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#1057 - Eddie Pepitone

2017-12-28 | 🔗
Eddie Pepitone is an actor and stand up comedian. Check out his podcast called "Pep Talks with the Bitter Buddha" available on iTunes. http://eddiepepitone.com/
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Hi everybody, what's going on this Friday night I'll be at the Mirage in LAS Vegas NV with Ian Edwards, it is almost sold out then Sunday in and I will be at the Wiltern Theatre, in LOS Angeles, for two shows for New year's Eve, seven hundred and thirty in one thousand o'clock. I think the ten o'clock show sold out. There's some tickets available for the seven hundred and thirty should be a go time. We've never seen in one of the best comics in the I work with them last night at the ice house is fucking phenomenal. And he's one. I've talked to him about this before, but it's him and my friend owns there's another amazing comedian that people don't know about. They spent too much time working on other people's stuff. They got jobs writing in sitcoms uh writing on, shows movies whatever and you know, got a steady paycheck and didn't do the road and didn't do get their name out there and it's unfortunate because Ian is like I said many times before, one of the best,
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Now the listeners of this podcast can post jobs on Ziprecruiter for free. Really, yes, that's right for free, just go to ziprecruiter dot com forward, Slash Rogan, dead, zip, dot com forward. Slash Rogan, one more time to try it for free, Ziprecruiter, dot com, Slash Rogan ha. My guest today is a great guy very funny stand up comedian, an a beautiful person which is a great human being. I love being around them we were talking about doing this for a long time, so I'm happy we finally get a chance to do it. Please welcome the great hilarious, Eddie Pepitone the Joe Rogan experience about
well there's a thought. That is what we're doing we're living in some people are dying as life and death, we're all what what's real interesting is that we're all going to die. Yes, and that everybody pushes away an. I guess that normal to push away. You know, thoughts of your death. But the real enlightened, like the Buddha I'm to the Buddhist Eastern Eastern stuff, they say it's a way to get in Layton is to die. If you can check this out is to die before you die. Meaning mean come lately, go into The fear- and they claim that the fear is releasing ego which, what
by ego is like, like you, have this beautiful studio and you have a career in a wife and a kid kids, I guess an an it's like letting it's like. You can't be attached to it, you have to die to that like. In other words, you don't own your wife, you don't own anything really, because we're just the bottom line of it is is we are temporary? Yes, an impairment and it doesn't mean you can enjoy. You know like you're in the prime of your life right, so why think about your phone? get death, you know what I mean, but I think for guys like me, I'm a little older and for some reason, we're on right, yeah, for some reason
experience, panic attacks and I had a full blown one coming up here, while you're driving, while I you don't feel like. Ok, this is what it feels like is a feeling kind of tired. I've been doing a lot and that's not to brag. I I've been here in show business what you're in show business is this- you do a lot of work. I'm in show business. I'm married, I have two dogs, I have three cats, it's a it's like to manage. Well, it's a dog to our intent. You know because you laugh. I love your dog. Have dogs to have three. You have three okay, but for me and this is why I think one of my one of the you know why I'm up attack suffer occasionally. Is that I get into these dogs like I've? I think
um. A sign of someone who has panic attacks, is someone who cares too much about taking care of things instead of Trusting that everything's going to be alright we're going to get up I'm going to feed the dogs. The dogs will be ok, I'm always like doing stuff like hey my dogs name is Charlotte and Basil Charlotte. Does she have something in her eye the showing of something in a right- and I clean a blow- a little! You know what I mean instead of chilling and going and she be! Ok! Let me just let me just you know why I'll, see her like scratch, at the eye little Anakin set me off into this worry, and I that's kind of the symptom of pan attacks like I'm coming up here,
So I get on the one hundred and one people who don't know the one hundred and one well, you should just kill yourself, because the one I want is a main artery and you should know about it. What if they don't drive this thing, other things to worry about, I think they're brilliant. If they don't drive, but anyway it was packed. It was you know the Google MAPS was like accidents up ahead an I started to feel this this kind of feeling trapped. Have you ever felt trapped, yes on the highway. Where are at and and for some reason I think, because I'm over tired- and I wanted to get here this first time. I've done your podcast. I just started feeling anxiety about AFLAC, I'm going to be, and This is what happened. I'm doing it physically, like feeling I'm going to be late. I'm kind of the walls are closing in yes, man. Yes that's. The real scary thing is the breath right, like man,
like this, I'm doing it in the car and by the way. The one thing I hate about Ellie. I don't know about you, but like here, we are in December, twenty and it's hot yeah, it's very warm it's! Seventy! Is it raining today who is Blair Eden through by side window I'm feeling a little there's, no, where it is not where I can't get off. I can't you know what I mean it's, so it's a things id instead of it's gone when you know what what your shirt, let that should go, let that should go. I I I I couldn't I couldn't let it go like we I get entangled in it when it reaches a tipping point right. You don't. When the anxiety reaches a tip. Bing point where you know I I'm, like, oh god, like here's, the voice my head, that I have to always battle. It's like
this isn't going work out instead of hey you know. For some reason I have the oh god, okay, but you to actualize it right like like now a but now you lies now it's after it's over you realize, I should just say: hey- let that should go like do without any stake in the game right you removed. If you were giving yourself advice in that car, you be like, let's do come on everything great living in America. Here is fewer people on the road, some of 'em bum into each other. Let's just get through this. You know you text me. It's no problem come little later, it's no big deal start a little later. It's casual there's. No reason to get anxious about that right. You don't smoke pot z, it did. I would understand more 'cause people that eat edibles and then get on the one hundred and one and get stuck in traffic, and then what happens this your whole world starts closing in on you start thinking about your own. Without these edibles yeah, it's the same kind of thing. It's uh, I think
one of the things that I've noticed. A lot is a lot of people that have anxiety and a lot of people that they are generally they're intelligent people and the problem. For intelligent people is that you're overwhelmed with possibilities. You're thinking about all the actual variables that are in play for as dumb people, just Fuckin' stumble into walls where they're talking on their phone- and you know they liked texting and walking out into traffic they're. Not thinking you know and somehow they get things work out, for it doesn't snow asian you're not living in their skin. If you were inside their nine volt battery brain you do I go God. This is nothing to think about here, like Jamie will you with me or with Tony when we're at the airport and this girl I sat next to adjust to listen to her conversation. I think it was Tony Anne. She
he's talking about amazing race, an I wanted this team to win an. I can't wait until this happens and when I get paid on Friday, I'm going to buy this phone and then there's this food, I really want to eat, and it was just this droning, I'm like this You might as well be a meat robot that just sent here to consume. There's no like yeah, there's no, so curiosity or creativity, it was just consumption, it was just food, Sudan by this, an watch that and drone on and on and on and who knows, if it's genetics, if its nature it's nurture whatever. It is, there's a lot of really dull folks out there and we're not supposed to there's a lot of really dull folks, but the culture is also geared to consumption. I'm a lot of it is sure, isn't it it's like it's like? turn on the fracking tv, an that is the message sent in our culture.
That is our culture, it's a part of our culture, but our culture is pretty vast. Now I would say that one much more of our culture is the internet. Much more than mainstream media. Now that's one of the reasons why they're grasping at straws trying to stay relevant. What, streaming yeah. I just don't like television shows, are down record numbers like new is downright right, I'm see about that yeah I mean, I think, the idea that these, great. If someone is like you know, New York Times Time magazine, respected journal, someone who you can go to what you really want to know what the fuck happening in Syria. I need to know. I need to know from someone is going to give me an objective, informed opinion. That's huge and it's very critical, but once you get past that you're doing a lot of the shows you're dealing with it, whether it's CNN or any of as Fox NEWS, you're dealing with opinions and
opinion is just as valid as Shepherd Smith's like white wise Shepherd Smith, because he has make up on and he's wearing a tie and they have the ready set go when they they pray with the green light. And what we're talking about is really interesting. How how big cause it's just on tv, because it's sanction, yes, design, work by the powers that be like, like it's about ownership like like, I don't even know who on CNN anymore, so it's not TED Turner yeah. He probably still owns yeah he's balling he is right, I think so I mean he's like one of the biggest land owners. United States yeah, millions of acres. Yes, he owns Buffalo Yes, he got restaurants, we serve Buffalo, unbelievable hashtag bone. Is that Montana it's called Montana yeah? It's in Montana, right. You have them in Colorado
they might have been Montana as well. I think it's actually a chain, I don't know where they are, but supposed to be very good restaurants. But what my point was is that the structure at CNN says well we're going to talk about this. We're going to talk about that. We're going to talk about that, we're going to put on tv and people watch, the fuck it. You know you have to break it down to the essentials like there is a screen, it's being transmitted into your into home it's it's. Very much. It's very much with people, not rising a complete fucking mind control things like or it really influences you and it takes a lot to kinda disconnected and for instance, I have said to myself: I am going to disconnect from Fuckin' the grid for awhile you ever try to do that like I'm not going to go online, I'm not going to watch tv like you know what I mean, but it's it's really kind of very difficult.
