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2019-12-06 | 🔗
Matt Farah is a car enthusiast and the host of “The Smoking Tire” seen on YouTube and also a podcast available on Apple Podcasts.
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I call it a nutritional insurance. It's good thing to do is have around easy, convenient, athletic, green dot com, Slash, Rogan, ok, we did it my gas today is the host of the smoking tire podcast smoky tire Yo Series that you can find on. You too he's a certified car not but like a professional. His actually figure, would it make a living doing it? He'll awesome, I love em, give it up format fairer, Logan experience Matt fairly is german. Joe Roque. We're going out to the interior of your car is fuckin discussion. I can't really like it, and why would you do that when you can get any interior, you could make it any color. You decided to do what is it boss?
city most fabric city legitimately and its actual city bus fabric gay. If we got it from the city bus supply. I, like just like puke resistant or somethin average everything resisting Uvira dirt sailing yeah yeah I, but does it feel good? However, buddy I haven't all nine eleven its whole. The safari build this guy, namely keen built it, and I shouted to joy brought here. There is at its peak on the video we're looking out at the smoking tyre on Instagram. Thank you and that's my everyday car and allay you drive that everywhere yeah, it's got big fog, lights and bash bars, and it's got mad on, Inter Alia, in traffic yeah, I don't I all I have a little scooter sides. What I need to go, find traffic you hand, drive a scooter, yeah low, Yamaha one twenty five, oh geez bro! You are a Fanny pack, In writing. I mean for you
Hell. No, it's the best written about. I mean look riding motorcycles is dangerous. We all right, but I think it's a calculated risk yeah, but you know- and I, like the other day, my wife and I left the house at the same time, we live in Venice and she left in a car, and I left on the scooter and like exactly like four thirty minutes later. She I got off the by contacts at her that I was my destination in Koreatown, and she her destination in Culver City. Why so? I was literally like double triple the distance that she had gone, so but anyway, the city bus fabric is amazing and I fully anticipated that night percent of the people would like it, and ten percent of you would find it deeply offensive. I'm surprised you fell into the offence disgusting, it's cool, its growth. I mean yes, it's not on its group by the swan that you do not offended its it is. And I
You know here and allay a car is kind of like you know your outfit a little bit. You know challenge as a little bit, and I like I like to if I'm gonna put a message out there of myself in a car crash. I don't a b like some do she said: back in a porch like I want to meet a guy who's in like a pink porch. With big tyres on it in school buses. You know that's an it says a little more about me than it does about horses. Weird copyright. Ferraris, a hundred percent douche bag. They take themselves very there's really hard to not be a douche bag for our mulatto. I did see a really interesting one that this guy built in England, where he took a dino. And he put a four hundred plus horse power in modern Ferrari out in it and put like clear Last year, the engine ban and everything you could take off and bring the car back to sleep
it was found almost those sort of singer realisation of it ass, a dino, so the Dino one of the prettiest for our General Carr, but if you ever driven one, they sound great but they're just slow stocks dns there ve sixes it's for the smallest engine Ferrari ever made. When did you know that the website for the guy, who did it you to China. I think the guy, I think his name was David Lee and he built it, and this is the line he claimed. It was an F forty engine which I dont think was entirely accurate. I think I'd I think, he's exaggerate. I think I think it's a it's an engine from like a three sixty. Been modified in certain ways does not already has more than four hundred horse, but will it also had turbines- and is you it's not like you just wouldn't use? that forty engine. For that I would just be, it would be like use something is very valuable and not really replaceable forced for for purposes of modification doesn't make much sense for went up
options are available that could deliver you the same result like it three sixty three sixty haven't. It came in the more data, like foreign horsepower revolving around four hundred and Vinos gonna be like was others Dana last lighter pounds, maybe maybe inherited Amy their tiny in their made enough, and I mean there twenty five hundred, maybe a good number, There are no, it I'll do and if you I've heard that car that our lives here really had a car lives in LOS Angeles blogger, I lives here. I've seen it ignores, shows yeah, that's got to be sound, is mass, it's weird because you actually have to. Yes, it probably is half a million dollars would be a very low estimate for seven hundred, maybe a real good original dino is there. It is so it's Actually, that's not! The carcass car is a hard tapirs. Are the target to look up? Pretty is ITALY that are we as Europe off ITALY, that picture with the back end of it right there could. So, what's so interesting about on lorries that it's actually hard to tell it apart,
a regular dino, if you don't know what you're looking for the things to look for, obviously that badge on the left that says like Eco, something and then the clear engine cover with the big bubble in the middle of the of the engine, botanist changed yeah by the way that bad single fuck itself, the badge doesn't need to be used at all for their the exhausted bigger island exhaust allergies, that's fine was dead. Some gripped the tires system, skinny ass, big ass time. Well, look how narrow! I mean you're talking about a car, that without widening the body there's only so much you can do. I imagine a modern rubber compound. What they did was they reproduce the de knows. I think they're cabin YOLO wheels, which would probably like fifteen, I'm a dino, and I think there are some contains here. So pretty that you want to talk expense David Lee the minds of three point: six Eco dino. So three point: six! That's what tells me say my degree. Sixty engine yeah through it was
If it was a forty engineer, two point, eight leader and with terms with tarp, that's it car looted by the way? If it had enough forty engine, it be fucking death trap right, you would sail them make more money. If, with four hundred horse power is gonna be crazy, you know what it's it's gonna, linear right without the turbo spool yeah, you know you have that natural build of power really kind of can just use less throttle. It won't just jump Attica Yandah, but I mean you are a man of taste job. That's awesome! Two beautiful ride. Look at that time are selling them. Don't you yeah to try to build a run of them. Think like a singer year. But here is a problem with with with doing this with Ferraris, though, Ferrari people. Even if did something to the level of singer Ferrari. People aren't really like that for our people are originality over everything. That's so weird yeah
I dont understand all like more data like modifying the cars they don't like about car. That's previously been modified it all the numbers matching, shell. Nine is not for you now. Now, it's not really for me either I love driving for hours, but, like align with like. That the Ferrari Diane really value so much, but I'd like to one soon, a meter eighties, one moves unless silly, like a test Rosa. And test roses are fun Dana line as it does not create new, completely redone he's like fire. We put a new interior at a modern, stereo everything a spy. Nice a lot of maintenance, though they have tester roses of timing belts to timing belts are something that Italians, for a long time and that people they should just never you're gonna, get US territory where out and they need to be changed and in the case
the test Rossa. You talk about a giant flat, twelve engine therein, the front so they're up against the fire wall behind the seats, so you have to take off the whole back, of course, take the whole engine are to do these tiny, oh yeah, starting with the modern stuff they use chains brought that the twenty first century they don't have to get fucked with belts anyway, gas, but even like Lamborghini. At the time like I have a context which is the best car ever made, and you don't have to do that bullshit, has even lamborghinis chains. So you need to do engineer. Why, before I go with belts, I think they thought it was smoother for our Enzo. There are also had utter contempt for the people who bought history, cars and I wouldn't be surprised if he did it just The dealers would make more money on the services, even if he knew it was worse, why they have so much contempt for the people, but his cards for I just wanted to go racing all
he was an egomaniac and all he ever wanted to do was see his cars win races and he came to a point where he couldn't make money doing that and he had to sell street cars too customers, but throughout tire life. He openly treated those people to stay. That's how you and that's the story of Lamborghini the story of Romania's is ferrucci. Lamborghini had a ferrari. It was not working for one reason, other he went to fry to come in about it and so basically told me to fuck himself, and so we set Well, the motor car, that's a story Lamborghini and there would have made known now. Let me raise swag in our group. We ve Agee, so they're more reliable, yet but so are Ferraris around twenty ten fish when the two three four five eight came out, Ferraris, took a massive jump in reliability. How to dinner. First off the big one is a dual clutch Europe Gearbox, which
you know, stick ships for one thing right and then early single clutch, paddle shift gearbox they fry clutches, like crazy people, do not use them right and they ride the clutches out they were just go through clutches, like crazy, the door clutch cars have much more like fail safe, type stuff built into them and they actually work properly, but varieties have they gave, shift I'll ask who was not ever that Yankee clinked arrest sliding into gear there's nothing more rewarding then like banging, Ferrari off the regular, they stop that people stopped. The problem with a ferrari. Is that their new, you know with the problem of all new exotic. The first owners of exotic cars is They want that that new technology that stem from racing and also its like its impact
the drive ability. You know if you want to buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini in driving around in the city and use it as a car. You buy for our right now and it could just be your car like that was then that wasn't a thing you could do really in the seventies and eighties or even nineties, like you could literally use a modern exotic car, be it for our Lamborghini Mclaren out here. Whatever you tat could be. It my car now and that the gearbox technology is a lot of what may that pass one computer controlled. Engine management systems, though it is a little disappointing that about one thing, I'm really happy the Porsche hasn't done, but they have with the treaty through our us. Gdp, whereas this last year and now the new ones we may all be automatic. All automatic elsie are ass, though the our asses in in Porsche Speak is the fastest version of what can build. They have the duty of retiring with a stick. That's the one you want! You want the turing. While I want to turn because its backing,
that, because the for leader engine with us TAT Sixty Year Box is the best engine transmission combination available in cars to day period yeah, but the wide body GDP our ass with the villain did fenders and you can modify you can modify later. You just complained about people who don't want to modify nice about modifying, but all that extra effort wanted just fuckin. Seventy with a stick shift: Hombre, talk to the Germans. I can't talk there may look. They make a duty. Three with a they? Do there we can and GDP for with a stick. They may have blocked a spider with a stick. You could buy nine eleven any level of nine eleven Stick, whether you are welcomed by the turbo, not that They are the only ones you can count on, though that seems like it's all good. We even corvette the nuclear at Yale Collage? They said the new job Five hundred, they haven't, ruled out the possibility of having a stick shift, but well so that with the Gigi five hundred they just announced this thing. It's it's like seven horsepower I've,
driven a lot of really powerful manual transmission cars. For me, once our goes over about five hundred, I dont want to shift anymore really I don't. What I'm driving it on like a race track as fast as it will go. Ok you, like what I went to test the Corbett. Z are one the last for an engine one when it went just completely fucking bananas right, seven hundred fifty horsepower. I went to Road Atlanta to drive it and they had a manual and they had an automatic me to drive, and I draw the manual and it was so fucking fast that I didn't feel comfortable taking my hand off the wheels to do a ship, some access and- and I was like this- level performance. I really need help both my hands on the wheel and I'm pretty decent driver, I'm not like shit, I'm not the best, but I'm not shit. Then, when I drove the automatic car I went. Ok, I feel way more comfortable, at this pace with my hands on the wheel right, but this speed automatic. Would they have? Is the biggest punk a flaming shit ever putting it was what scarred and so with the sea with the new on they got
rid of the manual and decided to see stand, surely improve the auto with a new dual clutch eight speed, which you're. All for you and for me is sad that there's no stick its kind, a cat it because it's just sort of what progress looks. I get it. If you gonna take a tourist her I do get, but how many people are taking their goddamn, Corvette arrest. You know it's not even really about that its sadder it sadder than that is really about. How do we get the zero to sixty time under three seconds, because when they had the zero six, which was six hundred fifty horsepower and then does the hour on which was seventeen fifty years power they couldn't get it to sixty any faster. Detroit is still so suckin fuckin zero, sixty that that that is imported, for some reason, an ad a hundred horse power. Change is here to sixty, because the front, Enginrie or drive you're distraction limited that point to burn out seo so
by putting the engine in the back. You change away distribution. Now I've got a door clutch eight speed instead of its manual, seven speed! Now you can get in that too Second range, the sixty, which does it improve the experience, but it doesn't. Of the number on their magazine cup number but everybody. No, I mean how do you not know it's just a fuck. Fast car. You know it's the GDP five hundreds of real bomber, though, because that's such a move, So could you know it's a tax on your massacre? It's it's a sensitive same version of the tremor two o clock from the Corbett is announcing the Mustang yeah. Why another different number of gears insolently it as a set of seven speed in the Mustang eight speed in the core vat, but its same family of brand new traffic to clutch given What has a wider contact with the tires? I don't know what the mustangs got. If I had to guess using our. If I had to guess Mustang had wider, see a core values three or five years, that I know that
It's not you know with amid engine car. What is interesting about amid engine cars, you find this a lot. I bet, if you went out, looked at a ferrari like a four five eight or something in me, shocked and how narrow the tyres are real. Yet when you do me, engine car, you can give up a lot of that huge fat rear rubber, because the weight distribution doesn't necessitated the way, a tie tire sizes are typically chosen by the weight distribution of the car. So, like your an idle Heaven failure or air old car, you're old one right. You got big fat reared You got relatively skinny France. That's because that energy has over the years so in mid engined, like I just looked the sub fruit and unrelated thing in the four five eight the front tyres only two forty five on that in the rear. Tyres are three o five. So where is it for that year. Tyres are like to seventy five. The old Corbett frontiers are too only five years, like three thirty five that that difference in way distribution is how big of a difference you need in tyres rearing sense the debts.
View driven the duty five hundred deny and gets it yet. Unfortunately, it looks want someone posted a video. We re at ten six quarter mile out of talks, crazy fuck is entirely very fast. I cannot believe some of the cars that people can just by, while speaking to which that Show that you sent me the video you tie can type. I gotta say: hi Tech on Thailand, Dinah FUCK that one up for yourself thing looks preposterous. Look. I know how preposterous my teslas thy tell everybody when they say you know, you have really fast. Cars might see that when I therapy of one that looks like a dad s, Taiwan blows all and you can drive like a piece of shit silent due notice. So quiet you pass. People like you just with via nothing happened. Tesla, the new pm the EU in terms of people who are driving like shit bags on the way to work, because when it silent people dont like call the cops are sneer you're, just cunegonde dude. I was at a red light with some kid in a mile three and I was in my Gigi three hour S and he blew by me
but I was even try to re some cause. I know better have a Tesla, but it was the humiliation factor. He passed, meaning gun in front of me, got on the highway. Let you look, it was nothing. Me uneasy fast easy. If you live in LOS Angeles, is the correct tool for for this job. You know if you have a hall more and in your case a fuckin sick warehouse to keep it charged for charging networks, pretty good yeah, but it's not. I will. I wouldn't say you can use it exclusively, you need some some kind, a homeless. The charges are your office, but some people to live in apartment complexes that have teslas Ellen. I do yeah if you don't live in a building where you can get him to install on or you work in a building yeah, something you really If these are amazing in their super superfine and like I totally get why people like, like. I get your ear, evangelism transformation. You having gone from the bottom up about that, but the thought you know analogue school of you know manual gear boxes and funny loud to to
experience that level of silent performance and you must have felt you're fuckin spaceship. I've seen it seems like Aspasia, be driver thing, yet quiet knew it makes me feel good though well, Finally, you get a little more relaxed right now, you're gonna, take it to the airport to cause problems are due to and I get on the four or five and unjust chill. In traffic. It's nice to know it's nice, it is, I drive told her. I gotta be careful. How I am. I am on the will know, no it'll be careful, saying it drives itself and it doesn't drive. It was a do here. The rabbit whole begins. He has. It has an advanced drivers, aid system, okay, so it has follow finds it hard for you, and it has a of pretty good lane keep assist now we go into the Joe Rogan rabbit Hole of what does driving me so riving involves decision making and drive involves a lot of mental processes that cars can't do, and so that's when I went
we'll talk about terms like self driving cars or full self, driving or whatever you're, not you. Julie using those terms correctly, so a bunch of car not just Tesla right now, although Teslas system is very good. Have a very good, you keep assist in a very good rate, our crew system, and they have different methods of trying to ensure the drivers paying attention, but I think The marketing is a little bit disingenuous and they really want people who don't know better to think and feel oh like this- is a car that drivers this Anna, putting in beta it's all just beta Emerson, fucking problem ride my change router. I know just how to model free for a week like couple weeks ago, and I liked it so much and I came back and I God, maybe I should at least one of these a school, but the odd steering feature I use
at twenty minutes and it scared. The peseta me twice in a company called access that takes a model ass and they put a carbon body of wide body tit onto loud sounds like fun. Those freed up the axis- model s p hundred one hundred d? Is they replaced the entire body with carbon? They take the hurt that they take defenders off the put wide body fenders on they. They do a bunch of different shit too imagine gonna tell aluminum ethics. I wouldn't I wouldn't fuck with that: the air they fuck with a suspension? They tighten up the suspension, they changed the wheels and they completely redo the interior. This trip interior. That's where I would start yeah custom Interior put putting whenever you want need for either the you know. Teslas are there there's such cool cars and their such you know, their such like. You said the serene. You know I mean an end or not. I don't want to give that credit exclusively to Tesla because other even provide a similar experience do but the one
place, they are lacking for the the money they charge. Their interiors are a little earlier times asked me from day one those trucks borough. Good luck asked me from here, talking about. Why are you asking for some get when I'm trucks? Look at that thing, you don't like it. No you don't like it. No, I don't I don't. I get an eye. How dare you I'm not entirely shirts? It's real. I mean, I think I've seen I think I'm. In my initial reaction to that was that's not a real thing me George debts and deficits, and my second reaction is, I'm pretty sure they couldn't build and sell that in America. Why? Because I I just- I just don't think that that will pass the test, that it needs to pass and I am, furthermore, cancer, more more a crash tests, pedestrian safety stuff like that. Furthermore, it's it's it's because
How do I say this without it's really hard to talk about Tesla, because their fans I can tell you that they get really mad and they only me alone. Are you crazy in common. In the beginning, I thought that its complete bullshit and facon affront I've talked to send a few people since in the design, space suit design, cars profession for living, and I have been convinced that it could be passed able to build and sell a shape a vehicle shaped sort of like that, although not exactly like that. Ok, having said that, I fear That the way that it has been marketed is not entirely honest. People company show concept cars, all the time right, wrong, is showing a concept car there's nothing wrong with going here's of here's a prototype, we belts.
