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2018-08-30 | 🔗
Mikhaila Peterson is a food blogger tracking her experiences with the Carnivore Diet at "Don't Eat That" http://mikhailapeterson.com/
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ziprecruiter dot com slash rogan the smartest way to hire zip all right ladies and gentlemen and non binary folks this episode of the podcast is with makayla peterson we what is the daughter of jordan peterson and she has a fascinating story an one that is much maligned in the media she he's on a diet called the carnivore diet she has said zero autoimmune issues i mean really severe and she will go into them in in great detail on this podcast is fascinating the relief that she has found and we try to sort it out and try to figure out why is found this relief through eating only meat she's on this
radical nude i know a lot of your role in your eyes right now oh geez of logan going toward or google i don't know i'm not on it i find it fascinating though i find it fascinating for people that seemed to be perhaps allergic to almost all foods it's fun very crazy to think but she might be one of those people and there might be others that are hearing this and even if you're not there might be some benefit to this diet and the key word is might i don't know if it's for everybody and many people that i trust quite a bit with nutrition advice and knowledge are extremely sceptical and rightly so but for her it seems to be working out fantastic and her story is a very good one she's a very very intelligent and interesting person so please give
from kill appears the joe rogan experience yes hello i'm excited to be here i'm excited to have you here your father speaks very highly of you that's good what is it like to have jordan peterson as a dad is it weird to have to check self constantly make sure you're on your steady ground and ground and nothing ridiculous no not at all not at all i didn't realize it was weird until i went away to university and then kind of style like just was away for awhile and then when i came back to the house especially because the house is full of like paintings and masks and statues and like thirty two different paint colors and i came back and was like oh maybe he's a bit eccentric no he's definitely eccentric
you're talking off air about what it was like to watch your dad become famous and become famous in in his 50s right like yeah i hope five thousand four hundred and fifty five twenty became famous before that relatively unknown respected professor one issue with this one trans gender bill the preferred pronouns bill and then boom off to the races yeah it's strange it was yeah it was super weird especially how the media was portraying him and how what was actually happening at the events wasn't what was being portrayed in the media so that was weird to watch and then people wrecking zing him on the street is strange yes when you say what what happened in real life was not was what was being betrayed the quote was different
uh mostly what he was saying so most of what he said is on film anyway so you can go to youtube and see what he's been saying like not there's not like some secret that's going around but what's been portrayed has been so much more negative than what he's actually said or they'll take like sound bites and just weave a story that isn't quite true which i didn't read it for some reason i now it looks but for some reason i just thought that what the media was portraying was honest always yeah yeah me too yeah yeah it's not well the writers you know in which there's a real issue today that issue i've talked about this before but the issue is clicks uhm it's not just about what's the facts of the story it's about these public
ins are struggling to stay alive and one of the only ways that they can get people to click on stories a salacious headlines real make things really click beatty and that's with a focus on and they focus on negative aspects that are gonna get people riled up they have to have an angle and i've talked to people who are writers who will write something and then i'll talk to them and i'll say hey man this is not what we talked about or what happened they said i'm going to be honest with you i didn't even write that the headline was completely written by the editor so the came and change it all up change this switch to put some dot dot dots side of things so cut off sentences so that they seemed or you know just more contra sure they really are because they didn't allow the counterpoint of you know sometimes you say so thanks and say or it could be this well the or it could be this part is cut out the do things like that just to stay alive because i think when i mean really big publications
there's a new york times or within on the boston globe like big publications are struggling for their life right now because people want to buy newspapers anymore and you know and getting people to read things online is very difficult and you have to you have to do something salacious you have to do something that's enticing for them to click on it yeah i gasp and i when you say that she's driving them down yeah yeah i would yeah the it's it's a bad place to be yeah and i think it's you know it opens up the door for alternative media but some of those alternative media sources don't have journalistic integrity either so that it becomes a real issue you know that's that the it's a problem with a lot of online new shows is like they take a very obvious editorial spin as well on the news and if you just read or watch their show you would go oh well it's this way because these
you're saying it's this way but it might not be that way there's no real objective source is very hard to find a good object objective source i mean sometimes i count on the new york times but there's been some things that i've read from the new york times i know are not accurate they they had a terrible article about dad yeah like june or something yeah he didn't make it any easier on himself by using that forced enforced monogamy argument or term cuz i don't even with the when you understand it as a psychological concept that it is a culturally enforced idea i still don't think that applies to incels don't don't you know i don't think it makes any difference at all and he and i discussed it on the podcast i'm like you're not just because
you to say it's a good idea in the culture agrees it's a good idea for people to be monogamous i don't necessarily think that that is going to help these guys at all i don't think we know what's going to help those guys yeah well obviously they're all individuals and their situations very but what will talking about people like with a fork of there was a quote in the new york times where this woman was asking him what to do about these incels which our involuntary celebrates in one of them had driven a car into a crowd of people and killed a bunch of people because he was frustrated because he couldn't find a mate uhhuh and your dad suggested that in for culturally enforced monogamy would be perhaps a solution for that and then a bunch of people went crazy saying that like women he's saying that women should sacrifice galveston these guys so they don't drive
cars in the crowd stance hopeless yeah it was the whole the everybody made a mistake he yeah yeah only has an answer for those guys really don't but now with that but that is the those kind of articles are like the editorial articles and opinion articles it's really it's a different thing than reporting on the news right yeah i thought i thought so honesty was always a big thing in our house and was like don't lie because if you lie eventually the lie will surface and will be so much bigger than the hell you get from telling the truth so i kind of just assumed that the media did that yeah the world just worked like that yeah nope now
i know that now yeah so you and your dad a bolt on this wacky diet both on this wacky carnivore diet and this is probably one of the most controversial things in relationship to in relation to food today when people discuss dietze you know there's a lot of people that are vegetarian or vegan or trying ketogenic diets or pay leo but when you say car that is one of the ones where people just univ personally seem to like step ach roll their eyes most people don't think it's a good idea they don't even know why they don't think it's a good idea and then tell them about people like you or my friend chris bell who
similar autoimmune issues and he's at hip to hip replacements he's only thirty six and i think you had both of them done by the time he was thirty right pretty sure because he's had him for quite a few years in a massive joint pain all all sorts issue and you when did you you got a hip replacement how old were you seventeen and an ankle replacement seventeen that raises a rough year that is crazy from what do you eat so your whole life you've had arthritis issues or yeah so i started walking kind of funny when i was two car in my mom and she brought me to the doctor and they said it's just having growing pains or something when i was seven i was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and i like thirty seven joints affected and then i was put on immune suppressants and great force i was actually the first kid in canada to be put on not this biological and brawl does on and berlin methotrexate for her at
like leading up to the hip and ankle replacement an they did help reduce some of the pain but i still ended up with no cartilage in my joint in hip my hip and ankle when i was seventeen and this is just from the effects of arthritis and inflammation swelling and just chewed a cartledge up so i wasn't even really swollen i didn't have a very like inflammatory visually inflammatory arthritis so my rheumatologist who'd been at sick kids for twenty years said that the worst arthritis she'd ever seen so it was very severe wasn't particularly like swollen my joints just disintegrated wow what do they think because something like this then and now
so i was little eventually after the hip and ankle replacement the diagnosis was changed to juvenile idiopathic arthritis so it was literally like we don't know wow and how did you go from these medications pharmaceutical medications to getting into this carnivore diet thing what was this this path okay i'll give you background of the path we were very like science oriented especially dad so no mom kinda wanted to delve into diet and was like we should go sugar for a year stop beating you know whatever make sure you eat whole grains like all that stuff we never gave giant i a chance because there is no scientific evidence for it so i basically got sicker and sicker and sicker ann i ended up by the time i go to university
ended up with arthritis as severely depressed stars on antidepressants as well i i had idiopathic hypersomnia was sleeping about eighteen hours a day my whole body was itchy all the time that started when i was about fourteen and so that was when i started university and then my diet just got disastrous in university and i was like drinking all the time and eating like pizza and beer and i gained like thirty pounds in the first year and ginger ale a lot of ginger ale anyway i gave but thirty pounds in the first year my mental health declined even further and i didn't really know what was going on and then i started getting skin issues for started getting rashes cystic acne and i was like hey i can deal with like four really awful health problems but i can't deal with things affecting my skin on top of that is too many i went to dermatologists and they basically told me i was anxious and like causing
these rashes by itching so that was the dermatologist opinion which is very unhelpful anyway i spent a lot of time as eventually prescribed outer for that hypersomnia source all my time googling reading papers trying to get a background on skin disorders and eventually i came across this seal back disease rash online and that's what i had it looked exactly the same so i cut out gluten i write a whole bunch about like the effects of gluten on the guide and thought oh there's actually some evidence that gluten isn't good for people why aren't people being told this like why did my doctor test me for celiac disease because celiac disease couples with autoimmune disorders all the time like they test type one kids for celiac disease but for some reason they don't test kids with arthritis for celiac disease so i cut out gluten and that kind of helped maybe like twenty percent but it was hard to tell 'cause it was the summer
maybe i'm just feeling better from the summer my rash kind of went down but was still there and then so camera two thousand and fifteen uh my mom dragged me to a natural path and they give me the sheet of foods and like try this elimination diet and i looked at the sheet and thought this doesn't make any sense like why can i eat lemons and oranges why are wire on there but other knots are off so i cut so i thought okay i'm going to do an elimination diet which i didn't believe in at all all cut down to what i considered safe foods and i had no idea what i was doing so i just thought okay vegetables are pretty safe i'll get rid of nightshades because people talk about them being bad nightshades what is nightshades nightshades like tomatoes eggplant those kind of foods for reason there i just knew that they were referred to as nightshades i feel like literally everybody has heard them referred to as nightshades no have you heard him i've heard the term but not i couldn't tell you what would i wouldn't have been able to stay with tomatoes and eggplants i don't think
