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2018-08-02 | 🔗
John Joseph is a musician, author and triathlete from New York City, most famous for his work as the lead singer of the Cro-Mags in the 1980s.
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round awesome dude is unilateral marathon runner amado me that is a travesty he's a beast is a bad mother fucker given up john joseph the will gain experience my love john joseph how're ya like i'm excited and i'm excited too for i think it could set a nice precedent because so much fuckin toxic energy between regions non visions even if we're just joking around people get so fuck and angry and it's not necessary absolutely i mean where's the humor ways the comedy i mean the other thing is i don't sit around call like i'm not defined by what the fuck i eat like they do stewed showed how come you a coil of a vague and i might cause i do a lot more shit injures eat plant based food
is part of what i do but dont you cost of a me are vague and right i practice tat lifestyle for sure but i don't call myself vegas does interest i would say people say you know i had you lay out i don't like to put any type of cereal laid label i myself and if somebody says you know to me and push the issue mike i'm more of a hurry krishna back to yoga person than i am a vision you know even though i don't wear animal products i don't use animal products i eat a plant based diet one hundred percent but to call myself that just puts me in some you know some she'll follow it's you no the vague in or whatever the fuck you know it's what you it seems to me as i people always searching for an identity and if they
have an identity that no don't carnivores on the carnivore diet which is all the latest trent right and then people give really hopped up on that that's all they want to do is talk carnivore died two did the difference between what's happened right now with this carnivore diet invasions seems very similar to me in that their very into the identity of their food night not their food choices but certainly into the fact that this is how they identify they talk about it all the time just think this for this pitfalls in that there's like traps people fall into where they locked their identity into a group and this is what happens with visions it happens a hunters it happens with republicans happens democrats it just becomes a group and then you automatically oppose people the other group and you have like you have a conflict with them you have hate with though do we the more walls we don't need my nose and i m tell you were really gotta for me and i started doing this and eighty one before anybody i came out of in costs
nation i came out of abusive forced arms my father was a professional fighter tried to murder mama beater continuously irene find out you know that i will i will concede that of a rape from him on my mom so get unlocked hit in the streets and in meeting the bad brains in nineteen eighty and seeing them and who day was surrounded by it was a lot of fun people who were into very metaphysical stuff so i got into the yoga and i know you been doing yoga nachos so one of the first tenets of the yoga practice which slams all lettish all this label shit is hombre mass me that i'm actually it's my identity is spurred saw it beyond anything in
jerry world any label you want to put on yourself so that's really where i come from with the whole thing and i think the toxicity level that is existing now just because of what people fucking you know choose to eat i mean i have my issues with certain things are being done because a big of the condition of the planet and we're not being good custodians of this planet we're in charge for kids in future generations what's being done now there's industries that are destroying the planet like you know some of it is irreparable damage being done but i really keep it metaphysical with everything i do and who i help i mean i'm working on a document gee right now here thirty alive we'd hard core fuckin ex cause i just did twenty twenty five years thirty years if i go in there china oppression so
vague in to them come on common adam like fucking i go do this is where i been i've been where you are people help me and i'm here to help you we didn't start out you know we don't you say you know we said in our point will not put you on a plant based i would you gonna you tell them don't wear leather for can choose don't do this don't you know holding even when jesse and beyond say is never enough ok they went and didn't you know they said vague in right ok we were practice in a vague and die would do in a thirty day being it so what did a vegas do attack of operator where fuckin leather and its you have to be able to fan the spark so if you see some goodness in someone you have to be able to fan the spark not ro water on it and ass the problem that has been done is people are
so judge mental because they ve built this walls the walls between them that it's just for finding i was telling the guys i train them this morning we're doing this thirty life we keep anderson in whereat the amity foundation where these guys gap old and i said look there's two types of mentality in the world they d be mentality that looking for the sweet and a good and people and then there's the flies and they look for this shit i said when you see shit on a sidewalk and a dog takes a shit or in new york you know a human takes a shared and within a matter of fuckin twenty seconds theirs eyes on it motherfucker so china roy with the pierre may which i love bad brains positive mental attitude which napoleon hill hr coptic from napoleon he'll think and grow rich and all those books on self help and it was a key told me no matter what
come stances you may be in and i was in the navy i did time nor for fucking smuggling fuck up catching cases came out took took no the over going back to jail and i was fuckin up i didn't know what to do fuck out of my mind hang out with henry rawlins in macao and all those guys in dc hawk was seen in new york punk scene and you know hanging with john belushi on feared at night we were the ones tat breakfast said a saturday night live and just in the club just doing crazy shit and he was just told me in our whatever you may be gone through a life if you keep a positive mental attitude you can get to anything so how am i gonna criticized people just cause you you eat meat or do whatever it's like you know some of these people are hardcore christians and it's like you're supposed to say hey what you know hate the sin not the sinner or whatever the fuck got whole philosophy deals with i mean my point is
trying to knock down the walls between people and unify people so i think what you do good is you you are a very positive role model in terms of hard work in terms of your your your mental fortitude and how you approached things and i think people need that and i think one of the things that go on our right now what social media and one of the real why people will attack jay z for in leather shoes even though they're of either the looking to stand out there looking to be virtuous they're looking to be the person that's more virtuous in the person pointing a finger fuck them and is all always lot of fat people who aren't this fuck people who aren't that should never say fuck people cause people right are there are just like you the human beings in everybody's on a different path tell me why you believe the way you believe tell me why you think the way you think and i'll tell you why i think the way i think and i bet will find common ground and that's what human beings need to do more with each other the problem with social media gives us them this unusual platform to get people to pay attention to them
ideas maybe their ideas only mean that good or maybe the ideas are very obvious you know like you can appoint someone hey man you know you shouldn't say this word hey man you shouldn't do this thing because that we decided that's a bad in a word decided that's a culturally unacceptable anymore now everyone's gonna attack for that very reason instead of describing how they feel makes them feel when they say something what makes them feel when they do things where what's goin on their heads we grow relate on ground people just want to attack and it's a big problem with what's got social media is way too young the new thing and people are using it and he's really fucked up ways they don't exactly know what they're doing while they're doing it that i even aware of the effect of their printer what's gonna have that's way of so many troll did somebody mean people too many people just try to get a rise out of someone they're not even aware of the this process their setting in motion they just know they could push a button watch something happy they just go and who when i'm in this
this is a lot of what's going on today i mean some of this stuff is is destroying people's lie yet was if i can do a nato data realise that you know it's it's a shame because like when i was growing up we didn't have social media there was no motherfuking internet there was no none of them that you know i remember i had the first pager it was fucking you know jack ethnic that's all i wait any man no internet everything was you word of mouth then if you wanted to catch shows if you wanted to do this if you had a beef we somebody you didn't go on focused social media and talk a bunch of bullshit you fuckin up to the person and you said a hair i am and what the fuck let's let's deal with this let's talk about it talk it out but now you got people buying follow is in do is just that is you know
it's just the most toxic environment in a lot of ways and it's a shame because it could be used and that's why i never post negative shit i try to use the platform make light i shit not have a stick up he asked is too many people that do even the plant based vague ending and everything so fuckin serious unlike you might reach more people if you like that you know lightly striped lighten up frances located if you see you meet me how to do what you did write a book called me this proposal i tell ya out i came by actually i got attacked omelettes acer mouse you wanna talk about destroying people i got attacked more by the vague in feminists without book farc and try to destroy there is a real pansy body cause i've room puss now first of all and then she she went on a blogging call me a massage in his dick i said yeah like mythology
but you know commune massage monistic scumbag in fucking piece of shit not aside his head i just wrote hey any of you ladies that bought this book for the for their fellows and it helped them please fucking holler at this fucking woman and tell some they shut her fucking bog down and then she we maniac and i say this call germania issues will people on her the weakness and people and you dig this and then i say we have we the saying on the streets in new york back in a day don't start known and it won't be known tat you know but the thing was i'm gonna tell you had a book title came about because it was a woman actually carom rinaldi from harbour collins wave what happened was i was training crunch aaron drilgoes issues he my trainer and he's got me to all my
i am as everything else and fuck and broken up personal injuries all this shit somewhere i was working at crunch and training we him and then another person a friend of mine all the five points guys used to media you would see them all they had a ring on the second floor so this guy was doing pad work and i'm telling him hey you know i'll listen man you got a fight coming up man get on the chlorophyll get on the weed grass get on you don't eat as much recovery food you can add gonna fight inflammation so some fuckin mameluk way fuckin nineteen eighties tiger stripe pants vulcan ok you know you ve just took everything out of context and any like europe working people don't leave me the fuck them pussies and i'm like yeah you got like fifty pounds on me but if you want to put some headgear and and get in the ring i'll oblige you he's like what don't eat meat brow and then the funny shit what the whole book title was it was gonna be called
the girl green road to health fitness sense haunt gravity here is a partner attire early goes mother who are you doctor i'm gonna do blood clots joseph sing from the crow mags they want the day will end and then i say yes i said yet is motherfucker was like the same fuckin people i don't eat meat pussies unlike move duties pa being seen as dick and for continued he was overweight noted set us that more focused pussy any site you all you know what from a bag her face and outside our own ominous we're does we're pretty fordable jamie shed do those really is so right away to work and emails and accessibility of the view that way you're that's how we started and then we are agent dan we got hooked up with this guy
dan from i see em he's i met my business partner in hamleys i go that book is fucking dog man i think we could get a deal within a week have for office so you wrote it first yeah rodya first and so was the thought process behind why didn't you just had a lot of shit you had just want to get out get why study writing under robin keys i wrote my memoirs furs interested story i fucking that guys like my guru for writing i i took i took the story seminar twice he's fucking amazing i mean brian cox's for tray over him and then fucking in adaptation fuckin brilliant spot on so and you know i've actually became friends would rob with mr mickey i would he smokes like crazy three eyes yea smoke cigarettes like a fucking i'm not a writers doom year but not during the class so when he had the brakes he would far can do like to three serious i said you know my friend as an organic green tea extract company and the poor
officials and that is going to counteract all your fuckin smoking shit that you doing so i gave em five bottles and then every time he would come he would have his people call yo you know like i've mcgowan get him to bring me some more green tea shit did he quit smoking i don't know i haven't seen him in the problem as it gives them a charge you know new tropic char fires up your brain yet server smoke a cigarette man i smoke like crazy i used a small cools in lock up in shit like that but they give you in spofford and and when i went up state it was cools waggish quit i quit cause i started box any lock up and they would have us run this fucking hill called suicide hill and i will be fucking puking and i was like i got to quit fucking smoking so i quit smoking before they used to do smoker fights in the lock up so if you had a beef with somebody you went into it is room was explained smokers to people they don't know if i'm smoke a fight means you just have
beef with somebody and you could just draw on the gloves in and go out in and as long as it's like reasonably within twenty pounds overweight did i get here although a lock up i saw people much bigger people fighting much smaller people in some of them guys i mean i was not good i got i would fight the bag dude which is beat the shit out of me because i'm back you know i'm irish i don't quit man i was in and then you know i learn more of the the sweet science and you know when into the navy and and quit smoking four box idiotically equally smoking for that for that reason but when i was locked up i didn't quit or almost to the end because towards the end of your sentence they allow you to go home because they want to re integrate
two back with your family or whatever and i never grew up with my mom so they will send us home so we would take the carton of cigarettes and open it up very carefully open up the cellophane cab please why the cellophane down and put joints inside a cigarette packs slide it back up gluing closed the cotonou cigarettes and asked how we would get we back from the visits i was a smoking we come back out a nobody's says that was an thank you so that you know that was the process and you know so that's why that's why i quit but that's the book kay i had a lot of shit demons inside of me from what happened to me may my two brothers was of pretty severely mused in all kinds of ways and his forced a home physically mentally sexually abused by the order in a home it was fucked up and i never told anybody but that was always something
no matter how much i lived as a month for two years a hurry krishna monk nothin cure that fucking anger tat was inside of me that i had to these people for what they did to me and the secret of like go is fucked up to say yo yo you to do from the streets you had nigh fights reporter regan i got shot would it twenty to enforce part south asia does i got stabbed and entity i'd say you're the small fucker molested me is what it took a lie add me too to and nobody knew it cause i never talked about it and i took me he's class and that was the turning point because i went up to him and i was writing a script at the time based on what happened to me in the forest the home the kids in this mean play we based what what happened to me in my younger period of my life
i never told anybody what happened i would use avoided but damn when i wrote i started writing the book and i was taken his class and between you know parts of his thing when you went on to break you could walk up to rob me can you say scam questions so i said mister mc key as far as protagonists who was abused the kid any stop me right there any said listen stop right there said mc gowan everybody uses it's a cliche you know abusive children to develop empathy for characters we could otherwise not give a fuck about it's not what happens to somebody it's what they do as a result of it and that's the fuck enlightened mine and i mean for years i would sit down it took me seven years to write the evolution of a crow magnon and i would get it out part of the story and i will lose my shit and break down crying like fuckin uncontrollably because
happened to me and my brothers so i just skip over that part and i would never address it but then you know he gave me the strength in a lot of ways to be able to say hey man you got it he wrote in my book was so i have his book and he wrote to me he goes john always write the truth and that's when i knew that that needed to come out in the book to cleanse myself i've been two years on crack eight thousand eight hundred and eighty eight to ninety crack pills you know doing whatever getting shot out with ok off if tease robin deals i had tea away that was kayo us at a time kill on site i was i was a fucking maniac i just didn't care i actually kind of wish subconsciously does somebody will put a fuckin bullet in me we're doing rattle lotta people get molested yeah almost act out to the point where they want someone else
do it for them because in a want to i was definitely in a lot of ways that's that's what i was doing but when i took his one day seminar help me so much cause it's really like he's really like a fucking guru in a teacher man the man is amazing if you ever get a chance to take the right mickey story seminar to three day seminar i took it twice any does workshops but the story seminar i just walked out of the after the third day is ten hours a day and you just like your fuckin you you like speeches like what the fuck did i just variants it's incredible and in that gave me the power to to go and tell my story the right way and the amount of e mails of people that received that will i go that shit was done to me thank you for having the courage to tell the story and i mean i just kept writing after that so even the media for pussies book was you know it
you read it its tongue in cheek on our current there's a lot of dude that eat meat that could kick the shit out of me i'm not saying what i'm saying is if you can t you to lead a sedentary lifestyle and you eat this fucked up food that's out there that they're putting out there that then knowingly putting out there to fucking poison you because they're tied in with the pharmaceutical companies it's a racket it's it's it's not a conspiracy has been proven that this is what they do and you will become a pussy dependent on the pharmaceutical companies to keep you alive if you if that's what you want then this book is now for you put it back so you got into hurry crispness and you got into this whole consciousness trip from the bad brain which is crazy like think about that like people would assume like you think of the hard core seen you think it a drug in violence in tattoos and not us and you are getting into debt so tell me about that how'd you get into hard krishna i'm gonna tell you so
initially my first in my first interaction with rastafarians it was nineteen eighty so i went to my ship was going to jamaica so when you go to any shit when you got here you gotta any port and nato you down domestic and they show everyone you go here you go daddy like they show you these films so when we get ready to go to jamaica they like it gonna use in its these like military films from like the sixties if we're gonna use oh have sex with a prostitute make sure you use a prophylactic and then the next photo was a fuck erastus are you with smoke common at every fuckin orpheus set and they like and under no circumstances should you talk to these people there just gonna try to sell you drugs so far the first people i will well i got off the ship presiding hang out with like any you to do
so my ship i got the fuck away for i was the only programme i was wearing sex pistols destroy for can t shirts they look at me like i was already into punk rocks in the seventies so i get off the ship and i'm meeting like twenty seven year old fuck and dread dread dude i gave em on what you need i say listen i'm fuckin smugglers some we back i want to i want to get take custis other sale at told me yo you go in there and you get them to take you to the carving shops and they carve out the fucking statue and they pass the lambs bred in air and the statue and then i had a hook up with two officer the guy who did the watch and count did so say every fifth person you got search so i was always avoided that cause i we hit the dude off with some we'd or whatever the fuck was so when i went to jamaica it i asked his kid
soon as i got off the boat now there was no hotels in mounting obey nothing it was just you took the ship the ship anchored out in the bay and you took a boat in and landed at the dock and it was just like some in ancient like crazy shit like that you would see back in eighteen railroads or gas sailor port and in this do we see this court in a fucking shit my go like french fries and barriers at the time michael what the fuck you really what is their shit he's like i'm on his collar loo and anarchy and he's like mine eat this young live to be a hundred and fifty to ross i was like really i said let me check that shit out took one hundred and forty four and i just was like disgusting actually things like at our dude what was it it was karla lu lu lu collar louis green it's like one of the most nutrition like your collar green yeah it's a collar green it's like they have a dab means down near that dont really wrong
