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#1318 - Hotep Jesus

2019-06-26 | 🔗
Hotep Jesus is a tech investor, marketer and author. His book "Dominate Twitter" is available on http://bryansharpe.co
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the Joe Rogan experience join my Gagal Rogan podcast by night. I was going to say that you want somebody that I need that get a name like Hotel Jesus had that come about it wasn't my idea. You know I was uh had just went through my spiritual awakening oh yeah industry- and I went through like that. Mace thing you know you go to. Where are you doing? headgear, we got a lot going on up there. I had to cut my hair down it's a black man. I got school so yeah, so we're chilled weakening yeah had a spiritual awakening, Ann tweeting on Twitter, like I do right, and somebody said what do you think you are some kind of hotel Jesus that was good who, So I do think I'm that's perfect! Then now you own it that person is public. Fuck goddamnit!
great name. I gave that dude yeah, I don't know who that person is or was or where they are now shout out to whoever you are exactly Denver. Abhi, your twitter, why did you switch it to hotel Jesus? Can you switch? It Does anybody own hotel Jesus? I do you, so you have but on twitter to yeah reserved it dude. I think they could probably swap Have a little on them cute little blue check mark set now to put the focus on how to get one of those out of the There's some people that have those have like a thousand followers yeah, getting it like. If you work for the New York Times or something that you had them I'll do Joe and then I get verified. I don't know how Twitter feels, but maybe I mean I think Jack likes me he's been in a couple. I was, but I think the whole the they're weird band they want. I mean, I think, all social media, all tech companies want you to tow a line right now and if you're not telling, online. You bring on forbidden guests and you have people that have controversial ideas. You know they that finger on the button,
getting ready, they don't know what to do. It's just like radio. You know like radio, a lot of people don't know, but radio has to play happy songs, 'cause, happy people buy things. I mean yeah, that's! Well! That's what the study say. Allegedly the marketing studies in advertising studies say: people who are in a good mood tend to buy things right so The radio is supposed to play happy songs, all day long and the radio works for the appetizers kind of like media groups and so forth. So social media is no different. They have advertising. So if there's people on the platform who are creating disgruntled crowds could be hurting the bottom line yeah, but Facebook Salger I'm actually favors that the way Facebook has it set up like say, if you, if you get into debates of people on abortion or something like very controversial, they will start meaning that to your feet, that will they will prop it will sort of steer it in your direction, because
more. You engage the more clicks. They get the more money they get, the more advertising dollars again. Absolutely absolutely. The facebook algorithm is quite unique in the way that things can go viral their twitter. I feel like the the twitter safety in council yeah. What do they call it? Trust and safety? Is that what is it? Someone yeah? So when I go and look at the entities that contribute to that board icon. To start saying. Ok, I see why certain topics are taboo. You know there's and when you, when there's a board those people on the board are the voice they're, the ones that have the opinion you know. So, if your group isn't represented, maybe you need to figure out how to get on that board. You know what I mean right on anybody's doing is board not is not had better, be left wing going to get on the board. I don't use any right. Things like word is, I think,
Jack's more like in the middle? Yes, I think it's close to the middle. I don't think it's jack. I think it's. You know Jack's work on a bunch of different projects, but I think it's probably you know. Whoever else is in the office in the database decisions yeah I'd like lot, but I think is in the middle of a gigantic corporation Ann, there's so many people with so many ideas, essentially the founding those of our country had a great idea when it comes to freedom of expression. They felt like it was very important that you have free speech and, They don't you can't be silenced, it can't be it can't be under my. But people who disagree with you because it's dangerous it's dangerous. When someone can just decide, you can have a voice anymore and only their voice can be heard and we're kind of seeing that with twitter.
And we're kind of seeing that with Facebook and with Google and they're deciding what could be heard and what not to be heard, they think they're doing it for good reasons. They think they're doing it to preserve our culture and our civilization, and they want to protect people from the election. Read it down the Donald, the the the Donald Trump support of Reddit page yeah. That's not a good idea, the right right before the dam. Yes, I am to be right before the democratic debate, and you know that was like, where all the funny memes come from Anne look man this. You can't do that. I mean the because if you have some people that are saying some shit, that's bad on their get rid of those people get rid of that. You can just shut down a whole forum like it seems, That seems insane reason for it. It's not shut down says it's. Quarin What does that mean? Is it have a disease? It's sort of like a temporary Scott Ebola. It's happens to people, they gotta do something. It says: there's violent threats, I'm looking to see
hello needed. This violent threats in got seems whereby I feel like all the stuff Is it like we're seeing what the first is really all about why it exists, we're seeing it play out yeah will the social media sites. I really think that you know it. My thing is with like the right thing right, it's very easy to create an actor right. The left can create a right wing actor online. To pretend like it's something about sure it's something else they can go in read it do, something malicious to get the whole Reddit band right. Can agent provocateur yeah exactly and I never leave that off the table. When I look at instances like this thing, somebody was the internet everybody's anonymous thing right tracking this back to who it is he Tony? I do you know what conservative knows republican? Are you sure? So you know I take these.
Things these pieces of information agreement so yeah you should what is this election meddling? It It is right, is weird feels like if your doing a whole sub. What does it depends? I mean if they're really, that would be really into It turns out that it was someone from the left that was posing as someone from the right in order to shut. The form and pretend there's death threats or you look at you to write and what what's been happening with you too, even just the algorithm. You know I'm pretty good. What key words I do SCO marketing so when I type in certain key words are from find certain things I know it's going to come up or what type of content comes up now when I type in those keywords, it's like ABC Nbc, ABC and then I'm like. That's not what I wanted. They don't even talk about these keywords, or even talking about yeah So when you start seeing that you start thinking about Ingsoc Sock in Orwell, one in nineteen, eighty four socialism and communism and fascism in the deck
asian of society and a lot of control coming down home. You know people, you know in some ways it's like was the internet created for freedom or was a contract created for control right? so there's two different path. We could probably look at that, but it seems like in many ways they set us up to be controlled and it don't it through monopolies, Google, controls search through Youtube and Google and by what you search, you can think it's a truth. But what did Kanye say? Can you say Google lied to you, you know so when he says a lot of crazy ship, though you don't really think about that. He does and I like crazy. I do too I'm a big fan of crazy, I'm a little crazy, a lot of crazy. Sometimes so. I appreciate his crazy side more than his com sought. Well great things come from wild thoughts.
Right exactly. I think the internet was initially created to exchange information and then one got loose to the general public. They realize what a crazy idea that was I think we're seeing right now with the algorithms is that these corporations are influencing these companies to say hey when someone looking for these things, how about you send him over to ABC how 'bout you send him over to NBC? How about you, you know like we want to be able to get the first views on these things. So. If someone searching for that, I don't know how they I don't know what they, whether they have agreements with them. Maybe I mean there's also uh how to copy written ship. That's on there. That could get Youtube in some significant trouble if they have a really decided to pursue it and how many videos are on Youtube that people have on their channel. That are just straight off of fox. News or NBC News or there's a lot of Copyright protected content that you tube is essentially profiting off of oh yeah yeah. They make a ton of money off of that stuff. Yeah
I have deals with a look we'll send these people to. You know this first yeah and that's why I say you know: that's we control comes in. You know the advertises. Advertisers are the ones paying you know for the platform yeah. I think it's not us the users out of paying for you to three so who's, paying the rent, yeah, they're, they're, they're monetizing us their monetizing us to users and viewers yeah, that's where it gets tricky right is because, as soon as the advertise get on board, they said look we so you know we want give you money, but this content is not advertiser friendly right and then they start moving stuff around and demonetizing thing and with demonetization the real thing. They're doing in a lot of ways, whether it's intentional or not, is your influencing what people post you're kind of you asking them to self censor. 'cause. If you say hey, you guys wanted. Gus abortion rights or
there's there's some things that you start discussing them and they will automatically dump the montage yeah. I will. Who is the girl that put out the abortion documentary right, an h girls next at down? I forget what it's called better memorizing, the stings, but there was a a basically an anti abortion thing that expose some things about abortion. As a documentary, I believe the day one of a got shut down. She had re upload? It was at yeah, there's those two cute white chicks. There are things for soup, racist, Lauren, Southerns and Tammy the other ones and him are in town. I learned how to learn so she did a doctor. But then you have like the James O'Keefe thing where you know he put up to expose enough. You too, and then I got you know. Obviously there Let's take it down and most recently exposed Google right right. Yeah I've been asking people about that. I'm like ok break this down, for me. Is there anyway that this could have been deceptively advertise or deceptively
like is it seems to me like they're, saying that they're going, manipulate, search results and they're going to be late. The way people see things because of the two thousand sixteen election. They don't want that happening again in two thousand twenty, that's what it seems. What I'm looking at it absolutely exactly looks like could be docked. Of course, good. You know, that's that's yeah, that's always possible, but, hum when you go and experience it for yourself like what I was talking about, doing a keyword search, you start yeah saying the power of those and then you know Uncle Hotep. You know his his channel was doing great and then the algorithm flipped in the casino like he wasn't making the same money anymore. So it's like. I don't have to go to some doctor, video or whatever video, to understand this problem that people around me are being affected by it as a primary source. I don't have to look at some money internet
but I don't know it's in a way. I don't like playing victim with the topic right stare platform. Do what you want with it. We choose to be there. We don't have to be. There does not another game in town, though it's not it's weird right when you think about how big the internet This is only one you too right, video and all those other ones they're great, but if well the day, not always related to the black community. You know the black community always say: oh no white people, this white people that white people describe that they're not giving us opportunity- and it's always like well- is that the only opportunity can you not create your own opportunity? You know what I mean, so I never wanted take a victim mentality and say: oh, you know, let's take Google to court and you know all this stuff is like if you want to do that. That's fine! That's not how I'm looking at this! I'm looking at it long term like
Hogan what Andrew Torrible Ragab. You know what I mean an building tools, so you know we do the coin bits app com and create can actually it's based upon approval right now, but creators can go on there and receive bitcoins a donation. You know so we're circumventing the things that happen like with the d platforming at Patriot, right and the other payment platforms for creators. So creating tools to circumvent these things. So that's how I look at it. I'm like. Oh, who's doing this great. This is great opportunity here. Let me sees it and let me build it and be you know the alternative I love to see that the alternative going to be Youtube and as popular, of course not it's just not, but it's still a via option you can still communicate with people than uh
communication tool for influence or with it, but there were community, is email, build your email list right people subscribe to email list, hey, that's not! You too does not go. Would at your email list at your contact. Yes, so it's like you can complain about you tube or Google, but you can build your audience almost anywhere. Depends on how powerful you are you powerful enough to convince people to come to this other platform or to wherever you are. A lot of people are powerful enough to pack a room at two thousand dollars a ticket. You tell me you can't. My to go to another platform for free who charges two thousand dollars a ticket. I mean a lot of these speakers. You know like the Tony Robbins type cats He charges two thousand bucks. I think Charlie ten. Yes, I think I think some of his like ten, but he's doing like these week. Long events, where but it gets together. I'm going to turn your large karate, kicks
you get the bigger check. You got a bigger experience, so it's like all right. So we'll do a one day. It's two k writes like well. How do I get ten k? It's like well, it's just extended for the week and you I had like you know the kick boxing classes. You know we'll chat in a sauna. You just you know, create that's part of marketing. You know noon on foot yeah! I'm not complain about these tech companies, the step content, companies, man, I'm not scared. He's due to Manny's Did the content is us? The content is certainly a San. Like I get. What I got from talking to Jack Envidia was it almost impossible to manage a site like that that just the influx of not like I used to have a message board of my website. One of the things that I notice before we shut it down was, I was getting thousands and thousands of russian emails that were signing up for my website. This remember that Jamie this is years ago. There's like three years ago, ok, I mean fucking like tens of thousands of russian email,
Dresses were signing up like similar addresses. It was something like the IR, a something like the internet research agency, which does that which is responsible for all those fake pages on face. Look in Google and Instagram and all that shit They were signing up for websites and that had message boards and then they would jump pretend that they were whatever the fuck. They were right pretend that they were a social justice. Warrior pretend that there with black lives matter. Probably- and then you start fights, start arguments yeah and it was like wow. This is fastened. And then when it when it also happened, and then it happened with Facebook and it became a big, part of the election you realize, like like concerted effort to use these platforms to wiggle, so when you're Jack or or whoever runs good. You have to look at that and go ok, hello! Fuck! Do we manage that? I mean if we're in the free speech We should just let these people manipulate everybody, let it be like. How can I mean it's when you have these people that working for the Russians or even
people that are working on the left are trying, even if there really is someone that's doing that to the Donald. Subreddit on Reddit what you, if you're in the free- each you're supposed to allow that right. You can just create a metric, a you know or or some sort of mechanism, that red flag an account publicly right, but I think this is where it gets slippery right, because then you're talking about an algorithm you're talking about manipulating search results, you're talking, no, not that route. What I'm saying is not that rub it. This is where it goes right. If you just keep manage The content, instead of like someone like GAB, where they just let the content free yeah, but obviously you go there. There's a lot of dumpster fires mad. So I fucking chaos I'll. Do that? Oh yeah! Absolutely nothing is going to be perfect right. You know, I think, whenever you see bad, that's good right! Oh yeah! Bad is the a portal to good. It is an opportunity
to fix something, because at some point that problem was going to emerge right, it just emerged now. So it's like oh wow, ok, here's this problem, the solution. Every problem lies within a problem. Technically, there is no problem, so just go ahead and solve this problem and move on to the next one. You know, but I love problems. I love solving problems. I think, really fun. So when I see a problem, I go home. Ok, let's think about this. Science, it's not a one person job. You know it's a whole committee. A whole bunch of mines have to get together. So when I look at the conservative community, I think about like you know you, have all these mines, but are your minds working to complain or your minds working to solve the problem, and it's like the mines, aren't working to solve the problem. The work in a complaint so, for example, on the early, 20th century early 1900s do with this newspaper super popular in New York, and he put some
inflammatory things about a certain family in New York City and all department stores boycott the newspapers. He has no advertises, so they did that to put him out of business, and it's gentle man takes the space and gives it to the pro the period or the small business guys in the area, and he gives him full front page ads right stuff that department stores couldn't buy. And then what happened was after the new, paper. God is circulating like that. A department stores, department stores came back and they said YO. Alright, alright, fine fine will they will come back and he said no, I don't need you anymore. You know I have people that can do this. I can do this with the people and his newspaper was successful until today he died. So when I look at that example that was able to thrive in nineteen twenty know something ten or whatever it was. I look at it and I'm like if this guy, just stood on his laurels and didn't bow. You know, then, why can't we
do it as a nation or as a team. You know, I think, it's very possible to for example, when we look at gap right, there's a new competitor, I'm not going to mention the name, but it's like they. Whoever was DST created this alternative platform to compete with gab there's another purpose You don't mention the name now screw down, really yeah. Why? What's bad about them? Their establishment, right, So so, when I look at so establishments created another free speech platform, allegedly allegedly it just gonna, collected data on these people and then you know, sell it off what makes you think that intuition? I you know about how to
I've been told you. You should make sure that should be assured. We gotta shirt hooked up. It's been told, you know: Sasha Milk, hotels, actual every Thursday, eight hundred pm eastern time so yeah, you know I can kind of I've been calling a lot of these shots and a lot of these things, and it's just certain things that you know. I'm a tech, startup on the right. So is certain things I can see within a business that the average person can't see and I'm like God, it doesn't make sense that doesn't look right. Anyone you see, you know, as a tech start up really hard to get going right. First, but when you see like MSNBC and like how to get all this coverage that fast Who do you know what I mean and these
seeing the influencers that going over there pushing him like all these are all the established. I see. What's going on what you didn't want, you didn't want an alternative platform that you didn't: control, ok, so they're, creating an alternative platform that they can control. They can control air quote, alternative, correct, yeah. Well, I think the writing on the wall right. If you look at the there's, only one twitter there's only one instagram there's only one youtube and those are giant and Facebook is basically the only thing like right. I mean there's really no competitor to Facebook. In that space I mean there's four of am they're all trash. Let's be honest, oh my goodness, this all trash Hotep is going off. Facebook I've been saying that for like the past decade, Facebook trash I stopped using Facebook a decade ago. Right if I used Was this like forced? You know I use it as a publishing outlet. I die when I put this tour dates, or something like that. I put it on Facebook around
gage right exactly yeah. So you know I can. I can respect that. I don't use Instagram illicit months ago when Farrakhan to keep doctor platform bunch of concerts got kicked out from around the dish in either. So I left and also keep your account just in case yeah. Absolutely it's bookmarked. Some, you know got automated bot gonna set up in it or okay, all as area yeah. So you know F these platforms. We don't need 'em they're, not that great. If you look at the story on Instagram, Instagram was a a lucky project was serendipitous right. Basically what happened was some kids built the project? It was called Instagram working on a whole bunch of other things. Some popular kids started using a platform it blew up and then they pass it on. Facebook from the very inception. I said this is a very trash prod product, just horrible, horribly curated right it's so horribly, curated that Facebook can't even monetize the platform properly right, but that's a whole other story.
