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2018-10-11 | 🔗
Roseanne Barr is a comedian, actress, writer, television producer, director.
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Roseanne Barr the Joe Rogan experience How are you great see if it's alright to see you too, thanks for making more saying hi to my sons? It sounds great a they are man and that's what I for years, my next step in my in the tail. My next chapter, as What's your name, the girl, that everyone loves the girl, the singer, she's real tall and skinny Tyler Swift, yeah. I can't remember anybody's name anymore. The people to remember yeah well. She said she's on tour next chapter and that's how I feel too, And it's going to be about how talking to women about how to raise functional sons. This
This is needed in America and I'm going to step up and do it because all these tales, what with all the news and such obvious, it's obvious- to me these women have not raised their sons correctly and then I'm going to correct him. 'cause I'm bring them yapping in fuqing, bitchin' timonen, I'm old, I'm going to tell you what to do to raise decent sons. Women well, your son said something when when they were doing a little tore the studio, they saw the picture of Rosa Parks and my son said: that's Rosa Parks, and I said you, one of the few people that ever just pointed that out and noticed it, and he goes of course he goes Roseanne's my mom She raised me right that sweet in that sweet? That's that's getting the. What do you call it. What did make. When I don't know, Pat on the back yeah. Isn't that modern vernacular? I don't know, there's some slang. I am I try to stay here, but I can't fucking. Do it well,
did a great job shout out shout out yeah shout out shout out to moms. How are you look up everything good with you right now, while I'm smoking like a bit How often do you smoke was it we smoking before all this hell. No, so just currently secretly Doug Stanhope got me back on the bastard you son of a bit I quit for like fifteen years and Doug. Hope, snuck. Every time I see Doug I'd smoke, one he's got an evil spell on me. Oh he's, evil little man he's so Right now no cigarettes for him that he always says no he's doing so. Braucht. Are you doing sober? Talbert, yes wow. Why did you ask me I would have sobered up for it? Would you have no no now I want to do. I want three talks he talks into the details that, from my boyfriend, Johnny calls it. How is it time to Retox how many
Cigarette smoking today now well now who's counting you just keep talking, I'm not smoking less than ten less than ten, yeah, not it's it's not clear. How can a lot see I'm cutting it by ten every week? Okay, so so next week, it'll be down to one okay day all week, one a day is not bad and I'll, see how I deal with it. If anyone dies. This whole thing has been completely fucking insane and url on it yeah I want to tell you, but you caught this madness, is outrage culture right at the I think you hit peak outrage culture. Thank you. Will people didn't give a fuck if you were making a joke give a flock. If you had no idea that that lady was black, didn't give a fuck what Mental state was didn't, give a fuck. If you were on Ambien, didn't give a fuck. If you were
drinking didn't give, If you want us to go, I do want to talk yeah, but the Didn't care that you, you sincerely apologized and did not didn't mean offend. You were cracking a joke about a woman it. It was funny how they've MIS characterized and lied about it and added words to it. Yeah but yeah. I like talk about the tree, but a yeah. I seriously apologize to all who might inadvertently offended and because they were offended for like if it wasn't even what they say, they were friendly because it didn't say that
no, but they think that I tweeted it said she looked like you know. Somebody and I never said anything about her looks it was a political tweet, an it's just proof of how everybody's under mass mind control, because they took a and, of course, I'm always interested in that. You know, you know mass mind, control yeah. I think a lot of it self imposed. That's what I think. People are under the wave of self imposed, mind control. I don't think it's like, You mean you think you can get out of it. No, I don't think anyone is pulling the strings. I don't think this is. I don't know I don't. I don't think it's by design. I think people are caught up in a wave of fear and paranoia and political correctness, and I think one of the reasons why they attack someone like you is first you're, wealthy, successful and famous and be you are beautiful. Thank you the best comics of all time. Thank you,
you're also you're an easy target, you're, a white woman- and I don't know if I, as a white woman identified as a Jew. Well, there you go yeah, and this is what you thought this woman was as well. What is there? Nothing looks like my cousin sherron. She looks just like my cousin, but it wasn't nothing to do with how she looks that came after my tweet. But the battle now about work of her hands, what she engineer in IRAN and I've been on Talking about the I call it uh this revolution in IRAN for years and speaking to people in IRAN about it and what it means to the women who are second class citizens there, and so, if you take that one
out of like. Probably I tweet a lot No, I don't go crazy. I stay crazy. I admit it. I mean what the fuck they're, like you know what you said, easy for years- and you know what you're crazy well yeah. I said it for fifteen years. Well, it's also one of the reasons why you're so funny, yeah all comics are fucking, so at least I don't wash my keys like some. I know some guys said they gotta wash their keys five hundred and sixty seven times where they can go on. What's his name? Oh I'm so bad on names, Chris Farley, I always ask comics, you know I ask him what, What's your secret number? What's yours, Joe Number you don't have. Number. Now you don't have to do something a number of times you know We have a number, don't let your Birthdate eight hundred and eleven sixty seven, eight? What
August, eighty one thousand one hundred and sixty seven. You were born in nineteen sixty seven? Yes, Jesus F Christ uhm! I was in the I was in the Utah State Hospital when you were born what we do and given birth, no. I was in a mental institution that was my first hospitalization I stood for nine months and it was the Utah State Hospital in Provo where the Osmonds are from. It's always a big Murray. On Azman fan. The mental health aspect of this conversation is an is in a Because here's my take on this extremely important. It is important and yes, it was mental health awareness day. Yes, I know- and I was quite aware of being mentally help. The yesterday, as I was smoking
If someone had she's, all I eat is cheese. If someone has an injured leg, you don't expect him to run marathons. If someone has, you know something wrong with Liver! You don't expect in a process food correctly. You don't blame it on them. But if someone has a mental health issue and they do something erratic or they say something that's inappropriate and then the APOLLO as for it or if there comedian or their comedian, do. You have the gym real diagnosed treated mental health issues, trauma related issues. Did you like it little. I help you better. Can you yeah? for whatever reason people want to pretend that this is a deliberate act by a cow Deleting person who just being an asshole and that's not ok! So you're, not not at this time I have been an asshole, but you were better, but
that's not what you were doing now. I was talking audio RON in the women's revolution there and how how and it's always been because you know what I had my dna done- 'cause I wanted to know an I am of north african ancestry, how much it's like a very small percentage, but it was something like twenty five thousand years ago. They left N Africa, which is kind of Syria and they went to Lithuania and um. Russia and some Europe July, twenty three in May, or something yeah yeah and just answered so many questions. For you know
I I feel this yearning towards that part of the world, but I do you know, and especially the GEO politics. There are some who have always intrigued me and I have always attempted to use my voice to you know, support all all the. People there. Well, it's a fast, and so it was you know it this one tweet was like about it was about. I mean it's actually a genius tweet. If you really me, what did you say? What exactly did you say? Let's find the tweet Jamie I'll tell you if it's the artificially rendered officially rendered yeah there's a lot of 'em what people
or did what yeah yeah first it was racist, Roseanne and then about a couple weeks later it was disgraced, comic, Roseanne and her racist tweet, and then, after that it was disgraced. Comic. Can her offensive races street because there's all these hoops you got to jump through. You know they're, not for done. Punishing you well like we're saying before the pipeline said. Don't apologize to social justice warriors 'cause? That's the kiss of death. That's flicking chum in the water blood in the water. Is definitely a little bit of that, but what I was saying before the podcast to use- I I don't. I don't really what I really happens. Is they find a target yeah and they don't care if it's a viable target, but once the target gets greenlit, they go after you Until some new target comes along, until you always have to have a target, yeah sure, and it's recreational outrage. They find out attack you and they go after
and then even if they don't know what the fuck you said, and obviously they don't that's what kind of cracks me up. So I can look at this. Look, what they're saying it meant- and you know I'm not going to bow down before them and say you were right and they want me to but they weren't right? I'm right, I wrote it b So I know what I meant. So you don't forget to tell me what I meant, but they don't care, I'm not the thing. Is they don't want to look at it rationally and say: here's a woman that has a history of mental health problems, shoes on ambient and drinking, and she says something that is slightly irrational, but given explanation of it: well Joe, you always knew Doug both always think. All my tweets make no sense you been saying that for talking here since I went on twitter you're, like her tweets, are just button straight up, crazy, crazy tweets for sure I don't think they're crazy, you just don't get him well.
Maybe if I was in the same mindset as you, I would get him yeah, but obviously no one when I say crazy, I think there's! No. I don't think like other people, I know that I've always known that my whole life I'd always past other people see what they were. Thinking like, as even as a kid I'd be like it. Your number. I tried if it in they go? Let's play barbies, you know and I'm like flicking. I don't want to put it. Like, okay, well, the let's Barbie be a resistance fighter that paratroops into you know to the hidden lines of the german thing and save all the Jews and they'd go. You have to be our. Cousin skipper. And then they had me the skipper doll I always had to personify. Skipper and they got to be Barbie. I didn't even know Barbie had a cousin, yeah skipper. She has little tiny tits my represented, that 'cause I had very large pendulous bread. Since I was four
five. I do I don't, I don't think or look like other people? I think I'm an alien really. What planet you think you'd be from well. Somebody told mass from plea: 80s, you know anything about that yeah, that's the people that called the art Bell show. They would always say that yeah yeah 80s they say round faces, are from player. You see you got around face, that's what I told you. I don't even go by what people look like, except for I do look at the shape of their ad. I have to admit that's how I classify people I call Last five people my own way, 'cause. I don't think, like everybody else thinks I take a person shape of their head and that's the group they present to me, and I I have notice that the Dutch have the largest head to big people. The Dutch have pure Square, not all of them, of course, but some of them do the average height for a dutch person.
Like six feet tall, I know, but the women huge folks, yeah vikings, yeah biking. I love all the different peoples of the earth because they, we have a variety of foods that I enjoy. So I like to you know I don't just mix with one kind of person in my real life, I mixed with all kinds of people- and you know 'cause I'll, go anywhere for free, But but I love, I love cultures and I love people. That's all I want to say you know I would I'm not that person so you're, not you're, not a racist by any stretch of the imagination, but you are a person that my son is that I'm a misanthrope, I'm a misanthrope. You are a misanthrope, but that I am a respecter, serve no man or woman but most comedians. Now we're all like that. Right, misanthropic intentions or you have to hate all viewers, people the same, but you definitely have to.
