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#1072 - Joey Diaz

2018-02-01 | 🔗
Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now”.
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The Joe Rogan experience so blind with a cold on the door. I guess it with subtitles in Spanish. The number of them appear on Friday. Right, yeah my real name? Please do it for me in Spanish, with subtitles, and then I'm going to bring him up here on Friday and we're going to have a three way about. What it was like to wrestle in the whole thing, if you don't mind, well. He mine would do mind about subtitles Justin at by noon they go work remotely created, so no, we will not clash with. You do the three of us together would be the greatest podcast average I get interpreting you would be would be it would be. Real haven't you can. We don't know Melinda hooks into Russia, that's a fantastic training in Cuban where they ship them 'cause. They ship you off. When you were young kid, they do a lot of
No, no yeah! They look at your medical, but look at it. You don't have a choice. They look and they go to a solution alone. That's it now. They take a certain age. They the to send you a Nicaragua. Or Russia. If you train and that's why a lot of Cubans are judokas because they go russian learn Judo wow, so he will tell you how they ship them off and then just tell your mom like we're. Take him tomorrow. That's it an interesting to me, because the Cubans and the Russians in particular, were always thought of as being very technical. Really the Russians. Russians are super technical. That was what a lot of people attributed George Saint Pierre success in wrestling. You know, George in Wrestling College or in high school, but he, with a bunch of russian nationals in Montreal and apparently phenomenal wrestlers. They have this incredible wrestling program like when you see when you see Norma Gamette off the way he mauls people
inside the octagon like what in the fuc like that is like a perfect example of that, like style, super hard super technical wrestling, they're so good at it. There's so many do you see you know you see Lomachenko used to be a wrestler there's a video of Llama Chanco looks like he's doing sombo. It looks like he's got like a d on and it's him and some other cat and he's like eleven years old or something like that, so his father put him in everything his father, do you know. Lomachenko is yes. Yes, yes, one of the best boxers ever like literally. The most technically beautiful to watch box as it's ever lived, this guys wrestle to like him, This is, I don't think this is that is it does him? Okay, Is this him wrestling with somebody yeah This is one now we can still do this shit. This is like pretty like he showed some of his wrestling moves.
But the other one was him when he was a little boy he's really tactical man. He knows how to wrestle. This is legit. I you see the way he's moving his body he's not faking that he's done, that a bunch of times and yeah this is when he's a little kid man, it's crazy. It says Greco I'm wrestling but they're wearing Aggie. So I'm not exactly sure what it is, but he gets his kid. And gets behind him and send him for a ride, so he, He's always been an amazing athlete like in every. I think, there's there's something to that to some into his father had an idea, it's crazy ideas. Father took him out of boxing and put him in a dance. For like several years or ukrainian traditional dance style. Apparently they were talking about it on one of those HBO shows for like four years I think is HBO show, but for four years I think he just
imagine that, as far as like you want to learn how to box you gotta dance and now nobody's got four wheeler you yes, you see like at highlight reel. Is it safe to say, gee possible for your highlight reel because my daughter russian ballet and eighty percent of the class is russian. So I was thinking about it. Yes, that was watching the movements, the last parade movement on my Jesus Christ. If people did ballet it, you- and I was thinking of gsp- well. You know me, I'm a run. Pre probably does ballet. You know, would that would be good. It's great footwork disguise. Is the wizard of footwork. It's crazy because he's like right in front of you, but he's one Step ahead of you at every turn like he knows what We're going to do right, while you're doing it he's moving in a way that you can't move one you and then he's not
it's crazy. Like he's one of the most technical boxers, I've ever seen, and it just an amazing style- stick achievement like what he can do with his body. His style is totally unique. I mean every, but a lot of guys have done. It lot of guys have moved in now. A lot of guys have done it, but he's doing, and it's such a high level such a high level, that it makes people confused guys quit in their corner that like what in the fuc- and I really think you probably had to do with his father's cross training and it particularly with the dance I mean think about how effort this Lee he goes like steps around guys. I mean he's, got something edible control of his feet, but it makes sense that, like you learn how to move your feet in a specific way to work. The way you weren't learn how to move your hands in a specific way right, like think about a guy Floyd Mayweather right his hand, combinations with his upper body. They're so precise, like that that that that right, but with his leg
is: is he as precise as he asked for, It's moving with his legs is with his hands. Sixty percent or seventy percent or eighty percent Lomachenko is probably por. Quickly proportion for his style with his ability to move, but also also his ability to box and hit you well he's got all things going on at the same time, with next level angles. So that's why I was saying to you when you're young, in Cuba. They picked you it's not like you, wake Do I want to be a wrestler know. They look at you and go you look like you. Just go, go wrestle and like what I was hearing back from them in the early 70s was like they just took you away from your family right now, part of your training. You know you're, then they put you. Lego. We had. No, you know where you train them, like their army. Have you talked to you about this? Could you well? right now, we've discussed what this thing is. I already graphics on the podcast. Well, so I figure
Then I put him up and will do a podcast in Spanish with walking subtype. Looks like an english film like that. Like Julie Movie, whatever one of those movies people think they're, unique. Okay, have you have it because his his English is too rough for me, and I know he's trying to say and uh stration in his face. He show you, I love you and I will be speaking so now. He did it. I tape the other day of him in Cuba, waiting for biz being in Cuba What you know, no, Romeros back see. If you find what is the see if you could find Michael Bisping, it sees nuts Deez nuts Deez nuts find Rockhold now, which is a tremendous right on the tense right. That's a crazy fight! That's a crazy, very good fight, very good fight rockhold. When he's on his super dangerous. You know when, Rakel made one slip up against Bisping, but you know fair play the Bisping he he came in that fight
this of where anybody ranked him. You know like how how how they felt his chances were he came in swinging like I think, I'm gonna Levin days notice, something like that was How many, how many days notice in Michael Bisping get when fought? Luke Rockhold, I want to say it was something crazy low. It was How much time are o'clock? Luke Rockhold is very, very good. He's a beats very, very good. His top game think wait. Let me tell him, I think, when he fought Michael bring in my own idea. I think this focus there's a little off, maybe two in a way. I think he was dating rock stars and hanging out in Hollywood. I think he's not dead. Whatever anymore now he's just fucking. You know he Branch he looked great, but It was great yeah. He has great cakes he's great with his hands is movement him. Is Joelle is going to be interesting. Let's skip vicious kicks man now he's four and he's one right. So look rock rolled his number one,
and one hundred and eighty five, I believe so yeah, I think, there's no doubt end or is it for yeah fight, and then you got a job to raise back. Okay, Ronson. You know it's crazy, like I always say the by the I don't for me to pronounce his name wrong and let him guy all right like when he fought steel, and I know God only for my men, immigrant mentality, like a mother yeah, it's hard and all that stuff like that. But now that It's still going to be more dangerous. Now he's gotta fucking take that law, so bad man, he could machine she's going to think how crazy it is that he went from being a guy who is homeless to five years later, fighting the heavyweight title. This is like a total amount of training. Five years of it. A training for the heavyweight title and he's the favorite he's the favorite. Over guys. You defended, you twice, it's crazy. That's how talented he is! That's! How terrifying is That's how special he is, but
a loss like that to, So a guide like that like to a real champ like Steepe, that, let's you realize where the top of the game is there's another There's a few more things to learn. There's a lot. More days to get in and training, but that guys just begun is just beginning. Five years ago. You know schitt he's way better now than he was to fight to yeah. I see that I see the difference in the way he moves when he fought Overeem. It was since significantly diff then when I saw his first and second fights his first second fight. She was very good, very but just insanely strong. He would hit guys with these combinations and clean technique to man. He's like he's. Not just a physically strong guy he's. Also very smart, because he's learning to do everything mechanically, very good. It's not. Naked Guy who's only been striking for like three or four years, so they look.
It'll tighten weird, but they can, if they land, they got a lot of power. Nah man, everything is clean, like you said some digging, those trenches jacked, oh, do that type of work gets you tough enough, he's just special athlete keep going man I mean each boy guy learning more to think about how little you learn in five years. Most of these guys have way more time in any more time in wrestling way more time in kick the average guy but let me guess the UFC. I would like to know what the number is like how many years of training and competing they have, but it's I would be more than two he was like right in the UFC and smashing people his amazing story, man, it's an amazing story and for a lot of people, the way it ended is a good lesson for martial artists. It's a good lesson see. What even if you were any fan, you're bummed out to the lost
appreciate that I'm going to fan fan too, but I'm more of a fan of mixed martial arts, I'm a fan of an honest like it I want to. I want to know what it is like. What what is this like? What's this, this contest right here. What's what's actually going on here? What's going and here is phenomenal athletic talent? Massive potential like Super alpha athlete versus one of the toughest guys ever who's been in the game. Longer, who knows more, he's wrestled, he's been fighting way. More he's been the trend is way more time. He said. Dig deep, he knows what's would be really hurt and tired in a fight. So I appreciate the strategy of like how Are you going to fight in a guy like perfect, it was like rocky against Mister T yeah, that's what exactly was like. So it was like heart and fucking a little smart stay away from that punch. It had
and I I haven't watched the full fight. You know I was working on a stage well it again hit by Francis in Ghana, with MMA gloves tonight. Worst thing that can happen to a person he's terrifying and steeping got cracked, multiple times in that fight, it sound like you didn't get hit, he got cracked, but he had made up his mind going nowhere. He knew to do. He'd been there before incredible lesson which is the overall the sport for the mixed martial arts in general and the lesson is like figured out like he had like the craziest end of video game character ever right, and God is like the big I, the big boss. Video game. That looks like I got to play. I play against this guy. That's in Godot and steep figured out how to beat him being twenty plus pounds lighter than 'em. In a way, you know a less intimidating in terms of
Physical presence, almost eat based pretty fuckin', intimidating, but in God is so intimidating he's so next level, two the five natural giant, crazy frame, one is people when you're next to Steve Patch, when you realize how big he is today on tv, you don't look that big when you're next to me, like this guys, are big fxxk he's a big fat. She walk around his asset is his mind, though Jeff. Yes, I told you don't come on down. I've been talking about the Wikipedia page dog. I told you immigrant mentality, page, listen. American enginuity is fucking, brilliant and with the your mentality mix, like let's say you still on American, but your dad they called you Steve. Now you can still call them Stepan mail. To remember where the fuck you came from you understand me. His father came. That's really weird. If you're, not you know it was on. I almost called you Joe he's, calling I almost called you to go. When was the last time you watch Bronx Tale
Oh you know. What's going on all week, I watched it a year ago when he fucking finds him with the guns start smacking, the kids in the neighborhood. I still remember This is smack, in kids in the neighborhood wow, people's parents come along with the fuck. Are you guys doing get the flock home I won't kid got a kick to the stomach and the fall points. The other kid and no what we've said Dick now, he said no like I'm watching this? The biker scene Almost a lad, like I haven't, watched, Brooks town twenty years, it's on AMC at six hundred and thirty, and I locked the door and I can't leave he's eaten in schitt and lost it. Here's the bikes and shit, and he walks over ok, now he's like a gentleman yeah, no problem, one bit and also they the thing and he works at three. I got to leave Noah now you can't leave. Collage row a guy named the Sun Collage? If who would do something like that?
that means you see why your son, to have the immigrant mentality, but when through all that beat on the bike. It's a true story present. That's should true true story, in the 60s you could I have long and walk around the Bronx, It just wouldn't make sense, really yeah that hippie schitt, but that didn't happen in approximately sixty five. What, if, like he was walking to the Bronx. They called you dirty head dance. Did you. They called you a bunch of shit and they drove beating on you hysterical, because that scene is so accurate because after the adults Ruby Tonya. Then they may kids chased, you like the young kids would sticks and that's what we do While you know like the little guys with chase you once you are beat up and took all your money. It's a class sixteen. I was thinking about that. I, like call Joe and ask him when the last look at this. Look, how
bad to the bone. Rather, he stole the show whether he stole the scene or look at this. You got to wait I'm your man is Thomas. You got a lead when I just Tom, Sunny Green welcome one greens, that's it will be on our way. Looking for trouble like a generator for free. Listen to come together sometime around right, yeah This is a great. This is a great song dog scene. It's a perfect! So alright perfect song when he walks in and start from the beginning to the room go. What's this.
This committee is kicked off. No, no, no! No! No! As long as we talk over with okay, okay, this is it right here, yeah a nice place to go. What would we write for world? What's the bike is since the door? Are you scared? I will never forget the look on the face: the fish, strong, all the courts in strength, restrain right from their bodies. They had a reputation for breaking up,
but they knew that instant. They made a fatal mistake this time he walked into the room, for this is real Joe Rogan. This was in nineteen sixty eight on four zero. My so this is a true story. Jesus Christ This seems fuckin'. This is it. This was when this was allowed shoot. This is crazy bro. This was this. Was the Bronx in sixty eight sixty nine,
in the neighborhood? You know, like the would tell you that we have to people on the third floor. What day we could see cops on the third floor. We could see the bulls coming down the street. You like the whole neighborhood was in on it. You know it's uh sing to me like this is all from immigrants right, yes, This is what to do because of not book. This also movies about him dating a black girl right and that be that the I forgot how good this movie was. This movie's, brilliant yeah shout out Frankie you yeah disk movies a genius movie. Look at this my car, you know, jazz palminteri is great in this function, but this is it. This is it this was it how good this is now see the young guys not
that's us right, we'll see what's going on now, you take this guy and we would fuck him up dog, but it's like animals think about it. This is it. This is how you were italian immigrants, spanish immigrants. Oh my god! This is crazy! Crazy. When you think about their one generation removed from people came off a boat, Let me tell you what the other side of this here is. The other side like all right. The big thing was as we were. We came to the movie, I mean he would come to the store, Frank Starling, MIKE Starr was your friend and he would come to the store and it was a big rumor that stole the stories from him and put this together, and I was like this little war going on, but not right. Thank you into regular, usually the other gentleman there was somebody else that was wrong. That turned out to be so the very big and there's a story, one time that a bike hello. Gravano money in your model was hitting him and he fell.
Off the sidewalk and broke his leg. So Grovana one night went out and fucking did something like this, something like with twenty guys. They beat up a bike. Is this? I'm sorry I don't know how true it was, but I still remember being five like if I could think, if you put hit me with truth serum. I could go back to being nineteen sixty eight one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine, the Bronx, my daughters, five and my mother would send me from the dry clean. That she owned to the corner. There's an italian place that had slices in Itali. Nice and shoot like that, like I was allowed to walk to the corner at mercy? Save on Tremont Avenue. I I was looking at my daughter- was watching Bronx, I'm going different. Has time change like was allowed to go to a liquor store with a note, my mother Marlboro Reds and bring him back that neighborhood we don't live that my mother
how to dry cleaning up. There was a bookie numbers joint. That's why we had to dry, cleaner, we're partners on the dry cleaner. You didn't know that now, that's why I got scars on my face. I got bit by a german shepherd as a kid. Those three by one of the eyes, that's what we did when we from Cuba. I lived in two hundred and five W 88Th ST and at My father died, my mother dry, cleaner and after we were up. We were up injury. I have. Tremont and grand concourse We have a dry, cleaner and everyday every weekend. I would go up there and I would sit there the fuckin'. I learn how to dry, clean and had black MIKE blah, Mike was the guy that I find everything, but he made the best spaghetti in the Bronx, so so Even Italians came he black MIKE's spaghetti really yeah. This was I knew all that shit when I was a kid, because when you have a numbers operation, you have to keep moving it around right. The comp can't so you have to.
Every three or four weeks after moving around explain the numbers to people who don't know what the numbers is, the parimutuel it's The last three numbers of the parimutuel, the track, which is the amount of track made for the day so track made six hundred and eighty six. The thousand Four hundred and eighty two thousand thousand number for the days is four hundred and eighty two and it comes out as the Brooklyn number so there's three numbers are day: there's Brooklyn the Bronx New Jersey, but What happened was that was a big business until the 80s to the Lotto came out in the Lotto cut that in half, but before that that was all putting little different in little different. Neighborhoods all over New York City. This is immigrants will will hope yeah, we know Then why you get that refrigerator in the stove and shift like that? It's such a weird thing that they
gamble just two dollars a day. Member two dollars a day with your one thousand dollars yeah. I could do a lot in nineteen. Seventy five with one thousand dollars with two kids. My grandmother was obsessed numbers yeah issues obsessed, and she would always have like a number door head that she thought it was going to be and it was like one off or something like that. It was like storage would tell you what would you say there? What can I say I was like five, I just remember it very distinctly. My grandmother who went to jail for running numbers. In New Jersey, wouldn't she wouldn't rat him out. So they put in jail, and so she made sweaters gave sweater the guards, MRS D, is an isolated. You feel that your grandmother had done time. What did you think we didn't until I was probably like. I wonder when I found out, I think, We found out my teenage years. I was like people would go to see her like where's uh want to save
mom's name out of respect, but He would say you know: where is she, and so went to visit her her cousin her I want to see here on that she's. You know she's in the pokey, for like six months. I think how much time was, but every time we go over those like some new excuse me in New Jersey, then put you in in New Jersey. They put you in jail for gallon in New York City. They don't they give you a ticket. You know they would give you like a ticket machine in those days. I don't know what it's like now, This walking Napoleon Jennifer Weed now in New York City. I don't fucking know grandmother was one of the few people I've ever known, where I legitimately thought they had intuition says weird intuition. She would do things as real weird like when my mother was a kid It was a rainstorm storm like real bad, storm whatever reason my grandmother decided to wake. My mother up, take her out of her bed and bring it downstairs some crazy.
