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2018-01-04 | 🔗
Remi Warren is a hunter, guide, writer, tv host and solo adventurer. Check out his show "Apex Predator" at http://apexpredator.tv
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oh gee I am to three easy three zero three zero. You will get full access to this entire platform for free all the work and nutrition information for free, good, Lord, what I've seen eighty fucks just text Rogan to three zero: three: zero: three zero tonnes, My guess today is a great and powerful Remy worn. He a friend of mine for several years now he is an avid BO hunter television hosts to starve a television show called APEX predator where he would emulate the hunter. Strategies of various and walls and just got in debt thought the way these animals and creature survive in the wilderness and also sort of humble dues to how weird the wild is in comparison to the soft fleshy bodies that we move through this
existence with he's a very, very interesting guy and he is just returning from a recently returning from a trip where he was attacked. By an eleven and a half foot tall Brown Bear in Alaska is a crazy fuckin story and we start off the podcast with it. So please welcome my friend Remy one. The job will gain experience really warrant international man adventure hours ago, and could it this is a man you see here. I purposely didn't: ask you or talk to you about the Grizzly Bear attack. Could I wanted to say that you want you and what is it like to have survived the lira. Being Warrior two feet away from it, hacking Grizzy owes me grabbed it yeah yeah yeah easily easily. It was that was just
that's, it was one of those things. Ok, I've I've thought about it, but was us. This was so that women in early October or MID October, two thousand three months three months to come when around Europe yeah. Man is just one and yeah man is just one of those things that I've thought about it so many times in my head and I've always been. I think Steve was the same way like I'd. Be pretty cool to survive a bare taxes, matched up a little bit. After that experience, I thought to myself Perhaps we have checked Stevie. So he says he will now we're talking about from the mediator podcast, and he has a two part series on this particular bear attack. He's always say, Osage you to get Claude across the chest and have like not a tattoo but like a big car. Unlike worried, marking like what are the odds that happens, I think that in order
get that you have to go through a really really horrible experience, hairs, guys it of had those attacks, your there's guys, and how does the tax a lot, but yeah I mean I've been around a lot of wild animals and seen a lot of things and been charged. By bears- and this is just did- it is that kind of attack were while it's happening. You're going. This is not a panacea. Somebody's gonna die. Some either is looking at this bare and it's comin in hot, just every, In its a weird experience, you don't, your memories, a little foggy of anything, happened so fast and it felt like it so long so the adrenaline Smith overwhelming vote in yeah. You don't even think about. I just remember it was it was aware: situated saw maybe I'll just kind of recap. The story so word we're on a fog, neck Island,
and were hunting in a fog neck island is acquiesce, so a fog neck island has some of the largest bears in the world in their brown bears there. They are big brown bears It can be over a thousand pounds so were hunting Elk there, my My brother and myself have hunted elk on that island before and just a miserable place to be: what's a fascinating hunt, the way guys we're describing and because the though just the fact that you would choose out of all the places you can go. You pretty much can go anywhere. You want. If you chose to go on this brutal adventure hunt, because it so difficult and has once Is it because of Renault was talking about this once in the way described? It is like there's things that are fun. Why you're doing them, but they're not fun later like rollercoaster this year and then there's things that are terrible. An awful but you'll, see about them forever and look back at them fondly yet its exact
We want this. Is that after the fact you think back and you go in the moment. You go on ever do this again and then about a year later. You should do that again after years of what is it about the place it so miserable? Well, it is just it's hard to walk through. It looks It looks easy, hiking and there's just this big. Mountain where you can get too with a plane. You kind go to climb this big mountain and the the Agitation is so thick and it so steep that it takes forever to go somewhere. So to put it in, directive two go say: a mile might take five hours. Wow, that's amish verdict like a MAC Mile now so the the crowd. Five you just going to mile in another distance, could take you. Have that time recorder that time, but there's a big mouth and between where you need to go plus the education and truly steep
you ve got all that kind of working against you push. You can't really walk and just a straight line there you ve got to navigate around all kinds. And there's you from Liverpool Place when this jerry that was right So that was after the bare that's right after we all have to figure out. Can say I put right after the bare attacked I pulled out my phone and just kind of regret, putting everyone's reactions, and then I put it on Instagram story, but I'll I'll try to find it. Night in all posted on the sum of figure out a way to yeah insouciance it or rather they. Let you save them now now saves on issues like three weeks before that fortunately, so this places
miserable its rainy all the time, rainy, high winds, thick, thick, dance, vegetation and literal monsters, yeah I mean giant, bears and then be again the elder, probably with away they they can weigh up to fourteen hundred pounds. Each exercises way: Beggar s like the size of to normal work eyes like an average l could probably be around five hundred pounds most places in a really big one like retirement California ones at the hall, and sometimes I get to a thousand year- is another four hundred pounds. Exactly is a law as Uptake Asia. I am and there's bears that eat those Chinese as bears are giant that the bay can be over twelve hundred fifteen hundred pounds himself ass. Eleven. Feet or more year, eleven feelin feet. Not eleven foot bear now. This
one that attacked you guys, hoping to think it was we had guess I would say well out, eleven and a half feet. I know because Actually, after we went in there, my friend is a pilot there and drop this off. He called me up, a week or two later is like they shot that barely when, after you guys somebody went in there same place, bared attacked him. They killed it, self defense is eleven and a half feet and I think almost twelve hundred pounds hundred so there is very good odds that that was the same bear out of me Jim and it was including this area, seem taken over. That area seemed about the same sought, but when I came in, I thought that's a big bore. It wasn't those ones you think outlets. It looked like a big, mature animal inner peace together what happened in my mind later, but yeah so we're? on this island states.
In the beginning and shall we in the tree. We do all the staff are supposed to do you get the meat away from the carcass, but we had yet to see a bear up until this point, and when my brother and I went in there a few years earlier, we just saw bears every we see six bears a day, so your minds just bear, but- bear when you're seeing them all. You aren't him all the time you get a little lax and that's where we really screwed up, because the attack went down. No one was prepared, we're just sitting around having some sandwiches and when a sore whereat filming in their six of us all together- and I think that large group, that six is what saved us, because when the bare ran in it six of us sitting kind of in like a semicircle, strange circle, and when that bear came in, we did that scatter fact, and I think that scattered
was kind of like if alliance going after Zebra, they use their numbers and stripes to confuse the lion. Is that scattering of things just going everywhere, that caused confusion for the bear so you, I think the bare whinnying thinking whenever is under that treaty. I'm gonna kill it and thought it was one thing and when we blew up into six different pieces it just try to kill everything wants and can actually get one person so lucky. I was crazy because we're sitting down, we decided will have lunch before we hike back the day before we we hiked along ways. We got back to a bit three in the morning or some back in two or three in the morning, we barely eaten so ever I was just thinking, let's have lunch, Regrew pike out sort. Pat when the other guys with us brought the jet boiled boil up some coffee
So I was going round collecting water from everyone to get coffee going round in when I sat down, I took my pack off the whole week been renew this thing right, take my pistol from the pack belt and put it on holster on my body when I dropped my pack and I we're deal where I took the pack. Often, I'm thinking about switching sign now and I thought just sit because a few times I set my pack, animals, like others, sit a lay on my pack like as a chair back rather than for the need to have the pistol rate there. So it's within arms reach enemies Why go around get the water in the summoning, moved kind of where I was sitting so now, so I sit down across from the pack where my pistol is and then I think you and I was thinking about gimme that pistol, but I just you know you know the guy like the guy's. Suddenly there has exactly. Why are we not everybody had pistols?
mean Yonder set a pistol and then an impasse behind, as he knows, you're something I look up and that's that bears like dead sets. Steve would be where you are the bare behind Steve Steve was between me and the bear. His back was to it like how far were not far donor. Thirty yards some, so the first time you seated thirty yards and as if their merits, yeah it's dead, run superfluous Andrews locked eyes with a thing I mean, I see it coming in the whole way, just being Eyes locked in on me, and I think this things you kill me, and so I'm thinking when I say I'm thinking I dont know if I'm thinking I just I just remember what I was kind of going through my head at time. I thought oh fuck, I'm gonna die and my protections right. Like. I'm gonna die. This is that since it situation where I'm dead and they talk about it and it could have saved himself.
Guns on the ground, and I think that that was like go for the gun was my whole thing, so I start to go further Agnes would have been here. As I read amber, and so I started over the gun and realize fuck. I don't have time to get to my gun and its three feet away. He's ass bears like right there, Kosovo so fast, so I kind of like a football jukes move left, right and then we'll around right. Do like Spain, with my back and the start running to the left and at that point yawning it. I didn't know this time because I looked at them years afterwards can peace. Everything together. So Giannis was sitting right next to me and she got to turn their some tracking poles right here. He grabbed tracking, also, partly while I was joking, he reached a grab. The tracking for swings around hits the baron face teeth. So then I see the beer running off than I see someone going down the mountain with the bare think he's got. Some of us are gradually pissed start going down the mountain yelling
China exiled ailed count off in everyone's like one work and massacring right and then gear and pops up out of the bushes. It is using wide eyed, so Garret, ok, dirt myth was the one who is on top of the somehow he's on the bears back. So I think the bear wheeled around you kid, any ends up on the back? So I saw just legs in bear going down. The mountain I saw his legs on the back of the bears in thought, like maybe the bare ottoman is Johnny address. What I was thinking, why anyone who, who think right and they give that was in a movie. You like get the fuck out there. They glow with ink your man where the Pacific providing the bear exactly like yes, and then we and circled up around the tree in the we'll scary part was bare. So if so thick really couldn't see me. You could see movies
or is the walls from us win for the three feet: yeah and just real thick brush in each year, the bare charge in again and we'll have the two pistols. Unison, I though the wind was so strong. There's no way we could use bear spray. So we hear the bear charging in a meeting, Janusz, like honestly pistols out ready waiting for the single pop out. It point: grandma, and then he would see anywhere Yellin bear away, and then that thing stops and then it would just you'd give crash off and then with charging from the other direction. Circle around the tree the other way, and did that I think three times. I was just under its like a horror movie where keeps coming in different angles is weird. It was not a fun feeling use felt so small, so you guys had come back to the carcass. That was hanging in the tree and it had probably claim that carcass. We don't know
it didn't, it knew the glorious was there. I I assume now that the weird thing was, as it came in with the wind, so in the wind, was blowing pretty stiff and say into her face and the bear came in with the wind. So he wasn't going into the scent rat, normally go around the catch, the eye, nay, charging. So I dont know if he'd heard some, if he was there. We saw what slightly looked like bear so in both Stena Stephen, I kind of pointed out, but we work We are thinking, maybe something older. You wouldn't you say, bears on membership the Abbe shit into banditry yeah, and so I think we do. Something's wrong, but in in that instance, what's this all now. If we are to do it, hundred times over, I would say I would do differently, but it worked out how it worked out. So I obviously
I would never lots to just have nothing in have this weird scatter that yeah, but I think that what saved everyone from getting any one from getting her which is a miracle, was the fact that when we scared, it just confused that bear because he can. Had this look after starting eastern wheeling around Catholic trying to pick up same trying their go any couldn't target one individual and then things hitting human somebody's on his back and I think it just freak them out. They went off to regroup, keep charging but never made that full charge all the way back in again, that's crazy how many people of ever gone to a bare attack unscathed like that in a group of six year and in the thing about it was it wasn't just a bare attacked, but how looking at it later had someone even greater? in mauled. Not to death but injured, I think that
it would have been very unlikely that person was survived because we the way there's that came in with so bad? I dont know if it was hundred mile in our wines you're getting rescued in hundred mile in our wines. I wouldn't think right. I don't know those coastguard health actors. I'm not really sure whether capable of maybe someone who does it yeah we we'd go, but that would be a very hard thing Gus were so bad. We came back over the ridge to our camp. Now are all on edge. You just want to get back to camp, to put it mildly, yeah, and then, of course, we see bears on the way back and warlike thinking. Is this berrigan follow us he's somewhere. If you go see on the way back, one wonders so we start, a different one, the smaller but still That you're thinking now before that happen. We're thinking no bears will attack us after they have we're thinking every bear with taxes, and we
start to go over the ridge back toward camp. I I think at that point I was in the front Steve in someone else's behind me as we go, This little saddle the wind hits Knox the first three people over well the guys have like a pack cover on his pack Rick that often just sent in the never nevers. I mean it went up in crazy I've never seen and blow away like that. Just went flying so then we get down there These are casting the reins pouring. We looked down the tooth to mean and Sir destroyed Stephen eyes censored. A flop on the ground, I see somebody's sleep. Being pad boiling away sleeping. He's getting soaked scenario. A real situation of hypothermia if the burden This hypothermia might- and we now no longer have a camp that we can just go to so we ve been attacked by bear our camps, destroy we, down there, one of the tens is jacked up. We take all the camp down, relocate behind the spruce
gather up everybody stuff, mostly guy sleeping bags, were wet. We end restraining. The bare France around this new camp is, after you, ve just had a full day an been attacked by bear, by bear fence you talking about one of those electric fancy had so little electric, how those things work, the battery operated deal. You run electric fence, it's like ribboned, electric fence, just like the cattle would you run that around him in his just off of I think six de batteries that surpluses and adjust it He knows just a little bit doesnt really. If you touch it, it doesn't really like job, so I think they just I don't like that feeling initially forgot like their wet knows, they might feel it with their nose. First rush, oxen guessing you run off, hopefully yeah. I don't think I, like cattle up carcass inside that reference is just about the house,
it is just not today, so how did you guys eventually set camp back up? So we there is Bruce that were using and we got behind that spruce tree and put one of the teepee tense up can have tied it off to the spruce. Stephen. I had two small backpacking tensor. We put underneath a few. The limbs cut out some limbs and got but you there and it still hundred mile our wines here Seventy two hundred hundred something gusts out there and then suddenly guys we actually Wooden stashed it under the tree earlier, so that was good. We had semi dry wood and we tried some out in the tent before in the torpid kind of fallen over it to wait a little bit dry when we're after baby couple hours were able to get a fire going inside there inside the tent and then could dry out some they're sleeping bags and stuff like that. Jesus Christ is crazy.