But the platform itself and its functionality is stupid. Just popping We know it's weird is like replying to people and reading replies like within the comments like you can't keep up with anything. No, you can't get all your notifications. They notice Asians aren't curated properly. It's just it's like, as if they don't care, they don't care, because it didn't care or is it that it got so big? So quick and it's stuck in this format, you'd have to kind of reformat the way it's they don't care, don't think so they don't care, they don't care. If you If you want to build a product for your user, you can do that. We want to build a product for advertisers. You can do that. They built the product for avatars and not for users if they build it for users. You, I will be able to have a conversation on there. Well, isn't it originally wasn't text, America was that the same thing was text America. The original,
That's the one where I have the picture of the prostitute in the bathroom mean like where you would text something too, send a photo. You send a photo in a text message and they would go up to an internet website. It would be like on a site like image or something like a feed where people would follow you like No, there was a thing that you would follow and that's where that picture came from that, but I didn't remember it being like a website or anything like that back when there is no applications ma'am, because I took that from a flip phone and video, that's the difference, yeah phone or like a right, our phone. There was no smart phones back then, and then you would have to go to a website to see all your photos. So, like you have Jamie Page on text, America and all the pictures that you had taken the first photos on Instagram. A lot of people were you'd, be like as a photographer would be kind of like shitan. If you weren't taking it with your Iphone only MIKE, and you were uploading, DSLR photos you be like well you're, fucking, cheating, look at you right now. Like some of these girls, look like cartoons, then look like humans. Hey you know comes down to is like you know, I was a conus right, so you know a lot of people to.
Seems like you're. You miss not a lot of money on Facebook. You must not a lot of Instagram money on Instagram, my homies, a millionaire off of Instagram and Facebook advertising any talking about it. I'm like I'm not in this for money. Bro. I've got a message to get across and I can't get it across on these platforms. They suck but are you going to have the cojones to come and say I'm choosing my laurels over. I'm choosing my morals over the money, 'cause it's lot of people out here that on the Facebook platform, just for money, I spoke to a conservative, influencer and brother basically said I'm trying to feed my daughter, but the stuff he's putting out on Facebook. He doesn't believe it so he's just doing it for profit still not for profit. Do that That's where it gets. Weird right, because then people are not going to believe you want to say well, I was doing that for money, but now I'm telling you the truth, but these I'm talking about this. These are the people that everybody believes. These are the ones that,
have captured a large audience mean talking about you, know, type of money you can pull in on Facebook, But you know he literally says you know I'll go onto it I'll make one tweet and then they get like two thousand re tweets and then you know you know you know it's. His brain just blows up like that. But it's because he knows the buzzwords right. He knows what to say to get the people going I'll go that route. You know what I mean. I don't like Facebook, I'm not going to use. If I don't like Facebook, I'm not going to use instagram, you know I'm just going to stick with what I like like twitter, not told people in two thousand and nine when I go in and I'm twitter ideal in marketing, so always stay focused on one channel when it comes to social media, just one channel, unless you have the staff to, well twitters. How I found out about you- and that's all I found out about your videos- and I found out about you, going to watch your videos and, if that didn't exist, and the portal for the video you're, putting your videos on Youtube right,
I mean what? How else would someone get their message out if you, if you, if you think that these platforms are all trash, if they didn't exist, I would find out about you Twitter's great twitter. Remember. I've never mentioned twitter. We, I think you said all of them are trash, but all of them, except for Twitter Twitter, is my baby man, I love toilet. Would you like so much about twitter it's it's! It's it's! It's perfect platform that crowd source information number one like you, said without twitter. I would be sitting here right now. I could never got you on Facebook and Instagram. That would never happen. Maybe Instagram some the front most of it is like hey. One of my friend says check out this guy. This guy is cool disguise interesting. Maybe you should talk to this guy, that's how it usually happens and then I'll go to your page, and I Today I saw a lot of interesting conversations. You were having an right, so awesome videos. Well, the thing is Instagram doesn't allow you to see in my heart and allow you to see in the soul, twitter I could really connect with people
how come you can't do that in Instagram, the algorithm? You know you, oh you mean, because it hides of and stuff yeah once you develop a good following it doesn't really matter. People go to your page. How will look for you? But how often can you post On Instagram, how often can post can't do like Twitter, you post Do it every couple minutes you see what I'm saying so, if I wanted to, I could go from deep, to wear my middle aged white. Women are right. In fifteen minutes time right. You know, I can take you deep and I could make you laugh yeah. You know what I mean not to share you know something else. I can share my video and you get a rose on twitter, just like you could have an instagram really wanted to. I can go live, and so Twitter is great,
he Kerry on the live feature it it lands at the top year phone on mobile right, it's beautiful like like they like they get product the on off, like Instagram, gets product arm, but it's what is is math fact. This is a great time search in my book. I just thought it was Mcdonald's or burger king, not heating, that carbon is my book right. Twitter marketing approach that for you every time how to build a cult like following year, and that's basically all my secrets on how I got on it. Rogan experience But I'm trying to remember who told me about you want to give some money to the credit yeah! Well, you know they people said to me: you know you should go on Joe Rogan's already, so we did it and then it started this firestorm it mentions in then you follow me yeah and then I we need to get fired you, because someone told me, though, I've tried to remember the king.
Oh somebody, you know yeah somebody. I know I think it was like serendipitous thing like I don't even know if they had seen you post that you're trying to get on the podcast. I think someone had just contacted me and said: hey check out this guy schitt. Oh, I watch some of the Youtube conversations click you're having a good time. But you were talking about Sirius ship yeah, it's so I got kids. So when asked when I teach my kids, it's always through edge attainment know if I can't make my kids laugh, while I'm doing my lecture every day when they come home from school or try to do every day. There's a lecture. We inform I'm going to talk about something real in life. How many kids you have three of my daughter. Sixteen and my boys are rod. Ten have twin boys, Dallas, Phoenix and Sydney. Are there named after cities so every day they come home I have a lecture waiting form, but when I prepare my lectures for them, I always figure. How am I going to make him laugh 'cause, my son, Dallas, he's a very linear
thinking I could lecture and sit there and listen to every single word. The other two will like me, they'll just like zone out. So your twins are there identical twins? Arnold return, yeah. So either in a sister. Just like me, will too now and we're going to La La land is going to be weird when you have two kids that were born to exact same time, they're twins, but yet they're, totally different. Jenny looked different. That's how One browse came with light skin, so both come out of the box at the same time. If you had it, you know it's a crazy dynamic. The burst headaches are not smell. Yeah now he's a very different. That is one of the thing that tripped me out. The most about having kids is how how does they are their own little person out of can box yeah, you influence them a little. You teach them. You can give the morals and ethics, and you can set a good example, but boy they come with their own
The league said of ingredients yeah you do get into, and I don't I don't try to change that. Well, I try to do is push them in that direction like whichever way you're going. I'm is going try in the system. You know, I don't try to like bring you back this way. So my son does he likes to draw it. You know and like all right well, his some Youtube videos to Torio. Do it every day. You know my son feels like I won't have my own Comic Book will start writing and he starts. Writing is comic book and any comes in. He asked me questions and I help him when you share with a Google doc and we just we just do the damn thing. You know what I mean: that's cool yeah there little star so you kind you just got it you just gotta feed on. You know good way of looking at it. Yeah you've got a water man and just let him grow, I think. Sometimes we try to prune them too much. Well, you definitely see that a lot with people that are too they're just way too heavy handed with their kids and the kids. Just always
existing yeah it is the consul, is get the away from me, man that should some necessary it's unnecessary. It's unproductive and you're going to develop a rift between you and your kids. Yes, so this We always tell ism, you know when you can you go on a supermarket? You get that took quite but not going hey, but not test and don't ask from the end right so long as I grew up. A lot of us grew up so when I go on to the supermarket. I went to the supermarket there's one time and my son is Phoenix, might win he's running around and supermarket an I don't try not to yell at my kids and all that stuff right. So I just tap his brother, insist on it and I said, look at look at look at him and he looked and we just started laughing at him. So he turns around Why are you laughing at me? So then I start imitating there are doing all that type stuff and he's so he's I put the mirror in front of the mirror and when he does that, never again yeah I didn't have to yell at him and after him and the customer and after threatening that's great that you know it's just
the psychology yeah this one, the hardest things for people to see how other people see them. When someone sees you with humor and you'll go to full of how much that's me. That is really exactly so. You've got put to merit, but you know twitter. You know I I handle. I handle everything. You know I figure you can't change culture to lecture, you change culture, the one attainment. What do you think about all this talk, like Elizabeth Warren's talked about it and some other candidates. We talked about his mother. Politicians have talked about breaking up these big companies breaking up Facebook. It's too big break up. Google break up twitter. What do you think about that? Well, I think we have to study what happened to standard oil. What happened to standard royal standard oil, they broke it up and it became Exxon Chevron Texaco. I think BP. Don't quote me on that one, but does anybody have brand loyalty to gas z,
we like dude, I'm Chevron, man, they create those cards, cart oh loyalty cards, ok, yeah, that's how they create a loyalty program. Here it is the evolution of standard oil, Jamie pull it up on the screen. Yeah there you go I also standard oil was too big. Yeah like fuck. This place right we have to move it around a little bit, one thousand nine hundred and eleven standard oil of Kentucky one thousand nine hundred and eleven. They did this right. So if you look at it it's broken up in. I think it says three thousand four hundred and thirty four companies right, so you see- on the left right and as you go, what do you see? You see, consolidation? Don't you you see these merges. So when you break up the monopoly you're, not breaking up and not monopoly, which you're doing is you're, creating a divide and conquer dynamic. So it's like okay, I let my brother control this one, my sister control that with my cousin controls and you actually cornered the market, so breaking up not isn't exactly a good thing. In that case, yeah
and I think, we'll see the same thing with Google if we break up Google or you're going to do, is just have little subsidiaries or little satellite things that will just control a certain segment under a different name which will make it harder to track back to its source, you know when I say break up and opoly. I think that the establishments like yeah come on break me up baby. Do you think so? I think yeah I think they want to lose any control. I certainly don't like Facebook does it's not chosen, get rid of the sucker Burg forever. Ah, right Aren't they trying to get rid of him? The board members like acetate, claim get that robot out of here to drinks water right. He does like robot, we drink water, congress, but isn't that socialism huh. That's socialism! When you no longer comes in and tells you what you can do with your corporation yeah socialism. So so what I feel is like the powers that be it. Pushin socialism, I like,
we can use this as an excuse to infiltrate corporations and you know yeah blah blah blah and can start controlling this internet space, so the internet spaces now communist, I'm of the opinion, though, that if we believe in freedom of speech- and you create something- that's so big that it's essentially a town square, which is what I think these platforms are you if you ban people, especially if you ban people like learn to code like things, don't don't make any sense, there's people that getting banned for some pretty ridiculous ideas, yeah that as soon as you start doing, something like that you are going against the fundamental ideas of this country is found done absolute freedom of speech. I think it's incredibly important, If you have someone saying something that you think is wrong or is is hurtful there should be a
an ave where people can examine that and talk about it in combat it with good speech with speech that makes sense yeah. Well, you know couple years ago, last year I forget now it's about a couple years ago I was lambast it for defending white nationalists. You know when they first got d platform. Someone got the platform were just white nationalist period. I'm like well. If this is how these people feel, let's listen to him, it's listen to their gripes. What do they mad about right and then people like? Oh, how could you these people are racist, don't care if their races, like that, doesn't it? Let me write like I'm not asking them for a job, so they can't be racist towards me. You know what I mean, but when you have these groups that people call fringe, I feel like the people that are fringe. Are they test for freedom of speech? Is not the people in the middle? It's the fringe groups on the outside. If they don't have freedom of speech
nobody in the middle screw, so I stood up and I say: oh let these dudes talk like stop doing that like like you know, I don't care if they are racist or whatever people call me names, but then now you see it coming down and we lossed Lewis Farah Khan and got the platform he lost his very. Case in you know, and it's like you know what was there anything specifically that he said that allow them to do that? Did they just make a sweeping 'cause they got rid of Milo. They got rid of Gavin Mcginnis to get rid of a bunch of people that were on Instagram and Facebook that they hadn't d platform, but didn't seem like there was anything that happened that caused them to do that it seemed like I just made some sort of a desicion yeah that I think was probably based on preparing for the twenty twenty elections. Absolutely so What happened? Was the the banning of Lewis, Farah Khan, is just a theory, but they were like. Alright, if we ban these conservatives, the conservative crowd is going to just go ape ship right, but we throw him Louis Farrakhan,
so kind of settle things down a little bit. 'cause it'll, look like where fair, I think, you're exactly right, yeah, so I'm like! So that's what they did it like. I, let's throw him in there now. You know smooth. So that's exactly. I thought when I saw yeah yeah so yeah. This seems weird he, yes, it's like the guy have to justify. It would know we are in him to you, know yeah yeah, yeah it's a it's a strange time because there's even though There is gab and there's mines and there's a couple other startups that are trying to make their way into the Jordan Peterson One and there's no thing that really stands out and once someone starts once a giant group of people starts using something in less. It's like what's what's. Hilarious is when they wanna vanish like Myspace. How fucking badly did they manage my space, his my space had it all? They had everybody and then it just fucking died and still around but now it's like some fringe music publishing. Form it's very weird. You know it still exists, but what
Twitter is right now and what Facebook is right now and what Instagram is right now. It seems like there's no real competitors percent, specifically you too there's no real competitor, see crystal because when you know I don't wanna, you know dogpile alone no mines or gap or anything, but the problem is when you build a social networking is why will not build a social network, at least not in the next ten years? You have to understand that you can't build a social network that mimics another one the brand has to be different. That's why I snap is still here right. Snap is inside a certain demographic. As my daughters, you know generation right, that's down right there on snap. So when you build these days, Thanks. You really have to sit down and say, like you know, what's the, what are we going to focus on like with mines right, you post videos, you post photo
those and then how did the photos appear right? So when I look at mines, mines is my instagram. When you look at mine's on mobile, that Defonce really small. So I can't read this so I'm just going to user photos, can I put the photos it pops up right. So it's like is mine's going to go that route. I think a good video route for they going the tweet route. You got it pick one and then grow from there. If you look at Twitter, Twitter didn't have all these features in the beginning. You just had tweet, that's it! threads is none of that yeah so you have to start it shakoor, but when you the other problem, they do. Is they how to build these social networks completely robust, with all the bells and whistles of the giants. Nah bro, you gotta start small and slim and then let your audience tell you what next feature is so what would you were going to start one up? What would it be
Or do you know now? It's not. I don't wanna give it out information. I think information should be free, but I hate I hate the idea that people want to create social networks on like they exist. Let's use the ones that exist and, let's just how to make them better right. If you do that, then those have so much power because they can dictate who's on who's, not on right. So what you do is when you have then like a twitter user twitter to congregate your minds right, but then you know you're bills of the world. Your into Toby's of the world have to listen to the community and and then cure rate their product around with the community needs right. Enter Tober figured out with a dissenter when he found out. Oh, the internet is blocking comments. He created you can comment on anywhere on the internet and in Google Chrome smashed it right as I get that out of here Why do they do? That was the justification for getting rid of that.
