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2017-11-28 | 🔗
C.T. Fletcher is an ex-powerlifter, actor, and video-blogger. He is a 3-Time World Bench Press Champion and 3-Time World Strict Curl Champion. https://odysseynutraceuticals.com
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a man who I forget, the guy's name, but he mentions it during the podcast talk to this guy about Youtube, and People start listening to him because he is so fond to listen to an inspirational, an interesting. And dumb, and we got him here. And I'm very excited, so please welcome City Fletcher will gain experience life what's up a. Finally. Finally, across the table from Jewel wrote my pleasure man. I watch it networks documentary tee. I do it's great merits intense. Thank you very much, and I tell you I was when I first saw us like was asking to be about that you get into it. You live woe, there's a lot more anonymous documentary with big guy see of mourning for its, not just that it's like they just went. They went down
been to your life into two everything. The struggles die, the heart condition the whole deal. Mamsie tally pretty good, yeah. So, where you stand now, health was ok, I thought my way back and as recently, this doom had another sit back, I'd never made you say it back and hard. Again in the blue. About I was gone again till doomsday here, so you a heart attack, they fixed your heart, they put in an artificial valve and then what happens when the second local did that lasted for twelve years. I had five. I had opener surgery actually asked away or flat line three times during answer and in his power I do have a blue company. Were this not ring out of the blue country a few signs, but I thought you know, I think a series of a heart attack sittin on account
did home, and I thought I was gonna monsieur. Well, what's confusing to a lot of people is you're? Obviously this, like intense, healthy guy in your ear fit in your life, and weights in you. Look at Jack like is it can should that you were born with a genetic condition, is most definitely hereditary. My mother nine of her siblings. All passed away from heart, related problems in my mom had to London, in also men only of past seventy two may arm a mom died. Sixty three, our past I will do no fifty eight and so you ve gone. Two of them so far, yeah so far and what they do after the second heart attack. Were they knew. The next thing I had pacemaker installed in, I got the already had met about, and I think they down just about
in doing this. All this one I get with me now, so they don't make step is a transplant. Man, that's a dance yeah, but you know what Jill as Nassau intends for me I think I have ever banning this among those who might be given the news any bandages. And through so much already me into policies, it will you flat three times ain't too much else. Can you know throw you for too many loops? I got out of faith now so you are you in line for transplant. Males are hard at work where it's a really long process deed and get on waste I'm goin through that process MA am, I almost ravine it's a really long process. They presented my case to the doctors who perform actual transplanting, and they said it
candidate may everything's looking up right now. If I may have a throwback had a can't, to biopsy yesterday. In it that's positive in there's. Gonna hold me up a little bit. Jesus Christ. Fuck it is crazy, because when you look at a guy like you- and you know- you look at you and especially you in your prime think, there's nothing can stop this guy see it. I didn't think so. I mean to say: like do you muscles are strong. Your hearts muzzle shit is hearts gotta, be ridiculous. Personal, Dr Barroso, indestructible go, but obviously I was wrong. Will you pretty much
correct me if I'm wrong, but you pray, much became famous from the internet right now launched right. Therefore, we now nobody knew our worst outfit brows. Fifty three entails fifty three years or when I was world champion, nobody knew gave a fuck about whom so that's pretty much. When I found out about yeah you like one used at first, I too making Youtube video nuns. When I found out about it, I think someone on Twitter sat me and unite people say be cool shit on Twitter, all the time again, retweeted I'll find out about it and send it to other people and some sent me some mom wives, a bunch of videos, but one of them was you workin out with time and would leave you have well. Do it champnell right, she's crises, gonna break em you gotta do is crazy. Super sets and others different shit and so have you. With a lot of Emma fighters, not a lot, but a few and now
May we are we going to talk about the fake view that now that wasn't a year we talk about him. I didn't it wasn't a fake eyed man. It were really a light. Is killing me Oh yes, yes, keeps like new ways of doing gotta talk about gonna talk about people's other, we're really absurdity. Turning I I was dead. The debate was and is a constant debating, Mme, whether big muscles in enhance you or hurt you and my might take on it as they do both my take on in it the bigger the muzzle the more power you haven't. I think tyrant is a perfectly ample of guys figured out how to use them perfectly like what he does Is he conserves as energy and when he sprints? You can't stop him so when he's in there in the cage, and he has these moments of explosion. The my horse power. Or that he can generate in a short period of time is just above and beyond everybody else, and division, and it's a terrifying. For everybody in the division, but he can operate at the same pace.
Constantly like some of the guys can some of the guys who have less Malta can round less mass they, less oxygen requirements. They take go longer, but they just can generate the same kind of power. But what time figured out. I do pretty brilliantly is to conserve its energy into these bursts and then now, like his big criticism. Early in his career, was that he would gas out as he got into the late around, but I was able to fight five rounds, no problem. He just fight it at his pace exactly, but that's not exactly. I want to start with his do. Ok now for all the people, all. The people said that I would never be able to sit down across the table from Joe Rogan. I want to take a special to safer girl right here and there in I, Joe Rogan on the enemy attack
and I want to export and got the opportunity to explain to. You is true idea to tag to Rome, and I won't have to explain to you why exactly I did the ogre and I want to do that now. I want you think, I'm just an asshole, nine think you're an asshole at all. It didn't bother me at all, ok and change my feelings. I never attacked back, no especially use you did, but you would you do do but that I couldn't do they do before that Was you racks actually talk to me, Jackson? I want to talk to you that I have people Who could I'm really cool would allow a view of sea fighters and I see now- and I wonder if ITALY even knows where people it was, personally set out to keep tagging you until you wouldn't get?
on a pike S, people, it's driving me that she does not work. It is the best way to not get on the pot gases. It get a bunch of people, try to get your mind, urgency fpcc. With regard to your hey. Do we want to see you? My response is always you know Joe, he probably don't even know who fuck, I am. You know, tell me you don't know the fuck, I'm just quit Tagged. Bad man. There was my response at him all the time all tied to select don't buy. The jail, he's busy non Oda, fuck em on that United NET League. So don't bother me, that's why you know what I've got these fires, I'm always fires and they friendly Whitley ACT Maybe you do know who I am I you know afterwhile, maybe you just don't like my eyes. You know it's only tyrant will be being came, entails turn let them Bulgaria has it where my dad's age, you you don't know what the fuck are you talking about
there s a dead, my figure on the fucking dog. They responded to figure things out, responded. Exert like you, responded the ailing room, you didn't that's. Why didn't attack you back, get why people has, I think, give people would think that I dont responses and I like you, I just can't keep up no man, I'm staying here I have so I found out. I have point: six million fake followers, though, if apparently, that's not a real, measurement in obeyed the twitter audit is people dont use their account to tweet. Maybe these check twitter out. I don't know whether or not but I've never paid for any the fake once would remove it and it might be russian Botz. I don't know what it is, but just to people. I look at my mentions an and then at least we
percent of em are ass. Also, you read one assholes things like fuck this phone down, so it's it's not a matter of like me, not liking people, it's a matter of mean in it being in an impossible situation, does not keep up animals. We are only one guy being an item. Can I am the only one guy annulment anybody fuck with my twitter nobody's he's doing now. That's all me yeah! So if you get it, For me, it's from me, and I don T know where can keep up of arms appeal it try to talk to and get a hold of me. If you think I'm ignoring you, it's just I mean nor in everything What matters now feel so bad Aurelia ago there was- and I want to keep to attend to trying to get that. That's what's so. That's why I came up with the attack worked yeah. I was trying to be nice broth without Suzanne S Old Ladys said: oh man, afraid! Ok, do you absolutely right? I jumped up
I certainly jumped on you like there, but we do. We do possess a mood of difference of opinion on the muzzle guy yeah. Do so. Tell me what you think. Ok, I was trying to explain that guy. I know you have to have known guys like this better now truly naturally jes Mama. Yes more built Look like they may have waited and work out, but they don't write. Guys, aren't you! noticed Guy Hersel Walker Shore standing amply you know, both Jackson, for example, these guys enticing athlete muscular re, most guys, but I think if you were born, born must there's a difference in a guy goes a museum and works out three four hours a day
at Moscow on he started out on Non guy, but these have you were born with that muscle. Then you were born with and your vascular system, the lungs, and what not to support their muscle, Annie it's take it way way back to guidelines. Gm thought. Nobody head and shoulders. Above all, the of athletes appease error because is born way so born good law gives the cardinal passed within the learned anything to eat to go along with that extremists, We were born with in some cases. In some cases, man. I thought they you're making me blanket statement they covered a lot of you know the muscular guys tire out because of the extra muscle, and I disagree because I think they were What guy muslim men they were born with the support system to support them
think there's a lot of logic. To that. I think it makes sense, but I do think that if you have a certain amount of muscle like there's just no way you are going to be even have the same cardiovascular capabilities as someone it's Billig Marathon runner, you're, not gonna, have marathon runner have theirs. Vantages and disadvantages, I think, to all sorts of body types, especially when it comes to fighting there's a big advantage to being powerful scary. If you look at a guy like would lead to shit, you know you know you can't stop em, like everything is going to stop him as him getting tired or you got it catch him when he's coming right, is just faster, the new stronger than you is theirs benefits to that, but I think that the way comes to like there's no need, never gonna see a marathon run that Spilett Woodley. They just don't exist. So, even though he has the cardiovascular system and the support system That's designed for that build that he is born with her still was never going to be able to compete with like an elite trafficking, because your body has to be smaller, you have to have less ox
