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2019-09-12 | 🔗
Dan Aykroyd, CM OOnt is a Canadian-American actor, producer, comedian, musician and filmmaker who was an original member of the "Not Ready for Prime Time Players" on Saturday Night Live.
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brothers, people. Okay, he is the great and powerful Dan Ackroyd Joe Rogan experience join my Joe Rogan we're live with Dan, a cord cutting oranges and doing a podcast at the same time. Yes, it's. Ah it's kind of like walking from the tightrope between two buildings, chewing gum and and looking up at the ceiling. Have you ever heard of the the guy? Who was a tightrope walker at the turn of the century uhm and he was very famous uh. I forget it was a french he walked over Niagara falls several times now he talked yeah. I it was a french type drop Walker and one of the things he did Joe was one one morning he said, I'm gonna do this, but I'm going to take my manager on my back, I'm going to take
small stove and I'm going to cook him breakfast in the middle of the false right over the falls, and this is recorded of him having and can imagine the manager. You know the conversation there. Ok you're, going to climb on my back we're going to the middle of falls. I want to make you breakfast, I love you, I love handling it, but what really to do this, so he took his manager on the back out to the fault cook them eggs right there and then walk to the other end of the falls with the stove is manager on his back is like you know. These are. These are feats that uh that we hear about? Did he cook in the middle he cooked middle of the falls. He could you cook eggs and I think, flapjacks and always handling- is manager on his back and handling the stolen. The whole thing yeah there's a there there. Yes, very it there, there there's a manager, look on my good yeah, not funny where's. That Monday, that was his name yeah. I want to see him cooking yeah. You must have the photo. They've got a real barrel up there, yeah yeah wheelbarrow. He had the manager on his back very as a manager on the back. You see taking him across Christ. Yeah, that's how you earn your keep is a manager.
I know- and I don't know whether there there is look at the table and chairs yeah. What kind of up to here today- and I know I when I came in- I saw the uh, beautiful bowl equipment and all your work equipment. I was going to bring my pinball gun, so I could bounce them off your stomach, but in all gun what is a pinball gun? Well, I'm just making up here. I know you got a hard stomach there and I could just see them bounce off, but I and I you know Joe, do you have a knife for the oranges and I knew you'd have a really nice sharp hunting knife and he hauls us out in a here. It is Tucker, more custom, nine, it's beautiful beautiful, where that of. I don't know it was a gift from my friend Donny Vinson brought it in. For me, yeah thousand people died going over Niagara falls, many of them suicides and many of them. You know just just a third one over in rafts and that cannot you're going over a life jacket and kids and better and people in barrels were actually intending to go over the falls and wanted to float down that far one nine zero five nine
in survived in a couple of them in survived, but the the tribe of the Niagara Indians who lived at the the indigenous natives who lived at the bottom of the falls, were overweight, and why were they overweight because they didn't run through the forest hunting? They took all of the meat that came through Niagara River and went over the falls and was dashed at the bottom of the falls. The bears the wolves moose, all of them who who drowned in the falls all these wildlife and they just harvested the meat off the rocks of the one of the fault. So they would just wait. They would just wait exactly yeah yeah, how many things get stuck. It would seem like you'd, be waiting a lot man. Forty people every year fall over so every year, right now, yeah! Well! Well, oh my god, forty, but I love Upstate New York. I love us. I love Niagara falls New York's, beautiful architecture from the thirties and stuff so on. It's own need up there yeah it's a gorgeous part of the country.
Do you mind if I make a non out of vodka drink here for us? This is your vodka company and you base it. I I know you are ah a huge fan of extraterrestrials and one of the things I'm very excited to talk to you about. Is that, but this year about your book for on all that you'll? This is based on the crystal skulls right. Well, the other packages worries that its ups package is based on the on crystal heads, because we wanted to sell the idea of purity and you can see it's a nice smiling little happy little skull was design by John Alexander, the great Texas artist. Here's our this is our wheat version. We have corn in here. We have weed in here and there's no cleaner vodka. I must say on the planet. We go to great lengths to make this a clean product. Not only is the bottle beautiful, but the unique fluid inside is what has get us to seventy countries. Over fifty million bottles sold. We won twelve gold medals. We won the prodexpo in Moscow for excellent taste at a four hundred beverages and what we do is we take peach is in
cream corn from Chatham Ontario and we put it in truck in the mash and we ship at ninety five percent alcohol volume uh at that point, and we take it over and we put it in the ferry boat and we bring it over at the distillery in Newfoundland, Canada, the LA just one of the last state owned stills in the world, and why are we there? Because the water from the original Wisconsin here is under land, so water isn't vodkas in russian word for water and really green and great vodkas have sweetwater, I'm just going go. I want you to just take a sip and then I'm going to make an ice crystal draw, but just so here's our notes here, Sir, just to share yeah cheers yeah, indeed hey to our daughters, to everybody, sons, sons, daughters, mothers, it's very good, sweetness, sweet, vanilla, dry, crisp with a kick of heat off the finish, our notes from Anthony Dyess Blue. We take the
to the distillery in Newfoundland. We use the water there, we do not add flavor packs, flavor packs are added to lesser vodkas, that's glycyrrhiza, sugars, and we put them. They put them in these packages and they put them in the vodka get we eliminated. All of that and we have no additives at all. This is C two. Eight five hundred and six just absolute ethyl alcohol grain, alcohol purified distilled in a in a carbon filtration system, not the one with holes where they just blow it through. No, we we we we filter. We poured over a diamonds, diamonds, yep pored over dime. We do we pour it over the Herkimer, semi, precious stone and the Herm Kirk, a mere semi precious stone is one of our life purification process is now. If you asked a high school professor, what does pouring alcohol over diamonds due to the alcohol? They probably say? Well, nothing, but are stones after certain pours a certain reports, they turn yellow when we have to bleach them, clean them or replace them. The herkimer diamond is found in on
anomalous area of up State New York. Also in Afghanistan. In Oaxaca, Mexico they're found their their little semi, precious double ended, crystals and people love the taste of the Vad apart over the stones. Now is there a chemical reaction that causes the stones to turn yellow or is you know again, you have to sit with the chemistry press, professor and say white white. Is the I'll call turn that the crystals yellow is a doing anything? Is it purifying? It? We've done flavor profiles where we we pull right over the stones and give it to people, and we don't pour it over the stones and give it to the people and they like it better portal. The stones. Now why I like the Herkimer diamond, is of course, because it's near Griffiss AIR Force Base, Rome, New York, yeah, I know- and that was where a lot of scrambles went up in the seventies and eighties against what it was coming and going in the in the mountains. There pine bluff our Pine Bush New York line for a long time, Pine Bush, yep Pine Bush New York. So I thought this is great. Herkimer Don
men's from that area associated with the tease the now the whole the Aztec, the Anasazi, they said, the these skulls came down to them from the star children they were. There were given to them as scrying devices to help the tribe move forward to give positive energy to the tribe, and so I thought, perfect. Italian and vodka over herkimer diamonds were tied in a little to the extraterrestrial legend there with the skull and kind of it's the neat kind of bow to our product. But the the important thing is that the flu in the bottle matches the beauty of the bottle on the bottles to sell the idea of purity and light and thinking and lighten drinking, which was what these these calls were made for. Gosh it's good. Even without the Orange juice Dan Aykroyd, you might be the greatest salesman. That's ever lived, no sold other one folks. I don't know if you could see this for people listening, you definitely can't, but if you're looking at it in on Youtube, this is an absolutely gorgeous bottle with artwork all over it. This really cool design is always a little skeletons and it's hard to tell because it's kind of abstract
a lot of the stuff in it. But well, let's join John Alexander's work. He does he. He loves skulls and skeletons and and that kind of stuff, from this a gorgeous and day of the dead stuff from, and so you know he up. He painted that up he's my all he's one of my oldest friends and we met because I would gonna Saturn I live and my girlfriend there was Rosie Shuster one of the writers, and you know we fell in love and that we had a great time and wrote to show we wrote Fred, Garvin, male, prostitute and a lot of other things. And then I went away to do blues brothers and she said I'm breaking up with you and I said well we'll for for what for who. Well, I met this artist, John Alexander, so she dumped me for him and now we're best friends and what they find Rosie again, I no no! No! No, she dumped me for, and he went, want to get married and do other stuff, but yeah that's how we met so it's kind of an interesting friends, creative friends. So we are of the vodka for the creative spirit. It comes from two artists, a writer him and r,
just graphic artist and designer and painter and sculptor. So you know millennials love us because there's an obs story on our purity we are, we are. We are a purist, sorry, where a story about fun and about enlightened drinking, in moderation, of course, and we are a story about quality, and so I think people are. We have a lot of female demographic there because of the cleanliness, because we don't have the the additives in it. You know we just take the trouble to make this product in a special way, and we do this about eleven years were in seventy countries and doing doing really really well with it, because people are gay, the story that that's not only that the bottle. It's the it's. What, since, what's in the bottle to get it back of mall total lines, a b c liquor bars all over the world, have it now and yeah they, but they like the like the no no additive story and yeah. It's
you know it's a little more expensive in retail, but it works out to about thirty seven cents, a drink more. If you have twenty five drinks in a bottle, you buy the bottle. It's it. You know it you're you're, paying a little more for the quality and for the package, but you gotta yeah, you don't have to get. You don't have to pay too much more for for a drink. It's like thirty seven. So it's more of the average rank win bars. We say we sell it for, like maybe seven bucks chater. We save nine bucks, a shot, seven for or talk to you know to for fourteen and three for twenty one. You are losing people in the weeds here. This is a very delicious, though I'm not a Viking guy. I generally like whiskey, because I like to know what's happening, I think about five kids, it's so smooth, and this is very delicious and smooth like before. You know, you're up and well honesty. I feel, like you know it with every taste. What you do you like, we don't have an overabundance, Goscinny, it's sweet and, and- and that's that's got beautiful. This in Austria, though, was the thing to drink from Q. Genic diet dude can one
the one little citrus in there. Try it sure if that's your move, yeah yeah, I liked I liked it. Can you squeeze it in there very slowly and make it look like an egg yolk going in there, so that I'm having a lot of fun with the business it's eleven years, we're having fun we're fighting again, the big guys. You know we gotta do stunts and do exciting things and top. You know talk about it in ways that it hasn't been talked about. Before the we did change the industry. We are the purest play out there in terms of a vodka consumption. I do slag like other brands. They want to use the flavor packages they want to put glycerides in there, which is of course, a sin that it's a lipid want to put it in there because and anti freeze. I gotta say they want to listen to anything. God bless right, glyphs awkward, if you like cold person in your cousins and murdered, though does that matter? Well, let me see I Christ, you know love prisoners and Christ, for so it's I want to see sister, I don't know yeah, maybe she's a nice person yeah. I want to talk to you about the the the story of the crystal skulls themselves, because there is the
this strange sort of folklore attached to them and then there's a lot of people that believe that it's all horseshit and that these were created by mod people and burried under ground yep. In order to well my understanding of it is stare yeah and indeed that's just citrus model. The crystal driver. There were thirteen heads and- and it was reported that the Navajo, the Anasazi, the Mayans, the aztec- how each had one the most I missed one is the the Mitchell Hedges Skull, which was found in the Yucatan by an image of hedges he reached into a cave. She was with her grandfather and was run nineteen twenty six and she reached in, and there was an oil cloth, a covered item in then she pulled it out and opened it up, and there was the two piece detachable jaw: Mitchell: Hedges, skull, beautiful skull. The Hulu soccer engineers did a test on it in the 60s. They said it could not have been carved by uh
lapidary. By my tools it had to have been polished over hundreds of years over over centuries to get to the shape that it was so they said it was a polished item. Let's see, there's a Mitchell had just call the Phyllis Newman scalding MAX users. Wasn't that later decided by some people call. But this was not. Okay, I'm gonna. I'm gonna exactly get to that point because of course it's it's important. It doesn't affect my business, whether they're fake or not. These review move artifacts and we've recreated it beautifully. But it's nice to know the true story, and I I have a kind of a thought on the either way. So there's Phyllis Newman Skull of named MAX. She has to put it in the closet because it talks to her there's no way we hit the brakes failed to hit the brakes bunch of you you're an excellent time. Well, I guess I was inoculated with a gramophone needle at birth. I can talk a taxi dispatcher in evolved, so I silence like a talking air raid siren to scrap, to and obviously canadian, because you said, slag
basic data, canadian Gal, she of the tall, so that's another tangent, canadian gals and as an and guys so the Phillip Newman. This call she she got it. Its name is MAX just put it in the closet because it talks to where she said. So this is a medical help, jobs. Yes, she does Phyllis. Has that one then there's the other. Is the Mitchell Hedges Skull? That's in Indiana a the man that took care of Anna at the end of her life, eventually had it and got it. It Saturn Grafton Ontario for many years, and I never saw it, but people said when they walked into the room and she covered it with the cloth she kept it in that there was an immediate feeling of well being and healing coming over to look at the at the original Mitchell. Hedges skull, there's one in Mexico City as well. Like one of our many is, it's got a scar across stuck right in the top of it, which is you know that would shatter crystal if you did that
the cross got there. I don't know there are others, one of the Smithsonian in Washington and too at the Smithsonian Washington DC in one of the Victoria and Albert Museum. So that's that's supposed to be eight that we having five that were missing the some of the Smithsonian who has the two there. I think there are cloudy Orange one in a cloudy green one on their smaller. She says they're all fakes, that they were car by a german lapidary in the one thousand eight hundred and that he seated them around the world wait a minute I think one was found in to one was found and in Ohio, we're hearing at the serpent mound one dish. You think this one gentleman did he, because he was an expert lapidary had the tools to do it and she figures. Her theory is that they're not artifacts to polished by tribal hands and passed down that they're all fakes, but it's just wait a minute he would have had to about an airship to go on deposit these wherever they might be around the world
and what you you get. The pictures of the skulls up, the Smithsonian Crystal heads and other small extra songs crystal had you can get in Victoria Albert Crystal had do they all have the same, similar type of markings there, there's that there's there's! Yes! Yes, they do they do they all have the same. Now. Some of them are more, are clearer, see, there's one of the British Museum and there's some that are clear and a more beautiful. There's some that are rougher like cat that one there and the and the Green and the Orange One, but she says all fakes, but if they're all fix, how did they get to these different places around the world and how were they found? Well, here's the thing, but what why fake? The word fake is very strange because it's like they are certainly revealed carved crystal skulls. Were they from tribal ancestry? That's money in them is the question who made the modern western and how old were they Brawley store the car? That's the thing: aren't they beautiful
