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#1193 - Shane Dorian

2018-11-05 | 🔗
Shane DorianĀ is a big wave surfer and bowhunter. He's also part of a new HBO Documentary premiering on December 11 called "Momentum Generation".
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Joe Rogan experience join my Joe Rogan Boom powerful waves. Ever. How are you buddy? I'm great? We just got back from playing a little hunt. We did manage our racing of all time right. I was just saying I I don't care what the price is worth. It is it's a bargain at twice the price or whatever it is yeah. We're people don't know what it is. It's is game that it simulates bow hunting. So what it is? This is a giant screen, that's made out of kevlar and then it's got us like a projector projects, hd images of elk and deer. You could set up for for bunch bunch different different, but but Can deer walk across the screen and you shoot Adam and it's like the perfect there's a show, a little video shamed in earlier the coal man a perfect practice for bow hunting, because one of
about bow hunting is you get nervous and the more you could do something like this. We just shot a perfect shot. The more you more do that over and over and over again the more the becomes ingrained in ingrained your your nervous system, ingrained in your muscles ingrained in your memory and then it becomes natural yeah. It's awesome, yeah! It's pretty dope! We're going to make this podcast about fifteen minutes long and go back and shit so yeah. That's we're! Actually talking about cutting off the plug short, this So tell me about this movie, man yeah! So I'm in LA for the premiere of the H B, O premiere of the momentum generation. It's a it's a it's! A sports documentary, the aid that out that h, B, O and Robert Redford did so it's cool man. It's it's rich, really, cool! It's! It's a story about my friends and I and we you know we all grew up
competitive, surfers in high school? We all sort of met each other through through competitions competing, so this tells the story of how we basically how we met, how we grew up and how we became friends and family. Basically like traveling around the world. You know together as basically like little kids with no, with no chaperones on on tour around the world. So crazy, it's it's a it's! A wild story, pull this up to you, like you, just like a fist. We all right face. How old were you when you first started surfing? I started surfing on a stand up surfboard when I was five and when did you start traveling, Sir When I was twelve, I went to England for the World amateur indian chips wow, so I was on the a team traveling surfing thing most of your life yeah, it's crazy! That is nuts man, I've been I've, been putting my surf boards in a board bag and you know walking out the door with my passport since I was twelve and going to
so many different destinations around the world, literally just for surfing. Why nuts does such a crazy way to grow up and that that's a cool thing about the film is all of us have that in common? and it it's crazy. The way the story set up to because there's so many things in it that didn't really realize were happening at the time like like I came from, I came from a can family alcoholic father. You know kind of radical situation at home. Then, like a lot of us, have like broken families. A lot of us have that in common, so we sort of like this weird fucked up family, dynamic and common, so we all became sort of like our own family, on the road, so we were competing for a world title. We're all competing going around the world all the time staying together, so we became best friends like this nucleus of surfers and we all just became ultra close and then when things get got really serious with the surf
competition there there's a lot on the line with sponsors and money and big brands coming in the shit hit the fan, and then we started like breaking up it got too serious. It was almost like a bat, and who just can stand each other anymore or things got too radical girls got in the way or money got in the way, and so there was this kind of like breaking up element. You know throughout our group wow I would imagine when you're living like that. Those people must be so valuable for you, though people that can understand your way of life, because it's their way of life too 'cause like to regular person who commutes every day, goes to an office and comes home. Your life is alien yeah, it is, I still get like. I still get uncomfortable. When people ask me what I do for a living, you know like like I'll, be in like a normal, random setting and some of the hell yeah. What do you do for a living in like now
do not ask me that, because nobody stands, you know it's like. What do you tell them? I tell him the truth, but it's. I just don't always tell him like it's, it's really hard to explain, but I serve for a living and what the fuck is, that yeah do they go? How does that work? How do you get paid? Yes, all the time and I just go. I have no idea Well, you don't really compete any longer right now, just not at all ride big waves. I do right big waves. My focus and I also write all kinds of ways I serve every day, and you know the waves, don't get big that often when the waves are biggest I'm on it for a person that, like is just meeting you for the first time, and doesn't understand. Surfing is trying to wrap their head around, making a living right, the waves of the ocean, how wait a minute? No, I went to accounting school and I I don't have there's not like a there's. Nothing. I mean
it's not like another category can really point to to make the point go quicker. It's not like you know it's like there's, basketball players and football players, and all of them are like scoring goals and getting the brand endorsements from that. From competition element. So because I'm a free surfer who doesn't compete all it's just it's hard to wrap your head around, but I you know I elements you know I have a large serving profile and so, like I work with a lot of brands and that's just the kind of the way it works in just sponsors. Now this movie, this documentary did. They have footage of you guys from when you were really young. Oh yeah yeah they Dio is that weird watching that stuff yeah very weird, because we're all in our 40s now we all got kids and for most of except for Kelly Kelly still going if thirty six years old, I saw him on your show. The other day is pretty classic, but so so he's like a focal point in the film he's
is part of the momentum generation and- and so he there is incredible footage of him. When he's nine years old or ten years old and he's in Florida like a little rat like a little sunburned rat, and it's neat, you know I mean I mean we all have that in common. That's, we we all grew up in different places and then we all fell in love with surfing. You know separately and then we all just became super tight, so it was a great it's great and then now we're all like best friends again, because there's no there's no points on the line or world title on the line or like brands getting in the way or girls getting in the way. We're all we're all you know, yeah we're finally growing up that I mean that had to be strange, though, to be so tight and then everything sort of get bottlenecked by the pressure, yeah serving how much pressure could there be, but you know we're all trying to make a living right. You know that
our dream to like service much as possible and see the world and that's the only way you could do it for us whenever there's competition is going to be massive amounts pressure. Whenever there's someone trying to achieve something or someone trying to rise to the top of a profession and you're surrounded by a bunch of you, but you also must of pushed each other to, and I must have been beneficial to have people like you around as well. I think she it's it's If it's just I you know, I think it's like part of our are like human dna to you know to be naturally competitive I think especially men. I think we feel like we have something to prove you know like where we stand like compared to the other guys what whether it was like in the cave man days or or like the high. You know, the the first hunters were second third for sure, they're they're they're competitive as you could bring home meet for the for the tribe yeah, and then they just kept going from there and and and and now we we we compete with whatever we're into, and you know for us we came hyper competitive and especially me
like from the time I was like. Maybe sixteen or seventeen until the time I was like my mid 20s. I was like super competitive where I wanna rip peoples heads off my heat, like I would like vision Why is horrible horrible things happening to them? While I was competing against like what Anne it's wise, so crazy? How that's gone one hundred percent gone from my b. Now I can't even imagine doing that and like the most relaxed non repetitive person. I have no competitiveness left in my body. Well, I've only known you for what four years or something like that in those years. I could not imagine you having evil thoughts, no towards someone who seems so chill. I was a shit talker or you really yeah I was surfing, is Guy Damien, Hardman and, and he they're going to trillion world champion. He was like the older generation. We were from the young, like news, gold generation were coming up and there's these established guys who didn't want the Bd throne, and there was this guy Demon Hardman. Who is,
bad competitive surfer, but he was a very like tactician if you never fall DC I mean mean I was like US rocket from Hawaii, and this guy was like so presentable and national. I just like resented it and I was going to eat with him and he priority, which means that he had first right of wave and I just needed a tiny little score to win and he basically sat on me, which means he uses. He used his priority to chase me around the lineup and sit on me and keep me from getting a wave and let the time run out and the whole time I was like you surf, like a girl, you serve like a little. It's like. I was like totally shit talking him and did it work, he get you He got me because he wrote that I basically cracked and started like getting emotional and he loved it. He went I got this guy beat, he started should talk me. He love that I
and he actually came up to me later and goes. I love it that you're that passionate. I love it that you got that site. That emotional, where you just started like trying to like insult me, he's like that's my goal when I'm in heat with people is to get them to that point. You know it looks like That's there's got to be a lot of parallels the fight world right to yeah. Well, it's also when and you can get someone emotional then there fighting in particular is so dangerous, and so, when you lose your not just losing like someone's taking a piece of you, you know they're fucking, you up they're, not it's not just beating you on points I mean there are beating on point sometimes but they're punching in the face to beat you on those points in the kicking you in the body, they're fucking your legs up, there's there's something about that. That's so intensely emotional! So when you're fighting, if you're fighting at your best, you have to be in like this sort of flow state, that sort of Zen not think about
anything but what's happening in reacting it just going on your training and your instincts, and if you can get a guy to be angry and emotional, it will sub nearly impair for most fighters, severely impair your ability to perform yeah most fighters stay, they lose object to get tense to tighten up the look to wind up instead of just letting things flow. We're talking about this guy style bender. Who fought this weekend that guy full lows when you watch him fight, he just flows. I mean he walks into the octagon Hanson? I mean like full on right like popping and has that mindset he's just he just gets loose loosen when he gets in there he's switching stances and he's. I'm. A mad should talk concession between these two guys for the last six weeks, but he stayed calm through the whole thing and you could see when the two got into the octagon Derek Brunson. Just couldn't wait to just grab a hold of them
and style. Bender just avoid all that shit and one up Kalyn 'em in the first round, but the emotional aspect of the shit talking and the tension that it brings the titans guys up like we were talking about bow hunting. Like you see a big elk, you have one shot at a big elk, one shot, you drop track your bone like Holy sh and it's literally a life or death moment. So there's all this tension. If you could alleviate that tension that pressure, you would perform better than mine. That is everything. It's everything. It's everything! That's everything, I'm sure it's everything with golf. It's everything with pool it's every! sing with any anytime there's something on the line. Well, let's fascinating is like for you, like you, watched thousands of fights like ringside, right, yeah, sure So like you must be like hey we're in the second round, and this guy is you know these two guys are like a pin up. It's like it's like a super tight fight. You guys this is a good fight and there must be an inflection points where
you instantly know that one guy's gonna lose like something happens with psyche or something happens out there you see in their eyes. You can see it in their body language, all of a sudden. They lose that that edged mindset and they're basically have already lost, even though it's like right in the middle of the round. So you see, one guy was like one of the crazy things about fighting. Is it's so unpredictable, even when you think you guys gonna lose? Sometimes they come back and win by knockout. I got to know where I just sat right support. Who who cares? Those yeah that was awesome, Instagram awesome, Instagram dude. He was losing that fight, I'm fight a fighter, nerd was getting fucked up, he was lewd, I'm like do the guy's losing the fight you zero chance to win next. You know we want yeah that was so exciting volkart the guy he beat had just beaten for BC over doom former heavyweight champion, beat him by knockout, so Alexander's the real deal. I mean he he was what I thought was the dark horse in the heavyweight division, but he stood in front of Derek for too long and Eric hit him with a fuck
bomb. He had heard him earlier too, because Derek Derek him and knocked his mouthpiece out, and he didn't know mouthpiece was gone to the referee was trying to get him. The manatees he's like no, that's, not my mouthpiece, that's his mouthpiece, their efforts like fucking. You don't have a mouthpiece, I'm holding your mouthpiece. That is your mind, set he's in the zone good. I don't think he was in the zone of the use in space. That's that mindset, I think you've been clipped, you know, but fighting like the nature of fighting is built. In addition, it's perfectly suited to competition. Surfing's, not surfing. I think surfing is like the least suited for competition. I don't see surfing as a sport whatsoever, because when you're on the way you have to be Zen, you have to go with the flow of the wave you're, not really competing against and uh person per say. Even though you are you're really riding the wave and you're being judged, which is weird 'cause, it's artist by humans, yeah
but, like I think, the I think the single most important aspect of surfing that makes it not good for competition is you're dealing with mother Nature right. It's completely unfair right right. Right, like you, might get an awesome wave. The next time I get a shitty one yeah some kid who, on a scale of one to ten their ability levels like a three, can be the male Kelly Slater in a heat easily, because it is just like if that kid gets the best waves in the heat and Kelly accidentally falls. He loses. You know like just the way it is where like. If I was playing, you know, Lebron James one thousand games in a row. I'm never gonna win right, never gonna win this impossible, but surf competition, cool but uh serving it just as a style as like a way to like stay sane and have peace in life life and meet friends. That's what serving is about serving fucking off for that. Do you think you appreciate it more now that you're not competing yeah? I do
because I don't see it it's. My my this surfing to me is tied to like happiness and only like surfing with my son and his friends and and surfing my daughter and one of beach and and traveling to get epic waves, it's not about like pressure and points and a world title and sponsors. Putting pressure on me and my me putting pressure on myself that they see like the the the the the pressure part of serving as done, which is amazing. You know myself to put a high level and performing a high level to myself, and you know be able to, like you know, have have in a game still for sure. I love that I love the. I love the performance aspect of of surfing, but the the actual competition pars gone for me. It's so cool, though, that you kept the love of it after the competition was
gone because one one of things that happens to some definitely happens to fighters they retire and they get fat. They don't want work out anymore, because the working out was so torturous and it felt so much like work that, after it's over, whatever love they had for martial arts sort of goes out the window and they start putting on weight want to I want to train anymore, but you even after the competition was over. You kept the love yeah I was surfing. Is this unique thing? Is I don't know how you can fall out of love with surfing surfing. I I'm. In the from the moment I stood on a surfboard and rode my first wave. I knew that was out. That was who I was in my dna wow like peering, this is. This is why this is who I am first wave. My yoga teachers become obsessed with D in it with DNA. My real good teachers, but not become says with us surfing yeah. All over Instagram now is
surfing she's a service every day, not so weird. How do I know where and like thirty five years old she found surfing, servings, weird thing: what it takes takes, it's it's a there's, not very many things that are that are really similar to surfing in that way where you can follow with it being five years older, or eighty years old yeah. Why would think being a yoga teacher to like she's got incredible balance like having balance and probably really help your ability to pick that up? You know, what's cool about surfing is it's is. You know if I, if I let's see if I, if I take one hundred people and said all you guys going to learn how to drive a race car, and you had like a six week course. Just pure race, car driving hundred one hundred of those people are going to become really good at driving cars and going super fast in racing, so how this really accelerated learning curve and get pretty damn good at it boarding
I almost anything was surfing like I know people have been serving for three decades and a suck. Yes, what is that they've? Never gotten a tube like in the two. That's like the holy grail of serving like writing inside the waves like in the center of it servings freaking hard man it's like it has it's like. I don't know it's it's. But it doesn't mean you have to be good to enjoy it. Servings awesome, no matter what level you're at and that's the beauty of surfing, but surfing is hard to do man it's really hard to get good at. So that's why you get people surfing You know five years and they're pretty good and there's people who start fifty years and they've never been good. But what is what is it is, balance issue. Is it um ability to adjust your ability to correct while things are happening like what
I think a lot of his like body, awareness and and and is adapting to something, is changing all the time like say it's like you know, save for, for instance, like basketball, did you know the hoops there, the basque ball in your hands? It's not the balance, never chains of there's no variables really fresh side. Some do try to block it or Berg golf. You got the club, the other ball. We got the whole, but with surfing you got your board and you got you, but that waves, never the same, there's literally never wanna wave, is not the same to any others in the world and so every single time, you're adapting to things that are changing in the real in real time like up to the like Milli. Second, over the waves changing shape as you're writing is here so you're, never like reacting to something that is going to stay put deer like anticipating the wave changing shape and that's what you're going to like I'm going to do a bottom, a a a a big turn
nor an aerial maneuver whatever it is, but you're not reacting to something that's happening now, you're reacting to the future. Does that make sense yeah it does make sense. Now, if I was a guy had been serving for thirty years- and I saw haha- and I was friends would still love it still surfing is awesome could be the biggest cook in the world and have the most fun. That's why I have surfing. Is that what someone who sucks it's called a kook? No um the cook someone who has who has no awareness in the water? That's really what a cook is like hook. If I'm out there surfing and I'm sitting out there and I'm waiting for a wave and you paddle out. And I've been waiting for a waiver along long time or some some some girls. Sixteen year old, girls out there serving she's been waiting for. You know one thousand five hundred and twenty minutes and you paddle out and you paddle right pastor in the next day that comes in you just turn around and go your cook. Ok,
that's the debts! If you're on a where I had a situation, yeah, that's just being yeah, that's how people get in fights surfing, right, yeah, which is common yeah. Well, a lot of surfers are really image: it's probably pretty dangerous yeah to pick a fight with the server. Oh yeah. What is that? One guys name Joel from Hawaii? Are you San San, Diego? Your tutor, tutor, yeah he's brazilian Jujitsu black is yeah. And you would never know it yeah. He looks like so unassuming yeah. He looks like a guy who fixes computers he and he's and he's a Stoney baloney super skinny hippie crew He do with like stony eyes, but he'll fuck you up. He will fuck you up but he's cool man he's, he's awesome and he's incredible: surfer, yeah, credible server, I've seen some encouraging them surf and made in style and stuff, but yeah he's he's.
