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2019-06-18 | 🔗
Ms. Pat is a comedian, actress, and author. Her new podcast "The Patdown" is available now on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.
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one of the funniest human beings on the planet. Her stories are so fucking insane and so heartbreaking and also hilarious. At the same time, it's I don't know anybody like Miss Pat, and I talked her into doing cash got our own podcast. Now it's called the pat down and We try to talk her. Do some other stuff on the show? Today too, I love her to death. Please welcome the hilarious and amazing Miss Pat. Joe Rogan experience. Trying my day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day, Miss Pat were alive. What's up, how are you hey great to see you again glad to be back man? This studio is better than my house. Crap, I'm gonna go home and tell my love. We need to move in Joe Rogan studio does not allow out of room from extra people? I know I know I know I was just fantasizing
still in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, you don't like it there hail now I, like my fans, but I I'm I'm black in it. You know it's snowing snowing. We don't go together and you know I just don't like it is the same or everybody to Applebee's and golden corral. Culture, culture. Why? Chicago I'm going little back to Atlanta Atlanta. That's why I want to be I want to be in Atlanta. I love Atlanta, yes mean the food, the pencil. Yes, I just want to walk out my door and smell mexican in all type of spices. All of smell in my community is dark shit in tiki torches. Churches in dryer sheets because of white women. Do they laundry dryer sheet yeah. I need some culture. I need to walk outside and see all types of people. Isn't it weird how places just never developed a lot of culture or some places the spots just never get any more intra.
Yeah, it's just it's so boring everybody go to church, nobody, cursed, when I come on my door and if I'm talking to a neighbor, I use professor. Oh my god, I said I'm not gonna change my language because you decide to walk your dog today and stop and talk to Maine. You tried to talk to me and everybody pick up their dog shit in my community and well from That was your name. Big old pound, a crap in his hand, I'm like do no, I don't think it works as fertilizer is my dog, pisses and shits on the lawn just leaves these big old, like yellow. If you live long enough to any rain zone, they just go into the grass, that's true. They don't you're a great on, kill the grass. I did the pissed as the pit seems to kill the grass. So I don't know we didn't have no gray. Is everybody walked through the grass? I just don't care about it, loans until Bob came became a homeowner yeah home care about lawns about a lot of crap. You have to yeah. I have a a property in Atlanta and
I can get rid of that. I would never ever black people come up with some The strangest thing, what are got they right like I supposed to care Tellem Bankofamerica, don't care that your momma, your yard your grandchild had a seizure. I need my rent money put form in his mouth. Tell me about SIRI, I mean I've had so I just gotta be so glad when I can get rid of these properties, so you own a place in Atlanta. Yes, would you live there at the place you on Hell? No, no, not with inspired by my little Boosie for that bad storm with Pooh Poohs. I got health care too much success. No, not too much. This says, I'm a little booze you little back, but I rent it out. I really wasn't nice place, but you would live in Atlanta somewhere else. Oh yeah! I want to go to Peachtree City Kennesaw yeah. When are we live in Atlanta? I love Atlanta
to make your way down there. What's what's holding you and and then the apples, healthcare jails, hello there. My husband is a really good job that we pay nothing. His new You just went out his hands on going out and I can't pay for them types of things. What he tore his ACL run into the cafeteria work. Yeah. I've done that I've done a tour both of 'em. You more exercise that he was going to get food. Don't watch his effort go to Joe Rogan Baby, I'm sorry, two down now, sir! That's a rough one recover from takes six months. He was six months. He got our corporate owner in his hands, he's getting into have hamsters in type. What is he he builds the Allison transmission for Allison. Is always constantly in oh yeah yeah, so his hands up bitch, my mom got that
rough one. Well, I've never had a job. Why did that much repetition? You know I sold drugs and larger few checks. It wasn't a everyday thing I had to do so. We checked it up before you get carpal tunnel yeah lot. So once you burn thirty, two you don't have anymore to buy. Are you going to somebody steal? The next book once I was really young back in the day, yeah damn so that's. What's keeping in Apple health care I need a tv show, so I can get some really good. Health care, will your podcasts is launched now it is. It's called the Pat down Pat down, and I have my own song to think. Yes, come on ARI yeah, but are you get in trouble for putting other people's songs on his podcasts and the d monetize his podcast yeah? My nephew mouse. Riverdale shouting made me my own little pat down so nice. So yes, so somebody made a song for you, this yeah yeah, Just trying to do something. Different is only thirty minutes of me. Talking crap of
When I was going on in my life, you referred you my keys in the background getting cussed out. You got a credit to call me and my co host is low White Board named Chris, who don't know now about Black America, and then I got my friend who just here, ready to go March. If you, if you need him to, I got this, libertarian is crazy as Democrat together and down a meal to say, hey, we can all get along and they hate. Each other. They fires how'd, you get them together because they hated each other. He did it on purpose. Yeah. My black friend thought Chris was races. I was like no, I know races he's not racist. Each is not eve to the fact and so uh what, if not he, he lived not tell on
how to say naive, naive, naive, you gotta translate number. I was not like Adam and Eve trying to go with this. It was not easy, but it sounds like Adam and Eve, so he just didn't understand. So we get him together. We have these conversations about race and we did episode about abortion, and Chris was like he's really christian. Like do you believe, a woman should have a right to have an abortion. He just pitter a dollar Us Chris, just say yes or fucking, no and final I don't believe a woman should have a boss asked me to dance fine, but this is not a job and I can do what I want to do with if I wanna stick firecrackers imam sound and turn it into the fourth of July Joe Rogan. This is Matt have a job as long as I don't get noble job to do so you that makes sense yeah Deland ago problem. Now, with that right isn't that Georgia just passed a new abortion law year, but she just canceled her shows yeah yeah.
Answer shows in Atlanta because I think it passed. I think that was the idea. That's why she cancelled it now think it pays joke. Is the tv people haven't pulled out yet? Oh you think they would. If it passed. I think they would. I really think that makes money I got them in there because the tax money yeah and I think they leave it up to get a lot of people their jobs. If I don't think they're gonna leave, I the weather should be telling us what to do with our bodies. I don't think so. Either yeah you know, I've been shot in the t, Dap might wanna. Miss is messed up. So that's like you. Trying to tell me I should get my teeth fixed. If I don't want my tit, if it is my prerogative, I shouldn't have to have my tv fix right Joe, how do you feel about late term abortions? That's where people get so scared that we really yeah? I don't I think you should be killing. Don't have an abortion in all six and eight months now and I don't think you should be Rec Oracion either 'cause. I had an abortion regular get rid of just doing it for fun recreation. I like how you translate forcing for forty I've had
Do you freeze what you going to do today? Well, I was thinking about riding a rollercoaster but fuck it I'll get an abortion. I've had a few friends ahead, quite a few abortions that I've had one myself I mean in my situation. I think everybody's situation is different. My situation, I was, I already had my first baby at fourteen, my second child at fifty and it was by a married man. Well, I got pregnant, but his merry men again and I just looked at myself. I said here I am sixteen pregnant with my third child. I cannot take care too. I got. You, it was all of this stuff like what they tell you about birth control and safe sex, doesn't go on in the 80s. You know people she and a dozen talking wouldn't even talk about it. Well, especially when you were a little kid you You run fourteen. So little kid. That was a kid. So when I got pregnant with my third child I became a massive paid in minor in divorce. My mom and I went and got an abortion I knew he wasn't happening. The first two, that's so crazy, so
you told the story on the first cast and still to this day. Sometimes I'd be doing something, and I just think about your story in the school selling drugs as a teen major pregnant with two kids by the time you're. Sixteen by Marlane, crazy engine Well, I mean I dropped out of school in eighth grade. You know all of this stuff, just say. I said I don't want my kids to end up like me, so I was like I can't keep having these babies. In an accident. I got on birth control and I just pray that I don't want no more kid about his bomb and I never got breaking it. So I got married: well, that's good! so now I have those two. You know I tell you still be about. I got a set of Medicaid he's on the set of Blue Cross Blue shield keys. It's always a they got older. I mean I got a hold and I got became out of I started to learn about life. He taught me a lot. His old. I had those last two at a time I tunes very, very good
yeah far is enough for the more than that's a good number, but you know Joe Unblack, so my family smoke correct, so they keep giving me. Keys in hand. I had a time out to to the main role for the crank. Maybe they keep coming in and that my I'm raising for right now, yeah, I have. My niece my niece arm, I picked up my niece like five years ago to help her out, but she had a baby. That was two weeks old and I have this thing, like all kids deserve of solid foundation because I didn't have So I picked this my third set of keys I've raised and I'm just forty seven. So I pick my niece up, maybe two weeks old and she got three other kids. I said. Ok, I got this big house in the end Annapolis come live me. I got three four each debate role. Well, this bitch ran off left me with him. Key now have a. For have a with her kids, yeah Anatine an eleven year old old and I've. Had these kids for six