God do one of the indigenous people say they said they found they they the Navajo say they came from the star children that they they were brought down and deposited and given to them as Crystal Ball devices scrying device. This is too well someone down there. Jamie keep scrolling where you were green's beautiful one on the left right there that looks almost like a real skull, always real so yeah. Now the green is beautiful. So so I guess I don't know, I'm not a scientist, I'm not a professional historian. I guess I have to trust the lady at the Smithsonian, but then I question they were found different times in history around the world. How you go and see? How do you deposit them there? How? Why does she believe that? Has she given a coherent reason why she thinks that there'll hoax is or should- I guess, she's done her analysis, whatever they've done to their skulls, but again the Hewlett Packard engineers took that Mitchell Hedges Skull and they said this cannot be have not have been polished. It been cracked or destroyed. It could not have been buy tools, it would have been cracked or destroyed. It had to have been polished, so, but what about some sort of a very fast moving
bill with a diamond bid on it that can slowly grind down? Well, that would be then that would be them to be. Marks would be visible under under the scanner they put. Couldn't you polish those marks down? I don't. I think that the intensity of this of the Hewlett Packard screwed any revealed that there were none of those marks and that's why they were able to make their clients. Here's the problem with this is like you want them to be. Really, don't you oh yeah, I need to budget, I do too I guess to, but I don't trust me. No, neither do I so when I fly well when we when you're saying all these things, I want to believe you I want. I want them to be from the sky people I do too. But again, you know. You've got a professional in Washington at our National Museum there who says no, no yeah, but what does she know? Well, we could go. It might be your name general motors you're on the phones might be a party pooper. Well, I Heidi's. I think that she's, probably as in LA and in love with the skulls, even though they are you know not polish
in her mind, I bet she loves him as much as we do. But the thing is: if you are a professional intellectual or someone as a curator of fine art work, an ancient relics, you kind of have to be one of those people that dismisses anything Papa service 'cause. If not that's right, like Neil Tyson, don't you love us? I love him. I love Neil, but he there's no way you can sit down and say. Neil Barney and Betty Hill were abducted by a flying saucer. One thousand nine hundred and fifty seven he's not going to accept because he can't accept that because everything in his training, everything in his knowledge, everything that he knows about physics and science and propulsion in the universe and how to get from place to place defies the defies the legend. Our our a DR, I would say, defies the theory that there are extraterrestrial advance ships out there. He can't accept it's just you know he. It will be on professional for him to say:
okay, there's even a possibility that there were abductions, but the Betty and Barney Hill stories very interesting, but there's there's no real evidence other than their testimonies are correct. Well, there was a stain on Betty's dress. There's her excellent recall. She was not. He was on Concertina. On her dress is so interesting. It was a fluid that they used in in in the testing that some kind of a fluid alien testing is that that they did it wanted. I drew all over from her and they do respond from him now. So there's a book out called contact by Stanton Friedman, Loretta Yup and helping me out I'd love to know what the car is where the for the of the chevy they were driving or where appeared, I don't know, have to ask Kathleen where it is: did they did it end up in a junkyard 'cause? They were marks on the back of the car as well. There were trade evidence in the back of the car. You know TED Phillips is he goes around the world collecting the evidence in radioactive signatures from sightings and landings on the
the car. That was a couple of marks, but it was Betty's, it's their credit ability. Why would they want to bring this into their lives and she was conscious my conscious through much of it and Barney was not conscious. He was unconscious if you hear the tapes of Ben Simon's interviews with them under hypnosis screaming and, and he was just so frightened yeah in the end, the Zeta Reticuli Map, when, when the little the being Betty, looked at the map and and of being shorter a map, but she was on her way out the door and she said: may I take this in the being was gonna give it to, but then another one zipped up and said. No Zeta is exactly the same place where Lazar says they found those with the spaceships that they have SIRI or S4. Well, the little grey Zeta, Reticuli, Barney and Betty's abduction. You had Margery fish in amateur amateur astronomer. She took the memory of Betty's Betty, drew up the star map and she did a three channel scale model of that part of the universe and was able to
Benefis Zeta Reticuli one and two and accepted by astronomers, so that map that Betty saw aboard that ship had not been seen on on earth before and Betty history of astronomy, no studying not none at it. All and and- and you know interesting things like when they got back to the the house there there there, the house was open and the keys to the house were in on the table with leaves so that they might have dropped them at the site and the being return them now give TED. But Hopkins was yes, he said that, and so he studied the Linda Cortile case. With a woman, it's floated out of her apartment building over the EAST River in Orange or picked her up telling us he was, the God was an artist. He was a graphic artist. He was a designer, a painter and a lovely man, and he was one of the first people to start to deal with the trauma of abductees. He they they. He got a rep from be able to interview them. Hypnotize them interview them and get their stories and empathize and sympathize with them,
and he said that in some cases that he studied the beings would grab a man from somewhere in America and grab am and out of their cars out of their clothes, put 'em up test. Some draw overdraw sperm fluids. Whatever they were doing and then the woman would wake up in the man's shoes or a different car, or almost as if the beings were finished with them. I don't care they go now yeah. I put him put him back. You know that kind of thing, so that was the artist phenomena like releasing a trout yeah. That's right when I think that such a trout, you catch a big rainbow trout in your fly fishing and you get a barbless hook. People if you go to Montana, go to the Gallatin River, shout out to the gal beautiful gorgeous, place, people catch and release because they they appreciate the traveler there they'd rather go by how a bit from a store and not eat the fish, because they want to stir the SAM to be healthy. They want the trial to be healthy, so they'll catch him, and then they release him. But if Europe, a Brown, Troy Brown chatter invasive, but if you're set Euro, your
boat, trout and someone catches, you and you know they take you on some two hundred yard run down this river as they're trying to draw you in it's a big nine pound, rainbow catch of a lifetime full time and some guy pulls it on it takes pictures of it like shows it and then releases it, and then this things like how the fuck did I get here. What am I doing outside of my universe, yeah yeah, my doing in this other dimension of air, where I can't breathe precisely yeah yeah, and that's that's what I that's catching release with people. Travis Walton says you know you got to think of them as just people from over there. Yeah, please throw with fire in the sky movie was based on he's got another interesting story. Here's what I want! People credibility there and credibility with Barney and Betty. I just don't think they're lying and I do the ideal school children are line. I don't want to think their line. This is the problem that I have with it. I want to believe them, but as this is what I want people to consider, because most people that are pragmatic, reasonable people that don't want to be ridiculed, they look
with these stories, then go out. Comma and people are full of shit and I've been there too, but I want. I want people to imagine that if aliens did, you occasionally visit earth. What? How often do you think this take place and how it would be very infrequently and if it was, if it was happening, needs to be complete. The unique unusual occurrences at know where, where someone would come down, they would do something and they would be leaving the person with this hot in this memory in this inability describe, it was normal words if you were taken aboard a spaceship and you were some real talent beings that were three feet tall were running experiments on you and you are paralyzed. Then they released you back on earth. How what words do you have available to you to describe this experience in a way that they'll give you tell me
hey Joe, I went white water rafting with my kids. It was a great time it was so fun we got to the Eagles and it was it was gorgeous. Then we had lunch at this beautiful little cafe what a great day I can envision this experience. I can see it, but if you hey man, we went camping and I woke up in some mailing at a finger in my Allah, gosh yeah the allegations and they went camping and they they were they decide. If you, those right, there's hundreds of thousands- and here this is- I bought you a book. This is Bruce Maccabees book all the headlines from one thousand nine hundred and fifty two four hundred and thirty two reports given and I'll address. Your specific question about people house relate their experiences and and how genuine they feel in a second here, four hundred and thirty, two reports in the air force in one thousand nine hundred and fifty two on aerial sighting ships from other planets. We've got memory. Members memos from the government here, former army
pilot sees flying saucer by daylight. Whatever was sighted here July thirty stories fighter pilots in Newcastle sailor for more saucer reports. These air newspaper yeah, that's yours, well news people never lie. While I mind if you know that well they never, they never make fake stories. They never talk. Shit to New York time says pretty reliable, Ralph, blue Menthol and Leslie Keener quarters for the New York Times and they've been studying this phenomenon. They've report very credit I'll. Tell you how an abductee's experiences related. I attend uh a lecture at the Fifth Avenue Medical Institute in Manhattan with my wife a few years ago that would be about fifteen years ago, when John Mack was the lecturer. You know he wrote the book abduction. He was the Harvard psychiatrist who wrote abduction. You can get that up to abduction, John Mack.
I have read that as well yeah and that's all free to friend of mine. Now she was a very pragmatic non UFO, believing person, and she can. We work together on Newsradio, my for more tearing and she came up to me and she was like this book is freaking me the out. He wrote a second book as well. Did he die in a car accident? John Mack believe me done: a car accident stepped off the curb in in in a in a small town in England, and he was struck by a car him and three other John MAX the the same day in England. So so you think people lack and John MAX's you want too much. I don't know say again: I'm out. I was out this lecture and there were three hundred abductees there that that to some who we interviewed with some some he had not, but we were there for a to find out more about their experience and one guy it up and said he had one arm, and I don't know whether that was related. I don't think was related to the experience, but he said I'm a Wall Street broker, I'm quite well off. I have a sailboat.
I was in long island sound a few years ago and a blue light hit me and I had missing time of about five or six hours, but in it I have filter filter, did memories of beings addressing me and telling me that I was powerful and influential and I could help the planet survive and they put me back in my ship when I woke up and and. And he said I'm waiting for them to come back. I want them to come back and I asked the room I got up and I said of all of you have been taken. How many of you would would want to repeat the experience or have it happened again and about half of them said no, no way they wanted to have a Abbott happen again and one slash two said: yeah we'd like that that have yeah, yeah half yeah. Now I love so Bruce. I miss to me and I'm going to give it to you and it's just great. It's got great head from the from the fifties, which was a massive time for saucers. You know that famous photo of the saucers over the capital
in lights and yeah yeah see if you can find that photo June July, one thousand nine hundred and fifty two Washington. This was initiated by the nation of the atomic bomb that Human Nagasaki, where they decided. Ok, these fucking monkeys doing some stupid shit. We need to go down there and see what's up and see if there's eminent danger to the cosmos, let's find out what kind of capabilities they have if you listen to Lazar or if you believe, the work of Zechariah Sitchin or any of the people that believe that human beings were engineered. There's the the reason why this is giant leap between and the rest of primates on the planet is because something team came down and manipulate our genetics. Well, the movie mission to Mars with TIM Robbins, you know. Basically it says that you know. Basically, it's bit shows the face on Mars in that that is one of NASA employees, favorite movies yeah there they are yeah, one thousand nine hundred and fifty two
incident. Thank you photo that is for you to follow. Come on. Let's go here now, it's crazy! How that, in an airplane down in a helicopter, now some crazy for granite from one thousand nine hundred and fifty two I mean the special effects back then were incredibly crude. Now this was something that was reported, thousands of people they Jenna they've. They scramble jets from from Andrews for it, as well as the Phoenix lights lights is fascinating because you know the five Simon and the governor said he saw them. He made fun of it with an alien yeah, but he died about that afterwards. I was put on the pressure to do so. Yeah he's in a movie called what is it? There's there's a documentary on Netflix, it's available that he's in that he talks about the pressure that they put on him to make light of that incident, and he talks about his own personal experiences with seeing something some sort of triangle shaped craft. That was enormous the size of several football fields. It was flying overhead that was
really silent and how it freaked him out. Think triangle, the triangle and out delta crafts are very, very interesting, but the Tinley Park incidents of the of the 80s with SAM Maranto is the investigator there for new fund. These things would park over the family barbecue for about half an hour, and you know, families in suburbs are looking up them, the sky being blotted out by these things, parking above them, so yeah yeah. I I think it comes down to they. I don't think these beings, I Lord Hill, Norton, said there were twenty three different species visiting the planet in twenty three different types of ships. I don't think they want a formal relationship with people on earth. They want an informal secret relationship by the they probably have one with elements of the black elements of the air force in the government. You know, Mister Reid is I've heard it. Serena should have a he's very knowledgeable about this he's. His theory is that the Roswell event may have been precipitated by the trinity explosion at because it
such an inter dimensional, disturbance of the Adams being split and that explosion there was there was, but that saucer there that went down in forty seven may have may have influence somehow negatively by by that explosion. Now Stanton Friedman doesn't didn't buy that I love Stanton. He just passed away there. He was the expert on Roswell yeah. I'm upset that I never got to meet him before he died. He was so credible, it's just a guy who believed in ufos but believe most people were not were lying about them really really well. He believed that there was a lot of horse shit going on, including well Lazar. He thought Bob Lazar was shit. I again, why would why would Bob go out there and do that and and and compromises life? Let me tell you something after talking to him for three hours and write a beginning with him the night before my I don't have, I don't I used to believe I had the best bullshit meter in the world, but as I've gotten older, I've got more honest and I don't, I didn't see any
think- he's he's incredibly smart guy and he's not a guy who's like seeking out attention and he's not profiting, and this and just his demeanor and everything Jeezy seems like an account and he's a legit emit scientist yeah I mean I've talked to him, one of the things that I engaged him with we had dinner. We talked about science, just science in general, and we talked about all sorts of different things and and he's a scientist he's a legit scientist. I've talked to a lot of them yeah. I know what kind of person he is. He said when they just hassle them again. There they rated is is nuclear. I think he has element one hundred and fifteen. That's what they think. Wouldn't we all love to have that? That's what they think. That's some artist created that thing up there with element, one hundred and fifty yeah element, one hundred and fifteen. Indeed. Well, if you get a sliver of that, if not being such would be pretty exciting, he talked openly
about it in the nineties that he had managed to weasel some away from the area as four and they think that he still has it. There was some experiments that he had done that George Knapp. It actually filmed that it showed some really bizarre distortions using this stuff and then it was able to it was it was I gotta remember exactly what it did that they show, but they did some experience with like steam or smoke or something like that where they showed element, one hundred and fifteen, admitting some sort of vapor. Well, no, it was emitting some sort of a field. Yeah you literally couldn't physically touch. The stuff now would know, be nice to find that that's for sure, but I believe I believe Bob I do and I the Barney and Betty I believe, Travis. I want to believe all of them and I believe you, I believe, the Allagash guys. Why would why? Would they do this middle are full of shit? We love to I love attention. They love crazy stories. People love telling you their psychic people of believing in astrology people, but people believe in Bigfoot. I think that there's a lot of people