He's very unassuming years. Joel his Jiu Jitsu is super legit too yeah. I've talked to people that have trained with him. He's super legit Roku, and I would imagine that, from that background, like surfing that body awareness and the ability to adjust and change, that's one of the things about you. Just two is like every roles, different, your you have your rolling with different people, different size pizza and your ability to adjust and change is always changing. Me is always move right meant, so it does exist here. I have to adapt them weirdness of the movement so Jujitsu in surfing her a totally other similarities, because you're sort of anticipating the guys next move, which is very, surfing on the wave. You know you know what that guy's going to do in the future, not to what happening right that every second right a lot of times. If I, is a guy that had been serving for thirty years, and I sucked- and I knew you would be like, is Shane Dorian. What the fuck am I doing wrong? How do I fix this
Is there fixing servings not like golf where you, where you need to get better all the time, No I'm saying like like like if you could enjoy it. Even if you suck is that what you mean? you're a golfer and you and your I'm. Not a golfer, but if you're a golfer in your average games are in eighty two- and I said Joe, if you by this putter for one thousand dollars your average score will be in eighty you're gonna buy that that putter, it's the frickin world to you to shave, two strokes off your game. That's the biggest thing in the world to improve! No one gives a shit if they're slightly better it surfing. All you care about is like the is like wait in up at the crack of dawn having your coffee cruising down to the beach, seeing the waves and reading the tides in the wind and the and like going to serve with your buddies and having fun, and then you go, get breakfast and get some breakfast tacos gonna work. That's the lifestyle keeps people same. That's why they do it don't do it to get better or surf super good or go really fast, and that stuff is fun, but I mean this- I don't have
any more fun than a guy that serves have as good as me, we have the same run, but I bet he wishes. He as you yeah for sure, and I wish I served as good as the best surf runners, but it doesn't make it more fun, which is that's. That's why I love surfing. That's what I was meaning that's fasting. So what does it make it more? If you want to get better at it, if it doesn't make it more fun, what does it make it more it does something it doesn't make more make more satisfying if you're better at it like when you a high level which is important now it gives you more options because the waves get big right, which makes you more fun. So it's really difficult to surf, really big ways with really low ability right? So when the waves get big and really heavy and technical, you can't go out there unless you have really good ability level like and Unless you have a high ability level you, you really can't perform in really great great conditions right. So, like
when you see the crazy conditions where that you guys get towed out and you ride those eighty foot games that shit, no one who's goofy's doing that you guys doing that, because you're using machines to tell you in the waves at you she's ashamed get out of there fuck. He's with such anxiety watching this, how big is that wave, I don't know, probably six feed on the face and start damn son was. I feel like right there when it's over this part is cool. Watch I get air on the way down. Oh you'll see my board completely in the air hi there. Do you so high that is so high. That is so giant. It's like forty feet above your head right now. Oh my god, right
things I do know what's cool about surfing is in those moments like there's very few things in the world other than like. I don't know how to relate that, but, like that moment right there for me was like the pinnacle of like who I am, What I do best that moment, that wave coming in at that at that minute in my life Right square foot of the ocean when that and that was the best. I was one of the best days in history at that serve spot, and I was- where I prepared. I was healthy, healthy, the Right board, the right equipment, the right energy level. It wasn't sick, have any! You know everything was just lined up and the waves are lined up in the swell is lined up in the his lineup in the titles lined up, and I was in the perfect spot when that wave came in. Do you watch that video all the time no but every time I do, I remember all those things because it seems so much so so much luck how to do with it is just like alignment, the stars aligning that almost seems
something I want to watch every day. A great get get the day go on. You know your first kiss from a girl yeah, that's what that is wow now that, like mind, blowing whoa? This is this is like an important moment in my life. I need to like have this moment time frozen. That's what that is right there, and so, I think, is an adult. You very rarely have those moments left like really like mind, expanding mind. Exploding moments, really cool shit. This is life one hundred life right now and that's that's what I think we're all chasing. I mean those people sitting in traffic outside right now driving the freeway they're, not in those moments, but not again, that's a real problem. Yeah, that's a real problem with life is that people aren't having it for those moments and when you're seventy five yards away from that Elk. Few to ago, and you had an hour to really think about what you're doing and where you are in your life, and you know how you got to seventy five yards way from this animal the whole year of practicing on the target
in all the millions of arrows you shot in all the preparation, and then this thing stands up and time's ticking and that mom is there for the taking and it's so easy to up and it it all happens. The way that you, you hope to visualize it so those moments don't happen very often. Now they don't that. That is what what a lot of people like yourself or myself or chasing you're, always chasing these above average moments. These high level moments these moments, where you just everything's elevated yeah, when you're drawn back on a big elk. There's not another thing in your mind, there's nothing on your mind other than your shot execution and getting it done, and everything is heightened and all just pressure around you, some guys shake like I, some guys drawn back on an animal that in their arms, are shaken like they're shaking like that, you see it in
everything so much anticipation that could barely keep it together. I mean that's what target panic is right. It's like there's all this freak out, there's different, there's a little different levels. Yeah I've seen guys do that where they had a perfect shot opportunity, animal standing, twenty yards away, broadside exactly what you pray for, and they get in the shakes in at the let down let down wow there even take a bad shot. They'd let down is I can't do it just too much anxiety, that's probably better than shooting is much better yeah for smart yeah. That's a that's a that's an aware person. Yes, yes, but I mean I think human beings are meant toe, have a lot of those kind of experiences. Those experiences make life richer. More satisfying, you know I mean sounds like to people who love. I was like. Oh you piece of shit. You want to kill an animal that makes life better. It's not that, like your I'm eating meat, no matter what I feel better when I eat meat, I believe it's healthier. I've had these discussions with nutritionists
once and scientists, and I just think it's better for you, I really do and to for me to get it. That way is way better, because I'm getting my meat, along with this insane hobby. That super difficult to do I mean I could go out and just shoot a bunch of pigs with a rifle, and I could get my meat that way and it would still be fun would still be thrilling. It would still be ethical, wouldn't be the same. Is not the same experience do you. Do you have one hundred percent, just for meat. You can get me to store, like the experience of that of those moments out there, with your friends and the under the pressure and and and and just putting yourself,
in that position where you like, you need to make it count. That's that's! That's part of our human existence. That's that's part of what makes life worth living is is is have it having Thio. I don't know, but just we're like you know, um, I don't know but yeah. I know you mean you can get me to the store, but you can get wild elk at the store and you can't get it that way. There's a bit just just such a giant difference between your relationship with the meat, the you're eating when I take an Elk stake out of the freezer and I Db Ross, did my season in your food looks amazing by the way, like really really good at it, yeah yeah, I'm getting good at it will use the week after you were in at El Campin yeah. We were there with Chad, Ward, whisky, whisky bent barbecue on Instagram who's.
Master chef. I mean he's a fucking wizard he's a pitmaster wins like those world championships and shown he taught me how to cook it properly. As awesome, you know it's all about doing it, slow and then searing it afterwards and you just maintain but he screw that up everybody yeah even wanted the guy It's one of the guys. Just talk to me about you know he's. He said while games kind of tough and we're like well how you cook in it is a large thrown on the grill like a, you can't do that. Can't just leave it on high heat to high here basically, leafyishere it and then serve? This is not sashimi right. Well, you can, if you do it real thin it crazy, thin yeah. You can click it like that. It's not bad, but it's way better. If you do it low and slow, I've brought it down to two hundred and twenty five. Now I like to cook it at two hundred and twenty five, I just set it at two hundred and twenty five and I'll cook an elk steak. Urban fucking an hour yeah. You know whatever the yeah. If you said a trigger to
Thirty five users setting called super smoke, and so it just fills that the inside side of those things are so good for wild game off they really fantastic yeah. It's all. Just the beautiful thing about them is that people don't know what we're talking a trigger is a pellet grill, and these pellet grills, like this tables, made out of oak right. When they cut this table, they would take the sawdust in this table, and they compress it and just using the natural sugars in the would that create these pellets and then these pellet grills they have. These worm drives that feed these pellets into a heating element and the heating element it just it just gets hot and then fire and then a fan blows in the fire to keep the fire going. It's all computer controlled so cal but it's exact same temperature and it maintains at temperature. It's so good, but it's just so pure. It's just would and fire no gas no
knuckles, like on charcoal briquettes or no bullshit food taste, so good off the things talking phenom every time. I every time I have people over at my house and I cook wild game on my trigger. I have these people like a lot to hell. I need to get one of these things like messes sold, like a million number once you learn how to cook with them and learn how to do it correctly. They those little ones, especially wild game, because while games really easy, just grew up and it's really hard to screw it up on a trader right really because of the fact that it doesn't have much fat yeah, it doesn't dry, it out, doesn't cook out the you know the moisture in the air right. Do you take yours afterwards and said it in a cooler to let it rest? I don't do that. That's next level, is it x see I'm getting gems here getting gold? This is from Dudley. He does is call sear it and then he'll cover it with aluminum foil and put it in a trigger or put in a yeti, rather put it in a cooler seal that cooler up for, like ten minutes and what's in the cooler besides the meat, nothing there's! No,
like a little like ice packard- and I know you don't want ice, you don't want to say that it's actually could still cooking case. I let it sit, but I don't. I don't wrap it up in, but if you rally aluminum foil and then let it sit in silence cooler, the cooler actually allows it to continue cutting just a little bit case how many degrees do you take it out before it one hundred and fifteen, I like to take it out at one hundred and fifteen, and I sear the outside of it, and then I see lit up with aluminum foil, and then I put it in the Yeti and I'll. Let it sit. That Yeti for ten minutes. So it's continuing to slowly cook, slowly, 'cause! If you take something warm and you put it in the Yeti, it'll keep it warm if you take something cool, it just insulating incredibly fantastically insulated, and so it works with heat or with cold hi all right. All right! I'm gonna try and talk to Doug he's a wizard at the stuff. You you know, I mean and he's constantly cooking while gaming, essentially that's always get cut. It's a very good cook.
