saturday night too shows both night then next weekend on the 15th the 29th is the next week and i'm doing stand again at the mirage in vegas net forward last tour but i got a bunch of new shit that i added austin tech this is the first show sold out we had a second show on the 25th of january houston on the 26th we had uh that can show their tool and durham nc catalogs habit in joerogan dot net forward flash tour ok ok this episode
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the joe rogan experience join my day joe rogan podcast by night all day and we're back trump's latest conspiracy you know what is it guess he's saying that there's a new york times piece that contains a paragraph saying trump suggested that the access hollywood tape wasn't real so he's like saying that never existed no you said well i think those are the two microphones on or something so i was at the tv was on i think he said like in passing to someone like how do we even know that's real do you know how tired you must be i'm so tired just listen to think how tired you are right just do a norm stuff doing podcast do comedy shows you know having a girlfriend right imagine being seventy and being the fucking president position where you like why'd
i do this what did i do this he's got i mean maybe maybe let's just give the benefit of the doubt maybe went into this job with the best of intentions but it's just over don't buy conflict every step of the way he's testing in a way that is character was never tested before and all these people are mad i'm just hell hell on earth and he's getting the worst comments ever every day like this tired but here's the thing there was an article that was written not merit man it not meaning in any way to disparage the great president of ours but there was a uh article that was written a while back this guy found out that trump had some sort of a prescription for amphetamines back in the day which again that words a dirty word but let's just break and what that means it's a series in a class of drugs that's a stimulant and there's a lot
people that use stimulants including me i love coffee i drink these caveman nitro's for a lot of people this might as well be a drug this is two hundred and seventy milligrams this little can turn seventy milligrams of caffeine so i'm no hypocrite i try not to be at least so i would just be a first nothing wrong with stimulants i enjoy coffee but that's the only one i fuck with other than that nuvigil i've tried that stuff a few times in a will try it like say if i have to drive home from driving home san francisco it's like one thousand o'clock at nine and i'm not going to get home till three hundred in the morning four hundred in the morning i will take one of those 'cause it will keep you from falling asleep and that's why it's made for yes it's not apparently what i've read was that that's what they prescribe it for but it was made for the guy and it was originally called pro vigil right now it's better that is two different ones but they're pretty much the same yeah
but no one of them's a new one navy joanne i think in new vigils a new one right and i think what they did is like there was probably some sort of i don't know one of maybe maybe it's an improvement or maybe it was some sort of a copy right thing or trademark thing i'm asked jamie that google a bunch of shit what did we start with start with the trump amphetamine thing but here's the thing that's what adderall is folks and i know how far can ship load of people that are on that stuff and i've talked about ad nauseam i'm sorry if i'm boring you i just would just it's for p that have never heard me talk about this is you got to get it out fun fact in nineteen excuse me i said i think it came from this tweet is which is kind of why a contributor for van any fair yeah kurt eichenwald i believe is the way you say last name it is fun fact ninety two trump started taking amphetamine derivatives he says
use them but that's that's his classification right only supposed to take two for twenty five days stay down for eight years really second we were the one below it says while white house admitted to it to me he took it for him amount of time for a diet a diet when he was not overweight i counted with med records they cut me off people misreading drug was drug was die so propane seventy five milligrams a day prescriptions filled duane reade on fifty supposed wow not that i know things he gave out the address of the duane reade or is prescribed or ask for filled him and i think for sure or without a doubt right like there's a lot of people that enjoy stimulants can you see him know like just getting tan his tan on an get it taking diet pills like that that's how you get that's how you get ahead and this is going to sound fucked up and it's not entirely true that's why it sounds fucked up 'cause other
we've done it with nothing there's people out there that are just fucking getting up early running mountains and drinking water and kickin ass there are people like that but there's a lot of people in business in a lot of different walks of life that enjoy stimulants and i am not knocking them yes i want to be really clear about this this is just sort of a discussion of it i'm not knocking him maybe is also i'm scared of adderall i'm scared i'd love it i've tasted does it taste like you know i mean i've had it you know what it reminded me of i tried to do it once my friend gave me one night took half of the can i do it on stage at like i would later and it felt like i was on coke like in the you know i try to do on a before you do comedy your timing is off a you know you start like you're just going through your super fast and that's what i felt like i'm like i'm never doing that again and then i had it one more time like three years later it when
was doing something i had to stay awake and i just felt jittery like i i didn't like it compared to like vigil where you didn't have like the jitters or the adderall type feeling the nuvigil doesn't give you any of that right you're just on yeah it's weird it doesn't come it doesn't i don't feel like it stimulates you i feel like it just doesn't it keeps you outta level but it didn't take any hard jesus sounds like a new visual add this shit is so this is a thing about nuvigil i had a conversation tim ferriss about this you know tim ferriss didn't put that in one of is biohacking books specifically because he felt like if he did people would eat it like candy and i went holy shit inferius extremely influential guy it spends a lot of time doing like biohacking and improvement shit like he does for that guy to say he did want to write about new visual or pro vigil in a book because it what people eat it like any like holy listen to him and
one thing that he said that i thought was very important he said there's no biological free lunch gotta be some sort of repercussions for taking that and maybe we don't know for twenty years right that's the thing like something's happening right you're doing something if it gets you fired up now it's not a natural thing so it's not like you're taking vitamins and those vitamins like b12 or something like that stimulate she gives you energy it's not that so is it bad that it's not that is it bad or how much how many chemicals are bad and how many chemicals are ok and how do you know i mean look at sugar man we are now learning the sugar is like the worst thing in the whole entire world because the sugar industry in back in the day was like several days so this fats bad you know and eminem and now we know that sugars of one of the biggest things for heart disease and all that crap and
yeah they they're weasels would and would you pull up there a comparison chart on new the john provincial they're almost the same thing one is but that often on the other one is are my death and and so they have some sort of air the mechanism of action is slightly different on that's the only thing i can tell that is one an improvement of the other i can't really near the jail has a slightly different function extra yeah it's something about electronic culture why you believe what anyway think about the fact that i've taken this no they'll listen to what this is this stuff is it may activate or rex in peptides via stimulation of orexin receptors ox one oh x2 and may also increase ready for this one glued a glutamate glutamate metallurgic glue to matt ergic good amador did glued a met ergic that i say it sounds very glad
but ergic concentrations decrease ga be allergy activation an increase electronic coupling unit fuck knows with that means rhonda patrick she probably would have to go okay just like lay it out and then we would listen to it afterwards are cool whenever she talks i always feel like i'm some sort of stupid monkey person stupid monkey personal question for smart lady play please tell me how the body work what is electronic coupling we gotta get at the bottom of that 'cause that's electronic that's a problem how do we have something electronic in us how was electronic coupling a thing you have to worry about we try to stay awake what is it the fuck where robots do imagine if that's how we found out by looking at the ingredients of nuvigil and were like hey hey hey what does this mean then all sudden the fucking over
words turn the switch and we can see them in front of us sorry you guys are robots his entire time with that god damn ad agency the whole time that let it out we're doing the bidding for the robot world you know what the creepiest fucking quote i ever ever read it was marshall mcluhan he say that human beings are the sex organs of the machine world and he wrote this mcluhan was a bad mother fucker and like a one but really underrated visionary like you read some of stuff like jesus like this guy had some insight and i'm pretty sure he wrote all this stuff in like the 60s find see if you can find when that quote was add buy mcluhan or written however it was human beings are the sex organs of the machine world i feel like it was in the 60s he wrote this wow
that's so every other fuck did he see that that's what it is we are some sort of a weird being that better and better technology every year we get pumped about it which is why i wanted to show you that razor phone sexy man i can't believe you have that one thousand nine hundred and sixty four sixty four to stop don't think of that one thousand nine hundred and sixty four that mother fucker figured it out comma it probably was recovered so look at that look at that brian that's beautiful man just the razor phone that supposed to have the best speakerphone do the speakers in science yeah like like a bluetooth speak out loud not that loud no it's not as loud as a bluetooth but it's fucking crazy like you watch movie on it's dope you played games on it it's incredible yeah sounds like god damn for this now nuvigil an razor no known spade maine this is uh they gave it to me for free in all honesty but it's pretty good
razor makes quality products i have that big high end their high end laptop the the blade pro and it's really good is that iphone ten i yeah i gave in aside jamie's i'm like i give a tap two things about it that's a good face id one hundred percent legit one hundred percent legit the only times like when you wake up then you pillows like in the way or your eyes are puffy though but that's you just go to the passcode but anytime look at it it just unlocks you know you can close your eyes and it won't unlock so you when you're sleeping you can't like just put that up to your face and the size of it is it's the same but the same size as the plus which is what i know that bitch but it's like an old small phone again so purple tunnel in my finger and my thumb from the plus after a while so you can just swipe up and i can get all of your i got all your notifications yeah you can there's you there's a
different swipe system they shouldn't say anything other than notification though and he looks at he at back yeah yeah that's the one that will send me back now it's trying to cancel it doesn't trust me cancel bitch delete delete it won't let cancel it's making me enter password cancel oh there it is some notifications see anything because i don't even know the once they got face idea look at look at me look at all of that will look out unlock it for you okay that's why hi perfect example so it fucks up sometimes sometimes but but i'll tell you what man this uh the form fact is very interesting as my security so it's a huge ass camera but it's not clear for cameras i think i mean it's a shoe as huge just phone right but it's not a huge ass phone and it has a killer camera what weird world man just ten years ago the first iphone came out and if you saw
thing today but that thing was made out of wood i still have mine do you not have the money i am all mine and two of them it's starting to explode like and it's not fair because i bottom and i wanted to keep him like a collector but my like iphone three is i'd bubbled up and it's about to blow up any day now city get used to all this difference you have different swipes now because you don't have a homepage like how do you you have to shut it down to go to get now there yeah interesting it does wiping system actually is very like i can't believe i used to do it a different way like if you want to go in between like like program now you just go to the on the bottom left or right you know to that and then now that the top right gets you to the control center and it took me about two days for me to finally go oh this is so much how it's supposed to be really yeah well yeah sometimes figure
like if they figure out a better way even though it's a better way like you know qwerty typing do you know whole deal behind that apparently there's something this way to type like the key ford qwerty is set up the way it is because in the olden days they made it that way because old keys would get stuck on each other and they would mash em and they get stuck together so they had a separate the more commonly used keys so they change the way they did it but the right way to do the typewriter goddamnit i forget the name of it but some people try wacky fucking nerds you wacky nerds these wacky nerds they took they take their keyboard they re program the more they buy a specific keyboard that's in this way and then they learn how to type with this super unusual keyboard but it's supposed to be faster there's a plugin i think that you can do it on your ipad in your iphones and stuff like that overdoes it like what is it called james dvorak keyboard that's it yeah it's a little yeah so there's qwerty and dvorak see yeah like it's a uh
so y you idh so it's not qwerty at all p i f g c r l on top by well it like you would it would take a long time to re learn you can't read learn you have to start from the beginning i don't know man i don't think it's worth it it just i just god my but i'm too stupid and too stupid it's like my thoughts about learning a new language like i'm good voice recognition so already there they're gonna have keyboards very soon anyways one of you heard about those google your buds that you put a man and you are they translate for you in real time my friend has in there they they they they're not good how i was thinking like how can they be good when people have like crazy go to their language like you know you talked to like some serious puerto rican like but have no pp there's like all these words are like flowing into these other words you know i mean there's
gotta flavor to it that i just don't think that little computer thing is going to be able to figure out what the fuck that guy just said you know i think you could get already do it in google you know so you don't need the headphones you just need your phone so i think in here it just does it on speakerphone i see but the new so by the way that cameron that's the best camera of any any phone the new pixel two it's crazy is is a single camera where all these other phones are doing it with the dual camera that is interesting you know what's really interesting is the level that all these phones are at now well it's a it's everything's on a super high level mike technologically speaking the jump is been chiana but where is this fucking thing going like where are we going to look at for the iphone twenty you know i mean is it going to be in your skin that you're going to get it it's going to be aware line this is going to be wearable i think one day there's not going to be a device a phone you're just going to be wearing it somehow like you look at your sleeve to make a phone call you can check
your email using your shoe to some mad scientist is going to figure out a way to make eye balls that work better than our eye balls now that we're swap out our eyeballs already have that they're going to be the first to go your eyeballs for the super electronic eyeballs but everything is like a shade of color off like red is purple it's like one of them led screens it's got burn in we're going to we're going to figure it out but right now you just give up your eyes you give up your eyes for the computer world that's how to start us off to start off with better eyes first would be our blind i brought a blind friends get new eyes and then like tuesday i see so much better i'm actually happy that i went blind like what the fuck did you just say and then next thing you know try it is gonna be some someone some crazy with good eye sight it's going to own bill c burger it's like the the girl with a perfect body the gets booed implants like the whole do you do you know girl already has double d
these and goes to like tripoli like no no no no no it's interesting to think of like all the blind people be the first ones to get all the new eyeballs and they'll be seeing better so they're all going to be like this people with the glasses the blind people they take off their their all robots like if they live with the movie they live member that rowdy roddy piper rest in peace respect who is rowdy roddy piper was a movie star for little bit doing some action movies he was like one of the first i would like to rock to breakthrough you know and that they live movie that was fun i miss that guy do this is it's a real possibility that this could happen like this is not a i mean i'm not saying what happen in a decade but human be he's lived to be another one hundred years we're going to find they're going to have better replacements you want to eat it that right was
scared everybody just the way you worded it he said this is nothing in a few years that bot will move so fast into strobe like to see it sweet dreams yes that's that mother fucker that guys scares the shit out of maine but he's right listen man he's probably one of the smartest human beings on the planet earth that guys you know that i think he might have invented bitcoin there's a lot speculation online you know here's the thing want to talk about this in this podcast i didn't even read the article i looked at the headline of my probably and i can't move instead of paypal right didn't end up like peter thiel started back cofounders of it yeah i believe so i believe that's what like made him and there's a v give him from like the 1890s where he got like a million dollar car delivered like he's just starting a ball when he's just start or ball out of control he's probably the smartest human beings ever any sports car tesla you know he's a fascinating i meant do you know just like made a whole town out of
battery like a he made like the biggest battery in the history of the world about that one yeah they just some new thing that he just built they just built the larger battery in the history of the world it's like a building like this guy is fucking nikola tesla we're going to do some madman we're going to have battery explosions in the future that's going to be a big thing for sure like this whole towns gonna blowup tests it has built the world's largest battery in australia why in the fuck musk elon elon musk good on his promise to solve energy crisis in australia can make that bigger says screw that up fully installed the world's largest lithium ion battery in south australia the state government said in a statement thursday tesla teamed up
with a french renewable energies firm in a local government to install the battery which must promise to do river within one hundred days of signing the contract or it would be free he's crazy already did i see crazy person he's a madman he's like i'm fucking mad scientist from he's like a guy from a movie right like if you had a movie and there was some mad billionaire robert downey junior type character that just kept inventing the newest crazy shit and was at the the image of science and was telling everybody to lookout for the fucking robots are going to kill us the lawn musk no he only comedy show one night i was panicking he watched you know right i think you i think he did yeah i brings a lot of people with guns could move very good special if you worried about robots
that's a scary thing when you watch that one robot there's one mini robot is this little yellow one in this video and it's running on the ground and like a very fast rate and you like wait wait wait like you trying rap your head around this thing like what if this thing has guns what is get a little camera and it's got guns and it's running at you like this and it's like the size of a forty four magnum it's like a series of four before magnums pointed at you it's about that big and it's running like one hundred who is faster than you could ever run like what this is like probably how people in yemen feel like yes i've been to telling you you can't let them use robots you know like that really bombed with drones we've just sort of like that's not real you don't even have to tell us about it just tell us that they're going to do it they just do it right and something like eighty percent of the people that they kill
or innocent there's some crazy number of people that the drones have killed i know we've gone over this before what is it like eighty percent do you remember some let's see if we can find it just 'cause it so you know your guru in europe surgery again probably might be like seventy eight percent whatever it is but it's even if it's more than fifty percent that's fucking crazy we just have robots that shoot things are people we hope we get the right ones you would never think that transformers like walk actually happen one day i have like good transformers and bad transformers all my god and then the good ones are going to hack the bad ones or vice versa michael pay was right all along we need to bring megan fox back into the franchise we got i do that's hard to imagine man but it's probably inevitable right it's probably inevitable that someone is going to make some super smart robot that does his bidding and it's going to have like a war of worlds yeah we're going to have