years and I literally have not seen my niece and almost four years. No phone call no nothing You know I'm trying to build a career, so I have a daughter who my whole Mikey this at the house they had to make a major sacrifice, like my daughter, couldn't go out the college because she don't want to leave my husband with these four kids, so well. She went to college in Indianapolis, but she said she went mostly from you know home. My son can go out the college because they at home him raise the four kids that I called my crack babe. But their whole raising my crack baited, because you don't wanna, leave my husband all for his crack behaving by the sales. So you know, where is the mother? You want to hear some great the best block me on Facebook, nope. She won't. Let me be a friend off while you're taking care of her children. She blocked you on Facebook, why'd. She block you because I can't sell him a key
you bitch Well, I was ready to leave my best life, also making some money my husband go to why you get naked flown in the water right, Bamfo crack babies, you take a look at. You know how much a ticket. How why you call? I can't think right now. Oh my god, I love crazy yeah, so I mean it changes changed everything and then you know She left and she didn't even give me custody had had to go, hide his lawyer and going get custody. Because she just ran out- and I asked the you know the welfare system in Indianapolis. I said: can you all just give me child care cause? Child care was gonna, be like one hundred dollars a week, because my kids was in high school when she loved- and it was like no. We can't give you that, but we give you Medicaid in three hundred dollars they get dating dating. Give me shit
Jesus Christ. So I just I just made away myself, and I said you know where I've had this baby said she was two weeks old. How do you drop a baby that you've had since she was two weeks old? your baby. Now yeah, you can't. I can't give up unlocked you yeah that is so fucking crazy, the mother blocked. You know where she is no, oh, my god! No, but we did make a secret account right. Of a nice fire man like yourself generally nice, fine black men, and we we friends, so she accepted a friend. So she don't know that that's up and she only need a podcast. So I can tell follow her like that, so she's on the other side of town getting high, Never hit me up, never talk about the kids, so you know I don't dying from nobody, nobody and all my ex for nothing. I mean I'm just at this point. I'm thankful that I can even take care of these kids 'cause. My sister was on drugs, and
took her her keys, my nieces on drugs. Now I talk to them for ten years with my husband and she's on drugs. Now the daughters, well my sister down backing out of my own drugs like her Jesus Christ, so I make sure that these kids can't go back to that situation. Now call my booty crack babies, they won't even eat, make dollars only chick fil, a way don't even Mcdonald's: we eat chick fil a and I was I remember when your ass and eat at all baby, they give me great material but is not easy, but do they know you call him crack babies? No, they don't see. My husband stop calling them kids crack back. They don't know a column crack babies. Only american, oh, did I column crack babies, but Child Kate Column crack babies. Oh my god. Do they call you mom
are they do in his cattle of weird? well, not in call me mom out of nowhere, don't coming fucking, Mama, Monte, and but now I just let him go beautiful. Well, they go to school can I see how you know I live in is white community? They say all these kids with mom and daddy and he's like. Why don't we have an? It is started, calling me mom, so we mom and my daughter who she just graduated from college, but they got two moms any of my dad, my husband. Is there daddy, oh yeah, I love that. Well, thank you think. That's a beautiful thing you doing! It really is, even though the latest is under kids. Now in the black woman she's a bitch Santa machine, those kids got lucky, they got lucky I really did. I took him on a Disney cruise last year, Joe Ann,
God they had the time or day LISA. Look at my crack babies. They don't know what I don't save him from the Craig. What you save this from there on a Disney cruise yeah, there has Lickety crack babies, indian cruise with matching outfits, but I love I mean raising that you're doing that it really is. I mean I know it's hard, but it's amazing that you're doing that Well like I said, every every child deserves solid, For me, I didn't have a solid foundation. I didn't have nobody to step in my life and you know that's me from my mom, but you know whatever York child in need. A special family member, always try to step in because I know I know when you don't have this solid foundation where you can end up in some. He is, you know you know fucked up even with a solid foundation, but if you can give him a good star at least give him a good start. And that's all I ever wanted to do. That's beautiful
is killing me pretty is killing me in this white community killed the reasons they community today, we'll whip in my black labor as you, my black, on the tutor's hell yeah, I got I got along like who have you glam when you crack babies, catch up I'll, be glad when y'all get out. We gotta get this podcast take off. Yes! Yes, yes, so I don't need a tv show these days, you don't you just need that podcast gone. I know and I'm enjoying it two out of your perfect for it. Like that's what we were talking about, the comma Last time I saw four o'clock in the morning I was like you got to. You have to you right, and I really like it too. I knew you I was like it doesn't make any sense that you don't have one. Yep, and I mean I'm enjoying it. Thirty minutes they almost pay. Give me more like skews me, I'm sitting here with. No, we don't know, but I'm not by and Chris might be smelling me up to thirty. Five minutes this is all you will get plus. You know we come over at four three o'clock in in my maybe
coming to do it for hundred o'clock so such as down home screaming in HOLLAND. I gotta go fix food and I gotta Iphone married. I can't sit down for you know, this and I like it as long as you're consistent, that's the whole thing is like be consistent. Don't take weeks off like when people take like for we saw five weeks of people forget and then they're not interested in your podcasts anymore. But if you, if you just consistent, just keep doing it, people get it becomes a part of their routine and then they tell people you gotta, listen to this path. Podcast and next you know by word of mouth it just spreads yeah. We have sold many episodes in the bank how many of them, I think we can probably money in a beautiful yeah. Yet it wasn't as good as the ones that I put out regular. But you know when I first started. I was kind of shadow the what
I'm saying, I'm something you know, look how many times you have what the fuck did you just see? Oh you're, not shy. I was gonna shot, that's the lattice word I would ever use for you. I fight, but I'm kind of shot. Joey, I mean you know, because I'm country and people like what the look did. You say I actually talked about you all, my first one. So when I first did your part cast, it was a story out that Joe Rogan is a bad ass and he choked out of outline- and I was like I don't want to tunnel white men and talk about a fucking mountain lion. That's a made up story, I know, but I didn't know at first and I was so scared, Joe and there's a mountain lion killer like I was out there choking lines, I'm used to black people. Doing drive bys really useful. Why people just talking out of mountain line? So I'm trying how the fuck you get up on the mountain line? call sneak up on a mountain lion from behind and took the shit out of him. He gotta be strong as fuck, so I kept digging
I realize the store was of I don't know why do the took that amount, you know. I see you that big goal weight is shit. That big a horse here was, I know he killed their fucking mount line. It took awhile for me to realize it took about two about a month, but or realize the store was worried. My own sister didn't think my own sister thought it was real. Really she texted me because you really check out mountain. My fuck is wrong with Well you better. You bet Yes, you and me only you can sneak up on the mountain line, choke the shit out of it. I don't think so. Well I run with a knife. When I run uh, I carry a knife with me just in case 'cause there's mount lines in my commute really yeah, yeah they've seen him with my dog. Mount line, tries to jack me and my dog wanna have something on me. So you, if Y Jacket, now you don't stand in?
fuck you, you know. I was just telling the story about my you know from the south right so back in the day and don't get offended people, but you know dog fighting is big in the cell, so we didn't fight like no danger. She. We just put him down, ladies on the ground, who have a doll, get the best they went and now. When my daughter was a pop up now or later you mean candy. Now, in laters the candy, so you have the dogs fight over candy Yeah split get some kid if it wins or black dogs eat anything back. Dear comma green pig feet, whatever black black people in my dog food, so we will meet my dog. Will fight a lot, but if you got the best of my dog, I would jump in and whoop your dog ass 'cause. I know you was not going with my own land. German shepherd then I'll be calling every time I'm abusing the dog 'cause. I don't know fucking dogs, I got full crack babies and I don't have a noun, and this was back in the day and I was a little girl, but that's what we used to do. It is a big thing in this
period. I knew a guy who had thirty pit bulls and his backyard. He had these boxes like the dogs live in these little dog houses and they were chained to a post. And they were in his yard, and I didn't see it. My friend was telling me about it, but I knew the guy yeah. He he lived down, lived in Kentucky yeah, we lived in Kentucky and they fought dogs. Well, we only did with just keys, we only like well, I have a dog get the best of living doll that's a winning now right. So if I thought pop but we're about to get go down on his back, I would jump in and put your now going to choke hold 'cause I like wrestling, I will speak yeah. I I will pick in folder shit out of your dog. I was not losing them now later Joe, we didn't eat a lot I could lose. I could lose my only meal that day you're only meal was now or later so and I mean pop up: was there on the sidewalk along? We whooped his daddy will pop up and we split the now later wow there's a lot of people right now. Listening like is this lady for real and I can assure ashore
them that you are I'm for real young kinda, crazy, fucking life, you know I mean there's so many people that are insulated from the kind of life that you've had. They don't know anybody like you know, so I'm realizing that Chris, my producer shit on he's. Why you yelling at me, I'm like crazy, I'm not yelling. You know, I want a black woman, Yellowish Egola twisting hard and they're taking off all Wigan unbuckling Harbra, I'm yelling, I'm just talking my voice. I have a deep voice and is it carries? You know it was crazy because, like I said, he's a little white KIA from Indianapolis, and so I'm talking to on the podcast, I'm teaching him about black pussy incense. You ever heard of that black pussy incense yeah. You know that you burned black people use in the house. I know but incense, but called black pussy he slow me down. It wasn't real, so we put out the podcast about, like my mama say black pussy is it was the best sent out there Joe.
