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2019-05-06 | 🔗
C.T. Fletcher is an ex-powerlifter, actor, video-blogger, and owner of Iron Addict Gym. He is a 3-Time World Bench Press Champion and 3-Time World Strict Curl Champion. http://ctfletcher.com
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legal zooms business. Legal plan at legal zoom dot com now and get special savings when you enter Rogan at check out legal zoom where life meets league legal, zoom dotcom, my yesterday is one of the most inspirational human beings that I've ever met that I've ever come in kind. Act with online genuine powerhouse of a human being who has just well, he just celebrated, one year and yesterday actually from a heart transplants, and he's had incredibly transformative experience, because of that and just he's always amazing to talk to, but it was particularly amazing getting to spend some time with him. This time he's he's made. May I fuckin love this guy? Please give it up procedures Fletcher,
The job will gain experience away to rule I am so happy to be here and so but I see you fuck. You ve got through a journey. O maize is the last time I see is tat. Yesterday was one year from your heart transplant anniversary, zag wow. One year ago, if I told you it was easy, I'd be lying, but maybe it was so worth the journey Navy Blue, for what is a fillip right now like have another person's heart in your body was, I feel, were a lot of times. You if you like, I actually did die, and this is just a dream. While this this is
I think that this would be my heaven. You look great you're still jacked now losing any weight. Ogier gather means is still you still jack. You still got muscles, it a fact, from where I work here? I really appreciate it over there, My fear, man sister, you know fragment what I used to be, but we still here, that's was import I mean what are ridiculous thing. You join. You make videos of your workin out like getting ready and after your heart at heart operation this you have a hard transfer and you're running in a parking lot. You trip and fall like Jesus Man slow down, but you go. Religious decided that you're just gonna start pushing from the beginning were. Me, my brain was ready. Boma body were
they warn you about doing that. They say it was ok, listen me, you know we became blazing walk. Me. I'm like walk. She like you are my my everyday right, but is it feel like, though, like when you like? What is the difference between the way Hartfield? Now is night and day. You know before I got the transplant and it got really bad in a really bad ass up, flatline two more times you know before the actual tree. Grant me was I couldn't go to one another flat land. There would have been it, but difference there I mean it feels. Flatland like your heart, stop, yes, and where they do to started back up again,
Okay, after had this last heart attack. They asked me if it was supposed to be wanting us to put in a pacemaker, and I thought about it- a lot because my brother, my older brother, had a pacemaker installed before he passed away and his pacemaker was actually going off when he going to die. So I might dad didn't really do any good for him. So I was like going back and forth and then I'll just say something voice, a gateway and get it, and so I told me, I put it in a pacemaker. Save me wow, so it went flat like she heart gave up and what is the pacemaker do exactly like defibrillator in our group we have the paddles, give you electric shock, you know and that's what the pacemaker days just give you a little
Its own inside you know inside is connected directly to your heart. My second flat lies. It gives you a jolt. Why did you feel it know? Now I was I will deal with their european neighbours. So you'd blacked out too, is matter. Back out or like you do, are you. Death is totally different, totally different An you I knew that I was day before I die before right rose just me and my wife at home. In our target like I'm talking to you and he makes thing all the lights went out. It was like. One, was old, vanishing tvs out of you old enough to remember these lacking yeah yeah, that's exactly our words are chinese palm tiny pinprick of law
You know that. That's why it's not you know you. Absolutely no they persevere and his Matt. You know this is the irreversible, and yet you know that it's this is deaf in matters. Do not just those now you know. Did you have a near enough experience? I am I everything. The only thing you have to everything I had time to say was. I had time to call my wife's name, but I mean when I say things rush. You know everything like this is this. Is it we have to do this anymore mega. Maybe this is it this? Is it the final final evasion of every thing? Hates you You know this is it you know. This is the final thing. This is your last moment on earth, and you know it is like:
You do be hard to do with my wife made now so that peace may take, and then you only once a year, and it was so it s a damn good description and then it was like. I thought I felt like that. I had been asleep for hours. It was the best most peaceful restful time of my entire life. It is just a short moment. If they're like I had been asleep, you know four eight out of so rested. So will rest did so in my wife. Domino's desist short period of time, but I feel, like I've been asleep for eight hours, so this happened twice the x. The second tat was in the hospital off while so they tell you. Ok, Mr Fletcher, we have a hard for you yeah. They call me
two forty anymore, so that you have to get in there right now, as we know have hours before had actually be at the hospital. I say, B b at the hospital thing like six or seven anything on a wall boy. I was happy and say when I got the car. I was happy for myself because I don't think I could go to another friend Why? But I was there for the donor Enron's you. I knew somebody had to pass away in order for me to get their heart felt real bad about there, so they put it in you, you wake up. What is, I feel like it felt like being born again, a rebirth. Another try, never go in life.
Well, yeah, I get it never start. Another tat created Mazarine over so from the mob. This they have open. You are really do that chest breadth and what is all that like? Well? Are you quartet? the fact that when you wake up and looked down, you cover would stitches right, I mean it must be a giant scar, its they are so. Now did you know I have a scar, but concerning the new as my second time being split open, I in o five may put a metal valves frat. My during that operates a three times on the table, dirty their operating itself.
Oh me, Ratline five wetlands are becoming my limit. Me was, I seen the scars they had taken place pacemaker out. The meadow Bab out of the well. They took the hard headed middle babbling is to go hard out. It put in new heart and there is this man. Is the week before shower, would kill me. If I take a shower, I be done for the rest of the day. I shall hear us outcomes, recently had a feat, our you know how shower kill you will all man was that amount of physical activity, and you know how many people take taken herself granite, but that amount of physical activity which happy.
I'd. Just for washing you, yes, for the rest of the day, it was so you're hanging by a small year. Definitely, therefore, it was near him do you know my wife was opening jars for me here. I am for they express world? Chancellor, I got my wife. Maybe we could be opened his daily dollar. Forty, why it's humbly humbug, very big, big time how long jumped in hospital for women hospital not very long. I mean we got out of one straight today and intensive care, but keep you there for like three days, but I think I was probably, Release within two weeks total, while here And then are you using a walker? You walk in fine like well, I would say out loud, but I was working just walking slowly, o big time.
Tat slowly me yeah scrawl alone. And how long will it take tea for you to get to where you're out like now now I have no idea that you had a heart transplants. Rarely while I appreciate you know, when I saw you mean you have very happy I am happy that I address your way had an extremely happy just to be alive. We come that cause. The dying we every day is just a blessing. Many people, I don't, eat the unpleasant arms again no complaint german blast. Oh, yes, no complaints was do a thing. I want to hurt me Joe, so three days the tumor
because we are less than when we talk about me, meaning and transplant in immediately transplanting now back, I had it in the first six months were rough yeah, the first six months after The council, the Jelly jar of military job not being able to do. You know now these are the first to introduce, walk so happy walk around. I guess a city block, maybe city black Joe, when I first tried to walk around the city, but I got have to stop probably twelve thirteen times and take a seat and get up and try to walk, and it was it was. Not my wife slowed antsy slowdown and walk with me. Now it was such a struggle. Now might you know,
I don't give a damn how long it take me, I'm going to make you I'm going to make it since keep keep going and what kind of activity are you out? There will do now or yearly I am a lift him again, but very lightly, and maybe do you know them seems detriment in I think I've been able to do that for the last two months. So when you sail lightly, is this by doctor's orders at all? Yet exactly I can't do anything. You know what happened proven it first set the run into Parliament s approval was like going. You can do it in my body like leave me out of this month. So what what holds you back in terms of like lifting weights like? Why do you have to go light My strength is this nowhere near what it used to be. The stamp is still- and I can, with there have a long way to go, but just to be able to do anything, so I guess
get him you're doing. I do what I can tell people time. It gave a kid. You know do what you want to do at least get him do it you can do is better than doing nothing, yeah so now? They have yawned medications. To make sure that the heart doesn't get rejected by your body, most leaning people out there who had transplants, I'm only there. I may I take about twenty one different medications, yet one one different medic and will side effects of the stuff they used to be. But now you know my feet are swollen pretty much every day something and make it kind of kicks Mart arthritis I have arthritis through, so it kind of kicks in the toes is still feel pretty much every day. But when I compare the side effects
They were, what could possibly average is deaf seismic satiate taken now? Would you have to take his medication forever? It gets less left a mess when I go back this month back up to Palo Alto, where they did the transplant they going to take off about four or five different medications. Some year out now the last mean further you get out. The mass medication is being evincing will get down to three, but you always have to take some. Oh yeah. Therefore- and this is because your body doesn't understand why it has someone's heart in it. For a wow, that's that in beginning as well. I'm taken twenty one now it's because you know to keep the chances that rejection down Why why the blood is rejected, understand that it wasn't. One meeting was born. We re born, you know foreign heart, and I will not talk to you about that are what I know about it. It's a woman,
Yes, you know, you know how I was gonna drop a bomb on very good about what but I tell you that that, through before loop, yeah and I was going know, go I'm always talk house draw. My faith is in no way I'm faith, faith, faith, super manner, faith Superbad face so much faith to Kate phase mean I went into operation here, for you guys, every Friday, various because you know I got. I know I'm going to be all right. I got so much faith that you know I'm going to get through this, so I'm going to send you guys, but when the doctor came in and told me that I had a woman's heart that the shit out of me, because I had don't. You know. I've looked at. You know stating on this day the survival rate
male to female, and it wasn't good these days. I had read it wasn't game when I do female to me outside female de mille. The two is not kid in outlying areas, I reiterate, is not a good thing dark the comprehensive. Yet he had a woman's art and see what- that much younger than you are they're dead, you know, said men at Yale tested Murphy, big time. How did she die? I have no idea. I have no idea, but the thing I have feelings I am I haven't talked to the family. I would love to know anything about it, but I have these failings
would like to know. If what I'm feeling is right, you know I want, I really want to meet the family and let them know let him know that I'm out here doing everything I can to raise their own awareness and their mother of their wife or her sister or aunt didn't die in vain and then I'm doing my absolute ass to carry on and where people know that the sea was a donor and is so early important for people to donate to give the gift of life one of these fiancee have I feel. Instead, for some reason, I can see that I feel like she was the oriental Lady Emil. You know. I don't know why, but I really have feelings like there and I feel like I can see this woman telling her husband, the sea we get home from work and make you play
with their keys for the weak and have no idea. This is right or map browsers have those for whom they are recurring. Yes,. And you do like. Do you remember it like a memory it it's like. I get to look into her. You know her existence her her alive and I have No, I could be totally wrong. She needs and making lady. I have no idea of reform in the bar part or not. I just have this feeling disabled feeling. While do you have any unusual cravings or anything? I don't think I know I don't think I mean I've do talk to her and I feel like
like when I was walking around and I'm trying I'm trying to make it around that blunt with often asked her for help to help you help it around that fly after I talk to Why come a lady? I need you here. We have a name for just the way. I mean why why that's crazy Superman Curtain has Ladys her now when you say that did it's not! The results are good for lady hearts in male. Yeah. What did you say that the doctor, the and daddy is so funny I even though at the doktor spoke as it was one day,
here? He would come in again guy. You come in everyday hydro! Mr further now say blessed out here when I woke up from the transplant I consider every second after bear. A basin is borrowed time. You know one supposed to be here, so my answers always unblest. So you items for unblest, but he's a you know what you're gonna change tack. No dog is not, and you can say make me teens my aunt em, I'm gonna ways be placed a matter which you say he say you think you don't really get Don T and I hear you begun a Mamma? I think I'm doing good. Around this hospital corridor at begun do really good he sent you Matt you doing about what you're supposed to be doing and you have. A woman's hearts M is
too small, for you a she. Almost your aid, it's too small for him and he told me that the heart was too small and it's the lady was. I was fifty eight or nine hundred and fifty nine cuz I'll be sixty on June eighth, so he says it's too small: and you know you know you're not doing anything would marry you just do an average and she's your aunt for the rest of the day I was fucked. I was like man. I was to do this Why did you give me a warm and saw an old woman it dad? Why can you me, eighty one, why God I was questioned him. Why did you do this to me? Did you have
can we really backdoor guy the doktor right, any NASDAQ diplomat my back to decommission an ideal I'm sorry I did ass doktor asked her dad. Why? Why can t NAM dude. I had to use my eyes because it was in my garden, Can I go last long a year, so it was unit was fucking with me and adapter acid die of. Why I, as he look mean eyeballs dormancy, say Mr Fletcher, we don't want to die just as we didn't want to the use of that was what was available. That was what was available is a healthy heart, and I mean bad. You know well that heart grow to match your body. It already has real aid. Is the proper size that it's a deep yes and the doktor they told me was too small? Is the one who told me video
right through the proper. So why does he groped recognised? It was in a bigger body. Do I believe that on the physical, if you look at it, physically improbably here you know on what a rational mind they would probably realising it had to adapt to our lives, but I'm looking little created the Gatt, because this is me so does he came back to fast? I mean was like a week later, citizen besides, he said be a week later, a week after later, before I left the hospital he was telling that it's our size, cheese, US methods, the dog. I told you bless me that doesn't make any sense. I know
he said, did the doctor say it doesn't make any sense to normal thing. I have no idea. I have no idea for the normal thing and not, but you know I didn't mean I'm getting cramps while another miracle that guy- and I say that question God and my answer was what did I I got back- was what
people. He said if I gave you were eighteen Yo Olympic athletes, heart city and you recovery was doing. Will then people going to say it? That's why we got eighteen, you let me go metal his heart and you're able to recover and stuff because this, but if I take away these hard, is too small and yet not you not supposed to be able to come back and do these things with this heart. The immigrant have to give me a little crazy he's. I have a habit of taking the least of the least knows that no and making some man seen or let me shit fuck. I wouldn't need an impressive right. It would be a miracle if I eat offers its one for heart.