requirements less weight. The you're carrying around just note, there's no way but there's benefits. Dessert it's a real it's a real like balancing act. I think it s a may, because you have to have some muscle. You have to build a get guys off you. You have to be able to get up bottom you have to be able to explode, you have to be able to close the door. Quickly there's a lot of like real benefits to be powerful, but then this you know it's it's like it's about Yet you know you're right do, but here we go. It is not just muscle You see maritime runners bitter to earn? pansy they be fat smooth bird, a bar and steal you not it's not, because of musculature debate they just big guy period would have a hard time being a mere restore so
The musculature. That's where we have to make. Is that the most mature, because that most mature, if you're, born, if you just born more muscular, and maybe you ve been little kids in grade school, and you see someone a kid. I don't have a six pack just be built better, and the other key in the inn, appeared to appear If that muzzle you were born with that Moscow. In my opinion, it is my opinion of everyone born with that Moscow that musculature is MAC, we know it is not going to be detrimental in your system, is made, for you know, is you may do system able in and if it be a bit, but you're right
see by built like turnaround, gloomy running in the New York, merit ban or win in the New York. He could run an egg it running very irregular. Oprah me. My friend told me that only four hours in twenty minutes rigorously mug impressive to beat me yeah. Maybe you won't you right, but I think the best The bigger person period is not in the habit of fine Mason, mostly to end boss. Route, and I talked it boss room a little bit about it, and I say my boss, you, like a fucking Bear to see me. He was quite a member. I don't live weight and as if you pay my point right right, you'd have em up I do not think you were born in the way the union damn it live weight, live where, like improvement, boy voracity ragged, you don't
You know you didn't get their muscle from going to do. The pomp and earn and get your born that way, and so, when he was born, that way the boss also does a tremendous amount of pliers like lot of explosive stuff. Like all this bag work, you see boss hit the bag on these three. Maybe this is the main issue is being over ocean years in everything he does. He does like with a thousand percent effort, so you know his work out like he would tell me that the way he would work out was when you prepare for a five minute round when he would start getting shape. He would go As hard as he could for like a minute and then like be exhausted, and then you will work himself up to a minute and a half the work himself up to two minutes. By the end of his training camps. Ego five minutes for club on my tat created at work, but in you know against that is boss. His body started to deteriorate, cause he so goddamn tough. I guess. No,
religion is needs, is needs a completely shot. He captured, cortisone and all his joints like whenever we too have injury. So's joints are all fucked up, has got ten denied us everywhere. Sissies his mind was too strong for like the vehicle that it less care his mind or were roast is still one of the best about tat waving about mad hues, love, Matthews, ok, how we build spilling attack you ever see him gas out. Well, now. I know, but you know Matthews in his day Sierra put this like of all he's not built like a tank like maybe the way Woodlands Bill is little bit little bit more slight than Woodley, but still pretty goddamn thick but also like. He was able to do too was he's such a good wrestler. He was able to dictate where the fight takes place in a good. A certain can control situations take guys down
Then you know once you're on top, like you get a break, you can you can rest, and then you know you, his ground and pound and submit guys who saw the first guys. Ever too, there was a high level wrestler that starts emitting dudes yeah, George Saint Pierre near my good friend of mine. To also really where illegal Berkshire another one party was pretty damn good that you make you make my point had access, I just there's there's requirements right and if you, if you can get into a physical shape, You can use those muscles The way you need to do the only way need do inside the octagon mean. There's I've seen great benefit to be masculine. Why? I think that guy's there would actually born like then, as I think, Saint Pierre and use both war
women Matter- Farm Boy- oh yeah yeah. I think those guys were born shore is more out of oil. Just like empty air, and if you were born, more like back. Then I pay but guy's, going to gym and put on muscle, We as the motor car bill, I can't built muzzle so they have in my hand smaller frame yeah got their built muscle there built muzzle time Our real fares- and I agree with you a hundred percent on a guide and has been so they went into the german pomp down again. It must have their way. Agriculture. Percent Joey Absolute right here? tire out? Those does an enormous axis, no certainly not in Use entirely spoken note. How are you Frances and Ghana. Oh yeah he's fighting this weekend and Frances. I'm gonna just broke the world record for the most power
were shown in a punch. They have this machine that they use worldwide it. It's widely accepted the designation. Best ways to measure is this large pad and you hit with full power. It generates, and Francis gonna beat the second place by some some insane amount of power. Me he's a ridiculously powerful do he's he's gives a shit out. Everybody here is ready, so they they shut showed. This is this thing that shows what the original world it was. Then in Ghana broke it by like three vows. Look at me. He's ridiculous! He's terrifying. You know they I understood who is almost car if he has home. He was almost livin in France and he made his way into a gym. Believe you wanted a box and where they brought him in. So I guess so one hundred and twenty nine thousand one hundred sixty one units, the previous
and was one or fourteen thousand like why tyrants bar, whose beasties, and so Francis in Ghana, whose fighting this weekend, who is fighting ours, is another, so fantastic for any predicts. Chaos dictate predicts integrate their yeah. I mean I don't we were talk. I was talking about this on my may. Podcast that asters been stopped. I think may anime he's been stopped at least eleven times. I think he's been stopped. Three or four times and kickboxing, as well as at fourteen calles plus knocked out in his career. Either today or knocked alec- that's a god. It's gotta be worried about getting hit by the guy was get the world record. Punch is gonna, be youth in exuberance, verses experience, craftiness the entire area is gonna, that's what he's gonna be
consequences of ours to getting hit or so grave in Ghana, so terrifying. Its think you mean possibilities very pretty yeah. It's very interesting meeting. Ghana was supposed to fight junior to Santos at one point, which is also really interesting fight, but I think the house overcome fight is more dangerous for em, but also its gonna. Let everybody now because asters at the top of the heap and heavyweight division burning in Ghana, by ouster, mostly he'll get a shot at the title virtue right. So what do you think he's ground gained in what we do too much about than he submitted one guy in the octagon in you know. We know that he does have submission skills. He was one fight submission think Anthony Hamilton, but I think you know he's for its first vote: fight. Start stand up, and you're gonna have to get that guiding good luck and he's been taken down before and survived and came back not guy out so,
and he's also you know, still learning and growing needs started. It really pretty. Much has already been doing for a few years. He's terrifying. Two of them believe yeah. Well, you know what I think he represents. I think he represents a real world class athlete that fighting Mme, whereas like maybe that guy what again football or somewhere else in another era. Yeah. You know for sure that now that Emma may, as you know, it's like that's, it think the same thing about John Jones, John Jones. I think that it done anything but John I got an email, you see what happens when you see a real world class athlete man, I'd dinner, and I got to meet him a few times and he told me that he listened to me before he goes out and you know before he goes out and fight I was a real honor him say: do you like this? I'm the one speech, but I did
anyhow, you say it along with Mr Ribeiro vanity ago and in his phone line he goes out and kills people does he's a murderer. Me yeah. I HOPI, I hope, exhorts all its problems out on an what's what the fuck's go around as recent positive drug test, so will say: it seemed like a guy can be turned down dooms with us. We need to save our ties and yet it was through you want all of your world records, drug free, yeah, a hundred percent jug free I am the drug free for thirty seven thirty eight years, but I'd be a try. I did try right in one thousand nine hundred and eighty or eighty one, I believe it for us, before we came illegal, I tried, but you try. I try. I want
foot doctor, and I don't know if I should say this fuck his name cuz. It might still be in business still viable same, the guys magazines. I thought everybody with drug free anything because nobody talks. It's a weird thing about those magazines, railway area. I want to tell you about creating their tea and brands chain amino last year. Fuck me, I couldn't wait before I get somebody meter where they got me research, this we're talking about I want a couple current is a guy. The guys from me count as it came to me, cities as well. You taken see to twenty. It armed not every everybody at that. Every fuckin binary knows magazines. Virus was drug free. He goes waiting I told him to me glasses and shit, and he goes home and what? What kind of steroids are you taking us a question? Fat
You don't know what austerity is. You don't even know what I only when I was the fucking with me from carrying out. We gotta go to these doctor gaming address and everything in her eyes out of isolated. I pick me, but I still remember I wanted a dogged and gonna get my nose and ears, and she is my lungs and game prescription fora decker again for scripts for some deck derived, and I take it right. The Kaiser Pharmacy pharmacists there s a what this is the east, fuckin bacon, you don't need this busy I want to give you try, I be a professional
I may tell me if I want to be a professional and be lying on Franklin Reza. I gotta take this silent and take it and he gave to me we already meagre fulfil prescription together, and I did my decking in went back the doktor and gave me no future for our testosterone cited deck interest, and did you notice a difference for For years I noted that you got off of it got off over, but I had These reasons We want to show you a those word. You're, ok and a work, deafening work I get fucking heart. Is you know this Titus, and but I also
does it does, is to everyone we want to talk to him about this guy's man eyes you. You must spin it s all before it s quite white, possibly true, because I was pretty much an answer because it in the way I was raise, you know, a bad attitude gone so again, saved. It seemed to amplify my bad attitude, weeping everything piecemeal. So I had a really bad attitude. Who pays me out? So I had a really bad attitude. I was married at the time I had a real bad. I do my wiping see big time everything everything piss me off, so I had a really bad attitude. I was married at the time and I had a real bad attitude with my wife and she do shit now go I mean nothing manner, but ok back there, our level of eighty six and a big giant, big, o J.
