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#1305 - JD & John Witherspoon

2019-05-29 | 🔗
John Witherspoon is a comedian and actor. JD Witherspoon, John's son, is also a comedian and actor. You can see John on his YouTube cooking show "Cookin' For Poor People" (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJF-73OaZ-Cr0k9_-lpcaXQ). Also check out JD's channel "runJDrun" (https://www.youtube.com/runJDrun).
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On these dot com, Slash Rogan, who the fuck gives you a hundred percent satisfaction, kantian, underwear me these. Does that's me: undies dot, com, Slash Rogan, touch my guess: the IS one of the most hilarious human beings is ever lived. Probably seen him in a million television shows and movies and John there's porn he's an amazing actor and his son, J D Witherspoon is also hilarious. Is I know him the common store and, like I say in the podcast when he told me that John was his he instantly became a friend. I love his dad he's amazing, this fuckin podcast that I'm gonna play you where's moments where my face hurt from laughing so hard? I was cramping up in my cheeks, so I hope you enjoy even half as much as I did. I love sky, so please give it up for John with it
Moon and his son J D will gain experience ass. My number into my No one is really only one tat. We live, lays down my words up its awareness in the two years, the other years muddle when he told me he was you son, furtively instantly became my friend second evolves like what is it like? Haven't John dad I'll, be gravely mind, you only told Ducas. He was ask me: could I gotta club all time hanging down when then just taken it we're friends and he said whose clear now Let me tell you that Davy, who, who is it? Who who to bring the hood of anyone who one way lemmings abundant moonlighting Brennan? This then, as a Joel's, always there's got a bunch of people, comes issues like Joe well known
of my May in Malaysia, and we worked together when I was told me so ass. I saw your thing was Carolines in New York. We would normally. I was due to a new and ten or something like that or do not actually beneficial, but it probably will on a thursday- or you probably did sometimes avenant we do and close to which it was a long long time ago it maybe maybe, fifteen years ago the oil I've been known awhile. I work. I've been New York in a one ass Tom, New York. Caroline, I weird one. You dont evident permanent Erle tourists de la tour and foreigners fertilizer doing sign square, it doesn't feel it you and have been the art feels that fills weird earlier frozen, what people want New York to be, but there from somewhere else a good percentage evermore while Molly
both grandma gulags, great club, in its different than the seller. You danger feels is my favorite. Joe ideas was just down there and he said it did danger fields like five six nights. I never did danger. Nobody does Dangerfield its half or all the time. It is amazing that these children are still around somebody's gotta, be sound coke all this time they keep their place like that, but the name, Oh Brad probably brings people learn, but it's an iconic placement but like New York has been. Soon. Letterman gone out I'll go. Do we show animal had been Carolines in about three or four years, but you do do love clubs the Roma. We are tired of another forty forty, some clubs, wow, you know, jobs a year. You know my age has come to my house in January
and they tell me all the time I got that year they take what date we go over legal of everyone on eight June fifteen's. It means making money we don't get, can escape Let's go, let's go so we do forty sampler measurement. Is it too much work ever think to weaken the year hasn't time off. What about me whereby the money, but when you have time of all you do is complain about not being RO complain about the people to only what the eet whether drink. Oh, my goodness me little taser renowned, not only look taste, that's why I'm so many look kid! The wolf off your back! That's what I get me. I get me look teeth. The real problem is that travel that words or talk to the air travel over and over again and then we're freaking out about eight thirty seconds and.
Explained to us that mostly they use them in overseas and sums outweigh any african countries. They will end in an asian country needs while they I'd like to play Just got a loss right, one from later on Sundays, all pilot Lex Free When is a software engineer and easy specializes in a eyes a professor at MIT and he was explaining to make basically the software glitch was making. It knows dive This is why I say that that is not something I would want to hear now when I pay twenty two hundred to get mercy or you if you're software engineer you have to you would have to the pilot
or co pilot to. Let them know I hate someone has some. Obviously they all know what they're doing in the cockpit. But does someone know what to do if the computers going down at a really good question, do they have any training and how to reboot computers or or is there a bypass or work around for the computers air Lex? Does artificial intelligence is mostly what it does he works on like cars, autonomous cars and plain stuff, new sodomized, these things get more more updated. You just have a glitches happened happens all the time you phone right. You get a new bug and twitter just ash on you all the time and they release and update, but if you're gonna fuck and play What are you doing, and how do you react when the reactors it how you'd have to go through a flight simulation of scare there's a bug in the plane here? We're YO run overall that software before they put it on a plane. You they had the plane that crash flows, Lance plane crash. That was where in Africa,
There was to ensure that one was was one Russia, no known Russia, nor think it was an Africa anyway. Those pilots are train to the mandate to the hilt, name: train old pilot. They don't know themselves so many guys whose training people is what the Heck's going on. It was a pilot that was off work that was on the plane. Just before this plane crash same plane, had trouble before and he came out of his seat and went up to the book the Coptic and cut it in and say to play. Three zero to do there. You don't know what to do. I imagine being for complaint washing looking down the aisle Watson, I walk into the what we're going to see no one day day protect at the they put the full costs
in front of the year, that food is not stop and anybody now, but then they got a bolt on the door yeah, those all those doors. The other kind by the pilot is in the bathroom taken a bubble here, as with any other they have their own pilots battle it. It came about a blocked area with dead, poor guy. There is a saying that many to that's a weird move, I don't you have a dedicated thing, for it was the food Cartier thing you don't you have a good chance of a gate, someone who doesn't look leap that right Magellan, another door just like the guy. On the contrary, they should have like some like, like you know, they do Isles metal gates and brought us glass windows. Yet not one of those clicking clamp down what I knew that didn't work. They had the riot and sixty six and eight toward him down The data from the renewed I would want to number due to the lack of employment Could you might want to drive someone from bomb Russian, the carpet the flight attendants and not gonna start work? Laser probably prepare points with a flight attendant
as training like that in the future, like a female or male who, as to most journalism, I thought of my money too, money money? Nor did they are prosperity. The pilot is locked in the bathroom. The other pilot and storage is locked in the India booth. When flatly so you again in our I guess you're hundreds will in particular demands warehouse. Then he's my when you open a door, but they get other gained students gotta come out, he gotta go in to companies. In Vienna people. This sin now gonna know what's happened yet no jump up and those amendments that has its that's chaos on a plane. If you start seemed all that that you talking about what don't you think turbulence? Is chaos? As I blame, you won't lose almost got into a fight. Ladies serving them, one guy was ploy was put in his luggage in a spot
love. Another dues happened. Guy said that's from my stuff and he said Nook. Whoever gets their first. Is the one gets these like bull shit, these, I grab in his iron, like you, know, got like physical for second, I took my bag out to get them out of my bay, a monoplane for some guy. I want to ask me ass looking and then a little must appeal put it a paper bag. It they're gonna bet he's well. We should added to this region. Sorry, sir, again this evening he said Magdalen Silver, light harmful. Get the hell out of my way. Take a crab body. He turned out of the crisis.
