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#1260 - Lennox Lewis & Russell Peters

2019-03-07 | 🔗
Lennox Lewis is a three-time world heavyweight champion, a two-time lineal champion, and remains the last heavyweight to hold the undisputed title. Russell Peters is an actor and standup comedian, currently touring internationally all over the world.
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day and make sure you use the referral code, Joe Rogan, all one word all right: we did it my guest today I have to guests, but the main one is the greatest heavyweight boxing champions of all time: the great and powerful linen Lewis and his good friend and my good friend as well one of the best Anna comics on the planet. Earth Russell Peters. So please welcome Russell Peters and Lennox Lewis The Joe Rogan experience, we are live with the great and powerful Russell Peters and one of the baddest mother ever get into the ring. Lennox Lewis don't mess with the best, that's a fact, that you know you're walking around on this earth. One of the baddest mother, fuckers of all time, verified one hundred percent feel good about it too. It's kind of feel good, don't get
and then fights, but you know what else you have your wits about you, one hundred percent, you smooth and relaxed you know. Did you do that? I started out that way. He is like a you know: it apple don't fall too far from the tree type of thing. I've always been that way. Cool collected thinker, soft spoken and and what you don't know about me what you don't know about me when you do know about me, you love me even more, do you, do exercise at all anymore boxing wise, do you have to hit the bag and well not not hit the bug
or into like working out with the weights. It was like. It was hard for me when I retired that was the worst part uh. What was the hardest? Just you know saying: okay, you know eating more, so I need to exercise kind of doing the exercises, but when I start exercising, I'm training for a fight right, so it's like ok training, train. Why am I doing this? I'm not gonna fight, but I'm still training for a fight so mentally. I have to say to myself. Well let me try the soft things you wouldn't play, tennis and all these different sports, which I can play and that kind of helped me a lot better yeah. That is an interesting thing with fighters a lot of times when they're done they're done they just look at my data yeah. Well, he's training back he's got to pack in training camp in my DINA got. You know why 'cause, you probably got an instagram people started. Talking chat this kind of that's what made me want to lose weight people, people talking they were like holy foot. Would you eat your whole cast? You do look
like you losing weight that you look pretty slim if I lost twenty one dot zero with our with our dear friend Jean Jacques Machado. I hate Jujitsu will peel that weight off yeah. That's a fact that some strenuous shit you ever thought about doing just relax. He's scared me. He want to it. Let me tell you when I was growing up. I had I had friends that did wrestling had friends that the kick box, all these different mediums and you know, would always practiced with them with this wrestling, whether it's kickin, whether it's doing whatever play fighting. We did all that stuff yeah, because everybody always wants to test the boxer right and say. Well, you know how does the for up against a karate guy house if you're up against a kick boxer as if you're up against MMA guy yeah, they always a fair fight? naturally better. So I really
Throw my weight around. Like that, you know is like don't mess with me. Okay, if you mess with me from going to happen and then they don't really mess with my kind of carry myself like that right, because I'm so serious that sometimes like you know they can take the consent, the seriousness of it series, but still easy going. So I'm no reason to push you right, silent, but violent. It silent a violent do you know about about fighters? Is that your when you think of exercise you think of exercises you're preparing for a big, violent event? yeah, whereas for most people they just don't want to be fat. They want to look good. They want to get in shape, and you know, it's a lot of people on Instagram that just working out really hard every day, but there's no reason right. You had a reason, yes yeah. So when the reason's gone, it's like.
Now what how do I maintain this shape? Listen without maintaining that lifestyle, you think of another reason. Yeah! Thank you. You know you look good by the way. Thanks does could not have seen me since I was one hundred and forty seven really one hundred and forty seven pounds. One point: nine first started boxing of one: forty, seven: how old were you fifteen I met him when I was sixteen, oh really you guys have known each other that long. I know his parents yeah wow and his and his mom and his brother wow black deep. Don't realize that it was like you know. I see him as a big star now I've seen in movies and commercials rescuing people, I mean I'm like YO. This is the kid you know is growing up. Is I literally easy to sell them mix tapes in the nineties? He was already world Champ and I've been playing a mix. Tape of you go. Tell me I'm like I just made it he's like give you two It looks like
you just made. One hundred dollars million can't give me one hundred bucks yeah. Well, you know everybody was making tapes back then I remember those days where people were aggressively trying to sell tapes on the streets that was even trying to sell it. I just played it in my car and he's like oh yeah, you had the new shit going on. You know that was you had the real shit so get a good get it, I didn't. I didn't have that contact to get them. So he had the music contacts lot of people don't Russell's, legit, DJ the only mixtapes, reluctantly good move, when you know when you see him wrestle with people and TMZ see that should work with messing with the jewel always trying to always see what happened after it in total punches, nanako, charmed or younger kid his neck? That's what I can do that if you watch it you see, I went for his arm down to get his neck
and then the other guy in front of him pulled him down and I couldn't get the neck. Could you tell us what happened? I mean explain. What all I seen was. A guy walked him out and you grabbed him. No, if you want there? Okay, so here's what I never say. What happens? I'm they're looking at a ring right, yeah and that guy's, thing down earlier had checked, if the door was open, he went out to spit and now he really thinks the doors open. So now he thinks he's just going to get up and walk away with this ring his little move. And then they lock the doors and then I'm standing like what's going on and I'm like takes a swing at my friend's father, then I go now I tried to get his neck and that guy pulls them. You see, there's a lot of to get the neck there. So no, but I'm trying he's a big strong fucking to to you. Gotta go over the top just trying, but I had three layers on that: a jacket, a sweatshirt and a long sleeve shirt, and that is an issue and then so then I try to go for the arm, but everybody sees everybody in my way, so I'm like giving the arm just to get the arm move Dad move dad
remove the guy in the big train who's, the guy in the big chain. That's uncle David and there I guess, get got the idea of the backward baseball, pushing the arm down and you'll see. I the wrist here. As soon as I locked the army says, he says: okay, stops moving. I think it's okay, okay, okay yeah at the risk you see the Little wrist lock Steven Seagal style. That was my friends and Pasha. Look there you go wrist. Locks are legit, he got up again, no! No! No! This is just a different angle. Different. I want to know how far we was gonna make with a ring. You see, see that wall, my cousin is hiding when he was trying to get out he whacked his head against that wall? Oh no and an he cut his ear, open the thief yeah. So what I him uh got arrested. Where was this in Toronto? Know New York City right in the jewelry district,
so it's funny that they would like ill planned out moves. You know think that they know that people grab things and run away. Well, there's that and he apparently had been come to the store for six months. Scoping scoping the place. Oh that's hilarious, sculpted, a poorly! that's hilarious, yeah, it's a silly. Do you have to go to or anything like that, and I haven't heard anything since: do you it doesn't put him and I was trying to do- is hold on there because, right all the doors were locked. I'm like It makes sense again to a scrap with the guy. If I could just put him in a chokehold or or lock, then till the cops come, but the thing is you could injure him. If you injure him, then they suit, you believe, not really. Yeah Dick Ulous is the town is right work? Well, it's not really a law enforcement officer. I could see if you have no one would have been dangerous for everybody in the store if he was running wild. True, so I mean look, he's lucky didn't crack him yeah, you know I just locked up up, and I said alright as soon as I like them, because okay and I go had one one knee down on one leg up, and I kick that leg out, so you
People in both need to get rid of his base. Yes, right, I was trying to move his bank moves the base. I gotta question now: if the whole thing happened again, how would you do things differently? I told everybody get out of my way, so you can get him in a chokehold. Would you just put him to sleep yeah, laying down laying down to come in and he went back home and obviously feel good about yourself. What did you kind of run the whole thing through your mind, a couple of times like YO? This could happen or what could happen? no, I start thinking after if he had a gun or if you have a night, but I'm like. If you had a gun, he would have pulled it out right away. You know he's not here to surprise you with a gun he's here to scare you with the. Well, there's result that many dudes on him too. Good luck, pulling that gun out yeah yeah, with a guy shot, but probably not? Probably not you you probably not real urgent, if you some reaching for something yeah, but it changed
knees to the head would have kick everything everything I know I watch a the of karate movies, there's different things you could do like you wanna practice karate ever like. I don't want to do something different. That's why I was asking about you Jitsu, because you know when your world heavyweight champion boxer after. Why, like what other shit can learn I can arm and burning with that kept tugging on putting in a complex, no great Bruce Lee fan I love of fighting movies and you know, martial arts is always been a part of my life, and I say that because every fight I fought before I fought that fight. I watched the martial arts movie, really yeah like Chuck, Norris Bruce Lee that kind of shit, Jackie Chan and leave them and all the real shit, so you know those kind of move. Carter, Wong and type stuff, you know yeah, I like that and that just got in that mental state, like watch me today. Do you
Would you ever watch it and go if this was around when I was fighting? What I do this um? The only thing I think about that because you know, like I said I was in the wrestling and did wrestling when I was younger and boxing as well. So I didn't know they could combine them to until I got older, but you know my focus was more on boxing, but If they get paid a lot of money, I probably would have done it yeah. That's how a lot of people feel. I think I think right now the money is not quite there. It's not quite it's. There's some people like Conor, Mcgregor or Rousey Rowsey, but for the other folks, it's not it's not have to get a guy. Like Earl spends to jump over. You know. No and then I see a lot of uh seen some boxers actually good at boxing, actually just win the fight on boxing because, so good with their hands. But your stance has to be different. You can have your Lee leg out in MMA. That's the problem! You can't stand the sideways yeah, you got You gotta square up,
I will get lit up. I don't know I stand sideways, even in the fight 'cause. I know that I stick that leg out there for them to come, come at and obviously it's easy to grab a leg but to me. I don't think fighting should start that way. Anyway. Nobody, when you start fighting, usually punches, are thrown quick. Last a couple seconds. Nobody really just go through and legs and less they. They say. Ok, I'm going to go for his legs and take him down. Nobody never made a kick your leg. Yeah they tell you can't walk leg. Kicks are brutal, you have been led, kicked yeah, yeah, it's rough guy on the leg, one time and it's like I couldn't move into my thinking. If we got in a fight kicking in a leg and they gave me a dead leg like this, I don't know what I would do it yeah, and if it's a guy like your size like a over hoes and like his glory World Heavyweight Kickboxing champion, they just keep their hands up and chew your legs up or two shots, your legs and it's a horrible feeling. It's like doesn't move right it just gives out. I write on the side of your knee
well. You know what you know he If you could you guys look like you've accepted that I was like I I go mad yes on yelp? You kick me I don't think anybody is kicking in your leg and did you ever see when Shannon the cannon tried uh some Kickboxing Shanna brakes? Fog Tom Erickson. No, he has actually made out of any no. No, he them up. Cnn got leg. Kick though, and he said he he you know, JANET talks wears heels chap. He goes, it hurts so bad, but I try to play it. Off champ. He got hit with one leg, kick that he got hit with another one, but he touched him with like a joke up to the body, and Tom Erickson got a little cocky here. It is right here he he fought when he was in like this transition period and they offered him a lot of money like right. There. You got leg kick by this guy and the guy Tom Erickson. They thought is really more of a wrestler. He kicked him twice and then she tell he actually broke it down for us on the podcast, but he said his leg.
Hurting so bad and he tried to go the guide into thinking that he could punch with them. See if got hit again, Oh Jesus he's letting him and I would not that guy out yeah, but he you think you would just let do that, but once you get hit with one of those things like that, it's so crippling to your leg. You don't you know, you're right because, like I said you know, I got hit there and was like I could move? The thing is that everything is locked up. You put Shannon to sleep in yeah. It's a great fight to Ericsson, tried to box of for some strange reason. He got into this crazy idea like right there he got clipped Goodnight, yeah and that's it he's got the one Shell Champ Chill Boxing kickboxing was there wearing gloves when no shoes, no shoes The post isn't Shannon Briggs supposed to at least kick a couple times well. You know if he knew how to, but I think he went into their thinking just cracking with a punch and knock him out, which he did. You know he get a couple of leg kicks, but it's
hilarious when you hear him break it down. He's how old are you know me yeah, I'm under one hundred under one hundred under one hundred? But you can't be any more than like. Four thousand five hundred and forty seven holding you very much. Thank you very much for holding that fifty you're a great guy, you don't I say hold you and people have internet out there. So they'll just look: how old is he fifty you look great. Thank you. You do right. Doesn't he he's always look good, but when you like you were you're, one of those guys who did the smart. You were tired and you just retired. Yes, you know which is. I specs so much, we just talk Marvin Hagler the other day they man, when Marvin, Hagler, retired he's like good night, take care. Everybody lost controversial decision to sugar, Ray Leonard ninety city. Take care, I'ma go, do some movies, and that was it. It just never came back, and it is so rare that a fighter does that
well, you know what was was disheartened like a fucker with boxing, though he hated it. He was like I'm out yeah yeah boxes go through so much and like when they know when it's time when a box, it says it's time to quit. They know it's time because I've gone through so much and they realize that it's a lot of hard work. For me, I've been boxing since I've been fifteen, so in training hundreds of is training hundreds of hours working out rest in working on technique sparring all these different things after a while, you know yet we reached that high, where you say: ok, that's enough, and sometimes you know people manage and trainers and promoters. They don't want to tell the boxer. That's enough, because that's but they're, making money off of that box every time he steps in the ring right so
did you have a conversation with the manual Stewart about it. Absolutely who made the decision? Did you guys make it together? I made the decision he wanted me actually to go on really because I wanted to you know. Tyson was my main nemesis and you know is a is a box of the I would. I definitely wanted to fight before retiring and died in the flu is going to happen or not. So I actually stuck around for a couple more years for that fight to happen, cutting one throughout history, people with the same Tyson with a one of the Lewis, with a one point at them to no who run right and then, after that, after the Tyson fight, you know many said: listen, this goes around. That's the new generation. You can beat the guys. This generation and the guys from the next generation, unlike like that, sounds good, so you kind of I me into doing that fight because I wasn't really gonna go. Do that fight, and then you know that was a year after Tyson,
and I didn't really want to box him straight away. I wanted to box somebody else, because The main nemesis was Tyson. Then you know once I once I beat Tyson, you know I could relax a little bit a relaxed for a year and then getting back into a box in a box. Let's go with my first fight, which was a stick to the fight. Seventeen seventeen days notice at my work yes, I've been a man is best. Why was it such a short notice fight because the opponent that I actually picked the fight didn't fight, didn't want to fight me actually said no to was that supposed to be Johnson from Yeah Kerr John Kerr, Johnson of instruction from the was, can you were doing him a favor, I think, puts go felt that he was doing him a favor. Listen me. Take the fight. I've been training for two years for this guy I'm ready and then we'll give the first shot after I win. That's what was promised him fatality. Such a weird style, Disney yeah. He did
and and that's not kick box install coming into play a little bit because he would throw a punch and lean back like this and that's the first time. I've actually seen that style, yeah and You know if I didn't reach out with my right hand. As far as I did, I would never caught him with that and it was that long right hand that caught him just at the end of my punch when he leaned back. Lean back anymore. That made his I cut yeah. He was a very strange fighter in terms of his style. Just the way of hands were always down his a weird way of moving very unorthodox because he was such a big guy was six foot seven, it was. It was part of the biggest guy. You fought right yeah? How take never shot? Never number of our guns, alas, did you Michael Grant was big gonzalas boxed in the limbo okay. Louise Gonzalez, alas, was was never cuban guy they look at look? Look? How weird the way he fights is to such an awkward way of moving him a good with
right hand and held, I me holding around the neck of the handout Mohammed Ali. He said if you heard hold the good guy around the neck. You can tell when he's gonna move. Well, he was. He was good in the first few rounds after first, three rounds. Realize about this fight. I wasn't fighting food for twelve It's fine to knock this guy out. Because you had it in your mind, yeah I'm I'm going. This is the first time you ever see me going forward in the flight, this guy's bigger than me I'm coming forward, and I'm throwing punches Is catching me, but the with the early rounds, although he two inches taller than you look bigger than him this physically you're wider. You know when, when you look back on your career. Like do you have like a most satisfying victory yeah? What is it Austin Rock? I was going say that I was going to say the remote.
