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2018-07-25 | 🔗
Jeff Garlin is a comedian, actor, producer, director, and writer.
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Reward Code, Joe Rogan. You will get five dollars and ash apple, since five dollars to just IRAN's fight for the forgotten charity. Our good friend just ran whose, but on the pot cast many many times He has a charity that builds wells for the pig meat in the Congo and who, how many lives this guy has single handedly saved by his tremendous efforts. He's been there many times friends. Many months of the year there is caught malaria, three fuckin times doing this me he's a beautiful a bit using person and through the cash app and this programme we ve raised thousands of dollars. We ve already built to wells the Congo and more being bill. It's it's a wonderful programme, so dollar the cash out for free user, roared Joe Rogan. All one word: you get five bucks and five bucks goes to a wicked cause. My guest today is Jeff Garlon, least, Germany might know Jeff from probably one of the all time, not probably deafening,
We want the all time greatest, comedies ever curb your enthusiasm. He is currently on the gold bergs with me. Brother, Brian Cowen. Fucking awesome guy. I really love this dude and he's a hilarious Deanna comedian to give it up. Jeff Garland the job- will gain experience. Jeffrey low Joe. I do a man, young and handsome. You are young and aunts, and, yes, we are, if we're not dead, what that means thought more jet lag crack? And how are you I'm a big ball, a wonderful, your big ball, a big ball fucking! You huge ball of wonderful aggressive. With that statement, I am I am they dont down May we d underfund? Don't doubt you consumer good, to see you too? Well, that's the latest,
What is the latest about to start another she's, a gull, bergs and others the curb acting. I want working within the fabulous. I count I love working with Brian Cowen makes me laugh all the times here later, whose two o clock. I was then I'll see him by three, maybe not but a point bring. Is I dig Brian Cowen very much he likes you too. That's cool com. The latest, with the standard Guerriere IRAN store lot at the store. On occasion I don't do the store that much anymore, because I've stopped doing showcase spots for the most part. Just do I have a regular show every Friday night at the improv in the lab. Do you know in our hour in ten minutes occasionally I do flapper, which is a horrible name yet in Burbank, but little club, but great room, a great room, and I do that
on occasion on Sunday night, so I do in our going out of the house for fifteen twenty minutes not worth my time. Does it give when Do you like an hour set? Do you plan your sets out, or do you have like some material that you like to be working on it? Is that why you like the freedom of having an hour, or so you can just kind of fuck around if no preparation whatsoever, except that may think I'll talk about that tonight, but I've no preparation, I may bring up a story of told before no idea, literally when I step on stage, I have no idea what I'm gonna talk about. What does help me? What done for quite a while. Now, as I come up to a different song, every time I come up and then just talk about that song at the story of the making of that Saddam Hussein that's on what that song means to me That will usually led me to something that's all
The reason I ask you a very unusual style, like I've seen you bunch time door very loose very little, but it's it's a great things. You have the confidence to do that. Yes, like a lot of people, have to be like super rigid in their preparation. Without a doubt, you say things set up punch line and the correct order every night, I'm only confident in the fact that I'm funny, I am confident in any other fact, in terms of going on stage. That's joint report is the most important, and so I go up with the now that, no matter what goes down, I am funny and we'll be funny, but does it good night and are you do on the road at all? Hardly ever when I do the roads, I did London in December that a couple weeks shows weeks couple weeks at a failure there. What did you guys are theatre to small coffee it s like five minutes each somethin, I don't even know pay attention as they have done that I've done Lystra Square of,
a couple different relations where's good yeah. I just gotta, and then I got a New York on occasion and perform I use wait everywhere I play. Everywhere from Indianapolis to Seattle to Miami like an all points and between you now Tucson. You know exactly like all over. I right I've done and I'm I'm fifty Six years old, I've got to tv shows I develop a bunch of other stuff. I'm passionate about might stand up, get enough. I don't have to earn a living by going on the road which I have had to in the past. So I stay home and do my stand up when I can. What right energy is the thing it is very nice and I've worked towards that. That's a beautiful thing to work towards a thing that does get used that travel, oh, no, it would
The thing that no one understands is the only joy that you can possibly get when you travel is the moment when you're on stage and if that's troublesome or not fun, it's a drag its depressing but those moments on stage if their great saw worth it yeah. Now it's the thing, Also when you go on the road, if you have to do morning, radio bands of thank God you're health, it it it screws up your time. You know what time you got a bad, because I like to set I dont worry, is much and a consistent basis. What time I wake up, because that'll automatic be automatic. I try consistently to go to bed at the same time every night, it's a different approach. Psychiatrist, told me, and it has worked wonders for me. A psychiatrist told you yeah, that's, but Is everyone always focuses on waking up the same?
every day right, he said, focus on going to bed at the same time every night and that'll be more productive for you, and I do that, with a sort of a half hour bump to fall asleep too, maybe read for a minute whatever, but in bad, usually by ten, I'm never going to a psychiatrist, one want to show that I was on. I was like the only person on the set that and go to psychiatry like maybe I'm fucked up now, by the way you're functioning in the world. That's great, congratulations! I have something I'm trouble functioning in the world has had an end day. Well, it's like I going on stage, I'm fearless, and I don't even like leaving my house, I prefer, stay home. I love napping. The development of an apple. If I get smokes amend again taken today, I do
transcendental meditation. I do all the chill things at home and leave to work. I dont like going to parties. I like good Dinner party because that means I can have an your conversation with some one right, but I would just at a party the other night, a goodbye party for a friend of mine. It was a general this house and I had the worst time. I lasted. Twenty minutes they want people to talk to her comedians, there are a lot of you in the chair for us as party but commitments of some people with men. Funds and are always very settling in IRAN. I wanted no thank you. I said my goodbyes to my friend moving to Japan. I am I said megabytes. But out of respect to her that I went but out of reach,
back to myself, I didn't stay long, man, bonds and a hard line. Every time you go, I don't belong belong here. You don't belong. There can't be done now. It's bad weather that started happening when the man by man and to me like in a big way a couple years ago. SAM our and then there was a big drop off for a law Does every big draw up exert I don't get it. Maybe grow. You want you if you're gonna, where a man, but I think either lawyer, lie and yet the idea it's ridiculous. I was that, ass station and studio city- and I was seconds away from talking to this dude he had a man bomb that looked like birds nest with Taylor with a war
follow me outside and I just went why one has been totally friendly. I want to make this a conversation. Why explain I dont get it. I feel like what it is like they're they're, letting you know that this is me when I'm out when I'm at home and violent sexy, I just undo the letter down. I don't know what it is. I just relax and rather big. It's a bit! following and now you're, not exactly medical dear, do she's ex your duty what is your has ever been mine. I, like a Jew, FRO type festival happening when I was younger. Longer curly banana like shoulder length right, known angels, threat its with it, air grows that long. Only on your head that right weird, but I was your honour on your arm undergrown, like robber plants, whose hair like go for. Man Bonnet go for it
The along here rockers of different rules as our guy last night, a bed in a band based player, man, bun big ball around. You know what I'm uncomfortable with the ceo hair cut in a rock band. What are you doing with that? Fuckin button down can Serbia has denied dig the band. I think playing against type is a big Bala delightful. Now, that ain't we differ on this, we differ on what he has lived. I think group of men, like I thought, David Bowe is banned, ten machine that it really dig their music, but I love the look of all them wearing the suits with close cropped, erewhile bullies, so I'd and so undeniably creative that he was allowed to get away with anything I'll. Do anything you want, but but truthfully, if you have any sort of confidence. You can accept a man, but there is right here there is chief bows, but that don't you cut. His hair short the warmth along here
maybe but whose car John Travolta Polo there. She cut short areas and pressure from the other three actively to March tired of buying shampoo bullshit you're, the op keepers, ridiculous top rage due to condition their hair and have to leave it in for ten minutes, that's a big ball of come on. Come on brow but for something that some reason why it is ok and banned. But it's not ok for comic comic would long like lead Zepplin here because you know what happens when a comic does that their whole act becomes about it, and it's like dude that's just bore you, Jackson, Purdue. I do remember some pretty crazy, long hair like a band guy, lotta material about his air. He tells us a lot of it. I know I just you know. Are you so when I was younger, I went for the obvious. I did a lot of material about having a big head now. It is of no interest to me that you couldn't also do like the robber plants.
Sure thing either I have. I have a robber plant shirt. We're not here, never like open. Now, you know cause nurses, do it better or nurses? someone nursing on its powder below he wore it. I'm one of the separate tours seventies and I for sale on Amazon and I bought one. It doesn't give off the same by Yad, different all right, but I was one of my mouth sequiturs to tell people our time. Is you love the nursing industry I just if you are you? Are you love? You love. The nursing industry have said that the nurses anywhere they sir they would just chuckle There are now two million other nice he's on we're. Yet they don't know you're, not sequiturs there s laughter, nervous, laughter, he's a certain things are certain looks that came and went, and people try to bring back like d member few beers back they were trying to bring back bell bottoms No, yes, study or work of a failure was bill. Mary was actually photographed a couple of days ago at a golf course with some.