robocop step fight the battle robots and drones you imagine is the argument would be let's let the robots fight because therefore it will save human lives and will dictate how the world is one sort of just like the olympics but with robots fight to the death to see who gets to run the world you are most should be doing instead making batteries is trying to invent force fields you know like for real we need on the personal force fields we'll see he's this is the thing he is at the cutting edge of science into as of like employ in tation of uh all these new inventions like lithium ion batteries that are hooked up to whatever that structure was you made it in their own resistance on espn all the time no they did put on like almost a vr headset and race through
get out of marinas agree on a lot of times it's at night with lit up like neon obstacles they gotta go through these are like seventy miles an hour i think they go really fast so cool that's incredible that's so much cooler than a video game 'cause this is an actual thing out there that you're moving around and you know like to play play a video game like that's the video game the new video game is you put some like 10k camera vr headset thing on and you put these cameras on these robots and then you would do shit where the actual thing is really doing it it's not it's not a video just watching some real physical thing take place and then you have these physical wars so like instead of you know like if you built together an army of semi indestructible robots right and you had a dookie out with another army of semi indestructible robots and that would be like a television show or your own laser tag where it
star wars in your fighting and if you have you shoot your laser at it like turns off the drone it doesn't destroy it maybe it makes a fake yeah but you have to have high stakes see i think things will be so cheap back by the time it gets to this point it's like everything gets cheaper and cheaper like used to be like you had to be a super bowl or to have that michael douglas brick on the beach right remember in the movie greed or whatever it was wall street greed is good he's walking with their giant brick like you had to be a super ball were to be able to avoid that but now that's like nothing and everyone has a cell phone that's way better than that like every person walking down the street you concert do you have a phone on you yes i do and he pulls out his phone it's way better than michael douglas is super baller all time high money guy cell phones except arisha fear except but already has a say no or flip phone is still way better right it's still way better than that stupid piece of shit that michael douglas had
keep going in that direction to gonna get cheaper and cheaper and cheaper to do crazier and crazier things ever this movie that came out a few years ago with you jacqueline yeah they have fights what is it called real steel on that sure i think brockel sock'em robots yeah how did you how did the did they do it like remote control we're almost like what you're describing there's some capturing their body movement and that just like happy is what they do oh really it also is ai and has feelings aside how dumb was the wait a min he's on the ground how's he fighting is it someone else doing it and then he's going to go back in there oh god he did the thing with the no no is a training montage stop this now don't let don't you road wolverine you mother fucker i don't you wrote more don't you ruin wolverine from me you piece of shit sorry scout done that look
so sad he's going to show the little boy little boy tells him he come on man you gotta get in there and went for us pulls a song this is down well i'm going to have to start training did anybody watch that movie i don't know that's why don't don't know much about it they must've game hugh jackman share a little money to make that look like a good and then he had to be sitting in his house in australia going when how much again how much ok ok so i'm a fighter robot guy is that what's going on how many weeks i watched it on an airplane no sound that's that's what you do when you're so how you think you're going to fall out of the sky i got is awesome as wolverine even though it's not supposed to like wolverines not supposed to look like that wolverines also big guy that be like a bear call wolverines like a little little blockhead guy wolverine built like if
you would have to go like who some are paul harez perfect example who some paul harris is a guy who fought the ufc yeah kicked out of the ufc for think unju honestly he's gotta he holds on to submissions too long people get really mad at him 'cause he fucking mangels peoples legs but i think the the last one like people are there on him so hard that i think the la this one was just it was tiny minor infraction super excited and i think he's definitely held on to things too long in the past but i think he's learned from that but anyway the ufc as a zero tolerance policy for that shit doesn't fight for the ufc anymore i get it but my point is the guy looked like wolverine from the comic book he's just fucking jacked he was like this five put eight five foot nine you might not even be in that all one hundred and eighty buy pound goal willa just rip
peoples legs apart use one of the scariest guys ever see if you can find a good picture of who some paul harris just hi paul harris is no way i'm spelling who some are correctly it's who some are within ours tomorrow you yeah it's spell within our but the the portuguese see we use these h they call me hogan joe hogan there is right there jesus christ man wow look at that picture this man that's why wolverine supposed to look like almost exactly like that just super jacked pitbull of a man be that's wolverine is a wolverine crazy fucking animal if i look at the size of that guy
he got up a few times and some other organizations he got beaten by some tough guys like a meal on make a meal and mail meek sorry i'm saying his name wrong a meal meek the matt viking dude he fucked him up and that's what got him over into the ufc that's like a gi joe body yeah yeah he's ridiculous but that's what it's like wolverine was human that's what it look like would look like you jacqueline but you just pulls it off like you don't have to be totally i'm to kind of get a movie star and they're selling them let paul r as play wolverine wolverine has to say a bunch of shit and you gotta believe you means that you know so it's probably hard find a super jacked movie star who could be a savage this is jack man the jack and give me a sense jump on it i got my t levels results today
how's everything going yeah i don't know what it means but i am in the normal range like here's that that there is like the normal range you have a chart he had a doctor i just i spit i uses every well every well thing and he spins little thing in like two weeks you get like full graph it's like twenty for me but for you and twenty four i would say it's twenty four hours it's like i showed you like i'm on the low side of normal but so i don't know what that means and i guess i should tested every couple months to see if it bounces up and down but i definitely have lower normal well you could fix that i know i but do you hear the thing that you should do like if you do what you really quick like we have a conversation about health no i mean i'm just checking my t levels bro i know connected what i'm saying is what i can guarantee you if you would just change your diet it would have a significant effect on that yes change your diet i'm gonna go to
i'm going to do this new thing if you want to do it with me all through december december discipline this one we do want to workout five days a week at least minimum five days a week no bread no wheat no pasta no sugar all month pasta a week that's it so if you go out have drink wine you one more of those in a week so we're going to eat slate just steak healthy food man i watched another week documentary on the plane shit my fucking pants i was terrified it was talking about the stuff that's in roundup and how it's only supposed to affect bacteria and the scientists in this documentary like yeah but you have bacteria in your gut like they're not take in that into consideration and not take into consideration gut flora and they were talking about how many people are having issues because they are eating bread that has pesticides on like ok is this
play some pseudoscience shit is this some nonsense like i gotta get to it and eventually i will but i can't imagine that stuff that kills bacteria would be good for you you can imagine i don't know how much that you would act actually wind up having in your body but how the could that be good for you i call that round up stuff that's just scared the fuck out of you what is going on there man you know we sure sure that's okay for you like one of those things is a certain amount that's allowable curve genesis probably but who who set that standard and is that standard been updated based on what you know like do you there's too much money involved all the stuff you have to realize like anything that's going to slow down the money it comes to install bro you couldn't talk and conspiracies but no like for real this is important the environmental regulations if you look at the fight here you ever go super good point when it comes to this if you look at the fight when
comes to environmental regulations against prison serving the environment just stop stop and think about how crazy these conversations have to be where someone saying hey no you can't dig oil well right next to this river because it'll kill everything in the river you fucking cunts and the people still wind up doing it somehow like how how is that conversation even taken place that were in we're getting involved in doing things that we know for sure is going to have some consequence and were and except a certain amount but some consequ since on the natural world around it might you might just ducky pipeline just just the other day these two hundred thousand gallons of oil little bit just a little bit just a little bit whoops i will spill wanna fix this is what we're trying to fix this thing
wow feel like before we agree to anything right i guess is going to be some trade off if you want to do a big city you want to have all this power it's gotta be some sort of environmental consequences at this stage of the life is that at this stage of people and they were running things and is elon musk can make us those big ass batteries everywhere solar collectors man like like lh every building should be required to have solar collectors on them in la no shit it's not that crazy expensive it like it's not that you could do it yourself on amazon prime price dropping that's for sure it's dropping you know they may some things where you can charge your phone like they may these solar panels like you could sit him out on your patio it lex electricity and after you take it with you then stand you charge your phone with it you charge your laptop with backpacks that have solar on it like the sun
this place is should have be required to do shit like that you know in the windiest places should have windmill listen but i've read is the only issue on any of this stuff is where are the the minerals coming from to make these magnets you know is the things called conflict minerals there's men girls that are taken out of the ground in the car go by slaves you know there's little children work in these camps that they've documented pulling i think it's called coltan that's the name of it out of the mountains is the stuff they used to make cell phones it's very depressing and i don't know if they still do it like that anymore i don't know if since it's been exposed it's at any sort of an impact on how they do it but shane smith was the first person to talk to us about it and remember talking about it going why wait a minute like stop and think about what a cell phone is like your flip that bitch over see not to stare at your notifications everybody so scared not be connected but you know
if you just think about the the pinnacle of like what we use as far as like technologies like one of those things right and if you take of that which is the most pervasive technology the most advanced aspect of our society right the internet in a phone that takes pictures and you can ironically connect that all the way back to a child slave that's digging rocks out of ground with a stick whoa that's dark i used to do there's a kid it was fun you might never get i mean i would just take it out of the congo without malaria just dig in my backyard gate rocks i collected rocks polished him look at it was fun because love doing that yeah i'm to pan for gold once have across the country and uh i met a dude who was a legitimate prospector and he was now making a ton of money but he had like this idea that he could it a day like going one of these rivers and pull
got some serious gold happened like it does open especially in alaska those tv shows where it's in alaska where these guys go and they get a certain amount of gold out of the ground every day and sometimes they hit good pie and they can really really collect and stack come out but this dude was like i brought him some shit that i thought was gold dude i found some gold he's like no no that's pie right that's fool's gold and i like welcome this pretty stuff is not as much as that pretty stuff like what the fuck is fools gold might be worth that have more than gold one some day lose you fools it was right there front your eyes it turns out i'm natalie wood is full gold made out of fools gold looks pretty dope i think i should have some shit made out of fools gold since more fool let's good move right we should make it happen bro how to put it be to have a fools gold watch movement on that shit relax
window bass imagine dope ass rose gold chain why it's pretty what like it's weird how like some shit is like worth a lot of money that's pretty and some shit like we don't give a fuck about ruby's the only thing that's coming up as a matthew mcconn a movie called fools gold it's him of the girl a bottle of wine on the beach in this a lot of saying and wait this was going to actually exist or is this something we've always got a look at him and the watch these wearing it keeps popping up yeah and for some and they both have their crotch is leaning toward each other they do they do look at the shadow works i notice they like moving in on the deep dicken right there just real close actually remember that he just like a pirate is a treasure hunter i think have you ever seen anybody do that or heard of people that do that they like find the place
and it can't tell anybody about it 'cause they know there's probably two million dollars in this shit down there and they gotta be careful because oh yeah those are real meal kill him oh yeah that shit is real yeah there's a whole industry of that and there's people that finance these guys see there's the mad men that know where the fuck and madwomen saryn nonbinary folk that nowhere treasure might be and then there's the people that need to finance that bitch and usually they make some sort of a split like the guys like hey i'll invest and people have invested hundreds of millions of dollars and come up with zilch just think around the corner mccown it's gotta be my particle a roman ship that crashed just filled to the fucking brim those gr we can't these to bring so much gold with them that it killed their boat poison them from the inside imagine that he just got hundreds and hundreds of pounds of gold
i was another movie he's in actually came out last year that sort of about it to where he goes to somewhere like in thailand and they're like they're they not spot where their prospectors are gonna like dick all the gold out of the out of mountains and dancing but it's not a and the ocean pretty dope wasn't as good you know what was good that i'd like to a lot of people did not like the dark tower it's not good right that idris elba guy he could sell me anything i'm buying it he's he's a little like he's a guy that's like we believe is like a legit badass but also can act like like i believed him in this movie it was a wacky movie it's like very wacky it's always whacked when you have a stephen king book and you try to make a movie out of it you have a british accent in it no not quite but he has like some sort of a noble accent like the way talks you know i do not aim with my hand to aim with your hand is to forget the face of your father like that kind of
yeah you know it was like intense weird world that they live in this movie it's very strange but enjoy the shit out of it you know when you watch a movie that's a stephen king book you gotta realize like they have to abbreviate the fuck out of this like this the complex story that gets woven into all these different places instead to an hour and a half to make it palatable for movie it just it is very hard to do like you it's almost like game of thrones have made movies obsolete it's like movies are like clunky they're like cds a quite care around cds do you don't have a phone like who are you i i think the same way about game of thrones i can't get into that damn i'd rather watch fuck you fuck you math i heard that can assure that guy john burnt on his last name he said that gets a thirteen episode movie i got thirteen hour movie it's how it's supposed to be washed
yeah that makes sense that makes sense that guys a good fucking actor that was great in the walking dead he was fucking great as the best friend wants to fuck the wife and then turns into a zombie spoiler he still watching that i gave up man i gave up now we need people getting mad about episodes i'm like no no no what shows are watching right now like what some what's some shows that would you would never think like this like a reality show or like to not watch anything like that but i do watch ozark that's that's that that's the that not for show ozarks ozark ozark just that's awesome and stranger things ozark is a like i don't want to give too much of it away but it's jason bateman and this it's like a drama but like a based unlike financial shit that's all i want to give away i want to give away anything but it's fucking crazy good it's really good
and it's fucking wild catholic wild shit happens in this show and you're like what the fuck i don't want to give away too much of it but it's about money laundering and the guys like a legit finance finance ear and it gets himself in a bad situation it's fucking good show man and that show god who five episodes on aerobic five so good fucking child support in french fast is it one of those that polian faster give it some time you
what man it got me like five minutes in i want to say hello so yeah for example so it's like right away you go wide hole god should i mean they just they start off like a quick tarantino movie minutes guns blazing i don't want to say too much i'm a stop right there stop by there because it's good stranger things strange things awesome i love the fact some of which i should love that it is always great it's too cheesy for me i don't know it i know but it's like they're just copying everything i love in making guns i make it better and make it better okay no jesus i love it it's great what do you like like stupid shit a fixer upper what's that it's where they buy these houses and that in waco texas for like fifty thousand dollars they spent a hundred thousand dollars and if they make it like seed mansion is cute i like that
proper shows those are you like stuff like that now i do i'd like those there's something that's fine about those yeah like adam crows show was good satisfying and you'd bust people but then they fix it he bust people there shitty carpenters there were really rooting bad contractors or doing terrible jobs on people's house that's a quiz show too i mean i always when i was a kid i was watching this old house with bob vila and all that shit so i prefer the positive shows though man i don't want to watch all these contractors like ripping people off gordon ramsay said you don't like soccer i love that mother i do he gets very upset about food but i think that this that what the style of show that i like is when they take a house and then they redo it right those are the those my favorite ones they it's really cool because it's a husband and wife and she's less like a badass designer like she'll take it like just her paint style in like how she makes this stuff is very very cool and so
these houses it makes you depressed living in la when you're like i can buy a house fifty thousand dollars anywhere in los angeles at all know right so it it's amazing going to see like that exists well if you want to live in the pile spaces expense because there's not as much of it that's the crazy things in new york city you know new york city they have apartments that twenty million dollars and it's an apartment you maybe it sounded apartment apartment no it's an apartment even apartment you have a great view it's a great view but it's a fucking apartment and it what's twenty million dollars like wait a minute how many people are in the building with me thousands no really yes you're in the top floor there's thous in some people and you're all in a giant metal and concrete box that would be twenty million please like what in the fuck are you talking about who wants live like that if you have like a pet at like one dot two million a month like are pet
to pay extra given to much i think you might have exaggerated no i think if you're buying it you own it but if you're ending it i bet there's a lot of places won't want to rent if you have a dog the dog once a things up you know want dogs with bite fangs and on places and piss on things are not supposed to i can happen yeah but i just it's hard to imagine the right way to live that's exciting as fuck i bet live in a giant apartment in new york city and peep peep and everywhere you go there just overwhelmed by giant numbers of people must exciting as fuck it's really interesting it's like you're in the middle of the high like that leaves you a lot of time for quiet and reflection i mean you can is like force yourself into a room and shut the door but i think this is just a
