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Jim Norton is a stand-up comedian, radio personality, author, and actor. Check out his podcast the “Chip Chipperson Podacast” available on iTunes and the Riotcast Podcast Network. Look for Jim on "The Degenerates - Season 2" now streaming on Netflix.
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dot com we're doing every year hygiene, I body, do afore twenty show no headphones, who had gone to know him. I don't mind your actual. No, I don't weird thing with one you want on what I have to closer phobic, really yeah, he's weird: you felt the headphones tramping you I don't know either. I feel like I'm under water like idle the way that sounds in Ireland that better looking ass. Nobody feels better law people do the loan musicians do that the doing one in one out. It's the air to feel In the end, I don't know why the pressure of the head foliage, don't like it. I like to be trapped. You do trapped in the headphones, for it. I like your another person's voice right next to minds. I don't talk louder than they talk. We don't talk over each other. Does that's professional, but I can't Howard, I would do it well. I got they would even look at each other like I have to be in the room. Looking at the person, now I got. I don't like to do and looked at each other in a meaningful way. They were set up for the cameras, sometimes your facing both kind of the same way because of the cameras they weren't, always I dont think face to face. If you look at his old
that wasn't like already sitting behind him at one point, you already was sent to the side of em in dumb yeah yeah. I gas was like over well yeah yeah. I could never do that Well, you know how it also runs a board. That's different, so she's got a bunch of shit in front of them is actually a trained radio guy. He knows all the Jamie Shit, he knows all them witches all that fancy stuff I have no idea what the fuck is going on over there. I can basically said I can I can start and start, but I hate I hate round the board's distracting and I don't like doing and it just doesn't feel fun. You know it's crazy. They have full all set ups now for podcast, like a podcast board that you buy, I get set up for Pike S just plug MIKE's into it. It's all kind of there is that they have audio compression those things to its called, like the pot podcast or pro or sub Leanna name. You can put a phone into it for calls and yeah allow cause he ass one to cause. I liked being live. We live now to the like right now on this now we're not love any
Would you like the ex always like the feeling of life? If you fuck up it's out there, now there is companies that were there were taking clips, as we were alive and uploading them immediately and building these huge channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers- and you can do our friend in their selling thing. Ok, links to stuff there basely building a business off of your clips you got a deal more than happened last year. Also, don't know what they can. And that channel into another know challenge anything right. It's you tube. a little bit of like a wild west sort of situation. Then there is also a copyright issues like you get three copyright flags and rail. They take your whole channeled here and we had gotten a bunch of em. We ve got them for clips that we show we gotta for pictures like you have to
try to figure out like what's whether that would be allowed to do what you're not allowed. Let's fair use- and is it fair use mean they just don't come after you for it like I don't know what that what it means either it's it's not that clearly defined. Fortunately, but it's also, you know like that, though the internet in general, you know at one point Tom, you can kind of put like equal one point Tom with. If you want to Youtube, you would find all kinds of shit that was on people's channels. There was copyright protected stuff, Tv shows, Riley's, music, all kinds stuff and they ve slowly started. You not narrow. Slowly visited accurate, set, come eliminated, a law that stuff now but their operate, at an insane scale like the amount of people that upload stuff to Youtube every days it's probably unimaginable like if you could see
You can't keep up with you had a giant screen in front of you and you saw all the videos at every instantly uploaded to to Youtube at any given moment you pilot Y yeah, there's more, there was some crazy. Well that is more content created today, like I think what is number it's almost like in one day is more content being created than all of human history. Before, like ten years, while yeah well how many podcast rather are. There is no doubt that a couple hundred thousand tightly as we're alive, seventy thousand seven hundred thousand part just it's also on how they keep up with what you're to put on what Europe is, its somebody doesn't complained: they catch it and pull it off our the grow, them's catch it and put off sometimes hear what is this was the day there's like all these things are happening every minute of the day for four million one hundred sixty six thousand users like posts on Facebook, but what is the yet you re at three hundred hours
a blooded every minute, while, but what about the thing about data like the amount of data the people produce today its support? something like that. I think it's like one days were. The data is equivalent to the end higher human history up until I twenty years ago. Some think that adblock gotcha was say here, that is to say that we are talking about yet another quote: more than three point: seven billion humans use the internet, God damn whose it is the people out there were no inner. No do know. Don Gavin is funny you say Don Gavin, I literally, I know we're small you guys at Boston, guys, love em. I He's got a month, Spotify I've seen clips and I'm like Dame Cook, puts up the other guy Heaven is releasing an album
So I want to hear him really do Stanhope severally. Never. Why should we so fucking funny, really good he's great, thereby? Never. I never said I wash them to set back in the day he was the king like when we were in Boston. You just sit back and go my couch quit you quit Don Quixote, you so good and he'd never sent a text in this life until texted me. To be on the show real yeah. That was his first text with you guys. I took me from doing here: yeah he's these so old school like it, doesn't just cause people and he had never sat a Kelly's like that, though some guys or phone got Bob Kelly's phone guy got. Your text Adam and Eve or hear back and he likes to fuckin talk on the phone. I hated ideas. Those are two dvds informed, Joe but Joe. He has a logic to Israel. I wanna hear your voice. It was homesick secure on, wants you Norfolk and textiles it was what that is what it. What do you say, and I want to hear your voice- I want to hear the love and you have a hacker cooking, now make sense its
so a great way to not have things recorded if you dont want them actually in print. But yes Bobby, just like the phone, driving nuts two communal, knowing never my photos on silent. What times. I was in a relationship for three in the morning. You're getting a vibration, unlike fuck, my phone silent for ten years, and yet years of silence years that ring ringers their gross like when you hear someone in a fuckin restaurant doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo doo doo. Get the fuck out of here. I think there is a great watching somebody panic and go into their purse. People watch somebody panic and reach therefore, lay that's a justified reaction when you're fucking panicking engulfing stuff, I kind of I I appreciate that. Do not just think it before he sat down. We known each other for so long, and now we're like this old men on the radio we ve known it, listen to wear kids like when I first met you we're both in our twenties
early, twenties, young comics, hang around in New York and now we're old yeah, are all I think the worried men we didn't get together and I Members specifically, I think you featured actual, I think, the hosting with a feature and you're doing a bit about tightening Robin givens. And now I want to say- was nineteen. Ninety two been the mountains in Jersey for a guy named Pat Green? I could be incorrect, but I think it was around night like a pack on. It might have been ninety ninety two, but I'm pretty sure that was the year could be de la gigs, yeah Tartu. Remember and you are closely running John Tobin- remember well, yeah yeah, it's some the past city times a strange thing, man really is because it most the time it doesn't seem like its anything significant. Just like you, up when the alarm goes off you in a breakfast, you put your clothes on, but then one day,
you know, you're hanging out with someone like you that I wanted to see. You at once a year maybe twice a year and then I'm like. Oh look we're oh yeah, we're fuckin, though the world keeps going reality, you keep on he bought aging. But do you mind it like? I don't mind it because the more people you know that die I guess you get older, they start dying, not just from unnatural causes, but natural causes you'll. I fuck. I guess like what People die now as much as it said. I'm always like. Ok, that's one more personal, the longer than, and it's not that I am happy to see them go. I knew what you say, but you I know, I'm gonna things count. Our blessings MA am winding my lifetime. Gonna tell your blessing, sits! while those things were it so easy to get complacent it so easy to not now do not appreciate thanks, so easy yeah. I look around my life, sometimes that you get depressed and you looking like when I can put. I have everything I want it like. If you told eighteen year old, Jimmy Norton that he would be complaining of This is spent on myself once we're talking
well, before the show that there is peace on a show and they weren't making as much as the lead guy who's, this famous guy. They were really pissed off at him and complaining and then they they eventually fuck guy over in the sugar, cancel nothing of anything like you, don't realize like how good it is because everyone's compare in themselves to other folks. They compare them. those two other people that their around or other people that there with her I remember, I was written, something when I ran Barkley do Merriwig, ideally am formulated, went oxen champion bad motherfucker. I ran Barkley went broke, They made millions of dollars because he was hanging out with all its pro athletes leads. Everybody's is out everybody. Everybody yet in the Lambert, Genie or gold chain is bigger than the other guys gold chain or a bigger Hauser megabits. Somebody about next to you, you broke, you spent it yeah fuck, and it's just this, It's all relative like even though you ve got things great. You don't have any greatest that guy over there. So comparatively you feel like a loser.
But you gotta know where you're actually getting fired. For me, we get kicked off Opium Anthony in two thousand to be. thing that ever happened to me because it show me they can all be taken away from you so long before, for culture of just cancel. Journalists should happen. I had that moment of Life is good and now you're out far outweighs the congolese arise thing right. No, that was our acts and that we must get far from satellite know. This was the sex for salmon on terrestrial. This is doubly only to that's when you guys get fire, because you had the people and they had sex and fatal sections in patch, so that was two years off the air, but TAT show me that they can take anything at any time. So I never thought I was irreplaceable. I'd ever think, I'm look I gotta forever anything I have. I know you can be fucking yanked immediately yeah. No enough. We can. That was a weird one to me, because the big thing was that these people had sex in catholic cathedral. Those that the big reason why they got fired right has either
Now these people to do it in their did they yeah. I was kind of a contest it was known like you would get what they call a two point: conversion, if you had an all. I do, is all these weird things. I was a bit. add music when the same path you in the Saint Pat's and there wasn't a rest and I'll call. You in a rest, became real enemies, so avoidable on so many levels like so many things get you back here and why do we just shut the fuck up in it would have stopped now. You know why do we push it? But you know- and let it happen now, and I said well, you know lotta ways its there's. This thing that people do in a we're talking about ARI before the podcast, where its You'd do things you're not supposed to do so. People go. I can't believe doing that, and this is like thrill to that. There's a through to it and then what happens is you have to keep upping it? You have to keep popping it and it's almost like you, get a fear like if I dont top last time the people who
we are no longer going to like me and I'm gonna lose. This momentum have picked up. You become afraid that the people, like you, were gonna, go you're a fraud you're not doing what we want you to do and you keep. hopping yourself and keep topping you take the kid who eat bugs you. Don't I mean you didn't, then he's eating a roach and the next thing you know he's fucking these doing this because he is afraid not topping himself than other sudden being ignored bright like pat. Turn, pat all he cut off Gaddafi lest he a cat shit. He drank people's views. he be was literally indestructible. Fuckin man, if you, if you have to build a guy like in a military he's a type of mentality. You want I'll yeah for sure you want to get him when he's eighteen and turn them into a full set savage. What does he do in these days? I don't know. I haven't talked whom I dont know what about from will not afforded him recently heard twitter. I dont know exactly as I would love to have any impact failed in its aims. I would love to have him.
to our radio show, is I've miss path from monarchy. A lot too that day where he did the baby bird the day when they had to ignore dream contest. It was you and me, and by an artery- and there was a couple of the people and studios. Well, does one I've most fun times ever on the radio, yeah so ridiculous to whole floor. You could never do that today. Never never. In a million years, we're in open Anthony, in the studio the floor was covered in plastic bags because they had an obedient open, Anthony had an agnostic eating contests and everyone would throw up. Do you get a certain level of acknowledged, couldn't take it anymore and Pat had to throw up, because he was diabetic. He should have the Draken that anyway, we should seize drinking gallons and gallons of egg and when he threw it up, we said like he was ready to go and I said, let's get Pat Duffy leaned his head with your suggestion, I was doing fear factor back then am I head have awful sick that that, like what year was too
and I want to securing seven wasn't really together and that was unclear. Iraq that wasn't a terrestrial studio. Was it seven is I'm thinking it was your doubly wasn't Threeg is we want on the raw on radio them? Oh right, right, right, so he leaned his head over this garbage pale and patrimony Aki blows jammed like us fountain, like the most insane steed king like issue that movie standby me moment kid had up the piloting contest. It gets through. That's what it was like literally didn't seem humanly possible at a person, could have that much fluid in their body and then when it was a jack thing, it was like a cartoon he's doing it in Pats face two dozen six tutor since two thousand said- and I can't believe I forgot you- I used to forget that the bureau is there that day we're all their moon
this one is things- are glad you're part of rattling. I'm happy. I was there. I was happy. I got to see that was so fun that show it when it was in its prime, when it was in its peak, was so fun and it was, It was a hang and it really influence than a lot of ways. The where do podcast, because its business Structures is hanging out with funny people. Just talking about stuff, no structure yet bullshitting reverent goes. It goes it always you're somewhere I mean people having a conversation is always in the flow somewhere. Exactly doesn't have to be controlled and regimented, and what you want to talk is rightly worse. When you got a radio, surely we who do you want to have done radio shortly, tell you they want you to bring up certain subjects. We have jokes out through supplied Niven. long man like less than ten years ago? I did one of those national rate. Oh shows in the MID West and asked me do that like white and the producer got upset and I go, I don't do that. I am not going to do that and we need subjects like the girls like pissy, with Mcgann,
it's hard to Duke you feel embarrassed. It's it's feel just you feel dirt. Susan join this stats. What radio used to be, though, what radio used to be like you'd go on double F in Boston, and you know you would talk to the guys and you, go on double F in Boston, and you know you would talk to the guys. you kind of work in your bits, yeah, you know and like everybody did it, everybody did their bits yeah. I guess it was a part of it, but I was never good at it. Well, you cause you're authentic, but Open Anthony was the first, Howard show was much more control. You know Howard's the mixture, yes kind, controlling everything there is this an amount of time, they would talk to you and then other be Would come in and then you know he had Lego more more restructure, whereas, when a you go in there and Anthony would have a gun fucking. You know The hope is behind the mixture just so watch and all this chaos go on. Different commerce can filter an end, and you know
it's her Marian bury walked and yeah. he was gone, sway next store and we we. It was like a little out of it and lobby and we fuckin we just hijack them. A kind of walked in like we were, was really uncovered. I knew he was gonna leave soon, so immediately started asking about crack. You are right in stating that pipe is nobody knows- and nobody knows this and thereby make you know it's a fucking. You thought you were met and the publishers will it come. They wanted to get him out of there wandering around there immediately there. That was fine Marian burying. He died, not too long. After that. I don't think right. Wasn't long after the was funny men are member, there was an interview did where there was a new station. They were talking about to people about his rest and almost up, and they this guy goes call come on man, but he smokes little crack every now and then every He smokes let Electra at every now and that's a great quote from a mayor. That's it
mayors. Wasn't him, though he wasn't saying that someone else about K in defence of him our I've. It was him say that that would be Hellenic the amicable. I miss knows another guy that was on the street, whose, like Emily, smokes little crack every now and then didn't. We re like it. Actually, yes, he did. I then he went to jail. Came out and got reelected yeah. Yes, he will DC very forgiving. L l areas are giving strange I you handle this man, this whole culture, it's ok, it's it's! It's not! It's not scare it's more irritating like any thing- you say people here who are low, king too, I don't mean if you certainly horrible, they're gonna react, like you said something horrible, thing. You say people a look. for a reason like they're looking for something because the high that they get is by going after you and only another their high doing it. Did you see that lady? There was talking about the Kobe Bryant Death and she accidentally said and word or she's had makers, yeah makers. Yes, she was trying to see thought choosy to sing the x or the Lakers
and she said that the makers yeah. I thank you said the word, but she said she said she said makers, but I, I think she said he. I think it's just it's almost it's so taboo that its people, heads like on Martin Luther King birthday, always an anchor that gets fired. Cuz remember that Martin Luther King Jr all separate words and you should not conflate the last two or you're gonna get fuckin fired king and junior, they put it together too fast and it comes out wrong. That's what happens all the time all the time, the work, the word Coon such a weird one too, because who the fuck calls black people Coon's, that's really old school Southern Y yeah racist want I'll, even arrange why it was unknown insult. But I was a kid I don't even know if that was one I even heard- and I was a kid I think I've heard it a deafening her didn't pools a deadly her from old dudes, whose I got old, dude thing like eyes in their fuckin, sixties and shit. But am I had a friend
who has severe anxiety issues. He has panic attacks and he eventually had acquit, don't stand up, so he was here he will doing the warm up for the bill cause Michel, okay and he is doing the thing and talking to people in the crowd and bill cause? We obviously super squeaky clean show in the warm up ass to be squeaky, clean and, while he's Walker, turn the crowd. He has this unstoppable thought in his head, don't say the n word, don't say it don't say it don't say it just don't say that work and he ed, I'm sweating he was sweat, is poor and down the sides. My face, my hands are shaking and I'm so if I'd all, I could think of his don't say that word dont say that, because I had never say that I never see that work, but his brain because He has anxiety issues and he's got OECD in a bunch of different. Like is governmental issues
he was paralyzed and feel it had a full blown. Panic attack so high He is doing warm up. He can't even talk and he's got a microphone a standing around these people and then is becoming ruthlessly conscious of the fact that these people are watching us is a holy fuck. I can't do this and like his heart is beaten out of his chest, and he said the only victory was I didn't say that we're the only victory thousand actually helping to restore and anti subsidy hopping. It wasn't the introduction and he lost everything. But Sometimes, if you focus on something that you can't say, I think these anchors get caught up the woman when we die also think that she was just panicking. To give you a panicky, and that word drops out like lakefront failures. Gee, I'm sure I don't want to give any more heat on that on. One may tat, lady feel bad. It's ok. We don't have to here either
our poor, lady shadow. They she meant it now. No, no, no anger means to say that less lie imaginary. She leaves and fuckin dawns a hood and should like this is me along yeah, yeah yeah. I had this guy in here the other day, Darrell Davis, who's. This guy I thought I saw his picture yeah yeah. This is his music. He he's converted two hundred different k, K K. and Nazis to to leave the organization to by just hanging out with them being friends with them just getting to know and allow people like I never never really sat down. How had a drink with a black eye before is like how's our possible. How is that possible, and so just he's a musician by trade mean that's what he is. We could musician and just by doing that, just by getting to know its people just get it and they were like just we're afraid they didn't know any people they does felt like they did any super art given its well. So like talking to him, you realize I got this guy.
