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2018-10-23 | 🔗
Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, is a YouTuber, best known for his technology-focused videos.
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cards download the cash app now get your cash card for free free is the app store or the google market now and of course when you die download the cash app enter the referral joe rogan one word you'll receive five dollars and the cash apple send five dollars to justin brands fight for the forgotten charity okay we do fox my guest today has one of the best youtube tech review shows he's got my go to show very very smart and interesting guy i love talking to him about things technology please give it up for marcus brownlee the joe rogan experience first of all before we get started i want to say i love your reviews they are my favorite you you have the well you and lou i love lou too but you
you're so good at covering all the bases of whether it's phones or any kind of weird technology that's coming out an you just just nail it you just so you're my go to guy man thank you that's quite intra appreciate that i really want to like whenever i was a new cell phones out like i saw that you walked in with the red but that's you not your daily driver now i thought you would like this this is the phone now is is glass on glass everything but this red hide one has a lot of weird stuff about it its first of all it's about twice as big as it has to be but is from a red which is a camera company all these buttons everywhere so now this is a tip this is not buttons is just a grip this texting grip you could probably drop it from forty five feet he'll be fine thread across the room but the weird it's made by red so red in the camera company they use their cameras i love their cameras but then they come out this which is a phone just kind of weird
but those are the screen yeah my photo actually so that's next to the iphone eight plus which is already huge found what is this metal thing on the back the brass looking so it's out these pens and it's supposed to in next year support modules that will connect to it so potentially the better camera bigger battery vr whatever reads decide to support or make will attached to it but it's also kind of may or may not happen for awhile yeah because jamie ordered one when did you order one for it lasts i don't know right when i went on sale yeah like that last august maybe and vaporware mine my official enjoy ship that's a prototype mmhm this is a prototype you have here yes seven i've worked with red for i've seen a lot of the the process and said i've got like eight software updates and this is not final but like it's a pretty good yeah what do you think about it so far so it's uh
as we get a lot of people like a new camera companies are new companies come up and make a phone and it's just not right and a lot of ways they kind of took a notes and they went and minimal with the software i like that about it i was expecting the camera to be amazing it's they don't use they don't make this this sensor so the camera not amazing yet but i think the modules will make this what it is i think the phone app by itself is like not really one thousand three hundred dollars phone but for support for upcoming things that they're planning ink will make it good is there a problem when a company tries to get into the cell phone business and you're competing with sam sung apple you know hard walk away because so many companies that are so advanced for you to be read essentially a camera manufacturer make video cameras really high end for people now really high end hd video cameras at a lot of movies are shot on films all kinds of things for you two yeah
so you do all youtube videos with it yeah is it really that good for you i mean is it worth having a red kits a large camera it's heavy yeah it started off not that great and then i got used to it and then they got better so it was probably like five years ago when i first started the red a red scarlet this 4k5k camera and yeah it's kind of a pain but the workflow has gotten better they've worked with smaller teams like individual even to get the cameras smaller it does more and in a smaller body so it's gotten a lot easier to use a red for a small team whereas like the f five years ago they're making a red for a movie shoot with fifty yeah yeah so how much they weigh now
can take away that's a probably between six and ten pounds all in all yeah because you it's completely modular you rake it up to be what you want so like you give that out the box which is just the brain what we're looking out for people just listening it says red dragon on the side who was a cold so red dragon and you got some names clutch looking it looks like a looks really like a computer like so that's what we're looking at is just the computer and the sensor and then sighed piece right there is the s s d reader everything else those pins see on the top and on the side that's where you connect what you want to make it the rig so if you're doing this eight years ago you would attach a viewfinder you detach monitors for directors you attach controls more yeah all the follow focus all this did the lands obviously the mount all the service to it ash to it but for just me and my use i'd use it more kind of like what you might see another image which is just a monitor and assess the controller and a lens and it does every
so is the idea eventually that this phone is going to be able to do everything that that does so that i think if you asked red they would say yes but they aren't there obviously how could they release something and not have an amazing camera yeah that seems crazy that i think was i think a lot of people were super hyped about 'cause obviously reads good with not just the they make the silicon for the camera but they're good at color science an auto focus and all these different things that camera should be good at so when they come out with a phone that has a camera and he just kind of expected to be amazing yeah when it's not the best i kind of firmly believe this is the best camera and you have that that's the google pixel three yeah is the best camera phone you were google pixel fanboy at this point i'm a fan i'm fed the k press has turned me into a fan of the route the rest of the phone just the camera alone it's it's an unusual cameron that it only has one one yes yeah there's one camera where everybody
this is going with multiple cameras three four doing everything was software yes and i like that about it now is that the excel it's it doesn't seem that big it's kind of not that st i think everyone's everyone's a the the notch obviously yeah is a little different from what you might see in a an iphone while way phone or something but this software it's very google leave the screen is much better than last year it's a glass of wireless charges got on things that last your son didn't have but the camera is absolutely what makes that sound good it's really that much better is that much what is so good about it it's like you said it's a software so what google does with hdr and essentially their image processing is a big part of why it's good you could put the same sensor and class in another smartphone with way weaker software and it would look as good but what they do with that that image processing after it's
it's rolling buffer of images so you can take it's like instant shutter you press the shutter it's instant shudder you freeze the motion the dynamic range is great the details great and photos are amazing i was amazed at the low light photos yeah those and because i had the best i'd seen before that was the walk away the mate r s i guess ones is been a couple of really good night modes in while a phone yeah but this seemed even better than that and didn't seem distorted it seems like you realize it was at night but you could see all the detail yeah it's hard it's is never look as good as daytime but there is it i haven't i don't have the update yet but there's gonna be an update to the pixel that has night sight another night mode that does the same thing we're seeing a bunch of exposures and long exposures and use a stabilization and hopefully get some much brighter image that looks a way better than what would be different
from the update in in comparison to what it does now so right now if you just take a photo at night it will just try to noise reduce all like when you take a photo at night there's a lot of grain keeping the iso all the way up and when you clean that noise out you are it's kind of like airbrushing the image and that's going to be softer so if you do a lot of to can you lose all your details for the soft so low light photos just aren't as good but if you can take a longer exposure with better stabilization you can not crank the iso's high not introduce much noise and then at the end of the day have a more detailed better looking photo that's the theory behind a lot of these how did you how they do they all all in software calibration a lot of knowing exactly how good the optical stabilization is in the lens and then electronic stabilization as well a lot of algorithms knowing what part of the photo is moving versus what isn't
says there's a lot of computational photography is what it's called happening on the chip that makes it that it's just fascinating that google is the only one is doing this with one camera's to everyone else like my iphone has several cameras yeah i have a note nine which i really like and one of the other things about this does not have a lot of ram now i've found that actually kind of an interesting week point about this and i haven't even i've reviewed it and i was kind of skeptical about it's only only four gigs of ram which is like a couple years ago wow four weeks i'm going to phone that's amazing it's amazing but a lot of phones coming out now has sixty eight gigs of ram who has the most right now afonja gaming phone just came out with ten gigs of ram to the razor phone or a different one another one i don't even remember the name but then there's also a oppo find x with ten gigs of ram but do you need that now you know you don't need it what would be the benefit of having ten gigs of ram like what software would run basically
advantage to having more ram is keeping apps open and run background longer so if you have your camera on your twitter and you're instagramming or web browser and all that a lot of high maybe a couple of games all running at the same time and then you multitask and switch between them on the phone with less ram you'll find that you'll switch from the game to the browser and you go back to the browser and it reloads everything because it it completely garbage that from the memory after awhile because it was trying to save space so on the phone with four gigs of ram this happened a couple times where i'd be listening to music and open the camera and take a few photos and then the music of the podcast or whatever would just stop and it killed that app background with only four gigs of ram i'm not doing that crazy things with multitasking just two things running just two i think it might have been a bug because the camera uses a lot of memory and for whatever reason it just picks the other big memory app and kills it it's not very repeatable and it happened to me since i landed yesterday like a couple times but i think a phone with
sheik eggs around though the last phone i was using for a while was the one plus six has eight gigs of ram and i never happened to me every time i multi task and go back five hundred and ten apps ago and open it it was right where i left off is the google pixel your favorite phone or is it just your favorite phone because of the camera it is my favorite phone period and it also has the best cam and is it your favorite phone because it has pure google 'cause you have the latest android it's the latest android which is kind of hard to find and then you get obviously this pure google experience in this amazing camera anna great display and my priorities in a phone are pretty much along those lines i need a great camera and then i want a great display i want good software and on the rest kind of follows and you want pure google right you don't want to be operating under the samsung skin i don't mind i don't mind its skin if it's good
there's a lot of skins like one plus has oxygen os and it's a skin technically it it's close to peer google but it's missing a lot of the pixel features but it's fine it's smith the straight is one plus running the latest android now know who is essential phone so one plus i think just got the android p update ascential just got the a update and then everyone else is on like one going to go or or older what why is that a pain the ask for them why can't it be universal i have a bunch of theories on why they don't update their software as clear they probably could i think a lot of it in the u s especially at sea of carriers when you have to get a set one you want to push a software update to a phone on verizon for example not only do you have to like
rewrite the software and optimize and everything but then you have to submit it for like certification from verizon verizon has to push that update that whole introduction of the third party through the carrier is huge pain in the asses and then on top of that i know a lot of people who when they get a software update like actively avoid installing it they just don't want change and they're fun so at the end of the day like they put all that money and work into making a software update and half the people never install it or don't care then they just figure they might as well not money there so a lot of teams are a lot of manufacturers just don't they don't they they support the phone for a year or two and then that's it but for folks like you for the power users that's been like that's a big thing having the latest and greatest definitely yeah that's why i'm a fan of phones that keep the skin light and up they quickly which is what you find with like pixel and sensor
so in oxygen os and stuff like that and that's really it like samsung takes a long time to get to it as great as samsung phones are they definitely are not first to get a new cell if they're trying to do it quicker apparently what i've been reading but i guess there is there's a bunch of issues always bottleneck yeah now and when you compare phones like do you have a checklist of things that you have like on a computer or is it just all off the top of your head like do you have like a rating system that you use a personal rating system i don't have a rating i do have like a like a checklist of things that i definitely pay attention to every time that i must day i go through the screens displays and battery life and how good the camera isn't like that but i never come to like a rating out of whatever used to do that along time ago but i stopped 'cause i just it's kind of like a never ending you'll never you'll never get a ten out of ten exactly 'cause if you ever give something a ten out of ten
next one is going to be better right so how do you how do you put that on scale of ten i'm for october two thousand eighteen gasa i guess you could you do like this is the best phone like i said if that say this is the best phone right now than maybe that's it it's not a ten out of ten but it's like the best you can get but that would that line just keeps moving so i don't give things numbers but see for me the the things you said that would be a pain in the ass that your music would shut off because you're using the camera that's kind of big that's a pain yes yeah it's not a ten out of ten because of i think the memory is a problem yeah then which is bothering to some people it doesn't bother me anymore it just kind of plans and i don't really look at the notch so have you gone into the developer settings and now removal of the non try tried it it wasn't that big a deal yeah but it just makes a big black bar over the top right exactly and you just lose the screen you paid extra for that seems silly yeah i don't mind it on the iphone most of it mostly is the excess max this one right here but i'm so sour on
apple because of what they did with the batteries yeah i was such a dirty thing to me because everybody had always suspected like my friend brian was always like dude i'm telling you when the new phones come out your old phone starts moving slower might dance a conspiracy that's all horsh it make your phone is just old bro but then when i found out it was real i was like and it put problem and the problem was the way they didn't tell people like they could have just avoided like the whole whatever like are we going to call it by just telling people look this is we do on your phone is getting older we need to serve either the cpu or the battery so we need to either voltage down the cpu or save your battery pick one and give us a choice they didn't tell us until people started suspecting things and they had to make a statement and then it kind of and like hidden time lapse i don't buy it yeah i think it's uh
