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#1194 - Sober October 2 Recap

2018-11-06 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Ari Shaffir, Bert Kreischer & Tom Segura to recap their 2nd annual Sober October challenge.
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Clicking the banner and entering the discount code Rogaine at checkout Jesus, that's very generous bacon for life and twenty bucks off your first box. Put your box dot com click the banner and enter the discount code. Rogan at check out. I've eaten their beef specially several times. It's delicious. It's a really super high quality, and if you google, it that rats FED beef is at least theorized to be much healthier are thought to be it's a it's a debate. Obviously it's always a bait with anything and Ving Diet. But ah I'm just love it. I love the way. It tastes too. All right! That's it! We did it folks, full sober October. It was a long thirty. One days we got through it um and we didn't,
do anything other than exercise for the entire third one days because of this fitness challenge, but I think we made up for it. I'm it. Confident in stating that I think we probably redid any positive results. Anything that we did good in the month of October was just destroyed by what we did in the last five hours. How many hours is the podcast four and a half hours? That's at least an hour and a half too much? I'm sorry! was we got trashed. There was in time where I could barely form sentences, yet they kept flowing out as if I knew what the fuck I was talking about, but it was a fun time This is the sober October recap with ARI, show, FEAR Tom, Segura and Bert Motherfucking cry.
Joe Rogan experience, the my Joe Rogan podcast by night all day boom, it's over cheers Sure chairs here is now no Remember November, go better November, and I remember November I like that, first of all, who's fucking stupid idea was to do this. God, Damn fitness challenge Tommy buns! Last year last year we did a nice calm, fifteen hot yogas yeah it was that was also awful, not even close, not even close to this close now. This was so much more difficult, and I didn't expect this, but I like it. I, like, I think it's fun to be competitive with your friends. Yes one thing the phone around now but like like
letting something like this once a year, you get to see different sides: people you Diaz's did well yeah Jesus Christ was known for and worked out two. You have no idea. No, I don't think anyone. Anyone gets the real perspective when Joe is focused on something I've never seen anything like that. My fucking life. Well, I know the funniest because, like everybody's competitive- and this brings it out but like the funny thing was like Bert, being like whatever Joe does I'll do double definitely was like fuck that and that- and the other thing I didn't expect ever I thought re would just be like whatever I'm just going to. Connie's. I was worried about him. The most I didn't think you going to. I was worried about him, the most from the beginning, I know his brain yeah I'm out fuck this. You are saying that the three days in we do you're texting like this is dumb. No, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No. He says that
This is what he's saying that he's saying that he means it while he says, but he's also going to kill these guys yeah and then he gets really serious about it yeah, but I was looking for loopholes in order to trick you guys to not work out. So I thought, if I get like a bunch of points like all to join in Seven or eight days in and then you could be done, know that I be like what the talking like yeah working out, but now we're too far. So don't try to catch up all right. It was like some psychological sneaker. He was doing yeah yeah I mean he was saying you just. Do your regular work out and see what your scores like yeah yeah, I wasn't even try to control. I don't know I was a big fan of that one too yeah. I thought the your regular wait in that for a second I was in the beginning. I was like this is so stupid. This is Joe, but then I was like I can't lose and then then I thought about it and the other thing I was thinking was this. What I was this is what my plan was. My plan was to keep up with you guys for two weeks and
and after two weeks to set aside a lot of time in about an lappas yeah, but well now just go psycho I was like I'm just going to go. Psycho, I'm going to put up a I that I don't think anybody else can keep up with for, like the last two weeks, two weeks I just said I'm put in some six hundred point days. I put in one thousand point day: that's that's that's when that's when I stop. Looking at you for contact like, I was looking at the when we started this month and I put in my seven hundred point day ever was a little bit like wow bird. By the way I ran almost a marathon that day have no fucking clue. I was just looking at my God. Damn phone the whole time just checking the point is taking the boys. I was calling with cheap, so people don't know what the points are will explain if you get twenty percent of MAX heart rate. That's three points a minute. If you get, eighty percent of your max heart rate or above that's four points a minutes.
We all tried to stay in eighty range, that's where you get your money right. That's where that so we work out for an hour in that range of eighty to a hundred, a heavy work out. This gives you two hundred and forty point. So that's a young maxed out your maps out yeah! That's just give your contacts with a six hundred, which was not. I did a nine hundred and thirty times only work out. It was over after that we yeah. I was in New York. He called his he's just fucking going dragging Elk around yeah they're, all the whole time he drank yells out. I wasn't even that one now that was that was that the the Elk Hog Hunting day was mostly a hiking mountains day. That was like a six hundred point deck, no, that's when it when when you were there and you were actually working out in the mountains as well yeah we had we had, I was. I was like what the you're like a boat. I would like guys I'm not coming this. Is I I'm the mistake of jokingly, saying I got time goes Joe's on in Elk, hunting, vacation and the hunters, but it's not a fucking vacation. It's work and I was
like easy guys? Well, you got a backpack on and you could walk's money is the most. I've ever walked twelve miles in a day and you walk up and down and elevation you going up and down like I saved it one day, 'cause it was so ridiculous. It had gone up and down. I forget it like one hundred and thirty flights of stairs something fucking crazy. But ended up getting your. Would you shoot on this hunt with thousand round Elk was being Elk like relatively quickly right, yeah the first day, thank God we came back haha. How is kept or more those days I came back, but the nine hundred and thirty five point day that was my big day was one thousand points 'cause. I did nine hundred and thirty five in the day and then I did a podcast and then I did one hundred later on the day, just as just as we see you guys anymore, yeah, that's what I was wondering do you think there is like I I didn't have the there was a bit was a part of it was time management I was so I suffered essentially from the heart, the user. It was like who had the
most time to spend in the yeah yeah. I was here to Mondays or last Monday, and there was popping out at the comedy store is going to hang out with everybody. You know and then it was like. How can I got to get a couple hours then all you walk, your workouts were so late. So they're, all I gotta say this fuck you with you posting your God. Damn workouts in the middle of the night, it was so deflating, but I wanted to go to bed. I've got a two hundred point lead in the wake up and go how my six hundred points behind by side break spirit in this fun. 'cause. That's the other thing. Ori went through when he got this tracker and he found out all the work work arounds. So he would build up work points in his tracker and then he bluetooth it in the middle of the fucking night. No, I also do the work team work out is doing workouts of light coming from the seller. One hundred and thirty am and then I've. Let me change and go out there at two hundred in the morning: oh you're going yeah yeah. I thought you
uploading in the middle of the night. No you the time, the time that he was actually doing it. Yeah it's the freaks were out yeah. It was was recently common. I thought that because Artie was so out of shape his heart rate, was just skyrocketing, like Ralphie, walking, up stairs and then Orient. I went on a walk on a hike. I was in the yellow the whole time and ARI was barely in green, and I was like oh he's in your he's in really good shape, and then you do that without your really bought that they really really hard that hit that hit that it was just that me was. I was yeah yeah, so that and he was yeah. I two things really work because he was selling it so hard and I called my go: how to go on the hike he's. Definitely well it's so it's psychological thing. You don't want to think that a guy who hasn't been working out at all is in good shape yeah, but I think you pushed yourself through the first week. Two yeah and you got in good shape, and then I kept
Okay, first of all, I had fall by plans. Okay, was the plans K Michelle Wolf offered to give? Let me just have her everything from day one that was definitely fall, but I knew that was gonna happen regardless mean yeah. She runs ten miles a day every day and when I asked I was like hey, would you wear this thing for me? If I needed you do she goes. I know what you're talking about absolutely aware for you whoa. I will stay in the right zone. I'll tell no one. She feels left out. Nurses that she would lap probably would this is none of this is what we do like I don't do long cardio sessions, I did five and a half hours on an elliptical after running for an hour. What yeah, This is one of those crazy days. I got nine hundred thirty five points I ran and for an hour and then I stayed in the elliptical for five one slash two hours. You would see it going. You check him like fucking, broken, got three hundred points and then you talk and you check back in thirty minutes later, like oh, no, it's still going.
Going yeah, I just fuck well. I wanted to see how far I could go. The thought was like when you're tired. How tired are you? Can you take another step? Okay, can you take two? Okay? Can you take three? Can you just keep going? I bet you can keep going. Let's see how long you keep going. And then you get to this point where you just just think about breathing. Just think about it. That's I was thinking about just thinking about in and out so just trying to stay almost like a meditative state trying to stay in his own, and I was pouring sweat. I set off the fire alarm that was so much it set off the fire That was like four hours in this story. Most people don't get to tell about themselves. You know to use madness. This is not how I workout I workout for like maybe an hour at most I hit the bag will do some rounds, a lift, a little weights, not kill myself like this was. This was very interesting because I didn't I didn't know what how my body would respond to like a month of
psychotic exercise. Did you do the things you have things? Were you you you be like the voice say you got gotta quit quit and then go back it and then, if you just go like four dot eight miles. Let me just go to five, oh yeah or like or like I'm almost at halfway through this hour. So let me just get to thirty minutes. It'll be downhill. I could stop there. It fucked with my obsessive compulsive ness, really bad yeah, because I get to the place right go all right. I just want to get to two hundred points and then I'm like oh shit, I'm only at nine hundred and fifty calories. I want to get to one thousand like right right back to twenty. I want to get to two twenty and then it gets to a point I believe it's like. If you get in the zone, go I'm just going to Keep going, I'm going come everyone's asleep, I'm going to keep walking and dude. It got bad with me to the point. I mean we'll talk. We should talk about physical breakdowns in a little bit. I know all of us dealt with some sort of physical breakdown.
So I was having nightmares that you guys had fun with my tracker and put it in that. I was younger an lighter. So I wasn't earning the iconic joking tonight in a panic and checked my fucking stats. That's a lovely somebody got into your shit and hacked it, and I was like these, my god, so I wouldn't put it past them, but yeah you get. I can't tell you my other cheating, yeah, okay. I figured out pretty quickly that the way they do your max heart rate is your age, minus a certain number of minus your age and then you get from there. Then, when you actually run it will move up or down from there, but right away. I was like oh, okay, so I entered my age before I started. I wrote to the Myzone people and said my idiot wife wrote age wrong, I'm actually, seventy four forty four, not seventy four forty four, the other way and like change it for you, Sir yeah, so you put the seven year old man profile, yeah yeah.
Hold on yeah hold on the move hold on the whole month. You are working on this, for you could have done that. The problem is, I already said it as the other thing, and so it will say you have to. Then you have a brand new Today it didn't work. Oh so you stuck in the forty yard, it would've been great. It would have been grateful just to walk around casually earning yellow the whole time which I could have gotten would've insane yeah. That was definitely a good cheat my mind that went wrong. I was like, but I feel like that one would have disqualified you for sure. I told you that I was on the fence. With these fucking five hour hikes, he was taking. Well, listen, man hiking is work. It is worth it fucking, you're, going uphill for long distance. You guys you worked hard, you did you did it is a deal. I saw him here
on the rowing machine going hard for an hour. I've watched it. I'm sure hikes it's hard to grow up. Well, I don't give a fuck, you heard it. You earned it, I'm not going to shit on that at all. I didn't say it typically less points. I think we should really really keep ourselves for. Judging how hard are the people work every time I did absolutely every time us somebody got a big score. I was like. Would you do you cheat? How do you cheat at you dude my hardest? Workout scored the shittiest my hardest workouts are running the hills and lifting weights. If I run the hills, it gives me almost forty points less than if I just rode, wrote a bike or wrote an elliptical machine state in his own and you go up and down the have to pawn the way I do it is. I run hard and I take breaks. I take a deep breath get to the top of one his strokes, his dick the whole time too. So that difficult rub my with my left hand- and I give myself another- you know sprint until I can't live- have like these point it's where I know I can make it too. If I go full clip. Try,
extended a little bit. I keep trying to send it, but when I do that, I'm going in the red and of going in the red um, I'm it's like with lifting weights like you need, recovery time and in recovery time your heart rate crashes way low. You could just do the optical machine and just couldn't like fifteen resistance, so it's got some some give to it. Yeah start sweating, then you get into a zone. User is weighing whether easier ha. It's a machine makes it all easier, but those just get into a zone to you just got to be strong. I think the thing with those I mean even though, like if you do it up and tense workout recovery is going to be. You know, you're going to need it you're going to feel it. If you do those for, like days in a row. There is still a fatigue right. They could always yeah this fatigue, but I was not can I would weaken over the my what was getting me was the pounding the running up the hills, yeah yeah, there's no pounding on the elliptical you're, exactly stays in it. My feet were starting to hurt by the end,
because I was running miles in the hills every day with those minimalist shoes on yeah which man those things they they they really do. Work like they really do work, but the way they work is they make your feet work harder. So if your feet aren't condition for that man, they did your feet or like one of the first things that warehouse like a a nice spongy running shoe, is just the so much like Smosh Smosh every time you step on things. If you get that and it's gone, and you have this like really thin layer of rubber with some tread, it's just your foot, hitting the ground over and over and over again is very little padding. None were you using the ultras as well the running shoe the ultra. I was using one called zero and I was using of one called vivo vivo bear put their my favorite ones, they're they're, really good, because I was wearing the five hundred ones, but GM my toes in the shit, I'm running hard, I'm tired, I'm fucking exhausted
like. I need something that covers all the toes. I don't jam one into a rock, because I can you too exhausted. Can you walk me through what you're, what a regular work out it was for you I mean here is what everyone's regular work out was. What I do is I would if I would run, I would run for an hour just an hour. Just take my dog the hills run in the house because it gives its things one. I he need exercise he's young. He well. He loves to run with me and two, it's a real good form of exercise. It's like it's. I know it's more beneficial than the elliptical machine, at night of a it may might ask bigger made my legs bigger, like they all got bigger, like especially like, I feel, with pants fit different. Really yeah really
yeah, because I've only been doing this for like two years yourself up, plus also for your hours. Nature's gonna be healthy. For you, too sure, for that I was doing just weight lifting stuff. With my for my legs, I would do like squats or do cleans and presses and overheads. You know do like presses with the the kettlebells over hints of it, which is all great. It's all really good, stuff, but it's not sustained motion. There's something about this. Staind motion of running hills that I think boost your vitality. It gives you more energy. Because your you're, you have to work so it to run a hill is one of the more difficult things to do. An exercise. It's just. You got a fucking yet you're, basically doing their body weight squats with one leg hot over and over you going up hell, yeah forty five degree, man it's hard, but also beneficial. When I went to hitting the back
What I would do is on our on days. I would do that would run and then do on the elliptical machine or I'd run. I get on the buy a card right, the the echo bike, which is like a giant leaps up air time machine those things you up for that assault things the salt fitness treadmill like that, when I love it, fucking hard. It's really hard! It's not a treadmill! It's not enjoyable! It's an extra bump harder than running on the road marker than running on the road, so much harder than on the road in yourself to make it harder than that because for real athlete self powered and it's really beneficial. You gave a brother treatment for that. One is a mistake.
No it was not bird was the right move. It slightly boring. It's harder than running on my head in my man, cave was that was my go to at the end of the night was get on that thing, and that was not forgiving. So glad that wore you out and we could do it. It's called air assault, fitness trainer, that's the rear, runner, air, runner, yeah! That's the thing it supposed to shit like at least thirty percent harder instead of shit. I love it. I love it. I get on that thing. It's like texting you when I saw you got it, and I was like you like that. You, like I love it I was like come out. He doesn't hurt your knees. It does not pounding. It's got a good amount of give to it because it's got this tread to it and it's just enough shock shocks that as you're running you don't feel like it's a big pounding on your joints, but it's all self propelled, so you really get a good rhythm going and you open legs, get tired, straightforward is sprinting on it. You can get up and sprint and your sprints that really raise your heart rate. I think the key, also here's a big key, you gotta, be distracted. You gotta
will either be distracted by meditating and getting into some sort of a weird greetings own or you got to listen to podcasts or you got to listen to music yeah you got all this to for me. Was books on tape? Did the best really for when I was out in the wild, because I the wild. I was listening to books on tape, I'd like something thinking about something distracted me from the physical exertion of exercise, but indoors it was two things: helped violent movies, in fights watching fights. They get your heart rate, jacked up invite you get your heart rate, jacked up you watching guys get hit, and you fuck it on this thing before you know it.
What I don't like a football and the space travel and then doing time out to get like to whatever. Well, I would do the thing where, like you just kind of going going, but I noticed there was like a punt return. Kick off when I watch gladiator, there was a giant spike whenever there was sword, fights yeah and I was like. Oh my god, that's what I'm doing. I'm get I'm allowing myself to get so caught up in this movie that I'm like fighting give him a break this one with breaking immigration right now: bread yeah, I gotta sit in the red dude. I gotta give a shout out to run the jewels run. The jewels is perfect, fuck in you, music, the jewels killer, MIKE Dude NICE, men tools fast run then run them tools that such poor. I listen to nothing when I think when I think about this month, I think it. I think it's two things. I thank God. It's over
yeah and brought the go run. The goddam jewels, because that's all I listen to running rate running song and a great running song, will give you like ten percent more and all yeah six into overtime on some songs like away to this one, and if you're waiting for the the beat the dry I mean all you just are going to go. I get real like exciting all over it for real angry. If, like I want to fight somebody put on a little out of public enemy put it on a mix of public enemy, I feel like that's good too. That's good to know. I got through the first week and then I realized I could like guys like. Oh, I think I'm ok watch your all your specials. I brought the fucking. There is nothing special yeah. I know we do all right, you're right, you're going. If you were any jokes, what you're running I don't I didn't write any just. I wrote so many God, Damn jokes! Really yeah! Did you really
oh fuck yeah. I smiled at a woman when I was jogging- and I said the joke was only smiling. No, I'm not having a stroke, I'm not flirting with you honey, I'm just trying to have a stroke stroke. I went to a dark place into a dark and you took us with you. Okay, I was I was like I'm I'm going to win, I I thought I was like you, whatever you think you can do about. Well, let's keep going and let's see what happens with that set weird switch that goes off yeah. It's like! Let's see who's willing to die, oh my last week, or so was like dangerous became a fight for second yeah. That's why people were asking me about it. Just dehydration! That's all it is just dude. People would message us by the way, I guess jargon: Joe's gonna, I'm okay, I didn't get wrapped up, but people some people were upset like like they wanted to be almost to get
because always rag on these Crossfit guys to get it yeah I have not ragged on them would have had said is that I have heard some negative opinions about cross fits from experts that I trust like Steve Maxed, I'm not a fitness expert. By any stretch of the imagination, I don't know whether across it's bad or good, I bet probably based on your application. The way do it because if somebody asked me is Ju Jitsu good for your body, be like well. I've had a bunch of surgeries everybody. I knows that surgeries everybody I know, does. Does you to the already didn't even get his blue bell to get surgery, but I will say: before we started this podcast Joe did say those across the people are tree: hugging hippies, who want to get their yoga black belt. I want to black, but I'd love a yoga black belt. I'm like a blue belt yoga yoga. How through the month I told Thomas the other day and he laughed so I tried it on stage and it worked, but I stopped her
sing. Semen, just call dust dude, my dick up, the dry heaves. Just people ask me it's like the just such a go up MIKE. I wanted yeah, but that was like no no, I no no energy for that, probably so tired, so tired. How about those sleep? So I was sleeping like a fucking, perfect person like a maybe most the time. You know what I notice there's a big one for Maine. It really might make me change. The way I live is zero anxiety, o negative chatter. Chatter, there's something if there's a realistic view of the world that you get from rigorous exercise on- and this is my theory- I'm not a biologist, but I think that there's we have too much of a history as a species of constantly avoiding danger and I think we live in a place- that's far too safe for our natural instincts and so we're con looking for things to be bad or looking for things to be dangerous or confronting confronted
our own mortality and putting it on the back burner and letting all that weirdness manifest itself and all sorts of other fears. Fears about the government, fears about it, economics and fears about this, and I think, we're dealing with this human beings all the time and, I think, there's only a certain amount you can do, and I think when you have rigorous exercise it puts in perspective, but that certain amount actually is and what you can control as a person that you can. You can just chill your body out and look at this whole thing for what it is. It is what it is you know we're would be fine or were not, and then it won't matter, but this this this whole thing. We do when we do this. We do this because our body has a need for exercise. It has a built in need, it's got an engine that needs to be pushed, and if you don't push, it starts fucking with you, it starts fuck come with you and asking you weird questions like who the FUCK sack, I think he is like it wants to start
problems. It wants to get upset if things that don't make any sense to be upset it wants conflict is a part of you that wants conflict because it thinks that conflicts are part of the programming. It's been our way for millions of years, so, whatever the fuck We were then to whatever the fuck. We are now there's been conflict along the way people been trying to eat us things that were trying to kill Us- and this is the only time ever that there's none of that and I think the only time you could see things with perspective is when you blow out all the biological shit, whether it's jerk off like how times. Have you jerked off and then had a totally different opinion of a person about jerked off not called people like. Why would I call this person after I just jerked off? No now I see I see what this whole is: some weird biological trick playing some stupid game, I'm so high high high as fuck dude. I love I'll. Tell you what this one month did for Maine. It got me back and spin class I'll uh.
