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2020-01-16 | 🔗
Jimmy Dore is a stand-up comedian, political commentator, host of “The Jimmy Dore Show” available on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3M7l8ved_rYQ45AVzS0RGA) and as a podcast available on iTunes.
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funny guy and as one of the best political talk shows in the world. His name is Jimmy Door, Logan experience Hydro. Let's go get to see happening. We were just about the the airport. Admitting that their pilots had seen you a frozen you're telling me you need one of those. The eyelids I interviewed commander favour and he was saying that this the chocolate has been my favorite. Come on it's with an hour for everyone raper forever. Ok, he was taught me
he was one of the guys that actually went to what it. What is the word they do when they scramble and go to try to figure out what the fuck something as but they they monitored. This thing they saw it with their eyes. They saw it with their equipment was actively jamming the radar. Whatever this thing was shaped like a tick tack, and it moves so fast. You couldn't track of what the human eye they said it went from. I think they said some some impossible now,
like sixty thousand feet down a two hundred feet less than a second like whatever you could try. You know a radar, as a blip blip blip. They dont know how fast it actually where they just know it went this insane distance in less than a second less than a radar jump in it would it would dated, had observed them in that area without his knowledge, like other Airforce, piloted, observe them and then had. You know, brought it up the top of the food chain, but it wasn't something I got distributed, everybody until he saw it when he saw it was what the fuck am I looking at here and they like. We are. We ve seen these things and this thing with no active propulsion system that you could recognise. There was nothing round, no fire coming out of it. Nothing around and it would just
just disappear, does take off an insane race, the speed and actively jamming the radar. So when I covered this on my show, I said now, I've heard reports that pilot see this of all the time, but they never confirmed it in. My question was why now, why would the air force be confirming that they saw ufos now, because that guy, like they ve been there, have been reports that pilots of seeing the stuff for ever I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm saying why they admitting it up and now and then, of course, you see in this last defence budget they put in money for a space, for I think the money for the space for, though, is now because China, as able two date and wherever they can do to make sure we want to spend more money. That's what they'll do day we saw. You fall hate, China, hey, look over there, we every member! It is that's why they're butts favor I guarantee years and in that no nine guarantees. I often are not there just now, but before-
I would say: that's not true there. The therefore forego we all acknowledge that another gonna knowledge it you're. Probably right is partly something to that that its is above budgets. I wanted- and I want to be that cynical and comes out like that real that's all. I want to thank the Hummer. That's not cynical the noiseless too. It is right, but it's also cynical that the only reason want to tell us is because of its both things. Look I buy. It is to put a mean, Likud is a hundred percent. Is why how they do it? They need some sort justification for expanding their reach or expanding their budget. They come up with something well. This is this Joe. I is what I keep telling people and no one seems to think this is a big deal, but you know that, The cracks in the mainstream news is spent. The last three years tell everybody that Trump as a maturing candidate he's a traded to our countries and working under the behest of Vladimir Putin.
And while their impeaching em they're voting to give them an extra hundred thirty one billion dollars to go bomb anybody he once and if these bombing, at the behest of let him reboot, and why would you do an extra hundred thirty one billion dollars, and let me tell you how much a hundred thirty one billion dollars Israel, please do. While twenty billion dollars would and homelessness and homelessness. Yet to real, though that's that's the best that we could get to that in a moment, but that Let's just say it's funny: little twenty billion a year a year, not just once, but every year you'd have to spend twenty billion. Ok guess what this binding and Four hundred and thirty one billion since trap took office every year going forward. Dunbar hundred and thirty one billion each everybody has a kind of a hundred and ten billion we'd have no homeless. We, yes, if they took that money and put it towards it. That's so somebody told the difference between a million and a billion. So I read this so maybe one effect check make sure that full shit again, but
so like a million seconds. Would be like eleven days, but a billion seconds is like thirty three year, something like that, I'm not sure if that, but its close yeah so that two hundred and thirty one billion dollars could do a lot of good things? We could half our military. Budget still would still be spending most more than any other country. Now. Why do you think they would do that? Why do you think, while their impeaching him, they would also approved this incredible budget increase for military because their owned right by the military industrial complex? That's? Why? Because they had all this defence secretary, who could just came right from rate the right? The guy before with Secretary State came right, axon I mean, come on the debt to beauty a trap is like you'd, have to figure it out a shit. You re run. They asked him the other day about you're his criticisms of how we handle he goes. You know where it where it they say.
I didn't pull out of Syria at. I did, but I left troops for the oil there just there to guard the oil and its eye. He just says it so much a proves. He's the funniest president. We bear ran off shore. Oh no doubt no doubt no doubt I thought George Bush funny, this guy he's an intensely and unintentionally the funniest preserve overhead. Like the other day, he was due in assigning less so in twenty, eighteen was the hundreds antennas a hundred years, Should the centennial, in virtue of women, getting the right to vote women suffrage so he was signing a thing commemorating the hundred year. They're gonna have a coin and, as you said, egos you know, I had they been work and not get this done for a long time. I wonder why it finally happened now. Move because said Teddy else now dummy you, that's that's why A hundred years happened faster. I didn't go where we get stuff, that's why you have had their I'll look like. Ok, it was depressed, Buddy Street bases it it's hilarious. Do you think he's on speed,
and somebody all well so when he did that one video withdrawal when the door opened actually of photos of photo when he was eaten that talk all right. That's like I love a spanish member that it was after you said some rude shit about MAC skins is so does this taco ball thing said the Trump towers, the best of all I love as banks. Yes and the door was open and use our head that stuff from England or whatever right. This is due to read a sewer, powerful pseudo f, a dream which is set a centrally type of speed. I like my speed better than the other guy, like the speedy, speedy, from peace entertaining well. Sometimes it wears off, though, and you seem so as far as it really means and even try to finish words of time try. But you see, I have a hard time with words. Sometimes the one word him and George Bush, both o sovereignty- they both sovereign weight- is that one David Pachmann
put a video up. It showed all the different times that trumpet struggled to talk, but there's one that really disturbing, because it's obvious he's understand some sort of sedative always coming down from some speed and he's barely stay awake wise talking. So I give you call it You called me a three in the morning and I just work. Twenty four hours in the Euro and the Euro came we don't have organs early lagree, I could get you never seen. No, I haven't seen it see, civic, you find it because it's it's really bonkers, because when you hear him talk, you like, oh my god, like this, and there was no discussion of this knowledge came out later and said: hey guys out a bad night last night Sunday slip me a Mickey. There is a real issue. While his whole thing is he's teetotaller right trump as nonsense is it they have the pseudo averaging now, but then it turns out he's doing Nino pharmaceuticals, yes, yeah he's doing. What's legal, that's what it is! You have you.
You the doktor rights or prescription. You know there was this whole thing with what was that there was a reporter that name the Dwayne Red Pharmacy that he had gone to in New York to fill this prescription for a metabolic can do in which he said is like a bull shit. Terrorism does he took diet pills and this did die pills recede, but it was prescribed by his doctor, but look if you're a guy wants a fuckin get. She had done all it. Yes, You wanna be on speed, idle people away to go. I know people who say they write, songs and speed like that, I needed musicians layer. I don't know Slayer thought at the beginning music redheads be ok. You know here that speed music- I don't know if the kids excel Maclaughlan on speed. Imagine spoke fuck, those puppies yeah, you know I I I went to one of those
but what they call the of the women's Lollapalooza were they called Lilla Mary was dating a girl, and she took me: oh my god, she's just try drain turns out. I was going through a mentally imbalance time I didn't know As a result, as like all I was, there was what I was going through. A nervous breakdown. Great music to listen to rub for Europe, but it was not I do remember the what's that heartbroken woman news, really good middle there's one! That's really good Christie, prissy high in the air, from the pretenders, That's it now said the beast that she was there that I'm a real Missis Goodenough yeah. I was like that really good. Now I was lover. Yeah she's off, as I want just have her play more
The fact is I get you remember. Who else was there any time you have our all woman's anything or in a man's anything for that matter? It's a mess, like, if you say this is a man's conference, where you're from men that guides Manzi longer by ethnic, find a bunch a bitch, ass men too. Finally, real men all man's get away. I must here together and talk about our problem. Did there they are stem from bitches too hard. The way in I don't know how our know. How am I just feel sorry for women that I have the fuck man I'd tell you where growth no kidding unknown coquetting and you have just listed the way guys talk to women trying to get laid. It's all my God was dumb guys that which is most guys Moscow's must be
The most men and women are dumb. Yes, the facts I would get. I would close a member the dumb yeah pretty dollars gaps in my knowledge that I can't believe, oh yeah, well, neither ever knew was figuring Now, who wouldn't have we learnt that guy either they gotta call on is a real issue. We need Jimmy Door though, but now, but that seat. That's the thing Joe, but my whole show is that someone is dumb.
Me can see through deserves. I can pick two I can put it together. All we're gotta admit that we have you have both now we're gonna have a space by ok. I can put that together. That's the whole thing is like. If I can do this, I know they can do this there. Just not doing it, I think that you are both thing. Is you know? I know you're, probably right in terms of like one of the reasons why the released it, but I think there's also this when you get a bunch of a really credible people like their commander favour guy, when you get actual data like rate, are you actually can look at the video of the Infra infrared camera them tracking? That thing there's enough of those now People like what the fuck is going on and if, if you guys have all this money and all this equipment is this- is this something that the Chinese are doing or the Russians are doing, or, as is something that you can explain, and I think
we're in this area, where there's so much information people can get ahold of so many videos and so much stuff that they kind of have to start talking about it. Now. Ok, you do. I see how they shut down conversations around the most innocuous of inquiries, so thus far too, they can stay. Shame pretty hard there. They did that. That's pretty that's true, too, but when you got a guy's, a good decorated pilot like flavour and is like look how many other crazy stores and my past we need: not crazy, guy sway Rock solid general all around american hero type guy. As I look I'll tell you what I fuckin saw and it's pretty crazy, but those pilots, though they look date of a crazy life
well they have two days ago and re faster than the speed of sound thou sex it down with the book they look. Chris is a good friend of mine. I think that some of the things that crystal exactly Chris account Freak, he who want things to be a little on the freaky side, but the idea, but the pilots is that they all swaps, ops, swapping because they think they could die at any moment and they they agree at this ban. Yes, they want someone to derive their wife as much as they do, or maybe they want to fuck. But his wife reordering trust me they were met, there are, Drugs, diet pills and they want a badge is why you don't think that happened, progress Europe and especially during water, yeah, move more work. People shift wars crazy. You know that the mind shifts when you see bodies when you kill people.
In a new made these rationalizations, and also your very well someone's trying to do to you what you ve done? The people a near entire existences from dawn till dust, is eliminate the enemy and that this it's it's a mindset that people slide right into its. My dad. Third doktor sharp I'm fuckin guy Thirdly, sharp just getting dark too sharp that Georgians so Doktor trial sharp, was he's the guy he's the greatest and look about your job Charles, join their back on. He went to his impasse denoted, for almost had Pasadena. Ah, if you get out of here is our back. Where Glenville cause it's funnier, I always go Glenda. I always go go in there and then I go Glenn Dale
and then torrents that's all it is a good one. Tat is why you little footing woody winning an opinion. When tortoise, anyway. So what we are talking about you doctor sharp ass. These are, he said he smoked. In when he was in Vietnam. I tell them. I smoke part right just to let him know everything, that's happening with me chemically and he said that he said yeah did it as a driver, small, he goes yeah did it once in Vietnam. He said they would have a helicopter circling, the medical use, a doctor, the milk, and so you can always here at costly searching for whatever people coming at us and then Allison. I didn't hear it had crashed right, so I had to go help the guy and he said I just smoke pot and as a doctor, you have to be able to dissociate from what you're doing, and he said I Couldn'T- and he said so. I came up on him when I could tell this guy's gonna be crippled further,
and I couldn't it would make me up people. So I never smoke part again why I could see. I could you imagine like you're new to part, you know how it makes you sense things extra went specially when you first start. You know how you just extra sent. Then you walk up on a scene like that like by God. I couldn't imagine that so that yeah, I probably would have a mean. That's talk about bad trip, bad bad trip, that's as bad as it gets near, walk up on someone just crashing helicopter in the middle of a war. You, your your highs, fuck you rose is crippled salami. Ask you question when, when you when, I would travel out of the country, I would always think that I get like a little cold, flew thing. Every time I travel
out of the country like I'll get night sweats now what kind of get headaches, and I would feel a little flu we you now and then I get this dental implant incitants. So I want you, they say: don't smoke. Whenever saw em like going to be extra good, I didn't smoke for a whole week. I felt like I felt when I go to Europe I'll you a physical addiction. Yes, I was like no way the jam. That's, why won't ask ever happened to you when you travel outside the country. No, no, but some people do have that. Apparently, yes, knights. What's the worst nights, when you wake up and you're in of suicide, take this cover are gonna, be freezing room. Yes, I gotta get up and change might teach our short asleep when a teacher and and genes on an end How would you be ready timberlands? What about an hour now do sleep before these mobile for euro bed? Is that you move courts, so it helps sleep. Oh yeah, yeah. How are you know it doesn't help you sleep now
No. No. When I smoke bottom awake, I start thinking too much longer asleep or depends why smoke grades of theirs to think he partners the enemy, but even a sleeper makes me sometimes at it gives me a burst in, but then, like I smoke, this stuff called GM, oh well, it is the best genetically modified organisms. Wonder if that's what it stands for, exactly that. Try to follow the other, like lousy, emotion, son. They are fuckin with May well, these working with their gender genetically modified the wheat for sure I was just enough. We get I was just important to get this at my place over in Eagle Rock, so I was in Portland last week and it's legal, so I just walk into a pot store and I go ham. Looking for a hi deviates egos about GM logo you're getting married. It was great how high is it? It's got like twenty nine percent tac move that should the Kevin Psmith dropped off that forty two percent,
are. You get something forty two he's going hard he's all day, guy he's on them all day, guys starts off in the morning, just keep going yeah so that the problem with like I love to take a little puff in the morning with my coffee or what have you but the problem is you're, giving up your later night buzz, because I think it does more than once or twice a day. That's it because it might tolerance and then, if I try to smoke more autocratic, do you ever get headaches known, get hurt some party it'll get any these problems I just get in the overseas. Emulation the Minuet Cobb our annoyed, but I kind of welcome and sometimes because I think it's good to be hyper aware of all these different things, and it makes you appreciate when you're not in. I think that that that feeling the you get when you get high when you like? Oh my god, like everything, is fuckin dangerous. The world is a dangerous, I'm gonna die from deeper short everyone around me
dial didn't die today. The click of a fixed date and the crazy thing is like these feelings. For some reason are there even You know those things she a fact like you know, you're like a basically, I call you. We are all water below and like water balloons of blood with like sticks hold in us together were sold dopey in flesh she and weak and vulnerable in. You know like that. I found when he found the helicopter Ashton. That's that's what happens to your party. Your bodies are very vulnerable thing. It's not very tough, even the toughest bodies very vulnerable yeah. I know I I I watch boxing GM go down, tough as gas and oil, but you know what I am
I always wondered what had I been knocked out even knocked out? Yes, so it's not a bit like when you get knocked out when you wake up. You don't know you like TAT. I just get knocked out whenever it is entirely completely unconscious, but I've only got Tiki, Odin Kickboxing Bow drop and then I got stuck got hit with a bunch other pushes the referee stopped That was more like my dad was a weird that was the worst feelin I had ever had up to. That moment was like my legs to stop work, and what did you shut off like this guy hit me with a left took? I was caught Just but my leg just went whip. That's what's out there, his legs aren't there year we heard them say that, but like they got, they literally go out. Who did any of our stop working? Its was very strange and it's like you're you're bring its jostled around inside your head and also when you get a job, there's nerves behind your John, when you're bone of your job slams into those nerves and your head gets who rattled in the brain all of it together, they ever they just go. What
Abbott in here you know, sometimes get knocked unconscious. I did get knocked unconscious, but my shit just shut off. I am always surprised when guys get knocked out. They don't piss themselves, I got. Sometimes they do do when they do. They do a lot. And each of them out. Oh really, each other guys out their piss themselves out on the shit themselves to have to have the shit really air fares. So do use. I bid you go. I d, try to make sure you don't have to take shit. Yeah, sometimes guys do have to take a shit, though, like I've had guerrilla what time Michael Piazza, whose top you see fighter he was right before he was fighting. He looked over me lackeys as he got into the cage was dude because I'm gonna shit myself, because a guarantee ownership myself was fights gonna. My FARC, Will you just gotta by thirty minutes away worked out lay, I know their car. Ok you're real, it's coming, but you know that makes the rock up there and then also my diary. Oh, my god, you wanna winning the fight that did. He should know it should himself. I talked about
he's at our swore shit myself about these have plenty do not talk about it, think I said it. I dont think I saw, but I talked to him. I talked about it with him after the fire ignored in shut myself, they'll be fighting we're laugh at about. If you can talk about that's like idea, have they re. Let me talk to you for sick. If you heard this story well, if you do, you know, if you have diarrhoea, it's like it's one of those things. I've I've been on this carnivore Diez de Northerners I'm leaving only meet for the entire month of January just to see what it's like. No vegetables, none zero. I had an olive and I had one piece of Chile Mango actually pieces of Chile Mango but entirely. That is good for you, that's where it gets. Weird, it's a really good question. I dont know I don't even know how I feel about so what where'd you get the idea to do it everybody's doing real, all the kids, all crazy. Why did the Atkins
thing. I did like back in two thousand want or Sunday when I needed to lose whatever. I did that in that that work like it does work. It's very similar in that. You know you just dear eliminating carbs, you get your body to going to Qatar, says she going to buy your body to burnt ass. If that's not, but it's the thing about the carnival. Dart, though, is actually check my pest. With a key to strip and it showed that I'm not in key doses, so you PETE.
