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#1271 - Billy Corben

2019-03-25 | 🔗
Billy Corben is a documentary producer and director, best known for his films “Cocaine Cowboys ” & “Cocaine Cowboys 2″ and also “Broke” & “The U” for ESPN’s 30 for 30 series. His latest film "Screwball" releases in theaters on March 29, and VOD will be available on April 5.
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demanded a bunch different places on April. Fifth is called screwball, and it is a bit out steroids in baseball, and it is excellent and I in a baseball fan, you don't have to be a baseball, found a watch. It's fucking great. I love this, he's a ball of energy and intellect please give it up for Mr Billy Carbon Logan Expiry around the block ass, my body, although Billy for love here, Jeff Scoreboard, you to watch, you knew documentary this morning in the gym loved. It was fortunate crazy! I crazy! I love your use of little kids. Don't give way too much of it. But it's about the steroids scandal involving baseball outs Rodriguez, but will lose their jobs
to use little kids to play a rod and all the other key principles involved and the scandal like till politely, usual actors like it oh, come on you yours hide it pretty sober the GM yeah, so You knew down other sorts of seeing the dark and if people remember the Bow Genesis stirred scandal, if not the movie, I think recapture pretty pretty well the thing that struck me as it like All these guys acted like children. They really did yeah and end to boot. So you know we ve done some. Sport stocks. In the past we didn't know some the ESPN. Thirty, four thirty is like the? U and dumb. When you do a sports doc. I mean I want to say it's: it's easy, cuz, it's making documentaries is a challenge, but sports doctor are pretty. Paint by numbers. It's like you interview, and players universal, coaches and journalists. They mentioned
Gee games, unusual, buncher, game footage. You know, like it's a pretty straightforward process with this one, it's not about baseball its baseball adjacent. I guess we're like it's about shit that went down at night clubs in shady clinics, with they doctors, hotel rooms, bars law. A room, so you got a bunch of guy talk, heads and you're documentary, but then you got nothin to cut to you got no beer. Also, I'm like we're gonna need to requests in a recreations your which is which is to me out of here. Nonfiction filmmaking it's big shit. We need when you film creation- so it's lake, might have Do this in a creative way that that's consistent with the tone of the movie, which was always called screwball, meaning it was always A far sooner liquor Call high sooner Elmore, Leonard Cohen, others s, sort of Florida, augury farce, So we just wanted to keep in that mode, so watching them.
Characters. So we got twenty Bush. Who is the fake doctor and porter sure who is the whistle blower who stole the medical records the and I did this whole thing. They were then stolen from him and then to not the highest bidder, but any better in every bitter they were sold to an there talking. And I'm noticing that they have like a very similar story telling starlit, for example, guile be like so I walk in his office- and I say I want my money and he says I don't have your money and so will you better go? my money, and if so, what are you gonna do about it now, settlement of regular net and I'm like oh shit. They there so vivid in the moment an end and talk in dialogue. So control history. This right, we did, we get together, dark and then have the actors lip sinking the actual interview, dialogue and all the actors will be eight years old,
I've always wanted to do it like way back Spike Jones. Ninety, ninety seven YE skies limit big he had just been murdered. He was Faced with this challenge of producing posthumous, video and suspect Jones was like ok, we'll just do a straight up classic bad boy record. The circuit, ninety, seven music, video cars, Rosati, wardrobe girls, mansion hot tub, but the law be eight years old, yeah baby He rode puffy be lost, baby buster, rhymes, basically We can't yeah it's brilliant in silencing what a great divide. Who is kicking around since ninety seven. Then I saw this off Broadway Musical about ten tennis years ago, called a very Mary honourable. Let me try that one more time a very merry unauthorized children, Scientology pageant I don't
Let me say it again: I guess it again. So is it is wild Physical, like very Boeing ask score written by a couple years, please it's like it's a it's Christmas pageant performed by elementary school kids, but instead of the story of Jesus, it's the store. If IRAN Hubbard all with like in like a school play with like You know, paper machine like sets in an and construction paper, costumes and props, and I wanted to. I got together the composers, I'd sinless I'd like to get the rights to your musical and make a I intelligent documentary using the Kids in the musical as a framing device, In those days no one was making. Everybody makes Scientology documentaries in those days. Nobody was doing it particularly because, like the churches so litigious, and so They had kind left this musical alone, so I thought like that, might be a cool buffer like maybe you can make a doctor, It's a little light. You know what it's like this Oceans musical, but we inner cut it with real.
Documentary investigation interviews and that may be will conduct away with it, nobody forced into Mister movie, Didn t. Nobody, I mean doors or closing before even knocked out like got today. And I got a file again file. At a deer way in the back of my head and then he colors- there was at funny viral video like it was like a scarface school play. Out of using a bunch of little kids doing so, our faces like an elementary school play. An how's like this is city it such a great device and and The problem, is you need to find something that it works for, like like cocaine cow babies would not have been appropriate, for example, about eight year old kids running around some Bugsy Malone. You know so they just like it. Like how the stars align with just like this, is This is gonna work here. I think it works downwards great in such a crazy story, the fat or I don't wanna- give too much of the weggs are really want people to watch it because I mean I've. I've talked about cocaine cowboys, probably a hundred times this pact as its
Y all times. Every part low. Excuse me all time very documentaries, but this is this. A store that almost rights itself, it's so bonkers. The and the fact that at all could have been avoided. Did if one guy just paid another guy or just didn't. Try to rip off like four grand yeah Nothing doesn't make any sense, it's fucking, crazy and the guy. What bizarre o personality, he was who, just ten every day, hang out a doctor's office in the waiting, room telling everybody how great it was like. The thing is so strange like death, everyone remembers, it is like the IRAN Iraq skin yeah and end the truth. The matter is it: Alex Rodriguez was collapse, damn it just in this whole thing, it was not about him, don't tell Alex that, but it's not about him. You know it's it. It was really the highest the career of I pay baseball player of all time effectively ended over.
A four thousand dollar debt between this cocaine addicted, fake doktor and his fake tanned addicted, severed patient. And it's like that's. Why said? like a floor to factory stories straight up it It is a classic only in Miami absurd. Force, and that without we? U specialised really times which specialise in Florida factory. I go to your twitter feed all the time for current Florida, Fucker, it's just its yet distilled is just like it's pure. Somehow. The prison we're on its large factory is just its and that's what this story is to meet is like Miami is just located think about Miami is so close to the United States, but it it's also like its America's Casablanca, like just people kind of flee to my aunt from like all over the country and all over the world. Usually leaving some kind of criminality in their wake. You and you know, come here and kind of their and reinvent themselves. You know like
it's just, and then you have all of these criminals there. Who then of baking in the sun. You known this kind of multicultural fucking pie. You know that we have just like, and then they start putting their their minds gather and brain storming and they had just the most inane schemes and scams like that's. Our primary export from Miami is schemes and scams, which is so amazing that still cocaine culture to after all these years, it still has a giant cocoa. In engine pumping out, This chaos We don't have any indigenous industry and there's no factory. Reverie buddy goes to work and in thirty years later gets a watch. There's no business there, its call highs and says all we produce in Florida is oranges and machine guns. We don't make anything that sell the dream. We sell the Sunshine Europe lies that came true, you know, and so and even more
frightening is the Miami of today is the american tomorrow. So it's like there's a lot of lessons to be gleaned from down there, but it's basically at this point a money, a real estate hustle and a money laundering capital. So it's really no different than it Where was everybody likes? It tell me: what's changed its growing like just as he built a bunch of shit doesn't mean we ve grown and Miami is just like Miami is one of the young. Cities in the country in your parlour it would be about one person old or one and a half people like one and have people a girl. You know what you were, the one of the youngest cities: barely a hundred just over a hundred correct me if I'm wrong so set as reforming? Isn't there more banks per capita in Miami than anywhere else was really? The shortly was before the end of the the the great recession when a lot of them started shutting down, but most of them have rebounded. I wanted
we're things some of the real estate developers did was they opened their own bank. Literally their own bank, they had a bank where the entire board of the bank were all real estate Bela and over ninety percent of the loans the bank made was in site or loans just bored, and then, of course, they went belly up the great recession, and what happened we build them out so she was all their own sake his great ale thou, real state sales reels Egypt, who loaned themselves money that is wound up being backed ultimately I us by TAT, I mean that's the old member that giving you hear that line all the time. Now that, like you know the way people used to the bank from the outside in now it's out from the inside out, but note none could be true than than the necessary and that's a Miami story and when the great recession happen, the F B, I see to open an office in Florida because we had more by enclosures than any other state,
the union does. We were like you could go down there and you can buy a fuckin mortgage for your dog to drive through in Miami in the in, like the the late nineties, early arts and I remember interviewing a guy who were doing work into practical ponzi state about these data Lord as like a case study and recession years ago. We never finished it unfortunately, but were interviewing. This guy and he says we were MRS Pre, like big short, like this: before anybody sort of new a lot of this and he said we were down here. In Miami setting fire. Is, and Wall Street was trying to reach our smoke signals. That's why like the Miami of today is the America of tomorrow. It is every time I go there always go. I forgot how fuckin crazy every really should have to have a passport is its. I love it. I really love is a crazy but do stand up in. I do this job because I was doing a Netflix special and I was doing it
couple months after I did this gig in Miami, and so I was using Yonder bags know those our people have to put their cell phone and yet this magnetic bag. You keep the phone, but you hold the phone in the boy. If you want use it you have to step outside, they open up the bag and they give your phone every other city it made for a better show, because people just sat down and watch this. Oh in Miami it made for literally forty percent, a crowd at any. Given time was getting up and going to the back and using therefore coming back in. There were just one instantly moving around, presumably to use their phone. They make that pattering. There knows they might a ban, but it was day, although that was because I d done gigs before that, where they didn't have the yonder bags. This wasn't the problem, but am Miami? Does everybody needed to use their phones? They just kept getting up and coming back and it was this chaos it's also a selfish tat like it's. Basically, it out a town of Assholes really ends, and so, like I always say that I mean it reflects in everything that we do
in the way that would behave, certainly in the way that we drive like leave or not. People are so much more children. Come here I think in a way I swear to God in ITALY was famous for like road rigs. Ellie, like created ventured road range, but, like my enemies, the crazy angry weird place, because it's like what, when push comes to shove, we're in my chill the fuck out, like it's all good? It's a beautiful place like and it's a shared experience, the traffic sucks for all of us just chill out. Use your turn signal for crying out loud and just but that's why they, I say: that's why they call it my end so our enemy or your Emmy. It's my fucking Amy and stay out of my fucking em. It's just! I don't seem to love. You seem to thrive accurately function. Any or else vision, then it doesn't make any sense its and it's so frustrating to. I was on a native fluoridation and alive flung Miami and an eye for a while I was I was pretty determined to like leave behind.
