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2018-08-07 | 🔗
Macaulay Culkin is an actor and musician. He recently started a website called BunnyEars.com - https://bunnyears.com - and also a podcast available on iTunes.
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code joe rogan all together as one word you will receive five dollars and the cash apple send five dollars to justin brands fight for the forgotten charity to build wells for the pygmies in the congo every time that i meet someone and when i meet them i go i can't believe i'm talking to this dude it's just i have met people and they weird out talking to me but you can't believe talking to you i'm like i can't believe you can't believe you're talking to me because sometimes uh i can't believe i'm talking to somebody else so i get it i understand what it's like it's weird when you meet famous people will this fuckers fame this shit and he was really famous when he was young my guess today's macaulay culkin so we're talking to him he is he's really down to earth a real i mean i don't know what he's doing is spared
nobody seems really together seems alright he was recommended actually by kevin smith who i love dearly and when cab recommend someone says that they're a great gas that is take his word for it so i didn't even look into it i was booked him sight unseen i enjoyed it i really enjoyed talking to him and i hope you enjoy it too he's an interesting character please please give it up for macaulay culkin the joe rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day boom and would live and why yeah a little closer little closer anybody out there right now he felt fantastic how you doing very nice to meet you nice to meet you too you remarkably normal thanks people were struck at how normal life and my my it's like wow really i think my my roommate hro the maze i guess seeing famous child yeah that's a
very unusual maze yeah my life is unique to me that's what i like to say you know yeah and i'm almost got peerless person like to a certain extent there's not too many people i can look left and right and we i i'm like we have similar experiences yes or anybody that you ever contacted like jodie foster or someone who's made it through seems pretty put together not really no no not really i mean it's weird cold call you know hey for such a small clan of people like if a comic called maine that i knew they wanted to talk to me i would talk to him 'cause it's such a small clan people i mean we do have our weekly therapy sessions yeah me a lecture would you jody
the yeah like we all get together and now we we we we you know it's actually do primal screaming that's what we do i was describing what it was like i have a friend who ricky schroeder who is obviously it was very famous for new young as well and then my favorite theme song theme songs of all time super phones so yeah and i was saying like the way we developed is not like the way the recipe calls like the recipe calls for you to have a childhood try to figure out life and then become a man and trying to find yourself and then try to find your path and by the time will you be he i became a man he was already famous and the same thing with you you were already fame as you were developing in learning yeah you know yeah well i'm i i i i don't know exactly how to like kind of even describe it because yeah it's always the way my life has been kind of thing again the same way that like a lot of kids like you know they go out
only you know catch bugs and play sandlot baseball or whatever like you just look at like that's the way it is like you don't really realize how unique the whole situation is until you have perspective 'cause you have nothing to compare it to really other than i guess tv shows and movies and things like that so i knew that my upbringing was unique you know a new uh it knew it was different but at the same time it kind of just it's not until you get some perspective some life experience until you really realize that oh wait this this particularly weird you know i think one of the aspects is particularly worried about it is a lot of kids that grow up team as they grow up on the set constantly around people treat them very differently than everyone else is not just that you're famous so you're famous in your also the complete center of attention like you are the reason why we're here we're going to do this tell vision show we're here to do this movie where do this thing you're the star and that i think for a kid that's
very strange place to be yeah and especially like i mean i like when i was a kid like me even before i started working i always liked being like the center of attention can i think i was dead i was just i was very boisterous unit but but in general it i'd never really liked not fussed over like i didn't like you know like the hair makeup costume people like poking at you all the time and things like that it actually wasn't a huge fan and after a while of kind of like being that its center of attention you know it does become a job after while like early on kind of just do what you do look that's like i was good at it and boom in the same way like that you do like anything that you're like you it's where the child labor laws don't apply to acting yeah they do do that yeah pretty well versed in child labor laws well how's that work then it goes from state to state they can work you look let's say like in new york they can work you ten hours yeah but stop right there they can work you
to get a job but their eight that's what you're that's what you're kind of like that's what they're women is from the same time get to get three hours of schooling in plus an hour of lunch he really your only your available window is only six hours or something like that a day and they like that also wouldn't like in that six hours there was like sitting at the lights for the next gotta know the hurry up and wait kind of part of things that's why i like the second home alone it took like nearly five months to film because they can only if not i'm in virtually every scene and they can only use me x amount of hours ryan day kind of thing but that is not the only job that you can work when you're eight years old i don't know you can be a carpenter i mean i guess you do modeling you know i'm but but like some kind of performing arts kind of thing like there are dancers and so forth 'cause i was a ballet dancer before i was an actor
yeah yeah i i did daily for a number of years i'm a classically trained ballerina right here as a ballerina if your man i call it like i i say i'm a ballet dancer but there is a weird ballerina hold that some of them use and i'm like i'm not i don't think i can call myself a ballerino like i just like can't it's two bros like it's from welcome back kotter exactly babble reno reno so i did that for a number of years and there's a bunch of kids like that do that and you get paid and you do the work so there are other i guess trades yeah it seems like it's an additional business yeah yeah that's what i mean i think it's more in the performing arts kind of thing like you know you don't you don't see a lot of kids work in the coal mines anymore with that kind of thing yeah for good reason all right but the some people
i think that that my six year olds dying of black lung you know there's some horrible pictures from like the early 1900s of people actually working in the coal mine sooner little tiny kids i mean anymore do you have any say in whether or not you worked when you were young not really know after a while it became a guest at a job and it was like i never chose the projects they were my parents can you essentially like chose them forming so if there is an appeal news mccauley a is acting it yet yeah they call going to class yeah girl you know and the i never read any scripts i would i would just read that the lines for like the next day or whatever like i would like get the gist of what the movie was about at but then i just gonna show up in
my marks my my late you know you know hand as they recite my lines going real it's come just like again like it's what you do right like a it's like in the same way that like i'd like kids go to like school or something like that like you know you if you fall into a routine to a certain extent yeah well that's the thing about the human mind right so flexible in you could adopt any sort of weird scenario and especially when you're a kid i mean you can just bounce along with yeah yeah it's a gap so easy exactly exactly and i always had like a good memory and things like that looking out i'd like to you know i was i was digging charismatic and i like had a good memory like so i could remember my lines like that's pretty much what like if you will you know like now i'm gonna give any advice stating people about like a you should put your kid into this line of work but at the same time like what producer really care about is within that you remember your lines monday they like people to you know never work with eight kids or animals kind of thing and
yeah it's again they want they really all they really care about is you remember your lines really like because i apparently that's a problem like for me it never was look if i ever lost my place i would just see the script in my head and just read it but i i kind of had a photographic memory back then oh it's faded now how old you know i'm thirty seven i'm about to be thirty eight in like two weeks feels weird doesn't it yeah yeah my my my bowels are different next it's different by your bowel yeah no just like a a like she i just got a do unlike random check up kind of thing and they're like oh we should scope you you know so they i did the scoping like in my stomach kind of thing but they also i got a colonoscopy so i was actually hoping
thank you sir put me under so it's like we can really matter to me but i'm gonna put you under for a colonoscopy yeah yeah you know at least i had that in the scoping so i think i don't know the cans down the throat i was hoping i was actually hoping they were going to used but one first and then put it my mouth just just it to mouth boom like any up but no that apparently they use different cameras lee all right yeah that's how we designed a different you know goes deep right but the because they were like all worried might have an ulcer good pains or something yeah again kind of it's been a little iffy and so the good news is i don't have an ulcer bad news is i have two ulcers so yeah so i'm dealing with that i've had to like curtail my lifestyle in general like i'm eating this red meat you know less carbonated beverages like ibuprofen no more ivy profen ibuprofen is terrible for your gut yeah exactly so like i've had to like you know i still like like burgers
every single day and now it's like i can have two servings of red meat a week kind of thing and it wasn't too hard to curtail my life celica smoking less trying to drink less like things like that what's the logic behind red meat less i think i i i i i'm not the doctor to have a method to his madness like this yeah it's like if you read the list of like yeah things are good or bad for your all service so things that aggravated yeah exactly so red meat like falls into that category looks losing money maker but chicken doesn't fish doesn't apparently not or at least you know less so weird and yeah might cause my special lady friend she was like you know worried about me and stuff so she was reading up on like you know all sir is and things like that and it was like the first leg is like seven things that like that flared up and all of them were a check marks for the exactly what i was doing in my life kind of thing like you know like i said red meat smoking drinking like i had just had to look at and
issue so i was taking a lot of ibuprofen and it was just like every single check mark you know so yeah i read something about ibuprofen doing it because ibuprofen disrupts gut bacteria and they believe that god bacteria there some i'm really recent about that a real recent study they think that they found new cause for ulcers like they've changed what they these things was caused by stre yes which you can do it like also i've also had like i've just started in company and things like that so like i have that kind of stress like kind of thing like you know like like i said i i i get a lot of the check marks like only so you can do it i think what they were saying was the used to think it can do it but now they think it's all a matter of bacteria in your stomach yeah i mean i think that's a big part
yeah also if you look at i did a movie in thailand like last year and came back you know came back with a worm so yeah one of those like single cell kind like you know what i was getting the medication for us like so what do i what you expect from this is like what do you expect you to get better i go there yeah like you know what am i going shit a worm am i going to shoot out or any like now now now this is one of the single cell ones but it may be more susceptible to getting ulcers when you know so is this because the antibiotics that you had to take for the worms i think i just ate it messes with your stomach chemistry anything after that is when you got the old yeah exactly exactly so soon dealing with it like it's actually it's actually not so bad you know i got like so as a duty it with her what is an ulcer do you sometimes you get a little pain things like that yeah i mean at one point i was like