Tough guy one job I didn't know I went about with the plainest for now the heat one seat. Next to me open he can put a stop to up get match up. China, family may earphones punk because some of them what you ve just coming in the place where you above my head, I'm in my bag. You know there's moment because you are going through your back to what I did want over my name? Some people just look for an opportunity to be a dick. I think planes are the closest to peace, we'll get to the working emulates road rage align its closest thing like when people get up and they get up too soon and then like their pushing forward already come on. Let everybody get up in the lives of people like now, don't be pushed through. I was at the gas station does now, and you know how to have the big oil tankers have to bring the gas to the gas and they were blocking their blocking
and where people needed to go to park and the guy who was there was telling me that some lady was there and she was mad at him ass. He pulled in a few minutes after she part two ass in a car, and he was and that she was like you black man he's like baby. I got me the gun block you in our unblock industry can block the full story with all the traffic and then, by the time she was ready to go? She finally was like nudging her way out of the gas, and the guy was trying to help her and she's. Like don't help me, I need your help and she's like any Santos. There's gonna be a minute she's. I haven't got a minute and then I asked about what kind of cars you drive and the thing is. I arrange Rover new new raindrop, my she's got plenty of category. One gets put his seat bag before the plane took off. I put that give comfortable here to see all the various hazy. Hey buddy, you cannot put you see. Bag report playing get up in the air
getting wise on boot. Somebody's loaded got the bag in the chair on some of these it, but I've been doing is between thirty years. Is now give a fuck what you ve been doing. You can do it today. Teach I don't get. It goes back to passengers to pageant that's what my was and pasture plain cop. That's his out as a cop as theirs. Videos about. All the time about someone one of em, out here leave, unlike our coming into our leaving Burbank, and it was I too who either the plane just landed or they were just about, take off, began to a fourth estate. I might just south west by over a seat that didn't belong. Anyone you know, because over there that airport, thereby going from Burbank the vaguest and they Dude was like a man taken
No! No! That's my and the next thing. I know it's it's it's a fight in between you. It is crazy that they serve you booze on the plane you can get drunk at the airport, do all drug and that drug is everywhere this. Why everyone that I've since our energy and bring any alcohol to security though he organic secured. We gonna use up all Larry and they are Podesta brother, vinegar they all know me on a plane, so they give me about the goal. Think there's the wisdom have rabbit. I've been a town big again tat, while I would like most Nick I'm here with this began battle, I do actually written at put it. I didn't it. May I get it, you know I don't want like liquid bombs or some shit than what you bring in Nigeria in it. It's true. I wish I wasn't something you ever think about, but if it happens
once every few years enough to have to think about it. You know I had you can't help ounces, three ounces, liquid and obey schreyer. The three out bottle my expensive cologne use, half of it got not react. I got one and we have now is we can take the whole day attack on my own account. Me about three hundred dollar three hundred they did outages. Can you get took, Michael? did you sprayed on yourself before did not want pop outbreak. As a lawyer, barriers to EL was now nobody says about the year. Some dude rock alone well hello. Having I get an oh, I get it from Burma. I get this so I grew up. It will not a pimps around enable. And they want a Basque along them. Do this
body heavies heavy shiny, don't say that so when I got older, dug in Colombia, Let us make this appeal to you to grant me a, but it would be so sharp. She'll, be so shiny and they get their color. I've known you smell me, talk to me at Blois Umbrella, get about three since in my pocket and hold on about my shoes and impedes bibbed. Al Fatah, yea Ghana mandate as hang agony and keep doing, went to town keep them you don't. Oh boy gives pimps oppose down
raise the darkened. Now. What do you do in real life? It's weird light is it is. It is some clowns daylight clowns there who get together and they do what they do as would in this way live nice beer and twelve. Three, not what you want to join. You do now. Black bottom commonplace called black bottom hastening street or pimps and hose bill. Had so David him back then even have high issues, you know them political dialogue. Detroit was boom in oil Lala. Detroit fell off quicker any city in the western world
in terms of what he was with the richest city in the world, their wide of the card motorists in number concept, people to factories, close factories call people have put their money into the house to car factory money. I get that loans got you got it you ve been hit. Fifteen gave you get a good reckon you gotta get these days. They give you a car and give you a whole when there's a favourable. People are among what I'm gonna do. What am I gonna? Do? What caused it? Dino monopoly centuries, move manufacturing moving to Mexico and other noticed overlook, is all that stuff. What about you about it before them? Sales yeah but in the motors forward it before him sales Lotta companies are still there. It's just then. Marcus, you just random, but like a lot of car companies annoy foreign, Gentlemen, I, like you, used to be GM action. Priorities are still there, but there there and much more limited
rule, but its image like the though, though, what like the base kind of like the warehouses. Maybe they move that too? Maybe there you know that show top gear yeah they do a new show called the grand tour. They do it on Amazon and they did one episode where they want to Detroit, and they were indeed try. They bought a house for like two grand. You get a real whole, how such get six thousand six out of that. And the whole house, like a House House s girl like you, could live with it like? Oh, you wasn't bad house. In its work very shortly, everybody move, but not only there by his gardener, was that the when we were there when we drove throws like the amount of giant warehouse.
That are completely empty. With all the shattered windows has very depressing round is very weird: it's coming back now guess I was there. Two months ago my brother had dad. I went to his funeral and we drove around back confirm my grandfather's, how they told us it down. You know the head, so many burned it out. Some was doubly live. It was just like the other city. To me, it's come back for sure. That's also like you know, there's a lot of young. Businesses are starting up and cry businesses- and you know enough people around people of ingenuity. They figure out a way is not going to be what it used to being a ban and his whole new ball. Now it is a noble game, new people,
These people are young, my son. He wasn't Alexander Alex's how busy twenty three twenty four, he d joy. He never seen this meat we downtown short on Saturday night, warm hot night people walk arouse beautiful women workers. Mass, I'm crazy that nobody can enjoy. We know we are what we don't go there in your from there. We aren't. We do we just don't go to where his family's from a lot, so that all those things will not family gone. Guess you relative. I don't know that you're, not my brother dawdle bills and brought them.
Does Alexandria Alex's Morgan? I cited his nieces, oh my god, I loved him and they are. They walked around as an ongoing by two no tail up again too much Rasmussen asked uncle better the whole deal. Thousands until the driver take me back in job. I picked them up later and you ve got a red to get back to the hotel about two three out late about sleep. It buddy morbid each orders dice When I was there, I'm telling Mandy joy. It was nice, did the Fox theater and is so all that they have these pillars in the wall that, we're. Staying from cigarettes, click like out darkish, orangist stain just for nicotine. Let's go a beautiful, hoped, a beautiful theatre, your beauty,
replace one of the pillars. We had one pillar that was clean and then the other pillars, your wow, that cigarette smoking. There really see it as resident body strained, franked unnatural, get now get arrogantly in short, all over the place now really up up up up mazzini number. Twenty tat Yeah I've been about eight times. Degree apparently Watson, temptations, rounding, a temptation, Frank, eleven and the teenagers. There was a long time ago. Why, but beauty beautiful place other torn down the olympian stating what they used to play and seen pistol used to play basketball there they are. It took place now, as I always presently there Elvis Presley CARE and that's all Elvis
We wanted to go to see the crank Jim, but I think they tore that died away. Basque Moloch ranks jail. Really, this is made is to be a basketball court. There then it to mandatory down now, but they had built botsey rings around. You thought about where we play body got back in a week when they went in my shoe that what happened in close the doors and everything turning to turn into boxing now big gray boxes was an internal Harrington. People came out of the shore. Lennox Louis manual still remain. A steward was head coach there before he died, I was an amazing chamber, knows why one of those places few places or you want to go like when you're in Ella you, I'm gonna wildcard its wanted to say you ve been there, and I want to go to the cage with you Will you kindly time timing, not the case. Let me now anytime, you want to go
revising California look booters scream like this. Another matter that we get you pretty close. We write up their backs. I'd give you a closer dig. They do not You got the knocked the Billy It is about that only ever gonna wanna live now. No? Never, yeah, let's hook that up
national Film- fell film there, really only. Why are we live? So? What do you feel about back almost set up a tripod in front of my react strengths as you? Don't I give you go pro or some needles pro level when they do Lou background peace? On the background, as I saw one guy was, was in looking. Oh, he come a whirlwind whenever what view, as I want your way to come up with clean my house and one I wanted to come and could be a meal cook anything I wanted a goodly do them did this guy was brazilian together upon United
This is this play in this fight and you ain't gonna talk about my life is the main I'll. Tell you what to do to this day in the sunlight, Tellson s his name. Is we resilient as Anderson, sober peas, own One can always about forty three Diana Silver, innocent forty jail might be a little older, Anderson's greatest Manuel time. There's room this boy put his foot up at the foot. Lydia. Are you done about? Why or is it goes now? Please come about when it almost differently syro taken them, and it is a fight that this never seen a foot come quick and that's, and it told hidden above z another like this I like that, what did I do fell asleep. I think you think, of a different fight now of a veto for veal.
Well, I m! So what then was thin with it? His that's the guy. Does the front teeth the face? One single legendary, kick the other one was chosen, but she also money. He kicked him and they dropped him. They need him to the body and took him out punches unbelievable. How that might be able how he can work dead foot. Feel, but you sons impression of you so really good He doesn't think sounds like him at all. It does If you do something here? I only know it because this is our talks of militarily always be they d be now. Would you would you would you do that you get? work. Diego were so back and talk to people.