Lunch at the ceilings collapse like right above the and where my mom sleeping so like pieces of you know, wasn't a lot which is chunks of plaster. But, like you know, three or four pretty significant pieces of plaster fell off of the ceiling it was rain came through the whole deal with the ceiling gave out somehow or another. She had this idea in her head and it could be because she knew that the ceiling was fuckedup and she It was raining hard, it's probably going to get anyway or She might've had intuition my phone everyone's always convinced it was intuition. Everyone's always convince like she's looked a little bit. Psychic is so it's weird so he's weird around well, because she that she New Jersey, yes in New Jersey should a monkey named chichi and cheats you.
Right. Everybody, but my grandma, my grand father, made to keep the monkey in the attic. You know my grandma was crazy. She had a monkey, would open up packages of gum and chew gum, know how or where the fuck she got it. She bought a monkey. I'm telling my grandma was crazy in Italian. People had butchers in those days and they get really think she caligata pigeon. She kept a monkey in the house. Man do you understand how crazy? Then you remember the monkey? Yes Cici, the monkeys name is chief. He bites you never been. Maybe he bit my sister, you hit my sister yeah, Beachwood funk you up. I think he bit my sister. I think tried to bite, my sister, I think, is one of those things he might have bit. My cozen
someone, our family got Bit Wuxi from the other side or the chinese side side, yeah they're, not she was crazy and once you give no disrespect, but once you give those lunatics that option that they do have intuition you're done you're walking done start giving you the fish eyes, don't douche! you, listen to her cooking was from another planet from another planet like pure immigrant cooking, like the Stella, the lasagna you just during the Holy just perfect knew exactly what supposed to be in. There should make your own like it should make her own macaroni should make her own ravioli should stuff her own ravioli should be out there rolling and flatten out flower and schitt, throwing the flower top it flattened out. She was a wizard,
so you you get a monkey called CHI Chi's, just out of respect and keep your dog how to respect for grandma. My grandma was a special lady. Yeah. Once you give those like, I listen when I was a kid man, I went My buddies, judo school enjoy it. I just went down there to see what it was like and it was in union city it was on seventh street, but I knew that my step dad, please cards on a Street on Wednesday wow, Ok, I knew my step dad played cards down and they played baccarat, ok and they began morning this little club and I had to be maybe ten but because grew up how I grew up with and uh there's always had my eyes out as a kid when I went to Judo that man at the end, I got in the bus to go back and I noticed unmarked police cars. And I went home that night and looked out you don't meet dog, get Christie, love used to be a show on ABC about a black.
That new martial arts and tried to capitalize on there with the system, and she was Looking with an afro, she was a cop. Is she coming do karate moves on Wednesday nights at nine hundred or o'clock. You caught me at home watching get Christie, love and her forget that my step dad was leaving at night and for some reason I know you don't apply back around to that and he looked at me was getting dressed to suit. On you'd like to Billy, as soon as you should. You want to play college of five bad. Why you get dressed to the nines right and I said to him- I said: hey man today, yeah we're, not gonna, go to Martins Judo School and I saw a bunch of mark cars down there. If I was you, I wouldn't go out to that, and he thought he just looked at Maine he said. I love you and he walked down the stairs. He got in the car, started and open the garage, Bro and in his heard the car turn off in the garage closed. They came up. He goes, I think, you're right and Sundays for me and him and next morning that card place, I got so now they would
listen to me when I had these fucking morons, I'm to my spell, but you want me to tell you what else Joe Rogan like this is me and, like me, and my that that had this weird relation, I got to an age where I wanted my mother for myself. You know- the feeling is dry, we've all gone through it when you, is a dad and your mom remarried. There comes a day that, not going to tell you what's going on anymore and you know what Just want you to know that I'm I'm I'm the that runs runs joint. You might be my mom, but I run this mother fucker, so I gave that advice like it really for a while. Then him and I was going to float, I kept steel. This call is from the center. He had. The sale has a real thing, and that was everything to him. So we had this big bottle of like scotch. That was did you put silver dollars in there and I would steal
and from time to time he would come home and go that bottles. Looking light. Somebody stealing my I destroyed his mind for years, because he was a very particular man, so we had from bundles and well. I gotta tell you something: I respect them today because I saw him get the joint and I saw what he did with bookmaking and how he became part the butcher shop. I started businesses. The different businesses so after I save this that night with the baccarac. He would listen to me and then one day I went and I had signed up to the Basketball Union City and they to give you like. Now you sign your kid up. You gotta pay eighty dollars right in those days. You just show up in an address right and they gave you a t. Here they put you on the team and they gave me a number. They said usually the Department of Recreation and was a purple shirt. My number was fifty seven. I walked in the house? I need to know you got, then I go hard join the basketball thing
It was. What number is he goes? Fifty seven cube is very superstitious. Fifty put a number on that and he the phone. I go. Five, awesome guide legals give me five hundred and fifty seven for ten dollars. Guess what happened there worked well We came up now. I really had him under my spell right, the fuck out. Listen. I had this motherfuck at the age of twelve, so he would listen to me. How old is the guy my stepfather one at the time it was forty, seven did not drink, didn't match and did not drink did not do drugs carried a straight razor Joe Rogan straight Razor cut people yeah this site. He used to cut used a web carpenter pants with the stray rays at this guy this point. The guy had money, he would have gold chain. He chinese T shirt, which a lot of people I'm not know. What is that? That's what real pimps wear their silk?
handmade shirts from China that you wear and they have three little buttons. When you're a real mother spec, you cut those buttons and you get your initials and you put 'em in gold with diamonds in it. That's how X, ran in those days. Well, and once I had them there, Joe Rogan, I had a he trusted me trusted. My eyes so one night where in union City and I Falcon, went somewhere on the walk back, there's a place called ask music and there was next to the new moon, chinese restaurant and I bunch of mark cars, and I know if we get that I went back to the bar and then you go, and I told him I said dog I saw three on my like. I had him. Right. I, like Alexia, I seen three on my cars up, the corn, he was very always scared of fault, even though he was a book Make sure he never used the phone Joe Rogan, never use the phone and he would never have a conversation close to falling. This is because,
She always felt he did not like font, he did everything like a pigeon, his He would write the numbers on a little piece of paper, real small and fold them up and put him in his hat, if you ever saw cops, he would just eat the piece of hooking paper. He always had the piece of paper somewhere close. Sometimes you would put it in his ring. This mother fucker is a savage though oh my god, so that night the cops were going to jump on this on the bar, but it was for a drug thing. It wasn't for him, but when I went I told him listen the don't call me and him. He grabbed me by the hand and him and I walked from the Bergen line to 58Th and Bergen line down the Hudson telling from bar owners that there was going to be arrayed like that untrustworthy. He was a fault, by the time we got back to the bar we got raided. There was a doing that his name was mourning the right
EVA is those those crazy Cubans that albacore out means good man like you're, my bro, wow. That means that only the end of the policy of the you can't around with animals because of say Lazar and all that, so they have a very specific religion. Yeah they have the met to manhood. There was a longshoreman in Cuba. They maintain order. Forgot They come over fuck you up there, but He had a wig on never forget this. The guy more Nina had a wig and the cops were there and they oh my love, my twelve dog, I'm up against the wall, the search and made through the search of my step dad they got my mom they went to Modena and they searched some I that is where check the wig and they pulled the
for they had a little more phone calls hi, my god yeah the whole book make in numbers world is nuts that I grew up and I love it still. I love. I wonder what it's like that is. No business is well it's unfortunate because think about how many bets are placed or Jesus Christ. I mean there's so much money, so much money out there. People love to gamble fucking games games are on people love to gamble. What do you think is spent this week, Jamie come on Jamie, doing question Joey. Likewise, our problem, like what It's helping us by letting them regulate that chit like why. Why does why you have to have a license to gamble. Why If you think someone is not paying their taxes and you can prove it is it because it's I needs cash, that's being thrown around mostly like with
Why is it an issue? The government got knocked in their peace. It seems ridiculous that grown adults could tell other grown adults. They can't gamble, but you can hear, but you can't. Their programming is one of those things like legalization of marijuana, legalization of fuckin'. Cocaine, white legalization of anything bro. You know what there's going to be fuckin' winners and there's going to be fucking losers. My friends, two years ago, Connecticut did uh and Expozay on sixty minutes about women who have just. Lost their fucking gambling, I don't. You can sign because they installed no, no disrespect the Mohegan Sun Casino industries. They installed. These type of slot machines that could just fuck with your mind, Why so these women were going down there and losing fuckin' mortgages houses? You know
like a John Waters movie the dolls, not dog. It was just something that listen to Vegas listen. Let me get some on the way, the biggest percentage of degenerate gamblers are usually women. Let's look this fuckin' percentage up here. Women go fucking deep, it's a fucking hole. They don't give a fuck about nothing, they fuckin' play cards. Women. What bang it out while they bang it out, while you're at work, Joe Rogan, while I'm at work start with a horse then, a glorious? You know those little problems they do in Jersey, which is that You know when Atlantic City was Atlantic City. You, Do you need city right? You pay fifty box to get on a bus that gave you a cool, I'm book and when you get to Atlantic City, give you fifteen dollars and quarters back so that bass driving you to fucking gamble and drive back I believe in gambling
I believe in making a living, I believe that it's an itch: it's an illness, Deverbal when you're you losing your house, does God That's where I want to know where that's where bothers me just like. Ok, it's just like I'm drug abuse. It's just like the opiate problem. It's just! I can't even fucking thing else it could. But you and I both know people who I've lost their fucking lives, gambling Okay, you seem people in pool halls. You see how they get Joe Rogan. There's no difference in the drug. Addict gambling addict not at no difference there. Is to scary too, because they're conscious, it's like, if you see the drug addict. You see me shooting up or whatever it is, and you see him fainting you, God that poor bastard, but when you see a guy who's, fully the grips of gambling, trying to figure out how to make get his money back is all jazzed up with adrenaline. It doesn't understand why It was like Michael Jordan. This game was like Joey Diaz. This gamblers will have the mean
Mister Gamble and that is uh game killer, also, like I'm Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, and I'm not saying nothing bad about Michael Jordan. He said just accusations that you hear that he even bets on his own, while I'm basketball games. He was very come, yeah, but now how Joey Diaz was doing it, not Charles by The lost nearly thirty million dollars gambling. It says yes, Jesus Charles Joey. How much money is how how many people did you grow up, but that would like we Diaz did, and then I have the means that were nineteen years old, yeah ok and one night, they put a tent I'm betting on a fucking knick game and they won fifty dollars when you're one thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars is a lot of fun. Your money, that's a lot of fun! So now you think you got the world by the balls. So you do it again on Friday, Saturday, and now you into this world, Joe Rogan, that gets dark it's it's. Instead of
drug addiction of the alcohol addiction. Every morning you wake up like is today my lucky day. It's like the people who go to the seven eleven everyday and trying to just get a pack of rolling papers, just in a rush. You just left the just want to rolling papers and water and there's in front of you Can you give me three hundred and sixty eight four six, before, and this poor fucking whatever, twenty lottery tickets- and it's a hundred eighteen dollars. This is what this guy's doing. Every day. Seven fucking days a week, my friend and he bite It might be within two hundred dollars a fucking week, but every week he's got deeper and deeper into a fuckhole, because in your mind you think today's your lucky Day and it's never! You like. I was in that whole when I was nineteen dog, and I saw a friend loose twenty thousand when you're eighteen years old and had to get three jobs, and I never really fuck with that again I learned that addiction that she but my work
You know who is the general who's a gambler, John Gotti? He wanted to be as they brag right, that conversation. So far away from pumpkin ideas. If I had fucking Michigan in the hook, I would've. Thirty thousand they lose eight thousand and ninety two hundred thousand a weekend did the system is designed to bury the degenerate gambler like from from August 15th, the at this John Gotti secret obsession that wage six hundred bats in scrabble and a three one thousand dollars monopoly by and you have no idea guys with a generous for, like eight for like seven months, I played this. Ugly game gel that I would start. I knew the action
I knew that you had a bad on Monday nights and try to win, and you know what I lost every week at all these people show you information, listen arch, Lizza played the fucking game, lossed PETE Rose Benton lossed, even Michael. Join but lost yeah, his room that that's why he was asked to play baseball for a few years because cover up again. I did not write this just things I hear on the road Everybody has a fucking gambling grabs you fucking, weird bro, weird, and then grab me for a long time. I kept thinking that was the day and I kept betting the time what's up Jamie. If they had a problem playing scrabble, they would call up the Parker Brothers Hotline mobsters would to dispute the rules and have them explain what was stuff. L'Amica- is a word- it's playing coming here is a word Joe stop.
It is not a word. Starmaker is the word we can, but we can. We can do he told stop me, that's why they would get the arguments about garbage where we are real words are busy man caught fan a you know, my gambling- is a fucking and once you get caught in the web and you and Joe Rogan shuts me down, then I start putting back Jamie and and pretty soon. I start plucking dipping into accounts, pretty soon now you're done now you forced into a bad. I told you that I was a bad on the road for a while, my friend, Johnny B, when I start making money doing stand up, I put together a little bankroll and meet him. Places and gamble and he would win or lose. You know. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose, but it was just being in action. It was fun. You know
That kind of gambling like. I was never good enough to like play those guys, but I could play like people well like my level and bet like twenty bucks, or maybe you want to get crazy, but, like fifty I never bet like a lot of money gambling on pool, but it makes you think more makes play like way more serious, it's good for your game and if you can have a friendly sparring partner, they play like only games like maybe a race to seven for twenty dollars. So it's first you'd, probably in any city pool halls, I don't know what the rate is per hour, but they gotta be like twenty once and for once and for to break it down. For me, I walk into a pool hall with Jamie contentious cash in my pocket, Who is my main man? How do I exactly make money, and why is it that the people in the room past money around and how does that money get them aspersed it was real, simple everybody puts like you put in
I'm in for one hundred should be much more like it depends on who's, putting it together, 'cause they might decide to just pull in all their money, like everybody put in on one side, pooling money, and you know, and back this guy or they may depending on the side, they might not even be playing the game. There's always side. Bets side bets are probably more like. If you had a bet, if you had a like a big pool game right in they used to be a place called what West End Billiards. I think in New Jersey West End, I think, was why called we'll see if you find West end Billiards, it was a world Ms Pool Hall, we would take the drive from from New York to go down in New Jersey to this famous Pool hall that would have these like serious high level professionals play there. And reveal high level hustlers from all over the country. Go there for big money games, you go there and watch people play for five thousand dollars. Ten thousand dollars I mean the best in the world would be there all the.
Time I got to play against some of the best in the world. They killed me, but I got to play again against him. Like real good. Well, let's say the tournament. So if you- and I you and I are in the tournament- and you are Efren Reyes, the greatest of all time or Earl. Are Johnny Archer and I'm just Joe Rogan. I barely could play it doesn't matter. I put my money up into the tournament I can play against you? It's a huge huge like we have to get invited for now. Does Joey Diaz come on the side and a list of three to one odds on this sure some people okay. So that as a side, that's the side. Yes, that's all! I don't know how the pulling out a hundred bucks on archer. You know all you never seen is d as could play. I got hung on TIA's and did do is about take that I'll. Take that and then you just work it out and everybody works it out, but when sometimes guys get together, back. Somebody to like, say: You got it like a friend, it's a really good player and this guy coming in from out of town, and he wants to take a crack at him well. He wants to play. One hundred dollars sets okay, then, if I think how many barrels do we have you pull your?
together. Ok, we got four barrels. That means, if you it's play sets. We can lose four times we have to be able to lose a couple of gain- a couple like if you're going to really play a guy out. These guys would play one thousand and twelve hours, maybe keep going back. For and back and forth. Is it It's crazy, like I've, seen guys and you would see him the next day, they'd still be playing you In the morning, they'd be playing all through the night. I don't know what the They were on most likely. Some short and fat means. That was a big thing in the pool world for a while guys would just break each other with gambling it just it would be about who quits it wouldn't be about who won it's very rarely about, like you know like you would you would be would be frowned upon highly if you left on top save your head by five hundred bucks and you want to quit me and I'm still ready ready to keep playing, I still got more money. Man. Let me win my money back if you just walked away, I've got what I wanted I'm going to leave now like that would be. You did you'd be what's called bad.