really smart. And indeed, if you talk them time after time after time, hours, after hours of tat, you really successful can smarter than me. So when you do that you realise, unlike oh there's, no way black people can be inferior. This is nonsense. This guy's a black eye right in front of me right now. It is time king using words that are barely understand, that's how the guy, in the clarity that Serbia and the clan felt after while he asked him to come to his house, and he said I'm quitting, including the clan, gave him his robe really ass though he collects robes now he came in, he brought like and wizard robes and grand dragon robes Yoda? Nazi often he had not he flags guys have given him yeah do you know I was a teenager, I was so. I was very glad I was young. I was drinking and I remember I was so anti clan I'd read some book on that. clicks clan and new, is the preacher for the clan. His name was in the book cycle. the information. I called the FBI and I tried to stop clan rally, but I call this guy at home this, this clan preacher and I started
That's wrong, you're, a racist fourteen and and he told the guy left the clan amount in the clan more and he actually talk to me for a few minutes yeah. But I was before you could procure packages we're tuning drunk and try to make a difference how cools activity talked he did to Austria and I'll. Never forget it and my father I think you are drinking afterwards disease. I ve heard some of the conversation I think is started with me. Coined the FBI, where the sea, I you called it a few times back then the FBI to do it. I drank yeah. I was crazy person. I called the FBI when I met you, fuck repose early. Twenty is right and I was like why you quit drinking why'd you could do in drugs in you. I had to get the bomb threat into my high school. I remember a clear thy school. I didn't I I want to say I was seventeen or eighteen and we used to get drunk
friends, house and it was, there was a some number you did. You could call for like help from nuns. So I would have my friends sitting around and I would always call up and pretend that, like our big up these horrible incest stories and terrible sexual things that are happening to me, my fuckin friends or be laughing, and then to be trying to council me on the phone allergies and then I called a bomb threat. I did it a couple of times it didn't work and the third time I did at the final time. I did it. Ass. She had people leave the school and go outside while they searched the school. Drunk bomb threats didn't fuck and teach Miller too, that recently it was suddenly with him on a train, but it wasn't a thread he I think he had something with a woman but didn't call bomb threat in. I don't know who is a threat or if you thought you haven't like I'd, never got the full story, really have When I bet I don't know, I remember we did, and I don't remember what the conclusion if you're really fucked up anything, so anyone have a bomb like paranoia like real, like full blown paranoia. Remember, you know,
and brewer course is a legendary potted and one time quit and equipped for quite a while, and I said well why much quitting goes too because I started getting really paranoid. Like paranoid, the people were listening, me and people will follow me and watching me there has not healthy. It was not good, and you know I wonder about that like when you pay her normal states of consciousness. When you take like the normal way, you are an you start. Didn't changing a little bit with a little bit of booze little bit about what about anxiety, little bit depression, little bit about things. What about this? What about that articles annex, take the edge off and I'll take a volume, single, asleep them ticket and ambient if the volume doesn't work and you keep going to want to go and gone year, you're like that, you know how like theirs, things you could do that can give you arthritis right to certain things, are corrode your joint to certain things. You can do that that make you title the morgue. chemicals. You insert in your by the more things you do them you shift from like you're, comfortable baseline of who you are
when you're at your Nguyen, your healthiest, you change. You become a different thing and I think pot just as likely to do. That is anything if you're doing it the wrong way. If you abuse it, I think alcohol can do it. I think part. Do pills, speed, I think all those things can surely do it, but it's strange to see when summons to slip away and they start to go towards is like very strange version of themselves that you know they don't have control anymore. They out is that how you felt like when you were a kid yeah from a very young age was weird, but I was a very addicted. Who is sexual addiction? Firstly, that was the first one and its actual did we ass you, you were drinking when you're thirteen, so yeah, but I mean I was a child. I was sexually active, his kid like fucking, I've of ten sexual partners before fourth grade what I've never told you don't yell yeah. How was it possible? I was born my friend fuck you I couldn't stop.
How do I get started? You know I don't remember the first one. I remember, there's a picture I can dated because I disappeared of me when I was. A care when I split my head open and I I remember. I split my head open running from the boy who is a year older than me used to blow him. But I was scared of him with a b reside. Terrorized me, but I would We will try to fuck me once two hours. I couldn't do it when I vaguely members in the whole my pants for down it's fucking ticklish, not like a fuckin mothballs, dirty war, fucking Budweiser, bathing trunks. They had Budweiser on them anywhere, but whether baby boomers everything Santiago, mothballs, drawers dressed, he must habitats. Smell, is a visceral memory. I have a vat keys that kid, a pistol my mouth factory I was in a public pool in Edison, New Jersey. This yellow is, I didn't know that so I went and need
I was born of underwater goes I popped up because the pistol my mouth, so I popped up a model do that anymore and I put my foot down then we're back included again. So I stop lower limit that mad? He dismounted twice the poor. Do that is less! You belong in the pool you didn't think people could underwater. I was so young if I can't see them, they can't see me at the photo. I have with the split up my head: is nineteen. Seventy three, seventy five, so I know at tat age I was already involved I have of an absolute photo that dates exactly so. You were blown kids when your five year. So what do you think started off. Dont know must have been. You know, just one kid one. it opened the door, the rest of us fuck it ran through it. I mean I don't know. I just don't know what started very vague
fleeting memories. So at five years old you were all sexually active you and your buddies yen and he got a little older six. Seven eight, like you know it was. I dont remember who was first, who is second, I remember my one friend get directions and I didn't get em look I didn't know what they weren't, whose five used in a reminder the success achieved by the fact that he might incinerator savage giant rod and six years old, but I remember not knowing the bees to count sucks. That's what it would do like our I'll give you ten and you give me tends to be quickly. You fuckin car users of technique did you figure was the best way to Socrates. I dont know at that age. I don't think so. I think it was all about getting you to do me after all right. I think that was kind of the goal right. Of course, there is a lot at me and I haven't again. I can data because I moved following a fourth Great North Brunswick. So any experience happened with in this place, I know what happened before then yeah wow, that's crazy. So do you think that this kid would you do
no, that if this kid was molested don't know I mean I had to be. Somebody had to be can find because there's no way all of us were that sexually, active, for no reason You don't remember I've too many memories like being basement and then not exactly remembering I've, weird memories, possibly with adults like it's kind of watching a page in an hour late- and I wish my memory was better, but still no one's really is you know, that's the weird thing about memories when it comes to being you know, a young person, no one's memories are very good. You have like flashes I've like some, that. I definitely remember like because they like facts like when I was seven we drove across the country in a member those yeah, I'm We got an accident on Lombard Street in San Francisco. It's like the crooked street in the world right, a member that could remember try to pass us numerous scratch. The car, a member that but like this little tiny things, sometimes I'll talk to my sister,
I'll talk to my mom's like do you remember that thing that also like I open up a folder like? Oh, I remember that guy whatever happened to him, you know that guy didn't exist in my brain until a couple such rights on when we look at this old folder, let's open up my old memory of that our you know. Sometimes those is scary, though, and I got to know I have many times drive back to that area. Creating Edison, now dry backroom, do in distress, factory or gig and I'll just drive that neighbourhood public. What the fuck happened here, whereas something happened here and a minor be one moment, but something happened here. They colored shifted me because I don't know exactly what it is and ducks you told me I was molest, I mean. Maybe right I don't know, but at the very least yours actually involves someone else who might have been molested. yeah what do without it. It did the odds. Are it had to be one thousand loathing
came of this article that I was saying that the origins of homosexual that's one of the things that were sent to those homophobic as origins of sexuality. Homosexuality is them, people be molest them on. Their younger does not want to set, and let me explain that the people of your gave you read that you feel bad. That can happen to people who would not be inclined towards homosexuality if their molested, when their younger Doktor Chris I am the guy wrote sex at dawn was explained to me- is that there is up you? U patted like what is the term, not necessarily pattern imprinting that when you are sexually active leg of summons, actual with you in your young and that person happens to be a man. You can imprint and you can do EL sexual feelings. In response to that, like you get your your brain triggers sexual feel things towards men or you might not be inclined so like, even if you're not actually homo sex.
well, you're, still turned on by men in a certain way, because you were molested it's one of the reasons why they say, but I don't really know why people who get molested wind up molesting people, but it's really common. It's like not so many described at best like it's almost like a vampire bite too, and this thing, like you, pass it on to the next person. Is this creepy thing, but that you know that this is another thing. We're people took a contact saying that I'm homophobic for me was all kiss my age group that I remember. I have vague adult memories, but not anything conquered. I can say, with sexually accumulate it just kind of its biggest smoke that comes by and leaves that's kind of how those memories are, but with their with the kids. They were kids at my age within a year or two of each other, so was that's why I don't like being a victim, so I feel, like you're right, I volunteered man I showed up. There was a lot of times. I wanted to play the game, and while you were five, you know I mean I have so few memories. When I was five. A bet you probably
no, why you are doing or what what happened before, that that started in cause the personal you're doing it with their maintenance people get molested when they're really young, while the big issues they block it yeah. I don't remember a goddamn thing: they they their brain, protects them from all the dark. Yeah. I think so- and I've I've heard that enough so moment I was trying to find somebody to explain, but maybe that bad? Maybe it was just me and my friends and then it just kind of relative to something that was fun and it felt good. I mean I heard again: oh yeah, I can see there was any ominous forced by did. I just don't remember, but it's weird, because its most kids don't blow therefrom by way of greatness, whose chief don't let her friend evil that severe next carbon minor tour? But it's who saw something we assume something happened, but not necessarily right because the first kid blew his friends when they had to be one guy
somewhere throughout history. Those like I got an idea having as eligible valve ever put everyone's dick in my mouth. The thing I don't like people to whose first got appear susceptible right, yeah lose the first go to tat. To his face is the who's, the first the, but far too has he ever your first one hour. if countries simultaneously two places at once. You never know that might have been a couple of thoughts at the same time when using but fuckin started late, chimps clearly, but fuck right, like bonobos, they must but fuck each other. They fuck, you know banal. Both have a don't have one taboo, which is that the mom won't have sex of the sun. None interesting near the whole culture is filled with with sex like chimp, Bonobo, chimps, all the the the males breed their daughters, the these they exchanged. Sacks, it's like a social token like they. They resolve shoes with sex. I dare
one animal that like clearly has massive amounts of recreation sex and then I have any violence, and the angel, I don't know whether comes. I wonder if that, just because of a position where somebody's on their stomach, the person behind them. They were there with the creature behind and is just like either your asses easier. I don't know I'm not a big fan of asked fucking. I, like a little bit, I'm crazy about I used to like immortals younger. Well, I mean it seems messy it has been yet I this time, but here there's been a few issues, could be painful. It's not really wants to go in there. Now it's not, but some people love they love it. I can do a once in a while. I can't I can't let you yeah, I'm not. A lot gets a little sloppy. Well, it's you know it's if someone's trans and they don't want to transition, and they don't want to have a vagina. They just want to keep your penis
and does not hold out of hops. Sire you fucked Emma. They fuck you managed to have two options so kind of I switch off the air. It's it's interesting. How did the just the amount of people that are just people talking about Trans people is changed? You know like what would the number you'd, never heard that when I was a kid you never heard it. When I was in high school, you never heard about norms. Trans now, no one thought to be transit, Highschool now, kids, in high school, a transit, a lot of kids are trans. They got a wonder like what. What is that you know, I think people are gentler with it. Now, that's one thing a younger the younger generations will smarter with is that they don't just judge you for People can kind of be comfortable being who they are. The people are being damn sure. Trance people existed, but you just I'm eating what to call it. Nobody needed no one. It was when I first saw order encountered it. I had no idea what it was
there's a movie or a book, rather that I read about Custer and one of the parts of the book is about this guy who went somewhere and came back and his wife had died at it turned out that his wife had been a man and everybody found out, and so he had like this. This thing I said you know it is, he happens to my wife, you I don't touch her leave her alone. Wait till I come back, but they didn't do that they did and examination they found of Chad, Dick and the guy one of kill himself, but so this was something that was going on in the eighteen. Hundreds in the wild West says thousand like his wild West town and he had a Trans wife and you just how to keep quiet and when people found out about want to kill himself yeah, there's so much shame its fire just talked about this somewhere else too, but this somewhat shame around it. For the men
not just for the trivial both for the men who like trained people to see. How can you shame? Of course that's one things are really appreciate about you that you don't give a fuck. You talk about everything that you'd, like you talk about everything that you dont like about yourself, I think, because you do that on the radio and because you do that freely, openly. I think you help a lot of people. Men are really dukes. I think you make it because everybody loves you write, so you can come on this podcast and you know you could say anything. You know I love you and theirs. no way if you sexual desire our interest is going to affect that, and so you can be free and then we could all talk about step and then promised them. Cannot there that's gone I think I'm ok, yeah. I think I'm. Ok, I'm not. I don't think I'm a freak fuckin everybody loves Jim Norton like it's. Ok, I get emails from people. guys have sent me messages to go hey my thanks for talking about that, because it made you feel like it was all right to light that were made me feel more everything,
a culture that likes to scold each other, because you know it's like you have to be comfortable talking about it and realising hey, you might not say this word right. You might not express it right. What we're doing the best we can to grapple with this whole thing? But it's about self identified and for men and my own sexual. That's, why guys don't talk about a? Could? We all know who it makes us. I think this scolding things a big point. What you just said that people are worried that people going to scold them, and you know one of the things that people do when their worried about as they scold other people first skip. You know that's what what bullies When people go around beating people up the reason why they go around beating people up, as he's afraid, some was going due to demographic you're, so they want have power others are the people who are terrified sums gonna want power with them because their weak- and this is like expression, hurt people hurt people like see online bullying or on people ganging up on people online, I guarantee you every one of those people. That's doing. That is terrified. That's gonna come back to them.
And they just throwing rocks and hoping no rocks come back. There were hoping the mob, doesn't look at them, hoping and praying TAT, hoping and praying beating out of it as a potent. If you're, not a part of that, you could be the one that they're doing it to the end I have chosen particularly over them, a few years. When I recognise like there's a difference between my reach in my influence and other peoples, I don't do that. I dont retweet thing people say that are mean to me and say: want eat shit, fuck phaser. You know, I got what a cue person you are. I could easily and then millions and millions of he would see that and who then Linda's person we go into a fuckin panic, lack and look at a twitter and their feet. Phones blown up, although in come in and then I have to go see their counselor their psychiatrists. Let it get docks, you're dead, yeah, that's all that stuff is peoples, and this is one thing I think is a real problem with sir.