My go somewhere. Why I go hunting, Why do I go in the woods for like a week, and I have no choice? Can't get cell phone signal can't yeah, no internet connection. Do you feel rejuvenated Well, yeah. It feels good. It feels good to take breaks, you know I enjoy the internet, I enjoy the nation, but it's overwhelming and one of the reasons why it's overwhelming as we're not we're not really custom to this experience. This is a very new experience for human beings, like over the last Twenty years it's when these options to a little bit more twenty four. I think ninety four ish yearly Kamela when I got online, don't use bank- and I really want to relate this again- just like kind of a panic attack- I got up here it's in because this is it's another form of the anxiety- is that it's information over overload. One hundred
yeah, because my brain, my brain, I think your brain is the same way. It's like my brain. I feel my brain just digging into shit. Like Oh you know like I'll read a paragraph on. I don't fucking know: hunting and then you know it will mention something about guns and then I go to guns and then I go to gun control like Ringo I go and then I. Order the scumbags who don't want, control and then I go to a school shooting like leads to another on the internet. Rabbit holes, rabbit holes. Yeah go down that rabbit hole. I was I want to do more of this on stage like talking to audience about hey. I've only at once, and it went over ok, but it was like hey you ever got here we going off on Facebook, and you just start reading a fee. You just start reading your feed and you
which ran into like peoples, random thoughts. You start connecting them into their brains and you're like oh, I get and then, where you go wrong, is there's two hundred and sixty two comments. Moon reader through their feeds. You really know, but after you fuqing, let's say thirty comments in yeah. Something happens to your fucking center, like your brain, just kinda, is free forming it about. I forget what what what When I was real, I was reading this was this: was thread. Somebody started this guy said Improv Comedy Improv in Bullsh it. It's half fast it It's you know, amateurish it's like their present a product that hasn't been chiseled and worked out where, whereas
And he was, he was a proponent of stand up and he said, stand up. You know it's It's chiseled an what people want is a Finn product- and I you know I I I kind of I dis- agreed. I mean I love different things at different things. Some people enjoy jazz. Yes, right- that's what I love yeah. Some people enjoy symphonies. Some people like to go to see an orchestra they want to see everything. That's been perfectly tuned and- and just gotten to this point of perfection with a reverse great too, it's all good. Try to watch someone's finished set yeah uhm. I love to watch you're saying about how America is now a whole war in which, like you did that yeah talking with my bit up but yeah. I do my bit in the front that way, but yeah it's no, but but here's. The thing is that you get
because the way the guy on the internet- and this is what happens on the internet a lot the way they guy who said improv Socks, that's how he framed it. This sucks. This is good right and then thing. Then. Then, then your ego gets involved, like I think I even know I engage in that one which is really good. Here's the thing he's right to him yeah him he's right. It's just. He phrased it wrong if he said the. What I like is stand up, 'cause, I'm like this product. I don't like improv because it feels amateurish to me and people could say disagree, I love improv causes it's I like that, feeling of being in the audience where someone yells out Genre World war, two films- and you know that they're, scrambling and fucking. Try to pretend there into the in the what's. It called the tunnels in some looking for
alright trenches all I love trenches, uh yeah, I build trenches and I have mustard gas at home. It's grey poop on mustard gas, grey poop on mustard gas. I think that there's nothing wrong with having opinions on things, but people don't like that. Your opinions are different than there and they get mad at you, like some people get mad at you. If you like a certain kind of music, it's crazy but the mad, like your taste, sucks your taste in music sucks, but here's the thing. What we're talking about is that what's going on a lot on the internet you suck you suck. You're wrong, you're wrong wrong, definitely wrong and I think it's really reached a are heightened state because of the politics yeah the country like, in other words it filters down to the problem with the president, people, that's all he does yeah. That's. Why he's a device?
I mean this is not new, but that's how he he opera right, but he also he's very manipulative in the fact that he's he's very praising of some people. You know like doing an amazing job, beautiful job like the other day who talking about on these firefighters in the all these firefighters behind them and he's talking what great job they're doing as firefighters, and it's just like this weird speech and not going to see each other on tv and, like you know, I don't think they get enough credit and so he's like best So it's very interesting method, Well, she's, going to bestow praise on the firefighters. Do you would say that right, but only if it's convenient for him, like about John Mccain fuckin' war hero? He was like I like people who don't get captured like Jesus Christ like he had like six. Comments. Like you know, I had a hang nail: a coke can go to war all he had a gang of deferments in the meanwhile he's saying something about John Mckay, I mean who is a legitimate war hero who was captured and tortured by the Viet Cong,
and he had the balls to say I like people that have been. I mean that's, that's not respecting the military at all, but no but here's a question: has he get away with that ship just does cuz, who he is it's like. If you if you know someone's a scumbag like then the scum behavior is like well find them. That's MIKE that's what he does right, but if MIKE is a priest, and it turns out what MIKE really likes doing is smoking crack and blowing guys? You right now, you're, like oh Jesus MIKE. I thought you were this other thing, but if MIKE is Andy, Dick we found out. I any decks out there, smoking crack a blown guy's like o and the e l. It's like it's, it's trump is added to he he's suing his that's his thing is you is after him he comes he to you and it just sort of assumed that once he became president, he would stop doing that. He would act, hashtag Presidential he's not at all,
now. He can't help himself making. It all about himself and it's interesting back to the internet, schitt and what is going on. You know just, for instance, taking that sample of improv sucks stand up is the best right. It is the guy who wrote, Improv sucks the guy. You know the guy who started this thread. It's like it's like what they're doing and what Trump is doing. It's like this shit is all about what I think- and I know you're going to come at me, but that's what I want I want, you know the attention I mean. I really think it comes down to. I want to fight. I want to fight you know I want an ego fight. I want to fight, and I want to engine do certainly a little bit of that, but I also think she wants repercussions for challenging him.
He wants people to feel you want to punish yeah. He wants people to feel very uncomfortable with a challenge him. I think that's a big part of his game, you know, and he wants everyone to know that he's going to come after you like, as the president he's going to come after you. If he does all the Trump kids are going to come after you, too 'cause. If he comes after you, all these? These puppets these people that follow him. That literally, are there all day long, like you really have to realize that some of the people that are online that are tweeting for trump or treating about certain things as well on there all day. By the way, I don't follow people just to see how crazy they are just to go to get it in my head, like all oh, okay, I see what you do you do this all day, you you, would you start meeting at seven hundred and thirty in the morning cup of First cup of coffee, hurling insults and you do it to- o'clock in the morning, and then you start all over again in the morning. How do they do that, because they're crazy wind saying I if I don't know about you, but if I spend an hour on that kind of rabbit hole with twitter or Facebook.