But because I'm God, I'm gonna, take this heart and gave it to you still do those things set up. Ok, that's good! Now, when you exercise now you just are you pushing or Lee just getting to appoint? We just feel a little tired you back off to road I can't help. But personally I know that's why I'm asking a year I gave her a give everything again. I can't help end man. Do you feel we're when your hearts, beaten heavy or, should I say, Hearst our her heart year. Her heart starts big, pretty fast, and now I don't feel weird. I feel like that. It's something I've done my whole life and I'm just glad to be back able to do. You know some of what I used to do. It's just, I feel
last year, talk to come all the way to ensure through these friendly and now you feel a building up like you feel like every month or so you get stronger, definitely yeah. That's why I feel that the longer that it's in me long as that that the heart is in need, the more it feels like you know, it's that's what it should be in my body, adapts and how long does a heart transplants usually survive in a person were. I think they're the longest at this point is close to forty years. Forty is while yet now won't forty that's, not be a hundred. You don't know. Why not! I warn you know. I never expected
I said I'm doing a Babby sixty. I never expected to make it to forty, We all know really really I'm ever. I never expected them as expected. The Diane so we pass were at but make it anyway. So is that why you think you're gonna die I never have I want to be. My eye was always MA. Am I wanted to be the skyrocket me, brilliant light to shoot. Way bring this guy debris burst, and then I thought there would be the perfect ending just go for co forego go for in it blue beard more foggy anybody, males when he was alive. Happy that's what you ve done, death, while we're not gonna, settle in four forty
more. But why do you say that, though we live right now and everyday is a blessing? Yes, a wise and forty years, a blessing root beer pressing, but I may be. I won't be around? Where am I be a burden on anybody and hundred me at my house I'll take care of you your airs yeah, we're we're divers issued out over. I wouldn't want to be around to be a burden on somebody, yeah yeah and watch me Brad, nine, not a burden. I hope MAC now that had my wife, my disagree efficient, but you're moving around my enemy, like I said, if I didn't know, I would have no idea.
I appreciate- and even though I know you must have lost some Mosler still it. If I just met your boy, does a jack do really? I still have this as your arms man. This little used Having heard what they used to be, that's why they misuse it asked Kennedy. They don't even married it most right, I'm sure of a newly online or big we're maraschino. There is really important. Things are cross. My family in spreading donor awareness is important, as some people die just waiting to get a heart. You know mom list the twenty twenty twenty one people update passed away, just waiting trying to get in. I was so fortunate so blessed to be able to get woman that want to try to make sure that the other people get one too. So if
racking due to try to raise with what is a problem like people. Putting on that they'll Donny organs is ample. Is it you? Do it online now down your driver's license? I'll find out or by other states when California you can all online through the DMV and get your on your driver's license, and I want to be a donor and I mean you can't take the stuff with you no ways. You, people, you're paranoid, to have heard people say I'm worried about you and now, because what have they don't resuscitate me because I need someone to get a heart or liver or something like that. I don't know man. I really don't think that's what doctors are in two, no it's it's here I had I you know you know. First got my driver of sixteen years ago and a cd, you don't I'm right now. All outbreak in everyday did gag Jamie Whitney Amy, I dont mean nothing,
no time raise about attains Lou, older Lou, more wisdom, and if I can get something somewhere else can use definitely most deputy my mother and all nine of her brothers and sisters are passed away from heart. We it's just to something that senior families scared me at my older brother, walk past way just a couple years ago from congestive heart affair. You another complication, so heart promising rent big time before it can that's crazy one right that does Ryan families. Yet it is crazy Is reality yeah so now do what can a diet that they have you on
very clean and I guess I have my air, my keys crack up or to assemble Presbyterian. Actually at this pesky tear a phase ii, vegetables and no bullshit yeah nobles no time for both at no time for both rack, we rag magazine, coffee time is pressing and I used to, but the caffeine in a mad. You don't like it gave me the out. Imagine yet so arm Ras must be very important for yeah. I guess they argued for the herbal remedies. What other things they make sure they do? The diet has beyond point, have to take my made a case in They don't want me to do too much strenuous activities.
They had limited me? I wouldn't. I was not able to travel the country until yesterday, Yes, so one year anniversary give you the green the green light yet manufacturing go all over. What did they say when they saw you run in the programme on folder? All my doctors and obey I see tee what weeping except wine, except one, my cardiologist he said you know. I see the Emma than legacy like everybody else, You already know that they demand, but man. I am so proud of you. He said you have inspired me. Working out again. That was that this alarm that Islam, if you listen
Thank you. He was only one again condemn me how far out, or was that for the surgery when he fell down three months a crazy like condemned to mine was go well. That's that mentality that you have. You know I would imagine, is very hard to adjust a year? Is big time? Are you from Dna them. It will be the same visa active guy, kicking me shit bags deaf, old, lightning, open and in either. Maybe you think it means be able to raise your leg, or throw a pint ma? Am we walk around and grossly I've run my man alibi Fox.
Right right rush, you feel if some I mean is that my thoughts of UK beef imports can do anything. You, Kate, you'd, be help with this. Man that is hard to rights were the low Ladys have all life super. My answer is going to be a note, befits that's a terrible thing. It's a terrible thing, but awfully humbling
Can you really realize that you know just how have your whole life? You live for strength. You know, I've been a strong man, my whole life and then all sudden, all of that is taken away, and you just you know, fucking invalid mean you're. Just weak is shit, it's very hard mentally to deal with, but your past. Now, yes, you just in what what what? How would you categorize like hey fewer it? Now I categorize my my
emotional feelings as being probably better than ever. Well, yes, I'm a seat things and set a different light after come, and that close it died things there. I thought were important, just don't even matter like what I used to give you one example: young people, isotope marking. He asked me about this last Amazon so, and I tell people, may say words about the stairways stairways city. You teach you tell him saying thing than I've been saying for fucking point five years magazine:
because you step, I try them. Yes, I tried and when I was young and then work for me, I started in Maine immunity. Nobody, nobody! People dont, believe that you don't believe me tell me. Are you fully seats e t you're lying now than ever and you'll get used to bother forgotten me unhappy argument. People online fuck out take a goddamn to have any time between five. You could tell me funny, I tell you what I'll give you ten thousand bucks. If I fail jerked is all you. Gotta do is get off work and social media no way. I'm took, thereby bout book argued for peoples. There take Sierra cookies
Ok. Now, if I can't let me do you, you Don T go back and forth and argue people online, oh, no, no, no anymore, I'm sorry did lead us sit. I would die in a minute. I used to see. Do it at my head. Why do now? Because every moment tat with tat TAT Bang hit me I'm hit hardy, restless apps O year, what I've due to our cat, you talk to me, but you yelling you're, going cv, but I can see some make it. Our caps lock, read what I'm gonna bright river or you get ass it? Can you actually here that you actually here that those those? You see that's mighty saints, meaning that is one of the most humbling things work getting older is the vision going oh yeah of now. Like from when I was like forty two I started noticing and by the time of forty six
goddamn it. I think I need glass. I'll. Just try to agree the camp. Router and I'd be doing this like LG my eyes and squinting, and trying to look at it sideways and see what the fuck I was reading some weird things. Like all boy, Billy to see the world is fading. It happens now I did a bastard is, but it's a warning sign like him in this. As you know, this is a finite existence. Yet get some shit done right now, man run now, don't wait can be waiting time effects are precious commodity billion years. You cannot buy one SEC now, one second of life. I can't do it now, it's oh pressure, anything beg your thinking about doing even put love. My vice is big, get this step and give it to me. See it right now. After don't put it.
Any longer, get it there. So do you feel like you're like see tee, Fletcher to point now? Definitely there New. Do you do with it new added to victims, Are you going to be arguing? I tell if the guy that used to argue in online hair. I love you man I mean. Are you want to see? I got to have her hey, yeah racism baby. I got to have a mandate. Tar foolishness, It's so much bossy and as the waste of time and aim even finding might what, if the in the test, plant experience, enhance you have always say we're all the thing. I need a bomb, a mild, Tommy, love everybody, but lit they took a heaven. No idea. Ask me out here rays of the donor. It don't matter I hope you're right. If you right
it's an asian woman. I think they'll be fantastic. You could feel that that you would know that and you feel it may Besides the amazing I gotta find out. How can you find out I don't. I have no idea what the hopefully their list looted Europa case as well Why don't you give him some details like when what day did happen and what like, where did they tell you where the donor came from part of the country? Now I know that their heart was flow name and sleep in my wife. How crazy, as there is something they took, a harder someone's body and put our eyes. I knew a toy and we actually see as video, but I'm going to the room and then guys come file right after we had crazy is crazy. Is Emmy is when I was a kid, oh, be like Doktor Frankenstein yeah waiting start doing to sixty eight.
Worn fifty nine zero, while did heart transplants and safeguards the atm. While I'm like these long time. But when I like someone, I was a kid looking, like Dr Frank, said, you told me something like that was possible. I was it all hell, you're crazy, just making it up with science fiction, but the most certainly pass, but everything's gonna be able to grow your own heart. Working on that right now draw your own heart. Would stem cells in, as is gonna happen, which it's crazy. Yet it is going to happen No doubt they Verde grew a woman's bladder. The woman had bladder cancer and they grew her. A new bladder replaced her bladder hearts coming.
Yeah. It's coming gather already working on. I think they're, three d c d get fired Jamie, that three d printing human heart and they think that they're gonna be able to get to the point where they have a working model of a human heart like. Why and put you or heart in your body, a fresh, he knew one which is just so crazy. That is an apple for people who are amputees. Things along those lines will be able to remain rims with your own limb. Action grow. You will em back there, and here it is the first three d printed heart made up of living human cells. I am and thank God, as people smart, us that that is a heart
made by universities, TEL Aviv University heart, the size of a rabbit marks a first time. An entire heart has been three d printed. So that's a tiny one right now, but complete with living cells, blood vessels, ventricles and chambers intact. Incredible incredible many hard can contract, but it can't yet pump out blood, so their workin on all those different variables. I guess but man and then credible wicked. At doing it with a three d printing machine like three printing machine freaked me the fuck out like there, that's the future. We will make things yeah like it that the car that works, if you folks you haven't seen this, this is what the future on sea net dot com. I use, Google, it and just watch the video of them actually creating this. It is unbelievably fascinating. So did you look
heart before they put it in you. Did you get a chance to see me or now? I was out out by your time Now then, look at in say, wake up light, come back on and doctors airy wives there. Yet that is their. My wife's there. And it was you know a new day and I was like. I kind of one kind of want to say I told you so There was the actual areas do through told you so is a funny they do say. Would you come back from a heart transfer me because you will not be surprised at least so funny, though, if you did say, I thought it was the only so many people of overwhelming support, but I got quite a few words to mainly from me messages.
The dancing? I hope you don't make it out be die, and here I wish we did already know stuff like that. Do you feel sorry for those people now. Oh, oh yeah! Most definitely now do not let it be an angry. Before saying I talked to him, but you know now, maybe you gotta be what what is your in? Your existence must be pretty pitiful for you too, in a field that much hate for some minutes even know? Never man, I just can't stand Rogan. I hate you Madam I mean there's no happy people that are doing now. It's so transparent, you gotta be pretty. You know unbelievable. Miserable miserable, less miserable, I'm a foul Joe rogue. So I talks about it. I don't care. I wish the world was off. The air.