anywhere else so i think it's like a combination of care and call agrees and anarchy is like this fruit and it looks like it's yellow it looks like an egg almost if you eat aki when is not ripe you'll die you you get poison is this type of thing like when the fruit opens up the it's like a red fruit if you eat it when is not open you will die really aki google poison you and then and then he was eating sea weed and beans and anyway so i went up to the hills i mean i don't know if you like reggae but do fucking love ready sir do you know where peter tosh wanna dreader alive do you know where i came from now ok i'm gonna tell you so bad
and i think it was seventy eight this cop they hate the rastafarians in jamaica by the way cuz it's a big christian the christians invaded that place and just fucking turned everybody into dogmatic fucking thinking people you know judo you know the what what the white man does everywhere caused by you gotta be my religion fuck everybody else this is what's up so they did idea so what they call the jamaica's what iraq it is called a jamaica's who don't grow not they call him ball heads man in all alike by molly crazy ball head so what they do with these guys a cop try to kill aroused foreign and rise to foreign killed a cop so they put a bounty on every single rastafarians wanted dead or alive you could kill arise stir and drag him to the precinct and collect a reward all the rest is flared up into the hills and it was called the
mean bay killings they just started killing all these rastafarians it in and so this guy let me up into the hills and i met these rosters in nairobi dramas in all that shit and the guy had the actual cause it was only like two maybe three years i had to me going there nineteen eighty and i got to meet ideas cats desk five that shit and they had the news clippings in all this shit so tat was like my first exe variance with the whole rusted thing and then i met debate brains one night at first a guy in autumn cat came down with teenagers and untouchables that was henry's whole crew first i know him he's been i am pretty good friends we're going on next week tell him i so was i went out of work and love may only too he's a fucking great human being is based air yet he like when i split the navy he let me state his house and i was eating his food and then after a week at him going to work in common home is foods guys agora giant i get the fuck out at all somewhere not air
but they played and then a week later ah i used to go during the middle of the day a car in maybe it angola happy hour and walk it in an owner comes out he's out you gotta see this vulcan banned you gotta see this ban on my i go i'm goin in his i know you we understand their fuckin blow man and give their incredible i go upstairs and bear brains are sound check in and i'm dislike what the fuck is this and if you haven't seen a bare bones i tell you to best video to watch nineteen eighty two c b gb got the whole set up there and if you mean i have your ship blown away just watch that so that's what i actually sold their their manager acid i was selling ass it happens but that's how they manage i sold him acid but i've got to talk with hiv
he started telling me about this pma shittin and i and i told him yeah man fuck and got out of jail and the navy cos another case they offer me military here we go there's them with their hair fuckin amazing dude will get us taken off to think here play we re seeing a he's a fucking maniac he does a back flip perfectly on the end that is one song at the movies and lands it perfectly ssc bees in eighty two while i was in there and i was there roadie as in high school so i was actually live in as a hurry krishna monk at the time in hawaii when so how did the howard kristen well i'm going to tell you ok what happened was day had so i talk with age i say yemen it was really because they will all from dc but they talk with patois acts that yemen gonna arranged mom we're gonna run into to egypt again you know so i be
someone down on my ship pretty bad and i got quote for a drug case in norfolk so i knew that they was trying to persecute me and you know send me the fucking prison and i was like really not gonna have that so my ship pulled out and we will go into like shell back to south america and i had this they are zander basically under arrest goes to fight it was a severe in case for the drugs i soldier on the cover cop outside of a club call kings had in it nor forgone hamden boulevard it was day did punk shows so i sold him lsd and he was undercover cops i got arrested for that and then that was passed bring me my god my shit we go out to sea is one redneck kept fucking with me any was i give new york faggot and night is unlike dude chill
like you don't know me like i'm not fucking would you just let it go man and he just wouldn't let it go so i trapped him in the in the paint lockup i was supposed to make and i beat him with a fucking paint can in the end and soft tissue till he showed his pants dna arresting me said i had to have me on the fuckin ships arrest all this shit and i got this bad infection the men of acme off the ship back to roosevelt roads poor rico and they forgot to say that the arms both should be handcuffed to fuck em bed and anna they cut dating send those waters because this was pre computer so to paperwork i fucked up there amy my my idea in and then they sent me back to norfolk and then i was just doing all much
and so they just didn't know the years whilst being cars free air they didn't know that i'm supposed to be awaiting court bobby court martial whatever the fuck and then a civilian case too so then i did i did it i was in mitchell which is tpu transient personnel union waiting for my ship to come back and they were going to deal with it then so i was there for like i don't know like a month and a half in the end they will like yo your ship the dude i was cool but he wore me those yo your ship is is fucking talking today and i was like a fuk i got to get the fuck out of here so i just packed up a couple things and i got on the bus that used to go through the base and then roll out hampton boulevard and it as i'm fucking day at already pulled in and as i'm pulling out the gate in the seat the fucking master at arms of my ship the police are right there at walking across
treat to fucking nimitz hall to get me and i just shunk shrunk back in his seat but if they were looked up that was it i wouldn't be here telling you this story because my life would have taken a much different trajectory so what happened was i went up and i hitchhike which is ban on dead from new york this don't ban bobby steals www awol gear bobby steel was an original misfits so big day played nine hundred and thirty and they gave me a ride back to new york and i get out the van and right there on avenue a one hundred and seventy one with motherfuking hr in the doorway with eric
didn't lived he's like rastafara i am like fuck and what happened was they were playing a show a couple days later and there's a big puerto rican gang that was right there that didn't want them hanging out so they went in there one night and that i mean they take kill people i'm not going to say the name of the of the fucking game because for whatever you know i but i'm not trying to allow them like that but they will hide the largest heroin cocaine spot in america the feds busted the bus to damn knocked down a building the whole shit alphabet city was at a fuckin controls or nobody to beastie boys would add at night nobody would fight these dudes back and i was on a fuckin kwairyo which is a girl a biscuit you'd think you got crazy shit act and i said to j doubly who was the engineer to shit i was i go let's get these motherfuckers man in his eye to they kill people don't fuck with them they will kill you and as i can come on you fuckin do your park rocky supposed to be fuckin tough
if i can get these guys so they call me down but when i got outside to do tried to stab me so i blocked the knife and i hit him with an elbow and pop pop pop knocking down smashes head off the car next thing i know for his homey com charge anatomy oh you white mother fucker trying to scare me and i used to wear a chain bell and daenerys henry we are used to wear these chain belts with a quick release a bike chain to fight people cuz in dc would be the marines with falcons or the rednecks would beat up the punk rock so i got in a chain fight with these models and i ended up so i go to run back into one hundred and seventy one cuz i lost the chain and one of the beastie boys slams tries to slam the door on me to keep me out on the street these muhfuckas want to kill me i push my way in i got stabbed in the shoulder and then they put out a kos on me they would like we're going to get
i'm a nobody would hang out with me except for this once crazy russian street fighter kid named james conscious as to only dude so then i said i couldn't go down alphabet city at all they will wait near with fucking guns in batsy like we're gonna killed i do but because the bare brains were black day carnea squash it over sir but i went up there to face emanation around me like fucking dude was i grave fuckin off me and darkened arrow darryl doxa guitar our basic came running out yo yo yo yo yo chill joe and they were like you know he was just stand and not by god came near john s day of everybody you would have done the same shit and the one
dude's name was crazy eddie and he got i think he got murdered now but he did mad time and he just looked at me and it was that moment of the standoff where i didn't know what the fuck he was going to do but you just goes out of all the white motherfukers over here you're the only one with heart we ain't never going to fuck with y'all again just don't hang out outside the storefront cuz there was gigs at one hundred and seventy nay does we're babblings play beastie boys and in a bab raise let me move in and in recorded at first on which i am sure from babblings greatest
i call upon out of all time the rocky set the lightning bolt smith i was there for the whole recording in and then they got me a job and this is where i couldn't incomes in how we always come full circle but so this punk ban name the dots who put out the first bear brain single jimmy quid was in a ban any put out a single called stay close to me and pay to come and veni worked at this help restore store so they started given us food and asked when i started changing over to the diet cause babblings what you a child would be like you don't eat the fucker you don't eat babylon food you got to eat ita to eye telus vital'o low tat can be fatal took meted out as i tell amaze pure of pure play based food no no oil no fuckin saw its oil yeah duties district it's like
the forest like avocado oil get cocoanut now like if you take coke or not and you and you fuckin shredded down so fine at the oil comes out of it that's fine but they don't do processed oilers does a different thing when you press sister oil if you have health problems i would they prove new forks overnight then it becomes tat a toxic oil should abide body and if you have any kind of hawk additions stuff like that you should really of way so anyway what they did was they got me they were smart because they want me to give them free food banks he got me into health whose door and do as i do hippy oh he dude hooked up with such an anonymous swami it was called pronto foods and his eyes were you do karma yoga when you first come in here and other words not gonna get any money you're gonna you can eat in its karma yogurt good for your karma so ran out everybody in above all enable it i was i go i'm working to self was to come over and get some food so
batteries would come a load up groceries i work deduce bars given our focus sandwiches did his tie enabling due to sit near watching me and after that ended goes excuse me did did any of those people pay for food i go now man as their com a yoga is shit you talking to me about is like you're on salary as it tomorrow do not give me more food it was like i worked for a little while and vinnie took me to the high krishna temple on fifty fish treat so i kept trying to defeat is due philosophically like your book and he knew the whole philosophy of debate is in the bag of our gdp is where all the yoga or the august suitors and all that comes out at a blog about gaeta and probably put out the biogas idea as it is which which the original vagabond gaeta from india and i kept china too few de retiring why did it all the time every day i re vagabond eating sri my bag of a time what do you think summers who sohmer what's
so much so morass so morass that is a drink that drink on the heavenly planet it so it's a beverage on a heavily plan is dead they get in toxic intoxicated the requesting is like what's in it there i don't know no one knows these elements you know people say you didn't use my phone all the planets on mike what are you fucking mamaluke of course this life on the you think you're the only fuck and life in the universe come on man well that's one of the things bugger gaiters is flying crafts and assume as one of omens vs some someone's one of the interesting things rather and so my date it's some service psychedelic concoction but nobody exactly as they think it might be a combination of several things they think for sure cells simons in it but they think it might also hashish that how she might be in here i mean it is these elements in in the upper planetary system that brahma
ok all these different planets in this in the solace debating strategies much different then the western astrology so they talk about planets way above earth you know that where they do when you today teach you the bug about due to their what are they describe so massive they called it so morass in it that was a beverage des drunk in heavenly planets is not available on the earth planet is is the demigod strength so morass endemic on other planets that's the only time people dream get a marathon you have learned she d shiite smoke d gone genes tat i did not know you know they put to ashes crematorium on their bodies and stuff like that but there you know that's the thing about these four principles the krishna when you live as a broad majority monk which i did in its no intoxication at all no one no eating a meat fish eggs nodded at night
gambling and no illicit sex i was actually of one hundred percent brahma choice celibate monk for how long for two years and i try and martial arts in hawaii and hills with this one black dude who was fuckin fears and he was a broad majority to so we would train and completely celebrate our getting up two o clock every single day in the morning i was in bed by eight and training and work in hinges china he'll maya my soul but dad came back cuz when i first was going to the temple i wrote i would write down my questions are know going to get these motherfuckers tomorrow because i was reading good krishna more deronda like i studied eyes i saw all those guys i went to see krishna morty speak and meditate i was i was just eaten it up like once that light came on metaphysically
twitter meditation and a yoga and everything i just went full fuckin bore into it so it started from the health food stores because i warrant or guided and then a signal rally whose now the drama for the unseen he still plays drums he was in the dark he was in turbo hide your mags a bunch of bans in new york and he just started hit me with questions what i think this is what he d as i know man and then after given me this book a game it his book all the signs of self realization and i read it and i was like dude this ogre master ac bogged even onto swami prowl pod i was like i gotta find out where is this guy and he said oh he left the planet in seventy seven but you could go to the temple and see the whole process i was a girl i want to go and i went and they had this ceremony and is called greeting as deities and end the song that gets play george allison plays base on it and i was i call it was from the brahma some heat and i was
i just was attracted to it everything i know in my life was pain and violence in just fucking crazy i mean you knows i saw it was pathway to some sort of an escape from the pet the trappings of your past it was a pathway to enlighten me half way to peace absolutely peace but so the most fierce warriors and what i love about bugger bulgaria spoken on about a few between krishna juno juno was chechnya christmas this line is this sombre comes from the warrior class and if you read any books on wash arts they to tell you the martial arts originated in india the original martial arts school all in india and at one point anchored sharia chased all the buddhists out of india they fled across the himalayan into china so this is actual history that eat and you can see where the marsh
spread out across across the planet but you know a lot of it a lot of things that are around today originated in india so to me dat really was always in you know i was a street fighter around even you now with some going to marshal schools always on outskirts dive and went in train with robin cliff when he had a school in new york boeotia thereby he would he would always b train and police forces and i was the only way dude in class and it was all black poor regions in which came time this body beat the shit out of me i was game fuck erect bye bye blackbirds bible you know i was no lights barn back now nobody sparred louder there was schools victor vague wrong van cleve antagonize she does do doc
other do name row dan who ran his school university a street day would run from into the dough joe liked when he dude and just all out fuckin brawl like even bryan callen his teacher in all these guys train on domestic joy and ate some them joy and he encourage you to fight you are training to fight like a very kind and back there was a big part of it because you had to develop people that could actually perform in competition and one of the best ways to do that was the challenge matches joe likely you talkin about smokers nanda used out loud that an allay up into real recently of the last ten years or so they they ban smokers but used to be able to get your experience in actual fights smoker
and that was a little bit more prepared than the dojo storming days but the dojo stormy days that's how a lot of people got good it said like you have the real fights he would go in there some guy would come from another school and you knew you were going to hit each other as hard as you could it wasn't it wasn't it wasn't really sparring tell you a lot of that spun into gain bonds to because a lot of the work with that were the martial arts teacher this one dude jrh famous he was in the new york times he was one of the biggest heroin traffickers on the lower east side he was one of the first guys to get busted under the rico statute he did all twenty five and he trained all at a dude s soul for him in all his street soldiers wall all more shots so lot of these guys would do in shady shit behind the scenes because that's what alphabet forebears city in the lower side and ass what new york was about i'm actually good friends with time mark
the time of the last dragon time marks father is a highly krishna his name is cosmos i met him in a lay like fuckin twenty years ago we came to a shows i test last ragged year well no he i won't say names but he always somebody that try to do some shit to him in and they black boredom in hollywood in a guy say you never gonna make another motherfucker movie he hasn't got forgetting dude and he saw no let up in a hawk hogan somebody try to fuck hawk hogan yeah imagined she had been around our calls giant human being at nasa is look i'm going to suck your dignities like no brother i gave up today when businesses that this is like this terry crews thing people made monetary crews gives out as is big stud of an athlete who cares if grabs ridiculous what that guy in the head but he say this is a good this system the systemic problem when you have p
that are in power and they control your destiny and that there is a lot of that a lot of their ruin you may and i did a lot of people listen like the whole like it's a you know the whole me too should first of all my mother was raped twice so if some dude is pushing his weight around on a on a female i think that shit's fucked up and then they're going to turn around and fucking fuck these people i say fucking get him the fuck out of there and i'm going to tell you a story because julia phillips in michael phillips date you know they fucking produce one of my favorite movies of all which was taxi driver and close encounters they did all those movies she wrote a book called you'll never do luncheon is town again in the eighties she had to chrome eggs common play in a movie at the ritz they flew us off the motor head tore pick us up in limos she wanted to shit to believe
song i say now if you want to crow mags it's a fucking real show and we're gonna fuckin lay it down we had like a thousand about fans dangled tape rather they do just crazy shit and to people broke their next turn issued in certain movies call it is called the beat but the thing she was one of the first people to put out and expose these fuckin scumbags for doing their shit two people in hollywood in exposed a lot of that in a book the you never do luncheon is town again and when a book came out she was on the set for interview would a vampire and they can and pulled it off to set and she was fuckin blackboard from fuckin hollywood she never made any more foger movies and uneasy pre internet as yet as free internet get away with things are yet i shall just fuckin put up the middle finger to all of em like fuck you sheet she passed away of cancer but she was like a real fucking punk rock a man sheep fuckin took on the system the boys club in hollywood
and you know even a shit i don't know how did she d corey filming of stuff is i know him and wherever boylike she sang is a problem that you dont like one those things why i don't know what to do is designed around some shenanigans but i know that it has up to now yeah i know it i know it goes on something happen it's not just him i mean that the list is a mile long if everybody that comes forth is a million people that are sitting back when i don't want to say anything because i don't want to take that shame on right now me and i was the same day i beg you know you have this rapid whatever the fuck with that's all ego even all of that stuff like and then the person that i was with at the time said you know this story is going to help a lot of people buy you coming forward and and saying what happen you and how you're dealing with it now and that's what that's what i even did i got this new booked appear may affect common out