My limit, I think, is about an hour before I it just something says to me: I need to I need to get out, I need to walk. I need to do do some I need to get away. If you know what I think is happening in this. I've been thinking about this a lot of the last week. I think humanity is in the process of an overwhelming transformation that something like giving birth. I agree and I think like if you watch someone give birth like the crazy thing is how much how much pain the women are in, like I watch my daughter come out of my wife, I was like whoa. That's a lot of work like it's fucking, painful and cry. You talking about yeah blood and it's just it's not going to be present at birth. It's like this is like ha, but then boom did you. The most unbelievable love comes out of it. Yes, I did unbelievable love comes out of it and then it's
all. Oh, my god. The way you feel is incredible and it's like, I think, there's a do. You gotta go through hell to figure out how to how to handle this better- and I think culturally, we're going through weird kind of hell this kind of helps it's avoidable. Look. You could just put that phone down and you could just go hiking go good friend bring your dog to have uh, day sit up there, you know crack open a cold glass of water and look over at the landscape and go man, it's fucking beautiful and it does sing to you. When you look at beautiful things right, you can do that, but you might want to just check your twitter real, quick, see if anybody respond to that, witty post that you left their own again. He likes fuck you. I didn't say that that's not what I meant and then, and then the wheels start? Turning exactly you know, they did a study. I don't know if you heard about this one that just turning off the phone. Like. If you have the phone in the room with you and you turn it off, you think: okay, the phone started from cool what this
scientist said it was a study, I'm not sure where the study was, but they said no, no, no, you have to put the phone out of into another room. They said something about someone's call you would you get a text. Or someone sends you want it off, but if is a cool instagram post you miss absolutely that I think this, the the chaos it's going on. The world now I really think that we're in this leave a b tumultuous time in human history where were were not designed to have access as to information. Twenty four slash, seven like we do it's all about information, its connection and information, those two things, those two things are critical, it's all about, information, but
I think even more like insidious is the way the information is given like here. You got our president just pure, basically like a prick the way he like in December, dates this year, but he takes pride in it right. It's like part of who he is. He should say It's probably not your regular guy, see if you're, regular. Guy and you're a media figure like some, you know, fuckin' who's, the guy from American Idol was that guys name that mean garment Simon, that guy yeah, like he said like you, nobody knows he's a dick like that's this brand. Now that was Trump's brand you're fired Brandon yeah so is reinforced with public, except since it was re in Forest with the tension. It was reinforced with He knew that that is what got him, the credit that he so gravely desired, and so then that allowed him to run for president. He runs for president,
yeah coming off of a reality, show they cancelled his fucking reality show, while he was running for president remember, I thought Schwarzenegger took it over; no, they cancelled it because he was because he was running for president saying things about Mexicans then sports Nager took it over, but his they fired him. I should say instead cancel it, but they fired him. He fired him from the show because of the things that he thing about Mexicans and that's really where it all came from he's a fucking little and on tv reality star on a on a shady game show and then from there there goes on to be president, so that style, he's not going to like have this moment of reflection seven years old. Wear realizes is all been a terrible like. I have this amazing responsibility now, I'm in charge of the greatest Do you think he would yeah you think you would, but why would he 'cause he's just a person thinking of these narratives in our head. These people become like heroes. The president is something different than a person yeah. Well, I would this thing too- that if that yeah
forget who he is, but it's like goddamnit, don't you get also influenced informed by the by the weight of the job like? Yes, you do have, and this is the scary part you do you have a nuclear arsenal at your disposal and it is fucking dangerous because you know you're dealing with another fucking low, yeah! You know what I mean. What crazy yeah yeah They found each other. Now you know what I mean I mean it's kind of love story well in a way. There's an argument in this is the I meant that a guy like Trump, is actually good in this situation because uh I who is too diplomatic and would allow this guy to develop real. Long range, nuclear capabilities that would be extremely dangerous and that with
a guy who is harassing him and fucking with him like the way Trump does, and then you allow the military to do something to stop this guy from developing these long range nuclear capabilities that this would be better. And having some very wishy washy president, who put put severe: directions in the military and didn't allow them to stop this guy? We would all like to think that the world is like. We are here we are here in the United States for the part, pre safe, not a bad, to be you know, most neighborhoods, you know you in even in bad neighborhoods most the time. It's not that bad, really bad happens regularly. Batch but not like it happens in the Congo. You know like. It happens in Syria right now, not like beau not not like all these other parts of the world are in constant turmoil, Libya,
right now. It's fuckin' case a failed state, uh ISIS Hotbit right, there's parts of the world that are just fucked and if you not the kind of person. That is willing to do something to protect the rest of the people from getting involved. In the kind of chaos it's in those parts of the world that stuff can leak over bad people. Can Call me in to your back in the woods and start treating where you live, exactly how they treat Syria exact. How they treat the Congo exactly it's totally possible absolutely, but I'm a believer that if this bad stuff and it is what you're talking about what you you mentioned is horrific stuff like you go in, I mean a laptop. If you seen pictures of it, it's. It literally is a waist line. Now it's been a lot of palms out. You know,
and the suffering that those people have endured it. The amount of Refugees in the world has gone up and up and up to me. I don't think can isolate that. I really don't. I I think that has to come back to roost in some ways, and it does. I mean it's kind of random. Instead of terrorism. In other words, what I'm saying is that we have have more of a like unified world, light like this seriously have a compassion for baby. I know I know we should do but but for everybody like, like oh no fuc, fuc, Syria, Libya, Iraq, you know they're bad, no, because if the Well, this kind of a small place, especially with technology these days. You know and if, if there are thousands,
thousands of refugees because of bombings. You know people They seek revenge, they they grow up and hate. They grow up of course, what are saying I'm saying that I'm saying that that does affect us. Like you originally said. Well, we live in a nice place where it is kind of basically, okay. I say that I did I don't know how long that can exist with, all of the term, what I'm saying is if you're living in the United States and you living in a fairly peaceful place. You have to taking in consideration that there are people out there like Kim Jong Moon who do regularly kill their citizens, who regularly kills people who are insubordinate
regularly kills. Anyone who thinks who would challenge him in anyway and then he has nuclear powers and he is going to do something and it's entirely possible. He could launch a missile. It's he's so fucking crazy, it's entirely possible that he could do it in some sort of a suicide mission, and then he could lawn a nuclear strike on the United States in a suicide mission. If he gets the capabilities, some people. It really depends entirely on how that's managed, but there are people that would manage that incorrectly, and he could to the point where he has those nuclear capabilities and he could launch any, could do something that has to be taken into consideration. We've done it. He did it to Hiroshima. We did it to Nagasaki, we lose, we literally dropped industry bombs, an entire cities? So that's uh We will buy the crazy and it just happened. Just happened one hundred years ago, not even right, Isn't it interesting how most people don't have a sense of time in history
eight fuckin' years is nothing it's nothing, nothing, that's nothing, but the modern day person is like you know what a long time is. Forty five minutes ago on my twitter yeah, like that's forty five minutes ago, that you know someone who's, gives you a a an article. They send you an article but pros from two thousand thirteen, if, like whoa, that's four years ago was nothing I get caught up in that like like You know what I love watching. Documentaries is because it reminds me holy fuck. Yes, a lot of this same ship, went down in nineteen sixty. You know what I mean sure like, damn it Stration Nixon was in power. We had Vietnam going on. You know what I mean. I think there's always been a problem with people feeling like represented and communication. Those two problems have always existed it just they exist today in a different way. We'll have too much communication. Well, that's what
too much information a little bit yeah for sure, and I think you're definitely right that we have to think of the whole world as being a like one thing. Instead, like before walling things off, but the is when you have a little over yes, but you do have like scared. I mean, I think that sometimes you have some was a military dictators like Kim Jong Moon, that's a totally different situation, but he won't let the people live. He shoots them. They try to leave like this. This is a very, very bad thing to be seeing two thousand seventeen that's entirely different than someone who's, a syrian refugee. You know those those people, if NG for their lives and obviously they're in incredibly hot, environments and situations, but there are some, parts of the world that welcome those people and want those people to to have an opportunity to get away from what they're experiencing you know, there's uh people in this country that argue for bringing them over here and helping those people. So I think our compassion, still there, but
We don't want to be unsafe themselves. You know, I think we, I think, will eventually these boundary It will become more and more preposterous. These lines in the ground that we've drawn we've decided like this is, We are Canada and we are against you, America and you're connected to us. By the same dirt like we were tribes and the tribes which tribe earth. Okay, you know, I think once we realize that will be a lot better off, but then we're going to have to really understand. Allocation of resources. Yes, yes, you about also to in a while is kind of another way to put allocation of resources. Well, I'm talking about fixing place is where there's no hope. You know I mean it's a you, could say this allocation of wealth, like one of the things we think about when, like Halliburton, got these no bid deals to go into Iraq and build these things, and why can't
someone get the same sort of contracts to go in an established established places like in the Unite states like establish community centers in impoverished neighborhoods, do the same thing to Guadalajara, going to Tijuana and try to like send here's the answer, I think I mean this is my like trip. Not trip but like my bent is like there is just like what you're talking about community building. You know going into places setting up education center. It doesn't seem to be prior Friday when it's not profitable, yes right but war war. Yeah is a huge, profitable bill, resulting is affable. What are you saying? Halliburton is rebuilding and that rebuilding is proper and what do you need to rebuild? You need to knock it down, yeah right and that that's weird breaks
Things are already knocked down, but rebuilding them is not profitable. What do you mean parts of the world already fox but beat going in them and rebuilding you know going to impoverished parts of Ecuador, and rebuilding that and try to you know make it so that these people have- opportunities to advance their lives and take care of their families and is no money in that? Well, their money at that I don't know. What's weird is that we? You know that everything is about where there's money in now, and that like look at how much the that's the problem look at China right look at how much there their their way of life has improved since capitalism sort of been installed. The amount of people that are in poverty in China was just reading this, like the staggering change since, what's most of capitalism. I mean it's capitalism, but they have a lot more.