For media in general and twitter in particular the vote that method of communication of just doing Tex out there once he gets personal gets one. If you like, look they just discovered a new city under the ocean. That's what I use it for, or maybe a joker too, but when you get personal with someone like you getting personal in a way that you're not connecting with them you're throwing a text out there, and you are also doing it, publicly for the whole world. Are you not communicating with that person one to one like a human being and because of that, because you are communicating with them one I wanna get human beings. Do you feel them? You feel, like you, say, mean thing: yeah go after you almost want it. You just want people to go after them. Yours want bad things to happen. Just to see what you do. What you're doing this game is effective. Oh yeah, you don't Jamie killing idea. Jamie talked real
only on the part cast about who you used to be and who he is colleagues around TAT. He used to do that, go after people and he's real open about how he was just completely one hundred percent virtuous signalling who just want people to like me said he, I use I'll, be walking on the street and I just had a check my phone constantly, because I see what how do people were so, in my text or my tweet, how do people respond attacking some senator for you, fuckin bigot, you homophobic and just check this thing consular and then and then afterwards they came up to him because you can never be virtuous enough. Never never! There's! No one out there. That's virtuous! Nothing if you're going to be cruel to people get, Eddie cause it's coming back catch, it's coming back to you and that's the beauty like it. I, like I mean I never want to shame other people for that shit like just. If you make him thank you say some fuckin stupid so be it like who might sit there and get mad at somebody. The Emmy believe me,
people come to me. I mean my preferences are not always fucking popular online either. I mean oh of course, call horrible shit. I just don't it doesn't bother me, but I mean I mean I'm fifty one year old man to its wings, fifty one and you ve come to the environment to stand up for thirty years it's a little easier to have a thicker skin, sometimes to whereas somebody who is nineteen or twenty who been raising this fucking, this psychotic fake polite, Culture is not polite, its vicious worth faked polite, and then, when they start getting insulted, I don't know if they a lot of times know how to process that no most people don't and you know you also understand what it is causing people to behave. The way their behaving, whereas a nineteen year old, just thinks their terrible and they need to die this is one of the things are so awful about kids get bullied online, one of killing themselves like you didn't, you know you had it get through that you got through that you'd understand what it is, you'd, understand that these people, these are just this
but it is saying that to you, that's a damaged person, there all fucked up themselves and if you are them personally you in them alone in the room I guarantee they wouldn't do that you no most and most of them you would even wanted to turn like you. You ve talked to people most familiar call. You your hand feel the same as anybody else when I sure I'm like hey and you really they're. Ok, yes, that the separation- that's show media gives us, along with the connection I get, connection, whereas like you can send a tweet and maybe to reach people may go. Oh that's kind of cool, and then there is this: where connection but the disk act like the emotional and the social disconnect the lack of social cues between two people. When you just getting online. That is that's not good. For we're not supposed to communicate like that, now it's bad! It's impersonal! It's it's kind of deal
you're still a lot of people because it gives you this false sense of of you know that you, like your like you're, not saying something's gonna, hurt someone you! Even if you are in front of that person, you wouldn't want them to cry but you want them to cry. If you're, not there, you want to say the most vicious mean shit when they're not there. When people like you, and again we mention are a you know. I know you. I know you love already. I love our have known for many years when you went wins when says, dumb shit and people do say dumb shit and then there's people get dressed I've been more justifiably matter, you like it Look. You said something really stupid publicly so hard. In the middle of their grief and allocate fuck you pal like pillar angry, but then it gets to a point where those day is passed, and then there are people who just gonna hurt you for the people who just want to punish you. The people who just want to see you suffer. So how do you tell the time whose just react to something you said
comedian. I say public things, people who, in the public we have the right to say something yes, yeah! Well, I think, would our did you have to come up with a new word. Think Damas good enough mean a better word its so stupid, but it's also what you said earlier that you gotta keep ramping up, do things talking about earlier was out before the pact as it was before, and I think that what the the thing is, when you do outrageous things just to get people to cow, look at Jimmy's, crazy, we're? U gotta! You get caught in a trap and you keep doing it more and more outrageous and with already here. always done this thing. We're when people die, he would make the meanest com and one or two comments on ripe, and you know it's a trap ban. That's it that's a terrible train! You, you see guys lean into those things right leg it becomes a partner persona becomes part of our identity,
every time like every time someone dies. People like his cigar fans. go straight to ARI and want ARI to comment on a ripe, and you know it's a trap ban. That's it! That's a terrible tragedy, You see guys lean into those things right leg, it becomes, a partner, persona becomes part of their identity, the trap is also when you, if there's something you don't want to say or if you like. That's two fucked up to say, but If I don't say it, they're going to think that I'm selling out or are not the same, perform like you have to be willing to disappoint people that wanna, hear that too. If you're gonna survive in that kind of in doing that, yeah. I don't know how what's gonna happen with our cows can get through this, but in some ways
never want to say is a good thing that he did that, but he needed to know that there are arc consequences for just just saying ridiculous shit. They you're not supposed to say when people die. You know and he's this really fucked up thing about areas hazy, really good guy but in his persona, sometimes he's a heel, a dozen on purpose, You know, and so I can see that video and he's an is like, smiling and laughing, because Kobe Bryant Dead, that's his heel, persona yeah and he thinks he's playing by others. Can we gray people gonna, be so man, but he had no idea. He had no idea, he missed. Judged at the country's grief, and obviously I think does he didn't know. Who else was on the? How did you know that? I believe this explanation? I read his explanation. I believe, like I don't when I first saw it. I didn't know. If he was years or not I mean I, nobody dies. Pledges saw that Clippa maybe hated him. I didn't. He didn't
I didn't know what he was doing, but then I read his explanation. I believe them. One part of me feels responsible. This is why I convinced him that he could have an Iphone and that he can be ok, just put a timer on it. I go just put a timer. My daughter is a time on her phone. She don't use it for an hour a day to put a timer on your phone and he should have stuck with a Footfall man had a lady that was opposed and form a friend of it's like. I think he gave us money and he would He would send his tweets to her stuff, like that than she would post him form. I think that I want and that's way better because then you gotta, Walter System, they now calm up what the fuck is wrong with you any bode. Well, yeah. I don't know I'm not saying that Asshole Aurora Euro Euro, which arose in our endeavours humanity level, look so our is legitimately insane do is definitely got layer, of its insanity that he he'd battles with he dies and I'm at I it's funny. I hosted down and dirty with
Jim Norton, and there was a bunch of comedians on army was one of the comedians I had on the study, took his dick out. If I can tell this house that it can take out an HBO and they were furious and no one knew what was going to do it. I don't want to shake his hand with his fucking pants around his ankles. He waved the crowd I don't even remember if that made the final cut, but that's two thousand eight. So you know somebody who has a reputation of just doing completely crazy shit. It doesn't surprise me when the purse does something that is crazy. No, Oh he's always garden a certain amount of attention for doing redid use he's the wild man. You know he's a united. many responsibilities. He lives like a vagabond, he's my to turn a money, but he lives in a tiny apartment. There was always a rapporteur now I guess he lives with his girl, but he had never bought a car the shittiest oldest most fucked up car. It was a manual transmission car because that was cheaper, like our
like so frugal iq. Would he would get matter people wise, but your money with folks wrong with you like eat Illinois buying a car like that to ARI was like the dumbest shit. You could ever do he wanted to like hoard all money and then not have any responsibility. He wanted to make sure that he could just disappear. Go to China for three. My rise hang out not only body anything, not o anybody anything and be free, be like legitimately free. So at any time you fellows who is trapped in a sort of corporate structure and that he would fuckin panic in alike and as one of the you know, it's it's. Why the parts of his personality that, where he kind of leans into this, I sort of outside a role in own he he doesn't want too much success and he would get mad when people started taking pictures with them after the sobriquet. We're shows is that you're fuckin assholes, maybe two famous we're going MIKE Tat is that most hilarious hinder, say who's man that he was gone places and people want to take pictures with them now
but is it really that he didn't like it or is it like? Sometimes you get afraid of it could then you take you're afraid is gonna, go away just one thing with success: the more, but you get this more scared. You are that we cannot do so with ARI with area. I think he actually didn't like it like you like this. The mountain anonymity, so other issues while I go in Asia, so I went there. Invitation is no one who was he got recognise like twice in four months, the entire time he was there, he loved it, he loved it. He should go there right now, yeah might be a good time to lay low might want to move there. I just don't know how often I mean how how long it'll take before this. If it does it all blows over, may that little sort of explanation on his remember. It might also be better if we did a video yeah. You almost have to humanize yourself and Scots. What happened is very hard to explain to people presented again Don Friendly defended on boy that one's defending knows that only we no one's defending em in I would never do
and what he said. But what I would say is this look, I'm not a moron friends of them. Love the guy, not because a bad guy he's a guy he's. One of my smart friends is very interesting, but he's also we're all create No single goddamn, funny person, it's not crazy, but his crazies. different kind of self destructive, crazy, it's a different kind of crazy. You know you you're crazy. I got my crazy Rebecca he's got his crazy. Everyone's got their own crazy. You know, there's this something compels you to want to be on stage in front all those fuckin people too king every night, telling jokes doing it on our part. as you know, the radio, it's a of real weird personality that causes people to do
things like that. You and your round people who are doing it and who are doing really well and then you see them getting more and more successful and then there's like, like you know, you dont, want to watch every pass you by either seal it. Oh this thing works for me. Let me just keep doing this thing and then you gotta get married to doing that thing that works for you. You lean into a lean into what you love and we have seen that happened with people were all the sudden. They seem like white nationalists like what is going on. There really is all that's where they're getting attention from the guinean tension from all these people that are like the kind of into a white nationals and so they start lenient that, unlike the it, I always like that, hide it from me that right at the study was conservative and then I think what it is like: that's where their breads being buttered, that's where they're getting attention, and so they like a year, go tell em, go, get em gag wiping, Bob and the one the founding people is country and white people is. Why do I see them start to repeat those sentiments and you go?
Oh, ok, your leaning into the attention that we are going on because people there, like you and shuddered, showing you love. So it's kind of hard to risk losing People have you aspire. Formal were terrified, was Firstly, when you start developing an audience and that audiences, like you know, that's those the people that actually like you, they actually love you. They actually will come pay, see you that, and so you go to what we have to do, to get them too much. Like he's a good example of my early act, when I first hour doing stand was terrible, but what I realise that there was three stages of stand up in my career, the first stage, as I was doing anything to get a laugh and it was basically like a tool. like I was like. I had a ruler or a hammer or a nail, and I had no connection to that material. I would tell joke jokes, extreme jokes, someone tell me a story joke. I would tell them on stage it was no. There was no art to it. I was just terrified- and I wanted to get laughs then, once I started doing,
good and started. I would work perfect finally and I was getting some gigs and stuff, then I started doing stuff. I thought was falling and I remember being so happy with that, because I'd be like instead of being so scared of leg just being out there, I gotta get to laugh going until after you, they laugh when it. What are you do get to have? Instead of that, then I would get into like little. I think it's funny right and then let us go his words locked up to me like. Why is this and then people go? That's really smart guy, remember people sailing or that's good material, your new stuff! I love your new stuff like can. Finally, I'm doing stuff that other people that I like, like people that appreciate things that I appreciate would think or funny. Then, once I got better at that and I became a real like a headliner and established. Then I started turning ideas into comedy. Then I would turn ideas like a guide, some complicated ideas. They were done for years, to try to turn into bits and one of them was led the the deal
Pollution of man. I got put it on my today, thousand five Netflix special notes on Netflix anymore, show too, It's called Joe Rogan live for two thousand and five and was a bit that I worked on for years about how dumb people out bread, smart people and that's what the pyramids are like we out The smart people need left us with a bunch of shit. We don't understand, and it was this long. It took me for ever to work that bit in and that bit to me was like there's like ok, now. I understand how to turn a concept into into a bit, not just things that I think are funny, but things I think, are interesting and try get those interesting ideas and put an end to stand up for an things you want to say, like the key four comedians and where a lot of comics go wrong is might like. It's gotta be funny to link. We have to be funny, while or like? I never go on the stage in the imo to teach the audience a fucking them at a fucking audience hate if they learned.
Think from it or if they like? It's gotta be funny first, that it has to be fucking funny looking mild stuck than back me. Two fuckin tells it how happy go lucky, but are we doing like its repulsive dude, it's fucking pulsar? What is it you got through that analysis of indifferent. Thank God. I got through a gag just started, standing, narratives, hawking and being more comfortable. We share thing, I don't be an athlete. We would die. Sexual stand up. I brought in a nineteen. Ninety three stand up tape and Collen Patrice Voice and I think Palmer Curios, the other comedian dice. elected on a ps3 humility got some all videos were. I can even pull now they're, embarrassing right how the terrible cruiser revealing its look. How hard I was trying. I wanted to be light. So bad Jericho, over your old writing young,
and every joke ever written. I write about packing slothful. I work in a fucking when I worked through our Christoph silver stop silver, it's very high and civil. Where a place I work in a packing should be receiving solid right he's on the back of fragile stickers. All these jokes- and you have, I says, do you know who own smathers once dude he's one of the best comics in the world, he's well, those guys a mortal of them actually tonight at the improv, but he's one of those guys when he's onstage, unlike how the fact of people not know we're going to get along a writing. Gags who's running for about a sitcoms lud lotta different, like really well, paying! Writing gigs India as a family. So you didn't do the road you didn't really traveller, but he's a fucking order my eyesight anyway, had this concept for a show, and I found an episode of it. What is done with it yet, but it was bring your old notebook, so I found all these no books that I still haven't. I busted amount. I was amazed and have no books from like ninety one. Ninety two- and it was so though even
had built in add lips and built in reactions from the audience somewhat from the audience would say this, and then I would say that like and am I I didn't, I I wouldn't, I remember in the beginning, try to sit and right and literally being such a moron. I had such a piss Poorgrass the english language first of all, and then second just sitting there, no idea how to write things, just no idea and so just write and hope a joke could come out of it and it never kept abandon those is the only time I came up with good bits was literally either talking to my friends and laughing usually were drinking or on. Occasionally onstage outcome up on an idea, and then I would you know, sort of foster feed it try to make it grow, but going over that fuckin material was so painfully embarrassing. Yes bad, it's humiliating the old stuff I dont mind reading. It, though, persona is what I hated boy than my writing so
watching myself perform those all bets are having to beg you work out, patently bodybuilder pants. I was such a kind. I was so awful when I started the writing. I can look at because this detached from the fucking little character. Are we doing stage, it's funny how there's some styles that just don't make but for a while everybody has its own and then everybody wakes up like what the fuck are. We wearing yeah remember cavalry cheese. I do, of course I ate gigantic plates shit one on stage where cavalry and I'll, never forget how stupid I felt. There's these tight. There are tight here and then back. Give him the flies out and I'm wearing these stupid things. I'm on station on bombing- and I remember like looking down to Wales, dress and had a but not sure- and I was I follow Jim Brewer- is book pivotal moment or career because I bomb so hard? I really like tightened up my act after that really got to work because it was the most painful bombing yeah
Dan and Therewith cavalry cheese on with a nice shortly addressed her. I can go in the club, yes second entertainer dickhead. What a dickhead then I'm look down these fuckin terrible pants and Those pants with a shit for like two years three years and then everybody was like what fuck are we wear and they just went away. We do it. There was a members only jacket with it or or like a piano shoes. Appease YO shoe vary, but I got a camp picture them in my head. Jimmy pull copies YO shoes yeah. I remember them from LA. I want to say early nineties rely mainly eighties. Remember a guy, I knew a sober guy. I knew we were rejected for these sober dances, which were very and depressing like when eighteen and nineteen just to go, try to me girls, theirs or two year are suspicious of you. You want to fuck man gone now. Stand there just kind of stand there that peace, you now that's not where the
the black one made yet egg out. That's kind of ITALY, bawling yeah, yeah, yeah yeah with cavalry cheese. Yes, your belly Dance here are not good. I'm your get. Aladdin choose, get good, go up right. There click on that! Now the Latin choose, the curly tat once the Gatt we have to bring those bitches back elf, somebody who somewhere WAR Elf shoes right, but there the court gesture thing though there was a, can make Latvia, addressing an asshole right to merge and being overcome. What were they were? Basically, a bad comedian. Dancing around for a murderous dictator yeah, and if you did anything to pick him up there just cut your fuckin head off from everybody. You plenty another one. Reply became a good comedian fast, as you knew you read the room you doing Thirdly, what you could say what you couldn't say: you know who to go after him not to go after. I would love to see what it would be like to be a court gesture in front of like Henry
yeah some murderous, fuckin ruthless king who just just ten Henry you ve, killing, a bunch of was what I wanted to do was to cut their fuckin heads off. The air was married to Anne Boleyn. My remembering indifferent to our fishermen her name is Baloney. I want to see that was one of his wives by could be wrong. That is on the drop outside might have seldom conflated territories. Well, I dropped out to unendurable high school but are dropped at a couch, Tammany usage. You didn't three, but the second life and all was right when he said he beheld her. She found a sort of his mistake. No big deal. I thought he killed right. Could be. He killed a few of a monthly yeah, but you wonder what the bombing was like for those guys like this Certain a court gesture that the pressure would bombing get you killed, or would you have another day? Well imagine like coming times. Have you set a joke on the air? Didn't really go? Well, I can try me.