The first or the second, the second one mother filter. This is Christ. Usually when I, when a guy beats you like that, and then you know you could have beaten me, you should have beaten him. Is that what I you so much No, you know it really bothered me is the fact that I gave him an opportunity. I gave him a fight when I'm basically waiting for tyson- and I have keep busy, I'm looking down the list of who to fight his number seven, a really Is that he's. Durable is not not one of these guys that get knocks out easy. So I wanted to give my fans, you know a proper fight box, the best guy out there in that box, easy guy, that's easy to get knocked out. I don't want to go home in two rounds oh and then another reason. A lot of people don't know. Went to Africa to fight because Mohammed Ali went to Africa. He fought in Africa, so I want to do that. I wanted to be. I wanted to fight in Africa. If you know I say I'm world champion. So I need to all around the world. So that's what made me go to Africa. The only thing about
Africa is- I didn't know that it was such a high altitude up there. For me to have a fight. I should have got there a lot earlier, but I was doing ocean's eleven that time. You were doing so wasn't doing the movie. I was sitting around half the time, waiting for them to change the lights, then go out and go out there for two minutes and then go back and sit there for another two hours. Well, they change the light. Were you training at all that was happening yeah I was. Try but it wasn't like it wasn't the conditions of training. You know I needed a bag. I needed sparring partners, I'm going to be up there. Soon to just kind of exercise. Yes, how many one thousand feet was at above sea level, higher than big here it was Cape town right so more than six wow. I didn't know that yeah. It was kind of weird because when I start working I was like throwing punches. Then I found myself going so I had to take two steps back and I'm like. Oh, no, no don't tell me this fight is going to be one of those fights were after
my time so I basically went out there taking That time I realize he's dealing with the same thing I'm dealing with, although he was there a lot earlier, but you know I have a couple things going wrong boxing at four hundred in the morning. They couldn't find a big enough ring, then they when they put the ring together. It was like eighteen by nineteen so and then the punch that actually hit me. I actually thought I was going to block it, but it came on this side. I my hat, I put my hand up to block it, but it came round hit me. One of those things were a man through a terrific punch which my chin happened to be in the way of what is it like, that's over and you're sitting there and you know you lost, but you know that under the right circumstances, this guy is not at your level, in fact,
You know my problem was solved before I got out of the ring. I knew what I did wrong, which was the greatest thing that ever happened to me is like another day. He wouldn't throw a lucky punch like that. It wouldn't hit me and he wouldn't have a ref that you know was on his side, well how's the ref on the side. When I see the on his side, you know we call it a little early. I got much on the second round, I'm the give me a chance, Haight Street right right. You know you seen you seen the Deontay Tyson Fury fight like you know, if that was the referee with it even with accounted amount straight away. That would have stopped at the press conference that fucking 12th round that right left at Deonte landed the fact that Tyson got up and then won the remainder of the round. That is crazy. I am so for Us created that fights not happening again. Man
you know, I'm looking at the heavyweight scene and I'm looking obviously sure Josh were from England, and you know we had the opportunity to fight the on to and didn't take it. I'm like, if that was mailed, it took that chance, because you never know what happens down the road likes what's happening. You know, and you know to to me- is being put on the shelf now. Yes, the box, somebody that nobody really wants them to block, z, fighting next baby, Baby Miller, big Baby Miller, big baby million. You know big baby Miller, I haven't seen too much of them. I don't know too much about him, but you know he talks a good fight. I knew you so we waited over three hundred pounds at one time and maybe and and you know now he's got an opportunity to fight Joshua, so he's taken full advantage of it like he should. But you know, don't see anything is history to show me that he can Joshuah in a move
Ub can he can bag? You can buy. Thank you dear to bang. Just Joshuas got feet, he's going to movies not going to stay there and bang is an excellent boxer. Yeah he's going to be a smart box here in this fight allegedly will see right. I mean no yeah. I mean this is one of those things where I think this is where Anthony's got to be extra careful, because Miller is going to train twice as hard and if Josh and train like he's fighting beyond today, right he's gonna, you may take it for granted, make a mistake, and you can do that all of them. That is the soonest nothing. He is nothing that he's done on purpose is is like it's a mental thing. Yeah. When you find tech, I wouldn't go home wouldn't go, wouldn't go home and gave me a lot of trouble. I was at that fight gave me a lot of trouble boxes got around the ring for twelve rounds, like literally the guy's head snapping back on this guy, it's not going to not be around yeah. I was going nowhere. That is that what it that's gonna be a weird feeling to when you know how hard you punch- and you see it-
I just eating them. Like some people just are built, weird we just can take a shot. No, I learned that coming up. I learned that like you're, some guys that are tough to the head a week to the body from guys are tough to the body week to the head and some guys just made out of rocks yeah yeah. It's almost like ignorant bliss, it just don't know they're supposed to feel pain. I don't know I mean I really think it's a physiological thing. I think some guys just take a shot, they just they just bill better. Sometimes I've been in fights, I've gone in the man's hit me on the chin. First couple minutes and it's like it just glanced off my chin. It's like a rated r the planet and it didn't hurt me, and I was like what happens. I punch it was so hard it hit you on the chin. Everybody was saying YO. Did you see that punch? You never felt like you know, and when I look at tape of it, it's like wow, I didn't get it mmm. Is it because what are there a bunch of actors like how much you got hit in training? How well you feel coming into the fire
yeah where you're at in your career and there's a lot of factors like, for instance, let me give you a we could factor. You have box for two years and all of a sudden step into the ring and it's a title fight and you box, you got the first good hit. You get is going to come. You really. Because you haven't been getting those hits for that that two years now this man hit you with the two years. And you getting used to it and you have you felt and you've gotten over. You need to get over that Is it a mental hill? It is a mental because even for me for me, when I haven't fought for a while, you know go out there until I get hit once I get hit that wakes everything up like YO. This is not supposed to go like that. You're not supposed to hit me I'm supposed to hit you I guess go in so the Hasim Rahman fight after it was over? Will you worry that you were going to get it? We're not get a rematch. Yes,
I was very worried. In fact, we chased him to three courts around the world and that he didn't want to fight me, and I I you know if I was in this position, I wouldn't want to fight me either because you know I'm coming back for revenge plus there's a big money fight out. They were Tyson brunch. He saw so happened to say after the no more Lewis Tyson, no more Lewis, Tyson and He actually left South Africa visiting Mandela like why you go african visit Mandela. I did I want to get out of there, yeah belt, and that seven million dollars that he got off a Don king, so the fight what made again because after the third courtroom, the judge says whose signature is this seems said it was his. You signed it. Yes, well! You got to give him the rematch this. Is you signed it to give me a rematch, so you have to give me rematch. So I didn't want to hear that. So I was happy.
So the riemann! How long did it take two years two years and there was all that those brawls in the remember, the ESPN studio when him and Rachman got into a fight at the top of the table and everything Lennox was wearing his big Steve. Harvey suit. Did you? Let me tell you, it was a Steve Harvey suit too, because I had this AMA had the slipper shoes in the world. I didn't come here to fight right. Came there to, like you know, do press slippery shoes in the worst. If anything goes down the others leather shoulder you're done, oh my god on carpet, let's just give up, on which I wish that's. We have not learned. You did too yeah now, when you were in that time period. I I don't remember, did you have fights in between yeah? How many fights did you have after rock? No, it didn't have no fight, no fight. No! No! I just trained for Rockman just waited yeah, so took you two year
two years. The must been so frustrated. It was. It was because you never know if you're gonna get the fight or not, or you know these guys are running from you. They signed to fight a rematch, because you know now the didn't want to sign it. I remember when that right hand landed. I remember that I was watch at home and I threw my arms up in the air. I was like. Oh yeah. Yes, I went to sleep and sleep with hammer check this out. Man I mean a long time coming. You waited for it. You know for this. This fire Rockman couldn't cut catch me because my speed was different. You know in South Africa it was a lot slower. Now he got kind of frustrated because he couldn't get his boom now over the top of the shoulder Joe Cortez. Let him count still that was a nominal put. It was probably one of the most satisfying one punch knockouts ever watched, because I knew
you had gone through and I knew like everybody knew. You were one of the greatest of all time man to have you get k, o'd like that. First of all, it made it endeared people to you in a way because it showed your vulnerability, but also your character in your ability to come back, which is not easy man. When you get stopped like that like cycle Logically, it's got to be fucking with your head, first time I lost, everybody was coming up with shaking my hand and said well what are you going to do now? Let me what am I going to do now? Yeah we're going to do now. I'm going to go back and win my championship. I said: ok, you know they didn't think it was going to be possible, but I'm thinking Mohammed Ali gain the championship three times so I've only lost it once I can do it again takes a special person to do it, and I can do it. Do you do. You feel like there was like two stages of your clearly pre Emanuel steward and post yeah. Absolutely
there's two sizes of 'em too. Then, if you look at it serves like he went from like a a skinny a skinny kid to a man like a giant man out of nowhere yeah the the pre menu. Stool was obviously you know me learning how to be a professional learning to fight pro. And then once I got to manual we just like you know he said: hey you're grateful. You know used to move around a lot of kind of bring that back like okay, cool, so the movement, he brought back. He taught me a couple Kronk tricks. You know that check hook and different things that the crown fighters do which works. Well, and you know he was easy to understand, then what I liked about him what he said I can do. I could accomplish. He just told me what to do I'll. Do it yeah if he said Lynn, we need you win this round I'll win that round yeah
I had that kind of relationship right. He was really one of the great masters. You know there's certain masters when it comes to like boxing training like when you would hear him discuss fighters like I really loved hearing him do commentary as well, because he would discuss fighters and what they need to do and he was always just dead on. He just knew things he understood boxing so comprehensively. He just knew what a five I need to do that. I was so excited when he started working with you because it was like. Well, that's that's exactly what Lennox needs so is HBO, because you know it's funny I'll. Do fight on HBO and they would say always doing. This is not doing this. He needs to do more in these will throw the job more than a man. You start working for me is. I always doing the job it was doing well. I was like oh, this is what you need. You need a great coach anytime, you going on tv that the commentators, respect and they'll talk good about the boxer, but She's, not a good train is like what do they need to talk about it. They talk a lot of shit in boxing commentary
yeah, the and then they let you know whose side they're on yeah yeah. They always that you know you could tell by how, how they're guiding your brain to watch the fight. Well, they also the talk a little shit, it's more like sports commentary like mix. Martial arts commentary. I don't I don't do that. I don't really talk shit ever I mean occasionally. If something is previously bad I'll talk about that, you know these real issues here, but I try to I try to just don't click. Alright, I comment both of them hard. I try hard at that because I wasn't always you know. I've got a hat and I'd learned how to do it. On the job. Nobody really knew how to there wasn't a lot of people doing it before I started doing it, but sucks for you, because you're finds with all the fighters. Yeah is hard. When you watch a friend of yours, fuck up another friend of yours, yeah, that's hard. What about a friend of yours is doing something wrong. That needs to do something right. Do you tell him yeah I tell privately most mostly from for me, I would like to wish. I was like that I wish
can do that. But you know people want more truth out of me, try and bring it across in the software and not make it too harsh. I would bring, I would say, there's issues like I see something if I see like a vulnerability I'll discuss that, but if there's some that. Someone needs to work on our. Do I'll, try to pull massage. You know most of them know you know just you know, MMA fighters, I'm sure a lot like or so there's different kinds of humans and some of them are just fucking wild and those wild ones. You know a lot of times they never become champion, but they're. The most exciting people to watch like like Mickey Ward like making fights with a tour. Oh there, some of the greatest because they were the way they are. Up some of the would never want. One of my friends to fight like that two lunatics and one ring: oh my god, man, those fights, were chaos, though everybody knew that the because they're never gonna be made whether they're never gonna to be the best guys, but God damn were fun to watch some of
crazy. They were like our generations prior arc way, almost almost except they went back and forth and back and forth. You know who who was it that had an arm, injury and still box? Was it Mickey war? Now? Wasn't it Bernard Hopkins when he fought Antoine Ackles? He I I might. I might be wrong- give me the blood to permanently a broken arm. Someone got to arm broke in all pulled out you that yeah, that was a it was Antoine Ackles. It might have been against Hopkins or was again someday, but somebody, the guy him up and dislocated a shoulder, but he and the was like like no. No, no, I a guy with a left hook after We've got a lot of kids get slammed in the stop the fight and he came back and won the rematch. Yes yeah. I recall I recall them guy, knocking him out in the next round. With his left hand, only was at Hopkins, it
might have been Hopkins Ackles. If you know I'll, tell you one thing and one of the hardest fights for me to watch was Hopkins versus Joe Smith. That was that was up on Oct out and fell out of the ropes and landed on his head. I was like man that is just first of all the fact there was no padding on the ground. This is God. This is Bernard Hopkins with the greatest of all time, and this is now this is set up. You know they don't use, they don't put padding on the ground. They need to have. Something they're like no. We need more, an apron know that the tables have to put more people around the ring anyway, This comes flying out. Yeah, I that's how they do in Japan can pride. They would have guys like waiting the side of the ring to the stop guys from phone other exit would use rings, which I don't recommend for MMA. Is this pros and cons of the pro? Is that the the caged, the kids kind of way you can kind of hold the guy again against Asia. You can't really hold a guy very well against against ropes here,
is right here see he I mean like you fell boom. Right on his head. Man I mean, I think, that's concrete. Yet is he went through If somebody helps you up the fights over you know you get this qualified a minute. Somebody helps you back into the ring. Oh really yeah! You have to get up on your own and get back in on your own know about that. Hey you could that's interesting details so ruined the fight for him. If he was okay yeah, it was okay. If he fell, and then someone helps him get back up the techno? That's interesting yeah somebody, Michelle, don't touch him daughter, get up but nobody knows if he's alright or not right, especially when you see him land, it's human nature, to run and help, but it's also Oh he's fifty or fifty one was fifty one. It was not young when you see a guy like him like how the fuck does a guy like that, defy the odds and defy time I mean
just a skill level experience experience, intelligence or Hopkins is an intelligent fighter is like you know, you watch fire he's smart, spend one day out of shape clean, doesn't party yeah to this day. I follows Instagram. He's always trying he's always exercising still look. Slim still looks good. He's got true, focus yeah its interest. That he became that way like in his estimation, because of prison time. You know in a prison turned him into a disciplined man, and I like realizing like like this- is rock bottom. I fucked up. I need to. I need to get my life in order and did, and you know imagine the people out there that committed crime spend thirty four years in jail because some stupid crime they could spend that time, training and being the World champion yeah at something yeah and anything we just just developed.