And this is gonna- show the direction of our industry right and if you build electric car This is your business. It's pretty easy to build a concept, cart that runs and dry. Because you ve got your skateboard and you can just gonna put any body on rights of odds There's a model acts chassis underneath that prototype truck right, but does it one? I don't think That accepting reservations is an honest thing to do when you don't know how you gonna build the truck Donna. There's no way that talks on the road next year, no way not assigns posted on the roads, he did. He said, twenties admixture. Twenty. I want twenty twenty one, twenty three for three motor five hundred range bad ass. One is like a three year down the line here's the problem, building cars and them repairing them selling them is like a logistics business there operating this company, like a tech company where it runs on hype like where's, the roadster, that's supposed to come out this year,
come on. You know I haven't seen anything about isn't involves. I ask me, I guess I don't know that's the point I dont like they ve had these product launches and they build up the high but just stop. They take the reservations, but then it's like put you have to deliver the product, guys you're here Actually. I part company you're, not you're, not excuse, We driven on hype, but they have made some kind of Of course you made your because one he gives no, I'm not saying they dont build and sell cars. They build and sell cars but what I am saying is their bid this model is not like the regular car company he's in that it is so dependent on this height machine bringing in new investors, bring in new reservation cash when they here's, this crazy, total Recall space truck and all it's going to cost you people to buy into my space truck vision is a hundred dollars, refundable and you're, not
to find out, if that's what it always gets, you would truck for like two and a half years. Are you then go after your hundred dollars. If he's late or it's it's your, but I'm not saying you shouldn't by whatever he sells, isn't the rose, who think differently, although don't you have to pay all the money or somethin there is reservation process All I'm saying like the rose to thing was different, though that requires a substantial sum of money right, but we don't even Sunni Roach diseases. Not one was saw the prototype yeah, but it's easy to build a prototype when you're Tesla tensile can build a prototype, very We ve got an electric skateboard. They can put any body on it. It'll look and feel like a mostly runnin driving with say here, forty five thousand five nor credit card payment forty five thousand our wire transfer do, and in ten days so you got up put up.
These thousand dollars soldiers giving him a zero interests loan of fifty thousand dollars until he delivers this product, which is like a good income people for a year and then leave it up correct, and so I am not saying that they don't builded cell real cars are not saying you shouldn't by one or least one m saying- and this goes for- what's, let's expanded This isn't a dignity, Lauder Teslas! Politically, let's talk about all cars. Don't pay for something that is. It then handed to you. There is no real ones, a billionaire. Why do you need to give him a zero interests? Loan of fifty thousand? as for roadster, why do you need to give him a zero just lot of a hundred dollars for a truck that he has demonstrated he could build yet? Why do you think they made the rose to fifty grand and a down payment? Further the truck only a hundred, but because I will tell you why, because why? But I believe I believe, I'm gonna put this and I believe, ok, I believe it so they could go to a bank or
We see, because if it's all a hundred dollars you get you get so many far right. One five hundred thousand order you go. I've got to earn fifty thousand orders. I need a billion dollars. That's why you would do the Likud shoe clever. Chris, look! Here's the problem is if, if its legitimate okay, if it's all on the up and up. If everything is on the up and up there's a lot of individual pieces, the talk freely add up and house. That's not made of you know it's like I condemn the mortgage crisis. In a way you took alleys, bad mortgages, new put them together and all of a sudden, it's considered a good investment right, so he smash a fucking window on stage he quoted a bunch of power and talk figures that are basically made up. He did that dumb, video with tug of war, the F one, fifty that was completely fake as a fake the f when fifty was in two wheel drive- and he was telling it uphill- that's not like if you gonna make it easier for the car. Dr downhill uphill it now
following uphill. What it would be the weight transfer is is, if you have a two wheel, drive pickup truck going downhill. My friend, Jason fancied Engineering, explained in a whole video explaining debunking this. But if you have an Well, we'll drive extreme we have a vehicle collapse. We oughta since April that truck that's a sixty five hundred pound vehicle. Steel and batteries, grant all we'll drive verses, a pickup truck, that's putting, two wheel drive with no weight in the bed right. That's just so. It's like all automakers make ups Billy Games to show up their product write and tell the space shuttle or whatever bullshit they do right, but they pick up a game. They know they can win, they don't make up a game and then cheat at it like. Why are you gonna do a tug of war video? If you then have to cheat at the video on video to do it like
the different game. You know you can win, what kind of person makes up a gaping cheats, adding, but that's it we're Ford wanted to get one of their own. They like will want, or even give us one tassel we're still somebody up it up at the top said, don't engage that eighty eight? What are you doing? I'm not doing this year? I saw look out again, but they probably can. Realistically it can't really compete with it I hereby think are held or more password. Is you know it's not a test of anything, it's a test of weight and tie your grip, that's it, but when you truck guy, realized something they do truck raw, let's bring! Then, let's bring that cyber truck over to a gravel patent job two tons of capital and land it did. You say that, like other renderings of people like camping in cyber trot, looks absurd well yeah, I just like to like you want to
fucking, you know you want to buy one wait till. He says this is the one you can buy. I have a point of order and I just I don't, but I would add my box, Congratulations, you just bought him. That's that's! That's you! Don't I mean I understand I see my god. I think it's like a full on fraud. I just think he's figured out creative ways to to get the public to bank role. Shit, that he already said was done brow a million about taxis by twenty twenty where's. The robot taxis, Brow Zodiac this cyber truck. And came out of seemingly nowhere, but right at the same time that they figured out that full self driving is not right around the corner? As they said, it was a lot of backtracking going on in the full self driving level five is not coming anytime soon. You're not going to able to send your Tesla out to do as for you, without a driver in at any time. So what was the parking lot? Tessa problem?
one million robo taxis ass from twenty nineteen. For one night I mean technically, they haven't. We are in a month left, but they have delivered a zero robo taxis. He did. He said that shit, what problem with Teslas Ilan says some shit that then, is impossible and then they have to figure out how to do it later and sometimes work. Do you know? Kyle daunting is now who's at one funny guys alive he's got the best Instagram on the planet and he does they swaps has video you you now that you know you didn't answer the deep fat. I know he does lie well. Doktor Facon Stein are that we are facing. That's a little island has knows why gimme some volume on asking this volume on this in the go to full screen. Oh my god! How creepy fuckin shit, but a great deal to do to get their windows about you should go deadly
how fuckin shit now I mark Zuckerberg efficiently cooler than you are good and rockets at school when I connect to Facebook and double good, double. What am I gonna plus one? That's one more! You can't add anything to infinity you slowly, a nerd ruse. Article would know that very odd. Go you this is generally all the data, and I found this invention you unveiled in high school. It says you're getting a third class deplores this will no doubt have a very pretty girl go. I don't. I could use this mysterious got nothin to Ruth Boobs through
Fucking weird that smash. Having, alas, is one of them was one of the greatest moments, not among his so stupid. I was lying in bed and my life was next to me. Asleep nowhere, Why did they think that they could do that? I don't know, one in theirs. I know that zero risk here was that when they hit the ball or hit the door with the hammer that broke the glass or another they usually hidden in the sledge hammer. They did but exe She was using an orange hammer which is a dead blow hammer. Not a sledgehammer sets a little disingenuous dead blow yeah I do not dead things, society, things sensing robber? Yes, but still who sat in Windows, wrangler Tesla door probably cause our aluminum, but not a first stainless steel panel, raw wouldn't dentistry was still panel.
He goes to the windows are pulling what an amended its steel Paul right threat- Why did it work? How do you know the video is made before and not after under they fixed? It does a shop back on the floor in a towel over the door as if you had just clean up a budget broken glass. That's true, yeah go look at their video there's a shot back on the floor with the whole laid out like right, underneath the torn shot back. That's true! There now go look at their video there's a shot back on the floor with the whole laid out like right, underneath the torn shot back. That's true there now is: how is over a door kind of maybe if you just smashed a bunch of glass out of it, and that is a dope looking car arguing for anybody thanks. I don't know, I'm glad I'm carrying oil and if they make that be expend Qaeda's bring up. What is the word, Cyber like cool now, yes likes,
Neither was exclusively for, like the last fifteen, again very cool very lonely. Only real nerd wouldn't wouldn't know. Cyber is cool coopers. One now it's so silly while you saw it, I'm sure you seen that rests vonny. Oh, my darlin, Terry Bulletproof Car, the releases tax electrifies the door. I know you know I was. I don't know about dangerous vonny as the gas station once pomp and gas and this fuckin reservoir he pulls up. Unlike who is driving that fuckin thing tiny size because was Joe wrote it as I went J J, we see a spokesman, he's gotta, spokesmen or something I think, he's friends of the guy who, in the guy gave a tumor something that's sterical alleys spokesmen Jake, I'm there is asking, is making Grammy's gonna time to be a spokesman for tank? That's aware is
I drove this companies. Other car have a car called the beast. The rest vonny beast only see that when I drove it, if it wasn't good from now on, a rang with a beat the tank is based is based on an aerial Adam. Why you know it yeah yeah three wheeled thing, or we will turn when it is also good, the renaissance good. No so Jamie the Red one we known roofing in another women out of arm. I can so that's the one. I know it's not good. Not it must be possible, so what they ve done there is. They took an aerial Adam, which is a car that has no body right. It's driving a fuckin slow basically there crazy their batch it and they made body work that goes over it. That's pretty much. What I've done ok, but in order to make it look a bad ass. Like a super car. They made put. These really wide wheels
tyres on the car s which, when you have an aerial Adam, that has no power, steering and dial in an and even sort of twitchy, steering rack thing had one of the sketch highest. I mean the sky, she is handling of top five sketches handling. Cars are driven doors. He has a really interesting kind of Dore design. I've never seen one that had those doors. Sly that look. I e g irish levels as Super Nordic through the reverse minivan door. Go back to that black. What yeah Look I made it looks. It does look pretty cool, it's it's a bad ass, looking thing, but it's it's it just didn't dr good,
a guy got kind of mad. At me, when I made a video saying that it didn't drive the matter, you can follow mad. He was always act. You're gonna only promoters thing for free. I think sometimes they expect that unless that's really sillier you gotta do a better job of typing. Now, I'd send him to the Thai. Can review? Go hey! Look at this. We should talk about besides, because we talk archer seconds and got away from your videos in saying it looks like you're about to fly off the road in the space it is. Maybe problem. So it actually is. I think I think, we're in a point really work cars actually too fast. I do think that sell to regular people, but I think that all time- and I made that argument about the z- are one. Yes, it's so sketchy to drive at the rear. We have drive. You might you're selling at seven hundred fifty horsepower car to someone like me, yeah, who least I know how to drive me world, probably in the top ten.
The percentage of people in terms of drafting a billion, I drive a little yeah, there's a lot of people to get those. They don't know what happens when you stamp on the gas NGO, sideways fucking, poor guy and Kevin Heart, You know what I saw that, and I saw the fuckin lines on the street and often make this guy does not a driver. That's entirely. Let someone do that, help engine, a real will drive cars accoutred rightly get seventy applicator, but all the horse power of stock I bought my seventy could have. I heard you did regulation you gotta make it handles, ended too rose to shop yet perfect, built in building a year, but but with that with Evans crash. He was not driving right, not all rising friend was driving and his friends stopped on the gas in the car when fuckin sideways, and he didn't know what to do. If you can't do that with regular folks, you got if you have a car like that. You gotta say: hey many Euro German, a real war about one with seven hundred and fifty fuckin horse power. You can't do that.
And you're gonna- do those probably five or six hands lighter than Hell cat to pry, really light airily, gnarly and ito with those with those custom bill. Like that, and you know it's it's hard. Think someone's suing lit the shop that built it. There are highly unfortunate, causing the islands like there soon because of the waste belts, no role Kay. All that shit. I think that I hope I, I hope they don't win, because if they do it's a really bad seen for custom cars all over, but even brand new cars. You know just Mclaren, seven twenty, which is my favorites super car. The moment at the UN, the Marquis right now and this things is eight hundred horse power demon of a car every genuine now seen walking crazy dude. I was at Auto club Speedway the NASCAR track hundred eighty miles an hour on the front straight. Why me yeah and and if you turn it way, thirty one
yeah. I know that's me. That's me. Get about to get black cried for drifting tracked, the black flag. Yeah they don't like www drifting interact. Does he said it was a mistake. I didn't know how much worse powered I got black. Finally, the tenth slide to Interpol and you can be like managing trying to figure. Let me when the smoke is wafting at leisure, with that car, my god, it's so into Joe Joe. That car is, in my opinion, the pinnacle. Gasoline powered street car performance or he'll. Let us stronger I think I've never driven cause. You know why it's not just that it's bachelet fast, because that allow cars. Bat should fast to, although very fewer. This fast it has this matter. Suspension technology, it doesnt have sway bars just way bars where so you can. Put stiffer sway bar and economics. It role less inquires. So, typically you, if the trade off
you know role and compliance for stiffness and performance brand the seventh one does not use sway bars. Instead, it uses and electronically act awaited independent valve system allows you to mimic an infinite. Number of sway bar combinations in tween you now full stiff and non existent? So when you put the car and comfort mode I should you not? It rides rolls Royce. Rolls Royce, not even like a five series, Bmw or your Tessa, like a rolls Royce, you Craig it to track and you goat folder. If, though, and it just by thy time come it's one of One is a spiders, those four hundred, fifty thousand by mused the problem with Mclaren. And buying them there was a depreciate like by almost exactly the same car like two years old for like two fifty really yeah that much oh, my God,
style bender by one of those he bottom Mclaren. But did you buy that model to know tat? under those aims sounds familiar. You have submitted, which call mollified. I I I try to tried to listen to so much you're fighting shows. I can't I'm just not that into it again. It took a torrent. It's ok by your inhalation. Oh yeah he's got a seven twenty there. It is as a car yo yo that the seven twenty and, if that's his garage he's, got a six seven. Five l tea in the background and well tat is where he bought it. Ok, cool! You know, he's got, that's that's the right. Carve there sure that's its aspire to the roof, comes up Eleven seconds why you're driving well, eleven seconds. I have ask any go it's up to up to forty, something Inga already legally gone, pretty good right, yeah, I'd I'd, put it up just while driving around and yet and I drove through the rain, and I learned that if you go seventy four miles an hour, you stay dry, keep it over seventy. Fourth time, dagestan soldiers, whistles past you right over the one of these staff and a red line, and you thought you done
I want a highway, but you know rooster tales. This car makes details, if you hammered out in the rain cause it, it's spools up the water out the like the diffuser. It gets hit with the exhaust and it does like a top gun, swirl, no fucking, tat now as their value of this anyway. I don't know if I got video you not give video visit is thing, so sometimes it's a missed opportunity, a card that sounds so crazy. It's so much money for high fifty thousand dollars money for a car. I know there's somebody these customs cars people are making.
Like like see. Without one point, eight million dollar area you about the dynamic and light waiting Saturday Harris was result. My show talking about it. I have a real problems. You Connachar study. I didn't call that anybody anyway. I do not like to settle the fuck down I'll. Tell you what is illogical? That truck a study. I might be a little less angry about starting a so called super cool good. Is that Africa and ass the dialect point: eight million dollar car, that's not nearly as fast as Mclaren. No, but it's Scott one of the novelist engines that money could buy any nice yeah there's out. That engine in specifically- and that is a for leader to co, developed by a HANS Metzger who develop the end In your duty three hour, ass, a legend met the legendary Metzger engine people talk about a Porsche code of
by Metzger and Williams the formula wanting Jimmy pumped video, that's the sound of it. I think it rather too, like ten five. What's yeah it right, it's, because this is the first ever air cooled, nine. Levin engine that has a four valve head: nine thousand arm. Yeah. I thought a register above nine, but it's it's a bar. As always is Chris Harris driving up the hill, a good? What I believe you don't look in exhaust carbon fiber, do have this car is bad. Man is already out of those driving that others, because the wretch to even consider the slow you know how they ended up doing this. They literally had a customer who came to them and said you know, half a mile, in for the normal car that's great now. But what if I give you a few all on blank cheque, full blank check. This is what they end up with twenty five volume am turn this up.
Rob That's what you need in your life? Isn't this flyby? But let me be honest: with you thousand our engine is dot, is cool as a shark works, nine eleven Jijii three hours that it's not because a shark worse is just fast. You drive it anywhere. You park it anywhere. It handles product better. Maybe I don't know it sounds just as good bro there's no Reimer Breeze in our math. It leads you to pious, have legs air cool things, a weird worlds. We get into the world's weird like if you two five hundred horse engine anywhere else that cost you four Grandpapa would kill you We are not talking about the EU to death, me forty thousand dollars for a fuckin engine, I'll kill you do we talk about.