But I'm following every word. He says because I don't want it means nothing to reorganise to say, but I hate him look at now makes no sense may well, it doesn't make sense. But a lot of people don't make sense gesture but live their lives in this very counterproductive ways and they feel like his lungs. They got something there excited about that. That's they're, doing something. Even its excited about hating you for no reason it is time to process the ways don't hate it is foolish. Just ass, a a foolish exist, the to act. A take leave reason in different origins from any Mesa melting We too Maria were in its able to wear it Well, we all want the only thing that separates us is the climate that we came from. That's it so it makes racism cells
Do the tribalism astute pay, the price of a conservative, verses, liberal, that's the sudden versus the northern. That's due to asian verses. Black life varies pakistani stupid. He asked his those built so stupid. They were in a tangible. Do we ve we're back back there right there so that we know we were we wouldn't be Ain t no kidding? This outer shit bids on tat this epidemic Is this key in this stuff? You know been fighters it is also what makes us interesting deals foolish about it. It's like, what's fast, to me is that human beings came from every single spot on the earth.
One time they originated in Africa and spread out all over the planet, man adapted to individual environment. When you meet someone from Ireland, the White like paper touches just because there's no some pigs in their body developed strike up a solar panels. Vitamin d, like we gotta, think gotta give fuckin vitamin d this black skinny cut out here. We don't need this melanin cause we're not protecting ourselves inside anymore, so they turned white just as it did the same exact thing maybe take bit guy guy from African. If this guy means apart, hey you sweetie! Let will exist. Gentlemen. Here. A gram Hancock was on my podcast last week and he's a brilliant brilliant god, but he studies, ancient civilizations and people and one of the things that their studying now is various civilizations that we didn't even know existed that existed in South America like huge,
multimillion size, population, civilizations in the Amazon, like twenty million people living in the Amazon one point time they did. They think there were wiped out by spanish explorers in european, explore the came over game smallpox like the way the lawyer, I doubt ninety percent of the native Americans. They think the same thing happened down there in the Amazon, adjust their huge cities down there, that european settlers and reported on they were just wiped out. But the point is it: will we were everywhere? It's all one thing all human dazed, irony replace human race and the funny thing about why people at a racist that specially like I have neanderthal DNA does more primitive. Homo sapiens dna and is only and why people like it's kind of funny that way in August White White, racists like they have to do with the fact that the only white people care that neanderthal shit them any dv, the I dont think that
We would find that a bad thing. I don't need to tell you I think they'd be here. Oh yeah, I saw right while they once more, not stick around for whatever reason. Anyone know why they don't know. If we help read them or we inner bread with them or if we wipe them out, didn't, even though they are also finding new humans that there is a human they found in. Your colleague Dennis Things called Denisov and, as I said, and they just found more by of them into debt they know these russian people. That was a totally distinct sub species of human travel travelled to Tibet and in neanderthals for half a million years, so they were wait longer than we were. We ve only been around, I think, for a couple hundred thousand near Rome sapient, so around longer than us, like by three factors like somewhere around three hundred thousand years. All over the world, man just what a crazy animal we are. We just travel, everywhere and find a spot and adapt its right. We make it were now
You stay in a community sacred. Each other and live off each other and adapt and unfortunate. That's we're! All tribalism comes from too that we have this tight knit group and everybody else fuck everybody else. It's us versus them and that's! inside of us you. It will be great and in an swear. I dont think that it's wrong. If you're italian guy, I think, is wrong to be very proud of being attacked Italian. If you're, a pulleys guy think is wrong to be very proud to be imposed. Why can't I be proud, or why can't you be proud of being whatever race you are? You can be proud of it, but That means that I have the hate. Another guy as these and that now the raised today, you can be what you are and now
another guy for being dip reaping what you are, how have I would give dad try what I think the feeling that you got from the second chance on life is beautiful. Feeling of appreciation and celebration of of this existence. That's where we need to try to foster and people when they try to like let people know this is this is a temper anything man if you are lucky like we're talking about a hundred years, if you're lucky you get two hundred years, I'm fifty one. I'm halfway. There right, if I'm lucky, if everything works out perfect and it probably isn't with beyond- beat the shit out of my body rights with problematic and enable it to make it to be a hundred to our citizens, It has to do with mud of science nerd fascinated by these three printed hearts and all this shit. I will see what the fuck they can do. I really think and talking to guys like day its and Clare and all these anti aging specialist. I think there the verge of being able to reverse aging that there too,
aging, like it's a disease like it's a disease at the cellular level, instead of accepting it in that like well, you get older Hague. Except you can't do as much by is not going to work as well. Why? Maybe that's not the case? Maybe if they can correct certain things about the human body, maybe they can correct that. I think it's very low, that in the future. I don't think that's an insurmountable is situation. I think they can be able to correct what happens to body when ages. The deterioration that caused by the aging process body produces less hormone, your body starts to slow down Alzheimer's, always different things. I think we can build a correct those things why the problem with that Then one forever be happy. Little friend like what, if, when you die, it's amazing. What have we die? There really is a Heaven. You really do. We really do go to some spectacular dimension filled with love and peace,
in and happiness in, there's no emotions like we think about here does no fear has not none other things at whole. People back of the anxiety and the annexed is just consciousness, and love And then you're and wasting time here, just turn stay alive, taking pills to live to be a million a boy open a big can of they were out. Tell you Joe. Without a shadow of a doubt, none whatsoever death is not the end, nothing so I know I know just how do you know because I've been date right? Yes, I've been there what what? What about that experience cemented in your head,
When I look like I said it was the most peaceful and I don't feel like it peace most restful most I was. I woke up laughing hours, we arrived hours overjoyed, you woke up laughing. I was over to your member anything about what happens when you blacked out a street with the time as an extremely peaceful extry I didn't have. A worry extreme and I was Matt. Say aid at all. You know I was overjoyed very happy, very peaceful, and erased any fear that might
lemme in any fear of dying is gone. I know, fear death at all it's? So I made it. Maybe that's why I don't want to live to be a hundred cuz. If I mean I wouldn't mind visiting that place again, man, it was so much pee. Someone's any wasn't like you know. This is this in the ground and that a plan this I know, but I'm in a very comfortable place and I wouldn't mind visiting again I thought death. I hold no feared and when I say there is its debt
we map again here. I believe that your soul, meals up people have different neighbour, a consciousness of whatever is definitely eternal. Any has how else could to have these feelings or emotions, or had that that sort of covered, the feeling of comfort and being in the right place if something they contain of my life, my life was gone s, life mama binds you know, God it was gonna fat lag day when I turn my back to die,
we say no of actually its call some kind of pause or some shit like that. Nothing look! If the pause lasted back, I wouldn't be targeted right yeah, you call it a paragraph will during a pause, I was dead. So it's it was a wonderful feeling. What think, with a guy like you that so physical, when you ve been so physical, your whole life, the big fears to not be able to take care of yourself or move like that what we're talking about when you get to talk about being a hundred like having someone, wipe your ass and take care, you like that's the big fear, did you not? Death death is peaceful. It's the end, but the big fears, the deterioration of the physical body to the point where it is painful everything's painfully you can't go anywhere. You can't callin yourself year. It's it's very peaceful, Bert deftly dont think is the
I've made at the beginning, yeah yeah, that's, sir, is over with me feeling my I had. I will ever to peek over into the other side, and there is definitely a sure it's there. It's not the end. There is something else. On the other hand, that it is able to Peking to speak into well. I think we all have the feeling that we are something did that body. Most s mean I have the feeling I got. I feel it is like a little ball of energy in there that moves this thing around with your right. That's what it feels like. I always feel site. That's what I have always rejected the label atheist. You will say. Are you religious and light I was when I was a little kid how to go to catholic school, and you know I did all their jobs, but my parents, when our group were hippies after that my mom split, for my dad, my mom checked up.
My stepfather, whose he's a hippie- and there was no no church after that? But I'm not an eighty I'm not. I don't know like. I don't believe anybody. That says they know what life is or what life means or what happens when you die. I want to hear your opinion. I wanna hear your thoughts, but you don't know, and but that says they know what happens when they die. I know what happens when I die. It'll be black and cold, and that is the end and just like there was nothing before be nothing at the end, and you don't know that Now it is saying that there is no God. How do you say that? How do you say that when one day, what have you stand in front of God or in in God's presence, some nonphysical form, and then your your weeping and in your arrogance, say stating that there's no, higher power might be the the unit. First itself might be God me, we don't know anything you. We are strange little money.
People living on this fucking planet making things that alter environment, moving around drive and fly in talking to each other talk and shit, but at the end of the day,. You only aware of what you ve experienced right and when you don't know that when people of her I've taught to several rounds of vat near death? Experiences very friend of mine she she was in a car accident. She had a very similar thing where she is it was so peaceful yeah. She said you know they got. I think the rear ended and like really banged up and when it felt like she was gonna die. She felt so peaceful. It's so true aggregate lotta people bit have come as close to dying a lot of them going to say the same thing that they have no fear of death anymore. It's if it's erased and you, but you also have the feeling that you know that this existence on earth you, when your physical body
Stephanie MAC the end and the way she describes it is exactly the way you do, she's my manager and, in a matter of time, the way she describes. Things is essentially exactly how you did that it's just so peaceful just fell just fell peaceful yet but MAC like black people who don't believe back there, you by weight I'm that religious either. I was raised Super really regime, a super relieve his home by us, a penny Castro. Heaven ahead brimstone fire preacher Do the tongues oh Yes, that's the shall my maybe speaking, turns everything everything Nothing was a fan out everyday dancing and dance and rock and roll music. Well yeah, oh yeah, everything was us in so
think that's really what drove me away from Vienna Religious prepare deftly Matt. I am a man of faith, have a tremendous amount of faith but faith in relating to move from thanks a lot of people, confusing yeah. They taught by them as being the same, but they are definitely not. Religious man makes him. You know fair rules and measure. Ok, we're gonna be basin, and if you only this religion being UNESCO by these rules and is enhanced its army, maybe It is not me. I'm a tremendous man of faith, but Matt relates yeah. Some would say that, like your spiritual person, that's like a thing that gets thrown around today. Like I'm, not religious, but I'm spiritual people say that a lot what is I mean? No one really knows it's a strange for a definition, but I feel your sand like that. There's something more to this.
There's something more to this than just tissue in bone and blood. Moving on this rock that's travelling through the universe, there's something more decent, there's something this sum, and maybe it's just something more for us, but the the beauty of friendship and love and family, like those things, are intense, beautiful, emotional experiences that I don't No, they seem to transcend just regular life itself. They seem to have theirs higher power them higher beauty to them. I think this one things we'd like when we see people doing something really great wheel, love, seeing people accomplish things because we love we like seeing people succeed, we like seeing people like that, have doubts and and and something almost insurmountable and incredibly difficult in front of them, and then they they overcome, and it gives us all hope, and it gives us all like this inspiration is feeling were connected in some sort of way.
Very strange way, but I think you could just chalk it up. That's just camaraderie needed that, because of evolution, that's how we stayed alive, like maybe maybe, but maybe there's something else. Maybe that's! The beauty of this consciousness is its totally not no one has ever defined consciousness and their certain people who think that Curs only in the brain in the neurons in the sin axes and it might or that might just be an antenna, My consciousness might very well be. You are using your physical tissue to tune in to whatever this. This. Thing that we share. Is this life force that we all seem to share and when he went with this are things like looking in someone's man like one when you know someone's like there, for you and you know you're there for them, comrade everyday attends camaraderie? This is like that that x Suppression, the windows to the soul that the eyes the windows, this all too
It does seem like right. I just see people even you see them. You know like the avatar Ladys. I see you hear anything. It's looking minimally look into some minds. I can tell you tat the bush. Ass, though she had her meaning or if they feel weird about certain yeah? We really feeling. Maybe this isn't a smartphone or maybe maybe maybe I should have done better by you. Let me have you got it over You tell that, and I am I first first for some ahead. The air open heart surgery, Ratline three times during that surgery. I also had an experience that also strengthens my belief in their being something after hey guys I sees in which everyone can see us.