Sensor. It who want to censor information. Is that what you want to do what they want to keep a competitor from using the platform profiting off of it? That's how I looked at it. I looked at it from marketing or business perspective, not anywhere bows name because it could be, but if it becomes huge I mean anything can become huge if it's useful yeah and useful to me that they were going to be able to comment on anything We have like a little link and if you use gab, you can comment on anything that comes up yeah yeah. You can
get it like that. I don't. I feel that you know they have. Their budgets is so huge dating of the cash reserves. Is so huge that they're not worried about competition at all? You know what they're worried about is a controlling thought and and that their primary goal troll thought right for the betterment of the ruling class, and that's it to me. That's that's the end all be all of it all arm, but you of these, these you know the these. These people, Will that create tech products like when we create coin base app or, for example, my app Jeff otos jiffy ties? Do you only do one thing on different types? The only thing you can do is save a video or or Jeff from Twitter. I always call it gif. Is it Jeff thinks it? I think it's Jeff I've. Never, I don't think I ever hear anybody say it gives, could be correct,
do you know what you call Jamie Jeff, peanut butter. But our app does one thing right and people love it when I first came on as a cofounder. This app did more than that and when did more than that. It didn't do as well as it does now what it used to do. It had incentives to work share the app you could add a jet of gifts. You could put text on them crop on all types of like he had an editor in there. Does it go? Take his editor toss it out a we had a keyboard, and you know it still has a keyboard bows. It took some of functionalities and start taking stuff,
obviously could decide who dissented assumes slim it down soon, as we slammed it down. We chain gave it a new face home. Our revenue quadruple what's again told people yeah give it to us, give it to. There is James yeah, Jim hi, F r t. I see the ultimate twitter give downloader yeah yeah, and this is this thing's about to be super huge. He we have a a gallery coming soon and that's gonna, be awesome, Aug and be perfectly curated, not speak to my partner, Simone this morning about that this one of the fun things about twitter. When someone says something stupid, and then you look at all the gifts underneath it all the memes and Gifs yeah, so we empower people like black twitters on our app. So whenever there's a new video wow, something funny happens and using as a reaction
so we on Ios there's no way to save it. Now you can with our app, but I have only does one thing and everybody and they love it right. That's that's the core of the business. What's the core of mines? What's the core of gap? What's the core feature right now. There is not a core feature yeah. I wouldn't, I would say just something as as an alternative to traditional media assumes an yeah. So there is no uniqueness. Where there is no and uniqueness, you can't compete. You have to first create uniqueness, Mmhm or or Philly need there. There's no need for me to be on these other platforms, the problems. When you get on those other platforms and there's no one there can you go? How let me go back to twitter, real, quick, yeah,
that's why I'm saying when you build a social network before you build a network, you have, I mean before you build the platform, you have to build the network. Well, it's interesting. If you go back to like two thousand and three, when Myspace was king and then you imagine what the world would be like, eighteen years later. No one would have saw this coming. No, as saw all these social media platforms and that it's used as a way of breaking news. Now I mean specially in places that don't have real objective news. So if you're in some country. That's some war, torn country and some horrible shit is going down. You see the news breaking on twitter before anywhere, oh yeah, really interesting! Oh yeah! That's why I tell people like school, Facebook and Instagram. The news breaks on on Twitter you know by the time you know by the time I I show. My friend of my friend shows me a video and, like I said it on Twitter, like two weeks ago, Bro facebook grease on Instagram right, so it's like
How do you market a product market yourself when you're two weeks behind. I think two weeks behind on Instagram, though I get a lot of shared on Instagram too, like what you're Joe Rogan yeah yeah but different, you know, I guess it depends on who you're surrounded by right right. So we talk about network is like who the people connected to you following who you interacting with, but I get like mom does not true was going to say. I get like most of the fuckedup videos of news stories of bad things that are happening in the news, come to me on Instagram, but I think send it to you yeah, but I think it's even I think it's even with Instagram twitter, sending me things. Well, you did when you're Joe Rogan even said. Jesus like people say I mean how do you know so much I like you, my father were standing right, yeah, books and links and stuff like that, like they're, just sending it to me, I'm you know. Sometimes I ask sometimes I don't but they're volunteering information. So when you're
in that position. You know you can afford it, but when so the key to marketing is this. You know you got the four p's of marketing, but the key to marketing is relevance if what you're talking about is irrelevant, nobody's paying attention to you right yeah. So the only thing that makes some of these platforms relevant is the juxtaposition to the big tech giants. You remove the tech giants. Are you still relevant? What makes you relevant right right right? That's where a lot of people that do content, whether they're you know podcasters or whatever they probably should be thinking about developing an email list and putting things in their website having something available in. Leave these big platforms. I've been thinking about that a lot lately, don't let but something it independent of these big platforms where like. If you mean you see all these people have gotten D platform yeah, and I don't think I'm at the risk of that. But if the clock, I didn't think these people were just
two years ago, as the climate shifts and people get more and more radical. With this idea of d platforming, I think it becomes like a game of like shooting ducks people get excited they like taking people out whether it makes sense or not- and I there's a lot of that going on where people are calling for people to be TD platform just because they disagree with them and so far these big tech companies. Resisted some of it, but not not enough of it. For my taste, yep yeah, you know my boy Alex Jones. They got him out of here. I think you know if I was Alex my eagle, I saw huge after getting the platform. Well, we did a podcast together after he was the platform he was on the biggest podcasts of all time, in particular sixteen million you two videos on this high he's one. Meanwhile, you two did not de monetize that one we let them know when it's vans. Just heads up Alex Jones is coming on here, and then they just took that money.
it's interesting? How it works right like what they choose to D platform, what they don't choose to you know it's some I mean, and I don't like the argument that they're doing it for our good. I don't, I don't think they are yeah who who made them, God yeah, who made them. You know mom and said this is good for you and do you think they should be forced to follow the first amendment now? What do you think they should be forced to do nothing, nothing, nothing! I think I think they should be operating in a manner that doesn't hurt earth. You know it doesn't hurt so nature right if they're, polluting or doing something that harm somebody specifically um. Then, yes, right, so if they become a giant monopoly, just because they're, better than everything else is available, like you tube has become, then they run the show. But there is always the underground yeah look at hip hop right, there's always been under underground hip, hop, comedies well Comedy as well. You know, so you got dudes, you know so I was talking to somebody today.
My consciousness, conscious, hip, hop and do say all there's no money in conscious hip hop MIKE what MIKE Farrell much tour. Consistently dead, Prez dead two never had any mainstream attention at all. The only closest thing they had to mainstream is when they were Dave. Chappelle's block party. Ok, that was about it yeah right. Yeah. So it's like you don't need mainstream. We don't need mainstream mate with his. Nothing mainstream. When you get mainstream unit now you got play by the rules. You know an Once you break those rules, you get the platforms which you need to do. Is you need to focus on building your own platform? So they can't touch you when you to certain place. Save you help me out. I called you in hotel Jesus. You need some help right. What do I do with this platform? This platform here
right here, oh dang, over this one doesn't come down all I saw you gotta self host it probably on blockchain. I would definitely big shoot just locked. How do I self is on block chain- I don't know blockchain is one of those words that I use that I don't really understand me too. I just say: 'cause, it's a cool buzzword. That's a great word. It's just like sounds like if you eat some dude is a tech guy like yourself as a tech startup, and you start talking about blockchain, oh yeah, I'll just nod my head Bart TRAIN, my friend uploaded Mp3 to the bsv network. Maybe it's just very confusing and I was trying to ask mother now: that's on there wow. How do people going to get it and like he wanted to just be like the first on there, which he is forever? I might not be bs might be speak and write your rapper friend, yes hey at least I had even had a he's. The head of this is just like I am going so, but that's where it's at. I was talking to him for that. Like he's almost like,
you pick like. Are you read it? How you figured out? How do I get a three hour podcast on there right? How are people going to get it? It's like it's not figured out, yet people are definitely working on it and that every day there's been advances. Yeah, I just don't know. I don't know how it's gonna go. I mean you could build your own clout. Yes, yeah on cloud and self Host- and you know you know what else you could do- you could connect with All your other celebrity buddies, pool your resources together and just build a competitor and then on this space being on the new Youtube, it's called rogue Youtube now. You know what I mean you could do that and then everybody just runs to your platform. I'd support it out of the way better name. How do you do that without using Google's cloud services? to do is buy Vimeo. Vimeo is dying on the vine. That pitch is barely alive, so so so these question Is that you ask right, there's like they own internet kind of almost? so these these questions that you ask. I don't
I don't know right. So what we do is we get the best tech mines in the building, and we ask them questions hey answer this: it's not like. They can't answer him right there going to find solutions, doesn't always away. You know just gotta put the right, mind the room, you know the right minds, the room and the right people that influences they can get the word out. Yet you have to you got to follow the drop on a napkin rule, and you know when you put the the drop on a napkin, it spreads out right. So you gotta figure, you know who's your network and then you know maybe build like twelve people around and make sure that these people are linked. You know based upon interest right. So then it starts at those interest, points or affinity's, and then the next tier grows out from there, but as long as that, tight knit group right, so the problem with gap right. It's all people say it's all nazis right. Well, that's that tight knit group
tight knit group of Nazis gap so sure says that it's not just that, So it's not just that if you have one hundred regular folks in one not see that Nazi becomes the defining factor of the group Brothers Nazis in there right. So you know it's not that at all, but there, is our strong white nationalist movement that first gravitated over there. If he didn't have that there would be no gab, you think so I mean I don't think so at all really yeah like. Why would go there, people that got kicked off. Twitter, but the only people who got kicked off with in the early days with white nationalists. Well, who is the first people like if you go back to them again if yeah Gavin Mcginnis, is an interesting character. He it's not identifies a white nationalist. No, he does not.