Better Florida than the one I was. I was fail, get that managers is so inexorably connected. The cocaine my best friend Steve Grand was an optimal largest. He did his residency in Miami We did a residency in emergency rooms in Miami and he was there in the eighties, during like the height, but basically, during when cocaine cowboys takes place and the heat everything. Does he mean he had all these p choose a bullet holes and skull fragments and people with light bulbs stuff there are is, and he said every day was his fucking chaos it. So we know Miami idea ever also what goes up every had in Miami. We shipment reckon up our actions, They had a poor light bulb out of a guy's ass
in one of those ones, the lagoon Christmas tree, curly ones, this guy stuck a label of opposite broke in his ass at least he was concerned about the environment. That's like one of those environmentally like sound like to invite you to let us know environmentally sound lines and that it is not yet there were just thicker glass, fellow, if you could get it in his aspect. We though that was the era to cut your teeth. If you were a cop or a lawyer, journalist or your doctor. I remember talking Tunisia, your doktor once he tells me story, nineteen. Eighty shortly after the marital boat lift started, which I think everybody's kind of pop culture frame reference for the merrier boat lifted. Scarface Tony Montana was a merry little. That's at the beginning of the movie. When you know Castro, granting and raving eddies flushing the toilets of Cuba onto the United States, typically to Miami, and so he was working at the the trauma Center Jackson, Memorial, our emergency room in Miami, and he said he got a merry
refugee. These guys would stand on the beach they would it look like Havana and South each new like there's that, like Coral sea wall in like it, had a really Havana vibe, so they would go They would she'll mostly at these. Flophouse is south of history in Miami Beach, where, like the cops would literally just they would be leaving after a stabbing at one of these places, and they be three blocks they get a call to go back now there was a shooting or something else. It would be going there like all round the clock and so and they would just gettin gunfights like little. Just be like the somewhat cheated dominoes and they would just pull out a gun in one guy would shoot the other guy he has a refugee who comes in to the emergency with a gunshot wound, any new Spain, The chief bilingual said the guys. Are you really lucky? Because if this bullet had hit you know a few centimetres or whatever this way you would have died immediately, would oblige out right there on the scene died, instantly and guy speed,
a few days later. Another Merrill refugee comes with a gunshot wound inexact bleed the same spot where he had told the other guy that, if he got hit there he would died, can never prove it never was able to trace it back but He was pretty well convinced that it was a revenge shooting the other shooting and the guy new exam if were to shoot, em and kill em, because the doktor had told him where to do that, but that was like every day. My me the lady who cut my hair, for Christ's sake. She said I was so naive in those days and are you you should I people's harry'll, they come over kisser goodbye and put a tip in her in her pocket. You know, and she go turner, pockets inside out have our little crumbled, bills and everything did she finds a little baggy of white powder that someone One of her clients had slipped into her pocket is a tip, and she said your girlfriend she's what the hell's this difference. It. Oh shit, that's worth more than gold, that's the best! If you got you ve got all day that little baggy now is just like.
The culture and its and its I mean it's not as anywhere else. I imagine that in bulk Nebraska, some until the new and cocaine people below what worth of what the fuck are you doing? Listen it's like like it. It's a miracle Casablanca, there's no place like such a strange place, everybody hearing everything is for sale, still, nothing and like I said we are about a person old, that's how far back maybe go so watch the video about the culture of renting super cars to people so that they can pretend that it's their car huge yeah yeah. We had all these bristle, brick least a thousand airs. You know, DR in their rent, fuck, it Lambert's, you know and blow in the engines out on south beaches. They dont know how to drive it. Just gettin toad down the street is test, listen, it's a fake it. So you make it kind of town and there's nothing really to make their. You can't really
Then a real estate, hustle, money laundering, drugs, politics being a crop politician, there's really or their weight and make is not a real industry. Not all is a lot of professional fighters come out of Miami Army that whole area, coconut grove and lot of aggression lot upon reading its if it's a third world economy down there, Disparities between the haves and the have nots, the income gap, is widest and gay wider in Miami date. County than just about any. City in the country on a guinea metropolitan area in the country So that's why should remind me of today is the american tomorrow. If you want to know what challenge will face as a nation or calamities will befall us in the year to come. You need only look it at my BT and called it the canary. The coal mine, the bellwether and so you know, went, went when the election was playing out the cycle and twenty. Sixteen I was like
my friends this can this trump thing can happen. Holes like hang on Owsley, Florida, elected and, in fact, Reelected Rick Scott to be governor. He is the biggest Medicare fraudster in the history of the United States. Everybody knows it. Everybody is aware of it very well publicized we ve we reelected. Ok, we elected him twice as a top fucking executive in our state, like what makes you think that the United States of America wouldn't do that. I know it's fair to say, like you know, if you're gonna be the governor of the State Union, a little something about the largest industry in the state. Like you bring me the governor of Michigan, you shouldn't have some familiarity with the automobile industry in manufacturing and in full if you're gonna be the governor. Arguably you should know something about our biggest industry, which many care for hide visas. I mean you could argue that he's the most qualified man for the job we get like Medicare front is, whereas is.
One of the largest industries has been for decades and me we have billion in billions of dollars and fraud. So they run it to you go into like blue Havana Hialeah, for example, in not municipality in in Miami Dade, end they'll be a little. I will eat sitting behind it ass, calf, asleep and sugar surrounded in this tiny little one room office by little mailboxes. You know like peel boxes. And a male man comes in every day and just puts checks in the boxes and their light. In some cases they ve stolen from social security numbers and and creative the one eyed. Basically, in some cases there, just old people who aware that their mail is being forwarded to this location and they ve just got there. I think Miami Emmi, for while we had more Medicare payments, for
HIV and AIDS medication, then every other part of the country combined at all old people. So it's like you'd have to assume that hundred per cent of our elderly people. Relations suffered from HIV incineration, where it should be possible to use impossible, you'd female patients getting penis pumps, that were paid for by God, even though the Medicare covered that I had a look into that. But you know that was thing, will dazzled Mama the oxen COM Express decided only now, but that's all about her they have the paints management centres and they are connected to the pharmacies. He'd go to the doktor came back curtsied go. We need this girl next door and did you score all they would prescribe? Was oxen sometimes it was even next or sometimes when I go to that window, yeah right next door, they say should show the doctor you're x, Ray you have to get your actually done somewhere else. They won't do it. If it so hand the doctor you're x, Ray you look Oh shit was upside down. He wouldn't you hear me like. Oh yeah, oh shit, you Don't you need
that window over there and fill this prescription and We had more pill mills, they call them in Brower County which, how'd. He just north of Miami Dade than we had Mcdonald's locations and there was literally like the appalachian trail. They were coming down. They were stocking up on oxy refueling, a death epidemic like in in Kentucky they're pulling over more cars are flawed. Two plates, then in state plates up there, because priorities like why should we care they have all. The action will drive up and we'll export the shit and at the peak of the pill, mill epidemic, the oxy epidemic in Florida, seven people a day were dying amendment. In children and for an we subsist from hustled a hustle. We wonder why the gun crackdown. On that shit. Wanting to regulate it will first are governor than we did we deal with this, and screwball is the biggest Medicare for turn the history, the country, so he wasn't exactly, shall we say vigilant or interested in
cracking down on medical. Lady, how to get away with a magic mark? Margo? magic. I guess I mean who listened a key Gub. He played the fifth amendment. Seventy five times in a videotape deposition that was used in a campaign out against him and Florida was like all good work with them. And he just listen, White Richmond kind of between the raindrops in this country. You know it's just a sort of they got craft forget my hand, job that was Florida, too stupid phrases, stupid What we were talking about like how does he not have a guy who get him jerked off like probably a lot of girls out there. That would like to make some money you don't you have to go to a massage power, The biggest bummer of it is now. My massage part was closed down the problem. Where do I go now? It is the primary we're broke guys, go it's a fact that there were filming you too, so halting so strange and if
was human trafficking going on their worth. Booger cops cheerful, six months ago. Investigation can receive these poor victims, but human traffic has become like this key word. This new sort of like fearmongering kind of a term to get a report all up in arms and now they're kind of backtracking on that delay will maybe it wasn't it Actually Algeria Maybe it was just a more. I will also push raising guy. He was a horrible person because he was contributing to these people that were essentially being sold for sex slavery turns out that might have been a bit overblown, no pun intended of blot overblown, but of course, that's gonna how they have to sell it right. Otherwise, people like why wasting all this money on hand, Jobs care. Why? Because having real crime is hard and dangerous and dangerous a case Oh you can go and pick. Somebody up for marijuana are getting a hand, job would have it and you can look like you're you're being proactive yeah, but shouting order, stats, hard man
hard work, hard, dangerous and yeah. We, if you go to a weird little Asia, massage place in Gaza, coming out, smilingly start there, one but low hanging fruit, real events in its growing older fellows. There was, weird law in why, where there are letting cops actually have sex with prostitutes like to prove that their prostitutes I think, Nearly half the states in the union have a law that allow police officers to have sex with people in custody. Why really? I can't make it how'd you make to shut up undressing wolves, consensual, becomes a conceptual, their fuckin handcuffs, consensual, like what that's human trap. The king, it asks me, I mean what yeah, obviously they're gonna try to make deals. Hale sucker daggers get me out of here how's that I was a consensual, hasn't been crazy. It is the ultimate whole mainly target people,
Holding power over people was kidnapped, coerce consent, absolutely yeah mean that is, that is more than an employer doing that employ Meteor Writ Litter They dangling their freedom, talk about an abuse of power seriously. I just look I, I have all daughters, I'm I'm not. I don't want anybody star to be a prostitute, but I am also one hundred percent in favour of people Viana. Do it over the fact they want if someone's in a weird stage in their life with a rather jerk eyes off than work at Dennys, like whose end but to stop them from doing that. The only problem is the social stigma. That's attached to it. The actual act itself is its beneficial, though, person get something out of it in a minute there. It's a pity that some people I have a really hard time getting something to have to them. You know it's, I don't see that it's just a crazy thing that we regulate, something that mean George Carl, integrate bit
It is the only thing where its illegal to to make someone pay for it, but it's fine if it's free it literally doesn't make sense, there's nothing wrong with sex, but there's something wrong people paying for it and is fine. If you pay for and then videotape it friar profusion, because then that or poor yeah I dont really and first of all its a contract. Two consenting adults. If we were talking about more government deregulation. Let's allow too, can adults to engage in a contractual relationship. S offer acceptance consideration as anything else. Stigmas. You mention a lot of that is part and parcel of the programme The illegality of it is what brings the sitting is it's. What brings to injure the Ba because its forced underground, You introduce all of these elements that dont have to be there. They could take place in
environment sectaries instead of in the black market in underground it could take place where you can protect all the participants ass involved and its it it. But it's been true of liquor, true of marijuana. It's been true of prostitution, which they call for a reason, the oldest profession the second we introduce the prohibition, it creates a level of of danger and a threat to society that wouldn't exist if you're like a wait. What if you just? Let me smoke this out? If you just, let me drive. This, because I'm an adult making irresponsible decision for myself if we just let me in age and sexual activity with this person, who was perfectly willing to do it in exchange for some remuneration? What the? Why should end but he give a shit said puritanical. It's so archaic at such a dumb prove in bad idea.
I mean it's been proven for decade upon decade. You go all the way back to the alcohol prohibition, to what's going on right now what the cartels I mean! What how much would it fix if they made all drugs legal? How much would it fix I mean we we'd have a real problem in the beginning with access where people it would be so much more access. He'd, probably you know why you would lose people people with and high profile overdose cases and eleven people try to make a deal of. You don't think that cocaine was legal everywhere that now math people can get the drugs right, but it's not that easy for. Person, I give you dont, know anybody whose a criminal like say if you want to buy math now I don't know where to buy I said I know if you Walmart in Florida and make in the bathroom patch do that again. That is glory. It's his different animal
like right now in America, Mina maybe could draw up some method a few days I started asking, but I do not have any idea who was an informant news. Gonna write me out, but I think this statue in states where marijuana has become legal. You don't see significant spikes in such apparently minerals. Theirs. Is there some significant spikes news, but the problem? Is it correlate too significant spike in population the state right, blue, people moved Colorado just because of marijuana. They might become a part of the business and because they just want to be free. Then California, we ve had medical weed However, now we have legal legal weed and it's I don't think it's change much here, but you do have theirs. There's some there. Some issues, there's there's devil eminent thickets. Beneficial in any way to sugar quote the fact that Bring legal drugs makes people have more access to those drugs means means maybe
he's gonna be a few people, whatever the number is, who do those drugs who wouldn't have access to them without I'd that I agree, but I think it's de minimised idea. It's like, I think, and the number of people whose Toronto like no one, only tries legal now math my dinner, does a recommended, but I feel like I know who the fuck is going to do that when we say that, but how many fucking people on. After all, and the only different shit, the doctors prescribing it s really get shit. That's where the president bumps area! That's? Why he's a San decent, just use it we? the thing any always well, here's the building design, cocaine, so and I was ascribe to people who don't shoot, What this is like people on cocaine start one sentence and then finnish another right hopefully talk so someone, I'm cooking or the president. They just, but I don't think he's on land, but he's always use your mother.