How the tip for free guys got off the island so was, I guess it would have been the next a in the evening. Did you get any sleep yeah I slipped prettier, while other eighty four bed package, you sleep, no one that the fuckin things out there Yeah! It's not like that! For me, it was kind of his kind of what I was thinking, That was awesome. We certainly when it's over your your fine with our fine with it. You didn't think like. We're still in the same island, the same bear still there and we walked like we're how many more I rarely three miles reminds us nothing yeah, especially for a bear bear. That would have been a problem for us. It takes five six hours. Seven hours is crazy, but began after it happened.
Once we cleared the area, I was okay, but in a moment I thought this is it. This is how I die, because we, feeling I've ever feeling a few times in my life. I just don't like that that help us feeling of thinking the blue. What scares me the most is that thought of thinking, while you're dying here think about that like while you're dying, knowing that this That last thought I don't like the idea that last thought like in my hearing plain the planes going down anything I know I'm gonna die. There's enough! I can do in those thoughts they go through. Had I dont like those thoughts, that's just not counting whose thoughts in the worst part I thought of it before the county deal. Those thought the feeling right before the plane is the ground right. What What are your parachute doesn't go and then you seem at the bare attack that beer
Coming in you have! No, if you have a gun, you're focused on your task and then, if the I got you crushed your head. Maybe you would you have that task to focus on the earth focusing on the issue, Vegetables who inhabit, there's nothing. I can do. I don't like that. Thought is the worst you're crazy enemies their nets mean Adam Green Tree, who we're talking about for the podcast? Did this twenty eight day, backpacking trip in Montana and Dumb Colorado, accounting in September. And solo himself and took a bunch pictures and put our minds Instagram store of him, holding up a pistol the south grisly standing honour two legs looking at him in the distance whilst snowing out and she got within fifteen yards- she Jia Bluff charged him within fifteen yards. You just trying to get him away from her cubs different situation than with with you guys.
Is the sow when they have the Cubs would just try. They just don't want their kids to get fucked up by you They didn't want you anew near them, so tat scare you off their theirs yeah. I remember you. I saw that those crazy yellows Montana think look at the bottom bottom. Comments, some kid Johnny. Ninety four, you are a cunt and that is ex comment: Hashtag vague in hashtag animal rights, Larry's fuckin idiots I'll demagogy. Yet I really don't know beginning churning out you silly fuck yeah, it's not a funny feeling those bluff chart These are still extremely scary because you never know what. If that explaining what happened bid is on explaining what happened there is armed and he proposes. Was this crazy the guy had half his head hanging off like a If I recollect right now, I think I was him. He was
He was kind of one of those guys it, I think, even might talk classes on bare safety in the air traffic that nothing at all It was him he was kind of one of those guys that I think even might talk classes on bare safety in their stuff, like that, and I think afterwards he said yes, a fucked deal rounds while he was lucky had a backpack. Apparently it was down in things just tell them apart and petty, with snow coddled out on the back. Yeah. So, a few years ago, when I was in, SK. I met this guy and he was an ordered- the iron of attacks by this forward. He was the other guy It was on that same island and he got attacked by a I think of silicon. Eleven foot Brown bear while he skinny dear and killed. With a knife, but he destroy killed it with a buck. Knife cats he's probably aid something. Now
to be. I remembered reading stories about it in outdoor life magazine. When I was a kid, then some I too can intervene and get the whole story first hand and recorded on video stuff where's. The video Scott on our general images of crazy. I've got out, put it out this year's cool. How? Because the knife violent lazier, six inch, pocketknife somethin, like that, the black hand more enormous ago, like a solid straightly knife and the bear attacked him. He kept stabbing at fighting it on what is yet the video. Yet that's all that's your video on my video. It that's! The guy gets the guy here, that little tiny knife. With that. Little thing you, oh my god, it's not a big knife. So what till it he stabbed it was. It was like you kept getting, it
neck. The buried go off and in charge again in a final the bear went off. He said it was pretty sickly, gettin wobbly, every time, tat could be less and less, and then I think he actually grabs rifle shot. At last time we will bear is laying their cause. He was able to get the bear away while fucked up was he hears really fucked up. There's a part of the story, so there's a cabin there that I have actually been by. They got him to that have been in and they had the cabin they have. These things are called Artic. Doors were its to keep the cold out when you open the door. It's like a two door system. Well, the way there The arctic door set up the emerge can see responders, couldn't get a gurney in their so the owner of the cabin ripped out a chainsaw in cuts as Wall open woe to get it say, I mean saved his life.
Then they got the journey and the coastguard got him out. He was in the hospital for a long time, skin graft after skin graft and all kinds of surgeries, and he survived. The problem of those stories is that gives me hope. I was have these stupid fantasies like if amount mine ever comes after me, look a stab in the How do I put my arm and its mouth and you think about that stuff- is right. On top of the year. No, this is gonna work and looking up this thousand pound parakeet also, I think no way I think, we're Armenia no we're really weak and were so weak you value and a strong person is verily. Really we exactly feel really strong up until the point. This impress on you when I was on news radio. We did a scene once with a chimpanzee, I'm losing it, ever made air think edited out, though we had a baby champ, it was a tiny champ
I think it might have even had a diaper on, but this little chimp was like two years or so and it was on top of me playing around. May you know like you want to hold them again, hold it and I'm holding to adjust just hits me a couple times on the back. Just fuckin decides smack me a little bit like a public, and I just couldn't believe how fuckin strong this little thing. I had, in my mind, like, like you, think, of a chimp. That's like thirty pounds or fifty pounds you go. Oh, that's a person, that's thirty pounds or fifty pounds it. It is a totally different thing like its body was hard like would like felt like this table like everything was hard like you haven't in your mind like oh that's, skin and muscle. That's like my skin and muscle known now create they're. So there's so much stronger and aid shit here, too, a bear
if a chimpanzee in a diverse, it's so crazy how weak we are. I mean it's amazing, how our brains and the development of our intellect and our ability to use tools and houses of protected us while these animals- and I wonder what we used to be like- I was given that the other day, ass kind of debating in my head, whether our tools, I think our tools are the only think we hide behind him adversary, It's only thing that kept us alive for so long. I wonder what we used to be like, though I wonder if, before the tools, we were more like the chimps, maybe what we We were shown photos of Australia Pythagoras, which is one of the oldest human beings, and it looks kind like a chin person. You know he's covering hair, I'm sure they weren't very big you now about Jim Size, really move a little that you regard even neanderthals. Neanderthals apparently were only like five feet tall, but they wait two hundred pounds really well.
Silent five, for maybe someone that are the gorilla type, jittering, stupid, Jack Giant bones? I pray way stronger than us: yeah, that's crazy! yeah. We just figured out a way to build stuff, and I as we just got soft yeah. I think it is amazing that we made it this far, though we address bears like that and all that- the various animals that we must have encountered along the way. I think that's why, when the pioneers came west, they thought was get rid of all the bears the familiar. I see why they the mayor's yeah. Does it imagine those guys back then cruising grass wines and constantly being attacked constantly. They added a legit fear of bears, oh yeah, because it wasn't, we don't understand it in our seas. City of having these natural predators be actual threats to you in your daily
life. You will not only that, but back then they didn't even have like our real legit map of the territory. There are just two I figured out as they went lotteries and around her doubling in this damn thing and now well last guy in California to be killed by a bear they named town after room, it's out near Bakersfield is the last guy in California to get killed by Grizzly bear resisting, is that's the California state flag, the grizzly bear out, but we killed all of em like fuck. This will, I feel, like the cow, for New Grizzly bears messages from my opinion. They would have been my coastal Sudan in very similar to the brown bears with a mile climate, they prob They would not have needed to you, hibernate like they would have very large bears. We should introducing the
well, I think, there's probably some people that would agree with a lot of the people that want to reintroduce wolves everywhere. I say for everyone they reintroduce somewhere else was reared ISA Bear somewhere. You know in the Monterrey San Francisco actual healer, others less jobs, Jesus Christ edge and I couldn't I couldn't be. I think, people real We have no idea what that is, they think of it as some sort of a thing that they seen on you know. Discovery channel or some vague cool Youtube video you see them wandering through the fields, but until you're the there with it. Where was going to say about with Adam said Adam said he's like. Might he goes it's fuckin monster? yes, a fuckin monster. He goes because people are looking for monsters. He goes there. Real. He goes does a real Ngos. He goes is not their fault,
the monsters, but that fuckin money as a worse, Adam Green spot. On impression of exactly like him he's around me, I could do it better. My other thing, talk loud at the end, voice goes up, but he was talking about. It was charging him from fifteen yards. He could see the muscles and the hair was standing straight up. It was looking out on rippling anyway, saying is this it and then he found later, that the gun have the wrong bullets in it. That's crazy! So the bullets were too big for the gun and the only way would have worked as if he got one in the chamber had a couldn't cock it. To put one chamber, he would have had individually put one in the chamber and then it would add one shot, yellow work to a ah. Yes, I remember It almost seemed like slow motion. We that hair is waning back and forth this lock and eyes with it. I saw it on grisly once ever in the wild close range in Alberta, and it wasn't a big one
It was like maybe six six and a half feet, but they'll look again me was so different, then look blackbirds gave you yet this is a zero fox luck. They just look at they looked through. You throw you reality like your food if it was gonna eat mean how's gonna, eat media. It wasn't looking at me like, I was scary blackberries. Looking what are you doing, man am I yeah here with me, he smelly I'm out of here and they take off, but the grizzly. Look at me like these marble eyes, like black market, actually hear those eyes. Dead. They are dead eyes, man like shark eyes, yeah yeah, it's not they were all the wind The videos you see bears Turin that cat my preserve, where they just eating fish in their charm, oh yeah, because they have food No, don't imagine if you took all this fish away and put one person there,
those were out as bears would have just completely change yeah we we should have video of that. Put a video of Jamie of that there's. There's a crazy video. This guy who's, a photographer who's. Taking pictures of what looks like fifteen plus brown bears, and this one river and one of them walks up beside and just sits down like literally system ten feet away, and apparently this one partition. Areas so rich with salmon. No one's ever been killed there. Yet that's, that's. Probably nothing is kept, my preserving that's what they call it, but now you have to get permits to justice. Popular place. You go any fly in there and you just take pictures the bears and theirs if so much food there so habituated there don't. But if you took the food source away, get the size of that thing. So guns sitting there yeah, that's not what you wanna do. I've decided yeah that seems like an issue is lacking
govern. Grabbed a gun you, nobody relaunch, you be easy, so crashed before the US and its gimme some values. I could see it here breathing only that thing fucking arms unearthing. What is the name, this video Jamie, showing you the people? Credit says: Bear sits next to guide it. It sitting is now that bigger or small in the bear that its goes- that's probably smaller Jesus Christ yeah, that's the thing! That's that's like that's not a very old bear their share. She asked just this kind of smaller up in the top. I guess this video freaks me the fuck out there This bears this sitting right next to this guy, but I mean you with that need slick, so peaceful eyes. You everything pursue them. Please Different worlds go somewhere like this echoes net
now you see a closer thing. Is yeah. No in that video, it just looks like a docile fuzzy animal. Now watch this look down there, TED Crazy is literally like fifteen huge fuckin bear it's just porn salmon out of that river knots. Yeah I mean, I think, they're beautiful. I think they're amazing and I'm glad there there, but it does derby me to know and their people. Dont, really understand what they are and they treat them as if there is some sort of mythical creature in some Disneyland movie, and they don't they don't understand. Conservation and controlling their populations, which is what they did, I want to kill them all out of California. Heroically people getting fucking killed at a regular basis is. Is it is a real problem in now? British Columbia is in this weird situation. My friend, my cooperatives lives up in the woods in British Columbia. He lives in the rear.
Oh no, you see the real BC, but the population centres, all Vancouver coverage amazing city, great restaurants, in areas like what killed bears fuck that you don't you to kill the bears. But if you fly into where my friend MIKE lives and talk those people out there they can. First of all, they can honeys many wolves as they want. You can shoot a hundred miles a day, Yeah, there's no lack of wolves; there is entered their everywhere there we heard em, I did I didn't see one when I was up there, but you could hear him off in the distance, but he said that he's got one in this house that jumped at him. Shot in the air jumping off of a ridge at him He was making predator call and this wolf closed in on him. Literally jumped out any shot it in the air so outlined his house. He had his shouted unless he's yet the wolf mounted. In the same position it was in when it was trying to eat em,
z people people have to real. Is that, like I love wolves, don't get me wrong, but you know once I started. Hunting, and then I started really looking into wildlife conservation and then the consequences of letting apex predators get out of control. I get scary yeah. The other, the wolves I've never really been afraid of, but I did want. Those in Idaho Spring Time- and I heard something in in them- is like real thick brush again. Here's something in all the sudden. This wolf pops out, but five or six feet away. Just four dead run like freak, I buried it kicked in view off the path, and then I hear and then another one comes running in an I grab my gun and shooting the ground. Now one is for me to you Jesus Christ end in it ran off, I didn't know my initial.