Mock and make them it's part of the job description yeah, you know yeah mom can make fun of and you would you look for things that are irritating about everything? No. She right and that's part of the job, and not only that there was part of your character on your show. It was part of the reason why ABC wanted you back. It's part of the reason why the show became such a giant hit and its return. I mean there's, a fucking huge hit coming right out of the gate. Yeah, twenty eight million people- that's A piano is number one: every episode, yeah, that's a lot of people and a a lot of that was because people love this aspect. But as soon as you get labeled a racist everybody, as their hands up a goes. Well, I didn't know she was racist, yeah she's racist and they don't care about new, wants they don't care about the details. They don't care about. Ambien, they don't care about alcohol. When I called you on the phone was if first thing on one thing: I've learned Joe if you're going to cake and ambient? Don't not do not drink a beer always
only drink a wine? Yes with ambient. I have a good friend Mine, who is one of the nicest most respectful guys you ever want to meet. He woke up in Germany on a plane, covered in his own vomit, with the standing over him asking him if he knew what happened he wound up getting. Arrested. They brought him to the jail in Germany and they and he's a ceo of a large company and they went over. Things with them and they said what happened. What do you remember? He goes well, I remember, taking an ambien and then I went to sleep then I had I guess. A beer at some point in time and they go ok stop. This is what happened, and so they describe how he was hitting on the stewardesses and trying to start fights with men in the cabin and always being as well for himself
is being itself is an ambient yeah. I know it distorts the he's, the nicest guy. If you knew this guy, you would never in a million years believe that he was capable of anything remotely like this and the german people we let him stay in the country. They let him continue his vacation there, like ok, forgave me promise not to do that again, because I'm never fucking taking that shit again in my life yeah and one of the things that I said to you when I called you up. I said what you doing well in Utah told me you are an ambient and I said, okay I'll, stop right there, because I know quite a bit about that, because I've had personal experiences with friends that have had real issues with ambient. I had a bit. I did in my act, but a friend of mine literally made a meal. Why was? I am beyond yeah? Looked on market right when we got food clothes, look at Tiger Woods that yeah he was on that and then you go driving off in the golf cart to meet some check. You know: do you I don't understand where people said they have sex on ambient people say that's a big thing that
take Ambien to have sex? I don't even know how they can stay away. I thought I guess they don't stay awake, but another part of non white socks and their sex part comes in. That's all. I can figure I've never take I'm. Terrified of this will never take yeah I get no. Problem going to sleep. I've never had a problem, but you know what I found is thc. They sell it down at the Sensory and there's one for sleep at night and I've been doing that and I I've been sleeping through the night when I taking the sleeping thing to sleep in drug well! I don't want to say it 'cause. We don't want to so the candy man, you don't wanna, say it three times you don't get sued, not me, I say an ambient. I bet you even fuc. Did you see their tweet, though they said yeah? I did see that. Did you see that yeah? Well? You know I had Hamilton Morris, the podcast, who is is a drug expert and he will he writes for vice and does pieces for vice
when I get out of your lease for vice after your incident, he came on and went into great detail about how the the that is something that happens to people well, they have no idea what the they're saying it's called the hypnotic. That is the class. Nation of drugs, it it falls under and people do all sort of involuntary things when they run it. No, it doesn't just you say, racist things, but you didn't say I intentionally races. No, play people to cycle about the work of Valerie Jarrett's hands and I also was referencing my very favorite movie. So if we could talk about how awesome that planet of the apes, great fuckin' move. Also, it's the definitive people gay. Come on people now out on your bed, it's like come on. It's like the hundredth monkey. Is that thing is that the name of it yeah? That's. What is a hundred monkey on the typewriter
no ten thousand monkeys. What is it? How does it work that, if you have a certain amount of mail. You, the hundredth monkey, that changes everything right. If, if a, if a species does some ninety nine times in a row, the hundredth time it's gone into their dna, I am at yeah and then they lost to the next level hundredth monkey effect. I just want to affect hypothetical phenomena which new behavior ideas come claim to. Fred rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups want to critical number of members. One group exhibit a new behavior yeah org knowledge, the new idea, yeah critical mass yeah. Well, the the the thing. Is a lot of people put pictures of that woman? Won't let you know next year. I I understand the picture was put up after my tweet. I understand, but I am not to do it. That picture I didn't say she looked like anything, not rest seriously, I'm not that back and shallow okay, I never talk about nobody's, looks unless they're like
Fannin blonde and I'm jealous, but it can and youthful now, but whatever wasn't there another tweet that you made a long time ago about Who is that other woman, Susan Rice? Yes, yeah? Well, you said she has giant swinging, eight balls yeah that she's a man wow. See. Let me explain now now this is: is regionalistic regionalism, I'm from Utah and all the girls in Utah when we got married and We heard our moms do it too. It's always where's your ape. They go what she raped doing this Sunday and he's like oh he's, watching football, all good. Let's go out. Lunch. You know it is all of the men were all apes. That's how as in a breeder culture like SALT Lake City, yeah, that is a culture, so it's like where's your ape
like man you're a pass, a big swing and eight balls are given that you know it's a regionalist, dick thanks and you know a so. I used it and apologize, but you know because I I didn't realize you now. I just sometimes forget what race everybody is as if I could tell half the time anyway. I can't even see people to tell you the truth. I need like bifocals, trifocals, and I never identified other human beings by what they look like. For God's sake, I just could tell if I felt a liking to him. You know whatever My point is that this will only two things over the course yeah, but you don't miss my point. I said Susan Rice. Let's say that she has. She has incredible audacity. That's what I meant as she does.
But you didn't mean in a complimentary way, if so one is audacious. Is that negative or positive? We weren't you talking about her in a negative way, though I said she has a lot of audacity. That's what I meant she does whatever. Us that's what, but that was one that got brought up as well. That was in the middle of a huge conversation about you know, Benghazi,. And the IRAN deal. Those are the two things are two of the three things that I like to do on Twitter, although no longer on there, he got off yeah bad for you yeah. I was glad to see Kanye West got off to dating yeah one delete all these accounts last week and I was glad to because you're, just like once you're a target just
too yeah. Well, definitely shouldn't be reading that no, I don't read it yeah, but more, when you become a target. How do you know if you don't read it. Well, I know what I'd lived through when it first happened and that's been like for so much so I just know how I reacted in my real life since that Happy How long does it take for things to die off to die slow down where they weren't just coming after you constantly, like I told you, that news, crews and they found out that you were going to come on the podcast, the first time they were trying to of my house. They were trying to show up at the studio. They were trying to find me the the comedy store they were just trying to hunt down anything about you. I know I snake and six from my boyfriend through at my mom's house. When I did it, you know we were at home in SALT Lake City when I treated at two hundred and eleven am I just woke up, and I had this thought in my head
oh, my god. This can make so much sense and then I to read it, and I went right back to sleep and when I woke up at seven the hit the fan you know yeah, but I it's like I'm going to expound on this later. This is one of those kind of things right. You just want to get it down an I always slept with my computer and tweet when I wake up like you know when you're all you have to the bathroom a lot size. Tweet fall back to sleep. And then on the ambient tweets. My daughter I used to always when I took my ambien. I call my daughter and she she called me she got mom. You're starting to do the Ambien tweets get off get off that twitter. You know better, so I just called my daughter. Then, every night, when I, when I was doing the Ambien and I go. You know what here comes the big fish she recorded it here comes the big fish,
right through my window, all he's getting stuck in the mirror and that's what she goes. Mom turned it all. I have to have my family tell me that has an almost need or standing guard by your bed yeah hold on. Let me read that for you to eat it, no, no! No! That's always a dozen! Now she don't. She took my twitter account away Will you surprised program, she tweets all these liberal things that I want to get just get up in her face and smack her around or you know, on her own and I'm like how come it's? Ok for you to say this, but I ain't for me: well. Mother, I didn't lose. Everything we're only trying to help you you. Stick it in your face is just issue serious liberal. They all off yeah, my daughters are serious. Social justice warrior type,
and what do they think about your position? So they think I'm friggin correctly think I'm crazy. They always did like you know. They always thought all my choice for president were crazy. But they hands. Oddly, they were all very supportive. When I personally ran for president and twenty twelve, they were really supportive of me that, while you're there mom yeah that was called, but, like all the other times it's like, oh god, mother it's your generation, it's a baby boomers are the reason everything is all fuckd up. So stop. Let Myself at the, yes in the bar household yeah, yeah yeah. What what was it that when you first got brought into a mental hospital? What was it about? Well, I, I got hit by a car and the the hood on when, in my head and my brains and scrambled, I and I be in a.
Aplus math student. I was just great in geometry: oh my god. I loved geometry. I got straight a's, and then you know I sort of fell apart after that took a long time to heal from it. And you know How much did you personality change? Oh, it changed drastically but you know you read all that stuff about traumatic head injuries. Now because I do read a lot talk to a lot of football players who have the same thing and we do discuss it yeah. You change right away. It's still you, but it's like a it's kind of like an article, artificial intelligence, do you find that? Did you find that you became much more impulsive? Oh yeah, yeah again, why well yeah here's what Happ,
I was crossing the street on my way to school. How old are you? I was sixteen. Now it's fifteen going the first a week of high school and now has a big nerd and anyway I was crossing the street and it was the top of the hill, an this woman girl. She was on her way of the university and the blinded, her and he ran me over and the rest is her st how how long in the hospital for so some weeks you must have been in a medical hospital first and then you would miss admitted to a mental hospital, and there was about three months in between right, but I was the hospital for awhile. You know an
I had a head concussion and a brain concussion in and I had hamburger meat for legs so They did all these. What do they? on skin graphs. On my legs and yeah, I was in there for a Then I came out of there and I had forgotten everything about math when I returned to school, we're so matter of weeks after that, maybe two months. So I'm really bad on time now, but I'll and I had forgotten all my math and it was just terrible that was a big depressive depression. I went Youtube, because I couldn't remember. I couldn't remember things you know and also became way more impulsive. Then I was like I don't know what I did. Then I started going really out there into the e Thurs. I went way out there, a house so where
you know how you go way out. Do you ever go away? I really and I've had a lot of head injuries. Oh yeah, I've been, but not terrible, mostly just punches and kicks now unlike car accidents are never played football. But my head injuries have. There were just more accumulative when I was young till I was about two thousand one hundred and twenty two. When I stop stop fighting stop spawning. But nothing, but I definitely I'm subject to impulsive behavior well yeah, but I keep it under wraps. I keep it under control because I'm aware of it, but when I was young, I didn't understand what going on. I would just be subject to whims very addictive behavior, but I tried to keep it positive, but I would be addicted to things addicted to doing things addicted to games due like whoa ridiculously addictive, I spend ten, one thousand two hundred and fourteen hours a day playing video games? but my kid
somebody just normal kids? Video games are awesome, but it would be for me to be everything martial art whatever it is, I'm just be completely obsessed with it and be thinking about it all day, and in port, where it wasn't necessarily healthy and just on a whim, I would just want to go. Do something I just I'd know no control over compulsions, And I think some of that is for brain injuries that I've had a very mild in comparison to a lot of people that I know certainly very mild, comparison to yours yeah plus there was a lot of trauma in the state hospital that you know. I'm like you know. Being there and seeing and experiencing, and how long I was nine months. So what was it that they brought you in there for what was? How are you behaving that they decided that you need to be admitted.