Never heard of a noise like you'd be perfect, but it is a more and we should make their tables. Let him him just bring with it. Nine, the airport coming from nothing of Saint Louis somebody that and so I am behind his lady in about a lamp moves to three but people in front of her and I'm behind her back. Don't wait. Make my low noise what am I gonna, o o latina? What mismanagement and she looked back and she went back back to can forward and envy ass it well done away with she's a you make a lot of noise. It see you, may
a lot of noise, Sir remember making a noise. You do when you get in the car today began the kind you I gotta express myself. It's noises in the noises in question are those whose those, like the moment you get in the car Nigeria, how? How far we can go get your way, we're drive and thirty miles in areas like that you're going to face don't you think I look like a little quick only on a freeway, unlike work or on the freeway, sixty MA, I'm goin slower in what is now his his voice is just one of many. I come across, voice over another deserts when those things where I'm lucky enough to have that when I'm a backpack because sometimes I'll throw it out their people that we like Ireland out, he will do a Jack Witherspoon presence interesting
I will use in practice on it. Would it gotta be nice. Those seen him get in show business get understand I guess so these body here, where I came from a limb keys them gives hope you'll be successful. Ammo tremor to be successful. He's too busy counterfeit coins togae about black eyes. Oh God bless us all you're on your own good luck! Pete way, I mean he's, you know he's supportive, but here and those guys we're because anyone when I came in at all junk I wanted, I wanna do art and when I was drawing, I used to go to college and then I did not turn out into a career. So why? My friends? I want to try acting always waste in time. A classmate laugh, they honest, interesting ideas. I started my doing commercial light and one that, but I have friends Comics like usually bring up he's my dad get some images randomly happens, usually lay, and when that comes across their like honest
it is. You got like a well of information in the sense of being a good cause. Megan riding in this net. Yeah, well you're, not that I don't, but it's just Ask him questions about stuff like that is the funniest efficacy, his bare legged deserted, very flat out and his colleague the idea be funny. How much more elegant, though really yet you just gotta get outta here last night people ask me: do you go to the clergy and you sign have em right about what he does it. I've vetoed form. He does a watch myself like I just go up, and I do when I do my time and I come into the green room like you go and you like, oh yeah, media
now like they were laughing so concerned, are you did I hear it doesn't bother to do my criticism or any pointers or anything you ever give many pointers tips. Maybe one I'm on one, the one on the opposite spectrum, leaving him tubes about like how he can how he can leverage like his you know his ears notoriety in this day and age on the internet, that my being so it's one of the things we lie. If I have a question about stand about ass, but here you should definitely have a very active social media yeah. You can help him right. So I good near calls on all the time camera hearts always away, here's a nail always on here's the thing. Literally creating his social media was just a fluke cause one day like five or six or seven years ago, someone trend that he passed away and become
That we had to come. Gate, social media for him. So when that happened here, call me and I'm gettin calls from random p the who know him and also my cousins. Lacquer family colony crime is a yoke Is everything ok and he called me like gaiety of you gotta help me some some wrong one internet. They could think about. Please say Emma MOB, all my alma. They please call me in order to do that. We created a twitter that day and then through Twitter. I told them. I will just tell people around and we tweeted Ally, hey you is the real job spoon blah blah, don't listen to those families make an ugly room because it was it was worldwide, trending or wherever they hashtag are ip paths or something and then offer that is twitter game like, twenty five k and unlike an hour and then lay run down the road he got into Instagram kind of randomly where he does. He had an instagram generally posts, and then I think one day you did, you did just arrived.
And am thing where he was really. I told you, I told you Megan and, and was a name You hear me he was making like a joke about like build, caused me and one that, and he might be under my name. That's why I'm with them that does Duff bill and whatever boats, other social media platforms randomly founded, reposted it and now is, He went from like six gate like a hundred twenty eight lumpy before me. I just don't do anything doesn't understand Celso media answered, but bullets and trade agreement allude to great weight of we do in mourning radio you don't like to do. I do I get it I gotta get up Friday morning. I get to get the Kansas City at ten o clock at night, thirty tomorrow night and then I had to get a free anymore. I don't know the time or anything like that yet, but I'm a private do three for radio station. Yes, I'm talking about We take the job you and you so sleeping bag of hearing of hay
take a nap later and then we're gonna wrecked when the first show raising Gonna do to show. So is it it is not fun and I'm I'm I'm slowing down. If you build up you social media, you can cut that part of it out. So you have relations have some those radio stations we like them more loudly, come in and do it meant that's cool? If you want to do it, to have to do it. You have to do it, this have to do it. Obviously, since nice for your brain. You look imposed like a story or lie only icy or of bigger posted Instagram. Video Sandler, hey, I'm gonna, be here this. Again. The labelling that oh yeah Africa cut in half got down yeah. You don't have to do that get up in the morning stuff, but they want to see me yeah these radio d Why does really want to see pop? They want to see pop May Legend company, as am I knocked down, let you know
need some money, and if I am a comic, I'm glad we're gonna catechism need money. Definitely explain that because I did have a question when I first started to stand up and I'll lay hid from from the vessel standpoint as idea. What we'll get you understand it? What is it that light motivated you to want to do it? He looked at me, say motivated me out. I was broken. Someone told me I was funny to Wendy opinion battles day, that it is time making them sounds like so then. What are you doing here? You don't like this. I mean is this: I am Monday Comic who just to make people there. What do you do when you learn dead man? lemme tell you some time some
on the way home sea via a good week, thus helping them to pay a lot, a damn money- people thirty, some thousand dollars for six weeks nights for me for six chosen a week in and I don't count the money, but I'm gonna do one night is yours, here the pay you have the money up front. Indian, give you money just before you go on stage summit may have fourteen fifteen thousand out of my pocket, albeit on a plane, feeling that filling their money That is why I give to all glance it s. Leave his passions, vizors, pass and prize amendment. No ten, and I saw the Bank of America check out my account for clock in the morning. A punch in methane punching is you: have you been? as is funded at at at at at at at at at at that
as we do today, we just get in the Bank of America. You save the phone call man other than ever. They go through the motions each of you like to hear it in its latest foreign images soldier getting them to do. And the your balance, as is so wonderful. Now a broken outcome and lemon juice guards. Would you start doing Stanhope Burgundy Joy in Detroit, I was my brother's go to acting class on Thursday in his wife s boy, that's pretty good! could be an actor second, the yellow pages they hadn't be elevated. To have mellow ragged go today, phone get the number, but there the l page echoes what the unpleasant went to acting plant private acting lesson.
I called a guy he's a twenty about us. Now come on opening down. We can get started. So this teacher at John Think omens, acting class is put in a comedy show once once a year. I want you to be honest about no company, you somewhere you. This is very. Could have been, as you can make a lot of money. We really next door to show. Why wait a minute? That's funny. Doltish eyes, do impression, knocking coal Johnny Matthews and was voyage Cochrane, honest Mick, Jagger Domain younger still go go! Go about what people are. There would issue a thousand process. Daylight dzhokhar boils all funding and I gotta stay innovation away. Makin pride make someone
doing is so I really was money. Money was your number one motivational when you brought money is no Tom. I love and affection. Some You have my word. You do have the luxury. Let's get out of my way. I count these Where did you start out? Millay were clubs. You start out him all I drove from Detroit Daily. I moved to New York. I moved to New York fixed semi one next. Anyone else about thirty is all twenty. Nine. Thirty two maneuver could be a fashion. Our Fatima Joy bill, fashion, commercials, I worked, catlike motor car and and my job was pleading bumpers, the big fuckin bumpers, and so the bumper avid need the monies unpicking this because you know use, may unit Julia and interferes in everything else
Then your body kicking it put it. Big movement is like a man. Do it to keep going to get into plating pit, so I have now the bumper go. Now I had about three minutes allocated magazine. I saw gas annexed I've been met, do Dale I wanted to. I would do that pages again and get me a call. The acting lady called the school, that's all shook up in the game Job that we cannot go on. I will not die within Europe, do lieutenant Let me ask you a model, You have made your model, so I can do that. I get the hell out of me. I went back to New York. I went them new state new three years back to Ellie Amendment that Detroit gotTA controlling the elite by myself and when you went to allay you want to do stand here. I want to do acting in
stand up to cut their Molly now. I've never said it should work. Where did you were starting to understand, appear at the college to restore our first when they would miti why our remit first started Valley had deplete Sammy admits it breaking up Missy Semi, usually semi when, on the rule, Sally was big tears a big time comic working for shrieked, unnatural dream on all the opening for the mid see needed some buried. I needed place. So I got a job, mitigating jobs, the embassy, let bake that most empty. The first shot embassy to second show here money then either he had a wife. He had read truck and adult main bob. I fancy he came away with. Not just head is blue. I had this blue world Mustang about one hundred fidgeted readily home. If it did not occur to deal with Ellie, while you know I was
we gotta get me. Somebody back or threatened. Missus Lewis get out every two levels, the feel Aqaba, but all in transmission fluid every two hundred mile limit to animals that night may all around it, and only like you see headlights on a car like most digging and stick with me. The funnel put them all in MECCA. Looking around you know me, do I get to California agitated our biggest written. You got stuck, I get stuck in my ear. He told me what happen blows, money. I guess again to try to keep this thing confronting. It can gather Oh he immediately stand me my free and he
this boy he said just gonna go to LAS Vegas, firstly, with the comics doing, then he got away. Do you know what they do in vague invested, comics network LAS Vegas all the time. I want it all a joke, jewish joke they play in detail but gave cabinet. That's all funding begin such aid. Very. We was I waste armament, and without Tito these data. Half an hour I mean happily have a thirty days stated- are paid a membrane for thirty days, and I went dead, get me. My new men may be sued on him in a sharp eleven people dead man, enclosure amendment standing around Europe have bigger afro. I love every damn. I headed epoch, horseshoe casino hours. I would go home crime,