there that want fantastic things to be real, including me. It's exciting, it's way more exciting, generally they're, not being that is entertaining that's yeah the whole. So that's what my problem was. The thing is that these people were severely damaged like Barney Hill was damaged, the Valley GOSH boys were damaged, tries Baltimore when psychologically damaged by these. By these experiences, allegedly, you don't know mean they might damage already. This might have been. I accept that yeah, this might have been. Somebody read a contact, and- and yes I did it interviewed, doesn't she come office of what she does? It was extremely credible. She does. She does so does Barney the bed Barney Hill, it's there an interesting couple because they were an interracial couple. What year was this? This happened, fifty seven, so they were dealing with all sorts of pressure. This is during the civil rights movement and they were you know some. You know they were pretty it was. It was not the what you would expect for people that were calling out and trying to get attention and the way you know the way they describe this of red
needed with people while he was having nightmares and rashes and they had to come to some medical conclu thinking about it and they consider Frank, consistent. The story was extr since it was and they they consulted a friend of the airforce. You know with a new one. They can depend Simon, I'm not now it's a it's a fat listening story. There's this! You know it's just it's just in a way as again it's it's it's very, very, very entertaining and out. How did you get involved in this? Well, my mother work for the Op Ministry of Munitions and supply in world war, two for the minister and she was so born to work with the op aircraft to production for the hurricane. She was in charge of working without getting the hurricane fuselages built in Canada for for for the for the hurricane for airplane. So she was, you know in the world of aviation and in one thousand nine hundred and forty seven, she was walking down sparks Street and Ottawa and she looked up in the sky and she was sort of said something told me
look up and she said she saw what looked like a Christmas tree: ornament just winking above the street, about four five hundred feet: winking on and off red, green white, red green light, and she thought that's odd. You know, and then she looked at initiated just zipped off in the sky and disappeared around the house. After that point we always had our so there's an article there's. A cover of life magazine with Marilyn Monroe talked about flying saucers of their cover of look magazine with Elizabeth Taylor. It catalogs the Barney in bed the whole incident. So whenever one of those articles come up, she always had that at home. For me to read so I kind of I was interested it from then, and I've had four sightings myself quite vivid. The first one was in Martha's vineyard. I was four in the morning. I got up to take
click on the balcony there, an I looked up in the sky in about one hundred thousand feet up. I saw two glowing disks flying in echelon formation. You saw this. I saw this. How old are you I was? I was out and in my 30s yeah, and so I look up, and I see these things and they're moving man they're going from horizon to horizon twenty thousand miles an hour. I've been in enough, I've had it in my hands have been in a b twenty five. I know helicopters. I know aviation and a meteoric bull ieds. I know, what's not a media and what is I know, what's a helicopter, and what is I know? What's the move and Venus two six glowing glowing round objects are hundred thousand feet. Maybe twenty thousand miles an hour you in because they went across the sky like just in a zigzag formation, so Fike scream to my wife, my friends like the three of us sought- and I said you know, and they all knew it was something unusual that was my first sighting. Okay. Now who knows? Okay, media wrecked bowl right there, many people who can dispute that that way
real. But I know what I saw. I know what my friend saw and what my wife saw. Those things were moving. They were glowing fast, they were flying information and they were doing enough speed to get from basically the right, my eyes to the left side of my eyes really fast. Second, one was. I was I was in now, so that's so that's for account. Those two is two and then the third, the for the second one that I saw so the on to the third one I saw was. I was Montreal, Canada and I was on the 23rd floor of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, and this would have been when we were doing patrol in Canada, the strong tequila promotion, and that was with him in in the early two thousands and- and I looked up and down beyond the window there- and I saw this- what it should look like an up on air mattress turned over on its. You know, with with that, with the bubbles on the bottom, which you, it was a hundred fifty
feet, long fifty feet wide gray. It was a gray rainy day in Montreal, broad daylight, and here was this thing at the 23rd story of the hotel and I'm looking at it, and it moves slowly down Saint Catherine, ST and I'm thinking. Where are the wires, where the wires, where it's gotta be balloon, it's gonna be there's no Thanksgiving Day parade here. What what? What is that and my friends are with me: what is that and it come along and just parked outside the window? We looked at it big gray thing with these bulbs underneath and then it slowly turned and we saw the full length of it and then it went around the corner. We ran out in the hall and we just watched a drift kind of sideways off over the St Lawrence over and disappear waffle. You know people take pictures of this. No, we didn't get any pictures and I don't know well solid year. Was this in the two thousand like to see five or six, something like that and then the other people reported? No, I don't know I should. I should have checked in and see
in Montreal with local new fun. I think they have a representative up there, but it was vivid, we all saw it and then they fourth one that I saw. I was on my motorcycle leaving town to go at Kingston Ontario where I live there and I was driving out of the farm gate and- and I saw there's a power line that runs on the opposite farm across the road, and I saw this winking red light just moving slowly along the top of the power pylons, and I thought well, you know helicopters, we do that kind of work with a string power lines, but they don't really do it at night. I thought that's going to be a chopper, a hydro chopper like a hydro, co, chopper, watching the power lines checking for false or I don't know I was- and it goes along like this and I'm watching it, and I I stop the bike, you know and I want and then it stops and makes a right angle.
Turning comes right at me, so I turn on the of a police motorcycle. So I turn on my wig wags. You know like that. You have a police motorcycle cars. I what I do know police more police to quit. Well, are you a cop acronym to get pulled over by a blues brother? Would not be good. I've had actually I've actually had the experience of actually pulling some people about any pull people over sure why'd. You come over your share. Well, I would representative Deputy Sheriff Tonton Time and just a reserve, the reserve. I must say that I served under the first african american sheriff in Hinds County, Mississippi in its history. Anyway, back to my site, the thing comes along hi. I would put on the the the way blacks on the bike, and it stops above me and it turns on a light and I'm going. If you look at the worst, the rotor WAP where's, the where's wash words come on other helicopter at three thousand feet. You can hear it this things like three four hundred feet above me and looking at the thing I think where the wash. Where is the worst, it looks like it looks like helicopter, it's gotta be helicopter. Do I see
the canopy? Do I see rings rotors, nothing, just just a mass of kind of metallic and lights and just shines his light light on me and I turn the lights on the bike on and and then turn them off, and then it went the light off and it just drifted out over the field and just drift off like that. So so you've had three different and then one night. Well one night I was in bed, I was in night in bed with my wife. It was in the one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven or so, and I I woke bolt up three in the morning I said going to go outside. I've got to go outside they're, calling me they're calling me they want me to see. They want me to see and she's all go back to sleep. So I went back to sleep next day, all over the radio of Upstate New York. They talked about a big pink spiral in the sky that it appeared to Upstate Northern Northeastern Ontario in Upstate New York, and they were saying it was a chinese rocket. What a bottle rocket
or the Chinese sent a rocket. This was the explanation that the media and the government was giving at the time so Thor. Those are my experiences during the and you know that's how you got her and then and then an interesting thing thing happened where I was doing a show called out there beyond Ethan. We were doing it uh over there for Bonnie Hammer over there at at the Fi Channel and was wasn't review, show where I talk to Doug, Meldrum, the Sasquatch expert and and all kinds of talk to Doug yeah. I believe him I believe in these passionate about it. I don't see why he's also a scientist. I talked to all those people, but the day I had this, the Sasquatch is real. Yes, I do. I believe I believe that there's gotta be that's just out. You know
now Gabrielle Reece, the olympian sure there on the part to have you have. You should talk about her Sasquatch experience. So now I need to talk yeah. I really am yeah yeah she so gigantic and beautiful out. Imagine Sasquatch wanted to breed love. That's why, as a parent, it shook a camper that was she. She was up in an upstate, yeah giant woman super athlete she was attacked. Her camper was attacked by when she tells that story. But where was I about the? I was when we go back to the finish its job, real re Sasquatch of I had interviewed all kinds of people on the show. I have your date in about my at my show. It was exposed to be allowed to watch. We're supposed to be a job was supposed to be a show us on Sci Fi Channel Interview show where I'd interviewed everybody. You know all the people in the in the field of cryptozoology and that and Sci FI and science fiction and theory and ufos, and I had Stephen Aaron Stephen Bassett on that same day- have that Stephen Breyer on the show too okay. So I interview Stephen Bassett, I'm about an interview, Greer and I get a call and about like
noon at our noon break and they call- and they say you shows cancelled. We want you know with the studio by the end of the day and we're not going to air anything that you've done. Steven Greer, the UFO show it gets canceled that day now, maybe Miss Hammer made a decision. You know talk shows, aren't really our thing or Ackroyd's, not really what we want on our network, or I don't know what she called by someone or what why why that day, when I was going to do this vivid, you know you fo SHO, that was gonna go out on on the on the air, eventually, why? Why then did it get castle? Have those paintings? Well, no, we never! We never got to air, I did twenty six of them and when we got there it never got to air. So you just filmed them and it never did you guys do any wacky ones where they got the film and like what these crazy fuckers doing. Is there any of that like if you were now unbeliever non us
so enthused with a pure interview show I didn't show any footage. I just I just interviews talk to people s o the day of my UFO show that I was going to my big Steven Greer and Steven Bochco. He got cancel so you know there's what you think that they would can't listen. Scifi is all about those shows. I mean I watched an episode of Sci FI, where there's a bunch of people that claim to be trapped in a cabin in Maine, because where wolves were outside this, just like I ended non, don't do talk shows I did a show on Sci. Fi show called Joe Rogan questions. Everything well under last, not very long, but part of that was my idea. I don't know you, whatever money keep to a work for Bonnie Hammer noticed it was different people back that she's one of the smartest executives in the industry, and I I I I don't doubt that should be running NBC, someday or all of units personal, but I just I just. I would always like to know what happened it. Someone call you Bonnie and say you know, don't bring this up and I don't know when it's going to call people about Ufos. I mean if they're going to make phone calls they're going. You know, take out Don lemon or something 'cause. He talk shit about trump.
You know I mean so yeah, maybe just doesn't make sense. I always like to know what are ufos are openly discredited by normal peep people. I'm not entirely half the world do believes. If you look at the work of Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Keene New York Times, reporters there credibly reporting these this stuff, Barney and Betty Hill of the state of New Hampshire has certified their site. They're has certified their experience with a plaque. You can go to the place where they were allegedly abducted in the state of New Hampshire has UFO also know that that doesn't mean anything doesn't mean it happened. It means it's a state certified or state recognized paranormal experience here you can get anything certified in New Hampshire, that's a goofy place. Well, I don't shout out. Adam Sandler comes from there. That's from there. That's. Why he's a he's? A definitely a national treasure there it is. There is the body Hill incident that great wow, like a state certified and also another state certified partner, one one sixty one.
Now it runs right around the time that was a couple months before Kennedy was shot right, only shot n63 for him right yeah. I was at six thousand three hundred and sixty three that wasn't forty seven for yeah, but there you go that I'm sure a lot will get a name or any hill experience a close encounter with a nine to five and then in Marfa Texas. You heard of the Marfa lights. No, I have not heard the Marfa lights. Are these anomalous and that's a state kind of recognized paranoid mystery to mysterious Marfa lights? They have a kind of a picnic area. We can watch them at night, no one what they are. They appear every night and they bounce around on the horizon that go up and down and back and forth people sell their headlights from in cars on the highway, but the air force the stay police. They have all tried to figure out what they are and they just don't know what the Marfa lights are in their recognized by the state of Texas as a paranormal. But I like the girls right you. Yes, I do yeah. I like lightning is a real thing, that's created by pressure inside the tectonic plates, but every night consists
only going back and forth and symmetrical pattern, but I mean every night: can we go there tonight? You know film it. Yes, we could one hundred percent absolutely really yep Marfa Lights, how many videos of Marfa Lights, Orville Mark Marfa at Mars, a lot of them and there they are. Let's see we got here whoa. What do we got here? Yeah, no one knows as well read the axe, the driving the trucks over the hill. Well, that's what they say in airports in the big money they looked in. There they've done surveys a John Judaic surveys. What is it is it gas? Is that what what they think it is with the official explanation. No one knows mystery lights. The state of Texas has a little plaque. The mark, the mystery lights enjoy them because they're they're going to be there tonight, those six hundred pm to two hundred in the morning. Really, every night, every night every Jenna place out there, every night smoke weed and stare at the sky. Is there any UFO sightings that you think are nonsense? Is there any like mainstream ones that you listen to me like I'm, not buying that one
well um all the people that I've talked to that have had sightings and have that experience that seemed very genuine? I don't know that anyone has been. I don't know anyone that's been blown out publicly that I would doubt I mean, can you think of one? I don't know. I believe I Thi Allagash Boys Calvin part down there in Mississippi. The Pascagoula incident I mean again, their their lives were severely negatively affected by these experiences. They didn't know whether not that which is going to be the case when they reported on a lot of people, do silly things and nag negatively affect their life you're out in the they don't they're, not aware they don't they're, not future tellers that they like the guy there. He was. He says that the alien appeared at his back screen porch door, he's Color Colorado. Do you know that gentleman? He says that you have balls deep, this man, you know all the store this guy. I don't really, but I don't know if I believe him, because you know the Colorado of Alien at the back
door. I don't doesn't seem right. I just looked. I don't know if I believe him or not it just like, like he was briquetting there that I'm sure there's a lot of people fabricating things and I'm also sure there's a lot of people that believe there calling a true story, but in fact or schizophrenic or they have some issues are there's I think, there's a out of that. You know. Building Mayer was doubted for sure. I know what do you think about him? The pictures are so vivid and the play teams played in story so vivid, I don't I don't know I mean a book Billy Meier you can put in the other. Are you a full photos? So we see from what he's? What's he was a swiss yeah. We have his book. That was that I know many came to the comedy store and gave me this big book on that guide. Pictures in it isn't that it's not sleep. Well, they say we will look at the one by the pine tree there going there going. Oh, he attached the saucer to the pine tree, threw it in the air and take a picture of it. Okay! Well, that's one theory, but wasn't it you know, didn't they do that to show the scale of their ship and some of those photos are really pretty convinced.