Those on the left show. No, we talked about this and tax talk. Accurate evaluation, airline old horse power is like the worst value who in motoring. So if you want, like let's say, you're starting with an engine that works. Well, you by irregular colleague my career as an eighty seven, it's MIKE Proportionate you, starting with an eighty seven career. Ok, and you go in, and you have an engine that works and you'd go to perform a shop, and you say this engine makes about two hundred horse power as it is. I wanted to make three hundred horse power You have to give him your engine and probably fifty thousand dollars or sixty thousand dogs you want that engine to make three fifty horsepower you probably have to give him a hundred thousand dollars. If you are, then engine make and horse power you have to give a quarter of a million dollars? That's what it costs to get that type of So when you see cars like a singer, where'd, you go Ok, here's a singer and nine eleven and its six your grand quarter of a million dollars is that as the engine singers got, fifty
in leather. In it fifty grand raw leather materials, just immature just immature, yeah. They should adds up like real, fast awhile, the interior of those things, especially no really, but really really special. But may I guess leg, that's what that rob I wanted to do right, like he's, got no yeah he never legally be spoke everything and that their whole thing everything is important and there is a market for it to mean John Ward, with your bronco over. There is maybe a half a bump down from that, quite as obsess, but but on that I'm gonna do I'm cheap. Nobody, icon stuff is great and if they ve got great taste, I think it's he's weird. Sty, what are lower giant and ward is style like what he's into he loved that he makes those dare Alexia and the way the guy tossed it has just passed, is gonna. Mailing taste is ideas and design eyes tat. I just had a thought earlier. You are kind of lamenting how these modern super cars aren't analogue. Don't you state that right there,
where companies like singer and icon come in. They I'll deliver you that analogue at not just an analog product they'll deliver you ve like in nineteen. Ninety nine Porsche stop making air called engines. I started making water called engines but like singer attic and some other people are like. But what if you continue developing the air cooled engine rum? Where portion left off and so the That is how you end up with you. Half a million dollars because people have this kind of money are willing to pay for that experience, but without any sacrifice at all or the one point, eight million, that's better if they made around twenty or thirty of those That's funny or thirty. Oh geez, can Saudis and these chinese guys it's not young, there's no, either there's no either or anymore. You know I mean with these million dollar plus cars. It's all the same three hundred people really they all the Avc
jus gaudy owner has like fifty cars, fifty not really in five or ten yeah. It's the same. Three hundred people own has want just hoovering up shit, so Tracy Morgan. I know After all, the first first day, Tracy Morgan. I lie I love seeing Tracy Morgiana Bulgaria Transit is just fucking spend that alma mater, you fucker spend all how much they give him from the crash. I dont think anyone's ever said, but it's I mean it was tens of millions of dollars. If not hundreds of milk. It's a lot of money. It's whatever his lifetime earning potential was as Tracy Fucking EAST is barely that's. It guarding grand sport. The tests, the movie the roof, comes off and he's fucking elevate got out at sea. Are we just rock just turned right in that sea. Harvey's insurance is, but that's the kind of
I'm gonna hit. You minivans doesn't give a fuck about life. I mean that see no other way you can. You can worry about that kind of shit or you can yesterday thousand hours in might in my offer nine eleven here and there was a double I turn lane right and I was on the outside one symbols on the inside one and there on the phone I fucking pay. Then we both make the turn and they They don't stay on theirs ages, drift into my course. So I go into the dirt shoulder and fucking hammer down sideways out. The Dutch turn, perhaps some of the dirt. That's what you wanted, not alone again for the rare moments, driven off by an asshole in. Are we took a left but tie cat? I can it it's six seven hundred horse power isoude, I think it's, I think colleagues, six hundred and ten horse power and seven hundred and fifty torque, but just like the Tesla, the talk is incidental. Zero zira, so he's on the video. Essentially talking launch its. You know you were really
splitting hairs here with the Tesla, the Porsche. What you know what it does to four feel different from two five lay, not an open. My eyes hurt you after seeing the ship and the Porsche has its really interesting thermal man. Judgment system so Tesla although they do a beautiful road car for the city, they ve never racing, they don't they don't know about endurance, racing or real, real high performance driving. You mean you ve, seen them kind of struggle with the Norbert ring a little bit slow harder than it looks over there when it had ring with the Tesla I think they went over. There were the prototype. They took the interior at a lad. Protease ice means the wide by that's a wide body. Version with three engines are believe yeah. They, wouldn't they weren't talking about what it wants. But I think it's a three motor car with a wide and body and a different arrow packing pictures eyes. There were some and they went back with one of the giant like duty free wing on it, two. It seemed like they.
The number they originally put out and you guys talked about show Jamie looked it up was a con a compilation of best sector, too I'm so they release this sort of theoretical best time, but they never act we re on that complete lap, the big differences in a Tesla and the Porsche right now is thermal management, managing heat and cool where it needs to go yet there's the prototype and I believe the Tesla can be there is exactly the kind of company that can build a one off products I think, a door than ever greater. If ass, they could do that. You could see how its wider it looks, cool ass. It does the Alsace ass, but the other didn't put out the apex. You show me a photo of the apex. So things Tesla, so these I can has really interesting thermal management system that integrates the breaks? The batter the motors and the cabin heat, a cabin climate control all in one system, and so it's very common that once
Some will mean heat while the other needs to be cold and one will need so they give the break are hot, but that they need to be cool. But the cabin is called and needs to be hot. They use the brake heed to they can send heat or co old anywhere in the car needs to go, but do not go stay up. There go back to us. Ok, not that bad doesn't want to change it. There are limits, not bad. I seen word lab everything out with carbon fiber, but they put dope wheels on it, but the interiors where the match. I would like to see the interior that I dont really see a point to doing bar gets on, ease, bind the leisure quilted ladder, little armrest, some carbon. I think the ideas that are going to go back up to see the left there with the body. The wheels and I gather, put larger wheels wine or the lyrics. What does that's it? That's a on please on the brakes, god I think that's a company called unplug performance, APEX, unplugged, Asians ass. I mean it
For me, things happened five rakes on it. I was carbons democratic carbon ceramic break. I think there are a lot of money for that. I'm sure it's not a parallel, maybe the interior, but I wouldn't carbon surrounding breaks about. Maybe they could do so with our horse, like so your Tesla, for instance, if you ought max performance at the hardest launch, you can do. You got have like eighty percent battery or more and it only let's do a couple of em in a row before it starts to get noticeably slower right, I mean ill well, she let you launched, but you want that to fight for whatever it is. It's only gonna meet your first couple launches where you get it right the tiger and will give you full performance until the batteries dead. Well, so I got a full bore launch. Control start with, like forty miles around on the matter, now how many miles can get from fully charged. In theory, three hundred in theory, yeah. That's me living like an old, so I was able to
drive around normally and I found that the range estimate was pretty accurate. We have the car for wonder so. Pretty and then I went to the cannons and in that video I burned off. Forty percent of the battery just making that video real too? It would be same into Tesla? It's not it's. Used our drive a fast and ease row. You you're just you're just smoke in through battery, then with the demand and technology will improve to the point where they can get like real range of these things, like the theoretical range of the tests arose to was six hundred miles beyond. That's never been done, I think. So I am not an expert on avian and there's look alike trickle engineers it'll be screaming. Fucking, dare ipods right now. Sire. I believe I know right. I believe that the victim Three hundred mile ranges at a good amount, arrange the key that we will see that will really be a game. Changer his battery charge times out you can we get a charge in five minutes
for ten minutes and not thirty minutes or an hour. And that the number of stations the opportunity to charge that's an issue with the Porsche over the tassels. They don't have the supercharged network correct, although they are using the Electrify America network, which is actually it's another one of the networks that matters related. Normally these it's actually bigger real, but they don't have as many super highspeed charges, so Tesla and all even on the market right now accept the Thai can all the rest are four hundred volt systems, ok and the test was probably the best most efficient use of for honourable architecture. Eight hundred volt architecture if Porsche is to be believed, is more efficient, the it's a lighter set up of it flows in and out faster than the four hundred votes system. A couple other advantages to it, but it can charge really
really fast through their correct chargers, they're just or that many the super fast ones, are rapidly three and allay right now. What is in Burbank at the best buy in Burbank as allows one here and you I tried one from almost dead to almost full in about eighteen minutes, wow that one but there are very many so saying: girl stop grab a cup of coffee, a european code of us. By saying, after all around you come out, you got eighty percent EU juice. It was pretty good. It went fast enough that I could watch it. Go six, seven really yeah! I know it's pretty good like about yeah, if they get the number stations right, I think the real problem with. The adoption special place Akele is enforced. Not sure man. I don't think this city generates enough electricity through its grid. For all,
was to be charged in cars at how good point right, because it would be wrong if we got all the millions of car now, charging would radically changed everything in the less everybody switch, so solar, even with solar, idle holding is efficient enough rice. The other problem is now it's a whole motors thing and so, like Ebay, awesome like if you like how an easy derives, and you like the experience of owning, wanted. It works for your life, like a thousand bucks, that getting av, but is it ninety percent AV adoption rate in L, a something that's really realistic like not any time so I just don't think so, building a building right now, and so I know I'm learning about which power the city Wall give me in my building and I don't have another this I'm building a brand new building and the city won't give me enough power to put more than to level two charges in my building, our you'll. Let me get a bank of five, my bill, it will be any recharging spot like no can do broke, don't know about soil and
You enhance handsome on power that you have made solar it like solar will reduce your bill, but it doesn't add, it doesn't give you more attempts in the building unless completely off grid career and indeed have to have the natives now iron, the weeds, you're, doing the opposite burning, Diana or if you asked, if you shit, Go- and I don't you know with a new building. I am no expert, but all the people who are experts are telling me that I should wait a year or two and see what my utilities are before. I even attempt solar cause. I might yet he put it in now. Have you had enough? You saved in money, right right, obligated by law to make by building solar ready. So I had to read Fourthly, a roof: yeah yeah, there's a bunch of shit when you build the building that you gotta do two in two thousand. Ninety, my building only collected is this. I west psychological storage, many business. It is these open for reservations. Currently, ass will be open in January, where little bit behind but constructions hard as it turns out. It's the it's the first time,
that we ve ever put indoor quads factors in southern California. We have four high vehicle, staggers, you, eighteen of them. What are you doing about earthquakes? The mill the Roma are everywhere. Twenty nineteen code, dude dude we have, we have more concrete. And rebar I mean this we're up to. It were good for a twelve earthquake. That's all right! That's a twenty twenty standard! I wanna house, like its brow, we took our house, I poured a hundred and ten symmetrical be great the world's on fire, and you sit there. Seventy do well. You are speaking that so the wall, the dividing wall in between the car storage area and the members lounge my office, my studio, is legally required to be a two hour firewall, so you can sit there and have a tea and watch a fire in your side for two hours and then just walk out the front door: real yeah, that's a law for four Caliph railway for toilet in why we have the fire code written for us, it's. That seems pretty cool, though that they're doing that they're making these standards,
extremely high. I believe that it is good to have high standards and that you can get it. You know, but you end up with a higher quality product, and you can then charge more for it. You know that sort of how works, but that's a big leap for you to just jump in and build some crazy Carson, No! I don't shit like that. You might think about that, like the amount of money that must casas, fuckin extraordinary I'll, tell you off MIKE Ellen yeah As you know, you have probably guess it's crazy. It's arising, scary and started from all yeah and then it was like well of the model work small. What about medium? Lamar medium either. What about big will only works big if you build building, because you that The bland is so expensive that you have to go article four and you can't go article in an existing structure. Is it just doesn't mean earthquake caused, so you have no choice but to build and then
There's a law and allay that, if you build for every thousand square feet of commercial real estate, you have you need to have to ST accessible parking spaces had to take a basement. So I I dug seven thousand, so I have thirty underground spaces that counts. So the half the cost The building was digging the basement. Jesus Christ stood near, and where is this its imply Vista its across the street from Google and Yahoo, and the clippers all dirty rich people Eddie dirty rich people directly on the gas healthy writ. Yes, while that's cool you gotta come sooner than hula Swiss Ply Vista. What does that near? It's one of the four or five and Jefferson. On the way that we are really no ray and earlier area perfect, for people with me, I'm West, like electric cars Tarzan as the end of my blog, I'm done Congress it but I'm learning so much about concrete and steel, and you know it's crazy shit creates a weird, weird science, man, our demand, it
great pressure, testing and there's different mixtures and they shake all the rebar to get it to settle its back and you're gonna, wait for the perfect day women building this for years for users, that's right we first her talking about is the least two years. Why growl two years ago I broke grow in August. Of seventeen duty must be shit in your pants with all that money, I'm so exhausted. I don't know how to handle. I so has the rents that have built houses before my fuck man. We remain Kitchen wants a for. Eight months were cooking on a hot plate and Oliver Room and as it is ridiculous, it's it's you don't think a project car. You know we're at the point where the car looks done. Right laid basically looks done cept, there's just so much left to do and dealing with the city is so so hard. This is why I am I'm. A little less optimistic about others in terms of the attack. Option rates of of ease and stuff like that and solar, and so we thought it because it's working,
with the city for this stuff is so hard has taken me so long to one stupid, fuckin, building like we're looking at a whole city like anything appeal to raising Do you think about moving pan sunshine? free and weeds legal while so nice could pie? No that's corneas, fuck, but most of it goes our jointly do it goes a long way. Yoke wasn't what about that? Kevin Smith, Shit, Kevin Smith was up, you're talking about his snooty booties, browsers weed. I know it Evans Venza Great. I know it is, but I did what I had to thought when I was listening to your show and it was like you're telling me the fictional drug dealer from that movie, I loved when I was thirteen, is now. Real drug dealer, but legally and as that movie character, that is some crazy, Aisha yeah, that's basically with what doesn't like Thyssen MIKE Tyson media about that. Do I go get
face. Tat you afterwards is out. You don't have to. If you smoke the whole thing, you probably want one while they sell this, like this so far, godfather blood, yeah, giant fat, blunt that looks like ours and crazy. That is awesome, pretty fuckin good do what do we need to talk about with cars or anything else having in the industry? Do you want to know about? While I'm I mean the Thai cannot think we ve completely covered it now, But my question with all these cars is what is next right. It's right we're seeing these incredible zero to sixty. The three second times seat we're going to eventually see the range increase, but if you would ask me ten years ago. Are we see a two point. Four zero to sixty said Dan feels like its violating physics. When you stop on the gas meaning I drive a laptop for a screen.
Ignoramus onto about Autonoe right right, married, ten years ago, or so the the the tragic three of increased performance got very steep where either the new version of every car has a hundred more horse power is, and now we ve got these high performance CVS and with a high profile. And tv you know, you're, you built the drugstore that that's a fucking drags a meal The tiger does, does a quarter mile, the low tens I mean, so you can you know I don't want to be. Print and say all it takes his money, but all it takes is money. You walk into a dealer and you're buying a drugstore that you know you used to do an arch enemy, chary licence. To run that fast, I could do it underwent all foods, that's crazy! You know, and so with taken the real difference for me between targeted Tesla is the steering and handling, because teslas are very
video games steering near its accurate and sharp, but it's not feel it now this the taken has. Steering system from the portion, and so it feels like a Porsche. So when I drove it attacks the Jew, I go Joe. This is for you but Tesla, figured out how to make it go fast and they figured out how to make it handle pretty gonna, make it cool there how to make it out and any cool, because navies member, the Rev for looking at vaguely, was driving in the nineties like what is this Jim as one of the thing it makes portion take indifferent as they have a two speed transmission. Your task lies one year, so your Tesla from zero to one hundred and twenty is bananas. But Pretty much dies off because it runs out a gear because most people I really need to go faster that Porsche with their autobahn stuff vein. More at the top and so the title actually switches into second gear and key, pulling like crazy. You know,
of eighty two hundred miles an hour and the biggest differ snow. Dynamically is like you know, When you're Tesla, you can drive with one foot like one pedal when I off the pedal, it breaks the car, and so you can pretty much drive around one foot. Tycoon doesn't do that so Porsche, believes that the kinetic Energy built up by motion is better used by allowing the car to just coast as far as possible, and by hitting the region and capturing it in the form of breaking the way Tesla does not turn that function off in the desolate. Does that have an impact on what would, if it still doing, that does it doesn't have an impact on the way it feels while it feels I mean yes, because you have to use the brakes more in everyday low round car quicker to use the brakes more to demean to direct, have regenerate
If, though, we know it doesn't necessarily slow the car down faster dynamism in www juicy zero time now, in fact, if I believe the Porsche is ultimately better at that its did, that the only real, difference is that when you lift off the gas Tesla. It slows down as if someone is applying the brakes year in the Porsche you'd just pure coast pure coast at it, and it's a really it's it's an evil more of a coast feeling then a gasoline. It's like your freed of all restraint like because after and fucking MA up the mountain video that essentially, I was like. Oh shit. Dude I've only got like forty miles arranged. I gotta get off this. We want real yeah, and so I was it, high point in the Helena: go, let's go and so I just coasted house, let's see how far can go without touching the brakes, and I got this motherfucker posting up to
a hundred miles an hour taking corners and not using the race to the handling of the grip or so good. I posted like twelve, miles down the help, do what about a dear? What about boiling broiling boy around for weariness about alertness. I also have some serious shit. Well, I'm filming and I've never been able to not stop the car, and I believe me I know you can drive. I saw the guy's a log down the road just on free on a chain Norma. There was a guy in four explore driving into line. Can you like this? Do we make it the others I caught and on camera and that with a log like the size of like it, I'd, have courage and yet is free on a chain swaying swinging taken outside Jesus Christ trace. It is sometimes our to that video on the garbage too. It's amazing how little of that there really you're here it is or so goddamn. I think it right there back it up. Twenty second Jane between more so come on. It's going to look logs.