Use that time to develop yourself, develop your mind. You know when, when when Hopkins was they were all the writing him off when he fought Felix Trinidad. Remember that everybody thought treated, I was going to run him over. I remember the shitty pulled in Puerto Rico and the flag chased him through the stadium. Oh, my god. He let anyone to make that like six or seven foot jump to the ground. Was good going to break his legs. Larry yeah. I forgot about that. That was crazy, chase them out of the stadium yeah. Well, I'm sure Tito. That's so much on his mind in that fight. So much emotions you know and then is the mental warfare that Bernard won't brought into that one for sure, but then also he was just too good yeah. He was too good, I mean he was just getting too big. He had to hard like Trinidad really was lighter weight fight in that it was a junior middle weight. Yeah perone
that same thing almost got done too yeah yeah exactly threw it down. Oh man, that was crazy yeah. That was crazy and you know this was. I think I think there were no hard was like thirty six at the time. Look at the house when you not to mention a fat jump. You have to do who's, trying to get out of there for real. If he just turned they would have stopped returning. They would probably know what am I doing chasing a tiger. Can't a tiger and you you got a real fucking problem. You know, did you ever have any thoughts at all. We once you finally retired, like maybe one more, do you ever have any thoughts like the well. You know I told people like a take. A take. My pajamas off for a hundred mil yeah, so they bring the serious come with the baby. Show me the paper, but who have to be against AJ may no not! But when you had beaten Tyson you'd be
a sin that was kinda at the end of his stage, two right yeah, I was on the same guy. Like of I I look to Tyson's history. You know it's coming from the same history, I'm coming from you know and. He spent some time in incarceration while he was incarceration, I'm still out there fighting and training hard. He didn't have that in there. So when, when he came out, it's like you know, He's trained again he's doing what he was, what he knows, not what he loves right. What he knows desk was going to make him some money. That's going to put food on the table. So it's like. I look at old time fighters and say what made them stay in boxing so long. That's the only thing they knew right. Didn't then they're not going to be no singer or dancer whatever they only know box and- and this is where they get their money from so they that's what that's? What forces and back into the ring
the olden days and for the Recall prize fighters, because that they would make enough money to to make a living in the same, like a huge like a Jack Dempsey or Ray Robinson, Ray Robinson, Ray Robinson, far way way way passes plant again because they were making good money at the time, but not the money that they would've been making if it was today. Well that was not. I mean you know you had to go see it live. You know like a how much did yeah we get paid for the radio who was and was it fight on the radio. Was it Jack, Dempsey, gene tiny? That was the first million dollar gate. I think so, one of those ray ourselves did that fight. I think, and that create what is a one million dollars back then it's. A lot of money back was in the nineteen right, yeah Gene Tunney. Jack gene gene, Tunney yeah when Tyson was in jail. He must have been doing something because he came out jacked like he look good like he came out looking different than he ever looked like six pack fully built twenty five Peter Mcneeley. He was terrifying but like physically, he looked really good too
You look better than he ever looked more ripped than So when went in, he was a little chubby yeah. You know what is there? Yes, nothing else there. Yes, dudes! That's what I how many dudes, before it's enough pens on how much time you're in there for yeah. That was him when he Not he shredded. It was was it so much more muscular, so he's probably it probably couldn't do any sparring. I doubt they had a heavy bag, but they probably had a weight room. You know you can fly, you can fly in prison twenty eight, twenty nine. There depends on what prison right, yeah, yeah I and even fight this fight fight people, yeah yeah somebody would have tried to start some shit. Well, I'm sure, I'm sure, not a majority. Even you know yeah. I bet I bet he had to listen a lot of shitty things
it's funny. When I seen in be arrested taken from the courtroom and they got, they must have got the biggest guy. They could ever get to go, put handcuffs on him or something like that anyway, ' situation that yeah. I hope a lot of people stay away from yeah when he went away. Did you feel like damn it like I'm going to miss out on that fight that I want yes straight away, a sliding? Oh! No, I'm going to have to wait and delay my retirement. Oh so you were waiting. You were considering retirement even before he was incarcerated, yeah wow, interesting, chasing the bow fight Bullfight chicken BO. You know you figured that chicken butt So we were. She. You come ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous chicken bowl try to pick a fight with me the other day.
Really the other day he did where um out of fires, that in L A where they called all the great ones on Gerry Cooney Me Foreman Spinks was there well doing. He wanted to stand beside me and take a picture. I'm like dude, you can't. Side me go. I stand where I will understand you're to move so Gerry kind of helped us out there while saved him. 'cause he really speak. Yeah he's a rough time, yeah the difference between a guy like you who gets out who speak perfect and a guy like he's he's the warning. You know that's the warning to the young fighter. You know you see the older guy who you know. I saw an interview with him and it was,
one of the saddest things I've ever seen. It was horrible, 'cause I'll, go back and I think about those fights with Holyfield those fucking crazy wars. Insane- and you know you see he paid that price man he paid that price. You can hear it when he's talking. Now it's rough, it's hard to list. I think the Good NEWS is now we're on the other side of fighters coming out that punchy, I think, with all the rules and changes that have been made. What is what is in you? Won't you won't meet as many punch you guys as you met from back in the day like you listen for now you listen a ridiculous Animagic Taylor, using a lot of guys, Pernell bad now, yeah he's a little and Pronomen got hit that much. He was the best, but I think for nose is probably more from. You know
cocaine makes you slowly work. I don't know man, you know you do enough shit in your life. He drinks, he drinks a lot. I was drinking I got drunk with pronounce. Well, there's a lot of one of the things that they do with older fighters is even older football players. Is they become addicted to alcohol because, like they're searching for something to try to like re, calibrate the brain, you know I mean there's a scientific explanation to it that people talk about people with traumatic brain, injury often become alcoholics. It's like trying to get some sort of a dopamine rush. But also you could also use the alcohol as a justification as to why you're slurring your speech. Well, I know a dude who's, ah M M, a fighter who has his keys, punchy he's had a bunch of shots, and this Mother will have one drink and you can't understand a word he saying
it hits them so hard so hard. It's like it's confusing! It's like how that drunk and then you realize. Oh, this is both things. It's both things. It's the brain damage and the alcohol combined. Just the wheels come off, the Sorry, it's bad yeah, it's it's awful, but you made it out perfect man, you so far so far, so far, yeah years will tell you worry about that. Not really, I try and keep my mind active. I played a lot of chess. How often you play chess every day? Really yeah Do you play online? I play online, whoever whoever jumps in the battle. How good are you pretty yeah? Pretty good? really deeply you. He is no. I used to get mad at me. 'cause I go to his house and, like you, want to play chess, I go out or not just play.
But I don't know how I play just beat me in any- will get outta here. Just move, bringing something to complain. Do you study chess now much as I should I just play. Often and you know when you play often there you know people will come out with the same movements like oh I've seen this movie before. I know what to do right, but you know it depends. There's people that used a ponzetta to wage war, user nights or their bishops in combination pens on what type of player there I'm right, I'm a bully player. I, like playing, you know what he is the Joe Rogan of Pool to Lenox of check. Well, listen! I can my defense Lennox Challenge Maine, he won I was still just people Don't challenge anybody on their own table. Nx challenge, Jo Door Game of pool before the podcasts and Joe Fucking cleared the table, but
Lennox could get one shot up yeah it was. It was good. It was that was the warm up. Well, I won the second game too. So yeah he did the second game as well. I'm still warming up. I will kill back he's got time deficit. That's a crazy game, though, on that Well, because the table has four inch pockets. That's my practice table. Show you a four inch bucket: hey wait! A minute whoa, where you put in it. I have a regular table at home. Will not a regular Tabatha diamonds got four one slash two inch pockets is still a little normal like. If you go to a pool hall I'll. Give you a five inch pocket or five one slash two inch, but I gotta pull too much discard fucking buckets. I got up the abyss this table, you can't miss and it's dirty right now too. So it's even it's even like the cloth, slow, so balls don't drop and less than co right through this. Type of cloth is up blood. Yes, that's! Yes, that's the best yeah, the the one yeah, it's great!
That's a nineteen. Seventy two pool table some guy had in his basement forever and my friend Donnie sold it to me yeah the guys. Had it sitting in his basement. It's in perfect condition. It's a basement find yeah man. That's a hard. Table yeah somewhere around you know somewhere California. I love about that table, guess what what you don't have to walk around and take the buckets of balls out yeah yeah! That's annoying yeah! It's like ball return! They're! All there yeah those those holes when you got around. I got those it's annoying You probably have like a decorative pool table yeah they came with the House House. You invited many times. Yeah he's been to my house when I was with my parents and they were going to my house as a as a solo man. Now, when you played chess, are you like? Do you get ranked? Are you a lot yeah like? I think what it is. Is your your own. Your mom points go up, Sama, eleven, eleven, fifty seven thousand seven hundred right now, Sir
What is that like? Well, the rankings are like, if you know, if you're up to fourteen your mass, who said you're, closing in on being a master, Well, I wouldn't call me a master yet, but you know, obviously, if I get that I'm trying to get his highest but if someone talks shit like Lennox, I want to play some not pull. Some chess you'd be like okay yeah straight away was one of the most mentally intensive games. It's probably one reason why you stay so sharp. I would imagine, there's a time restriction. Ten minutes till you played that that we the slap, the clock yeah well on ten minutes for a move or ten months for the whole game for the whole game. Oh Dan, whoa on the on the it's a fast game, get on the computer at once. You've made that move. The time goes over it just resets. So it's good now, do you ever go like to Washington Square Park and play those dudes done really yeah? so that was fun. They talk a lot of shit huh, oh yeah, they're, good to very good. The guy was playing was talking a lot of shit yeah yeah. Did you beat him?
don't know why he should have had him. Why did you have to ask that question? It was just fun playing him have to be a winner all the time, and those guys are masters me good. Well, I mean that's all they wanted to when you get really good at chess and I'm not really good at chess, but I have friends that are they explained it becomes your whole life. Like you start thinking like as you walk. On the street. You thinking about chess it just it becomes a thing where it's just everything, it's all it's so it's such an intense game. Yeah. I play like these four game today, wow online What's your online name Please do so? Yes, I do they don't use your real name right, I'm going to get it right now. It's oh I made this name long time ago, Washington Square Park in that playing some. Masters at MC supernatural. Those dudes love that game no matter
I mean this. Those guys were there. If you go there, they'll be there every day they fucking live for it, it's I it's it's. One of those is a really admire. I really admire people together. Get really really good at chess, twenty third, two thousand inter two thousand. What does that mean? Thus it will. It was supposed to be into whole hole. Two thousand one like the name, Interpol. It sounds official when, when people playing playing into interval, I think this is the government mean right right so, if you're out there and you play enter two thousand your plan, Lennox Motherfucking Louis yeah, I was going to put my real name, but yeah. I don't want everybody to try and beat the champ. Well, the content, retired right now. Let it be known that letter is one of those dudes walks around with no case on his Iphone to and it smashed is it smashed? If I tell you what happened, what happened?