I was out there. I mean you say that, like what does that mean um, I don't think there's any words English. You just can't understand, didn't have a control reality. If you didn't have control of your behavior you're thinking with screwed up, I was you know not thinking like the normal thing that they say you should be thinking about and but people around you had realized it that it was. So bad that they had to admit you do a hospital. Wasn't just that oh rose, and she's eccentric. It was She needs actual medical. Yeah. I asked to be admitted. Do you news? Something was really wrong: yeah I admitted it was. Did you know at the time? Will you completely aware that it was connected to your car accident, No, you just knew something was wrong yeah and back then they didn't really kind of understand that the way they understand it now,
they didn't understand too much about bipolar disorder or they knew. Nothing about. Multiple personality disorder trauma related trauma related PTSD. Now they call everything Pts yeah, They don't even say d anymore, they say Pts, post, traumatic, stress so when they admitted you, what was the treatment like? What did they do to you when you were in? the mental hospital. Well right away. Put me on an antipsychotic. What was it doing? Member Mallory L? What does that? Do? I don't know I wasn't there, but there you were gone. I was gone. I was just watching these people, I was in the mental institution with, and I wanted to tell that story. Yeah. 'cause there was this one lady. I think I told this to Paul Reubens too. I think it might be where he got large Marge
find out. There is this one, lady and she's in this age you know she's in a cage with keys on our ward there and Christ. I can't remember her name either. On March, her name is Marsha and she's about six hundred. Seven hundred hello and she's funnier than hell. You know, I thought man this. This chick's got screwed lines, you know, and I trade lines with her and she laughed. You know you. You know because, like jokes, you can always find a joke. Where we are. You know that's the key to life I think, but on, Search everybody called me chunky. That was my name chunky. And there was another girl in their name Shorty. So it was chunky and shorty. We were like a duo, but anyway
so she's like hey Rosen, get what's her name's keys when they go to dinner and open this up here, you know come in here and I'm like ok, you know, because after all, I was crazy. Two and not actress. I don't know I just always. I never questioned that there is danger anywhere? I always got in trouble. You know caught beat up something you know, but So I did it. You know, and I can't all Anker that was her name the head nurse. I hated her cuz, she told me I needed it, but I'll tell that story later. It was her find it changed my life but anyway, so they all go to so I go in there still the case out of the thing where they are. You know attendance and I go in there with margin Leave the keys in the door and close the door yeah.
So I'm like hey Margit, oh how's, it going Marge and she's like chunky. You know where they put me in this cage. Don't you takes draggers Iraq. I go well. Why now? I don't know why well junkie, because they consider me to be how I am I'm like Gomer Pyle seriously, I'm and you're like sixteen at the time fifteen about eight minutes into it. I realized oh shit, oshit something's, going on here. That's how long,
so it took me like zero in on what's happening, 'cause, I'm not even there. You know I'm ignoring when other people talk. I don't listen. I think you're funny things that they bore. You know yeah, so I'm always in my own head. I never get out really, except for when I work but uh. So then it got. Then it took a turn. You know she's like so it got too. Why do they consider you dangerous? You know I had to ask it 'cause she kept on getting me there to that point where she wanted me to ask it. I was trying to Delaye you know 'cause. I knew they'd be back in forty minutes and it's like going on twenty now. She goes I'm in here because that's my voice. I gotta do with murder I'm in here, because I broke a couple of tenants bags and they tell you that, like now,
My, how did you do that and in my head I'm thinking, don't change, don't miss a beat, don't miss a breath, don't look nowhere. Does it keep on acting all you know, Utah Utah girl that she knew she was dangerous. Well, that's when it hit my head that it was oh she talking about. You know, I'm I'm feeling like pray right. You know. And I go, I had to do that. 'cause, I'd figure. Oh it's an accident, you know it's good old Marge. She sells good jokes. She goes well, it's easy! You just know. I'm doing me again. I gotta do her. It's easy. You just put one hand here in one hand here and then you like wow, oh
Where did you learn that I'm changing the subject? One hundred, how was your mom? What was the school like? You went to put your favorite book. What's your favorite color, what kind of ice cream you like you ever seen that there is worms in the oatmeal. You ever notice that she started that one guy she's like I did. I did notice I've crawling mutherfuckers. I go yeah next practice to eat that this. This. What you know I like suddenly I'm transported to a confederacy of dunces when he's on the thing against Levi pants. Remember that rant, so I'm just tap dancing really Ann. Then I hear it click fuck man, I grab. I got fumble the keys out of the door. Put him back in the attendance room went my room. We
sitting. Here, click yeah, I know the first door. We've got open. There was two doors that I heard the first door open there coming back from from dinner, so you got away from US basic. You know in my room right, so I didn't go to dinner yeah so mostly in there, and that was like daily. I mean there were so many weird, people in there we had this one girl, Rosie. Her name was where she'd always grab. She always end up with a pair of real sharp scissors and launch for someone's throat the work which let them see who's bringing our them scissors. But, anyway I went on antipsychotic, Medison medicine, and that was good. I was on there for the shed. I saw now when you say my friends hanging and stuff, like that. Friends hanging in the mentalist down. I saw I saw worse than that which city hi I saw. You know victims of abuse, terrible by the guards
no of kids coming you victims of abuse, thing that came in that were mentally scarred by the yeah. Now, when they put you on Anti psychotics was because you were exhibiting psychotic behavior last what what kind of psychotic behavior while they thought it was so iconic hi. I was just scared. The I think I was throwing him off 'cause. I wanted to think I was I got it. I didn't want to think them to think I was it's a frantic. I knew enough to. Let him near me that if 'cause, once you got the once, you got the diagnosis of schizophrenic, They would order shocks and they'd experiment on you. Basically here any good Megan I didn't want that so Maybe I had you know and then you know so, yeah. I was doing weird things like: walking down the middle of streets after I hit by the car. I walked down the middle because I don't know I thought. Oh, you gotta get over your fear of crossing the streets, that's what was in my head and then
walk down the highway. You know oh is in a whole other realm. It was like a real serialistic, an metaphysical realm and I grew comfortable there, but I think most artists, writers and farmers are in that world. I mean we got off totally in it, at least I've gone and now you know, depend on you know now. I think I'm on the right medications that help me, there's a lot of comedians that have similar stories now, some of the greats. Kinison as a similar story to you. He was hit by a car in changes personality radically and it happened in a similar age? It happened when he was young as well and he was one person. Then you get hit by a car after the car he was just wild man yeah wild didn't give. Well totally impossible. It's not that I didn't give a fuck. It said I just thought different thought differently. I was just
I don't know my mom says when I was eighteen months old, I used to go out in the street and direct cars. We lived highway, and you know that she come and find me there just eighteen months, all holding up my hands. Jesus Christ stop in traffic. It's always had a weird thing going there, but you know I don't know. I I watch too much of that police show. You know where they'd stop traffic I used to tv shows and think they were real, some of it How many people do you think know this about your mental health history, no anybody who knows me, I don't think very many people know what that were angry at you, oh yeah. They did. I don't think they did. Yeah again, I think. Not! I don't think people look past the surface. I think they look to. You is a rich white lady who said something that they consider to be racist and they decided they were going to attack you and then
perception. The optics of this is the reason why ABC cancelled the show. The reason why it was ABC right, yeah, yeah The reason why they cancel the show is the reason why everybody pulled back away from you and what did that feel like when but he defended you people who should know you the way. I know you and I from the very beginning, because I said, look at my son told me: I might you can't This is not a racist person. I go the woman is kind of crazy, he's brilliant hilarious fun to be around yes, it's one of the reasons why I love you. Well, they try to outlaw comedy? That's what I think. Well, I I'm surprised that more comics didn't say nothing, because you know that I don't know they're, scared yeah. I know they're scared to support someone that they consider to be racist. Yeah, I mean I got a lot of ship from it, but I don't give a file I didn't think what they want and call me what they want. It. Don't change me, it doesn't change me. Well, it just takes time
for the dust settles, and I knew that once I knew once you and I talked if you and I sat down talk like this- people get a chance to see who you really are. You know. Well, you know they may not like me. But they don't have to then you're, not a bad person. You've never been a bad person, I'm not a bad person, but I've done bad things and, like I was talking to You know I'm a name dropper. I I hate drops the mild, but forgive me how should I asked him first, but you know I was talking to MIKE Tyson. You know Anna he's been through some stuff Anna you're like well. The thing is you got it, you got, it become a pacifist. That's that's your only yeah! Don't battle with people. Don't know you can't battle with people back and forth. Online you know, I mean there's two
people there's not enough time in you'll. Go crazy, you'll get wrapped up in conflict and you'll be involved in it every minute of every day, I call feeding the beast yeah because that really is tower of Babel, Twitter, well, It's definitely a strange, strange environment where all these people are just. They don't even know you. They have no contact with the other than you or this person. They could, Ching can get to react to certain lines and the more explosive the the the more derogatory insulting the lines they say to you. The more impact is going to have on you so that flavors the way, the
communicate with you yeah. It was tough working with a lot of social justice warriors and remaking Roseanne. It was tough on me Mentale. So when you mean, like the staff that you were working with like, I was the only one saying I'm not a republican, nor am I fucking Democrat, I'm an independent and I'm just anti corruption. I'm just anti corruption? Don't don't make me into your idea of who I am what was their idea who you were well? They thought that since I supported President Trump, that I was a racist and a scumbag and you know anti everything just 'cause, I voted for him. Why did you support trump? I love what Norm Mcdonald said.
If I can quote him, can I please do a lovely norm it better than anything? He said can people I hated Hillary, so bad that they voted for a guy. They hate it even more. Just to rub it in that is Normac Donald, that's brilliant! but you know it's true. I wasn't. I wasn't for Hillary, as a woman- and that was like a big- no, no right- that's bad l. It basically comes down to yeah because it is the woman's turn, but you know I'm anti. I I just want a government works for the american people, the tax. I pay taxes and I expect some for my taxes and you know here's news
all of them out there, including put it. I think it's sometime. The american people need to audit what happened to their tax monies, and I think we should all have a say in what this country does with our hard earned dollars and don't just assume you speak for us, because, obviously you don't or we wouldn't Have a trade deficit of twenty trillion dollar so STFU and not let the american people handle, but they should handle in this country is a republic and it's runs on the at at on the consent of the governed and it's really really time to talk about that. Now, when you say social justice warriors that you had to work with like specifically, what were the issues that you were dealing with? Will trump was the big elephant in the room, my support for Trump and they're, just their patron Izing Scheidt connect.
Yeah. Well, we have to remember that the. I mean I'm going to paraphrase, but it was a lot well, You know the ignorant unwashed people who voted for Trump, it's not their fault. That was kind of it was like an 'cause, I said. Well, you know it was working class people that elected trump. So I really can't. I can't let you say that to me 'cause, it's not true. You know they already had in their head what it means and of course they are wrong like they're wrong about. You know this paying about a know that cabin are being about abortion right the wrong. Not that too, so you know how wrong button, because I don't think you know he said much that you know, you can't overturn something. That's in law, ROE versus Wade, yeah, yeah,.
But you know they fear mongered to get everybody thinking, that's what they were after and I don't think it is what they were. I don't think that is why they wanted too. I think they're concerned with anything. That's true trying to pass anyone the Trump trying to get to the Supreme Court any any bills, a trump trying to one. Then they should put on their adult pants and get involved. And make sure that he represents. You know the will of the people of this country. You have to become involved in the process, then, but don't just sit there. On your butt, criticizing everybody and con. Very names. That's really not any kind of just warrior. That's all phony you gotta get involved, But now, when you were first approached about doing a Roseanne relaunch when He came to you. How did this all take place, and did you get to pick the people that you work with um.