I was able to see my mother who had passed away the year before and I say I see my mother. I see your face. I just heard a voice and I know it was her. And she was pleading too. I actually got a lot of people may say you know what whatever they look up to, and I ain't got no problem with that. I don't think that, because people don't believe exactly like, I believe that their doom and they're going to hell- although that was the way I was raised. If you don't believe like this last, then I'm going to make it because they believed to be launching a fact outbreak rights. Yet this will, of course, in agreement about Jews Do you not believe, like this Muslims factor just lost me
maybe you'd scientologist road here you ve seriously get your especially loss and asked me about that. That's how they felt yeah, that's how they felt that it was time is in ideas. I don't believe we get. You got this. My dad was some people, the farmer, I thought. Maybe you could walk on what he could do. Wrong and it's the same guiding that she'll break my nose and send me to emergency room, my my My mom was a slave and I was perfectly fine with him and in also this was a guide, was fucking women in a church, but Do you not believe, like I believe, you're going to people have remarkable ability to be hypocrites? Yeah there's suits and ass. They met so much from super religious people to date, it is turned me off from Vienna, relates his purse. I think a lot of what it is. Control people want to control the people who want to be able to tell people what
to do and what to do in that it gives them some power in their own life. By doing so the register destroyed my faith in this super. You know people I entreat you having Sandia began. We went to church, three times a week three times re ties we every Tuesday everywhere out or recently entered antiracist during the whites riots and working We went to church. Why and with gave it soldiers as a guard on the street, they pull my dad over load came back seat way. Guy, I'm going to church might fact he's got this tanks on a street. This guy got further influx. Sixty ass in my dad's right, we're going to church
MIKE fact, could you leave us at home my programme release? I won't be at home, look at it for echo with job. That's my forgive the idea that we want to turn to me. So he was super dedicated. You know too parliament was super decades. What he believed there now because of assistance sallies House, to give together consultation and, Looking through the room, her bed, doors open. My bare fucking teacher. Since the israeli sooner slip and see it and I guess in Britain. We were to be as scapegoats. Our belief excuse my mom you. If I take them mimic nothing. I've been going wrong. Last illuminates what kind of cash
Take it easy. I think right now we're experiencing some of the most insidious aspects of of religion in the people attacking people while worshipping lamb Muslims attacking Christians, Christians. Tacking, Muslims and psych in synagogues and Christians attacking Jews me. The whole thing is so in Saint attacking people, while their worship is in saying that we also see this sign of how fucked up things are right now that this is something that's happening on a regular basis. Now, in the name of religion. I mean desert. What kind of leave him would you know said this? Is Ok, I mean. Are we supposed to love me
I mean the Christ Church one, you could not you it's hard, even say that that was about religion knows more about bigotry and racism right and then the response to that is what you seen in Sri Lanka and I'll people blow and people up and in churches and synagogues, and it just it's insane its. If it's just we ve, we reached this very critical moment in our our society civilization in general, where people are attacking people for things if they believe in which is just one of the most insane things who attack people on it are attacking people, because their aggressive, because coming towards you they're trying to take away your your resources or harm your family knew no, no, they believe
wrong. She, the air which will make our now they don't really like I've, killed hundreds of presenting care sincerity. I mean it doesn't know how to fix it when we act that the overriding principle of most every religion is fear. I suppose I thought all from tat love. Is it that the overriding principle of really do your religion? Doesn't it teach ten love people everywhere? We neither teach you to hate people to go out and kill. People then sentiments backed up now, that's possible,
reinforcing this idea of of community of together working towards the goals, and yet somehow I mean it's some demean. They do so many issues right with so many issues with with poverty. With crime with all these different things in the world today, but that the religion issue and do the hatred hatred of other people's religions, gonna be one of the one of the strangest aspects of our community. Our cultures is so crazy. Manna actors wanna. Do everything went up pass, will give possibly can do any armed as little guy from captain. Nobody knows me, no bang who the fuck is easy fighter, nobody, but whatever I can possibly due to try to bring people together, man it is coming ebon loudly at its descent, while the same amid bar. That's my
Evelyn of trying you know rat, bring through in a weightlifter gypsies, says a similar thing same world brothers and sisters on the mat. Actually, that's exactly bladed, but that sets a things sometimes you know when someone has like this common struggle like, like you, find out a lot about someone you, to them right all year. When you know they can do ten and they got star bitch out at seven year come opera has serious rare. I mean that's that similar in mean marathon runners have sort of camaraderie that feel like with someone can can actually complete marathons and then Ultra Don T have the girl doesn't know, no gives a fuck of your chinese or black girl or a boy you're bad mother, Fucker or you are not yet. If you are not, you should work towards coming as framework Mme RE added, martial arts in general is all about a vehicle for developing new human potential. I've always
said that one of the best ways to stop bullying and stopped all this agreement sound counter, productive and counter intuitive. But this stop bullying teach kids how to fight they won't fight, they won't do man I mean and the ones with the strongest they won't. You won't have his need impose on people they all that. Doesn't exist in Jujitsu away exists in in in kids year because Kids are and secure, and then they did, they have this weapon being bigger, being meaner or being more aggressive, scaring kids in the high seas, intimidated and they can't help himself xenophobic guidance. Yet they don't have they dont Knowns taught them the proper way to behave in, thank and then no one's taught them the consequences of that shitty behaviour. Thinking they just get away with it. They do it. They don't think that its hurt anybody. Ever they don't don't care, feel it. Yet there is none too do not. Then I've ever been taught know their american type is this is the way that I can stand out.
A lot of it is because the they need a real cause. Real caught something real to work towards. Instead of like looking for conflict and some fuckin, kid is looking at you at the bus. Stop weird look for find real conflict find something that you can really work towards. An you'll feel better about yourself and you feel better about the way you communicate with US people. So there is why a lot of people talk about Jujitsu like it's a religion, in some ways of any kind is because you learn the bad ways, but in the good ways that you learn this sense of community through struggle right, I think the same could be several weightlifter tee, I know, is the bond you guys man and is it translate its? So maybe guys we're gonna have come. Damn right. Trainer worked out and
it's so reliable burn their weight. Lifting the fighting were said, nagging burst upside here. We in the west that struggled this last night. When you train tyrant, Woodley me sort of struggle and he's another. Do that looks like he's on steroids? Money is not for me. Just got that fuckin beautiful although the diet year at a girl, the die, said exactly right by the way Tyrone. If we leave me, you had not been back I would like for you to come back here to do the job of fighting that he does. Though you can't really lived the way you have lived all the town now, no, no, no! No! No! No, it would just be incorporation most most fires. Issues. Weightlifting have a two year and just when they come, they want to test themselves when they
train with me. Let's what one I just wanna see racking take it back alive. I can see no matter what works you know, those guys do really will, because it's so much meant to show involved in it and in their minds tat the guidelines perfectly. They do real will. Now you don't get. Offer. It just keeps you just get differently: like I said about ultra marathon runners or any many, but who does anything? That's extremely gruelling and brutal you? Don't you don't get tough Regis find a different, different path van for that sort of tough. It always leaves room? I'm a always. Please really mine. A whole expression that idle hands at the devil's playthings. That's so true effects!
Damn trillion will need they need. Sometimes I need a causing a struggle that need d need something hard. They need some difficult to define themselves through if they don T just scattered and in secure and crazy. But through that struggle, you you gain confidence and care there. You you'd know who you are. I know man, you can you can pull awful. I would see Tee Fletcher agenda that fucking worker sitting there on a bench, drinking water, fun you are people need to know that they did it needs. They need? I did it you need. I did it all the time you need. I didn't like five days a week is true. If I take a couple days off a few like man, I gotta go, do something if you bear bear. I still do Now to kick the actual yeah man, mad man, it's like a little more will. We did. The good thing is the best way to learn is slow of wealth
Eddie, Ria attacking lovely reels, yeah the people, the proverbial problem with strong people, is that they want to put their strength into it. You know, and you know you want to like really just pressure in the leg. It's want hard for strong in to learn how to kick properly really is failure. They put so much grunt into everything. Often not pivoting, so they put too much pressure in the leg they want upon their knee in. Does he want? What should you kicking me sick, I'm done her, whose jujitsu genes, and he can't we once and it turned out he actually knew, but he was planted, offer you didn't know. He was telling me that he wanted JOR Saint Pierre was the algae which, having no, I know, there's lots years. What are you afraid of and he came to me once and it, but he was playing it off. Like you didn't know, it was
de mental or a little bit off. Do you know anybody and, as I discuss our crazy Noma comedian, no I'm just a com put him to get some coaching on his spinning back kick. There was like he's a few things. The fundamentals are a little bit off. Do you know anybody, and I was like all right disco, sound crazy, I know I'm a comedian, I don't know I'm just a commentator, but I have a really good spinyback. I'm like, I could show you how to do it and I can show you as good as any human being has ever lived like. That was my shit. I mean when I was a kid man. I know it's hard for me to. And talk about it now, because it seems like a of the cup different life like a different person for The time I was fifteen? Do I was twenty one? I was obsessed highlight rained all day everyday. I mean that's why I did. I basically live there and it's that's why I developed all that
like a bad dog or keep that mother fucker on a leash, and I keep away from the wrong people like a bad dog or keep that mother fucker on a leash, and I keep away from the wrong people chose. Does he say? We need phrase, but I'm balsam at a good aerial shit, I'm careful with Dutch like a bad dog or keep that mother fucker on a leash. I keep away from the wrong people killed guessing. They all day long? I wanna play fuck and eight ten hours a day. I can't allow myself having problems with this goddamn got game in the in the martial arts when I was a kid and have a fact, our brain, but it's fucked up and a good its. It is, on this on this. I know had guided his hands the managers in the building. Self to, but What's your name today, the same thing: they got me in the martial arts. When I was a kid, I have a factor brain, but it's faster a good its it. As long as I know had guided his hand,
The managers in the building the managers me right now going to settle the fuck down. Yet do your family gets up to do you can't just go run, often side. You gonna be of professional, this or professional down, because that's my brain wants my brain wants to find something in go. What's what sustains? Ok, let's be the best oral would the best in the world this every day up, and I got better fucking love there too, because You are not alone, now, there's a bunch of me, but in a whole lot of marine. The you see now a lot of mother jobs right, yeah, crazy, gone, crazy, like TAT. The DAS wait to get at what the fuck do you want to do when we get off work apex, fuckin, twenty years, the deposed off thinking about where we that's up. You know go do
I really yeah it's flawed. About their listening. That have the same feeling owe me a pointer Clark, Gable Daily working did you not alone- are not allowing for twenty years. I hated it whenever had a job, whatever job African hated it at a bunch of part time, bullshit jobs. I wouldn't take a real job on, because I was so scared that have had for real ninety five and then started getting a career and then have family got married, trapped draft. I will bear with me. Kids in home ahead eat. Yet often you got it mean an end. Use you take that time, when you get off and that's your obsession time then yeah and there's a lot of people that live that life. You know and it may be a voice. Tell me those before you have all those other things a mortgage and family and although so, damn to fund, that energy into you do what you like you could live up above, wonderful, existed. And they had charmed life. If you could do it
but whatever it is, what you like, making knives or fuckin painting one of the four you liked? That's your thing and you think about it. All the time cut down, we gotta find a way to do that. You tat is your call most definitely excellent advice from so he's so so right. Man and before I get you know the wife, the keys denied his any trap, but had the mind everyone's mind so differently, not as some people that they don't Have that obsessed mine their mind is like they're there better off, like you know, country store somewhere, get us being real friendly to people to come in of being a baker, making good food for folks down there, thing their car and that you know that's perfectly finds the people. People did annoyed fuck. Out of me, levy. Mitya annoyed, fuck enemy is people who have no ambition.
Dr whatsoever is happy that doing she it ours wonder about that the anti virus I was wondering what, if I got them when they were little, I got a hold of them when they were little and and and just introduce damn too exciting things and rewarded them well. Did well high five them and hugged them. You know no mean like passively things. We see the reinforcement of of positive goals and reinforcement of positive experience. I think that some people they just they never got any of that and everything was just work and just drudgery in it rather just lay around, because that is the opportunity to work and drudgery. Where am I gave a speech in I'm talkin about up session in being driven in and in a wider questions, affix was gas asking. So what? If you know you well don't want to do anything. You don't have any goals
there's a kid. You tell me how to get why? How do I tell this matter His he wanted. Wine is very morning when I want to find a goal was, but I don't know you No, no! No. I witnessed the Alps for some. I ever met you and you ask me how to give you an obsession or make it gave you, and I are the activities freind Sutton. Do you have anything to love? Is anything to learn anything to light. Then start they do not if you think about it? The person looks back and use it. Now that really do not like facts to his work in fact mean it soon. I have any for conveying the garden dining now some people
have nothing yeah, some people. It is nothing! There's nothing! Absolutely nothing! You do. Let me guide, but you Burg, before this, You don't have a call or nothing that really. You know ex situ that you really want to make a difference. You just you're happy being blond, braids and fucking average. I just want to be a good man this would be a fucking. Do you think that the world needs? Colleagues? Do you think that people like his is a thought like not everybody, but could be a fuckin psychopath right. Not not. Everybody can be obsessed by things the world be too insane and regular stuff and never get done right right.
