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#1051 - Duncan Trussell & Christopher Ryan

2017-12-11 | 🔗
Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast "The Duncan Trussell Family Hour". Christopher Ryan, Ph.D. is a psychologist, speaker, and author of New York Times best seller Sex At Dawn, and also host of his own podcast "Tangentially Speaking"
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is it blueapron dot com slash rogan so check out this weeks weeks menu ann get your thirty dollars off with free shipping at freeshippingblueapron dot com slash rogan rogan blue apron a better way to cook all right today on the podcast is the shrimp parade separate is a name for a podcast that we do on occasion with duncan trussell and chris ryan in me doctor chris ryan the author of sex at dawn one of my more intelligent and interesting friends and duncan trussell who is the the great wizard of the who the knows what he's one of my favorite people ever and the three of us to get i always have really fun conversations and today we are at your side cuz we haven't done one in a long time i enjoyed the fuck out of it i hope you
as well please welcome chris ryan and duncan trussell and me the shrimp parade joe rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day oh and reliably's german shrimp parade powerful duncan trussell's in the house you're back back doctor chris ryan looking like your fresh off a vacation like we just told you told you out of someone's elbow was on a fishing trip perfect yeah yeah the endless vacation talking about elton john right before we start i think there's some elton john songs that are just all time classic you know what are your favorites top three boy the bangles are great so all of the rocket man is one of my favorite documents great i don't know
i never i never thought about that let me go over the lyrics you know that's when those songs you just the lyrics it's almost become inconsequential because the lyrics are oh this is the sound that song makes i remember that song that song has this feeling like listen to a song in a different language right always is just an instrument is weird when you find out what a songs about and it's the opposite oh what to say what it is now this is just the lyrics yeah it's it's about an astronaut right now lyrics i don't think it is i think it's about snow in cada mean is that what it is it's lonely out in space i miss my wife i miss the earth so much you know you just guessing duncan we all get to interpret music in our own way but for sure that's elton john is in some hotel room is laid out some lines academy and he's about now because when it says here it says during the drug or a given that it was penned during the 1970s drugar people still see that it serves an extended metaphor comparing fame to space travel
wow that makes them katana sense it all i bet it also was about rocket travel 'cause bernie talk open wrote it right he wrote it in rome on yeah what a great deal combination to those guys like you and young jamie very nobody ever hears about young jamie last time i was here i tried to get him on my podcast he's eluding me really smart i want to be in your crazy podcasts out in the woods come in the van jamie recording man saturday night that's a great once alright for fight yeah that's a great one that's a great workout that's really kind of right now yeah yeah it's like a punk british yeah saturday night daniel is the first time i really thought about spain it's about daniel my brother he had out on the plane i can see the red tail lights heading for spain now that's about his friend dying he's blind no is
what blind brother i misinterpreting all the restaurants you must have started crying alot i like him less take the what is songs are about you know what's interesting about this conversation is trying to interpret with songs are is very actual thing that happened when peep we're trying to interpret the stories from the bible it's basically the thing we're trying to figure out now he met this knowing that these parables and some of the stories that are in the bible you know if you go to the john marco allegro definition was it say a song was written from his younger brother's perspective story about a guy who went back to a small town in texas returning from the vietnam war wow okay that's daniel is blind right your eyes have died but you see more than i oh wow do you still feel the pain
no the scars that won't heal oh wow so have you guys heard you know that song summer of sixty nine jamie maybe you can bring this bryan adams one and that's about actually six thousand and sixty nine oh really yeah that's right now like every single one of them but look it out 'cause i think this summer of sixty nine one interpretation as that's like a fuck summer it's like sixty nine ing all summer is that is that true yes intruding diego and my first real six string bryan adams fourth album reckless one hundred and sixty nine in many meetings although one of them including life in ninety sixty nine while another includes making love with someone hence using the number sixty nine as a reference boy that's not accurate the way they said that so like the internet interpretation sorry yeah what i meant was it's like
you would never say that there wouldn't be how you convey your feelings like if you're writing that song like this uh or sixty nine and this go back to that please well another includes making love with someone that is just not accurate way i don't know maybe talking about sixty nine ing mean yeah you're making love but you getting crazy it's like there's more to it than that that's like the same thing is like into interpret stories from the bible or something like that like you're boiling them down like you trying to figure out what was this guy actually saying like literary interpretation yeah it's all poetry right my favorite example of a song that sort of mislead you i mean i really like songs with the covers better than the original because the person doing the cover guess what the song is about better than the original artist does i mean all along the watchtower hendrix's version is way better than dillons right dylan actually said that but
favorite example in recent music is hey ya by outkast shake it like a polaroid picture hey my baby don't mess around because she loves me so yes i know for sure you know it's real upbeat data to listen to the words but does she really want to but can't stand to see me walk out the door don't try to stay but the feeling 'cause the thought alone is killing me right now thank god for mom and dad for sticking two together 'cause we don't know how it's all about how we don't know how to love each other wow yeah hey fellas what's cooler than being cool ice cold there is nothing less forever than what makes love the exception oh why oh why are we so in denial when we know we're not happy here wow it's uh really sad song super sad yeah dude who did a cover of it ovadiah parker see the thing that i really like about he gets it
it's the sadness of it play some of that yeah the door cats and fatter feeding 'cause the thought alone is killing me right now oh shit the same guys right goodman dad forced into their gather country don't know haha hey this okay right now scream at the phone so i get more tweets about how bad my taste is in music and movies and television lehman on me in that car chris ryan i was i was looking at something the other day some some
video years of comments or something it occured to me how you have your audience is first of all so large and also so mix because you've got your fingers in all these different worlds that get a lot more hostility than someone like dunkin or me because our audiences more sort of homewood yes i would think i'm the between the meatheads in the potheads exactly so there's conflict no matter which way you go there's a little but the meat kind of that heads but if you want to go to the far end of the extremes like the ufc fans but the the fans know like i'm a i'm a representative like i'm i'm doing my best like they know i'm a hundred percent into this is not i'm not like some actor that they hired to promote this so but then we got all the way to the far left which is the psychedelic people and i got a ton of vegan followers and people that are really into yoga and it's like all
come together is like the weirdest fucking house party when you see him sometimes the comments well now matt this is like this rom dos retreat that i just went to one of the people who run runs their treat wanted me to tell it to thank you because he's you know your podcast brings a lot of people to these rom dos retreat switches to such the strange thing to think man that you're like magnetizing people and bringing them down a slippery slope where they land in maui hanging out with like boo this piston like gender teachers it's really cry easy man it's a very odd thing how many like how many tentacles you have fucking burn and jesus christ burning man everybody he wants you to go man you've gotta go you got it go when is it again later in the elk hunting season lay dog
you can't bring some alex to burning man what i can't interact with that many people do that anymore those days are done but you know what has changed like a big one of the biggest thing that's ever changed because of this podcast the float industry yeah what industry is taken off i get like residual gratitude from float places like i know you know joe rogan you can float for free wow that's amazing well the thing is it just didn't make any sense to me that before i was talking about it no one was talking about this is something that was invented by lillian plan nineteen sixty something other than the first one you were you were vertical no he had one where you would wear a helmet and you had a harness and a helmet float you you know and then he figured out the salt thing and i mean the fact that this was not a
popular thing was blown me away well it was but then it died because of the age thing yeah however this popular no no but it was much you he was higher and then it dropped a lot af thing killed it yeah sort of brought it back in yeah so with john lyly you know what i am people right about him a lot is that he was talking to aliens and it's in interesting thing that people just kind of push all that shit aside they know him as the hello guy invented floating a dolphin guy and that jonathan guy but also they completely leave out that he it's going into those tanks and claiming some kind of communication with something called pc or something easy co you know about that yeah that worth coincidence control office or something you know about that is in the center of the cyclone singer this acura but he was going way out talking about some kind of like
visible i guess network that produces coincidences i don't understand it at all but people just pleat lee leave that out that the guy who created float tanks was using them to communicate with entities and he was using a lot of care to me a lot academy yeah or maybe they love their leaving out that the guy who invented for tanks lost ship there toward the end well he may be but i think that i don't know what's happening when you're doing psychedelics but there are certain psychedelics where it absolutely feels like you're experiencing another life form communicating with you for sure for sure right now if that's the case academy is well cada mean seems to be like me personally my personal bias i sorted dismiss it 'cause i thought if it is some sort of a chemical compound
saying some sort of a synthetic thing that man's career academy in line what is on the right ones are more reliable but i think that's just my own ignorance i think really if we're just talking about chemicals right and how chemicals that exist in nature it's a like when someone says it's it's an artificial chemical well that's not real because everything is for natural everything's here like it may have been concocted and put together in baked and cooked and synthesized by a person but of course it's all natural everything that's it wells is it isn't that extreme antics though because it isn't it isn't in that these chemicals most likely we have some sort of a corresponding receptor in the human brain right something similar some to listen to the molecule yeah yeah and it's some natural thing like that's the craziest thing about the most potent drugs whether it's psilocybin or whether it's dimethyltryptamine they have really similar composition
normal human your chemistry alright they're like keys like their keys that at a certain lock that's how they put it yeah but i do think that there there is a distinction between natural and unnatural in the sense that something occur so i get this argument all the time right all people created it so it's natural but there are things that a exist in the natural system like plastics don't exist in the natural ecosystem and therefore they don't break down they don't become part of the food chain in a beneficial way whereas things that have existed in that system for a long time time do they fit into it and i think in terms of draw things there are drugs like ghb exists naturally in the body that we metabolise absolutely cleanly because the liver knows exactly what it is it's prepared to deal with it and it doesn't cause any organic toxicity neurotoxicity but then there other things like alcohol which
are natural in a sense that fruits ferment and all that but the body doesn't metabolize it cleanly so it damages us so if you're from a very specific part of the world right where it's if it's not a part of your custom which is i was such a giant issue when you're and came here yeah they didn't they didn't have any history with alcohol well well you know hamilton morris the vice guy he tweeted this thing i thought was pretty smart probably will controversy all forgive me if i misquote it but it's something on the lines of it's just it's drugs and that word is a controversy awards somehow people like to use the term plant matter which is ok you can call it plant madison or you can call whatever you want but to create a hierarchy based on synthesis i think is to sort of missed the point which is that all of these things are tools and some of them we have more of a history with humanity and some of them we don't the ones we don't which is my god there's so many
there's so many new drugs that are just popping up all the time different derivatives of lsd things you can like right now apparently you can order sheets of this stuff that is like lsd but it's in the gray area it's still kind of legal it's like a different version lsd but we don't know yet the effects it's going to have 'cause it's not like anyone really testing it don't say the name 'cause jeff sessions is listening you at one hannahs earmuffs other hands writing things down little sothern dick scary of jeff sessions at a giant dick table yeah yeah but anyway i think this talking a woman who had sex with a little person then she said he had a normal size dick dead big heads
so jeff sessions with a normal size dick would be interesting proportionally yeah i don't know i mean just scary to think about it like that jeff sessions having like some kind of like he's you know he's such a you know he's just such the don't ascential pig you know and it's like you want the quintessential pig to have some kind of like to be almost like a eunuch or something but it's terrifying to imagine that jeff sessions when he takes his clothes off probably
six nipples i noticed on the middle of the chest cities but laser they suddenly as they use gets wet when he's like arresting people that use a little a little goat knobs it is to fall file yeah go file prisons he visits private prisons and just pulls out its massive throbbing sentence there for life right on that screen that you your session and i was standing up for it i just want you then doing after medical marijuana again trying to it's almost like he can't help himself he knows what the laws are in some yeah but but but they're just going to grab them it's great yeah sure grandpa i know the way i know what sound says but i've got my personal opinions on the thing and that's what matters yeah just any anytime there's one person's authority over another person and they've lived an entire life in that position that's their ecosystem the reco sis
as they have authority to enforce laws they lock people up they put in that's the game gets the game they play into a successful yeah not just that it's like there's an objective it's low really like almost like a monopoly game like you see yeah what the thing is to arrest people you're you're the guy arrest people your rest people and convict people that's your game that's what you do you're plugged into the machine yeah you know and it just thing about monopoly it was invented my an anarchist who was invented it to teach kids the evils of capitalism wow really yeah that's incredible goofy anarchists are did the exact opposite thing it's like what they did it wasn't supposed to be fun it was supposed to demonstrate that when you accumulate capital you end up taking it all right wait what do you think anarchists are well i think that anarchists are people who want to diminish this system that we have have far less rules have far less government right
and usually they're kind of spastic and there the way they express themselves is always a very awkward like libertarians well that too but you know like i've just been reading this book i i norco syndicalism it's like this but i can't dance really interesting to look at the history of anarchism like but it comes from versus what it gets because i remember when i was like in high school or do you remember draw fucking anarchy symbol and you like yeah it means like the power man you don't even know what it made your just assuming you know but i think one part of it it's really beautiful is the idea that we don't need need withered old prunes like jeff sessions telling us what we we put in our bodies we don't need that that's true and that how many meet jeff sessions are there in the power structure and then where it gets really
so i can call him and check out david graber you should have him on the picat my god he's fucking brilliant he's an author and he a philosopher i guess you could say but he is incredible and he wrote a book called i think it's called the utopia of rules that i've been reading which is fucking bad ass and it's just breaking down like the the bureaucracy that we're in right now bureaucracy all the forms you got to fill out to just about anything these days like all these fucking forms it's insanity right but then it's really interesting is he's right now so i can like communists states this the corporations in the state are kind of the same thing so there's these like men history of labor the stores are all national stores you know and so we think that that's not what happening right now but actually because is the people who are running a lot of the corporations used to be in government and the pea
people who are in government used to be running these big corporations one of the cool points he makes and also the government is making the rules that the operations are working by but the corporations are putting their own agents into the state he's saying actually the line between the state and private companies is really blurry right now they're kind of merging together together but we like to pretend their separate for exam what's happening right now with the fucking fcc take away the internet with verizon having one of their fucking pig drones in uh super position of power right now is trying to take away the freedom of the internet the state can be like corporations can blame it on the status just clarify what you mean by that because if you do not try to take with a free mini and that it did trying to it and they're gonna to give it a net neutrality exactly yeah so what it would do just maine is that you'll have to probably pay more yeah to access the things that require more band with and it was going to be it's not
going to be what it is now where every bad side has open access it so i just use you two versions are you get the capital's version i think it's a good idea and then you get the text version which things is terrible idea i almost always go to work towards a tech for have to yeah that's the anakonda you know the way in anaconda kills somebody every time you exhale it squeezes in a little bit that's all i have right now it's the squeeze inn is okay this fucking internet if you're somebody like jeff sessions that's not that's not where the money is coming from i think you're misinterpreting the whole idea it's all just a business thing it's like being a the throttle the data and being able to decide like like if netflix wants you on there if you want to have flicks on the network they wanna be able to work out some sort of a deal that i want to treat netflix like it's any other sort of streaming service like were you looking at the the the the debaters business transactions we're looking at in a business sense they're not saying the internet sucks no one is trying to like squeeze the internet stop it with their trying to do is make more money ok great
they're trying to yeah i do here i do know what you're saying but i think it's a slippery slope and it's the idea of the end not being treated like i don't know what are the internet being treated like is the thing that no corporation should have any kind of say that that to me it has to stay like that because the moment some corporation whoever it may be it gets to start deciding yet you guys to pay a little bit more and if we establish that corporation in the state are nist separate as we like to think then suddenly there's all kinds backchannels there's suddenly there becomes a new way to begin to filter out content and i could say it's for money you start building fine initial walls around things you start making things vanish into the background because they aren't in some big can walmart that's paying off the corporations more whatever you to mess up the whole thing which as far as i can tell it's doing great the internet is great this fucking compound you're in right now you know a lot
it came from the internet this thing we're doing right now it's the way the internets been working oh dude no ones and bigger proponent of the internet that i am i just think when we're talking about these issues you gotta be you gotta be really like objective what's trying to happen here they're not trying to silence dissent they're just trying to try make as much money as possible and this is uh a weird tricky time when it comes to information we do have to be very careful because it could wind up i'm like hey you get your internet from comcast will comcast is no longer allow you know blah blah laugh at that has your podcast featured on it or you know some new streaming service it's yet to be discovered that will be in the future challenging youtube the youtube gets together with google you know their own google and they get together with verizon and they make exclusive for the verizon network if you want to get on youtube you have to be on the verizon network
this is all inside the realm of possibility but the deeper level though anybody who thinks that government has not been totally captured by corporations isn't paying attention i mean that's not news in this country you come from europe where this is one of the things the problems i have with anarchists and libertarians very naive about what the world would look like if there were no government regulation yeah i agree that it did every poison every day the river would be to poison to swim and at you know the the there would be because corporations it makes sense for them to dump their shit is near to the factory as possible they don't give a fuck about birth defects and dead people that it doesn't matter yeah that's true but a lot of good things come from from the from a lot of anarchist theorist and and and some of those things you're well i think a lot of it relates back to my with a hunter gathers because hunter gathers are essentially anarchists functioning anarchy yeah the problem is when you scale up then you've got
corporations that you know i've talked about this on this podcast before what my idea that my belief the corporations are living things institutions are living things in their agendas conflict with likes you like super organisms or something right yeah that's spooky i think that every time you get large groups of people together and they operate under one window or one umbrella rather they just tend to act like an organism just which countries do i mean me this and it's a natural thing that human beings do for some strange reason not only human beings right think about flocks of birds and schools of fish and yeah and hills sure there all sorts of examples and then you go the other direction are are are microbiome near now i mean that's all functioning according to its own systems you know in the end that's happening within a all sorts of scale double stuff going on i think you'd be insane to not think there needs to be some kind of structure to help things function smoothly but i think we all agree we do
need as much structure as we've got right now and a lot of the problem certain interrupted just to finish the point i think what happens is a lot of people get in their heads and they start thinking that the state is respa constable in some way or another for their well being and that's what happens is you start forgetting that it's really important communities what's really important is finding a group of people that you love and deciding in this group of people loosely it's not a commune it's not like a cult but just to say running with the group of people that you love making this really intense decision which is none this is ever going to be homeless you could start there that used to be with the family but a lot of people don't have that anymore so groups of people during very loosely to take care of each uh in a way that the state is cur totally functioning with welfare and all that shit that's to me is like it's not anarchy
but it's a sense of sort of like shrugging off the idea that the state is really going to take care of you but what if this state is an expression of that sense of community as it is in a country like denmark for example where danish people and dutch people and swedish people and you know lots of northern european countries said you know we're not going to let anyone be homeless and suffering we're not going to let the children be mountain in this country we're going to take care of each other depends on how how if if there was a pure expression for one of the people are unified enough to create a pure expr national what day what they like central goals were there would be pretty startling to me but we paid lip service to in america all the time you know thanks for your service and we're all in this together we're all americans you know route around the flag yeah yeah yeah that's we're doing we're trying to create the sense of community we're all in it together but it comes to actually taking care of each other then we don't
well i mean that's to me list let me say must naively stupid thing i was just thinking about this on the way over this is so dumb but i was really think you know the prisoners are fighting the there's right now you know that isn't really the running out of prisoners they're getting paid one dollar an hour to fight these fires there there were there it's insane but just take it in myself dollar now one dollar an hour but i was take it in myself man what what if take everybody in california and we all were going to help fight the fires the would we i'll be able to put the fires out like if like as many did people just started flooding to act we go help or if all these homes are burnt down and i was just thinking like shit man if like everybody in california is like alright let's just go help him build their houses back