the whole sheet is about heal in people in him i mean i've helped thousands of people kick drugs can suicide or thoughts and and you know it not that i'm like i'm turning it into a vague in its like dude i'm gonna show you the system network for me that's all i can do is tell you unlike the fuck a male man you know i'm just delivering the fuckin mail to i didn't come up with it but i'm showing you the yoga to plant based diet timidity nation the training caused a fork in training will through all the things you doin year committed in europe your disciplined and that's attracted to people right people look to four people that are doing things they wish they were so they see someone i mean that's all called the personality right they see you they see you you got this powerful
now at the end your positive you doing things and people gravitate there and they want to be a part of that mean that's that's what happens but about but the first thing that i and i said it cause vice did a whole eighty may especially me if you if you just google of falconer vague in iron man is shit comes up they did eighty minute documentary and one or two days i say first office don't say you can't do it you could do any fucking then you apply itself to you just haven't tried you could what i'm doing and i'm gonna tell i go to races desire man's all over the fucking world and these guys show me pitches one guy was fuckin he lost a hundred walking pounds duty was so depressed he was on meds for depression so everything that i'm due is coming out of service its service to help people it's not i come at them right from the same fuckin platform on my and even the way
it is what is a sage you not a piece to nature now throw association are my dominating academia soda hurry you should dig it yourself lower than destroying street more taller than a tree always ready to offer respects to others in that state of mind one can constantly chant the holy names of higher education so that's the philosophy so where does the force ego unthinking embedded in you cause i eat a mother fucking vegetable in you eat fuckin piece of meat or whatever it is not about that is about china help people and have compassion to people and that's something s really getting lost in this world is come passion everybody wants to kick people when their down and i just don't understand where this fuckin sickness came from and i think a lot of it has to do with reality lee in this whole microwave instead fame fuckin culture that exists now it's like what you said they think that if
they put down somebody that's gonna make they're going to gain power from it it's like it it's just crazy i don't come from that i come like hell manless help one another to make this world a better place how are we going to save the oceans how we gonna save you know and you know it my thing is this look they just said the fuckin commercial meat and dairy industries are now the most toxic they are the most toxic of companies on the fucking planet they just fossil fuel with the destruction is doing to the planet so am i eat a little less moses come from it just i just it's it's it was just all alone where did i really it was on one of the main sites like that sources i format
gases from russia fossil fuels run off look here's here's the thing so before that golf oil spill ever happen there was a fuckin dead zone in the gulf of mexico the size and new crazy why all the fuckin run off of from afar kay foes and the farms with the fuckin toxic pesticides the fog in all this shit these guys are sprain round up everything else and end the nitrogen nets in the fuckin shit when these lagoon said have a hundred thousand fucking gowns of pig shit you know it all was draining into into the mississippi and draining into the gulf so if you look i was going on in north carolina right now because i was just there motherfuckers katy swimming the fucker rivers anymore and happening in europe june just had to cancel the swim on the iron man in hamburg because the green algae and all this shit that's happening now because of all the run
if that's happening with the farms and everything is just we're we're making this planet of fuckin toxic waste planned well what we ve done with farms in its gun that we develop cities who have giant groups of people that are growing anything and then we ll given people incentive to make as much profit as possible and when they try to make as much progress as possible without ethics or morals and consideration or what impact on the environment they set off a process in motion that we are many many decades into right now so to try to correct it now we're just seeing the effects and then on top of that there's always a gag laws gag laws are devastating because when you see like one of the reasons became a hunter because i was watching these films of factory farming and i was like i'm not i'm not participating i have to figure out what i'm gonna to do i'm going to become a vegetarian ormond become a hunter i decided become a hunter and that's how i get my meat but when you
see those videos those are the videos that exposed but to the realities in the horrors of factory farming in those areas you and most place you go to prison now we got a federal for showing horrible yeah moral acts that are done to these animals and the way their treated in the way that contained and we're talking yesterday about this video of a pig farms that theirs is theirs is pig farm where the pigs are smash and this place where they can't move at all there on these crazy and then its there's a run off from where they shit in pairs and there's a giant lake outside of pig shit in pig piss and no one who lives anywhere near that could avoid that smell you draw i've anywhere near that areas are horrific toxic smell so it's already gotten to this almost like incorrect able position like that that that business is a toxic business but not a regular blogger joel saladin farm unit you know that guy is nerd whom he runs this farm called polly face farms and what what he does it
he has all these animals live like normal animals like the pigs they're not in these cage is he has them rome free and they said they set up these enormous portable fences so they d take the pigs roman is one area like pigs naturally do and then they move the fence different area and they transport though they did you know a move that pigs over with it so that pigs whenever contain the chickens run free and then they go back into the chicken house and then they try not to have mano crops like when you have marked when you have a thousand acres of we're being set shooting normal here son out plants are supposed to be and then you have to think pesticides on and then when you roll on em up you have to grind everything up these granting machines and everything gets caught up in their mice and rabbits and everything that might be in the in the neighborhood while these machines iran over all that is natural and it's not ass human beings are supposed to grow food its than us food is supposed to be some of these plants or animals it was we interacting with the environment baudouin doing with these
things is making an incredible amounts of profit and these people are addicted to this profit these corporations are addicted these profit they have this car still growth mentality where every year every quarter has to have more that is a never ending they may say and they make the laws and the only last year i think will they have massive amounts of money so they bribe politicians and they use of these these lobbyists and what they do is they get these laws passed it's illegal to film them doing immoral shit and so then you know see this you just go to the store and you buy a cheeseburger you got a jack in the box you go wherever go when you buy these things you get corn in or you get caught sirop in your soda you don't think twice about what what has to happen for that corn to become sirop how much environmental damage has to take place i mean this is that the world will but right now is just waking up to what has been in
motion for many many decking right i think it's really port know is that we're on about health and there were honest about the consequences of our actions in terms of like our purchasing power what we're doing with food we got the honest about all that one of the problems that happens with hunters are carnivores are invasions or or vegetarians is people only want to look at things that support their position and with visions there's a lot of people are there that only want to look at things it support vacant positions in terms of health and this becomes a no problem because they start this using studies that are very shaky they start adding things to two documentaries that our necessarily true a proven and it becomes propaganda and it becomes propaganda both ways see with its carnivore diet now there's a lot of people that with this carnivore died this is the only way to go you know just it all mean unlike like man i don't know
now that i don't see any blood work i see blood work only i talk to worm sean what is his last name shunned the doktor goddammit fuck he's the the main carnivora how can i remember his name what is how let slip my might schonberg sean beijing bigger he released his blood work is not good yeah spot where cyclists testify franz loves us also to action and i just want to say who with a hoss let's just look at it this way who the hospitals filled with that are having procedures for bypass who the press it is being done for people removing their limbs for diabetes is not the people that it's the people that are eating this toxic diet that americans to the stand in american diet and what people have become accustomed to eating rolling up and even these carnivore people let let's just take that for instance
if you do all meet sure your body lead that it might have been on a direct diet we don't know what the fuck he was eating prior prior to that so then you put the bodies a perfect machine so it of at the beginning of when you do in all meet the bodies become accustomed today but you the analogy that i use is that's like it of heroin and getting our method on because the methanol yo i kick dope when i'm on foot and mouth now because the math on down the road is gonna take even long at all and i've seen people that are doing method off twenty thirty years and that's why i love the analogy because the law long term studies of those diets do not exist right now others no long term studies for the current buyer if you look at the blue zones around the planet of the people who were most centurions and people lived the longest they have three things in common ok and is does
lose zones in japan costa rica greece around united states while the top five with them most and then and then california and is the advantage to seventy events so the three things you said they have most in common with the people that live the longest number one they of meditation spiritual practice they do something every day four p m may for positive mental attitude whatever their high power as they do that every day number two they moved their bodies there working there can the farm there exercising number three day primarily a plant based diet they may have a piece of fear in japan or whatever or a piece of meat once in a while primarily the seven dead the event study was actually the best one because it was all from different people with different ethnic backgrounds in the
one thing that they had in common a seven day of man is donnie meat and that's my point with the whole thing you know when it comes down to die it is i just see what what work for me and i try to relay that to people not not be like my ways the only way a new scenario because people people doing other people do in other things in their way there's raw food is does all these different people and the problem is with the fall you go any human being everybody wants to think the glass is full don't try to tell me shit i know it is an issue its intelligence centurions honeys centurions errand centenarians they'd sends an area people to live to be a hundred years wounded is one thing we have to take into consideration you're talking about people that lived already to be a hundred years so when they were fifty was fifty years ago are right we're talking on nineteen june
seven nobody knew shit about diet back then there's the fact right ok so the people they did live that long and they were living this it's almost an accident in some ways are inconsequential like what what is going on today with people's diet and how long will people of did it far more information in terms of both nutrition and what you should do and shouldn't do for your body so what concern with this like what optimized people today i want to see blood i want to see like what is going on with your blood lip absent what is going on with your nutrient levels what is going on with that and in that case we don't have we have just a few are these row a few people or few tests for a few people have done this carnivore died we have some people that
done a vague and i haven't had real hard problems with that day about less just let me just say one thing is to throw the word vague in on something that does not make it a healthy diet and those regions that are blocking a hundred pounds overweight they eat nothing but our i'd told him pizza you say in organic whole food i base diet that's what i roll with ran all i don't fuckin say i think in diet can mean anything but when used a whole food foods in the original source organic known pesticides whole food plant based i that's what i wrote it why don t we ran nutrient dense mineral dance and minerals and mineral ones with people that live a long time one of things you get from a lot of plants especially like rich green light v plans right get alot of minerals absalom in in more importantly if these things a raise and inorganic environment you're getting soil that's not depleted and this is a big problem with model club monarchy see that's the article that just came out today that forty you
years ago an orange was ten times munch more nutritious i think it was i think might have been seen in online or something they posted in article there said the fruits and vegetables from forty years ago were ten times more nutritious then this then the the way there being grown today because like you said rose and rose and rose accents had a they extract the nutrients properly from the soil yes implausible well you know they have to actually nutrients to the soil most atomic just adding nitrogen a few other different minerals but writers mineral we share your pig shit like what now what they do is to get how did i get rid of that pig shit they are sprayed in the fuckin crops in you know well years you're supposed to road a crop right you know morass rotation what you plant next to each other that are extra lama composting but i have a friend
is an organic farmer and his his name is keith anna he farms up up new hampshire and he knows all about crop rotation keith leon forte if you have is a hurry crashing to do you can do that's what he does he has a small farm small farms are legitimately and can have a small farm in b in symbiosis like you can you can be in harmony with the land but man you start your growing in a fuckin thousand acres of corn for cattle feed there's you mean as well be making oil well you're you're you're doing something it's kind of crazy environment it's not natural and this in i saw a ten new jim play with fuckin a cdc in black sabbath in seventy six at at madison square gone i went to all them shows but you know he came on and shit that he was talking i was just like that can gmo crops ok
eighty percent of the gmo crops being fed to animals for fuckin slaughter to do what he called to stoop revisions are not the ones daddy eating their shit that most of the crops that are genetically modified because you have these corporations mcdonald's everyone corporations they want every fuckin pieces to take the same they want every fuckin french fry it ought to be the same so the only way they can control it is control of the genetic markers so that's why they're using all of this on the job of the genetically modified grains and monsanto you know just got bored out by bear they're changing the name cause monsanto is such a big rat by a rat rep if you don't know it by i just bought them now do you know the were of bare from suitable my farm and no prior today they made
as i clung gas that went into the nazi death chambers were that's you know what's funny that that night side go on gas was created by fritz harbour fritz harbours also the guy who created the process of extracting nitrogen from the air so he's the guy the reason why we can grow the kind of crops that we have today is because for a toddler they say the fifty percent the nitrogen and most the nitrogen and most people's dna comes from the harbor method he also created cycle on a cycle on a it was so clumsy well he created zaycon a and they added the smell to it so you could smell this toxic gas so you would know it when it was coming so you get out of the way nazis switched design can be for its harbour was actually a jew and they took his invention and cut out the small portion of it so they could gas jews wa it's dark said joseph small modify learns to harass it's dark
bye bye bye arbour may saved a lot of people killed a lot of people and he wanted to try that guy for crimes against humanity while he was one of the nobel prize for science at the same time as he was also the first people he was one of the first people that a gassing programme where they used it to gas the owl i troops and world war one that was harbour water is a part that i didn't i did know that yeah it's crazy shit so that is how we get nitrogen we get nights from the harbor method when their poor nitrogen into the plant into the soil so they grow plants that's a big part of when you say genetically modified to the big part of that is like we want to think about like labs in science and all this jazz but almost everything we eat is genetically modified including all of our grains like especially oliver fruits and vegetables will you say about tomatoes or orange being different than it was ten years ago fuckin everything stiff because they want these things to be durable so they get thrown a bus
rather and travel plus weren't gonna somewhere else here s the thing i know what they do they take the did the dna of flounder and injected tomato so can resist the fraught how far they do fucking know that real it's that's real so you eat a tomato does it have flower now vegan if you eating gm or share maybe a knotty vague and food you could be in a fish tomato well everyone running is eve you eat plants plants absorb like you there found salmon dna in some plants because plants absorb this the fetish that people use for fertilizer you know so you're getting some of that animal but it's a natural cycle that you're getting it through i mean animals eat animals plants eat animals animals even plants and in this fuckin crazy plans in south amerika the rats right have you seen those they look like like venus i turn it's like a bulb looks like it looks like a leg of oz and these rats they get it
to this sweet smell around the edges and its slick and they ve fallen the hall and the plant close has enormous swallows anita now well well did you know the other thing is this you have chemical companies making you food their job is not to feed the world desire not to keep you helping their job is to sell fuckin pesticides let's let's be fuckin straight up about it so yeah they created what was the other cross genetic these days of vegetable i think it was brought was cauliflower broccoli they dig makes two things in came out with it's a different process what are you doing now and really what they do when they can take round up and pesticides and would it in the fuckin seed brand is what they're doing now and so the parent plant from
growth cycle is resistant to these rights and and all the people that i haven't got issues on enough you listen you know i know you are rich roll on twice he's my fuck a boy's a homey greater dude he's fucking everyone asks me like what's that motherfucker life what's she like in real life on my desk the most genuine fuckin dude you know ever have anything going on he just wrote to forward to my new book the p i may affect me such a fuckin he's a solid cat versus replied tom where was i what are you gonna plants life or say yes so here s head doctors zack bush come on whose adopted this is clinical research this is not speculation is not fuckin vague in propagandists this focus signs and he proved a life say in what's happening now with the good health of got home to such a huge issue everything the bad fuckin disease it starts in the gut and the glass phosphate is
eating through the stomach wall and causing leaky got and all these other physical diseases from happening now the other thing is you have to realise what these pesticides are their nerve the toxins and then the ones that they're putting aside the seed when the bug eats the leaf it fuckin dies so you're eating these fruit and vegetables that are completely fuckin talk where's what happens when they created it one of the things that one of the reasons why they are able to implemented they said doesn't kill people it kills plants and kills bacteria somebody like all five year no problem at all only kills plants and bacteria that's totally safe no your body is filled with bacteria you're good i like terry got as more eco lie than theirs ever been a human being on the planet ever there's more coal lie in your style than ever humans did i ever live more numbers and you need them and need them in the backyard flora gets destroyed by life a say
droid by round that's it that's that's i mean that podcast dead he did that episode doctors ag pushes fuckin it's fuckin unbelievable surprise again of more focused tensions take tattooed out at this point go out there making so much money in people are listening in a somewhat signal to so many noises and they use my word that everyone loves to use the two words conspiracy dear yes to go on but here's the thing once you can prove something in this data and evidence to back it up is no longer a theory it's fuckin fact so conspiracy is high quality and by the way when they implemented they probably did think that they could get away with it they think you did fine they really probably didn't know as much as we know today about got by right that's all new shed at all within the last couple decades as there was already a lot about it written ironies yeah camp cheese fuck me
thanks a lot of the latter yeah drink a lot of computer a lot of him she that's where i get it from primarily gets good stuff i mean got biomes gigantic you know to the point where people make means joking around recent got biome ass i had so much that you know the other reason that i was i didn't know where this whole conversation would go cause i have respect for you as a marsh odd is like i said i know brian the eighties and you know he always talked about you but rich role road you and said that i was up at his house in her that i was coming on a park is and you responded to him in a text messaging said yet so fuckin toxic what's goin on like i just wanna sit down when here is another form of identity part yet you know and and people look there's a lot of people from friends or that of all sorts of dis they agree with things i don't agree with they have ideas that i on agree with me you're allowed to have varying opinions that's what human beings are all about responsibility communicate our ideas