Have you ever been to? He should be she freaking. He does a lot of hunting. You better be done a lot of cooking too. He just drove all the way from Oklahoma to Kansas. He shouted deer in Kansas, drove from Kansas. Ok, Shouted here in Oklahoma, drove all through the night in Oklahoma and parked his truck got into a blind in Iowa. I mean he just lives. It news article are. This is hardcore as you get yeah, but that's all he needs. I mean yeah, he's constantly eating deer in cooking dear and any loves cooking for other people, the art like large groups of friends and family and he's always cooking entertaining I I I I love that about him like when, when we're on the night he cook for ten of us yeah, it was awesome edible meals, and everything was well games. It zero dot, one night trip man. That is that I look forward to that. Every year, it's like the highlight of my year. Yeah, you know what are we doing it this year?
I know right. We gotta talk with you, gotta feel going to talk dates. We gotta figure out the dates 'cause that last year was so amazing Have everybody down there and you know everybody such a good crew, so far cool green tree and cam, and it's just awesome and then the first first year we invented the cat lady drink yeah that one british lives on two yeah. That was ridiculous. I think Dudley might be still trying to. I don't the anybody else. God died off red bull and wine, and was it tequila the lab a little bit ambitious? I was fucking nasty as a deadly as a deadly concoction already hammered. He was just raided. My mini just in the airport has like a mad scientist in liquors. Isn't a not afraid that was such a. In podcast overall just enjoy, is something about Lonai too or you can hunt in Paradise. I mean in it's such a small island. It's like you use, there's not very many
people there. The whole island links three thousand humans and I was shit load. A deer graze around every bush, it seems like sometimes Yeah. It was great thing. Is it's so easy to screw up hunting those access dear, special with a bow that it's so need to go like to find your arrow, and then you know five minutes later you got a whole another group to stock yeah. It's awesome! Well, it's also the most google form of hunting, because they're literally need to be hunted. I have to be, they don't have any predators, it says to, and it's it's not something that some person who the greedy person said. Oh I'm, going put all these deer on this island, I'm going to him now they were brought there for there from for King Comea Maya in the hundreds and it doesn't take while life biologists to tell you that the numbers will get out of hand. If you don't hunt them yeah like when you're there. It's really obvious, that's a perfect example of of of house somewhere. It needs to be managed. Yeah and I know those guys on Maui have that project going on with their hunting, deer and then they're, giving the meat to poor people, which is the best meeting
world I mean, is such a great here is so delicious and great program program. What is program? What is the name of that? That's got that's Jake, Muse, Jake, the and Kahikinui project. Yeah, that's the key new e project so you're from Hawaii. You could spit those words out my mouth, it's funny. It's a you should ask Jake on the he's he's a really good dude and he's got some great stories and he's really educated in those business really well, so he started meat company. He does eradication in Hawaii because it needs to be done and manage so and there on Maui yeah, and so he he wanted to. You know to be able to actually utilize that me, because he, you know these big ranches in golf courses and stuff they they actually pay him to come in there and do it, and so he actually flipped it and figured out a way to start a meat company. So it's like a win win situation, because the deer need to be managed- and you know it's feeding, people and then, and then the
any projects totally different, like he doesn't have a meat company for that, but he's able to harvest the animals in a really good way and he's able to utilize that me by giving it to families who need it simple, as that this phenomenal and it's again it's meat that people would hey a of money of money, for it would be. If, if you could buy commercially raised access deer, it would be one of the most prized meets. Could such an unusual flavor? It's extremely delicious people that don't like wild game and they like I'm, not really into Venice, and I would like to cook access to care for them. I would like just let me cook this for you and tell me what you think: 'cause I've cooked it for other I cooked it for my mother in law, and she she was. She like took one bite of and raise their eyebrows and she. What is this? I like it's axis deer like what kind of dears and I had a short picture which is it. This is unbelievable, yeah, so delicious. It's cool to baffle somebody with wild game yeah, if you, if you can cook it right, especially access dear jeez, it's incredible and how
beautiful there. Are they just in general, is walking around and then get one like like just incredible animals that I think they're my favorite, your favorite to hunt yeah what I like about them. Is we generally go on this axis deer hunt like a couple of months for Elk season, so you get all that jitters out of the way, because they are are like seven times faster than you think, an animal that size can be when they move you like. How did you? How did it even do that? Something move that fast? It's that traded straight matrix straight matrix
and the accident arrows. I'm probably gonna piss some people off by saying this, but the axis deer in Hawaii or different. That's his dear and wire different, Danny O'Brien. When we were on and I and he was hunting access dear he had it was very challenging very, very challenging. They were ducking arrows and matrices. Just he was having a hard time and he went back to the way back home back to Texas back to the drawing board and said I gotta go. I gotta go hunting. He went one hundred access dear first morning shot a huge book and he called me because I shot a huge buck. But got to tell you different Texas. Did the deer just don't react the same way I mean in in Hawaii Hawaiians. There's no season there, the Hawaiian we're eating that meat. Three hundred and sixty five days a year there there and with high powered rifles all year, Long Maui, Kyle, and I and others here are they just react like crazy living in hell
yeah, I really in Paradise. By living in paradise, it's also held every day, they're getting shot at there's a good reason. There paranoid yeah, I'm and then said in Texas. They were just like head down, feeding chilling yeah, he's like a is like a different breed, but he's also during the rut too, Alright get a little bit more pressure during the room, I'm sure there are switched on in Texas, but in Hawaii they're hyper switched on. If anybody ever wanted understand human biology, like male versus female biology, they should see deer and elk in the rut yeah to see animals in the rut. That normally would be super spooky afraid of everything jumping at every snapped twig and they just walking right up to people like they don't know. What's going on there, a horny fog, yeah you're right here you see that video of the guy who taps the deer on the antlers with his arrow he's, got an arrow in this deer in front of,
We just accidentally lie down and ears, like would yeah. I think that would ever happen. It wasn't right in the mating season once once they get those throbbing boners. They don't know what the fucks going on this is wandering around. I saw an elk. Actually having sex. This year. You ever seen that in real life, up close like not to your binoculars yeah, so someone like thirty yards and it's Elk and they get up in MT and they back down one big thrust. Yeah I was like that's how they get down like that's crazy. Crazy. It's literally was Howard, double yes and he was so proud of himself and he got down and he was just like Yes, I got that moved on. There was like twenty other twenty house right there that he had that he had the service for Dick. It was just wandering around yeah. I sought for about sixty yards out. It sounds crazy right. It's it's! A fascinating experience just to be around them when they're behaving like that, there screaming and yelling at each other and run
in mating it's because it only happens once a year for those animals we're gonna, see right here top we have them it is. It is that home, very, it's very climactic. I would wonder how accurate and it's got to be accurate. I got a line it up. Yeah. You just seem line that up. I guess he's lining it up, because you really know what he's doing. He only does it once every six months or once every eleven months must be fresh. Waiting on you can see why they will fight each other for it they run for about a month right, yeah, How cool? Is it how one bowl, if he's a bad and a good fighter, he can have like the first bull that I actually a road with my bow. He had a harem of forty five
cows, one bowl, and there was like three satellite bulls. There is one bowl and he had forty five cows with him that he was hurting that were his girlfriends and they're. All yeah, so they're they're, like relying on him to service all of them. Forty five cows and from there are places where it's like. There's like one bowl for eighty cows, crazy, it's a lot of work. That's too, might be exhausting. You really want like three say: it's like Dan Bilzerian yeah you're, like a human bowl, yeah very similar. Isn't that is fucking logo? Did you have him on your show? Yeah, yeah, yeah, so good, always always invited me to parties. Listen man! I'm married! I can't go to your fucking party.
That's his plan was Hannah hi. This is pointless to go to a party of of his if you're married. I think his his logo is a bowl, not a bull elk, but a bowl go. Is it a go to go yeah, I think so? Who is so yeah? It is ago who's your move on right. That's what looks like a move on the sheer Iglesia. That's a code, I think, but a so is Super Adam who's, the best podcast you ever had so I think I have the best podcast we have another one, that's better. I talked to someone that I respect recently and they said that they eat on mosque. One was the best podcast ever it's pretty damn good history, yeah now down the drain over that best, podcast history that yeah strong word despot gas ever been made. Well he's such a unique mind. I mean he just so they just he just posted a video of one of the boring
tunnels first completed tunnels, and so the yeah it's a insanely long tunnel through LA and they they've been doing this for a few months, but apparently in December they're going to start doing this like look how long this is. This is inside L Amy. This is his actual completed. Real tunnel. That's underneath la right now. Can we talk about how there's no like, like like a prototype, that we heard about is like all of sudden how to get a who owns the land underneath that's a real good question. I don't think he understood what I was asking when I asked him that I'm like how do you? How do you do this like? Who do you ask to do this? Like also call my project manager like not, the starting shit you're under somebody's house in the city to make a low well, and they want to dig under their house to make a well and they go through the roof your tunnel are they allowed to. I love that. There's humans, like him,
they're thinking on such a massive scale that are trying to fix the biggest problems that humans are facing. Let us like guys, like you, out riding waves and I'm telling Dick jokes this guys digging holes under the earth? I mean he's also sending cars in the space right. He sent his own car. He shot into space he's got Spacex is talking colonizing Mars. He's got a Tesla company that makes the best electric cars on the planet earth I mean he's got so many different things going on simultaneously. I just don't understand his capacity for work. He's trying he's trying to fix the energy. You know the energy problems with with know, you know getting energy from fromthe Son to Power House to power your car power, you know,
it's crazy. He make solar panels now that are actually used. Tiles for your root for your last, a solar roof credible, but you do you replace the tiles on your roof with the solar top, so freaking cold it. I just got it on my house. I I got on my house in and have one of those tests the power while two batteries and things insane and got like this crazy, smart algorithm. That knows, when, like a kids coming to Hawaii and it'll like power of my my my battery to one hundred percent, even if I'm not even from not watching the weather channel. It just doesn't automatically does it knows it might need to back up my house wow. So my all my elk doesn't go bad in my so are you on the grid? Are you off the grid the on the grid, but you have sort by hours yeah as of yet yes, we do. Your power comes from the the the solar and you could sell some of it back to the grid. No, my do that. No, they used to do that in, but I think they stopped it in the power company weren't down with solar, really it's hard to
established. So there really is hard to get permits and everything to have your house set up like they. They try to make it kind of difficult for me to try to make it very difficult yeah, but I it is pretty cool live. I offset my my my power needs with solar by like eighty percent. Why aren't so great? So you could conceivably just exists purely on solar, yeah you're on the big island yeah. Now, while all this crazy volcano shiz going how's that the e for king out about that at all, not freaking, I was freaking out yeah, so so I live on the West side in Kona. The volcanoes on the east side, so is the east side? Is that near just south of hell? Okay, that's where the the as for the volcano was with the with the wind, like the trade winds blow east to West. So so, where I live, they look like Shanghai for like three months. Well, the the air sucked like crazy is like LA
small times ten freaked me out volcanic. My daughter is severely allergic to that yeah. We went to a store on the big island, we were staying at the four seasons and we left and went down to the store to get something for a cellphone. She came with me and she just start sneezing and sniffling and her eyes were puffing up. Mikey! Ok like what's going on you six is like I don't know, what's going on, and the guy at the counter said it. So it's probably the vog, and I said what the fuck is: the vog volcanic smog yeah and it just if it didn't bother me at all but yeah with her she's allergic to cats. Since a couple of yams likes maker Snapple, it was that, for about three months where I live, oh yeah, that's what it looks like that's insane that does. Like that looks like Beijing you,
crazy thing was it you know like if the if the, if the wind goes the wrong way than like Maui Oahu and it's it's all log out, like all throughout the whole way, but, it was basically like that that whole You know essentially had a crazy eruption for about three one slash two months: yeah and then not just stopped, and the air quality is incredible where I live now, really yeah, just so blue blue skies Crystal clear, like just insane song, said sunrise just beautiful. So what is geologists, best air quality in ten years. Really for sure. Why is that? I don't know because there was like a constant eruption for like twenty five years, but it was just kind of small, but it was continuously going, but now it's like, like nearly shut down completely, so there's hardly any kind of anything going in the air. So the volcano blew its load kind of like that Elk Bang.