and it's so insane house would fall apart if you are building a house i will imagine duct russell start building houses would be like no thanks to him nothing we got devil is the fuck did you do this frame i wouldn't be in charge it but i would be in charge of building the fucking houses they can sandwiches yeah make sandwiches which is another cool thing that i like about i'm not by the way i'm not a fucking anarchist but one cool thing i like about the ideas like right now we have this high are you know of do you like careers right so doctors are valued more than the plumber plumber right or in my tests numbers are are plumbers are valued more than like i don't know i house clean or something so like you know it's considered a those status thing if you're somebody who works in a fast food joint or something like that but when you get together with a group of people who are fucking cool's some people are good at some things and some people are good at other things but nobody is
valued more than the other person because everybody loves each other and you've got this like you know the per this is the most like somebody digging trenches to like put electrical wires a pretty unskilled job is soup you're appreciated because who the fuck wants to dig the trenches manets when add money to the equation which is what we're doing right now and i get it not saying get rid of money or whatever when you had me too it everything gets fucking weird so what i'm saying is right now when we here the fires we think okay i'll donate some money i'll donate some money that'll that'll do it i'll donate some money but this is a night like i said before it's crazy naive idea i just had this image of like fuck what if just huge groups of people started going towards the fire like white blood cells converging on the contaminant that yeah 'cause right now we're using prisoners well do you understand the terrain like this is not something that most people can traverse you talking about like extremely
the areas that are also yeah you you'd have to be not just fit but you have to understand which way the wind's blowing you could get shoehorned in and surrounded by fire there's a lot of like serious dangers with there's a it's a beautiful idea on paper we need to train their dad yeah it would never i know would never happened i just i just don't hardly hear you would need a lot of stuff someone would have to organize it shouldn't hurt was supposed to be bigger than this then the city of washington dc no i know yes how big the fucking bad i mean it's insane how big it is it's terrible it's terrible you would have to get a lot of fucking people circle that bitch but we're just so used to invoice were so bright were so broken apart were so disconnected like whenever you hear about something going down it's just a thing that's going down if someone's houses burned down here now the fucking house burnt out that's it you don't really think much more than that and we think the state is going to come in and like take care of everything and i think that's what the state wants i love using the term
the state does the state want that or is just how it's structured now it wants it because you think the state wants that because in the same reason anyone who's like in an abusive relationship wants to be in control it's like if you think that i'm the one who's going to help you then you're depend on me but do you think of if there was a really affective massive volunteer firefighter force the state would resist that now i don't that's what's beautiful about it is i don't know how the state would resist that i mean we do see the state resisting things like groups of people getting rather than trying to feed the homeless and stuff like do yeah really resist last pop up saying you can't feed them like
there's one need licenses yeah all this you got a license is to feed peeking out of all forms baby right but is that would that be a good idea to prevent people from poisoning people or panel giving them at the end or you know yeah but i mean i don't know for sure man but when was the last time you heard about like an organized group like food not bombs poisoning homeless well paul it wouldn't have to be that it would be duncan's food delivery service you just start i was marrow yeah you might you might have a good intentions but not really be qualified to prepare food these people are eating fucking hamburgers out of trash can definitely better than what they're eating for sure you know the real issue with homeless people is not just an economic issue though the one of the big ones that need to be addressed as mental health and and when they change the standards during the reagan administration they essentially just sent people out on the street and they were using dunkin the argument you're making basically which is that the state is providing for people they should be there should be private
church communities religious based families that was the argument they made i think it was disingenuous i think it was just about taking money you know this about money giving it the whole reagan thing what we're seeing now is the fruit the bitter fruit of the reagan revolution still using the same economic arguments this trickle down shit yeah that was started by most listeners probably are old enough to remember this but i remember in the 80s david stock when was the economic advisor did ronald reagan came up with all this stuff four or five years later he left the administration he came out and said that was all bullshit we knew it was bullshit it just a story we made up it makes no economic sense it's ruining the country i'm so sorry jesus christ you know it but they're still using it because it's a narrative that's effective i'm getting into this a lot recently like how narratives are popular and powerful not because they make sense but because they
create a story that justifies the power structure that's in control at the time right yeah well i this is uh this way i think it's like hyper important right now for people to find groups of people that they love and do more than just like play board games like getting together with people and like make stuff like face the facts man fucking california on fire right now i mean every and thinks this shit just stays the way it is it's not just on it's on fire in a way that you realize like they could be twice as bad as this and we would literally have to everyone would have to flee the state i next december yeah this is the rainy season yeah and it easily could be twice as bad as it is now we're just it means we're in a weird place and there's no rain you know the rain isn't coming yeah and you know like it sucks that people after to like create in your mind the reality of what's happening to my friend you know he was
show me pics he was right by the fires and he's saying people just can't understand how bad this is people just can't comprehend it can people because this is like this is real life right now man you guys feel like this for example and other things that are happening do you feel like this is the shit hitting the fan in a way that always seemed hypothetical you know like this is we're living through a moment that's almost like aliens arriving and you like something that you always thought well that would be weird it's happening happening right now like there are things happening now that seem inconceivable even five years ago ten years ago i do no i got it but but specific well i mean like evacuate santa barbara you know this has been a few times
yeah i'm honestly though what i found a trophy to resident yeah that's going to you know yeah and like no these these national monuments were selling them to those mining company yeah now you know they're lobbyist works for the you know heads the department the interior and just like it's over like this we're reaching this is an end stage but you know i we hold the i know what you mean and white god knows like depending on how much how how i am my brain get real shrill about fuck this is it man this the end stages of fucking apocalypse happened man but man but then when you go and look can you take some cada mean well no like i think i had bolelli on my podcast recently is a historian the first question i asked miss is this the end of the world and he's like i do i think so he's like you know you know like figure when plague wiped out like what thirty percent of the people on earth got while on your answer it's certainly the times that are filled with adversity and there there's a restructuring yeah it
i don't mean it's the end of the world per se but it's the end of the american empire it's the end of america as a country that other other people around the world looked up to as a as a model to be emulated well we popularity contest to see who controlled the nukes and this is the first time the popular guy fuck that's what it is this is the first time a popular guy entered the popularity contest and someone who knows how to be popular and there's a bunch of people out there that are pro wrestling fans and they bought right in hook line and sinker and that's that's not it's a very simplistic version of it there's a lot of other people that wanted to throw a monkey wrench in the system because they thought hillary clinton was a crook which probably is because they're all crooks there is that in most most those people at the top or at least in some way fucked up yeah we have an opportunity to rebound who al frankin ninety al frank is just a butt grow
at things not even not did you read the last yeah i like the straw that broke the camel's back the last one where the they all said enough is enough is in the atlantic this woman he put that she asked for a photo he put his arm around his hand was on her waist high schools are fat he squeezed her he she said he grabbed a handful of flesh which is a weird thing to say but he squeak better at least twice is her quote at least twice he had his hand on her waist and she said i don't even let my husband touch me that way in public because it demeans me as a professional woman are you fucking kidding me like to enter your husband like you know what our life to put your arm around your wife in public this please me to get my wife would love to be squeeze the more the the more the merrier the idea of it is it's very strange because that that one does makes sense to leeann tweeden one was the only one that made sense there's a photo of him she's unconscious it's demeaning i get the whole thing he apology
for that and rightly so and apparently tried to kiss her but then but grabbing his like well you definitely should the grabbing peoples butts but i mean how much of a big deal is it whilst also do have we stopped i mean chelsea handler was on bill maher the other night and she said i have to believe these women because i'm a woman and i thought well wait a minute does i mean i have to believe all men because i'm a man isn't there any the discussion about whether these things are true or not at the a cumia said this best he said he put it on twitter he goes saying all women are liars is just as crazy saying all women tell the truth right why yeah that that i think a lot frank in i don't know enough about frank and but a lot of these people it's like like weinstein wasn't like forty people or something like that like forty when it starts getting up
open that and also what he's accused of is in different things we're not talking about taking pictures with people they were they like you they want to take a picture of you grab their waste we're talking about i mean he's been accused of rape by more than one woman like actual rape rape not just like getting someone drunk and having sex with them but like holding them down type rape yeah there's a lot of he's there's a lot of crazy seat here's it's kind of fucked if prostitution was legal food that exist or is it a power thing is it always a power thing like does he want to like have sex with the star of his films that i think it's more a question of if if there weren't so many teenage boys who never got laid with the society look like and by the i don't mean to excuse anyone and i don't mean to say teen
the girls should be more promiscuous or anything i'm just looking at objects i'm saying that guys like harvey weinstein that dude didn't get laid in high school most of the you look at these mass shootings a lot of these guys in their in their suicide notes say i'm doing this because i can't get laid i i'm going to die a virgin that start begins actually this is a massive amount of frustration that builds up 'cause bio logically most boys are horny little monsters at thirteen or fourteen they are not and so it gets to the point so there may the five six years between when a boy is totally obsessed with not just sex but with being except little women being loved by women being touched being caressed being and they can think about anything else and they're not get and so i think a lot of boys grow up with
extreme frustration that either curdles into misogyny where you get these like mass killers who did they kill hookers right sexually liberated free women in their perspective and you get that just chase money their whole lives because they think the money and the power is going to get the those women and so when they get to that place and there still fucking disgusting and they sense that the women don't even wanna fuck them or they only fuck them because they're going to get something from them then there's all this self hatred and shame i think that's what's been he expressed here so i think it is power and i do think but it's an it's an expression or a manifestation of a deeply sex negative pathological culture but conversely how do you feel about like women that weren't attractive in high school how come they don't lash out in the same way and they're not out there we can do this one because come down women are much better at accepting the
their sexual situation you see women have accepted a lot of shit that men aren't able to except for millenia that's part the biological and probably partly cultural but also because i mean women and can have sex even women who aren't particularly attractive because the the whole market is so skewed in the other direction men who aren't particularly attractive probably done how much trouble getting laid in high school i don't think it's just that i think you're boiling it down to getting laid that's a reduction ist i think i think this women so much touch especially with lawndale but if an unattractive woman who is a hard time finding a boyfriend you know someone who loves her someone who wants to be emotionally connected to her that probably it's just it's painful to a woman's a guy who can't find maybe more painful than a guy who can find sex partner in psychology they say that men expressed their these feel
through anger and i am in through depression and sadness right so you probably don't see women lashing out and killing a budget did you see them being depressed and feeling like and when you do they have high testosterone that's why i'll just women another point to be made here is is that like you know people do say the thing what like people like harvey weinstein like harvey weinstein probably enjoy is power it's not like want to get fucking laid i'm going to become this mass it's like i like to dominate i'm a dominating force that's what i am i'm going i enjoy like having people around me who worship me and as part of that i'm going to dominate my interns i'm going to dominate my employees and when i'm around women i'm going to use my i'm going to fucking jerk off and houseplants in front i mean it's like
the ficus st you know you got it you got to really think about that it's like i i don't i don't i know what you're saying how poor harvey weinstein when i get in front of the guy does not with the sony saying well i did think of they they did he's not getting touched enough well no no no but this is that there's a lot of frustration that's inherently connected to this suppressive sexual culture that we find ourselves embroiled in that we not necessarily agree with right now we wired don't little boys wire right you know because one that's the only access they have to they are less likely to tell on them in three there is self insured i just yeah and darling daily recidivism i like to do a little thought experiment which is i like to imagine what where my head's gotta be if i jerk off in our house plant in front of somebody if you have tried that just just think about it like where would going on with you christmas tree
like you just celebrating it's like new year's eve under mistletoe understanding of you jerk off in the plant the plants can absorb it and he's just leaving his dna all over the place is probably good for the plant i know that it is it's terriblr for plant not my gisken weinstein shit ledges is great for parents bro i wonder where that plan is that plants alive it's running for senate alpha come coming soon from onnit dot com joke all these things i think it's certainly this sex is it's not just a power thing because he's not just exercising power he's exercise in power in a sexual way yeah it's not just power i think it's the game like we're talking about like corporations and even police officers and guys like jeff sessions who have the game
to arrest people that is the game they play they get really good at it that's what the game is the game with a guide like him as i can't believe i get to fuck what's your name name famous actress and that famous actresses on her stomach and your mouth fuckin are like whoa so really this is really happening and it why is it really happening it's happening 'cause you're going to let her be catwoman or whatever the fuck the movie is right yeah there's some nuttiness to it there was and craziness there some forbidden thing to it there's some there's a bunch of a bunch of things in play power one of the dynamics it's just the most foul one because all the other ones like the sexual frustration and stuff doesn't seem so gross it's like when when you you're imposing your will on someone then it's unquestionably it's an expression of power like once you free things once your co workers and once you're imposing your will and you're saying i'm going to take you to take away your career if you don't let me have sexual intercourse with you well then
it's one hundred percent power things like how did it get there there's a lot of things and i think you've done gotta love this power i guess i have an exercise sufficient power in my life to know the answer to this question but does does dominance feel good directly or is it is it something that comes to you indirectly so in other words does it feel good to dominate someone else or only because then you can get something that you want from them i think it's something that you want from them and i think there's a there's also there's i think human beings are connected to each other in a new viable way and i think that if you're using power over someone like say if you hate to paint variable just save you rape someone you are sexually attracted someone you're lonely and you rape them and if you have any conscience at all if you no there screaming no and you're still having sex with them and you come and then afterwards you have to think about it like you would be horrified at yourself
the level of self hatred would be almost unimaginable even posed yourself and your your your your twisted sickness at in part of that moment the power dynamic trying to impose the power it can't possibly feel good i think it's just a thing almost like a creepy leftover reptilian instinct that creatures have because if you look at rei in nature and this is not to exonerate rapists is not to normalize rape but it's insanely common in the animal kingdom right it's in common and doc sits in common in all sorts of different and also rang it's at all times yeah rankings are ruthless and i and it's tough because there are a lot of primatologists are women and
and they learned the hard way from what i've heard that always wear jeans if you're working with orangutan oh jesus christ to rape a tank that's awful but but this thing we're supposed to be evolved past that and for the most part by far and above we are right if you think but all these sexual harassment interactions now imagine if they were chimps you know i mean imagine if they were a rag attends would would rape is the common thing you could never have a bunch of of ranga tang's in some sort of building and people would go of course were better than a rank tanks we are that's why we rape arepas much but it is problematic to use the word rape when you're talking about animals because part of it is that the way you described it there's a knowledge on some level that this female is totally not into what's happening right now where is presumably in orangutan doesn't have that knowledge and all so there are animals where the female is triggered to ovulate by aggressive
male behavior that we might call raping right right right like rabbits you bite the back of their neck and that's what makes the female obviously well that's what there's a lot of weird stuff when it comes to women's would sexually attractive to certain women and what arouses them rape fantasies is the number one yeah lot of women like to be choked happening there like why do you like to be choked why do you like to get your arms pin behind your back and why do you like to fight back like you actually like it you want me to do that you need to hold both her wrists ok you're sure like this to tie it up going on out there really he has a lot of people are yeah this is all dreams are done in your yeah but here's the thing with when when it comes to light as sin amor or bondage at one i think one of the big misconceptions when it comes to that is that if you're being tide up or if you're telling somebody up that there is
anger happening in that situation it's one of the most sweet loving trusting things that you can beautiful yeah it's really like i don't fully celibate is no idea i spent i spent a lot of time in dungeons actually it is it's like it's a healing sweet beautiful thing there's a difference between that and rough suits right yeah yeah chip is very ritual like i mean i personally find it not not it doesn't turn me on it all largely because it's so choreographed
you know there's all the outfits and this and now we're going to do that and you know there's a safe words and yeah but i mean i have been in those environments as duncan says it's like the opposite of out of control its totaly in control totaly worked out the difference between a gun range and a war good way to put it to sleep funny totally different yeah well the last time i was at a gun range i ended up bleeding from the head i was with my buddy justin and we're assuming this is up in washington state where i was shooting his uh i don't remember what a three thousand and thirty or something and hoped had he was had this big elk on that he was trying to scope in and he was like man i'm not going to get your shooting really well can you just take a shot at few shots on this and see if you're and i i just grabbed it and didn't that it was a totally different gun yeah and i just
in the scope when right in my forehead i have all these like macho dudes you know i'm i'm exposed as the idiot hey i i am we went to shoot at burnt down did you hear about that now i would imagine it did i would imagine now well exactly yeah yeah wow is there's definitely fires in that area i mean the fires are so out of control especially that out towards santa barbara ventura right now that's not that's the worst you know what i keep thinking what if the fucking big one hits like shits going to catch fire in the big one heads and all the roads are going to be fucked up to emphasize which going to be messed up it's that like this like without a massive earthquake what happens if what if the fucking big one hit right now please get all the water lines are broken trucks can't get there yeah yeah
the giant issue then you have toxic clouds and stuff too because all these warehouses going not only that if the big one hits it's entirely likely it's not just going to hit here but it also hits in the ocean in which case we get hit with a tsunami which case all that super expensive real estate in malibu just gets wiped away i'm good topanga though yeah how does your not scavenge if you're not good up into paying were really weird the yeah you you know like a canary in the coal mines in the resolved merely the planet leave it to me due to do to get back to the topic you're talking about it's what is with thing that's happening is people are realizing nobody ever really want to talk about it's changing like if you if you ever watch like porky's or if you watch any of the movies from the 70s like the make out scenes like the guy do you like come on baby come here what do you do when they're like throwing them
so they're doing things and movies that were consider like yeah that's how that's i guess that's how it's done you like you forcing them there's like scenes i think would like bill bill murray maybe or scenes in old movies with all so many of them pepi lapu do you know what i mean yeah it is a rapist one hundred percent see when you're seeing like this like you're seeing much french yeah it's crazy when you go back and look and you realize like shit man what's happening is like fifty movies from the 50s where the guy i'll just grab the woman in case there is something like a healthy reuse maximum amount yeah things i'm changing is what's happening and and as things change like two things we need figure out number one we have to admit like yeah i get it man like you know for me like hanging out with you during the podcast with you i know there's one thing i know man i'm pretty sure at least you want to fuck me
ok so we've recognized that he didn't look at me when he said that i was just totally left out of that part of the chapter new next book but you know research duncan with like with what's happening with women is because a lot of dudes and i'm sorry this is a shocking thing to say a lot of dude in positions of power and with him and women is like who want to be actors here one or whatever you want to like do it do stuff getting around these guys they don't have that assurance they're not like this guy doesn't want to they're probably thinking this guy wants to fuck me when these are women who most guys want to fuck yes yeah so it especially if you talk about harvey weinstein these hot actresses like the real strange thing is you have that unquestionably
and then you have women that want to have to have nothing to do with that part of the the the business they don't they're not trying to be seductive they just want to work yeah they will to act and then they have to deal with all this bullshit that's it then you've got women who sneak into that mix and their willing not only they willing their manipulative and their seductive and they're they're trying to make their way up the ladder that way they exist there it's a much smaller percentage but they exist too for their whole society is set up to make women think that the only thing they have to trade is sexual i don't think there's anything wrong with these women agreeing to do a film with not even harvey and seeing anyone and then and he says i'll give you more parts if you fuck me and the girl wants to do it and she does it like i think it's gross but it's not gross if it's not gross to her you know i'm saying right it's the weird thing its own gross if it's gross like