do you know my enemy if you eat plants that's crazy right the promise i plan to aid a shitload of this idea that you know that vegans and mediators is supposed to be enemies i mean i hang our aim just a man to tell straight up by hang out with dudes that fucking fuckin eat mcdonald's like i have friends like look like i said i'm not the fly looking foolish shit you know our charter looked positivity of every human being in some of them eat me my brother fucking my brother eats me i'm supposed to hate my brother cuz my brother eats eats so i can meet you know it's it's it's just like it it's like you said its identity politics and i dont role with that because if in my line of work in what i'm doing which is getting people some really dog fuckin shit no lives like this documentary i'm doing now called thirty to life the shit that these fuckin inmates have been through
yeah i'm i met one guy did fifty fucking years man and he's ninety years old and his story is he's in amity foundation and it turns out he's in this he just got paroled after fifty nine years i got a picture of my fuckin phone oilers issue is story before you judge mother fucker because they got locked up he served world war two in the army he said served in korea in army he had friends fuckin blown up in front of him fuckin don't he's seen shit we can't even imagine into wars korea nor would them off august went to over there with the cold and fuck and i could even we the bodies brody add the fucking stack i'm with you just insane and any came back in and went onto the streets we piteous deed aim and know what the fuck ptsd was backed in went when he was going through it and some shit happen which i did matt he got double life
obviously some really bad happen and i don't know two circumstances but he's ninety four can use all right now and he survived the riots for some he survived insane fuckin shit and unlike yo and he's out knives out now he's when i nearly four can picture of him show me the picture of what is it what is it like when you're out after fuckin fifty year prison any the most humble genuine fuck endued all these guys like like i'd got what we train to do a five k rich is leading the run and and i just got nine gaeta fucking gave him all air pegasus new focused sneakers skies every fuckin tears man like nobody gave a foot when we first went in there met these brothers one to one of the biggest tough the scariest motherfuckers broke down in fuck in tears and was i kill nobody gave a fuck about me may in fact it
you guys are common in here in doing this for us you don't you don't know how much is this means to me and he had to leave the room he was crying he i'm going to show you the picture this cat i mean that's why i do hear this is him right here read that text wow look at him man that's crazy any china hit on all the female camera girl she's like he's a fucking poppy tula nicknamed i lost it or you do sir disappeared ami here why he served in both wars honourably ptsd as i think he said people fought with him on the streets so what a he what
doing with his life now he's in this programme so they get parole to this programme called amy foundation and they serve out their sentence and try to reintegrate them so what i did was when i it aids kip who did what to health and in an conspiracy whatever and i hooked up with paul d guelder i don't know if you know him he's the australian navy seo guy lost his arm and led to the bull shark value we are talking about emu that motherhood carbon fiber he's wanted a bad as mother fucker most positive people you ever meet his fuckin stories in saying i just raised seen him walk around with that fake armor they can like is used billy normal gave me a fucking like i was sitting in a chair and came up mosaic i heard like like the hand am i hardly knew was ripped my thuggish over their hands throng do is fuckin he's like areas areas
y know i had to be really careful goes you know i used to take care of my business with the right hand and cute so crazy media dude a bull shark took his army leg and now he's on the discovery channel shark weak any fights for ocean conservation because if you kill them he'd predator in the ocean in the calling that's going on so i'd i am i contacted him and i go poor i'm until you right now the whole vague and shit is becoming this shit for rich fuckin people and the people that really eat the ones they can afford twenty five dollars to go to avenge veg in all this shit coming this pompous fuckin shit food and knew you'd go to try to have a fucking meal and incite fuck in fifty bucks in just in fucking appetizer and the people that really needed a not getting access to this and i saw a thirteenth the documentary about the prison
industrial complex in amerika you know that so you know what's going on here and also its prison is basically slavery slavery is it is there's a loophole in the law that if your incarcerated and do a crime that you can be put to work and not get paid you get dollar darien they're making victoria secret underwear and all this are the shade it's fuckin craig so it really fucking bit of fire into my ass and i said paul i said all this alone please documentary so they take a vague in and i got big muscles and fuckin whatever the fuck unlike what about the motherfuckers there really needed what did i go through i've been to fucking hell as a kid i was honest region new york i went to i was in the same place much more mike tyson was spofford in the bronx only why during the whole fuckin place fucking when upstate it all this shit unlike what change me man it was this process i said the people that now
this shit there not getting access to us less come up with something and fuckin help these people let's go fuck in hell these due to a common out of prison and then we contacted kip i want to direct it may mean rolled up the whole treatment and and then they contacted we were going to try to put him in an air be you know these do in a house and then we found the producer found elizabeth who's the producer african american chick he's girls a fuckin their money man they're fucking great dawn and they found this place called amity foundation and they like there what are you doing this they do have a mean here they do in meditation drum circles american indian chance so when you were young in your life is filled the turmoil and chaos you
found the hard crystals you found this discipline and becoming a monk and stick into this plant based on training i but you had a baby it became your ideology became your life it became a path and this with a lot of people need they nine a path yet it gives them a feeling of purpose it gives them of an identity an end to me to feel like they matter and as was so let s progress motherfuckers that don't matter and they eat punish you after you do your time that's why they're trying to do date there trying to sign this legislature that's do away with the box on enough you heard about that in california you have to check off a box that you ve been convicted of crime so they tried to do away with that because you you your time he served you're fucking you served you your time you you know you served debt to society why should you continued to be fuck and punished they came and get a job work in anywhere
because no one fuckin hire them so it's a whole so what we're doing is i have dante roars common in he's been in pop game for ever wanted to do was to be a wrapper another dude wants to play guitar i just hooked up with yamaha taken give em good a guitar am all this shit how ronan who owns cross roads restaurant which i heard you talk about alice joe you talking about you were talking about that's travers parkers ease in investing travis but tyrone and is the chef de runs it operates postponement i want a dude for qatar said tell him to come in fog in have afforded dinner they do fuckin every a man crazy food it he's like he's oprah chef dude and he cooked for the dalai lama he's like was looking kind of thick
i don't know what she's never let a plant brings us a whatever the birthplace of the days of the term liquors bar zone or you know you yet but it was about giving these guys facility to china he's their lives and ass what this documentary dirty life it is because i got they told me going twelve talk dirty days you can change my working life that's what i did and i stuck with it and the training and in everything that i do firemen and you know just a mom my fuckin eleventh iron man i'm on a roll currency with chrome mags touring i'm in a gym every day about china be a fuckin you know any power forget iron man dude i still hit awaits hit bags do whatever i'm all about recovery now my an errand to dot dot drug wasn't jog zoo ski runs
cover in new york city some all about deceive act pod and new com which provides in thirty made it you get three hours of restorative sleep his whole shit cause i do it's fuckin amazing man i went up day unlike his fucking guinea pig like all that learning massage school for can trigger point there be everything that he my learning he's obama foggy what new gold and gloves he has black belt she's a harcourt we all tat it up and i just been on this and i waited to crunch cause they will offer an especial and he was he led the boxing any talk kickboxing and work with all the five point guys would all be in you know five points my tie shows a year before that they were all up in crunch you know train then they open up to school but he was there and said ya wanna do desire may started in our train and me from day one to do my first rate
i started with him and in two thousand tat my first raised two thousand twelve new your guy neo guy me so then his whole journey now they open up displace recoveries right of the block the block from grey seize on on thirty a street so they have deceived back pod which take you two elevation increases your to max by like five point eight percent and i think doping do in the eu yo and everything only give you three percent and nanny does the new com so now i tried to test the shit and unlike awry new com it's fuckin word with the wiring in your brain so you put this these fucking you put blinders on and you sit there with these fucking headphones and he has electrodes he puts this gel by the way i have his card and he said you come into your next time for monitoring also another year yeah do so the thing was i tried to fight it and be like now i'm fuckin not gonna pay i'm not gonna go out and this device
abrasions that they design at the sound vibration that's coming through these headphones unlike just trial fight passing out and i just fuckin went out and then they woke me up and they like go how long do you think you bet you are out i said fifty minutes they will like you out for an hour in twenty unlike what and it's just it's fucking bizarre like their learning so much about recovery and now all this all kinds of pro athletes are coming into recover in new york does the studio over there on thirty history all hands those guys henshaws nephew who just one norm what did aegis what was that emma made time and he just one some mom foggy he had i'm fighting he won in a lot of those guys
common in a lot of pro athletes is alot of indifference athletes ago at that go in his own what how does it work and there's electrodes it or puts like d of attends machine you know a day on ice or louie fine pads right so it's these squares and any puts this geo any puts it behind on you have jobs active jail any browser behind your ear here and then the headphones and the blinders but it sending a pulse into body and the sound vibrations it attached to a big machine so it's a fucking little machine like this so it something that we can have you can yeah you can have it i'm telling you man you will bug the fuck out at some pretty act like he's an expert in it like the guy who manages the whole shitties an expert in the nuke on stuff so like yeah he's a value is by the way to ease our yeah just parents are those that writing area of so when you put this on is it on a tight like i know what i over
wake up when it's over now they had to wake me up that the ears of those paths they woke me to fuck up i thought i was awful i safety minister to micro current stimulation step two for new com is too to use a sub sensory micro current catalyzed effectiveness the new comes up imitation say take pills were the two non added and take any pill ok just the combination of the sub limitation the girl current works on the mid brain to interrupt the bodies natural sleep stir a natural stress response research this micro current helps bounced brains neuro chemistry by re establishing optimal neuro trance but our levels you ass usual shortly so that it can swahili is far zombies i should help the way your brain work it's it's insane do and there are the only ones like the only one in new york that doing a new com they d only once in the east coast that have a fucking see back hard one of the universe
to these out here they ve got one and orange county i know in macao was he's not here for a while i see said the got great bother remain who holds the world record try i believe she was due in sea back the pod it's it's fucking saying you go in this thing and its ike you you go you have to work up because you can't just go to level five in an e you fuckin shit will just blood the fog ass i walked all the way up to levy five but how long to take you to work up to i took me like a couple weeks but like what i really notice was wit my running cause i i mark my thresholds and everything so every wrong when i was training foot alas race i do i just did chattanooga half firemen so every run i was doing it's gone in the sea back and in common a duty new com in and i do the norm boots they they have everything at this place recover so like
did just using and then they have this other fuckin magnetic blanket tat fuckin you you sit on it and then is isolation pat on top and it sends these frequencies through your body oh i've done that wasn't what is our call for fucking i'm space and indeed they have that the cradle place with a view to its end they get and dig outcry oh come in now in an it just flush like i've noticed that i can go fuck and heart is i mean i would have to bike a hundred and twenty miles and do a brick and get off the bike and go run thirteen miles an hour might fuck and breaking threshold fuckin records cause i started taken up any athletes who serious about even hands i a it was his nephew as something that just had that fight the coach was like you know what the fuck you doing any common into deceive back twice three times a day and he
i do he's he hid his gas tankers just doesn't run out he's just he's fucking grapple any doing everything any never can tie ease i've never seen him perform at this level so that success is there even this woman she broke the world record i think it was free tea time try or track o role or something this woman cyclist did see back and she and they accused her a fuckin doping that's it the banner gamer physical yo tat done ask talking together they have that there too somethin it does some i've been you know you're always getting her you know that too i'm always dealing with a fork in nagging forget injury you got something now got a little groin issue year so
on the i've never had a race i've got my i got my nose broken cobble iron man i'm swimmin out a shark confessed award is fortunately even from the boxing i knew don't blow you know cause your eyes are going to swell shuts do all mouth we i've my his iron man i ever did was new york city and chrome the drama maggie book the fuckin show this is hard core before so we play too like three thousand motherfuckers goin off you know that all my ship shit we forget lay it down and i'd forgotten my brother come down he drove me back to new york city add a stress fracturing my foot i took a shower and i went to the swim start and i did an ironman in august twelve two thousand twelve fucking ninety five degrees new york city humidity but i was not beef i mean it was ass near ass their actual in your foot stress fracturing my fuckin foot and a thing is right we the clear is that were repressed
that's where my stress fractured the second matter torso any was just and i didn't ass when i didn't take nothing i'm just saying watch videos like david goggins walking for preventing any economic factor pain you know it took me thirteen hours and how did you get it over the stress our after that it shooting beta months it took months and that's why start aweary hope is now i run we hope hope hooker these shoes and there's other big pads giant that's like it too pad what is the boy issue goes down in is not actually but it's this scientifically thy form that absorbs shock from them from the road so a lot of the top had a jackson runs in whom she just fuckin spin
like crazy she told you so far better cushion bad a cushion and when you get in on fifty six so it's like i'm not a fuckin do des recovering so cool as i used to him my twenties or whatever so ice driver fuck with barefoot running shoes i can't manage there's no there's no cushioning i just can't do it will you run it you do a lot of iran samea yeah why israel sometime in new york i live in new york city i am the trail of blue idle trail in central park if i can run around the reservoir but mostly my shit is all in a city in the hope is just fuckin like you know i'll be there text day people say to me oh you must be fucked up for a week after race as like i did conan championships two years in a row and the first i did it to doubt the sixteen i fucking when sir snorkeling with my girl the next day for like three hours so like
the information not their kitten really doubt then on the equipment aspect getting fitting for the by getting right shoes to run in and its it re literally took me you know six years to get child in on uneven nutrition aspect in doing them races cause like you don't want to get a belly full of fuckin jails in all this i share some anyway it's but the recovery aspect of of what i do like i just watched goggins was on a ritual par gas and he was talking about how much he organised stretching out he's doing now two three four hours fuckin and i know you're into yoga lover yeah i can gray and asked what i need to start again back into my girl erica's always pushing me she's i fuck him what me kiosk thing for fucking interval yogi army she bought a ship
last year i still am you know is brazil what you resist like if you read have you read the war of art by stephen shore as this item on fire love it you have in mind i had a mamma how can love had bought a stack as books to give out my guest of genetic billboard things that are keeping your more alive do the work october resistance and the main thing about resistance is usually where the most resistant to things we need the most yes there you always this deep shit that book i was grateful every moment i sit down to write my screen play or my next book irene his shit there you know cause it's just an end for agreement some big into two i went to actually somebody got me tickets see miguel speak da miguel and it was alive changing encounter for me the four agreements don't take things personal do you best be impeccable with your work
and don't make assumptions which i always for i've created wars in my fucking my ashore and an engineer like a dude i wasn't even taken out with a focus your private money that's glass is blocking do is crazy may not dig up everybody just slow down and read some literature on some of these teachers that eu aid for humanity could do some so much better diary press feels great men but what he does say about resistance is so so powerful because there is something that keeps you from doing things that you know you're supposed to do and when do them you feel so much better like why didn't i just do it why did it what was all this procrastination and bull there was involved in me like putting this off and then when you finally do every time a walk out of your class my gonna do that again to morrow i gotta keep this ball rolling is this apartment i gotta get i gotta go especially for a guy like you because everything is tight knows
racing running in everything and then and then when you're on stage earthlings lions crush crush cash crops destroyed you don't mean it's like the thing about yoke is static these poses an stretches and near your core gets debated in everything gets lengthened it's just so our way to maintain we would try to justify a bygone well i do yogurt jim when before you know cause i'll do my trigger point and i do on my trigger boy my offer release all that and then last fifteen minutes my girls like that shit don't count when something is better than enough you need to go now but i remember how i used to feel when i will come out of those yoga classes in eighty one i would feel like a jump over a fork in building and i need any i need to get back to that but even the resistance aspect you know what now doing what you resistant and it could be something like i made an agreement with myself to fuckin straight not the papers
my desk and go to all this shit and am i don't do it it puts me in the worst fucking move shore cause that's what resistance there when you came and you give into resistance man it's like you eat and it could be the small little little thing like you know anything yeah and it just it just urged the fuck out of here mom i go so i tried to that's a good philosophy italy by and you know to have something that's been fuckin with you some things you put not whether it's getting any of our cleaning up your diary quit smoking or whatever it is that having that thing over your head we know you haven't taken care of it makes you think lesser yourself make absolutely sure less yeah an end and that's one thing i tell these everybody i work with i mean literally today and on the motion until i don't try to be like
they say i'm some kind of teacher would have just passed info to these more focus today i had forgotten for people come up to me on a street yo ho jon rich war vulcan aw you advise do love what you do in man you fuckin help me i got into triathlon now quit fucking drugs is guides almeida disarray and he's i go i quit drugs are focused stop drinking that does but it's all about that is what it's all about and i'm not going to give a fucking be like zone in on something and find fault with what the fuck is doing i was like your man props to you dude fucking you know could do anything you know you apply ourselves to enhance really you know my whole thing in life is to just you know and that's where problems did proper came to america and seventys a boy the jolly due to cross two oceans had to heart attacks almost pay away but his tea during india's said to go to america seventy years all with seven thousand in case a bag of a x any kind