It was lining us up for a while and big old now so the Vauxhall gone. So now, it's probably a good time to go there. It's a very good time. Wow come over and visit. Does it fuck with the that's why I texted you said: come over hunt we're going hunting. I ain't getting hit in the head by a giant chunk of lava. Oh my god, did you hear about the frickin boat that had a big like a lava like a boulder lava, boulder, go through the roof of it. Yeah like a spectator, boat yeah. They were a tourist boat watching the volcano psycho do they were so close? You have a well, that Jamie that you can bring up its nuts these tour boat companies. There is pretty opportune, sticky notes? It's not it's not that it's not easy to make a living on the big island, and so you get this. People want to go see the eruption that all the lava going into the water if you can look for a photo of the boat near the eruption. There's there's some images of like these boats that were like they look like they're like fifty feet
from this mega eruption like crazy, really scary stuff, but you don't mess with lava man yeah, especially when it's it's spitting thing down into the air. Look at that the earth. Yes, that's when it happened. The coast of Hawaii's big island Monday well backed up by the hair. I want to watch you fly through the air and hit them, and I will say what would I do find the air the time to think about what you would do is before you get on the boat, yeah you're you're, just locked in dude, that's crazy, the hole in the fucking boat roof. We see the redness in the whole of the boat, just the hot shit just tore right through the roof on all all of these tour boat. Guys are,
competing right they're, like jockeying, for position to get the closest, unobstructed view, so everyone can take videos and posted on their instagram, but you're twenty three people in can just talk about if one of those like little like lava nuggets. Just I'm gonna apply to you just blow a hole right through you yeah what if it hits him in the head? How about the guy? Next to you is headless you're sitting there with your fucking camera out, trying to get a selfie for Instagram, but the thing is that everybody trips out- I'm like, oh, my god, this is unprecedented- is lava. Just kibali is lava volcanoes happening. I would like to you can mean we live on an active volcano this, where we live, born and raised on this island erupting almost everyday since I was born right, yeah, yeah, most of your life, that's interrupting yeah! You can go almost the time of the year or any year and sea level. I was pretty cool
because Terence Mckenna used to live in Kona. Is you don't know? Terrance we can he's a very famous psychedelic. I guess you would call him a psychedelics. Liquor scholar he's, he was a botanist who an ethnobotanist who set up this place in Kona. And he was he was off the grid completely off the grid. Like he I Alaska, yeah camp, every room thing he he he had his whole. I don't know what what's going on with his old property, but I think some of it burned down. There was a fire up there and I think he lost like oh, no, no, no, the fire was up in northern California, had some of his books up in northern California, but he has a place up in the big island that there was like thirty different types of psychedelic plants growing on his you know and like ten acres
there, that's a spot up there and he had you. Have you been in that house high as a kite or no I'm friends with his brother? I would like to go there he's dead now, unfortunately, really yeah yeah looks like a pretty freaking car to make joint right there. Well that's a weird picture right. It looks very yes. I can tell that the regular patient yeah is it. He had a dope place, so he would get does water from the rain who he had like these cisterns. I guess that would call them one of these containers that catch rainwater and he had you everything filtered that way and say horny hippies. I will probably some freaky shit going on up there late night activities of what he was doing. A lot of lectures on psychedelics and weed school one of the most influential speakers ever on psychedelics, because he was so interesting, such an interesting guy, to listen to a lot of people like that really gravitate to the big island. Yeah there's something about the big island where we live. That is just it's alive. Really
the island is fricking alive. It really is yeah, and you feel that there's like this there's like an energy there and there's there's people who are like I meant to live here. I moved across the earth to live here because a is like just pulled me here on, but I mean people. I got all the time, so your boy in the frickin shack he's one of those guys. I mean he's from Colorado. He was originally from Colorado, but I mean for him. He was a bit of a recluse and he would fly six six months of the year. He would fly an give these lectures in, like you know, Austin and San Francisco and all over the world really and then he would fly back and live on the big island of write books, so cool place to live man awesome. I love that in there and, if you're a bow hunter, it's on a bad place, either right, it's not a bad place. You there. Why isn't incredible for owning a house? This is incredible for people everybody's got a really good attitude. They're, it's like it's Maur. You know I just got back from Manhattan, which I love. I love going to New York City, but every time I go there, I'm like, I don't think I could do this
We could live here, it's just too stacked on top of things, and there was this one thing that I had seen their that I've never seen before had like this rotating rotating machine that you park cars on so say, if you park Your car in here would lift up like this, and then your car would go up here and then a need there be like thirty cars underneath you. I was like what the fuck is that I see not in Tokyo, crazy, dude, yeah, that's and you can rent one of those spots, one of those one of those car spots for like a huge box in Tokyo. I'm sure, like fifty Grand a year, we'll talk for like a loafer. The parking spot at your building, where you live, have you been? Is you yeah alot, so condensed, yeah yeah? It's it's a straight! It's another Ste Tokyo, strange too, because it's so polite yeah. I love Sophia yeah. It's like everyone's. It's almost like you're visiting an alien culture because I don't understand. I don't know what the writing is now I see it, but I I I I recognize it as Japanese. I have no idea what it's a
yeah and then the people they're all like super polite and very orderly, and then everything is electronic and it's almost like times square like with big. This is almost like, like a parallel civilization like on another planet and how the hell to get there, that's where they ended up like if you Look at the history of Japan, yeah the that right right means true old school. Japan is the opposite of that, like that, all of a sudden it like this full on, like forward technology, hyper, futuristic civilization there now yeah. That's a fascinating thing about Asia Period Right Samsung in Korea. They make some of the best electronics in the world and you drive. Outside the city, there's like rice fields everywhere and people were working with those cool hats on and like everyone has no shoes and on earth in mud, then you drive right to the city and it's just like this giant electronic city
Yeah wonder what it is: kind of cool good food, though in Japan and all over Asia by Love, Japan Ticket now Japan's pretty I'm just fascinated by the culture period. I mean that's, obviously, the birthplace of a lot of martial arts Judo came from. They are karate a lot of yeah yeah a lot of a little bit of play, not exact thing. You want to be done and we are good, though the crack I was afraid that we were going to have nothing to talk about that was going to be interesting. We get stuck on like archery for like two hours, so I looked up a couple things. What did you look up? Look I just like was geeking out in the or was that impressive. When I just pulled up in like a big old Cadillac bug a black cadillac with a driver or what no it's normal. I thought that really really weird weird view: could you live in Hawaii don't do that very often, but when you drive like a tundra, so I'm sure I do. I drive a Toyota tundra from big on a Toyota
buddy in Hawaii as a Toyota, jailbreak, the stricken state car, it's the move, right. They don't break yeah, they don't break they don't I've had three Lexus is Lexus Suvs, those fucking things. Now ever break down? They never have a single single down there they're using nothing, zero vehicles, yeah they just long and and in Hawaii you're, going off road. So much that serving in hunting. I'm I'm always going off roading campaign taking my kids and stuff. So you want something reliable, any game for can bio, and you know him you can buy a Toyota truck for, like thirty five grand like six years later, you sell for thirty two yeah, the the like resell values, not and it'll go for two hundred thousand mile, yes they're great with zero problems. I got a big tundra, that's the other thing. The Japanese figured out how to do like how they figure out how to make things, so God damn reliable, yeah. Now, you there's is my truck. Yes, we look at that lift
Toyota Hawaii. That's my last truck. I got the exact same truck now, though chuck. Nothing will get you anywhere. You want to go yeah, I'm actually sponsored by the local dealership, really not big on Toyota shot a shout out to a I'm sorry to look at the fender flares and everything pending is setting a goal drive straight, a mountain are, but it will enter a hold on ten deer in the back of it. Have you ever seen that company I called Dev Rollo. They take those things they make a bulletproof and they they spray the outside of 'em with what is that fucking coding that makes him bulletproof? I might need to get that for all the p to people. You you get Peter people, know you, don't you don't get any because hunting and surfing you would think that both of the year actually natural, but you get a little bit of it. Just because there's a lot of granola crunchy people that get upset there's a! like dolphin riders in the surf world that are like you know, we're from it's peaceful from
earth. Why do you gotta kill the Shane while you to kill killed while you have kill the animals? Man? Let him let him live, always get these guys. Let him live always always always Dan stand that if you don't comb that there's going to be way more problems for them. If you don't not only are they not understand it of but they're never and understand it. A that's it a I used to consider like trying to explain that to people, but there's there's there's. Really not what is there's a coating that they it's called it's Polly Yuria is Tthe e um is the type of material, but ah there's there's an actual name for it. Uh Ah green trees got a really really bad ass Toyota yeah. He had his built his filling the whole back area, where cabins is all like stuff. His is not looks so he doesn't like red wheels right. He's got like a real like free traders in there and yeah and a hall and forget shower to shower off all the mud, and we actually drove his prop
a and it was so might it out that that is impossible to get up. The roads is pure mud slide and he uses winch to win just a bit of his road, like all the way up his road to the winch, so cool size, I mean, the thing is like that: it's actually good for something you know he's been in America now for like a month and a half just hunting he's been almost getting. Pulling the trees down Alaska matches, hell yeah, so he's going to get the hell out of that tree. If you go to Adam Green Trees, Instagram age of this video of it. Where he's, in a We stand, he's waiting like he's, trying to hunt deer and is waiting for a deer to walk by and here's guns go off and then here's the leaves crack because bullets are we whizzing by his head and hitting the leaves in an earlier literally and his video of it and he's like Walt the fact mate, because he's fucking, Blanca's yeah he's there's two hundred and two one hundred gunshots in six hours. Oh yeah, where is he Kansas? Kentucky Kentucky yeah ha
yeah, I'm talking not a lot of tenders and have you ever been to the Midwest during opening day? If you drive a tundra in Kentucky, it would need to be bulletproof. What is it you got it yeah, I'd like for him, Chevrolet Man, they have a lot of Toyota's down there. Do they yeah they given not only two Toyota trucks are actually made in America, believe they are yeah hi tenders made in Texas yeah there you go. A lot of toyotas they're made in America. You know the Acura Nsx, which is a Honda, that's actually made in Ohio. They construct they designed and constructed in Kentucky. There go college boys I know they employ people. They Dio one hundred reasons, people that used to be an issue in Detroit. If you're in Detroit, you were driving a non american car, they'd shoot at it, but now I mean so many car companies moved out of Detroit yeah start selling Conde did kind of give up on that line. Exes at the code yes lie. Next, thank you that shit. You could take a lot Lennox. It's crazy, that black coating that plastic
coding that they put on those trucks you can take line x and cover a watermelon with it and drop it off of the building ounce and has a ground yeah. That's so they take that that that Matt Grae are Matte black sort of Kerr, cover. That thing looks sick, that is line x, and so these line x covered trucks they make them and they also make him with Kevlar windows and door panels and bulletproof plates underneath them time make like a. If you like, just a total piece of shit. Nobody, everybody wants to kill you, you get one of those things just try around rattle line x arm, vehicle. How much of an idiot do you look like driving that thing around pretty badass, just wear mirrored sunglasses tellable to fuck themselves. I like the but I love the friggin line x. The whole thing that's like on the night of the watermelon watch. This look at this watermelon Bro yeah? I was thinking of this going like a basketball, yeah, so any
catch is that you would ordinarily get from like branches and, like I bet your mean that dick to cut travel that look at this it is. I was thinking I could do not to my truck. Do you get scratched up, Oh yeah yeah. I just like that you can just like pressure wash it. You have to worry about details coming off and wear about anything. Just shoot the shit down and it's clean, yeah of our guides? In LA I had his truck was lying next, it was green, completely yeah, yeah yeah, it's great that was Alec. It's good stuff, Alex yeah that stuff just doesn't screw. But you can go over somebody key your car and just fucks up their key. It's it's pretty impressive stuff. But when you, when you see trucks mine here in L, LA funny or Oh there's, a lot of things where you just wanna learn. I just wanna look like killer in a lifted truck you can't park,
Can any like structure. That's true! You! You can go underneath like any underground parking. You look cool! That's that's important! On here, yep yeah! You look cool in like gridlock traffic, like five five pm in the four or five yeah, but you're above everybody. Look down on this loser that I got my. I got a monster truck. Is this strange thing when you come from your place? I mean what is the big on? Have one hundred thousand people, or something like that on the entire island is the biggest island all of Hawaii yeah? And you know you go from there to here. Where is one hundred thousand people you know go to West Hills right here. It's probably a hundred thousand people for every like three blocks yeah. It is weird coming here. I spent a lot of my life in California. Actually, even though I was born and raised on the ground like that, every time I get off the plane, I just got so baffling that for lax airport report and getting on the freakin shuttle for the rent, a car than getting a rent a car and getting on the four or five
everyone's going. Ninety yeah that's crazy, there's always like an adjustment period of like a half an hour or so when I'm driving, I'm like in the slow lane like hi this is really happening in our in costs. Why? Why going eighty miles an hour everyone's on at and no one's getting stopped and announces a shock? Well, you used to place where people in past people on the highway yeah on on those the roads. If someone passes people on those little single lane, roads, people get mad right. Yeah going too fast like slow down yeah. Well, the same, the mainland, that's that's that Hawaii is Hawaii like. I think I think we're talking about this on the on the loss and the last time I was here but Hawaii. Why is it's a it's a different kind of place? Where yeah you? Don't you don't pass people just because they're going a little bit, Beyonce slower on the on the highway? If you do
there make sure not the wrong person right. Then you yeah you want. You want to show respect for people and yeah, and I I you know, I think, there's like a there's like this dynamic in Hawaii, where you know I mean everyone who moves there is that's fine. I don't think anyone gets out of that. But you just don't want those people to move to Hawaii because they love Hawaii and then try to turn it into California. Respect the culture, respect the way people act, behave and then respect, the the vibe that everything is more relaxed yeah. That's why it's so cool to visit yeah, because you, you literally feel relaxed when you get there because everything's relaxed so different. It's a different vibe people forget that the whole people moved to Hawaii for that, and then they moved but I want to turn in California. Does that happen? If you want to buy a big house in the beach and put it being out wall around it and keep everyone out of the private beach and have like their own little zone- and this is my zone in my stuff and my giant house- and
you can try it out on the beach- is kind of her a whole area yeah. It is loading like a chunk of beats like you don't own that, like you decided to put it, giant, try next to the ocean. Well, they have security guards in Malibu. Try to keep people off of public beaches. They say this is a private beach like no. No it's connected to the ocean. Motherfucker, like your yard, is the ocean. Yeah, like my friend, has kids. He has ah Beach house and my friend has kids and the kids surf and the kids were surfing. Just you know a few one hundred yards from their house and they were in front of this guy's house. The guy comes out of the house. Fucking screaming at them said get the fuck out, I hear you're not supposed to be here like no. You can't tell people that just because you spent a lot of money on a house. That's on the beach doesn't mean you on the beach. You don't that's the beach, it's the whole earth's beach. Someone could come here from all around the world and walk on that beach. That's that's your yard. You fucked up! You
bought this fifteen million dollars house that anybody could walk thirty feet from your house like that's just how it is dude. Sorry, isn't that weird! You will not get that six days each day if they finally gotten the super all Aldrich category that the like the rules don't apply anymore. Well, there just try now that I'm disregard bitches, my now they're trying to scare people off of it. So they've hired a lot of security guards, see you find hard miserable how miserable of those people imagine being that person who is like yelling at kids, 'cause they're in front on the beach that guy is living in his own personal hell. I don't care how rich it is yeah. So it's just it's just stupid like. If you live on the beach, you have to kind of accept that your house is next to this public park, your essentially living in a public park- and you have his dope view- you get to look at the ocean, but joy that puts yeah. But what's in front of your house is everybody's. It just is everybody you don't you can own. It is never not going to be yeah and it move
musicals and that's one of the weird things that happened. Apparently they did something in Santa Barbara. They did something to the ocean. They did something like they put up some sort of a barrier, some sort of break in Santa Barbara. And an affected broad beach in a crazy way like it pushed the water way closer. Because one of the good things about broad beach, I think they call a billionaire beach one of these people. These crazy fucking houses. They had this long stretch of sand before the water, and then the water came I'm way up like to almost where the houses are now so it's all gone, but now the people that you, the beach, are literally writing from these people's houses. So they're fucking, freaking out crazy, see Is there any articles about yeah? So these able of hired security guards to kick people off, and then people are getting together in these lawsuits against these people that own these houses saying you can't keep us off the pages and I never want to be those people dark. Can we establish that? I just I just want to keep
people just want to keep going surfing in bowling and how the wealthy are laying claim to the California California's coast. Complaints have been streaming about security guards. Hired wealthy home homeowners, removing people from public beaches. You you can't out those security guards. They can't do anything until they touched you like it would be a salt. Like you can't tell me, I can't walk on the beach. You can't you can't do anything. I was trying to read through this and of the first cases that the security guard went and got a show from the sheriff told that they're going to get a ticket if they didn't get off the beach see the sheriffs are all scared, because they'll all those people want the influence of all these wealthy people for the wealthy people influence the politicians. Sheriffs want to keep their I mean. The whole thing is just crazy, but the thing is now today this stuff is getting out and it's good.