You and I are getting regular shit, don't you know, but about being the best fucking very rightly said a blade of grass, but very has become almost support, both for guidance, zero road, how men and what people dont I would like. To end. I think one day we're gonna proud, be able experiences through technology. I would like to know how people think I would not like to know like what is going on in someone's head when they experience like some. Sometimes things are can t you in life and you just in the worst possible state of mind when it happens, and sometimes it's the best part. The state of mind does one is the best possible state? Might something that should be the catastrophic like it'll, be all right. Did didn t like look man, I didn't mean to its. Are: don't worry about it, take it easy and then you just drop it and you like feel good about it, and then times like fuck, that guy kill a guy, and it's all like it's all in like how are you wired that day,
what what's, how you come and ingenuity coming into this with a lot of stress: do that alone the bullshit piling up in your life, or coming into this fresh off a heart transplants Will you feel love for the world and you and you have like a new found enlightenment, where you realize it says all bullshit all this nonsense and fighting and arguing for nothin. Like Y y. You do you enjoy lacks appreciate all matter. Desperate hats areas have passion for your existence and in what you enjoy, what you truly love and- and your friend encumber artery and fellowship that's what about half of the figure who feel the psychologist, psychiatry- Stew, that's their fields and some about, this of most mentally towns. People I ve ever met were psychiatry,
Workers have a view about our theory, about the of fear about that's very similar, my theory about cops. I have a deep respect for cops need to and I think it's insane the difficult job decisions it might make? My same Fiona have her soldiers like you, cannot spect someone to just do that with no guidance and no no You have to have an appreciation for this trust. They go through every time. A couple somebody over this might be the last moment of their life, every They come to that window and its tinted, and they don't know that Fuck is in there. What kind of warrant that guy might have? They don't have any idea, and we ve all seen very Lowe's Online Cobb's Kinshasa and people getting killed, it fuckin happens and there
everyone they're dealing with his lying to them. Everyone is dealing with your psychiatrist every day you deal with people who are fuct everyday. Everyone's fucked up everyone in some some of their fucked up is nonsense and just want to grab them and shake him by the collar and get your fucking shit to Other man, fuck is wrong. With you come on, you know, do some wrong, stop doing what you dont stupid, but you can't even say the notes you have to go so MIKE. You know your ear. Still getting tied up by woman stood kicks in the balls. Should the people are into like imagined every day you show up and everyone's not when you work with you know, I'm very fortunate I show up here I get to talk to nice. People like you, I hang out with great people. Are Jamie and everyone's fun here. It's all nice. My experiences on a daily basis are very mostly
and if I go to the college to a higher comedians, did you do to hang out? Would you do two guys? It's fun experiences and good spirits is quite researches deal with crazy all day long stay true to deal with it. When I was when I was briefly in college, one of and I was constitutional psychology cause. I was trying to find out. What can I knew? There was times when I thought I was very confident, and I knew there was times where father was a nervous wreck, and I was like why what is that feeling of nerves were scares very compromising. If its functional hormones or more yeah, I'm lucky, you might get hit, you might lose it. This could happen, but two well on. That is crippling. Will you got able to accept those consequences, but you also have to not dwells if these then- and so I was wrong- a lot of psychology, books and philosophy books, lot of salmon I books and
One thing I realise in talking to people that were like psychologists or psychology majors, like that you're dealing with fucked up people. All the time, especially psychiatry and then they prescribe of drug we're gonna get out of here. Take this is big numbers. Berries, closed crazy. He was crazy, very nice cabins. I think you get crazy. You can't you get crazy deal with all those people a time to man. I mean if your boots days locked off. You have your secretary and then you get patients all day, long they're out of their fuckin. My very good point, the terrible diet. Yet you know, but If, but I used to determine frightened, karate yeah yeah yeah and the recent. What discourage mere Maybe nobody I didn't want to be a fight exists, which you describe thanks It will
It was paralyzed arising yeah, I mean I'd, be frozen with any it's. It's so crazy, their last terminals and partners in s gratitude. We succeed, lobbies, California and fight in so much the worse dark animals of Taiwan to back down. But my feet were frozen to fucking may I couldn't live, don't wait a thousand pounds each me and I was so pair of all these people. People were also afraid that I was gonna do something, embarrass myself and my every pieties? Look it occiput demands is going on at the same time, but it fairly by looking at me- am I mean-
Any good wives do something my take me go be Robards, get I'm just gonna fuck up front in the fear was paralyzed by you. I came for cut out to be a fire and I just can't depressing. Just kick my ass, so it's a hard thing to overcome. It's it's hard to the sort you way through it. It was really hard for a lot of fighters is coming back from a loss. They get beat up and smashed and then then they have to come back and figure out a way through you know, and devastate mass phasing out, but a devastating, Raymond Daniels is, of course they go. Did you see his fight? This seven twenty degree, pilots, Emilio poet, ability to find that clip mere level. We will build a shower right, so you just show us so far for folks had done
both wrote monetarism brought of Raymond Daniels's residences, Belcour Kate, boxing champion now he lost in devastating fashion to Nicky Holstein, whose another world champion and also to jolts, evolve, leaning whose another world champion so when he was the transition from karate champion to kick boxy jam. And he had some stumbling yeah. Maybe didn't didn't go on represents, will right, but that I've got an iron will make stuff. Coordinators in movie areas. Must us look it re MC, Dank Raymond dangles what was his liquor does forgets fucking crazy. He went for the sixty round, us wasn't there and then he continued to spin band boom. I mean that in saying that is such an incident land a punch at the end of agony, so bananas, and he learned this many back to the body right before the two I mean he did it thing, find a thing
He did in the end in glory. He did it. Jumping side, kids, spinning back kit combination, worried touch them. He touched them with the front legs then spot in the air and spinning bacchic areas. Right here I mean this is Are you crazy here he Why should I ll actually does let let this go Gus watching touch of tat pay, we share and do your world class kickboxing. I guess what I say. I mean that the move still quantities are looking at here. Hi right, hiring to come up with fight three is disturbed it. They don't even doing movies in a real. Yeah yeah, I like me, is hard to handle here. I gave her a pep talk.
A group of five. He was in the group. They came out and got frightened at the mere white men out fan, fan boy, bigtime, all right, Van Mother, Fucker Holies, I love watching. Those guys like guys, like Michael Venom pages, another one who, as those correct skills, but then they learning all the skills of Emma? And then you see look man! If you don't know that karate style- and he knows Emma, may I you're gonna fuck. Do shit, that's like outlandish. You know venom guiding our land. Shit is ridiculous these he so long to in his ears. I mean movement so unpredictable and he could spring statue and unanimity officer, bangs machine interface, You sought out that not outweigh knocked out. Cyborg caved his head in without knee deep Kay man's head, I've seen thousands of
never saw mangas head caved in ever a whore. Let us look at the look in his skull. His is head is pushed in. I mean that was the video above it? Does that showed actual knocker not accepted your day. Is it why me or else a bubble I too I mean TAT is current back. I am writing on agony like tat. I remember his fight with was when the best make for every real muscular. We must learn cyborg. Yet no cyborg had a fight with this. This never he's he's kind of on the down here now, but at one time he was like them. Thyssen in the May, raise built
I know you know what I'm talking now the man whom he s New Union immediately cyborg it maybe I'd, see that fight. Where are those chaos? Yeah Melvin? Some mother fucker, those who knows one man may now came from that he's he comes from mom MIKE's German HOLLAND, which is a famous kickboxing gym for savages. Just the just warriors were begun. A young man was up can see ass, Piazza, radios, equity and Melvin is built like a fucking. He was another one. Unbelievable power and speed when he was in his prior based the same anymore, you round so many wars by men do superbly and it was why those gladiator jazz too Monday EAST, but that showed you how tough site What was tat? I was a war thousand cage warriors.
That was an aim that was the end of the privilege watched so many great fighters fight. It's interesting watch. All different stuff our knowledge, but the thing that they all have all the great ones have they have this unstoppable belief, themselves, if they lose they just they learn they lose They learn to come back. They get better. A modem favorite any business voice, crazy and man his mentality, he said I make no plans for after the yeah he's cascades fuck derailed. I naxian acc guys mandatory map after priority it meet me over here. I am prepared to die in act.
Now you may see it up, because I was prepared to die on the weightlifting plan for hey. If you go see tee you able to advance burs right, dual steeds die for our people That's the way out. If you want you weren't real greatness. You have to be able to give it all away, but defiance in my else does tat green did you see the middle way average of five between Calvin Gas LAMP and Israel at a Sonya style bender? Do you see that if I, of course, right before the fifth round, Misis close fight stop and came out unjust destroyed in the fifth round, but right before that, he said, I'm ready to die yes said in his see he's looking out of those already did die. Me
yeah. I was one of those livable mom love cabin crew, that is the least. My great might also be taught needs peace regular acutely. Article was the answer Guy he's still a hard should be fine. Once heavenly. Honestly, you mean it. Yeah me via one seventy just he likes to eat, You know. I just hope that guy Cabinet he listened beast is he's not even near his for potentially nothing's style bender as either. It is our younger means style, benders better now than it was in its first fight. You see, which is only about sixteen months ago. He's better. Now he's travel freely biting his ass and the guy has some he's. Probably the most technical strike at its ever fought, NEO say so technical, but ok them yes about this.
Roma him and giant now. No issues touch other yeah John was can shit about him and he was talking Shit about John. You know that maybe they fight China's way bigger Johns, a big man, yes, my my over and is bad. Fucking also undermine maybe one day they could fight, but John I think, Johns futures and heavyweight really do John going to clean out the light everywhere division and then move up, and I think, he's probably try to catch DC before DC steps out his disease, gonna fight it steep Amy, object, they're going have a rematch and then I think Dc Deasey verses. Joan yet Heavyweight. I think John. Let's go up there and take that heavyweight title you know, but I think these is a better chance against him at heavyweight and only think tat way and I think it's good for his performance or is durability or anything. I think I mean judging by his fights with,
Louis Fuckin, huge guy s and knock announced deeply music, whose nobody's ever better, but do it like that before the way Deasey did it mean He says it heavy ways way more powerful hits harder takes a punch better, you know me he's tall guys only five eleven but he's is. Why does this fuckin table he's, a tank of a man. His wrestling abilities this phenomenon. That's why John so goddamn oppressive John John went right Adam with Wrestlings thy mother fucker, I'm going to take you down and scare you don't my favorite intruders. If he's not the greatest of all time is in a conversation, converse. Nation is like me, my opinion. Is that might emails Johnson's the grace of all time, but the caviar is that mighty mouse never really thought the Cariboo calibre of competition. That John John did John Jones. First fight in the? U S, for a title is frightened Marie Show Gun who are who is?
age does Johns first fight John opens up a flying. Knee fly me alleged, chokes Lee Oda Cheetah completely encourages chokes, outran, it chokes ices smashed everybody, John smashed everybody's only lost one time it's bullshit lawyer was. It was also largely disqualification in that it was dominated, he's, afraid, man, real free. Most every is my frame, especially since they told me listening to my eyes before I fight always listen to your. I am the once be feeding Hale years, some special indefinite really. Is he some special and I think you know he's had some trouble. In his life and troubles, but I think he's got that shit behind him. I really, I think, he's
You know when he hasn't had a near death experience, but I think he's had so many you like near career death experiences that he appreciates it now. I also think to be good. You got to be fucking crazy and, I think John just fuckin, crazy and just get getting his crazy online. You just get It's crazy! In order, I keep my crazy and under wraps just keep crazy. Together paper, the girl be that would you gonna be a while Meanwhile, there that's that's what he is he's smart. Two, though he's got the perfect combination of things, smart and wild. You know and physically talented, like long long fought for the way class, he's We strongly lifting mean oh yeah timezone, due to the browser you d be illegally or girl, whose maybe I'm the fight with the diagnosis and those who have some time off
he is interesting his coat. You started his power lifting was a bad idea for parent, remarked coaches louder than you think that he got really into that before the o s p, five Marietta big, o you at a time of in an o s, p fight. He didn't look as good, but I Credit data o s p. I just think that always be fought a real hard fight. It is a real big. Strong guy is fuckin dangerous and I think that is its relevance improves bees matter. I think that is just one of those things where stylist. Equally Now over for a really good fight in need of internal broken arm, for I think the last round That round with a fuckin shot an arm. Never let anybody know don't say a goddamn word about its form snapped. We tell some based: do: is the hardest game in the world? next to being a copper firefighter soldier and then they fighters are hardest. Came the world
I totally agree, I'm glad you brought up soldiers because of ants. I'm a veteran and manufacturing myself and Irene have a lot of PTSD. I was hoping that during the conversation will you get a PTSD in there some kind of way, because my dad or suffered from PTSD big time. He went in the korean WAR and eight sixteen I got a guy yeah. He had a guy, I sign form and say he was his dad and he was able to get in for a while like that, and that was a that was. I give him a pass on a lot of the key
the city date because of their rights in a member state. Man had a conversation with me about it. I never talk to my dad for more than five minutes. At a time when I talk to my grown, never be more than five minutes at a time and in our whole life my whole life nearly died when his eighty six now give me some hours fifties same amazingly before we had it. Maybe ten in camera facing, I was just apologize, empty for you know hate me yeah. We talked about this, but we hear the period when we call it seal sat back then so exe waiting to me was an explanation for lack of his over tat behavior. I can imagine myself at sixteen being Ino ground,
big guys all around me and I would have been there a mental mess also. So I gave him a lot of work and it's such a problem now ptsd with soldiers. Now they have the twenty one push ups for twenty one infection to kill ourselves every day from PTSD, so I was too big a cause for me. I wanted you to do everything I can to try to bring awareness for the my fellow veterans out there that is suffering from that too. So I'm with you guys and we'll be fixed.