shooting like ten times a day kind of thing you know they mean like it was kind of just like kind of loose and you're still a little bit yeah i can get some you can see like i mean i can go in and i can go into it that's what i mean you're asking me about it yeah right cool okay yeah i i find the stuff fascinating it is fascinating like what just came out of me cool when you can't see what's going on it's like behind the door yeah that's happening in there and see if i can listen to it yeah it was that was that chicken i don't know like which meal was that one when you know that i'm experimenting with my stomach seeing when it comes out the other end kind of thing can yeah did you experiment at all with probiotics did you do anything to try to no not yet is a fairly recent thing this is only been like the last like not even two months when
nice looking at like eight weeks or so so like i am just kind of easing into this thing i have a list i made a little list of like things are good for me like you know like to eat it things like that like you know make sure i get some yogurt like lots of leafy green you know what eleven ribbon on your jacket the of pen to the safety pin it's impressive patient badge participate in life we could make this up but it's yeah i mean i mean i went to uh it was a camp like a summer camp themed wedding back in like almost a year ago something that and so like they were giving out participation badges like anything 'cause if you participate in things but yet everyone always ask me about the rich the ribbon again i think that kind of just a safety pin yeah i can interesting we're like all kinds of things but for some reason it was like what is that what's that you look good no i'm participating in life here i am everytime i look here i'm on your podcast you or participate in life i am participating
you seem really healthy like you seem like a like a together person yeah i know that it's really stuck in a shocker for people i guess so would you know i'm actually usually for the most part i'm pretty put together look yeah look i i got a good life now they have special lady friend we have it a dog and a cat only get a yeah yeah is it for a family yeah exactly like this one thing to exchange keys it's another to get a cat you know so we we had as you can get a cat together because can kind of go anywhere yeah get a dog together that's a that's a big one hits a certain yeah sure he had the dog but it's a it's a it's a it's a girl and she's a what is she but you knew well yeah door look a stuffed animal kind of thing and then that we have a been she's black and then we got a big fluffy white cat it's like boy girl dog cat like you know yeah like you know yeah like it's really really in their door bolt like i've seen dogs and cats play with each other before and it's kind of cute and these guys play
all the time it's actually like it's a very special little relationship that they have so oh yeah no we never turn on the television look in our house and just watch the kids watch like the dog and the cat and stuff you know yeah do you do you plan on making people well yeah yeah no i'm i want i want done gonna make some babies you know stuff to get this one so this was a good one so you know what i'm talking about some baby in her look i mean i i you know i mean we we definitely in practicing but i yeah yeah i yeah but a piano yeah though this one again going to have a you have some pretty baby she's she's asian so i'm going to have like you're going to have the training room asian babies yeah it's nice yeah it's it's gonna be adorable let dorabella bunch of a bunch of sean lennon's running around that's what i'm looking for yeah yeah i know because it's money like you know like i i'm like a
it's almost like i feel entitled to make like asian jokes because i have an asian girl friend kind of thing i don't like your loud i don't think i'm i i do with her like all the time but i don't do anybody now yeah i don't it's like all to go baby you're my yoko look you know just like you know look at when she took you you're going to be my downfall the most hated person in all of music yeah yeah exactly used to be be able to if you were married to an asian woman one thousand and fifteen years ago be no problem i think if i think if i have asian babies i'd be allowed to even think so man i don't even think so because i had to deal with it every kind of like day kind of thing it's like oh well i can i uh
stan the struggle kind of things you know i'm trying to shield my kids not good enough yeah you don't come around too yeah i think so white male wealthy white male who's famous yeah i have a chance i guess i know right look at all those pockets anybody yeah sure privileged blonde haired who grew up famous yeah exactly what it is they're just warm in the fingers are pretty yeah definitely write a blog about you thinking that you can make a ginger i know i know i know well that was one of the things that like you know what i think they really like i loved about like was i remember when i made my first like asian crack like hearing aids what it is and she kind of looked stopped and then she was like last because i can't believe you said that like it was it did you said i said you know how i know you're asian she goes why this shape of your eyes dead giveaway and she could stop shoes that's funny you're allowed to say that
you can't say because the way you drive bitch yeah i know exactly yeah you have to have a really good sense of humor to accept that yeah exactly yeah but you do have a special relationship where you guys talk to each other is like a baby you are such a good driver like just you know like just like it does look like she's like shut up would you stop with the asian stuff like any idea because if she she is an excellent driver so well you see i could tell or you're really good driver for you know yeah yeah because of yeah whatever you guys will no why that's weird i don't you know i i'm forgetting broad i'm so not racist i don't even understand what exactly looking well believe me i'm i'm pretty relentless but her family like they also like they're they're down with like that it's it's i wouldn't call it teasing
just like just telling jokes kind of thing looking at the only time 'cause i'm the only white boy like you know when we visit the family got india yeah it's like i mean what brand of asian it's thai laotian oh wow yeah exotic yeah i know i know italy ocean you know yeah yeah i got back from thailand was their first time ever that's where i got my way yeah yeah so what is this warm like did you fight was it under your skin was it in no i mean i guess it's a single celled kind of once in your stomach always in stomach yeah yeah how did you know you had a i had lot of fatigue again like just like my movements all that great like things like that and i remember waking up after about like a good like week or so of it we had just wrapped up like we were like there for like five six weeks or something so i was back in the states and it was just i was sleeping twenty hours a day a omar like only like waking up to like get like you know just to like to pretty much and then a
and then yeah no i actually remember waking up one of those days i said i'm pretty sure i have a worm look it actually just pop in my head i go like this is probably what a worm feels like it was it's kind of a mono esque kind of like you know fatigue like that kind of thing so you know with their own some of heavy duty antibiotics for like ten days how do they think you caught it i'm not sure look all you were and heavy duty antibiotics ten days that's probably because you're also looking yeah exactly no i mean that the worm doesn't help and then the heavy duty antibiotics and like all that stuff yeah it's just kind of look at in the you know and so again like lifestyle like kind of things you know like you know just like you i like you know like i can't bird like i used to kind of thing looking like that's kind of the idea right so but no it was so i think i caught it from a cat she look at we were in of what it was co pp the that that island and i mean that's like
cat island stuff and then we had these little bungalows and i remember i was like should we were just kind of checking in and i pulled my back up and it's like this little like kind of kitten just like walked up and just like grown hey can i come in look catcher come on in like i've had a lot of cats in my life and stuff so yeah that little that will sucker like like spent a lot of time and things like that and that's probably exactly like we sleep in the bed together and stuff like that i like zer bert tested for plasma toxoplasmosis i've actually had that before when you have it then then you have it for life exactly now i went through the symptoms i caught it from an undercooked piece of lamb actually well yeah it's one of the four ways you can get it kind of thing no key yeah you can get it from yet from cats you can get it from undercooked lamb you can get it through a blood transfusion and i think the other one is a mother can transfer it to it to their baby
again really mad i will which the whole cdc website everything looking and and that was like mono kind of thing like a lot of people catch it but they'd like the said the antibodies for like and i was a little run down i was doing a play in london for like ten months and also the kind of going out at night and things like that so i think my body was kind of just like not at its strongest and boom hit me like a ton of bricks like it was that was like my no kind of thing and i was totally rundown it's got better after about like three months or so but i didn't get one hundred better for about a year there was a crazy article just written about talk so that it had some sort of impact on people who are start up businesses that there launch more entrepreneurs have toxoplasmosis it's a it radically effects behavior apparently so yeah i mean i don't know hey i i got when i was like twenty so so makes you more risk taking more more makes you out here yeah
i've found in cat poop is been linked to higher likelihood of entrepreneurial behavior in people who get infected well you can imagine is lighter more i just want my own website recently in the amount of stuff you know yeah so there you go yeah i i i i blame the toxoplasmosis have you ever step on it a lot i mean have you read any of robert sapolsky stuff no no no not in awhile like you know like i said i got this looking like two thousand and two thousand one robert sapolsky's he's a professor at stanford and he's a biologist and he specializes in talks be if you're in a lot of different his biologists right so is yeah but anyway he he's got some amazing talks you really should listen to it since you have it it's fascinating stuff they found a disproportionate number of motorcycle victims
motorcycle crashes at least taking league as you're saying yeah let's actually to assassinating down it it you know how it works at the it only you can only reproduce inside cats got and it re wires the sexual reward system of a rat so it makes a rat horny when it smells cat piss so completely changes the cats sexual reward system yeah i am no that makes sense as a dot org slash let the the evolutionary advantage you know of pending farmer was not to have it it was near advantage it's it's it actually tricks the cat in the killing the rap and tricks the rat into being corneal exam they tend to come around yeah exactly this woman is an evolution vantage to them because like at like if you will if your cat you have toxoplasmosis like it's going to you know it's going to attract your prey to you what actually does
now it doesn't work that way the rat has to be infected when the rats infected then it smells cat urine and gets horny when the cats infected it doesn't do anything to the cat yeah it seems to have no change in the behavior of the cap but then it gets to people yeah so it only affects really the behavior people an rats it's weird i don't know i i caught it i got the i got the anybody's for it or whatever yeah that's what it is like for ever kind of things but it doesn't affect me look at all like you know i mean there's you know how much issue health issues i mean look at no it's look at it's just it's a you know it was one of the things were like yeah i got sick for for a couple of months and then make it is like mono thank you said there's a disproportionate number of successful soccer teams that come from countries that are of high rates of toxo plasma infection i should get into soccer well it's just one of those things it just it it changes the way people behave make some little wilder
so you're saying you're interested in some toxoplasmosis and it might already have it yet top show you checked tux ogunde whatever it is looking again so it was this movie in thailand my green he wrote and directed he movie and so he asked me to do so and you know like i i couldn't really pursue acting i got all kind of thing it now and i'm not saying it was a favor anything at the same time it was like yeah like sounds like fun so at school cast it's like him he's in breckin meyer's in it brenda song me so do you just like do whatever you want these days and just occasionally act when it comes up yeah if it comes up like you know if it's a cool look neat little gig or something like that sure but uh i guess i don't pursue it in any kind of like anyway like i don't have agents more and things like that is that because you're just not interested or yeah could and should only like the the pursuit of it you know like