hearing but i really think we need a certain amount of actual space between each other to relax so this is just my feeling i feel like if i go over someones house they live in the country and i go sit on their porches like where i live like this how can i i like this this is how you supposed to live like this feels great like you you look you see fucking rolling hills you see birds and shit like this feels great you see the trees see water drip well for them in the sunlight speaking through the leaves and you go god this feels so good like why don't i need to see this all the time instead of batman fuck you fuck you go back to you fucking country queer you know i can't but bad fucking smoke and fart some cigarettes and people smell like your car what have we done pissing in the street garbage bags piled up ripped at the bottom nobody cares guy pics
some of it falls out they drive on fuck and or sh sh sh sh sh to certain chillin to sit in on some soft grassy back against a tree to sit in their feels better than on some stupid ass fucking park bench watch someone i know he does own right i do not understand how people do it like are we loves it he loves that he talked to our about new york see a little bit to boast the bus to go over i'm living effort toward dr definitely put the window he he's the best he bails every winter fuck you new york i'll see you dummies later he comes her way he lives here for three more is that it goes back it's awesome shit man that's the way to do it itself the way to do it i mean i think
to do some winter time that winter time did duncan in solid it back yet yeah movies back to back we we have under a little while we lost him now he's back he's coming we're doing shrimp parade christopher ryan him and me yeah i i knew duncan would be back but i'm just like that winter is a different thing that you you're either used to it or you're not and if you're not you better change you change your expectations for for the way you interface with the world because if you're not wearing a certain amount of clothing you're going to fucking die ok get your kids bundling up no you can't wear sneakers no you have to wear socks it's it's fun bing zero out zero and the streets are all covered with black guys so we can't walk very fast and cars are going to be sliding ya they can't stop bang you get knocked around like bowling balls that's real shit that's real winter stuff like you tried
shoveling your way out of your apartment building you like wait a minute what what what the fuck you can't drive anywhere so stacked up on the there's no way to put it but you better be ready for this if you had a cold okay i go back to school good move never again i'll tell you what dude i liked it i like you want to go into snow now to like one things are lamb really like scheme that much but i like being the snow so i like i like i like i i like this feeling like a we barely got this one under control barely like you can go out but you gotta be wearing down and shit all bundled up you gotta have things over your little fucking bully foot bullshit fleshy digits these little softap bitch jazz hands of yours is those things break off they free these they freeze and it turned black and snap off
you keep your feet too cold your feet you lose your feet they hack your toe is often shit gets frostbite that's real people lose toes with his ears oh yeah fuck yeah frostbites note bugman for us by kills your skin like that's a rap it's over yeah you want gangrene now we get a chop this piece off this piece is done that happens people that doesn't happen out here except from a cryo chamber or whatever that's only one girl ever and she fell asleep that is a very unfortunate story she was apparently working there and she did it to herself she looked she set the machine up for self alone and she's too short in the nitrogen got into her lungs she's like breathing it in she wasn't breathing in air and she blacked out horrible horrible horrible story oh just hearing it makes your fucking whole body clench up like would've waited die that's so crazy
cryo chamber map going around what county right here is los angelus there's more people in this county then these other forty one states together not combined but each of them none of them are more populous than this little tiny that's crazy no that's only with the ten million official population yeah where am at hub of people son yeah it's so crazy five hundred and twenty six square miles which isn't even that big i feel like i mean it looks big we keep talking where we going where we going where we go we going to bust a move how do i say seattle good internet so now it might be the spot you know why 'cause you i'd like a little bit of whether you go hey bitch listen you better appreciate june ok you better appreciate july november is going to roll around just like it did last year and everyone going to be depressed ok ok i appreciate it so if you go
out in seattle in like august people are so happy what about work and because it's in between the the mother hubs of google and amazon about spot right between you know i think the move is eugene we move in next to dan carlin a camera names on that mountain climbing a mountain santa barbara my but yeah that's a good god damn spot that's a good god damn spot it's like la light good wine in places to go yeah nice people yeah i like santa barbara to chill beach to you go to the beach people super friendly cute zoo damn and that's a good spot santa barbara might be the perfect spot it's a good spot should i should have told everybody we're going to run up there brought her wish moved certain barber bro probably seattle is the you know let me live that were from ohio where it's gray sky every day in seattle i i think it's gonna be kinda like that i i think you're there's way too many gray skies
here's the thing though are you willing to trade some grace guys for cooler people the thing about and i'm not saying everybody in seattle is cooler than everybody in la i love people in la i'm not saying that but you're getting a kind of this is just my pin and this might not be right but i have a feeling that you have you develop more character in and environment where your comfort is tested i think of you live in a cold environment it's cold in the winter if you live and where would it really rains you get soaked and you were you hear the thunder outside the is there is a humbling to that experience that people that live in la just don't fucking get and it's one of the reasons why people in a lot of these other states get annoyed at some of the uh tattoos of people in la have it's not syrian sing anything other than traffic these people get snowed on every year
every year they're digging themselves out will like yeah well with the fuck man i'm stuck in traffic man if you have any conflict it's one day got too hot and yet it turn the fan on who you're going to be ok you're going to okay just drink water and go buy ice at the store like you're going to live even if it's sucks your sweat alot drink a lot of water going to live it's one hundred and ten stay inside stay in the shade you're going to live this stock we're going to live you might not live if you live in chicago and you can't your old lady and your pay power goes out and you're stuck in your house i'll traffic traffic is the traffic last night of everyone coming home i was just as bad that look at that that's insane video it says uh thanksgiving traffic los angeles four hundred and five freeway at complete standstill and it is fun fucking miles i mean miles and miles and miles of people that look at the going five miles an hour in either direction
and when signs red because of the rear lights and then other ones white because of the headlight that's crazy you have videos crazy fuck this place we gotta go where do we go so just tell me when and where do we go here thing where do we go for seattle or santa barbara maybe should go to arizona no gotta go right next to where the walls being built that be a party i know it doesn't it still sell those sunny days inn denver but is it cold there like ten zero so yeah yeah definitely can about denver is it super flexible denver will go to zero you get nine degrees for a few days and then will be sixty it's weird it's weird 'cause you're like way up high you know you're you literally at a mile high one feet above sea level five thousand five hundred exactly a mile yeah so that's very high city when you're talking about
other koala it's a very interesting place man it's uh different spot 'cause like denver either they're in this weird the combination world right this is the way i put denver i give the city that's like a real city you have the comedy works is one of the best comedy clubs in the world they have two comedy works there we have an improv there too but they have a denver improv i don't know i've never heard of improv everywhere those fuckers the constantly bringing bringing a funny to the people yeah they're everywhere the improper everywhere but denver has like everything and that it has restaurants it has a real urban life it's a real cities real buildings and shit and then on top of that you're right next to the god damn rock mountains like you look out the window like we
is there the other day i mean tony did a gig at the belko more drive ins like to look at that that's right there is a rocky mountain right there like these fucking people are staring at the continental divide to do something of looking at the rocky mountains you could god you could drive up to the top of the hills like a up near netherland and shit like that and see these like quaint towns that still exists on dirt roads into the woods like whoa denver that would be the only place that had snow i would move to that's the spot yeah i think denver is the spot it a seattle my go might go with a good quake mount yeah that yeah the volcano could blow and at mount saint helens volcano could blow
tsunami there was some tsunami shed about seattle there was in the newspaper a few years ago that was actually causing a drop in the real estate in seattle 'cause people like wait what they were talking about how someday the next one hundred years a giant earthquake and tsunami is going to seattle i'm trying to sell my house disaster waiting to happen at the northwest you can find the article like the article was something about god damn it if i remember danger zone i don't think so experts on the really big one here's what will actually happen that might be it anyway point being scared the everybody because it was one of those stories that was kind of
like one person reported on it and then it went around you know you know it's like you get him on dig or something like that and then you go to twitter someone will have it'll be linked to another website you go and check it like woah woah woah is this really happening seattle going under what the fuck i like out of but might lose seattle so i think this through yeah okay it off the list how much you scared bears mmhm right toronto see you're not scared of bears the move is montana you know why 'cause montana's like denver with less people like you got an airport if you will give up a day you got an airport you can get out you gotta give up extra data though for travel 'cause you got to get out hi somewhere and then from there we fly out and so like the if you do wanna show that night you probably could you have to leave thursday for friday night show yeah but bears like the big
right now it kinda eat people cool people what do fishing camp why you laughing a fly fishing does five fishing is awesome and do it there it's a great place we know i'm in a night like after the night you sleep and you put a gun right by your bed in case the wolves come because they have those two see the rocks new movie that has the thirty foot walls yes perfect for him i'm very excited to see it did you see his new tattoo nikki hurtado made this fucking dope like bull skull he used to have bull on his arm and he updated it with this like insane bull skull that nikki made get larger so we could see wow look at that sweet that is an insane tattoo man i mean
and the other the old tattoos still in it see it how the old tattoo is like the cracks now that's so cool yeah he made the old tattoo like a part of the new tattoo i mean it is fucking dope and it doesn't like you have to look get it to know the old tattoo is in there 'cause he's turned into these cracks in the bones of these bison skull fuck man it's awesome or the bull go whatever it is mother fucker you're seen his tattoos pull up some of his go to his instagram page his fucking tattoo work is amazing amazing he does all is a weird shit in a lot i like photographic stuff where you don't like a photograph of you know elvira shit and it just like perfect and no i said elvira fire go to nikko hurtado's page but good his page i said i said nikki it's nico sorry sorry are you done with that is you know we're back
i'm going to do it ramps down i'm gonna have her my back the game of thrones lady queen of dragons mother of dragons how dope is his artwork though we look at that to do his art works in saying where is he from what he's california i look at the lips on that thing oh my god crazy just crazy what does that woman supposed to be a demon or something just going to school when you zoom in on it and see how how good the details are he's incredible but uhm i mean there's so many really good tattoo artist now i mean this is a weird time for the art form because it's for whatever reason i guess probably a lot of those tattoo shows in specific they they made it seems like more people understand it more as an art form you know but give more like legit world class artists world class word way to put it but
jet talented super talented artist that decided come tattoo artists you know see this thing tattoo printer on your arm machine and i mean that i think that i don't know if they last as long as it attempted to which isn't very long at all but at full color and probably this works with jpeg or something so you could try out then how long does it last for i don't know i was guessing as long as a temporary tattoo but i feel like it's a little bit longer it's like a stamp it might say but better what design your own tattoo on the app oh man we're getting little kids this doctor nation there trying to get these kids to accept that peppers when they come in check for software camps what was he saying the other day about robots
is that what it what you like said something like you could you tweeted him back like saw like lol hi good what was that i love that guy would sometimes you say should i just go what you need someone like me next to you all the time that's what alex jones needs just needs me to go hey man what stop stop stop stop that might not be it some people need a rudder you know i'm saying by the way if i'm your rudder you got a serious fucking problem is hoping that flat earth or was going to do i was waiting i was so excited for the fairly he's done before he shot himself like one hundred and sixty miles into space or something not really know he did i think he did shoot himself like one dot six miles into the air something ridiculous in the fast and he recovered took him like several day
is to recover from the g forces i do believe that this is something that was in the article it might be something he said he might just be crazy yeah he's trying to be like evil knievel he was trying to do a bunch of different things and he jumped onto the flatters thing about it go to gain money said oh he's trying to temple limo over a gorge some dumb shit like that no one believes wait a minute how do you know yes they do this is kind of a bitch i read the article about i want to yeah you know what i read one of the craziest fucking arguments someone said one of the flat earth proponents said about it is this is going around apparently so forget me forgive me if you've heard this the the idea that a ship doesn't really did appear over the horizon you could always zoom in on it you just have enough of a powerful lens on your camera so they think that that in some way is proof that the earth is flat proof of how far you can see so
that is he likes understand like the curve of the earth it takes forever it's fucking huge like your i get what people doing leg welcome if you zoom out you could see what you can't forever that's why you can't see mount kilimanjaro from your fucking living room in santa monica dip shit alright is a curve to it it just takes a long ass time and you can't see the boat long before it goes over the curve because we're talking about a giant ass boat and even know giant ass boat at thirty miles away which is where still be able to see some of it as far for your eyes so if you zoom in with some sort of a crazy spotting scope or something like that you'll be able to see it for a little while and then uh couple hours would be gone it's going to go the topic but they want to be real so bad there wanted to be real so bad that they come up with these things that aren't true as examples why the earth is flat and the big one was
how come every photo of the earth from space is a composite you didn't even bother to look into it because that's not true if there to fucking satellite that takes a high resolution photo of the earth sun like eh every ten minutes to himawari eight to japanese sally you go online you could look the pictures it shows where every fucking storm cloud is all over the country in real time the storm that's hitting cuba you go to that look at that image from that day where the storm is you'll see the fucking storm like it's all real i don't believe that's real do you believe that someone is so good in hiding shit that they've all the images of the flat earth from ever being published that no one has been in the history of people it's been able to travel past the ice wall into the nether region of hobbits and gnomes and pixie elves
it's just mental health you know we have a huge problem is lack of education it's lack of education and then it's also being committed to these ideas to the point where they're a part of you it's i eat the its idea identity politics this is what it is when you when you believe in an idea so much that you don't and i've been guilty of this and i think everybody has at one point in your life you been guilt have not really looking at it for what it is but instead looking at it for what you try to bn for what you've already committed yourself to believing in that's a big part of the problem a big part of the problem with people is you commit your after believing in something and when you commit yourself to believing in something anything that's contrary to that belief gets fought viciously you show shut it down you interrupt by all means necessary you market you deride it you do don't examine it objectively you don't look at objectively you just look for a way to shoot it down look for a way to shit on it look for a way if it any fall back on the go
it lies all the time i never believe them fall back on all these different positions but at the end of the day if you look at it what's the most likely thing the most likely thing is it's round i figured it out they know it's round you can see it from space have taken pictures of it people have absolutely flying in the space station this videos of the the fucking thing landing out of the sky people pulling people out of the water i've seen they've gone into space ok they've taken pictures this is all real there's sad the real if you get satellite radio it's real okay it's really from a satellite when you get directv it's real it's in space it's orbiting the fucking earth there's flight patterns that are carefully calculated that are going around the earth everybody have to be lying do you just and how crazy it is i'm with yeah on a lot of conspiracies i'm
fifty on operation northwoods with you on the gulf talkin shit you get me high enough i'll go area fifty one on you go bob lazar i'll go well i'll i'll i'll go deep on someone who the knows wacky to get to be in fact and that's when i go you're just chasing your tail you're chasing your fucking tail angry little pricks call me a shill there just checking out your round earth shill shirt would have perfect perfect advertises the advertising show young jamie dot com young jamie dot com give yourself a round earth shill t shirt boats and i have one on my christmas and they're very soft cotton feels wonderful in this cancer yeah i think it's almost like a troll what's not man i'm telling you i used to think that too it started out as a troll this is what i think happened i think it became an exercise in psychology from what i've understand one of justin i might be wrong but from what little i've done
poking around about this it seems like this might have started on four chan and it i started as a joke always been a certain percentage of people that believe the world flat is always a certain percentage to life is a certain percentage of moonies is's what percentage of people that you know are satan worshippers people just just wacky beliefs and people get attached these wacky believes and fucking cling to him and in whatever it is whatever whatever the belief is there's a certain percentage of people always thought the earth was flat but then what i read was it someone on four chan start rolling bite rolling and trying to post this fake evidence about the world being flat a bunch of people bought it and they ran with it and not only they're uh with this sort of ramp it up and add things to it and flat earth theory became a thing and these people while decided that this is like a legitimate pursuit
there is some illuminati some group of jews it's always jews that are hiding all the information that somehow another they've talked all the mapmakers all the people that work in commercial shipping all the people that are flying airplanes all the people they're making satellites anyone in aerospace all these fucking people all these people altogether and they're all lying ok and i am i am too or maybe just listen to this maybe you're chasing your fucking tail and you're confusing the shit out of some people that are dumber than you because of your inability to look at what it is versus is what you want it to be you heard me i'm not right about everything don't get me wrong or broken you fuck it i'm right about this there's no fucking reason why someone would lie about the shape of the planet there's no benefit in it there's no reason why anybody would concealed that information there's no benefit
and found out the earth was flat they would be fucking singing it from the rooftops any real scientists and he real person who's been in the space station any real person is flying a space shuttle there real i know you you don't know them that i've met him i had that chris conrad guys name chris hadfield chris hadfield forget his fucking name commanders i blame the weed chris hadfield he was wonderful he was in space for a long time is talking about the effects of it when he came down and how how bad it fucked up his body that was fascinating podcast i remember you i think i got like forty minutes with them then he had to go like one of those quick little thing he was amazing you talking again it's been circling the fucking planet in a metal box no that's not true it's real will know it is real on your phone works understand this the people this is what's ironic the people doubting the highest minds and the just competent technology your goal in