took it swing dinner was like Jimmy with if I've tried Sort India, but if you do that in front of a king, you know, there's one there's an old, been ethics have called Jim Nortons Epic Carpet bombing, where it's a fucking. It was one day just had nothing like. I was on no sleep like command. I was wired and bombed for the entire, for our radio show and there's a good public twelve minutes, clip of just me bobbing throughout the four out of the market, Will you get the more freeing it gets too Need I remind you, get more comfortable bombing and you can kind of embrace it, and so can you know in what it God be I'll others all cliffs? We so lucky. You mean you were a giant par. That show that I feel real lucky that I was part of that show a really do. I feel like with guys like guys like me in comics, that
us was the most comfortable environment we could ever find death like I enjoyed doing. Preston Stephen you know when doing K Rock in a cab, and being and don't always, differentials are really enjoy yeah, no doubt, but there was something by open Anthony where I would get so excited when I was when I was there when I was in New York, there was not a question of whether I was gonna go like if you guys we're gonna. Have me like flock. Yes, we will get up early we would smoke, we come in barbecued will just be so happy to be their take edibles. I would have liked edible lollipops. I couldn't wait to be on air with you guys it was it was. You could be what you, were, if you're hanging out the store like we're. If we're hanging on the back burner my store number just talk and shit laughing. That's what it was like an open Anthony. There was no other environment, we could just be it just just
comics be comics. Just hang it now you go back and forth, they mean to each other. I mainly listen, fishes voters, the boss, halves skin, like a fucking rhino. He does a green like one really answer if you would take, but he was also riches so fast to oh yeah. That voice was a guy. You can hit him. You can hit em, but like a suit, you turn around when he hit you back, it was. It was a fucking up What is really really Bobby is great thou yeah, just fucking da what reviewed, walking comedy so they're laughing before you get, there can be a long fuck and I have been executed well nigh loss. You know, vos was a master, a deal with hecklers and shitty crowds. I'd it's only bad gigs with vos. Oh, my god we
so many fuckin Bob leafy gigs islands. I believe yet myself. I love him, he's a book gigs. I did a couple of escapes with with with fast he's having a hard time tiny at a fucking accident. His neck is fucked up, so is transient insurances, fuck em around his neck. He got think you get rear ended and he is trying to get the insured. The auto insurance to pay for a surgery can't work Bobby said our time there was a discussion is knack, as I like to think so. Yeah buddies, fucked up using a lot of pain and he's trying to Yad sucks bandies, has been a good guy. Do I those guys him Jim Florentine la those guys I would never career with others. Has he done? That's what I'm sayin
the florentines. I would well he's gonna podcast now on bar stool, so we start to do something: that's really any kind of a huge new audience dude. I just heard they sold bars tool for four hundred and fifty million dollars a sea nodding LAO they get of in this meant or deal they made with pen gaming. Once a bunch of like casinos, including like the the Tropic Hannah thing in Vegas yeah, to make that they get thirty six percent now a few years, they get Guy fifty percent, depending on how she's crying stocks weigh up already, they have stock. What that pen, gaming companies a magic bars to its work? Now you can't do this that's what we need Jerry stock and wonderful gone up last week watching ever become a publicly trading companies that, when this shit all happens when nobody they try to get a kick out like fucking, Guy John Sources, Johnson Schneider,
but Johns like this video company policy, some stupid. Are you deaf? We can do that. Everyone can happen. they are possible. Yes, it does involve I'm just kidding about that. I would not want Jerry STAR everybody at a girl, overs house that I get laid. Frequently in the old days, and I had a pretty girl in this house who, like me and my father I'll there has by twenty two years old and snow, what was the worst snow storm of the century at the time and my father, Oh me, eight miles, snowstorm during the snow storm to Bob Ladys House who get laid, and I thought this girl in the bathroom Bobby's bathroom and I was standing in cat litter. What a good dad you have. my dad's a great guy, but he knew I told that there's a girl there. You know- and I think he was he's volatility was too happy. I said that so used to cigar I'll. Take you, I don't miss drive and in the snow, but I do miss this. Certain parts about drive, in the snow, that I do men like when you
She made it like. It was hard to do too hard to get home, but when you got home boy, Japan, Should you felt right yet we have actually got Riyadh. Two girls adored to gear sit down. Fuckin makes some hot chocolate, somethin watch tv like felt so comfortable, I'm home, warm you? Don't appreciate good weather unless experience shit, whether that right, but I really don't miss to engage them, and I still do them. But when you drive, unlike in Lancaster Pennsylvania, were that the two and a half hours over the hills to get to the gig and it was like panic- tricking, I'm afraid I'm in a fucking had black eyes, I'm the one I was so bad, the driving they depart my car and call my girlfriend to come and pick you up at her sports car. It was said
a humiliating moment as a man to have to pull over and you I can't drive on the ice. My girlfriend to come and pick me up in the jitters supports car. That's over there. I didn't realize what fucking I found. My father's tourists, our member drive and once in the snow, was so bad. I was having a hard time discerning where the road is yeah. I couldn't fear where the road what's the side of the road, because this I was so deep. It was getting to the point. Where is hard see where the road was now that's where she gets weird yeah when you travel to the Adirondacks Upstate New York with no light black black and then there's fog and then there's a snow come, and I is really and you like, I'm fifty I've been driving since I was nineteen, I'm still shut up to twenty,
got it to twenty eight. You can't blow through this, like your experience, driver lively time I used to be on the highway and I was be drive and slow and carefully that always be that one dipshit they goes fly and by discos fly and by like he knows how to drive in the snow better than anybody in Europe, but pussies. You can't handle it these fuckin Are you always hoped to see him wrapped around a pole about a mile down, but you never did. I saw our carrier fall over once. That was, while with wind. Now he jackknife jackknife in the snow. And wiped out and fuckin car scattered over the highway was wild. It was wild who is. He just he slipped. I saw him loose in it and by the time I got there, he was tipped over and the cars rang and I just lost control of this. You know those fucking things. Then there are so unwillingly yeah. You got thirteen car, stacked allowance, crane thing behind you and this guy just lost
shit and insist so snowy. I was headed a western Massachusetts target late, not even for a gig for girl. I'll stay. I wasn't a comedy back then think or seventeen, seventeen or eighteen Barrack, DR terrible drive and remember this long trip to western Massachusetts. It wasn't long. Normally you know right. hours normally, but now with all the snow and everything was brutal, did you make it yes, crazy? What would you do get laid back in this drama? And now it's like look. If you dont get me up on Instagram Fucker happening. I tell you, I can't do it anymore. Well, you know this I was trying to explain someone once that when he knows a woman actually when you are an eighteen year old boy, you are a drug addict. Okay and you're you're you're, a drug attic for sex. And you ve only been having sex for little while for me it was like to be a thing. I got labour now, sixteen so like two years so end just Europe straight up. Junkie and sex was most exciting thing of your life,
He was so much exciting than anything else. I did so much more drifting than anything else. I did, and I wanted it so bad and then you're? so horny you knows that, like you, all you're thinking about is how you could possibly have sex yeah and so you what I got to wear. What do I got to say? What am I going to do? Where do I got to drive? What do I mean you don't realize immense power. It has over. You left and I think it has a lot of power for women's lives, ever been a woman's. I dont know what it feels like to want. Dec but I would imagine it's it's probably pretty similar, which is why the seventy five people on the planet yeah. I mean it's, definitely a fifty fifty Paul I would, I would say, but one of them is even a sex, I remember being a too nature and I would pick up our growing at a hooker and then afterwards my favorite part. be talking to her on the way back. Like I loved talking, the guy. I really, I think, a lot of it was I misidentified being lonely with wanting sex life times. I was horny, but there are times com or I would
wouldn't be able to come, and I ll just jerk off another guy can't come, but then I would just like to talk for a little while ago, nearly always my favorite was talking to them, driving them back into known. How many did you talk to every I picked up, and so you would have a long conversations today enjoy the commons where late, when they were willing. But again did they were people. I knew I would see them all the time. Ok, or they would see me driving around in this. Is your commercial. Ever you new, Brunswick in MID eighty soldier would you erratically like it a little bit? I mean it was probably different. I wasn't aggressive. I was pleasant rights. Probably you they're, pretty happy that someone's been nice them well, you can we tell when you drove back to where you got them? If they just jumped out? Ok, they just one of the right back and then it was tat. They would just sit in the car. The grated drive around the block will smoke and do not. Sometimes they would ask you to do that. They can have a cigarette in conversation, bad, it's gotta, be so weird find yourself your ochre
Do I look back on now and it's like? I do think it should be legal. I don't think people should tell other people have the right to do it by look back how many people were they in situations that I know of like worthy people being forced to do TAT. I did know we're being right, forced to do so that's kind of something it's been a little fucking with years before, for me a little that well you member they try to pin than on Robert Craft, the guy who owns the pay. creates young, went to massage poverty a jerk off yet, and they were there saying There are charging him with participating in sex trafficking. It was just a completely fabricated accusation, because the women were there turns out not regular women that massage then jerk off after we have, but they put out there was out there, no matter what like it. It hit the press it hit this guy, and so he had to sort of like deal with this. Even though is like this fucking guys we're the bill
of doubts, which is thousands of millions for asked this think of owning thousands of millions of dollars, still couldn't keep the shame of getting jerked off like a sixty nine. Seventy year old man, someone's gotta, come back at him with southern elsewhere too, for the same case, yeah there's something else that just a just got talked about again. I don't know exactly what the prosecutors drawn out, but sometimes a prosecutor, I think, sees something. There Then we can get a lot of mileage on this agenda because nothing happened to craft the first I think they're coming back Adam with something each updated. Why? I also think that this is what it- is about law enforcement to when you play a game and here's the game. I eschew? I want a convict. You here is a game you I gotta get out of it. I don't want it again out of it now in competition, it's a game. It's not the game. Obviously it's the law and obviously you know the people should be arrested. Don't you construe when I'm sand, but when
ever someone is trying to do something and the other person doesn't want you to do some. Two people get competitive and people withhold evidence. They lie. I mean, there's been so many fucking This is a prosecutors withholding evidence that could we have people released as if, If only I- and they do great case- was it wasn't he didn't get disbarred for that? Are you did some shady shit? Well, there's a lot of those cases is not just him. I mean how many different detectives withheld, evidence prosecuting attorneys and was evidence is like you know. Was fucking amazing at helping people with this shit, his kin car. shit yeah she has whom car dashing has gotten some fucking things like the latest cowardly eighteen p oh yeah least, who were unjustly accused of crimes. an insane Yoshida has I mean that there is a kind of having a direct line to the president's, so they at least give some resource to go to if they needed to ensure that they have to do that, though, ladies worth fuckin
hundreds of millions hours she can do whatever what she wants, what she's doing with our spare time. It's it's really incredible, completely start making fun of yeah. I respect the fact that she did that to its like she could be doing a lot more stuff with a time machine. Just she's help in people's guide, Emily fact of her that much partial we had a better view s. I really care for her not a bad area. Yeah. They told us be nice tour who denies the public media we promised. We wouldn't be confrontational. So I remember I wash the recent Opie film disposed to Philip it'll, be it a camera going and I was he's getting really annoyed because she was being very distant like so what happened? so was, so you go to the store right, so you have to watch I'm like not away to promote to tell people you have to So what you see is what you have told us ensure yeah. Sorry, you fuck with them. I get some terrible haven't. I have my: you're a fucking building a yearly she's, making money doing her private. I think she got a whole bunch of stuff that shit. That's
but she was a good interview issues we want. to be really cruel to, because I, It would be nice if it's you, not nice to us, but we have promised we wouldn't soldiers came off his awkward and weird Africa. Digital TV show she's she's one that sort of slipped into obscure. the on purpose, it seems, like you, see, a product like she's, making a fuckin billion a yearly she, making money doing her private. I think she got a whole bunch of stuff that shit. Let's get her name on it so bright, but it seems like she's taken itself. Are the public? Are there for a lot of them? They realize hey. This is and good for you. You know the sting of all this screwed ni and people hating you, people fucking, aided her man the other day. Represented this vapid. You know sort of trend. I wanted to like or two I want to be. I did not want to dislike for that reason, unlike its too easy like all, guys paper, but then he came in. On that I get it, I get it wasn't pleasant,
I don't hate or I used to like mine. I could have been better wonder like what's Belgium looking documented come, and I are just came super important to hear monster documentary. oh you herds. Amazing. The errand Hernandez document is good. It is incredible: yeah Three part pry could have been twos and Netflix will do three when they could do to, but it is very good interesting to hear talk about sexuality and all. I was The illusion and its funding right talk about his hanging do a suicide hunger get. This said Tom wonderfully so distant. Generous and part of his until a suicide hanging reference here and I get one part of the wrong because I thought he was in jail for killing. I didn't realize he didn't get convicted of killing. Those first to people who did not know was in jail for the one guy two I didn't realize you was acquitted, so I got that part
long sums, I'm saying what killed three people? That's where you that's what he was believe too, but I believe it was only one person and the two people, he was acquitted I was shocked to realise that ethical Fogarty did the bit goddamn yap. He really, sounds like you really committed to then I'm going to the hang is more. That was. I wanted the details of that because, with the army the details about what he did to prevent himself from being saved on, like I hope I got that right because I read they put to turn it on the floor, so the guards would meal to get their footing. But like Card board in the fucking in India in the door they couldn't open. So a jam mega heard you get all that, but the documentary didn't go into that kind of which they had unless I'm long well he said that he had it, dream city yeah extreme, and I think there are a lot of people out there like that and there's a lot of people out there that a plan played pro football fighters.
anybody involved in like extreme contact sports than have extreme see tee what scares the fuck out of a man and I fell skiing recently. Bang, my head real bad or scheme go runs corner in this lady. She seemed like she was knew she was like on a slope trying to get her skis back under her, and she slid right into the trail, and I saw her and I like fuck, and I try to get away there. My my leg went sideways and I fell back and Bang hid the back of my head off the ground I have a crack in my shin bomb. It's called an insufficiency fracture. It's like right where Europe we cart. cartilage meets your Shin bound bonus. Like a crack and my bought me. I thought I had hard. Can you do? If there is its heels to seals, it's actually fine mean there was probably a month or so ago. It doesn't cost me any pain anymore. I knew some
was wrong and I got an mri, but what s really worried about my head could have been hidden ahead, so many fuckin times so many times. I don't know how many times have been hidden had kicked in the head. Punched in the head in a head butts needs to the head. So many times, and you wonder like what is what's in there. You know like we see Bulgarian Hernandez who was twenty eight years old. I thank you and they said the brain of a go fuck an eighty year old, all timers patient, like his brain, was fun as decision makers in the front, I think, Baroness Ashton has suffered from the most severe city ever found a person. His age yeah see I don't think I have cd like that. So here twenty seven. I don't think I have an idea, but I have it there. You have it on two percent to everybody, though deserve videotape shots. Are they everybody gets it yet a little bit don't you worry about you, traumatic, brain injury? We fight that, like would withdraw limitations. Wife data sets fucking scary for a full yeah. I mean,
You know once I was ok, you know a few days later. I wasn't NASA a word about that, but I will, I definitely think ahead a concussion as those real dizzy afterwards and, as I felt weird fell off. and then I was with my daughter mile. After all, the we're getting on the the fuckin ski lift, an ice past and I got a little too far ahead, like when the ski lift comes, and then I tried go back cause. I was in the wrong place I moved to like. I should have waited for the next one to come and then I didn't fell down and then I couldn't get back up. So I was just there was dizzy gloody out of it, and my daughter, I didn't know that I fell down, I know and then amalgam a mortal out of it by hit my hat and she's like when you didn't hit, you had and might not now might just just then had hit my head, though, to hold rest the day I was like not talk
that good as a little out of area I got rocked, it was up. Bang like my head, my legs went out and it was just back of the head on hard packs. I got knocked out by a baseball when I was a kid I was so dumb, I don't mind My sinuses is so fucked up at a partly things: I've taken to baseball's one really hard line drive to the normal face like I was underhand to my friend Rob cry from here to your tv and he drilled. The line drive into my fucking face and die Well, I woke up on the ground. You're standing over me, panic stricken that I was dead. and then there's no time. I was a fly ball and I just misjudging split my head open. And unless you get your nose, checked yeah got George. I gotta go back for surgery. I'm go on Monday to actually see somebody. I'm a fucking in that country have the surgery before yet and do much. She was out of my dated symptom surgery, yeah but it's just not enough and work now
was it takes. I allus so that my fuck me up with dear terminates opening swelling a little that year it changed my life. I had a I know you're the one who got me on the whole mouth car thing was that I dont have the one you have with the turbine pushes the tongue down. I want to put to you lower. It makes it passed, well to fall asleep, but it doesn't keep me asleep, I'll, get the tongue down one man next time, you're here I'll bring into the that doctors offers does he really do need their battle thing get used to that? You can make. I sleep all your baby with a shudder, Fucker I have one for years, and you only to mask now now need a mass, but last nor I don't stormy more but I take the fucker. I owe you ve got to sleep and I dont pay attention in my wife punches me. So I wake up its northern Charles, his country, she was sure going up like up your line, yeah, you know about
so our way riesling. I wonder if my snoring would be less because a long way to my face, alas, wait my neck, alas, wait everywhere our purpose. Yeah. I went on this carnivore diet. I lost twelve pounds in a month, just eating only meet scarier girl, my list media. We scarcely examples are the cancer loves meat. Is frightened council of Sugar yeah. That's it! That's all! Thirty is what I but wait on proper fifteen pounds on I'm so angry. It myself, chapter suit and my pants don't fit like I've wondered where suit I'm just presenting something tomorrow at by just when presenting its rates it, in a war. Children's not televised. It's like in our direct reward is something For they asked me to do it, I narrowed ass. Do it yet. I put my suit, backed by a new suit after this tomorrow boy I've. Never I won't close, I just rather be uncomfortable, but I was such a fat twat. I
it myself yesterday and like you, I really had a meltdown last. I forgot my pants all have a supervisory regular genes with you viral like when you like decide you fucked up to you to start spiral. Unlike hate spiral, crazy. How I I dont do it is barely any marks have caught myself so many too, but that take It very dangerous place like it's taking me to a really bad play. Smiling. I try not to do that because then, then you know you're walking around the house. Fucking put the belt around your neck. Just kind of test in it, but just holding it just see what it feels like to have a belt and that yeah redundant literally hundreds and anyone call me I'm gonna do do the damages. I would never call me. Yes, I am addressing its some things. Like anyone regard through within done that I'd like you to rob in fucking per day, I wouldn't to sit with those guys and just
I guarantee that was the five hundred and eighth time. You did that not enough. certainly tried it, but that put it there guaranteeing a hundred percent hunter present. Did you talk to the people of the same? The third thing now is not a process. I just The process, like you can't just one day tat you, you feel it give yourself a shot. You see what that feels. Like you, hate yourself like fucking piece and then you let it go. Many take often you dont tie anything. I would I would say I would guess we'll garlic, Bordeaux men down with such a bomb or to me that was them. That was the biggest bomber Emmy Brodie was a giant power to forever Proteus Jesus. There was a huge farmer. Did you see it coming now? I know. Well enough no I knew he had bouts wasn't doing. Well, everybody loved them everybody,
It seems he's just never didn't hug that guy every time I saw him a hug them he's such a good guy and everybody loved it like nobody didn't like Brody so Brodie yeah enough, but he was sick. You know, like he's, he had all kinds of different medical. Actions that they had tried Ottoman all sorts of different issues, but he would go off the reservation some time. That's it that's about it. Right. That's that was a race at whose for that without Darrell, yet racist expression, apparently he would go haywire. And you would didn't know what was going on. But I keep you on stage yellen, but it wasn't funny like heat. You know, Brody was hilarious and his style. It was so uniquely him like, if you eroded down on paper, you wouldn't understand. Why was funny but
we saw in real life should be fucking cry. I think he was so funny, but then I see him sometimes new, be there was no funny. It was just him complain about stuff like when is this going to turn silly casually usually turn silly, but it didn't turn silly and that people like- Brody's office, meditation I'll, see you wonder how many times did Iep dry run. It did dry run it because you can't be that yeah, maybe there's exceptions to the rule, but you cannot be press person in dealing with that all the time and not have dry run it I mean, I don't think anybody if it puts a gun in your mouth and shoot themselves. The first time, I'm sure something you ve walked through a bunch of times and you couldn't make yourself do it yesterday, the design, your taste of the time you can finally just not stop yourself from doing it, but I guarantee he had gone through. The bunch know too many people to meet people little done there. Now. I think I know I mean it might be said
Ray comics that have killed themselves down the time, I'm guys it never made it to most of them were not known as bro, Richard Jenny, Iraq really did law than were guys. It just didn't ever get above. Two. I never really new Janni in I said I do you know it's homer dying with em. You called me and I was in Pittsburgh. I was in the green women. You call me he was a giant influence on me when I was starting. He was so good. I talk about too much to the point where people get annoyed, but I want people to now aid is that I was the fuckin man, you don't know how good he was when I was an open micro, nineteen. Eighty eight, I want to see him at catch rising star in New York and also this guy is Fuckin Brill yeah. He was fuckin brilliant, but you know everybody forget. It was talking about the other day only enough it was on here, but there are saying that he liked to things that was it and he would tell you here is elects comedy important. That's it! That's all! That's all I care about.
And, like literally like, were didn't really socialize yo, maybe a girlfriend or did not agree on and off, but comedy important didn't have any hobbies didn't, no, no always wanted to be like Seinfeld always want to have the sitcom be Jim, carry yadda movies, but I never really happen you such a great comic. I think the last time I talked to me called me about, and I didn't know that well, but I knew him to show due to business. and it was unhappy because canadian attacking them like online about something bashing. I'm not saying he wasn't funny you whenever we want this thing for a site trashes. You he's really upset by real, like you so much better than this. you, like heated, almost understand how influence a powerful, a comic he was right. Did that would bother me? That's why I wish he survived podcasting I wish you survive to realise like how much we other comics appreciated. I tell the story but to talk again
common club in Long Island in MIKE then late eighties, early nineties. He did freudians every two shells, Friday to show Saturday for different hours murdered. He said that everyone stand around afterwards, like he does. Did forty four hours like we ve just fuckin, quit we should. We were whereupon off the same shitty. Forty minutes you know just trying to turn that we're headliner and this guy just Merkt forty four hours we are too that club. I never did that club. Here's my spirit which women are very book, the attack love and I at the and there's a lock on the door the only time I was talking to shut up like that, we get it fuck it fuck it shut down. His brought riches. Brother was a mixed. Martial arts, commentators sports guy. He did world combat championships, I think it was called. It was He was like one that he was the play by play guy or the colored use a play by guy, and it was like the early days of fighting when the? U s he had just started
and hence or Gracie, fought all leg. Tack tore off, enriches brother was there the play by play? Cornelia yeah, like you, did the John Attic, my Goldberg rule, I'm everything this so crazy, because I don't think it. The time I had even done any work for the you see, I think at the time I was just a fan, just why don't you start them? Some ninety seven ok, twenty years to increase nuts, I started a new of sea twelve in dose in Alabama. How was your first broadcast I know they didn't Give me any instruction, nobody told me: to do. Nobody told me how to do it. Nobody told me shit, they just do you want a gig interviewing the fighters after the fights? sure you know like then it was so rinkitink like we're in weird little fuckin hotel
this we're in units were stand. We flew in there on a propeller plain. The gig was supposed to be an buffeloni. but New York State banned it at the last man, so Bob what was the owner of the company in Campbell Mclaren was ago hired me, they told me you went down on Alabama instead, like what so I flew and to one part of Alabama, took a puddle jumper landed in dose in, and that was the place where they are allowed to do the show there noses little auditorium. It was a very big at all and the fur show I ever worked at marked a hammer. Coleman beat dance as for the EU of Sea Heavyweight title Yossi twelve Veto, Balfour made his debut I was actually training a veto school. I was a white belt, Karlsson, graces and ninety seven
and that's where the and I had been there since ninety six I'd start train their ninety six and then a ninety seven veto was making, as you have said, a view and just by sheer luck, I happen to be additional gem of Carlos by ETA, Mario sparing in all these, like just assassins back then- and I got to be the posts right interview guy- it was not That's me yeah. I saw you my hearing so cute occupy there. So that was why a way back in the desert. Man Patsy ninety seven we re Madeira rose, there is better you think, and ninety seven I fuck I dont comedy seven years by that point like it's a long time ago, and I was already in the business he. I was nine years in at that point in comedy, because I started eighty and I didn't book gigs along, I actually powder quit because it was caused me money because, like about go, do you see. I remember how much I made wasn't much to do.