maybe it's just canada i don't look anything i don't think so well at the youtube comments decide don't let them decide ok calling demons for help anyway go ahead um anyway i cut down so i was eating mostly like green vegetable i still eating rice at that point because i thought everybody's rice rice is safe and meat but i cut out like dairy most grains soy sugar processed foods and then in the next month my joints got way better and my skin healed and my skin never healed like for a couple years i i had always have these flaps it never went away and that just on a lake relatively low carb diet just like just less i don't know i was still eating rice right but it was still mostly meat and vegetables and i
but ok maybe there's something to this and then i made almond flour gluten free sugar free dairy free almond flour banana muffins and ate a bunch of those one night and i woke up in the next day my wrists were sore and i thought ok maybe weird and then i had a bunch more the muffins because the muffins we're good and and then i went away to college that weekend and i can walk 'cause of my knees and i never had flare ups that badly like i used to get my shoulder was always sore when i slept so i took tylenol three at night for sleeping and my wrist were staff but i never had like a flare up like i couldn't walk that that weekend so then i went back to the diet and got really strict with that and then things were better like my skin was i lost this was weird i lost five pounds which
is a lot but i went down three pant sizes so is all bloating that i didn't realize was bloating 'cause it never fluctuated so that was the first month and then two twenty fifteen and i started trying to reintroduce foods because i was having cravings and i missed going out to eat with my friends and everything i tried to read the first thing i'd write your introduced was sour patch candy because i was having really intense sugar don't look at me like that i was having really intense sugar cravings and i looked at the packet and i thought ok no ones allergic to put sugar um there's no dairy there's no gluten there's no soy this will be fine and i really i want to eat them i had those and the next day my whole body was itchy again it was like like mosquito bites everywhere itchy so i thought ok maybe maybe that was a bad idea so i waited a couple weeks and i tried to reintroduce almond butter organic almond
'cause i wanted something fast protein fast and then i had a slight abdominal cramping diarrhea then this itch came back jesus christ yeah so for the next year uhm well i'll slow down sometime that was that that was the almond butter so then i waited awhile and i felt pretty good in this was november two thousand and fifteen and then i started feeling really good and i went off of my antidepressants and i had been taking antidepressant since i was in grade five a really high dose of an ssri which had been very helpful but do you wean yourself off and just do it under a doctor's supervision no i didn't right off i would i wind myself down so i went down to half and then i went to a quarter and then i went to an eight and then i stopped how long to read time it was nothing really over at least two weeks yeah i didn't have withdrawal symptoms like i
i figured out that way and so you died at this point was at that point i was eating right occasionally but it was mostly like broccoli salad chick in beef fish olive oil apple cider vinegar salt pepper i double i was also eating pears and apples so it was kind of like paleo kind of very restricted dairy free and so you're feeling good you're off your medication your joints feel better no more rash is no more ashes yeah so everything seems to be improving i was shocked when the depression lifted because i thought that runs my family that's familiar we have some sort of brain chemistry problem at that can't possibly be diet i thought i thought the skin maybe that was diet because this link and then maybe because of the celiac gene that i got tested for maybe the arthritis was
part of that but i never thought mood was associated with it so that was a surprise in november anyway i went off of the anti depress and then about a month later i tried to re enter soy this is when things started getting really weird that year so i was having reintroducing things if you're having all these positive benefits i was having cravings like crazy and i would miss eating out and i thought there were probably like four or five foods i was really sensitive to and i could if i could just figure out what they were i could eat pretty normally i didn't realize like i didn't know what was going on if i had known i would have done it much to right but i tried to reintroduce soy 'cause at that point i still thought so i was a health food so i eat a huge meal of like at a mommy beans an bean sprouts and meso soup that i made myself so it was gluten free
and soy sauce and tofu i literally ate soy in every form and i had the same kind of reaction with almond butter i had immediately got bloated i diarrhea like within maybe two thousand and thirty minutes of eating it and i thought ok that sucks i guess i can't eat soy and then about four hours later my eggs got itchy and then my whole body got itchy and i was like okay that's sucks i'm clearly i'm in to so and then the next morning the depression came back an it came back like that was the worst depressive experience i've never had i was medication free and it back in the morning and i got in the shower and i just like i bawled in the shower and thought how could i be so naive to think that my horrible autoimmune disorder and depression and everything was caused by food i got an idiotic thing to think how could i be that hopeful
and i had to remind myself okay no you need a whole bunch of this food then you had this like digestive distress then you got itchy and now the depression is back there's clearly a pattern here but it was hard to think like that when i got that depressed so that day was like i spent a lot of that day crying then the next day got worse and this is this is when it gets weird i so that night i went over to my parents and i was just like i don't know what's going on right uhm and they're like well you want to take a car back to your apartment and i said i don't think i can drive like i can't i just can't think i don't know what's going on so my brother drove me home and i was like on the verge of having a panic attack for no reason right it's just like my heart rate was increasing i was trying to find my keys and i turned around to look at my brother in the car and
his head was a like a kind of a demon this i know how this sounds but he had like a demon head for about a second and a half and he looked at me and then he turned and then it was brother again i standing at your hallucinogen like i yeah about a second and a hallucinations that year yes before that no that year yeah after this i'll get it so you eat so and started tripping yeah two days later i know how it sounds that's how it sounded to me to have you found comparable stories also and basically i did as much research as i could possibly do to so i know to gluten to people who are schizophrenic from gluten yeah they're are people with celiac disease who have skipped induced by gluten so i found that
i didn't find anything for other foods but this kid to schizophrenia hallucinations rarely visual but i did find a case study of a woman who was seeing demons from her celiac disease gluten now when you say you looked over and you saw your brother and his head was a demon head like describe it like no i found this no it was like you know wanted to really dark in a room and i don't know if this you've experienced this but it's really dark in the room and then you can kind of see things in the dark mmhm it was more like that it was dark at night and it was like i was so anxious distraught your mess and maybe you just caused yourself to well something dhea okay yeah i mean i saw it like i can remember what it looks like but it wasn't a vivid demon or something it was like but it was there okay see freaking out
i'm freaking out so i'm like okay that's not good so i find my keys and i go upstairs and then i went into my bedroom like shut the blinds turn on all the lights and then like smoke as much weed as i could possibly oak to try and calm myself down and then hit under the blankets all night i think that would be the worst thing to do if you see a demon you'd think that but then if you smoke this ipad that comment before but enough and it calmed me down ok so then i spent the next couple of weeks basically stoned because i didn't know when it was going to end i didn't know what was going on and i couldn't find anybody on the internet who had the same experience as me and then about two one slash two weeks later it started going away and so we say it you mean freshen depression the arthritis it wasn't that just the depression and that is just a just a word i it no i didn't go back i i i mean i need soy again but i went back to the initial diet i was eating so essentially just
one meal this one great meal of soy threw you off for a couple weeks radically alike almost for like three weeks but after two weeks it started getting better ok but the symptoms were like so this deplorable the itching started i had bloating and then the depressione came back and in about a week later my skin started breaking out and then maybe ten days later my arthritis came back so i wrote all my symptoms down every day because i was going crazy and i didn't know what was going on an i wanted to write it down to see what was going on ok so then it started lifting and i started feeling better again and i was like ok thank god that's over and then waited wild things were good again my symptoms went away and then over the next year i tried to reintroduce foods over and over and over again and i was making like i tried whey protein powder
and that did not nothing ever got to as bad as that so experience but i had a number of experiences where it was the worst depression i've ever experienced and it was on the verge of seeing like i don't know seeing faces in things so you're having all these health issues how do you get to the carnivore diet cell decide about a year later i decide hey maybe i don't want to keep cycling in and out of a horrible autoimmune and mental problems maybe i'll just stick with the original diet and then i got pregnant and so then my auto means symptoms flared again during the pregnancy yeah like right away as soon as i found out i was pregnant it was like before i found out i was pregnant that my auto means sometimes came back so i got my legs were itchy again i was my joints were staff my skin was breaking out my anxiety was back and it was
tell well what part of this is pregnancy and what part of this is an autoimmune disorder um so throughout my pregnancy i cut down on all the carbs i was eating so i cut out fruit and cut out sweet potatoes i went down to meet and greens and i think dad was on here one time he was on me greens diet that was during that part we're both on the main greens diet mostly because we didn't realize you didn't need greens to survive so we're eating mean greens and then and i have to say mostly because we realized you didn't well we didn't we didn't realize only need wasn't options yeah yeah we hadn't realized that we didn't know matter o's mean style and it was very simple salad with like olive oil apple cider vinegar salt pepper cucumbers lettuces spinach pretty simple salad and then meat and fish
so we did that for about a year and then i had my daughter and then i didn't get better so then i found okay so these symptoms aren't really pregnancy related it's just me now for some reason i've lost the tolerance to these foods i used to be able to eat and and you're just sitting salad and meat yeah having autoimmune syndrome symptoms that you used not in your eating everything nearly as bad not nearly like my fatigue wasn't back my anxiety he was manageable without medication but you hadn't achieved the levels of now that you had when you were limiting things from your diet earlier yeah exactly exactly like i reached a really good point and then i got pregnant and i couldn't reach that point again ok so then this is two thousand
seventeen so it's like november and i'm getting really frustrated about being a g i'm just randomly it she began randomly or the rest eating meat and vegetables mean solid yeah and i thought okay maybe i just have an autoimmune disorder and i can't control it with diet anymore maybe this maybe i'm just stuck like this and so i googled like out of desperation i think i googled allergic to everything food wise something like that into google and i found this story charlene anderson who's been mentioned a couple of times and she'd been diagnosed with lyme disease and has been eating nothing but like red meat for eighteen years and there are pictures of her family online and i thought ok i know i'm not i think i googled allergic to everything except meat so i found her then i found that sean baker episode you did and he'd been doing it for two years and i think that night i thought screw it