innovators in the world like the most comp people are the people that are involved in like arrow space mean construction jet construction cell phones computers those are the people that are at the top of the fucking heap and these apes that are using these devices to say that the world is flat you're doing just what a massive disservice you're doing to the very minds who created the thing that you're using to complain with his this idea that someone is hiding the information from all the people because they do i want you to know that the world like your phone man i want to believe if you show me some fuckin half ass bigfoot footage i'll watch it three four times in a row ogle one day maybe maybe maybe hey baby you never know there's a lot of this the world we never go to it all
deep in the congo i would be surprised right i want to believe but i'm also objectives you got to be able i know you want to believe the earth is flat super sorry but it appears the round as fuck just like every other planet we have looked at all of 'em imagine crazy be if earth was flat while here's the problem with this idea you fucking dummies alot of behind this idea believe that it was created by god like on a pizza like that this is part of a religious belief is that god made this flat earth in the cosmos and it's all about us this is this is a connected to your group show you so where again with your i didn't know i'm fucking dumb ok but i'm smart enough to know the world is round crazy assholes have you talked about net new neutered chocolatey you know i saw mark cuban st
positive things about net neutrality so i was really surprised but then i realize he's a rich old white guy and files a rich old white guy be like listen we don't need regulation but take care of yourselves we clean up our own neighborhood this has a lot of money so no matter how much it costs he doesn't give a shit you know there's that for sure but then he was making some arguments and i'm too stupid to know whether not he's right the arguments against it in uh i think those make the most sense but apparently this big business people but i get your hippies you like drew of course there are those folkers holes than ever overdosed money you're right you're right but also like you gotta let them do their thing you know you got to let them do their thing check i'd i don't know who's right and i would love to hear a really educated object analysis on whether or not that enhances
competition or hurts it whether or not that's good business or bad for it most of the stuff reed says bad for it but i need to look at it really closely it's definitely letting them censored the internet and that's right like what what is the exact restrictions you know it's it's it's it's up to the isps to be like hey you want this website we might give it to you so they can start editing stuff say as an example viacom who is owned by time warner or whatever say like something comes against the ceo of time warner they can you go in and edit the internet where it's nice to see right now it's free you can do whatever the you want it no one's editing it really you know unless it's like pete website or something like that right but so the it's gonna be like in the future like we're china if they don't want you to go to myspace china be like myspace off dude i was reading about a vietnamese blogger today who is dentist for seven years in jail a twenty two year vietnamese blogger is it in new york times
he was writing about an oil spill and they said he was fucking negative and doing propaganda against the state they locked him jail for seven years for journalism on an oil spill and for pointing the blame at the government or whoever the fuck was responsible for the oil spill jesus ten years did lock them in jail for ten this is because somebody wrote an article about different one that's the girl writes a girl that's another one she just from earlier in the year i went i went deep do there can bloggers up over there vietnam apparently they have issues with like gay right it's in a lot of progressive ideas that we subscribe in this country but they do not tolerate criticism like it's it's apparently in that way very totalitarian and that if
do criticize them in the form of like propaganda like blogs against them to lock you in a fucking cage for like a decade scary we gotta really appreciate this is one of the reasons why i mean i don't know if trump understands us i guess he does but he doesn't give a fuck i think his ideas you're going against me fucking i'm going against you fuck you ca you know i get it but like completely deriding them like that like you run this risk of getting to a position not like this objective powerful force that's why watching over the president and reporting on all of his actions right there's a chart that i read today though that was a little disturbing and it was like a truth chart and it was like how many times cnn has said things that were not true how many times does it have to correct itself how many times did they say things that are true and i don't know if it's right i don't know if that
might have been some horseshit that i read but if it was right i was like whoa are they wrong that often like that's crazy so any news specially when has breaking news the rise it's at least they're correcting themselves were like our president will correct himself and had a stroke mableton maybe that's what they mean by being incorrect delic you know the latest report says but see that's with the latest reports says like the way report might not be correct but if you hey ok that's the latest report you're not wrong you just have the right information right and i think everyone knows that when you're watching the news you know right like you something happens like some crazy shooter type situation right right it's just very dangerous when see the president in those the free press going after each other like that so we treated today this morning about he said we should have a contest as to
which of the networks plus cnn and not including fox is the most dishonest corrupt and or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite president in parentheses main they're all bad winner to receive the fake news trophy in all caps are fucking president wow that's so weird this is so weird because here's what's weird it's not weird to think this but to broadcast that to write that down and to put that on that's like that's crazy that's a crazy thought i think i would like him so much better if he never treated like if we just had news and that's it yeah but you get into see like we were talking about this the stress of this thing i mean this is how old he's always been always fires back at people when they fire him this is thing mean should have known but people for some reason expected him to be different once you get in there to expected well he's just doing that for now do it just trust me i'm going to get in there it's gonna be super cool
have you tried to bait him yet no i don't want to no no no no no i have no desire i don't want to ever do that to anybody i just this is the world that i'm seeing you i'm just i'm reporting on what i'm saying i'm reporter michael journalist so i'm seeing i'm seeing a bunch of like justified or not there's a bunch of there's pettiness to this all that should be avoided by advanced human beings that's what's the problem does the lack of humor to it all in the angry pettiness of it all is what's most disturbing not the i did something wrong with this system because if that chart was right in the wrong a lot and if they're wrong about him at this there's one thing but the way that that could be handled is always pointing out exactly specifically how they were wrong how it could have gotten back to
that was the wrong information and what they've done to correct it if they have a tech knowledge it and then that's it that's that's what should be done when you're in that position when you just a regular dude and you want to just go on twitter and ta some crazy shit and you know say the sooner is fucking fake news if you have firefighters somewhere i don't think should be fired if you say that like i don't care but you could say that right it doesn't bother me when you're the president you gotta go come on man you definitely are you're setting an example as weird as that seems to say to someone that like this part of the job you have to set a good sample you are your the tone of the country that's the problem like couldn't write that would you write that did you write that to somebody never fake news trophy the exclamation points to my hayden that's crazy whoever let you do that needs to get you
have you seen as boomerangs like a boomerang and is snapchat yes snapchat homesick on imagine though if he yeah he had that would be hilarious we did you we get tired while this anti trump stuff and you know people get tired is here in the subject it's almost like just hurts them but those kind of things that's like for the fire it's almost like he's doing he's doing the work of the hate inform keeps provide more more ridiculous do you think trump is you get mad at him for anything trump's a flat earther no no i think it's something probably look man i would like to know what he thinks about kennedy but he keeps releasing these documents and i'm happy documents are crazy you know they've there's a lot of like one of the ones was about jack ruby and jack ruby saying the day that kennedy was going to get shot
get ready going to see some fireworks today like what did he really say that like how do i know he really said that i want to know i really i really but if the fbi got it from a credible source and they really believe that the problem is like that even the jack rubies hang around with some crazy stripper doing some 1960s version of speed he told me he told me five it works was gonna happen yeah then she runs off into fucking forest and with the fuck knows maybe jack ruby just had a nice party that party later could have fireworks set off president got shot what would be the best evidence that you would need right now to like know that that was true it's good question right because i've seen people argue that the photo of lee harvey oswald is convenient photo of him in the backyard with iphone one hand and newspaper and the other hand that is photo
chopped not photoshopped photo added it is i don't know if it is i don't know if it is i don't know if it's been proven that it is but i know that that's a common statement and then the people of broken done some analysis on the photograph and i do not know enough about photography to know whether or not there right the sa those are all off i think they found out that they ate the magazine did it too for some rain like the magazine did it like the government or maybe i remember it being a controversial photo but then i remember someone saying recently that they believe it was not faked and there was new evidence to india that was not ficht this is the problem with being like a surface reader yes the one on the far left that's a dallas police reenactment yeah how do you know that there at the exact same time you have a camera when he was come on stupid you can't take photograph as a reenactment unless you know exactly when he took the photograph and you have the same cloud in the sky and shit 'cause they're trying to like
find out whether or not that was a real photo or whether it was lee harvey oswald head put on some elsa's body but the body body go to on his face don't go to this one there's there's one that's like a better resolution version go to and right it actually yeah that's the phone it looks a little off like they had deafen he looks a little weird but he had a weird head i guess the shadows is what they're talking about the shadow that's coming from the bottom of his chin's not the same as what the shadow blah blah blah on this view i don't know man that's i'm not smart enough to know whether or not that's true but it looks okay to me but it's also the so grainy look at that photo imagine that was but pictures are today i can check out girls tinder account you like what you really look like this actually there's the full one
now look at his feet like zoom out loses is his feet shadows see see it there we go so you have the shadow is going that way on his feet and then if you look at his face the shadows like connie is going to make the picture smaller so we get the whole picture in there like that from williams i don't think that's correct the thing that would make me feel like something was weird just that it's so old they're not someone doctored it and they might have had reason at doctor it that's it that's what makes me think that it might be fucked with not the actual picture itself when i look at the picture itself i'm trying to find reasons why it was fucked with you know but then again i'm jack share recreation i got is an idiot although was legend of the fbi that was chock lewis he was depressed you made fun of your stew
sorry sorry in advance just joking i'm sure that guys great stories but there those days man you get away with a lot of shit you know there's an interesting article that david from the he's a conservative writer york times author he wrote something about it shit and trying to remember what it was oh it was richard sins letter to jfk's widow this like heart felled articulate interesting letter between an opponent of john f kennedy and richard nixon i mean that's he was the opponent of john f kennedy wasn't just richard nixon like they were against each other and so other
this is like really heartfelt letter it's like well you read it and how which addiction wasn't stupid people one that you was is very smart horse just was fucked up i think this job just does it to everybody i would think anybody gets said this one alive one mean don trump's hair it's already getting kind of white bag yeah but it's all painted who knows what the real car that stuff is probably all white he's probably given up fuck it not going in today thank you sir today's died a no now it says cheetos in the couch there fuck you i'm going to watch fox news going tell me an awesome he just sits there stroking it watching fox news fox news lovesome it's interesting to see white one one network just going full gung ho we're going to go trump all the way it suppose that's why he's like getting involved with merger of time warner or whatever to get rid of cnn or something so god that's crazy if that really happens that's the idea
like time magazine is being bought out att is trying to buy time warner bull company or something do these gigant big companies see the thing is i don't know shit about this i need to know more about it 'cause i need to know if in some way here's the real scary thing that everyone who owns a giant company would be able to control their own internet like a network like you would be on you'd be on the verizon internet thing and he'd be on comcast like oh you're on comcast you can't go to my website shit that's what we don't want them there's a an article i i tweeted the other day where on the i think la times or something like that where that somebody a woman who works for the fcc wrote like like please don't let us do this you know like i'll yeah i read it i i read that in there's a website you can go to where it's automated where you can put in your
information and will write an email or letter to the i see so i recommend doing that i mean i think we like ten days till they vote on this see that's what's crazy so this should be something 'cause this is a very important issue this should be something's debate get on prime time television absolutely and it really should be i mean all of these kind of really crucial crucial this is where you stop listening to maine hersholt memory all these crucial issues they should all be discussed in the like the public forum they should we discussed in like the center of the town that's what these shows should be like what cnn in any of these shows should be part of what they should he is like a town center where people talk about the like super important ideas this is important idea that needs to be like they need to interrupt television shows for this because we might be signing off on a terrible idea
might be letting companies get away with having more and more control over us i don't know i need to look at it i need to really look at it carefully but we all need to look at if this is really happening in ten days the average person is now we have at the time nor the ambition to go and investigate this thanks jamie because i was like there's there's another thing that happened to that they're voting on i think this week stirs the front another problem of it is too there's five people on that panel of the fcc board that the decides this decisions usually one person that's the flipping votes that makes it a three two vote it's never liked five which one showed up in the solid gold bentley which went and got out his next covered in lipstick with this this guy is the now this is with fcc wants to relax when the broadcast media as big as rules do with like small like a small city were having one company on the tv station in the newspaper in that area
this is like a media rights issue so they want that to come back trying to like yet stop the rule that prevented that are like we do the vote on whatever but i get rule i get that rule but the problem is like if you're want to open its also the idea that should be able to open as many companies as you want there should be some sort of fair competition the competition in the news in the news you don't always want to get the most ratings like you wanna like report like an afp like uh an honest account of all the issues that are actually happening but you can't do that you want to sell ads you gotta be spicy you gotta go to the fucking fire quick get to that fire let's see you'll see the car accident like these chases please chases a shit we interrupt this basketball game to show you a guy that's never getting away from the cops but you see the oregon one you know i'm talking about there's one in oregon recently and that was
the craziest thing ever he was like going through feel that's oklahoma oklahoma to him oregon oklahoma win the most states that i'm not going to other than ohio there's a show called that i was going to bring up a second ago called shot in the dark it just came on netflix it's sort of like the tv show version of the night crawler movie so following uh some news crews around los angeles every night while they're going to find these like crazy news stories and they actually the first episode catch part on the ten and uh like thinking it's going to be an axe it's gonna be real bad in literally like five seconds later boom fireball guys to go save the guy pulled him out of the burning car was really intense but that's just happening all the time too and the news that they're catching and so i saw last night when i was watching the news popped up is another thing hostage situation i got paid price five hundred dollars we're going to find video of this really weird did you ever see that night was that movie at nightcrawler nightcrawler yeah that was a great movie man howdy
some computer is alright you stay away from my movies record my past coco have you seen coco yet miss coco coco's the new pixar movie with it's all about in the mexican holiday day of the dead you know all in all but i do i do did see one other mexican day of the dead movie was crazy where they went to those other dimension i saw this is the second one now this is the first one you might see it early to no i saw it on it on itunes on apple tv there was another one that another crazy ass movie with day of the dead characters that i watched recently the book of life that's it the book of life dude fucking amazing you haven't seen no it's not just pull up like a trailer because the animation is fucking insane it's so why like this is it so this is like wooden people and then get somehow or another taking into this other dimension and in this
with the mention it's like they're on drugs man did this looks like the same characters if i know see this is like what is we talked about this yet i have no idea this is sort of like when they did those two would you go now here's the new one so we would go back to that one 'cause it didn't quite get totally freaky yet play freaky christian call dora yeah see this is where they are entering into this other dimension everything is like super bizarro people are weird it's really strange like everyone's dead it's so so bizarre that and that's exactly what coke have but it's like remember then went deep impact and armageddon came out the same time it's like
like somehow another somebody figured out like haiti's day the dead things are dope looking into other ones that volcano movie and then like tommy lee jones was in one and pierce brosnan was in one but there were like two movies about volcanoes and they came out like the same week yeah they always do that was in la and one was not once next earthquake movies like look at this new dimension that he enters into same shit this is same shit it's exactly that that i can't believe no ones talked about this so weird man this is like more dead people and the other one was more like bizarre oh weird yeah this is pretty bizarre o dead people i mean look at this bugs bunny and in our food gonna have our own bony our bodies name's tim pfaff in donald yeah daffy duck and donald like hey which one is which one is warner brothers which one daffy i was a daffy guy more than a donald college dolls og though and
they were the only ones that had the balls to have a hunter that like on to me elmer fudd and then about each other mean hunters in some other movies like the bambi movies of mean hunter it's a bunch of other ones for me may not theirs but the elmer fudd that was like the first dumb white guy that you can mock cartoon wasn't it now i think they had a lot of dumb white people you can mock he the first ever i would like the rabbit gets way out i'm the rabbit like treats him like a bitch like you fucking dumb you're never going to get me like he's never threatened bugs bunny threatened by elmer fudd rabbit another elmer fudd is so fucking stupid this talk and rabbit he such an asshole it's wabbit season he's going to giant head like a baby like what is