like what it hopes process yeah exactly i don't like i don't like being on the circuit kind of thing looking at so but now i am you know i write a lot of pain a lot like i just kind of always have like some kind of project and then also like i said we got the the website bunny ears dot com kind of thing and what is that that is a it's a how many website it's pretty much like like you know how all these celebrity specially like ladies they have those lifestyle websites all of 'em well a lot of them do you know like i like you know what i know of is our other ones yeah no it's look at its group once the most egregious though yeah that's that well that's the thing is it so this is this is like group meets the onion sue is like group meets the onion yeah i know what yet but i accidentally yet they tell you put jade balls of your i know believe me we we we had a violent years yeah we are we are on the beach in a hot what what isn't is it just do that thing annoying yeah
kind of sex on the beach in a hot tub and other things that seem fun as a virgin and it's hannah hannah into michael's visa she our honda she's in vain to the greater you have little scroll things like so you have a podcast as well yeah we do a podcast also we have somewhere revving up some more like video content and things but yeah so this is just a fun project yeah it's it's got a lot of really great writers like comedy writers and stuff and you know it's kind of just like oh there's a good article by the jade egg like oh i put a jade egg my and i catch a jay bird you know i think that kind of thing that you know and i think you know what to do about your bird living in your now it's like things here i mean we're we're kind of like taking the piss out of like you know some of these kind of like lifestyle you website right you know it's like i am so you know the of articles a gun group about like best cabernets like for like two hundred dollars or something that it's like ours is like the best bourbons under twenty dollars but then like
gets worse and worse and then it into a rant about your ex girlfriend so like things like that it's it's some really good stuff like i we have a really really great team of people and it's kind of like i said taking the piss out of things so you just decide to do this just for fun yeah i had this idea was kind of kicking it around and so forth and then i felt like i have accumulated enough ideas and then yeah kind of voltron ing it like just grab in assembling you know like this this this you know this this project this giant giant robot in again soon there you go it's it's it's it's a lot of fun it's a and it's it it's funny like we have to look at that there's actually look those articles are really well written like we have one about uh dc infinity war uh the the avengers the avengers were not good it's fantastic it's fantastic but we made her infinity gauntlet and what happens is laying in spoiler alert is i got a lot of people kind of just vanish
really kind of just die like you know they turn into dust in the movie the movie at the end so like when you start reading the article all of a sudden just all the words just start with fishing and then like you know and then you have to go back and look at it like that make the letters like we actually had a we did one where it was a ransom letter one of our writers she her father is actually the therapist for good like the actual like psychiatrists the official one so we do pass therapist yeah you know yes but is it like a weekly advice therapist or is it just like therapy just for being on goop like i know you here because you're a mass so here just read this read this it's ok sorry here for you so we got pictures of him bound and gagged it's like deer group we kidnapped your therapist we can only get him back if you
this year seven hot tips for you know yeah look at the for facial washes for this summer we get like you know what they actually good on them they responded and they actually like sent us over like a list of like here the high like kind of like you know good for them like they had a sense of humor about the whole thing looking at they have to their called goop we thought about naming ours peugh probably sue yeah i know know know know so so you're basically fine actually set from all those movies you so i do okay for myself but do you put that money away and just live off the interest pretty much in the end and yeah i've i'm able to kind of live the life that you know like that i that my circumstances afforded me i'm like i said i'm very very very lucky you know lots of weird things happen to kids all the time all around the world every day you know i have something to show for it you know like
it's nice i can live it's a jackie goes weird we describe a movie career yeah pretty lots of weird things happen the kids yeah i mean i got some money out of it i'm not working with the diamond mines of my child soldier you know i mean you know i look i look i came out the other end a may have some new show for it i'm very like i i i do feel blessed every morning kind of thing so you're happy that it all worked out that way yeah yeah you can go back and do it again when you do the same way knowing what i know now i mean probably you know yeah i probably be even more charming i do it just bad here of course you would right yeah exactly do it now imagine if you just have your brain a little kids body yeah i know i i will kill it grade school i would so kill it like in school like warfare they we know what's coming down a little yeah i was i was too little brains of the novel exactly don't it would that would be great i'm pretty sure that's why
thirty good going on thirteen was right and then going out jennifer garner movie yeah yeah i have no idea what any jennifer garden moons are well you know now you do very going on thirteen like a brain swap one kind of yes but she liked her adult brain friday so it's kind freaky friday with some time travel i guess haha so you're going to netflix no i doubt i can i can see that you've been thoroughly charmed by jennifer garner that's interesting life you have that and you so you just kind of do whatever you want yeah my friend jack says i'm a man of leisure that's the way he describes like my life and lifestyle that's a good way to describe it yeah it's true and like i kind of look and the kind of
you spend some time just like jumping around like europe or something like that and like you know just like that and like yeah well you lived in paris you were saying yeah so well yeah lived there for a number of years i mean i still have ice on my place there but since like some intent it's all in the last year i've been kind of spring more time in the states was it that brought in paris well the food sucks the one is terrible in the women are ugly but otherwise it's fantastic it was an agreeable lifestyle a bunch of friends out there there was always asking me wanting to move ferris learn french turns in paris for asking and i was there just kind of like i was just kind of jumping around a little bit and so i thought about it for a second i want you know what house next week so i said i'm going to leave my bags here i'm going to fly back to new york i'm going to going all put my affairs in order and i said i'll be back next week i said i'm ready to live here
i mean i realize that if i could pick up and just move to france on a whim it wouldn't affect you know like anyone's life it wouldn't hurt anybody or thing that i'd be remiss if i didn't looking at i mean the catholic how how many times my like i couldn't do that now but i could do it back that kind of thing right so the galaxy note as you just look at look i'm i'm gonna i'm gonna live in paris now get in and it was it was great it was a lot of people have done that johnny depp live there for a little while i know richard he sells it really is there for awhile it's it's a special place and what's what's special about it i mean again food mines fantastic like the girls are pretty like aids the leisurely kind of like lifestyle a little bit like i like i like your eating habits can only get it it's like a light activists and kind of gets heavier as you kind of go along in the day you kind of eat later which is kind of like you know like all your american you must want to eat dinner at like eight the company i like ten you know again
yeah yeah about one thousand pm is like you know kind of a you know ideal like dinner kind of time then only work already either right i mean no i mean i mean they work i mean i think you know but they like to take your time and yeah everything is like yeah it's like you know i'll set up a card game for like three hundred and thirty like in three hundred and thirty means like five again that's just the way everyone kind of always late but it's no big deal that's the thing is i remember one time coming like gosh like you know just like where are a kind and then i realism and we what is the hurry for real look what is the hurry look right it's like i have other plans my plan is to hang out like you know with you guys and so and all of a sudden stress would just kind of melt away i'm like yeah you can just be more leisurely and stuff about things out there and once again like i said it's really cool they like americans out there that's a misconception if they don't like they don't like the loud noxious americans with the mickey mouse t shirt and we don't either yeah no
need we say fanny packs how dare you i did have one wonderful great way to keep you yeah you know you get a list like leather one yeah i i have i i use inside pockets i got i got inside that's my purse mmhm well that works too i also missed i i have a satchel but i i travel so again yeah yeah exit yeah you know what it's actually i do call it my purse like you know in day to day kind of thing because it's like someone at all it's a satchel or to immerse no no no it's a purse the guy like no no illusions here isn't it funny that would you would be insulted or a more positive about it if i had a different sound coming out of your mouth yeah right no no no it's it's it is experiencing it's a person first yeah so i what happened there why did men how can we can a purse is right now going to do that like it's a few bold souls that will put on a fanny pack and walk out into public but
it's not a lot of people that would just actually just called yourself bold is not a lot of people tell where an actual purse like a louis vuitton purse yeah i mean i'm secure enough in myself and look everything like yeah i can pull up the person look i mean i wear fingernail polish shouldn't you know i've participation badge like i got like i do you have like fingernails stripes yeah yeah all polished but look a little bit yeah i i actually i almost i actually do do it on purpose look it's like they do make my fingers to feminine if it's done perfectly so but i'm actually really good when i did that that movie party monster i learned a lot of like just fun and make up the kind of things and ways to make your fingers look like they're like you're like like there two weeks old when really like you know like you know technically i mean i could these are yesterday and they would write like this kind of thing yeah but i am in always i would just like to nail polish working as a man
but you know i'm secure enough to look like where a purse or something that looking i want you with that yeah i know i i don't act packed up yeah it's weird what's this mickey rourke i'll leave the time yeah he's got what are the those called clutch so yeah yeah that looks more like a clutch yeah but he's so eccentric i've met him this past weekend had a crazy cowboys were looking at a picture of mickey roarke you had a crazy cowboy had on and he's just yeah he's he seems like a cook i mean you can see that picture like that belt buckle like really like that was you know that's something looking at look good on him yeah he's just a nod i look around again it yet when i used for some it reminds me that was an old onion article is what are my favorite headlines and it was johnny jet bound to be ninety percent scarves
yeah he got like waist garfield after the whole pirate movie yeah yeah i would straight scarf or the rest of his life kind of thing again he he really he really committed to that scarf thing when you're a beautiful man like that it's an odd transition being like a fifty five year old it's like what's up with johnny depp lately not good things i it's it's really strange actually just this morning they delayed or actually like or canceled he isn't a choice be ag movie what kind of that he's in with force would occur and was was come out next month and they just pulled from the schedule and they haven't like even said that it's ever going to come out or something and it's like and even looking at pictures of him like it kind of just like there's something off about him so grand hope he's mean used to be really great you send up would you do to him you fuck i don't even know who that is doug stanhope one of the best stand up
indians ever there you go he's more of a steven wright fan myself me too yeah i know that even right but i think i think he's just he hit that weird spot where you're just too famous anywhere where you were when you were little i'm sure yeah but you can coast now right you go places did look how how rich is rich enough like do like ground look at that's what i mean we're not just that we keep spends he owns fourteen houses he owns it hi lyn millions and millions of dollars did you spend like five million dollar shooting dressed thompson's earn yes she is at the canon yeah well yes i was interested in the million dollars goes no of course not i spent three million dollars they asked him about this one habit they said your attorney said that your wine habit is thirty thousand dollars a month and he goes that's an insult it's far more if it's at all are far more than that does it mean