I think he's like bumping addy, I don't know, he's bumping it, but I think he's definitely put while he might be time. I mean he's a while, but he's deadly. Got accusations from his past about use of investments. There was was a journalist that actually detailed the very Dwayne Red Pharmacy. Where he's to get this prescription diet, medication, their air, quotes, diet, medication, just fuckin, speed and The guy has an exorbitant amount of energy and me it's quite impressive. For a man in his seventies who eat shit you're his diet doesn't extra and he's always ready to go. I mean when he was campaigning. He didn't see there you're, tired. You would go and do these campaign events and he would always be talking any be full of enthusiasm. And we're gonna go our great again we're gonna, build out higher we're gonna tell those checks, listen mother, Fucker key was I mean credible amount of energy godless
These are seventy. Some are. Yours is amazing that you don't have to drug test him. It's amazing! You get rose, plus layers, baseball player. Exactly that's not gonna, say there, the guys who need to and what I mean, what does at all, if not a performance enhancing drugs. The hot overset talk to journal How many journalists would be totally honest about it? They are fuckin hook, after all and they are very productive with it very productive. I tried it once it's while to somebody gave me some. I didn't try just sat and looked around grow. I don't need that. My life I've been scared, a coke American hope had ever done arrow? I don't fuck with speed, because I can shut the fuck up already. My does not for me. I need some. The coms me down it makes me feel weird. I feel like I'd, be that guy, who, like does that? this time in my heart, explodes out of my chest, you'd be like scraping you off the roof with a shovel. You know. If I did, I write Desoto High Energy ass Jesus. I'm worried that I would love it.
That's what I'm doing it concerned a more and I would love it now. Blog, ok from IRAN out it's all about. May we tomorrow, Wanna does the opposite. Where water is like lubricant I'll, be cool together, I'm only tripod yeah. I find finally what happened. I never never never tried it before, but now I was. I was actually years ago, I was in Colorado for twenty backstage. A snoop concert out just have to try. I didn't have to. As I was second hand, it's like either it's like it's like one. When I go to church with cocoa, I mean you're, just a box. Did I literally with both animals church of cocoa people are still wars and church of what happening now, podcast with Joe ideas. That's right and bravery aid right. I didn't mean that I actually went to like a Santa shortish sacrificed a chicken, although we have done that Miami when he's out of Miami all bets are off when Joey's down but like like I'm in
it will have a story and his podcast. I fucking forgotten. The end of the story. I little like, I told, and I like ended it and only the next day do I go. I never holding the end of story. I forgot it, but so if someone says Snoop Snoop wants to meet you he's in his dressing room backstage this concert to go. Fuck em coming super you kidding, so I opened the door to this backstage area. Do I can't see my hand in front of us and my high enough for us off argued that I like I was like we shall Webber's my fucking classic. I can't see shit, I'm wondering how I got me. Be half way down the hall, and I can't I can't turn out the door. Will you just pay As you know, my heads in these can't do I so I couldn't go back still that the next year, like two years, are thrown back and intolerant exhorted was making fun of me like you two Colorado and didn't smoke.
I guess I'm going. Italy not eaten pasta, inertia! Ok, next, next time, so I go out and I try it and I was like. I keep saying was I wish I was drunk I wish I was drunk. I wish I was just I don't know it's a bad I just it was so anti social. I felt so weird I felt so sort of introverted, and I was unfortunately in, like the others pot smoking church in Denver. Oh yeah, it's like you, when you can just smoke pot and its literally old church. They got beautiful paintings on the walls, crazies trippy, and so I was air and I tried it now is like how much it is not a lot to its two three year. That's too much Is that too much here, you're on a reliable. If I was you your friend, and why are we front but falls right next year? At the time I say? Oh baby here Billy disobeyed, docking crises like this. That's I want this analysis, relax. Don't you create, don't take it when it comes back around again. It's you much to God. Damn
strong today, it's not what it used to be. I was in very recently in Austin, Texas and Texas, regular we'd, it's very good we'd, but its regularly This will give you come here for you no longer these motherfuckers right here, these little backwoods that status, not regular. We gotta glass tip and that will put you on the Fuckin moon. Brian Cowen had one head of it last week and drums of home hours later hours later. He was still here, hey, there's you now, I'm gonna wait here to get my friend branded some get em couldn't dragged out of its powers. But there's lots of different shit. So next time I did it. I did something something you know. Maybe Why something else? Yes, a tv verses, India! I tried it. Second, I'm laughing ass. I was with twenty friends and I had a fuckin black still, I dont know what I
it shouldn't have, downer should do or shouldn't do, but it was a lot of fun. Yes, achievers more youth thinking more its. We have a little bit more energy indicate. Russia's you eat is like, oh, my god, I gotta go sworn lie down. I can handle this, it's it's, but it's different for different peoples. Well, but I'll tell you! that chick filet taste, Damn labour Haiti scrape and its, I hate tastes great, it's more hate, but I beg you to explain to my kids what its close on Sunday there we were, driving by how come no one's there. I because it is the baby Jesus you stay. Ok if you really want to celebrate the baby. Jesus they'll hear me out I watch a lotta tb in because I'm a lunatic- and I like I always wondered like it: the Jews one television over time. We were on television going like send us money? What would they say around us, but for some reason, I don't know why. Jesus, needs a lot of money, because our all
on tv channel. You to send your money Dejesus right. So I'm thinking, if you really want to do something for Jesus Jack Fillet open on Sunday and donate all of your revenue to Jesus Ninja churches? Now all the act, think of them unjust, the actors, church, crowd alone. Everybody would flock nope unintended right to the filet and stock up and they have all there, but they can even have people volunteer to work those days and don't eat all your money to you, because he apparently needs are not what he needs with it, but he needs a lot of money. While I dont know if the chick filet, guys the people on it are of the same ilk as the Trinity broadcast network folks, because those TB and folks I I don't think you're being mean by saying their sisters. Straight on their just. Did you and money from people? I think that chick fuller, guys, like a legitimately religious person, who really truly believes that he's saving the world from
folk Marian each other, the Ebro Margaret Margaret? It's not logical, but they make it goddamn good chicken, salad catch. Quite Might it easily? I tell you again: I think it's a more ignorance and hate, but it doesn't rhyme distance ignorance case exaggerated, isn't it but but like I did it, and then they had this lunatic honest on all the time that their paid half hour shows. But this Peter pop off I value the fucking miracle spring water and prosperity, the prosperity pressures. Talk about a fuckin bill, a good man. You know that the guy craft, low dollar, his name- is voting crap like I'm guessing besides christian name, but it is This evangelical mandatory modality made that name private now cope, so that was that that was the dude you treated? him years ago. That was the dude who was out in the world getting donations because he needed to update or upgrade his g for
to a g six hours. I e g six Christ, this Latin, this guy, it was going to say I need only because I need to spread the gospel, and so you need to give me money so that, because my g for adjusting cutting it anymore, I need to operate I wish I wish you'd gotten a seven thirty, seven Maxie, but that's just means it's so amazing that that hustle still works the problem, Eddie ones are so gross because they go after people that are so poor and destitute, that they can't pay their bills and they tell them you just send me money. God will pay you back ten, and I know what say Have any money, but you do you. Do you take that money? You send it to Jesus and Jesus will bring project prosperity in your life and then they have all these folks there. Giving testimonials about how I was down on my luck. I didn't have money for rent, I didn't have money for food, but I knew the cheese's needed this money, so I sent Jesus the money and Jesus paid me back tenfold and now my life is filled with joy
prosperity. In my being hateful when I say that that is what Legion praise on the not only for the no searching for answers yeah, but I think for some people there's like I mean this is older. Wiser me right when I was younger, I would agree with your hundred percent, but I think at this point I think there's some benefit too, like having commute de in having this environment where everybody goes to be humbled and everybody goes to agree that they're gonna be good people that file the ethics of genes. And he put a little money in the dish, and now they have to keep the operation runnin and Digital. I think there's a lot of churches that do a lot of good, but I think for every one or to that. Do a lot of good there's these motherfuckers that are just stealing money and drive and rolls Royce hypocrites, just hypocrites giant, fuckin castles. You know like that jaw, whatever his name is: what's that guy's name, Austen Gather
in their mother fucker, he owns a shoot arena. He they they do the shown here in he caught a rash shit when you didn't let all the hurricane victim stay in his place at sea. Hold up in his ten million dollar mansion was only ten million, that is only property and ensure he has several houses. It's so distorted the whole idea of it also distorted, but I think I think, there's a lot of community churches that do a lot of good, where they they provide people with comfort. You know it doesn't necessarily have to make any sense. It doesn't make any sense, but it provides them with comfort I appreciate, like I respect people of faith. I think it must feel wonderful, not of know how feels by. It must be wonderful to believe in something like that. So devoutly, without any evidence, without any in indication or proof. What's so ever that what you so firmly believe in is true, but it's the hypocrisy of it that I,
can't abide by ride like these prosperity, guys at that. The prosperity guys like people who used to have a we seem to have some kind of hope, you're than thou moral code. That now think like the president's cool. It's like I get it but like, but your whole. Thing was like the bill. Clinton was the biggest scumbag in the world right. Anything I'd be impeached in castrated in but like letter. Some consistency, its hypocrisy, that I can't abide by what had some consistency is all well, particularly with Trump his trunk was then there's not a knock on him. He's a lifelong democrat. He only really became a Republican really thought about running for president yeah and it was an independent for a minute. Then it was our democratic again. Then he was republic in is a pure hustle mean the glass he's been cleaned and squeeze gaed, and you can see right through
That's why I work some even jellicoe. That's what they are wholly he's like the pimp Joel's Ostia, like he's lake, that's what it is well founded! Basel yeah and I don't want to be mean about this, but I think it's accurate that there's theirs. A level of intellect that just subscribes to that kind of stuff that, like I had a friend, she was in the Mormon Church for a long time and she left the church. But she was really about it. She said I have a problem that I'm susceptible to bullshit, but she's susceptible cuz. She grew up a fundamentalist and so she's susceptible to you know what to do. Yoga type people like gurus, crystals and lies feel right, she's, separable all that shit and she would recognize her susceptibility, but she was being really honest about it in other she's, like I have a real problem, I grew up believing something that doesn't make any sense and I believe
it wholeheartedly and she goes and that sort of formulated a big part of how I thirteen. What is accurate in the world, so she's left with he's like a child like skills of of being able to discern what's bull shit and what's a hustle she's like a little kid, I have a great amount of respect for people who grew up in a cult who can make way. Out of it, I make you imagine when you're a child- impressionable and in your steeped in that. That's all you know, like you, don't know that there is an alternate perspective and in Europe to grow up and say: oh wait, there's a whole big world out there- maybe I'm not being told the truth at its core. The powerful, is really hard. I think Harvard rake break with the only thinking that you ve ever known in your life. I think it's amazing is The problem of the hardest things that are grown, a dull has seduce recognizes the paradigm. This this framework
they ve been living there, life under is or utter horse shit. It's, like you mean, the more than one is so crazy. To cite the results are great. The or so nice little nice is called members of all times, but then you go back and look at the actual framework of the religion, sexual waiting in vain. He was fourteen hold on jobs, since was fourteen and eighteen twenty. When he found golden tablets that contained the loss work of Jesus and only he could Rita because he had a magic rock. But like that's Judy is and Catholicism. It's all there all the mythological horseshit, but they know the guy was like mean he's so recent juries, it's too well, that's the thing is it. I know what it's like Scientology together. Will we know it's a lie: Scientology craze for science fiction writer Oda literally was failed signs. I writer terrible, failed science fiction writer them other fucker never made a second draft in his life and
One day said the: if you want make real money, starter, religion that is his greatest quota and they were then did it and they learn lessons. Can is hustle. People want to buy. Into the woods amazing. How are you two thousand nineteen it still Rockin subway? I mean that it is even after all, those documentaries even have to lay a remedy, show all these things. Just they go around the world, they kill everybody, its horseshit and then a brand New Scientology Centre opens in Miami. Unlike seriously hilly, we know you're a new opened. We already know some people dont know the Peter out. No are never gonna know. That's it is it's like you're going if, if you know if, if you want to put in a money to some people, hundred hours. Some people have five dollars, and this is like intellectually, some p. I have a lot of room to work with some people. Don't they just their brain? Doesn't work is good