it grows being around a guy like harvey weinstein right if he's yelling at people and he's fat and sweating all over the place it's gross and less it's not gross unless you like that kind of guy right you bears it bears geyser into bears might you might like that yeah so at what point are we are we taking away women's agency when we say that that should never you shouldn't be able to give a guy a blowjob and get a part in a movie it's weird right it's like you should be able to pay for things but you shouldn't be able to pay for things with sex why not right parlance things you can buy things yeah and you can have sex but you can't buy sex like yeah well it's it's strange it's strange because i don't think it's necessarily illegal in a barter sense like say iran you dinner yeah like say if you had some woman and she wanted to paint your house but in it as a bad example
oh you wanted to paint her house how 'bout that she wants you to paint their help her i'm not going to pay you but it will suck your dick and you like so that's a deal like that seems like a good deal like you want to do that and she's like yeah i want to i want to suck your dad thanks i also want you to pay my house mean look at some girl depends on who it is is angelina jolie and she's twenty five would be out there with the fucking roller painting that you just be thinking i'm gonna take a long time to finish though if you're both into it and this is again you have to be super clear about this but i'm not exonerating rape or sexual harassment or credit behavior what i am saying is that we have a weird it's weird that we separate ucommerce from intimacy when it comes to sex and it's the only type of intimacy you can massage in your underwear i do it all the time where women will be talking to me about you know well my
it's going to school at this place and he really likes wrestling but the problem is they're just continuing the program while they're doing that she's doing her elbow my back i'm in pain but i'm i'm i'm in my underwear alone in a room with this lady and i'm having a nice conversation with her while she's being intimate with me i mean that's essentially what's going on there's oil involved their messiah flashing negative feels really good is usually don't shoot any fluid out of your body we allow you will get a woody when you're getting a massage it definitely moves i'm trying to stay calm and zen though i put myself in a peaceful place fucking worse when your dick starts getting hard when you're getting a platonic massage and you're like what you're like preparing your apology but it's because in touch were also touched starved you know in this society that i think people have a hard time distinguishing between pleasant touch and eroticism yeah or between good sex and love you know we
mix it all together because we were so unfamiliar with it i think is also this would be levels to prostitution to write like what would be the good buddy do you have to tell us what would be the problem with someone who say was a woman who just did not have a desire to have a family like to freedom didn't want regular job but she likes having sex with men that she likes so she picks a few men maybe he's got a small roster of ten guys who fucker and they rotate no you can't do tuesday mike's doing tuesday ok um wednesday yeah wednesday at work this is happening there's a lot of this i just was visiting with a friend of mine who does this yeah there's a website figure it's called it's not friends with benefits but it's their websites and there's a whole like name for these show your daddy's and you know sugar daddy sites where the guys now it's like okay look we're getting and
the way she described it was there's no it's no set price it's not like a thousand bucks to fuck me or whatever it's like we get together if i like you have dinner whatever and yeah and then you want to get together again next weekend ok you want to take me to malibu ok will go to malibu and then is money showing up in my accounts or not yeah and if it's not then i'm deciding and everybody keep seeing this dude for nothing you know it was one hundred and fifty dollars you know and then it's like she's a different guys depending how much money they have they give her more or less and so she can just decide it anytime if she wants to continue the relationship and she doesn't consider herself a prostitute and he got someplace like thailand it's i met this dude in the poly years ago who explain to me the whole the whole deal because i spent but i'm in thailand but i've never been able to wrap my head around and i horny as hell but i couldn't wrap my head around the thing how it works 'cause you know getting back to you
vape thing to me the most demeaning experience in the world would be to find myself in a sexual situation and realized that the woman doesn't want to be there right you know like oh my god that's it's like i feel so ugly so to be with a thai woman and there's all this confusion she doesn't she's acting like she wants to do this anyway this guy explain to me he goes to thailand is a woman he knows there if she's not around she'll hook him up with a friend of hers but basically he'll travel with her for a month or two take her all over thailand she translates she gets them better deals on rooms and food and everything she knows what to order and timelines vary cool about prostitution its buddhist it doesn't have this anti sex thing that we have so it's no big deal right as far as that why people are concerned and and at some point on that trip they'll go to the village where she grew up and they'll meet your family
and he'll be like your mother's refrigerators looking kind of oil does she need a new refrigerator oh that would be great and they go buy a refrigerator and give it to the mother and the mother super happy and that's the that's it there's no money changing hands it's a gift so it's very much like what you're describing its insects it's not four with sex there sax there's friendship there's translation there's you know saving me money and telling me the best places to go that's like a guide and sex it's just part of that it's very it's it's hard to conceive from our cultural perspective it actually works that way i don't think there would be anything wrong with a woman deciding to have sex with a bunch of men for money i do i think there's anything wrong with it i think the real dangers comes into having sex with someone you don't know you know if you're a streetwalker and some guy picks you up and wants to kill you that's the real danger the danger is not in like a clientele of course one of 'em is a fucking psycho but i think i can
put on a tinder date yeah i think we are we're operating under the echoes of the puritans i think as grown adults deep into our i mean uh bump fifty now how old are you fifty five the idea that we're still under in your forty three imagine being under this the whims of some people who died you know huh words of years ago heard a complete ignorance to human psychology physiology to sexual urges to genetics what they knew then is literally flavoring the way we behave today and so insanely suppressive good point i also have a point about all this sexual harassment stuff that's uncomfortable those environments become your world if you are in an off who is eight hours a day that is most of your day most of your waking conscious day your
spending in this one area and people these start behaving like that's the world and you start coming sexually attracted to the people that are in your world and some people reciprocate and some do not some people are frustrated and some are not and some people are gross and they are in a position of power in that weird world and i think may that guy wouldn't sexually harass in the big world but in this little world where everything is like jammed in together and you have these clearly defined things like this guys got a plaque on his desk that says the boss right and you gotta come in he's got the desk come out and shut the door shut the door or if you like now where you got a button when you lock the door click come on inside we've got to discuss we gotta review your progress this click this is the world if you i'm not exonerating matt lauer can't believe how to say this can but if you're in that guy's world and i don't even know what he did i didn't pay attention madam once was quite a gentleman
but he's in this he's got to be thousand ten twelve hours a day you're doing that in today's show yeah it's insanely competitive that morning tv thing you have to be on the ball your ship meetings a stuff to review you have gaster you the gonna review your performance in your conversations with people in a well matt you know whenever you start talking about sex people drop off look we've got the numbers with in the directory relation to what you were saying earlier is what i read about matt lauer was that he couldn't have sex with just normal people 'cause he's famous and he get in trouble he's married so he had maintain the facade of that he and he couldn't have sex with other famous people because that would come out into the press so you had to have sex with people who weren't famous who weren't just normal people and that left the office that was it so imagine if we lived in a world where we said who gives a shit if matt lauer's fucking someone other than his wife that between them the 60s again
i don't know that that was the 60th right back with dustin hoffman was grabbing titties dude have you guys ever seen by the way the last word on this for me anyway the people who for acting shocked and outraged around matt lauer and charlie rose are full of shit that's what that what kills me the hypocrisy of the people who working with them for years and going i had no idea i heard about charlie rose being a fucking creep fifteen years ago and i don't even work in media you know right bill cosby thing he ever does happen to bill cosby thing was in a website if you see if you guys seen this is like one of one of the grossest things you can witness in a workplace is when the boss starts given now scrubs ever seen that a neck rub in boss though it is that it is so fucking creepy to watch a big fat butt
empire went up behind some married secretary just so how you doing today karol rubbing her neck and she we could see the look on her face frozen he's got kids she's he says to him hey do you mind really want you to touch me right now he's oh i'm sorry but then she doesn't know down the line down the line when he's doing employee reviews and you think you know what room that back in time i just wanted to rub her back man but i'm not rubbing any of the dudes backs in the office now that man that is fucked up that is one of the that is one and to imagine when you're the boss to imagine that these bosses they're oblivious they just don't know they just want to give neck rubs they're not aware like come on they can feel that is is he's rubbing their back if you can't feel their fucking adams trying to escape your
sweaty god damn fucking male dominator how many guys become friends with women her tag friends just so they just cry creeping closer almost like your stocking big game and you want to just move real close to sure yes that's what they're doing one of the classics that's how i hunt elk i walk real give it in accra i don't give any crabs but i try not to make my intentions known that is what happening in these environments i think when people work in offices together they get attracted to each whitney cummings has a fucking hilarious bit about it i won't i won't do it just i'm going to say it but she talks about working in an office 'cause she's she works on roseanne you know she's on she's on the staff like she's in an office all the time just like this is what people do this
weird environment and office romances are here there's so calm and sure sure so common secretary they're gonna be active and if you're if you're married to some guy and he said he's the big by austin says that his brass plate the big boss and the big pos has a secretary that big ass and big tits and she's friendly and he's alone with her all day all day all day everyday every week and she's calling at home because she's right on top of the the uh men's and she's made his his play oh i have a mic's flight arrangements i just wanted in the wi fi still listening listening this bitch hanging out with their fucking husband all day slowly taking her power away sucking away her influence until one day you can't take it anymore and you right now it's fucking thing it all mean if carol was like you carol doesn't understand me carl's just such a bitch to me sometimes it's it's crazy because
you give her so much you provide her so much like you i mean i don't like she doesn't know any woman who want to be in carroll's place you know me you work with carol does understand me yeah plus you've got the sexual novelty kicking in right where he's been banging carols for fifteen years they got kids they got a mortgage they got stress test big ass yeah denise denise with her ruby red lipstick and her long nails well it's fucking the whole thing is just like office fucking and all that just like the whole thing is kind of unsavory but like the yeah for sure office romances i hope they do happen hope everyone in offices is happily fucking all day long that's glory but like man when you think about get much work done when you think about fucking being denise right and who's
this name maury think about when you're fucking your denise and you got this job right and there's mike and mike's a fucking asshole man mike is not you're not as reference story than my store yeah yeah i know i think i might just total utter responsibility but i thought mike's a big burly guy maybe it's a little too much i think so too much like a trucking company or sanitation to work response now man mike smells like onions is far you're like yours mine it's farts are just how changes in these yeah he's has a kid yeah nice as a kid with the guy was a real piece of up neck i'm saying what's happening right now right now what's happening is there's been a lot gotta fucking slimy massages that have been going on i'm going to guess for about five
one thousand years there's more maybe like four twenty thousand years a slimy massages has been building up like the fucking yellowstone super called air and in the fucking like epigenetic dna of women there is probably somewhere encoded in their due millenia of creepy fucking massages that don't stop with the fucking massage hang on what time period you're in you know and so i think what we're feeling right now is the result of generations of you fuckin massages and much much first happening and women are like fuck this this fucking sucks were sick of it were fucking sick of your creepy massages and that's what it is in some women i mean imagine man i've never there's one time at a blockbuster video store to blockbuster video and my boss is this like
just a sleazy fucking like just a slimy fucking gay dude i didn't like him he made us clean the video the tapes and they didn't need to be clean it's like come on man these tapes are clean spray and fucking video tapes now i remember late at night we there's like the area where the cash register is is this closed off cubicle place and i'm down on my fucking knees man having to get something from underneath there and this dude like hops up on the fucking counter and he stretches his legs out in front of me is like spread eagles his fucking legs out blocked mr khaki pants on curling up you can see the outline of his boss balls in there in like and he's like you know i mean he's never there is nothing more unappealing than bob
spasic situated by khaki and you're looking up there and he's looking down at you the power has been accentuated he's looking down at you and you saying he did a good job day he did a good job today dunkin and i'm like thinking like this is fun this is true got to be one of the circles of fucking hell right now because like this dude the click is hitting on me right now i'm getting paid minimum hitting on you for sure dude legs are spread i don't know that we cannot even just doing you can i prove it yeah right i don't even think people were in yoga north carolina this if he was a woman you'd assume that those actions would indicate that she would want sexual intercourse i'm saying there was a feeling now whether i could prove it or whether it was just me or whatever i will be what 20s i don't know but there was a feeling this sucks man there's like more going on here right this sucks that is it a legal is it like could i is it even sexual harassment now but
it sucks and it's like it sucks dude and that that that is the is what a lot of fucking women have dealing with for a long time and if they're pissed and they're rightfully their rightfully fucking pissed because it's like who wants we dominate it like that if i'm getting dominated i want paying for it you know what i mean i don't want to no no doubt man i really do think there's some thing to this idea that humans aren't meant to be in these small areas total enclosed in together with each other all i don't think were designed for it i just don't i think that's an intimate environment as weird that sounds and this is not saying that men i can't work together and be totally you know the platonic and absolutely can but it's it's
super unnatural behavior natural environment to be in these cubicles small little boxed in offices working day in day out with people smelling them and you know i think we should outlaw offices yes we have to how do you get shit done just work from home button anarchist only solution fuck we need this date man but definitely protected by the state chris the state man who's gonna fix the roads man we can fix the roads will figure it out yeah we figured out we were talking about something earlier that i wrote down 'cause i wanted to remember it you and about bob dylan's version of all along the watchtower view is jimi hendrix i think jimi hendrix was amazing but bob dillons was his and he wrote it and there was something cool about listen those words even it wasn't like as pleasing orally
there's a if you go to cat power official that power is saying she has a video up today that she put on her instagram but she's got a great instagram and a video up to day of bob dylan in like the 1960s in paris getting all these really dumb questions thrown at him and he's doing like this press conference he sitting there smoking cigarettes he looks like he's like twenty five years old and there one thing saddam in asking questions like what you see do you find it yep pollute what listen this was it's kind of crazy man do you agree that you should be the leader of singles with the message hello hello don't you think your first records were much better than the ones you do now this is but this right here is american american well that's why you probably take the first lesson said better
why why do you think why is because i feel like singing in particular special to express when you're saying no this is called the hope someone sing folks on that weird huh yeah how fucking weird friend but how weird is that like seeing this is essentially like the same dumb questions you'd get on twitter yeah cocktail it out of twitter account he would get those exact same student anime under your older stuff is better than your stuff today
did you ever see that there's some performance artist who hired security for himself and a cameraman and he walked through times square pretending to be super famous and they they had other people like at the periphery studying the crowd reaction to this stage what famous person walking through town square kuracina no i forget i wouldn't i don't know how to tell jamie to look for it but it's incredible the interview people right here it's like you have seen him in there yeah these two huge black dudes and a guy with a camera and he's like walk around like he's you know and some superstar and the interview people around this damn jamie you are fast too so this is him by himself normally i guess i am security with a suit on and security remember they ask people like what do you think of whatever name it is
one of the dudes is like well i really liked his early stuff but i think he sold and this was not one of the guys that was paid off this is another person on the street just making it a random idiot yeah that's so hilarious well i've had that happen to me before will someone come up and ask for a picture and then another guy will pull out his phone and who are you man nobody why'd you want your picture is like dennis camera outlet area might get a picture with you too if i know who you are but you don't know who i am so why would you wanna picture winner that's crazy just done who is waste yeah if you if you double pinch my fat i will call you shit double pinching my fat i mean you've done ten there are thousands of photos uh after shows you always stand out there and you take a photo with anymore really weird yeah it's already here that man shows got too big like the belko theater i just didn't hear you doing really big yeah it's too bad news i'll do it the ice house and stuff like that but sometimes people they have an agenda and it's not just to say hi you know and
just want to monopolize monopolize your time they don't care for the people around you and you run into those people and you don't know what it's just too much work yeah so it's crazy you did that man that was crazy you did that was put that's crazy i remember thinking man so out of time so that you're standing out there did it for three thousand seven hundred people didn't act like an extra couple hours to your there for two hours yeah could you know the us i can show literally did you must have a fucking immune system not credit mean system my biomes on fire 'cause when you think of all those like when you think like if like we could take your hand after shaking thirty three some people say never there's never that many people with is three thousand seven hundred people in the theater and trade it might have been one thousand let's take your hand and if we could put it on like a scanning microscope now not do you think is on your hand after one of those nights probably like a pretty lots of
liza stuff what's to come com well this is as far as what sweat i just like it is yeah dick instead got to be some period blood on my hands some five a new nose man maybe like pizza pizza some polonium lot of weed some weed traces he never know people try to slip weed in your pocket or something and it's maybe they put it in my hand i was telling my can't first of all i get too much weed yeah anybody trying to give me weed please don't get many weed i get too much weed yeah and then second of all i don't know you just take your weed just can't but i can't i wish i could i wish i could i'm sure you cool yeah sure you are but i have kids somebody gave me some i give me i'll ask after show just drink it right there on the spot if i think it was a it was a tough with black water is like it's i i wise guy i remember taking it back to my hotel looking at it and
second thinking like even if i drank ayawaska ne fucking holiday inn like how bad would that trip being be fucking wonderful day ceiling would open up propelled right through it yeah it's the same stuff that william hurt drink and altered states bro this is the real shit i gotta saved in a tupper ware just shake it dude once once once i got i was at home after a show that i've flown and someone to give me this framed picture same picture i don't know what the art was like a skull or somethin i wasn't it somehow like i ended up like pulling the thing open an inside the picture was a joint the guide shop to join into the picture sure and i had flown with it so if they had if they had like seen if they'd open that shit up they would have seen a joint and i would
i have been like not man somebody gave it to me at a show yeah yeah yeah yeah thomas trying to smuggle one joint yeah it's so it's so it's dangerous it's tricky man you can really get in trial had an interesting experience recently at heathrow i don't know did you want to talk about this in new york anyway i flying through heathrow and i had a can meeting flight missed the connecting flight but whatever there's another one two hours later so i'm going through security 'cause you have to like go again through security at heathrow in your from outside europe and i'm standing there waiting they take my bag for secondary check and and i see the woman talked to like the boss and he says well use the other one over there so she takes my bag over to this other security line that's not functioning and she runs it through the machine there she comes back in the talk for a minute he comes over to me and he says you and i have to have a conversation well i said okay he said what do you do what kind of writer cycle
largest and he's like yeah but what do you do what hobbies do you have just like i literally i said dude i'm fifty five i jerk off and go to bed i don't have any hobbies and he didn't smile and he's like you have a garden is like now you work with animals like i don't know like fertilizer something fertilizer residue got on your saying the zephyr bombs so he's nitrogen right he's like well you haven't told me the story that makes sense so i have to call the police i was like he talking makes like well night night the nitrates i if the machines shut off the other machine there never wrong you're going to have to sit down right there and wait and he tells this other guy watch him don't let him go anywhere like yeah i'm going to make a run for it in heathrow and these cop show up dude and they were like nine cops and body armor like
surrounded me a you know it was like wow this is what it feels like to go down right now but you are also a fifty five year old white guys obviously routledge catering unit you not speak with a weird accent exactly that's what i'm thinking so if it if i were black or or whatever forget i would've been terrified do you see the video that i posted to the guy the guy gunned down can't why amazon is it i did it so horrific unbelievable smarter it was murdered and also why do you have to crawl across the fucking floor how much they put your hands over your head and we come over and cuff you because they wanted to clear the room near the room they didn't want him to be too close to the room the room was slightly around the corner but the play the guy escalated it was playing a game of simon says with a man in a gun just died down i will fucking and did shoot him for just reaching back to grab pants is pants are falling down as you as he was crawling i mean what if he would in no way looked like he was doing something dangerous but though the most to
serving thing was how many people in the comments after i posted that video on twitter were saying you know that he didn't comply they were like saying clean kill he didn't queen issues what an ugly fat it's a clean's uh cleanly shooting clean kill hi i'm joe that's a clean kill and also in that the guy was drunk yeah i was young yeah he's a you know it's an open carry state by the way was white yeah who's white yes is not it like it is sick of the guy killed them now monster scary looking dude man jamie that i written on it does a lot of israel as a are he said why aren't your for your your yeah and then on to the should say i'm and then it the other thing was they didn't let the jury look at the video they thought it would taint them i go take their opinion what are you talking about really need to see that video that video is the guy at the fuck jesus