I don't know an ok if you wanna, say gallery who keeps taking awesome pic zero, I'm not buying it. Well again, you know if there was anyone that I had doubt because from so much doubt has been filled as way. That's pretty pretty! I mean how do you well? I suppose, with Photoshop and Bruce Maccabee, I Bruce Maccabees analyze these that look. He says the rial right, but a guy was writing a book on your foes analyzing. Your furniture saying they're real this out, but on the start, breeze not could be, is a is a doctor and and and the society he said he would work for the naval air. I want to talk to his Ex girlfriend's cvs, full ship. You know I'm saying like you, like, you could say all these positive things about. He was. He worked for the Navy humor that one he's the October. Well, he works for. He said yes, the Gucci version yeah. I got a look at those balls, but it's a bling bling. Those are the pinballs. If you had an in
Graham Accounting, you an alien, that's the one year, but I think he did a photo. He did a photo analysis and he said that Bruce believes are real and I believe Bruce if you, if you read this book here, he's he's the real thing. Liquid Stanton was the real thing, Bruce Maccabees the real thing, because there there scientists, who are doing you, know very, very thorough and close inquiry on on the matter. So, if you ask me who I doubt, maybe I don't Billy Meier, I don't know, I don't know yeah. He took too many yeah. If you had like three like a glove, it's like much chocolate come on Bro, that's all you're doing you're out there and they just come to you. Why? Don't you set up a camera crew? Twenty four slash, seven for a couple weeks and let Steven Greer uses lasers. He points them up to the sky and kind of tracks on them. Yeah. You know if you are the also the authors of said that if they know they've sat out and and watch these things come and go in North Carolina at their house and
but people saying that something happened and so how well the photos. But his thing is about Ufos he's made documentaries about ufos business. Is he knows a lot about you as well? As what would you talk to Greer, I'm not buying? What you want. Is you want to SAM? You want the up. You want the Herb Schirmer story with the Herbs Armstrong Brasco highway patrolman on patrol sees a flash of light in the Ashland Oil Refinery near member at Nebraska, flash of light and oil refinery in the broad daylight. Not a good thing could be a fire goes now when Ufos highway patrolman goes up. He was taken a worship and deposit. It was one of the famous once oh no agenda there didn't want to tell a story and got into trouble for you and here's the thing Sherman Herbs sage. I r m e r, no disrespect to her, but some cops are crooked. They steal people's money, some cops rate people, some cops pull people over for nothing. Some people shoot people for
for non existing crimes. There's a lot of there's a lot of people that just happen to be police officers that are also full of shit. That's that allow people are full of that's true, but I you know again here he is, is a guy. Why would he say that and the other one is worse, he's evidence evidence. His evidence is anecdotal. Like a lot of it, but that's the problem right: well, the Phoenix, the Phoenix lights, there's, video of that's a different one, that's the difference! Donnie Zamora Z is a m o r, a he was a new Mexico highway patrolman. He said a saucer landed knee saut land and Dan Ackroyd. Everybody wants to be special and one of the best ways to be special is for you to have a special moment with some special creatures from a special place. No one else can recognize whether or not you're telling the truth or not telling the truth right to talk about this and everybody wants to listen and they listen to you totally fixated on everything you like to star how about how a surprise your fiery provides Jaafari. I, like the name.
Okay, you supposed to was: he was an Iranian, a air force pilot and around he's does many lectures. Many he did the famous it's the iranian Tehran UFO sighting. He chased a UFO in his jet and the thing turned off all the electronics and the jet, and he said this thing was moving. How about General De Brouwer? Well, how about David favor, I don't know him he's he's the guy that they were talking about on the Bob Lazar documentary he's he experienced something that flew exactly like the Lazar ones. I'm gonna talk to him soon and he incredibly credible, and you know military accolades, he's a very well respected guy and he's never had any other fan sort of stories. It is told I can't wait to talk to him about that. Yeah browse your fire is a good gas to should get him around and then there's the guy who flew the alaskan. You know the Japan Airlines flight with all the wine on it and the Ufos above Alaska it sir
them several times. That's a famous story. I'd get a bottle of wine that yeah yeah, so Alaska Airlines citing that's another one. So no, but I I like I, like your view, you are not going to sit here and say: oh it's all true, I'm accepting at all! It's too easy just might give you all. I give you here today from my experience is the ones that I believe and that's Betty in Berryhill Travis Wall. Anybody got boys, Betty and Barney Hill are really interesting. One 'cause is also there wasn't a precedent, Betty and Barney Hill in one thousand nine hundred and sixty one. There wasn't a bunch of people that were talking about these things happening to them and since then they've been very many, there were really similar very similar and it makes you wonder, here's, but he this is what I want to say to people that are skeptical and, of course, I'm scared. Skeptical. That's why I'm not knocking holes in these things, but
if that, if it did happen- and you were left alone to try to explain to people something that is incredibly unique- very few people ever experience it. It would be so hard get people to believe you. Well that's! So I have to go to a professional. You go to a professional, but there's no such thing. You know well, just someone who can professional means you make money doing it means you started it and you make money doing it. There is not a single fucking human being on this planet. That's a professional explorer of other worlds right there, a single person on this planet that is a professional expert on alien civilization. It could tell you everything they need to know. I know more about French about the language french language than anyone. That's ever lived knows about alien civilizations and I don't know shit about French. It's a real place. I know France is a real place and french Israel language and, I could say, probably vou francais, that's more than anybody could explain about any any civilization on some other planet got to take the
of the people who report these things. I refer to the Leslie Kingsbury Terrestrial. They are that's right. No, you know Ufos generals, pilots and on you does go on the record. That's Leslie Keene's book and there's some pretty pretty compelling. You know story number Arsenio Hall. When he had that that thing you do things that make you go numb uhhuh, uhhuh, hundreds and state see flying saucers, Indianapolis news. You know anyway. This is a neat book by Bruce. Only Bruce was a real thing. I believe Stanton is the real thing. I listened J Allen. Hynek is one of the more interesting care this to me because I land Roger Little Book out he ran project blue book in his directive was to debunk the stories and whether or not they were credible, he was his directive is to say, that's a weather balloon, that's a that's a star. This is a swamp gas that was his directive, but then, when he left project blue book, he said. Listen! These things are real
twenty percent of sightings or explained you said these things are real and when you, when you talk to a man like that who's living was in debunking these things and then after it was all over, he was compelled to communicate with the american public that there was a real situation going going on. There is a he's. He's really interesting to men. Can art old his sighting is pretty compelling your, so I think I don't think they want to form a relationship with this. I think they're coming and going like taxis, and they have been since the beginning of the existence of of life on this planet of the existence of this planet. Do you think they engineered human beings well mission to Mars movie is one of NASA employees, favorite movies. I think, maybe, in the Mars moves our mission to Mars. Tim Robbins, really good picture taken doc. It's not as a major to feature Daria Mission tomorrow, yeah. What's it about it's about mission to Mars and them discovering there was a civilization there on that. Perhaps we were helped along in our development. What year was
surround really really? All I remember is like a horror movie, here's the here's, the uh. I saw that movie, parliament there's a case for interplanetary saucers that was in life magazine. Okay, I remember this movie now. Was that a good moving it wa plus it was really good. In the end, TIM Robbins kind of there's been a few astronauts that got really deep into ufos right. Mitchell was, one of them will have an interesting story for you, and this is of course, totally anecdotal and part of it's part of the lore on dumb way. Have you want another drink, hell, yeah? Okay, so, oh we Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. I do believe that we actually rent to the moon. I I don't believe that uhm. I don't believe that that's a fake experience, I you know I was there because say all well, it was black and the Dustin's, you know the just flew up and it wouldn't it wouldn't got crystal
vodka clings. What can the so? I believe, the one and and and- and you know, I've- I've buzz aldrin- a good friend of mine love as a good friend of everybody's, but I love buzz, and so they go to the moon, and I love that story about. There was only seventeen seconds of fuel left when they, when they landed and then that he had to kind of got hop over some rocks to get there. You know so there's a story that Neil Armstrong was at a conference in in in France, hotel room and one, and there was a woman there who had been previously head of MI six and she was a part of this cocktail party. And she overheard a conversation between Neil Armstrong and another gentleman who's in the intelligence service, and I was asking about the moon landing and Neil said you know if there was a frequency that we
to to talk about other things that were happening at that time, the guys. What do you mean he said when we landed there on the rim of the crater nearby? He said there were several ships and they were large and menacing. What's a menacing ship shaped like one of your bottles of skulls, well know that this is a happy know the coneheads starship Northern had started. I do remember that, so I mean that's a total and I mean, but I think you know if that, if the alarm, if that's true, you know well, I only said that one time in french- maybe they you know the woman again woman. Do you want this open will have a straight right. The woman, the woman was with MI six, purportedly that's kind of a neat story. Of course it's a neat story. Edgar Mitchell said that he saw something out to write Uyghur Mitchell Dead and yeah. Yes, for he's, he's passed, condom he's passed away since right, yep and you have no other work. He was a firm to
and then the the Sds one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine Sds space shuttle footage. We've seen that Sts, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine tether satellite tether break. Oh, I have seen yeah the tether. Bro offer was a mile long and they were supposed to spin off a satellite was a mile long and they stand broke. It broke. There is a mile long, but in the back of the tether you see these oh lifesaver shaped rings, going back and forth well, David Serata says that's a species that was trying to help planet and they were bring giant water bags and giant giant water vessels bags to heal our ozone layer. There's the sta one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine space shuttle tether. Water are ozone layers. What of the what water yeah water water took the big big massive, massive dumps of water? These were supposed to be these old shaped, lifesaver, shape, UFO
ears and then what he did was he compared them against the length of the tether, which was a mile long and said these things would have had to have been. You know quite large now that stay with survey to you should have a monies, is a brilliant ufologist and theorist and as Ts Space shuttle, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine and then Lonnie Zamora. You should also check and Herb Schirmer Sch uh, I r M a r and Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal. You know this is just a beast paper, but there's a video for their go evidence. Rex plasmas in the thermos fear there we go there. Ten separate NASA space shuttle missions over two hundred miles above the earth within the thermosphere. The structures appear to be self illuminated, maybe several meters or kilometers in size and have four distinct morphologies. What is this what's? The title of this is this from Emeritus Brain Research Laboratory Northern California, cosmologists are concentrating on I just some across it. I may be wrong Joseph
Phd Center for Cosmology Silicon Valley, Calif, the Cbo under there is, but there is video video the tether. The video is weird and then someone described as ice crystals and they said that the perspective is what's everybody up as it guys crystals are between us in the cable, but it makes looks like it's their enormous, but they're actually quite small. I think I think at this point we can accept that that that the ships are real but they're advance their yes, we can. I think we can accept that there's just so many so much so much footage. So many reports, TED Phillips, has this evidence so many landing sites. So many, I think, we'd accept the real. I think fix up. These beings are real. There, many different species summer benevolent to a summer malevolent. What we have to get past is okay, now that we know that, how will that help human transformation? Now John Mack, at this session I was out at the Fifth Avenue Medical Institute, a woman
shut up, and she said I was a socialite in Massachusetts. I all I cared about was money and spending money and where it could go and spend money and and by ing things in one afternoon I was in my garden and an orange orb came into the garden and a figure got out and lectured me, you have so much power. Just like the guy in the sailboat. You can make this planet a better place. Your obligation now is to use your power and your wealth to make this planet a better place, and she is now one of the leading environmentalists on the planet. She devotes her money and time to this. What's her name? No ornate, don't remember name a jet haar's in our truck Jan ours and I do know his name he's head of new fun, and why is Jan Haar's and at IBM I Ibm mainframe engineer head of new fun because when he was a boy
Marin, County, California, he and his brother were left for the weekend. He's ten and twelve year old brother, twelve year old brother, and he was ten on orange. Orb dropped into his backyard and two beings got out and played with them for several hours. And then he came back the next day and John said I have to go to sign. I gotta know what that was. I wasn't a helicopter that was me, have you had, Jan on? If you have the number yeah I have Jan on and you should have. A okay should have Jan on use of Beverly Trout on she's, the she's, the Midwest one, the directors for MID the Midwest West. So the expert on the Tinley park- cases which that is so great, but I want to point out that Dan Aykroyd has no notes in front of him. These notes are these words. Just flying out of his head names are deeply ingrained in his memory. Tinley park, I mean deltas parking above your family barbecue. You know so it's entertaining. We gotta get past that they exist and get to zero. How do we benefit our planet? How do we make this planet better? How do we take these warnings that day the earth stood still one of the great
UFO movies ever comes down, and he says you know these nuclear toys your plan with we, don't we don't like that. So I think that there's some intervention ought to Berada Nick to try to broaden it, to Patricia Neal, not sure what a great movie matter. That's not your own movie here was that if you show your children that right no not yet you should show just us out. That was in the fifties: yeah that's a great one and because it really took the real science of what was going on and and and it took all of the stories that were reported in and Bruce's book here and kind of going to still them into you know into theory of what might be happening um. How much you day do you spend thinking about this? Well, I am internal researcher and I'm always looking for stories. I love the fun stuff. That's coming out. My family was into paranormal research. That's why I wrote the Ghostbusters my dad was a researcher and my his father. That's why you real ghostbuster, because because we have an old farm in Canada and my grandfather was a dentist