it's with me why do you have a baby head weight homework but it's an enormous baby head i never even notice that he's like a baby with a gun what's the other one that was elmer and then there was another one that looked exact like elmer but it wasn't elmer it was like dahmer and that's right there was another one another guy there was another dude who is the other guy i always thought that was strange like yeah there's more than one hunter right yeah who was the other guy it was like this second mister roper more when they changed darren on bewitched yeah they change the husband the husband got crazy and he asked for money and they're like nah bitch now now now we got a new dad his like cold star of the show no it's i dream of jeannie motherfucker nobody cares with darren is chess house they pulled the fucking george bush the four dropped out he disappeared i don't think there's another hunter
yeah there was that it was another dude there's another can have another body with them maybe like one particular cartoon that maybe his brother showed up for something they will hunt and gather he we were it was cold in the fake home yeah i saw that long time later but that one freak people out just like it should have been different names yeah you dummies or that is sam movie where who was it yeah or an existing in excess in one of those called when people a collective yeah what is memories ago is called faith collective memories those are super common electronic cup yeah those are super common apparently the mandela effect yes that's it that's right yeah that's simulation ship so we were talking about this elsagate thing yes this is this is weird now this is now conspiracy theory ladies and gentlemen so before you go i can't believe the show
search your toward too soon listen there's something going on where they're making these youtube clips and they play like you know how you watch if you watch a youtube clip say on the brand new two thousand and nineteen corvette zr1 like i'm a car freak i love watching those videos like wow look at that thing look at past look at it go to beast if you just let that play youtube will suggest another corvette movie or video and play that maybe a video on a shootout between a couple different types of cars he would handles better and then you'll just keep playing like car videos 'cause it thinks you're on that loop well somewhere along the line if you're on a kids loop you can get looped in into one of these elsagate videos now some of 'em the one brian showing me is like really shitty cgi second life and it's like the is cartoon characters get together and they become like sexualized and they do
drink sometimes and the babies keep getting their heads busted open like the babies fall and the beer flies through the air and hits the baby in the head and cuts the babies head open blood all over the place and that one happens all the time it repeats it self over and over and over again that same scene in a bunch of different weird cartoons with like babies and baby animals and you know this anthropomorphization videos where it's like you know the wolf has a bunch of pigs with him and shared in the pigs get drunk like that kind of shit but there's like huh hundreds and hundreds of them they had to be alerted to this stuff you know people were watching them with their kid and it would go on how to play in your one year old is also in watching a beer bottle fly through the hair and head in through the air and bash a baby on the head and cause a big gash have you seen any of those i see yeah i i just because i
just to watch the ones that you know the second life ones where it's just ridiculous like this stuff is crazy it's weird i don't even know about this they dress up in these cartoons they have little babies that are dressed up like spider man or like elsa and like this scene keeps happening over and over again where they have beer they get fucked up and then and as the baby falls the beer bottle bow is of his head and shatters and lands on the ground and the babies bleeding it happy over and over again and so in this i want the minions a little baby minions they fall bam gets cut in the head is the same scene here's the mickey mouse one little babies get fucked up they fall beer bottle hits the baby in the head is another one with little boxes they get fucked up beer bottle hits the kids it's always the same it's stupid it's not just you but it's weird yeah it is we it's weird because it's not it's not just things happen and it's the same violent scene over and
over again in the babies are the ones that are getting brutalized and they're getting hit in the head with beer bottles giant gashes blood like what is that it's a yeah the the the you tube crapper that with that used to be really popular where they would just edit things together real fast and and with like like screaming in our own what yeah what was a chicago but that was user created there was a bunch of people you could see those people doing now they just decided try talk real fast and cut out all the rest in between it and write in limited give no attention span whatsoever now this stuff like and what we're watching now i i thought i saw i feel like they're always they're all using the same characters right seems like to me it's from a message board it's like when we were back in the day on your message board and we would like make all these videos and stuff like that it seems like it's from a group of people that all are doing it you know collectively thank
to me it seems like a like a you'll find like a deep four chan thread in it or something where like i did the baby falling thick video or something you know there's a bunch of different ones man i mean there's there's this was like with real people but the ones that you were talking about with the the cartoon one they're being made in other countries are there not speaking english in any of 'em it's all noises and stuff and they're generating like if there are ad friendly and some of them were approved for ads there jenner in tremendous amount of money you have to think about how many hits he's fucking things are getting and how like see if you could pull up one and see how many millions hits it had and i just pulled up at five million five million okay so five million hits is the business all right get ads on a video for little kids it gets five million hits that's a business now if you've got those is there generating about computers so you're making hundreds and hundreds of am and you put 'em all over the internet and they all have five million hits each year
talking about a substantial amount of money you're getting every month and they're just making these things and then the real up thing is like apparently there's some again i just read the beginning of this and then never read any further into it but read it had a three that apparently where these people we're trying to decipher some of the thing that are being said in the comments and they think they are using the comments as big ways were child trafficking people can communicate with each other this is like speculation which says things like wow that seems far fetched but it doesn't child trafficking sound far fetched mean you know it's real child trafficking sounds crazy far fetched like the idea that someone's so eva but they're selling children right doesn't it it doesn't it then why wouldn't it be that they would communicate mean is it more far fetched that they communicate in code in some sort of way in the comments
because they probably wouldn't do it on kid videos that probably do it on like just like any video like tractor the videos or something i think yeah could be maybe the now that's why that's why the child molesters right but but also that like these why else would these kids are not going to make comments so who's making comments on these videos me again i it seems like it's a it's a group of people somewhere and it's making these now the fact that that youtube leading them to sell it as kids they need to change youtube needs to change how they have kid videos kid videos should have a team of people you get approved then you come yeah for two kids that's it you can't just upload anything and put the kid tag the user will have the kid tag yeah kids find out about it get you we have a kid the lessons are response yet would you give me your kids like the ipad any put on you you you two kids that should be selected videos only it's been approved by eyeballs in and so on i should not be able to make a kid video
yeah that's true and definitely not be to make kid video where kid gets hit in the head with a fucking bottle right now that shit was like just like some but one of us did it i just made all these stupid videos of kids falling down on the ground and it wasn't for kids then you'd be like that just a stupid cartoon that you would see on like adult swim or something like that right at four hundred in the morning right in you could see something like that on adult swim at four hundred o'clock in the morning for sure especially the ones that i watched those stupid ones that could actually be like some sort of something that what's that called what center placed inside of a show where like a nonce ecuador video comes in and what's that called
second adult swim cartoon we're gonna put a few hours show where commercial i don't know where that's just subjects is get stuck in there where the mickey mouse daddy is drinking with the babies the babies fall gets hit in the head with a bottle like what the to some warped it's telling you about the past and then about checking a lot just a real quick exacting second thing anyway what was that interspersed with the word interstitium was that workers and others are i know you're talking about it's like interstitial that is dollars that was matthew mcconaughey was in that too but he was in this he was in the dark tower movie who's the bad guy matthew mcconaughey and all i could think of was all i could think of was louis ck's bit mad mike and lou pc case bit about matthew mcconaughey do you member it
the law says you can't touch but i see a lot of law burgers out here absolutely does impression he talks about how eat he was he loved the movie so much he was walking around his house saying that thing over and over and over again so when i i was watching this movie matthew mcconaughey's the bad guy all i could think is louis ck's bet that's all i could think of that fucking happens that happens where a good comic will do a bit about something like that oh that subjects ruined he's got me every pharmacy matthew mcconaughey make things a lot burger hbo pulled all the louis ck shit offline till they really hard one that seems silly
still funny comedy wasn't jerking off in front of anybody when he did the comedy like just you can invalidate everything everybody's ever done if they did something bad it's not good that he did it but kind of fucked up that they did that even though he you know the situation of him asking permission and him admitting it coming out and apologizing but yet then there's that masterson scientologist guide that all his shows are on there and there's really no more people do you think those are real those stories are real i think a lot of them are real i really do i mean like why haven't they done something if that store is real it seems like that one would be something that would get a lot of attention psychology todd on something happened yesterday and uh the i guess sports world in the ohio state world to the defensive coordinator we used to be an nfl coach was rumor earlier yesterday afternoon i think maybe even saturday that he was going to be hired as the new head coach for tennessee's football team
they were going to make the announcement yesterday and i believe but at some point after the agreement had been signed it had comedian tennessee and there was protest in front of the stadium other fans and alumni were pissed at this is going to happen someone out but that he was on the penn state team he was one of the assistance to jerry sandusky so the time going to that although he's already been vetted by ohio state because already the coach there and urban meyer's team has vetted almond backed him and all that so before the night was over they already canceled his contract and now he's i think i'm going to sue them for money that he supposedly going to be owed 'cause he probably could have already got rid of his house like in that day 'cause he's going to leave you know so all sorts of things happened and just it was like literally twenty four hours or less that close to the work jerry sandusky i don't know 'cause he was an assistant of like he was young there's a there's a couple other coaches on there that claim
not know anything too i believe man i would sort of some other people like kirk herbstreit installed tweeting out last night that this is a i really think that you should do this with no evidence there is no evidence in this case apparently right and he's lost it doesn't have that job opportunity and i guess i think you need a real investigation before you commit to something like that he i mean i'd don't know the case i have not known it's he didn't know but if you didn't know it don't you think they would be like a story you'd hear something meltdown over potential hiring of greg schiano is a bad look for the program but i don't know what see i don't what the fuck is going on if you knew that this guy knew then you would have this feeling like hey fuck that guy no you'd be furious would be like no you're labeling an innocent man
is it bad personally there needs to be an investigation if there has been investigation you got accept the results otherwise you're on a witch hunt but you got to figure out it's really happened i don't know see i don't know the particulars but if you know the particulars you know and you're you're you're gonna make a case for it it's like look at how franklin i like it like that little picture of him like i like he's grabbing that girls boobs and then you see the all this stuff that comes out about her after where it's like oh she was she was like groping all people the whole time we and we didn't know yeah if you there was a and it is going to make news known dude i didn't see any of that there's video college eyes for what he did though like any in what he's doing is trying to be funny try to be funny taking a picture and he wasn't even he was a comedian back then he wasn't even a state representative but either way it's like you don't do that that could be your mom it could be your sister she's out cold sound like it's your girlfriend you joking around
it's one thing i was your girlfriend your girlfriend's out and you take a fish like and be silly she loves you that your girlfriend she knows it's a joke it's like her she takes a picture x it next your dick while you're unconscious will look at home would be upset right right but she wasn't his girlfriend she was working he was working there always doing this charity tour and she said that go to kiss her it was like it was more than one thing so he apologized that and then there was the other women that were saying that the ground there but add to that stew that was just like you know when you're taking photos and he said the one girl said like he put his hand on my butt i mean when you're taking a photo you just put your arm around somebody maybe it touches your butt could be old foods like grab butts too though it's an old dude thank george george bush was just going to say george w bush let's take pictures of people in ryan is they go to take the picture you squeeze their ass but then
i'm feeling some old texas man plus is almost dead leave him alone like people have to realize he's the longest living president ever at this point he's the this one yeah no no no he's not his old herbert walker bush is older than carter i think you right now he's the oldest surviving president is what they say but carter is the longest ago that he was president he's almost dead like he's gonna grab he's going for it that's that's what's also ridiculous look if you if you became like like a president or something like that and then you went through all the photos you've ever taken with fans after show at shows right that you could take any of this but was my my god look he's making a blow job face to a woman right on this procedure phrasing yeah you freeze everything you know people take so many pictures it
pictures when you're not looking in your mouth to open but it's like i think that those old dudes just grabbed asses i think that's what's coming out they just thought it was a thing they get away with they grabbed asses when they took pictures they probably grab yours do yeah just to get to look in your face like you totale it's probably a joke sports i don't think anyone really slaps butts anymore it used to be a thing all the time with a black butts basically they slap but there was a video that morgan murphy posted it looks like i think it's on her instagram and looks like some dude comes from behind or a reference maxes buddy in the ass and the guy like oh yeah i really get like see you fine it's on morgan murphy's instagram from i think yesterday i think soccer is constantly do crazy shit like grabbing each others dicks and shit wow wow darien it happens in football but that's like in a scrum then not like a friend right right right this is two referees this video is a referee doing it to another referee this is hot
so this guy his own version of charge the talk to each other and watch the guy comes by and if i can face so we took a flying his butt pinched damn that's another i'm barely paying attention since main hoe being that it was a butt bench that's why you freaked out another that's how i look at things just show me any reason why this is more exciting than it really is the guy get hit in the face the flag my brain was like not good enough they're not good enough i've been drunk for five days yeah did vacation and just got hammered every night was wonderful wine drunk wine their wine blanqui just put you out man like i don't know how the fuck the barbarians invaded countries on wine just seems like we have no ambition like wine just makes you so tired we are low he didn't know about like whiskey imagined
barbarians had whiskey instead of wine i can't i haven't done one in awhile it gives you put out bad morning i think yeah there's something going on right where you get like a weird headache sometimes i've talked to about that i never got a satisfaction the nation that i wind up remember remembering yeah i bet that's it i bet it's like eating a lot of cake eat a lot of cake then you get that fucking feeling the next day like what did i do anything i ate all week eight whatever the fuck i wanted to eat that's my go to vacation move now yeah come back you feel so bad that you want to get back on a diet it be like real cautious and that's why i'm going do this no wheat pasta no sugar work out five days a week a week
that's it i've been trying to eat steak a lot just just steak like steak kabobs those aren't my thing dude wow sweet documentary you'll you throw pizza away forever no more sandwiches pizza no burgers i can't wait for the meet doctor to come on soon right here in a better way to describe but yeah the carnivore he's a full carnivore it's all he does is eat meat he thing she's been like this crazy proponent of meat eating only you're saying something right in cholesterol or side owner it seems like it would be he's super fun lt though i just i don't know i mean i think one thing is like i would think you would need some nutrients from vegetables right some things you can only get from vegetables are you getting any of that from me because they eat vegetables like that's the ideas like lions don't really eat a lot of salads they just fuck up zebras and see
they do plenty of salad eaten for the lion and the lions are good you know they don't really have to eat it on their own if that blueberry effects the bear meat so much that it changes the shape and color and taste of it then it not all the shape i didn't mean that but like that definitely changes the color in the taste of the meat it makes sense that you're getting something from the grass when you eat a steak which is why grass fed steak is better for you like proven for you then corn let's take is corn is basically sugar mean what it's not good when you shit and you see hey that's not even digested like there is way see corn in your shit 'cause that your body is like what am i doing with this skies eating plastic just spit this out that's a sensor weird thing your asshole just like get it out get it out we're going to try to process it we're not going to break it down
but i tell you a long time ago i think i already told you this but back in the day when like hands across america and all that shit we were supposed to write in school like how do we help starvation and stuff like that if we have any ideas and i wrote feed everyone corn and then they could wash it off the next day and eat it like a few more times and i in trouble for that like my mom had to brains always been gross my mom's like had to get called in and stuff like that because of that and i i was thinking like well you could eat it twice like that makes sense to me like it's well do you know that some native americans used to call it a second harvest and needs to eat their own shit really see yeah yeah i read that somewhere i think they cooked it or something they call it second harvest i mean you go be hungry as fuck oh by the way that listen to me this might have been crazy might have made this up i remember who was trying remember oh ok it was one
the wardrobe ladies on news radio she seemed pretty cool so i just listen to her back then you could really look anything up i haven't is it true confirm by urban dictionary but i thought well then never been texting urban dictionary is hashtag woke definition hash tag woke anyone could add to urban dictionary that doesn't mean it's for hill did it work i'm a method developed by native americans to conserve as much food as possible during deadly winter is the act involved sitting through sifting through feces for chuck of corn and nuts sleeping wolf my little bear your poo is rich with the second harvest that's not real little bear yeah it's a mexican porn yeah you can just very poor and by the way i'm connected now to group of alt right furries i am i'm investigating i'm a journal just told you earlier today and i mean