rick to try to get you to buy new phones i don't know why they didn't think about that of course is about it at that yeah why else would they do it that way why would why else would they just let the battery be slower when it let the the this is you be slower and the best part is they give you the choice now but if you never look for it you'll never find it and they definitely still default to say your battery by under clocking the chip your phone will still slow down if you don't know where to find that option this is soon as a new phones come out basically him this is dirty themes for today because it's the thing that everybody always suspected only everybody was suspected there was some sort of engineered obsolescence and they do they're doing this on purpose to get you to keep buying the newest latest and greatest but you yeah i wanted to let go now apple come on apple wouldn't do that i mean if your friends they paint this picture that's really up right like we want you to have
past experience as long as possible sure what's involved not replacing a battery which means we'll just slow down your phone just a little bit yeah and it's it lasts longer and the battery can keep up makes sense on but on paper well it's there's a lot of things about apple that are really like i really love that the os i lit really love it i mean it's but it's just so much better than windows but their keyboards sucks so bad on their laptop it's just all the laptop clicky it just doesn't it doesn't feel good that sketch shallow travel there's all these issues with i switched to a lenovo i went with a thinkpad just for stand i have to write a lot and i found that i right way slower like maybe ten words per minute slower like it's the real issue because it's like a lot more mistakes with those little shallow clicky things and with the lenovo you have much much more travel it's much ease
you touch type it just feels better for me but that bums me out it's like why can't they get that right like you're making these things for creative people right that's your whole thing like different you know that's another i kind of got like it's again like what apple tries to portray myself as versus what you're actually experiencing if you never listen to apple and you get the new laptop like this keyboard is worse yes sex why is this keyboard so shallow and mushy and then use the so listen to apple and they're like well we made it quieter we made it thinner so the laptops thinner now i will give you all these reasons why they did what they did and they were supposed to go ok yeah that actually makes sense maybe this is better but your experience often says the opposite so that's why people like to not listen to what apple says and just the i ate it without listening to that particularly for writers for someone who writes and right on a regular basis you want a comfortable
keyboard an i've constantly searched for the best keyboard and right now i think it's probably the thinkpad but i've heard great things about the razor the razor pro which is the really large gaming one it has a mechanical keyboard for first time ever on a laptop yeah and that's supposed to be really good i have tried the blade and i've tried what i'm using right now is the surface the microsoft surface laptop too and that's got a pretty good keyboard yeah it's travels a lot it's backlit and then the actual laptop part itself is not metal it's got like alcon terra like you might see inside a car like a soft touch laptop out go grab that like fake suede yeah yeah the crazy should have ever heard in my life alcantara yeah the razor pull up that razor blade pro too if you get a chance we'll look at the surface first because he's going to go grab that but the
is blade pro is also it's an enormous laptop and it has the yeah that's it right there the rate the blade pro is so big and wide that it actually has the mouse on the side like a trackpad this is it huh so that's the surface laptop too oh wow how weird and a keyboard is pretty good it's like a polished alcantar that feels good yeah the question though whenever you see that material is like if i'm putting my poms on that all the time how long will that last will it start to like thin out and look of war and after a while or will it stay looking that i hope it does and also the whole ups matte black which is i think that looks dope but that's also usually a fingerprint magnet we carry around like a matte black thing you get like all this free sign or whatever carrying it's like that's a challenge for that laptop but i love it the other thing about the difference between
the keyboard on this versus the keyboard on what i have is i have the lenovo carbon x one and what i really like about this is that there's they're not flat they have like a little bit of a adept to am so you're anders sort in the a little bit yeah there's a little bit of yeah i wish more so like you kind of it's easier yeah it's easier to touch type when you have exactly like this spot yeah don't people figure that out i think all of it is just to get used to it like up there is there there's a google tablet that came out recently with the two hundred dollar keyboard accessory that has circular he's an slightly concave but like thai sing it was fine and like they claim like oh yeah once you get used to it like the surface area of the key being circular makes it easier to type faster after a while i don't know if i buy that yet but maybe if you were secretary
still really used to the circular it looks like a typewriter when you just look at it but you pull that thing that would be the google what they call it something tab it came out the same time the pixel three and their naming is weird with them but it has a yeah basically a surface like like two hundred dollars keyboard magnetic three you can prop it up at any angle and it goes from a tablet to a laptop with this keyboard dock hung and then it says it's kind of interesting but the circular key the found weird that alcantara on the hand rest feels amazing yeah that's really nice yeah i was going to get used to that i have been using a mac pro for so long like i the contrast is like i was really used to like having metal and like metal feels premium and good not going to wear down but i like this alot well it doesn't feel good those on your hands when you're sitting on it for a long time if you're writing from yeah the edges yeah they kind
right where like they wrap the material around to the sides there's literally sharp yeah they've got to kind of put your hands on the edge for too on this lenovo is carbon fiber so this whole thing is it's not cheap though no it's not cheap in comparison to a mac laptop though it's yeah it is and there's way more options as the other thing with a mac you get thirteen inch you get a fifteen inch you get it which bar or you get nothing yeah it's matter jamie takes full slate i just had it there the picture changed oh these mother fockers that's what it's called the pixel sleep oh there it is ok so those are the key a circular keys and that sort of connects to the tablet it's a great accessory like the
hang on the back like i don't know if you seen a surface tablet with a little kickstand you kind of have like a couple of notches where you can adjust it and i think the new version has infinite adjustment but this is the same thing like there's a magnet in the back of the surface or the pixel slate let's you adjust the tablet to any angle watch videos type apples the only company that makes keyboards that i know that had it better in like two thousand and twelve than they do two thousand and eighteen if you get a twenty twelve macbook you oh this is kind of better is more travel yeah you might think it's like an upgrade if they went backwards yeah yeah yeah i agree goofy what the fox say i don't know they did that yeah the weather so design oriented i mean everything looks stellar that's what it is apple has been not a victim of their own does air to make great design but they often very often make compromises sometimes to the detriment of how good a product can be to make it look better
classic example is the mac press a little circular trash can looking mac pro i can mount yeah any twelve or something like ma'am they kept them at all these promises it's this sleek modern workstation it's gonna have their z on ships and big gpus and i loved it i but it only had one fan for a six seven thousand dollar work station and they constantly overheated and with idol and eventually it was a nightmare for them wasn't that something that was going on with the latest laptops with the latest oh yeah yeah same thing same thing they made the i nine the core i nine they put in this super thin laptop they made this laptop so thin and that kept the fan speed solo 'cause it's gotta be quiet so they just battle of the cpu down so wouldn't get so hot that they had to kick up the fans that high so the actual performance even though the cpu is more powerful was not as good as the last model right that
this was talking to make it look at exactly so yeah apples been a victim of their own like desire to make things so beautiful and then they got fucked by wawe 'cause while we came along with the mate book and the mate book pro is really a better version of the mac book and into it yeah talking nailed it there's no bezels the way that webcam pops up from the the baton down interesting i don't know how a weary angles like up your nostrils actually it's like on the table level of where you're sitting and looking up at that's very odd but yeah there's a lot of great things about that but pulled up thing up mate book pro wall way but south park spying on you all day long sending the chinese government yeah while they just found some spy chip in their cell phones but the well there's a couple things that just happened with chips in hardware there's another thing about blue
third report do you see that yeah the the chips that came from all these this this server company or this company that makes the chips that sells to all these big companies like apple and and major major companies and now everyone's compromise and yes like nope not true definitely not true don't say that first not us yeah i know hundreds and i know but like yeah that's that's a really weird story put leave this may book blitz dubbed tools they are almost nonexistent so your challenge georgia's website if you're just laptop rather if you're weighing you make that now you have to convince people to switch from the mac books that they love to that yes just on looks alone they could probably do it but then there's all the other features like well it does it run mac os ten do i have imessage
have no all these other things that i like about my mac this huge touch pad right with those of a huge touch pad yes but i i'd say to this day still apple has the best laptop touchpad the multi touch stuff the battery life socially excellent as well right yeah how that shortcoming that she was perfect 'cause that's like all these x is for that yes we have great design we have better points you only have usb c on the little mac book pro we have full size yes but we have all this stuff will give off go to the mac book pro it's got bigger speakers whatever but we have a better battery life we have all this better lower price all this stuff and you still have to reconcile with what people love about their macbook pros mac os ten well there's that but there's also people love having an apple product that too they do love that like if someone i could put an apple logo on a huawei i want to have
for the love that was sent out of them yeah will be you know a some comic has a joke about texting a girl and the text message comes back in green you go dancing for because really fat people have you as people want imessage like if you're messaging someone and find out it won't send an imessage only sent a text message like us a weirdo is they have a but for like simply gave person i've been on the other side of that like i carry an iphone but i don't i text people on my android phone so i've never been on the edging side but i wonder about everyday like really what does it matter like i text you with a green bubble which apple decided first of all to differentiate imessage versus ten which is where is what who cares like well doesn't matter does look better it i'm sure they decided they i'm sure in a software update they tweak that green to make it look extra harsh well you know what it is is they figured out they figured out with pool tables a long time ago like pool tables the call
generally is green right but when they started in professional tournaments they realized that blue cloth is actually easier on the eyes you could differentiate differentiate the edges better so a lot of like really high end professional matches are played on blue cloth now it's like a light blue sky blue cloth yeah i've seen and that's yes because of the way your eyes work yeah it's something about primary colors in the cones and you're more contrast sensitive to blue something like that i don't know well it's something about the way the way white contrast with green is not quite as pleasing as white contrasting with blue but it could be the apple fuqing do with the green they give you some vomit green make it some brown color next year yeah well the color of the app is green so when they make a blue i message the app that button you press to open it as a green screen soda why not make it blue that's really true yeah what the fuck that's very good point jamie
yeah why do they do that it's still why would it be green when your son in blue messages apple we'd be dorks steve jobs dead you guys are fucked you don't know what you're doing but the the book other than that it's supposed to have a better keyboard it was of keyboard it's probably similar to that surface book and it's supposed to a better battery life yeah bezel less screen touch screen higher resolution you got to deal with windows ten which is a little bit of a pain in the ants i gotta admit it's like the updates or almost daily there's something going on with firmware or something going on with this or that or i've gotten used to it mostly though because most of what i do on my laptop is pretty web based so i'm just living in chrome or safari or whatever so it's not a big deal but then yeah once i have to go out and so in light room and do some photo work and then like suddenly i'm digging through files and i'm in windows and it's then you start to feel like you're different
yeah when you first time you have to update a driver like what is it one thousand nine hundred and ninety six the fuck is going on here i'm updating drivers i try to avoid that yeah it's just they're close though like it's way better than it was five years ago you know it five years ago you would look at windows to be like this is like some archaic pixelated came from vista to those seven to windows ten this does kind of that name and then they kinda have worked up i started with windows ninety five i used to make my own compute respect my hard my hardcore video gaming days nice i say to fry's electronics and get mother boards in the outbox and fans and i out of that online so i never went to a physical computer store to buy parts but i would have to do the whole like cross cross referencing what's compatible with what online and then put together a whole list and then just buy it and then nine boxes show
hopefully they all work yeah yeah it's the same experience yeah in sli video cards and connecting them with that cable and or mess up and break one oh yeah yeah funny but fixing it makes you feel like you did something there's something going on when you're like the jumpers for the motherboard and you're moving stuff around and it was cool yeah and then to actually go online with the computer you made yourself like this is something about this and i remember when you used to be able to do that with apple you used to be able to cyclones yeah i mean my way back in the day still in school i had a dell xps like seven hundred and thirty i think it's called this huge desktop where again you could like take this cpu cooler out put a new one it was modular fully and then apple also made this huge desktop this power mac or i don't know what it was called at the time but it was again massive you could take the graphics card out put a new one in you could take the ram out take the cpu out but it was like this
this weird system where like they're on like decks you had to like trunk like take this making metal slot out and then do the cpu there and then put it back in yeah it's really satisfying to like change the hardware and like yeah i did that and they ended up and it's like that's exactly right now it's got eight gigs of ram especially i don't know i think it's a man thing to men like changing carburetors canickel feel yeah yeah that's probably a lot to do with it too yeah that's it i think yeah i think even darker one generation after that 'cause that whole that had like basically like elevator levels to it like the top level and on the bottom level and then that hard drives in the power supply on the top like all that stuff and you can mess with that if you go over someones house they have that now you like what the fuck is wrong with you but that's the thing about like that was the most accessible modular desktop apple ever ever made an now making this promise again like alright we listened we know that little trash can mac pro is