now don't me what the hell am I do here then drove to Anne had days across the country lad. Call people in detail, targets and want to be. When you call you Brian ways we gotta get domain it. Even I answer the phone. Is ongoing undermine? So I guess I'm more borrowed money from some of my friends and they had to stay there for six months. The message you like, economical Ellie. Will you said that Can you tell me that you hit? You did one of those slot machines and it hit with a battery grantors? I had a hundred and fifty double never saw down around. She went we do have a go at night during the weekend. Didn't we
you can go to the front of the casinos, then the guy and a front day say I'm a comical sitting back here. What's the comic and I'm gone, they say that you do. It is accepted by new bodies. Didn't get two thousand seasonal pages on either, so I dont have left a sardonic Rossi integration from way as pleaded just just be broke. My check is coming from unemployment to be here another day or two. I can go without food for day most damage at router. You better put some Dounia Nigger. I put them in a machine it wrong. The bad thing with SAM thousand Rural thought I'd like that something
it should now? What about the guy came? Elisa just got on job just Honan, sir. I just got here. You have got the jackpot today. Jackpot. I guess he came just put the money out of it- was a miracle like like me. This came down a hand me. Some money is something they were so damn money does a good. I went home and pack Mastiff ahead about two more days on my rent again that car, Let me sum gaze drew you know how to have it in Vegas they get to the island, in the middle of the street drove over that damn thing going back on the other. The direction as it here with his arm and will you go over island costume poems come out, does come on old com, also come on all those who seek
hey and you think dirty does the owner would draw all the way from three back in the morning will call you every time it was that drove all the way back to LA and my friend, let me stay at her house for about a month candy. She was good friend of my bed. She, let me do that cuz I was. That was amazing. From apartment multi I mean no money Eden, Imitative worst has tell me to get someone INA baked potato white potato with with the white potato as Aubrey it at some syrup. Get the fuck out of this. If it is not good for the key How come I hear a big plans, faked administrators raised her house. I've got a job, a gucci, and I aggravated economist or new
If you don't gotTa Vegas, would you have even got stuck no guess you would also that's a six month. That's a sick! mother waiting game that you had to play because you ve lost money on worse. Our urban airplane come in and taken off. Could you can see him from my my door? You see to pay come until a care, I think the main mildew video the plane terminal command. You see him take off as already at all day long replaying company was while maintaining them. Playing company and landing in all this is doctor stuck in my lap deserve my money. There are people here. Are you money? Yes I deserve every day because I was doing the sheets Oh, my god that car lasted another for five years really take. Sixty five must aim ESA great car
there is a great, regular gas activism. New tyres. I got to get me. Some new ties, a case of oil and I got it never gotten all quality and a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken back then, when you try to get up in a store had had the additions go when they do no you're. Not go through. The butler Oh yeah, oh, say, might be there, but it what's that mean Accommodate called it about democratic. Did no comics go on animal. How many colleagues, whether I must have been about ten fifty really and raises her were years. Is seventy four? So, as are the big ending the launch of Solid Missy Missy started when I was there to begin his ici. She liked me
get me see, Janni come out here in the door. You can do anything, you want us any job, Mitya, so hustled a door, MITS Cheesacre, better watch jamming. He can make some money and dead damn door. What I will do I was what he got. Maitre D is somewhat Maybe so I will put deficit reserve sand in front seats up their reserved for the owners, Grandmother Missouri. Further mothers grant them Missus Father and so now may momentum in the main room and other room be crowded pact as it we sought out. Sir he's. What tables up therefore suggested honest grandma,
because he's with Ivan Analysis, but be nasty does right now, so I will make. I would make our Megan to food behind it a night sometime, five hundred thousand just at the door but miss it. Didn't she had legal m C. In essence, what do you say? Five hundred thousand meant five. I mounted about a thousand found when it kind of that's the pictures. Her that's messing up now I reckon there the pigeon, when you were the younger yeah, there's a photo. That was from the calmness whether we sit around the back roman Taylor, boss, there's one eye and he painted it. That's why you that's what I knew her when she was like that she was is thus the page there. That's the picture used. She was a smart lady sure was limited. Some she was a whip she was. She had her ways. Yet she
she's deftly eccentric but she's one of the most important people ever incompetent comedy and even realize you don't realize Missy was the sheets Nepal is crazy, run around LE baby monopolies as the baby. A normal Missy meets him. Any gonna come about toward the door. I get up and go with slamming the door at eight o clock, show unity, the clock, so I'm him scene and environment or in everything in and hosting a Roman on it. So I'm up there on stage, but you gotta know broke to put across the door and called the curtain and the bureau. People come up in meat. Revision wrongly call up the steps, their vision, room so she's in a book taking money take
pick taken money. I get seven tickets she and had only one their working and end by any back. So amidst he almost eight up above a barber Barnett got ten people in a moon, so system just clean and get them getting gimme to cover in you good put their old back. So now, I'm about fifteen minutes. She say about three: men is foremans into my journey. There people lying go now. I met a man, you gonna do more normal material, comma, Janni, medium term It is my aunt JANET come on. Let's get this over with before returning That was a funny seas of one is lady. When his lady amateur eighty was hot jubilee, tough material
tat she Tommy's dick with me I'll make you a rich man needs outcome, you to be a comic, I'm gonna be no real man, I'm gonna be a common, but she is too much trouble. Tumult, accent, exec centric, to eccentric. I don't want to hang around alone argues deal. There is Mamsie August is still there are still. Is there last night I go to see him as the amount of time and when I go back now when we go once a year. So, but I see our magazine of people TAT is tat. It is genius, but he didn't. He don't want Leda Comstock he's got a radio station downstairs. He told me they have podcast principle yeah they have a podcast studio. That's dear yes, outta the remit see I've been omitted committee, a new word. Ninety, seventy four. When I went over there and I notice when I get an when I get on open, might night for people wanted.
Try to become a regular show. Midseason, love impression. Is she loved him? Who could do voices and address real added after about three weeks have been trying to be funny ass, I'm doing all reference jokes. I mentioned it when the horse racing gone and I got you ran nomadic divorce name, my dick fuckin, real parties. You become by that he would be so fucking funny at ten percent. Commencing people who say Tina Turner. Women is Anteater sheep, which, with reinvent behind each other, they stood beside him subsidies as a mythical crazy
why did we put on my impression is? But the women do know the women all I get the same impressions, but she put a tooth remoteness, angel impressions. I went up ass. I do an unprecedented gotta did amend Detroit shoulder with napkin call him she's our agenda. This is so wonderful. I want you to work Friday night. She put me on early put meals of nice times, but she wanted me to stay with her on a door. An embassy help her out. She emulate called it up the place one, Miss Ashton. We respond what is called the dogs like a bug, know what she's always had comics work there getting out we wanted to work. I want toward the modem com,
deliberate or house upstairs up. They are still alive than on a hill there. She bought all the proper around their Mincio mits, also much Alonso with money when she died. Oh my god to house upon this house as you know, the how she had upon the heel. The crystal this, wouldn't even how does one we're all the comics lived No, no, no, no dad commonly behind economies to up So here is a straightforward, oh yeah, she owned by three or four. I wonder what do you have a party over there? The second I was well is looking down. Do you the house out, Are you crazy when enchanted make debate covers thrown on top of the made in just round nothing top Diana emits ill, nor let back up there. Why bother Crystal House was Foresail backing down, went to look at it, but it had a dog. I was pressure is not using
get out of bed and had a crazy dog does not use the one right behind you re think blubber allow. We have, I think, I'll get the one. That's up into the right outcome, TAT, one that legally DR, where he owns it. I think I saw him I saw the other night at the at the store in the parking lot he was. He was telling me like out now. If use a watch my God at noon. Why is there that want to run to the world as it is in nobody's it kinda scenario? Is it true that humans and leaving your fuckin child with Kennison the chemist? I told Deva Letterman ass? He is born in about a new economy stowed as real funny as a man. You guess it is great to do name SAM Chemist, and so he said we have them. Semi taper somewhat give us a call on the shore,
Oh, what a day beagle level man's M Madeleine, showing dangers, fell on the floor. Sam was so funny and SAM Sammy, as a SAM David. Let him and want to see. You only show he's really spawn effect, any other get on tv while- and he was always me always been. My friend Tom TAT can always was used in work Missy after wound. She would get these young cast a like David element to beat him see other ferko. So I worked at twelve o clock toward tradespeople. Furnish me patrimony. Sam Kennison was a boy named. He can't make a do
has any did Andy Kaufman, Andy Kaufman, introducing him introduced on. He remained meaning and no Jesse day. Come to me and tell me what you want me to adding one been introduced him you re just can't come in time and looking at is vulgar man any gardening. Maybe shells Unita, it was short. Crazy, went crazy, lady with the window, but the peaks, and he sprang dolls, onstage punched him nowhere base do bad like like a member that only the bare smoking a bare only you could prevent it. He would pull out the we're only you could invent for tie you fuck. You and the pair. Who is so much
people would come to justice. He would go nuts is I'd really like crazy expression. That is just an unbelievably funny guy, naturally funnier it was an east coast, legend, our when those guys, then he got up at the gate. Lady broke up and a guy you bore, she moved out of the Roma garden. It was crazy to get the big you'd better He would bears out and said that he would beat up. May well. Did you know Bob Woods. Bob was another legend another like EAST Coast, Ladys gulls, big giant guy, he he's like a long island legend, so he didn't play com you can give. Made it out or even make it. I don't know, there's a few of them. If you actually do stay to go I'm hanging orgy downwards, oh, where tonight, No here
It was a long island legend. Really, yes, like back in those days like long there was like he was a legend in long island around the same time like those Boston guys like labour law. There are big time in Boston. We want a landline Abbas and got Edward TAT. They don't have a club. There Well, they have laughed Boston, they do local headliners. Now next communist, I own a lap bosses, and does detour. They are go there too, but I'm, ladies, still have some like good local talent, and then they the Wilbur, but it used to be their website. Can I get clubs? I don't wanna, see two fucking close people, really that's what I like over there, but they can't people did come here late. They come late may trying to get to the front when we get to see deadening. Take thirty minutes to bring up this with somebody job over the dramatic I saw my last special at the wheel at the global level I like it could have been checked.