Directions on what they're allowed to do, and not do you know in China they still can't research, Tiananmen Square, Reese, What happened you can find out about yeah. That's crazy! That's crazy and I feel like when you do that to people. You know say to people. Look you can't. You can't look into that. Isn't there a immediately like? I don't trust you I think it's immediate. Your ship yeah That's that's what that's the crazy thing about Kim Jong Moon! That's the crazy thing about China, anytime you're situation. Where you have a dictatorship, you you have a group or person, who's control pulling the information that gets distributed to the people and the people under the thumb of this person, and then, when this person says something that thing is the law. That is, the scariest things about trump- is that what essentially Trump is doing is is treating his word. As law. Yeah
saying that everyone else is fake news and they're all liars and everyone who opposes him. They cannot have a reasonable opposition of him. Any opposition must He chastised. If he was within our system. He be a dick. I mean he that personality yeah yeah. Well, you know it's he's in this. This thing with the FBI. You know about this right with that they're investigating, okay The natural where it's at he's talking about Fireseed Fuckin', Miller, yeah, This is talking about. I'm still, I think he nose in and the people around him know that dude. You cannot do that because I think that will I think fuck with the wrong people there like they still could fuck with the world people within this country. He already fought with the wrong people who fought with the intelligence community means. The CIA and the FBI and they're all like Jesus Christ, this guy, but here's the thing
The idea for him it's it is sort of the not as dangerous it was in the sixties. It's hard to kill a president today, but the FBI, it's true, just stopped a terrorist attack in San Francisco. It's not. Yes, you don't hear about it. 'cause the president hasn't talked about it in the news, is about a little bit it. There was a planned this terror attack at one of the peers in San Francisco and this guy who A former soldier was planning it and reached out to ISIS and was trying to do it in the former USSR soldier. Look at that yeah well, you get crazy on all sides, but That's what I mean about you know when is bad conditions all over the world. It filters and that's one way. You know, yeah, but this is a guy who was an american city that wanted to attack random american civilians, you know this is a crazy person. The person who blown use and was just going to do this for ISIS and was doing it publicly on Facebook was was reaching out to these people, so he was, he had blown
use for sure you didn't understand what he's doing or understand that. Obviously people going to be paying attention to these fucking ISIS pages, isn't wild that people publicly put the out on Facebook, it's while, but it's not wild. I mean there's a lot of dull mines out there, but anyway the point is: the FBI thwarted. This attack, president hasn't said. God, damn word about it. He's praising the firefighters do an amazing job Mazen job, but he's not anything. I wonder if it was. I wonder if it's because he wants everybody to think hey, look, there's! No, there's no terrorists. Activity going on and he doesn't want to praise the FBI. Well, that's that's fuckedup! I think that's exactly what it is. I think against, because she's gonna investigate it yeah because he has a vendetta against the FBI, he's at war with the FBI. It's crazy. It's great! it's a crazy situation where someone of this mindset is running the country, and so
people love it. They love it. Mac! We're going to get things done. Look at the the jobless, This rate is down. Unemployment is down. There's all this good stuff is happening. The stock market is hitting record highs hilarious about. When they talk about the stock market hitting wreck. Hi is first of all. I I think it's a fact that fifty percent of America is in poverty. Five. Oh you agree with that. Stat I don't know the real yeah. I mean you could look it up, but it lets PA. It's a certain level of income and I've forgotten what it means,
what is the number is it like? I'm, not twenty thousand or yeah it's around thirty thousand year it's around there and I think I find out, I think, also. I think it also talks about benefits, and there was just an article man in the Washington Post, dude about how people in their 70s are having to take full time jobs because their pensions have been taking away. I mean corporate America is lot of shit with Jamie was just talking about this yesterday about how companies are selling you the same product, but now it has like one slash two, an ounce less than it used to before in the boxes are slightly smaller and I just bought two boxes of cereal yesterday and they both say their twelve ounces ones. Twelve ounces in one is twelve point, one ounces, but the boxes are not even close to the same size, same cereal to rice. Let's check so
same shape? Cereal and everything? Do you think did their lying or do you think that they figured out a way to get twelve ounces of a smaller box? You know how you would open up cereal and then would be like a little air space and then you get to the package and then this would be a little air in the package. Cereal might be a bad example by Gatorade, for example, was twenty? It's twenty. Eight ounces: now it used to be thirty two ounces like three years ago that perfect example of like taking yeah. No, no. You pay more and get less well, just just a fact: infinite. Growth that paradigm that corporations operate under where you constantly have to improve every quarter. You have to make more money. You have an obligation to your saying it's crazy, it's like how can we can't make listen if you may one hundred million dollars in your corporation this year? Why can't you make a hundred million dollars next year and everybody's happy like. Yeah I mean, isn't that that is it yeah, isn't that the textbook definition of greed see this three different size
cops appear to hold the same amount of soda might be a sponge in the out of one of them. You can't really tell but a disk. I said this guy did this four or five times to sort of prove that there wasn't. This is a small medium and like super large size cup, and they all the same amount of liquid huh super strange. This is Dallas TX explained to yesterday wow Huh see that's the daily mail's super sketchy buses where they sat in England, yeah the daily yeah. They they super sketchy with stuff? There super sketchy yeah, I mean there's definitely a problem so that we have with the system that's in place in terms of like how operations did as individuals right there allowed to. Enormous sums of money now and this is. This is a recent within the last decade. The way that the their structures changed,
and then there's also the diffusion of responsibility inside the corporation. If you work for a big evil corporation but you're, a good guy, you're ready, pepitone, your good guy, you wave your neighbor, you know you give money to charity, but meanwhile you're making toxic sludge, that's killing people in the Philippines or wherever the it as you know, you know, isn't that how it goes yeah. It is how girls and that's how it goes also to justify this infinite growth idea. This corporation keeps growing and keeps going keeps growing. So I mom is like they're opening up these national monuments for drilling. Well, that's really fun time. You're, an outdoors gram, scary, scary, shit. It's really scary! yeah, but not only scary. It's it's it's! It's! It's and it's like no, no, I don't take away our fuckin' land because to me I get talking about you know. Circling back to the panic, I feel like wow, these mutherfuckers, these corporate corporate-
read, let's call it right and it's where patients and AIDS and its analyze taking away our places where we get some serenity, we're where we connected nature, you know, I think that the lifeblood of it, you know what I mean they want to me and I to me, they're, taking one is with sucked up about it. It is Americans, land right is the public's land, and so, if they're going to to these areas is extract resources. Why is it should they have those resources Why? Why are we allowing them to take the oil out of the spots? Why are we allowing them to take the minerals out of these spots like these? These you're, not there for your disposal these! This is american land. This is the public's land. These corporations. Want to come in and start drilling and mining in these areas. It's it's stealing and then and then
I like jump to an issue. One step further want to fuck. The only country who pulled out of the climate accord right right, now are you with me that it isn't It change its climate breakdown, that's going on and and anybody you've had scientists on if they talked of UN environmentalists are talking about this shit um I mean just here in la this last summer You live in the valley too yeah. I never for experienced like there was one hundred and fifteen for ten days now
ten for like three days in a row and that it I was talking to one sixteen year. One day I remember telling my wife hey Honey, it's only one, a one they would beating me down to like sweetie, it's kind of nice. It's only a hundred three today right. You know I mean, but but but my point is: is that they're taking in a land to to do more troubling to to fracking near that kind of stuff, where the fuck is that. Why aren't we going completely torn solar wind phasing that out especially California. If you fly over California, you see very few clouds and all the rooftops like these top should all be solar panels. If they were, we would have almost no need for external power. Only twenty four slash, seven, if it's not today within five years or ten years as the technology improves, there would be a way to extract all of our needs from solar power. That's I mean
that's what I'm saying we should do instead of opening up. Let me problem is like there's so much money in that oil and we still rely on it so heavily right now and they did not they're, not thinking about the future. The thing about right now, right now we get that here's, the thing they're, not thinking about the future, do not the a future, and I know that's really like, like I don't want to be like you know, but scientists really well known scientists, are saying These hurricanes are the beginning. You know the mass of ones we had that buried used in you know that Barry there were a couple that really locked up and they're going to be the norm and also the constant heat out here early, I mean it really freaked me out for wildfires in December, yeah the big one that still going on right now that they haven't even put out in Ventura
Yeah Jamie was saying yesterday it's not totally contained right. It's still up to ninety percent. So like that fucking crazy, it's been going on, weeks of Thomas Fire, yeah gigantic fire it's an enormous fire, hundreds of thousands of acres and terrifying by the way the firefighters out here. I cannot believe they do animals, but you know, apparently they have a lot of prisoners that they make fight the fires like a dollar an hour. Yeah. It's part of the gig. That's fuckedup up, gotta fake, your own death, just run into that fire Jeffrey? a lot of it's up, but it's okay, news on my car can get dollar an hour for work like. Why is it ok to like that slavery is slavery like if they're work like I was used to think that about license plates like that was always the big thing. I can Massachusetts. There was always a joke.
