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2018-06-11 | 🔗
Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. His new book "Your Dad Stole My Rake: And Other Family Dilemmas" is available now on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Your-Dad-Stole-My-Rake/dp/1250144388
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ladies and gentlemen how's things every the came to the shows in chicago thank you so much we had up fuckin' great time love and i got a lot of new stuff coming up i am going to be in boise id on the 30th of june i'm fucking pumped i never been to boise here it's the shoot uh there's some tickets left for that an just announced that i'm going to be the in toronto and to auto is on september the 29th is that right yeah september 29th i'm at the ricoh coliseum phuc yeah very excited oh and it looks like we're going to announce columbus and cleveland soon powerful ohio jimmy gets excited we're going
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together joe rogan you receive five dollars and five dollars will go to justin brands fight for forgotten charity to build wells for the pygmies in the congo alrighty baby folks my friends uhm i guess today is a beautiful person i love this guy he's a good friend of mine the whole hilarious stand up comedian and just a really good human being i i really enjoyed tom papa it's got a book out the books called your dag you're tired what happened there your dad your dad stole my rake and other family devout dilemmas i love him he's awesome
please welcome tom bob the joe rogan experience who's a mother all for i am a man of letters now you're an author i'm an author i've always admired that can secretly wish that i had not even so secretly wish that i had the es a plan ready for you do have the discipline just have to focus it on man you can do it how long did it take you to write this about two years that's too long i don't get that kind of shorter okay like a little yeah just to apply are just making sure this is all i could do how long before you started writing the book did you think about writing the book
uh i've always kind of wanted to write a book the well yep on this one i pitch doing a book i don't know like six years ago too much the same concept and was into it and then a couple of years ago through two three years ago publisher contacted my agent or whatever and they had interest so we made a book deal and that changes everything because now someone waiting for you yeah you know to turn stuff fan and they make books and they probably smart you don't want to seem like maybe it did you have an editor that like went over your stuff and said this is too long this is too short yeah they were pretty great pretty they just left in the material alone there was a couple little things were there like you know you're eating something or that but most it was a grammar things do you want to say it like this right this isn't
quickly grammatically correct and when you do you know the type of those rent that kind of stuff they were pretty hands off about the actual men and is it is it a book of essays is it your life story what is it it's all on family it's called your dad stole my rake and other family dilemmas and it's broken down by bye everyone in your family like the basic thing is as a comedian i've been writing about family and looking at all everyone's families for so long so i'm going to write about all of them so it's mom's dad's cousins aunts uncles all broken down chapters like that and so i talk a little bit about my family and then i just talk about funny essays about just life in general like on family vacations or while you eating your shirt i'm on there i don't know exactly a really cool photographer sam jones who's decided to get wacky he just guys like this amazing photography just done like clooney and damon
all these people and i asked him if he would help when should we just taken some regular shots and he's like i have this idea each brought up this giant shirt and put a tie on it and then just shot it came up pretty funny look like dilbert yeah or beaker i was just trying to figure out what you're doing i guess i guess what you're doing there is get people to try to figure out what you're doing yeah they stare at and they're like maybe if i buy the book i'll figure it out i understand the puzzles deep inside is just being goofy yeah when you write a book you have to think man someone could be reading this thirty years from now fifty years from now that is comedians you write something in the morning you bring it on stage if it's funny or not you know what you're working if you go this is like it's permanent
an no one gets to review it until it's done so the nerve wracking part of it was like ok don i'm pretty proud of it i like edited it like crazy i worked on for a long time will people think it's okay they've not think it's tackle they think it's good with the is the writing okay all that other stuff and it's been out now for a and the review i can tell the reviews are good like the people are viewing it and writing about it and calling and just people just randomly and i'm over the hurdle the anxiety of is this a good book is over yeah people like it it's funny and it's people are saying i can write so that is huge i'd just calm me down come really 'cause you you said for thirty years what everybody's like takes a dump on there's some that are really fucking bad yeah think some comics someone should have just walked in while they're running and grab them
this is your doing something terrible for your future for a long time people going refer to this very much people in these like really righteous defensive modes and they're writing things down and maybe like five years from now they like what the fuck was i thinking yeah either in the middle of writing it and i've had some ship like oh my god really tab yeah this horrible stuff yeah i know i'm believed not excited i'm just relieved like ha ha okay it's good it good i thought it was good i hope it was good my editor said it's good people are saying that laughing when they're reading it like editors who don't normally say that kind of stuff so alex alief writing book writing with writing stand like how do you do you divide your time it was it was tough for you to stand up when i i working on something else stand up kinda i work
at night you know and the book was i got into this rhythm of going in every morning get up at seven going with my coffee and sit there and that was booked time until noon i would try and just just work on that and make it but that wasn't for two years that was like the last you know year to eight months kind of thing before that it's a little looser i'm trying to get it done and stuff but that real it's a plan of like coming in every morning sitting down in seven days a week just right his right evans raise a week wherever i was whatever i was doing i had to make sure that i have that time from on a plane with them in a hotel while i'm on the road i was just writing the thing all the time it just became because you know the big challenge for me and i think a lot of writers is that it's you judge yourself as you go you're like is as good as i want them to to to but you have to just get it down and know that it's bad just
just get it down i want to write this chapter on crazy ants so i'm just going to write it and spit it out and then i'm going to go to work on it like a bit you know like uh like stand up and just black and just start editing an peeling back and peeling by now getting ready for using when you're doing this i did it all on word microsoft word and have you ever seen scrivener do you know what scribner scribner is really interesting i did my last special on scribner yes the first time i've used it for for running stand up and what's good about it is on the left hand side you have like all the different subjects yeah and you click on each subject and the like to be a whole column so like i had the title strange times and then left hand side this
this is what it looks like when you're looking at the chalk the cork board oh yeah the cork board is one aspect of it when you have these little cards like index cards and you set these index cards up and you you write all the different things on the index cards but you can organize it outside of index cards there's also on like each index the index of the cork board it corresponds to each individual subject like say like say if i'm doing bid on desks right so i have desks on left hand side and then i'll write out all the stuff on desk but there's also a corkboard tab right and then i have all the different things to make sure that i covered all the notes yeah that's good i do not like it alot yeah i'm going to try that but i like this is not really showing why i like it uh huh like it is because you can have
you can move all those little chapters around and move all the bits around like for stand up that's great yeah that's really good yeah can it gets so in your head it starts bogging you down everything about this was that it was essays so each one is like four or five pages right so i would just be like literally just open up the file and go dad's alright right i'm gonna go to work on this one dad no gifts for dads and then just boom just added that put it away and gone the next just i could just bounce it i didn't know what i'm trying to say is i didn't have to keep track like a novel right i didn't have three hundred pages of flow you know they were all just hits so it kind similar to stand up that way you know like i could just go to work on them but it's fascinating i i really loved it like i've had friends that have written books like colin quinn came and did a book event with me
a couple weeks ago and he's like he wrote a book he's like i'll never do it again i just hated it i couldn't stand it i hate it and he's a prolific guy he writes a lot for his i mean those one man show he's always man showing us history yeah the guy who writes a lot but the writing for the book drove him crazy i really loved it i couldn't believe that you could look at a five page essay and find something wrong with it every time you looked at it every time why am i saying this they know this why do i have to say he he sat down at the table and ate his breakfast he ate his breakfast you know like just peel stuff away all the time and get it is as a direct as possible and i started to really just love the love that jordan peter's and told me he wrote his first book and it took him fifteen years because he went over every single line every single like a critic trying to find fault in everything that he did wow until he felt like you got it done
is on a cold war she really wanted to make sure that he had the subject matter completely locked down yeah that's daunting like you're dealing with something that people can fact check people can fact check happened to me in putting my sister in a garbage can you know what i mean yeah it was family it's all about family it's all about like the joy of being with other people and and the aggravate nations and all that kind of stuff so it's just and i you know i have a lot of that in my act so is definitely in my wheelhouse house like i'm going to another one i'm not writing books about the cold war going to write another one i am going to write another one we started yet and no i haven't which is i have a couple ideas and and the publisher wants me to write another one so ready to wait another one yeah i think it's good sign yeah it's a good sign it's where the number one new really some family humor so it's like any potty words in there
and very little very little like ten i would be a lot got nice e words in there which one the can't word oh my lord there's a whole there's a whole chapter this is the problem a female just period now it's actually we clean i don't know if there is a i don't know if there's anything in there i think maybe one or two words one or two questionable yeah there might be a shitara yeah i don't think so though it's pretty clean yeah good for you and you put anything in there on bread yes there is yes the final chapter is uh just eat them really yeah it's called just eat the bread and it's all it's all a chapter of
basically using bread as a metaphor for just enjoy your life right don't don't turn it away don't get all butt hold up to once in awhile just a little just do it should i say it's my big announcement got a big announce i have a huge joe rogan podcast announcement is huge the book is huge and it's a great father's day gift and everybody should but but as we all know from on the show that i am the sole sourdough reputation as a baker is because of the show hands down from doing your show your fans are so awesome and started just sending pictures of their bread we have this non stop relationship of help fred they simply show me their failures constantly sending i mean these interactions i'm in cities people are bringing bread i'm going travel i would go in and visit bakeries when i was on the road so
announcement is the food network ask me to do a show about bread and baked goods so i have a new show coming out on the food network on labor day called baked with tom papa wow and i travel around kind of diners drive in kind of thing but with all baked goods and meeting these amazing people that make the stuff getting there sorry these families these turkish families in italian families or whatever and then showing all of this amazing amazing stuff that they're making all because of the show why i have to thank you a hundred percent it is it was a hobby of mine that i completely loved and got into but after doing this it's just kind of exploded and and now we're going to be i just finished shooting them all that's awesome yeah
yeah i'm you shoot we shot eight so we're just different cities new orleans new york detroit la cleveland cleveland philadelphia new jersey northern new jersey which is where i grew up yeah eight different ones is going to right so silly i mean literally you know how many i've been writing scripts auditioning have been acting whatever they be on television i start baking bread with my daughter now that's why i show it seems like that's the best way anyway it's the thing that i actually enjoyed really love you know one hundred percent find that thing that you're really passionate about and turn that into a show rather than yeah some sitcom that you're really not
excited about other than being on television that's exactly right like i had no i was doing this anyway yeah i didn't have any of the stress of like trying to get a show on the air like when i've written pilots like i hope it go this was so now because it's just what i'm doing so it completely and you hear that a lot will just come from something you love and something and you hear that a lot you're like well i love working in an office and having it friend i'll make a show about it now you don't not really you know really but but that's this actually just if you can't force it it's right it's just or panic and this one was organic did you cool link up those different cities with comedy shows did you stand up in those cities when you're traveling i did just like pop in and i'm neal brennan and i did a show in new orleans i did a show in cleveland when i was there just as i like pop
and i will end like promote it and do it while i was there so you just concentrating on filming yeah this is constrained phone we go in for like three days i'd be like four or five different bakers and it was cool just you know just dealing with these people is amazing that's awesome man no one gets into baking 'cause there and ask well you know what i mean no one says i'm going to bake cookies and there are an idiot what these people to bake him cookies and they're going to like you know know it's i mean it's a food is a fascinating thing to
yeah is a i mean i guess this is a good time to bring it up as any you know obviously anthony bourdain took his life yeah last week and he was a friend of mine l zero those real hard fight it was real hard i woke up and i got a text from my friend maynard from tool from maine and said so much for the kenyan verses boarding celebrity judges to match and and and he's like fuck and i was like oh no what does that mean yeah so then i googled it and i saw it was like oh shit man i can't fly what yeah just what why it hung himself like what yeah i don't know how close are you did you know his demons is friends with them hung out with him got fuckedup with him did you get a feeling that he had that in him i didn't know that it was really weird was like he's been saying really
recently that he'd never been happier he was talking about his girlfriend saying that it never been happier didn't know it could be that happy didn't know someone making that happen now so terrible who knows mean mean might have been broken arm who knows yeah i mean who knows i don't know i don't know i don't i don't know i mean no idea sometimes people when they say i've never been that happy you're catching them on these ups and downs you know some some people you know people get manic right i don't know if he was but some people get yeah they get up and down tell you what he he like to get up yeah you know like
he liked to drink yeah you know and he enjoyed it it was it was something that he enjoyed yeah we we did up so this show we went on a hunting for pheasants in montana we cooked over this campfire he cooked bland tastic and really and then afterwards we drink whiskey and smoke weed and he goes deep he goes deep really well where i'm it down like i'm going to just try to catch myself really the world spinning deeper and deeper he's like where's the fucking weed he just kept going he just kept going well but i knew he drank i didn't know he smoked weed yeah he had one problem when he was younger any kicked it but he didn't feel the need to just be so
yeah that was kind of interesting about him that's a thing right with me to get sober from a drug they feel like they have to get sober from everything yeah that is not feel like that and he by the way like he would drink but when he was home like with his kid and he's home he didn't drink at all like you don't know that he would only do that when you do it be on the road right so he'd be only shows stretches of time and he didn't drink at all and he was now addicted digits to was that was really yanks to introduce to lick nearly every now when i was hanging around with them he was he went we were in montana he went to bozeman to find a local jujitsu club train with them in the morning she just train with everybody i know how the other day on the road yeah find a place i would just go to the gym work out right wouldn't but he was so in to learning and getting better at jiu jitsu
do you know if he was on prescription for dip generating like that i do not that's what i'm so suspicious of like when you heard of like robin williams and chris cornell yeah there's like he was anti anxiety medication anti anxiety medications a big one that stuff like it even you know in there you know their long list of side affects it's always suicidal thoughts and then if you mix it with other things like alcohol in this and i don't know it all who was on watt but it seems what bothers me is that it's not part of the conversation well robin is a different take 'cause robin had lewy body disease
he had a heart attack he had significant issues with that my friend dr mark gordon actually wrote a paper about long term anastasia like when you're on under not long term but like long duration i have things like open heart surgery right that there is a high incidence of depression afterwards a lot of people coming out of these big time operations we get anastasia for long periods of time you have significant dips in their hormone levels afterwards and it's it's very you know it's not like a free ride getting put under india and having opened up and yeah i mean your body goes through massive trauma your bodies are holy shade we just had our chest plate split open and yet all your heart
it's worked on were inside of us yeah and there is a significant arm correlation in mmhm mark gordon's opinion between depression post surgery post surgery depression i think it's something that people need to look at he had that obviously 'cause he did have heart surgery for a long period of time that depression glass after that 'cause i know people get we thought it was just a mental thing of like you know surviving something like i remember letterman on a show like keeping and like bringing his staff on his stuff i was i didn't know as a hormone thing it was thought it was just the trauma of surviving that i think he can be both and i mean i'm sure i mean i'm obviously no doctor but he was say you're closer to a garbage man but he was explaining it to me the that there an issue with this right and so robin had that in
