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#1140 - Joey Diaz

2018-07-04 | 🔗
Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now”.
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the hour since legal zoom is not a law firm because as a in his own or you have enough to worry about without getting bogged down with legal stuff for that there's legal zoom dotcom go to legal zoom dot com now he's a promo code rogan at check out for special savings legal zoom where life meets legal legal whom dot com i might today is the first one one thing i devilish say is we got way too high for the show like way too high prove dangerous these they're trying to get rid of marijuana that super potent and california their restricting the thc is in it so jamie got ahold of some blunt and jesus to us while to sort of stabilize but we made it but in the beginning it was such a girl my guess today is the greatest humans of all time i love the death is one the finest people the funny guy i've ever met my all too
favour comic give it up for my brother mr jo ideas will gain experience the first man to some of my was never really smoker even though it was a chinese managed very great man and whenever he lit the plant it wasn't to get high but he would start to get high and every time he got a blue bird would come to him and tell him to conquer his neighbouring neighbourhoods and listen to those to the burden that's exactly what he didn't he became a great emperor in china at that point the story babo escobar loses doctrine ngos have you ever been to disneyland and adopted was not bob law i haven't figures
very quickly very organised but attitude for us gather logan i was a chinese do the burnt the plant because it might the smell of the plan a soothing but after a day ways of doing it it packed up and his body and he still loosen they saw blue bird a blue bird came to him and told him that he had to conquer the neighborhoods within reach a crazy bird he got high in the birds are talking to him what are you do you know i don't know if this is true but this is one of the things that the pot if not i was always used to say is that you know one priest walks down the aisle and they have that that thing that they swing in theirs burning in it's inside of it days to be we'd that's these to do why do we want dimension i don't know one point i believe it was we then
became that shit that batman shouted the green on it it was like pedophile smoke you wake up your shirt bomb backwards is shaking your pants amazingly well that would it what is it now what kind of in and says it now if i smoke i go in there the churchill once in a while you have to go full effect like five an influenza and the early morning sunday that on break out the incense dental starboard you're not the flock montague flock enough solemn allama again and i come now guy comes out wrong water jesus and in the other guy so weird how somebody made it a great point until the day they said you me mitch headway at this five visited delivered newspapers is five no media that delivered newspapers you hebron yeah you delivered them in a cart other places
i was an ass overtook around but not the rat in my neighborhood the rotten enabled i had a bit the kids there before they get their steel the papers i would the room right through the doors and all you did togo and then you selected nea from only a handful of people most people on like a monthly subscription plan they had they were switching over but the people that you'd have to collect from yelling this envelope like a tan envelope anyhow i d like mark off like you know when they owed things about barely remember it was only a couple the clients and afterwards i can't i got away from doing them as well these people that have cuz it's too hard to collect it's annoying like i don't want it i don't want to have to go do that with my specialty i didn't like i must have been that way since i first got a catholic school and my mom gave me an option that i had to go up there and work in the afternoons on my way i'll figure something out i just don't want to go up there anymore and my friends i'm giving up my new rapid eating give up the one in my native about he gave up the one
the next city over the next town over that city i can still walk if you don't have to leave school and run over there because i'm not to do to steal my papers and sell them as their own on the fucking so i'll have to get them put the circulus in put them in the thing and then throw them on people's balcony and then on fridays and saturdays i have to go back with a ring after death and collect i do mister rogan i'm here to pick up zero dollars and seventy five cents and they give you like a dollar fifty that was you tip and you got like zero dollars and twenty two cents a week for delivering did you collect from everybody i collected from everybody i was this fish what years with with ease this house be seventy three seventy four seventy five years guess when i started doing it is one i started driving which had been like eighty three i probably eighty three approach started when i was seventeen no that was eighty five eighty five probably them
i promised i don't to become like them i wouldn't bade while wasn't that was just annoying like what you want how to do was go to the depot pick up the papers chuck them into the people's driveways and that's it and then there was a few people that wanted it inside the door so you have to your car open up their screen door put it in there and then leave and the idea was that those p bob everyone said those people to be better does too dealt everybody about it and so we would we have a few with those and i think after the first couple if they stop doing those kind of collections are i definitely stop doing them but it is an awesome job when you are like a young comic or you know even before was a comical us fighting it was just i didn't have to do anything where some don't tell me what to do i could get my car i could listen to whatever wanted to have this charles lockwood era
yeah the morning the big mattress think it was busy in pressure is doubly bc in boston says awesome radio show i listen to that chuck papers out windows i do that for like three hours every day you know it was the best job over because then would make enough money or i could pay my bills but i still had all the time in the world you stand up tom the world train our time the world do anything but definitely fuck me up if you soon tat was to be getting up that early every day they can be good for you if you listen to people that no things about sleep i getting up for thirty in the morning of five and more every day and not being lost once about that was the beginning to me that was
the beginning of a new joe rogan error podcast that was the first part guess i listen to i i agreed with a lot but outside a couple mitigate factors because i believe that over these bodies lot different i know i can rock n roll i could throw down on seven straight but it's a b seven straight none i'll get up the peat two times because when you fifty it could be up and down once you turn fifty forty eight everything changed papa so you see it had neither heard of her own drinking cappuccino war and has to come up right the night and you be up all fuckin night on the owl every hour there's no remsen there's no remsen so you have to come to a month you get all the ethical control if i were drawing up an especial especially since day one that was one of the most interesting podcast you had i bought the book of everything and he made
ray points in there i didn't i wasn't raised that georgia among the rain once we came from cuba my dad died i want wish he went right so my they consist of eight three in the morning she hadn't challenges room in the back of the bar with a cot and if i got tired at one go back there and take a nap but i got to stay here till three and mama got to work so my sleep was always horrific dad and five or six in school i went to normal sleep i went to catholic school normal sleep everything was normal but my mom had a bad thing that she did my mom had an issue that a lot of parents don't do when they work nice it was she did it from the heart cuz i have a friend who doesn't wake me up at three in the morning joe rogan joe rogan
get up a brought you black ink in past which julie from whom burgos i a newspaper are you fucking kidding can you imagine if i will give a related to when you twice issues our job referring the morning and you know i'm doing from my heart and seven out of ten times you gonna get up late the school julie order while the mariner sandwich i brought you from leo's because they in the city so i remember you bartend in new york city on the way home no you stop and get two slices a fucken the best pizza there is in manhattan so my mom would wake me up every night at three hundred and thirty in the morning with a cuban sandwich that killing me over the years that matt would make me get i remain at three there still nights that i'll be sleeping i've got a good night's sleep i'll look at the clock and its three i am on the fucking that
because it's in my butt like last night i slept good i fucked up my sleep is bad after i read the book for a while and if that's how deep it got into my head and when i went back to weight watchers i realized i couldn't eat any more fucking edibles because they wouldn't they would make me hungry at night i would fucking go off the charts with points so i stopped eating edibles and joe rogan my sleep pattern changed bad like my body didn't sleep by itself
i went through a month fuckin too i was asleep teases do a bunch of shit and then three more hours did you try anything did you child melatonin site that i did go came for thirty years lower tone and take it he toiled turkey's they could also my debt gaba gobbled global go boots i drink them all together tee the wine literally may allow limit of work a lot i is i got something that's gotta garber t and the trip depend put together i don't buy that by them not bad so what i learned to do was rotated so now i'm back on the animals i found about unexpired bag of cheeba chews like the data i'll do what i want i would divert users i found the bag what about for a moment i slice him and have you take what allows
hu we wake up at six in the morning to pay brown bear expired understanding what happens of aid expired animals been we released by advise you to listen to the citizens and businesses they flogging around this works to jar this is joe schilling he to tease and call me back on monday and we're ain't nobody ain't nobody knocking out after he one of these things put you in another dimension my god i've been in the fuck another dimension since last week and i don't give a fuk i have not left the house in a week they understand me i ate two of them on saturday i know you up at night on how beautiful is beautiful how is the audience there were major men tremendous aside the nicest people a bunch of really smart people let's you know what for california fog portland fuck new york
chicago going to get mad with blown up boys if they want to keep it low key we have to know if they want to keep it low key is fucking all those areas you can skip that not everything nobody knows yeah they got a couple people hate blackberry but they keep silence they mark firms of their fuckin oj sister in law you jose and it's all right it's all right i know it's beautiful then you want to sign my friend like i that should be a show he said he had it timing wanted to say hello to rob them podcast right there he said he was embarrassed but sadly night at bay the falcon animal joe i ate two of expired ones one that i said let me take a chance sadly my need another one and i know
this your movie was coming on and it is fucking what a phenomenal movie midnight express when they catch the kid coming back from turkey with hash his body jerome that is one of the most highly movies you ever fuck and watch and new guy damn the first thirty minutes of that that's what i was going die in like when they let him go through when they played mason is he hit the falcon plain join them around ripped his shirt and they dropped in it and maize and they gained the seven years may start a raven jesus but i will exit to the park with fucking he became friends at this dude they had a cat the dude name was likey likey liking lackey was the guy's name he killed the cat and they let this american now you are point where even what what mamma michael doug listen was a movie he's out of four or five and he just snaps fighting back
michael though it was this shit and i tried a problem the true mexican strata robbed from suitcase what was its falling down falling he had leg is daily that was it that way the glass data fuckin live there forget dude finds out they kill their poor americans can meet rose a fuckin we leapt either jerusalem is one of the most disturbing beatings is to disturbing videos of film history that's number two because he can was it out because guy was a rat thereafter he throws look a right there he spit not the guy's tongue in the air and they showed it i gotta give a shot at the turn of classic movies you my father had been growing heat the last they had they had some mouse last night at the gambler on the night that follow this this is fortieth anniversary joe rogan he he'd rosa ma am
opened his mouth i'm thinkin the being a nice guys or your mouth the math and save the guys life for now you see him more and more features pulls up like this joe they slow it up only fuckin a real direct but that on the waterfront last night tease there they fucking around and they curse once i was watching ones the commercials and they said fuck one time had one we'll play this hand that they're gonna showed a tongue well believe takes it out to you it seemed a rage from the fucking eight years in that turkey's jail get fucked me as eat that homeless drink in that fight what it thou tee from lech really just spits his foot can you tell me the air look at his beaten the best beaten up time there's only one but a beaten boy the mexican when he beat up tat the pilot
there is a lucky jesus did i forgot about this this is a classic this is classic seventies movie this is crazy look i'm just this is eight years of getting beat up every big fucking kill you you fuck facts this is an intense scene what year is this movie seventy eight i was a kid i still remember going to see this in the movies and leaving their like dog ever gonna cherokee jesus christ the sea for the people that are just listening he's he's tear apart this bathroom to get this guy i don't remember who the guy's he's the guy it sells watered down hash need a rat you out and he's just a creepy fuckin do and the final push him over tat he hangs his cat he wakes up
to his cat being hung a right here able this is the fucking strength of the seventies war still wore out smashes or year now this is real deal real re lu lu lu lu oh shit are you fucking nuts good morning is the fourth of july you're fucking but an american motherfuckers even it we lose our fucking mind like i must have been have armenian as i believe it is time go to this was and if this guy in the diner age in real life this is a strong strong next time ok i was a real live guy in does not always guided the actor who he wasn't i forget what his name brett brett bread davis jesus
then the second best beating is man anthony quinn at what he was eighty he beat the shit out of the good looking dude for fuck him his girlfriend marian stop maui still in the movie called revenge oh yeah i remember revenge kevin cost having a costly and then he slices of face the fuck em which are in a whorehouse right talk to me as every hour i'll this is it it's a fourth of july dog you shit together you imbalances jones is correct we'll go and have a civil war that i so what the money you talked hours you gonna come down you gotta come down talking about a civil war he had me to lecture chiba judy other this is i was polish the flock get the musket alex some defending the new world order because i didn't think that
george soros was a nazi it's also a painful one soldier nuthin what's happened everything's great me too i feel good outs job i love you buddy for real but you say some silly shit that's where this all comes from does it mean i don't love you your great guy but there's some shit that's silly its wasted time you know that's one of those things is just a wasted time does not make sense and which i think this real conspiracies you know i think there's some that you now just get caught up in looking for conspiracies in everything and after wilds exhausting let's get the bull to table i love the god of the park casual are eventually yesterday tina turner son
little get out jones can hear some just finish ocampo not talk aids is i love the guy i really do i just dont support a lot of the shit that he said like the sandy hook stuff and don't since disavowed that if he changed depending on what it is but at a certain point timely jesus man are you are you sure like you get it really sure before you say something crazy like that right don't you i mean don't you think look i think he's a great guy in as person i'm not packing up i just when he goes crazy gets mad at me i love i want to hug them i love lee told me the story about trucks pulling up in front of your house and they could see through your walls they have again do they do that indifferent neighborhoods
probably can do something like that but then after five of those and this is my experience i'll tell you something that you have a sit during or what the fuck am i don't listen here but that's cool that's alex and we accept them what the fuck is i just stood there was a civil war started irene unprecedented sand war the democrats are gone added today's somebody shoot somebody knows to just two com alex down nobody's tell me what to say no one's tell me what to do not involved a new world order whose too low world just because lie enlighten me about the new i'm not sure i'm not involve though just whilst no not a little we going what the other you're the world who's the dinner people to people say we all of is that these are all pod casters and former per dressers and how these different people that are
when different things together you scared media that high on the ropes rally was taken he went back to see i thought why had the better the rope surely dogma why do we want to say or women either to pursue its for the job your firewall like cbs radford i think i think our seas are fun and that's part of the problem with conspiracies their fun there fund the chase down they really are their interests are tabled for the chase down to read about one and to observe by yourself once i get into a room with three men and women conspiracy for forty eight minutes that's like i get aggravated oh that's rather weber wanted trunks that's what should that kills me the time to discuss with a little more landing on that
we all have an idea what we think happened guess what i really don't want to talk about not on the fucking for the job here now the problem with them is and this is a tendency is that one but get really any conspiracy theories their end everything being a conspiracy it's not like there the conspiracy theories and also into the history cuba then give you a detailed his of some really crazy shit that went out like how many people that are really any conspiracy theories could give you run down on how castro took over cuba which is a real thing that happened in you know our parents lifetimes right think about that how many people that are re into like you know whether or not this basis on the balloon know about you know all these different things have happened through human history the mongols
roman empire the greek everything that's crazy shit that definitely really happened all the stuff happened during the vietnam war all the stuff happened during the nixon administration off its ups real fascinating fascinating shit to look into then you get the dumb once like we really discuss and whether or not the earth is flat we'll conversation i people we doing that the lights are real and socially god you find a bunch of people to do that i agree with you too so careful about not listen and the scientists looks it will go on sunday night sunday fifty years sixty minutes there was shown how the interview different people and how the one guy went to some cool
some asylum saddam hussein for that with you said to ask him to tell them that this guy said he's crazy and interpret looked on mrs youtube jerry i ask and there was but there is one particular interview he was just talking about the interview with all the best interviews he ever did was when he pushed the guy the guy that was standing behind carefully in the car the distance the agent that should have taken the boy what for kennedy they interview that guy that's great you got out of that one there but he was one step behind i mean he breakdown today it is a real american might this is a guy that's a real american took that job there like it wasn't your fault like you understand i was a second behind
i would have been there just one second earlier i would have caught it in my back and the president would have been a lot i mean it's fucking crazy jesus imagine being dedicated to protecting the guy with your own life and to really in this area and to believe like like a fucking soldier is reserved very a special human beings can do that sunlight human beings that than kind of resolve will throw their life in front of a bullet to protect someone else's that's tents and is intense but you have to hear with a bullet is coming from what your response time asked of me to be this is when you are real high level bodyguard this is you are the highest the highest your hearing is impeccable this