And his wife is actually native American he's he's just made some stupid choices right. Well, I mean like Baked Alaska. Was thrown into that yeah, but he's like a meme maker right guy makes funny memes. It's very funny. Yeah Cheney arm, but I think it comes down to who's dangerous or not. Yeah hold the proud boys became name a dangerous idea, because once you have a group and you don't control who joins a group, then asshole can join your group and then you group is made out of Well, I didn't want it to be as holes, but will you let anybody in if you will, Anybody in a group yeah. I just have a joke about vegans about that. The problem with any group is the same. Like if you get any group of one hundred people in with room with people hundred what's the is it, one of them is going to be a fucking idiot. Was a hundred percent One of them is going to be talking idiot if you have three huh one million people you're going to have by uh
adds three million fucking idiot right and the joke was a lot of them. Are vegans yeah yeah it doesn't it's not there's anything wrong with vegans it's along with a group and people just identify they get in that group- and this is my group and I'm here to represent, and then it's just dummies did. The thing with the proud boys is the rule in ITALY are afraid of men. You know it is a huge soyboy movement coming down. It gonna put down the pipe soy everywhere. If anybody is listening right now, everybody that's listening right now. So is bad for you it's not good. It is very bad. It's processed nonsense using estrogen, yes, well it it takes to fight Alexa regions known as active phytoestrogens that attacked a rendering engine crane gland system. Now we look at the endocrine gland system of people in the spiritual world. Enterkin gland system is the physical manifestation of the so called shockers right now at the heart shock, or what
I have is called the thymus gland and the thymus gland is the one that controls your sexual maturity and when you have an endocrine gland, disruptor your sexual maturity is fact it so one man who would ordinarily like women now likes. You see what I'm saying but it wouldn't have to have massive quantities of soy. For that take place. That's that's objective. Based upon your biological structure, I always think of it as more as like a fun thing to say, I don't know. Well here's a tool for you turn into a pitch. Well, here's the thing you can't go in a grocery store and find something that doesn't have soy. When you go look at your cheese, its practice. It was a say soy, lecithin, soy in everything, so filler for meats. So the whole vegan movement right, you go You get your burger yeah right,
burgers a soy based Saddam, a plant based for sure plant based oils right now is not good for you right and then you also look at the links between swing cancer, but that's a whole nother story. But when you have something, that's disrupting your so called shock Chris, you can see how you can start affecting an entire population of people start effect in their development at an early age, and then you know you got. These may in who are acting like women who can't even control their wives. You got some men out here that a Let another man sleep with their girlfriend right and out here. Nobody here. Will you saying out here well, when I see out here I mean it's everywhere: yeah yeah yeah, but this is not just people just kinky in the weird shirt. Well, no! No thanks! No wait. I think it is. I think it's pushed. I think the boundaries is highly pushed yeah.
By who the ruling elite ruling class. I want to say really because there not to sit around and you know we need to do. We need to push debauchery well, when you look at the degradation of Russia right before the Bolshevik revolution? What they do is they come in first with alcohol right, so they purchased your hops and barley and they produce alcohol, then what they do is they sell the alcohol to the farmer on credit 'cause. He ain't got no money right, 'cause he's been drunk, he hasn't been producing crops like he should he falls into credit. He falls into debt when he falls into that he's now with slave to the land he once owned. Now and I can sell whatever I want to just population or give this population whatever I want, because they are now technically my sleeve, but in order to rule a nation of people you to destroy morality. You have to destroy integrity, so you feed him. Drugs, alcohol and sex, an int tear apart FAM family
but do you think that that's just a natural progression of peoples lovingly instincts, or do you think that some sort of a grand plan we have a sloppily, inserting some people do yeah. I think some people, lazy and some people, we can some people greedy ' some people just they they leaned twords. They leave and towards displeasure without sacrificing discipline, because it's easy and they just lay that'd Zhirkov, I don't think anybody is telling them. I don't think, there's any sinister government manipulating their strings and make some watch porn all day? I think this is Lee yeah it actually it you know. Instagram is a gateway to porn Instagram. You can't go on his screen without looking at some booty right yeah, but it's also gateway to sunsets and people's kids and muscle car. Come on Joe Kolshak it'll. By going on Instagram looking at sunset, people are going to Instagram. Look at booty. There's a lot of that
local. Community has went from hey check my bakasana to check out my back in love! That's right! Lot of yoga, pants, pics, booty, booty booty. Just booty alone is an industry. It is a giant industry, it's the yeah, so what happens? Is you wake up in the morning. You check your notifications, then Yo Homie tags. You look at this chick pawn right now. You have an erection, it's uh, Do you? Do you like our? Let me go to my browser: open incognito browsing hip on her phone now, you out here right now. Nine days done you just depleted year yeah and a team right, and this coming out my book. I talk about. You know why the center of my stuff, but did you write that you shouldn't jerk off yeah? You never of well there's a a calculation.
You have a zhirkov algorithm, yet is a jerk of algorithm, it's created by the Tao, the taoist sexology, and I think it's your age times to know AIDS divided by two one hundred. I forget what it is it's in my book. I can't remember it, but I got it from the towel right, which is why I don't have it memorized time point mean staged. Point two eight times point to arm, and then they tell you how many days right. So at my age, I'm thirty eight, my eight it's about seven and a half days between Jack elation. To me to maintain who I yeah really yes and damn. Okay, so a main strength is his ball right. So every time you deplete yourself, you're, not the same man and
more? You lose your super powers. Now when you lose your super powers to some you know, I g model is not even worthy. Your orgasm doesn't feel the same as a natural interaction with a one right, you know what I mean true, so you're wasting your superpower on on, like a fictional fantasy, so ' wasting a percentage of your vital energy. Your your final energy, as well as the proteins and minerals and zinc and magnesium, and all that stuff that you know, is locked up yeah. You know what I think is equivalent to like to New York, Strip, steaks, eggs, oranges and apples, or something like that. Oh, yes, a lot of vitamins as well over one on the size of the loads. You shoot, though, now, That's. Why should swallow whoa? Jesus? Ladies, that's why you should enjoy state? If the man is healthy because so it's a full meal.
A full meal. This is a full member of nutrients that a man loses file available. That way, one of em is done studies we have a bit people done like nutrition, slash, load studies, probably a start up out there like trying to do this right now, yeah calculated to an out new. With with with where the conversation going. Now. What we're talking about, manipulating you turn you into a soy boy. Oh yeah, yeah the week is you, you think, there's actual says where we differ using his actual manipulation, taking place and have sex natural instincts, and then I think that people see around them, and then they cater to those natural instincts, and then they support those natural instincts. But I think people have natural instinct to be undisciplined and lazy and just gratuitous, and you know yeah dive into pleasure before sacrifice and commitment, and so we make it.
Uses for not making excuses. I think it's a so the softness of the world we live in, oh yeah. We live in this incredibly easy to get by in world right. In a word, the poor people are fat, yeah, never been a time in history report. People are fat, yeah yeah that that comes down to what we're. In the actual food yeah? So it's certainly that is certainly the food is garbage, but it's also that This is a strange lack of discipline, because it's not it's not necessary. I have to do is just show up to your job put in the least amount of effort you can without getting fired, and you can exist right that didn't that didn't happen in the wild world and people were hunters and gatherers have
put a hundred percent effort? If you didn't really struggle, you didn't make it more in a benefit to the tribe in the kick your out yet eaten yeah, yeah, yeah yeah! That's how it's supposed to be. I do agree with that yeah. I do agree with that. Discipline is is no what we have to demand from people. You know, but you know your your culture has to recognized about european and and shiny and ban it and say like hey, you know we don't want this here. You know any arm porn is readily of global on twitter and watch around your feet sometimes and grow in my feet? And I know that's a weird thing about twitter: isn't it is a giant platform, but they allow porn yeah, so the one I had jack on with TIM Pool, and I think people didn't even know the poems legal on it. Yeah right yeah, I found a little bit of information
I don't know I care about is simple: to use no on the Jack elation frequency yet recommended by the tiles. It said. The most respected of the tile theorists on some me I'll, quoted above recommended Jack elation, no more than once, every twenty days for men over fifty Jesus and no more than once, every hundred days for men over sixty that I should be dead and it has to do with no enerji how my getting everything done: you're, getting aids, retarding hormones as you're about to ejaculate and then there's a level you want to keep before, so Allen's. What your before you book, excrete the hormones that sort of thing so tantrum, quick yeah. I feel like you're supposed to come internally as the years a level you can like optimize yourself in Jackie, the cynical
let's go out of their fucking minds? I'm trying to get rid of this shit. I've always said that it helps you think, because too many times of with a man of your mind is clouded by sexual desire. If you could just zhirkov and then you can think clearly, I was telling you have a bit about it. I said Zhirkov first, then think about it like if you jerk and then you want to call girls 'cause. You lover, you're, not just trying to fuck You actually like her as a human being. You want to be around her, you don't just be want to be around for sex. You actually really love her yeah. I think there's a level of discipline right so yeah. If you got about to make that risky text message, yeah, you might want to shoot your load and that's why I said I'm talking about, but he like what the farm going to watch. So fuckin' documentary had that phone down, but that's for undisciplined man, yes right So a discipline man is going to say. No,
I'm not going to send this thirst trap. You know this thirsty comment. I'm going to stay to blend in who I am because in order to the woman. I have to stay away from the woman and you know in order to get the women have to stay away from them, yeah and and and and and keeping your your at your vital man energy for me, keeps me like on a like a like an animal. You know right right, because I want to release right, I'm saying soul arm. What I do is I'll work up that energy and then channel into work. I just immediately upon my laptop out just bang out, because, just like that frustration and injures, you got a real. He said that way. I'll go running on, go workout Mesan, but when I get around women would have sack I'm not the same as when I'm empty.
You can see the difference in how they attracted you set up different yeah chess pokes out when you're around other men, you, like a little bit more edgy yeah yeah! You know what I mean after you blow your load, it kind of like chilled out yeah non competitive. Competitive yeah interesting you hold on to that. Like fighters know how to fight a fight with MIKE Tyson. Never did that MIKE Tyson said not. I always like to come as much as possible front, not distracted, just who does Lowe's in Abeita funk out of everybody, but I think my cat a lot of extra loads. I think if you at a guess. It's level he was just Ultraman it was not a regular man. It says a research published by USA, National Library of Medicine in National Institutes of Health found, after seven days of not ejaculating ng testosterone levels reached one hundred and forty five
zero point. Seven percent of the baseline damn interesting thing is that they didn't observe Cigna. Begin fluctuations from the base and on days, two through five, the recess also showed that the peak levels were a day. Seven, you had the risks. Dow is actually dial by the way. It's t a it's. It's the sailors, DOW okay, the DOW G can so risks of too frequent ejaculation when sex is performed with the recommended DOW frequency, it becomes an any exhaustible source of energy like a well that never runs dry. However, when a jack play some frequency exceeds the capacity of the body to fully replenish the semen. Man can experience chronic fatigue, low resistance, loss of sex drive, loss of focus. Irritability, long term excessive ejaculation cause chronic low? right conditions which can cause chronic fatigue, mental confusion and Significa.
Loss of sexual drive. What is your with a freak like that girl will Harris was talking about my friend, will marshalls in here the other day and he was saying things to meet girls go over. It's also considered harmful exactly when ill, drunk or Gore Gorge with food hello, the night, the next line, which one Jack elation control and discipline is not to be confused frequency of sex. There are significant physiologic phys, what's a word physiological, and that is posted period. There, physiologic and therapeutic benefits to having sex free Quint Sex Intercourse maintains a man's interest in the acts, as well as his capacity to continue indefinitely until his partners, fully satisfied so they're saying, but don't come just as people out of I come every time I thought y'all.
I I used to try to get rid of this stuff. I used to for three weeks. Thanks for girls has like that, we would not come yeah rune a start crying wow. I had a girl like straight down breaking crime. I can't please you. Is it me as an arm sling? I just want you to be happy how you feel so good good. Then I go when I had the laptop and it just isn't. Also. How can right 'cause, like nature, wants them to get you to come. Yes, women only respected discipline, man, you don't once once a woman can drop, you fences she's no longer attracted to you She can control you she's, not attracted to you. A woman wants a man she could chase in my book. I talk about how women are the apex, predator, the ones that chase after sex I mean they can have sex endlessly right. Once we know it is like we're pretty much done like I mean me couple minutes to recharge, but it could keep going right so there you know technically like freaks or whatever, but
just because she's on discipline in her sexual energy doesn't mean you have to be, and if she feels like she, go outside of the relationship to go, get her fix. That's not heard it has nothing to do with you. Your aspirations as a man are higher than sex. A woman's role, is to create life and support the man, the man and's role is to create the the the forging the future of humanity. You know building things and innovating. It is true that a woman is not attracted to a guy without discipline like men who are lazy and weak. That is a giant turn off to a woman, but if a woman is hot, she could be pretty absolutely they are the lazy, ousd people level, we don't care men, don't don't care if a girls, lazy, she's hot well long as a body holds up my she can get to the gym. I used to make girls work to get me mad. Yeah, like you know, I would say, I'm working on this project, so I'm gonna send you a spreadsheet over. I need to organize it.
And if she'd say no, I just be like I well you're worthless to my life. I need any smile is going to be with me. Well, she's, building her own ship Fokker should go she said that you know if you need help I'll help you, but you know, if you want to partner, don't want just lover. That's what you're saying! No! Now you want someone to help you. No. I want her to prove worth, she got me worried, get me like. You know it's easy to get a girl to could get him a man you know you ain't going to find one Hotep Jesus in your life. I can find a ton of you, Shorty wow, you everywhere on Instagram, after Joel, thing is going to be going to be everywhere so now, so I would say that that's a sexist generalization. Sure I don't care what Tom. Clearly, we can have that conversation like bring your platform. We can talk now, if you want to call it sex is
it is what it is. Have you ever had a conversation with Lego, radical feminist, about this kind of thinking? No, they won't talk to me. They all blocked me. Luckily, all black, you know the whole the whole black left feminist. The reason why they blocked me is 'cause. They can't beat me. Right when we have conversations I'm so objective. It's too dangerous for them to engage with me, also 'cause I'll, be like it, sexist, yes and so, let's continue the conversation and then that's where they don't want Go 'cause then they're going to have to provide reinforcement in evidence in a deal with an educated man, and I'm going to come with my evidence and facts so don't have a problem being sexist. That's the problem is because, if someone calls sexist and you go yeah yeah, I'm sexist. It is what it is like. This might call me racist or whatever I don't care. What your opinion is. I don't care these isms that you create- and I understand nature. I understand myself- that's an inch
And then I see today that this I I find really strange is that people that are denying evolutionary biology mean there's no yeah decades of research being done and why people behave the way they behave. What women are attracted to what men are attracted to and what the spectrum some and then they say, scientist racist, yeah, that's what's weird: science is sexist, funk your science, that's a falcon fascinating to Maine when don't want to look at it 'cause it doesn't support their ideology. They want to deny all this research deny all these really objective geniuses that have been studying all this stuff and the best minds in the field of come to these conclusions, based on just insurmountable amounts of data not interested so fine, I'll, patriarchy yeah. I have a shirt that says I am the patriarchy, You know like no matter what you thought me, I'm just going embrace it and my so yeah there is a patriarchy there's, also a matriarchy. You need
to handle your matriarchy and stop worrying about the patriarchy 'cause. If you handle Jim Matriarchy, the patriarchy wouldn't be your problem. The problem is you don't have to be a woman? What do you think is a good piece of advice from. On how to be a woman. A good piece of advice wanted, like woman, Hotep Hotep teaches women. Hotep teaches women what's good promotional control, motional control and so the number one problem I see women is damn slot here right, let's go here: ok, women, let their friends, they tell a frenzy business. Yes, he stopped at stop telling your friends you, but it's awfully like when I have problems with you know girl who you know in the past my problems, women didn't run back yoga swimming. You know, oh man, we don't do that. If my friends do that they better be laughing right.