Over taught him a before to ask someone to be able to get through that air gets it. It's incredible, as I would ask your opinion about somehow. Do you think a police, chief or or effort every guy can be dealing a guy can possibly rise to police chief without ever having been officer himself doesn't seem like you should be? Ok. Do you think a guy can be a fiery chief without ever having been a fireman himself doesn't seem like should be. Do you think a guy can be commanded,
if our armed forces, without ever having been a soldier himself, doesn't seem like you do tat, I think, is way too easy to be commander in chief, like it. Ah me how many people would have that was like a prerequisite you had to serve like like in the israeli army, if you're in the israeli army, everyone has to serve a certain amount of time. Everyone has to put in south korean Army, same thing. You have to serve What chance? I'm John, whose top level you see fighter, took two years off his career, because that was the requirement with the south korean army. Had him serve I think that if you are going to be able to tell people where they go in that they have the risk, alive on a campaign that many people might think is fruitless or even worse, people might think, is financially motivated and not necessary and you
in some someone son to go over there and die for that preach hairs you. You should have some understanding about what you're saying you should you should served a thing possible for you to have a good understanding, a grass of wet year asking if you haven't experts stick yourself, but now let's go back and look at all the presidents, how many of them serve broccoli. And never, sir, yet George W Bush didn't serve, but George Herbert Bush, certainly, and you know it actually shot down world war. Two Clinton, never served Nixon ever served means, you gotta, go, get your and I think that none of them said have been able to be commander in chief of the armed forces. Theft is my feeling
you didn't serve. You shouldn't bigger plenty, a generals. They could feel red spot yeah, the basic chased whatever they need. The tat whatever well would ever to change that the commands armed forces has to be has to be us. I've been a soldier, have allowed five star generals allowed a guys do tat. They. Been in the did know what their experience, let them be. The commander in chief. For these twelve presidents who did not serve in the military. So wait. A minute extended Nixon served his commander.
Reserve, its neighbour, ok, but Clinton didn't Moroccan after Hoover. Coolidge are interesting, but George W W Bush didn't serve, didn't think he was a reserve for small peered attires. Oh that's right either assumption and against what they got a matter. I think Trump had like eight deferment. Like feet her on some shit? That's a phone spurs how'd. You get bombs birth, but never workin. Out ever heard of that avid he's gonna funding, though man that did not work. Then you thinks his body them like a battery in things like. If you you work out, you use up your your juice. Who was it that is gonna finite number of heartbeat? There's like that, so he said does the council not believe that to have looked up while that is, but I do believe that the case, but here's the thing when you train you those your heart rate does
most- animals like every like Michael Bisbee, as a thirty four beats per minute resting heart rate, most FAT Fox out there, like seventy, eight eighty. You know that their their waste, May I turn round since we will, but the animal taken. Speed right, maintaining bills. He just described me we're the fat nine miles like seventy eight. Now now now you ain't about fuck, you I'm sorry I'm alive for extra, but if, even if It is true, I mean there's no real evidence that that's mare, but it is true, I think, gum yeah. I think anybody that is going to tell people have to fight for our countries should have had to fight
or at least should have had to Sir serve you understand you have to have you don't have the necessarily have had military means? It's not your fault. If you didn't see outright ray, I agree with their you. No matter Communist happier combat, but it s been. Have been willing that when you called yes to accept the current year and step up a gear wait, because by doing that, you say, and when scientists piece of paper, the aeronaut there's gonna be a conflict. The rumble of war but I'm signing up if there is unavailable hear me, we're always hoping for the best right with with presidents, but it always disappoint us, like not know no one's been the most amazing print. No one is ever like the one person. When you look back and go man that Motherfucker nailed everything they got it right. They got it right with whistleblowers. It got it right with you with human rights They got it right with freedom of speech. They got it right with everything got it right with military intervention. They got it right with regimes.
Change. Wars are gonna write with everything they do didn't do anything wrong and man. Everybody should be like them like lotta goofy people's backs. Like Ronald Reagan. Isn't all Ronald Reagan was Org, I like just that just because it's a long time ago and you remember civics higher member- I remember what people fuckin hated Ronald Reagan, man, I remember when they were trying to get about office like that. Wasn't that one didn't work either! No one, no one's good at the job. We have begun a boy. Do you meet me at least an impossible jobs. Not to hold you to please. Everybody is always an important part of the impossibility, know anybody who not everybody, but the idea that one person- gonna Oversea, every branch of government the military, the economy, social issues, censorship, big tech problem, with the environment like what the fuck are you crazy? How can one year do other snow possible new?
do not possible in and do a wonderful job at all to exert site. I mean I, I don't understand how it's even humanly possible. I don't think a human. I think that job should be There should be a council of wise people, eighty eight aside things and we should be able to decide within other wise in the ship. I guess I guess that's what the legs in Congress ass its supposed. What bet that castle? We had threads. What is supposed to be? It's all right. It's too easy to vote It's too easy just say that guy I should be able tell me why that guy, I quit your reasoning. Does it make sense? Did you think this through you just like that? Guy's, a Republican, republican fuck it? Is that what you doing? What are you doing? Did you making these choices you
he's throwing your mark on this piece of paper, and that could affect the way the world swing like. What's the thought process behind it can easily be personnel to explain that. I don't because I dont think that I think the right to vote should not be. Anything is infringed upon any way, shape or form, but it would be a lot better. People knew what the fuck they are voting on. It would help we have of the had a real understanding of it have the time so the problem- and you know we're talking about people slaving away all day. If someone's working, day eight hours a day how much time we they really have to research, foreign policy and one time they have to reach it was gone wrong with the economy, sub, subprime interest rate loans and all that shit, time to peep here about it. There they are concerned about was gone on in Your family and trying to get laid and the and they want to get to the game and
they also against the vendors around three hours. Love is this: I stayed awake. Yeah, my stairway artist, gray. Getting up to keep me awake! That's that's her!. France from now I go to sleep with from the hard transparency sleepier now No, I will just require time before I get comfortable for arguments over yeah. It's over that's it. That's I'd zero and two people, train alone already fighting train allowed, though you're always ready taken now As always, I recover amount proud, but over time,
in his book train is bullshit. I know you, don't I think you ve got a pretty big. You, kids, not bullshit and overturn, is very real. Don't you? Yes, I do. I guess you could say that rob. Do my losses, nor I have no idea is when you over train your letter, the muscle start breaking down the polluter kidneys. People die from it big ass, long world. If you look in the dictionary it'll save both now your ip gps under resting under recuperation, that's true, but their over training. Now, if you get enough resting, never reparation, I think overturning spools right, but if you have to work on and then you have to work out again the next day and you work out how the next day that's that's rabbit. Oh my losses, piss when you get robbed. Oh you're pissed, comes out. Lookin like ice t, mean the wrapper
you're more than a robber, the right, it's hard to say the wrapper, whose life is a coup. Do you mean Has got account, that's a metal ban, so is that two streaks cool but yeah illegally diet Coke could sit at heart pistols like worked out at some. That's what happens in our train every work fuckin, eight hours a day, eight ten twelve hours a day at the post office might to deem put in. The forty six hours of fucking twenty five years in my peace? Never look like I think that more endurance athletes and particularly cross lot across it- we'll get robbed. Oh yeah, there's a competing its other people and they get real wrapped up in it, and I got ass. Jason creeper brought this good friend, whom I see. If he's peace with white,
root beer and its real real issue for cross fitters. Unlike ultra durrants athletes, is one of the top cross borders kindly raised strike world tat me into it. Those guys are ridiculously ridiculously for two areas. In my dream- and I put him through, my training is one of them. He did this No longer is broken out gag prostrate me a young weight with a laugh. It crosswords submit signal, girly, shit man, it's both cross fitness bullshit, but that much progress in three. We could say: yeah Cross funding is dazzling nigh as at him tat yeah is definitely not bullshit. No it's very hard with those guys do is very. Very, very, very hard, the real question is whether or not good for your body and that's where that's where in the qualified
judge but there's a lot of people that are professional, strengthen conditioning coaches, to frown upon because I think that those kind of movements like power lifting movements I clean, pressed actually area that should not be done for the some amount repetitions. I think that should be done for power. They should you know you should oyster. Your Maximo more eighty five percent maximum for x amount of times and that's it, but what they're trying to do is, as you know, if might does and I want to do. Twelve right- might does twelve alone do fifteen in own. They. They think that there's, like Maxwell whose pretty famous strength conditioning coachee frowns permanently just thinks it's just movements are not designed for endurance. Those movements are designed for power, thinks ultimately detriment of free body. And that if you want to have a long career in fitness and constantly be able to work out, lay deep into your fifty six, sixty see just thinks it's very detrimental for body again
I've gotta tell Regular, Andrew or not true and me, monsieur le. I need to go in those top level crossfire guideline of of John back and forth, with rich Phrony, I see an online but never got him on. We just him again, Sir sure Jason died die here. He is exceptionally fit anal, long term I dont know is still pretty young guy, but I have a real bad habit of looking at the people that say those things about there. You know athletes site, Ben. I always look at them and act as a bad habit. I can't help older people lived, give avi, advised weightlifting advice online. I always go and look at the pace and the outer football,
In essence, the overwhelming majority of Instagram coaches are fat, yet it is a fucking. You give advice and look like that exactly. How can you help me out? I hacking, I I can't tell you or any by how'd it to get through Amy? Three, if I never been through anything myself right overcome and ask if I'm ever overcame any facts right, and I can't tell you how to be insane if I would like a fat fuck, I just can't do I have bad habit of looking at their person in in o examining real furs. If you don't give me this kind of advice, then I have to look to pay
I need to see pictures with Youtube in posting man. Now, if I want to know that's why I'm asking Joe Rogan show me how to kick cuz. I seen this motherfucker cake, but being you may want to learn how to kick from dead, guard our seas and taken to walls, and she was there ever Have Matt Freed Room, kick look it up. That is one kicking S. Room, kick his ass ya! Think you're gonna get about the people criticise like somebody to criticise you work too hard. They don't want to work than higher like you need work that hardly yeah, I dont trust. Trainers. It look like shit o indifferent gang of. Some of them are pretty popular, and I see my work on a body is that we are concerned here with bigger, but we gotta be great talkers guy, I told him
stuff, good degrees and physiology in this. They must man me look at them. They like dough, either with there looks like they ve been unclear skinny, I came risk that only talking seal guys. I couldn't get a job as a personal train. I know it's fucking world cannot be separated, given sit meter you're, not certify by these matters. Five right, we can't use you am I pack, your personal trainer, misguided like it, May it received the and fry to marry me draw by a four year too. Personally to hinder year. I wonder if someone could be a good trainer without ever really workin on hard themselves is not send a similar to someone saying that someone should be the case.
Chief without apparent its vessel from their recent that nominal work out. I want to work out what someone was built like you. I want to work out what someone is built like all this when the fuckers lift some weight. I understand you know what it takes to get big. They know what it is get strong, it is, I am not just in theory yeah, it's like. Would you hire a boxing coach whenever in a box. It has never been in the rain. Doesnt seem wise king? Do I think so piece of the inner city as some trainers or just really good Marshall artists, and they never have competed. I don't understand how that works, though, doesn't make sense to me. And then they would say that you know that their their skills and teaching thing should not in fighting itself, but I think some, the best best fighters are the best coaches, where there have been five.