this christ man do you know what to do to get beat up a lot in high school and there's that old expression if you give someone a hammer everything looks like a nail that's only till you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail and you giving this young guy who's obviously fucking psycho in the way he from that guy down i mean that that was insane just fucking insane and the idea that this represents two human beings in an interaction and that one human being has that much power over the other one that he can yell at him screaming am totally escalate the situation not deescalate you know and then he's got his gun out by the way which urine and uh open carry state so if the guy did have a toy gun or whatever they fuck they said he had and he's holding his toy gun and someone calls the police you allowed to have a toy gun you're allowed but gun gun in arizona i read it he was very state he was an exterminator and he had like twenty two
is there something that you use for extermination in the room and somebody saw through the window him holding a rifle yeah yeah but you know what those are legal yeah thing it like and let someone just got completely steric goal and called and said hey the guy's point and the gone out the window at people and this is the message they got in the cops don't know when they show up but when you see that guy in that woman and you should see their fucking body lay which is a walking down the hallway super casual they're not walking with people about the kill people right the good they comply immediately the guys were begging for his life please don't shoot me the whole thing was horrific yeah
yeah and so i mean this gets back to were talking about with the women this moment in history where women are tired of this sleazy hannah rose i think we're also at the moment where non white people are fucking tired to being done down everybody this is a white guys oh yeah i know but this is what i'm saying this is everybody so imagine well but it doesn't show it to everyone it shows it happens to white people sometimes but imagine the black guys i mean you're right in albuquerque homeless do and they fucking throw those grenades and he starts running yeah there was this happen like two years ago there was a homeless guy he's sleeping right out in the bush somewhere near albuquerque and the cops come out they flash flash grenade scares the fuck out of he jumps up starts running away they got him down from the back they should have in the back as he's running away and it's like in their acquitted i mean it it's it's not that is that there's no accountability and so but the thing that i
you know what's the line that thing is bendure franklin or one of the founding fathers said that the rep the revolution just kidding the revolution occasionally has to be like fed with the blood of there we let you know that i forget the patriots are so that's a tree of liberty must sometimes be watered with the blood of patriots and martyrs would've fucked up tree hey man hey why you got that in your garden man let's fucking get that thing out of your garden but that treat women don't you think there's like a cleansing revolution that has to happen every once in awhile i think what we're experiencing now as people well what we're getting from information decades ago and we've never seen it you know and
would be no need for body cameras back then either they didn't have the technology so now they do everyone has to have a body camera this guy did this knowing he was filming it which is even more insane like imagine this guy completely unfiltered right he might have just gone that guy down for the fuck of it as soon as he saw him mean he might we just a guy looking to shoot people which is real well now this is the thing that this is like you're saying i know what you know priests molesting kids and why why i don't know why there are always so why so many are doing but one thing's for sure so your paths people we are trying to be up wait what was the year ten saying about what's your name asa kira what was that you were saying that she like dp oh yeah what is he said she said she she was joking on this podcast of the other shoes like it you know
i've gained the system because what i love the most insects is dp and that's what they pay the most for now so what you be being double penetration people aren't fucked up yeah both of 'em new listeners kids what that shows that's a person who figured out truly who figured out how to make money doing what she loves and so in the same way when you have the fucking sociopaths these pedophiles who want to career to figure out a way to do what they're doing while like sustaining themselves well they're like oh i'll just become a priest if i become a priest i'm going to have in it's all power all talking power dynamics here 'cause it's like it's not enough an older man and your it's some helpless kid but on top of that you're representative of the creative source of the universe you're like the fucking spokesperson
for the universe the power dynamic there is a is is almost as cute as it can get and in the same way that guy that guy no doubt i mean you think when that guy goes home he's like list and the sounds of waterfalls and shit and taking bath with lavender candles that guys that guy goes fucking home and he just pride this fucking punches a brick wall he just punches walls he he's a that guy is not happy i agree and he likes to dominate people and he wants to be in control and he wants to have power and he got him self into a job where he could be a get paid need to be the worst kind of murderous bully there is and that it's really happening is that we have in our society here's our smart and they are figuring out ways to get in positions of power and we before the the revolution we just need to come with better ways to scan for these fucking assholes so that we can
keep them out of these positions of power not only do we not scan for them we encourage them the system is built in such a way that they are encouraged i mean it's not accident that we up with psycho pass is president who the fuck this would want to do that who seeks that's why i asked earlier about psychopath i don't either i think obama and jimmy carter to real exceptions to that well wait well i don't think psychopath is the right word for it but we did you do kind of have to come up megalomaniac you need to come up with a definition of terms right so it's like for example obama like you got to come with an arguable things like obama for sure ordered drone strikes that killed people so if you are
a drone strike and it kills people are you a murderer that's a question are you a murder if you order a drone strike in it kills people and the numbers and saying the number of innocents is in the high eighties does that make you a murderer does that make you a murder eighty thousand no percent percentage like if you have but i would yeah for jamie with the no of innocents killed by a drone strikes i think it's in somewhere in the eighty range but percent range that was that was with would that make him a murderer like is it safe to say when you're like question using additives for him you could say well or a okay what he has could you say here's murdered people you say this that we have an infantile view of what the president is because there are so many tasks in so many human beings in so many things that are connected to him that the idea that he is the one giving all the orders for all these different things that are happening all over the world is kind of absurd
yeah it's like a monotheist stick god or the daddy we really need to go to a more community based understanding of religion of politics of everything there shouldn't be one person in charge of everything but the idea is one guy just think about two massive issues geopolitics and finance these are two things like the government is supposed to have their hands on their supposed to be able to control the way we interact with world leaders all sorts of weird terry dictatorships in the middle east and n korea we have to interact with all of these countries hundreds of countries then on top of that he's responsible for job growth like what who is this fucking guy what else is he doing he's ordering jones strikes he's ordering construct what else is doing he's keeping pot illegal that sonofabitch he's appointing serene court judges drilling in alaska he
not new road through the salmon river like he they're doing one guy but one guy doing any one guy with a full time job doing any one of those being responsible for the decisions is crazy for anyway those things yeah yeah you're the public face of the world and how do you notice the trump and i i used to think that people are exaggerating but he's losing his the he's micro strokes i think he's he's slurring his words now a lot and he drinks twelve cans of diet coke a day apparently which made me so maybe fake news they might be with us i don't know but he watch is eight hours of television a day so purf representative of america look at this nearly ninety percent of the people killed in airstrikes were not the intended targets during one five month period of operation between january two thousand and twelve in february two thousand and three okay well why do they hate us but why why do they hate well let's start commanded psychopath i do enem let's talk about the psychopath idea like what is
this psychopath i mean this is a very special kind of of murder with this happening here it's like you know ok let's take the classic example god rest in peace charles manson one of the things he always said is i never killed anybody man did anybody and it's true i don't think you ever killed me by text watson did all the killing yes so with manson it's like jesus fucking christ that guy is truly i mean he really is one of the classics he's amazing he's like one of most entertaining entertaining psychopaths in america maybe ever he's really great actor he's a great position but he's but the thing is ok we know manson that guy was out of his fucking gore we ate your garbage man yeah yeah you call it garbage down back all the gold mine but like you take some i like that and it's like clearly nuts but then you take some unlike obama or any american president who's
killed so many more people are ordered people to kill so many more people in many of those people are children and their dressed in a suit and their dapper and their fucking care chris matic i mean fuck if obama walked into the room right now i'd be like wow obama wow great to me let me see your boss balls you know how you know how drone strikes get approved now lawyers wet from the defense department lawyers lawyers ultimately make the call whether not drone strikes get approved i did they get either with lawyers that's so what's the they they have a target save the targ it's an apartment building they have a geo locator on the target like whatever it is whether it's metadata from someone's cell phone that indicates a cell phones in this a killer area how big of a target is this how much of a wall of risk is it what what's the benefits of the and then they'll literally get together with lawyers this is according to a guy that i know that used to be one of the big wig the cia he's like this is what happens mike baker told me they were
but getting sued or they're worried about who illegality of it how it's going to be perceived whether or not you could be tried as a war criminal for this wow it's not just scary thing is not just that ninety percent are unintended targets it's that they know going in that they're going to kill a bunch unemployment for everyone in the department got him down like you saw that collateral murder video which is what put wiki leaks on the map when they released that video that showed those guys gunning down and there's a a mini and and kids in the van and and the guys literal reaction is shit brought the kids shouldn't brought the we had a gun you down up webster that wasn't a gun it was a camera my bad mean they're gunning dow with blurry images from the sky and then when when they killed kids or thought they killed kids i think the kids survived they were like about the kids yeah and that and that's what's really were
wild about it is that freedom we don't yet freedom the tree fucking liberty we got gotta water at what do you want to think of wither but this is this is to me this is that interesting thing about living in the united states is the way that you generally don't think about that stuff like you just don't think about it not a thing that you really what are you going to do it's like you know it's happening you know we been doing it you know we've done it over and over and over and over and over again but really nobody what can we do you vote your logo be politically active and maybe get somebody in power who is going to kill a bunch of people but inevitably they keep killing a bunch of people they keep doing it and we keep ignoring it and that is one of the creepiest fucking things because it's the it's like alright when here in the united states
when a cop guns down somebody thank god most people freak out like that video that you tweet did we all look at the video were like my god how did that guy get off the hook we used to look at picture he's a monster but probably today i don't know for sure but this week sir only this month some people got exploded by the united states how long does that happen i mean the thing about draw phones is they don't really they don't tell you right we're launching drone strikes and then like like let's talk about yemen where all the web things that saudi arabia is using to starve and destroy via many population came from the united states so and the pile it's a trained by us and so we've got our draw is blowing people up but also we've totaly armed this country that's destroying this other country do you know they know that that it says usa on the bomb fragments that so fucked up yeah yeah
i don't know it sorry to do i don't i don't know if this will be really but you know we're talking about sam harris earlier and and the the beef i have instead of beef but the disa agreement that i have with him around his islam thing is that he totally discounts the role of us foreign policy in creating the toxic that that gives rise to things like isis so to call that he totally discounts are because i don't think that's true well honestly i don't do you really know a lot more about sam than i do but some of my friends and listeners of the like right and you had a list or it's a convenient talking point i don't thank you well i listen to one podcast he did where he was responding to this article in the the publication of of islam wiki hard or something and he was like look this is what i'm talking about like all you know
non muslims should be killed and blah blah blah and he's going through this whole thing and it's been a year since i listened to it so you know apologies to sam if i'm miss remembering this but what i remember thinking at the time was he he said nothing like well there are people who think that it's u s foreign policy but that's ridiculous this is islam this is islam it says it right here this is the the ideology of islam and i'm like yeah but to that particular ideology of islam is taking hold a because of a hundred years foreign policy of of humiliating and destroying these cultures and be because of american support for the the saudi supported the schools i forget the name of the schools that they're all over the middle east now because of saudi arabia putting them into pakistan and afghanistan and all that that what hot hobby isn't exactly thank you yes
so i mean i think this is really important that when you destroy countries and when you do it the way we're doing it we don't even have the balls to go in on the ground you just blasting people from the clouds it creates blowback and if that's expressed in terms of in a religious ideology or whatever it is it's going to come back you're you're absolutely right but there's also stuff that's happening to places that has nothing to do with america that's also related to i mean look at what's going on in iraq when the power vacuum was created because saddam hussein was was killed and the soon is in the started a civil war and they're and there they're starting a war that has nothing to do with america again and the fact that america took out there dictate wide is iraq exist right created iraq we did sure british and we created it created it like we did when i say we are talking about european you know post world war two team us
press a world war one really yeah team us when they created these countries in africa as well they intentionally created them so that there were opposing tribes or populations within the country so that they could better x size control over them right right so they engineered the sunni and the shia engineered you look at the origins of and i'm not an expert this is i've read this several different places but i know it and in africa as well where they would intentionally draw the borders so that you have different tribes within that border who are all you have a long lasting enmity with each other so you can like arm you know and if you manipulate one tribe to dominate the others and then when d colonialization happen then we we have all these unstable structures in place that we left behind i think we're outlining is that it's a very complex issue it's not so
only just the ideology and i one hundred percent agree i don't think anybody who's reasonable couldn't agree but i also think that there's a problem with human psychology anitya logies and we have this very bizarre desire to be all in in what our team that we're on right and when you're on a team that has in ark be in two thousand and seventeen the most archaic mainstream ideology that islam right i mean if you used think about how ancient is it how in its practices the way especially when it's in use in radical ways the way women are forced to dress the way and so arabia i think up until really recently they weren't allowed to drive right now they're allowed him within the last two or three years yeah there's a lot of stuff in it that we would think of as being a part of a by gone era of human being except for alabama
roy moore's losing the apparently easy yeah that's happening right now by ten points yeah interesting yeah little but but there are others paralyzed right on that yeah this is definitely parallels there's i think it's like all things were always looking for one reason why something exists and look the reason why you have this idea of jihad jihadism being like involving suicide bombers and sacrificing wore a lot of that is directed directly attributable to what happened to afghanistan during the soviet union's interaction and we were training the mujahideen jadine have you the way they talked people into going the war in arm them against the soviet union these futile attempts there was a lot of like this a lot of encouragement for a lot of these suicidal tactics and maybe not necessarily suicide bombing but the
muja jadine were armed directly by the united states and that is what turn call sama bin land against us like he was with us charlie wilson's war you seen that movie now it's about that it's about the the senator i think he was who went to pakistan and oversaw the arming of the majority tom hanks the fifth the guy everyone says i look like overdosed awhile ago phillip for seymour hoffman what does it feel seymour hoffman yeah and also to relayed back to what we were talking about earlier think about the role of sexual frustration in getting martyrs you know these are guys who never get laid a lot of 'em these kids man a buddy of mine who was over in afghanistan was telling me how they would put kids in front of tractors 'cause the tractors weren't expensive jesus
doctor sean wright doesn't want that doctor baker it wasn't i was thinking it was andy stump but no i think it was sean baker was telling me that he was over in afghanistan as a manic and you saying that these guys had he's always make another son i can't get another tractor jesus god so the other kids walk in front of the tractors to look for land mine dick what did here's a super bowl the donkey's of blown up already just fucking imagine that that could even be something that someone could say and you realize the difference in world that you win the harshness of the world that you're talking about and the worst thing sorry the worst thing about afghanistan is i mean i know a lot of old hippie so used to that was on the hippie trail and afghanistan was the best play so yeah everybody loved afghanistan the people are so nice so welcoming your your bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere people will come from miles away from their village and take you back to the village and feed you and take care of you and like it was the
most hospitable place in the world you will tell you a scary story about that though 'cause there is that one of the teachers at his rom dos retreat they all were on the hippie trail man and one of them names mirabai bush i think you're right but she was telling the story how you know the hippie trail they getting a bus they travel through you trip to end up in india the fucking broad heard of eternal love was like just just expensing just acid every they still do this trip well no i mean try bringing a rainbow bust through afghanistan now that we go through a run to get soldiers to shoot it but she was telling the story about how like the all these hippies were hanging out i don't know where they're at but these two do dudes right up and horses wearing like you know the full garbade swords in one of the hippies said to them something like wow
all children of god and he responded some kind of heavy duty islam there's like fuck you hippie what are you talking about so it wasn't it wasn't it wasn't necessarily everything necessarily peaceful and joyful over there was still fundamentalism happening there but i think all this shit we're talking about there really creepy thing is that whatever this is whether it's the united states stuck a fuck and stay taking the ants nest too much and now we've got like these fundamentalist lunatics who will blow them selves up to kill other people viral form of a religion that is infected people's brains and is now like a contained is going to spread with adversity there the problem is we're all so dealing with an exponential increase in technological progress and this is
i interviewed this guy aaron frank from singularity university this is scary thing he said is eventually we're going to be technology that exists where you can just like you can engineer engineer bullet using some kind of biological 3d printer when that might be fifty there are now sixty years from now i don't know but it's not not far away and also this phone can cuban sound beam right it's kind of you know the story popped up about these people in cuba state there's some weird chirping sounds at the embassy right at the embassy us embassy there shooting some sort of sound weapon at them and driving them crazy then it cause brain damage and so when you can did it already there is apparently some new sonic weapon existing that can make you mentally disabled maybe permanently we're dealing with people who are mentally disabled in another fucking way which is that they become infected with some
paradigm that makes them think that there is an actual like lou we got out there that wants them to put babies in front of tract the reason that wants them to explode other people and they can maybe get a hold of the sound beam that go through walls and just start launching it into peoples house through walls i think it went through a while yet they haven't defined with this weapon is specifically right this is a new thing well this is no of some sound weapons some sonic but this is i think there was a time when a nuclear bomb did not exist and then it existed there was a time when a gun didn't exist and then it existed so i think it be a say better stay in the next fifty years we're going to get some brand new fucking weapon there's some guy in darpa right now whipping up some fucking thing i don't know what it is so who knows what it is you know just like a a new kind of flash this light that shines through walls and just makes you forget who you are wait you saw what elon musk said about the robots you need to stay
probe light to see him 'cause they will be moving so fast in a few years yeah sleep tight yeah sleep tight because it like you know not only do we have like these weapons are in the hands right now like you said the nuclear weapons are in the hands of somebody you want a popularity contest i don't know who's going to control the looking robots but one things for sure man there's a lot of crazy p people on the planet right now and they're going to have access to shit unlike any i think we've we've ever seen in the door question yes and how about a weapon that just makes everyone infantile doesn't kill like the i don't know the hydrogen bomb well i juror the hydrogen bomb right diversion bomb kills all the people leaves all the bill they ask you to fall but what about a trombone neutrons operatives yeah you're right what about the stupid bomb yeah
a bomb that makes everybody have a fifty i kill they would drop ellis de right they were experimenting with lsd in the sixties and seventies thinking they they could use that to make soldiers crazy on the battlefield simply initially want to use it as a truth serum they want to use it on captured enemy soldiers now yeah there's a there's a but some hilarious videos from the nineteen fifties given soldiers acids war war to video yeah post world war two they got a mauled do look up an acid i think there are english troops from the uk and their wandering black and white footage is tripping balls that's right yeah it's true dude dude this is this is actually why we need lsd right now because the problem is we were facing one of the most beautiful things that could rap to a society which is we're about to create this beautiful technology that is good in to be something on
anything you ever seen and it's wonderful it's wonderful humans are mostly wonderful i think but we've got a few of us out there have been infected with this thing you're talking about us through the and the team attitude it's me and you it's me versus you and this is the problem this is the this is a real problem how do we fix that that had it 'cause it's like yeah i don't know who caused it that's a thing like do it there is fucking harvey weinstein or these you know is it because we do teen teen team boys are getting jerked off enough i don't know but we do have a problem now which is that there's a lot of people who's minds are scrambled with crazy ideas and that's ok that's ok back when they were crossbows and shit but now that we've got these mind scramble with crazy ideas and access to information about how to make fertile bombs how to make
the ivory already whatever happened with that would you get the fertilizer oh yeah yeah so what happened was so at least cops so so this one cop is standing next to me and he's like a so you're from the states and what part do you live in and we're just chatting and then this other cop comes over and he's like he's like i'm going to press my camera i have to record this you understand data like yes i understand you recording me and anything you say will be used as i understand he's like real up in my face and like i think you're lying to me and giving me other shit and then he goes away and the other guys like yeah don't worry he's like he gets uptight sometimes and i'm like oh so you're the good cop right and he's like yeah yeah and i said alright that's fine as long as you're not american copyright i'm not worried about it 'cause i knew like i knew like eventually this was going to be just a good story and so they're like well you know your bag keeps back positive and they check my hands and they wiped my jeans and shit and