I had already said about a year prior to that that I supported Trump over Hillary and it was like you know, a big. It was in all the papers in Hollywood. How? How could she- and you know this- but didn't seem to bother the american people. I was on my audience, yeah. Well, you know I always try to make content for the audience, not for the critics right and I'm not. The industry, not for the industry the industry is ruthlessly left like India to the point where it's not even a thinking thing it's just like. They automatically go left because that's the way you're accepted in this town The way you stay working, that's the way stay invited to all the good part and that's the way that certain stalinist types in show business keep it. You know you know everything about. The media is tightly controlled in Hollywood so when they came who came to you with the relaunch? How did it
but like how does it happen? That Roseanne is John and Sarah were they did a sketch on Sarah's talk, show and everyone liked it, and Sarah called me and, said she said John said he's in. If you you know, if you're in so so you say. Johnson, of course, is Lori right, yeah lorries in ok, yeah, let's do it. So what who turned on you after this was over. Um, while I'm my coven of lawyers, advises, I not get into this at this time. That's you know, I think it's self explanatory, where people could find out yeah, I don't know that they turned on me. I think it was always that way. Since you know I came in and said I said,
somebody on the show has to be a trump supporter. None of them would do it. I'm like it's a great role. You know you could do it for the kind of person who wouldn't and they were like. No, so I said ok Well then I'll do it because you know I did both form and everybody knows it, but people forget Archie Bunker. The greatest characters in the history of sitcoms. Nobody wants to be the quote: unquote, you know other than person the bad guy in Hollywood or you know, either in Hollywood, but you know I for it. I thought it would be great. I thought it would be. You know if some in there from the riverside once in awhile, you know I let him say all they want to say. I never told them. Don't say that him, don't this and that, like the day the filming. You know, I've been saying. You know I let my rider do there right and ok,
no, but I lay out all the stories or approval you know an so. It was that for a show and I'm waiting for a line about Hillary, I go I let you have seven trump jokes in this show you can't even want fuckin'. Hillary joke didn't want Hillary joke. Now, what was the a joke to remember. I said you better get me a Hillary Djokovic I did I go it ain't about you, your name in on this ship. What did they say about it like? Why do they not want Hillary joke? Did they have an explanation for it now but everybody knew. They wanted Hillary yeah. They felt it would go against their morals to say that there's another way to vote or to acknowledge that you know half the country.
Voted that way or that she's extremely flawed. Well, that point needing care. That's what's weird about it. Isn't it yeah there's a complete denial of reality. It's like This is not there's nothing to do with women as nothing to do with. Liberals is another you're talking about an extremely flawed person. Well I don't know, I'm not going to talk about her as a person. I just talk about her concepts in her voting There's not even use word person politician, extremely flawed politician with a background of deep corruption, and lies. Demonstratable lies like this we're not talking about some amazing gem. You know well, let's just put it like this. A lot of us people who liked Bernie
voted for Trump. Yes, a lot of a lot of them yeah. Well, especially when they found out when Donna Brazil's book came out, they found out what they had done to. Ernie during the primaries yeah, it's dark yeah, it's due mark that just everybody is like, whatever, whatever they said, nothing about for a Jew, they'd use that one solarius in the cell to this day, To this day, there still doing stupid shit like that, but the idea I didn't want her, even though she is a woman, but you know I did want her in two thousand and eight her, not Obama, because I liked her health care plan better. At that time, when I was still had a and I had before, I walked away so you know, they're doing a whole march. I might show up for what walk away, walk away from what the Democrat Party who is the who is doing this a whole bunch of kids youths
it what's. The idea about 27th at the across from the White House, they're going to walk from the Dnc to that park there and makes, the walking away to wear to an end. Send the party now for Terry and they're, going Republican Republican, that's what bizarre, the polar opposite's, the right and the left, the blue and the red and all those guys golf together. Let's get cut through the bullshit they're all making deals and scratching each others. Weather from one party or the other come on. Will Trump paid Clinton to be at his wedding. He did yeah wow, that's smart you got a photo op and a half out of that. One are you those people forever. It's one of the reasons why, when he was campaigning that he had, you know, so much animosity towards them and towards the system that he was a part of for so long. He was a Democrat,
most of his life. I know well he's getting the he's getting it too, but uh that just proves it right there. You know they give money. They're both parties. You know in Hollywood, they don't just give the Democrat Party they'll give the Republican Party to, but they stay silent about. Well, that's kinda, smart to cover your back to know which government contractors can be able to do. And isn't that, like what Hollywood is really all about? well there's so many levels to it. Right I mean is the the blatant tribalism of right versus left, where people pick a side and they adopt a pre. Turn pattern of behavior and they adopt a conglomeration of ideas and opinions ground yes and they're just bought exactly they parrot, and then or the surface. He got GEO political aspirations and you have the the global war, machine yeah yeah, I'm that's what you have the money, the real money, but you know
Joe, I always say in people call me a whatever they call me, but I have optimism and I've said for a long time one when the right people are at the control all the machinery and technology that will be so great for humanity. We have it right within our grasp to you know, make sure that this is a good place for all kids. We could do that tomorrow, so I think we should start thinking about that and all this artificial intelligence that gets us fighting with each other, let's just step out of it, the matrix. You know, let's go to a new place where we're about solutions and working together and bringing this country together an getting some real good jobs, real good health care things that we pay taxes for better streets, good education, the things we pay taxes for yeah, an mental health. Most of all, I think that's what we need protective
our veterans. They come back and their untreated and they won't even give him marijuana, which really helps they won't even legalize that, for you know, people who have PTSD and marijuana does help with Pts an- and you know you know, talked about supporting our troops. Twenty two of them a day are killing themselves homeless. I mean that that's who we are. I don't want that to be who we are come on. People think nobody can see us and what we do, but they do and they want it right. People want things to be right and work and used for the good of all people and stop tearing people apart from each other, we're neighbors. You know. That was why I wanted to go back to the Roseanne, show and say all those things, and I'm so happy that I and I did it in nine episodes. I wanted ten season I did all nine episodes where exactly the episodes I wanted to do so, and it was number
one every week, and I just think my fans for that when you know a turn of fortune, but I did what I want to do and- and it was so gratifying- is so wonderful and I don't want that to be forgotten. I don't want that night seasoned I'm in the tenth season to disappear? What do you think about them doing it without you? How fucking weird is that it is weird, I'm Oh, I get it there sending me a subtle message to odion opioids. You know that. Is that what you think yeah? That's some of it mind, control stuff yeah, so you think that want you to kill yourself. Well, I don't know why they would do what they did. Let's just put it that way doesn't make any sense. I just I just think there be completely inconsiderate and they don't care about. You now
I don't and they they so are. The my contribution to the show to it's just you know were shocking. That was the most painful part of the whole thing, but one of the things I read was that you hadn't considered the more than one hundred people that work on the show. When you did what you did and I'm like. That is that's a ridiculous statement. I don't cancel the show but need not only not cancel. The show you were on am drunk tweeting, the idea that you did This. This is some sort of a deliberate ploy to get the show cancelled or the idea that there was any justification. That's just choke should be cancelled at all like what you just say something that you you didn't want to come out that way and apologize for it. They don't know who you are as I apologize apologize. I don't know where you are three months now: yeah. They don't know who you are now they're, trying to wipe me off the off the map of the culture because
you're scared to be connected with anybody, who's a target and they acted like ours. I wouldn't have and if it were my friend, definitely I would, of years of two decades or more I would have said something, but that's just me an idea For one thing I would never have done is stab somebody in the rush. Condemned somebody who you know my biggest advocate. Well and sometimes an only advocate there was alot I saw a lot of that yeah, that's just about them! It's just about them. It's not about me. I just let go of all of it because you know I I try. I am a person of belief and I just always try to do what's right in front of me I feel like what you know my higher intelligence place in front of me I'll. Do it and 'cause it now,
better than me and which is why I don't think, like other people, but and also that uhm I was not going to fight not at sixty six, I'm too old. I'm pretty frail and I think you know I worked really hard to get a second season and it's kind Ironic, I crossed time zones to do promotion for free for months, and you know during that time. One year old and you can't sleep in your crossing time zones going from who why did New York and back and then back again and back again, you know I kind of became dependent on ambient an I. You know. Almost every night took it Ann. You know, obviously I something was wrong:
because I I didn't think I thought that tweet was about a science fiction movie which happens to be my fave movie and which I think is very apt in The world today, particularly in where just a small group of corrupt leaders, are oppressing the citizens and. I think it. I think, there's a lot of references in that movie that that go along with what's happening in IRAN, of the human beings rising up to throw over there to overthrow the overlords and that's how I was looking at
I don't think so. When I woke up to tweet there. That was what was in my head. It was certainly not somebody's looks and it was also about the arab spring in Egypt which, which you know Obama. Didn't handle it right, and so all those things are interrelated. With IRAN and the IRAN deal the IRAN Nuclear Deal, you know I'm I'm extremely the well read on that subject? I certainly be at the height of my power, an my fame being on there going to jumping you cranky mankey. Excuse me, I'm not an idiot okay. I went down there naked naked monkey, I'm away I'll read an intelligent woman, Anne
My word and things that I write to people over in that part of the world there. I've brought a lot of people together in that part of the world. With my tweets, I'm also my tweets. Are you know spiritual in nature anyway, so it wasn't what people thought it was. And still I apologize for inadvertently hurting anyone's feelings. Still I apologize for inadvertently and not you know, I apologize that they were wrong and they miss heard it and mess understood, but that wasn't good enough either an you know just get to a point where I go, I'm go of it. My friend, Those who know me and my family people who, like me and know me for my life, They know who I am and that's all that matters you know they can call me whatever they want. I don't accept their definition of that word and I think that they should read more one
things. It's most shocking about this outrage, culture that we live in right now. This age of outrage is but there's no path to redemption. There's, there's no acceptance! of he's there is they'll, be a but not from the general public, oh yeah, the public where I went. People run up to me. I've never felt so much love in real life, tire careers in real life, but not on twitter and not being on social media mean on social media, social media. It magnifies the very worst aspects of community because you're, not interacting with people in the real flash
Aaron, saying social cues, you not looking him in the eye, you're, not seeing them as a person. It is seen as a target online. Well, I think the twitter app has. It is a purposeful plan like Facebook. I got a facebook years ago because I realize what they were doing, what I think Twitter's doing this doing the same thing with Facebook did house, so its manufacturing consent and you know she isn't box to do it. My my name, my manufacturing consent in a place where, like Noam Chomsky, says it on the press, manufactures consent the consent of the governed. So that's what they're doing is manufacturing the consent of the governed, but they also manufactured dissent? They control the opposition to on twitter, and I like it in between those two and causing a ruckus, because I know it was all artificial intelligence. Anyway, it's all just to track us. We all know that just like they do in China.
So what are you saying you think there's some sort of a grand plan to get people to argue with each other yeah. I think it's a social experiment to turn one group against another which you know it's smart, 'cause its divide and conquer an as long as we're like you know, it's all people getting robbed all these taxpayers getting robbed sitting there, pointing to other taxpayers, are getting wrong. And blaming them. But nobody, everybody needs to look up, order of our government, asked for an audit of our taxes and actually take responsibility for the things our country. As we're getting judged for it anyway, I think there's. Certainly people are capitalizing. I think there's certainly people that are capitalizing on all this. Chaos and all the all the conflict, but I don't think it's manufactured, I don't think it's engineered. I just think it's him, Yes, this is a new thing. This this ability to interact with a mind of its own. I think people have a mind of their own and people are inherently tribal.