Just free dragging that is so crazy things. That's ok! If you back the video up, like thirty more seconds Jamie, you can actually see nothin very getting low forward. You can see see that the trail that the log has made on the road its it made like, like a line of kind of dirt, on the road and it goes back and forth across the road? And you know what the hell was that today is a crazy. You know it's really crazy about the fact that sort of fire- oh my god, they didn't it probably but it could also swing into on coming coronets five on power log, definitely could swing into an ongoing car. That guy deftly doesn't have to have only a terrible terrible, but I managed to super charged
Amber Guinea doing that, that's by the way, that's not my youtube. Video someone has stolen my youtube. Video mother, fuckers mother Fucker sees motherfuckers noted that hit that fraud protection. Jamie. That's incredible! That's crazy thing to see yeah, this is knuckle heads out there man his lot of I go quick, but I go up there. Times that I I know, almost all months for certain that the road is empty. I gather the roads that are used, not commuter roads, and I go there at times where there's highly unlikely to see people as they say, amount of time in the day with our guide drugs large, so that our citizens will enjoy the same spot. When I drag my no one's on I've, thought and mountain. What are you doing up their speed? He s true. That's your employees, logs man, point too heavy to pick.
As you know, we have seen people doing push shops in the street rice seen people on run, horseback industry, some guy just died. Who is a world class climber to you that what I've Ellie fell? A thousand the latter, not the not ours Harald knows, if you did you have you have had him on Twice- is fascinating. That movie is crazy. Do he's on another level, he's Argos and Master yeah. Cause. He kind of pity is that, like smoke show of a girlfriend pretty much tells like you know you just do your thing. I want to be on this wall dude. He freaks me. I mean freaks me out to the point where they talked about, in my hand, starts Adding I get super nerve. I got. I got real sweaty launch and gave a freaked out thinking about him. What he does is like off the charts nuts man he's he's a thousand the air and he just no. And I mean no ropes hold an eye with one hand straight t, shirt, fuck man. I can't
that's some thing in that move. What's the name of the fucking movie for Thank you recent. When he goes, you had to put your thumb and second, this postage stamp sign up on that We stand alive fuck this, Its could stay calm. Do I don't have that thing none of that year, it's I cant do. I know I'm not interested, I'm a. Maize that he can and am fascinated to watch him. So I just don't want. Never get hurt. Is really nice guy, I mean he's. You feel like you just needs to be on that had tried some of these people. Just they need that my hands Sweaty talking to me to park area maybe that's my Thyssen's weed, why places we goodbye, vine characterizes weed and that picture. What about taking that picture. That days like I get a gun down Jamie for her do I look at the tell me how you, like your Grand Seiko, watches the very nice the last.
So am I came on the show, I talk to you about migrate, psycho Watch and your show is so good for business that I got a hand written letter from this of credits. That's very nice, but they make beautiful stuff. They do. I love mechanic shit yeah? Now I love things were someone's making it in theirs gears and there's innovation, and I'm just fat, not what what part of our monkey brain is so fast by innovation and craftsmanship and shit like a calling me about watches, is like their these crazy math machines in and I had a watch call an item. You see perpetual calendar than we think it's complicated, big fucking of a watch and it would do time the day date the month the year for Digits year that the moon phase had a powers in a basically would it knew all the leap ears and knew how many days that's it. How many?
Is there aren't a month? And you, if you kept this fucking thing, wound either wearing it or on a you, didn't have to adjust it for four hundred years. You don't have to adjust it until the year. Two thousand four hundred- that's fucking crazy. That's just springs and we'll stewed nuts that really is not in when you put it that way. It's it's astonishing cause. It's it's an interesting com, of engineering and are yeah right there. Looks really pretty yeah, but it also it's it's fun. Nominal engineering core, the wizards behind there's a new there's. A watch called a vashe around Constantine Day. That is its. It looks like a clock, its biggest clock. It has the most complications of any watch ever made. Has fifty seven complications. So one in spring drives fifty.
Seven different spring in gear sets that do fifty seven different things and then, will, and it will continue like that. That's some foggy weird, I sort of behaviour that is I don't know about it. That's a weird shit yeah- that's bunker. I don't. Oh you mean someone's doing now. That's what they're doing to make in the end, the here's a really bonkers thing when you find out started, making them in, unlike the forty ease and Why? Oh you mean a guy. Who's worked on one watch for like a decade, noble like if you think about like automatic watches like like Rolex, or something like that when these are making those well mechanical watch. It remains intact. The seventeen hundreds if you want to talk about a strictly like the automatic, winding road or just a Jamie's, shown causing Isaiah come out in the is when we first automatic wine.
Why it was like in the early like pry world war, two time create a winding road or maybe a little world, maybe like the twenties. It might have actually so that why what you're? Looking at that's one side: there's does there's shit both sides of that thing. What's in that, raising. What is all this nonsense? But how do you know? I honestly don't even read I dont know and there's a list there's a Wikipedia page for that watch. That has the list of all the complication man, but, but some like that your literally talking like it's probably six or seven million dollars to buy some someone. Pay, thirty, thirty million dollars for a watch why I think we might have been the most expensive paddock. It's weird bring right because it is the gentlemen's jewelry right yeah, it's the gentleman's joy where it's like a little league. Ninety percent, further
Guy Slovenia. What goes on here? I M civics Liddy that movement, that specific subset of other guys- and it's it's. You know we don't get too like. We don't really get to where diamonds and shit around whenever we gotta have a trophy. So it's ok myself check this out. This. My friend Cameron Weiss made this there's a whitewash company, designed and manufactured exclusively in LOS Angeles, every bit of that watch, Maiden LOS Angeles. He that for when I first met him, Don T make some my hand every one of those very pretty supermarkets I thought you, oh my god, can I tell you guess that I just saw there is a fast and the furious musical parody that these dudes came up with and they're doing in this little theatre here the dynasty typewriter theater, and it is like
the team America of fastened a furious and has the floor. Funniest thing I've ever seen. I went twice and it wasn't all it's just call the fast in the furious musical parity, but its they have like women play a bunch like tie Reese ludicrous are played by women. It's. Great it was written by these guys Brad. So not Sir and Joey Orton, they came my podcast, and this is one of funny. Things have ever seen and gotta be a team America tangent do I went there, but a great idea. It's fucking hilarious stood in so great. Anyway, you so live. Your second show the day. Just fine. The solution is either less drugs or more drugs. Well bear Wanna takes everything to that weird hard left. Others like no matter what you were doing during the day before he smoked we'd now you're
weakness is hardly wow. What are we doing? it's really talk about, like some conspiracy theory looming large scale himself d, I don't think he did Nope thinking my non of maybe maybe there's one of the Nazi did. If you had a bad I was in Vegas. I want to give you as a gay the odds he did come on, that only ten percent ten percent as web, where I've got it I don't I don't wanna say it's like zero, but I think it's like ten percent of its low. So would you plug down your box and the one that that he did kill himself. No. I was only hours a year, probably you'd want tend to you want more than ten to one that he did Killops I've, think, there's only a ten percent chance again. Ok, I welcome these numbers are making I know how you, however, your confute converting into odds its falling apart. His eye? I get it.
It does this Magala, not waver, denouncing likely now he's crazy. You could still do that Did you see the Ford Electric? Our excellent suicide guard say there's four broken system. Well, that's a defence that answers just we were incompetent. Not we killed him too. Who knows that's courage in a fucking, weird shit going on, and I want the scenes man what's going on behind the scenes, so many good sneak somebody in the kill somebody, if that's what happened What's going on this gets it inside person Middle Hanover, snakes, somebody in that person's audience. I, the cameras, are off brow. That's crazy! Fuck cameras were cameras, we're loop, so yeah the cameras come on. RO. I have cameras at my house. There, never fuck off remain when the cameras off to have heard repeated a few times, but not more recent at their
There was screaming. I myself that someone heard screaming. Does that supping repeated now, but we live in a fucking, crazy world. There that's dark tie it. Just that's. Probably the biggest public conspiracy theory that most people believe in dealing most people believe It was. It was a hit. I would say most people just read about one last night with his pole. Is there a pupil on that should try to overthrow after nineteen? Thirty five in this general was like the whistle blower fork as the people that were supposed to try to do it. We're trying to get him to behind the face, take to talk people into doing it, and so he went and talked to Congress about his name's exe,
Smedley Butler, I think, Smedley bottler. What are you re an honor winner and they call him out- and everyone said I know- that's just Eliza joke there might have been some stuff being talked about in this meeting, but we were never gonna do anything. They said they had five hundred thousand soldiers that we're gonna March on DC to take over and they had some general. There are put in place the dictator book written about us a couple years ago. Gas, Medley Butler wrote a book and nineteen thirty five cuplike wars, roars iraqi? Well, while so, He knew about other just read about this last night jeez. How do you know? where was the source of the book that debts caught up like the time to conspiracy to overthrow the government? And then that's all? It's all about him. It's really one, but the just came out about like overthrowing after I'll interest. I guess no. This shit is like new, I feel like I haven't been like just turn? Thirty eight and I feel, like I didn't really start paying it.
Mention to anything until you know, like my mid twenties or whatever, and it's been you know yet Bush was a piece of shit and then it kind of seemed on the surface. Like Obama was kind of normal, but like it and obviously we live in crazy town, but but it I think it. I think I feel like its new. And it's not new in this kind of shit. It just happened over and over and over again, whilst the remnants of an ancient society we were dealing with this ancient system that was created long before we had anything resembling our way of communicating that we have now it's all set up. Would we have written a government like ours it set up in this way, is this the ideal way to do it or is it just the way we ve been doing it for ever and undermine the? I don't think I dont think are bureaucracy. They can move fast enough to keep up with the technology,
I think there are a hundred things called or similar problems of culture can keep up by monolithic. Iceman design was to handle the kind of communication that I feel like. I have to hand in terms of like I have an answer, on page with, like two hundred twenty five thousand people announcing a lot less than you, but I think you do better job of like detaching from it than I do. Maybe you just keep yourself busier too. Busy is important, it is but it's just feel like I'm not designed to handle enterprise, in our communication with a volume of people. Who feel that they can say what the fuck ever when they try to push about yeah with you, yeah, that's kind of prohibiting we're all learning to commute it with each other like this and we're all learning to you now to interact and in real time with this new technologies that no one saw coming. This new ability to communicate its didn't exist before
It's weird for all of us, it's weird for the dummies like me and it's weird for the really smart people to create all this technology. Where opening up this new realm of human communication. I think by just by making every bye bye break it into two wings. You know he's gotta, be that our thoughts on all that angry man, just in terms of like, if you why charm like look it up, access to the news like got our access to deliver these stories one on Hong Kong you could like specifically focused on and try to follow, and you can follow it pretty much all day, long all these protests and so vitality it doesn't matter if the networks, sanctioning. People are paying attention to things like the media when things that happen, they become these worldwide things that everybody is following along with TAT was never the case before man get away for the news wait for them to tell you what's going on in Germany,
No, I think so weird now so do you think that. That we actually live in what is probably generally a much better place. We just hear so much more bad shit that we think it's worse. Well, I think we're just aware of what more information and we're supposed to be aware as overload loud, and I think that's what the reason why so many people anxious, I think just our sheer numbers are wearing on liked the way we feel I've actually have developed like real anxiety. Just about fucking life, which I thinks it's directly, related, probably too. Like my internet consumption. Here I mean for sure I think accuse leg, so media of doing that, the accentuating! your interests here. This is the reason why so many of you again fights facebook dahlias. When you is it amplify angry, the more you get upset at things, the more you interact so because of that they send you,
things that make you upset, but isn't it that's what you gravity? towards our armies? You fear actually did a test. Yea did with poppies. Are some you just got all puppies, just start searching puppies and guess what how long the average get all poppies. I wasn't, What was pretty quick? So it's not that it's malicious on a drown. It's that we are cunt yeah, we're cuts, It just looks like it's like a mushroom trip right where it just if you feel good at spirals up and if you feel bad spirals down the edges, it's the same kind of thing and eight, so it's but we can manage it. I think we can manage it. I think we have to be nice to each other. I really do think people can manage it. It's easy to be nice in person, but it so hard to be nice to some fuckin
You know to someone who opens with what a piece of shit you are and his like. You know it's your way of communicating terrible, it's not a! U can get great stuff from it, but it also opens up the door to great continent slave traders, gods in its you get its free shots at Yale. And it's weird do it's like we're, not just someone, you don't even know just insult write about it, but I can do that they feel free to do that to you and they don't think of you as another person. They think of you as some person who's in some public position, so it it's a free shot year on year, and I think you should have thicker scan. They think there isn't they don't realize that you get into job like this coherence hidden, but it is rather different shoe, but it's also listen. Nobody saw this coming. We should all be nice about their this new love of communication that we all have in a week is see things on your phone that are coming to you from air and their stream and in real time.
Can you imagine what it's like to be a child? Who can grow up with the amount of porn they like I don't want to go into this kind of a tangent too far, but like Jesus Christ. What is go like you know when I was a kid workforce, Europe has always someone's step dad. What a big collection or I had to do flocks When I was I was on some, I was on the hard the hard floppy discs. Yeah yeah, that's thousand. I was the nineties kid and there is still a challenge. Our way to easy. It's weird rang like that. There's there's definitely is definitely a concern. Does it does this also does not just concern that you have access to porn? How but the fact that port porn is completely shaped the way people do their pubic care porn. Why display Do you think born reflex reflects society or society reflects porn. I don't know If there was a little a culture contest to see how you eat, trim your cubes
born completely won out like why you can't be a girl just be chaos anymore right? Can you do? That is that it is at a move, ten, it's a specific advantages for that you have to use. The address are issued. Fears gonna have to use different key words together that find army they'll find them. What's what really weird me out about for they really transition to an all step symbol. The sky, no wonder married, and I don't know if I have been following this is grouse. When did everything get dirty,
The thing is this: the rattle of horse culture or some, then it's something all the divorce. The kids of divorces grown up to watch, step brother born and whatever step brother and stepsister giant right now, hugging growth, that ninety percent of title is this. You supposed to be my sister. I believe that what the fuck are we watching poyser more depressing job than right in that dialogue, but why do people here? It is a question: why do people want to be so naughty like? What is it is that's not Well, that's not new wanting drying naughty! That's not not knew no, the wider patent. Why do they we want to push it have you ever keep worse, you get. They want people gag images, look into that sets eyes shut down, the risk becomes the thing A friend of mine is like in the music business and, like you know, is against recovering. You know super junkie and had a sad Finn
give it a lot of e celebrities who have died of auto rod this fixation. Wherefore our heroine users and once they get over the only way to get close is by I can offer the fuckin belt around and that That seems to be a common thread in that. Maybe those deaths were in exactly suicides so that there's it there's, maybe conspiracy very there. Well, if you're gonna kill somebody thou be good way to do it. One of them. They were murdered. I think they're. So is there able to suicides we're talking to my like Chris Cornell or daily. You know it's a fairy. I guess I mean. I don't think that was a case of ordain, but I've seen it via. The argument is that people who have had the high of Heroin The only way they can get close to that without drugs by doing that, crazy suggest this crazy, genuine found, think drastic changes, but maybe I don't know I don't know, I don't think
Maybe Epstein was China Jirga about Jamie's like like a guy, I'm not even sure, even shovel and open up a whole. I don't know how we got down the porn tangents prime, my fault, but also globally, ending your rides, weird, weird idea to signing the end. Nereid and probably something or people like feel like they dont have control over their life and they want to take it. Maybe man Sometimes I think some people just feel bad sad all the time and just wanted to stop. It just makes sense that if, if some people work or frail in certain ways, we just accept that, but if their frail in their happiness, we don't. You know- I have some- ones born with some sort of a disease, and this disease affects them. We feel bad, for them are shit, but if were born,
That is a member of your board, sad yeah, because it makes sense that It should be borne with like a shitty level of doping me. Your brains, not producing enough zero tonne like something I've wiring is not turn totally yeah. I've known my my share of depressed by polar end or borderline people, it's scary and said it is, but we have a we weird aversion. It goes back to our like primate days. You know, but I'd like to get those people away from us, I have a we're idle rything for a long time or want to fix them. It was a real fixer for awhile and is not a healthy placed me and that's a pets look. I know you and it's that their there's a if you want to be fair, some guy that calls for a whole year. Children- not oh! No, don't do that now I got married to
most amazing woman ever I'm very lucky. Hannah rules sighing you thank you. So she was my bordello day like two nights ago. She got me Benihana lessons. Very honour and then I went later that day and I could add Benihana for, like all my friends, it was like life goals achieved, so they let you cook there. They teach you hurry cousin and they let you shit. Onion, volcano thou, shalt, Thou duties are dumb or even an Islamic, as there is a great gift. How many Elam adolescence our two half, it's not hard I'll see. You must be a cookery, I'm already cook, and not only am I could have a huge about as senior with I've got a larger me when the money invoking those before I practised at my house, excited- I am your hilarious loses. Dad is thereby because, because Ipod Lab- and she thought I was delayed by phase of fire- and she was right- elbows did Larry yeah, fucking, onion volcano
Good, that's a great boomerang right, Why does a rare, truly great boomerang? I think, like one of the top comments, posted? This is the only good boomerang. History is lighter. The lighter fail soil most light, my face on fire. When I get it to work, wow, on this last, an eyelash fact that, but it's a real get birthing life. She got me throwing lessons one year. She got me blacksmithing lessons one year. She likes to get me fun lessons for things whose the expert out there is growing, fuck. What's the guy's, a Michael Jordan of acts? Yes, no, there is out shit. They're gonna kill me for nine years a Larry S, name a dvd series and shit a real and guides. I want to say it's like Lester Diamond, but that's the guy from casino. It's not like that. Few Google throwing lessons Ella, you might come up with a body, but that's yeah now they have like they ve opened like knife and acts drawing bars. Now,
really. This was two years ago, but now you can like go like it. The appalling and how you put you throw accents. Oh my god ass those in the world I wanna be around allotted. Those who want to throw acts. Now you go into the axe, throwin spot. That's like some Viking shares, darts re out with you with axes. Yeah there's a hilarious video from yesterday of deputies, latina judge on the campaign trail trying to do acts throw like outdoor and he's straight. Over throws. The axe misses the target entirely and hit the duty drawback marching on my person that grain somebody like a Stevenson book. First, you imagine first presidential candidates, birds, somebody with a little here, the dude in the head with an axe, and they do just just stiffened. If Trump,
it is supporters and pry like a more joy tests that somebody got fit. That would do theory, video of the acts missing and hitting the guy's dramas crazy. Like I've been on this audio book native american kick, I listened to different ones One I'm listening to now is like history, son of the morning star and does my friend, Steve Realler, recommended me holy shit dude, just like I get nervous when I want Alex Conall Outweigh here's, that peat is not I'm sorry, I parliament hit apologize mayor, PETE, Shit Fox and whose cause P S get. I apologize. Pete judge my bad, but a Fox NEWS home a fuckin ass somebody, oh my god.