A place where there is an hour and a half hour drive our had it and a club idea would them already at here equality with other cloak used to be. Backlog in Andover, though we think enough, not rhetoric is right there with them all. You know well stores and things Oh fan, Johan Van yeah yeah. The comic connection friend it's gone, UNESCO has been TAT, was amazing. I'll never get it would hold by four five hundred was big place and you go. You don't show then drive automatic Hiccoughy hour and a half hour had been do another show Friday. Oh man, and then you go. I did just copy is why in. Chinese, hawaiian, restaurant and HIV do not delay.
A whole month. You'd be democratic. Eleven to take my job better, go back to go about this origin with food near the guy, get manga latch on it, and the food was actually where this gone on to his account the kids. The kid I didn't want to stay there think that the mother, Father dad. It was because we want to keep Romania beautifully Nan, any half Connecticut, heartless chick appears in she could be tickled Matthews Western Matthews messages, but the old what today's boy huge longer flight, but I love it. Did the airport with Timmins firmly wholesale you're doing get you out, you may get out, there was a lot of clubs, but then all club- it's
its interests. It is more comics. Now than ever, more clubs doesn't seem like I've got a lotta gladly room, but they did they only book. They don't have. They don't have a showcase night like Fifteen twenty come here, don't have that they had rather comics and that's all they had, so they make their money this whole. Given ball, There's like independent shows. Now. That's that's how it is nowadays, like the club circuits, pretty kind of the saying, there's some new clubs, but you know I hear here like a mother. Clothes on the road like they're, not like the ones out here or or you don't get a chance to really showcase you have to either be somebody only book in January yeah beyond your way type it they have been book at what can it have been book January? Second, a third and can see anyone is when is it next? This week is twenty first dissimilar, gentlewoman Jonah be what Friday's summit this week on Saturday?
that. It had been in book six months on his map. Jesus Christ, sakes. My solid I'm permanent book in this club six months ago I'm all year for this year I gotta get dates. I wish a broadcaster updated and November do it in December, twelve to the fifteenth I think I'd be in Ireland in Texas, but I know that you, I dont get we Christmas an emblem of ten percent, but they book you, you wanna, get do club, you get that they think they have they heavy book. Your by you been beard. A good book ambush ambush Hamburg too much just under the shelter You had enough you know I am may or may not watch or listen to those they know is hard work.
Warm there whenever, whenever I've done will never have done, shows of him at the moment, because our hang out, because after every show, he'll try to sell merchant take pictures about as citizens and the green room his eye GDP. How hard at work you see. Do you see all these I'm doing right? Who you only on Monday, although none about is hard work like ok, open is, is TAT you're, no five, six weeks in a row, that's what I'd! Now, I'm on my second of five weeks, the second week now so I'm gonna go next week. I go too hard for Connecticut Hartford Springfield US you you actually flat to that. Then I go to Memphis, so it you said you hated. Will what largely to stop? so a lot of work with the only time. The only time I've ever seen him do anything outside. Could you he's old school? So it's all those things are he's so used to light. He said,
You see you got his agents as managers and the he so used to someone given him works as ones things around on the road you given the spot gap, clubs and I was I. What do you like doing because you asked earlier and late the wanting we made between them, Do a comedy now, as we created a u to channel for him where he does like a cooking, show right, he has. He has on you to check it out. Do you tube in all this stuff? I do the gaming videos and a bunch of other random stuff sketches and blogs, but If I were you, I guess I got Lo Tan We can do some raise. I may win. Dude is cooking idea, get unnecessary. Let's do it. We create, but China we make it and it's called cooking for poor people live in poverty, because when you hungry everything, taste GS His channel is John worried about your crap. Have you got a bunch of crap, but equally from chicken feed and rice chicken Chilean with chicken feed pick the ox tail edge chicken? What is kicking feet like tough?
but you know each other asian people eat it changes the way they eat every day he trotted fitted to our dog eat dog ran away from. So that's like a clear another delicacy. It was last year I recommend wine wine tall layers of mad dog. Twenty two. It would chicken Feed and Thunderbird Thunderbird. And about one in five Cisco matters: point twenty p m faced by Dell Van? I really so mixed can sell it. you don't like it owes booty hanging out in front with the bottle, did bring it down here and had to be handed Creighton and bringing them he did.
At EU level. By someone I am shocked that area as I hope I helped them boots and create the homework on this. It gets get it repeated it pixie within into Shelly. Through my shit we occasionally cheated. All take me to Oh god, I liked the kitchen to unite us all whose kitten as it is as we have. We bought the house next to us. Oh no doubt next to me, and I told a whole Vince now, guest house, kitten and we'll get on and teaches us. Emily did Emily that you that's a perfect kitchen. Films shown cooking the tight, an old school of reminds you ve grown up there and it works We know we, we predict we'd better when I think we may maybe twelve fifteen of these things by people watch em. I just want to say a few words on the roadside whenever freedom comes around. We used to sit back and knock em, and try to shoot, em out Adam and whenever
I'm busy, so he has an editor selling. I'm a man was about noon. I try to help a market it when it's like Finnish somewhere posted on the social platforms, get it out there when that and about a comedy special I've done it you think about it. Are doing one now idea, one that pay for myself, but hello. I'm almost done to be added. That must Atomic amazes me. What of intent down now them with fifteen found out I think that horrible? blogger is that you felt the data has been busy about four years ago for various. Did you release it, No, I got it all you talking about. What are you talking about the one that's already done and out there? No one s call you got accordant year that one was from Showtime sending aid one you didn't released because you didn't like you stomach. I name wisdom
but you didn't you? Don't you also get anybody to finish like editing? ray them together. Did they can initiate the at its advantage? It's been. No, that's an aim which your friend, namely does any data animations gave gave, did a busy. He didn't artwork that work on it. Random. I didn't know you ve been. I thought you, you always shelf their cause. You watched it in you, don't like the way came out and then you never finished. Editing oppose me, my stomach. You bet you'd better, take their. I love tee by right now, so bad boy, look at sea myself must only be once you get. Somebody else will do that Bulgaria is one way lies. There is one and would bring us
but now tat never makes any sense memories of AIDS. Why? I'm here? Let me guess. I still Jodo government. We have won the body old money. A bunch of liquor on a bunch of whisky does not aim observe later in the mere that live like that, big boss you'll get away. But you don't want to lose weight right in I want to lose weight, but they say Gus he wants a loser, Walter ranking our should stop drinking it or take it and increments do break the attic. I get it woody, during the whole bottle of doing
You can't get together with runway booed HIV drink at heart. She wanted issued hearing as key Then he drinks is last night. He was in the bag by others declare he. He drank too much We should give him for the whole state. I see him up there. He asked I need not drunk dead, drunk as it can be, wrong. Goes heart. The eagles. We're goes heart egos, aren't every falconers. We too, as tough as tough and its work and out address white land, jog, nay, my dinner, Jangle leg cabinet saving, most red right. We need to get another one and it may be one more in that area the bottle and pulled up to you
drink use weakened in put it away, go debate it until the next day, a hidden until the neck, but you didn't get another week of the summit. The good for you bonds are bad for a little bit. Look at two glasses of wine a day for Emily and how much was in the glass? How big the glass glass as above? What about tat are good at an even better, the again geographical would you go back and I'm in no rest I'd say something I had some were to be told you Russian, on every way be evaded their good for you, you step, been a dead guy got money alone. I gotta count. It always come full circle. Now I hosted show they always leads. Is always people now I got friends who asked me so soviet edges.