Interview stuff, but then, if I could do a comedy, gig can make like two grand for weekend right. So why am I doing that? I can make to grant. I couldn't I don't make em like one instead to exist, costing me plus alien again, anything to kind comedy difficult to. It was for me, my life, started with martial arts and mean that was also in. I started Eighty eight in the last time I fought was eighty nine so that probably know some, the neighbourhood of eight years since my wife serious competition day, so I still loved. I was still into it and I was loving that this new thing was around. So I was happy to be there even though wasn't like it wasn't affecting my career in a good way. In fact, the people that were, I was on his radio, the time and the people that where the producers were like what the fuck are you doing like? Why are you doing this? Why would why would we they treated me like? I was going off to do like porn right. What is this fucking?
I would think about and being a part of and put your face on, but yeah and I was like an expert- goes that the expert interview were asking people questions do you're, attaching yourself to keep fighting the fuck is wrong with you, but I loved it man, I loved it so excited to see this happen because we had always will third one, but when I saw you and martial arts- and I started in karate by did like a little bit, account who then I d karate. The council's one lesson a little bit of karate, but then I got balls deepen attack window, but we always Everybody always wanted to know what was the best martial arts and I swear. From Taiwan Dough and I started doing kickboxing and boxing's areas like my hands were terrible and then I'm like Mammy. I thought it was good cause. I was gonna take window but boxing stuff, is more important to learn. I need to learn that and then I start doing Jujitsu get strangled like fuckin on or anything, and I remember. Thinking when the Euro see came along. Finally, we're going to figure out what works Finally, we gonna know what works in our
How do you work for the USA now crazy? It's a fucking cry Is it because I loved so March, and I love just I'm a fan sergeant. I love the fact, educate the talk to the fighters and hang with Matt like it's a really. I love you. I love my two. That's errors of fuckin Jem over human he's, one hundred percent, genuine, yes, he's exactly the same on the air. Yes, as off these the same guy, these views before he really is a low, imagine amazing guy and the ability to part of it. In the even in the way I am which is it river, where just fight at on train which have you thought about training a lot Kalen UK? Can you tell me, like I'm good go to your first class. I want you to come to Ngos. Yes, you can tell me for two years, but I get so claustrophobic and hired from not sleeping, but whatever people the view receive unfilled, defend what a smash before you happened about it are you I want to take it you just gotta, do it? I know you're tired from lack of sleep and everything tat, but just do it and you should
the doktor and get a real mattocks? You can't sleep at sea, pap right, bothers you! I ain't. I need. I need a mouthpiece but I'll find out. I can't you see happening. I need dad s v, which is both types of Albania it covers. But I want you to go to Henshaws Or- and this is great just go did you do it or has a place round. There too does I believe so Schumann's well yet far from where I live in these invited or just go just go go now just has made use of do yeah, it's fun, you'll, get it and I'll be ok, worse, everybody sucks at the beginning, I sucked out. I can clearly, remember being just tortured raped by this dude. Oh, my God, Skype is destroyed, You get used to the sweat on you like. I think that what is bothering you do I use to the east anything it's good for you, not the sweat, but the physical contact Firstly, there is a commodity which jitsu that is a very different than any other martial arts. It's you
trying to kill each other, but you also looking after each other. You know, like the guys, are you really care about like Tenth planet guys or jobs guys train with em nobody her you, if you got her it was by accident guys. Are you trying to kill each other, but you know that, if they got you in an arm bar that they were not going to break your arm, they're they're gonna hold it in in I'll give you an opportunity to try to get out of it. If you could or tap almost gonna like just fuckin yank it. No one ever does that no one it's there and you appreciate that is like a good feeling that you know that if this guy does get you something you tap, they immediately left. They start any slap hands any goddamn. You got me mother, fucker, you laugh and then you go back and do it good, I'm fascinated buckling? I want to do it. I honestly, my own laziness is one reason I just haven't by Turkish Matt love. Somebody I would have to train with clothes with agree. I think, if I ever do it de strangling somebody. Their own coat is always using all with their coat better give Tina
I mean I always said like if you are fighting in the street against Judo player and you had a way a code on, oh, my god, you're so far, DIA Keziah, just gonna, fuck and grab human use the world on you, because literally slam, your head into the world, just especially New York City, like this it's just fuck boom were the worst. You should be naked and greasy. Yet everything about it in a fight. Somebody out. We have to train with clothes with energy. I think, if I ever do it just because you lately, Domini on the subway knows Gandhi shortly thereafter, fuckin defend myself, they're, gonna, probably clothes on so yeah, but you'd learner used close. I do both you learn how to use g, no gaed learn. How do both it's no big deal. Someone has close. It's not like you, don't know what to grab because they have
those on its simple there all night, I'm I'm not worried about not afraid of it. Like that. I, like the people so much you have met involved. I've never met anybody evacuated. Like the nice people write all of my nice people, none of them are dicks. Northern, give that energy or flight they all mother could strangle made like is nobody's doubly makes you feel it. That's why? Guy like mad sir, is such a good guy gets its good character. You know, and then you get kind of notice, that from a lot of fighters right, they have great character when the reason why they have great characters there, they don't have a problem with the ego, their concern old. They understand what they are. They feel good here so uncomfortable or on any of like never that reason at least no matter who they are, what position or any other kind of the same. No them northern come off like that. Alpha energy to other athletes give you a man oh I know you'd have everybody choke you I used to do that. Yeah Pga was the first guy he's coming off a loss, and I wanted to see what it felt like. I knew wouldn't be the same by sea
iron bars, and I wanted to know how what is the feel like when somebody grab shown that way as we do that their old a gentle fate or put me fuck involving yea his hurt, and he laughed again. He was put to feel those things. You accuse you such a respect for the fact that those guys are doing this for real, oh yeah. Does the guide you showing some fucking eddied on the radio? Didn't you Jones like gently leg, kick you too now John Jones Fucking, put too hard lay kick it was they who is a weight cut wheat week too that have been the best of fuckin moods, he put me he Shin kicked me across the. It hurts so bad now, but I'm I'm, I'm being us. I think you do like I'm sure it had I hear this look at my fucking. My hands up put your dukes up as well it won't compared to what he could to dine thus light, but almost threw up William we'll get you
I almost vomited idea the bathroom shatters, a faint ok, but I'm tellin. You right now that wasn't even fifty percent are not not even close. There was a pro wasn't even thirty percent. All that was like the weight of his leg he had now. He could have really fucking levelled now. My God counters chose me. I've had a few guys do things clearer in the most John care. I do our libraries I'm not exactly how long it was it might have been fucked up. So I put one on for three months after that, but the face of you yet any good to yeah. There's all's always They are not yet at our mark who's gonna hear those broad rock less there. Now you are progress, touch your knees, yeah, that's a terrible yeah, We re all regime and punch you others hundred series of evil beaten? Ah you, but it was never do it was never like. It was now
Ok, let's see other her, it John and she added value added different. I voted differently. in time. You're right plenty of theirs Video series: are you getting better by Yossi fighters? The horrible rice was were area whose death franc or ten Africa. I understand, kicked you yet. I heard that the annexes, a nice guy- he wouldn't get me that art that's good for him and I'm glad you, you haven't figure in the arm. Yes, you break your arm. Easy what? But I always trust these guys like. I know that none of them are going to do it so hard that they do anything to me that's gonna damage because they all know about fighting, but I also know that they could the I just trust him for some reason, I trust them to be gentle I'll know why well they're they're, nice people posting
no it's the radio you're not going to hurt. You John got you to choke till here. This is so great. He had always people foggy fadeaway values like all he wouldn't go now. He enjoyed it, dino fate or just get Again he too, actually, three times a year, we shall get you in a triangle. Oh, my God is Larry is the am IRAN to arm barbie? I had some really fun ones, but I wish I had done more these because it was really a bit done out of respect for what they do right, just to feel what it's like to want. Someone who's world class, one best alive in doing that. said to have them due to you fellas fuck man. This is how good this guy is this. How did she get the gig with you see how that work? data had asked me what time you know we data there a long time, and he say one day we're gonna work together. We're gonna do something to what end They are. You know, and I see him and events in whatever, and I just got a phone call one day here hey, may we're doing podcast with majority one. Do it? Did you fuckers
Call me: here's the money. Do you want to the podcast? It was a phone call, Dana free me, the podcast he didn't that was our in place and I said yeah would love to so we worked out a couple of them. My job where I was able to do something also, my name on it and its hire me higher. Like you know, I hired is a comedian who loves. You have sea like mad right, a guy who can of course play by play, call who can analyze jujitsu so beautifully, and you know that's not what I do it it's interesting that the US even has a podcasting. Oh yeah, you see unfiltered yeah. I made it is it was they couldn't just got to analyse to do it, but Data just wanted a different tone too often used once we twice a week twice a week. I see me, every Monday and Wednesday really any meat in the city. Studio lately, city in a studio and mobility, fighters on user that ensued. A lot of times are skyping in it sucks I preference
However, every time I don't like I've only done a couple of skips to access no Snowden and John Anthony West, who is my favorite guess ever he's an Egyptologists two guys is incredible understanding of Egypt in the higher gloves and me he had this great dvd series called magical Egypt just pages past recently, using, but him just ass. He was sick and he couldn't come in here and then Snowden. Obviously, because he's on the moon yea every as those weird it's way, here too deuce I dont, like the Skype interviews, I prefer them to the phone. No you guys. We call on their way to practice.
like you know what I mean we have carefully on the phoney being they just driving going to do something here, the wind and you could get anything done while the weird thing about the Snowden. One tools wasn't just that it was remote, but was also like what we're talking about like who he is and what will this situation as these trapped in Russia allegedly being Cleveland with authority ass areas, but that he's you now got this situation where he's never going to. We be able to come back to United States last day. You know work out some sort of a deal and even then he's not gonna believe them in and I wouldn't believe plywood needs. Didn't you say no about your father. I didn't ask him when he said that he had been seen everything else in evidence, but how much do you looked into and how much was available to him in a world where Where is that kind of evidence? If there is any that stuff, I don't know, maybe The system to annul I dont want to not believe in your phone I resisted. I resisted hard about rational about it.
Dude, I'm try. I've tried planet by a piss, real bad, I'm pistol uptake You have our stuff recently yeah. I wonder why, when what that is space force? no one? I think honestly, it is at this when the New York Times had that thing where they were talking about. All the different reports reported UFO sightings that a reputable from people like did David, framer and Ninetys Airforce guys There are like otherwise rock solid individuals who talk about their experiences, but my problem the Mai legitimate problem me as a human beings. I want it to be real, so when people dont think its real EC out, that's all Bullshit, unlike knew its real, like I'm, not I'm, not objective, unbiased, like legitimately biased, and I know it am. I come on man, wife. Why so biased about this?
it's a weird one like I wanted to be real. So much like talking about bizarre, like God, I hope he's telling the truth. I'm sure this was a theory could nowhere to be proven by saw someone online pie postulate that the uptake an alien stuff could be like us from the future ever that too, that the idea is that what what the gray tsar- and this is something I have personally thought- I think independently- was that if you look in human beings and you look at say, a gorilla right. You look at a gorilla was big Harry Fuckin animal thing, and then you slowly turn that into. I guess we d really come from guerrillas occasion. Champs books champs, in a monkeys, lower hominids, Australia, Pythagoras. You know, and then you know ancient man right and then all these different versions of what we are- until we become right now, homo sapiens, two thousand twenty. But what are we? What? How do we look different well
Unless you're someone works out a lot, you losing a lot of your musculature, you not as dense you're, not is Harry you know when you see like that fuckin killer where from Russia and when we showed videos that dude goddamn Turner members Name Roost Tom, restart fuck is it. She have roost. Armed Kiev he's this fuckin tank of a man that's covered in hair, but he looks like more from the past in own ways thrown people around is fuckin giant, Harry back and hair. All of his chest and arms here is that this is that guy, but that and almost he also seek a normal human there, but there's some some. Areas of him when he's grappling, though, that one right there we'll get the double flex the Red one read above that
I got area motherfuckers like us, that's from another time, yeah, that's from another time, mega you'd com is just hear my we're talking about aliens no SAM. If you look at people like that, like real Harry Fuckin, testosterone filled savages like this guy was in entirely wrestler he's a killer, grabber, and then you look at aliens well. If you look at chimps to that, guy aliens what's happening more, what's happening, we're getting less Harry, smaller and weaker we're getting more and more like what an alien looks like an alien, seven, genitals, they have no mouse. That is a smooth skinny thing or this big head and these big weird eyes like when we get rid of the need. If we evolve past the need for physical strength and we evolve pass the need for you no sex. If sex is the note, we don't reproduce any longer through just nor
oh biological, male female sex if they ve Reno, whom who knows a million years, are now a hundred thousand years. Now we might decide that one of the biggest problems that face us human things on earth is our emotions are our desire for sex biology, all of our animal instincts that we still hold onto and we could evolve passed. Those just like we're so much different, then check sir we're so much different than we used to be. When we were lower hominids we ve evolved. We evolved to the point where we're communicating with words were using phones, we fly in planes, we have technique, but also our bodies are softer and our borders are less than that us there's did not a strong not as animal logistic and explosive continues along that path, especially aided by knowledge, and when we don't have any need special, where these big ass giant brains and we can t use telepathy communicate weekly, communicates or some other way, maybe even electronic the enhanced. Maybe you know something in their brain, but when you lie
get an alien with the big head and the little tiny body, that's what a person's propaganda become. Our heads or way bigger our brains are here than other hominids, another other primates. Our bodies are softer and weaker and if you just keep going with that, what happens ahead? What do they have? No genitals, though that's been late, or is it something that at least the folder with our people say they are wearing Soviet Hydra generals, They have no job. I'm nuts I'm like push Narva also could be no generals, but it also could be those and even biological things anymore. It could be that human beings become some sort of cybernetic some sort of cyborg. If you think about body parts right like if we stop replacing body parts like I met a gentleman the other day. I did this. Some benefit pulled the guy. Would it there's is a guy named the australian gentleman who say. Soldier loss lost both
and his leg in a shark attack, I did a benefit the other day with him for the Australian, while Mozilla carbon fiber arm and a carbon fiber legs crazy, shake your hand, grips, it was carbon fiber hand and in a right now you can tell the difference between his carbon fiber hand this or biotic and in his other hand, but maybe for years now you won't be a writer and may be in the future. It's better to have one of these artificial bodies than it is to have a biological body that can break and get all fucked up, and you feel pain, we're replacing things all the time were replacing body parts all the time with operations and we use organic substitutes public elder. Yes, that's the man shot out Paul
yeah, we we did. This austrian benefit with such Jeffreys and Money Franklin and Whitney coming. So the night for the australian wildfire for wildlife relief, there was a billion animals yard. A billion is crazy, yeah anyway, in the future, maybe they'll get to the point where they'll have limbs that are better than the limbs we have like when you do what these biological limbs Jimmy up gray a case of a fuckin, alien body. I want to believe dude. I you know I saw the loser, commander. You had a man, I enjoy agency the hold of you, but I saw a light a lot I just, It is always that one place with conspiracy that I there's always a gap I cannot cross horse and for me, is the degrees I just can't get beyond the degrees being on the two degree, I can't get beyond it and I want to I want to. I would much rather believe in you if we do not believe in them. Well, he's clearly educated and
He guy. He says he worked for LOS Alamos Labs and they sent him to MIT to work on topsecret projects. There is clear evidence. Worked at LOS Alamos Loud actually, do me a favor go Jeremy. you got Jeremy. Some. I think it's on his instagram page he has this thing in my view on Twitter, he has. This thing were, he has George nap- explain all the different things he went through to prove the Bob was. I was legit, one of them being that debt deaf,
We worked at LOS Alamos Use, even in the employ registry, even though they said he didn't. You play that and get me some volume. Those central question for me about Bob was: did he work at LOS Alamos laugh if he work there unclassified projects? It is plausible that he could work area fifty one at Papoose Lake on other stuff. Did he work there? I can take a flat out. He did a hundred percent certain that he did. I found his name on the phone book. I found his name in an article in the LOS Alamos newspaper. I talk to people who were there and finally, Bob took me there. He took me into the lab waved. The security guys Louvre. Camera along the sky was familiar was like a rabbit running through a bureau that he had travelled every day and he's wave and security guys and walking into all these buildings. You know his way around he'd been there before they knew him. They let a man they. Let me in. I interviewed people who worked with. They said he was there. We proved it and yet the pie
portrayal ends at a certain point. We don't have any records. We can't find anything played. I told me they had the records as soon as I think I'm getting closely yank the rug out from under me. He took lighted sector Tessie passed all of em. I mean anything, but let this we're talking the nineteen eighties. They get away with a lot backed in terms of erasing your history and dumb his his. Education is undeniable in terms of what he knows. He's he's a brilliant guy. When you talk to me about faking, anything is not why it doesn't have any holes in his understanding and knowledge, Essex, Sir. Now he's telling the truth, but again I'm not I'm not objective unbiased. I will to believe I want, I believe, is well. I can't be The school things that's died, my into me that says he's not being before the MIT thing. I'll tell you this. He told me that they sent him from LOS Alamos Labs to their to work on something and I'll. Tell you what it is off air, but I told him I wouldn't I wouldn't during the part caskets you're gonna hear when I tell you, gonna go holy fuck.