Oh my god, oh my god! So why? But first ball? Why the block? Is there a ban playing, but I myself her? God has an act whose idea was that wash? Will you use another eight thousand jobs in his arm? Oh, my God help how dab Is he going to judge that was? Peat has guess at all sorry, the different peoples, that's fucking horrible! You do some famous p I'm sorry. I watched my manners morning so sovereigns news guy matches, just just a news: go kill somebody accidentally with an axe and not a presidential candidate. Just a noose guy, poor guy front he just such a throne and acts throw who has at this put a band behind the fuck your target, how trust are you how many practice shots? You think he took none
zero percent too, like how many people have drawn accident, downtown, jingling, work, utility cabinet, actually York DP was like guinea, bring the band around they're, not in the shot. Let's get that band Jesus Christ, fucking bad absurd. As I may repeat, I thought it was you. This is the reason why brothers Topsy this book is horrific. It's all these accounts of what happened between ah the settlers in the native Americans? Oh my god, it wasn't good I listen to that. Podcast, the dollop, history. Podcast fuckin the people they came to this country who are so horrible to the people that were here. It's so depressing, yes, yeah for sure it was horrible with disease, it was horrible. With this the amount of people that is came across the land, they killed all the buffalo, they
they wiped literally every native American try about a power, and they put him on reservations and violin. The reservations Kansas right I just kept getting smaller and smaller and smaller do there's a lot to it. There is a lot to it. It's amazing. The stories like the story of the different tribes are just amazing that just the differences between the ones who lived in the east, verses like comanches, who were mostly just traveling and living in teepees and following the Follow the ones in the EAST Timor Life's permanently settled in kind of one lays right. The lot of Amelia were into agriculture. There are growing, they didn t really have used for horses. They were in it. The horses didn't white people steal their farming, techniques to probably virtue or labour coastal everything. I'm reading a book called, I think, its colleagues history, the greater United States by I think, that's correct, but it's about all of like that. Who s territories that are like outside of the Continental, United States and dislike ways. We fucked over
native people and we in other part of America but they're, not states, so they don't have to if they don't get devout than doing things like we ve used these islands and countries and stuff strategically all over the world the slug through it, but its scope, because if you kind of got a red right, we gotta is probably yeah like what are we doing we're doing what I feel like I did. I went to a very good school. Ass. I went to get good college and good high school and, like I did not learn a lot of really important thing. I learned a very winner takes all version of history that I'm not pleased about. I missed out on everything I was appendage shit and I was like twenty eight, yeah, but now you you know, you pay attention to everything, but before then I mean all throughout high school. The time that I did. Ben going to college was only so that no one would think I was a loser. I was, I was just
if that by Mary, if you're, not in college or loser, and if you're in college not lose a huge and security with me, because I knew I didn't want to do it and I knew like whatever that lead to like. I just I M not interested. I don't have the discipline the second class lesson I was too spastic. I was interested so crazy that you can't sit in class and listen, and yet you can do the double had her three hour. Podcast, that's not we're talking about cool shit, you're cool guy you're funny talk to. I are it's the way the material is delivered her and the last one was. You know what you'll see that it's way more, these two guys hockin and make up I mostly moderated and mostly wound up agreeing with the guy who made the game changes documentary, mostly with what he was saying in terms of science. In terms of whether or not its healthy to eat a hundred percent, vague and diet. The according ever he showed me, it is yeah accordingly, everything you show me and he had as much sciences you good will. It was just a matter of doing it
properly. That's all I've given Smith on your show I've I've considered trying to do like a visa in month or a vague and weak or something I haven't gone through with it yet, but I'm propaganda. I think it's different for different people to a really do Some people have real issues with it, not as some people have got off the vague diet and they ve they ve quit I really like a hobby little. Let me speak well, I mean it's really. I think it's different for everybody to man. I think some people could do no problems. I think other peoples Furthermore- and I don't know why- I'm not a nutritious, but I know that a lot of people that wind up trying it out eventually give up slink? Eighty four per? I no longer organs, but I don't have. Like a moral judgment, foreign or anything. I just feel like. Maybe it's something trying as I eat allow Meet Leah. I'm trying to get. I have enough. I wrote a business plan for my new place as you do when you a new business and the first thing on the business plan is by my fortieth birthday.
I want to be the healthiest had ever been, but I don't think cotton mete out is the move see. This is what I think about all this site. I think you can definitely be healthy and be a According to everything, this guy was showing me everything. James works, which Jean I don't wanna be a vague and but I like we have no moral qualms. Didn't I like our days no argovie again, but I thought maybe if I did a little bit and I can at least tat wise, it makes a difference now. I think the real thing. To do is I'm never die it's, and I think this is one of the things that we prove today in this conversation between Chris Crusher and James works. Is that the omnivorous diet is like an unnatural, healthy thing. You can do a vague and die in the EU Do it right, according to everything you show me today, and I believe this too, if you're just doing it correctly. If you monetary, your nutrient levels, you'd take vitamin, be twelve supplement to something he advocates, that makes sense to me, but I don't believe,
that means bad for you. I think that certain, lifestyle, shitty food- you ve been eating. Meat is thinking of. This is how we became people literally one of the primary theories for why the hue, brain got so big. So quick my day yet more access to protein because we're cooking things with fire and we learned had a hunt better because we are brains kept growing as we're just figuring out the throwing arm. I think, as a possible factor like somehow another, the we need to throw something something pilot like made us my doctorate, some farther away. That's a gay caves, we're pro were so weak or here: the language animal fuckers up, so any any, even a small ish animal fuck, aside zero, kick your father! this method here just kick in area cod, yeah yeah! I get it! We need we need. We need to leave. Some help is weapons when we were like
I what mean imagine going back and see what a person was like when we started becoming people. How fuckin freaky would that be see that it could be scared of everything. Oh, my god, you're scared, but like what would it be like to hang out a tribe of me and all's and see what they were lighted, a different kind of person. I wonder if it would be a mean, like men, to leave? Freeing you're, singularly focused on food and shelter, not You know, I don't know if you have the you, you know you have a lot of like the fuckin worries that we have, but it could be awful simple, but meantime, the costs and fear of starving and freezing the death. That would be shit all of it that kind of things were going. Nowhere is working together here, our luggage end up in water world, pretty security which are what sure movie from the last, thirty years? Do you think our
Current reality is the closest to matrix, really the matrix. Because you are living in a simulation. You think it's gone so weird there does it matter whether not we're living in a simulation clause. Life itself in reality itself is almost all augmented. With some new factors like technology like ever the technology is there were using to communicate with all these people your child? Nor is a top check in here to check how many say satin coup. What's new who's, gonna Fuckin, new video, I could watch distract me for fifteen second, who Burton Tom or in a dance off, look at this and you're. Just we look at the goddamned thing yeah if I M trying to I'm not doing well on it, but I gotta I've got a fucking get my phone out of my phone hand that you know it's a good guilt chamber is that little status thing that psycho you been on your phone five hours and change. You know what they're like
like the cigarette warnings to tell you gonna get cancer early, somebody else, not me, I'm not updated my phone. I know I am I you're the guy. I might add I justified to myself sometimes by saying why have a virtual job and I have to be doing this for work but, like I think, that's not true a lot of the time. I think it's anttila atomic thing it's good to deftly, give yourself some distance and some time away from it, but I also think it's fast aim because we we all know where this is going, we don't know what this is gonna be like in x, amount of years from now It's really dangerous at these companies have so its control over the information that you see and that your new feed and someone's news feed on the other side of the country or whatever could be just so much different. You just your literally looking at different facts at us. It's fucking crazy. It is crazy
crazy. I don't even know how you like. How do you reconcile that unless, like people voluntarily take responsibility, is it? What is it possible to decide that Facebook and twitter, and whatever our like public utilities. Well, that's what people have proposed that we treat it like anything. You know that everybody cotton should have access to and we protected under the first amendment. That's the idea. I think that what is that neutrality status right now today I know it was like getting fought back and forth it in. End up anywhere. I don't know remember when they have terrorists like a collar, yeah orange, yellow orange we'd be I'll, walk pneumatic? Why are we in code origin to get the yellow somebody at a bit about that was you I'm sure I did I remember bits of someone who did about the goal of an ever put it. I think I don't know
What is more, we had one, I think, there's a few comics it how to bid on that too. That might have been partly issue when those things where everybody was like, recognising how ridiculous it was it was. We had codes, we have the fire. Fire code now here s the consumer, can you give me a code of terrorist attack or no two? to tackle. What are you doing postal owes, you know about it, actually you're getting closer to a possible terrorist attack, and you don't even have to tell me what's going on. That's that's where get crazy when it goes from orange to read what am I doing here? What do you? Didn't you know well like collecting storage is like a bunker out, as they did designers twelve yeah. That's a good place to give LISA hide out in case it all goes down for sure. I could just bought that store down and four can finance zombies. You ever wants or zombie shows. I am familiar halves look you out decisions violent porn right whose we
and then you start shopping for zombie upon those we as anyone that over that land cruiser out that some people are starting to start thinking. How would have thought this zombie? What can I do if I was Rick? I leave, you know what I live, I live down by the beach, and so for me, I ll, unlike What am I to do with the tsunami comes? Saunders, wait for an added on what are you doing? Does she know better, avoiding off the water me? I got a little loser. I don't I'm actually waiting for like waves. It is come straight or Beachfront, Pasadena son, that high rise The front row just wait here: that's what the fuck happened. Then, if your address doesn't exist anymore, right right. Look we all Did they find these ancient civilizations unravel ambition? We believe they do fine amino find that new that no found it learns
they found some pretty cool shit yeah the ocean decency, those things it found, I think, in the Bahamas, It's like these stones that look like it looks like passageway like cut stone caught into the ground. Is gigantic stones looks like some sort of an underground pass it on an underwater passageway. It seems like I remembered, I think one point there were like probably entrances made of wood or something that you know have wrought it away. I share your underwear, stones. Here I don't know no there. How did they identify that? Those who do they think those man made? They think that their man made the other scientists, think that's a nap. Isn't there there's a portion of that. That is absolute adds its whole. They think gloomily, road, rail and road so has had for sure manmade I could swear portions of it are looking was in fact, though this I don't deserve reminding us that might is heard recently that I did never December combine here from our member that there is like a stone, hence type structure on the boy.
Of Lake Michigan that people found recently really what the fuck somebody heresy radar just went off the lucky ones I like to like conspiracies, but I've seen a labouring Maytag in stone, idler still alive. That's pretty with allow we're pictures have seen of this trial at the thing that there's like mastodon carve out, think that's, the actual one will fix it. Added to this. That looks like it was done in spray paint in two thousand and eight has like a fuckin cave dry, but I dont I'd just stumbled across this online while we were on make a break last night I've never heard a decided to start using some of your guys key words to start searching for shit. I feel, like my key words, are our narrow. What I'm doing my my internet dislike in time? Wasting it, I'm I'm not getting the kind of results you guys again, this book there into so intense man. The indian one are all makes me think about is like how all this shit must have been when it went down
just a bloody of it- oh, my God, terrific on both sides to rip horrific, just terrifying stories of of whom ass, who recorded the stories, people that survived people, they wrote letters to their loved ones that you know they. They they peace. Things together find out when it happened, craze get their best story the best or they can get about custom. Last stand and what he was like who do just with a hundred and fifty hundred sixty years ago. That's nothing but just Oh, it's real Risa, those fucking p. But were just like us by though you have iphones exactly yet, crazy people. I think I might have told you this last time, those here don't, member that I met Dick Vandyke Holy Shit,
was surreal and weird, I think, he's ninety two, but this in the most surreal and weird thing he told me was that his grandmother shook Abraham Lincoln Hand- oh my god. So like that, you know them the grandmother companies on alive right now, I did tell you that if a fuckin a These figures just do lies possible. I think, there's a president like that. A third heads president, or something like that. Now that had like has like a living grandchild. What's catholic had kids at seventy five had kids at seventy five: it's is it it's fucking Crazy, that's not along that anymore, just like us with none the formation, that we have it so recent other areas lit lion, gardener, Tyler Senior, two of his own shoulders so alive, so press Tyler has living grandchildren
John Tyler hundred seventy five years ago, I had a bit o my special. My last special was talking about that. The United States is founded in seventeen. Seventy six people live to be a hundred. They are three people again. You got it. We don't want to figure that yeah, but that's really what yeah fuck all these generations talk. That's confusing yeah how many people ago Births tat S, not a they they'd get name, is idle saving a hundred years. No tech yeah view gauge alert your car. What's your zero to sixty, a hundred years from a hundred years ago, yeah like really vulgar it's fucking crazy, with a full. That's like a fool Elon musk tank rake is like. If you buy,
did you not gonna live to be a hundred? Some people do get to be a hundred two hundred miles on that fuckin charge chairs cars around now years ago, and they work you can drive them friend of mine has many that you have fought actually do did some it's that so a weird concept right now we're going the horse to where we're at now in another hundred years is banana unknown to India. Which is why, like you know, I I believe, like that. Electric cars are awesome and their cool, and- and I think that in places really dense urban areas. Where were you have a significant number of them cleaner air and all that kind of stuff, but I I just I don't know if that's necessarily what our future requires, because I think that, like the big, the big
the big industries, have have sort of done this. Well, if everybody does our little part and we all by an electric car and recycle, we can solve this when it's really sort of like maybe a few less cargo ships. We have here a big difference, maybe, like printing stuff gets from China to you in twelve hours is not really what we need at the expense of our environment, and if that's the case, I don't think you need to, like you know, have everybody needs to go by an electric car. I don't think that's really necessary. Where there's a lot of shit. That needs to be done. We got at whatever the fuck is going on the ocean. Yeah, we, get people to feel about the whole ocean. The way we feel about turtles and strong just get that sentiment
and apply to all apply to our neighbours, apply to everyone. You mean it's weird. I think Americans have a really tough time taking care of communal shit yeah, but I can't find a fuckin plastic strong. You know it's amazing how quickly that happen, that external they do with supply society is problematic. Turtles knows and eventually comes out with others blood. Everything like that you needed ugly, photograph of acute animal. To really make things happen, but I walked out literally walked to the gym this morning and took from my the Jim I walk across the Venice canals and ice what two bird scooters just in the canals? Just so it's like you know, people just can't take care of their shit. That's why you can't have like Cher does stuff like the idea of these, like shared kind of like pods? I don't really think is going to happen. I think people, shared positively. I like like You know a lot of this letter. On recent minority report, pod,
That's gonna, like flying through the engineer to tie, can makes the Chechens noise. No. When you drive it, it makes them the really does make tat. Does it do it for you like it's a joke, or does it make real noise? No, it does it out of the sky curse as out of our way as a fun thing I feel like you- can let it slide. You know why, because it's not pretending to be an end. Now, though, not It makes an appropriate noise for the thing that its doing it's kind of offensive and made an engine noise. You Billy, I new staff, although I think did. He won't ever come out with its Tesla come. I was a thing that would fate that would fake engine soundtracks why you're driving really? someone, as somebody came up with something that you can put in your car and it will play differ- engine soundtracks. I think why you're drunk Tiffany Harris made her fucking car dance in what way the Tesla has a feature.