i literally have nothing to lose here i'm only cutting out solid so that's when i switched over i was december and then i switched over and the itching got better pretty quickly like within the first couple of days but then my digestion just got totally screwed up so like bloating and diarrhea every time i eat an apple about a week i thought ok this is a bad idea obviously diarrhea every time you eat meat just me just mean install raised yeah so i thought this is a bad idea obviously this isn't working my body doesn't like it so i reintroduced salad again it was literally lettuce apple cider vinegar olive oil and salt and pepper that's what i reintroduced and i woke up the next day and the itch was back in my joints were stiff and i thought ok if i have to choose between itching and arthritis or diarrhea i'm going to choose the diarrhea i was in a rough
yes so i stuck it out and at six weeks of just doing this my the bloating went away the diarrhea went away and everything started to improve so that was mid january but i was still pretty skeptic because i thought i thought maybe the reason the carnivore diet worked for people was because they just accidentally cut out everything that working for them processed food never grains all that charger reintroduced olives like organic olives and olive oil and that was february and then i had this itching came back with the depression my skin broke out an it was minor and comparisons like soy so you think essentially to give us the cliff notes you're allergic to everything yeah they're very fucking crazy it's crazy but then here's the thing i started this blog so the blogs don't eat that i started this blog because i thought if
for some reason there's someone else out there like me and there googling these things would be nice for them to know that they're not alone and i've found other people like this who are equally as sensitive i'm sure i mean look if you exist is there's probably quite a few people that have that issue look makes sense it makes sense that we all have different tolerances and we all have different allergies i mean some people are allergic to cats some people have no problem peanuts some people either brazil not may die it's just we now we know this so the idea this is one of the problems with diet is that people want to think that a diet that works for them work for everybody and it doesn't work that way and thing me and people want you to follow their diet no matter what it is with vegan or paleo people are very
the ideological with that they would love you for you to do exactly what they're doing so to reinforce what they're doing is correct is a lot of push back against this carnivore diet idea but i don't i'd i don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that someone like you might actually really be allergic to everything yeah i mean i was like very sick and from coming from that place to now i can see how sick i was and it was like i was dying to do a bunch of medication or do anything with probiotics yeah ellery probiotic you can't tolerate them no so the original idea was heal my gut re populate with bacteria that maybe i'm missing and then maybe incorporate more foods right so what happened we try to do that same autoimmune rap okay but this is the same autumn immune flare up that you got when you eat salad
no not quite not quite as bad not it was different it was like with solid there's more of the arthritis and like body pain and then with probiotics would you get mood issues moves like really fall tile n h e right i still got the itch yeah so i think it was i probably had a leaky gut and so the probiotics just going everywhere one of things your dad brought up to me when he was here was some fires yeah yeah and then i started reading up on it after he discussed it with maine and it's something i've never even considered before but fast rising yeast and all these different emulsify yrs that they put in bread and and various foods uh huh there terra before you oh my god yeah terrible for your stomach in there so prevalent there everywhere yeah soy lecithin it's in everything
and i'm going to start really paying attention to and i've read several articles on it didn't and a couple of studies it's it's crazy how this is something that's never even disgusting and it has all sorts of negative effects on your gut in your gut lie sing it's awful yeah combining that an then it looks like grains aren't so good for people combining that in grains it's no wonder people are ill some people some people most people though if you look at like obesity or around i wouldn't go most i would say some i think most people are sedentary that's one of the primary yeah but i don't think that's the issue but i mean i mean okay say i mean i guess now i'm not a great example but i mean people start gaining weight if they're lucky when they're middle aged if they're on lucky when they're around twenty five and they start gaining weight i don't think it's from lack of exercise i think it's from diet and yeah but the dinosaurs
do with it yeah for sure but it's also lack of exercise i don't know i'm not convinced because people who gone on to this carnivore diet especially lose that weight right but there's a lot of people out there that are not overweight that don't follow the carnivore diet so how to explain that while i'd like to see anybody above the age of fifty i know i standard american diet the standard american diet mean what you're saying alright terrible no i just need standard american die maybe they saw this these blanket statements are real issue that's one of the reasons why your diet is fascinating because like e d me no i don't think you can make blanket statements when it comes to people in diet you know that is i think there's some people out there that are god damn food dumpsters to get through anything in there and they're fine they just don't care does he like in that
my brother is pretty well he's not so good with like lactose but he's pretty stable compared to me anyway well you know michael phelps olympic olympic swimmer it's ten thousand dollars day in several pizzas yeah i know around fucking jacked is no problems at all is not fat and said that but that an issue of enormous like expenditure of energy me he's esiason only exercising his body as ridiculous carly calorie requirements yeah work so yeah i mean it's it's hard to say but i think sedentary lifestyles a giant part of it by most of what people do is what we're doing right now most of the people do sit down but is that because they don't feel like running around because some people like people who exercise generally you have to put in a little bit of effort to make you
go exercise but a lot of people who are overweight and sick don't have enough energy to do that i don't know about that some of them may be but i think some of them just don't have discipline there's an issue with that as well there's also an issue of momentum you're not used to doing it it's not a part of your life it's not something to your some to pushing yourself there's been many many many many many many many days where i didn't want to workout i just didn't feel like i had the energy and i just forced myself and i think there's very few people out there that know how to force them that's a learned yeah that's a learned skill yeah that that kind of discipline and focus you have to have like real rigid requirements of yourself where you don't allow yourself to back out of things and you don't allow yourself to slack off and i don't think people put those kind of requirements on themselves as if it's it is a a a daily
principle of life like what you must get done you know you must pressure tmi out exercise for forty five minutes and if you did that i think you'd be healthier and happier and you your body would perform more smoothly and you if you require your body to do things like that i think it rises to the occasion they're very few people that have that kind of discipline so because of that they come up with excuses and excuses are a giant part of the problem it's not simply a physical health issue there's also mental aspects of it and disciplines a big one i just know way too many people who are weak mentally and i i can't i can't just chalk it off to only you know their physical though the way they physically feel because i felt like on times and i worked out in a subtle way better yeah just it's just a fact of life that's real you know you just go there and not the people don't know how to do that as well and if you're used to doing this get
in your car sit down drive to the office sit down go to the lunch sit down you know go to the board meeting sit down getting your car on the way home sit down get home in front of the tv sit down then go to the gym fuq off they don't have any enerji you know that their bodies not the device like i don't have it in me to do this and i don't believe that i don't believe that i think it's it's a lot of it is the the mindset so i took i part we agree with that but because and i know i'm like i was a very sick individual a different case you have real legitimate diagnosed physical issue this is a very different thing you have a severe autoimmune disorder i mean listen you get your hip replaced in your fucking seventeen that's crazy yeah you don't hear that this is a different i'm talking about the average fat fuck just sitting around being lazy really what it is it's like i'm sure a lot of it is diet and a lot of that diet affects their physical health but
it's been many many people that have just put their foot down said enough i'm i'm gonna change my life and they they don't take any excuses and they feel way way better diet is most certainly a part of that but there's also a disk one aspect and these things are not mutually exclusive they they exist together there altogether and they work symbiotically the way you your mindset effects the choices you make with your diet and the and also affects the choices you make in terms of like whether or not you require yourself to exercise and i think these are these are critical aspects that people like to gloss over or you like to make excuses about and they get very angry if you don't accept those excuses and that's a sign that they're trying to they're trying to worse this standard in this idea and push it on you and give themselves an excuse one of the reasons why they get angry it's one thing if someone has a legit physical issue like you do
but there's a lot of people who do not they just have poor diet choices they have the sedentary lifestyle and they have the momentum of this interior lifestyle that's holding them back they are customed to being lazy ok i kind of a kind of agree i just from like my perspective i've seen my dad and he was very like you can see from the videos from fourteen before i started going low carb and everything he was carrying about fifty extra pounds and he didn't exercise and he'd didn't have enough energy to exercise and looked like crap that's not true he just didn't do it i don't believe that when you say didn't have enough energy to exercise did you walk around well yeah you can drag yourself through things and you can drag yourself through an exercise routine you can but you must you most certainly can you most certainly can you don't have to do a lot you have to do something you walk up hills you jump a little rope you take a little tiny kettlebell you do a couple cleans impresses you do a few pushups you do a few setups you get your blood pumping you're moving your
hi you're exercising to say you don't have enough energy to exercise that's crazy can you walk to the refrigerator then you can exercise i'm not saying that you have to run marathons you can exercise and everyone should exercise i agree everyone should exercise don't ever say these people are so crazy they want you to believe don't have the energy to exercise goddamnit everyone does if you're a lot and i'm i believe that i've been there i know different case but i see my dad there and then here's the thing once he fixed up his diet one i went to this carnivore diet he's actually using now sure he's got lot less weight on his body feels better any as energy that's wonderful he could have exercised and to do what i felt shitty year for sure one of those guys you feeling now but to give people is excuse i don't have the energy to exercise that is crazy to say can you walk to the refrigerator yes well you can exercise you don't have to do anything crazy just walk around the block there's there's
year old ladies who take yoga with me there fucking really old and they're in there they're going after that they could easily say i don't have the energy to do that but they don't mental attitude they make a decision yeah i agree like there's a lot of its discipline you're going to get people who just want you don't have to kill yourself you have to go to a crossfit class and try to do the workout of the day you have to go nuts and do clean and press is one hundred and fifty pounds you have to do that but you have to do something just get your blood moving your body has requirements it wants to move it really doesn't want it does feel better but people like to give themselves as excuse i do not have the energy to do this whatever if you decide that's true but if you watch a motivational video there's a hundred of am on youtube thousands even go watch one you'll get fired up you like thinking i'm going to jump some rope you jump some rope you do something to push up something to some body weight squats you'll feel better but also like learning that learning