and I made a little more sense it some I dont know you know it's again, I'm a fucking loser. On to be real? Nobody can be real. I just, but I mean I want it to be some not looking at it. I'm not you're very by Canada. Yeah I'm invested on thy, I mean I'm uninvested anymore, like even the the of the three more videos? I bought my whenever highlight, see something that took tat video. But now that is something that we are saying. Is making me girl that might be manmade because they're saying something about if we were to reveal this, it would come compromise, national security. No, no! They can reveal all the files they have on these UFO incidents. It would compromise national security first of all, because it or compromise there is if they reveal Oh, how they know that something is blocking radar that object whatever it was, was actually jamming radar. Add commander framework, the guy who, Graham that thing, the guy who was there and who report
That thing I had him here. He said that thing went from sixty thousand feet deep two two hundred in less than a second there's. Nothing there having he said that the thing move so fast. It made this this apple in this rate. Are you know radars a blip roadside, Pip, Pip Mattoon, one blip to another? It had moved in a preposterous speed. You couldn't retracted it was, it was moving so fast, they dont know if it did it in less than a second or if it didn't one second, but whatever was the amount of distances travelled is impossible. What had to bear the laws of physics as we understand, could they see it? Could see with the naked eye is well. Yes, they can see with the naked arts who live under water. Yes, you can see the video you could see the thing on video. You can see the thing on video move off. You can see that its actively, jamming radar. You could see that their there trying to track agents and stay with it, but it's moving too fast. She there's something. They said recently that made me think that might be man made and I forget it:
something to do with compromising national security. I, whenever the quotas, that sounds like something there. Those men made their worried. That compromise will hear something that they create. I know you say, but here's the thing like whatever It is somewhat made if it's not man than something from another planet, maybe it is man made. Maybe it is I'm project that the government has, but whatever it is, it's some that moves at an insane speed that we're not capable or understanding as in terms of what what the average person understands propulsion and engines and combustion all those people will. Pilots see pilot pilots is to listen to it because they understand those thing I don't like for me. I don't know how things is posed to move, but they do so when their confused by something. That's forgot me interested within the time. Did the article on those. So I really started going like I started getting
watching in reading, and I want to believe I just can't find anything that doesn't have a gap that I care cross. Well, you should talk to favour he's a fucking rock solid dies. Very, it's very compelling. We talked a person, because he's one have anything to do a publicity knowledge sit at all. He wanted to tell story because he felt like their not being honest about it. Yeah and their people really should know that their things are, we don't understand and that these guys, that our down at San, Diego that were at AIR Force base. They were seen these things like fairly recently before is his expect right. They had seen one like four in the last couple weeks. I think it was, and then they find him on the east close to same thing, and they in the same way the Bob Lazard described these things that he worked on area as for the same way where there's Something called element, one telling somebody else's story: Namibia, Total Bligh, but Eighty early, nine, these Even note was real until two thousand thirteen. He was discussed having it long.
Before it was ever proven to be an actual thing long before they ever created with a particle? So You are, he reminded us, admired again, I'm game, basing this only on opinion. I have no facts for this. I listen to him. He room he. My first thought was these things are don't line up all he took somebody story, What he is saying is somehow true, but he's tell Somebody else a story. I may be a total Bligh, but that's just what that was my head told me was because he knows so much, and yet how do they make your education disappear? Like I'm, not hard, not harm them? navies eyes no case only went to school with him of talked about it. That's what I want to hear from police want to score them. While they have records of people that went to school about tat ever I also they have records of people that work with him at LOS. Alamos labs have talked about it. Have they outside cause, that's what I haven't heard talk to George Nap, another, I wanna hear who these people are not not in it we should, but I wanted to be true, like I want people
Why are you angry and my fucking, my class? I noted I talked about it on the pod cast where he went back and found these guys that he worked at the lab with you worked a loss almost lab for sure. Any word on top secret nuclear projects and he worked in propulsion, and that's one of the reasons why they sent him to this area as for because he put a jet engine in a honda. In the nineteen o eighties and in the guise of can supervise walk. I am so when he did this derelict. What this guy has a very intense understanding of combustion, engines and propulsion, all these different things it is creating, and so that I could see if this guy can practice crazy, NEA, and so they were bringing scientists to try to get a different perspective on these crafts and the one that he was working on or one of em that his work and on they said they had found in an archaeological dig. That's work. It's really crazy, like they found this thing what he was working on, they think what would he read was the
what the government was telling them when they are working there when they were briefing him was that human beings are the product of science projects that human beings. were created when many many thousands of years ago, hundreds whatever the mill millions how relaunch it was me means came down here and did experiments with lower hominids. They did experiments with primary. it's an added their dna and manipulated the dna to create human beings and its. One of the reasons why, if you, See like the only thing that's like us is dogs in that dogs can all breed with each other. Like a pit bull, can breathe without poodle, but they don't look anything alike right, but they breed together per will you would assume those are two different things right, but are not the same thing, let's assume with people
twenty eight environment friendly, ordered by the way. Why do I can't breathe career? I feel them. The same thing or a tiny little asian girl, like a giant man and little who doesn't look Asia! We look so different was a red hair, so Asians, you know we vary so much we're almost like dogs in that way- and we know the dogs are a product of manipulation, we have manipulated dogs and turn them into what they are through selective breeding and through all that you know the different method. they used to try to achieve whatever a bulldog Israel that whatever colleague, is and twice environment friendly, ordered by the way, did I can't breathe Chris?
I feel that we create this thing: stick in its mouth, fuckin vicious its add, while even english bulldozers of fat boys were those. Yet there was lying down the camp breathe. Leave my dog you just you met Marshall, he's like that Israel, Wolf wolves are what all dogs come from all dogs, even colleagues, even to ours, origin of all. Those animals is a wolf, so we took a wolf and we slowly turned it in to what a sheep dog as we slowly earned it in to whatever a fuckin she will Ino is always different dog species they're. All emanate from. Whilst we did. You know that so just a few decades ago, when they doing Numb DNA scans of of dogs. They thought they were going. Fine, all these wild Kane AIDS and different things that are the origin of dogs, the route of dogma. But now it's not all wolves. Everything came from a wolf have abolished aircraft.
it's not that I don't know enough about it to convince you of otherwise I, but I just don't, but I'm colonel, but you can convince me if they made the school records disappear right. Why do they leave the record we just saw from that place didn't know there were there that that somebody, had a copy of the d, the registry for that that place, someone who work there during the same time he did have to copy the registry do they they didn't just eliminated eliminated social security number. they eliminate a large ship? Didn't Eighteen, eighty they can make you effectively disappear, yeah, I'm sure they can. I mean that the AIDS paper trails roll over different, but it's just I can't get beyond the two degrees, again. I want I want to I'm sure I've heard him. Universities are very compelling guy.
for our part. I just attitude to this two degrees or not hard, that's hard to get past that's hard to to eliminate which hard is understanding all the things he understands when it comes to science without an education the way he talks about it. Have you ever seen the videos where is describing it in a late? Eighty scam, it's exactly the same as he describes it. Now. Zack the same no variation whatsoever, that's kind of like tell a story forty years ago and then ask you again today to tell me that same story, most bullshit authors are going to have some hold that story and change it and doesn't mean on the truth, but he's been insanely consist out. I think, too, that a lot of time truth tellers have things change, swear I witnessed testimony so unreliable, because even a truth, teller will make me stakes, never timed up if it. If it is done, that have created. I think, unless likely to forget details if I've created it, because I have beginning middle, an end to it right, but its very complicated woody?
Thank you, I say is very complicated in the descriptions of them with descriptions of these crafts and the way the propulsion system works and the fact that it uses this incredibly dense element that doesn't even exist on earth. In you know, nineteen in eighty nine, whatever it was, but now they found actually is a real thing like that element, one fifteen, that was in TAT most people saying that science fiction you're making things up, but now they have created in particle accelerators like oh, ok, it's a real thing now would if there is a plan that has a completely different atmosphere, positive relationship with a star and element, one fifteen is common like they find things in asked. rights all the time right that are very, very rare on earth, but very common in space. It's one of the ways that they know whether or not we ve been impacted like one of the way They know that the Yucatan was hit with his gigantic gas toward the kill, the dinosaurs sixty five million years. go is a layer of iridium at sixty five million years.
The aim is very, very rare on earth, but very common in space and this layer of it. This dense layer at sixty five million years ago shows that that's when it was hit that this giant chunk of space rock slammed into the earth and killed everything here or not Look you I like the fact you're sceptical, very step. I wish I was more than I don't. I don't wanna be because I we want to believe it. I guess it so gives us hope that we have some kind of a possible immortality summer bleed no fucking like Ray Kurzweil much anybody does. It gives us all hope, but I just I keep getting to a sticking every single time, there's something I can't get beyond when it comes to that can spears. I know what you mean. I know it's me. Its look, I thought, was all horseshit for a long time I was I was like. I was mocking at all for a long time and then, Jeremy, Corbett's documentary really flipped switch with nails. I caught terminus Israel and then
get it. You know Jeremy and talking to him and then getting no bob having dinner with Bob and then getting Bob to come here and sit down. It was very hard to get him to come in here very hard, very hard. He was super nervous whose getting migraines didn't want. The you didn't want the scrutiny and then meanwhile, while he's doing Germany's documentary, they fuckin raid, his business They re his business and go through all of stuff, the F b I did they caught at all on video. They know it's all part like this is not just a regular guy there going through. All of this is to his data to go through his all these emails. A they'd be confiscated is computers. They didn't find anything he's he's free unclear, but they were looking for element. One fifteen thinks cause he had some apparently and they had done some tasks in this video
that would George nap where they ve got like theirs. They ve got fog, they usually some sort of fog machine there there showing how this gives off a certain gives off a certain field that makes it almost impossible to grab and touch, and this fog is rejected by this field and what they are saying about. That element is in a butcher this. I don't really understand the science, but this This gravity intensifier. This crowd multiply or whatever the fuck is gravity projection, thinks with that one hundred and fifteen it distorts gravity and that's how these things are able to move through these insane through insane speeds and the way he described it is that it's like, if you have a real cushy, mattress real soft mattress and you put massive bowling ball in the center of the mattress. Everything we just go. Zoom and bend around the bowling ball with that's what element one fifteen with that craft and that propulsion system does to space time it.
Bends Gravity Ben Space, and he that Ruth, I don't know the answer to this. I would we have heard that. Doesn't everything else get fucked up? You need bending space. I'm just earthy also trying to come closer together and I don't know maybe doesnt maybe does Missy. Doesn't I don't know Maybe just doesn't with whatever is around it, and then we don't. Understand what you know how space we know that gravity bends things where Ben's light. That's why you know when you're looking at the sun You can actually see things they can see. Things are actually behind the sun because it the massive gravity of the sunk cuz so enormous it actually manipulates light. It bends. It's u can see, things are actually be I find it. I want to know why you're young should he had done and aggressive lunchtime. He is fascinating and a sceptic and he's an interesting sceptic
because he made me, saw him base it in what he knows or believe scientifically right, but I know a guy try and our show went out with him who were Troy, whose Troy he's our fucking now he said. J and is our fucking like a guy works, are computer, we wait wait. Troy went out o Neill digress Thyssen, oh yeah, about what could he thinks he's a foolish government, to end hiding. You allows our straight. There was always a fund video betrothing said Neil is it is an agent, an age that age, but I mean like an Asian as in as in representing the point of view, governors then, as you want to flatter of guys, will love not at all ages, they said he thinks it is. Follows there's a lot of things were not being told, but it was a great video the day, but a third not being told you think that they tell astronomers and astrophysicist. You think they took us the grass Thyssen like. Why would they pull him aside, Hague, K Guy who worked at the hidden planetarium? What would I give you secrets and we'd get mad?
if we want to make sure you don't tell the people on the opium Anthony Show here. He wants Roy thinks that he, he knows really yeah come now. It's legit really does try, but we always drawn back and forth was in a binding Zaire. Didn't get. Weird is ok with it. You know we deal on. You have seen unfiltered in him and met wrestled. It was really funny. Is NEO such a big dude, people forget or use a heavyweight ressler, whether they wrestler was there on the floor now than they were talking about some kind of it. A choking something or submission and as a video of a year I filmed it and I think he was trying to show me something that is a legitimate wrestler he. Why he was stacked when he was young. Europeans know dude for poor picture, of near the grass Thyssen, when it was in college dude, he was fuckin jacked like like of you, have seen fighter yeah. He was built really well built. Man did put him in something that he was annoyed,
What do I think you had better than the original champion near what we could do it, I don't know of NEA was as familiar with man. Oh good, Lord look at him ass to Jesus come on. Man he's fucking Jack. Joining shareholders sweetheart of a guy. I really I love Daily Aser keys, really their picture up there in the left hand, corner red above that one. Fascinating guy- that stood It looks at the march. Isn't that amazing Emma the college student? While We never know. That's him. I know what you're fuckin sideburns, yet as we do seventies, sweet, don't you wish grow Afro, fuck I wish I could grow any real facial hair. It just doesn't look right, looks whisper. in shitty it's getting gray now anyway, psyche made short but it s it's all. Gonna come off yeah. I keep mine short, my my beard hair, but when I grow it out its depressing, that's all why yeah me like little. Let me now you could see that's
they have some now, but, like all my size is all right. Now, it's a sight of tat do air about its own, like your boss, a bogeyman like I'm like live with it. It again it beats dying, but I'm fucking a little like God, Damn annual fifty one and it's not going you're going backwards, it's not going backwards. I don't enjoy it like. This is great, I'm getting old adults but perspective arm of extremely fortunate person. Dreamily like insanely preposterously blessed, and I can't complain about shit, I'm a lucky lucky person, yeah yeah you get to meet people's eyes. Do you love, but I think about this. Should I complain about and its luxury problems are planned, because I'm doing the job I wanna do yeah. First, where problems I have three awesome jobs I mean side job as the USA and the color accommodated for the Yossi. That's my side, gig. I just do that for fun
I can't wait for NGO New can't, wait goodness can't wait for that. Fight then, is that or for which I want to say its April tickets. Just what until March twenty mark Mario Monti, again, oh my goodness, at a terrifying fight, Rosen strike what he did to oust drove rooms. Faced with that fuckin leaping right hook, yeah we Sport is fuckin mouth open. That guy is a fuckin tank and what was more so than anything to me in that fight was not that he knocked him out of the last ten seconds to go. Daddy absorbed all the shot out hidden with, and he kept pressing forward almost It was in vulnerable to him. I never signed we do that ouster he would lose that fight. I think I'll always going over. Oh, yes, ass. There was one in their fight for sure roses strike is a fucking tank man he's a tank and he's legit to sixty five right and natural to sixty five, as is Donna. So I think this is the first I'm in Ghana, who has ever thought of who is a real world class cake boxer whose also here
size naturally and is also a vicious, knock out part puncher. I still do I'm gonna hit harder at the end of the gallows faster, but If I was in rose and strikes corner, would I would be concentrating on? Is leg kicks in particular because- you D Santos, even though in Ghana starched him in the first round in Ghana, starches almost everybody, but in Junior was able to get off a lot a leg kicks early in the round and was able to at least affect him inside whilst like ok. This could be an issue of a real good kickbacks, her now we didn't see, rose and strike use that sort of our energy against against ouster. He was really look into put hands on ouster. He threw some kicks, but really, I think in. If, if you a job what's with Ghana and tries to move away from the big shots and chop the legs he's a better kickboxing he's got real experience with my tie in but
he's also a ruthless knock out striker and he has a crazy chin. Rosa strike has, easy. Ten man didn't, you feel better programme at the end of that, like the fact it was almost like, he kind just jumped up and walk. I like it was a walk off home run and in the referenda, aren't like listening to his face was hanging the sea they should stop. The gas to this cut went like all the way up to his nose. If, if roses, punched him more, it would have probably fallen off and then they would have had a stitch up. Take a patch off the canvas wash it off and globally. Did he was done? Let go good just find that Cato find rose and strike Cayos, moreover, over in the sea, does a thing that are really wish. They wouldn't do and I dont understand the thought process behind it in this thing? Is they dont show finishes online? You can't see too
issues like you'll see a guy pulling off of the guy like going to stop the fighting, he walks away writers, but they dont show the actual finnish waiting. There is poor thinking. I just I don't show where they met. Citing people want to see them, make more people watch. It is out to get you to fight passions, malicious watches. Oh yeah, I mean look, see a flop up the watch him go down. Look at that see that satisfied teaches it does. It is at the end of it. Ok, I wanted it to play out more because you could see how is basically helpless? I wonder if they do that to get people go to bypass like baby thieves, Show you part of editing up like an automatic promotion for five pay. I get this to. Thank you. I can't handle manage and that's true, I think they fight passes awesome. They should go to it. If your fan yeah minutes, if I passed his greatness, not just for five pass, it's got a queen tat.