You look like what do you smell like I, like incense yeah, there was a name of, and I told you I told him about it, he's like what are you talking about? I'm like I'm telling you black pussy. Isn't everybody listen to? Markel embark black pussy instance on a Saturday morning, cleaning how everybody listen to R Kelly and burnt black pussy holy shit, she's so every week every week, I'm teaching him something that he has never heard of. What do you think about all this are killed shit I mean, but people just look people just looked away. You know I tell 'em stage house is something about a big dick man, big Dick black man, that can't read, they put put it out. My Thank you can read it when when a
side teeth and they can't read, they have the best sex cuz. They practice all the time can't read, though, don't have safe like black men who got Ninety five who can read their sex is totally different because they're not tired, because they practice all they do is practice women, when you got my husband, go to work, Joey got tired, be flipping me over slapping me head, hey got you wanna, get a love! Oh my god, hey you got to get out when you got a brother that Kate Reed and don't work the best, sixty nine. Work, the young and the restless wife of a llama. When you know, when you get back that then land on that pillow. For you,
Jesus Christ. I know Whitney Houston, went through here, bye, bye, bye, bye for week now that that that big money button down- and you know you have to work even harder because you have more money than him right- yeah true, so I had a meme they put up on the instagram the other day of how every dude, whose girlfriend is paying for everything stands, and it's like a guy standing with his arm deep. Around the girl like deep, around holding? Well there waiting in line for things, We in public are ways baby holding their hand. You can't get my husband to hold my hand, you know why can't you pay the mortgage call home. Yes, I say I love you say. Thank you. I'm in the bed I was on the phone, my friend one day myself. So I said: listen to my husband, husband funny as fuck, so I said, hey I said baby. You want some pussy. He said not at all.
No, no, my friend, out and I think what the snowing already we have that type of relationship. I said: hey, I'm going to fuck me on fourteen 'cause, I think of Marvel Lane. I need to get some stuff out my chance to my God. He said not at all a joke. We bought a sleep number bed and he's like 'cause. He was messing up by the sleep number. I will put it out every night like fuck yeah, so I had just gotta deal with Fox for my tv show, so I walk in there. I walked into them sleep number like a real nigga roll. When they get some money. Give me the best fucking bad. You want I'm a fuck. Every night about thirteen thousand sleep number bed, but I should have known he was going to see it 'cause. He was assistant getting metric that split down the middle. You know that
How much is a separate that she split down the middle and now their time. I want to see. I got me hey you want to come to American gets pussy America, who's got the harder side, hey, don't Louise I fuck with you on that mattress to cell phone out come over here and in that we don't gave up we just fuck in the middle and then by the time we get met through the fucking matches, I'll fill out the band. Could we, in the middle with a whole lap devils, I'm just chips and she discovered in the remote. My wig, ever I get my tv show and buy me a magic put those back the fucking Galaxy yeah. Didn't like that sleep number bed. I tried that thing. I was too confusing. I didn't like it.
He loves Joe every time I come home. He got feet in the air like he had a gynecologist visit. Always one of those video he's. So I'm like this measure is only good for heating. Your balls or we could get you a blow dry. He your balls up. They they sell matches. Now the cool you mark system. Contact for it. Yeah yeah. I want to get one. It seems awesome, Sis It was just telling me about that. I'm going through, balls. I might need to get that through I'll, be heating up Joe there. He, oh, my I'm like I'm having a hot flash now and I don't want to drop my titties on your table but I see in here I don't So when you get tornadoes for Ac K, stop no hot flashes. Like five five minutes, I'm he'd not now, but yeah anyway. Yeah it goes away. What does that cause bar I don't know you gotta ask Mary. I don't know what Mary did in the beginning, those Mary with Jesus Mary with This is one of these mama. Only Bob Holy Mean marry marry who, but who do you mean when you say in may
Who is Mary? No I'm sorry until my Eve in New STAR who started here yet I'm sorry, I get there who Dat bitch fuck everything up yeah and that might not talking snake yet at Togus Nate mean AM cramps. I know You know and now have a half a job 'cause this bitch, better Apple God. Can you give me an opportunity by the apple I won't buy? Dad will take that flashes away I'll be on, play Monty to heat up and wake me in next time. You understand why I got Materia Milap Fair, yourself off. Yes, yes, yeah comes and goes. Five minutes and then as well as a few minutes, and then they go back to normal, like I'm cooling down now so where you just get hot yeah and it hit you in different places like Mars, is cool between my titties on my neck some up on the holiday arms. You know a spot
Yes, my hit me right here, my titties, my titties heat up like if you touch him nothing about ninety five degree. Don't touch him 'cause, you married, but I'm just saying almost you burn your fingers here. It goes more than two slash three of north american women who are headed into menopause hot flashes. They also affect women start menopause after chemotherapy or surgery to move there over. It doesn't say anything on why its north American, that's what I was wondering. It says: what is a hot flash, is a sudden feeling of heat, sometimes a red flush face and sweating. We don't know exactly what causes them, but be related changes in circulation. I guarantee, if they happen to men, they'd know exactly will cause them would help if that they figured out. Oh yeah they'll fix that, if, if they can fix the soft penis, yeah yeah they'll fix fixed and then we can do them without body exactly start fixing dicks and everything else to be solved. No, I don't think that would work there is that so they can't say, stop fixing soft unlearned. They have to
Viagra look. Let the man do it. Do it do when it die, let it die and that's that's at the port, where the lady need to know what you need to put some cocoa, but upon the hippest light across it. That. I don't think that's gonna help either. When is always over right, I guess yeah yeah people. I think that they would be happy when it's over like good. Finally, women are happy when they pierce don't come on. Why can't men be happy when a penis don't work? As for men like your dick, not working as a sign of you know, you know we have a more yeah for sure. You feel like not a man anymore, really, yeah, so I don't feel like I'm, not a woman, I'm more, my peers, Scott! We be happy yeah, but it's different. If you push dried up and became useless like sealed up, like nothing. You know like. Maybe you meet a man, maybe you and
husband get divorced. You met a man, he's beautiful, can't read, so he's got good dick. Don't put it in and flakes a mess down there I'm saying well on black, he grow real take. So it's always a mess down there. Real failure. I call in every group one five afro Jackson, five afro. I mean for some women it matters, but I guess 'cause I started really early. I don't want to dig. I won't healthcare. No did you We had to do that to me. Just take you on a trip I put for men, though it's like a sign of weakness, yeah, it's a weakness, then yeah yeah, you don't feel like a man anymore, but if you loved a person, I think you read it. You willing to the deal with the softness yeah, especially if you don't want to do
Yeah. If you want Dick and his stupid ice cream. Can you put ice cream sticks around it like a brace? look someone a broken, your leg the forest and after fucking strap it to twigs. What else today was doing before Viagra came along? I don't know what they were doing. Speak in a minute freeze and they would do well. That's what that's why they kill rhinos. You know Brian Horn. They think Rhino Horn gets your dick hard. Really it doesn't do shit. Do you eat it? I guess they make a tea out of oh really doesn't even work but guys in taking rhino horn forever to try to get their dick hard and so much so that it now that it's forbidden and it's expensive, because it's forbidden it's like a sign of luxury like you drink in rhino horn, tea, it's a big thing, and apparently some asian countries like really wealthy people. Then we have dicks in Asian. They don't I mean I heard it was small.
You're. Well, I have a girlfriend. I got six asian babies right, but she don't have any scratch Mars. And I was babies. You know most, Let me get stretch marks right, but I don't think that has to do with Dick, but I'm saying Agent means make small babies, so I'm just assuming what would have been its like. I don't what the fuck I'm talking about, who is the basketball player with the the giant dude yeah yeah? I mean yeah. What about that guy? He has a normal size, hang on his dick. He too tall, but he ain't got no dick. Toot, I guarantee you. He pissed on top is pains So it's a way a man Bron James is tall too. He got a lot of dick. I saw that Dick on tv today I bet, oh my god when he went to go scratch. I was like I'm not into young dick like that, but that was night he's got a nice
Nicki Minaj is Ex boyfriend safari. He broke the internet with it. He broke, the internet was oh, my god. We had a prayer vigil it go. Fucking live, you can act. It could probably wait in this fucking weight room right here. It was so big. Can fit on Iphone. It was only Ipad action. I was sitting in tow everybody bitch. Look you left today, you black, oh my god. He made a little five minute video. That thing was swinging like the miracle flag. On top of a building there was I want my stomach done once I finish, losing weight, don't do it. Why won't my titties lifted? You don't know. My lose you getting put under is what I worry about shit I mean I want it is lifted. I understand hard when you got big titties and they all in your lap and shit when you're broke come up. Do you want your wife to walk out the shot? Well, it didn't look like they've been in a drive by. I feel you I understand
yeah, so I want my titties lift their woman. Just my stomach done. I want you to stay alive, misspelling almost there alive. I love you. I love you too. I'm give me of a don't. Do it don't do it don't get it tightened up? I don't want any more dick, quite tight through pain and liners like samples, oh my god, but well rejuvenation fixed. I don't know, but I got a leak that a poem I can't think I don't know what it is like what's happening in there is called a hook, Two away he's my friend. That's all the reason I could tell you know myself. That's all right! I mean I don't want. No, I don't want no Kim Kardashian them. Don't know, then I'm ok with my black nose. I don't need to thank you. Norma cheats pull back but I would like to. I would like to get my stomach done, so I can see
but John, it's been a long time. We've been disconnected for a long time. Have you ever gone on a diet? Yeah? didn't like it is it lost hundred. I called it not Stop. What are you gonna go to jail online, so you lost a hundred houses dieting? No, I will have a weight loss surgery, but I use about. I was real gypsy, I'm almost four hundred, so you had the stomach stable thing. No, I don't yeah. My stomach could yeah, it was it was. It was easy. Israel yeah allows. I was almost ready at four wow it. Like So you lost one hundred dot and then they told you go to the gym. You like fuck, you I'm just so busy. I know. There's no excuse me watch other a trainer that could be another podcast. You complain
and at the gym that shit would be hilarious yeah. I would be complaining that would be hilarious, something crazy. My keys are fake because you live, the parents is bad. The kids off at my son was, four hundred and ten pounds, oh leaving this white neighborhood and they couldn't get Nope He literally went on a diet, Joe. When I tell you, boy is two hundred and twenty pounds and every night when we go to bed, he go into Patrick, throw away junk, and I said you got one more time to throw away my muffler full right now. Can I eat that he read everything he just go to the gym. He was fat is full that's amazing. He dies his titties goal, his stomach flare everyday. What does he do? What kind of exercise? I don't know. I can call him his name June bug June bug yeah, not his real name, who that's his nickname Nick night. So it's just a gym, addict he's a fucking gym ad and he's beautiful. He told he's like I'm going to make this whole family
the way I said not today. Bitch God, I funny video of you at the gym would be just you complaining and talking shit. When someone gets you workout God Damn hilarious zoom, but we gonna do a podcast, but he's gonna try to kill me jail, but if you just listen to him and did it and did a video, I guarantee that we get a shit load of use Okay, well, managing, but I do know what you're gonna help me. Actually, I'm getting ready to move to L a for the pilot of my show, we're gonna move here. I'm a move here for a little bit for how long what we gonna shoot the pilot. So if the poly get picked up at Hulu, so I'd be you're doing the then I will go back home. I can't take all these niceties run around here. Mama June bug out with me, bring trying to start to start filming video. You oughta seemed like he had big titties like mine, they're gone beautiful. I love it. You love,
it like that and now he just did it. I know what it was he couldn't get laid well that'll, be a motivator yeah and I actually mostly science beyond be. He told me, said momma 'cause. I'm doing a lot of it now probably was like fifteen pounds. Is I've been dealing with Jimbo? He say Mama? Won't you lose weight when you start to lose weight. He just text me when he said come on your period. What do you mean? I'm your fucking mama he's like I wanna, be in the room on these conversations are happening. I said why you asking me to answer 'cause when I help you lose weight. You're pyragon come back. I said why I fucking period is not Coco. Wizard son, a doctor. I don't know he just read out some of Joe. I lost like twelve pounds in my period came outside grill, unfair, camping, I know, Mama you stopped up from all the fat What is your work like just after she crisis? Individual stopped up.