Yeah. Some the best year, I totally agree because I need to know what the fuck he's going through and that this party was not just the skill in other techniques that kicks. The point is not just that they know everything because they ve been me know what you know. They know everything from the ring walk to what what it's like. What gives hard by you down on the cards. Yes, they nowhere in various areas. In a guided, never been through lead. You will be lost in every three monolithic factor. Tear you yeah yeah. I mean, I think this was most things in life right yet So it's gonna give advice on something: they D paths, some actual real world experience. I think so I think remiss necessity, but what the fuck do? You know that We can come to reflect what
The key aim of this is cool guy from candid dramatic. It still comes at a captain me doctor, Jacob CAT, a lotta good stuff, pressure, yeah Versu contents pressure. Yet it is definitely pressure. Bad things command. Well, it's not ideal, but damn if you can make it through o me crazy thing like you, don't want your children suffer, but the people who do suffer cod- am. They come through with some incredible character. So can conundrum, while, yes, it said, sir, I ve written your people. Tell me Joe people till I get letters and de amnesty for people from all over the planet
in so many different, raises mess rush in Ethiopia. People who see lack everywhere, hasty t it was something about your store. If it was your child, your health problems, how you went through their and overcame gave me inspiration to go through my problems. That is the best fairly in the world. So and when I hear there, I'm like everything had to go through or anything? I went through an informative aye aye reader, or I would but wasn't my choice. If I had a choice I have been personally but going through it. If we could help the guy in Sweden, good guy rested a guy and proud guy and effective help them.
Then it was worth it in Haiti. We find it. I do it all over again tomorrow. Just be this guy says that it help me get through some inspiration, inspirations, very, very valuable, very valuable and really hard to hard to quantify. Viewed, explain. Inspiration is someone has never experienced it someone else doing something good makes you feel like you can do. Something good seems like it shouldn't didn't, have anything to do with you, but it does my first one we had we're gonna, do these exports is exposing seven people com and sounded wait like two or three hours to shake my. He and I think they're so crazy.
Who, the fuck am I, who am I fuck- I am nobody over eight and nothing was done about this, and many of your videos have like more than a million views. So does the EU? Not nobody crazy, but that's not nobody like everybody. Somebody right the minutes, an old saying the reality is, you have reached out with your videos and touched, and if you saw a million people in front of you, you'd freak for young or that's leave more than that. You touch many more than that. In an earlier of is absolutely crazy. Release. Antaeus came about because the first Frazier You don't I go, he don't give a fuck if you listen me and my
Listen to me. I listened to your political dialogue about people in four million people work. In my eyes. This is just so crazy. So Cosette: Obviously I consider myself, then still raised lower Louis the battlements Barrow. Am this black people say Elsie, You you're the greatest here. Can you man, a man at the map? Absolutely nothing well, that's not true, either, which you are as an exceptional person. The thing about accept people. As there are self critical the one of the reasons why you got to be so good at what you chose to be obsessed by is that huge? You worked hard cost we improve. So when you costly working hard to improve you're, not thinking on the based on the bachelor goddamn. I gotta go to work. I gotta get this in. I gotta get this done
and so, when people tell you Gray Putty times over here, working China get better great man? S inspiring to people, though, did that the thing about what inspiration two people. It's almost like a type of intangible fuel is I can change lives. Tell people can't in the line, if tell me, grown me he starts rope gives them on his knee. I want to stay away from that. Guy is gags, crying you down on his knees and tell Elsie T tease my why you kept me for committing suicide. I've heard that
very good. I bet because of me they didn't take their own life. At least a hundred times now tell rogue in what I have gone through this decision. These people are the same, and I say there why? Because I didn't give up, because I am giving you because I kept the phrase and kept go. I was gonna do anyway. What is right, but it's easier life for me. Tell me some might then: am I fucked up due to shit all over again tomorrow. We know it's like all wars in earlier about people that don't have anything that there is I'd buy and use. I was maybe I wish. Maybe I wish I saw them when they were young. Maybe if you hold them when they were young, you could teach them. The value of
suppressing themselves and competing or doing something where you get like positive feedback from your effort, and I think that some people they just they, don't they don't ever get, and so when someone gets that from someone like you when they they they get that that fuel that intangible fuel that you get when you get inspired by somebody. They it's so emotional, because it's a really is like you gave them a gift and they give we model ourselves after other successful people. We do it all the time either, hopefully very those great you molly Self have two parents or you Are you self? After your uncle, your brothers and sisters or whoever it is its around you, that seems to be exceptional and that that fuels people it helps people? It means a lot to people some. Most people don't have that they look inward together. You know it's like that old, Whitney, Houston Song, you know Everybody searching for hero. No, yes, I was like on the Mohammed Ali.
Story there was a. There was That was the song that they said. The original version that song was a it was I got down. You drama on Mohammed Alleys life, but that sometimes you don't find someone for a law. Time and then, when you do it changes your whole life. You someone, maybe it's just a Youtube video. As you say it still. Your mother, Fuckin SAT and it's you just push people and tell people go get after it and people see that in all the sun is, I think, a goose bumps, their hearts, its rays, and it's like you gave- My drug, you gave them fuel and then then they want to change your life than they wanna watch you to Morrow and they want to watch whether at lunch break through- and I want you to take in a shit. You on the phone, that's that's fuel and you literally can change a person's life through that because we need each other I mean this is its one more piece of evidence,
that we need each other and that we have this sort of a very strange, loose fitted community of all human beings together from You does something that's exceptional and says something exceptional and has these inspiring no words can change persons whole life changed the whole path change who they are I've got so many messages from people who say I lost a hundred and thirty pounds. You know I did, I got off sugar undue among I'm fuckin run in everyday, had the gym five days now I'm dumb a different person. Drinking water exercise and I take vitamins. I meet unhealthy. I've forgotten or juice. I got more energy. My whole life is different. Now ass, it happens all the time, but is it makes you feel obligated
Now you know no one is actually bless. You know you feel, like a hand, can avail. You can feel you can't because maggot all these me yeah, look it up to you yeah I dont want a definite, no wonder by looking up to me, but I'd like people being inspired every book it inspired by me. I'm happy, but you know you can't you You think I don't worry, I'm at our time there, Why do you wear? Don't look at me man? I will not talk about higher power. Look at pie, man look at me. We fuck and each other. We all need each other. We really do there's some beautiful about that. They like you, you can't just go it alone. You really do need each other and I give you accomplish everything you ever want to accomplish, but nobody's their fruit with you. Nobody cares
you don't mean shit. It's useless. Absolute, like love is the most important thing that sounds so cliche, but without love, it's all useless. Yes, all useless. Does not personal satisfaction and accomplishments. If nobody loves you, you not go on enjoy it. Lisi, fan every word and the more You can spread positive energy. The more people will love you, the more you have that community of love. That's that's rector! It I'm ever expect your even earlier past forty people tat, I always think of it. I am I am they look here. They used to
Time causing when I hear my dad's keys, rattling door or police car political Heine clause at a time of high me, I just wanna, see man one day, I'm neck. Do so In my dammit, I always tell me that you know you never gonna be noble. You never do these eleven. As I am back, he is still foxy aid to come from. I am reminded of a week I think about that. When people tell me or your great Are you with me and I come from you mean I wise dishes, grass pomp gaze, those people
Birth tables, river, keener, wife did all those things you tell people to receive data gray, Ma Ma. Am you yeah? I am you. Anything being you, that's all We believe the other day are you, but that they can be someone like you too, if they put in the car time enough for the EU put in that's the real message. RO messages we all started from, not women. We all have jobs felt like losers, but through time and effort. You build a stronger human. You build a stir body you build a stronger mind, you build, complements and will and momentum. And then you look back and you came in and I wash tables anymore. You know I'm not now washing dishes and not cut lawns and not digging ditches I'm a different person now, but I used to be in these desire not to be
the road map that debts were there? That's the hardest part rice gather right. When you ain't got shit in there's, nothing going on to have faith than is difficult to have faith when you're successful. It's like I was a bit you been successful for. Why have failed to keep too much easy? It's only adds a slightly. You already got up the hill. Now you just coasted you just Roland Dounia, everything's great as the easel smooth, salient the hard part is getting up that Fuckin hill, especially if you got a dad you're hiding from especially if you're a loser. You never really have anything in your life that you could look back on and say. I was really good at that Did I miss a lot of people out there listening to this there's so many people that are in gnats that starting point like the people that come up to in What do I don't know what to do? What should I do? How do I do? How do I get Goin? We're gonna have to figure, one foot in front of the other. You'll have to find a thing and keep working ETA in and get better at it. That's.
Things I like so much about martial arts delay anybody in anybody in and then from that from learning how to do that? You get better. And then you realize demo get better at anything. This itself. The first I'm ever. Did you just remember just being manhandled so bad gaunt man I'll, never forget it. This is terrible, fuck it for this and design already been a black belt and type window and already kick box did a bunch of shit now, so I can't believe I'm start from scratch again, but that least. I knew then that already done that before starting from scratch saga has Experience start from scratch, but I have to do is put in the time and effort here desire to give better dad everybody just fine of everything, and if you find a thing a particular martial arts, because you get belts and ranks, and then you can see you doing with opponents specially Did you like that when the boss cause you don't get hit and think there's somebody
people there, especially good or a bad, Jim and early days, people gonna tune to new year. Gonna beat me up. You can get to discourage people, but if you could just find a thing and work hard at that thing, you realized through that thing that you you gotta gazing anything with time and effort, donor, Dylan here immediately, you picked a thing my group would have anything calls to you. What did we ever calls to you? The desire detained due to MAX to change or circumstances whatever they might be long, as you have been have to have that these are two wheeled detains circumstance. Bessie S start right: beer man we're how bleak it may seem that you have the will to be signed, change you busy starting point the, since you started doing these videos on Youtube to now how much of a differences it made in the the types of people that come to. You
and then the numbers of people that come in the actual robins phone number, Terry crews I've got to trace phone number. Yes, are you deserve a lot of patience with doktor dream and with him a lot grey? I know you you guys look at the news, is making mighty hey, don't say bad by bacteria in front of me. Well knows is incredible. Individual and credible back to draw up a common trade trade is an incredible individual. His heart, is you huge too
We have come to light, but they are years with you. You know that's easy. Incredible. Elevator was jacked at one time right here, you dear, he still looks great he's. He's very good state right now, he's a lot of cardio, he's really were mere fact there is a gap. Is too He wants me to town with me, return taking up a heel and I'm not ready for you, but doktor gravely listening. I'm gonna make it up it back and trail Let me add a minor role there, but it is a great site, but he's a great human being easy. A very good humour. That's all someone here love here and there is down to earth, so he shifted his training from like just he guy area.