European ghettos, and now I think it's because a meaning. So much meat that when you have too much protein, there's something called Glucose genesis. I think it's called where your body breaks the protein down and turned it into glucose and so that fucks with your Kiehtan levels, that keeps you from going into Kantos us, but it doesn't affect your energy love. My energy loves been amazing like all day long, I'm flat, I'm I'm sound like the people who asked me. Why do you like their cough? goddamn coffee, his Laird Super food coffee. It it cut your throat, it's delicious extra is delicious. I love it when you said hey you d like to break and you are in your coffee, I'm like cut them. What the fact in my head, I wish they gave goddamn here today was there and the clothes happened, no Matt and other factors, two men whom God they copy come on so good as it is
hey it's amazing, but I drink too much of it, and I am always like a little Fleming because he has like in my throat I'm not a big american coffee, but this has been tat american coughing. How much of his group Erika? Oh sir, coffee grown them. All I know is that when I go to ITALY and or if I go to hawaii- and I have coffee, it's always better known- Calonna has the best coffee on earth. My favorite coffee comes from corner yeah. Something about Hawaiian them all kinds of organic soils and what an idea that think thinking about our soils, whether tomatoes tastes better in the car and everything tastes better. It's the Balkan Excel, pretty sure. When what those two pussy questions, I am going to say I'm new to say it makes seducer about make right just like a piece of fruit or tomatoes juice year. Exactly
I was so in so far as to say that goes out just four out of nowhere. I started talking about and stays less well how I hate the word vagina, but I like pussy, the vagina word weird where it right, because Icu saying now than the doktor right note. You know you never did the Middlesex inherit her women goes thinking too much. She did you go with your ah. What are you doing? I wanted to get going with me. Are you experimenting heralding a woman Maybe they have like cute little names were nicknames. I had a job. I Joker I would say guy I get it works experimenting the other night, my wife and write the Miller sex. I took it out and stuck it in her vagina wow totally different. That's like a glove! why the October by Solidarity fund their fine structure, their fun different. There was fond of me, I don't Some people say that cheap like another, not cheap their different. It's a different thing. You know yes
is really clever. Intellectual, jokes and those are great to I love a good fucked up, joke yeah express because you think it's to be something clever error, and that is just not fat. Gash right in the face. I know that's not even when it is funny yeah. I am a fan of all kinds of Jos alike, the comedy. I then there's a while we're we're like dirty comedy was like looked down upon us. If it was easier mother, it was their annual dice clay with one hundred days clay, and so a lot of people started to ape him right because he was very popular. This is going back in the early nineties, yeah and if you're born, yet an answer, comedy clubs started expanding and they had more clubs, and there were good comic. So then they start they started to give free tickets away, and so they started to book there wanted more generic acts that appeal to people who were necessarily comedy fans would have. So this is my theory about what happened, and so then they would take
he put clean cars. We do want offend anybody, it's like that's, not what fuck! That's not what people look, then that ended, That's why they are closed and you don't mind my opinion. That is, I think, bad comedy sucks, but bad dirty Kommeni makes me angry yeah, that's what it is either what's funny. Is I've noticed this year, if people watch a musician go up completely, given an open. My gunnar- and it plays a son to a needle like an eel, still applaud after he's done. Floated Comic goes up and he's not funny. It's like what do they do, that people get a get angry because you you have to listen to the whole thing. Is anyone talk awful yeah so that its that now is noted that you suck as a musician people stop what you suck as a communal like this. You know why also but I can,
to see a musician. I release appreciate the fact this person and play musical instrument, which I can't do it. I have no musical town at all, but I know how to talk. I can talk, everybody can talk and everybody pretty much. Everybody said at least one thing: funny at one point time, so you know what it's like. I say something and then it gets a laugh. You know you can do you know what they have done, just do it more and really put it time into it? You know craft and act, but when it acts terrible, you start thinking. Fuckin do. Why am I listen to this idiot? Always bad cut? So we was bad comics that maybe thing I could do comedy for sure open like night raw knows watch it on tv. So I remember when I was in college. We got comedy like good, cable and our dorm room right, and so I remember as watching the show I forget- maybe was that one on any doesn't matter what the improv, nor was that rosier d no one would have it back,
got about fridays. Sometime forget what it was called. Let stand up spotlight, maybe maybe I was on the age that was the age while each one was stand up spotlight so anyway, whatever some, to that. I see this comic go up and I'm he does like two jokes. I beat him to the punchline on both a button bright. Unlike he said what I thought he was going to say and then the third one wasn't even funny. He had inverted the punchline which no that's what he did, but I go. He should have put that thing at the end and then afterwards I go wait a minute that guy I'm funnier than that guy he's on tv. I think I could do this new right like I would go to. Clubs are go disease in Chicago and at those guys would just be Larry and, unlike I could be funny for five minutes at a party, but I can't fucking do that, but I did realize they were how, when you do an act and your work and do the whole thing, and so that's. Why was like? I can't do that. Those guys are special funny, and then I saw guys on tv Sucker Michael, I could do that. I might have been
it is eighty that, but I could go to see. There was a time during the eighties where there were so many spots and so few comics that some were really mediocre. Comecon television, yeah really like mundane nonsense, bits yes, and they all had a kind common time. We have yes, yes, we hear from Chicago too, which is a rough spot, gets fucking cold there with me, but I'll take any bullshit, it's a different kind of thing. You know like those of the kind of places that make great comics
like fucking call at Boston, same share, New York, fuck fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck lulled and live a little misery and holiday Hong Kong fuck. You and now you need it s. There has to be a need for comedy ass. Sucker goes, I said, adjusted Hawaii we did shows there are like ban these people. I lay back on a lot of great com. Is a few good comics that come from Hawaii, but not a lot lot alive. You gotta it's hard to be upset. Damn allowed a local humor like bill comics from Hawaii. They have seen some comics from. Why didn't they talk about local stuff? yeah? I just like a crucial yeah like that, for those like the guys, the guys who live there, they do their whole act as local and allow something like a morning dj dared to say I think about it. That's a pretty great, pretty fucking great place
If your comic in Hawaii Jesus, you beat it, you did it really dead. First time I went to wives and Maui as workin them. Some extend uptake book to thyself Zenda I get off stage in the sky comes up we're talking, and I said where you from IRAN from Pittsburgh. I got really what you do. There goes I was I was a plumber I go would do here now. I got because I'm a plumber angle, how do you make it from a plumber in Pittsburgh too? Molly, he goes well one their walk up. When I realized I could be a plumber and why argovie impoverished bricks, and what makes all the sense of the word others as the world. Here I was a clever move. There are no ago teaches Jujitsu there who used to teach in actually give them my first lesson ever in LOS Angeles and he after while he was like fuck this. What am I doing this and I can teach and mouth you know in the thing about like a place like Maui. There's enough people like you need everything like it's not like, like that,
now we're talking about earlier. That's a weird spot, because there's only three thousand people who alone that's like a good theatre, show like a good theatre, show and those people empty out. That's the hell, I animalization who and then there's people to fly and because its resort area, but it's I was in Kauai one time too, and it's similar like after I got offstage I was like a: where can I go to get something to eat like there's? No, there's no place to go this the ocean in catch, it gets my earlier lives who does Laird Laird Hamilton. He lives. Inquiry led him to. Does the fuckin coffee and brought this guy talked about for about an hour earlier about names. Is that work? Is that a good excuse valid Lance Laird, Hamilton, Ariel real, that's a giant are command. Mother Fucker Grand Coffee makes telecom, who thought the Potomac CO? Why is a spot, and I need to get to underpin the that one?
and I ve been in Ireland about only been Honolulu very briefly turn away over when I was actually the first time was gonna Lanai we flew in Honolulu first and then you have to take your puddle jumper to get too, and I both deniers like there's. Nobody there and you go on the beaches like fucking. Eight other families on the beach ebbed, just like everybody's, is chill I'd, never we better alma. I never I mean when I waxing when I was in why I would go to bed at midnight. I wake up in the morning out slip straight through when aid has never happen, we feel grew. Never I come back alley. Amelia get headaches immediately against fire. Like god dammit I gotta go get a drink. I would remain
I believe it is now my Molly in Hawaii in general. I think they have some walkie we'd laws. I think we're legal. Now, it's not it's a medical is, I think, that's where the medical life, if my condition, I knew what I needed for life yeah, but I have I didn't. I have fans there, so they just give me some. Do you still deist? Ever take part from fancying unafraid, yes, dear me too, Yes, just you're asking for you are right. I thought I'd give you a little extra tastily puts him ass it out or you hadn't needle at right. My good friend oration fear dosed Bert Crusher when they were doing a pod cast to get so that's regal, that's for I thought there was drawn. He gave Molly dropped it in his drink. So what their hard feelings? Oh yeah! There was a real problem. Does it was all a John there's? No jokes with us? We don't do jokes. I mean I just thought: I'm twitter yeah, that's real!
she's real. No, so they're not pals other back. Ok, the wife hate him still, bertz wives still ragged Verizon. I would have a hard time with that. I would highlight the real issue: yeah, I don't you know Doing some like that. You that's not right. That's that's! Forty eating! I rose knows it's not right, which really interesting is. I would we're just we were all Jochen round about it like this is the only business where you could dose your friend, we all joke around about. It laugh about it more, nothing happens and he actually got a bump in his career. I get started selling out places faster and we will go places who are you be doing, shows and people yeah dose me house me so now he's known for dose and people and before that are you do something? I should say allegedly committed this, that this thing, which may or may not have happened, is very illegal, but here
do a play in places where we'd was very legal. He would play a game called fine, edible, see posted on Twitter who give people hints and he would leave some fuckin nuclear, edible like to some North Dakota, guy who's gonna find it who probably doesn't get any real weed and he's gonna, be, one of those stars of death and he got trouble- I think it, Minnesota allowing airily, allegedly because I don't think they ever found any of the things he was talking about. So maybe it was all just a prank. Let's go at that. Those edibles man, like my brother, has something one time it because it Jimmy be careful. It's it's the creeper and, unlike I gotta, have a high tolerance towards. I ate one. Like nothing saga. Did I didn't I didn't otherwise alone and about forty five minutes. Later were campground talking to my parents and all of a sudden I can't remember how to breathe like
and I don T suppose I just go- I have to go make a phone call committee gave great big, so I'd go to my car, and I was laid out the next thing. I know I hear my, if you haven't got you ok, I go not good. We have to go through the fillets because they go body, but I can say goodbye. Let's just go our driving, you just lay couldn't deal with saying goodbye, my god so yeah turns out. There is some danger that Detrick out with this danger with schizophrenia, is a real danger with people having schizophrenia, breaks, when they take high doses of animals, really even smoking air. Will you, like you, were talking about where you get that withdrawal yeah. I don't get the withdrawals, but there's a small percentage of people that do the small percentage yet so that must be like
some people, like all our equipment, had no if enough, if by starting tonight, if I drop drinking coffee, when I went overseas. I'll get headaches issue right, so it there's a lot of things like that. Yet coffee is one thing: that's addictive that we all just admit, existed and we just accepted yet there were addicted to because it doesn't really change your state that much where were you Freaking out, like you never drink a cup of coffee with me, and I can't get up you never on the ground tweakin. But I know a cup people who have add legitimate skates, a frantic breaks. Now care. You know a couple, their legitimate ones, legitimate ones where, like something happened, and then what is never the same again. What is gets a little literally yeah. I've heard about that when asked it, but I never heard about that with boy. It's not that much difference when you take a high
level, those I can get cycle now, added of edible scare, the isolated differently. You feel like you're, tripping a little and then you're experiencing the God. Save me from the comments, but people get mad at me want to talk about this, but there's a thing that happens when you could have talked about it so many times. I know I'm a repetitive fuck, but even you marijuana. Your body produces something called eleven hydroxide metabolites, forty five times more psychoactive tutsis as its process by the liver. You get something: that's not psychoactive and smoked form. So when you smoke it you get th. When you eat it, you get eleven Hydroxyl metabolites, much much stronger, much stronger than tac ass. It totally different sensation. You telling people what the boy the high, yet the girl you feel it everywhere, yet he really tweak out to, but
but if a small lap doses of that are wonderful like a little idea of these jumbo, has these sprays have one with me here to have one on the death, but it's a tac spray. Just a couple of polished early gets a breath spray couple upon. Since I can, you feel great, you feel what really yeah, but if you take twelve pumps, I took twelve pumps once I did a podcast with SAM Harris and in the middle of I took the pumps like twenty minutes, for you got here and then in the middle, the progress on my holy shit? I don't know if I can. Thank God SAM, is like a super articulate guy, so I could just kind of through a question his way and he would just expand while his expanding and talking I was pretending, listen but really just trying to keep together trying to keep it to go.
And make sure that try to sober myself up. I was like trying to force myself into a state of sobriety. Either it was about a thousand milligrams out. I have a hard enough time paying attention to conversations when I'm not when I'm completely so about lose. My train of thought me too. I'm like one of the origin of on board, not even that even from super interested, I'm interviewing someone and all of a sudden fuck I'm not listening, I'm thinking about it and then they stop talking, and only you can't do the cardinal sir. It's the one thing I don T go do legally, so don't you remember, I try to really locked in me too, but then I just my or just get up so I was in, nor viewing Tarsi, and so this we came to this important part of the conversation it was about how she had switch. There's something about her some policy. She heads
asked her about it. Never I know people are waiting and there was a document and carrying guy in there with her and his phone went off at that moment I asked the question, but it didn't go off like ring and went off like a scene from a movie, so normal unlike what does that who's talking in number than others, and I'm like what is good and then after I realise that its disguised fallen as seen from a move and then that but but tells you ve been talking this whole time. Oh no, I come back and then she stopped and I cut us That's why they don't want someone else in the room when having conversations. No doubt I would not want to drop into a guy in his girlfriend, was sitting right there and she just kept spinning in her chair, where their phone spitting adjourn platform and untried pay attention amber scenes
girls share and playing with a phone and then afterwards that no more no more people in here, because sometimes people try to come in here and then you'll see them. I hold a camera to take a picture while the podcast of like eight year, you're fuckin. This thing up man distraction gear like I'll do live ones. Do you do live ones, live? What lie podcast yet live. That's a different thing now, because you know you gonna be life yeah. This isn't, I mean life form a group, a huge volume me with which MR audience, but this is alive either. Also that so that's not live, we stop doing them live too. This is alive. Now, there's a reason for the that's good. Why? What edits amount? No, because because I often the other day and my show like when we were in a green room, we grammont RON become about do show so we'll say things funny to each other that you can't say in public like South Park, right right, and so we were saying it and it's funny to us and then I was on the show and withdrawn, and we were talking about. I go to everyone and I almost
That is what I was saying. Oh my god, so you know that you know come South park it away with the best, because first vaults cartoons don't even look remotely human. And they have been around for so long. The grandfather did they go fuck in Are there so important sea, the one with the Harley Harley Davidson motorcycle riders what they call them. All out, even though I can say it, they could say it what I'm talkin about, they call them all. The F word ends in a tea. Yes Yes, yes, and when many more things like that good, it was. Big lay it on tv like, yes, they can play on tv. I can't say it well do member time There was a time worthy used to show those old road runner cartoon. Yes, where they were hyper violent gas blowing things up hate, each other haven't frying pans and shooting each other in the face, and it was ok,
push undermines mountain because it was old, and so the new cartoons we're all sanitized nerved up, but the old ones were still on, but would watch to always go. Oh yeah, that's what it used to be like. Well, I watch some old Popeye the other day and blue dough is basically a fucking rapist. Yes, thank you.