and having that as a part of your daily life it has to be you know again i talked about someone like you who is in the throes of this autoimmune disorder where you're getting your hip replaced at seventeen i'm not someone like like serious degenerative illness i'm talking about a a person is overweight you can do it there's a lady is like four hundred and fifty pounds it takes yoga with me she's enormous she's in there she's probably really embarrassing very hard to do you know and she's in there did we anyone could do it we can do it again i'm not saying do what michael phelps does i'm just saying just do something gotta do something we have up lifestyles yeah the lifestyle yeah we'll have or just the human body is not designed to sit down all day and it's certainly not designed to be stuck in traffic and be in an office and just be who you know fluorescent lights jeff sitting there
from a computer monitor watch your soul gets sucked through the the the the the the lcd screen it's crazy yeah yeah i agree i see i think we have to be really careful with just the way we describe things just like say i don't have the energy to do something like if a cough stop i don't know i believe it's still that was good but i'm still not convinced you still i think well i think you change your diet and then you can exercise you can exercise without changing your diet there's a lot of people do they do yeah but i'm not as partly that's discipline yes but partly that's being able to i'm still i no you haven't spent what do you think holding them back um i think if you're carrying around extra weight like a quite a bit of right and you say i don't have enough energy there's something serious going on that isn't just oh i have a few extra pounds and i don't we know exactly what that looks like but a lot of that has to
with energy i mean dad was sleeping he was sleeping two hours a day in the middle of the day and he was impossible to wake up he couldn't wake up i'd like to shake them and right but you wake my dad told me he was on a standard diet of likes sandwiches and pasta things lines yeah have that big insulin dump yeah yeah but i mean most people who don't have enough energy r and a lot of those people don't realize like we were eating whole grains we didn't know that whole we're just grains we got the whole grains were healthy so i was having just for lines because i was having cheese and bread and that was protein your dad as autoimmune diseases disorders as well yeah i'd be significant right and all the destruction was a seven if that was the main one that was very significant yeah i think that you know it's hard to did it's hard also figure out like what is the
russian yeah you have depression to person doesn't have depression like myself i hear that and i go ok what does that mean yeah it does it does it mean so bad what does it mean does it mean there's like a thick wet blanket over your life that you can't get out of it means like there's a couple of things the closest it's impossible to think of when you're not depressed but the closest i've get to is if you're in a really really stressful situation and a whole bunch of things go wrong at the same time that stress you feel is kind of like a really really mild version of being depressed but being depressed is like if you look at something the colors seem muted you don't get joy out of anything this color of the sky reads like just colors things in grayscale kind of feels like you're walking through molasses and then you have a bunch of anxieties pop up all the time that are like
worst case scenarios of everything in your entire life that won't happen but that's all you can think of all the time that sings partly anxiety but it's hell like having arthritis i would choose arthritis a million times over then this depression was just wrecks you so what leads to the carnivore diet this lady has been living on it for eighteen years you read about her and that she's still alive without eating and her lyme disease gonan she looks great there before and after sure she will taking vitamins as well nothing nothing beef insult right so this is what you and so this anecdotal story is what leads you to give them try like yeah this is two seventeen so december almost yeah so not quite a year ok
so i switched over and then i had these trends inch transition symptom diarrhea yeah that was basically at raving that's bold to hang in there with six weeks diarrhea yeah but the alternative was like anxiety and itching arthritis will you also probably at the end of your rope right where you're like you can't even eat miso soup yeah there's nothing else i don't care bout salad already given up everything i love just take it and then after six weeks he got better and then i reintroduced all is not well sadly and i thought ok i'm done with the reintroductions i'm just sticking with meet you dad said he's going to try to reintroduce mushrooms yeah we'll see how that goes he seems to be weirdly sensitive to like in the same category as me but instead of getting arthritis and all these other things as well he just gets the depression which
is the worst one well he said he he introduced something to his diet and he didn't sleep for like twenty four days yeah so that's not even possible we'd be dead no it that's what it felt like i had the same we had the same thing we ate the same thing i think it was sulfites in apple cider and it's too i made i don't know what it was i think that's what it was and yeah and then there was the edging back in the doom came in this depression came in and then that's that's weird and it hasn't happened very many times but i got stuck with insomnia and it felt like we weren't sleep he slept like a little bit and you wake up probably yeah it does not what it felt like but i'm sure you know it's not physically possible to stay away for that long but i don't feel like sleeping what's the world record that someone's ever stayed awake i think it's only like ten days yeah i think it's one thousand one hundred and ten or eleven yeah something along those lines god why would he do that was just attacked person
eleven days in twenty five minutes twenty five minutes but that's what it seems to me that that dude without a hard wow that's crazy so obviously god must in less you dad stomp the shit out of that world record no i'm sure he was sleeping but it was like it was yeah it didn't feel like that and it wasn't very much it's just crazy that one thing what what do you remember what it was that he re introduced to his diet that that was might have vince it wasn't a reintroduction it was we were just starting out at that point and it was a cider and it had sulfites added and i looked at it and thought whatever it's like parts per million if it'll be fine and then it does is the only thing that was new so do you think that as get onto this elimination diet and you start taking things out and meet you get yeah you get more sensitive so it's like one of those not that i noticed in in a big way so when i
sugar out of my diet if i have sugar now like if i go crazy and have an ice cream sundae i hit off fuckin' wall so hard when i can't even get up to sit down the couch why it takes like an hour or two for it to get out of my system for like an hour i'm like oh god feel like and then two hours later mike ok it's done pass it is nice to yeah about two hours is like twenty four days for me now i believe you i believe you but for me it's just for two hours i mean in again it's not i'm not depressed for two hours i just feel like i have a brick in my stomach and i feel like i'm a tranquilizer yeah yeah yeah so most of that's how i lived all bunch of my life that's good tranquilizer like the it's idiopathic hypersomnia like i was falling asleep exams i drove home on the highway one time when i was twenty two and i was falling asleep at the wheel and i was like oh my god like i can't stay awake passing out
like moved over into a lane in a truck came by and honked at me and i was like oh my god i'm going to die and then i went on adderall well like i need to stay awake or i'm going to die did you get our funeral yeah yeah i'm off of everything and they are all so i stopped taking the means a presence when i cut a gluten just to see how my for arthritic flare ups would go if anything would happen then i was done i got off of the anti depressants november two thousand and fifteen and then my fatigue lifted in january two thousand and sixteen so i got off the adderall right away then i taking a and it was great when i was in that like feeling like i was on gliders it was great but once you don't need it it's kind of awful being on that amount of amphetamine all the time i know so people are on that shut so disturbing to me how many people are are taking that and they talk about their product
tivity and they're always makes you feel like you're being productive i don't know if it actually makes you more productive and it just destroys your short term memory doesn't destroyed i was taking a lot those on forty milligrams a day on the morning long release this is one of those things have always thought about trying i'm like maybe one day if you have energi if you energy i don't think he gives you a kick like if you're exhausted all the time it's just kind of unpleasant and it makes you like weirdly antisocial hum okay so you haven't been on this diet for a year what has the change once you got over the diarrhea what has the change been like so their threat is in the the autoimmune stuff went away fairly quickly when i was still having diarrhea i went away the mood started to pick up six weeks
the diet and then in may so i've been december during march april may so five months into it i had a huge improvement so things just got better and better every day and i finally got to the point where i was pre pregnancy so since may is i would say it's still getting better so it's only been three months that you've been ok no i've been ok since january but my mood went from like a eight to like a nine and a half like rate in may so i was feeling good after i started after this first six weeks but then things got a lot better in may it seems to be just improving now what kind of blood work are you getting what you doing all this the are you going getting tested for nutritional to sees because the one of the issues that many people who are
nutritionists or who are studying biology have with this carnivore diet is that meat just meet is very deficient in many many nutrients it's just it's very deficient in vitamin c deficient several things that we think that you need in order to to live well i did get blood work done because people were asking and not because i particularly trust blood work because my blood work was always pretty normal i was always low in zinc and vitamin d since i was a kid even when you had severe arthritis yeah everything was normal had no blood markers and i was like dying would do this what about for him nation i my white blood cell count was high sign of infection right so that was high
i indian my zinc were low but that's what showed up but that wouldn't be normal right if you went and got your blood tested and they showed you have a high white blood cell count they would go there's an issue here it wasn't abnormal enough to have caused the problems i was experiencing but how different was it from the norm white blood cell counts i'm well i had white bloods raise white blood cell count and i had white blood cells in my urine when that's that's a little weird because that is generally like well some sort of bacterial infection which i didn't have something i so that was a little weird but that was never focused on from the doctors why not what that seems like that's that's an issue if normal people don't have that and you have problems in normal i don't have i would say like your blood work is not like i mean your blood work is not normal that's not normal now
but i mean i was on all the medications they could put me on so there wasn't and they never looked at diet so it was kind of out of standstill right but when you said that you don't trust blood work and then well i did get it done right mostly for the blog so everybody could see i wasn't dying i can pull it up okay that was one of the issues with sean baker sean got his blood work done and one of the things that people notice is that there's quite a issues there and one of them was very very low testosterone which is crazy 'cause he's a gorilla yeah he's a big kid six foot five two hundred and fifty pound dude so it's like well he doesn't look deficient in testosterone like what the hell is going on
yeah i don't have testosterone readings he also said that part of that might you know he and i have gone back and forth about this he said part of that might have been had to do with taking the test when he had done like a a very heavy weight lifting workout the day before okay done squats and deadlifts and all kinds of stuff and so maybe brokers body down a bit yeah it's kind of makes sense i'll be nice first like a medical professional to take some of these groups of people doing this diet and just do a study so we can actually get some information now instead of like everything's anecdotal and i put my stuff i but just because so i can show it to you but everything is normal everything is normal my ferritin is slightly slightly elevated but like ferritin iron okay so that's slightly elevated because you're eating a lot lately red meat but that's not bad