means when you're walking down the street with this guy inside you have to learn by yourself the shadow of nature and noises and listen to footsteps weapons clicking holsters opening how interesting just that alone is that's why some tat when you see him they're holding one ear this zero eleven anything particular cars tyres screeching differently think of that fucking job because that's what the job is to the actor that so if there's if joe rogan has eight guys when trade and i don't even know i've never trailing quantico but i just know that i guarantee the fur two guys the first four guys a lead guys they have a mission one
i get to the door there's a shooting the other guy does two guys back for the president there's gotta be land light they excite formations and football is one of the lion back and goes this way you weren't around me this does take effect ingenious today it has to be formations to protect the present while it is you're protecting at that level what i'm protecting kevin heart how many people are trying to assassinate cabin hard when i'm protecting a president how many people are really try to shoot that present with weapons i mean that's gonna ronald reagan attempt let's go to these attempts have fuckin kisses you that being so i e the leap viet nam another war then you have to do a tour with something else where you would just like a sport the u tiptoed and killed people with toothpicks
this is my journey this is what i think the training you i don't think is born to be rambo i think they have to take you the government and they start with a hundred ram they just keep track adding training training you'll lose some along the way to every hundred you get a fucking savages never had chanced to get married the government never game which asked mary did that but all these guys that i know there have been maybe seals all of em are any special forces guys just you those are different humans you know to do just different people that what's jackal maybe she's ok silver imagine yeah an arm does just a level that did you have to be you have to more control of your mind more control
you will more control reducing plan here you're in the most led branch of the military menaces the elite of the elite many make it its insanely difficult to get in so you just get the cream of the crops the people who are they just a mental fortitude is unlike like an average person few meet opponent bunch of people like the man you realize like people come at all kinds of different levels there's people just only surround themselves with other excellence and those dude like those jobs go type do their tim kennedy type dude those did that's a different kind of human you didn't make a lot of them you just want to have only those boy you gotta this lot that has to happen before you can become a person like that you have
you have to travel through many valleys of the mind and the body to get to be a person like that a person of the insane resolve in time of war very very intense human beings that time a war louise twelve filipino kismet fuck him back caves down there look who went to get them the fuckin seals the seals the silky went down in his eye would happen well that's different various agencies but this also seal team that make sense enough to seal team as late as elite so what do you don't even now how you probably become of welcome for body guide to the present you'd have to fucking starling
an attack shea somewhere for you do what a suit on just to adjust to human life and life without fuckin aaron bombs go off every twenty minutes shit yeah and then move up in that system into you add to that level the secret service there's no way you
the basic they put you through secret service training school and you there in sixty fucking there's a mutation i got my daughter goes to science can whatever the fuck until preacher starts and one we kid she goes dared not be able to know my job is every day to sneak up on every day snake amendment put a gun to his side i know it's gone pat him in the back and he giggles and should i thought my wife for me that is the worst thereby age under the sea the mother does onto way on tiptoe up don't leave him in bushes and might that that's how good i am do you know why dog because they are rather than a cabinet meeting age around rather college that's why we have so many shootings that's why we have from the accidents police officers they don't enabled kids anymore they high college graduates and have never had what we had see when you were growing up oil
fail you ve never been arresting eli you really could have been a cop you're a nice guy but you really could have been joe the cop you could have been joe the cop in quincy mass that drives around and shit like that could be anybody could be addressed but joe the cap would have been different if joel with a came in and see me in jamie argue joe the kabul arrest me and jamie joe the cop and say i want to meet you motherfukers tomorrow at three he would give us both boxing gloves and we would boxer that when we were twelve and both go home and get ice cream at nine today show the cop wouldn't throw us both jail joe the carved wooden from us against the wall and we turned around each one of us in the fucking like he was part of the community jolly cup and joe on the carbon knew what it was like living in community as a child do you understand me so and i didn't know this i've been thinking about a lot about this and i ran into somebody and i asked him the next cap
why are we having the situations were having in this country the one last week and fuckin east pittsburgh is just blowing that motherfucker but just now there's a lot of different angles for that they had just i do want to shoot up but the kid took love this cab watch them said okay got down drop down military stout blast and three times shoot me in the light glitch shoot me in the leg for running away that's what joe the capital even shoot in some way what it's gotta be something that they did it's really fucked up while list i believe that she should like our by the church and the like them take your fuckin life i i rather shooting the let them take your life if it's him if we call but just so you know it's not safe to shoot someone in the leg people die from getting about a shot you the ankle no
but i'm not a sanction the risks and on one count will determine how many more how many movies did we grew up at the guy got shot michel do we just went give him saying you live getting shot in the shoulder it is they got pistol whipped and then when they wake up it's like nothing happened i just talked to get it at all they have to which everyone has to weapon people member that though it club em in there with the pistol that was so crazy there was like a thing i didn't hear people they wake up why letter i didn't get pistol whipped with the but i got pistol whip with the gun to my head nothing blood thank god but the fucking him hurt i don't know what the fuck type a gun it was like an automatic like like a man will be the time was like a revolver i never got hit with a but or what a weird feature of the
human body if that you hit the right spot it goes out we have like a plug we have like a loose like some people's ploys little loser than others some people's plugs egg market take forever to knock it loose some it will you just take some people can fucking weird so weird characteristic hit people go unconscious very strange it's very strange feature that we exploit you know what movies does make it like it's no big deal it's a big fucking deal too big deal you should avoid having done you too big deal you get knocked unconscious so we we first i'm hanging out one afternoon he took me to see that bus and coach at the time
he had for economy award guys he was driving with terry clay born to reclaim my terror is amazing great guy we walked in there he went upstairs i think the time we walked and nicholas came up to at the time with a piece of shit at the mai illegal wives by terry came when gave you and we went downstairs and terry grab steve's among later steve work there at the time this night seven hundred and ninety eight as a juvenile yeah boy that guy's the wrong profession is it he should have been inboxing it's like a meal you know i never forgot that have been saying that all the stuff you talked about brain damage and and whatever it took a lot feel that at that aids to realise that this was for real issues this was dangerous there was no money in it there no temptation is headed
this head shit is not this is real it was real it was also i didn't have any temptation now want to refer to what happened before this like what happened to them eyes that i saw plain black football in black and white with leather helmets well you know that how much safer believe it or not because you don't feels cough when they are those leather helmeted in crash into each other same way there's not there opinion i don't know i agree with it cuz i don't know much about sport because an opinion that no pads no helmets football we say because you and they will do the same things that doing now you can't has run into people head to head you just need to destroy you and you i do it a few times your body just are breaking but if you're putting helmets on pads it which your ability to run into someone with all your force that's unnatural and it creates an unknown joe jarring of the body in the brain that the rugby guys don't get rugby guys don't have all those pats so there
plashing into each other their learning how to roll with things are not just colliding into each other than that there's a different game when you ve got padding so if you take away the padding people have to be more careful and how their engage that conscious choice jeanne smash into each other they won't last how does that we always see tee in the game erodes the current export for sure right in this area but banged up it's a context pointed out is the wild export other any i don't know i don't know interesting the fine i've been a kid uncle john real good conjurors you're here we know football of santa well is it just needs a couple spanish people play the dark side of the of the court they play soccer on sundays they wouldn't let nobody wants couple spanish guys but besides that softer was that beggar my area but when i moved aspen i will go to ask and answer
to walk around gonna be again a sandwich i'd see rugby and had never saw honey not devalue was right and i was in good shape and after my three times i went one the guys it wants a sharp focus sadly i looked at them like what are you crazy i only with those on what the fuck you guys don't have it big ruggles rug fast in aspen every year pretty much every year at why first ruby was in colorado i don't think i've ever seen it live a voice on tv should lie with its that was easy role that i saw three i thought things that blew me away living in colorado i saw rugby and i saw when they did like a toy the france storm type race but they did it sluts norma large and i knew exactly what it was the road up and how it would have to be a circle to go you then have to go back down tat rule eighty two
right you just do circles around no mass and i still being on a hill listening to them going up to now blew my fucking mind the way the tile was heading the speeds light the house ass they were going up and then twenty years later you realize adorned bp owes in fact in hanging out with cheryl closer shoot law that shit can you imagine there were issued in the eighties will i saw them jesus shit stronger back then i can only imagine what's the drug that they shoot that their legs won't stop moving at nights of going on the bicycle o epa not to delay that we like gets dick apparel unpromising it wrong but they have this feeling like they have to exercise
our bodies was a year a biker you know whose professional tore guy just like you know not like super famous super success one but he was a man of professional bike right what would you call are those cyclist affectional cyclist and you tell us about it how guys you hear them he knew that iran epa and then you would hear them when they run for bus did get up in the middle the night go rather bike like they felt like they had exercised so i guess if you're on a lot of it i don't know i've never it seems like it would be awesome if you take some drug that like soup reducing up your endurance it sounds awesome apparent it is not very safe and they were saying that a lot of executives take it now like there's theirs people that are executives that are just enter
insurance races in their taken appeal and entering cities endurance races that regular people with regular job just deciding to take it there was some article about that saving you find it it was like see egos and bring into and endurance races taking appeal but it's you fighters and car with it and it apparently just really juice defences europe's values or you go sixteen round gonna fuck him tat i should add a front they used to shoot me steroids never do a push up to his she was whacked greatest go dog what are you gonna blow the job next week that's insane or move again seen him eat like half a borrower winnie v the pink football the pink lives in the eighties he would just put a museum lay thick tax will be it
oh my god i was jim tomorrow i did some push ups today just my biceps it's all i need is you by what's italians crazy group of humans became i always where you do the impersonation from you when italian people in jersey found that marlon bramble gay i gave was believe what twenty years he was the godfather and no no no couldn't blow a regular do not god forbid he blow was obliged to the really stand me right here the formula i could even taken no more adequate the dvd collection away can i would love to hear one guys what they said when they found that that weak
didn't they say that he fucked everybody men and women oh yeah he banged every perfect every bad then came out he was back in the guy with the big they can cube that's right superman that's right that's poor italian people of their godfather feds they will those fuckin dvds on fire fuck my brain the poor poor homophobia i'd like a more now i like my own and i love our gradual year adam fog in this moment whereas goes about me richard prior to thinking about rigid bragton so coketown to delete my brenda fucker was one of the things i unless he left its prejudice of me i should just assume he enjoyed it we enjoy having sex mile unbridled i give a shit rested for one thing you gonna die when a tireless marlon bramble told the studio and to give them like a hundred grand to read superman
but you don't people call you joe high joe this is cynthia familiar engines right within your script so if you prove to read three hundred gimme a hundred grand maurice wait for the island he went deep he believed his ego you gotta member that was an all time record for a long time when he got the superman he banged the mouth he took him to the clear this time shit em he fought them up to the bad my big money like that what they pay them in nineteen seventy whenever superman member he fought them big time i think it's mute and about what those movies the captain now we have a beautiful spot for your right here marina though right if we do it we had this undesirable they found he had gone down from lobbies witness a month you run much one run run leaves damage he made
the studio shoot down and then went down who wants another fuck him whatever island they shot that so that's where he lived rights he went down a goddamn uneasy jamak which a job here no more the directive i'll get the this and everybody was shoot and there were issued his feet they will shoot my camera other than the mic to the shore and meanwhile he's just banging fucking hawaiian women eight other times i just have an orgy in general those kids they shut themselves all those kids he had member loma all of poor kids a fucking god rest his soul than although probably add here down there like flock just matador what the paramount whether network was showed up down an so let's see the dailies as somewhat is this your gun they brought somebody else and marlon and say fuck it up by the hour what the island didn't like this is crazy shit iron over the years and dangers
lived on the island and then if they want to have a call the island like levels or you want me to read the script clash eighty ah you come to the studio that's three hundred thousand are you have levels of fuckin than they would give it to him they will and then they didn't want him for the godfather daylight there's no way we want that fucking while and then finally tape in his mouth and all that shit they approved them in heated up both have movies like a point the one he did that last tangle in paris is it the second my poor and then the chick came out years later that motherfucker stone call rape me yea was the king of me to hear vented made to that motherfucker dog while yet she came a year later said something about they ve she didn't know what
mom and brand no one in their land showed the rattling mcqueen and fuckin and they get away she thought she was just getting pushed you have them the queen and whose with our group that was hard to watch dude you could tell that was real there is no way that wasn't real like he was really hidden he was a matter that you can do is harsh he's crazy but he was crazy scene was so real because of it made its awful to watch but but it's real right it's an awful see it's real facts that you mentioned be in her and also the do just starts makin you in the head for real what to do and you d want to bail out of the you're gettin fucked up though he's fucking you
and she didn't stop she just kept saying the lines and working with it bark dude cheese right what do you say the somebody out of a game i am sorry but that is the same car for you can't see now peep for it sounds fucked up to say but i think even just that recent a time people did not stand but if you're smack people in the head like that you're given them fuckin brain damage like you mac someone in the headlines die like you it seriously thought them up like something could be done with them for a long time even if they don't unconscious motherless maggie now know my mom was really not she was in my view there are very few people
a uncle now very few people but they won't be my grandmother crackling wants but it was you know dislike to shit together not like trying to hurt me you know so little smack i didn't get b kid but i saw a lot of violence saw seen violence when you're a kid there's about like seeing someone your close to whose an adult being beating like a ten or eleven year old you see that before we see reason why you see a groan adult beaten issue out of ten or eleven year old when you're a little kid yes that to me what was there was a defining moment when i was a little has apparent or i only saw parents beat that
yeah i saw someone beat somebody else's kid it was fucked up to watch when i lived onto o five west eighty eight street we we will keep my cave in cuba with a majority for my dad died daily ninth street then sir nabon the building we in the movie the eighth street and how to get out a beef with every day and one day i found my shit together in karachi like one day my psychic started working and that fuckin right cross started working learn how to use my fucking a block and i finally at this gives namely through the haitian he was the only haitian kid when they bouillon ninety eight street i fuck them up this day his father came down and held my arms and he made you punch me and i'll never forget that my lip was bleeding and he took me upstairs and knocked on my mother's daughter and my mother opened up the door and a half a fucking hangover and she was what's the problem is you
child cocoa next time you son it's my son i'm gonna hit him come on you and my mom turned around and got a butcher knife and chase through these father to stare cops claim in the late to us a juicy life but at that point we ve done in the building stock who one of the worst there i moved to north berrigan i saw parents that you know give it here comedian go and hang out with why can't you would have asked how they talk to their parents i can never talk about you know right but that's the first thing i noticed i the jersey there was there were certain kids that would take that dishing up want don't sandwich if i if did that my job my ass are you i can carry me my mom would take the dish drawer
the wall and saying that you're not fucking even go to bed like that type of ship but i also saw a fucking parent the hallway one day that would stand in the way you are with his arms crossed talking to the teacher the way i'm talking to you and the kids standing right here with glasses on and i'm walking towards them like no i went to the bathroom i have to go all past and them talk and talk and talk and in the middle of this goin back and hit them when it back here kid goes down glasses broken blood come another knows you tell them to get the fuck up before i fucking kill you you dumb mother fuck you said that to him you dumb fuck i have seen that that was the devil kick while the resigning kid kills the devil provocations dad beat him then there was another kid when i went to cap school guido father gains