just getting out right fairies white white people who go crazy who are very we dictionary and quick to jump the gun call everybody a racist wrote this article about trevor i just assumed isn't about these nazi furries like neo nazi well sakura subculture of furries has a problem with neo nazis any groups of sexual abuse it use a lot of nazi i mean cut the fucking shit please just please cut the shit please please i can't i can't keep going i can but i can't keep going it's just too crazy everyday it's more an more fucking weird i think this is the same people that watch those youtube videos are make the youtube videos
i think the people who make the youtube videos dude i think it's just like they are in asia or somewhere like that and they have a script and they just keep throwing the script over and over and we're looking for like hidden messages in this script i think scripts probably just fucked up they think it's fucked up to have a cartoon character hit himself in the head with a bottle and i think you're probably right like maybe these fucking child predators maybe they communicate on all sorts of different websites maybe they just decide like hey let's meet on this tire forum say things in code and a tire means this wasn't always the with pete to gain like they thought that they were talking in code like all the can c theorists thought the slice of pizza meant like a kid in the u to one i mean then beings there's being so many of them sort of says it there's money in it yeah this tapped into an algorithm and they're just beating it to death yeah and they have the same script and they just do it with the computer change one little thing little thing here and there and that's what i think it is i think it's not as nefarious everybody likes it thank but it's really fucking weird i keep seeing the same video
who's playing out over and over again with a bottle flies through the air and the baby gets hit in the fucking head utilize tried think that weird is a little weird or when it's the people actually people doing it you can't just have a computer make people are god damn nuts there nuts and they're out there i like frieza i get that i uh i have a bunch of outfits that i make videos with and stuff and that's pretty much what that is that's just basically crossplay like anything better role play yeah they're having fun are they having fun they don't feel like normies right i say right yeah and i'm sure how having sex like that it's probably fine kinky like hey you're dressed up as my pretty pony and i'm spider man yeah a lot of that lot of dude on dude crime under wearing these hats i mean they're wearing fucking weird animal hats and their bone in each uh but hey why not man do you know why 'cause this is crazy so why not
why not do it seemed like you just like a fox fucking each other in the fox is fucking the chicken why not really why not i just i don't know why not i can't tell you why not why is is it ok that people there are crazy fake eyelashes and extensions in their hair or and they pump fat into their ass and put silicone bags in their tits why is that ok but it's not ok to dress like a big chicken and get fucked by a big rooster why not why isn't it why can't you pretend to be like a fox in the hen house why not if long as everybody agrees do agree to be the fox cool dog beautiful be the bulldog mascot the big bulldog header to bone make some some rendezvouses why the fuck not yeah i'm down for that they should do it over there i mean i dress my girl up is a school girl you know they give she's asian dressing up like a anime
school grow like head though do i where would be the phone or with a big thing i had on big anime eyes that's kind of crazy with that fake ponytails clinton sometimes and i got i got some tentacles the other day people button that's the weird things like tentacle porn how did that ever take off member that was the thing like when we first found out about tennis porn i remember that collectively the internet was like what wait a minute how much of this stuff is existing how much how much is out there what the fuck is going on japan tentacle porn was a loophole for the surroundings were for insertion because you can't show insertion see like energy finds a way sounds the weakest link and it makes its way through you can't suppress it that's why you see with catholic priests that's why you see in this no penetration huh huh huh ok how 'bout brackins with uh
dick on the end of every octopus arm there are banging eight different schoolgirl so about that good cool here's here's the magazine thanks they're all school girls japan is so weird man like big veni dick sorta like ripping their lower jaw out but it's just coming out of an octopus so it's ok have you seen their game show called like slippery stairs but we did the other day great show i wonder what the cheating would be how would you cheated slippery stairs seemingly someone in america would figure out a way to buck the system right i would say it would have something to do with pulling the other guys down in right yeah i don't think you can touch them though i don't think so yeah i think because if you did i think people would
just get ahead and you would never let anybody get close to you but i think the problem is for people listening is to take an asshole we fucked up all we fucked up oh my god he was there oh my god was there he took everybody out bowling ball this is amazing it's amazing and then the other guy went down to the guy was ahead of them he got cocky it's all the way back yeah this is a great show that looks fine looks like they should call it like tooth chipper or something like that would be a good host of this you no let's get somebody else who would be a good those twenty years could be this good hope you guys get up this stance i would love it do japanese game show 'cause they that popular one jesus christ popular we've really for koreans and japanese people don't get along so it would be even better to be people mad at him did you know that koreans and japanese people have a sordid history yeah absolutely you know jesus
speed skating's down at like a slope oh my god this is insane well there's the two other sports and this is one of them and that's he stared thing came out is this new this is no very very notices phony thirteen atika rentals i mean this isn't saying my god oh my god these guys are gone hi is incredible people are hanging over the edge hope people don't smack him what's this called i slow with liz ween crashed ice i think is what it's called but it's like speed to this is insane it take a downhill hockey speed cross x type i don't it's really weird just a matter of time before somebody figure something like this out right yeah like eventually people just may things crazier and crazier like this is way better than like a lot of shows like just look at this right now just just the intensity of this race and now compare this to golf right watch golf on tv this is riveting
like this is way more riveting than people racing cars isn't it will stop playing football they're going to want to do so fuck yeah this might be it derby downhill pretty much but this is an agility thing in gretzky was not a big guy but he had incredible agility on the ice like you would have to be like one of those bad fast hockey players like bieber is b your hockey pie yeah justin bieber imagine if he became like the top dog in this stuff just people madam you little punk you can't be good at this two piece of shit he's also box or thunder that's a boxing and ask somebody talked about the amount of tattoos i'll be the guy hey stop stop which do your stomach cover yourself up with tattoos settled bro you're young i get it you going crazy got all the money in the world you're balling banging bitches question right i get it son to slow down you tattoos on your chest don't make sense
but is that unless there does he have a lesson are what is that's across anyone one of those things in the bottom that a ship what is that i and a bear eagle that's an eagle what are those things above it there's so much chaos going on there what's up with the nipple lines one of things if you talk to tattoo artists like they want to make sure that like design stand out you know like the rocks tattoo right nikko hurtado's tattoo the rockets arm see how that stood out like it popped right that's 'cause nico's a master not this guy isn't covering that up i think whatever she had some written oh we had something written well hey bro get that shit lezard that that's a lot of laser yes suck it up just like that la pretend that lasers making more powerful i thought you gotta think you'd think with with us
grow with each one i become stronger yeah you don't right over writing when you can erase it everybody knows that yeah why would you ever try that you don't do that don't do that turn it off at least there's a way around what you're doing okay there's people that get those out but it was branding branding that's crazy gusting open same crew has that he's a top ufc light heavyweight he's got that one of the fraternity things in his arm he's a football player yeah tennessee yeah he does nothing to many wins sometimes it makes the what is it you it's the same it's there i forgot what i was going to do it i think michael jordans also in that frat fraternity shit they ban and off attorneys in ohio state the other day too much rate just get to rachel shut down there that's crazy all the hazing or something was going probably
they should never have fraternities anyways well her guarantee in some crazy shit is going to go down it's like you're just going to have to have some sort of an agreement like how much crazy shit going allow because if you're going to let a bunch of dudes who are just are i have boners all lived there in a house they have a house like they let girls in the nude girls in taking over the door girls can come in can they drink they can what the fuck are you doing you got a bunch of people that are due shack up with the do the drop box knowledge of his but getting crazy together all drake and i watch in the movies of every bachelor every every fuckin fraternity movie ever we get a group of guys together every fuckin what is the over the hangover is another example every time you get a bunch of guys together fucking chaos the us every single movie you get ten together they go somewhere wow it's out of control people get in touch if something is shot always
right so imagine you're letting these eighteen year olds but even how to control their bodies yet you're barely an adult you can't believe you can think for yourself you can decide when to wake up your parents aren't here with you anymore finally your day and is not fucking pissed at you be you forgot to mow the lawn a you dad i'm not here to mow your lawn bro okay the next thing you know yeah and more than a bunch of those are just like you and you're all drunk and girls come over there drop too you like holy shit this is the best caramel frappe work crazy though i mean they would they would have like hookers there that's why all the drugs you can use proofs all like drugs like what the hell does drugs here the closest to a frat two dudes live and they're good guys sort of one
a little fucked up but it was just having a bunch of men together like that just super sketching unnecessary super sketchy you can go if you go back but young guys i remember hearing stories of it wasn't even a fabulous like the ski club house at ohio state would have thirty k eggs at their parties on saturday the fifteen live in a house what don't do that stay longer that's not good plus alka plus liquor plus yeah plus all the other things yeah man when you get a bunch of people living together especially when you're young you make shitty decisions and then the three of you are making shitty decisions are the four of the five or the ten like the same age all just as dumb all fucking trying to out grow each other fallout hammered come on you know
and then on the other side you got some crazy bitch you finally got away from her dad and cheese fucking jeff and nobody tell me shit wu and everybody figured out life together we see keep sororities definitely not they they they have sororities do it has the right of that i think with both no really i don't the i only heard for attorneys i think surrey's again because without dorm rooms i mean a dorm rooms and what about that dorms are crazy to answer everybody knows dorms are crazy this is not this the thing about dorms is you have to join right dorms elect more egalitarian because like you have a bunch of people of the like different things there them different interests different they're just different men and women in different parts of the world everybody wants to get in this dorm they'll just can't really x afford an apartment and they're all living together in this university setting but it could be anybody
your roommate could be anybody going to share a bathroom with every day after all yeah that one should in the news recently or that woman was it didn't they didn't get along and and a dorm and so the the woman was like putting her toothbrush in her ad she started getting sick found out that she was doing all this how much you're on how they find out hidden camera twit camp no i don't it's probably sued because she got an elm snuff and something in our house white woman arrested for torching black student she called jamaica jamaican barbie whoa i guess she admitted to it on facebook or something like that oh yeah she's like two thousand people rallied at ucla and set fire to a trump pinata unrelated story it's unrelated i mean it's showing up on here but the video is so this is all just about various pieces of racism that people are finding wow that's crazy man that's fun
imagine stick in someone's toothbrush in your asshole and then watching and brush teeth with it clam dip in our emotions yet been used tampons in her backpack oh my god that's what she did she like did crazy shit to this poor girl was probably your pussy you probably wanted to which is probably like fighting off the gay look at this and then she tweeted about it oh my god she treated it come on i can finally say good why do jamaican make a barbie five finally did it yo girl got rid of her roommate after one one slash two month of spitting in her coconut oil pulling moldy clam dip in her lotions rubbing you tampons in her backpack pulling a tooth she plays with the sun doesn't shine and some much more i can finally say goodbye jamaican barbie she said she was making that up as part of her defense but whether not we're not i don't know
now see the thing is like you might think it be funny to say something like that and make it up and it might be made up it's true you might think it's funny to make but boy you fuck up by saying that some like that of an input on the internet where anybody can find out about it that's that seems crazy yeah i guess you can fit in a ten toothbrush and stuff like that for but every day like you have the time to attend when's the last time you tested your toothbrush for butt juice everywhere it yeah that's one of those things people just don't test for you don't test you
perceived spend someone's just love things i'm thinking about it's not one of them yeah that's how bad they hit each other with a crowd wanna stick a toothbrush operas h eat my what is a sick type of personal sit there watch you brush your teeth the juices get in there for a week in the gums again the gums allegedly i wonder if she did it she did do it that's a sick imagine as in the thought that has to go to your head to do some amount maybe she didn't realize how gross of the people would find that the crazy thing that she told everybody like people abroad been doing to each other forever right it's the first thing she did or like it shows a slow buildup deep she goes to get home i wonder if it's just like this is a spin brush right to the lower ribs
cross prods at the lower ribs and she's she's got the toothbrush like this with their fingers when she's like barely got the bottom of the toothbrush she's knuckled deep in her own asshole and she barely has the bottom of the toothbrush and she's got a car user shit muscles to force it out where she could pinch down and pull it out and sometimes just do it over and over again man imagine you gotta drink prune juice get that toothbrush you to hit the wall coming out your asshole back up so you gotta really open it wide so you probably gonna have to wear like lawn gloves you know like lube your asshole up and they just wear like some gloves you wear when you look cleaning bundles of sticks and shit you know those ones made out of this way to things that are
nearby auto part ready get that toothbrush out and right when it gets out you hit the keys in the door who put in the glass clink in short the dorms washer to brush off real quickly go dry it to collection picture too personal but what the my already could you put toothpaste on a add toothbrush you know that's a fucking wet toothbrush he's looking down nothing it looks different why is it when you feel your finger you know what what colin one what the who's just use my toothbrush you think about i'm gonna work for nine hours how the is my toothbrush not dry would be dry ice and has all the smell it madison age medison and joe pote lay it smells like round up and went out into the fucking garage got some lawn spray
do you see that new thing that you put in your mouth and it brushes your keep for you but in thirty seconds to brush your teeth is it better so it's an interesting idea though but like you know you could just put it in your mouth in the car or something like that in thirty seconds later now proven it is and it seems like it would get down now that's just weird i wonder how much of an impact fluoride in the water has on preventing tooth decay if any about florida in the water and it's so hard to figure out who's nuts this ten the second automatic toothbrush could save you hours every year she's hot i hope she brushed her teeth when i put that your pussy massive hurt no imagine her breath smell the cheese out pretty suck lick and she goes this like a ball gag this is like if you were going to like practice strengthening your neck you would bite down on that thing attached that rope to like
bungee cord like the iron neck device i think that thing that you chew down that strengthens your next business something makes sense do this guy go back to that guy like come on bro i don't care how much they're paying you for this that is the same one and his girlfriend comes by and kisses among the on the cheek and leaves like he doesn't have time to get a good kiss on the lips could you too busy sucking on this robot dick this thing is just clean out your face how bout you brush your teeth like a normal person maybe have the newspaper we're open beside you i just wonder if it's better i mean their dedication here's my question is it better to go to the car wash or wash your car by hand of course add wash car by hand that's why hand washing cost more money well it depends what car wash what's better what's better to give your teeth attention they deserve and go over each one with find brush or suck the robot dick and clean your teeth out
there should be just save time or not i don't know it's good question here but how much time should you save and how much time like i've been reading a lot about meditations from something i'm also considering i'm getting get into during discipline december invitation school 'cause the tank is going to be here for another couple of weeks so i gotta wait so i'm looking for other ways to expand the mind something can do a little ten minute meditation session every day every fucking day that's the thing everyday could do it every day to commit yourself that's a long ass time seems like it's not but it is you like i don't have ten minutes going to work nope you gotta do it gotta do it sometime during the day game in a little bit help you get addicted to your fucking phone that they help you look at watch when not black rolls around get out of bed meditate in ten minutes about this new dating app called hater and what you do is you put what you hate
and it matches you with people that it seemed the same things perfect so it's like it's interesting though it's interesting though because it's backwards you know so it's like what if you only get matched what if i only got matched with black women for some reason you know so all the thing is so unnecessary yeah i think people are probably getting laid more now than ever before and i read this article where they were put in the blame on std's that jump in s ladies on tinder and grinder like now no no no no you can't know are you going to sue all the nightclubs are giving people herpes no you're not do that this is place where people meet their not response so for whether or not someone's got herpes or vd stop it will make it many people there just trying to get some money grab they realize it a lot of money in tinder and someone's going to start some class action lawsuit and all these people that got the herps or real strong stuff like it's like a real
legionnaires disease broke out at disneyland and nine people about it what the legionnaires disease what year is it what the fuck is that stuff doing around like we got i have some old you know because like preservatives in food or some shit have some old diseases may come back what is what is this question i don't know 'cause there's another old sounds terrible though it better be strong i better be able to fuck you up i'll get super pissed is the name like some bitch ass common cold legionnaires' disease a slight diarrhea it just makes you fart great and then it doesn't spread from person to person but through missed it's from the automan so it's from their water sprayers from an air conditioner yeah oh my is that what is from notes from it could be from that i thought it was from outdoor mister yes what's right that's crazy so it's somehow or another got on outdoor misters and then got into and how many people nine nine and how many people are weak pitches
now the kids folks i'm sure they weren't they were wonderful people l did levels of legion area bacteria wow causes disney in the shutdown cooling towers cooling towers not shut down bitch i'm sorry the show must go on fifteen people have it on fifteen people holy shit now how dangerous is this stuff moved are reviewed our water quality testing data including testing performed by a third party order quality maintenance contractor and learn that two cooling towers had elevated levels of legionella bacteria legionella genoa legionella bacteria that's like twenty eight days later a man