J while rolled over to have sex and net Imagine was happening every, but these errors please. This is when you got off of while rolled over to have sex? that was happening as we, but these dear these businesses, when you got off of tell me the name rash here. Are you gonna take this this? We seek to make these low mid day anything, any monos per year. Nor now gone. Do you remember beer hunting, team ban, soaking, wet their behavior? You know a boner. Forget me there. It must have effective lifting too, because what comes is the giant dip in your natural testosterone went to get off my back,
it. Was there because we are deciding factors, see it for their long. Were you IFOR, total of six miles, but what they do is they tones backing You do to my on a two minds: are so long due to it take two months two months, and that was the protocol here, as they told us what doktor, his name is there to do so as all six months? but it took a long and aggravating might often between two myself. That's it. A deaf, we definitely what, but, when you whipping. I'll tell you is when you start take we just stop taking cold turkey like that, every four thing they do, gained during time and again, you know I was ready for
I have one like low small abided by guarantees that are ready for fucking, Mr Merrick, Denise FUCK em. I just them was tighter, had more bays and shit every man is great shit, but when you get off, they see everything to gain you know and ban from last any step gaze Mighta might again get from an Amy Harney said now. I had to start from lower. Then, where I was before I started taking that because you just ass, they say you didn't gain something and you keep something once your body normalizes. You know you do have some sort of gains, it's one of the arguments that they say about people that have taken steroids and gotten off of em. That, if you can, I'm allows your testosterone, you still gonna have an advantage over people that have never taken it before, but
a general. I don't know how to there is. I felt like that single of being gained in our past. I think I I I feel like I lost ground actually cuz. I just stopped. Turkey and I've been. I actually lost ground- is really supposed to wean yourself off, as I believe so, but not about tell me, and when I roll over the wagon twenty one years old, and I thought that sex every day, the norm RAM Eu aid. It is that's what you give me a fourth everyday minutes, one of the benefits and about. If I can't answer for every day, then you something's wrong. I was just there was my normal normal bright preceding my wife or to time brow been thank dead, but if you guys, I forget that when this month how'd you up
she had a break when women early days, we got a little break for the first time ever. You know my oh, no, no, no, no anything is gone far prepared. That's what gets people back on it, a lot of the psychological addicted of core I mean who me you. You knew tat in item, talk about it. You know I was there. Was any beauty magazine articles staffer due time when I was World Champion World Lena, I did up in articles. I never thought it was anything the high you nor anything like panacea, I wish that I had never do, but I wish I could say now followed by wars and could say I have a perfectly clean record, like my training partner, richly somewhere between we train together for twenty years and this guy per record, never even tried
drawing room. His is his mind was stronger than my peer pressure. They want. Be in magazines and want to make a living doing something, and I love of data points the clock, every fuckin bait out that appeal was too great for me as a young guy from me to pass it. I wanted to do so, and then I love money anyway back then, but I wanna working at the Post office, Twenty eight years but it makes sense to meet him. It makes sense that the appeal would be so strong and it's a very ill works. I mean that's the big reason why people want to take it out of sports and ever wants that document or that's on Netflix called Icarus. Have you seen that? No, I m c Icarus is all about the russian anti Doping state sponsored programme, the Russian, but I should say pro doping. A literally gave steroids to every single one of their athletes. Me moors and it's crazy documentary man, because the guy Brian Fogel who's, the director, is also he's in it because he was an amateur cyclist and what you want
the deuce an experiment. So ran or heeds cycled this race one year totally clean and then the next year he went to this russian doctrine said just fuckin juice me up to the gills. Let's do it and they just shot him up with everything and in process of him getting to know this doctor the scandal broke out about the Sochi Olympics about. The Russians cheated during the Sochi limping and it's all documented in this film. As the news is breaking and then the guy who's the russian doctor has to flee Russia. He leaves family behind they take its families house and there they take all their money in their basely, making this family homeless to try to get him to come back to Russia, he's in protective custody in America right now and he detail the entire programme. Everyone was hot. Every everyone was on something they want. Thirty, What's a Larry, as they just took some of them metals away and the metals with the most pull metals- and I like you or unwillingness these- you can have this one.
Yeah. They took like four bullshit metals away. They kept the be real yeah. They ve been kept wrestling. They kept all the baby, it's bullshit. Indeed, I did see big strong fast year, that's a nice guy right because their pro steroids right right. That is interesting approach to arrive in a lot of yeah. Well, that the argument is, I mean I see, I see it for in terms of fair competition. I see the argument against it for fair competition. It makes sense, but like I also see the argument in terms of like, if you're going to be taken amino acids and creating and all these different things that do give you some sort of a benefit Why take the ship? It gives you the real benefit. Were you know, Do I I don't find fault with people
who will decide to do take rules because like say twenty one year old kid and I took so how to Falkiner Wraye she about anybody who's who to make the same disease in the ground, and I believe that many years ago in I act, beer, hypocrite asshole. If I was you know to do there is long. Is everybody? in the competition that year and whatever their competition may be, fuckin flip whatever, whatever faculties in grand, would ever forget. Is everybody for years behind them, then, is a level playing field that Boeing guys we are trying to compete, naturally against geyser now, then it becomes unfair. So they may have a division
doing a lot in these weightlifting contests, and things now am divisions in a cart, naturally, visas and actually test for stare, rose and stuff like that, and it may be ass, it does. Like, therefore, to fighters doing- and we know TAT S a guy if you motherfuckers- come on. I mean what every bring we break rearing. What kind of doing that in Japan, room yeah Japan has an organization called rise and where its essentially an offshoot of pride, or at least some of the people involved, there were involved in private and pride like I had ends in any way in the park ass, he was talking about his pride contract decided specifically stated. We
Will not tests to force their caps and shit these lights and working Annabelle right was a lot of ways and allow people's eyes that was the golden age of em are made in terms of just sheer performance, meaning, but you gotta wonder like all those guys like fade or and crow cop and all those guys in their prime wife how much it where they are and where they are things mean nobody wants to talk about this in began boom boom. Andrea suspected you know, maybe they part the bloody war for half an hour and people want to say like fate or who most people think is like the great heavyweight of all time, or at least it's an argument right. He he was really good friends with Putin. Who is at the head of the russian doping state, sponsored doping programme, what are the odds they just let him can be client like one over the other didn't use em up testing you
I don't know- I don't know you- don't- have a steer worried by the you. Well, you say that by nearly days assures fuck did really and the earth pop that picture of fate or with the kettlebells is a famous picture of him. In our. He was a big proponent of me: hidden lift waits per se where I did like calabash sizes which our weight year not like. You know bench program that shit curls. He did a lot of pliers, and a lot of explosive strength, training exercises and things on that. But this when you look at this picture here, pretty fuckin jacked dear nephew, working time is an animal like a power with gas, exactly as it was built in his early flight, it is very built and then later in his career, this law-
things going on layer in his career, but it seems like when he came to America, one of the first things he did if I, if he was ever on anything before he wasn't on it, when it came to Americans, looks like you also stopped wheat training and only see concentrating on sport, specific exercises which a lot of people disagree with some people say that you have to have some kind of weight training you have. Have some sort of strengthen conditioning programme. Our course from the Maghreb background. I would say yes, I would agree with their. I think so too. I think you need both Thank you. You certainly need skill that the model for you there, but in order to really highlight that skill, you gotta have that body up to full potential. You ve gotta be Pekin, you gonna, be the rock and roll. My boy, man, me too,
The tree own- I am out of fate or those who, as a huge edge feather in his cap as mobility, is love that guy he's Larry Funny Funny super cool. Yet the coup funny do at lunch together at the mill even better than we have been talking and shit, and I get to talk to a lot of a lot of fighters when I really are people like you dear you normally a blast me, and I tell you do. I have no idea Why bear? The first any idea for you to start may never her know why people? Why, I'll. Tell you why? Because its fuel everybody who wants to do something in their life has ups and downs and we need fuel. Like I'll tell you I got fuel today, when you were in front of those kids in Compton and you talk to them about obsession being a good thing. If you want to be graded, anything I want.
Shut. The fuck and tv often go run the hill. The fuel like that is important for people like seeing someone like you, get fired up and talk about things energizes people are watching. Every time you put out one of those Youtube videos and a million people watch it. How many of those million people engage, in an activity that maybe they weren't gonna do that day. How many of them went to the German they weren't gonna go to the gym, how many of them just decided to get there? fucking career in order that their life in order to get your shit together when they maybe weren't. We need each other people need each other weird way in people need people like you, you know whoops. The reason why I surprised Judge- because I tone right in the video. Have you know like I'm saying turned my fucking perfect. You know fucking down on item even I didn't know the Bay page, you you know they view too, with an outbreak is
anyway, I'm out walking back and forth, did it again betraying p binding happening out a horrible personal train. You know very well I want to try to get a job as a lot of different gems. Anybody me. If I had my certificate and ass, they look six time world champion. We now need a fuckin certificate, know I'd live ways and they, oh yes, you do. Have you? No God isn't it get get all How would we might look my Lou, x and seen under my computer, and I got a guy turned down a blind to turn me finally, we do a hard core do as a city for tat yeah
hey where we know I had to go to it, but I want to these changes some time you now the planets like adding they know ass. I was a vice, have the harm. Firstly, they break in those people that they would collect. My girl come in nature. He one session. One says no pay me for a month. Drain. One time with me- and I know how I do Know- pussy pussy out they're fucking fares. Take you fucking as background easy money. Take you fucker mining are needed that fucking mind too. I mean we bear magazine, I was walking. Because when I have my dear hearken, to our use of all my sick leave and step. I working interposed over use of all the sickly. They. Let me go, let me