the whole fucking day brow he would come there the nice guy in the world the sun was fuckin crazy and every time get there than none would tower by what he did and dog he would punish him the way gaia withdrawn punches fuck your steeper i swear moon was his grief right as he was crawling into the car like a ruling power twelve jesus at tat time i got programme level so there are you looking at me saying joey did they deserve it or whatever every by every parent had a deer you know i watched a couple weeks vows the gills and i was laughing about how people put people down on his shit i was laughing about when julia serving first when the ba shut down when the aid
for a shut down there i don't know joe but there was a categories julius the earnings led seven up right and the aba shut down and the six was picked up julius urban begin six million vows with can you imagine that one but they give that guy yet but they give leubronn around and about thirty or forty by you got six million dollars over two years as was julius and it was the biggest play in the world that now this guy's gettin one fifty four four threesome cheese so dotted switch is number from thirty two to six and now the nba asked our game came saw all the critics alike came from the aba easily get his ass kicked from the nba austin game what go look at those statistics he went off he went off because of a white dude name pistol pete manage that we want the hours she would lead the country and scorn why do and becoming too
can boast about that dude not the boy because father would be his father make him sleep in the garage and the window became until you learn how to play basketball does that no losing this fuckin how do you understand me george rogan just now far conclusions at my house sleep at night data both pistol pete knew how to fuck dribble jagger pistol pete would take a deep breath legally anybody could cover by the best blood do not we can cover pistol pre but if you why said mba asked our game pistol previous stoppin chop and people get behind back passes to julius every he even looks set to do one path he's looking to bob magdal come else they just the ball between his legs and it gives julia serving why because that kid while this data there are different thoughts of something
broken handle that some piazza some guys a broken but i mean it like how much pressure is too much pressure to create legal superstar like that i didn't tiger woods didn't his dad but a lot of pressure on him as well first elects let's talk about the the guy die last week but that's a different thing while the tiger which all jackson who what the fuck different about that he created grief working kids the change the fact that won't get to change the world right he be let me fuck them in the air support which are much only that sexual some one i gotta be really careful with saying things i'm sorry listen to me to think things come out what do we get the blame for some say it but this is something you really heard i have first sexual abuse allegations from his father but but listen to listen to what what are you create what i do what did joe jackson do by me condemn not let them fuckin
and limitations on the one kid could again to cause the play basketball the kids had does it wise gary in the area without carrying there now like hell fuckin delaware and then gary in vienna organization gary's like crazy he these kids rarity pull them out again to come up to fuckin bury gaudy you think about this shit some of them probably haven for what he did you look get those lessons that you got joe rogan how many people did you look at one day and go fuck you motherfucker but then two years later you look back and you look at the lesson you learned from the whole experience that you have to have to go back and hug that person though i meant thank you for that time and made me better mother fucker today cuz what you did
maybe a better person would have to agree with everything that happened along the way to europe but its main us who the fuck we are today that's an interesting thing because we grew up in a time where kids were just allowed to run around outside buddy ran around outside those norman right will you little kid ran around outside just runs around outside of the thomas are grown lady hit she hit my cousin we're both around the same age i was probably see x and she was five in this lady slipped on ice in front of her apartment building and she got up and mike and just unfortunately happened we stand right in front of her when she fell and she got up its said don't you laugh it and she smacked or in the face she wasn't laughing at either
she's master in the face man like it was she smacked or hard and i was like my god was that mean we're both little little kids and watch inside grown adult smash are cousin in the face real like you realize you kids you know you gotta be polite there's some fuckin people i was smacking in the face and she never do anything wrong you're some evil workers out their little hit little kids that the dark shit smack and little kids and raise i read it i swear to god i ran into probably will i first move from cuba to aviation there was a deal on the black that would smack little kids tell you right now to my little daughter there was words on the street they would take it there was ass my fucking ass oh my god
is this is this is this is this early severed the east this is the early socrates which i turn into a jug later because would be like bro have you seen your welcome lately i ever see them in a week sticky charlie got my we'll take each was his name mr martini mr martinez martini i own you first move to eighty eighty that's the first in the kid to tell you i got married and this guy don't fuck from mr marty jesus he's a monster the name of a black shoes with a white shirt and black shoes is wife with died and he owned the building on 88th street in the middle and he was angry and he would sweep you know like when you were can you stop it somebody's house he will always come on go get the fuck out a little fuck induced bags get the fund
i was cuban i didn't understand the language i really was tat what he was saying i understood the anger but on this day the man what are they will come out what a broom get the fuck out of here one they realize on my dismal affront almost a so while my other friends didn't wanna fuck my we're gonna fuck with this motherfucker so or humans have only one for the house and it's something that you must rose change in everyday yeah good looks that you and i would steal the change and bring it down stairs now look at this the poor kids and i go come if you want to go never go yeah we're gonna go out technical draw it mr martin he lived he looked like a basement area he ran the hope he'd be right there and he chases we go mister what did he say my weeny gluck increases as he trusted rise of ugly face is pretty got you he would focus its you like fifty dies but we locked him up we fuck him up
dog i saw some shit the first day new jersey to me was it completely that was like mars to most people most people listening to me ngo you grew up someplace it doesn't exist auburn ape both of these chairs the tail the plant and the people in these situations but the fur day i went out in my home town of burg i saw me in jail rogan fight and even god i had your ruling on his back i saw jerome his father come down the stairs pull me joe rogan smack me punch me kicked me me on the floor and make his kid go it down my first experience ever not programme managers who saw mill mr robson come now stairs he took employee off his son groom off
active in the fucking face joe rogan at twenty after noon in ninety degree heat punched him in the stomach and tom the go home you little guinea flock go all human or guinea for sale now throw you in jail for two years don't go home you little gimme flock and they looked at them cried the little bit he picked up his shirt he won't like this like he took the thing or they was unclear my fuckin phone you fuckin dead mother oh you're flung in guinea flocking greece worthwhile began i day he's probably agrees or just like you and i it may go and i want to see this plays out and next thing you know to cop cars pull up and this one
cobb car that unlike its another one that marked and it's a big fucking time wickham detective like in over the short stumpy thallium and it comes out of a guy puts his fucking jacket on it barely fit but till this dare member the more the does he held in his hand and this is what the fuck is going on here kid in the little time kicking filling with miss difficult mr ross came back any fuckin smack me in the face these are my witnesses tallow denny fuck it hit me and i'm sitting on this is gonna get fucking good this election other the fucking cop the detective tells the cub go look around and see if there's tickets prospered tickets and he was with the sky with illegal janni goes he grabbed all the other kids because tommy what happened was anthony an fightin and he came down he any fuckin pull them in that this time they know that the cops are there
mr robson i can open this door to be kind of top like he's not coming up for you to know i'm a fucking knock him out to in the car goes okay okay okay and you grab the kid interview because you just hit me in the face and you fucking walked up the stairs bro to come five minutes to the top thing they open the fucking door joe rogan this guy will put his hand then pulled the little fucking put them against the fucking thing on the second floor buddy out and just started punching punch in him punches m like fuckin john jones when he's got you down is hit me with those shots to the head until the guy killed over they start kick them with the fuckin thing bad bad gonna go don't you ever fuck and hit my son again let's get out of here that was how i became friends with the family
because those he came down to those whose this kid because he's this big it is the only one that jumped then because you come over dinner that was the beginning of my life when i police car because ideas whether easy what have i did whatever the fuck i want legally today this is fucking crazy and you know me mean you don't fuck around with a young over there still that's what happened in nineteen seventy fuckin dury and what's that today as i go the card what is his card do it it does what it will need to do it does whenever i needed that though you them say you're a family member did why because of that fuckin deckers i'm the only gonna jump that unlike our gaps have things like that member states may be hard you can get one eu bodies cops pulled over put this on your license for this little sneaky little thing so now what type
a house i mean fuckin passed away with fresh which around the middle oh i could open up the front door whenever i wanna call the mamma she makes cream pops out on tight with them play kubaton one thousand nine hundred and seventy four the theme of walking in there so now we're the sixth grade and we're playing secondly mckinley had no phone number two months ago on the donated fifty thousand grammar school was my grammar school not broken new jersey two months ago yeah dollar fifty thousand not what i want grandma school of muscle it did have a judge or road you shovel slowly gonna be shovels not shovels now with its known out you shovel snow doha body of physical education year and you did push us instead of an ok that's like russian brow i had i like you i'm sorry look in the kids and we got a full ass though they were brutal finally they built a german the eighth grade now
but before that we played kick ball outside the for when they were being playing kick born every at this guy's name was mister twite that was the teachers name was good guy is jim page it and we're out there were playing king on again that louis telling kid the one that environment there was ass his father beat up the first do with me equally strong the ball and every time i swing and i miss he's call amigo got that means i'm a buggy face in spanish because it rhymes a coca right teacher keeps going at buddy i told you a thousand dogs none of it spreadsheets allowed this this is the sixth grade north bergen villagers easier dejesus teach mr tatar as i know this breakthrough shit over here right this is america right really about that at that time now is a big issue because a couple
these before that a guy named tortora was a baseball coach and he kill off a spanish on the bus he told me if not manage on the bottom the king gos fuck you and he spoke passionately through more like twenty miles from the house became a big problem in my home town they will the fucking do but i'm going home my mom goin he's talking the truth and now she speak spanish says america outside you speak america so my mom cut me all right then i went home we re you fuck umbilical protester issues that don't avenue americans you want to expand its top him out i think this is a real benefit to been able to speak more than one language definitely is completely different mine said i'm happy i do it i speak to my door the spanish if i tell my mercy somethin i re askern spanish
if our size area retailer inspire nice yeah they say that things like that learning new languages in particular opens up parts of your brain that appeared to dummy like me it only speaks english you can access different just different ways of looking at things you know what's very analytical let's say you wanna be a lawyer one of your pre whatever would be a language right you also have a heavy math to be a lawyer you have to have a very heavy math prerequisites yeah lotta history you probably in the bin history major but be a lot of math while economic latin analytics because it forces your mind to solve equation so when you look at the prerequisites if you
whatever the fuck it is what's the requisite prerequisites to be an attorney had a math involve interesting there's gotta be language involve there's gotta be politics and while my american legal systems american history systems all shit but it's gotta be having math once get the law school it's heavy reading in before that it's a lot of problem solving that's wow that's how you become a problem solver by fuckin what am i agree with you whatever you just said but before i got locked up i was being a terribly so i was really history major units that that was the fuckin plan thank our history podcast i love did the best i was thinking of going back to school no no no no no no no no no no no reason just listening refreshments go on and read about it
your black on tape to the euro to the great by hard core history was grey released him a boy daniel delhi bull enable early history on fire his shit is fantastic he was too me about this road to rome i've never forgot this image where there was i think so like a hundred and fifty miles of bodies that were put on stakes he sent it to me just send me a couple of days ago hundred and fifty miles of of hugh in bodies that they stuck on these big poles and shoved them into the ground for my like every thirty yards they put a new persons body here it is hundreds five miles with one body crucified every thirty yards are so for a total of about so thousand people crucified on the road between
in a in rome why the fuck if not what was a purpose i would have to go back and listen to it again got sets a shadow that's sheds and turn i want to start with a minister from zero to start with the mongolian carcass cars in wrath of the con dan carlin directest do i cannot fully realise the world ever and then i want to move on to american history or he's got a genuine need american history one or one day one we're going back to routes echo from ruth's let's go to that one thousand seven hundred and seventy six would happen all there i need all that refreshed yeah all that stuff needs to be refreshed do car a guy has got some all laws off on world war one that's cover both wars cover both wars that cover the third war view let's covered fuckin whatever the conflict
all that shit i was don't call me some watches the news i don't know who the the fuck was watching the news and maintain namely one not me i don't watch tv again till you know two thousand and three or something like that i didn't watch the fucking news and have a chance to the incline politically or what the fuck was gone on i was worried about don't stand right this silence brought to buy marijuana i did not know i didn't know he was looking for someone would have already a fuckin go you know made value we gotta gray fuckin cod this we would you fucking breakdown are you broke down with brendan i'll tell you man i like i leaning and i loved ankle cornmeal he's a fucking champion the champions he took a fucking cop bomb from ethylene johnson palms thirdly johnson but jesus christ every time they put an obstacle of honesty pays way
figure out a way to take it down yeah he's hell bent on staying champion he's a giant dude like steep as a big guy and i know that daniel has beaten every single heavyweight as is undefeated as a heavyweight and including what throwin josh barnett around with just a beast but stay basis as the the most accomplished heavyweight champion of all time that's just a fact he's either friend it is title against it contenders inspected it successfully three times nobody else but i will do that ok i'll holloway jesus christ when i find us both i'd suggest is what has made of alchymy grady re dc fight is a fascinating five ass the name fights forward towards third nominal ressler and steep bay is mean his as good as it gets going to show friday night julia what do you mean i e and are doing the mirage of vat refund nice
for a man i'm excited i'm excited for this card which should be should be very just what's goin i will you in the running lately you really dig in it yeah but i have a little bit of a tear a moment s are you thinking of if you fix them guess of doing something with running like running what you buddy does not marathon down have you considered sunlight that really man i'm not i'm not into doing something that i know is hard to do in his deftly not good for your body i just did you give beat up do that shit toddlers it take your friend i mean as good a sham using a different kind of human that was taken to recover sunlight that well that's interesting thing it's good good time for that question because he just ran a race today he ran like six mile raise any saying that his legs are not fully recovered who say the posts it you his cardio was really good but you gotta figure you run for twenty four hours many ran for
one in four hours just a month ago right was it a month ago not even a month ago three weeks ago someone that's it takes time and is fifty now when you fifty years old it's not as their recovery is recovery is is very tough he's an animal behavior to push himself like that i am more inclined to try to preserve my body i like pushing myself but i'm just a chicken shit and want to be i wanna be breakin hips and knees and share our brother just hedge shoulda surgery eddie bravo he just got the stitches out this is his second surgery that he's had just this year he had had need surgery real recently a few months ago right didn't have his meniscus down this generation of digital guys is learning a lot and learning what bigger
pass on to the next generation is that its great the wrong in the leg lacks a great and all that is great but there's no aspect of mr fischer's call yielded and keeping a muslim strong near and the conditioning has to be good it is also jerry you weren t take care you suffer did these guys didn't know you didn't know that well it isn't gonna learn again the reality of jujitsu is it's a thing as you get older you have to be much more careful who you train with and how you train you can't just boss the wall like you could when you were twenty seven you have to keep your shit together and you know injuries are real you can't just work through him i thought was a big fowls people get her new would try to roll light nobody ever rules light do we say they're going to roll light and the guy almost gets you in the you trying to get him next thing you know you're defending and it's fucking serious heat it up roll session which is great but then you
call your next all fucked up and you are next time just going to lay on my back or my half car bulshit as soon as it starts getting hot and heavy almost got caught in an armbar that you try to pop but then try to pass his guard then get into it you know it's it's a thing that's too exciting and she and when i say like rolling hard and i mean like not breaking available now don't know passenger guide and lay it on you that's a tough morning even i'm giving you love on top jokingly bree yeah yeah good i'm let me i'm just not likely get the added i'll give tons of love would i bag i loved you the two of its chance who i am i had a attack from different foundation i was attacking it i'm looking at jamie and going i gotta do it if he does
and not realizing i jamie by twenty five years and i can't do it jamie does so my game ass to be complete the different jamie's monday's why amid the class it's more about their the drilling less about the role and how do our conditioning clash with bread we do everything we do the ball the things the wrong i do everything and how do that digital class but how do the drills our role once or twice and popular gotta go thursday i boston wall on the rolling which meets three or four rove that's awesome then i try take friday often sat out them with dying condition and i'm done for the week no ideas get that you gotta do it i got this five year old number two why why why do you think we do it i got a fucking crowd therapy i put my enemy i got a u s cry of araby i'm and overthrow guide to the bed is making me feel for now