he had some serious neurological disorders yeah and but there was a but there's a quite a few other things too right there are so complicated yeah and then whatever medications this is the thing right like what are these medical what's on you know and you don't really don't know now but chester from linkin park he was on a load of things he was but he was very troubled he was a guy that was he had some real problem but he was also very medicated i mean look we have the highest suicide rate middle age people in america than ever like the numbers so the numbers through the roof and there's also this pharmaceutical opioid crisis at same time and i just feel like you know people are on this shit that's really affects your head and your mood and it says right in it like you know i remember i had a friend who's
brother was a depressed and this was you know the 80s when we were kids and the game lack of a better word of trying to get the right medicine for him 'cause when he when they the wrong one things got out of hand i mean like really dangerously out of hand and then they finally find the right med form and then he kind of crew like no there's no like obvious path yeah the the problem is a site say if you have some particular type of infection they give you antibiotics if you have you know poise ivy yeah they know what kind of cortisone cream to put on your what have it when when you're depressed yeah so there's there's so many different factors involved in depression there's your actual life right there's what's going on in your life like are you taking care of your body are you x
sizing you have loving relationships with your family and close friends or do you feel distant detached how do you do not have anyone in your life like romantically do you not have a job that you enjoy call those things factor into the way you feel about life and from the time you were a kid sure your whole life your whole life and then on top of that you have like legitimate mental illness right in you have depression because your brain is not producing enough serotonin or dopamine there's so many factors and people try to self medicate and you know i know a lot of p bold try to do it with exercise exercise apparently seems to be as effective or more effective than most ssr eyes in anti depressions i heard that i don't know if right but i remember hearing that what your body manufacturers are you exercise is similar to what a lot of these drugs have in them well you definitely get
here's how i write letters high you actually your runners high i don't know the exact mechanisms involved but it has something to do with the cannabinoid receptors so it literally gives you a high that's similar to almost like a marijuana high right yeah you get your fork oh yeah you get like i love yeah i love running in just feel even when even if it's not identified for me as a high like like smoking weed my whole rest of my day is better like that there's a happy little thing going on that's not flying but i'm definitely not balled up in anger just the way i was before the run yeah that ball up in anxious thing i have my own theory about that i think the human body has physical requirements and i think if you don't just because of the design of it the fact that human beings have lived for thousands and thousands of years
is either hunting or gathering or running away from danger or your body is like constantly in action right back then we essentially have the same bodies as people that live ten thousand years ago our dna is very very similar right and i think we have these requirements that we don't meet him and there's so many people that just sit down all day and that's all they do they walk to sit down and they sit down again and most time is sitting down whether they're watching television or sitting in front of the computer and that shit is terrible for you terrible yeah and you feel it you just feel shity yeah you just you feel bad i was in the after the after the board news i was traveling outside of chicago and it just kind of clicked in my head like you just thinking whenever you have someone that inspires you and especially if your friends like you were uh you know
if you can't get out of your head kind of a thing yeah and your balled up anxiety is even worse and i just instinct instincts really got in put on my running shoes and just went for a run because i didn't want to sit and think about all of it so much him and i just felt better like i was it it wasn't euphoric again after the run but i was definitely better than before yeah i feel like especially when you're traveling and stuff like that but he did jiu jitsu all the time these are puzzles these are 'cause we can't solve well yeah who knows i don't know what was yeah no and there's no way to ask him obviously yeah but i mean when i travel one of the first things i do whether i'm coming home or going there's work out yeah and i didn't this weekend because friday when i got there i worked out thursday so i'd work
that day already i ran that day and then i got there thursday night woke up friday to that tax and i was just like fuck man i didn't want to do anything i cried yeah i felt like shit i've got a bunch of phone calls from some friends and then i had two shows that night and i was like i just gotta just gotta get on the horse power up and i was a little worried i was a little worried that i was going to be like modi or read it out yeah but once i got there i was fine i was with the st tino and twenty inch cliff nice so those two guys are great yeah set of fun time we talked a little bit about it and smoked a little weed nice got a there and just had some fun and the energy of the crowd i saw your instagram with the crowd and that's a beautiful theater that's an amazing theater you can't have to be tough to be depressed and doing the show there with all those fans and that's one hundred people yeah yeah we did two shows too they're both great they look taylor fund is a in austintown man it's great food people it's a combination in the
big city an like midwest like friendly people yeah yeah and the summer it becomes a totally different city to i was i always gone my whole career in the winter and then literally like three years ago went in the summer i was like oh man this place is amazing the parks in the hostels and it's great even in the winter though other winners get there in december and january i i yeah it's like they're happy to inside exactly that you came through the cold to see them yeah but but back to the food thing i mean the stories that bourdain told through food whereas just i mean amazing that's why he reached so many people you could sit with that show and he took his time and you really felt like you were you had been there well after he left us an episode yeah he
made me think of food as an art form yeah i never thought of as an art form before watching uhm no reservations his original show yeah i watch that show and i just would feel like oh this is not what i thought it was i thought it was just like all this guy knows how to cook yummy food that's great right but then and watching his shows like oh this is art like these guys are treating this like a painting or like a sculpture or something like that and then their passion it and they're all tattooed and weirdos right artists yeah they're just artists cook that's right exactly just that might as well be making music or what happened pending whatever it would be drawing their artists at its best yeah in the same thing like with any other form then there's people just get out and see a way to make money and let you can tell there's like a difference but once you need stuff from an artist you're spoiled
yeah then you then you're like these people don't care as much this is technically this is lasagna but yeah this is the same i know it's fascinating it's interesting approach is very very which is yeah you watched the way they cook and you watch like their passion for the food it makes you hungry you want to eat and you also want to try it yes i do yeah i was gonna to try always always it's fascinating you know i going around and meeting all of these bakers it's like they all got into it because there's a love there and then it's really hard work like these people work there you know two hundred o'clock in the morning there baking in there you go i know it sounds so silly but made walking to a coffee shop for a bakery or something you just see that like a whole display case filled with stuff you seems like it's
he's been there right if you don't now meeting the people the sport the who are making it every in the morning yeah it's hard hard work and the only way it seems that they can continue to do it is because there was that initial love of it yeah the deep deep love they learned it from their grandparents or they just went to school and figured it out and they just hook them and that like it's enough of a big bang explosion of love that they stay in it like you know ten years and make a business out of it my grand father used to walk to get bread every day we would he lives on north ninth st in newark nj oh yeah and which was at one point in time in italian community right when he lived there when he died but but when i the boy we would go um would leave
as house moon visit and stay there i would leave his house would walk like three or four blocks down the street to his bakery that he had been going to for probably thirty years yeah and these people this was like an old italian bakery with those white paper yeah put the low moves in and you go there they would go there every day and get italian bread everyday everyday get fresh bread yeah you know and the bread was good for about a day or two like if you got the second is getting a little dry and yeah but she got it that day slice that bread india you know my grandmother made homemade pasta she made from scratch from flower and sad the whole thing make lasagna make these and it was just fucking sensational it's the best is the best and you know there's that
thing like when someone makes something really good in the community it changes the community because people will walk to get it in the morning i'm just making something real quality all of a sudden it's like it just starts attracting people yeah estimated is fascinating yeah who did your parents your grandparents come over from italy yeah they were born there yeah yeah in what part mom well different parts but sicily and naples sets my this is lee in naples yeah that's funny yeah it was so is rogan what's irish its my grandfathers came from myron ireland my grand father on my father side came from ireland my grandmother on my father side came from italy so it was one slash four one quarter irish that's funny for one quarter german all the rest were italian yeah it's amazing so did they speak italian yeah yeah they spoke dialect to yeah you do you know what the they were saying even if you spoke italian like if you sort
proper italian listed my grandmother and my grand father yell at each other even know what the fuck they were saying it's great that each other so much too so great they really yeah i was when i was a little kid i go over the house i have to hide they would start yelling my mother was late for everything everything she ever did she was late for and my grandfather's name is jeff my my family very under it my father's name was joseph my grandfathers name is joseph my grandmother's name is josephine my name is joseph so it's like a lot of luck at joes would you call your grandmother grandma grandma grandma but when when i was over there i remember my grandmother was always yell at my grandma well we gotta leave we gotta leave now watch me chow chow rush mate edition kit crazy about to get crazy i was always scared of marriage i was part of the reason why i'm scared that my grandparents always yelling at you have one of the
far away man it's just how they communicated back then though i remember my grandparents to like just shot like god shot at like like veins in their neck popping out well if they that they grew up in hard times man when my grandmother had a stroke and um when they were taking care of her they started finding these little pockets of money squirreled away in the house are all over the house like coffee can yeah action it because during the depression yeah people just they realize like oh my god it can get to a point where there's no food like nothing nothing yeah and people starve to death yeah that's that's really possible it was a reality in the united states going through that was far better than like say europe post world war two yeah a core or the soviet union where you know it was worse there how man people starve to death
who knows untold how many people starve to death in the soviet union starve to death i know this sounds selfish by only thought of it in terms of america course the whole time of course well russia russia took it really bad man rushes world war two very very bad an these people grew up during that era when my grandparents came here my grandfather came here i think when he was seven and it was during the depression so it was like the worst yes of the early thirties you know my grandmother similar age they just had this this mentality like you could all go away they had they had seen it yeah it was burned into them and you know today everyone is like fucking leaving food on there wait no one's worrying about where it's coming from and everybody thinks they had a totally different mentality they were scared big they had nothing they would save everything every little
isari little something like tin foil and think about how messed up it is that they go from that they go from the depression they get out of it and then you roll into world war two like these people they out with a lot of different levels of stuff that we didn't have to deal with yeah i mean tim kennedy who was a guest mine recently friend of mine said something very profound he said hard times make two easy times make weak yeah but hard men make easy times nice you think about it that way yeah hard hard times make tough men tough men make easy times easy times make weak yeah it's like a fuckin' growth cycle riding with people are always like kids today these kids today don't know well it's because they haven't gone through enough so you can't you can't manufacture that for them my grandmother this is a funny
on on nine slash eleven i was in new york i at newark you don't hear that by the way this is a funny story nine hundred and eleven but was it newark i was flying out that day and we watched the second plane fly into the use of that's the second one i saw it saw on television now if you know at newark you look right across that you were looking and you actually literally occurring hit one hundred percent i was the first plane work was going through your mind when you saw it here well the first one hit on before we got there before i got there and i walked with a pilot down like through the airport in the city i think it was a cessna you kind of crazy and i'm so i'm down there and he was at the at the desk and i said i was going to chicago and i said to the woman working the thing i said do you think we're going to fly out today i you know you think we're going to actually get out and guy yells
here comes another one this man just like a businessman and we all turn and you could just see it for show streaking across right into the you know small the plane looked small but just put any soap insane so i sit down i just sat we just and i was sitting with an artist and a middle aged man who was an artist in and then we heard about the pentagon as we were sitting there an he opened up his little art and had all these razors in it like razor blades and stuff from his artwork like how the you know he's a commercial artist he's like this is all going to change he said you know people just they let me on the plane with this and we just sitting there just freaked out like combat freaked out and i was calling my wife who was in new york an woke her up and we were trying to yeah talking she was going to the thing and at one point the
artist i was sitting with just looked at me like in my eyes like we're trying to understand what was happening he said i think we should go home now as a key yeah yeah right of course we should after sitting there for twenty yeah so i can't get back into new york i can't get back into the city times gun bye and i'm not in a cab going up the parkway in new jersey and there's just dust where the towers were and i'm like oh so i can't get in so i go to my nana's house who lives in by giant stadium and 'cause she's the closest to the city i can't get into the city so this this driver takes takes us over and i get to my nana's house and she's so excited to see me because her grandsons visiting and she lives alone now my father grandfather passed and i'm sitting in the tv and i'm like nana like i first i hugged
and i was like all we pee like i was shaking and i didn't know what was happening and she oh it's so nice to see you get in here is a visit this is so great like what's happening second law i know it's a crazy world and i sit little tiny living room den area and we have the tv on and she's trying to to me and i'm trying to watch the television and this is the world war two mentality uh i will my guess again and i'm in it's kind of of the boy in talking to her is because all right well look i have a bridge game a card game with my lady friends here take half of my sam's which you reached opener tinfoil gave me half of her tuna fish sandwich because you eat this i'm going to play cards with my friends and will have dinner after you'll be okay and and she wow but they were tough out with so much
and dealt with it wasn't even freaking out not even freaking out she's like it's a crazy world and this she doesn't like you know alzheimer's she was just hey it hasn't yet lost a couple of buildings in a few one thousand people here is half a sandwich i'm going to go play bridge to play bridge we gotta keep moving tomorrow's another day but that's how they live both my grandmothers are that way just completely like plowing plow ahead don't get caught up thinking about everything that's happened there's no sense in it we've done that before and you get nowhere so let's just keep going this way well having a war that affected people the way world war two did with the entire night not just the entire nation was involved but the whole world was involved in this conflict to stop evil yeah it was a different time you had any evil yeah you had a real i mean obviously i this is evil obviously north korea there's a lot
evil in the world yeah it's not like this evil empire it's invading europe and dropping bombs on well it's not the same it's not now not sees that believe in eugenics and want to create an arian race and like that was going on my hands and on stopping the spreading telling people were common and they were the most sophisticated in terms of engineering and right like that i mean they they have up to this day where do you get all and engineers in terms of like automobiles top end like audi bmw those people were making shift for nazis back then yeah i mean that's how they were co opted by the regime did you ever see like one of hitler's cars there's a audi from like one thousand nine hundred and thirty something was made for hitler yeah it's like they were they were designing engines planes and they were sued super advanced super advanced now
this real this real evil folk it's like it was like okay the world has got to come and go get this one guy yeah i don't know i mean i wasn't there but it seems more black and white and the way the world is for sure the thing called operation paper clip that happened where after the war we scooped up all these nazi scientists secretly and some of them were like ledge werner von braun the guy who was in charge of nasa he was a nazi really one hundred the simon wiesenthal center said that if he was alive today they would prosecute him for crimes against humanity and he the head of nasa who's the head of nasa cheese yeah they took monsters well and they brought those monsters over here and those monsters helped us make out there rockets she yeah and then some of the monsters went to the soviet union they took some of those monsters can does work i mean
and there's no reason to white wash that either yeah real monsters were real like they hung the five slows choose every day in front of the of the rocket factory in berlin where morning von braun was making rockets for for the how my god yeah they had these jews that were slaves that worked as well i mean there's people that were alive today that have those choose in their arms right that talked about meeting him there and she him is and they would hang the slowest workers on my god yeah in the front of the factory okay now keeps going to work dozens to it doesn't leave the country would work to do and then mount in nazi germany you know how the fuck did you get out your slave no not the choose barron the guys who are working on the guys who are working for the for the company like to see the people being hung and still hang in there they were nazis yeah i mean