Action, guys I got. Two kids are having a the seven Goshen Indiana School mother with two kids. You know playing that kind of pool there ain't. Nobody would two kids playing that level pool in pool halls like gambling because of the whole, maybe now that this? Actually, if you guys, I take that back the few guys with kids that are top of the, food chain does a pool hall mall from my house. Whenever I get whenever I go, going to Hollywood now, I can't do Little Kane, no more so I gotta go along way I get off on victory, just to see it for always fell with the generous. Thank you. To pull in there places were home to me. You know which I'm talking about right next to the strip, there's a lot of good one? Is that on victory, victory right when you exit that as a Strip club right next to a pool wall? Well, I know the only good one in this area. I shouldn't say the only good one, the only good one I know of his house of Billiards in Sherman Oaks, like this area Have you been on this great you've been on the one hundred and one have you seen what that place? Is that
You took me there a couple times to eat. We did comedy there remember how they would billions. You took me: there was Hollywood Blvd, it's fucking a building You know goal there next time. What does it look like? I don't know next time I drove by, and I was like, oh my god, that you should be weeded kindly there too. We shall see the day with aria computers. We played pool there a bunch of deutsche time on Showtime that place. It was great. Suck, and not whole area is completely that's where I at crazy MAX, are Billy. Yeah that that dude can play some pool? So when you play my except how much you have to put a guy has to put up on the one, I would get tortured. You would have to bet like that. I would go to you're, never going to bet on me like a guy like MAX Eberly, he's top of the food and as far as his technique and delivery, He could win a world championship tournament, like legitimately he's not good no chance like if we play twelve
games, I might win a couple. I might get lucky when a few, maybe I'll, win four he's going to way more he's going, get to twelve for sure quicker it be a terrible bet. The bet would be. Any games I get to that would be the bat if you say, you'll never get past three, because a guy like MAX tablet can run ten racks in a row and I'm not exaggerating I've seen him do it, but I am break runs ten racks in a row, but to the point where you're sitting there he did. Vegas, we're all hanging out, I think was it was ARI. Forget came with me? Actually, what you guys are going to place? Yes, that place is amazing and that's where exactly MAX Max is playing. He break and run out on guys, they would just get frustrated. They be like what the fuck man they just get didn't get to shoot. We watched him gambling, some guy and when the set was over. The guy was just pissed off because matches woodmen it was crazy, just watch him he's playing,
I really just want to take a chance and play like a top of the food can guy and gamble with them. If it's watching the diff The kid who can play a little pool is pretty good versus. The World championship, caliber pool players so precise, like his technique, is so clean in his angles are perfect and he's just at Leslie moving the cue ball on the table to where you want to. He sees masters and problems way in advance and breaks them up so high level. That's my boy! That's MAX Albert Lee HEAT we had how to play, pool not that I didn't already play it before. I met him, but he taught how to play it way better way better. He made my game way more technical. He was explaining things that I was just guessing before and he was explaining what was wrong with my approach and like what was what's a better way to do. It he's a wizard, when it comes to technique. Now he
to make a living going from Pool Hall Pool Hall or no way, 'cause he's that good reason. Artist too, fortunately, for MAX he makes pretty cool artwork like lots, ease some of it's probably on his own script, even pork. You of no no, no, no know friend that does pool cues sport you somewhere along the way he said he makes like flock and eight Jeep Oak Junior ivory Eric Chris. That's my boy Eric from sugary somewhere. Somebody, that's what I play with play with his q, his queue is he's a wizard man he's a guys like really into like the grains of woods. He's really until patterns, and he thinks of would like to him would is like mesmerizing. He finds like the most. Twenty four pieces of wood and come combines them together and they have to have a certain harmonic frequency like he drops Monasa cement floor, just like pink so you want to hear a certain sound from the wood, otherwise he won't use it he's like
finding logs on the side of the highway and and and recognizing some weird hardwood that no one's ever used before he cuts it up and make you out of it the wizard like his user. But then he doesn't give a fuck as many as he wants, you know, sometimes you don't make them for a while make for his friends- won't, let me pay for one. I have to pay for everything just to not feel terrible. He's like the nicest guy ever play some fucking pool too. So I don't even know when this podcast started as an began, but it's funny before we started. We were talking about yeah four point: eight billion. Oh, my god super bowl. Three that will happen in Nevada? Is it only three percent, so most of it online line is that Chris Christie thing you pulled up earlier: James, listen G online, an banks, banks, there's still people who I like uh, you know they
because they got a ton of loot. Chris Christie goes to Supreme Court on sports betting. Is he trying to get sports betting big lives? They pass something in New Jersey. Two thousand eleven to allow betting in sports, but that still in LAS Vegas, because of that, whatever law there is, you know back in you team, Chris all right, so he has a supplement. I have a few problems, but we all do seventeen states also with them on this. I think they want to do it. They want it. So he want he opposed it or he don't want it again, they want betting again because they have an NHL team in Vegas and that's always been like. The logic is that you will be some issue whatever you can't be betting, where their sports being played, because someone will throw the game everybody I will bet every city she'll, do whatever you want your only shoes yeah to talk to you in these games, though the the I'm fascinated by these games here, hypnotized, ladies and going crazy losing all their money. Does it get a sixty minute hold homes on a whole piece on the Games that are like laser ish. You know
and people actually put percentage was higher amongst women, because It's so let me explain something to you know: it's you a it's. A video games were gambling. It's very fucking addictive, like a video game, but lost it gambling very good. So that's what their beef was. Remove these type of games because I'm Tonya, since I was a kid I always first off I lived with my mom She had a lot of prom show on the great issues, but she was a degenerate gambler on baseball, SH. Between the Boston Red Sox in the New York Mets they killed it take. Builder, and I saw that the decline. So with that. I saw a person watch two baseball games at the same time. Remember
they should have split screen and Directv, so do a puerto rican. You took one tv and you put it on probably other tv and you got welcome NBC and you had cable when it came with the cord memo HBO still had the cord to the fucking thing, and it was a thing with a box that you pressed. Switch three levels in those days maybe there was no and there was no ABA package or NBA package you got, one of the game, so we We pray that would be the Boston Red Sox and she would watch both working games and gamble at the same time not not even that the numbers, if I had a dream about a goat man. If she had a dream about going back to Cuba, Bam it she's, like your family, she had a dream about her daughter ban, it was a number they would call her. They would call it two hundred and forty five because she had all that all those contacts so that
was that gambling. Then there was the then there was the track addiction, which started at aqueduct in the afternoon if the sun was shining that was refused to go to aqueduct. For my mother. Let me go back doctor C at three after school and she be there at three hundred but the whole time she be scratch because the metal and started at eight. So she knew she'd catch the Meadowlands at eight. So guess what happens? Then? If you lose the eight hundred o'clock? Meadowlands? U haul your raska Yonkers with the death of death. This is where you go to before you go to a pool on the side of your blood you going to Yonkers Raceway. Do you understand main? Have you ever been to Yonkers Raceway yeah? You leave them at one thousand, two hundred and forty five. Where do you think you're going you're, either going to sell your soul or give? your blood, see, go shoot, pool because you're saving the day you can I go home. Illusion lose right. There's all Dave Gambolling, oh my god.
So that was her thing, so I also grew up in italian family. The mother, was it was like a fucking act it like an act, she had three kids tremendous kids you know the husband he works for a big corporation, they drove a nice, they went to church. On saturdays. When I go over there, they have always go with your mom, then go or place cards with the to Rogans and the and this name but why, as I got older one day, somebody said to me: don't be careful when you it's over there why they might show that lady in the head shield, like six or let down I mean, and when I was a kid I was like thirteen and somebody came from they said even when you go over there because their mom's a little bit on the those card games- and it is, I got ahold of him- scared for your life from a card game. Imagine being scared,
for your life. Well, it was a different. That's how these are you into a lot of the people now I also grew up with men, degenerate gamblers. What I know all of the symptoms I know the, which this this thing on sixty minutes, just spoke about this addiction. With the computer thing with women. That was it. That was really interesting, but I know how, if fuckin' creeps up on you, it's not a couple years ago it's called slot machines. The big gamble, also it's just slot machines in general. These type of slot machines, computer one. Yes, they have an effect on women in particular. Maybe man fuc up, ladies, how about that No here's my take on this whole gambling thing like never horse betting in New York like you'd, go to the horse. You got us off track betting. That was right there right. They. They they made that for a reason, it's demeaning
just trying to make it legal. This is legal. Come on. This is legal. It's not legal is to take a piece Joe right now, I'm say want their piece. Have you been to a medical marijuana store recently? Now? Ok! Well, they like, if it's sixty dollars tab is now seventy six dollars, 'cause attacks sixteen dollars in taxes. If you buy something for sixty dollars to think about Need, though, is it goes so far think about how much like one hundred dollars worth of weed goes. You could the on the moon for three days for three days. You could be on the moon with the proper edibles. Get one hundred dollars worth of the proper edibles. How much she can handle? many jumbos. Do you think you could handle you ever have a jambo. What do they have like depends on? I think one hundred two hundred or yeah Dude up need a half. Once my eye fell, my cells, all the cells. In my bones, I felt like, where the ten,
it's connected on my spine looks like you could get fucking blasted on. In the last twelve hours and then take the other half that's another twelve hours now Taxes higher LAS Vegas Jamie than they are here, for we had a five percent here and how much thirty five, and what's in Vegas, it's high, but it depends on. If it change, they change the motherfuking game. Dog, like stars of death that's so silly? No more hello, too she's the Tko's. I bought the final four, and I got a caught aw. Pablo Escobar got a fuckin' cachet of the one late this morning, those hello does yeah yeah. You can't find them, but I got a call out. I I'm, though, leave you become my cuban cigars, oh my god, cuban cigars. Now so some people are just going to keep going, there's no more like I
well people there's no more stars but their stars. You know there is a moderate like people, don't fucking Bananas Napa there you gotta, see the like. I only got a two week stores but but I go to one that's by the book. When I go to one that they just said. You know what will sleep in check don't give a fuck. This is immigrant mentality. We open at six. We close at ten. We give away free bagels if you come, at six hundred o'clock and you gotta see it that rocking and rolling and they're going to sell those two hundred milligram stars till people go down the fucking end. The DEA comes in and shut them down, they don't give a fuck. That's too like, if you're on Ventura Boulevard, you got to be really cool because you're done, I don't think, there's anything wrong with having a limit on the number of Milligrams. If that's going to keep it legal. It's in that's also not just they just create a market that people are jumping. That's it. You know how much
cause. You know much turn across the stars that that do to stay open, how much a half a mil. Oh, my god because it's seventy grand just for the license g money. They take that permit they take that paper up front. Like led Zeppelin. They like Peter Griffin, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five look. The economies can improve and they're still going to kill. No, no, he would probably is going to improve. Well tell you what What are they going to take right off? The target is big bang it. They looked at Colorados thing and said: listen will come in there with steroids were coming in with Tht. Forget by doing this and what don't just to set shop now okay, have you been in business of not is the set up shop. We gotta
with a piece of the action. Ok and then let us define if they just they work deals out with bank San made it easy and acceptable for these guys to be exact. But it's right in a lot of places. It wasn't. They were dealing in cash. They hired, especially in Colorado in the early days they had a higher a lot of like spec OPS Guy loves his spec ops. Like I know, I'm talking about, sounds cool, they they would hire like former seals and shit, and then they would have to carry the the the money to the bank because everybody knew there was like a giant sums of cash so made of. Very dangerous they were, allowing them to use banks or credit cards rather they weren't, allowing them to sell with credit cards, but they were selling weed in credit cards in ALA, medical, the hot in the 90s, the hot store. When you turn me on to my license the hot store at the time which they're not there, no more that dude at the height of it, was walking out there every day with twenty five gram by himself in school,
Wow, that's dangerous. He was a button. You know what he was just dumb's fault. When the dj came, he would have that cash in the safe right then, and there they just swooped on it. I know I've got shot. He was a really nice guy and he used to work at the Englewood Wellness Center and This is the early days of the legalization is like I want to say it's like somewhere around two hundred and ninety nine somewhere somewhere in that range, two thousand and ninety nine and dumb. He apparently was coming out with a big bag of cash and some shot him right in the stomach. They just took his mind. They don't take care of them, took all the cash there is, no God hire people. We had to hire you gotta hire people. You know, I see, I see amateur mistakes yeah- I saw this anyway I see amateur mistakes constantly, for example, I'm talking about. He lost he lost everything Joe or with their way lost everything he would. We've he got this guy was
an exotic guy himself, like he was ahead. Your head! You love! When somebody brings you so what is much as he could hello the expression, He was ahead. Nobody uses that they don't use anymore. So what he would do is when you walked into this place. He would have sixty weeds on the wall and he kept all his weed on the property. When the feds came is like stealing. He had everything that everything was there wine in the open. You have to have an apartment and you have to have it to mount six ounce. This is all you should have one we if, if he comes in. He wants eight ounces. Give me ten minutes. I got a that- will bring it over here five million right across the street. Then I got a little partner with stash there. You have a couple of saves you if the cops hang on, let you deposit you gotta, be fucking creator If you read all these guys stories to, Joe Rogan you when it is
The hardest thing is what to do with all the cash think about that problem. It's a real problem, no think about this room fill hello, hello. What was the movie? I just what all this car? No, no, no! No! No! No! I just on a plane, you go when you're on a plane and Tom Cruise's on you got to give the benefit of the doubt. All I got another bill with me. I watch the Barry Seal thing. How was it? it's not an academy award winner, but it's very interesting when we're just burying money, Joe Rogan, four million shop like me- and you are my yard, like bearing money like a suitcase with one hundred bills falling out of it, and you don't give a Frenchman's fuck I was wanting to know this Snopes. This did Barry Seal die. George Bush's phone number in his pocket? That's that we said and he died, they shot him on.
Way to the trial. What George Bush is phone number in his pocket? Well, he was top notch that guy he had it all. He seen it, but he took pictures yeah of them loading are flocking. Plane Nicaragua would ask the box at the top in Nicaragua. They had him by the balls, no matter what our youth that took balls for can't they flocked him in the areas they told that they wouldn't release the pictures. Then they released him pictures of his douche and that's why they got shot, that's fuckedup. They should have taken him and hitting him. He fought. Interesting though they assassinated that guy, that's a one hundred percent assassination in connection to some sort of illegal government, it was, walking away with it legal. What are you talking about? That? Was
go bother saddened by or the message they had a deal were. Barracked seals could land all right like that. Wasn't part of the thing was with the people on the ground on the ground. That was in me in our house, but here's the problem. This is where the problem comes in right. They were landing in those everglades known quote me on right and he broke it down for me, and somebody else broke about may be honest with you and they were allowing that on you boys, Clock, Clinton, Clock, that's does that lady read the whole thing, that's what you always be his drops out right. I don't know about true 'cause. The truth is fascinating. The truth is two boys were murdered and the corner official report they gave to the parents was that they had fallen asleep on the train tracks. So The parents pay for some sort of an autopsy, and it's revealed that the kid been stabbed in the one of them had been stabbed and they find out that
on that same area was where those guys would drop their drugs before they landed. They would perish down there drugs they would they would like and they would land and these guys they would draw points where they would put their shift and then someone else would come by and pick it up on the ground yet cord and these kids apparently sauce. Something they weren't supposed to see so they murdered murder. These kids with knives in in the corner was all in on it, so they had conduct some sort of independence, so that is what got so Barry seals things going. It was this trying to figure out this parents trying to figure out what happened to kids. You know geography, crazy stuff. You have to imagine okay, that these guys were getting. You know, let's just draw number one. I mean I'm just an idiot, but let's just throw number, they were probably getting four thousand dollars per kilo. What would they put on those planes and there was sending five
with those planes over a day and dropping him in Louisiana. This is going to listen and my told you one thousand times in the podcast and eight the they found the band dead next to a go bag filled with cocaine in aspen CO in the mountains, because they were dropping the fucking Coke in the mountains and the bear weight. The Kocani Fuckin' oldies hard. What does this say? Barry seal sealed organize a sting operation where he managed to get photographs of Pablo Escobar, helping nicaraguan soldiers to load one thousand two hundred kilos of cocaine on to a seat, one hundred and twenty three military plane. Soon afterwards, Reagan went on television with a photograph to denounce sandinistas as drug smuggling corrupting talk, talk talk, but how much he was getting for that four million eight hundred thousand, he was for one fuckin' low. Now here's the tricky thing: here's what here's! What really pisses me, the fuck off
that, I see narcos, and I see everything. But now this is your uncle Joey. Talking to you, Rogan. Please show me the public bar. None at all, I'm not gonna, know, there's no good side. The bomb was caught by the same Lee Harvey Weinstein. This is a story that we have never brought up, but yeah after was okay, you you see all these shows in the whole fucking thing and they were in bed for sure with Nicaragua yeah who else was in bed, after dealing me, ask you this. Do you think that it is the actual CIA or yeah people or if it when it's not even say CIA Dea Fbi, made a bunch of fuckin' letters put together. The is it the actual organization, whichever one it is, that's bringing it in. Are they complicit? or are there just cowboys see? The theories always been that there's been these few cowboy
is corrupt guys. Maybe they get too close to drug deals to close to drug deal and then sometimes they get seduced. I guess there's a many. Many stories of under conduct undercover cops, getting seduced by the actual life style of being a criminal young K. It's probably a little crime themselves here there they see some cops doing some dirty shit. They see him some. You know, there was a thing that came out about. Was it Baltimore? What it? What is the city where cops head and it came out and trial that kept toy guns on them to plant at the scene of a of a crime, They just decided shoot. So this is the municipal talking in a big picture, the big world picture, as intelligent individual. As you are the plan, plain and simple the CIA piece of their action DEA was tricked into going down that I really control of war. You can't be this, night. I'm not saying you as well, working. You can't be this dumb, so all the research that we've done all the research that we've done, general n. He was in
The package with Barry seal the hole I think it is what gets even deeper. Let's talk about the deep to sub that that nobody ever even looked at and you have to- think of, because I heard this story one thousand times there was a guy by the name of Carlos laid there that that he got crazy you know, they show him getting his dick sucked on the radio in Columbia and everything, and all these tv shows no. He was on an island snorting, help with long hair Jim Morrison and having three sons and the fucking their. The old cartel gave I dare up to the law there to keep them off their back. It was five partners it's me you'll, Jamie and Redban before red bands out there doing videos of him snorting coke, with a fucking pigeon on his head. We can have this. They gave
be a Carlos that complex, calm things down for a while, when the in eighty three and eighty four when He can send his troops down there. Don't quote me on dates here, but I will tell, is a professional cocaine sniffer? What was going on at eighty five, the price of cocaine went skyrocketing, and it was a second thought. It wasn't because of cocaine. Skyrocketing? It was because cocaine was coming in, but the toughest part was getting the alcohol into Columbia, to process it. Colombians had got a tip that the troops were coming down the rate there jungles now what they have not told you in all these shows and research, but this is uncle Joe, is going to drop on. You is where do you think they took? What other it took some labs to Nicaragua and they shipped okay, not in Nicaragua, but guess who else partner up with them too. Your body, Fidel
That was shipping it in yeah he's going to be on the podcast in three weeks. I could you imagine, having fidelity, podcast, Shittu and Fidel you told my God. This whole book That would have snipers and fuckin'. Everybody is Fidel. Just walked in with his suit, and you had to teach him like a UFC moving ship is for Dell would come in and ask you said: you're, no good deed, Mclemore SK who takes awhile 'cause. They were anyway but they went series meant they would be a very nervous in the presence of a guy, like that Les Dennis said in in front of Congress that he was getting eight. In two thousand he was given for Dell, eight hundred thousand a shipload to come in, the his flag at the time she imagine being in the presence of Fidel Castro just being in his presence like if you was you know, is prime, if you're in the room with him in his prime, no one how here and you have no, he took it over. You have no idea. He would be annoyed, this terrifying to be
the cuban American. You have to hate the guy, the hate him but as a man that thinks to see what his path was crazy. Again, that's where my bed deejaying was comes in with a van I'm, not the hot. Revolution, how star the three different places at once, the revolution it just wasn't. Eight monkeys put on gorilla suit and went to the mountains in Cuba right he came to there first got arrested when to Tampa got rest. He was already passing out flyers. They always Confused Lee Harvey Oswald. No, it wasn't Lee Harvey giving out pamphlets. It was Fidel Castro. Give Alba that's a joke. Don't go to the CIA, it's a joke. Right right, yeah, the that show in Union City of Jersey. I can't tell you the date like I have my friend call into the podcast and tell you the story about food.