There's almost no way to stop them from being traveled and they switch AAA Tribal, but the problem. Tribalism is he sometimes have enemies that are unnecessary, so you do or you could have or you could have allies uncommon ground would be nice if we all looked at ourselves as a tribal world. That's how I do look at the world and why I didn't want Hillary Clinton, because her party is very much for corporate law and the Republican Party is very much for tribal law I am a tribal person and I think tribal people should, you know, have their lan tribal in what way how he travel me. Yeah. Well, I'm jewish
I go over there to them Middle EAST. I visit the graves of my teachers. That's how I'm tribal I go to their graves and in the last, what we do. That's, what all indigenous people do they want to control their sacred bait burial. And that is anti corporate law and that's why I'm anti corporate law. I can't I like to study paper bowls and corporate law and maritime law and all that kind of stuff. You know I like to read so The information- and you know it makes me angry or sad, was more that that the work of, artist over thirty years, you think they think that we just all that out of their and that they can copy it. You know without the artists they can copy it. You mean your show, I do yeah and it it. It is in all the stuff I suffered in my life I put into that show that show is about
my family, my children, and it's just like wow. That is so huge. It's so huge! It's it's beyond entitled, but What are they going to? What is their plan and how How are they able to do that? Did you Yes, yeah! I signed off by asking asked me to sign off because I felt like I would be a huge hypocrite, to have talked thirty years or more in my life about labor right and the rights of working people. If I took away those people two hundred people's jobs. That's why I did it. I wanted him to work. I know how they planned on another season and they Pratt already spend the money. Was there any consideration of redemption? Was there any path where they could allow you to apologize or do something that would endear yourself to? People were there except bad. I said
we go on all your abc shows and explain my tweet and how it was a political and not a racial tweet, and you know that was denied me. It's like you can't say anything till you sign of you can't say any. Thing until you sign off. So they wanted you to sign off the rights and then they would have you do whatever you want going to go on their interview shows now they don't guarantee that didn't guarantee them, so they just I wanted you to sign off and they offered you nothing in return. They offered me some money, but the idea, just to be able to redo the show yeah. I had to take all those years of my ideas and how I thought of twenty years of those situations to come back, took me twenty years to figure how, with these characters were with Be now- and I did that by living among regular normal people for twenty years, I never lived behind. You know
Racially segregated gates, like other stars, I lived in working people's neighborhoods and I farm around farmers- and I wasn't going be that big of a hypocritical, macadamia nut farm. I sure do it's gorgeous. You should come and see it. I love comes I love the big island. Isn't it or just amazing people are dumb there, though today you know what I read were people some. I took a boat full of people to close the Okay, no look at it and the lava overtook their boat and, thank God, none were killed, but they were got like about two feet up on the oh geez. I don't do that. Hawaiians! Don't do that someone a hit with the wind. We don't that's, probably why it's pretty good weed yeah. They got hit by a line chunk of rock from the volcano on one of the boats too. They were having lava tourism and someone got clipped by rock it's so now smart, it's so stupid. It's a jaded.
Your dangerous situation. Simply don't go on those two, your area safe, my my area flooded a bit. I had to replace my roads for about the tenth time. In ten years I always gotta replace my roads I really got into Macon roads. That's one thing that I really did enjoy So I'll be headed back there and be making more road, so I'm excited about it. I can cut a road light. Nobody, since I'm a hell of a lot. I want to write a book, my granny as a scout, and not because I do scout the jungle. You know make a road in there I love the attitude of people that live on the big island. It's very relaxed laid back friendly attitude. They just have all the time in the world so different sort of vibe When you go there yeah everybody helps their neighbors there. They don't like turn a man yeah. You know well,
helps out their neighbors and their neighbors. Are why every every kind of people you can think of it? It's very, very, very diverse cultural. How well, I went there cuz my son Buck. I had I made the school the school out there. So then I bought a place right by the school, because this kid you know he had he's twenty three now they won't get mad, but he had some severe adhd there. So I had to do what I did to get him now. He just graduated from college he's doing real good yeah he's my first college grad, alright ADHD, maybe he's a comma yeah he's so funny. Oh, my god he's so hilarious. Maybe is he's a comic just wait now
it's in all. My kids are to their yeah the video. The show me yes, they're all who yeah they seem very funny. What going to your character on the show they're going to you gonna, kill you off yeah. I think they did. They didn't tell you something right now. They didn't tell me a weird: is some of my spies told me: how weird is it they're taking? you out of Roseanne the calling at the. It's all going on without you being there, what does that feel like. It's a mind warp and mind. You know some just trying to draw from a tweet yeah. I miss understood Tweet a misunderstood tweet, while you're on Ambien, while you're drunk dealing with drunk only had like one or two beers when you have
two beers with ambient yeah, I guess you're drunk you're fuckedup. I was yeah. I wasn't in, and so I was not too right. No, I don't think I'd smoke pot. Then mmhm. No, I didn't smoke pot. I that my mom turn, on the I went. In the basement, I was hiding down there in the basement. 'cause they were surrounded. My mom's house, Popper Azis in and such an says, in the basement, and that's where I always used to go when I was like thirteen- and I found this stuff from Chaka Khan, on the walls of the basement there that I remembered right when I was thirteen and then I found an old but. And when I smoke cigs when I was thirteen. Oh hell, yeah smoke good now, I'm kidding, but I was hiding down there. Smoking uh on the they were knocking on my mom's door and I was like, oh my god, so my boyfriend got the door he's like a big man. You know he's like
may I help you, you know, that's my man character and I thought they were going. You know say something like we just please tell rose, we love her and you know we don't like this and blah blah And that was happening all the time and that's when I was like jeez, I've never ever felt this kind of affection from people in all my career, so it's kind of a. Cool. Well, that's that's the thing, there's the social media outrage and then there's the people in real life that feel terrible for you 'cause. They feel like you got a raw deal yeah. They think that there's uh There are so many double standards of people who said things on the air remember I just said it to a population. Less than six hundred thousand people on Twitter, but these people say things on the air and they are not
well, I know joy had to call pants and apologize. So what did joy Beyhar say about pence. It was so bad. She something about his christian faith, yeah that they're psychotic or something 'cause they and she. Call the phones yeah That's what I heard you know merge with your network behind you really works like with. What's Am I called Ivanka the names I can Samantha Bee yeah her neck? work was behind her and that was far more offensive and it was on the air and but when your network is not behind you, you don't really, and they were not behind me know they were they didn't want me to tweet the whole. The whole truth is I told him I wasn't going to tweet and you know I promised him over and over. And although they never send it in writing which was required but Anyway. They called my publicist and unloaded on him all the time. '
and you know I should have stayed up twitter. I did it to myself and You know I made a mistake, an an. The ball cap for, but it's just crazy that this. What I think is insignificant mistake, especially in light of your apology, could lead to no redemption possible yeah. That no redemption possible that this giant fuckin' hit show. And I look I don't what's going to happen with the Connors, but I think it's going to fail. If you ask me if I had some money to bet. If I was in vague ISS just push it ain't going to work how it going to do Roseanne without Roseanne. If you want we have a whole new sitcom with all those people with a totally unrelated storyline. That's one thing, but you don't America's going to know that they killed you off like what the fuck is that and now with time and consideration after times past and who can review everything they're going to go. Is it really this bad and they're going about their own lives like what about me,
But if I say something, Fuckedup just function at Dubai, take Ambien and acts, Let's say something crazy, don't remember, saying it and then it's misconstrued or it comes out wrong. Is it, ruined my whole life like. How can you have someone ruin their whole life for something that is is concerned. They can also in a row really. I mean that's why I think, first of all us when we need to do a better job of raising our sons and but at seventeen everyone's out of their frigging mind, I have five kids there's not a one of them who didn't do something around us at age, seventeen, but we were just. Talking about that with Andrew Santino who's in here earlier, but yeah when, when young men, especially young men, that don't get a birds and the bees speech and who knows what the work, is going on their home. You know people do stupid shit, my son that went college park, he says he learned
day he started college. They gave out this pamphlet on sexual assault to all the boys. I guess I give to the girls to but he said he read it and he realized it was any kind of sexuality at all. Yeah, don't even do it, and I I told both my sons. You got to get you if you're gonna have so to somebody you make him sign a consent form and have take it to their lawyer. And get it properly notarized and then make a date for after that happened. Even that's, not good time for our sons and our daughters. Well, it's is a dangerous time for women right in, if you're, with the wrong man or the wrong woman are you should meet? Women are just as horrible as men. Women are horrible, with women to this one of the women, artistic sexual assault and rape months lesbian couples. It's it's pretty bad, but I mean what about rape in the prisons and nobody talks about that? That's that's the real rate.
Culture where men are learning. You know it's terriblr well, yeah! Well, we can get into depth about how bad prisons are in general and how people aren't redeemed at orange is the new black. So I know I've never seen it it's great my God is great, but the problem with you know: there's no rehabilitation. It's it's very, very little at in in prison what you you're doing. Is you take people and you make them better criminals or make them more hardened criminals. ' Are you surrounded with other criminals? You give him a horrible work. Please them further 'cause most prisoners are in there 'cause their abused children. Well, in what percentage of prisoners are in there for nonviolent drug offenses, that really drives me crazy. That's when I ran for president ran on legalization of marijuana. For that exact reason, Slowly but surely that's becoming a mainstream idea, I'm glad I'm glad to mean as a rabbit pot user. I love now. I think marijuana is
makes you more sensitive, aware person. It definitely makes you paranoid, but I think that paranoia allows you to understand all the danger in the world that you probably know warring yeah your own. I was with marginal out once I start some composite. Then I got really paranoid of people, and that was a good thing you should paranoid. People should be aware for sure you watch cable tv for crises that id channel off What are you doing now? Are you going to do now? You were saying that you have some other things cooking. You know I got twenty thousand. While you do something like that, I got focus, focus into. Why don't you do this looks something like this so easy. I thought about it, but you said you'd help me. I don't know this can't bye,
I know how to ride in a password turn their on this, and you don't need that. We can get you connected to someone who can do that for you that shit's easy I'd like to talk to other people, who've fallen from grace and see how they get back up, but the for the real truth of it is that there is redemption. There is, there there's moving on and there's like a stop in the fight and there's like you know, for me it was well. I realized They're, not my family, my real family is. You know a joy to me and I got a great real family. I raised two good sons and you, of course I want them protected from crazy women for crying out loud bio. Modulate their dating lives. Do you filter them? Yeah? You have to hold your son's once forty
This is my thing to me when I was forty try to filter my dating life, be like mom. I love you yeah, Well, that's 'cause! Your mom ain't me! That's true! 'cause I go no. This is you know we can't have no bitches up in here. We can. I can take notes in class which telling me I'm beneath her. That's why I help break up my son's marriage 'cause. She way she treated me Oh, you had someone who's disrespecting. Well, I would never allow no you're never going to fucking well that should never lower than all my daughters, thank God all their sons. They listen to me. They do what I tell them. So it's great so I have good son in laws. Well, that's good! Now one noise he's from washer
he's russian an on his wedding night. Here's what he says to me. He goes home. Did you ever russian accent yeah? Can you do it? Oh, I can't do that. I try well here's what he said to me, Now in this family, that is a valid these family. We do with the pop We don't do the grammar grammar says. Oh, my god, are you New I know ok. Well, if you want to live a cursed life, go ahead. Living fucking, cursed life yeah. I put that Jude yeah he's come around, though I knew he would but now they have a son, and he has ADHD too, and but he's brilliant and
dollar all are my grandkids so anyway, so they are those that lead. I shouldn't have said that live towards now you can't say that I can't anymore no you're not to say that I forgot clean mold. I mix them up. Who says your not to say that everybody says you don't say the t word. So long as you have don't have a read before I think you're allowed to say. No, I don't say it in public, but no I don't but anyway, so you know the kid he's bouncing off the walls to like home. The kids were so I know how to deal with it. You know right. I see just leave them over here with me. I'll take care of it. So I did. Would you do with them. Get him active! Yeah you get 'em active, give him doing stuff. Exactly I go. I bet you. I bet you one hundred dollars. You can't run up and down that hill. Ten times in a row, wow the perfect see yeah gotta, keep boys tired.