I believe as Bell Bottom, all that's delightful because it so wrong that it's beautiful, imperfect, more easy to Libya picture Lydia them ah see. There big ball. He so pond that dude he's wonderful. He is just so fond look at him. He's the South Carolina I think it's because of his kids, that Zimbabwe's yeah, I think, was a family thing, He's a abuse on board. Danes show and boarding interviewed him in this. Small town where he lives in a while guy just kind hanging be a normal, no girlfriend, no wife just to speed up I know, but you don't know that he doesn't have a girlfriend or Sarkozy was talking here. I'll show you Sacramento. That shows Timeline he just Denham do anymore. Leave me alone on stopped delightful. We're like stay home tonight as America. At the end of my shows, always the audience for
actually leaving their homes to come. See me because I know what an effort that is- and I am so appreciative of it so you're, just a home body, type character, yeah. Well, you know what it's like. My life, life extraordinary, so I want to live in ordinary ordinary life. As I cannot make sense, you know just com, it doesnt have downtime ordinary down. Yellow man do you need ray. I pay ass, our men and I'm a big show like tonight. I'm going to an opening of a movie. My friend wrote it in our, for it will not just be cool with it like a by no I'm doing why I'm doing it, I do it but these are already whose party Jeff process by you and I to a dinner party? If we had one again, I'm done, though, with the job for US parties definition is alot upon idle. I know I love job for us, but I am not going to any more of his party's. Tell him go by myself out of this house, I d random, put two hands
shoulders. Tommy, love em, but I well I'm going to talk about the man, but the poor. Who are you who, your friends? What that has a man he's a producer brow? He says, helped me with a project and it was like a produces around the shoulders. Gonna love you. I can't come you're fucking, pull parties anymore brain it wasn't even pull party. I was a thing somebody when I'm gonna bring my suit on and get in the pool and again the pool with ease two other people. I D really noticed man, that's unfortunate. If it's not a pool parties to get in the pool, that's always awkward Suffolk! I just in belong here. You gotta be like a really comfortable person to take off your clothes. Nobody else has there's a pro naked good for you. I'm sorry! get it for me, I'm all comfort what you're fit the fact that I'm proud of your angry at me. Now I saw your little first about here, you're really
your passions are comedy and fitness. That's one thing: CS wanting, hardly dare bomb to stir. Can werewolf in London yeah. That's the thing in the middle of the day. I recognise that I love that movie, but that's when he was in Trafalgar Square. Yes, yes, I remember that moment. Scary, I'm not here, be in the summer exercising of the trial- Both were not happy unless I'm napping. So we have our ways about us. Well, but his buddies. Dear father I, but I do exercise eight well, I ate gluten free. I eat dairy free and I eat sugar. Free, that's often, but that's good combination and I aspire to be more of a vegetarian, but I'm not obsessed with it. Do you read a new treaty. I haven't resonates box on the Irish. Yes, some that Brian Cowen even recommended to me at
I can't think of anymore Brian Mfa, where they want to run counter to recommend Kinda Holbein I'll, tell you what he recommended and they we're good. I like every one of those kind of books, even if they're not well read nor what have I learned something from my opinion. I read a ton, that's what I do when I went home. I read a lot. I listened albums and I read music and I please let us say, Albums de Vigo Record- Play ever Rucker player albums. Ok, why one thousand albums robot a thousand holy shit enjoy it. Give like a room that you go to you, I'm going to moving into a new house which will be have a specific room that I will go into too strictly play guitar and listen to analogue yeah a view, do you know him around at all? I do know Henry rounds. When are you friends I mean, but I do know he's an acquaintance of mine. His fascinating guy he's a fascinating good man very. Getting that do
inspirational guy to inspires me. I dig him. I didn't be with him at Largo? Dig him big time he's got these crimes is quarter million dollar speakers in this house like there's a speaker room like this. This is the room. Also, is all these albums and those those gigantic things other than dude on the right, I think as Robert Kilburn, who was the critic for the Ella Times that so much, I think that's Robert Hellburners pretty you're, so Henry gets Henry who obviously became panic, re Johnny Cash. He wrote the great Johnny Cash book that came out of years goes. I saw you, dig Johnny Cash by the pictures on well loved Johnny Cash Dog named Johnny Cash just died recently. Unfortunately, my granddaughters name is John, that those Those speakers are fucking crazy. Legally speakers he's got just new speakers there, like eight thousand for apparent. I thought I was not the size of that sets ridiculous. That's what you wanted,
aunt like two thousand and one a space out illegal, looking speakers, I don't want to go over his head. But- and I want to ask not really Henry come on brow let me call the hours and ought to be that weird guy, I'm looking for the day avoids. Since I know I do not really wanna on them, but how many people do think? Oh no speaker, I mean only, but that preserve you have to be wealthy, your that's where you put your money cook on their yellow one. That you just look that that the same speaker, except in yellow there are big ball rankers. They look like plumbing supplies to look good. I don't think they were good. I think they would feel mystic again Sally real. Why we get fat that by on camera, the guy's name, why would get fat and for our body? Oh yeah, ok, Tonight, it's a verse and I learned stuff from both but other stuff about nutrition and stuff, and I'm in my
my most. I was three twenty well and I am currently in the two forty Yes, that's my and I'm making transition now to hopefully low two thirds. These someone, the two twenties and then building up muscle and I'll never be fit like you and I That's I'm not saying that to insult myself in terms of like you know, but you this a passion of yours, it's not a passionate mine. I just a live life at a higher level right and a better lavish one feel good. I want to feel great authority so, if I can improve, delightful. The big things: cutting carbohydrates, most noble fleet. Far too much browser that merely password me. That's where the gluten in the sugar rum and the dairy, and I feel good, my my body not having those things. I react positively. My so anything else is ok for me. Can exercise do
I do policies I gladly this fuckin hard really are young people out. His teacher is great. I do I swim. I work with a trainer. I play tennis plank Dennis morning, there is once again tomorrow morning I'll be planted. My tenants teacher play golf, which is that fiscal, however, like a white, was at this, buying stuff the other day. You know the golf start any want the guy very nice guy, helping me one Tell sell me something that off the bend over to get the ball. I go, I think they're bending over and is back stretching MA strings really. I dont know that benefit I'd get from golf. If I didn't it leads bend stone you not bend while that their these things that people have the band but for people Will it really bad bans are now it's for lazy people? That's why they allowed people. So for me, it's a matter of pride to bend because I have a bad back. Publican swinging, ants wing yeah. I love you back, but do a lot of different things. I love sports club when I was young,
Europe play baseball, football team play golf or a tennis, rather with count disease. It tenants freak. No, I should actually, by the way I just started again template tennysons. I was a kid. I'm actually talk to him about that of where we can play some thing about tennis, those it's a lot of like go and left and right, left and right and putting weird strains and prejudices unready rear its, but it's great for a bone mass. Ok, that's good for biomass that make hence pusher you're, pushing rushing off. I dig. It How do I I'm not going to play competitive with him, I'm going to hit with him right cuz? He could probably beat me, but I also weighs about seventy pounds. Less than yes so we can move by surprise. Replying he's very bright he's. Is he takes us physical fitness very seriously? It I'll tell you about it. Oh yeah listen He gets very serious about half asking everything gets very serious. Ok you! Don't
I can never gonna get he's. Never gonna like come commit to being like up, but professional tennis player right we'll get pretty serious about kind of getting in the tennis whenever she who needs the stress death when norm saying it's like a good balance. I guess he's I did obsessed about things. He gets obsessed about kind of getting anything's then doesn't go like this darted out. Do we just got through exact? You are a follow through fucking mother fucking. Follow through purchase, do as a walk around here and go or look at you you're, a fucking specimen you're a specimen, just try to stay saying just right. Do you mean give a girlfriend you married your wife must appreciate that what the physical nest Why you're a good man but but being looking over and going my husband's, not a fat piece of shit, he's up that mother, Fucker and I'm gonna fucking
brains out tonight to say that now not not around me, she should never should start bug in the house. You would you as one month and whether or not there are better that's what she says to our friends. Are you married? I can answer, I don't appreciate pressure me. That's why I can't. I can't talk about that. That's pretty good transitions, healthy things are in flux. There are blocking flux, festival, bad stuff, it's bad, there's, no way, there's no one! Here before I love my wife, but I don't wanna go home and I being alone, but being alone blows. So there's, no winning, there's no warning, I'm a sad young man, but I'm really happy has a functioning at a high level on level on rising rising up. Here I mean I'm a basic. Adversity had an add on yes,
It was a lovely woman, lovely woman, go down! That's what things are going on the road. You appreciate peep when you come back out my idea when you with him very create yoga, not everybody. If there was an everyday staring at each other, and we know I don't care who it is, keep your best friend we want too much time with somebody else, for rare exception right is that bad, yet to be terrible, we terrible him almost everybody we'll get. You know you need to be around variety in terms of like different. The liberals variances most by the way I don't stay home because like staying home cause. I want to avoid experiences. I like experiences and I'll go, haven't pray for one. I, when I deem that experience like jumps party, now, good heavens. I leave, but a moment of amazing experience its new and I'm taken it I'll stay dumb accent
yeah. Well, you know what you like as a health. If there's six years old man, I know you're a man, I'm a man, I am I'm your man, I'm Jeff Garland here actual lies a man, I'm an actual. I am aspiring to grow all the time. That's what that's my thing to be a wise man. I aspire. My goal is to be a way eyes met and I'll, never reach it, not mother be stupid, but I'm saying it's always evolving. I have a friend and many many years goes at our house and she had a sign that said, enlightenment is possible in this lifetime. I saw that no woe! Well, that's that's deep! Bobby levels on and putting you at a higher place than you are. I agree with, but true enlightenment, I'm kind of about cynical, I'm more of a critical eye there. You go right, that's possible nuts and I've never seen it. I'm not seen it, but what it's like you
I'm not going to deem it impossible because in whom I and, as I say, saying, there's no God. That's like made me saying I'll tell you kill, can I don't know right and it's also what exactly is enlightenment and by whose standard beta right. So maybe, if you very low standard for enlightened and here you reach whatever that level is you go. I bet it my lifetime. Look at me like if you are, if Smokin INDIGO Indica, listen great music and haven't fantastic sex after great meal and then some This is not a nice disposed to meditate and sit in a Roman, and then you know be mindful came about fuck you how about a big ball of fire? By the way can we make that happen for me that I smokes America listen. Some music have some great sex after a great meal, arrange that this can be done so that it can be a garland. It should be done
for Tony says to me your Jeff Garland Tony, who headscarf yeah yeah. It's is right. Well, I, I tend to be confident. I committed skills. We should add a funny, but outside of that I am not lacking in competence but leaving my houses like I said quite that's what I'm saying is like, by whose definition is enlightenment is like say. If you want to go to a concert you you wanted to go to a great movie, wouldn't lie person enjoy a great movie. I went like my version of an enlightened person, would in fact enjoy great movie. I I've been enlightened, the concert I saw James, brown when I first got out of prison, and I found that that that performance that he gave way the most enlightened performance I had ever seen was this when he was in the car chase, was at that prison Yet I was the last present. He shouted cops because
believe so yeah that one was his. Someone else used is bathroom right, now what happened? Somebody? Actually I don't know. I know that he got drunk with the cops, but maybe it was I don't know, there's a bigger budget. Someone using more worrying is that he had got not a president, the idea that James Brown was imprisoned. I think the maybe I remember in this incorrectly, but I think someone used his toilet and then he got mad at that person and shot at something like a shot. The law or something. I don't remember that story, but I assume you're looking at operate up a now so of a five year like he was in a high speed chase, they shouted tyres out.