Like the London Subway mail stopped up job, but my cycle came back by what the fuck you do to be. My period came, it goes like momma, I work with the mo you go flow, so the more you mean he's right. That's what's crazy. Just reads a lot about fitness and health Pease, I'm telling you Jo Hosing, he's nineteen, and what is he doing? He works. He works at Interpol. He he should get together with you, fuck enterprise. Just you two together working now making Youtube videos that would be huge but yeah. It's basically I can get down like him he's like mom, I'm going to get you in shape and my daughter is on the plus size too. He's like I'm whipping all is all because he just he just he just popped up I'm sick of being fat. That's awesome. He said he was sick of it. You failed my baby. If you go to my instagram he's on an easy and he's two hundred and twenty now, I'm like June bug, stop he's like no wow, I mean he got. Chairs, Jose Thomas, let he looks
bill, and I asked him I said son: did your dick get bigger 'cause, I remember being really small a is better what your fat, your dick, smaller yeah, your stomach neighbor, become your dick when you real fat Jello, oh my god, you should do that. Look. I talked you into doing a podcast. I'm going to to you doing this. You have to okay I know you going to see this mean bug. Please you and your mom at the gym it'll be gigantic I'll help you I'll promote it I'll, put it up on Twitter and Instagram. Please do this so he Don't kill me kill you, I gotta go in there with the depend on we don't if it gets you in crazy shape. Imagine if you get to like bikini shape seriously. I've been like that since the third grade
I need a bikini shape. I'm telling you joke you could do that. Does that Joe you don't know how happy I will be of oxygen, look straight down and see shit a lot of times. The food that you crave is the food that you eat. So if you eat food, that's not healthy for it. That's what you're craving all the time your stomach gets used to it, what they call your gut biome. Your stomach bacteria wants sugar, bread and pasta as soon as you start eating healthy food. Your body starts craving healthy food, your body start craving salads and lean meat and chick. Too. He started. Water, but I do now he makes me drink while he literally call me Mama You do one leader day, I'm up to one leader destined to cook. What do you drink besides? More I drink in the morning and nothing that normal cough. I have to have one cook. Coffee is fine, I do put sugar and cream. Got full Craig. Maybe I need someone call my name. I told my son. I can't give up a call for right now. So I drink,
hopefully only in the morning and then I drink our day I work on a leader, water and He literally go to the house and tell us what we can and can't eat, which is. I want to punch him in the face, but I am losing a few pounds with him, like you know I got. The back wing arms like grandma, MA and he's like mom would get all of that off with you 'cause. He will hear FED, alarms too and big titties. I mean he lost all of it, then I'm so far doing you could do it too, because I was told him. I said: look you nineteen, you only insurance, the 26th! give me weight loss surgery, heal. I don't want that song go, get the weight loss, surgeon, I get your titties taking off and your stomach like mom, don't sound like no manly thing play that I was gonna get Tommy took his titties. In the album getting weight, loss, surgery on my fat daughter she fat and I'm gonna get your tummy tuck. I Mama get your stomach could, and the number by you and a is because you have no is so
and I told my husband he don't have. No, as I was going by him as Jesus Christ, right. Everybody asks. Is You don't want that. You know people again cancer from that ass is now. When I take the fat from you know now they take the fact they give me a lot of fat getting cancer from the implants. What titties ass implant away do Niasse Impleaded see my big you do is no issue, but some people who get ass implants they're starting to get cancer Asin plans are only a few years old. I you know went on on this thing, I'm from the interstate of Atlanta, when we was coming up Joe. If you wanted titties and is it had this thing had around and I did a I did on, I said we didn't people black people me know what plastic surgery world so the deal was you take? state government butter- and you rub it on your titties in your ass and they said it to make it grow. Yeah, I'm not a lot. So that's what we used to do back in the day watch up, look at main yeah, but look look at main, don't think it's from the butter!
everybody I know, but on there you don't know that government, but let's see it won't give up on the hot water job. They sit together to kill everybody, No! I gotta say these stories and once I was in the tub and my neighbor was like just put the butter on your tv on your ass, we put the butter on my momma wakes up. She said no, you bitches. They got my butt on ya. You know that shit gotta. Last me. Twenty eight more day she took that stick it card and she hit us in that Muh fucker stuck in that bottle. She gave Us1, wouldn't pussies. I sprayed by shit off you. Bitch is we're in a scrape without border all lawful. She put that shit back in the fridge erator. She beat the shit out of oh, my god. She scraped the butter off your tits and put it back in the fridge.
Well, we can't waste all that good bottle, Joe. Oh, my god, that is hilarious. Thank you beat this year out of most playing at all, but a magic butter really did that. All your to do to get big tits and a big ass, just a butterfly Avraham, tedious is the fourth grade. So that's why I didn't like him like that. You just have good genetics now job I'm gonna have no titties yeah, but some it doesn't get your mom, but it goes to you Well, I'm trying to sell his government bottom achieve these. Women don't do that education and she is jealous, don't break it all the way down for the later. Let him try to butter before they try to pause it so go out and give you some good old government, but are they won't melt and just sat on it like a like a like a fucking up We are trying to hatch a just sit on yeah did rub it all over your booty and stuff, and they just have a seat on it and hopefully it'll make your booties and titties grow. It works for me, but didn't work. The management that work there's a lot of questions on Yahoo people asking
that make your bigger and then I found a product on on called. But but cream for smoother, fuller and firmer skin. I don't know if that's what I had when I was coming up: natural butt enhancement cream for women and men. Plump booty the answer lotion, but firming and tightening cream sexy, but was it once it was sexy, butt lifter? green button. Large working. This is horseshit most likely. Dollars grown ass from a bunch of people that are for the company they're reviewing it three hundred. You for customer reviews hole. I click that I usually these about the good one adding to my flat booty my family and I I inherited flat, but
syndrome it's embarrassing. It's embarrassing. Have your butt hurt because you have no padding when you sit and have no pants fall. Have your pants fall because there's nothing in the back to hold them up after week. I deaf notice something extra in the back I'll keep using that's the people that you want to buy your cream because they're morons, that's like people that give money to preachers. That flying private jets yeah. I think the crazy that don't work, but I'm telling government butter work Joe. I'm telling you basically this who would have work faster on your breast. In your butt, but it's work
um or this is not really, it is we're looking for Theo, I Casey she. Oh it's so funny God, but listen these fucking, the people that are right in these reviews. Not only does it works. That's it works, not Only does it works, it increased my breast size. They probably change the name to breast and butt enhancement butter. I know it for the, but I know it for the so I figured. Let me see, will it do anything from my breast since it's in quotes all natural, so uh did so with within a week my breast was fuller. Last time I seen them. This size was right before it was time to breast feed. My baby is now nine years old.