Kingston Ontario in the in the twenties and a man walked up to him. He had been researching psychic research in the other world and mediumship for many years, and a guy walked up to him and said Mister Doctor Ackroyd. I believe that I have a gift and his was Walter. Walter Ashurst was a look locomotive. Mechanic at the local engine works and he was our family medium for for at least ten or fifteen years, and we would have they would have seances in the 20s and 30s and Sunday afternoon. The big dodges and cadillacs pull up in the women the matron's would get out, and my great grandfather would have a ninety minute session with the medium and they would channel entities from the other side of you heard of the Fox sisters and the whole lily. Dale thing the whole mediumship of the concept that you know we are that life billet lives beyond what we have here. You know John Edward. This is the the psychic on television. Yeah isn't full of shit. No, I didn't get busted now is well, you know what happens when you have busted with an earpiece. Well, he may save John Edwards Psychic got busted. He was he
some of that. Well, maybe you know. Sometimes what happens is they they? You know they lose their powers and they and they are unable to or they're full of the entire time to just get salon. John Edwards, so I I I watch the show. I kind I kind of believed him, but I'm not sure if he was the one that got busted in one of those one of those psychics got busted up. So I'd like to see you across from Penn Jillette yeah. Of course, no. He talked to him while he's an expert debunker of all this stuff, yeah super sceptical, little chef, I'd love to have Penn Jillette. Tell me what he thinks of the fox sisters. Why why they went around the world with a spirit that performed with them? Writing what happened? Well, wrapped, a Spirit wrapped yeah, what kind of rat r a p not not not not like yeah! Oh I'll, take you out music reverberant wrapping up now. I'd love to I'd love to you know so, spirit, rapper, mediumship ship. That's a very that's killing! I insane
clown posse aria Slipknot there, but I I I believe that we, the the consciousness, can survive after death. There's a school called Arthur Finley College in England, and you can go there and trying to be a medium. Why you'd want to? I don't I don't know it's very exhausting pageant, shutting down your whole system going into trance, reaching the other side having that entity come through the other side use your body years. Your fluids, use everything and then abandon you after and then just go. It's exhausting, exhausting, but family research mediumship and I wrote Ghostbusters based upon you know it's just our family interest on the fox, the Fox sisters, I'm home in, so you should get them up, there's a picture of them fox in one thousand nine hundred and forty eight. They were in bed in their new house, near Hydesville, New York and all of a sudden. This kind of wrapping started terrifying them. I was confined just to that house and hides bill, but they managed to take it around the and when I went to Rochester it happened in houses when they went to a theater. It happened in front of free for
one hundred people and eventually they toured the world. With this act they called it the peddler and he was of someone who was killed and murdered and buried in the house and the basement. John words a hoser. Your pop off, they are John Edwards. I looked him up, it didn't come up necessarily was they were all they were all and they went around the world tipping tables and and and look at them yeah that's a drawing they're, not real people, they never existed now they did, they did they were they were and they were very well scrutinized. Maggie in the end of her life said no, we were producing, we were producing these reverberant, rather they have ahead. What is that is that I am glad I the hell. Is that no boy said that's now out of my realm there's something about mean. Faced, ladies from like the 1800s of scared that she yeah there's a there's, the cottage there's was just such a hard time to be alive. That's the cottage that it occurred in,
and you know they said it was the ghost of the peddler that live there was murdered in the basement and looked down. They did find some bones, but every time they tried to build the groundwater about dig for the bones. The groundwater kept filling up anyway. Maggie of the end of her life said no, no, we were faking it. I was creating the raps Visual Maggie said she was Maggie said she was faking it, but she said was creating the wraps. These reverberated in concert halls my knees and my knuckles. You know now I can crack my knuckles, maybe in my knees, but you can't make up. They were slap since they were rap and and yeah, and then she recanted it and said made me do it. I was talked into what there was so much pressure on me and in the end of her life. She then recanted. Her re can Shin her retraction of it, but very convincing that was the origin of spirituality. People were looking for a new religion. You had more minimum that had come in in the twenties. You had all kinds of protestantism that area of New York was called the burned over district because the preachers at all been
there are people who were believing in all kinds of different religion. They were looking for something new and spiritual spirituality in spiritualism gave them that. But you know I've had I've had people contact me me that have passed on dreams. I've never seen a ghost I've. Never you know experience that, but I I I do believe the consciousness survives after death. I I I I do believe that it's an interesting idea, there's no evidence that it doesn't. You know. I think that re nation is also a fascinating concept. That's repeated in many different cultures and I under why you know: there's a great Tyler, Childress Song called born again and it's it's about things, living and dying and being reincarnated and in different times I and I think, that's very attractive to people. The idea that our
physical body is one thing, but the spiritual body is something entirely different. Well, I think that you know I atheists and Subtractive yeah. It is attractive. Atheists are never going to believe that they're not going to accept that I it's it's hope it gives us a little hope and and after all you know the Killians they who's. They were russian. Richard research group there are famous for the experiment where they of the killing and Photography K. I r L. I a m. And you want little citrus, they, they photographed a woman, she sat there and she was able to blow smoke and to a fish bowl and shape the smoke in the fish bowl. So here's some clearly in images. They have faith, they photographed or as and they did for a gravel. They did you know. Twenty one grams is supposed to be the rate of that weight of the soul and they they photographed guy dying and they claim to have photographed his aura leaving his body. Now all these claims is there a photograph of this phone
graph of her. I don't know of atomic weight of the soul, twenty one grams and securely in photo of dying man. I don't know, but there you saw the auras the photographs there. Why would the soul have wait if it doesn't have a physical in body now, while Energi Energy, Mass energy actress me, isn't anyway doesn't what's going? Well, I don't know if it did. It acts as a certain force. There's certainly a force in there and got got such an interesting for a question but masses. What right it reacts to scales, gravity yeah right. I mean electrons get off, there's a mass there there's an atomic mass atomic weight when he, when Graham seems like a lot it does. It does seem like a lot yeah fat soul, but but the killings were for for gas. They were. They were that that would be a fat Solia member. They made a movie about your into everything. Man you're into ghosts, urine the bigfoot in the aliens UFO, abductions, everything. Well,
it's entertaining I'm gonna retainer. It is an adult I feel like marry. You remarkably sane for some highlights all of these different things outside their hand. I don't know my family would maybe say not, but she's on pot. You know. Well, I am allergic to terpenes hi. I love the count of a story. I I terpenes or an oil that that that's it. You know it's it's in every. You know it's like lemon hot terpenes yeah. What you? What if you have good pot and your walking by what you're smoking in the Turpin? That's what makes it that's what gives it its power terpenes give potted spa. Well, it's part of the element that contains thc. Well, it's an oil drippings as the as the as an oil. That's that that's in there and all in in all all marijuana, yeah, so you're allergic to marijuana, I'm allergic to the terpenes. The can cab annoyed. I my dad is on the cannabis oil right now to go to sleep he's ninety seven years old. I everybody has your dad
yeah everybody has. Can cannabis cannabinoid receptors in them? It is a trim, mostly healing thing. There's the terpene DZA Chart cool chart. There are benefits remote on your audience, yeah, so somehow get all that stuff. Yeah look at now. You know, and different breeders support, put something. My my parent partner and friend Jimmy Belushi has a farm in Oregon. He grows it and he's searching and dirty drug addict, Subterra selling drugs to pee, so Jim Bulushi pushing drugs. Well, let's legal now in order of John Salad trucks. Well, the point is that if John had been a pot head, he'd be alive today sure because he died of a cocaine and and and Harold Ball Speed ball injection. He would I find I had him smoking pot, they're they're in the vineyard, like you know back, then he would. He would be a live today. So I believe, duration of comedians or pot- it's well. You know, want to. I hear South RD
his office at Columbia. Pictures had to be de fumed and if the fog, when you but I gave him stoner of the Year Award one day yeah and when the with one of the high times awards yeah I presented him well, can happen. Cannabis is tremendously valuable. It was finding it with our firm if you take the t, H c out and put the Cbd in there that that that's great for arthritis and not I like to smell a week, it doesn't bother me allergic to it. It's just it's just it just bothers me, a certain go to an hour just to get that cured. Well sure sure. So I rely on the on the on the beverage went outside to dogs of your ride. Psychedelic experiences all yes, I've taken acid and psilocybin and masculine yeah. If you ever got any some sort of encounters, while until assignment one of the things it makes me more ah more open to the idea of extraterrestrials is some of the experiences that I've had on trip to means. You know particularly dimethyl
to mean, but also Psilocybin is that's wait. Dmt goes way back for me that goes back to high school help. How long back is that three d m t I mean last time it is a year and one slash two cup in a controlled situation here. Tell me about your experience. I role I'd be interested in all kind of that's a little speedy. This is that's a dm Tito too. This the DMT model. Ok, okay, yeah! I've got a bunch of them. It's it's healing for mental health they're. Finding that that has that has a great a factor as a palliative. Profound alleviation of anxiety transforms your perception of where you stand in the way in the world, and it's an absolute eagle dissolver, your your proof. You are confronted with experiences that defied logic and one of things that this is interesting. One of the things that hide me away from Ufos was DMT because,
because it was so profound, it was so crazy that if a UFO landed right in front of my house I'd be like yeah. It's not GMT, though, because D M T was a completely different dimension and there were things they're, the ones things it's for. You are we in a controlled environment, yeah friends, your gas yeah yeah, but once we decided we were nature, were you seated in the house of my in my house? Come on houses? We take the read giant who makes that stuff? I can't tell you, but that's not something you can down your Sci FI show for talking about aliens. No, no, that that's right. Dmt has some up there, some prejudice against it and- and you can't get it out of the drug store it's in thousands of plants, it's literally almost every plant nature. In fact, the this is one of the universities in Israel believes that it was responsible for the burning bush that Moses Gunn hang ten commandments from yeah. They think that burning Bush is actually cation
on the occasion. Tree is rich and DM tenant, it burst into flame and he nailed the vapor exactly they think God, but they think that this is just a problem with translation. Is that this? This idea of the burning bush like oh, there was burning Bush will maybe, or maybe they figured out a way to extract the dimethyltryptamine from the acacia tree or a Bush Acacia Bush as well, and they took this small amount of dimethyl trip to mean from this fire and inhaled it and had this profound religious experience like I've experienced like many people who experienced that have taken it, and I think that one thing that happens when you do this is you're confronted with entities. Now I don't know what these things are, but they seem to be communicating with you and they seem to be talking to you and they seem to know everything about you. So the question is like: is that really your subconscious is? This is? Is this you know what you know
yourself stripped down to some very brief, bear raw form and then confronted with the psychedelics that perturb, your your visual cortex of they provide you with all these intense visualisations or is it a chemical portal to another dimension? This is where they, if all different beings like being the way I described as their complex geometric patterns, made out of love and understanding that they're communicating with you sounds like hp. Lovecraft was a wonder a writer and he describes in time machine know that h, G Wells H, P Lovecraft. He wrote the the the on a charter and books about because that's right, a little too and it be kind of neat, walked out of his life and just feared for his family and all that. But when you go uh well, we kind of went out for cigarettes and kind of never came back, but no one ever found him well, no, I think they found a body had vanished for awhile Hp Lovecraft. Maybe look up grave or design, but, but you know he he wrote about GM
trick, shapes he wrote about and inter dimensional, geometric shapes and and getting you up place where you saw the universe in terms of geometry, an diamond shaped things in multi, multi patterns and colors, and you know the artist Alex Grey. Do you know how guns Alice Grazer beautiful artist? I mean amazing, amazing guy and he all of his stuff is tryptamine based artwork pull up some Alex Grey stuff, so he could see it it literally. When you see it, you go on that. I recognize that I recognize how long was your voyage? All of them are about fifteen minutes to twenty minutes. Long depending upon this is Al Alex Grey Stuff, beautiful yeah pull up the one with that one down on the very bottom in the middle, the one come installed. Yeah, look at that! That's is very similar to what it feels like when you do. Dimethyltryptamine Alex is had
uncountable if I dropped a little purple barrel right now, and just look at that. I'd have a nice afternoon exactly well a lot of the thing. The most profound psychedelic experiences are the compounds they mimic normal human neurochemistry, like dimethyl trip to mean, is ah it's a natural occurring compound in the human brain. It's pretty by your liver, your lungs and there's a lot of evidence, at least in mammals. It's produced by your pie, gland, which is literally your third eye. That is that's right. I I did DMT way way back. I think I was in high school or some whoa. You know something, and I think I was at a motorcycle ice race or something about doing it, so that would come motorcycle ice race and DMT you living on the edge in high school man. This God, damn connect us with a motorcycle ice racing. You get get get get a small bike like a joke,
Taoussi's a and then you put the metal rims with the with the studs and then your race around the ice. I never did it, but I saw it and I think I was that's why I went to my my my my my friend Dave. Take. One of these will have a better time. I didn't see any beings, but well, the race was fun. Take one how orally? How did you take it it we said it was a pill. Was a cap cap that doesn't work, don't be injected yeah? Well, no, you need to free basis. He did all your key is all right. Your body, which was a cap, give it to me in a hole like the size of a horse cap right. Maybe it was horror stricken nine and ten ever know your your. He said it was the m t it's not well. If it was, it doesn't work because the body part is model uses the oxidase and the only way DMT works orally is, if you take an MAO inhibitor. This is what Alaska is I allows yeah see. I Wasco is what the the indigenous people, the Amazon to figure out, is how to take the M t with harming from the plants
right and harming, is a naturally occurring MAO Inhibitor so that that's how you could take it orally. It's also why the experience is not a hence, but it's longer and many people find it more spiritual because you can relax Jimmy onto the the experience you the gas, but that's not in the capsule form you were to get. He dosed you up with someone else. So yeah I don't know yeah no know, I guess something who knows knows it could have been silicide will psilocybin converts in the body something very similar to the MT. The d m t is the chemical compound is n and Dimethyl trip to me, but something happens in the body's production of d m T or the body's breaking down of the empty where it produces something called forty four lakhs e and M dimethyl trip to me. This is that a cell assignment, so maybe he gave you psilocybin pills.