Thing out on the internet. It's getting out in these stories and articles that are on the internet. Homeowners have imports employed several tactics to keep their beachfront properties private recent example of a case in Malibu and via involved a property owner charging people forty dollars to walk on the beach banning surfing unless the person was a resident or a friend of a resident. You can't you can't just decide. That's crazy! That's like literally going up to a state park. And saying? No one can go in here. It's too close to my house. Yeah, there's nothing right about that stuff, and I don't get I don't I just I had You got that kind of right there that mentality. That gives me the gnarly
it's anxiety. I just don't want to be anywhere near those people just want to get far far away from them and like live in the mountains in a way or ideo. Look at this she had been on the beach for just a few minutes. With a tall uniformed security guard approached, he says Schwartz, he told Schwartz. She was trespassing on private property and threatened her with a one thousand five hundred dollars. Fine and a court citation. If she didn't leave is an employee two of the yeah mission right and she said: yeah she's, a commission employee was asked to do some reconnaissance following stream of formal complaints. At that point, I pulled out the maps that I had and said you know this is a public area. Swartz were called, but the guard disregarded her insistence after telling her she needed to provide legal proof that she had a right to be there. The guard left and return twenty minutes later, with two sheriff's deputies who slipped swiftly advise Schwartz. Beach was not for public use, then I got a bit unsettled. She remembers as brave as I like to think I am I kind of started shaking a little bit start to get a little more
service. Did you read it that was go back up Jamie it'll, say House house. That was, I think it was David Geffen's that happened also near his house. Same deliberately restricted public access. You know this that now that same thing out with Mark Zuckerberg QUIET, it's two thousand thirteen, the guardian reported how entertainment mogul David Geffen had to liberty, restrict deliberate least restricted public access to the beach near his home on carbon beach yeah. That's another really expert! You can't do that. Yeah. Mark Zuckerberg. Did that alkali really a part of this beautiful? property on the North coast of Kauai is incredible, beautiful place with credible waves and not that many people live there and he bought this insane like thousands of acres right there, where most beautiful places on earth and then try to keep everybody out like completely block all the access and all the Hawaiian. All the local people got extremely angry with him and if, if you just would have been mean, he's gonna be a
resident right, you would think this little island on co eyes, people living there forever. You can't just like storm in there by all the property up and block everyone out. You got to live in Hawaii I don't know, but is it like a nice sized or smaller a lot more of them yeah a lot more yeah, probably forty thousand or something like that? Maybe thirty thousand. But you know the people on choir, really territorial and protective of where they live and they live in a really beautiful place and
Ah lot of people who aren't from there have lots of money want to live there. So people people inquire hypersensitive already, so you got like Mark Zuckerberg, you know probably worth eighty dollars billion or something come in there buyable the landing, try and block everyone. It's not a good move. Well, he's, probably a terrible move, but he's probably super insulated to people right. I mean everywhere that guy goes you bring security guards with them right after you and he's probably like he probably has almost no interaction with regular people, even think so these young man, so young he's in. Like thirty four some shit, Woolsey Jamie, that's right: what's he worth eighty billion imagine being in your thirties and worth eighty billion billion about still work? How about that that's cool though I love that about like I wouldn't do it. Like Elon, musk and and and it's it's cool it
I believe so much that they can actually make a difference if they're still, that's the only reason. That's keeping away some of the money he paid a hundred million dollars to purchase seven hundred acres of land wow, three thousand four hundred and thirty. Four, that's crazy straight up, balling balling out would ask ball and there's a big difference in him and Ilan Musk, though, he's got a weird reputation of fucking over the people that he made made Facebook with. I don't know I don't know if that's correct or not, but that movie man I'd sue the fuck out of those p. Made that movie. That's not true right in the movie, the kind of set up like he stole the idea. Well, he had to settle. He settled out of court paid a lot of millions to like the wink of US brothers I think to to because they said it was their idea yeah they made him. Look like a dick in that movie yeah, I sure, did yeah it's kind of heavy that that movie actually got me You think that they would have got paid off to not make it well, it's weird to make a movie about a person, even even if they got accurate reports from other people. It's so
weird to make a movie about a person is still alive. Right now put words in his mouth, a lot of it chelation to no matter what for sure yeah what he got off light. It says that the settlement was twenty million in cash and forty five million in Facebook stock price and are worth billions yeah. That's it. He got off light yeah. If you did that, I'm over? But who knows if they're true they're, telling the truth yeah, I don't know whose version is always true. There's always two sides to every story, but a movie about you like a so we made a movie about you and you know how you the beach saying some shit. You never really said. Okay, I didn't say those words. You can't have me say those words with an actor's inflection and his decisions to make whatever creative choices he makes with the He talks in ninety nine percent of the people watching that movie aren't having this conversation right people. They just automatically think that Sucker Burke, that's what happened. Yeah he's a deck. He now that he did those that that's the perception it's like. If you, if, like Jamie, was like hey, you know what
I just got fired by Joe FUCK that Guy Movie Battle Jos joked Joe try to touch me this one day when I was shooting a techno driven target, he tried to touch me. Everyone may be believe Jamie, especially if he was like a really pretty girl with Jamie. Be pretty girl. Free, shaves hair goes He did try to stop being made according to yeah. She You would, though, I need to stop the movie, the social network for being made from his leaks, only emails that came out in that hat Oh, he did, but I think he has a right to it honestly. Here's the thing pretty heavy, that someone can make a movie about you without right, your consent and put words in your mouth. That's the thing maybe thing if you were convicted in a court of law for that stuff. But if this is just like yeah, I swear this happened. See, here's the thing, though it's one thing: if there's a documentary in the dock
When are they showing footage where Zuckerberg's doing certain things saying certain things, it's a total different situation. If you decide to put words in that guy's mouth and I have Justin Timberlake planned in a movie who played in the movie, which I think is Justin Timberlake wasn't just internal just so he's in it Joe Jesse Eisenberg. So you have a famous actor. The famous actor plays you in a movie. And makes you out to be a cunt at sucks. It's his choice. He got and then the directions I could make it a little more county can do a little more content like little more of a dick I'll, be a little more removed here. Will try a little more removed this next take yeah. It's like you can't do that you should do. You should be able to sue the fuck out of those people because at the end of the day, it's one thing to tell a story: hey I work with soccer that guy was a dick. He stole my ideas, it's another thing to have someone play him in a movie and make up a bunch of words.
Said he didn't really say or you don't know, he really said you don't have any proof that he really said That's fucking since Ranji match it up. It's like I've always felt that way about historical movies A movie about Abraham Lincoln, like someone was saying how the fuck they do, movie, Abraham Lincoln Vampire killer. You know We see that stupid movie was really ridiculous. Abraham, Lincoln was a vampire killer, was one of the dumbest movies ever take to make it is killing vampires. I think, with an axe thing killed with an axe is really stupid. But I was saying yeah it's dumb, but is it any dumber than a the other Abraham Lincoln Movie? You have a bunch of movies about Abraham Lincoln. Where he's just hanging out with his kids and talk, you don't know what the fuck you said, you don't know what kind of in Iraq He actually had with his wife. You are there, how do you? How do you pitch that movie to the studio you know what guys I got this concept. I got this concept. That's when you know you got way too much. Money is when you're making movies about Abraham, Lincoln being a vampire killer. Yeah pull up pull up.
Trailer for Abraham, Lincoln Vampire Slayer. I was trying to remember. I I remember correctly that this came at a time this, the guy that wrote the book that this movie was made from road pratten pride for pride and pride and prejudice and zombies, or he rewrote private practice. She's me pride braless, but added a zombie like plot throughout it. So we decide he matched up the story. It was successful, so he did it again with like an Amber Abraham, Lincoln. Biography but added vampires too? It is their demand and it went so demanding. Is there enough people on earth at once watched shit movies seriously? I don't know man if you my time is precious. I want to watch something really good, not really bad. I don't know There's nobody walking in that movie like yes, this is going to be sick might be operating on a higher frequency than most. It's a lot of people out there that just want to be entertained by stupidity. Give me give me full screen on this stupid piece of shit. I watch this.
Thing high. As a kite to you watch this movie, oh yeah, Where were you in that shack on the big island. When you watch this Burton because, let's look at this, this trailer actually looks pretty fucking cool Liam Neeson I remember who played him collect its fucking up all these vampires. Do this look at the access steam, HAM, Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Looking, he chopped down tree with
one swing duty, so badass very high percentage. People watching that movie where high yeah well see. I go think the things that are not good for my job see Well, yeah, I will go. I will watch movies and television shows. I will watch things hoping hoping it sucked bad enough to become part of my act. You didn't have to hope very hard that didn't make it in there watch says that through the whole thing looks like jokes like like a like a like a joke factory right it does. It looks like it should be a joke doctor. It's not well! Maybe someone better than me came out like two months before the Lincoln Movie with Daniel Day Lewis. So, rushed it out that guy's amazing, by the way, Daniel Day, Lewis Holy Moly but that was another movie that bothered me. I saw the Danny
day. Lewis Lincoln Movie was kind of dull, too slow yeah, but it bothered me that we don't really know what the fuck this guy said. It's one thing like there will be blood which is fucking amazing, but those are fake people man. He looked good as Lincoln crazy, crazy, how good they made him out member gangs in New York when he was bald butcher, but was it Bill bill butcher? Yeah, he's phenomenal, he's great in everything I so good Man he's just one of those guys, it just becomes completely this one. There's a few people that a lot of people that are actors that are just weirdos they're. Just these really strange people that desperately want attention. They figured out a way to use their mental illness to navigate the waters of Hollywood in some strange way, with their virtues, signaling and and and behaving exactly the way. Hollywood wants him to behave to get themselves into these missions of fame, and then they become movie stars, and they say a bunch of nonsense in these. You, you
interviewed you like you're. Not even a person accuses not a person is not a person talk there's, no sincerity, there's no reality. It you just fully aware of every word you're saying and how people going to receive it and you you just know, there's no there's. No, your your guards never down there. Just weirdos yeah and then this people attended a Lewis who's. Just this sad image. You just figured out how to become these people. He stays material deal yeah yeah I mean he fucking stays in character. That was great last the Mohicans, so good he's fucking great and everything retired? You know he does now huh makes shoes. Are you serious? Yeah is a cobbler. He makes shoes by hand, he's a legend affected. Are you kidding me? He was so good Hilda, Boo, yeah. I would fly to wherever the fuck he is to get a shoe made by him should do it. I should one of you makes shoes for people probably just make shoes for his friends. What it's like.