Imagine what we was doing in the ghetto. I'm telling you that thick I'm send it does work. It want black and watch that many people who knows what I'm talking about from the South Saint Joe. We did that and it worked I assume I do cheetahs and but we should have done on one just to see No, I wanted to be, I know, but it is only one way to find out that actually works. One cheek wanted you bounce it out, left cheek right till I'm going to find that, but but it in rub it on my crack baby, one of her titties and see if they grow anything. Just don't even tell him what you're doing just put it on one today: ok, I'm get her to do it. I don't think I feel inappropriate. How old is she now she's yes, too late, no, no she's! When, therefore you can do it for five years, I can test it up, but she already got a big ass booty, oh yeah, but I will get
come and see? If, if it works, husband will kill me because I was just I don't know if it's true, but I don't think it is, it doesn't make sense, but then again I'm not a scientist. I'm telling you is like that. Peanut butter that they used to center to get on a chunk? Nigga rolls out, yeah What are you? What did they do? That peanut butter that you sent to the gut the government used, give black people peeing about to choke him out heading wanted talk about let the cat, peanut butter, you had a heated about you wanting Michael yeah. He did on us to like you by the cook a scrambled egg for this thing out, so you can spread it on the sandwich. Really kill that find out later on, were gonna kill us, it was like it was picked. His fuck, it came, I it the government peanut about Google was some dude on Instagram who was in school some, it in school and they were they. You know they feed him cheese, sandwiches for lunch and he is lighting. The cheese sandwich was like look at this cheese. Look at the shit and he's
writing is a lighter too. It would not melt. It was just turning black it just getting black black on the from the lighter it was not melting. It wasn't she fuck kind of cheese. Is this yeah wasn't cheese. There's this parts of America that the government ignores right yeah mean you got through? I got through you made it through the net yeah, but didn't they come to you when it when they need your vote? They only come like black pastor. They like black pastors. You know, that's why I don't go to church. I tell him all the time I tied a church's chicken you get more for your money check better yeah two dollars. Tuesday, gives you two bees chicken in a biscuit the leader, Popeyes alone, on tools and go to churches yeah, but do they have spicy yeah yeah! That's the thing! I'm not I'm not even know, pastor my money good for you
I had not there I mean if they, the Bob is free. Then every hotel just deal about about a hotel like everybody else used to I'm not, don't give you mama, you are hereby banned, it's insured and I'm struggling. Then you fucking the holes in church rainy, sharing the holes in church normal their fucking, those ensure oh yeah. They beat some fuck you I don't know the holes go to church with no underwear to get the pastor. No oh fuck, the first lady. They don't care about the first noble mailing out those wear, no underwear in church to lure the pastor yeah. Really you a much the passes is sexy as fuck. Remember back in the day when you might not remember 'cause, you white bag in the back, today. The pastor will ugly all the possible ugly, like Td Jakes Day, was unfakeable but not real, all sexy Lenny all sexy me, everybody want the power signal, what they said they made when they made Catholic cheated preachers, become celibate one of the reasons why the man becomes sell because the catholic preachers were banging all the ladies.
Really. Then they were like rock stars 'cause. They were there with the word of God, and this is before anyone could read the Bible because it was all in Latin, so they not read Latin, so they relied on these priests. To read it. Look at Joe Osteen he's FUCK Obel! yeah, I would imagine I okay yeah, looking think you get some I'll give him song and not in Jesus night. Hazel know he's sexy, Joel Osteen Shit only do white men flower. Do Joe Osteen in the pulpit. Do you think he gets home He got a wife other than her hello? You get some pizza bitch
not all come fucking with me by Joe Osteen, and I let him call me that too wow yeah you pay the bill. Look at him. Look at him. He killed any e at all. Looking at for her hair fix. He worked in his thirty. I bet he does have a six pack right. You got a six pack and problems his wife in the operating corner go back. Fifty six was good for fifty seven is that wife she's hot yeah. She has plus Thursday, let's save his wife, Capall yeah. He could let it take that jewel. Joys, a marina yeah church, is going to date. They of the new drug did the new pimps. Your holes and they go on a corner, slept beholden, get their money. Would church like that. Now, that's all it is. He does it in. Vegas at the same arena where the UFC plays.
I thought he was in Dallas goes all over the place. He goes on. The road. Sometimes they go on. A roll is a is in Houston or Dallas somewhere in Texas, Houston. So he does that, but he also does like giant arenas on the road like he does Does the T Mobile Center, where the UFC Place look at that size that place now keep dead? How many those pitches in the audience have no underwear on probably six proceed, great stop going to church when they started charging for meals. I don't fucking know chart. Oh my god, yeah you ain't notice that I didn't know that they were banging on the churches. Mail to front row
yeah it smell like AVA, lation emulation. Yes, they try Hey, that's how you well, maybe by a man like Joe O'Steen, he prayed Jasper on time. You would imagine if you're, if you're the type of person that wants that much money right, You want that much money. You want private jets. You want big houses. Hell yeah, he gonna get tired of banging the same plastic face white woman. She look good yeah just getting tired, but he wants a man like me with that it did they move on inside move on the ends. Yeah. You know I got the realty this almost you go all over the place. Owen hers, her yeah, just firmly just one position up great. That's weird that people like that they, like him, harden I got him to you. Gotta pick up in Del stone slab because everything I keep on them abroad.
Have gross you out for dinner. Crossword, you don't be home like long this bitch, I'm telling you sometimes just the other podcast we've done I'd stop in the middle of dangle what the fuck I think about me. Yes, some of this shit well mostly about the tragedies mostly about your childhood funny now Joe, is, is that I took uh. You know I say stay just ah, when you when you can laugh at what you been through. Then you got control of it. Only reason why I can laugh about being shot First, we hate this bed. I do I do a bit about my first case father, you know giving me crabs. Go Please! have they gave you please combo with no toy fucking fleas, I mean people get crabs. I get it when someone gives you fleas like what the fuck, what Becca? No
days. The health department will come and pick you up and say: hey you pussy on fire. We need to put it out. They pick you up. Pick you up in a little baby. Don't gave somebody else crap going to roughly so some bitchin report, everybody. He was missing. We and I was always on their list. Somehow the hockey you tell people that I think it's funny that they used to come get me and me, and the health department. Man had a relationship. Now we want sleeping together. He just say your pussy was only list again How is my? How can you tell me, but, as I think, is fucking hilarious, I would have std now, but I was young. You know who it was. Super shit gonna were gonna shout in YO ass and I remember that they came one time, Jo Ann. They knocked on the door. As oh, my god you here. I thought you gonna. Let me bring it up he's like you put someone less. We had to put it out so
So my head is not even saying what he actually say. Your pussies on the list is pretty much. He would call it your pussy would say you push easily said he's saying he puts it being reported again, so my keys My father was there was like let's go together and get curries on. I don't want to go. Somebody might see me, so this is what he told me they look. It was gone. We have gone over you to get a shot. You take pills for seven days, so he's a little goal to help the poor me, but don't get the shot, get the peel. So we can split up. So I'm sucks. Stupid. I come back and split the seven day pills when we steal both got um. Oh my god, I didn't take the medication all the way. So, oh, my god stupid. I want that is so cool. My husband like watching. While you tell people this shit and everybody always think he gave me gonorrhea and shot me and beat me like. Are you pleased any people? I didn't do this shit to you. How does he deal with you having this act like when you go on? stage and talk about all the shit, how does he handle it? Does it cover his ears? He never.
You see me once we, but he won't come see me yeah come on. He would he came to see me. We can't William extent when I was opening for Katt Williams an and but that's the only time but he's gotten. No, oh, you know funniest fuck like how does he not want to see that he don't want to see a gel? into the comic store tonight is going to be there for the one thousand and thirty show yeah. I am with Season Season Indianapolis. We don't watch your fucking podcast and tell my daughter, and she was so fucking funny, but he's not going to directly say to me you so fucking funny, please, my biggest cheerleader I mean support. I mean you know I've been doing is seventeen years. You know how many times I had to make that man credit card out to go in the oh, so you know well? He would not come see me like look. I live with you, I hear. Is she connect, but he gives me back like he's funny to me, like I told you saying not today, I want to put in today yeah not at all. He says something funny. Is she
but he's a you know? I can't he's only you do comedy once one time out of seventeen years, a good one though it open for Katt Williams. Are you still in touch with cat? No, but I love about my daddy, my daddy died, and I was Just get the job we can't win. He walked in and he's like. What are you doing? I said my daddy died like two days before he called me on a tour, and I said we trying I'm just trying to get this money together. Raising cat wouldn't go to the back and coming up with a stack of money. He gave me like four grand to bear my dad and I was like you don't have to do this and I was like I work for he's. Like look. No go bury your dad because before he did they're about to put my fucking dating a potato sack and stick him in the ground, because we have no money and I tried to do a fish fry in the black community in a white neighborhood. They don't know about no fucking fish fry on Tuesday. I can't win gave me the money to bury all yeah
Tell me shit about cat way, he's crazy, but he's funny as fuck he's he's one of my favorites off time and he tell defy control too. If you go to go back to like the pimp. Chronicles is in his prime. That is, those are some of the best special ever yes, he's a funny mother, Fucker and he's so original. So original like that is him. You know I mean like his day livery his style everything. I love him. Kane. Let me share about Nokia, we become, look at William. I was able to finish my basement after that, or he gave me some not gave me, but he gave some great advice once about comedy and one of the things he says don't eat before you go on stage and those like yeah. Why would you you don't eat before you fight while you eat before go on stage. Why is it causes your body to your body when you eat has to break down that food, so it it's it's using up. Energy like some of the energy that you would have to do stand up is now breaking down that, for put in your body. Yes shit. I gotta stop beating
just don't eat right before you go on stage is eat afterwards. Ok, I mean hello, listen to him and I was like that makes so much sense, and also he has a play list of music that he plays right before goes on stage like sets it up, like is like put some in the mood to go onstage yeah. I do that to how do you do go to I like a lot of um? I don't want to say outcast, but that ain't, what I'm going for, who fucking rap on this Carly, be? Oh, that little nasty thing That's what I would be if I had a body like that all of my going to grow out of Tonga drank a flow. She might as you that person in my head- and I want to be- I would until a lot of Carly B like her. Maybe you can get that body, maybe June bug you in that gym, get on the elliptical machine
come on do, but we don't need you to help your mouth and stop your mom from peeing on herself. Just just change up the diet, I'm working, I sweater next time you see me near son, I'm going to look like you. Don't do that they go too hard. A different doctor on a different doctor, I'm lying, but if you, if you did that, I'm telling you if you did a video with your son and your son, getting you to the gym and did that regularly on Youtube June bug him pat just do that they'll would be whole yes, it was so funny because I because you know I caught my keys out, especially when they're making you do shit, you don't want to do like working out like doing sit ups and shit and squats and spread my legs. Why did they would never been used that way? Since the 80s you gotta root my butt hole exactly yeah? what we do it do it do it definitely do it. So you
Do you bring like um bring like one of those um Mp? Three, no bluetooth, speaker things with me. You know I have like one little J, PL extremes. I bring them with me and I put in the green room to music yeah, but you get yourself in a mood. Do you do you have a drink before you on stage? I don't drink alcohol at all, No! No! What about weed? I don't do anyway. No nothing! I grew up in As I say I just don't. I mean he did alcohol does not informing. It makes me sleepy an my mom was an alcoholic and I used to always say I'm going to be Nothing like this bitch, so mission accomplished yeah. Well, I don't I don't do my my whole family drink and I just don't do it. I don't I smoke weed. I don't you know I was just telling them like June Boat ride. Smoke weed one time and it with his white friends.