Well talking to his mother other daily, when she would wait to get on the bus she was in the irish in union city. If because I know Fidel in nineteen thirteen. Fifty two in union city just think of what he did to the Italians. He kicked everybody out. He did not give a fuck, because you could see. No you casinos mind. Now it was a very brilliant movie start in the mountains. He fought He he you know he just took, all the little villages I'm going changed change minds because, first of all it was easy thing for to them. The door, but Easter was really fucking. The country he had we divided the country? You have no, I deal with racism was told you were in Cuba in nineteen fifty five black people weren't allowed in casinos. You have no these poor people today he's crying about. You have no idea what black rights were in Cuba for those black Vulcan people. They got no rights, so those people were poor
There was such a high level of I thought you see all these people dancing, but the other side. There was locking famine, why people flocking diet, so they wanted to change, fit well- came in there as a hero, first of all he came. Is Cuba was going to change, but then he Wichita lineman and he alignment, Russia and he began what that's what made it worse. That's what made it First, racism in hunger has all existing cube. It did that that was the problem that they always showed that party side of Cuba but that other side of the island. But there was people starving, wow and Batista come on but these are how they keep up the tobacco production. That I don't know I don't know We still think of that Joey, but not all that they had the best cigars in the world that people complaining now that they're not the same cigars. There's some people complain about a lot of people getting frauds. Apparently, apparently, when you
my cuban cigars from Untrust Suntrust E people. You could definitely get some fakes is now they're talking about how the soil is rich, people go. There is an expert to Bobby Kelly Kelly. A real expert he was an ARI fear's podcast. They were talking about cigars, Bobby really knows his like he was. He was going in depth about how many fake, cigars. There are and how he could even kind of taste a fake cuban. He smoked. So many cigars I thought maybe want to ours, was fake, as it might be faking. It goes no. I think this is real. I think this, He's like that discerning about that ship there's a lot of weird freaks when it comes to cigars, like people super into they get they get you high as fuck too. This is something that people are talking about. You smoke a cigar woo, that's you! So much nicotine in their video had the cuban coffee to it. Oh, my god, how the whole process is supposed to go down with the cuban coffee in swedish cigar and you go deep, deep, deep
yeah. It only needs a little taste of inedible and a half alpha, brain and you'll, be there you'll get there Jack People rebel smokes it with sometimes with cigarettes in it. We did it the other night in the back of the comedy store with cigarette. And I've tobacco in ten minutes ago with thc who you get elevated, it was. It was interesting. I got one time from San Francisco to Reno one time from reference is going to Reno. Dog cops were looking for me in San Francisco and you go. To the any of those tourist districts and they have like a bus. Take you Reno, so I just jumped on the bus to Reno at this check, and with this is one thousand nine hundred and eighty five was sitting the bus and then this egyptian kid. I never forget this and the back of the UK smoke on the bus in those days cigarettes so he had rolled about
lunch with Hash weed and tobacco in it does, and I I've done that before guys, I'm not gonna lie. I had never. Even I took two hits of that. Fucking thing dog out of puking up. I got high as fuck a combination together, the back this weed yeah hash, he the real hash I yeah that's too much for Uncle Joey. That's a bit. Much for Uncle Joey this time I ever smoked a spliff with Charlie Murphy, Charlie Murphy rolled them. His is Richard Roll into Charlie could roll, We take a Swisher, sweets old school. You know any kind of cigar paper turn it into a joint with the cigar paper, which is like you inhale weed, you never really inhaled those cigars. You, you can just kind of get in your mouth. In your book. You tasted the blow it out, but we need to take a drag a we, you open your lungs up and fill your lungs with smoke? Cigars,
it's too harsh for that you don't don't don't smoke like for the most part most people don't, but when you do it with pot, you do So you get this car really easy, blasted, nicotine and the core rate easy blast, a weed and you're like wow role, it's very different than just weed. I think I spoke to yeah last known the park S as I took two hits off from the main game. We will I like those, and it was pretty folks get a house. I'm scared of I'm scared like the ones with the cigarettes in am I'm scared no? No, no, no! No smoke. No, no not smoking cigarettes, but the ones with cigarettes and it's an interesting little high. It's like So this is a new door to the room. It's interesting! That's! What like smoke and one of the hardest things I ever gave up were smoking cigarettes after you smoke a joint. That is just pure brilliant. When you hit a fucking joint and you take a little sip of coffee and after you smoke that toots
but you lied Upper Marlboro's life, it's life, Fuckin', changing bro. I know a lot of people love him after a real good meal or the whole, it's the whole package. So it isn't my God, We had a meal and mail, a joy and then, cigarette I've heard another cigarette in a cup of coffee. On top of that and some dessert set another cigarette, you have no fucking idea. Cigarettes can is shut down. Please, let's get this show everybody. I can't smoke in my Tony's hooked, my blood pressure, two thousand over eighty Tony says he can quit anytime now you can now you can now fella, and you know, What was the best one. What I realized was to years ago I shot something an I smoke that night I asked one of the camera guys. Let me talking give me a cigarette and that next morning, I realize how really fucking bad. They are terrible all how many you have one two two cigarettes
Marlboro lights and I was fine that night We did one night at a comedy club and I was like what the fuck is going on like every now and then I want to smoke the fuck no no. I never do it again after that night in Chicago and never do it again. I took one of Tonys once before his show the interesting cigarette interesting. Doesn't it does a weird little thing? The address it does? It does one of the reasons. Why did this? Because I read something about neutral picks. Talking about different vitamin like what's good for brain function and one of things. They said that nicotine, nicotine is actually a nootropic and that they found that some people the use of tobacco with the use of tobacco. They achieve like a an elevated state of like certain functions of the brain like it actually it has some sort of a small measurable effect, so it really does like the way your brain works, see for me, it's different. I have to catch it's the combination, yeah, that's for me,
hello. I would just enjoy right now. You say goodbye self, but Sir, with the weed, but if that coffee was brewing hot right now and it was made three hundred and sixty degrees outside with a little bit of wind and sunlight? Will you know when you stand out in the sun? You warm when you're in the breeze, your little cool yeah you go outside and I join us, some fuckin' tremendous refa with the sun hitting your face and Utah and I said of a cigarette all combined or even or even like. I like what I do. I do a cup of coffee Papa Fuckin', the little nicotine gum to give you got some blood prior to make depression, medication. On top of that, all together it all works out. You don't say if you take him apart, nothing really happens, I get it, but together, that's where you put them a fungo in yeah. For me, it's small shot of Jack Daniels N in one to two hits of a joint
or comedy shorts stuff from my little just a little. To taste, yeah, just a little unites one hit, is really preferred. So smart move two heads if you're feeling I Didn'T- do it. I gotta do the tequila VR, nine hundred and three points, not bad! Oh, would you weight watchers. You belong in the weight watchers. I wanted. I started December. Ninth, I from three hundred and nine to two hundred and ninety six over x, but you know what bro his his this stupid thing. Joe Rogan is the dumbest thing in the world. I guess I'm tired of people saying how clean that diet was. You don't know dick until you go to weight watchers, and this is the only thing with the new weight watchers. Is you run it's different? It's MIKE dolce, oh, ok! So the the Chechens, chicken, breast right, chicken breast. I come to your house tonight, you go Joey when he wanted me to chicken breast
just a marination! I gotta watch how you marinated, but who got zero piece of salmon zero gots beans, all types zero corn, zero cross money or what costs points? Beef, beef, beef does nineteen for interested pushes over. No, no, no, no! No! No! No! But if you look at it, if you look at it, bro check this out You know you do a jiu jitsu than thirty minutes. Sixteen fucking boys. Fit in an extra points. You add points I tried thinking about him with the second guy smart, with a second guys and kind of bounds. I'm swinging bats. I'm hitting the bag walking around the park, I'm still gaining weight, something right, so it's the blood to bother hello butter like I leave. My piece of wheat toast with my
eggs already for this are off the other way ready for this watch, throwing away the toast in just eating the butter. I don't like. I gotta, have my thoughts, show up yeah but eat the butter butter, good for you to. If it's crazy thing, I get a yolks. I don't agree yeah. I hate that knowing what some might call around them. You had a bit about that. No, no there's a thing in the news yesterday, where they're saying the people only eating egg whites is a tremendous health. Loser lights site, listen! Five! You to go. It don't take a moron to tie twenty years ago. Nobody was getting concussions, nobody, get the show. Nobody who's, getting their feelings hurt, especially men. All of a sudden I saw for started eating egg whites, and I saw a big rise and people having a hard time getting their wives pregnant. All of a sudden, I saw commercials about erectile dysfunction. Men never talked about having men talked about the
I did some Blodia night- and I didn't get my dick hard now, all of a sudden there's a commercial on national tv on prime time unfucking, guys saying that and also it's started a drop that low testosterone and I'm telling you dog one thing about Uncle Joey I've always loved egg yolks. I don't like I don't even like mixing them. I think it's bad foot really I don't even like scrambled eggs how eat him if you make, if you make nice to me when little sour cream and a little mill Pandora. I like it, but I don't like this prison, I gotta see the yolk I got a rule when you take me for breakfast, I always got to see the yolk, so I cut around The other way just said to me even coming here for a long time. You do not touch the white and she goes. I mean you do not touch it I have become like a surgeon with that knife. I get the yolk perfectly since I take that wheat toast. Now
I don't even eat the whole tube slices in windows. Only a half a week toast I take one, hey YO, can put on one side and I eat dangling Robert Deniro ate the Fuckin' Egan in Angel heart when he won scary, Mickey walking he just that's. Why I do it. I put a p bacon in my mouth and I take the other piece of wheat. Toast put the egg joke on that. I take the other piece of bacon. Laid my fruit and that's fucking it I got. Eighty t a yoke filled: yeah yeah, okay, I usually three egg yolks, but you could also scramble for eggs, get a tortilla put black beans and salsa all that cost. You is the A dog for You can have a four, point break this. I need a bowl of fruit again brand, no dog, it's amazing! It's a great scene! There's a great sale holds creepy fingernails member two zero years of use. Aj among
So if these two guys were such mother fockers its so funny how crazy? I don't believe that mumbo jumbo I mean that that these guys were the last night. He just told you believe that the egg is the sims the soul of some religious. Look, you see I, but his face he's eating that egg show me that again, that's a look at Mickey Rourke phrase. It will make it work with shipment pick handsome fella yeah, but poor Fuckin' Mickey look at his face. Not exaggerated. That's the devil. That's about as good as a human being is ever going to do an impression of what the devil would look like. If was human, being serious, they wouldn't be fooled by the who else played the devil, Al Pacino, potato when you do those crazy devil ranch run around every movie had to have a rent
right. He went, the whole period of time, whereas brands were so powerful. They like how wow here's, where we're going to hit the ramp right here like his rants, were fucking phenomenal. I mean how Pacino is Scarface right. Me who is who has more epic screaming rants in film history, then but you know I'd, say zero, but I tell you something else about Pacino Noble The is hard everyone on tv learn how Pacino he smacked sister in Scarface and he smacked that chick. The godfather, when she told me she had an abortion yeah, like can relax. He really had a blast of dude. It looks scary like he looks like he hit. I give looks
give you an actress and you never get hit like that before you do, like all my god. He Amber Stephen, Green and Allie Mcgraw yeah. That was real. That was that was really wasn't, especially in the seat. Right smack the just out of principle here see Nancy J. I we showed force. Before so repetitive, none of the weed folks, that's what you get. You get the fun stuff, but you also get off plate memory about a thousand. They also said they also. I also heard that function to their role played at the Dracula. Yeah. You show that more or no, no, no Gary Oldman, I'm very sorry. No, but didn't Denira play the Dracula in something node prank Frankenstein did Nero played. Frankenstein once was really good. I was terrible movie. It was one of those ones like wait, what it was weird, I was pretty good as a monster, though he's are real actors that played the devil well movies What was Kaiser so say he wasn't in devil, right, yeah, Muzzy, sure, well, a lot of people, Jennifer Love Hewitt played the devil Jesus Christ
Ritter play the devil. John Ritter did a couple episodes of Newsradio one whole bottle look at Vincent Price Bro. Who was fuckking system. He really was some those movies. He did like two movies that really scared. The shit outta me yeah. What did do which movies did he do there? Two, trying to remember. There was a lot of really fun movies back then that if you watch today, you like what the hell he was definitely on Batman right. What was he on Batman? house on haunted Hill there's there's this thing house of wax. That was a big one house of wax was a big one. The last man on earth. He was always It was like thought of that, like real good, creepy actor guy, we good and scary movies. What's
does Imdb. I wonder if he was in a bad man. Yeah yeah yeah was if he was in that nice he was in something. Let me find how guy gets like synonymous with genre movies, like Vincent Price, you think about all scary movies. You know there's a few guys like that. You think of their name. While scary movie, you know John Romero scary movie. You know dawn of the dead that film No tv on his name right, John Romero. Now John Romero did want that employs Romero. John Romero is a guy who was a game developer in the early days of doom. He was within software. Like doom and quake in those kind of George Romero was the guy that on paper, actually started this whole zombie fucking shit much right when we were kids, he had to do all dead and the other one, the other. As was seen.
In one of those that had to be one thousand nine hundred and seventy five. I was b, twelve years old, maybe fifteen one of those came out took a his acid and we all went to the movie theater on a Saturday, take the number or must to Jersey City, and they would play these movies dawn of the dead. Something else. Night of the living dead, fucking creeped out night of the living dead was first one and there's one scene where the black guys going for the helicopter just chopped his head off. Jesus in Christ. I run out of both both movies were scared. The leverage I don't know how many times. I took the number one bus to go to Jersey City, then a journal square. There was a with a dog. That's why I saw Pryor live at the sunset Strip, the first time on a Friday night, I got stabbed that's when I saw you stab they got caught. I still got the Scott That's where I saw the pink Panther movies that was
first John right into getting high and going to the movies like I know I It is all the movies in North Bergen to Union City 'cause I been to one of my mother's friends or some so me and my little gold bonds figured out. If we went to Jersey City, we could get on the this call little drama get a six pack. Will it four ways and smoke a joint and going movies wheezing gaggle neck, like an we also went down to the sea. The groove tube Kentucky Fried movie. Kentucky Fried Movie was a John Rhe. Star wars, Saturday night live and there was a movie put together by a bunch of sketches, but one famous sketches is there in the courtroom and the Japan there's a guerrilla fights people up yeah, they would just say different, stupid things and a
Okay guy- I guess yeah those loony there ten days from now or do this movie today, you too, but this was on HBO. We were killed. The Iraq Jamie, yeah. This is on HBO, so you had it talk your mother into getting HBO because grooved. Kentucky Fried movie is going to be on and they were hilarious could never have this movie today. Yes, you couldn't getting triggered. Yes, you could. You could They don't have the balls to do this movie tonight. Girls are getting. Pie. Look at this look at this look at this shit this. It's crazy! You can never do this in a movie today and regular movie. They would never allow that Catholic high school girls in trouble and the Bangor on the shower and use your pressed up against glass like will live Jim at least everything american pie was not. I mean it's not a sketch thing, but it wasn't too far different now, but even american pie, I think you'd struggle to do that. Now. I think. Climate she no! No. No, we could. Still, apart of America, loves this type of humour joke.