doing something. Then, all of a sudden, my wife said, do this and I went blue and it flew out of your hand yeah, but you have the biggest hands of any human being and this There's no phone, that's going big! Be conversion, carry an Ipad. Will, let me tell you, I don't know who makes these iphones, but they may come to sleep out of your hands. Do they really do like put something on that death grips You have a case. That's the first thing I did was put a case on right and then I forgot what I have to do. You have to take it off the charger. For someone with their own case. Do you have the wrong case? Whoever your your case is an asshole. I guess doesn't have a thing we could. Just hole in it? Look at another run, jre case. Look at these guys there all challenging me. Are they now? yeah? I got the boycott this game right now, they're going to come after you now now they find out they could play. I like that, they're doing it while we're doing the podcast live. Look he's going to get obsessed. The wheels are spinning to compare
drive. Let me say my wife gives me problems on this. He says you know is playing chess. Women? Don't understand you playing chess and focus and I'm I'm trying to tell a listen. I'm up to this score point don't interrupt because it affects my score, but I need you know I need to do. We need to do this five minutes. Please five. You know. She's got me worried that she's gotten better she's, actually are you playing chess so naturally Tulum yeah, that's good. I think, because I got mad a couple times. Problem, yeah, big bully with his wife, you play chess with people other than Lenox. Now I can't play chess. I
good. I can either. Maybe you and I play together. We should really learn the gap. I learned it together. I don't know, I don't know, I'm really something. I don't mean to own a video of this game to have inflicted discussed when you know you can coach. The game knows the first time I was I was. I would ever see a chess game turn into checkers now mass like that were fight How do you play this game again, how road all this coming from It doesn't really know how to play. Pool boom, fired shots, fired billiards pocket? Yes, you ever played three cushion billiards. You know that is one two three and then you get in the whole of the nose holes. Is that the one of the bumpers yeah the whole table. You have to touch a young russian russian. Is that Russia? No, but I mean Russians play it. It's big! It's really big! In South America, it's real Big Mexico. It's it's real big in parts of Europe, big in in Asia, so different
name, there's two different colored balls and I like to see that white balls in a red ball or two red balls and white ball, and you got it There's a yellow ball red ball and white ball in the ideas you make contact with ball. Then you have to hit three cushions and then make contact with the second ball. Wow it's very complicated, and is it good to watch it's well if you know how to play it, it's good to watch. But if you don't know how to play it's the thing about what I like about pools. I like when the balls disappear, like you make. A ball goes away, goes in that whole bye bitch, but you sing The ball? It's like! It's got a finality to it. It feels good, but with that it just clicks. It's like just ding Ding, Ding click, but the people love it love it. It's a very intellectual game, because it's all about geometry. It's all angles and spin and you're not good at that. Either it's tricky. It's tricky game, I'm not good at it. I know it a little bit more about table tennis. I can't play that
Fania, high and coordination- oh yeah, I'm sure yeah yeah. I one thing I learned is you can't do too many things it will fuck you up like I've, have a real problem with quake. You know what quake is on video game. Jamie's been fucked me up lately, quick yeah, we play, we got a computer room set up in the back. It gets intense yeah. Well just quite what is this quake? What is the answer? 3D game, where it's a computer game? You have all these weapons, you run around picking up weapons and your on a map. So it's just like every map is different, but you do this in real life too. I don't know why you're playing it on the video game. Will you get up warehouser hunting in the forest? It's different! I'm looking for meat! That's a diff! what kind of meat hunting for Elk, mostly elk and deer yeah. Do you? Do you cut it up same spot? Well, you butcher it. You quarter it up. While, yes, you can carry it out, but you don't really like you want to protect the meats.
We really want to get it out of the woods first and cool it off. You want to do. Do you do with all the leftover leftover like what leftover the limbs, inst yeah, like the bones in Charlotte, that leave him and leave the bones. You, don't you don't bury it now. The animals will eat them. Yeah. If you leave the bones behind and nothing goes to waste in the forest, If you shoot an animal in the forest and leave the bones behind something's gonna eat it. If they don't eat they'll eat most of it. You know they they find it bears, will find it. The ecosystem will take care of everything, rats, everything everything will take care of it. Your children feel about you doing those bad things of this animal, listen as big as you are, you have to eat me, there's no way you're a vegan, yeah yeah then my kids have used to it because I've been hunting since they were little. So they've eaten bear and deer and Elk they needed a cook yeah all the time that bad taste, here's a question for good: do you wash ing me their wash it shit me
Do you like my dick is no double entendre is funny a lot of people. Take it that way. It's like you know when you cook, in likely taking the meat from the Bush. Is you don't know where it's being the word, what kind of you rinse the chicken or whatever you put some vinegar over it and print it like that? So that's what I mean by washing. Well, when you're cooking it. Cooking the outside and anything that might be. Bacteria is going to get killed. The real issue is when you have of an animal that has parasites, that's the issue. So if you're, cooking, a deer. You don't have to worry about that, because deers are herbivores, herbivores, don't really have parasites, but you can we they can get some. This is some worms that did they do get, but most the time with us from pork. Isn't no? No! That's what pork definitely tend to park. You get trichinosis, that's pretty serious! That's producer Shin! I do have some parks yeah. I heard me man, the death
beast and bridges wine. You don't need Lenox Park now to be. No, you is this jerk chicken all day, Love Josh, Jerk chicken target. Ox tail out, try to find a real good, jamaican restaurant. That is there one in LA then that I've found I've been here thirteen years and I can't find it now. You know where they have good jerk chicken, swim, You know that the camera Beverly or that it is, is Beverly yeah. They have. I I'm to check it out the duck. Maybe your your standards are higher 'cause you actually jamaican right, but for Maine it's tasty, I might be off to have you been to Jamaica. You need to go. Do I
ok? I think you would like it there. It's very important to go to Jamaica because everybody always tells you different stories and stuff. But this is a paradise over there is it. What do you like most about it? There you can see different colors because I spent a long long time in London and when I left London to go to Jamaica is like wow all these different, vibrant color. Is even in the water in the colors in the trees, driving around London, this grey grey yeah in a different cities. There gray. So I, like I, like contacts with contact with plants, vibrant Energi, yeah yeah. You know that's interesting thing. You know a lot of people do forget that you were from England right and that there was a stigma with english boxer a long time, and you broke that you are the man There's this stigma, because that I heard that was all british boxers or horizontal yes. Well, they were more
vertical. That would stand straight up and they would have liked that european style, but it was like Henry Cooper Number One: Henry Cooper Drop Mohammed Ali and then they cheated but his glove glove yeah, but I mean he was sort of one of the last great english boxers. Before you came along and then for a long time. There was guys that were pretty good, like Frank Bruno, pretty good, but and they would get in there with guys like Tyson and they would always wind up losing. So everybody had these like this our guy. This is the one in Frank Bruno. Damn that he looked the part. Was there ever a man more jacked as a heavyweight? boxing him right now, no fan on Jesus Christ. He was a Goliath he was carved out of granite. I mean Nobody does never been a better built boxer everywhere. You look at Frank Bruno and you know how does he not kill everybody he's so big? Let me tell you you should see Frank Bruno now. I would still chisel really
really phenomenal. Genetics must be phenomenal genetics even at the age who, like sixty five wow, remember back in the day we think Vander same thing, oh yeah, Yeah well of and are you know, people forget it started out as cruiserweight he was a smaller guy, like everywhere. Was he in the USA? I mean in a box yeah, then the when the knows? No, when the light heavyweight title from now. The way my no, there was no those cruising earlier crazy. Yeah was a hell of a fight that was fight Halophyte that That was like his big fight like to prove himself as a professional 'cause Collie was tricky. Five seven two hundred it was weird fighter man. That was the American Olympic Trials right. Well no was now fight. That was that was for the cruiserweight title been Hetty Davis was no. Let me tell you, he had a lot of Frank Bruno's. Looking good, you guys seem with his shirt off, is still cut, but you could tell your skinny ass legs that one leg kick it's got a problem. Damn though he doesn't
very good. At one time he had big legs yeah. Maybe when this go to see Frank Bruno back when he was in his prime as a boxer who is gigantic. He was sculpted as a boxer forgets. He really. He really wanted, not even a good picture. Now it's not one of the best yeah he so jacked kawhi was a query that Camden Buzz saw. He was such a crazy fight because he would pull his shorts up to learn here right. He was five down, it was super wide and he would fight with that Philly. Shell come in real low. You know he was. A very That Archie Moore still almost very difficult to deal with, don't see those styles anymore. Now now now, when you watch boxing today, who really stands out to you
You know all the all the champions right now they they didn't get to be champions for no reason yeah and you know each each one of them have different qualities. You know, even with this look at the heavy weights, all the heavy weights, the top three. Have you it's right on the roll over six five yeah and they all have a different style, which is good because you know reminds me of when me and Holyfield and Tyson will run. We all had different styles, which makes great fights now is to guess which now is going to be, which style you never know, because there are similar, you know they all three of them have knockout potential and- and you know there, boxing to win. So what we want to see we want to see who would win out of them. Deontay wilder to me is the most perplexing because he it's so hard. It's it's almost like he's got magic in his hands. He makes I fly across the ring, but he's one hundred and nine pounds, and he does it off balance and he does it with poke legs
in the air, so you know he made the olympic team and want to go a bronze medal year and a half into boxing. Oh yeah yeah my problem with the new new division is that they don't have the amateur pedigree, but maybe that needs to Ortiz is great but Ortiz much older than he says he is busy. Say he is forty, something like forty or forty one. How old is he I'm? hearing stories stores Ortiz, like forty nine. How do you know somebody tell me about from the image remember I'm in the amateurs in the eighties not like what they would say that about you and stuff yeah, because they they say that same about your merit. Nine says thirty, nine yeah! He just fought on the weekend or two weeks ago, yeah a couple weeks ago in one stop a try. No, it was it just vision was it. It wasn't thought it was a late round stoppage unless you just fought again, he just fought like last week into any fights two months ago to now, just no! That was a stoppage, and this fight just happened so he's
he's, been very active, yeah a trying to come back. What do you think about that, like how active you box or should be what we're really comes down to? You know this is our cause if you're starting boxing. Obviously you want to have as many fights as possible to you know: seasoning yeah, get that experience level so as much as possible is usually for fights a year and then, as you get better, it drops to three fights and then, when you the champion the drops, the two fights so dust dust to progress in the fall of fighting, you can't for instance, how many fights did the on to have this year. Maybe two right right, you know, is it at that before when you start now, he would have like three to four yeah he is very angry that this rematch is not happening, and I side with him. It was a Tyson who pulled out. This is going to deal with ESPN yeah yeah well
and it's a it's, it's a big deal because you know talking about chess match. I think he's pulled off the greatest chess match move. There is. First he comes over from England. He wouldn't he takes the challenge of would be on today. Josh. What didn't a box have? A great fight now is put in so right up with all all three of them are on the same line to me and then now for the rematch. They wanted people. TD, Auntie, and they want to see Tyson fury again, because the first fight was exciting, Joshua who's. He fighting you know he's going to fight big babe Nobody knows him where everybody knows boxing fans, boxing fans, everybody, He knows Tyson everybody, especially after that fight 'cause. It was such a spectacular fight that knocked down. Oh my god, the first knockdown was great. The second knockdown was preposterous, so the fact that he rose Lazarus yeah I mean
is crazy and then won the rest of the rail when he gets tagged a few times and starts boxing and then even Tag Deante. I still had him winning that fight who's close Tyson, I think, by around. I think boxing, one that night, every yeah both guys look great and boxed well made an exciting fight that the rematch, obviously everybody won see the go again so when the rematch happened, that that put on Anthony Joshua on the shelf, yeah in my eyes now is put. On the shelf a bit longer with this ESPN deal, and you know Tyson Fury's boxing in front of Anthony Joshua and their pay per view right, now, who are they going to fight payperview? Nobody wants to see no silly fight, they want right, yeah. You know it's uh great move by Tyson Fury, it's a great movie. The first fight the
the fight ended in a draw right. Yeah yeah, so in the draw Deonte keeps the title, but at least Tyson walks away. Like saying like look, I won the decision I feel like. I should have won the decision. There's a dispute, there's a debate about it, but everybody wants to see that fight I'm gonna draw is not unreasonable, but Tyson could lose somebody. They can also use yeah. You know, while they're mucking around saying or fight this oil along fine till next year, and somebody might lose this, what happens and now none of them can fight each other, because if Joshuah fights fury and loses to fury, Joshuas STAR goes down if Shashua fights Deonte and beats Deontay the Tyson Deonte fights
at that exciting right, but if Josh will wants real respect, he's got a fight either fury or deontic rows of the s c fights yeah. Those are. The big fight obviously gets respect as heavyweight champ of the world, but split you know, Dist, that's a weird thing to I'd like to see Joshua, Ortiz, interesting fight. There would be an interesting because Ortiz can box yeah and hit well. That was what showed how God Damn powerful deontay is that Ortiz win that fight, and then it was I, it was the tenth round in the cost of seventh or tenth. I don't remember, but remember when economies like like I even laid in the fight that carries out power. Ortiz is past. His prime slowdown there, Lewis, Prime is a good fighter, but you know given give give him like ten years yeah and he would he would have beat these guys. He would have given them a good good fight.
But right now he's you know, he's obviously older and is an old fighter yeah. Well, they can't I'm doing some steroids, which is a lot of times guys get older. They try to yeah, you need it. Juice up the old body. So you know when you reach that point where you need steroids mentally. It affects you yeah, If you go into the ring- and it's like you know- you're missing something something that was there in the past and it made you feel good. Now I don't feel it. Right, when you were fighting, did anybody that you were finding? Did you suspect that they were on something yeah a couple times? But the good thing is that I know is I realized there right. Steroids can never get this a strong, your Chin Chin yeah, so you can take a much terrorizes you want, but I'm not hitting you on the chin right. You can't go muscles on your face: yeah yeah and then you know these body punches. You can't you can't protect around here, so they will affect you as well. So that's where you
You know when you, when you hit and when you hit guys around here body, punches and hit him on the Chin Dole out. It doesn't matter, but don't you think that it does. Is it makes them stronger. Physically, gives a more vitality might make them able to absorb more punishment for a minute from in it just for a little bit for a little bit. Who'd, you suspect, was on something when you follow them I don't want to say you don't so I let me say I make a good couple. I think the vendor I thank advantage was the first guy as far as I'm concerned was the first guy on steroids back into the likely you look at the fucking size of that guy in the in the late 90s, especially when he fought Lennox. Have you ever asked him? If he's been on steroids now, I've never actually hung with the vendor, ok, my to make your victory party twenty years ago, he did hang around with the guys that were like into it. I did not mark whatever his name was. He was the first guy to have a strength and conditioning coach, an and all that kind of stuff. With the addition Spinks did when you thought
he fought Larry Holmes. He got that same guy. Mackey chills down yeah Maggie shows, don't got him in shape for Larry when he was coming up from light everywhere. Yeah, that's the same guy that vendor used they're doing it was really interesting because at the time the conventional wiz, when was that boxer, should not lift weights and Evander, was lifting all kinds of weights and any put on all this muscle. But really it was only about two hundred two hundred five pounds when he first fought I have so yeah use Christ it was built for me was built built, was perfect body yeah that's that's, not steroids steroids buddy right, not necessarily you definitely can get that big. Without it I mean there are guys the words alleged alleged good word, but it's also possible to get that big with steroids. It's not just steroids to its ep. Oh there's a look at that one up there yeah, but this is in the 80s and 90s the good stuff wasn't available back. Then wasn't oh yeah! What are you kidding me man?