he was all in yeah i mean whether or not he agreed with the ideology wholeheartedly mean i didn't have a car h with them i don't know if he's yeah for pragmatic purposes he was frightened or whatever but get a disguise get out of there i don't think they could you legos glasses with a mustache is at work yeah you go to the airport you get enough light come to you take it off like oh it's like nasa well there's like a server market there's a slow slide i'm sure into that i mean the this lot wasn't that slow but from world war one and world war two as it escalated yes i think it just got to this point where they like oh my god like what are we doing when they started having these concentration camps and killing all these jews terrifying now and those so we took a lot of those guys brought him over here and they work for work for the government man on man i have a sixty seven volkswagen beetle sweet little car
little car with a little ten pounds but it's solid an but you can't get around every time you made it you think you know this was the people's car this was the uh early nazi germany hitler on the at the plants you know being very proud about car and stuff here is a good way of looking at it too you have a sixty seven right like if i had a nineteen ninety eight car that was produced by what do you mean ninety eight because it's too years old twenty years from sixty seven to right when i literally yeah it's that era yeah i mean it's so close so close twenty years yeah that's nothing that's nothing god yeah it's really close that way yeah that car that way twenty years removed from hitler being in power did you literally did you do that randomly google
that's that's literally was because that's my car my car is literally in as your actual combat color different wheel different hubcaps now i mean the da2at friend jimmy lawless had one of those were in high school oh i bet it was so light is crazy so great he had tiny ask little engine in the back it'll four cylinder see this little beetle you don't think nazis you think bam bam other adorable have you seen what they do they take an older nine hundred and eleven engine and put him in these yes yeah make him fast i know they do that with the buses too but you look how little those fuckin' tires are i know i think that any traction now going around turns i think it's like hey you they were smart back then though with their engineering with the put the weight of the engine in the back yeah it has such a different effect there is it it's kind of amazing to look at all automobile manufacturing in the 30s before the
markham like there was enough metal for everybody there was enough ingenuity the french car at all design is so amazing there was a real moment of inspiration and creativity and then the war came into this like all the resources and all the people and everything got got dampened down but then they were flying in the third yeah what's interesting though is there's another resurgence in the sixties especially in america american cars in the 60s were fucking amazing and then the gas crisis yeah right the 70s there dogshite yeah it went terrible so vantage so useless my mom had a pinto it was a bad car black i'm a muscle car fan right yeah like for me the golden era was like nineteen six these two somewhere around seventy one with the last of the great cars like seventy one barracuda still pretty bad at right but seventy two starts cool seven mustangs yeah
you to seventy five there dog right six but one thousand nine hundred and eighty rolls around just fucking like those things on fire because of the gas well gas isis came they started making cars cheaper and they were just lighter they we try to make a more fuel efficient and something happen to the way they look the end is assigning like yeah i go to that seventy so it's terrible now i want you to so this is a nineteen seventy nine yes piece of shit now i want you to google one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine mach one get ready for this mother fucker
one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine mach one boom son click on that black one right there click on that come the fuck on how do you go from there how do you go from that and ten years later you have that boxy piece of shit look at that red one the upper right hand corner man that looks like it should come with steve mcqueen and all good googly moogly look at that thing what a fun in car that is god dam that doesn't get your dick hard going with doctor comes with steve mcqueen in a naked gallon the back steve mcqueen had a sixty eight go with the nineteen gold one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight steve mcqueen mustangs a green one yeah it's boo look at that come on man what did they do that's more than the gas that's some bad stuff happened in the company something happened with life yes
happen in forward look how gorgeous that is god i mean that is a work of art but there's the lines on that thing seventy six toyota corolla one one thousand nine hundred and seventy six i want to show to bad as vehicle i was driving around yeah that yellow one oh yeah baby should orange here's the thing that thing would start up every day yes one hundred percent that's the difference in that look like a piece of shit and it most certainly does that was it that was the color baby schitt orange and i put a racing stripe along the side did you really yeah i had a hornet to play two hundred different tunes really pretty but up up up up up up oh like dusa hazards tr happy birthday i had everything had a cb in it one contact
so my c b s c b we're going to the dairy queen over into your friends as he beats tour yeah we already on to the we had like three friends with c b isn't really enough also larry is gonna that we're gonna lose their party cannot you're going to the dairy queen creek okay get me up about every year blizzard in a minute explain to me how do you choose what channel you're on you just you just saw we all on channel lino how many channels are there not that many actually so how close do you have to be i i'm like ten miles within ten miles you could use it yeah we in between everybody have that's all you're doing is back then they weren't thinking i had a toyota crolla with a horn that played two hundred songs i was into it curve sure i was having a blast i was so happy to be out of the house but isn't that amazing like i'm thinking about this now how often people use cell phones and such what with people thinking back
then like why didn't they get cbs on their car i don't know it's a good question why would everybody have one i don't know it especially then it was like the big trucking year it was really convoy smoking the bandit big convoy yes smoking the bandit had it come on come on smoking the bandit had it in his trans am yeah that's right they were talking to each other what year was that i think he was a c had a seventy nine trans am yeah i was gonna put it at seventy eight says that us seabees exploded in the seventies when the oil crisis because the miles per hour on the highway scored on a fifty five inch trucker star use them until it they were the best gas prices were network started of people using seabees ok rubber duck that's funny 'cause i would have thought that they were exploded because they were using them to tell each other where the cops were yeah
like smokey and the bandit yeah i do when i was in high school it was fifty five miles per hour speed limit which is just torture that's torture what could be doing to people who do you think you are telling people to go fifty five miles on the highway on a highway yeah and with the four hundred horsepower engine that stephen queen car have one in the is that all about it might it was just fast enough i would imagine that would be a big one i mean that's what ways is pretty good for that weighs yeah we spotted ahead rollways a snitch yeah they blocked the freeways to in protest of the lower speed did you i remember that i remember that the characters structures they also idiots blocking yourself you stupid phone remember when these morons were blocking the highways remember when
we're doing that like around san francisco that was recently yeah like they want like for approaches they would walk out yeah just walk on the highway yeah well what the fuck was about thank god people stop doing that you want everyone to hate you well that's not to say that it's like you're stopping people from being able to get to a hospital you're me might cause people loved ones lives and they did well that would have the good governor christie when a close eye on the bridge he has a couple people died because of that 'cause they couldn't get to the hospital they were how is he not in jail for that guys the worst housing on jail he should totally be in jail other people went to jail for it that is just fucking straight corruption to make that call the audacity that you have to have dish the balls to make that fucking call and say shut with that guy was so so arrogant do you remember seeing when he cook with it closed the beaches and him and his family were the only one on the beach yeah yeah
discussing says everything just his body says everything let yourself get to that state yeah and he had an operation to he had a stomach labeling did he really looking through it look at that blow every beach was every state beach was closed i think on the fourth of july and ham is fat family were just sitting there on the beach just what a nephew to everybody look at that is extreme nobody else allowed extreme arrogance and why would the beaches closed down uh for the budget he ordered him closed because they couldn't pay for people to watch the beaches lewis yeah it just like one of those pissing matches between you know who's gonna help what for the budget and that was a lie st look at that someone made of him in the cancel area the fourth of july look at his little shower sandals longer so i
kids call those slides they com slides you know the kids call those slide hate slides i can't flip flops no no don't include plump lips long when i see someone in the airport with slides on i just want to punch him it's a lot of dudes have slides people with socks on what are you doing because it's see you don't like lazy it's lazy yeah but i have those salomon running shoes that don't even have don't have laces they have like the soul tab you pull and you pull it down and it the titans up and you open it up and velcro yeah but you're still pulling a tab at least there's a little something that is yeah that just stick 'em in your feet flop flop his flop like that people don't like that 'cause the lazy screw it will be as comfortable as possible it makes me so angry but why be cause for twenty five
old man sitting on the floor of an airport waiting for your thing starshower sandals a lot of people do it though it's not a lot of people do it but enough people do it with the sock and the slides yeah how does me so much i don't know why does it bother you more or less than flip flops uhm little bit more which is pretty because i really railed against people with flip flops like burke crusher was flip flops everywhere disgusting he's cut grow it's so gross and people act like they're we don't have your feet have a real bacteria between the toes there's like a real kill germs in there and then they have slowly slipping a mop and put in there but with hers in the magazine rack the bird is like this life of the party type character that's part of his this thing hits is staying i flip flops got love him too he's disgusting he was a video of him on a fucking skateboard flying down his street with flip flops on
do do you understand the damage to your toes that you could do for the rest of your life your toes when we up if you cry he's flying down the street the flip flops on he's hilarious but now i mean at least at least he's a character like bigger than life character you just flip flop and you don't care in your pants are hanging off just to get on a flight to boise just come on why boys let's pick up boys i love i'm just this issue because it's a short of why i don't want to like you can't even get it together for a short flight you know it's disgusting that is where it is weird just very however some issues ideas about footwear i judge people when i see them that he's he's on yeah jamie
some right there no i don't know you gave me them i don't have their exactly right below here yeah there's like six months ago right when he gave me the in the box right there i've contemplated running in am running through like creek and filming it because people love these things so much but i don't want to run it are they expensive 'cause i like running in shoes that are actually supposed to be running in yeah there expensive he gets it look at him upset james one generation younger than maine so his like idea what these things are is different than my idea i feel like they're mad at you for saying that right now some people are some people think it's hilarious that you would do that that would run with him yeah i know they're mad at me but they are dumb if we're mad at me for what i would do with a pair of sneakers your eighty right now you can get it together if you think about sneakers too right are they happy here they just sit in here and those five people think i'm joking yeah what do they look like this is
here in this fucking box i'm not joking i mean i didn't plan this out they're here this week here people who are into them are like oh my god you got it there you know you got home and you're not even flossing who should be out flaws in man yeah he's taunting main 'cause i mock his all the time he looked like some sneakers from the 80s right so it's like they look like this your version of that shitty mustang from nineteen seventy nine cool the whole back end sticks out like there's a heel has like a duck bill behind you it's stupid it's so bizarre yeah but that kanye west has a large effect on humans very interesting yeah the family feud i heard they're on family feud
well was good i don't know i just heard howard stern talking about i hope they ask tough questions just just see the pool part is trying to try being a book in that house you will collect dust mother fucker i don't care it's broken up into chapters shittenou stadium read tweets elon musk wants to do the podcast right back here on the feud really yeah message me can i come in as your is your co host the fun of this list and like everybody else that's really cool yes be interesting yeah i want to get his model three up to some hi low production and once it's done the time time away no model
tesla model three yes close concentrating on yeah yeah once he's got that they just delivered the first one thousand flamethrowers we can get what's up with that why is when you know just to do it is this really what happened like i was by one and you can do it take it out you can do it as a flame thrower so we named it not a flame thrower so it's called yeah it's called flame thrower that we have a company not a flame thrower wow when it's like some airport hangar to pick him up okay but who we have to deal with people get killed by these things wait there's a mariachi band playing that they're having a good time frame through her thing it's the big unveiling that's where you pick them up but at a minimum amount of is that real yes sir go back up to that photo the flame thrower that's the cheeses christ look at that thing pretty cool all my god god that's amazing yeah just gotta buy propane maybe to refill it and connect it and it's seems like it's going cause a house what's the purpose of that
two when you when your enemies come los eleven out of oil it's you you hide behind the couch and four of them are in the movie alien yeah yeah they have flame throwers yeah you need to burn them instead of shoot them because it's a you're on a spaceship if you live on a spaceship oh right right right what do you do with a flamethrower my boyfriend asks maine and that's her that's the author there blasting yeah she doesn't even have the stock against her fuckin' armpit she doesn't even know what she's doing look where she's got the stock call techniques talk that in your arm honey if there's not a lot of kick back on a plane throw rocks you do that like your like your goddam professional you exercise would trigger control to what about discipline what about tunnels but i didn't realize how many tunnels he wants to he wants us he's doing everything he's making flamethrowers yeah he's making these giga watt factories these gigantic batteries that are powering australia yeah i'm in nevada
very very unusual human being it's amazing it's just there's walls just do it you have no idea just do it she does not know how to handle that gun so we saw told me they saw him they saw him speaking an about the tunnels and he's gotta get approval like there's different things gotta get past and he doesn't just want to tunnel like from here to el eecs he wants multiple tunnels so like if you're going to the united terminal it takes you right there if it goes to the american one that takes you there it's going to be a whole like ant farm of tunnels off do the city what happens if we get an earthquake what happens if there's a tsunami do those things fill up with water everybody drown inside those tubes the says the tunnels are weatherproof that means when it rains yeah that's what about an earthquake i don't think earthquake is weather hum now i know looking to see if they have any i've been getting claustrophobic lately who why i don't know think about when i had a couple little instances where i was like
never been claustrophobic before nineteen twenty four northridge earthquake no damage to la subway tunnels one eighty nine loma get northern california earthquake no damage to tunnels one thousand nine hundred and eighty five mexico city earthquake no damage to tunnels which were then used to transport rescue personnel the tunnels were in shape but there's a big rock over the whole that gets you out of the total right right building fell on it yeah try to elevate it won't take you out there now you stuck in that little elevator living in a tunnel for the rest of your life to death in there okay and you get clipped by another guy in a tesla going to one hundred and twenty miles an hour in the tunnel get run over it was turning into rap people tunnels not big enough for you to walk in while there's cars in it now i think they recently changed the plan which is going to be these things called electric skates which people get on like a subway car lycopod car getting in there but small like only like sixteen people right
for sure right to downtown man yeah it be pretty cool but i don't know if i cluster phobia will keep him he's got that and then there's another thing the hyperloop he's doing that hyperloop thing to the hyperloop is the that's the fucking train that goes to san francisco thirteen seconds him too yeah dude yeah fuc keep doing but this is the crazy thing it's one guy like how is this one guy that innovative he has is that smart i don't know he's uh but is he funny he's pretty funny sometimes it's a comedy phantom of the store yeah he's mad at the store he was at largo with johnny depp sex our range that loose though that's the only for you did good smart guy
smart guy exactly that was my only time i worried about him i saw him like you know some events like oh no what is he doing probably just getting some of that crazy pushes google type is beautiful not being happy with him i know he is doing that but it might not be the only person or he's just involved in the project different could be well he's also involved in the fucking rocket project spacex is going to mars that's what i wanted to ask you if you talked about 3d printing a couple times yeah we've talked i just watch them recent vice on 3d printing pretty amazing home my god yeah who has one that guy with a chrysler fuckin' puppet guy jeff dunham jeff dunham yeah he makes me sick with them he makes a lot of shape with him he was on opie and anthony back in the day apparently he's like a super tech geek now and he was on opie and anthony
back in the day talk he had like one of the earlier 3d printers really yeah they're getting really really complex they're making human body parts human ears there making the achmed mobile controlled chaos jeff dunham so he does all this stuff himself he's a fucking character jeff dunham yeah interesting guy that's amazing if you put anything in the computer like actually there was shared like a dishwasher and leave the guy wanted to manufacture the part that's inside the dishwasher the computer says now we can improve on that part and we're gonna alter the shape of it and have it be like this and then it makes that and then you use it it's getting so crazy you don't see how this washer human cells in there making ears and now scanning it's amazing they think that in the future you won't be buying things you'll be download schematics and then getting raw materials running the raw materials you'll have like in your machine