Okay, no! No! That's trying that they took F1 grid girls out of formula one racing grade grid girls like them out and now they're petitioning to take octagon girls out and ring card girls there's like we need to stop this like they're like what are you talking about this? How we make a living stupid like what who is the rectification of women. I think, if you, have chippendales and you can have chevron card boys see who gets hired Joey what happened I am just as people are crazy people. You know you are you. You made a point the other day with those two young men that uh and I don't want to quote You said something about there's a somebody got mad at PETE with a vagina hats
black lives matter well with transgender transgender's were mad because of represents the Womans March. Not everyone who is a woman has a vagina that was. There are upset Prince Transphobic Fuckin' as much as an American as you want, I'm fucking done, I'm done done. I don't know what else to do anymore. I mean three months ago uh. The fucking some guy came out with a brilliant movie, Stephen King, that scan everybody that he not It was number one film about clown yeah. And all of a sudden there was a parade. You know they got together, clowns, marched and protection of clowns, because This that movie came out a bunch of clowns lost, lost their jobs in the spring Lake there were booked for the fall, the Well, you know well into something. Now, that's just totally out of control, the Amy Schumer saying with the Xeon sorry I read done you know
you try to not avoid everything, but it's right in front of you know, today, there's something else. I'm waiting you just waiting for the fucking shoot every day I am going. Continue to be who I am Jaro, and you should have on stage I don't We give a fuck about sensitive. I can't understand. I cannot have time. I feel you I think about it. I would I also watch the podcast, of you with Brenda and Brian, and- talked about something that didn't happen to know know. It did happen to me where I was at a child children school at a fair, and- and I tried to turn it into a bit- I just couldn't sell it. To be funny. This playing in front of me, and I I could tell there was something not right with the child and some other child, ultimate fagot and the kids mother came not sure not a fagot he's a trans gender and then
The came up to me, I'm high, as fuck old you doctor This is three months ago. Okay, this is want to go out of park. You know before you go to those events, you get tuned up. How can you put by zine in your eyes and you go down and you try to be as nice as you can as a parrot, but you try to avoid talking to a lot of people. Your wife does all the talking you just sit, the film wave, the people hi. How are you things on the when the G there yeah, but she that you just you just watching the girls you try to do that, but there's always something up those events that you get back in the How would your wife and go MRS Grogan? What the fuck was that about and then they'll break it down? For you tell me I'm lying to you at everyfuckingthing, it's like you. You were talking about the people believe in the earth that there was no Adam and Eve. That's why I'm starting to when you so tell him that bit. I don't know what the
He would talk about what would you hang out with his blast? This is what he had with this poor bastard, but now that I have a child, that's five, I'm getting out to see from people's views that are my age and this lady, the man gave me a hold of you beat how the kids fifteen. They have my medication he's known, he was a woman, since he was nine and that uh, but then Fuct up Joe Rogan. She said she always wanted a girl anyway, no Jesus, but you got we're talking about something about. There was somebody in trouble for a three year old, giving them blocking Seattle, not about that world. I know nothing. Owen, Benjamin got in trouble get fired from his agency; they dropped him because he was tweeting a bunch of shed about someone using hormone blockers on a three year old he's like this it's crazy? What I listen to that day and where I live, I thought my head was blow up and when she came over and explained
why he was going to be a trend again. Well, here's the thing I think its trade jabs behaving. Here's my thing for kids behave in a certain way. Let him keep behaving that way. You'll have fun. Growth hormones in the you know even know. What's going to happen, when you do that, you're gonna change, who he is so you're telling me that he has this urge to take hormones that are not native in his body. In the same amount sees this urge to do this, so we should just let him do it. No urge to be identified as a woman like You don't even have to do anything to do that. If decide you identify as a woman, most people going to be cool with it we're, saying that a child has to take some chemicals in the middle of their Now mental cycle is the only way we can do this. This is a smart way. This is a smart way when they're, six or sixteen or whatever it is that's crazy that doesn't makes sense from a developmental standpoint like I'm, not a scientist, but I understand enough about the stage Is that the human being goes through before reaches adulthood and you're, not really
completely formed until you're, like twenty years old or twenty five years old, or something like that. It's like the frontal cortex, doesn't form twenty five, so you decision making is always a little weird. You know what the they want to be a fifteen or sixteen. Oh, no, it's six or three oh, so she said that he knew it nine come on and I went home and I told my why my wife, so we don't watch watch, show show every week a in the but kids that want to you know make the channel is it doesn't matter. It's just I'm trying to to tell you that I'm finding out about ship now that, but you know it's weird, it's like why. Why does if someone feels a certain way they feel they are certain way. Why do they have to take chemicals to achieve a new state like what what is is we like the identify with being a woman, so they have to take chemicals to reach this state. I think man, if I was a per
and who is a transgender person? Listen to me talk I'd, be like shut the FA cup. You don't know shit about the battle of cheered. If you listen to this, but all I'm saying. Is it is a very unusual situation. It's very unusual. I don't think it's a bad thing, but I think that Doing it to someone who really can't fully make up their mind yet, just seems, insanely risky and what what could happen? to the kid could be terrible and people have made success transitions when they transitioned in their 30s. You don't have to do it when you're. Six, if you want to be a true, gender person in union 30s. Sure,
you're twenty or whenever we decide that a human being is rationally capable of making full life decisions that are instrumental yeah. That's what I thought that was like make some good decisions, sixty nobody or at twenty one or twenty five, doesn't mean that someone at sixteen who thinks they're a woman couldn't absolutely become one later and be super happy with it. That's not I'm not saying that's not possible either, like everything is possible. There's a thing for everybody and if that is what you feel like is you're your thing. You want to be that that's is it's who you identify with and you so you have every right. You have every right to so what you're saying about you know me drugs. I did between sixteen and twenty. A it's not funny. You did a lot of drugs from the time I met you shoot The fact that you were on schedule before that. No, but I'm talking about like I, I try to stay away like I was a karate guy like you and the kids Karate
Saturday's. They were geeks. We the went to a martial art festival. We competed, We went to a karate movie or we went to war. Honda, the martial arts supply this places is so we saved our money, Why would you want to go to movies and see the five deadly hands? Not not We got to save our money, we're going to Honda next week to buy a caboodle tonfa like we would is by like the ones that you hold yeah with the just. So you know I don't who your money who who drawn would be drawn. This is what, if you look at, have you know to write chinese letters yeah? If you look at those old, chinese things. They all had this out. If that's how you wrote karate, that's How old is karate like that so you would. I know all about this. You would buy the the handle that
I would hold yeah. You, wouldn't take one dollar when they had the wood in the top, they had four inches of canvas and you would stand in front of You must you are on a marquee, Juara yeah. They would have liked, though you would get nice guys with really all my gosh in there now we would save our money. We we geeks that's what we did the twelve, but that little goon bars in my neighborhood and when they were twelve, they did something completely different. They went behind the school and they would roll one joint and put it in a piece of glass tube and and light it up and we were drink, boones farm the fruit should not get beauty. So I didn't know who to hang out with so I would have to be like a double agent. That was a tough job for me as a twelve year old, hi tech. In our my karate skills, I have right. I like going to competitions, I like doing forms I like doing the semi contact competitions where you couldn't take above the head,
Those are good for kids, but you don't like it anyway, but you still kick the kids get this qualified, but funk- and I think the majority just say you know, people did this is in life was simple. For me, this is so I had to yeah decision, because the Kung FU kids didn't get no policy. They just wanted to let's see if they would talk about girls and they maybe had a crush the girl in the four hundred and thirty class. But then the rest of the company of the events my other buddies, weren't, the Puzzy. So eventually I cut the karate frocking geeks out and I started hanging out with the little druggies and you make it transition from developmental ages. Like I tried to hide my drug use, I tried the especially the marijuana use for two three years. It was just a lot wow Then, once I became a freshman got its start back The my freshman year, I decided to let's venture out into this acid thing, we
It's venture into this masculine thing. It was a diff name, it was masculine, but it really wasn't mescaline shower Joe Rogan. It was a it would know, was the and it was a little thing I did the same isn't it paoli, but compound what they sell you in the south right, they suppose we put into keyless on to diss sound right yeah. This is something that too little white kids made an appeal or was poison with something else and something else, and it was very tiny. It was maybe a little size of this. That's it and it came out, for even smaller than that even smaller than that. Way, small that those thing that that's it you paid eighty dollars for it and you got one hundred of those and you start for three dollars apiece and that would fuck you up. The six hours with a two hour Hayes,
between an hour buffer and I want to come down, and I did that for three or four months then they introduced me to thc crystal. Where Snorting states sold it. As we do. Is we get a bunch of stems and seeds from the reefer? We put it in a pot and we boil that pot and whatever separate from the stems in the seeds that goes to the sides scrape that off and that's where you snort your notes on my god so I was I was. I have like a karate rule. But I will always just smoke it and do the masculine, but I was never going to put nothing in my nose. Oh, you had a rule like a drug addict, put something I know exactly. That's it like that's a complete different range I'll, never The move was best Roddy man as a karate man rather morals yeah. I was just straight away with the roof,
and then I finally ended up snorting that fucking gorilla biscuits shift is that's what it was. It was angel dust they just like. They just told you and I wanted Asian the stair, every Sunday me and my friend Carlos Perez would buy a six pack. Michael, the only Michelot is food. Good friends tonight is kind of special to appear. With the here will pour must say something more valuable, quality and eyes. Long Brown there, cologne by we talked about well? No, we would we would drink lowbrow lowbrow that one we would get a six pack of lowbrow and fuckings I want a ten dollars package of thc. Crystal and mother would go to the track on Sundays. So I knew she wouldn't come back till seven so me and him with snow on it as soon as my mother step foot in that caught eleven being hit with a and we snort it, and then fucking,
just sit around like then be fuckin' zombies all day yeah, but that is a development, and then I went after my mom died. I just want a narset tab for Fuckin' that a year God knows what was in those God goddamn things, God fucking, though commercial. Oh, this is, oh, my god look at that guy how about lower brow wow. This is like a sketch. Truly great american beer. Why does it have american name, mother fucker? What are you embarrassed embarrassed from here can be a lowenbrau. Parking lot at least drink lower browser shift. Actually it isn't american beer right. That's like steep Ameo chick keep your fucking real name that is still in his American as it gets, is still around long bro. I don't know, but if they said,
but that was their name and they started the beer company and it didn't change your name, that's as american as it gets. So I'm wrong. I shut the up if it even looking up at the german brewery, liars liars, liars lying about American American made they make a lot of american american plants make a lot of cars. Now that you think are japanese cars like Toyota Tundras. They make him in Texas to make a bunch of money. Two That's weird right, like you, think you buying a honda, you think you're definitely buying. Japanese car, if you think, you're buying some american cars it might be a mexican car. How crazy is that like what? he's making their cars down in Mexico. I think they, I think they closed a couple plant. I think Toyota was down there and somebody else for awhile, but here's the thing if they put him down in Mexico, but they gave american money like the levels of american money, that's in Mexico. They would stop doing it. A lot.
Wow? Look at all these different ones. Chrysler has three plants, forestry plants, three plans for plants, my there's one they do it down there 'cause it's cheaper, lish, I guess they have to do you got to do and I'm sure it helps the community, because I know it does. I know people that have had manufacturing down in countries and they do it for the cheap, but it does help the people like there's some places that don't have much What's arguable is like. Why is living like a western person so important when these people live in their own way. Thousands of years. It's just they just didn't, have like the crazy infrastructure and all the that we had. They don't have the crazy cities and you know other other in a few cities in Mexico like Mexico City, so they would go put plants and like. Why is it doing I mean, I'm all for people being able to work, but is that better? it is a better than the way they were living before when they were living like indigenous people or live in like villagers are live in like treats people or whatever they did to get by. I don't know
Maybe let's go back to the whole situation here. Still remember 'cause, I'm a little older than you. I still remember. Where was kind of starting to get taboo, if you bought a Fahrenkopf yeah like. I am that old ways that I still remember the law mid 70s. I still remember when Toyota advertised on Nissan Advertise, the car for one thousand eight hundred and ninety five and I will go you forty dollars in the bank. I could buy one of those. It was One thousand five hundred hours stupid like a corolla or something yeah. I still remember. There was a time in this country when you bought off with you on the first person on this block you showed up with a foreign car. You got a little bit of grief, you got a little bit of grief and then it felt like they sold themselves have felt we dropped the ball at some point as Americans as the
I don't know what happened to Detroit and all that I know that. Where is the Hyatt? population of Puerto Rico in this country. I don't know you think it's the Bronx, but it's not. It's: a suburb outside of Cleveland White. Is in the 50s they took, much of Puerto Ricans and put him into this suburb to work at the car plants. Plant shut down there. We ended up going other places and whatever and blah blah blah and blah blah blah, and then the foreign cars started. Kicking are fucking asked. Why again, I don't know was it. The workmanship was at the quad. Really, all I know is if I got a fuckton Toyota, I could with eighty thousand miles without stopping to get gas in science you as a consumer as the can you want to buy products and you want to buy american made products you also there's a places now like Mexico we,
we have places to in Indiana we had Toyota has a couple places and they bring it back. I mean fuck it. Let's some it also we trade. We summer, Toyota stuff, which is a what kind of car they the japanese or chinese Japanese, Japanese yeah and let some of ours should get made over there. That's part of! Is it nap? That's North american, North American trade agreements, so that so that's just. I think I think I'm just talking on my answer, but I think that's just us, Mexico and Canada. So when we build a car in Mexico, it's a lot cheaper, develop that car because of the rate yeah the people at the papal blessing cheap to get land. These people are made what's going on down there or not as much going on down there, obviously is they doing american some black, some like heavily populated cities, and so they can for people much less money and they do it. There's a lot of plants. That's funny. But here's the thing like it's. The real question is: do you
this is just going to elevate these people and they're eventually going to catch up with the western world and live the way that we're living right now in the United States like there's, ultimately a possibility of that or are we saying well we're always going to have these people that we treat less good and we just always keep them in that position. They're never going to get any better. I mean which one is it it's one of those two things or I mean it could possibly be that people just want schitt cheaper so bad they don't care, they don't care, they don't care. If you guys can a dollar a week or whatever they make. How much do they? If you had a gas how much does someone in a uh, automobile plant in Mexico make as opposed to american worker. I'm sure someone must have done some sort of a study. It's weird man. As if they were doing the exact same thing on this patch of dirt would go. What you can't pay that little then you say: oh, but down there, everything is cheaper and these people an opportunity like why is it better? Here's the question?
why is it better than the way they have always been living in Mexico? hours for our workers, make forty thousand dollars suvs two dollars an hour? Jesus Christ which imagine a person working all day and you hand them sixteen dollars. You, sir, are a piece of shit. Could you imagine. Guy busts is asked on an assembly line all day. You give him sixteen dollars. Fuck, you that's crazy, started one dollar and ten cents an hour. Oh, my god, it dollar an hour. You make more prison. That is ridiculous. And that's mexican money. That's american money, a dollar a day, two dollars an hour. Maybe it's like the translated Joe again for, but it's it's just it the idea, is that if you're always going to be able to always be able to make more money like these people have idea in a lot of these corporations of unlimited growth they just want to
only growing growing growing. It's some people, think is very dangerous idea because of your your bottom line, for companies to always outdo every quarter at a certain time, people start get desperate they start cutting environmental corners or cut, and research corners are doing whatever they have to do to keep bottom line down and keep their profits coming in, and that's what you can say about like these prescription drug companies, people I think these companies are evil their companies. Their job is to make money. Okay and they're, caught up in a storm with they're allowed to make legal money, and this legal money is King Sub Stanshall, it's a giant amount of money. These pharmaceutical companies make on opiates of people are dying and left and right, Shelly, left and right. This is one
the craziest unspoken epidemics. The human race scene for Oklahoma had no idea for how you the truth on everything I still talk to my drug dealers. There were good to me when I needed them and from month to month I stood Armenian still talk to Dan sleazy. In fact not sleazy just did a big movie on a couple of lines with big movie. That's awesome! They do what they do. I do what I do. I have a family. I got a call from the Armenian Isambard at Ralphs yeah that he did. You see do about the Armenians, so my favorite based on the army and it rows he gave me a hug and saw with his kids- are kids are huge. Now you know how many times met him with his kids and he would put an eight ball in my. Yeah. I've been in that position. So now groceries and hug them, and he would you mind if I call you later, you know- and I go sure call me whatever you want, and he goes
Do you? Where do you live in? I told me because I live here. Can I make sure I want to assure question I didn't know: I thought he was going to ask me if I still did blow. I didn't know. You know I'm good, I'm good and when I went to men feed him when he wanted to know was he goes your comedian in there. I just wanted to ask if you know anybody who who get built then I go. I got xanax at the house, you're free to take him. He does not I don't know I'll talk in pain, oxy or whatever. Again I shook his hand. I gave my younger brother, I don't know nobody yeah weekly, I told him I'll ask 'cause. I do the guy kind this. Why do Nollywood right? I called him MIKE Well, we clearly are meeting called me and he got it, but you know I'm sorry hold on and I
then I looked when I called his white dude and he called me back and he said uh give me a couple days. You know, and he called me back and what he told me was my modeling. Would I the prices? How much is getting of what you pay for pharmaceutical? He hit me back and he told me three numbers on the phone with three: different names of what this guy had and I'm not a drug dealer. I called the I mean I just said: listen to what he told me. This is what he wants and the guy goes. Ok, no tell him until we can get one thousand number. I could not believe the amount of money for these pills. Really, though, I never was a big pill head, but oh my god, the black market for pills,
is fucking giant Normous, and I knew this kid Nollywood will come true. I know him. Fifteen years he's a big Jujitsu guy, and they opened up the door and they can't close it. It is my body When you pay for bills, Well, you know what happened right. You know where it all started. Well, this is what happen first of all, there are obviously very addictive. Second of all, something happened in Florida. Where they allowed people to get the mail clinic prescription, pain clinics everywhere there was basically what off track betting is for handling. That was heroin sales. So you would just walk into several minutes: Joie, every he's got an ache. You know, sometimes my fucking neck. Bothers me. After a couple of podcasts, I need to get a little oxy, my back just can't sleep there you go have some oxy, they would have a pharmacy attached to it actors, office town of three two hundred was flooded with nearly twenty one million pain pills as a dick.