Spin class love it dude? I love it do you like the music. No, I notice they just make you spend at the taxes so stable. It just close your eyes and remember when we talked I said I had Bob Harper is teacher one time and the thing he said about want me to go back and fuck people. I grew up with or whatever his Bob Parker, the Kobe Bryant of spin classes, yet he's from biggest loser Bob Harper, okay, and so I go did you guys know who he was now? I have no idea. Those big biggest loser fan loser I inside outside but I like I like the I like the the way they talk to you, and you know I want to close my eyes. I, like the first break, a sweat I, like I love, of what I love and I, I have to say I have to give props to people more than anything with ARI doing that rower redefine the way I had to look at working out, so I went he was in. Eighty percent, like I know what eighty percent feels
like user for our honor or it's fuck. That was a tough on it. Some of them are harder than others to keep an eight percent biking, which is way harder. Now you were capable of seriously. Did you know, table of I do running and stuff that's fine. I could sort of do that that, but I don't know quite how money is eighty here sent over Rover ARI's, angry yeah. I angry person angry. Yes, even that's right, that's my zen spa, but even when ARI's playful angry, it's still energy right like that anger, like the anger that he gave everybody on that fucking podcast yeah. What did did with one of my favorite podcast? Never always hiking hiking around doing a podcast talking about us that seventy percent, it's brilliant, it's brilliant, but it's its energy, see that kind of anger that, like
either in you or it's not, and I knew already had it. It's a matter of getting the old engine fired up again. It's not too old New used to play. Basketball needs to dude. That was one of my resolutions. This year was to go to the gym like once a week like something attainable, and I still hadn't done it until this. Well, I remember when you did you do to you were very enthusiastic about it and remember you were fucking trying hard. You know, and I remember one time you legitimately swept me. Generally yes, you did and I was a brown belt. I was a brown belt. You get over all people once in awhile. I did it so just once in awhile you built by forgot to lock up one hundred percent. The truth is what happened. He was were rolling together and I was like ok dude. Let's just do this, I'm not going to be cool and we got into position. I got on top of him and I just got a little relaxed and also boom already hip pops take My leg out from under meeting he swept me and I'm, like you,
mother. I got a little calm and he exploded. Okay, I see what's up so I knew a part of our e that you guys didn't know, because I was going by the way that he taught me right back to get so out of place. But there's a part of me that really wants to experience like trying to roll with JO for a second after this contest, knowing what he's capable of just a few Well, true, helpless! It's a good feeling. It is this is why it's a good feeling, because if you, if you can handle it, then at least you know where you are on this little weird food chain who can kill who, with their bare hands yeah and then you also know that whatever these people know you can learn to. This is not a physical thing, I know guys that are much weaker than me that can fuck me up if we rolled together, going to tap me one hundred percent of the time, my friend Dan. My friend Danny weighs one hundred and sixty something pounds. I've. Never I mean captain when he was young sixteen now he kills me really. He strangles me he's trying. This may just what superior
it needs- is way better than me way better way. More focus been doing in realize it was great, sounds like to go just complied with you, but here's the thing I don't have to listen. You have to have the time to get serious about something we have the time to get serious about this- we not the time to get serious about suddenly out of the the way Tom suggested it like for five days before true yeah. This was not a planned out thing at all. I've been wearing that thing for perspective, though January with it and like an average average has been probably twenty three one hundred points or something how much you get this one. Ninety nine! Three like five who talk about talk about the percentages of how we finished in the is for everybody getting them up that blew me away. Well, they said: there's a million registered users. First of all, and where is zero point one percent okay but hold on most of us warning didn't even have it on. I don't know about. We're going into what November is now and we're not really not. I'm not saying everybody was actively all you Zia
still I mean that people that are one million users yeah yeah. Well, whoever is using it. Well, I don't know what the database, how it's it's a good point. Alright, that's a fairpoint because we really don't know what percentage those people actually keep it right. People trying right Killer was a d one athlete that's just yeah you're welcome! Jim has a low okay yeah! That's that's! The thing we got support to get people were trying. If we had to guess we agree on a number, would you guys say that like half the people would use, it regularly or no there's a million people which really thing half behalf even if it's one slash four, was the time when a dot five would be point point five percent, percentile. Whatever nine I point fifth percentile yeah, I wouldn't go up much. It will go up much even under a smaller variable, but I think that what those other people are at the top or probably fitness instructors,
and that was that's what my space is my space. That was my size. Oh yeah, that's what my zones told me that was my other cheap plan. Go to the gym with fifteen dollars and say: please wear this. Fifteen dollars was going to hang out with seen the sweet spot. I just figured it wasn't too much, but I would have to do it a lot fuck. This I'll tell you let me like. I walk you through my plan the whole month. What was your plan? Do not get hurt. That was number one good plan. I was like, don't get hurt if I get hurt, get Jens get Hell spurs on? When did I think five days I was so excited at the prospect of you. Any time someone I hurt your ankle or something, but when I hurt my ankle look excited but cautious, and I knew like this is not really sure you saw me slip.
I swear to God I'll call my fucking wife right now, uh life or you better yeah. My friend Molly saw you in fucking spin that day dancing fucking spend the one who accepts you don't need your legs for. Were you worried about when I was sick, oh I knew your give me the old golf hole doc. I can make this up and Wyatt guys. He told me he was sick and he took photos of medication in sending it made that uh? No, I think, but you took half a day off. You want water half day and then you were right back to full speed. Now, Thank you ARI. Thank you, ARI, that's not true. What has I want a one crazy that a day where I was like look I got to get something and by something I was thinking one hundred and fifty two, and that was that beginning or the second worst day, and I put it on
I'll just get that and I walked down the street and I was like I felt so sick. I got forty. Yeah. That's it like a nun, okay, that right yeah. True the next day I was able to get like one hundred and something, and that was split up into also, and so then I was like I'm pretty fucked right now, yeah and that, by the way right at that point, I was like okay, bert we're not coming last. That's great. Let's just be casual. Two of us I'm done! That's great! That's awesome! I took a deep breath. Like you know, I gotta tell you something. This is like something that we should all point out for health, like I'd, be over the last couple of years, I've been eating a lot of kimchi, a lot of fermented cabbage and a lot of Kombucha yeah brutal, brutal farts, but here's the thing all that healthy, like probiotics that has a big impact on your immune system mean really big, haven't gotten sick
longtime boots, always take these, and I start drinking too and they're always good. Do this shit, the Gts Gts with this shit, there's so good that taste good they're healthy for you had a whole foods. Guy tell me like hey just so. You know, I saw you drink this in the thing. It's fine, it's got alcohol, so you can't you can't drink that in the store, and I was like listen, I'm going to do it every single time, so you can just try to catch me if you want, but thank you for the warning. You did your job well as less than half a percent of. Is that what it is they have to it's more than holding my daughter's drink Kombucha in the morning the morning it's less than half a percent of getting, but no it's some some preposterous amount of alcohol like see how many, how many you don't drink to get drunk thesis the whole history of it? They used to sell them in the store and then apparently, what going on was they were there? Was it's a strong brew and they would sit there fermenting and then, when they would test them after did fermented for a while? The alcohol content would get over one slash two of one percent, which is like
somewhere around where they need to draw the line like. If you get a non alcoholic beer, it's got it hopefully touch of the blue. Who's in it really already really just really tiny tiny touch in food. Fuck off hey doesn't fucking idiot; no, it doesn't make you it's just still super sober sober. You know if you're you when we're running we're getting high as fuck, okay, there's a there's, an aspect I just one things that I was saying to everybody is that when this was over, when the whole thing was over, if somebody made a pill that made me feel how I feel well, when I have those hard workout days, I take that pill every day, I don't know, gonna tell you earlier fuck pill that I felt so much relief, but I feel like it was totally tied today's where I really worked hard one of the a, but if it was like a medium workout out, yeah hi good, I went back and forth about that yeah. I still felt good, but on the days
it was like three plus hour to working out yeah and I was totally like spent. Then I felt the most calm I know a part of that physically just to get tired. Well that I I had zero structure is a question. You guys think any that's tied like while you're doing that you got to be off your all your technology for awhile. I know you big on that. I don't know if that's possible, no, no! No! It's a factor yeah! It's definitely a factor or I also when you start talking about it. I tried to start doing things like in the morning: wait for waiting to look at it, no at like open the phone. So like do not I've. Workout! I mean like just do life things. Wake up, have coffee yeah and just not look at it so hard. First, I had to think about it. Yeah it's hard right, yeah yeah! It's right, yeah! I wonder how much of that too 'cause, I felt sort of clear too, but same way. I do with skiing, where it's like yeah. Take your mind off everything away. Exactly are skiing is a perfect example. When you're skiing, you can't look at your phone you're going down to
mountain and you're, just enjoying that and that's part of what it is they've got a great app. They have a great. I don't look at I'm skiing, but there is an app that tells you how fast you get going. You dude! I got up to forty miles per hour on a fucking snowboard and I that's when I get down the bottom, like real, quick. What's my speed like I I've? Definitely I'm always worried about people wipe it out and in front of me, yeah wipe it out on to me, but you'd, be you filled your kid skin a little bit yeah, but I I got taken out by one dude on a mountain once he just cut in front of me like way too quick. He was like yeah you gotta control, your skin and half the time I gotta give up. You should go away for all good watch out yeah nose and you realize, like you're, testing your health out with all these other people and most of the time people were doing their best most of the time, flying out of the trees over drug test. When you get on that ski lift, they don't test
you for shit. Do you smoke weed when you ski no you're doing my know, Cupid show every time I know every time I guess we'd be with you guys, but I ski with my kids yeah time just time now I wish I could explain. I have to keep an eye on those little fuckers way when you get there. You do that. I don't know what would I give my kids that way at the end of the day when it's me and Leanne Way, gotta park city every year, awesome it's the best and at the end of the day, meanly and I'll, take a rip and then we'll go down one and that's when I fucking throwing heads that's little Jane's addiction to come in down the mountain and all my toes flying into a fucking corner at forty miles an hour just going just thinking in my head. This could all RI
really go bad right now, don't fall down, don't fall down, don't get her, don't fall down, don't get her didn't get hurt with barely have any control of our bodies is a great idea slide. Barely in control slide. Barely in control, you Cletus up pizza way, no control head over heels, looking roll shoulders! First, I tell you what I'll tell you what I want to sit here, and I say what I want us to do. It's a group right now and chose the only one that can get this happen. What I want us to go to Kelly, Slater's, wave pool that looks dope, dude foursome it's the safest place to learn how to surf, and it's just
like a two hour drive. Does anybody here know how to serve no yeah? I took two lessons Internacia and Masten retired, but I can come out of retirement for those perfect, so you've had slightly more experience, which is almost none. That would be a good next year, what learn to serve time on a board memorable is high. Mount aboard over the whole month will get Kelly Slater to design something board that captain, where we have to wear some sort of heart rate, monitor how much time on a board. You could stand up over the course of a month in one of those artificial wave machines. Shit time. I care too. You give Kelly Slater time right now to develop the board that has feet pads that measures your feet figured out on a fun. We wash your feet when you're standing up so it's time a lot of board standing up, since none of us know how to surf time
on a board standing up when those artificial wave machines next year, kinda hate this. I love this. I love this already, so you just don't feel like in list and a place. You have to give up your life in a list in a place yeah get dormitories why he was Shane Dorian, where those fucking trolls, who Shane was just here. He was on the podcast right before you guys. Are you fuck I'm kidding here is using the the Shane Dorian in almost died at mavericks. He got held under two waves and I guess under there he decided to create these suits where they have c two cartridges. It literally change big wave surfing it saved, so many fucking lives. He was just talking? He asked me to shut up. I swear, I met him. Ripley's might be glad he's my bow hunting buddy yeah. He lives in a he lives it, like others in the big island. Damn it change it to Kelly Slater's like he and I go hunting every year. We do the spring axis Deer Hunt on the island of the night. Really yeah yeah sounds so fucking cool, dude
cool shit. Every. What got you into hanging out with Kelly Slater podcast was fucking amazing. Do you and him are like brothers my face, Everything he said in that podcast was when he goes. You know what do you do for fitness? He goes. I don't push myself yeah. That's that's an already thing. Well, here's the thing! What we did was not healthy, This is what I wanted to talk about. Commitment is not sustainable, yeah, no chance like all noble, no, no, not sustainable! It's crap! No! No! No! I'm gonna keep up spin class and try to do on evenings. Try to do by the way Mile jog. That's a good thought when we already were keep up the thirty first. Like I talk to you about everybody, but that last workout yeah I was dead. I could have gone that much for knowing in all honesty. After my this came out of weird color. I really did have phantom pains in my kidneys. I really was like. Maybe that was wasn't just dehydration
yeah, maybe there's something more, maybe there's something going on. I really did have some weird phantom idea that there was a pain but physically pretty good man, because the whole thing was a lot of that Rahab in here's the thing about it's called Rabideau, Milo This is that I said, did I say it right? Abdo has actually been the source of death for a few fighters. Where guys got really beat up in a crazy, really difficult fight and the thing that did the men was they were probably. Over trained, and they probably did too much much. The gym didn't, give themselves enough time to recover and then had a really brutal fight all right, so when you're young in particular, you're you're a little too wild, and you you don't recognize that. There's like this point of diminishing returns when it comes to training
yeah well see, we pushed into some weird place man, but we did felt get through that a few times, but here's the way we should have like that. I was too much for you to give up and we kept going, and then it became okay again right, but here's what I think it worked for us wouldn't work for a fighter. No one's kicking our ass say think about when you're a fighter if someone's kicking your ass, you might push even password. We pushed in terms of like output in any particular hour or any particular. You know half are forty minute session. You might go too far, whereas we would just keep going out, at eighty percent, like sometimes you get forced into ninety percent sure long periods of time, especially if one is better than you or specially if you're, tired from training. So a lot of these guys are going into the fight especially in like younger guys, Don't have maybe the most scientific coaches they're going into the fight we went out just out like November first, going into it like that yeah yeah they're, going into it like that, not only they going into a fight like that, but there's going through
all you know, six eight week camp like that, like they might be broken down like real early on just push them, so through the whole thing and then they have like at the end of it, their bodies. Failing you haven't given themselves enough time to recover and that's with this rap no shit is your mom. It has something to do with proteins that your muscles pull up. The actual I'm given a really stupid definition of Rhabdomyolysis Sis's it my pretty close. What is it much protein into the blood, that's it it's very dangerous area is really causes kidney shutdown. That was crazy, that, like November. Second, my muscles all felt sore for the first time all month. My It felt so right away and then not again for not again, I just was, I would guess, get back into them the thing in classes like when you get out of the saddle and sprint is I just
a place for my legs were always wasted. Yeah and I was like I want to get. I want to try this again. One of my legs just aren't wasted. They were always wasted. I could now, at the end of this run, to the gym and back and have stuff like three times on the way, in a run for like two minutes might not like real running alike, and it is like not just do it did. I felt like such an improvement note right, huge and through the month yeah I could run. I ran twelve miles on the like for but they do. While you were on antibiotics. Yes, it's crazy otics and you were just going fine, they say. Are you I am you know all right. I always do the you have a strong mind. I always knew you had a strong mind. You have it you. But you're an angry man with strong mind, but I didn't didn't appreciate it as much as I appreciate it this month. For you to do. It is the most impressive out of all of us, because you didn't do shit other than like the occasional hike or fuck around and play basketball.
For like ten years yeah, but also I eat well, you can see like garbage, I'm not talking to you. It would be way I talk to those two. Yes, a normal life is like seventy five to eighty. I should be around one: seventy five w S, but about well yeah, and I and I should weigh with seventy five to eighty yeah and then I it's like eight thousand three hundred and eighty seven last year after the colours are really yeah. We were like significantly more and it's like I'm not do it. You guys were actually working out. You can eat fucking normal idiots. No, no, I actually towards towards the end I started out, hear you know you the power probably listen to this podcast the most, but you hear people talk about health and how they eat and on in that challenge. The very last week I started going looking at food. A tab. Differently going like. I don't want to feel like
shit. I don't want pizza, I don't want. I didn't want carbs. I wanted protein 'cause. I get done workout now go, let's do four eggs in some and a steak with a bag aboard a bunch of buffalo steaks, and I was like it's so crazy. As I'd never was like water yeah. I need water yet never looked at food, it's a crazy that you get like eating when it was like really when I was plane, you know when they walk by with a little basket yeah. I was like. Oh take L the to work out today. The two days which I had a bunch of on the net yeah you're when I did the that the whole five and a half hours on the elliptical I in a box to animal crackers and I drank cream soda while you were doing it while I was doing grape soda, I was in the it was crazy circles possessed the craziest state of mind. I am glad I was I'm like. I am going to keep this going like I'm now, I'm going now. It's just numbers to me now, so I
when the r C get out for four hundred, no five hundred, no yeah six hundred. No, I just shared yeah, it's eight hundred no, and then this should start to feel like it was failing. Yeah like I yeah, no, no, some misfires. I had some misfires. I had some. My body was like hello like settle down a which is like? We need we better get off this thing soon. Ok. Let's just keep going for a little bit and I actually yeah. Then you felt, like things started to feel weaker. Like my ankles serve coming week, start yelling racial slurs in the bellows started feeling numb. My toes went numb at one point Did you nap now, Oh, I would now napping was the feet on the floor nap where you just like sitting here, but for a second and almost like what haven't. I just go out like a light. At the end of the night yeah. How many hours are you sleeping at night like a dead man seven hours dead, man dead, yeah.
How long after we started? Did you start having the marijuana dreams? You guys, you guys get them? No! You know what man I knew it was common, so I tapered tapered off all tapered off all through September and also a lot of hunting trips. You know the elk. The trip in trip in Utah was seven days. I didn't smoke on those know to get the dreams on those you little bit a little bit, but you, No, I decided early on with all that stuff that I wasn't. I just wanted experience as a as a like a natural human, I didn't want to ever be drunk I didn't really want to be high on the job really yeah and I don't want to take beta blockers, so don't get nervous. I try to experience it as a yeah as just experience. What it is. I saw Adam Green tree like kill some elkins wherever the is he's the
is an a bear claimed it did you see that guy shot a moose compares went on is like my shoes, my name test on it and I dug it out on an a grizzly bear, claimed it and covered it with dirt right away the entire moose. No, he shot it. They took part of it see what a moose is. Probably like. One thousand eight hundred pounds. There is so big that a big elk it like a rocky mountain like like eight hundred, it's a big one, a moose is a thousand pounds bigger than that when it's fully mature so sudden, that's what Adam shot he showed Jack antic moose, so they can only carry so much of it out like this hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pounds of meat, one thousand eight hundred pounds moose might be seven eight hundred pounds of it meet. Fuck, you know, so you have to take it out in loads. So if you have two guys right, you're taking out several loads, so they took out one pack out and then they came back in a giant. Grizzly bear had claimed it and cover
get up and the Grizzly Bear was still in the area. Oh yeah, he covered up doing Adam Greentree is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram, but I know that no one likes when there's a lot of little bleep in the story, but when I go on green tree and he's got one hundred little dots. I go. Oh there's going to be a good one. Yeah, it's Adam DOT, green tree on Instagram and he's he's a bow hunter from Australia in Australia is an interesting place. It is one of the reasons why I mean he's. He's just a real smart guy and it really he's he said, he's the real deal real deal in every way. Now I'll pick him as a person dude, he you should see the Flori has in his hunting cabin he took do this guy across the board every part of a man. You want to be a human Florida's hunting cabin is fucking amazing and he did it himself by hand lish per capita. Australians are more manly, oh yeah, the crew. Americans for sure answer. Just raise it hard like. If you had a look see, what's the numbers add up there, there is the moose. Does the moon, sir? Just a man leave their manly, our breed of people and also
have to realize that Australia was a God, Damn prison colonies. So these are the ancestors of scoundrels. They all got big films, humans, and so this this is a big ass moves that he shot in the Yukon and a Grizzly Bear claimed it, and so they went back to Do it in the Grizzly Bear run off 'cause he saw I'm coming. I guess, and so they stole what they could and got the fuck out of there before they panicked before came exactly yeah, so they they Honday buried the unburied it the dugout. They did dig stuff at dicks stuff out, but they were scared, while they're doing it and they got out of there. This is the second of my friends. This is second no! No! No! This is one slash. Three of my friends that have had Billy bear encounters over the last three or four years, they'd issue. If it came at them. Who is the one that it was on assault on, Instagram, which one of your buddies who got who got charged, the Grizzly Bear was Adam, those out green
that was was named guy yeah. That was that was it that documentary all agreed and my God, it's a craze documentary ever great. Thank you. Let that documentary the documentary is as it should be there. All a gay guy doesn't have really good friends who gets eaten by a bear us. As a do. I was let pork yeah. I wanted to give him a hug that Guy Fawkes you this girl for getting into. Why did she leave it? There is audio and they didn't share the I would they share the audio. I fucking that, after this is my friend Adam with a pistol out while Grizzly bears charging them watch this his voice message. How mother. Wow, yeah, that's a grizzly bear and he's got a gun. Pointed at her and she's got two cups and he might try. You know what she might charge them to be the scariest one of the Females
cubs yeah. That's in real life, too. Going to pistol out and here's the thing the pistol is the wrong size bullets, so it wouldn't have Act normally so see how it is right. Now it looks like he's discharged, Alls ammo, like his guns out 'cause, it's jammed so isn't even know it's jammed, so he standing out there pointing a gun that the only way it could get a bullet in it as if he opened up the barrel himself stuck the bulletin and then close. Since we have one shot, no matter what so the whole magazine wouldn't fit. It was off the it is in the size of the ammunition, was often see it nope. He didn't notice because he does Use guns is a bow hunter. You only. He got a gun just to protect himself. From that thing, those kind of things not believe how excited I just got right. There just talked to him about egos. Might he goes monsters, are real,
because when he goes when that thing was charging me, he I mean I've did he talk about it on the podcast That's why I had to have seen it, but when he talked about the way it was charged him with the hair was popping up on it and you could see it, I mean it stopped it false charged him. So I charged him and stopped within like five yards of him. Giant female grizzly bear and that would just tear you apart the only four days trying to get you to do, leave trying to get you to just leave one Indians because he's trying to leave, but it doesn't trust him it does didn't know him. So it's closed in on him and looking at him and deciding maybe whether or not he's a threat and moving in so we can't get away from it, so he was stuck in this position. We couldn't get away from it. It had decided that he music fuck that so he was trying to get away and he was moving in a different direction. It was cutting him off and I was like oh shit and he's got his pistol out. It's like it, the fuck away, terrified,
I think, terra dude. I had the Appalachian trail when I was in college and not the whole thing, but just a portion and men that fuck know I did not pissing in the room already you're good man. That, grisly things. Fucking scary man, yeah dude there so scary, I've never seen one in the wild, except once in Alberta. I've never seen like a big one, the one I saw now, but it was only like six feet, wasn't a big one, but it was enough to look in his eyes and go whoa. That is a different thing. Is a black parents, What do you like that man black bear? if you run into a black bear in the woods they look at you like what do you? What are you doing are grizzly on the EAST coast is dutch, so that's black bear right, Well, what is there brown bears and then those are the ones that live on the coast. Then everything that's interior is called a grizzly bear. It's the name. Yes, it's the same atom, but do you have get the name yeah? It's They're. All brown bears, but it isn't, like straight up? Brown bear always usually bigger than that
because they have more access to protein. This the thought, the thought is that the Kodiak Brown bears that enormous ones which are the biggest ones on earth is way bigger. One thousand one hundred and eleven feet my other friend who got attacked by a grizzly Steve Rinella he has a podcast about it on a podcast called meteor, that's his podcast and it's all about Afognak Island. It's a two part podcast, it's fucking, amazing. They shot an Elk and then the same thing. They hung some of it up and they came back to get it. And after pack, some of it out and when they came back at Grizzly Bear it claimed it and they didn't know it, so they were trying to pack out that food or that the rest of the. And when they did a bear charge down and ran through their camp and they said it with eleven feet tall, who is it with? He was with my friend, Yonas Patel, my friend war, any war- and I heard me Warren talk about it, my other friend dirt, myth and the
and maybe one other guy all these hunters and I've never haunted in my life. I think there's like cameramen. There was a bunch of people in this enormous eleven foot bear ran through the camp and they said it was the biggest fucking thing there was so different than anything that could have expected. They said it moves so fast. Its teeth were so close to them. They said, Electra Nella when he describes that he just is a brilliant guy but he's also the very well read guys very eloquent. He has a degree in journalism he's like he's super fucking, smart, So when he describes this interaction which bring them an eleven foot coastal BR brown bear which, like the biggest bears on earth next Grizzly the polar Bears, bigger weather like the coastal
brown bears of Kodiak Alaska. That area there's there's big, is it yet? It is so big that those polar bears just the fucking most by the scariest. Everybody wants to save him because of Klondike bars and Fucking Coca COLA had the most heaviest animal. Never when they can sniff out through ice that there's seals under the ice and will just Did you see the like the wildlife footage and they're just sniff ice and then they put their paws together and they start dropping all their body weight, that sort of crap to crack the ice and then they'll jump in and just pull out of c it's fucking, do you think we could tap into that part of our brains like there's a part of one hundred dollars bear. Did you don't have any polar bear? Jeans is a reason why you have an Iphone you little fucking nice house and you get tv, nice car, no polar bear jeans. There's somebody out there with Polar Bear jeans, though for sure probably somebody have fucked by bear
fiber you definitely have your book by bear. You know is crazy about this month now I'm fucking pretty fucked up yeah, but what's crazy about this month is inspiration. People on Instagram like to listen to them and to really draw inspiration. I got dude one more one hundred last thing I'll, say campaigns. Fucking shit man. When you go put in one of those days and realize he's running a marathon every day, marathon, a day, America. Today I really really his lunch, but let me just in his defense. He would never he would step in and probably you say right now: that's not sustainable for like the whole year, but what he does when he's ramping up for a big two hundred and two one hundred plus mile race, he doesn't marathon a day. Can I say something on the opposite side? Then? Do you know the story of marathon? Yes, where the guy went to tell the
with the victory in America died, he died. He did the marathon that died. That's who we do it after, but that guy was a pussy campaign. Is not not the note setting marathon. That's all that's the most sandal. The message is not that you should do marathons. The message is the best way to kill. Pussies They can run I've read I've, read cams, kill pussy every camera Thomas before and I liked it he he sincere. I get it, but you have to pretend to be impressed
one leg, people telling my I ran two miles today, but he believed hee hee mine and go hey brother, great job hammer and, like you know, we think six miles. I. What do you think burning? The marathon? Do that's impressive, Thio, cynical, yeah, being cynical about a dude who wears cowboy boots. Most of the days don't be cynical. Campaigns is straight up Theo. I'm going cynical! I'm cynical and I'm saying that I read those comments. I expect because he's like good job, so the person that, like I ran around one hundred yards today, he's a two hundred and forty miles. I know do you marathon? He goes. Yes, that's impressive. Of course he said. Yes, it's for real impressed. Trying to tell you he's one of my best friends, the guys, the nicest guy in the world and he started out
not being able to run for shit. He started not doing a mile, an fucking dying and going how the hell could anybody ever run a marathon, and then he just kept doing that's great, and then he got to this point. We could run ultra marathons. He runs one hundred miles. You know why he would definitely nothing here. It's impressive that you ran a marathon because he knows he knows running. He knows he knows running so well and he's run so many. He knows with somebody who can run marathon looks like and then when he saw you he was like that's fucking impossible. Daughter goes. I want to stage, and you know how long you do when she goes an hour, would like whitewater right, really impressed. If you know someone they've been doing comedy for a year and then I tell you they just did it now. Are you like wow, that's impressive, but if you just got back from Memphis, I go how much time you do you
did it now I go wow, that's impressive, like fucking oppressive. What, but it is impressive if someone who's like, maybe one of your opening acts doesn't
fifteen minutes in Cleveland somewhere. You like what like do. I killed was awesome like yeah. If you tell me that you did that up like yeah, that's given to describe more of it, yeah, that's what you do north by the way you just an. What do you think I did an hour and you're like wow? Look at you dick for us, and I thought I but you act like your father, yeah yeah a year of course see if you had like big Jay was like either in our Madison, like what we hold on you're not tune our anymore, because I know a lot too hello like to less lot. Two hundred and forty five, two forty, dude. When I first started at forty, that was the number it was for twenty five time, comics, yeah thousand five, thirty and fifty.