Thought was they are just chasing each other playing and I just happened to be in their way, but I don't know you might have been learnt. Who knows, and may I scared it? Yes, I had this well they hunt him, and I do so they probably this was before you can find out. Just a night had Mina Y got my gun off after finishing justly I don't know what's going on here, but just in case of Trace Nina John does. It has a crazy story. You ve talked to him about it. Now we talked it, he told them the podcast, but there's a video. If anybody wants to listen to the actual store in the park ass, you can find it, but he shot a wolf. Excuse me shot and Elk in b c oh nor about Alberta, Alberta, Things Albert shot and Elk, and I didn't realize that, where the I went down was literally right in a wolves Dan L out. There is
bones around and shows Larry like a scene from that movie. The grey area like like broken down nobody could occur. So was him and John. Only as a four arrow quiver right he shot one arrow which he used to take down the elk, so is three hours left and he's got a guide with them and the guide has arrived four. But the guide only has a handful bullets he's Alec three or four bullets via so there stand there they're trying to take this elk out there, quartering it up and then we'll start circling them and howling and then they realize, like oh fuck, like we were literally in the wolves den and one wolf me. So dead run Adam. He kills. It was bow. Another wolf makes a dead run out, they shoot it, a nun their wolf comes down. He shoots it with the rifle, so Johnny, two with his bow and the guy shot, one with a rifle Johns down, one arrow and
the guy has like maybe two bullets well and their freaking, the fuck out they have thereby to a tree and wolves or circle in them and their howling cause. They We lost three wolves so he's literally getting charge by walls was back to a tree with a giant elk carcass behind em they're. Trying to claim this crazy crazing the alpha mail was standing on a ridge he drew back. On the other, the Wolf, the wolf looked at him and bolted and took off in the restaurant of Austria. But he said they were circling M howling from like doing like a roll call Tracy who still live like what's going on here, but even after a guns not in two of em, killed with arrows, because there are still chart s crazy, fuck great store yet is terrifying. Which is to let you know what people think baubles. Don't harm people in World WAR two the Russians and the Germans had to call a ceasefire, because
many people are getting killed by wolves. They decided to cause These far the wolves and then go back killing each other that's crazy crazy store at war with one or two want things one to two of the two? do you think they what he looks like that on the dead people I think there are so many wolves like Siberia, Russia, where the fuck they were there's a lot of walls, and they don't give a shit if your purse, and are a chicken here? You go for em, it's cold stuff. Tough, tough livin is one. It was one so where one, but a bit itself confirms story, the day. They just days are gone on scouts and they just vanished and they find a boat with like half afoot. Still like people realize I Wolf can cut through and Elk bound with its teeth, yeah when it, when you see a wharf actually take down, and now it's pretty impressive, using a lie. Yeah. I've seen it seen a single seat
single would take down spike Alfonse. What it did was just so fast to Iranian. It ran down hill there, so smart too, but it was the elk is on a ridge. The wolf start chasing it down is our chasing the elk through we called dead forward. Bunch of trees fallen over, so the EL cast exert itself and jump over things in the would come in by its back legs and that now over so fast it could run almost between its legs. Is that Elks running I mean it was crazy and then it got its stomach, open source dragging its guts and in that they are finally would get it its part on the trees. It was going around, got it by the neck and held it till it died when you ve been assaulted and how far away three hundred yards, maybe the amount of aid, and some of that you couldn't see would be because it was,
across from me, she could see it, you lose it the than come out and patch and in his right below us, and we just come back out it is done. They saw a grizzly Bear Swat a moose down with one shot. He said the girl, easily litter and lifted up its paw as chasing the moose and slammed in on the move, is back and broke its back. That's how strong a fuckin grizzly bear. Yes, she said you couldn't Ikey it's like TED to see. It is want like to see. It is one thing but to try to do grab. It is like there's no way to describe the amount of power that thing had in its paw, because it gives you a totally different perception of what its capable of you may have idea, while the grizzlies big, the mousses, Basler kind of a bra nope grids slots, it phone. Just snap, though that is down most like you, got shot ass, crazy When you see the power, you think the whole gettin scratch things promise. This now you're gettin scratched Urien tore up. So
in BC. They recently they pass to two laws: the first law they passed. They were gonna, outlaw trophy HANS. What they said as because eating black bear is treated. Not doing a lot of people, backfire lot, people that don't hunt or don't have aiming do in honey, don't know this, but blackberries eaten my lot. People Grizzly bears not eaten as much, but some He pleaded alot of the indigenous people, eat it or what they call first nations, and yet, in Canada Day, Delhi Brown Bear some of em well, but they do so. Added. No more court. Unquote, trophy HANS, so you can't keep the skin and you couldn't keep the head, but you can keep the meat Helga, so weird weird: lotta got the asked, and people like will that doesn't make any sense because people your ie, I understand that they would want the people to only hunt. For me that makes sense, but why not allow them to keep?
the skull and keep the cape and all other setting to peaceful, wasteful here, then they changed it entirely, and this no grisly hunts at all and was really quickly one one law change that change any based on a really small sampling. My feet: they they had like a thing, was an email sample. Pretty Bowman has a thing on a pod cast podcast on it, but they explain how it went down that it wasn't they were. They said. Seventy five percent of the population agrees, but it's not really. Seventy five percent, the population, seventy five percent of the three thousand people that they got these bonded to the emu air. I an order on line petition or one of the fuck it was, but they have. Problem. Now these people that actually live there. Like my friend MIKE, say, okay, if you did not, I could try the populations of em like MIKE, how to shoot one that literally had its face in his cabin he opened. The door and it was literally he shot it like were literally right. There like, where were you are? It was trying to in his cabin and shot it. Yet. I think that,
The reason there's the I've. I've heard that there's more people were attacked or affected by blackberries yeah. Then Grizzly bears Brown bears, but it's just not. As many people live in proximity, right, if you put a major metropolitan area in the middle of fog, knack island people be gettin, all the time, the air, what's goin on also in Montana I mean when when this, let me Recent attacks is just me there's a large population of bears there and you can hunt them, and the good thing is that people hunted them on the brink of extinction and now through conservation. They brought him back to the point where there are no longer endangered, but there's the dispute between the animal rights, people and wildlife, biologists and the hunters and trying to figure out what what what? How big does have to be before you realize that you have to chop some of them down understand how soon I to eliminate grizzly lot, but you don't want a hundred
I remain in such a negative way that nothing will ever be as it was It's a weird, it's kind of a weird our to inject out hunting an animal populations, and then you throwing predators, because I don't think lotta people even understand humans have affected the environment such a negative way that nothing will ever be, as it was right. People go, oh well, the predators will control the prey populations And so why would we need to control the predators while we we ve upset about in such a way that if we do insert yourself into the equation, which is far we now I, like you, I been in the equation: hunting since then there are currently in North America have been around brown. Birds have always been hunted by humans, yet when you're looking at the way things were, I mean indigenous people on it on people before the settlers and when I came in the bears were being
So humans were always unnatural, predator of the bears, but the that humans have affected the landscape between obviously taking a habitat and inhabitants. The number one things habitats gone in vain. Of plant species is crazy. The type plants that growing cases, they shouldn't be now we'll never get rid of those plants so because those plants or their native plants that, animals originally should be eating off of don't exist there out competed by noxious, weeds and other things. The amount of food sources smaller. So then the prey population cannot, there, they ve lost their winter range because of developments in other things, and then, if you just answered, said. Well, all the predators will take care of those numbers. Still, that's not true because the numbers can't get to what they were because there's lesson they'll ability, starting at the bottom level of food source and to range and habitat, so what do you do about? The means
Is it possible to kill all the invasive plants? Now it's not possible there's no way it might be I'm from Nevada? You talk about invasive plants, there's his species, a grass cheat grass Fires white through the native grasses can't compete with that, so the cheek grass takes over as less nutrients and didn't have the same. Type of brows that the knave dear and whatever species dear and elk, Alchemy meal they weren t grass coming from but he brought it over because instead is ornamental in, is just gone. Rampant. Real most of our science aren't need plants. Now, real look at earlier. You look at the most of the plants that take Are our invasive plans, your countries, primarily invasive species, but it may be somewhat call me out on us. It is not true, it there's more invasive points, the native points: that's crazy grasses. Most the grass is that we have around or from the regions, Kentucky
grass in California, doesn't make sense for toys. Fascinated me when an animal gets into an area where doesn't have natural predators like a nutria yeah like news is down south and they just have to hunt those things like all over the fire, easy giant rat thing just over in in Maui Hunting Access, Nay said the population there just have exploded knows nothing, don't have their editors and all the native species actually are be negatively affected by the invasive species now, will you there? How recently with us yesterday yesterday you just get out get out. I got that. What is it like in relationship to where we hunted in Lanai This very similar, different different terrain we're mountainous train to protocol the core yeah not a lot lot lot. Iraq and cliffs in some other stuff goes to the ocean in theirs is kind of all different. There's more
the dry side of the island, smart, outlaw the type to rain and you've got bamboo forest on the other side. What's the deer get into that thick bamboo tip for still never Kate him saying you just like the pigs in everything we can't get him out of there yeah. The Good NEWS, is they ve instituted a hunters. The hungry type programme in in Mali, re accurate. So one way when I bodies that, with ever their Robin he, he started getting some that rolling where they can go on the ranches shoot, the dear off excess dear and then give him the people they need food that's amazing, which it they should be able to shore why why not it's the sum of best tasting meet? There is yeah and overrun with these animals yeah. That's it argument for hunting is really moreover, animal rights, people to argue against, as we already have invasive species its overpopulated this island and either bring in wolves,
which is another invasive species, which is what is not similar. They try to do in Australia, Canada and Australia. They start they try to bring in a bunch establish items here, you they brought foxes and cats, but the foxes and cats will you ve got his most reveals that are slow and lay eggs and don't run away. The rats rats hide nor fast. Octopus is down. Yeah and lasting built around nesting birds, all that stuff, so they just hammer beneath species in the invasive rats. In my still just take it all on everything what is the solution to a place like lanai other than hunting? in you'd, have to give the dear birth control or bringing predator or poison poison on just two that these fair talks in New Zealand. Imagine just there LISA poison content, and it was a fair toxin, mostly for possums that they use he's a poison called ten eighty, its cereal poisoning, so they essentially coat cereal, which would be
greens and rice and other things with this. Dreamily deadly poison, and then they just dump it out a helicopters the forest and it doesn't discriminate now just citizens. Every year there eating Inverness, whatever's, locals, well correct, and here you pudding, I mean huge. You dumping poison is crazed can get into the groundwater. Is that so stupid, What kind of solution is that and if you think, huntings ban poison is not an easy death. No not awful takes a long time to end. The is again like you said that the meat delicious. If you just if they just had a programme where they went to and just shot animals just for fur, hungry people in an Oahu Maui and liquid, out of amazing meals for people when and not even just hear what about sending freezing it somewhere else
ending it yeah everywhere in the world, go or doing that with other places, news in Australia, whenever sitting at programmes like that, while people like that follow that was the wrote, can't hashtag animal rights and hashtag vague and that this is this is where they run into a wall. Can ideological wall like wall? Do? What do you think should happen? A wild pigs, liquidity things happening fish just go, run rampant and destroy all the other wildlife. There are not just now. Patients species, but our ruthlessly reproducing in vases began and they cannot compete other things by leaving one thing, if you kill you something else, there's always there's always is Your trade off, where for some one thing to exists. Something else asked the die is unfortunate, but that's just how the world is, if you don't like the way the world works, socks Eddie, it's kind of fourchan, abodes, also kind of look. It's done yeah. I don't. I don't want that, help to get killed by that wolf, but I would have loved to see it happen gets going happens
I mean you, you got to see in mine and my opinion yet to see something really fuckin amazing. What are they that year there right when a wolf takes out and Elk, not very not very likely yet I'm hands posted a few things. We did that you a elk, arm Al Qaeda now get the answer. No grey ask but CAM posted a bunch of videos, because a bunch of people were now and so is getting bunch. People complaining about hunting here, pretty posted a bunch of videos now bears, and one of them was a bare eating. A big grisly eating. This out. Calf wall was alive while the mother was off dislike just thirty yards away. Frequent. Out and she's watch this big ol grisly, just tear her elk, don't make an weird noises. Word mauled and I dont want that. Happened, but it's going to happen and it's it's not
I'm not happy that it's happening, but its fascinating to watch like it. If I was there, I would definitely watch that yeah ministers she's, like its life Yazzi, but I think that is the real ideological argument. And this is where, like the vision, people fall short like. I understand that you don't want to kill animals, you don't have to, I understand you don't want factory farming onawandah either, and I want to say that stuff. But this is it. Do you dealing with a different thing? Them them, and it's a smaller thing like that. People that our hunting for food and managing wildlife and controlling populations are small, its smaller thing than the amount of people that actually meet, but to target that, like you, Really talking. The one thing that's been thought out: the most yeah yeah you ve created we ve, created these systems that we're ok with yet with you We look at it. This fucking, weird yeah. No, the farming of animal. You did me down that for a very long time, but the way tat we
Do it now is just some kind of different strategies. Yes, it's different you putting thing in your body should be there when you can go out again on shooting caribou. That's never had it's only been eating native type grasses on the tundra, its comply. Lately wild unhealthy and my body even feels differently, they eat yeah stuff. Yeah sing with L and I get there argument that not everybody can do the Eureka not around doing, but guess what Not everyone is gonna. Do a lot of things it's hard to do, It's an easy thing to do not easily get a bow and arrow go into the mountains and in fine and elk and shoot it and then pack it out and most people are just they're not going to do now, and I think of you, if you really well, I think it is call this this last week I took my fiance hunting is our first time hunting, really India. I mean like where she was hunting. Oh you know, she's been with you before. You were hunting yeah. By going
doing. Aid on the exact. When are you going to? Let you know over the year she see meagre. Ok, she said she enjoys eating meat. She is we see only first started dating RARE said I can never kill anything, and I understood that not everyone can, but through the process of watching what I do. The respect I have for the animals going. Ok, this isn't as bad as I had always thought it was now there was bad, but and she gave it tried to cite ok known we sheet the first time she killed something. She cried, a little bit but mediately after she's, like I'm actually really excited I'm really happy that I got this this dear and then last night, it did for dinner when we get home she's like it does tastes better as a guide z This is your dear. This is: u provided this meal for us, This is your aunt when you're part of it, it's not even go by that. You killed that yourself new at that dear wasn't is respected a lot more now, because you are a part
that process yet struggle a little bit. We almost in get line. You went through the whole thing. If what you know the whole process of it. It's completely different. It's a different thing that when you're eating the food, when you buy us, from a supermarket. You have zero connection with that other than the fact that work to pay for it. You know a restaurant, you have even less is uniting cooking it just sit down there, you have the tea bone, medium, rare police and then comes about who looks good shopper trumped up job jumped onto him Tom Trump. You know when you You yourself, you know when you, you described at once a thinker and great way like that when you pull out and Elk stay calm and healthy shot, it's almost like a sacred earlier electric holding like a baby. You will you ve, just leave work. So you appreciate everything you were card for here, that you were there are given Stan this when you're eating that meal. That meal has a memory attached to it, whereas effort attached to it it has on a car. By henchmen. You understand the process.