good thermally or design wise for anyone so we're going to make a modular professional desktop mac pro again that's what they said and it's going to be next year sometime an i keep picturing that i picture them going back to the roots of like a real bona fide stop 'cause right now the most powerful imac or mac you can get is the imac pro an you can't even update the ram in the imac pro really can't update anything but black bro really yeah what you buy which you get if you buy a seven thousand dollars imac pro you will have that spec forever apple doesn't want you opening anything in that thing so when they say yeah we're going to make a modular updatable real well designed apple desktop i'm like i really hope they are doing that like exactly 'cause i love that do they have read towers anymore or no everything is an imac they had that that little trash can and then them
mac mini which is the longest since they've ever updated it i'm hoping they update it at the a month but the mac mini is the only other tower they made and that scott laptop internals so not really a true desktop so everything is is that just because of technology advance the point where you can kind of fit everything in the big screen of an imac basically yeah i mean the the imac they have those desktop internals in it but yeah like you're still gonna be restrained by like how close off that space how many fans i can fit in there so if they really want to do like a true desktop they got to open it up and make it huge which is not very like apple says conventions yeah i'm one is your you at what year is your laptop over there that's an older one right the last one before they added of the track bar right when i glows like two thousand and fifteen does yours have a dip it all to the keys yeah various
a small but that's all you need all you need is a very small dip as soon as they went with flat they they fuckedup up there's a company at refurbishes seventeen inch mac the big one the mac daddy i have a seventeen inch laptop for refurbish it and put a like a modern cpu in it they put up a big s drive like one terabyte or two terabyte ssd drive see the deal to sign allstate drive so it's instantly fires up much more ram much more everything yeah that's what they call a desktop replacement laptop yeah i was into that for a while that was like one of my that's actually how i started my channel was i bought a seventeen inch laptop i was trying to figure out which one like strikes the balance where i want to be with taking it off like once in awhile and walking around the house maybe but like planting it back here and it's my desktop it's a seventeen inch screen that was where i like started and the good thing is each p if you're at the airport an you
like cancel cancelled flight you could get a workout in just like lesson proud of you go to the side go outside that's the other thing i was on the plane with this this is like a twelve inch screen every time the guy in front of me lean back he just like smack my laptop like i had to like move it you really need twelve inch a nine inch screen probably get away with what that's twelve inches can you flip twelve thirteen screen but it's like a taller three two aspect ratio so it's not like like the smaller sixteen by nine skin would be underneath like where that guy was hitting my screen so most the bezel seems like it's on the bottom yeah yes here your chant the bottom here i mean it's pretty pretty good size bezel but like i'm still hoping for like a bezel list laptops like have you ever thought about going with the wall way not really mostly because i switched laptops so infrequently that i was just like if it's not massively better than mac book pro i don't really feel the need to switch
this came out on my radar in the last like two weeks and i decided to try it and it's been like worth i shall like i'm really into it i'm probably gonna switch back to the macbook pro in a little while once i start to run up against things like this doesn't have u s b c which is sad the weird that eventually it's going to bite me and when i do i'm gonna wanna switch back but it's like a new microsoft laptop the doesn't have u s b c doesn't really make a lot of sense it doesn't at all what to do that i have no idea i want to it's a great laptop it doesn't have the charger this weird like it's not like mag safe but it's this like slot charger thing more like goes in and out easily but also doesn't have a card reader also doesn't have really like a lot of things that i kind of hope to laptop would have yeah this thing is everything the is regular usb usb c says one or size usb port a headphone jack and what looks like
this has hdmi yeah this does not have that i'm a big on this thing and then they make they make a fifteen inch version of it as well this is the i guess i don't know how big that is so what do you do like mostly on the laptop stuff 'cause i actually writing writing and then getting online just like online bulshit but yeah no software really i'm not really running anything other than right programs microsoft word which is native right yeah yeah i mean you could we get away with any number of apps similar laptops just like so at that point you basically pick the design you like best and if it has the ports you need thing or good but if you find yourself like if i'm a the photo editing a lot and so basically i have to have some way to read memory cards macbook pro doesn't it just has a lot of usb c port so i just have that dongle plugged into usb card reader and then i'm good this one i'll have to get it the card reader also for it and then get light room and then i'm good you have get it regular usb card reader yes is like
five years ago but like it will be like two thousand and twenty and i'm like i don't want this in twenty twenty that razor pro the razor blade pro that we were talking about what's interesting about that is it has a trackpad on the right hand side like a mouse like is the mouse is on the right and then as this enormous keyboard and a mechanical key board which i'm a really big fan of i like those clicky material true desktop replacement yeah look at that thing yeah there's massive plus look at all the cool colors i have already the fifteen inch with the rgb they love their rgb i still that's razor thing 'cause they have a oh no i don't know they have it there two has rg be glowing back late it's hilarious but if that's that their own aesthetic but i am was r g b stand for just red green blue thank ok the fact that you can cycle between colors or whatever at any time is almost
most pointless like it's technically a backlight which is useful but other than that you just kinda you know you get into the game or aesthetic which is pretty fun yeah it's well it's it's a fantastic thing is you're into games like that thing literally you can play high games at very high frame rates and you know i don't know what kind of battery life it has not that great great a 4k so much juice and so much screen and that's a that's a 4k laptop with a desktop gpu in it size of 4k model versus a full hd mode model and i think the 4k has a lower max frame rate if i'm not so what is difference in full hd model so i think the full hd models a higher yeah one hundred and twenty hertz 1080p or probably sixty hertz 4k yeah so if your gaming you'll probably go to the 1080p but then you get your higher frame rates and you'll enjoy games better
but your photo editing then you'll probably go with the 4k an you get that desktop power or video editing for example but i don't think the battery the very long on a for caleb that seems hard to imagine it's so big yeah like find out what it says in terms of the battery life i give you just playing a game and you're not plugged and you're kind of far you're if yeah that guy you're walking around with the power cable all the time yeah one hundred percent walking to a new room plugging it in and then setting up there yeah which is better than a desktop technically but yeah you're walking around with the power all the time yeah the desktop technically but is it as powerful as a desktop computer model gaming desktop almost i think there is to get as close to a desktop as they reasonably can and then give you the ability to take it places quickmeme what is this
about the oh you fucking motherfucker disabled every website ever everybody's popups so gross look at this we live in now why don't want notifications from your website so great jiff the other am i saying that right jeff uh like free website where i like you go on to this you don't even get to the content it's just three hours fifty two minutes battery life movie test for just watching a movie it's still so if you're at a hundred percent you watch a movie and then it's dead the that's hilariously low yeah because if you watch a movie on a macbook pro like you got planted left after the movies over you might be able three or four movies battery ninety nine watt hour battery that's actually huge battery but still
yeah that's one of the things i like about the not this model of lenovo but some of the thinkpads have a swappable battery that you could swap while that has a lock on it what oh yeah i still do that yeah that's too bad there's an internal battery and there's an external battery so you pop out the external but which is a bit thick bandwidth do you the full jammies that goes like twenty five hours yeah an if you pop soccer out you could do it while this is still running yeah and it doesn't shut off pop the new in and bang that's what then yeah not so but i haven't had a laptop with that since like like a years ago problem it's been a long time yeah i think i think pads are mostly business oriented and that's really mostly what people use them for yeah but it's you know there's there's that but allen's of like what are you looking for like a you are you looking for something to do everything are you looking for something that's just mean most people for all of
a lot of people you can really get by with one of those google chromebooks books it have much storage at all where i'll probably end up getting my parents into a lot like if your parents grandparents don't really much of a computer but all they need to do really is email some maybe go to a website or two watch it online movie you just need a web browser so like a chrome book great yes so much is in the cloud yeah you know i mean many people keep their photos in the cloud they keep it as long as you have an internet connection you're good you're good but in terms of like local storage yeah that's so one of the things about especially when i was talking about this phone not only does only have four gigs of ram and also only has sixty four gigs of storage that's it
sixty four and a one twenty eight and there's a lot of phones now that have like two hundred and fifty six five twelve and then expandable storage via microsd and the reasoning google is giving which i actually subscribe to is everything just goes through the cloud like the only thing i keep offline is my spotify library and podcasts so my whole spotify whatever is like thirty gigs and then whatever podcasts i have is a couple more gigs i don't need a five hundred and twelve gig phone for everything i usually keep offline i have couple big apps but not really and in all the photos i get uploaded automatically to google photos in full resolution and i never really have to keep all of them locally ever taken in full resolution is on my phone even i only have a hundred twenty eight gigs of storage now can you use the google version of like whatever photo is i photo uploads
into the cloud it's really simple when you get a new phone everything loads up to it is the same thing happened with anything google is just as good an you can use it on an iphone which is you don't have to be a real photos i have photos on my iphone so every time i take great photos on this phone there on my iphone that is actually not having the app is pretty useful that's nice yeah and i know there's a thing that's one of the things that people really love about iphones that airdrop feature that's very nice yeah maybe one of the best apple only features but don't they have an android there's an android drop to now i know that because i've used it yet send things from my samsung phone to my apple phone um possibly so there's it's not like a first party thing so nfc is useful when i want to send something between two android phones that ifc but
this is something i recently i wasn't really using airdrop until recently and then i was like oh wait i do have a mac n iphone i can just transfer files back and forth and asked we started doing that in the office a lot which we have a bunch of macs and iphones in the office so we started like passing files back and forth and then one day i was trying to do it on my android phone and i was like wow this is like a bummer after go into like drop box and upload it and then download it and it just this couple extra steps were a pain and it made me really appreciate how good airdrop is but there just pretty it was really good at making things super simple like you know you don't ever really have to update things until the os updates and it's pretty rare yeah everything works really good you don't really even worry about viruses or anything like that there's a lot they do that's really excellent yeah but i feel like they're running on the momentum of steve bob's maniacal vision you know yeah
yeah there's been a lot of change your apple is not the same since since no more steve which is true obviously but they're also like their momentum it's like how can you not like right there and saying they they're trillion dollar company now they continue to make eye phones that look the same that they did nine years ago like why not yeah and if people keep buying them of course they'll probably never have reason change it's just a different kind of company now before i mean he was like jan generally regarded as an asshole like crazy yeah whip cracking mike you yeah just just a nut like there's that famous thinking of him trying to use i forget what the device was wasn't using it wasn't working during one of his age yeah i remember that live any through it yeah you like it it was casual but is hilarious it was like there was anger to it though well because someone definitely got fired like within minutes of that happening yeah yeah he's and that's happened
on stage like things mess up onstage lee yeah it's going to happen a couple years ago there is an apple event worth i'm pretty sure steve is on stage trying to get something to work like in a demo and if you're a ben or seen like an apple event like the tire audience or half of it half of the audience is just people typing like blogging like exactly what's going on so they're all connected to the internet there live blogging yeah so steve is like get me one of work but look at his face this is the thing like back that up a little bit and give me some volume like this not turning on here yeah take that ok hello turn it on will and ask her to see if we can turn it on there's an anger
yeah well you know he was like you mother fuckers that my speech after the show who was definitely doing well yeah yeah so there's another event where like something wasn't working and he's like i need everyone in this room to turn your wi fi off so that this will everyone i need everyone to stop blogging close your laptops get off the wi fi and then this will work and i was kind of like a couple minutes of like have that's funny maybe is he serious and like slowly like everyone did closer seems like everyone everyone get off the wi fi everyone close your computer right now and this is going to what was the issue i don't remember exactly it's been some wireless related getting something to load or work but that was pretty hilarious
i feel like if you want things to operate at the speed of apple when he was alive you kind of have to be a crazy yeah you have to have that next level first we need a vision of what you wanted to be and then you need to be insane enough to try to get people to do that well he also was courting to is this it right here safari down i don't know what's going on the four minute video but this is yeah so is failing to load so everyone is using the local wi fi and wi fi is just getting taxed event wi fi is getting crushed
this is verizon yeah at and t at sign up yeah yeah there's a seven wifi that from the military said it five years so all right yeah at twenty minutes later she's now yeah if you want to why what five hundred and seventy five base stations operating in this room okay we can't deal with that so what i'm more really great i'd like to show them so we are
all the stuff and see the demos for we give up and i don't show you the dentures would you want peter runs hoping he'll just like try again and they don't have to turn it off yeah six to one all down on the floor and all i like to help each other we give them the whole crowd as everyone the only reason they're there to live life yeah and portable war so like right one last week's steve's telling me to turn the wi fi off thirty minutes based that's another thing like face time is another proprietary thing that apple has it's really excellent and it's built in to the contacts it works perfectly it just