With? My friend goes to do not going to believe this shake said to me if they give you a hard time, but if they go to the new moon, she wants me to quit my job like hey. Don't do that to me, man David, that on me yeah. You know so So I think women also you're going to staying out there, giving this information to a friend and who is also single When a woman gets in a relationship. She loses a friend right 'cause. Now you less time to spend with your best the so the best is jealous of the relationships and whenever you go back and tell her she's, never gonna give you sound advice. True she's always going to take your side yeah, so you have to do your friends and say well, if I'm giving this information to my friend, is seeing objective friend or see a subjective friend she's going to feed my ego name, analyze that on your own, then you'll know happy sing relationship 'cause. The worst thing do is here's the problem. Then relationships built on trust So if a and a come together- and you tell all my business to your friend- where the trust where our privacy- we have none right- we have
We don't have a relationship. You have a relationship with your friend, so go be with your friend. I don't got time to be. You know something happens in my personal life. I'm going to tell this strange girl what happened in my purse, life, something I told you that was private to made it to something else that could be happening in our relationship. Going yeah we have different instincts. Women have the instinct gossip, they love it as it comes. From the hunter gatherer culture, we're back in the day. That's what would happen, the men would go out and try to hunt the food and the women would stay home and talk yeah, absolutely yeah, again discipline. One another thing get a hobby healthy one, women don't have hobbies their hobbies, are. Women don't have all of them hot. Not not, although I know women with hobbies
all of 'em translate true. But you know in my book I say you know, say all 'cause it gets. The people going right gets upset, it gets people gone 'cause, they always go well. No, it's some! It's like. I know it's some, you moron, you know what I'm saying I say all just to get people going, but women, don't have hobbies, you know, do something like that is because inundated with advertising. You know their hobbies because Mmhm consumerism and out of you, know retail therapy- or you know, I do make up for fun, no, you don't do make up for fun. That's not what you do. That's not a hobby make it's not a hobby! I'm sorry, ladies a hobby is something that develops your your individual person, something
makes you better some kind of a disappointment. Our conform right some way to expressions yeah some physical thing that you do yeah like so like one of my hobbies is chess right. That helps me focus when I, when I see that my attention span is getting short because I spent too much time in social media. I go to chess and I'll spend time on chess to bring that back to reality. Play physical chastity play online. Our online yeah I can do to be put in. I do most tb overboard. Wasn't that means physical. Thousands of the results we call it years ago to begin to do speed chess. We had the time or do you do regular to slow online? I do speeches, I do five minute games, that's impressive, yeah, yeah, it's it's! It's a whole nother women's Kerr. Chess I've always been schedule. I have an obsession with games. Yeah real problems and chess is that's one of the five. I played a little bit. Yeah, but I'm like this could take over my life. It would you yeah, you know
if I'm not careful, I'll, be sleeping and and playing chess yeah, like I sometimes I'll, be telling like we had a conversation and all space out and be doing chest problems in my head, so that happens sometimes up. You know a lot especially on days that I play a lot chess, I remember Howard Stern's really get in the chest. News taking private lessons is talk about all the time and I think he found the same thing to you. Do you remember that I think you found the same thing I think you just got to obsess was like. I can't do this and more yeah yeah. Well. One of my life goals is to be a chess master. Wonder yeah yeah. You know when you see chess chessmaster, would you have to do to be a master okay? So you have national master thing. You have international master and then you have game master or the
am I forget what it's called national master you have to participate in. I believe one of the tournaments one of the I forget the federation, but you have to answer one of these tournaments and you have to place a certain. You know. I think it's maybe top two or top three at a certain tournament. I don't quote me on this stuff, but you have to go through the tournament and I think, in order to become international, you have to first become national master and then national match you can go beyond. National. If I'm not mistaken, and then you know GM, do you ever see the video of Eddie Fisher or Bobby Fischer? When Bobby Fischer was walking down this row of chess games, he was laying yeah like ten different games simultaneously yeah the the the the champ now Carlson does. Something similar will call soon will play. You know several people or hope play without aboard and at that
always interested me. I've seen people do that yeah. This dude, I knew who went to prison, was playing with his pool holidays play on white plains, executive billiards, and this kid was a chess masters like sixteen year old. I don't know master chess genius Sixteen year old kid and he was playing with this dude, he was like his 40s who had been in prison. He learned how to play chess with no board in prison, so there was just sitting across from each other
can you saying the moves and and and they would both like recognized for the pieces, were on the board- get really interesting yeah. I mean that that level of visualization is where humanity has to take itself. You know that's why I say chess is great because it allows you to visualize and in order to manifest your desires, news world, you have to be able to visualize what you want. The more you can focus, the more you can visualize. The better your mind is, I believe, as our life is based upon Visualization SAM's, SAM yeah, a women need to get back to that to visualizing goal. I think women are are very spiritual, so in Africa this this hot man.
Slipping on my studies? A study is a long time ago, but the man is holding the child and the woman is pointing up to the sky right and it's like the man is like that. Earthly things like we handle things in the physical and the woman's sort of like that into intuitive. Being women have to get back to being that in to what is being because, if you notice are women always seem to warn us about stuff right? I can't just like damn. I should listen to that time. Yeah you! Don't! I'm saying they have to get back to their spiritual nature and I think a lot of them get away from that and that'll ground them too, when they won't need so much emotional support from and family because they are back in their spiritual nature. Well, how does a woman do that? You start editing, you know meditate and being happy, which is being alone with yourself. People can be alone with themselves yeah, you know the,
Boys need like some sort of device or isn't it interesting that it's attractive when people are capable of being alone. Like I remember these two girls were talking about, oh my god that one of them was dating and she goes he's really into his career, which is a huge turn on those like how it's interesting yeah. He just needs time he's he's disciplined. He works all the time so he's working on his career, which is a huge turn on on site. You too little close to a clunker. Well, women have to get back to that to that year. I learn how to pick a good man, sometimes out picking craftsmen based upon a money at things that they have you gonna released. You fun is on a thousand dollars in debt too yeah. It's got these things. I think women have to get better at seeing potential in man, but don't they have be tricked a few times before they can see the problems. Yeah. That's the problem! Yes, yeah! That's a fucking dirty thing for a girl. Let some loser! Fuck you and go goddamnit
yeah yeah, I hadn't thought I had a winner yeah, I mean I've been a victim of that went out the victim, but you know I've done that to limit myself. Sorry, ladies riding back in the day, yeah yeah, I've done some wrong stuff, well become a different person. As time goes on, you grow from it part of evolution of human yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I think societies, expectations and women are it's very difficult for a man to understand it, You know we see it from the outside, but to feel it as a woman. That's going to be very different, I mean there's a lot of women out there that are looking for a man like a successful man, they're looking for a successful man. And they want to touch some something. That's like that's the goal, yeah
Does not that's not a goal of men, so it's it's very difficult for us to understand that our goal for per in obviously generalizing right yeah, but our goal is to be successful ourselves right. Well, you can't. You can't know what man you want unless you know who you are and a lot of people are getting relationships without being in relationship with themselves. First, so when you know it in order to have a sound relationship, you have to know his social economic stance. It's sad when you get into a relationship with a conservative and liberal and he asked are arguing about Donald Trump in a relationship breaks because he's on one side. These are the conversation that you need to have a front and if you don't know where you are politically and socially economically, for example, they say a lot of relations break up because of money right,
and you got one person is a bad spender, the other ones thrifty right. These are the conversation you have. First, how do you manage your money? Are you good with your money? You know, and if you guys don't agree with how you want to pull your resource and how you want to pull your money and what you want to do with it in the future. You know some people you might get in relation with a girl and she's like I want to push you want to land Rover and I'm like I want to business. This I want to v c. You know I mean yeah, so you have two people that go on separate directions. One gone is consumer right, one's going in a pending, you know producer out So you have to first see. Are you consumer maybe need to be equipped with a consumer? Are you produce it? You don't need to be with a consumer. You need to find someone as producer. So if you, if you agree a social economics, you'll have a better relationship with people, but you have to know what you want out of life first and then find people connected based upon that not the physical looks and all that other
yeah. I think sometimes people think they want something because it's very difficult to attain. They see these things and they go. Oh, that's the that's the prize. You know the thing is he stuff aren't hard to obtain like getting a Porsche isn't hard. It's hard for. A lot of people depends on how much make what you do. What kind of job you're trapped in hard is relative right, you know like, like I tell my kids hard, is basically undiscovered. That's all it is right. So, for example, when you first do algebra it's hard right, but that's just because it's new so hard equals new. That's what hard means it's new, because once you do algebra three four five ten times is not new anymore and therefore it's not hard. So once you break past,
the newness of a thing. It's no longer hard like building a business. It's not new to me. Therefore, it's not hard. It's very easy for me to build a business yeah, because I've done it so many times in my life is insane Jeff, it's size is cash flowing for what it was doing. When I first join a company, and all I do is make a few tweaks, but that's only because I'm not new to the text. Artist space I've been working with over two startups over twenty startups. In a matter of, two three years as a consultant, so this stuff people so as hard as like nothing, nothing. How are you new and you're an idiot, and you don't know what you're doing it's not hard to achieve. Anything is life. My you know I used to work for decent right and a year when I lived in New Brunswick right by ruckus. I I I I I I wasn't really a fifty cent fan. I enjoy his music. I wasn't a fan to buy a poster.
I bought this poster was him and G unit and had his big stash of money. I was like yo this. Just this poster motivates me you fast forward ten years and some other things I did to get close to fifty and I actually work with fifty that was technically hard right. It's not easy to get Nectar fifty, but when I did it it had, like that. Then I started working with Carmelo Anthony, so you're saying once it actually happened to turn. It wasn't actually hard, no hard it's hard to some people, no but it is not disciplined hard hard. Is dealing with yourself. That's what's hard. Can you defeat your own mind so when I wake up every morning, the only thing I got to defeat is doubt it's the only thing I have to defeat once I defeat doubt I live in. A limitless world infinite possibilities. I can literally do anything you, so people told me all in order to be in tech. You know you need
in dollars and and this that and the third dude I got echo and three tech companies delete our companies, I'm not rich. I didn't you know, put up millions to get into these companies, I'm part of the companies, because I built me- and it wasn't hard- it really wasn't hard again to these companies I just had something to offer any soil value in me I want to be the next Elon Musk. I want to be the next bill gates. I want to be the guy that Zuckerberg hates you said saying. I want to be to guide at that. The new Silicon Valley on the EAST Coast that's those are my aspirations, so when people tell me what you can and can't not do when it's hard, I'm like dude, I'm I'm selling Bitcoin. How many black dogs do you know, sell Bitcoin, none, how anybody who sells Bitcoin? Exactly and people are telling me this is hard. It's not hard! You get what you want an I didn't get into Bitcoin.