Thus we are, there does. Is that a character, unlike on another, he got off for being so he's gonna, let himself to atone jovially begging there. As I know you, don't you let your ideas I wouldn't be here. You are you're where you are cause you are, who you are you you don't have to figure you just supposed when you're acting to be biased near you find enough That would be yourself here among the cartoon wanted to boondocks. They added Jane my voice for the balloon. No did did it and they come back, but buddhas coming as great show is one of the best cartoon. I met the due to create and he was friends, my friend Todd emigrating. Within this very smart dude very, very smart. He did but accedes lawfully wrote TAT. Jesus near another one, a Europe that you like you like, fell into that look Lenny part, because
remember what the thing is I went in for that show to play one of those leave or whatever, having been a member casinos, friends, errand and one that air and just call them into do like a one day role. Member gay want me to pieces and we need your character to to do just due to pilot trade. Filet do Jesus HOMES man's so bad that got into. I thought it was cool you want a job? Is yours, so he went into do like like a guest, our role and then they were like dang. He's funnier then then what we were they can sell. We, so game are all that he was a series. Are you did receive than we did to that end? We finish that they did a third one in that it has an area, and I use see one idea- Hollywood shuffle
I played a man who had lost everything. He was hungry, some send out there, and rather Townsend didn't have any money for Woodrow. So I went. Did secondhand stored good wheeled about cover rolled and oh shirt, and I had a t shirt. Did I tore and put a pan put it back up so TAT was. I thought that was clever ass. All this happened. Twenty years ago I kept at outfit Imago arrived for twenty years and I used it on black Jesus saved aim at war with partner Halloween,
for. Why not all of which have all what was it hold cake? Was they met Hollywood level as it don't hollows of data? Is there of Gatt arresting them AIDS, the ESA than they took so then he wore they, they did they being, and then they will, I wouldn't think stinks soldiers recreated for you. They didn't everything over. It gets the same outfit that I had this together like that my little landing in air makes. Whatever but a robber, Townsend Wheezy up too hasty he's a directive? Does direct and different move without a different moving and an commercials and he's do ten of yeah, yeah leaders do not on tour with him and we worked all the big places. I remember his specialist, the odds are those If calmly, special or even wanes did the area did M rabbit down these telegram, ass, pitcher and now my phone. I don't know how
I dont know presented jacket, man directly lose my phone, he does at home, he'll say: hey, I don't live with him, I'm grown a merry allows them a little more alive. It he'll call me, is a Jane you seen my my camera more my camera. Now aware it is as I live with you. I have no idea where Europeans from you. I won't you didn't. You know em up other lives. What I'm still size? One is there's only what you ask Alex he's around or someone who may be as at the house. More of these. I now feel like you, might be the one who do might know, because I've seen you around here, you know Miranda come take Monday's, take master I'll, get metal. I take you stuff. I get no cameras about camera and put it over there who then no way let us over there. I come back Nobody- and I have no idea where that, because I put it over there, that's s you you and mom and Alexander whoever else. What Rome's through the house will
move things around all the time. They are my bare to move things, but I know what Anna Web, what things in it and when I come back, is not there, but but the thing is: why do you call me when I'm never there? You know what the major Mamma Mamma. Take you stuff model shoot her lawyers delicacies July produces. Does independent movies are so when she grew your camera, that's really move to do, he'll pressure do instead of because this is actually an I didn't want to do it never really got. I got into acting, and I thought that was far enough. Osama data does want jumping the residents of enacting images candidate on a whim and then stand it was like. Air, a friend of mine, was light. We shoot. Does we back in the day not too long ago. Your early two thousand eleven or twelve, that back in the day, but My boys were hanging out one night in our twenties and we just went.
We had come from a club and we drove past a laugh factory and I was like a yes or no. Comedy our almost like twenty for something, as I used to know that I was like the owner knows me from when I was a baby. It he's there, my name is it you, Jane Messiah, but when at where the average your baby? That's that's an account of baby that those introduction to every time on their that whatever animals, whenever I do shows that is introduct informing hillbilly, hey Buddy. I want you to meet the John Johnny Witherspoon son. I used to carry him when he was a baby. I used to chat about letting him on state. We went there. We were there randomly one night and I felt like a funny as good as a good impression. We went there randomly one. I remember the door guy I was Hey is Jamie here uneasily Jamie who, as if I'd known as bag of thousands in other owner, is like Tom Jd Witherspoon.
Today. I am, I didn't think anything. I don't use my name like that. But then he like comes down he's like body you're doing this. Is that when comedy like Nano me, my friends. We just want to show you come on. Let's go get him a bottle of wine all that stuff out, but then later. Let you know through the night he was talking use I use. I see China do comedy like a damn good wanted cared. Do that, I'm fine and my friends with me. I come on easy here, so you should try it pretty funny, maybe even they are then him body another and, as I know, but then later on, that same week he's I have you ever want to combat disease at swing by due to open my anger. Whenever and a boy Henry one enemy, Henry Henry was I ain't we should do now men become funny. You know me we be. Comedians holes like out thanks, and then one day We just so. I think I think I had somewhat email from the left, Adrian hit em up and was I male nobody gonna come by. May we do the MIKE, and then I am sure will tell you this net and
nobody Henry he's a want of pressure me into it. We practised our jokes on camera at home to see how it was the weirdest day, and so we are we. We because I was, I was like getting its alike. Creating content in that was going to film school. Making like my Youtube videos. I do my sketch comedy on Youtube and there like we shall like a little thing. We lost a bag alike. I guess and then we went to the might that night and we went. I did it. I was at the back end of the line up, so I actually had a decent crowded was like cause. You know starts off, there's nobody there just comics and then, by the time it My turn it was close at eight o clock show. So is, like thirty five the people. I had three jokes for my three minutes at clean and I did it and they did I say: let people laughed and I was like outcast cool random and I Much of it Henry bound, it gives nobody, but it was just one whose names were after that
Where would we be run up there? past werewolf, whether Cameron, now the camp, the cameras. You can watch over there. You, if you got here, you deserve it. Will you did you dad, we regret when the eyes of fun. I got a bit about how when you just get old, you just don't care, you don't care about what you say. He doesn't give a fuck. Not at all, but also like that's part of who he is. I guess, is part of his business is not given a fuck they're pretty last year funny it's either that that's mean that he's he's a funny. As do I personally know. That's that's that's categorized as its. I would think they, like that was my dad, I feel a lot of pressure. I think it's pressure. If I fired from the beginning,
always want to stand up. You're, not gonna. Like my thing I never liked it was. It was all a majority. The stuff I do now is very leg, just happenstance this I'll just under this Adam Guide at its just keep doing at one that when it comes to things like Youtube and like I know you, do unboxing videos and Gabriel You can kind of do there. Now, if you're, you're an interesting person yeah. Dont really need much now levelling out the internet. Now dad came along today. Didn't this and also exists in others, giant body of work, and you just put a camera new Delhi. Does my dad you daggled fucking past now. If he was like a guy works at the Post office, regular guy film is, God knows you're Tellin, you friends, like my dad, is the funniest alive, and then you put a care on him. He will blow up the it's. It's it's interesting and one that I never
We think it because people who, as we all grown up they'd, be like how is it that you dead? How do you feel I used to get our time? Look. Get your dad's, whoever I'm a bluff AMOS this next Friday, the wanes where the elderly here, we means just my dad, like he writes, teach just goofball normal likes you. I get it to you guys. You see somebody who's entertainer in one. Unless he's just these always to have fun, is he shoved his special didn't like he does funny ears? The vetoes does weirder still find that special and get it out. I mean we can posted it. It's definitely or he could sell it and now a days ahead of me, I'm sure he's people get hit him Netflix like we have. We have a body of work, people would watch it. That's the thing, yeah clay! You talk me into doing new special.