everyone with an iphone you can do it with them just pau i would like that's a massive i message or like to the biggest reasons people refuse to and try an android phone so i'm like alright well clearly google's mission should be to get imessage on android right like that should be like a apple will never let that happen they know that they can hold people hostage on ios as long as they want if they can't get imessage anywhere else in that time and things like that i message facetime airdrop walled guard yep yeah wonderful walled garden they hope that this whole ecosystem yeah it's real it's a real major advantage yeah it really is and they've got that nailed they really do tools tried to make their own versions of these things too well just like they
to do google plus and everybody was like yeah good luck with that i have a friend who was an executive google it was hilarious she was always telling me how great google plus is my touch it's dead in the water thing is google plus google plus even though only like nine people used it it was great i'm sure is really good like all the things that they let you do that i wish facebook would let us do like sharing with certain groups of people and like all these different things with circles it was kind of a shitshow with like how they did it but it's good like it was good anyway so it's going to die now and that's kind of sad it is not killing it yeah they had this whole security breach thing which is also story but then eventually they're like you know it were shutting it down yeah i want to call my go ha ha told you so it's going to be it's going to be finally no more google plus but like google keeps trying to do this they keep calling it like universal message service everyone's like oh imessage for android you're going to make your own
great and then make a allo duo hangouts like they have all these half halfway there things that kind of tie into android and are sort of like facetime and i message but not really it's just not well done and it's not convincing anyone i know there's been some third party attempts to figure out how to put my message on android phones and that you can get like some sort of an app that allow you to use i messages and probably really clunky and forwarding yeah yeah i haven't tried that i haven't either i imagine it's horrible i have the note nine like i said and i was thinking about switching over to it and i was like i'll use this pen i never use a pen once yeah that's that's the thing i as if you are i'm always trying to figure out what is a real genuine use it everyday feature that's worth paying extra for and what is a cool demo feature
it will get you to brag about the phone and show your friends but you'll never use it yeah always been split on the s pen is that a thing people really use all the time and i've been kind of somewhat convinced there's people who like yeah use the s pen every day i take notes on my phone i use that app and i'm like i try i try i had this little point where i was like yeah i'm going to lock screen notes every time i want to remember something i'm going to write it down and i just never got into it so like i'm usually pretty good about like dividing things into buckets of like yes this is something we will use and is worth paying this is dumb but it's really cool the demo and it will just sell people and they never use it again those two buckets are very clearly yes pencil has been in the middle in the lock screen thing is weird too because it doesn't work that smooth screen none better yeah it's a little clunky and then you don't
just get it right there it saves it to notes yet to go to noting it get out of the notes app yeah yeah a well i am but my thought was i'm gonna use this and i put my set list on my phone or anytime i go to the lockscreen the the set list to be there i just feel school go through my set list when i go on stage yeah doesn't work out there now i gotta go to notes what is this then yeah yes this it's just kind of weird halfway there talk to someone who's like yeah by the note every year 'cause i gotta have the pen like i asked to be someone out there that's why i think well one thing that this is kind of cool about it that i've never used once but kind of cool about it is the fact that you can use that pen as a remote control that's definitely like photographs firmly in the second bucket like great demo look i'm halfway across the room taking a selfie that's cool right yeah yeah then you'll never use it never use it
and then also using it as a remote control for music and for video you can map it all kinds of crazy things it's actually a really well thought out feature that gets bluetooth and the has its own battery now so you put the battery in the phone and it charges the stylus very quickly in a couple seconds you get like half the battery like it's really well thought out yeah but am i ever going to use them probably not the batteries huge too it's got a four thousand milliamp battery as opposed to the iphone which is what thirty even the big ones i get thirty one at three thousand two hundred is that that little yeah but i mean iphones have never needed that the number on paper big to be well optimized the software but they've done tests where they did benchmarked between the note and the iphone x what is it max tennis ten s max yeah it's not did the did the no crushes it yeah yeah i know at samsung's
i'm better with optimization too which is awesome that they crush it they they used to be kind of scared batteries notes yeah i wonder what the hell of it they finally gotten better at that and they're they're doing really well it's amazing they bounce back from that at all because of died in city i don't think and i'd will someone guy i don't so what happened to him but there was a famous guy who's a tech guy who died because his bat exploded in his house caught on fire and he died in the fire really i don't know what phone he was using though do some some i don't think it was the note cryptocurrency guy add follow the note pretty closely 'cause that was i had a couple of am just 'cause like i was in the middle of reviewing it and using it i carried one every day starts getting bad and starts getting caught on fire you can't fly with it like i follow that all very closely and all the cases of this start off with not only where the note seven starting to explode but they started recall lemon sending people replacements and then the replacements started to explode
point i was like this is amazing i need to follow this very closely he a blackberry anneli way and they don't know which one exploded probably one way problems assassination has a weird actually was a ceo so cradle fund ceo nazrin hassan and it cut its whole house on yeah he died after smartphones potent catches fire in his bedroom that is really extreme yeah what's the best way to go they can't mess around so like one that's when your phone starts exploding in your samsung like you have to get you have to fix that there was a famous video of the guy who parked his car in the driveway and put his phone in the charger and left it there and he came outside to his car bursting into flames his whole car was on fire god that's horrible especially in a gas car with literal flammable liquids in right yeah luckily it wasn't in his garage susan's driveway that is not fuck
yeah it's amazing they bounce back from that though because they really have yeah they're actually that's been impressed with their reputations so like in the reviewer community of like i watch it all my friends videos about the note when it came out we stopped explosion jokes this year i noticed that we the galaxy note seven how the explosion jokes note eight came out all the explosion jokes that will last year it exploded guys so what have they done this year is better now we're no nine and i think we're kind of over it today as well that's today though i mean this short cycle of news today like things come and go so quickly i wonder if that would have happened to an iphone what kind of nightmare that would have been i also think there's probably no way it would have happened to an iphone like you would think there's no way would happen the same song but somehow it did but like there's this whole process of like getting a battery supplier for your phone and then s trusting their quality testing and then use that's a buyer for manufacturing all that
and i don't know how different processes for samsung versus other manufacturers like apple but it just seems like apple would never let that sort of oversight slip i wonder but if it did how crazy with that well sam sun comes out with new phones way quicker right they so they come out with phones more often but they update their line ups at the same rate like once a year for note and also once a year for galaxy s but since there are six months apart it looks like they may four new phones in so we're going to get a new phone every april galaxy s10 will come out in april okay galaxy note in september right well it's only six months well that's part of a different line ups like galaxy s is every near galaxy knows every year they have all these other line up so they make a lot more phones for sure
they still do in the sport because they had that sport model active yeah i think they are still it's not nearly as special seeming to them as a used to be these are really like put a separate commercials for it and they they have like all this high i'm of a galaxy s seven active was a big deal yeah i don't even know if there is a galaxy s nine act i don't believe there is right now it was a rumor that it was coming out and it was going to be completely waterproof and shock resistant it's gonna have a rubberized case and it is going to have an enormous battery life that they haven't released it then i was going to have the same size battery as the note nine but regular size nine screen so four thousand no and battery but in the s nine screen right which would been massive yeah i mean it's just that we've been incredible i guess people just invite as much yeah i don't think people knew about it i think it's one of those deals yeah
i love battery life i'm always scared of my phone is going to run out of battery i know it's ridiculous 'cause it very rarely does but i'm always like fuqua if it runs out of battery yeah i hear about like the iphones sorry not being so good like i've heard that the the regular has better battery life than the access max because the max has the larger screen i think the i think they're about the same i think its standby time on the tennis max is better because of the your battery the when you do use your screen a lot they kind of diminished down to the same number i think and as i iphone ten are which just started using seems to have a better battery life than both of them is the less expensive seven hundred fifty dollars ips lcd version of the iphone ten yeah the color is now how much of a factor is that
in every day use do you notice the difference battery life you know the image quality not being as good with the different screen yeah that's the only factor right of the internal components the same they are the same as one gig less of ram weirdly but yeah the internals of what is in standard one have six so four gigs of ram every moron still in and then three gigs in the ten and then also one camera instead of two and then an aluminum rail aside i called a rail but the outsides aluminum instead of stainless steel so the i the shiny stainless steel outside yeah the screen is still pretty decent i know everyone likes to trash because it's only eight hundred and twenty eight pm so it's like a 720p screen flea this is the are the are but like using they're just looking at it it looks fine and
apple iphone eight yeah exactly it's the same pixel density as an iphone eight which is fine for most people so if you get too caught up on the number which is not the typical iphone ten our buyer then it's going to look bad but if you just look at the screen and use it which is most people walking in a store and just say hey this looks fine and it's two hundred and fifty dollars cheaper i think i'll just get this one that's why i think that nr is going be a great seller for apple yeah it sounds like it now when you switch to those battery pack cases that's now you have a break in your pocket it's huge yeah i've never really phone already too so a six point one inch screen on that ten r and then this big battery on the back yet it's just going to be yeah i don't know i mean i haven't seen any access max with a case that has a battery in it but she's i wouldn't even try this is not good anymore but it's great if you go on a trip somewhere trip somewhere you might be in some janke face it doesn't have power like a travel very
yeah just big old brick case yeah like case person yeah you don't have any cases cases you switch so often even if you drop them that's with a sim card out i still take good care of my fonts did you get a new phone every two weeks you might be right but i still take really good care my phones i actually did kind of getting out of my car are the slid out of my pocket which is kind of a nightmare and it took one bounce before i like sort of half caught it so i got little scratch on the corner that's google phone google phone but it's fine so i always question people that don't have cases like you're one of those people my friend andrew tino he doesn't put a case anything and he didn't have a good he he was a more than a design persons like like a beautiful this is what the case in this that's part of it but neil degrasse tyson had a really interesting perspective he said he takes his case he flips it around his hand constantly and he said
go to like watch like cadets when they're learning how to handle guns getting the gun around catching as why do you think they're doing that they're doing that they're always able to catch their gun no matter what they have they have it so he takes his phone and he flips it around his hand because that's always acted like a cadet so this is about my phone and he it means like flipping between his fingers like i like see but that's him he's got next level yeah i thought process behind everything even if they're not having a case that i mean he's not a case person he's got us on yeah that's fine i actually like the case i like this case which is eckley your case and the reason why i like it is because it's more grippy in your hand it's just there's more i found a slippery i phones are the slippery as phones there and the way their shape they have the stainless steel and then they kind of just melt into this like or be shape and it's by far the most common
like slide out of my pocket phones the iphone this phone is never slid out of my pocket obviously and the one plus you said that was your favorite phone before the google pixel three yep and what what why do you like the pixel three better than that phone because of their great things about the one plus yeah i love the one plus still and i would have no problem using it today but this camera is so much better than every other phone yeah now is that because you take a lot of photos for you too been blogging and that kind of thing yeah just social i tweet a lot of photos instagram a lot of photos and i do that much better yeah them better yeah then the one plus which is already a six and our phone and the one plus one i mean the the galaxy note nine supposed over good cameras well i can't tell the difference i'm not
right after so can you most people won't until you put them next to each other and then you kind of got interesting there is a much like when you put an iphone photo next to a pixel photo i phones have notoriously great cameras schools have interest a great cameras you might be totally fine with either one but he put them next to each other you will notice massive differences between the rails yeah what do so did you do any comparisons that are online that we could pull up right now my last one i compared pixel two to iphone ten to one plus five t two other phones i did like a five camera blind test and what i did was i put the five photos next to each other but didn't tell you which one is which may be cd or e and you go down
listen i have like seven hundred and eighty nine photos in a row abc dearie pick your favorite one a lot of people went with be a lot of people went with the and they didn't know which one it was not the end i revealed which one was which and a lot of people were surprised by which one they picked oh wow i picked the pixel over iphone every time really interest and a lot of times when you put them side by side you'll notice like iphones like to boost the shadows a lot more so that there are much more wiggle it yeah this is ok this side so abcdef which one do i like better and i ready can tell immediately which one is the pixel and you might not be as iraq i remember pixel two had cooler colors and more contrast any other one and this is kind of like the yeah so another thing about these is helps the see in a high resolution because the difference in detail and sharpness between them is another thing i paid attention to which ones eat i want to say that