I was so stupid. Joe didn't know how to roll the we, so they got. They got the copy. Paper off the machine and roll the weed in their fault, God, yeah and Tommy leading it is burnt. In outer we fell in his chest and I beat the dog shit. Outta come on. I don't buy groceries for you to create an appetite you already fucking fact. Oh my god, and I just told my kids when I was young, I say: look I told my son, I kill, I said, look I get food stamps and I don't get it the food stamp for your weed habit. So we not going to drug now go and join gains. We not going to draw is awesome mother fucker, so we not going to do it So what June bug is only can I've had to really try to dab into? We that's a weird way to do it, the old copy paper. Well then, it's before they will go to to get all in about a week out of it. Where I live it, they will go over to the ghetto so that Jim, what how much? How much we each about one point, five grams? What the hell is that I don't know and I called the police on him.
I did. I called the police on the shake him up right and I called the Lisa yeah, but I say we blacks, only guns in the car so come over here. Shake my son: the police get over there, the police June book Son go to school. Together. This mother come on and start crying. Love you jumble. As I recall you, were you fucking a now y'all cry. I was crying so that didn't help Actually, I think now gonna stop smoking now all his friends. I told it I said, look you your white scientist, just only black friend, I'm gonna fuck, you baby, bring it back over here with the weeds, they do more like everybody must goose? Are you asleep just say, fuck my woman white boys, ass 'cause. I call I called on her cell phone. I called out a pair
as I did with smoking weed and looking at some little white girl pussy on the phone master Junior, you bless you mama, starting it for his white pussy flown. Only phones like a girl from cool yeah yeah. You get in trouble for this, so I put the put the chromecast the picture and I called out of passing white baby pussies. Do you put it on the tv yeah put on tv that was pissed off at mink? Look kitty, bitches away from June bug June working temporarily, look dick! It's real real small right now, trying to kill him baby, trying to get my baby locked up for some white pussy too much you don't fuck with white pussy bring out another big. You got enough sense, oh my god! So so you have the Para come over and you had it on the television and puts it to see what the fuck did. They say. I can't believe you did this, what the fuck you mean it was on the phone. Yes, I looking,
They stormed about it up? It's. They won't speak to me at no, no football fucker. Only no friends! Oh my god, I said. Don't you ever in your life violate number. She gave him one of the football player he just passed it around. The air force yeah and I sold lots of June bug. Think about it with your sister Gary on he's like mom again. Running and making it a d coming by to see nothing. No Jews yeah, but this is the stuff, he's the only one that ever really tried me 'cause, my other keys. You know I tell like I tell my crack baby. I say I'm gonna take you out in public, but you gotta option: do you want to get on mom or do you want to soccer? and they don't like the ghetto mom 'cause it get on more knock the shit out of him in public and I give my option and we get in public why people always come in like? Oh, my god, your kids are so well discipline. I said I told my
go fuck 'em up what I say when you say they just look like what I said. You should fuck your keys up to I will fuck you up. Don't play with me, I feed you when we was coming back the Disney cruise. They was all planned with all the things that separate. You know when you online, so I told him like three four times: stop, isn't my grandbaby. There was the full crack baby, so they wouldn't stop Joe, slept all at the same time. What the fuck, I said, what you looking at me for you also until I asked him to stop by full time. Don't play with me. You know my nerves, bad I've been shot a couple tiny. Oh, my fucking know I'm crazy and I just tell him that take good kids, the good kids. Now, oh, they know I fuck him up. I have a lot of bits about him because, like the just like I do this bit about. I used to do the bit about the teachers school calling me all the time. White schools call you for anything. Anything joke
He just dumb shit black school. We don't look very special child. Two hundred and thirty. Don't you wake me up so one One of these I use their. They call me by my niece Yolanda because she was sitting at the crayon table, hello, white friends and they're talking about their daddies, so you to see what the next time I see my dad, I'm going to stab him in the and all the white kids? so it crying and they asked me to come up down emergency to come up there to talk to them. I get up them like ma'am. She can't stand out that in it. The leg in jail. Somebody else called stabbing. Many don't wake me up. Don't wake me up for this bullshit, so they don't know how to handle anything, and I had to set this cool down as a look. These kids are formed a hood. They only talked and do what they know. You gotta go. Anytime to help him grow, but then they put on what we yeah, because they medication how to deal when they hit their so so much like their mom was into horny devils enjoy the data, will be done tomorrow and I they didn't know how to handle him not say. Look we go help. Him grow together,
Azabal. What we not going to do we're not going to put these keys on medication. What we gonna do who is surrounding with love they so good. Now out of five years. If just now passing the Istep test, it took a minute ago it now but he's. Finally there what's standardized test, the kids. Just wasn't ready, for two minutes, neighborhood too many environment. It wasn't used do any. You know they talked a language. You see how country! I am what I told straight street. So come sometime like what the fuck are you talking about now we bout it bout, another fuck you and you better sit at five bus. You cross your head. We Bowdy Bowdy yeah. They ready to rumble they ready to fight the lowboy unbowed about, I said: put your fucking finger. Nail fly break it. But I had to retrain him because what he saw in the hood. It wasn't going at my nice little white scone right now, they're adapting what a good now they're good, but imagine all the kids that don't you can imagine it 'cause. It was you, but all the kids who don't have someone like
well. My niece is about twenty years old, twenty one she six keys and she in jail for twenty years for not all people do and Robin so her keys in a situation. So just imagine all the kids I think about it all the time, especially when it's my family member but Joe. I had to realize this. I can't save the world you can't save everybody it's impossible. I try to save one other time and that's all I can do that's all you can do yeah. It is all you can do. I can't save the world, I mean I can't live. If I keep trying to save the world well, you won't be able to do what you're doing that's helping people to one of the things that you're doing this help people as you making people laugh yeah that that helps a lot yeah. I did this whole fucking need that they needed so many. So many people right now with their headphones on in their cubicle laughing their ass off right now, I hope so yeah. They need it going to see Pat down at the jail role in the death for sure they're going to subscribe guaranteed. I hope so one hundred percent, let me
I was data, show last night at the virgin here in la la a uh came in a meeting now. My dog died today and I've been crying all day, but I want to tell you how much you helped me fucking relieved, I so I'm sorry about your Donald. Did you burn him up he actually started laughing too. You know at the day that you got a bar, what cremated cream in them yeah thanks in that Yes actually done a, but I mean I get that all the time and you know laughter is what healed mean when I was able when I was able to write my book and you know started doing comedy especially like it was one story now about my mama boyfriend who molest me and I never told that story over thirty year. My husband didn't know. Only person knows me and my sister, because it always happened to us at the same time with him and never told this door, and I remember when I was writing my book. The lady who co wrote my book. She was like a you've got to tell the store- and I said Well-
gotTa X, my sister and I get my sister on the phone Joe and I was like may part that was on its name. I said you ready to tell what Mr John did and we both just boo, hoo eh wait. We told some of the store. We got off the phone and it took for me to tell you story, took almost a week me in the right, a crass only because I I had all of that built up in me, but I'm so happy. I was able to tell that story now, because that was the the story. I never told public about how my mom boyfriend did me and my sister from the age, promise six or eight hours eleven years, because I started my kids. Father was twenty one and I Well, when I made the sauce, don't have a six eight twenty, so when he started touching me might get when I got a boyfriend, my mama mama boyfriend left us alone. Once you have a boyfriend yeah once I got a buyer for the
this Christ, so that was the only store had never told. But when I told I felt like I lost twenty, probably one hundred pounds I felt like it, but it didn't go anywhere, but I just felt relief yeah. So I know left. I just know laughter does a lot for me. So I know it does the same for all the people. You have a crazy fucking and I live it every inch of it too. Well, it's that's the only way you can mean what you've done is you've done the ultimate take a negative and turn into a sensitive after I I really hard. You mean you really have because you're your sense of humor so fucked up. Because of your life that it's so funny I mean that's why it works. If you had a kush, life, and you were saying this shit that you say it wouldn't be funny. It wouldn't be no and has wanted things with my husband like when I was share. Witten, like my kid's father, shot me and beat me and almost I know who I am. They know my background and one of
things when I started sharing my life, my husband had their protective mole. He didn't want me to. You know he knew how negative the world could be when I started to share the story, so I could see what he want to step in and protect me. You know when people would urge mean you know, like I dropped out of school in a great when my went to the military. We don't know if he had a mommy and daddy a way better life to me. So he would always be there to like be that protector like oh, they think I'm stupid or they think I'm listen, and I just I just he helped me grow a backbone tonight, for what people think about you, because it was screwed up stuff. Mama taught me about white people. Like I didn't deal with white people, I mean, let's be honest: I'm from here there was a police on the fucking on the caseworker. My mama told me. She said why people are better than you. Never look him in the I never fucking devil, so my whole life, Joe Rogan, I will a white people and when When I wrote the book- and I told the lady this-