Every two years a new comedian would come up with the same joke 'cause. It was so obvious. Is that New Hampshire, the license plate say live. Free or die, and I'm like plates are made by prisoners, and that was It was crazy, it was like that was always the thing so perfect. That was always the thing about license plates. They were made by prisoners right. There was always the reference that we would talk, how you're going to go, sent upstate and you gotta make license plates. It was that was what people did when you make those license plates you're, making like thirty cents a day or whatever the you're making. Well again that gets that gets back to corporate greed like I like, I was reading about that stuff. Like Verizon, I don't know, there's so many big corporations Wosene yeah to make stuff for them, and prisoners also get charged under like they get charged? I don't know where the fuck they come up with the money, but they get charged all these shift like if you make calls and you have to buy your own fuckin' uniform sites, it's like yeah
well they're being punished, I get, I get the idea behind it, what it punishment you have to Yeah talking confined space yeah. I guess now. You have to work well, the idea is that someone is profiting from it. That's where it gets super squirrelly. It's like wait, a minute. Ok, I get the fact that being punished, but who's making the money is the money going to the victims of these current no cases. One thing: if you made a guy like save a guy, rob your house right and then he the jail and then he makes zero dollars and thirty cents an hour. This state should pay him what a normal working wage would be like twenty five dollars an hour or whatever it is for this job, this guys doing and then you get all the rest, absolute dickheads working for you wise in the pokey and he's making zero dollars and thirty cents an hour 'cause. He broke into your house, no he's working for Verizon yeah! That's! What's weird he's working for some company, that's willing to pay for those services at and permanently discounted rate yeah yeah. It's not it's all, not good man and here's the thing you can't keep an eye on all of it. You can
keep an eye on what's happening, it's exhausting though, and then the private prison structure, and then we know what happened with Bernie Sanders. His wife is involved in what the college one under because I, how is he how many cation homes as you have, and then you look at Hillary Clinton, wait a minute what, although I don't know what this Clinton Foundation, how much money she didn't a pope, but she was opposed to gay marriage till two thousand thirty, your you'll be overwhelmed to be overwhelmed with all the different people in all different scandals, at all the possibilities and your in your car and you're on the one hundred and one and you're freaking, the fuck out Eddie Pepitone Jesus, that's what it is well well why you have to go into nature yeah. You know you have to only to nature kind of disconnect man that did native American Indians knew how to do that yeah. They knew how to do it, that's all they had. They didn't have like cell phones, it's not like. They made a choice. You know, it's interesting how you taking that should away from them by saying that no
I had Sebastian younger on the podcast he's doing an author, brilliant guy, and one of the things that he was saying was that during the Leuschner WAR or I'm sorry during the the time of colonization, where the Europeans are moving across America. Some of them were kidnapped by these native american tribe and then when they were rescued by the soldiers they resisted. From one to stay in America and some of a lot of them moved in with the tribes like some people like voluntarily, moved and the truth. What does that tell you, but is what he said, no one, but the other way the native Americans did not join the western civilization they they didn't like. The force? Did they join cities and move into these towns. They wanted to be with native Americans. Well, they wanted to live the natural way. The way they've been living forever with their system is attuned to yeah
do you feel it because I originally started started this off with talking about anxiety and as we've been talking, I think the one of the big Causes of anxiety is disconnection from here. Connection from Mother Earth disconnect disconnection from the heart of life, like this action I don't know man, but but but but but on top of that then what's fueling, that connection is this: readable technology? Where your barded with information about everything saying and you're trying to make some fucking sense of in your brain overloads and then and then the bigger pic sure almost is that there are people in
and there are people in power? I don't know if it's a conspiracy, but these people own everything they fucking just about every play. Well, they're! Only more we're we're talking about a bunch of different issues here that, if you put all these things together to try to put it together, I think that what you're saying that about people being disconnected and be a being overwhelmed by that all that stuff to think about that's real, because you're supposed to be, think about your immediate area and what the threats are in your in Vidiot environment and where your friends are. Where is the community in which there are communities? I mean they talk about this communities breaking down like like we have a comedy community. Don't you think big thing, like our community, like specially the comedy store, there's one of the cool
with the common stores. We all go there and we see each other and it's like very, very friendly and supportive. I think it's huge huge, so rare to mean I I I I I realized that that is what we're talking about like you need. You ever have a thing where you're like flipping out about something, and then you make one phone call or see one friend and the problem goes a yeah yeah, especially if you, maybe you and a friend or in some sort of disagreement, and you thought that they thought this. Saying, and they thought that you thought that thing and you get to Talkin, especially if you meet each other and you, Like now, I thought this and, like I thought you thought that it has everybody's happy, so you were stressed out freaked out and service and feeling weird about talking to that person. But then, once you talk to him, everything's moved away. Yeah yeah! That's I don't know if people I think, when you're doing that online thing and you're spending
today online or even texting like. I have all these. I have text friends and that's no, but I see them does weird. I have a few of those, not EAST coast, buddy yeah. I'm still are just text him every couple months we text back and forth and isn't to say it's like there's something missing, but if they call it won't answer that call. I look at that time for conversation. Send a text to mean text. I get back to you, but I'm in the middle of doing my ads here and I've. Gotta fucking write this bit and I wrote it. No somewhere and I to work out in but yeah, but I I think you know and and we're all busy. I get that too, but it's like we. We we have to find time, for the community and find time for being for being a human, an actual human what part of being human is interacting with other humans. We need each other. Thing they can do to you in prison- is put you in
Think of that the worst thing they can do you're, locked up in a cement cage filled with murderers and rapists and criminals in the worst they they can do is to leave you alone. Yeah, isn't that is it the big punishment is not like letting you go out and hang out with all the guys in the cafeteria now yeah big Punisher, put you in a room to know your clothes, so just getting back to the technology, I think voyeurism is fucking. Killing people we've become like this mission, avoid Is I just like what I was? I went to a little birthday party. Yes, in a bar, that's not to brag and Silver Lake. Like bragging about Silverlake Lake. Like Silver Lake. Anyway, you don't I do. I'm also that I'm also the guy who likes who makes immediate judgments right places with
really knowing them? I think that's a comic thing to do sure. Bull Sharon like yeah Improv, what's wrong with the ruling. No but I did I just want to talk about. Where is a technology? It is so so we I was trying Do this thing we were talking about and hanging with people around in this bar were five television screens, yeah and and I think that it's my anxiety like like might tension in me. I wanted to go and go. Can you please- and this is how I would say it too, which is why I never get anything done I go. Would you please turn off the Focke televisions by the way they didn't even have a fight on. They didn't even have a good game on it. Because the games were over something and it was just showing random.
Shit like was a reality, show where people doing weird things. You know what I mean and it's still around and my vision, is drawn. To this ship constantly an it was like no man. This is the problem. This is. It was right there instead, but if you own a bar- and you want people to come in and spend a lot of money, you gotta give him something to stare at I mean do there's problem, you have a cute the bar like when a little pubs in England? You know it's been around for a thousand, I don't have to tv's right. I doubt it. I don't No, I've never been to one, but I would assume if there are one thousand years old, they don't fuckin', stick giant flat screens everywhere right, but that if we give it a shot where, if I owned a bar in Silver Lake Buck- and someone said it would be funny if I just had one black can white and I'm just showing old Joe Louis fights on it, like really small, actually cool.