There's some gotta get gotta get its. Are you get to talk him in the coming back here in the dim says he does, but he did. The main thing is that the consumption of its guide, let's cut back on drinking and then continue exercising you'll, see the change. I thought I'd try to tell em do drink ever other day. Do science is interested in the now? It doesn't sound like he's gonna presented in drinking our origin, and your he's a hundred percent enjoying dead money and drink. My landrigan map was there that's as having a time he's back India, man, but they live in. I join it, but that's that's how I got in two cavity. Then I just kept going into my farmers a year now good becoming two years. You dont know I would say, started in two thousand twelve, but I want to say, having I didn't continue in the beginning so consistently. I did like MIKE's further verse. Two years and then I saw get booked on shows and then I Canada
leave. It was one of things where everything I was doing like. I would weigh my options if, if something was more of an opportunity, I would do that over trying to give better at stand. But now I've been consistent for like three years three to four years, Just like grinding at its cause, I've made strides doing things and active in and the creative content on the internet, and now I kind of have, I guess, a little bit of a cushion. Just go and get good now you know because I've been working, so you do and other stuff yeah totally rely This is one of the things because I don't have to rely on it. Is that much more of it? that much more something I want to approach and we will now. I can light, have fun, I don't feel pressured not with Nothing about that but more like I don't feel pressure to get book. Get back and honest Jim. You know yet a special the money. I just feel I can just take time and get good now about them you around. When prior reasons
no, you must have been set We are so you would you just kind of those in. Seventy four, when you were just getting their prior was he was. He was already using the peak right, big time. Oh yeah, big time and more was ally. Was he would You know what I was around a common do. I was basically the host of the council. When I m see you know, when I go to the door, they have a problem about doing settle. The problem is not just smithy once he knew I do on a sudden in when you find them just being polite, MR enrich it would come out of the bag rigid prize into baggage, on regional aid. On you know my PA money- money was in data banks, in time. We got all these guided. Commodore rich, you wanna do another elbow. So what happened is rigid first em eyes. I saw a rigid into bang us, which I don't suppose it is combated.
How you doin ass, if an upturn in ever come at sea, I don't need you say. Is true to set it up, for he wanted work on his act missing for new elbow, so I submitted everything fat you wanted ignore those will be finally one those date. None allowances comments here, you don't you don't written and build a better, but so go. I know not go away and come back and Did you hear anything you want to drink? They want to drink now, see why did he get up from the rear drink he like with I'll work on it? Cherry at it like that, Canada, and I M so notable awake. I believe they taught me ritual job. You crazy, rigid, combat who's. Gonna drive me crazy, I've, always come very rich. Everything of annual anything else you want is among those days now run along those lines. Common, I say to the area payments be having spoken reallowance it
and so would I go income as a rich due to many people said rigid, pragmatic up so he's sure I got into to me he's. Where do go on as we have this guy get off, you put your right now and he got into tune. The two out Then he has sin. He'll call here have have his secretary communist next. These are things that happen. We get old age haven't Miguel state, he appeared to be pushed stage. Weird is amazing, but Random Williams but richer would do like two hours without around have our regular thing her? Who is Album. You know you got in total out any and his right isn't about money would be the right them given coltan him most up to see if he had all that and then he would have of three weeks in a regional room where he kicker, maybe
while they like some time and no good to handicap kingdom he'll be better. Every night is omitted. Put me the show with him? So I Open is showing to forty five minutes and then Richard come on do an hour and a half, and then we moved to the main room after about three a month, in a room and moved to the mainland, ass one man and people, droughts or miss- will make so much money. He would draw so many fuckin people, oh holes. You ve, been out on the street loved collars, very cold, very faint for quota peak in yellow issue.
We have in mind when you have all my head, Mick Jagger cuts in aid. The boy was his name will be Nelson. I'm at unwilling us about honesty to sing a song and unreasonable, really yeah he's as really you got you you gotta be again. Could you got to sing a song about willingness? He was so he still around some scared. Dude, I'm nervous nobody's gonna people. He went there saying one his arm. I was there was there was a three or four me. So did we moved to remain but habit? I would kill every night into an event of an oil is like the alchemist innovation, because our do matters they learn from Detroit enacting called a new attitude, Janni methods and my last and I will do L Green just before that in an inadequate.
I saw L. Green of those rules are to the Ladys, went to him. How that India, when is it is stated on anyway, he withdrew He has brought it to the Ladys. So I, when I look at the coming to an end We shall get dandelions hand, families and lump Lady did exactly what I wanted to say. She's L B give us roses as by you lucky. These, plastic or dying. I know now money, I've, a homo What do you get back to you and to Morrow, and I did that then did John him at this is just impression that I added to my act, got the elaborate ladys that delay learning and I gotta do women Food Rosa back at my feet as a damn issues cool in a moment ago. And rigid Ptolemy as Rigid Airbus habitually takes born on roll with you. You got a mature levies. Bobo You too funny angle, agony, have you down the road? He sound was too funny for why and he took
Finally, you know famous inshore defined, as would do impresses. He went out and precious so he took a minor role. He told you, you are too funny. You too funny love you by due to their quantity. For me, I don't want to be. We had to work their them. Are women at my feet. Boredom dinner lands at a late hour was that was re compliment, but I have the they billboard. Other com is too rigid, crying John Witherspoon. Why I heard someone from near pupil thing: mom posted it and the last thing I repose. I helped you, reposted on earth, I e story and then the comedy store screen shouted and posted it. Nor did it they did that they did not like a multitude David prayers. Own tv show. You know it. Embassy, at eight o clock on any will written with a new. We won't go, lays its it
we want to give Ojo. They were scared to twenty two rituals tooth again and man was the iron cocaine. In about going. Stuff, you know, but I had no money app. I would get me some Namibia as a money. I look forward undoubted followed down there. They give me for this week. He's the only making money, but I make into an fitted found now this show day while is made How much richer prior John Witherspoon getting here was the year of their prairie. Seventy, that's amazing. Seventy seven,
none of these boys house every Sunday Liese babies have every Sunday and he had he had done. Barbecue people blue you gotTa Jim, batting, get where you box Tennis Court swimming pool. He heads for it by four areas. Were there, and I was it- was his own party meal. There was for sale. Recently for about for me, but I don't think it would be rather rigid prior live in it didn't want, do they call d be caught fire over there wow, military meagre economy goes that house. It was in the house. Asia loved own ass, unlike nor through there's something partly it's it's on patina waste. Nobody else is red downstream Danfield and we know that every Sunday imagine own rich
as old as critical. Whenever that Spirit may hit me, five on one pays its women. Do you know the people, those granting days Norsemen crazy- there was amazing, is is so coal boy just got on radio. The rigid prayer is in hospital in critical condition. He bought from buying from a pipe and blew up. His family went Dan Stone. All his His people dead. He probably never seen in m. Seen in years jumped over it down you headed Hugh fence in stone, others watches and everything onest of granting unanimous. How did he say he's gonna, so bad. They jump baggily principle it back what they jumped back on defence. What is done, they put it back, nearly put it back. There its approach on steel used up you even borrowed from him for over twenty years.
Now why don't you go still is watch, that's crazy. But maybe I so much follow with air and sea. Davis, Jr would come there every Sunday in a limousine and a tuxedo We we got short zone You know you're Raggedest Georgie, you old teacher, we plan, basketball, semi, coming Hi man semi, don't put some but in charge behind. Was he begged them Sammy yeah? Oh, I bet he we ve. This was. Seventy six must demand, while he was young Z dad about sixty sixty two sixty three. You must have been in his fifty forty to fifty Tuck cedar tax evil in a limousine, Madam Mina LAW, Sammy Davis Jr, pulls up in a taxi man to observe a limousine. We all was in basketball. We also fuckin. We also forget ragged each think anyway. Unemployed.
To play. Tennis, Denning Yea play house and basketball Bobby. He checking me grab a mandate everything that it was you're gonna, get you the bell bottoms. Oh, funny man, so when you around, when Kennison came by when he first first started working there, can we grab my dick granted opponent check only way. I know me better funny, man, so when you around, when Kinison came by when he first first out of work in there. That was a a big shift right. There was no one had seen in anybody like him before.
He was a very old one. It was fun and one time he he bottom chinese food on his head when I called on some big sunglasses aided in front of this change korean store and you have chinese food or more korean and eaten tells them joking eagle, petty onstage at the main enemy in some crazy people, any reason Aruba Labour Day will. Finally, what because we still have a lot of history permits, it would mitya. Let him do it. Still. He will be up there with sunglasses on and he would have The committee was obliged to food. She was Brian imitation. She knew and letter comedians run the place she gave.