Understand where the arrow went. You understand the blood trail you under you were there when you quartered it, the whole thing is I it's all coming back two years you're eating, there's no way you could reproduce out without actually doing now in theirs There's that value when you look at leaving just having a set of antlers around people. Might they dont hunting? Oh that's just trophy its glorifying it, but after that meets gone you're still in remembrance of that animal welfare. Very deep process that you take with you for a long time. Yeah. No doubt I have my first, There are shot on my wall at my house, killing one that my wife, what we put up the pretty elfish out with a bow, and I walked by that thing all the time. I remember the whole experience a member beauty. One coming up the hill member hide behind the tree member drawn back. I'm over waiting took Its vitals. Remember the arrow, hitting it November, going holy shit it stumble. Member.
One down like a vivid like super vivid and in a vivid in a way that a lot of memories are because it so, prime all cause, it's a life and death. The and all I think, I'm not a neuroscientist lastly, but there's some shit, that's turning on in your head that slightly from the cave ban days when you shoot and elk with a bow and arrow, and you see it go down. You realize you like you're, going to eat this thing like through its very very interesting. It's almost like the way I do so certain variances in life where once those experiences happening a well. I don't even know that that was a part of my brain. Oh yeah bein a father's away in a more intense way like once. You have kids in any real How much you love your kids like while this is. This is a part my brain that not even know was there and I was like fully lit up in overcoming all my senses and thought and others some some sort of strange
the connection that we have, and I was Toby Boy- a good waited, but that the experts You sort of feel that a mild way without too much craziness is fishing year. Will you catch up, fish I regard as I did not hold. Jesus is. Theirs is weird sort of excitement to it, but people will have a problem with dead fish. Now, it's weird, commissioner. He says, there's something like you'd die. Doesn't look like yours dog like it, maybe just because nothing. Cuttlefish, you're, some brain dead in the water, edible fish to the different differs yeah. It's an old in the water in a different world. Yet something, that we have about and then but then there's other animals like we're super racist when it comes to animals overture, like rats, will give a fuck about rats, kill us things
adds gusting as they have hair everywhere, but their tail sat slimy as in Aachen, reptile retail yeah. But you know something cute like Chipmunk, like all fell life it's funny. Cuz today, on my instagram page, eight I will cuz. I was doing some spearfishing and stuff. I caught an octopus and when to kill an octopus eat soon up and bite their skull to kill him really. You gonna score yeah right between their eyes its, whether I guess the brain is you. Right between the eyes, because otherwise it moves around too much it's hard day because Octopus, they just latch everything gravity of the body can stab at there would be really hard to undo now move, and I got you know it can restrict the knife in it with me, around. So everybody doesn't that way. You always bite you have for the most part low, so jittery eyes in the field scorn down crush it? Nobody had has a problem with you biting octopus and had no better
he's not yet rural areas. It is their fuckin smart, accused. This guy's got one that deeds. Q is low because an animal tests, Christ MAGIC view that poor act was this fuckin savage with a beard line is not a brightness. Might Sears Regular, am a foreigner, data's parks, not the ports while in the thing is here. Nobody gives a shit about that, but the thing is Octopus, our smart as fuck yeah there, weird weird smart here we talked about that yeah. Just there whether they hide the way that they do stuff. What your show that you do not do it anymore. I now they ve already apex predator was a great show and one of things for people dont know what it was. You after all over the place and tried to learn from the way different animals will hunt things, but you, I remember one
came in here and you are talking about Octopus. I didn't oh by the way you can say, Octopus is, and you could say, octopi whatever you want ways, but I had no like when you came in here. I do they're not even from this planet, though it aliens either weird the. They are smart, but in the ocean there definitely the bottom of the food chain. Are there But they kill sharks with big ones, the little ones everything eaten really if you're in Octopus, you're you're slavery dish for every fish are quite delicious year when you're fishing, that kind of Octopus rebate works better than anything really yet these fish that's actually how I saw the one that I got. I swam down to go shoot a fishing. Is it pecking at it? Cuz I get into the reef and just keep going for it till it gets out of there She was really fun. It's like hiding underwater yeah, really fun. I you'll enjoy it. I think you dig a hole. You got a good that one of best thing. I've done my life is that
free, diving, essentially like as free diving class, but as one of the cool things we I guarantee you'd be able to hold your breath for four minutes or so after you do that. You think why should I can do anything? he's a weird feeling. I was one of the costly that I didn't do it on that apex better show us what he did for, but then since then I ve in doing quite a bitter as much as I can try to goats, diving and spear fishing and the first time you held your butt you couldn't hold it that long and then they got hold you how to do it just a minute, imminent minute absently. So what was the difference saw mental. Really solely to concentrate on just the fact that you aren't going to die g and relaxing when your heart rate starts? She is more about just controlling thanks controlling your heart rate in other stuff, I'm no expert by I'm. There's people there really Ben Spear fishing diving as much as I go hunting
I try to learn as much as I can. When amounts people that know what they're doing and issues a cool experience of being under water, and you get that little bit of a panic. He starts easier oxygen and then used try to relax relax. You can stay long, well answered this guy. Does he given you, like techniques technologically like to breathe? Slowly, heart rate, and then- just knowing the fact of how to hold your breath, don't let it out and the fact that what you're He goes through the stages that your body goes through when you are out of oxygen, sir, when you get to that end period, you actually almost feel like you. Dont need to breathe three railroad yeah. That's when you gotta believe as yet a brief, because when I when I was done during the four minute brothel I came out in the first instance: breathe like X, Ray what they tell you like exhale in brief, cried out, oh yeah, and then, like oh yeah shit, you hanging to breathe
weird so that sort of like hypothermia like as you get really really cold. You start heating up, like we feel the like. When people are dying of hypothermia, one of the things they find them, they took all their clothes off. Very it could be something similar to that why yeah. So when you hold your breath can you take our way Is it better to hold your breath into how no breath in and just not breathe cause you're, your body It's the oxygen, so the arm, using our Ahmad and big breath like yeah, that's better hold that yet there was one or like how. What is the record for exhaling is all air and then holding your breath before you take another deep breath, exhaling all you're? All your hair, like taking a big de breath, exhaling everything and then hold me while you have nowhere in your lungs like how long can you
not very long really now see what you're saying you breathing ever need all the air out and yes stop. Yet a few seconds reeling you and why me not, for you not anti cyclical Amelia minute. And with no one knows agenda nobody black out their mouths, withdraw here yet breathe. Everything and then do ten jumping Jack saw you fucked, you don't I mean Then there's no way yeah, it burn out totally from past they probably the fastest, to pass Egon. Anyways guy were fought me of sea and he was a free dive champion and I believe I want to say he went longer than seven minutes in the ocean underwater I'm holding his breath. Yes and people are incredible on and they can go five seven. That's some of that too. Soiling up your endurance here, but a lot of it is building a view, endurance in just really
heart rate and not using up the oxygen that you and not freaking out. Isn't he freaked out you get scared. Heart rate goes up and use more oxygen, one of those things you're running out of gas you want to speed up to the gas station in their supper and married ass right at a slow down drop down to thirty four hive inquiries. You're gonna get seventy. If he can, did you flip really fascinating life when it comes to like experiences in the wild legality. Thirty, five, thirty, three thirty three see most thirty. Three zero guys have not in many places, experiences many wild things. As you have been used, really had a very, very unusual life. It's definitely special was wild life experience. Yet will I mean if I look at it I've spent, the majority of my life out in the wild
it's gonna crazier than yours creates real normal yeah. Sure I'm going back. I've honestly, not that normal that way, trying to a prior dancing or you are in the? U you well where who told you to hecklers resell on somewhere enables young no valueless lies in middle school, but my, whereas into your a dancer right. Didn't you like do like dance politicians and all I think that one of those rare you'd others- you don't It's really drunken, you pull out the hard you check the Enron, your fifteen years old, the looks shitty, but Nobody else like? It's one of those they asked because people are, you won't believe the remedy is like a dance champion. Ranking of the world has that was like why that is not anywhere close owes some summertime me and my brother Iceland and the summer when I was in high school and the person that we stayed with was like a break dancer and just taught us at a break dance. You just do it for fun, something he whipped out like a wet
then he ran and then it just gets from there. That's, perhaps because the Roma spread like wildfire on Christmas Party with easy. Everyone was just hammered. Know that someone we trying to do like the White bread dance thing. Much, as my version is extremely white and bad right, I could do like a few, no head spins, but maybe some windmills and some cool stuff. You know that might have been like and then it just gets No, that's what happened because the Roma spread like wildfire, let's get anywhere with breakdowns. He champion in my constituency have time these things. Thirty, three years old, you ve all the play, you been cause. You Dutch, the first time I saw you was Annette, show Solo Hunter. I think not the first time I saw you on Steve, show, and then I saw you saw hunters well, because there is actually supposed to go on that first hunt with you guys, but had guide that weak when Montana Hand shall remain it, but I was oil.