Amber it. This way, something in a car, though, maybe we're pretty sure they shot as tyres news driving around on my rims, he had been doing a lot of blower some agitated and didn't mean no normal, we're time by James Brown. Is that agitated? Who gets that he was fucking phenomenon, as you use Yahoo state chase them up to eighty five miles an hour, involve fourteen car sit and stop as he feared for his life. You I started now. I feel like that. That's what started he was. He fired off a gun because someone used his toilet by the way, a two stage chase. I'm guessing you live near the border pilot Mars, wacky states, Georgia, ochre movies, like George Florida could bring Randy close to each other in Georgia. Florida line is not a ban. Is right, doesn't know. Wheeler Walker make fun. It says you ve failed, abated, pull over. That's all, but I am appreciate- that's why they were pulling over. There are going
after whom I might be wrong about that pvc. Memo confusing him with ok Chuck Bury was one it was filming. People go to the bathroom right. I think he'd like to go in the peer like two p M Ladys, I'm pretty sure interest, I'm pretty sure, first general, when I enjoy greenest brown music, I'm not thinking about this thing about it other side in said that restoring really, I wouldn't say right from here goes a deadly weapon in a public gathering attempt to flee police driving under the influence of drugs. Ok, he report, Thirdly, storm to the insurance company next to his office, waving a shot gun and complaining that strangers were using his bathroom as time reported that drawing rooms for six miles go. Are you kidding me years later? This episode, but frame the two thousand fourteen brown bile pick: ok,
eighty eight, I'm guessing that. I saw him after this her. It was right after that it would be nice be laid eighties early nineties. Jesus Christ, you did six years, was never while six fucking years. How much is sober em up He was on pc piggy. They gave him a year for each Miley drove rheumatism, TCP habited already surface, but at times erratic behaviour came to a head in September, wow, peace, he peace, a tricky will sang in the present choir Betty did shit man. You gotta Jeff, like steel in the car and your fuckin sallies James Browned. Anybody we want to do, that's a hell of a story. Yeah help him right. Some songs get on up, do see when he opened up for the Muhammad Ali? Fight with
torments and now you're nunnery holy shit was credible. That was incredible incredible. He had so much power. There was something about a man who cannot Zedillo's just power, give you The homage power prince wished for that power that Kiev will prince it, but he had no no way everywhere, but Prince look Yeah our later that I didn't know, James Brown was ridiculous. I can't sing, and I looked up to any musical talent- tells you know what a waste Elvis was dissolved had that power and he didn't use it. He added early on and then he could never dance. Like James Brown, though, if or if he did, but it would be different. It's a different kind of power if he just took in harness already earnestly this look at his door Do you know any such as the pair surveys show you is God Damn drama, down do splits? I don't know he was not human and by the way
he's, not a really flexible enough to do a full split and yet is I'll drop and down on state. You know he was wearing a turtleneck that night and I said, don't cut that baby. Let's leave a little bit. Let's put your initials on there. I think that that was done in advance of the girls I fucked around poem. Yet League is China has banned. I don't envy those people do you know when you see people with bands torn all those people, all those working pieces have to fall into place the latter, but God damn what are performance, what an ice armor- and I saw him a blue, my mind- it literally bloomer. Well, would interesting. To is that you know Prince who died of painkillers. He died from conventional. He blew his hips out. Dancing like that was, though, is the thing you know that that, apparently, is a very common thing. My friend Maynard Maynard, keen from tool to central he just recently has hip replaced
and he was doing his he's big into loves to do too, and he was having a really hard time doing certain things, so I went to a doctor see what's going on with his hip and they like to your concepts like it's. Just now is a functioning and again on gay eyes. That's the hip. Replacement is one of the most unusual ones in terms of like its ability to restore you back to a fairly normal state other than of right, bring committeemen delightful. I would have been no there's. No get up and by the way, when you see someone moving around like that on stage, I will bet you every penny. I have their not funny Callum moves on stage is very funny aid. As a move like like I'm going to throw us care, I saw upstairs in the in the deluge no, the improv upstairs you're the green room thing. Ok, there's a Mulder on stage with a thing, and I Walter to our room where the go funny not funny.
I can I can watch and whether the comedies coming to them or whether there are pushing and most of the move around people are pushing it but carry was a move around guy who's always really funny, but move around the differ. Sort of way. Does their wolf does accept installs stuff, like all things, but in this sort of way, I'm downwards when just stands there in talks and then they're doing something movement. It's not good Jim carry. There was a pause, Ryan, it's part of who we is yeah. That's not what I'm talkin about! I'm talking about people that just oversell shit by serious physical lies in what should be just pointing the way you say it, not even what you're saying the way you say Tom Cigar calls it dancing
it is the most toxic areas right. I'm cigarettes funding is genius. He I used to call it English, putting like English. Yes, it's all around totally on and answers is better. They deserve a divergence boost. Their moves. Us is what I'm talking about so Jim Carrion Brian Cowen. Do not have danced right, digits are funny and they also move here. There's there's a reason for their moving but I don't know any moves commandment and yourself one years ago. I remember. Each time I saw someone mining having sex in pumping. Here, I would just go not funny. Now it would. Like it was a sign of like what. If there's a bit where you have to mine, pumping pumping air, there's gotta be a bit pumping air. You mean like it's gotta, be growing puzzling s, some bits what but, but who doesn't know what that looks like. Why do you need to pump? Maybe there's a reason, something unless like threatening someone having a heart attack pumping right.
Or if there is, if the content is about Europe physicality, that's not dancing right, dancing's when you, when you put like like when you when you're doing this accentuate what you're, what you're saying so screw that we don't need. While you ever go to open my nights, I used to do I'm up until recently. Really, I would just show up and say: can I go up and do ten year now and and what was really fun was when the person who had him didn't know. I was now that's great and then I watched as other people explained, and it was cool guy. Didn't have an attitude. You know that, and I would do my sets and the audience is open might notes, are real their terrible latin
together there to see their friends or their rehired or whatever, or they been beaten down by the only unfunded shit, totally unfounded shit over and over and over again. So, yes, up until about four or five years ago, I used to go to open my what what's fascinating about over Might nights. Is you watching people try to figure out how to be funny, like you watching people like and you go to the store like tonight and you you go there, it's can be a packed house. It's all. As Lee Fuckin Andrew Santini, one alley wants are killers and you you're seeing high level comedy, and over and see get you into that. Vibe undergo this is a great place to be, but it but on open my night you're, seeing this like primordial ooze, you saw your English l organism things that you're really shouldn't be saying, sometimes
because every now and then a little. I exclaimed people get as much state when you start get as much stage damage can without people saying you that's good too. That's give good advice. But you need to go on stage over and over and over again, but dont go on stage at any popular places, go on stage at them. Luckiest could you only learn from when you suck that's a big part of it for sure, that's why I was dry Jill. I've really admired Charlie Murphy. Charlie Murphy was essentially a famous open micro in well when he started me when he started he'd never done stand a comedy ever and then he was just a really funny actor. Who was the brother of one of the great comics time? You're, gonna, Chapelle, show and then start doing stand up, and you know Charlie would just just fuckin. Do is go do it an innocent, yet some rough sets to when he was famous like really fame. Sir, you think when I did did those things that I didn't eat it plenty a.
Might Niger everybody, but but what I had was I was in control of myself. Yes and it didn't fall apart, whereas if you're an amateur would fall apart, but it does, it doesn't mean I did well, but of course I remember one time. Dice came and to the store. This is price for five years and made five years ago and he came up to make us go about You and I was very respectful, very nice- and I said now I really want to follow you. I want to see what that's like I've never followed. You please go up there and golfer broke go for Fuckin Braga. How long you know it goes well. Maybe our great got there for an hour I get nowhere to be. I'm gonna watch it and I want you just a fuckin hold nothing back and then I went up after him. You know how I did fine didn't do then do fine, because I knew how to handle myself my backpack. Yes, the craft of what I know one out. But there's
oh following that, with what I do, which is totally did went and having the audience go, this takes it do all new place now Did you ever listened to the day the laughter died? Rubens, add with him yeah yeah, you fucking phenomenon, great, it's just eating shit, you every two hours he showed up a dangerfield, for people- I don't know it's literally I will never forget. I was starting out. I think he did this look this up when that was I want to say it was like one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine one thousand nine hundred and ninety nose after that it was a fairly early It was fairly early as I was very young and run away. I might have been then, because I was still living in Boston Nano. It might have been then, because eighty nine, because when I was thinking about me living here now, but it was the it came out the first am I lived here while I was living in Boston and I was just starting out and there was a great comedian they might Donovan who to this day I want to find
guys ever seen in my life and my Donovan was laughing to the point where he couldn't breathe at die. Doing this sat while he was doing fucking stadiums I mean I was doing enormous Nassau Colosseum. What's in the ball, Twenty thousand people- it was a big, is convening of all time and he just assizes show up at danger fields in New York, city, randomly alike. On Monday and Tuesday night doesn't tell anybody is going to be there. I mean there's thirteen twenty on the crowd he records to different sets, and he has no material. I mean fuck it he's, making things up as it goes along and people- getting angry at him and their walking out, and he did a bit about Richard Nixon about how he eats ass and when he eats ass he does it like Richard Nixon Hills, I call on us ass he's doing is Richard.