so one plus but i forget what i want to know i'm pretty sure be is the pixel 'cause great backpack is starting to look a little bit blue and i was a big characteristic of the pixel two from last year right and there was a big issue with the screen as well right the to the plo excel yeah look at this contrast like you he like all these are like pretty good but when you see be and you see how much more contrast it has and you look at a and how much you like living in the shadows yet you've got you've got a pretty even and is also the one plus i don't remember what it is go back to the video switched them around with nine one every time it was the same as the same every time b is the same every time i know i'm already pretty sure that b is the pixel go to go to the top left one with a selfie so again like that gray sweatshirt is starting to look blue and be right in e come much higher brighter those the shadows are like my black hair looks kind of grey at that point in time when
there's a lot of things you don't notice until you put them side by side yeah but so nitpicky they all look so good they all look pretty much like the same and see but see your little closer up yes he is little either some ago see is the iphone because the phone is has a a little bit of a tighter selfie camera a lot of android phones have a wider angle selfie camera 'cause you can fit more people in them but apples always told me they go with the tighter angle because there's less distortion and they want to feel more natural and just take a picture of yourself and you look great and here we go iphone x not eat ok so you know two and hassle but i did add a real camera into the into the mix and my real camrose preferred good yeah i hope so there's a real camera film or is that video as well so it's a photo so it's a medium format fifty megapixel hasselblad x one d so crazy camera iphone
it pretty damn good right there does but there's just a little bit more to the pixel to excel two it has so this is a portrait mode comparison so i remember i was trying to test like the blurry background versus an actual good camera whenever you look at these portrait mode photos what they're doing is they're sort of trying to outline the subject keep it sharp and then blur the background artificially and year after year they've gotten better at this because the fall off between the blur isn't just like a cut out in real life you get sort of like a gradient of how much blur you have so pixel two has typically the sharpest cut out and the best like separation between the background where the iphone kind of just takes the face keeps the face sharp and then sort of has a more natural fall off so your body might not be in focus uh and note eight ash is not as good
yeah and that image that's a really that in that one you really see how good the pixel two is yeah like that six oh three got better at that actually yes so and now you can change something note was doing last year you can change how blur the background is sign on to now pixel three note nine all of them you can change how blurry the back now i notice you have an apple watch on though i do best smart watch in the game which is emmitt smith not by a lot dealing yeah that's why i'm an iphone person really because of the watch i carry two phones all the time an android phone of choice and an iphone of choice so my android phone of choice is my pixel that's the main number the main phone i usually use and my iphone of choice okay 'cause they're still things that iphones do better i always carry whatever the my wife is a lot of things it's media related it's like whenever i'm air dropping like
publishing a video on the go like i have the thumbnail from airdrop on this phone but just things like snapchat add instagram instagram stories instagram live a lot of apps with camera stuff are better optima on the iphone then they are on any android phone 'cause they're built for iphone so i carry an iphone and the best smart watch is the apple watch series four so i wear an apple watch series four 'cause it's good it's really good but you don't get text messages on your apple watch that now i don't but i but do you want them uh yeah yeah i would love to be able to use a smart watch this good with my android phone still haven't found one good but i'm i'm mainly in using this for fitness tracking now which is kind of entertaining just like keeping track of work outs in calories and standing hours knowledge
if it does yeah this son i was talking to you before the show but the sober october fitness challenge for doing this the first time i've ever worn a heart monitor and then the scene actual scores yeah there's a real real crazy motivating factor of seeing an actual number the game of game of fitness is really entertaining to maine and it's kept me like i've usually don't very smart watch for very long but i think it's been about a month and i just keep like so there's a feature where you can challenge people to a one week long challenge to whoever burns the most calories and has the most points or whatever it is like point system right and that gamification of fitness has been i think pretty special well this contest has been really crazy with me and my friends so what you trying to do well we if the winner is going to get a belt wwe style belt that says intergalactic sober october champion and it has like
marijuana leaf for the line through it and dot call booze line through it and you wear these things which is it's called a mine zone and it works with an app works pretty good it registers your amount of your heart rate the amount of calories you burn and it gives you point system in the point system is i don't know what it what they call it eps i don't know what it stands for but this uh the amount of it's over the month is what everyone shooting for right and so today we're at october the 23rd so we have eight days to go an i have worked out more in these twenty three days then i have in like the last six months and i'm not exaggerating yeah i put in five one slash two hours yesterday hard we got more than nine hundred points then after podcast i said fuck it we're going to go for another hundred and i were
and i got another hundred points put in another hour it's monday cool 'cause you you actually see the number and because could see the number i could see all my friends numbers yeah and i'm way ahead so on what i'm i'm just keep telling them that i'm twisting the blade cuz i'm so far ahead like right now i am one thousand five hundred points away from everybody else albert's trying to i've got again that slob so when you see somebody catching up like a lot better hit the gym exactly so i'm planning on staying so far ahead that they must die in order to beat me iphone or the apple watch when you have people connected with the fitness part of it it will literally notify me when one of my friends has finished a workout and tell me like how good there were how many points they just got as they finish it like you you hit the finish button and you know everyone's getting a notification that's interest
so i'm going to put in the extra four five miles on the bike so if they get that notification that i did that it really does work i mean there's no doubt about it just having that external motivating factor and then seeing a number there's something about like with this with the maps me ps whatever the fuck that stands for final that stands for i don't even know what that stands for and i don't know how the apple watch measures points either i think there's a 'cause it's i mean it there's a lot of sense as in this thing so not only is a heart rate monitor this next time around there any gyroscopes who knows when you're standing knows when you're moving quickly and i did it basically just comes up with a points number at the end of the day hi every time i fly i just don't get any points because i just sit there right but yet there's like a live counter constantly going of like you and your friends got to have the highest number two also out of all the stuff that you do during my zone effort points that's what it is it's the maps points but here's the thing about that maps points and we were trying to figure out why it does
it gives you the same amount of points for eighty percent of your max heart rate as it does for ninety so like the first day i said i'm just going to sprint and try to bury these guys so i put them ninety percent for thirty five minutes i was like they can't do that gonna to do some should they can't do but it give you any more points for ninety percent ninety percent gives you exact amount of points is eighty percent so it's their own proprietary see those two there fires piece of shit so it's so dumb so i think the reason why they did that is to keep people from killing themselves that's what i think yeah just just get somewhere in the age of ninety green fat burn is always in the two and three fat bird gets in yellow ed slott i know a lot of it around waddling around with blue and green mostly gray gets a lot of great he'll get gray for hours just water when complaining thinking about vodka dreaming about food
in waxes and hit the gym and me is on the just the gym right now is jim right now trying to catch up so is playing catch up yeah the thing you just said he's gonna stay yeah when you fall believes in the distance you gotta think of as wolves barking in the distance chasing you like no fucking way you're not eating me bich is ten miles away or not going to get you but wolves one hundred yards away they gonna get another getting cash you got we gotta keep the distance ten mile away too far ten miles that you want to hear you don't want to you want to be saying at least just lobby so he's going to double everything i do look at fat face that's not even possible yeah baby it's all stop this before i throw up yes it's he's so far behind some possible to win but that's the point the point is to keep the keep the boot on his neck
yeah this is only does seven day challenges so you basically like you get you start it they accept and then accounts for next seven days all your cumulative points well that would be then you just do four and they just keep going yeah your dues yeah that's all the challenge aspect of it it's it's really mean all jokes aside it's been really fun with my friends poor tommy bunce way behind i was going on tom secure is way behind he's like one thousand eight hundred points behind me or not busy like saving today might be might be sand bag drop a wrestling full strength all day you saw you store them up in your in this device and then you sink so you could and they're not doing any work i could stand no one knows then the last day like you son of a pig shows on line he's ten thousand points ahead just got real issue so the is just keep the work rate at an almost impossible level so i guess like i said i worked out five
half hours and then another hour yeah and today i've already put in two hours and put in two hours at seven hundred o'clock this morning so i'll tell him doesn't have any thing is i'm putting two hours in at yellow i'm hitting eighty percent for two hours fat burts out there waddling around with a dog pretending working hard making videos that's he i like gray and a little bit of blue he maybe green little green then he takes a break cries it is numbers are low but not near the lower than mine that's a fact more yes last night and this morning than he has in the whole day the other thing notes my problem when i i play frisbee so i take the watch off when i play because it's a risk constantly like new play claim like that frisbee disc but i've also have frisbee yeah so
i take it off every time i plan i know that's thousands of points that missing out on what is disc golf verses ultimate frisbee difference this call is what it sounds like there is you played eighteen holes on your throwing and walking is it filling it out are you showing your frisbee look at you there you'd get an error son so ultimate frisbee is different ultimate frisbee you can think of as kind of like football basque are you throwing that frisbee with the left and the right hand yeah mostly one end sometimes you throw a little off and why don't you switch the soccer to the left hand it's i don't know there's something about wearing something on my wrist of like throwing and catching then it's just not you're so serious about it you will lose points yeah if i really had to wear it for a week to get i did hear you really playing competitive here so this is all i'm pretty sure this is all pro highlights but you guys are pro there is professional ultimate
now in your playing professionally i'm playing professional ultimate frisbee whoa this actually really fun yeah wow there's a lot of you two thousand sixteen eastern conference offensive player of the year the name baby market is gone can simply do you have a big hands are probably helps in the sport right definitely this is a fun play with this i want all snacks that guy that i just roofs scored like fifteen points against us i which is a lot yes cs roof roof to roof deck ultimate also meant frisbee on there's all kinds of this yeah it is all term for a common one is you skied someone but roofed alike because it's a disk it's above his head whenever you ma somebody what does that ma someone boss like randy moss oh like grandma's own up for football in his chest is at your leg head level right
asset mossing someone looks like but there other words for it so you might i can't believe you're doing this without your your on what you because you're so serious about it somebody's yeah you're losing so many points wow do you do any training conditioning to prepare for this yes the season is months long so yes i am where in season now this season just ended so we're just basically building i lose like fifteen pounds during the season so like putting that back on and you to like out season in like february or march i and then you just start getting it throws back at cardio back and starting to work into it and then the season starts i would think that like leg strength explosive power like doing box jumps and things along those lines to be huge for you yes so there's different like
sort of like basketball or football there's different sort of types of players you can sort of diff there's so many things explain a frisbee there is a thrower isn't catchers you might column so handlers and receivers a lot of shorter faster people who aren't as x soon but are really really quick our our yes now go around the squirrel around and they'll have awesome strength and they'll be able to throw anywhere but they won't necessarily go down field and try to go score on someone because they're not as tall or as explosive meanwhile a lot of cutters receivers are you can think of sort of like a wide receiver in football they're going downfield in there the athletes going and making plays in error and they're hard to guard down field but there necessarily scrolling around throwing a lot they're just catching dumping it off to another through our and then going for some more yards again so if you watch the game unfold it's very fluid you constantly switch between off
defense like basketball you're scoring in an end zone and then the points over and then pull again to start but as the points going on kind of notice like certain play these are mostly doing certain things like mostly throwing mostly getting the disk back other people are mostly going downfield threatening deep there's a lot of how did you get involved in this high school i went to columbia high school invented this sport in nineteen sixty eight wow have very competitive team for the years that i was there and i made a lot of friends on the team started playing i play for the jv team for the first two years and then i played for the varsity team my second two years so those pretty serious program and we played against other high schools around the country we traveled we flew while playing against that we had rivals in massachusetts and connecticut and all these other schools and we had the big eastern champion
at the end of the high school season that was that's what we all played for we went eleven straight state championships the two years that i played that's incredible i did not know this is even a thing anymore there's a rich history to it yeah yeah 50th anniversary this year that is so crazy i would have never guessed said one was ultimate frisbee invented it was like a couple months ago yeah well it's so the pro league just is less than ten years old so there's it's been the sort of club meeting of club soccer like area teams there's always been that so i've played for the new jersey garden state club team for much longer than i play for any proteins and that's generally what players take the most seriously the club championships where this past weekend the new york area team beat the san francisco area team to win nationals like that's generally what people care the most about but it's not very spectator friendly so what we've sort of created is the a
cdl is the american ultimate disc league it's a pro version of frisbee it's mainly the same sport but a little bigger field and a little bit faster play just 'cause they've shortened the stoppages and they have referees and everything now and there is selling tickets and selling merch in jerseys and like broadcasting games and have a pro championship at the end of the year so that's that's been like a whole new thing for frisbee players to pay attention to an i've i've played for a protein as well pascal years and it's been pretty fun well i buy it because i'm just watching that clip was really exciting and it looks fun an these aren't getting any brain damage yeah that's a big deal it's about the same level of contact's basketball i would say perfect so you're not like throwing elbows or anything but there are files so you gotta be careful about where you're throwing your body around but you know that's going to happen 'cause people are running at each other but exactly you're not worried about tackles