for many things. If you can't get, let go from a government is bullshit became allowing them, so they let you go because you sick. Why used up all my sickly in every be doing guy had a rough recovery there cavalry was rough sly. I state too long. It gave me so much ass data two, my so my sick, basically was are worn out. In the end, they actually let me go but before he let me go they grant me a fool. You know health health related give it for a four year benefits year, everything for a year and then unexplained were the same back to grant anything which, with their doktor ticket, wait a year later, so you later broke his foot I don't got no time. I got no panties after working for twenty eight years there. I don't got no kind of retirement, no nothing walking around trying to get a personal train and walk right? Any person may find me
gave me one and a hard core damp and gave me a person training men like I said I didn't have very many kinds, it all the guy call the original iron and so the guy's dead with me and I put them through Hell. They like to become back from where it couldn't those who guys lived there. I call original iron x. Yeah, there's some people that it is not going to have the men of fortitude for that, but you you're, that's like for some months ironing out it's kind of crazy total. You know death, we met for the average go now. No, no, no no unit mean what you were saying to those kids, is very important. Like there's a difference between the kind of effort and focus, you want to put in in order to get yourself fit. I just want to be in good shape. I just want to be able to do ten push ups. Tension. Ups and normal shit there's a difference between that person. And the type of person that's going to seek out excellence since gonna? Go to
like you and go is just what every day to give one hundred percent. I want to drain myself on that bench. Drain myself at that squat rack. I wanna have nothing left I leave here. Can you do that? As we know it sounds good now we're like three weeks it joined to again in your body, fallen apart, no easy to keep reminding me sometime. It was once you see him, no, more, no explanation, no meanings. They want birds Tommy going to bear from announcing normal bathroom fucking coming back. Did you get a lot of injuries when you training no I was lucky a man- you know my first through there is a power lifter
get into a never ending the injuries, and I didn't you know, wrap up or really really that's crazy crack bound. My bones, really strong in tendons? No shoulder problems will not go to problems lie. That's an uneven Dorians, Dorians Yeats. All fucked up now had him on the pod gas in one of his arms is Jack to can't do pushups anymore shoulders, all fucked up and all the connective tissue tor off the bone and just why why hours to making the you don't need must have on genetics, Inter Alia the very best here. That's where I greatly to exactly is just genetics. As much as my dad hated him growing up. I got a credit buddy Fletcher for that man. Now I hated to do growing up
that was a big party documentary man. I was intense. You know when you would tell the story about getting a gun because you were supposed to go and apologize. The teacher, because you said some, the teacher really you disagree about evolution. You father got mad at you and said you gonna go apologize. A teacher with a teacher was sick, yeah and you didn't get a chance to say no. She was sick. You just said now any broken. No yeah, that's of heart, wrenching story. As a father s, body foot is room right. There remain many days. Do some get em to bear to do so I, when I went after you know grown up like that. I was, I grew up in fear. How my dad I'll die, and by growing up with in the buddyfight this household? When I went into the piece of cake man House,
used to it. I was already you know. You threw yes, sir, no sir standing at attention and saluting and shittin, and do impossible. She would every asked me if I do, I was already used to his army. Was you know, she had already been doing guys green- is the other donors, my fucking, my no problem. How did you get on you too? guy came into the dam in into doom and he said his name- was a Barbuda arise different headings stream project and you had a big fallen already. You to me said: hey, can I view you for you to know what the fuck is. You too any said worse, this social media. Being in my eye, one question: can I say what it further monastery,
and he's a year you say, would ever fuck you unless it can occur, Ccs curse or you want to fuck. It is on that guy man think about how that works. Like one thing leads to all these other things like that guy come, in talking to you, lead to you spiralling countless millions of people that crazy, is absolutely crazy. I my every thought, but I knew you used me out there my god, what happened? I never do you always want it as it is funny? I wanted to inspire p My dad was a preacher. Korean WAR that Anna preacher so I grew up soup in a super religious housel superbly. Ladies the thing was a thing: everybody in vain
was a friend or you can do she at Dayton, girls out to sea and gaunt, and moves Elsie listen, do whatever kind of music they worth one Gazprom musicals assent. Listen, I'm tired! everything will forgive them so, but you know biting Fletcher, Is our recently sisters lacerated take everything went on? I was waiting for. Fifty used to hear an apology from him. There was never gonna come and able to eat me up. Those tearing me the fucking pieces me because our being all do our wake up pine training kicking in sheep and I'm still fightin biting furtive? these six. Fifty seven, years. Oh I'm still fighting the stupid, I'm still carrying around these hate. Eighty them but it was ok to hate with news think I just hate me, and we do hate me here,
hold me, you got what you got up in church and he made an announcement say: hey look I know what it is between that which was made appointed me that sound right beer and get along with the rest of the brothers, not no problem, but he hated me and he says because he's much like me. That's why I hate him and want to know about this one, we can get along. I hate you because you're someone like me, So I was like a no problem. I hate areas too, and she has never worked it out. Oh yes, we do we care, but it was. Have you seen a movie ahead when we're Dad Durned movie. I still night and doing movement. They asked him ass. They asked him up. Do you have any recollections of wind you? sitting on which is tat. We D find recollection You see CT. If is a kid and outlaw was looking Andrews Way
now we are really. I really want to hear if he was gonna fabricate some Brad, because riding habit and I'm like I was a dismal for girls say I going question and hidden heavy and as I was, Alonzo bows ready to stop. Fucking movie and just make it s out of myself, and I now: U S bullshit, we enact new name one fucking time we ever do anything. Prayers were together mug, but in our very go all, but he didn't Having so many having fires, looking and has the same regulation I have been, but I really they now gave him until the last hardtack into now and then, when I had a heart attack, and you see my a revelation came meetings. Like is not hurt. Him if not hurt him in my bed, is eighty six years, though fine, you easier he's he's like he's, I don't think he beings did. He has any
to be sorry, for I think he thinks he's done a fantastic job raising me and our- just wait, not a party whose name gonna come then when it was still the hate them. For him was eaten media to get their burden Call me I've habitat lands harder. I didn't want to die carrying bird with me of hate, my bare, so I went to my day now asked him to forgive me. Well,. Yeah. How did you say that what I wanted to say? I say you know: look there have brains to turn the recently unharmed Blame do my entire life. A whole lot of things then went back. I went you know that always you know plane's you fixed in and out and sorry
I don't need no. I don't want to blame you for that anymore, and would you please forgive me for carrying this against you for my inner my whole life? I don't want to die, you know, but let me think that you know how I love you, man and I want you to know that Why do I know how good it did not wake up pint in initiate anymore eyebrow, Beata Branford Ideal anyway and awaken with those night. Why haven't they nightmare since the? Why? How did he react? he will be, was fully accept. The of monopoly. Grace me use graciously accepted my apologies. So do you can the Kate regularly. Now, no metals David Stone on communicate, rare. We, I d, really wanted to get better off my tears release. The barrier is really want to get it off my tears and get release debt burden, and I you know
probably trying to Kay more after I get this new heart. You know it's come fucked up, but in a way, and I dont know why this is, but sometimes people that have gone through terrible childhoods. They Rick recognize what it means to be a good father May I see you with your kids a seat in the dogmatic, and I see you It's a round. You here yeah yeah bank. They came with me why we sitting when we deal Rogan too but a year. We have a super super time. Maybe I want sure that was many ass? My kid. You know twenty years in their work, every five memories of your dad in your child and how you go. I want to make sure they got plenty of fucking prime memories. They Bacon say ya. My dad was my dad. We did this to give him. My dad was. He was love me to death? I never had one doubting
remind my dad love the shit out of me? I don't want my kids grow up. You know like I guess I put for extra effort to make sure this matter going so in some sort of way. It turned out to be positive because you're such a doting father, you so you're so into it, so obvious that it's like you did that you have consequences of how your dad treated you came out to you the opposite way. Yeah made it made. A fucking point me, as is its major, born a kid, but but So do you know a good came out there? The town the kind of guy who did I went through I'm sure it would I, It is just a tent of. Will you get when so many thousand thousand people there tell me tell me: hey man my day, I had a fact tat you and I I see how you were able to come out and there are some Keith Keys contact me. Now, I'm gone
through a fact, tat, city, and because you may it you were so that look back and I think that's. Why did I have to go through these? Why did I have to have certify fucked up tat is because their because You talk about my town and it helps so many others. For so many other key is illegal back only now, as it was so worthy one. Even finding me is so worth in everything, but I had to go through one hide everytime. I heard my dears keys in the door was needed run away from back home wanted? I hate, you know, hated my child when it was worth it. Things are worth being able to help wine. Who might be going to the same thing so fucking. Why did I counted as a blessing is just a place, what's in that right there. That attitude reason why people are attracted to.
Cause. You really do like helping people like you re We do your happy that you suffered so that you can help other people. That is one of the reasons why people so attracted to well there, Gas will tell him you re long term, leader burger. You just try to weed out the week in week out the Amazon, even the weakest people that aren't willing to take the leap we heard you and any excuses excuses are real problems, Vive La Mancha, real problem? Could you give yourself a well? You can fail at things you could try and not be able to do it, but the excuse for why you can't do it. Why are you going to fail? Why you don't feel up to it today? Are why you're tired, or why the things on your mind way of others, things you have to deal with. First, before you can start working out. That's all bullshit yeah and I told them tat they needed to hear it. Did you hear that shit? You hear it because they create boundaries they create there
borders to create their own obstacles. They create there things that cannot be surpassed in those others. These are just products of the mind, and it's just that the ego protecting you from failure from protecting. From that horrible feeling that you need experience or move forward. If you want to move forward, you got experience and falls you get it slip. You gotta fall down to getting a back up. You gotta you gonna, try and fail, because You don't feel that means you are trying hard enough, because nobody just fuck an excellent and everything all the possible is SIMPLE Europe, a good person. That means it. One point: you live you fucked up to be a better person, exact, there's no other way around. It does not know what just great from the boom know them unless you're the Dalai Lama, Buddha or some shit. No one is from the womb at anything, ass, correct, minority, forget or body for being a human being an athlete Vienna, whatever a doctor, whatever the fuck, you are trying to do. You're gonna, if it's difficult to do you