aim to america to the lower side to the bowery what's a bottle of accountability humor by thomas was known as the spotless parana its the bag of a time she mario time is in ancient literature in india is called its part of the parameters is called the spot was promised so these ten years of the bull ten kantos haiti even have the he brought the original texts that have been passed down from one teach it to the next and the next to the next in india and they said his teacher body said anthea said you need to write books in english for the world to help the world so he didn't all the people in india would like suavity you know you are you at the end of your life why are you gonna go to america it's a very dangerous play natalie to go to america you went to fuck in new york the bowery they robbed him he slept on the floor he fed people he could alan ginsburg got him his first storefront over their core match
gives and they saw the humility of this person problem pod and what he did for peace how he has so much love he would come the meal serve everybody clean up before he would even eat a greener icy i know had no possessions none he slept on the floor on a map and they saw the humility of hammond aegis and when i learned is for it is a great documentary on him called your ever well wishers on youtube and it's about his life and how he came and you know a charter means one lead by example is not what and i've learned is just these big mouth tat our data talk so my shit it ain't what the fuck you say it's what you do is by your action and your words and how you interact with other people and how you see other people even these fuckin so called celebrities is the cameras ain't on how do you treat people were you know what the fuck is the real poor of your existence what are you here to do and when i saw
proud pardon and you know read all this stuff on him and then started taken up the process i was like you know a gesture i changed my life so that you know for the better though well by you saying that and it kept it was very enticing for people right like the dogs i want to do what he's doing i wanted i want to feel better like he's feeling better that's what's a maze about haven't someone who's the girl a role model meaning i mean you might think of yourself as a role model but by in your life by example by doing things that you should do by being healthy by being active and enthusiastic but you got passionate what you doing about your music pushing yourself about your books about other the exercise and when you do that people that don't per the life they see that may go that's what i'm missing i'm missing cause we're missing so many things in life but one of things people missing as role models for missing someone who they can look
don't go out this is the way to do it in and when you emulate their lifestyle and start thinking the way they think in using their lessons in applying them to your own life you starts in benefits and then that path is down to other people who see you advance like a and a one candle good light like a jaw was that for me like a job then tell me to worship fuckin chios in and i would have done it thankfully he was into the rice shit right but i would see him go on stage and i will see his humility he would it would always say job is the ability of anything that i have i would always give praise to the most high to john rostov far i humble is fuckin hell and the best musicians to ever those for mother phocas appraise by every single factor musician today if you talk to darrell earl and gary doctor no every mother fucker musician out there will be like those due to two fuckin dance cause days
music day were into jazz a neighbor into fuckin return to four we're in john mclaughlin my vishnu docking eighty one was like they call me squids because they met mean and eight yo squids i'm not taking to police in return to fair was closed with kosovo they met me in a navy so squid squid no squids larry's yeah and then and then they call me johnny joe so that's where did john joseph i didn't use my last name is ours foregoing a fugitive for fifteen years that's funny yes the thing was he's returned you for ever is out demi ola lenny white stand clark and emissions chick area ff can develop have shit so you want to go down a mother fucker now listen to return to forever romantic were you want to go down a rabbit whole weight how fuckin amazing these fuck em musicians are or whether report were
these are vishnu birds of fire that data to turn me he was squids this is we learned to play what the fuck we play and nobody could touch to bear brains musically energy on stage nothing and i was cities dues i'd be like what the fuck you into and then the role models that like you said do you know we need good role models yes days in others so many fucked up people that these kids want to emulate today and i see because i came up in new york i worked in order underground hip hop clubs i work for the pope apart i used to deliver pot to order rap stars i deliver pol pot my friend does do me work for tries to use i kill me met boston kommeni club is blue comedian there and he's gonna be fuck and huge and i will show up on my bike and you know you know who forget what stage birthday fuck spell day fuckin chapelle and
and when he did have big did you notice that he put the we delivery guy in all by gear well fuck you dig you got therefore obviously show up i never carried away i showed up would have four thousand now carbon free boat carbon fiber frame and ahead of black water bottle and all the weed bags was into two water bottles so just look like i was a cyclist on a more fucking out on a ride one day chapelle yeah and day day chapelle we do here he blew up so fast mannheim was a guy's name he was publicist i try star pitches and then i deliberately divorce and kommeni club and winning like months you live in some palatial fuckin spot on like second avenue in fifteen in me and i might go a fuck did you for nearly eighty days yeah it's like yeah jesus thankfully the deuce show me the right path in life i've been up in china stick with it
and pay forward that small thing is paying for it pay in the knowledge forward pain go out of my way to fucking hell people i feed the homeless in new york i sponsor a soup kitchen i've done benefits that a ban on it tv causes in i grew up these dog man enforced a home i did this bitch fed us she would take orioles and she didn't like the villain so she would scrape off the feeling is spirit and a ball and put it on green molded bread that was our meal for the day so we learn to scam ass kids they fellows rotten food we were never allowed in the house they beat the shit out of us they was cheap they made us cleaner carpet we toilet bowl brushes new toilet sk as dating want to run the electricity also in kids had to take a bath in the same fuckin bathtub water one after the other so how did we get around that we went to the fucking station and we would fuckin bathe duplicate showers any
it was about survival it was all survival survival even even on the streets i was a heroine mule that's how i survive that i left saint john that's how i got it support right you know the remote rock rock raw rock away beach saint john home for boys rockaway bees ninety seven six on my gun where started getting eighty pop in all there and then you know it was an and i have seen a remains hanging out at a hygiene is sixteen street at the circle and and when i speak from the boys home i moved in with these junkies in his bungalow anear like go go down alphabet city you old man you're gonna carry all the heroin back for us so that was my gig and then he yet the guy up in robbed him in all these crazy she had done i was making fake ass it go into the garden and just fuckin street and then i got into the angel dust selling it far as part of the dome frank guerrillas
father knew who you know frank reloaded actor yeas friends of town year very good friends private fuckin he's another great you may be man frank no courage i met him at college actually like those alot of cool people there and his father he goes yeah i just read this guy's book like you hung out his father was like supposed to be homeless and falls remember this here that used to hang out with disco authorities and bobby bird and all these guys and so he's i go where the fuck did you eat those names is this guy john john joseph viii was a fucking kid baghdad and you know was was honest streets over they fucking sellen cell endorsed at the dome anna so just all you know all that crazy like i've been around all those negative people and try to like you know people this one guy junior nuts in doggie alternate both got married but they would be like take that pipe and go smashed a guy in the form of face with it and i would do it because
was fourteen years old i'm on a fucking streets and you know you try to impress crazy motherfuckers being crazy and i did a lot of fucked up stupid shit in my life then i'm sorry old china right the comic scales for so my work will never be done until the last breath i take in it and its lifetime and i'm trying to help trying to help people and you know what it would buy whatever methods i can you know what would that's a beautiful path man i mean you ve turned a terrible situation a terrible terrible circumstances into a way you ve created now or your inspiring people all the time as very positive mean these did the impact the have one of the things we are talking about earlier about all the negativity that people have online i think part of the problem that is i don't think people totally undressed
and communication i think we're were handed is these tools to distribute our thought and our information and we're trying to get rudimentary reactions and we're not understanding that these reactions don't just stop the person that we're interacting with they affect ourselves because they affect how we feel about ourselves of you right petty shit about someone you dont really respect yourself you you feed have you write some nasty snarking petty shit about someone in your insulted for no reason you know you're insulting for no reason in you feel it yourselves you don't have great self respect for yourself for that and then on top of that the person that you hurt their feelings they might perhaps interact with other people negatively because that is where a chain and they might get they might become the first attack next because they ve been attack before
who so they start acting that way for what it is a lack of understanding that a lot of us have all of us have been guilty of two of the impact that are that our communication has we're not think about it in a comprehensive wide scale look we're thinking about in terms of that is annoying to me so i'm going to fuck that guy's world up by saying shity things about him and his fat stupid face whatever you want to say about a minute insult them and tell you what a lot of the problem is too and i see it all the time we're losing the art of even have a conversation between human beings because this is everybody does yeah when you see them going down a motherfucker street and no new york is still motherfucker dangerous and now all these my fuckin taxing zombies nagging come out of the car in their fuckin riding roughshod over they get and rob again run all would again fuckin crazy you know but the thing is is like this
right now we have a little i go out with my friend jake from rocks off in new york city he does all the rocks off toys that does all this stuff he has a rule when he goes out to dinner everyone has to hand them motherfukers cell phone in to the fucking maitre d and no cell phone so that you sit there and talk with each other you have the conversation and it's what is i saw this whole special and it was it was on cnn and it was anderson cooper and it was the guide teaching mindfulness i forget he's been teaching meditation i wrote about him in my book so whole rule was they had to be mine for the entire time they were at this dynamic cell phone no tv know nothin and they had to be i for when they ate my full when they took a shout my for when they walked down the street remaining mindful door conversations respecting other people and like it was heads of
their heads to see your fucking google and all these big companies were there and but they learned at this retreat for the ten days or whatever they were there a week it was powerful that they took that and implemented that their companies and now google they make everybody sit down in enforcement auditorium before they start their day up there and so common value wherever the fact they are and they have to just sit there for ten minutes and be mindful and meditate and be mindful and ass something that's becoming lost part of humanity because it did you know that did did the inn nl in all it is it's like people lose touch with themselves and end with each other you don't valley day me i gotta you know what i'd do when people when they need new i was coming here and there was talk is shit a fucking dil
are you redeem often commies once i saw a few toxic words on my fork you delete block seal fucking to me as out of sight of mine i just don't have time for people capable yeah because you know i still have the tendency to do too for disagreements and i do take things personally i will make assumptions on i'm a work in progress on that healed just like i say i'm always gonna be an attic is always that possibility that i'm gonna fuckin i have to work my quota armor which i say my sword compare may my code of armour which is everything i do every day but i'm not beyond to shit i'm china so you know why the fuck do i want to oh hang out with very neck
if people are or listen you know if somebody starts talking shit about somebody else you know what i say to them now you're my man did you tell someone so that by fuck you tell him i don't know i don't want to hear it were i forget which philosopher said it but it goes the only true examination about like when we find fault in others it's real what were seen in ourselves selves we're pointing out the bad shit and ourselves for sure constantly finding with other people and it comes back tat fly mentality man i just you know and try to set the good example and ass another they papa said examples better than precept and right now you just have a mother fucker bunch of people talking shit instead
going to be the example and try to live it and do it there are a ton of people out there that's crushing it and staying positive and doing you know getting off drugs getting off alcohol like even the people in this program and you don't even know this shit that these guys have been to it's fucking insane can you imagine spending twenty years in the fucking jail cell or going to pelican bay or going to pelican bay being in the shoe like what the fuck that does to humans things like the strength that that takes and i'm going to tell you the other reason i got involved is because my uncle back in the day worked at chino prison in the 70s and 80s he was like the assistant warden or something and she know now chino if you know the prison system what they call that here in california is gladiator school but there's documentary about this guy and he's a former navy seal anyone in air in in the documentaries called sir average lives
and he went in and taught these guys he put him to like a little bud staying squirted and we hope train i'm fucking heart is hell taught him every aspect of commercial diving and when they got released he got them jobs on oil rigs and all this stuff making six figures and the guys who will work and freeze oil companies day said these most skilled fucking people there we ve ever had come to work for these companies so between china be set a good example i see in the people before me has done it in wanting to reach out to help people seeing and my uncle telling me about this guy and has seeing the documentary when it came on i was just like i gotta try to do some too to turn the tide and having a platform night netflix web is gonna pick up this documentary it's like you know is is it show people listen stop incarcerating motherfuckers it's about education not incarceration these are
animals deasey human beings it's a broken broken system it is surely not help anybody it's just making people harder criminals and it's punishing them by keeping him locked in a cage and than ever any better and the ideas a room your removing the dangerous elements of society and protecting the rest of us are ya get that but there this idea of rehabilitation it's not exist now may even removed the exercise equipment in the prince could now say for you why there are dangers were here did you know it's basically like warehousing bodies man and they violate them one do got violated for smoking a cigarette and facility and they send them back to serve the rest of his fuckin send state is crazy especially ah here in california like california in texas in florida man is fuckin crazy
anne and look i look back to the whole situation at went down and eightys cause i really try to do research and the whole thing at went down you had nancy can reagan saint just say no and you know what george bush senior was doing to foreigners operations in south amerika you know about dazzling crowd foggy sell him mother fucking crack vice president was bringing a cocaine landing freeway rikiu holy shit planes in aachen saw right were governed in latin and train the cocaine and then the tom cruise moving fuck a sort of what is called made america may i married men american and the thing was and then they passed they pass these draconian fuckin drug laws like i think you could get caught i forget what the exact amount of grams were of minute pop portion of crack ok when and there was doing get busted one quarter pounds of co fucking coke but don't get
mass and they would give working slab want to raise these issues would go away for ten years so they they put the cocoa the neighborhood they funded all their operations in south america and then they pay draconian drug laws and it was there britain's hello i was has a ruins with michael rupert michael rupert go exposed author de member they had this town hall meetings with the de uneasy i ended michael rupert who is he was a homicide detective in los angeles police department you know what i did hear i did i did i think forget was an enormous side he was homes are right he he went in front of this this big meeting on cnn and explained devil c span banner cnn our member but whose on television and he explained that he bus
did the cia selling drugs in the inner city and that he has a document second proved as a detailed history of them selling drugs than using those profits oversee it was a documentary about it that came out and it was these big the fuckin big drug do you know allay said yeah he's we show up with fuckin van loads of fuckin coke in jersey that video of him talking from those people say we found a video fuckin crazy i opening video but there's i have in this town hall meeting here it is already a fuck yeah i saw yes i said drugs throughout this country for a further year how you c span seizure he'd want crazy
nations of cia involvement in drug trafficking day day day this now may i remind you re bye bye who's the salad sit out there like what the fuc the cia selling drugs and a cop just told everybody that do you know that they declassified those papers those you can read all of those papers now online they fuckin dead shivering namely invent dna invested in the fuckin prisons so they make money there that's the crazy thing is privatized praise all it's insane most evil thing that you can make money and therefore you incentivize to make draw drug laws more strict
get more people in prison see generate more income thirteenth man if you ain't seen african documentary it's why when i saw that i knew what my calling to do because noah levine you wrote this book dharma punx and he's been a buddhist he was a heroin addict he used to do a buddhist ministry in the prisons and and change these people's lives and you know he hit they came out and his magazine call such and i read this article so sacha in sanskrit means the mode of goodness so that's what this magazine was called and i read an article about these inmates daddy was work away and one of them said it was never again now is life without the possibility and he said if i had access to the information of what i've learned through this programme i wouldn't be where our matt sudan that planted the sea to me and then see and what the whole shit turned into how the people that really need the food
in everything that's going on in his country and research i've done everything i ve been talking about fighting for change by taken action against the fact of shit and then thirteenth common out and just lit another fire under me on my man you know let's fuckin like help these people man but here the whole i knew about all that coke shit back in a fuckin day and at first i was like yoke is congress wooden cut a check to him to do his dirty can shit down in south america we got our hands in wars all over this fuckin trying to take down women's all over this fuckin planet man it's it's saying what you're the berry seal stores fantastic to me as the guy who they the tom cruise play than that movie minutes fucked up version of it in the movie i'm sure is not totally accurate but that guy was selling drugs and who is going to south america and bring them over and drop in them off and arkansas while got clinton was the governor any pardon and yet i ate it
the idea was like i fucking got you call comes let em get was oil clinton yeah that's that's fatty that's a fuckin phone that will happen and then you go you know hillary clinton i'm for black people and no you ain't you now she's like here we have to change the fuckin prison laws and sentencing laws on drugs hell you created those detroit strikes we should finance been she's a fascinating character because people want to think of her ass being the soup progressive person because she's a woman because she's a democrat she billy gay marriage till two thousand thirteen talk shit i got a guy fog in i saw videos of talk and shared against gay marriage in unlike you no matter
it should be to unity of a man and a woman guy like those all political mouthpieces they change their no one can take a stance and say this is who the fuck i am the man of war group i'm talking in front of that's why look too and have respect i don't change my stance on shit william everyone break send is trying to get it to release the transcripts those speeches that should give bankers commands elsewhere the ethics buried long gone like no chairs inaccurate release those that will be some dark check was she not making sure that you're going to make more money you got me an office i'm going to make sure you megan money we're here to make you make my mother what i've seen your comments on trumped up some poor what do you think about homeboy this i think no one should be president the idea of having a popularity count to align the fuckin ridiculous it's ridiculous will we have is a council of wise people and they