An impression of eating asked and for whatever reason, might done. We thought it was the funniest thing you ever since he was wheezing like couldn't breathe talking about days. Doing this impression, as I was this lake, I'm ready for comedians, but for the people that were in the audience, like a guy gonna blow your about us funny as a glass of milk, the guy said that children and left the best things on the album these people like Kansas girl you're about its funding, is a clause on milk walking off and day shit non limits, but that too, Have them mindset to be at that not just the top of his game, but literally the top of stand up ever no one before him, had ever sold out Madison Square, art, multiple nights in a row. The way he did mean guys. I've done it since then, Dane and Louie in this been a bunch of guys of Little Aziz, but no one did it like he did. Then he was the first ever to do
and to do that and then to record these fuckin awful sets and then put it we're gonna fuck it puts guaranteed, was Rick. I idea you think so. Without a doubt, but no, no it. I was Dyson guys and I know record I've had it with all their ideas. Why married and fight Rick, Reuben thats, where Gruber next I see it. Ass never asked him that, but that sounds to me like regrouping going. Let's do this interesting idea, but it was such a crazy, bold move. I remember thinking at the time, because I was terrible, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. When I came out, I was just like confused like how does one do that One is so confident the release, something that son, because I had as I was when I was nineteen Smee in my girlfriend, Marta me and Martin.
We're sitting in my car and I had accept Palermo listenin to dice. It was just called dice and crying laughing crying life is before it ever done, stand up, and I never think, and while this guy is fuckin somethin like what I would like to add, that the amount of power that he had like on stage and these have roars well what the crowd and we're sit in my car laugh and our asses off to the seat. This Cosette was new, see to it that the couple years later he decides I'm just gonna put out some that sucks. The comedy died today: laughter, dire, Miss Gallagher, I'm fuckin paper boy, hats on the cover. No it's out loud, Mandeb Pickaback, why and a little picture of him on their sellers? I can picture, I think, or maybe it's big picture of impaired, amber about the big picture. We should get up. Oh yes,
so but is small in comparison to the actual c d, see if we can get Jamie, let's get a framed copy of that and put it on the wall somewhere. Released as a problem like generously image. I guarantee there's vinyl guarantee. Let's get final C4 goodbye, vinyl look on. You very well know fair. I didn't get it for years later, It was a I've seen of do that at the store. I've seen him go up late night, the store, look at you look at you over there and just start talking share to people like mean what do anywhere wear leaving loves whenever he isn't that actually people's hands zone,
big J Orison, whereas weightlifting gloves in homage Zhang worry that doesn't know that that's great you, I was trying to get the two of them together in a pot. Casper scheduling was never really we're, not shake and data for forty bucks aims by that should not be afraid, wonder bucks I'll go to date. He might not have it guarantees a you pay for lunch. I'll give you the day the album and we have seen, is Instagram Dyson Tramp. Now it's hilarious, it's so random. It's like an old, the rich world famous guy, who does whatever the fuck he was supposed to have had caught your lunch for them a million times. I never one, those things Well, I just never outright yeah yeah he, is this diagram? Is him like with gold, Jim T, shirt with crazy sunglasses and he'll do like these little sketches there's so random and weird, like him, talk to a girl,
Maybe we should do suddenly in the girls like ok, I click on this play this this is like is this? Is this holiday boring about it? We should do that What are you still use the time which is the we are going the other after words egos and he's got another. What a follow up. We gets mad at him self for not doing anything about it. I go to the next video at side had there's another their play this well. What a beautiful night her Europe
If this is what a beautiful that's what I'm Eleanor Carriage India there so random the videos. I guess the text in that videos like I should have done. Something was wrong with me. Its, but this is him. Why did I leave I'm so dumb? But this random. It's a good. Is he doing who's this he used to do that at the store, he is to have comics. Do these sketches you! Ok, you're gonna run through the good the door there you gonna knock him over and you gonna go what the fuck ok go in I would do any run into the door and knocked you're the guy over and above what the fuck perfect. Do it again and you just do this film. It was like the chest tape. You know I got old, one really and then he would edited together himself, but it did nothing with it, and this is like dicers giant
just fuckin top of the world giant, and this is what is due to amuse himself, will correct the comics. We're just do it. Jesus Christ, you too so happy dice is talking to you. Is the reason why I started doing the road I would just. The store. All the time was contrary to store one time when the beggars it's funny should do I go here. It was you will, moreover, why these assholes for money, because you good fuckin do whatever you one go to the road as I care. What did I do the road because I was just doing tv shows and then you know, do you do, TV shows you kind of trapped in this. This is how you
you're living you gotta cannot always be acting and always begun on additions. As I care, I was because I was making you don't make real money at the story: Magritte fifteen bucks, a set of economic I've spent one year, I'd ever collective check, and then they ve ever had them again at the store. Yeah. Probably I'm guessing the number sets. I did pride by twenty five hundred dollars. Five thousand dollars predominated. Don't go back to the club, yes, turn back the clock donated Teddy charity by, on behalf of the store, the now not charity, you dont into the charity of the store. I don't care. Good good good donation that Sir places a fascinating place really I was gone for seven years and you I've been backfire, or for now did sir.
It is, I love the original room, it's incredible, the room, that's got it go and the main vital. If all three I dont there are different. The belly rooms, ok, and the main room it by the main room performing in the main room does not bother me. I hate the green room, really hated. Why cocaine, piano in the middle of the room and the best piano further behind ring is most those people. I don't want to see hey around bacteria. They use it. I know this is such a negative vibe. Really, I think, there's a lot of comedians play there that are a big bullet dead weight. Oh yeah, why? But there's a lot only name said: Babo there's a lot that are joyful and great, and I dig- and I like watching- and my favorite thing to do is laugh at my fellow comedians, but on the flip side, some people, just man there there their presence just depresses me interest- feel them.
Ok, maybe do an impression just my met, my dodo dodo. Doo. But some really, I think, can ya out, because the thing when I started comedy, which is eighty two working through comedians? really were a group that stuck together you don't now I think that a register I think for the past. I think it's changing in late now. These two thousands to wear was every man for himself and a lot of peace. But it wasn't like your part of this fraternity. It was like, you I'm gonna, do this. You know my thing with competition. Is Go! Do your thing at the statue more great. If I'm additionally in your additional got, beat me in the room. I don't give a crap, but there such a competitiveness, and I know that part
why Eddie doesn't do spots because Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy, because when I was or them. I would say one or two. You he'd say that the looks that I yet in the vibe that I get from comics snap pleasant, know exactly what he was talking about. So weird. I have the exact opposite feeling comedy now and about this particular like the store and like the comrades that place. I don't I don't get a pilot. I did a lot of people there, but the people who I dig. No, I dig him right and I am not- I don't- I don't know anything- it's not like. I said right, of course, but there's lots of guys and gals that are great, but there plenty of em that, like please step away, We live in a conversation, but this with a friend of mine recently who was living for a while and placed it. He hated and new saying that if you're, in a place where everyone's negative, you really kind of forget the people, can be pause without it.
So why should I leave the comedy store and at least half of the times? play their leaving their driving on feeling like not positive, so we're with where, where by the. I sometimes now arrange the only set that I do at the communist or now is I sometimes close. These seven o clock original room show because there's no one after me. So if I'm five minutes long, no one's giving a crap right and they have already seen the whole, show there's. No it just, and I can do that zip and do it and get the hell out I'll do benefit and in the main, rumour like I did. What Tony show bright till tone we're gonna bring into the full Jeff Carl bring wanting to bring you in the folds of the nine eleven fold by them. I know the nightmare of nice conversations with him, but the other people are always there hovering hovers. I dont, like I don't like a hover over, is done over and cut his brute,
when you're haven't combines Washington if you're, not grew up. Your group is not about making people like a guy, don't care whether your people, a goal sociable how you do your comedy, but of your ultimate, go isn't to bring joy into people's lives. What's the purpose, if it not about the labs enjoy. Why, and so I find here's the thing. I don't dig Lahti Ego running around the store when I'm there and most people. I don't like the biggest egos. Do you think that there are more dream because you're very Bush guys- and maybe that's where you getting network weird via cable I've been told that before, but if I thought that that would be weird. So I don't Maybe that's because you you're, you noticed right, I'm I'm not an amount in alcohol, but I do know this line from the programme, which is what you think of me is none of my business, which I love. That's a great prospect, great perspective
oh what they think of me. As none of my business, I just know what they're putting out there. That's yeah, I think sometimes people Will look at you and go well. Here's a guy who's been on in some of the all time greatest television shows ever you know, you're you're, a God. That's got a massive you're you're you're your compliments as a comic and performer very enviable, so maybe perhaps they suddenly. I like best ELM, is a generous guy. On every level I liked being generous and I like helping comics, Stick in my hand out do what I can now, so I dont feel that I put anything that they should be fearful of out but I think it's their own issue. I mean I remember when I was yes, but I was starting out. I would get real uncomfortable announced around really famous people ability allowances is feels weird runs guy in real life, yet that that can Well, you're, not a man here you ve always been very, very friendly,
that's what I gonna it anymore. I like to be a warm Papa person who most prefer stay at home and I'm gonna go out if I'm gonna go to the farmers market? If I'm gonna go to the store, I'm prepared to talk to people take pictures of people, be warm to people engage with people, because if I dont want that, stay home right, and so, if I'm in a negative bad mood, I really well go do my sad and get out, but that doesn't happen very often, but I'll stay home near that's. Why downtime right. You gotta be able to recharge gotta be able to reach our dynamite? do not allow myself that I used to be worked so hard. I was reading article yesterday about Tom Cruise about Tom Cruises. Life been restrained Jesus Christ, Jeff Garland. What is going on your phone number, a ringer? What is it You have something to do a man and a woman dad dad
due to a man and a woman is so that some, it's french movie she's rights that, although certainly I am I supposed to know the, but I actually saying that with you know, Jack replace piano in the average. Yes, Jeffrey, not Jeff Richard I've still got Scott He and I feel deferential start looking to Managua that singing tonight and the audience most of them go it is a well known for a second which I make fun of them very, but in the middle of the show, just look at them. Go sailor, Johnson, lend them more than them and not all. John said, anything anymore I'm done. I tell the audience that I'm a very accomplished french gibberish, which is what this, but yet a great song. So do you have custom ring tones for one from people call now. I just have a valley, the one with Ngos. A ringers off which is off now lasting, owes us into his buddy.