Eddie bravoes combat jujitsu on that a bunch of different, more tie organisations on that, although you have sees bypasses the shit. Ok here, it is look. there is a little bit diaries wobbly, thereby then would not have been, but how much time left that happened, See here and away being locked away, if he had jumped Ottoman, they stopped it I'll get, but you could see, He demagogy and touched him then touched him. Washstand touch Rochester she touches on their yeah, he walked away and then he waved it off after ouster what yeah you're right. Now you not too good point. It's a real good point most! Maybe as this the cut was so nasty. Why so nasty were interesting mere seconds from the final brats? Why made me feel better drove reconvene, went down a hit him and stopped at all. He had to stop right get away might have fucked him later that one more time mortem, snowboard, watches, he's boudoir
and down gets caught. Bone gets dropped. Yeah now, you're right got Rebecca, no Ashley's good point. Ok, now, change your mind. a change. My mind here that when I saw it, I was just so stunned that he caught him in the last couple. So I now, but it really does, proves that It's like you have to watch the fire till the end. There was an exciting way for a fight I mean who is like Rodriguez korean Zombie. I'd say: finance like that. Have you ever watch a fight for you? You can't not watched till the end. That elbow was insane elbow was insane the way. I'm through like a look away, elbow and the queen zombie, just flat lines like holy shit. It wasn't Rodriguez losing their fight to every eye. Was yes and then the Koreans zombie just knocked out frank, younger. Is an animal disease zombies, a tough mother fucker here to take two years off to serve the south korean motor?
military makes you, let's mandatory it's like Israel, you have to do now tory military time. You and your thing with that. Have you talked to Stephen every Stephen, a Smith here I'll like to handle that you're really honest dude in eating get caught up in the fact that he likes you and he's a big name in sports. I love how you are you spoke about it. Listen, I'm I'm very good friends. We cowboy! I love, love! Em, he's awesome, he's not quitter, he doesn't quit. You got smashed hitting quit. That's my only observation and Stephen Smith. This thing is talking shit he's a master at being this into gaining guy who talk shit about sports and I'll these about guy. I just think that's where that's butters bread, that's his thing right! That's how I taught you talk shit and but fighters. I feel like it's a different
It's not just a sport. It's a sport were your literally risking your life. You know I would ve been very lucky. You see, we haven't had any loss of life, but it's a hundred percent possible in a deadly has happened and other organisations- and it happens a boxing every year, yeah and if it happened in the Yossi would be will be horrendous and if it had been a cowboy if cowboy died in the hospital that night and believe me, that's possible couple had a broken orbital bone and he had a broken knows. Then he got beaten down by one of the biggest punchers in that division in any. In you know, I mean then one under fifty five pounds really, but the way Conor, cracked and like Conor, like I don't care who you are, he hits you like that you're, a real big trouble, fractured cowboys face if cavalry died in the hospital after Stephen Smith or someone else was lose chastising
and mocking him and say query folded, yeah imagined, but he didn't do well, but there he's got a point there cowboy did not perform well and the reason why you did and perform well his because Connor perform spectacularly that's what fighting is all about was a Aldo who is one of the greatest fighters. That's ever done it, and at the time was the greatest featherweight of all time kind of flatland him in fourteen set. As with one punch, that doesn't mean that Josie Alder didn't show up Josie Aldo quit. It means Conor has a fuckin bread for a fist and he throws it perfect. He's got massive power massive power and explosive speed Kellerman Killer Man Conor Macgregor smaller he's contempt? You know I like him more than I used to two. I was never a Conor fan. I liked him after I saw lose and how he handled a loss. I just like, like I watched him, talk. Ok, I kind of like
like him, and it seems like this fight with cowboy he went into. differently than he has publicly in the ass to maybe that just because he likes him and in the next fight with forty will be the same as you want, but I I can more now than ever lied to you here. Me handle himself in public better, but I also think and honestly that he probably didn't feel like Ikey had to play games with cowboy you know, he felt like cowboy style was tailor made for him. He felt cowboy stiffened and he was gonna. Be, will take him out and catch him and heard him, and he did. He was right. Republican Philip needs to play psychological games yeah we are fighting a guy like could be, could be with such a destroyer. He's such a fucking destroyer. I mean I have seen him take guys with like extensive wrestling backgrounds, guys like able to heal just rag doll just thrown around man, Michael Johnson throng around his like you have no business in there with them. Just beats the fuck atta people malls half l dos Santos World Champion, grab some throws into the ground helpless you can't
she's claustrophobic, looking watching it like, I think Remember that Michael Johnson, if I did that risk control. He just his arm tied behind and he's punched him in the face. I quit quit here, quick. You know, I deserve title shot a hacker. They are what we started. My car Macgregor extend me location. Send me a location where You tell me send me location MIKE is like dude, I'm coming for. You he's he's a monster, there's only two guys in the sport that our world Champions destroyers at that level or undefeated one of them's, John Jones. What could be the out? No one else is like that. Were they to smash everybody? John John one bullshit loss where the referee decide that the elbows, where illegal and forever is doing his job, but its nonsense that that that Fuckin elbow rule stupid. He smash I wonder if that no way to that loss was years ago. I wonder if that could so many guys because aren't defeated
and all of a sudden they lose one, and then they lose a couple. You wonder sometimes, if an early lost like that takes the pressure of being undefeated. You know you never been beaten, but you still have that one l. So it is not that the whole thing on your back, like I can't lose. I can't lose. I take it that one L John, almost losses, last fight- I want to see- that Santos Remit. more than I want to see Jones fight anybody bending some fuckin crazy, that's the fight I want to see, I think, give you there's a Santos remounts John Jones takes him down a beats. The fuck out of here. If I had to guess, I think John John decided try to stand up for them and Brenda job at an end sing take on he said Johns playing with his food says board. It is assigned to kick box with these guys, but at the end of the day after five rounds, those a split decision, one judge scored in favour of the articles on yes, I don't necessarily agree, I'm not saying I agree. I watch the fight again last week and it's a great fight. I didn't score though in I just enjoyed it. I think if you, if you
We want a score this. Why don't score fights when I'm watching them? But sometimes you just know you don't have to squirm. I give this a bunch. A knock down, don't be too should have. Somebody is clear you know, but that fight was not clear, there was like there's moments, were tangle Santos Rock John in her Why did he heard him sign that? First? I know the lakes in the first round were really. I thought they ring believe affected and, in Wednesday, hurt himself at the end of the first round or in the second round. I don't remember it. I have to go back and watch it again. I think it was the second round a think we isolated it on the camera on the train. because I was saying sums going on: I'm noticing the ways moving two ACL blow out some particularly sensitive sea, somebody move and funny on their knees. In our and when I seen him do that, unlike sums going on and then the truck isolated, moment where you see is needed this, where the nay the bar pardon me, pops Ford, that's almost always in Asia, because its there's, an instability to oranges, gives out, and
That was like the second round in turn down a body blow out both fuckin knees, but at the end of the fight, His knees were shot he still thrown by yeah haymakers and just liquor Nothing was bothering them means in their work best guy in the light heavyweight division? Unquestionably ever any got to a split decision. Two blown out new. That's why I want to see rematch with him. I think he earned it. I think that was short, considering how he hurt himself. I that's. The fight I want to see is remotely between centres and in job, while not Georgia be heavyweight by the time he comes back, He's gonna be a long time is in our knees, been Bosnia, reconstruct and amuse Balkan with crazy crutches, with both knees like in praises and shit, he's fine yeah and who knows, if he's gonna come back well, you know and you blow your knees out like that man, that's no guarantees is your tear them inniskillings, all the the soft tissue that separates the two knees, the two that two bones. Rather all that's been chewed up, so that they headed
many sector being aware of the fact that call menaced goby? What do they call it is and how Ogilvy, but what the actual operational, thirty five ivo yeah, not sure how these are all he was a middleweight for Whitey Area, David Brand stopped amendment awake, guys, guys, beaten, middleweight, pathologist training self cut too much weight. But he's he's a fucking, dangerous puncher man, that's for sure, and a real good striker for at any fought disciplined in that fight, which is interesting, fought, sneaky and The point he had a large anybody done that two joneses legs before I can remember seeing anybody leg, kick him or his large, its devastating to child idle and John as little tiny calves to his wife, crazy. It's almost like a cartoon right cause he's got these big ass feet in this big wide back rice calves that low, like my forearm, it's weird
Zack, as he doesn't work them or is it by generalities? Is this won't genetic large was not just an ethics, the listen! It's a fucking, perfect combat, Pollyanna ADI cause. He so long, a so strong, its knowledge, skinny and weak. His thin and ridiculously strong agreed talk. Daniel formulae down. Everybody was like whole Lee FUCK. He just took down plus the best wrestlers to ever compete, never made any did in the first round when Baltimore Fresh, like while John is wrong. You could see it when to hold a guy's he's the go he's a great light, heavyweight of all time and man, maybe the greatest fighter of all time. In others, only the only guys that are close is in my mouth, its mighty mouse is one of unfair doors. Another one, but I think John said better competition. Think John said the best competition. yeah he has for everybody in Colombia and wants to fight steep able I a third fight with those I would love to see forming a in Ghana. That's a fight that I would
to us is that we can have a very elegant sees you never do it, and I want to see that a love DC. I wanted to fight that I'd I always thought Dc. Would intricacies so good at getting in. I was gonna, throw me I'll, take him down, save it never say that's news to me. That is the scariest man and Emma is France's years yet the scariest, when he ass to overcome and our strong room was lit it literally looking at the back of his heels his head snap back so far, he gets his feet. Terrified. It was also what you just did to junior enter Jakarta Blade after having to Lawson came it was they fuck fixed whatever was a heated to fix, yeah. Well, you know those guys just couldn't stand with them. The question is what Stephen, is that those guys aren't is first walls deep as an excellent wrestler. He also world champion in the most accomplished world champion ever. Is the first guide ever defend the title, who I think, definitive three times a fortnight?
I think for the fearfulness resourced four times, yeah he's still than most accomplished heavyweight champion of all time, and now he's won the title for a second time and the way you beat DC in the third fight of the second fight, rather with those left hooks to the body. God, damn nasty thirty fourth round right naval again, he was, I think, loosened I fight he's could could make happened in Dc. Was honestly say that I like the idea, punch human? like. You wanted just listen to his corner. He felt too good to punch and was one of the first fight. But I've speculated one of the reasons why he knocked amount. The first round in the first fight was two things: one. It was a beautiful pie where he set it up. While he is pummeling and I'll Instead, they saw a common. I think it was perfectly place part she hit him on the job perfectly also, I think. Sti Bay was probably still a little her from that Frances. I'm gonna fight
because France isn't gonna win. Him went to war for five rounds and particularly the first two rounds, Francis Hasty Bay, with some fuckin by young steeply weather, the storm but in might have made him more susceptible, be knocked out because couple: the shaggy man when you get a fight where you get beat up like that, even if you, when he took some hard hard hardship, It's that take something out your salesman, and especially, you know to fight him just a few months later, right after that big, crazy fight within gonna like really. a guy like that, like steeper, especially like thirty six, I think at his age you know you forever that outwitting Gandhi should have one of those a year, maybe there and then for like six months, you shouldn't do jack shit. You should go in cry of chambers and fuckin hyper bear chambers and get me judges, and let your body here up you you're in a car accident yeah, you got run my truck and you survived. What do you think of for two out of sight. I wanted to see Pollack has to get the fight, but I'm the fact
he's doing with Romero, is still. It is still a great fight. I'm happy it's! Your were marrow for two reasons: one because Paul costs they can do in the future we have cost is only like twenty nine years, all his young guy, isn't I gotTa Sonia and too stylist eagerly. I want see, as still see Paul accosted me Paul Kostas monster. Man he's he's a monster really. I mean, especially after he beat you alike, that really inches and seeing him fight Israel, but Stylistic Lee I'm interested in Yellow Romero versus Israel because of the wrestling because Yokels wrestling is crazy. He's one of the most powerful guises ever every that division he's enormous for that division, any so fuckin explosive and he can take credit and crazy shot. I mean, if you look at the two together I mean, is is taller and law. hunger and YO is just fucking Jack he's not
and build a real human is wasted, tiny thing. His muscles are fuckin preposterous, When you see him you, like that's a comic book guy, that's on a real person he's a comic book person. forty years old, forty one years old he's forty one still jacked superadds Super Jack and I think honestly he should have already been the champion. I think he beat Robert Whittaker in the sector. My feeling is that he heard a morey. He is more effective. There was two rounds. It easily could have intend eight rounds where he had Robert Whittaker Fuckin staggered, and if that was the case, he would want the title. He was split decision on our member. I don't know I don't remember. The Google you'll, our moreover said Robert Whittaker, demean split decisions are so crazy rise like what Diego Santos Z, Yossi like every champion now, because one judge says he should be to judges, say, isn't split decisions are a weird, I think, there's not enough. Judges too, should be at least five judges approach would be ten.
We should also have an online judging. I think they should have that. Maybe they don't taken into consideration in terms but but for us was their unanimous, unanimous decision. What one point on. Each judges squandered and I disagreed with that. But you know that's ok very interesting. Yeah! I'm looking forward to that. I remember when the fight is not looking forward to it. That's all. When is that when, as is yours March in Vegas, I think it's. Yes, it marches eggs. and when you think of me- was in Brooklyn right, you gonna, I dont, know depended on work and that we take that we gain of Jimmy. I get a bunch of dates. Some now are now. Ups are, maybe maybe work. Remember I'm superpower for Dominic Grey Areas and John Jones. Yes, that is a dangerous five for John Jones Dominic Grass. He is not getting enough. Credit is twelve. I know he has of. Fuckin a ruthless left hand he soon.
for athletic and he's really tall he's really tall and long and he's a young guy, thirty years old. You know and John you know the John Ass to take that guy, really fuckin series I did think. If I remember correctly, I remember thinking was a mere one: the fight I thought it was demure God. I thought he should have gotten a decision over Germany Rate Reyes, yeah really close. The essential thing look at that starts again. The tiller tape. Jamie, look at the difference in the reach. John Jay What is an eighty three and one slash two by eighty four and one slash two inch reach, and then you look Dominic raises seventy seven, that's interesting! That's the with the shoulders. Joy so long ass. You know your measuring tipped Tipp like this in one the John excels is keeping people at distance, but he's fighting a guy, that's his height that guy's just as long as him. Let me not as wide. Obviously the reaches different in terms of the with the shoulders but Dominic cruises
work and movement is excellent. As kicks are excellent, he's got, nasty power in his hands and he's got a lot of confidence. Man's undefeated coming into twelve another guy is a killer. What he did to Chris wiping out holy shit. Now Often the watch tarred awash with. I am crazy to think that justice and had their countries to yes, he did ride. He was close to closer to Johnson, most guys Gustafson, although he has fantastic combinations and excellent boxing does not have one punch power. The way Dominic Grass has done Graham sets things up and when he moves in boom? He drops things on you and do its fold like when he fought O s p He knocked out always p with no time in the fight was based like a couple of seconds to go in the fight. He, cracked, o S, p, they didn't. Given the knock out, which I don't understand you he mean it was way worse than stir in and rose and strike mean he he had o espy out, he was gone and they they didn't
the fight- and am I cannot understand this- this is like it was confusing to me because he walked away like it was over and it looked saving and find them Dominic Gray is drops. o s p. Who is willing to fight at that point Democrats, but o s p, gave him some trouble. He He gave him some trouble. What we mean Dominic was deftly winning the fight, but always be, moments deadly had his moments in it, and I watched her fight about a month ago or so, and when I was watching over time to find moment, where I think John could capitalize. It always be. Couldn't. but oh espies, stressed very strong guy he's a citizens. periodic. I struggle with him, including John Jones, John John Struggle, with those p to powerhouse man. You can't fuck up with o s p heel, he key Cayos guys here you can kill me with one partially detailed showdown with one part he came. Korea Anderson, I think, was an end. I think jet was John Storage fight back after a while
lay off and I was the first five back after Pensionary had been gone for a while and then no one thought the lowest using the distance at the delete. Didn't go finally get the decision they did so here it is so here's Dominic, whereas what what's this movement boom he drop some guys area he's out. Look at is a lie in their out and doubt agree as moves off like that's it and they don't stop the fight in there. We stand over. Let's get back up his feet in the Bell rang and they didn't call a knock em like ok, that's a knockout man. You could you couldn't justify keeping fi going, but that's what I bent over wishes would happen. What are they wouldn't? Let her go away on two percent and that, if listen, if then, Ugly oughta Dan did his job, because Dan supposed to be together calls a fight right. I think you should have called the fight, but Dan is supposed to be the guy, because, if not the fighter so well planet again when Dominic Cayos him all you do is follow up. couple strikes and then the fuckin show's over watched us both beautiful footwork. I love how he did it to
US peace movement is he's behind, so he's tried, to move forward and press and trying to catch up and down next move and oh SB presses. Ermine and any uses could footwork to avoid this to catches that left kick, which is always peace, power side and, as us, certainly not be Sego southpaw against these look for that left again there. It is boom counter to step over Bang left hand and then reveries waiting for him to follow up. So if you just jumped on there followed up instead of walk, you in the hands of the the buzzer may have gone off somewhere around then I don't know when the buzzer went off here was a tall seconds, twenty one secondary hit, but damn burglar, so we need some volume on that Oh no, a lot less than that less stuck. In my opinion, Recital these common right at the horn, and so he drew
item at the horn. I still think dishes stopped it, but I don't know whatever he won the fight, but look he basically knocked him out with a second here. You know, but he's got a different fight in front of him this week, in which, on Jones John Jones as such, a history of success against the best fighters on the planet, John finds a way to when does man finds a way it's that that was the good things that Gustafson fight the first one. It was such a book I remember right Jones. Really turned on around four and five, like I thought, Gustafson was ahead. Maybe two to one and then rounds four and five Jones one it again. I don't know that's correct recollection, better mobility that's why he's a champion? He won the final round vital ashore and he wasn't even in shape it didn't train for their fight. They said he just fucked off. is party and having a good time he's study was under me. Unbeatable, and he said some really interesting to me when he came in here. He said he always gave himself an excuse. So though,
if he did lose, he could always say. Well, you know what at least in train ragged I trained. Then I wanna be Deca, but still be people, even though he wasn't training heart and then he started ramping up and actually training are and when he almost lost everything you know really get arrested and all that shit that happened to him. They almost lost his career. Then, when it came back, much more a sense of urgency cause you realize like what a gift it really. Why are unhappy? two, and I honestly after that I was out there with Matt and, after that they told us ignore them to fight on happening. I thought like he'd he's never gonna watch him fight again, he'll, never fighting, and I thought so too many crash in at least com and took off us. Oh, my god, you might go to jail and united, so bad that he was doing that in the first place. All of it everything was wrong yeah there's too much party, but sometimes someone needs some sort of joy. Scare too horrible series of events. Will you realize, like I can't I can't do this anymore? I gonna live my life and a better way
you have to almost have everything taken away from you, but I believe the Dominic ray, as is the most dangerous fighter John Jones has faced since Daniel Armenia. I think Dominic Grass presents a very unique the challenges. First of all, the length, the undefeated record he's twelve and oh there's confidence comes undefeated. Fighters and dynamic is extremely confident he's he's a believer in himself and that belief in himself has led him to stop guys like Chris Wyman to knock out o s p with one second ago, he's got believe in his power. He's got loose, jet. One punch knock out. Power is got great, footwork and movement. He just had they Tennessee John struggle with Jago Santos. He has a star He can mimic that kind of success that the chopping at the legs. I think this is a dangerous fight for John, but I also think John knows it's a dangerous fight for John and John is a champion a real.
camp in the greatest champion. The light have we division has ever known unquestionably, and I think he's gonna rise. The occasion I think we're gonna see the best John Jones John Jones needs a real threat to scare him work em up, and I don't Diego Santos was that for him, Megacycles Santos was a title defence chance room to fight, but I don't think I don't think that's what he gets aired of. I think John need someone like Dominic re as a real threat, so that you see who he was in the second fight. What did you call me when he had kicked DC knocked him out? The second fight with Gustafson Gus if somebody smash death. That's the real John Jones, John Jones. When one is pressed- and I think the Dominic RE as presents a kind of a problem, and I think you're gonna see a fuckin killer. John John next weekend I think he's gonna be on fire. I can't wait. that's a week for Saturday can't we're so pumped the moments.