Fifteen thirty, four five yeah, which is an hour and a half show which is most people they think their attention span is which is like honestly, it's kind of accurate. I mean, I I think forty five like we're just you know it's too short to ours, is pushing for his attention. So, like I think, a a ninety minute show I'm doing to our brains. Hey, I think an hour for some showers is right. Flooding in a minute show I'm saying whatever the plan everything yeah a great show. I use the joke the mistake of doing a long, five sets where I did a lot stand up and it was rocking and rolling for awhile, and then I do like you and age that people who go on too long, too long, I don't agree because I know for a fact that, like it's right for me, but for you, Q and QA will be interesting yeah. It wasn't wouldn't be interesting. It would be more. Interesting people didn't see an hour and a half of comedy first see if they that's the problem, The problem is not whether or not it's good stuff. The problem is how much good stuff do you all day long which you want. Nobody wants their dicks sucked
hours a day like stop, I gotta do things. You have a counterpoint. If you, if you did an hour and really solid comedy on then, was all right now we're going to cure day for a while, so different. Well, you guys have. Are you taking for a show? It's like a whole festival that we did this stand out now. Let's have some fun time. I think I think that I'll tell you, I think, the closer you are to sixty if it's polished and good that's the best you can agree great, but would hang on, but were none of us are I'm not doing that right now. I won't say I will speak for everyone, but I'm not doing that right now in that I'm working all my sixty. So in order working, my sixty I have to do now- are you sure sure sure figure that out, but that's the most of what we tour is not finished. It's not finished working progress. The idea is not that 60s. The number that you shouldn't pass. The idea is that when you about it as a thing where people want to see where you've got it like locked down perfectly from start to- and you really want an hour and a half- and you want your
opening act to do at least two thousand and twenty five and through dean- and I take the rest of the time needed to Michelle nothing wrong with that. But I like to bring headliners with me yeah. I I bring anybody any you guys are welcome. I bring tony his stuff all the time Iain Edwards. Those guys are headliner. Yeah yeah word, you know, is so funny the funniest mother from a moderator he is, I would say, the most are under represented, such as prominent guy, because at people I he should be a household for your name. I've been saying that forever man I started Tony as well. What I mean to shit on you, I didn't mean to skip over toe I've known Nina Ian since, like one thousand nine hundred and ninety, but I'm at the end in two thousand and two three, we did a Pauly shore thing in Miami and broken was like who do with those. The e network is like, oh yeah. I know him is like wait from what, when it's like,
before you started out together. Here's the thing about in he's he's he's a brilliant writer to Sonic comic writer. He gets writing gigs on sitcoms and all these other different shows and one of things about writing gigs. First of all, very convenient. You don't have to go anywhere stay in town and you get paid a nice amount of money. You make good money it's hard to pass up on, but the problem is you out there, building your name in different cities and building up markets and you're, not putting out a lot of comedy specials. Only like one cd on team Coco Records, it's called the hundred send half assed, it's fucking hilarious, but you got to see him live like his timing. Is fucking genius, I've known that guy forever he's the nicest fucking person you're ever going to meet too early. He has jokes that are in his jokes. Are great jokes yeah that shark joke is great, he's got so many haircut so far as a person, half half he couldn't be
a better person. He couldn't be a better person like I never has a problem. You know I like about him is most the person when you're jokes around a crowd and they rely on someone getting offended yeah when you say something horrible, but since it's all must everyone's like how yeah and no one gets offended, but again is nothing like hardy, wrote that it's out there like hell. Yes, I need that. Thank you, yeah yeah yeah. Let you know yeah. He and I did a lot of gigs together. We did a lot. Yes, yes, yes got ya essentials, but yeah. All my gigs get ready for my last Netflix Special were always Ian or with Tony, and and uh. A couple with Santino is gray. Santino Scotty knows a mother, Fucker son did I bought your mother fucker. I like this so much about the shoes where these guys are coming up. Man, Tony Hinchcliffe was murdering it too dude kill. Tony is legit
get a sellout show it's a legitimate good armor between English and put fifteen people in Dude room and selling out everywhere they go and it's a brilliant idea. First of all, Tony is he is so good at roasting so good at that kind of shit. Oh yeah, that kind of situation where someone might be problems with someone bombs
does one man he's a little murder? Do he makes me so that next on right? Next to him in the ring light someone up and you hit three steps behind you well yeah, and then also your today. Okay, a now, I feel I feel it down my back when he stars. Thank you so the formatted, so genius, let her for new remix. They do one minute and in the mid grade, red band gives one now like times up this day and and then, when the day yeah it sucks for the whole combinations Great Jeremiah Watkins, your LAN, such routed in July's yeah can multi have fat happen. It happened faster, whatever the policy is that one yeah mine is a fun he's all over the map prisoner here, yes, the so funny? Okay, so when did this change when things change it right now, we're talking about comics that
back in the day when we were coming up, no one ever gave us props for being funny and young and right now, when did change stand up where everyone was like. It became a community where everyone wanted to people see people succeed. Yeah. When I came up, I felt this weird unnecessary competition between people because I had come from a world of competition, so I was like why you guys pretending you're competing you're, not competing like you, like there's a few people that to get certain roles and things, but the way to look at it. Directly was not the you're competing the way they look at correct In my estimation, was that we're helping each other like when I see you kill you when I see you kill, I get inspired I see some new bit, that's like really well crafted and and and hits me in surprises me. I get inspired and I think that that when you see comics in a vacuum like I remember, I was coming up. I would go on these weird tours. Do a weird show in some weird town they had a local scene and
scene was almost always hacking a few scenes that were weren't hacky, like Houston, wasn't hacky. They had a lot of pride in being hacking. Boston was very not hacking. New York was not hockey, but Florida was hacking right. There's a few places is, if you know places like that, and I was by the way what I realize- civic, what it was like. They don't have anybody good that they're around and I remember the how bad I was when I first started how Jackie. My ideas were how shitty they were, but I got lucky that I was around guys like Lenny Clarke and Barry women's in you know, and then after that wave it was Louis C K and Mark Maron, and there was a lot, the all these guys that nobody ever heard of that were really good, but super ethical about their material? And like really sharp about you broke the fuck meter? You said fuck too much like it when you say it, it ruins
for everybody like do, would like comedy theory too. That was like really high level stuff that I remember thinking Why does everybody just do that for everybody like all over the place? Why does everybody like treat this is, if there's like a famine situation going on and there's a small amount of comedy fans, no bitch, you can't be in Cleveland every now, right and I'm going to be in Denver and you're going to be in Detroit were supposed to say. Each other. This is so stupid with the only people that understand each other in terms of like like what bizarre human being. It takes to be on stage for Rogan, broken spotlight, talking shit yeah, if you're know how to do it, so it's like what was the main changes the internet. This is why, because before the internet, everybody was like I want be the next host host the show with Jay Leno retires and I'm the next Conan, but I'm on cable. Everybody had this idea of being one person who stood out in a limited amount of slots and then the in
It came around and no longer is there limited amount of slots instead, if you it's hard to remember, but when I first, started doing that the acting shit hard to remember what it was like back, then no internet and everything was on either NBC. The ABC Cbs or Fox. That was it and it if you like one on MTV things, it was famine, but today, you can choose us a one person or what are one of twenty people whose yet yes you're in yeah and yeah, and that's it by the year and are our you're not, and this is for mtv- and this was for h, B, o comedy specials, and this was for all these things yeah, and it was good in that the people that got through were very high quality right time, sometimes a lot of them. If you look back at the comics, have become bit became big off h, B, o they have the best record HBO yeah of all time. If you a judge Chris Rock at HBO specials care Louis C k
I mean Karlyn Carlin had one a year for how long that you put out. Sixteen uh nor anyone could use on or you'll, never see it again impossible to comprehend. The new hour every year, and I would I went to one I got to see him run the either the last one of the second to last one at the store. No, can I wish and he was, and he would run it always the night before I learned later at Comedy MAGIC club, which I live nearby for a while, but he I got to see him. Do it at Universal Ampitheatre. When that was still a thing and for his like closing bit, he had it written down and told me out six thousand person audience he's working it. It was a fucking, any happy person. He told six thousand four hundred people he's like is how I remember this shit. I gotta fucking read it so that he read the whole last bit. 'cause? It was really wordy right, a monologue and he is
This is how I end up memorizing this, so you guys going to fucking read it. I got to see him on the he would. This is what he would do. He would write a new monologue, essentially any would tighten up a little bit over the course of the year. I've thought this was a dog the whole time for some reason. So, where But what is it just a cord ' I thought the dog muzzling my leg really. Are I really yeah? I was like. I said nice dog. It was my thought really There was a dog for a second I did, and then I just realized it was a rat and just so comma freaking, that's happened in my house. Is our cat brings rats in the house? Isn't it funny that were so racist against rats, but yet squirrels get a free pass squirrel in the house, I'm trying to put a net over and bring the little fella outside. If is a rat, I'm trying to kill everybody ever met, you shoot it. I'm gonna stop for the fucker. Someone said the only difference between squirrels and rats. Are there tails that's not to true because playing that's what we have an apprehension about, tell that friend to go fuck himself with his shitty advice, quotes forever yeah fuck worlds, team, squirrel son, we just talked
this into this month. Here's one thing that did happen to me. I want to tell you guys this when it was over this month, freak you out like when it was over when it's all said and done like November. Second, maybe I woke up and went what the fuck just happened. How did I go from live in this like completely. Normal life of like podcast gas, you have to being involved this fucking insane battle to the death. Yeah I mean you know what else occurred to me is like this. Probably it doesn't occur to you because of that, like your history was working out, but I had that exciting, but disappointing thought of like wow. You know I can't leave how much I was able to do. Okay believe how much I'm able to do and don't don't yeah and that's like that's in the last five yeah. That's like a hammer, man right to me it was. It was like I could be doing a lot more, but here's the thing. Do you want to be doing a lot more, but I don't think the key to be is definitely not it's definitely not to do what we did. If I could get there
or an hour running and an hour of weights, twice a week, I'd be like is amazing, but that's up ahead of the curve. Great that's health yeah. I mean a good number. How many two days of two hours two days, two, even like forty five minutes. Forty five minutes, I did two days I've been doing. You know. What's not looking good not a bad idea. Four days it's a half hour ago. Are we talking about look for so you throwing your day is for just a half an hour? Yes, no! No! No! No! This change my whole gonna working out! This is what I got into an hour, but you can certainly can or if your lucky and Tom you do you do, you can do a half an hour hard. You do half an hour hard. There's a there's, a dvd that I follow. It's called the kettlebell extreme cardio workout, but it's guy Keith Webber. Who is
past guests. This is the dude, that is by himself in a fucking room, steady shot. He says a couple different variations, but one of them needed on a beach. In still when he did. He just takes a thirty five pound kettlebell and like how hard could this be thirty? Five pounds is not heavy, but you do it for four. Twenty minutes forty minutes with that, without putting it into one of those tests? Yes, you have a little great comic every little breaks about this. I bought this because of this mother Fucker going dark, it's impossible time, so darn it's impossible, but here's the thing after it's over, I could barely walk. I could barely walk. I was half my just my hamstrings. My quads were destroying what I did the second to last day. I did fifteen minute rounds with guy with minutes. Up down up down up down, you can see the other people stuff. You can see some yellow, it would be only yellow wide stay above eighty. What did you think about when you were doing it? I thought I was trying to get my legs of rest and then so that was what prompted me to start it and then, when
I would do when it was doing it, I would just think about points and Bert and then I would just point in part was a great motivator. I tell you something motivator I could not want to use use one little just heads up seriously. You're welcome everybody, because all of you were beating me- and there was a part of me that only felt very alone. That's not true, because I never I thought you could ever beat me. I wasn't, but here's what I was doing, here's what I was doing. What was doing was punishing you. Because I want I wanted to take you on a dark dark, a tour of all of your insecurities and all of your thoughts of mortality. I wanted to take you into place. You couldn't, could never. You could never travel we're gonna go to the bottom of the ocean motherfucker a soon, as I saw these numbers and and you're saying you're gonna do double. I went okay and
you man, fucking idiots, didn't get me mad. You didn't get me mad, but you made me open up the what are the dark place? First of all, you do realize that when I was doing the videos, they were all for comedy of fact hi. I understand, but that doesn't matter to me what a competition when I did the video where I go Joe, so your numbers, I'm double in them. I came up with my dog in the night and then I pretended to lose. My dog. Never I thought that was real. Most of my dogs had five knee surgery. She definitely can like the Kenyan that was so funny because he definitely knew you were joking. I don't know what do you do for fun? I don't care yeah. I do doesn't serve me to think that you're joking, It serves me right. It serves me to take you very seriously and to take you to the dark place. You I'll tell you what I heard talk to Nikki Glaser heard that, and I was like what you say.
I was trying to kill Burt yeah hello, that a week after she was here and dying. To put a note. I hope he does, and I you did not say that I felt I hope all right is my new favorite club. What is the it's not as though, but I should just be really clear- we are right after bird is said, he's going to double my score right and I'm like to right. Your fired up by this. This is alright hold on hold on hold on there's a party that result basically talking about. Definitely christian burn. This listen to this. Listen to him. Why do you say there's not a party that respected the condom regression? How dare you compare yourself with the greatest mix, martial arts, videos of all time who has the support of the tired nation of Ireland. You know Conor Mcgregor, you know you can help me
the fuck, is an island. What with Connor would love Bird Connor fucking? Who, if you said Connor you got one hour to party with one hang out with one guy he's picking me bro, I e o, might ask me advice. I would like to talk to him about its picture. I have some thoughts, yeah. I want him on your podcast, so bad man, I love. Why does he found a podcast? I don't know we were supposed to do it along time ago. I had it rain around really recently. You know. I hope he doesn't think that in any way that I don't respect him or appreciate him, because fighters are like super super sensitive like I've gone through that, Few times like I called the Ferguson who's like one of my all time, favorite literally one of my all time, favorite fighters. I said he was a boy weirdo because he wears ankle weights. The well that he got mad at me, and I I talked to him and I like try to sort it out. I did it through someone else and I was like
what they also know? It seems like that it seems like that, but it is, is hello so exposed it's you're doing is so personal, it's so insane that you like what we can brush off. It's way harder for them. You, if you lose a fight and someone disrespects you or they they in public sentiment, keeps you get a title shot against such a significant part of their life and they're not used to dealing with public reaction yeah they used to dealing with this competition. So the public reaction thing of liberty is an afterthought. It's something at an after effect of competition. Right you become successful. The I have to deal with all these people around you? They want you to dance kind. Gregor's in natural shit talker. Thank you, he's a great fighter, but he's also a natural shit talker. You want to Buffalo BAR dude. That's what I love about condoms. Why have you had Connor, Mcgregor and Bernie Sanders on
It's it's a weird situation that you haven't had either one of those people on. I tried to get Bernie recently. You say no, some fake. Bernie contacted us, you say you're had right yeah I was had they got me and I said I'm big fan a like a lot of your ideas, I'd love to have you on and it was already not come on here, though I don't think he wants to run for President man, but I would still like him either shows ideas. I don't know man you do what I fucking love by the way about common river. Is he made he made me re appreciate the athlete who knows there. Also an entertainer yeah. I actually like you know, there's there's people that did that. Like I mean everyone probably Valley credit, you know why it works. I don't know why I that's who he is. He is right that would be talking shit inspiring just guys that are just funny lock on his fantastic look at these smoking Weed MIKE Tyson. By the way MIKE Tyson owns Goddamn Weed farm what is it called now yeah? What is it called Jamie? Make that smaller, please so we could read with the is.
Used have for God, damn used to say something about Tyson, something or another, did they edit it? I didn't see it on there earlier. I look. Huh my eyes that he has some sort of company they're grown weed. Thing, that's great about it's really true. About the UFC, because I love Tyson, reportedly building a forty acre weed farm, and this will be their cabin in nevada- some California. California, just do that. You have to check my calendar. The first line
MIKE Tyson, actually say that it does say that don't say that really mean person is going to be the roots dot com. I made to open your article all bullshit aside. There has to be some way. That's crazy, crazy, to be some way for people to bounce back from horrible things right. He did he did. He definitely did he would be. Like front and center very berry. Did it too? I met Marion Barry on the hoping and hours with you yeah that's right, you're, and as soon as he came in I started asking will crack you didn't yeah. He went straight at him. We were all staring out of. A job is like I'll believe it was like my It was like I had someone trapped in the corner,
I like a wounded thing, Nicole. Ok, just so, you know by who's in the hallway. Looking for his next interview and Norton run out or black, I meant you're in here and come on in here with us. I just brought him in ok. I will like she's going to run he's going to run what you say to him. I said I said: did you smoke crack and I asked you know: that's not what you said. You said what a testimony to the american Spirit you are that you can come back all these things and managed to like reclaim yourself and become mayor again of men of Washington Dc Disp? write everything you went through and he goes well. I go through, that's right and he said no, and he said he said. No one knows this in that pipe. Did you just say to me? No one notice this I don't smoke rock. You say I came back and celebrate in smoke crack no one. No one else but no, he didn't even say didn't smoke crack. I think he We realized legalese at these that that point yeah, so I don't think he said, did he say, I didn't smoke weed and he didn't know
Thank you said. No one knows what was in that pipe yeah yeah. No not at all. Oh this is some jujitsu. You just got under hooks on main serve their approval letter opposing the piper there Joe said. Well, what did smoking when you suppose whatever was that pipe, when you let it up, what did you think was going to be answering it supposed to be today? I knew we hit it off. That's why he's like goodwill play, see it yeah yeah. I know we had to get him quick. You gotta get this guy quit this guys. Can I try to do a two minute, I'm here to say hi, watch, DC and house. Thank you very much vote for me. Yeah yeah yeah just wanted to come and say hi and bolt, so I just had to grab him. Can I say this that I got a letter when we register
I was like. I don't know how to do it. I was so mad about doing this thing in the first place. I didn't want to get talked into sober October again, and then we listen to another. Only do we call me when you do it next year. Yes, no, he is gay internet deals are so yeah wait a minute. Was there any bizarre any penalty for this? How bout we hold on so yeah? I don't know everyone saw hold everyone, something. Let me pee pee you get a drink, piss you! Let me but hell of your cycle that recovery- I mean it. Let me appeal to your fiscal. Sensibilities are ok with next year we got a sponsor like I just want to tell you guys. This is like one of the most popular podcast, we've ever done by far This whole series of podcasts are doing from the weight loss podcast to last year, sober October. To this, why would you call weight loss, fat choy? launch podcasts God
and I'm trying very active ground. Thank you. Just gonna be body positive, yeah man. Sure curve is hippies. Host of every curve is exactly where it's supposed to be us. Competing random poissy, like every quarter but you guys, here's what's really great is show of all time. That's not going to happen on busy your busy too, but we want to be order. I would do it once a year be a fucking holiday. What is we invent our own holiday, but you guys listen. I understand, I know It's like you have babies, it's ok to close your life to other things, but I have fun. I do things that you all legitimately worried, there's no place I'd like to, but is not the right time doing it. It's the best drinking, very fucking in New York November December January February, so you're in time. This is ridiculous. I love you like. No one else in your in my life. I don't have an issue driving my life better mine too. You were great this year.