Show Louis Verse, who's, the guy that he had these great fights with MAX Max line. Yeah yeah Maximilian was unfair. I thought of as a Nazi was really just a german you just a german guy. Was a boxer really didn't want to represent Hitler, apparently from what I've read yeah. It was he's a big rival of Louis, where they had these incredible. He stopped Lewis in the first fight and then Louis destroyed him in the second fight, and the big thing him beating Lewis was that he beat Lewis and Lewis was that he stopped Lewis. I think he, did you think you did and was hardly ever law I mean: did you lose one? Two fights was at a lose. It lost quite a few when he got older his career. I asked Rocky Marciano by brutal knockout, but that was he quite a bit older? I think using this 40s at the time, but I thank God when he had the rematch. I think I think MAX Schmeling Medicare with him, and then we have the remote she destroyed MAX Schmeling aired as a law. Spike AL yeah, yeah
they, what round twelve out of one thousand nine hundred and twelve thirty six yeah, and then he Impact spatter was another guy. He came back and he was giant hero when he knocked out schmeling in the first round scroll up all the way. How many years later was that thirty, eight Yeah, you remembered first round yeah, always smash them. Yeah I mean I was when Joe Louis this was Joe Louis I mean that was when he had really come into his own, and then he went on this incredible tear they use At the bottom of the month club 'cause you just locked, knocking out anybody who's willing to get in there with them yeah he thought some legit guys and Billy Conn Farm a TOMS, who is actually a light, the way yeah yeah yeah the way buddy bear with that may Ex bears it says: disqualified, youth do that, forty, nine and one I don't know what happened there. I wonder if this makes a relation to MAX Baer. Probably the
the thirties, most men, imagine going back to thirties the fort. So look at this. He was the champ all the way up to, as our Charles in nineteen. Fifty get that and he started, thirty yeah, so the fight with the first fight with MAX there was thirty six with MAX Schmeling, rather was thirty all right there yes, we rematch re in thirty, eight, the first fight was in thirty six and then he was all the way, the Fox scroll, all the way up to the top time he lost he lost Jersey, Joe Walcott, you this decision in nineteen. Fifty, that's incredible fourteen years later, wow talking crazy. His first loss was to answer Charles sorry. He came Jersey, Joe Walcott by the way I look at Yankee Stadium was the venue for like Chicago. Goes stadium? These were huge events. Yeah, you know a bunch of after that, you lost a unanimous decision. Scroll. All the way up.
Lost again to Rocky Marciano, so you really only lost three times looks, looks like three tools. Three. Big ones in the later stages of his career, unless he lost earlier with his overall record, it was sixty six and three according to that. Yeah, so three losses so one MAX Meyer. The brutal the rocky Marciano which ended his career. Did you Ross the brutal one: hey wanna watch it, I rough I love. I love. I grew up watching boxing yeah. And it wasn't pay per view. It was maybe some fifty nine yeah it was like it was like network. He has that back then, and I eight days there was something in it was a paper view and they were free tv and I really got into the sport like I was like. I would be like so psyched to see this. Yet you know, I'd be
like I, I would watch you you, member guy name, Oscar Banda, Bon of one of yeah yeah yeah yeah. He was like a broad, he was just like this kind of wild brawl or but it was a big guy and he fight guys, like I don't know if he changes yet name yet Cassius Clay. What's this, this is jersey. This is as a Charles right. That is a Charles. We still lost, but that's not the one we want to see you want to see the Rocky Murciano one, this is the one where, as it Charles, the first guy to beat him and he beat him by unanimous decision. We look first of all look how much smaller people were back then rocky Murciano when he won the heavyweight title was fifteen lighter than May. Is that right, yeah? Think of that, and I think he was only five hundred and ten and that might bullshit, you know like people world will sketchy about how tall they were acting yeah. They would try to find that Rocky Marciano one this some yeah I mean I I believe at the time I think when he was the yeah he was one hundred and eighty five may
one hundred and ninety and more Seattle was known like like Marciana, was known for, like just having unbelievable, strengthen his punches. Like you just fucking, yeah, that's that's what he what he was like is. This is a fight in the house when I think of an immigrant Brock Town brawl it like he was from Massachusetts, yeah Brockton is that look small, yeah yeah he's fifteen pounds lighter than me. Man Louis, is a lot Lewis, isn't even that big Louis is probably two hundred back. Then that was a heavyweight back. Then it's just a different world. People didn't have that kind of food have enough to eat. They didn't have the nutrition knowledge, they didn't have steroids and I've weightlifting. I mean they had weight lifting but box really didn't engage in. That is very rare or they thought it stiffened you up, they didn't understand the stiffening. You up is just as your you know getting sore and that you have to recover from that and that's how you get bigger and stronger. I boxers today
look at like Anthony, Joshua who's, the heavyweight in the world now is a look at yeah he's a english fellow he's a Hank, I mean he's a man. You look at Anthony Joshua. He looks like like a superhero. Do they Do those guys have as much stamina as these guys do without yeah? They do say yeah, because this conditioning methods have today or just so superior? They understand Reston coverage in the monitor your heart rate- and you know, they're they're, monitoring, lactic acid, build up and creatine in your blood, and so the science is really it's. It's such a scientific. If they engage in that at the you know, some some people we'll take it old school, but I just they know more about what gets you in condition and high intensity. You know: training, drills, hi, Ray Rocky Marciano had something that you can teach people which is just brutal strength, brutal power. He just had the abyss He land these bone, crushing shots
and he also was insanely tough you're, dealing with just a different time like? I was having this conversation with my wife. This morning we were talking about old school. Keep that going today going to think see the end brutal, we're talking about old school cartoons and about Nokia, oh yeah, They are so mean there are so mean, and even old school cartoons about Santa and Christmas elves elves are all shity to each other, like what the fuck, I thought you guys work for settling pc doubted holy pc doubt, but back then, in the nineteen. Forty, in fifties and these cartoons originally made the world is a hard place. Man. It was horrible World war, two world war, two just over or yeah something that I didn't realize until recently my friend Steve I was actually talking about this on a podcast. We talk about factory farming,
in large scale agriculture when it comes to stuff, by the way, when we talk about that, the reason why that all got instituted. The reason why we have those programs set in place in America was because of famine, because people- worried about what happened to the Europeans during World war. Two during war, one and world war. Two, it says to me, but millions of people starve to death in the world and in the United States after the war, they wanted to do something to make sure that that day, it happened over here and one of the things they did was they started instituting subsidies for farmers to make sure look you're, not making enough money, we're going to give you money just so that we have all this food on reserve so that everyone, think about is so. This is as evil thing that the government is done to keep us fat and stupid. No, it wasn't in originally put in place to prepare for the worst, K scenario where we're at or again and we're short on food. I get it. I get the the genesis of it, but right, but now now
sucks. Yeah now is horrible fucking the worst part is animals. See. That's that's my thing. I'm worse, like you ever watch a fuckin', I mean I'm. I have gone to veganism and I grew up Italian, a weird everything I mean. I love sausage and I mean I just couldn't It's amazing that I have gone this way and uh I did it because my wife got me into it: big animal rights activists and just watching some fucking slaughterhouse videos and seen the fear I mean to me, animals are the most powerless because they don't Any choice in this you, human beings, who have fucking horrible life, is at least some fucking element of choice and free will fuckin' it's just like specially factory farm dude, I mean they're just trapped, so
I now yeah I have been for I have been for or I would say it took awhile to like not like slip. I would say pretty solidly for three years for years, and how do you get your health monitor? Do you get your blood levels checked in? Should I do my sugars are a little high because what happens for maine- and this could just be fucking- power, I I don't know, but oh we just knocked down little left. Drop down, and this is You know an older Joe Louis. How old was Joe Louis at the time of this young Jamie does say, and and marsciano how old is Marcianos use his prime, I think Marciano's well, he is a lot smaller than him to say no, he was older, yeah, one thousand nine hundred and fifty one got knocked out by Marsciano
That's crazy! God! I love Braddock. I love that Cinderella story. You see that we are also Crow is like fuckit, great yeah, but anyway, so you eat too much carbs, yes, yeah! Yes, I do. I do Before you, man that'll, do you in more than anything what about eggs Fucku Well, it's not needed vegan yeah, but why go via and when eggs don't harm anything. If you get like, I have chickens, free rein in Yemen. They just run around Feed'Em, have a good old time, then eat their eggs like nobody gets hurt the eggs are not viable, 'cause, there's no rooster right, so you're not taking away a life. This is just something that the chickens almost like every shows. Do you think you know they're just tag. Now there are only an embryo if it's, if it's pregnant, so it has to get fucked by a rooster. If there's no rooster, they just lay eggs, oh the funny that most people didn't know that. I didn't know that. Until I got I, but I I kind of