Dumb luck. I manifested that but I want to sell Bitcoin. How can I manifest it? Then I let it go in a universe brought me the opportunity and then it happen when I said when I first said I want to be a vc first thing I want to do is start building a portfolio. I didn't look for companies, they found me it just. I just had to ask the universe and it presented opportunities and not just had to. What do you mean by how to ask the universe? I had to put the intention out there. So do you think that, literally by thinking about things you can make them happen, you can make the opportunity present itself and then You have to be ready to take advantage, so we gotta walk through the story. The fifty cent thing right so I get invited to his bus launch. For the company. Now I'm sitting on the bus, they move me to the back 'cause the security reasons. So I'm back at a bus when a bus start moving in, my head, fear kicks in and out kicks in, and I'm telling myself. I should just hop with the bus. Stop
I said I should just hop up and just start screaming. I want to bus or fifty cent and I'm like. No, I don't do it identified why you gotta sit here and that's not right, then all these things, as I says, is right. So I stand up. So you want to pass a fifty cent and in a whole crowd rushes the bus after the crowd finishes they take one of the energy drink shirts. They throw it on me thought it had me. Bring me to the front of the bus. Now, I'm sitting next to fifty cent fast Two years later, I'm in a fifty cent company, but it's because 'cause. I started off with defeat in doubt, but also listening to my intuition. My intuition is said to hop up and do that right, but. The opportunity was presented to me. I didn't I didn't create opportunity, they dm me and said YO. We want you to come, I didn't ask they invited me but it's because I kept putting that fifty cent energy out there. He seems like
putting that out there, like. I won't mess with fifty cent. I want this. For ten years, I've been putting information that Nrg out there. Did you listening yo hi? Let me I want to work with you again, but I really really love. Fifteen is attitude he's just really a fun? Do you have a funny thing about Father's day sees around about Father's day there's two father's day and mother's day. Very funny, but you know the universe anything you ask for it will. Is it the opportunity only thing is: are you woke enough to see it? Can you identify when it hits an? Can you defeat the fear to and you have all the other bases in your life covered. We have the bandwidth to tackle some correct, difficult, correct, correct. But the universe. Only present opportunities you can handle data it. Usually it doesn't you couldn't handle? You would be able to recognize it. Do you say this, like the universe presents us to you. This, like a spiritual concept, is this: like? Are you man
testing reality with your thoughts and intentions. Do you really believe that all of that? What do you believe that 'cause I lived it you lived in your successful at it see that's my my active one. That is always you hear about things like the secret in the law of attraction. You hear that from people that are successful, they will it into existence yeah. But what about the people that Reid. Will it into existence and nothing ever worked out right well or at labora right or at the boys, latin for work and pray. A lot of people go into the secret, just praying, but they're working right, that's important! You know! So I do do see where I don't look at it in the same way. But I look in a similar way There is something to intention. There's something in this. Something also to having that kind of faith to believe in intention, whereas I think a lot of people are reluctant to give in to that, because it seems to woo woo and it seems like some crystals and fuckin' astrology,
horse? You know I mean because it's a lot of that out there a lot of the salon, the new we each has ruined the law of attraction. You know I mean how to speak and to assist, lab and that's not true. You have to first educate yourself. So when we talk about Hotep right about hotel. You gotta bring up the five percent nation. You gotta bring up supreme, mathematics, zero, Sayfa, one knowledge to wisdom, three understanding, but it first starts at the number one right number one is knowledge so problem? Is people are trying to manifest, but ain't got no knowledge of anything right. So how do you manifest something with no knowledge, gotta, educate yourself, you gotta, first or educate yourself, discipline yourself, so that you can educate yourself as well. Right and also knowledge. Is the springboard for imagination right. So, if there's a complicated calculus problem, but you don't know what calculus is how can into wishin feed you this site inspiration to solve. Tigers problem. You first have to have the knowledge of calculus. Then, when you get
you get all this influx of inspiration. Like Einstein talks about. You know he says Downey kind of meditates and then the inspiration comes, but the inspiration can only talk to you based upon your understanding, 'cause they're, saying? Yes, So the problem is people out here, not educating themselves. You know I begins and ends with educating myself begins ends and during the day, I'm just reading books hopping between books and reading and listening to lectures and people. Think I'm deep and I'm like I don't know, I don't know whatever. Whatever we're telling you, but really. My secret is consuming as much information as possible. That's my secret and from that be able to say. Oh well, you know now we're studying history. You know you can do a lot of things, but if you're, not educating yourself or doing you got it,
do something like just start unit. I mean, when you say, you're, going to write a new book you're in the middle of writing a book. Are you putting this kind of stuff in your book, so the next slide lines like that. I'm sorry to interrupt you got guidelines like that is, I think, that's very critical. When someone sees someone who successful and see someone they see, someone is disciplined and focused like ok. What do you do your guidelines? How do you do this and how so laying it out right now, so this book here right this twitter marketing yeah this book is the? How how do you do it right like? How do you physically build a brand from start using Twitter as a platform that is book can actually be used for any platform? I just use twitter as the example right, but this is the how that people won't tell you about well, marketers, won't tell you This is the how writes all this is in there now? The next book I have is with the editor. It's done. It's written, that's for me. And how to have peaceful relationships with women, because as we see this agenda war in one America, so we need to
create peace and what I say is default isn't on the women to folders on the map right, so that book was The cover was designed by Rollo Tamasi, the rational male author. Then we have the book a hotel with which we were talking. Which is already written early two three years ago, and it's that that structure for your life, So you can manifest these things, you know, so you can you spare in your work to manifest these things, if you're a Christian, their secrets in the Bible that show you how to you know manifest things so you have to you can't ignore your spiritual self. If you ever watch doctor strange, she pushes him out in his astral body. Come down, so the human being is dual nature. We have our physical body and we have. Our astral have you never connect with your astral body on using half your potential? What's your astral body, it's it's basically
any serial version of your physical body bye But it's not bound by time and space. So what do you mean by that, though? What does that mean? What is the real version of your spiritual body like it's not physically, can't touch. Okay right, you can't like interact with it right but it can travel through space and time right or we talk about our higher cells, or we can to make things more understandable, because all this stuff is based upon a mind right, so you conscious mind to program
my to program your subconscious, mind then subconscious mind communicated to your higher mind in a higher mind. That's where the magic stuff happens is out of your control, now the higher mind or spirit or God or Jesus whatever you want to believe in that's when they start working on this stuff, but it has to be a part of you and then life starts reflecting. What's in your subconscious, mind, but did the astral body thing is kind of like something that we use to either communicate with people in long distance travel through time to see things that have happened in foreign lands at different times get inspiration. So when we look at thinking, grow, rich right, the book think and grow rich was to tell you: do it? Tells you create a council of, I think he says dead people or something like that right,
so we create accounts of dead people. Your counsel right! So if I did mine in probably like Malcolm X, two Nipsey Hussle, you know like a whole bunch of people right and you have this congregation meeting of minds. You can't do that with your physical body, so who's going to be present at this meeting. You astral body has to be present as me, so that's an example of how we've seen that science taught in thinking grow rich right, so we can't stay this But aren't you saying when you talking about like a council of dead people, you're saying like your imagination, you're looking at this council of dead people like what would Tupac do like that ship, but how would I draw inspiration from Haman Ali. How would I, how would I take the the the the knowledge of you know, fill in the blank that dead yeah yeah. So there is that aspect right where it's you, imagination right. What would Jesus do right?
we do. That is that's the thing right. So what we have to understand is there's going to be a sliver of inspirational insight? So, let's say ninety percent of your meeting with these people, who are pure physical, your mind imagining these things, then, is that one slivered at one, ten percent that slide through that gives you a piece of inspiration that you never would have thought about it. It's like a night, you know. Sometimes you chilling like. Oh, oh yeah, you know that I'd that you had. That is what happens now. Once you get more advanced, you can get more of that influx of inspiration from spare or whatever you wanna call it get more advanced mean practice. This yeah, all the time. Yeah practice in you know using your astral body to project out in being in another space, Happy Gilmore, because it is happy space. Remember that movie yeah, I so would he do in order to manifest as soon as he went to his half
please to detach himself from his physical problems and then he came back and he put it would do dirt dirt dirt dirt. He did the impossible. So it's like trying to let you know so if you were to consume this and put this down in the guidelines you sickly streamlining the process of how to be a successful and how to how to just yeah make your dream come true make it would make your reality how to be a person. Who's got their together yeah! I you know, the the main thing is problem with people, especially young people. They don't know what they want to do, not a passion or purpose, and again it does come back to knowledge. Are you studying? Take your interest and study it when you get bored with it drop it move on to the next thing but you know they. Over the years I've collected a lot of skills, all of them being use now
like I'm, not a Photoshop guide, but I know how to use photo shop, but that happened because at one point I was running a blog. I had to know how to edit something or do something. You know what I mean, so just because it's not a skill you want like at one point, I had photography business when Myspace was popping out a photography business. Now I don't do photography anymore- but I understand it so when I'm someplace I can still use these skills, whether it's or product or something or event. I can still use these skills to my advantage. You know what I mean, so, even if you don't like that skill at that time, it might come in play later on right, but the bottom line is you have to start with your knowledge and then and then allow the Spirit or intuition test defeat. It write aloud to feed it like I'll use. My logical mind, like my logical mind, is, is only four,
after inspiration, all right. You get that yeah. So you get inspired and then use your logical mind to figure out how to make this work right and that's where we have to be. Let the let the logical mind just carry out the menial tasks, let their higher minor into wish and lead the way. Now do you think of these these things as being like separate entities? Or is this all all a part of you saw one, so you someone you think of your higher mind. How do you visualize this? Do you do do you visualize is something that you don't necessarily have control of, but you can tap into yeah. I guess you look at it like that. Like you know, I'm not the Dalai Lama on this topic. You know I mean, but you know I so before one exercise. What I might do is I put light around my head. I visualize a sphere with
around my head- and you see this in religious texts and art- you always see Jesus Christ or saints. They always have this glow around the head. They call it a halo, but really the halo is like your aura right, but also. The second aspect is that when I want to use my brain and events way, I can the firing of neutrons or whatever the technical term is by visualizing something Even if I wanted visualize thunder storms in my head, you know that'll get the brain work in you know, but usually like light. If I wanted too distant healing right, let's say you tell me: you sick right now, probably should be seen as, but if I wanted too distant healing, I would enveloppe you on light. I would sit at home breast make sure you
sleep, then I would picture light around your work. Do you think that you can do that? You think you can actually heal people from a distance, no you're, not healing anything. What year, doing is you're giving the intention to God that you want this person to be healed in God or the universe is healing. We can't hear a damn thing right, but you really think that by thinking about something you can put that intentionality little change. The result, yes, really what makes you think that? Well, they have the scientific tests. I haven't studied this in awhile, but there the test where they fire like these electrons or something like that and the electrons are supposed to be like predictable path and then, when he introduced people to the experiment, the intent is not about you know like when waves. You know the problem. That is, that's misinterpreted. Okay, the the with the re. Changes in observing it. Yes, so. The changes in observing a because you're measuring it so by measuring it you're. Changing the pattern like if you talk to
physicist about it. They've added all those. We will do this right, it's unnecessary because Riley, what it is is just the tools, the instrument to use to, to measure it or change the results. Yeah yeah. I could definitely see that the thing is that Physics has to marry spirituality and spirituality estimate has to marry physics. If you don't have that connection between the two, we don't got. The whole picture. Spirituality is weird word. What does that mean? It's a very taboo word is a very uh, used. Word is abused for sure it's I'm not religious, but I am spiritual like that kind of shit yeah. Yes, where it gets weird yeah. I don't like that at all. When I speak about spirituality, I'm speaking about something that really can't be put into words. It's unfathomable our language, isn't designed to talk about this stuff. You know when we look at all well in new speak, there's certain words that don't exist for this stuff. You have to use a ancient language
in into language you try to translate? English is like we don't have a word for that. You ever had a yeah you're, seen seen it like ancient Hebrew. When I try to translate things right. Engine Hebrew at all. The numbers were actually all the letters rather actually numbers as well correct, correct. Yeah. Do you know when you talk about halos, that the original halo was a mushroom cap, yeah mushroom, cut yeah, all you something ok, I got you in the original halo was well there's a book called the sacred mushroom and the cross it's by John Marco Allegro, and he was a biblical scholar that was one of the guys that was assigned to decipher the dead sea scrolls, which is the oldest version of the Bible. The only one I think that they've ever found it's written in Aramaic can found in Qumran in these clay clay, Todd these clay jars and it's? It's all made on written an animal skins to decipher it? They actually had to run dna tests on the animal skins to figure out which skins
long to which animals, so they could put all the stuff together to figure out like this. All these pieces were a part of one scroll yeah? Well, this guy John Mark Allegro studied it for fourteen years and it was his conclusion after he was done, that the entire christian religion was giant, misunderstanding and it was originally about. Was the consumption of psychedelic, mushrooms and fertility rituals and they started doing all these all these different scholar, who studied ancient art and ancient religious art, they started finding these, this mushroom iconography and all this ancient artwork one of the things they notice? Is that the bottom of a mushroom, if you take particularly need muscaria mushroom, which is the one that they connect to come to the Christian, look at the bottom of it see what it looks like with all those lines. Now look at that that was the original halo,
if you see that picture about with Jesus the halo around his head, the halo was essentially the bottom of a mushroom cap and the idea they believe, was that these people were the things that we're consuming the psychedelic mushrooms. So they had this great wisdom and this connection to God, that's what they thought Mon was it's as they thought. The psychedelic mushrooms were the flesh of God. Yeah, and so that when you have these ancient religions that were possibly based on the consumptions of these psychedelic mushrooms all that stuff is kind of been lossed in the translation over years and years and years, and then even the visualization of the halos change, yeah and there's also some really crazy ones of naked people dancing in ecstasy. So founded by this translucent mushroom image, so the idea that they were in these
Truman induced euphoric states and that they were dancing around these all these religious depictions, yeah very interesting 'cause, if you think about ancient religions right. No, so no science. They had no idea what shape the world. So they didn't know anything, but they did know. If you found these mushrooms in, you took a mute rip, your fucking balls off right. You would have this incredible experience and they thought that was God the other that was that was their connection to God yeah. So this is interesting. Yeah! It's a great book in the catholic church actually bought it out and they got rid of it and then
I only buy used copies of it, but then it was republished. Recently in the last few years someone got the rights to me. Yeah, that's interesting, ten stuff yeah. I like that conversation yeah, that's sexy. You know anything that goes away from the norm. I think it's real sexy son needs to eh need to be taught it needs to be talked about. You know I can speak in a sexy woman that accused Trump rape. She said she's talking about rape being sexy and Anderson Cooper is like we'll be right: back gotta commercial groups, let's yeah she's alone Ebay, while she seems like she might be medicated yeah. You can definitely tell there's something off there: yeah, maybe maybe she's super nervous being on television too. That's also, I don't know it's hard to figure out how people are when you see them on television, because I like to consider myself a good judge of character feel awful. She seems off her rocker. I don't know him personally, the sump
Oh really do have panic attacks when the cameras on that white light during the CNN studios, and then it just comes. Weird and then they let me the was wrong with me right right, yeah yeah, that I could see that. I don't think in her case. I think she's just really like do you think she's trying to sell a book sounds awesome. She definitely wants some attention, but Teflon Don. He she can't do nothing. Teflon Don is crazy. How he's been able to shake everything off everything? If you stand ten toes down, he can't do nothing till you. That's why I keep saying I don't know about these tech companies. Stand ten toes down scan ten toes down. Was that mean stand you stand on your foot like you know like stand your ground, it don't waver just because somebody says something you know. I get criticized a lot online in my responses. I said what I said,
you know I'll I'll infuriate the left in our fury at the right and the right of feel like well. Last week you were pro Trump and now you're saying something that's different is like and well you got the most said. I think for that Starbucks video songs, video, was hilarious. Thank you walked into Starbucks and he said here, you guys are racist. I'm here to get my free Starbucks and that lady was like ok Amanda, shut out to Amanda outside Manda she's like yeah. I heard that hold on I'll. Get your coffee. It's like I didn't know you could just give away coffee. You work at Starbucks, but I guess she just did. I manifested that where was that? That was a new Jersey, Woodbury Commons Mall thing, that's larious yeah, but you know like I manifest that, and you can go look at that that week, two weeks before said, I said: if you want to be on mainstream media tend to be liberal. Then I also said I said to my followers I said: can you get me on Fox news? The next week I pulled this stunt and then got on Fox NEWS.