Where the doors and lights she's the one with the growing area she plays music in the back, got a store and and and hits the damsel and steps out, she's dance, if I recall we're all dancing for the damage they cause activity has. As you know, the answer for that's the difference between Porsche Tesla is like a teslas. That's like a meme machine. It's like a fallen, the driving. You know it's it's it's! It's fun and it's silly and in especially the model acts, is a very domestic representation of the future, a pedestrian noise makers yeah, so that a different thing I think, that take the taken doesn't really make any noise on the outside than it makes the noise on the inside forget it have noise that it makes on the outside it better be we met a regular. Immediately, because some do is just can have screams. It is our duty to decide what
noise are silent. Thing makes how the fuck did. You say I heard Selinger Corvette Shabby hold that had to horns. It had the steering well, the angry horn and then at the the blinkers stock? It had this really polite, like trill, for like pedestrian, for that would like, like, like a cat, purring, almost wire polite. It's just weird that we let people drive, is where that we, just we trust each other here and there a highway and everybody's keeping its gather agenda that we just all know to keep it together. Here, there's a there's, a really interesting fallacy that that gets passed around a lot which is that humans are bad drivers and That's combined with another fallacy that driving is easy. Both of those are untrue. Humans are actually very good. Drivers and driving is very hard and
and the problem is that humans are so easily distracted and we now have this device that is designed to distract us. That's with us all the time to how often you look up when you drive and he sees We therefore call on my computer and when I'm right, my motorcycle around town- that's all I do is I'm looking and mirrors and seeing was not paying attention but Norton rights of motorcycles. Liberalism Tyler S talking about looking down watching people, how crazy key to writing. A motorcycle and allay is to understand that is your job to be more prepared than everyone in a car. I think I will say more attend lawlessly. He rides in New York City yeah. He he was a little more, he was, this kind to an ally, as I am, I think, Roddy allies, not vat, scary, and I think that because you can lane sweat here. It makes a big difference. It safe way safer, the lanes, but yeah yeah way safer, because most car on motorcycle collisions are actually rear. Endings at lights, people can't tell the difference between the bike in the car and they crunch em
and so, if your lanes wedding, you moved to the front line in traffic and say you don't get those rear, endings. The problem with lane splitting as it sometimes people look like that Can I go to lanes and look behind them and then, when they left, the models are so fast or already that? Will you shouldn't be going vat that's it I'm gonna Faz I've seen some guys are doing crazy shit. I don't like split, it's like come on the losses. Fifteen differential fifteen between cars between the earth. Beat on the bike and cars will that's not real maybe that's laws, but, as you know, it sets them yeah, yeah there's I saw some do the other day in the four or five that made me so nervous,
Crazy sport, like me greatest bore by people, will be crazy sport by people, but that thing, if you can manage that saying, while those for your reality is so different that anybody that's right, if you really likes ever now, never very little very, very very little. I took lessons but to people I know, crashed and got hurt pretty bad and one of them was a duties find for the, CS names fright mere lose. You see, have you a cabin dude who's got one and one of the best guards in the history of sport, arguably one of the best submission fighters of all types and a heavyweight. In a world champion, though fighting or after the accident he is, but he got hit by a car and got launched into the air and he almost lost his leg. Serious break what is called has led, got crunched between car and motorcycles. Vignettes. That's really bad. Endued he's a gorilla. He is a giant renewed now is offered him,
barley man, I I model, cycling, is a very is risky. It's it's for me. It's a pretty calculated risk. I'm writing a little scooter when right scooter versus the motorcycle? You dont get that leg. Crunch thing azure at you know, it is what it is you just got to you got to have eyes up. You got to be ready and you got to be. You can't like have a beer when Stan Ride home. You just keep it feel it. You can't. Do it shouldn't, but even if you are legally are you still should do it, and so it any and also like. I love love that I can't pick up the phone that by that half hour or my little scooter, get my way for trial Victor ever died, going. That's a nice break from the fucking phone and being able should just be in motion in allay, and you know, and your ears even if we only slow ten miles an hour, everyone around.
Stopped and you're moving thats, the fuckin luxury man? That's what I'm about I'll about being moving when other people are stopped. That's for me! That's! What's up my don't move. My timely have to hire a crew at our Europe, your machine with other its giant building with all the cars in it and to sketch out here before its art is a hard dichotomy. Ella, if you want do the job I have always kind of where we need to be its thus spot right, but I, like you know I can get a Prescott, I can get it ain't heard horsepower Super Car Prescott in January. I want you can't do that in. In their hives, more cars. You overview over a thousand cars. I so crane lot! That's why you develop, though these oddball tastes. That's why you have that wacky anterior me: that's all that comes from the Cairo mayors scars dude, I have strange stuff
my I got far sighted Mustang. I saw that I did. I did. I got a lot of money for it. I get have money to charity. Calleth Mutawa we paid out, we paid it animal shelters rent for a year. That's shouts, Peters, Effie Fund. If you want a kitten in the south by I just got. Me and my wife just got a nineteen ninety one Mitsubishi Delica delicate, which is adjourned pennies import Van and it's a turbo diesel? It's a four by four and it's a six passengers. It has like Swiveller Captain shares, and it's just that. Coolest thing ever there. It is to that end, it is it's that its space fan did back in the day. That was shit yeah, my thirty thousand kilometers items like twenty two thousand miles and amusing. It is the airport shuttle from from Jacques. That's very like that's what we thought of as a car, from the future? In the ice space spare I give you are living in the eighties number one. What I want to know what the fuck happened, the custom vans
I hope no one. Now, how do they now such IRAN's or a new things are now customs have gone two directions and the one direction you ve got your the private jet van certainly like Saudi, like you see, entire Reese rolling rolling around right, where they make a kind of look like a private jet interior with sprinters and then leave your overland vans, like sports Moby and your camping type rigs you're off running rigs. So they split they don't Do the cool shag carpet, let's talk any more than I had. Was that there's a magazine called role heavy magazine. That is an enthusiast magazine for that kind of. That's that's a year. Bans are still there cool with a certain subculture. Those Volkswagen sink rose, the for my four Volkswagen vans from eighties yeah worth a ton of money like a reality, grand yeah they're with our money, this hilarious, when they take those bugs those be those who does this. When I would
the station wagon. The vote led up your bus day and they put Porsche engines and using them guys raising up. They put. They take the old vans the Sixtys and Seventys, the good Classic Volkswagen Micro Bus, and then you they basically graft on a Porsche floor plan to it with a Porsche engine which will fit porches suspension and they go fast what do they re some things in Germany to key pull up any, there are going to see one of those that hockin I've looked astuteness stream, look disguised following a ferrari down the front straight this guy's more big any chop, the roof remedies, he's lowered it if you can- some in car video of one of these guys driving it's like bananas, crazy little. Yeah there's other ones that are even even not here and away goes closeups there. It is crazy, somebody's Volkswagen guises, awhile Israel using the whole course they're good for him That's a nine hundred and five hundred thirty horse
our portion tied nine three race taxi. Oh, how oh he's, gotta, Gabriel Places. His luck in Van enthusiast. Jesus come Oh, what are you doing? Fluffy well fluffy garages, fuckin, sir due to this is real museum and I discovered in long beach. This is here we never heard of this, but that's the real thing: This is a real thing, look allow he must a really love these things. Going up that's hysterical. That is crazy. How many does he have a lot at origin? Ready private school. That's really nice! I had no idea. Fluffy was a v w bus enthusiast, we ve gotta, go everyone has stressed that people and those are really really into those sites. Fellows got a few of them to have so many has three million dollar boss collection, that is banana yeah and you know that
Did they sell dogs like if you want like a the twenty one window, they call it or the twenty three window. That's where it's got the extra windows on the roof. Take the total number of windows normally is like Tina whatever, but twenty one when those twenty three windows are like a hug. Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Why idea? Why just cause they're rare and endless mildly beautiful. He has his things, restore your drive. One no worst Pedro fuckin garbage sitting. He has everything stock ready, the hot as always used. I don't know I mean an inferior yes, I didn't realize he was such a serious, so serious about those by insurance guy raise their nice variety of em is get J. Driving J J knows his shit man at a real, Andy hanging out with J D. His show he knows a shit yeah. I did His show my nineteen sixty five corvette houses They work, and I saw that I may like the wheels you ve got a great yeah. What do you do?
in the most these days. Does the Tesla there the Tesla does of eliminate a lot of other dry does not the nonsense like. Why am I know because it is so easy. It tells you out. It makes you I mean, there's something exciting about the roar of an engine right write, something about engines as something really like something about, but There is also something about this Zan yeah trap absolutely on absolutely. Your car doesn't make any noise there's asean. Yeah. I thank you calms down a little. Does you get your little more relaxed, minuets we're going and they hide inside and also on the part of that is well. A lot of that is just you, don't really real. Is how harsh the vibration of an engine is until it's gone? You know, and even of even a very smooth engine with very smooth gearbox, sends a lot of vibrations jerking us through the car and when it's gone especially
with the tests over. You drive him with one foot dragging one paddle. So now it's like you go from well need to use three paddles and to feed and an arm to a finger and one foot you know you're you're, physically doing a lot less. But you used to say that you, like your portion, the carbon storage? Is it like Joost? You are. You still feel like that. Like I like something Laocoon, something that just stupid Somebody get zone yeah, but it just gives like a little bit of a just like our text are yeah. You really have to drive fast start about that. It's about what it can do like you. Take it now for this. He just moves better moves around corners, better, it's gripped the road bettered More Mormon can yell Spinal Evans kind of like that, but in its actually got the of the elements of like a Baja truck. Also so you ve just fucking, smash. Speed bumps, unlike you know, those weird transitions into driveways here that everybody hates in sports cars could take on an angle, but straight
in all the powers can about said a little bit. You can drive off herbs and shit. It is so fond all those things you love about your car, but also the things you want in like a trophy truck cheese. If rise rules, cell gray, we should be a salesman. I am, I don't get kickbacks but but you should everybody should, by an off road, Porsche its flag right, Larry S, ear of all the recommendations, lotta people, Consumer suggests you stay in school and get you together. Jordan Petersen says you clean your own I didn't want him how very for good, considering it myself, I apportion spoken by some stupid shit, I only have stupid cars. I love the fact. You dump so much money to that. Mustang has like suggested no no disrespect etc. It's true is the second ugliest version its. It was cutting unique at the time
There was an ugly and human rights spent mad time talking shit about my must work, it's just an choice. Does you you're, a connoisseur automobiles Right Magnum, in my mind like why wouldn T get like a sixty, eight Mustang I dont have a connection to those cars Reno yeah I was I was. I was born and eighty one, so I so to me the mustangs of my youth, My car, Larry, Chen shot photo. Doesn't creed of cars? beautiful man that that was a beautiful car and I did a money into it, but I turned I got on the cover. A car crash magazine speech a fee. Turn speed, hunters and I'd I'd. I got off my money back out of it? Even after I gave half the money to charity, so I got out of it pretty good. It's fantastic in you
our very Pedro any of it drove really nice to look at this. The suspension like the way it sets rather the right of the fat wide tyres right stance. Those are also what those wheels the wheels are. Hiv are s one o five, which is a really popular we'll for the four g t, so that's private, cheapest car they ve ever been nominated. Like I well side picture the wheels retail for, like twelve k, there really Spencer yeah, pretty me, I'm sure if you really want to deal, we can progress. Some worked out with HIV, but a car was so cool, but you know after it was done. Like that picture, you just saw it done. Basically, once it was done. I was like a fuck man. You know this thing handle so good looks so cool could really use Three hundred more horse like it was like it was three and a horse power threatened fifty horse power, and it really is like six hundred and so I was at the point where I either was gonna. Debt spent
two more years and twenty more thousand dollars and may The I'd be happy with what I got at the end, or it was just time to move on and about the same I am I drove leaky in the name of the dude who built my Porsche and he builds and sells. Those fine is number fourteen of the cars he builds. I drove his for a pity. Oh- and I just was so in love with it, and I just said oh, this is exactly the thing that I need in my life right now and so when I saw the Mustang, I gave the monies leaky gotta lifted. Nine eleven Look at them realise took tat. Is your daily driver yeah that's my love in combination with the scooter and the test cars. I half way. That's hilarious, yeah! Your number one squeeze Safari nine eleven from nineteen. Eighty seven, I didn't spend all that money to look at it in area yeah, yeah right.
If you, if I spent all that money, it has no collector value right, it's just the value is, is what I get out of driving. Isn't it shocking when you open, when those all portions of the heft to it surprising solids this? Yes, I mean those wars galvanised Porsche bodies from the sixties. To the mid nineties are some of the finest belt vehicle. In terms of quality and engineering there another expensive to maintain they. Be annoying, but as far as pure quality of engineering. There's, there's nothing better. Yes, pry the finest car in the world for equality perspective through most of its life, the nine six for a really unusual one for me, because that year was like they still kept the frog eyes yeah. But the suspension became more, more lively, little bit more controllable, but yet it
still maintained a lot of the old feel were at the time, those cars. If you go back to ninety, who, when those cars came out or ninety one and a red sort of like temporary reviews of the car. They call the old, slow and heavy know they said it was a solid feeling car. But the Corvette Z are one His way faster, lighter you know what I mean in the Ferrari. Let's see that, while the three forty eight was a piece of shit but difficult. Ninety, two, some the japanese stuff. The supra, the three urgency to interpret these were modern cars with with tar chargers, and you know it is new. Cool shit, and here was a sort of nine eleven really still sort of the same since the sixties, you know, and so that kind of dragged on, but two should to revisit those cars. Now the fact that they were unchanged from sixteen to the mid nineties. Isn't it is positive? than endearing quality. It's it's!
such a. They developed vat body and chassis so thoroughly over those thirty years that its Finally, engineered thing that you can take it and build something like a singer out of it: a singer: nine eleven it is as like Ireland, or other their regular car right is as fast. I'm gonna, take us a ferrari. Four five, eight with no trash control and manually shifting choir and they ve done wonders with those chassis than they really lighten them with carbon bodies and and so it is possible to take that chassis. Further it just woody cost Porsche, Porsche lost, so much money in the nineties. Dude Porsche, really hanging on by a thread. And they were losing money like crazy until Volkswagen our group came in and that's where you ended up with the water cooled cars, the bar stir and then the cayenne in the nineties when they were doing the nine threes from night they were losing.
Is the amount of money on those cars rohingya new elements, weird car right. It's like they stuck with that crazy design for so long guide feels it feels old. It feels like twenty five is older than it really is. An ideology is finally made yeah. So interesting right so was strange combination, supposed to something like that's all areas That's a nine nine three duty career are ass. Woof died for uniform, has very nice, that's beautiful costs. You know, if you look at the passenger compartment, the rue flying the windshield decide whether those car you that's basically unchanged from the seventies too, too late. Ninety that such a pretty shape it just cite some shape that people just grab. It towards, and it's a should only the really old once knew something about an old one. When you seem in person like museum really nicely done likes if any one long nose something about. Emulation light
They have the kind of airy about them. I just I think you know of all the classic cars they are the most used, a ball you now took to just run around the city and drive you, you can drive a car from the seventies. Magnus Fuckin drives a car, or the regular hours in the seventies. Like no problem, you could do that. Dude Magnus had this car that he sold some Rock n roll star in England. This saw silver with blue stripes, and it was like a sixty nine lightner. They remember that guy of my god that car was imagining he's he's got David, is a video of Hamley drive and aunt going around this corner. You know that here that video them they made about him. Yes, a little short doc, outlaw that document Algeria and he comes around in this old school silver portion. You look like we had a whole different, thing he's doing that everybody else and he's Ivan Drive and fast, like you, didn't, have to drive fast, nothing, it weighs what is aware.