Egg went to his go here. Are some of the comments from one I would like? The rock was you drag, realize he's more health, or is it in cardio. He won't to say these get em two hundred pounds obviously low body. Fair proceedings must the way now to tuna with me and him saying around the same way- and I my goes also to get down two hundred pounds. I want to be two hundred pounds which I haven't been in a long time I'm gonna be toward your grandmother's pictures. Are you in your power to be, or you re, twenty fast food, your three twenty five, my guy, why the tug small fry
yours, wiser, building, ass God, Damn creeds, whereby was so. You are a hundred in fifteen pounds, area and worn out. So you see why it's a stag Cambodia. What do you mean pound state of Israel, go to America appear to me to stop and think about a hundred and fifteen one pound stakes. Just slap slap, slabs slap, slaps live already meagre August allowed everywhere shoulders and I've been here. Luna pray animals pass out my shoes out of breath, walking to the front fucking door on witness Doric here now You were saying you have terrible diet packed and was horror day. You are look at you,
Jesus Christ. I got that you were at least that aid or fat man- that's you. You look gigantic fat now trying to get like the other girl lean leniency. How much did you win the other side? On the other side, I was probably about two hundred and twenty, but I want to get down at 200lb has to go by six tsp. Jesus Christ exercise your arm that crazy fuck it on that is preposterous and the Tri Sublime the lab The tries over the bicep. Does that surrounded me. May I be for my doing so yeah thanks
applying a big they help me? I don't think so. You look pretty young there too yeah. I was actually a fifty. Fifty more tonight is too in the picture. We're while go back there That's fifty would know steroids. That's were gay eyes, this worthwhile natural professional enacted, professional dvds, and I want the over fifty category Mile. I forgot my pro card as a body builder, but there Lou daddy me not a big difference. We're talking about people too dear chimney, Madame enormous flock to you now flag, that's kind of cool, though, because you you have sort of you ve taken. This role as a guru, I mean it,
one of the things that the lot of people have gotten from your videos- and these mean there's motivation from we will give you motivation, some of them motivation seem stale and then the sum to give you motivation like, while that's life, that's a lie your motivation is live? It's real. You could tell it's not script the Taliban went to see from the heart yeah. Definitely everything is right off the tap into here, and I think I better go as everything ever do. I pick up deftly not the amendment things he's an odious at more closely to been around long enough lawyer. Also like people turn because of the fact you been around you ve done so much. The people will turn to you and say: hey you. This approach with real life experience you. You really have done things yet densities. We used to talk about pushing me so tat
pushing yourself people understand this is coming from life experience This is real and that's it definitely, it's a resonates with people residences people, because its authentic at too high a compliment. I appreciate the banks with death. Both deftly is real love. You gotta, listen to this. They know you. There are not in their head right now, appreciation and understanding. They know were silent. They know that we can win you when you, you, Army the fuck up do this video, I get fired up its act. He's right it s not just may man's a lot of other people, but that must have a lot of people to come to Jim the gate. Boo from my um I go. I guarantee that I'm going to be there on Wednesday nights because people come all the time expect me to be at the gym for us. There wears a gem, its insignia he'll, California,
and its iron out x, rays, iron eighties, doom signal, you, California, and you know, there's room we're gonna be opening up enough. Only a pretty soon we haven't besides, I'm always at Friday. That's just possibilities! hard CORE Jim on here. There is a possibility way thinking where an area where people can afford membership as well with vague, it augurs well. Where I met now tat, I could make a lot more money, but I first is firing policemen obviates paramedics, they train you for free trivia turned him. That's that's amazing. I submit his lackey. Do our biggest at least, I think that's beautiful ass. I could make more money, but this sentiment. I choose to do good for you, but everything in my opening.
Area where people got some learn when you do man, let me know and I'll get that that signal open sky- oh hey therefrom. I live in one package. What you had one of my teaser, its damage, Thank you. I really appreciate my pleasure, but I was so fuck an exciting when I say Ebay, so my some isolated furs when my ps3 for there all the time. Also some dead look at its best No. I was happy for you to see that your posters hanging up ombu two rooms at my postal companies at coup That is so you there every Wednesday everywhere. We might ask damn is pretty packed and raising nice would do live work out and people can you take people this work all. If they come always nice. I've train people, you know, are waiting
is absolutely free. Yes have lawyer on big, I have people come on, raising makes the train for absolutely free. All you gotta do is signed a waiver. So if you give fuck that is on you, you don't try to see me Burma has become a ways now sign waivers, absolutely free. That's amazed. YO and scream. Madame LA, let me say to calm your mobile phone, I'm not some current mobile phone like I've been calling people forget, uses to feel grateful for nothing. Man. Didn't I, now what we call them, I forgive you our Mona Cameo Cameo and in all the community can for twenty five bucks How does that application gloomier curve clean? My books occurs. A man like dailies does require Does anybody know because, due to about ten day real last summer mare who listened
this might reasonably happy birthday, easy dean. I was happy birthday or whatever, but be warned by books that's very reasonable gaze. More now regular make it seems more people can afford to do my cousin, I would say you got a hard, a gold. You have a new heart yeah so that a new go there. Are you really do man? The way you look at things is its very cool, vertical the way you let first responders firefighters and veterans work out for free and the Wednesday night work. For free and all that the your heart is in the right place. Your minds in the right place try attractive it is man, it is so like the I meant around the gym. How much did change once you start, but not those videos.
It is the type of GM, my dreams, type regime that, if your dog I guess we get. Member to Rihanna goes down as a favorite, Harcourt them in America and really, Hank goes damn holy shit, you can't be Jemmy might be number one can have offered Jim Number one, and this is this common factor behind an incredible effort, that's what I'm saying. I think you one there was a super. I feel you got first play. I can't really defeat. Gold's. Do people come in, you know from from Lithuania we came. We came in town on vacation, one placing Wanna go was Why I love the Kurdistan Maybe amazing is so gratify. It might benefit its max
planet. Freedom is hard core. I love the way it looks like saying it's just like a fuckin tornado ran, but if you don't let alone the weights, look like they everybody's been lifted. That's what I like shine freely leans, give a fuck that my but three backs you're mad at you that if you had complementarity. Then you live. Yeah. You know some people going, my snap markup teething rings. Thank goodness! There's enough people like us, my daughter, right kitty at the heap kid you just put recovery this one being right stuff from common, and I look around I want fuck. This is perfectly right. Over now rose got like patina, like two men are like seeing shit chipped up a little bit banged up
ask me smash view. You gonna go put yourself through Hell, you like cars to love car. I know you love cursed, love cause, you got a corvette. Yeah sixty five, no see it's fucking barriers too, but you didn't know that I'm a coronet too. I do know your kind, not we talked about it. We did yeah we're all. What would you have what you have? Oh, I have for core Oh, you are core gave me damn at sixty five. Seventy two, seventy four and he said I see threes, those as they see trees that you had now gave you. A good man. Did you sleep? as yours too, that once nice black with aside pipes as for twenty seven drawing room, that's a beautiful. What we have here is essentially to does. So. That's
our generation three right, yeah, my maybe eight workers at Bagdad years, amazing, those those are gorgeous cars. Man met, compared to what do you guys? But you know I like him, I love them. I love corvettes. I like the new, stu, I like all of them. Were you get someone else besides Corvette too I heard about, but I haven't seen seen the Corbett. What does have a sixty nine Nova that their Milton right now at this do you? U everything's, Super knew its yeah yeah. I dont, like old shit, my drumming up suspensions sometime around corners knowledge, but I not like that. I like what they call
so yes, gang rape as eligible yours, all known, well, the yellow one. I got from Gaza plastic surgery and I was like his bottom line car, but he did everything to it. It scattered suspension and everything makes a big difference, Diego yeah. I could write a big anywhere, but there the backward forthwith Try Carb is all schools old, go all the way the brakes, nanos guide, desperate, yeah? That's what you're gonna draw the line. The area Ghana gotta, be able to stop the staff for their workers. We I like I, it worked, None Mind arresting airport, I, like their ally, goes man. I just I owe houses. I recollect o bags character. Yet is oh shit. I guess yeah. I do too. I think this character,
told things yet psych is either you like it. If you dont like somebody, would you like everything, new and modern and shining like when I say Megan Money S or by an older cars like older shit. We did have a different fields them totally totally totally, though I have the latest struck when they hit this? I got there probably six. To go what year away they do, I feel like them off the air. But other patina who care for freaks. Tijuana crook came from a fag through crew care of me accurate, looks like me. Wyndham scar is beautiful alone, You drive that around at my foot, I am waiting. I ever get party work done on the network.
That's a whole that is pretty beat up for you. I gotta get the by money, though there's something to that when you look at those old cars. You realize it didn't make anything like this anymore, no mandate, this dialogue they really put him let into style errors and fifty six these they do now, but it just doesn't scenes they look good. A new core value. Two thousand nineteen corvettes, a beautiful car, but you look at that old tree. It does not have with that truck. It's like a bull in a post, smile on your face, just drive in it man, one of my biggest joys, is, is sitting behind the wheel of that when those old cars manages makes me feel like a young mother fucker. When I'm sit me like a kid yeah like a toy, like a ride like you drive around a ride is so, do you spell to establish some fucking Karnak, some guys giving them?
teasing from ear to ear have any. And even have to drive those fast. Now, in their corvette you'll have to everyone's while it's finally no break loose, loafer breakin wounds air. Now you know how to drive well for a power lifted, though it's almost like mandatory view to have some sort of a muscle car. I guess like it goes with it. Territory doesn't like a big black engineers. You also get a video you drive by various irregularities. More than you know, I'm still sat but stir hastily out walking down the street. The data hey C d zones, we learned from the car or might mean you, even though the fuck I am Jeffrey If you had a wig live, do you don't look you do then
No, it's a lot of people have a law abiding air would, you know, won't even know who the fuck swamps festive sat by, but I recognise Morton when I thought I would this city Fletcher to point now that you're this life eleven right now the ex. What what is it? What is different in like what you're trying to accomplish? Oh man villefort, First, one was me me me me me, and this two point. Our guy is so much more concerned about and doing something they help. Somebody else is almost more important main. Oh my muff, my initial video you see- you may not know me now, but you will. You know I'm going to do some work, this guy fuck that guy I'm I'm king, I'm the beast one on the bears man on the planet. As I I
and now I consider myself this new guy, so insignificant bad as refining and is obsolete. Feel weird of completely shifted your consciousness like that it there,
a little weird at times it feels a little weird like not even you, but so might it's me in. I knows me, but I feel solemn lights better, so might be utterly anyone. I wouldn't want to focus on me. You know this this new version. This news is, I feel so much better than I am trying to bring people to gather up down like I have a up my missing my purposes so much greater. I'm tired do some gay the only Real Fletcher Ass, my mom S, lady kept me from being completely retarded as acute owes, reflects your heart foundation. You I'm tired of a non profit organisations. May my mom and its.
People are transplant is a fairy lacking the everyone for army for welcoming the innovators nowhere could afford a transplant. Is a million dollar for seeds and half a million dollars is so, but this even if you have experienced, is over things becomes a you now say that the head of the family has to have a transplant heart transplants he's out. Ok, he's medical bills take care, but what about has wifi pay that their mortgages House agreement by gas asking for the kids? I I started those referred to Heart foundation to help people with that to help the mom and still at home was too has to pay the bills. Step. Has answers doesn't cover every
to help the people that don't you know and I haven't. I haven't- had even had my first event or anything like that. I just paid the lawyer for the to get. The name is Stephen, so I won't have to start. You got start somewhere. Turn ahead, the visit of my head up and do something for my mom to her memory and go on in and even after I'm dead and gone there was referred to heart foundation will still be around and do something to honor her, because that woman, everything I am is because of her. So I want to do something to honor her. I just got always think they want to do. Is help the truth of PTSD rack. I assume goals and stuffed me affords old man. What to do. I don't know how much time I got to do it. I can walk out here and drop dead. I don't know, but I'm going to be goddamn tonight not going to waste one second everyday, I'm going to be trying among the Joe Rogan, so top jobs
podcast, and I'm talking about right now, so I'm doing something about Joe Ways: donor weird. It's a beautiful to see your transformation man. If we see evolution, viewers person and its people to see the you got through this. You know terrible scare but came out a better person. May it sent it's. I The last time we doggie ass a year, they tell me I need a heart transferring. Ah, oh my god, dude, I'm scared. I know there are many gear words it's something else! May ladys it's crazy! They see you a year later now you have it yet and you're, just as different human back onto a road hey you thank you me, and I would thank you. Thank you so much for these ever being you, it was so many people
to me and tell me where I found out about you from a job in Pakistan? organ package, as I know, even who you are so this opportunity, the attitude game last time open up so many more doors me and so to be. Back on here, I can't thank you enough man. This is brothers, my pleasure and for people to listen and that have never heard you before Watchin you gotta go watches. The reason why you got on the first place. I got so inspired by shit and seen you on line with these. These videos, and it is just shows your passion in your motivation and now to see you this new person on top of that, still have the passion, but now you does it. Is it like this new enlightened See Fletcher Beautiful the same man years, our people will be to get a good laugh. You are mad here. You like
I could tell the moment. I saw you today's, like you, get a different energy about you. It's really interesting! Oh man, I was so happy to see you. So happy to see so happy to see this new lease on life. You ass, my guy is very happy to see traveled, I'm alive alive and you're alive and getting better everyday game better, is talking strong every day, tell people how to get hold of you on social media. What is your instagram you're sitting right does he know everything goes it referred to get around everything insurance man on Youtube, everything Signal Hill Fanatics, Jim and then, when you do open up a new one, please let me know let everybody now where and we'll get there for the gradual
although that mother Dac degree, if you'd listen? I want to their me doctor, rags gonna run that hell yeah, oh, but I promise you that the preamble method of Betty, I believe it Another change. Man really appreciate you place city, flagellate, german thank you ever body and thank you to our sponsors thing. You, two legal zoom check out legal, zooms, business legal plan at legal zoom, dot com now and get special savings when you enter Rogan at check out legal zoom where life needs legal, legal, zoom, dot com. Thank you. Also to mother Fucking Squares Base square space. The host of joy, Rogan dot com, a place where you, the regular person, can make up again website you! need any special skills. Just normal regular computer stuff, if you can
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out of you, and I will talk to soon. Bye, bye.
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