Now, when they had you on Fox NEWS, what was the promise we're going to talk about what they say? He wanted story, right? This one sum is one specific? They also probably wanted a little bit of potential outrage The asking for coffee reparations yeah. You got a black guy who's asking for reparations, a kind of like that, especially when it's spoofing a laugh so yeah they, you know they they kind of want to. Weaponize me yeah, I see, is a lot of that. I thought was funny. I you are very friendly about it. You know it was like you were being angry anything. Do you have your son with you or someone to my voice, the whole family with me? That's funny yeah yeah, my sunday and he's like I told him. I go ahead and get free coffee. Right your dad's really about to pull this off debate recently about reparations with CD piss, yes, that young guy who's very
he's, an interesting guy, very, very intelligent and articulate fellow is new, like nineteen years old, or something like that. Sixteen, Is it really only one thousand six hundred and sixteen yeah really yeah? That's what they say. At least I thought he was older than that he brights for Quizlet, and this is really nice. Sixteen yeah Cj Pearson is owners yeah find out? How old is that seems crazy, God, Rick Green says sixteen wow got fuckin' smartish it? No it's not, but that's not. What do you think is not smart. It's not smart. Smart people create things. Stupid people fuckin'. Sixteen, you don't think it's gotten exceptional vocabulary and ability to express himself at sixteen, and what does that mean? It means you got something going on. I don't mention it. It doesn't mean chips and accept over? What is what loot? Sometimes? What is it? What does vocabulary mean? You memorize some words? Well, you have use of them at the uh. Instantaneous access. That means there in your mind, all the time just means
you've done a lot of reading, which means you've done a lot of studying, which means you have a command of the english language. It was the only thing that we have if you speak English, that you can use to express your intent right in or will it talks about these political types who sound very educated? He says it. I'm very educated on the and then when you break what they actually said, it's so very vague. It's so very nonspecific. There's! Actually no solutions in all you do is talk about problems. What is your platform Cj Pearson? Candace owns. What is your platform? Is your platform. I hate Democrats was your platform. I want something for the 'cause. It seems like when you watch these people they're all saying the same thing for clicks. Like I told you my homeboy, it makes a lot of money on Facebook, he's doing the Candace, Owens and CJ Here's some things for money, but the other is saying they're, not they don't have the same ideology. Cedar, Pearson's and Candice owns their cut from the same cloth. You think some of the same person he still
younger version- I heard him speak on the SAM harris- show a believe it was him right. Was it him sieges his cover that Cj Peters on Samper Pritchard? The same cat and I was very impressed specially with some of his age yeah I mean He talks very well, and that's so hard to do know here in the United States of America. Does not him type of both names? Nothing, okay, maybe it's different. Do they have I have pre. That's why I thought it was older. Catch phrases. Preplan cash, phrases. You're, learning, you're, just learning another language and that's and that's what he's he's speaking that language no digging and asked us little bro. You know it's nothing on him. I see what you're saying so you're saying that they have this sort of ideology that subscribing to this predetermine pattern of behavior. They know what works and then they just follow it. Sort of like a top forty dj talks, Dago rack rent, you know what have what has with new thought. Has he created? I don't No he hasn't he hasn't. I just listened to that debate. An um
it's a conversation that I think is a fascinating, won the conversation of reparations 'cause. It can be no doubt that something horrible happened to the black community and there's still suffering from it's been, especially in the deep s when you look at these places where the people who lived are the direct descendants of slaves and then these are the same impoverished neighborhoods that no one's ever done anything to try to fix right. So how do you fix it? You first have to start with the subconscious mind in the black mine, the problem with the black man is the fact that the Blackmond starts off with a fetus mentality. From the day, you're born you're taught the White man's out to get you, so you start off with the boogeyman and then you're taught that you're a slave right so when your subconscious mind, believes that the beginnings of your rate This is a slave. How do you
try to be more than that. So in order to correct the black community, you have to teach black history or so called black history, or I would I would say, african history. In chronological order, before we were slaves, we were kings, so how do you? How do you have a whole entire nation of forty, some odd million black people and majority of them never heard a queen Angola who never part of the Songhai Empire, the Mali empire? You know none of this stuff right, King Masa Moussa. How do you? How do you How do you raise a people's level of awareness about this stuff, and and how do you elevate them to want to do things in life when they think they are slave? That's the first thing that you have to do to help black people. You have to teach them who they are, the expression before they were slaves. They were kings. The problem with that is a king is a monarch in a mark. Is one person who controls giant groups of people you can have a bunch of kings is not a lot of kings can have a nation of kings correct, but that's very different from saying you know we
four kinks right. Let's say they were just for right, that's better than saying Harriet, Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and these free slots right. Actually have to see at least one king. I see what you say at least say so see one advanced human being and also looks like you that came from the same part of the world where your ancestors came from, so recognize that the trajectory that You and your family are on as a direct result of being in slave that someone was in slave in the past and brought over here against our will. That's why there's the negative mindset? That's why there's a negative self image is because there's is great history of oppression. John yeah, you know when you think you are a slave. You can't operate outside of that and even if you don't think your slave, you think you're inferior, you know I had deal. Miss Pat is
Now a larious comedian, one of the funniest human beings alive- and she was here and one thing she was talking about- was when she was younger that when she would see why people she wouldn't look at me, I should get nervous she felt inferior being around them. She just wanted to get away. She didn't feel like she belonged right right and that's a product of not knowing who you are not knowing. Home personal power? You know when you look at the second Punic wars, a cart. The age you had Hannibal went to the house, which is in in a mission impossible. He went all the way to the to the doors of a wrong in Rome said. You know when you come in outside the fight to bring me coming, that's how strong power the army worst. He said we don't want to fight, they knew if they came outside those gates, they would get their ass whooped. So how do you? How do you the people that walk around, not knowing that Hannibal Barco is a whole. Well Ste studied war general. Today, the Pentagon still studies him
So how do you how you operate in America as a black person and not know who Anabel bargos most difficult? I think for people that were born an American all the known ancestors from America to even relate like I'm, my family's most from ITALY and Sicily and someone from Ireland. I don't relate at all visit ITALY in the settings. I don't relate at all right. So then, the other, the other side up is the fact that we would in natives we were not brought here on slave ships. That's not economically sound when he made sense so, when Christopher Columbus Guy, you want to do what will Kris one is got to the Caribbean according to a primary source right. They basically said the first thing you do is take slaves, he didn't bring slaves, he took slaves from the island, caption people. So when you have colonization, you a remember, not states was only built thirteen colonies at first right.
I think this whole name was empty. No, there were natives here, but today, with Note that natives is some other people, know Native by the melon needed African being that has come here since the the the the beginning of the Mali Empire we're talking about fourteen thirteen century. We had already come here from Africa really yeah yeah We had already come here to the United States or to this layer mask this landmass. We call the United States so the way to the current works is it. It works from Africa leaves out of West Africa comes to South America and the Caribbean. That's just how the currents go. You don't need no paddle boat with nothing added to the currency. To take you there and then you travel up. We had already been here. All you gotta do is look up the story of Sarah Rector Syrek, there's a wealthy, so called native American. I
She was Choctaw Choctaw, one of these tribes. She was wealthy and she wanted to bypass to go somewhere and they had her classified as a free person. Why don't we know about the wealthy? So black people in America. Why don't we know that there were black slave owners in America? Why is that not Why is it not so how many black slave owners were made this didn't lives here had sleeves. They were trained slaves with the so called white men, but they definitely did that. He does people of other tribes right. So if those, if those people are us the so called like me at those natives were us, then we have to tell that history. And say how we did have time To reason, we did no know carry out
Emerson, we weren't slaves, were slave owners or but the majority of african Americans that lived here were brought over here. No, no, no, no, not economically sound. What do you mean by it's not economically sound like they were slave ships? Right, let's say you wanted to have you want to sell marijuana right right? Would you import marijuana? Would you grow it here? If it's already here well it depends on whether or not marijuana grew here can. You know marijuana you can, but we're just talking about marijuana like what is talks on something that you can't grow here. So so, what I'm saying is people were already here to see makes sense to go all the way to this other continent to bring people on We know that happiest stock is going to die. You wouldn't do So how many people do you think were brought over from Africa on slave ships? 'cause? That definitely happened. I don't believe it
I don't believe. I don't believe that story. You don't believe that guns are brought over on slave ships, correct, I believe it may have happened. You know, maybe people were brought over as slaves, but I don't think that the black. People in America came from Africa on slate I believe the people that were here were slowly conquered. First, they got the EAST coast and then they stop spread now west little by little conquering in when you conquer it tried. What do you do? You want slay them their p, o W's right, okay, it's what you do so you, after you conquer, this tribe you make him eggs. Now, how do you conquer the natives here so, let's say got this tribe is warning against this trouble. This tribe goes talk to a white man. When is, is you know if you help me wipe out these people their bones? You know I'll help you with whatever whatever? So together in a wipe out this other tribe- and I guess what the white man now outnumbers this tribe, so he wipes him out. You just killed two as one stone you just keep
moving like that, but I'm still confused. There's a great history of slaves, it's being brought over from Africa with Africans that became slaves and worked in the s. Do you think there's lies. History is his story right? What about my story? is my story now valley, but if you do 23andme on someone from these parts, the country you'll find out when they hear you me. That's rail so well! So is twenty three me. So what when I, when I, when I take a twenty three me test right, yeah was gonna. Tell me about Africa. That's good question, We should find out how we going to oh you're from Kenya or you're from Angola you're from this, this right right, the things. These borders were created by Europe in terms yes right in terms of like what parts Africa, and how it's distributed in? What's a country and what's not a country yeah he's name is Connors and Dutch yeah, ok,
so you can't classify me based upon a european name. I understand that, they're, saying geographically, location. You can call whatever name you want. They can tell where your genetics originated. Black I've got some weird in me. I go like one percent asian. I don't know why it's there. One point: six percent african okay is also weird stuff that you find in your dna that, like your ancestors and Ancestors ancestors sometimes walk down there. Let's walk down the path right so either way. If you take black people here, member can do a dna sample any point back to Africa, with his essays has by people. America are Africans now the argument is, were we brought here or we already here? we'd bring ourselves here or the white man bring us here. You see when you say to white man brought us here with doing is you're removing hour. Ability to train support ourselves, you're saying: oh, we didn't know anything about boats does
tell me you try to tell me that we didn't know that there was a land here, the only the the Holy White man knew there was into the west, when you look at the Holy white man. He said when we got here. We met black people, go look at The problem. Is you guys? We met black people. We got the Caribbean with my black people. You think the ribbon is right. Next to America and a warrant in America, that's interesting! to make any sense? Well, you gotta make sense that you do have people that have travelled whether it's Polynesians travelled to Hawaii or people. I mean there's the olmecs who are thousands and thousands of years ago in South America they have purely clearly african faces on this. I really. When the is the lips the mean they look african, That was a S american culture that existed and we don't know anything about them other than the fact that they have these gigantic stone. Sculptures that have african faces well like again again just go to if you can pull up the ocean currents,
I've. Seen that you know Graham Hancock, I've heard yeah usually read his stuff. It's really a godsend because he's all about that he's all about the fact that the idea that, human beings were probably living in advanced civilizations, far longer than fourteen thousand years ago, and they did travel all over the world and that you do find the remnants of these ancient cultures that we have no explanation for three the Amazon and throughout different parts of South America and Central America. Can you go and you look at Braille european history: you had the magyars would believe that if they took a bath, that was bad right. They didn't I want to change their clothes. They thought that was purity when we talk but the more is going into Spain and into Europe the stories in the history, our history, Says that when we met the so called,
caucasian he was, sleeping in the barn with the animals, we told no, you can't sleep in obamas animals. We taught them etiquette we taught them running water. We brought that technology to Europe now brought the technology to Europe that saved Europe from the black plague. You mean to tell me that if we save the white race that we weren't already in America already when we brought technology. When Rome was dependent on Africa for food or member. The black print black plague hit Rome the cause was one: of the officials were still in the grain that was coming from Africa, so there was famine, hit Rome, If your source of distance is from Africa. How will you superior you're? Not you get your full from me. So, if you get your full for me, who's more likely to travel is Globe
me: I'm the source of food and that's first thing: you need to survive on this planet. So if your whole civilizations depending me to plot to plot depending on me to supply fool, I made it to America. First It's just that you want to warn. You got to tell a story, but it's not their only source of food. I mean it's a source of food that Rome had right, but Rome is also. Very close to let's talk about that. What kinds of food do? Well, I don't know very rudimentary. It was a very rudimentary civilization. It wasn't all. What is cracked up to be when you go look at what the Greeks said about you did when you going to eat it? Just like you know it's like to bring your city of that time, the ultimate! If it If you really want to talk about african civilization being advanced, Egypt is the ultimate because Egypt to this day, still unexplained want. No one really understands how they built those things. Don't understand the how old? culture is. That's another thing that Hancock and Doctor Robert Shock from Boston University was a geologist he's pointing
water erosion and the Temple of the sphinx. That leads you to believe that that place might have as old as nine thousand plus BC. So it actually is, if not older, later Pharaoh. Ramses, there's also different styles of architecture. Right, there's, an older styles of architecture they find deeper in the sand. They think it might have been in Dick of an earlier kingdom and then there's also the Nubians structures of some of the faces, particularly the sphinx? Now you know this for x, they believe, had alliance face and then when they were conquered by the Nubians, they change the actual structure of the face of the sphinx and turned it into a king's face. What a way will charms me was that it is upper and lower Egypt so up each of his actually, our new South right, that's our south, and what? What the way it's taught to me was that was the mind of Egypt and the economic section of Egypt was what we see Giza pyramids and it's
economic, because if you look at it it's it's between three continents on the Mediterranean Sea. So it's a perfect place to carry out ucommerce. It's the perfect place. That's why everybody wants to be there. So why is there a war in the Middle EAST? Is it place to be so. Do you believe that some Africans came over here in slave ships or none very minimal, very minimal, really minimal? So you think it's a myth. Almost now. Does there any scholars that support these opinions or these your opinions or where are you getting this from so here's the thing this is stuff. I've studied probably close to fifty years ago, so I don't remember a lot of sources or who I learned it from, but I can give you a couple names. Would you got to do? Is you gotta look up? Shaka hot most you got to look up. Doctor couple come mean Dr Phil Valentine Bobby had me of who works as a cookie to tallest shock. Moses were greeted Tala. Just I think you