should have school yeah the real should be a group of the most wise karla is i guess but i mean you should you hear your work should be judged like it should be partisan it shouldn't be you're trying to appealed to so this war is a radical progressives or radical conservatives are you know right wing christian fundamentalist it should be you're making that's because you understand law and fairness and ethics and morals and values in you understand like with an objective sense in an educated sense of how to establish a quality commute de of human beings a civilization in which people can prosper in which laws are fair and in which we we establish what are what what do we find necessary what do we find important what's imperative education can unity all these different values and enforce those in it it's some way another
figure out a way to make the world a better place than what it is now engineer a better place that's all get it you get us some person who says do all kinds of shit until they get in there and they very rarely do did you see that a bee shit that they just put up for all of our control like the shady promise on a campaign and when it is actually doing its final ones done a different by allowing us aim shared vomited same mean they all this entails noted down the same shit they all they'll do the same shit anything i fucked me the most is the popular vote doesn't decide who to fuck it saying today it's fuckin electoral colleges what the fuck is what is that what is needed then ways out of work marilla reserve of government was a great idea when you how to get on a fuckin horse and take your ass to washington nor to place your votes enough do any more you can vote instantaneously people we will vote on issues with their phone ok you phones in your pocket oldtime you should be able to
first of all we should have some sort of understanding what your voting on you should have this pass some sort of test they say look do you on a vote about do you want to vote on spending do you want to vote on health care how much you understood about healthcare but let's take a test and the people that can pass the test understood and what the consequences are why they're doing this then you should be able to vote but this this should be something that you have should have some skin in the game there should be some understanding of what this system is instead you know look i'm not giant supporter of any mainstream media whether it's right wing or left wing but there's something fucked up about these people from cnn go to these trop rallies and you got hundreds of people given him the finger fuck you fake news for giving an american flag tee shirts on its near is this nonsense almost pro wrestling aspect of all this is what has become it but he's profiting off this trap is this is it
for his is his advantage he set this up here because they ve found a broken system set up as fuckin rigged the system i know how to get people to like me have been doing this forever ever cocky air get billionaire that's my stick but a walk up there with my five thousand dollars sudatta nominal while the shit out these dummies and i'm gonna have the cheered forming until you these guys are fake knows you is it around your fake news embryos crazier you see that somebody has his video was i think it was might have been seen in a positive and it was like the toxic level of it was his group and they would judge yelling at germany last year those talking about that too i saw and they were all light far care doing their work in school day some guys i'm i'm a native new york and i have friends entering the unions in they built fuckin trump burned a lot of fuckin people and got rid of fuckin skilled labour
and skilled fuckin union people and burned union people and hired illegals to do to fucking work in his farm bill all this shit disguise says he's everybody says what they have to say in order to get the votes and he didn't have a good report and amongst can sahara but there are also not for paying his bills to eight hours so many law sports at school eddie fuck it dr universe josie university a few that motherfucker your money you know what does it mean that hilary would have been a good choice now she was a terrible choice choi corrupt politician when the most unlikely people has ever run for office she in so many ways crazy they were trying to get it they were trying to get people to be supporting her just because she's a woman there is low
that is like this is going to be our history you know women ladys do i stand with her so there's all these women is blind allegiance towards his career politician it's completely fulla shit she's been foolish it shit forever if you watched it relation between james call me when james calmly testified about what he did and what they found with a hillary clinton emails and then her version of it she's is straight liar yeah she's she'll deleted thirty three thousand what do you do tat and then and then even worse than that when they rigged the dnc they re primary so that bernie sanders gonna lose they mean they she had our people you d and sound was cray in advance that donna brazil book about it is mine bs as he was packing fuckin stadium she couldn't fulfil a fuckin high school gymnasium bright thought he was poor and all the strings chet all the favours that she was poland in and shouted shit tons
money behind her and they were completely arrogant and all the liberal early in the media thought those no chance choose gonna lose she's ninety five send shoe into when the presidency and she walked around like she was you ve already she won but you had the benghazi shit what with dad exactly was going on over there lie and you know with the dirt that's on i hope whatever clean i know you even sometimes nobody here i see a real problem with it how do you know what went way where when us the way rotten amounts yea our times it puts vallejo but like mad away she get away with day like would like about shaming all the women that came out and accused him should attack those women go after them and you know they mean boarding talked about that recently before killed himself the reserve the thing about
what she had done to attack the women who are victims of bill s best the earlier rear how god she fuckin trip and the child molesters things it she did in her career she got them off you know there's a there's a videotape that dave smith was she was laughing in want of about victims like i'm like what the fuck is wrong with machine i laughing about the effectiveness of latitude it s a guy is it our yeah she's piecework she is me she's a long time lifelong politician lawyer and not about the shit they went down and arc and saw this shit that a whole day we're all accused of back in the day what was that the white water fly warrior flock here the way or a shit like and just a string people that have been fuckin where to turn of events for euro water is a great book i read a long time ago called the strange death evinced foster it's like wait a minute what they found the and in his hand which you never do any kill yourself
when you shoot yourself when you shoot yourself you pull the trigger play everything goes the gun goes fly and you don't hold onto it is recoiling gun you knows and you believe brains are you not holding your gun anymore it goes flying and he was here in his hand and the blood that was missing from his body was not on the scene of the crime so the researchers think that they moved his body was indeed they married to crimes and then put a gun at us up case closed but what was it that's why he was gonna forget he knew he had information about white water here in what he was going to say and who knows that kill them ever find out how about that that was one of those the whistleblowers for enron shadows when the head twice had he do that that shit's issue you seven had twice what case closed that's clearly a suicide i mean i guess good kind of graze your head if you put it out and they like fire
i believe that i love you could do it it is possible but it's more likely somebody killed just as simple kill people it's part of the thing when you're involved with billion dollar deals giant corporations and they also tied into the military industrial complex who by the way kill innocence all the time and write it off like others this shit that happened with drones what's the number it's like a high eighty or ninety percent innocent people killed by drones they don't worry about that to to worry about some guys gonna sink monster though or sink or sink the clinton's or think anybody fact that send the ball eyes yeah yeah clean it absolutely shops of the head twice conference we're all good everything's wonderful here's mine santa with some new life or say asking to fix your car you'll never have to usually but i read this thing that most of the most that guy facet there's being put out there's by people on their fuckin own homes
dr darling i don't know any better they spray roundup it's you i have a friend who had bone cancer and he lived near golf course and they put so many pesticides in the golf course that it got in the groundwater i said all these people in his neighborhood got cancer he climbed up he has a fake femur bone as femur bonds a metal it's a metal bone they got bone cancer they caught is bone out and they replaced it with this metal pie well my you know the history them too was good agent general sottish it shit and my uncle was forced regarding the marines and he got falcon everyone in his unit stag got dinner there behind forget enemy lines and airy got em as care fuckin this shit they was spray and that shit on our own foreign troops will they figured looked isabel this is the way we gotta get worthy that the problems are high in the jungle we gotta get rid of the jungle yet just kill the jungle with poison with this crazy thinking
they just sprayed chemicals all over the jungle to kill the fucker so they could see where the enemy or i'd like and then the troops walking through those chemicals it's fucking nuts it is in history will not judge them kindly when they stepped back and think about what they actually did mean it's in the night teen sixties where will it it's our parents generation but the way we look at it is almost like this unfortunate thing that happened but i almost think we're too close to it to recognise how horrific it is that the sole yours who are putting their lives and the line in their thought to defend our freedom over in america we're getting poisoned why by their own government look at i rack where would i put nodules depleted uranium exactly earlier soldiers are coming back from the gulf war and everything else would dump in all the fucking depleted uranium already over as a dumping ground for us they get in farming
dumping they were using as re using it i aunt i had heard i ran they would hurry it in the end they will weapon icing and then all the fuckin troops are coming back havin fucking kids with deformities and getting cancer and all your shit turned down footed benefits yeah they denied it was even a night fuckin what the fuck is that i don't care that it's it's all about money for them if they're at their distantly removed from it the same way some was distantly removed from factory farming if they buy a burger at a restaurant berger at a fast food joint and are thinking about a pig that's in that can that makes that maghreb nothin about that and the people that is connected in the people that are thinking about the numbers on the paper look did their number crunchers they got to save the government some money deny them deny them make them fight it
to find out where they are you i must draw the areas get my uncle gave up did you see detachment speaking of the military industrial complex did you see that the latest movie they came out with woody harrison shock and oh i ve seen at night and see about how are they uncovered the whole fuckin thing about how the fuck and weapons of mass destruction was just a complete lie every news media outlets except for one lied and backed up to governments claims in the whole shit the times all times ended up apologizing like we got it wrong so you go in there you fuck is sent troops in a fucking he'll how many millions of fucking innocent people over there and an end to what to sell to sell fuckin weapons in and push another in the eye and then there's a justification after the agro here was a good thing to get saddam hussein they're out of anyway he was a bad guy
japanese only i worked with early eighties and gave him the fucking gas steady used soya what the fuck is like you now that was just some ye shakily in homeboy you know well was it was they took advantage of an opportunity we got attacked in september eleventh planes planes get hit by the though towers get hit by the plane everybody wanted action and this is an opportunity for them to take advantage of this call for action and even though we're goin against someone had nothing to do with the attacks on september eleven people felt something was happening there guy from from former department of defense was able what do you mean if you gotta see this movie it's all fact base to say what do you mean we're goin we arrived in everything to do with the fact that we go into ira although he you know and then they try to say he let or some other lot in the annex
if osama bin laden met saddam hussein face to face he would tell him to go fuck himself that's how different ideologies those two had yes i've been london was religious he's in an air boobs it's fucking raise the day just sold it they can but what great bout the movie is it shows how they just started force feed in information out there to create this fuckin irish killed jail kill fuckin mentality that the americans well as you know the same thing you're seeing with his people scream and jim cost can manipulate dummies mindsets and this is what they do this is an easy way to pull the strings of the most easily lead you gonna think who is going to these rallies in the first place most of these people going to be like trump rallies or something like that they're morons that's why they're going to these things they don't have shit to do even if you're a trump supporter if you're a tint
agent trumps supporter which i do believe as basel your person is not going to go to a rally if you have a job my letter giving greater ease of organ ironies of fire fighter new york he's fucking got three kids a lot of the new york city five firebombing police promissory trunk he ain't gonna fuckin tromp rally i mean he's i gladly you know he's fuckin really smart cat in and in those people are lost people and they found their hero and this the problem with a guy like you is he's like he's an asshole but light he's an asshole on purpose like this is part of what his stick it right you attack i'll take you back you know and they search make if on a rosy o donnell or making fun of this plan and we knew how to deal with people who did you see his oh shit that they put in their team didn't like you know he was talking to the black people tat were in the fucking we knew the cops knew how to do
with these guys back back in the day parliament he's gonna money and then they were he's inciting a lot of this shit boy ongoing rabble rousing yeah that's to be in an asshole divide and conquer divide and conquer if they could keep the people fight in each other all the stupid shit down you're not gonna take the time to sit back compare those be you know was really going on i use the analogy of a magician data i tell you look what's in the left hand but what the real shit is in the right hand is over doing all this shit and causing all these problems you're not gonna go back and look the shit that he's pushing through his agendas cut taxes to the fore ten richest people we d billionaires in and cooperation which you said he wasn't gonna do he's gone back on everything so he could just get people fuck you and fuck you in getting
we put a hate each other and keep this country is the united states of america when the fuck how did we become united as a country like i think lot of these countries right now who maple was a threat or whatever they are seen what the fuck is going on and they'll i go disk countries never been more fucking divided is divine states of america not the united states of amerika what what he's doing with these these rallies is he's getting people excited about being part of a team in a team the twinning now like where the team is taken ass in this team fake news over there you tell them nigger fuck themselves and everything gets yeah yeah yeah he's consolidating his his support he doesn't have the makes sense and especially doesn't have to make sense with the people that are going to these roused the not smart people in display their people that are easily lead but that's the same thing
but that would go to the railways for hillary clinton or people who go to arouse from us always people a giant chunk of em are just there just lemmings i don't know what to do i do have an hit and that was when fucking hillary clinton was losing in the face this is of the crying people who like four losing their share in trump one hour's like i'm sorry by allowing any fucking due if that's dead the fuckin truth of your existence that you put every fuckin answer your shit entities fuckin corrupt airs politician whether it's fuckin hillary clinton or fucking bernie sanders on any of them i feel fucking sorry for you i was laughing at those people when she lost and they were losing their shit on tv like they would just fall stunned that homelike casual realize i travel through america and people may be put
receive on the outskirts book go into the meadow it is mother fucking and see what you got a lot of thought tat followed it would add to the weather was also people realise that she was corrupt amelia did a good job of calling her corrupt hilary absolutely aegis canada the mantra was going he loves monitors and push us welcome but now its head yes corazza anyone's crazy bernie crazy back he's crazy he's a good manipulator in that sense she now she didn't do any serves but there was also like a lot of the women they were really upset or like this guy was an event so saying the two girls and grab by the policy they felt like this was give men a licence to be sexually abusive dad and a lot of ways what like started the ball rolling with me to movement it wasn't just
exposing of monsters like bill cosby but it was also the fact that you're dealing with this guy gets in the white house that's clearly not what you want you want it's a man you want a man who respects wound was a statesman whose a person who has worked their life to get to that position not a person who did it as an afterthought once there already fame right so like the difference in a guy like obama like obama's probably probably measured his words ever since he was in college because he was hoping one day he would president or is it garlic donald trump to spin bang in hose and fuckin fly around the jet with his name on its is the eighties i mean this is the guy did so then was he's in office boy now believe like how does it happen this is the pussy robberies i'm supposed to be here and i get their pain i understand it is also funny but something like that
women's on her knees with glasses ears and check whether yea screaming she's she's a means she will again as a remedy they made a they call it trumped arrangement syndrome now because people are really there so angry that he is in power and there's nothing could do about it but the promise that anger and going to arrange that that implies hours the people that support him did understand when you're on your knees screaming the people on the other side that a trump supported the fucker red hats on they think that's allegedly they look this is the liberal left unhinged data reality me while we're making amerika great again and black on employment at an all time low and out it's weird time the truth because so many people don't want to go any further pass the surface that the truth is this guy figured out a way to win
a rigged system he did he figured out a way a winner rig system by pretend to be a republican gaza democrat his whole life democratic democratic supporters whole life figured out a way odds peculiar republic in their easier to scam we in this way and figured out a way to solve make amerika great again yeah raw copy of budget stupid shit campaign like a mother fucker take diet pills cadet energy high just travel across it aren't you doing these rallies and one i want a system that really shouldn't be there to win and i think that we need a better way braun our government in ink of big you ideas packaging you haven't been alpha mail or alpha female that one person the one of the top of the peak run three hundred million people's insane running three hundred people's insane if three hundred people
one person runnin share gonna have disagreements you gonna have people that are upset that this one person gets dictate for the next forty eight years the path of everyone in this group and your financial future your health care you all these how much taxes you pay all depending on what dipshit wins the popular eddie carter's that's outrageous yeah it's an hour way of handling things is not necessary but the problem with letting everybody vote sousa people really easily manipulated and there really under educated people that they don't have any incentive to pay attention to the real issues and what's at stake in what the council zeb each vote are they just vote with whatever feels good and their busy and people tired khazar eaten shitty food in exercising their work all day in a job that socks they come home their wives bitch now i'm in iran antidepressants and pills and the kids are all fucked up and they don't have the time
there are other time and they don't have the incentive to be enlightened they don't have the incentive to have an objective in light approach to how you handle the future of our society and what our children be left with well that's why that it's the genius of these commercials if i mean it's i i can't even watch tv when its election time because this is like one due to have to do next shading on each other this person saints that's crazy that we should them for they say it's like the two things tat you get when she goes on one is those political commercial into was all the commercials for pharmaceuticals that's great you getting every fuckin night does two countries on new zealand new zealand and ideas we allow direct advertised to customers to patient what the fuck is that way what is that crazy i love the commercials now with dude figures it out i asked about war forenoon
now i be happy yes people walk st nisi cartoon flowers around and utter and now if your ears i d presence is not working a bill of viability will fix tat up side effects include suicide a dog i marvel guys who is that of those before laying roche's rector bleeding some of the side effects crazy it's it's fucking insane you know a bill defies than is an anti psychotic it's a number one prescribe medication the country a bill ability really one prescribe medication the country was an anti psychotic fuck yeah what in saying i know you like what that's informed pull that it make sure that our i know i read that but make sure it's true somebody talked about that on the part guests who as it dear member argument when fifty in saying it is the american stop selling drugs it's really try psychotic yo i gotta is gonna be revised