At the men in the region around as seen him crazy, I've seen some crazy. It's people in a reasonable level of day will funny what a becoming still has a lot of history messing with mitya. Let him do it it was obliged to be. She was Brian imitation. She knew the letter run the plates She was joking around about, but then one of Miss FED toy see. How do you know what she's trying to tell us emits? He give the comics fad dollars, Bassam, eggs and bacon on the way home. What's your name jumped off the roof of the girl had house, Is there college anybody,
begin here you Betty gone gaiety. Speeding on you got bigger measure bureau enable she went to a big stick with the right neurotic mania strike, big stick and innocent people. You can tell something crazy. What's a name jumped off the roof of the down higher house? How does his name name anew the guy's? Introduce a monitor, name it, but does emitted just give them something awful. They think they there, they ve done something setting most M drove out here and they all want to something want to like the Ex exceeded something she's panels. She's panic.
Poor eggs, but she D want to do it now. I don't want to get today him to get the help me, I'm not a regular, so you get paid and we're gonna be presented of what the take is for the door in the main room you do if the main room sold out. You can make money data are. I think that our best tape internet about arms had twenty five bucks. I think it for violent Adele innovation in the main room and the main room command money, but four guys like more important is a place to exercise its did to but he like him, so he was just one of one. Now then I remember re factories, a computer, Katmandu double look of us a coke. Imagine they must have realised too is before when you think about like rats. He'll giant famous comedians before prior, like tiny handful, nobody,
like him he said he was just no one of one now then I remember re foxes, a computer. Now I get me and double look of us. A coke plan. Will not it is. She was all running board my memory. Body- and I was at a gas station, stop one day in on a little stores that Cosette tapes of richer prior prefer forming live at red foxes, Club Red Fox, They just had a recorder and he's Fucking around you tell his ranten and re use is high land and talking shit onstage like it's now prepare material half of it. It was amazing what it cares. River Edward he would pay, is sexes so
The government came in one night when you hear the people in the room took everything areas in which it house took everything. It took a ring of his finger and took his shoe. They took him and now never magician raw cook and urban heat. They shut Now is the place he things unless the Amoco somewhere, it was in a lay on early it can be called Sammy Davis, Eco, Sammy CALL, francs and opportunism major made took over they. Now
and be lay, I might have named dominated our tax that bad debt, they they took every day so Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr Ass, a mother. If other friends went to his club and work two or three weeks every night to shows sought him out to get enough money to pay, get his taxes again. His club bank he was so have to urban- is all gonna want. Thank you for doing this. For me, oh please, take Ma Am Dick. My me my heard the media's hug you hungry. So they all went only several ways with thoughts still in Petersburg index. Economic cable lean on today's you, son of a bitch. You do neighbouring country and enable coming back now see when pay taxes again. Ebay, no taxes this before after San France on this before and added
I think it a baptism believe agreeable taxes, my money, my taxes, we got a problem that I got guy attacks problem We had an apartment, building unbearably alone, pragmatism, Beverly Hills as blood to undo the eyes. Ramat Cobb Pass dancing ass, my place ass, where taxes get back up at enemy, Andy to death on employees and sell it and they take out the self. I hated me today: I you hate all their money must, after all, what is the right path and look at the place in dough and book it with some lady called we had pushed Percinet clean up the place on a timely manager of the whole deal. Is my wife worrying degree.
She can't police car here. Is it as a bag media here worrying the grass and we know recognizer somebody who was a tenant autumn at the merry ass it call the manage Asia was private owner Sustainable Angela did those falling icicle back in sit up ahead? Unwashed machine and drier outside in the back, you need a popular, so he was in it was outside, but it was enclose. I sit at the boy would be so quiet back, there's a boy dispute Detroit dorm chase my eyes down the street this. This is much better again pocketful of money, and I want to leave. I got money for them. Leave I'm leaving you get my ears at that. Damn place Unita needed Gotta go call it the pocketful of money. I thought about do one. Let me about doing
Well, that's what we're doing right. You, kid he's in a different around case, but you could sell out everywhere. We did that. I guarantee you money off cell erstwhile, told me that some I took a lot of work to comical about about anywhere so comical, Madrid them to have job with those theatres. If I'm on european of money you may sell out, I got to do I'm in Algiers to do
for our part cast their votes, do whatever you want, you could do leg, you could do it every time you on a plant and decent work in your fuck. Were you talking about come out time doing with the positive their retirement package is much time as you more and I was in the theater and I'm due to pocket. You gonna sit at theme. I did not know you cross that I was here. I know he's saying: can you sell out theatres by yourself? That's what he asked. I doubt that ok, so we established that you sell out clubs then he was saying if you were doing a podcast cast kindly what we're doing right now. That's what this is. You could, as you you know, build up the park as you could be, promoting it and recording, and you will have to do that. They really do it at that conference on how you do it said it s like this. Yes I'd better and then you will become popular sure. I mean
their popularity behind you. Some share people want to hear it. I and two percent in just one island into this gonna wanna. Here I have a package with Paul me me, above all, we other. What's a calm, the gaiety and Paul cast. It's just me, I'm a body we talk like video games and video technology, red relet. I wanna be cart. Current events and also like movie, will do blow many movie reviews on what kind of set up you have Dave, I'm like a tenant microphone. I'm like I am like attack, deuce everything. My my office at my house is it's like decked out with a bunch of stuff. I brought him over there recently to help me. I get him
the dew videos of me just because, like their funding- and I don't care and like let's make something random cause the other day we play mortal combat- and I had him ass, I had him react to the fatalities. Sounds like that's a funny video. My dad reacts. Immortal come as Italians and literally were watching it literally just oh man, look at a head go left and right now did so amazing that stuff, that's all my gaming channel, which runs eighty run on you too, asked other too serious for me by like art our path we ve also, we have also had employed, be are side because he wanted to play. Be our robot. His idea at seeing you do know the virtual reality. Do you tried it? So we did this. With the shark, a tower God, you know this one wasn't even a game, it was just like a tutorial. You just put it on and live through the thing and like a deep ocean dive and he was trip
It's like the shark sounded good, says me, sorry and his face and he scream and about in minds you. There is a point in the video. Where he's he's. Talking, but he shaking possum barrels up as what was happening and lay there. You go he was trying to. He was like trying to kick and where's strangle, the shark, which was very rapid use. I guess I like this idea and he does yells out at the shark he's like gotta name was Shirley was standing in a cage became. You down. I've been bought him a playstation for to play the game at his house and on the way out of the enemy s up here Your son took it. My brother took it was not worthy of my brother uses it for national exigent watches the put it very go. Look at what it I'm going crazy! Look these blogging, and that's me and my brother- we're we're like dying ladder.
Dump angel my Jesus look at my next Monday, Madam I, this is the shop yeah, this, shows you and him we have. We done We are trying to create stuff what him all time just cause it's random funny. Today, our pride and do it because people it's one, those things where it was deal. Now it is wiser than video title Jamie for people my dad freaks out playing it should, I beg you to get away on its material, which is you two letters
runs. Eighty neighbour, the channel my face is crap from laugh. If only you gotta, we ran out of fear in its entirety. So goofy. This is a show two together. You do once a week. Get together, we you dad just go pick em up grab and make it really bring me a place. You do show them once a week. That's it might have to do an audio. They are my guy because I have the same thing: those audio. These are your this. I guess this year report we find that we are further name we have to find the name- is packing. Let's grab the king, a complaint, a man, I'm sorry I was just as I don't want a wheelbarrow. My aim, it don't be weird Mamma do my day indecent about God. Do Madame do my best
I got p m up attic. I got to you soon, I'm taking shape my face. Hearts right here is like these muscles are cramped up you a goop bone anyway, you I know you. I got no clue what you're cool thing. John, no call for school nonsense found lesser mortals he's a appreciate, sir. Thank you very much for your men, whether what we had very Jamie's place when I was your first members when you look here the house little to those monies, back in the day, MAO's about sixty bow with by pitting Isabel forties. Probably somewhere or them anymore, now even Miss Morland. More now, when I met you more lay one of their ideas of a private Dunaway brothers. Something You were near by one of your eye, forty brown we doing Friday do in France,
the wanes brothers yeah. It's been a long time MRS Maes, You ll areas as those applies you have on that's we're doing, is applied as they do to you. We have come up with a name that we now have you back how we could just talk attention tat all figured out if Europe, your twitter, handily, scam, other Jellia at Jedi, Witherspoon everywhere, and if you want to see those gaming videos its it run. J D run on Youtube. That's me and then you get your joints at John Witherspoon You have some sense, he thinks he's and assimilation care might even the matrix. He might be clear, and that is the aim of preventing those crazy to him. Tat gentleman was done, be John Witherspoon, is the where you're cooking show is that just type in the internet on with
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