like some people have poor genetics when it comes to their ability to run fast. Some people have really shitty brain development. Genetics. Let me ask you, this is obviously you'd have sympathy for someone who has taken advantage of her swindled, the victim of a con con person, how much sympathy you have for the gleefully ignorant or the. Wilfully ignorant, meaning like the information. Is there it's available before I give Scientology my money? I could just I don't know, Google it coming sympathy. You have four like the wilfully ignorant people who who sort of its it's like the fuckin dude from my airplane. They bought tickets. They knew what they were getting into. I say let em crash. You know like well, I'm a big fan of Willy DE from the ghetto boys and he has a quote those to use you gotta, let a hobby. How- and I think in that sense, like you, gotta dummies, give fleeced is just part of any part of it is there for us to see,
It is there for you to go what they gave. We all their money off shit like there's something to that. It benefits us, like I'm, not afraid of these videos where kids Travis the board of the sight of a building and they slip and fall on land on their head and thereby, like oh shit but those videos serve a purpose, and that purposes not everybody gets to do hands down the side of the building and survive. Somebody befallen the landowner. Fuckin head. There never the same again and then they their left with a third graters iq for the rest of their life. That's real man, so George Crones bit about the kid who swallows the most marbles doesn't get to grow up and have kids of his own? That's how it supposed to work, unfortunately at socks. If it's your kid, it's all of us, are experiencing this life together and there's some folks that are just they're gonna. Do a shitty job of it and part of me thinks that, because there is no utopia right, there is no
enlightened people there's no one civilization, that's got it all nailed and everybody gets alone together and everyone's totally fine with every single choice everybody makes evident. I haven't been too awful house, I guess that's, that's a utopian close drunk you because of that I think we operate under this. This weird system, where you got to see the failures in order to recognise the failures, possibly think does it his actual community benefit to people fuck up and there's some community benefit to people getting fleeced. Listen! I say that at providing leave anybody that says artists or anybody out out in the world, creating something and putting it out there for people to react to it I don't leave anyone who says they don't read. Their reviews are their own views. I read all of the reviews and I read the bad ones
twice, because that's where you learn the most, they could be right. That could be wrong, but I feel like you just it's where you forgot. Like you, you learn the most from it in, and I think I do a white men, America, all the time. I have to keep myself in check the way you're describing earlier about how, like you know what just come to realise that maybe the world isn't exactly the way you perceive at that meeting a lot of other people who have very different experiences from the ones you have, and so me be the reality of the world. This is different for those people shore and you can be a more enlightened person by being more emphatic in trying to understand those perspectives trying to fuck. You know a mile in their shoes and I just feel like learned so much more from the mistakes that I mean the failures that I've had. Certainly than any other successes. I I have in my home I have no I've movie posters but they're like art or other people, movies and I've. None of my own movie posters at home. That's that's! That's at the office! That's not what homeless! For you know, except I had one for
while I won poster one of my movies, that I hung bathroom over the toilet because it was my least favorite, I just wanted to be reminded every like that. That was the time I took a shit. You know like four for the rural and I hung it over it's either for a number of years is not there anymore, but like I just I just I wanted to remind myself of it. You know you're smart guy. You take motivation and failures. I mean that's what failures are really good for when you fail at something? There's there's a benefit to that that you you go God, that's socked, I don't ever want to suck again like any figure out a way. Not so what I always say that with about comics look when we bomb that is it's a terrible feeling, but it's the best opportunity for growth, because you re lives like hey, I obviously didn't do a good job. I need to figure out what the fuck I did wrong and battened down the hatches and get this ship right, because I can't experience out again
I became a comedy fan in no small part, because I have been to shows where I've seen some of the biggest funniest guys bomb and unlike Jesus short of being a soldier or a car, like a stunt man. This is one of the most dangerous self destructive jobs. Like it's requires such bravery, and such as, strength of soul in thickness of skin, that, like I wouldn't fuck in Vegas, dislike two thousand and saw Carlin Big, beautiful room sat like four well. It was weird like the stage was a wall like I was sitting against like the fuckin stage, and I looked up and like Carling Shoe, would like path like right in front of me, I'm just above my by airlines and he doing material for one of his last specials and it was the one might the second last year that whole bit about like he doesn't believe and God, but like he believes in life.
Did he can see and he's afraid of, like the saunter, Joe petty lend. You know that hope it and he was in this big o God fearing crowd there in law and in LAS Vegas, and they were not about this. They were not about and not one odor, not one little bit and he's talkin back and for doing it can crickets fucking, crickets, packed house sold out. The only one laughing in the room? Just me in this giant laughing at my ass off and I'm all by myself and I'm at some point, I turned I stopped laughing long enough to your breath to take a drink right, look out and then I look back up at this stage and Carlin is right. There he's like hunched over with his head, like dangling off the stage like practice, and I look up and a practically knows
who knows with Carlin any Gus. Thank you, sir, and just walks away, half stalking the set. This thing was like, oh, my god, and I saw I was at the improv by it: Miami when they were they, one at the number that the higher the hard rock, I guess, a reducing it or whatever for complaints is death. It's too, I was like as a man, you know they say what did they say? How blocks of Florida? That's the Hollywood, one, how what the hell is that seminal good, oh yeah, what's a good deed. The Babylon was Miami, the man, Miami when the girl gonna grow. Yes, that was aroused the abbot, but the, but the note was cool, but they now it's got like they do those the who fuckin place they're supposed to be remodeling. Rebuilding the seminal hard rock like. I was sitting with the saying that, like gum in a casino. The house always wins. I'm like these indian casinos, are the only place where, like the house, never wins,
or how much money you lose their. We still like rate there. Women Other countries like the least you could do is like drop a little coin at the indian casino. That's it I would Jirga play they that was placed at is the only place their blackjack in South Florida. So you go there and play blackjack, but they those the improper and I was there one night, Gilbert Godfrey was there and I was literally the only person laughing but like in pain like I was in pain, laughing and it was just brutal allying men. I've been in these rooms are like these got and- and I would just like these- the funniest people that I know it It's happened time and time again, and I've been anxious shows where they killed this shows where they died, and I was like this is amazing. This is so amazing and like the fifth, the fact that anybody gets back on stage after that, after a night like that is justice, its remarkable to me, I have nothing. I've such respect that. I would say the bomb is like second, two thousand Dixon for your mother.
Really, because somewhere out there there's a guy who loves second DEC Finally, as my hand, if you put another nine hundred and ninety nine, he wouldn't be Sad for no one was in front of their mother. What's a bomb period, it is terrible to ruthless experience. It's it's rip you down and in reds all year self worth makes you feel terrible. But again some of my best growth periods in my career have come after you shit it is you spike realised by letter. You grow gotta go to work, you can't be complacent and that's one of things: it fuels and motivates me to this day, I'm terrified of bombing. So I just keep anything I can use to make new work harder. Are you
the six years since I did my should work had been like for me artistically testicles creatively, the most productive and, like I feel. Finally, after twenty years of making documentaries that that I might be doing like my best work like, but it took that fuckin long and it took place golly, almost six years from totally bombing noted for me to feel like I I hit rock bottom and then have spiked. You know better than better than before. On some documentaries with some dangerous people in them. You know obviously griselda Blanco's, probably one of the most dangerous people on earth. While she was alive and in this do you also touch on that mean there's a lot of these people are fucking, sketchy, folks and you're, exposing how stupid their activity were. Does that has ever creep you out ever get nervous like cuz you're, making these documentaries mocking
people- and rightly so, but it's not coking hours will really marking is more exposing. But this one is like openly marking this one's really good man really funny. Comes on March: twenty. Ninth! Yes, your friend end of April fifth, on beauty will this one's this one's topic is this? Is it fresh wound from Netflix marshland out violence like theatre March twenty nine and Rio De April Fit so like Itunes, Amazon, run review on your cable box. What kind of release you going again? The theatres I'm starting over time cities on Friday, twenty nine and then I mean he's not learned, oh yeah, for short, the we musical three. And then we're all set San Francisco Boston, Miami or lay and do you just twelve cities and then I guess depending on how well it does its being by Greenwich Entertainment, who just want the Oscar for Free solo, rebellion,
A key memory was, as you know, what they're doing an end like us at. Hopefully, people will go, see it and listening. I hope it's a comedy think it's com, it's we try to make. It has led to the general lack of sick. What the fuck man that's fucking, guy, the The tanner was his name again quarter for sure porter. That guy like what I just imagine if you got one of those guys in your life and he's stuck in your life like shit how do I get this fuckin guy out of my life in the factory borrowed money from this guy? and then did low. Nobody will loan money to this, get yeah Porter loaded to Tony, yet always told I always I borrowed money, this order and then didn't pay M and that's what caused this whole thing is Alex drink is there's gotta be poorness, fuckin hair out go what in the and in was paid. Everybody, shows him. L B, I mean everyone was running. A mock in Miami like just by hiring
investigators rowing people down our dream is actually this is in the documentary, but when these convicted ones stall, the stolen humans from Porter Fischer who had stolen. Documents from Tony bash, they set em up in this whole So we have to answer for handing salon heist like hey. Why don't you, when in try this new spray, ten colored its trompe an orange, goes to try it on a wall. He's in the fuckin spray, ten machine. They open his car and steal these documents, which have had these client lists of all these famous baseball players, including the highest paid baseball player in the world they ride, and so they still it and then they turn around and Sylvie stolen documents to major league baseball for cash, some m l B, He has this ragtag band of misfits these this internally
yeah, I, like their own internal investigations, division that they created after the Balko steroids scandal, their running a mock, they are, seducing nurses, former nurses from tony bushes clinics- they are literally in diners with convicted felons handing over bad eggs of cash from some M l B slush fund- I don't they're, gonna, ten, ninety, nine, the guy and This cash came from a hundred twenty five grand and what they did was is that the felon, who is doing it, had a body at a neighbouring table at this diner with a cell phone recording video recording this transaction, and then he turned around and went to IRAN. Camp and said I'll. Show you a video of me: selling no stolen documents. Everybody knew these documents were stolen general, buying these stolen records, stolen evidence
State of Florida Department of Health investigation for cash from a phelan. At some point, he gets like freaked out and nervous any deletes this video off the hard drive he? Why selling, a rod, a blank, hard drive for six figures. Ok and a rod sends is hard drive. Erodes people send this hard around the world to like data recovery service trotted this video back so unfortunately, The felon didn't get his second six figure payment, because that was that was the first six were against the recovery of the debt pick up to three hundred grand to show a rod, a blank, hard drive and IRAN's drop in money and private investigators we're like having court cases through South Miami. It was is totally crazy and- and it's like, I was like come down to the swamp and roll around you're gonna get some modern you. So when Emily became down two to Miami
Guy Jerome Hill, the the former Baltimore cop turned Florida Department of Health investigator. He he's has unequivocally that major early baseball's investigators broke the law on the state of Florida and should have been prosecuted for and held accountable for an never and never were I'm it's good to be a multi billion dollar monopoly. What how old was a rod when the scandal broke. A ride was deaf Billy towards the end of his career, and so that's interesting thing about this period. I don't give a shit about storage and baseball and the era of storage in baseball was not the same the other. You know the berry bonds, era of storage and baseball these are not guys. You know with next the size of my waist or undue wearing my dose. There are micro, Dosing Anna, h g h and allow These guys, I mean. Listen there there, the lively but your contingent upon their physical perform. It says so you gotta play like. Was it a hundred and sixty two
games and two hundred and eighty days, it's the most physically gruelling schedule of any of the of the professional sports and guys have always been looking for in the nineteen. Fifty the Yankees we're going out the Copacabana all Fuckin night pair, located as an arrow issue with baseball's. Well, absolutely a disproportionate number of baseball players compared to the general population are in actual fact supper for that's I said it's. Forms of co drug, but you had guys Mickey mantle and Whitey Foreign Billy Morton. Partying all night, the Copacabana. They estimate one yeah I'm game, maybe even a double header, they're doing greenish they're doing amphetamines, it's always been a part of of base balls find at edgeware. Now you guys we're just look into maybe recover a little thing: stir. You know who, from from injuries or fatigue looking for guys who are our are looking to maintain peak performance for a longer period than their bodies might have otherwise allowed. Is it that big a deal? I don't know it's not it's it's it's weird