I guarantee I have ADHD. I have all those things yeah, you probably do is do stuff. Is burning, stuff, yeah, rounded out, and he could be calm yeah exactly I think those kids just have a lot of fuel they have a lot of horsepower and a lot of fuel an it's all misdirected and then I can't get in with a girl, and she start telling him what to do see him once they get under the control of female, say they forget their self. Girls, do it too sure, but getting to control the, yeah, you gotta not getting control and nobody anybody right, that's the key autonomy and what do they call it sovereignty? You got The staff find somebody who doesn't control. You right just accepts you like to be yeah, don't make your shower yeah. Now they have to make him shower. Oh my gosh daily suggested yeah yeah nice way. Yeah, it's just let him know yeah, is going on with your smell son, yeah
come from weird line of women that, like that man's mouth it was gross my mom. She is still always go over and sniff under my dad's armpits smell, so gross no wonder I'm like I am now so when you to work it go Tarzan. She likes monkey smell, don't say that word, funky, white guy, it's alright He call white people monkeys dad was real dark. How dark brown brown. Well, um maybe be problematic yeah. She was real, her mom, so I've learned a thing or two Joe. I hear you. But to me all people look like some. I mean, I didn't say anything about Valerie Jerrod on the subject. I think people will resemble animals a lot, but we are Animals
well yeah. We are animals yeah, like I think I look like a beaver. When I look at my pictures, did they look like a beaver, our cat more or you can. I can see myself as a cat. I thank you for my kids. Think I'm real cat, like yes yeah my boyfriend, says, sloth 'cause. I just lay there in bed watching the id Channel and murders, and so Jesus Christ. All my right! 'cause! I love how this characters put together. You know right and care You know you just like I like the forensics thing right when they push it together, you know and they go. They are our purposes, our purpose of forty year. Old white man lives with his mother, and he's probably was in the navy in all right right right. I love all that. I would have done that. If I wasn't a comic genius, I think the real
and the real problem with that, though, is that the more you study that shit the more you live in that world. The less happiness you're going to find I've talked to guys that want world the world of cereal. Doors we study and it will bring about it- people that investigate those people- oh yeah, they have a real hard time with life. They were real. Part time 'cause. They know too much. They know too much about the did. You watch that show Mindhunter didn't watch that one. No, that's not John Douglas yeah. I've seen so many of those shows I've read books on serial killers. You know, and I've known that investigated stuff like this. Well after I had that thing, Marge. I got really into it like, oh, my god, when you realize there's some people out there that are, they have a dark mind: yeah they're, capable of some fuckedup schitt and if you're around that all the time, I just think your appreciation for it's like it's one thing to know that
existence a it's but real. But it's another thing to let that enter into your your. Do with the world and have it in there is a standard standard kind of behavior, I guess it's wrong to do that. But you know nothing else, interests me who. Why is it interesting to you? so much just 'cause? It's such a like and they get I like how they get away with it and then he was the nicest guy how their front you know the golden state killer right You know that one that they just this guy, that was what it was called- the golden state killer. They just caught yeah that fucking guy got away with it forever. Patton Oswald's wife who died of a drug overdose was actually investigating that she died of a drug. I thought she died, Fenton, everyone's dying from that everywhere is dying from mean work. I get some. It might be good. If that's the Connors is ready, get yeah I don't
what they're going do I, I don't wanna say nothing negative towards it back you'll be like you could feel like uh, beyond the grave. You could give advice to people on the show. It would be a great where they can kill you off and bring you back at the same time. Ghost yeah a ghost he come to John Goodman the middle of the. What the fuck are you talking about yeah you think they could come up with something better than just killing. You yeah just letting it go well, I think and they do all these movies about robots. In other words, don't want to be connected with the races. I know you're, not a racist, that's what so fucking stupid about this. They had a number one show a great sitcom. It returns. Even though I mean it's just as good, if not better than it was when it first came out. I think it was a bit better too. It was great. Thank you. You know that was always meant to do so. You know I did it I did it number one after twenty years, nine
Also in stand up again, I'm doing stand up on your neck yeah. There is Amarillo, yeah and by then my gag dagger will be over. You have a gag order can you talk about the gag order, or is that a part of the gag order? It's be careful, we don't need to talk about it. Let's talk about, don't wanna Skype yeah. I wish everybody I just wanna say wish everybody the best. You know I wish well for everyone on earth. That's all I'm going to when he gives you stand up for next year. Twenty nineteen we're gonna do it. I can't remember what they said thanks in the mid last all across the Midwest. Are you writing already? Are you performing at all I mean. Are you I'm right? You just writing yeah and how are you going to do it? Are you going to start out at clubs or you going to? theaters casinos.
Do you have a framework of what you're going to talk about that talk about raising good sons and all that that into Are you going to bring someone with you on the road to warm up, or I probably should I don't know I have this kind of ST I wanted to Co. Headline too, I thought to co headline with Monique would be That's a great idea. Yeah me and her talked about it. That would be fun yeah. I mean anybody just yeah just to get out there again tell joke I'd really like hearing people laugh, there be a great thing for you too yeah. I remember you are better yeah, do it. How long is it been since then stand up? Oh, I did it just before you know. In fact I think that's why I got so rundown. You know I got so run down when I you know this whole thing It was so rundown at that point that I had no b vitamins in my body, how's it impossible
I mean it was a really low level and the doctor said you know that can cause psychosis. So that's why I go okay, that's what happened to me really I was at white. I was getting way out there in SALT Lake City UT anyway. After I did, We do stand up all through Canada and then I end in New York doing promo for Roseanne, and you know got to run down. I didn't I didn't watch myself and do what I should have done for my physical health well, let's this time around. Let's get you sorted out, let's get you on some vitamins and get you. Nutritionist and get somebody who's going to do some work on you and make sure everything's. Okay, I have blood work done. I always go. I go to the cancer center at the over that hospitals call over there yeah that's good, but I always have to have been fusions every three, my. Because I I don't absorb minerals, more vitamins, you don't absorb them yeah. I had this gastric bypass about
five so years ago, and I can absorb minerals or vitamins, and so I have to go, get infusions every every know. When I get Two down and I like I said I was promoting the residential and also doing touring, Canada and I got to run down, and I I just I think I had a mental. So. I told the network, I said. Obviously I'm behaving in the right way, and I I will check myself in and get my meds check to make sure I'm. You know you know I said I have mental health issues and you know I said also. I thought that woman was white and it wasn't anything about race it about IRAN and it was like well- we'll see how this washes out send Sherman yeah, we'll see how this which is about forty minutes later Wanda Sykes treated. Let me off this show.
And then SARA Gilbert tweeted shortly thereafter. Something about she was ashamed of. One cast member and without one blew me away an Anh Michael Fishman tweeted. He was ashamed of my racism or some such and that was hard to take, but it is because it was so. It seemed orchestrated because they use the same words, you know egregious unforgivable, but in fact it might have been an offensive I like when I was talking to MIKE today. I said you know. We all say things here racially insensitive at times all of us do that. I'm a Jew. I've heard everything and in all right or ethnically offensive to somebody else, but that doesn't mean
where the KKK okay, that doesn't mean we're again, all fascists or you know, and especially if we apologize, because most people who are fans they mean to be offensive and they don't apologize, and I think that's when you know there's a difference and if you don't have the discretion to understand that something's wrong with you right now. I think something's wrong with people that there so hateful and so unforgiving. And if you don't vote the way they think you should vote that they feel justified in being so, what's the words sucks, so sanctimonious and self righteous and when they themselves are, you know kind of saying far more offensive things about people's children and such for instance. I think people are
cowards, and I think when things like this happen, they want to separate themselves from controversy and make sure that they are not a part of the people who are being attacked. I can understand, I can kind of understand it, but I don't get it they do you know, and you know I'm like wow They also get really really upset one, a few later somebody does the exact same thing to them. Yeah got what goes, comes around and that's true and a spell Really true, in Hollywood, the guy that fired me just was fired a couple weeks ago for one I don't know his contract wasn't renewed. In his last words were well, I didn't know I'd be forced to cancel our number. One show forced to do while he might have been forced they're all fools. They should just. First of all, let the dust settle, second of all We should have examined what you actually said and what your intentions were and let you apologize yeah and then
have a conversation with you on one of their shows in long form. The minute Teaching moment such as not Valerie Jarrett would have accepted that I said I would like to debate her on the IRAN deal and explain what I what I said. That's not necessary. I mean but American should know about that deal. Well, maybe they should, but I don't think that's completely related to your your tweet, but it would have been a teachable moment. Maybe, but it also I have been a distraction from what you were trying to say. Well, they didn't. Let me say it right and you know, but to get involved like openly politically television, oh dangerous, but Taylor, Swift, just What is he said, just get out and vote, but it all really heard the Democrat yeah, but though it was not like it's almost abstract get out and vote You know she's. No, she said vote for the Democrat. I don't like the Republican Marsha Blackburn. She didn't like her. Although Marsha Blackburn has been the author of a lot of great anti
great and all kinds of stuff like that, but you don't like her 'cause she's, a Republican, so she took a stand, a political stand I saw you know some people can do it, but some people can't and political stand I took which I just want to remind people. Is that I'm I'm an independent. That's my stance and just thought. Both sides had gone too far out need to talk to each other. So I came back. We did a show about that. Let's stand He took with your yeah yeah and in my life it's like. If we can even discuss things. That's really really bad, I'm sure it's not american. We discuss and debate we don't label and blacklist. We certainly can talk things, and maybe that's something. You could have done once. I had a conversation with you about your tweet, but I mean I just think that what they did, It's just very hasty and very foolhardy, and they should have
stone who you were beforehand. They should have known about your mental health issues. They should know they should known about communication issues, all those things they knew. But this is what point was if you have a person with a broken leg and they can't run and you get mad at him 'cause they can't run, there's not Riddick, this will be a person has brain issues and then, please do something: that's erratic and you're mad at him for that, but you're, a fucking idiot that stupid. You called him, call them a racist or chastised them in front the world so that you remove any possible any possible, negative opinions that could be cast your way? That's what out of it is, is deflection. They're worried about negative opinions and negative feedback. That's going to come their way, so they immediately turn on you. They turn on you in a disproportionate way. Well, they did cancel the show before even one advertiser had pulled out.