That area you have to have to go into the Woods Brian Cowen. Here you want it's it's a problem. You will not stop. Laugh at Rio is yeah he's he's way. A funny than me like with a captive audience like he's, like it's almost like he's wasted, onstage We're wrought yea where he's at his best is a bunch of friends. Just hang around small agree if you small, and he would just it- would just be he's so far easily. It's almost like. There's no art one for what he does he it's like. He can't take it to a stage lunch strangers and three hundred people and whatever, on a credit, to be really funny, don't get me wrong stand up really really funny. So are the best end in the country, but it's not funny. As when you're along with him in the woods. He did this thing about. He had a character. That he created called the ravine calmer, where you jerk off, intervenes facts so stupid, but when you there, and you're in Montana is fuckin nine degrees out. You bet,
Tina sleeping on the ground for five days and hiking around miles every day and you kind of half out of it and laughing, and here you are in the middle of quartering dear- and he just start guys, chasms, humanity is whether any justice It's like pretending poses pants halfway down like a jack off into the into a canyon. Is it I'm not doing it any justice, purely that so juvenile. It's definitely Julia is, but is that you cried out your hand, you have to have that that sense of humour to keep going in there guys, like Just when you're out there, the Sheraton things that are just that funny at an unequivocal disappears hazardous. Let's have a visa he's like add as best when the ear and a captive audience Yes, I'm s not me, I don't have that sense of humour of a different kind of sense of humor, but he's the with its like five of us. I can get a piece on you. Don't you they killed. You simply has to making a car
above the next thing. You know who it it's so silly so that trip and that's what I knew too like on the first honey and I knew you'd like out of all my friends. He's one of the ones that I knew would be able tough it out. You are there, the geyser urban guys stand comedians like? What are the odds are get one of those guys to go to Montana for sale days vampire, then I girl, like fuckin, broken much to bring out the columns trooper. Alas, next time we do you because we're we're Simon Iron we're trying to put together something now we might do it in Mexico, I'm only gone there next week. Are you here, I think he's there now. Yes, there with within O Brien in unison, coups d array of coups d, say cruiser cows choose some people say counts is one of those things it was originally pronounced. One way like the state in Nevada, that is not Nevada within its Nevada and
It is their causing Nevada, known ass, the vat A thing has happened LAS Vegas Nevada. What I say I have to be alone without you enforcing may remember when you think about next, I call it Nevada. Big ok, add came but there's just certain things it when you there said a certain way when we went and borrowed your truck when we went bow hunting outside arena yeah. That's when I got to see the Nevada, the you guys elliot- everybody thinks it S. Lawyer, everything's Nevada as Vegas. Vegas. There will now this like mule. Year in EL can now mountains and there's my eldest pendant mountain ranges innovative than anywhere else in more willingly and outside of Alaska lose more publicly and percentage wise. Why had that's areas? Dome was all public. That's it that's one of the reasons why I am so gung HO for public and yeah
grew up in a place where you never saw. No trespassing sign you weren't told you can go anywhere That's amazing, to Anti Texas exists the eightys, the Anti Texas here, neither our taxes, but it's all it's all private eared is probably some public land where guys Hunt Texas was publicly sold it all off. Do they sought all states got the land in these solid off people state Early has any land, that's the worry. Four places like Utah, whether shrinking their monuments and this starting to sell off rights for drilling in mining, and you know people real concern about this administration and their what they're doing with the environmental protection because tromp sign some new thing allowed for offshore drilling pretty much fuckin everywhere. He just went saving and find that, let's just. It's it's rolling back all of the environmental protection from the Obama administration. His ideas, like economics, trumps, trumps, wrong, word
environmental and they will we really need, is to just Some is our ability to earn money. Trump moves nearly all offshore waters to drilling nearly all offshore waters to drilling tat sounds so fuckin crazy. If you see the BP oils how many of those can we endure? Yes, there's a lot, a scary staff when it comes to the environment, because We only get one there's. Only one earth We were so interested in Mars, Thick figure. Man, that's bullshit, we got well. I just he's all about business. It's really weird see a super pro business guy. That's in the White House. It's quite strange, though, things quite its. It seems cyrillic every couple of days. I look at the paper and its president I'm gonna go oh yeah that guy's depressed Wait for what I do and I guess skit unplug for very periods of time, just
That's not even the right way to go about it, sometimes cause than there's things that affect mean what I love course and I get hit blindsided by it, because I know I'm gone out in the woods. Join what I like and then I come home and everything's gonna, I do have a hard time relating to a lot of people, your age, that don't experience the things you Ask your life is so vastly different than the average three year old guy now I mean, I think, people I think people respects if you, if you really passionate about something, whether if you were passion about something that is even non hunting every sunlight I'll, give you respect your passionate about writing your thing. I think a lot of people get that with me whether the hunter don't and they relate anybody, because everybody's kind of passionate about something which is excellent, people that have no passion in the? U like math hooker, others perambulator them, but I feel like they were raised wrong. Something come along, introduce into something
exactly something I'm everybody's got their thing. In our view, if you're thing is whatever videogame, whatever that's not my thing, but if you're cool, if you like it in your passion man- and I can tell that- then we can have a conversation about it goes, I think that's cool and people who passionate something? Oh yeah? I mean it's very infectious. I watch people make furniture and I want to make furniture. Watch, people that are really in a fresh, like fact, Alex US It does something exciting events it my my leg. Instead Ramphias like woodworking stuff, I'm sorry, I just like the people that are really passionate about his cool to see them build stuff I like into that, like knife makers alone, watching goes forge blade, hammer them down its there's something about tat time. Just sure physical things you're making and changing. I m fascinated by that's, so it doesn't mean it. If you knew it or whenever I think everybody can relate on some level too to things that their into or their passions,
I'm sure, but what you ve done is pretty unique, like us About that show. Solo hunter, remember, thinking watching. I like well, this is this guy goes out their yeah you're out by yourself you don't really have a lot to save you. Now that that's my thing is I mean, Steve, were actually talking about this on that a fog neck is before the bear tat region. Real shitty, whether hard hiking and I'm just eleven. It is you think, you'll ever get sick, this. You just want to go on a ranch somewhere and drive around and not kill yourself, but it's it's a different. That's my thing. If I have two options: option a is just this go hunting in a place that there's very few animals- and you probably won't have any success in just really shitty, whether in its tough and big mountains, or theirs, as one room guaranteed that I'll get some big animal and will have a lot of encounters, and I can just I've round
to choose the really hard won and ass, just is just how I am I like that. I, like the like a masochistic thing of I like struggle. I like to hurt for it like finally to kill an animal. I want to have heads kind of struggle where I feel like I've earned some respect. Like I don't know it's like my came to work for it. It's my payment to the animals life, it's weird, so it's just my thing don't you feel like also it's because you ve had so much success. This knowledge hurting for me right now is a desperado meet hunt and I think that that's part of it because- sometimes I might go if something's too easy. If I go somewhere- and I think my innocence too easy- then look for an animal that might be bigger, a harder to find or a certain ones to give myself some kind of challenge, and that was part of the thing killing myself, while hunting in going out there is that the challenge of being alone, the added challenger filming myself all
The challenge is just to create that experience of the struggle of it- I guess like I pray that struggle a lot as well. The weird so weird it's weird, but it s not a lot of people. Do that stuff! It's like exercise its! I firmly believe that a purse and who doesn't struggle with anything- is going to be a miserable person because I don't think you're really going truly appreciate relaxation. I don't approve play relaxation less. I work hard if I work like if I come home from the gym I work how hard I worked all day worked out hard come off from the jam. Fuck and exhausted, and I can put my feet up on the couch and I can enjoy. A tv show again really enjoy is one of the only times. I can because my way up in the morning and eat breakfast. I turn on tv and quite a fuck you watching tv shut. The share of rail gets, I'm done yet. If I've already done, I think This is the reason why people are working out hard is because your body desires struggle. I think that's the way,
human beings evolved. I think we we evolved to have a certain amount of our Lord system geared towards us accomplishing difficult things, because that's how people survived yeah. I think there is a lot to that. There is an accomplishment feeling that you get me Only release those endorphins yoga feel good about any really that, real hard times, really make you a priest, easy times all easy. Can you ask it stagnant, There will be happy born like silver spoons. Here you go. Yeah, you can't keep buying you need you need some sort of struggle. I just I don't know, If that's been mapped out. If people understand can need x amount of struggle to have this amount, a happy there, so you really most. We would thank all you know just get a job and do you think he'll be illegal, be it of you not take pack, so
a lot of people's goal plans don't in they try to find the way around that struggle part, and I kind of seek out that struggle part pleasure. Your experience, I've, taught you that's true. Those were the happiness comes from and most people are there. They think that happiness, is avoiding the struggle. It's a real cat, its trade. You now please it's like that feeling body gives you like when you don't wanna, go to the jam like commando. Go by few push through that, then afterwards I thought I was dead. I guess I now feel and then also you see the results in your body, whereas, if you just give in to that, I'm lazy thing all time then uses Evans, dumpy doughy body, then you feel like shit when you're naked problems. You're. Your experience is still doing yoga had not not like a shed backs all jacked up now, I think, probably from not doing it. I need to get back and you are doing it for a while. I was yet, and I actually I actually never felt better.
Well- I mean since as party eighteen years old for most my my year was was guiding hunters that involved packing out animals. So we think about it, probation! when they are sit down and try to figure out how many animals have carried out like heavy packs, a hundred pound pact. Probably in I would even want to guess it's a lot more than probably most people. Yet in almost every ridiculous, strong back from that it's obvious right, yeah, really yet just very and now it's only been seventeen eighteen years of really doing it for him all the time just start feeling like back here and now- and I think we are doing the yoga more- I didn't get those pains so low, but more flexible, yeah digging,
Russian, that's a big part of what yoga is yoga makes you move your body in a way. That's almost the opposite of carrying wait. Nothing is exactly it they use yet so much weighted down. So much compression A lotta jujitsu people turn Tioga now to realise that they like theirs. Guys that for the longest time included, what we did was like working out with waits, maybe it'll bells like heavy heavy explosive stuff box job things on those lines and then you get too. So the idea was that the working out with waits would prepare for the future too. And then everybody gets injured not a lot of guys of turn now towards yoga in Jujitsu, because of some about the the rugged smashing and crushing polling and yanking of judge of Jujitsu that its complemented by the stretching a long gating in OX holding static positions and completely non explosive actions of yoga. I think there's was actually talking what one might get buddies.
David Wise is actually a olympic gold medals for half pipe free skiing released just like the top of the game, for what is how do I put them? So he does the half pipeline be like half a water bottle cut pipe. Does the Czech Senate Skis kindly, but Sean White doesn't where he DOW squeeze but you're talking about exercise. Controls is little muscles rebalance cause he's big into hunting too these when you're moving through the mountains. You got that heavy pack on sometimes when you see an animal. That means the difference between you getting it and not. Is it a speed that you get there, so you just have to have that that ability that agility too, when you set your foot something new that that's that work. That's where it's gonna stay right. You don't get off balance the a lot of stuff. I hunts mountain type, stuff, cliffs and especially in Alaska. New Zealand ownership is dangerous.
Hundred people die. In that I mean cams friend died in an area that I was hunting that same year for four doll, sheep. You know another site, yeah, that's a guy! That does it all the time. If you need a very important to have doubts that balances those muscles that you can't with four the weird being able to Dan on one leg and move around in every direction, because special We got way on your back packing something out the jewish state training in those guys do those kind of sports like skiing, in snow, boarding know that no cats yeah not chip them over an hour ago, Jimmy Chin, Dorian Guy, look when he walks in the mountains. It's it's different. Like his bow once he so centred. It makes him quiet, and it's just like it's cool bribes off from the surface area
if you give due kettlebells windmills, that's a great one for that as well. Yeah then, that copper dime something about holding that overhead and then bending all your body down touching the floor and extending backup it it puts strengthened or in a weird way, especially if you can do with heavyweights yeah like you, can you have you know Turkey, Turkish can apply. That's that's what I've been doing turkish get of those man they're, so there's so non glamorous. Everybody else do curls, yes, pressed stuff get jacked, but for functional strength is very few things. There is good as a Turkish get up something about pressing that way. On your back. Getting up to your knees, anchoring your body, standing all the way up and lowering yourself all the way back down against phenomenal for all these weird muscles you're back in your neck and shoulders. Stability in these activities will ignore. Said, been off season will try to do see. I'm I'm out there a lot with the past.
On all day long since, for me, I'd have to find something. That's not that right to get more benefit now. Think that that's why the yoga think is due for go for to work out and put a heavy packing go for haiku for work. I do that for twelve hours a day cycle the one hour ago. Do it when I'm not working, is and can do much. For me, you're back must be like really fuckin strong for you think about seventeen. Eighteen years. Doing I mean you back must be ridiculous, gets in New York the heavy back every day that there has been a substantial number of, even if you do know once a week, yeah there's dahlia products. Well, you that's what you're strong do it every day at pride, break it down here, but doing at once a week it gives you bought a chance to break down and and slowly recover lesson that guy dislike fifty five, usually can't walk city. Have you seen them?