not necessarily an it was still like my doctor said he didn't care it wasn't elevated enough but like what about vitamins uhm so for vitamins vitamins my zinc is still low my vitamin d is still low but hasn't recovered it's been like that it's been like that forever well is hard in canada like i have some pictures on instagram and i'm green because there's no light for like six months an then i'm outside all summer so i'm probably deficient i think that has something to do with the autoimmune disorder i tried supplementing with really high dose vitamin d and didn't see any benefits check out and i don't take supplements anymore the high dose vitamin d yeah i tried once when i was twenty one for about a year and then again when i was doing on the low carb diet but what about now when your issues with vitamin d
i just got my blood work back ok so i was doing no no supplements so that i could see what happened also i probably wouldn't recommend high dose of vitamin d just recommend supplementing with the normal dose of vitamin i think i'm just going to wait and see and get tested in a year i'm not too concerned and see what happens because here's here's what's interesting when i went to the low carb diet my b vitamins were allowed this was during the pregnancy i got this first test and it was my b twelve was fine but everything else was low fall it was low b one b three b six and by ten we're hello on a low carb diet right on my natural path said maybe you have a micro biome problem whatever that means everyone says my natural path said i just go take me to crystal in your pocket crystal with you at all times
you know what they were there telling me to cut out gluten for years and i was like what do you know right crazy person yeah i could have probably stopped dream catcher on your wall put a catcher above your bed that'll help anyway this new micronutrients task
i'm in d and cat not calcium vitamin d and zinc are still low but all my bees have gone up so none of my bees fall eight is still borderline but it was deficient before and all my other bees or have gone up what a normal what about vitamin c vitamin c was always normal by means he hasn't changed at all that's fascinating because that's one of the ones i think people are deficient if you are on this diet well i did some background reading because i've been i thought people died of scurvy if that any vegetables like everybody thinks that right but it turns out vitamin c and glucose compete ron so if you don't eat glucose you just don't use as much by you can see me yeah and i haven't been supplementing but my vitamin c is totally fine yeah sean baker sent me something about that something along those lines that are some of the vitamin c that you're taking in
is competing with glucose and that you need far less of it and far more effective so there is some vitamin c in beef yeah are you telling the grass fed beef or you do care so initially i tried to get rid of all the variables 'cause i didn't know what i was reacting to so i was eating fed antibiotic free all that stuff an now i'm eating mostly i try to stay away from the antibiotic and hormone meat but i'm eating grain finish because it's just so much cheaper than grass fed and it doesn't i have no prob with that how would you know whether or not beef as antibiotics or hormones in it you just trust the labeling right that said but i but i've going out to eat in restaurants where i'm sure the meat quality and i haven't had an autoimmune flare up with that so when you go out to eat you know one of the things you post the other day was that you had a steak that had pepper on it yeah i had pepper on monday properly ground
and you're freaking out i was freaking out on monday yeah that was i don't know what happens it's okay i'm fine but yeah i was freaking out i was stressed out for the whole day but it's like if it flares first of all these flare apps happen instantly so gives you enough time to freak out about if they're going to happen for a couple days and then it's like a month of in i mean disorder and depression and brain fog and not being able to think as horrible so yeah i am freaked out but i'm ok the one thing i found really helps the only thing i found that helps these reactions is an infrared sauna if i get in there once a day and sweat only an infrared one what about a regular one um do you know honestly no i don't know i don't know so the idea just to elevated heat temperature whether it's infrared or not yeah i don't know if it's i just read all the benefits of infrared but i have if over a regular sauna wow there's like longevity studies from finland
done on a regular sauna as a regular sauna yeah the ones that are done with that show the decrease in mortality of forty percent as a regular size regular sauna yeah but all right okay andrea well she googled up please there's a state maybe rhonda patrick has it up on our website but because i asked her whether i should get a regular sauna or a uh infrared and she said the studies that we're done we're done with the regular sonic but she said that the real issue is that your body is producing heat shock proteins so whether it's infrared or regular the whole the real issue is your bodies in this extreme one hundred and seventy degree temperature produces these side achenes and these cytokines side of queens anne your body is reacting to this incredible temperature and this is what produces anti inflammation effect i would think for someone like you with arthritis your anything that reduces information would be a great benefit so yeah i know it's sorry the awesome i just if i'm reacting like sauna makes me feel like twenty percent better like a lot better
well after i get out if i'm not reacting i don't sweat much when i get in and it's nice but it's not like a huge relief like it is when i'm reacting it's giant i mean i don't have the auto immune issues that you have but boy for me it's just it's a game changer yeah get in there for twenty and it's half hour and i get out there it's just like everything just feels better yeah yeah it hits me like about twenty minutes drag it out and i get this mood up but once your body i think that what that is is your temperature normalizes and your body virgin normalizes after out of that heat and then everything just like yeah i know it's great it's great have you done the cryotherapy yeah similar feeling right yeah not as good i don't think but
feeling it's better actually for pain so i have my ankle replacement still gives me problems because it's an ankle replacement so i've done cryotherapy for that and that's works better for pain i think than the sauna does now what do they do when they replace your ankle do they cut off the bottom of the joint and recap it and put something else there so they kind of yeah they caught off the bottom the tibia it's a big bone tibia and then they replaced the top of that alice it sucks and i got it done in two thousand and nine when the ankle joints weren't as good as they are now so now i'm left with this like old ankle joint an i'm twenty six so
have to get it looked at because it's giving me problems the judge another one of god no i hope not i think they're just going to try and fix that it's super dope carbon fiber new model i know they don't have that nobody's like making anything cool now now it seems like them they're constantly improving that i mean but it looks like on you too but that's not what it looks like in real life though now is like maybe i could just get a new foot i could get a better foot right on a new foot two hundred foot well some robot foot nabeel salon like what the is this it depends on the robot foot you'd be down for robot foot if it like took away all your pain my god yeah if i could run again i can't run with an ankle replacement what about you hip replacement you can i have replacement was fine yeah but they i have friends that got him a place in the surroundings of the question it's out of out of the idea being way you can't run i could run on the hip replacement really yeah i can limp along with my ankle but
replacement gives no problems it's great but i thought that the load is placed on the hip is not i don't think they recommend activities like that overtime all the time but even like a uh what's an elliptical it's pretty low impact and i can't do that 'cause my ankle but my hip is fine have you ever tried a versa climber no we have learned that was the sole an angled like a beam with handles on it and you do this phenomenal cardio it's amazing works your core 'cause you're at an angle so you got your kind of planking almost a little bit while you're doing it oh wow that might work better yet do you do sprints with it and then do you like tabata is like twenty tens wow twenty seconds on ten second break twenty seconds on ten second break phenomenal yeah it's one of the best exercises terms of cardio
i stopped to sell key do bike i can't really do anything with his ankle but i did start it yeah it's a huge and i am i'm gonna need to get surgery i think i'm getting something done in january and one of the going to do so basically phone has grown into the joint joe it's basically fused who so i just don't have any movement and it kind of hurts and doesn't hurt like it hurt when i needed it replaced but it hurts so they're gonna go in and clean out all of on and pray that that works to is so that's that's what my january is going to be does this make you think that like if you got on this diet yeah when you're younger you could add at all this is why i'm not very pleased with the medical community what how
they know me they didn't know back but they could have said i don't know they could have looked at the celiac thing then i would have at least including that gluten was a problem and maybe just removing that would've been good enough well it seems that the amount of research that they would have to do i mean think about how many different things you had to outcomes that inclusion the time you had to spend like three years and yeah in canada has public i mean you have public health care right so it's it's weird right yeah not as motivated they're not it's not ideal for people with very special problems right instead for general public it's great if you don't have money and you need to get taken care of but they have a lot of people coming in and out right this constant i'm getting this surgery done in north carolina wow just fucking turn on canada huh i could wait around for like three one slash two years for a surgeon that's not as good yeah
yeah that um this infrared thing i'm finding it very interesting stuff i remember reading what you said but i'm not finding that an i've only found stuff that i could find a ben greenfield i think it was a transcription of a podcast did with rhonda and something else very similar which is information from doctor joel kahn that says only sunlight sunlight and far infrared saunas have been shown to increase core temperature for effective detoxification because they get you can stay longer in the threshold area they want around one hundred and thirty degrees you can be there to up to forty five minutes or so and i guess you can't unless you can stand it in a regular heat one 'cause it's heating the air around you not light heating your body oh interesting so the infrared one is heating your body and specific rather than you being in the heat correct
ah interesting so you can do it longer and that's where the benefits how much longer how long you supposed to before he said at least thirty minutes but that's what i do anyway i don't know the difference so infrared saunas good if your pussy so that's why i didn't want to say that but maybe that's what they're saying i don't know well it seems like you get more benefit with less suffering that's what it would seem like 'cause you could do it longer i think that's what they're getting at but yeah i don't know if that's the reason why i don't know if people have to just quit after twenty minutes and i can't get to the 30th well people do man they get does get uncomfortable with it but if you could get the same benefits and you could avoid the discomfort why wouldn't you do that right it also just it's just uncomfortable right before you start sweating like i'm really hot and then you start sweating in it's not as bad there's a new company that's making an infrared sauna that you workout in it's got a chin up bar in and it's got all these
like of like resistance cables the other part of this too which is would have to go more into science is that i don't know is that leads like the infrared light can penetrate your skin whereas the heat maybe can't 'cause it's just heat it's heating up your skin it's not let it like infrared is literally a wave light waves a different kind of it invigorates your mitochondria so many are usually not level the studies that they did in was in norway finland ireland yeah maybe they just didn't have infrared there maybe i maybe i don't know because like those russian bonior as they do the regular saunas these regular saunas and they go hot cold hot cold and they've had some pretty awesome benefits of that and so there might be something to that because they're using light extend to season right now the harden filling so right right now it's pretty new yeah science
she blinded me with science i sing stuff is all very fast and stuff but so sauna definitely helps you either way yeah yeah and i think like i read some studies on it working out of mitochondrial level hi i don't know anything about it and just there's something to it and it after about half an hour is the only thing that's helped i've tried like i would write everything to get rid of these reactions faster like detoxification things or mostly just different weird different sort of detoxification things and nothing helped except the sana the last for as long but they're not as awful so i was telling