I rose is alive and well buddy. Guys newest album he's. I think about turn. Eighty two on the negotiating chapters out a new album, unjustly I too, and it's a bad ass our course it it's. He rips it. Hola mayors, but that inspires me to still by every about aging is about relevancy. How are you contributing right like Carl and no one would hear the George Crime was doesn't matter. Seventy five, what everyone does a memories and relevant he's into Ireland? That's what I aspire to relevancy to control beard to mankind, to my art, to everything, He's all I'll never be like. You know, Someone says who's that old dude, I'm not doing anything. Based on what I'm aspiring to do that there is a right right now: because I will be to my best ability relevant, that's an interesting perspective, because it's really true, but something that people don't think about. You know it's like, like rock stars in particular. No one looks at me
Jagger NGO, wise guy still doing it, because when you watch him do you, like? Oh Jesus he's still do in haste, I don't know he's yes watching them live as ridiculous by the way he really moves no kidding around like at the oldest thirty not least phenomena is ridiculous. These seventy seventy something cereal shoot loads in the hot models. He had a baby bristling, that's my stage name but yeah yeah. Is it that's my band? How do you have that state name, that's my bans name, I didn't licences so I'll give it back to you. My apology, Bruce Springsteen's, another one, Springsteen's sixties, right away. I saw that I saw that show and I my job was on the floor. I could not believe this coordination is Broadway show it was one of the british things that are heavily for turns to Morrow. If Jesus Christ and he works
I believe twice a day every day. Does it really does yoga any trains with weights and civic, fine, Mick, Jagger Shitless as a sure, there's yeah, but I mean like recent right go to tools. Gotta tools to the right and then go to your time and the Rio that's all. I know they say right recent see if you can find a recent one there's a lot of pictures of him was close off. Jesus Christ MIC provoking shirt on the hot model. Interesting man there's. That's why Sadia there's always exception there far right when you got there that's a mother, not Mick Jagger son of a bitch, forty with the beard. I know that for sure. So that's they all this. When I seen ok well,
either way the guy you crazy. What is Movements are what's amazing, his voice, as not, I think, is still amazing. Where he moves. Yes, it's blue at it's so beautiful. He does a lot of yoga pressure, goose work out, Mick, Jagger, work out cause he's incredibly disciplined apparent and then look up. Barnaby Jones Reunion, just out of curiosity, come and look at em. Look it up by their takes up yogurt. Seventy three vega I was already dead. I should take up aerial yoga. I guess you're doing it on the ground. Didn't work firm enough. There were not enough in it. Take it to a new level that just ridiculous, incredible Mick, Jagger Diet and Exercise programme live long like a young, but if we only
as I was just in Thailand and when you go to the bathroom right by the toilet, they literally have one of those garden. Causes that you'd wash car with play with the days those peppers, necktie food. This kind of the latter that your creating d, like this, just let's be honest, It is not good enough. You gonna need a hose down, so everybody funny. If there's a guy waiting outside the bathroom, to explain that to you, you walk out. He says you you're, probably a little confused but toilet paper analogous plan of nothing. There is something I put up on my instagram today, but a sign that I saw. That said, please don't pay on the floor and, unlike how many people have to be on the floor before you, ve put a sign up and says: please don't be on the floor,
the way of your personal peace on the floor. Are you really gonna go? Oh, I was going to now, I'm not at all. I'm stopping the early executives like, please don't rape, but the truth is about floor. Paying it p ends up on the floor. Some does some does for a dude for decades now nothing. I read that. That's very honest that I read that I agree with some guy said, because a smartphones, I p sitting down much more than I would like to admit. That's a fact which I represent about that. Here and there was no sit down like wild stake shit and if it doesn't come out just p and I'll read my phone just read stuff, you guess no, it get it look at people with their phones. That's a whole thing. He had a problem of funds as a tool. No, I do not, but as a avoiding being in the present, I do yeah there addictive their addictive, the very addictive and by the way I gotta be honest
I don't remember the lash out. Were somebody didn't pull out there from the last show ones when we worked understand, I'm Pierre someone, even if it's one person right? I can't even remember somebody not doing that and that's the alt that so disrespectful one of things I did before my last Netflix special that I filmed in April was. I am one on tour for three months where you had to use those phone back did those yonder bags there a giant, fucking pain in the ass above away. I pay a lot at Largo and I would just make an announcement and that, if someone does you could come out I mean some people just feel a gay, but I gotta just answer this text yea about just gotta do this, but I a big family is about, but my responses, yeah yeah but I'll, see you later yeah, there's a definition, but where has is that? It's a big pay me ass, those yonder back, but the show was like ten percent better, because no one had to
and you sit there and you would actually be connected to the show people a durable border forgot. A focal point mood would have about this. What forgot attacks come limits? I characters name and I have one You'Ll- have a name for the care Oh, I M not alone that stand. Toby, Toby, ok told Obi this Toby We ve got a telephone call. Company are gonna, leave the show to answer the phone doubly which buyers caribbean movie is your favorite, for more focused, huge, identifying and one of the reasons. Why did it? Because, because shipping was tell me how much enjoys it and Hannibal Hannibal handlebars tell me how much enjoy using those back to. But another reason was this woman complained that when she went to my new year, show that some girl behind her maid to Separate phone calls and was saying happy new year to people during the show. During a show, she's like this stupid, fucking bitch was making
phone calls, while the show was going the way I've I've been behind in front of next to that person. That's a crazy thing to do. Me your Anna performance alive performance in your calling people in talking them or even answering the phone and talking on the phone, but I think if you have signed with a stern language, saying you'll be no. Pain on the floor broke out, but I gotta be. I really respect my audience and I really think that that would eliminate the handful of people that would be duty near most because I plant life go a lot at Largo. They make the announcement, and I have I have now First seen. Anyone during my show my those exceptional, that's an exceptional place yet, but but you can create an exceptional, I guess in your audience with by respecting that I certainly agree like it's like you know, when I go someplace then what will stamp on my hands. I just go. No, no, no, no now we know stamps on my ass, the dormant,
usually says. Let ok really we do not look. I don't really drink alcohol so, but but like if I go to the barn order drink the guy's gonna, look for my stamp point being as fuck all that I gotta, have respect for beautiful bicycle festival is likely to misleading. Also when you go to the bathroom and they the sinks mind sinks, where its and says your aunt, even though it doesn't always do it, but man, those those ones. Are you push down and they get ten seconds that so disrespectful wrong wrong wrong really wrong to mankind. Your bothers me: what's really wave your hand, nothing and it gives you a tiny little strip. A paper will stingy asked he's a paper drier hand away, but the second Gimme, a real fucking piece of pay low at any rate, does powerful new blow ones. Now, there's no good! I dig him. There was an article that I tweeted about those things. What has promised like shit dust in the air for people with Syria by by the right,
not a promise and the shit does so you're saying people take a dump. Why so weight and then don't go to the same to wash their hands. They just go straight. For the dry or think as its fun and let's spread the shut around. The thing is with that. When you hit that drier dust from that the wind, kick set up. This science can enjoy. Science is too much for me to think that we must promote a thick, listen man. I did know research. I just posted an article that I read that has it. Those things are really unhygienic and then somebody goes a if Joe posted, and it must be Look as he did. His Risa could be very click, baby right. They just got yes, some bullshit, some bullshit, some guy, Bob was a doctor, I'm Tellin ya. Their shit there that might character of Bob was an angry doctor don't shoot me am I right Toby Shit dust yeah yeah yeah. I was on the phone have time time, watchman
hand dryers, sucking fecal bacteria and blood. All over your hands study fancy brow our thoughts, go joy. So I will not be using them anymore, I'll issues, the brow drier and when I touch the thing to have the towel come down. I know that. That's very clean, yes, now no, no, that's not, but at least not Belarus noble, but just set up like this way. There's no women, no winning nobody. You gonna take a dump in public There's no one well, there's also the issue of like becoming some o person, whose fuckin completely crazy sports peril all over their body everywhere. The goats are afraid of everything they touch and then they don't build up immunity. That's a giant issue with with I got going any people who, in an audition won't shaken actors, hand because they ve got That's not my dear friends with how we and now the how it doesnt touch you dont you don't even bang knuckles anymore, whose bang
for a while and when you do knuckles anymore. He's got worse since business he's a good man he's a very good man, I really like that guy lie? I did, but I want to hug. I'm gonna go commitment to give me a kiss a website where you can imagine? What are you notice? You re such a nice man he's a good man he's a very good guy, but I when we get over that because I think it's insane not gonna happen by not, people. I work with a moment does, make any sense to want to change Joe with you, I don't know all your own psychiatrist, joy to change, you're, not going to change and that's with addiction with anything. If you don't want to do it, nobody try the way when it comes to addiction or behaviour. Like always, logic does not enter right. You can present your logical cases to all those different types of people doesn't matter. They got a one,
well he he go so far as it. He puts down a trail of paper towels in his hotel room. Never has to stay on the carpet yet and that no this, I don't want to know this one I think about how we know tells me. I want you to be happy and hotel swamp she's happy once you steps on the paper towel. You know what special I loved as a kid. How we from Maui oh yeah, was alerts. Told me. I told us the other. Ninety goes that we share I laughed really hard at that special. Well, it's because he's very funding that is self critical, every funny person I've ever known. Thinks. There's time examining this best response is just. Thank you. Yes, good response. I'm glad you never do men and I feel that we look when people come up to me and they go you're my favorite character and curb your enthusiasm. What It really does look him in the angle, really really who does all the exposition Larry David. Your pray, bread. I think you're wrong button every blown
