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#1427 - Melissa Chen

Melissa ChenĀ is the NY editor for Spectator USA and the managing director of Ideas Beyond Borders.
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and she also has a brilliant twitter account. That's how I got to know our and a lover, insight and intelligence and she's very funny, please Welcome, Melissa Chan agenda will gain experience. What support words talk, maintaining and hanging in Singapore hanging I was at the new one. Now They always caning as one of the forms of capital punishment, but do they still? They actually hang the what is Singapore like I've never been. It seems like a strange place, visits, relatively wealthy, rang out in very large scale and very nice, it also ruthless, but you know it happened and, like my generation, I've witnessed it go from there. Well, the first well in my lifetime, really yeah yeah. So it's one of our success stories of nation building, but
it's it's kind of lake in other snow globes, the perfect nor globes with you when you like, turned over unlike everything, kind of sprinkles. That's what it feels like living in Singapore. For me at least I have to get out is just a bit sterile, it's perfect, but it's too perfect! So much like there's somebody called it once Disneyland with death, which is a pretty good, and you give the death penalty for things like drugs right, just possession pass, like maybe twenty five grams have milligrams or something marijuana trafficking soldier an ounce of marijuana, how many grams the conversion and are now having converted to twenty years. Twenty grounds and announced so I gotta announces a good amount of wheat, but two ounces, we'd you're dead. Yet my hanging, two ounces? Wow? That's insane! That's weird: you can go down the street and by that at a store eyes out.
driver's license you're over twenty one by the store and Singapore they'll kill you for it now how many people they kill for pot. I don't I don't know about that. I do not like one time they actually executed a Australians. listen, who is on transit, you didn't even get all the airport. He was just kind of carrying the drugs on transit. thousands of whom I was hanging so with hanging and what would remember what Chandra it was. He sang drugs you I he was carrying quite a baby was deafening trafficking. It Jesus Christ, it's humdrum, zero, zero tolerance policy, How did it go from third world the first world so quickly? I guess the founder of the country found the founding Prime Minister, MR we call on you is probably one of the world's most famous modern statesmen, He he was resolute like in a weeded out corruption. He was kind of like very very tight controls on free speech, but very
sort of NEO, liberal economic policies, so triangle a foreign investment right, because the highest income tax break at this, like maybe thirteen percent, that's very low- does almost no welfare, at least in the sense of how we understand or fair, but there's a lot of its a hybrid system. So there is, there is a lot of her like zero capital gains. Tax is zero. State tax is very easy to set up a business, so he had managed to attract a lot of fun for business is to set up their multinational corporation headquarters in Asia, because the other alternative would be maybe China, but probably end up stealing all your. You know your ears, your corporate secrets, intellectual property, but Singapore's build as this is the key, tree that protects rule of law, also English, he kind of me. Everybody speak? English was the working week. So you want to do like business in Asia that you your place to go. You say like what's in mine
what did my region and how can I be? How can I have a competitive What did my region and how can I be? How can I have a competitive advantage, so that was that was housing, simple, really developing and gingham just gained lot attraction Has the average American No Singapore because they too the curtained? Now it's there stupid movie, which, moreover, the crazy region. crazy, rotations right right, I never saw that was a good I didn't like so dont like Rome comes. like come on the premises like a girl, a merry A girl is like dealing this guy from thing where he she doesn't know, he's rich and she finds out on the plane there. It's like the most bullshit things as just conspicuous consumption. I mean it's got some. You know the city
beautiful and in fact, I kind of girl with some people that live that lifestyle, but I just want to have a kind of movie. It's it's. It's a chick like a trick do you not ensured folks you're Instagram Solaris? By the way, I think it's very exceeds twitter. Your twitter I give them produce. Sometimes your twitter feed is really as its both in sight for, but also very funny. You try to play both sides, but the item is like you know. I think I think, today there is a bit over if Europe If your girl. and you're you're kind of funny. There There'S- of a sense that way. People are really take that seriously seven told a toned down on jokes who told you what I am also in I run around us major nonprofit organism- and an intolerable is to go down now. It's it's a really! Well, it's gonna write up, Elliot, unites, etc. Innovation that that really tries to promote pluralist,
thinking and you know basically, experts Adding ideas to the part of the world at its often answered and- and you have narrative that are just not you- know- not exposed to people not exposed to the Middle EAST, so it you know. We thought we spent like what a trillion dollars when the war on terror and what was the results right leg, We marched in and fill ok we're gonna bring freedom and democracy to people, but if there were no, trot institutions to kind of nudge people too,
understand why they should value freedom and democracy. Is it really a surprise that it failed to take root? Bear so that's what we basically were of organizations colleague is beyond borders, an scatter self explanatory. You know we basically take arm acquire the rights to books that are not available. There translate them into Arabic for free, and then we just like loaded up on library site. Anyone can basically access that download it and we do Wikipedia to select. Ten percent of all Wikipedia is an airbag of English Wikipedia Ando. So we basically tredah. You know like, for example, George Orwell, doesn't exist in arabic rate Phyllite. If you look it up, would you even understand what the word or will it means right? So how did you involve knows? My cofounder is iraqi refugees