the it. But then I oh yeah, yeah, there's no rooster. How could they, of course, it's not like the chickens could just lay eggs and those eggs can become new. And now that only happens, if a rush to get the Hen house so gas, CVS free, I guess the answer to that would be the way they house the chickens to make. We don't have to get on that way. You can get a free range. I mean there's there's places that you can get legitimate generate free were, I might ask him even visit the farms you know there's. God that we had on the podcast. What does that gentleman's name that runs polyface? arms Jole, Joel yeah, really like these are real humane, yes, and he heard of him I think it was in a movie called forks over knives. Maybe I don't know. Maybe that movie is very deceptive, that movies filmed lot of bullshit the children. Yes, yes, yes, what's new vegan propaganda movie and then the same guys that did the most recent one, which is what the health yeah the widely torn apart by action,
scientists to understand human nutrition. Oh yeah yes as a real problems like meat does not cause diabetes, there's zero evidence that does when diabetes is caused by sugar and by complex carbohydrates, by refined, carbohydrates, this not process all diabetes. Obviously, there's genetic diet right about the connection between meat and heart disease. Here's a connection when you say people who eat meat are. Likely to have heart attacks right, you're, not saying what they eat. The meat with the eating he's a grass FED steak or the eating a shitty cheese burger, that's good on a bond, that's filled with sugar with fries, and they have a secure, a big soda with it. It's so. You think talk about this doctor run a was on this recently and what she said is there is a direct correlation between can and of saturated fats along with refined sugar when you have refined, sugar and saturated fats. It produces a lot of bad cholesterol, and this is
of the things that's been proven, clinically to lead to heart attacks, clinically to lead do you know, strokes and heart, of the arteries and yeah it's the big thing is sugar, the big thing, bigger in carbohydrates, those, the big things and carbs turn into sugar. Yes, well we do you know your lives, I or ground Parkside, very little carbs. Very little very little. You don't crave him huh, now, once you get out of it, see a lot of. Is your gut health, a lot of it what's going on inside your stomach like what? What stomach is used to eating. If you feed your stomach sugar and processed refined, all the time. That's what you've got in your gut I mean, that's the kind of Florida. You are you're cultivating yeah yeah and it's got out. That's what leads to leak leads to leaky gut leads information. You know I mean I want to click on you, but you're a little overweight. No! No! No! No! This is a lot of mails power problem with carbs yeah and my trip has in my trip, has been that I'm
about the animal rights. You know what I mean like like. I don't I fucking hate the way they our that's fine in the end, it's good, but you can do better for yourself. You can live. You can live an ethical, humane life. Is no animal products other than like free range eggs and be okay, and just cut all the dairy out cut. All the things that utilized area, but that's why I'm saying to anybody even listening to this you can, you can have eggs and you can get plenty of, it from there's a lot of plant based protein. That's like very rich and powerful for you, an excellent for you. Hemp based protein really good, Spirax Lena's fantastic for you there's a lot of really good like source. Of nutrients, but you got to really pay attention to what you put in your body if you just need in peace and vegan cookies, all the time you gonna get Jack out all right now to find out all right, you're, right, yeah and I I do find myself craving like, and I maybe that's because I put it- you know
the fact you know yeah it's going to be before I came here. I had a fuckin', you know blueberry bagel, oh great rose carbs good when they go in and they had a tag? I don't really you what I don't think. That's a gave me the patent act. No, no, not specifically, but I, but I think You know if you're feeling kind of shity in general, you're more susceptible to think you're right for sure yeah. If you just cut out the carbs harder on a vegan diet, but it's possible, but you got to get a good book on it, got to find out There's there's really good vegan health books that show you how to eat in the right way way at all. Are you reject it? Well, it's something! I reject for me, I eat wild game almost exclusively wild animals that hunt yeah, so I hunt the wild animals and if I shoot an elk, I get hundreds of pounds of meat I eat that all year I have
freezers in the back I'll show you after the show. I I keep me here. I have meet at home. I give me to my friends, and so My meat that I get is a wild animal that was going to get eaten by a wolf like if I get it mean this isn't a factory farmed prisoner it's like slaughter? and this year I got an elk in Utah shot in Utah and I also shot one in California in a place called to hone ranch is two hundred and seventy thousand acre ranch in the middle of the country or middle the state. Rather right, but getting it that way to me. It feels when I before I started hunting. I decided I was either going to be a vegan or is going to be a hunter MIKE, I'm going figure. This thing when a minute I didn't want to eat. Do you want to find take part yeah. I want you to feel when you, when you kill the l right when you shoot it do you have like like what's the feeling there must be intense. It's very intense, there's a moment, there's definitely a moment of loss. We you feel like. This animal is gone now. You know,
and but there's also a moment of reverence and you gotta, do it sustainably like what I do it I'm doing an in places that have extremely healthy populations. You get an animal, that's passed its breeding prime! Thank you! You get in and all that seven eight nine years old, were they really don't have much time left you that's the you target like people think we need get trophy animals you again a you're, very specific about. You know what you doing very again, I'm also specific about making it difficult, which is I do with a bow and arrow. I don't. You know I have hunted animals with rifles and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. But for me I feel like I really want to make this a more even arrangement and make it more. Called and make it more ethical. I use a bow and arrow yeah, but there is that moment, I, like you, know, you've killed it and then you feel a sense, a lot. There is a sense of law. It seems that you know what we've run across.
Bunch. Alice is one of the things that once you get into natural world and really start understanding. What's going on out there you realize, like this, is This is no one gets out of this ride alive this this right, like the out that I killed, he had holes all over his body. All over his body when we were taking them apart, holes everywhere from other elk stabbing him. That's what you look up there all that ship those those elk antlers real, that's real! That's the one that I shot in September. Okay, that those things These are designed to kill their elk. They, slash each other. They clash. And smash those horns together and it's all the fight over breeding and the powerful ones with the biggest antlers are the ones that get to breed and one of the best ways to ensure the health of this. This this group of animals is once this animal reached its breeding. Prime, that's the one you take out. You take out the herd
so it allows the younger bowls to have an opportunity to breed. You could spray actually more genetic with the the big dog yeah. You see the hurt they called the herd bull. How do you learn that we've got obsessed about five one slash two years ago. I got crazy with it. Now. There's no food and yeah yeah. Well, I got obsessed before actually went hunting, but I went hunting in two thousand and twelve was the first time I went and then once I did once I did that and I was like ok. This is what I'm doing now like this make sense. This is and it's difficult suit pursuit. So my food now isn't just food that I got now. There's this like this intense connection with that food nobody's got a fucking connection with their most people. Don't in but the weird thing is everyone did until about. One hundred years ago- that's what's really crazy. This is so new. It's so new yeah one thousand nine hundred and seventeen everybody had. Probably
an animal get killed on a farm on farm yeah. I mean everybody. Was you around it? It was a normal thing. You go to one thousand, eight hundred and seventeen. You couldn't avoid it yeah you go to a market place. You go to a farmer, you go to mean everybody, everybody and then also there was no. The genetic manipulation genetic food was food was nonexistent. It was everything was as it is in a natural state or in a cultivated state where You know your splicing things and doing like normal things that people do time. Like my games, my favorite target topic. Haven't we gone like just the wrong way What we've definitely gone away. You know, but that way we've gone in. The negative ways is terrible, but in the positive ways of things like Golden Rice, that's like allowed thousand if not millions of people to not starve to death, because rice that was infused with protein, there's a bunch different things, we've done to ensure the shelf life of food to get the food to home, hungry people, because these foods,
last longer like to eat tomatoes, that they look kind of fucked up now, because they're hard- and you know that, but these also and stay on the shells for a lot longer. Like in this goes back to we're talking about like Post World war. Two people were terrified of scarcity. They were terrified of and they were terrified of the idea of going back to war again and not having a stockpile of food and resources. So this is it all, it's all bad. Now it's all bad you go down the food aisle and most should this. Has sugar in it and and simple and carbohydrates and it's killing people and giving p. Where do you have a job? Just organic markets are mostly yeah. I I try to get again. I try yeah farmers markets too yeah and I, like former, I like the feeling I yeah yeah. I was grown. The tomatoes yeah use your walk it to in supermarkets and the bright lights. All the car it feels like you've walked into that court or you know, and they call sugar white death right yeah. It is, I mean it's you're, not
I have a sweet tooth too. I have alot of things to work. It's so funny, you know I get overwhelmed by that ship. I get like goddamnit, you know and and check this out. I've I've been working with a trainer for the last year I have three times a week with that with this guy yeah, but you don't come such an idiot that I work with him and I'm like Well, I'm okay, I'm good now I can have this shit, you know what I mean. Jane what I do like my little reward. Yeah. I would like that I'm a child who is lights while you're so funny, but I didn't fucking change that other part of you and you know it's so funny because we're having this conversation and what happens to me is I'll, be driving on going. Well, that's funk in it! This is my state of mind. I'll go that's fucking it. You know this is together yeah I.