fuck up along the way, and some people can't handle the fuck up. They can't handle it, so they can leave, interact, didn't even dry. They indignantly. They cannot all it's my thyroid, though, as you know, I just I have a problem metabolism? Or you know I dive chronic fatigue big syndromes, just fucking get up and go one foot in front of the other, keep moving design movement moral do more, and I feel you get up in the morning all the article. That means you get up, do not get the fuck up. You know that need. Did president button get the fuck up and go and if you don't have it and out, if it impossible to not get the fuck up and go. Then you just do it. You just allow that other part don't allow that ominous hit this news, bun fuckin snooze, but is the worst shit? That's ever, but do you really feel better after nine minutes that should do you any good mills get up, bitch, you're, just gonna drive! You see it's your book and about
got there being struck by people like do that's one thing hears. It has a business view what he should do ring tones ran towns and alarms an alarm, a city Fletcher alarm every morning worker is that a beep beep, beep beep, just you say and get your fuckin. We had no excuses, Therefore I do some similar their cousin people out my whole life, a method that is day book. Cameo, aren't antics book Camel Durkheim confirmed in a people paid twenty five bucks happy at thirty, four and thirty, four one for me, the customer, so I guess customer for two minutes to many straight. I could tell you call Montana moment, but she had been I've been doing. My whole life for next year
and now you know the people pay me to do it. Man in it is wonderful. It is wonderful one guy tell me I want to test my ex wife, yeah yeah Zoophytes. I had to let her letter no writer front, hey Is that me saying, if you didn't anyway yea all we are doing what is now known idea to me saying this is Gregory ring you saying to you believe him for a long while he is not interested in your ugly s, no more. My stockings beats, but these are we talking about here. Is that if you get together shooting my Ex Gregory, why did you ever get hold a you know who you are wearing station heard a book online for Gregg? Is there a way to keep this back? What I really think that those
Yes, you do are very important. I really do. I think that inspiration dislike people For some reason. There's there's a bunch of people that, like to mark that stuff like two and most those people out shape. They like the mark that and they like to make fun of it, and I'm not talking about comedian, some talking to which they can be really funny, I'm talking about there's a lot of people that sincerity like, for whatever reason bothers them. And sincerity when it comes to inspiration and motivation. Those can things like some and for some people people overdo it go to some people's pages and there s,
Rampages all bunch quotes the other people saying shit, merely mine every now and then every move like it's like you die. You know it's ok, to eat a piece of cake every now and then don't take all day. The bottom line a pagan cake there and if you see, does nothing but inspirational means all day long. You like this is not working any more than they don't get in right now to marked, but a real person real person like you, whose already accomplished a shit load thanks who understands the benefits of real hard work, ten city and focus when you do videos man I get fired up. I get fired the foe God. I see those videos and I want to go to the german right. Where you can fire. Don't you see, I really feel Ruby, looted, Ferko newly words. Why don't get upset when you get matterby due note now be below it fuck you are a man. I mean how many millions of people senior videos
maybe one or two eyes Yale quietly? I have seen it in way way more than I ever thought would ask for sure you gone you do need to be re. Turned me to fuck up we people donkey wives in any more. But you re sternly to work, I don't give a fuck, it be worked, we're not you don't like with the programmes. We can turn it off: mother, Fucker, wives and ass. They sat the ones you want my ones. You want a going to keep watch rash. I've been able to travel the world me in due to these due to a rash babble. Culminate. Two men are crazy. I'm gone all over the world and army base up in a rescue us J. Germany have been our fucking play for You see tee for so many people at the airport in Russia, the our hair beers, fake bees and the women. Many of the about a hundred twenty people meet me at the airport,
and here animal out this poor or key from captain. You know that who allowed town to anything. I can make it out a much higher to go to Russia and have always people. These beers. By August Day you mother, fucking, said a man is like. Sometimes I think I actually did down in operating dabble in now mean having man I'm listening This is my having these eyes. Is this fantastic? It is unbelievable. An absolutely cross the phone table. Joel I'm sent across tail from CD flashing act. Always Martha. You see here is a big day for you, but you do he'll. Never you never been whence it. I never beyond Mozilla and didn't bother me for a second. I was never upsetting you at all and I could see
your point of view and I could see what you'd be upset at my point of view I get it then by the men are on. I don't take things very personally now you haven't we immediately when you we spanish me, I see, yo, you absolutely absolutely one hundred percent right. I just more. I really want to get to attend to me more than anything the idea did feel you know where we felt we had a little difference is is a slight difference because I agree with about, Eighty percent of what you say is this a slight difference? There we dont greener, It is a major and you can attack me like a Fuckin wild man and you, yes, Do you absolutely right apologize variant? I soon became aid. You there, you have it now. Those ended a few rhino made MECCA behind your back and said well, shouted Kevin Pereira forget Kevin Hill year me. Thank you personally. Instruments under them with you right now here would do is paid to campaign which
be honest with you and your. I hate to ask any by for anything, I hate the Abbe. I've had a job working jobs and south. Five years ago and twelve is all that I have worked in a gas station Papa Gas and whose done fucking game crises, Wyndham, Gaslight Super law we have always worked for hate. Ask people in this campaign is like asking people to help me now that I'm not but to travel. The world are not able to get and promote things are used to patients, as awaited taken support me in his car define death. When the car with my last willing testament, because if air, if I don't if I'm not successful in finding in and if I don't get a hard to his, why do you too hard transmitting, rejects we're and I'm dead have a record. I bears a weapon and I thought last week
hasn't been best being called, because if I lose the fight, then people can go back see and hopefully hasn't been vacancy, I faced You hear my people I have only, you tell me our city don't worry about it with, for we would get you back, but hey man, they're matters when you in room an I appreciate that It wastes is in a good will and our yet. But in the end you gotta face. It's a solo experience. You have to base damn you. Everybody will you have to face death on your own and nobody skins Debian for you and die for you or or its high. You deal with. So this is a permanent. Record of how deal with being in illicit ways where possible, death and I want people to be able to look at and just in case I will make you don't make it whatever they can. Look back with this is how I see tee deal with it. This is
he's he's facing a transplant area, make by the way in would sit turn of faith. And he believed he was gonna make you bleed is not made any at all You forget, I learned about it anyway. Yes, GPA dog, I would say we won't do, but we would have very positive attitude. I won't be able to see their now when they do a heart. Transparency talked anybody, that's had a heart transplants, yeah yeah and that those people there really really wanna, hear from here, because they can. I say and I appreciate, is gonna sit sit turn of where wishes and support, and I think, from an aids all across the planet I'm really are behind in a really really crazy, but I actually is. Easy for me to hey. Do be tough you're, going through. I know you going through this danger, but I want you to be tough, Hank, turf, Was it you know I'm a roof, but have I actually
gone through what I'm asked the circumstance de jure facing the difficulties facing Rayner have actually any experience with. That is hard for me to leave can t you tell me to be strong and be tough back in and heart changes, Where are you ain't? Never em, but a fuckin hang NEA was rapidly if you ve actually be and through something. Then I can list Do you know that beggars like a fighter? A guy who's never been in a fight tell a fighter what to do in his next case Ray Didn t I want you to put this put, didn't their fight I'm gonna be listening to hard to move Diana who experience right experiences to me still the best t2, especially like a heart. How fit well what percentage of people there? Even in how many people have successful
transplants. A do you mean I try to look at a, but they don't give. You two Mean Amazon, I think fit. Survival rate is seventy five for the firs no, I think, is higher eighty percent for the first year now it was Lord years ago, but now it's up to eighty percent survive for the first year. Going some pretty intense drugs just to keep, you bought it from rejecting the organ, definitely about taken a shitload of drug right now going to take now, I'm fifteen different people, fifty different drugs- I take every day just yet what are they are for the gate, water of my little bird prayers. You can kind of working people. He also and adjusted they supposed to help function sometime some time they fuck me For me, this is hard for media. You know Fox in Prague, earlier we base just a day
a feeling normal? If I can feel normal for the whole day, despatch fantastic mean that good or in a grey I feel great today, eyes no says things we give them saying. I have had a fucking great daily, but if I can just feel normal Mr David S, fantastic in this issue. June, so before June? Your fine, even with the artificial heart valve, I wouldn't say I member I was. I was yes for train eleven and a half of those losing staff six months to the work. That had signs, so he started Fiona Common, the answer, you do do any cardio. Were you doing any cardio before Really? I can you know the way our work out of Conduct Carter, you be Swinton Yale Personally I swear I got Kalamazoo member, I put him through a worker training progress losing staff to rapidly due to work there,
count Muslim had the best is a deep willingness, That was the best. Will you see day absolutely you fuckin crazy man. Without the barrister g, will you see where back ass brilliantly way, any Griffin Dolly was a very bad. Yeah, I was there. I didn't know. I d do fell off of a car. What didn't work. They have suspended over a success by sea did you find that why, there's a giant it was one of those dance where you had to carry your own way like climbing over thing. Oh, how he's like close to three hundred foggy so he's doing insist is the wrongs
yeah baby were these days I adopt a big guy. He's got an interesting story himself. Oh my god, you sought his Youtube store. Yeah yeah held the story. He's real real good keeping about him in the same way on and off you two gave a very friendly Guyana. Madam, I enjoy talked him a lot, these jacked as fuck, oh yeah, definitely death began muscle view or my favorite interviews with voice greatly. Really here I got the interview hoist crazy and Edward Incredibly, we had something credible similarities in our train of thought and how we think He took the air. He told me that on the day would fight made no plans for after defy no plan. No we're going out to dinner. Celebre None of he was. He said,
completely one hundred percent prepared to die and then act again and alive gear, this dead, resonated with me. So because I remember my last comment is gonna. They told me about my heart Bab in the nineties in ninety five on my last comment, Express in America that you can go out there and in front of all those people and then in your valve could break first and could die right there on the bench press in front of all those people. Are you going to go Joe, I looked animal feed fat guy, I'm gone. Are you took my doctor became you, I'm crazy, I'm looking to whom he creates a sound you're, my what a glorious we would at least go out door. When I to do what I M trying to do. My home fuckin like a front all these people