tremendous hotlines what is and overthrow bed the bed you lay i'm clean out yourselves a shit like now has it do it does everything look it up madam i understand me plus i get that freezer for three minutes in thirty seconds happened madonna burner feel about what gay pride but the gate everything thinner fitter healthier happier widows tremendous chooses to do to get it rockets into getting into a pod next thing you know you're gonna be locked and into the matrix what so what is this treatment no negative side ex clients who supply supplied with safety goggles and then relax into novo thought treatment prod force eight fifteen minutes of whole body restored of light treatment the treatment may be repeated too or more times a week what is it doing something like that
like we gotta is to get the fuck them young again through the moslem if one but i won t them all night i may tell me why i should get in your light box it's a whole by delivery system of p m therapy that has been designed to deliver optimal wavelengths power what is our densities and dosages based on the published clinical research outcomes ha ray from words the whole body just six to fifteen minutes intended use of nova thor or to read it muscles or restore motion to joints or for you this is an azure add jumped therapy for obesity that simply does a lot of shit i don't know the real trying to hang on several jimmie dale look ok you're good right it sets up eu funded moving again i can't lose weight yeah well you have to do something we all that train you doing thou must train that's crazy that's really ask
i really love it let's be it had i try to do what strange training at the house it's time we club bell if you want to come here man mobile albert you work out to get you seriously and i was thinking about going and coming to a billion mule kickboxing lessons ashore and you know what else we can do you do like a circuit circuitry because i have that echo air bike echo i've never done that's phenomenal so do why rose the echo bike gonna versa climber and i like to do him in a do those two bodies sequences so it's like you you go hard for twenty seconds and then you rest for ten seconds then eagle hard for twenty seconds any respiratory indeed you like eight rounds of those it's fun intense and then you jump on over to the roma and the roma machines there's another one a similar number it's like thirty hawk thirty hard thirty off something like that and then you go to the verse climber he plugins nature fifty yards have you know i'm almost fifty want to be one of the longest
it's really interesting when i learn them when i read about fifty i saw charlo but a year ago when he was forty six years only mrs doyle i cheat month has one forty lisa well go to that have actually archie bilateral as many stopped or when he started it was a picture forty six has to be a better way amazing i saw holy shit now this is what america is crazy what are you look like a forty six and forty seven you are like look that dude he looked like more maybe that was like in the later years there's a funny thing right the lovable racist he was like the last of like a reverie
that is a real guide that might have had races views that were kind of funny and he was in some way endearing cause he was like such an good actor and it was such a good character is so well written and his release ship with his wife and his kids with meat head i made the whole thing was it was brilliant show why such a well after the show was davis kissed among the lips when falcon you found the border regions do back wallet reading guy comes over there talking it looks at his wife from funding puerto rican dallas don't just stand that from her something and she doesn't know what he likes and i don't know what puerto ricans drink and he look cinema guys smile and i'm like and you look something like
how about some pineapple just did you those same guy looks at that you get roma theatre yeah but it was here that it wasn't hateful racism why is this racism well first of all point produces delicious and wise racist deduce from an island wants and pineapple juice i would think that would need be like culturally sensitive till it introduced that possibility if assets in that you're you as you have a tradition of drinking part of today's society if i said the lisbon liebenheim moonshine timing of fireworks if somebody heard me say to you right now to do tomorrow with your fuckin yeah we would have a problem i will have a problem for everybody knows it twenty years ago right now behind the chinatown in new york city get the fuck outta magnifier worth a hundred and forty four bottle rockets
couple roaming gambles you know it's the most stupid man is that the food is safe how racist like is theirs food that's racist food like if you talked about black people and also talked about delicious fried chicken or delicious is orange soda grape soda with grapes out right now aren't also why people yeah ourselves a white people thing right why trash aren't solar know that not that anti are soda but i'm saying like those foods like watermelon in particular if you talk about a black person in taiwan watermelon that's a racist even though watermelons delicious it's fucking weird i cut what is what hell could be wrong about watermelon if you don't like it hasty watermelon if it's a hot summer day and somebody bustle when a cooler and gives you a slice of watermelon how fuckin prompter you
good watermelon ever be negative they don't make any sense to be it makes zero sent and the only makes sense if fried chicken could be negative do is if you're a vision or a vegetarian you don't want to eat a chicken that's the only it makes sense that that would be a negative because otherwise like fried chicken fuckin delicious who doesn't like fried chicken if you eat meat frauds can someone you smell it in all someone's really good at making it and they get a nice flaky lay on the outside that juicy per good cook chicken leave fried chicken in tat same jesus joseph the vices and on a mile in tennessee least fried chicken jesus christ place they know how to do some my god how could that be bad how could they we'll be racist i'd that doesn't
any sensible toilets railways we gonna let that girl arbiter racist go but really like saw them into my bark of my door lumsdon i saw you on sunday with beanie and his wife with glasses i was his sherman oaks and a ten dollar bill sticklers pocket work my fucking pickpocketing skills i want to see if i can still pick pocketer motherfuker i even have my daughter bumping into his leg in the stuff you can't pickpocket laju doug you can't do it the kid that was my first fuck injury to pick bargaining watch the movie with our boy at it and michael cyrus in the first pickpocket movie is call harry in your pocket with our boy in the flint unlifelike james colbrand teams colbert was in a pickpocket mall nobody knows about it had the americas greatest secret and they would work here ports is shit like that area party apart so the down my mom
nice to hear them talk about this cuban pickpocket guy and cuban the fifty million employees are you a tremendous dramatic she do with him you did something with him right away i do two things at him i did american gun with him and i did all this with him ours is up you can find the timeline somebody just posted a while ago i arliss that's one of those shows that i forgot about but i watched him and i ask just got out of you become a pickpocket i bumped into little cuban joint there was a rumor going around that he was a good cube up pickpocketing cuba because you got to get a dummy and put bells on the pockets so i went and i don't know how i got a little dummy and i put bells on fucking as i try to be a pickpocket but have begun hands have those slender fang you got out of slender fingers slender you i'll play a few little charles on fuckin pockets and you bump into a machine very lightfoot that i am i was a good burglar because i can t talk
sailor that's from my user tiptoe around the dummy trying to take the wallet from the dumb never forget doubling its you do in so many different things though it's really cold here your role land doing some my tie and the rolling has really improve because at first you can't role i dropped await because i figured verify pound be a little bit more cardio plus i got the bathroom mouthpieces both m yesterday you like that they her i really believe and i saw what why you workin out or i will use it when i walk walk and when i walk take a walk in the morning twenty thirty minutes explained about what it is but the bathroom mouthpieces on amazon it says web page i saw it because he was on joe talking about it i was having such a struggle with my bra i was having such a struggle but it was common sense number one i smoke cigarettes for twenty years them two eyes reef of forty years but all those just excuses the number
one thing was the weight fuck off i then site is some smart guys i can sum bastard legally ere he sits at some other financing movies a great guy too he's one of the best people i know some guys like to me that i got a great brown bout told me that whenever he rose he could feel the different twenties ten pounds airy oh yeah for she was how joy what am i going to my mother's combat the first week of brutal really and i know of from what real nine trying to be fuckin eddie slackened work so i just got it on the way i went back to wait watches i walked in there are three tat whoever launch a different rules now like what you can eat what you cannot pay some really need as many look you in the face and chinese some face looking face entire as you know you and i always have this conversation if you are heavy and you don't get away watches is because your fuckin lose well that's a h that is its daddy easy it's that easy
because i'm an idiot enjoy coma kennedy pay a pop up here pop coma that's my guide that's my i'll see you are put everything you eat into this apps anchovy out ok closing let me show you what our dinner snag ass soto and then you are you count around by points out the points they pray do it themselves not only points again at thirty nine now let's say joey would you we are giving to canada coffee right there are giving up i think ok we don't know so you scan that and then involved hell you how many i don't think that has been cowards does coffee playing we have not really maybe
when the river from when you get the fuck em milkshake coffees for breakfast and she he and the falcon flat why even a flat why don't come here at this isn't in the sun in what you go i this boom and then you got this geronium you ready press this over here and you president here press this here and they give the points for whatever you do work circuit training then you have custom so i brazilian jujitsu you got on our class how much do you really fucked unroll fifteen minutes fuel road i will clash you don't make it take you to the drill and he tells you a joke press in fifteen done and then you ass the intensity we you breathe i got my just by seven points you leave this in your phone logic you put this in your pocket an fuckin guess what happens accounts the steps when the disneyland deborah dirty one fuckin voice
it's all the executive for breakfast so for breakfast i got a job and i gotta see that role even i give myself for a focal point for the rule five point four the rule six point zero i put two eggs in that motherfucker which is fourteen grams of protein and i put a thin slice of functions boys had america and cheese and some frank's hot sauce on that mother fucker how you going to talk to me what you want to talk to me so you essentially could eat anything you want as you know what the points are certain about rights fish get out fish you four days so i'll leave you gonna fuck associate dan and i get the currency albacore which is i can't wait for regular visit me it sliced albacore covered with hollow paying out of i need an garlic is if possible let me ask you this is it possible that good aegis all eggs all day and have zero point zero point really exist grandma legs all day that sounds crazy fish
day sea bass ordinarily salmon and sea bass all day chicken broth no skin now their mother fucker day all the chicken breast not chicken cutlets like roma may with italian breadcrumbs none other than that's fried grill chicken on brushwood would read crush peppers and baked potato five points for the baked potato who so you wanna tell me again how listen you it's not you it's not a fuckin race see before it healthy lose like a pound pamela half a week is that what is that they say they after that you go that loses show where they live all that await at one shot that's why all these die it's stuff that you have the door summit you gonna do forever i've always like this i lost japan this year and then gave forty and now i lost another thirty it's all right as a main killing gonna miss nothing
what i learned that he notice i will go get him outside good things and i saw you boys great armies praise andrea eating a banana and putting a banana blood is two different things i did not know that when there was making one of those guys i switch i have it protein which i used of another or the chocolate the mexican chocolate and then i have this other one that's a polio type protein cocoanut why milk and i put i use that one one that's for the blind in this motherfucker just to see him like that is delicious i'm onto something i gain weight that way i didn't know what it was i'm the banana what you blender banana its eight points but when you either banana it's who it's how will benefit because when you eat fruit and when you rick fruit it's two different things that's why wall these fat people and you see involuntarily breakfast i drink this movie you killing yourself you
killing yourself every time you prove fruit because when you eat route the slow the this the saliva saliva settee god forbid the saliva your mouth breaks to fruit down and the digestive the sugar a different way when you bypass that enzyme in your mouth that you get three hundred thousand uncle joe it so we drink fruit i don't care that they always frozen fruit you lose some of these should that bullshit ones you fuckin blend that fruit you dead does it goes right in your system whereas the is just another five or economic law yet you not suppose you learn that age it any other way other than the way they comes when you eat it you can go to look a little mexican stand with umbrellas you ever see those guys the cartel delivery is how to that's cartel draft their money come down to a thousand under the guise of that cut the fruit wouldn't maturity gregg idea to go when you see it
i tell umbrella that that's a cartel money that they put their money in those days they just confused people they even got him across the street from the start don't you think that is poor people and try to make someone not really yummy apples you gotta stop the fucking pay written mystays days days time nobody stands that the liberals mexicans deliver uses pdf there their raw with no fuckin umbrella there they loved getting dark they get on with it you know but you don't pay me to stand out there all fuckin name whether a lot they like to urge you to date three hundred a day not because the cotton apples up because it i come from a poncho takes what's on the need them and takes it straight to mexico on thursdays nobly sees not that every have you read that fruit its regular coquet eat somebody fruit were now what's the energy you get like that boxer roy you can't they just be poor farmers because their surface either because that's how nice people are you think for me i'm a criminal i see people for what it is
things what is try the seven leader rehab because i you i got a friend that's gotta rehab you goddamn early why try suddenly celts and lead to a because he can make money this rehab there's a bunch a rehash of florida you go to and they you're insurance and banking insurance for sixty and they give you a cutback authority i totally let me sing it down into my by these gimme a ten percent i get three grand your dad i get acupuncture they give you a few massages you give a the real business it is with a who lisa would be in terms of his marijuana consumption imagine where he would be if it wasn't for you i tears tat guy when you first started haven't him on show when you guys for start doing here i thought maybe three times in college couple months in he's done superhero doses of edibles copper monitor
they like little by little little by little when you sneak in autumn and you would take away two fifty and fifty twenty five hundred what i would do if rabbit i get this one joey the as coastal the church of what's happening now is completely asleep at the wheel he's on the show and his eyes are almost totally closed barely a slip they just dazed who's the guest who is that it's raven bozzio i told this podcast will you gotta get up like a yankee chance egg and now what is it what is the name this video jamie lee about us but is only sire go he's gone i would get these our goal in the afternoons one eighty and i would rip the cover off the one hundred and eighty and i would take us
six thousand seven hundred and sixty m198 that one is like two in the afternoon wouldn't do nothing to me how do you make a sixty i take the one eighty and pulling the sixty rap oh now and then i bring it back put on the table and in front of my go here and open it up for him and he would see that was half open the red and i will give the sixty but it was unlike last night i gave unexpired went a little bit more about it he's gonna be a good common abruptly it is going to be a good hour him look at our law i want sat there for fifteen years shot a mouth watched this really special gift yeah what do you think almost funny about whether you agree with her that i give her the balls laana p like just sit and watch him disallowed happy
the do though you know there's a lot of people that work in and around comedy clubs that probably want to do it they just don't know how it started you know this is done have it in them to get the ball rolling tart started to try some new cheap thinking about when the right time to do it as it now wait a week no we don't want to lose ten thousand then i'm gonna to and get up things here how overtake you seriously honest honest honest asian well my birthday i was august eleventh and when i turned twenty one was obvious eleventh of two thousand and nineteen eighty eight rather so i got lost age august twenty seventh so from my birth day too when i got on stage of just a few days whose as those where does it herbs terrified ok if i was trying taken out jonathan cap was the empty and
i was maybe going to get up it was one of those things where i signed up for the last you know you get i think it was five minutes and it's a bunch of people are going to do five minutes and jonathan as was already established stand up comedian he really funny guy and he was the host and he's like he came up to me let me check in half an hour and see if i can get young sometimes people wouldn't show up and so a half an hour in i'm thinking i'm just going to check it out i'm just going to bail i miss going to tell him forget about it and i'm thinking this in my head i walked out germany's i got you in jail so while you'll be going up right here and you'll have five minutes good luck and i said to her thanks thanks man ok so i was ready to pussy outdo does totally ready pussy out and i was so nervous the first time a non state and was fuckin terrified i couldn't believe was neighbour place stitches stitches comic club august
seven nineteen idiot i was terrified dude terrified i couldn't believe i was scared i did not didn't make any sense to me i didn't think i was going to be scared i thought maybe i'd be like a little nervous like i never performed before so the idea of doing a nose like well you know of taught type one d classes in front of people before i can talk and for people and then i thought about the idyllic to stand front people's lockdown fungi this go down it took me crazy it took me a year to think about it and then it snowed i couldn't gonna work you can't roof colorado surrendered punchline tom hanks sally fields angel salazar damon wayans bunch of people that movie i watched punchline
pay me the fuck off i tat was it i won't yellow pages i found calmly clubs i call them in comedy worse or offer no tuesday open my how do i get on you have to call him and now give you three minutes ok so for two months i called in nothing anyone neither my jody as call them back then i got them check out the float and then i was roof a roof and roof and roof mr maiden jobs all different jobs drop enough material i'd try to cruise working and i went to one krona guy men we're stuck here his job can you give us the morning break young all then i went with his little diner right off the falcon thirty whatever that i seventy thy seventy my twenty five
which one the one in denver it was like all dust rural area trucks everywhere i don't know what number that road we would do it a road there and i but there was a place around the corner jamie the best fucking green chili ever had at your fucking life and when you pull them over fucking scrambled eggs you dick wicked fucking hard well to towards these are you kidding me to eat out those fuckin do warehouse run chair i walk over there i sit around