Trade up, rapists, just grabbing olive oil, big fat face. It is crazy. She's trying to fight him off and Papa is okay, let go of me coil and he S. Departure are punch him when we fight with blue dough and its blues rapists yeah dragged her away. That's what that was. It's a fucking is a hundred years ago rights. Basically, a hundred years ago pop- I was nineteen thirty, so almost a hundred years ago and humans purchased living different back. Then I think rape was probably really prevalent so prevalent that you could joke around about it in a fucking cartoon, dear and so
So you don't go live now, because well, a bunch of channels started creating their own channels with my clips, and so this is what can happen. So if you have a channel like and then someone says, hey, I'm gonna take all your clips undertake the interesting part your park, as am I make my own channel and they can get like hundreds of thousands of subscribers with all of your content right and then they can have whatever they want put that on the southern. They could use it as a white power fuckin you to channel five five hundred thousand subscribers, it could use it as men's rights channel. They can use it. As you know, Dick just switch it over and say, about Jimmy Door anymore! Now it's about Bilbil and they did. You use your content, which is not legal animals like when they were doing it. While we were doing the show so while we're doing a show, they were making cuts, jobs in an alley. Loading them as we were, lie, you're still going so they're doing in real time. So, ok, I got it.
So we realise that those can be taken down and then we start doing ourselves and then we realise that the only way to really stop them from doing it in real time is to do it like film. It have the podcast filmed and then have the clips cut up and then release ok out. Ok, that's why I'm ok it's a big one, the other one was the copyright is a real problem with copyright strikes like if you get three strikes, they fuck and pull your channel, so ever go and we ve got them. We ve gotten before for shit. We shall we ve got him for before for shit that we show in the corner of the screen like the cornerstone of photographs. For a video or little tiny, seeing the corner screen, we had one where we got one from a fuckin guy took a film from his like goes out of cell phone of a satellite being launched like too, and we were watching it but watch the video we gotta copyright strike from that like just watching something that really internet you can do it. You can't be
on these things. The big one is nature videos, those fuckin nature, videos when you're, so I pack hyenas try to take out a lion. If you play that that's a copyright strike, they will get you for that. So I had a copyright strike recently, a first when only when we ve ever head right, that's a strike not like hey gonna, demonetized, totally different gonna get that yeah. That's all! but a strike is serious because they can take your child down again to more them so thick and when they do, that they have to put they put a stamp in time. Stamp of war. Is the copy written audio right and someone had put a copyright strike, at the end of every one of my videos goes doo doo, Doo, doo doo, and it's just from Itunes right. It's not it's! None royalty thing it just like it. It's a chime, so even music, right so from garage, banish, the adjutant garage band, and so that's Welty, free, and so somebody put a copyright strike on that, and I'm like that's just
when messing with me. That's just so. I hate her at some guy from Like Canada, whose now living in Like Thailand, we ve had a guide tracking down and he's like gathers. He has no the source of revenue he's trolling you so he saying this? The guy who invested it said he thinks it's intelligence, unlike and so the reason why he took their claim on that was the show that he could take down every one of my videos Gazette chimes in every one of my videos so for a while I until that copyright strike I cleared up, I would have a liaison we took a while, and so we took that chime up of all our video crossed. Yet yes, so that's so yeah! You too was weird, but their dealing with managing an insane amount. Yeah. I want sane amount, they can't and they always err on the side of the copyright holder. I get why they do that they do it automatically mean we ve gotten. Copyright hits
for a screen shot. You know when you see the video and there's like two heads and as a small photograph was an inch on the screen shot was a photo that someone who took and they were claiming copyright on that photo. There was just on the internet, and just because we have been asking, we will change the photo really had to its fuck and I know and its we're because like it, if some people like you, The pod cast! That's just audio right, so you have an audio and video nvidia. Some people- don't some people, only have the video and then the video goes away. The you count on that. You too monism does a lot of people who did that they counted on that Youtube money, and then you tube demonetized things just randomly like, but it doesn't make any. I got a bunch of pockets with Tom Papa that word D. Does my family's Duff Fabricius they here's the like the nicest roused, like an offender, he's not
fancies awareness he's a sweetheart there, like Tom Papa. How many did they demonetized Tom Papa will make two or three right to the point where Papa gotten like really paranoid and using it. He thinks I'm new to doesn't like me something going on so yet he wanted to contacts and people at you too and went down this journey, whoever he is here. He had. He was hosting a pilot, I'm Ladderlike Tb S or something, and I got called into like do like a run through of it or whatever- and I remember I walked up Tom and I go Atacama. How do you get your tv really wanna get one. And he goes here's what you do you have to over extend yourself? Why how you can afford the desperate move? Was I yeah. You got you gotta get to make this happen, can easily imagine going back to regular tv. Now, though, with all the freedom that you have no, I can't know I can't I can't even magic go into the radio
funds get in trouble? I get in trouble rights. I have a short on copy of cane they're, all those people, but you can't this- could cause they're a nonprofit. There are certain things you can do like you can over endorse. Like I had a candidate on, and Europe must endorse, and I can't I can't go hey- go to their website and donate. You can't say any that stuff, so yeah It's just that, I'm like also how to control. Would you decided that without does to that guy junk eager eyes running for that. Twenty fifth, due to what the New York Times did, him was dirty. There was there who I shouldn t the New York Times. I should say that writer whoever that writer was the whole, but there was a delay time. See I was unbelievable, is Mere York times. One was the one with a guy does eight out of ten years that Here's a necessity, hardly a Duke waves like, of course, you're, not racist. It was as clear as day that he was joking clear as day that who is being sarcastic, and so
talking to David Fucking Duke yet they ran wizard of the K K, K, unease I you're not raises, of course you're not raises, and then they take out and put it in quotes. He said to do the duke of corollaries, that's right! So that's that's, like Mr Smith goes to Washington Dirty, but I couldn't believe that was the New York Times that hurt thou unhurt because, like you It's fun yeah like a gleaming, Tyler's horrible horrible. I've got left. You dont, know Joe. You ve got me a cow kalinowski due to have breaker I saw you. I saw your interview Kyle, I loved. I heard that we were talking. You stay here, this shit. You said that good things about you, you didn't get that far and I love you. I could have you told me he was your favorite new show volume you may remember to how they take it. I think he's the most rare he's in a bowl of all the political commentators, but you're a comedian analytic come to writing you ever your door
I have a special scanty Romania than for sure. That stated, that's all I care he texted me. Yesterday, New York City was sixty eight degrees. Yes, he's like what in the fuck is going on, then he's like. I feel bad, because I feel happy because, like seasonal depression in Estonia, sixty degrees again these great meanwhile the world's on fire year. Whatever it's warm, it is warm now he's great there's, that's the beautiful thing about having corrupt and dishonest media is that it opens the door for honest media like you and independent guys, like yourself, like Pachmann, Kalinowski, it's easy, This requires you, it's easy to outdo them and MSNBC your CNN or to a really hurts hearing this. The freight from a guy respect the New York Times Harbour. That's always been what Trusted already do, I know it was. It was tough. I was toppled If, when I realized that the mainstream news media is just a mouthpiece for the estate,
spent when it may really matters. Therefore every war, therefore, every week, are there repeaters that? How do we get into a rack? They got jet Judas Millard uncritically put the whatever Dick Cheney told her on this on page, that's what they all day, aluminum juice front, page of the New York Times and then Dick Cheney for Dick Cheney tells Judith Miller they they have aluminum tubes. She printed on the front page of the New York Times. Dick Cheney then goes. I meet the presence, I'd look. Even the New York Times is reporting, that's how they do it and then Judith Miller it's a chick, it's an honor job on Fox news. After that you got rewarded. Does that and then there's probably also access to candidates access to top of fish access journal. You know, if you don't give them what they want. They don't give you access, and this is sort of the game. They ve always play right. That's exactly right back that they have access and they they I've. I've experienced it. But what do you think? Why do you think they want?
smear Genk like because they see him as an enemy of the Democratic Party, because he she wants to get money out of politics were so that's his big thing as Wolf Pack and his whole thing is. I don't take corporate money in that Justice Democrats. They don't take competence. This whole thing is about getting money at a damn politics and they won't keep buddy info, because if you get my politics, their whole drift is over right: the near named in its evolution Jill, not worth a hundred million dollars anymore. That's right asking! How do you go zero, two hundred million dollars as Azure in Congress, while your criminal- that's that's what Truman said. Yeah there's just tell me: canopy, we'll get rich while in government or criminals, that's a Truman said put there's like, isn't it some like this, for firms of insider trading that are legal if you're in Congress that wouldn't be legal, if you're a regular citizen, I don't. I know that they don't have them the rules that they should where. I know that if these rules that oceans irregular citizen- but if you really working for a corporation there's rule,
like they're allowed to get information and influence in terms of like how they invest I'll write it? That's not right right, that's but that's extra information that I could get exact. Yet that's for an extra and then they are allowed to get that information in their allowed to use it for their own personal profit, somehow another that's not been stamped out we're, and that was somewhat there is a video of its accurate or some owes explaining how Nancy Pelosi made all that money- and I was like if I want just fuckin thing- only stay up night. They use. It was one of those why I can't watch any minus yeah. Well, I do a hundred millionaire is the leader of the People's party. Let amazing Natalie that, like what did you do? Did you sell hats with rich make that money? What do you do do make cars? Why do you think Nancy Pelosi, impeach Trump Adieu, impeaching, George Bush, I'll tell you tell me, as Julian Assange revealed through Wikileaks. It was because Nancy Policy was tall in two thousand to that. Our government was torturing people and
She was a peasant person in a position of power and the reason why the Republicans and George Bush administration did that was so now they ve got Democrats comply. Sit in the rhymes. And so she didn't tell anybody about it. She lost investigation, shootin blow the whistle on this. So now, she's complicit. So when George Bush Le Loup, once when the Republicans lose the house- and she becomes leader and they go- you gonna teach him. She was impeachment off the table and nobody could figured. But nobody pushed Iraq as we were just so glad. We had a check on George Bush in that time. While Julian Assange reveals there's a there's the memo that shows that She was briefed in two thousand two on their torture programme, which makes her complexion and torture because you to do a goddamn thing about it. Did you see
interview that I do their bit Snowden now yeah yeah, yeah, that's the first half is very interested in tears. He policy came up, he added. He came up that she was one of the people that cleared made it so that these cell phone companies have access to your data and can can spy on you in use it. The government, canoes cell phones and also all sorts of the telecommunications and essentially video you're rear of voicemail emails, all that shit, all that all that shit can can get spied through and there was that it was very complicated. Like I know, I don't remember the exact thing, the lid, that our memories of the exact scam like, but policy was a moment there. You go, I'm they're all corrupt, that's the whole! That's it! That's kind of like the mission of my show is to remind people how we got trump. People want to pretend that
a corruption in lying started in January. Twenty seventeen, the Afghanistan paper just came out Joe their reveal that three The situations in a row lied completely one hundred percent about Afghanistan. From the day they took over to the daylight left stuff, like Donovan fell, saying we don't even know who the bad guys are. We have no idea who they are well, why we there, while might may because of the couple trillion dollars and rare earth minerals on our behalf. We really think that maybe it's We would go to war from minerals come. I was crazy. We would try to steal somebody's natural resources. Do we use upset at will, a small story. It was that I'm upset, but those Bruce, came out and then no one really even talked about and barely got nothing. So nothing justifies everything's elsie Albert has been saying these wars are lie and bull shit we gotta get out of them and that that that that she's not the lying about him, the one that's by lying about, has been our government, including broccoli, barber, that's what the Afghan stand papers prove that they
lot. We ve been lied to her anger at the papers, Sir, so people seven, but so what happened was they did a study just like the Pentagon papers right they do their own study that reveals that they're lying, so they interviewed four hundred people that were alike in the milk generals in the military and contractors and all the kind of people to find out till they can know what What will happen in Afghanistan, so they revealed all this. The people They were interviewing. We be this that at the beginning of the board, they didn't know who the back, they still don't know who's the bad guys who were killed. They are lying about, they would lie there. It's going well and then their personal writings would be revealing that they didn't know what they were doing, and so it was it's worse than you think, but we can still just keep sending four billion dollars a month. There just keep sending it just keep sending for what no one knows we're not leaving Trump Take us out it's going to it's either up for re election, a couple more months, we're still in Afghanistan. He didn't do what he said he was going to do. Nobody does that's the problem and that's why we got Trump in the first
they have been brought in Mamma comes in as an anti war guy immediately gets ruled by the military industrial complex just like trumpeted. I believe that I did believe that trump his brothers would get the hell out of the Middle EAST strike. He doesn't really have any druthers he's like ok. Don't do that because they rolled be hard enough. Three years, a Russian Gate. I'm gonna do what they want. What you saw the converse, Then he had with one reported. We talked about the military industrial complex and about how they want to go to war. Yes, I mean Trump. Actively while in office. This is like eyes and our thing like, as he's leaving while in office talking about the Milton barely got mentioned, I know- and so I too so I think, that's why the establishment to get rid of trump, even though he does their bidding and gives him their trillion dollar tax cuts. Nobody asked how we're gonna pay for it. He gives them. I try to go in Venezuela. He try to trade
do you know he's doing around. He didn't come out. We didn't get out Assyria, we're not out of Afghanistan each sending more people back to a rack. It's amazing what what's happened, the exact opposite of what he ran on is happening so wide wide. Why? Why do I think this happens? It's because just what eyes in our set as he left, he says that we, the undue influence of the military industrial, complex and showed mentioned. They just invented a hundred and thirty one billion dollars more worth of work for Raytheon and bowing and Albert, and how much money does the recording music business make a year? Eighty billion How much does it we ve invented to hold another economy? Just sense Trump got had been elected hundred thirty one extra billion have me just think what you could with that you could build a hundred and thirty one geeky stadiums. Today, every do you think that a lot of this impasse, when staff and a lot of scandal stuff is really a distraction for a lot of these things there pushing through. Yes, it's a hundred percent distraction and, like I told you before
If they really believe that he was doing all these things and he wasn't. Why would they keep giving Emma extra money to go bomb people at his own bs date? They they don't try to put handcuffs autumn. So that's how you know that Foolish Shit and the reason why they're coming at Trump in the way the stairs wasted so now they're starting to oppose them because of this around thing. So now you turn out, in an increased Cuomo goes hey. Why doesn't Congress do its job and take back the war powers there, but that they gave it to the president under this EU and so now, which is what I predicted? What happened when try this realigning overturned. Presidency was all this shit that the Democrats Republicans have been agreeing on, which is war fracturing. Hoping the Arctic to drilling now all that stuff, gassing immigrants at the book now, we're all gonna become aware of it. Well, the Democrats spent three years doing frickin Russia gate, so they didn't never oppose them on that stuff and they let him keep doing it and now people are starting to become aware of what's happening, and so now Chris call going a white on. Why? Don't we
what is in Congress do their job? Why you? Let him crazy president drop? Will they just gave him? hundred and thirty one of the things that they gave him his spine powers again through the Patriot ACT. They this guy work in proposing you're gonna, give him spying powers, you fuckin bullshitter, they're, all fuckin, bullshit. Authors are it's weird scale yet joke with. You thought I was working Putin. Would you give em an extra hundred thirty one billion dollars to go bomb anybody? It is by the way. That's also intelligence, rhetorical question? Yes, so it so that's why an evil people people give me a hard time about supporting tall, see rights like. Why but I think it's really important to have an anti war voice that has no speaks from experience. She's, actually in the military right now she accede volunteered to go, serving their illegal wars and then they smear for it. It's kind of amazing it well she's a weird one
right because she has so many characteristics that you would think that everyone who is a progressive would want as president she. Is it a veteran who twice served overseas twice deployed she'd been eventual for a long time, long time, congresswoman she's from Hawaii she's I mean, I guess, she's hawaiian mutations women of color. They say: she's a woman of color worker psycho like that nations Tanner than me but she was no. Why that's why? I don't know about these things? I'm right! I don't know what it is really a mean. The hawaiian routes are essentially polynesian and South Pacific travellers who landed thousands of years ago and those islands so yeah I mean it is essentially a person of car either way she's in a very articulate rocks out woman, and they ve tried to find a bunch dirt honour and they can and they and they don't know what to do. And it's just funny to me that a lot of people who supporting Elizabeth worn were shooting on toll sees her
They can, of course, Elizabeth Worn, shows with true collar she'd. She does a right wing sexist me. Bernie Sanders was hiding was we? This is us what a crazy we do make smear like nobody's by, and so was. It was heard the media and the and see got together and they are like hey. Let's do because this coordinated modern. Nowhere right, and the sea and then to see that story. Cnn wrote these two people who heard it from these other to people who were not even got a name and that's CS the CNN? That's how they do it. It's so create! Yes, it digging their own craved, though, what there What they're doing as they're, making themselves less and less relevant and they're, making guys like you and independent PETE X, Ray more and more relevant and more and more trustworthy, and that's why they keep going to the catnip of of Russia, gate or tweets, or whatever impeachment and called to the thing and in all the colleagues Lakota Media runs interference for the establishment. It's amazing, like you, not to pretend that the burdens are corrupt. I know they. Lorries
and have people commodity go. That's a lie. That's no corruption! It's been looked into. Does no corruption that a guy has an eighty three thousand dollar job on a board in a country his dad just helped overthrow. Would you fuckin crazy? It seems like you might be. Crops the conversation where he tells the prosecutor that if, if he's not gone, you don't get the billion dollar right when you know they fired the guy right, I give you saw a video so yeah. I saw that video and did but their defence to that. Is there saying, but there, Peter was corrupt in the next guy was even more tougher of an investigator, but that guy was investigating very small at the time and that I did say later that go get fired said I got fired because I was investigating tourism. We said that in a court document so believe me throughout, why didn't they? Why didn't they impeach Trump on the emoluments clause? Why didn't they do that? did, they do run what's the alone in its call, for that's him benefiting off his position and government its because they all do it. Why do you think? Because it would bring up everything
it would have to re write, hey Hillary Clinton, Abbe Chelsea Click, just gotta nine million dollar job, for she deserves my god. She did. She did the best so that people are saying that people are saying what's wrong with the woman using her degree, she has three degrees and I wonder how she was it for evil to afford those three degrees. I wonder she overcame all those obstacles. Did she did so it they're all corrupt? That? That's that's. Then that's the story, and that's why we hand there on old, tromp clinging to this system. That's why we don't have a functioning medical work system or functioning banking system, because Brok Bomber was paid off by the bank by the health insurance companies and the bloodstream banks. That's not me, saying that that's Dylan Radegund Award winning Bluebook reporter says that they pay off. Well, he has a. I don't know if you notice, he just bought a house and Marthas vineyard from the guy who owns the Celtic that he says he has. Forty has forty nine acres scale
a lot of money. Forty night, that's more acres and Kevin Heart. That's a lot of acres of his long yeah! That's that's the guy who's, a community organizer. I guess it was agreed in committee, you worry about about. How did they pay a mob lobotomies unworthy? How does it work work with its legal, like TAT, is how does the president did put here when he left tat when he left the presidency, he goes windsurfing with Branson for awhile right as we still have clean water and Flintham and Andy when he comes back in the public eye life. The first thing he does. He goes make speeches for equity firms, four and a half a million a pop for twenty minutes Peter. What do you think? That is what God. This is a bribe, give what are even after the fact as but it's amazing that they still honour that.