ass. If I was right in a movie, skip became being better. Why fucking guy right there on state front for combating beats, Bruce signs
the saying we have got this thing. We because graves mean it is really made me feel good, but I was known crazy. More political plan he's deafening crazy he's housed important figure in the history of martial arts. I think so his you have see one and nineteen. Eighty three changed the world be changed. The world has people thought that you had to be like the bigger guy and then all suddenly. He showed that now there's this thing called brazilians you jets, who, in his dude, coming our pajamas, it's gonna fuck. All you need to change the world of martial arts. Everybody start changing its. Oh, my god. I don't even know what it was. I had no idea what it was. No idea, ass soon, ass, it came out. I was like I'm enrolled. I want to cross it and want to Hickson graces. First, then the crossing graces, and I think that is why the blossom smoke, but you think this way you said to ban task. The animal is, I think this why you're the best they worked? do because you get me in actually experiencing you when you say
How old are you fear on a platter? Whatever you know what the fuck talking about, and I think that helps, but I think I'm very very fortunate and I have a series of jobs that help each other and that, like being a comedian, be able to on stage in front of all those people. I'm comfortable are gonna, come comfortable in front of a microphone doing apart cast and I'm double and I love emanating, obviously I'm a Huron and of martial arts. So this get its. I chance to express myself about something really enjoy and I don't I don't feel bad didn't down by, though the moment of the camera on the bright with his arms without in big performance, forerunner of live. Obviously, you'd be income mediator or what Do for you are, you have led the way easier, very is, I would say it's easy because you have to have you have done stand what you're talking about you have to have a lot of information in your head and you have to really care it's my job just to represent the experience these guys
through a when I, when I think about commentary, I'm thinking about these guys been through months of training camp. They ve dieting, they gonna cut, wait till you get it the way class debris. Hydrated, there's also much emotions and intensity. It's my job to honour their experience and to do my best to make an fond. The fans at home and make a dramatic- that's all my job their day of the hard job. My job is just not fuck up and to drive. Describe it in the best way that I can its ways than stand up I bet belied right of shit I know I'm just being I can imagine that gone around the world, giving us It is in sit in seminars in front of live ensues is much easier for me, will this is a big airspace. Can you from Crustacean Cross taking Jerome Utopian uneasily. Those people shoot no kind of questions,
Yes, Ray is gonna, be out experiences late in life. To me. If I was to what I can do it. If I had to sit across the table, during their twenty one years, I've been to fuckin petrified. Do I think you would talk, and I think you would loosen up and then you'd be yourself. It's betoken it for awhile, maybe get listen to be tightened but once it is people people relax, brings arouse too to a wound up most nearly twenty one. You too, who isn't me now I can imagine Gunnar, was our talk with a body. Michael S, art stand about twenty one and, as I put the fact that I have to talk
I went on twenty one. I know shit. Why, literally don't know any duly tat, yeah started toilet. Why no fuckin thing so we now thirty five. We work in fear of five. You old bastard. You guys can affect that started in August, twenty seventh, nineteen. Eighty eight, why give you like you? So thank from my act out my beard, fruitful rogue, looks good. Is fucking overlanders fuck me? What's it like when you don't? That is why it is for President gives Ivan Santa Claus around four gave it a black beard they had to make the black and that sheriff gives a shitty. I know I do. I know just remember star pay me for these working for me and I've been advertised for them for a four year. They should get in there with a calm rare year again and their work it out making makes you black. So how often do you. Do you two videos now
Are we release a new one every Saturday and they obtained. So might your. Last week I had a cooking, so yeah yeah begin earlier. You do and I'll be in diet. Now we know if I can call myself leaking. I call myself plant based start out three in our DNA data. I realise how, his movie in folks. Here vague and correct that do on it because acting in my pet animals and it will be going to fuck your ass up about that shit. Faced super serious about that, because of that I'm doing There is a lot of people that are vague in that our vision for the right reasons, the region, because a conscientious, because they want to do it for health because they want to have the least amount impact on the environment because they want didn't, want animals to die. But then this alone, people at a vague and that really just belong to something yeah Scientology Mooney they
the ban any they knew found that and they ran with it, and now they are fuckin ruthless against people that aren't in that group and they they again. Really give like good where did Tine hearted visions a bad name and it's a small percentage, but a lot of these motherfuckers? They have like vague in their online name in there. You know and they attack. Like you look at the their comments are attacking our constant digits, angry people that found a reason to be aggressive person like you found a green light. This person's dot vacant I can attack them and you're the reason why the world your response, pollution or the crow did. You know that if you are vague and that this would be less suffering this, we all my end. They do the worst job of promoting vagueness and because people see those crazy assholes and then they go for these people
now many go eat a stake. Jerry germinated shoot this fucking cow, rightly family, Anita right in front of you man. I didn't want to be associated with them better that radical border at all sides to stop their number is don't need me. I would like to get you next it to some real nutrition experts that could break down. Why that might not be the best idea in what what is important in your diet, in terms of like essential fatty acids and healthy fats, in terms of like, like a lot of people, think that refine carbohydrates, the big problem, heart, disease, refined, carbohydrates and sugar is what contributes to heart disease? You know the whole thing they came previously in the New York Times at an Ex post. About the sugar industry having paid off scientists in the nineteen fifties, to put the blame months, saturated fats and and cholesterol. Instead, of sugar
and there is a complete total fabricated conspiracy by the sugar industry because they were they were doing these tests, never realizing like holy shit like sugar, Fox people up it's terrible for you. And so what they did is they literally bribe scientists and not how much money which is kind of crazy in the ninety fifty's pay them something around. Fifty thousand dollars and Are you nervous fifty thousand hours today, I think, was the equivalent of it. It does not work and these people just fine Brocaded these reports and got everybody convinced that saturated fat, which is an essential part of the human diet and cholesterol, which is the literally this straight for hormone production I cholesterol important for your body and that these things are responsible for heart disease and not sugar, refine sugar and refine carbohydrates. There, completely unnatural in the human body you're not supposed to be able just scoop up a fuckin tables.
Painful a sugar and doubling your mouth, it's not real in the world. I give you good sugar in the world its attached to an apple in as you get carbohydrates, it's in plants is viper you're eating. Your body knows how to process that you bought. It is not the flock to do with bread, Firstly, the bread that we today down with Fuckin box or to shit to prevent pesticide all these pesticides in its day, they chain the wheat and made it more more complex gluten see embodies a hard time processing it. A lot of bad food is safe to say you now to be now. None of that. I respect the people that are doing it because they're doing it because they don't want to Cause harm and I respect the people are doing in the think, they're doing it for their health, but I've talked to of regions that were formerly being especially Chris Crasser, who is natural scientist and is one of the leading experts on the real issue with the vegan diet how it does work for some people, some people with their biologic
requirements in their their physical requirements in terms of like what their activity as they function. Fine in a vague diet, is on their careful and make sure they can. I'll be twelve, they make sure they get. Their fatty acids make sure get their central fatty acids from coconuts lack seed, oil and all is of a cargo there's a lot of different ways. You can get old free body You needs that shit. It's is essential. There's like a lot of essential thing. I would love to connected with these. Guys and open to yeah, very open to attain Meyer Outlook minorities. There Hi tech between my outlook, completely in its debts, were maybe even try the the plant based yeah, I had to have us women company? That's an enterprise are hard core. Our courts forts its build. As for the hard core, for example, some shit a pre word, godson pomps in instead, but at the end, I would ask I asteroid another brain
to see new too soon because is completely different. Because that's what I consider my life is isn't a lot of big bunch of different. I got one hell of a lot of things going on, but anyway it's a plant based protein is very health kinds here: Disobey Healthcare Associated Sir I'm a family. Based protein proteins, really good. I love hemp protein. That's my favorite thing proteins very easy freed about it? Just the real problem with a lot of plant plant proteins. Is I mean if you just eat just plants, especially Eden, whole foods you're not now your body not breaking down the same way. Your body would break down a stake say, or rather Grass FED beef sinew sampled mercy loved. Get you tell me what to think and salute pursued
those I'd get anyone on air before joke again, I would ask: what is the website website for odyssey mood to suitable Dac go check it out? I get the city it before you kicked me, I'm taking you no one. Now we were gone back before them of one of the questions that I have to ask you as a what is. I ask why I M F asked what the because that is it's only a new all the time and when you told me I was laughin my computer, it still your mother fuck. It says we would experience wardrobe love there, but if you it's real based My mom my miles reason around that completely retarded? I think I'm SAM, I retired, where complete or retard is this matter? Student say I still allow it ok value. It doesn't mean it is a dummy, yeah Massa completely you return, another believer in intent. Thank you words. Should
speed noises that you make that convey and tat, I think it should be magic noises. God, damn it Joe ruled out with that was, These people are too sensitive than on top of that people looking to tell you did not say certain words at the our borders, the wrong word. Now it's problematic today, my back to it My mom, my mom was, I tell her now assume will die from my heart related problem, so she was sick, most differ Adult life might as well remember mostly airmen very early on very young Mombi unhealthy, but few signal Divert don't like most of my music mom He was sick, but every day, today and armies. He was really seen in our currency, wrongly every Ass, my hey Missis but to harm, she would say unblest her standard answer was always blessed,
In reason, she told me reason why she would say that is because I'm still alive and that there, so if I'm still alive I still have life. I still can't go on. I still can make a change. I still can make it different. So is again from her. No more what the situation, how bad it may see? People complain that we used to my mother fucker, so you said in your life still alive. You stay with chance to make a day, for you still was the worst thing that happened. I could die of. You may be a moment, but you keep on media is, did you say level yeah, so she was blessed and that's why I always knew how you do and say to camp where, no matter what the devil acts on waste? That's all that people need to hear that do you need to hear that they need to hear your attitude about excuses cuz both of those things are very important, very important for people to process, because a lot of people have like patterns in their mind.