when you look at all right cool like i guess yes to maintain a and m that lifestyle well that's what he wants for himself that's what he's doing in that's his life is life is spending all that money yeah like his whole life is doing movie that the service you know people though also when they're involved in laborious prod jack said they're not really interested in you know when you when you're doing something all day and i say this is a guy who hosted fear factor yeah they didn't get it you don't really enjoy doing while you're doing it you like ok time to go to work i mean it was very full to have the job don't get me wrong but the reality is it was not enjoy it wasn't a fruitful endeavor it wasn't like working for the ufc or doing stand up comedy or even doing a product yeah it wasn't a passion project yeah exactly so when you do something like that like people on bad sitcoms in particular they spend all their fucking money they go crazy 'cause the only thing that they look for
two is what am i gonna do with this money what's everyone gonna buy a ferrari yeah buy a mansion i don't mind island yeah and that's i think that's what johnnie got into yeah i i i i couldn't see myself like doing look at like a sit com or television show kind of thing like that is not a good city a good one i do like newsradio is a fantastic show look that must've been that that must have been like a fruitful endeavor reason why i never did another one yeah yeah exactly everyone that experience every other one the came along was like this is will they be pursued me for for me for the big bang theory prices look you can i get that and i said like knowing to look not only because it was kinda like the way the pitch was was kinda just like all right these two look astrophysicist nerds in them the girl is with them you winks like you know in the that was the pitch yeah it was like and they look over to get some real like physicists like he'll do the math and i said look at us and i'm i'm cool it thinks and then they came back at me
again and i said i'm like again flattered but like no and then then they came back me again and like even my manager was like twisting my arm and i was not mine i want a piece that is but golly listen i have hundreds of millions of dollars right now if like if i did that gig the same time i'll be bashing my head against the wall that's the thing yeah i think that's what johnny depp's doing he can't really be into those pirate movies yeah no he's just he's interested look and that's the thing is looking wasn't always like that the number you know it's like all about the money right this is a thing i read an article with in an interview with him it was about two decades ago and he was talking about you know who's in his 30s and he was doing not weird obscur movies like he was that movie dead man that yeah yeah he did a lot of weird shit and he said this is
kind of what i really like and i don't i'm not blockbuster boy which is what he said yes i run which is so ironic that has now he's blockbuster boy yeah no he goes yeah if i ever like if you're if i'm ever part of a franchise like just shoot me or something just like gather put up these weird like old quote yeah it was a it's at the george lucas like when he he testified before to put the colorization of movies and talk about how movies are part of our heritage and shouldn't be tampered with or anything he like twenty five years later he's going back and redoing his movies looking at it's like you know once you put art out there let alone leave it alone bill is not yours anymore now like that's the thing like once you show like your paintings look that's not yours anymore that's the morals that's an interesting way of looking at it i mean don't think if there's anymore i measure measure religion and she like what just all of a sudden came back into existence right now and he won
to change the mona lisa she's fact yeah exactly yeah i kind of didn't get their face i didn't get the smile right i don't like arise exactly their hair pulled back and shit i want to see it so should he be able to change it i want to give us some look at jewelry never finished the eyebrows i want to give a big tits i want to push them together come on come on it's my fucking page yeah exactly leonardo davinci is a moderate al you want big tits would fucking glitter it's like it's like living like mulberry street little italy pizza like a fake lips and guess what i want give me some claims casino today this fucking broad look at her proposed the theory that i believe that leonardo davinci that model
it was him in drag yeah that it was a self portrait who was it allen said that when i was bringing up that's right said that the other day yeah i've seen i've seen those things would pay to get pull up a picture of him which is what we never did well it pulled up a picture of the photo we never pull of a picture of him and the photo that's that's fast any of that really was the case if you just decided to paint himself in drag well they found all kinds of things that pain like it like in her like like i our server eyes this actually like like letters in there instead of like mike this i get my really really tiny looking extremely audi and demon comes right either yeah ground in a i had a dream the demons were real last night i just it i just had a i had a dream where i feel stupid about fifty almost fifty one years old dreams are dreams you know yeah that's a week fucking thought i had a dream the other day where i was the biggest dick in the world like i was actually just being really rude to everybody has the there's the a draw
kind of him wow it's like looking in a mirror yeah the other guys that's oh yeah you know you can kind of size anything into anything well i don't know about that one yeah they had little tall it might have gotten confused with that you know the drawing of the and in the circle in the square in the you know maybe just imagined yourself as a woman mean it's not necessarily him and drag like dragged now before what would happen if i was born a girl we'll get the what i look like whatever that same boat i just stare at myself nick in the mirror every day i think about my hours right so you could do just to fill look at
activities like michelangelo i always used to get them confused leonardo davinci and she was the one that invented a bunch of shit though yeah he was it was the renaissance man yeah yeah i know he was also kind of an engineer and you she made like or at least likes you don't like it was like like a a hank anything in a lane and airplane as well she designed but he designed like weapons of war also like it wasn't just like airplanes there were at least gliders in helicopters and soon with but yeah no he might get he yeah look at all the different that he came up with yeah that that is that just think wow so let you see the ship and you can see like there's like kind of like like holes like guns all around it and
i'm not sure easy how much are they actually built it or not that's like a kill everybody tank there's so nondescript with wear those bullets are going they're going to three hundred and sixty granted sixty degree that that that that that they kept spitting that thing around but you know he made he actually like designed weapons are but those were those were cannons that must have been proud that's what can have really guns back together there's an that design yeah yeah so they all tenants from wow that is crazy yeah i know he was a freak he was a he was rad man we keep saying now that guy yeah right just you know try me like when you're french girls how weird weird guy yeah not yet michelangelo eats the sistine chapel and use a few more of a sculptor than a painter familiar crossbow invented yep it's a giant one yeah looking at like one of the ones that they killed the smiled with here at you look at like the one the multi gun the key
it's kind of in the machine gun like the one just left to that yeah that's a lunch of guns yeah it's a bunch of gun barrels in is like almost like a it's like the the first design for a machine gun essentially washington directions looking in she i i i would really love to talk to an extraordinary person from back then it must have been so different hey give me some clams casino lily look at this fucking gay this airplay thank you made yeah okay like a glider like to talk to picasso or to talk to davinci or any any of these people from personal people from long sounds like my my my favorite it comes to these paintings and stuff but i heard it wasn't necessarily like you know that like cool person to be around kind of thing you ever see the there was a was a deal with them so i think he i think he's crazy anyways artist he was still very aware that he was because like you know like yeah he was already like the most famous painter in the world and he knew it kind of thing he actually used to
walk around he didn't carry money or a wallet he just carried a cup add so if you want to get like a pack of cigarettes he could just look it it and there you go the glass so he'd ever had to like pay for anything because he was impossible sure yeah because i am a and and listen would you accept that trade a pack of cigarettes for but also what yeah i take that trade so are those around yeah he actually is a lot of like little sketches like all around there actually quite affordable at least one in terms of owning a picasso the key was you know he was very prolific and just a lot of like ink drawings and so forth i remember was the snl sketch it was like love it's was playing picasso and it's like but like he kind of i think it went around kind of just doing anything he wanted and he's like because i picasso like you know and he was just like just being a jerk to everybody you can mention love it's doing that you love it because i am bad castle that's a good lovin some pressure no thanks he was on news radio for a whole season oh yeah yeah if they have to fill out with him he's a good guy
yeah i i've always look at whatever to my blood pumping him the gary very very nice person yet really really sweet i ran into him at i went to the with my body seth green we went to the peewee herman broadway show that they had a bunch of years back and yeah i ran into love it's like their backstage so it's like yeah just like me seth green pee wee herman and jon lovitz and like this is quite a quite a little little get together this is this this is great this is a great table love it was doing stand up for awhile i don't think he's doing anymore 'cause i don't see him anymore but a few years back he was do a lot of stand up like he was he back on rub he bought the john of its comedy club in universal universal is the worst comedy club design of all time well you know it it's it's weird that he was actually able to find a club that was what he named after him he was what are the odds he bought a used in the house of blues it was no it was bb kings club was bb kings blues club and
he turned it into the jon lovitz thing and really i'm remembering that i saw sean penn had that older brother that big brother that died for spend the i saw that guy there play the harmonica hammered when on stage and play the harmonica look at me i'm chris band that was some weird hollywood thing and i was like wow imagine that you're so famous you just jump on stage at a blues club and play the harmonica in every happier there and not weird but i was hoping really like sean penn jumped up there and did like his tight five but you would be that would be strange john mayer does stand up i've heard that very strange so if you on stage here bb kings place like if this is a stage there would be a balcony but it would be above you like way up there right above you and so like you have to look up to see the people there so they're basically looking straight down at the top of your head worse idea for
but design that's yeah that isn't the worst when you're seeing music you know you don't nest sara lee have to be is connected to the person's face i've been to a i've been to a place where actually like you were literally right over like the band and i was going to eat like actually watching watching the drummer from overhead like it's kind of neat but you know just like this much in somebody with a bald spot on the top of their head yeah that's really close yeah and there's nothing and they want me like you mean being funny down club i'm back uh so i imagined it was taller than that that's interesting my memory is not that good yes yeah well it's just it's just getting weird because it's got too much shit in there
my brain is too much information they're running out of room almost for sure i'm deleting space on my hard drive for new things like seventh grade i went to seventh grade tell me once what happened there let's get rid of that seventh grade i don't need that shit don't need that anymore who needs cursive am i right with john's doing a wonder why he stopped doing stand up 'cause he was actually pretty funny and he was weird is he was already famous and one of the things was like i had tried to encourage phil hartman to do stand up number of times because he would do standup where he would warm up for the you know the crowd would be there for the show and in between scenes there was always some down time and phil would take the warmups microphone and do bitch riff