or another and it'll make whatever you need like say if you need french press right it'll make a french press will 3d print french press for you you won't go to the one by one you just like download the whatever it is you don't need to manufacture and no one is going to be in this business of making press is less i mean less and less and but the thing is like more more demand will be for things like this table right like craftsmanship or someone makes something right right yeah which is kind of seeing that now people are getting you know there's all these these restaurants that are like kind of farm to table name wouldn't metal and everything's like rustic and everything's like kind of retro and when his armpit hair and we're talking about now they had razors along snow roof no excuse for girl some are funny guys it's fine on eleven arbiter the do yeah if you don't
of armpit hair like what happened you got a disease bro where you in a fire alopecia does your friend have a flamethrower it's like like girls with their junk like ok here's a perfect example that whole hair on girls right like when we were kids can't get enough standard was normal it was there was chaos right you it was just a big fucking pie of whatever nowadays if you're a gal you're young single gal you got but her butt hole hair you're taking some risks right like i don't care tell me who i am yeah you must be into older men 'cause that's the only one that gives me for who i am like no no we're not doing that anymore we're trying to evolve and first thing that's evolving is women's hair start somewhere right like how many women when you go to the beach how many women shave their legs all of all of 'em that's fucking crazy like think about like the groom
standards that we've imposed on women like the cultures imposed on women it's pretty crazy fucking crazy it's so crazy in comparison the us like you and i yeah in the area and armpits one patch of hair on my back yeah just like once i get it like when the american world whether the transformation sequences yet okay stopped quarter way through yeah it's funny i mean the the standards yeah it's weird it's very where it it's weird but it's it's also weird is that people who are really women who were really progressive still like doing certain parts that for me is a man watching it is always like yeah we're all the same let's own it and stuff but i'm still going to put this big big lying on my eyes to make it look like i'm going to put extra lashes on to make it look like yeah it's weird like the what you
used to sculpted eyebrows and schitt eyebrows some dude sculptor eyebrows yeah they're going to work for those guys 'cause they're in starts with an f of the tea and it rhymes with cabaret star it's bundle of wood now it's it's it's for very bizarre i always feel like but they also like it's empowering to feel good and it does make women feel good to be in heels and well then there's different standards for gay folks like gay guys they do it way different and by the way when i use that f word i should not use that and definitely wouldn't use it for gay guys we know we consider the source would be careful though going to be careful today's days damage yeah but people know you're a good person some people don't they know you people are it's a dangerous time say anything lampanelli thing what happened she was screaming at an audience like really completely when she said charts
i think it just happened last night i don't know i heard it on the radio she's like screaming you sonsabitches she yelled at them call them sons of bitches onstage nuclear meltdown fan hands or one hundred dollars to shut up she goes off she blue in her hair yes get blue in her hair clear meltdown someone tried to say something in middle of her she just goes batshit crazy she went nuclear run a fan who gave one hundred dollars to shut up in the middle of her guy but he's a thing like why would someone why would someone pay her at a show to go try to to shut up so much after someone from the balcony called her account it all went downhill from there god how long is it going to be before you can say that word anymore i'm probably good
like next wednesday yeah weird run the sand in the hourglass like i said like when i just said fagot i felt it like oh this is a dangerous time to say that word yeah not saying anymore yeah no no no no it's not even calling a an individual person it just saying the noise that is that were like it's getting down to the like you'd caught off to call it the other and word yeah yeah one word it's it's clearly established right yup we say it all the time people even say it on stage in a comedy set the say the n word right c v and where it ran with it won't say it now and then if they do say that people of yes forget it from the crowd to get it no but god but jane retarded about yeah pretty gm card it retarded i think it's probably but you can say it but the way you're saying that you could say retarded right right the
where we don't say that now you want to say it now i'm too scared it's the word bigger but without the be with a different with an n in it can't even do that i'm going to convince a bigger but without a be with an n that's how tricky it is i'm just feeling for the keys in my pocket damage but terrified jamie you were telling me about who what was the rap concert where the girl got on stage and she was saying yeah the kendrick lamar concert which so i guess this is the song that happens a lot you can see lots of videos of the crowd singing all the words a lot of and words in it including white people in the crowd wrecked yeah lots of lots where the only way out so in this video is alabama yeah couple one up as set out in alabama hang out fast right up on stage is obviously drunk like kind of a list that are up to to do it is that like two or three times stop it stop the whole thing well what would you say is not evidence to just it's a it's in the song
also she says wrong yes she was doing like karaoke like a song lyric and then the turned honor oh no no no no that's not for you that's only for maine oh wait wait wait wait wait wait that's mean yeah are you having up i had a bit from two thousand and nine yeah my spike tv hello here woman gets on stage delaney oh she's going to do it oh my god she's gonna say he set her up yeah it's terrible when we started at here we go is mocking her already yeah where are gods
wow she must be so nervous i get along they found am running and madison are we playing this over youtube or will we get pulled let's find out what happens wait wait wait this is crazy
really you want thirty he says that we love you can't say that mostly and this is me recently give in hello lou areas and preposterous time you see me that is so strange that is his song yeah he wrote a song he wrote the where is his son loves him she loves him she's at his concert he gave her the microphone played this song she's singing the songs that he loves that he wrote no no what else loves and everybody's like you do
set the wrong you made the noise so wow that was she was so happy little crowd doing it though and this whole crowd is looks mostly white yeah girl streaming it but why in the fund so how's that work i've got a double standard i know this is why i stayed home how does that work so i don't gotta concept there's a lot of people there yeah you can do it you can do it if there's a bunch of people there if yeah but you can't do it if you're by yourself no age by yourself in front of those people you can't do it but if you're in with them you could do it yes and that was more oh wait that was a lot of white there in the course in that one white people are ridiculous so confused so confused i mean this is a strange time i was going to say did this spike tv special in two thousand and nine and there was do you member old commercial with the
the girl comes home underdog start talking to her like lindsey i really wish you wouldn't smoke pot you not the same smoke pot in the end is my friend thank you i had this whole thing where i was like i was like please for if whatever the checks on she's not on pot 'cause if you one pot you'd be like wait a minute my fucking dog talk like how long you been able to talk did i had my whole fuckin' laugh you know life is the first she said right now and i went through yeah and i call my dog fagot on this guy this is like in the beginning of political correctness right two thousand nine he this is a gay guy said to me because you can't say that word that's our that's our work right that's what he said right he literally said i go wait a minute what did you just say yeah and he said i guess it's our negar not to say that you can't say it i got that's the day i have ever heard
that's so crazy you can't go i'm talking to a dog i'm talking i'm angry at a dog because i've had dog my whole life is first words out of his mouth i tell you i love you every day and what do you say you say you shouldn't smoke weed yeah fuck you stupid i smoke not going to work and i pay for your food like that was that was the joke that was and he got he got like these rules are preposterous isn't it supposed to be about intent occasion is supposed to be like yeah i'm supposed to be conveying how i feel and the words are posted to mirror my thoughts right like when you have magic words that you can't say case with the n word it's even crazier because it's like some people and say it you could say it sometimes sometimes you can't say it yeah it's too heavy but black people could say why people
and the white people can say it if you're in the crowd there yelling it out but as long as there's an a on the end of it yeah right actually the e ours will get you in trouble well look racism is disgusting all this is the racism against chinese people racism against white people racism against every of course against black people of course against everyone judging someone on something that they have no control over yeah that's what it is like you well you're born what born irish german italian african when you're born that's not you yeah you you're just who you are yeah right so racism is disgusting but is that is it racism when you have that roll on stage and she's singing that song that she loves that you sing it's your song like that's not really racism know so when she's singing along and everybody is big you racist i cannot see like what are we because this is what we're doing here is where we
we've gone into some ridiculous zone it's not doesn't make any sense because we know that's not her intent now exact right this is a show that intellectual exercise exactly it becomes like a word game it's a little puzzled kind of thing that we're doing to trap this person you get say she's very ennis up there they all know she's a little drunk it's kind of like setting someone up to do something box yeah it's pretty gross it's just weird it's weird that it's so universal like that crowd those price twenty thousand people know yeah the i had a weird thing on you know i'm i among the show live from here the old prairie home companion show and you know i'm the writer for it and stuff had right around and appear on it and stuff anyway i'm very involved with the show chris who's this bluegrass guy who plays the mandolin who's as amazing kindest person you'd ever meet like super
for sweet sweet person like like mister features in a way like it's to that level of kindness an he sings everybody's birthdays and stuff and he sings different songs and uh as a tribute to everything he loves all music you love everything he saying i rick lamar song and he's saying a little bit of it because it was his birthday that week and he got so so much hate online that a white person can't be singing that song what is the song about it's uh i don't know but that wasn't the thing so while was there any word it was he was a cultural appropriation but he's not allowed to sync meanwhile he's singing blue indian music right i mean the from all around the world is pine sol celebrating everything and it really freaked him out because he is so nice he couldn't believe the hate that he got from it but now he's
super sensitive about singing that music at all it's not logical it's not when you have to put your foot down and you consider the source but culturally we have to put our foot down because we're going down this very strange illogical road where you could just add what's evil and what's bad and it doesn't have any bearing on the thought or the intent behind it yeah look they went after bruno mars like get in the just get the out here they accuse bruno mars of cultural appropriation what culture he's everything he's everything i just don't like the per meanwhile what is he doing where anybody would have to some of cultural appropriation he sings these beautiful saw is a last hello my name is world he's amazing i love that guy other guy's amazing voices fantastic in his songs are fun and they're catchy and the the i love listening to the i some in vegas in concert it was just the most up lifting bright thing you know what made me happy though is that a bunch of black artists said fuck you
he's great like what was the original charge just with the social justice warriors were going after him for cultural appropriation all these like soup progressive angry phuc heads will decide culture whatever man it doesn't have to make sense and this is the thing right there just looking for targets yeah it doesn't have to make sense this is not it's not like a logical progression like bruno mars is it's not like he's stealing from these old blues singers and he's not crediting them and he's come on white guy from kentucky that's not what we're dealing with right we're dealing with a multi racial guy who sings these beautiful songs that they don't they're not cold appropriation even if he was white nyet knows exactly it's just a joy of music and music is a mix of everything to make sure all of us of everything that is good right coming out saying like his style but if the then here's the case i'm a fucking huge the black keys the black keys
a lot of their shift is blues a lot of it is old blues like it sounds so similar to some great old blue sure is that culture probation i i mean i don't love them i mean you saying they should stop doing what i what i love to hear now come on i mean it when we do yeah that's crazy but what is it what you know what the other part of it is how may the people are really complaining about that stuff it's a very small amount so small but it's enough for your friend got scared he did get scared and it literally amounts to probably three tweets you know what i mean it's like but those people that's the only noise people aren't saying wow i love that version 'cause they just like it in the normal people it's these haters that just want to do it but the people for all of it have to calm him and make him realize we've got here they brought up now that sell falcon fire him if it gets loud enough it doesn't have to make any sense yeah that's where it's squirrelly too they fired speaking of prairie home companion
our garrison keillor i know they fired him remove his name for everything because he hugged the lady and her his hand went down her back yeah and then he apologized sent her an email she said it's fine they went back and forth with it didn't do anything else no history of sexual harassment sexual assault no history of anything terrible years later all this me to stuff comes out she comes out with that yeah it was dirty business yeah it was dirty it's dirty but it doesn't it's not logical right it's like there's this fever feeding frenzy that goes on with these things is mob yeah it just want to tear people down but i really believe that you have to in all these situations is consider the source like you really have to consider its like when the steroid thing went down there were like pee came a barry bonds harder than everybody else because he had a rap for not being a good guy he people did not like him regardless
with that so when it happens people kind of they come after him harder than they came after sammy sosa yes but much harder than like andy pettitte who are you know learning is that is is a pitcher for the yankees and just like a nice guy and they don't know you know but if somebody is a problem jose canseco hello examples of problems here at everybody out through the book called juiced yeah boy exposed to everything that made him persona non grata like he just kind of disappeared he got written off yeah from that book like people just decided fuck you yeah that's interesting right it is it is you had too much of a snitch i guess yeah man people in respect him after that yeah because there was so many people that were also doing it and he was the one that ratted everybody out and profited off of it yeah there's some there's some just with some st justice in that i just we have to be really careful with comets just there's also an issue that every
and has access to social media and everyone has the ability to complain about things yeah sorry buddy the whole world right so there's a lot of noise the train of it yeah you get the real sound like like there are things that been that are really bad and when something happens it's really bad the twitter mob and all the people that go after these people for something this that's legitimately awful sure it makes sense yeah i mean there's just to it but there's also like this constant looking for targets yes that it seems like that's kind of like a hobby of some people like that is for sure thing on to go out and pick people off yeah it's awful it's a horrible thing it is yeah because then it's cousin it at its best it's a really wonderful thing right it's a celebratory thing that you have this community that you share with think about like you can see things from all around the world you could see cultures you could see young
doing amazing things in all these different little tiny spots i mean in so many ways it's beautiful but then there's just like this little dark underbelly of like hate they're really just is good and bad in the world and there there is good and around the world but there's also people that are just very frustrated and looking to vent that frustration as often as they can whatever targets they find to be viable yeah it's not like they've carefully considered the issue and carefully consider this person stance on it like now for me one of the big ones was the roseanne barr thing because roseanne barr what she said seemed racist races right and you look at it on the surface you called that lady something like a cross between the muslim brotherhood in the planet of the apes right and like what jesus is calling black woman in eight yeah she said she didn't even know that was black and then you see photo and you go oh ok that woman is very racially ambiguous like i talked on the phone
told me oh yeah i did not know that one she was you really think that i would call a black lady plan of the ames i'm not stupid see you in the yeah her literal works 'cause i didn't know she goes i just was fuckedup an ambi an and drinking all weekend and tweeting a bunch of stupid hit her own words right i didn't know what i was saying right and no one cares though no one cares that you got a lady who has mental illness ranking history of mental illness is on a host of different medications is on ambien as well and drinking and smoking pot no cares you you compared a black woman to planet of the apes right then all these poopy made these memes where they put a photo of that woman next to that woman from the planet of the apes right and like you know you see like why she was joking round about it but it's totally off limits so they decided she's is hard marble races forget
all her years of well you know people loving her and well she also has a good to be if you go back to the source kind of thing it's like you know she there's a picture of her just like i'm not see there's like jewish i know but there's like there's enough she's always tweeting bombastic stuff mmhm so when she's got issue it's not yeah so it's not like it's not like somebody like rachel ray just making muffins and all of a sudden one tweet comes out she's in that area an i think you're in that area and your viewing hayden you're throwing fireballs and stuff whether you have intent or not you're in that arena you can get burned by yes she's a should know what i mean yes she's a hotel should start remember the national anthem she grabs across right it's in the ground and apparently everyone was super she was scared right to that because that's patriotic thing yeah you don't fucking do that to murder people people were mad and i remember that the issue that with roseanne