Bad pattern suggest to the way they ve interacted with the world the way they have approached all sorts of from problems, they have these patterns and they foreign and these patents, and maybe they learn these patents from their family member that maybe they learn these patents from their environment. Maybe patterns like defence mechanisms to keep them from challenging south, but you gotta reckon But those are it's not you you're, not a lazy fuck, but you ve- been behaving like a lazy will you are as a human brain, could be anything you could just decide to. Let you know the story of David Goggins David. Give em a surgeon, maybe see Yater is WWW recently lit. The money was super fast, yet fully attache like like literally like death's door, health, wise guy, just on in school, locked with, but decided yet enough is enough. Just literally, in his own mind decided he was gonna, win the
world record for Chin UPS Dia decided he's going to be like this incredible endure. It's actually did it. Just did it just doesn't: just forces is mine and he has. Saying that he says that I think about whenever I'm tired, he said most people quit forty percent why I haven't we. I believe that your house people get a little time like half of this year, and I will you couldn't go further. You can you over Maggie. I just recently re. Honor had whilst a video of some anxiety to me his savage. We raised me mental savage love, those guys, those people, important gonna, know that those people out there in him in particular, he's really import because he was super attache yeah, it's not like he was always is ripped supernaturally that he was like fan, terrible diet in poor health and poor
pressure in the whole deal. Just tightening up and now is an animal may conflict with a humane working beside gas decided to yeah. That's you in anybody can do that. All the people out there that think delays. You know you ve been behaving like a lazy person, you been, following lazy patterns. If you just decide tomorrow, for it You decide tomorrow, you gonna, be a discipline. Focused person, don't expect to have the kind of energy, that someone has been discipline of focus for years. Has because you're not going to we're, not gonna, U bodies can be condition for it. Your minds, the accustomed to the stream, but you can still do it grant eaters you're gonna, get tired, quicker and then hopefully, by we will have more endurance and then, by the week after that, you'll have more and if you keep building six months for now, you'll be unrecognizable right. If you stick with, you gave me we're everything's gonna start from your impart. That's why you're important? That's why you're videos are so important because you
videos I care and four can t you don't know the number, but I want to say a hundred thousand people probably watch videos and change your life. A guarantee real. Nor is it a lot more deny the line. I beg you ve changed people's entire outlook on thanks. That's Thailand stats everything in this life this little because you can do information books are wonderful, documentaries and one for what really great is inspiration, though the fuel that did a little push just a little push to get you move, and sometimes that's all needs, and the next thing you know it you in and people like You because you ve our a lifetime of this discipline and dedication and obsession that that that reinforce what is it in people's heads like I want to do what city does I want to be, exactly and want to have that kind of energy and focus
joking area, restart about thought about. Giddily MAC began you, so I am too old. Now I almost didn't one point I'm, but not at this point now don't want earlier But when I was kickboxing man, I got a lot of fuckin headaches and I was really worried. I came from a real meat head Jim and we did like hard sparring and I did a lot of hard spawns. One kid in particular. Who is a really good box and we beat the fuck out of each other, and the problem is like I would go home and in others going on over a few years out, go home in my head would be dangerous boom. Boom boom lying in bed, and What am I do myself? Am I gonna be stupid when I get older, am I gonna do not know where I am? I gotta be some one of my words. I was terrified of brain damage because up I've always been I always been a very curious person and I always been fastened it is by the way you can change the way you think about things and by being
That's why I'm so excited about targeting like inspiration and motivation, and even information like having these things. In your mind, you can forge these things together took two to make your mind, go in a certain direction, so the quality of my thoughts It has been very, very important to me because I know that that's what made me successful at all different areas that are of chosen to pursue its like the quality of your thinking, in being able to recognise. What's good and once bad, but the mind itself, if the mind itself has compromised. Then united. We would do all those things you want to do for issue. We have to appreciate life. If you don't remember, you are, and you don't have it Och anymore and I was around people that I was watching. Their ability the talk and their their cognitive punching decay, so fighting is its glorious. But you gotta know when the stop you gotta know, stop and for me when I was when I stopped
nineteen, eighty nine there was no. You have seen. There was no money. There was no money in kickboxing. I got think I got offered a fight for five hundred bucks and that was I was doing. Amateur fighting it offered a profile. Frilly man been four hundred bucks. How much it was, but also what are they? That's crazy, we're going to train for months and me we get. My ass kicked and maybe get head, kicked frolic for hundred bucks and and I was getting these headaches. The headaches were bad man, I just decided earlier, if you have seen, was around back then most certainly would have pursued it. It wasn't. You did what France, S, one time being, you do a fan that were not afraid of a guy talking shit, o the guy and fear of character. No, I just grab them he. I thought I was gonna hit me. I didn't hurt him, no he's gonna shoot you. I just tied him up my tie, clench. I was thinking it broken embryos like about an hour choke on Kosovo, choke em
Maybe they could see me so I just decided, I decided if I grab a hold of them and grabbed by the back of the head, he'll, probably realise once I lock on him when he's pretty helpless price, stop any kind of did he tat kind, flail around a little Beverly when some grabs your neck there's something about controlling someone's. It's a very just. It does not feel no fuss now being Emmy. You people are powerless. How is a guy that'd? He attacked a cow swear before another television show and he thrown his girlfriend to the ground or his wife on another television, and they had told me about him before did the show they the skies Series hard at work? thinking about not having on the show at all, but we thought it'd be good drama, just but be careful, and so he punch God or she punch some guy on the Show- and I said the wife hunched, a guy who was those heckling them, and I said you can't hit
Wanna go just cause you hit, your husband doesn't make it hit other people than the guy got my face and theirs out of it. There was an unfounded the input on tv, but I pushed him out of my face. He goes, don't touch me and I said, or what bitch? What are you gonna do, and you got my face again and I pushed him again, and I said this is too to tents. Arms can grab this guy, I'm like I'm, not getting, in the face his soccer punches Hap, especially if you're, not if you're, not ready, get punching, you get punch, you can get fucked o whom, especially if you dont think sums gonna punch you in, and they do so. I'm always thinking when someone raise their voice to write a punch me rang, clampdown astute neck get all of em, so I describe them at an hurt him yeah. I was fourteen Mammy MIA, always right the second year running fan and he called the police army, the police had it over that he'd, you claim to hit me claimed a bunch share. The police had to go over the videotape there to show all the footage from all the different cameras yeah,
I never really how the fuck and real roaming fan. Fuck, you you guys the challenges now. Social media now known idiots, maybe we're out during the year. Nobody needs. If in real life and people meet me, I'm always friendly. Minors is so many idiots. Also, so maybe there's a lot of have yassum by order kicker. What that sea, The idiots are the reason why I never was given your information in the first place when you reach out, because I'm panting today than right, if I did my toes, the water occasionally likes you folks go on world has enough. If I add here, yes, I've seen too many people, it starts there their day off in a bad way and they get obsessed with it and they start going battle back and forth, and people in the comments guilty.
The ideas about where I saw you do and that after you and I had the pleasure of April Joe Robin he's got some fuckin fares, man, they wanted the fucking string, my how dare you talk to each other, like some modification? between into the fund jump at all. They want me a fucking assassinate when they want they want to make. You feel bad what they really want to do. They want to figure out a way that they can point out that you're wrong or make you feel stupid. They just is almost all of it. All that is unhealthy people unhappy right. You know, maybe not bad people who are doing this, but it's an unhappy the practice to this list shall dismounted and people are really in your life. It's one thing to have a debate about things and This is where we, as human beings, have to learn how to use social media better causes thing wrong, haven't discussions about things, but you gotta figure out a way
do it? Were you not just trying to hurt someone's feelings and lashing out? That's what a lot of it is. It is bitter a very small minded squabbling interview using big words. The intent behind it is very small minded exactly as people see me videos of their work. Maybe working out all the time You know some of them are not doing a correctly right, but I dont criticized people Why? Because the real most importantly enemies. They try. Actually you're trying to trying to do something but man, the people. Other people don't look like there you're fucked up you doing networking wrong. You fucking why you know what the fuck did. They jump on them immediately that new trying to discourage and people there are at least trying to do something. I try to discourage him and he's got
so many fucking experts out there all unite not doing correctly. A farm is fuck that yeah why. Why do them? If you really want to do that, then Eric masses of people were happy really trying to help on direct mazes. Why put it out there? So everybody can see you just I draw attention to yourself this alarming. Ray Audio out. Operators won't be look at me. I'm gonna learn were before Grandam fucked him guys yeah and its wits interesting to about exercises. Is this some things that are debatable in terms of the way to do it? And what not to do it does not necessarily always a consensus about how someone's doing something right, whether it's like you know like there's just a lot of people online that it is making a lot of noise yeah it's hard to figure out. Who is right in whose wrong? I think it only right and wrong for you, I mean you, try jewelry
and tell me how to do so in a certain way, and I try and work for me the fuck, I'm gonna do if it works for me they worked for me because we are so bad, different yeah, I will not know exactly the same once and by some I say that they have now so miser. They, the perfect routine, is now rarely fund by then I gotta be Leary, he rash yeah, there's no way I won routine is gonna work. Prayer before comprises empire was like you. I agree. And I think, especially its really interesting with Emma May, because the fact that Voice Gracie birth on the scene and ninety ninety three thousand The longer rang, I mean that's really. Twenty four years is not a lot of time. It's just to similar arts to close, and so there's all. Different methods that have been sorted devised along the way and
and nobody really until someone comes along the really know someone's like an Anderson silver. That's like super successful doing one way and then you go well have: what's he doing we gotta? Do it his way? You're, not him right. Maybe you started out as a ressler, whereas he's my tie guy. Maybe it works good for him, but maybe you need a different approach and nobody really knows how to do. For you, you have to kind of figure out your own way exactly you gonna Honan, tweak it along the way, while your computer thanks here, tarred we're where the a real. Were innovators and a real guys? It I mean all day I'm sure they did that they may be are not trying to copy yeah it's so important to be an original Damn anything immediately areas set out the trial. Digital, Rogan fail my the fact because enable wines, It's so try tat, we ve got old, timer hazy,
one of the easiest, like you don't be just like that, might be of damp sale yeah, you know be yourself, man be dont. Trying to beaches, Nigel Roman, be as it is. You can't be too to tell people that, though, if you, if you see someone who inspire as you and you admire them- and you want to do what they're doing it's hard, but everybody Darts out in the beginning. Special in your young person. When you admire someone, you can copy a lot of their mannerisms know where they do it, but eventually got a fine yourself. Yeah Deborah Merry go round. Like a butterfly bag. Mohammed area, I was monument I'll eat. When I was a kid me, and I want to be him and then I want to be Bruce Lee I got into fuck in term point karate point turn turn me always do tell receiving nobody. Nobody knows appoint fire and I came very close, condemned typo, title Billy blanks, aeroplanes came very close, afraid
baby banks and lobbies arena parkers Campo, Grady but in an ass great aims, a baby and I was very close to find build length, and I Am I see Billy now Billy? I thank you. So much guy when I see the finals barely factor guy up its Bosnia point, and he knocked me or Billy in our fought. Even in point like they would hit each other har. Oh hell, you know, Billy was knocked out before two here must be they knocked out. You know no one and they made them fight after they got knocked out. Nobody knew any better value, so back revised keep buying media, it was. It was whose pudding allow, the martyr, but my favorite sport at the bar, none of all manner of awake living in the enemy is getting really close, was really close. Wrappings boxing,
two more, if ever Finally, a few men. Oh S, that's really hard, as a Roman. I guess Mohammed Ali would be my fate, the pact as a role model Burnett, because a wedding in the ring is more so because the woody bit outside the rain is why I hold him and set high regard, but Roy. June. Now your horse, my ties royal as prime though nobody like Roy, rightly on a completely different level. He wasn't even job and he was sleeping in with them. He was most
yeah and is it was weird shape, is biceps. We're just small. Try by says me when all the way up to anyway, my mother in law, be John Ruiz anyway title do. I remember you will talk about box and yet more fuckin, but really rather than a boxing even though our very maize university, I'm right. Why, like Emma, may better because anything can happen, you can get head character, you take down strangled instrument. Does somebody possibilities that it's more complicated? What call him a man. I call it high level problem solving with dire physical consequences who dictators His explanation, because you got all these tools. You have always tools. He has all these tools you go in there and you try to figure out who's, got the best approach and who's gonna able to use their body is gonna bill, use their talent, their scale. The dedication who's gonna be figure out a way to solve your problem. Why were you thinking?