this guy kevin bass who is a phd in a scientist and he um contacted me and i contacted him put put on my glasses so i can see you better and he we went back and forth about this online and so he sent me a bunch of stuff what he thinks and one of them is is nutrient deficiency and that uh immuno suppression from nutrient deficiency and that in the idea is that maybe in having less nutrients and having less did you you you're dietary amino suppression via deficiency might be helping you and he said basically crazier things have happened and
that you reported still having symptoms when you get sick even on a carnivore diet and he said that it shows that the carnivore died is symptomatic treatment it's not because she's removed the offending anna jenn watt yeah so i don't even know if i understood all that properly well it this is a very long he wrote a very very long piece on this and i appreciate that you took the time to do this one of things a saying his like vitamin a the this this that does die could be vitamin a deficient vitamin c deficient we went over that thing is i passion vitamin k deficient so you got your results back so you got tested my vitamin k readings good is normal vitamin a is normal normal above it says anything above thirty is ok for vitamin k two forty everything above seven
is okay for vitamin a mind seventy nine he said also that a lot of your symptoms including joint destruction fatigue depression except your can be caused by the drugs that are used to treat rheumatoid arthritis although our rheumatoid arthritis came first though right but then the joint destruction was that and how do you test was that post as you being on this medicare those studies even done how do you test the mean of it's the drugs or the arthritis causing it i don't know i mean this is his take on this is the the potential scenarios me without rejecting it totally
you were on those drugs far far earlier your joints destroyed right yeah i started the drugs to grade four and then grade eleven am where the replacements yeah look this is a this whole thing is a very fascinating subject because people are not having the response that nutritionists would like them to happen no right nutritious would like you guys to be freaking out falling apart in advance to be doing well i have a friend of mine lives and diego spin on the cardboard diet for a while and you know he's navy seal so it feels fantastic yeah you know he said he just tried it out see what it was like he's never felt better in his whole life uhm yeah elimination diets this is a big thing like getting getting yourself down to a very small number of foods you know and that they
seems to have some sort of a large benefit for people as well yeah i mean i think it would depend on the foods yeah it's like your body not having too much to manage and that people with stop it autoimmune disorders and diseases having less to manage could potentially be what what is benefit as well i don't know it's last though 'cause if you survive only off of soy you're not going to do well i think it depends what you're eating things that he's saying to is that when you get sick the systemic inflammation probably opens up your intestinal berryer which causes auto immune systems to kick in again and said the same thing happens with any food that causes your intestinal berryer to open up he said why is this happening i don't understand and that you and your father paul think this could be some sort of hereditary thing have you guys done any twenty three in me test yeah and what is that i have seen the type for different gene disorders perhaps
nothing showed up i it i ran it through rhonda patrick has something on her website right i ran it through that i ran it through promethea ets nothing shocking shows up i have the celiac jean dad doesn't so that's not exactly the issue that was it while the whole thing is just it's it's one of the more interesting things is how people they always want to attach all these other things to it the environmental concerns and the the the concern for you know the the the health and welfare of these animals and that you're supporting factory farming always gets very it's very ideological oh yeah super fast real quick right but does not we're talking
no i also i don't like i'm concerned about other people who are suffering as much as i was suffering yeah that's it right before you're concerned with animals like everything out way before they try living if your choice is to live with an autoimmune disorder and like die slowly that way you can do that and not eat if you want to well it's also i think a disingenuous argument because ninety seven percent of the people in the world eat meat for some crazy so it's easy to tell other people that when you're not experiencing those symptoms it's also yeah i mean definitely it's definitely easier if you're not experiencing those symptoms but there's so much meeting going on already and if he is if people really can benefit greatly from just an all meat diet you know we going to tell them
on to that go vegan it keeps our rankin and and be covered in hives and itching and and be in the press states the rest your life now it's sisters a such a hot subject and i feel like this is something that we're gonna have more insight on over the next few years yeah started study it now and it's starting to be mean you know sean baker who's you know as a physician and then you've got some really dedicated athletes that are trying it now like you know zac bitter who he won't what does he own on the north american record for twenty four hour race or if not for twenty four hours for one hundred miles he ran one hundred miles in eleven hours and forty minutes wow insane and he eats almost nothing but me yeah almost his entire died he supplements with high levels of glucose like those gels and she'll like that and ramps is carbs
me up when he's going to do one hundred mile races and things like that but that's obviously a bra dick ulous require on his body yeah he's asking his body to run one hundred fucking miles in eleven hours and forty minutes wow wow yeah that's crazy also weighs five pounds he weighs like one hundred and forty but it's just you know his his his diet shows that it is possible to do extreme physical feats while you're on this yeah he does a podcast also with sean baker uhm so this is something that people are really starting to study now and there's a lot argument there's a lot of hesitancy you know anger or read some article today chris as you and your dad and now yeah that's okay i find it kind of like can understand a lot of people who go on the carnivore diet get really like vegan haiti
well that's what they were set with that's true but what they're doing is they're going off about the environment this is like a like methane gas produced by how i don't think i saw this article it's just it's not it's not a good argument this is this is happening like if you're a person okay i'm not saying that we don't all have a response ability to do our part to try to save the environment but if you are a person who is deathly ill you go to the supermarket this lot of beef he can go buy beef it's right there yeah and if you could buy that beef and fixes you what why don't you stop and think about the ecological concerns the environmental concerns an in the physical concerns of people that are forced to take on these fucking ridiculous pharmaceutical oh my god yeah their lives and think about your empowering these pharmaceutical companies and their lobbying to stop natural natural cure they're they're they're trying to make kratom illegal there's
a lot of the that's involved in pharmaceutical companies that were well aware of a lot of cherry making studies they'll do one hundred studies one of them shows that there might be some benefit to this ninety nine shows it fox you up and they ignore those and they're allowed to do this there's a lot of weird shit that we really should take into consideration before we support any sort of pharmaceutical alternative and pharmaceutical drugs aren't demons there's a lot of people that benefit greatly from pharmaceutical drugs i did i don't think i would have been able to figure this out unless i've been on adderall and had the energy to to google i'm sure i mean look there's benefits not they're not all bad and they're not all good but i don't like that argument like hey you know if you go on the carnivore diet your you're contributing to methane that's fucking up the world ok it's
is it better or worse than pharmaceutical drugs is it better or worse than what they're doing is it better or worse the fact that flick pharmaceutical drugs are in the water supply they know they've done tests on reservoirs and found pharmaceutical drugs in them they found pharmaceutical drugs in rivers yeah it looks shut the up there's a lot going on here don't if you're going to look at this you better look at it in of you to make an argument against it you better be balanced about this because wise you're showing your ideological bend like to say that it's about methane and bow cows and factory farming not really now there's a lot going on there's a lot going on yeah it's this is the this is a long and new wants discussion and if your your painting this this article in one way an talking only about the negative health negative environmental concerns that are associated with beef production like look that beef production is going on a matter with you like it or not if you think we can curb it back and slow it down a little bit
the wonderful but we have to look at it accurately you know and also i believe they've proven that methane see google if this is true that methane production from cows and it makes sense is far less when they're on a natural diet when their pasture raised then it is if they're corn fed but makes sense because all they have all sorts of warm yeah also it's ishaan idea when they're eating grain you know that that could easily be a part of the problem is they're trying to fatten these cows up quicker in the force them to eat something that's not natural for the body and have you ever seen that king corn documentary no great documentary but it's a real porn yeah it's a mind foghorns and everything everything in your dna like your whole body is like filled with corn
yeah it's crazy because there's so much i wanna hear that it's crazy they've done they did these guys did tests on the carbon in their body and they found how much corn is in their body yeah things the carbon in their body whatever it was they just and they go through the supermarket aisle and they find how many things have corn in them yeah and the corn is subsidized by the government and soy soy and everything the articles but again this is this is also part of the problem these people who are writing these articles about your diet and about your dad and his dad is taking a shot at dad so that's the other problem yeah it's certainly a lot of that right now the articles aren't great i mean it would be nice if someone instead of saying maybe she didn't have arthritis or maybe she's just placebo ing herself into this or maybe it's deprivation that's making her feel better that could be now
if someone actually did a study what does it say jamie it says cows are being fed a new diet that go in deuce the amount of burping and cut emission methane by twenty percent is from a two thousand and eight article on a peace what are they being fed with this new diet didn't specifically say i don't think they're being fed other cows discount what does it say ok a special machine is used to cut the straw ok but still yeah mix with slash silage wheat maize soya or sugar beet which can be mixed with yeah see if you google methane by cows who are pasture raised
nothing back house methane produced by cows were grass fed see if there's when we're not i thought i read that it was grain fed cows that produce less methane really which isn't what i would have guessed that's interesting grass fed titles do anymore methane but produce produce do more methane i'm not reading that that'll do pig please do more methane because it's harder to digest ok obviously do produce more methane because it's harder to digest grass and grain however some argued graph that is continually grazed by grass fed cattle sequesters enough carbon make up the difference in math thing that's what it is yeah and healthy soil keeps carbon dockside underground and add the atmosphere ok so there's a big story behind there right so that's why it's better for the environment if they eat grass which totally makes sense because they've been eating grass for a million years yeah yeah
so so here you are here you are on this diet now and you've started to what are you doing consulting people online so i am now yeah i started about a month ago and how what is that in the fall of people scared me and basically want to see me and how i'm still alive only eating beef and in ask me how to cook and things because nobody knows how to cook meat without anything on it well how do you like how do you cook with just beef they don't know what to do there like what oil do you use i don't use oil like you i think