to me is not even that tweet not even even the the recent plan the apes one gets out earlier one that she made five years ago which is much more races over hilly about yeah about susan rice where she said susan rice is a man with big swinging eight balls and that's you talking about an absolutely black woman yes i see there's not something there there's like that that's the thing it's the source it's like there's this person that has all of this kind of stuff and she's always going up to the line and not crossing it but maybe sometimes growing and then you do it you're going to get popped number i miss got kicked off the video for san about some gals who were athletes you call them nappy headed hoes yeah of course and that was like whoa yeah man you know look
you want to play in those fire arenas if you can get burned right now it's easily drop some bombs and it's great yeah to make some you but if you're a stirrer right if that you're trying to drop bombs occasion why she's land on you sometimes like racist bombs are the ones that get you burn the most we not healed as a nation where this very confused we it's like you know we grew like with an alcoholic dysfunctional father there's there's like there's uh like when you talked about how is only twenty years between hitler and half of my volkswagen coming out is not that much time between that that most heinous part of that to today and it's it's less than two hundred years which were two lifetimes it's wrong like there were two lifetimes between us and slavery i think like just recently like the last person last african amer person who was around during slavery just passed i mean you know what i mean we
never healed we never had a discussion we didn't go to therapy and forget about just slavery how about the civil rights yes i mean how about his life people housing people down with fire hoses and siccing dogs on them that was in if not our life time just before we were born and still today there's still you go to certain parts so it's you know a pop and stuff off from people you know you as a white guy you walk around you hear people say shut that because they think you're there around you and it will look at you you still around they look at you like this couch is bread this guy just bakes bread today's home that's why i do it i tricky no i mean like we have a that is our disease in our in our culture there is a disease that we haven't met it out yet so of course like any if you're gonna pop about that you're going to be that's why why why are you doing are you will send you that makes you feel like
rose that off of your roseanne that's her whole thing is getting this little reaction other people mean a lot of comics that's their thing right saying little little little controversial things to get a spark out of people that's fine if you can and look you know i have a sensitivity that i don't even want to go in that arena 'cause it's just i don't even do well when people yell at right when people yell around me i don't like it it's not main really about anything about anything i don't like it i just don't have were only here for a little while why are we going to fight right that's where i live people that can do it and yes and they and they can read there are people that do it who can read tweets calling them herbal things and it just kind of you know it is often they don't really care i don't think they read it that's a that is that what they do now well if you read tweets that about people that say horrible things to i mean he going to respond to them are you gonna engage
the dialogue and then other people going to join in you can respond to all of them you won't have anytime there's no there's no time you won't hold a will he up that with new people jumping into the fray if you want it with the fight with a mob a mob of people you can't really do that yeah 'cause he's gonna be discussion with a one on one person but if you fight a whole crowd of people like that kendrick lamar if that lady was like fuck you bitch i say stop it she just like this up and dives in the crowd starts throwing haymakers she's gonna get fucking killed yeah but if she has a discussion with like one of those white guys doing this boo boo this is yelling it out himself if they put
put them alone in a room and she said okay tell me what i what i did was wrong and he was later alfie may it's just it's just a booked up you need to use that word you know you can use that word mother you was saying in it otherwise you cited no no i'm sorry with everybody else and i make the dough noise with my face i'd like to open my mouth like a mustache but it also although i go near who i don't i don't say it kind of started in that it i let other people and it i like to the end part why do the go up part i don't do that if the if we i don't do a whole world because that way i'm not racist oh it's so complex it's crazy too crazy but it's not complex it's stupid it is complex but what's complex about that well not just that issue but what's complex about that to me is that you
the whole crowd of people yelling responding this like it's on their minds right there having these discussions that we are trying to move things forward other people trying to move back that is complete who's trying to move it back really saying i mean other than like white nationalist groups that everybody pretty states other than themselves i guess i'll move it back and then other people who think that maybe that they're being that is being reversed it they're being hated on now when they you know white like young white kids who just want to have a good time at the concert and sing we will but why are you attacking us i we were we were trying to be the play someone put up some videos at a school that was criticized by idina was taken down they put up these signs and say it's okay to be white google that this is this is kind of crazy and that this this dean was or whoever it was that he said well as these people they put up these signs that said okay to be white now right and people were angry
yeah it's like white lives matter that kind of thing no just that state right it's ok to be white like why would anybody have a problem with that like you know why do you feel you would say that what do you thinking about people that aren't white what do you got yeah that's what i mean it is compliant it's not complex or is that fucking stupid here it is sign saying it's ok to be white found at maryland high school found found like a bomb bomb yeah yeah ok what does it say something at five hundred and forty five am and removed by staff before students arrived for classes also say discovered them we're taking seriously oh my god they sent a letter home to families informing them the signs were discovered until indoors at five hundred and forty five am and removed by staff or students arrive for classes where taking this seriously and are investigating this incident wrote a johnson the school's principal are re
search so far as indicated this may be a part of a concerted national campaign to format racial and political tension in our school and community the in flyer was posted in other cities and communities this week ok but here's the question do you dis i agree with the sentiment of that statement it is ok to be white it's ok to be chinese it's ok to be indian it's ok to be whatever the fuck you are you ok to be erased maybe if they wrote it's okay to be right it's not okay to be racist maybe they did wrote that that be an issue that would have been that would have helped right that would have helped when you walk into your school campus and all of a sudden there's sign up everywhere that normally there are no signs well if they feel there a white person and they feel like they're being openly racially discriminated against okay to say hey it's alright to be white is that okay
yes of course so what's wrong with that sign because you pop them up in the middle of the night and put 'em all up on it and he still come in with your little lunch bag and you're going to teach your spanish class and on your doors a sign that says ok to be white you just need actions well what would you doing the flyers to be a part of an online campaign that is detail hold on the web form four chan ok but is it at that but is that saying that for chance talking about this online campaign or is it safe four chan started this online campaign i would lean towards that 'cause it was halloween night and they discovered on the articles posted november first so it's not like it's just a fun halloween prank people do do that stuff yeah you know it's like yeah it's totally okay to think it in that you know it's like the guy with the bomb stickers all over his car it's like that the
those guys are a little more unhinged than the other people it's like yeah i think it's ok to be white do i have to make a sign do i have to go get copies do i have to get some tape to have to sneak on campus so i have to put it up there the there was an article in washington post google this this woman wrote this article why can't we hate men and was published in the washington post in of course had a photo of harvey weinstein is disgusting mess and this is like the perfect example but that is literally like it's like does that mean welcome the worst white man hitler and why can't we hate white men right is all white men are hitler right hey why people is that with the articles of the heart the article i don't know what the article says i didn't read it but i mean like how could you write an article that says why can't we hate men well you could you to get the less you trying to say we can't hate men because men are human and we got to give everybody a chance and we
and generalize even if men have done horrible things that have to read it i don't i mean it's definitely the head and is made to make you want agreed it's clickbaity yeah it's going pretty exactly it's fascinating how about we the hate out guys can we just do that what is wrong with just tom pappas big sweetie come mind can't we just get along you are big sweet how long you're going to be here how much time i would much rather uh i live in a world where you go with your grand father an get a little get a little bread and you come back yeah and they yell at each other and you make a meal you know what i mean like why are you spending all this time because i mean there's people that need to spend the time to move the culture and do things and protect themselves plus all of this is this is people try get attention for their work thanks for the quick little articles and click little thing little campaign games against people that's what it is i mean people love that shared well i would have had to do with this book is write something about trump in it and
people could sound bite right right and have a lot of people be like what is and get everybody talking about it right right that's what they're doing they're trying to make up make noise so will look at them and they make more money well and then is also mean there has to be a thought behind it like that men have done some horrible shitty things so the but the idea of why can't you general oh well you can generalize because you're a nuanced human being you're supposed to be able understand the functional well everyone is different literally every every single there's hundred fifty million men the idea of why can you hate all of them well you can if you want to but it's a ridiculous way to live your life no exactly exactly so means if you are straight and you are attracted to men and you have to hate them all in quarantine yourself away from this a lot of those guys right there's a lot of really good people out there thursday how often does that have to happen with people who are homophobic who hate gay people
against gay marriage and rally against gay rights and then you find out that they're really good yes oh my all the time all the time all the time most every everyone were religious guy yeah invalidate i gay scandal always come out he was sleeping with yeah it's there so common it's cliche yeah right exactly yeah it's that makes you look for it when someone you know talks about gay it's a sin against man yeah we should lock them up we should do this and someone's are conducting the snake dipped grass if i would do it around yeah exactly what you do on behind we're gonna find this on we're going to find it yeah yeah find it i mean that's that that is what people do i think what i like about what you're saying and how i feel too is that we need to be nice to each other this whole idea of this gotcha bullshit this attacking people for things that don't necessarily make sense without without new once without the understanding of
complexity of human interaction with no concern for that at all because you just want to target you know we have to shun that stuff under percent that stuff is just pure foolishness in it's bad for discourse it's bad for community it's bad for the way we communicate with each other generates more hate and it's it's it is also a generalization a gross generalization which is just the same thing is sexism yeah thing is racism it's the same it's the same thing why can't we the man is a gross generalization yet that state i don't know what the article said that statement that's a gross j you can't because you're a nice person drive soon you're nice persia because i want to because we don't hate how about that no try not to hate no i mean they you know the culture has enough hated to think these back the campaign has to be yeah for more kindness i mean that that's a
great picture him sitting there with his arms crossed and they're all leaning yeah just listen to us just listen to angry like no no i wonder what they're talking about right there like should we go to lunch i like spaghetti we don't have spaghetti donald we don't have spaghetti it makes me getting hudson falcons we could someone gave me a fucking pizza just get what everybody else i wonder what they were that is a great picture though yeah that's a great with him being the only one sitting down arms crossed looks like so spoiled and her the look on her face if it's like a house that the woman from germany yeah commerical she's got sick of her own have to deal with this guy just is on the table and anger android first yeah what are you doing for father's day what do you nothing
fair enough just kind of hanging over days father's day it's true i don't want to i don't want any special treatment i don't celebrate my birthday i don't want anybody to give me christmas presents do they this of course but i don't i'm the same way that is just supposed to be there i like having them around i want and i always tell them i want to see your faces that's all i want i got all the gifts i got all the love he had everything i get if i get hugs everyday i'm more than happy totaling one i don't want like some cake or some stupid shit always gotten ranch there's no it's mine j it's my day there's no father's day brunch there's no like you know having to race through the mall and get flowers for father's day it's be somewhere around from some woman heckled in chicago there was like a like i was talking about as was actually it's a pro woman piece
it's a piece about how we forget that women make all the human beings and write this idea that women are supposed to do everything that men do plus they also make all the human beings so i i'd at this it's a law it's like this complex or twisty road that i take people down with this right there's a lot of like misdirection and anyway i say it and then later on i'm talking about something else in this girl yells out we may all the people hi mike i you said that i said that five minutes ago i go i go die which is wild chicks that celebrates her birthday all month long and everybody went crazy but it's like that's what i don't want to be i don't want to be the person that wants the attention like this it's my father's day is father's day week the whole month is father's month finally we're getting
there's no now we got it easy i'm the same way we had it easy yeah yeah i just want them around in the house let me see your faces the reward is not that's a harder cake now the reward is actually in being a father it's the greatest thing ever yeah i just hold my hand for a minute just come out like a hug me a little squeeze yeah we're good and i i think they i like that too like i don't dance don't want you running through the mall thank you trying to find stuff for us and also dead by everything anyway dude to the king tut yeah downtown i was saying amazing yeah crazy crazy things there from three three thousand three hundred years ago wow they constructed them
three thousand years ago they have jewelry an these these wooden boats that they found in king tuts temple or his tomb oh yeah and they wow that's see that's a bow and arrow that they had here's how stupid they are though we will put that thing yeah there it says compound bow hey you fuchs you music liam fox that's not a compound but hey it's just not it's a traditional bow you assehole accomp elbow has cams on it and it works a totally different system the fact that you people are running a god damn museum and you don't know what a compound bow is really pisses me off right now there's a guy with a plan g mystery okay thank you we just played with a bow and arrow i took a photo of it and i took a photo of what it says what it says there because i was like legitimately angry i was reading this thing with his compound bow here it says is what it says it says
gilded wooden compound bow with glass and calcite inlay it's not what team is broken we can definitely i thought it was a bow and arrow it's a ceremonial bo account compound bow is like one of those bows that i have in the back this is a very new modern creation you fuckhead i love you angry about you in this big egyptian thing with two comedy or like i got angry obsessed with a bow and arrow well i do get upset today because it makes a lot to you but yeah and it makes me angry wearing an archery shirt right now nobody has archery shirts this nobody wears archery cherokee practice everyday this person who's like if i looking at a jujitsu diagram and they said this is kung fu i'd like hey you fox yeah this is important this is brazilian jujitsu backtracks yeah that's high
love boomerangs boomerangs though but the boomerangs the shape of them they were not designed to come back just saying like oh i wonder like when they figured out like that was designed as a weapon yeah but just not enough of a curve for it to return to the thrower so just meant to hit somebody one hundred yards away it's just a good way throw sampling and hit it i love boomerangs the pretty dope how cool cool design oh i would go find open fields and yeah catch it like it doesn't come right back it comes back in like sales slowly down like in a spiral at the end you know what's fuckedup though about this tent king exhibit is you really got the sense that he was an inbred and so really his rape of his head was all fuckedup he had a club foot like he was in but he had two children that were a modified with him that were stillborn uhhuh so and he married his sister he is far
had a baby with someone else and then he married his half sister he was banging his half sister what they did they they with this they were constant lee inbreeding in royal families to try to keep the bloodline pure and try to keep all the money in the family and yeah did you ever see his head with his head is shaped like jamie pull up a photo of king talking heads in has goal he had this weird shaped deformed skull and a club foot and all the depictions of his body yeah this is weird yes had head like look how big his head like stuck up in the back where he was essentially inbred like there was something wrong with them was he a good king round for a little while he was at it's just because we found his stuff i mean it's not like he had that much global impact or did he that's a good question
i'm not i'm not sure but we had a weird little story is amazing of how they found it in the exhibit they have this imax movie that goes along with the exhibit oh yeah fucking baddass 'cause the screen is gigantic right yes so when you're there you get a real sense of how big the structures actually are right but they were looking for it for five years this guy this british guy in this kid hussein who was the like he would get water for all the workers he was clearing like had these water pots and they said him into the ground so that people would come scoop water while they were digging in trying to find these yeah they're trying to find tomb and he found a step he put the the the water bottle down we cleared some dirt away and he found this flat rock it's randomly that rock was the one of the stairs that lead down to the tomb and it was