there's always a paper i confronted with dynamism is always of paper sally read write and i sit on the way to steer them sit men look over i want my this just hannah you now you just goin back to middle open it said do you wanna be a stand up common woe and it was an article by arose and became a stand up comic and now because of them she had just blown up might roseanne had just blown up it was maybe march of mainly want roseanne josh blown denver was hot badge everybody was drinking the water or be wanted to see how roseanne was doing so i had a big thing about roseanne and then had all these open mic spots and it had the classes that you can take and there was a class in boulder for thirty three dollars three sundays in a row
at the university of colorado parlor continuing education the guy that total his name is jeff hearts and i went the first sunday that ok went the second sunday there came a third son there performed on the way out of me serious you are about this but europe decide if you wanna do it let me know and i left they're gone so coke fucking crazy person with correct for drugs the way the pig popular magician flogged and come up with birds is shit
i swear to god are you fucking crazy pony so called me a comedian and then about a month later i saw it in the paper for dog for common clubs i call the darkness had come up on the way there i call jeff he game is none of your own stages compound put jobs is a job for a doormat wits end do you think i got it negroes and i'll call the guy right you got it just drive there throughout the aptly tommy friends they made me doorman slash some guy in the bar back quick so i was the door guy and some guy in the in the bar back and after about six what i can to job i hated goin home i had a marriage that was just fuckin just like the one we are talk about when you cannot go your how many more right out
simply leave at six come home at five take a shower eat whatever fuckin crap she could give the baby a kiss and i get my truck and go back to west minster it was a club away from the collie worse was westminster but it was it didn't get the best people in the world and i'm saying that toothless people merit people show poach bears issue like that so and then in the middle of all that it took me to let's get a spot from wendy that nickel saw me one the original holders the calm mr wendy was calmly we're coming towards them it was the original owners wendy and nickel saw me domini keeps on a mac but i knew when i walked off that states that life as i know it has ended hausa what
ever i thought life was at that boy had gone out the window i got sadly was fucked up maybe the savvy i was supposed to be somewhere this week but i couldn't go i gotta go to my friends mothers eighty a birthday party and why was important it was fully and was away from an old folks home because they're the second family that took me in with my mom died but they took me in a crucial spot gel like you you're throwing me out i'm seventeen and i got nowhere to go i could go my stepfather so i haven't had an aunt in new york but i can live with it and i had a godmother in harlem not only were both i wasn't i mention to a friend one day were snorting coke and drinking and i told him i am standing i throw me out of date but he was never you frighten me about
we lay i saw him at school and he goes amy i talk to my father you can move endless that which we birthday was on saturday in also when i got out of the water i was thinking about how important they wanted me storm being seventy and sitting on that eighty six and county boulevard thinking about how i had nowhere to go this was my only shot mike i had nowhere to go like no when i wasn't like a homeless shelter i didn't know whether fact ago i promise ten thousand my pocket and then the young the brother ran up downing of dog their weight fear this come to eat dinner i'm only i never met the pirates how lucky in my job i never met the parents that's pretty lucky walked in the they six kids and that wasn't like what i was used to living they had no air conditioning the past which blue collar and they took me and they me be by their own never
ask me for rent wasn't there in this house in the block but this day on tight when all the four brothers and sisters i would cite war one big family but think i'll fuckin luck i got a may even talking about being thank for the comedy bridge just personal bridge and one all like i was a killer in full when i lost all faith in humanity like i was done like i wasn't a catholic no more i was just waiting to kill somebody that's it that's all i was waiting on it's such a weird like i'm not even worried about the county bridge no more with the personal bridge where i grew the most you know i'm leaving now we on this conversation this weed is killing me it's good weed they're gonna kill the good we'd now right there was happening huh work without not dollar i stood out in nice the ad three iran legally but legally it also be available for medicinal people so we're gonna get a car recreational its
gotta renew their card son i gave her i gotta written i don't want your bullshit we'd better while you're fuckin watered down we'd what am i gonna do they get to water it down how eighty percent somewhere never fear but here's the thing isn't strategy always look look look assholes and never fear this week de what do we do you deal with joy bananas we got state federal we got em from all over you and i fuck you just in case you can just in case you were in the american tom cruise america made as medicinal roles and higher recently you can't go around there if you have a car yeah they're snaky with that shit right here hopefully people events the vote that out but you get it in their first the silly way what would have passed they have everything wired up but it's a it's a victory because it
we're gonna be very difficult to make it illegal now that it's legal can be very difficult to go backwards so then you have to figure out why to these companies have a monopoly on making it if its legal why can't you make yourself aren't tomatoes legal i can grow to me can i you can even probably grows i do need attack stamp or something to grow tobacco has outwork maybe to sell it but if you wanted to grow your own tobacco would you be able to do that like if you said i want to make my own fucking pipes in a film with my own tobacco i want to make my own cigars could you do that it's possible for personal use that's crazy so you could do that federally and then this and you can't in ohio he can't grow your own weed i said so stupid that soda
i have here a letter about jack where we re we do you even know what you do not like me we haven't done i don't think about it i wouldn't do it but you should be able to its legal of course you should be able to grow it that it's a fucking where can i borrow it where can you not grow in ohio if you have a card here's the worry the worry is that you wouldn't charge taxes you keep the money you wouldn't be accurate you just do with tat should do cast transactions that's the worry but that will be tax worry more that right one is that with the same tobacco to you you can grow as much as you want you just can't sell it ok but you did not even allowed to grow their own for personal use and it comes to marijuana of its more restrictive than tobacco which hi larry silly fox that's so dumb does it make any sense to wild
listen we have some wacky laws that we let sneak through like why would you want other people decide that different people in this group can't grow a plant that's legal now get the fuck out of here that's dumb that's a dumb rule they can't summing up animals over a hundred know we'd that's loose anymore so far come into your stolen i go what do you got you can open up the containment show me the button let me smell it they all have to be sealed stuff there's just a lot roof animal which ones they don't i'm very hard happy i found this bag of expired fuckin gb jews two thousand and thirteen from the nature of this you know me i make a work of aid finished in anyway no nano couple how little but a mole bottom just take them all bluff apples
brown they'll polish on and nobody knows what i get my mother who gives a fuck moldova mobile moulds help people penalty yeah there's on came from some old in it some like that i'd so crazy you see you kids you see your kids i took my kid to science can i came from cuba have allowed the problems medically here when i came to this country woman's allergies the outlook is not complete play different than what i was used to a different country that fucking mind boggling so my allergy if you ever hear you make that noise do that that's cuz i don't i can't scratch the back of my throat like normal people do that noise
so you all sealed up up there the first week of camp i saw my daughter do shit and i felt so bad for her she would try to scratch her nose and i would see who gets frustrated joe rogan just scratching and scratching and scratching and now it's going to be three weeks of this can't you scratch how come because you build up a new system it so we now you see it in front of you now see i see i saw environment i go i went right to my wife and i only terrorism even think of her fucking back there and get a fuckin councils are because that's the ship it started with me at that when i came from cube right away i was in the hospital weekly level dog weekly between the times in the fuckin our genes and asthma the asthma mother didn't pay attention to the aspects while habit today like i might have
bits and pieces of it but i don't have it versus got it my daughter's got it they got to do the fucking inhaler in the whole thing that's most fucking rough rich ross that's rough i've seen people have asthma attack since you can hear the wheezing and you have your fuckin ideas laughed of worker from a different angle what can they do like if someone doesn't have an inhaler and they have an asthma attack zira strategy or a technique referendum campaign we are now he saw you become an asthma attack like us airport here i have a great time asthma attack and then heller opens up your your lungs charles and every issue worth work my wife has the machine with the machine
a machine that blows some powder and over the thing and then there's a regular machine that my wife has and then she has the inhaler you know my wife and her and the doctor been working on different things she's helping with the kids healthiest fuxi run she swims youtube that ballet it's it's four days a week we don't stop at that fucking house you know you just you saying you know you don't people i love these people that they don't let's be three thirty you tell your mother illustrate their return might there really start right jokes at eight bankers i want cause that's what i got that's what i've got that's what i got because link there's that does that in that direction from monday to fuckin friday this debt terry sometimes due to re at a time bomb we gonna rifle jujitsu right to the pool which he jumps in either you're doing i would you gentlemen gotten over forty five minutes far you jack
you gotta see it's unbelievable people it lets me you are by the way i got a thousand fuckin activities during the week tis a little energy machine and if you dont burn that energy and you'd be audited from seven to nine when you're fuckin trying to do your only shit together there just cause i don't read argo they're ready to go but we should go she took upon a fuckin zoo six our walk around l a zoo i get home for what's the story we park i looked at my wife my part don't want to i was on the monkey boys allow the fucking yogurt place jumping up and down to music and michael jackson packet really is crazy being a fuckin that especially goes down on my kidnaps a mile issues she has no idea she has no idea of savage
so she thinks i'm on the up and up like when we go to church issues daddy legged jesus it's nothing turns people more on the up and up than being a father a really does the changes we are responsible for these people now and you just do you have to think of things differently you have to make sure that you provide you have to make sure that their taking care of gonna give him love it's like boots and intense world you feel more vulnerable and it just thought the hold the world around you opens up and yes i've more empathy half way more empathy for people not just ain't becoming you know as your right using children you're seeing how they develop and then considering how other people have been mistreated and how things have gone terribly wrong they been abuse and beaten and fucked up and and left and terrible situations and you realize
so much of what happens with people with even terrible behaviour comes from other terrible behavioral it didn't get a chance to stop the cycle and there a lot of people that we consider like really bad people violent people people do terrible things we don't even realise that so many of them are product of violence like their product to someone doing it to them like this they ve almost they're trying to get back at the world all the horrible shit has been done to them and there was no one there to put a stop to it there was no one there to save them there was no one there to protect them and so what were singing when we see fucked up people we we always just think of it is fucked up people that fucked a person is the product of terrible things that have happened to them almost universally most every angry fucked up person has come from a place where something's gone really wrong against them you know you're not angry and fucked up of everything
awesome if every day is getting ice cream get new dick soft and driving a ferrari you watch movies like you know it's you there's it there's an anger that some people have violent criminals in particular that comes from someone doing net them i had a dream i know you die had that anger from nineteen seventy nine you have that should when i met you i had them but not the level and let you have seen it i've seen it with people let me for some low wanted to attack people anger was very i first of all a retrial i was always a happy kid and but not really because i was always confuse about that my father said always certain happened yeah but i always have the catholic faith i was really raised catholic and then we believe he was in heaven that he was in that box from my mom did the things
saudis the pain a little bit then my mother's death was just fucking horrifying and that broke the central nervous system belief system that broke your believe in the world how can there be a god that takes a mother away from a child when you're sixteen and you wrapped up on your head is not a good result not le beer with a result so high lashed out with by robbing it was the only weapon i had no world was to rob joe rogan fucked me the studio and get robbed and live on fucking fire and jonah was mean what the fuck was he going to do i'm with the fuck you going to do its climate answer the phone next time don't fuck with me you know next time that the fucker when i say that given a grandma coke and i'll pay on friday yield for and give it to be a right does that when it was it was simple shit like that right
just give me a hundred bucks an abrupt manner but ok then i rob you fuckin house should give it a hundred bucks you know i was lashing out at the fourth world number two the other issue i had is i lost a child i want to join i was not ready for a child at oh i love that little girl with all my heart but i was not ready for her at all my intentions were good but the result was not going to be well i was not right and because i lost a child and i'm in no contact with that job it makes me the better father that i am today this is never going to happen to me again do you understand me i see i see that we see
daughters of comics we've seen daughters of comics and sons of comics and that fucking lost you know i don't want my daughter to be fucking lost and that stupidity in that world do you know you have to be that job have to be their yeah you know you have to be that i'm trying to be there as much as i can be gauged you have to be engaged with your parents engaged as much assuring gave my mind but i don't want a different world yes it's a different world but my parents are very open minded with with my parents gave to me there was really important was day there like the most non judge mental non racist non homophobic people ever they don't judge about anything they were hippies you know when my mom met my stepped out he had crazy long hair and had it like or all too i was like almost in high school when i was so happy when you cut it
people are like back then dude grew the hair long they were hippies like legit hippies but because that i was raised around like no racism no homophobic we have no homophobic thoughts in our house we need that never came up we lived in san francisco tom i was seven until i was eleven we live on a serious gate the one thing that did stormy though once i was walking with my stepdad some dude whistled item do as i pray queer i the dudes were gay but there's a thing about when a dude is hidden on your straight stepdad me like oh my good this is ridiculous like guys growth makes you realize does
never really make you realize what it was like to be a check on that same exact sag europe completely deaf that my home not in my home but the surrounding one hour walk down a comment on mr dean and will go speaker away you gone to vienna guys there was a kid i to talked about for facebook his name was we have then this he's dominican joe he's dominican he's dominican didn't give a fuck accordingly constantly llewelyn regular either the guy's he's dominican did they gave a fuck getting give a fuck i didn't give a fossil funny you're getting give a fuck we're just different then the different world we'll talk about right i don't know i was a kid that is today gay i still talk he's my brother as a matter of fact he's one of my brothers i gotta be honest
he was in miami's got hiv with listen we didn't know he was gay when he was twelve the sun wrongly but miss those used to calm he was lightened slippers lithuania germany's why this lepus yellow and you haven't to sit there and take it it was whatever should be ok phil jimmy lightness slippers everybody should just let him be i'd be you and i would ask you when he had a dog named tramp that when the burying his dog ever like he lived outside tramp skin like when you pet the fuckin thing was that hardest it was like like those brushes use grub environmental brush my he lived outside trampling followed him everywhere with beautiful lab tramp dogs no you very lucky because i don't
and i would ask that you a global environment standing with you in my man here we see a trance gender person cross the street you ate with a poor shape it is as simple as others that judgment that's a judgment but it was more of a sense of humor before we look at the picture of archie bunker i understood it because he they knew what he was coming from he was saying nothing militias it was a world where he came from right end the idea was that he was reluctantly open to occur usually taken new information the lisbon targets and i regard set of home fuckin look another window pekin weymouth to fuck him to get me to as thousand minute men at home wainwright navigate me fuck him to every day and new guy get called out the sunlight that what's this
it would be like five years nobody will be able even ass were fucking piece obviously i let me real stab in the material backlash i think gonna come a time and in and don't think it's going to be within ten years where work gonna be able to read each other's minds i think we're gonna be able to communicate in a different way and i think it's step one into some sort of a technological world where we all red each other's minds we can connect to gather in some almost like telepathic web way that we use this is obviously just an idea but i think that if technology continues to give us closer and closer access to people going to lose all boundaries between what a person is and you going to know everything about everyone's past and ever he's gonna know everything about yours and its
to be like some unlimited library of the mind you can you can travel through anyone's mind and red anyone's thoughts and a hundred years by and the technology gets better in a thousand years go by working to integrate we're going to figure away whether its in our grandchildren's lifetimes or their grandchildren lifetimes and i think that cultural shifts and things that are happening in the news and people waking up to things that they think are horrible and people trying to correct the the misdeeds the past all that is us wait up in the middle of our culture and trying to figure out what's right figure what's the healthy way to move forward figure balance this thing out slow down what are we doing but waiting as grown adults trying to figure out our system and there's some injustices those justice is have to be corrected or at least recognised we have to understand what's the difference between