The twenty five hundred pounds Motsoaledi and it doesn't have a power while one of the things I love it, my car is with the lift on it and the tires you ve got like script than normal. I've been so if nobody's around like I can slide entrance ramps like I can be a silly bastard in in in that car and its it just extra fun. Let it this Well yeah. I did that as the silver car with the blue, yet other areas that are cool yeah. Even when you hear the engine, it doesn't sound like anything else, they ass a weird little mechanical creature. Here cause of earth small displacement? That's probably a two or a two hour or two to you know it's not like this big bore right. Like you ve got, you know I've got a three to which is a bit more of a basic kind, Antonia the older, as is of a minor fit. Ah, I release those ones are so sixty little damage there's nobody big inside, like it's the same size inside as your car, like you could, in it and drive elements are given those three fifty six
Is there really old port in the fifties? Like those your actually kind of roomy like when you but none engine in the back of your feet can go forward yeah and Germans, a pretty big people to tat one of the things with Porsche specifically, as is about tall people, fear they got barbarian DNA Man and the sea old force over a very long time was six four, and so they demanded stats it had. A marrow looks like it does so that have six what four person can fit in the back. It's exactly that reason. Oh yeah yeah but they do at the back to the nine eleven. So those are ridiculous. Those are for kids still would like a little carryover. I don't think that's an insurance thing, I think, by being a force cedar and make sense yeah You'Re- maybe I just don't have received mean you can have a friend get in the back of your nine eleven a couple of blocks. Urea, it's possible habitats. I guess you know you throw your duffel bag back their whatever it's just too tight, too tight, but the ones you buy. Don't have your seats
do you care nearby the IRS, as they are the receipts? Why, when, if I drive like one of those cars, especially the older ones like gum, you know a nine six for hardly I'd. Like the most stripped down your hands, That's what I like TAT makes sense, the more like down on radio one. I like a radio danish Nan Nuthin. His eyes out every AIDS I have ever known idea, conditioning but yeah. I know you mean, but a car like that, like a little right, yeah, it's like you taken a ride more than it is like you, dryly, no driving is the thing you that's what you're doing here, DR yeah. That's my Amber Guinea. I treat like that when I, when I I don't take that to do bullshit when I go out and drive that car earlier. That is, my activity. Yeah psychedelic Magnus he's experiencing You know what a normal first experiences when their enjoying the pleasure of driving, but skin way more analogue way, more super like car, every its of ancient fuck. It
Those like cars are really easy to drive, though, when you ve got a little engine, you can give a light clutch light. Shifter, you don't know The more power you ve got, the heavy. Our duty. Everything needs to be so when you dial that stuff back in the cars two thousand pounds in the engines, Latour horsepower, you can just fingertip the whole things very easy yeah. My friend Todd too said this to me is very wise things that it doesn't matter how fast your go in dismay. How fast it feel totally whose talk unwilling old, nine eleven thousand percent- a thousand percent its wise wise, like it's a wise perspective, because you, oh yeah, is enjoying the car like you're supposed to get me. Swell enjoyment like it doesn't have to be attached to a number correct. I give you didn't know how fast we're going you weren't looking car other than for the purposes of safety area. You weren't, like it wasn't a dick contest. Did we assert level, you wouldn't want to drive I, but I agree: Knowing the speeds like me personally, like my my car,
of fairly low low power like they're, not crazy, huge power cars like and I think, beyond a certain point. I just can't use it anymore, and so I think there is an argument, for being something like a Tesla for every day and then having an engaging machine for the weakest one of my favorite videos that you ever did was that was it baby. I've did Joe you silly scar, yet another cars for sale. Is it really up? You want it cars, that's a lovely cars, it ended. It is ourselves called project nasty. I think he got down to maybe too We too honour pounds, it was It's? The lightest, not nine, six forever drove but it was while I have no headliner nerdy, my mental inside of it and everything. I remember watching on look at that thing with, as we said that what was really interesting was that this is the connachar you build. What
and you you know you may cars further people you. I only want to build some free self. You build something that most folk s kind of. Has that companies known for like these really hi and like custom it's a portion and they make crazy fast things. Do you can buy a mean you? Can you can write a check right now? You can just write a Czech walk away, come back in two months and have like a fifteen. Horsepower nine, let's put because these guys you're these guys race, runways out here now, that's like the thing now. Is run runway racing, so they go they go side by side, half mile on their doing like to twenty two thirty in a half mile video, I'm sure you have of the guy in the GDR and the Nuremberg ring and use catches- oh yeah, do who never drink contest. Sir, that's fucking, terrifying you should go driving harbouring having merely to share with you a guy fly yeah, but you and I would add, fly through the air. I wouldn't fly you
DR intervene more normal car that doesn't fly yeah. I would drive something and by the way, after that, they cheat they. They re sculpted that section of track real. Yes, they they for a period of time, They impose the speed limit, even during races through that section, to prevent that from happening again. They choose and I believe the rules of the racing series to slow the cars down and that I believe they re sculpted the track. There is well after that, incidentally, couldn't just like that or at least to make it stance, we less likely that fucking cars catching air is a you good night. Then you next internet dive Google Race Card race, cars attempt to look for that, but I just said the other. You can't evergreen crash and not end up with. People are gone so fast and people lose it all the time to its the it's such a fund scare crazy place. It's every. Every
limitation- that every bit of reputation is earned. It deserves in its but go to doing. Is like one of the more unique experience of your life and you don't have to like you know. Like you say you have to go for time. You can just go and drive it as a fast fun road. Just what I've done as Americans. We should be a shame that the Germans have the Nuremberg rang. Hitler built that if we want a lot of really tiny really I mean he didn't physically lay the asphalt, but it was a Hitler. It was a forthright superiority thing right alongside the Autobahn, Sus racetracks, best race, cars, best highways as part of their deal. That makes sense There is so much engineering that came out of that group of Fuckin cycles, yeah, I'm really sorry make room in which I really love called blitzed drugs at the third Reich. There was basically just about how much mass they were all on and it is now
of course, of course you do. They ve been on speed for ever since he figured out speed. People were on speed, and they're, giving it to the pilots. Soldiers antler had a speed. Pray was due in Spain, balls like in John Belushi, I mean it was. It was crazy. There still is theorize that they had given the Japanese and fed a means to get up the crash into the plane, yeah Crest aeroplanes, into the boats, rather yeah kamikaze. That was, I thought, I totally believable mathematics and we are concerned with the war. There's a story in this book about their they at the very end of the war where they invented these sing. Oh person submarine. Imagine why basically just floating coffin and they sent me people out with like ten tablets of men, Nobody else and this little submarine the catalogue and like none of them came back there. I just can't not that I have but they were Nazis but messed up. Soldiers in death submarines, maybe a little bit is how that little thing they get work. I think it is to try to budgeting,
it's a fucking statue Oh, my god, yeah! It's a does. Allow much sketch here that issue. There is the one with the little all along time. Germinal man thing yet double time sets it at the picture. I saw had the bubble somewhere in Colombia, there's a dude with a thousand, The current those right just got a grey area, whether they coastguard not on the summary. They have a cartel sub there is just knock. It was it the coastguard they gotta go together like open lily, knocking literally today old. They jumped on top of a goddamn submarine and made the guy's open. The pants open the browser is box, I regard dams, Evans, Armani, it's crazy If so, does they jump on top of the roof of this happening submarine Holly
look at this sea, so the Chase Adam there's scream and oh my god, yo. This is and how shit outward owed dude, how crazy cynicism They were twenty five foot long sub, so these guys are falling behind. It jumps awfully this bad fucker, so we think think this sub is capable of full submerging are. This is the closest to sub that it gets rifle upright can go down like a hundred feet, but maybe holy fuck. It shit this two straight up, not the door. They rightly disasters so crazy, I need your search terms. You are fighting way better thing to me on the internet, but who is in outlook who has taken subs and filling a mobile call their building their mission awaiting a country. Belgium are due to doing that that they had that whole big ship in Philadelphia that cargo ship, that especially on by chase but like, had two hundred afforded merely
dollars worth a cocaine. Really, there is one more thing. The Dac heart Paris to DE car rally is its car race, like cars, like my safari or like built for that and its there's, these others race, cars, there's race, motorcycles and clouds and stuff off road vehicles. That is very long off road race and then there's these support trucks right and they d ass, the trucks too, since, like these like commas, unlike man, trucks, big, off road tyres, huge engines and there, the trucks or in the race, and so these coke smugglers, the trucks, the bed in the back of the truck is enough. Parts like rebuild a whole car and the truck has a racing driver and a five mechanics crew, and chase, the car, if the car breaks a fuckin, pull over and set up a shop and rebuild the car right, but there in the race to and so these coke smugglers bought one of these damn car race trucks. Did it up like the livery and just like cup
miles after the start. Dislike entered the race entered the raised with his two full, blow out all night. That's a move. They got stopped. I gotta know somewhere. The rex rested with his rigs trip. What is this germ cell chopper so that's L, John three thousand tonnes of cooking thirteen thousand problems like seven? TAT is raised by eleven bales of my god. Thirteen thousand Jesus. This one was in Europe, had a hundred million pounds worth these guys it is building they learned and we're Missouri Mozart Movie, israeli Oda, no escape they built the sub freely Odin Kevin Dylan Dimension. Now what was that no, I think, was no escape whether on the prison island. They get until the sobbed can still make movies, like that. I just said
I've seen some good movies. You see fortress Ferrari for restaurants, good about it. It's good! It's mostly factual. It's not it's entirely perfect, but it's like more accurate like bohemian rhapsody do. Member Lamont steam Acquiesce member was driving the beginning that old, Ass Porsche thousand exactly what we're talking about. Yeah race car driver who's, the car drives around that old, nine alone, that car sold for a lot of the movie dead. That would you like Lama, the movie I dont remember. There's like memo sneaking for like the first. My attachment is, I think it's beautiful, because it's like it We put you in the mood of what it's like to be these people without without saying too much It will do that and movies back that man. They are really slow. Pacing had of quiet sort of pensive thing We should go and watch if you haven't seen it before watch again the hustler. Let us say that exactly
Paul Newman either said it's amazing. It's amazing for what reason it's it's fucked. First of all, its it's, the nineteen sixty six early, nineteen sixty an ear you seeing like this part of America possesses filmed Roy, Presenting the time in which it took place is not like you're doing a period movie so this is like nineteen sixty like early nineteen sixty cars and the way they talk and the way they drank, and it's about this guy's, a professional pool, hustler who's been travelling from California. To New York City to meet this guy. They Minnesota, fats and plant can disguise the best pool player in the world, and so they play all through the night space on our as it was at Robert Rosen, is at the centre of every adjectives said: Rob arose the Athens based on a very you say: Paula neuron! Isn't this? Yes, that's Paul, whom lock? It is look at tat, food and Paul Newman Place anywhere else, and he plays the Baptist. Motherfucker and pool wants to come.
And play Minnesota fats. Minnesota fats is Jack, lowers guy LISA and he's amazing these surveys? You got two flowers on his jacket, brow, hats there, those tire hanky, rather I only hope, even had multiple poor movies, while this was the original So with the color of money with Tom Cruise was was fast Eddie who was again Paul Newman, creating back into the world a pool end this movie spoiler, it's from then. I distinctly retires. Editors movie retires comes back to say, interrogators, I've, satire value, you have seen collarbone, but you know you're picking up again now any sixty, that's areas, this young kid is talk and shit, and he doesn't understand that because he's a real hot pool player today
but, as I understand it, this guy in front of us is a legend yeah. I learned in the name of his really has no one was the ballot Boucher. Yet, while exact area valuable time you that he had in those because of this movie, this movie in particular that because you didn't mention the first movie but was pretty clear, they're playing with a ballot Boucher, this movie that that Fucking Q is worth a shitload ammonia, there's a lot of like great pool too many factors from that error. I don't know you like, like crafts, shall I totally when the world of pool it's all about? Q? Is all about like the type of hate you type a will. Wait and bow bushes have a very specific kind of hits hurry. It's like there's an old school fees he'll to it that a lot of players that, when plan like most life, love cover so around now, oh, no, no, no, the! If you buy one now european he's got a shitload of money, secular,
at this point in art, peace. Would you play? We have you had some people do some people, do it like a badge of honor, you know each other, but a pool all with our boots on us. So the best plan gear its- I guess I got like shock- comes in order media. It's me art, pieces and vintage. You stuff, there's one right. There wanted to tell us why you geez moving on that the misuse of that sort yeah, that'll examples at an hour at the string on as soon as the original Cortland RAP, and all that. IT pearl. Those all done by I read out the bottom right nano think. So I think that this is a type of ip ivory. Actually is
all that off, it's probably might be ivory, and maybe I will you might be right: twenty two July, a plastic down there. You wanted something to be durable peace it on the ground I had ever and they all use dumb ivory that came from the pre ban days is back then, when they were making these things, people could go over there and shoot elephants just for their tusks, Lebanon, Ebony points was insane ebony, evasive, gold bans, race track mop. What name play OTA Racetrack mob named plates blankets You lost me, but going between the mob, darts and diamonds, original Cortland Matt mostly fallen off to regional George Bush shafts. The person that interesting, oh yeah? Well, they ve had a bunch of those like that people would buy em they order womanhood engrave their name. There is something very shot gun like thing shock, understand,
the islands character, the would you have now go you go over there and he choose your word and scroll work in the barrel working on crazy. She good friend of my makes pork use. Is there called sugar tree air crisply makes Morbihan shortly afterwards. I m sure you re like a dozen of them out here, it's his his with the way he makes things is like super specific marquise, a guy he's an art connoisseur. If wood was an hour to her so like when he looks like a piece of wood, he he doesn't It's like a combination of knowing it'll make good Portugal, but also wanted to look specifically where they have Gnarly knots in earlier years, kind of colours of the woods and just fine in January and took out it's just like, the same thing was a sensible bow. Bush go poor, cues were reaction the nineteen S with the permission of us not real, get. What's the movie came out somewhat ass if they carry ices Yak whereby its? What is what happened was there was a cop,
but this is a really because it's a decent q, but it's not like you knows the real challenge. Cobra right, you can buy a rapporteur, but the real reminded them like the way that one place better, I mean disappeared people, like the way all kinds of different things, but my play better than there, but it's not Jakarta babbling about Gonna make it he's got maple same thing, cobra enough that you could brand new replica shall be cobra will probably drive a lot better than that They were raised among these. But what is fifty grand and what is a million years one Israel and to be honest, wouldn't need, I wouldn't buyer and one of those newer babushkas either. If I wanted to ask you to play with The point is you know what you're getting its now. The thing with choose is like with a lot of things. It's like you wouldn't want. If you see a pool you like it doesn't even necessarily have to be of aiding fancy. It's just. You see like the with if it's got nice would and nice bounds to
an intelligent, there's, a girl. You look at you know, so I made that by hand most likely someday crafted that lay and with regard to you know that the difference between a fire. If our watching a five thousand now watch and fifty thousand or watching two five hundred thousand our watch is just further further into the details that one wants. That was good for four hundred years. That's, but man, yes, there's other ones like that. I have a hard time with that, I'm having a crazy math machines. I ll I love the crazy math issues. Does watches at play. Chimes there's, watches that, where you you, you had a button like a thing like dances, like a coupon clock, there's like all kinds of crazy that its people do Gillis. There's a soldier of porno watches to using the Porto watches, where its literally you hit a button, and people like star banging you like armor,
No I'm like a diagram. Yet no lifestyle, mechanical animatronic Kabul starts fucking on the dial it's kind of malaria this directive, but its entire genre watching their very, very expensive, very hard to google that What's that one ourselves, one guy had one that was like a dome inside of Georgia. Planet, that's called a Jacob. Astronomy, So any member who wears that, like you, got the item, thirty their million dollars beyond me, some kind, a pimp, planetarium one year on. We should remember Jacob the jeweler. That's him does us. This is the universe. You can't wear one of those and have people look at you without you beat you're being a little crazy? Yes, the astronomy, it's it's like a fish ball you put on your fucking risk is the weird.
Thing ever and it's designed. So that's the mechanism that rotates around the fishbowl and it's got something called it. The thing that's flipping about is called a Torbay on in that the time regulating mechanism. And the main spring, which keeps it wound in them, as you can see that the actual clock itself rotates and stays vertical, and then you ve got this earth thing and then you ve got. This is big diamond that spin around and it's it's a huge thing. You wear on your wrist- it's probably forty, eight or forty nine mm, and it's it's like putting a fishbowl on your wrist. Cuz got a big glass like case over it so could so that'll get out. So one looks like in person down is so crazy. Look at us a million dollars you two million dollars for also this one is showing is the longer I want. No, it's gotta roulette, we'll let it actually works. Oh my god, you wind up and it sends a ball and you actually can play roulette on the watch. That's that's called the shot me a casino, yeah Bachelet right man, you lose your house.
Finally, this one's an animated one. It's an oil, Derek that pumps also when they spin it like I'm sure he'll show it. But look at the oil d Who did somebody designers cause they owned and oil companies certain that that enable made yeah? Oh my god, it's amazing how much you think estimated the prime million those five years. It is its growth when you want. I know it's not. As you know my god you! Rather, why are you getting? It it's crazy. I don't know why. But again I I wouldn't get it but like. If you I don't know why Get a data the really appreciate the art of it. Let it go down there that I was a good man floating school low in MECCA does tat is floating, I mean you know, there's another company called M be enough, which is not as some kind of down for lack of a better word, its less just. Less why she had. It looks like a fuckin racketeers, tricky space community,
but it's all mechanical. It's got em b and represent F and dumb. They come out the people- some real creative shit. Are they really are? Let us the kind of shit, the maintained since he moved to the woods coming in about a new or almost doin. These people cannot leave. Anything alone. They lately they have to innovate on every Why couldn't? I know how to Kay always really? Ok, it's worked. It makes our life way more interesting, like there's worse things and innovating in a mechanical timepiece. I know it's amazing, so that this is just an empty enough. This is where these those to do mom's sort of spin around. They make a couple different like crazy one. Oh my god, it's beautiful! Yes! So they have these sort of real spacey kind of alien device type watches there. I mean they're very expensive, but there very honest authority, georgeous limousine again, that's so pretty the one with the
or is really crazy to what is that yeah? Just so you can see on the left is the hour and the right is the minute. That's like a scale, Dale Timescale, Grandpas how thou want this is my jam. That's that's a space sham Ryan. Is that as this crazy fuckin watch making do is that its main commissioners back them up the one Is that what one, the the bottom line or have a phone if you wanna know time, yet it's really a cartel at the time. This is her talent, everybody that you run shit as that is a crazy thing. You have on your body, greater house and your body. So in this one this one, the entire clock moves around the I am, of course it does. I wouldn't why wouldn't course it does spin bitch dream, you know it's. It's all real crazy. That around one is very queer amount. Was that the concentric one year as the clocks, without listening, a further wine or right inside that you just had they just imagine. What is this? Not the one the blue ones are blue and you just said
concentric rings. Is that it's there rings are concentric, so you see the line on the bottom, so it's five. Fifty two is the time there are four. Due to excuse me, for it is in the centres squirrel in the centre is the tore beyond that's them. The mechanism that powers it there's their watches, have you ever heard of an age? Why t watch no h, Whitey, watches or not cause they're lick their bad powered by bellows and liquid, so they tell the time Gimme one where you can see some of the leg. Well, so much as studies wait, not it's not a good picture, Jane One, but it's our stop, etc, things not always out of life. I want to show the liquid specifically so that one right there that we did so yea, I so the liquid pulls up and moves around the face, as the time goes and these bell move, so you see the bellows in the middle there. It's humping, the liquid, around the fucking lobbying give shown that, maybe before in up at once and for all
yea, I the little ones how those like forty fifty sixty thousand dollars, such real crazies, languishing that such crazy ball and that's all seventy two jeez, that's garlands, pretty goddamn dope I was actually rose, is sponsored by this company. Horsey gets per thousand angry Rock and roll guy perfect. An actual is but get angry style. It's a perfect thing! the up. I would argue that is already well Taylor. My birthplace, like we are now some people could like takes a certain tiger, but if you wanna get into some really next level. Weirdness! That's a good, that's good! When one is that with that bottle, watch what the fuck is, that appears to restore I've, scoop approach that say: that's a dive. Computer o floppy. What I think of you hear that
that. Would I there is another enough legacy machine perpetual so that this round, one right and one to the right to me that I think makes me feel the same as reverse Alex huddled, diving ice. We feel the same like this one does the same shit as the first when I showed you accounts the date and stuff like foreign two years, but it just doesn't prettier crazier way. Oh my god. It's so beautiful yeah, that's it This is what I m fascinated by that somebody in some group of people. I was beside one wizard and they're doing it at multiple company. Is all around the world and their innovating in their kid competing with each other. To make cooler and weird shit, yeah and all this stuff is, I guess, it's a watchful its way more just a white like that thing up, so Jimmy go back to the one that was, that spaceship? One was the year that the one that is
right there right right there that want less waste communicator. Why that is so crazy thing. That's not really want this one's coolies mechanical, but it's it's, but you from the side like that, it's very, very space, communicator yeah, that's cool! It's! the indifferent its army and what it is like the night. It's like that, singer De L S right. They take this old, the old way and they evolve the old way as far as they cancel these waters have amazing materials like really interesting alleyways they make for stuff. They are a lot of these companies make our own alloys, which is really interesting. This thanks. What is that looks like a word. We saw a spaceship was gonna. Look like in the nineteen. Fifty is here and it's a watch. You doesn't know the kind of. It's our yeah, it's like movie the rocket here. It reminds me of the rocky Tears rocket. Yes, yes, yes, Sir, it's totally yeah
like an hour, you lawns only seen space balls like this dudes only seen the rocket here that so beautiful yeah, so this is incredible dude. I knew if you most people think you're weirdo for wearing it. But if you are some like this to like a watch, nerds gathering- oh my god, I think you're, the king of the universe, you walk in selling this going to watch now gather ass a grand cycle pie tales and they announced the new watch. The guy's, a lotta Godzilla watch switch. I don't really like car watch CO brands. I think the connection is obvious enough. You don't need to shove it in my butt they'll get to go to the party, its car watch clear and honest Eliza Nissan G2, Yarn Brown movie monster, so it's Ross, branding Nissan G, T r and I got confused. I thought it was like an anniversary thing: forgot Zilla. I think it's the niece G t r o so that Gaza, that God so now you out, looks dope. It does look.