You know he just have at home. When I already know about you know it's, it's got it sugar is gotta, go the process. Carbs gotta go then add cupcake, the flicking rationalizations justifications of Willie style, it's fuckin' new year yeah, it's almost Christmas, it's almost giving thanksgiving is another three hundred and sixty days, yeah tell me a bedtime on a shoot in June in January, and I'm like Many good food. Here I got to have something you know what I mean and yeah. I'm gonna have a cookie yeah, it's a to write it down. Write down what you want to do write down what you're allowed to eat something he's a couple. Other people told me the right nothing helps bring down writing down. Things helps with everything I read about because you now you have to have an obligation like one of Tom Segura
pressure and are you should fear? And I did sober October go yeah. You went through all I forgot about that. No booze, no party like that it was educational. I think it's important to do the it's good to do. I think I I like pot I'm a big fan and I look at drink. I like a glass of wine with dinner. I like that, but it's also good to abstain does having to deal with personality. I do, but I don't do, but I don't let it I you. Will it yeah? I keep that bitch in check, but I could let it go crazy. If I wanted to go pot because I felt interesting I just would love to smoke all the time, and I deal well, this movie I'd be like this movie is going to be great honor, Fuckin', sure yeah, it's I Tonia! I Tonya is going to be a significant like like to me. What part did it was like this gonna make did like I'm going to CVS and I'm going to CVS in if I smoke, this is going to be a fun fun trip.
Yes, weirdos it's especially in Silver Lake, but you know what I mean so so, but what happened was that I felt like I wasn't doing: My creative work like what happened was the weed was taking me totally again. I'm a child like taking me total into this I just want to pleasure myself the whole day and I couldn't buckle down and do work. Well, that's a real problem with comics that a lot of us struggle with having the kind of upon is required to get work done. You know it's like you're, really funny You don't produce any new stuff because you're impulsive, because you're kinda you What's the time Ellie, I think writing things down, helps a lot having rules I was gonna say about the songwriter Tober thing. I knew that I couldn't do any this thing, and I knew that I had to do one thousand five hundred and ninety minute yoga sessions. In this month we had a rule and we were also accountable to
So we all knew that we had to get this done commute yeah we community and you know, and connect to each other on text messages all the time you know like we were constant, talk with each other and having a good time, and it was really fun was fine, but it was also very educational, but no thing that I have these requirements, so I give myself requirements. I write down things every day, every month, every week, every week, every or occasionally daily. If this is like a big list should I have to do but, like I have to write five days a week, I have to right for one hour five days a week, if that's where the stuff comes from and if I'd write more hours. Great, that's great, but at least right hours a week or if I may today. Something happens the next day. I require two, our okay. So you no way around to a plan. You have to so I think we do that with food and you do it with yeah see that's what I do also for food. I do intermittent fasting. This is my rule where I only eat for ten hours a day, so for fourteen
hours a day I don't eat at all. So what over that cut off is so say if I eat my last meal, my last by Tuesday, at nine hundred pm, I don't eat until clock in the morning the next day period. So if I up at seven. That means, three hours, I'm not even I work out. I'll. Maybe I'll have to do any coffee, yeah yeah. I do a lot of work outs with no food. If that's that's cool to do, I always think I'm going to get blood blood sugar and passed out in my known as functional yeah you'll be fine, you'll, be fine, it's just harder. Just it's just you don't feel good. Were you doing it yeah? I am. I am used to doing it. Yes, coffee, yeah, yeah, coffee, yeah that helps yeah, crecer appetite and yeah gives a little a little pick me up yes of psychological boost. You know like have a nice cup of coffee, then I'll go head to jam yeah, but I definitely feel better if I have something to eat first, you know it's amazing.
And how I resist structure course you're funny man. This is what this is a re occuring theme with so many of my funny friends. It is yeah, crazy, impulsive funny, but you're also the guy, where, if there's a group of people sitting around and they're all bunch of fuckin' suits and they're all boring people, I'm going to gravitate immediately to you you and I are going to talk real, we're going to be silly and you're going to say some fuckedup up. Then I'm going to laugh at and we're going to be slapping each other on the back and how that's what you do, man, but you have to manage you don't have to look. It is partly with me I swear to God. You know I'm so anti corporate, I'm so kind of anti Anti gun. I don't know what to say had TSR tarian streak. You might have been from my dad was the sicilian mother right. I any kind of course constriction right, but stop and think about the
you talking in a microphone that was made by a corporation, you got here. I texted you on your phone, which is made by slave labor in China. You got here your car, which was a constructed overseas Right Honda yeah see this is we need? corporations you and I are not going to build fucking plane okay, Boeing is required to make sure those planes done correctly. I don't want them to do it in a way. That's Agallah Terrian, an not over people. You know, but it's just like it's really convenient to put that check. Ovara t, shirt on and fuck that, guy, black Guy Fawkes society man, I mean it's so tempting in your inclinations, are all correct. Your heart is in the right place. Your your instincts are all good is like you, you don't want people to in over, and you rightly realize that a lot of this
materialism in this fucking corporate bullshit is pointless if, like you said it getting this podcast we're all going to die and we need to face that and stop just collecting shed and instead work on having a Great experience in the moment, 'cause this moment that you have right now. This is all you ever have is the moment you can plan Take that moment better in the future, with more discipline and more sure and more happiness and then even more like scheduling community events in scheduling things, you think millet. You know military, it's hilarious, that I don't know any military. I know a lot yeah. I know a lot. Is the discipline good for that? I can't talk to each my friend Jocko. He Jocko Willink wrote a book called discipline, equals freedom, see that would I need to find goat or do you need to follow Jocko every morning at four hundred and thirty in the morning he posts a picture of his watch as he gets up to work out. What's his name Jocko Willink,
I'll I'll. Send you Instagram okay center this, but he's he's a like a bona fide. Average Navy seal and the guys, God Animal and every morning, at four hundred and thirty, he works out and then he goes and watches the sun come up on the beach, and that is his reward. That's his reward, gives himself that and then you get all this stuff done. It has to do during the day, see the aftermath like kill. You know both pictures of like his. You could go to his actual page? You see all the photos of his watch. Four hundred and thirty two am there m up and you know this is heart in the right place, to he's a good guy, great guy, great guy, and he spends a lot of his time right now doing these corporate seminars and you explaining to people like the importance of leadership and discipline, and that you know this is how you things done so say you feel better. This is how you relieve yourself of your demons and tension, and his concept of discipline equals freedom. Really resonates, because if you have the
discipline to get things done, then you feel like I don't feel good and less I've accomplished the should I need to do, but when I have accomplished should I need to do then I like to kick back on the couch and you Yeah watch a boxing match or, as some television show that I enjoy, I can enjoy it. Why don't have bangs? I I have anxiety if I don't get things done yeah. I think that's why we. You know it's funny, because you know I started MIKE is talking about anxiety, add add on, and it's all about, community and disconnection and for me Maybe this just I'm kind of days I have instead of fucking Okay, I'm going to do this. This then, to give me a structure that would probably alleviate would alleviate a bunch of it. But community is important to know I mean we fuckin' need each other. You know it's one of like we were talking about the comedy store- and I wish everybody had something like the comic store. You know I used to have a pool holidays to go to. That was like that, where I would be everywhere
That would be a bit like. I can't wait to get back to executive, billiards and hang out with all my friends, and it was like this freak show all these weirdos, where, where blur white plains, New York, okay and all these weirdos and gamblers- and this is strange little outcasts- of society and lifelong bachelors who were in their seventies and we all get together and laugh and hang out till four o'clock in the morning and go get something to eat, and I you know I was like a comic, but this was like a home base yeah and I think the car, only store in a lot of ways to hang out without delis yeah yeah, hey, let's rap this pitch up, it's two o'clock already: ok, quick! Was that just went by Eddie. I had a good time man. This is more often I had a great time and I think I'm going to change my life change. Betty Pfeffer tone Goddammit, follow at on Twitter and on your on Instagram as well yeah that he kept on on both of those any pop on Instagram, any pap rd peppers on on twitter, any population german boom. Thank you, everybody
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