outdoorsman, they think learning things amazing school. I love hiking with a thing on great heaps to keep the weight real centred. I haven't actually use that time to take my bag off. Only one of them said right right, I'm actually use there, but it doesn't make sense. It looks pretty cool. Now it's very courts A lot of athletes are using that now to its they like it better than wait vast and just sits on your body, better fiscal yeah, it's for a person who lives like say if you live in the MID West success you live in, Kansas words are flat and you wanna prepare for an Alcott media for what the fuck would you do? I guess box steps which awaited pack over and over and over again, you know, I get that question lot in our continent. When I start when I say late, teens or whatever trying day I'd see out, then just try
to be able to get that insurance where I never had to stop in what I would do is I would go out and I I would do something Louis prolonged to wear the point that had to stop. I wouldn't stop at. I would switch the way that I did did it so say I pick them out or you stairs or whatever, and you can run in the point. Do you have to have to stop or turn around and start walking back and when I return start sidestepping. I would refuse to stop side pick a point that I knew I couldn't or almost can get to you if I walked up amount one day that I have to stop now that point we're had to stop? You switch the type of muscle in movement that I would do so that ok like if you're some kind of work out whenever that work out is by like some kind of say stairs or whenever you're running sore, airs and you go until your bodies like absolutely. I cannot go any more but keep moving in just a different muscle. There,
I don't recall on backward like I do not want the bag rhythm of I'm doing like boxing on a heavy back, I'm exhausted, save on thrown punches in round house I get so exhausted, I'm almost done- and I know, there's still a minute left to the round, then switch to front kicks and we Lee enough energy to do that. So I almost can't kick the way I've been taking, but I can kick otherwise. It's a weird way that I started just building indifference to the point where then I never had to stop. But if your guy, in a flat area. You that's that's exactly it. I don't know you have to get like I've seen guys on those stare, machines, words a rotating stairs and they had a backpack on www heavy back, but I think that would be the way to do it and then not and then try to go for five or six hours of fog what is going to do that now, that's the thing. You no one's ever prepared lesser things. I mean I hate to say it, but how you prepare it will use have to do it. You can't do you can't actually go into a go
to a gene and think you're gonna be able to carry a heavy pack for days at a time. Now, there's no for what I do. King speed carrying a pact, I'm really good at that, but this year we went in we want to go in to the spot is love it further and again, on a bike. Do I got smoked my sixty five years old on rights, a bike all the time. I don't write, and I don't even know if I knew how to write a make. When I got on it, it kicked my ass, so it's just different is like all the hiking every day with the pack, I thought I know this will be. No, problem, then I get on that biting at my aspect that you cannot have the duty to do in a certain level, but there certain things I can eat. Probably do you can like a paddle new known a little better than I be
I got a stationary bike every day and then you'd have more muscle memory for that type of action. So if you did the stair thing wrapping, that's probably the closest even get to get that muscle memory. The odd thing could be a stair thing or finding actual actual stairs running at last airs yeah, there's a good place out here and tell basis that has several it's up decided. He'll like many many many stairs is private quarter mile away to the top and run it up and go down run it up that tossing people in that Midwest westwards flat should open up Jim's like rent stairwells use, have packs at the bottom. People get a membership and go up the stairs as many times as they want bananas there's it's amazing. How carrying hearing body pills is so difficult, doesn't too and never does it like we're hiking out like walking. Will you walk outside? hits way, ardor it just doesn't seem like it should be. Every
round to wait on your body or you she even your shoes, people these real heavy mountaineering boots like those are the they never. Where I'm in a mountain, then they try to get the mountains like what They say every pound on your foot, like eight pounds on your back here and get a paragraph five pound boots and a lot of weight you do need some sort of stability right mean the reason why those boots exists like if you are going out of the Alps. You need that sterile and you have to actually walk different in a lot of people. Don't realize that revolver, King step in an almost like ski boots. Yeah They always gets any gonna walk on a lot of people who work on their toes brats, a big problem, whilst modern shoes Youngblood started going heel to tow heel to tow humans are supposed to go ball, the foot down the heel. Pretty tough feats. It's nothing just take my socks off. Modern choose a particular ones with heels. They just accentuate that he'll to tow thing, which is like real weird. Yet not if you ve hung like people
I walk with my quiet and take my shoes off and stocker du du stock animals with socks, anti still socks or barefoot mostly bear out just depends the avatar. Like five fingers shoes as gag visas before I've got pretty tough feats. It's nothing. Just take my socks off, choosing, walk my socks and require whatever you're like a rocky area. I still do it really here, like worry running in Nevada minutes, I did. I did barefoot, although your socks year ago, couple miles and that Stuff Rowan yeah you just these, you get used to it you never as kind of a weird. I always thought. Oh your feet. It tough that your feet don't get any tougher? You just get used to the sensation of defeat hurling exactly while they do it. Half of you go as far as that. You ever see that dual survive
every guy was his name. Corey Sumter another hit the most disgusting feet ever. Does he just walked everywhere, barefoot yeah. He would go to the forest. They would do these survivor shows There is a series of shows. After survivor, man can now that we're ripping off survive man in a way, and this is one of the weird once called dual survivor- was heritage, Roddy, something like so stage. We either we do. What we need to make bono and they'd be wandering through the forest did you see this guy's fuckin disgusting fee. Earlier meet me, a human foot yeah now that in that case I mean you, I guess I take that back your feet. Do get build calices living in Iraq. Great net arch area. We asked to hurt by the bottom of his long we're just there their dark, like a soul like literally looks like he's, got something on his feet. Cuz. I really I take pride in my foot calices if I ever lost ever my them-
I can start getting blisters and now video loser. Let's next level, We have seen some people to go to the woods and they go hiking and they do they dare not prepared for, and they give these horrible like areas of their footwear there, skin gets rubbed off early and rubber, especially in the back with the heel area. When I first guiding the sky was from Pennsylvania and you just you just get pushing himself- was your school. He get hiking in always Tom. If someone you're gonna, keep up, musketry aren't used it. So you stop. I'll start this, and the other thing is: if is wrong, let me know what sturdy get a boisterously. It say anything is foot started, getting rub down. Why would he just Adam duct tape it? we're getting gain green well, yeah, just from is for
getting rubbed inside of issue and then just keep pushing himself pushing himself. How many days of take give gangrene, not along things for five days, while a fifth day at gangrene. So what happens? Gonna give him the hardware blood poisoning of some kind. I think so weird while I didn't get gangrene from hiding suggesting is just tough in it out and I'm just gonna toughened up can do anything for it and probably in areas it hurt. Take the sock on a serious problem. Right. I don't really know what the situation was, but it wasn't good putting lead She probably had it in a boots waiting all day rubbing on it, getting sweat and bacteria who knows just got infected nasty, I'm you you could smell. It is rotting flashes disgusting word. Otherwise, folks put em tape on negative directive on you, you take a lot of guys out that have never hunted before yeah. If you, however,
they do that every year, a couple times year, I'd say What does it do you enjoy that experience now it's fun for me is most guys if Maybe try me, I've been successful or it might be there. First, real type, big game type, hunt or whatever I like it, because it is the part of the experience and kind of help shape. That first experience, because you could go out some, I'm in a kind of say some. Hunt there are hunters out there that fit the stereotype, and it's a shame I think somebody it's getting in the hunting if they with somebody that fits that stereotyping they're, probably not a bad experience, and that's not what hunting is to me. So I think, by me being able to China help format. First experience make it about these Europeans, because for me, when I go on, is not just about killing something. About the entire experience around its lead. That's what hunting is
go out into the woods. You there's just certainty, is that I do that. Other people might not do that, but there are a lot of people that do it say, pay attention in the plan sir there. I pay attention to really everything. He knows things that I notice someone else might notice. I point this out to omen and just like, given an overall good experience of wired out there and what we're doing in this was laughing lotta people have an idea what a hunter is from television from them, movies are from duck dynasty or something like that and alive, that is, maybe even tree stand hunters who are maybe overweight, not fit, and our stand that western big game style. Hunting like you do, is really an athletic endeavour, as well as a skill as well. Now, as really comprehensive knowledge based approach to this problem. Solving
like. You have to know what you're doing this is so many factors so much it goes into it. I mean you're you're, backpacking year you ve got. You also have to have a certain amount of Bush skills yeah. I call like there's a lot of people to do it, but they Have those there's little nuance skills. You pick up over over time allotted that I do that maybe people it upon their whole life's won't even noticed just the more you do. So who's, the more the better you get out at the more you notice, the more you had times two more times you fucked up and then figured out why that got messed up, and then you try to remedy it in the future. Don't do it this way and you just start paying attention to really small things that People might not pay attention to just like the way that I is really weird. I've noticed even went from when I first started hunting till now. The way that I do things is just completely different it's almost like. I have a method in a system, but it's all based on the millions of times that things have gone right, enshrined it to progressing to be
better Hunter right leg. You see this situation like ok, I've fucked up before exactly of no I know, what's going on here, wiser when the back my neck, I gotta get out here now I gotta back down, go round the room don't try to push it. When you pick areas as people that I hope, if I go into new areas will be fairly successful. Not going in that area. But I've done it enough. I'm too, where ok, I do things a certain way and he got is constantly changing to the environment changes. But if I'm going into an area instead of going down that he'll? I go around the other way and look at the hill facing mere things it. I always really hard to explain noise. When I'm out there. I can explain it a lot. Better, explain, okay, this is what I'm doing this. Why I'm doing it and then there's other stuff that you do that you just did more of an instinct than anything. I think a lot of people, those hunter instincts? Those the whole point of that apex, predator show was talk about Justine's,
that humans have that we mean I'd even tap into real, say as a father, I think you're, just you have an instinct to protect your children at all costs, I'm not a father. I don't have that tat instinct, but I'm sure it's in there, it's an somewhere. It's like that. Nobody has to teach you now you can have all the sudden go switch, which is ongoing. Something goes off if I think that most people would their tearing their child and some kind of dangerous do some kind of natural instinctive movement to get that child waved their danger. For sure I mean that's literally one human being survive as long as we did in her things one of those primal things they tap into, There's something serious institution there's not a lot of he's not a little lessons that people can talk about as far as like what instincts are here is something that you just have to do it. That's why it's an instinct is not you can't put into category can go to class. He can you can't read a book on instincts you can.
Know what they are, but that whole instinctive tool it just has to happen. Yeah, like hundreds, have risen. His aerial charge is something else takes over rats, not snotty Stevie said like it wasn't even a primal level who is not fighter fight justice. This weird You just did what you had to do in that very second, there was no thought: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah almost like your dna yeah. The idea is I got we seen this before this happened to them. Is Maximus has fifteen hundred years ago. Your great grandfather was eaten by a bear. Those genes passed on that time too. If you get when you're hunting and go like this national. Whatever you have feeling I should sit here and then it works out and you were right. I gotta go this region's just some kind of instinct. That says To survive. You need to do this is hard to tap into their nephew start to pay attention to the things that the work and things
Don't like guy, like you, so has so much experience in the woods. I would imagine that your kind of like it's your data, jumping so you ve seen so many like you. I know this is too as I kindly Think of instinct is like a bunch of ones and zeros and computer. So you don't really think about all the one zero patterns iter in your head, yes entered, situation and then something Are you your instinct? Is that data processing of ok slowdown might be there near something yeah others there is definitely parts of us are we? I don't think we wherever gonna, really experience unless you're doing something physically, you don't even probably know you have the the instinct to get the fuck away from a bear, as is charging or a Jew could bear, it actually happens. What is more like a carrier is but the fact that your brain was capable of coming up with that move in that
moment was eleven and a half full foot. Your fuckin I was coming down you all. I think that for yawning, and hitting that thing in the face of the tracking, that's crazy. He probably also, I don't know either ask him, but I it Polly Dindymum process what he was and that is where is this table re out? There is just huge, just in That's returned Albert. I have no clue that he did that guy when gear is on back Zenos honest bag is like a duty in the baron nuances. Like noted, I hid it in the face the tracking Poland has yet again. The whole thing businessman unbelievable, is that that's the most intense experience you go ahead and in the woods intense and that in a different way, it? I've had a lot of just me, sorry, it isn t just intense in different ways.
But yet that one was down was pretty Hence in the way that I thought this bears, you fuckin kill me big part of hunting, is too is being able to stay calm in that moment NEA and cause you're looking for an animal, your hiking you're, exhausted day in day out, you're out there for a long time and then all of a sudden it comes down to one moment and that one literally might be five secretary should come out from monetary draw and it's right there and you have to just be able to be there yeah. He can't be thinking about something else: courageous fuck it. You can't be freaking out the Cancun oligarchy with examining. You can't think that either but it Have I mean they're freak out your even I ve done it thousand times you get. That, like rush of, I guess, is that rush of adrenalin yeah. Do you have something that you say in your head like when you draw back your boat like the idea of a series of things. A check did you go off a few
things eyes. I guess with my bow. The one thing I because I have a tree release, so I just try to feel the trigger in my finger in the corner. My finger So now I know that I'm not unlike slap at around she hid her. So I'm thinking about that mostly and focusing on where I'm youngest ate my checklist to be like drawback pick, a spot feel the trigger Let it go, did you ever how many classic archery training? No? No none. I probably would you at this point in time when you log in Delaware. That needs like he's like you, can pick up rubber band in pencil and kill something with it like you just have by instinct to do it, but I have noticed what, when I started, hunting with a bow, I just kind of tried to pick it up myself, and I did everything but I would go to these three issues.