deal, it's a weird thing that we have an issue with like leave. Look if they did same sort of stringent testing with NFL players, you'd find out that everyone's on stones. That's does just a fact: you dont get people that big and they do catch him every day, no, but I feel like it's like one of those things were like you know: the drug talk cartels they'll, let some drugs drug shipments get busted so that the other ones will get through. I almost feel like that's what they do with with NFL players who get caught. Go look like we're we're testing we got. Somebody did that's what that's what this was with a ride. Your buddy league is the stairway commissioner. Full stop that's a bottom line. His tenure was marked by the famous you know, Barrymore Derby or well marked wire and semi socio. Absolutely so he knowingly, I believe, exploited and
profited from that air of baseball that really save them. After ninety four players strike, any based must look at the size of those cars where they started. Yeah yeah I mean so much the of em, they literally the nurse another dieting memory. We morph them from like a before and after me, because there is going to they turn into fuckin baseball monster. Slacking balls to Guantanamo for grace? You know it's interesting to me- is, as some people recovered from that stuff and some people did not Jose can say, go, never recovered. You never recovered in the public eye. Does that's why he so pissed. I asked whether at it's fucked up, would you when you're the pioneer in something people really and do dictated street named after him and in Miami they quietly took that shit down in the middle of the night. After decades of naming that's free from, he was just here:
humiliated and think it's also because he read it aloud guys so today, right iranian Leat names to try to distract or defuse, but it's not a book. You have it like it's. The public nature of cancer goes book. It's like I don't know, I'm just guess it was. His book was like his will turn out to be like the who, they can say, goes book about stories turn out to be like the steel dossier of baseball thing, everybody thinks is past and thanks a bunch of bullshit and then over time It slowly proven true run. At the end, there is a p tape. Yes, I think that therefore, well that's that a good way of looking at two red because, like and think about the outrage when Clinton Guns, Dick sucked by Monica Lewinsky and compare it to Donald Trump, have at least two women that we know about way paid off. They fucked in public asked the event circles where they stand on all the air them man. It was before the man found cries
a lot of really fine crisis. I was watching a documentary where there was a guy who was some some christian guy who was saying this all these accusations or before he was born because he was born in the eyes of cries when he accepted crisis is when I guess, when he's running for pro that decides when he paid off stormy yeah, but the night before the. But after that, then it became cheese. The after draft, I, like oh Peter, stormy, when one day before the election about her too, because a village she thought like this, soon go all in on this, and then she lost the court cases cancer she owes its legal fees. Three hundred grand this is crazy. As long as you're gonna get that and now she's I'll try, to stand up in this war, one eye and jobs the issues around the craft. She's trend stand up. I think now she's
Yes, she is in Houston, Texas. There were calling her the queen of clap back that, as we know, the clap nano clapped out. Ok club, our close she's. Yet it has a something about her she's gonna, come after you, even worst mailers that clapped back expression like someone came to our national claps, backed critics like that is the dumbest Ike. Not wait for that, want to fuck and dry up and go away knocked him carnation that their expression like twitter insult Comic kind of statement, clap they're calling it. When someone has something to say about someone saying something about them: that's clapping badly. But how does that translate the Stormy Daniels doing stand up? How can you do stand about of clad backs while they were calling the queen of clapboard she's going to stand up? Again I mean, knows, maybe she's all we take, it seriously mean you never fucking know I mean as a comic, I I leave the door open for all possibilities, but being a means to me that she got this situation where she thought she
we were told by everybody. Look: hey you're, gonna win this he's gonna pay you off! You're gonna everyone's gonna know that you told the truth and people gonna pay for your interviews and man. But this America, diseases, Roque, supply and demand economy like if you can more money, still colleagues hard work. If you can make more and he just spending on a pole, yeah like why cause he's got programme about hips, she's, gonna fifties or some pleasant change now This is all a precision and I imagine You know she's, not young housing she's only forty she's. Ok, I'm sorry stormy, I cannot make. I thought she was over ideas meal, as we say in my hard life brow its, but that thing is that we everyone so used to it. Now it's not a big deal.
So, even if a new accusation came out, people like like to remember the New York Times report about Trump we're our growth shady business dealings, and they thought the minute they d spent years rear under their totally didn't. Do a damn thing in this office shoulder its problematic and I'll. Tell you why. It's what I call the new american values its to me. What would I think screwball is about in the end, meaning, like it's fun and it's funny in its afar, it's a romp. Are you laugh, but I think There is a conversation to be had about what I call the new american values, which are lie, cheat and steel and be get rich or get ahead, and these are values that were teaching our children now not honesty, integrity. Tell the truth: You want to others, as you'd had done to the hunt to you, the golden rule,
were now showing them be. A bully lie, cheat and steel, and you could be the biggest my highest paid baseball Claire of all time lie cheat and steel, and you can be the commissioner of major early based lie cheat and you two kids can be president of the United States, and I think this toxic toxicity, of the new american values is going to do damage for generations and we're not gonna, be able to fully comprehend, were understand or allies. The damage is done for some for some time and it was like, after Clinton, Clinton redefined what sex met and we were told You could laugh at, but the truth is that he said oral sex wasn't sex, ok and we saw the spike in sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers and young people, mostly through
oral sex gazeta. Oh, what the President said really that absolutely yet that target a healthier so it was. It was a legitimate public health crisis, use. You saw following the Clinton Lewinsky scandal. You saw an increase in sexually transmitted diseases through or else amongst younger people, because the president it's hard for us to we see the present right now, a sort of a comic energy sort of its it's. You know either now is your present. We know it's bullshit, but what are you tell kids. This is the president of the United States it was, or was it because there was so much discussion about him getting his dick sucked that more people one of the subjects and get the decks act. I think without quest obviously, the the size and scale of the coverage yeah, unquestionable young people, warning legitimately when people people for a while people thought when people intimate younger people, developing minds. Impressionable youths were under the impression that you could not get a sex
transmitted disease through something wasn't sex and the president reset those values just like this present- and I feel, is ree calibrating our values, and I think that's that's. What's most I mean other than to the potential of nuclear war. I think I think That is what is most dangerous and what could could cause the most long term. Damage from this is these new american values lie cheat, and still, I was literally at a culinary with one of the kids, the little kid Rhine Blanco who plays Tony Bush in the movie, the lab coat and the hair. Feels we re his amazement. Rectangles he's hilarious in so they're all great, and he said I was an acute and I was like, what lessons to be learned from this movie and heed. This is where I got this from he interrupted ten years. Old know. I know I know my brain alteration. It's your q and a to do you hear the panel and these like lie, cheating
deal and to win or something like that. No account fuck this kid's. Ten years old you know, and unlike this is what he thinks, the use of America are well it's interesting because in the documentary one of the big things, the news clippings is George Bush discussing steroids in baseball, two thousand, for was the two thousand stand union yeah and he was talking about how it sends the wrong message that cheating in bed His ball sends the wrong message to the Youth of America and theirs. I thought that was silly at the time of like I would fuckin message, but The reality is those things do have a ripple effect and if you tell people that the way to become this superstar athlete is not just through hard work and dedication, but also through taking things that are illegal because they're gonna pump you up and give you an edge on your competitors, work or cut society. Ass. Look for those those tricks of the trade. Were
I mean, and we don't believe necessarily when people do achieve some naturally or via hard work. We wanted what did he do? she do, which really do. Your problem is some of those short cuts work like He had a wrong like steroids. They fucking work man, the USA's out a giant problem with them for a long time, and it was exacerbated by this time period in the early two, thousands where they allowed people. I guess it was inquired the early two thousands who was actually later and too
thousands were they allowed people to take exactness testosterone under therapeutic use, exemptions, they would call a tea party, and so this famous, like the veto, Belford era when he was anti Aren t just start smashing. People can t look so ridiculous. He was so jacked and that during that time period they they fell into this. There was a sort of a really a piss poor way of justifying the justification Was these people have low testosterone, low testosterone, this disease? If we give them testosterone, they can perform better, but the way around that was, these guys were actually on steroids, steroids crime.
Their testosterone. It go and get an tasked work. My testosterone slow like up, you need test ass round and then they would take steroids, essentially not stars, but testosterone, which has similar effects and and then eventually the you have ceased. Look we fucked up we're gonna, go a hundred agrees, the other underneath degrees either way and high you Sata and we're gonna? Be we're gonna crawl up everyone's ass with a microscope. We're gonna find out what the fuck is up and man bodies changed careers crumbled They mean we saw so many people get busted in the beginning. Somebody bigger car and still getting a t, J D, shod scar caught Bonamy champion just just relinquished his bed for something I don't know what you got caught for. I don't know what the circumstances were and some people have been caught for accidental contamination because they're like there's a lot of different supplements, you could buy even creatine. Standard stuff is totally legal to take, but they there too terminated because you're buying from cheap source it as they make em in China and went out
that was the problem with this bow Genesis things fruitful twenty Bosh who wore lab coat had instead the scope Solaris call themselves after tea. TAT said: doktor twenty bodies of literature and Belize, which I think I am to have to check my email. In medical school as doktor pepper and Doktor Dray. I may ordained Minister trying to say no I've actually married people. That's legally. A legally ordain minister. I got it online Tony Blair despite having attended what one of ordinary subjects refers to as the belief school of the medical and performing arts to get us a doctorate, he was never a licence position in the United States and he was yet he had legitimate. I prescription, pads and e numbers from doctors that he could then prescribe these drugs and, in fact, wanted to go one step further like returned with a pill mills and actually sell them in a house to his clients and was buying them in the black market.
From some dude in a suburb of Miami making the shit in his garage, so that's problematic, We know it. Here's one! That's problematic, that's kind! Where doctors of car pragmatic, like you know they don't go to medical school, and there is some of emerging. This check a visitor can chiropractors right prescriptions. I don't think that they can. I think some of Rio Are they in some places they can ride? Prescriptions set like in Tennessee in Luxembourg, quicker its work? Is that thing says known as the cap like some of them could be doctors, though highly. Would damage assessment here now ever about that I went to a car back then. I thought the real until I saw reading about how it actually got for a lot of people out there that are I'd like to say I do a lot of good for people, I'm sure you do a lot of good therapies de chiropractors so often sort churches, but who could possibly the actual evidence that manipulate
people, especially your neck, that it does any good at all. There's none and it actually has killed people people died from having their neck manipulated. Why? I felt a lot later at the car by about four hundred dollars. When I stood me, they do a lot of shit, cold, laser, massage and stuff. It does work. But if you look at the you know, it was invented by guy was a magnetic healer who was murdered by his own son, his own son murder, Moran, overrun with a car and then took over the business Jessica, Son High musical. It does crazy. It's in. There was all, unlike the eighteen hundreds and we ve had it for so long that people most people didn't look into it and say well. What is this? What is the science of this? This guy thought that he could cure everything include, blindness leukemia cancer from adjusting your back. This was his premises. Based on has at came from a say on and others were blindness. Your leukemia turns around saga Maison, but there are still chiropractors that by into that same idea that they can cure things, that's not
you're doing with pain right and if the manipulate you they can really pay. Now thinking cure you of certain ailments because of your spine being aligned incorrectly in adjusting its Papa you just like this. Just like you do that with you. Fingers when cracker knuckles. That's the same things release of nitrogen or something that exactly show it causes the credit. But when I legitimately yeah, but I don't see anything ok, Miller, alarm, jumping bill right, Blocker, outdated, tony bash could not write prescriptions, but he was exactly doing it anyway or irregardless as yet as I am doing, you're on them This year's artless. We say that we say, regardless of my Emmi, because we're we're illiterate, but but I have it here, I radically thou. So I see no, but I think he might have swiped pad from his doctor who from his father who is illegitimate, illegitimate. So's forges dads and any had he added you know, but they called medic.