normal male female interaction and what sexual harassment what when is it when someone doesn't want you to do it when does it become a crime and i won you don't want your dotted ever experienced that and i don't want anybody that's a woman to experience real sexual harassment stores fuckin thing we could probably ever happened you cause you can't do anything physically about it other than rape or bent in beaten up and murdered two creeping place to be it i've had guys hit on me before the other guy here don't you before you like housewife where is this girl i wasn't a thirteen around my dick i don't know what to do i ran out of the car will lose my four figures in the fuckin car i also acknowledged it never forget and again and i would go to these matters again i thought it was a joke to go to a fuckin born days on a sunday you little point sunday like with cc your you stupid finding on the bathroom and theirs is it going to get next to you in the store when you go pee looks at your dick and he smiles come on guys
nothin to allow lot of view have been out here first of all pay what bothers me about the current situation went off that this in place he has always been a fuckin haven for sexual harassment this fuckin neighbour down the glory hollywood is with sexual harassment got invest vented did you ever see young other stuff about fatty our buckle her piece of our value about but i don't need to know about fatty i know about it quickly marilyn monroe then they passed around till they killed and all but a game liberace we this does not get big fuckin clean yeah then said job for a fuckin cold and worse yet plastic surgery say looked like like you look like him that is one of the most intense things a person's ever made a person and then a terrorism are limited the mouth to mouth we welcome the elephant in the room were we hang out with no forget me fuckin however then of second victim lobbies the com is door while a dick
everyone down the fuckin com he's too i don't know how long harvey wise these but around but there's a song by the eagles and nineteen eighty it was released on the fuck along one there last out this call the king how he would on the way home put listen to the car you gonna cost sugar quota fuck him how he would you really are who the fuck where they talkin about perfume latest breaks brace down be a shame to see all that town go to waste what are you willing to sacrifice wouldn't maybe just nice are you gonna look at the shit come sit down here beside me honey let's have a little hide the heart let's fuckin lyrics to the sun king a hollywood nineteen eighty nobody knew now look at me and tell me darlin how badly do you want this part yeah what's was he put men in positions of power
hiring women like that that that crazy position of what you're trying to cast something got a hundred people that want it so bad near you know you're some be do some people i think that this will change their life i came to you right now it's a joe rogan your fucking delivering papers in boston and have two shows you have a podcast this when you got to do is lick my welcome both from a little to swap won t crook but i wanted to do eat away the disaster at the end like dice yeah thanks what would you do it highlights think i think almost so i get in how long do have this outcome for this it's gonna be over pretty clear this is a real change i worry label may do this do that right that's the king of hollywood is was
clark gable a gay man it was based on a book apparently all the stuff out but he what was he alleged to be a game in this now this migration is very but there was also a book released in hollywood in teen ninety seven or eight called you'll never work in this town and also those lyrics were about clark gable yeah oh i'm sorry i thought yes on the earlier but then there was a book lilies the ninety ninety seven or eight in this highly we called you never work in this town again and it was about a chick who scrapped or sexual relationships with a bunch of people in doubt as she had described fuck him down heavily the jump from the eagles together things and he would get hookers
come up to the house wouldn't even talk to me why them up turn around don't even look at me don't even make eye contact with mini understand me bend over so he would sit on the couch with robe on with his dick out snorting coke and they would all be furthermore fireplace breadth where'd you hear this decision is book ones never work in this town again physicists i said he would forgive every lives in this town again are you know how he would take the thing do a line a coke get up and walk up to one of them put no mere ass a little bit fuzzy pop twice and i'll be back of five minutes go sit down but his freedom alive and he would do that for eight hours just get up
but for five minutes and sit back then before he'd come so he would never back in that and he would just keeps them they keep behind on alive fuck you face a hutu fuck knows listen light they all through the harvey under a bus but these animals have been doing this system most chicago since he's less chicago is when i read that article about the cuban superman that they branda was sleeping with what they blatantly talked about an ironical was exactly what was seen today only behind closed doors that cuba had become able to sex will you go see if i can go get fucked up they pass through this week in mexico that a girl could give factors twelve years old you really need that rule really that's the rule you need in this area i would just kappa subject that you could beat at eight twelve years old is the act of mrs mask mexico's your age or something and you let the jam
over twenty five years old will you just can say why as a woman twelve years old that's insane that's insane scary in israel you fucking believe they're my god look at this the federal status at the age of twelve as the minimum age of consent while the age wish there are no restrictions for consensual sexual activities is eighteen sex with someone twelve too eighteen is not illegal per se but can still be opened process lucian under certain circumstances i believe is what is i mean so it's it's aged twelve the age of minimum age of consent but the age which there are no restrictions for consensual sex is eighteen so the idea is that sex between saunders twelve and eighteen it's not illegal but they might be able to lock you have a video some super creepy that is not many match of those cycle some person to just
we went after twelve that one is that the united states on mexico moscow that's why people would fly there is an actual you i typed in mexico but this is an article on wikipedia by age of consent north america where access is federal ourselves wait a minute that what i just read was about north america how is a real i just saw north america too that's why i asked of us states right i'm sorry not undo north american united states of america right north america canada to that is that it does not possible thing how was it is it really possible that twelve to be the age of consent anywhere what are you talking about that's crazy is eating right as the federal let's go you scared the shit out of me jamie lloyd directive we can here in amerika it's not yet yes this article is about north america age of consent and north america and there is states here where it slower than why there's a couple i believe it's fourteen
it is out of real change ok so twelve sovereignty the twelve are the ones that are in white which is that in mexico right ok there are spot and all the way up the coast right that's the mexican yeah that side but that that thing is twelve years old the age of two sat a bluish sixteen through that's a lot of states sixteen that's kind of crazy lot of fucking u s states how quick sixteen that's crazy fortunate central sees me was a central america as for fourteen to eighteen central america interesting that's that agents one thing is bananas go back to that little mapping employees that is weird to look at our there be way less of those sixteen look i'm a sixteenth there are and what are the darker
can you go all the way down so we can see the whole scale so seventeen is that and then wound taxes savareen is eighteen smells like florida after this less greens and there are blues morse the age of consent is sixteen this current is that possible this is not current it seems alaska sixteen too i assume that was our eighteen does have it was like eight either way it could be like seven six and have you never know that fucking that crazy place fucking crazy place that's where why people go to so like pay i just found out about it there was a time you gonna amended by bills old countersign go pain doctors pay me
occasionally i just read the shit recently that that that while got abolished some that's why we people left learn their people when a flawed in droves just ruth paine doctors in droves i don't know about this shit here while there is a great deal commissioner that we ve talked about many times called the oxy cotton express and they sort of documented that whole wrote from ohio kentucky and all the way down through george all the people it would go into florida just to get pain pills to do is get into florida and you get a doctor and say hurt you back and they would have a pharmacy right next to the doctors office and all the pharmacy had his pain pills so you go there you tell the doktor the doctors is great here here some fuckin serious hard core drugs that can kill you don't more these he'll die there super powerful opiates but since i wrote the road it on this piece of paper
go buy it so you go next door and you're buying your bind the hardest of hard core you're buying hillbilly heroin you buy an ox cart you go deep not never done that shitt i did morphine when i got my knee operated on the give me the pump thing and get press it and press it and press any want to get more morphine no idea what article feels like put them morphine felt wonderful actually kind of did not feel good was a feeling i one time that was not for me as i had almost like it he arrived tiny everybody lives definition either i like blow bridling met winner wooded what it actually do feel leg was it not good i took a little tiny piece like i'm always a fan of something that might put me to sleep i don't reveal like this could put you to sleep you know what i'll give it a fucking shot i like sleeping you try to go to sleep on oxycontin
do you my pass out who gave me a sixteen that was there was nothing there was nothing that i popped it and i just felt like my blood pressure drops like i couldn't even do anything so i went to sleep when i just never to take that shit again this certain should have taken that i just knew that i was never going to that just wasn't going to work for me damn you don't heroin has done effective for a little while i can takes you somewhere and if you don't put the brakes on his shit and your gun on that we were not describe it but i don't like that feeling cocaine feeling you like in the beginning then where it goes if you don't like it i gets worse and worse and worse before that time you're addicted to it and i'm saying meth i never understood that shit what day is that that just seems and you will be up to fucking days thinking you die let me go lay down i can't sleep on sweat north my those sweat so
pills i've always had the how i can fuck sleeping pills santa claus this map he added to dangerous rent i could take the anxiety medication that'll help me sometimes our pop a few allows what do i get stuck there like as a pan but like one point five of them do not the nobody point five the data alec find that we let's go to sleep we did i don't do deck you ever see me at night slogan way early phase the initial effect was in the daytime does we like i like them why do i because that's the one that gets the whole that's the one that lets me email text we dig think that that that that that all my man o clock all by nine o clock getting nowhere yeah so farmer but call the six
the coffee i'm about to computer feed the cat at all pablo it she is people pablo it that's no bueno kobori yet was pablo it open your eyes and bed role of and take a joint and smoke it that's not when you let your body wake up that now bueno that's the quickest way was that fuckin thing let me take another blunt that fuckin gino from speed we'd there's some fuckin jamie pick this one we want this is a dead gino any worries us airlines what to carve out a blunt certain is that we are all polly woods yeah dedicated blood you wake up and poor the power bed people have died running your this man ok but
wake up and give you a body some chance to like i remember smoking cigarettes in the morning you don't know what what damage is to your body until you wake up in the morning take six steps down to pull a cigarette out whited there is no worse damage a human being could do that body forget heroin forget even if you have a car those forgetting burger king whopper get up six in the morning give yourself three minutes my the cigarette your body does not recover from that don't know how bad is do you stop doing it damage so i'd look at it the same they were reef i met my body wake up alone but had a drink let the bodies heat glass of water when ice let my bodies he wake up get the stomach gawain drink a little coffee and
bang ass a reef lahti it's a different day you like to work on the morning to write m55 i can't comprehensive data collection but i gave a magna railways six in the morning was the tax happened before what did i yet how come i don't know i didn't write a book would check it out was haunted tax before for control so you don't want to be yeah i know you don't want joey diaz on in your side control at six in the morning either i'm good at nine to kickbox ten the kickbox eleven thousand one hundred and twenty two you two eyes behaviour awake everything up that's the whole deal heart attacks are more common in the morning says fox news five too six times more likely to occur in the morning hours between one and five a m and studies have shown that morning heart attacks tend to be more severe than those it
and later in the day to long or too short of an interval can result in abnormal heart rhythms called arrhythmia as a matter of fact atta step given mama stab in the mornings devoid of a higher taxes because i was my more i love monitoring pussy in close or wake him up both jealously just catch you kick mom with that leg in the morning and i'm saying you were going to your little wife at top of the morning she pops her head up and then maybe they already know that they pay they dry the monkey good they come back naked you eat that fuckin monkey and then you start giving them a stab em like a soldier and that stabbing dog i would have to get up and start breather heavy and i thought about that that fucking gangs that was telling her testify that time in court and he bent over the baton shoes and he had a heart attack and the guy in the blue wanna fuck in jail and we'll talk about that too in a second but we would cover them an attack i take a baby aspen before i go
some from gm see they get me gone a little bit in the mornings i still take my on protein bad i lit by but i do take a substitute for i know that i do drink something while i'm at the gym to call me down little bit what do you drink something from gnc i like dancing i don't know name you don't know names i just names performance levels we publish room tat again on pop twoshoes tax pop one and i started with a half a capsule because i was finding my heart was beaten too much less to take a yellow what's the ticket interesting you don't listen the god gives you a certain amount of tax to the heart i did coke that that that fucked up the whole clock that at that that the speedometer you get sanding you die i got sand and the doubts i have further disburden listen speedometer got a strengthened that strengthens it but this the shit you could do without thanking like a marathon is something i watched my fingers
no none this i got i get a thing my ass much ass i could from the doktor i use i only use insurance dollars i can lower friday for a blood test wide joint cause i'm in the moat yes which had the mother a couple months beyonce i ain't got to switch it out my keith richards he still alive cuz he switched it out looking women on diet heart attacks white that they bleed every month what are you only assholes that don't take them over tomorrow you today you like a fuckin booked i'm just when anybody ok with lacks the reason i ask you to join your conversation smoke so much we re getting paranoid that's why you would take you have five months after it has been the second down get deeper and deeper goods motto is not nothing the matter before the delay is no great to see you re usability what's going on i will you normal shit don't worry i'll stand ass night now i'm coming tonight
gonna tonight biogas bond tonight i'm have been taken a few days after the netflix yeah nice reform love again with it i wanted to to get to take time off it's really weird how you live and you learn and you still forfeit dumb shit you know the only person i shall listen to when it comes to commie issue see you enough level taught you enough about i gotta get out more planes with you because my try i watched a job away any special my phone while his joke riding and stuff was very funny guy re eyes to really nice guy fucking great fuckin special you know but every once in a while i'm sorry i'm saying this word i always think i get the white moment and i'm on a white comics the reason why you like me in the people like miss because you don't know what's gonna come out of my mouth i become a writer detriment the comedian normal my government mr ryan stupefaction jokes and you laugh at him jointly as normal
that's not when joe it is supposed to do i know you are supposed to do but this shit the tap and now scared the shit out of me so now i gotta go up there you paid twenty five bucks to see me i got a lot thing can leave my soul up there take that should seriously now but on five degen luba too seriously this shit you see now in what way the people coming to the shows people coming to the shows to see you them and they want to do you see do well so i got it with this plan material that i work on high that i believe in that bullshit finally i want to go up dan i just fuckin yellin screaming go off the coffin go crazy in my eyeballs turn red but now i want to be john fuck em alain because he makes me fucked laugh these what in your mind to chew comic yeah everybody's you throw away do it now that's why i realize i'm going back to being a fuckin lunatic i'm gone back to midnight spots we can go back the midnight spot
i'm going back to carry kali gotta go back there yeah i got back to those bob only spots another late what are the only ones that keep you if you going to play it if you listen for me to be in uniform that's the only way i could do it at ten following you value phenomena we gotta back then late like we used to go on for i was asleep but two or three weeks then you have me open buy me a fuckin pink that sandwich link in the old days while you like to ten fifteen spot is put their police cars they put me in that position i'm sick fuck em been that fucking job mulvaney position on my job millennium opening night but you there to see me because something's going to come out of my mouth that's going to be funny but nothing funny coming out of my fucking mouth i love you but you're that's just crazy talk
what you do is your way of doing it it's great at ten it's great it ain't you could do at three in the afternoon showed the amazed they stared at me distortions ass they sat near there i'm gone back the midnight they die i'm takin the kennison spots again three nights a week second hand let them when i get home at one stamped with thirty two you'll do the late yet you know why man the reason why do this early shit is because i'm trying to be normal i read that book you podcast like i said ray mackay though unlike this hold our second so you're gonna close out the store and do like an hour longer no fifteen twelve the twelve fifteen magazine i d like to don bear situation out there listen joy at least for the most was earlier i'm just saying you got you can if you close now the shell right you can go law i don't wanna closer to show one of them will not only be i am sceptical about at night so it's not
you were saying you want to do the kennison spun that's midnight by midnight by what he would do that spot i thought was the last guy i was does that mean that's what they say about brody way does the kennison spot in order not to lose the midnight one let's go the poor molly spot ok what's this one or two a late night spot yeah yeah i think i will do a lot better i don't have to go down where delays will be out for sure yeah yeah ready for me the it's time for me to be a lot more fuckin degenerate i shall say that fellow degenerate yeah i'm a foot in the mornin nobly say what do i say warm is at twelve o clock the planned for one in the morning twelve three the closer you get another one now twelve will be realistic twelve ten
there may be a professionals distorting hurry professional dr profession he has no more from people communism bumping you well that still happens a little bit but not to mind would start to its outrage on no one jump sign does an hour and a half the all days miss i mistake twelve o clock thought of mine the two processes well for me in the old days was i swear to god shall they ve already heard everything the eighth day if i they really want to hear these dumb three jobs in my pocket i have to think of it and it taught me how to write really good what are you it is changed recently like the one of the things a lot of people than sand with especially me too movements of people are more cautious about saint controversial jokes now do you feel that feel like energy in the air be indifferent do you feel like i know you won't get mad at me