When somebody says that to me I can tell that they mean it, but all of them would know the difference, because I say thank you to all of them. No one lives there. That shit people do say stupid shit that did not really mean to they want you to respond to them I'll. Tell you the battle of fame is weird. I learn that when I was at a few that true- and I had this moment where fame became clear to me, I found myself waiting at valet parking with tony dams. And it wasn't like we were even looking at each other or will knock one moment together. I really, to say hello and not cause I'm a big toe. Don't I am a fan or any reason it was just the fame factor want to meet it. Tony dams course not even my Kate, Tony I'm Jeff Garland, prejudiced tony dams, and so I thought This- is fucked up shut up. I say anything he seems very approach
It seems like a very nice fellow button, but that is not here when I was a young man. I always wished that I was as nice as tony dancer cause when ice see tony dance on taxiing, although shows like here, we seem so friendly like why, and I be nice and friendly when we weird, if, as you get into show business, you found out, he was a prick, but the truth is I ve, never never. At a bad thing ever say there was a fist fight with him at the calmly store one night. A really I long long time ago. I want to say like this before my time start their ninety four, so someone said some stupid him somewhere back the day and tony dance was approaching? nobody's area really good box. He actually took a profile in between taping taxi driver. Taxi, rather when he was first season and between first and second sees a news offer, a few months is like fuck I'll, have a fight, and then is what am I doing actor now? Is
and that is something got multi with them oil, a man with whom parliament, when you see someone like that, given your fight, you know whoever approached him really. There were times when I felt like it's just not worth it yeah, because you, you lose, would actually have every person. I you lose. I don't care if someone calls you and nazi where a kite any bad word just move along the other reaction right leg, just some people that would come up. Do you Jeff, Garland, hey? Why don't you, like you, fuckin, think, you're funny, because your own caribbean matter ever like, maybe once every two three years but you're the continuing the character which is now but some guy who's that, We know that Toby Elder brothers and ass all just math Jimbo I said no, but, but I just have one I don't get into it. You know what you think of me None of my business that includes fame of people come up and say things. Thank you. That's the right thing to say yet again
and then you want to say to them. Sometimes- and you know this one could you move along because age, stay there. They just stay there and its really where there was a due to the convicts, were scared, the hell out of me. He told me how much I meant to him and then he D leave and then he was telling me personal things about him that we're not repeat them, because I don't wanna you don't let him run at item but he's there Tommy things are going. You're really scary individual and I want never have said the words move along, but I actually moved along into an area he couldn't enter. Animal was bind the rope you know by the cars or in the bar in other something to get away any still tried. You know,
Skilled people get crazy. You know what bothers me sometimes you'll be in the middle of a serious conversation with some another tat, their tellin, you somethin, like really intimate, and some of the goal we're very bad pop up up up up up rubber. You, like word to Tony just tell me, suicidal in the middle of a kind of early ass, ripping right up in front of a bus and yeah give a fuck. No it's it's it's a big bowler wrong. It just because really just be respectful unkind. Anyone it comes out means respect for and I'm going to anyone- comes with me as an asshole, I'm kind thinking noticed hungarian and ass all digital because they are either you're an asshole you're, not you're, not, but if you have a couple of drinks in you, don't know what to say. Other works, the number one rule with someone who's is drunk too much but telling them that their drunk that's good, saying: hey man, you drunk the amen, I'd. Really I don't. We talk too drunk people. Not always it's the it's, the only goat.
There's, no other go to win that situated drive. I guess I can do so because whatever it does it really plows into your ego, and so I just make the quickest connection and get out it's a good move. It's true, but I'm appreciative when people come up to me, I'm appreciative and I treat them the way if someone I dug specially comedian, if I told them I dug them, I treat the people the way and the more the warmer and the more interesting the person is the more I give them of myself. How does that? David handle? It he's not bad, I'm a big billy Do you know about that? Tax system goes through because it was I saw him become famous. You know He was right area he created Seinfeld, but that still wasn
the pain that he has now. So I saw him through curb your enthusiasm, become truly iconic, so he's head trouble figuring out how to people want to take a picture people. You know How do I do it and it's always changing he's? Never an asshole is really want the greatest common shows of all time. Thank you on oversight and I have to say the new season, we're about to foment ACT October, the storyline, maybe my favorite and its really subtle and fun, it's like one of those things like a why it's like. I think people watching it will feel that their living a fan, and after the first one airs, I'm happy to come back and talk about it. You're wanna mean here just that premise: Where we're going is delightful. I love how each YO gives him sort of Carte Blanche. Still I do you not take a couple years off. Do it the fuck. You want like yeah somebody great yeah for Larry. It's not about the money Ralph CORE! It's about. Can I do another?
show that makes us different than men. Shows in history, yeah and he he only wants to do good work and enjoy himself otherwise, there's no reason yandah an hp, always smart. That way there genus there I mean look. Anything about this, the show Sopranos Fuckin game, throw Now they are now or how to let us show our show they. From what I understand they give lot of notes on their pilots, but one should become a series. They cannot leave you alone. That's amazing, in, whereas when you're doing a network shower from other pay sources I've heard that the notes never well when I was an anomaly radios, the easiest thing to ruin with notes Can survive notes comedy, cannot because it's like the doing com like. You know that the dominoes- and if you take one,
and just move in a little to the left or the right you're screwing up the whole thing. That's very good. When I was on his radio we weren't successful, and that is when you get the notes. We were so my friend Lou Morton, who is one of the writers he would shirt every Monday after the reins would come in with a number on it would take a white t, shirt and write it and one day came in the numbers. Had eighty eight I go fuck dude really goes year were eighty eight, unlike fuck goddamn known as I remember years, right five five years are the point bring. Is that was an hopefully successful show barely there are rarely may lose the mayor that pretty great now know for sure it's definitely better than being cancelled. But the point being is that we're never hit. So we always got notes. Constantly getting notes like we need a gay neighbour. We need a black eye, we need we neither this. We need that we needed
of interest. We need a fine watch that show, by the way, the gay neighbour in the black guy. If that was the name of the show, I been that's probably good night, yes, it can gain a guy learned extra gay neighbour and if the problems that there's a lot of sitcoms- and I don't want to name names- but I watched them- and I know they're very, very, very successful and I watched them and stunned- I don't understand it's like their speaking, a different language. I dont get it either. I don't I don't, but I watch comedy. May I think it my erika, I think, there's too something going on with tired people know you're gonna, something that I notice. This is something that recent to that audiences now respond to what they think is supposed to be funny. Like real comedy fans, Doug NEWS, radio, like people Doug Comedy, I think Doug NEWS, radio people did comedy dig curb. Do we have other kind of fans to yes
but I find that Carmody fans really do get comedy right, but everybody likes to say they. Comedy or they watch comedy, and they meant the very sense of humour right. So I find there was a show are given example, and this one was like the specific and I don't care from slamming it It was these something in the girl in the apartment be near the bitch in something being. I was led actress very town. Did, but I watch the show and the rhythms were this is What comedy is it wasn't funny? It do a natural vibe to it no reason for me to keep watching it, but it was done. Style that Others shows have done since, where the it is our comedies done. This is the way we spend a line or do situation, and I dont know why, but it always of involves a lot of that that putting the the the spy
on the ball or what is it? dancing in English, as it has a lot to do that, because, even if you watch. A lot of Nickelodeon shows are Disney shows they tend to do that. They put the spin on its never funny enough. Just to have here's the thing about comedy tv comedy. I think for the most part you're supposed to be enthralled with the situation by situate, so the situation, Lucy Guy into a situation there, and you love that Lucy dealing with the situation, I really. I bet in the entire your time, Lucy ran on. They ran on the air that there might have been twelve great jokes that she said in this situation, you're laughing on how she deals with the situation is very good and you look at any great comedy and that's where this its Larry David Deal where the situation- yes it's it's so am. I by the way, what thing Larry and I are very proud about. With curb your enthusiasm if
about says something funny to the other one cuz. We improvise. We laugh So these shows you see why people say these lines written by writers and then the audience laughs if it's on stage, but yet the actors laugh at one mother raw rises mainly sense, so on a lotta levels. It's just not right, and then there are shows now that I've watched for made Five minutes, where my, I cannot believe how there, how terrible they are, and yet their successful huge success, hugely successful, I'll get it yeah. When you guys do a show, you don't really have like a fool script, in terms of the way it was very tight outlined, we have seven pages. Ratline Larry is written. The story right and in story may be a half dozen. Things are like he says this, or she says that you have to move. The story already has restored purposes, not cause it's a great giraffe and then I play
at every time differently, unless I'm told by the director or one of the producers we have a meeting of like we need to get this across this not come across in I'll, make an adjustment but in general I try and do a different every single tat I so crazy in how many takes we do well Larry and I just ass. He and I alone and seen it we can. We can to have a scene done in less than an hour, but if there's a bunch of other people could be three hours, while in the ideas just like this is what needs to take place, we we have to figure out how to get it across the fact that the referendum, it is broken and we're gonna have to go by ice and who's gonna the eyes I don't drive by the ice rather than you are just talking it's more in depth, That's the story is really there, but yes, how we approach it, and sometimes can change that. That's one of the reasons why the show is so good because it seems sore Ghana when you guys are talking it is it, but that's what I We don't rehearse as a major ursule, the gold bars