They remind me. Sarah Silverman's bet I'm for against it. Remember that I'm for against it yeah! Well, a lot of cowardice going on there's a lot of people trying to save their jobs and people panicked, because People are aware of the outrage culture that we live in. This is outrage nation right now. It's it's of our number one forms of recreation: people love it. They love getting mad at whoever the fuck. It is as long as you react. The way they want you to react to love it. It's an position. Well, it's it's the understanding that people have way more power to affect change, whether it's good change or bad change, they're pushing buttons with social media and without hm with with their ability to express themselves. It's unprecedented there's never been a time like this in history. Now, where people all Salem, which trial yeah right well, that was, I mean, it's like, okay. Well, if you swam that proves your and then we have to drown you there, no
it's now, it has said there has to be a loser. There can't be two winners well has to be an understanding of what's happening here and then then people understanding of the power that they're wielding and what they're doing and dedicate turn back on them and as well. It doesn't ever just stop at one person. That's why I said. I'm surprised that a lot more comic they found me because you know this means that they may find it in your timeline that they think is offensive. They can miss. Horizon bring a whole battle. Which is that you can't possibly win an take your life's work. Well, how many did defend you um? Nobody defended me. Why did you did? Thank you? Stanhope did Stan. How did yeah I mean. I thought you meant on that we're working with no none of 'em at work with you. Well everybody, If you wanted to keep their job yeah, I know I don't blame him.
I don't blame him, my private, you know needed the money in prayer. Race meant it well. The other thing too the sitcom life that that fucking schedule is it's good, but you know what I think it was a lot of it was. You know I the gun to shoot me. I mean I wasn't a helpless victim, although I think, I explanation either make sense or doesn't make sense, but well, if compassion that makes sense yeah, but a lot of people aren't, but you know When I was, I don't even know if they're not compassionate rose and I think they're scared. I think you just chicken, I don't think they're looking at from in terms of like I can't win here and I can't lose here. Let me just look at what's right, see I don't have anything to win or lose so what I but I looked at you as someone that I admire so I think, is one of the best comics ever who I think,
I know that you have mental health issues. I knew from talking to you that you were an ambient and I knew you had alcohol as well. I know what that does. My mom took ambient. She woke up in the middle of the night and drew all over the bathroom rug drew over with lipstick. Can and nail polish. She said like a little kid. Ships were Look up in the morning. She had no idea. She did it she's terrified of that shit. She won't take it now I have any friends, many friends that have had bad experiences an amber. I have two and I thought well. They should have shut down that conversation like that. They shouldn't have it's a fucking, dangerous drug for the raw, people in the wrong situations, especially when you mix it it's beneficial to people that need sleep in certain such things. I don't recommend it. I don't take it, but some people, like it that's fine, but to ignore what the sure pharmacological effect on the human body is, is ridiculous 'cause, there's studies on this ship and then people understand the interaction between chemicals in the human brain and their erratic
and especially when you mix them with things you're not supposed to mix in with weird Yeah I've got that toy. I thought it was going to. I thought I was going to expand on it in the morning and you know talk about that Movie Anne too late, yeah yeah, it's too late, but the whole thing is crazy when well, they told me not to tweet yeah. Well, probably a good idea, but now on The problem is also a twitters. Fuckin' text is just too it's too simple, yeah. It's too crude a way of communicating really so you can get across some ideas, like you can say, hey to see little for a great movie, that's a good thing to tweet yeah, real, but I want to talk about. Like political things are things that involve nuans or things that are complex, just, don't think it's the way to communicate. I don't either anymore. Way to communicate
Well, it's not communicate. It's like what did he say, search destroy. Eat boiled for some folks. Yeah well going to be people that always want to make things crash and burn they like it. I came by and say like hitting the buttons they like to see. People suffer well, they definitely are suffering themselves, look, there's a giant. Sins of our population that lives in misery. I know it they do all day long and they did they have. So health issues there exhausted their depressed there. They have despair, well with bills, they're in shitty relationships, they're overwhelmed and they're angry and they look at someone like you, a rich white lady and like fuck that bitch and they just want to attack you and it doesn't have to make sense. Because it's a reflection of their own personal pain as much as it's reflection of their irresponsibility
with this power that they're wielding through social media and then there's the mob mentality is a bunch of people that are already going after you good I'm going to go after two, I'm going to show the world that I'm not racist. You know how I'm going to do that. I'm going to shit all over this racist, this racist Rosie and they don't care if you're, really racist, but the thing that gets me about instance, I'm going to shed all over this Jew because I was talking about IRAN as a Jew and speaking about Persian Jews and You know all kinds of error: yeah. We talked about complexity, plaques but I always was on there talking. You know defending or you know, speaking for, jewish people, and so you know I just I think, in the long run. I really want it to be known that I am a Jew and, with speaking as a Jew, and when I spoke about the IRAN deal and its effect on jewish people in the Middle EAST Ann, I really thought at first. They didn't know that, but now I think well
had to know some of it. I don't think they want to know. This is what I think you say. Someone says, that's a black woman. What is she one? Slash eight black like what is she something very small, forty six percent or something really yeah she had her dna done was talking about it, an forty doesn't, but whatever. Trevor will tell who people are by how they look on one point: six percent african cool awesome: that's the heart of the war, When you look at what happened, I think it's real simple. I think she identifiers or people identify her as a black woman. You said: planet the apes, racist boom. It's that simple. I don't think they give a fuck if you're a Jew. I don't think yeah not racist. I think this is a viable target. Yeah we go out so well. I said I voted for Trump, so loud ' Where is the target at two hundred and then and then
I could find a tweet from the past. I liked about it. Let's not forget either oh yeah, my got in trouble for that amount. Many times now, you're just things you can't say and then there's worse things that you can so it's weird 'cause they don't censor anybody who's you calling for in order to kill all the Jews that there's thousands of them but they're, not famous women with sit coms yeah, they are, who thought you know, people that are are treating support for Valerie Jarrett, who are the or post it me and saying. How could you say this about there not saying that, because they're saying kill the Jews, they don't they don't maybe know what your point was. Well, then I don't know I, like I didn't know about her parentage. I mean come on. This is this is the truth, this is who I am, and you know they
but this too, but they're not really saying, kill the Jews. It's not like a valid comparison. Well, I'm a Jew, I understand, but the people. That's how it feels. Maybe it feels that way. But the people that are a large number of us there upset you because they think you said something racist. I know not saying kill the Jews well, but they are to ask Okay, you see how, when people look at your situation, I can see how they think, but but you see how, when people look at your situation and they think it's racist- that is also how you look at their reacting to what they think is racist and you thinking that they're saying, kill all the Jews while, You're saying like you know, IRAN everyday threatens the jewish people In Israel, with annihilation and they've, already survived in on not too long ago and annihilation
and then we make a deal with that government. What does that does say something? I understand that this is many steps past, but the thing that you said a racist thing or thinking you said a racist. I understand that they think I sold a racist thing yeah. I understand that completely have no idea that this had anything to do with Jews versus IRAN. They really don't have any idea. Well, but I've never seen that registered by any of the people that are upset at you, because it's not important enough to them to know that. Well, it's probably not. And explain to them for one. I know your position like this like you're talking about now. I understand that they might not even think it's valid like if they went back and went over it. They might disagree with the political aspects of it. Yes and their food- Do that, I'm not going to try to bring our lives, be I'm saying like they're, not the reason why I said it's not a valid comparison. They're, not really saying, kill the Jews, but to me and to other Jews. They are in fact saying the and that
very common amongst us, so you know that's, that's the truth that many of us think, and you know, people understand it or they don't. You know where to even ' Consider it well, they don't have to but I'm still going to say it because that's the reality it's the reality to hear that and but the United States want gave them billions of our tax dollars when they're, the number one supporter terror in the world. It is, and they all to kill Jews like comparison wherever else they go but they do it in London too, I mean you know I hate to wake people up, but you know it is important, at least it to man, to people like me, and to many other people, many Christians is very important to them to their there.
Later on slot two, I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about 'cause you're talking about Iranians killing people. In Paris in England. Now I'm talking, being the number one sponsor of terror in the world: IRAN, but they're killing in France and England yeah that Jews, who, when is this happening well, when they got together and a a lot of other times, but there's a lot of a that hat jewish woman to death in her in her Paris apartment, there's a lot of it. Not saying they only killed use, but they do kill juice okay and on goes back to those terrorist organizations that are funded by Qatar and IRAN. This is there's a pretty. This is These are general things, you're, saying yeah, it's very general, an there's one hundred shades, there's a hundreds but I'm just saying, as you do, with a family play in Israel. This is what
and that this is how we feel and did not even acknowledge that in any disk, fashion, is kind of disturbing it should be factored in. I don't think it's a matter of not acknowledging it. I think they should be factored in as well. I think they are aware that this had anything to do with your motivation. Well, express I've, never read it anywhere else, and you can't say it last time. He can't say it yeah not really smiled on to go against the people who Control our media and say especially social media and say that pro Israel or you know that you think you don't think that the media, will allow you to be pro Israel. I mean it seems like a really common thing, not on social media. For the most part, no, it's very anti, Israel I'll, send you stuff
Well, I see some anti Israel sentiment and especially in relation to way they treat the Palestinians. Like. I see a lot of that yeah well I I'm not going to play into either of those, because I I believe that you know there's a solution to that problem. The solution is peace and I think she can be achieved, so I'm not going to play. One of those games about who does this or what like to see a solution that works for all the people there. All people there so that they can be yeah, but it can't be if one side has been completely censored and that is in a discussion or is it a debate an nor is it american scary? It's scary times when you know like on our college campuses today. I know this because my son was on one and you know it's a far left, there's far left professors, attic, spouse,
that kind of stuff daily in all of our college is an it does find its way to the media that you look at the period that most called millennium millennials consume and it's heavily to the left. It is and so that's where they are forming there? They are gay. And their opinions from only hearing one side of things social media and I don't think, that's good well, I don't think it's good that all conservative voices are being censored off twitter. You know well, not all I shouldn't say all but so many are because that's a way to shut down discussion to this quite a view. Conservative, this is on twitter, but some are when they, I think they're inflammatory or they think they're espousing hate. Yeah, but they get to decide that deciding that right, it's people who are heavily political. Yes, yes,
not right now, but he's lean right all of them. It should be more in the middle were both for both sides are considered to come to work. That's what consensus means is a diverse opinion and that's how you reach consensus. You don't go get a consensus, Nora solution from only listening to one side, either on the same ship for twenty years. Well, not only that keeps people fighting at each other. Not only is it keep people fighting, I think it recruits people for the other side. I think it does the opposite of its intended effect. That's one of my friends said he said he thinks Michael Moore, that's Michael Moore's role! Since he's a billionaire two: he's at war is a billionaire while they said this or what they said. I don't know, but it's uh in that vein, it's like well, He did get so many people to vote for Trump when he said that stuff.