thanks a lot bye yeah last night i tried the cross those not it's ridiculous people hit each other with sticks for all that has a lot do you mess around with vr at all yes i have a htc vive that's been the most common use of vr we have a live in the studio ann the two games that come to mind the most are called super hot out if you played that no and beat saber i try to play but my kids dominate this the vr thing yeah they come in here and like get out of here they pushed me away and there's a line there's a there's a lot of fun stuff so i like so so super has a fun one it's a shooting game strategy game type thing mmhm so you're so super how again your nvr seorang this thing and it's a bunch of stick figures trying to kill you
and they're running downstairs running around corner is shooting at you trying to kill you but time only moves when you move so if you hold still you can look around and like in the headset where people are in sort of evaluate like ok i can i can pick up this object in hurt somebody with it is it right here yeah this is okay very crude looking video yeah it's super bear affect again stick figures trying to kill you now but it's like a strat the game in that you sort of have to evaluate where you're at and not look on too much and then as soon as you start to move and throw things everyone else is trying to kill you also and so you can sort of dodge it's as they come around because you don't move when you see them and you there is a lot of cool stuff to this game so i got really into i didn't get to this level which is probably yeah you gotta dodge all these bullets flying at you turn around throw something at him
there's a a boxing game well there's several boxing games but vr yeah that are really good and there they give you a workout because there's uh i'm in front of you and he's throwing punches in your bobbing and weaving like full speed punching him yeah yeah and they look good like it looks like like you're in the ring and the guys looking at jews mean mugging in it throws punches your way when you get hit you see a flash of white that's ok yeah i tried that now yeah fine but i think with the with the haptic feedback suit especially if you could put something there it is right here a new one this is others a new one to create video cast see off of the rack new rocky movie they can block yeah follow up damaging in regions kind exposed for all right thank the rockies are janice they give us but when you're doing it like we did it out here in the hallway my feet were hurting
because i was moving and shifting left and right and throwing punches and bouncing off my toes after was always like to my fucking feet are exhausted yeah well how you doing girls in more so than it would be if i was actually sparring there's actually sparring i don't think i would think throw as many punches in such a quick succession yeah be more worried about getting get back and actually getting punched but when you're doing it's really interesting now that's i got adrian okay there's also the is this in the fall h h u c five two it is yeah this is came out for all ok yeah the other one the other called beat saber it's a you can think of as like guitar hero but you're holding like light sabers as i yeah my kids love that i run past you i love that and things are flying that year and they're hitting them yeah that that is
really well done yeah game this on to really well done once there's a there's a great one that you're in a castle and you have like an old school bone and arrow and then disease almost like south park good monsters graphics anyway yeah and they're like it's still kind of cartoony but like graphics are crisp enough that you like feel like you cartoon character in a way yeah yeah yeah yeah it's it's really cool and you know like there's actual physics to the arrow like when you show we did certainly you have to lift your arm up to get the ark of the arrow correct to hit it things yeah yeah yeah it's good so i think about vr just because as a video maker you're making content for the platform that people view it on and we started to get this little creeping up of like three hundred and sixty videos getting really good and like interesting application of of three sixty video and still kind of early and i don't really know if it's going to take off for its it was just this like medium
stepping stone format to what might be a more immersive saying maybe just a are is going to be way better i don't know yet but i pay a lot of attention to it just 'cause it's it's new yeah a r fascinating as well i mean we we discuss what was it magic the person i would it was the microsoft one that's the other one hololens is microsoft and then magically does its own thing i haven't tried either actually yet which one was the one where the ballerinas dancing in your hand magic leap but which one is that the one that people are saying is kind of vaporware short of storage room i would imagine that that screen on that phone what have some sort of similar i'd set technologies like light field technology yeah i didn't talk about that
and we're stuff with your eyes this is weird so this phone has a what a client i'm not i'm gonna commemorate the calling out is there a need wifi for it actually it's got a 3d screen a glasses less 3d d and you you he has a 3d d screening you look at media on it and it's supposed to sort of pop out that's right at the top yeah doesn't have to be lower case is lower case no it doesn't is it this is real t balance yeah but basically it can look like that but you can't have things actually popping out above the screen so things on the screen will look 3d but anything like outside of the screen won't it's kind of hard to explain wow
and so this is for video games or for other things as well so at this point and what they're trying to do is have media like photos and videos pop out like about so not just games they're going to have games as well but they have shared with me a couple of like media files that are like a good use of the 3d and i'm curious what you think of them because they are definitely like stretch here so it's hologram me holographic is the word they used but it's hard to explain and it's kind of trippy wow through this is weird and there there's different like so there's a movie trailer version of it where there's like things coming towards you and i think that's maybe the best this is that i've seen it's impossible to show on cam
i've tried many different times now this will never show up on camera this is this is odd yeah is there an issue like people have to make stuff for this so so any content you have to shoot forty four view they call it four of you or they can take existing content and convert it to four view but that's a little less successful usually so it's really strange but the cameras in the back they have two cameras on the back and you can shoot for review the cameras on the hydrogen it's crazy what i'm looking at right now is topa graphic maps yeah wow amazing man so there's it's hard to tell again like i try to separate things into buckets of this is something you're going to use every day and love or this is a total gimmick that you'll never use again an
me i started with it in the bucket of this is kind of like a gimmick but they've put so much effort into making it good and these different conversion techniques and let's see if i can find a clip but if they've been constantly changing the algorithms and adjusting it and updating it to look better that it's starting to convince me that it might be like worth paying attention to for more than just the first two seconds this is amazing do you think you would like use it all the time no memories are now but still made but it's still pretty cool right it's it's very cool but how much better is it than regular video that that and how long can you like look at it before your eyes started right tweak a little i'm i'm already going north but it looks good it does
looks really good it looks cool it's kind of interesting but so you can take we take photos and videos with the camera on the phone that are in this 3d and that's maybe the best use of it as you can see like what's actually in the room around you the way it would show up in like a direct translation how much of an impact does it have on storage size not much i mean there's still video files and their like big 4k videos but they're not necessarily devices big around like like that it looks all but but then regular radio looks pretty cool too when you go into the viewfinder you go from two d to three d then you can take photos videos of things in that format so if you this is weird man take if you take capture and then look at it and you kind of like move going around a little bit it's kind of like shimmery in a weird way but kind
d sort of this is very odd it's very hard to explain yeah you you have to look at through this thing like you would never be able to show this to someone in a video yeah exactly like i'm looking at these plastic sell little figurines and as i move forward and backward you really get a sense of 3d yeah that's pretty badass so i gotta figure out how to show it in the video of like you can't i just have to yeah he's my words kind that's amazing now in that's a wild probably common as pro come in it's really gonna be something we're all going to have to deal with yeah i'm interested if you ask read the tell yet is the future everything is going to be like this i'm like you got it i think you have to say that at this point reading movies were a big deal get those stupid glasses and yeah i mean that was kind of like yes this is what it's genuinely good like you use in portrait and landscape glasses less 3d is usually only one
or the other because of polarization so this is a lenticular technology i don't know exactly how it works but you can use in portrait or landscape you can play games with it and things will react in depth of space in the game well the first video that you showed me is really interesting too because it's essentially like a topic graphic map yeah so it's like you're paying attention to depth yeah you're looking at the layers of the mountain in the hillside so so yeah it this actually was kind of weird seeing these little figurines and moving towards them in real life yeah that's what i think is that that's the best way to calibrate tear i like what it's doing if you just look at like a video of it you're like right it looks 3d like it's coming at me and they had a couple like a movie trailer type of thing where like again like it
mostly shot for this format and things would like kind of go past you and the speakers are also really good so they have this sort of a three d conversion technique for audio as well where it sort of goes behind you but yeah it's definitely interesting yeah did you mess around with google glasses when they first came out it did what did you okay this is this going to be something i guess i probably did it was a glass is weird it was ahead of its time but also like not really yeah like i had it i was in college so so it's like i can't wear it to class or like walk around i guess i could walk around hoboken with it but the idea of an augmented reality this little screen that i could just check the weather and then look back down or check my text and look back down it was like it could be cool
but also if you look at someone wearing google glass like that guys wearing google glass you can't get around it where people would get angry at people for wearing it too is adding cameron filming me what are you doing yeah that was another thing is i tried out don't even say the name like another like much newer version of that where again it was like at a small projection to a prism that would you get see but no one else could and it would fit into something that looked more like regular glasses so had a battery it had everything but it didn't have a camera and you still had a screen that you could look up into the corner too and i was like well i wonder if i'll notice the difference between regular glasses and i went down and i met the guys who are showing it to me the immediately i was like that guys wearing it i can see it i can see little light in his eye i can see like the extra thick glasses so it was like it's it's interesting concept and i don't know where it goes from here if it has to be glasses based or if will eventually have
some sort of a chip in her eye or what the deal is what the next move is but it's a cool concept yeah it's one of the things that sort of it's kind of been flirting with like for the longest time people thought virtual reality was going to be mean there was a virtual reality concepts twenty years ago yeah virtual reality is going to be the future and then it took a long time for the hardware to catch up i think minted reality has a more promising immediate future because it's more useful yeah but reality has like the immersion factor going for it the problem is you have to make a whole you have to make a whole were old so augmented reality is just like some layer on top of your current world see get like a little screen or whatever or you look at one particular thing it looks different from real life that's easier to build for virtual reality you have to build the whole world thank you yeah step into yeah that's like
much much deeper layer of immersion which is great to step into but also hard to make so that's the difference i think i'm more into a are at the moment well i think they are in the sense of having all the functions of your phone in front of you in the air when you call upon them yeah kinda movie yeah like a like someone in a movie or like iron man even like they just like well i guess yeah rather than like close it only they could see that like that's the feature and have some hey siri type you know hopefully not demand man yeah it's really not that good it works for some things it's okay something google assistance better though yes yeah see siri what is that have you tried the xp yes big easy norris xp socks is pretty bad yeah but basically does a few things okay like it checks flights okay makes has like bixby i think it's hilarious
it shows how good it can be an and it isn't good like it has a couple of things that it can definitely do better than any other assistance it can dig in locally on samsung phones and like do strings of commands you can say hey bixby open my settings app turn my brightness halfway down and turn my wi fi off and it will do all of that siri and google assistant do that but if you say hey bixby how tall is like the statue of liberty it might not right like it's really bad at a lot of basic things so yeah the system i think is the most complete and useful i genuinely is it all the time syria mostly trigger by accident and then i wonder if it's better and it isn't what's offensive that depicts beyond the button yeah like come on why and you can't remap map a nun remappable big bixby button that you accidentally press
all the time yeah lower left hand corner what is this thing that it's pretty bad yeah the iphone siri button gets pressed a lot but what i really like about the pixel is the squeeze you can turn it off do you like the squeeze it actually assistant yeah well i mostly use the hey google trigger which is like map to my voice so i can see it turns on now that i've set it oh wow but start using the squeeze a little more so i don't have to yell and i can just squeeze it and say it commander question most question now do you use any of the home feature things like to use excel or the google home or first thing i got into my home was google home so now i have a google home home if i had alexa first thing i probably would have alexa home with things that work with but they genuinely like usually work with each other to your lights work with it and all this is what i have is i have a nest thermostat anna
have a nest security camera and i think that's it and i had smart lights but i stopped using him so it's mostly just the nest stuff and i can ask what the temperature is upstairs and then say hey change the temperature to this and it'll do it so i don't have to run out and find the thermostat change myself i remember hearing that um bill gates had sumpin' that you would put on when you entered into his home and you go into certain rooms if you pin on it would recognize oh it's bill bill likes the temperature at this level he likes this art on wall so have lcd screens that would display different images that's almost too much modularity channel i like a general state of like things
with the same and less i want them to change like that would be kind of weird like every time you leave the room the art changes behind you when you walk back in and it changes back and leave again it's kind of a lot but yeah like just like a couple things like i have google home app where i like yeah change the temperature once in awhile or you get this thing i've they're getting the ring doorbell yeah remember i don't really use the doorbell that much it's mostly packages get delivered to work instead of homes right yeah it's about it yeah alexa and the google home like the big concern people have that's listening to you all the time like there was the store that i read about there was a murder investigation and that they were trying to get the words of amazon alexa while you know this murder investigation was going on because they think they could have like listen to the conversation and then people wait a minute this talking listening all the time well it is