Directors that hearted these the whole anti aging scheme really prospered. Flawed, as you can imagine, and in those part because there's a lot of doctors who from all over the country, retired Florida, but they are still Medical doctors say you have guys like twenty Bosh entrepreneurial. With an entrepreneurial spirit. You want to open up these anti aging clinics and they knew what s called a medical director. So they go to a legitimate doctor and they say hey how to rent I will put your name on the business. You'll get a cut of the action and their basically renting out their proscription patent de number Guys, you know these other operators who, in this case, identified them so Firstly, as doctors can, you know exploit that that power of the prescription pattern
That's it was happening here and more problematic. He started treating Highschool kits own and whose parents and baseball coaches had heard about him through word of mouth and brought these kids to him get it advantage Armenia. We have a big immigrant community. Obviously, in Miami we have a lot to huge baseball community Maybe a people who are smuggled specifically into the country for the purposes of playing baseball signing those big guaranteed contracts right at a high school, and so you have parents and kids in coaches. Looking for every advantage, we're going to this guy you're, they weren't here, when the high school lock room. These were coaches and parents who are bringing their parents too you might say a guy who they presumed was a real doctor, but none the less looking to cheat game the system and that's problematic. When you have this guy who knows he knows he's not a doctor, but he was
true believer in himself. He really thought he was helping people and listen the proof of the pudding. This guy could not exploit traditional advertising. He wasn't doing billboards and tv adds he just. He was strictly we're now so he'd clients who were getting results, including nearly a hundred cops or referring their friends not to his clinics. So these came to him looking for help, help for their kids and those kids or are victims dear. That's for sure This is the last thing you want to do. The kid especially one it doesn't have any sort of a real hormonal ailment is to inject exogenous hormones and other bodies. Fox their brain up, their emotions there, the other entire endocrine system crashes afterwards causes depressions, released suicide, a lotta kid and defending what you're doing them. You could also be risking their offspring, draft spreads sure you can be killing the sperm you, u deftly, can give a disproportionate amount of. I mean in the story
use population of autism, childhood cancer urged horrible horrible things that happened to the the and if people who were who are on some of these drugs, I think allow the folks that are looking at it in terms of a career in baseball or in any other sport where they could benefit. They go hey. This is the price that I have to pay. Ordered to excel at this extraordinary avenue for financial gain. We'll twenty Bosh was treating many Ramirez and when Boston and low testosterone. You know he was get not in the years an Bosh started, treating him put him on a protocol ass. He called it. Take the euro x amount of, why substance etc. At this time each day, Micro dosing, as you said, so it would in any event, that their randomly tested that wouldn't be detected out enough that worked or not, or he was
giving them placebos uncertain days out of know what they're the scheme was. But many starts to combat get hung over with psychosomatic or he really was actually perform better and that's when he got his dodgers dealers forty million dollar deal in theoretic. Please, thanks in no small part to this guy, who was, you know, who is juice up and that's and then maybe get busted pisses dirty after surprise, test before game, because according to bash, he didn't Take the micro dose on precisely the instructions. You know that he had given them and so pissed dirty and, as a result, the. What you would assume was negative publicity for managing busted and then connecting it to Tony Bosh in Miami. That was the word of mouth that got ersatz, cousin to come to bash and say hey, you should meet my cousin he's playing this game and Tampa come up and and meet him, and it turns out
its outs Rodriguez. It's amazing that someone who made as much money as Alex Rodriguez has knuckle heads like that who can't see the future because it If I was his friend I hold on hold on hold on his urgent invested dude. Listen to me, there are looking at em they're, watching no nine. You knew what they were, maybe they don't get. Listen. Baseball is like everything else in american life now, including politics. It's a w w e! Ok, when Bud sealing the steroids Commissioner on his way out the door literally on the eve of Retirement and he's like you know what I need to look like I'm doing something about this. I got a great big fat Astrid by my name in you know, in the record books here, like all these players do the stairways era. I need to look like and I something on my way out the door, so he calls a second command Rob Manfred says: let's do let's do something about this and they go after the biggest scalp you can in the game Alex Rodriguez. And so when they needed Alex's the heel. That was the story line
Ok, so they nail Alex right. You know the Vincent the game, but silly goes, I took care of em retires ROD Manfred, who is in charge of this whole botched. You know cause. I legal operation, investigation, Bow Genesis and and Alex gets that the top gig and is now the commissioner baseball any It would be a good story line now. What if you bring a rawdon PETE rose back as commentators? Oh geez did for what a rotten pete rose, we're working together by the way they were damn good, are damned television did and as commentators until PETE rose got neutral, again. They asked him, but now you got Rob Manfred, who basically put it all on the line and a rod hoop it all on the line fighting each other. In this battle, the legacies with bud ceiling now their posts. With Jello out at night clubs, stuff
because that's the new storylines toilet, you no wonder: you're the heel the next day, you're the hero here here whatever, whenever an end and they're just and everybody this this bill, a goods that this is all real. You don't really have a picture. There was him with a monitoring body, Centaur Centre, the real show this. Is it of his apocryphal a real. I know people who have been more men and claim to have seen it. Then the problem is, I don't. I don't know if they are telling the truth other, like kind of like fuelling the other powerful tail cell, and we want to believe I want to believe what is the problem. We all want to believe so arousal, so I mean spoiler alert. We fuckin, we did it, we put it in there, look it's eyes. Amazing. Two scenarios we need here is a letter as the key to place. Iran is a fucking amazing. It's alive Iceland may as well. Just his is like when these do not want to give too much everywhere, but making the funny faces in court
fucking home amidst so good out laughing, goes like this is so ridiculous into no. This is also something that really happen. I had to tell you weep and we ve been at this making documentaries like twenty years. Now, last, and so this is the most as ridiculous and fucking absurd is this, is it is the most material Cely Research documentary. We have ever done. Why we're dealing with some very powerful litigious. Yes, individual an organisation, so we knew we had to get this hundred per cent right, not to mention the way we shot this onset, location for ten days we had to play back on this So we were committed to this dialogue right, and so we had to make sure we went and obtained TAT and scripts that were never released publicly of by its worn testimony in the case to be able to cross check some of the stuff that we were told. We're gonna put in the documentary, and we just I mean We actually shot at some of the
sure locations in Miami where these real events took place. The fountain live at the Fontainebleau hotel. You know the name of the sports grilling South, my the Rich Carlton keeps asking where she took the kids, their put the facial here on, but the fuckin kid uniforms on and the U Pinstripes on, and we just fill of all over town. It's funny about in Miami. No one look twice at us. No one thought anything if justice is little kids with beards and mustn't ashes in gray, hair and the flag gesine. Where they're looking for the blood in the night club, we lost a vile like why enough fact that he drew his blood in the bathroom and then loss of Violet Jesus Christ. It so crazy, I was just shaking my head like this is our real. This is how this went down. That guy was worth how many hundreds of millions of dollars how much for over four hundred million was his gross revenue. Just in baseball any just had knuckle heads. I mean the fact that he was like willing to keep this
guy around him. He grew up in Miami. That's surround yourself with we need when you grow up in Miami not seen was about mean that scene, we, like all those kids like the extra kids parting shouts. My director Photography BT goal Nicky hell of a job like that with someone was getting caught. gray documentary way. All you showed great thing, I'm a big fan of oil stuff, but this once particularly silly you should come down of Miami. You should see we're doing was embarrassed to say it I mentioned earlier. We turn cooking cowboys into a stage play yeah you're, saying that before we started and enlarge. Why are you? How can you should come this autumn? Musical come down and and sees called confessions of cocaine cowboy. You might remember in the documentary there was a hitman. Or he really I allus, who here four lama that the godmother Griselda Blanco and when we first started searching the dock in two thousand for we obtain
seven volume, thirteen hundred page deposition that he gave normally in the oh you're, like the there's like yes. No, yes, no, I don't remember you know, don't recall this was like he was a cooperating witness against Griselda in in since my media, county state of Florida was a three capital. Murder charges, a three death penalties, talking old Sparky cases and the electric chair, and so he was cooperating witnessed, so it read like a monologue. It read like a while reading it and go. Now. What can you will school? The artist's gorgeous where I studied I was reading a lot of please oh shit. This is this would be like a great play, and, fifteen years later, we returned into confession of a cooking confessions of a cocaine cowboy- and you said it's kind of funny. It is to someone described their return. Oh might my producing partner, on that Jonesy areas from LA formerly spoil it.