It is a great great job. Bro. You did a great job. I took the last day off, You could have your a fucking four thousand two hundred points. He he told me he was like. We just woke, you go yeah, you gotta, let you know what you just fucking sync up and just let me know if I have to get back on you guys were all talking independently. So just talking to the group here hi, this is the last day that is seven hundred head of this. That's why I'm gonna bring my way. I'm going to get you to me. Hey give me a call. I think they, this japanese stuff, that's really track, could be key to of one all these whiskey awards over the scottish look at all about about a shadow. This is a shout out to my friend Todd White, who are used to just two with who is now head: instructive, John Jock, much to Todd White Jujitsu Academy in Austin Texas.
Also brilliant artist, super famous artist, and he sent me this 'cause he's beautiful yeah. It says great Skotch! Try it right now whiskey, some of them Maisel this windows icons by the way I go to your mom's house whenever I want to know what kind of weird Non says is floating around the internet? Who's who's eaten shit. I guess so rapid people to death to tip that's whenever right now is Garth Fucking, bro, Only are you I am that my god. I am so Christina Cheers to this this. What are called the? But if you have any beaky Beaky for some dark ports on or should even have a son, I swear it yeah. I know RT powerful purist. What do you do
okay, I'll deal with it. Okay, thank you. Why you? He really is. I'm dealing with it It was awful guys. Why would we not drink the October doing it again? You have to have this still bid. Is it a New York city? Think you get time to Jess. You got to understand it's like that. It's the best month of drink in New York. I would walk. Light bars at logging. Lee going, I want to go in there now go. I don't know that feels like whiskey is good. Did you really turn fifty three shut off wow Oh Brad, you, your fake news paper, Will you say bird is fifty three? No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No will you know I'm lying for Joe Briscoe,
for this visitor anybody guys under two years away from fifty three I'm fifty one? I know it's this crazy he's two years older than you, that's nuts, that bird is now fifty three. They changed his birthday in Wika Pedia and everything so who's going to win. This server is going to win the surf challenge next year, 'cause we're going deep, we're taking a month off. How many have you lost now challenges? This is the second but here's important than thirty when nobody nobody lost or what does that mean you Burt, I couldn't believe his Wikipedia there. He put you wake up, you can suck my dick. Do you understand what kind of fake news your dishes it out too? Oh, you guys have to wish Berta Happy, 53rd birthday really today, there's yesterday,
was yesterday. Yes, yes, two days, graduation, thank you there to make me feel bad 'cause, I'm twenty four months away from what you're making no but SAM fifty one I know is that, first of all, that's insane, but you real ' 'cause when you're fifty three birdie, fifty five, so by the way people are happy about that looks. Good people did. I can't control it. I cannot control fake news. Try to 'cause you're, like hey man, I'm not the fattest comic ever performing stand. I've spread some stuff about you, no shit! You fucking asshole orgy, spread about him. Nothing! Everything you said was just reported. That's not necessarily bad. If you got all your other bases covered much weight and still manage to have that belly doesn't makes since doing lead athlete
skip that Mickey mantle gene crazy. If you stop saying that again, double down wake up down with what I loved, what I love it or by the way will validate the Mickey mantle gene's burnt or is like ten shows a week. Back to back weeks, I made some real Mickey mantle shit because you're doing a lot of shows So it's like, I don't want to lose my family. I want to drive them away completely dude. I was thinking about it. How much fun would you have had back in the day? I really thing. Stand up was totally globally different if on the road with Joey with Joey ARI, show fear red band in a tour bus. It had to be more fun. You guys, when I had a fucking insane time. Did we had so much fun for bus, so another fucking cool we had so much fun. I've never had a blow need. I don't need it to be more fun, never have blood. You don't like are three and Joey and red Band and Duncan, like the road trips that we went on the fun that we had. We didn't need more fun. We just
appreciate what was happening. What was happening? We had like wood. No, I'm good. No one out to get a drink. Do you want one? I don't know where you I feel. Where were you being somewhere in the er? I did the bus this weekend. Yeah, I fucking loved it. You have the boss. I did I liked a lot. Accidents on we change. Subject. None of us pretty common yeah The plane crash is cool cool cool. No, your father bill. Like thanks. You know when you drive around you like that little fucking diner see you know we're in a seat belt. Bitch, that's true! I, like that cool Did you go on eighty miles, an highway? No St Beltona Fucking, eighty thousand Utile just run Camaro shit body shop. World tour everyone tour bus from January until April. Would you feel like if you listen to my voice, you heard it in your head. The moment your face was hitting the lci I that would suck
you were flying towards his screen. I remember this moment at an impossible speed and I was going just fucking take the day off and fly. I take the idea of a tour bus, French, but you're. Looking at look at me, one doing it, you need it most of time. Now. Going to that sounds. Pretty awesome show come out on the road. With your best, we Did God Damn Stadium, tour boys, I'll do tour still night, two thousand nineteen tour hold up hold up hold on hold on. Why don't? We do forget, that's out to get two grand, start shot. I did SH weightless a big. I don't wanna hear this pull back. I don't listen. Once one giant show everywhere, like the current Madison Square Garden, forty five different cities, someone show yeah. Listen. We could do that tomorrow. Here's the deal, each one of us did one slash two an hour we got a two hour show. I can do it
now right now. Yeah me too. Fucking. I would love to do a half an hour. So I got. I got thirty five minutes, maybe three thousand four hundred and thirty No, I'm not smoking morning more weed. You gotta have it past, who are the worst fucking friend I ever know the best friend I love you missed. You do love is love you, he does love, you big loves. Whom for mirror you. I love you wow, that's a navy ship. I love you much more fucking get this gonna be kidding me. You really think you love me more. Who do you think loves who more I never thought about that with you. Ari but I have not thought about that either. You have already more than I just want already know that I never thought deserved. Move move more than I love you, but now they think about as R2. I love him more than he loves me. I never thought about that now. What do you think that love our? I think you guys are both faggots and we're not going to be tide into this. That's rude, I feel like I don't!
of a meter. I don't have a love meter, Bert. Win the war. I love you, I would, I would stop almost dying oh so tired, like run to top of hills or woman adult, but whatever joke those who you feel this, you realize that we love it. Dude, I'm Conor Mcgregor I don't think you understand, ok, so so top when we got this thing I was like I want to do this at times like I'll register run cervical register. Here's a number registered yeah and then you just say it with birthing. Anyway, I got an email about the tenth to 12th of October from some lady at snap, fitness in Shawnee, Kansas, saying hey just so. You know you're actually register my gym and we're doing in October challenge. So I think I should take your off.
Currently you're in third place, and then what did you say? I was released me first place now that start at the time. I was like no real Thank you out, but I'm in a pot, I'm in a podcast challenge with my friends, broken sick, Tom's, Agora and far cry sure. I got per question he's in sixth place in our phone.
Legit Jim of people trying to work out for a second you're like Oprah crashers way. She just knows yours, be Christ, be Christ, like leader, wait, that's my all time feeling feeling oh Bert pressure from that. That was not even go there.
Oh, my god! No just open pressure. I know him from the words be crusher on the leaderboard, but I have to be honest as humble as I try to be. If she oh Joe Rogan comedian, Joe Rogan, uh uh, she likes me up right away. I recognize that this exactly how you would be like to have some sort, of course something like disgraceful. Like I see this fucking name on my board yeah yeah anyway, so I was like yeah. You can take me off. Just don't make sure my points on storage goes. You know what actually that's cool, I'm going to keep you guys on there. Do you understand that we got better as a score in terms of how well we did and compare a most people was zero point, one percent which is
much higher because it makes sense much higher than Elizabeth Warren is claiming to that. She is what I'm saying what I'm saying do not crazy. We did yes, it was bizarre. I shut out the impact fitness out here that that's the register with us. I registered you ever go to the gym yeah I work out there all the time I got it yeah one zero, mica, Brian and shown on the work. That was the moment wow they today. Do you get personal trainers, yeah. Those are the guys. Oh, I met a dude yesterday, Acroyoga CTE. He was like. We fly you what he say: Acroyoga puts you on his legs. Like a baby hold you up, stretched you and shit. He was like hey. Do you know about Christ? I would love to do that with him and I was like do you
normally do with like two people on one guy, and he said what do you mean he was like he's very fast. That's how do you get him up? He goes I for sure could not get him up that somebody to think about that guy was anticipating a human centipede on a trampoline, oh, my god, oh trapeze was that one that swing, yeah human Centipede, with the three of you. I love that so and how we all went to hardly anything loves who more come on do you think, do you think all answer or Lancer no answer?
answer. Do you love already know what I'm not joining us on this, and I will call you guys. Have your other a lot you can as long I've spent my friends. My friends like me, you guys are crazy to be focusing on the wrong things. Yeah go! Yes, I was, I spend more time with already did okay. So if one of you try to attack, are you have a? I have a problem with that. Same shahryar and I've been friends for too long like that, doesn't make sense. It doesn't compute. This is my friend we gotta work today I don't know you as well, as I know him for a million hours. Then you for for one hundred thousand. Surely we have to see that it's really really well what the fuck went wrong, just how world we all have to kind of be so I don't love anybody anymore. One of you, if one of you, okay on an island, the Vernon Island, you gotta, eat someone
you know. The answer, bro, you guys anybody. Let me take some I'm starving to death for a any yes one hundred percent. I know know kosher anything about Syria. No one body not tell me to eat me. I don't want to stay alive. Man dead body vessel, one hundred percent, pull you aside, like you, wanna kill, bro, wait a delicacy who gets the eyeball, Tonto Rogan's and the problem? Is you don't want to die? Knowing you ate your friend and it didn't matter, wait don't want to die, knowing you here's the reality, here's the reality! If you hadn't said this in this scenario, Israel three of us would be so so paranoid about you kill.
Yes, we would definitely kill you we'll be like everything and you and then we would take rod is not a no! No! No! I think it throws. How do we kill really hit song? It was right after the use. That's right, yeah I'll, get the big rock and you get the other. We have competed against them. How do you think we would go about killing? We would have to make him think that were deathly. Not thinking about that and they'll be like thank you thinking about a way, but we try to be useless. No, no! No we'd sit and by fire, and then I would go hey Joe when, when you eat marijuana is separate done differently or liver eleven. No, you got to think that he would be thinking. The same thing to do is like how far would
never turned against these guys, but for sure we're not thinking about it yeah they think. If I could turn, I guess I would they're going to have to kill them. That's right, I'm thinking to do it immediately. I gotta do not accept the fact you're going to starve to death. That's what you gotta. Do you gotta accept it because there's only four of us left were in the woods and we're stuck on the top of mountain and no one's gotten to us. Yet what are the odds? Are gonna get to us how much time we have left. Would you like thirty hours of everything goes truth is? Are you would wither away? First? No, here's the real truth. I've just been thinking about it. He tried which they immediately guys. I see, what's on both your minds, your ball, think of killing each other. I get it from both your points of view. If we do this we're never gonna survive, I propose the truth. Joe hot food work start the fire, the cook. Obviously Tom.
Now man cause football is your strength. I guess you know a lot about that and supervisor guys think about it. If it was just us, it was just us living in the woods the world went to shit and we're like on an episode of life below zero. We live in some sort of fucking house that we have put together. Our self will make it just like we got through this weird month. Okay, this is what fucking strange about being a person is that you I don't know what your boundaries are. You just know what you do most of the time. So, all of a sudden when something comes up that requires way more of what you're used to put in a more way more dude,
this with your perspective at all yeah, so you don't know what you're all about love and about all of my reading, the disarmament- and I really about that yeah. We are middle aged comedian. Yes, of course, so you go like I'm not doing enough already. I think you already go. I'm not doing enough already. Ok. So then, when you have that thought- and you do a month like that, then you got really not doing really bad for real yeah. What I try, How to do is eat healthy. I fuck hard every time that you did and then I walk. I take bites. Also combination of all the other fuck white chewing gum, wait, that's fucking aggressive picture ARI
and to those who got a heavy rain. Great yeah, the mobile no bubble licious better than bazooka again much stronger with estately. To do to be great, if you want to go home or something like yeah yeah, I'm just one of the rest. The week five gallon tub of it for my daughter's softball team for Five gallons good welcome to fucking drugs. That's what I picture ARI Big League, chew, laying pipe
shoot shoot, Bang Bang. I can't. May I keep meaning to wear the the the strap Wallace was gonna. Ask if you were. You said something about my cock fast and hard. That was the name of one of your posts hold on the way to the end of the last day. I put it on right at the end, but I how your heart know down fast, yeah yeah by the time yeah by the time, one time, seventy twelve, seventy twelve for sure over over you, jacked off in Phoenix points for off off twelve points for jerking off I got done. The workout went up to the room heart rate still on and still in the blue, you know you don't just our site. How high did again I sat down? I got up to the green, never gotten to the yellow, but I had to one I was doing it. It wasn't moving out of gray down. Were you watching? Watch it, You're. I had turned off the bluetooth because it was based on my headset, so I just worked off, and it cut off the monitor, and so I thought it was a dead yeah kind of
or if your blue to those on it didn't register right right right. So you can have headset, but you can have headsets, but no! No, no! No! No! I cut off a headset, so I can hear the porn on my phone, so I cut off the bluetooth, so I go watch a porn and by the way I had to sit down like a catch, a ride, a squad to jack off, to try to burn burn to get some movement guys. I was like I was like yes, I'm squatting on pumping up a little bit pumping and yeah twelve points. But I was afraid, didn't register, that's a fun one points Hey! That's three minutes! I don't know that's four minutes: 'cause you're in the green, yeah, I don't think I was I added wrong. You know in a lot of those kung FU classes, they make you do a horse dance and they make it hold it that get actually walk into horse dance, stand like this and just hold it really They make you stand for like forty minutes for forty minutes. No, no! No bullshit, yeah! There's a lot
really wacky, ideas regards to kung, fu type training and some people just make up their own protocols. Protocols like in horseshoes. You know horse dance stand there. For one hour. That's not shit, put your hand over the flame for as long as you can. It's also like it's also the same thing that happened to us this month. Like how much can you do it? crazy. How much we really didn't make any sense. Ari. Are you doing psycho you fucked it why no bathroom bathroom that I just got peanut doing no, no, no! I'm going to the bathroom while he's like everybody doing. Why are you doing this because I don't wanna go again come on? Let's go pee come on over the comets over think about it. If you think about it, seen him for years, even think about it
get to you Joe, are, there was a great month. I be divides it only that it was a lot of fun. I couldn't believe I did, but I I I I wasn't completely set Christ really yeah. I was happy. I was happy happy that you you showed me. I always friends for a long time and I've always said like hard. Just got this like very strong mind you're, not you know you not a guy who gives up on shit and your guy who thinks through things Yeah we've had many comments about that through those last few days I was like, I think, if I can get like right after they go to sleep much of points and then right after they wake before they wake up another bunch of points which is like end beginning of my end of my night. I could break them mentally, I could get like seven hundred above them.
Yeah. Then you wrote me right then, like hey man, you're, pretty smart Mikey. I think I just got him like 29th of October yeah, you got deep. You got pretty deep, you got you in you went I mean there was one day that you ran fifteen miles. I oppose did that on my instagram, Do you understand that ARI didn't work out for ten years? He ran fifteen miles and then wrote political kilometers yeah yeah. Five meters on the five hundred and five thousand meters back climbers of rowing and then bite for, like yes, fifteen miles of ridiculous. I put that shit on your dead. After that I was dead on Lee. Out of spite is the only thing that can drive me. It's just pure spite and what was despite what was the motive I hated all of you for dragging me into it. I decided I find a minute I didn't want to be into this. I had no intention of doing it. My life, that's fine. My life is nine to man my school good.
Everybody's, like first of all, every one of these challenges just been a shit, Joe Rogan's, already doing what I make the contact during this one. What your brother is already doing. That's my surfing surfing surfing is gonna, be amazing. If this shit dude we're going on a pipeline in the lineup, this is it this. Is us time always already in that everything, oh so shut the fuck shot serving guys. I live in New York, a locked
I think I might have locked. So that's why I didn't know that that thing locked it. I saw him waiting there, just not coming out every door right before he goes through it, Walker for boogeyman. I thought it wasn't coming until we were smiling others was coming in. I had no idea you like that. I thought you were intentionally not coming in. I didn't know why I was like I don't get it. How is that not a bit that wasn't available? I thought that was definitely a bit. I locked him walking out, but I didn't shut it. I was saying birth like every we go through lock it quick with the boogeyman comes through. That is not what I sound like. What does that feel like to have? Actually that actually means you're, very distinct everybody. Everybody can do an impression based I that's distinct. Yes, of course, the first person ever do is was red band. It really caught me off guard when he was like me me me me me me me.
I mean like we can do that, but that we do a parts of our right MAC. Mac Mac today lost cold. I love cult Cook, a better wrestler, oh okay, really! I thought of some jewish thing, so a star of David yeah he's doing coal chute, oh okay. Scott First Broadcasters Copacabana, yeah yeah yeah, who is the first ever scroller base, is the first. It was Ricky. Jervase first look out into the main street. But what about the uh? The guy from Adam Curry, uh, the God POD Father, will see the first yeah, but but but even the girl was doing it for awhile. Before I started along time, we should probably establish who was first right. Like George Washington was the first president were off professional comedians, most professional politicians, would be able to tell you who the first fucking president wants no idea really
First podcast are we really don't know right dude there was internet radio, those internet radio, and then it became popular who is first between you and Marin, for sure for sure yeah I don't know. I don't know. I mean, I think I you know what I don't want. You stop here's. What I think is the. I think that Adam Curry was number one. Curry is okay, VJ from MTV yeah and he is known as the part of of the goat to start apologizing. I think your price, the marriage, that recognizable model- I don't know where he is relationship history, but I think he's the he's he's George Washington, who is Adam Adam occuring. I think he how early was jervase. He was race is number one in the first big one where you were, but no first one yeah, I Yes, I would argue the first one or is that a curry definitely is the first basis according to Wikipedia which were cute,
there's always right, which is always right which, by the way Mister Age, five thousand three hundred and seventy three big. So they always right thing. It says fifty three cute fake news. We can't keep up with these trolls two thousand and six, but in June twenty five apple added podcasting the I tunes. So that means you're already going. No, no, no reviews, your race, I had a the show or one. No, no, no. His show was launched a year after Adam Curry's after casting was added to Itunes, but was I ties it was already, is talking yeah right, no, but points valid? was already there, but no one was on. I was not. I was not there. You're talking to different people right started in two thousand four, whose was two years one for our company lips and which but wait over there right, you're, saying well was started and then a year later, Keno Start podcast. Can I ask you this? Let's just Google this for a goof who was the very first
podcast started. That's how that's what I I so you failed at location. Let me just chime in their side area, but the one thing you can come up with so much information. We don't have to get competitive, more questions, as I was looking through. This is excellent, skews making you're making before get back to the doing, which used to do which we loved you for years with gotcha done, you want the old Jamie back with Blue Jamie. Your service celebrity in the correct thread to start off and said it was internet radio 'cause, I was going to say I was recording internet radio. Talk shows you were isn't far alive work? No! No! No! Let me jump in right now, so there's a difference because my space was offering an app on a phone or you could do a pod, that's where the money morning, podcast came up. Barbara. Remember, stop all you for a moment Jamie. If you had to guess who do you think was number one
I mean what did you think of it like Adam Curry gets the credit for. I believe that is correct for this week and that's what the internet I think he invented the very. I think he invented the name. Podcast ogre pointed to him in the Wikipedia article he addressed the name. I think he gave me something weird way that other girlfriend Jamie something real quick. He does the podcast with there's another guy was like science, tech guy, some guy named Devore Bob Dole he was a bob, but it should be noted that Bill Burr Bobby Kelly definitely had podcasts away before this yeah that's the worst gets tricky is pod that were released on Myspace through and a phone call podcast Thomas memory. I've had a podcasting, yes, Jamie, something Jamie Jamie you've been here for
how everybody loves you. What is, do you have a favorite? You have a favorite podcast seriously, 'cause that witness so sat sure that you've sat through don't have any number one of the top three uh something that comes to mind up here like this right, one of the one we did last year. This was pretty good, as probably for sure up there are the best noise yoga. When we coming down we get drunk come on. Find out what else and one of the one of the first five companions, because it started a whole series of things. That's memorable to you for sure anything else, an individual, a podcast night they've all I know, but I guess that really like you go like holy like Kid Cuddy and Maynard worst problem, I talked to flick while favor and that's Maynard's coming May first managing to ok great. I had to ask I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Listen!
You got it with this. With these quick one years have done, is enhanced our friendship, yeah, yeah, yeah, some work, and yet, like closer to your friend, of course, James is a cat close to each of this month by these Rifai might have come up, but your saying this month, especially three- I really like you to. I feel like I've, really click with you. Talking to us and say I want birth to catch up, You fucking asshole anyway. So when talk with Tom went down with injury. What time it was like, hey, I think I'm injured me invert were like what is this code that runs player? You bring this up to play this weasel airplay. This volume, please Nashville, TN right here in the place where we got inducted to the great room right here, announced the world tour today, the stadium tour. This is going to be fun.