only two if they ever found that was completely like on really yeah well that is graverobbers yeah grave robbers had found every other tomb 'cause they really they dreams were miles away from the pyramids because they probably had tombs in the pyramids that were rated and then they they realize after awhile cook we gotta hide these things right so they took them way far out miles and miles away and they they put them in these like hillsides name the but but then the thieves found in there too she so in so was unlike underground did they build it that way or over time underground it was under yeah yeah that's crazy what a cool lated discover something yeah they did one kid and he was the first one in the tomb too because he was tiny so when they busted the whole they busted a hole through the wall and he i'm done with a light and shadow see anything down there billy well this part of the film is the archaeologist like looking through
oh and seeing like the golden all this different stuff in the first ship through the whole imagine some point oh my god thousands and thousands of years completely untouched amazing it's amazing then you take that one thing in a big giant rock ball starts rolling after yeah indiana jones that's remarks woman is really interesting because like they had got glove ylinen glove that was three thousand years old really yeah you looking at this linen love ned sandals they had the sarcophagus and sandals like he had like these sort of you know decorative and also how long were they making that stuff even before then if that's three thousand thousand years so even for that that guy on really recently doctor robert shock from boston university and he's a geologist and he is of the he's one of the first people to
pose the idea like one of the first like real scholars to propose the idea that the sphinx is far far older than people think it is and that it's not from two thousand five hundred pc but it's from way before that perhaps maybe ten as in years old on that because it has water erosion all of it that can only have come from thousands of years of rainfall hannah yeah so the implication of that location is there with his he his take on it which is really interesting and he really scared i mean blew my mind mass coronial injection injections so something from the sun some gigantic solar flare that creates did unbelievable havoc on earth he was talking about lightning storms that were like the lightning coming down like sheets of rain in a hurricane and that it like just covered
parts of the earth lightning and killed everything killed off mass just mass numbers of human beings large mammals although it's responsible for there's a big mass addiction that we really don't understand what caused somewhere in that range of around ten thousand years ago right and he attributes that to this mass corona la jection and that this huge son this bird list of energy from the sun caused these unbelievable chaotic storms that killed who knows count i said so is it like like a your storm times one hundred he's like no times a million who was like sheets and a million sheets of lightning coming down like rain in a hurricane oh my god imagine lightning just just cooking the earth for like a long pier it's high just one big storm long period of time so son
people started living in caves and they built these dwellings inside the earth because that was where they could survive they could survive where the radiation wasn't coming down it wasn't going through the earth to get to them so houses tents and i think that you lived in that was outside that those people are dead the only people that live for the people that live there is is carved in the hillsides is there evidence of this yeah yeah yeah and geological evidence which is was it a mainstream thing or is it his kind of well see so that that's possible as mainstream whether or not it happened then is up for debate it's also the end of the ice age and he thinks that's the reason why the all these ice caps melted and this was what so there was part of that is a massive shift in the massive shift in the the global temperature cheese yeah it's crazy i was just reading about the estate yesterday in the times that about how the ice change manhattan old all the five boroughs like that's kind of
the ice kind of came down to was around there and see how receded and what it left behind we were but the civilizations weren't really living around then right what do you mean during the ice age were they were well there were some civilizations minnesota stab of civilization like there's some structure africa or well there's some structures others that have been absolutely linked to that time a big one is go back lee tappeh which is in turkey and they have their absolutely dated that to twelve thousand years ago so what's fascinating that is they didn't know that people are capable of building these gigantic stone structures twelve thousand years ago and they've only uncovered a very small amount of go beckley tempe so huge huge site so do you think that there's build tons of stuff we could discover but after that hasn't been tapped yet like under the oceans or yeah for sure yeah well if people
if these guys are right and here's the thing with the what they think is that there's been there was a big dip and i forget what his term that he used to describe it but it was the there's a dark age that was created by these mass ejections and that civilization particularly in egypt had reached a very high level of sophistication when they were capable of building these gigantic stone struck pictures and they had all this amazing architecture and engineering or to movies huge stones and then there was a big die off and that for thousands of years people essentia lee were knocked back almost down into the stone age and then regrouped and this but this cataclysmic story this story is in noah's ark it's in the
of gilgamesh which is racing manner which is where iraq is like they all talk about talk about this rant floods and katic the end is chaos and brad got punished everyone and everyone died this is like a part of you in history ran any different versions of of like right what exactly happened yeah but he's pointing to geological evidence which is fast and because at one point time nine around nine thousand bc the not valley was is not all sand the way we see it now but it was a tropical rainforest and so for thousands of years before that it was torrential downpours and rain and get all this was the reason why the sphinx enclosure has these deep fissures that are indicative of rainfall and water roche of years not just instant flooding from some giant event but from thousands of years of rainfall of rain yeah constant rain yeah and so hold that pre date the the i
here is the current established timeline is that the great sphinx was created somewhere around the time that they believe the great pyramids were created the great pyramid they've they've they've done carbon dating indicates that that was somewhere around two thousand five hundred bc he thinks that was built over an older site that from many many years before that he has all these photos oh yes similar construction methods that they've done where they have take in a really old site from may be many many thousands of years ago and put something over that like like these build on top yeah but the parthenon in the acropolis right they built it over the acropolis right over an old thing yes they don't even know where the fuck it came from where that old thing where it's from so the idea is that this old thing in egypt in particular is pro
active and old civilization from many many many thousands years ago so long ago that the distance in the gap between the people who the pyramids and the people originally built the sphinx is far greater than far greater than that our distance between us and the people built the pyramids really yeah oh man it's amazing this is how fucking crazy this it's the about this cleopatra is she's closer to the creation of the iphone then she is to the creation of the pyramids the real deal that mean really yes that's established egyptologist yeah i'll just this is not controversy area this is just a fact she then they cool but they think that at two thousand five hundred bc that represents only the new construction in egypt and that before that if you go to ten thousand bc and before there is a whole nother civilization there she
that's amazing yeah it's amazing and that this is when ten thousand plus years ago this is and these cataclysmic events happened all these people died off and much of what they knew back then was lost ryan they rebuilt what's so scary about that is that uh sounds like it could happen any day over right like that something had happened with the sun and all of a sudden we're dealing with some other big solar flare comes at us and we're in trouble what did it say janet there's an article in business insider coronal mass injection so high corona mean go back to that this is a different thing rona sounds like litigious at high speeds solar winds increase lightning strikes on earth yeah but what that last one though chrome suggestion was it do you have to subscribe or something on it was i had it up for five minutes and i did it was all red what i was saying that like they could
let's go back to that article about the work that article let me go back to it what's it doing it's not acting right i gotta find it it's king tut this is what happened with indiana jones and he can't go back why isn't it there were shockingly unprepared for extreme looks like you're using an ad blocker just disable the ad blocker business insider isn't here goes were shocked only unprepared for an extreme weather event that could fry earth power grid now that's something what did he say it happened what year did he say that it happens you don't want that to happen carrington event was in eighteen fifty nine eighteen fifty nine event oh yes it happened today happened today in this completely a this is a documented event if it mean where like transformers blew up all these different the weather would do the morse code and yeah yeah the ball it should overcome and exploded because this corona mass ejection or a gigantic solar flare and this is a documented one they're saying if this document
one is carrington event happened today we'd be fucked all the electric could you yeah we wouldn't have to go on twitter anymore yeah the amazing now but you also would be able to go to the grocery store is and your tassel wouldn't work at e but i would my compound bow and go hungry because you know that piece of shit museum waco compound so crazy that we've what's crazy that these civilizations were able to build up and get knocked all the way back and build up a similar way right if we talk about the egypt one yeah right back kind of in a similar way if the pyramids and the sphinx are that far apart yeah that there was something in the dna in the in the brain space that was that evolved tried to come back the same way well
some if not the same way in in a similar way yeah i mean some of the people survived right and some of the people that survived must have had some knowledge of the construction they pass it down from generation to generation but you know you're dealing with thousands and thousands of years where they weren't building things like that and then they've figured out a way to do it again yeah it's interesting how the did they be so how to become so smart that's what's interesting because the great pyramid x per perhaps maybe his superior genetics but it's also but they were showing in this video that i watched it in the imax thing yesterday was that the area was so unbelievably fertile but there was so much of an opportunity for them to grow food and there are so many animals there for them to hunt an right now and agriculture that they had a chance to sort of establish a civilization because it was such a rich area with natural resources and
civilization in that civilization just kept advancing and moving forward and that it was all eventually weakened by civil turmoil that the turmoil in the pharaohs lost their power and isn't lost their power than they were invaded and yeah from across the sea well no from inside of africa over inside after the m if you look at yeah the nubians took over egypt at one point he has since well different you know different people in africa would going over there and looking at all the ship they had and also the library of alexandria was burned by the muslims was it a lush area like when i picture egypt i picture like a desert right is it now right now is a river right in the river or like with the wetlands words filled with animals and they grew food there and right and what they're thinking by this pre dating of the sphinx with doctor robert shock which is his his proposal that it was initially created back when it was
rainforest and was unbelievably lush so incredibly fertile and then slowly the climate shifted and that climate shift could have corresponded with that corona mass ejection so it could have been some sort of a massive event that's slowly or even rapidly shifted the climate i'd like to go over and see it i always i'm a little scared to go there too right yeah that would be a cool i mean where what else would you want to see that's that profound dude when they're walking when you watch the imax movie i can't recommend enough it's quick too if you have short attention spans like forty five minutes right but when watch them walk from next to these enormous statues yeah mean these fucking the pharaohs are so big that you see little tiny people walking by and you realize like oh my god right look at this these people had done something unbelievable yeah this the pyramids and the sphinx
so there's so much lazy there's so much and why just there exactly right exactly know what did they figure it out yeah how did they what happened when are they the only ones at the time i mean it has to be connected to resources right because if you go today there's parts of the world where people are you know in some impoverished parts of africa in particular where they don't have a lot of resources or people are fucked right and they don't have any opportunity and they're in a terrible place and it's just really yeah shitty time to be alive you're not answering at the same time you can go to like the bay area really some artisanal cheese shop yeah right around your electric car and you know i mean yeah no exact thing that on earth yeah simultaneously yeah it's just purely we it's available yeah yeah like an what mines
like how many you on mosques did they have any gyptian times right because it was just us you and i yeah we're kind of dumb right be honest yet not that bright yeah we're not no bending tunnels under the to forward and just getting by yeah if we smoked a joint and start talking about it with the who do they would make tunnels and car goes in the tunnel and shoots around i do love that idea so can cruise you bro okay love that idea but nobody would take it seriously and nobody would let us dig and then we just fall asleep yeah but yeah must have been a bunch you on mosques back in the egyptian tool that's what's amazing is like there's this there's like this g yes i q were like all the magic happens where the einsteins live where the like even yeah with those big leaps kind of happen everybody everybody else could be really smart but not that level where you're actually shifting the the world you know
and maybe that's what happened maybe there was just one genetic free give me egyptian world it was there because their diet and stuff they were able to survive and june it could have been a slow process too because you're dealing with thousands of years of prosperity to be over thousands of years they have many many many generations to think things through and you think about what's happened on this continent just over two hundred years just two hundred back two hundred years ago nothing's here yeah that's crazy it's crazy just two hundred years ago yeah so where we going to be like two thousand and two thousand three thousand years ahead here who just here yeah especially if you let elon musk make his tunnels everywhere there's going to be so many tunnels so many times it's going to be off to get to the grand canyon ten minutes little pod but that is this chandler wasn't one thousand eight hundred and eighteen of the united missouri
terra to wow that's nuts only one hundred years ago look how much they all how much spain owned new spain viceroyalty of new spain is all texas california arizona nevada yeah that looks like montana colorado she's at county again country wow shared with united kingdom hall homeowner with united kingdom nobody had the oregon country michigan tory missouri to michigan was on both sides of the lake look at that is it so michigan is on the left and the right of the lake upper peninsula not the right side which has michigan territory that's not michigan anymore that's michigan the other side is minneapolis for detroit and all that stuff is and then there's the upper peninsula up above wisconsin
right but the rest of the michigan territory they're not both michigan right that's minneapolis right here it is yeah but where it says michigan territory audience was constant right that's on sam about sars it says it right there it says michigan on both john was just hit with a solar flare he just lost his money what it is disputed between massachusetts in the colony of new brunswick u k yeah main right because they have massachusetts it was still grab bitmain was like we're not sure what we're going to do it what we might keep it we might not you realize how fucking far up there there's a lot of mosquitoes up there like maine like massachusetts when you look like where massachusetts is yeah when you go above massachusetts it means means big first place that get sun sunlight in the morning giant man yeah huge right and wears new york new york right down there
right next to lucky del mondo new york goes that's yeah so massachusetts a massachusetts was two places look it is massachusetts an it was maine right ok s exist to massachusetts then just like this to michigan there i'm going to keep all of it this eighteen eighteen i want all of it is that ted kennedy it's my kennedy wow look at all that man alabama territory georgia south carolina so all those fuckedup southern states were still there that is safe filled with native americans we just came in and like let me have this i'm taking that well text so brutal mean texas they were fighting off the cheyenne mean those ventures they that was not established territory who there one of the reasons why texans are so fucking hard man they wait yeah they were at one point in time they were a republic before they were a state
like this weird thing when they were kind of like not even a part of the united states really yeah this so wow that just happened yeah yeah we talking thousands of years for your little tuten common yeah you little fucking little guy with his clubfoot me little bone head yeah that was thousands of years after king tut people were taken wagons and going across the route going yeah yeah how crazy is that think of that one thousand years later people still shooting bows and arrows at each other yeah three years later just come wheatley wide open thousand yes so why right so who are the native americans before we got here putting up those big statues well they live very different life yeah they lived a nomadic hunter gatherer life and they have this incredible spiritual to the land and to the animals they hunted and they had a
very very fascinating i mean there's a bunch of different of course native american cultures but they had a very fascinating connection to their earth into the animals in the worship that they had the yeah reverence they had for the animals and for life the trees this crazy when you think about how people were living in europe at the same time yeah yeah exactly just completely a totally different thing yeah syphilis were in powdered wigs in their sisters yes so when they showed up and had gunpowder and all the rest of the the the native americans instead of chance what's crazy to me too is that how many people that were stirner's they joined native american tribes and we live in no really so i really have on us there yeah i was really it was common yeah it happened and and no one no one move the other way like no one went
right now they were forced to american cultures decided i'm going to move to the city now so those are the saddest pictures of all time when you see those native americans put in suits and ties and hats instead of having to take pictures hard shoes and a city brutal it's bad you know it's been really interesting you know we're talking about your bureau vw yes was from you know twenty years after the the war with the yeah what about those wild bill wild west show yeah they had those wild west shows where they had men who had killed a bunch of colonists yeah like length a guy i think his name was mall is is giant indian guy who's his fucking murderer who build a bunch of the settlers and he was tour with him wild bill would