Oh wait! It might actually be the movie Godzilla anniversary. Maybe it is this fuckin sixty four than others they came out with a gdp or watch like months ago. So maybe I just now. No news are you you did. I remember that your watch was like a chronic yeah. Yes, I got a bunch of dinner. Will yeah that's what I get for not this is doing my homework. I guess it is the movie monster anniversary, my bad. It looks like it's like a dinosaur. Skin they'd be others get the address to see that one that Gipsy our fiftieth. That was like a couple months ago. So sorry, their manufacture their finnish qualities. Amazing. Let me see that Godzilla thing again. Did you do the thing? I told you about the reflections on the back of the hands, not so good
say clearly that their finishing on the back of the hands as good as a finishing on the front of the hands, and if you reflect a light, certainly certain ways you can get it to reflect on the dialogue. Really cool thing looks wicked yeah they make a nice. What will they have really pretty design whoever's designing their stuff? It's very that's a weird thing about watches or anything that someone makes us like what what appeals to the eye like you, got that tv studios clocks, thing right, assign you like. That's all it's something and appeals to the eye. It's a piece of art that also tells you the time, but there's something about like the way its shape through its form, death may swallow look at its interest, while the really the very best watches engine. Instead, you to stare at observes like yours, watch. I love issue Spring, DR yes, yes, so the spring drive with this superstition Irene anywhere be done
where am I gonna die? If you ever know, shit is found wanting was proof y know, you'd get you get your shit when all the time, probably right between the tanks and sweating in the washing your hands and whenever deafening at your word occasional here I mean it's a dive, watches and for people who die it's for people who to get their hands was tillage diver. They want peace, your mouth right, fuck you browse Diver Amis, Google instructor. I really you teach people, I can't I did in my early twentyth within you now and you this what's its. They give me a diver pass here. I'm good chosen I absolve you didn't terrified of the ocean. Why get in water with all those positive change them and evaluated in you, this morning. I don't care about you most of em. You just check it out a key word in a most of em. I did into the Galapagos. Only this year and I did saw hammerhead sharks while snorkeling was had nothing better than a baby. Hammerhead like this big, real amazing, like a foot long, it was a curious thing ever feel like
yeah. I can see how the ocean is big and dark and scary does Tarifa Canada. I still get a little nervous. When I go on the ocean, you should be moved Susan! There that I know this what I always say about sharks. If There was a werewolf and the werewolf came out every full moon. Reforms of your outside your house. You got murder got ripped apart. It happen to one person every full moon across the land. Here people would be like fuck man, I'm not going out on a full moon. Ok, Sharks are like werewolves for their werewolves every day of the year. I don't think shark attacks or that comment, because they are, they don't see you and you're not supposed to be there so that accosted empty. If there were accustomed to you like, if we lived in the water would charge, you think, moral gloody, that sharks have be good neighbours who keep them from eating ass if we were like
it's everywhere in the water all the time a sharp figured it out of illegal. We just ate them eat them. They justice did just dumb. They don't know This was to eat a similar, narrow thing in there. I what they're supposed to be here, they don't I'll, think they like us. I don't think they want to eat us. It is not a custom to their their focus is let us when they buy people, don't spend about a lot. They rarely finnish human usually take a little finish. Your human I saw Jaws dude and enjoy people. I was also like fuckin license plates and shit member. While they each rationally miss tilney your ass, all the eat, everything they pry would need to license plates in a row mines. I don't think they think it is even machines, there's! No, I don't cut only know any better, but I don't think there's any evidence that shark so like wizards their eggs born. Cleverly dolphins are clever as fuck orchestra. We know Sharks Jesse's murders, just without
continual row of teeth to find new. Pops and Bang Roeder, but I dont go diving, where this fucking do Irene yeah, I don't. I will dwell neighbourhood taking a society, go to your neighborhood, its they have Shortcoming fuck you guys were and out there. Calcraft walls were tear and open what argued, tents and Poland people out eating I'm alive. Would you feel like more than others ever come up here, staring literally shopping that shark, their feeding, that shark eradicated sheets are the real thing they brought in a werewolf. That's what I'm saying doesn't matter? What gives you if you had a fucking a cage, and you could put you them, in other words, and your friend eyes a lamb to the outside the cage. He could see the werewolf in real life and it looks like I can well London. That's all! I know, that's your shark diving! What do you want from me down the Ivy League, wherever I like the ocean? We can his teeth. I know I'm so scared for you. You know. I got what about
Joe dont you to walk what about mom lines. You can walk regulations, it's a pussy, I'm trying to pretend that are below stabs amount line and get it off remain. I dive with a knife, my dog, who try to make friends them outline he's a nice. Barks hilarity, only the Eu Bargia is what barks at when people have of Santa Claus and a driver is about what the fuck is, that I have received. No, he doesn't know what the funds they re, Z, there's a normal thing for him to see a glowing, so we're walk in, and I take him to the trail and open up the back to let him out. He jumps out on the sidewalk and looks at this guy's fuckin disguise fake snow man started Barack Obama. Today just feels ongoing area will have its interior. This, is just some fucking not really a person and that it is run that bill. I got kittens a couple months ago and one of them didn't just learned that
fighting himself in the mirror doesn't really fund? Twenty minute, I figured that out and they chased entail, is genuinely hilarious. There's something about watching the kitten just spin around Taylor, dumb as fuck, but they're so fond little. It such a little drug it. So a Jew in doing to watch a kitten, spent around who do that. A watch, tv or tat in my house and all I do is like what are the cats doings watch? What is the council doing it? So it's constantly entertaining. Do you notice the video with the cat and the two crows where the cat? These too are the did see. She's me the crow and the two cats where this crow instigates affair. Between these two cats now also lands on the roof like real close to a cat is like what and the cat like moves out only flies way. Real, quick and comes back, and then he flies over to the other
goes to. Others is a different one where they're doing any starts any causes. The two cats, the fighting amazing they fuck with the cats and they get him closely advice and fight a single word on king of bird s. They do it all the time they like doing instigate I'll, find so there's this one. They literally pick on them and get them worked up. So the fuck up the other cat Oh that's a cell Monaghan. Were these cats were on the roof they want is reduced This is probably a hundred of these videos. There really clever. You seem like The videos over you're talking like this is not coming. You ve seen the videos of crosses across a ravens their canoes tools, making those tools, Where can I get you re able? Why should I know this is a really interesting topic, but what is the legal thing with playing a clip from you Can we can't nobody's looking at that, their seen us? We can use our lives. That's why I got it because I know you can't use of it
bullshit I'll. Take you down, I completely understand, but in in my show I sometimes show images in the feed and so on what you can do it and I will try to claim a UNESCO images- are all I'll give websites credit. I want to promote the website, but if you have like someone else's stuff on your feet, crows using compound tools, what is a compound tool for two things, made it a better tool. Oh shit, really do they go we're fucked. They figured out at one point time how to take one tool and use it to get a second to lose, bigger and use that second tool to get food so I figured out using a tool to give a tool at all, but now the figure out how to make- rules, badge enacting things together, son, that's barkers threads alarm and we do so we started that two of monkeys back in the day? We can only have figured out a compound to as much as I love cats
cancer than other markets are. Those does little fuckers are snake the pic fights I have. I had a cat, they can open doors, move which was it, which was this year we have again and on the cat jumped in this is the one: does the one so they get it I'll, go right to the beginning, because in the beginning you see that now the beginning, the crows on the roof with a fucking with them, see the very getting of its aid now, let's just played from their so the crows see said the girl I have to say he was fucking with them and then flies over the other one saying and exhibits a bitch. What do you know what this fuckin pussy hang over here on? This? Has this roof right next year starts like getting close real him up and flying away when the cat gets close, and then it goes back again to the other cat fox with him he some riled up and they flies away, and it goes back to the other cat and flies away, and it keeps doing it until they just there. On edge because he's a will Katya generalised, aware and then the cats are looking at each other, so he starts talking with them
That's another cats, get more more angry like he's starting the soil which, while he's actually pushing the glad towards other holy shit? That's crazy! Do you mean the most shocking bird is just over here like looking fall off. The footman overlook the bird in the snow pro this bird. Having a good time to that birds, evil, evil that birds haven't his own kitty care fights the death. Oh my god, look at these guys go down all our shared bro, usually complicating. This is because this is a fucking raised is awesome. My cat Conrad, my fifteen year old boy chased the fuckin stray out of our yard. Yesterday, like us, cats are sneaky. Man, smart little fuckers carry some creepy disease, EVA their pain and backward kill. Another friend could being re, eight million birds, your dad I'll Billy? Oh, do my cats billing similar yeah? Well, they said that they didn't have any idea.
I remember the number was I dont like shooting I dont member with the number was, but it's in the billions and they were stunned. They had no idea that they ran some sort of a scientific study and using a study they examined. All of good do all ties. Israel's couldn't we'd turns out a flash disobedient. This is taken in North Ridge a week ago. What is about mild, someone's hell, do draw two of them by North Ridge too. The roof at the same time. Oh my god, so hydrogen kids hide your wife yeah, while they're looking for dogs and cats, one things they found out when they killed him. In San Francisco in the Bay area? They have Devereaux Brahms up there, sometimes especially some of those homes that look so like, like we have Malibu with the mouth lines, live real, close proximity with people so that they do these stomach examinations. They funds like half dogs and cats, while the cat that I said that could open doors and shit. He wanted nothing more than to kill Montemurlo either cats, who is a russian blue, had three legs and he's real
really smart. We adopted an addendum. We tried for six months to make it work. We tried everything everything you could think of. Two may brought a criminal into your own exactly and I now and we had to we re harmed him with my brother in law and his wife, and he like got along with the dog, was having the best time and show me thought he fucking ran shit, He thought he owned the neighbourhood and he ended up getting even by amount online lion. Yeah, three legs, verse amounts are allowing Morgan smartest fast. These three Legged Anna, we ve ever seen, but fuckin yeah mount. I'm one, maybe it'll cocky for his own good thousand percent. He thought he ran shit, that's where it s a merging the moment when you realise that that's a giant you now and I'm, thankfully, this bad might have flattered Jack most animals, and then you realize, among others, a hundred and for me yeah fuck. It was never seen again but we're so. Where do we let those things is wander around us worse?
where violence thats think. It's really strange that I live with another species in my house. I think about that. Very often I mean mountain, oh yeah, it's as host was like the examining all accosting telling them of genocide. I advocate, and I think that now give IRAN without advocate, that I don't think we should kill them all I'm saying is it's really interesting that we have this thing that we sort of agree? Rarely rarely kills people, but it does sometimes, and we want to keep it around. Sounds enough, like the sharks broke and also how long I was dark that their run. Now she d, you know, we're gonna, how they get nothing listen. Man was the last time you saw it dear, I mean fairly recently, but but but not all and here it's pretty rare, even if you live, where dearer like I used to go up in the suburbs of New York. I used to see dear, like daily, do think dear on the pill
things going? I lived in a city and I haven't paid attention to the deer in the suburbs and I'll tell you what what's happened: man cats, their mood then, Sir Jack, dear and coyotes waved and start Jack and dear cat. So fucking up dear big cats, now about lies: viruses like cancer fucking up dear everybody's fuck, it up the fonts everybody's Fucking Ride ABC area. So when the babies are born, they d oeuvres, zero chance. These big hug, incense big Wilder, It's a coyotes that everywhere just cow for just like outside of outlay, mostly around. If you go to I want they. They have too many dear legal redress, then, why are we so? Why I've gotten dear, not outline? Well, you can't hunt Mount line in California. They don't have pretty predatory cat that you can't you should aren't you can give that will see. The thing is, like the people, think that you need to control them population in Russia where the argument is gets real, interesting because it branches are between people that are
very much animal advocates animal rights first and want animals too to rule and to be able to their own freedom on their land area and is whatever happens, happens like Mount lines, killing dear another kind of stuff, and let it I'll take place. We should interfere with that. We shouldn't hut is people that really think like that and they have their arguments. They have their the reasons, but the reality of animals is, if you have large predators and the large predators runs out things to eat, it's either going to go. Further and enter into new areas looking for food and it might get hit by cars or its branch out already expand its can expand its range and in eggs ending its range. It's gonna find a farm or it's gonna find a dog in the back yard. It's gonna find something because it's just I gotta get food like how many of those we willing to have around us like I'm, not saying that we should kill him, outlines it's wonderful endangered now
not really so. Why are we beheld him and I played psychiatry motel forty? Doesn't it will count the allotted time? California kills him really is when they get was called depredation order gum. If someone has something happened like if you run a farm and amount line, sorts kid, Your livestock, which does happier Lady and Malibu a few years back, had I think it was in our pockets farm in this fucking Mount one killed like a ton of on those is killing them. This Amy's you kill, though I think, killed a goat too. I think there was just getting a kick out of killing things. You know this fun and but they said it was eating and which is really. Nuts that's strange. I think he couldn't get it out. You know it's a really big animal. We couldn't get it out. Hippo didn't feel comfortable enough to eat. In their so is pretty well, you know them all at once why? I think it was over a couple of days, but it was a kind of a killing spray save
who also now rattling Souci had alighted. Man is likely just killed for fun first, but when you think about now, but do you really think about now Paca Farm now? Well, no, I think, to penguin and if you did think about what you are doing and later by the way over to Pangaea. Yes, someone, it seems, is building house, that's like a dome that they're gonna put dirt over, It is up to the top of the hill and bank of facing the beach and yet, like ok, so picture a facade flat facade with windows, brick and then it just kind of ends, and then there's is concrete kind of three quarter dove that comes out from behind it and their covering when I drove by. They were covering the dome with this sort of Tarpey waterproofing layer.
And it looked like they were going to then move earthen and build a mountain over the dome. So you have on your home would be sort of inside this man made mountain fuck inhabit. It seemed awesome, Strickland, wouldn't somebody or frozen your roof and crushes your So even now that could be a problem, in seven soussio live underground. What are you a rat? I don't think we're bay was very interesting seems like fire resistant if the whole neighborhood catch, then I will go for brow why underground to live in the air ground or underwater o underground for sure he's right, he's right. Two thousand, now, so that's geodesic dome. This is sort of its a flat Nevertheless, it does not address it's not built. Yet it's a half built, but that's pretty fuckin cool go back to a patient who ever lived and therefore shore believes enchanting yeah souls they call the corners. Regular is pretty this. I mean
but the idea of living in a fun shaped like that measure, which could make your life more interesting for sure fondly. I lived in a dome. Everybody would like me do, but do you? How long do you think you live like awesome? oh fuck, and aren't house before you like. Let me just how a house how so you don't need you want in a house house, there's an art house right near me. That's a very famous architects on its Frank, Gary's art house, and it's a terrible you. Of space, but literally, has like a tree house like a box on a post just floating above house and there's like a little stairs again. Then there's just the dining room table for two in the air on a post. That's bonkers doesn't safer tissues and cells iced, but sometimes you're into those you gotta have that designer house yeah one Africa hit by an asteroid. One more direct shot would allow ride. The luck would be blunder. Evil, he did God telling you kid I'm here
I have said the fuck out of here. Are your aren't house brow approaching my ip limit ok three and a half well we're at sea externally. We could rob this bad boy up, bringing on a really proud of myself for not being during the shell oil, its guided three bottles, a fucking water. I was worried. I had a p before the show twice respect Thank you for having man always good time, oyster deacon out with you, it's been very fond. Tell everybody website twitter in school. The smoking tire for all my media shit, and if you have a cool car, you need someone to keep it in LOS Angeles, West side, collector car storage find us online. Thank madam. What a pleasure always play that game. Everybody, those great man thanks so much. Thank you, everyone for tuna to the show and thanks to our sponsors. Thank you too, Let us greens get twenty free travel packs, valued at seventy nine dollars which first purchase get yourself. Do it,
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