is bill clinton impression this is during the whole monica lewinsky scandal so he had like all this material about bill clinton and monica and his impressions were amazing yeah yeah i know he's like he's one of my favorites of all time on that show yeah he was amazing and so he was thinking about what is this to show cyaneum where is he once vale alabama in august little doing standup looking that he didn't give a with him out there clearly with those glasses is great and looks at me he looks at our team like i'm john love it's the like looking on my legs yeah so you still do it yeah yeah good great good for him i guess it always like them great when i did snl i think was the first season where he'd he'd just left i think i because i did it pretty much it probably if i had to pick a season i would have been the it would have been the one i did could you still had carvey he still had you know ha
men in victoria jackson like the whole kind of group but forgot about victoria jack yeah she was fucking hilarious yeah what happened to her she's a whore core conservative now yeah huge like right mom right winger she's put on a little weight you know but i have a wheel really yeah yeah in look no she's a she's a hard core conservative now like she she charged in a from the mountain tops what what was she like when you met her she was fine i mean as it was she conservative back i was i was busy doing the show kind of thing right i mean look at it that that because a lot of work and make sure that i i had to do it i had to do without you car because my father you one of these two cards so i don't like to memorize all that stuff plus of doc's dad plus plus this gets a demon making to the show so i like i had to memorize like skits i didn't even end up a lot yeah can share that dad
i had a good memory and you want me reading you know because you can see it we can see what people are reading now yeah anyone me doing that so to look you car but also that means the other actors don't you got for the me either yeah of course not you know cried as they had the guy no i'm happy i'm sure my father made a lot of friends looking like you know that the that weekend that's up like how can he dictate whether or not the other actors get cue cards i don't know but it's because he could apparently he could victoria jackson is a hard core conservative yet so stanley said she shouted for them from the mountain tops looking an active yeah so she was like a you know so is that whole kind of group that kind of late eighties group but then also it was a it was mike myers said in season i think you know and then it was like you know schneider sandler chris rock it was like that kind of overlap here so i actually got like a really kind of like really good group lately no that's awesome that was neat it's always
when someone from like a tv show gets really political yeah you know like like chuck woolery from the love that guy is he's so fucking crazy conservative or nuts yeah his twitter feed i go to your feet every now and then just to see what crazy old men conservatives are really interested in how often does he used the term fake news the libs dems yeah the dems in the libs they all trait he apparently he's got like a radio show like some like like all what we make sense like one of those things you know no nonsense blood for blood it's true that is all blunt force truth you damn liberals kind of more like that sounds like a like a band from brooklyn look at it
the printed firearms are concerned for crime but criminals would do bad things no matter wat find out more by listening up blunt force truth look at that it's bft wow he's a he's pushing that we should listen to some of that he he isn't yeah i know right you should also james woods it it right there right like this you like dudes want to put up gates so i'm going to get solar to what happened what happened to actor peter fonda he's super conservative two now isn't it i don't know there just democrats to commit voter fraud the opposite i think it's the opposite yeah he's super super democrat
if there is ever an all rosy turns feud with trump into activism bitter rosie all caps trump rallies are real his supporters are paid blunt force truth blunt force truth just look at some journalistic integrity from chuck woolery that this whole thing though his whole thing is that now i think he lives in texas or something thinking escape california and all the crazy lab yeah yeah i'll be right back into into yeah yeah tune to forget the name of that show i memory selected the one in game show network they want all the boxes it was like letters and stuff faq i forget the name of it up what's that say he does that so many shows yeah yeah i only remember the love connection i had like ten yeah the game show network yet like when that like launched like they like yeah we can get we can get chuck woolery
i'll go on if you let me talk about the damn lips yeah yeah exactly you know how you don't trip back in you know was was busy looking he's already busy on his own thing but we can get woolery how weird it was again scrabble lingo there we go that's the show yeah hi welcome back i've got a tie and cue cards that kind of what is it it's a neat look at that look at those two dorks i'm wearing sunglasses guys on my tv so much judgment look at those assholes trying to be judging yeah exactly it's fine it's fine actually kind of need to pee yeah yeah go pee mak cool don't worry but we live yeah it doesn't
i know you guys did we'll talk some about truck will go go chuck woolery naturally stoned so you go go van did a show called naturally stone com on get the outta here also he is a what is a song called naturally stoned oh what is this actually stoned and american reality television to show that start american game show host chuck woolery six episodes aired in game show network two thousand and three between june 15th and july twenty seven c send it around woolery and his family specifically his personal life and his work as a host have game show network's original game show lingo this show placed drain on both will res workload and his marriage as the series titles derived from his top forty song from his band the off on guard what he had a show but what
he had a band chuck woolery had a band psychedelic pop group get my one thousand and sixty seven fuck i gotta get the fuck get out of here you got to find that song a psychedelic pop group oh my goodness chuck naturally stone psychedelics but natural site he had a pop band yes yes yes yes yes the song was naturally stoned it was a it was a the mommas and the papas esque kind of like 60s like kind of i think he probably was trying to do it on the natch though okay let's listen to some of this that's him right there naturally don't honey and gall who is honey
yeah it should pull it off youtube other will get pulled so that people listen on youtube you gotta go google avant garde naturally stoned the people that have listening on google play and itunes and all that shit you can hear this yeah i know this is very like incense and peppermints kind of been terrible okay just a terrible since grieving is still there's chuck chuck up front into into two into who's got wouldn't be times i wouldn't beat around his neck to have both to like look guys we got beads on we're cool looking at a party like on haight ashbury or something like that and if you know i want to find the sixties the guy in the
back with his hands on his hips what the fuck is up to these days that is the other pet sajak honey and gall like what is that i think that's the name of the album that's the name of the album i don't know actually ignore it probably beside elkin bubba fowler elkins got aid duck hunting show on the sportsman's channel now this guy i'm getting we doing there's a leonard cohen thing on their leonard cohen album yeah i mean that the guard how strange i think blunt force truth is better name for a band and the avantgarde yeah it is right cut yet tonight at the pit you want to know the truth but i'm gonna tell you one blunt force what we're doing for a show blunt force troops spin hot truth right now said
connect to spin a spitting hot fire that you don't want to hear it all shit hot fire wake up kids i always liked i always love that line from a ship was like spit hot fire and there's just like is it this cold buyers just may not by right yeah the cold fusion the worst this is so strange that the whole thing that he's he was in a band yep the although guard to gosh that is so like of that era it's so funny when those old dudes get like real all the priority from nineteen seventy four look at that chair burns very jay leno esque in that photo yeah look at him here give me some volume we hear him saying he goes i thought my gosh so i mean yeah you definitely has a nice voice sounds like a bad voice just wants more cool
oh yeah oh i've heard this song before this is a cover make me so cover ok kill this go from the avantgarde to like yeah like hosting like yeah well because dating game or whatever 'cause this isn't good
yeah there you go and we're transition well he's a handsome guy probably good talker and yeah his agent was like check check check i'm telling you the moon the music is nice thanks yeah like like let's hosting i'm going to give you the blunt force true put it all right here but i want to tell you i like that phrase you've got a lot you gotta look chat the look is game show host you got to get you haven't listened how about you being on the game show network when you think about that fella does anyone actually ever like a spire to be a game show hosts are for sure i know i know i know like you know but like when your kid you know i mean like you want to ask for not or whatever to be someone who's like watches zap prices right exact morris from saved by the bell he wanted to be a game show host name millions on a real person i know
i'm just saying i'm just making conversation right now this sub can write down his fucking dream you just shattered gogo can mark my dream i was two piece of shit i was asking a question is a legit question like you know like yeah do people aspire to be game show host yeah for sure 'cause i know in the uk like host is a thing that people aspire to be like somebody what are you doing that i host did they get there they usually got panelist on a show television presenter yeah presenter exactly like any other yes yes the presenter that song actually gave that that was so so much of a hit that they were a one hit wonder then and he had to become a truck driver supplement supplement his income he then signed on as a solo artist had five more songs on his own whom didn't obviously workout that well then it became the first host of wheel of fortune in nineteen seventy five lego where i bloody war you know jackson doing since one thousand nine hundred and eighty one
i love that's great so how long do you do it for heated wheel of fortune for six years she's what year did it start so it was a year after that after that thing we just watched it was a one year later i hope he still had that her that mean of her still does i think and there's the and and those those salt pepper yeah those those little like further side turn the mutton chops old school once go down your job alright dispute oooooh duck chuck and then it goes straight to say jack imagining fucking turns it on and still on the air is like still fuck it still damn it i kind of impression money by age it's a piece of shit that's the blunt force truth won the blood flow through fucked up with my contract i have regrets that's the truth maybe you want to do it anymore maybe that's what it was contract negotiations but then he went straight into the dating game or whatever show get to see chicks i guess so i'm trying to get laid yeah i guess so
do try to get laid yeah your birth facilitator put love together i mean you know got the most action was at richard dawson family feud yeah he was kissed every look lady at a later even like the ones that were under age did you ever see that movie with the thing is featured see a richard dawson the guy who was in hogans heroes with him was that fucking movie like in the movie about that guy that super eight or when it is not more than thirty millimeter eight not not yeah it's one of those it's not that yeah yeah the movie were who will the guy's name i don't know he was apparently he was the guy was a star hogans heroes and then he just became the freak of the week just yeah came out you always call me ono horn all the time that's all he did as my yeah yeah and then they think the guy he did porn with killed i believe his murder is never saw but there was some sort of step
new waiting circumstances that connected guy was in the movie i think maybe that was what they have why did the movie i think that was what it was if it was in a movie it has to be true uh huh you know if they don't ever lie man true crime that's the thing about movies when they do a story about your life they don't change shit and head but no literally get every word right otherwise they would lose credibility movies we change shit you like why did you change that like they just decide to historical things oh it's creative license or like we have to condense things because a person's life is like you know so long and things like that do you remember that movie about the movie with it was with what's his name from the office
well he played that kind of catcher catcher yeah we're both in the same thing just waiting to get the description going foxcatcher anything now that that that movies based on two very famous wrestlers dave schultz in marshalls in the movie they put a ton of bullsh in there yeah and don't mean lot of in mark was furious when the movie team member reading that and you know he went on a crazy wild twitter storm but then after the the end of the movie he there's a historic moment in that in that movie that they just completely made up like he thought this guy named big daddy good which in the ufc mean sports history in i think that sounds like a wwe wrestler i know it does it was being could have been a wwe wrestler but big daddy goodrich you know really a pioneer in mma fighting was this big fucking jack black guy who wore a guy he wore like a national karate guy into the octagon in the movie they