with this guy and they would do on their way to wild west show that shoot guns and to like put on a show for ten to fight each other clothing for people is like a recreation of what it might what must have been lying she's when they you know captured territory from the native americans like these do these yes ma'am that's how they made their living jesus became a big things like the movies he pull up the wild west shows from the 1800s fascinating time that crazy because just just after this had all happened without you telling stories nobody knew about it you get your little weird newspaper at the to read a little story no one really knew what was going on and how little you knew what was going on and i'm saying he knew nothing town crier would come in here here you main game of the top of it it's now massachusetts no one knew anything back then that then in that point
the bills shows the only ginuwine wild west how touring america this season over one thousand people and horses employed wow every equestrian nation in the world represented wow to florence is daily weird in startling free street parade that name calamity jane i love this this is just a show with this guy i wonder if there was a comedian in it wild west shows man and this is like early 1900s late 1800s yeah when was it says one thousand nine hundred and two isolated three one thousand nine three wow so this is you know that be pretty cool like for a young kid years after the you know we're still going to war with the native americans is that a picture about everything and crazy yeah there's another one they had a reenactment they do like custer's last stand and
train robberies and imagine people do to see that like one thousand nine hundred and one sure york yet no movies he had nothing yet this was your movie oh my god it must been amazing and you still like i had to try makes sense of it all like what happened yeah how do we get here especially like you said having the real guy there who you know could at one point turn on everybody and start killing people in the audience yeah yeah there was one guy who is a giant and see if you could find that native american wild west shows i think his name was mall mall i think that was his name name buffalo bill that just a showman and sitting bull he was a movie star hanging out together she's jesus christ look i'm sorry we took all your lamb but let's just hear me out i've got an idea we put some makeup on yeah there and we go out and we do these shows listen we got whiskey
a lot of white women white women are working with tour around we make money we charge these dopes we do two shows a day and workout do you think and we're like these guys had seen him talk oh my god look at him looking like probably scalp people yeah see avengers custom by killing and scalping yellow hair also call yellow hand which he called the first scalp for custer chain is yeah big as show but here's thing man that just happen all this just happened we're talking about nine one hundred i'm now one hundred and eighteen years ago it's almost a human lifespan yeah like this convergence of human beings is so recent these more
i like movies in radio people like for sure it looks like a movie production like when you see her probably fought each other a bunch i'm sure there is some venereal disease involved probably all died of working herpes yeah didn't they had guns they were actually shooting guns off they had like competitions and shoot shoot off his last three to four hours well that's why the western was such a popular movie for decades because it was so fresh in people's minds i mean you had grandparents that you know write new this stuff right right when you think about like the 1950s westerns only one hundred years after the fact yeah right that's like us watching something about something that happened during the depression yeah like like once upon a time in america or something like that yeah yeah yeah right that is the coolest but it's what's so funny about it's just show business exactly it's like the beginning of show business yeah we figure alistair is i mean all of it how much of it is really change you know you put
the big show you make a cool poster you get these people to come buy tickets two point five million tickets sold wow wow you know it's really fuckedup dude there's no how many back then now stand up well that's what i was going to ask mark twain when was mark twain running around 'cause he was kind of like the first stand up how do these shows and he writes about it like it's a stand up performance when was he has written around will they do you sorry about probably the first yeah i was talking about things that didn't work for a laugh in yeah holbrooke's touring as him he's a real story yeah i didn't know those like when did he live what was was the lifespan of twain so that's an interesting case you know in twain yeah they use the n word all the time in huckleberry oh yeah big time an there removing that they were moving it's removing it who is there
removing it from the books so publishers now i'll come on let's i mean yeah you want to learn about a culture learn about it time well one of the characters in huckleberry finn one of the main characters was nager jim yes his nose his friend yeah yeah they move that the n word really yeah yeah that's not accurate well that well that well that's sanitizing history month ryan's steak if you don't learn from that jamie pull that up pulled the censoring of tom sawyer for huckleberry finn mark twain had to build a little writing room out in his dad and his uh one so we could smoke a cigar out there 'cause his wife wouldn't let him smoke cigars so he built himself a little shed to see go sit out there and smoke good for him i just want to see when his life span was
old tween he was funny ever read twain yes he's very funny really like their housing what is the same general place the word with the word slave whoa ok look at this a new for to sanitize huckleberry finn comes from alan gribben professor of english at auburn university at montgomery al who has use a new edition of twins novel that replaces that word with slave peers in the more than two hundred times was a common racial epithet of al qaeda used by pain part of his characters vernacular speech and's collection of the mid nineteen century social attitudes along the misses river there is a an effort but that doesn't mean that it's been done there's a ride at disneyland um i want to say it's either splash mountain or i think it is splash mountain splash
mountain at disneyland which was based on a really racist old cartoon that you can't get anymore called sothern tails i think it's called southern him no no that's that's the matterhorn i spent a lot of women when the briar yeah yeah yeah right right right yeah yeah that was very raw or briar bear brier fox yeah brier fox fox yeah the that whole thing is like a southerne ride and like there's always singing ducks and we went with a guide and the guy was explaining to us that this is all based on a really racist old thing that you can only get like bootleg copy as of now yeah really yeah super racist old cars they had like that are baby and write that are baby thing well what is it is southern tails right is what it's called just keep seeing briar fox listed a bunch of times yeah song
the s telling the song of the si think that's the name of it i think it's called song of the si think that's it i think that's the name right now that i think about it yeah but it was a spanish super race yeah i believe it is that a lot of bad stuff bagged what is this is this is it it is yeah this is a pretty they sing this in the movie the we do this so why is this racist well that's what they're asking is this racist song but right now it's just the guy singing yeah i don't think this is the racist part i think the reason why you can get this online is 'cause it's not the racist stuff uh this is just a guy singing mister bluebird on my shoulder zippity yeah mama so side of the south
see if you can find song of the south that's what i this is ibm yes of the clip that popped up when i go in yeah eighty one percent liked it okay reid rotten tomatoes seven three on i m so it's on imdb m d b nineteen forty six why maybe it wasn't mark twain died in one thousand nine hundred and ten so that is that he was walking around as an old dude doing these performances uh late 1800s yeah and so maybe that was the kind of giving of stand up comedy go back to that go back to the page you're just on and that snopes article on it where they do a fact check on the song of the south you see it up there yeah i was i was going to listen double i was like a double check before i wanted to see what this man says it's true was a daughter of the sun can you hold up i had a a
on the south and and double acp is on the south unavailable on video in america because of the n double acp threats status true wow yeah so that racist wonder what it was ten was so much races briar rabbit briar fox prayer bear library what does that mean a briar like stuck in a briar like vr dash er rabbit yeah prayer prayer box it's bray bear so that's the idea that they're stuck in briers the minstrel tradition uncle remus stories the major objections to the song of the s had to do with the live action portions philbin criticized both for making slavery appear pleasant and pretending slavery didn't exist even though the film
that's okay you're caught in between let us that for tennis what you just said even though the film like harris original collection of stories is set after the civil war and the abolition of slavery still as folklorist patricia rates yeah that's fascinating so it's kind of interesting especially when you talk about the when you talk about the huckleberry in part like they're saying ok take that out yeah and then this one they're saying they have an objection to make it seem like slavery didn't exist right that's why you can't take it out of huckleberry finn because you need to know that this existed we need to deal with it i understand it rather than sanitize it problem is defending it right like you can't really it's almost impossible to defend that the use that word i give you
to defend the use of that where you say well we want to put that word back in a book people like what are you racist right but you can't you know that this graph this is history yeah right exactly rational right there's no rationality when it comes to dangerous forbidden words right as you saw from the kendrick lamar concert right right i mean that's yeah wonder what wayne would say do you think that ultimately like this is all going to sort itself out like this all this correct craziness and this kind of shared that this is just a little rough patch of chaos that we get through on our way to establishing a new way of communicating with people a new way appreciate each other and that you know this even the anti white racism and anti male sexism and all the stuff is just a you know wave going this way and then i'll go that way and then i'll settle in the man of yeah and then we're learning from even these missteps like why can't we hate all men or you know anything like
then we learn from these missteps in the outrage that goes these missteps and we say oh i understand this woman feels this way she's probably abused by men and dealt with men an bosses and sees people like harvey winds dean in them and my mainstream media that have abused and violated and victimized women yeah and that it this is gonna about itself out and the only way i think so you have to have outrage and then correction yeah that's the way history seems to go it's like you know there you would think in certain so we don't have to work that hard to it's these evils but then evil pops up again and yeah it was like okay no with still here we still have to deal with it yeah and you just hope at the end we all end up like bruno mars we all look like remarks and everybody's happy because no one knows who what anybody is yeah just having a good time or a little darker not totally wait not totally black and everybody's the way what about white people i like looking at white people i like some white people i like i like the whole thing i like the for
after we have variety in the way people look like some people look like seal and some people look like looks like a super white lady like a yeah cool kid then the call came in a bit is why just last name yeah white so why they are a must read yeah yeah it is good have a nice mix man yeah it's like everything but i don't know there's it's fascinating we're still these very tribal you know we talk with all these thousands of years and what we've done where we've come there seal deal like this this just instinctual tribal element to a lot of humanity you gotta give a dick like an axe handle two way short like that the view that shirt he is sure all the way i was billion with gold chains hanging out with a white coat yeah now your pack in
please get sunglasses on at night which is always a bold move that really only black people can pull off yeah exactly just owning it look at him slanging dick and singing song do da do da here but him anymore man well you never know know know dude when i first moved to california when i first got some money i was on this television show on the first things i bought as a stereo yes always loved like good music so i bought the stereo and i what seal and i member listened to kissed by a rose from the grave yeah over the name that scans but that that song i never really i never heard it on a good stereo before but i have these two speakers and it is all these like layers and piano
transaction fees that has all the stuff that comes out of you know when you're sitting in front of like good speakers yeah you hear all the layers the music and i'll be like why seems like hearing in new all over again so like you're in it you yeah he was i mean i guess he still is he still alive but he acts of aachen al yeah a real artist and so different than it like try naming someone who sounds like seal yeah i can't the black keys no no the fucking original man yeah supervise resident i don't know he's got a very unique style yeah there's a lot of those what what's unique about there are a lot of artists that have this really crazy kind of unique style but they don't become accepted from the mainstream by the mainstream right like there's you listen to kcrw in the morning and there's like a lot of weird
experimental stuff but not that many people know they exist seal was able to make that like a poop you one of those hipsters listen to that channel you and henry rollins yeah i like his he w the morning i don't know morning saturday listen to radio in a decade for real yup your new music i don't know come on this now i know what to get you for father's day get you some alvise performance is this recent know know know know is vh1 vh one is one of things when he was peaking vh1 still around it was still around the real housewives and all yeah i really be done now that's that's bravo alright well then i didn't need to like real do you like reality shows and stuff love and basketball or eleven hip hop or something why did he have face bubbles scarring yeah i don't know was that
that there's an article from three days ago they had well oh really just three days ago people still thinking about it people are still well he was so good his body of work is just radically dropped off a lesson in lupus had lupus oh that's where get the scarring from his face from lupus wow wow interesting is that amazing you have it all on your face and still be like no man i am beautiful and you're going to think it too well not really don't get new music you know listen to new music i don't even know what it is come on joe are i totally bruno mars he's new yeah he's in though that got to somehow get cut he just dropped a new album this week yes two moody's too moody listening with your white privilege you son of a bich she appropriating kid cudi is it mute moody yeah
yeah oppression based music he's getting his feelings out kind of stuff yeah a lot of the deals with a mental illness you're lucky your question bake bread and cookies and i love as you you know like moody did i do love movie stuff i like i've listened to him i get every everyone that he's one of those the prove themselves so early like i just loved it so that i just get whatever he puts out welcome is like that he's like that it's just like so you're into hip hop yeah a little bit i try but you know you like old older stuff older hip hop do you like gang starr know how dare you the town and get the out of here gangstar gang starr even though gangstar so you hurt my come on there were you in the nineties i was i was around i was going around in the 90s early 90s grateful dead is the end of the dead grateful dead are grateful dead
rather see george give me allman brothers allman brothers and it's i was listening yourself favor download a decade of hits i was listening tribe called quest to like you know the one that went away de la soul they're not grammar so great they were great dala dala de la soul they were amazing dude they were great they were hot like right when i first got comedy cool dude three feet high and rising just run d well that's great they released all their music but their music came from like six months six months of music like what the fuck man yeah i did not confuses me i love nausea exhaust fan good morning how does someone put out something how does it a group put out something that's so good for a short period of time and then not bump bump bump bump bump
but we three some number great look inside they were really good and they were interesting so hard to keep a band together they were yeah they were good to get high too we probably did him in some white pitches white girls and babitch came along fucked everything up i just don't like the way he looks at you when you saying this fact when i was a i like to pop and stuff and i still do but it's a very you know old white guy way of doing it when i when i find it i know it must be over like why that i that i found kendrick i was like no so this is a done right find it it's over yeah and and and and i don't think yeah one of the kill kendrick lamar's momentum but now you know he's got too much momentum yeah but it was okay white i mean we got to me
i tried it like i try to listen to music but you know it's different when you're young and it just hits you and you right from your friends and i have to like really track it find music now 'cause i have no friends i go to jamie and then i have to go through a filter add to throw it through a yeah but he wears easy right exactly he's making the not nothing about that comes on two weeks does it really say connie is producing nazim well i'm not saying that doesn't produce good music right i'm just saying it's sneakers killer mike i like killer mike there you go yeah i like a lot of stuff but you know it's a big big range if you listen to bluegrass and hip hop it means you're just kind of tasting it all i feel like music is alot like movies in that people are constantly making new stuff and you can't see it all seattle it's true i mean think about movies they have been making movies since whenever the fuck they started making movies and every week they come out with new
movies dear no one ever says hey folks you know we just realize if we keep making movies you're never going to watch the godfather going to watch taxi driver you're never going to watch the classics you're going to stop making movies for a while and let you fuckers catch up ten years off now i will start up and again ten years you know just cranking them out it's going even more 'cause now you can just make him on your phone like the technology to be able to make movies so you can just do it dude you mean the phone that we have now or dogshite compared the phone have happened ten years just shot a whole movie on his iphone did really yeah what is it call dunn sane whoa yeah 'cause it's trapped in a mental institution isn't there a horror movie that's out right now called hereditary what is that about is that a good one let's hope so
dealer who's in the trailer play trailer love trailers and other the bass line is easy sometimes it's really is the most enjoyable part of the movie sometimes up to give you too much though yeah they do that with comedies mandate to the give you too many got him punch line give me some volume thank in trouble for this i don't we oppose free trade trailer for helping them yeah we should i mean if you don't you guys like talking we're promoting them we can maybe stop at thirty give me some scary search the doll house or an architectural design here a model with man walks in it as soon as that was cool