Those Russians had everything back. That meant I mean the Eastern Bloc women they made world wreck. That was when he was uh. That was when he was a cruiserweight lookout. Thing was but you can call in women if they have most more penises, fake beards and fat. Dicks they were there. They set records that still to this day, haven't been broken and B. 'cause. They really were not women. I mean there were women with massive amounts of male hormones in their body Flojo She she's, I think, still sets the record right now. For what whatever it was, and she was also someone that was accused of doing things. Yeah I mean look track and field according to Victor Conte, who was Alco guy I had him on my podcast he's a guy that got the ' here to Barry Bonds and all those guys will undetected supposedly undetectable steroids. He said track and field is just a dirty sport, just like tour de Frontz
Just like cycling is like disappointed in the thirties. You got Carl Lewis trying to call out Hussein bolt now right what is shown as Janice at the top one hundred metre times all the names crossed out or wow steroids, damn. Well, that's like when Lance Armstrong won the tour de France and they took his title way. If you had to give that title to someone who didn't test positive for anything, you have to go back to 18th place, wow, first at best, he's like heels are: Psycho is better than your psycho there. While you were all dirty, there's a dirty sport. He was just better at doing that sport, while being dirty what is dirty, then it's fair and well, he won he won while everybody was cheating in between. Did he have so? Is it still cheating, if everybody's doing it
it is, and it isn't I mean it is definitely cheating but everybody's cheating, yeah. It's weird! It's not good see. You know they went off to the wrong thing. You know people looking for drugs to help them get stronger when it's natural food. That makes you stronger with what you put into your system. So you know I know jamaican food is great. You know yams the plantains every. Thing believe bully beef you better than that than that steroids steroids away better. They work instantly so much better. If you stay on them, like guys, like I'm sorry they proved it. You almost can't do tour the France the way they we're doing it without some sort of chemical help. I've heard it argued by physiologist. They say it's actually better for your body to be on steroids, while you're doing something like the tour de France, because you give your body a chance to recover they're, doing so much work over the course.
This race that, without having some sort of chemical enhancement of your ability to recover you just not going to be able to do it your body can't down you get that wrapped Oh Milo, Sis that those Crossfit people get and let when your body starts breaking down muscle tissue and it becomes toxic so yeah which I will do that they workout so hard that people have died of it, fighters have died rob to my losses, one it's from overtraining you overtraining training, if like something, you know, which is a big issue with fighters right like some fighters, can train too much, and a good trainer knows how to pull you back and so that you're peeking when you get into the ring, but sometimes people are so mentally strong. They push themselves through, even when they're exhausted, because I think that's the way to victory hard work. What's up Jamie you're piss comes out. Looking like coke comes out, looking like Coca COLA, rhabdomyolysis piss looks like yeah wow yeah
That's a sign that your your body is breaking down. Your muscle is proteins. Your your body of breaking down in your body is getting poisoned by it. People die a lot of Crossfit people Edit? What's your kidneys, what do you do in this situation? Do you take a rest, a leave of absence or do you go see the doctor and they can give you some pills to more insist things that you need in your system. I think you have to go to the doctor almost immediately. I think they have to do pretty much a body go septic on yeah, it's very dangerous and a lot of these Crossfit people. You know because it's a competition, you're competing it's all these other people. You do these massive repetitions and some of them, because they're not really conditioned for it. Yet so their bodies, just the muscles, not really acclimated to this kind of work load. This shit starts breaking down. Well,
What do you do these days like what? What exercise? Because you still look great yeah? I ran ten miles this morning, while yeah ma'am, but one thing would you go. Meanwhile, I went on the road but witch you run on the beach okay woke up and took a shower nice. So you still there yeah, I feel. Like I don't know you anymore, you guys don't even catch a joke. I ran ten miles and walk up and took a shower big human being. Supposed to know that, but listen, listen, listen! All right! A bad person will sit down. Tell him tell him But you know I used to do this shit to me back in the day. I I be at his house and uh, and I was like I'm in his basement ago. It starts to rain ago LEN. I got to go outside and close close. My sunroof and he's like no hold on a second tell. You got LEN go close, my fucking on just a story, I'm like dude it's raining my was open. Are you going to pay for my fucking car to get fixed he's like hold on
this guy right come fucking long story and trying to get out this window on and I'm pulling his leg and I'm pulling his leg and I go on just the way I'm pulling your leg right now. Right now do yoga! Yes, you look. A guy get into yoga, actually hurt myself, really yeah, I'm so much harder than I look stoned flexible like if I stand up well, I can put in both my hands on the ground like that wow with my leg straight, but somebody told me you know what gotta move your bum cheeks a little back and it helps get down on more of my okay, a little back and hop after a couple of days. It's like I'm walking around fan, I hurt myself and it goes yoga yeah yeah. I heard myself to my. I don't know you can hurt yourself in yoga. You can hurt yourself in yoga yeah. My doctor told me a lot of people come to him with injuries back injuries from yoga
What is that mentally saying that you can do it when your body saying you can't or just doing something wrong, just doing something wrong, especially if you do it too hard to quick, like yoga is like anything else. I mean it's exercise. You definitely can hurt yourself. Do you? hot yoga or cold yoga. I haven't tried the hot one I want to buy. A new cold I like hot, because yeah. I think I it's also tortures. I like that aspect of it and also you they say, there's a Harvard. So that's going on right now or they're, trying to find out if there's the same benefits that you get from the sauna you get from doing hot yoga in your body gets really overheated like that. It produces heat, shock proteins and it alleviates a lot of information in the body wow. That's why the dishonest so good for you is. Are you driving on yeah? Try Sana your body? Get you get in the boat is like what the is this, and so it produces these side. A keen sees
heat shock proteins and it's fantastic for people. Just for my hands, don't hurt when I'm in the sauna. You should get one in your house, but I got one. I got it off nice right, yeah every day. Man, do you should be in there every everyday, specially 'cause you're doing jitsu. Now you know after training, fantastic for you, with absolute. That's good too. That's good too. I don't think that works. Epsom salt makes it makes you feel good going. The bed yeah I'm nice to relax. I go to sleep, you know aromatherapy atop of thing that smells good, but it's not that it's the magnesium innit, no Epsom salts, your body absorbs magnesium through you're through your skin. It's one of the best ways for your body. To get me, a magnesium is actually through Epsom salts yeah. I'm gonna. Take more of that yeah. I have a float. Tak you ever do it float tank. Is that the cold water? One? No! No! It's a it's a tank of water that is heated to ninety four degrees, which is like the surface of your skin and there's one thousand.
Epsom salts in there and you lay in it, and you float you like your body. Half your body is above the water and then you close the door at total silence total darkness. It feels like you're flying through space. You would love. It may cause us to be in the sewage I'm about this one for years. Second, one right here, I know anytime, you want what is the kind of grow, so I somebody else's. No, no there's filled first of all, so me I'm the only one- and I know brochure right now. A massive filtration system. That's like this kind of commercial filtration, just dropping by James coming time. Man just just text me and I'll- have Jeff come by and open it up for you or do it. While doing a show in connected when you do it, yeah yeah, you gotta be naked. It don't come up to There will be scared. Everything floats so anything that's in there be floating yeah. I know, you're scared, I'll, show you the whole system and there's a ozone system that purify the water. It goes through this commercial filtration system, it's heavy duty, stuff man, it's pretty intense they've started these flotation tank centers. Now
where we were talking about this for the past ten years, more yeah I had one or two thousand and two Amber you tell when I went to your house back in the day. We do in that. When you're doing this podcast and the house yeah, I had one, in the basement now yeah. What about the ice? Ten, that's great yeah, yeah cryotherapy! Is this a place down the street from here about couple miles away? two hundred and fifty degrees below zero. I thought you would've had one of those two now that's like you have to get like nitrogen tanks and shit, and I worry about that stuff exploding. Some shit going wrong and getting name You know yeah so do you do enjoy doing commentary to yeah I love it. I love giving my opinion. You know people always say I've got an unusual opinions. They've never heard that before I never heard it put that way. So you know I can give you from Ford five point
if you have been in boxing for so long, there's different experiences that I've gone through. So I'm happy to share them, but you don't ever workout boxing wise anymore yeah, but you don't hit a bag. My sons, fifteen and I know he wants to box. So anytime we get a chance. You know I'm always training in him. How big is it now six feet? Jesus Yeah is taller than you Tyson son. Tyson son is, sixteen on the Go Tyson son was saying that he wants a box to Tyson's like listen. Miguel is not Like that, but he's also saying listen, you grew up Softap and then he's saying like you don't want to meet someone like me. I like the way he was yeah. I know I know my my kids want to meet some animal like me, you know like when he is fighting like you, like you thinks, of what you would have done to his own son, like don't do that. He was talking about on the podcast.
The sun Miguel's are really talented kit like musician wise play like seven different instruments, speak Spanish wow, the kids. Really any is a really smart. Nice kid well a smart guy he's not He says I think people mistake tied summer. Bme he's very, very, very intelligent, well read the boxing. Is it in it least some levels of very, very intellectual pursuit yeah this you have to have a strong mind to be able to dodge which is get in and get yours in that you have to. You have to be able to sort out that problem is a problem in front of the problem. Is another man who the same way it is you the same size as you he's got gloves on just like you do and he's trying to do what you're do try to do to him, and you have to do that within seconds. Yeah, home yeah point just thrown at you. What do you do? What's? What's the rebuttal yeah people don't understand?
I think just because someone doesn't have the best vocabulary or because they don't have a comprehensive education that they're not intelligent and that's a big mistake Tyson and I remember going to the Catskills when I was. I won the world Junior Chan Ships in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and I remember the american team was saying all well- you never fought the best. The best I thought American said the best team. Yeah, but one guy is doesn't like taking plans in this magic. Don't talk taking plans either some like who's that and they told me, was MIKE Tyson Custom model. So me and my trainer, we left Canada, and we drove all the way up there and while we're up there, Razor Ruddock was up there and they said oh really, named inspire with us. So ok ask okay with you, I'm here for four days, so, first time Tyson actually
met me. You know he was nice. Guy really nice guy took me in his room. Showed me some old flicks that I've never seen before of all time fighters would tell me about each fighter like he studied them, and then you know this is where he got. His old stuff is his style of fighting from and uh first day in the first day in the gym bill went he you came across and he was trying to kill me like you know I did my Mohammed Ali thing obviously stayed away from his power, but the first day was really hectic and then the second day was lactic and that got better as it went along on the last day. Is I got actually the better of him? The last stay and I remember custom models and MIKE you're going to meet him someday. Don't you do that? And that always- echoed in my mind that we we we ever fight. We, we have a fight because cost the model said that we're going to fight one and it did happen and this footage of it and while Lennix as the footage
footage of the trains, just barring how old was Tyson time. Tyson was like a he was about fifty two. I don't know how old was he the time? What time was, he was younger than me. I was sound, is about seventeen Jose I he was younger than that I think this was eighty four is before the Empire state Games and everything you went up there before you went to the eighty four olympics. Yeah yeah Well, it must be crazy, though, knowing that you, you guys, were going to be a part of boxing history and knowing that all the way back then and being a teenager and Manning front front here in custom model, scream that out intense, it was intense, because the mother. Wasn't that loud when he was when all of a sudden he became loud is like everybody listened. You know, and then you know, there's certain ways that you get across the people in some some people take. You have to shout at them. Did you ever wish
the farm in his prime. In essence, I did fight him in this prime, and you know when you say, prime, I was in my prime to you. You were definitely in your prime, you were you were, but I feel like his enthusiasm had waned before then. You know out, you know, is my perception. How I look at that whole thing is MIKE. Tyson was an early bloomer. I was a late bloomer, so you know when, when both of us meet, you know, there's never a perfect time. Perfect time for us is when we meet in the Middle right right right, and you know right if he won. Maybe people would look at it differently right. That's because you be him and beat him so soundly that people look at it like? Maybe his time had already been gone, Lennox turned pro after MIKE and already had to defeat. Wow no place turned pro in eighty nine wow.
I never even thought of that and like last in January, but yeah this is us open up in Catskills. I look at you. Look at Kevin, Rooney wow. That is crazy man, God that's crazy was built back. Then too we had a big neck yeah. He he was always doing those neck bridges, but he also just had freak genetics just phenom. Genetic specimen. You know I had to tell Teddy ATLAS was in here until you I was supposed to take MIKE to the smokers when he was thirteen and Teddy was joking around about? It said everybody always lied about how old people were. They would tell you. The kid was sixteen really was twenty. They always did that and he said he goes so how old's this kid he thirteen, because what is the way it goes. One hundred and ninety what the FUCK Teddy come on he's like I'm telling you he's he's fucking thirteen. What do you want You know that nobody would believe it 'cause. He was such a specimen. I watched that one teddy is great. Do you think
he should have stayed with Teddy Stay with Kevin and Teddy well. He definitely how you know he was so wild like how. How could you tell him what to do back then? That was part of the problem. I mean he was never no one ever prepared him and is one of the things we discussed on. The podcast was that he was a twelve year old thirteen year old boy and he's getting hypnotized. He came from a terrible background. Was there was no love, he was abandoned and all the sudden he's getting love and attention for something and this one thing was this man who was telling him you're going to be a great fighter, you're going to be a world champion and he would hypnotize you saying you don't exist? The task exists. You know you're going to work the body and Troy this man and he would. He would put these thoughts in his head and my couldn't wait to just get out there. Fuck people up 'cause, that's where he got the love that we got the attention from we never turn, never told him how to shut it off. He never. He me have time to work. Because he was. He was on his way out, he dying when he met MIKE, and so he
only taught him how to destroy. He never taught him how to cope. Taught him how to understand that? There's going to be a lot of shit coming your way and you gotta know What that is and don't get caught up in the hype. Train, don't just don't get wrapped up in Holly. Wouldn't you know he wound up marrying Robin givens and you know all. I think, because foresaw all that other bullshit. No, how could have This was around MIKE would be totally different. It would be a different matter if, if custom lasted another fifteen years, even if Jimmy Jacobs, it lasted another five years, maybe yeah, maybe that would helped, but I mean it's like once you're once removed from cuss it's Kevin Rooney was once removed from Causton right and then Teddy ATLAS was way more of a hard liner. You know Teddy ATLAS, you couldn't put a bullshit with you know and like other guys is just gotta. You know, then you got to Erin Snowfall and all those guys with Richard Caddy they just they just didn't they didn't. They could have never brought MIKE to the day. That's right, they got there when he was already at the dance and they just trying to like maintain things and he's not listening to anybody,
my case, they also weren't boxing people. As far as I was concerned, when he was up with because he was, he was in a good situation. You know there's a lady in the house, cooking meals and they had because because they're being a father figure talk to me every day and that's what young kids need they need that. You know the to be spoke can with by older people yeah and in a lot of the young. People nowadays are not even respect in the older people, but they can gain a lot of information from the older person. You know how do you do with the situation? Yeah. You know you hear from all the person that kind of makes your mind thinking. So you know you're right. It work from so time. I get a chance to talk to kids about you, know their life and where they're going or is take that opportunity. Well years. It's a great example of a guy who is done incredible things but you come out on the other end with with wisdom and lessons and honesty, and you can talk about things and people will listen to you in a way,
You know a lot of kids that don't want to listen to someone done done right. You talk some guys just some boring dude. He want to give you advice like hey fuck, face get your ocean together, tell me what to do bitch, but when your Lennox Lewis, you talk together, go ok, Mister Chessmaster World Heavyweight champion. Well, that's cool! You got in Jamaica now you a boxing school, yeah, Lennox, Lewis, League of Champions yeah, it's for young kids, that you know learning how the box teacher we teach him on the box, we'll teach them life skills as well, because what we realized that you know a lot of kids just want to talk. You know there's nobody around them to talk, nobody and listens to them, yeah and when they hear all the kids stories, they feel a lot better. It's like you know. You know I was going through that and I like how he dealt with it. You know it's like it. Yes, this is what will what's missing nowadays. Yes, the relationship with kids. You know talking to them. Let's ask them out there. Yes, I'm bored they're doing whether they want to be right right.