There there so rock solid in their commitment to this corrupt system that, even after the guy can't even help and many more his out of office. They hook up with these speaking jobs. Right it gets a half million bucks, a pop and in whatever you want to do yet wasn't anything about the Clinton Foundation were Bill, Clinton would the he would make sure that he got speaking gigs along with their weapons, deals that giving yes. This is correct. Their hundred everybody's gender dirt. We didn't get tromp because the Democratic Party was doing their job right there. People were got desperate and decided to take a chance on political novice. Game shows who they knew was a bull shit. Her everybody knows trumps abortion or they were they good go bullshit those people we
yeah and that's deceit and I've been imploring that Bernie campaign, which nobody listens to me. So it doesn't matter while they listen to me. I'm not only because I communicated caustic wage, but I I've been trying to embellish is, should be wiping the floor with these candidates hit it shouldn't even be close right and so I ve been employing them Bernie. Take the gloves off. Would you quit turning to Joe Biden in saying my best friend Joe Biden, you gotta do a trumpeted what tromp was running. He ran again. The Republican Party ran against all those pukes that the people are sick and tired of that the people have been let down by. These are the people who took you to Iraq. These are the people who took into Libya. These are the people or bankrupting you. These are the, so that's what he did and and Guinea Bernie gets up and go to my good friend. I just want to let you know you corrupt,
It's a quick, then your friend, what these fuckin guys to our corrupt could do just what he could land it. He should turn and I've been beg Uk came close in the last debate, a kind of do it in his words to what which I'm not good at impressed. He's right? You re ass the best, but got right there. That was a PO and Joe Biden The reason why you can understand how Medicare for our works is because your corrupt and you're paid not understand and we're going to get rid of your brain, the corruption, when I'm precedent, because you're that problem- oh, my God, people go crazy. The place, I don't fucking crazy Elizabeth WAR would stand up for Joe Biden that time a sexist peace generate and everybody, see what the game it wasn't like, always and imperative. Elizabeth Button, yeah Elizabeth Biden, delays does it with warrant. Wasn't he always in support of her Joe Biden, yeah Oh, no, no, no, no Bernie Sanders yet airily was always in support of yes, so blizzard
Why was I came? Birdies policies are pretty popular. Pretend there was little Republican People forget until she was forty seven years older right, forget ya, but while Bernie was running around telling people that are women could be president. She was still republican, yes apply, So it's amazing that you know it's like anybody can afford for Elizabeth worn over Bernie. It's like raping. That's what I say it's like to smoke the real thing right! Well, there's a lot of people are still just want a woman present. That's and I understand I understand that. But you you gotten, you can't let identity trump policy. You gotta you, you know, that's what identity politics. What we're gonna have a woman who's, not as good as a guy or I will have a woman whose who could be it's like? No, you supposed to mean them together. You know you can't just just because of her identity. That's not good! Europe's come torture of she makes it if she,
The nominees sheep that behind a shit, she's, gonna, Mendel Megan, became the other day and the view. Did you see that Megan Mccain twisted into a pretzel together, two states alimony was a terrorist. It was unbelief a bold away. She did why? Don't you say he is terrorism, but what and she doesn't. I do about poverty so that no father you get away with ship What did I do? I don't know I'm saying said poverty, so Arab Louis was Unpretentiousness fat who who taught we talking about here are seen TIM Dylan. Do his version of Mega Mccain, no oh I'm gonna, get you something beautiful really showing amazing. So there's this tape, somebody put together a bar of Megan, Mccain, saying my father: have you seen that one what she says it over and over again, so I started out in venture California is playing that clip like as it you ok we're gonna laugh? There is almost a fuckin riot at my shop let us stop playing? They do want to see it
at first. I thought there like cheering cause. They cheer, often at micro. None of the like. Oh no they're screaming of internal sketchy, spend ahead when tourism. Why? You know it's one of them. Torrents places like when it is doing here. Watch this play for the beginning in Gimme Civilian, ok put it was his team. Did my father died. I had a baby it will be raised in captivity, raise privately to be the greatest politics. And that has ever lead is begging, became in about a new, so called the view that fucking river, both casino patent, talking shit about my Father project for a hundred years for this fucking country, and he came back and he started seven because he's a gentleman you rob where my father skid mask at primary trump from the right. You bench a view that have come on the new year.
One another zombie gonna! U want to teach club turns. Now you ve only points in our pockets is poor. Guy he's the best that then I say free kept. It kept in animal while Louis Dim, Dylan, that's funny we're landowners. Comic is New York, guys out. You know it's funny. Mozilla areas. Don't you love me I love you. I love guys like him to me, is he's, not a filter to be found, not a filter to be found here did
he's: gotta haired, oh yeah, yeah, yeah and he's gay Yes, we delegate of free pass get wild when you're gay don't you know away with more shit? You know, don't you say my language. I wish you could say crazy shit about women alongside the he went around as Jeffrey Epstein Temple is just simply give reality which, by the way that terrible is focused. How strange is that that it's the same causes israeli flag, Jesus criteria, it so these really flag, ok, yeah, what who's that Chuck shoe Moroccan. Like Jack Zuma. While there was replace proposal areas. He does a lot of shit. He he works like he puts in a long time. He does a lot of things, a lot of content and a lot of shit and is a really funny. Comic too. I kind of Timor comedy. So what's up,
then go on. You have been doing a lot I go out, but it's like handle drive the I should now you were to go to the store. I get it either. One I've never worked at the store. How dare you I did actually sent an email? Go here want to do my show down at the store and lawyer, because I went Santiago again in of law, do you off the clubs? The one great clubs world its eye stored on that store down. There's perfect, perfect dislike a perfect comedy club. I sent an email and get it while the probably books so booked areas blow that distance stores never been. Popular right. Now, it's all about every night yeah I know I did hear. I should start go in there and I'm just going to get my ass. I gotta get off, but I got it. You know I gotta have flapper switches and Burbank zones works closely in my house and I go up. I go up there. A couple times weaken. It feels good that in the coming MAGIC club,
weekend, that's good god. Ass, a great I've been there and the agony, Improv randomly yeah, and so that's pretty pretty much my how often you get enough week, just maybe the ito two or three times less, not too bad. You buy some good. I'm doing three sets tonight, see that's what I'm Where the July LOTS carriers, perhaps about wrapped about wraps it's like Alan Hate, my only friend maybe go to New York. And now you do worse at that. The comedy seller. They have like three venues now so This has to make one colony get three sets an iota packages, go out any definite travel far. It's like all real close. That's that's nothing! Better than doing three sets of nitrate Pastrana Buzz like I feel it gets running. Like you want runners, endurance want to be in shape, you gotta run the run Stanhope you have to stand up, you do it you get into it. You get the rhythm, you get the groove, you feel you feel it once you start think of
thinking it that happens with you not be have too much of a break for me anyway. I start over think it starts to get nervous, In our view, so you, if you take term off, I was tat you feel uncomfortable. That's the best way to describe it, so nervous, because I know jokes and know how to tell em right, but I don't feel comfortable right to totally. Yes, I was in them, so it is important in this last weekend helium up there now do the Albert arose theater and I had right a homely shows. We came back to suit like six months ago here in our own side or at home in fact ensure- and I was really Sweden, it I didn't realize how how nervous I was you know like out and so when I got on stage like about thirty minutes It was gonna get right. I got my appetite. Suddenly it was hungry and so I gotta calls all I had to eat it counts day. Shuts wise. I was starving. I had another two hours ago. My show those two and a half hours at some length.
While you are someone say: I'm gonna have to get yeah asides kills zone has enabled the handle they always got killed zones they sold out. So you had a break we, just as I'm doing the show, I have had three people up. I stayed with me. I had when the cows on business. Are you. The Nancy policy of cows zones has out what's going on. You know. I have. I have some interests in council now. How do I bet I I've often looks beyond stays. I looked down and chicken wing, unlike I could eat that fuckin thing right now. I get yes soon, as my nervousness goes away? Like argued Hungary had so weird here, while you're on stage you get hungry? If I'm yeah, because my nurse business goes away. How little, certainly that as I understand, and so before that, because the nervousness canny yeah, so you go on stage hungry Jes, but you probably should what I don't feel hungry. When I got say it is, I can not or whatever, and then the nervous
goes way, and only one well yeah. They are ratifying and eat something who you go on stage. You do two and a half hours, yeah, woe yeah lot! Well, it's not stand by now. Have video, that's right, you're doing you're sure fading into view in a video show, but we write hopes for the videos and everything it's not just guys doing a podcast right. That makes a little more sense. You want to eat in a little more sense I like your onstage junior year, you can't, if I'm doing my act, that's why I've often doing my act. That looked like I'd like to have a piece of that chicken. You can't do that like. I could play a video it's gotta be a minute like that no come back down to worry about shit flying out of your mouth. We talk and I do not worry, but that should people already like me. Ok, that's good way, look yeah! That's it! You know that such Freeing such I don't have to convince anybody or- and that's the weird thing with my colleague I liked to go up in front of people who don't know me to surprise
them innocent away like watch a minute, but also have to get into it a little gentler gently rather more gentle. They are so I have to get into. I have to act like hey my brother said this. You know or hey wider their arms to dismantle get it. You know like why. Why is the government against the workers strikes but for a military strike? You know that it goes to the way you do it from your crowd. Yet further. My credit much more YO r, AMP d up an angry or what have you done, make sense, yeah yeah, it's weird thing right is a catch twenty cause like the. If you play your people all the time, you can get soft Cosette forget just as they like you, that's right and then a regular on its ability to create argue that right this, some people that I've seen where they do well, especially like some podcast folks. They have a crowd and then the will come to see them when they do. Their shows, like all, is happy to see you in you do well, but then you go do shit
Randal show who the FUCK Improv with like five other people's pressure that lab that lab is hot death at the improv yeah that little tiny room it can be set up all fucked up the doors right next stage, you're on staging you hear the door and see people walk in in the bar. Enormous its way to base like it. If, if everyone, the room was our rabbit alcoholic, maybe you could justify having a bar that big in a room that small and big I've funny at her, You know we're not at you mentioned. I am, I guess, I notice that suffered dish like everyone. Far there's really should take sage through the room. Weird of ghosts in the line of fire I enjoyed it causes no waitresses. Right, not that I don't like waitresses, but you go about it. You're going those turning go get if you want a drink, you go to the bar or norodom walks around in front of you with this. So it's in those no distractions, people just sit there. All your aunt. I wager whom her three areas
I get Stiga gotta problem that way, the yellow some male bartender a rugged. You know we just gotta making fun of neglect. Calculus could get in trouble for making fun of Elizabeth warns dancing he didn't get in trouble that majority worker guy, whether that is nonsense. You virtual signalling dummy that is so silly. He made fun of everything and made fun of Corey Poker General statue made fun of that that set the end but say if he makes one of Elizabeth when all of a sudden it sex, is that this is like hey his quote, though, you see what he said was so clunky like Sorry, you an eighteen year old, autistic college Maurice gets a talk for the first time. Yet who is so clunky But how did you formulate this the sentence? Did you really feel this than any who'd? who thinks gonna believe that what is a people who are going to believe this? What, if you would they already like you, the most of them
we're going to see right through this thing, so it was just to me it's like you know. It's just gets a frantic message from people like that will live with wars. Defenders it's like, while women can women can do anything except take a joke. I got dance. Why should doubtless was a video Elizabeth, worn down if you do not make infer that you're out of your fucking mind if there is a thing to make fun of why the white people think this is dancing by the way you ve noticed that George Bush danced my boy move and then then she does this calendar. I think Ellen may be, may do that. I don't know you must do to deceive and your mother took his jacket after it on the ground was dancing travelling time. I guess that's, ok,
because now policies that run for anything exactly and everybody made fun of it. Nobody, Tuesday, anybody being sexist, really never dancing, was lairs will play their first or play. That second was whether Elizabeth worn one first cause of those with warm one. So fuckin ridiculous, you watching a dance, and you like how how dare you say, Ike It makes how dare you, how dare you fire? Obviously it's better wait. I, like somebody put up a set of sulphur, Video for dancing at a wedding rail gonna, get makes those that's. Ok, you she's stage lying to get something from people and she thinks this will get it for the Erika. I hear she goes Ursus up. The figure play them. So she decided the we can't play that music. So it's a lunatic so the first version of it. This is neither which one what Julian Castro is in the background is it
from one disease there. She goes, though, almost ignored their do now that we are now seeing keep doing this. If, since she looks like her back as welded, I guess all once you see this again moves movie like this. Yes you're right, it was a roving she's, barely real, it's about being white, you know we're because our native American Well, that's what I said in a big, so obviously burmese lying about saying women can't win or Elizabeth Worn is lying about him. Saying that and I can accuse a native American applying I'm just not going to be good for you. She is one one thousandth native American, so that's that's real! That's a real number so made might be two thousand she seventy her mood, shouldn't be like very elastic, great and the lowest seventy compliant good point. Seventy cash actually looks pretty good for seventy cause. Bernie looks like shit.
Right, burnt. Logic ahead is in the middle of his chest for producing its eye. It's like falling off. If I was his friend I be like Bro, you got to work on your posture. We going to get you some spinal decompression. Just me yoga classes. You had to go to follow when you meet him, he's taller than you think right as right, who you mean a milk. All I saw was supposed to be up here. I thought for sure I was gonna, be tolerant and when I met you ever have that happen, I thought for shrimp gonna be too or any any was he's www taller than me. Well, five eight are always assume shorter than everybody Eightam pretty much. So unless they like a tiny person, I thought Chris Hedges is going to be six five. When I met him and he's say, he's a normal. Yes, no one that talk. If you met Chris Cuomo Freedom, fridge confrere. No, he growled he'll. Regular. Writing my shit financial regulation. It around me now to some reveal.