it made it look like a real room salons underground who the production companies understands faces here today i know my mom would be very touched and probably a little suspicious gabriel burns in it my mother was a very secretive and private woman from the producer of the witch witch witch i didn't say it was good though your name baby sharks at now she was a very difficult moment damon land sometimes i swear i can feel them in the but if it's corrected it happens all the time can't off a dead bird if it's crazy got a kid with mental problems i should look at what demons oh she looks good
the generations the exorcist you think i'm going take care when you die coming up she was real hard to get an unspeakable kind this looks good at the end wow a modern day bone gm that looks good that looks gary i can't believe i can't see it why can't you see it 'cause i can't anything when do you see things are we talking about just said do you ever watch stuff
yeah i gotta movies bro yeah when do you do that whenever i can i what's wrong with you you're writing books and making bread take couple hours i've got a got damn movies is killing i really haven't my father that the other day watch it on the watch this movie on the plane i haven't watched a movie on a plane in two years was the movie that any bravo said he saw for like six minutes and then he left some not it was one of the new is a big blockbuster movie oh yeah was it black panther no no it was the avengers damn oh they yeah that new one the dead pool 'cause i think it might have been the avengers or something new avengers one that everyone loves it makes sense to have walked out that so quickly he is here one makes sense period that is that weird taste go to the movies how often do you go to the movies one so month month month yeah maybe once
yeah i want some on flights yeah when they come out really get too much of a chance you know what i really enjoyed that tom cruise movie about barry seal made in america well yeah yeah i was pretty it was good yeah i was pretty surprised by that that's a good god dam move you forget how good tom cruise is too he's he's great yeah all of the crazy talk show stuff aside that guy's amazing oh a scientologist yeah he's got his own stuff but he makes good movies but people who are out of their mind make good shyt yes that's part of the thing yes part of being good at stuff these some of the crazy assholes good but if we can harness it word you can harness it and put it into into something it's good movie man yeah alright i'll make it impossible yeah come on cruise comes out in a couple weeks i'm just going to live that's right here
go cruise guy gets to the end and he lives does all his own stunts ship is going to drive that thing off the back lafouge as as he just he just does that yeah he does a lot of stuff as always i produce anything is fifty three or fifty four and we still doing his own stunts yeah it's pretty bad as yeah he was in uh was that jack reacher movie though that one that was a turd hanging another one said that now i think it might have been john wick but going to third one of course are doing right quick yeah yeah you got killed i repeat he was in was an awesome movie i think they change the name of it i don't think that's what it was originally called but you have to keep doing the scene he was back in the end up like on everyone yeah was an exam tomorrow that movie the day after tomorrow all right was not changed we used to be called kill die repeat edge of tomorrow edge of tomorrow that's right that movie was
fuckin' bad that was a really solid really good science fiction movie but it was one of the ones that came out what year did it come out doesn't fourteen two fourteen just a few years removed from him being wacky when he did that matt lauer interview on the today show it was like you being glib matt being glib but talking about bro feels to psychiatric medication and you understand this i understand this yeah yeah scientology is highly critical of psychiatric mentation they prefer you stay crazy that you don't know what you're talking about man have you done the research i've done the research yeah you're glib matt you're glib mellower didn't handle it that good either this year most ago explain to me the mechanism of the it's happening with these psychiatric drugs and what do you pose and why do you think that you understand the biological makeup of all these different human beings and that none of them should be taken psychiatric medication
anything to say that you're smarter than all these biologists and medical scientists and all these people that have concocted ssr eyes in different have you done the research have you done the research you glib making top going to right now deborah tell you the first time i did letterman when cruz was on it they would tell you that story no i was to do my first letter man i'm super nervous and i'm just trying to tell myself you know any other show it's just like any other show you know i'm tom cruises first time he's on the show in like ten years fifteen years and he's on and i'm watching through the minor he's running up and down the he's running up and down the theater the theater like saying hi to people at during the break no yeah he's like hey and he's like running shut down and having this great time like it's just it's just another shoulder it'll be ok and then they bring you down stairs and you're standing outside this door like to go onto the stage and he good night during the show and he would
door swings open and a very sweaty tom cruise is like nose to nose with me he's like you're next any hugs me like woo it's great out there it goes bouncing up the stairs yeah what's going to happen to me up this is terrifying he totally took all of my coolness just chew or strange hi yeah but the energy just he was like electric eel and i'm just like it's all right i can get through this such a strange strange guy yeah when he gets into that like i'm laughing thing is this gets weird well it's no the owl no was in such a high altitude that it would you know cause death
i'm standing in the wings right now what are you thinking what am i going to say first think those how's things are such a little weird sprint has my tie as my tie right what's my first line what am i going to say i'm going to do i go out casual yeah i guess there's a heated interview from matt lauer play that it's right there is coming up next here it is his mat mat they're back tell ya get bags got all that hair two thousand fourteen it's a yeah radio plate was my first exposure to the system to consider this an alien movie the the this story breaks down in a lot of different levels and they looked at each other already yeah not the best father in the world when we were working on this story originally three years ago steve and i came up with this idea of making about a family okay that was a good movie
yeah me too wanna go inside of course you do that real sense of like we're going to go well that's what i think it would probably be like if we did get invaded too that be robots like that yeah now we cool here place on that before i was a scientologist i never agreed with psychiatry and then when i started studying the history of psychiatry i started realizing more and more why i didn't agree with psychiatry and as far as the brooke shields thing is look i don't understand i really care about brooke shields i will use a wonderful and talented woman and i want to see you do well and i know that psychiatry is it's
pseudo science to atomic she said that this particular thing helped her feel better what is the machine had depression or going to a counselor or psychiatrist isn't enough may have been in it here we are today where i talk out against drugs and psychiatric abuses of electric shocking people against their will of drugging children with them not knowing it's got good gun back to these drugs do you know what adderall is do you know ridlen do you know now that ritalin is a street drug do understand that the and says no matter mailed a matter that is landing manson we're switching madam asking a question i understand there's abuse of all of these now you see here's a problem you don't know the history of psychiatry i do art there exam holes in might not look shields being example of someone who benefited from one of those drugs all it does is mask the problem and if you understand the history of it it masks the problem
that's what it does he is pretty aggressive on our larry wasn't being shed he just testing meanwhile he's right about a lot of it is definitely right about adderall and ritalin that so yeah use it but you abuse just because someone abuses it doesn't mean it doesn't have uses you know it doesn't i don't i've met people that are on adderall and they say they need i don't know the right yeah but the guy who developed adder all says that it should be for about four percent of the population that's a lot of it i got four people one hundred and the room four hundred people four of them were cranked out and doctors are cranking it out like thirty percent is like their nations they say yeah it's like super high he the guy who made it said it's being abused well i'm sure it is and amongst journey down the research to have you done the research well i know a lot of people and i understand this damn it understands but he's right about little
kids and ritalin and i had a neighbor they drug their kid up fuckin' riddle and it was weird it was wrong with the kid he just had energi and the parents are working all the time they just didn't want to deal with it and put the kid on ritalin they were bad parent that's terrible i i was watching it happened i was like whoa and then they only kid out they got him on his head and he was just like like little zombie kid after that oh man say hi to music hi oh my god that's terrible 'cause we could have been an artist could have been something great right take it away from him you put a kid in the classroom and you make him listen to boring shit all day yeah i don't want to do it you think well there's something wrong with this child yeah right now it's kind of actually a free thinker he's actually going to do something really cool yeah he's got enerji let him figure it out and do something great turn off the walls yeah let him go outside yeah 'cause he's not turning into a robot like the rest of the class but that's what we need we need robots we need workers what we can do with the 3d printers we can write them
totally with human skin around the outsides they're going to ship the 3d interest to mars and have them make all stuff we need on mars right there you don't ship it do you think in our lifetime someone's is going to fly to mars and live there yes you're looking at him i've already told my family i might not come back but i'm going i am here come back if you go there you not coming back i know how to die on ours pretty cool no you will be able to set up their room yeah i will is it by then come is going to be all hologram so you'll be able to like be beam you into a room yeah it'll be me at the comedy store doing the late nights episode in ours so i couldn't no you don't worry yeah we won't feel a log you won't feel it it's an analog experience yeah there's no enerji transfer yet think someday yeah we're going to harness your enerji it'll be that good
yeah i you be able to people weren't there yeah i'm going make it with my 3d printer with human cells and then bang them we're setting up this is why i made you were just debating you well that's that's an interesting question right there's people that are considering the ethical implications of making a headless person that you harvest your organs for like say right if tom papa so i'm going to make a headless tom pop up right and i'm just going to drink like a fish and scoop the fuckin' liver out of this hole and stick it into my body it's pretty cool it is it was great yeah if your grandpa needs a liver and you want to keep grandpa live harness all those parts yeah but what are the what's the ethical considerations someone just told me that there is if you need a part if you need an organ or something you go to the states that have no helmet laws jeez how crazy is that
i was just in chicago chicago was never helmet oh really watch these people ride on the highway but you know what i was delivering home and then in chicago they don't have helmet laws but they can't split lanes right when i came home an these fucking guys just driving right next to cars whizzing in between lanes and i'm like what's more dangerous is splitting lanes more dangerous or is it riding around with no helmet i don't know scary though both of 'em if you ever read in a motorcycle yeah for years as you like fifteen years yeah look at you so my kids were born yeah i went around the whole country on my bike feeling my wife and i on the back for five weeks loaded we talk well since i can't think so like we do you must've it's one of my big story you know among the so i'm missing you choose it sooner i do miss it i meant like i see by i've been looking at it more
would you a moto guzzi had like say if you had a summer house like in big bear some like that ever a main nobody up there you just try get a nice bike up there that i was not at a slow i would do that i gotta get a house freedom i love it you're so focused 'cause you don't want to die it's one of those things that you're just so focused on you forget about the whole rest of the world locked in it's so nice to sound good i know i've been looking at bikes lately please see people to get fuckd up bye bye this is not good now especially here i know you don't listen to the radio but if you do out here you hear about radio motorcycle accidents like every day news radio and like others traffic on the five there was a motorcycle accident like a lot it because it's music that's do well on the radio well they break in once in awhile and say there's an accident or something not listening to sirius xm
orbison tests or you listen to sirius what do you listen to sometimes i listen to comedians sometimes into the news and i have a sinatra station a coal train station home yeah music you know i'm a hip dad yeah yeah teaching kids think you're have now now humiliate totally just how it's always going to be which is cool well they like that they like knowing that the dork is there and he loves them okay yeah don't you me your kids laugh yeah it's the best fun a lot of dads can't make their kids laugh really yes we can make him laugh in a goofy way when you can let make them laugh in a way that you know is really funny right that's like you know my young stand up funny my youngest is for access
yeah she's really into it too she's really into saying funny shapes that good timing it's good it's funny my little ones the same way yeah well they realize that's how they get attention yeah yeah you're wise ases yeah you say something they say something funny everybody laughs and they're like wow that felt good yeah give him a little charge funny too is probably the same in which she has mine has is that they're not doing it for you they're doing a pure for them here to mock you yeah they victimize you yeah your available mock you what's it like being old a mock you i love to mark the fact that i'm bald yeah i know they mark that i can't see let me glasses yeah yeah he's dying haha daddy's eyes are fading loser watching me use a cell phone and not be able to navigate just dad just give it to me oh they know how to use electronics in a weird way oh
everything should take to it like they know how to videos and showing them like how do you know how to do that like they don't even have a phone completely still use my who's phone are making videos in mccalla fuct did you know how to do that this little video editor programs and shit 'cause i have a young brain i can learn things very quickly very quick my eyesight is killer i can learn things quickly yeah i saw a killer is a big deal but i think it's so the the brain is so plastic yeah the the mental plasticity is just the s they figured it oh yeah you swipe right all you do that and then you highlight that and spread this out and touch that and it edit what do you want to filter so you go down the bottom my kids where with my wife at a party at a relatives when i got yesterday they weren't there and i facetime with my daughter how's mom doing this board at the party just like his mom i said how's mom doing it the party she's she's doing ok she's inside she's a hurdle repeat a couple store
a couple times but she seems to be having fun they're all over us and one day they'll be us yeah it's great i'll be there version of us yeah raising their own kid going what the fuck i've got kids and you'll be like where is new baby that they don't like hey it's cute hair take a going fishing and i've got responsibilities anymore let me have a little kiss let me get some sugar from that baby cheek now i'm out by changing the diapers yeah can i baby sit friday night no no that's for you i'm working do you think you'll be working today the bitter end to the end there's now well part when i hear people say that they're going to retire like anybody just in the world say here retirement i know that's one thing i'm not doing right there's no why why would you retire
i want to make stuff until i go i want to put out stuff and see that stuff will be later on who knows well also we've chosen a path that it's just perfect for you yeah you actually you're not working you have to go to work you working 'cause enjoy what you do which is really what i encourage to try to attempt to do this this this thing that were taught in school to try to find a good job that pays well that's wonderful advice but it's not the best advice the best advice is try to find the thing that you love to yeah because if you can do that then you never have that feeling that most people have when it comes to work most people have that feeling like oh i've got to go to work right you never have never well that's also i think with some luck involved in that for sure you there's also decisions yeah you make if you don't have that lock to try to make that lock
yeah and then there's also talent is also like some you want to be a comedian and they really would never will be yeah i just can't i think being self aware of what you really really want to do as the person not thinking of it even in terms of work but being looking at yourself enough to know what you're good at and what you enjoy right and then follow that path whether it makes a business sense or not that's the best thing you can do you no where it's going to leave it at least you're heading in the direction where it's stuff you like stuff you know you have an aptitude for so where you end up in that area will be pretty close to happiness you know words of wisdom from tom papa author your dad stole my rake
the bill now is it audio version is an audio version two is you use your voice night hours nine hours into thank god you did though reading i got some for i i read a lot of books on tape or have a lot of books written read to me yeah the real problem is when you know that it's not the author and you hear someone have some sort of bullshit should half fast connection to the words they're saying no i know i'm good that's why it was to do actually because it's nine hours of reading made gotta read whole book but also i have to be behind it i got it i wouldn't you know they don't want me doing a phone inversion how many hours at a time did you a broken into two like four and a half each day it's hard it's hard to do the on point for that long it was a thing like when you get out of there but also you know when you go in those boots looks like even in this show like times different here yeah it's different here than three hours somewhere else three hours is up we did three hours see see there you go crazy exactly
there's something going on with the timing you're engaged it's not like three hours out in the world yeah time warp it's a total time warp yeah it's uh whenever whenever i say i'm doing this show is that people who he tells like three hours i think that's not a thing it's yeah it's just doing with you and i you just doing the show believe me it's a thing with some people some people just squeezing blood out of a walk now i could do this for four hours easy easy easy easy easy thanks joe you're beautiful man you to man i'm sure you book solarius although i haven't read it it's a great father's day gift for you right i'm giving it to you thank you 'cause you don't get gifts from your family time population gentlemen thank you everyone for tuning into the podcast and thank you to our sponsors thank you squarespace check it out get a free mutherfucking trial when you go to squarespace dot com slash joe
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