did we gotta get the dog and then we get the dog so now i'm waiting there just chatting and they bring this dog brian was the name of the dog and brian sniffed my bag and didn't there's nothing and so they're like in bryan says you're good to go that crazy fucked the equipment down the dog in there tell him and i'm like guys there's nothing trust there's you can google me like there's i'm not you know and they're like them things are never wrong bailey said that i only go out there wrong this time you know let's you know bet fifty bucks fifty pounds you know and yeah we don't bet anyway so finally i was like when the when the dog was like you know that i was free i said can i do group selfie with you guys like put it on instagram that would be pretty funny and they're like now now we can have our faces on right but you could take a picture with brian so i got cool sure with the dog like licking my cheek and he threw that solarius i bought a laptop once from red band and he was selling this windows laptop i wanted to get a second laptop and uh
first time i used it took it through the airport and it got screened so they pull you aside we're going to have to check this again have you been near farm no i didn't know what that meant back then i didn't know about the fertilizer they check my hand nothing they swab the entire laptop and then i could test positive for fertilizer and come stains and it's probably just red bandages fucking computer but they went over it like with a fine tooth comb would like there a swab and they went up and down they had asked me a bunch of questions explain what i do from comedian you know our host fear fact are you ok alright get outta here just gave it to me gay the laptop because they recognized you because they checked the laptop that i said i bought it from a friend this is the work around the farm i go i don't think so and they just tested it and they swabbed it
whatever minimal amount of nitrogen or they found on it which exists in fertilizer but also in bombs somehow or another but it's also by the way nitrogen is the most common thing in the air the air is eighty percent nine no i don't know how they are like getting what they're getting off of the laptop i don't know why it would test positive or what happy was apparently a minimal amount in some way shape or form they thought it was ok i thought they were going to turn it on and check the content and you're going to get in trouble for the porn on their shit all my writing all this shit that i write down like the fuck is wrong with your head but like if you worked on a farm and you got that nitrogen shit all over you if you were laying down some fertilizer and gotten your clothes and you went straight through the airport you're not flying anywhere bro yeah wow thank you and they find that shit on you so if there's somehow or another it gets detected you know like it's touch in your bags or something like that like you're going to be in for some questioning fuck yeah that sucks man
so what do you think is going to happen with this democratization of weaponry that you were talking about 'cause sometimes i think he could be a good thing if anybody had the capacity to destroy the planet no way it's not a good thing it's like jesus chris that's a great so that's where we're going well i mean that's where we're going where i have to kill the people that we think would possibly destroy the planet and then everyone is going to be scared it's going to be like mccarthyism for nuclear catastrophe e everyone's going to think mutual assured destruction yeah but which works when one when both people are saying but when we're dealing with someone who wants to die and like like these shooters when you look at what's happening with these shooters like the guy in vegas that's an example of a lunatic like getting ahold of some technology and using the technology to wipe out a shit ton of people not caring if going to die what if that guy was up there with the fucking cuban sonic dumbed beam just blasting people with this beam that's like making them for the
best of their lives have some kind of neurological impairment what if that person got for he was up there like dusting out small pox that he had printed up and his 3d printer it's like the creepy thing about it is chris that there is not a solution i don't even how you like we're looking at like huge chunks of the human population that believe that and at this insane creator force that actually wants them to explode them so you know they went in and like that that shoot we just happen where the ice this came in and just fucking executed bunch of sufis in egypt yes in sufism like that's that's you know it's such a it's like mystical islam it's beautiful it's beautiful dancing yes it's dancing and so we already have this kind of insanity bubbling up in different parts of the planet so
in the end then you have weighed the loner person you just for whatever reason decide to go and shoot up a church or whatever it is all like sam harris arguments this is good sam harris believes in when it comes to like ideologies being incredibly toxic in that form they can be they can be yeah they can be i want to start a fight with sam harris but i like him it seems like a fun thing to do i'm going to get you here is coming for you with your day mister ron chicle logical focus i'll get you for your focus dare you be right all the time no but yeah man this is like this is this is you know a i is a big problem but also the fact that the current a i that were running the human operating system is like our ready for looking up in this kind of intense way it's know what the solution is no one can really even think about it but it's it is it's a
it in the most intense way well here's how easy the ai is to hack donald trump who's never been religious at any point in this life ever now is able to say god bless america and everybody starts clapping and they believe that he believes that god is blessing america which is never been apart of his thought process like there's a giant history of donald interacting with the world never was there any proselytizing was never any s posing or any religious doctrines or talking about the greatness of christian enemy but now he does it and because he's in this position where you have to believe it we accept that new variation in his speech that now he brings god into the equation we never brought god into the equation before that's so creepy man the way you just i don't know what you're talking about 'cause i'm like trump definitely didn't hack any fucking ai but now what you're saying yeah yeah he's tapped into this human a quiet yeah and that is there the requirement to believe
in supernatural beings they're looking out for us that's a requirement in two thousand and seventeen you cannot like if chris ryan wanted to run for president one of the real issues they would be is i can't trust an atheist oh i think that would be the least of the problems i just read your but we gotta sit down to stop not some crazy polygamous monkey person you be my first press conference would be a doozy let me tell you great yeah man that is problem is that human ai we're getting better at hacking it you know that this is i don't think it was sam harris he said it though it might have been maybe is e lawn musk he was saying everyone thinks the problem with it with ai is it's going to be robots killing people which is one part of it but the real problem is that the uh
it is going to be able to start hacking the human operating system and we kind of have already witnessed that with the twitter bots so it's like you can produce the you can produce the illusion of amateur the opinion using bots so in the more right now you can usually you can at least kind of tell what the bots are like you go back and look and you realize the bot been tweeting every like five minutes and it's got like lists of people and it's usually tweeting memes and it seems to have been abused up to chase it down if you just looked at the comments itself after a post like if you're someone who opposes president trump and they've got trump bots that they used to go attack someone who says anything bad about trump you would just see the overwhelming negative response versus positive response yeah well yeah but you could what i'm saying is like right now there's a way you can tell something is a bot but as ai gets better
you're going to start seeing i've been thinking about this you're going to start seeing these like basically social now working farmers to the ideas like i created a teenage bot and i figure out a way to get it to create its own facebook account and for like i don't know six years it just post shit on its own facebook account giving the illusion that this is a living thing now if i could do that with seven thousand of these t bot so now i have a of bot swarm of seth one thousand a eyes that all have facebook accounts twitter account instagram accounts that they've been somehow populating with bullshit content for like seven years so now we can really even tell if the person or not i've got a really super powerful weapon and so i think that's what the creepy thing with a ai and and you know you've seen that shit that popped up on the internet the ability here is here's a road in the day look we just made it look like it's winter now
we just made it look like it's night time now we just made it look like it's whatever anytime time year that we want we can make it's going to get to point where we can make a person look like they said anything and you're not going to be able to tell the difference and then on top of that that's here by the way i see it you see the the thing is radio lab or something in the podcast is not a quite here it's it's close well it's it it's discernible but it yeah in close so we're talking about reality video and audio yeah these are it's reality bombs where you're going to be able to bomb culture with a i produce the illusion of anything that you fucking want whatever you want but and dumb and people are going to believe it but devil's advocate here haven't we been doing that for a long time isn't that what a laugh track is a studio audience you're creating the illusion of community of a bunch of people that believe a certain thing that react certain ways and that manipulate
the hordes right knees wrote about this in the twenties and the and the billing and limit how effective it's already been in a rudimentary form things now imagine a super advanced form of that and when you're looking at is like the real one of the real problems of a i the maybe is more problematic than robots going so fast you have to use a strobe light to see them we're talking about people no longer if you believe that anything the media israel or if you've been trying to like establish your concept of what the universe is or the world is based on the news based on the uh internet and people have been doing that for a long time with newspapers and shit then were to enter into a phase in human history where that is no longer necessarily a way for us to get age what reality actually is because we're not even going know fucking humans or creating the content we're going to get to a certain point in time we're not going to know if someone's human yeah blaze
blade runners are real thing that's going to happen that's not far away they have some pretty god damn bing robot heads now in japan sex robots looking pretty good they don't look too bad and we're in real close we're getting within fifty years of from an indiscernible artificial life form yeah buddy of mine had a wet dream recently he's in his 40s and he had a wet dream where he was having sex with two revelations sex robot so yeah for sure you watch x makeena that chicken so you could see right through her legs who's clear she clear arms and she could still fuck this shit up beautiful she was nice to you how do you know what is real i mean if it interacts with you if you're talking to black mirror ship but here's where it gets really interesting is there's this mystic name gurdjieff and he called people spiritual machines and so this thing was like you
these people already are robots or ought comment on's in the sense that most people they're doing anything whatever the thing is they're doing it's imitation so when a person like you know does any the way uh person a person who's acting cool right you usually the person who's acting cool is learned that from something it's all imitation it's all autopilot already so most human beings they're not even autonomous at all like most of most people will spend like three fucking days completely up in their heads not even knowing where there at i mean i know i've been in that situation where like sometime will pass and suddenly like wait what the fuck i've been in my head for three days straight i'm running on a autopilot what's going on here matt that's like how many people are they wake up in the morning to get their coffee together car they go and do their thing they come back they go to bed they barely even know what they're doing yeah momentum
right so so we're already dealing with the kind of organic robot a meat machine that's bear even aware of what it's doing you know which is why i think and i know you and i talk about christ a lot i'm going to bring it up on your show again when jesus is being crucified i think one of the most poignant things in the new testament crucified he looks out and he says father forgive them they know not what they do and a lot people interpret that as being like they don't know i'm jesus but i think he's really saying is they don't know what they're fucking do it man period period there just on autopilot they don't know what they're not there bear the sentients at termites in the mound now let's think about what we were talking about earlier when we're talking about fifty year olds he's trying to grab it now and i didn't know if you were passing it give me some of that shit we're talking about fifty year olds
a fifty year old movies you know those old movies are men smacked women in your abdomen and how you're seeing these big changes in the way people behave yeah now let's go two thousand years ago let's let's let's go way back before written things right and let's go back before anybody knew how to write things down or read and let's imagine like what is at ten thousand years ago curry fifteenth at what about eight for writing a mystery writing it's all it's own scene if you really think about the amount of change that's happening in our life just what's going on right now this whole me too movement the sexual harassment sexual assault you know outing of all these predators all of this stuff i'm good just put it all stuff that's happening now is this like accelerated evolution accelerated cultural compatibility like accelerated understanding of and it almost like
a new a new like version of equality 'cause it used to be that like you could fuck your employee card employee couldn't say anything right right they couldn't do anything now they can now everybody can't and now other people find out about you and now becomes an issue yeah it's all forced and so now we're going to change the way we think about behaving now in our standard is going to change 'cause our standards of quickly changed from one thousand years ago radically change from two thousand years ago and radically change from the nineteen fifth if you look at the 1950s and we see it in uniquely so in the 1950s is that we can see it in the form of mainstream media films you can read about it in books but seeing it visually and films is so shocking it's stunning and you see just the way people interacted with each other and you just think about if someone from one thousand nine hundred and fifty tried to exist today it would be hilarious be hilarious just
watching them try to interact with everybody with phones and all the state they literally would be like if a person from a foreign war all right yeah that's going to be us a whole years from now a hundred years from now this world will be indiscernible it's going to technology is like literally a yellowstone about to blow up the entire country yeah that's it literally about a super volcano the whole world yeah and no one is prepared for the consequences we just assume that the parent does it exist today are going to remain that is just going to get better it'll be easy to text people no no no this this paradigm didn't exit two thousand years ago this world the world the way we operate and communicate and even get around how about the we get around how about this hard surface and these metal boxes with rubber tires and now fucking drive themselves mean we're at the we're at we're in the middle of it but we're also at the gate to like insane like pure absolute
world changing insanity from dna with crisper they've just started in directing it into live people now some guy with some incurable disease allowed them to guinea pig on what if he gets fucking cured what if people figure way to get smarter what if they developped crisper telekinesis modules when they inserted into your fucking head and it works off your own bodies electricity never run bad and we all talk to each other through our minds and then in school they have to teach kids a new language universal language that's not phonetic lee based so people stop talking our heads grow big like aliens are miles shrivel up just like the aliens that's what the alien that's what that that archetype is that alien archetype is like what we know we're going to look like if we keep going we're all going to select emerge of colors because it's like problematic all that dick stuff that shit just gets in the way dude your dick stuff now on your brain sure well i like this is the way mechanic talked about how like what he say octopus like
like all the limbs like the ability it has to communicate with body language is so much more profound than us it's like yeah not we're not going to have this form we're going to be able to inside any form we want any for any form anything you want to be you want to be a fucking octopus theoretically you could be an octopus if we get if we get to that point if we get to that new cooking ourselves or without like actual yellowstone or without like sending out maybe we just haven't produced you know we always are scanning this guys for radio signals or that's what we used to do but maybe we haven't even produced a signal than it aunt civilization would identify as being something that would come from a civilization and the moment we do it the moment some by cerner somebody darpa this is some kind of beam that emanates from the and it it just summons just a fucking legion of like craft
is that just want to enslave us you know you know what i mean it's just like the first little like poop and then they already harvest them we're just thoughts that have ever had about interacting with other aliens or other life forms for another planet is not that it's a signal is not that like you like you but you can go to a place that you can transform like whatever your consciousness is into something that can travel to different dimensions and that these things exist and dimensional planes as much as they exist in physical locations so maybe it's got physical location of one hundred billion light years away or whatever the fuck it is right but it's also right here like in it's all tied in together like there's this really rudimentary crude physical distance space that we operate in on a daily basis 'cause we're still as it chances we are for earth were still fairly low level in terms of the ability
this spring forth an entire universe from something the size of the head of a pin which is what the big bang is right so some insanely complex webbing of just insane distance plus but tensional life forms in different styles of of life it exist in all these different planets hundreds billions of known galaxies and then you know it's so big lawrence krauss try to explain to me the size of the universe and he he changed the way i looked at it 'cause he said it's not that we know so for sure that the universe is thirteen dot seven billion years old but that's as far back as we can see with what we have now and he was saying that time that he was trying make some distinction between the amount of time it would take to go back more than thirteen two dot seven billion years in that that time literally moves faster than that and that you would eat you can't detect it after what we're not
we're very limited in our ability to detect things after a certain space so he's not not necessarily the universe is only thirteen dot seven billion years old it might be infinitely old it's like that's as far as we can see we are flashlights yeah we assume that solar is less well if they opt out they have to operate on what they can prove now right right this is what they're saying that what we can prove now is that light is you know the light we're getting is thirteen dot seven billion years old or the radio waves that indicate that there some sort of an explosion but all of it is like super sketchy man they were writing things down on little legal note pads are all agreeing with the math and looking at it and their way fuck smarter than maine so there probably right about a lot of stuff but it's in thai really possible that just we don't have the ability to detect how much further it actually goes back might have this whole faulty assumption of this well beginning of the universe might be bullshit you might literally not have ever been a beginning because
it is always been here on my area that they've been saying anatomically modern human beings have existed for two hundred thousand years that's what everybody including me rights in the books you know that's the accepted wisdom couple of months well they found remains in morocco that seemed to be about three hundred thousand years old that appear to be from anatomically modern human so it's like well so when you say something goes back well you've had graham hancock on a lot right where you say something goes back a certain amount of time off and what you're saying is that's how far back we found something or that we can detect it in the case of the space exploration insane and here's what's really insane let's give him the benefit that outlet so half a million yeah it's a blink of an eye half a million years ago we were literally some kind of eight thing half a million years ago right yeah well we australia pithecus two million years ago australopithecus you know i
with anatomically modern humans seeing which is why that really jumps out at me but yeah i'm not real clear on a stroll with the kiss and cry magnin in right i know neanderthals lived up to about forty thousand years ago and interbred with humans how crazy is that one so that means there was some sort of like cultures through some sort of like villages and shit back then not stop and think how crazy listen we're talking about like mesopotamia or some air or iraq we're talking about these incredibly advance for the time civilizations that are like the oldest known moderns style civilizations there only six thousand years old yeah i know it's crazy so crazy and the other thing i actually have died you for a book which that the rate i right i'll never live to write it but the idea is to to look at the known unknowns in a science right because there things that are you elucidated example earlier where it's like look that's how far we can
check that doesn't mean that's how far it is so we know we don't know that there's a lot of against in the assumption that we have all the data when it comes to the the civilizations to look at how they're like we hear you we we're going into six thousand years you're not getting a lot of stuff when you go four thousand years before that you're getting way less stuff you go four thousand years before that you might not have any stuff left right there might be like some shards of metal that you can explain and you can't carbon date those anyway right and i think a rock you carbon date you need like physical things later like living right like you need like wood or fool for carbon carbon dating is that how they're doing it still now i think there's there's some other isotope that they're using that they don't need the carbon but the carbon is accepted and the other ones quite new it's pretty fun i'm crazy they were so smart not asked obviously but someone out there so smart they could take a piece of something and tell you roughly how old it is that's
buccaneers and apparently gets little screwy if in places there's higher levels of carbon and there's there's some weirdness but especially initially when it was first invented but just the fact that exists that some of well we found out that the dinosaurs died sixty five million years ago you like what what do you know that jesse but did you figure that house and and meanwhile probably one hundred years from now they'll have something that will tell you the day the asteroid hit well they'll show you like a model of the yucatan before and after you'll be able to watch it with htc vive put it over your head you'll be able to literally watch an accurate representation of that giant was it five miles wide crater he had one of the the the actual asteroid so kill all dinosaurs yeah i want to say it was five miles wide but i might be making that up five mmhm imagine five mile wide city
slamming into the earth going forty five thousand miles an hour from space and you could watch it all take place open virtual reality that's going to happen you gonna be able to see it you gotta be able to literally witness the people coming off the main flower and clubbing native americans and raping and killing them you will be able to literally see westworld you seen westworld yeah yeah it's intense but i mean i think that there may be able to recreate things computing power gets more and more the only real problem would be things that really prehistorical in terms of like cultural things maybe not like physical animal things but as far as like things that p did or didn't do 'cause they vary so much should be so hard to pin down without real accurate like image it is in videos but from like here on out from here on out there they're going to be
able to have recreations of things that happened that are going to be indistinguishable they have images of all of us everybody has a facebook page everybody has a picture of you alright so the three hundred billion yes whatever to be in a hundred years it is three hundred twenty million people that exist in this country right now there's a probably a picture of everybody yes that that was not the case a hundred years ago right yeah sure in the future the is going to be some sort of a three dimensional version of you that you use as an avatar and your 3d games and that's going to exactly like you and they're going to be able to make something literally recreates moments in your life well they're going to be able to like take your social thumbprint they're going to be able to theoretically make it scan all your instagram post your facebook post all your tweets even your pod pass analyze your voice get an idea personality construct some kind of massive amount of data feed it to an ai say create a personality based on this person hears their picture animate the picture
and now you've cloned yourself an ai is like basically debuted all the data that is this and have been used imbue an image of you with your purse now they now you are living in some kind of simulator which means that you're going to be but anyone who has ever had their picture taken and some kind of data out there to establish some kind of personality you're going to be able use that to make to simulate individuals that lived in the past and it's going to get really interesting ethically 'cause it's like alright let me fucking take like i don't know who somebody out there with like a huge social like let me take taylor swift right i'm going to take her i'm going to have my eh i produce a mini taylor swift and i'm going to draw copper and do like a sim related reality filled with fire bing scorpions to see