I want to hold the Big Ass stadium tour. It's just a detour above is all the information on it, but we talked about today. Is we're going to introduce five cities before Christmas to go on sale because on inside studio g you guys ask for a longer planning date, so you can plan to be. What are you showing me Jamie cities? Saint Louis, is where we're kicking it off of manual. You watch it with you. So Weird Phoenix, wow, Glendale AZ hold on cardinal. There's, not a gangster stadium as well, so those are the first two. The other three will be announced here shortly and again, they'll all be on sale before Christmas and remember. This is all about game. Look at it support your team. Let's go have some fun: let's get physical playing music
This is so weird the thing read Jamie. Why was why uses a lot of yeah? Thank you. By the way we got to say this Garth is an amazing performer sensor before let me set it up you so many people's favorite he's that top selling act. He sells more tickets than Beyonc. That dude is other LE Okay, so that more Notre Dame Stadium in like under like an hour like just unbelievable, like it's out of control, he's been so famous for so long. That I think he really thinks like what? What are normal people like you know if you like the model whiskey. Like I don't know, ten grand fucking have any idea and his social media is really awkward and it's the best thing
in the world right now? It was really. It really is about the announcement that social that Facebook, one that you know was in you saw that one he's like well. I guess official, Christina just posted this video, I'm obsessed with Garth, Brooks, and it's so fucking amazing. It's amazing. It's one of the best videos. I've ever seen that I I watch it over and over and over again did you see what your wife posted earlier with the lady get hit in the head with the fish. This is one push post no. This is hashed. This is on hashtag. Ask Garth, ask me anything: ok, hashtag, happy hashtag! Mr Mister Yearwood you're, it you ready for what stop his Jamie, what he just gotta stopped if he does nothing he where he does this, we also know he's so famous and his his wife
famous but she's, not as well as the headers you're worth yesterday. What what yes, yeah? What I met, MR your wood, so he does that thing. Where he's like, I'm Mister Yearwood, I took my wife's slap before that. You know just cuz I'm just like y'all my wife's first name to Trisha Yearwood yeah they've made for awhile. You bid yeah yeah, great winners, he's just he's just I think, he's v. Very sincere. I believe it, but there's something fucked weird going on there and I think he's got a couple bodies in the trunk I just don't. I think there's something going on I think it's somebody. You know how how there's something about like when you watch me roar. You remember back to Michael Jackson and you're like that. Guy got we obviously, but also how incomprehensible is it to be as fair
MRS he is like my quote. Was Michael Jackson. Garth Brooks like for me the part that a reach or whatever is that none of my friends ever like a amen? Do you like New Garth, Brooks Track like! I don't have anyone my life talking about him, so he seems almost like a foreign entity. Right like I just got a country fans. Did you ever like any of this stuff yeah? I don't any of it, the user I got you know. So that's the reason he doesn't have much free country. I'm sorry. You ever heard that song, yeah, yeah, yeah sure, of course itself. It is a long yeah! It's it's! It's everybody's! I know who that is, if you, if you look at like all time, fun drinking song, that's one of them. It's close here, one man if you're driving out to relax and not worry about which forgan rednecks, have to relax. You have a couple of tequilas in you I can appreciate you. I want some Clint black. I have
William stuff, I'm not knocking it all together. I'm just saying he's. Somebody that regularly- or that I even I talked to was like going to Garth Brooks- is Waylon Jennings. So when the Jennings Little Island James, when his social media is that special, it is remarkable to me if you recognize Mazing, it's amazing. It's amazing, he has. This show were like he never he's so famous that he'll, just post he'll be like we're inside studio g right now. Studio g. Yes, just that with your your podcast place, city Jack, do I'm already doing studios Jerry. He does funny like he does weird waves where he doesn't know how to end a video, so he'll just be like come see me at this stadium this weekend, he'll just wave is hilarious. It's the best thing I've ever seen. It is pretty fucking amazing, I'm obsessed with it now, and I I found it through him and push yeah,
it's mine, and I don't know if you have it yeah, but even you know, VIC Berger, the editor he's so He is the big do. I don't know how he put: he just pulls the best content edits it amazingly and he put up a bunch of Garth since Instagram stuff, it's great or just the Garth Brooks ghost changes just make your decisions. We should do a stadium tour where we just get get comfortable, but is that what he says it is good music. Let's get physical out there. Well we're making you like music, what let's get physical, we're doing, comedy guys that you're comedy who do physical, because here's the thing he was like we're going to do this in stadiums were normally you see football teams so where your favorite football team's uniform and then Let's get physical while we're making you know what is weird about. You know, like my dad would say: yeah go ahead. Sorry this,
weird thing that happened for a little while, where, if you, if you were yeah theatrical, would get would get upset like what you yeah, if you, if you moved around too much yeah you got physical, he acted things out, would literally like shun. You like there's a few people thought you doing why you doing that yeah style for awhile. Remember, hearing someone talk, I want to say it was in the movie comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, going. If I have a bit all act it out 'cause if it gets a big laugh and that's the purpose and uh feeling vindicated so super physical. When I started it's weird thing, what's weird, why would anybody also embraced looking like more like shit than I do? Naturally, that would be. Give this shirt has a hole in it where it to do a set were really yeah for awhile for a while I was like yeah. You should look
for some Rea. I don't know why I bought into that. I was like you should just look. What is that saying? What are you trying to do to me man, his your mom's house, fans have taken a bit of a bitch, got damn tanked. Why do you wear what you wear on stage? Wear things that are curious because loose, but you there's like that. You dress specifically, which as a guy who wears no shirt and people go. There must be no thought in that I go now. There's totally thought I don't worry sure yeah I've actually took me a second to recognize it yeah yeah, I'm the guy. I thought that was Adam Hunter, you the whole time and other guy. That's doing that the role of other guys right now, how many guys your official influencer chippendales joking. Thank you. How about the stars network sponsors?
been Dale Comedy network of all one of the rolling in every week post and you say you don't make it do you put thought into what you are, though? Yes, I will. There are things that are loose loose, your can't your wrist, never buttoned yeah. I want Lucas I don't want. I want my my all the muscles to be covered. Everything to be like. Non form fitting. It's like the opposite of Maine. If I wear anything, that's form fitting get uncomfortable. I feel like I'm Jen We are just for a taping on everything. Otherwise, you still find wearing form fitting yeah people go. You show throughs. Somebody needs to fucking, find your shirts that fit like. I can't wear shirts that fit you can find him. They don't feel like I've tried they're like Joe Rogan's trial, they don't camp. I sure no, I get that. I know I understand that I'm saying from their perspective, but I get it because there's also have you ever done like where you go, I'm going to get like a bunch of clothes right now and you put on something that feels cool.
But then you look in the mirror. You're, like this is to stress, is likely to be a proper snow ways to cool for the state way too cool for the state. Yeah yeah you gotta, wear something that makes you feel cool enough and relax. That's the main thing comfortable loops, you just wedding or something or you could just cool Your friends yeah. It's like I'm just some cool, but if you're like, if you put it on your like mom, look like I look like I'm trying to be Jason state them right now, I'm gonna beat up bar rubber jeans man. You know I made like you're, like you feel like you're, like you look in the mirror. No, that's who you think you are? Oh, my God that's his voice. Joy. I love this. I saw that we do this. This is so much better than
It took almost five and a half hour, but that does work though, but not talk. That is up most of the time. Yeah yeah yeah. Well, not all the time who is known. Go the CD's it pressure. Next, no surfing! No one serves no one can practice. May I know your honor surprise some nice right, listen, which is no? No, no, no! No! You can do whatever you know. All these first name grew up wanting to here's the deal you can do what ever you want once October get started.
If you want to hire coach one hundred percent YO, if you want it higher Kelly, I grew up next to close to Sebastian in, like you know exactly where that is telling you like, I like you, I never liked failure PSA passionately. What's up seven hundred and seventy two, let's do Coco Kelly, they don't wanna, ask Shane, Dorian or Kelly Slater teacher Sir, for example, of the time it's probably a ton of really surfing instructors that could teach you bitch. You ain't gonna, be a world champion. That's a good teacher, I'm not taking me! Oh you, gotta be oh fixed for sure later, sat down with you, and that was like, and I'd like to try stand up. Can you
the right to know yeah. Let's not do that! Oh would drink. This is the last year that drugs I remember one time, would buzz memory to Hawaii and by the way, that's true, you did, yeah, I saw that video in the universe, I'll just tell you, better. If you don't see it okay, Tommy I'm Tommy shaves my back and then go shave. My back, oh yeah, I've seen that video. Yes, it Cora check, talk to it to return and anywhere in Hawaii, and it's rolled out his tits job do that. That makes me laugh to this day. Video man, so world tour in stadium, but be arenas is a good start. Go to places where we going get arrested for ridiculous
where would you go seriously if I said hey House House, if we start in March, you want to start doing some half stadium sets or arena set the arenas yeah, let's figure out where we're going to go, let's get together and sort this fucking thing. I would do yeah, let's some We didn't where guardian mass horse that someone left their there. Let's have some God I'm square garden list. Start there. How would you want to do staple center? Like? Would you want to do my sister, where Garvey ever had a comic? Tell you for real, not joking, sincere that you can follow me. No! You GEO! No here in this room no no way the fuck who said to you, I mean it's not good. I can't say it:
the you off just just whisper it now. Okay, it to Us- and we won't say I no know say this: can you say candy man candy you I will look well, no way will pass it. They write it down all right underneath I don't know how and when I am, of course that's not gonna happen. Okay, let's all right, I'm not hey Tom Good, for you keep it together up and drum general. You better tell me about your reservations right now, I'm I'm here. What's for here, whisper here, what's good here, Bushbury are whisper here, which I'm not doing it. I'm telling you right now I'll, take all my secrets to Tommy first now on hardcore he's holding on to him,
images are loose lips. I don't ever think that I try to scratch. His vote doesn't believe in Balt Football too, drunk to purchase, yellow, tell him bursts award did not tell no. You can't help. You guys told you is super seriously I'll go through Fuckin CIA shit and I will not tell your secret I believe I promise you, I believe real promise. You told me something was a Sikh I told you so many secrets. It's ridic. If you told me this is a fucking secret people could break my fingers. I wouldn't tell my prom real. I promise you what about you, I'm not saying shit real I'll tell you secret. You could tell you all. I shit I'll, tell I'll tell you the actual order approved the procedure who cannot tell us start with who's who's, bad who's, worst birth, the worst. Honestly, and this is not an insult. You should tell bird secrets if
we wanted to get out, but I don't want to come from you. It's like a super may shun a dress source site source when them CIA leaks that Serbia that's right, deep, throats right there beside his visual secret type, something in Artica in Shitbird destruction, secret briefcase, full of bullshit, I'm curious. What's next, I do believe this. He puts on his blog. He put some next to you. Joe Rogan is next on my list. I agree, he was a good, sometimes sometimes it contains. I have to file into significance yeah it's possible, though. If you you make it very clear that it's like pocket, god dammit, but most looking out for the best entry is Joe. He will always that's also a friend your friend yeah. I agree with that till this point I always saw. Then I was the most vaulted, but the way you talk make me think is area. You also be
my understanding of like what someone shared something with you that just dies with you. If you tell me that that dies with me, I will never trade. Well, that's true with God. Let it out once it's all out to everybody and be like. Oh just so, you know I knew about that twelve years yeah, but there's also different levels of people telling you something and there's stuff where You make the judgment you're like this some bullshit and then there for you like a little more serious. Somebody tells you something and it's actually something that could affect their life. Yes and there's a zero. Percent chance. I would ever What are you doing? You use your head. Don't say that I will tell me something like severe. I pray miss you would never have to worry about me saying. Let me step into Richard offer a couple. Kids was that, like I've, just off a couple, kids fine, don't say this? Ok cool! Can we talk about this? But if one reality. Is it some times one of your friends will say something: that's disturbing yeah and you're, not
sure, if you you have to talk to somebody about it, like I think about killing myself yeah like when he yeah okay, when I but I'm not thinking, I'm not saying this in terms of- why are you not already? I had these kind of conversation? Okay and I didn't want to. I talk to people and I didn't understand how to deal with that I'd. I didn't know anybody who who did who'd gone to that place. Yeah I'm close to killing myself place. You know I I don't I've known people that have killed themselves, but I never knew anybody who confided in me that they were thinking of killing them yeah. I've never had that either, but not not no one as close as you and I were you and I had spent so much fun time together. So much. Traveling on the road together. So many gigs, we had a lot of fun. So I didn't understand. I was like you you're, really hilarious comedian, your professional comedian, doing what we all want to do. Everything is
happening and then you're you're depressed. I there's a there's a situation going on. I don't know what the fuck it is. It doesn't make any sense to me you know I didn't I've, never had anybody confide in me, that's a different confira! That's where you like for me to make the best. What I do think is a decision instead of just going like I want to share this yeah. Of course I know it was you know, that's it that's different than you know you can find on that. You opened up about some shit that I was like okay, I don't. I can't be responsible for it's just based on my own personal judgment, because I don't. I don't understand this that well yeah and I was like I got to figure out what to do and then I reached out to friends who told me about psychiatrists, and then we got together and we, but that you're fine on that. That's making decision to like that's a good share information yeah exactly I called on. Let me think about talking about that. I'm talking about secret yeah! My thing is: if you're to make me find out for myself, I'm gonna tell everybody.
You tell Maine. If I tell you you're going to respect it, I will actually spent. I think you and I are on the same level with that, where it's not a question of what the line is, is just no yeah, exactly if some, especially if I were to tell you this is a no. You have never me up on what he may question of course, wouldn't come out unless someone brings it up in conversation, you like yeah, of course yeah yeah. Now you tell me no, there is so much I mean think about it. Burke would sell you well, it was so so you out, I wouldn't so you never know someone. I don't know what exam judgment calls but nonsense with here's. A that's true and I I I hear that they would tell me to not say anything about the yeah you's gonna be closer for you. I appreciate that level of a friend or somebody goes. I will call you some bullshit also I'll say this. I think Bert, if you told him, this is uh, definitely a secret,
Yes, he would definitely not sell you. I agree or disagree. I've had enough said, don't tell us no known within the day. It's been out one talking, sometimes bug son NSA one time. One time I gave up already within twelve hours. I've never ever told you any glasses. He told me he would, but I didn't understand it. I understood that it was a secret, but I didn't say it was a so this time I wanted to be a secret. This time we went hiking and I was like hey. I have a secret high. Can I trust you to not share the height with you that you want here with any money like yeah, whatever man, you know what I don't see, this paint russian translation. What the fuck did you just say a secret. Say it again. He had a secret. I don't know what I said he said I had a secret who do you think it's if you well, you tell that he was only a single rate. That's more or less brought to overthrow and any any goes don't tell anyone and within twelve hours I told the secret.
I don't even know that I told it. I don't remember that well, but I'm sorry you don't care about. It does not important to me it's not it's, not a real secret. The other day, I'm not gonna, say who buy. I have more on earth than you, but, like I've told more secret, should you not be about tell me this because it seems like someone secret, I get what you're saying I'm going to say it anyway. You could say that it goes. Maybe you should never tell anyone what you're going to hear about it knows you don't want to hear about it, but just from your point of view for a second, it seems worried. You're worried about telling this guy's secret Do you being able say knows the Jew? Is such a beautiful thing, because I, but let's see what else that no one knows the Nile really. No one else in this room gets there were no easy task, but it's a it's a you have a free path approved by
to know Zizhu yeah yeah, no thanks for meeting of notary saying in reference to nose is drew me saying you saying. If you get me in trouble, it's not quite the n word, but it is the J word. It's like it's like blue the my zones points. The word is straight red. That's read: what's shank yellow, that's my favorite, you understand what the fuck I just said: yeah joke the uh gonna be okay, folks, medicine Square Garden made my favorite and word argument is win like the old guy. The old white guy goes like well, why can make say it green light or that guy's super racist? That he's like he's like? I don't get it do you want to stop saying it, but you need to be. Why are you
pretending you need that explained to you know, what's the most under looked racist thing in this country is Asians and Harvard Oh yeah yeah. They literally just like this past year. They literally make it more difficult for Asia. Once again the barber didn't did anyone else is so I am getting which dude, let's say: mazing come super performer that could be all asian and the joy garlic, zero percent Do you kind of crazy fix it at race, of course, is kind of art they better. Do you read or much better too much by the way it is racist? Are you crazy? I thought them in kind of weird that gonna wear. Remember. Was this like this for you and growing up where, like in my high school, this standards for the standards that asian family put on their asian children and through the roof they were. We had a top.
Ten things that give away this time. It was eighty to ninety percent asian. Well, you know I, I literally grew up from fifteen to twenty one around a ton of korean people. Return. Z3. Three last week, wave rethinking race, you know, was around ton of asian people. They're worth work. Ethic is insane next level Bro, the the problem solve is different, so we lived a Korean Grade School and George and I would have a hard time doing homework with Leanne and one time one of the creative goes. Why don't you just switch up? That's what we do. We never do homework with our children. Our children don't give us what they need, but they'll give stranger, what they need: green moms, we're switching up and doing the moms were with different kids. Asians are next level next level. Asama colleges think what
us west of us what we want. You play that bad over Sir said my c drive since you guys the I'm on my mom's house, a montage of registration prove insurance, hi Simon. What did you just say? Well, yes, this is my and work with you. Is he a friend of yours? Why don't you know how to say his name? How was he's great party coming from Birthday Party, the Homas he's he's a great come but have some anaji so funny is, I don't know it's funny per say, but it's pretty good. I haven't seen it either. It's really good, it's a thing on, but that's what his first thing is about. Whatever dude I'm fucking hammered You said you said you guys, hey a guys already. Have you guys seen a salaam alaykum just want to search going surf camp, no, no surf camps. Remember we can.
Do any surfing until until that Tober first, let me ask you guys a question this. What Nikki said I wanted to show after after this, and she goes what you say. It seems like these guys all decided that you're going to do something and they called you like what no fuck. All of you know what was the plan in LAS Vegas yeah yeah an and provides away. Everything was set until your fucking on the phone, the phone everybody was in agreement, voice of reason, reason: listen, I've been Aris friend for a long time. He straightens me out. To realize. Right now you be on a Gulfstream, fucking chief or fast food proportion, black man stop. I turned to ARI for advice, guys, let's our reward, though We have reward. I got something I know some belt out of this mother future. Going to present the most about is we're going to get this over there on the stack of weed I didn't say Pope fiction bottom, my instagram for more details.
Okay? Actually, let's blog about the Paul Fit, it's more like creep, show that it's within the werewolf that lives on the stairs crew shows. They perfect reason that the president, now God, damn crate, the creative creep, show there's more nightmares, so bad. Okay. I would like to laser gentlemen work for this. We wanted to three people to present this belt making sure it's fucking crazy by the way, the fact that we act did this was nuts nuts and I I'd like to say half of me one of the three non winners once they losers of the soul October. Fitness challenge Joe Rogan, it's like Jesus before him, where there was nothing and then there was winning Joe Rogan. You have achieved champion of sober October. Physical challenge, they are, is your fear present to you, Joe Rogan
this belt saying you are the champion of sober October Kuhari. I just want to stay for the record. I was most impressed by you and then, if you had been exercises, long as I I probably would have died, trying to defeat you great job, John Michael Johnson, Gora? Yes, you're not impressed come on over a present the belt. Well, it's already on I'll just say this. I was Joe. You showed a definite What time it was all second place and ARI. You definitely got that. So congratulations to you! But Joe oh you're in better here's, a huge shocker you're in better shape than the three uh I think that had a factor that was certainly a part of it, how much energy, you could put out, we all put in the men will work their ass off, but it's ultimately is about Trt. Tight enough or not even like an average,
as it trt to our at some point were like a really does go to show you that steroids can help you out. Hello. Is why the legal they have chemicals now you had doctors tell you get on it. Hundred percent yeah I've had several particular There's a certain like point. You crossover as a person where you go. How much time do I have left to forty years left at fifty wait. When did you first? Have that thought I mean I know you can have that many times. Let's say when you took it seriously. Thirties and when I was in my thirties I would see my body not responding as well, and I was like ooh where's this going. That was when I really started thinking about it about her son's yeah yeah, because I started seeing like I was working out really hard and as a
boxing fan. I always knew when a really good boxer got into their thirties. You had to keep an eye on that much sour instantly yeah. They might get knocked out all of sudden and they couldn't take a punch anymore. There's this guy named Doug Dewitt he's like this how to middleweight. He just could take a punch like nobody else. Man was crazy, but this just bang on the chin and people would be freaking out like how this guy take punches like this Then one day he couldn't take him anymore. He it was a cumulative, of all the punches landed, but it was also age like almost all the great champions they get into the thirties and they just fall. They start to slide. Were you freaked out at the or I don't know how much. How much did you question in hormone replacement or anything like that. Like did you freak out about the
out of it or you know I didn't freak out about. I just wanted to see like what do smart people who study that think like what a six and they were all. How was it they were all like. There's a bunch of things you can do like this is like, and we talked about this we're talking about. If, if you got a good doctor, the doctor just put you on any kind of hormone replacement. First right, first thing: they're going to do is exercise you um, going to check your blood they're, get a check. Your vitamin levels are gonna. Ask you what you eat. How much do you sleep? You know how stressful is your life they going to try to sort things out that way. First, that way, your body is at ah more optimum level and for a lot of people. That's all they need. They just need more sleep. Less sugar. You know less price, US foods? You know do a little weight sting. Do some squats and deadlifts things that boost your testosterone and maybe your third
before we just tired after work, and you can take that shit back in the gear cut out the milkshakes and all the shit. You could probably kick kick it into gear right. There's guys, don't like forty nine. Fifty fifty one, fifty seven they're, just fucking, tired, they're, just tired and they go there's here's your options. You can keep being tired or you can get your testosterone replaced and you're, not tired anymore. You feel like a person, you feel like an actual person, not like a decaying person, because it's a lot of what makes you feel like a decaying person is a body's lack of production of hormones, and this is what's really important. They. They think this is the case with a lot of people that have had head injuries. They think this is one of the it's a key factor and depression for people that have been in car accidents. People have been beat up, people that have been had a law
out of head injuries. You by stops producing a lot of your hormones correctly. Your pituitary gland gets damaged. So for all those reasons like at a certain point in time with the it's fifty or sixty or seventy or eighty, you got it one except your mortality, and to accept the idea that there are certain things that have been discovered scientifically. That can enhance the time. Do you have left right, so you either you either like dive into them and listen the science yep and and an experiment trying to figure out what what works best for you or you? Don't that's up to you this month was a real introspection into that like watching. I literally was like I was like man, well, there's a lot of things that could fix before I added things. You know if you know what I mean get off blood pressure,
Sandra glows much Bert, but I always have this huge you there with a good ethical. A really ethical doctor would go to that immediately. That would be the first and then we go to they would say you got a just fix that because you, you listen. You friend of Marathon man touches sizer yeah, it's not like you're a loser, your your guy with an iron will he figured out a way to run a marathon went with very little training. You know, and then you did. What is that stupid, spartan race thing that she play: stupid, ridiculous. This bar race running around throwing fucking sand bags and shit like what are you doing. Yeah yeah do a lot of shit very goal, oriented like if I set a goal and I do go, I got that coming up. I think it it's me, I'm not the kind of person that you just kind of in the water and not know what I'm doing. I think it helps everybody we're just unnerved by the expectations of any kind of challenges that we subscribe.
Do we just decide? Ok, we're all going to agree the whole month of October, we're just going to go crazy and do cardio five hours a fucking day and try to kill each other, ok pushing his each other and not great for the further. It was great. It was great one hundred day I could at one ten and one surfing surfing. Make it so much surfing surfing would be really weird. Do you discover anything through sobriety yeah? but here's what I discovered yeah this sobriety thing is good, it's good! hundred pipes, but what's more important is understanding how different everything feels when you work out for four hours or whatever it was the average day. At the whole month, I probably worked out four hours at Jesus yeah yeah I mean We did. There was a lot of five one slash two hour days, there was. There was quite a few Three hour sessions followed more three hour sessions at night. He did a lot of weights also.