when I was see why people are immediately look down. Slaves, used to do and that's what the book Lady told me and I was like. I can't look him in the eye did you like why, and I told her the story- and I told my husband stories easy pet. He said all the same. You're fucking mom is stupid. I should tell a bit, I said the only difference between me and you, white woman is my titties is bigger than yours, but I was in, I was in my late twenties when I learned it because you like I moved Indianapolis. I couldn't talk to you. A fucking. My rails will stump and I we merely say I'm stupid and I will look away and when I started phone Indianapolis on my fan base turn white and I was like why the fuck out let me get away from me by a the shit outta you. I say that to myself and my send me down like pet. We all the same. Your fucking mom is stupid. I'm like we are, and I was in my take two hundred and never ever dealt with white people. Like that little, when I moved into that community and I'm glad
because it taught me a lot as a young a girl out of it out of the interstate of Atlanta that we all the same the problem, the problem with these countries. We don't fucking talk with no communicate well does that and then there's that these communities stay the way they are like whether it's Baltimore, where they had it set up for black people literally were buy homes a little outside of certain areas or any inner city. Like you know, in inner city in Houston or New York, or anywhere, where the neighborhood stay same yeah. They stay the same forever: the generation of oriental ratio, prime poverty, all of the drugs. Everything stays the same, and I don't you know so. My kids and my my my keys of Fucking they blesses, they don't realize how blessed they are, and some I get so pissed off at him like they go to this really nice high school. Where live in Indiana they get a little laptops and you know they get new books every fucking year Joe. When I want
school, it was so many niggers name role in that same book, wherever hadn't checked it out every year you at the flip, the page you just seem remote, Tyrone turned out three page. The keys. You had that book for you. It pisses me off because you know Look and I was like this is the old curriculum where you know these He is again the new curriculum every year and it's still like that in certain parts of a miracle, and it pisses me other, like you guys, don't realize how bless you you come in throat fucking this fucking thousand. Not to pay it on the float at the school and gave you take shit for granted, like my daughter, will literally hold up the school bus. Cuz. She wanted to walk slow because she was fat. So the lady called was like Miss Pat today I gotta wait on gear Rihanna to get on the bus and I've Xr several time to be at the bus that when I get There- and I said, Ma'Am leave that bitch leave you lead at mother fucker, she would get down time, but you know you did they
pepper home in my neighborhood as they don't. You dare pepper my Blackie Lee Dat, Bitch 'cause. I leave you that you eat in the car. When I get in the car bitch bye you know you better give me car for mom 'cause she'll, leave you I fuck, you I mean I will come in the house one time, and I need you to take me to Starbucks. I'm like why cool he's come school Starbucks! That's a bitch about Gordon still, you better as it is night as you crazy I'm on get up at six o'clock in the morning. Take you to Starbucks, you better, take your fat ass to Starbucks and night and get you. Stop and put you some hot chocolate in the morning. I'm not going I'm not in about six o'clock to make you cool, but they do that right, a status yes, a they come bring me my lunch. I left my lunch. I tell MIKE play you, you didn't fucking, didn't it cuz in the with no wig no bra, and yesterday pussy, I'm not getting up. Yesterday's yeah how's that work cause. I will
we met last night and they watched before the call now so it's yesterday is yesterday was. Is I'm not getting up you crazy? Israel? I'm I'm not I'm nobody! No glad gave me. Do they understand that gave you anything hell, yeah they get it, they get it yeah, they get it, but they like No! I don't want to hear your your poor stories. True not listed. That's not true days a lot of people want to hear? Thank you. My cable got cut off one day right so I'll go in the house on my cable cut off in a timmies I was like. Did you pay the fucking? maybe it. Oh, my god, I've got paid came, got turn cable before the key is getting was like fuck these keys. You know how many times I had to look at a father tv and thought it was snowing. I'm not dumb, not going I'm going to bed fuck the keys. I don't care about the keys, but he broke his neck paid cable vehicles. He don't want the keys, they ever know. What is like that not have light gas and what fuck t t they felt they could miss a couple meals, Joe I didn't. Could they
came back on, but he broke his neck. He did. He came home and cut it all out. I don't. I don't go out the way for you. I love you, but I tell you I don't love you like Jesus. Do. He love you all good. I was stay up the shit out of hello, my keys, money money. You gotta, pay me back. My daughter called me she said: can I borrow three thousand dollars a bitch? You got the wrong number three thousand yet about cool. I'm gonna do with that. She I got my car joe, my car paid off. I drive a little old last crew that muckraking crack. It needs left. I bought for her. That's what I drive. Everybody must get paid off, I'm not buying it. Don't call what bitch you was on the phone bill for three years. You never paid the phone bill so how you gonna pay me back three thousand dollars what'd. She say that. I think this is my money. I worked off of his money. I know you with that when I was selling crack and for the check, but you had Jordan Knight Shit nice. She I know that your life is hard, but
if you have a live it over again what mean made you who you are then maybe that will change it. I think yeah, that's why I was going to ask you, but it's fuck thing to ask someone when they tell you their molested but your mom's boyfriend, and that you know you had a a baby with this guy when you were fourteen and he's married and another one and by the time you're sixteen you're pregnant with a third, no, no, whatever their rights, selling crack and shot in the it. No one would ever ask you to live that life again, but you wouldn't change it I don't know Joe. I mean it made me who I am, but I always I look at life like this. I think you know everybody could have dealt with the stuff that I dealt with it like I dealt with it. Like some people commit suicide, comes on people always depressed. You know I kind of feel like I was the chosen one. God take you through something, so it could. You know to make other people see. Maybe I put maybe I took
that everybody else was going was going life in I, children chosen one. Then I bring it out and make it funny. So I'm here to make people, let let people know, is okay, yeah, it's okay! It's not about how you start it's about how you feel I don't dwell on shit. I don't have control over. I can't change the past, but let's laugh today and I tell p every night on stage when you can laugh about it, you got control, love, that's a powerful thing to be able to look at your life like that and just take on ship yeah. You know like my first kid's father, he hates me he fucking hates me. You know why 'cause, I'm not a little girl rabbit anymore, that he had control of that he beat any. You know I was a little girl searching for love in the this whole situation. I learned to love myself Joe. Do you use touch with him yeah to because of me he's not in jail yeah it does. Happy telling others molester you're, charming
a Chambliss. I remember when I needed closure and I was. I was out here in LA and I'm starting to tell the stories about my life and I just wanted him to apologize. Only back in? He fucking beat me, so I want him to apologize in my house like. Why do you need him to apologize? I just want to hear. I just want to take ray maybe I'm sorry. So I call him up and I said there we started talk. While should I say this night Ok, are you going to jail, so I call him and I asked him to apologize, and I say I said how can you fuck a 12yo and you grown and you marry? You know you said he's a young mind and body wasn't well, and then she keep me in my fucking chest like a horse and I boo, hoo and dad day Joe. I decided. I was no longer go. Ask him to know to ask me to forgive him. I decided to forgive.
After gay, my mom after gave my mom a black three eight everybody else does stepped on me and I said no longer I'm ever going to want to do. Don't don't don't know. I say from that day all I'm never going to excel for forget. I'm never going to get your game on. I decided to for give you and knife that they ever gave him my mom and her boyfriend and everybody else that ever via I did mean 'cause. It was so many other people that I don't still don't talk about, but I forgave him that's a very powerful thing and I'm happy. That is a very powerful thing. If you could forgive people have done terrible things to you and you haven't done shit to them, yeah the people that want them to apologize. They chased him down. We get back the you're eating yourself up eating yourself when I was eating myself, because I just wanted to say, I'm sorry rabbit and he never said it once. He told you that when you were twelve your mind, your body, weren't young, you gotta, realize you're talking to a fucking Idiot idiot, and I called my husband- and I was crying he's like pet-
Why you keep as I just want him to ask me too. I just wanted to say he's. Sorry, that's all! I want him to say and he's like Pat, why and I remember hanging up the phone and I got on my knees and I really get on my knees job vertical, so I get this shit and we know what I'm talking about. So I just I actually forgive me. I mean I forgave him that day I forgave him and my momma, because here my mom in her boyfriend is a three other people that I hated the most because she didn't protect me, and we want to try to tell her that her boyfriend was doing that to us. You know he won't listen. She won't listen because this may he was providing. It was only time in my life that we didn't get evicted because he touching me and my sister was always say. Well, if you tell your mama you're gonna get put out yelling, we have no food, so we always thought we was happy. We always thought we was happened. So you know what I think
table and you know they was day- was already dead, but he still alive want to know something crazy, not and never told anybody this so people, So why you don't go to your mama grave site. You know a lot but I don't like fucking with the day and I figured I want to rest leaving the fuck alone. They don't hear by the lovely. This lively shit go to her grave yall because that mother put itself next to her. He bared his self. Next to my momma, so I said fuck both of you, I'm not going up there he's laying right next to last time. I was here before he died. I was there cleaning up some ants on top of our grade. Know you know. I'm young, I'm probably was sixteen power. One thousand sixteen hundred sixteen seventeen I go out so today is cam poured on top of light it on fire to keep the ant bed. I've only sent. Hopefully I take carry the and You put gas on it, let out fire g.