but taylor swift would do if she was like running through some doom simulator and there's they're going to have to come up with laws about this which is like you don't you can't duplicate you can't duplicate without permission you know talk the weather in the podcast before with robots were like what's going to stop you from making a replica of say jennifer lope as for sex robot it looks exactly jennifer lopez and is that a violation of her you go over you know go to the store and you could literally buy a jennifer lopez fucked all it looks indust will you take it home and you fuck jennifer little more like more than likely it's going to be you're going to have some kind of like what you would have there should be some kind of generic looking fucked all but you put a i got michaels on or augmented reality goggles on it project whoever you want on to this thing so it's like you don't have to i can go buy a fuck doll celebrity you would just have some kind of like bay basically a screen in the four open android that you're off
in reality would project per then on to that so i can in love yeah well i mean that's a good that's very good check out our ideal person on to someone else that's where it gets really weird as as the other thing that you're you're you're gonna be able to do as you're in real sit across from someone in project on them anyone that you want to you know have it no longer you know it you'll you'll be talking to western winston churchill yeah your girlfriend exactly that you and i could cope project something to do well it could be like a game we play together yeah well specially if we all decided to live in virtual reality if we spent most of our time alone in a room but we felt like we were all hanging out together and the feeling is indistinguishable than being in a physical location going to be a lot of that going on man then you don't need a body anymore we're going to get super close to the alien thing man we're going to engineer big giant heads and we're all going to exist in there there's going to be htc vives built which is no more
ms fair gonna blow out the officers we have built in sunglasses that's why the aliens of the big black eye yeah it was really built built in ray ban wayfarers yeah yeah did i i do how brought to you by ramen way fair fair skin that doesn't get cancer it's bulletproof who figured that don't you think this is like when you when you smoke dmt i've never smoked dmt and i never would do any illegal psychedelic but let's say that i had recent let's say that i had recently done it like i don't know kingman where no one is doing drugs there anymore but let's say that i had done it there but like paper so confused anymore anymore back in the old days it was better so making up that i had that i had a crazy experience man where drinking is very strong mint tea and i for this fucking
look kind of like a cow or something but coming out of its i had this long neck with like a technological lantern hanging off of it and i'm looking at that thing and what's interesting about dmt you look away things still there man it's just right there i'm like what the fuck got sucked through this tube into this beautiful beautiful domed structure man it was so pretty and it spinning potential it's just pure potentiality and i'm looking at this incredible thing it's techno she for sure i mean whatever this was the way my brain was inter it is like this is technology like i'm looking at some kind of super advanced set me later or some kind of machine that is like simulating realities and i'm looking at it like god is just so much potential here but i thought to myself i'm going to miss my friends if i have to hang out in this place because the
interesting thing about dmt is that there's a sense of i've heard other people report this a sense of incredible familiarity where you're like i have been here in fact this is how and then you realize the feeling of coming home is actually this is that it is not even close to the field of being at home here and i'm looking around at this and thinking turn my friends what about all my friends are going in this space and to miss them and that thing it doesn't talk to you but it's like my be a voice is like you can always go back there and then i open my eyes and i'm back at burn man hanging out with my friends and the that's when i realized oh fuck i get reincarnation man i get it this thing you're about the simulator that is going to happen sometimes after having taken psychedelics you think no no it's already fucking happened and this thing that we're in right now our lives the id
reincarnation is you die and then you become a goat or something crazy like that larva slug but what if it's that you die pop into that dmt realm and you get to jump back into your life at any frame of your life that you want to you can actually re populate your life or reincarnate your life in any moment so you die become the universal super intelligence and then you gaze back into what happened and usually it's like in buddhism they say the cause of suffering is attachment that what your attack match to that life this thing you just were this fucking in dimensional pearl worm that burrowed through time with every action that you took and you're going to want to do yeah well you just you do you're like i want to go back right i want to go back to this moment right now nice podcast with my pals doing a shrimp parade and then boom there you are back back in your life so in any given moment you could be re
incarnating a million fucking times you could just be like always coming back to any frame of your life that you want an any this is what came to me out there in the desert and i was thinking oh i get it it's not like you incarnate into other life you keep repeating your life it's not a circle it's a spiral hopefully because each time you improve a little bit more you can improve little bit more make decisions that you normally wouldn't make which is why i like at any given moment you know the big moments that come with here around somebody and you're about to say some shitty fucking thing to him you know your enemy whoever it may be that moment where you're like about to the fucking thing you always do and you can feel it like you're you feel this graph additional pull the habituation and in that moment you like you don't say the shitty thing in that moment you discipline yourself you control yourself you don't the thing you've always done whatever it is and in that point your life spirals up a little bit and now you're
existing in like a completely new new like essentially a new universe higher plane you hit a higher place exactly i mean that's kind of in a way it replicates what you talk about sometimes on your social media i see on your instagram obtaining the inner bitch you have a thing the other day i was like you know i really did not want to do this today you know i've got up you know after you did a show the night before or whatever and you did it and at the end of it by doing that thing you didn't want to do or not do anything you do want to do conversely you do move to a higher level and feel way better you've been in that so that thing you that thing you do you do you instagram which i think supercool thing that you do i will because i think is like a lot of people need to like think yeah man i could fuckin anytime i want i could just start jougen it but it's like you could like really you could you just start doing it you don't even have to be good at it you want to do anything could just make sure make sure you do it if you just do
that everything changes for the better and that seems so easy it seems so ridiculous but you need to hear people say it and need to hear someone say it who actually does it yes now that route sheldrake i think you might yeah one cool okay so you know his idea the run on the time space continue calls it a ronald basically so that feeling when you're away fuck i'm not going to running you're not this feeling your own like you know back of ambition or laziness you're literally feeling now again i don't believe it's just like a thought experiment or whatever but you're literally feeling the gravitational pull of infinite lifetime where in that moment you decided not to go running you're actually feeling like the track that you've carved deep into that time space continuum by every is time that moment appears you keep making so when you actually do go i'm going to go fucking running your kind of climbing what of this trench that you've dug the time over countless incarnations and when you do that and you
out there running your making a new dimension now you're going to fuck this is the dimension where i decided to go running and then that and that's why i thing starts changing a little bit when you make these decisions big life changing moves yeah those are good for you and for some people going out jogging can be a life changing move it doesn't have to be some spectacular thing it could be as simple as like taking a yoga class deciding to take yoga class twice a week or three times a week and change your life calling someone who you said some shitty thing too because there they did something wrong and being and the bigger person apologizing instead of holding that stupid garage calling them up and be like hey i'm sorry i was fucking mad i i love you you're great instead of like carrying on with this stupid the angry war carousel yeah the carousel anytime you make decisions like that things get fucking better sofa fast and then like i don't know if you've noticed that is i've noticed like sink
an sd start happening more like good luck arts happening more like interesting things start happening yeah i think you we we reserve we fight against ourselves sometimes accidentally like mean i when i was young when i was young i would have an interaction with someone and then i would always imagine what they were gonna say when we talked again and then i would imagine me talking to them yet and that i would imagine that i'm getting upset at me and having a delusional perspective i would like play out his yeah weird play in my mind yeah and then what when i was in my twenties i started to realize how preposterous it was took me that long and i realize like i'm wasting all this time i didn't realize it was i didn't realize other people did i talk to my friend brian wants and he was saying the same thing i go you have arguments of people that are tables all the fucking time all the fucking time have arguments in my head with people toward that that's like sometimes you have a conversation with someone about something and then you both me
clear like relieved and start laughing 'cause you're both expecting the other person to be like super mad and come in like an asshole i mean meanwhile you both apologize and then it just goes away and then everybody is way better way better way better like conflict is stupid what's not stupid is exercising out all the anxiety that your body possesses that it creates conflict in the first place whether it's exercise sing it through meditation or through taking a yoga class or doing something physical that just gives you some chief of stress 'cause you exert yourself it doesn't have to be anything crazy fucking going on a nice hike you go in a nice house you get to see things and you feel better like you're walking the blood starts pumping through your brain you come up with gray ideas when you hike you know it's like these things are just little incremental steps at every one of us can take and you do that and it changes everything then you be nicer
nicer to people that changes everything too and it helps you to be nicer if you have control of your physical body that's it and you know the question that we were talking about earlier is like what the fuck do we do about the lunatics out there well what you do man i mean if you can you start with the fucking lunatic that your sitting in right now that's what you do right absolutely absolutely yeah absolutely and then and then and that i mean that's exactly what ram dass says is that we work on our cell so we can help the people next to us and that's all you can do 'cause you can't do shit man to make another person you're not really going to do much to other people around you there going to do there one thing they're going to decide i mean this is something i've been thinking j
jesus because a lot of people talk about miracles and staff especially like in in the camp sighing out of it with like moved on good says i've been thinking about jesus had but yeah no i will re can that's it's a freakin man that's a different thing king jesus i would totally do it it's a different thing that you've already done it if you do dmt about that part of the experience making love traffic right you having intercourse with the christ it would be an honor
drop ores it would be an honor you go together like you just merge you just merge you just merge on your knees again at the video store this guy it's always dirty with him but can never be just psychedelic love erotic psychedelic love about jesus just be on your knees choking on christ come you can guarantee you can guarantee that's going to be a sex simulator for sure make love to cry so sure that's going to be sure and the virgin mary yeah she was hot guys come on i'm trying to talk about fucking miracle is here so so i'm stuck with this gal was created no these people they talk about miracles a bunch and like you know having seen some of these fucking gurus do crazy shit but they always say it doesn't matter like
ultimately these are just like fireworks kind of it's just like tricks it's a fire because it is like the thing is like you could sit in front of someone and mike levitate bottles in front of i'm levitate a bunch of bottles bottles teleport across the room come back and then tell the person you know we're going to be happier if you go jogging like someone give that to me in tomorrow i'm going to wake up and i'm like yeah limited bottles he teleport across the room they told me i should go jogging i'll try to go tomorrow fucking jogging i don't care the telephone i don't get me live it so you know what i mean it doesn't matter none of it none of the point is if so if a person who can levitate bottles probably is make you go jogging then certainly you're not going to be able to talk to a per synonym black hey you know you're going to feel better if you do this you all you can really do is look at yourself like you know what i'm going to fucking job and this is uh
good point what is what's your take on this in terms of like the miracles in the bible like some of the weirder ones like walking on water like what do you how do you what do you think that's about what do you think like the even so the interpretation of those is kind of suspect right like what is no walking on water is a weird one because i think it has to do with translation and i think that it could be in carpeted in other languages walking by the water like parking near the water could be thought of as levitating and walking on water and the preposition man yeah it's so hard when going from ancient hebrew and marium aicon all these different shit but do you think that this what you're saying is like that someone would do tricks to get you listen to them like you levitate things or walk on water or turn water into wine read minds or moses what's the sea like what you know i have a bit about that where i was
like there'd be like a hundred people standing behind going how long can you hold like what the can you hold that bodies but the oh we have to walk across that yeah that's going to take dates mike how's he doing that magic that's silly mother fucker uses magic and make us a boat this is crazy not walking in some mile high of c on one side of the scale by the other use walking through the middle just fucking dead fish flopping around in the middle walls of water on either side yeah very humid fucked well i mean you're do that's all you know that's literal interpretations of saying it's like way deeper than that probably has a lot of deeper meanings its price you know it's a right it's a man if they're using these like encoded stories to try to get across something that's a lot bigger and it's isn't about really walking on water maybe no but i think that these showing that the people that had all this knowledge also
add magic tricks is very telling like the people that every they would follow they were they were able to do things yeah right like how about the guy who called upon a she bear to kill these kids that were mocking him for being bald that's a store that's in the bible yeah yeah yeah there was a man i forget his name see if you could find that story he called appanna she bear and god brought down a she bear to smite these children that were making fun of his balding and she asked well i think about a female bear they would call a she bear back then you know today they i guess we called a asao sal bear but that this bear killed the kids 'cause they were making fun of him from being from for being bald yeah like what like you know there again you have to listen to this guy he's got magic
be able to conjure up fears from the forest to kill mocking children yeah they walk on what they turned water into one here why did god kill forty two lads merely for saying a lie she was bald forty two lads that makes it worse lattice such a friendly word let's read the verse then he went up from there to bath felony was going up by the way young lads came out from the city and mocked him and sent him go up you bald head you have you boarded when he looked behind him and saw show me curse them in the name of the lord it doesn't say when he boards in all caps too by the way like it's fucking twitter account into then two feet lord god then two female bears came out of the woods and tore up forty two la of their number i thought it was too i didn't know it was forty two that's great it's a lot of glad i didn't
those two bears either that one she bear wait what is it so this is like actually exploring this why would god allow two bears to kill forty two young legs and it's written by a guy named matt slick god probably do porn right now look what it says let's take a look bitch you ain't taking a look at you and you're just guessing at least was traveling from jericho to bethel when a group of young men verbally accosted him forty two is a large number of people and they were probably an organized group had gone out to challenge the elisha their mockery imply demolition to malicious intent especially when the culture of the time insisted on showing respect to their elders furthermore the statement go up you bald head has cultural signal begins first of all go up in parenthesis is so probably a reference to a lycius predecessor elija ascending to heaven in other words you're stating that when elijah gone all they want elijah gone so this is just so
mostly yeah and since alaji had gone on to the next world the implication is they wanted a lixia dead also bald head was one of contempt in the east in quotes applied to a person who person even with a bushy head of her lap birth had to shave their heads is such a statement can easily been deliberate and malicious to insult something dangerous and uh yeah this is such a weird interpretation of what it is either way you sent bears to kill people from mocking your looking ahead because so you're saying it's ok if they were being disrespectful that god just call some bears but this is the weirdest sort of a justification for attacked by wild beasts later of the universe is using a wild boy these two attack 'cause someone hurt with words you have you read the book of job not in since i was like
a whopper man so it's the story of this guide job who's like prosperous ease in love he's married has three children and lots of animals and land everything is going great and so up in heaven or in wherever they are god and the devil are having conversation and god is saying look at how great i am how everyone loves me and you know look at joe he loves me he worships all the time and all that in the devil says of course he'd yes 'cause his life so good take away his sheep and see what he says and gods like all right call job sheep and job goes to church and warships and no problem and then the devils like yeah if you took away the cows in the land there then you'd see so god goes it takes away the cows in the land and it goes on and on into the job is totaly destitute all of his family is dead he sitting on an ash heap with
boils all over his body that's how far god was willing to go to prove a point to the devil yeah but remember that part they continue to love god no but that that we are there that's crazy story the part so sorry lou just so so then what so then god we is the bet was torched this dude and he gives back twice as much as everything to job to reward him so now he has four hundred sheep and let it let it out and it's so it didn't matter who those children were you killed and the wife just give him another way from more children you're better maybe little time machine spun it all back and he did create the universe he could do whatever the fuck you want but that is kind of like the part in job that i mean again literally yeah it's fucking ridiculous but it's not he's supposed to be their stories that are meant to like encompass the human predicament and like one of the cool thing
then there isn't there this great line where job is like questioning why he the job is questioning him to or something he said something yeah yeah he they get into an argument but it yeah want to something like i created yeah where were you when i created the heavens and the earth yeah in in in the in and this is again meant that the tone in at this debt this tribe desert religion is really harsh and patriarchal but the message behind it is pretty similar to the bhagavad gita which is a fucking battlefield where chris it turns into you personal form is the quote oppenheimer's quote behold i have become damn but and uh the destroyer of world and so it's a similar i think both of these are saying listen tiny little human thing all caught up in your life so fit stated on everything about you you exist within the infinite span of time a big bang the goat
something like we were saying longer than thirteen dot seven billion years utah any tiny little thing you exist and something so infinitely gigantic and beautiful what do you think you control what do you think you really control you don't can bullshit you don't control or anything so that's what they really it's more of like when we siri is inevitable catastrophe e in our lives you're looking around and like what the fuck man what the fuck wrong with the universe it's like nothing is wrong with the universe nothing is wrong with you nothing is wrong with anything in fact everything is perfect just sorry or to a eve if you're sitting in the god damn ash pile covered boils if you just let go and surrender and drop the bitterness then you can if nothing else not suffer under the terrible if the resistance or feeling like a victim that's to me
but i get out of job you know from the non literal level the literal level it's like gods hanging out with satan so they play poker and ship does that mean like he just dropped by like satan sometimes just pops by wherever godless and they make bets they make bets it's ridiculous people suffer for gods bet kinda like fear factor when you think about it now you got paid for fear factor in fact if you win you made fifty thousand dollars or will you go job the government there's a piece out of someone winning naked and afraid or any of those shows government takes piece that's crazy you're out there choking on bug dixon may go a banana hammock out of lit banana leaves for dick these are biting you everywhere so ridiculous those shows are so ridiculous it's amazing they haven't killed anybody it is how come nobody's gotten bitten by spiders and diet or some shit some people get super sick on the
oh yeah well they eat fucked up things by the way some of this the stuff if you eat things and don't cook 'em those parasites can stay with you forever now this is why i don't do sushi sushi is not bad if you get ocean sushi but i've been told not to eat salmon i've been really yeah someone said that fresh water salmon the problem is salmon is a of fresh water fish as well to the gold they migrate to go to ocean and they they go and they're susceptible to some parasites apparently that tuna and devotion born fish isn't susceptible to 'cause i guess the parasites don't they could just live way easier and fresh water which makes sense right yeah also the salmon stop eating and mataba lism changes once they get back to fresh water and so essentially they're dying from that point on you know so when you see them upstream there like zombies it's really gross
sushi is a really nutty thing when you stop and think about it right because here we are we're we're like on these little landmasses surrounded by blue like as soon as you get to the edge you realize how much blue there is like holy shit that's all what yeah yeah yeah we just so accustomed to it no big deal just water so no this thing is mostly water or on the dirt spot this thing that's mostly water yeah what we do is we take these metal boxes and we flowed out there grab whatever is living we scoop it up with nets and fucking bring it in bro it's great serve it with a little bit of jalapeno on a top and some ponzu sauce you're going to love it and we're just extract eating the fish out of the water everett just pulling them out it's the only thing like it in terms of that fact that we're not dealing with far armed animals were scoop look up wild animals we don't allow that anymore in the united states like the united states you don't usually have market hunting for buffalo and for l
looking for deer you're not allowed to do that anymore that's illegal now why wild game is wild but not wild fish wild fish in commercially farm you could commercially cultivate and harvest you go out there with giant fucking nets and just scoop of wild creatures in the middle of the ocean 'cause we don't have good regulations for the fucking ocean so we run away eighty percent of what you bring up that you've killed so you just throw it overboard and we're just draining that thing were draining and it's wild it's a wild thing if like we if any try to propose that today with like elk someone said were is going to get nets and just run through the farce and gather up all the elk and we're going to sell it at the elks store you like the fuck you are you are man those things are wildly and kill all the iraqi hoon's in squirrel alley on everything else is you so you're decimating the environment and he's the after you know the the those the nets are superb the war
they work really hard you know i mean pulling through all that water two or three trips they cut him loose back up to the boat and recycling they cut him loose so oceans are full full of drifting nets miles wide just going on in killing more and more shit until they find the soul no yeah 'cause as you say it's this kind of wilderness now where it's unregulated largely and there's no way to look at it and see all that shit you know lee shit yeah it's really freaked me out thinking of the sheer numbers of gnats drifting through the water and landing on the ground i know that cuz a friend of mine was working with a guy who see if i this correctly it's in chile i think kyle who's he's a surfer goes around the world and as interesting research he was in chile and there was a guy starting a company that was created a market for those nets to encourage