i have been fighting a white guy or russian guy white washing they just decided they don't the white guys well what is america and we have we to fight the russians i was like why would you change the race and the name of the guy who fought yeah that that seems like weird in like petty almost tell you know it's just weird just greasy producers who think there's you've been around them you know those folks i've no idea what you're talking about telling me more let me tell you i'm going to give you the blunt force truth in every season right your face in hot fire right here face you fucking libs the date they just decide they're smarter than everybody and they know better they know how to change history and make it make it a better show they let you know we were it was the eighties so like yes it has to be against a russian kind of thing was in the eighties one say it takes he said oh please please not because in the 90s nine months yeah it was i think you fart
in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five i know kurt angle like i know trained in that facility the fuck catcher yeah a lot of guys don't about that you ma'am how crazy the guy was just decided to set up some wrestling thing so you get like weird with these dudes yeah exactly one lower budget some strong sweaty men like rubbing up against each other it's i but use the those rhett lose like rest others like when they're training i bet you however their training with lose their body better than their wives it's uh intimate thing i mean like i bet you they know every curve of their training he's losing weight here tom exactly when i since this grip around your waist feels like a little easier now i like it is an intimate sport put on some shoulder muscle this appears to be a little sore there but uh
remember when he was in the movie steve carell was so good in that movie i loved him in that not he played that creep so well 'cause he played it like a guy who's like a loose cannon yeah creepy weird feelings cans small yeah i know the way he kind of like his movements in yeah each look it was it was good it was good member when he was two wheel like he decided he was going to coach and coach the rest others and show them how to do certain moves and everybody just sort of tolerated and get that kind of limit let him have this one strain but a great seat but here's the thing like that that scene was so good but now i know you lied at the end so i know you like the end of the movie so now go well did you make up that scene it starts losing credibility when i did watch it i did watch a doc about that i think there's a thirty for thirty about the foxcatcher institute
but there's a lot of footage on that guy in carell lufkin nailed yeah getting to help desk upon that on department yeah yeah what a strange strange guy that car was mr dupont sister that so the fortune thing about those wrestlers like there's no real professional venue other than fighting if they want to go in and a man and he was a coach brigham young mark schultz was and he just he thought one time the afc and then just stayed i don't think they want him doing it i think that was part of the dispute is it his coach of believers brigham young his the school he was coaching for was like listen you want to coach can be cage right looks especially early like mma well yeah not respected at all you know member john mccain trying to like you know again like it was a blood sport and he had a you know what that was about that was about budweiser because budweiser sponsored box thing mma was very well with paper view back then and they want to stop it in its tracks and budweiser was a big part
that budweiser sort of got behind him yeah so greasy yeah i mean the boxing world disagree some a fight fan and i at least like boxing i was kind of like we're always kind of raise that way like i i do follow it i've only recently kind of gotten into that the and the main kind of stunned the guy i've i've gone to some shows there is going to any sporting event is always great live looking at you go to live boxing matches i haven't in awhile but yeah i like i especially used the case to go look i i so of holy feel more women visually i so holyfield bowe one things like that look at doing that kind of peak like those that nineties era which is getting in did did a lot of those but that does great let's step is so greasy you know i remember the first holyfield lewis like that how that ended in a draw so they could double up there means that i remember that fight i don't remember holyfield versus lewis at all yeah they felt voice did lewis win the first time strong one draw that we should have one yeah yeah yeah
you know i was it was it was a great like boxer but at the same time i i just remember being driven nuts like where he was like wait where is like belt like up to here like it was like way past his belly but a already like sixty six already and it's kind of like yeah he's he's wearing that thing too high like you know like he's getting away with murder thanks again it should it should be no yeah i tried to get away with that and you know that that equipment behold most referees and tell you you can have him here yeah yeah but you know look at it was kind of just it felt like an unfair advantage especially for a guy who was like six lincoln against already enormous yeah exactly like you know so it's even higher than normal and that would be a big target for somebody who is like only likes you know so you follow boxing today though yeah yeah i'm really looking forward i want to see wilder versus joshua look that's what i want to see in the heavyweight division open for awhile tyson fury though like he's kind of back in the ring tyson fury might fuck them all up that's a problem because they're all big guys there are big
times but tyson fury looks fucking fantastic there's some footage on his instagram of him doing pad work and and he's fighting really soon he just bought look a warm up kind of like you know to some german but it's got about coming up well nice and does i mean i think the i think it just happen like aerosmith or does he have another one coming on it i'm pretty sure he's got another one i'm a big jiande wilder fan i am too yeah like it just is a wild man exit unorthodox and like man the way he slugs the jesus christ vicious vicious power yeah yeah i wonder is highlight reels in just like yeah like i mean it's you give that guy see here there was that one word boom land seems like he's like a flopping around like a fish like jesus christ he heads fucking hard 'cause he's like seven he's a big dude he is long too like crazy leverage does he really slices right yeah get that the recent one yeah now yeah that was back from a leg was losing that fight i then i stopped or t as i thought it should look like yeah it showed that look he's got like he's got a heart
kitchen you know he knows how to recover who's your favorite fighter to watch right now like i said i really do love watching wilder like right now triple g's guy yeah triple j yeah yeah he's he's he's he's look at like he's might be like an old timer kind of thing yeah i just wish it had it had like will come look how good this guy looks six foot nine give me some volume on this i can hear this thanks to but he's like showing how slicky is 'cause he's he's not just big he's big and long but here it's saturday the 18th he toys he's fucking good he gives people fits yet the new rumors is supposed to be wilder versus fury like now the joshuah like talks like not happening well yeah
tyson fury could fuck up that whole thing and so it's the 18th of august and they're both a little unorthodox do so would be actually interesting to see like him square off with wilder fuck you in the bowl super long yeah that would be very interesting but it would be like the first time with others finding somebody who's bigger than him not just bigger but super slow he's gonna give him fits yep yep i mean look wild can knockout anybody but tyson fury he he'll give you fits like that guy because while there is like what like thirty seven with thirty six knockouts justin's wants you know yeah i know it's crazy that's a crazy record yep there is tyson ask like young tyson and then they're completely different fighters yeah young tyson was just so tight and like you know like and while there's he put his hands down yeah he wants to counter punch look you know that this whole thing what's interesting is people still don't believe and i'm like i heard that yeah he josh will fight like i would think that that would be like a pretty evenly matched fight people like no so josh was heads heads above everybody else is like
you know i'm not sure look you know i got some good challenges though i mean the judge what can go with some amazing yeah don't get me wrong but he got knocked down by klitschko tyson fury toward with clicks gag putting his hands behind his back yeah yeah like that in a maybe it was not the same as prepared a klitschko you know fighters are different for every friday and clutch goes like that like aging obviously you know at that point but i just think that that style let tyson fury style avoid that shit like measles getaway yeah there's a reason why joshuah it doesn't want to fight wilder or fury yeah because it also he is the top draw right now like he can sell out like you know like four thousand and fifty in his home country where is like wild you're looking at home state he fights a lot in alabama like it's like ten thousand or something like that you know so josh was a bigger draw well he's becoming i think while there is becoming a bigger draw nationally now but i think
it's also one of the things with boxing is like they're always trying to figure out like when do we make this fight do we make it now or do we wait a couple of months let me go undefeated champions furniture like that doesn't really happen that often especially in the heavyweight division something that's like really special someone could fuck up and lose exam exactly actually feed mayweather pacquiao all over again where it's like it happened but it happened too late right exactly so stay the away from tyson fury kids but what do you think about the mcgregor mayweather fight it when he did much better than i thought he was going to get me too but i think that mayweather it's probably wanting to him mountain so allowed him to expect but he did catch mayweather with a very clean left rabbit punching the whole time that was driving me insane kept on just punch in the back of his head like you like them surprise the left hand hammerfists yes
exactly like i can't do that look you know i'm surprised like the rest like good little get away with murder feet wet you may want a daughter frustrated i'm i think you want to frustrate mayweather get mayweather to try to start over now yeah that because like mayweather's defense is like sent prices and look no he came in there like mayweather fought a perfect kind of fight is it just i'm this guy gets himself out and that's exactly what he did well done and i got artists but he knocked him out you know you definitely stop them but connors not known for his cardio yeah he's a fast twitch guy yeah i think it was when they open up the books for that fight but it was one thousand to one from mcgregor to win by decision i listen to i almost put a grand on that just anyway just in principle to say i just want million i just want a million dollars and one but i wouldn't want to sit there and i turned in my friends like i think this one million dollars do you know how crazy that would be to win a million dollars or put it out there because i wasn't allowed but there's been some cream
but those does better nuts like we will make it out the first round well yeah again by decision they didn't even have like disqualification bats yeah yeah like exactly again i i used a lot of cards it at a level of prop bets just like you know like at like in that moment i bet you i can guess within you know a hundred dollars how many chips are in front of you right now like you know like that kind of stuff or you know or it's like all right like you know give you know give me a you know one in ten chance do you pull out a dollar bill from your pocket and whatever the last number is like if i get it right you know you could pay me ten to one just like weird prop bets like people like like like player what kind of go nuts with that kind of stuff well gambling junkies do right yeah exam look i remember i was playing cards at this one club and this guy just was sports betting like crazy but now it's like two in the morning three hundred in the morning and he's looking down he goes does anyone know anything about cricket
that was the only game that was going on there's a cricket game in india and he was like gallon going to late i was like dude you actually have a problem like that's like you know yet like you have to like that's a problem you're embedding on cricket what you doing man is two in the morning anyone know anything about the brick it well that's the crazy thing about those sports book so you look up and watch that shit here is a bunch of horses who's going to win i've actually i have a buddy who does is into the races and stuff like that and like he streams it from it is kind of fun horse racing yeah it's kind of like but you kind of just randomly like just like not sure number eight and then just like you know come on eat i knew gogo banned for life from chariot races for we're trying to wriggle race 'cause he his horses winning and his horse wasn't supposed to win this is literally standing up pulling back