start date will Shaka Atmos, but these are videos I used to watch and lectures I used to watch back in the day. Now I focus on like startups next, where my brain is that's where my knowledge is focused on right, but a lot of stuff comes from my own common sense. It just does not makes sense logistically to take people from all the way from over there to bring them here, especially when half your stock is going to die. When you got people right, here. You have human resources right here. All I gotta do is Popham shoot a couple of, am rest of them. I like art, fine and you enslave them. And none of them die except for the ones I actually could write. I gotta hold millions of people right here like. Why would I go other crate all the way across the ocean that bring people back across the ocean? It just doesn't make sense it's stupid, but did nobody run a business like that? What's up June PBS, how many the
title is how many slaves landed in the USA. Well scrolling up scroll it up, so I can read that whole thing right there as you like me, were raised essentially to think of the slave experience per mile in terms of our black ancestors here in the United States, in other words slave. Is primarily about us right from the crispus attacks, an Phillip Wheatley, Benjamin Banneker, Richard Alan all the way to Harriet Tubman, Sojourner, truth and Frederick Douglass. Think of it as an instance, we might think of as Africa american exceptionalism. In other words it is the black experience. It's gotta, be about black Americans. Well, black Americans will think again. The most comprehensive analysis of shipping records over the course of slave trade is a Atlantic slave trade database edited by professors, David Eltis and David Richard? and while the editors are careful to say that all the figures are estimates, they believe that the best estimates that we have the perverse
gold standard in the field, the study of the slave trade between one thousand five hundred and twenty five in eighteen, sixty six the in the entire history: the slave trade to the new world. According to the Trans Atlantic slave trade database. Twelve point: five million Africans wear to the new world. Ten point: seven million survived the dreaded middle passage December Parking in North America, the Caribbean and S America. How many of those ten point seven million Africans were shipped directly to North America. Only about three hundred and eighty eight thousand. That's right. A tiny percent so a small percentage of all the Africans that were in slave were actually shipped to North America. That's probably because of the truth. Danny come from Africa brought. That only know, since nobody run a business like that. Well, they they're saying that a lot of people did, though that's ten point: seven million people,
came on boats. That's what they're saying that's what I slave trade! I don't know if that means that they necessarily came here that could be going to Europe. Well, now that they were saying that they were saying that it was in this great land. Trade does not have to come from Africa. I can trade with you right here in America, but was it by the now. It's said to directly to North America's. Only the for under four hundred thousand right right involved in the shipping and going out all over the world at it could be going anywhere, but from Africa exist in ten percent african shipped. Yes, yes less than ten percent lesson percent in North America, but ten point: seven million Africans enslaved well and moved windy out ten survive right were shipped, but it didn't say where they were shipped to the new world. New world is very, right and only three hundred and eighty eight thousand actually made it to North America I could train from Haiti or Jamaica or S America, so you think yeah right. So you think that There was probably already a significant population of Africans that were c bearing
that made it all the way over here. Yes, Well, if you listen to the words of Hancock and the discussion of pre his work. What we would consider prehistoric use of boats and ships, it's probably likely look at ancient Egypt. Don't you see pictures of boat, so yeah? oh yeah, so they would bury them mean if you could, there was the. What is the big Science museum in la that. Had the the Egypt exhibit really recently it's incredible: they they had a depiction of the boats of the use. Yeah I mean they had. Boats for sure, but if we traveled so so, how can you tell me that a civilization had boats before Europe was literate? Didn't come to America didn't set up shot? It's just not comment. Let me just I don't need to read a book I understand that but definitely makes sense if they made it to South America. I mean if the Old MAX
I mean if you look at a poll above an image of all MAC. Heads is heavily disputed. John Henrik Clarke is all to use this study. John Herbert Clark has a book they come before Columbus. I mean look at these olmec heads they all look like that Douglas up the member yeah, so it If you have a zing, there has to be a large population of people in order to create these things, but it has to be. You know these have to be advance so, if they are here already in South America, while you will cause a seat when you got people right here. You just enslave S. America, connected to America. Do you think we didn't come up now? I think we can take our work right now. It's just common sense, well particular when they're finding all this evidence of people that were here, thousands and thousands of years before they ever thought, people were, or the evidence in the Grand Canyon from Egypt what about that? Is that is your bottom part of it? Yeah yeah there might be some gold down there isn't is
this Gyptian gold in the Grand Canyon, a matter of a found, a Gyptian to woman during interjection stuff. That's been found in Ohio here, once yeah all laws and some stuff up a Gramos tell me: I'd, went home and looked up to Superman stuff and like right up. The road from where the server mound is. There's been a couple artifacts on there like a hundred years and artifacts in call melt, pulls out a yeah, there's may sounds in America, which yeah should be like pyramids. So so there's even an Egypt Ohio. I don't named after that, but it's literally like in the same spot, yeah yeah is this. This, the history history of human travels, Falken fast, makes circumnavigated. This global for men is ' this isn't new stuff is new to your a it was a noted african race man, a we, we being here, they got the mounts. Archaeological evidence from Egypt in the Grand Canyon is right. This I've never heard that before that is in interesting archaeological evidence in the Grand Canyon, as it's not part of his story. He's gotta keep
you thinking got to keep the black people thinking. You were slaves and you came from Africa on boats. That's what they gotta keep you thinking, but I really think that there's some sort of a grand conspiracy to withhold information, yeah, the universities scholars all these people that are talking about the history of the world, universe indoctrination, centers stand. The worst thing you could do is send a child college unless you're going to learn a hard science, You know when you go to quit, you think gender studies is bullsh. It, of course, is blaming it. What are you saying these make believe degrees, gender studies, Bro, Sarah stuff, yeah Jen, study is a a social. I I studied. I study gender in the bedroom girl bum bum. Steady gentle. Ok, no such thing is no Genders Texas School tell me, but there is you can pay for it, The death for studying gender studies, you get a fat degree yeah
you define anything about Egyptian. When I found it, I was down a deep hole so like I can't just find it that way I'm worried anybody, so I'm going to find a second Barry. It, Google, I just found the picture. Ok here we pull it up. Oh see some shit. This is this. Is the hotel scallions glasses on we're getting serious. This is the good stuff man that we look at his head. You see his head right there yeah, that's, not nappy here, uh! Well, that's a Thai Buddha it does not his hair? I think those are braids. This was like an ornament raids. A lot of people, including the Romans likely to does it, does. What is this agenda draw? This is from an old book that first time it's really old. This is a drawing of all the the inscriptions are found on this piece of stone, and a lot of these are very or the like. Hieroglyphs and whatnot Setenta minimalistic somewhere on here is that the thing looks just like that serpent from found that
wow yeah. I figured I don't know if that's necessarily egyptian, but certainly fascinating. It might not be egyptian necessarily, but when I found it, that's what it was tagged as because from that time period or very similar, but that is the Pennsylvania archaeologists load. The book is found from ok. I did this. I got to it yet I've never seen this before, but there's some archaeological evidence on the wall like a lot of people, don't even know that Egypt in Africa, this hilarious, when you start talking to people about think about that african sure? Why don't chase is Africa? Why don't? They want the seven wonders of the world to be associated with Africa? Well, because Africa, the continent again, we think of it in terms of because you, Egypt is so leave blue, unique globally, yeah like there's, nothing like it in the Well, we know Stonehenge is in Europe yeah, but Stonehenge is clunky in comparison to the ship.
The fund Egyptology Egypt. It is, but they they still pop up. Stonehenge like it's. Some great you know it's in Europe. Yeah Stonehenge is fascinating. It's fast like home, Why they do this? There's a lot of shit in Europe to they're. Finding now with lidar with using this uh there. Big in map into the ground and find these structures and roads and pathways that existed and the long since been by nature, you're. Finding that, like this is one of the Graham Hancock things he was talking about how you look at South America when they're going through the Amazon you're finding these incredible structures, an incredible rd ways and irrigations, and that they believe that at one point in time there was civilization of twenty million people living in the Amazon and that when the european settlers came over, they brought smallpox and wiped everybody out boom yeah boom, just like they did with the native
Perkins attacking the people, don't know when they talk about native american genocide? The vast majority is disease disease yeah. So when people say oh, you know the white man came over here with violence and right now I don't know if he was that violent think you had enough bullets to kill that many people They killed ninety percent with disease. The straight disease, man is just fucking crazy. Waited disease come from Europe Dirty people- So so how can the streets? So how can you tell me that you know I'm just a slave right, and the filth, the degeneration of Europe is what came to America. Greatness didn't come to America. The generation came to America, some greatness did to mean Well, I mean I'm sorry about when we talk about the people that came here. They were escaping the oppression of yes, Europe. They were the undesirables in Europe right or the people try to get away from religious persecution right things like that yeah, but these were the dregs of society in many ways yeah. So you come here and your dirty
in fact the people and maybe now that's why you gotta go to average size 'cause. It got there by your peers, everybody's done. What what? If you had to see if you were speaking in front of Congress in my preparations. What would you have to say? Keep the conversation going open up the station. Let's get more minds involved, don't shoot it down and EMS must pay. I got the hashtag on Dems must pack why Dems 'cause it's a great start number one. So you know we had the debate with Cj Pearson. He said in his rant. He went off about that God and he said if anything the damage should pay is deliberate rules because they had the KKK.
Dating own slavery, they ran a slave trade data. So it's like. Well, if that's the case, then why are we make them pay? The other thing is you know if you're conservative- and you know you have in this election race or whatever, why don't you just take the wild card away from you know from the left and say well, yeah. You know if there reparations conversation? You know that was the Democrats. That was the dixiecrat that installed black codes in South Carolina there, the ones that that's an interesting conversation right when you say that yeah wait. What just? Actually the Democrats are responsible yeah. You had this thing called black coat and if you were considered black, then you didn't have rights. The funny thing is, you could be technically african and be white white. Isn't a color? Is the status Ellon Musk? What do you mean from Africa? Everything yeah? Well, I know that he's not in Africa. Well, he was born in Africa
but it's not an african south african books. So so, when we do his twenty three me, what is probably a dutch or something they see something right in Europe: okay, yeah he's insane, but there's white people that their lineage from historically from Africa, sure. Well I mean the sephardic people that lived in Northern Africa right, mmhm yeah, where it's considered more Middle EAST right right right. You see some of that absolutely, but these people are the african right. People come from Turkey right right, come from Kiev, Russia, no that's where they come from me. They migrated into Africa. This now with a front runner up, their bodies aren't even biologically conducive to their environment, and now I'm not conducive to the New York environment. Wife is exactly why folks is running on the street when shorts and I'm just like you know, I need to check. It is definitely a biological difference. Did it we got it recognizes short of what we came from
yeah MIA is, is is a lot to this conversation. Does it is a lot this conversation, but it's so heavily weighted people. Don't wanna be objective about it right. What's up the thing I found about the Egyptians in Ohio is actually from a paper that was written. It's a it's postulating. I guess that took a lot of the evidence they had. They had been finding and saying this shows that
might have actually been Egyptians. There was from nineteen thirty seven when the guy was, I think, born. This is forty years ago that the amulet was brass apparently, and it was founder. Cincinnati and were actually think it might have been trading trade routes, because there is some like a stone that have been found in various parts of the world that are from specifically Ohio, because it's like a rainbow shale that was used like arrow heads and stuff a long long time ago, that area was used to make weapons. It like that, the first like twelve thousand years ago, when the first people were kind of North America, but that area in Ohio also is known as the stance on capital the world, and I don't know if that's related to the Egyptians, that's what the payments are made out of. You know, there's tons of sandstone that is very specific to that region. No payments, Miss Sandstone thought so, yeah, yes, distance. Twenty one
from eighteen hundred to nineteen eighty twenty one times the amount of sandstone that made the great pyramid was shipped out of Ohio to make various buildings all over the world real most of them United States, obviously, but all of the place done done done and just where history of the human, we don't know history, we know or only the only history that we know was the one we go discover on our own time, the one It's all lies, all all of his some lives on civilization. Grand Canyon was wait Egyptian at the Smithsonian, Publix and stuff. One thousand nine hundred and nine. I guess that we're all this came from those article that got written and I don't know how much of it they proved or was proven or was just news paper, click bait back in the day, this more amazing the artifact didn't match up to anything on the known. Record rather than appearing we have native american origin, as one might expect. The object had distinct Egyptian,
or tibetan designs. Could there an entire civilization of Egyptians living here. If so, how did they get here? Don't don't help in a boat man? You got cats leave Africa and try to come to Spain in these places or a chicken wing. It is interesting right, like the population of Cuba, Cuba, so insanely diverse since right there like what is the history, that other than the slave routes like what is the history of Cuba, because Cuba's very distinct african people living there, the whole Caribbean all at all that whole area is a as a lot of african roots to it, but that's just a please that was conquered by the spring. You know by by the Cortez. Is you know those type of people, but what really disturbs me is there's no way to know exactly what happened. It's like your pising things together,
based on artifacts and historical record things that people wrote down and journals and logs and there's people that have traveled so again of study so long ago, but I remember reading memory source from somebody that travel with Crystal Ball: Cologne, aka, Christopher Columbus. And he was saying very specific things about his accounts when he reached these different places. You know, and he was saying things like: we got to the land and we found Africans and I remember him specifically saying uh so no matter where we go, we find Africans and he said it as if he was disappointed and and then he started talking about like you know, this is the they start talking about the culture in describing your culture. He's got its go. Look at the people that travel with Crystal Ball Cologne and and there's some first hand accounts there
and they're very honest about it. You know dude, I'm going to look into that now. That's a very interesting I'm going to ask him about that too, but he knows about it. He's studied me, especially on his latest book. He started a lot about the various cultures that made it to North America and S. America, ok, yeah yeah. This is rich in history, very, very jealous right. I gotta wrap this up, but thanks for coming man, I had a great time talking to you, tell everybody it's a vibe high on hi I on Twitter. Instagram. And you show your Youtube show Hoteps been told you every Thursday, eight hundred pm so great name all right, and my me website is Brian Sharpe, DOT C, o b r Y a n s h a that's. The real messy hotel Jesus's have preferred yeah your My brother appreciate it man, those fun. Thank you Hotep Jesus, ladies and gentlemen, thank you friends. Thanks for tuning in, I hope you like the show and thank you,
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