is a fisherman to bring them back and then he recycled that that nylon 'cause it's a pretty high quality nylon so the whole idea is he's he's created a sustainable business selling these things made from the nylon that people know comes from the nylon wow this grey ghost fishing so they just go around oh man i had to re talking about sushi i had a really traumatic experience with that in alaska no so i met this dude on the ferry going up really cool i add from oregon somewhere he was camping next to me on the deck of the ferry boat and next to him was this really hot woman becca and back never change your clothes in like three or four days on the ferry really sexy but never change her clothes never opened her backpack she had this huge backpack
finally turned out it was full of weed that she was smuggling from hawaii up to alaska wow so it sort of fell in love with her we get to this town we get off i bet ads like all into fishing yeah exactly she's got it all bad so anyway he's super into fishing his dream his whole life has been to go to alaska and fish while he's got this soup nice rod carbon rod and all this stuff and i don't know shit about fishing but we are in petersburg alaska and we go out but with them i'm a vegetarian but anyway he casts first cast he catches the salmon big ass salmon brings it in kills it with a rock and all that and then another he super happy it's his dream everything is wonderful we go back who is campsite where we are in there's like maybe one thousand and ten it's around in this campground in its central area with a fire and all that and he so happy because he's going to she's feeling great feeling great he's so he's put
the onions and shit inside in the foil and are there everybody's hanging out everybody super happy he passes out the fish he's got his own the smaller one is for him everyone else is sharing the other two and i'm so bring up behind him looking over his shoulder and i see movement in this fish and i'm like high and we've been drinking an it's fire light but i'm pretty sure i see movement and i the closer over his shoulder in there all these tiny little white worms at the center of the fish that hadn't been cooked out in there all just moving like cilia right oh my god so how many have you had a bite already no i'm a vegetarian at that point right so i didn't eat any it's like the best night of his life oh my god and i'm uh i gotta tell yes right he's already eaten half the fish oh jesus yeah
so it's i say edmond had stopped look at this and he sees it and he's just like oh fuck he goes from the top of the world to the bottom grab this bottle of tequila drinks half this bottle tequila tequila to try to kill what's in his stone at work i don't know what a great idea probably would work i think it is a good excuse to get fucked up but i could stop by to doing that skillet quit got fired fuck giving the tequila quick whatever happens go for the tequila half a bottle tequila on the devil with tequila means cure all in spanish got me too damn yeah that's worms are can scary shit man that guy did a guy who escaped n korea so they found enormous tape worms in his body they said his body was like i think they describe it like as a toy that had been broken like it was
is broken like all over the place like legs are broken bones are broken his insides are with parasites he got shareable nutrition four times or something i get shot four times the whole thing is horrific mean that poor fucking guy matt that poor fucking for a dude is falling apart he gets short shot four times and he keeps running yeah that's how bad you wanted to get free i you know the videos i mean is busy now it's amazing it's amazing just making this run for and they jump out the car in the shooting him in like really close distance was running i mean i didn't realize that they were that close to him they were on the ground like one thousand five hundred and twenty feet away from shooting at him as he's running as he jumped out of his car you know it's crazy is that video of that fucking dude from north korea in the airport
getting back poison put on him now i haven't seen that tim jones brother yeah kim jong un's brother is any of the assassination jaci it it's what is on it yeah yeah pretty intent into what was it sarin is that what they put on him i don't know what it was some nerve gases date the trick someone to doing that for that right was that door in the fence of the people who did it they're saying they didn't know but right apparently there was footage of them practicing it jesus christ that's him afterwards that's him after getting zapped you can watch like a professional assassination go down is right at the airport and apparently he had the antidote in his baggage oh jesus cry but this is a thing with them having like icbm things like vxvx that twenty minutes after vx poisoning just how naughty i mean this is this is some
old school that they do in the soviet union to write a bunch of people over there been killed poise and yeah in london actually the most was there they are sir there right there and you vx gas as it were mr like puts like looks like a chloroform on is a rag over his face yeah she this walks over and puts a rag on his head she will return to another video that watched comes up behind him there it is really well that's all it takes to kill yeah that's fucking insane and he's saying someone just put something on my face hole all these shit yeah that's insane yeah it's not scary can't see that coming and she just walks right up and jack some wow she was fast too that's intense man
that's intense so my buddy had got medevaced out of peters burg worms in the stomach intestinal bleed jesus christ they were trying to burrow their way out eat bones me inside wait this is your friend you drink that is said to kill it doesn't work to your right away and kill them all he went to the doctor the next day in town and the doctor was like yeah it's probably no big deal whatever you'll be you doctor and then i left and we traveled all around alaska and then went back home and when i was home i got a letter from him that he had been medevaced out and had been in the hospital had four five surgeries how many others like fuck i don't know if you like a fish you have no if you live yeah how many other people that say just ten story if you just him the other fish were fine could you go and find out for the story so we know how we should feel i don't like these open ended
in the end was he lived no country for old men time and they had lived happily ever after i want to see if you guys seen that video the cam girl who's like a worm shoots chatter well done can everyone seems oh my god hi usually if we did jamie can no not on instagram i haven't seen it he squats down in this like just the very tip of some kind of warm thing like pops out ever asked thank you amy is maybe i dreamed ambrosian you might call it just seems that there's two completely different social media platforms that we all use twitter and instagram and one of them allow straight up porn which one to
better twitter as straight up hornow that's right sometimes in your feet and you see a check just gagging on a fat dick taking one right in the ass right riding your feet like whoa yeah you know i don't know what is that instagram wanted to show nipples lens blur nipples out yeah you gotta put like little acorns what's really interesting is 'cause my eyesight is kind of going shitty anyway so girly mildly blurs are nipples to me it looks the same so you're getting around that's good getting around playing the system built in the system bro playing the ankles mean no for real though how blurry doesn't happen this is the question would you see a picture my dick right if you have a picture of you sitting there and you go on instagram you with that hawaiian shirt on chris with your hog hanging out and you wanted take a picture is slightly pixelate your dick will be like really clear where the head of it is where the balls are where the shaft is even the color of your dick
be very easy but i totally your dick 'cause it's all pixely right oh ok wait show it from the beginning this is all i found i look watch his worm know seems like a worm that so she's got parasites internally yeah the pixelation thing is one of the most thanks for bringing it to our attention haitian nature org chart that might be real i mean that wasn't the highest quality that could have been like some cgi even more fucked up the cgi worms in the cam girls assholes or if it was a worm coming out of her asshole gets really suck it back in like that i mean it's a asshole it's not lips it's like except itself back in yeah but you don't avalung connected to your asshole like how how much are you sucking how much power does she have to get that
getting back into it i think the warning itself pulled a worm pulled its head back in it was like whoa another universe i don't like it there's a fucking glass they looking at me cold out pervert the camera fuck this i know right it's used that steady ninety six degrees yeah it's cozy wow how weird man that we can get those i had a dog once it had worms and when she would go to the bathroom that's how i found it i saw worms in her poop and i saw worms like around her butt hole and i was like up someone's got a problem and they do that ass dragon yes the carpet with dogs they eat everything man find dead rat i'd rather just start eating it and they get all kinds of fucked up things inside their body this shit man have you seen that documentary wait god damn it i can't believe i can't remember his name he's the guy like only at mcdonald's for morgan sperm
or if you seen morgan spurlock's rats yes yes oh my god when they when they dissect the rack and you see what's living in that thing about that bot fly that was in its neck it's literally like if you had a football grown out of your your neck that's how big this is botfly larvae was it's it's on netflix it's called wraps it is fucked up it is so good so good it's so good man but it is so lotus deeply disturbed yeah have the wrong numbers that you get hit with you like what wait a minute is that real like when you hear there's as many rats in new york city is there are human beings and you the wait wait wait wait wait a minute really yeah there's the whole from the bot fly they pulled out of the things body jesus they said that there so many of them that they tested that have like term illnesses in them fucking everywhere two men and
in new york they set this camera app while this garbage bags were being put out and see the the rats out of sewer and then they they stuck cameras on the sewer holes to find them and they learn what poison is and they'll piss on it to or they'll send in didn't you any say they'll send in like bait around to eat the poison the sending beta rats and they get stuck in traps and they get the poison and they'll sit back and they'll can and you can observe them do this they literally yeah they literally send the dumber routes for their like all things were earlier there like a superorganism rats rats or all basically the same shape and size they vary in little bit the smaller but mostly the same thing who look exactly the same and they behave like the same they did they all do the same shit and they are moving in these and they're happy to live with nothing else wants to live like will take it will move in and they move in and breed in a way that's just unprecedented in terms of things that like mammals that live
alongside humans there's not a god damn thing like rats we have no other animals figured out i do like rats they can do but in a way with this as many of them as the rest of us just imagine that they're smart how many cockroaches farther a lot of cockroaches it's more than there are rats right sure 'cause there's so small small yeah but those particular things it's really interesting because people don't like to it they always want to think that they never they never pre judge did not purchase we certainly are what comes to rats and by bugs butterflies are awesome butterfly lands on you everybody psyched roach walks in her room everybody freaks out he wants to fucking stop it get it get it get it get it oh my god mosquito comes in everybody's pissed spider walks in some people freak out some people want to help the spider yeah man when you see any kind of rat rat sore
no bueno like to the core you see that rat i like that in a squirrel squirrels are cool cool but like girls are just rats with bushy tails let's better pr better publicist well they don't eat meat that's the thing about score all are eating acorns and shit that this is the better animal but i do eat meat sometimes there's a fucked up thing about animals spell if there's you know they're sick or they have some weird nutrition requirement there's a video a squirrel eating a mouse and it's hard watch man worlds holding on to this mouth mouse with its hands and chuen into it a fucking squirrel and you like whoa really this is a really trusted you yeah you're a fuck can squirrel men are supposed to be super cool i could feed you like you could like there it is
is we do he's move very but you know when you started it with the warm in the so it's been downhill from there excited by look at that is insane because he doesn't have any problem eating that rat watching a movie it's like he's watching game of thrones once in a great keys devouring it away i mean the thing is like it's like you holding onto a ham right side of your little hands yeah look at that can bite into it wishes to take part in it's almost behind she's not dropped a big chunk of oil you're also looking these giant chunks of got to its concealing he was hungry this is amazing man too bad the audio only audience isn't saying that he's bearing what's left of it you know what this isn't working the squirrel this is a different
a squirrel that might be why ground squirrels are a totally different kind of squirrel ground squirrels are actually a real problem on ranches because they make millions rules yeah they estimate to hone ranch is two hundred and seventy thousand acres and some one there told me i didn't check if this is true but just listen if it is told me that bio mass of these ground squirrels is bigger than any nothing else on the ranch tiny little things so fucking many of 'em that all the deer all the bear on the mountain lions all the wild pigs all the cattle that roam around there all the elk everything every other bird ground nesting birds turkeys everything though bio mass of those ground squirrels was greater than all of it these are just when you think about that for a second house like what it is like we got a real problem with these things because you can
kill him and they leave holes and then the cattle step in those holes and break their ankles you can't kill him because they're just too widely where you going to find him sit out there with a pistol and you can shoot like poison but here's what he said he said he shot one of 'em and when he shot it another one grabbed it and dragged into ha so side to eat it too eating it yeah i like darrow find out of ground nesting squirrels eat meat if ground nesting squirrels are arm divorce i wonder if they have a just a totally different diet because those gross tales too they have almost that lady tails gross little things you don't feel good or any around them that's why we need more snakes yeah we do any more snakes we don't need more snacks you know snakes snakes are one of the only things that all babies are afraid of instinctively
show an infant the the name and image of a snake and they'll just freak well that's because in the garden of eden a snake is what made even eat the tree of the knowledge okay your name jesus stroking please write down that street is next fall gives a good check most go to pit ground squirrels are omnivorous there you go there you go so they're eating meat grounds insects caterpillars crickets mice to and maybe each other oh they get in there and eat the eggs right under the nest yeah ground nesting birds shakes of ducks yeah is in chicks of ducks and songbirds mice smaller squirrels oh yeah so squirrels ground squirrels are just little monsters that that's what we feel bad about them their little evil little meat eaters so we have coyotes i guess probably get something yeah but the problem is
they dig into holes in the coyotes have a hard time catching him to their days dark to that fucking hole so quick i don't think it's an effective method i don't think they have a lot of affective methods of eradicating them other than like poison and shit if i had to guess what about those rat terriers in the spurlock show remember that god it was amazing you know they actually hunt rat you seen this before haven't seen the film now to date air these rats apart it's crazy they live for it but they live for they are in their glory when they let them lose these terriers go that's like jack russell terriers and that's why those sold doctors are so hyper 'cause their rat killers it's like it's fucking one of the debts like watching zombies and let them apart it is they grab my shakes so happy right now this is the greatest thing that happens to these dogs is hunting fucking look at that yeah oh yeah look at the fucking rat try to get away and then
shaking it well that is amazing yeah i guess the guys are helping them they're digging them up yeah that's the idea look at that kid so the laughter of children as you're watching your mother get ripped apart by monster how crazy is there in the dirt here and that these guys are digging them out of the holes and's they dig him out of the holes the rats explained dogs know that go look for it yeah lookout them wagging their tails there so happy dude it's so nuts it's crazy engineer any oh there's one got it got it jesus christ live fast is heads moving only they're not eating though yeah hm apart they were eight hundred am but it seems like they just like killing him well they probably eat so much they're stuffed now they just i'm sure they eat some of it though
and that's a whole thing of that last one looked like he was bringing it over like maybe they're trained like put him in a bag or something that would be clutch maybe yeah nobody's golden retrievers and stuff right they don't need the ducks right why do you why are you so fascinated with this martin nature like sometimes i gotta be careful with your feeds and because it's like i know man if you like it's like you i don't look at it but you and i believe you tweet natures what do you say nature's no he says nature's this what do you say what's the thing you said made friends are you a scary and something like that if i see that i'm not watching scary batch is going to be off it's good but why do you learn mazing why do you yeah why are you so interested in that aspect of nature will super extreme right i mean is an extreme event happening here one life form is it bloating on another life form and it seems like it's designed to do that when you see a jaguar kill it came in and grab it in the back of it
neck and bite into a fucking crocodile and drag it in between its legs up the beach to eat it you're seeing one of the most extreme things that exists in the world you're seeing a life form consuming another life form with its face killing her like eliminate ing it from his dimension with its teeth in a very specific pa what is body and it seems like it's designed to do that and that's the only way you keep these populations in control the populations have a built in system and we want to look through the guise of our civilization and through what we have accepted this is a pet and this is an animal did she eat and you never eat your pet and we have all these we little sort of distinctions in cultural ideas that we've attached to animal life but he watched them in in their world their world is fucking it's unbelievably ruthless unbelievably ruthless like that with the way our ideas of animals have become so strange because we keep some of them right we
keep them around us and we feed him so they're like really sweet to us but there's not a talking animal in all of nature that is this sweet with the other animals around it there are many animals that are sweet with the other animals around the mall herd animals for example that's what i mean so so i mean i mean like jaguars and antelopes aren't buddies well when the jaguars eat and he can walk right through the middle of the herd and they won't even run away 'cause they know he's not hungry that's crazy i think that's like of a murder only kills one of your buddies and eat some you'll be cool just wandering around that guy but there not murderers they're eating they are eating different their interactions are incredibly ruthless when they perhaps but see this is something i write about in this book i'm working on still which is the the lack of proportionality in this argument 'cause what's your name nature is ruthless red in tooth and claw thing yeah that's been very proud dealer for a long time but the fact is real well
it's real when it's real right but it's also real that we die in agony in and often are agonies extended by medicine to las much longer than that lmao the just got even but i'm not i'm not it fascinated by death no no no but i these interactions yet but what i'm saying is that the the conclusion to draw from those interactions that therefore nature is this represents what actually happens in nature when in predation happens it can be nasty of course but that's what i'm saying i'm not looking at the entire nature as a whole in making this distinction is the only thing interesting about nature no no no i'm not saying that when i just the depiction of nature is being ruthless well it is that moment that is nature and it is in that moment in in that moment exist the only reason why these predators can exist is because they have to be killing all over the world i mean every the place where there's a wolf it means the wolf is alive 'cause it's eating things which means it's things all day long i mean that's not
it's not an inaccurate depiction the thing is there's so many things there's so many elks in so many wolves most of the time the elk are getting killed by wall exotic those wolves are killing it now almost every day or so it's just a matter how you look at it right but you know it's just as iraq to say diminishing the the the ruthless aspect of it because you look in the overall picture but i'm not diminishing it what i'm saying is that that's one perspective on it right and and actually in terms of proportion it's a minor perspective on it for sample i was watching this nature thing and there are these seals playing in the waves and then do do do do do do do do to start in this great white comes up it's one of the seals and they slow it down to one fortieth unnatural speed in an orca right well i think it was a great way to it may have been an arc at same same thing this the seal lands in its mouth and you see a crunching the seal in the blood running down
and then aeration is nature is ruthless and those that never ending struggle for survival and you know the idea i and some looking at the time thinking long do harbor seals live so i look it up online harbor seals live about twenty five to thirty years i've seen a lot of seals lying around on rocks having a good time not stressed out i don't see a lot of high stress seals and i think it's like ok this year let's say you live twenty five years it's hang i'm not eating sushi having a good time then boom it's dead so quickly that we have to slow this down to 140th of normal speed so you can enjoy this death porn tiny sliver of that seals existence and we're depicting nature as this incredibly ruthless horrible bloody place that's just inaccurate well it's not in that moment not in that
but you can ignore that moment no of course made that moment is the reason but that moment is the reason why this seals population is controlled moment is the reason why the shark can well yeah it it all has to be there i agree with you but i disagree with you with you i see you're saying that there's way more going on than just as to thank claw i don't i'm not look get it from a moral perspective i'm looking at it from like a chaotic respect and like it is fascinating these two ski rules of tuna that we scoop up with nets there'd out there jack can little fish that's why they're in schools because they operate more efficiently that way there take chasing down sardines and fucking them up and that's often times how you catch fish when i was in when it yeah i was tuna fishing in mexico we're catching amberjack or skip jack i forget but you would find these pools of bay
eat fish but going crazy on the surface of the water because the tune we're all ganging up on him and jack it up and then you get the pelicans on top attacking acc the birds and then you would see the frosting in the water and then these fish would just go crazy and fuck up these little baitfish and you would literally just cast into this football field size swirling in the ocean and these fish would just bite it just catch up with almost instantly so that not the whole ocean all the time but that's all real life versus real i'm not denying the reality i'm talking to proportion i agree but the thing that i find the most fascinating for whatever fucked up reason is when the water the water buffalo it comes at the line and a lion ducks under the water buffalo and grabs it by its neck and rolls it over the ground and crushes it saying i just i am fascinated by the idea that all moral judgments aside
nature has somehow engineered a jaguar and a came and it is jaguar looks that came in like i have to figure out how to put in me yeah and he snuck up swim in the waters snuck up on a god damn crocodile shopped on its back two days and that was it there's a lot of cool i like watching jaguars is wrong i like watching jaguars when they get a hold of psychedelic plants have you ever seen that these there's is a type of vine that's rich in the empty the jaguars which you want and then they literally just lie on their back and they're just staring out into space trip in ball site cabinet for jack yeah it is but if they think it's psychedelic they think that my maybe when you have all these jaguar dreams when people take ayawaska it might be that the jaguar is interfacing with the same dimension that you are so that's the reason why i mean 'cause we know that these jaguars do take these psychedelic plants and we know that these psychedelic plants when they were first discovered they were trying
to call harmine is the the chemical but they were trying to call it telepathy i mean i don't know was the same as harming they had to run tests on it and find out that there was it was already an established molecule that was already established compound so the reason why they call it telepathy and was because people were experiencing group states of consciousness while they were taken this stuff so they're thinking that these people that do ayawaska and have these trips with jaguars they literally might be interacting with jaguars were also tripping i see this thing is eating these leaves and lion dies back clearly in an altered state
just rolling around on its back with its paws up in the air staring at things that aren't there yet he noted staring at it's like in brooklyn right now with a bunch of fucking people on ios can hang out some loft in brooklyn with some fucking glassblowers a couple of accountants eyes dialate it's mines going back and forth that is so fun picking wild i'm going to peru in a couple of weeks you get down with the funky funky medina plan isn't yeah yeah if the right situation presents itself that's the thing right the problem of the people that say plant medicine they all make a deal yeah like really into like the plant medicine like okay yeah ok like you might be cool if you use those terms all the time or you might be one of those fucking weirdos you know there's there's a launch people that are into the psychedelic world that put into the moonies if the moon is found them right there are lots