Which take to get much points but gave you like fucking tons of time well for me it wasn't? Even that is like I just have to mix it up or I'll go crazy. Yeah. There were times at the interval workout to where I'd be. Like I don't care for some point I want to fuck. Something else. I wanted to wait, yeah why It was also that it was a thing I was in this weird high state, this weird post, long workout high, state, and I just wanted to keep it going. I just wanted to keep like flowing flowing, relaxing relaxing while was like lifting weights and doing like kettlebell swings and shit. I just wanted to do something else. I wanted to chin. Ups, I want to do something was just in my body, almost as if I was cooling it down. After all, that all that exercise yeah, it was bananas man after it was over. I was like what the fuck happened. What did we do to? It was like we got, we got
best buy a wizard spell and all of a sudden we're trying. We hit zero point. One percent of all the people using this fucking thing I went down that fucking gym and I was like I want to sign up for whatever goes well here. Are things my count? You're gonna start working out right now, so loved me and Harvey need to just start working out. I got it, but do you know how nuts it is that four middle aged comedians yeah hit three the movies zero point. One percent I'm obese according to all the zero point. One percent ridiculous metrics with is nuts that we worked that hard. We were so hard. I can't believe it I will be running all the time running in the hills saying you were going to double me. That's all I needed you fucking idiot. This is a day of tab, but don't you want to don't even want to tug on the tigers tale. Do you wanna talk on the dogs like we gotta go down the dark road, Bert Kreischer?
so there was a thing there was a guy when he comes back. You gotta play the Nikki Glaser clip it's just it's. I you it's all my instagram. It helped me have have you around yeah time got six to me in Berks when he got sick, it was like okay, cool he's done. We both separate ourselves from by about seven hundred- and there were like hey We talked that they were like looks like Tom. Out pretty much were like look like comes out, it's like at school, so we're not coming last. That was a big fear, and then you said you like yeah, I'm still going to beat you, though I'm like yeah. I mean good luck, but you're not going to fucking. Do it and it was just like Okay, we're still going to go on it still going with the fucking chat. Did you we? I I can't? I can't I have to pay more. Compliments than anything amiss because already should be your root. V that. You really changed my perspective of working out like I'm going the way I go if I get a spin class and or Sabbath saddle in your paddling, you I go or it would be still out right now, like that's the way. Your brain weigh.
Is different man. I said my prayers with yoga too. They, like you, guys drop. This put my cat do all the poses. I wanna fucking fat legs to get my fucking feet around each other The person's brain waves can't do that shit. Yeah I'd, never do it normal, and I tell you the reason why I thought you were dead last for sure I fried for sure for sure. Did you really think you work for sure, and I was already thinking, let's cheap, let's pay people that's right for me. I knew two things were going on. One Tom had been exercising on a regular basis And even though he might have carried a little bit of body, fat he's actually a fit strong guy with a strong mind, also knew that already swept me one time that mother I was on up to him as a brown about he's a white belt ARI once in awhile. Add me on my mother back because I just think it was. I thought it was over hi guys he was mad at you guys. We like we're going to Vegas First Class and the thing about it. I was almost
gonna be like just to burn it, for you, like, okay, cool, just I'll, write a check somewhere to write the check right now, I'm not doing your fucking, stupid thing, lists and ARI tried to kill to his bare hands who's trying to kill me was trying to choke my. Neck. Can I just say I know ARI now that we've done this and to reward ourselves yeah. I say Why don't we do something that would be fun? I love this idea already in all of us. I know what it is surfing until someone dies, no, I mean, as reward going to Vegas at a boxing fight would be fun. Ok is watching any of you die serving, would be the most fun. You have decreased the level of happiness I have with my life. There's no doubt about any sort of metrics show you here. Would you be? There was Burt down increase the level of service? Are you can't? You can't deny that you are very proud of yourself for your performance this month, In my opinion, this is I'm being one hundred percent objective. Your Europe
Thomas was the most impressive, because my farmers are you don't exercise at all at all. I thought so I I've never do not. Exercise have been exercise. My whole life, when I saw you just all the sudden, Orchard seventy nine dot one day yeah, I did a bunch yeah! We Tom showed me here six hundred and thirty or something- and I was like what the fuck when he caught right up and I was like oh fuck. I was ready to coast because you've already given up, I saw marathon one time where a guy and the wrong way was in the lead or neck and neck with the guy went the wrong way. Everyone had to take no no you're going the wrong way. This is the last like three hundred meters and then all fuck, maybe a mile, you know, and he had like all the way back and try to catch up, but that weights space that late and he started sprinting, put Spencer right back that other guy, who was already in first place, because you fucking dug down deep yeah, I I I was reading it coast and when you started winning, I was like. Oh no I'm done, and then I was like yeah. I could do this wow pretty high too.
Pretty? Can I just say you know instead of a boxing match, which I find boring. I'll, be honest, you that's the way you like. I get. Why I understand where you come from. Okay, would you have seen my Sis can Lawrence's when yes, boxing? Let's go see kickboxing yeah. Is that what you wanted to say? Yes, That's what you were leaning towards. Yes, yeah boxes, will see some moitie. We go to Chiang Mai, Thailand or tiling. Yes, then we go to see some kickboxing. We can have cigars, we can be at anonymity. We can just be regular people go to China. I go to a couple of kickboxing fights walk around in sandals for a few days or back in no time was with the fear of Monday we're back on a front camera where water wear Uggs yeah man, I wanna, wear fucking boots, I'm in the Uggs Bro. I like this. Since high food, we stayed out of bank, one of the fucking
leave for back in four five four days top I'm saying leaving on Monday we're back on a Friday, so you can go to your next. You don't take off a gig. If you don't want interested fights have cigars some Chang Beer Woo. I really do like get drunk walk around the street idea. So wait, but not I mean, like have a good time after surf week No, this is way before surfing. Surf must rich kids playing other summer? Is going to be a fucking surf travel. What is that? Do you think you'll be good at it, sir? sorry, I really don't know I've never done it. So if you think it's a good days when I first started doing yoga, I was amazing how shitty I was at it yeah I was surprised we got it and I was where I wanted. The nicer thank no yoga yoga, yeah yeah clip with that. He was as a our severe.
Shifty haven't totally determined has to do, wants us to like each other's piss. He wants to drink. Your piss might not lose right now. Tom Seeger is in the bottom bottom think Tom is gonna trip. I think I mean your obvious. Please set to win this thing, but I think Tom's going to sneak up he's playing it down. You look at his wrist yesterday. You know: what's one thousand something? Oh that's nothing! Just the calories. He burned the day, one thousand TOMS Tom Sneaky a lot of people feel like that. I really think he's gonna he's gonna. Do something on this he's going to be the one to beat gotta realize, though Bertrande Marathon, he did run a marathon yeah you're, an american thoughts, and this is this is fine. Anyone of you could pull ahead, but I mean. Can we talk about what you did yesterday, yeah,
over three hours and twenty minutes, I'm trying to I'm trying to your fun. Yeah, I'm trying to break Burt that's what I'm really trying to Dio talks. All this Mickey mantle Jean shit like Motherfucker, I'm crazy. I understand I will work out twice a day like that. Well I'll, try to give you a fucking heart attack, you I don't know. If he's gonna, I don't know how long he's gonna keep a upper birds very competitive up to a point like the the weight loss Challenge Tom stayed steady and Tom won in the end, and one paper tried he tried to sprint towards the end. It was too little too late. Tom was talking shit, the entire time like I know what you're gonna do you're going fuck off to the very end and you try to catch up, but it's going to be too late and he was right. I don't know if bird
will can be broken? Has it been broken before? Ah? Well, it's not his will it's the discipline aspect see when you're dealing with an entire month. You have thirty one days of how to get after it. So how Often you get after it normally see. That's the thing. The difference between me and Bert is I work out almost every day already. So for me, it's just like those days off. Don't exist anymore. So what I decide to do on my days off. Just do shit that I wouldn't normally do So I'll do the elliptical machine for two hours or I'll do something else. Just I'll do something else, but the whole time, I'm thinking I'm gonna break Burt. I'm gonna bring Theo. Think about what you're really trying to get past. Where you kick boxing or even on an elliptical. Sometimes you get get angry and you think of bird.
Right now. I'm thinking about breaking bird breaking his will. I don't understand you guys. This is so interesting to watch because you're right, you already work out right lot. You're workout alot extremely healthy guy, but you're now going to take it can see the excitement on all of you to take this too, just an excruciating level because it gets obsessed then it gets fun like you can work, but that's the thing I'm. Excited to talk to you at the beginning of this. When you're still pumped up about, and it's like you- get a high from working out for three one slash two hours a day. Seventeen days from now, I'm going to be a beaten man. You are and you're going to get a surge at the end when it gets close again, but seventeen days you're right, that's not going to be a fun day for you yeah! Well, I don't know who knows you know. Did you ever see, there's a really interesting stuff like kung fu? Yes, weird How do you feel? How do you hilarious man
Basically would you feel do you feel like you broke me now? no you didn't break. Did you feel any radio best you gd best? We talked a lot of crazy shit. Why do you talk shit bird? No, you should let him do spring is good for everybody. Shit and those guys are don't talk, shit, listen! I don't feel bad that you talk shit, I'm happy to talk shit, it was fun, it was fun. Scary. You should talk to your so I didn't, but I didn't think that it would go where it went. In terms of like my how much time every day I was working out. I never thought it would really get to that. It's good it was. It was crazy. I thought in the beginning we would all just have some fun work out an hour a day and see who's number was higher yeah. It would be like really, oh no, no! No! No! I want it and everybody. I figured Tom night. We talked about it like everybody in the last week's gonna, Sprint, yeah, right, yeah. Of course,
I thought that was deathly gonna happen. Then you made that video and I was like which video which video I don't know why you would double males double males want to. That I was like a dog no it another one before that. I here and he was like other ones aboard. Where put these gotta come in last, Oh wait hold on. You know. You know for a fact that I made those videos out of love right. Why I understand, but I didn't listen. I believe that right now, but it doesn't help me believe that back then you know you got to be on your say something like that. Even if you don't mean it, he said and I don't have to get mad at you, but after Lee acknowledged, there's a transference of energy right now. I don't want to call it anger. It makes me wanna make sure that you don't ever fucking win. This thing there's no way we're going to go down the dark road, but you realize yeah. This is this is the difference? Let's not forget about that. This is the difference
High high performers on hold on. Do you all recognize all recognize this I got a pretty quickly talk solutions. Yeah, yeah, Mickey mantle gene fight is set. I we were pretty quickly. You know what I knew we were done pretty quickly. We were done. I knew that when he was saying, even though I I understood COM hundred percent understood what he was his joke- yeah they they were just it. Does I'm going to double up you like junior fucked us, you can't do that. He would interpret that in a competitive way. He was wrong. You should do your regular workout and see if you can still beat us like yeah yeah hold on not negative, but not negative. Not not my girl punky, you don't. Like me, and you say if you really say I'm gonna double everything Joe doesn't like chuck
talking about that, I realize you know it's not going to happen. Is it I get to get me. I don't have to interpret and you for even the wind you gave me a thought in my head that you gonna try to do that. Yes, that's my daughter is not calling the cable guy daddy because he's been gone so long working. I don't no memory of him because you had hard to say I'm going to you. I don't need to know if, you're being honest, that's not necessary from me all. I need to know. I push that aside. I need to know that you I think that you going to do that. You Thank you to do that, even though you really, even though you really know that he doesn't think he can do that. Yeah one hundred percent, but FUCK Antley can allow you can allow allow that I'm going to put some blinders on, doesn't matter where they were going to go through the darkness
can. I just say this that we all use birth as a motivation like I don't want to be in a single yeah but brushed I get lost in this. You gotta understand. I got Riel Riel serious anxiety when you got sick. No, when I realize I could move over we're gonna as I could recover. That was like if I got worse, I'd be like I'm super sale, but whatever that I was getting better and I thought I might lose, I got real anxiety about yeah. I got one, super nervous yeah. But you were the same thing. It just don't come in last in the bird it was just well that would be nice to come here. I'm in terrible but shows me, is that what you put a video? well was what it was was it will, or it was a twitter post early. It was like. Where do I put the belt? Of course
I want to be very standard search. I did not in this contest to lose. I didn't think I was coming in shared. Look up, Sarah. What are those fake body? Was that an hour before I don't know, and we also have a fitness aspect- that's right! I'm challenging those gentlemen in fitness and I'm going to beat them at their own game and it starts your good host getting a brand new Porsche. What we got here, we got a nineteen. Ninety two Porsche nine Slash eleven Rwb hand built by Nicci, which do you Bert the have any clothes on flops and shit. Did you should take the bus at Busch much was a hit me up by you. Gratz a man congrats, that's a dope car twenty! You talked a lot. Yes, I did hey hold on on for real you talk too much. Shipper
No, I won't stop and never ever ever much you one guy among. I don't want you to. I want you to be yourself, but I was fun. It was fun. Let me tell you, I think we're missing, though, is that all of us went to try to make sure you don't beat them. You lost yeah, but I lost on purpose. What's that no Jane to Joey, see you at the store that one day did you hear about this Joey was here yeah he called me yeah was that you know no dog? he called me and said I did a video on Instagram stories. I got recognized. I know the person they were like Burton tried to tell my story, saw hot and then said that he caught me drinking parking lot, but if you saw the stories you'd know I wasn't drunk or stuffs over but yeah. He called me and told me he's like I, we can talk yeah because you're trying to tell you what I love about doing Dheas yeah, he called apologized, because I guess it I
I I didn't notice it, but I got to get big online. He said something on my podcast, but it was clearly joking. He knows he's like I don't question is: I saw walking the street, I waved at him, he didn't wave. All I heard was I heard one hundred percent tongue in Cheek Joe. You call Joey now trust me, my children. I would never lie to you about any one thing I did listen. I died on day when I hit you up and I was like I'm for real out yeah. As for my children, dude well. I know when friends, I you. No one thinks you live in. Here's the more the what you believe in what I believe him and the rest. A part of my brain. That was like make sure just I would never do that. I tell you it was not about. I would have found that it was a separate thought, though it wasn't that I didn't think you were lying, but I still was My brain would not allow me to just. I know you didn't want to work out here. Where about. I did an actual work at all. I saw and I went, I can't believe you didn't believe. I believed you, I believe you
just like you can't be so stupid to believe him fully kind of yeah. I was like. What if he was, he was lying. He said. No, he sounded so sincere with psychological games. Games photos games yeah I like when Joe was like wait. Are you just saving up points and not registering into the system? So you can like sandbagging, you fucking idiot. Did you think I was doing? Of course I didn't know what to think. I spoke to you. I still believe Georgia called that morning. There's two: I would never know. I will never make an excuse. George called that morning and I just kind of spin class- and I was going for a twelve mile run in my head. I was like I'm set and put in close on Georgia text and said daddy daughter, luncheon at or wherever she goes to school uh carried on lunch, luncheon it like eleven and you need to.
Are nine to help set up and I was like fuck and in my head I just all I did was wantonly wanted all his life but and any responsibility- and I was like I was like- said everyone that at that moment I was like I'm out and I got softball practice and a luncheon and it I dude in that middle at lunch and I was like I could go for a run right now, like I had it that this whole thing was psychotic. It was made me psychotic, dude, honestly. I got cedar point where I thought about your LISA Freedom in it. I do have more fun at night, usually, but like data I have no responsibility and there's a lot of effort for me to get to this place and do this time I don't know what you guys go through in order to feel like this. Take time away to do your your life is very different. We kids, school kids are school. Ok, that makes sense cool. You. Have this open amount of time from seven hundred am to four hundred pm or
ever. It is after that, if it's a unusual guest- and I just can't everything in There- that's a lot of time happened at that time. To this thing is been nice. Talking about. Seven hundred am right side for my eleven year old man. You have a gym in your compound, like you can do it is Porsche. The thing about a little treadmill. I can get here and get an hour in before a podcast did not right man, but I never thought of it. That I mean build this thing, so I could win with fit inside the shower. Yet how fucking? Let's be honest here, just to entertain this thought for us like how much of a piece of
it would you feel like it right now in the second half of seven, I was worried about ARI you really that's where you're going yeah. I was worried about sneaking up on you because it's like the birdie, honest in the 30th, when I said no, that the very last day when the The picture said: do you believe in miracles, like this mother fucker, storing points to combine belts found a way to believe America was just the last three inches point. Workout I put into the light up. I say about this write a little bit. Well, I would laugh you would have to be hum yeah, because here's the deal me, I almost killed myself. So if you beat me, what did you myself
go through yeah yeah? I respect all of us. What would your answer shit? What was your final score for eleven eleven thousand thousand? Something? Isn't it crazy, too Let us know that you finished 324Th. I think three hundred and twenty in the country in the world in the world means of registered users. Three hundred and twenty three other people clutched question or just be a median hate me there's one that definitely Falcons management. You want somebody out. This was the number you know like nineteen thousand, they wouldn't tell me, but they would. They would tell you a lot of the milestones. Guy said that a lot of these people or fitness instructors they're doing five, six, even seven like classes, classes a day yeah, but they seriously people out there that are in some insane shape that something people make a live. Is amazing. Imagine teaching six! in class is a fucking.
They don't do that. Don't do that, though. Not even the regular person does that, but could they do it if you decide to go from gym to gym. Maybe they'd have to I don't know you would stop him. Who is there? Like a you know these the thing with Oxycontin in Florida, where you get a subscription or prescription from one guy that good at yet another guy, then they developed database have the database on that or spit glasses known via spending spending too much yeah. These people spin their ass off, where that best rap and teach one hundred fucking spin classes a day. Should we do one more cocktail, I would like to drink not eat after this I'm fucking bomb I like to drink it's six hundred and twenty we're good in the car, your dinner and food yeah, when the US hats were answer have plans and son. Let's just all acknowledge. I cannot drink for a month
right way started this whole thing? Everyone thought I couldn't do it because two years ago I didn't think you'd get a regular part. What do you think will happen to you on your tour next year? You think it will go. I'm saying as far as your late I stuff. Yeah. If you ever been to back so maybe you will not drink much I drinking changed a lot of it's been three days or whatever, but like Justin in like things that would trigger me of like I'm in an airport. I a cocktail. I can totally fly sober, I don't Oh man, I really don't know you know me I'll, be really honest. Listen your you clearly can take a month off that can do it, and you know One of the things that I I've been really wrestling with a lot lately. I had this guy Tyson, fury
no. He is yeah used to be the heavyweight boxing champion of the world and apply the to fight there's a bronze bomber. Yes, it's about to fight deontay wilder and I had him on the podcast. He was talking about depression and all the shit that he went through and one things that he said is that what pulled him out of it was deontay Wilder said that he was finished and he decided he was going to figure out a way to get back, so he decided just get his fucking together together and CLI Company competition, competition won the World heavyweight title, beat Vladimir Klitschko and then went into a depression. It's like what now just didn't know what to do. Yeah. It felt weird this guy called them out years at the years later drink in carrying on getting fucking crazy, and then this guy says he never come back. It was like, oh really, then, all of a sudden he decided to come back to prove this cover all and now he's off medication. It was even
on a yeah they're trying to give him some shade. Is it a big right? Isn't ties to six six, nine, six gigantic guy whoa, but he said he's going to do it with goal setting he's an index. I haven't, he used to seem happy and friendly, and you know he lost like a ton awaited in law. It's like a hundred like one hundred and fifty pounds or something around wasn't something crazy Jamie. Do you remember spice a big motivator? It's a little bit of but it's also goal setting men, and this is one thing that he said that made me think about this month. This month was weird when it was over. I was like what the fuck happened. Yeah It was trying to value man that day that I ran the twelve miles. Six hundred, one dot. Six hundred points yeah. I forget where you got that it was like
I really was like a back breaker. It really wasn't back. Then there is that I might be done. That was a sunday I got back in town. All you gotta do is about you got about even with me, but I was like I might be done. What do you look like versus what it looks like now and the incredible one hundred and thirty five pounds wow he's a great interview, men elected talks he's a great guy, but yet I'm always saying just that. I fucking I thought the whole time I would see. I would look down cf. Iran would be like four hundred points. It's not points just keep running. Man just keep running. Keep running spike yeah. This is Fifi despite it was also a better year, no, no, no, no loss. I wish everyone it posed to Joe Tad bit because to feel to feel
I know like wrong play no one on one, because we had a chance to beat him if you just did like when no no, no, no, no! No, I had. Why do you always play a game with Joe and us, and them bill is fear of returning play game is to win you. Later, we always a dude. I looked at it. To win win situation are, is too smart everywhere that comes out of his mouth after, there's, not a party that wants to just like too slippery so talk to me. They just trying to look lift weights and see what your score is. Not exactly would have. Regular scoring thought you rose. Hey only know know, know, know, know slight. Oh really knows that even know you want to win ocre try real hard decided. I was going to take you on some one thousand death wish it were empty here. Bro.
Are we done with try full as everyone is, I'm pretty yeah we're pretty we're going right, yeah, nice, nice shorts on my juror. No, it was a vision. Did you have average? I should I have found who but who asked bird bird bird? Yes, I did that also, by the way, notable for the podcast is here John pointed out how bird push those ten thousand dollars? Those kids for all your let's say the money. Let's set up correctly. One is a lease: let's have a what happened. Was this hi you and I were joking about America and whatever not verse, gators nothing. Yes, then I booked
You mentioned nothing of this ever again, a joking yes, okay! Then I booked a movie, yeah, cancel in Australia. Again, I went to say she never went to Atlanta shoot the movie. It gives the most rail doesn't care about them. I mean amazing people. Don't care about them here, one first class tickets, Australia, USA, I'm not interested in the blue him twice in a row. I love Australia. I've been there You fucking, give out put on your own oakleys and kill yourself dog cunts. Now I I can't I went to do that to shoot the movie while I'm in Atlanta shooting this movie. This fucking guys, like I'm at starting line where's Tom. He knows where I'm fucking out he's like you're in Atlanta, your
Atlanta, change the rules yeah he's like at Tom Tom'S a no show he supposed to be here. You sure did no the night before those that video, I said, hey guys, I'm sorry Tommy is not going to wow, some like government, you said never attended. Do you think? That's fake news really fake news in this talking for sure here's, the here's, what happened? I called her and like I'm getting a fucking lot of messages and it's all people that are like you're quitting your welching on this bed. You motherfucker starts to become the world, yet he goes yeah, I'm just looking around. He goes hey to make
up to you. If I finish this thing I'll donate time. I've never said that my entire life joeys. Never I'm never said this in my entire life, where you heard him say that, though, when he saw me he goes, I will donate attend. Don't America decided are his father. He goes if I don't beat ARI's father's time, I'll donate twenty thousand. By the way my father just ran the Marine corps marathon. He did last Sunday. I would h eighty one years old. Eighty one, Mr Show fear yeah great. Yes yeah. I never said that. I never said okay, so he said that right and then, when he bailed on those kids, kids finished a marathon you I have to celebrate. You took it upon yourself, thanks Tom, to get the money that already fledged that or that that bird pledge to those sick, kids use. You started fabric.