selling prescription jug and the u s dollars a fuckin pair and veterinary authorities our drug has expansiveness megan also widely used hall ability is both expensive and wildly uses the fourteenth most prescribed brand name medication and a retails for thirty two hours a pill so biggest selling prescription drugs in the u s so selling asia whose bind it the question who is behind a pope satan satan pharmaceuticals america's topside jogger best like a bill fi terrifying facial site assuming combat a worse did you ever made versions of our duca did you ever read ox sucre i took sucre dip they approached change namely allow that keeps which an up their names you ever did what
now they they changed fucking what do what he called to changing the name on all these ingredients that are in food to like what is d the additive the sweetener that done pertain aspartame they changed their name to amino sweet now because you don't want the patent on farming as on aspartame didn't down yeah i mean diagrams donald rumsfeld had something to do with it owns day we had some do it passing it he had something with ignoring evidence but see someone told me that the amount of chemicals they they had to give
rats the amount of aspartame eta give the rats to kill em or given cancer was very high and my cooker that's good here that's that's that's reassuring but there's a great book about the corruption of the pharmaceutical companies and its can you go go this title real quick it's called confessions when alston wrote a book called confessions of an hour ex drug pushers and i think it was her niece died of a drug interaction that they knew about it the exposed a whole corruption in the pharmaceutical industry she was a top pharmaceutical rep and they said they know how does a drug get approved by the fda and then they turn around and fuckin they pull it and people are dying and settle for pennies on dollar that's the fucking game they know there's gonna be a law suits and they like ok we just made three billion dollars of this drug and we said o thou lawsuits for two hundred billion so
tat one million you don't want your million right that's the game that offered but her book is amazing its culture actions of our age drug pushers and that's what she was in she would buy out the doctors have to people that they put on medications all they have to say is changing fuckin lifestyle do what is what what is the father of modern medicine apothecaries what did he say let i've food be thy medicine in thy medicine be thy food is also an ironic if you know about the ira vague system a medicine and it says win win win win you know it there's a whole quote about diet in and many and and and seeing a doctor and stuff like that and it's all aid goes back to one thing man diet and lifestyle like we fuck are you doing tell people and an that's what's great about a movie folks over knives where these anecdotal evidence dare says your view stop do use
see the change right did that the fuckin diabetes goes away the fuckin heart disease all in all it is stuff is is cured by the fact that these people get the asses move in a starfleet nor this shitty food yeah city food is the number one problem is the number one problem sugar refine carbon i read your body processing massive amounts of stuff that it's not boils in amateur oils in everything and you know all these process vegetable oils light hair cooking things in other started a little fucking and people think i'll even to a certain way guy jimmy doctrine action fda actually banned aspartame basins fines owing to have cyril chairman donald rumsfeld scurrilous effective defence at the time they wrote this article vowed call in his markers to get it approved on january twenty
first into one the day after ronald reagan's inauguration cyril i guess that's a r l e reapply the fda for prove all two's aspartame and food sweetener and riggins new fda commissioner arthur haze hall junior appointed a five person scientific commission to review the board of inquiry decision became clear the panel would uphold the ban by three to two decision but then hall then install the sixth member commission and the vote became deadlocked he then personally broke the tie in aspartame favor what a piece of shit but this is this puts things they found evidence this shit makes holes in the brain might induce the
evidence grand might induce my tumors well good night and the thing is now everyone got hip to ascertain now you have to read because that's why the processed food is so fuckin a dash that fake sweetness shit and now they call it amino sweet the new name change to solve its while you eat you ever drinks easier you drink xavier soda you're that so to speak with what stevie heavier spy indonesia obvious from plant is a sweetener yeah and with these people my greatest of step here it is but i do is i just i have too much approaching powders day you know steady ain't it clean machine has protein power that sir
lehne teen in the water lentils they call him it's real real cleans yeah are honoured hemp force protein we were used instead behaviour for that of called stevie announced area but that its hot potato which doesn't taste the same year taste good it's a matter of but it's so potent promise gives people have a cup of coffee i would have stevie out and people put it in there all about you put too much india you can put it like sugar rats where more potent you just need a tiny dash i gave him back in a day i remember my mom being like all neutral sweden this and put all these other like cane sugar is better for you then these fuckin fake sweetener what green sugar still terrible view all eyes sarah before you not clause should unity in the body when are you gonna do sugar you should do eat fruit bob fibres right body slowly digesting it would i way you're supposed to consume it but to be able to get
like a gator aims like fuckin eighty grams sugar sugar a it's terrible boy all that stuff terrible are you so down they got all the pros pushing these kids you go to visa basketball camp football cancer whatever were high schools in what are they drink and there are drinking drinking coolly well you know what if you're exerting yourselves likes very strenuously you could use some of that glucose and ok but for the average person it goes too far in seven eleven and it's a big job downing you know sixty four four ounces of coca cola there is a crazy amount of sugar fear by i didn't want one serving you bought it has no it's do that shit what what stores in his fat what were forget how me tablespoons of sugar they say he's in wanted him fuckin big gulp do they did a thing where they showed all various sizes of soda next year of the sugar and you see the the actual you it's crazy this
our number one problem and one of the things that i did when i cut sugar adam i die there it is there's the image so god that's it cannot colleagues on both sides that so much sugar your body does know what the fuck is going on you dig that much sugar as in say it's friggin added thing is you got kids act up or now you re law amounts and off the forts put him on ritalin because china too much energy he's on drugs years sugar drug long i mean and then on top of that here's the one of the problems with people consuming that kindness and then on top of it saturated fat here could sit sets these studies now they're showing that cholesterol and saturated fat are healthy for your diet and healthy food your body unless you consuming carbohydrates and refined sugars because you're doing that then your bodies not burning fat so your body storing fat and on top of that your porn bass
of amounts of sugar in there so you getting hardening the arteries and clog near the arteries and people think that this is their complaining and confusing all this and thinking more but this is because your reading clare drawn saturated fat nope it's not it's just reading cholesterol unsaturated that along with simple carbohydrates fine carbohydrates and sugars visit chemicals action that your body has that when you eating these two things together becomes toxic its view we d like to show you my trust semites as well when you can call at the average we may i die and then combine it with alcohol and the rest of the stuff it creates a chemical reaction in the body that vein causes be no problems for you health wise in your immune system in good health and everything else there's a there's a ton of problems with people's bodies and you could trace it back to
host of different things you can you can trace it back to pesticides you could trace it back to a lack of minerals you can trace it back to excess sugar you can trace it back to process vegetable oils you can trace it back to terry lives with those fears are so many different things that are a factor in people's health issues but that one of the problems with ideologies whether its is carnivore diet ideology are vague and died ideology is people want to look at one thing this one thing that's wrong and he fixed this thing and if you just do this you're gonna be healthy does not necessarily the case and there's a lot of people up there on all sides that are spreading misinformation because it supports their view supports their loading biases loading studies that were funded by the same companies that are making money off of selling foods that our high instead
trade de facto cholesterol or trans fatty transparent and there's companies so you always have to look between the fucking lines where the truth lies because the industries what was the other than the other document came out fuck it was about a star with the cigarettes and the and the chemicals that they were using in furniture day there was this document you too and i always blank on it it's fuckin old man brain and i have it was a documentary about how they paid these people too out false in i know you talkin about merchants of divergence of doubt amazing invoking the same people that are doubting climate change were also adding cigarettes being addicted yeah the same human lando using the same tactics that i've been using to push the chemicals and put they had more
fuckers spraying ddt on their fucking close hang in there closet to stop mossed can you fucking believe that dude what it's in there it's here that's why they adam spraying fucking deal can are causing fuckin kid what goes on there shit just when you see those guys in the same gaza we're trying to say that cigarettes were not there not addictive and the same people that their there were dismissing climate change like why like how keep so obviously want even use new people day day they did the thing with the guy from monsanto in the round that because i would drink for round that ngos are ok i'm gonna go get you fuck glare here's a glass of fucking he changes i drink it you know what it is doing its duty see wallpaper you look at that containing ddt as the active insecticide
genuine cedar would made into wallpaper so these people made ddt does it wallpaper with fuckin with genuine cedar would the thing is even the chemicals that they put in the furniture there's a big thing now to remove cause it's calming the fuckin children do you know that you and an furniture action we will release chemicals into the air and your house oh you this protect your children's again disease carrying insects ddt children's room wallpaper how many kids get cancer from that crazy fuck ngos so insane but hills insects mosquitoes flies ants and you you know one of the biggest one of one of the biggest ways that toxins enter the body is not by walking around the streets of l a new york and breathing into pollution it's the fuckin home
the amount of chemicals that are in the fucking home and they talked about that in merchants of doubt the chemicals in the furniture the chemicals in the clothes the chemicals in the fucking diapers the chemicals in everything in the plastic with chemicals chemicals chemicals chemicals you're bombarding your fucking child with fucking dozens and dozens of chemicals every fucking day and while it's immune to all that child's immune system is developing and then your feet pesticides you feeding it this fucking animal that's been tortured its whole life and fed fuckin steroids in horror and you wondering why these kids are common out and their self fact because its when they in internet teens it's because all it should take in a tall not just physically but i mean psychologically it's fuckin it's you know then you know there's so much other shit they do and to put it to the food put in putting there's an appetite you know that
they put in the corn and the soil now it's fuckin it was done by this com any delay in and they will was down in california somewhere episode e p i see why tee and it fox with the sexual reproduction organs of of fetuses in children and all kinds of shit they did their conducting like fucking mad science on on human beings right now what the fuck is going on just for profit evening even in why and i gotta tell you i have friends that out dna data gathering for organic farming you know that all the world seed banks right now for gm all fuckin grown in hawaii why because of its a closed ecosystem it's closed off from everywhere out so there's no other fact is so they go and they spray motherfucking camps males in the air dec down onto the fucking ground and taken for instance and rainment what are they doing their spray hang their aerosol sprang the crops
the aerosol serena what's it i'm sort of what they hated and they do aluminum barium strontium nominate tell you i am i have friends that actually doing this they were again farmers had to give up their farm and what they do is they make this sit the they are making soil so acidic the p h then nothing will grow except for genetically modified seeds that have been ethically modified to resist aluminium and resist all this other stuff so now this brand aluminum like where's our common for its it makes this makes the soil very acidic it changes the epa i think aluminum has the greatest chain to the soil and what's the benefit of them doing that because they need to control the food supply because if you don't
why the gmo seeds do organic farmers are going out of business in hawaii and this ain't no wait a minute so you're saying that they're spraying things out of the sky that poison the ground so that only organic farmers so that only gm farmers can grow crops there right that have proven that what's going on it sounds crazy the ads hero gray here's the thing and i'm not saying they go unlike some of these other came true people thirty five thousand s brain or the city's i'm sprang i'm saying common in sprain chemicals on the ground but they're not doing it as a pesticide you're saying they're doing it as a grand conspiracy to make the ground infertile frankly as you have grown monsanto's did you ever see the world according to monsanto yes ok so what did i say we want to control the world's food supply from seed to mother fucking to farm to table all the way through and we want to control so hannah they do that how do they
actually make that happen and i see it happening to farmers in hawaii and friends of mine or am i just did i mean what do you see what you say but because of what they do and say that the proof the organic papaya farmers have had to all go either give up their farm or goats switch to gm papaya because none of their shit is growing its let us because of debate in the soil not weights but they say that the fucking dare spraying the fucking chemicals on the soil but you know how much they have to spray on the soil lies in a naked infertile and i mean i know much more likely candidate the same issues that we're having in this country with monochrome year that there depleting their soil because their constantly growing on numbers these guys are doing or gotta study camp trails study controls for quite a while i was doing the television channel what i think
and i found this this is a lotta malarkey an absolute shit and want to things they find as they like there sprang aluminum and then when they dues samples of the water they finally em in the water now they're doing samples of sludge this direct samples of water with dirt do you know with one of them all common metals lila refine on earth is aluminum aluminum most dirt has aluminum minutes so when their testing this water there testing positive for aluminum what they're doing the testing dirt dirt tested positive for being dirt that's did i when they find aluminum this guy this brain aluminum there's no benefit sprang aluminum on anything it's arrogant proven that there is some evil gum and cabal that once a spray aluminum on everything and that's the reason why papayas don't grow right it's way more likely that he's papayas are growing in a place they ve been grown papayas for a long time and they ve depleted the soil special
dealing with soil that's really coming out of a volcano in the first place well i mean i understand that aspect of it but it's the combination of other chemicals that they're using and here's the thing before these seed banks showed up over there they never had this programme but this also before large scale agriculture made its way to hawaii as well right so they probably had years and years and years of doing this in getting away with it to the soil started getting depleted just like we have evidence of getting depleted all over the world india they have issues with this with model crops with anywhere in the world where they grow crops in the same area in this matter of scales you're gonna deplete the ground of of minerals and nutrients and assist a part of the problem and when offer up that solution like hair genetically modified crops are better in our genetically you know modified crops sir you know that they can survive in these harsh climates and you can also all of our nitrogen and our fertilizers or our nasty she
add to that everything else around it will die when we sprague have for our crops because we ran genetically engineered to resist we been genetically engineered to resist gone glad invited glass that's really scary that life is eight shit is any anything that kills everything but will you what you wanted to his like why what's it doing what you wanted to watch what happens is that food aid what is that out of that food by time you eat it i don't think so so either a name wasted outwitting raise elements in any grounds out in the leaves in the bronx eat this shit no blows they stomach goes a great documentary on a called what's with we were they try to break down why wheat all the sudden became a huge problem and the american diet whereas in the early nineteen hundred there was nothing in it was a slow genetic modification more they say they started changing the we itself and breeding it
make higher yields so it's got more complex gluten in it but then on top of that it's the live as a night the goliath is eight breaks down your gun barrier and i really so people get leaky gun rest issues puts what's it kills the bacteria this is what they're trying to do to try to kill bacteria but didn't realize your bodies bacteria you bodies and ecosystem terry right yeah this is the proper with their whole government is evil thing is there just ready yet their legal because their greeting right here and we see here's the thing and you saw the world according to monsanto n is revolving door policy how they come at amazon monsanto or even worse what he was doing rumsfeld where he was c o sorrow and then they get into the gum day pass legislation and they go back to the corporations to reap the benefits of the laws that they passed have a lot of that going on so i think you know
whether or not chick could really be what the fuck motherfuckers assain it is why you anywhere else shoot is gonna possibly come out events or maybe not but me personally i tend to try to stick to locally formed organic like i go to the farm is more how'd you get in new york that is farmers upstate have yeah they could they come up they come into the city i mean i'm not gonna bullshit i got of fuckin health was doin eat shit heads at a season because i like my fuckin broccoli in taylor whatever the fuck and then some fruit or whatever but you know how do they grow that stuff that she it shipped in from colleagues in florida i mean you know is not the best buy hey will you take into equation fact that i've eliminated this this the other foods that
use the highest amount of fossil fuels to to grow the crimes and everything else s involved were producing the huge you know these farms debtor that are these animal agriculture system than here of fossil fuels i mean i am africa's write me you take a far complain go on toys for do you no less that thing we're talking to deploy design faults every fuckin thing you know but but through the we all do do you the areas we evolve poisonous guy a little bit we fly you know how to outline the man of the world we live in and it's a real problem means one thing they found after september eleven with the lack of plain fights lid change the earth's temperature means fucking nuts and why is lay dead that's crazy law the also the cloud cover that's created by contrast that calls the earth down a little bit its
very interesting dave admitted that the government has actually admitted to a programme to try to sprains to try to call the earth's while they ve method to experimental whether manipulate yeah and two to her being strategies for dealing with it whether it is for dealing with hostile foreign governments we're trying to say of them out or trying to put rain never space wherever we have a space when you see the work in the area of egg i made on space for now what is a funny it's fucking larry's day day it's on you to disprove on on trumps spacer yours it's fuckin leaving over years living inside china repair is trying to patch shaka would a band aid like let's reduced the fossil fuel if you wanna fuck and cold in everything and save the fucking oceans and all the rest of this shit it's why don't we check how to
what we live our lives but everybody wants to pass the buck and say oh well why should i do let the next motherfucker do it but you know you buy what you put in your car how you live your life you have forgotten how many people are met go to lunch how many three hundred military anja familiar mother fuck is passing the buck along you not getting anywhere were and china's how many billion in india is like near enough fuckin then at going to stop work in doing what doing now now they're not in its again it's like a word can about with all the other aspects of gigantic culture there so many moving pieces it so it so difficult because work we're talking about these pieces that have been in place for debt aids and so to try to make corrections now some people are they are going to organic farms they are going to raising their own food and having it you know having everything be local that's definitely better the real problem