these people are going to do a lot of low i use tallow i used a lot but most of these people are really sick and really desperate and they haven't had any help from the medical system and so far and this is completely true anybody who's gone on to this like be fan salt and water diet anybody i've seen have been able to stick through transition period where you like get off of carbs explosive diarrhea not everyone gets that dad didn't get that he wants like it seems to be five thousand and fifty it looks like the sticker you are seven yeah i know it seems to be but like seriously fifty percent of it seems like the sticker you are the more likely you are to get that i don't know if it's inability to digest that amount of fat right away or if it's a microbiome switch or something but it seems to hit fifty percent of people in the other fifty percent just switch over
but everybody gets some sort of carb withdrawal especially if you go from like a standard american diet over then insane cravings oh did you get your ketones checked done i did that i went to pale your facts are this year and i got my ketones checked and they were ridiculously high that was the breath test and then i have the urine strep test which i know aren't as accurate but i haven't gone out of ketosis my dad's about eighty percent calories from fat so i eat ribs which are really fatty i eat ribeye sometimes but i ate been eating more and more fat so just tell her i'm getting a eighty percent from the fat
see i eat a lot of meat but i'm eating really lean meat because i mean a lot of wild game i'm not getting as much fat and the fast the good stuff i think it's better definitely it has a factor i just finished i didn't finish i'm halfway through a book called the fat of the land by i'm going to butcher this but like vill han near stephenson and that was the dude who went to live with and you had people in canada for five years in a like they ate and it's amazing like historically it shows how they dressed and how they lived and what parts of the animal they ate and so he lived off of what they which was basically just meet and sometimes eggs for five years and then he came back i don't know if he was in england or in the states but he came back and said hey look how healthy i am all i eat is meat this is like the 30s and they said no way you're supposed to have scurvy so him and his partner who is his last name is anderson went to bellevue hospital
spittle and they stayed under monitor just eating meat for a year and there are six studies done on them and you can find them online they monitored like vitamin levels they monitor ever everything because kidney function because back then like nothing's changed in the last one hundred years they said you're supposed to be dead of scurvy so i'm reading that book and he says fat was one main things they ate they also didn't eat any salt pin now they were eating like well concealfab mostly caribou caribou size of rain though yeah but i ate he said
gave a lot of the really lean cuts to the dogs so they ate a lot of the fattier cuts they'd the brain date fat behind he goes into some serious detail late fat behind the eyes yeah they boiled a lot they boiled bones for the marrow so they got fat out of that and then for part of the year they'd also eat seal the fat behind the eyes taste like it's like bread like dough you know that yeah i haven't had that yeah i had it the first deer i shot we ate the fat behind the eyes tastes like ahead no no it's not the best ok but it's it's definitely so it's just weird like like dough that's weird yeah yeah it's a good bug
and it there's another person who was just eating meat and for some reason people have forgotten about him so like maybe the best to eat would be those really fat japanese cows those kobe beef cows or wagon 'cause those are fat as fuck yes those things you look at those marbled cuts and like when they're doing that now i don't know it's terribly nothing good nothing good now let's pour cows yeah but i've been doing recently which is a lot cheaper is getting ground beef which is lean and adding tallow and just frying it that makes sense and it's way cheaper than steak but it's super fatty just spoonfuls of tallow in there and you just eat it just put in a bowl and eat it or you're getting bored with this at all not at all all after the first week socked because i kind of sat i was one of the reason that stock but i was also like a missing salad i was having and i only went from greens down so it's a pretty easy transition kinda by
the rest your family on this dive as well as your husband yeah he's on it as well yeah really and now it does he have any issues health issues he was depressed in a severe depression really what was causing his depression like foods he had the same issues and as me and i know how that sounds but my dad was like this seems to be genetic how can you have it too whoa but does not genetic that's interesting the day of the accident well he was like this is a little on it while i mean this food reactions were kind of strange you know people have like weird sympathetic disorders you know like the someone around them has something they start to develop the same slash
so that's what dad was thinking it wasn't like this though he'll turn green his skin turns a different color when he was wrong thing yeah me not like green but he gets pale you can see it huh oh one thing i wanted to address when i was on here in sean baker's episode he said something about eating apples that gave him low back pain and you were like apples low back pain and people in the comments were freaking out right that's a symptom that happens to me too and it's not yeah when my
who drops i get lower back pain and so does dad and it's funny to freak out about it till you get it but that's very commonly associated with depression an it is triggered by food with me too well i know that that's triggered by some people that have lower back issues when they eat inflammation causing foods like pasta and sugar yeah that's why i went to physical therapist once when i was having a i had a bulging disc in my neck and she suggested that i cut out gluten i thought she's a crazy person who's talking about cut out gluten because it shows i know it sounds crazy but a lot of these things cause issues they cause information that was like the steps that i that was the first up yet gluten yeah well yeah well also the first steps that took to understand that foods because information i had never thought of that at all i said hell no some and yanked on my new my neck's hurt trying to fix it how do i fix my neck
she was saying this that the rid reduction of inflammation causing foods would lead to healing and certain issues i i i was very incredulous cels sounds like some wacky car yeah cool yeah but there's something to it and you know there's there's something to for of all the weight reduction soon as you cut out all these sugary foods and your body just carrying less stuff around you carrying less meat mean people don't realize how much it is do you workout do you like a body weight now do that same body weight workout with a forty pound vest on it's way harder for harder than most people out there wandering around it leaves forty pounds over at least forty pounds yeah it's a lot of work it's a lot of weight i do this i have this some this backpack that i put metal plates on it some it's by this company called outdoors men's and it's like a
basically look at the frame of a hiking backpack he snap it in and it puts an olympic plate on the back and locks play some wow so that it really centers in your back as opposed to like a lot of people do weighted hikes but they put sandbags find shifts and moves around but this is like really centers it and locks it in place but if i do forty five pounds and i go hiking around like you kind of kicks ask it's hard going up the hills of forty five pounds think about what most people just go through life with a lot of people go your dad was five thousand and fifty overweight yeah thank you that a lot of weight that where's your asses out i mean and then that's one of the reasons why people say they don't have the energy to extra sir carrying around all this way there as i always look at like really heavy overweight persons people and i look at their legs and like that dude probably can kick through a wall someone could teach him how to kick like you think about how much weight
carrying around all the time their needs are probably super strong like all the tissue around their legs is constantly carrying this heavy load upstairs yeah if you could lose weight you probably have amazing legs yeah yeah yeah look at dia so how do you go though from this to doing consulting and is it is it a big leap to like each trying to figure your own life out to to help other people and you don't have a degree in nutrition anything right god now will but what am i going to get it and degree in nutrition for the still teach people eat grain so that was never in the books do you think that today like if you went to a university today like a really good school do you think they would still be saying the grains are good good idea to eat i do will i don't know that so i could be wrong but yeah i would say it's still pretty food pyramid e well i don't know if they go the old way
i would like when you read doctor seuss books changes all rice and wheat i don't think it's really change i think it's like eat a good mix of make sure you get your fruits vegetables walgreen as people tell you when you're pregnant but for most people i don't think so grain really we've been eating grain for what like maybe twenty thousand years in some areas some more like ten thousand years and in some areas two thousand years and if your native american like two hundred years ever i'm grain for very long why do people suddenly think they can digest that just because we're people so you don't believe rice rice is a grain rice i think is a lot less inflammatory than some grains like the gluten grains are obviously a lot harder on people and even i tolerated bryce kind of for a while but yeah i don't i think grains feed a lot of people so that's
the agricultural prayer came around i you we can feed tons of people what doesn't make people thrive and i don't think it's good for their guide i don't think that's surprising considering we haven't been eating it look long enough to of all but other than grain what are issue do you have with will you call like a paleo diet or healthy diet um so with vegetables and do you think there's an issue eating vegetables i think it really depends on the person i think that this beef salt and water diet is a really good elimination diet and if you're seriously suffering and you have like now to lose you can give it ago suffer through the transition period and then try and once you feel ok try and reintroduce foods and see where you stand what about vitamin supplementation though and like why wouldn't you tell people what why wouldn't you recommend multi vitamins or multi vitamin pack that covers all your basics
i say if you want if you're really concerned about vitamins get vitamin infusions i react to multi vitamins so the fillers there aren't any pure vitamins you can take unless you take them in powder form so you can get like vitamin c powder potassium powder but is to get the other vitamins in powder form and i react to everything jesse ran a filet roast in caps yeah i would i probably wouldn't react to pure gelatin capsules billing would heller what can filler microcrystalline cellulose is in a lot of them why they put that stuff in there wow
a lot of them is like bind it together you know if it's like a tablet that most of that is like powdery stuff that isn't the actual vitamin what about capsules i don't know i haven't tested it out like by because it's this month long reaction i pretty much just say get rid of all the variables you can get rid of and start from scratch and then you can see if things are bothering you if you're worried about vitamins get infusions right but what i was saying is that you were talking about these binders do they exist in capsules as well yeah you have to check the in green there aren't just it's very hard to get vitamins that appear unless they're in powdered form or right there by infusion i i couldn't find a multi vitamin i could take on a lot of vitamin k is derived from soy soul react to that amount of soy wow so in in infusions you're talking about ivy and i did those so i did that during my pregnancy because justin
yes right i don't react to that at all it's fine i didn't find it i didn't see a benefit it did make me feel any better hi how do you react to fish oil not well but it was hard to tell because i was reacting to other things at the same time mmhm so i don't i don't eat chicken anymore and i don't eat fish anymore because it doesn't make me feel as good as beef but it doesn't give you bad reaction not like soy or grains but but if someone took it out to a restaurant and lobster was on the menu you would need lobster now wow boo no dessert no but the thing is the cravings go away transition over so i don't even care how are you doing um three times usually if i
doing more i eat eat more otherwise a meeting about two and a half pounds a day if they're fattier than only lasts two just a walking beef catastrophe yeah it's great that it's on it's amazing and i drink like sparkling water which i love perrier excites me so just harrying beef and salt that's a now what do you think about people that say that this idea might work in the short term in the short term but in the long term it's not sustainable i don't even know what kind of sponsor have to that like what i'm doing happen for going vegan diets right with indicts is they start off they feel great they're like oh my god this is the diet