Six children died and you were able to seven thousand dollars for children of LOS Angeles yeah. I, like children's hospital LOS Angeles, the go find me dot com, slash, evil, Burt was very successful and during this mother's car filled it out, and I was able to because you called to my attention. Yes, because you called the new job this to my attention. A lot of the kid died waiting for those for birds, yeah, that's right. They actually at the cemetery. There yeah they have kids plus kids that died under how it's amazing got the money for sick this is real. Oh, my god, my mom said my mom asked me about it. I was like yeah and she goes. Can you tell Bert that he sucks my orthodox jewish mom? She did say that for real. He sucks
mom. No, it's not what you think it goes. Hey tell him. I think, he's how about you through a hole in the sheet, how many times your pops on this thing he's on hey said. He thinks about really think hard. Ten marathons, the Reeboks and and seven marine corps the last one was eighty one first was like you're gonna run it with him. No, but we work by the way when, when you mention that I was looking at, I was looking at the numbers like these are about to jump already. Marathon with his dad. That's what I thought I really did. I was like he just did. I was like the screen like this is about to jump. To like, like nagging doubts, I put a lot of. It is a I mean my dad teamed up for a free because he's like a mild texted about his dad knows like your dad. Did it did you do it? I I and now it took me an hour to leave that you didn't do it. You want at any point wonder whether or not your body,
going to hold up towards the end it wasn't holding up. I could do like thirty minutes and I was like I'm going to slow down. I can't I never felt as weak as the last day at night I spoke actually spoken. Ui spoken you and the last person was ARI and he goes if you're going to do it. We just sync up so I'll, know where you're at and I was like yeah and then I go I'm not doing seven hundred right now. That's how much I space I flew by the way I didn't tell you, I traveled on the last day of the EAST coast, so I lost, but still when I got there. I was so exhausted that I was like at first. I was like I'll. Do five hundred right now, you ask me to like should work like if I have from my one of you know, but from your point of view yeah? You should separate yourself a little more from bird and exactly and then when I got to like two hundred and fifty I actually I go cook I go longer. Yes. Could I get to ARI there's. Now go. I I just like. I'm gonna die right now. You know, I feel I feel almost sick if I
to do another few hours until the cut off. I was like there's no way it wasn't there part of it and and I'll say that is that when you woke up in the morning, you were like this. What do you? What do you like either every day every day we did this? There was a party that was like. I can work out one more time I did can work. I you know I did think I was. I really did honestly think I was out when I texted you got sick yeah like I'm out, there's no way. I with forty three points so happy that maybe so, maybe if you have no idea, if your brother is done, I gotta breathe. Last year that me and Bert Man, Tom Excuse, made that day, one of sober October was mostly about the sobriety and less about yoga when I was texting like should we drink the entire time and not tell them both like yeah. I don't think we either one of us fully trust each other, not around the other, and that's only reason, but but it would have been like, let's just drink full time and then be like we never even started that it would be funny
did I was terrified there would be one prank coming my way, you know we're in the parking lot. After lower class. You like, let's get blood tests for every day, yeah you freaked out. I was like really what was the story? You don't trust us somebody said wait. Did you have to go Easy One, a yeah they are in the right. I live together, making the party level that are rated Lamborghini is, I don't even know if we said this last year, but I'd say told him, because I ran into him the night before the next day, we're going to the fifteenth class, my phone rings and it's Joe, and he goes, are you in a white Lamborghini and I go yeah and he goes yeah you're right in since you told me got Lamborghini. I assumed that this fucking ridiculous was yours. So then I pulled in and we look for
is the park and I was like he's like nobody's going to fuck with this thing, man and then hotel, but the whole. It was so great. The best part of this whole thing was like day after I had told Burt that it was a joke. Call me he goes. I did look at motorcycles, I looked that motorcycle because I remember you you gotta, sell out. I got a lever. Give me dude, I'm still like that. You want Thio Wanna treat e want to treat that one drink. I want a treat I want to treat you you understand. Crazy is you When did a Lamborghini, just don't fuck with pride. Oh, my god. It was great and I was like yeah. I don't know yeah. I was you know who you almost fucked it up. 'cause. You go look at the registration. You said that and I go look at it I told you that I don't fucking, look at it, look at it we're doing yoga in the park by Umd short dancing.
Oh god, look at that gross body. That was so far better than either of yours, so much better Do you still want really? How long do you think he is so tough? But my girlfriend was like with my body was like: oh, How long do you think you can surf in a month standing aboard how much time wow that's a great question for thirty. One day catch the long waves kinda late. Is your feet, get tired! Here's the thing we always know that I'm doing the running order? There's no punish, I'm not try the fucking run up on you, but there's no punishment this year coming a lot no yeah next year. They they should be wait. No! No! No! No! No! I don't want. I don't want and you all wanted to win this book is a ship. The belt is pretty solid. I'm just saying this. I'm saying this. We should do something to celebrate and I'm just saying forget about winning and losing for some, came in second number, one Non Asterix.
I would say you know Non Astra steroids. I do I I would say I should have a full, Jose Conseco Wicopy. I would say that my vote should carry some extra weight and I'm saying I really like to go. The Chiang Mai, Thailand, you ruin to watch some fucking kick box and things will be away from America absolutely, but I think your son is playing we can do to where you would all enjoy your type of thing. Also we don't stay in a hostel Hussein hotel sure and just do that smoke some cigars get drunk on beer. I think my Vote is as number two should hangs a lot of money. Please take some time to think about it, but I like to do have a legion. Are you straight here I do I do. I do something like that. I would I have no problem with that weight. So does this year's LOS Que
now. I owe everyone something please pay for the first round hold on. No, no, no! No! No! I got pissed, you think you could drink drink, that piss drink that I gotta people. I mean gp right here, for you will drink it drink trainings, yes, ARI's full Kombucha. Piss part way April cannot tolerate Tom's, John question and again there when you really a sedan. No, I'm not I'm not drinking piss goddesses! I would any of these on that's a great! I I go. Did you say no, sir? I can piss so during a press when I listen I needed to. I need to give a treat to the team. I'm sorry, I lost me and then I don't know what that tree will be, but it should If you don't, you don't do, but he was living with us for the hotel chain in Chiang Mai, it'll cost. You c,
seven hundred dollars for four days for each one of us have a room or working in a giant. Whatever we decide to do, I'm gonna get going to definitely be a part of that tree. Just Todo, let's do before I land travelling round trip, first class tickets and ten for fans that listen on and by the way. What about the dogs home I'll tell you this right now, if we d'oh, we do medicine bergersen Cal solo for the private jet to take us all the fucking New York, this private jet aesthetic trouble. You guys are so here you're such trash. What's that fucking horrible, wasteful thing to get what what what will Madison Square Garden I'll pay for the private train, dragon son I'll take up with the private together on a just. The three of us surprising was this month hardcore? For me, it was very, very surprising. I keep surprising to you, though, where it went it went so competitive
and what's so competitive, nobody ever separated themselves fully accept you, but even if you it was still like. I could maybe catch him. If he stop that, when you wanted a hunting trip, when you said I'm not going work next five days we were all like. Oh, we got a chance catch Rogan and pass him and then we you worked on the trip, like that's what we're fucked but like it was surprising that we kept fighting the whole the way it was. There was unrelenting. It wasn't anything. I could relax. No one time that I went to Vegas for the UFC. I took three days off and I came back and I was in last place. I was like whoa and then Burt. You help me there too 'cause you. Did that tweeted that I was the last place and you even to the numbers on Instagram, and I was like oh ok so that really motivated you one hundred percent super here's. Why here's? Why a silly boy I get motivated by everything that can be a motivator, I don't let
something not motivate me. Why would to do that. So you say anything. I know who you are say anything I'm like. Oh, ok, ok for one of my favorite things. I never! I never hear what you say and say: well, birds, a great guy and you know I know he's just joking around and doing this for publicity like I can do that later. That doesn't help me right now, right now? It helps me if you tell Maine that you're going to beat Maine and I'm like? Oh yeah, that's ok! Here we go. I did a cruise at the beginning of this month with Bobby Kelly, and I told him about this right when the whole thing started, I'm looking at everyone's numbers for the first time and I said yeah Rogan's in it I'm taunting him and Bobby goes. Why would you ever do that? I go Joe Man, and he goes no. I don't think you know Joe, I don't know. I definitely know Joe. You never taught him and then happy-
the cruise I was like, I think I fucked up man, he told you, he told you stupid dude. What is a good not like I went down to one hundred and seventy five first time in like in like ten years what it means. Cooler if I just been like Super kantian, respectful yeah, where the cold war must have one dude. I like the fucking game play. I like this, can bullshit of like talk. Shit man be as loud as you can be to do. Came in like basil support my fucking Chang. My idea came in dead last year. They supported by men. Please try to go to Asian. Show you like those kickboxing fight, love dumping. Let's go, I love, listen. I even did some commentary for Kickboxing in California. Really for moitie yeah way back before UFC before I ever did see
The commentary I did compromise we can, we can promote. We commend motorbikes. We can. I can take you to some cool places. Let's do it you're, the only wildcard time, but my wild card- I don't know you don't seem like you would go to a place. I would go really for sure term trip yeah Rj April yeah Monday through Friday. So how are you I'm there? First, how long? You think you guys think you, Sir, for in a whole month. This is for a competition next year, how much hate someone get released on the phone and less find out how long it sounds respectful. So I don't want to our big numbers right now, but I'm thinking four days, Sebastian employees and Sup. Let's tires Bro four days, I don't think it's possible stay in one of those things too long. Are you interested even surfing now it now, have been scared of sharks. That's why
because there is another reason why? Because I five months that we can all on so we can all go and serve together, like we did with the hot yoga, but we're all trying to catch better waves. Monsters are real. We would have to list and Kelly said his surf camp for whatever no rubber. We got this. We got this like you, guys, spend five days on the search warrant live seven hundred. You have a life, but I'll be honest. I like putting it aside every October. This is the guy, so scared, my challenge to you, I'm not your challenge. Let's get off social media for our hair, that's stupid! We all just some of us gotta sell tickets for a body shots world tour. No, no yeah re! You know what you can do. You could agree to stay off social media and if you have anything you have to post about something you send it to some.
The manager can send email to build your business. You may put yeah yeah. You could do that. Do that thing, yeah, send it to pee send email. Let's say: hey send this tomorrow or send this you soon you can, if, if it's after one thousand pm sent wait till tomorrow, it's a good move, and then you don't check it. It's like the only move. It's not the only move, but it's a good move. You know, I think it's not just a good move for us is a good move for every like now limit the amount of variables you have to process, because if you don't the process some correctly. So you be dealing with a bunch of information and some we get some of you'll get right and some of it get wrong. But you never know what the real balances, because too much of it is coming all the time. All the time can't can't stop and think for a second we love it. I don't I don't mind it. This is your wheel house, yes, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah dude. Let me take some, but you can the same
thing could be argued about. Podcasting people go away, we're talking too much. We should be talking. This much it's it's something that our fans dig in. I did look into. This doesn't affect that's on the fact, your own psyche it does. It gets your mind. You start getting angry with her when I was in sales about old. Look, it don't read comments to look at like still looking manage right, yes, accident argued. I do. I would too many people did get to not walking away from it. In my opinion- and I know I did, there's no need to walk away is, I think, are saying more, like breaks, take a break if you guys could totally deal with a month off of all that shit, you more than anybody, and then you and then you of just like not being on that not letting affect your opinion, just walk outside and view the world for what it is for a month, wouldn't kill. You know I agree, but you could get your business shit part done. Why? My I saying post this for
and then never looking at it. I don't know, I don't you against it. I wonder if you could do that. I know I definitely could not, and I don't want to like as different. I did. I dig I did listen to you talk to Kelly Slater. I thought that gives joy. You cannot out of podcasts no, no, no you're talking about getting with your phone, that's all of it. How would I know Joe Kelly Slater he's talking about social media, but I would say, like probably the best way to get flip phone for a month later, yeah, if you can get off all social media from that, would help you a lot there. Never a moment where I thought that you guys cheating or you I didn't always classes right now. No at or even this month as, like you know, the Worst case scenario would be someone to be holding back where they weren't released from you're to go just the toe, but I had already prepared for that. You got so far. I wanted to save up for like seven days. I couldn't trust that my zone thing
thirteen hours was thirteen hours. It lost a good forty minutes, one time looking at social media in a bad way overall, it shifts your views to the negative. There are some you're, but about that. What you need to do is is shift that and go like what are positives, were my negatives yeah, it's the same as a podcast man, there's no difference in Instagram in a podcast there's, no difference why because it's information, man is sharing cool show, but it's what you're looking at no, but I feel like sometimes you haven't been the fan that may be the outsider- has the person listening this right now goes to die like when Louis Rams like that is going to about you eating drugs and smoking and drinking it can made me giggle my system to post for me. I but I don't have to be there. Looking at the responses admitted minute, we're all agreeing on that you're saying it off your
don't get off social media really saying that, because of the impulse to look at the responses in ten gauge. No, I agree. I sorry the problem here. Somebody got the job list cities. He poured a response to something I did. Maybe even that video I was going. I was probably kill yourself, and he said it. One hundred and sixty eight lights, a lot of lights for a comment, and then some people like how dare you you don't know that guy he's like you just I'll, just delete it, right right at the time, fuck bring it down 'cause of responses on fucking Instagram. Do that? What did that whole that whole thing five dude? I have people just block people you, don't just just catching your mind just out there they just don't they don't feel good and they want you to feel shitty too. Even if they're right, some things, the way they address. It is what the problem is: they're, blurting out and oozing anger and despair, portion amounts and everybody around them and it affects all of us, the others
and there's also some a time like time you saw where you like. Let me try to like wake my kids up before internet or what it's like just him, I have time, are spending on it with Ituma. It might do you good to see what it's like for a month off it like. I owe I think you should have a lot of time in my day, it's overall positive to do it the way you're describing I do think that it definitely for sure plays a part in our business. You need it for certain things, but, like you could do the thing where you going to send it to somebody yeah. Let me find away every time I think like well, but I need it for this. Ok, but can I is there around that? I don't know. I just want to see someone made my last life, less happy, think about going to that, but there's also people that make your life happy. Ur, there's a lot of the whole area online, no reason really yeah I'd, agree treatment and I think you're saying right now I like watching his life like that, and then I just did I'm just CAM Newton Mass,
and he does those running videos next to the car and I go get out there and do something: there's Mean Cameron, Hayes or CAM Newton God, damn it man. It would be from the Panthers trying to quarterback for the Panthers Camera change. The fucking lead singer of steel. Panthers runs by his car with his half of what the fuck are. You saying, Bro pressure hammered man shot the cam, damn both Newton and Haines Hollow keeping dress up. What I can't believe we did this much working out. You guys that's fucking, nuts, nuts and think about how much more weight were caring. Then you seriously yeah yeah! I think with Burt was like or his heart rate was he going up because he doesn't work out, it could be It could also be there living seven pounds more than me with every step. You take, ability to think about
my impression of our help November. Those are all correct. I was at the hotel. Michael rests with ARI's going to try to kill you, but we all did it, who you think would tap out someone first, and I have no training well already. Definitely is the most training in Jiu Jitsu. If you get on top but you could do something to me, but if I could stop you from doing that, I would for sure, be you. He understood already understands where what's happening. Probably you wouldn't know what to defend. I've seen him choke people exactly you think, that's the case due next year. I don't know we should probably it's still this world. So let's do this surfing surf. In my opinion, can I just say we need to cut the surf contest and half. We should with six months from now, because you know Kelly Slater can get this lined up and the weather will be perfect when
in six months, you know what a slate when we suck so hard. We never surf one. Now he would now what actually getting later. I you know. I have no interest in this. Let's wait, let's do this, for you know you do and we will mail is laid on top of this. Let's do you also help you wait. We do one round one round, yep, I'm in what mma like you, have see the rules fight against Sorry! No! No! No! I would never do said, I'm down! No! No! No! No! We have we have to know what I want. Let me, let is let it clear real, Clear Harvard God you can't, you just know Camino hidden, ok, it can be no hitting yeah. Here's the problem you can choke each other want to choke each other. The problem with hitting is that shit is permanent. The damage is alright fine he's. Definitely when you're in your forties, you don't want to be getting punched in the market for one of your best friends, he knocks.
We should do an eleven letter iata. How do you transfer repulsion, Spicewood Jamie, combat Jujitsu? That's no! No hit each other, I'm telling you birds. How do you turn for real forty six for real? real for real for tell the real age Wikipedia now. What's the relay, it tells the real age children. Forty thinks when your brother was in the Vietnam, war? When Truman went on tv, said what he said? Did your whole family freak out or fifty? netbackup. When Kennedy was assassinated. Did you and you play? Do you know and then be a big moment, fake media man,
one forty four, seven old six hundred and forty seven years old, six hundred and fifty three I think you may have to get. You know that jokes, one, I'm a forty one yeah, I know you're eighty five years old does there are only one. I know this is my says on his money on my blood pressure medication. This is a lima the number. Okay, no I mean I know, I'm gonna, still my blood pressure medication until the doctor says to get off it. Okay, the doctor doctor doctor is there a path office should be going on. I gotta lose weight. How much fuck pressure. Medison, I think right where you are now Two: twenty five, no and twenty eight at the end of the contest, yeah, probably probably no! No joke about two hundred and thirty five, I'm guessing you get down to a five, what we at the end of world war: two, I don't know. I don't really remember to be honest with you, two hundred and twenty two, I think Jamie pull that up less that
oh yeah, buddy, thirteen and now the final way in score was two hundred and sixteen to like two hundred and nineteen, the second country right now Tom. What are you at right? Now? 'cause, you don't look like you put it back on after the phone. Are you ok, yeah sure? Whatever the first of all? Don't forget this? Don't forget this. Okay, the way in was with a dramatic for non professionals. Dramatic water cut, yeah yeah, I know so. We base Basically, you can throw. I wanted two days in a row not just one day I know, but you can throw on ten pounds Essentia Lee to what we wait in it as our real wait. Oh my God, Posterus how fucking crazy is a thing we did last year or the year before. With this challenge, and with this one we didn't really take into account our own. Personal health, yeah good point. That sounds so we could do it, but be really honest. I had phantom pains in my kidneys. I was worried.
Yeah, the last day, like the last few days, I did like of the range of five hundred and thirty five points. You were worried about be catching one hundred percent you're. Sneaking I love that you're sneaky, I suspect, delivery, just respect, and even if you could, I would think about that same way. I really thought bird was actually trying to double me say I'm feeling like. I can't really be really thought you don't care, you don't understand. I don't care if it's really that it happened. I don't care if it's real, it's just you said it, So even if it's not even if you don't believe it it doesn't matter, it doesn't help me to think that you don't believe I would love it. How's, your brain every night believe it. It helps me to think that you're trying to double my score and I'm like we're going, to the Darklands yeah going dark, Bert Kreischer, but says your quest yeah. I think I think we put on our water put it within our water weight, and I think I only gained a few pounds on top of that, after
tell you the date almost assistant. I think that's all that's a lie within our going. The way you think you're too sixteen right now now with the Does or does not. I don't know what I said was the Pharaoh. That's what Joe said. I don't know what I said was that we probably gained ten in pounds back from the water. I agree with the two hundred and sixty will put me at two hundred and twenty six. I said I probably gain a few pounds on top. I would say right. Now everything your two thirty I love you you're an awesome person, but the only reason why you pushing back against this is 'cause. You concern this guy, delete back on you having gain more no way. Garbell me regardless, like away once he doing at a beach he's gotta piss man leave him alone, families in the Holocaust my queue
for your Joe Rogan he's pissing in the wave like this part comes back just remember that Brooke Hurricane last sorry, you can't tell you can't you can't give people, probation. You understand, I don't need it to be real. I just I heard it. I just but Israel I'll just decide it's real. So you have to understand. You came in last Mickey mantle gene. You came in fucking last, Thank you. Thank you. Ma'am tell me, shut the up and listen. Okay. I think that Mickey mantle gene, thank you he didn't say anything on to uh this, the Sandy Cove affection to say that the Mickey mantle Gene- oh my god, is really not because thank you, this yeah, it's because the Mickey mantle gene is that this crazy son of a bitch could go out Wednesday, Thurs
Say Friday, Saturday, night till three in the morning with fucking. You know one hundred. Eighty thousand beers Sunday. He was like, let's do a shoulder: workout fucking, fine. That true managing true, not true. This shit yeah. That's a lot of I think, he's confused about piss what it tastes like when child choking town and you're going to take measurements cross. Now, I'm not drinking that I know, but you gotta sweat an email and then that's all that we need to know. Why do we installing it all? I did more workouts on you were doing the same work as you was with less points to you. It means that far more work, isn't he workout at all for ten years, it's hard to fuck with that, but I do the same work hours you and then it was after doing the same workout with you. I was down. Fifty points were started with you. We're missing is what I'm saying is that if we all had par at the same level every night and then tried to work out, do you definitely had on that? Again, definitely had that dude
feeling that I got with a molly kicked in at fucking whatever time Wednesday night, We night was just like this- is that's a it felt so good. I woke up the next morning my ankles hurt. When I got out of bed my knees were, it will hurt, they were all stiff and sore on some going on was one of the most of my calf, and I was walking to take a piss was like what happened. What did we do? I was when I was walking around my kids on Halloween doing the trick or treating deal. I was thinking to myself. Thank God. It's over. What did what we doing? We all went was, I showed up at comedy, cellar and put my shirt on. Did my my thing and what you doing I was like I had to run here because I'm in his constant challenge with my friends, so I had to run across town toe.