different plants that they use though it's not just ayawaska so if you just use it as a general term there san pedro and all those fully aware it's just the people love saying they love saying possibly the single life i mean really it's probably better to use the term plan medicine it is actions over a changes that are going to get you stop it any borders yeah i i think it's for pretentious like i get it i understand why you're calling it a plant medicine but like when i'm stoned i'm not stoned let me take my medison i'm thinking let me go i wanna get fucking high man i want to i want to get high play with my synthesizers when i'm like when i'm taking robitussin i'm thinking i'm taking medicine right now it tastes like shit it's going to make me fall asleep i just on so the reason i don't like the term plant medison is because i think it and forgive me out there you guys but i feel like it in a some small way diminishes all the other reasons i want to take this fucking plant like when i'm when i'm
like you know and this is such a degraded thing to say so sorry but remember when used to be sponsored by flashlights yes and you fucked a flash right right and it made you come but you aren't thinking as your fucking the flashlight for the the pure he donnick joy of like experiencing in or orgasm with this weird jump thing this tube you're not thinking yourself i'm giving myself a medison now you're thinking i wanted to send this is you for that you want to come the same way like with of these substances he'd never getting high with you again man it is karen hide the fucking house plants in cheeses sometimes it's a plant medison saw sometimes it why do you get high are you saying that sometimes you get high just 'cause it feels good to be high yeah ok exactly right so that's why god made nitrous oxide jet duncan didn't
get your pot license with me from a black guy with dreadlocks was a doctor was calling it the medison wasn't didn't you and i go to that place i don't remember to make sure this was in the early days when it was like sketchy sketching they grow ops were sketchy they want people to know where you grow up was it wasn't legal across the board you had to get docked recommendation i remember we walked into the doctor's off tell me remember this it was just cool black guy with dre blocks and he had one of those volcano vapor bags but it was extra long he made it extra long bag like a normal no volcano vapor back like that big he had one that like three feet was cartoonish and as soon as he saw is like yahoo looks sick y'all needa madison come on man yo need medison tell aaron he was baked out of his fucking mind he was a legitimate doctor he had full on dreadlock now that wasn't me i wasn't with you i would not damn it that was not me but you
again it is healing i think it is a madison and it can be obviously it's a medison it is a medison it heals people for sure but i just think it's not just a medison i think it's much more than that maybe we just don't have the language to describe what it is is necessarily yet but people are giving aren't taken i want to get a feel good it's not like a a a recreational drugs oh yeah you know what i agree with you there but i think that a lot of people are not necessarily taking ayawaska book as they are they something more out of their life they wanted they were they want some probably they want to heighten the experience many people are taking iowa zip code is there chronically fucking depressed and there desperate and they need help and the people who are ministering it that are legitimate they're like dog like doctor is their understanding of these plants is a astounding in deep and i get all that
and i'm and i'm so i'm certainly not opposed that concept i'm just saying the term plant medicine itself it feels like somehow it's less romantic than i picture psychedelics to me psychedelics are the combination huh check tool a portal means of communion a spiritual practice and also one madison but there all those other things too i just i think it's more than a medison that's all it's something bigger than madison so all those things i just mentioned you could call it madison it just maybe there's an expansion of healing to that goes beyond the physical and into the psychological and emotional and spiritual you know which makes me sound like a hippie but i just that's cool i was using the term hallucinogens reflects leanne and i had jim fatima non on my podcast who's the micro dosing guru and he very quickly said you know that that
it's got a lot of baggage because you don't actually hallucinate you know and it's like wow you're right psychedelics is is definitely a better word for it it's a better term but what is happening when you're closing your eyes when you're doing dmt i think it's entirely likely that we don't know and that you you might be actually in facing with some other place but you're seeing things that seem like they must be hallucination yeah seems like something is interacting with your visual abilities where your eyes are seeing things that are impossible now is that because you actually there you actually are experiencing these impossible things or is it a trick that's happening with chemicals in your eyeballs in your brain and neurochemistry and that's questions to be answered by people far smarter than and what is the difference between those two things to what extent is your experience your reality
yeah that's the real question right we want to think that if you can't weigh something on a scale if i can't bang on it with a hammer if i can't draw on it with a marker then it's not a real thing right right but if you i i've always had this like if you had an experience with god we literally were transported in to have and and you had to come indication with god and then god gave you love and wisdom and then you came back down to earth into your body and you this actually did happen or you took a drug and the exact same experience took place in every way shape and form the exact out of time the exact feeling the exact message the exact visuals the exact re examining of your life when you return there basically the same thing i mean if less get god in one of them tuna nets and bring up back here so i could prove that you had god and the humor in his trip in your fucking pauls off it basically telling me a story bro you know pissed yeah
i don't i think i don't know i'm sure that there's like a lot of scientific materialist hearing that they're like they're at their their earlier asal easing into their body just horror what you're saying because it's like they're they're like well the difference is like when you have a dream and you have this incredible dream where unicorn comes out of the clearing in the forest and like a rainbow shoots out of its horn and then it turns into a swarm of fireflies that spell i love you well that it's like you know that's a really cool dream right but that's not real that didn't happen and it's completely different than if you went into a clearing and saw a fucking unicorn because if you can go in a clearing and see a fucking unicorn the clearing is let's get some nets wasn't it into about well here's the thing about mushrooms right mushrooms in stop and think about the people that wrote the bible it's not think about the people that have covered mushrooms along time ago by trial and error or whatever the method was an imagine
everybody decided to get together in some field somewhere and you all take these mushrooms and you all literally go to heaven and you have is insane experience and then you all come back and then you have to write about it in your ancient tongue you have to write this down in our may back animal skins roll these up and put him in clay jars in the caves of qumran so someone someday will know this and understand what you've been through but when the drought came the mushrooms on away and we were left with nothing but stories mean the craziest thing about psychedelics especially the natural ones that don't kill anybody is that somehow another somebody wound up and enough this information out that one of the most valuable things ever in for human exploration ever as far as like the expiration of our mind is illegal the one of the most valuable things that's ever existed for changing the way you view the world giving you a reset the one that
and doesn't tell anybody it's illegal it's illegal in societies that are and that's that's why getting w illegal it's legal in peru and and they just decriminalize lsd and what is it sweden where do they do i think it was switch ago everything's legal at partials got nailed i think it's sweet and they made it a misdemeanor to i can remember so it's like set it somewhere recently they just made me spit misdemeanor to have to get caught with acid mushrooms are on the books for the two thousand and eight elections for california yeah we have to organize like this is something we really should really should go after like you want i me people oh god that's going to go after mushrooms don't you really could change the world and this is not bullshit if we organized and we got a bunch of people to vote
gason recreational use of mushrooms for adult i literally think we could change the world that would be the best it could change the world because medical marijuana it will spread to recreational marijuana is recreational mushrooms get past and if they do medical mushrooms get past and then they could start doing tests on mushrooms yes like the john hopkins psilocybin studies that they've done let's see literally a change in the world you would see a shift in global that's not that's not it ridiculous thing to say right you know it's probably true well that's why tim scalia in his partner made all that orange sunshine acid they weren't i had him on my podcast he's such a sweet guy not interested in money he could have made tons of money doing other things he was this child genius and he just made the acid and went to prison for it because he wanted to change the world he really thought it would but you know i've been talking to you through email william leonard pickard that dude who got busted with all that acid is in jail now for like a multiple
sentence is like when they busted him he's the guy who is like the missile silo that yeah the guy that had like the girl that live with them they're selling ecstasy and someone tried to kill somebody or something so crazy so awesome the other guy got arrested yeah right that girl rad the guy and yeah any lease share e there's a great book he wrote if you want to read a really trippy buck here but this book called the rose of paracle sis ann it's this really cool it's kind of like it's very in in series no way threatens really nights but i'm it's pretty interesting it's talking about sort of the life of it this setup is a guy is going to talk to an ally the chemist and hugh is sort of explaining what it's like to have to be a secret as you have to be if you're manufacturing what he calls planetary
this is of lsd which is what they want planetary doses and that's what they wanted to do that was the ideas like let's me fracture planetary doses of this substance to upshift the consciousness of the planet and one of the things he says it's all very flowering beautiful but he's talking about the lsd chemist and people being like this is a for profit thing and he said no you know for us money is just the ability to move around because when you're on lsd kim and again it's all very flowery writing but he says something along the lines of when you standing next to the forge of the gods he stopped thinking about money is meaning anything because your boo breathing in the fumes your by constantly in contact with this like mine expanding substance and good luck in your mid you know two hundred ug trip good luck
taking money seriously in that moment you know what i mean is this fucking shit man this stuff is ridiculous yeah so yeah man there was there still is i hope i don't know if there is but there are people who are manufacturing psychedelics and put in there entire lives at risk not because they make money and it could be maybe they started off wanting to make money but now their manufacturing it because they know of all the ways to show human consciousness there's lots of it is theoretically to do it you know you imagine being the person who's responsible for literally like a swimming pool filled with acid that you know will change the world like you know like right in front of you if you could get this there would be such a hiccup and she shift of culture i mean i don't know which way would go i don't know what would happen i don't know how much schizophrenia you would trigger i don't know how people would blow fuses i don't know but i do know
well that something would happen and we know about shah evil times when this happened bastar got right yeah right yeah yeah that's what they think happened with the salem witch trials that literally the forgotten the rod because of an early frost some new fungus had grown on some of the bread and they were able run tests on it and they believe that it has lsd like property to it yeah yeah i mean that's the certainly one of the potential ways to like upshift consciousness through getting people having access to psychedelics in a consensual away you know like when you're fucking chopping polluted wheat and suddenly think neighbors a fucking satan pretty scared that's different than like deciding to take a psychedelic in a responsible way and then under standing a little bit more about how to be compassionate or something like yeah you know we're just seeing yourself for the first time
mean remember seeing yourself the uh the first time i took mushrooms i saw myself and i was like oh yeah that's who i am you know like you before you do it it's like you have this idea looking in out and then you're separated from all of your life and your like this entity observing from the outside your life you the first time i ever considered myself outside of myself dude this yes i'm sorry i was bring up around us in your podcast problem but one of the holding on to his beads one of the great stories is one of the great stories is that i gave lsd to neem karoli baba his guru twice first i'm anything you can find a youtube video of him telling the story it's amazing it give them like you know owsley how's the kid charlamagne has given him kredible lsd says it's three hundred ug tablets made by one of the great lsd chemist of our time and he's going to give it to people and he gives it to he gives
six hundred micro grams to name chrome baba six hundred micrograms is like fuck that fuck that fuck that that's just too much and name crowley baba eat but but the way he's eating it is he's like doing this throwing it in his mouth and so rahm das gets back to united states he's telling one of his scientists friends this story is and its friends come on do it didn't eat it he threw e palm did he threw it over his shoulder this story is bullsh you got tricked you got hoodwinked by a fucking bot about in india they're all out there they just want you to ship then they want to think they're powerful so like ron does gets back to india the second time with acid again and this guy named carla papa says to him when you were here last time what did you give me are rhombuses says well i gave you all ice t and he's like did i take it around us is like
and he's like give me more give me more so it gives it more and he takes his pills put some in his mouth chewing them up in front of him and opens his mouth now this is coded with tablet acid he's taken according around us now nine hundred mike's of this stuff and so he goes under his blanket and start shaking and i know people now i've seen saw this happen not just him telling the story who saw it happen and they said like the fucking boy blood rushed at around us is face he's like oh my god oh my what have i done what was i fucking thinking i just drove this dude create i ascentia this gave an old man nine hundred micro the fucking acid hills of indian he's going to go fucking nuts and it's going to be my fault right and so like nick will it becomes out of the blanket is eyes are back in his head he's like and then he just goes back it's completely normal nothing no effect
and he says to him was he laughing right now who's playing who's playing on a fuck he's playing a joke to fuck with good but but but fucking with but what he said to him this is really interesting we said to him was this he said we you did they used to have something like this in the indus valley and he said this will bring you into the presence of christ but you have to leave better to become christ than to hang out with him and what he said which is yeah yeah yeah that was his 'cause their premise was this is something like this is definitely thing for sure but it could be that thing yeah yeah that's it that was that you can live there yeah i think that we are entirely imprison to buy a wall of ideas and of behavior and of momentum and of culture and of conditioning and the way we look at the world is like these pre programmed trunks that
the car that's a building i don't think necessarily we see it for what it really completely is which is some very strange temporary life entity hurling through space it was surrounding a giant nuclear explosion rocketing through the universe and all we're trying to make sense of it all and in between there you got cops killing people in hallways you've got black lives matter you've got you've got every single possible very asian from furries to people that it's their job to take it street vendors who don't have the right we now have the me with the whole thing is this entire thing that we're experiencing is really psychedelic if you were living life and if life made way more sense like in the world that we're now normally accustomed to is much more controlled and two dimensional and you
let's see the world that we live in for the very first time you would be overwhelmed by how insane it is he would be overwhelmed by the possibilities would be overwhelmed by the internet you be overwhelmed by language would be overwhelmed by feelings and emotions and all of it if we weren't used to it all of it will be wow this is crazy like nonverbal expression people strip clubs race cars all of it planes what they have met tubes they flying through the air the fuck were just so you to all of it the life itself is very psychedelic it's just a psychedelic experience that we've grown deeply accustomed to and i think the site adele experience that you have when you're on a heavy duty thing like a dmt it's like you venture for with into a dimension that you don't have context for but you feel familiar you feel familiar with it but you don't have context for it doesn't fit into your normal patterns but the normal patterns are just as bizarre man the normal patterns were taken liquid
how do these clear plastic things that are made at all only old that somehow the other if they figured out to turn into a a pool of clear plastic we filled up with liquids and you drink on the check these things and if you follow the the path of this plastic bottle it might have been we wind up in some seagulls got choking it to death in the middle of the ocean you know mean it's and bizarre but then also add to that that you're melting into time to while you drink from the bottle you're not just the insanity this bottle is like your bottles mid process it's somewhere from some batch have gooey shit to being a bottle to being in a seagulls got your mid process too honey funny you're getting dissolve your mid process and and in light shows the sun and so is the fucking son but you know the fun thing to do this is something that occured to me when i was super high recently i was sitting in this fucking apartment
and then suddenly it dawned on me like wait a minute how many other people are going to fucking live here and i'm thinking like wait how many people have lived here and something how many conversations happened in this fucking apartment where every i thought these were really serious conversations like oh yeah we're really getting into it man and then you realize oh my god i'm just a little i'm just a little any of air spinning around in this fucking apartment i'm going to leave and there's going to be other little eddies of air that spin around in this apartment the apartment going to be around way longer than any of those other eddies of air so really just to add but you're saying the beauty of the glorious nature of the universe this verse is our ability to comprehend it is that we are so impermanent we are so impermanent and we are so fluid and we're so melting in the time it's a really amazing thing to well are you in how can you say you say we're used to it and some so i think yeah that must be it but i think also there's a lot of ignore ignoring it or numb to it it's two
we overwhelmed yes you think about hunter gatherers hunter gatherers lived in the world that created them the world that they evolved in right so it's the same world your father in grand father and great grandpa everybody lived in the same world so the skills you're born learning at that you grew up learning those are the skills that are appropriate to your world we're in a world now where even people who are alive are in different world than the one they were born into you know i where i where i grew up before the internet right this is all new yeah i was in my thirties when the started dancing nuts and but people young people can't imagine what it was like to travel before there was email yes you are like forty when the first iphone came out right i was born in sixty two yeah so the whole thing is it's hard to imagine being any different than it is but if you re just think of what it is just the discussions we've had here today about what
the potential issues could be with ai with advance technology that has not been mapped out it's not it's not going to be regulated as far as how far innovation is allowed to continue its not going they're going to they're going to be so so far ahead of the people that understand the regulations but things are going to be coming out like the internet itself the internet came out it's not before they really understood what the implications were i mean if the government could go back in time and pull the fucking hey hey hey let's talk about this first pull that plug right out of the wall before the internet on aol and everything let's just talk about what we're going to do with this and let's let's manage this 'cause let me show you what it could be and then you see twenty five years later people like holding on their phones walk king in traffic and getting hit by cars 'cause there's so addicted to checking their facebook feed man yeah it's nuts imagine of a drug could do with cell phones do imagine with front came along and the drug may you like stare at your hands all day if everybody was like staring at their hands i mean
praying yeah the only date now the only difference is you are getting some information but i mean if the drug that came along that made you want to stare at your hands like ninety percent of the yeah if you playing video games do not get any information that's true yeah even porn well they say the video gay in some ways are good for the psyche though good for the fuck yeah good for they mind pilots yeah you know what's now good for my psyche getting my fucking ass kicked at hearthstone with this new expansion nerd call out but very quickly the thing you're about the the the concept of like drug that makes you i think our thoughts at one point like the ability to i think the way we do was a new technology that started emerging and so like when you're caught up in your thoughts what's the difference between that and looking at your fucking cell phone like when you get obsessed with
thoughts and like 'cause i've notice like whenever i get really caught up in a flurry of thoughts and i found myself to really get lost in the thing you're talking about the simulation the projection into the future you're seventeen fights ahead with this person because they said this thing that they're never going to say i think that's a form of looking get your cell phone only it's the internal simulator inside the nuro computer that your brain is but i don't think it's too much different i think both of these things are just different attempts to try to evade the present moment because the present moment is so overwhelmingly heartbreakingly beautiful that we'd rather face is buried in our funds are in our thoughts i think that's the problem is the more and then we get into the moment it's fucking amazing here it is amazing but i don't think that's what i don't think it's the fact that it's beautiful that's making people be distracted thanks to overwhelming the amount of day
that's coming our way and i don't think were designed for it i think that's one of the things that gets people at peace if you're on a hike in nature this is all stuff where your brain has a whole fort we're talking about keys my keys if it is about slots those keys just fit in there's a tree there's the bird look at eagle holy shit wow look the salmon jumping that's there's keys for that there's receptors for all that stuff when you're walking down fucking santa monica blvd and his people honking their horn and different music is playing in different cars and there's smells that aren't natural and there's so much data coming your way it's overwhelming and then you're thinking of you're working your job your boss he's giving you massages creepy thanks just want to but it gets back to that natural unnatural conversation we began with right because you know you're describing the metaphor of receptor cells or something for these different inputs but another way to look at it is your body has expectations
write your eyes your design with an expectation of certain wavelengths of light that are relevant to this animal right those like the red as of the berries are relevant 'cause now they're ripe and you know there in blood is shocking and all that the ears are expectations of certain decibel levels that would be important for this animal here rabbits have totally different set up you know right so your whole body your lungs are an expectation of oxygen rich air you know everything and when you take that animal out it's confused because what it's expecting isn't there so not just metaphorical it's at true physiologically we're living in a world that our bodies don't expect god
and what a great way to end this thing after sitting for five hours like this was fun jesus christ thank you guys let's do this more often share man thanks jenn double if you want to make these easy we can all just will triple cast it you want to do that while three put it out put it would do that in whatever time yeah i think that's for the best way to do all the deal that makes sense yeah yeah so that way nobody has to miss any of a more not subscribe and you guys both here now you're here yeah you are moving back we done and you're here so unless i get kidnapped in peru and try to do these a little bit strong i still more often before it there's some of my favorite podcasts ever thanks jeff thanks that chris ryan on twitter and what is the instagram same same bankers and duncan trussell everything interesting alright fuckers thank you bye yeah i don't remember why we called it the shrimp parade but it's stuck it's the one we use there was a whole bunch of different names that we tossed around when we first content
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