It was soon renew. Are you? Are you sixteen, but you know that freedom is the inward for we ve also leave all said. We ve been saying that for your get fed it, video Edward, that is so often DOM save the idea that he thought he could pass off any new. There were film you, yes, is that? How do you not so it's like cut current saying that two entailing American is like using the inwardly. Is it really guess what here's the thing about being time? There's no word for us! There's no word for us. You can call me a guinea in call me agrees, bars, like other doesnt work. Rest no word didn't work. They work for my grandfather's day. I should talk to my grandfather because he was an immigrant and he came over from ITALY, and he told me the horrible shit, kids school would say to him all the horrible,
yet peerless trigger guineas back then word tat. They were, they were talk too, like trash immigrants like they were, they wanted them to go home. They didn't want him there and there is a lot of disputes. The Irish and the attack on the Essen yeah, like guns, were thought of the way. A lot of racist people. Think of Mexicans there come over to take our eyes. Come other investing our neighbourhood with their smells their food and there they wanna talk their language. Like my grandparents always spoke italian and the house. It is always the small great depends on what you like. I love a tyrant routes as well, but they always talked italian Grandmother and my grandfather always spoke at TAT, really other yeah. They live in, italian neighbourhood, up until a changed they lived in New Jersey, ok, which was all tat, so it seems like every wave of emigrants, becomes the new horrible person rats or am I grew up because what as Irish and they talk about,
the new Irish need apply all that stuff, and I mean that's what it's just as waves of right now? The wave is no Mexicans the scapegoats, but you know: there's a doctor They did a while back a day with no Mexicans. Aha about bidding, it's true. Everything would fuckin shot gale short, especially LOS Angeles, no kidding, but most of the country most of the country. That is the dirty, seek it about the United States of America that we rely a lot of inefficiency. We lot of industry podcast. It doesn't really rely on illegal immigrants, but lot of industries rely on illegal immigrants and it's it's a fucked up situation to be in for them, because they really dont have a path to become legal, even if they ve been proved right for decade after decade there of viable could trip. In part of our culture, because they got over here illegally. Even think I'm came over Here- is a child that we can't. We can't let you stay.
And that's another thing needed the immigration. Had they been scapegoated sense, Esparza, remember Bill Clinton, so Bill Clinton. If you go back there C span. Videos of him saying Mexicans, commoner, taken our jobs and all that stuff used. He did all that stuff and Hillary Clinton. She bragged that you voted for. A border wall show a barrier of offence in some places a bet she'd. She brag used to brag about it, and so then Trump comes along turns it up. Another not know I'd disguised ran like no. You guys so I make this point here, so in a way that yet very offensive and it's wrong right when of course it is. But what I mean as he is building up a bunch of shit that offensive in rock just like when they treated out those. So you find out. This is what I say there. Oh hee hee hee banned all the Muslims
the airport than you find out. Why are they at the airport, Brucker bombardment bombing them for eight buccaneer straight? You drop twenty six thousand, but they re not a Bob's. Then you find out these pudding immigrants in cages. You find out the Brok Obama built those cages, then you say: fine of debt. Trump is gassing immigrants at the border and you find out Brok Obama. Also Gaston. Grants at the border and they should be honoured. They were gas by the lesser of two evils. So there's the silver lining and it's finally starting to come out because the democratic run this Russia gate. To that it's good done. They did the Mulder report it's over. He concluded. There is no collusion over so now they moved out to a peach meant, but now he's bombing so that, finally, starting to talk about the war powers act responsibly, but nobody is talking about cutting depending on budget. Did you hear do here that I don't hear? No, do you think that the main the main thing about impeachment is supposedly he tried to get Ukraine to investigate his political, polite jobs?
Where does the main thing? That's what they say. I take that out in theirs. Basically, nothing right end. An and people aren't really that upset that he tried to half the country for sure are an absurd that he tried to investigate which allow many people were clinging to this, as if this is a visible pitch. It Peter makes sense because they think that he's not president. So that's it yeah that as an errand, Mattel says who is the only guy know who won an award for his Russia Gate coverage because he debunked it like a good report is supposed to do what he always makes the point. That Trump is not a suitable steward of imperialism and they think he puts an ugly face on the shit we ve meant. This is, right, but this is the trumpets, an ugly face on the stuff. We ve been doing all along so now people gonna be more aware of it and we would have been more aware of it if the Democrats would have actually opposed a month's substance instead of Russia Gates. He says things. Sometimes ego you're allowed to write your own speech like when you when he was talking about bag, daddy, that he died liquor
Senor like what you are allowed to see, that a dialogue, a dog or how about it. This is the weird thing that he uses twitter to threaten other countries like when you talk about around that. If they respond, they, we will respond in perhaps a disproportionate manner who, like you, using twitter to threats like nobody ever thought that there was gonna, be the sort of an a venue for a president to just just have mouth diarrhoea. Who and that's why they I mean I release leave. That's a big reason why a lot of the establishment wants to get rid of them because he makes them look bad because they agree with these policies. The Democrats just gave him everything you wanted. They pay first, In border wall, they gave an expanded, powers. They gave him an extra hundred thirty one billion Eagle bomb people they help to fast track as judges they fuckin.
Also helped him deregulate walls, three, what the fuck are they doing for him, and that's why we have Donald Trump and that's why it's important that Bernie gets in that's why it's important that he overcomes their cheating, and I just want Bert. You talk about schizophrenia. Click burning has schizophrenia. Ex strategy like people are, that that I critique and strategy I went birdie be stronger. I wanted to win and I want to so like he couldn't come on, get speech where he says I'm running against the democratic establishment and people go crazy right, as we know, that's the problem, and then he'll do a video where he endorses the Dnc. Like hey, give us money, we got he distant, a video with all the democratic candidates talking about unity and that every campaign had to pay a hundred seventy thousand dollars to the the sea to be included in the video. Why? Because a Dnc is bankrupt. Why? Because no one's donating to it, and so they have to stop money out of their own candidate, saying if you will give us a hundred seventy thousand dollars each to do this unity, video. We won't have any money to help you once you'd when the nomination, so they all pony
and they all in it, embodies in a unity video where he supposed to be speaking against cleaners and billionaires, there's two billion in the Fuckin video Thompson. And Bloomberg, you gotta come together boo, billionaires to oppose know they are. The fuckin problem is that the problem is that he's the guy we instituted stop and frisk he's the ghost this New Europe needs more billionaires. Those are the fucking guys who are the problem and if Bernie would just get stop Dino Play footsie with them. In a sense you don't just back them. I think it wouldn't even be cloaks they. What so he's got like broccoli, he's gotta over win because they're going to China, so yes to over win. You know, and I tell you what if he picked, tells you Gabert as his vice president. He would crush them I'll drop, because there are a lot of right. Wingers in a lot of independence is not an anti war people who are upset with three working party, lotta, independence, libertarians were set and they like her because she say and other things
you like about her. She said she doesn't good, fly off the hit and she's proven herself as a patriot, all that stuff. What do you think there? who do you think they're leaning towards for the nominated you think they want worn out establishment yes here than wild. Well, that's why they d and see that the media and Elizabeth Words being coordinated on this latest sexes hit on Bernie Sanders, but its not working. I don't so I don't it's backfiring its. It should backfire, it's just its. Making that, though the Pocahontas stuff that she's got as far as she has It is with lying about being native American and using it to get a job in the way she lies about she's such a bad again. She is also a bad liar like when, when Megan Mccain, contwisted a pretzel- that's not good! You know when you cheat. She wanted some pat podcast with these black eyes. I needed to see that video, which is being interviewed by three black eyes.
If it is an about turn here, they just tell her to shreds of Charlemagne. Is that on the breakfast club? I think, maybe I don't know your holidays. I don't know anything Charlemagne sharp as fuck. I think he went after for the whole native method and choose just basically saying Well, it's a family worry that we who lay older he nail it was. It was easy. You know was like you that you talk in a very wise, let's available, about creativity was asked questions Gary. What is totally mean Charlotte and God of Cause Elizabeth warrant. The original Rachel tell us, L, that's right. Yes, that's right what he did: yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. That is a letter, hilarious thing to say the original. Wait another well, she used to get a job mean she did she really dead and she didn't give any that money back mean. Didn't she had a job at Harvard because of that, where we very sexy kind, she did it, she claims she did, but it was on her application, she's native Amanda reason why, when she's just saying this because our family, but you
saying she's native American. That's the whole thing you're hot on percent. I don't know what she was right. I know it's. It's really come back to bite or in the ass. I know but you're, not well we'll bouncing around, like that's a liar like she's she's, a person that makes up a past she's created a fake pass and she did it back when there was no dna test available soon get away with being native American and makes you look like you're, first volley kind of cool. Why everybody like never see that movie vision, quest, no great movie, Matthew Modin is is buddies. A fake indian, his body lied about then native american Hero Mohawk and everything is plain up the native american thing, because people want to be native American, it's a cool there. Yet in older there they ve thought to be more Mutual, yet more deep and interesting and and certainly more oppressed. So if you say the if she says she's native American, all look at
native american woman made it all the way to be president, its exotic. Meanwhile she's like what's it like one to thousandth native American, is that what it was some ridiculous, ridiculously small number right so suggestion when she got a dna test. Trump said that you, if she was native American, that he would give a million dollars a charity, give her a million dollars someone. I insist it was like war time to pay up. What did you look at the numbers? Yes, she did. Yes, she did. Jo Leinen everything, you're saying right success. I hope you know that fuck you everything, you're saying is true- must be right. I'm talking about a woman. Was it people, you know what I mean. You talk about how you feel bad about the New York Times. That being guess what you, because I know. No, that feeling you wanted somebody to be what what did the other news p like at MSNBC and see what do they think when they see Tucker Karlsson, Kickin there ass doing war coverage. Is that fuckin amazing that Tucker Cross? Something was
Trusting rank is never easy. He seems at least partially independent. Likewise, he allowed to tell the truth about war at Box news out of bucking. Get that there now to tell the truth, but war at sea and enter MSNBC will shepherd. Smith was allowed to tell the truth to but he's outside truths, but he was again otherwise early. The fuck out of here here again he's. There's lots of truancy and tell ourselves that's why I said: did you see, bombshell know what is this? Does the movie with Roger Ales move. I started watching that all may that guy who's, the actor that from Australia Name o wherever the guy is he's fantastic in Bonn. What business that John lift on palm shallow? if you think it Dick Cheney movie, I'm taking a series, does a series about Roger Ales and Fox NEWS, and now this is a move in this is a new shall leave oh really, there was, she plays men, jelly
oh really, yeah yeah, so super cheap event playing somebody else attractive. An eye w our seas, nonprofit working to protect native women for violence, more than half a native women of experience, sexual violence in the majority of violent crimes against native Americans are betrayed by non natives. Send them you're one million dollar check real Donald Trump, so she's saying that, because she's native American, could she tested, like a trace Malik, he is probably like. She blew a native American Garren College. But what is it by the way it Real Donald Trump, recital seven five, you give me one million dollars for charity. If I choice my dna showed native american ancestry, I remember and here's the verdict warrant test. Were worn, reveals task confirming ancestry Y yeah, but it's such a seemingly small amount. But I am one point: six percent Africa. I am two hundred tonnes.
Times more energies native American? That's real yeah, oh, oh, oh so imagine I mean I'd. Thought that when she said she got fired from teaching and then the video came out said she quit at that. That would be the end that should be the into I got caught as it exists at the thought of talking about that you are sexist. I had a Clinton adviser come at me, a bill Clinton adviser who that's a larry. You could build, advise it should all shut. The few things up, you that you are so lucky you not injure. Only they lose twenty six to every state is not a lot of times. He was a good guy. They had a nice jet, we flew We saw this guy loaded, the global drags. You do good, clear, it's our job Jeffrey actually does a good plan, but that's because hours and hours and hours tapes army,
Am I try to do an impression? Sounds like a drunk irish now, you're burn he's pretty damn good, but I was so obvious. Twenty seven dollars here and as you know why twenty seven dollars, because that's myself security, number twenty seven, that's good, you can use the twenty seventh personal I've tried to an old joke, Joe, I guess who's gonna hear and twenty sixteen I get it ok, but any bill Clinton adviser calling you sex yeah. That is it that damned hilarious. That's rich. Did you write the come off your dress before you called me access my hair wearing that fucking guy too, when he dies still be stores, yeah well, there's already stories. We just we seven heard them. Oh yeah, but it being assist its amazed, how much they can keep quiet was amazing that the Epstein thing just comes and goes and nobody gets nobody. Nobody gets from I'm not office. Nobody gets not. I know nothing funding, nothing! Well. How about the fact that the acts in earlier raised first attempted
suicide, video whoops, we accelerate that too to, but they re saw the torture videos. I mean did that to say I did that they lie to Congress on camera. They that its job we're living it happens. Things go bad. What is just even tourist visas. When you're telling the truth is african. Forget that quote, but you're living in the universal deceit, telling the truth is treasonous actors. I just said earlier Jesse Fraternal. Yet he was gonna run for president. It wasn't me as an independent. Yeah. I think he toyed with it is Bloomberg. So, yes, he's is yes Sonia aiming about. He spent in tons of money on ads and stuff, and so is style star they say was like number two and he could get himself up to like number two in South Carolina, something because of all the money he spending and you talk to people who live there. Then I went home for Christmas and every third commercial as attempts dire commercial, local things whose JANET Descent
marked yeah, so he's like ok, my now when Iowa, but I can maybe put all my money in South Carolina. So do you think the establishment, once it was with warrant, could she's, because the fact look she's willing to play ball dance? She wants to be president. Yes, she was a Republican forever than she switched over became a Democrat. This thing about him, Bernie being sexes is so Firstly, a political ploy, it's so transparent and really grouse, yeah he's so now, when someone acts so now when they called Trump a sexist, it doesnt land right, exactly the cry Wolf to me. That's exactly what I mean you act. They teach us to sit
year olds, don't cry Wolf, and here they are an entire organization is established. Man has been crying Wolf is its crazies mother fucker, these mother fuckers many people can t shirt for I spilled them. Some that America coffee on washed it off in the show. How did you ever notice to see that see how unnoticed unobservant? I am it's alright spot so dear, so I saw how many times you go out in a week how many times I do shows. Yes, then it depends on the weak, but always at least for this week, I'm only working Tuesday and Wednesday night.
I've gotta go and do the you have seen as we can in Vegas and didn't scheduled, gig and but a regular weekend shoe boy depending on from on the road or hear from here I mean on a regular, weak, outwork, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday Saturday. I do it all the time. I'll do multiple said tonight. I'll do the store to the improper view levels into the ice hounds. Ok, so act change, subjects, real quick key watch. Boxing, yes did you batteries, guess what will the fat and his party? Why did he do that? He had a good time. Fucked up got rid of it,
in writing de things wrong. They at first they were saying he lost too much weight. Did you remember that? But there was just because it was a photo that he was joined like two instagram. I was at it like him in the bathroom. Ok, if you like, have a camera poses certain where it makes us look. Slim like I get nothing, nothing worse than a good boxing match. Well, that fight should have been a great fight, but Andy FUCK, Dalia, really fucked up in our plan after his use ask for rematch up a prick Sherry trained himself to four yeah. I think he did while he was. I know for a fact why we do all he was party and because he became a heavyweight camp in the world in an incredible knock out, and I bet everybody was kissing his ass and he bought a rolls. Royce came the podcast Liliana do the park ass, he came and rolls Royce yeah well, which doesn't necessarily mean going off the rails, both very good insulation and yet many if he showed up in a fucking caprice, classic disguise dialed in his.