breaks out like when is when are we going to get a disease that turns people into crazy people some give it twenty eight days later type shit though i think you just get sick from it it sounds like maybe diarrhea or getting the chills fever and excluded with biotics sensitive people well that was sweet document or saying that everybody is more gluten sensitive than you realize it's like it's like being allergic to a cat everyone to learn the cats but some people yeah everyone is allergic to it about dogs is everyone allergic to dog dander i think i think so i think but you have definitely your levels of it we're often lethal form of lomov pneumonia oh my god it's a severe often lethal form of pneumonia caused by the bacteria legionella pneumonia found both po people in non potable water holy shit that's not good
fuck i hope those people survived those people going to be ok did the people from day anyone get treated and released i need information this is a this is the dumb bro news network checking in hey bro dd is hard bro the fucking zombies are at disneyland brother just keep it on lock down government doesn't want you to know bro they're all over five thousand two hundred and fifty two sick fifty two wish they were over the age of fifty two that's good no kids it was ninety four oh jesus what are you doing well maybe they're immune system is more compromised than that old can't fight it off can't fight off the funk flachmann fifty two that's dean delray say isn't it weird that that's all of us eventually if you keep going you're going to be one hundred uh give you like one day you'll be ready if you survive you beat me who knows with medicine science you could easily survive
wouldn't put all my money and you make it one hundred now would be seventy seven temple but if you did you never know dude i'm telling you were so close to like innovation breakthroughs medical breakthroughs this he got fifty five cases were found in orange county this year and they don't know why i know my god orange county is recorded more than twenty five cases of the disease is here and i've seen the number of cases jump in recent years similar uh word trend has been seen naturally and elsewhere in southern california according to the health care agency that what's causing that that is unclear don don don to cook two towers ever shut down were uh in the backstage area more than one hundred feet from the nearest people oh that's why only a few people got it yeah wow maybe immune system
maybe just some dominating clean the thing he was supposed to clean 'cause he was lazy 'cause he wanted to put on its furry outfit and go fuck going up fairy fuck fest maybe that's what happened how many furries work at disneyland probably all of 'em right if you refer it would be a dream job managing could walk around pretending to be if we go to goofy's kitchen and wave at the kids you think their security is on top of course what's happening the security is on top of fairies showing up on the how would they know get them out of here you have to use a a income i need social media account which all the fairies do anyway that i've come across over the last three days research research not very group especially by someone have to be super careful especially art fairies there to be super careful what's the difference between off right there all right people that trump supporters that fairies fairies maybe fairies and brownies brownies brownies
and i don't know if that's real by the way if you're if you're an all furry and you're mad at me now that's not i don't know if it's real i know but one guy was call himself for yeah that sounds like a troll to me when maybe it doesn't know what a lot of this stuff is just being silly isn't that what we're supposed to pretend that that's not like the spirit of the internet sometimes that's what got me so mad about that whole pepe the frog stuff like listen the spirit of the internet is in fucking with people it has been forever people are bored there at work you come up with hilarious memes and some of them are really fucked up does that mean that guys are real nazi or does it mean he's just an asshole who's bored at work is mad at everybody might be that i don't know how many of them are like real nazis and how women just people fucking around right the internet is all like so much of the internet is people fucking around it's so hard to tell what's going on at any given moment
another thing that's a great thing about it hasn't changed which it can't change you think it will change you think that really it will get to a point where they'll have so how much control over the internet that they'll be able to stop content like that like double closed down like message words or social media where people are a lot of talk about stuff like this they do it in every other country almost you know they just the main reason they want it is because too many that i mean that netflix takes up like seventy five percent of the band with right now doesn't really yeah it's like some crazy where all these videos and we're all good we it's gonna get worse for k eight k twelve k so they won't have to all of you know if you're going to see
use video or if you want they wanted like pretty much that's what i think they were saying they would well i kind of get it from their perspective if say they have a limited amount of bandwidth and then one application like netflix is using up most their bandwidth with paying the same amount of money i don't know if that's the case though that's the question i'm not sure about is there a limited amount of bandwidth it seems like there's always been infinite amount of bandwidth right why would there ever be true socialist god damn commie just wondering you bad for business i get the pipe the pipes might get clogged which be a thing is happening at once really freaked me the fuck out when i found out there's a real pipe and goes uh at the bottom of the ocean and went wait what so if you in an email from somebody from australia there's a god damn pipe as someone laid across the flat ocean of the flat earth all the way to the other side if that those people have to be in on the earth conspiracy as well by the way what is
just going by satellite will have to go through this pipe anyways i don't know it might not be applied to australia but it's definitely a pipe to japan i believe transatlantic communications cable trans planet communications cable transatlantic communications cable is a submarine wo submarine communications cable connecting one side of the atlantic ocean to the other the cable came into use with amplifiers lee in the century used for optical fiber and most now use optical amplifiers so that's only one cable it's only one that goes probably really big and there can't be just one but this is maybe think of something else i wanted to show you that i just found the other day that's kind of scary that has to do with fiber optics done done dumb i gotta get to it but goats time front representative jamie vernon scares the world someone sent me a link that showed that people can hide a microphone i don't know how big and how well it can listen inside of an ethernet cable oh geez in there like check all your cables 'cause you
never know what could happen and then so i started looking through the tweets of that and it showed there's a link to a company that made a fiber cable and the description of what the fiber cable could do is that it could listen the entire length of the cable it was sort of saying was just to be able to listen for like well water underground like water pipes that are leaking ins and things like that but it doesn't say the limit of what it can hear and where it's being used which is alarm could you imagine if it turned out that everything every wire and everyone's house is secretly a microphone and the government has been years ahead with this data and tuning into everything you said at every moment all all your life so here's the phone instead of saying what little tiny thing is a microphone oh my god
and then where is your god now well seriously kids i bet he spells it l33t able to four three three seven is lee three three seven l yeah seven three three one yeah sorry i can't i don't know if i'm gonna find this the technician was looking through this tweet there's like five thousand things in here now so it's a scary thing in the fiber i didn't really know you could even hear audio through fiber that way i know that it's used like like the like you can use in the back of your any box that little red light that's always on is looking for a for audio cable which is the best but that's how it mike swick told me once mike swick was working for the united states government in russia and they had like a russian ambassador russian embassy building you know american us embassy building in russia an they developed these devices they found in the walls of the building that were powered
by the movement of the building like because move because it's a skyscraper would have a certain amount of sway through the wind and they had figured out how to make a device that and require any sort of additional power source other than the movement of the building and it could transmit sound they like this stuff is so far ahead of anything we knew even existed and they were using this in the building spy on people mike swick told about that in like two thousand and two can happen to him way before that i mean john edward snowden does it might might be the reason why they they kept that guy run and like because they we want to discourage anybody coming out now at any moment we're going to find out that all of our phones are on twenty four hours a day weather there at a batteries or not there's a certain amount of battery life and your phone
pertains and the government could listen they know where you are the gps tracker is tracking your phone whether it's on or off everywhere you go you know a lot of those phones actually do work with gp yes when the phone is on airplane mode oh yeah well it's just yeah yeah there's a gps chip in your phone that's why find your phone works you can go on apple find your phone hey my phones in the bronx hey leave it there don't get shot but listen there's that's how they can do that take your eyes man his robotize it's in the air pods it's an apple watch to its inaugural computers why it's everywhere yeah yeah how's it possible could you lose shit fuck but i like what if i try to lose maine to tell you digging these air pods been using is a lot like fucking awesome ok god i was so skeptical look up there with me all the time too now my
thing about him is that thing the case that you you because that's one thing i always had both bluetooth headphones i was like i forgot to charge my head mcginnis yeah come to the future pitches yeah and i stick it in miami worry about him falling out they don't really fall out there hard to fall out i had to like to hit it made him a of the gym when i was doing chin ups because my shoulders touched my ears and made him and when one goes out the other one stops crazy if you have the app watch with no but you don't need your iphone music no too much you're using your phone got a draw lines it's better for jogging so you have your phone in your pocket when you're listening to music i have a fanny pack that is a neoprene waist band my phone sits in there perfectly car keys it's extra weight bro not from my mind says what instead my name dog much even any seconds do a lot of calling trying to get him out of the bush is my dog fucking loves it now i still hate going in the car but
he's more reluctant less reluctant gets right up to the car 'cause he knows we're going to run and he loves running and then when we come back sometimes i give him a bath too oh he loves me smedleys no leash he's really good he really listens he'll wake me obviously something so so far goofball online i posted a video and i've read fool i read through some of the comments want said don't let him get it hey bro you're the alpha yeah i'm like look i hope you see the joking around you may be trolled mean you might have told maine but you might be just a dummy and you probably more of a dummy no i'd have to let your dog ahead of you when you walk on a leash stupid otherwise you're not your dogs walking you you dumb cunt you're always going to be in the back see the dogs in front that's the other leash that's where your wrong joey has to walk next to you now that's what cesar millan tells people i don't know
he doesn't run he's not running with his dog i run with my dog my dog totally listens to me and when he gets too far will stop dude and he stops like he said now come on back buddy i gotta take a breather like you'll come back and can't with me like he's let him off the leash oh i like the fact that he likes to be free just run around and wanting to run around and have good he's a sweet dog is not going to be mean anybody my new is doesn't know how to use a leash and it's been trained to not use a leash but i don't trust it so much because it's like one car congress horn or something he freaks out and runs into the traffic or something yeah well when this cars i always have money anytime this cars that have mono leash but when i now the cars and we go off into the trails you know i mean if people see him he's like the nicest dog ever anybody it sounds like oh you so sweet you know so it's not like i worry about him being dangerous this likes to run around mount it's fun to watch like you actually a little dog little kid don't you bring him here so we can look at him well because he's at home
it looks to be in his yard man go poulan swamee swims whenever he wants to that be funny if you were the new comic that always brings his dog everywhere but you brought golden retriever seventy five pound dog everywhere so annoying tails knocking peoples drinks over asshole can you fucking dog outta here man tales so many people are so stupid with their dogs like their dog is like a baby if they can't leave it alone anyway i can't leave anywhere here with other dogs occasionally he holds it the husband he some of the things she's sweet dog just definitely soup super loved and friendly dog love planche yeah she's awesome i love dogs man you know i mean that's another uhm a good uh i am not living in the city limits your dog could be free you know live some we can go out the backyard and throw a frisbee for your dog you don't go on hikes goddamnit don't be stuck in that
red and white horror show lights in headlight traffic fuck man yeah well it's not going to be like in twenty years in the sidewalk shouldn't be planning for that you know only in the sky this is going to be like twenty feet up you might have been right with santa barbara you know i think you might have been right because santa barbara is only an hour away so you up there it's an hour away important shape i always come back to drive us in is that how that works then tesla autonomously drives us in one hum jammies yeah is that going to happen he's just doing la though is probably not going to santa barbara same county right the right up to san francisco have you heard of tesla loop in los angeles where you can just ran a it's like uber they say you have to go to san diego you rent a somebody will drive a test left for you and you yeah it's pretty cheap at forty nine dollars and the san diego nutrilite in a tesla
forty nine so it's a pretty cheap looper type thing i get out of my when i got there last time i was there at ten forty nine bucks it was i just it seems super cheap yeah how can i make money test loop the thing is that new sports car they came out with that new roadster goes six hundred miles without a recharge now you're talking now i'm interested now i'm listening six hundred miles huh huh city it's not a top speed but look at this taken just go wherever you want to go they go did los angeles san diego orange county palm springs that's crazy that's amazing it's at twenty nine dollars that's amazing smart free advertising for the cars people get in there like holy shit this thing is nice and then you see that giant dashboard you know well you in ipad in your dash what is that is it like airplane seat your bias you could be sitting with other people yeah yeah
that's why i mean it's thirty nine dollars into by the seat next to have someone isn't far a bus that goes everyday now from san francisco to la that's like a overnight sleeping bus where you sleep in a pod and they have like really yeah yes i promise in not the fastest way to do it but if you need to go overnight you can of of have that time to rest traversed his away okay that's the scary i mean i hope the same of the pie led by the driver sleeping i don't know if you know the pilot units just let still in auto pilot pilot can adjust but maybe those tesla buses maybe a tesla bus i want a big ass those those big giant so he's making now put pods in the back of the truck is only wonder translator miles though right so far i think five hundred miles max one i think so you go stop in san louise obispo unless they're carrying batteries enable charge only have to charge for the distance in miles from la to sf you had to guess
no no no no no not nearly not nearly i would say in the four hundreds like four hundred and twenty four seven thousand four hundred and seventy i think i've never done it you say eight hundred i say four hundred and twenty five hundred you say four hundred and seventy five you say six hundred ok that's good that's good but i don't think it's right i think it's always i always is it from los angeles to san francisco let's see three hundred eighty one cisco is about three hundred eighty two miles from los and while kerr interesting hundred forty eight my as the crow flies what's that mean that mean you have a raven bro they get straight straight straight then go above we don't have to take turns in the mountains and never heard that never heard of that cool woodsman say that kind of talk i'm used to it i thought you fucking city slickers so yeah but regular tesla can't do that but with the new one would be able to i have all the way there and back that's not true
'cause that was one of those sayings they said you could drive from san francisco to la and back well you definitely couldn't do that because that's more than six hundred that's a lot that's more maybe the edge of the county may do you do you barely let's lot stop lying blind you gonna leave me stranded in the desert be somewhere halfway back where there's no water and that stupid piece of shits gonna run out of batteries stop lying just say it's awesome it goes six hundred miles don't say you can go to san francisco and back you can't you should make they they should make it are the electric cars he should make it wireless charging and then have the strict and roads be like big match i think they've talked about two oh really yeah i think they have talked about doing that they've talked about not having people in some sort of tracks where you know you can't change lanes and less like you're in a specific spot and that that track charges the the lane up but you basically be in your own little trolley car cool no man i think the i
we are driving your own car though that's on the way out for sure i think we only have like a few maybe a decade or so more that shit yeah are we just with the lane guidance you know that i did on the way here i'd bet we drove from burbank to hear just because of my link my car just drives itself pretty much i just have to put my finger on it so it knows that my fingers on it yeah what do you think man do you think like do you think people start moving out of la you think people allows to look at this and go this is unsustainable i gotta get out now or do you think it will take something like a fucking earthquake or something or quick or thanksgiving hollywood continues to die hollywood i'm going to die now with youtube and people are doing it in their houses you don't need to be in los angeles anymore you could that is true people are making shitloads of money just from their fucking basement
that is true i mean and then then the tech community is booming in other cities to look seattle has a huge tech community you still have to come here though so if you're only here for four or five days out of the month what are you considering that why would you come here for for concur coop i don't know but i just want to stay in la what the and listen to a there's a reason why when you two started all the big people moved here they didn't have to move here than there are making money at home what seems like a glamorous thing to do and you too does have offices here yes but the glamorous thing to do i think it's part of it was called in mood l if i mean the office is here the because everyone's here that's right so we're here and why here they go to the office is only appear well the one thing keeps me what does the comedy store there's the podcast and having a great supply of guests and being around all my friends this is the reasons to stay here but we could just have a mass exodus
i'm going to get everybody to make enough money when they could just pull up and bail that's what every it's going to be able to just pull up and bail and just like star the new community we could just all move next to doug stanhope too much noise don't you're not going to sleep you gotta make your own thing i think we go to like santee inez we go to some your cow country type place where people have their own chickens yeah that's the move now we're like that the purge happens like then there five years into it everyone comes in just kills you and look inside your city and ghost town but can be prepared bro got to be locked and loaded bro it's going to be dark tower movie gotta be prepared when they come let's just be the solving that's not a bad spot you like to drink a lot of wine right and uh listen to ladies talk about the health problems any yamas are llamas or yeah they have alpac's up there they have to fight off amount lines outline coming jeff alpacas yeah there's
so there's a bunch of amazing spots up the coast you know it's real this we lost like hundreds of yards of route one giant landslide and they still haven't figured out what the fuck to do yeah it's going alright still closed yeah they're thinking about putting a road over the landslide but they don't know when and they want to let it settle like hey what do inward a little in the car you were driving if you were driving near that thing would be like oh my god oh my god please don't fall please don't fall is three hundred yards or whatever with landfall was look how big it is the twenty eighteen how far is it how much of a it is always pretty far due to get a look outside of those cars are that's hundred yards for sure say the distance doesn't will pull up just so you could see it it really the five million cubic yards hold on go back up a little bit five million cubic rained five million cubic yards of rocks and debris on the third