don't even do a lot of rehearsing, but I have to stick to the script. If I want to improvise on the Goldberg, I have to let the producers know not to get permission, to let him know this. Take I'm gonna do something different and I have to let me follow actors now, that's it I am already odor adjust to go from two different styles. I will. I dont know that it's difficult, but I find the curve your enthusiasm way way more, enjoyable sure, but I'm really proud the Goldberg just The number one show on tv that families watch together. So I'm very proud of that, and I get why people dig it it's, not my style, but when I watch it occasionally I don't watch a very often I get why people dig it. I'm not confused the shop right rather than on a mere like these other shows we're talking about I'll, be confused as to why their successful. Why they're on their but other one
I watched a watch modern family? I get why people dig it right, makes total sense here. So it's it's much more enjoyable doing the curving, its energy and all that, but I still dig the gall birds and I also dig the crew and I did the people I work with. I did the writer, so it's a very positive, wonderful experience. I'm lucky amount. One of the most popular network, Comedies Amanda. As popular alternative comedy has yet to be so lucky dot. What, by the way, I'm grateful. I keep on doing, told them every dont say lucky so much rises. It was a tailor because grateful because I do we have something to do with it, but not for me, though standpoint ran like I've worked hard, I've done this I've done that. So I'm just incredibly grateful you're lucky to. I think I'm like by the way what, if I told you, I'm not kidding that duties not me so much. That might be the only thing
disagree with them on yeah, no shit now lucky is good. Now, Roger Roger Dog Daughtry always said be lucky, and it's just. That means no matter how great you no matter how much you have to do with this, or that, if you look at it that you're lucky being by being humble, is a big bullet. The apple, the combination of being competent and being humble. You can't beat that being aware that you know you could be born in Ethiopia. You could have been that funny, I'm in the middle of nowhere yeah. I know to be fine, big. I'm Ego Eagle S, worries me and by the way I was ignorant another one time to think I can eliminate, may go you can't you just gotta recognize it when he recognize it and keep it under control. What you say: hey man, don't major Yacu, without sums are going to have to do something and as I'm thinking about it, what I say yes to this out of an eagle move. You know of doubling dynamic, yeah yeah. I think that's what
The one of the main reasons. Why actress I so much is to try to keep my body imbalance and into not in terms of the way it looks, but so it doesn't get in the way, and I think that a lot of your bodies, imbalance than that, helps your mind. Oh yeah, that helps your soul for, shall not it's not vanity thing. May now that's about it, as do I definitely like looking good while them, but that I think that's more of a respecting yourself. That's it! That's a self respecting to me does deftly that. But I think gum how new body, which is weird, was aware, because that's about something that people more people generally love they ain't going to the gym, but they go. You feel it your best when you're exercising That is amazing. That is awesome. I wish I'd get out. For a week. Just let me Brower for a week. I'd. Always rather nap anything My avenue stand up, I'd like over
over napping. Sometimes eating not as much anymore, doesn't make it's not a big thing for me, the more so I'd, say, sex and and end up and stand up and spending time with my my boys that takes precedence over my boys are eighteen, twenty two, madly in love with them, and so that takes president's. I rather be with them map yeah by women there another when they were little taking a nap with them. I wasn't haven't yeah as a new iron and they relate laying against me. Goodnight nurse yeah. That's the pleasure of having children like having to these people that you love more than you could ever have imagined Levin someone more than by the way. That's thing like one: having a kid there about to have a kin with its wonderment. I dont say oh you know, because you can't explain it by its truly a thing that you can't exe Wayne and you only sound like an idiot when you try going or yours,
It is no. You can't tell me, are you to me and its sole bit much bigger than I ever could have imagined it's a day for one thing that you can ever imagined, like you become a different person to this like a litter, the does an actual switch that seems to go off and the chain of course away. Let me just say something because you know people at nine people where, for whatever reason, that's, which doesn't laugh amazed day. The most imports in person in their own lives. That's why it's weird and it throws me and that somebody I do not want to be friends with now and so people that are bad parents, that don't like their kids. It's unfair area unfortunate. It's a big bowler wrong. It's such a it's so sad painful. I think there's certain I mean there either has to be levels of sociopath right,
love is, I think there is to me. I don't know anything about the topic we must, but you see people, people sociopath behaviour, yes and yes, go! Oh, ok, what's also the business that we're into did the best draws them, while for sure they want the ice to do a joke about it. That the problem with actors is that they have this. Big hole in their sold at the need to fill up with other people's attention say not me, I'm different nuts, I'm up here with a microphone right, or by the committee, and I different than than for the most part, then act we get as you also know that to be a great actor, you can be dumb as Iraq. Oh yeah, he only argues it's the only art for misuse. A little take up something something? It's the only art form, and I know plenty of real intelligent actors, but I know some that are so talented and if I could never have a conversation with a might be thrilled
be amazing because they're just so dumb, but when the time comes and they said they can become that person They can fall into that role and is holding something wrong with them. They could do Wayne Fishermen has a bit about it He now less you for just mentioning wean family impediment love him, so that a pilot with them Whaley back in their dead, he's gay. So fine very views are rock man. I've known him since I'm twenty years old, I met when I first started doing comedy I why we're from I'm from Chicago, but I started, comedy I'd, move deplored or with my family, South Florida from the same little town in Protocol Plantation Florida outside of Fort Lauderdale. We did it together twenty years ago. Ninety ninety eight a thing it was something that was his last
right, but love observed, he had a bill that he was doing on stage once about actors in groundwater stage. Dude, you put it. You said it the way. You said that you said the rat because, like also he's free right does, he just doesn't have notoriety he's not worried about running into these people that he talked shit about. Onstage sea can be free, it's like he was like it's not normal, to be able to cry on cue. She's like yes, you can cry on cue guide. Cuz, you're, fucking broken is something wrong with you by the way, that's another change in the world of stand up. The number of people who still and started from the comedy boom when people were getting set comes yeah actors saw this and they went. Oh if I do stand up I'll, be discovered, yes and
so that's brought a lot of people that are truly comedians to Carmody here, which I can spot and there was a dude its bottom. Oh, oh, oh my god. Yes, there was a good land battery who was actually funding and he was actually good and he said if I don't have a second, I'm quitting at by next year and he didn't any quit. I remember his name who got I tell you off there talk about an outline for no so, but the point being is: is that, If you're really a comedian, it is so part of your dna is so part of who you are like it's not who I am no comedians, it's part of who we are on a deep, deep level, the passion and hearing the comedians truly have four comedy and that's why I look get up
comedians. As my brothers and sisters of you're dealing with ego, if you're dealing with your act. Are you trying to get famous if you're dealing with the competition that I got no part of you when you look at me, you go Jeff Garlin. No choice, but to be a comedian. Then you're taking on the same wavelength as me, because I have no choice. I have to be a comedian. Here's some people get very, very resentful. Those actors, like resentful of em there's plenty of room, and I remember some famous actors trying stand up. You know if not, I would try and end the eighties, like I remember Wishest, what's her name she was shown young, oh yeah yeah. She was coming into the improv an irony I'm trying to do and stand up was, but hers was full of shit. So I was the only one they're doing to help her. Everyone bent over backwards, but he wasn't sincere and she did it for five minutes, but they like being
a famous woman, is beautiful yeah now, but the point being is that people forgot about anyone can do whatever they want, but do me a favor if you're going down that path, don't screw me with your negative shit, he's she's an interesting ass, a writer whole article about her and fame and her struggles with it, and you know you people forget she was in the original blade runner. She was phenomenal actor so beautiful stunning stunning, so good to mean just so. I also Georgia probably was a variant, urgent woman and there were flaws in her life and flaws in being an actress and thought by the way being in the public eye. Is not especially now with social media. Is the opposite of a walk in the park new, you are. I am not entitled to any privacy. Not entitled any alone moment right, I'm walking in a part I'm not, and that saves me to look at it that way
yeah that I'm not entitled to it, because if I want to be alone, I'm all day my living room reminiscent my back yard and look up at the trees and the breeze man. I can't see the breeze by computer breeze, but the point being, is there there that worlds of any privacy for you in the public eye gone, and you know, when I met like a restaurant or the airport in the Thames E people come with a microphone. Say a word: why help themselves that crap? then they turn off the MIKE, and they know that at this point out and I'm very friendly how you guys don't what's going on- and I know some of them, but I dont have the right to walk through the airport without them. In my face, that's part of thing. The element of demand ever get out those, as you say, something stupid people get mad like any border. Only thing you get out of that is saying something stupid and people get mad at you, there's no winning theirs.
What time, what you're gonna say, some the Thames IE and people going to watch and go. That was Oh damn and cyclists possible. It certainly possible. You can be found that is its iron shod. That is such a long shot is alive. Specifically DMZ yeah Bourdain got a shitload of death. Rats when he was at the airport, and they said if you were going to cook dinner for tromp and king, own. What would you serve any said, hemlock, just a job he's a funny guy something funny and nobody that thing you there's no winning yeah snowing, because by the way he could sit at a dinner party right here of someone's offended and their tool right yeah. We could say that by the way you can say that in a room full of eleven Republicans, yes, and they will laugh yeah your opening yourself, your sale middle world? That's right! So I say anything. You know you can as my comments about things that go on in the world.
I know I have us an answer that will not get me in trouble. That's the case today with how many rights a euro yourself up to the world, not just opening, how about never when I went stage, was ever in fear of going down a path ere. I would say something that was wildly inappropriate, not while not an appropriate. From the standpoint of taking a risk, but just as my sense of humour doesn't go way to use certain words like. I don't use that word, not guess. I'm scared of anything, but I saw I saw people who that and do that. It's like that, like Michael Richard, go richer: the permanent nets that, by the way example but about you, know when you lot of stage- and I think it might have been Tom Papa who is standing in the corner. He went up to my went weird crowd: having no idea that is low.