on the reins as this horse was winning these are the sloan what it could cut that all his name was george the greek that's our so called while guy from pool hall and white plains new york yeah the icq the greek is like at any music days because it was jimmy the greek back in the day you know yeah you know he was always trying to like whose line telling us was a little late on a kind of he was always telling us that he was going to win the lawsuit i got counselor the counselor was his lawyer i got constant working on the case i got this fucking thing i got him locked down chariot racing how do you get into chariot racing too little i mean yeah obviously you need like you know if it's a sport but like how do you like fall into how do you fall into that line of work or we again when you're a kid you are going when i grow up i want to be a chariot research when you know what a lot of that movie with kirk douglas then the two
yeah exactly just like imagining himself with a bow and arrow in the back with those crazy risk plates where those big ass break yeah exactly i listen grieves you know yeah i was a crazy movie because if you will look at the difference you like spartacus and three hundred right yeah you look it's part of his they had like normal bodies like you guys that just a toast and you know and work out back in the roman days like i would i'd be considered tall i'm fifty seven you know like a lot of those soldiers like you know like arden's roman food they were like five five zero and no food yeah there was a there was a lot of medium like john nash russian yes is as good as a male nutrition but i was going to me it wasn't street malnutrition just wasn't good nutrition the kind of thing a little like up like salt pork you know like that a lot of weird flatbreads not a lot
not a lot of green there not a lot of green senior living just grain insulted be happening is probably really hard to get good food back then if you like as your as you're growing up you pro we were always mount nourished and known as fat either right it's very rare that yeah people were really fat well that's why it's like a like a fat lady like considered like release date show that she was just that she got some cash exactly lazy yeah that's all you see like that's why you should be after daddy like and stuff like that all very very curvy yeah yeah they went through a whole error where those rubin ask women yeah yeah that was the thing that's what everybody want to give me a big guy like it is clueless and some cushion for the pushing for and now we're in danger right now we're treading in dangerous waters even talking about that i know
yeah you have to take me to kirk douglas and kirk douglas spartacus comparing them sporadically sporadic sporadic it's when you were in paris did you know this other there is looking at guy who's literally never swung a sword he looks he looks here the ones right there already looks old there oh yeah well i bet he was probably in his 30s because people back then just aged worse yeah they just i don't know what the fuck it was going on that just didn't age good it is a is the is the liquor and you know cigarettes cigarettes and the like yeah but you smoke cigarettes and you look fantastic thanks you look great i agree what is yeah so you get yes please take guess how old he was dirty spartacus it was in like the handling two hundred and twenty i think he was a hair under forty i think you're right i would go with thirty seven what is a forty
oh that was i kinda looks like forty four yeah not a today he's forty four yeah like daniel craig's jacked as fuck he's probably like forty four how old is daniel craig right now james bond we have like some like crow's feet or whatever yeah i don't know yet yeah he's a thick dizzy fifty so yeah the fifty fifth defile jacked really do you know right mother only good looking good how old are you fifty million you will get you your your your big did well that jacked giving you back and take a well now i see right there that looks like fucking james bond in may not all these other pussies is my all time fave james bond like far that's a real james bond yeah i know i like his like yeah i love his steely resolve my other favorite james bond is a potential james bond i don't know if he's a james bond yet is idris elba adris elba and because wipe people are mad
yeah yeah it's like a fantastic four movie and they got like michael b jordan is like everyone just calm down look at that right there oh good lord look at his body look at that look at that i've got a little little it's got the beginning of a mentor yeah i mean it's not bad it's better than my son fat he doesn't look like a guy who fought with the sword for a living yeah but that's how they do that coming closer look more accurate to what you know what actual like romans and you know it looks like not if there were actual gladiator the actual gladiator they had a swing swords around look at that arm none that army can no swords what it is is it's just lean muscles lean muscle has wiry yeah you got you got some scenes coming out jack yeah act two but kubrick
people always forget yes parks what is a good record confirm that but yeah that's a main yeah i i apparently hated it to like you know yeah he hated the movie now it's probably one of those things you had it two one thousand nine hundred and sixty god i love this movie yeah yeah yeah now this is actually one of the weaker ones really do you ever read the shining no it's really interesting different stephen king did not like it he did not like the moving because they did the tv movie yes like in the early two thousands which i got even landings steven weber yeah and is he just decided that you know like nicholson crazy already and he didn't like that yeah he wanted a guy that was turn turn by the house yeah yeah yeah but another you're going to do that in a two hour movie you know it's not scary hedges
i think there's a thing is like probably like you know i bet you know you read it or whatever it's probably seems creepy like when he's like talking about how the hedges are moving when he's not looking and stuff like that but when you basically see it gets not scary at all you know i mean look at look at just like things like that like just a little thing that was really translate but it worked in the book the books amazing the books really it's a big but to stephen king i mean all you know yeah think it's a big ass book you know there's a reason confusing with the dark tower series the the stand is really thick to the dictionary it's a paperweight he was still is but so fucking prolly there's a thing with the at the maze is it's like at like the masons keeps on kind of like changing like the one the one that you see in the model there and the one that exists and there's also a map on the outside of it all three of those are different he pushes and get a look from the top i think it's like more like stems i don't think they're like thick branches just hack your way through
talk straight yeah that's true because he scared bush is what are you scared about my show come on with images that are moving in the book so monsters get their team and hedges it's kind of like you know these leg like even scissorhand asked ask what kind of like you know it's a kidney and then it's like it is moving when you're not looking like it's an adorable cat hedge that that place that would that's bss park is that what it supposed to be that area supposed somewhere in colorado that's like that yeah i mean that's where they filmed it or at least the out you know the outdoors film some of it i think the film some of it also in upstate new york yeah yeah yeah but it again and then get the studio i think i think it was in london usually kubrick worked in at a london but yet the overlook hotel there we go yeah it actually is like it's not called the overlook in real life but yeah it's in colorado that was a fucking great movie yeah so crew ten weird so many of
i shot that was another one of those yeah that's and that's his that's his last movie yeah a lot of people didn't like that one i thought that was for yeah hey you know i'm a little soft on it like release when it comes to like i mean it's still great right i put i put it lower on my kubrick leave yet clockwork orange two thousand one i mean like eating and you name it you know it during his spare time he's to do complex mathematics the sounds belray yeah it was it was like a legit genius yeah he's a archives in and i think it's in london but there's actually this standing cooper library and you can kind of go through his scripts in his notes and all that kind of stuff like down there so you know like a whole like archive suppose we kind of pretty neat do you see yourself over making movies like producing or directing me biting said if if it if it's you know picks my fancy kind of thing yeah is my fancy i'd be open to doing something that you know like just matter of like
the right kind of thing room timing and so forth like right now wouldn't be ideal but like a you from now like yeah i probably might be a little freer like that kind of thing you know yeah hopefully the company will be moving on its own by that kind of thing here's something i want to ask you about paris this is one thing that i was only there for a short period time but one thing that i was shocked stuck shocked by shut is that all those people are eating a bread and their uh eating jeez and wine and no one's fat yeah what the is that again is kind of the the the way that you can eat how you kind of like you know you have a light breakfast but the heavy dinner i think that has to do with it and also you can't call yourself a lingerie like a bakery and less you make everything from scratch like so everything is made from scratch aid like the thing is is that like your bag it will beast
in twenty four hours same thing with the croissants like there's no preservatives and anything resting all it in out in general out there like all your food spoils faster like in your rich not because look at it's it's you know like it's fresh there's no hormones in paying matter steroids loser he was an oncologist from paris and he lived in america and it went back to france and brought back cheese because the cheese that he could get over there was not a modernized our pastor eisen's literally illegal here yes so he would have to talk it in his carry on it is checked luggage and just hope that no one would check which she has a wheel of cheese we'll skews me said when he served it to us if it was like precious yeah this precious cheese mean they make rock cheese in america now but this was but it's like specific and get like you have to like you know it's like it yeah tiki kind of thing t you don't need each kind of thing yeah the seating within like their eggs if they don't refer
great their eggs over there because it's done in a different kind of process like i think i forget what i have a case that i get from my chickens you don't i don't refrigerator yeah you're afraid you know after a while you can watch them but i think in america it's i think we like i think it's like we had think we like like like him with like super there's a different process than they have in europe so in general you're not supposed to refrigerate or eggs there were in the states are supposed to just a different different process of how things are done yeah the preserve thing makes a lot of sense the preservatives and i think there's also there's also different shit that's in wheat and there's different kinds of weed they have heirloom wheat like are we before we started messing with it and also their cattle and things like that it's a grass fed where is in the states it's corn fed and also i just notice that in general out there like i was eating less red meat you have a lot more chick pig latin
like you know that kind of thing is a very lucky well it's dried or whatever looking yeah and your legs yeah and i just take that thin slice of with these and i'm actually going there going back in a couple of days so yet again and you know we have a nancy i'm going out to berlin i'm doing this thing it's called the people festival look out there and so and do something like hang out with some friends i know like a good little fast it's called the people festival that means a music fest at i know like a good like twelve or twenty like of the axial again like there like my friends and stuff so get to like go to berlin and i'm going to be there roving reporter for you know i i found myself i i you know something to do with the money there's yeah it's gonna be like podcasting and so forth this is a lot of look at look at this a little a cool musicians doing it so other cool so yeah it's so good like i'm kind of like flying from la work spending the night 'cause i hate taking like super long flights then new york