Crisis, worsened lawmakers, say: whoa, a town, three thousand two hundred people was flooded with twenty one million pain, pills, town, West, Virginia Jesus Christ, people in in those towns like from the wild and wonderful west of West Virginia. What is that? The white Suv member that wonderful, what kind of the whites of West Virginia Xanax, whatever the little ones. A the little ones for anxiety. You know when I anxiety I get them lately before I get if I haven't gone on the road for a while. I realized that Thursday morning, all my God, Joe Rogan as we get ready, I keep thinking like I'm, not packed them right right. I forgot something. I forgot the holes and sleep apnea and I've been by half of it, and you know what I even fall asleep. I got when I fall asleep, but on the road people give me weird creepy
it is so now I just go to Webmd and you look for pill indicator and, if something good I'll save it so I got it if, if I had an emergency of I'm lonely one night or something yeah Papa these little pills on the you know why my dog when they told me to put like I knew when I was a kid I, go to central allowed to Washington Square Park and I could get eight ten milligram valium with the v in the middle that's the real deal when you going to fund itself and they got a v in the middle cut out all the Shyt MAC Daddys, I could get eight of those for ten dollars and there were ten milligrams. Here's the question do you think if it was legal, more or less people to use it for the same Whyyou,
district point something Thursday. I'm curious, why you gambling drugs pills you give people the green light. Dog were fucking work right, creatures of habit were all gonna fucking guy. Some of us are going to control it. Listen to some people are getting the surgery next surgery like itself, a? U thrown away. The vicodin and there's other people that take that prescription two years later there shooting heroin, I don't understand it. I think different, I think, have different hold are jeans bro, there's some hold it like pain, I'm not one of 'em, but there's some people that genuinely like it. They get pleasure out of it. What kind of paint do you like? I mean what kind of pain? I don't think this one, this computer. This is the question. I think they think there are syndromes where an it's probably fairly common terms. It's not just one person is like several people that point out that
actual like pleasure, like a serotonin burst from certain certain of pain pain, they don't. I don't think they feel it is with the way we fill it. And so there was trying to do things themselves and they say that some of the people to get like a lot of piercings have that some So they get a lot of tattoos have that they start to feel the wanna feel it more. So they want it burn it into themselves. It- and I don't I'm not obviously not a psychologist, but it's apparently pretty common theory and I want to talk to you about it once the podcast a list of podcasts where you were talking about 'cause. I wanted to do some really tell you the truth. The podcasts are you talking about that? Maybe some of Jones John Jones actions. We call my head injuries could easily bent. I tell you not not caused by not could easily, but would be a fact. I got a taste and Joe Rogan again. Well, let's go back to abuse from gambling of pills
The mind with cocaine is a very tricky yeah and it takes a year off you just telling you this from experience, because I learned a lot about nootropics from you. I don't really know much about it, but Romonosky sent me too. Who is judge the shakes that nuro one the orange juice flavored spaceship? That got me in a new trobec when I got off cocaine that came in the mail and I really dragging that Intel nobody, my secret because I knew especially for a guy like me Jon Jones is twenty six years old he's a phenomenal fighter. I didn't think really had anything to do with anything. I think it was when you're on cocaine in that year, after cocaine takes the pleasure patterns. Out of your mind, How did your brain website design? Ratona melatonin? I don't know, don't correct me on this, but I feel that
it, took me a year to eighteen months. For me, this become a human again and I haven't gotten hit in the head. Not since I was third day they had beat up by the guy, tried the mug and I got flashlight it really took, eighteen months to embrace you, man again yeah I want you to remember that I want you to think of that morning would have. In Santa FE with when he ran the lightly, ran away from that that what what was he Jamie? Do you think he just woke up going to church. Now he was out in the night before yeah, you could very well be there's no pleasure, you know you take it make sure mind a long time. You know what thing. When I get off the juice I gotta do I'm from my balls to grow again. You'd have to take something called clone. Scene? Okay, what there's a couple different ones? Apparently it's an estrogen blocker
blocks. You restaurant actually one of the things that John tested positive. Ok, so how long would it take for me to get my balls back again? It take you a little while. A bank stadium such marks team out of time that you were doing it? Ok, so if you are, if that's why you? just go on like a short cycle unless you're crazy, Bodybuilder guide those guys just stay on all the time thing with the cocaine bro. I thought about you statement. I went home and started writing and thinking. I got off now remember two thousand and seven. It me a year and a half just become a human being to realize I was fat. I was four hundred. I need to to go to weight. Watchers thousand and eighteen months to realize I had a married. My wife took me a long time from my brain to think normal, like anybody, right. Well, what you take that into consideration are dead. I definitely do understand, agree to be a long time. Yeah. You know when you do blow when you go on stage the safe I do blow for.
Three nights a week and I go on stage. I have no control Joe Rd. In the face. The you see me on stage I have control. I have no connection from my brain to what's coming out of my mouth, you I can't now you're going do you have? Are you speaking to right now is empty words. There was no passion behind it. That's why it wasn't funny. You know you said to me: he said it blocks, love. It blocks the love yeah, that's it! The love. Between my the cocaine, in my words, is gone. But still can't do stimulants ramp up aggression and the impulsiveness and they they ramp, up your fearlessness. They ramp up your courage. You get disproportionate, they ramp, your ego, like some stimulants on some people. Some people obviously look to people that can handle boo. These people can't handle even a little booze and I think, that's
with stimulants? I think that's the same with pretty much everything ever almost every life experience. In fact, I think, some people that can handle things and some people to can some people that can't at first and they eventually learn to Someone sent me something about. Rodney Dangerfield was fucking great man of New York Times relentless thing yeah. It was great great. Oddly John Dudley sent it to me funny in a it- was amazing yeah. I read that really amazing. It's amazing! oh Fletcher, Tait Fletcher San Antonio's great. It was taped, shut Fletcher. Where is Tate? Tam letter of Recommendation Rodney Dangerfield. It is an amazing piece who wrote this was name of the gentleman Alex Halbert, stat Alex you made a masterpiece, that's a fucking hell of an article, about one of the greatest of all time when it comes to stand up comedy, and he just talks about the ever in a Rodney Dangerfield and how
it wasn't until he was like in his 50s that he really fucking got it together. Like he became the great stand up that we know him mass and his process for boiling down material Joey. It's a fucking, amazing article. I read a two times. I look I get tears in, but yeah. So what do you wanna? Do this special? Yes, special, I'm going to direct your comedy special. We just figure out when to do and where to do it June June, at the Icehouse Icehouse is the place. Food shows for sure six shows let's do six Let's do this. Do I want to do two Thursday to Friday to Saturday Coom? I want to get those crazy week, night savage, is a different kind of animal that goes out on Thursday night one hour there, a little more ramped up go for one hour. Fifteen minutes you going to go crazy, so we're going to do. I just want it we're going to capture the real Joey Diaz experience and we're going to put together a special June. Icehouse will give everybody the details, but this is the first special that I've ever even attempted to do so in with other than my own, so
Thank you very much for the opportunity. You would be the guy leftover Fuckin', crazy yeah. I think I got a lot of toys. I think the name of it is immigrant immigrant alvera mentalities, perfect, perfect. Others respect the steep Ameo Chick, that's perfect, myself name. It looks perfect, Sir name of the album, ok beautiful, I'm already in process right and I'm ready to go. I think the ice house is the place. We've been there a million times it's home. It's only know my god. It's all yeah, it's a great place to film and when that place gets rockin Holyshit border Collie Robinzine, I'm going to call a Rado implying today earlier the viewing and Ledisi L. I'm a go so people were kidnapped, Bella, show people to halfway house, I'm going to walk around boulder public tape. All that I'm going to have that up this fucking spring. I got some shit, I'm planning on doing a little mix, tape, Skype, I love drop. Let these
but I want to see I'm ready to shoot the special and I had a great time in Charlotte Man, how you were in Durham, yeah you and I would discuss in the comedy scene in North Carolina using how is just I just want to thank you people and week before that I was in Austin and that place is like, last time I got emotional and Austin like I don't know how the times I drove from Houston to Austin, the open mic on Wednesday, Joe Rogan. In that little stage I could, We look at your face five times and now I was headlining and selling the place out. I just did walking, the dog. I did the open mic from Margie and she would tell me you too dirty for me. You know, I'm saying it now be among the Austin is fucking it really weird to see the growth of cities not only that to see the growth of comedy in these cities yeah Portland or like that's, what happened? That's how Fidel
look over Cuba just little growth in different areas, put internet bill. That is made people more aware of common fifteen years ago. We would go to Houston and be excited. I'm going to New York and maybe like three other places. Everything else was just a regular town. Yeah now every town is excited about your Rogan. Bert Kreischer fucking, the girl. What's your chinese girl Amy one? Allie Allie one yeah. There's a lot of great excitement. Bills are excited about people coming to town. You know it's a we've seen this growth It's been an amazing like see. I got into comedy on the tail I'm like when I got into comedy people would tell you it's over kid, because, five years before that embassies were getting one thousand five hundred plus at and features, two thousand five hundred plus an and headliners were getting five grand plus at and all
when I got it still remember. The first note she gave us was before you guys get into comedy. I wanted to tell you what happened to the bubble it busted and he broke down with comments, are getting paid give a fuck. He was just trying to discourage us he's wrong. These wrong. You know what the bubble is. Not writing. Jokes yeah That was a bubble that was the bubble, the bubble in Boston, I'm almost pause. I don't know what people blame it on the excess of comedy on television at the time. I believe that, because the great ones are still there, I think- apple was there was a lot of guys that were really really really really fucking funny 'cause. They had taken their act and polished that mother Fucker like a diamond and they brought it and it was just perfect- was a perfect act, but it didn't change. It was a perfect piece of work they didn't write more. Some guys did, but not enough guys did and soap. Keep coming back to the show's they'd be able to say the jokes word for
year after year, like they go to see some guys who do the same act year after year and they never left Boston, and it's a very unfortunate. Because like when it comes to like proficiency level, there's guys like Steve Sweeney that used to kill in a way that you like, oh my god, what's the guy, you should drink a white Russian in a container Don Mutherfucking Gavin Gavin, one of the greatest ever four guys in Boston. When I started that you heard about your boy too, I think Clark back in some heat living when he was killing it and the guy that had the shows he was funny in ninety one bro. Yeah nine thousand one hundred and ninety two, Clark was flukten, throwing heater parts that murder he used to fill the Faneuil Hall Club with all screaming chicks. I never saw anything like it 'cause. He was cute. You know he it would be silly onstage, Chorals loved him. I mean to the point where that place would be overrun with girls. It would be like eight thousand and twenty girls in this Faneuil Hall connection. We like what the fuck, like what other comic brings
girls like this, that love him and then he's another Let's see the same bits over and over and over again they didn't care they would find with it. It's weird. It was a weird time what fuct everybody up was: people would go to see. Someone special like Kenison did a special and then he tried to do the material from the special on a show we already knew the material and they were like yelling out bits and fucking up its, and so I think x and then started realizing once you do like real special and put it on HBO or something like that? It makes you famous you gotta, throw that shit away and write a completely new set out. That's why it's so tough, now tired, because you're trying to develop your hour on the road. Put your wire on the road, and go up and following week to promote that hour and you got the same half you got half hour that hour yeah unless you fuqing Harry Houdini, so now error, for that already, when I went
after the last time was a big function. Lesson everybody has that lesson. We have gone through that right now, so time just put it out, that's it yeah and those weeks when you put that out just stay home yeah still don't embarrass you don't try to do some stay home and get fifteen minute bits of the shop, and once you get six of those fifteen minute bets, then you go out and put forty five together. You start from scratch and then one you still three thousand and thirty five minutes. Once you shut the event, you know, once you shut that fifty minute she stood up thirty five minutes to work on again: there's no shame Fuckin', your boys anatomy stays home for a buck in working now and then goes out Russell. Yeah. He stays home for a long time. Shutout does. He still does some gigs on the road be Mcs and just talk to the crowd, Foxwood brochure. Allowed to our little pet partner Friday night. So not the staples. Only the second comic to do it, who sold out staples Gabriel. Did he really Jesus
Christ. That's like twenty thousand people, Friday till they get game. That's a Laker game, Gabriel Iglesias hold out a Laker game Friday night at the staple center, gave him and Kevin Hart are the only ones to do it, an animal. How do you spell on murder in it? Here's? Why is funny anybody can go see him. You can take your kids to see him your mom to see him he's a nice guy. Everybody loves him. You're gay What you want to see you get a funny comedian having a good time So how many thousands I want to say that's at least like eighteen thousand people. I think that might be twenty five might be. Twenty thousand. I think that place is done. Is the beautiful thing I just remember him pay me thirty. Five dollars-
on a Wednesday night. They go, do the bicycle club and he would host wow how many people twenty one thousand Jesus christ- oh my god. Oh my god, that's so many people might hurt her choice. Twenty one thousand people powerful, Gabriel Iglesias, holyshit, that's nuts bad, is fun, there's, there's still not hide of comedy yeah he's right at the top right now him and Kevin Hart, and in terms of like being able to do that, especially we will do that in LA hero and Ella he's done more shows consecutively at the ice house is sold out like that fucking ten years ago. He's doing that he would like Monday, shows Tuesday shows two shows Wednesday. Two shows that he just fucking crank amount now who's taking people out to breakfast after he shows yeah Christmas Eve. After this, he will get. He stood. Those two shows on Christmas Eve. That's amazing! He could do. Shows was at three in the afternoon to do shows the ice whenever he wanted and they repacked
get free afternoon bucket pack, let's go woo people wanted to see it. Have a couple of drinks watch some funny comedy. Why not like God, just just the amount of people that I going out to comedy, I'm I'm just honored to be apart me too, you know Joey you and I have known each other for a long time now and so we've seen like a couple of ways on my God. No, nothing like nothing like that flock. Will you at the Wiltern sold out new years and Chappelle, and John John Mayer at the Falcon forum They were sold out too. He was sold out, but he did a warm up tonight. Before somewhere else like, let's just try it out just to see if it works and that's Well, that too, like people around wow Jack yeah people around about. Well we're we're very very lucky to have Dave out there right now, like like doing a lot of comedy Nike's top of the food chain and he's doing a lot of comedy did two specials. Last year, two specials this year and they're fucking good man good
the one who did it from DC. That is a really good special actual. That's a whole life join the ship, so it was about the room to put it yeah. I love how I have, as I haven't seen that help all for you. So every agent told you the belly room would war after the war you dump for they're room when you get into a groove in the belly room. Okay, break something down here at the comedy, store and again you're going to go. We heard this guy there's no! You haven't heard this year because I just found this one out. Fucking pain, we should go when you got sick, that night I covered for you in the belly room. The flume and they called me, the into the belly flu, and I flew to head to the belly room I have a certain allergy common in the belly room and it just wasn't doing it the belly room,
doesn't great Wyatt the belly rooms doesn't require the efficiency that the original room requires. How so So you be that you want to slow down a little bit in the belly. Rooms are saying, okay, so I'm sparring with you and we're not doing fifty percent would doing thirty now Brent in the belly room. If we do fifty it's a little too aggressive you two right there, the energies right there. I learned this after twenty four years of doing spots. There remember the belly room was where I learned the story, though, before that I was rushing to the punch line and not getting in a joke. The belly room was where I learned that sit back a little bit and explain what the fuck you it is. You're trying to tell us why you just kept
religious, a there's, no segue here. This is not the joy right. He just eaten some girls. I us all right. We don't want to hear that. We want to hear how you got that I learned that in ninety nine in the belly room fucking around- and I went back up there weeks ago? For me, the main room I gotta come out like a flock in the main room. I gotta come out like MIKE Tyson when he beat up what would he beat up in Atlantic City knocked him out in the fifty seven seconds? one of the brothers with the Michael Spinks. Eat dick in the mail. Alas, I come out Chapman cross one to a. I I gotta come out one two in the main room right in the original room, ' Gauges who you're following I got a follow Chris to with a I got. Who came out this year, who came out against Travis with a flying sidekick riddle.