mate. Bees is about money Parker working on Malaysia and led him at edify He was. Their humble is. It was so nice and eager on that african Jack You were right. I do my big Fucking Europe like a killer, man he's a great guy, but he's another he's an the guy. Who is a perfect example of how you can't make everyone train the same? Why he's incredibly successful, but a lot of his training is not wait living he does. Triathlon does jujitsu in its kickboxing and all the other stuff, but on top of that, like he does crazy endurance work, making lobbyists and brothers me the king Mo he was real cool, I'm a lot of guys at the most famous, where three. Big John Mccartin term, currently excellent guy,
it is really friendly, very good guy China to take any action really figure out. Why? Guy, like me so much Dawson, Pierre. He said I want you to make a special video for me before his? What I want is big fight. So I would spit now. But what am I can see it not by reflecting on how you make a video back for me at the game I had spoken to say Pierre had his fucking phone on carbon society, can you do want to pull up. I said now I can't be exact. Any receive. Who could be it when you do want our policy on George LA ticked, makin really I understand why fight is like you, so much The wine, and rightly so, good fighters need motivation. May I guess it is its that's a big part of well because you're real your hundred percent Real Europe, you are, who you are? You don't put on a false airs, but
so inspiration is critical for fighting cancer, always tired. There always try find the energy to to keep going. There was trying to find that that push to get up and and and keep Goin when you're too. Once in a camp and every day is a grind and you just exhausted and its repetitive. Do you costly drilling, constantly sparring strength, conditioning swimming you running you doing this, you doing that and then the the pending moment of that fight is constantly looming in the background of your life, has no escape from it and, like you, need sometimes you need. I see Tee Fletcher video to catch over the hump. Why? I guess I could I have the utmost respect for fighters box. Is an enemy guys, asperse Emmy anybody. If this I'm Amber big the guy who gets knocked out every time he steps in. Like I respect the fuck out of here cuz, he had to testicular fortitude this step through the
Can gay men engaged in here and actually do do you do? I know you know, but people don't understand how much it takes to just take their church down in? Actually they may caves and face another man is trying to take effect in here that they tremendous. I remember how much too frightened. The long beach arena and distance the crowd there and there's nothing appeared in May and they have people they crowd, makes a big part, it makes it, I got so fucking nervous everything there I had learned a fucking, forgot that guy. We have said here after got every fuckin every cod. Oh, I see it, we run out and the women I will try to kill got everything straight. The camp in Africa. All my card isn't everything that in is it takes.
Men, did in that's. Why I'm here big guy so might because I haven't equally of an idea, real ideas. They named Daniel we're having inkling of it. I d of what it takes to actually give him an act of God and before one thousand people but when it may, people wanting to perform as yet and rise and Roger said, if some guys actually literally fight better than they train better inside the cage, and they deserve the rare human being that when the chips are down when it's difficult, when the situation is intense pressure, they shine, the best, do you have a problem? Do you think you would have a problem in your view, began again trouble to power on the guy. It's hard. If view been hurt before you know it you doing the guy, you know, I think, a lot of guys get very upset when a referee doesn't stop the fight in time and
for good reason, like they'll, look at the reference angle, what the fuck legs, how many times you want hit does do is barely defending himself. Obviously, these out you know in the moment the heat of the battle, had someone your smashing em, you know it's like. I did I think it also depends on what you feel about that. Earth like the recent five between two a delta, Cody Garbage Man is intense and tents, food, and Finally, TJ catches them hurt some drops of and then put them out, and you can tell when he's smashing him when he's out you know he's not he's not thinking good thing about you about Lit NAFTA, gay and I was trying to kill him and I will quote he got up and he was still debt at day. Isn T Jason is face screamin than did the this. So. My fighting it's all yours nothin, like any other sports talk to sea fight, Ramat mates whose name is, I beg you down with you,
do at night, so I'm not going to do it, but he told me that he goes into some fights, not all them. Having a real fear of hurting his opponent and I think it's really hard to do you salute best when you have a fear of you know, you're doin, we'll dam and see your porn. I think it's one more element this guy. I think he will be a tapie every completely get rid of their if it's very hard but when you go on in the ring hoping in your ass, your job branch to stop this guy. Does the Andrea upon you going hoping that you know her down in it- I don't think you can perform the utmost capabilities if that's not really foremost, in your mind, heard this. He I think, fighters only have a certain amount of time. They can compete as well Overwhelming reality of what they're doing sets- and I mean to begin
when their nineteen, twenty twenty one they're, just fucking full of peasant, vinegar and shit nay, and taken people in the hand, is worth every AIDS is chaos and then, as time goes on, you deal with your own injuries. You used to see people to suffer the repercussions of a career and combat sports and then, as you get older, just realized like what this is really that you're doing anything. Rumble? Johnson was really smart. I think rub. Rumble is the sky, as for guide to the terrifying right and then decides after World title VI like I'm onto this hugged: whose get hidden ahead, because I'm not really a fiery goes as a really good athlete. I'm real good at it. Take it easy or body man, you know talk to. Rome It's also meet bagger for really cool gear, Very often, we in our respective forgot his these these are respected, but he's talked about. Come
bacchanalia? Were I mean it's I'm sure this is gonna, make him an opera baby. Can't we go out he's very market about tell you the egg. I knew what he can do. Two people, these joy form despite can be strong and he's a good examples. Also of someone who cut weight. When they should now. I am I hate weaker, I think it's worse thing, the fighters due to themselves having is even worse in fighting gazing at organ failure. A woman just died in Australia was cut, wait for an amateur kickboxing. Fine, it's the terrible, terrible practice of people do, but he was one of them, biggest way cutters ever usually well over two hundred pounds getting down to one seventy and when he was at one seventy smash and people, but as long as it was quick, Glenn right, dehydrated himself, so bad that when again to the third fourth and fifth round, he just had nothing left Venus was so drained.
Heavy weight, he will be fucking terrible, terrible terrible. I feel really want to do it Let me just needed a break in whom you sometimes Gaza steed takes time. All ratio is gonna off. Workers is very mark. These in the weed business work rumble puppies Ruby. I add a few days gone. Some businesses and you know, he's obviously not damaged likely. Talking re his to totally failure is totally there has not suffered the damn. Is that a lot of fighters have suffered. So if he doesn't did decide get out now he's out a good place in his life worries. You know, he's accomplished a lot. Any is also it's gonna walk away unscathed, Thea The other can make money doing novitiate shit. He would just touch me.
I would see the lights go out little monk clover to sheriff. Nobody ever did that a glow of Africa plant Aeneas. Oh it's over! Go who want to see him punch that thing that France's in Ghana Ponchas he might be readily with France would like this to rumbles terrifying, human terrify. You know it's It's a very it's a very interesting sport too far, because there are so many exceptional human beings that are competing in this thing that are involved in this highly no problem solving event it? Sis II cities shoe beings that are pushing themselves their mind, their bodies to such extreme limits at its very valuable for people, let's just say: your videos are very valuable to revalue for people to be able to watch someone competing at such a high level. My gun on paper view and by their in person, I'm buying tag I won't measly gametes.
fourteen review to everyone, but I am afraid you put all of whom have not at all of ammonia. Let them have now than ever before. I have seen a couple down to just north american paper view really has too much travel and flying australian breaks down. I can, I am going to manage, because before I had a hard take, I would term at all. We can't I'm in a different feeling, really It will really run you too far back where I know my term go. Do we ve had been Africa appeared you're one year with a rough one year. I think I did twenty four avenged, though, is the most. I ever did twenty two twenty four and it was crazy, was like every other weekend. I was flying somewhere that was before someone out started. Doing like picking up some of the work like the US
than hired a second commentary team and they started doing them right on sports events and different events. You gonna be she's going to have a family time for others, but I still enjoy it still: love of cooler phone, how many comedian gigs d you do well work all the time Morgan tonight the communist or tonight, and work tomorrow this weekend and working in Detroit the night before the you have see. I got a couple chosen Detroit, so I'm always do and stand a day a stand up. His like in a lot of ways like like enough. Given that you have to be shaped for it you take it out, shape Fiona shave, you you bill rusty up there, idea would have wished, citizens need it most.
People don't Haeckel, it's the rare Dummy Yeager X out and once a bark at you will get your domey rear dummy everywhere. Dummies exist, they do so listen brother. I gotta wrap this up. Ok, I wish you the best, and I am I really appreciate company automobile excited. We got a chance to talk and what I said. What I said a really mean, I think, a very valuable. You know. I think what you ve done is I mean I know Just kind of came to you out of nowhere by accident, but I think you ve helped a tremendous amount of people and no you help me oh man till. I appreciate that so much and I appreciate the opportunity to be on your show. I feel like that finally made Rogan experience for listening, and keep us posted with your your health, and you know we're going to send you all the best positive energy wishes we can, and I really hope you get that transplant everything works out. Well, we'll have you and afterwards will talk about my I perceive you see, tee flagellate, gentlemen. Thank you, everybody! turn into the month can protest and thanks to our partners,
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Donors, dot com and you can get ten percent ass one order of twenty five hundred dollars board last for any product at Sono stock there are four or for the offers. They'll, be for a limited time only and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions use. The problem Joe J. Capital, letters, letters, o e and the number one in number zero, Joe Ten, all caps for Joe Joe ten. It's almost dark to achieve this offer, and we did it. Please That was a fun podcast. I was really excited. You dumb, sit down and they will talk to City Fletcher, and this is a great guy. Fungi and I really wish him the best when his health- and that means crazy, you're talking to somebody it's about get hard transplant who hopefully, next time we see him, he will be, fired up the new ticker.
And we have another very conversation with them: what it was like give ready for tuna and Christian you guys and and non by here and will see soon by.
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