paris armando they leisure yeah and then you then you know paris to berlin two even when you do that you tell your head sideways marianne back from a man of leisure yes i travel of my with him i should have looked at a manhattan in my hand how shall we look you straight fly to europe no new of course no that's too much time here i like to put to jump i want to go to new york to go to new york perhaps shop perhaps a shop in paris in power we go to a cafe maybe i'll take the the channel to london just for a notice for day trip just furniture there a day trip meals i've arrival fantastic t shirt shop but i love now one of the things that people were in america that don't go to paris or worried about it's like people hear horror stories about the immigration nightmare in paris and that paris is somehow another turning into this criminal that's cool because of all these immigrants and it's very dangerous there now hence those shoot things that you heard about in the you know it is
actually one of the most ethnically diverse cities in all of europe like i was actually like you know you know you see more like black people and like the first five minutes really being there than you do in the whole of like oslo or berlin or something like that certainly all right yeah i know it's it's kids it is like kind of it's culturally and ethnically like diverse that we know what comes all dislike shootings and things like that they're guilty of being landlocked you the u k can kind of control the the the you know the flow of traffic you know people kind of coming in and out because they're an island nation we're stuck with the kind of open borders for that you can you know you can buy a gun in greece and take the train you know like all the way over looking especially when it comes to build the like the balkans wherever there's a lot of leftover soviet era like listen to cause that's why they always have like these russian made like guns and so forth and yeah that's only
if it's easier for some you know someone like the u k to like lock off their borders or at least have like you know we're just friends it's like i said it's guilty of being landlocked this nailing the universities more difficult to secure is that the blunt force truth yes blunt force truth bft rowe and that's the bft yeah they got people who should start using that f t hash tag bft big f t it's b f t coming your way so delicious but they they the the big fear like the one thing that people were terrified of was that this was going to happen to the rest of europe like what's happened to paris in paris is falling apart and you can go through some of the ghetto areas in paris and you know there was someone some something where a jewish man walk through these muslim ghettos and they were screaming out i'm all these anti semitic things and use and i am i
not seeing that but you know at my neighbors only a couple blocks away from like the jewish kind of neighborhood that's a good spot to live again it's always good to live near the jewish folk they keep it together yeah i'm going to new yorker so i'm like i'm already half jewish i was in new york recently when were brooklyn and i was with ari my friend ari who grew up orthodox jew and he took us through this neighborhood where they have like the crazy frisbee for hats on her role yeah and they they pay us in the the the and yarn hanging off their belt yeah we're chin and you know he's basically saying like these people like they are here but they're not here like they don't know what the fuck is going on they have no idea who kim kardashian is they don't listen to any of the music they all stick together the inter married in merion so either coming out as soon as they get married young and look at and it is so in
sting seen them all walk in a rousing surgery through the sheets you know that some of them do right is yeah citic though yeah to say yeah there's just a whole which we actually links just sheet over just you know just perfectly frame the vagina right there and i'll take care of it from here they don't want to touch naked women right is that the idea yeah i think it's a modesty kind of thing like oh were kind of like tradition just do that at home just for fun yeah it's like honey why is where their whole sheets shop harsh jesus once those are you know we kill jesus you know the role needs jesus was a jew it's okay okay so like the this community that we were driving through is massive like brooklyn i was going to say brooklyn in the kind of in the southern kind of part i massive community i didn't know how big brooklyn was yeah it's big
being here really is yeah it's kind of like you're talking about the neighborhood that kind of like north of red hook but right there on the riverside i walked from my place and look at lower manhattan all the way down to like red hook like one day and as long as it take maybe about an hour our ish but it yeah i'm i work i work at the new york pace he must bid for sprint yeah i i'm i'm a i work in your walk at the telling the so so if you run seven miles an hour that's like a fairly good clip it's gonna be more and seven miles no no it's not look it is understood that the full of manhattan is a thing it's like fourteen miles florida it's a fourteen by four and i'm already live in like in the southern part okay yeah yeah it's probably i don't like about three three well yeah that three miles i walk about three to four miles an hour one of the yes that was there with us the guy who was driving us was telling us how brooklyn is just overwhelmed with building
trucks in apartment buildings down everyone's moving out of manhattan to brooklyn yeah it's it's because the thing about manhattan is at its by night right looking so the only way look at you can build up words but you can only do that so much and so it's a lot of people getting like displays you have to have enough money just to stay on the island of manhattan and even people like that getting this place then like yeah it's brooklyn queens etc hoboken the people that i know that live in manhattan always have this thought in their head that one day they might live in la yet even bordain it was saying that uh sometimes i think about it i think about the weather and i know there's a lot of good things about la a lot of nice places i lived here for the better part of eight years like in my early twenties and stuff and it's now i mean it makes you softap i mean like it 'cause yeah i think just like with the weather and things like that and it's also
yeah that leisurely kind of like kind of thing like there's not a lot of drinking it's a lot more smoking weed just because like everyone has to drive so nobody like you know so everyone just like went by so fast because there's no seasons right it all the same so i blinked and was like wait i've been living here for five years because i'm from new york it's like we have we have like in summer winter winters long it's one of the few like major cities like one hundred degree weather shift in one year it could be one hundred degrees and later that year can be zero degrees yeah that's true that's interesting so it's kind of like it's kind of a harsh kind of climate a little bit in the summer is there like suck 'cause it humidity it just sticks to you and it's smelly looking i'm not a huge fan of new york in the summer yeah it gets very pissed like yes yes you can just it's a it's it's sixty six your hair i have never lived in the city though you know when i might have missed my shot because you know now i'm married and kids
in the whole deal and i'm so sorry and a stand up comedian and it's a lot of the the only thing that we could possibly make me live there is that like i could do stand up there very easily yeah yeah well there's a lot of like yeah well i think we i to manhattan only has like six of them technically things five or six six comedy clubs i could nitpick fiver sex yeah this gotta be more than that i don't know it's i have a buddy who stands the seller has two clubs there's danger fields there's care aligns eastville comedy club this got my buddy opened up one in like two thousand and ten thumb were ready at seven well he opened up one like it about the twenty ten or something and he was talking about he goes actually there's not cash it already said that
he was a he says he said again because when i open up it was only like six you know like he was like the seventh one or something that really does is it surprising at least on the island of manhattan itself there's not as many comedy clubs as you'd think you know even owns a mecca you know turn of the century night the nineteenth to the eighteen to the the nineteen to twenty central there was a thousand or close to one thousand billiard halls in manhattan what juice yeah yeah no that's amended before video games and pretty much and that's like in men didn't want to have families the the the bachelor bachelor life would they would live in these pool play billiards now the gamble and as soon okay smoke a pool hall yeah no there's a lot of point and went back to the lovett's voice is my picasa castle
yeah this is you know a lot of billy clubs there anymore if you i mean i'm saying they they do exist but like cleaning and this is not only a slick i hand a smattering of them bowling alleys like this yes if you're going yeah yeah i think even like bowl more like moved the kind of thing like you know that i have those trainee spot this again to be like croquet someday bygone play some badminton forgotten game let's play some squash but do you do you
if you are you enjoying it out here now yeah i mean i have a good life out here again like i have a really pretty little family you got a pretty girl pretty dog pretty cat not stuff and everything so yeah we move we're gonna like you're doing the house thing on how are you getting the house yeah hello she well she is and i'm i'm i'm just gonna i i right yeah i actually had to write yeah more my ship in or do you just right now it's it's it's it's it's on her like she was sorting she was only looking to look at so i think she's an escrow right right now essentially just started like today but if you go south you can just bull you i'll get yep yep just a second what do i get my stuff yeah i have my place in new york to i bought i bought like in like the 90s so i'm doing ok yeah but a proper lot like i said i have big syndrome so the movie big and i think that's what i want so elevator opens up to a big room and looking at like i've i've i have more mannequins and like you would like think like we used to have an american apparel downstairs and i wish
walking like out one day and there was a pilot mannequin parts and i was like oh my god look at every game the second is a then i told i told my super like you know because he got to the same kind of building complex i said listen to ever to get rid of like any man can things like tom to come to me first what the he's he's a medical is down and like it like i got like i have so many manikins ridiculous just the mannikin hearts i've no idea what to do with them either i know what i give away like is like presence like here's a leg you know when i was talking about all the different little cars that you bought yeah yeah but you look at every time i go to the pharmacy to buy a toy car and now it's like i i but i try to double up on things is the only one ambulance lino one fire truck yeah only one corvette yeah i know it's like now it's getting ridiculous but i do for some reason i caught i like i hoard things i collect things like you know at the same time and then i'll figure out what this is for kind of thing like you know i'll do
thing with those mannequins at some point somebody like those going to pay off i swear that's the kind of shit that drives women crazy late ladies and gentlemen i'm going to say invest in mannequins it's a growth industry it's it's it's a a is a is a high ceiling on mannequins i'm telling you kids i think it's a freedom thing will you do whatever you want see like i'm sickened by a man again yeah yeah yeah so yeah in the when they close down it was like i got like twenty mannequins for free via miss so they were gonna like sell them and it was something like there was like we have a lake sixteen of them was on to you for five hundred dollars an i said listen i said i could do that or i could pay you you know or i can give you forty dollars i can give you two hundred dollars form and then give you two hundred dollars because their places close
down so you know the store get the two hundred dollars but then there's another two hundred in your pocket kind of thing because the store is closing down anyway because they're not going to like they don't have a job starting next week so they really don't care so look at so i got him for cheaper like just by pretty much bribing the dude should offer him again i know this scam is back out so thanks listen man is is great meeting yeah this is really fun yes a lot of fun and you're you're you're an interesting guy man you're you're very healthy for a guy who's gotten through what you've gotten through it was like it wasn't too dramatic i'm gonna yeah i don't i i did it yeah and one more time your website bunny ears dot com and the podcast it's a twenty pod it's you can get it again anywhere anywhere podcaster done you know so like whatever they
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and he's bringing on a wildlife biologist and we're gonna talk about something that's happening right now it's a disease that is affecting dear and it's called c w dietz cry wasting disease and there's some real concerns that this deceit diseases spreading and then it may one day spread to people it is a fascinating subject i guarantee you if you're interested at all and the idea of pathogens and diseases and the consequences of taking wild animals like deer and trying to raise them on a farm next to regular wild deer there's a lot going on with it anyway i love doug he's awesome and will have a good time tomorrow so see you tomorrow thank you for tuning in and buy
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