We've got to come up with a flying sidekick at the original room. Ok, this people break it down for you in the original room. You gotta Joe Rogan Crystal Leah. Bill. Burr, like I have a couple weeks ago, I got to come out from the curtain: okay and full of flies site. Upward is it hasn't been done, Bruce Lee in the chinese connection, there's no It's not only me and you would usually do a flying psychic from an evil ground right? No, I gotta go upward. That's their comedy in the Kim original room. That's where you maybe go bananas where you see me at my best, like crazy red, in the face about to have a heart attack pitching your heart out on stage. You have to come the flying site. That's a crazy move! You, but you
wanna vertical or tremendous up your on your back kick and you're going to get on my shoulders and kick up and try to get in the draw. That's the original room to belly room. I can rest on my right hook. I could rest on my window. The belly room you can, I could breathe and just throw one two and keep you off me: the breeze deep, get my composure, and even though you hit me with some of those whom go slugs oh god, oh if Keep my hands up to stay away from your right, I'll, be okay! That's the belly room! That's why the belly room, I always thought, would be a great place shoes, you know what's great about the billing rooms. A same thing is great about that: how the ice House annex the second room- yes, that's right, yeah, there's no room for an act, there's no room for an access to intimate a gap. Figure out. Where is the no fat aspect of the bid, and you had to be tuned into the bet. They'll feel my fifty fifth birthday up there cool, I put the eyes
how's. What days that it's a Saturday the 19th 19th. I can't get the comedy store, so I the original room. I got the it's more room at the ice house on the 17th and 19th and then the 18th. I got the original room. I got the belt room at the comedy store and it's before George Washington's birthday, so I got people doing that. One too, so I'll turned fifty five that we can should working out with Uncle Joey. I only tried Stana fifteen bucks. I do that once a month and I go on the stage two and you just fuck around just reading, I write down on notebook that I don't really know about and we develop it together up there and sometimes it's fun nominal nine of the ten. It really is phenom it's a good idea. You want tell you why, because I'm at thirty percent, I purposely than Adam This is purposely. I wouldn't do that at the comedy store this Saturday night. No, no, I purposely did
double take the edge off. Ok, I might even have a shot of alcohol, wow wow. Just one. That's three point: yeah, because I don't need much alcohol, so edible and have a little shot alcohol at the ice house and tape it and always get one or two great things, Joe I'm not gonna tell you. I got an hour of greatness 'cause you're, so relaxed, and they know what they getting it's a great difference, job the car restore listen. How do you? metal with metal You stones, you do we do. We do a special June, Ok, I gotta go to the comedy, store three nights: four nights a week: that's farming! That's at the gym and throw low, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh who's. Next, no, no, no! No deleted get up there! Hey and do takedowns for now take I'm done. I don't care. How was that's what you do
before you shoot, especially you think you need all of it right. You need the sets. You need the writing. You need to set all that you need to writing. You need to working out yeah. You had to be at the right place. Absolutely you know what else I think you need. You need friendship thing that helps I think that would I think that when you set out to me on the phone the other day, and you also know that you got it, to get there. You gotta leave some to aggravate, but I've thought about this many times like who would I be without you guys I could I be without you who would I be without Eddie? Who would it be without red band? Who would it be ARI, who w that Duncan. I think you know the same thing: Tom's girl about the same thing, the one who would I be these these people like Burt. They mean a lot to me like they're they're. Very people and then there's a family which is through the moon that stuff. That kind of love is very weird that kind of love is over well. I how how much Just who you are yeah we were talking about the Tower Gikondo, the Bruce Lee book. And you were saying that you know a lot of excerpts- were stone.
And now I don't even know if it's true or not even that's, not the proper word that I used played. I have a tower with Joey Diaz and for. That tile is what I like Joe Rogan, the other half, that power is what I learned from Marion working with Duncan, but none of them very original. I just kick it up a bit one thing I love about using, is sell. T shirts after me show you need to do nothing. Nothing going to a town. I focus on five shows. I don't want to do podcast, I don't want to go see the statue of liberty. I really don't right. Is you a kick? where to go to get him a good meal, So the first show look at it's a small club. It's sold out. Let me not go out there and take pictures. Let me focus on the important thing which doing on fifty five, I gotta give you a hundred five thousand five hundred and ten percent right and most of the towel, I'm up early. I do my radio I'm up early to get out of their heavy.
Once in awhile on Saturday, you gotta, have you got to have a drink with the audience. Little shot on stage or whatever you know when I've come to think of myself as what piece of I'm a piece of three or four you guys are for. If you want the truth, ARI, I like ARI's real taxation on stage already takes chances like we all work, all three of us love to take chances. That's why do what we do is not going to get the same our year after talking here, not even close, we also have a similar style of mixing everything else. Everything up yeah, I have everybody- has their own towel. Man Bruce Lee. Just he just wanted to teach you by combining that's what we're doing right now for sure you think I'm Johnny original. I take a little bit of you anything. I learned from Bert I learned from Tom I learned from Bill Burr I learnt from Dave Chappelle.
And now this is your art again. This The arm bars the same. Whether I go to you or John John King and show me the same right right, yeah, it's how I do it. Yep yep It's the same point. It's a really good point. I think and there's no way you could ever say any one person is not influenced, because every single style stand up. Comedy is in some way or another originated with like the Lenny Bruce's, and you know the the Dick Gregory's and those you know the guys were doing it. Wait did the Daingerfield guys doing a way back in the day, even Bob Hope, all those guys they started this thing you got a thing the world has had no stand up comedy up until quite unfucking fifty years ago or something that's nothing. This should just started, and you always one of the first guys to do it. Mark Mutherfucking TWAIN mark motherfuck. Tween would do readings of his book and it was funny and people would laugh. He was in front of people rocking. He was killed he's telling stories and reading.
People thought it was hilarious found somebody before I'm sure they just really popular writer years ago, yet Paisley proof that standard form form of this art form existed four yeah it is so civilization. I did read that a couple of years, I'm sure something was similar. Yes, There was some store and because and now I see myself on stage like my tape. By sets now, oh I hear I hear a little Joe Rogan. I hear a little Rodney. I hear a little Lenny Bruce. I love, Bruce is yeah man, deviled egg. That style of that Levy Bruce said ship that you didn't know. People said and it wasn't dirty not just a certain word like when I go on stage that you know
you? Will you don't want to know more low key and the place to look? Is one of those murders and what's the what's the right right right well, look is just bad luck, but that's something let him Clark would say the Fuquay you he put them a look on me even saying we were all, plagiarizing or doing anything like that. No we're influence were influence and muscles wrong. With that one thing: that's important is we're all real fans, a calm and no you're. Still a fan, you still enjoy watched, Commodo love, it these I've been going to the fourth wall. Alot road. Do What war was with Mickey told Rocky to do? dog, but you know me, I got out around eighty told rocky. Do less because why because he wanted, he, somebody took all no I'm sorry, APOLLO
took rock thirty, Jim others. So look at that. Look at these mother fought to give back. No, no, no! No! No! He took them to is all black Jim and he goes. I wanted you to look at these guys, so you can look at their. Actually goes ma'am when your eyes used to be like that Raul. That's right, he does run when your eyes used to be like that rock. So lately I've been gone before I go. And then I got a fourth wall in North Hollywood and I pay five dollars to do five minutes and the rule is you have to Dana most open. My should do you stayed seven, you leave right. You have sit down watch. Others Tell you something the last six weeks I've learned more from watching these open mikres then anything, because I also realize that where I was when I was one of these guys. I want What I had right now? How wanted to be a headline? I wanted to not be a
which guy, but I wanted to just be funny. I wanted to be accepted as a committee and ever since I've been gone in a fort war, I got at three or four nights a week. Generally, I pay five dollars to do five minutes, I'm no better than anybody else, but the the thing is he asked me what I want to go up and I always tell him towards the end because I want to watch these kids enjoy every time. I leave that I leave laughing and I fucking learn something really and I'm back now, alcohol in there, John Rogan, just fucking eight people watching you do five minutes. I want you to think about when you were doing five minutes and what was going through ya. I'm just telling you my hard beating because I still remember bombing and leaving their thinking now, I have to get away the job or now you're going to have to get a cook job. These guys all have day jobs they all. About this city jobs. But Every time I go to the fourth war bro, I fucking learn something
I go there, some nights. I go to flappers I go there, some nights, I go to the store, I go there, some nights, I go to the haha. I do it that way: but I always go there and every time I go there, I he's got here with like five minutes planned bro? It doesn't even hit the stage because from watch those guys. I learned something. I remember something and I just come up with this crazy story so I look at it as like a like doing kettle bells yeah. That's a good way to look at it. I really do I look at these young guys- and I remember that pain in that confusion- that I had that I'm feeling you had when you were open micro and your friends are telling you you are funny, but you still have the limo and keep the baby job route or still drop off papers or whatever job. You said you had. You told me to stay
my meeting at Atlantic's, and all that you still in that crossroads of comedy where you don't know what to do? But you know in your fucking hard that you just can't wait to be a headlight. Somebody would just give you a chance back, then I wasn't even thinking I could never be headliner. I was really hoping I could make a living, never thought I'd wind up being so what you mean living you mean food of one bedroom, yeah, cable, tv, there's, a guy that had a lofty was the king. I had a loft in the had taken a schoolhouse and turned into condominiums, guy, I never I never forget. I looked up to him and believe where he was living DJ hazard, that's his name, hilarious comedian. Oh god, yeah sure well. Dj, has always been a real nice guy and excellent, very funny, very funny. Guy always has been but he had a like a loft apt. I remember everybody talked about it's like what it's got. Brick walls inside
looks like he was the king. He was living like an adult, but he was. He was a stand up comedy like everybody else we thought about. Like you know, you live you barely getting by stuff in a bunch of guys, know house, you know, there's a lot of the comedy flop. Houses were comedians, would want it moving in together or your live in some. She the apartment you could barely afford or you live with your girlfriend or something. So it's it's weird. When you go back and think about it, you know like you could have at any time think about it. Think about your early days when it's terrible, just bought all the time like it wasn't for John Leguizamo really yeah, Watch them do is set one night at the yellow, Nnn front of a the people and he in his mind he was at the garden, though, when I was like I get it. But you me to pay- left at home you know who was one of the most proud moments as a young comedian, when
I was at the comedy, store and Uhm did set in front of you know like literally like maybe five or six people, but I did it is hard, as I would do it a regular room and I heard the back Paul Mooney support. You know how Paul Mooney would laugh in support and you, Oh oh shit! I just got the green light from Paul Fuckin'. Mooney like Paul Mooney was laughing at my schitt, then he came up after showing those he was. Your real comic is, You did that show in front of all those people, and he goes. You knew that there was five fucking people in that room. You did that show like it was packed because that's a real comic. It goes, maybe lap. I think that's what you learn to come inside, that, like Paul Mooney, says, I tell you when you just coming up here like holyshit, like I might be able to figure this out. I might be able to do this. It's big right,
someone coming up with? You know it's crazy when you do a spot at the store. You know you're in the big leagues Oh my no matter where I do a spot when I try Well that's one day when I'm at this, on a Thursday night, Tuesday night, you know you're in some fucking good company, you doing something right or you did yeah. It's I uh we comics are in the room. I love laughing at comics. I love going to the store little early and cats and two or three gray, comics and laugh, and that makes my fucking night whether it's you or Even Bobby Lee is so fucking out of his mind, cutting edge either way we began to run whites in the fucking Bill Bill Murray yeah yeah yeah. I mean RON White Bill Burr last Malley long. There was a line up there all the time there was a line of last week. That was just ridiculous. Saying two weeks ago, the nine I saw Are you down, and I was just ridiculous.
Is on fire with you. Way down. I have anxiety, you know I puked on the car one time on the way down there from anxiety going down that following, what I'm the surgery at March, fifth for your ear and what they have to do exactly put a tube in the world. To drain the fluid what fluids in your ear, whenever I have it's getting to the point where Listen Bro fell last for six months, I've been living with plugs. When I go to the shower. Now I gotTA yeah blood language, it. So what's going on with your ears, because the fluid goes in, I don't know dog, I stuck a being in my ear. I was six of play, I was that game. Please don't spill the beans and then you stuck one year and fucked it up and they couldn't get it out. I just left it then I told my mother over it, went in there other put hot oil in there. They took it out with the functional he took it out with her, so they wrecked my ear. So today
cars for the doctor, didn't take it out. Yeah, I went up to level hundreds uh jewish hospital had 60th and Broadway at their outlets, hurt my ear just thinking about it. So now, fifty years later, because my driving or whatever now I get classic, so I have to even worry applause. When I walk walk from the time I got away with a plug because of not to sweat goes in my ear. You know, I see a doctor, parable fuckin' car sickness from trying to read a book in a call. You cannot do anything like that in the car, after a while you just like, oh especially with reading glasses at this age, really poor, reading glasses on and try to read it. Twitter jack come around that turn where the four hundred and five hits the one hundred and one and see what happens to your fucking stomach. It's a weird thing: huh motion sickness some people get it all the time I get it all the time. Not on planes. Not I get it.
I get high and get on the boat New Jersey Shore going on the boat, I'm done I'm going to take the pills for those pills, drama mean this stuff is brutal. That stuff is blue, rather be c, so you gotta be that tired, I'd rather be sick, I'll throw up. I don't give a puck, then sucks, but at least I don't feel like I'm drugged out like I fell asleep in a diner me and my friend Jimmy Dattilio, we went to bluefish fishing on those party boats on the way home we stopped at a diner, get gets me. I literally fell asleep head down on the cable. I literally was like drug down where you want the drama me yeah, I was on drama mean, and I was only like one hundred and fifty pounds back then one hundred and fifty four pounds does like what I was weighing when I was competing and never did anything. I didn't do anything. I didn't drink and smoke pot and didn't I didn't do shit so dropping in my system. My sister was like check. Please it just
down I couldn't. I had no tolerance at all. I fell completely asleep at a diner, but I tried to take with my friend Jimmy took he's way bigger than I think I just overdosed. Let me ask you something when when when Harvey Weinstein gets out of rehab and he once come on the podcast with you I thought about you coming onto why have some fun with them top box. Am What we want to real food she's got some ideas. You can you can you can have them anywhere? You know yeah, especially in the middle, were joking around folks, especially in the middle of a trial. 'cause he's in the middle of like a ton of trial when he comes back he's going to get charged for sure something's going to happen. There's how many different trials in terms like civil lawsuits and Stuff it's a lot of women saying he did horrible things. It's a undoubtably, there's no way he's going to skate. Something happened, something civic trial criminal trial some days really have civil trials, absolutely we're changing as a species. That's
happening in the way it's like we're, making it up as we go along and there's a lot of rocky things that are happening, a lot of chaos and but there's awareness of like what you should and shouldn't do to human beings in terms of like forcing yourself on people, and you know fuqing them. When I say no, it's like rape and the idea that we're still doing that in twenty eighteen and people are doing a really high levels. Boy three beats? I moved to this town course right off the bat. Soon, as I got here, I heard the creepiest Rockets damn more. You got into like the movies. Like I already with creepy things. Lysol creepy baby I listen man, you have a the call of focus spade paid because you get in trouble, but you look
What's what's his name was that which I have the space is turn you can tell he sucks dick part. You want a new. He was such a big part time. If you at Kevin Spacey, if you look at that, do Lee Harvey Weinstein. You can't tell that that dude would make you suck his dick before think about that, and all these people took pictures with him but happy to fuckin' agents that actually sent you on that mission to Lee Harvey's Fucking Hotel room. I want to know where the fuck they are. They didn't know that Lee Harvey was come out with a massage ask you to suck his fucking dick or watching naked. We knew for a long fucking time. Everybody knew when there's a fuckin' gap. When you have a dream and you power, a lot of This could happen. I mean I'm not, fucking Liberace but I got my dick sucked at the comedy store just because of being a comedian and some
We thought that you were like had supernatural powers, it's fucking crazy and if you do know about Fuckin' Holly would listen. Man they've been fucking people dead for you. Look at this walking Marilyn Monroe pictures that bitch and you don't- who else was a dirty mother, fucker that Fuckin' Liberace, that guy making you sign contracts, making you fuqing have plastic surgery making you have classes like him. Are you fucking kidding Maine there's been some creepy fucking, Shitness town, that people got away with for fuckings aliens. He is and now- and I tell you what man I'm more for the movement, I'm all for it I have a daughter. You have daughters I have this does I got friends. A table for bothers me the most. I tell you don't do that bothers me out of this. You know what bro, who is in Papillon with Steve Mcqueen,
remember, Dustin, Hoffman buzzing. If he finger bang in seventy three shut, the fuck up shut the fuck upp people changed the same guy who kidnapped Bell in nineteen. Eighty, seven, I'm not sorry Joe, I'm, not so are you gonna come back at me about something I did. Nineteen one thousand four hundred and eighty seven. I was different guy, was doing blow. I've asked you to finger bang, yet you can't do that that I don't want to do don't end somebody's fucking career 'cause. He franklin your as in ninety two and now it came back Do you to the scale of amnesia? You can't do that to me. You want to call me out personally called me, the fuck out call me at home, I go ahead man and, before one that you asked me if you could eat my asshole. You were wrong. Listen! I was doing today. Holiday. What do you want from me all right? I resolve that issue that I understand, but don't all the out of I I did thousand nine hundred and seventy two people fall. Can change bro, that's what pissed me off the giant.