People are angry and they, I don't think you did on purpose. I think you just at this reddit him for both for Trump for that speech, yeah mom sure. So my friends that may be he's a double agent, which I don't think you know. I think this is why other things that happens when it's like when you give people that much suppression, and you you try to after many people into thinking a certain way, it is going to be able to resist it. A large. I help, sell incense, larger and larger, but freedom of thought is the basis of this country. It's, not freedom of speech or freedom of religion, freedom of expression. The second amendment, those are symptoms of freedom of thought, yeah Anet. It's good to consume endless propaganda, an never have it broken down or or debated or pointed out that its faults
There is an issue when you're only getting one side of the argument and the people that are controlling the media only want that one side expressed. That is a problem. Yeah, and the thing is to that right now, while there was a swing version of it while 'cause, I won't let it happen, but who's that You know the people that are in charge of programming the networks. They don't want. You to. Full team to seem to always lean left, I mean technologically oriented companies, yeah incorporate always almost invariably lean left. Why do you think that is a smart educated there fresh out of college. The colleges are indoctrinating, left, wing, kids and you know, we have a vast majority of professors at universities all across the country that identifies Democrats right so This is the indoctrination they get from people that they respect deeply in that they're learning from there's also,
standing, that this is the way you advance you know, and then, when someone comes out that has anything well wait a minute. You said you didn't think that it has a brain center. I don't think coordinated. It's not coordinated in terms of the government. I think It's happening in the universities. Is you've got people that first of all their existing in this bizarre glass, walled garden where they go to universities to get in. After into this left wing cultures, and then they start teaching at universities and they never get out into the real world. And then they teach children, these thoughts and ideas and then, most of the kids leave and they take these ideas somewhere else and then slowly over time. They. Become more moderate, most of them do or they they but those ideas an either go to the centre or go right or some of them stay left. But when on the tech, most go center, a lot of go center
'cause, I think probably wear sanity is, I think Saturday is somewhere in the centre middle yeah and I think discussion is critical. I have a lot of friends that are republican. I have a lot of friends that are liberal, there's nothing wrong with either either mindset and the only We find out whether or not really agree or disagree. Is we let people express themselves and as soon as you suppress that kind of expression, then you run into real problems. That's absolutely right! that's what I wanted on my show is that there that I it would show that there was a trump lover the Trump hater in the same house and they managed to deal with it get on with your life. That's a great, His first show when it was one of the reasons why I think people loved it. So much is because there was that conflict and because look people can lie of a lovable curmudgeon people can love someone who has ideas that they disagree with. People can love someone who lives with someone who has a completely opposing opinion. They figure it out and they get along. That's fine, that's great
that's why I thought it was great, and my boyfriend said my boyfriend said: you're missed, is that you put a cramp in the hate business. I don't think that's the case. I think they just use you. He became a target. If I don't think they were happy from the beginning, I don't think they really wanted me to come back I think, there's a certain amount of that when they found out that you're, a trump supporter and then the show became successful and Donald Trump loved it and then try also did not. I was a troublemaker in a big mouth. They've, always well your comic. I comic now- and everybody remembers when you sang the national anthem and grab your crotch. Spit on the ground. I don't remember that I did I do that when you do that gastric bypass things that something they can reverse, they could reverse it So what the hell then I'll, wait. One hundred, would you large, wouldn't yeah. I would
and everything haha everything, oh fark, yeah, that's where I had it 'cause. I couldn't stop talk about addiction. Right, oh yeah, all day long e claires. What have you even loved it yeah. It was great. I hate those thanks. You Claire's now got gastric by surgeries. What I know all yeah they do, but I just wish there is a better way just because it up your nutrient absorption abilities, like total. Yeah yeah. I mean I've heard that from other people, I know guys I've gotten that folks up your mental state, yeah, I'm sure I'll for sure a lot of it has to do with the the the health of your. You know your your body, your your ability to absorb nutrients effects, everything mood your Enerji levels everything mean, doesn't get in there. The right way. Now
Lay in bed till they called for me, and I thought I'd like to stumble and do my thing go back to bed. I just had no energy December is, and why don't you do something like this back? This fall this conversation want to. You could do this on. Time whenever you want to do it yeah without anybody telling you what to say or what not to say without any executives with anybody to fire. You won't thank you d, you're to be R sung, my man the case off everything they could, but I don't think they would and on top of that, you could do it off your own website. You could do it on Roseanne, Barr, DOT, com, yeah yeah, I'm always afraid they'll come you know. I just feel like hey this. The time my life from sixty six is private. Time for me to just lay low do stand up sometimes, and it's a great idea. If all you know, that's even better go do that and show us some of my farming videos. Yeah people like to know about how to grow food and I'm really good at growing food. When you
You stand up and you go on a tour. I think it's going to be hugely successful. Thank you. I really do. I think people are going to come out in droves and I think it's going to be awesome and I think one, We get your legs on. Do you start doing a few shows and get things cracking again, you'll be like the Roseanne of old. You be crushing it. I was person that I have to say that in my tour of Canada, I was I'm sure you were last. I had. Oh, my god I just had the most fun. You know Cadillac minutes of beautiful, control over you know bring in Ben, and I got like a big laugh every ninety seconds and beautiful. You know like Taylor Craft, it love it love the people that come out to see I then a really diverse crowd too, which is great even more diverse. Now. Well, it's going to be way better. I think 'cause I'm going to really start talking about the real made, such as my abhorrence and fear of serpents.
Scared of serpents, oh yeah, always have don't go to Florida. Now I won't don't go to for sure you're about what's going on down there with people recent pythons, oh no! Over decades, you didn't know no Florida is overrun with pythons, oh my god, non native pythons 'cause people release them as pets, and then they moved to the swamps and bread yeah they've, eaten everything. There's yes, no mammals in the one oh, my god, ninety nine percent of all raccoons are gone. I couldn't find any marsh rabbits, they couldn't find any bobcats and the pythons, have started eating alligators, oh thousands of them out there the world's gone nuts raising stay away from Florida I had a. I had a turtle that kind of felt. Are we done? No, I mean we can be done help well. I had this turtle that fell in love with me, one to meet with me and Hawaii. Why was so weird now? This is for true,
I've always been really afraid of serpents. Okay. So so I go I know ocean air in my friends, they're like don't touch the turtles, there's a five thousand dollars, fine or something you don't touch the turtles. See those big old thing yeah, so I'm, like you know, like say I'm a Jew. So as soon as I hear that I'm like yeah well, fuck them, I'm catching it, you know. So I did and then it turned it went and start swimming around me and then it went in this big circle. Ann its head came the water and its side. I'd me and it was like a crisis the serpent, I've been afraid of my own life. Annie. It's me onto to the shore. She goes, that's why we types of turtles, because they bond with you hello. This guy wants me to marry him Yeah. If you touch me like you, there like, hey she'll, go for it
It was a terrifying I've seen them in the water. They are fucking cool to look at their swimming around here and there like a little volkswagen with these four giant serpent head, like this weather, looks Astoria, my that's how it looked like yeah. He did like India side. I slide. I. Oh go side I I'll know now it was terrible. Some think of terrifying. Yeah, never gone back in that water, well, yeah! I can see where that would be a problem, and I have a lot of serpent things and also like when I see people I can see if there are serpent or not, you know how they say. The reptilian, like, I told my kids is the hardest thing like that David Icke type shit. I really do see him now. I sort of believe him he's gone down the rabbit hole that God it's more like a like
Gopher hole somewhere real deep into the core of the earth, but I think he talks about this stuff anymore. Now he kind of laid it back, but captions I confronted him. Did you just lost it yeah? Well, I thought I was doing on twitter, too, is DM. When people go and you've lost it, yeah, it's fun like I did it. So I used to do these fake or crank phone calls before they got star sixty nine and I was married, what's his face, then the elf and he came in the room there in he told me to stop doing it. An he looked at my address book and I was I was calling uh general Schwarzkopf, to do it to him Ok, so, like you, don't crank, call General's work 'cause. I had all these numbers any. A sell
calls yeah. I used to bring yeah but then, but then I went to the dm that's the way. I like people like just getting riled up that way. Well, disco come on you're, losing it David. I say something like all: the big Major world figures were like secretly reptilian reptilians shape, shifters and shoot, and I told my kids here's I told my kids just the hardest thing. I'll ever tell you but- and I didn't know so- I couldn't help it at the time, but I recently found out that your dad is reptilion. But sort of a joke, but they are half reptilian, but I can see like people becoming the reptile calcium and their head goes up like this. You like on tv, their head, there goes out like this and then the tongue comes out on the corner to let go app like that. They do it
I see it on tv all the time reptile all them, double worshipers like. Where do you go to those devil? Worship, parties here, they're talking about Hollywood, devil, worship? I went to a wedding and what is the name Anton Levay, so you did yeah yeah. I was a devil worship for not following his mother was like you know. I have people call me a Satan worshipper now, because of it all my God friend Duncan. This is like fifteen years ago, Duncan used to have this puppet called little Hobo, and he would do this this bit at the end of his comedy- show where little hobo was his grandfather's puppet and his grand father died? And his grandfathers last wish was that he bring little hobo onstage within one more time and the public would come to life, there's doc with little hobo, it was. It was a hilarious bit funny and Tom Anton Vase grandson. So there was Sun
is getting married and as donkey to perform at his party, so mean in a bunch of my friends. All went to see Duncan perform at this bizarre Satan's party. It was very strange. It was in Hollywood. It's like this concert and Hank the third Hank Williams, the third perform there and it was kind of fun, but it was bizarre and so there's like a picture with me and the guy and people say I'm a Satan worshiper now you're not are yeah. Definitely not I'm not even all my god. You look like you're saying we have got someone which ones you the guy on the left with here. All which was one like the that's me. You got get some better glasses bombing. Our kids. I can't tell she's acting like Maine, but anyway, no, I promise you know Satan worshipping, no, no worshipping period there, some
real sure crazy people out here definitely really are yeah, I'm glad you didn't stay in with them I went to one stupid, fucking party with 'cause, my friend Duncan Fuckin', Get me in trouble. You sonovabitch uhm what else just talking about. We were talking about Satan worshippers. You were saying something about lizard people, so who's a lizard people, reptile yeah who's. Well, you can see, I can't say, nobody's name: ok, I'll tell you what to, for, I can't say, but. If you really take a hard long. Look when they're talking puppies names watch for that net, going up in the head twisting and then the tongue coming out corner so you're saying I'll keep an eye out for it listen, and thank thanks for having me this a lot of fun. It was fun. I think
got a chance to see the real you well. I just want to say to everybody out there before you kick me out of here. Hey I love Everybody I believe in one law for all people an you know, I'm not any fucking. Backwoods idiot thank you, do not a racist by any stretch of the imagination. Now I love all people and I'm happy doing stand up again because, like I said, I think you one of the best ever not so sweet them. That makes me happy. Thank you. I really. I'm glad you're doing it. Thank you. Zambar, ladies and gentlemen, thanks Joe thank you, everybody, everybody thank you people. For tuning into the podcast, and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to the cash app, you could the cash app for free in the app store or the Google play market use, the referral Go Joe Rogan. One word: you'll receive five dollars in the cash apples and five dollars to Justin Brands, fight for the forgotten charity. Thank you all but to express VPN
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