How much is real common? That's really it could be, but I usually, if I wanna, take psilocybin I'd eat it. Then I just eat the mushroom. Yes, a lot of people take him in capsule form, though, so they can get exact. Those members sprinkling on my cereal on some wet yeah, going to deliver the mail yeah. My friend took him and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I a I a I a little psilocybin and then I went in and picked up my my mail truck and and yeah I was. I was a real male career. Gl is an interesting more did you get everybody's mail? Sorry ice is fast. What, but that's one of the c things that made me more open to the idea of extraterrestrials but more closed off to the ideas of these stories that people tell because I felt like these stories that so crude it was almost like they were trying to. They were this to
variance they were trying to recreate it in their mind, and the other thing about these abduction experiences is that almost all of 'em happen at night and a lot of them happened while people are asleep and during sleep is when they believe your body's generating dimethyl trip to me and they believe the d m t is also responsible for dreams, but you know the Linda Carty a case pretty compelling. She comes out of the apartment, she's grabbed by an orange orb, and then what was this this was in the evening earlier. That's the thing that night, but there were two witnesses from the Brook four witnesses from the Brooklyn Bridge to United Nations Security and a judge in New York state that saw the whole thing they saw her being up. They saw her being slipped suck through her window. Now warm and Oregon plunged the really river. Yes independently. They told the same story. They they were, no, they were together in the car they sought and I'm in charge in New York, state Judge sought he's in the
and he's independent, so he came forward as well once once it started to come out, and these two guys went to the apartment where Linda live, that wasn't a real name and of course she was freaked out that someone would come in and talk to cheat there was a while before they were able to get her to talk about it. It is possible the thing about it is that if these were, you need two currents. Is that only happen once every ten years or something like that? I'm very rarely and it did happen, and you were left with this member in this. This thing go: try to tell it to people that have an experience. Good luck! Good luck! Getting him to believe you need people. Just like you experienced trauma car accident. You people around you who love you to listen to you and yeah. I believe you and I want to help you write on Draw Feliz, a lady who helps with abductees and there's. You know, there's there's some psychiatrist who deal with it. You know yeah! Well, it's it's a that's! The John Mack thing right, John Mack, who was a Harvard Cypress psychiatrist and he was very pragmatic, reasonable person and started the
he's. He was dealing with these people that we're having these traumatic experiences. He was trying to break them down. I believe it was hypnotic regression that was the initial tool right and through that he sort of to be started. Piecing together. These people independently had remark. Billy similar stories was uh. Hypnagogic sleep wasn't hypnagogic, there's three HUN Jordan. Twenty million people in this country alone, if one hundred people have these experiences, good luck, getting the those other three hundred one thousand nine hundred and twenty million Peter believe listen to you, they're, not gonna, listen to you! This is why I'm I've tried to be open minded. I think if you went out to the local mall and when I said you know what a UFO is. Yes have you ever seen. One know anybody
never seen one. Yes, I think you. If you went to the out to the outer perimeters, there is perhaps you yeah, it's perhaps don. That's look! That's the important and skeptics it is. You know these guys who come on like Michael Shermer and other people on Dhe, Philip class. They come on and they try to debunk these UFO stories, but they don't have their facts great. They don't they don't haven't done the research they haven't, studied these cases they come and they just well. I could say it's not real. It Michael is never met. A conspiracy doesn't want to debunk right thing that recently he came out with was that he thinks that Jeffrey Epstein might have been murdered. I was like well how yet yeah is that such so far to believe that they're out of range of believe no, but it has to go that far. It has to go that far where a guy is on suicide watch and they go ad, don't try to kill yourself again and then leave him
in the jail cellwitha4 dot com was trying to reel at him that kind of kind of. Let him do what he wanted. I think think tank. I think they let him. I think they let him kill himself. I think they might be glad him. They let him or they might have killed them. He had a broken neck. That's true! That's yeah broker atoms! True, that's right! When you adjust this fixie Atian, that's right! That's right! Yeah! Well! If anyone deserves to die that mole food, it yes yeah. If everyone is telling the truth, I believe you're right, yeah, it's the whole story of Ufos is so interesting. It's so interesting because of Fermi. Paradox because this concept, that if there are these, is species that exist in these infinite number of stars and infinite, perhaps even infinite number of universes- we really don't know that are live
the perception of what the the actually might reverse offices. Yeah physicists referred to all the time. Neil Tyson words will refer to the multi so happily and comfortably well. He also will refer to the concept that not only is the universe infinite, but what incentive? The truly means is. The real version of infinite is not just it's really big, but it's that it's so big that there are an infinite numbers of Dan Aykroyd's, Joe Rogan's and Jamie Vernon's in a room and there's an infinite number of versions of this conversation that we're having that's right. There was a philosophy died of of floss for a few years ago. We believe that everything that you think like of I think, okay, I want to still a cadillac well in and mention I've stolen that Cadillac and I've done that yeah and he was he believed that everything we think can become reality in another dimension and does become reality. There's so many different possibilities, it's impossible for our puny,
the brains to wrap our heads around. I had Nick boast on who's, a philosopher who is AMOS for his work on simulation theory and the concept of artificial intelligence, and since she and artificial intelligence- and he was freaking me out yesterday- this the where he was talking about- essentially it's more probable- that you are in a simulation- then you're not a simulation, and it was so hard. Looking around your studio here, honestly, I, why was this is a simulation I mean I, you know I will not to divulge what I saw on this, but incredible warehouse here, but the greatest Jim seen the greatest workout space I feel, like my whole life, doesn't make any sense. So if anybody should be the simulation, it should be me yeah. Well, I I I later wonderful simulation here today, yeah this is just great yeah. I know look, you know I human experience is it's just wonderful? What how how we wake up in the morning q
in a yeah, you know electron, electric love, love our ability to too many about ability to see friends in the beautiful feeling you get when you hug your friends it just Vera moms is a job killer, chemical as a sophomore yeah, that's right and love was what should drive us. We are here now and receive love, and once we we figure that out one of the world's gonna be a lot better. We have to. If you don't have that everything else is horseshit, you can have a hundred million dollar house in a private jet. If you have love, you, don't have anything you're missing the key ingredient. That's right! Now, it's like haven't cement, but not having water. That's right! You know you have you have the mix, but you know the water. If you have nothing you may building it house, mother yeah, I know, and- and you know we whip and unfortunately there's so much lack of love in the world for other people and other you know an is so many people that want to instead of propagate love, they want to propagate anger and they want to propagate hate,
and it's so easy to do, and so many people are dissatisfied by their own existence that they want to do that, but they don't understand, but that by doing that, you are perpetuate this whole terrible cycle that you've been caught up in yourself. If you go out there, hating on everybody and being shitty to everybody and throwing all this anger out there in the world that you are literally poisoning yourself, there's a there's, a wonderful quote about jealousy that I think also applies to hate. Is that it's one of the the rare things that is ineffective on the person who's your target but works on you instead of your job plus, if there's a person out there like? Oh, I I wish I was in her life and your angry at her. Like you, it's not hurting her, not even effects like pissing in the wind. You feel the poison dupois just stupid in the wind that it's going to come right back on you, it's just hard for people to understand that there's techniques and their strategies
and there's philosophies that can help you steer through this world with that happier life and that that that that is a big part of it, a big part. It is embracing love and friendship and camaraderie and be nice to people, and I think that much easier to be nice and to be mean yeah. It is hard for some people because they're not even nice themselves, while self love is where it all parts you don't like yourself. You ain't going to get everybody else, and sometimes I wake up in the more. I don't really like myself for what I've done the neck there the day before in the past, but you know in the end, I I I I got a lot myself enough to get up and get going and yeah just he's going to too much this wild crystal. No, no everything in moderation! Hey can you fall in love with a vehicle? I bought you a copy at man. I brought your hemmings Motor motor news. You know this book that can't read that thing I'll go crazy and start buying. No, no! That's me too, but what's your dream car like
I know you got that beautiful a land rover of down by Hauser. I have a look a lot of car. What what what? What what you got? What yeah? What kind of cars you like and the more I love american muscle cars was my favorite okay down sixties. Those are my favorite like dodges and hello. I have a sixty five corvette love to death. I have a sixty nine Nova, that's being built or you're. My friend at ANOVA by my friend, had a four ninety Ford, Fairlanes GT, speed equipment that was great, had a camera for fifty four Camaro nice yeah. That was fun man. I just think there's something that happened during the one thousand nine hundred and sixty yeah. There was like this this incredibly potent MO moment in the universe where this are the World Iacocca. Well, just Lee Iacocca, because that was Chrysler. It was also it and it was Chevy there was. The Mustang was looking at yeah yeah yeah, but the Chrysler. No, he started with
Mustang, but he went to Chrysler no, the muscle, cars of them as young as Lee Iacocca was right. The Super B and Shelby Yeah Shelton. This is Carol Shelby, the Super B that so much there was so much fun, no matter who it is those brown who there but this, but the the point to me is that there was something that happened during that time with american automobile manufacturers, where they had come up with design signs and they were influenced in a way that they create. Did these iconic images that, if you collect it in nineteen, he's car those 1960s cars are so incredibly valuable and cherished, whereas late 19th 70s you get a one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine carnally gives a fuck about that car. Like in ten years, the cars went from being amazing to dog shit, the seven we're pretty bad for automobile 80s too. They hit up blip. They had this, especially american muscle cars. They hit this blip and during this blip they created
marrows and Dodge chargers in Shelby GT, five hundred's. They just have three young people bought into and loved, and now today you can't get a young person to even go to in a showroom the people to listening to your show- and I would say, eighty percent of them there in taxis for uber or buses. They don't care about cars. It is interesting right. I mean people live in New York City. I have friends who live in Manhattan they born and raised. They don't even know how to drive all my kids didn't get their licenses silly when their 20s here's a one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine Dodge DART Gt. Yes, they want seventy seven Grand Fort, that's very valuable. I know they're really really valuable. What are you doing with that? Maggie why'd? You bring that because I know you love cars. I want to give it to you. Have any cars? Oh sir, sir, too much got. My father got me into this. You know, so I think my favorite, like my favorite, that I have is a one thousand, nine hundred and thirty two Pierce arrow one thousand six hundred and four limousine.
This is the car that and it's been untouched. I basically found in a barn and I've never touched it. Pierce arrows were built between one thousand nine hundred and eight and nineteen million with that the Pierce Arrow Pierce Arrow Museum, Buffalo Ny Pie RC, is sixty nine percent, no three thousand two hundred and thirty, two ok, so so Pier S call made cars between one thousand nine hundred and eight and trucks and bicycles between one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, three thousand eight hundred and nineteen thirty eight. They got bought by Studebaker what happened in the 30s, maybe again to build these big luxury coaches in the thirties, in the depression to compete with Packard and Roll Rice and gram page and all the other big companies that were out there. The white, as always, had pure Saros White House Motor Fleet, will show the pier sells on the pier sorrow is beautiful because it it had. You know the head headlights that are our most old cars from the 30s. The Pierce arrow has the head.
It's fused into the fender like sculpture, you see there. They are you see how the other fender is fused in it's like part of the car, and so I have a thirty two. Sixteen, oh four J Edgar Hoover had those like Bonnie and Clyde Type car look all yeah. I know I need to stop so I need the terms of the auto. You know a hundred round drum. You know, for anybody. Take one of those and put like a modern suspension many times, but I've kept mine original. It's never been touched. You see the way the headlights are fused right into the air, so I have a thirty two. It kinda looks like that. It's green and all put it up and yeah they're pretty car. So that's my kind of those are pretty, but they don't resonate with. Well, I like it, it's a v. Twelve. It's an Alison v, twelve, the same engine that they had in the p, fifty one Mustang. That doesn't mean that I don't appreciate it. It's like. I don't have any. I don't lust for them like a nine one thousand five hundred and seventy one barracuda I lost
yes, yeah, that's in there you'll get excited. So I like that kind of a little Bentley a little forty eight mark. Six Bentley's got an overhead valve six in it. It was built at the end of the war. You know to kind of get England back in production. I like that car, but my regular everyday driver- and this will be completely boring to most people on the planet. I have a two thousand and eleven Ultimate edition: Mercury, Grand Marquis luxury, four door, sedan. Okay, that's like! What's that the New York Times said when, when the production of the of the Big Fords were discontinue the Big Grand Marquis when they were discontinued in two thousand and eleven they went out of the out of the out of business. They stopped making them the New York Times said: you've always liked won, but you never really wanted one well. I found two of them in upstate New York and they
used to be, and then I found them- and I I looked- I was driving in Auburn, New York and and and and I so I I was whipping by in this town on my way down- and I saw these two cars in there with snow, and I looked I like that Grand Marquis, so I found out about them bottom found out. They were both equipped by the: U S: State Department, motor pool for diplomatic, career lights and sirens in him, and they had work done on the motors on the four hundred and one in Toronto Mercedes. You know three hundred c will pull up behind me and one like want me to move over and say: ok, geriatric driver in the old Marquis move over and I just go and I'm gone on with this thing- that big v8, no chip in it Ernest that's it. That's my car yeah that looks like a government
tell me tell yeah over. I check my paperwork yeah. I know a lot of that and that's got the beauty of a minor black and it's good to beautiful, VA and it's got the were engine works. That's fine, regular, see you drive one of those yeah and it's just total sleeper totals yeah. I pull up the lights corvettes, a look at them and I'm like taken. No, probably in that thing, that's what they're that's funny that I love the Old Packard's in that. So you like the muscle cars yeah, I warrant test, I'm wearing a Tesla t shirt every time, a test yeah! I got one out there, uh there beautiful. I love that guy. What a visionary want! A man man I mean come on. He went to Queens University in my hometown, yeah Keane, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, penitentiary, capital of the country. He went to Queens University, which is like your heard or read, or or- and he went to
for two years so whenever I I I've never met a line, but I'm going to sit down and talk about those Kingston when he's a great guy yeah, his car is the most preposterously fast car I've ever driven in my life. What what's your car's rile stupid, while they're doing the thing that I have out there? I have a model s o r, one hundred d, o yeah. It is the most ridiculous car I've ever driven. It makes other cars feel dumb. I have other cars that I enjoy because I I love engineering. I love cars. I just love them. I've always loved him. So I was a kid, but that Tesla makes them all look stupid, they're, all dumb. That car goes zero to sixty two dot four seconds and makes no sound. It transcends it just moves through ACE in time in a different way. A hole through through the life itself is shop now brilliant. It's there he's he's is just your job.