There's a giant gaps were talking about like Jeremy Piven, it was one thousand nine hundred and eighty five and don't fucking, call me out. If right before you called me out. Call me out with a friend. Were you talking about look at what although if it gets to rape, so listen the words when I come from. That's not even allowed That word never entered my mind, I'm talking about. If I was, if I a caught one, the bar one night now, when I'm telling told you utilities were banging I want to put cork rocked in your asshole. You can't come at me for some in nineteen eighty eight 'cause I used to do it every other night that was the opening line listening has holes on fire? What's it going to take for me to stick my tongue in that fucking thing and make that danger? You know you're not going to listen, you're not going to get a piece of has by selling somebody real estate. You gotta, sell. Well, what the one, Is it works on those the ones you want like? If you can go
to a gallon, say that tour yeah. When I was going to call it. If I knew who you were girl- and I knew you did coke and you had that certain look in your what's the coke look, the coke look that is You do cocaine you dirty dirty things. So when you look at a girl, that's doing cocaine and she's, like I said she suggest to you that she's going back, a hotel with you, it's no. Really goes back to the hotel with you when they have a boyfriend. If you're doing coke right on there's also the keep getting go higher and higher. Will Coke apparently makes people promiscuous right? makes people go fucking bananas to go suck your dick, so Take somebody's wife up to your hotel room and at six hundred am she's doing coke with you, you'll notice. I wanted time she comes out of the bathroom the button or bill and then the next
then she comes out. She come out to tell you a story and her pants will come out and show button in front of it. Little Things start to happen. Give you signs pretty soon you like, listen, nothing, nothing take off. Handsome to see you play with your pussy. Little do do do do do do that's what the would gets me right now is the twenty call out the thirty year call on main a ruin, Dustin Hoffman's career he was giving out food. Scrubs. He was asking asking acting creepy, but you know what part of that we allow that creepiness in society. We turn their fucking heads. You follow, I'm I'm sure, the type that would turn you had no, not the type to turn my head, but I notice it you notice said the cocaine thing is is a real interesting one, because you see people making crazy decisions, just real ninety Fuckin' decision bro your sell atoning meant owning everything. So what your whole system,
so your whole systems delusional. I remember going out like after a long night and not sleeping okay. Now they come point where you have this paranoia, where you don't leave the house, but now that comes to paranoid that you're going to leave the house and bump into somebody. That's. Why? Sometimes you actually do. You go to seven hundred and eleven to get a soda and you bump into somebody who's in the same predicament. Is you that happened to me once I was I went by Gavins. I think I was staying with Ralphie and I went by Gavins and on the first floor there was: just check that we used to be a stripper as she had a daughter that was about thirteen kind of ugly shows like Pavarotti. We used to call variety to ship, the clock and eyebrows asian, but the mother was kind don't freak out. I got up like that. Like I up all night and it was like nine in the morning and I was about to call my drug dealer. They gotta package at eleven that keeps keep the body alive and I bought.
That animal in the stairway. As she asked me like you know, I get some coke. While I was on my way I'll! Let you know that she had a bad chick was engaged to. Don't forget this. She was engaged Lego, I'm on my way right now she goes. Do you want to split a gram like oh yeah, yeah, that's pretty grab. It was like thirty, well, she went over there. We spent the fighting ground. We went back, her daughter was sleeping, so we had to do the coke in the hallway. On the first floor, All right, I'm gonna stay away, right and that's what we did to blank. She was just thinking they're looking at each other, and she's. Like don't even ask, I just told a guy, bothering was all me all night. Give us a title: isn't it's ten the morning to do something? To We got to do something and I started open Spirit with the next email or she suck in the helmet, and when I went to come, she goes. Don't do that and I came on a jeans
like it was all over her jeans. It's uh, but in the morning you come on some of these jeans. Your coked up, I felt like a piece that's like the worst of it. I see her three nights later: El Compadre and she's, with her boyfriend on my phone boyfriend comes over to hey man. We might have a problem and I'm like what was going on. He my girls a little bit angry. I don't know what happened, but I think you should apologize. When I came on the pants after she suck my dick. That's what happened. Did you tell you that that's how easy the coke world this? Oh my god, like she told her boyfriend. She was angry at me. It's none of your business. Why, but, He came over there because I don't know what's going on here in, This guy What's going on, I feel like going. You know why she blew me eleven the morning I came on a jeans. I shot a load on the jeans. She couldn't fucking, not what do you spray, in your jeans to get shut off,
I'm going to shout it out. She couldn't shout out that sperm if she fucking wanted to that old coach firm, no vitamins in my system, I three hundred and eighty pounds. Those jeans were stayed for life there did the dumbest shit on all those drugs, the dumbest shit and especially the year it took me to get off at what's going on someone at our door. Ok, Huda! Funk Is this paging me at five hundred and forty six in the morning crack of dawn and what Lowe's, probably someone dropping something off anyway, My brother to nothing we gotta get out of here. Eventually, I'm gonna eventually I'm good, I'm having a good time. It was good to see you it's going to see TIM and Jamie. My man, I thought about you when I saw fuqing the Chris,
so I come back against them I thought about you. Would you bet that one yeah I lost on that one? I with our land. Some stuff ha have fun. I can't go straight you love those sucker bets are gonna, go straight out of winning the lottery. Well, I went on a twenty bucks when you can one to one, no because I'd, rather than raise my percentage of that one and double up on it. Just worry about one one of my sweat and to move to the front. To my that's what two wars I want to get in that long game for all my God fall. Two like you were talking about, but will focus is what's the next fight, undercard siding? We got some Free card to go over Rockhold Romero, fight, right, agree, Romero and then got march. Seventh, because, Tony for and Brooke common that you from all directions, that's going to be having Brooklyn New York. Are you doing a show that we can yeah? Isn't it April it's April right April? What's the exact date April, seventh, yeah
That's that's crazy. Fight is a harm, as our time has also Rogers Soccer, robot fight, twenty three. That's so who the knows fight! You know, that's one of those fight real like won't! That's going to be a crazy one. Tony Ferguson is a bad mother and could be number command off is already one of the scariest guys, I've ever seen compete ever malls people already his first shot at the title, just stop and think about what happens. If that fucking savage gets the title that guy some matches people what he did to Edson Barboza supernatural his he's not even the same thing. You said something during that fight. That said it all, it was point to fight that that you said. Look at the look yeah and I I had that look and that's when you getting chased by eighteen people. He had a look that He didn't know he had no, no
ok. We went into like a survival situation like like when you see a deer, that's getting attacked by a crock, die or something they have this like survival thing where you live. You just trying to survive. Obviously dear is not the same, terrible analogy. I think correct this when I think is Barboza had realized that, like there's no way he's going to beat this guy on the ground, it's not even close, like I think if he went into that fight, probably thought people stuff more takedowns and get back off his. He was doing that with a lot of guys in camp. Well, once that guy gets a hold of you there's an acceptance that certain fighters go through, where they they're locked down like hole, we like they're, just drained from this animal mall in trying to retain. Energee trying to reach are, the battery trying to get back in it. You gotta realize that guy had some trouble is one of the best fuckign kickers ever ever he's one of the best kickers ever that
you guys the fastest switch kick I've ever seen in my life outside of professional moitie, like Sanchi or ok or something like that. He's got a world class left leg. Kick I mean who is fast as fuc? He couldn't keep that guy, There was a look on his face to he drilled hours. He drill take down the drilled, as he drove everything there was, but he never drilled. This couldn't do it. I think there was one point where he looked and he was like wait a second. I've done everything I can, I will. I will train with the giants taking me down for a week, definition of never felt this I don't know how he keeps you down either his control on that side is fuqing, something that is there's there is never a grappling skilled, it's very hard to see when you look at, even if you, if you were a skillful, Gore grapple yourself, you looking at someone like you,
like. Why is he able to do that to everybody like what? What is he doing differently Why is this one guy being able to do certain things that other people can't do and there's a few of those guys out there where you watch and we just go? Jesus like what the input can be. Was the number one guy in that category because he's never been defeated? One moment of adversity in the act on a cliff by a punch from Michael John I can't think of a single round he's loste, not off top my At least he may have LOS rounds on some judges scorecards, but he's essentially mauled every mother, fucker they put in front of him, he's an animal so this Guy versus Tony is phenomenal fight. Tony is a savage and tony fights very well off of his back. His is a seriously dangerous guard. You can't We bottom he's durable as fuck. He can thank you out, he never gets tired and his game as they come and he's a fucking champ right now he's the interim Champ
you know when he beat Kevin Lee with a triangle. You beat a top guy like Kevin Lee with a fuckin' triangle. That's a big move: Tony's, dangerous nasty, Dars, coaxes Darce chokes with the family is great, but he wasn't ready for Tony Bro Kevin Lee just sick to death. That's that's infection, but not unquestionably. He he was in Tony's is too high level. That was too. Well, you could see in the second round. Perhaps I would like to see that fight again. You have to say that because stuff like that, I'm sorry, but I think that if you wanted to have them fight again and Kevin Lee can go in that fight healthy. I think you'd see a very different fight. I don't think you would see Tony I'm not saying that you would see Tony lose or Kevin Win, but I would think you would see a Kevin Lee could sustain his performance. Longer, I think, being drained from our office is right. No job is no. If and I've had it before it's the worst, your body can something worse, but it's not good. Your body goes. A very weakened state. It's not even you are not the same thing you just not. You can do
professional. You can go out there and do your job and a lot of guys have a lot of Barton, one Luke Rockhold be Chris Weidman on antibiotics. How about that? He was fighting off staff when he beat Chris Wide Weidman. That's how good Luke Rockhold is Guy's done it. But that's not him at one hundred percent. He wanted. He wanted. Seventy or eighty or whatever the it was. You know there's, no doubt about it. Staph infections and antibiotics, both funk you up and Kevin Lee, I believe, opted to not take the antibiotic will after the fight, so he did a week in the system, but he still weakened by the staff fuck Farkleberry Shield Dimitrius mountain versus TJ, Dillashaw superfight targeted for UFC, two hundred and twenty six and co made event. Oh ship two hundred and twenty, I don't know to live, Ebay, Pcs, oh shit. They call it a sombra? They got some good.
Coming. That's sleep, don't sleep This game might run by Piyush it. Fights are getting better and better. Now again I love ceased. Ebay become a superstar me too. I think I think he deserves it and I think Look at where that guy is right. Now, like What is more? Americans guy, like you, said with his immigrant name, what is more american than a guy who works right now as a fireman, while he's the UFC Heavy, which is in the world and ROH, is a great piece of it and broke. The record broke the record for the most defense and he is really good. The scariest contender we've seen in a decade. You know again I what's a podcast fly, you had those guys on. You would talk about the tower g. Quick though and I think that a lot of people really miss out on the main thing, and this this you miss out with me and every other I missed out with you. No no! No! I don't. I don't understand other people, you mean yeah
Whenever I watch these Bruce Lee Fucking things- and I see these kids are thirty talking about Bruce Lee. I get sick to my stomach because Bruce Lee. Bring martial arts to this country. He gave immigrants help pro. I was a kid I just come from. Tube the green hornet on Sunday nights, I would throw you out the window. The but then, when I was five and then they cancelled them, and then he came back with the first one that supposed to be fist of fury, moon, some, are you that way? in a flat that didn't do that. Good. That introduced him it was the one in seventy one. The chinese connection, when I was eight that was great movie, that really put this country over if you were it didn't mean you were tough guy. How many, how many on Youtube? How many black guys. Are there that think they'd Chinese Disney out?
There was a guy used to send you. Videos of yeah. I the guys name, which is a bunch of those people tougher. He gave immigrants blacks He gave them hope how many black dude started dressing like Bruce Lee, and you know doing crazy where is John Flower in Kung FU outfits? You everybody's wrong about Bruce Lee 'cause. I saw it and I saw his death. And I saw how people would go to Chinatown because there was no internet still today when they go to Seattle. They go to his great. I went to his grave. I went to his grave, take a picture and gave it to Eddie Griffin. That's why Eddie Griffin will always be indebted to me, because I gave him a picture of Bruce Lee's grave in your head that size Bruce Lee when he died. There was no internet, then report Bruce Lee's death on the news. Do people find out you found that a week later, when Chinese newspaper hit New York and then
Chinatown. It came out to Chinatown when I read about it. I was forced to go to Chinatown and get the paperwork with the patriots. But had will be the it was an open casket in China and then Open ask it was glass around him and him. Nobody Bruce Lee was dead. Does with the dragon came out, but I've been by the boom, everybody made a million dollars and nobody said nothing, but his death Bro Fuct people up like you know, Bruce Lee gave hope, because the Vietnam WAR was going on and there was something else going on in this country that people don't remember that destroyed this country. You know was shot this country down what, when the Beatles broke up Jesus in Christ. Did people lose their mind, so you always get into arguments with people led Zeppelin?
good bad? You have a way the Beatles get back together because they will always straight you with the Beatles dog. I, like Microtel yeah, but then I'm not compared to the Beatles. So call John Lennon got shot, then those people the voice funky with the Beatles no use our extreme is the man. You know you would love, go to the the garage show to put the Beatles us, A it's called love, fucking crap. When did you go couple weeks ago, You was doing okay, my family, okay and we I wanted to see the circus Olay show it's supposed to be amazing, and I see the original circus Du Soleil. Well, there's like nobody remembers problem the Beatles broke up. This country went trough time you have. No, what can I do? You know you don't have any idea if you're you're young, you has started, I put empress when the Beatles, let let it be out in the end that would let it be dog that was that people
yeah, correct white people, crack Jack, Fuckin', incredible song when you think about what John died when John Lennon died. What happened in New York that Sunday, you think about that That was amazing to look at Now he was on another level. The whole band was on another level. They were very psychedelic. There usually came in at the perfect time, Vietnam to be there breaking up Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali, but also in nineteen. Seventy three. This is a very interesting fact at fifty dollars at fifteen dollars. Ticket sales at fifteen dollars, twelve dollar ten dollars ticket sales. This country grows three billion dollars in concerts really go. Watch the seventies on CNN. The one about me cancel the seven hundred. So much good music came out of the timeout error. Everybody was on tour. They had a list of who was on tour Zeppelin the stones,
the who, when I was in high school, we always went to concerts. You always rousing HANS arts. We were well high school would see Jake I was banned. Yes, I was a little I saw. Johnny Winter I saw Jethro Tull Well, I saw George Thorogood and the destroyers he did a five thousand and fifty two and one thousand nine hundred and eighty one that duty did fifty states in fifty days. That was the big thing to do: George Thorogood and the destroyers forgot about jazz band. J giggles band that was it got about. Freeze frame angel is the centerfold. He was married to Faye Dunaway that saying, with a receipt Peter will heal from about mother Hi Joe. I got about this up I got shared. I love you motherfuck! Thank you! So don't do this in June June. Two are planning right now, folks will keep you guys updated, but I'm going to direct and put together Joey Diaz's comedy special going to let no immigrant mentality coming soon to Macau? Well, I have thank you. Thank you.
But if you tune into the show, thank you on it, go to n it use the code word Rogan, you'll save Ten percent off any and all supplements, then thank you, mother fuckers at pro. Flowers and Shari's berries 'cause. They have teamed up to hook it up yeah, twenty percent off a perfectly paired gift of over Twenty nine dollars featuring beautiful blooms from proflowers and fresh. Dipped, yummy, strawberries from Shari's, berries, visit profile dot com today and enter my code word Rogan at checkout, proflowers, dot com and use the code Rogan. We're also brought bike whip go to get dot. Com is get U dot! Com Slash Rogan starts just twenty five bucks. And uhm. You get your first refill pack free with a quip electric toothbrush. So that's get quip com forward, Slash Rogan! We did it all right. Folks,
next week, we got a lot of people It looks like we're going to be doing Steven Pinker the very famous, very smart, that's going to happen Cameron Hanes going to be here next week. Matt Brown is going to be here next week. Our friend filled Demers is going to give us an up. On his battle against marine land. Everybody knows that story now or if you haven't, go back and listen to the filled, Demers Podcast Cray easy ship he'll be here as well. Alright, thank you. Bye.
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