Yeah and then have some place where they can go in and have something that gives them a sense of value. You know and that's what a lot of sports does do. Children gives you realize if you work hard and you try something and you study it and you get better at it. You feel good, like you accomplished it, you got through whatever the sport is along.
A lot of the kids that come boxing. Never tried before, but once they try it it's like wow. They learn new things about themselves, even the training of boxing yeah. You know the fact of of swim a mile they that never ran in the life. Now the run half a mile didn't make the mile, but the next day, the next day they want to try the mile, and then you just it shows in that. If you keep working at something you accomplish it, you know don't give up. Don't all of a sudden. You tried in the Chicago it's not for me, keep trying it. You don't know it's not for you into you, keep trying it and then realize it's not for you all for you. What do you do for someone to fight? Let him yeah. I think your perspective would be very different than my ex yeah, I'm from from me
You know I'm not forcing my son to box, but if you want to try it, let him try his father used to box. So why not? Why not try something his father did. Maybe has the gene for it down in a right now my my sons play the plays basketball. He wants to be an actor. He loves box in the can do anything he wants. You know almost all my kids are talented and I see the drive in them that I have and their mother has. So I know that they're gonna be six. It's full. You know they're they're they're. Basically, I'm trying to help them to become successful in the future and given the tools to become successful in the future as well good for you Ma'Am a lucky young man, Yeah, I mean you know, and young women too yeah well, but a great situation be your son. You know I mean and your daughters as well, but for sure, but I mean to be your son. If you really do have a desire to box, would you start training, I'm training them already.
Yeah, it's like you know, you know talking to George Foreman the other day and his got one of his daughters, fighting her name, George, everyone, everyone, Georgina or or something so crazy shit he's got like eight George is in this house. Yeah I said: I'm watching her files, but they know by the tone apparently which one it is. Inflection on the jewel, I'm watching her fight and I'm, like George, you need to tell us from stuff. I know this good things. You can tell her or even get her a proper coach or you know helper. I don't want to fight, you have to say yeah, but Don't want to fight and she's fighting you're not going to help, but it's going to get hurt, so you might as well. I think she stopped already anyway my approach to raising kids. I don't I don't have any input under what they do. I don't.
I know what it would never tell my kid. I don't want you to do that. 'cause! It's not my life, it's their life. I give them. Guidance if I can I'll talk to them about what they're doing, if I can, but they also have to go out and do it themselves. Yeah. I really firmly believe in that, like you got to go, do it yourself, but if you want to do it, that's your thing. I try to convince my daughter to Jews, real invective, digits, really we said sweetheart I'll, get you a pink you if you like to my kids, were doing martial arts for a while. My middle daughter was to You just do in my youngest daughter was doing MMA, but she got bored with it after a while, which is cool to you no later than one thousand and eight and who knows maybe to come back to US yeah. You know I kind of whispered to my son right now. You need to uh some wrestling. Oh, let's get him in Ju Jitsu telling you thank you fight MM eh You know, I don't know what the future holds. The may fight mma in numbers kind of those, and I was gonna fight. He should box one just because the money factor
yeah honestly I mean, but if you're a heavy weight you know have you read any of them? The money yeah, we sure, certainly will basically give you met. Lennix is brought her to have this knowledge. That lennix is bones. You know, you know, do it got damaged, but I have like a child holding office yeah. I have a pretty big this, but your is a gigantic. You know huge huge human being I know it's going. Gonna be a heavyweight always going to be. He's already have he's six foot and He wears size, fifteen shoes. He does need to just keep a pair of shoes by the front door, and so I think he's going to he's going to outgrow me. That's like a puppy he's always going to enormous great. Why do kids outgrow their parents? I don't know, I think it's food. I think they get better food than us yeah. I think you know you think about like how much protein children have now your
I can look at like how big men were during like the civil war period, but I, like one hundred there were tiny little people because nobody had good food. Like everybody like barely surviving everyone's scraping by his bread and water times. Yeah with the people that made it across the West ever see photos of those folks, those skinny rickety looking people just other than we could ever be all my time. There were little wolves, they're open the early in the morning working they had to survive, yeah, it's just but now today, kids are getting, you know massive amounts of protein and they get vitamins and vegetables, and you know drinking all this milk and foods got shit and yeah yeah. This is that too, there's that too, but I just think it's just an abundance of nutrition. I mean, when p, for smaller. A lot of it was because of malnutrition. Like look at asian folks, like a lot of Japa, these folks used to be much smaller. Now, they're, pretty fucking big you're, getting some really big. Japanese fighters like they are.
Our job is a huge they're eating better? You know what I wanted to ask you please conspiracy theories. I know you have some yeah. I got I was listening to you about something about Martians the other day I was President Jones Jones Alex and Eddie. Oh, my goodness, an amazing NASA shirt, I'm going to buy for Eddie the other day. Yeah Alex Warren asked that I watch it. Yeah yeah Eddie believe shit. That even Alex thinks is ridiculous. Like what good's conspiracy theories you want to know about. No I'm like. Let me hear some I believe, less and less than I ever used to population control. Do you believe that now that. I don't believe, there's any concerted effort, effort like where there's a bunch of really rich people that have decided to euthanize a bunch of people to keep the population low. I think that is that's paranoid.
I think that there's probably some people to go. You know what we would be a lot healthy if there was less people, but there's no there's no obvious effort. The population keeps fucking grow. Imagine if you were the all powerful all knowing people that are running the world. You doing. Such a shitty job of population control yeah. I don't know how we're gonna control India and China you're not you're, not so here now: you're, not getting these fucking dirty villages and trying to stop it you're not doing it anywhere, and even in this country, people are fucking like wild animals and did I commit now coming next month. I got three kids, it's just the way it is met. People like to fuck you like to make people in China. You only allowed one kid. No, I think they've left lifted that, because a lot of people are drowning in their daughters, it was horrible shit. They were killing them. This is the rumor Was that people were they wanted a son if they had a daughter, they would
It was like a little the law, the lose for you now and to me a daughter's, a win because they're so much easier to deal with. Really I find with my daughter and we're we're like this yeah. You know man, I mean just be happy. I got a guy. Come out boy come in there, you go, you gotta have being in the yeah little Joseph Lennox, Lewis Peters coming next month, Joseph Lennox Rogan, Peters, he's going to be amazing. I'm so happy that you gave him my name. It's beautiful came out. First is going to give your middle name, but I don't want to do that to him. So what's your middle name, yes, my middle name is Claudius. Claudius sounds like a Roman emperor. Absolutely I Claudia there. You go beautiful, hey man. I know you're supposed to get outta here here, two hundred o'clock, do you have a hard out? No, you can say absolutely keep talking talking yeah. So back to your question, I don't but yeah, I think there's definitely some people that are influencing the way the world works for sure, but I don't think there's anybody, that's really trying to
control population. What about this? One? Do you think the Russians put Donald Trump in the President's chair? I think the raw is absolutely wanted, Donald Trump to win absolutely, and I think they definitely undermined our democracy through various methods of men really people through social media. In fact, I have a woman come on very soon when is related to rest on this week next week, she's on next week, and she actually studied it and wrote this very calm cancel report about it was on SAM Harris, podcasts and detailed millions. Of interactions with russian bots and russian fake accounts, and that these troll for so we create memes and they did. They did a bunch of different things. They didn't just try to pump trump up, but they also tried. Get people against each other and cause all sorts of civil arguments in all sorts of unrest also that unrest online
to organize these meetings, like they organized one pro Texas meeting across the street, from a probe muslim meeting. I did primer with and it all through Facebook to get these people to fight with each other they're doing these, things to try to get people to take sides and to get people to be angry at the other side, did a lot of shit like that real sneaky sneaky stuff that we probably do in foreign countries all the time
you know we're mad that they're doing it to us, because now they're doing it through social, if you think about when we were growing up in the eighties, seventies and eighties, all the imagery we saw of the USSR was very dark and grey, and it was very fair in and it was destitute well. Some of it was true, though yeah, but you always saw and then all of a sudden that lifts in these hot fucking russian chicks, show up with the whole time where we're seeing the propaganda. So true, you never saw the hot russian leader over some of the hottest woman on the planet. They used to show us his big manly. Women will do you want and now you're like well hello way, we're hiding yeah yeah. I have two friends are married to Russian. Ladies they're very happy, no question because, because you're american everything, I'm not american! So is this wall ever going to get built or is it was the situation? I don't
I think it was more of a campaign rhetoric thing you know, build that wall, build that voice kind of staying with it. I mean he wants porter yeah. I think he's got a kind of do something right, once you say, they're going to build a wall, you got to kind of do something, but then shit been built. Okay, we're two years into the president. They have built ship was a year left in the year and one slash two left in the president is some wall. There's some wall, that's up, but there's also some big ass gaps and the idea that they're gonna stop drugs from coming over from that walls. Great now the wall looks like Leon Spinks his mouth. I forgot about Leon Spinks. I remember my parents were hippies right, but when Muhammad Ali lost Leon Spinks, and then there was a rematch. We watched it on television, everybody
everybody wanted Ali do when people forget that Ali wasn't just a great boxer in the heavyweight champ of the world. He represented people that were against the war. He represented people that were against all of the all of the discrimination and all the racism that people had experience in the fifties and sixties 60s. He was a different thing. He was, he represented the hope this new generation that this athlete would take a stand, and he said no Vietcong I never did anything to me and I'm not going over there and fighting anybody and they took away his ability to earn a living for three fucking year, primer and he was a hero, a real social he have given in. Given in he could've got a cushy job like Elvis or some shit. You know they would have had him go over there and you know just just to make it look like he was doing something he's like no, no fucking chance. You know he stood up for it. My my parents were here. Hippies wanted wanted him to win me. My my mom didn't give a fuck about boxing,
But when I was when he stood for, I was a little kid. I remember watching this on tv thinking. This is crazy. My parents want to watch boxing match, because what he stands for about Joe Louis, what went CALL Louis beat MAX Schmeling. Oh yeah he's right very similar thing. He was beating MAX schmeling for the world like it wasn't. I mean I feel terrible for MAX Schmeling, because I mean he was we just caught up in all that shit? But Steven said he wasn't part of it. He was just. He was just a on the game, yeah, I'm sure yeah, I'm sure I put it jack Johnson, that's my favorite! That's the yeah. So I mean other than Lennox Lewis, John John, my favorite. That's the craziest of all stories right. He was in crack, I must have experienced in the
did he said back then he would slick. Talk you bad. My favorite one is a meme of photo of him in his car. As I don't even know. If the story is true of the fifty builders are not change, I'm coming back tonight same speed. Yeah you got pulled over going. Fifty you have to give the guy fifty dollars that was, the fee gave the guy hundreds. What's this for is going to come back later that night, the same speed then there's the story of him getting in a taxi and get in the back of taxi and the guy goes. I don't drive Niger's Anne and he reached over pulled the kind of the back seat got in the front drove him. Software had to go to and the guys like where's my fair 'cause, I drove myself and he got out. I wonder if that's true you know he could raise role in his book. You know he wrestled video of Jack Johnson wrestling thirteen inch Time is a gigantic human being for the time, but I think he was only six two. You know yeah
They called him the Galveston Giant and people GQ magazine rated him as best dressed athlete of the century. In two thousand. What's well. I've been, you know the twenty hundreds all right get it in two thousand. They did it hold it for the yeah, the whole twenty cents, a box truck yeah. Well, you know I mean I don't think any of us could even imagine what it must been like when he won the title on the kind of hate that he got all the people wanted him to be killed with the he did was so ganks there are yeah, he would hit. You see your knees, buckling hold you up and say he would say things the guy's. Not yet sir, not really not yet you going have a longer night than this, which is torture. These torture, these this guy in those boxes, did you ever see his fight with Stanley, Ketchel yeah yeah, the yeah Stanley will drop them. That was supposed to be. It was supposed to be a exhibition. An exhibition mountains.
The that was a middle weight, yeah yeah, yeah, ok, okay and his teeth got stuck in his clothes. I smashed him. Wow head the fascinating style that when they had those little guy yeah what you guys don't realize that was going to say the little gloves horse here, different yeah yeah, look closer a hard, your fucking hands really easy to, and but there may fighter more, they want added that it hurts. Well, it's like. I'm a make loves, MMA fighters find out the hard way like you can't just open up with boxing and not even worry as much about what you're hitting you cannot do that if you're fighting bare knuckle, Have you seen that bare knuckle boxing forces could say? What is this bare knuckle resurgence? I think these guys are tough and the desk, which is a pro boxes going in it now yeah who, when and if somebody up a decent name was in it recently well UFC fighters yeah, I don't know what I mean is over yeah they've gone and it's like that would like to be or football.