One arm. I had a friend who had one in Toronto. That's a no and your driving. He took me yet to wish on where it look it up. I'll give you the keys to mind. There's apt! Generally, don't drop me of drivers today. No, they zap through that yeah. You need to draw five one. You need to drive mine. You know my wife love one because she loves you know she's an environmental activist, and now she needs to get one. The problem is that she loves her laptop so much that if that big screen in the Uhhuh, a Tesla yeah that big screen yeah, I think she on that more than that she would. But I have a big map, just a big, beautiful map. Well, I know, there's look yeah, there's a lot of the stuff that activist on that thing, but has games. You can play on your part. No, when you're, when you're driving to know you've got a park, won't let you do it, but the guy I have my friend has a Tesla there in Toronto there and he said
he. He he programmed it in downtown Toronto and it drove him to Kingston City Hall and parked in front of city hall even have to look at look at. He was working on his laptop closer and the thing that guys, an asshole you need to look kids jump in front of your car right need to be well yeah. I guess that's where too much reliance on that you need you. Definitely I mean that's what other vehicles do you have with sixty nine Camaro yeah? I have a two thousand and seven show nine. Let you like you like up high performance car that yet I got with that for dinner yeah and it's just it's just beautiful yep, and I will I just love. I just love cars. Uh, I've always loved them. Then one of my favorite things in life. I like looking at him. I like I watch videos on cars, even if I'm not even interested in buying 'em yeah. I just love, not know it's true wonderful. I love the Duesenberg man, two great museums, there's the Auburn CORE Duesenberg Museum and an Auburn Indiana. If you've been to Jay's garage,
yeah yeah, my one of my cars on Jay's garage, okay, sixty five corvette was on hey guys. He he's great he's one of the best, but thing I told him I was like you are so much happier and more more more interesting when you're talking about cars, you ever were when you were hosting the tonight, show he's a great host the tonight show, but the tonight show is basically, you are running a commercial for other people's records test, their movies. Their television shows that they have coming out and you're you're there to sort of be the entertaining guy. He was wonderful at it. How but he's way better. The military, the old up power wagons, feel Dodge power wagon. What kind of trial yeah I I live on a farm, so I have a different truck. So I have that ninety five total in all yeah yes out there, and I also have a seventy one, icon Bronco yeah, that's out there to begin with. Through the does your nose yeah, I think one of the greatest cars being
right now is the Lincoln navigator. The new model yeah, it's amazing god I mean there's another ones- are mainly I used to have the Ford excursion that was the greatest car ever built by man. You have the aviator now too, which is a smaller version of navigator sensational cars, those Lincoln navigators, the new ones they put the escalade to shame. They really do. I don't see the other brands, but my amazing they're, going to come out with a new one. Escalades are amazing, but you get a navigator like whoa. This is next level. It is next level. Speaking of cars, there was a great old cadillac and. Once upon a time in Hollywood, did you say oh yeah? We were talking about the other day. I love you have quite normal, no haven't. I met him at the comedy store, though this is one of the great. This is amazing. Grace is going to win best picture, I'm a member of the academy. Are you right? Uhm? Yes, of course. Yes, I know everything you voted on. The regret. No well, not really. I support my people in India,
but I can tell you right now and I'm gonna get in trouble for this- that that's my vote for best picture rides on a movie. There are real what a superior yeah there. It is alley that beast yeah, that all cattle, that's an amazing car man and how great are those performers. I can't wait for Brad Pitt's new movie out. I struck to come out the new space movie that he's doing now that how great with those two guys in that film how may cast everything was interested, superb filmmaking, and if you know the Manson story, it's it's a lot more one. Well, I don't want to give the spoiler work. No! It's not, but it's it's one of those movies where you think something's going to happen and it's something entirely: Mormon Magical happens. Yeah Brad Pitt is like just Supreme House Minority Caprio, my number at all was but that this is just yeah. These are masters yeah and I love to watch them work. I I I love, I'm not in the picture so much anymore. We've got the ghost bus, his movie, that we're working on now and I will be have to be performing in that. But what is the deal with the new Ghostbusters movie? So they're really good. There was
the one with all girls, great film, in real good film. Those girls were superb, but I should have in sitting there as a producer watching costs a little more. I I we we we know falls big and, and I and I live in, we had our little conflicts or things that we thought that we didn't think would work. Why should why spend the money? But you know he's a director. You've got a few. We got to have faith, so there was a little con it there and I've spoken about it before, but all that's in the past. I think you made a great picture with the girls. I I I love it. I think they're all great and really you know he treated the movie with a with a tribute kind of legacy, respect and- and there were some great new spirits in their and the girls were great now Ivan Reitman son Jason has written a new movie called the goat balls gonna be ghostbusters. The third movie that right well it'll be all most of the original people and then the real stars. First moving. Yes, some from the original bill Maher is going to be in it. Where were were hoping, come on bill now, world com,
yeah and and then the new, the new cast and it's the new cast as well. Very very did you throw Bill Murray out a window and then yeah he played, he played a psychic, he played a skeptic psychic and he played Michael Shermer. He played out, I believe, Michael Shermer, in that movie, where he threw money. One is that, because you you want to throw my no no, no, I don't throw it away in the fake window. Know know know know I have other things I could do with him, but I put him in my old farm house for the night and see what was that? What was that, while buddy so yeah, so that's it's going to be great, I'm so excited about it and it's just just wonderful to be able to. You know, go back in and and readers of thought all that and yeah. But I see I was saying I I love my colleagues, I I don't do the pictures anymore much and and I'm I'm in that with some of the greatest movies of all time there, because everybody's collaborator films, yes for sure great collaborators and- and you know I love watching people, work actors
on Broadway and I love watching actors work in film and I joy going to movies it's just I'm to other things. As you, as you heard, there was a bunch of comics of the improved the other night talking about ghostbusters and talking about pools brothers Blues brothers. Still to this day's one of the all time great comedy films, it really is it's a it's a great movie, it's just one of those movies where it gives you feeling, like you just so appreciative that you can watch it wow music, in that we had screenlock in Ray Charles Aretha John Lee, Hooker yeah yeah. I know everything is great in that movie, it's just great. No, no! We we had good good times on that and it holds up on. You know what here forty some years after of John and I pursed first performed on on on SNL Jimmy liars
doing it. We have a concert in Minnesota coming some maize and we still do it. You know, while, while I figure while I can still move I'll still dance and move on, you know I'm not going to sing from a chair like Solomon Burke, you know. Do you like your real interests, though, like they're spread apart, you have a lot of different things going on, like you seem to be a guy. Who's got freedom and independence, which is a beautiful thing to see. Well, I don't have desk job which, which I'm happy. If I never are you pursuing your vodka company you're, obviously I mean you're not profiting off of this UFO Research but you're, obviously balls deep in it. It's it's it's fun because it's entertaining and I think it's in lightning and if people want to come to me and get my view of it, I'm happy to present my view. You know and happy to hear stories and happy to hear. Skeptics comes come forward and tell me why the thing I saw when I was on my motorcycle was not a UFO
okay. It was a hydro helicopter, okay, well, okay, if it was a hydra helicopter. Why am I not hearing Roeder Wop four hundred feet above me? What do you? What's your take on the the human memory being very fallible? There's like a lot there's a lot of funky show question about it, no question about it! You, because no one else, I remember I yeah. I remember I wore a striped jerseys t shirt on that Sunday and then you look at a picture all now. It was solid black. Of course. Do you remember everything. I'm about these I mean how much do you think? Do you remember about these experiences? I remember every I remember every detail of this sightings I've had vividly because they defy. Reality divided by inventing alert every day, things that are not that profound. Your memory goes. No, no! I try. I try, of course, because we go crazy if we had to remember everything right right right back, we picked off the ground. Three yeah go if you had that are just today like what color shirt was I wearing when you met me,
are you are wearing kind of whitish, gray, kind of accorded t shirt and sweat on in Smithtown? Okay, this close knit grey thermal yeah, yeah, okay, yeah just check in here, so the cadillacs with a fan yeah? That was his name. His name was Harley Earl. You know the guy designed yeah. There were two great designers, one was Harley Earl's, desert, yeah and then Virgil Action or was the guy with Chrysler and he brought in the fan as well. But when I chose the vehicle for Ghostbusters, I thought what I need the biggest station wagon made and it's got to fit four people in the front, and it's going to have to pass me for that. So I picked a one thousand. Nine hundred and fifty nine Cadillac Meet Miller, media or hearse because it just had the capacity we needed and then the bonus was. It just looks so, oh good, you look at that yeah. What's the golden year for Cadillac, I would
five thousand nine hundred and sixty when you had the full thin that five thousand nine hundred and sixty Finn was just Finn is ridiculous. You know why offend rocket time. We all wanted to know that we all want to go to the moon. You know we all want to go to the stars. You know yeah pull up a one thousand, nine hundred and fifty nine and actual one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine Cadillac Jamie. It's like a not one that was ever made. I think there was a concept. Car yeah, wasn't a concept car. Yeah now there they had one god damn it that you could put in that you could put through bodies in that trunk. That's so that's a hard top convertible there with the no pillar post a such a beautiful car that was back when gas was thirteen yeah on the motor. The motors were beautiful in those cars yeah. I really really like shit and if you kept the windows rolled down, you get brain down each look at that thing:
wow, okay, kudos, hey to Detroit to Detroit, you that yeah and today Detroit's, like booming town, there's all kinds of stuff going on new. What do you think of bill? The Corvette MID engine corvette is pretty amazing. We've seen that thing I haven't you know for me, I mean I get my my right leg might fit in that. I don't think I get the rest of me in their big man. They have plenty of room inside of him. They designed it for taller folks. So if I could buy any car, if I could, I would try any car stop pretending that rich. How dare you well? Well, it's not that it's just like if I could drive the streets and actually be seen in a car that I felt comfortable in we'll worry about that. But yeah. I got that crazy, uh, the sleeper that that's a new corvette, yeah, that's beautiful! The bet! That's in two thousand and nineteen Jamie, that's actually a front engine car. You want to go with two thousand and twenty the two thousand twenties in mid engine car, the two thousand and twenty is the very first there. It is that's the very first go to that Red one of the top for which, up with that
the old one, let me doesn't know Jack shit. I, like the Bentley Mulsanne, the Big one, the big Limosine cruiser love that that one right there Jamie that your cursor was just on yeah. That's it click on that, but click on that. That's a mid engine core! It's a different car see what it is is the engine is behind the passengers in between the past features in the rear, wheel, where's, the other ones. It's in the I'm trying to see the one in the back that that once in the furniture, I don't think you're going to get the average software engineer at. We work, for instance, wanting to buy that car or not because he taking the bus and he's uber and he's in taxis, stop being a pussy. Now we gotta get how we, how we gotta get that yeah GMC Corvette is so powerful. It's warping the frame in TEST America yeah they don't even have the zr1 or the six yeah. That's the regular z, fifty one
yeah. I know I love, I love speed. You know that speed kills more men than anything he killed Santa me not matter of seventy percent of men, one thirty five and sixty five die from mechanical speed. Jet skis motorcycle. This is a seventy percent. Seventy percent die from accidents holy shit. This is some well a whether that's true or not. We know that we like speed so yeah watch your votes. Watcher jet Skis Watcher motorcycles, watcher your commercial, my dad! That's that my age, like a sixty seven now my dad at sixty five had two Buick Riviera as well too low 1960s sixty two sixty hundred and sixty three Buick Riviera's. He and he was down to like four points on his license by the time yeah and your love cars. Do we got me into the cars? No music is one of those cars that there was a victim of the recession. Buick Pontiac, gone,
yeah. Well sure. Well, there's all kinds of names. We don't see any more like specially from the thirties. You know the packard the grant to Diana Moon, the like the Gto, you know, Pontiac Gto was gone. You know, yeah Plymouth is just gone, I mean they still have died. People try to revive it. The new challenger looks pretty good. It's kind of very nice house. Yeah actors got the Camaro, the new Camaros, a monster of a car yeah. I just I just I've always been a fan of those humbly engines and those they just they're viscerally inciting yeah. No, no love them absolutely. How about motorcycles? I don't fuck with them. I was about to get one. I had a bunch of took a bunch of lessons and I was going for my license and then two friends wiped out and got pretty sick. We can accents and one guy that I know got hit by a car by an old man who ran a red light and t boned him and sent him flying through the air and snapped his femur. Now that
that that would turn you off, I've been riding since I was nineteen and I know any are I can write anywhere, but I prefer to ride in the in the country up north in Canada. You know or live in it. So we live. He says: half and half fear half their they're a little more in the states because of the travel with the band and that, but I my dad in Canada a lot and then we have the old family farm, the with the farmhouse. I've got a book for you. Well, let's say let me say that there's residual energy from the people who live there in the past. So you hear footsteps and voices and creeks and doors closing in that, and many people have had experiences in it. So there's a reason why people don't want to live in a house or people were murdered, one was killed in that farmhouse bright. Many people pass there, but even that we're in that we're it's people out. But absolutely if you have a house where people were murdered- and this is why there's laws you have to discuss that. I told I had to divulge his
wasn't because of a murder. But when I sold our house in LOS Angeles, we ved in Mama CASS is old estate and order Wilson Drive, she sold it to Beverly, D'Angelo and she's, been on. The celebrity ghost show talking about the Spirit, so we're in that house what happens of you know jewel real hop around in the table. Shapes will be seen. You'll feel a touch on the shoulder that kind of thing. Lee staff felt it and I had an experience one night where something got into bed with me. I was alone, I don't know what went on there, but I just figured out. Well, you fucked ago, I think I was being come onto their but anyway that tube clip that house in Aykroyd fucked ghost well or it did try to come on to me and I didn't refuse it's so you resist him. You know what I just knuckled up next to it and went please I phoned with it. I did I felt a shape. I look
saw the depression and I saw the depression in the mattress and I felt the a shape something next to me like felt form next to me and you no, no not that night. I was working on a picture and went to bed early, but a lot about your laying alone in bed and you're working on a film with almost something that I've been working down at universal. I don't maybe dragnet or something like that, so you working on Bagman woman in bed and then there's like a weight. Next, I feel awake next to me, I turned I like a person is lying. I saw the depression, there were two. Yes, I and I there were two spirits that might have been there. Maybe Mama CASS are so awful. She died in London and then I was in other guy that apparently a rumor was he died of a drug overdose at a party and they buried him in the hillside. My daughter saw him walk with the little red haired girl down the hall once and and- and you know, we think that that that he
might have been there. But anyway, when we sold the house to Beverly, there was a right in the California real estate document that we had to sign by law. You have to divulge any unusual activity in the house, so I had to sign of of of a clause in there. That said, yes, at the beginning of our ten year in the house, we did have x variance yeah. So if you bought the house anyway, she still there she's very happy that you had to sign papers. That said, you had unusual act. If you sell a house in California, you will look in every real estate contract. There will be a clause that you must report unusual, unusual activity, so that is the status a state recognized. What? If you don't want, what's that, what if you do acid in the house? Well, I tell you about so many in my usual active. Well, that's unusual activity that you're doing that's, not external, but the California. You know just that. The state of
California requires that in their real estate documents, it's it's pretty compelling evidence that there's something going on more compelling evidence that people are paranoid. They want people to think the contaminants that are close in Spirit side also have have reality. I think you think so I believe so tell me about this thing, your laying down in bed so you're about to go to sleep, sleep and I'm working on your Ipad everything's good. I I liked and I feel this depression. I feel this is something and are you asleep yet not a sleep now? No, I just turned out the light and I look and I see this depression and then I go well. What am I gonna to do about this? My nanoleaf leap up screaming no, I rolled over and I just got a knuckle up against it and went to sleep, and I slept like a baby slept that the baby, so there's a scene in the Ghostbusters movie, where I'm I'm lying down in an old fort, and then this ghost hovers over me in in the director's cut. I think the belt comes off in the
it's come down, whoa, so sex with ghost didn't get nervous. I may have been so tired. I may have been so resolved and resigned. I thought you know what there's no point in panicking there. It is, does not trust his bedroom scene, free area, yeah, damn looking handsome devil, blah yeah there, you have it! So that's you! Do you just accept it? Yes, that's right! I just accepted it so way to go. Man mean Wi Fi, it spiritual it's true. So did you smell it? No, no smell just just sent out the weight, felt the weight and saw the
russian and then, when I feel anything on your body did your eyes on the form. Yesterday, I warm, I felt a form next to me when I knuckled up you didn't push away. I did not. Did you push against by actually kind of wanted to see what it felt like if there was something there and I did feel something there as it feel feminine or masculine felt masculine part you were cuddling would dude like a dead bike or maybe finally it was the guy who died in the hillside. I don't know could be. I don't want it friendship. You know this male or female. They say in the old days men used to sleep together. Just actually sleep sleep. Well, you know, there's a yes and there's there's a Ed Davis and Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln yeah we're partners and they were law partners and they slept in the same bed many times when they were on the road yeah, it's probably called his fuck back. Then it was hard about the room that part of the world yeah yeah. I just have a couple of blah tickets in your stay, heated together, yeah.