but it's not don't worry about it don't worry about it will help you yeah if you get murdered you but you get away with it do you true says yeah there's a lot yet it's got a lesson like so that the whole privacy thing i have we have to think about that a lot in my my compromise in my own head personally is i don't have privacy and i know it so i might as well get something back for it which is convenience so i give if i'm gonna have like this google assistant on my phone i already have a gps and wi fi and all these sensors in my phone i might as well like google of course they know where i am so i might as well get something so maybe i'll get like short cuts to like where i need to go you know where my work is yeah give me a short cut to traffic to work like that so it's weird it's as you'll be home in twelve minutes like pitch how do you know where i live yeah exactly how do you know when i'm home but if you're gonna know that which i know you are because your angle then give me something back right and you know the red
restaurants near me like how do you know where i am you're watching me all the time you're constantly looking basically so it knows like i have a couple of references that seem like pretty minor like what sports teams do you like what sports do you enjoy watching or like what sort of topics do you enjoy if you open my google assistant it will tell you like here is the score of the game you are about to check the score to hear the traffic i have a flight later what it's going to do no was going to do this is it's going to tell me when it's time to leave based on traffic based on my location to arrive to my flight ninety minutes before the scheduled departure it's going to tell me when to leave 'cause it knows where i am it knows where the airport i'm leaving from is it knows my flight it knows my flight time and it knows i need to get to the airport in ninety minutes does google own ways now by their own ways or bought i think yeah i think it's always so when you get something through
google maps does kind of the same thing that weighs does right yeah yeah yeah they use data from which people who live in these neighborhoods were ways is now re routing heard about they are furious about that and i'm aways persons like i know harry familiar with the re routing and it's pretty is this a larry es people had the sleepy little communities and now it's like it's extremes of cars through their neighborhood place is great though yeah it is great that is great i mean amazing how well it predicts your time arrival to and the whole notifying you when there is construction or police or something yeah no it's excellent car's broken down the right lanes you know shift to the left yeah yeah you can get around it yeah i'm the i'm fascinated by all these advances an where they're taking us and uh i spent a lot of time thinking about expend a lot of time thinking about what where the future holds or what the future holds and where all the stuff is going and i don't
i never i mean i've never would have imagined twenty years ago that we would be all addicted to our phones and one of the big issues would be like one of the new features in the iphone shows you how much screen time you have and because when we're doing this fitness challenge your screen is on all the time 'cause you're looking at your screen because it shows you the the score that you're so it's like or screen usage this month is up nine hundred percent like oh no that's not good yeah counting this month obviously because that but there's something to do kinda phones an addiction to technology and the fact that it's so a part of our lives that i can only imagine it's going to get more and more immersive and we're going become more and more symbiotic with all this electronics mean you're wearing a watch that all the time only things on time and yeah you have three phones with you yeah i on one hand i know that it's gotten
uh at least recently a little more in the spotlight like google just had the same thing at digital well being feature which tells you how much screen time you've had in certain apps and will let you restrict your message of instagram by a certain number of minutes whatever is in the same thing both introduce that within like six months of each other which is kind of fascinating but on the other hand i think i think in my own head that i am not addicted yet i still unplug every weekend to play ultimate and then i plug on monday when you say you unplug meaning you don't check your email you know yes i could tax now i mean i i if i get tax on i get them but like as far as that mean so like i have my stuff with me but like
i go when we go play a tournament that's like you have like five games in a day so get up at like seven hundred and thirty you go to the fields you put your bag down you warm up you play a game you warm up you play a game you warm up you play game and you've done by like four or five hundred pm wow all day they know phone that's a lot of activity yes it's amazing you're not wearing your watch yeah damn you gonna sing out a landline i've been some people in this competition thing but i'm clearly not so yeah like all day and then we'll have a team dinner and then shower sleep wake up the next day to the tournament so you need you need instead of that wrist strap you need like a four arm strap that like on the way yeah like on like one of those tennis was try and things i know i have a couple friends at that play ultimate with that on like under their jersey not like that the watch is the points like i don't know if the watch of i put it up here we'll still measure my heart rate and all that stuff the same that my son things things to a compression shirt
and i know you can sing demise on things here watch them along with that way i don't know if you can and i'm pretty sure thanks to a compression truman russian sort that has those little sensors things where'd you get that through website but yeah i don't like the show and you snap the thing into the compression shirt for women i got i got a bra no i'm not i want to get one of those that cuz mine's getting sick for sweaty man this thing is losing a lot of its elasticity it's so gross to instincts instincts can you wash it thank you in water in the slow track some i thought it was electronic meaning in a sink just like to throw just the fabric i just assume that because all the stuff is like you have also in the news it's just right but sensors are making some sort of a contact with these buttons which makes a contact with your don't want to censor plastic things just metal so don't watch this
but the rest of it it has to go through these pads to get to your skin i don't want to be shitty yeah sure okay how many of the church yes over but it's not almost always not quite yet man too late four days yeah augmented reality you don't i know that there is a there's talk about a contact lens that was being in development that was going to be some sort of a lens that's going to allow you to do like a lot of minority report type ship in front of i think tank is tech as i know it is too far from that to make that work just because you need like a contact lens you think of is just like this clear thing maybe some circuits on it or whatever but like you need a battery and you need and it operates off your body yes but there is a smart watch that operates off the heat of your body ha
is i mean i don't know how direct like even if you do operate off of mother power says you need to get that power source to connect to the electronics to make it work which still take some space i don't know how much button oh yeah i don't know it seems kinda far out it's a it's a cool idea but it also seems really really difficult to put a contact lens directly in front of your written and be able to focus on it there's a bunch of questions i have about it i don't know how reasonable or realistic it is my real fear is that they're going to invent a better i for and people and when they do they like look how amazing this says we've given blind people ability see again after but now well they also have all these other features that you don't have with you regularize so let us scoop those bad boys out and put some fun killer robot eyes binocular eyes i'm a little worried about that but basically worried about that it came it came from
you're watching this video once where there was a guy got his arm and his leg bit off by sharks we gotta attacked by shark when he surfing so yeah this carbon fiber hand that total articulates your a real hand and you stand there with his from his knee down was an artificial leg and he was walking around and moving like a regular person look at this guy this incredible on my keys bionic guy his hand it is moving around he could shake your hand and he i'm so normal what if it's like many many generations better than this where it has like luke skywalker when he goes hand chopped off by darth vader number you got that but hand in the distance people working on this every day so i kind of figured we're headed in that direction where like what's this jamie saw just googled something it's not out yet it's this is called the macula which is an ar lens that you wear with sunglasses so
gather they make an a r situado ya a lens as a contact and then sunglass yes sir the picture that day what they say they got so yeah what is the macula you have a lens here and have losses over top of the creepy dude wow what a picture it's not out yet it's just this is you can invest in it so it's more like how magically was about a year year and a half ago i'm not investing anything that uses this guys are cover boy what's up with his face man it's a fucking robot man he's an alien he looks like the guy from men in black remember when the alien put the skin on right that's what he looks like here i'm wrong with the left side of his face man he's wearing someone skin that's it weird system so a lens in a contact is the battery might be in the glass in the glasses and it's working and i don't know how it's connected but wow well this is
who knows what this is right here the other thing i don't need the information that fast that bad i'm ok with a one second delay of picking up my phone and checking it instead because like what are you getting with the sun and the examples were like incoming call the weather your emails things like that like an information you can already get in two seconds by just yep i have an incoming call i have an email i have a text like that yeah pretty quick pretty quick and i've this before where someone is asking you like are we have like the final form of smartphones like where they're gonna go are gonna get bigger i mean it's smaller are they gonna be implanted in you i thank smartphones are at like pretty much their final form we're gonna keep evolving the insides of smartphones to be better they're gonna
fast are they going to get more and more transparent whatever they'll get like more interesting looking but i think it's always going to be a thing i pick up and use and then put back down i think that's where we're at for uh what are your thoughts on samsung's foldable screens that i am very curious about because again sounds awesome but why do i fold it yeah what am i doing with it and how big is it going to get yeah am i so like maybe so we had this idea while ago when we started first getting these big phones or like oh you could have a really big phone like a tablet but then you fold it in half and it's like a phone size now but like i might as well just have a phone and a tablet let's say i don't know if i need both do remember the samsung what was that giant thing that they had was bigger than a note well they have small tablets but they had it was a phone
the galaxy mega he joins yet have like i said the the thing is like that i think was like a six one slash two inch screen and that's where we're at now was it really it was massive compared to what we had also on the market which was like five inch screens i never saw one in the wild i reviewed one it was way bigger than any other phone out but i'm pretty sure if i look back that was like a six and a half inch screen is less than seven inch i think that's the sweets seven inch screen tablet six inch screen phone yeah and i think yes this is a six two inch screen this is the is mass six point five inch screen yeah so what's up it was six point three yeah so that's bigger than the galaxy mega that's crazy look at that thing endless entertainment 4x optical zoom but that thing still happening forehead an and the bezels on the chin and yeah not that add really in comparison are horrible iphone eight that's kind of the same
galaxy mega sixteen gigabytes we baby that's look at that thing that's so weird wonder what year that was that was like five now tell me that was probably college so like twenty fourteen twenty fold that thing out you were a pimp like what are you doing watching movies all the time battery life thirty four minutes as a fun time yeah it's crazy when you connect your phone to your car is the other one that just happened the this tiny palm phone yeah have you seen this so it's like a super small phone three to your normal phone so it does almost everything your normal phone does but it's way smaller it has like half slash two of the
it says congratulations palm you've launched the stupidest product of the year if it's a phone accessory to your phone they have just made a small phone that would have been fine but then they made whole thing were like oh but it has to connect to your other phone and then if you is the same phone number but it works sometimes and steph curry ambassador and i don't know anymore why someone would want to so how close is it have to be to your regular phone i it has its own data or something i don't know kind of like an apple watch like it's an accessory to your phone that kind of is the same form factor as a phone you put in your pocket you like go to the gym and you just bring that instead of bringing the main phone or you just going to hike and you just want to bring your whole setup so
spring a little i would like to be in the meeting with whatever co head came up with that i don't know i can't think of any other really great reasons to have i think the i phone what the apple watch sort of has it nailed right you get your notifications but it's crazy that you enjoy it even though you're not even using it for a lot of the features you use it for the fitness aspect and what else do you use on it to modestly whether or yes so like it's i have the four g version i get the weather and also it has the ability to make calls i do but i never knew he never did like if i wanted to call restaurants you know hours they have i could say hey siri and make a call but yeah yeah now is there nothing commensurate in the google world i mean there is other smartwatches there is technically samsung also makes their own but
galaxy smartwatch says like you could kind of cool spinning thing yeah galaxy watch hannah yeah it's probably the best android come addable smart watch and huawei has a kind of a cool twelve right so why we did this thing that i thought was is a good try it was a good track it was a smart watch that has a digital screen but then had a mechanical hand like so that it looked like a normal watch on the screen is not on the problem with that when you go to look at like your notifications or whatever you get the hands are blocking the screen so they didn't really think too hard about i mean they got to that point and they're like oh you know it will do will have this button where you press it and then the hands like move out the way no i mean the notification will like move to the side so you can read it it was
they tried they really tried they tried to be different i respect the hell out of that good try while way but no now do people companies ever come to you and say hey man you're really good at reviewing these things we talking up here kinda sorta red came to me before this existed in its in this form it wasn't approach phase and they were still pretty far along but it was kind of like should we do this like should we put this here should we keep the headphone jack i was giving them sort of look at that point yeah they kept the headphone jack little things like that but for the most part i think what a lot of people don't understand about product development is it happens many many many many months before you ever see the product show up so and if you ever like all the leaks about the pixel three xl all of them guarantee six months before the phone came out it was done yeah like they