Right right, a tougher than the football players percent yeah yeah, the telling guys in it I saw him doing. The bare knuckle thing telling from ITALY. No, no, no italian american Filbert running at Phil Baroni. Was there an uncle yeah? He did one yeah yeah. Quite a few mma fighters. Melvin galore did some it's but it's sort of a last resort kind of thing trying to pick up a paycheck. You know Chris Lytle did it. You know just hard way to make a living somehow what about one of Sean's got? Not gonna desert he's just saying the time tell this motherfucker sit down. It's your boy! Oh, my God is not going to Eddie yeah. The Mexican yeah now he's good to fire him he's trying to get in the other guys to talk to him. So Lennix is fellow, is talking to a
your fellow my assistant, my assistant, knows better well, people get silly like a good meal. You know once you enjoying this meal. We just want to finish. I know what do they have you doing after this job? more interviews. They got me busy, boring ass interview. So what do you promote in promoting the flights which fights we haven't talked about any of am you couldn't a far to be needing content, talking about chess and get the fuck out of here you get the fuck outta here tell your boy: it's you I'm good I'm good at. He don't worry about me. I've already told them. I don't have to be somewhere to four hundred and thirty, that's going to put some two way glass there when we could see out- and they can't see in that's a good idea now, silly boy in a park and Eddie Cheese, Shawn Porter yeah this weekend was the fighting. Are you guessed from? Cuba,
should be a good fight, and this is on some fox Ppc, nice yeah, porters, Champ right now. I he won the title from Thurman. Did me yeah, and that or did you wanna from Danny Garcia then because the to Watch boxing yeah, of course, Tommy I'll, tell you anything about the heavyweight. Are you doing? Commentary on the submit last be dangerous. Yes, yeah, so you do on this for Fox NEWS should be. A good fight should be very good fight there's. Ah there it is right. There grows hair on every every time, Sean Porter Murph, it's Lennox. Every time, Shawn fortified cities always ah serious brawl. You know this guy reminds me of the old time fighters. The way out of this guy fights you know, gives you
a lot of pressure is on. You tell me to eat out in Ty ty though he doesn't, he doesn't mind, taking the shots at two to punch you so he mixes it. And that is this Saturday night, nice yeah there's a lot of great fights coming up the Mikey, Garcia, Earl, Spence Junior, it's a very good fight, makes me nervous at all, but it makes me why and why that's a great fight, knowing what everybody wants to see. It's a great fight, but as I'm off I like Mikey Garcia, but it to me, it's like I like both of those I like them. Both. I think I think my keys plus in this fight is that spent hasn't, had pressure like this and Mikey doesn't tank out on anybody, not gas out and he's not afraid to mix it up with what about the size difference, that's what I'm about it's the size, difference the weight difference I mean outside the front, my keypad one more fight before he fought Spence, but a and what they're doing he's ready's whole families, boxing specialists,
and I've trained with his brother. Before with Robert, have you really in yeah? Really yeah, no yeah, look at you. So many Jujitsu John John, my title Boxing Robert Garcia Lomachenko is our training at one. Am yeah he's up there right now, working with light heavyweight russian character, the that Hoosick began kids, yeah, yeah, music, yeah yeah, I train with a trained over at Goossens Jim, over the Christmas holiday. How did you really boxed in two years? Oh, my god. I suck Fucking hands are like that. Fuck this. Your your hands and my hands were hurting after, like you did you wrap them? I wrapped him. I might wrap it too tight. Can you go soft hands? Don't make me square up kid, took it It's been two years like I I I do this. I gotta. Do it Oh, you know what it was 'cause. He knew I used to train back in the day, so it's like I've wanted to look good and I'm like,
uh. Okay. Let me help you, you know what you do see. This is where the martial arts comes in, but this thing of sand and you just start punching it it's often you want with self, and you are my son when I said my hands hurt. I meant like the joints. My joints were hurting. You know what people do you ever see rice bags, they stick their hand in rice bags. They do a lot of this inside rice backs. That, apparently, is very good for your hands, I did that my mom got mad. I was fucking up her ex. So what did you do about it? I went home and just so, if you just give, back to doing it. It'll come back. I know I figured that much, but I'm like I bring a tennis ball everywhere, so squeeze something I'm a stick with Jujitsu. It doesn't hurt as much did you just it doesn't hurt your hands. No, I. I wear those little Luda gear guards. What
here everything they got. These little finger, these little finger guards that actually help. What are they gives it because they make a two finger in a three finger I would no idea with the the three finger just like like a little little cutoff glove for your fingers. Really hold them together is ninja thing it's nice Does it give you more traction to not necessarily, but it just it keeps your fingers together piece from separating significant pop, your finger out. That's probably good, if you're a guitarist assumption, probably my, I'm using some two for three. Oh look at that. That's a that's the two finger joint. I used the three I've, never even fuck with those I'm old school bro. I just take my get up, but you're. Also fucking gorilla, strong, it's weird why's, a weird 'cause! It's like playing with the fuckin silverback gorilla when I watch your jack that there's like you know, you want to roll ago no I'll. Do it now, but then I'm like no! But
could do it in a long time and I started to get to ninety six rolling tomorrow, right yeah, I'm calling I'm calling him now we're going to probably roll around eight hundred and thirty in the morning. If that's cool with yeah that works yeah, we could do that what's different about jujitsu and wrestling. What's the difference depending upon whether or not use the key. The key is a big factor, because you could grab ahold of that and it's it makes you more deep. Offensive minded because you can get caught in things get caught in submissions easier. Submissions are the big thing. Obviously, but I do lot of no guy. I have a black belt. No, jujitsu engage Jujitsu Ipre actually prefer no guy. I don't want to do tomorrow. We do whatever we do guy. I don't care but I just don't use it, I just don't use the guy, you know I let people grab mine, but I I try to use arm bars and chokes and things that I would do. No guy, that's how I trained from Eden Ogi so that I could do both. I just I did I'm just going to train in a guy like I don't have one on like let people grabby I'll be ready.
Guys that I have it on so people can grab me, but I don't grab there's I just use over hooks and under hooks and okay. So I was trying to make a joke out. A nog given the guy Joe's a guy Lord, it is definitely a slower game like older dudes in particular, they seem to like the guy 'cause. They can kind of control you and it's good for you, and it could also be used against you, which is bad. Well. If you have a winter code on man I said that the worst thing to do is in a fight with a judo black belt, when you get a winter coat, yeah is growing in suit Lamb, you're. Even when elections good yeah we're looking at you, it's all gravy, yeah you, you got your blue belt now right, yeah, when you, when you think you get a purple belt you're on your way right, I got to get some stripes. I talk to Jay Jay, but it ago to want to train more swag get destroyed because you're do for a stripe. I go well I'm going to.
We can train more. So I can get this straight. I don't want the stripe. I want to earn the strike. Are you doing things other than your Jiu Jitsu training in terms of like physical training? Maybe dumbbells and yoga ball yeah, that's it yeah. She get a trainer, get someone it'll it'll make a big difference. It's like think about your your body is like a race car right. If you could just lift weights in your race, car will go faster when you do that, If there was a thing you could do you do. I love DUMBO Dem, but my elbow american hurts lately. So, quitting. This is the thing I was talking about either a tennis elbow. I I was having a problem with my elbow. You you'll hold it like that, like you twist it like this and then you on twisted with your arms, so you hold it like this twist and then on twisted you do it slowly
and it works on these tendons, the same tendons that you get it, but it's just so shitty how I got it fucking sleeping. Could we have him? Try that right now them it's a lot heavier than it looks, sweet twisted and then untwist. It yeah like like twisted like that right and then level it out and then slowly untwist. It. Sounds good yeah just going to do it over and over and over again little bit, it's far more dense than it looks yeah it's great for your attendance. It specifically works this part of your arm like down in here. Now you just look for jerking off line. That's good too! You know what else is good are.
Older. You know it when you have one of those forests. No accord with like a way to the bottom of it, and you got a role. It was really always to disembark sales in the day. Those are great. People just used a fabricated in the gym. Yeah yeah yeah like a stick around those are great yeah. I one of those out there too. It's just that's that's one of the best known free forms right after your forms and gripping just have that kind of strength. Could you would be awesome, Majid, so a guaranteed? Is your chess player introduces very cerebral? You know it's very. It's like it's. Boxing, obviously is very cerebral too, but the you will limit in your weapons. You don't have a certain amount angles. You could punch from words Jitsu, there's an endless combinations. You transition, you get some time to think something in certain positions, yeah of a teacher that they had like a k like Kilo, yeah yeah was locked
that's what he did to that due to the sure shot and a half have a key to to to to. He gave me you did something to me and I realize okay watch out for the swearing you know the person in the plea to bone and then drops a whole wait on. You have yeah yeah that she could break your hand if you don't go with it, will break in FED sent threats in Pasadas. I shit the people yeah Marcelo Garcia's tap people out like high level people with wrist locks in Jiu, Jitsu tournaments. I was showing me like how to risk like a guy while you're done like them. It's not nice. Do it to people, but you can you can do this yeah, there's some nasty shit. The things like there's no end to there's no I went in there and a yeah there's no like these are all the moves and that's it. The people keep inventing move constantly. I do Donna. Yes, they won rubber guard assassins on Instagram right. They figure out some way crazy, come more as you do from close guard. The link leads to a triangle MIKE what the doctor got it like you, somebody has to lay.
You do a lot of those things to some of them yeah, but sometimes people don't know what you're doing don't even know, you're letting him. I'm always concerned about rubber guard with the knees like fucking up your knee joints, because you got to be very flexible to get that rubber garden. Yeah just stretch yeah yeah. The dose of rubber guard. I don't know what that is. It's where you put somebody in between your legs, a a when you described it sounds okay. You you put kid put somebody between your legs and then you pull your leg over their head, but their head has a pop through. So you now you're controlling them. You can hold their head this way It's a lot of fucking robbery Nous! Yes, but I don't have the ability, oh, it was invented by my friend Eddie Bravo, but there was some guys who would play high guard before that. He just put it into there. It is there, that's a good example of it. That's what it looks like so he's pulling down using his his leg and his arms to control a guy and wraps them up and while his town yeah down,
yeah so he's on the looks like a Gracie move, it is as well Jujitsu move. So a Bravo move. All jujitsu essentially excited right there. There is. Joe came up under my teacher and then Eddie took it to another level from there already just branched out and you know, went into no he's he's much more conservative has a black belt in the guy as well much more concerned with because he wanted techniques that would work in mixed martial arts. So in mixed martial but you don't have the callers to grab the sleeves to grab. So he wanted to invent a system that you could use of, especially yours when you have the ability to fight off your back is very when you fight that's Ben Saunders, who like one of the best at in MMA. If you get wrapped up you're on top of do any wraps you up his legs, like that, it's very it's very dim
allies and yeah, you know you get so trapped in human nature. Tells you when you're on your back and this guy on top you're in trouble, but engine jet you, like that's fine yeah. If you got a good guard like John Jock yeah yeah. While I have an interest in that, what do you live these days, a in Canada. You still live in Toronto. I was in Jamaica, for a yeah You live in Jamaica of those fun. I love Toronto is one my favorite place first yeah, I was telling him earlier at the nightclub. Job in a nightclub to meet Lex? And I remember that meeting though that's when the What's that thing was playing scratch, scratch was playing and everybody is there Toronto. Just such a perfect city. It's like the people are nice, but it's urban like it's very pop, there's a lot of people, but they don't have that asshole vibe that, like New York, I think it's the fifth largest city in North America. Is it yeah? Let me tell you they're, building like mad over there yeah the condos made out of glass.
Renter's market but tiny little places, so much cool shit there and now the weeds legal, it's probably booming in but we never really an issue there if you got caught with a like just give it to stop it, but now You go to the stores, or on the street like so that is, you know, is only now yeah. I think that having an impact does the school We saw some stores they're opening like about twenty five or fifty in Toronto, so the men's given great place man. I did that place that you do the score. The center yeah Scotiabank call Scotiabank. Now I just did it in November he came home and then you were there. I think, a month before me when I yeah yeah yeah, I was there before my Netflix Special came out and it came out in October. So I think I was there around that yeah yeah, I fucking love it up there, man, probably my favorite cities, to visit, come on back. I love it Massey Hall. Well that we did together.
Yes, that was fun man. You mean big Jane. Oh that's right! That's right! That's right! Yeah! That was a good time, the UFC. Is there always great, too good support? They love it up there well it's just Toronto. Just such a is such an unusual city like Canada in general. Like I'll, ask you this why people so nice there so much nicer than Americans. It's a! I don't know different this nice Americans. Do you say nice you're, saying there more polite, polite yeah? I find that too. I think chickens are nicer on. As far as have you been to New York, yeah! I love! I love it. Here's the thing Canadians are polite, but talk shit about you, you're, not you never like take that, but take that over being rude, Canadians can also get freaked out by people being forward which Americans are considered very forward, and you know it's it's an outgoing thing. So
where, where is an American like hey yeah? Well, ask me something contains a bike. Where is this person so aggressive from like? Where can it be like? Excuse me I'd like to ask you a question: yeah just truly it's very similar, but just different approaches? Whi as far as like stand up comedy, is there how? What is the community in Canada? Is it like the can in in America, where there's a lot of up and coming people, or is there very much there's a lot of comics in Canada? A lot of great ones come out of Canada, the problem is there's no. The money's so no matter touring around now, like the clubs once you get, you know the club's tap out it like maybe you'll make, but see what that's six shows on a weekend. A good headliner can make one thousand two hundred is that's yeah, I mean that's pretty fucking insane yeah, that's especially if they're selling out and making
drink yeah, that's the problem is that the club it I I liken it to the UFC almost to a certain degree, it's not about the comic it's about the name of the club like yuck yeah yeah, yeah Texas, about yuck, yucks and doesn't matter? What's there it's about yet kicks the UFC is about. You have see doesn't matter who the fucking fighter is they use the have that attitude at some of the clubs in LA That's one of the reasons why they had that big comic strike way back in the seventies yeah, because people felt, like the you know, the comics. The ones who are providing the art form with the clubs of one's we're, making all the money and they were like hey. You know. You're you're at the improv, where you're at the comedy store. You know the pay scale at these, clubs is the same as it was in the eighties, which is fucking horrible, like I take people out on the road with me, and the clubs will pay fifty fifty for an an for the weekend, the one hundred a for the feature and I'm like that's fucking, that's what it was. I started in eighty nine and that's what it was back. Then that's crazy! That's! Never! And I'm like that's terrible like how are these kids?