So when you woke up in the morning, did you feel refreshed or violated? I had slept beautifully. I woke up on may be better than ever pretty good yeah. I told some people about the experience when there were people that work in the house and that were there and then you know the live in and that me knew there was something going on. They knew nothing of it. You and the ghost had something happen after I told him yeah. So they knew something was going on well because they had been. They hear the stairmaster going by itself exercise to go exercise apparently out and and a hand on the shoulder. Then the citing my daughter had, then you know other little things like jewelry dancing on the table. We knew something was going on in that house, so you're you're percent on ghosts. I am now tell me about you're one hundred percent in on Sasquatch. That one is a more puzzling to me. Well, just that it's it's
again, no Gabriel Reese's of story was quite convincing. Jeff Meldrum's research, which I am using, I would have talked to her about the other Belgium, tell me because finger off so if you could find out of Sasquatch, is really take a peek you off, as if you could cut your finger off to know that Sasquatch Israel would you do it is which singer? Unlike you, thinking well he's got, casts he's got hair to Jamie Jeff Meldrum L. Are you used to be my room? He's a he's. You know he's a failing to lodge the scientists at the University of South Dakota, but he could also be a silly man. Sometimes the things you memorize them. You pass the test, but you still silly well, but you talk to him, do you think, did you feel he was sir? Will you know thank Heaven that my finger for nobody, man? I would not give them the finger to find of Sasquatch Israel, that's crazy enough. Yeah he's pretty devoted to it, but it's been.
You know, Yeti the Yak and Yeti story. You know the Yeti story and just the round the world just the things that the people have had I'd rather bars. Well, there was a book called diary of an Alaska housewife. It was about a woman she RA sexy. She left in the seventy is to move from Kansas to Alaska and her husband worked on the pipeline and she tells a story one afternoon when she was at her. You know our window kitchen and she went outside into the garden, so she felt saw something went outside and she smelt this really strong, strong musky, musky odor, and she saw this big huge shape at the corner of her garden going to disappear in the Watson. I don't bear Grizzly, no Sir Kirby yeah. How about how are wary on triple kabra? Not at all. I think it's nonsense. I think it's coyotes with Mange yeah, I convinced
yeah yeah. I mean they've they've captured coyotes with mange to look like demons. How 'bout moth man? That's a neat story. Horseshit, listen, let's go back to big, so it doesn't you don't believe those kids. I don't think they're full shit. Let's go back to the last man prophecies the bridge collapsing, the whole thing yeah I mean I'm, not I'm not going to sit here and argue the APA moth man, but it's an intriguing story, because multiple witnesses like as far as therefore we will go back to a good foot, but the aerial encounter the school children at the aerial school in Zimbabwe in the in the 90s. You know this story. John Mack was working on it. Two beings landed in two different craft and they encountered the school children all in elementary school and now they've come back and they're interviewing them now and their adult time. It's amazing their stories synchronize. Why would all of 'em conspire to make something up? Ok, we did with two different things on the moth man. They were. Fourth really kredible.
Is there that the the the UFO thing is less preposterous than anything, because we are currently sending spaceships into orbit. We are currently sending probes to Mars. We, we are we're involved, deeply involved in the exploration of our solar system, at least with these robots and drones, and things that we can control that down. All all that makes a hundred percent sense to me. Big foot is interesting to me because there was a creature called Gigantopithecus. It was an enormous me that was a without a doubt lived it it's a real thing: it was a by Peter Hominid. They think it was between eight and perhaps even ten feet to
Paul was a huge ape like creature and it went extinct and the reason why they found it is because there was an apothecary shop. I believe it was in the 1920s and anthropologist found a tooth and it's apothecary shop in China. He talked to the people where'd, you find this. He recognized it as a primate to they brought him to the site, I found it and then they started finding other pieces. They found bones that that seemed to indicate that this thing was by Pidal, and this is something that's accepted in the pillion to logical record. This is like an anthropologist look in the history of primates when they look at. They think this is a widely accepted real, so why? Why wouldn't it was real? Why so? Why did it? Why do you say that it couldn't have survived beyond it extinction and exist today in some form? It could have
this note. There's no evidence is compelling just like there's an illness that they think they only mammoth pretty much. The film yeah take the Patterson footage yeah, or, should I say it's fake here's the thing if it looks like a man in a suit, no animal looks like a man in a suit there's, not a singled correct, kangaroo out there. That can looks like a person in a kangaroo suit. I just I just think Gabriel Story, Meldrum's research, the book that I read of the what was what was Gabriella Riess a story? Well, she was in the camping up there in one of those northern states, Washington, and I believe she has video footage of you shaking shaking that she mail her shaking the shaking the shaking the motor home that they were in yeah yeah. She was quite excited to tell me the story and and quite different about it. She said that it was. It was if there was a small popular try finding a wolverine yeah
find a or a or a or a super won the super slots in the in the safe american jungle. Now these pics loss yeah, they think they're, real, there's one there's one scientist that is literally risked his reputation and he's his whole fucking credibility's in demise, because he decided that he was going to spend his life looking for the job laugh and these indigenous people have pointed him in the right direction and they recognize that there's you know, there's dung. That seems to be slow. I've done that they've found and they're trying to point him towards where these things are and the giant sloth was a real creature, but there's no real evidence. The giants sloth currently alive, but the the thing is, the vast wilder yes of the Amazon Rainforest is so impenetrable. It would be like trying to walk across the earth and make a good audit of all the cream Cher's that are on it. You're gonna run into them, and you know we. Many
species are dying on this planet right now for dirt various reasons, but there are many that are being discovered. We never even knew about before, and all the northwestern forests are pretty impenetrable to the S. Selections for interesting is that the the location of the the area where, if the thing crossed the Bering Land Bridge- and it came in to the United States- that's exactly where it would be, it would be in the Pacific NW because you know, as you walk down from Alaska we've heard the stories of loggers going in there and seeing them more sensing. The more you know, because they're being driven out of their environment yeah, I'm so hostile acts against logging companies. If they think I've been perpetrated by by you, know those yeah by the the Sasquatch yeah. No, he wants to believe in bigfoot more than may not work. I worked up in in the NW territories. I was a flex track system mechanic on tundra crawlers and I was a road surveyor when I was a kid work for the Department of Public works were up there and long and Hani River the Headless river, where explorers would go on and they find their heads in
ever come back. That can do the other find big foot heads, not no knowledge of the other. One has human as the headless valley, the Headless River Nahanni River, in a h and I, but when I went up there, it was with this for the people there have been guys, who've been up there. You know you know years before me and they and they said that Sasquatch was a common thing that was spoken about among the natives and among the survey cruise up there ever see the Bobcat Gulfway Movie Willow, Creek, no out standing moving. Bobcat Goldthwait made a horror movie about Bigfoot Bobcat Goldthwait, the comedian made an x. I went hard candies. That answer will return yeah, it's like like, like fire in the sky, thoughts on a depiction. You would love it all. I will be out of it. It's about a bunch of people that go up there to try to replicate the Patterson big Foot, film sort of as a lark. All they go up there for fun in the encounter real Sasquatch. So Willow Creek, it's called yes, it's really good. I love that yeah. I have that that I'm credit is a one hundred percent believer. He believes he may have had some ridiculous conversation.
It's about. It would be nice to go and go into the intense woods up there and maybe camp for a week and now look Mendota see something like that: a buy Pidal Hamid that is avoided, detection from hundreds, if not thousands, of years, to be amaze yeah, but they spoke to native Americans. Is native Americans had more than one hundred different names between all the various tribes. One hundred different names for Sasquatch, really yeah yeah yeah OMA was one of 'em. They saw that american world from London thing that is, the the guy who created that would pass out, Rob Baker. No, no! That's Rick Baker, Baker, I'm sorry, yeah, Pat Mcgee who's. This special effects- guy created the one for me, but Rick Baker designed it to angel, but he made a Pat Mcgee made a movie called old mop. What was it called? Omaha primal scream, so you can, but it's basically a horror movie about Sask Watch, and you know it's it's incredibly compelling to people.
This is an enormous primates has been avoiding detection living in the far as legends among the indigenous people say that they they sometimes grab children and take them. I think that's because it used to be a real thing. That's what I think. I think that's because if you, if we all agree and scientists, agree that this gigantopithecus was a real thing. If that is the case, then it's entirely possible that one point at one point: I'm human beings were in direct contact with them on the regular basis and those stories been passed down through generation after generation. The real question is: are they still here because the people that are telling you these stories like when we talk about people in North America? It's widely accepted that mode most native Americans. They share a lot of genetics of people from Siberia. Iberia is what's close to the Bering Land Bridge. They come down these people eventually
many many many many many thousands of years migrated into America and they have so those air people that would have been in contact one hundred thousand whatever years ago. It would they don't know they know that these teeth, that they found from gigantic pit ficus in Kate, that it it the it least a hundred thousand years ago they were alive. Does that mean they were alive fifty thousand years ago, very possibly fit like a homo Florian sis? You know that the hobbits person, the I found this tiny little thing on the right right on the floor as island. That thing I didn't even know, that was a real until the two thousands and that thing existed as recently as I think it was thirteen or fourteen thousand years ago, which is incredibly recent yeah, and this is a completely new discovery that people found that there was a totally different species of human being.
There was very small little of the chimp sized brain, but it was human that used tools and it lived amongst humans. So this thing, if they know it lived one hundred thousand years ago, could have easily live fifty of my to live twenty, so it lived twenty thousand years ago. It was with us today. We just gotta go and find yeah, but there is no evidence of mammoths yeah right. We know they were real, but there's no like. If someone said I saw a man with you like where you have a picture. No, no, but I sensed it going out here with your sense of mammoths. I think if you did, if you put on Mount mounted a horrible avatars style military, let's say incursion into some of the deep woods of Darth
West America. You might, you might get traces, but how many healthy, what a horrible thing that would be added to them. Excellent thing. We get footage, I know, but then you're destroying, there's all ma. That's Pat Mcgee's version of Hawks great yeah. It's like kinda, look grouped in yeah. Well, that's just a weird picture: no that's beautiful! Now! Yeah called prime over page. I need yeah that look at the the animatronics yeah see the that face right, Jamie Alley that and that's what I'm coming out or is it a spin out, has been out for quite awhile primal region and find myself and get it will. Creek is really interesting because Willow Creek is like Blair, witch style yeah. It's all like found footage a whole thing like the okay. Here we are we're in the woods you know you'd like it. It's really bobcat is genius. Genius is he did a great job with. It is really good. It's like compelling it's exciting and even if I don't believe in Bigfoot or don't believe, it's currently alive
just I know too many people that are in the woods all the time. I know too many people that are hunters that air in the woods that happily spend weeks and weeks in the woods and none of them have seen chef they see, bears walking on two feet, though that's really normal yeah and when you're in thick dense forest bears walking on two feet. You see him in the dusk should come. I'm gonna saw Bigfoot, I'm convinced, and then you really are convinced. So then you go back and tell everybody yeah. I think you know basic. We just each individual has to make their own minds up about all of this stuff and if you want to believe it's just like your religion, why, I believe in mediumship, I believe in the afterlife of our consciousness and it's kind of my religion and who's to say. Why should I he disputed on that? You know, I'm glad you believe, I'm glad to speak. I want glad intelligent people that believe in silly shit. Well, you know you know many, I believe in the virgin Mary scaffolds and that's quite a myth and many believe in the angel Moroni and the gold plates and the magic spectacles
and many believe in Zanu. You know the scientologist believe so I'm not going to and say hey I dispute your belief. There were no golden spectacles or the no and no there was no Zanu know. There was no virgin Mary know. I respect people's belief and there besides what you believe and that's what helps you for him. You know- and I I would never dispute that and like wise. I I want to be just that respected for my believe in spiritualism and ship, and so there's is a religion and skepticism as well. I think there's there's a I respect that go for, but you know I'm saying that there's a tendency to just try to dismiss everything as being like, well believe
the official story of every single. I know why that's good, because that empirical view will be able to sort out the fake stuff, the hoax stuff from the real stuff. If people of real scientific minds and and real you know and quests they're going to it, that's what's gonna, this was going to sort out a what's real and what isn't now Dan Aykroyd you're beautiful human being. Thank you for being here, man Paul fun. Later it was really a pleasure money, awful books, yours and the hemmings motor using this is yours. Thank you and thank you for the the vodka. This awesome vodka near teller, but hate what you buy this everywhere, yeah everywhere originally had a lot to us. Let them anything about it! No additives! We don't put the flavor packages in no closer. I know tripping snow sugars at all. It's just when I hear clean and, as you saw you at a nice service diligence, it's very, very pleased with or without really additives. It's our stand by our chefs love it because it's the virgin canvas. I never got any other vodka again how bout that well! Thank you very much for the rights to my lifestyle and my lunch at a
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