This is fucking Christ. Oh, my god, I haven't been back jealous, I haven't been back, don't need to go back well back his next door, so he wanted that control. So he got it fuck, I'm never going back every time. I talk to you, heard it all give me the to one. I can tell you one hundred, never fucking start what wine olive garden that one. Yes, I love that she logical class today and I you're, a one million fucking. I was telling the story. I just started writing a bit about how my mama used was a crap shooter and propose she shoot the dice. She was locked up for five kids and she vagina! That was good. Look for her
rub the dice on your vagina in your kidding probably die. So your pussy for good luck. If you come over, you probably fine. Oh my god, what the fuck I want to tell how is dark, as I just wanna feel about it. So yeah, there's a fucking bitch is fucking hilarious, you're not going to do it tonight. Now I'm not going to do it tonight is not all the way down, but when I got my first like pet, you gotta be like. I said I call my brother. I said bow. That's my older the racer right. We say mom, we get saying there but Marvel got good hails or we know we know that they know Jerry Curly. So uh
Do you remember when mom used to shoot dice? She's, a yeah she's running my motherfucking nuts. You know, isn't it when black people going, I won't for grace. Oh my god, I can't breathe. Oh fuck up this. I know my gosh, I'm crying. I can't breathe holy Shit, God, Damn is pat any now. Let's delay I fucking love it. I know you do you make people laugh, you want the funniest people. I've ever met wow. Thank you, John. To fact, fuck! I want a life. You had God, damn it. I it's so hard to listen to as a person who has kids
it's so hard to think about you being a little girl having to go through that You know it used people say: ok, you should get counseling, but honestly comedy had some in my counseling. It is a form of council, for sure I was able to share with you that I had. I was angry about. I'm no the angle. People laugh people laugh, I'm making I'm fucking crying, I'm literally crying yeah hey! You know, then you meet so many people who can I have a story like you, people home is pet you're telling my story. Thank you so much out of black lace TIM one time she's, like I had my baby at thirteen. How can you talk about that? I said cause bitch, I'm happy and my child didn't have the life that I had you. So I'm happy. You know. I only think that extra, my kids that's the actual college and for everybody, so I'm not gonna fall.
College on you, but what you do owe me is a high school diploma and you do owe me to prom, because I didn't have an opportunity to do not edge so all of 'em. The problem went to the prom. I picked that outfit and everyone I graduated from high school. You know out. My daughter was the first one in three generation to graduate high school, the first one of a go to college and she didn't finish work day. Let me my youngest daughter, just finished criminal justice. She have associate degree and you know every time they do it, a I'm going to the prom for you. They graduated high so they gave me the high school diploma. My daughter like well, I just graduated from college. Here, I agree. I was like bitch, you cool lobby, cloudy or whatever fucking. You know I'm talking about straight ass, cum, laude e yeah, that's what she was. She was cool lighting, so I mean didn't cheating on her graduation. She she she wanna go to graduation, so she booked it. She she had two options, so she booked in our day. I was out of town, but she
she's my first child graduated college and I look back here. I am with a query: education the GD. I was able to keep my kid. I'm going down the road that I went down. You know most most most kids try to make their parents proud. I try to make key proud to. Let him know is not about how you start it's about how you finish. You know I had to I had to meet my oldest daughter and I said drugs in front of school and I no. I had to wake her on time and I see I want to apologize for being such a horrible mom in the beginning. But I was fucking fourteen You know she was in housing where his shootout at she saw me jewels in front house cool as that made a lot of fucking missed. Thanks, but I'm sorry because I did Everybody else was doing in my community trying to survive and that will one of the hardest thing as a parent, because a lot of parents high, you know their past a key, but I
yeah. I literally went to my daughter, and you know 'cause. She hated me Joe. She fucking hated me she's like why do you have to sell drugs in front of my school is because I was first beach. You know, I think you know we. We we have a relationship now, you know, and then I went off to jail and mister going to kindergarten, and then I I grew up in in a community where he was gay. Something was wrong with you know my daughter. She gets fucked. She eat everything in Alama, so she PAC man implicit. So you know I had to. I had to deal with that too, because she ran off for awhile when she, when she wouldn't you know, when I didn't want to tell me she was gay ' 'cause. I mean I had this thing where, if you gave us some roads are fucking hated gay women and I used to say this whole state when-
and I say, white men when you when you when you hate me, there's a good chance, you'll white, don't don't come home with a big big nigga. It will open your foot, my daughter came home and she was gay and it opened my fucking world to the gay community and now Like I remember my daughter came out of some. I like you must be a shame that your daughters, okay I'll, be just do it as a whole, so it'll take way mall! Next, to my daughter, okay, that man and I'm in a meeting I love my daughter. I love all of my keys, a in an auto f. Really that's a name. I say it's not about. I had to learn it's not about your sexuality. Do what make you happy and I will support you to the who is you happen because you saw your day to start my face and shoot me and mistreat me. So if what it do, what makes you just don't, do drugs bitch, but do what make you happy what what made you not like gay women before Because I was raising black community. If you was gay, you know we have the biggest motherfucker black people who would know about
Gay Chad allowed tell you some wrong, which we talked to hate. You know that old school black community. That's why so you know people, you know. Why is that? I don't know Joe that's, is how we was raised. The black church, drilling in your hey. You know, if you gay, you going to hell- and you know your so what happens with gay people in the black community? a lot of them leave and never come back back in the day. A lot of wait wait you know they. Fucking mental problems. I don't know like. I didn't, I don't remember gay uncle anybody, so you know, I know we add the black community. You have to hide. You had to hide back in those days, so I will so, if he was gay, is some wrong with you. About to be gay. It opened my fucking world up and I was like do I judge my daughter over sexuality, I do. I love my child because fucking my an hour,
I'm not seeing her for three years. She just running. She dropped out of college she's, going from state to state them in their home. Is a lot on be homeless and I said, look actually, I said, are you gay? I just want to hear for myself. She was like yes ma'am, I will come on home and eat pussy in Atlanta, cheap. I came home and we The relationship that I had you know I was wrong out because she her heart talk about gay people in the house. It's almost like when you hear your book, if you, if you want to hear your pals, I wasn't getting any getting in there, then you really want to know why hasn't Tom on the you get Kerry, can you go outside in like they did? What you think it is so when she came out- and you know she when she came out, he opened my world and I'm happy, I'm happy for my baby, not tell her about my daughter would eat this shit out you she would take you down. But she happy Joe and that's what is all about you know all you can ask
All I ask is that she get a bitch that treat her right that, she's a whole right now, but you know new guy. Live six, my what is new girl. She got she mystical world for a long while I like the lands girlfriend, we style big flick, but she got rid of big foot wide sweats color, but for She was a boy play professional basketball, big big old, Lebron James, but I like to allow new girlfriend she grown on me. So what is all about being happy? That is all about being happy. You you've you've done an amazing thing with your life. Thank you. You took a terrible beginning and turned into an amazing present. You know you you're one of the funniest people I swear to God. He won funniest people. I've ever met you're up like a big time. Professional comedian. People love you.
I mean aren't I think what you've done is amazing, the to come where you started from and to be who you are now, let's it's amazing, thank you and me, and after because I'm a convicted felon. Then she does. I can do either. You laugh well, rob you but you're great at it. You know it's it's not just that! You had a hard life, you had a hard life and you worked hard to become a great comic Well, I had a hard life and I wanted to say my keys in the beginning. I just didn't want my kids that go through what I went through. So that was the biggest files, yarling sticking out thumb and my baby asshole there, I'm sorry young, do it that matured, but you want to you're not going to drop out. You know I just I just wanted my kids to have shit that I never had, which was uh. My book is about, I was searching for some I wanted a family, I never had a family. I never felt love like I feel today. You know I got them.
When I go home to husband, see me two times a week, but he still fucking love me, even though he say not at all being funny yeah, you being funny, but I know I'm love Joe. I know and then never had that as a child, and when my plan Vay K All we gotta do that fuck yeah, we gotta do it. Do you want to know what it is to be without a family, fucking mama we go on which we won't. We don't want to hear these horror stories when I book that Disney crew, that was all pissed out, but they had a fucking ball and it was twenty two of us and we was there as a family and that's all I don't care to go with. Go take him to the Laker. Take him I don't care to participate. I just want to know I just look Let me say: oh my god, does beautiful then, as all I ever wanted. I don't give a fuck about a fancy. Call I care about, and I
week but listen you you in June bug you're going to start. This Youtube series upper going to work out together and then the Pat down is available on Itunes available everywhere. Your book is still out. There is doing really well yeah, it's called rabbit, rabbit nominated for double ACP image war and were working tonight, Thank you. Thank you, God damn. It was funny. Thank you, everyone for tune into to the show and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to simply safe. Ladies and mother, gentlemen. Gentleman you need home security and simply saved com. Slash Rogan is the best way for you to get it. Prices are fair and honest and around the clock. Monitoring is just fifteen dollars a month and you can get free shipping and a sixty day. Risk free
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