The only does I'll stop confines, but right now I'm gonna fuckin love. It is always fight. So what you see always fight. I want to see. There's always something I'm looking forward to this. Never not two or three fight on the horizon that I want to say. Look at this Dana wait till tomorrow loose mind versus Jorge MILES, with our plan for international fight, weak Don T and yet it is little shit. The Superbowl I thought I was wrong to I'm a fucking idiot. I thought I was gonna, be Connor against Moskva. Now that so I thought the next fight was gonna, be that's agree, fight, that's great, fight, I think Connor really wants, could be an idea, Keep saying they're gonna try make a rematch, but I don't know they're saying that one could be has to fight Tony yes, mother, fucking, Ferguson, Tony's, the bogeyman that nickname L Kekui that's a perfectly, instead, I gotta guys terrifying. He never gets too I know it never gets tired. Everybody fights and looks like they fell off a train. It's it's crazy!
the fighter, but he wanted to see an end again. Is that March or April cause if carnival ok that still always away, and then who knows how to fight goes. How long can we take to get better it been could beat, doesn't have anything to do Connor's fuck, that dude and to be there. So. Give me a million dollars of item now. So I don't know hundred million dollars the awakening a hundred million dollars is if it gets a kind of numbers that Floyd, nay whether versus Conor got or of the U S he decides to bankroll it and gamble and give him a hundred million dollars mean they might do that, because here's is one thing we have taken: a consideration about could be he's not just an enormous star in the United States he's a huge super darn. The muzzle yelled huge huge he's. A super religious guy Emmy celebrates Ramadan his you know. It is very respectful. This is one of the reasons why Connor's trash talking all that was so fewer creating to him he's a different guy he's a man of virtue still drives a fuckin. Toyota is worth millions and millions of dollars he's not he's not a flat.
She do, that he's a fucking warrior and he doesn't want to have that kind of situation again in his eyes. They fought once he smashed Connor and got him out of the tap you choke them and he's like good. I did it fight over. I do what I want to do. Fuck you When there's angle, we need to make a re mass know now that we had to fight. I fucked him up. He can suck my dick. I wanna go! Do other things there. That's that's! That's what he's thinking I think not dislike the deck part yea gesture, I think could versus Tony is the toughest fight of curbs career. I really believe that, I think Tony Ferguson is a nightmare for anybody, especially right now, when you watch his fight within thirty Pettus, when you watch while we busted up dolls Rony. I think Tony Ferguson is the scariest guy for anybody at hundred fifty five pounds to fight. He doesn't get tired. He fucking as bricks four hands, Josh Thompson, and here the other dead Josh saying could when twenty Ferguson grab some here is that you can't believe how big his hand
are he's idiocy, wraps his hands around refugee. Couldn't get my hands free because he's fuckin hands or so big and strong. Does your letter would, under this presence, are allowing yeah he's a spooky? Dude is something about my gain normal zone, normal guy he's eccentric, but in the good yeah like especially when it comes to being a fighter, he does hours on training heat Jesus he's got all this crazy shit does way, doesn't wing, Chung, dummies and break dances. He has a lot of shit that allow me on modalities, video to disability. We put out a kind of it. Our Tonia Ferguson Tribute work out, video and the G8 in that very busy. Tony's he's a unique individual, there's, no other tone, Ferguson there's, no one that I could even think of that remain and me of Tony Ferguson, no one he so different in all. That said, copies of looking man me, no one runs through people. The way could be. Does he smashes people? He dragged into the ground, he outrage semi pommels only beats down, you know he's
Undeniable, unstoppable force the to them together as an epic fibre, I would not be making any plans if I was Dana has anybody else. It would not be making any plans cause could be, can win that fight yeah can be a mean. Tarzan. Yeah Tony can win that fight to either one guys, I mean to be, can win that fight, but Guaranteed Tony can win that fight to Ferguson can win that fight. They both can win want to fight to happen. This is this is the fourth or fifth time negative sterile. I just want to fight to happen to me how many guys you tellin me, I'm just begging and pleading that these can keep together, can only hope, only hope and pray that Cuba, together Falcon
amazing fight. Man, amazing and Kalen is fire when she finds out here. Take my word for it, but I'm not going to do until yeah she's. A call me for Jonah. That's a dangerous fight, that's dangerous! Five, her Valentino scary! If she is she's a killer woman's, she has nasty power and she knocked out just guy had killed my holy fuck yeah she's frightening. I mean I want to see killings. I know herself a torture route for people on you when you ve interviewed all the fighter. You like all of Let's keep me by rooting for someone your car by proxy written against someone Elsie I get hard to root against someone know you'd like in every it's hard to be objective. When you call me wasn't qualifies as very hard in especially to some of my doll. Fighting was actually good friend when I watch him five in. Do you a really hard one really harbours shop to sharpen our tight did when he would fight
so hard. For me, because I knew you wouldn't shouldn't fight anymore news, get knocked out as I got. Dances is pain. like I couldn't sleep after the fights I'd be obese. Thinking about it gone this guy he's got a starting at her he's, getting hurt, it was getting hurt, is getting knocked out, he's getting knocked out it heavy weight. You know with guys, like Ben Roth, well put in giant meets on Travis Brown, pommel em fuck. You now just like this. This is not good, you know, and I am so closer them his. I favour people so me watching him getting beat up as fuck it was so hard to call his fight so hard, yeah casual can somebody you care about get hurt. Yet I have to be excited. You know entrapped This puts it on I mean I have to treat. Like I don't even like Brendan like when I am friends I have to treat it like is just a fight hard, but it's also, you know just tat person
not hard in the moment but hard on you after it's over. It's like you know, watch someone fight that should be fighting anymore, whether someone you're close to logos, I was or whether or whether it's you know, fighters, there's fighters that fight towards you the critic dj pens moves. Last fights, oh my god, damn it. You know he's a legend and in his prime the grace of all time, guarantee like a real phenol, a freak and see just be a shell of himself or in the street fighting in the street and those awful. What really was off when Frankie EDGAR beat the fuck out of animals like someone can stop him. He's gonna! Stop when Frank Yon taboos smashing allows like someone's got someone's gonna stop this he can't do this anymore. It's hard man, you know it's it's the greatest thing, those guys ever experienced in their life and something that you are you're I will never be able to appreciate, will have never experienced tat kind of glory. The attic
we must be a high. That's indescribable I'll, never feel it, but it must be to be world champion. Like a bee, Japan, FUCK man, it's gotta be hard to change that, for the next thirty years, trying to find anything similar steps instead of on a lesser level, what do you do to make? You feel good order to bring you? That is worth. Nothing. Will the beautiful thing about Santa, but we don't have to stop now George Carl and died in a hotel room. didn't: have you oughta tab? You did your logical, then fairly. We went to the hospital, but he died, new staying in a hotel room Jean on the road to an American drove another Ralphie die, no terror, my or Jean dies someone's connect might have died, no tell I believe John parents died. No tell religious. I saw you lost so much weight, I sum how you do a million acres you try to get off all the stuff. You desire and the nerves on pills I heard he was yeah, I didn't know
We call you a keener sobers. We talk briefly about it, but it wasn't a long conversation when was first are now and I was an open micro. Finance was one of the favourite guys at next calmly, stop in Boston and he was established when I was just are now. I remember watching him just murder one night here this bit about are gaunt and all you can eat chinese parfait and screaming you get all your you eat too much as this. you go now. You go now those orders very famous he murdered. We did a fuck in Montreal on time. It was a gala and all of us for Bombing Anthony. Margaret his dick. I my dick nobody was doing well and this is a gala Montreal and will arise. Proud socks and then fucking pen net went on and blue a hole through the stage any like it was us he had so much power. He was so good. He was so good. He had so much power and don't you ever held him back was his health. You know, I think, if you was healthier
Nobody has yet energy onstage like he was he was can go the Amazon stage and that's real Boston. dial that aggressive attack you dial and just murderously funny. It's going to be hard to when you, when you're fat and your whole thing is like I'm a bit that guy does so much material built around the tree. You are, it's gotta, be scary: to lose the weight. Oh yeah, it is his heart. Well, you know haven't James when he was young. He had a different manager here we have the same answer now, but he had a different manager and his manager literally told them. If you lose weight, you're losing roles Like roles and tv I rise, and I was like a beautiful- can listen to the guy When you talk about. You know that you're gonna be financial centre, the fuck outta you're, funny dude the August all the time, but they they d, mind fuck, you! You know wanted him to be the jolly fat guy. Unlike does is money in the jolly fat guy. Do you want you want, there's gotta stay alive, you fuckin asshole, but you wondered
two of your jailing. I always wanted to change the things I hate about myself, for I dont like about me and my funny anymore, nothing to talk about. The call me, if you don't think so, you're funny man funny periods, not rational, ethically crazy thought. You have like what do I do without this I'm very lucky. I don't have that thought process, but you can get away with it to India. Now that thought process you don't need that that that thing, if I, if I do Will I be any good you're good you're, a great joke, rider, you're! Funny comic! You kill you make me laugh heart. You want a few guys when I was in Austin, I was doing some share with on a member that work in there and I came to see the girl. I had a great time you made happy, it was fun. Fun, sit in the crowd and watching you kill, it was grew your kind of comedies, my kind of quality. So I guess. It was a treat, as was this is great. So if you don't think that if you got They are sent my dad, you wouldn't the Atlanta you're crazy, but it's just that crazy.
That, you think it's only. They can irrational things right. It is to take the place. It's also a defence mechanism like yours, Your brain is trying to trick you into not getting better, there's a lot of pressure and improving yourself. That's why junkies A lot of towns, fallback alcoholics fall back. They fall back on it because there's comfort in failing because they failed so many times before the pressure of not nine days no drinking? I can't believe it then I was with gamblers too was gamblers. Man is the fuck in Russia that gambling have a good man of a good I'm the cards I do share. You have a job and a lot and then one day you seem all fuckin, eyes wide crazy, looking like their exhausted and playing cards all night, not on talk to tap the candle in one I never get into that. One gambling scares me set terrifies weeks. I know I would lose every so it's like sex, it's like everything else. It's like drugs or anything, anything, that's a compulsion
where it becomes your main obsession. More than positive things in your life That's what are you willing to sacrifice for like because people think I was with sex sex, not addictive, but it's like anything else. What am I going to give up to get it right and one of my willing to sacrifice or risk to engage in it. you want to risky freedom. Are you willing to risk you're? What are these? the things it addiction may should do, and it is not normal people, behaviour yeah, it's not normal people. Behave in! You wonder like wears a rude of those kind of obsessions like what what evolutionary benefit is being obsessed with sex or being obsessed with gambling or being obsessed with drugs like what is it makes people gravitate towards those things where just everything EL seems so secondary and the knowledge I gotta get to the casino gotta get to that fuckin casino. I knew people like that. specially for my poor holidays, real game when junkies, our always chasing,
yeah always trying to score plan a lot o and looking gambling gamble on games and cards, and you know it already Lang routine about it I mean with already the gambling thing was really similar to him to the drug thing. You know the gambling. Dixon gambling or he is lobbying come when we got in there was thing a lot like the drug thing. I can't who is sports. It just seems a such a fucking wasting money like I just can't put that kind of energy into hoping. You come out to our figure, exhausting, and I can't make myself do it and I'm glad I can't, because I know I would like it lay rich voiced was a fuckin horrible gambler, so I kind of learned a lot from watching boys how out of control it how obsessive he was and I'm a guy. I know our it makes, watch and fights more fun. I don't gamble on fights are used to used to gamble on old days the you have seek. As nobody told me, I couldn't I'm like a cat effect that the outcome sure I'm just call the fight,
but don't I stopped Aubrey my partner and on it. I would give him tip would sit down with the card and I might fucking eighty nine percent man. Are you really? Oh, my god, you he'd winds and there was a few that would come out every now and then, where I bill. I bet the Fuckin House there's a few with that people that are making the odds they don't know They didn't know and they knew Anderson several good. They didn't know. He was that good, that when I was, What is this may was a three to one who bear. But what are you Must you own push it all on the brazilian push it all baby? There's a disease always a few fight. regard comes up from another organization, and, unlike listen to me right now that guy is a mother. Fucker murderer, you gotta, put all the money on Acta and, as you know, we were like one time army and I with me as a pic I think he's at eighty percent over a period of a couple years I have such a shit record. A pig invite me amount is due thing at the end of a filter. Hey, let's go
just try to guess the car I wished for in a horrendous added, it really wants hard really hard it well with some finds you just you just guessing some fights you're literally guessing you just like I don't know, I don't know Tony Ferguson and could be I'm guessing its hard bet against to be, but it's hard to bet against Ferguson. The last time Ferguson lost was when you got a broken arm. Vs Michael Johnson and he's run through world class fighter after world class fighter. Since then, I think he's a fucking monster, but I don't know I don't know who's going to win that fight me. Tibet against could be competes undefeated. Twenty eight now smashes everybody, but Tony's got an interesting style. He can fight off his back. He fights on the ground. He's gonna try to get back up tat of his bad. Everybody loses sometime, I mean most guys, don't retire. Undefeated cells, the odds get what that's why I thought that one was that on my taken that pressure off. Look it tightly. Lhasa, always he was one of the eight. No one point then he's lost three fighter, but
I get in your head a little bit. There might be something happens when you lose a first right. Well, tat. You know, ties fighting the best in the world at heavyweight and heavyweight. You can't make any mistakes. Man, giant dues, the gas fists come slamming, Yad, especially the in Ghana Chemic. Any mistake that fight I'm so curious. Me too, I would leave towards in Ghana, but I don't know how much Rosa strike can fight man he can fight is nasty. I want to see what it's like you know. Look I thought in Ghana had an edge over Louis, dare close one. That fight- and I know that was in ghana- dealing with the worry after he had lost this dossier and he was really psychologically had an issue. Didn't fighters is fight but rose Try a different animal man. Rosa strikes a different animal than Derek Louis causes. A real seasoned professional, kick boxer.
Taking on new? Only because of what is done since that lost those three I mean I I thought blades actually stood a chance because he had that one five. There was a delay, a doctor stoppage in the second shot, like you, take it and got his punches before he may be in his head a little but fucking and threw him Cain and Junior. So I can't ever pick against in Ghana gallantly losing, while he's better now than had ever been before, and I think the loss to steeper Ultimately, I know he's struggled little bit in the dark, Louis five, but I think the lost a steep they ultimate ultimately made made him a better. I understands what it's like to lose the understands, what it's like to face, the best heavyweight on record. Ever. Instead, they went five rounds of the goat. Steep pays. The goat me music he's defending the defended the title more than anybody. That's ever done in history, the heavyweight division and having that kind of experience against a guy like steeper. I think it's fuckin hugely valuable. Somebody train the next time I see well I've I will have you raise, I'm committing to. I mean, can make for two years to map out I'm committing that I'm going to do ordained didn't start to lose fifty eight, I know
Now when I was, you feel, excited love loved it loved dude. Where did television show he now Rowan around in the dirt. I was shown and positions and also You got long arms. You, like Darcy, I gag another move for you of the japanese necktie we're going all these in the grass like I'm like from enough we're gonna, try and we're doing all these things like upset. He loved it. He loved it was. It was amazing to see because I had known him before when he was drinking and smoking and was fat now to shape and taken stands because his high blood pressure, his color is us, but Castro boy push was stands for cluster or so it is that's. His body was very unhealthy and the doctors gave an option. Cyclopes change where you eat or take these status and he decided
takes day now, because he loved drinking and eating and stuff, but then he got obsess what you did to and he did he got off. The medication did need anymore lost all his way look ripped. You knows it was interesting and I think a lot of people that have addictive personalities and certainly did they can benefit from something that your addicted to that really good member. You saying that your mommy say that to replace it with something, She left me a message because I had to talk. By giving prostitutes on the radio, so she quoted doktor fill that and I made it one of my message of my second city about go. You meet him, nice people, but she was right. I met people. I felt better about myself when I went to the germ mother was right. Yeah she was right. You just did, are yet to replace one thing with the other thing about going to jam is sometimes you just go to the gem. It's fuckin, boring and people quit didn't feel stimulated enough. But if you take classes, that's what it's fun he added you take yoga classes are kickboxing classes are summons, teach new things, Then it becomes. I just have two trainers like I'll
having a train of use, it makes me go. I have to show up on my own, I'm fuckin worthless. Our hopes that helps classes are good too, though, because a bunch of people do not with you know, if there's a bunch of people in their struggle- and I like yoga because they were all in it together now who are struggling to gather I've done some yogurt. I just did I get a little bit. I gave another patients for your breathing. Focus when you're Bree. I dont know how to focus on my breathing my breeding sucks, so I can't breathe I don't do it rises, terrible diagnostics, home. I wrap this great. Four o clock. Listen man! Always pleasure. Yes, I will do this need to body chance again. Can people to watch the degenerates on Netflix one season. Two and not just go to my side. I get a whole bunch all and the Irishman. There has been a plugin Are you in the Irishman? Yes, haven't seen a yea, I play done, Rickles, oh shit, do you really yea eyes? I got one scene watch a movie Jim Norton on Instagram, Jim Norton on Twitter, Jim Norton, dot com. You are right,
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