feel the energy different because what g it don't apply to me don't apply to me doesn't apply to me and it's never going to apply them i understand me shooting especially in network you don't want me to use words this point and i get that this is a business rises business and i got miles defeat but what but the calmly store when i'm at the improper but i'm at the last factory well i'm a flap rose when i met the ha when i met new york gotham you gotta let fly let a fly out ok i'm sorry not just so you know now be sorry you knows it's just so you know you don't i put on yesterday which i guess what i put on the studio yesterday this is it this is it because it's time for what they have no more
that takes a lot more i put out an album and again i'm very sorry if i have found somebody i name it is he did so take you fuckin problem up what in neighbouring amber's biased ten on by june which apply i put it to twice led edible and cry i got the fuckin i've got the the aeroscope listening to richard ok i got it yeah ok i listened to lenny bruce life and carnegie hall in the last couple weeks although in the last time you listen tat because we can't because of are weak i like you and i can definitely thy jamie indefinitely we and the thirty care because the young coffee lowered it is hustler culture references how slow it is but it's a lesson i listened to that and i'm going home guess almost into tonight were abstained in tonight to listen to one when he meets the wine on meat dracula
see that is its up my said or the niggers crazy walter those outcomes masterpieces and that how he wanted us to do it here was how we have to do it yeah he didn't give a fuck what the fuck was said if a company wants to pay you hbo with cbs and joey can we talk to you in the corner we can't have that junk because we got a complaint about that i'm an adult i can't sell listen bill hickses dead now if you're feel too good myself okay alright right let's cut fuckin shit ok we do this for profit and then a fuckin they were feed not families are right so but is also a way you do it and this is also why i apologize away you do it from profit you know when i watch the richer prior thing and i know he went through a hollywood bowl and they would do anything for gaze anyone uptown went against a gaze i got it suck my would do i don't know i don't know but it
who was supposed to be in a way as a comedian was supposed be the social column of society in a way in some way so now you wanna take that away from me how take the away i can't say i grew up on the wall retorted rob on the word faggot i grew in a word i grab a lot of words of people's unacceptably and i'm very sorry that you don't accept them but it too late for me to change my game right now i'll try my heart i try my honest i'm still going they try me from time to time i know defence but you're a comic listen and the first seven minutes any news is about what's goin on the world and next time minutes is bad i never talk about power those among the top off on the felon saudi above
pod daylight both there's just things i'm not gonna talk about kicking and abortion child member for a long time every comic was our children are born free that that's not my style what did talk talk you know for the border yeah yeah you gotta kindly shows and there's always that's right acknowledges shocked that wants to be shocking that money to be shot camp i m here to tell you how i see you wanna hear how i see it this is how i see thank you i have found you two before the beginning of the show i said some very offensive in today's text and my reality was really will firecrackers you buy from china do doubting china glass eye racist because its racist in today's society it really is a factual chinese people out if i were removed other years there's weird ones that we all let fly like black due to big decks no one's complain about that giving a that you soon black to it as a big deal
today many combines probably to look into now that might be like maybe on the first one is called out on it that's races to think that black due to a big dicks is it is a bit of its positive is that part like a positive attribute racist i give you said age people are better at math people say that's racist how racist if there really good at something like if they have more talent or skill or more accomplishments hasn't resist this is the ratio of its good right like jews accept it if you to tell our that more european jews one nobel science prizes is there of course which more court is it is a racist to talk about how many jews or so fuckin smart but why is that why does a goddamn smart you can think about how many german and am european jews well fuck ends there geniuses that's it it's a crazy trend i would happen with a columns trot explained to me once
values their education and experiences and what led to go the numbers of european jews that of one nobel science prizes its car like its opening guineas from new jersey zero zero guineas from new jersey when in size but none of our relatives women science progress on a separate couple weeks ago it was hard to look how is it what did we already in june is there who won the nobel science prize try that i don't know i don't even with these numbers i'm talkin on mass i know that it's definitely heard it talks disgust a giant number we do know that joy didn't tell me let me know what body i need to be fourth of july baby this is our our countries birthday is a tie that we should cherish think i wish
the national anthem maybe later we got to be opened the latter will have on this more than my my ass i love a fucking love it so was your experience doing you netflix special era there was great netflix i take my adds autumn everything was great it was my fuck up it was my fuck up i let it get into my head too much i listen to too many people when i forgot the number one thing to be funny to be so does it matter becoming each other you fell to first of all i think was a disaster the second one i redeem myself a little bit will put some together saves under saddam work and really i now go back my oh my stand up again it's hard when you know you can only have two shows to show this terrible bush more no more
listen this has never do may amistad upcoming that's why i sign up for will i got left fifty five after don't stand another ten years maybe i started i assure me that that is what we get started it's time we have to we got doors when do you think about do you think about ever stop into a stand up thy do occasionally i think about it and then i take a flight back with dice from new york and i look at dice right before i approached him i sit and i look at him from ten feet away for ten i think to myself is this what i want to be doing at that age and i think about what would we be doing but would be doing you really want to be around your wife and your daughters every fucking weekend very fucking wake you already used to leave in one weekend at least a month already used to it there's going to be a casino
i'm just going to pay you once a month to leave the house with two that if you would you be happy with your act if you want to going out once a month like if we're doin up in practice and go about once a month can be awful put don't say this i'm saying you still hosting the pizza place on wednesday night flights and yet still pretend i moved to fucking columbus ohio ok ok de clumsily ohio miss ohio and you work too funny multi year right and you do you're little pizza open mike somewhere down the commission a couple nights a week they look he was the old guy they all came up looking the com watching you you know they listen to my starving calumny i started the guy's name was george mc ensured mckelvey was a really special guy jojo because he had been on the tonight show with george with the whatever as a comic as a stand up and that's fuckin epitome for one of us whether he became
your prior or not he was on what's a name come on fuckin help i've knowing that tonight shop johnny carson let me close did stand up and jolly put him on the couch you know the debate georgian recovery was the real deal when george was seventy i'll never eddie call everyone that he's ok what he don't get i'm sending us drive the colorado springs and get onstage open up i can get on that states does a famous manager that was at that at the club with the time would let you go on stage unless she took them i'll be class with thirty five bucks those scandalised egos fatah al wave it show it to me and stage this all guy like me that old guy had no career basically he did the local places he home to clubs and he worked the couple clubs and higher still he died on the
go to whatever my point being that he helped me a lot as an old guy like i looked at them and i first my first opinion to him recently sold lose another wasn't no losing you have been doing it for thirty is he committed to this and no matter what his turnout was or whatever he was still a he died a comic my between isn't until he died i am lost contact what george ground down on the road why don't we start out on a diet around i know you don't know what i can for years i thought i wouldn't be doing this fifty guess what i'm fifty five and i don't want you not just doing this what's important you still latin swing you still have fun doing a lot of crazy shit that get you in a lot of trouble today that's what i brought up with we're talkin about the you know and are quotes me to era people going after people today for good or for bad and
two still have a wild controversial act in this politically what are you will hold our second what is what are we going to have to meet to people for for me taken in the back grabbing you tell you grabbing you push you for you suck my dick for a movie role or for sunlight that's all strange really don't his ex my life right i have wife and i have a chop suddenly this umbrella if you want to come at me for suck my they can make in two thousand and two we would doubt both to blog gonna be my guest be my guest but i want to see footage be z i'm sorry and take it and just in them saying there's a lot of people then i'm gonna get me to look at the other guy for years he was known as heroin attic navigate exclusive of sexual misconduct chick said she molested away was eleven years old and nice you need that you need that and the checks on drugs you do in a press conference while she's on drugs what's his name rather the one the guy that way and heat that the narrow put him into rehab himself
and then he married haughty flies for a while who was well how do you like tom we're that guy's been a junkie for two thousand years all of a sudden i can't remember last sizemore size oversized some girl comes up with twenty six which in your humility to me on the movie set when i was eleven that's great and dandy dog carolyn somebody's live now but did what are you think is happen and this is my question like why are why are people accepting these these situations like the chris hardwicke situation or wise nobody i instantly thinking that the guy's guilty no one giving him a child benefit of doubt no nor no just this court there's no nothing and in sums some cases like the worst case was garrison killer garrison killers the host of the lake woebegone chronicles like this yo show on pbs i think it is that what it is he
apparently hug the woman in his hand went down her back this is this is the depiction and he apologized to her and he sent her an email she said don't worry about it's no big deal was nothing and then they continued i believe de correspond and we're friends again and then this all this stuff start happening with alpha again and then he had this complaint brought up by this woman she re introduced and so that a long time ago put his hand on my back and the council to show they took his name off of it and they did it like really cool and it's one of those things worried scope ok really like the guy one moment in time touches we back i don't know if it was creep you're not let's assume it was a tough will error and it was creepy i don't think it was i dont know i'm not saying i know but that's it just someone's back and that is a hysterical reaction that is
stereo it's almost a definition of hysteria units argument a person does not a personal touch someone's back like we gotta be real careful with what you destroy a person's whole life with so another one side you have the worst case scenario which is like a bill cosby whose drugging people and raping people the worst case scenario for these powerful elite type people that are getting these women into their web and proud we wisely on right he's another one stay wall in on it and everybody nobody is they know about and written into his contract was a sexual harassment clauses were in his contract right was now it was known for years shovel collects and i we read harvey under bothered me by harvey they would more about what we are indeed every map it's a lot of people that has been debated in this is one of battles might very well my feeling right now there's been a really should be a rico act
this is a legal act agents manages oprah because everybody move everybody knew question how much you know nervous and everybody knew in two thousand five everybody knew jody as was a concrete does a different it's a state but pretend but the same thing ok but little georgia is a copy it thousand seven jody has come your body out there to sell missing ok me oh miss though do you think that its ass a ball daddy his hey view was shielded from some of the people that he interacted with like hillary clinton or open or bill clinton or whoever that was a day some high profile people that he interacted with is it possible they didn't know is it possible digitally was a pussy hound or do you think they all they know he was a pussy hound and they heard little chile chatter but it's ok it's a charter
just let em gentlemen that's not a that's crazy number two jamie you ready for this jesus ok see joe whatever not now only five years ago i see joe and the first thing i did i was just before you re not for your taste i was s story let me mention henderson's choke about a joke that somebody said the store no other place i went to internship took me in the back and suck my dick under the car and then she stick a finger in my ass and that's what we talked about so if that's what we talked about you going to look me in the fucking face like a man that you are in the men that you've been around and told me harvey weinstein never turned the bride or is all the bodies in merced
i'll tell you a story about that dirty fuck it down for sure ok that's for sure nineveh though is that as i see that that been admitted i think they ve had conversations oh my god if you don't like the whig better half lake in the other guy i'm not offend the now but i'm just young boys would boys ryan i guess what you all say the jamie you'll see them maybe you want you want blind date none what is a movie boy this who is lighter crackers there's a movie name blind date were bruce will as always remember that move and combats injure how larry is combating you steal to show where she walks in the japanese nation like you know you're entitled to fifty four none of your husband's assets in california the chinese women kept saying minos speak english me those big english was a failure in tat fifty percent ass she opened the door fifty percent fifty percent that movies a great war but this soon appear that movie volcanoes
this around where the guy what was actually goes you're not gonna believe will have less bruce because goes here we go up one of these fuckin sex stories again and it goes on its body was i have for dinner i walk out some lady pulls up a little and i say i'm never bill immoral she goes we'll get in whew riding down sunset times in the summer text me know she's sucking my dick she's got leotard harassed he's telling the story and brutal is this only those now now why does this always happened to you this is some other bullshitting authenticated and it goes in his pocket says weapon i'll polaroids i always one of those guys in my life of gold we all known one guy life isn't everything that guy in one harvey right now believes that i know that but
i believe that harvey weinstein was with time do probably because it listen for everybody who told them what they tell him that he was holding people down what are they usually was eternities rape and pieces of peace now not at all do you think that he didn't yeah she's a piece ass she's a piece ass you ve got to see suck my dick right she'll do anything she's an animal without we do his men were braggadocio so doing it was like a community of that were actors and actresses i think he had four or five guys that knew what he was doing i want you to remember being twenty seven and having for you boys that would come back every monday will a different story karate school yeah aid or ass a factor fire is whatever the fact is that you do he told somebody somebody nor about all these stories some agents knew somebody because for
for the hundreds of that said no and whatever the hell between five year plan of percentages well that they found a lot of able at yes they blame that one girl there that one girl did rounders they accused her yet her that played met dames girlfriend she was she went from being an extra and fucking funny brass club the bay the guest star opposite fuck him if you want to dolly rascal she's what's his name sunny blacks girlfriend may lie she has let movie zero zero smartphone later she's a fucking gas opposite so yes i said yeah you but you fought the girl for doing that over girl decides to jog wrongly wants to build on our own free will we come here with a tree and this two ways to enhance their dream
i always knew that i wasn't gonna look i always knew i was fat is now is our main high to listen to but i always knew that i always find it i always worked on being funny i didn't think somebody was let me said dick or eat pussy there be a star so that was never in my mind but think about people who are people have you met with cell there so tat i may people have come and gone and funny the reason why our friendship is stolen tat it because you know i'm on work you know i reside work you respect hard work i may times we pull me aside in said louis fucking clown in china be judgment aegis another these bomb a woman assemblies eyes we know who's talking atop between old walk and what we see on stage we hear about it the only twitter facebook
you're about we get to that club the club photovoltaic joan joy was it the wasted years fall asleep on stage in its shit right so it's the same day dream yeah i think so i think gum i think what's one as things stand it's good for that it's it's an exercise you doing why you live in your life and the better stanhope gets usually a better indication that you're thinking better like your your life's more in order you more tuned in you know you're doing stuff that's hitting harder because you've got better points you know how to edit it better and usually that that you can use that i think like embassy member that moving more better blues i love that movie made things i loved about a movie i got inspired to work on my act after them when we also think about how much musicians practice he was just always practice and in these girls is hot girls want
and you are now i gotta practice practice those like damn the discipline crazy disappointed that man has to play that trumpet in practice it over and over again and it made me really think as a comic we don't work like that we don't have to rehearse all day are we really rehearse at all but musicians like a really good musician mean they're always work and there was try and in training and working on their craft and we do it on stage in front of people probably more than a lot of musicians doing with her you know costly regular touring but its we don't we don't have that kind of the work ethic attached to what we deal if you wanna play a phenomenal trumpet those guys birth control and the way they can blow those horns man they practice all the time they put in hours and hours working on that and i was thinking about like that's a different kind of craft to different gonna craft the debility way musician musical instrument the thing about stand up that becomes a prob sometimes that it's kind of you can cut
and of pull it off and you can do it really now or you can kind of pull it off into kind of pull it out you don't need a whole lot effort you need a few good son jackson a few good ways of expressing at but to get that we can kind of pull it off and turn it into a bit smashes a bit that you put in the uk wait to get that punch line cuz can be a nuclear bomb that's where the real work comes and i think or a lot of us it's the difference between how much energy put towards anything but it's you stand com your painting or one of the fuck you do how much you put twas you're writing how much energy to put towards thinking about it the more you can do the better it's gonna be that's as a fundamental thing that nobody ever tells you people tell you should write but not just that you should write it also listened to your shit you should also perform but the whole key to it all is just applying different kinds of focus towards your act and if you look like a move movie like mo blues like he's doing it better