In Wyndham knowledge like real tournaments, but just like local things were and are now the best shock that's great and then yes, behaviour, shooting wrong you're doing and I just would slapped the trigger and I never thought about holding still at all, just shoot with movement, because I started shooting a like up longbow and I would watch the time tee and out outdoors is gaining Byron. Recent of euro. Seen enough stewed with throw up, aspirin should allow the air or one of the area, and his whole thing was be the arrow those my only our treat vice be the that's all. I knew so you just be era and made no sense, but I'd be apparent at a ball on a string in the backyard. No softball and swing softball back and forth and just Thomas, be the European Year shoot
made no sense, and then, when I got a compound guy, just be the heiress I just move and when it felt right of letter from her hair rip you out as it may the judgments, because you don't move yeah I'd on the shot, no right now so in the process Switching. The way that I shoot at developed few bad habits which now I think, if What did you stuck with? It had been fine, but now that I've tried to switch than I kind of trade and all those bad habits that had originally try to creep back in and it doesnt really in the end I do really well. So it doesn't really matter but I like the idea of trying new thing he's, there is always room for improvement. You should talk to Dudley. Yap should go over some coaching with em it was interesting to me is I've seen it bunch of guys like very account. Wish hunters very accomplished archers and they They get real weird around him
because they know he's master he's a master form and technique, and he does it absolutely the right way and people do not like to go like shootouts with them, when you have like little competitions, he's too fuckin accurate. His is ridiculous. He shot it. We did a video for on it. Shot a kettlebells handle at a hundred and twenty yards who shot in in the hand union at night in the sparks. He did it at night like he said I alighted knock in there and aim for them. I did not end in shot it through and see the sparks as the broad head hits the job of bottom of the handle, and yet at the top able to care about is ridiculous shot, but everything he does is textbook rise like a technical Asia. He and he does that. What he's hunting to me, because I, with everything so it's real weird like guys almost have, this thing in their head. Like I dont want to fuck with it. It's already brought a Mite Marty very successfully. This way, I want change anything like analysing. The Obama, like some guys, will
try to revamp they're all system, but a lot of really successful guys want and they get real weird around him very interesting. Much legacy that old, if not broken, don't fix it, but I'm not. That type aren't really. If somebody they get something I want to learn from them. Yeah like it If he came to me was like hey, I want to know my thing: isn't: technical archery? My thing is being out outdoor skills, survival, skills, and being in the woods here and if he's I came in, I wanna know some more stuff about stocking mountain goats in wherever you ok I can tell you what I know and I didn't ask him. The same thing like tell me about some Marjorie stuff goes there's always were areas where I can improve and I'm not so stuck in my ways that I need to do it they have been doing it. I'm not definitely better ways to do things. You can deftly get by the way you're doing really well here, who is yours, John
ok, so I put a light on it. That's what he did, but you won't talk about a guy Bob's archery yeah. He loves coaching it. He loves doing it like that's it's a perfect thing for him. He loves it. He loves teaching people how to do it too, but if you watch his form, it's just absolutely perfect. Yeah. That's what I mean I love bow hunting, that's my passion and all are still rifling depending on the hunt, however DR on area is a good question. You know my dear one or two once a is the one hunt generally cause a guide during the elk season. A Montana, sir, I think is alchemy. Is my
number one thing that I want in the freezer, so I generally save a few days at the end of season to go out and try to kill an elk with a rifle, mostly just because I worked at meat, freezer and there's nothing wrong with and the thing about that. I, if I take a rifle it's also that challenge thing so I might into an area where the odds of getting something with a right. Full even would be a hundred or say Multiple times less than the odds of me going into an area with a bow and getting something right, because low density load in sea mammals are even well. I think it's actually easier to get an out? Maybe people back but it's easier to get enough with a bow, and during the last year, during your because most Archery seasons, are during the right as the easiest timing. It would be
I can no brainer with the rifle during ride around exams, all distracted when they try to harm in mostly across the west. The elk season with. Rifle general oxygen. Is it the ass only worse time. Finding out just seeing and Elk is the struggle. You might go five days not seeing Elk in some areas, as I really cold, really cold archery equipment my not even work in some of those temperature, sometimes drawing back well. Icicles in Europe I am proposing it gets wet from Let me try shoot analogy are going to Montana Grandpa actually lived there. I just went there summers and grew up you can't even hunting that area part of the bitter Valley, South West Montana. But near Mozilla, Mozilla, South Mozilla, here just grow up running there don't you know with other grizzlies there? Now there's no recently there some areas of Montana have em some dough correct. What's that about
well, they haven't in the park and in the main, population of, and they did the reintroduction say glacier Hasn was stone has em they reintroduce grizzlies to certain areas, yeah real outside of glacier insider areas they do they get problem, grizzlies entrapper, something as far as I know. Yet they did do some transplants serve Rayner directions, but those parts, a pat him and then the ones in that Greater Yellowstone area have spread out in that glacier have spread out Montana, a very unusual such a small population, but the people there, like I've, only been a Bozeman and our buildings, when we went and hunted the Missouri breaks by people are very nice The really area interesting, it's like they're, not they're, not Hicks, another tuned in a weird montana
more population, but that population explodes in the summer with all the with the parks, their bright sets, tourists type people coming in an that's. Why was it seems like I, don't actually have the stats but seems like the latter almost every year somebody dies from a grisly now or multiple people. It's been people have been getting attacked and I think it's just the amount of people that are there and just think that There are currently cute animals and they don't really have precautions. Containing. If you go on a hunt in Alaska, where we went in a fog neck you Robert, lot safer than the tourists going to Yellowstone. Just because you you, you should be prepared. You get the idea that these bears are dangerous in that process, We gonna come at you in some way. You need to be ready, times, and you go into Yellowstone. You, like glacier part, there's a lot of attacks they ve delisted, bears there right, yeah there, there d now, but
you don't have a season opened for hunting, but that's under debate. Ideas. Their populations have reached a steady or maybe even over the that level. Yet yet are no longer there no longer threaten or actually endanger their they're, gonna go extinct. And they never see the short faced, here, you see images of the bear that used to live somewhere in the bearing landmass behind in Asia that way bigger than even a grisly very large. They think that's what made of might have kept people from migrating to North America, quicker, crazy, really safe. They save it. Polar bears, still actively hunt people which is those bears. They do have a different temperament now
I think that the bears in Montana keep going back, bears the bears in Montana Land. Locked grizzly bears You seem to be so lately more aggressive? Then the larger coastal Brown where's, just because they don't have as much another always slightly pissed off they always see. Everything is, is a potential meal in everything is like look at mammals moving around the ground as a meals pastelike. The bears and coastal, though, can at Samara salmon mostly year. Yeah did not think about things. Walkin around us being food, yet well. Salmon are in a very large food source, but only in the far right so far quarter of degeneracy that BBC Special or the guy they put him the giant Plexiglas Box here and they dropped him off somewhere, where there's a large polar bear population. Oh no, my foes. I saw one they did with the Brown bear and got it to attack the thing
No. This was a polar bear. Yeah they put the polar bear, they put his box there and the guy's inside the box in the polar bear comes up to the boxes So is this like super thick glass thing? With steel imports and rivets me litter looks like some sort of a like somebody would drop out of a fuckin spaceship and his bare comes up and seas, and starts Madame it tries to bite through the thing this fuck this bad. Is tightening everything down freaking out licking everything and systematically trying, began. Last thing way is theirs times where it it opens its mouth, the guy's inside of it in its it can smell him through this The whole city, where its climb into the hall as trying to eat, M, o nothing is trying to snatch on the answer it there
This not curious, is trying to figure out a way to get em fuck a speaker. It will there so ruthless that there you know all of em are cannibals. That's what's really crazy. Nano is not a lot of food up there the resources that they do have the seals and things are just high fat content, so they don't have to eat as much in Wales a picture crazy. It's got its mouth opportunities through the glass its head is so fuckin Bush yeah. I mean there's a heartbreaking video. If you saw it was gone around a couple weeks ago of a polar bear, the starving to death and in other, driven into climate change. I didn't see that adds its little nap You think it's weird that you do not want that to happen. Right I mean the lasting you want to see is a polar bear starving to death. I also don't wanna get eaten by fuckin thing here, we'll just don't It's just I mean that's the balance right you. We want them through
I've and survey. We don't want to anywhere near me, yeah, I think there I I've never been anywhere that there are polar bears, Sir, which The interested and gone yeah I'd go check it out. I think it because we see today. What are those big fairy things mosques? Are they anywhere near our poor bird, yet ere it get em in the Arctic where's hot those mosque axis, not that I know of and their mostly go for seals and other things so What's next, we many gonna do anymore. Tv shows a really ensure that APEX Protogaea, you know, I'm still doing the solo hunters stuff. We did. I did some cool in Austria this year, in did by finding, like, I said, little mission there as wisdom deal with an idea. The hunting alone scout there's pretty far out
and still do in the solar staff, and then you get some stuff in the works for the coming future. There'll be exciting it carefully divulge a lot of it yet. But while you do something that allows, people Oh, that are more mainstreamed in our on outdoor tv to get a look at your approach and dear philosophy, in the way you look at things, because I think that guy Are you and renounce, Tam hands and Dudley a very valuable because people have since that you say what you're talking about the stereotypical idea of what a hunter as they have this idea of what it is and they see a guy like you and they got our this Catholic more like an athlete like this is more like a pursuit. This is more like an inn. Or and skill thing on top of being a hunting thing like there's a lot of so loud
variables here that most people don't take any consideration. That's why I think it's important to so. I really enjoyed having you wanna pod gas and haven't guys like you want to talk about the stuff, so people an understanding of it in a different way. Thanks. I appreciate that yes, nice to be. The kind of share? What I do with a population that my not really under Annex I leave you really look at it: hunting in general in the way that myself and I'm not the exception? There's a lot of people that yeah hunt the way that idea, especially a west. I think they ve really understand that way than you kind of start to get a grasp of its is not bad. It's actually better system in some of the systems that we have around now, and I think some So then I may be doing in the future- will really skip people more access to that and right now you can go get like their sole Hunter episodes River. We will decide to put him on our website and you like a solo. Hunner. All access can a thing like a subscript.
No one there and just watch anything that we ve done. That's all! I just think that a lot of time, what's happening with the just stop, worries that are being told about hunting. It's it's all everyone's preaching to the converted NEA and a k Finally, some becomes long like this podcast, where people maybe would have a prejudiced idea but it is- then they can introduce to a guy like you are renowned. Oh, these aren't meet hands. These aren't dumb people. This is a different thing and then They realise this is actually a very difficult honourable pursuit and very respectful pursuit and really hard to do. We are talking about like with the kind of physical fitness levels that are required of you, the the knowledge and understanding. This is not like some easy,
when you go into the mountains and just go find an animal is trying to survive and kill it, especially the bow and arrow. It's not. It's not easy. I think. If anyone I used to hear this comments, the people don't Oh, you dig hundred you out there in killing animal with Gunnar Bow, whatever go, give it a try, you see, if you can do, is not as easy as you might think. It's unbelievable. The difference is very ethical when they smell you hundred yards away like fuck, this guy and they're gone and you're. Never gonna come close to home in a lot of people's interactions with wild lafer in urban zones or in national parks. That's like so Disneyland This is going to the zoo. It's not like. Where I go. Printed remote Wilderness areas where the animals are completely wildman. I've, no support system, new net of safety, You just have to rely on your skills in your ability and you're just another, like you just
other predator out there on the mountain, and there are things in those allowing each you and you just have to adapt and deal with it and be prepared in and go the skills- are those solo, backpacking trips, your fair ones, by far yeah I love that I love it and in those there's some there's some months that I used to do a lot of that I try to link their victim actually looking back on men as we do. Dress, I probation do that alone, and then I still go. Do it, but it he's. Gonna be some point of origin were renewed tonight. Hoddan got attacked by the mere I've been in their very quite a few times, fully three or four times along soul. What hunting dear Lady, Cumnor And- and I think about It- no gathers stupid terrible super interviews even an end. To be honest. Theirs that I've been in there by myself and
in this precaution? I remember one specific time stocking blackmail. Pole I had my pistol in my backpack, which now, say it would never do him, but I'm a bare spray on my hip and my pistol. I pull it out no Bolton thing and I'm on a fog nag island thinking I would be dead. I would have been dead if that. No, what happened- and I was by myself and I've been in that the shitty things. I've been the thing really caught up, me off later was thinking the amount of time I've been in those situations alone just thinking man. I got too lax on that. Why did? not boards and a gun. As I model things we just been, there are too many times and anything so packed. I learnt I mean I did. I did have bear spray. Think o them Spray is good enough. But now, knowing the waiter that bear charged embarrassed, pray would have been completely useless. Those run right through it. Well wind was blowing so so fast in our faces. We would bind it herself now whether
your coated with bare sprain, it warns the bare off I'd or now not I wouldn't. Now you want to we passed like hell, opinion sire, you wanna without fair spray and seventy mm on our winds blowing in your face. Maybe that timeframe forty fifty miles an hour, but that beer sprays not getting workin that now. That's ridiculous bears praise I mean I bet it works. Some of the time you link in in some instances is probably a lot more effective. My friend Johnny rivets Eddie, sprayed it right in a grizzlies face and the grocer walk right through it just closed his eyes and then shook his head and then walk right through you. I think that there is now. I think I just carry both. Certain instances where that is probably better an option, because I've got shooting some thing: that's charging with the pistols very difficult, situation. I think caliber forty four magnum, I think an in that situation. You're really relying on it when the bears on top of the just a last effort
any of those and even those any kind of deterrent you have, I think, is just hard to r d really like when it comes down these are gonna, go down in you're gonna get away, and they are you not either, it is enshrined in again horrific experience made that place more tract. Two and about a year ago. I think, Sir I know the answer before I asked. Yes, I was hoping you'd like as to whether sucks attired walking around Now I know the bear it actually jeer: ok, let's go back or any other I'll go back there. Next journal. Dear Fisher, yeah I put in for tags, indifferent area in there. So I wasn't it wasn't. One of those type of experiences where you haven't you. If I had got tore up a little bit, I would still go back as just
yeah, it's not tore up a little bit defined like lived through it would, if you, like laws, have your nose. I probably I protest are bare hunting Rinaldo grisly. Yeah I have once it was, it was one of those things I that do it and I had an opportunity- and I wasn't I'm not I'm not really, just I'm not like in the bare running the meat to me is is good, so K but Yes, it's not like us now, not my thing. The medium rare now That's the way you want to eat air and- and the other thing there is like someone it might just be like you, emotional connection to certain things I would I do. Have any desire to go hunting Africa hush and just nine Lake AEGIS whatever, and not that I don't know I mean now.
Things like you did to save the species. You have to go home in Africa and then I probably good, but is not something that appeals to me yeah, but that's like to say this mankind, you know you have to go. Fuck Jennifer, Beale Facet, answer that the file Isley, where it was wash in my head and a lot of fear that fosters, but I did I dont want bears from my memory as weird I couldn't come over. The current caught check. How weird You did. I did you and I was like a weird, so the area that I went into it was a predator control area and its in area. The state of Alaska so that state of Alaska works. Different than other places so actually went and met with biologist entirely good? What's the deal with this and so the deal was that there's cheat the State of Alaska,
ass, to manage their wildlife populations for subsistence subsistence, food sources it's like mandated by the state so in that particular area that the predator, populations got so high that the whose populations and undulate populations were in severe decline in in danger of not being able to provide food, inadequate food source for the people's lives and when, in fact people. If the people live in these remote areas, yes, they do announcing the show yeah, it's a lot more real, the notion that they may live in these areas where there is no access to other food sources, where our guys that I met the only thing he eats for an entire year. Is buried, he has no other. I mean I don't know if you get some kind of grow. Some kind of garden forges as well but his mean food source through the winter is bear meat which gun blogger.
That area or by origin matter, whatever he could get so there there's people live in certain places that the only way that they live is from the animals that live in any way. I could survive other scientists to study that here pinches use an interesting guy. I mean a guy who just its barely one? Is he like he's like ridiculously strong what they get him? That I know you, you seemed likes is normal. Somebody that lives after it is the very odd yeah so they are but anyways. This pretty Your area, the bear Population was so high that it was severely hurting the under population to the point where there might be very hard to repair. So then the but not be special. Seasons like for people to go in to Hunt bears in this particular area with a certain objective and since they
and it now that areas been starting to recuperate and then they stop the printer management thing they may still be can hunt certain, but they have They ve got a in interesting balance in the they put a lot of time in research and into this whole d of the soul. Something very bizarre about. Those television shows because they're they're captivating those people that live off the grid. Yeah, but there's something really ironic about a person who doesn't even have a television. Their house but they're on television. That is weird we yeah you know living as close to the land is possible, but yet there's some millennial behind camera don't tell him and you can you pretend that you just found that again, just put it down pick it up again like well. I can't believe this is year Justino giving one of those year you, I think, some of those people I I've met in quite a few people live, unlike in that aren't on television that live in
They are fairly strangely normal delia. Its scared of you would think. They saw him have them. Live in a shock, but they ve got some kind of black internet service off their generator that they run every once in a while. It's weird you're, so that vice peace on that guy that lives in Eastern Alaska High MO hi my right high, Mose Artic adventure. Now it's amazing he's been there since the Seventys and he came out there, I think, as a guy, the order of forestry workers or something like that and built Cabin he's the last guy out there that has the has rights to a cabin brill and that they allow that way as permits to keep this cabin out their high Mose Artic Refuge S. What it is, I am of course it's amazing man, he's honour, infer trapper lives off of caribou, and he takes these caribou any there are frozen, khazar cold
paying for a mom hang from trees. You just saw is it and throw it on the girl like saws and arrows mistaken and throws on the girl, but he's remark, the intelligent and articulate is not is not crazy lives up there with his wife. You know she's a new it. I guess and down so we would say, I dont want, where is it ok to say, ask mocha some of them prefer Eskimo sure where the line is. There's, like the some people, think that Eskimo is a sore like you're, not supposed to say, but other ones say. No, you should say ask him. Also. It's like Renault is try to explain to me and when in one way or the other, yet fully just where they live yet again, but this guy lives in this shock that smaller than this room modern, the studio and its log thing and during the show. A bare try to eat his dog say ran
in the middle of the night. It's dark alleys of Bologna, shot gun off boom boom boom chasen his bare through the forest and shooting it and then add skin it and send the skull in, and you know how to tell, though, the wildlife Ebola like try to kill my dogs I'll shoot it yet. Defence of life gown she, Lord Defence of life or property yeah, but this guy. Again, like you're, saying remarkably normal yeah, it's kind of strange but yeah in that area. I did I went on, and then the eight people have always set up bear whenever it I ate it, and it was fine, is better than blackberry mean. I thought was a room here So the whole, like I can't eat him, is that we are dealing with my own. My one thing was: if I do this, I'm gonna eat it and I can see nothing wrong with them. So wasn't coastal it was there.