Ok, yeah he's gonna, get large mascara old cop cars drawn up with no other caps, shitty old, that's bench seeds and shall get the champion. Jack he's is Rocky Balboa, but he he had his chance and they're- not gonna. Give me another one now does he can be the lobby guys yeah. But I don't know if you can sell out of paper views, especially after that second performance, the problem with the second performances, the second performers soap is poor. They you're gonna need multiple, like big wins and fight for people take seriously again and it needs a real nutritionists really does, even though he he one being fat. There was a lot of factors in that fight. One big factor that I have heard from people who are very knowledgeable and in the no insiders was that ethnic Joshua was hurt and training that he got rocked and maybe even got killed when he was training and not not
too distant from the fire out really two weeks out from the fight our code, yeah, that's good when you're heavyweight in your sling in those fuckin gigantic fists at each other, all those guys needs, do catch juggling once just want, apparently just happens all the time there was a russian heavyweight boxer. Who is criticized because he showed this video of a sparring session worry flat lines is trainer or his sparring partner, with one punch happens. It happens all time further. Knockouts you see in the ring. There's probably you know dozens more you'll never see with top fight top flight, guys that I just you know to bring an end guys like when Klich goes to champion. He brought in guys like Anthony Joshua Spar with he brought in guys, like the anti wildly spar, with the anti Wild
I didn't, know that while these guys this bar, I loved- I mean I love, I love watching down, takes excite executed at any more exactly at any moment. It can happen if I can turn around Dantes a freak, yeah he's afraid yeah freak of nature. So in what way does no one I've ever seen? Who can knock everyone out? That's him he'd Knox, everyone yeah, there's, never been a guy. If you look at his record, it's insane its. Just two factories, one. Seventy fights Gilias one decision loss has one draw with Thailand furiously and then the rest. He knox people into orbit NEA every other fight. He has forty knockouts nearly forty winds and that cuban guy just laid out accounts Tom. I got any hit him on the forehead Yes and he did ass. He was a short punch he's here hit so hard. It does not make sense, yeah or two.
What guarantees is tough and he was down yet why enough just ass, he hits people and they have a look on their face. I can't even believe our already had some that Dominic Brazil that Kayo, like right after the Thyssen Fury File, K o my god he's a motor yeah he's the one, the most murderous punch, I've ever seen a heavyweight do. So I think there get hit him infuriating to fight again. Yes, in thirty lighting export tax idea there, it is fantastic Thyssen, furies mastery, seven times a day to prep, for while the remote islands testosterone it be said. That brings us astronauts. We, as we said I think, she's his reading the tools that fighter that used to drink zone year in the autumn of this year there was a boxer, a real yeah, there's box, you oughta, be we're doing that for a while they thought urine therapy was True Rachel. I know you're not a doctor, but I am definitely a doctor and it is true- and I want you to do it now- I've I drank my pistol, for I tried it
how come on ways is preparing for a while Twenty seven times a day to keep up my testosterone pumping pump it pump it pumping pump it don't you know I gotta, keep active and has just drove flowing for the fight. Dont want the level so go down we sought having sex was bad for you before I posed to be. U levels actually go up, not that it's bad, but some people think it's a distraction like MIKE Tyson View was he said that he felt that sex was distracting, so he would have sex just so. You have to think about it, because if you didn't have sex, the news is thinking of an ex oughta, but when Thyssen was in his prime, you got also remember he's a really young guy like using this early twenties testosterone through
yeah you know, and the level of girls there were bomb Anna S lonely. I mean Robin get Ass, beautiful, the most beautiful woman in the world who are trying to get some of that that fucking Gladiator Dick who, but I think for him. He really felt like sex was a distraction and if you could just have sex, they will think about it. So I saw this play. One time is run by Steve Martin, and it was a pic fictitious meaning between Picasso, an Einstein in a bar. In France, it was caught, Picasso Lucky Ideal and in it picassos painting and his team. King and he says an artist- must stay well, fucked. Otherwise his eye goes from the page to the window. Sill down to the street a cross over to the cafe were the girl sitting with her skirt and it's like a guy. That's what they're that we stuck with me is an artist as they will
There are those who thinking about getting late. Yeah men will understand that, but men Rarely say that in the presence of women, and so because of that women either dont believe it or they dismiss it or they think you're, a pig for expressing at right while those things but men alike, own they'll go. I gotta make sense. I give you say that you gotta stay well fogged work out. The our course you'll have to otherwise you get fucking distracted did is true format no idea. I heard a thing on NPR one time probably fifteen years ago, and they would do a story about this woman who decided transition to be a man, and so she documented- indeed like an audio thing and she talked about how when she was in, and start to feel her testosterone and should become attracted woman and she goes it didn't have to be a boob. It could be an elbow.
It could be your ankle, it could be whatever, and I- and she goes- I finally understood their general boys. Yeah yeah ready for industry acting, isn't it and you gotta keep your shit together? Well, it's not just that it's a biological imperative! It's a real people breed vice like that. Built into the dna to make. People are attracted to females, so they're getting spread their dna and that's what it is. It's that simple set, it said, Billy denied, this crazy, but you ve got men denying it because they want women to like them, and then the young women dismay
sing it because they they think that the men who express it an honest where our pigs and sexist and they exhibit toxic masculinity, which is that's a hilarious expression, because you need to thank toxic masculinity for all. The bridges. Are the fuckin all the jets, all the Rockets, others toxic masculinity view break down all the things that men have invented and all these toxic men have prevented, but like you from being murdered in war and protected the country and all other different things that you could attributed toxic masculinity. Most of its positive at knife about this guy has question, is certainly my head. Since you sad talk about Toxics Magdalen S, either I fucking came and get the word even bias. Can sovereignty toxic master? Lenity is a ridiculous thing to say: there's this terrible meant, there's terrible human beings and having to be met. There's also
terrible human beings at having to be women. Does not toxic femininity they're. Just did you have any women women who developed a terrible way most likely bad parents? likely abuse, physical indoor, sexual and then they become a monster at the end of all. This process is the same with men. Bad men are just bad human beings. It happened to be men and when you see terrible things happened it's not because of toxic masculinity. It's because it's a bad person, I believe in the individual there's individual and some of them are bad and some of them are good, but you wanna, if you just want to generalise against all men like you're you're on uphill road is to me and obviously not me. I've, never events, I think, but it's too many things that men have done that are positive. This way too many does too many that if you want to have, I got a scoreboard and you wanted it PETE men, verses women. Why would what you gonna say when you,
Look at all the different accomplishments at men have made, and obviously it's not me- it's not you not talking about us like what they were on a team, but I'm lying like just this. This concept that men are bad. You hear this a lot today, specially white man So I hear from white man. Ok, that's crazy, because a lot of nice white men it this is dumb from Non EU yeah he's one of em, but just just decide, that you can generalise about one entire group, whether by gender or whether its by raise, but by anything, but you can do that with white men. You can, really do that with brown women, you can't here's a problem with black women. You know all black women are this, that people do a racist piece of shit. They say here is a problem with white men. Both are gross bolts, statements. So generalizations are disgusting, whether their gender he's generalization or sex based generals is but whatever it is, so they would
say that that's ok, to say that about white men because of the power dynamic ass, the white men have power. So if we say that it does it right now even racist right. That's what that's not an I'm, not a damn argument, not a professor. So I don't know if that's true or not, but I do what the White Paper this instinct white men have more power shore, the but they also have more power than white men. It's a tiny percentage of white men who have the power that we're talking about when you talk about c egos and you're talking about a job jeez or what is it? Yes, yes, white men are in those positions of power, but there are this position of power over most white men like it's, it's not it's! It's very small amount of people that an extraordinary amount of influence yeah they happen to be Remember when you say white men sock! Look at this. I know. That's that's
these smallest percentage of people who are these billionaires whore. They see us who are these judges? Who are these people that are in positions of power that happen to be white men? So have you ever? Now again, I don't know. I heard a guy referred himself like a regular guy referred him. If, as assist Male Armitage, you have now have let it has anyone ever done at the kind of bloom, we'll get even know what it was when I first heard it yeah, it's nonsense. Your mail if you're a trans woman and you you want to be referred to only as a woman. I find no problem with that, but I'm not gonna call myself a sin. Male. That's some new made up shit. It sounds like you, colleagues, sissy sissy. When I first heard it on the agenda. I thought actual the guy was doing when it when I first heard it a guy said I, MRS Maes, Bob I'm like here, Sissy added
know what it meant. I read this tweet once by this person, who is saying basically to shame people into using that rammed down their throats and eventually accepted, and it will become normal and that you have because if they want to refer to us, is trans we have to refer to them. It says we have to force them, with everyone's process. Yes, I don't even know that, we're came to test to make a clear distinction so, instead of making it look like a trans woman is lesser. You set you instead of that, you have sis, gender and transgender, so there there, because your yuri- adding to that name that prefix here, because your adding to both now here now, you ve cool eyes, the playing field to level the playing field, problem. That is, Trans is extremely rare. It's the reasonable! You have the prefix in the first place, because it's real
we really unusual to meet a trans woman despite the internet would have you feel I was always I'm sure it's a tough life to be a transgender doses, liking and credibly, tough, as always low jealous. I wanted to become a woman. I was always I caught. It looks like we're just going to make a Mccain. Just are going around audio, show you'd, be ready and would have such a fucking free pass. I mean look. Caitlin general kill the late, Nobody would taught us anything. No, just slander and traffic, not paying attention rear, ended her and the oncoming traffic she's dead now and no and brings it up everyone's, like so brave, do think she's intact. Urge you cut it off. Oh my God com, I dont, but there was an accident read what was it like? It was a careless accident, Still she rear ended somebody and slammed, and an oncoming traffic gay and whether or not not our phone. I don't-
you ever. Where are you going to say something? I've always worried like I am ignorant above a leg. Is that a big gaps in our knowledge of stuff and so I remember I was talking about you're gonna get a totally wrong, like I didn't know like somebody from the what Jamaica, that's also in African American, I didn't that sure, because they came home. If I'm Africa today gets I'm talking about them, I would say african american women, then I guess once they came to American, their american citizen, sailor, Afghan Amerika S, side and again, this is a lot of Jamaica's refer themselves. The Jamaican, so the thing about making dislike it's really unique, kullak, unique cultures are known for, like specific things are very positive. Jamaica's are known for a credible work ethic, the Jamaican, so multiple jobs, as always it a stand up. Junketing gay in New York. There was always jokes about jamaican about. You know that they would get mad if you had less than five
No Kidding Jamaica's are known for being like very hard oriented. That's a New York thing. I knew that I think, I've ever heard about your big, as is the stereotype of part not add to that too, but they have a lot of jobs. Tat smugglers haven't five job, goes to show. You doesn't take away your ambition. They dont does others that that's nonsense. Look I smoke of airport on pretty ambitious work. A lot does it give her so I'll do a show right we're like criticising someone or something, and then our smoke a joint afterwards to relax and then Start saying goes every source you that definitely ok, we're talking shit. I know no, I'm thinking about my poorly worded ran of male verses, women, something like process so that better, but that's just a part of how it works when it allows get nap up from all. This, though, is
that we have to look at each other's individuals and this identity, politics bullshit that people play or their its male versus female. Whether its black versus wide and asian and this, and that we may have to be humans, humans, first and one of the weird thing, it's gone out in Hollywood now. Is there there's leaning so hard on diversity that it gets distracting? That's like it gets like I want to see is examined, went to see frozen. The musical frozen is about a nordic. Does nordic people when the girls magic, Gypsy it you have. Kids are not enough, play in the musical? The dad is black in the moms chinese, which, like ok, maybe she's asian unambitious korean targets. I can't see that good, I'm fifty two very far away, but she was obviously asian and
and they have a kid and then the young version of the kid is asian and then the old version of the kid later in the musical is White and what you distracting the fire that strategy distract the fuck out of that it is about how does a black guy an asian lady. Maybe two two blonde ladys what's happening or one is read here: how did it happen how the black guy in the chinese lady, make a blonde a units borsippa. I guess that Dutch got caught, know what they're just it's it's distracting they get. Their heels greatness role? She was great in her role. There are excellent, it worked. I accepted it and moved a, but I know what you're doing you know. If had a white guy playing a black eye in a movie. I believe what is happening here wisest, why guy pertaining black eye this it does? This is. Are we gonna addressing There's a musical and there was a guy
and we decide what does have a white guy play. The the father of you know some some black eye and which is now going to say why he had a kid. Those packages assume that you'll figure it out or just you just you know. Yet that's that breaks fourth wall Breaks year, but you what ways acting up suspending my disbelief and then you're doing things and make me disbelief. Instinct- is distracting distracting but I I don't you understand yet as you and I appreciate it, because I think ultimately, what is is it's all a all of it is moving in the right direction. It just doing it in a very clunky way there, moving against discrimination and moving against racism. They're moving for cultural diversity beautiful, but it's just distracting the way their doing so, but it's like Hollywood is so grossly lick their finger. They have no virtue,
they lick their fingers, which way the wind borne? This way when we need Asians, just fuckin just start higher and Asians four things in trying to get asian people jobs and try to look good. We have agents, we're we're really and that if it becomes jamaican, Jamaica means we need to make its get him in here, get a mania. They don't give a fuck to try to make money there trying to make me and when the best ways to make money is to ride cultural trends, and so our cultural trend right now is a good one, even though this lot of people that are, there did their. Basically, there controversy, pimps. So when these things come up, the use this controversy to gain money or notoriety are pushed their cause or to you it as the wind behind their sale Craig and talk a lot of shit about other people, get a lot of attention and gives them a bit of immunity, yes, it gives them a lot of immunity and so, like all, the
drawings of it, of course, have experiences? I've had people gives me being sexes, as I read that clearly establish the or so I will, of course I am because I treat women equally, yes, that's the problem of cut you I would sexist, because I voted for jewels time. Both anybody that says you're sexes, for making fun of Elizabeth Warrant dancing is a fucking buffoon. That's a perfect example. What I'm talkin What are you saying that you a person running for the commanders of the greatest army. The world has ever known and you can't make fun of the way they danced their vagina. Fuck you I am woman. Hear me roared NATO make fun of my dancing I or my roars. Or like round again, it's like the I thought. The answer to this was the treaty everybody equally. Yes, that's how it should be. We would but identity politics that the real problem with, of course always is that you cannot ever say this is a man, so he must be that this is a woman. So she must be that this is a black person, so they must be this. That's it those those generals,
actions are bad for everybody. People are nuanced and if we don't believe in the individual. Then we don't- really believe in equality we have to? everyone has to have their own way to make it through this life and express them I was in a unique way where they can contribute in a unique way and we can appreciate them for who they are not appreciate them. As a woman or a priest, them as a man or as a white man or a black woman, or what that's nonsense it so dumb? Are you happy? You might happen to be a the black man or you might happen to be an asian man- might happen to be all those things, but you are a person you're fucking individual, and we should, especially when it comes to meritocracy things like positions of power and government get elected. Officials or even comedians or anything you want Make sure that the person is this. Is there good? So just good? This gets so there's that, but then there's
There is also this other little part of it like so even someone who say doesn't have the pedigree like there's a white guy from Harvard rain. He has the prostrate days the greatest whatever, and then you might. He had a minus students whose minority from Silver R b plus student and that would be more effective, to have an position because they have a different world experience, so meritocracy in a sense kind of leaves out some people who were have different hurdles to get over. It have different life experiences that this person won't. Have you no shit? I'm saying like you become the people you are surrounded. By so Eve you might be an african american buddy, IE or or so it's more important here. Anti for an economic is represented cause. You can be really smart like the Chelsea Clean, but she doesn't know what it's like to have. Two half her medicine just ignored its like to have to draw the farmers due to get medicine for her daughter.