for me this is amazing then overtime their body starts reacting to the lack of nutrients lack of cholesterol lack of saturated fat and it doesn't doesn't it's different bodies i mean obviously some people have no problem with it but some people have like legit chris kresser perfect exam well he started out with a macro biotic vegan diet had real serious reactions to it overtime started out doing well and then overtime started to break his lay down and long did it take i forgot but when he started introducing meat back in his diet had a massive ramp up you know uhm ramp up like he got worse health health well yeah and has to be a answered and everything started taking it again yeah yeah so i i'm not worry about it like i was so sick before and now i'm better
i was concerned i was gonna die in the long run before now i'm feeling good i don't see why it would just randomly get sick suddenly i'm getting my vitamins tested because people are curious but i do i don't have any symptoms and who's a lot but does this woman have you been in contact with this woman that's been doing this for nine years not personally now but where we're somewhere in the states and so sean baker is probably the loudest proponents of one of the most vocal and more most public and he's been doing and i believe two years from my friend chris bell's been doing it for a while as well i think he's less than a year but he's apples who lives out so i had a hard time giving up apples that's funny yeah seriously it's 'cause i limited i went down all my sugar and then i was eating hordes of apples and that was my sugar right and that was hard to kick
and apples somehow another give you low back pain namang other things but yeah it comes along with the depression and arthritis the whole thing is a really interesting conversation because there's so much going on with that it's in it's not an objective conversation for it for the most part like many people that get into this they get into this very charged it's charged almost politically charged ideologically aides charged whether it's you know ethically and morally its its charge where people are very skeptical also they have this die that they believe in the day been following and so anything that's contrary to that they reject yeah well i used to be like people when i was really sick people would come up and go well have you looked at your diet it's what can i tell you i mean this order i'm dying have i like what stop eating sugar and all my problems will go away like thanks so i've been on the
other end of the spectrum and i used to get mad when people said but it was like condescending right have like tried to have you tried exercising have you looked at your i it it was like i'm dying and i thought meh although i look back on it how crazy is it then it wasn't even a conversation ten years ago right years ago did you ever hear this no that's what's so weird like cutting the sugar out and cutting the cards out this is so new it so now and this like meat diets really now and by the way but when i say new i mean in terms of like being popular really popular likes yeah fourth something people heard us yeah it's it's it's really interesting it's an when i see your dad and how healthy he is and how he looks so again looks younger he looks thinner like it's like it's like he's all sucked in looks like yeah but
healthy and he looks like a different person in the person i knew an i look like a different person in the person i knew my face looks different in a good way yeah well i think there's something definite definitely healthy about getting a lot of fat yeah and this is something that i think we've ignored with our obsession with carbs in one of the things that is a giant benefit for people that cut the carbs out is the way you feel about food like you don't get these massive craving my god yeah yeah i i missed you so when i used to go out to eat i was starving all the time i just felt like i was starving and i'd eat and then i would feel so so full and it turns out it was bloating right but i didn't know that i just feel so full that i would literally have to ask people to take my plate away or i would keep eating 'cause i was starving but stuffed and so it's just my state all the time you know it's fuckedup
no matter how full i am if you put a plate of french fries with salt down in front of me i will go after those pitches i can't help myself this i'll eat oh my god so good and then with some ketchup like fat steak fries that are like kind of well done ish with some salt automon ketchup there's just something about that trick that biological trick the god dam potatoes play on you yeah that's yeah it's kind of addictive place so addictive i know and it turns out that even like founder salad i was eating lettuce it was still kind of addictive because i had like lettuce cravings let us cravings yeah i mean not like i apple cravings not like my sugar cravings but they were that they
there so when you just eat only me your body takes that me and through a process of gluecode genesis converts into glucose right yeah i haven't been out of ketosis and i'm always in he does this but my glucose is normal that's what's weird the fact that you always in ketosis because most people think that if you eat too much protein yeah but that's the thing is if you like convert what i'm eating to the fat ratio eighty percent of my calories i'm getting fat are you doing this on an app or something i'm mostly typing in the cuts and then i can kind of add in how much tallow i'm adding to lean ground beef and how much how do you how do you do it by tablespoon or i do it yeah i do it kind of by tablespoon i just scoop but if i if i was measuring it i'd like four hundred and fifty you eat that aloe up first and then cook the beef into it or do you kinda makes him altogether mix everything together
it's way more satisfying though 'cause eating lean ground beef just isn't great gets dry he tried ground elk is even more oh wow delicious but it's so sinewy you know but when i mix it with butter and stuff like that so i'm just mixing a little it's great just going on my voice here so when you're looking the future and you know you're saying okay this is going well this is you know much better than anything i've ever done before i feel so much better do you feel like this is the way you can eat for the rest your life yeah do you think it's a stable yeah oh no i'm not arguing against it i'm just wondering anable in what way nutritionally oh my god yeah i think so i'll keep getting my vitamins tested but this book that i've been reading
this guy lived with anyone that's what they ate they were healthy then have teeth that fell out like they weren't sick like were sick then you it's for the people that went up there the end yeah but then you what's the name of all that way i mean if you stop and think about it means that didn't we have all that way too i don't know then we can't say we changed like ten thousand years ago northeast grain looks like we've evolved to hunt kind f yeah yeah i mean but different people that grew up in different as of the world i think they have i mean it's not been proven that there's different nutritional requirements the different people have if you're you grew up in different areas i don't think so no i haven't read that now what is it that diet the people there's there's like some some diet that they they try to it was based on blood work the blood type diet
yeah that the idea is that different people that have different blood types that they're coming from different parts of the world yeah i don't know it doesn't really look well man i died so they finally let your eyes guide to clear up about i'm diets i am i know dad told me like he went over and he said i don't think i can eat fish i think fish is giving me a flare up and my response was like well that's not possible like all i'm eating is meet an i still have the same response and then i told you i don't need chick in well when i switched over chicken started to make me not feel good when i was eating it what about ostrich haven't tried ostrich i've just up on birds ruminant animals seem fine i tried bison bison was fine bison what who do you call it bison is that and i'm just going to go without to canadian valley bizon by who
it's amazing well dad says it's his fault ostriches interesting 'cause it's red it's a bird but it's a red meat that's interesting yeah they have ostrich burgers at fuddruckers you can get ostrich burger the good that rib eye the sky bird that i haven't had that that's a sandhill crane yeah sandhill crane is a really good i read i that's what they call him yeah they hunt them and they cook it and it's a really licious lean but like soft juicy tender red meat hi now we are here for over yeah look at this real exciting what yep sandhill crane wild canada goose where i don't think we're allowed to eat that canada well some some you're not allowed to eat some migrating geese right but sandhill crane i bet you could eat
yeah i wonder i have some buddies that haunted those in texas and they said they were fantastic so it's some of the best meat they've ever eaten alive or if you could eat that but i wouldn't want you to eat it and then get can hives and yeah now me joe from under five weeks yeah diarrhea everything all over again so your plan is just sparkling water and steak forever yeah and i mean it could be more like i could be surviving off of eggplant oh yeah yeah i enjoy everything i eat all the time yeah right i love it and i don't get bored i thought there's one thing i have to eat forever i hope it's take because i'm not going to get bored of steak and like i said the first month was kind of rough and the cravings go away and now it's like every meal and like them you get hate from vegan people not really i don't think i'm as inflammatory as some people because i can understand i mean if you're italy radiologist
logically possessed that's different but if you go on the and you cut out processed foods you get rid of dari dari was a huge trigger for me and you feel better then i can understand why you'd be going around saying the vegan diet is the way to eat right so i can kind can understand where those people are coming from if you're ideologically possessed and what's the environment all the stuff i don't really care i oh no i don't get i've got like a couple of emails about me
spreading lies this is like well i just i don't i don't really don't care there's a lot of loonies out there what a loony people but that is the issue with the the the vegan diet is that that it carries with it a moral high ground yeah the other died so yeah and that's too bad like that part stocks the people trying to figure out their health and going to that because it's they're trying to figure something out that's different but the whole moral thing like just let it go well listen i think this is very interesting stuff you know i don't have your health issues and i think very few people do but obviously for you it's it's made some massive impact out and for your father's well means really it's very very interesting and and like i said my friend lives in san diego
no problems i mean he's loving it i know several other people have jumped on board as well too and they're seeing big benefits from him i mean it's almost enough to make me want to try it but you should try well the problem is it take long yeah but i have hundreds of pounds of wild game meat that's perfect yeah but i have to eat it with fat and have to figure out a way to get fat into it you can order oh here yeah this order tile it's on like i haven't i've talked to people like programmers and silicon valley have skyped me and they're healthy and they just want to be more productive and the cognitive benefits it takes like six weeks anne it's worth just seeing what it's like but they get that just from the ketogenic diet no i've had people switch off of the ketogenic there's there's something here there's real
something he ran it's worth are you seeing now i think people would see benefits if they tried it even healthy people what do you think those benefits are coming from i don't know i don't know if microbiome switch or if there's less you're just ingesting less plant talks in or if this is what do you mean by that while plants have like naturally occurring toxins depending on the plant to get bugs and things to stop eating them that's just their defense mechanism so like oxalates that's a big one lectins like all those types of things are inflammatory and it just seemed like we've just found the plants that we can tolerate like as humans we found the plans we can tolerate the easiest and don't kill us and we eat those and we've bred them so that they're easier to eat but so maybe removing those in the diet seems to help people but it seems like get a six week try i don't see the downside again i've
only i've haven't seen anybody switch back really i've been talking to a lot of people on skype over like periods of months and i haven't seen anyone switch back including the healthy people all right well i'm curious this comes stations involving that's for sure and you know it's evolving with many many people all across the country and you know when you take the ideological or the moral high ground argument that vegetarians have it's some it's it's interesting to me at the very least it's interesting yeah something going on so if people want to check out your blog what would that be what it's michaela peterson dot com pro am i k h a i l a all right peterson dot com dot com and it's is it is there another name for it is and i don't eat that danica if you go to donate that dot com
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