plan that fuckin trumpet you realize like disguise like lost in the act of practising this beetle for musical instrument and this is his craft and he takes pride and be an excellent is craft you just hang around all day still probably blowin awesome tuna but now you fuckin practices and i remember thinking about that goddamn that's probably something it's miss from the lives of most stand up and i should probably try to think about that more with my own life i love the writing and i love the performing i hate the listening yeah that's a hard power louis this is a very rough from me and i listen i forced myself in before the special i forced myself to listen a lot and it made me two fuckin over critical in got me to over fucking critical
a week before i take i also went to places that i didn't put my name on the gazebo just to see how my jokes were doing from the regular people and that fucked with my head a little bit i'm in a lot of couple of little mistakes and training camp but that's a training camp the word yes now agree must have been doing for twenty seven years i doing it i get better every fuckin here my breathing i get something better going up onstage coffins levels and dug its twenty seven fucking is gonna be doin authority this next month is on me fucking years did you ever see yourself doing for thirty years i still remember walking into the main room and mitya was a her booth and paul with states lies in that room apart apart she she me
only she goes even knowing tom if a tiny years that follows i tat i mean don't calmly for eleven i still another twenty seven crazy and it's like you watch people why georgia will fuck you up f relentless without even breathe and every child joggled there you'll be in you'll get that fucking hell you think you got him in the fucking gilad theme next thing you know you're on your back looking up we arm in that china would doing right now i feel myself when i see a guy with a quarrel about that i'm right that's the level now that were i can control a lot of shit joe what are your secrets was following me was putting yourself and bad position which
individuals like the biggest ghana roaming away you busy right now did i tell me at all those tat are you on the road which made the black what the fuck is wrong get on top of me just joking who taken me on the road is long somebody's gonna hate commit physical while you wait three honey i weigh one forty get on top of me a mouth on one hand the no side there start right then start right falcon but all the but only if you think about it that way see this is what was important about this one things deported about travelin with all really funny people did it all becomes a negative when you think about it as a negative one someone's funny you should be i think and enjoying it and it makes your time more enjoyable when you go on stage yes it does i needed or learn that the way i learned that one of the ways we go on the road you
i knew that you were gonna crush and so that everybody else would like to take you know we're both right lively young and our comedy careers back then right so like we're talking about i've been call me maybe nine years or eight years you were a lot wiser about the game like you introduced me to shit that i've never even like i read a few books and watched a few tapes but you had the practical knowledge that i needed like you will devote text well what i did as i thought about the same way i thought about martial arts that's one of them that's why i wanted to go on the road with you all the time i was like you don't get better or sparring people that suck you get better he spar with wizard you got to be real careful when you spawn with wizards and so it's like what i would need to do is have someone goes on stage in front of me and just crushes we had some i had some tough set after my one time in rascals rascals in western europe
it was in west horns or east orange west west orange new jersey fucking great club but you went up in you got into it with people in the audience about something you which is on fire just on fuck you you cry and i had a real hard time going on after you and i remember thinking ok this is a very important lesson like this is important something that i'm not doing right that he is doing right what am i a hog mom not nervous i'm nervous goin on after some that having fun up there so he's having fun and i'll be intense when all jesus better not suck some put in my head this better not sockets to total wrong way to a proactive approach to fight like that man i get smashed most likely you want to approach a fight thinking about the things you're going to do not the things that you want to like worrying what can happen if you get hit you don't think like that you just think about doing your thing and then adjusting along the way and i the wrong mindset and i need
to see someone kill a bunch of times in front of me and then bomb go after them to realize it something's wrong here the wrong thing and i'm goin on stage tents because some was funny that's ridiculous like i should be the opposite i should be happy that some else because i love comedy and this is what i to do i mean i want to watch it if i'm not doing it so why am i so tense it's just a bad way of approaching a problem and i think this is one of the things that fucks people up in life you approach a promise same way every time and you never stop just completely look at the whole thing from the top down look at the whole thing go what what am i trying to do here trying to get tighter and funnier and better what are we going to do a lot of sets are gonna write and i gotta work with murderers those the key like working with guys like you and all of us working together and also people knew of they came to see us i cases just gonna be joe goes
and he's the hero the show new going to get re who's going to go on in murder you're going to go on and murder and then i'm going to go up and it's a fucking come soccer robots show we add we went on the road do we did cup college i mean i'm clubs or other across the country we did i mean knows how many fuckin cities you and i and already toward fuckin crazy numbers just over and over again banding together hun this shows together figuring out how to fuckin get everything perfect together amount of we d smoke before you're goin stage the right amount of getting joey ideas riled up come and yelling about sound then are here i want you to see something to go into the bathroom they'd be a shit it looks like a crocodile trying to crawl out of the toilet bore all that stuff that's rock and roll comedy man it help both of us both of us a lot and it also exists a tone but i think for a lot of us like you should be with
funny people should all everybody should try hard should not like think that anybody doing good is bad for you it's great it's great for you it's great for everybody that everybody's like doing good together is better for everybody when i go on the road now i go on the road i'm a little joe rogan principles like that's my whole row thing the only thing i added to the only jeet kune do i add it to it as my travel i'm in and out fast i don't fuck around yeah go right over there is no radio necessary i play just like you now we saw another i'll try because they have relationships with local radio stations ellie you know casey w i want to get in the cool i going because you want to talk to the people on the way up the giant i shall write down there's lots of people out were there for me when i wasn't yesterday station the problem the waken up in the morning but what are we to assist kills it just goes we gotta get in their day earlier because of you
you friday morning you gotta get in their thursday you can't you show a friday three can have no i can't do it i fly out thursday fuckin succeed that's the best you got out rat the family and i gotta be we allow the shit it's not like i used to be met itself but the thing there i love about like this time is it even though people supersensitive like we're talking about people wrote real sensitive about get in trouble for stuff there still run come saddam robots comedy going on it's still wild out there i do deeds are still doing crazy fuck and jokes it's it's fun people taken real chances doing real stand up when it does a lot of on this bill bur does you mean go down are you are you doing to real stand up you know there's a bunch of real dollars now santino he's doing dangerous stand up shit i'm right now right from my that's it like the raised the point left
the story i told you a being on top of a hill at seventeen and being homeless it because i had a lotta chances to ice myself chop a lot i am chances dies myself i could get my fuckin prison and dignity get mad on bail when i got out on bail out a lot of fuckin doubt my friend then you get madame bail no one knew them look at forty eight fucking he is arrow fuckin loser as it is thinking of all those opportunities i used to break it to a friend's house to sleep in his house at night i slept in a rocket ship for a month outside of the park in floral park and see those rocket ships in your kids play on i still want to go up to the third floor of the rocket ship finishing off my coke and jerking off on the third floor at five in the outside in a fucking park with leaves around mean shit there was a lot of times i had i want a visual
some may have no idea how i got a third floor with a bottle of welcome mariner silver vodka a bag who did sweatshirt gloves with a missing thing so i could fuckin touched around put them in my nose and shit you know what no no no no that's all funny that's what a funny on the way up the stairs and shit but when you're when you come down and you're in that rocket ship is five in the morning and it's twenty five thirty two below zero you ve taken to yourself i god took away my mother god did this this is all godfather because as did the same god lie was raised believed that was going help me is doing all this a lot of time on the second do us one dive but i didn't you know itself we and i was most position for a long time yet
i look at you and go to jesus like a blight times nano tina turner some kill himself yesterday it was son though i thought it was ike's on with you know this trend of welcome people i seen themselves that scares me actions is this some were written this is something that we get weak on in other words blue drugs and what dane systems and we can't land fucking prescription drugs values on one medication some sort of medication and they if something those prescribed form someone told me that it was malaria medication are no problem they release that but i'm sure yeah to take that's dungeon times but you don't know what it was that did a man doesn't into some people who really wasn't doing well you know i don't know anything mean it's almost unnecessary to get from me to get the full story i miss the guys gone that's it you know i mean i don't need to i think
whenever whenever someone doesn't like that whatever it is it's there's one thing that people could point to say hey there's a chemical that responsible for this with is a gene pool i was responsible for this or that like how did someone who's love so much want to step out i mean that must be a terrible moment pay dollar by underwater drew it i had them velma computer listen amusing on you too in your right right and they just keep playing songs you don't you i'm no control i started with leonards canada simple man rank go another one it's gonna trip and why i came back at one point blow up the outside world and i'm sitting there and he says that about going out of something to welcome my lip started shaken like mike i know this guy and i miss him sky you look
people don t i know i met cry magritte i don't know i don't know i never saw one i met the common law six feet away from me chris coronel that's it and i started cry like how somebody let this go in a room and just ice themselves is what i'm gonna going to do because i'm in this fuckin entertainment feel because what what happens i think about all these times one time i broke into my friends house and i in the window was freezes i could he was sleeping room adequately been hallway and there was a mattress on the war had like pistons from while the kids and i pulled down i slept on and when i woke up he had a dog and when it was too ill to quality just let the dog shit downstairs and there was a twenty pieces little rolled up shit that had been in i wonder just goes out of a major role
one of those things that uses it come organ auditors courtier accordion it was like a piece of shit shrinks courtier when the moisture goes out of it really does serve you take a shit does this big riot and you put in a box come back a week later it's his big how do i know that of ignorance or guy prison to question the welfare box when time it allowed these boxes a cheese with its this comes at american cheese gas this dude had long hair will always try to play me like he was with the bikers dues he's going to take a box farm but he played he where he lived in a keyboard them a catch he forgot i ran the cage and it was all me in black do it so one day our welfare cheese boxes and i took like twenty to twenty four in it was like a lizard along
given that at the end like one of those things that snail that's a long brown snakes i fitted perfectly into this cheese box and i took a flag of american flag like the cheese i pull on and i put it this draw every night and he had the first bunk the way out here to everybody had a walk in the black guy rob had dongle god damn it smells like shit this motherfucker and he say i know it does i don't know israel's i showed me i'd have to like a month when they were not draw we kept saying man smells like shit dead he one of those drawer opened it up and he found this box he opened it up no forget him knocked about my uncle john how to find out who did this to me like what what they duty and he goes look at this one is it my newly shit but it had shrunk and down from the twenty four inches till i get six inches recently just shrunk now when all the boys you got that
it just shrunk down like a flock and no tell you a story very story it's fuckin crazy it's a long story have fun times joy ideas i think we're the last the regular humans thank god will argue children's generation maybe one more after that and i really do believe it's over i think we're going in a great with fuckin computers i think we're real close to it now can't even go whole podcast well look at our fire hose at times it you know it's weird we can integrate with computers we live in and some weird world we get this fuckin virtual reality thing here now the hd survive vibe should try this thing out there was a little afraid you'd fuck out you think you're another place there's a zombie games and games or europe on top of a cat sold defending the castle shooting arrows down it monsters oh come on out you will we're went into a weird world right now joe ideas
pewter relating not much information to have much of a heart of these things too much from what listen this thing i do not have social media good for you you do know that we have to the right that social media have facebook and i'm not but that is social meet my bit my hotmail o mesh nobody even provide therapy blackmail what the fuck you dont want so you limit your aunt ear interaction that year that smart limit my interaction on the road the ipad no social media convinced will that and anna riding on my ipod that's what it is writing at whatever he came with it right whenever sections jones books i have chapters this dad thoughts right i'm working is it notes is that what you write on i don't know what it's like the illicit yellow paper
nodded at no note i have on the phone and i ran on here from time to time but none to follow you rising on some that's all you ipad yeah so what i do is all right on no book in the mornings and then once i take the baby to whatever i got a coffee shop and transferring it if i really like it to the ipad now work on it and then i look at the whole thing is a whole now milk instead of the notebook and i don't know my spelling and i can't what that word was the social media part is a big part of all that i'm talking about as it were just getting closer and closer to each other and some weird ways i gotta be nothing compared to the next wave whatever the next week this would they really do figure out a way to integrate either virtual reality or with the call on augmented reality like aware appear sunglasses and could have google maps it not by he can google thing the image is giving navigation it's gonna get real
we are joined seizure still of family life made to abolish people while these me when someone is not a fan of life so i don't want him around me who's not avail life a lot of people we forgot really we forgot to many cameras yet pictures to many videos listen i was raised in a society don't unity to me really talk to me to find pictures of me yeah there's not a lot of pictures taken by a society where no and i came from a society will put the camera right good was therefore i support the camel yeah wine but the camp where we need more that backstage right but you don't like my way you know we i am a stern believe on white text messages because on the brake or a douche i wanna hit your roland voice we ve got some people i don't wanna hear you ve broken voice
i want to hear your voice because i know what you're thinking if i hear your voice you can't buy care back thereby too so want to hear your voice i told is telling people that i love that thing you do like you don't want to have to do you like my one friend the only time i would text you if you text me first yeah i'll text you back but i call you we talk on the phone you have to check in you have to have that you you have to be assume these this days i will have nothing on my books you know what i don't want to do but guess what i'll do i'll push myself i'll be sure and i'll push myself to go row because that's human contact and it's it's it's it's the most positive human contact right take about a new role in the street were fighting about something of me knuckles and i grab your game please divine fuckin that's his human
so i know i'm not going to do this but i'm going to do that tonight on the right a little bit maybe spend some time with the girls maybe i might take the girls to dinner i also know that make myself have that human contact about judge ya you you're gay joey you just a closet fag roma women men that's great but i had human contact had an emotion i shook hands with a guy i sweat on me and i spent on a man builds a certain type of emotion between two men and they now have to be homosexual acts of death the type of fuck your man really is it is when you stop what you're doing and go cha cha cha cha cha cha starts up let's get up you teach me something i'm sweating my fat fuck and potato chips what is joe reagan's net begone joey grab my
squeeze vague now do that to me next time you know that those two years psyche is a man tat a man that's beating you teaching you get up sir john i guy in the guillotine but stick come on you're sweating guy alone are not just at one time just squeeze where they could joe joe joe you fucking kill me jesus that's a complete different part of a man i think so too i think that that you bought things for you the human contact it also it alleviates the attention of like men have tension that they might get to physical education in that way we do this great you relax walking people are scared of vitamin d the society people of sunlight you gotta get out
some little bed depression is depression people talk about again many times at be the price you how many times i have had the opportunity to call you know i'm depressed i get the press for ten forty minutes right then i smoke this too to loot fuckin in cheap but you and i think a sentiment you said my left my fucking ass off you know on the way up here high up and they sat with his gotta used to fuck me other body shop was a detail it used to fuck me every day couldn't be them up his lot bigger i would so have you used my mind i saw dead mouse one day i took him upon his jacket pocket he was driving the work on morning anyone his partner for a cigarette we found the mouth and crashed his cup joey wherein almost like for our aren't let's get out of here it is god i love you thank you very much for having me
various saw thou utah's sold that having kansas city with you about the improv why urine i'll do the theatre to death i dunno a gentleman and then i'm in nashville and huntsville alabama the euro but besides purchasing you look great a lumber undertake you're off robin will train and will have jamie tat mary measures that will would come in with your cycle of the wood different cardiovascular machines and then do a circuit of the khartoum machines to do circuit of like some kettlebells exercises would do can you degenerates did you shapes now has a shoulder of tat terrible ok have you ever done clubs yes i do i reset me clubs i do arboreal crane club workshop
friday i'm going to see my man joe schilling and shit beautiful tulip from uncle joe beautiful the way you told me to do it like i looked at him and i said what are you crazy i know this there's only one way to do it while our brother eddie we have a great time with the kid sierra awesome heard was locked him thank you brother thank god for some place like dizzy loaned you have kids when you when you didn't have kids or is a fuck about disneyland but when you have kids they stopped me at the gate cuz they found them
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