Do you have a company like? I know he makes shoes but like what does he do with these God? Damn shoes with his lifestyle. You know any mean after all, that, like you know and like all those crazy moments, I get you a potential like you know his human potential of his like acting craft, like during my glass, Mohicans and and gangs of New York and stuff yeah, going from that, like extreme those extreme highs and yeah your performance levels to making shoes, that's crazy. He usually people go up, not not been. Up in intensity, not down intensity, right right, yeah. The intensity aspect of it is really interesting, but I think for him, like he's he's such an artist, that I don't think he cares. Whether or not people are looking at his art. I think he cares about the process of creating S o. I think Titus seem to him yeah. I think that's us. Well, maybe even it's more pure is the fact that it doesn't have any adulation. There's no there's no spotlight on it. There's no publicity team is no stupid interviews. He has to do
yeah! You know I mean I mean yeah. That stuff must be maddening. You know for him to sit down with someone from fucking e entertainment television. So mad you got another dope movie coming out, tells about it sounds like you need a No, they Lewis on the on the podcast here he wouldn't even during an amazing, but maybe he would how cool would that be to to about shoes you psyche on that. Maybe I would talk to that guy, for yeah? I was just choose the awesome views and it is tell me about your stitching, probably be like where we choose your leather. I don't think from what I just read. I don't think that he does it. It says that he took time off from making movies to study under this very well known, shoe maker for ten months specifically, and only did dial. Then he came back though he made a movie like last year called the phantom thread, which were he was a designer fashion, designer and, and he learned to in order to do that, he'd reverse engineered a Balenciaga dress, didn't disturb, learn how to become a fashion. What is
a Balenciaga dress to know that he's put up at the blood suckers of a company insects? Are they make that sure we made with sure thing? So it's a at the high end very high and stuffing so he took it apart yeah and then put it back together again, so you could understand the process of doing it. That was like his house how you became it, got into character for the for that movie. So I don't know if he's retired all the way it doesn't seem like he makes believe he retired he made that movie, last year, though my seventeen different while he likes six, only one way to find out did retire for awhile. You took some time off is with Daniel if you're out there anytime dude, just just holler at me know. I know you don't have a daughter. I know you don't have a twitter, but I got people. You got people he was amazing in the movie, the box or two in my opinion noted he played the most believable professional boxer in a film because in a lot of films like even like the movie with Marky Mark
query played Micky Ward. It was like Mark Wahlberg knows how to punch, he knows throw punches, but there's a between throwing punches in a movie and a guy throwing punches in a fight. And if you look at, the way Daniel Day Lewis is performing in that boxing movie. He looks like a guy who's, throwing punches in a fight. It's way more realistic, any boxing movie I've ever seen and he boxed for a full year. Before did that movie, you may just lived in a boxing gym. He trained all the time. Sparred hit the pads. He got real
coaching from here. He played a guy who is an IRA guy who got out of jail and then got back into boxing in this bunch of terror, ship involved in the film's very good movie, but see if you find footage of him from that movie. So when you, when you see boxing movies guys, it's wrong punches like they'd, rather not gonna, get it back yeah. How does a certain thing about boxing like if you watch a guy actually fighting, there's a tension? Yeah, there's attention to worry about whole getting hit back and you see a movie about a box because he's a man that is so. This is too much. The Mets are down there. Just like yeah tens out. It's not just that. It's like the way they're moving, there's no anticipation, there's! No, it's all offense right, yeah it off it's all. Even when they're getting hit it's bullshit, it's like there, so you can tell it makes it drives me crazy. Yeah is like watching in here I mean this guy. He studied and trained. I forget who was training him, but it was like legit professional boxer,
crazy. That commitment that these guys to take their acting to the next level, how many people have noticed that he fights more like a real fighter? Know I'm saying no, it's not. But even like silica, the Louise throwing these punches like this is the they a re. A ll boxer throws punches, like they're, not wide everything's real tight, pretty fucking impressive, but I mean I would expect nothing else from this guy yeah he's legit it's against the fucking madman, yeah it'd be a real weirdo talk to yeah. I know it's only one way to find out yeah you want to get him on. When are we going hunting? I don't know I think June you want to May or June. Let's try to plan something yeah sure Lynn. I does the next one She come with us to Dudley's place in Oklahoma in March in March, we're going to go pig, hunting that be fun. It's infested march.
I think the size of that gigantic pig that he shot down there yeah. I did monster four hundred and fifty pound pig. It's like a tank, so as big as this table. Thanks huge big pork chops, the three of us stack together and create form so March, eighth yeah, we're gonna, do it in March fun yeah. He has a giant place that he leases in Oklahoma and it's all just beautiful wild open country, Oklahoma's very underrated, been Oklahoma, never been to the Midwest, not Ohio tomorrow, going white on first time ever is at the Midwest. Yes, I never even know where the Midwest is Hawaii. Why yeah No Ohio, album shit, I'ma, Midwest Virgin, so I'm going back to Ohio, that's actually where my mom is from. So oh that's cool. What part of why or part of of Ohio? Rather, I think the southern part I'm going, I'm whitetail hunting.
Right what part of this is right in the middle, so this Portsmouth Kentucky area, maybe I'm calling is not every spot, I'm hoping it's not too cold Columbus is the I'm a big fan of Cleveland to, but God Damn Columbus is the Columbus is awesome. I'm excited to see it on just the fight. Whatever far, what I I'm guessing is farm lands flat rate not flat. The sounds like that's the misinterpretation, like it's flatter than most areas for sure, but like especially down from Columbus down to the south area, where the rivers go. There's a space like if there's indian, mounds and there's all sorts of likely sure cut out, speak now. Hockey hills is a very cool spot. There's also the old man's cave is a really cool spot too. It's like a traditional. I think Columbus is one of the most underrated cities in the country. Yeah yeah people don't think about it. It's like the people are fucking crazy, cool. It's a really good place to stand up for stand up comedy it's one of the best places in the world. It's just fucking phenomenal.
You're, smart, but they're also like midwest type people, but but they're not stuck up. You know it's like it's like almost like Chicago. It's like a lot like Chicago, I think. Well, I'm not going to see it. I'm just going to go straight to my trees, down tree. Stand hunting. Have you ever done it before? I've done a little bit of trees, down hunting, but it's a mind really bad. I'm impatient I like to be like to be stalking, I like to be on the move I like to be finding dear I like to be, you know I like that, being I'd like to hunt yeah, I wanna be the hunter, and so for me, like sitting in a tree for four days straight. It will be interesting to see if I have what it takes. It's weird too, because you're oddly aware that if you fell you're fucked like you have to wear, where harness and all that jazz like I did it with Dudley. The first time I ever treat I've hunted deer. Before
on the ground in a ground blind, but the first time I ever did it in a tree stand was at Dudleys place. That's where you gotta go Dudley Dudley. Has the craziest bot going to hit up deadly? Then things got like six hundred acres. Tall, bow hunting. He lives here. He lives in he literally lives in white tail paradigm wow. He lives in Iowa right in like one of the best places in the world you're going to send me a text, Simon tax. Have you down. I know I've done. You gotta check it by for an Iowa tag, though it's gonna be cold. This week old this on son, hot Hawaiian, yeah yeah, does under armour have some good white tail close. They do yeah they sent. They sent me some really really warm clothes for hunting. You don't want to get one of those thermal fuck, things. Have you seen the heated sleeping bags? Oh yeah, those are dope. You could wear one of those up there. I could
yeah yeah. They have those things. What are they called inferno suits or something like that? What are those things called see? The thing is I, like. I like hunting in cold weather. I love it super whether even right, if I came in like stalking around I can walk around, can move right, not that cold right. If you the whole point of sitting in a tree stand, you have to try and sit completely a hundred percent still in loop move as little as possible. Can you freeze your dick off you don't have to? It? Doesn't have to be that cold for you to freeze right if you're, certain trying not to move now. You know it can be in the 50s and you could freeze your balls off right because you're not moving, so your body is not generating heat, but I've haunted when it's like eight degrees or ten degrees in eastern colorado- and I was ok they could move well, not that you're taking layers off if you're going up hills like that is one of the things. That's really interesting to me about hunting and cold weather is the whole layering system now- is that you have to really be aware of when you're sweating, so the whole key is to get yourself to the
point where you're never sweating. So as your mood, because, if you're sweating, then you have to cool off and then you have a how to kill yourself up your or are wet from sweat, you're fucked! You know that's one of the beautiful things war is. It will allows you to retain your body he, even if it's wet you know he doesn't doesn't really with you the same way that a lot of synthetics in particular cotton, consul, worse, comes to worse now. Synthetics are good because it did the Dell Dell Dry quickly, yeah yeah yeah. Have you ever seen that rewarming drill that John Barr Chlo from Sitka did when he jumps in a river with wet clothes and shows Howto heat your body back up? No, but I just did a hunt with ah um. I just did a hunt with John Heart from Sitka who started yeah yeah he's a great guy guy. It was a lot of fun with and we talked about survival stuff a bit like know stuff. Like that. What do you do if you fall in a river and it's cold?
that guy that to me is like one of the mean because he owns the company he's, one of the best representations of what you would want from a guy who owns a big company was a ceo of a big that's involved. Hunting, yeah super smart, really, articulate conservation minded very ethical. Just saw there are super solid. I was with him in Utah, yeah great guy, now awesome company to yeah you're, a good stuff, yeah. There's a there's there's you know there's a lot of good stuff out there, but I just yeah, I'm hoping I stay warm on this on this hunt. You guys in BC. Where were you guys were in Hawaii? Oh that's right! That's right! I was thinking you were on that moose hunt that they just come back from. To get away. So you were in that crazy ranch. That's somewhere on the big island. The people never hunt right. Some big area yeah we were hunting on the big island. We we're hunting pigs,
I was hunting in an area that was like, I yeah we're hunting is big. Boars Allen Anna is a lot of fun, is great, but he's he's a he's, a really good dude yeah. Do they have like numbers that they have to keep the pigs down to do? They have like a point, the pigs, reach 'cause for people. Don't know this. We have several litters a year and if they're, not because there's no predators on Hawaii, so the pigs aren't kept in check by people they'll get completely out and so they have wildlife biologists who managed the numbers and try to decide like what to do. They just try to kill as many as again so they just have people hunt constantly, and is it not a problem, because so many people hunt there
I mean it is it sort of depends. He ask it's it's it's crazy because, like with the pigs, the the the did, the pigs can thrive in really thick areas so that there is very difficult to do like up to figure out how many pigs there are like. If you try and count the number of deer on Maui people count them my friend Jake. Does it help fly in the old dread and we get a pretty darn accurate reading of how many deer on the island, but trying to figure out how many pigs on the big island it's impossible? They live in the jungle right because they're all in the underbrush yeah, the and and and yeah, but the deer they come out in the open. You know and you're chasing that with a helicopter, and you can see a mineral running with the pigs. Don't do that is correct the thick so basically there's infinite now of picks on the big island. So do they also have dumb sheep? We have. We have moved on sheet. We have like a like a hybrid sheep. We have we had goats and, and those you can, you can get numbers of any could not come down really quick. If you're trying to replicate them yeah eggs, it's really difficult. How do the move
find cheap taste move on cheaper, amazing, yeah? That's what I heard there is really fantastic to great to hunt. Did you see that controversy that happened pretty recently, where a woman shot a she shot, a wild sheep I did in Europe in Europe in and people were upset it are and all these Ricky Gervais. Of course you have to jump in that's his favorite Glenn Greenwald all these people jumped in what they don't this is wild. Goats are invasive species, they have no natural predators and they they hunt them to preserve the wildlife. That's indicative, that's native to the area, whether it's the plant life Animal I've mean these these. If their populations are left unchecked, like they hunt them for a very specific reason, like really have you after some wildlife biologist. They should be eradicated because there are a lot of them were
left on islands. People don't realize this by wailers They left them on these islands because this was an island off of I believe of Ireland or Scotland, see if you can find that store. A lot of them are left there by by travelers so that they would have food there when they came back, so they would drop these things off on these certain islands and in fact there was a real area, a real problem. Where they drop them off. So this is the woman and people got all for this lady for shooting this I'll go, which is really kind of crazy because they eat them. They're delicious they eat. There was food there invasive, so many things going in pointing towards the direction that this was actually a smart conservation thing to do. But I guess Maybe it was because of the way she talked about it because it was a really fun hunt or something like that, but I get it it's a it's a beauty,
the creature yeah and, and it would still be alive if she wasn't there so that perspective of people of just like you know why you got to kill it yeah, it's a it's it's a it's a it's! A wild animal living on an island where it will make my case. Let him live it's a natural process. It is yeah simple, as that yeah normal human nature, to the think that, but you know all the people who think that if you dig a little deeper there's a lot more information there with those do you can't let those go to get out of hand? Our heart is so they don't die. But that's the problem with someone like like that's great. Your face or Glenn Greenwald, someone like that. That has a giant platform that loves animals, and I appreciate that and that instantly post, something like this very inflammatory without looking into it d, yeah, they use platform and they they think to expose something they think is terrific, but they don't understand. What's going on behind the scenes of this, there is called Judas goats and what they do is do take a take boat and they'll neuter that goat and put a gps tag on it and say