Is not on the show. Any more character got into some trouble. Queen of South and USA. He's bees brilliant in the show, and so Producing partner David Ceptin described, describes it who could produce cooking cowboys and edited edited with me. He described across between cooking cowboys and my twitter feed That's how you described it so like it reverent, it's obviously a little absurd. If you're gonna put had cooking cowboys is alive theatre event, so we I acknowledge the absurdity of it, and this is the the surreal exploitation of it and The guy Michel Housman who's, the the director of the play, I mean you drama at the colony theatre in mind, Beach, Lincoln Road. He said he said why are we doing poking cowboys for the theatre, two thousand nineteen and I was like so good question because, like it speaks of the realm Vincent like. Why do this now and I say well if you, take away from the documentary you take it
the drugs in the money. It's really story about immigrants, children and gun violence. That's what it's about and what could be more readily and in the contemporary conversation, then immigration, children and gun violence, and so on Lastly, I wanted to make a story about them. I am of yesterday, but the America today, like I said the Miami of today, is the american tomorrow. So here's a story about my Amy in the nineteen eightys, but it really resent pulls the America of today and so to do that we had to do not make it totally fucking depressing into. Being we injected a lot of humor and a lot of a reverence and into it. The woman Zilla Mendoza, who plays Griselda Blanco, also play the state attorney. So she has it we'll role, I sort of these and drooling antagonists against Ribby, the hitman, and it's just I you know I was writing it-
a friend or an squire. This great tv writer and while IRAN play both roles, because I felt that they were flip sides of the same coin. I think The state, attorneys and interesting character, decide where indifferent close, oh yeah. She chain. India has again different hair and in fact the performances are so different. The voices are so different that Zilla does some people after the show would be like. Oh, my god, she was amazing. Zella was amazing, is Griselda Blanco who's. The action the place the state attorney Cathy and were like we want, How will it somewhere, though, the last time I heard that being done effectively was Mars attacks? Listen, everybody cowboy! President Prodi, I likewise a tax free for these real underrated. Don T Burton hugely under amazing scored that, oh, I dunno
especially now I feel like it really holds up. I still go ACT act like that. I am talking for related preposterous to this. I love that move in those very people, love it allow my gun, Their crazy. It's great is holds up man, what's it like two years ago and holds up its but one for many years. That's interesting! Not you chose to use the same woman. Did you think about that? For a while, you have another woman. We have always wanted to do from the beginning. Yeah always I just I. The strange relationship with the state attorney in my big county she's been the state attorney for about twenty six years now and and you know when she was first elected. She was like the first Cubans The attorney in the state of Florida I M dishes, she was she's, been the only state attorney we ve had since JANET Reno left us for the Clinton administration that
long she's been state journeys, so now she has one of those records, where JANET, and you say: ok what's actually happening in this town. People say to me like lies mainly so fuckin corrupt. What you know, why does corruption grow we get a greater and wider than fucking oranges and in Miami The reason is, when you have the top carbon town is not effectively in force public corruption, laws and is not pursue public corruption. You have an area Were it's just you sent a message of impunity. That's the bottom line. You know no trouble arresting innocent young black kids on. Drug charges or whatever but like when it comes to enforcing public corruption, she's just nonexistent, and so what happens? Is you u habit and of course it it's like the broken windows theory of crime, if you
allow petty corruptionists two to go eventually. Some of these. Politicians, wine of literally in a closet city hall, accepting bags full of money and were the only thing we been able to rely on to some extent the feds coming in and trying to help you have a state attorney who has never in twenty six years in office, she large, a police officer for non duty, killing woe despite a proliferation. Of these incidents. So like it's, oh it's happening is often the incidents explode in the reason the incidents have exploded is because police know that they'll get away with it, because Cathy will not prosecute them. So the message that's being sent is a danger, we wanted to end. It is created toxic effect, with release nature between obviously policing and end the citizens that are supposed to be protecting and serving in its it created a very dangerous in a situation in the city and in its also create situation where dislike made,
after mayor just gets away with pure factory it. Oh oh here that's why it's not a sexy answer. People is likewise Miami, so corruptible. People want some sort of sexy. When I say well, when the top cop is the same person for twenty six years, if you're looking at the, if you want to know, what's wrong in a community or with anything you look at what chain mayors come and go. Police chiefs come and go. Commissioners come and go. Killers come and go into criminals come and go. You look at the Constance You see what's been the same here for twenty six years. That's gotta, be the problem and ensure shit. That's that's the problem, so I wanted make a statement about the state of my me today and say that that is also crucial to Blanco was born in Colombia in a very
difficult time in the history that country during lobby Olenska this brutal civil, brutal civil war between liberal and conservative parties went on for like twenty years almost caused caused the Riddick martyrs of like two hundred thousand people, it some very brutal somebody public It's been reported that she has a hobby our friends in their youth. You just run around in his bury bodies that we're just lying in the street relying around, but that was just a hobby, something for the kids to do and so you grow up, and that involves increasing earlier, like european coal, to grow up in that environment. Yours, like he's fucked you're, not exactly born, into money power or wealth. You, you know your dad's got a judge. Exactly have those benefits, Robert Opportunities, and if you can try to make something of yourself. For me, the problem of course. As result, the blogger went into a illicit, and illicit trade, but a trade that allow the people in Colombia were getting into from that era. It just. I wanted to have a discussion about
a lot of the characters argue with each other in the play about how different everybody is. It's like that had how my he is like game. Thrones in Paradise, with slightly fuel. Dragons in know like we just self segregate, and it becomes this. Battle of fiefdoms and and because we're not like we're, not multicultural, were very much so forget it, like. I received a common misconception about my enemies that we're a melting pot, we're not a melting pot. We're a tv dinner were sent publicly stated: there's a fall into the parallels, potatoes her and have upon little kingdoms say that portrayal is not by nationality very much so and so but he's arguing about how we're different and the play sort of when you walk away. Cricket with this conversation about how are all the same, and some of us have different fortunately than the than than others, and it just about matter. But to make of those of those opportunities and we started the comparison I was taking by because it's a little locally,
little scandalous. The fact that the same actress plays both of these these very powerful. How so because Cathy, the stated journeys of very powerful popular figure so because you ve publicly stated there's a reason. There's parallels between her and solve the problem and lets say the portrayal is not the most flattering in the play, and I worried She she gets a fair shaken the play, but but really the carriage through his commentary, comes down pretty hard on her. I've been publicly very critical of her. I think it hope in a constructive way publicly in by social media end, but I mean twenty six years in his arguments age. Almost seventy people that shit yeah yeah, whether that is fascinating you, gotta wonder of its spoken agreement or if it is just a known sort of just. This is just how she does business, you don't have to worry. I call it a conspiracy, if convenience, because not every
spirits involves a bunch of you know rogues gallery. He added board. Room table in a dark smoky room. You know it's talk about how we gonna can liar. I am willing to set conspiracies of convenience, are just like people or in positions of power and everybody just kind of wink wink. Not. Everybody knows what they're supposed to do and you don't ruffle feathers and you don't you don't fuck with convention wisdom, and this is the way it's always. This is the it's always been done. So this is the way we do it and everybody just kind of the phone line, or they get ready where another, and so that just the way fiefdoms operate Secondly, such an exhausting project to create a play out of that sort of hers fixed time in Miami history, it was talking exhausting. I'd like when you told me you were doing it. That's the first thing. I thought well be lazy,
Am I so much time seems like so much time to do, and I won't do that. There's, there's psych stocky mystery. Racket is not profitable, so I went out with a real money. Is for you. Plays a playwright, many origin. Billions to do so, and I said to him my co, author or squire, the direct russet listen. This has to be purely theatrical experienced No, no projections, no archive, like news footage likely using I'm like if, in my any personal these days, if he's gotta put my pants on to leave the house, that's a fuckin hassle like if you just it when I'm home. If I can just chill, I wanted to chill so far. We, like ok, I gotta go see if I can play unlike the first thing to do, is put my pants on rights up my pants on then you gotta get I got to brave this traffic. It spring break on right now, mighty beach is out of control, so you got to go to South Beach. Go to the theater, Lincoln Road and then like
pay. Your hard earned money to see this plague is plays, are more expensive tickets for plays a lot bracer than a movie right and so or Netflix subscription. So you- and I'm like- I- do not want people to be there like what the hell I can just stay home and watch this shit on announced. I would simply like holy shit and were actually seeing that we're seeing a really disproportionate number of People- coming to the theatre, who have never been to like alive play before because of their interests. The subject matter the title: confessions of a cooking cowboy you're, the documentary. So people are coming and their rowdy and there like reacting with the actors is kind of funds, as we do. A lot of breaking the fourth wall were really talks to the crowd. The cops talk to the crowd, and so there talking back the audience and London and very and and funny and end. I think pretty thought provoking, particularly at the end, and they just like this audiences is we're. Like oh shit, you can't duplicate this experience in any way. You know damn you like out, I mean
Jim Comedy, I Netflix is one thing being in the room. It's totally from energy, the dynamic in a rush. It's like you know it's like a drug. How many seats this year four hundred twenty outs gray for twenty role- very intimate but that's a good sized for element live, show its huge and, and it's a beautiful, took a historic theatre. Miami Beach is not a lot of what to call which the colony theatre, ok, northern League roads out walking street. You probably get that would back. We had the comedy facile. You probably did it for you the Filmore, an annual a demagogic, Jackie Gleason. More now I dont dump I've done a few different places there don't member off it is small room for you, but like it's a great cool space, used to be an old movie. Theater. My grandmother used to go seem low. We don't preserve a lot of our history in Miami M sick. I was saying earlier, like we're sitting young city literally young and we're like America's
actual rebellious teenager. We're, like everything, knew we don't like. We have a tray, in population. A lack of institutional memory and we're like fuck history, let us not this down and build new. That's going to create jobs like knocking, shut down, redesigning it. Rebuilding it repopulating at building a tall or creating more revenue does not state income. X in Florida, so it just like you just constant hustle, so to have a place like downwards ago. We're going to take a deep breath and see this the cool spot. There's no venues like this in town. It's been your for almost a hundred years, like let's preserve it, let's preserve the original architecture. Let's preserve some of the that the authors of this old carving of like pelicans, like this, really maybe like old school deco art is preserved, and it's really it's like that, environment. To do is show that's like by my Emmy. For my any you're, the income tax things very attractive to people. People helping- two states that don't have income. That's one thing: the Poles, Nevada Pulse people in Nevada. You think Oji Simpson move their yellow light,
a law where they couldn't get his money right? We had the homestead law, like that. You know that you can you can't get the money you can get the House UK it's a great place to sort of hide ass. I told you like a third world hundreds of banana republic because you got he lost. The civil case through plus million dollar judgment against them. Is we bought a Fuckin house in Florida? Now he is still there. Oh, I don't think so. I think he's in various Eddie. I thinking they release them, but they were gonna. I think you might be on paper, so I think he might have to stick around and that certain for a while he one, I think he was asking permission to go to Florida when he first got released and the attorney general far. It was like no thanks to be fair, though she was a blonde woman, so she was scared. So too soon what else is new? It's
he's one of the weirdest cases and all of american pop culture. History I mean he is one of the weirdest cases. I you know there's a phantom. Stick photo. That summit made a meme of Howard, Kosovo with Bruce Jenner. Does one side and then Oj Simpson, the other side and our coasts and I've seen the future. You gonna fucking, believe Does it is so goddamn crazy that one of the most famous and beloved people forget before that murder beloved? I mean he was like the rock Oh I'm right in that and waterways, maybe even maybe even more blood the rocks pretty beloved, but that level I mean your men's hurts rental. Car adds he was in movies loved him gap, a love personality, comedies, no less gun trilogy. You know and- and I well enough
will he would wind up in flood of course, but put like raise just crazy, and this is something that, in the end not to spoil it You ve been so so kind, not spoil screwball, but in the end, that's also part of the The message is the idea that and why we use the children. These athletes are heroes to these kids. They look unto them. These are supposedly role models and how many professional athletes do you know who you would be like I want my kids to idolized this person, like legitimately liking legitimately very few sure. So it's like that's the and that's where that whole sort of like lie, cheat steal to get ahead message, I think, is what what were teaching our children these days. In an that's the case with like ok Simpson, it's like this key people, idolized echo. So did they really did a rod? Retire
ever come back from this guy. I don't know anything about base for one season. He did yet for one season. It came back. He got the largest suspension in the history of the game, but they reduced it right. They reduce their, but made the largest, so helpless ventured aims. Was it a year, ultimately, one hundred and sixty it was almost like a basically a full season and the following see. And he came back please another year. Everybody was injured for a while, I think, actually might have been injured. The following year, then came back the year after and then he retired and the Yankees made him like. They gave Michael an office job where she would mentor young players real? It can't make this shit up. That really had. That is an interesting that he didn't become persona non grata like the Jose can say, go did it's. I don't know how but how and listen it's been one of the greatest. I think reputation rebuilding signed in a remember who hated navies fancies taboo, the guy Reich
was not a beloved figure as a baseball player. Now he's like when you, my mom knows where we as I'm she calls in jail. Boyfriend, but she knew the bottom. One knows like key this. I mean I think they're going to be. Studying this case. Study of like image. Rehab is gonna, be studied for like decades to come, in my view, your losses calculated was glad that was accidental. But but like look it he's, never even apologized or really admitted He did he ever one. Unlike the main culprit. Tour like lance report has positive. Now he never fail to test. I see that's part of it. You are a key. Was on this shady doctors, dockets, how the fuck did the doktor use the right name? That's that's what so crazy, like. Why did you use his name? But me? Why did you use a Rodriguez use a pseudonym. Well, if remembered tone was doing a lot of cocaine at the time right and he was again he was it Guinness in a fuckin.
Spiral. His whole life was. He was about to hit rock bottom. While he was running this business and which one is to his medical records. There was some file folders, but a lot of them were in composition. Books like just old school CBS like you used the move that so that's why that's you? he wrote in any would scribbling, so those were based on bright patient nicknames. Dose, and then some of it would just be like stream of consciousness like middle school girl like journal he would write his name, indifferent fonts. He would come up with different like in his ideas and plans in and make signs you know for like his businesses in and talk about motivational speaking ideas it he had news it's a real journey like in. Into his mind of a cocaine, addicted figs after my approach is an interesting journey. I gotta tell ya but like he by two, these composition, books,
on some pages there be like code names like? Oh, you know he had a guy that was light. You know you'd name after cars or name after you like me, hoard you'll, spanish words, or are things like that? He had a player. When you buy, he bought him like a bottom and suvs, some kind of like a code name them like Tahoe, whatever the fuckin car was you know another one was: do you like you just gotta. Do you I so that was like that, but then, like after a while, he just kind of abandoned it, and there was like a Roderick Guess or Alex forgeries by the way this shit turn about Rodriguez's in Miami throwing you start seeing a ride in the books, kind of a kind of a tell you a Christ? You just got sloppy. You know like fuckin ragout exuded Zack. I do now boys five five years offer off of cocaine, which is good. He went to federal prison and rightfully so, for the kids for the high school kids that he determined that when the judge sentenced him specifically.