We can't respond instead of these walking or was there cool to choose other people with other people go like him, and why are you going to the gym right now twice and then go. I kind of liked it I and I know I might be dealing I'd like that. I'm going to fight with my friend and then going in and people going like you got this bird. Like show them you, so people knew it all you dummies and said you got this birth. Thank you. He did not have it yet she had it less than anywhere. I was more angry, but you people to buy bird to win. I was like, oh great, nonetheless, so many people on the left side, so many people work in the last but those people the second last there dreamers there dreamers that dream is no schemers trimmers and they believe in God to church here. For you dude. I would draw
jog on and I hear people in their truck. We got you got this bird. No, I got that you're, okay and you're sure died. That way. My body aircrews could tell you. I went hiking and run you canyon and two guys were like hey man. You got this bert and I was like I was like in my head. The government was already over. I was like Jones give me really bad guys. What did you think final? The final is you get eleven thousand something you got just over nine thousand. I got ten thousand and sixteen until I got right over ten thousand, I was like you just over one thousand, basically yeah. It's eleven hundred one thousand two hundred something like that. But getting thousand, me was like another. One was like: let's aim for a, I am get there, that's a good line. Man, that's a good line. Seven million two hundred and fifty three thousand two hundred and fifty three good for you. Man just to put that respective Gore, nine five, three hundred and thirty three workouts. The fact that we were amongst
of the heart is relayed. The tiniest percentage of people use these got. Damn things remained burnt out a legit Jim where's, our snap fitness in Shawnee, Kansas were crushing. We came in, I can have first and third and you beat a fitness instructor who's, giving class yeah killer. I don't understand it is the all of us literally lost star fucking mastermind. We went crazy like it now. I like it too. He really is here I'm into sir listen, I'm serve die, you're all going to die out there and start talking about Bro week. I'm gonna sharpen this stuff that keeps your together to everywhere. Dog shocked that stuff that keeps you rang so from moving around that shit just going to break tired, lyrics, going to stay on that surfboard nurse sharks. How long shut up How long you got in you Kelly, be my coat
no way he's gonna use on my part test. Dorian's back. Let Brad don't forget fuck both of you, I'm going Brad Gerlach then find out. Who is that guy is trust me I'm a big fan of surfers. I just can't serve that Joel Tudor Guy and that caused a Jujitsu black belt Mari tar master surfer. I actually think Kelly Slater is a pussy and I don't want you here affecting loser. Bro never risen the top of your potential. I have no interest in there's a coach. I have no interest in. You is a coach, I'm looking for success, not for what has been I'm looking for the top. You could help me not this Kelly Slater Gorab, God will be wrong. How dare you
looking for the wind who want the joint on for what is guy to joy, always like that guy that criticizes the girls wait so that he could start dating her. Thank gets under his name is fall for men, don't fall for any river county was up. Let's hang out these losers. Talk about that your brother brother, if you really had to be honest, the v in scientific, about how much time do you think how much time do you think you I'd spend on a surfboard okay, I got today I got. I got this one either thirty one days easy in in in in not thousand and thirty one days, yeah If I did the math right and I could for sure we did a work. The system for sure we gotta tell you check no fares, definitely seven days. Seven,
The day's other gold is twenty four hours a day. Seven, I know I know it would take a lot of work to get to different places, okay dressing, when a we're- just you know, if I might six hours in about fifteen minutes a day on the surcharge, mom wrong, Thank you. I'm just glad I'm here to do the math. Seven use a seven day days. Okay, four days for these, are you words eleven I tried and right because I was six I was playing with some God. Damn account logic in the man, a six hours that night ninety six hours one month, mmhm about almost four hours a day by the way. This is what I do is talk shit so like yeah right, but there's no consequences for you. Talking shit do. You feel bad about that? Only minutes I have no problem. In fine, dinner, okay
feel weird about dinner. The latter. I can't believe you came in last mail. You have a camera yeah, that's what I do. I was so worried about coming in last, I came in because you're afraid of I like to live loud. That's the difference between all of us is that when when were a liquor store in Atlanta and kiss starts and and print starts playing. Both you fucking cunts, hide in the corner until Burt makes it big and then one person makes it big we all. To make it big, we all start down. Never like the big. I was forced into making a big loss and you left it big. We all love the big, but we love big, but what I'm wondering We did that when we did the uh video, when we were all partying in Atlanta on and Prince care only you do that. We did that because we're like you seem to like this I'll. Let me join in for like a second dance, it's fun. It's fun, you listen! I would never give me a guideline joining. I need your mother to have you in my life? Definitely changed the tone. You really do
just the its own, the party atmosphere I like get loud? I know that it drives does drive people nuts, but with my friends I trust it that it'll be fun no one's going to. I don't no mean spiritedness in it for sure one hundred percent are one of the of talking about yeah you're, never going to get it so right next year, surfing now for sure you and Bobby have your? I don't coach, Billy Billy. Kelly Running coach. Bad. So did I, though, unfortunately out it sorry so heavy So if you just kill operate, do you think there
at any point. During the month we had a pace that you think you could have kept up. You know hitting like those five hundred point days like day after day after day after going to Maine. Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. A lot of a lot of is like what we already had planned for the month right yeah, you know if you, if you had that you had that screws. I had this hunting trip, which fortunately and did fairly early but if you were just going somewhere, if you had somewhere that you had to go for fourteen days and you couldn't get a workout in your fucked If I had just stayed home that whole trip, it would have been very different content, but me too, I spent ten, my in LA without my gym. I agree agree. I agree. Maybe all experience that I'm not using that. Okay, okay, okay, that this is just saying saying, I'm that I would that to have been to have been not on a cruise
I get seasick working out, so you also you are fat Bobby. Is your motivation just Bobby Kelly? Sometimes though I he wanted to go, buy them out somebody, you guys should, whereas the other way work together. What you guys now you got all you did not work out. He hung up Bobby five of the calories, an hour me and him just smoke cigars. That was a hindrance in me is that I spoke about, scars, and so then, when I got back to Tampa for like one day to work out, dude I was like I was coughing up. Call Sher. I smoke cigars on my way home with the comedy cellar. Seven nights of those that I was home of the twenty and I worked out after I came home smoke. Cigar changed went to workout were different people so be he's. Definitely yeah yeah, there's different genetic make up than the you know, some guy. How are alert channel denotes? Yes, sir yeah I got the calculated how we did this
way we do it. This is how we did it. We did it 'cause we didn't plan on doing it. We did not not doing when Tommy pulled up this idea and we were like what it's like yeah, I wear a heart rate monitor it's a fitness app were all okay. We were just looking for some. We did some it's a viable. We are now. I think it was gonna, be okay, again right I remember that it was done. I think it was lovely would've done. It was the fourth and Well, you guys are mad at me, so mad. I was on the road with the fucks. Up with these, I don't get points with the red zone. Are you fucking kidding me these fucking guys are so Parramatta. You were mad at anybody. This is like after nine hundred and eleven were like attacking like who, like anybody, whoever's, Brown, here's. Let me be on you or whoever's browser find you, and I didn't read into this stupid shit at all. So when I got the app and I put the heart rate monitor on well, we'll just run to the death was like we're just going to run.
Yeah, I Indies as long as I can the nineties, Michael C Hall, I'm not sure about your soul. I thought you were so upset. When I got to you know, get more points for ninety. It didn't make any sense. Might you you get as much points for eighty per, of your max heart rate, ninety seven as you do yeah that didn't make any sense that should be quantifiable, but Tommy nailed. It is like the it would. Probably highly litigious. Oh yeah, there's some lawyers over at my eyes, and there was like you can incentivize nine people to go to danger. Here's what's interesting about that, though- and this is actually changed, some of my opinions on training, because I've never done that where I didn't just do a lot of light, really like go all outs. I did as his little even
slow down the pace that I run up the hills, but when we can on the heavy bag, what I would do kick boxing, I had way more insurance like way more in Torrance. It was interesting. I was like this is crazy. This is all I haven't been I've been, I maybe did over the course of the entire month. Maybe ten kick boxing workouts, but by the end of the month the kickboxing endurance has gotten way higher all just from running and from doing the elliptical machine. I was telling the rowing machine and doing all that other shit. All that other shit is, as exciting to do. But if you do it, it ramps everything around yeah running hills. You know you know we got. I keep going. We can do it ourselves once or twice a week. We gotta keep going right. We have to keep going, would be crazy not to like keep working out a little bit. Yes, it's so hard to get where we're at. I was even better. You guys work too right where you started. Thinking like oh, I don't want to sugar. Now is going to fuck over when I Concorde butt here
the thing- and we should all talk about this- and maybe we should have a coach come on and talk to us about. If we decide to do this again, what are nutritional requirements 'cause one workout, this four thousand? Seven hundred calories, that's an insane amount of food. You know when I never got from like Christmas and people like that work, people like legit workouts. You can do yeah. You know I mean not like this is the best things like all right, but for my real If I'm going to do it twice a week, what can I play do. What do I got to eat a little but more often help me instead of like, and all this diet we all talked about. This is unsustainable. Definitely true, my level well! No, it was. It was my joints. That was what what, if I told you had your eleven thousand points this month November, not a whole, If I told you I could beat you do it, you could do it. No. I could do it. What time is it? What is it where we at now? You can do it fucking brain broken, broken fuck, yeah!
thousand day, you don't think do it. Not from here where the fifth in the fifth about what about all men on this one thousand a day Ok, if you get there, you suck my dick, like you mean it, but if you don't get there, you sound, like my dick, like you, don't care at all about Gimme Gimme Gimme, you could do it now. You can do what you did before minus five days, one hundred percent, how about that took three days off? No, I took four days of took three and other day did not take it. Well, you already did great right now. Let's do the bed right now. Let's do that right. Now we get one day next week yes, I'm going to Europe European Store, I'm going today! That's crazy, who do you think, is the most points in today. Well, who's got the most points into Agora I'm out I'm out on this harder. Second, well, how work at seven hundred and forty, oh yeah, with with the rest. Do you think you could have got two hundred and sixty more points
but I feel for losing a toenail to owners. I stopped. I gotta be honest with you. I don't the six hundred and forty something something I got on a one off I'd, never sit down, because I had some days right down. Current is like this, but what also notes we sent the constable that I did more than that and will dares his work at that lets its outside of the shit talking, which is always fun? Here's what we should really think about, we definitely got are all all of ourselves into a really really good level of fitness. Yeah right I mean, I think it's a weather shit. We did. You ran twelve miles. You ran fifteen miles in the road. Five kilometers do you, you ran a load. You got seven hundred boy. It's a day. We went crazy boys very soon. We went crazy. We went crazy, we we'd. She was like some very bizarre level of of performance over the month in comparison to the average person that wears these things. It's a it's a very weird, okay, so it's not that we should pat each other on the back, but it is
we should look at what we did and go. What happened that's what I'm saying is possible. So let's stop and think about that for a second that is possible. Here's the other thing. It happened and I feel great right feel good and look good look in in the mirror, and I like that dude We're doing the rowing machine that I was getting video and video. It looked so extending name right on stage it's exactly right back and his dick has literally present outreach from his Pubis Tom, and I have a standing. I thought I really I was like this is a movie montage watch his program yeah. I was like the perfect position of ARI's like I got a change in my life, I'm going for, like he's really buying into it. While he was changing his life, you know I was going for with that pocket. Like I gotta look out man can I work out of your fucking stupid gym for that, because I got a look at it.
He is very very it is a perfectly because absolute those abs, it's a perfect holy abs yeah. They never got as much they get like light, will never exactly that you're in the yellow is on after the serve came after chemo surf cast from the server cannot eat them. So I can't go to surf camp the rule. Is we don't do anything until October? First man, Tom versus Jerry, damn I like that look at that fucking jacked, you still jack. Weird nipples, but but hello pounds in Mexican. That's it and will Mexican. But here's thing we pull it off like we really did well. All of us did something. You got his, never expected it's very few minutes. We did this workout. Can you win a gym in Kansas? No for sure now you crush them. Here's was crazy. If you think about the points. Four points am
and it is like hustling. Do you see that you're in the tech? What's how they get? They send you an email of your monthly tally and love all the info. Now I know I haven't seen that way. I'll, say I'll. Read you mine, I'll, give you perspective on your right right in the middle yeah the whole all the number of the calories. You burn that shit preposterous yeah, but what's interesting is we didn't anticipated in did anticipate this? I I thought it be like an hour or so so I said three thousands how what happened in it. So it says for the whole month, first of all, I mean the whole year leading up to our it's just and then it's the ninety five thirty eight maps, which is the measurement right yeah, three right in seven hundred and twenty six minutes. I work how many hours is it October three hours at divided by six thousand and sixty
hours- oh my god, I'm sorry, I'm sorry Shar liver. I was surprised today. He said he worked out sixty hours a month, average effort, seventy percent for the whole month, Calor burn for the month, forty seven thousand, eight hundred and four, oh god, an average heart rate was one hundred and thirty one. Bp Where is Jamie? I'm gonna send you this 'cause I sent to these guys are ready about what pussies we are 'cause. There's a guy who went he swam around the UK that yeah, like I say that, pull that up this guy fucking swam around the UK wow. He swam he burnt a half a one million calories. This guy's crazy. My tongue was falling apart. Jesus uh huh shoot with the salt water in your mouth, oh, my God is fucking tongue was falling apart so and this guy swam around the UK, one hundred and fifty
Seven days, swim in twelve hours a day. Order of this guy will be on the road in Prague. You can't talk son, he did good men, he retired at eight and my barn wells. What Bert worked out this is burst. Recap he did four thousand and ninety eight minutes of working out. Sixty six percent effort burned. Forty six thousand two hundred and fifty eight calories average heart rate. What's brutal man is like your hard he's weight. Lifting workout didn't give yeah like where is making so that muscle expenditure is like way severe did I wrecked myself for forty five points, one or oh yeah it was. It was different to when you got into running like legit running. So one ten miles at night and I would only get two hundred points for it. Do that you just that. I
up in the middle of the night difference for one hundred points. I know yeah because my heart rate wouldn't get over one thirty, and thank God for twenty four, germs or your own weight skillet. You were killed. Twenty four gyms are interesting because you're dealing with psychos an like where is the every every piece of equipment you get or if you have your own place? Obviously, every time is your own place, so many lizards can never knowing that try that run into some persons working at three o'clock in the morning. It's like a genius could be can't handle people, could be Steve. Simone said he worked at gold's gym for a while and just just they had a difference between four a dot m like six hundred am between between tweakers to slowly become like the winners were getting like. A variety work, work out, yeah yeah and it was such a quick shift of like type of person coming and where are we going to dinner? We want people
the internet or you know it's like we wrap this, you know yeah yeah. Do you want to wrap it up? Did we learn anything from this because I feel like with little room? That's true! Let's go around the room. This is interesting. Let's go around the room, Tommy buns! I think you learn from this sorry, I I I think I confirmed that I love the competitive. I think it brings me closer. You guys, actually, like you guys more even though I really liked you for I'm serious, I'm not feel like it makes me like you guys more because I'm like uh, like that, like that being on being on a team, a team thing, um and yeah, I'm I'm. I had that moment where I'm like I'm capable of more, then I thought I was capable of which is like saying it's encouraging and then it kind of fucks with you to all. What did you learn? I learned one
that I actually am capable of working out. I needed the competition to actually get to the gym. Like I said this in to January, you really did kill. I haven't gone there till October. I also learned how many people got in this. It was not nuts. I went to a jets game you like should be working out and by the way, my favorite, spots is in one of these things like how sober October going to any fan by you go, go fuck yourself. Each shit kill yourself, that's what you say: yeah all the time how you're joining me it's over! Why don't you go fucking, kill yourself in your wife. It was the best they went perfectly with it. Uh like I find one yeah, and I realize I actually can work out a little bit. Maybe I should work out a little bit. I did and that's awesome I do. I do remember also on the thirtieth, the second. Last day I was yeah trying to get just get points. Yeah and again, a construction site was on a cell phone and
He did not look like somebody, I would think would say anything to me yeah and he's like yeah yeah, and then he turns because I bonds a ball of fire. I great so many people knew about. It was fun. It was a man at my kid's school dads were coming up to me and say when I'm doing sober October to know shit one more day when we're doing wow. What did you learn? What did you learn? What do you feel like you learned? I know you, you know the competitive drive was fascinating yeah I did. I didn't anticipate getting that crazy, so I just didn't. I thought it this going to be us having fun. We would work out like last year. Fifteen YO class is not that extraordinary still is every the ladder in for sure the latter part of the month right. We all did fifteen together at like the one I learned, something last year, though, honestly that carried over this year, that I decided
do nine yoga classes in a row to finish off my session. I had like a bunch of weeks, but I'd like a week plus later to go like if I want to make it to end the month, want to get the fifteen in and decided to nine in a row and when I realized somewhere around, like number seven in a row I was like. Oh, you could just keep doing it. What you think you need time off, but you don't really need time off, just need to keep doing it and maybe slow down a little bit, maybe ill. You won't have as much energy, but you just keep doing it. Your body eventually adapt, but this is way more demand, but this is what what would happen with this too. So, but I realized last year by doing nine in a row like your body just sort of a, and then once I started doing like ramping up the cardio sessions- and I was like okay, if I just decided to get off now, I can get off now I can. Just now hour and a half long tell you be like be three hundred points. Better five hours is better. I'll see if we can do five hours
we did an hour and one slash. Two we just gotta do an hour and one slash two again then we're almost there then we're at three and then we do an hour and one slash. Two again, there were four and one slash two. There were all also g g o is this. What this is all about? This is why psychos like Lance Armstrong, win the tour de France. It's not just because steroids because he's a fucking psycho, the metal, mind of a werewolf and he figures out a way to win the metal part of his daily workout right now, like whatever lance does today, is far more fucking blow your mind. How many points you got put a fucking my zones on that guy and it's over he's just super hyper to Dependa mental part of this not just to go. Do it but actually go. You need to go leave your apartment in your house and you didn't go over there. I know you want to do this, but you gotta go, do a nap for a couple hours. That part was like one of the hardest parts anxiety in the morning. What you would go off and I'd worry. I would check check your scores
back to school scores, you and Burt did I don't fucking know mine? I was. I was asking you guys, but what you learn something I learned. I learned that I have a lot more in me than I ever thought I had yeah in that ARI is a sneaky fuck with a lot more strength than I ever thought. I imagine you got angry that they were sandbagging. You said I got on well, I yeah hey, you don't want anyone to do anything out of the out of the same shit you got into I got into too, but just with you, I just thought it was a joke. I didn't think you're really kind of set scary you have with that was like you think that you think are is going to sneak up on you. You don't understand, I didn't think it was real. I didn't think you really believe you're going to double me and never thought Israel parts, but I did to you didn't have to. I heard the words, and so I decided to believe
did I I used to believe them. Did you think I was going to be? You know? I never knew you. Thank you. Never what I never knew Tom of the me of me. The think I would be would no way. No, no, not at all. I thought you're sort of shape. I thought it was a misjudgment. System, and then we went on a hike together. I was like oh fuck. I was like. Oh yeah, of course someone that's one hundred is lighter than me would be in better shape. That makes sense. Thank you for the bounds. But yes, yes, but like there's a lot, I learned a lot. I learned: what did you learn I learned that I number one thing is that this camaraderie to better myself like when you get challenged by your friend yeah, and you have this fun fuck ary that just happens every day points you into a place, that's better for yourself, my opinion. It's also really fun for people. Listen. I got a lot, be able came up to me and said man. I wish I had friends like you guys, 'cause, you guys are so silly and stupid you're both
all of you rather or just like goofing on each other constantly and everybody's is laughing howling and it gives everybody that's listening to. This is bizarre of comraderie. That's true. We got through this stupid stupid month. ' We're doing insane amount of exercise saying amounts at the end of it. Well, I well what the fuck we were trying to do what we talked about trying to when I call Bert one Day- and I was like you know- we're not athletes right, we're not at all trains. Please bro goes we're. Just comics, no we're not bro, Not this time What would you have come in? The Shawnee competition would have been second or third in the final scores. Yeah would have had a killer yeah, that's crazy, legit places. Do you want athlete crazy and she probably teaches again classes, but also should probably never gets out of the greens. So in super shape. I don't know I got stuff stuff, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, she's, probably doing it forever. She probably
bury all of us. That's. The thing is like what we did was. We just did a one month. Chaos run. We all survived, but I think we should be careful about this 'cause. There is There is really a potential damage, your body doing stuff like this. It's really for sure, but there's a weird potential for like when you hear about stuff like rhabdo, and you like why What happened to Greta? Tell you about protection, for the positive is so much outweighs the potential for the negative that it's like just do it. I'm not saying that this is one of the big natives, but I don't know how any of you guys do it. Cramps I had on believable muscle, cramps, the last well two last last, for that. So I took took a lot of yeah a. I took a a lot of electrolytes more than I needed, I took them with him. I added him play in salt and water and why things that I realized, when you add too much, Himmel SALT Water, your body processes it like food. So all that water comes right through your body
whole a like a really like a semi with broken brings charges, shitting water rockets, thirty four hour. Is a water coming. Flying out of your asshole at Mach one. It's crazy, dude, your body when you drink salt with water together, your body goes. Oh, this is food. What is this? We get it out of here get it out comes like water was blown out for a lot of those workouts. It was hard look at the amount of time that all of us were pumping our legs. It's crazy Jesus Christ doesn't make any sense, it's just the fact that we got close to each other. Well all, preposterous All all of us might have been the most preposterous. You might have an were preposterous in terms of a normal month of exercise. For sure, basically everybody, it's more than I've ever seen that one of those on one of those boards for ten months, I've never
Anything I need over the respective eleven, no way of digits, eleven thousand and fifteen seven thousand seven thousand. That was like pretty nuts eleven thousand is taking too it Terrel place. Yeah you gotta go to a terrible place to get to eleven thousand it doesn't. It was only because as we were all sort of pushing each other words like it's great there's levels like I'm good, I'm good, fuck, he's doing mistreated, Tomlinson wanna lose to burpee honest with him, he's right here until around six hundred something it was like. Fuck but there was also like wait. I can do at least that one day I got one more day- and me of that is the name of our show is beat Bert. Tonight Tom tell me what you and I talked about. I was telling him on the thirty first I was like I got this. I mean I just I just flew to Tampa at the
next day and night, so I'd law, I didn't tell you guys, I didn't know I was gonna effect, so I was like all right could be the cut off of ten eastern but just got to the hotel. I checked in. I go right to the gym and I was like man spent a fucking, motherfucker I got a work out right now. I didn't know how I knew you were six seven hundred points ahead of me. I just started. I was like I just I can't lose the bird right. I can't I can't and I had, major anxiety, I didn't think like. I would suck to lose a bird and like crippling anxiety about it, and I was like all right. I just kept going and I had a few hundred points I was already at I don't know if you'd synced up so I was at least three hundred and seven sheriff. There's no sink sink was a real worry yeah. He was a real. We have to make rules if we do this ever again. First of all, we gotta get blood, checked
if we were doing drugs are calling me no, no, no! No! No! No! No, I mean rhabdo, I mean people die or yeah. I think we should. It would be cool to do this with doctors. If we ever do anything like this again, I really think we should do it with doctors, because there is a point where I said like at the end, there was ever happened like phantom pain means yeah it just it just felt the 31st was about. Day for me that traveled air does it that when you call Joe no, I call to the top Jonesboro Berkeley jealous first tier two more worked out in the morning, mother fucker. I worked out in the morning by the way you talk to everyone in here above Maine, I talked to you, you just don't call Maine. Oh you, fucking liar, but in the morning you know that's happening on 31st on the 31st land in which of the fucking gym. I actually talk to you. And then you and then an hour after you. I spoke to him and I was like
see that I was started three hundred ahead of them. Now three hundred means, if you don't work out, he can catch you tags on two hundred more which makes sex drive on or at least a hundred eight, that I can see yeah, which is two and a half hours, and actually I didn't know- and I was like what's up and I really believe them I was like. I hear he's like chopping. His I'm cooking right at the house. Friends are over blah blah he's a Gump. I swear I'm done and I was like all right. Man and I just hung up and I was like I got to go for least another fifty dollars for walk into a different room. I said you, I thought I said how many square on my children and when I say I'm not done I'm done and I go- we got friends over. I had to go, spend the day with Georgia with their thing. I don't have time to work, I'm not going to do it now, I'm ready to get fucked up at midnight. What I knew too is that I was not going to go another five hundred to Kashmir.
I was not sure like if you are going to go. Could you please just tell me so I can actually take this dancing when I'm on you know what I'm talking out in it part of it was very. Nice with Georgia turn an hour. I got back from spin class. George was at school and texted me and she goes Do the Daddy lunch in set up at nine hundred and it was like eight hundred o'clock and I looked at Leanne. I was like I'm done. I can't I got really angry she