ended out, because goats always flock together and this goat will go near the other goats and then they fly over with helicopters and gun these goats down, and this is just to keep goat populations in check, so they kill every go, but the Judas GOAT and then the Judas GOAT will find other goats and then they fly over again and gone all the goes down. This is done by wildlife. Biologist is that, right by my house, yeah they do this just because those goats eat everything. I have a friend who lives in to Panga and they bought goats to clean their property. They thought now. This would be a good idea. Will bring these goats in and they'll eat all the weeds in the cook? No, they eat everything, everything everything to keep going and so they'll decimate local wildlife Blake, whatever their their habitat, is they'll devastate all these local plants. All I mean if things are supposed to be there that have been there for ever when these in
basis, species get there. They have a really hard time. Maintaining then it. You know it gets to a point where they have to do something about it. Well, this this woman paid to do that, so that money goes towards conservation. Get to eat the meat. You know she has this enjoyable experience hunting these things in the mountains, but people don't want to look at that. They just want to look it shouldn't die. It's really particularly crazy when it's a guy like Ricky Jervase, who eats meat yeah. It's like the whole thing is just it's so strange. It's just so strange that people refuse to look deeper into these things and they immediately have these knee jerk reactions where they want to complain about it and do so publicly in a way that gets all these able to attack this woman with a photo of that dead animal. That's what that's! What initiates that that response like motional response at human jets smiling, with everything ever and then I'll, go to the fridge and grab some like steak and cook it and think nothing of it. Nothing at all of that meat,
They don't, they don't see the parallel there. They just think that is completely different and weird that someone wants to go. Hunt them yeah, it's fucked up in this weird accepted hypocritical way. I mean it's oddly accepted, but we all have freezer is full of the best meat. There is and eat it every night and it's amazing I'm never going to stop. We do yeah, we put hunt do yeah that we actually have that connection. With that mean we killed it. We skinned it. We got the meat we debone that we packed it out. We packaged it and put it in our freezers ourselves. This is the first frickin awesome. If it's the first I've seen someone get attacked at something. That's a meat, animal 'cause. I seen people, maybe they don't know what to me the animal, but I've seen people get attacked for obviously, for anything like that, it's it's by Anderson, yeah, the loop, the predator one is the biggest one I'll give. You kill something: that's a predator people for whatever weird reason freak out more than anything well and if there's and if there's like a like a like a like a general idea that they're in danger right, you know, I'm,
like everybody thinks that lands are endangered, yeah or elephants are endangered or even bears are bears, are endangered yeah, so yeah there's a lot of misconceptions out there for sure, but I don't really eat. Plans are elephants in like that. A deer and there's millions of deer lands yeah literally yeah mean where we hunt in Linai has three thousand people they estimates somewhere over twenty thousand deer and they don't even know I mean it's just Mcmanus, I'm gonna text threat with with Benny, O'Brien and Rennie, and and and all you guys and- and there was a stat that they were saying yesterday. I don't know if you're on that text and they were saying that, like in one the Midwest states- I don't know which one it was. Do you remember in in one of the finest dates like eight hundred and fifty thousand dear died during gun season and half of them like four hundred thousand you're dying the first two days,
because we we're talking about Adam being in the tree, that's crazy and that in one state alone, eight hundred and fifty thousand deer died during gun season. So you think of how many deer that is imagine if no one hunted for like three years? What was that stat? How many deer? There would be the number car accidents nation in wide with deer. I think it's a million and a half I mean, but the people who get angry at the photos don't think of what it would be like if you just stopped, hunting yeah, no vision, how many goats, RB imagine people here would be nature, would sort itself out it wouldn't well, it would eventually, but you bringing wolves if you're comfortable with wolves eating your kids. I mean that's what it is all that big bad bullshit from were little kids like little PIG little pig. Let me in that's because wolves were everywhere and they were bad. It was dangerous, like you would
through carrying the West KIDS yeah. That's that's. That really did happen. Yeah we just we got so far away from that. We forgot of it as a possibility. So now we think of them as dogs that are living their natural, that dogs living is best life out in the woods how you know when they howl their truck they're, trying to figure out how to eat. You want to get to your house a judge, the trying to figure out how to eat your kids and if you re, introduce him in Yellowstone they're, never going to leave Yellowstone going to stay there going to stay right in this, your heart of where they like to live there, never gonna reproducing the like thousands. You know, that's that those people think but really they're gonna, just start roaming and yeah and recreating thousands, thousands and thousands of walls they're all gonna go into like neighborhoods, eventually yeah. That's what happening and that's what's happening in Montana. That's what's happening in Idaho. I mean these are all reintroduced, wolves or mean
They also go on the surplus kills or they'll kill, like fifteen l, can just leave them there because they just go nutty yeah, that's what they dio my friend lives in Montana, and he was telling me that the Wolf population is so out of hand that the that the Elk population has been decimated. It was down by like eighty percent or some some crazy stat crazy, I mean attention yeah they weren't there in nineteen. Ninety four, I mean that's when they reintroduced to write the nineties. I mean that there's he he I mean now that. Thank you. I mean now that relation is, is so established in a lot of these areas, and you can't just reintroduce wolves with no plan to keep keep a lid on it. Well, there is a plan, but the problem of the plan- is the established numbers that they needed to achieve before they started managing the population. Then there was immediate lawsuits by animal rights activists who don't want them to ever. Hunt wolves, so in Montana, they've opened up seasons, they've opened up seasons in Idaho, they've opened up, see
for wolves, and they would like to do the same for Grizzly bears in all of these areas and there's a lot of pushback on that too. But it's the same sort of thing the established numbers that they needed to achieve in order to make it a sustainable population. Been reached and then the wildlife biologist, the ones are objective about, are saying: hey. We need to keep these populations in check in order to keep the deer populations healthy and the moose populations healthy, because these bears- and these will they're, just destroying these cabs, and they just run and the population of these animals go way down. Now, there's also an argument in a really good one that you need predators. And this good argument is you don't ever want Lynn, I to be recreated in Montana right where there's just these deer and just these Well, you want a certain natural balance and so there's an argument there could be a certain amount of wolves, and I agree with that argument I agree to, but the balance can be really difficult to maintain. Yeah. That's that's. My point is like if there's too many elk and you
control that number said as a hundred dollars now, but there should only be fifty thousand out. That's that's the perfect number. It's actually pretty easy to go from a hundred thousand to fifty thousand to draw that Elk herd back pretty easy through through management through hunting. Same with dear you can pull that number back. Pretty quick wolves are freaking hard to kill dude yeah. We had to kill a wolf and you had a gun fricking hard real. If you had to kill it of a deer and yet a gun, another hard you can find here finding a wolf is fricking harden well once those what my my point is: once those wolf numbers get out of hand, try to match is that population- the Wolf population- is very very difficult. What places that are used to dealing with them. They know what the to do like Alaska, yeah trailers and everything Trabalham they fly around and planes and shoot them out of the out of the air with helicopters I mean they. A radic eight them in that Sarah Palin she's doing that anymore, but there's a lot of people up there do do that and you can buy
skin rugs that they all those skins and turn them into rugs and do all sorts of different things with the pelts. Gotta do something yeah they do something with codes, but they do that because they have a vested interest in keeping the population of their game animals alive. For a couple of reasons, and there's criticism about that too that they may be killed too many wolves because they don't they want you to be able to go there and a lot of their tourism dollars comes to people that fly in to hunt moves are flying to hunt deer and they want to make sure they keep certain populations of them there. So it's, it's all, there's a real problem. When you get emotions and you have those emotions tied into this idea of wildlife biology and what an animal is and keeping healthy numbers of these animals in a certain area. That's that's a bill, becomes a real issue. You know and that's why, when this goat thing happens and everybody freaks out over, it's like you should probably educate yourself as to what you're talking about before you start
planning, because you just throwing gasoline on this fire, but you don't necessarily understand all the circumstances involved. Those goats are gnarly too. It because they live where I live and they on on. They love shorelines and they love like ridges and berms and stuff like that and they're they're they're. They create so much erosion because they love those like edges on on cliffs and stuff, and so they ran all the burns and they ruin all the cliffs and then there's all this runoff there's all this erosion and they they completely decimate all the grass all the weeds all the way down, they don't they don't just trim things: they're, not they're, not selective eaters. They just chow down all the way to the to the roots and then eat the roots, also there's nothing holding that dirt in place. So when it rains just everything spills downhill because of the goats they really, I see, I see it and with dear you can see some impact that they have for sure you let those numbers get out of hand. They have the same effect, but goats go through radical, the the populations explode and
and if, if someone's, not managing Ingham, that you can see the impact that they have on the land and then will have an impact on all the native species, yeah all the ground, nesting birds, all the animals that use that those grass and those yeah bro, that's different things for cover and for life, yeah it's a and what they've the things they feed off of all this stuff gets eaten by the goats. You know, if there's a large population ago, somewhere, you'll know it. Yeah did the lead, like almost nothing left, and I, as I put she, she ate these people like Glenn Greenwald. I appreciate the sentiment behind it. I really you know I just wish they would look into it a little bit deeper and you know this woman, some bad person she's, just that's how she gets her meat. You know yep, despite like I said, especially Garlic Ricky, who have met after I actually talked about hunting with him, on a radio show before on the open Anthony show. I had to explain to him that I'm a hunter and I I hunt animals and I eat him because he was talking about hunters hunters and he was actually
the friendly with me, and we were cool about it. We had a good look as long as you eat it like that's what you're doing for MIKE. That's exactly what to do for, but he needs me to which is so. It's a whole. It's weird, it's wrong, the the the the the fact that people think like that, they're morally disconnected from the act of killing animals just because they use a credit card to buy meat, is so hilarious. You hired a supermarket hitman, that's what he did supermarket hit. Man took a prisoner, a prisoner, you know cow and fucking put a bolt through its head and you feel you feel completely detached from it and no karma well, and when someone eats a hamburger, they think nothing of eating one slash four of it or half a mil. I'm really full to take that away from me. Yeah, you never do our L. Do you know how I eat it all yeah at all, yeah I'm and make sure that if I cook it, I cook enough so that me and my family
it in whatever's left over. I know I'll eat in the morning. Are you the next day for this issue differences? You have so much respect for that me and for that animal because all the effort it took and you watch that thing live in the wild if a completely different perspective, yeah of that meat than you do, if you just in order hamburger at that restaurant Anya Camp for sure now, but that again that's one of those. I mean you and I have developed this perspective from the years of of hunting and and being around people hunt, we understand it for the average person, that's never gonna encounter that in their entire life. No, it's we've developed this very weird society. Where have insulated people from all of the ugly realities of eating meat and of wearing leather, I mean we're sitting on leather chairs, didn't think about it once this used to be a fucking cow. Yeah, it's so much shot this
count, turned it into a nice chair, no one minds sitting on a cow, that's dead, but no one wants to see that dead cow laying on the ground the eyes open in the blood hanging from its ankle yeah people, and I think it's important for people to see that I mean my kids have seen a lot of dead animals. It's not it's a little sad, but it's not like they don't think of it as sad. They think of it as just like a part of life, you know that's what we eat dad brings a deer home in the cooler dad brings up pig home on the front of the quad with his bow with a bloody arrow. It's totally normal. They see me, drag it off the quad and shoot down with the hoes and quarter it and debone it, and and they help me package it and grind the meat and totally normal to them. It should be something normal, but there's a connection between the death and what we'd be eating right, which a lot of people just don't have and I'd love that my kids are to have that. It's a good thing. I think
Well, I I think that we have a real problem in the society where so many people somewhere in the neighborhood of ninety five to ninety seven percent of the people eat meat and the number of people that have actually seen an animal die is like you know, two or three like what is it? What's the population of people that hunt in North America- let's just guess, guess the proper population of the US that hunts- I must say it's three percent- that that might be high, even three out of one hundred what you think it is probably last century. Let's see what it is. What population of the United States of America hunts Jamie's raises his eyebrows. Maybe it was that a hard on a technicality here, but it says: there's one hundred and one dot: six million Americans that hot participated. Sixteen and older of that yeah fishing. Wildlife shows that one hundred and one one hundred there's a lot of people behind yeah, but that might be fishing. You participated in wildlife, related active.