Said. You know. One thing for consenting adults to engage in this behaviour is another thing: Frida drag kids into this mess almond and potentially poison them. So we went to federal prison. Get this. He winds up in camp, so it's like Minimum security federal prison in Alabama and he ones up teaching impart a nutrition class to his fellow inmates he's in there with Jeff Skilling of Enron, whose teaching a business class I made an Jesse Jackson, Junior, whose teaching a political science civics to their fellow inmates, icy prisons, the best placed to learn and down there having so we actually. So what am I? We were at a money and this movie, and so, as you always do, with movies and and so the couple scene, that we wanted to do that. We ran out. We just couldn't do it a condom, on the schedule. So one of them was an epilogue with all the kids
in federal prison like jumpsuits. Unlike Tony tee king and like a little baby, Jesse Jackson, Junior a little baby just killing from Enron, little baby and another thing and loathing Bosh was doing. Is he was like you, At the beginning of the movie sitting at the bar at the rich called keep us gain any writing little protocols, Otto Can cocktail napkin for the bartender is on how to build muscle how to lose weight. So he was doing that in prison for inmates for like vat, means and supplements that they could buy the commissary. He would look like you doktor tee. I want to. I want to try to build muscle, mass ok here. Here's a procope go to the commissary by these vitamins, these subjects and there you take it this time. The yoke tone I'm looking wait. What do I do any given end? Then guard started coming to him. Like eight I'm looking up Likewise, the loose away to a guy you given protocols, yeah? So I mean he's very,
told you he's very much a true believer in himself. He's got a lot of faith in in himself and he for a while was planning on opening They nutritional supplement business across we from Marlins Park Seas. I as a poster million like this. Pretty recently. It hasn't happened. Yet, but like he's looking around for new for new Opportunity in Miami is a is a land of of of new opportune. I told you the last time I saw you that Old, saying that I love that Elliot. Where you go when you wanna be somebody New York is where you go, and you are somebody and Miami you go and you want to be somebody else, such as Now the town of invention is it just always been a sunny place for shady people. I just always want to know what happens to a fake doctor who gets back sound steroids to kill what does our guy do for a living afterwards? I think now is suspect now, just sort of being you know subsidized by family
and friends right now he does have kids in and child support, probably due to make Somehow I don't know exactly what is up to you: I'd, like thou Alaskan, the next time I understand this weekend in Germany's as the rapporteur says: oh yeah, he does in an annex quite squid, funny he's quite so boorish dish, Why did you feel drinks, but he doesn't? He doesn't do to illicit drugs anymore, yeah, and that was that was that was bad, for what yeah. I'm sure. That's always the bad decision making route what's funny about this is that he too, we caught him like on his way and a federal prison originally so a number of twenty thirteen Alex was in the midst of arbitration that you see at the end that we portray the end of the movie enamelled. Emily offices in manhattan- and we got a call from his publicist and its policy- says your work Alex's on a break from
the arbitration and it's coming down to my m he's got an office in coral gables, which is this like very wealthy, affluent suburb. I'm adjacent to this the amendment is actually the city where the university mammies, located or Alex Rodriguez field. Is that you M on campus, and so they said, listen Alex would like to meet with you to talk about possibly doing some kind of tell all documentary cheese since November twenty thirteen, so I'm like Yes, please. So I figured like this is a hush, hush meeting newer and do this on a download his office and crawl gables, they say meet us some we day high noon at here, Stone Restaurant, which is the power lunch spot in that neighbourhood. The most, I'm corner in the city, floor to ceiling windows open kitchen, buddy from the street to the dishwasher can see everything going on in that dining room. They want to
is there at noon. So my ok, we go there slammed every seat taken mob, seen around the House stand three for deep at the bar They escort us down this enter me in my producer, Alfred Spellman, right down the central parade us practically and New ESPN Thirty, four thirty, they really fetish eyes the directors so like they have like that when our views with us, like anyone, bumpers like every hour like little little segments and so people some recognize me usually in Miami like close to you M, because we did the? U N, you know doc. So if there is play any place? How can we recognise it was two miles from the University of Miami and so takes right down the middle and they're in the center booth. On this elevated platform round, the back is outright. You guess, holding court and we literally, we literally like step up on stage to join him and, like all eyes, are on us in this place, and
did we kind of get introduced, and I need like an icebreaker some like so, whose call page six, U R us sure as shit two weeks later on page six, and so we sit there and Alex in laughter publicist. Laugh, that's a good publicist yoke is so because it was, clear that we were there to be seen having this meeting, it was so clear. Why do you think they did it was? It was part of Alex, is when I was there a plan there was kind of a plant it was. What of Alex's like pure offensive or push back against major league baseball and so we sat there with him almost an hour and a half inches lied slide to us on the whole time and I didn't know that a lot it about everything. I never met Tony Blair
She is all, but you look at my records. I you know I am I performance and improve after the time he claims to have been treating me, I'm not a baseball phantom like you to me. They I call screen saver right. I just but my producing per offered is degenerate, baseball that he gets to fuckin it'll be dot com. Packaging has on his desk and as Ipad all day long during the season I'm just like I may, I guess he doesn't, instead of Ambien imposing list leap eating with baseball. I guess I don't know so he's dislike, but he's a huge baseball fan and when I left as a key made, a lot of good points Alex did appetite the fuck, you lied about everything and I can't blame. You lied to everybody in those days, I'm using a. He was desperately savages his career and his legacy, and he allegedly lie to the d a queen for a day meeting who the fuck lies in a queen for a day meeting other than George Papadopoulos, I mean you're spoke the whole point, supposed to tell the truth that they're not gonna, gonna fuck with you, but be aware. We did that queen for a day mean your queen for the meeting with the FED. You get a letter for their like word
stating We witnessed an investigation. We understand you may have partition aided in summit illegality, herb committed some crimes in the course of this larger investigation, but we're not after you, we just want you to come in, feel comfortable and free. To tell the truth to our investigators so that we can pursue our investigation accurately and fairly, and we will not work. Anything you say will not be held against you, essentially in a court of law, so your queen for a day they All you get a letter queen for a day letter and the who actually called they call queen for a day and so out of the thing the feds have, and so Alex was free to just speak. The you can't do is lie to a federal agent. That is a crime, and that is in fact of images. Private apples was ultimately, he lied in his queen for a day. Meeting. The whole point of queen for day meeting is to test, not
we're a lie and knocking you. Could you can't get in trouble essentially for any crimes that you admit they are about investigation, so that was the allegations that he actually lie. So I listen. I'm a document tearing people lie to me for a living, I'm fine with that especially they spent my name written page six, and that shit was in bold out another juice to make that happen. Alex's out his publicist habit, used to make to make that happen. Was flattered that the you know right about me but like, but you didn't think that he was lying. I suspect he wasn't telling us the whole truth, but I thought he made some interesting pointed out for two Alfred had was a pitcher in high school North Miami Beach in your high go charters and Alfred actually pitched against Alex Rodriguez's, like one of his own more stories from his baseball years in high school right is that Alex was a senior out there at the offer, was going to some sort of run, Frazier baseball about a? U em and do this summer, league game and Alfred. This is
my eyes, are glazing over telling the story, but like Footed Alfred's pitches against Iraq, and who is already a senior already a beast. Everybody knew this guy was gonna was going to go in the draft and be huge. Everybody knew about that. The EU had been the talk of the high school small community in Miami forever, and so after pitched against him and He held a ride to a triple course: Alligator IRAN, snap to but his ball sailed with body out it was. It was only a trip wasn't it was a rare, not home run. So I thought. Oh, we have like a phone personal anecdote like we could find some common ground here right. You're talking to someone might be a potential interviews. Subject. You know, and so unlike actually Alex you and Alfred, have met before for rules his eyes, like he's gonna embarrass me until this dump should story. So I tell out like isn't this funny, like you Guys and Alfred held you to a triple, and he can't look at me like
Looking at me right now he's just he was totally on amused and may be looked even a little hurt or offended. This is the great space by one of the greatest baseball players will turn the highest paid baseball player in history. And here I am just tell him this cute story from my twenty years earlier, whenever a b and he seemly, I tell me to a triple like how could you be upset, about that you're, one of the greatest of all time lights, super winners, but it's I get the it it's that's why I left out You guys are really interesting character, but he's a complicated guy he's an interesting guys, sensitive guy like I was curious. But here I was excited about the prospect of interviewing hidden and men. They don't we it is out yet the January twenty fourteen, that's when they lowered they reduce the suspension. I started hitting up every month, sort hinting at the publicity, following up on that meeting, because its body in the
six article of mention he met with the thirty four thirty filmmakers Billy Corbett. Spellman he's been shopping, a book proposal to these publishers. The book proposal thing was total but literally not true that the the publishers like we'd love to get one but we haven't gotten a book proposal from Iraq. He really did have the meeting with us, but, like everything was worth kind of pawns in his gait, which is cool whatever on of not respond to this document, are not exactly but I for all six or seven months, I'm in dealing with the publicist, and then it was clear that they weren't interested so, and that became the tactic by the way when it was our strategy. The strategy wish to shut the fuck up and just like, like you said, like with the President big your time too big a scandalous scandal export day and then maybe, if we just talk, in this twenty four hour new cycle in this fuckin in this world, of his being us being hammer with bad news, two hundred forty characters every nanosecond of every day. Just just passes and they just they. They play
it just so so beautifully currently and then also. A year later we got a call from a friend of Tony Bosh you as one of you. Twenty bar. She wants to talk to you about doing a documentary like hell yeah, so we take the meeting really interesting I meet with him several times over several months and then he says. Listen. I wanted you this interview because I'm getting sentenced to prison tomorrow and renewable that you know that the case was ongoing. Sippet. Look I expected judge will give me Forty five to sixty days to surrender to complete this drug rehab programme in and then I'm going to get like a year and a half two years in prison, and so we could find a couple days before I have to surrender to do this interview. These economic dude listened: let's see what happens tomorrow: It depends on how much time the judge gives you like you're, going to prison one way like, maybe you want to spend some time with your kids get your affairs in order, let's The decision tomorrow, whether not we're gonna, take too
before days out of your life. For this, paypal you when you get out into an it now you and a half years. That will you do least, eighty percent of your time, You go to halfway house, sometimes for little bed at the end on six months or songs here. So he goes goes to court. The judge, says for years, and you have not forty five to sixty days to surrender, but forty five to sixty minutes to surrender Gimme your you'll take off belt in your shoelaces in Missouri R22, the b o p and he did and so fat burners again, then I got a fucken email from to mail, Frank who was the Woodward and Bernstein of the case, he's the journalist who got the stolen records from Porter Fischer, the whistleblower and blew the lid off the whole thing of the beginning, two thousand and thirteen He says to me: Porter Fisher called me and he's asking me for your number to discuss possibly doing a documentary within our psych. First of all, like we,
Sometimes I ll make documentaries about things that we make that marriage about things that happened like twenty thirty forty years ago. This felt like it hadn't ripen yet like it was still a fresh wound. You know like people, it wouldn't be willing to talk like a half the kind of way. For more time to pass. You know, and here we are now I'm not a spiritual guy and I really believe in universe talking to me or anything, but I thought man it or some one was trying to tell us something. It was like. You gotta make this document the three primary players in this major baseball scandal, all independently of each other, contacted us with just over a year to talk about doing a documentary about at night, Alfred jokes that in Florida when you get out of prison First call is your mother. Your second calls to raconteur to accompany you. Talk about a documentary and Tony got out I hit up Tonia like I'll, come visit you and Alabama homicides. They have to do. You wound up getting a sentence reduction. He did it just about two years and then he was in it
camp in Alabama wrote him, I said, do not come up in busy. We talk about this he's at all Vienna, Halfway house in six months, so let's just meet in Miami outside done and then when you meet, and you may toning, you see them their interviews. Documentary you realize like will out, This is even about Alex. You know what this is about. These guys, this crazy? You know All hyacinth ask like corn brothers, botched robbery like store, and still I got was a story we wanted to tell, and that was the Tony Porter part of the story will listen dude. If I can now that the great documentary I really enjoyed it like. I really enjoy all of em and just keep on fuck and not the park. Man. Thank you spa metaphorically properly appreciated for having a job
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