make a living well in a way. It's a lot like boxing because, like when people think that boxes make millions of dollars, because Floyd Mayweather make one hundred dollars million in the right, and that is true. But if you look at the undercard like there's guys that are fighting for chump change, I mean and they're are going through a long camp. Remember your first paycheck yeah was your first boxing paycheck five thousand That's, because I'm I'm I'm coming out of the Olympic stayed yeah. Let's acceptance! Even still, that's five thousand dollars for a professional fight, but you also tend to move here. We can tell it. The idea is going to add up after awhile. Yeah I mean you're an exception. I mean there's guys fight not there, for like eight hundred bucks, I mean yeah, try. Five hundred three hundred so You know another thing that disturbs me about MMA, as opposed to boxing is the win lose bonus. I don't like that. I think, fighter. I think a fighter should get paid. What they're supposed to get paid, no one's trying to lose and
trying to lose you're, never going to be able to compete at the highest level anyway. These guys are pouring their heart and old are giving their body that they're literally sacrificing their health and they night get fucked out of a decision and because of that they lose fifty percent of their money. So some incompetent judge, which in boxing is everywhere- I mean Adelaide Byrd. How dare you just there was, even person hurts people that don't even do it anymore because they could arrest out of game every time I listen to the the I I did that so you know you're a fan of the sport when you hear the judges names go, not that guy yeah, so there was a lot of them and there's a lot of them. I mean, but imagine if fifty percent purse goes away, because someone doesn't know what the fuck they're doing so wait. The win lose bonus, they're guaranteed a certain amount. Guaranteed a certain amount, but that's to show like say that like say, maybe you get ten and ten. So you get ten one thousand dollars to fight in ten thousand more. If you win but crazy, it's fit often fifty percent
the idea. Is that you're going to give these fighters an incentive to put on a better show? But I think I don't like fight of the night. Yes, I don't like, when people fight any different then the way they're fighting when they're fighting the best in the smartest right. I think you should fight intelligently. You shouldn't get in a wild brawl, because you want some performance bonus. You know because, like they'll give up, performance of the night or knockout of the night can use. Can you lose and still get the the fight of the night by yes, Cerrone's got a ton of those folks get a ton of bonuses, but I mean that's him, though he would fight that way. If you gave him a guarantee perfect example, if he knew he was going to make a half million dollars a fight, no matter what he would fight exactly that that's how he fights. I think that's how that's How it should be he's an anomaly, though, because he grew up with money. Didn't he like a decent, he grow by the day
you want some terribly poor wasn't wealthy. I thought he had money. I found it could go up with with a decent amount of mine. That's the way I was sold it. I don't believe so. I don't want to speak out of school, though I mean either, but I have always going to make these Penn pen. Did you know Bj Penn is a legend. Bj grew up with a wealthy family they're wealthy This was a fighter, so she finds that I saw somewhere he's fine, it's going to fight clay Guida, yes, but that's a fucking, odd one. When I retired he did, he got bored to do it. He actually look very good in his last fight up until later. Very exciting fighter. Back in the day, the still a wildman you still walk, but he got leg lock by Ryan Hall, who is just phenomenal, jujitsu player he caught him with. He did imanari, roll and and caught in a leg lock and just fucked his leg up. Yeah. Are you talking about play something you eat? It was place
the seminar? Is this a very famous japanese fighter, who is a phenomenal leg, lock artist and the two moves, there's there's an imanari roll and there's a m and ARI, which and MR it comes from OMA, Plata and OMA. Plata is a folder lock. I think it's a portuguese word That's why they call. It only gets your hits from your legs itself, yeah, it's a shoulder lock and then the Inman Arias, while you're locked up in on the plot to you, grab it like a grip on these guys Chan, Yank, a back. So nasty now I'll show you tomorrow. I hope not. I really hope that I just have a friendly roll weekend, but if you catch yourself in an AMA Plaza it's coming, How much is when I'm a big fan of the arm choke, which I know is your favorite head and arm. And and then you don't jack now cause of the Joe Hogan someone do it kinda Joe Hogan, and then that's your move. You
actually it's now your move at the gym. Well, you know, sometimes you have like techniques that you You hit so often that you just know when they're there and you can close them up real quick. That was always my shit. That's what I've been ever since then, I've actually been working on that we know so many guys did it to me and it's such a suffocating feeling when someone's on top you enjoy your arm, pinned here at that next to their arms across your neck. If you like to it's, it's a: can you make a noise funny and it's a horrible way to get choked out of the a steam. Luckily, when guys get locks named after them, how do you get out of it to help? You have so put your hand on your ear, like you're answering the phone, that's one! The first thing is you're trying to create some space here so that you don't go to sleep. You gotta give into the
fact that this guy's choking this side of your neck for sure, so the arms coming under here and it's wrapping around here and if you just go like that and it's down or like that, it's going to get smushed you're getting you're going splish right. So you got it bring this thing in here trying to create a little bit of space on. You hope this motherfucker gets tired of squeezing your neck and then you trying to get in here and create a little bit of space. That's what I tried to just give me a little. The space at the time's little bit of space just get a little bit of space. It's all just a matter of little inches or tiny micro move but when someone has your arm wrapped up like that, and they have that arm across your neck and ice cream, crushing you with their body weight and then they at their knee on your solar, plexus and flatten you out, please down it's horrible are their fighters in other countries that don't go in and I may but they're unbelievable fighters, but they're not trying to show any.
Do that they're, unbelievable father, like Kung fu, guys, no, no, those guys all get fucked up when they try to. They think they do it You start believing it and you have your students and they believe you're the master and is the challenge idea tried entering Worcester punch of those video? Oh my god, where the Orange Shalin suit and he would win in like these really hokey fight couple young and then you get into the big ones, and he just get this shit. Get out of him. Yeah he was kickboxing yeah. He acts You had some skills like he did watch a show yeah he had some. He could do a little bit, I'm talking about it's like these. She masters! one of those. No those the ones where you put seems real or those are so so really make dojo. What is the mic? Dojo life on Instagram has a shit load of those. It would make me laugh.
So sad, that's what you put you put seems legit yeah, well, a lot of legitimate they'll go and fight a real fighter and they think they actually know how to fight, and they just get concussed. They just get smashed open. It was because you know why: why does they don't get it yeah? They don't get That's. Why that's why I love boxing. You know box and you spar all the time yet hit all the time. So you know in a real fight boxes of being hit. You know guys that do kung, fu and all those in they don't get hit so when they do get him the real fight, it's like it messes them up. It's like. I didn't see this coming: yeah yeah, practical application, the difference between practicing and thinking there's. So many of these doing I haven't seen this one. This is a new one. Just picked one up with that guy and the black he looks like he's gonna to fuck this dude up, it's very gay, looks like the carpeting in my bedroom. Oh my god. What these guys are. Well. She see the
this particular the Cheech and I wonder why they were in such weird guy's, and everybody everybody clap, and there are many black culture in that class. God damn is silly Fox. They really believe that I bet that guy could get him suck his dick same same way people who really believe that their teacher can do that stuff. So okay, they're called priests, how dare you know it's a it's weird that those people are still around in the day of video cameras that you can still have this. But yeah what you're saying as per what evil you're saying that if you hadn't fought in two years and right and you would get in there and get hit you like whoa, okay, okay, let's see I I've seen Keith Thurman. Do that really always last fight yeah, so they do yeah. Yes, he hello in Lopez's in the Bangor by any means he
looked a little little off though, but Keith Thurman had to suffer through that one little concussion and can cost us and say- and he was all right out so that if you hit him with that same shot, he would have took it even better because he got over the home. I still get Lopez. Yeah lot of people did yeah, it was a close fight was and Oh, it was Thurman's big comeback fight. I mean how long he'd been out two years. At least it was he injured. He was injured. He had some sort of operations elbow yeah, so you know, but that's also one of the things that makes it so interesting. You know I mean and when a guy does come back from a devastating loss and you go like many paki when Mark has knocked him out out, I mean crazy. That was a bad one. That was a bad one. That was it that one that is like awesome. Slurring later like you know you make a move, would move but then you've
moved into the man's power punch and he hits you and you know, there's no second chance with that one yeah and Marquez He's a he's, an interesting case I mean he's, obviously very, very talented but as he got older, he got like physically stronger. You got bigger and stronger. You know. Mexican supplements, can meet lot involved. Computer all meet monkey juice. There's a lot involved there right, I mean, and he actually was working with Manny Pacquiao's old strength and conditioning guy and many was the guy was always accused of doing stuff. Every time yeah. I mean it. Many went up eight when I had a series of training before yeah. When I was doing my special three years ago. Look at him jacked is he still fighting now he's retired mark has done yeah good for him. They're talking about Floyd, they're, doing they're talking about doing a Floyd, Pacquiao Rematch, I'm not really excited about that
you know what I'm excited about. I want to see how much money Floyd Mayweather can make. I'm excited. I mean like the fucking, the fact that he talked body into that Connor, Mcgregor Fight and he more than a hundred million dollars within that tension. Kid fighting again he's find somebody else now: now's, a cow yeah he's a he's, a bad askin only supposed to be fighting another another boxer yeah. Now I think you're right, probably a lesser one but well tension is tension is and hundred and twenty six. So we should fight I mean the fact that he fought Mayweather at all, and people like oh, it looks like it was a fake fight. No that's what it looks like when One hundred and twenty six pound fighter fights one of the best boxers of all time. That's what it looks like they don't look fake. He did fall. All very dramatically because he got his fucking Preme rattled. You know oh it's Davis, my God, can't make
not wait anymore, either drunk and connect, the wait is that now, but they don't have a makeweight. That's the thing they just haven't fight I mean Floyd, didn't make any fucking wait. Did he you like? Do you like the way one FC is doing their weight? Then? Yes, I, like a lot yeah for people No, they don't let him cut weight. They do hydration test, so there's no dehydrating yourself. So if you wait natural you walk around one hundred and eighty five pounds you're going to fight at one hundred and eighty five. I'm not going to fight at one hundred and seventy or one hundred and sixty five. Like a lot of these guys. Do that's good? I'd, love, yeah, that's good, because the hydration aspect of even in any sport taken that liquid away from the brain yeah. Well, your your body needs liquid yeah needs. It survives on. The quickly makes a bones brittle it's at its terrible for you in every way. It's terrible for your performance. Your internal organs lot of guys have kidney failure when they're cutting weight for Wayne's. That's the beautiful thing, will you be in heavyweight right? Yes, I didn't have to take off my clothes. I can
hey whatever, but yeah. It was always that fighting weight where I would be perfect man. He was good at that yeah two way. Okay, we don't move, don't move from there about two. Forty to thirty. Five to thirty five was perfect, knew you were on the what kind of What kind of nutrition did you follow when you're fighting did you? Did you take basic vitamins or going specific things? No uh to assert jamaican food jamaican food yeah? Ah Angelo Dundee asked me that same question. Yeah said what he said my mother's food. He said if it, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I it's a perfect Angelo Dundee quote another remember that, in the with the Hey Leonard against Thomas turns you're blowing it kid he gets. He should've. Let I get fired up and goes out and stops in the next round. There was a lot of good trainers back to.
Which, during how to Georgie Benton here, bless his soul good for good trainers. Well, it's so important for a young fighter. You hooked up with the right trainer right. You know we got on that for a second, I think part of the problem with a lot of the young kids right now they need to get good trainers. Could train is really help you gain because even helps you with the tv because I was saying today that when a man you'd came into my corner, HBO started talking about better before that he was like. Oh, he doesn't throw the job enough. He looks like he's tired. The fight when I with many. They would like praising me doing good now. My Manny's behind them now is the trainer of champion. So trainer really helps you your game, you Many when you fought Mercer. Yes, that was a war Actually, no, I wasn't. I wasn't that merciful. I'd actually taught mercy, help me out because
for that fight. I was always fighting guys that hooked hooked around body shots and hooks. So I kept my hands like this at the side of my face. Then man and then I went into the fight, got a fat lip. I hated hey, give me a fat lips in my fights. Like you know, hey do you? Did you win the fight yeah? It didn't look like you could. You're fat lip from you know, so I kept on walking around with a fat lip and then I got you know I got a good picture of. You got a good picture of you me and Lloyd, and you got a fat lip it's right out the morning flights from like ninety seven, and then then man. He said you know what you're doing wrong. He said you need to put your hand in front of your mouth like okay, so even if a guy throws in a punch which doesn't slide through it's going to hit your hand, and he said you can move your hand two inches to protect yourself from a look at you and I said, yeah you're right writing no more fat lips. I
thing getting fat lips book, everybody look at you funny it's hilarious, we'll have a great trainers? It's is so important in as well I mean it's and there's not that many of them it's like you really have to find the ones, you got a good trainers. Just former fighters now well there's that yeah, but you know Someone has to be a real, you can't just be a trainer or just be a former fighter. Rather you have to be astute yeah to really understand the game. Like a man, It was only an amateur fighter right. I never fought professional and he was one of the greatest of all time. Unquestionably, like everybody respected him, so soft spoken you know, and just but just knew just knew how to these. Do you think about all the guys Gerald Mcclellan, Tommy Hearns, other great fighters, man. I can't the only problem I have with you know. Time fighters is like you know, some, some old time fighters were bad fighters now, right now the training, a young kid the same way, Ryan, it's not it's not positive, Yes, like teaching them the bad tricks yeah, but then
these guys, who are better as trainers, and they were as fighters like Freddie Roach one hundred percent yeah Freddie Roach is recognized one of greatest trainers for sure alive, but as a fighter was a journeyman, Kevin Rooney was a good trainer in his death and he got knocked up by our quail in second round. Well, he was good training with Tyson, but he never really developed town outside of a lot of alcohol. That's one! Oh! Well! You hang around my can tigers on a leash and then buddy had a good run for a minute. Buddy Mcgirt. He still running I've trying buddy before he was a great fighter, but he was a great fighter. Yeah great dude, you haven't trained with me at when you phrase Amiga. Ah, Listen man! Your phone keeps blowing up and you were supposed to be out here an hour ago, but I appreciate your time, man and it was an honor to sit here and talk to you thanks for having one of my favorites of all time appreciated Russell. I, like you too, thanks man you're, my favorite guy to get choked out. Sweetie have fun tomorrow, uh Lennox Lewis. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you everybody. Thank you. Everyone
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