They mean like while she may be super smart, but she doesn't have this information that we need, which is like one sdr. When he was doing the banks and stuff he got a banker from Texas. You can go to Wall Street, you didn't, he got regular people to come in, so that there's something to that too right. So it's not really sweet meritocracy. While there is a meritocracy in that there's merit in their life experience. Ok, we put it that way. Individuals that live these difficult lives like, I think, that's one of them rate is currencies that a person really carries with them in their life is their experience, overcoming veracity, their spirits, overcoming adversity shapes their care. Yes, and when you meet someone me, maybe me this woman and she she has in all bees through college, but she's been through lot of shit and she is uniquely clever and now she handles things, and you talk to her and you look at a record. You go you don't I like you better than this guy who got always cause he seems kind of like yes, Bactra me,
and he's not gonna like fit in with my company together make sense, but that again we're just you. Don't just look at meritocracy. Don't just look at grades. You look at the human all the individual and there's a lot of benefit to people that have overcome difficult lives. Those people come out interesting. Those people come out important because They. They ve seen some shit that you haven't seen. Yes, that's. That is what and they understand things that you don't understand us and that's. Why, like so like a guy like you, Obama could have a diverse cabinet, but they're all from the same class through its fake divergence, vaguer diversity, yes they're all he steals. He served here
serve the establishment powered like any white president did and his cabinet did the same thing by the ways. Cabinet came from an e mail from city group, which I know you know yeah fuck. You know what art it's that these things are complicated. That's part of the problem with any these conversations and all are there so loaded when you talk about men or women or black or white. Anything like everybody's on edge, like don't, say anything stupid right. What? How do you feel really like? Well, I'm white, so I dont have those experiences, so I always try to limit how I talk about it. Like I always say I shouldn't be talking about this, because I am I dont have you should be talking about anything? You want to talk about this idea that you maybe she be silenced, because you're you're not in some protected group. That's nonsense. I always if, while I'm always afraid, I'm going to say something ridiculous and ignorant, which I do off
Germany, to save, ignorant ridiculous shit, this you have to have the ability to say ignorant ridiculous shit. If you can have a free flowing conversation like you and I so we don't even talk on the phone before this. We have no idea we're gonna talk about. We ran into a pre intervene as we did. Nothing will come anyway. You guys are pre obi hilarious, we're just our talk about far too, four years ago. I really think you, let's look at pre, we weren't Gibby added. I would so our job jacket, ops have at times a day to keep my testosterone. Let us talk about that. I can get it praetor views they still do pre interviews under. Do you by the way you ever watch any no shows, never know. No one does very few people are watching. I mean bride, get less views in my. So now. I know that's why that's why they're all do podcast now I know if I can show there was a crazy article, popcorn O Brien,
leading the way will see a new media. Yes, like what are you talking about, we ve been doing. This should prove to you need, and this is what the fuck Good luck, residents, plied cast! No, no actual downloads really does all right, but it doesn't do as good as like Dat Shepherd or me. Any of the people that are at the top of the EU in welcoming we'll be you note, you use your platform Joe to actually have real conversations and say thing: I haven't listen the coroner brains of pod cast because you know I've got anything else to do, but he's interview femmes feeble. Yet It's fucking same bullshit, and it's not. I mean a mark where it's got that covered right. He did that he opened it for ten flocking. That's right! People opened up to their heart Doug. Never so he has this thing and then you do this other thing: it's fuckin covered Europe. Can. Any new great was crazy that had there was a New York Times headline. Wasn't it Joe, I think
was I was there. I we will arrive in everybody in Hollywood was like what the fuck are you talking about here and who is always funny to yeah. I got tagged. So many thousand modem only the common, I can't it's cholera, Brady's revolution. I see a change in the game. He stated the game because they gave you had a photo shoot white metal right problem he is assessed. Male he's another one is white men at the top of podcasting, it's bullshit yadda monopolies at the top podcasting gee. I wouldn't say that all of it this girl did you ever do to show your data show before couple times they sell seem like nice pay He's a nice guy. These things like nice day I'll, see my very nice people. I feel bad when I go after them on Twitter. You have no idea where you're all the cards it there. I go after any reply to go out anything I can tell he's a nice guy. I can now knowing it will, because you know he's famous right and a white male and his white males problems very safe for me to go after him, but he they there's this
Hollywood mentality on the left right and this, Hollywood would metalogy on the left. Is that all bad things In January twenty seventeen, they have no idea how we got there. So he's tweeting out this stuff about how Trump, as has the cognition of an eight year old right, because he wants to do more crimes, and so I went out how quickly believed this guy I'm like did they been fuckin do in war crime, since I was born, why you things like this. You started we're just we don't ever prosecute them and they're, not gonna, prosecute him for war crimes. Why are you fucking? Do you know what war criminals do they go and dates with Ellen Daytime Television? That's the cognition of Hollywood Marcelo almost as George Bush in or have the exact same values a war criminal. She has the exact say: that's the combination of a fuckin of first lady, we'll talk about cognitive. How we fucking God here and you're smarter than that Anti Richter? And that's why I hold you speak to the fore. I know he's a nice guy, but it is locked in
that there is all the tall team at all. Fuckin vote, blue, no matter who it's all its author again. How we got here, let's forget that Barack Obama, was unbelievably corrupt, which is why we don't have a functioning banking system, which is why you don't have a functioning healthcare system which we why he took us from two wars to seven, which is why he had a piece prize. A fuckin kill list were worse Michaelis Old. Maybe it's underneath my peace, private use it as a paperweight kind of ironically anyway, are the things that I try to focus on shown by the way. I was right about all them yet and I write about Fuckin Russia Gate You were but the beautiful victory lap. Yet you should spend around your chair the thing about you is like you are a left wing guide, that's willing to criticise the left and for some people that seems to be problem, have both thing. I did. I want to talk about the let you can't I'm forts fought, so I found out that the people who want to make it in the Democratic party or knowledge come to my shows
No do is show in this woman who I know who was involved in democratic power. Takes, I cannot say anything about who they are because they get in trouble, and so She came to my show and she goes. You know this. The person whose climbing the epidemic private party was supposed to come with me and at the last minute she didn't, and I called her at you come and she goes. You know if I get seen at a Jimmy door, show my career in the democratic parties of Kemal Harris I can tell by your accent, to racist piece of shit I can tell, can you tell Jamie I could tell and I'm like, but she has Urban Alyosha, Cabal, hearse, yes and must be heard, we did some quick, easy FBI where great there so anyway, at that made me feel good that makes me I want to be an outsider onawandah. I want people to be afraid of me. They're afraid you know. Well, I don't know if they are, but they won't come on. My show, so that's good about my show was never about guests. My
show was all about my opinion court and calling out bullshit now so its heads, nobody doing the right thing, you don't I'm doing the wrong things, keep asking to be on my show. Ok, I request from all really Biden Warren. How do you totty resilient? She does laugh, my friends talk to my friend yeah. I know I would I get applying a policy, and I like like burning. That's oh yeah. Everybody else can each it look at you, Fuckin Progressive, Bozeman there, what everyone says: you're right wing, they're out of their fuckin mine of narrow, voted right wing. My life really never never a voted Democrat except for independent voted for gas Johnson. Do my part cast people, don't real! eyes, how part like I M, not a right wing at all. Ok, that's! While no does nothing about me. This right wing kill your own food, but that's it! That's crazy! Ninety five
plus per cent of the population the planet. It's me I just haven't to kill my own. That's it says it is not a ninety five percent of the population is right. Wing is a killer food, I think, there's a lot of right wing like family values, and things like that that I admire. I think, but when it when you came when it gets to homophobia when it gets to women's rights, that's where I break right. I'm a hundred percent in favour women's rights, a hundred percent in favour of gay rights, gay marriage- be I'm a big proponent of the there's gotta, be some new action taken to clean up a lot of these crimes communities and the idea that we can spend all this money overseas. We can't spend money on Flint Michiganders Detroit or the sausage cargo that unease in saying that doesn't make any sense. And this idea that were on the same starting page is so fuckin stupid to that. That is a very non right wing way. Looking and exert bodies like you, gotta pull yourself. I buy a bootstraps, a lot of people there
about a bad neighborhoods with they didn't didn't, fuck and cry, I was made it ran out there and they kicked ass. That's nonsense! You have no idea what it's like to grow up in a crime ridden poverty, infested, drug addled neighborhood, you dont know what that's like and we should make it so that no one knows what that's like. If we want America better, the best way to start is to clean up all the spots that suck and make people that are coming out. There have a real chance and making than other life? Don't don't have it so than theirs? starting out from the time the child, with a massive deficit that timely at what you mean by cleans cleaning up the By that I mean community programmes you putting money into these community jobs, jobs that not just jobs, but community programmes were kids, have a safe place. That's a big part of it, protect him from the gangs put more. In those neighbourhoods and have them there all the time make them a part of the community. They gotta do something about the violence and do something about the gangs, and this repetitive cycle of
people growing up in these neighborhoods in getting trap, in these same horrible conditions of their parents due to their grandparents did and it's an endless cycle we- and we pretend, like we- don't- have the resources to fix these at the hour. Did after one get ever, you want a job I'll, give you a job. That means you're gonna go work is now I'm not given you anything, you're earning it and guess what we have the money for it will not be amazing if they did that it, there could be strategies that are implemented. The mine ought not all work but I don't see anything do where we can have enterprise zones. Here the demand in the end, they want to school to fix all the problems of the community. Now what you need is jobs is what people need is something to look forward as they need to know that take if they do play by the rules. They will get thing. You can have a job right now the people work in it. They dont have any health care and they get broken. New life goes upside down examine. You know how I the job. I got sick. My lifeguard turned upside down because a bills- and this is just black communities either we're talking about the coal mining. To me
These in West wedding ring exact, horrific man, you don't even like. I have a good friends from there's like man, you don't know what poverty is. Like you don't even know. A poverty is likely to see that I tell us nothing. I talked to a guy on my shows. Name is Nick Smith from Argentina, and he told me Waffle House Cook, and he told me- and I might even told you just before he said- hey- we all knew that Donald Trump was allowed. Mouth Yankee should address ass kicked long time ago, but Hillary Clinton wasn't offering us anything. So he would release offering us something so their desperate people need something you must look. She won't even sign onto a fifteen dollar minimum wage which it was very pleasant, but the fact wrong with you shouldn't even believe in gay marriage till two thousand thirteen. How about that two thousand fuckin thirteen she does when she came here. Gay. Marriage, get your. You are you're ahead of her on that weren't, you Joe, while I actually live in San Francisco, run gay people
real little really, seven to eleven. My family lived right off of Lombard Street Nokia. We live in San Francisco and the height of the mean it was the Vietnam WAR is always hippy he's my child as Ebby our no kidding, so it's like I mean I've been liberal. My whole life. I just look like a republic, you know yet the end beat the shit out of me by like some violent things, and I have guns and there's a lot of is that you could make an inference like other guy seems like you would be, but now I left my friend grandma wood is, do you know him sure he's he sent his live streaming everyday and he's very anti war like me, and so these people were bucket within be pro war and he's like that's right, I'll, knock you out. That's right! You have been knocked out by a vegetarian then there is european states and less well. That's another group. The people are declared only politics worth. What are you doing
You know how much, how much of that is. So you with the meat my doctor data shrubs. You know you have a special bone brought with sharp from Pasadena, that's the guy We should show a certain. I went on a man, so he tells me ass. He always does this like this videos Jimmy here from Chicago. You eat me, right click, deep disputes or right and I go I go? try not to any goes. Why I go, you know our eyes global warming. I saw cows jumping like dogs, bad bouncing around here. I can't make it Pork is get it. I just can't port workers porkers shady I cant do a lot, but wild pigs must be stopped. Oh there,
they, they can kill you right hours while ours a kill, the lead in taxes and ate her. They they founder on an elderly lady. They found her in her driveway torn apart by while pigs. She was on her way to the college's ran to a pack of em. They took her out a pack yeah that I've seen videos those things I have to kill them, they're, so many of them and they breed so quickly. They believe they have for ITALY. They'll have four letters in a year: really: yeah, bang, Bang, bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, that's what is millions and millions of while pigs they started with is a few pigs that run like the Pinta, the Santa Maria or some shit, and they spread across the entire country. But what you find out that they have emotions? Yes, Perhaps what I can't hit, I can't do that they haven't lawyers from a distance. You dont want to get up close so so you're theory as they are not coming now what that, but that is a good way. Do it? What have they done? Their mother? You have a pagan and you kill. The pigs won't do that. If your unethical hunter, you don't shoot a pig that has piglets
you try to avoid in last was bought a deal the only time they do do not do that either. That's illegal the only time They do do that, though, in someplace illegal, the oil, they do that with pigs is when they try to eradicate all like there's some farm land said experience just devastating losses, because, while pay in specially in Texas millions and millions of dollars a year which cripples these companies they go under because awhile pigs, like some farms can literally obey. Oh, my god, you have no idea what it's like less you been around them thought about FIG pig farming right, that's a different thing, so most pig farmers disgusting, I can't it's horrible, but then there's there's ethical pig farms, where they re Zis pigs, were they get let em Rome around meet, looks different because reading acorns and natural, firstly yeah, there's a guy named cajole, satin and he runs this farm called Polly Face farms and he's
about regenerative farming and he discusses like how like the way animals live. Best is the way they live naturally, and they use, but Chicken disposed Rome free so has its portable. Can house and they roll into a new field, and then the chickens go into the chicken house at night and then the morning they come out and then they go Roma around and they move to another spots, they eat all the bugs, on the grass and all the stuff in the area, and then they moved to new spot, and so they, the rays chickens in the eggs, are healthier. The the pigs, the pork is health here these these pigs are wandering around and these open area and then they corral omen and they ve the killing quickly. I just once I cannot do they have real emotions like dogs,
I just think about my dog, and now I just dispel apart. I can't I hear you quite but wild pigs or different area, that's different, because there an invasive species another they actually morph, they change shape when they become like a wild pig and domestic pig. Is the same animal like We talk about our russian Wild Boar zone, nonsense, Zol, Sue scrapper, it's all one genus! It's the same! Animal really yummy, when a while, when a pig domestic pig goes wild and these different versions of the good all Bree with each other, when a domestic pig goes while like say if you had a domestic pig, he said good Porky be free and you rode up your gate within weeks within weeks, they start to physically change. Their snout starts to lengthen there air gets thicker and bushehr in their tusks grow, no kitty s. They literally become what you think of when you think of wild boars just takes while it, but they did.
Fit there do their one of the weird or animals are almost like gremlins. When you feed him after midnight, when you let him go, they start changing. They morph so I'd. I so Doktor Sharp says to me from peasant investing says he civil? You should eat meat and, unlike up because of my condition, write anything he tells us long story about how weak evolved it tat, he sits down a start. Tell me about how we are caveman and inside the glaciers in the thing and he's like seas leave me, especially you because of your condition, and I go okay. Well, how often an eagle everyday cheeses? I can't do that you know, and so but this is medical advice from a guy. You saved my life right, so it's like. I mean a couple times a week: do feel better or worse. We need to have more energy yeah. Well, that's all the good right there Y know I need more off. I have just because, if you want to eat pork, I know if you eat
humanely relieved me. So there you go again. Yeah you can buy grass FED Grass finished meat from farmers that have a commitment to hear mainly raise in humanely euthanize animals. I want to use my killed, killed, animals and eight when the way they kill him when they harbour some. They just led him into a pan. They have no idea was calm and they put a ball to their head and bang they take em out yet it can. It can be done in a way with the animal has no idea what happens until it until it over and the sites are gonna live forever mean. Obviously this slippery argument, as he said, about people to arrive, Sazen s or just Killop Size Hill of River. You don't answer, but the the the quality of the meat is far better. If the
Animals living a natural light like you, Talkin about organic, no hormonal or lawns. No, no, I have to learn. Not no corn manages terrible for cows they're not supposed to eat that. Did there the the ruminant stay, the fuckin grass, that's what they do when they are at their best and healthiest and healthier, for you is better fatty acids. Ignorance is healthier for and so, and so you think, if you went vegetarian, it would be bad for your health. I don't know, I don't think I think it's definitely doable a deafening thinking. A vegetarian and and be healthy, but you have to be really careful about a lot of nutrient level yet to really make sure you get enough vitamin D. A lot of be twelve. You gotta check your central fatty acid levels is a lot of stuff like it looks real good on paper, but in you Let us not bio avail? I tried to go vision for a while and I got to get that motor car.
Ours denied, nor and what I was doing. I wasn't doing right whatever, like soil Why are you lay like tofu little fuck just some about it? Did you fuck with any that chickens offering those weird ones that are then make em like real food is a name for that. Out of that fake meat, they have now spent testing really bad. For you do know, the exact causes liver problems in rats. Why put the vague me liver problems, rats now, look it's all oils it so that status. Open access to food oils, its process, vegetable oils and then add just eat, fuckin vegetables. Man, if you want to be a vegetarian, eat, vegetables, look most borders. A lot of people would say a regular burgers, not good for either. But of course, regular Berger is just me with bread and all the bullshit, the bread and all the bullshit, it's bad for you! It's not. The Berger itself is one is an actual meet burden, particularly its a grass FED burger.