These wildlife related. That's. That includes like pick five, that includes wildlife yeah while live watch and I've typed in pop yeah. That's definitely a lot different. That's a that's a lot different from the does. That's all they came up. This could be a population of actual number of hunters. Says back, and I don't know thing too is like there's a hierarchy like people have a problem: people fishing now, no no problem for posing a A photo with their fishing pole, catch yeah, hey, you got some food. What's the difference between that, and is that maybe that that's a that's that what's the difference between a deer, but here's a warm he here's that you will the warm and they have fur and there's a movie made about them. They talk what about Nemo FUCK Nemo. Nobody cares about an email. Finding Nemo, Nemo, Nemo gets no love He doesn't get any well. I was thinking of this so, like you know, because I have kids and my kids eat meat right and I feel like a match. If you made a law that after the age of sixteen years old in America, if you want,
in other hamburger, yet kill two out to to animals. It's like it's like you go to a place like of whatever it is like out of a ranch for the process. Me there's a cow there, there's a rifle there and you okay. If you want to be a meat eater from now on from their 60th birthday on the only way to get me in the future is, if you got to do it yourself at least twice can just do it once you kill a cow watch, get processed and then you gotta wait like a month or whatever it is, and go back and take another animal's life, and then you earn the right to eat meat. The rest, your life, imagine how many people wouldn't be able to do that are happy to eat meat, but there's that disconnection with the actual death part, I would have a problem with forcing people to do it. Just like I have a problem with forcing people it's for some. I don't think people should be forced to get rid of their garbage just a wild concept. That is interesting concept, but I think their service is like like taking your garbage and bring it to the garbage dump. I don't think you should have
to go to the garbage: dump, go to the landfill and drop your garbage off. I'm happy that there's someone that gets paid to pick the bins and dump the garbage into the garbage truck and then drive it to the that. I'm happy that that exists. I like that yeah. I liked fact someone takes sewage. I agree. I like the fact that I can buy of steak, for sure all I'm saying is like if you could earn the right to eat. You know To do it every time you would have to like kill a cow. Every time you want to eat. More is like once you finish, that cow you. Killing another. I'm just saying everyone should know what it's like to take an animal's life. No, I agree with you to eat me. I agree. Everyone should probably know what it's like because because if you don't it's hard to respect that animal enough like like, I was saying like my my kids: don't we don't waste dear me like if it's on their plate, they eat it if they don't eat it, I put in there eating next
whatever it is. You know, there's there's always a lesson to be to be taught when you're eating wild game that you that you've hunted yourself. I think I think, there's a problem whenever there's a disconnect right. It's like, I think, there's a problem with if money just comes for free, there's, a problem with if your meat just comes from a store yeah is, it is a weird disconnect between the the actual thing that's living and then eating it and the that most people, the vast majority of people, are completely disconnected from that. Maybe that's all that's just the case with farming, vegetables too. Yes, people, I don't think they have an appreciation for vegetable being a life form your your consuming that the now there's a growth process. It's a living thing You pull it out of the ground, you cook it you eat it. I mean this that disconnect, I think, is real too 'cause, there's a real good feeling that I get when I eat vegetables that have grown in my garden. I mean I love it. I really I really enjoy it. I get a kick out of it and there's a
people who look down on us for hunting, who are six say like you're, a vegan who just is on the mud, festivals and for whatever it is Anna. You know they're looking at us like we're crazy for, for you know the impact we have on animals killing him whatever, but like a lot of vegetables that people eat nowadays are grown in places that used to be rainforest like the Amazon just getting whacked down just to grow corn stuff, like that, you know. I mean like this there's. A lot of it is just cattle right, isn't, Amazon, a lot of deforestation? I think the primary it is rational to that isn't for for corn yeah there's a, but I think a lot hardwoods try. They dropped a lot of it down for hard woods in the chops lot of it down to in order to provide grazing lands for cattle in the future. All the vegetables is ever going to be. I was talking to Kelly about this a lot there's. A lot of things are happening now, technology that I think a
a lot of like the vegetables and stuff that we're gonna eating are gonna be grown vertically. Instead of like a massive, you know, farms of like the's huge, like you know, one hundred thousand acre ranch is full of like vegetables. It's all gonna be grown like in smaller spaces. You know super super efficient, growing in smaller spaces, toe feed, more people with less space. I wonder if they could get that we currently easy going crazy yeah. That would be crazy. I mean there's probably some real benefits that, but I wonder if they could do that with a grain
we're gonna have to do something with our population keeping growing and more people and more demand for food and less space to grow it. You know, there's gonna, be an inflection point where someone else got to do something, but I think technology is moving in that place. Where and that's a thing, I fully get like the people who hate on me on save social media, whatever only Instagram. If I post a photo of my if I did post a photo of me getting an elk or whatever it was all these people get uppity but um, because a lot of people can't go hunt, you don't live in a place where they can go hunting and get their own meat. They live in a city that in New York, city or Shanghai, or in Buenos Aires or whatever and so unrelated ble to them. You know. No. I understand that. I appreciate that and you know I think, that social media is very sick. change in that regard too, because two people always looking for people or things get pissed off out. Oh yeah, they don't get mad. If I post pictures of Cooking Alto, no, they don't very. I mean a few a few like proselytize here you gave us you. Can you can
answer man. There was one slash two. They always do that nothing. Cancer comes from meat. Imagine if all meet gave you cancer now fucking stupid. That is everyone. Traffic answer I've literally ninety five percent of the population? We have cancer, there's a few epidemiological studies that have fuck people's heads up. 'cause they've corresponded The related the idea of eating meat to poor health, but these people that have eaten meat. They don't just eat meat, they've, eating meat, along with sugar and alcohol consumption, cigarettes and lifestyle, don't factor those things in and you're like a like a like a thirty ounce, prime rib. It is impossible for your to process that more likely, though eating burgers with sugary, buns and process me bullshit,
eat meat. I normally meet that that's like the size of my palm or a smaller. You know a wild game and it's that size. I think it's easy for my body to process that eating like a prime rib, that's like hanging off both sides, your play, like Fred, Flintstone, that's difficult. I think for your body to process that I just thought. That's not scientific. I just look at it and goes no. Where I can. My body is going to deal with that. Where is it going to fit it's going to stay in there for thirty years? You know they always say that, like its going to that's not true too, that's all nonsense to doesn't kill you talking. Like poop in here, are they shooting his butt out and all this stuff yeah? He was talking about doc yeah. He was talking about when you go on these extreme fasts and then all this weird stuff that comes out of the inside of your gut yeah, it comes out yeah. I would try that just to look at that stuff. See that stuff looks like yeah, I would try, but I wouldn't wanna I wouldn't want to look at. I definitely would want like that, like you know like when you have a baby and they put up the curtains,
I don't see anything like that. Like CAM's gonna put my legs up, someone's got a visual that yeah get my legs up and something someone out there you know doing. Do you grow your own vegetables? I don't know I travel like half the time gone from home, like literally half the time So it's really difficult to. Is it hard getting good vegetables on the big island? No there's! Not! It's really easy is really good farmers markets, I'm lucky because my my mom and her different have a really neat like a hydroponic killer, vegetable garden. Feel like we'll trade, a lot of times I'll, give them venison and I'll get really good videos from them and Oh that's great raid. That's cool there's a lot of meals that we do wear like. No one has touched that meal, except for my family,
that's cool Lausanne has a um she's got a makah Damian, Nut Farm on the big island and she raves about it up there, man, she loves it. I listened a part of her pot Cassidy. I haven't finished it yet she's amazing, she's, funny she's, you know what man they fucked up and they really did fuck up. They fucked up when they blew it on that. Lady is not racist, she's, definitely mentally ill, but she's open about it. She's, not racist, and they do just. They just jumped on the opportunity to virtue signal and to cry out against racism and to take a stand, but they took a stand against woman that has mental problems, who's on all sorts of medication who they knew about it mean she's been she was put in a mental hospital for nine months when she was a kid and she was hit by a car mean she had a severe brain in
yeah and ever since then she said, multiple personality disorder she's been on a host of different medications and they knew about this. Everybody knew about this yeah. They should have no, it's basically like taking a person. Who's got a broken leg and getting mad that they limp. That's what they did. I mean they have a person who had brain problems who tweets a bunch of wacky shit, she's, an Ambien and drinking and smoking pot, and even then she wasn't being racist. She wasn't. She didn't know that lady was black. The lady didn't even look black. If you look at her, you look at a picture of her. She does not look black, she just thought who's being funny and she thought she was making a solid point that she was going to expand upon when she woke up in the morning. As she literally said that all fucked up on him in in pot and drinking I listen. I was crazy yeah that was fucked up in her and it sucks it or show got cancelled. Well, the new one sucks, the new one, sucks, ok, going down the toilet, so hey. Sort of same subject did you see the that rad documentary about the White,
women who ran the and double ACP yeah, and for can act like a black lady. I know who she is, but I didn't outings of Dole's I'll best best african dot. The manager as incredible documentary yeah insane? She Out of her mind, did they kept asking her if she was back and she would just straight up like at first. She said yes and then she said like it's not that important, and then she was like tanning herself and like putting like all. This brown they showed on herself and getting like weaves and doing her name feels like how she thought, like black would do their nails like super weird, and then she ran that she ran the NAACP yeah. It was just a wild documentary. Chick was just in outer space. It's hilarious that you and the end of police did a good job and she had a huge impact She was like amazing, her job, supposedly
right in the documentary soon, as she got all this stuff done it at that what they were trying to for a long time- and she was really really good at at doing her job. It just sucked that she was actually white lady who was like acting the whole time. What what's real fucked is n double a c p stands for the National Association for the advancement of colored people. You cannot call african Americans colored people, that is a fucking see. Slur. They have a slur in their title, we're weird times, men people of color, which is bizarre. You can't say colored people, so you can say people of color same words just twisted around to I had a messed up, it's like it's. You can be like labeled, a racist or sexist or whatever for like saying, like the oh yeah yeah, it's wild um. I had a twenty three and me DINA test done pretty good and I was hoping
I was more than ten percent black. I was gonna start dropping in bombs, one dot, six, so one dot. Six on one point: six percent african pre strong. It's all dick and uh when they did that thing about Elizabeth Warren. I did find out what percentage she is Elizabeth Warren who claimed to be native American, and she did a test she's like one one slash one hundred of what I am like, it's a literally like her saying she's. Yet her saying she's native American is literally like me saying I'm african American, but I have of a claim far more like more than think some. Some insane number like factor of more african in me and she has native American
remotely native american cover not remotely african right yeah. I'm one point: six percent have one point: six percent african and me- and she has like one some really so stupid number. What is the now that the it's like point world zero, zero one? I don't even know how to make sense of all that stuff she had. That was what happened, was a Harvard likes researcher, looked into it right and gave a number that was very vague. That would be like one and five hundred twelfth two one and one that in 24th that sucks dude. It's so crazy socks. So that's the thing just something gives a shit, but she got into Harvard because of this, which she claim she was native American she got in DIS claiming that she was my Norton was Harvard right, correct, I'm being honest about that was a Cambridge, whatever
the university of some shah got in the university by claiming that she was native American, so she got a special scholarship because of that literally like me, going to Morehouse and saying I'm African American, except I have a far better claim. You have a much higher it much higher. That's so crazy wild me, while she's so nuts, like 'cause Trump, was always calling her Pocahontas and Trump said that, if how? How is it that you can't, if you said the wrong thing on your podcast people, be up in arms about some reason, whatever the hell he wants to say well, he's making fun of shit attending to be a native American. He was joking about her she's, not really native American and he called her Pocahontas, and he said she took a dna test and show that she was native American, he would donate million dollars million dollars to a charity, choice, so she, after this fucking test that basically showed she has the
The smallest measurable possibility of native American in her was requiring him. You should pay Harvard What you have all the money back built them were at school. Did she go to trying to find the actual thing? It seems. I think she actually got a job at Harvard, not um. I didn't go there. For education, so she got a job there because of the kind of fine okay figured out but castle areas, but id I, the idea that that is something you can lean on is so God damn crazy, listen, you're, a white lady. I am a white guy shut, the up. Okay, you not there's. No, there's not a part of you that has been discriminated against because of the fact that you're native American, it just doesn't exist. It's not true, it's just all so fascinating to me. People love to be a victim. They love to say, you know it was
My luck. Growing up was hard because I'm one one hundred and fifty thousand native american crazy crazy. Where is it top like? Is it is it is it like? Is it cool to say that if you're two percent or ten percent or fifty percent like where is it? Where is it? That's what I'm saying at one point: six percent, I really don't feel drop n bombs, One thousand and ten percent, like I'm. Mostly italian, unlike three slash four italian. So I can call someone a guinea guinea, no problem, but to times don't give a fuck. If you call them guineas,
Okay, I get on is no daily. Yes, no good sellers for Italians. Don't work! You know they successfully integrated into society. Well, my grandfather used to tell me about he came over here when he was a boy from ITALY and he would tell me about how bad it was about how much they were discriminated against. Yeah you know, MR was it was hard core. I mean they were treated a lot of the same way. Races people treat Mexicans today and irish sailing same thing, yeah yeah, and that's my background is italian and irish mostly, but someone got fucked by a black person somewhere somewhere, who one point: six percent, don't know how many generations I guess the claim is that she used her claim that she is native American to get a job. Yes, not not to get not to go in school. Okay, get a job at Harvard at one at Harvard won it Pennsylvania, so she did it twice. Give that money back. You know I love the dna test, so I love the dna test. Is it just proves
we're all like for something yeah role, but you like that? You know I mean I'm like thirty things of whatever yeah not I mean, and It doesn't matter not really shouldn't matter? Well, really, all african, all of us, because that was the original human It depends who you ask: I mean we came from out of human beings evolved from Africa. If you believe in ever. If you believe in evolution, hands this this work, that's a big if they were to return. Yes, man. If we stop this podcast right now, we could shoot Techno Hunt for another half hour to kids. Do it just do it these gentlemen chain Dorian, follow much Shane Dorian, eight hundred and eight on Twitter and Shane Dorian is that you know I don't think so might be filled just on Instagram, Shane, Dorian and Shane Dorian early, no, not Twitter, this son of a sonofabitch, you got me whoever you are, don't follow that piece of shit, father, real one Shane Dorian on Instagram and your HBO documentary, momentum generation. When is it out? It's on H,
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R e that stamps dot com enter Jr either gonna hook you up with a four week, trial, plus postage and a digital scale. Ladies and gentlemen, that's it that's it for the show If you listen to this show, I really, I think you would benefit you if you've never seen someone surf a big wave like Shane Dorian has what was the video that you played during the podcast Jamie two thousand and sixteen big wave jaws is called. It is so preposterous how preposterous it's as insane as it gets literally like like Alex Honnold Insane, but in the water right yeah. I agree. He's awesome. I love the guy. Is such a good. You know it's hard, read about that guy he's so normal that you can't he's so chill
but I know for sure I've seen him do these things. These things that I can't imagine a human being can do and he doesn't. The time is just a wizard all right, that's it. We did it. We got through this. Thank you so much appreciate you, people much love to you all by big fish.
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