Was over, as you know why, because by the way, I'm ever being furious because certain, people that came down at him on the news like the next day or to work. People who I had heard say worse things in their stand up and they were talking shit. They were talking stuff. It's like when someone swimming in a river of shit. You know throw shed on them. I agree Let me use women. There shall have a good time you chose to get in the shit, you know, but I'm not gonna throw shit. It's loaded wish how I felt with Roseanne you, no one roseanne by. Why do you need to say anything else, except She really needs some sort of help and some hours tat not like oh she's a Nazi arise, a person nano. She needs help, See that's the whole thing. Why do I need to women? are they weren't steam or any of these fuckers come out? I don't have it. Twitter account, because I also now just like DMZ how
till I say some, the pisses somebody right, but there are people and I must say in their names and I want to get into a thing who will come out and go, that's not the way to behave, or you ll. Let me like I do. I need to say rapers. By do, I need to say calling a successful accomplish black woman, something bad is bad No, you don't need my comment. All these people twitter think their comments. Necessary only dad into this and will be part of this dialogue. Now words, virtue signal in itself Everybody. Now that I know the riverside I'm on the right side, it's a bunch of what it was that we were going to assume that making the right choice. I want people to assume because they're not gonna, hear what my choices. There's a guy was a journalist who was angry in saying that the lack of below back from other can,
Indians about Lucy Gay that that they weren't screaming at how horrible this speaks volumes and other what's that, I know what you're talking about that's what speaks volumes about this dude? He doesn't know what he's talking By the way should anyone disrespect to woman demand my knowledge never show we'd, be sexually forded, but women are in an appropriate way, no doin I say that we need an and say this is wrong. Now it is I'm telling you this is, then no gaze, I know of nothing. I know five days of coming out of him now admitting that he did it. Not all it was crazy. Like denies. Guy was accusing all these other communities of being pieces if shit, because they are not wrong. There and you dont need my pink condemnation of Zaire, if someone's swimming in a river of shit, I do not
to throw shit. No, it's like what are your requirements as a person when something happens, if there's a mass shooting, do I need to stand up and say that that is a bad thing right now. It's obvious that was about that I do I need to comment on everything that how then we need a common and if that's the case, learn action. I can do to help right or is it just commenting? We're does nothing nothing, nothing oh really, you're letting us know. That's I'm saying these. Certain individuals and I'm thinking of two and particular who I know and like both of them. Kids. Three about their three of them actually can one, I don't know, is well now, but I'll tell you afterward, ok always in these situations say the obvious lawyer who wouldn't believe that, and I get furious missing one of them's, great old friend of mine and just a comment every time and it's like yeah, I have a friend does the same thing whose accomplish stand up in its always. How do we were this without givens kind?
It's always about or anything that has anything to do with women like you we're standing up for women, but while I knew I lives in hell right now, he lives in Hell. Is marriages shit here literally hides like he's in hell, he's in health, we have some monster. It's amazing. It's amazing there, but it s an amazing though it is just like they just almost like he's like like when I do. I comes difficult down the line, which is definitely come like it so I want to have the kind of guy I will have a rubber conversations with my friends drinking coffee hanging out sometime, Even talk too loud in a coffee shop pays tunnel shit. You have event, but but I wills another by the way here, the one you know the worst possible you could ever hear comedians at the funeral. Come on guys what comedians are saying to one another. It is stop that would be on forgiven forgiven, but it's just the way we deal with Greece
from those such while. Its also the inappropriate thing at that time is very funny to someone like you or I very, very fine? I was sitting right next today fully and we went to the Mps and fill Hartman had just been murdered and he, nominated for an m any loss to this guy from Frazier and Dave. Looks over make us the Fox guy due to win then great and we're we're like cry and see where drink in words is so bomb doubted, is death, ruin and Dave says that he says like atolls Tray faced with the fuck, I have to do to win well, that's really funny is in the mobile. Was just about. We say the most inappropriate things in tragic moment. To make it, I left the majors lab, but I'm not going to say them on my twitter say them to other people by the way. Any time I have ever tried something sort of inside with someone not on the inside and terms of comedy it has been
A disaster is out of her every time. How about you? Are you don't even privately like like with a party or something. What about with your kids pair your friends are errand, The biggest fight of my wife, I looked back over the years, are when we either went to the principal went to the meeting, we went to the open house as something I said. Yes, I have never loved parents gave me one that you couldn't get, mad at me for was, I convinced, our tour of a school that the building was Hon I'm working on it that was kind of funny you freaked everybody out, including the school officials, so yeah, inappropriate you're in appropriate Jeff, Garland, more big ball of inappropriate, have to be, but but but it's sort of we get through life, we many ideas and ended the thing. Is we
wired alike- we are, we share, dna. Yes, what we share, something where a brother and sister had worked together. So member coming off stage. This is like a classic one. Coming up there Caroline doing a benefit and not come after waiting to go and stage collins on stage colleague and he's fucking eating. I'm thinking this crowd, sucks, fuck them, but I'm gonna go do my best to benefit some guy comes up to me and he says I can't wait to go up. I go thanks because this guy, I'm gonna go just know you're talking about my brother, my brother, there is standing up they're doing that the unit complementing me if you're fucking with my brother, that's what I told them, because it's too true right. We are together. We experience something, but that's what I'm saying there's a uniqueness of specialists, and not everybody is part of that everybody is an actor trying that means a lobby for areas a lobby or because their ego there
The singing voice made wasn't good enough. I'm just saying its line and by the way, the Well that I have problems with almost no our true comedians yet aware. It's a big brother, like, like we're, really when we're together, you know it's all never it's always eagle people and it's always people that are doing it for the wrong reasons and by the way, not me sitting and judgment. It's me getting what they give me and by the way I dont have conflict with them. I let him you know, that's a male. In a long time ago. That's ego to put my shit on them right, but I drive home feeling sad so I enjoy doing I've learned to not have complex, took, took away, for what I would disagree with something I billet fuck you, but that fuck, you doesn't anywhere. It's like the same thing is like when something happens in you complain about it on twitter, but we are not changing. Let's talk about change. Did you read about that girl from Sweden from Sweden? Maybe who
a mere playing with the guy who was all sent Afghanistan. I did read that this morning I have now. Ribbon more. I had the guy was belongs to forded informed now she knew when he gets back. He's gonna die. He's gonna be murdered this guy. That was our out is what is the stock is only read the headline of Ireland, the whole store so she's on the plane specifically bought a ticket knowing that he's being deported to she didn't operations and activist she's, an activist. But I dont know what she's done in the past. All I know is she refused to sit down and at a certain point. There was a soccer team on the flight stood up whether there were other people who said we back. But there are also a lot of. Piece of shit. Down you're, making us late so he's going to die and looked at her, putting yourself on the line and she was ass. She and the guy who is being deported were finally a score laughable. Because she did a research and a arrest,
I told her that the captain can have them both taken off the plane and take off any time. So The the story was that he was being deported because of ice. As I do, I see I didn't. I only read the windings of the Rhine, Jim so, but he we're deporting him and he was getting it sent back to Afghanistan where he was going to kill us the Vienna. Where time when we will have every time there was a story. I was reading about some woman who was devastated because her her. Daughter in law was being deported and choose a trumps porter and her daughter in law is being been in United States her whole life and being deported- and you know just couldn't, couldn't believe it couldn't you know, came over Here- is an infant. That kind of thing. When you're in illegal aliens knowing gives a fuck up. You ve been here for thirty years, your women alive for thirty two, then you get sent back and that's that's a disgrace really is a disgrace
it's a horror, but it's a horrible thing and the like will want to choose for transition. This young girl, young girl, believing so strongly that she bought a ticket, applying and then wouldn't sit down, but what happened while thou, but if the guy still get sent back Does your care, but she's yells teach it did something. You did something, and maybe you won't know you don't know, but that's more than just her putting on her twitter account. This is not right, wrangle being deported. This is so actually doing something behind. So I waited I think that doesn't injure somebody else, and it can inconvenience as people, but nothing More than that. What if you had a layover, though, had a big provide away? huge, I'm I'm on your side and other from the fields sold out our no. I don't care filming ethnic special, no film especial! I am next next spring,
So when you did me down with a gull bergson, curb I'm going to do in that book, special so a year from now, essentially somewhere in the range of the witness, summer or less than a year does so when you do that, will you change your approach where you have an outline like you do in curbing like roughly know what you're gonna talk about, what I have stories and things I've been telling on stage that meat coming out of me so we'll tell all those, but I what I'm doing three different locations here now lay and three different shows Sega film it here I'm familiar three shows I'm not doing a big theater, I mean I, I played big theatres but I'd that doesn't help me for a special just the typical come out to the big applause. Do my deck goodnight every, but right now I'm gonna actually Tom, but can actually directed viewed it was his idea, is found
around during the day and then how my day comes into my show that night for a lot, but I have some prepared, but between three shows I should get enough and hopefully to be in it, trusting thing, that's what I aspire to do make something worthwhile an interesting as opposed to billing. My ago I don't care courageous Sumter, my friend I am It's too long in coming, and that I am, I'm well to have been here. People ask me like you know. I don't really know Joe. I go but the first chance I get which was the other night? When I saw you where was like? How can I do the thing I really want to and you're like yeah, you know it was. It was so simple, but people have said to me all the time go on the show and I'm like yeah, I well you know, but being busy like yourself, it's not like that.
Cartoon or I have a list, call Joe. You know right and so did it we dead at work, and I will again any time you won't do it. Yes, it works. It was an honour. This was great. I had a ball, I enjoyed it yeah. Thank you, Mr Dimas. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you. Thank you. Jeff Garland, these gentlemen. How racked love that do thank you, Thank you to the cash app download it for free for the app store or the Google play, store, use the reward code, Joe Rogan, and you will receive five dollars and the cash app will send five dollars to Justin Brands, fight for the forgotten charity. Thank you also to stamps dot com go to stamps, dot, com, click on the MIC at the top of the homepage and type in J r E, and they will hold you up before. We try, plus postage and digital scale that stamps dot com and J R and last but not least, I think
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