Cast so was eating. Fish is eating seals where maybe seals tastes better. It was Summertime visa would have been, it would have been eating fish and seals and whatever confine dead dead seals mostly because I remember ranal autonomy that he shot a blackberry, wants it to be nothing but fish and that they smoked it and that Turkey borrowed friends smoker he didn't say, was terrible, but a city bar front smoker, and is it hey man, you gotta clean that smoker out and he was Why does it smells like fish and he goes I've never smoked fish in that thing ever and whose I, what really, and they realize like. Oh, no, it's coming off of the actual meet the bear, so much fish that it tasted like fish in the fat and then when they are, they the smoke, this bear ham and then sliced thin. It literally tastes like salmon carapace, oh yes, he that doesn't feel to me. I think if you get your head past it when I got like salmon, so why I like that.
I got we're there salmon combination year was the mean. Renault on mediators, eight that Kyoto in Mexico was weird began it. I wasn't at the time it just tasted. Like me, it was weird me: it tastes like goose or something thinking back on it. I have no desire to got neat Coyote get no, no, no, that's two things does it, to a dog. Has too weird A car like coyotes area like seeing them around, I mean like our weird neighbours, so this is this year. I got mean I'd get charged by lot stuff this year, when I was a hunting, where you worry. I sent you in Manila. I went back there you charge was but their yes. This is. It was weird so I'm sitting there in this. You see link that White C in the area of news like this weird white dirt up there.
So I'm sitting in this weird white dirt is the middle, the day hundred degrees out some trying to get in the shade, and I'm I'm actually at a time. Coming up that we did Caribou hunted. We filmed with under our for one of their Rodrigo Series, which I've done a few, those that me and my brother, you did one and then my brother did a moose hunt that was just before that varies Australia. One camp has a couple of young cams got; yet the outcome this year and in the east. Strange noise block. One he's got the time while shows him work. I like to so anyways I'm leaving for that shortly, some sitting out there, making a list on my phone and full camel up bride. Had no gloves on and I've got my phone ere. I hear this noise behind me
turn around in this. Cairo is running for speed at me, but full tilt, and I caught my fist backed a punch in the face and it hits the brakes starts getting is running down hill, so I think my estimation of what happened I'm sitting there with my hands and came out saw maybe the flash of my hands working on the phone, or maybe somebody in a flash in the phone. You thought it was a small animal protein, was a rabbit or something I'm not sure. This is just what I'm assuming it ran in so fast and so quiet No. What I heard, but I happened to turn around at the right time and I went I turned around at things, eyes, I swear just doubled in size and he hit them. Makes news astern skating toward me. I was I was gonna punch Without together it started it like skidded in the stern rolling and then got up within it could grabbed it
and just reeled off the other direction a hundred miles away, but who is in full on attack mood? I dont think it real. So when it was attacking. I don't think I knew that I was a person. I think it just thought movement movement small thing attack and when scared, the shit out of that's crazy on your hands, little more squirrel, religious or other users, common full tilt, so quiet adjust. So quiet, I see elegant grabs have. You ever had amount mine sneak up on you. Not sneak up on me, but I've been in very close proximity. I was in Arizona unenclosed here with my bow, How do you know, maybe even ten years ago now and ask going through this wash and I see a drag mark tracks and, like all align, killed a cow get through this wash em like sweet. I was filming,
to have my video camera, my backpack some bent over getting my vote your camera outcome. You know like film. The trap Acts in the drag market may be fined. Macao will in the wash it's like sand and then each three in some real tall grass in and bent over going through, my backpack, and I look up and maybe three four feet away- that cat crouched down just looking at me through the grass three or four feet were here within two arms length of forty two I saw a great were yet exactly and I look up and I walk eyes that is an it likes. Links back goes underneath the log pops up, maybe fifteen twenty feet and turns up stairs, and then I get the camera and then it just like saunters off Well, I guess you, I think I've got it walking away, but I didn't get it renews com,
now the thing now digging for my pissed off crashes, and where was I has that he was in the bag. To I don't want. My deals keep my pistol in my bag, Stephen. So then it went off well. What have you done? It had shrugged the calf into that into that patchy. Grass and then they kind of bury it and had just been gorging on it and it was laying on top of it, and I deem see any that some so focused on the tracks in everything I ain't even notice it in the way it was the Lange that the cow is tucked up under visas tree and covered in stuff. She couldn't see it until I went through the thick grass in that hat messages, heard me and sunk down waiting for me go by and then It is probably just so full had no in their various fairly shy animals as well, but I was very vulnerable position, it could have easily jumped on me easily and ice The only thing I saw was its eyes and exit blended in so well. I was
hunting. Those shocked by when we were in Nevada. Is Nevada Nevada, his lead so now I know say: Nevada there, we were Nevada. How many domestic cows, one through those areas grazing and that they they spent. I dont know how that works like they. They pay money for permits to allow these cows to graze. Yeah you lease you lease it and then you pay x amount to the forest. Airbus for raising, torment. Certain areas and the generally have taught him off by October. First strike me indeed daddy, we're on a stock and we're moving through this area, and then we hear some noise and this fuckin cows stand in front of us. This is weird I can feel it shouldn't be here yeah, like my and some farm somewhere, but you're, not just just visiting their grazing Yemen. Logo endorses and round him up and push him down to the fields yeah, so odd,
I didn't understand that. I always thought that cows were in pens and that's just the way it is, but now there's a lot of cows that are just wandering around and grazing land, yet open range that was without Bundy stuff up in Oregon was about right, who's about it, I'm not. Next Bernard but I remember them. Talking was yet here pay his his fees right and he said have to rise Erika so don't be a land rights which yet I mean it with beer of land mania, and so yet it in These aren't working in that much. So what cheaper? having on private land here that is something that happens: the white people, when you leave me alone, what guns, fiercely alone the forest with guns they they almost. We get a little squarely upon that that that wasn't it stand up, though, was very strange because there's like shootouts with the
federalism everything they take over. Some kind of four like reserve. Very something happened. Refuge want some kind of federal. Little building out there and there was a huge one of them was shot and killed. Yeah like a big uproar, while bunch of Fucking Yahoo's, white dudes, with guns flew there to sort of help out that's when it got real, weird standoff, miles out on it is it's it's publicly It's? Not your land rights Pope, it's our land! Yes, he can't go Duke I shit. I've been like, you know what I'm going to go open up a hotel on other forces land over here. Is my land govern I own. It notes everybody's Larry Behaviour that shit yeah have a people of weird was justified. Maybe he's giving out is be for free to everyone who owns the land. That that's one thing, but I wasn't doing that so before
wrap up the ebony interesting places that you had a too soon. Begun on Mexico next week, and then you that Sonora Senora yeah, that's always yours down there. Yet it's amazing down there, that's real Mexico at school. It's our suddenly. You on that Rancid Steve goes to overturn similar area different place that was amazing when they showed how they preserve Buffalo, where they would cut it really thin and hang on unclose lines to try and make my chalk yeah I went I've been to that place a couple times at places, pretty cool they ve got those buffalo down there. Is that what you did? That episode of solar hunter? We put the Wolfskin APEX, Prendre APEX, yonder, sorry, and we still those apex prototypes as you can still go. Apex predator got tv in. If you just want to get em, you get the download still the only place they exist now, but
yeah. I did that our school they show up sometimes dvr, because I have you, as you know like using Pass Leon Times, though just throw went on TAT makes sense. On the channel and pop up? Yes, certainly: bodies like the they're doing apex predator marathon. Can they do did you want to do more loans it yes and no, I really enjoy doing it, but the other thing is. I also liked nothing else is doing, and there is a lot at tv networks are dying gently. Yes, it seemed like they don't want. They don't want, shows it or I find him sure is that it was an extremely high quality show for that network, and this Equality shows costs too much for that network to make as well being now. Is there a way to do something after the internet, because they know that Netflix is start do Rinaldo shows Flaxen and he stood on regular tv to rent yeah. I think
his reruns, I don't think, there's any new stuff, I'm not sure new suffragist going beyond Netflix. I dont know I'm not really sure that you have to ask him, but he eyed, I think they're. There will be a place for that kind of stuff in the future, one, I think, but I enjoy doing it, but also didn't When I do fifteen hours, every year right because there's other things at I enjoy doing. I enjoy doing those under armor pieces I enjoy. Doing solo hunters enjoy doing a lot of stuff. I don't like. Just doing one thing, so we do not a new Zealand as well TAT S all be going over to an issue this year. That aren't yet because that's a place where again in vases law. Invasive species, New Zealand and Australia are like Australia, when I went there actually that video with green,
in can actually swung, buy a car crash, their party for a couple days for taking a school this one at a good time over there, and then I went demand thing after the after they left for their buffalo gonna want often did my own thinks, I'm completely different, yeah you up by yourself yeah? I know I have a friend over there, and so we drove out into Arnold Land, which is like aboriginal special permission and got always permits in everything we do therein when running through weak and I have to eat something and then we good really had one vehicle between the two of us. So we do. I dropped him somewhere and then I drive out and then go hunt and the next day he would take the vehicle and out go out answers humming by myself for most most of it, which is I liked that experiences. Can dangerous, Buffalo you, but it's when you have a bow in your completely by yourself, there's no
you're gonna get met of act out of there and a helicopter cause you're thirteen hours by the or from the nearest town I dont know hide even get out in it. World her. Did you hear that out o greenery thought that place he's keep trying to get me co, their stop it is a cool place. I enjoyed it. It's a certain type of person will really like it and other people hate people like you, that's what you need to have a television show or if not a television show. Some real in depth show that that they do on you're not a chance like the preparation that involve. I just think it some that most people are ignorant to anything, so I'm kind of faced with that the idea of explaining it people yeah yeah. I think that that huh you can. I filmed it for solar seeking watch. I thought that turned out pretty get out Zaragoza, but they're just Nothing to you that north? urban hunting and we have so much awesome.
We have a lot of awesome places here. Lot of people live close and probably don't even take advantage of them, but there's a lot of cool place in a lot of cool things you can do in the US, The western you asked is illogical places, one of the things that I was said when we were in Nevada, so it won't get it. When we were, their outside arena, which, like three hours, outsider Reno somewhere, I was, I was saying this It is well be some, alien world lawyers nothin up there, no. It's a lot lot of public land and not much in between and these big giant hills and valleys, where there's nothing in them, but animals just weird yet not flat. Those mountains or thirteen thousand feet up on its pretty incredible, it's pretty incredible. It's just but it's it's also a credible that so few people understand that this is all public land. You can go out there anytime, you want, you can go travel this stuff in that
one of the reasons why people like back Khanate kind free hunters, anglers in and conservation groups are so important. They preserve your access to these places There are so many places like that that are just fantastic and there they are for you and most people don't even know about it. You have you, have zero desire to go hunting just go and visit just go and wandered through the Woods in Idaho, his girl, yeah there's a cool places. There is in its cool the walk into a spot space The Idaho's got huge wilderness areas walk in there, look around and think it's what everything looks. Like when there's no roads when there's there's nothing. You might be only confer is a cool feeling to be there's no one else around and it's not much difference. It was five thousand years ago. It's not nominees, change. Your worship start coffin up a storm
a little bit of a cold here. Anyone that that nasty flu virus on ass- it's not a flu viruses, have a milder mild cough. It's no big deal. Yes, that's really thought how our political work out here I'll show you that is, it is not seen as an anti virus. Remy Warren on Twitter, Remy, worn on Instagram, and how else could people Siesta Facebook, Facebook, mostly Instagram worn and then a hundred percent. Yes solo, each n t r got tv. Renoir in these gentlemen? Thank you very fortunate. The broadcast and thank you to square cash download the free. So Air cash for. I owe ass an android now and pay people back. You folks do digitally! You can't go wrong. Thank you all. So to dollar shave. Club dollar shape club is based.
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we did it thanks everybody for doing it to the show. I appreciate the fuck. Are you people to no end? I am very excited about next week the great and powerful Thompson I will be here next week: we Dan Harris Syria's journalist in meditation. Enthusiast he'll be here. The great powerful Thomson girl will be here on Thursday. His new Netflix spent show comes out this Friday or next Friday. The twelfth thinkers comes an and fucking isn't the best comics working today. So that's Canada, lovey people. Thank you. So much.
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