So where's. He pulled up these pulling up the study about what I mean. The boy them impossible or beyond me one of em, but they were talking about how studies that are showing that this. This is not, but then again there not marketing. It is the altar know their marketing is a meat. Free, burger embargo is kind of like a fun food, and here it is rat. Feeding, studies suggest the impasse. But burger may not be safe to eat, o o fucking, but gives you go to the end? radiance man, I've had scientists relay the ingredients. To me, I thought it was just cocoanut oil supplies of fat up stuff cause. I'm gonna make it seem like it's a real burger, someone Heem. Is that thing they that makes it tastes like its call him him. He mayan some like that. That's what gives it that flavour, that people are looking for again, that I don't know where they get, that for US oil, green goods, pit into people's that's
yet sucks. Well, it's so you of the lever, stop eating meat, you think you'll always you'll! Do you like animals area for us to eat, and that's that? I don't think that I think we definitely evolved. The human animal evolve from eating meat and that's not my son under debate. May we evolved from eating meat, weirdo, vague and try to say crazy. Shit like oh. When we have canines, how can we can eat meat raw well, because asshole figured out fire a long time ago and our bodies adapted because that our teeth adapted because we figured out how to cut things with utensils and we figured out how to cook things of the more tender its it's not as simple as like. Why do? Why do we have an appendix? Why is that I'll tell you why? Because we see it differently, we still have a leftover Oregon, some weird Fucking Oregon from for breaking down
shit, you know we don't need any more. We need bark anymore as I would answer routes and stuff like our really yet I think that's the appendix his forefinger was initially for breaking down like very hard to I'll, just fibrous things. So I have my God, let her out. Well, we do that. Just put it back in Yemen, thinking about I have in my club box, but would happen not his head. I was having gallbladder attacks. I thought it was a heart attack. Well where's the girl earnings, although it is a great here, oh geez, and I always heard like your heart attack- feels like in the center- and this was just a little lower- I'm like this- has a heart attack, I'm dying. This is no doubt, I'm dying, I got for sure I was. I saw him on the couch member must like this. Is my wife caused? firemen and almost like this is it. This is how it's going to happen. I was kind of ok with it. But I wasn't because I was allowed pain. I wanted it to end. I ok if I die
Well, then they came and they shot me and I was like I feel that task again, so that will I wasn't. It was just my gobbler. They took it out and was due to God, bladder secrete, bile interior, stomach, to help that Jestex thinks right so gallbladder is, would be the four bile when your liver makes pilot like girls, you reservoir, so I don't have reservoir anymore. So now it just is always kind of dripping is fuck with you anymore. It's fucked with your lot a lots of different ways. Yet my my appetite is guess we're. When you get nervous, it doesn't come doesn't come on. Slowly back, that's why I d, when you're on stage so that have that makes so that and then often often after I eat ethical ray. I threw a bathroom anyway, right away you gotta know. Ever since I had my gobbler antonov other people have that I googled it Now was there any alternative to kept getting it removed? Did they say they may be good?
danger die and I was not given a I'll turn it if there was so their seed have like calcium in deposits in your thing and they blocked the duck and then you'll. That's what causes all the pain and so event little dislodge itself and the pain will go away, but it could kill you, but if its day he's and doesn't go away and so they have to take it out. Cursed yeah, I guess so. Here's a great story biomedical system right justifiable across insurance, had the best that you could buy. What have you, and so I have my second gallbladder attack and I was like I gotta get this goddamn thing out cause. I can't have this happen again. It hurts too much right, so I called the doktor and there like. I can't even get a consultation for three weeks in network through three to get a drive to get a consultation. Then I have to wait, wait another three or four weeks to get the operation, so this could maybe be two months before I get the operation of these attacks. I'm going to have another.
Goddamn attack. So I went out of network and I got another doktor to come. Take care me faster, so I couldn't afterwards partiality pledge to pay out of pocket goddamn. Yet so this holding you're gonna have to wait. You have two fuckin way right now: ridiculous worthwhile. You act like notes! It is true, it is true. I have friends in candidates wayward up there, the about waiting Evian like French needed in the operational they waited a fuckin year so for a whole, yours is walk around the torn ACL, really locked up in a whole year, a year, twelve months, three and sixty five days, I don't know horrible and around you know anybody in Canada, with their would trade their healthcare plan for United States health. Nor did I want to pay for once you don't have to pay for it. You don't want to pay for it. You know, there's a great video with this guy interviews, people in England and he asked them how much it s ass to be married, are how much a baby to have a baby and the like a hundred dollars.
You try? Ten grand is like what the eyesight everybody freaks out every freaks. Well, once you're used to things being free, you don't want to pay for them. I don't look. I think healthcare should be free. I really do. I think education should be free. I think, if we're going to spend money as a community, if we have a gigantic community of people and that's what a country really it it's a community, what is the most important thing to take care of all we gotta take care of our own people, sick people, We have to take here, poor people. We gotta, take like this. The idea that somehow or another dead This is thus a foolish notion that you have to take care of people that education, it wouldn't be better for people are educated yeah. So why should not be free? What we the money, but we have much money. How much hundred and thirty one extra billion they gave Trump Tabula education, yeah lotta people learn shit that where that is almost that's done, the money would take us and everybody to college for free. That's where sixty five billion dollars.
Here sit and wait a cause. They D spent two hundred and thirty one billion to give give them. That's double right, I'm not a math surgeon, but I'm pretty sure that's double ass search. I think, if we figured out a way to you know Irish first as the same stuff the largest on his shown. He will say we gotta take her. Almost people like it that you are right, winger always I will, I guess, not always very lovely why'd. You think everybody was right because we talk shit. I don't I just herons. On social media, all those idiots they just think because I've talked out Jones or because of had you know, right wing people on that all your platform, people jellia I've, been friends without shows the nineties, I've known that guy for ever Joe when I went in that territory. The story we spend his face so and so when the ice tease accidentally, I gotta so so, whatever presiding, think. That would be that big of a deal while that's
to be a big deal right right. So then, whatever so then the next day I talk to some people from his shown we're offerings right, but not him, and so I went down like a couple months later. The zoo Austin. So I go to this- does to stay cosmetic. Their forgets. The name is the big place right play classic in the Westin, and so I'm there. My brother came down for the weekend. My brother and his wife and we're all sitting there were eating and also road goes just walked any sitting right behind you get the fuck out he's going to come. Pick me up My guess is raising a bridge, but what my brother's bigeye right, salami rose are bigger than me. And and tough to write and sounds like article. If you see him come in this way, a sorry back there and he goes just set out. He shook hands with this guy three times I go sounds like the rats,
I go. I we. Luckily we were finishing and I was like: ok, I'm not going to I'm going to finish. I've been walked Let's just get a slack against ethnic. I to crush me. He wouldn't you would be able to act, done, he's a lot more reasonable than people think he is an aim, but especially now now is not drink anymore, Oh really, I've been off booze for shit. I want to say many many months now it's been quite awhile. His no drank age is changed to ease his realize he was losing his fuckin mine was gained book de platform. News Dragonette, like a bottle, bottle, half a vodka every night he was go astray times. I can save people do shit like that, what we need and when you do drink that much you do get psychotic. You start You did I love drinking and I can't I don't drink like I used to any more because older to new market access. It right and I went up the next day- I'm depressed
yep. I love drinkin martinis during allied, showing lack a sailor sailing. We things wrong, everything's bad! I'm did, but you know what a law that is a lot of is not just to our calls. Also dehydration. We have here a few just hydrate and take a lot of electoral lights. We think You can mitigate. Allow that stuff, also good asylum codifying, can help your body process alcohol quicker glue. Theo Louis Ion. Yes, antioxidants, super potent aronnax it. Yet. Actually your body produces aids in the process of processing alcohol can help you a little bit ly little boost. I did drinkin Hawaiian damp. That might actually did this. Did I loved them? They couldn't stop drinking them. They taste. Yeah. That's a problem when things are delicious, but you also get you out of the hall but that it wasn't driving anywhere. I d never do anything, so there will be a place in West Palm Beach Improv and downstairs
they had one of those alcohol sloppy places. Now I was doing yeah any taste funny ass near one of em call call a cab, you a drink it. It was like. I drank one on stage once and by the end of the show us like thank others. And where digs I've. Gotta talk really. Oh, my god. I was so slashed by the time machine, it was over. I was a one glass mean one likes it was. I got bigger sized call a cab on Mohammed dreamily, shot one like seven jaguars to load, but it's like a giant mix. I am just like several syrupy. Yet it is clear that our sugar to taste, good, taste good and you give up I'm writing that fucked up, I stayed there was a time when I was. I was going through a phase. Where dropped my pants on stage you stop doing. I did
people start to complain why I do not want this. Isn't the oldest comic gig in the Fucking gig and the thing is the gag drop prepared? I hear you're eludes us Bunny deserve underwear on other areas are, is poses hog out, not anymore lilies, dared. Now. Can you do that? Isn't it? I beg of you for your hog up here all this out at scant fast in New York dead. You know gang fast and again now not familiar given the loop. I know a lot of it did a few weeks ago that killed Tonia pillars. Hog again, Europe for use here of fort, maybe tenuous here wanted where was it in and around Historiae well, provisions at that I belong problem was embarrassed eagle. Well, I used to do a job with a rubber dick. Nowhere about folks, I used to do it I believe that in the end that nobody noticed that I was embarrassing joke yeah Joe she sometimes I do jokes right,
you don't know? What am I heard, my father? No five itself are. You has always done ridiculous shit he's gone stage with his balls out of a spanish dressing up or so ago, Vision do as you would just unzip, is pants, pull a sack out and then just have only a sack outlaws on student at the store where there is like someone onstage Joe and bombing and you Joe, but there was a woman on stages, shoes, terrible weather, worse commerce has ever done comedy and this one night she was killing. I mean fucking, kill him, and this is why, when she would hit a punch line, Joey was hiding behind the stage and it was naked hidden anything cause the curtains and social. Get this giant fuckin laugh and shoes. I well why that arose in its working. Then I told him fuck, you No, no that's balls ass naked with TAT seemed
like you got me in jail at seems, criminal, which always balls, look like great fruit, old, ladys, pantyhose and he's got a giant dick, so We will get a huge belly, so he opens up. The currencies is pants down by a jackal, his balls and decker hanging out this huge belly. She never did comedy again really know I'll catch. You should have Larry's, that's it Naturally, that was where we were at the hotel hanging out in need, as are in the back Yeah hanging out at the age coups get ready for the show, while yeah the day that I mean the like comedies to its already dangerous enough here, I don't need to add new added. He well. You didn't trouble now. Yes, like that people can get really angry you for shown your dick. Well then, now the olden days calibre subtle gag the going gets.
Yeah, really care cask Joe used to do it all the time yeah I dont there was. When I was a kid. I told your sisters and eight there was flash or a neighborhood. They don't like all the guy platinum like. I don't understand. This whole thing understand what he's doing that? Others they wide freaks you out so much like the whole thing, but I do not know what to say quite frankly that I get the frigate I still don't get why they do it, but I think it has to do with someone traumatize. You in your young is cut yeah. It's gotta be humiliation, something you're addicted to that kind of there's. Lots of people like that, while about cancer addicted to the higher women to gag shit ottoman, kick him in the balls and yeah, sometimes like really powerful, been hurt them hurt that stopped are not like stop on their nuts with the letter starts bleeding. How is that? What is that
I don't know that is a peep that is broke, such so down a rabbit. All above humiliate, I'm. You know I mean I was hit allowed as they are, with the countless guy got all the guilt and hitting and by an some. I managed to avoid that kind of stick out your idea that I don't have weird shit, but that some mommy shit like the whole pantyhose and beating you and kicking the balls Peter Obviously, it's gotta be a dream of pathologies that people can develop in their life and is probably a lot of mental illness. Bob Mayer and violence and abuse. But apparently this woman- and I talk to whose dominatrix and she was tellin me and Jim Norton Jimmy Hydrogen in a dominant. He loves dominatrix and she was a most of her clients. Are these like wealthy, like wealthy ceos, and they run these companies and their the fuckin man when they walk home?
It wasn't your hello, Mr Olsson. Can I get you a recovery and everyone's kissing her ass? They want someone to shed on em, like literally shit on em. They want someone to tie him up and she yeah. She would say that those are the guys. I is that, though I guess it's just so every powerful guy wants to like feel a release of their power? Well, that's. Why win? John Wastewater little shit. I don't get it. Maybe the steel dossier right when they're talking about Europe, penalized european on them? That's why it made sense. So, of course, of course, what not that's real, never made sense of its real, but that would be a story because you had to hire expect from a super powerful guy. Let a weird kink raw super powerful guys with weird kinks. They usually wanna, get pegged right. Now they want to get passed on. This pact is the best as other that's where the best things like, as you could say, pegged on national tv right. Yes, still, you can still
pegged. No one could stop. You pegged does not like tat in the dictionary. I don't think you're right, if you say, but fucked with a deal There are people who pay, but you shouldn't even say that is to wordy economy of words. Pegged fits better and it's it's. It's got a p and a g pegged. How do you do not start laughing when they let you turned pale? he knew, I don't know already discussed our land might be really into it and they got some a bad boy. I wondered: what are the women get out of it? Did you get to dominate you That's it humiliate you yeah! a guy in this group girl, so that you would fuck em. If, if she, if he let her peg him, you. Wouldn't do it now, really we're calls you wanted to do it well, she said she was out, you have argued, shows but I want to fuck you in the ass. How lucky spree hot and friends call them ganglia. Bro, you, Gay
just fuckin letter? So you know I would particularly ask your gay. My friend was twenty. He was like a son, even a real deck brow. there's no wind She probably doesn't want to fuck you, but she's will do it. If you will do some for her. She probably it was Peggy guy you gotta, make subject provided you joke about the the female version of who wants to give you job in Hollywood, move low Harvey in wines dean like that far Vienna wines the tune, son with a solid contract headline dude you're gonna be Batman, you're talking about that last night, with our Kelly like the hour Kelly stories, horrific raise, haven't sexually fifteen sixteen year old but imagine jailer had a bunch of fifteen and sixteen year old boys locked
but how somewhere Miami making Mall eater ass, a video David, and we would be laughing reviewed so funny. It's so differ. It is a different thing. Men and women are different. There different thing. This idea that we're not different so stupid, we're not math were very different. Yeah, but we're in denial of that, because we work in these invite Mr men and women are side by side forty hours a week and that the everybody under a human resources. Fuckin tight grip of behaviour, and so nobody does act weird. And then men dont, want to women Madame. So they have to pretend that yeah, these guys are assholes because a total pig as male feminist. I find that atrocious. You know who's, not a male feminists. You know you never find it's a male feminist gag eyes because not trying to fuck you, ok, so I have to pay. Some stupid game, they care about women, mourn the care, but anything and women's equality is most important thing now they're trying to suck deck and by factors that, having a good time, that's what they do:
they're, not their habit of fun, tie with other gig eyes. They don't give a fuck, they didn't want you to be victimized, but they're not going other ways as a male ally. That's how guys trying to fuck you a hundred percent. It is one hundred percent sneaky Guy who can't figure out any other way to fuck that they that they pretend to be allies, we're gonna, nail feminists mail, for We thought we had a nice person, who's got like good values and ethics, and you want things to you want equality for all, but the idea that you're, a male feminists, you come out, I'm a man, feminists, like just saying those words you're fucking mouth you're, a snaky fuck. I know you do it. You sneaky, so your gender trade so you're too you're telling me that guy's who say dialogue start feminism was just about treating women equally. That's because you talkin to many liberals. What is it about? Well, it is about treating people equally. If you feel that its,
treating people equally, but when you hear a man say that a male feminist. You you're going so out on a limb. You not just saying you're. U I'm all about treating people. You you'll tabling yourself and your labeling yourself in this sort of submissive sort of you, you're you're, giving in this cultural wave celebrities? Can you ve got? What is the definition of feminism That's ok! I can fuck knows right. I mean he's looking up right. I can have Surrey. I bet you she now SIRI, ok, ready! We gonna end soon. I know hey Surrey. What's the definition of feminism address advocacy of women's rights on the basis of equality of the sexes, boilers and open in its greater equality of the sexes, how we lifting making babies there's no advocacy of women's rights based on the equality of sexist status of thus x, and I think your equal, but you can be equal but different.
We're not math right rush certainly should have equal rights. We, Sir They should have equal, be the way people treat each other fizzy. Equal morals and ethics. Another definition, violent theory, political economy social equality of the sexes, organise activity on behalf of women's rights and interests mean that that like shit, that you agree with Joe well organised activity on behalf? Does we're going this gonna? Take too long? Ok, unfortunately, is through clock. Ok, but yeah. I agree with most of us things when I don't agree with someone labeling themselves that way. That's a man, because every one that I've ever met is little weasel lab J always say, show me a male feminists. They can pick up heavy things and run fast. They don't exists. It don't exert you'd. Think George Colony calls himself a feminist. Does he I dont have to protest too. I think is pegged yes,
but I've got a curriculum is predicated Lord Jesus Christ. I gotta go in Jimmy love you we're this war of yes, everyone, since we just one of our great to talk with always going to talk to you to tell it buddy how to get to show all you're, you're social media, shit, everything Jimmy or comedy dot com, we're onto our we're gonna, be an Tempi Miami all over the place. Gotta Jimmy Commodore common you'll, see everything always appreciated brother thanks. So much thank you. Buy a fox. Thank you, everyone for tuna to the show and thank you to the mother, Fucking Tash, APP, download the cash out from the app store or the Google play store and use. Promo Code, Joe Rogan, all one word. You were right Eve ten hours and the cash apples and ten dollars to our good friend, just in Rennes fight for the forgotten charity. Building wells for the pig meat in the Congo Thank you also to c b d m d in their fantastic premium c b: the oil products. I love
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