seems to me is overpopulation and the real problem is when you ve jam in los angeles is a perfect example there's two hundred million people just here and not just in l a million sees me twenty million cars twenty one percent as ridiculous twenty million people just here and then there's orange county which has more people san diego has more people as you get north shows you i mean i would cause we like tat is more millions more people to more people in california justice it just and allay the more people most angeles than there is an all of australia stop just like an angel scenes and saying so there are so many people and no one's grown anything other than we're just weeds being grown here and that's it so all the food is being shipped in from everywhere else and so you vats fossil fuels being you who's in illicit lie want or you pay more in hawaii for a fuckin pineapple that you d want to mainland crazy do it's fuckin insane you ever been now
expensive everything's very swans fuckin insane it's a beautiful beautiful play down that's why i wanna take that had we we live in a place that would be humans like yourself and myself in an people that are alive today we are seeing dark in a system that was created many many decades ago it was put into place many decades well it wasn't put into place with our interests in my who was put into place with the interests in mind a profit and it was also to deal with the two a comedy millions and millions of people that are all jammed in one place where no one's growing any food and i are very unnatural wait alive you know they started like coming down all the people fuck and growing shit on that front
because urban organic farm in the you know i'm in touch with a lot of those people as a matter fact this morning in new york city i ride from new york city out till like long island jones beach and all that and i pass in far rockaway there's a guy that's he's doing like a big urban formed in this thing and you know in this crap a land and you know it's it's the urban farming is becoming a big thing because if i it is a food desert is and there was one guy and abc and he walked home from work every night and it was five miles african american guy and he's trying to lose weight and get healthy well guess what motherfucker night only pass was kfc this dead or dying seven eleven he could not buy a fucking piece of fruit or a fork an apple in any of those for complacency none so there they say well how the fuck are we gonna give food we ain't got no car we can't go seven
ten miles out of town to the supermarket so now urban organic farming is becoming a big thing where they show in these p and now based on a crack down the cities to crack down on these boy that a growing fuckin food does reject it's fuckin crazy i had run thinly on his part gas and he's got a similar programme in south central and he helps these kids and people that live there a use vague lots use mediums use all these anyone anywhere else roy to fantastic air grow food they got all fuckin fraud food would be free grow at grower and patches lana mean what would be ideal if every community instead of just having a house jam next to a house jem next allows every community have one community lot and that can be rely we all grow our food and you know not hard to do i mean even in a fucking closet days show and how to do like they just this they had a ship container in new york
was a demonstration and they put an honor lafayette and lafayette street and housing and the shipping container and they did and when you walk in there it was a fucking farm and forget how many thousand pounds of fucking organic produce that that fuckin farm in that shipping contain and was able to grow but it's saying like that's with artificial light but you could do that with real light handed the real street that you you see everywhere you go what where concrete is it could be dirt and then it is possible that we could cordon off small section of every community and have a community garden and it would also be a good it would be good for the community in terms of peace pull like interacting with each other and feeling like there part of something and taking responsibility for right we're takin care
a site in your hands in a dirty man you know it's it's very like that's one of the programmes we did in this document you we had a guy's going too far or ganem farms and get nay hands in a dirt and seeing nino people just as a disconnect between like you know farmers man i got it you know it's like that so fucking hard ass fucking job so i can hardly fucking hard man we don't show the appreciation and i think who was the the one black eye this used to run the marathon is she here i forget his name in the sea stevens is rigour dick fuckin gregory may he always talked about growing your own fuckin food and in no dick gregory's the guy who brought the zapruder film to television has from of
and it would be an assassination olives like he's been shot from the front what yes did gregory brought that the horizontal rivero show one years after the assassination and might have been more more than eight might have been more you know a lot of shit there the it might have been ten years after the assassin something crazy but didn't people didn't see kennedy get assassinated too many many many years after when these guys praetor who is there on the spot was filming they took his is fair and he sold it to time life magazine they use stills of it and and he didn't show it what you hear twelve years twelve years later seventy five why so and seventy five and hereafter rivero show they they premier the zapruder film footage of sazen nation of president kennedy from like fuckin twenty yards away he was right tat sonny see carries head go back into the left its you see this
pray blood you like why was did they show that it was more than one to can't tell for sure and there's a lot of speculation because so many these black and white and shaky back then they ve since use computers stabilize the image but what it looks like untrained die is it he shot more than once and probably shot from multiple different angles in the reason why they came up with the magic bullet theory because they had to account for another bullet that didn't hit the president they had due account bullet that hit the ricocheted under an under palestine hit a guy so yeah the bullet had to go through to pee bull and it had a leave traces of the bullet behind that weren't missing for the boy from the book and it had a shadow bone and not distort which doesn't happier if you know anything about bullets if you shoot anything it boards get jack they get to tear up they they ben get the greatest landed here he could take fuckin led exactly even if its jack
it is to have any effect appertaining bones shattering at ridiculous speed that single bullet theory also created by ireland spectre and those fucking gas in the warrant community poor bunch evil assholes he's a great book on a cold best evidence by david lifting david lifting was an account who went over the warren commission report step by step everyone the wench found all these contradictions in the reporting like this is a bullshit document lay there are trying to do was just wrap this bitch up nice and tie they were trying to solve the crime they were trying to wrap this uptight in the most ridiculous aspect of it is the magic bullet theory before anybody saw the zapruder film didn't look that ridiculous right we heard what we were told kennedy gets by oswald and then jack ruby shot oswald very convenient very convenient the whole thing is ridiculous here i don't know why they kill them but its very likely that there is quite a few
people involved and not just lee harvey oswald was probably involve too well you know that he passed a resolution he was fuckin with the federal reserve go yet what was the one one one prayer was a full there's a lot of problems pig stay a pig's ear there was that he wanted to get rid of federal reserve you wanted to get rid of cia training up currency backed by he want to go back to the to the gold silver stand it he started printing up notes fuck you you could find those notes from when he was in silver certificates and he said why a private banks controlling our money the federal reserve it wasn't i think one of the acts that george bush junior past for he left his executive order on one more on wednesday room tonight the granting of the money back to the fuckin take it away from the federal reserve they work
just a couple months later and give it back to the secretary his father said that they're gonna kill you fit is his father told them that you fuck with them bankers man it's you know there was on his back to you no power is not about a conspiracy it's about yo it's about they want the ultimate greed it's the ultimate agreed we control everything was passed back then in the amount of accountability that politicians had backed and you can get away with a lot there is a lot we have room and you know it's more likely that somebody other than just lee harvey oswald and he probably had something to do with it too he was probably manchurian cares its man who knows they grant these guys they fuckin who knows does what would do no fuckin it is still doing it i believe to this day you know a lot of these fuckin motherfuckers as china
and shoe bombers in this fucking clown in this so much shit going on like guys even a shoe bomb like hoot how the fuck did he get on a plane with no passport and now it's like there's so much shit to just go will you remember that they busted in dallas who is a guy that they set up this him up to be an islamic terrorist trained him they gave him the weapon and then as you trying to detonate the weapon their residence yeah it's a you guys talked him in doing this you gave him the bombs and then you arrested him yeah like what would he have done if you guys weren't even there we ve done i think that they they thought that this guy was a person who is suspicious so they literally set up and entrapped him entrapment its kind of groundwater is goin on a lot man it's fuckin
we don't even know this shit that's going on behind the walls in the in the fucking it in the office has man it was fucking scared of fucking bejesus out of you if you knew you know what the fuck was just you know what these people's mind well you know why you get accustomed to making rationalizations that will cause people their lives and i think any buddy that can send a drone shoot down apartment building because a meadow data in you found better data that seems to indicate that cell phone of a certain criminal is on the fourteenth floor let the fuckin hellfire missiles fly baby i mean that's decisions that they make at the highest level of junior controller i fuckin like you know disconnected from everything if you talk to someone from the cia italians are lawyers who make those decisions to my lawyers do all
calculations nego yeah you do it crazy crazy man dude we just three hours while daily flew by well you know what i say how do you know when lawyers line spoken lips a movement i got a good lawyer let me do this guy did good looking there is gay people and is closely what pierre not bomb i love you peter agent ass by my lawyer he's not a criminal turning so come inside we can i was invited hopefully we get along have a fucking tobin i've we get along i have massive respect you know brian crazy modified tell story you know that host when i was a fool i wanted to tell a story about mine is he your i tell you fuckin he's lariats his eyes i used to take tony artes is
one of the senior students amassed a joy another guy one will call em chalk bodies with the government now he's a fucking bad mother fucker they always used to go around and and and want to fight bouncers and all this shit that was what they did they would fucking fight the biggest scariest looking motherfukers and just destroy them so blue worked i said his name sorry but my friend worked with the cro mags and so we took him out security with us in case we have problems or what
so it was like everything always went smooth so one time i used to work at all the underground hip hop clubs in new york so my friend was doing a party and it was all fucking deep brooklyn heads fucking like homeboys and shit like the real deal this hip hop club and i take brian another dude from the school and tony and we go over there and brian is in the middle of the fucking dance floor doing the funky fucking white boy nerd dance and all these fucking and the floor just opens up in these fucking black fucking hip hop cray the fucking homeboys are like y'all look at this motherfucking white boy like this bucket and he don't give a fuck he's seriously like a fucking pisut of to roll with it so then i might go i got to go but listen man i know what y'all motherfuckers do don't start no shit please it's my
in club so i get home go to sleep wake up the next day i one a phone call yo like he didn't know that they will win me i call it was these trade fuckin karate exports in the club last night they beat up all my fuckin bouncers do was fuckin crazy like one bound so worked up and started some shit with tony with china talk to a girl whatever and and then you know these guys all on the juice rips office sure like fuckin tony throws a kick dislocates the guy this fucking in cap and then the melee just ensued any it was just constant these fuckin huge bouncers common adam brides act pan african break a fight brian is we know he's he's he's a comedian but he could throw now and then brian just told me this because i didn't hear the other party galicia then
all of a sudden i'm fuckin whack and who's in us were fighting these guys and then this fuckin jag can take mother fucker like i was just like it little fucking baby in his arms lifts me up and carried me out the fuckin doin throws me across his car and i love and i turn around i'm ready to go and then brian says and i look in its this fuckin crazy why dude we're a fuckin scar from one end of his face down his throat many points a buying goes don't even think about it like bright was like you were my friends call me up ex days like these more focus then i call em up and my brian the fuck did you do me i told you guys of working keep joey's i go bout as well as those in europe he's easy easy character like i said i was at his first comedy show ever he lived while the lifeline young days i met him after all
stuff i met only was more com i met him in the ninth year yet were in big time ass the it was all about fucking get out there and fucking car tat there was a lot of martial arts coaches instructors that wanted you begin street fights gap as you would practice caused extreme fights with show you how things would work in the real world that the more you did it the more you understood urgency a clause in the distance deliver the first strike all that like people are hesitant inspiring he always hold back so like you know i know many of our sights rondeau back or started cause brian told me that about you you got kids like a fuckin horse and shit see you on fear factor we want some before that to lose radio yes yea and
in asia again i know you ass my do man volume euros i go you would fuckin bend a bag and have our respect for that you know from our side is it wouldn't have the funds we gave fights gonna be awesome also set card size i stayed use you know i've been found the you have see since day one and rigorously and when i first came around it was the graces their put a fuckin dave took out i add in korea in karate magazines and they said we will reach our body one hundred thousand dollars if they can beat us that's i saw you have see one whit ram call pardo and do it i've been watching issues since day one no alive when no perfect when two hoots douglas caused me who was
very well dog does my man doug worked with the chromium took me to some fights and stuff in jersey actually i d go to alive one jake from rocks off too me too do you have see when it was in new york and there was fuckin fights breaking out with you is as this would probably like four or five years in new york down a day you have seen newark and and i went to that end there the fight on the main floor that was the best fighting the night before guys style you know and then when you left i usually do more for good i murmured school every four been run i look at a school in a flyer i learned i loved the fights mamma and i've been watching a boxing match you see the seventies all the super fights fuckin mohammed ali and can norton and and what was the great one haggle ahern yeah
i'm trying to get my own haglund podcast now he's like that only gather retired clean he's like i'm good that's all lastly sugary leonard lasted decision alot of people thought he should a one year miles or that fight it's like this done he walked away no one ever done it tom hey man her boxing used to be like you know i just posted a pitcher mike tyson jake lamar and in fact congrats yonner on my on my instagram like those three cause my father box that grandma see jim which was wrong by custom otto wish they knocked down it was right near the palladium in order so yet julian's billiards which i do a walk into new york is common on yeah now i've seen that before ever currently syria worker three you have got their city i'll give you a private one but it's like a ban all or a ban on the today shows a sunday today show two times fuckin a site the best underground fuckin walk into
of crime music and history on the lower side and four oh but i hope with the palladium was wait a clash of september twenty first the cover of the clash in calling was shot their poor seminar smashing is based yeah julie his billiards right day all the falcon poor hall hustle is in an end before the palladium it was called the academy amusing dizzy gillespie everybody play there and then up the street from that was customer those jim called the grassy jim why everybody floyd pattern ford additives you pull up pictures of grammar see jamie can see there's a pitcher and floyd partisans work and speed bag and when i closed the cup muff out just walk and by one day when i was with my mom is because your father because pc richards took over the space and they put a plaque and he said this is where custom models jim
we train was a jose torres known world champions all these way classes am muff my mother just cause all your father box they i say there is the car they spell grammar see to g edge are they spelled it wrong grandma see grandma see grandma see that's crazy the spells amyloid van ryan i think of it argues that it looks here it is for patterson wow yes we do this holiday we go to tony dancer eight some shots as a good book of stock i saw some of his fire we could by gay in can we go by irving plaza where john pollution it sounds like a lot of fun dude it's three hours this i had these four old israeli ladys copyright and unlike in all the toys meat in his area there like the way for the toy
i said i think you would want the food tour over there they like they show me the tickets they're like they like in the sixties from israel like my way for the crime tore day the work and did the whole three hours light tat was fascinating leg so in new york and steve lacy just tell me so tell you what the fuck it is hold i am do these on a regular basis every week when i'm in new york every week every every sunday so steve lay sieges tax me where fuck is it you how do you have the time to do all these things do man in i get i get to bed early oh here it is so if you're in new york city august twenty five six thirty on fox it's called us when new york rocked ryan rock and roll history walking towards innovation is depresses under needed in that is what we gotta everywhere we go too far into the five points
and i ve got more press this is actually old you get it go down this is often love it you do for causing every week and i'll tell you every week you run entities more focus on a street from old days and i don't usually but is just some about it for can do to tour i we ran into what the deuce mickey from the clash or who are why do we run it and nobody knew because he had issued on as i gamma because nobody is nobody news mc jones i say you'll make come on it so you know as i listen i was one of the ones riding in eighty one when you played bonds if you go to the video clash on broadway i was there right didn't cuz they oversold the club and mario kart ordered the promoter in the class that do enough shows it's called the clash on broadway on youtube and they ordered the class to do enough shows and the promoter sold something like i think it was i don't know something like
thousand tickets for a venue dad held twenty five hundred so you have to close to twenty thousand in porto alegre show up in times square defied aplomb closes the fuckin club down and is a right in times square now may war the time i'm smashing motherfucker windows traffic i'm running on cabs flock ill stasi people getting arrested on my time ago here like and then said and i live i was on that when fear played john belushi jumble issues to come the or the programme shows so we go all the values and the famous murder spots and like i lived in a building with the east village butchered daniel rack which he chopped up his girl friend made shoe bad over inflated homeless other buildings with seven hundred each night i squatted in their building so it's all these fame the murder of able leave a wall one second avenue dally like avalanche famous movie
can we go to the smuggling tunnels of prohibition allotted shit you saw on board walk empire so it is a pretty fascinating arm tor and i always like the first time i did it and obviously if it is really funny because it had like forty people in some of them were from germany so i'm goin down and fuckin we'll go down avenue being i'm sam i get it was a big fuckin drugs by so does you'd black dude i know he just got out of prison is like fuckin six five key lloyd scar across his face his shop man the fuck do i may was survey see you in a minute as our duty is to you know these all tourism i'm taking him around to order drug spots and let them know about a crime the easy word so he gets up on occur beside huge do you know prison bill lanky say let me tell you i'm off
just some right now you're better listen to this may cause naughty are motherfuckers would come dahlia back day i would have a rod all you jake you're streak is everything and they were like and then he said joe piecemeal massey around black like you heard the german go oh my god i was walking crazy so you see all learn take at do you can't make the shit i wrap this up i got here they aren't joseph dangling my leg you very very much man wouldn't have once we get to it by everybody back tomorrow mark democratic co all right we did it hopefully we brought some deeds and meet heads together and that went to see we cannot get along see think tour sponsors thank you too simple safe go to slip safe ass i am
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my friends that's it for now we'll see you soon bubba fucker
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