knew that that's what it was going to more than i think any phone that i can recall yeah so like that's the same iphone like they've been working on the whatever the next iphone is they've been working on that i phone and it's probably gonna be like a couple more months and then they're like finalizing design and things like that and so when you start to see phones come out like around like september and october and they to all kind of resemble each other and then another comes out and it looks the same it's not like they saw the phone in early october and they were like let's copy that and then they made the next phone two weeks later they've been working on this forever so like one the whole like the whole notch thing was you know people are like oh i google's trolling us and that's not really the notch and they're going to have this phone with no you know they've been found this for a long time this is what they planned what is that one phone where the backslides up for the selfie camera so there's two i think what you're thinking of is apple find ts yeah that's a pretty i like that the idea
it's pretty cool but i'm like man how long is that thing in the work that's the question phones are no chips in there yeah any little series motors yet phones are solid state for the most part for good reason you don't want a lot of moving parts in a phone that you're like running around with there's another one vivo apex it's another phone basically any x is what it's called and it has just the selfie camera oh yeah i've seen that one too and that's another thing it's like it well what if a grain of sand gets in there like is it toast immediately drop that sucker on the bt drop it while it's open is that over the phone x yes any excess or next i don't know if i'm supposed to say next or whatever but that's a that's an interesting it looks cool 'cause now look you have the fingerprint reader under glass you have all the way to the bottom of the screen and then all the way to the top of the screen and then you just have a selfie camera it looks amazing some
no no bezels at all yeah or basically no bezels pretty much tiny chin at the bottom so that's the ideas like were in this sort of a race to get to a bezel less phone an i guess that's the closest we can get right now it's just having a little mechanical thing pop out i think what we want is the stuff behind the glass yeah a camera behind the glass but then how would you see the image yeah so i think if based on what i know about physics of the technology you need you didn't display and you need the camera to be behind the oled display and then when you light up the camera you need like a little black circle where those pixels are off so that they can shine through i don't know if this is all making i think you're still going to always have like some sort of a black circle in the front of the phone somewhere
what's fascinating about iphone verses android is that there's so much more room for possibility with android because you have so many different manufacturers yep that are competing in that market place and trying to find some sort of away to shine and that was where the wall way was it the mate our was like the poor portia design version where i thought that was a really interesting phone 'cause it was stupid expensive but it had a gigantic antique battery and at an incredible twenty megapixel camera great night photos low light photos yeah yeah they really try to do like you know design does a lot of different things they do sunglasses yeah all kinds of marriage point pens and all kinds of weird stuff it really has nothing to do with the car but what they really the design yeah they came up with something really high end and they showed there's some sort of a market for that
i tell you that it again yeah phone now they did with them eight hundred and twenty they did the same thing it's a great looking phone but it's so again when you look at like how much you have to pay it verses what extra you're getting you might as well just get them eight hundred and twenty pro and now about the s nine people want that porsche design yet and just to go look at me i'm a ball or yeah they did they did the same like porsche does that lamborghini does that for ari does that test with is that there is a lamborghini edition oppo find ten yeah 'cause i heard like carbon fiber and that's a bad accident phone though you got it on the car and it looks dope on my car of course that's a dope looking phone period did you mess with that phone at all i that's what the may twenty but not the porsche design one but it comes down to like yeah using the phone self is going to be pretty much the same like once you get past like the design was a little bit different you
the phone in the software is you get a cool couple wallpapers but like it's the same phone in the inside a little more storage maybe but basically the same but i just i find it fascinating that they've decided to go that far out into the high end depend yeah i guess you have to to differentiate self assess two thousand dollars right starts at two thousand dollars so i guess as hype as you want to get about it like are you going to go pay two thousand dollars for that probably not but then when the note nine came out it kind of took a lot of the wind out of their sails battery was the same size cameras fairly similar big gas screen and the other thing about phones is we got all phones that are a one in dollars now and it's made it's so easy to just bump up the price of your phone and not have anyone blink an eye i've been thinking about that a lot we have the iphone ten starts at one thousand dollars
so then the iphone ten are came out and i think they could have priced it anywhere from six hundred and fifty to eight hundred and fifty and they just nestled it right in there at seven hundred and fifty or like that's way cheaper so in this phone comes out pixel pixel three and pixel xl you probably don't remember what the pixel two cost but the pixel three starts at seven hundred and ninety nine which seems white like that's pretty reasonable right mid range that's one hundred and fifty dollars more expensive than last year why like what's so much better about pixel three then pixel two that it's it's market dollars more the market is just lifted everything plus two hundred dollars set a thousand dollars is a high end now and i think that's what's convinced companies like huawei like if we want to compete with apple and really make what seems and looks like a premium phone we have to charge one thousand two hundred dollars so that people know it's better than the iphone if we charge eight hundred dollars they're not going to think it's better than the iphone
we have to charge more than apple to prove more in our phone we plus is interesting because they're really reasonable but their specs are very high i like them they've had a good history of like they usually listen to what people seem to want in a phone an they're also good at like picking high end numbers that look great on paper and you we translate pretty well to like using the phone but they always cut out they cut as many corners as they can to get the price is low as they can their phone last year it was about five hundred and fifty bucks right all glass but no wireless charging but it's glass we have dual cameras you hardly ever use a second camera but it still cameras eight gigs of ram snapdragon eight hundred and forty five a lot of phones have the same specs now these days but like they've gotten pretty good at like going the opposite direction like we're not going to charge one thousand dollars we're going to make the same phone trust us it's the same but for way less money that's a much
popular direction to go as far as sales now they've done the same strategy for the newest one plus yep and there now with a new one this month hello one sixty they keep the headphone jack so so far that's the headphone jacks a weird one right it's like how long is samsung going to hold on to that sucker samsung's been very popular for keeping the headphone jack and not having a notch there the last ones to have a headphone jack and no notch well i'm a big fan of the way the note nine looks when i'm using it like that's a beautiful device it feels premium in the hand yeah yeah what do you think is wrong with it with no nine yeah my big the problem with no nine is the front facing camera on the software uh this offer is not even that bad it's just it's gotten slow for me quickly a lot of times like i've been using no nine i also don't think it's a pretty a software i
really like samsung screens so i know they can make good looking stuff but i think if they made her humor google play edition when they used to do that if they made a google play edition galaxy note nine i would instantly by that phone that would be sick because i love google's like software being cleaner and look a little better yeah if you look at samsung software looks kind of cartoony a lot of times very colorful not a problem but it's just not my favorite i know so people have figured out a way to use the google launcher on other phones so they make other phones look like a pixel yeah you can you can go you can only go so far back like you can you can use google launcher and you can use an icon pack to use google icons but still you're going to have like your settings pull down is still going to look like samsung going to have in the apps like this settings app is still going to look like the samsung settings app you're still going to have
free email apps and three messaging apps and all this stuff samsung always does but yeah the messaging app so weird you want this one to be your default like i don't know what that is yeah it is that one i just want to use one one slash two weeks message plus yeah why is it better if you use a verizon samsung note i think you end up with three messaging apps like verizon verizon messages verizon messenger and then there's the message is messenger and it's just a messenger and system has hangouts and then how do i even get in touch with someone anymore it's a lot wonder if there's ever going to be a time where something happens technologically where the walled garden of apple's sort of dissolves and everything becomes iaccessible apple will fight till they die to let the they will never let that go down that's like one of their biggest most prideful accomplishments wall i mean they really nailed it
then brand loyalty and other than the prestige of having an apple product which is all very high yeah that walled garden that's where it sat there tried to leave an iphone i did like that's doing all pixels moving yeah okay it was a fucking nightmare i couldn't get text messages and very common here's the thing i even called up apple and i said i want you to remove me from your message yeah for me i'm i give them my email address i give the phone number the whole deal and they are why i go because i want the pixel phone news x its paws but it is eight a baby like eyes different phone you fox i'm trying to find a different phone or what would let me out let me out of the log so then i my friend agreement sent me a text send me a text i sent it schitt nothing now i'm going to send you a text nothing nothing ok i'm going to shut it off and turn it back on nothing you have to start with a new phone number the wall yeah
you have to literally start with a new number you have to start from scratch and then people i think that's a big reason why i don't make my and phone number and i found it because i know i'm like lowering myself into the garden like i use an iphone but that will probably never be my main sam i have to sam's my main number the one everyone has an i andrey phone i think it'll stay that way as long as that's the way it is a life i like you in your particular profession as a euro reviewer of all these things i think you kind of have to do that because other should be in this weird position of being able to leave that was the thing ok so there's a video lou did actually this we keep saying from unbox therapy yeah clarify which was like it was i want to see yes in january were all in vegas every year in january and we just went around the room and just went what phone do you use i saw that video what phone is in your pocket right now take it out shows with funny use iphone after iphone after iphone and there's a couple of
i wasn't there but every time you ask an iphone person like so why an iphone or like man i message facetime like that ecosystem is real you'll lose seemed angry more people weren't using pixels well there is a whole thing about just whatever phone there's a lot of people who do sponsored videos while they will talk about a phone as if they use it but they don't and i was one of the things that cs specifically that we kind of had a laugh with that are stew because you would think like if you watch everyone's videos like everyone using a huawei everyone i guess while we had a big budget for cs and they just paid a lot bunch of people to make mate ten pro videos nancy yes so if you if you want into watching that video like what phone is in everyone's pocket i think you just assume everyone's got a huawei mate ten pro and nobody did was really well that's and the thing is about huawei i hate trashing but also kind of trashing well way
is they have a lot of money to pay celebrities to tweet ads for huawei basically gal gadot being one of them and you heard this story so she's tweeted a bunch of huawei ads and i notice that while she's a brand ambassador for awhile way tweeting ads about how much she loves her waway phone if you look in the details of the tweet it's always via twitter for iphone as like whatever she can use an iphone care but i thought it was funny so i just tweet it's very fun it blew up an i had while a reach out to me like how did you find this how did you know where did you is this a mistake like this be like has this ever malfunction that's how twitter works see the data is clearly an iphone i thought that's solarius my screenshot and so not gal gadot did gal gadot
the king wonder woman lady yeah wonder woman wonder woman you fake from and i it's it's funny because we have a picture of a whole and and that's where she blocked you not only did she block me but while a sense then has tweeted all read they deleted like her latest tweets and re post them from an android phone and she's tweeted from android phone ever sense i have respect for that and while they probably told her you know lose all that cash is no way she's tweeting like she has a team i get it but like whoever was on her team tweeting from an iphone like the fact that she blocked you those kind of that's gross i thought you didn't do anything mean no i didn't i think well i tagged her in inch probably just getting barrage by like people going you're using and fly and i find the i think it was like a year later she unblocked me it was really funny she unblocked complex man thanks again thanks
i really love her as wonder woman and my friend patty is actually directing that movie and i directed the first one she's directing second until so she says gals are great gal tell gas at high gal who's okay got busted dog and have their not alone you're a hundred percent not a lot that happened recently razor the company may that a razor phone tweeted their official announcement tweet the razr phone two from an iphone how this speakers were excellent in the first one they're even better but in the second one yeah and the better with the second one has i p sixty eight or sixty seven sixty seven i'm pretty sure so water resistant up to thirty minutes one meter something like that about you can splash it i wouldn't go under water with a b right lashes but sixty eight is pretty pretty damn good yeah six is the new iphone and sixty eight is also the note yes both are sixty eight ten are is sixty seven three pixel three is sick
eight i think also but the weird thing ip certification is it's just as far as i know the way it works is you just submit the phone for a certain tests and if it passes then you get to say it's certified and the only difference between c i p sixty seven and ip sixty eight is ip sixty seven is technically certified for thirty minutes one meter and ip sixty eight certified for thirty minutes one point five meters and the meter ratings i sometimes it's to me sometimes it's a little more but it's basically measurement of water pressure like how much you pressures different half a meter i mean what is heavy but like yeah it didn't seem that significant to me but it's basically just water pressure so he splashed phone a little harder is again a break verses and ip sixty eight phone right now just seems safe to get it sixty eight time but it must be big enough difference that some of his radio it yeah interesting
listen man i'm glad we finally get a chance to do this yeah really cool a lot of fun giant fan of your videos and i really did i mean like i said the beginning i really do go you immediately i think you do a fantastic job the cover on the basis do a great job awesome awesome stuff yeah for sure give people the address of your youtube channel your twitter instagram all the chance it'll always be the same five letters and k b h t so you two dot com slash and can be h d what is a stand for and he is my initials okay sd for high definition all right m k b h d on everything everything thanks brother push it no problem by everybody thank you everybody for tuning into the show and thank you to our sponsors thank you to the cash app you down the cash app for free in the app store or the google play market make sure when you download the cash app you enter the referral code joe rogan all one
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