sort of the mile so it's one slash three of a mile wow that's a lot that's a big you know miles five thousand feet is that what it is divided by three so it's like really shit and in 1800s so they could go back to the photo again scroll down so we could look at that big that fucking slide is just comes off the mountain this before and after two will they show the two stages of the landslide they show it before and then they so the second stage and then the third stage where it finally is now it's fucking crazy man yeah it's have satellite images of what it looked like silly how much fell off man look at that bone it's crazy so what do you to do now you just can't even go that anywhere near there no no don't drive there it's going to keep following somebody's house is right there two guys fucking screwed he's so far he's so fucked it's going to keep following like more parts going to fall and they think
part it is the root system isn't strong enough to keep the the more trees and roots you have the less likely it is to have the landslides i guess because the trees in the root system keep all the dirt so then if you have poor rainfall then the trees don't grow as much as much weed so you have as much shit on the side of the hill and this like ever seen drive by malibu and they got like cement up on the side of certain hills and like mash and shit to keep things from all these people like holding on to their chunk of dirt with every tooth and claw basically like a lot of places because of all the fires like this winter it's going to be land mud slides ever for us that's what i heard yeah burbank they say that the one thing that the there's a good for though it's like you need to burn some of that shit down that supposed to be healthy
it's minerals in the soil and then it builds things back up and then these fires through like lightning strikes or like super common and then the these were burned down in the rain would come and then they would re populate with new new seeds and shit shit this guy you're out how to schedule stands you could stand on it yeah yeah on it yeah put peace is a paper in between the sand and then he pulled the sides off of it and the people the paper being compressed image i mean these pieces of sand allows it to hold tremendous weight without losing its form weird super weird see how it is it's like each he's like a slice right like see if they show how he did it yeah pretty crazy this sort of how it works similar how mean you said the side of the freeway maybe yeah so that's what they do with this side of the freeways thing that's how they being forced those things if you see him silly build it up it's kind of crazy to watch him do it but dude i watch something really crazy
here we go to the if you high i started following it 'cause you retweet it yeah if you but if you high they have a thing where they are building a bridge and they're moving a fucking gigantic girder this girl is like one hundred yards wide and they're picking it up look at this this thing it's a machine it goes to the end of the bridge with the edges 'cause they're building the bridge it stops and then this uh thing comes down and then it move ford and then connects in next with the other side you seen this yet this is sweet fuck dude it's crazy it connects to decide extends and then one does that then they bring in this huge cement girder i mean it is fucking you see how small the people look next to it this is cool so you can football field right i mean isn't it is that close to a football field how far is that
yeah at least half of one if not at least fifty yards right fifty yards of solid concrete and steel it's huge and they set it down top these stone pillars and everybody must be shitting their pants called but we doing up here where is this i don't know what station while joint machinery company i mean that's probably do it man right at suck the crazy thing is that they built the brooklyn bridge back when that god damn thing when they build the san francisco golden gate bridge when the fuck did they built that thing i mean that was along god damn time ago and that things still up so weird the idea of building over water too you have to like go to the point where you could drive a car over yeah it's not ninety in thirty three the golden gate bridge was built that's crazy how long did it take them back then worked harder they were different did stronger hands
what how how many years do you think that took to build i want to say it took two years five years we say jamie she says i don't know at least ten ten easily okay let's see i think emma i think it's a two years would you say a five two five ten all right how long did it take how many workers when we got thirty five million bucks that's it she jlo's house lunch is google how long does it take check it when it came up to retirement how long did it take how long did it take to build the golden gate bridge for fears yes phone of yours you went over bro doesn't count bro you went too far
go over it like price is right is now price is right works and go over like you play twenty one now you said hit me and you fucked up with one and one yeah you could wind with one no you wouldn't want with one because i had two so i was close here's one day one hundred and one yeah you would have won that you will got that i'm not playing by those rules that's amazing that they built it that quick back then think of that like less than five years they built this incredible bridge that still up and they did it in the stone age more slaves back then they were they probably were right the chinese people that built the railroads they weren't technically slaves they weren't going anywhere either brooklyn bridge was in eighteen seven we did it first that's crazy in eighteen seventy beginning technically one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine 'cause it was
we are third you know it's interesting about that they're tearing down a bridge in downtown la right now six st bridge yes exploded it last year i think yeah there there the rebuilding it because it has something called concrete cancer with the concrete was rotting out like these dummies such a shitty job god bridge smoked the traffic and bad air imagine if that pollution actually destroyed concrete pollution it's been badly in los angeles wow beautiful bridge last night we wanna know chimney we weren't allowed to use fireplaces if you had a fireplace the scene where they can't just fix that doesn't seem weird yes it makes sense if it's the concrete starting to breakdown shit design can you get your money back you know
that's one of those nine slash eleven truthers like everybody was they were pissed at this guy that owned tower seven that you know that pull it pull the building driving crazy like why did i got freak out that building just collapsed is my building and it lit on fire just collapse like that i'm like who the fuck designed this piece of shit like look at the building look how collapsed like did you guys not know that maybe you could fire did you eating plan for that make me a new building motherfucker make it light on fire rebuild it make it so lapses warranty the apple care insurance right that's what that's what conspiracies about that he told them to pull the building have it collapse or insurance companies alive you know like look at all the houses in puerto rico or in texas and all that stuff that happened this year how is nationwide still fucking not running at him
honey that's good question that's a very good question yeah i mean that's a lot like the cars use it a lot of cars of all the cars that got ruined for in houston like just like thousands of cars and you can't do anything with those cars you can't sell those cars no and one they can even use the frames i mean the frame might be run rust and shit going to melt everything a million cars in houston and they're saying that a lot of them are being sold in like los angeles and stuff people are buying i am in trying to clean him up to make him look like they fine well i wonder if you get us rewire him now there's i mean there's so much like mold and stuff in there and all your mechanic now
first i think on it i saw a thing on the news like like why they can't use on my forget which car got flooded woman like in the 90s when it flooded in ohio we lived on the bottom of the hill whole ship flooded alot peoples houses around car was fucked and didn't even get that much water in it wow total it shouldn't have made a car that you can get wet like a little waterproof car you can drive it in the lake but like no one ever wanted that piece of shit member when they couldn't do that with iphone so does no work can make a waterproof right well that's one thing the raise funds not waterproof it's not now a days and nobody's need that but it does have the the power button right here is also thumbprint sensor yeah i mean it's beautiful phone it's it's weird how the designs i can square like it's a what battery life on a phenomenal that's four thousand milla amps are using as your main phone right now now now is it to play games on fuck around with it just yeah
the sound is amazing when you play music on it's fucking incredible game the game is supposed to be bad ass if you like watching a youtube video like it's fucking loud watching it on a laptop with really good screen speakers turned on the one hundred and twenty hertz right yes that's the other thing is it's one of the very few cell phones that has one hundred and twenty rate hertz frame rate so it means that you get one hundred and twenty frames per second sometimes depending on the game which is like super silky smooth you plan something like you watching video i think most things it's not going to be able to take advantage of it but games a lot of games can is this out yeah yeah yeah yeah but there's one called i was watching unbox therapy unblocks unbox therapy he uh lewis had an article or video rather on the one ft is on it 5t set it one five t that i say it like that you see that the right thing to say but that thing looks fucking incredible that big one yeah
and it's uh it's half the price of like a galaxy note eight or it's like two hundred and ninety nine dollars five hundred bucks one hundred bucks one five t yeah so like my point was that the level of self unlike your iphone x10 sorry sorry nerds don't get mad so full can turn brew or even any of the new the new google pixels level so high now using the samsung note like these everything is like i was and a video comparison and there are nitpicking i mean these guys are net banking anything wrong with any of these phones like these things are like literally like science fiction from ten years ago it's ten years ago the things that these things can do the opens with your face you look at it and opens the one ft has a two
one plus let me see my note has it my note eight it does have that whatever you have no a has a but it's not is the same level now that you have to like stick it in your face and i do like that was the thing that loop with i think the way the note has a written detection which is different this is facial yeah and then the one plus ft hasn't even better version of facial recognition than the iphone and this is how quick it opens so quickly so maybe dan thinks the same thing and it also has a fingerprint sensor on the back with the iphone doesn't have an a big screen it's going to be asking a little tiny as bezels look smooth like the level my point is is just super high right now we're dorks like you and me very lucky and they're saying the next year one hi there already guessing at what neck next year so i don't know how old is they they got a pattern for folding fold which is cool in some ways like imagine having like a normal size phone but then you could fold it and make it an ip apparently the really
close to doing something like that and that's i think there's at one point i'm going to figure out a way to put it in your in your glasses it's going to be more like like glasses or even just like a contact lens that you never take out kind of like they have some dope son places some cool like elton john style frames and you have like just a full screen computer playing a virtual reality in front of you all the time it might be the way to go i can't believe google glasses didn't really take off too much they weren't that good it was too small you were looking at it i try once i did it i wore during one of the ufc wayans you're looking at this little thing over here and you look down you could see it and you can look up and you don't you kind of look past it but it's kind of there wasn't right it wasn't the right thing i think augmented reality where you either looking your phone or you have glasses on like that's what i think going to have a clear glasses on and you're going to have your phone and you
be able to switch to glass mode and your phone to be in your pocket in a bluetooth with the glasses and the glasses will be able to pull up anything does the other thing that's pretty crazy about some of the new google devices you take a photo of something and it tells you what that thing is you take a photo of the coliseum and i'll say this the coliseum in rome like what yeah the new pixel does have built in this is and how about this they have this thing called the pixel book we see the pixel book you buy a pen and you circle things on the screen it tells you what those things are yeah my know it has that yeah my note eight no eight you can just circle like a sentence and it will translate it on for you dude it's pretty soon how long before that becomes just standard you know and how much we're going to get to some sort of rosetta stone type situation where we can read each others thoughts like you'll be able to talk right now the note taking software is pretty god damn good it's pretty god damn good like if you talk into your
and whether it's with google notes or anything else with apple notes it'll pick up your voice very very well what is going to be like in five years from now on it's going to be incredible and you gonna be able to do in real time like they're doing with those ear buds of school your buds no they can bill do that in real time all the time and so there's going to be no language barriers than anybody ever has anybody else it's amazing isn't it weird crazy and then when they have the robot fights between the robot fights and no language barriers arrange what is this i saw this at twitchcon is this i track sing new replaces your mouse basically using your eyes yeah it's a little sensor in the bottom your right below your do a little bit of setting up and it literally you're looking at oh my god did it really well i saw i saw a little tests right in front of me will that work for games and the idea for
so tired of it won't work maybe you bitch that would be insane imagine if you got that down to games and your cursor moved exactly where you wanted to go it might be too easy be fucking people up with that wait a second this is an old video 'cause it just said like they were just advertising they had us two dot zero now instead of three dot zero not just works over two point doesn't need three dot zero i see wow tag your enemies by glancing at them boom boom oh my god whether not games action needed or it becomes uh something actually useful in the future and we'll see but that's been announced and it's coming soon or it's out now some alienware laptops think are having it built into it do not eating with my eyes pain with my eyes forget the face of your father yeah we're we're at the cusp of some really wacky virtual reality augmented reality type shit it's just a in the corner it's going to happen it's going to take us by storm and it's
we just like all these other things that we use like automatically wouldn't even think about it 'cause before twitter existed didn't even think about before podcasts existed you'd never even thought this would be a possibility that's going to be the new one that's going to it's going to be fucking cry easy some augmented reality type shit you wear and then eventually to have the robot eyeballs is going to go is going to be an early adopter i do one of 'em so it's hard wearing glasses can't read my phone after my glasses but i would do one first if if after left years of testing and stuff like that but i do one try one out i think there's going to be a bunch of options i think there's going to options in terms of like augmented parts this is going to be options in terms of like done being able to regenerate parts and that's just around the corner two they can regenerate a lot of shit now with stem cells they grew a womans bladder they made a bladder with
in cells and grew she had bladder cancer they grew a new bladder words that guy that's growing a new nose on his forehead you see that stuff from the same thing from stem cells and it's weird like honest for it he has a nose growing or it's an ear and is growing it for him his nose do that for else do that for now word of video rather were do was getting is very good jesus can have crazy knows that that's so weird looks great but it's on national geographic's yeah it's real what's wrong with his regular knows i think some forget what happened wow that's so strange looks so it was burnt that's that's another really crazy thing if you ever what they do with with
skin that's been burnt now they spray stem cells of the skin and it it kills the burns and orry generates fresh tissue in those areas and you don't have a scar that sweet that's like science fiction i mean that's literally out of star wars or something like when you see it they show people with these like really that third degree burns are pretty fucked up and they spray this stem cell missed all over them and in their skin just regenerate tissue few million yeah but but it's really essentially we're talking about some and it just a decade or two ago would be absolutely witchcraft fuck man and there they're blocking it to like we could be farther ahead in this whole field if they that stem cell should be a little bit more lee why fenced it's more legal now then it and then used to be but i think the real issue is during the bush administration i think it was like fetal stem
they had a problem with their really worried that people are going to get abortions just on purpose so they could sell the baby these to stem cell places in the people be a super immoral and just have a bunch of abortions and make money off the baby tissue is our annual which a thousand suns the problem right the problem is like no nobody would do that yes they would mother fucker doesn't been approved yet round table change currently waiting forever do if you got burnt and they offered it to you take it this videos videos look good here's the thing all the people that are like crazy conspiracy theorists and worried about science and you gotta realize science is responsible for this kind of shit science might be able to save one of your kids science might be able to fix your body people are smarter than us we need to respect them
the they're not lying about this stuff yeah this people the medical industry to make a lot of money off of pharmaceutical drugs in a bunch of things that make people so predicted and up your life there's that too but there's also this thing it's not perfect you should definitely call out the parts that are bad but you generous respected people that are smarter than us that are making all the awesome shit 'cause it's not you it's not me right jesus jesus made the people that made the awesome shit so there i'll give you that how about that will leave it up way friends are you gotta show big show tonight tonight yet comments or zero moshe kasher maryland writes a bunch of people bring shahab greenwich lucas loses on all the adults check my watch and my walk ins pat reagan osha gonna be finds that there is a ninety calmly stories and then tomorrow i'm doing sam tripoli show that's in the main room that's got a bunch killers on it too good
times this weekend detroit i think shows are sold out i don't know i should pay more attention but will be back tomorrow with see t fletcher ann bryan callen it's a fucking double header day now i won't let brian cowen ruin see t fletcher's interview don't worry seed by himself and then brian will be later thanks everybody into podcasts and thank you to our sponsors thank you square space the fuckin way i need to know how do i make a the way is square space son doesn't work with girls girl says son to each other have seen it go to squarespace dot com for a free trial and when you're ready to launch use the offer code joe to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or a domain squarespace seriously it's the shit and thank you again to stay
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should be a lot of fun i'm looking forward to that that would be at one thousand one hundred am and then powerful bryant allen will be later in the afternoon so that's tomorrow and then after that the next day i have hold up today i have smith once that dude i've been telling you guys about he is probably like right around more people know ian edwards i think because of podcast and because of him coming out with me and doing a lot of my shows and i'm sure a lot of you saying linoone smith if you there's a lot of people who don't and the my point is at the level of comedian that he is it's crazy that more people don't know about him usually time someone finds out about you you like a certain level proficiency and then you sort of kind of got to keep up he's way past where a guy who is is known as he is should be he's like a
top twenty in the world professional comedian that's my opinion that dude kills me he's is folks are hilarious he's a really good writer he's a sue super good dude and i'm really looking forward to having him here on wednesday finally have atallah people but only smith he's the fucking shit dude kills me next week and andy stopped my good friend the crazy flying squirrel suit dude former navy seal stanhope will be here next week chris stapleton oh shit the me peter guy sean baker we got a lot of mother fuckers coming we've got a shrimp great coming up with duncan trussell and power doctor chris ryan mcqueston be back here to tell more flat earth people to go fuck themselves neal brennan's coming up brett wines he's coming back rhonda patrick bitches a lot of guests coming thank you guys
i appreciate you very much appreciate all the feedback i ran into a lot of people on vacation the podcast fans it was cool glad you guys are enjoying it i enjoy doing it glad we could all do it together and we will learn a lot of right i'm learning a lot of shit thank you appreciate you guys and see tomorrow bye bye
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