and he grew up under his arm and its. I met him when I was incredible annex really compelled by what he was talking about. You know just like As somebody who grow in Singapore to we don't really have freedom of speech rate, so The issue was that for me, I was not. I was kind of like right. You know my issue is fairly. There was no freedom of thought, kind of like right. You know at my issues felling there was no freedom of thought, freedom of speech in Singapore. The government is kind of control. Everything. Sorry, second, my heart rate, the slick, so I can see for drink this stuff? Is that what it is? And I was worthy nervous, so, let's play we drinking and socks called bang? How many of you have my second one? You eight pounds. What are you doing out, fires so tiny, This is so much I know I know the universe version. Diana show now, please
sorry, I mean this is like we are not happy with Sars. My second one I haven't, got really hunting warehouse. Second ones of those view. You probably where you like eighty pounds of six hundred and five come on supply under five pounds. I run that any person I got my right where you are very small, that is a loss of heating up right now, sorry yeah, your heart rate, animal rate. I know I can feel it it's like. I can see words. What are they look like cholera and are now read it's it's getting crazing sorry, surveillance, Dixon depots, your highness of Diana Drink, that to get pumped up for the show I just. my pre work out. So when I, when I get my morning, work out, I drank one and then I think you know I didn't really sleep much less nights. I might even apply more and then I m sorry other people coming here, but are on our all. That's always the worse one! Because irish likes you gotta slow down a grunt. Four
I need a downer any a levelling down its bar partisan work. Me oh right, we're gonna bought and a bit the power, we have a work on you up to fifty. I've done fifty five milligrams. both that's relentlessly low. Two hundred every Democrat of the airport, we tended yes, ok, but, unlike jointly as two thousand. Our aim- maybe I just haven't my game, which gives a broad doesn't work on you, ok, but if I so far have been unable to respond to really marking an or eating it or both at both? Jamie is with you with the eating. A he's got some weird genetic disorder that doesn't, It doesnt work with them like ETA, but he can take a thousand animals. Just hang around people nearby.
So that's a thing like people are immune. Some people are young. Did you see it is not some people get withdraws too. You know. I've talked to people that the actual physical withdrawals from Marijuana- and I used to be really sceptical about that. But this these are people, it actually trust and there while I would you know when they would go on tour like if they have to go places, and they did now part they get literally, did shaky, they feel weird, and then they really, this is my bodies withdrawing from TAC. Apparently, very rare, but common enough so that its in the literature they'd there really do have documented people that have like a physical response to withdrawing from marijuana yeah, I mean it for two more research being done on the anyway like yeah, we're we're headed their Surbiton Trump recently said something about trying to. I know I'm surprised he was comparing the way they handle drug dealers in China with
Swift or fair trial did it was he sang Singapore now, but but they dancing imports with swift, fair trial and the death penalty is what he said. no there's only surgeons have this in Asia. You see it in the Philippines as well, so eternities being has this extra judicial drug war that he's been launching. it's. I understand the concern with the plight. I understand that people are really worried that people getting drugs ruin their lives, the devil, its families, people dying of overdoses from Fanton and all these different hazards associated with drug use and drugs drug dealing. I understand that, but this sort of our time, way of handling in death penalty, talk and twenty twenty hours and in one country completely the all drugs with Portugal.
Yeah yeah they haven't Maytag other results, low everything, lower incidents of HIV infection, lower drug addiction, lowered overdoses, lower everything, lower crime. I just don't just messy. It's not If there was one thing he could do a K. If we do this thing, then no one gets addicted to drugs and no one dies from overdoses will. Then you do that but there is that legal innovation that no one would see him over They certainly would, though, people if we will die of overdoses. If you make drugs legal across the board. The one thing that you do it's good is. the people that are selling drugs or most of ITALY's all the cartel money. All that stuff goes away because the cartels are making billions and billions of dollars selling. Today, tell money all that stuff goes away because the cartels are making billions and billions of dollars selling to the United States and other countries insulted and they're doing because it's illegal, because it's a bit
since then capitalize on that american businesses are not capitalizing on and violence goes down, temiskaming strangle the holy that right and if it does of course, have been this, if you go back to what happened in the United States during prohibition, would it did? Is by organised crime, it profitable, that's crime in a pretty spectacular way, and it was because there is a massive amount of money to be made, selling I'll call the design for alcohol didn't go away, the legality of it went away, so illegal sales went through the roof and the people there were selling or criminals. I just think is part of the human spirit. You know that You say you can have something that will just there's that all arabic proverb that which is prohibited is always one yeah and whenever you you kind of lake, you just drive it underground. If you, if you try to ban the whole spirit of of punk rock of like a few, The system that just lies in almost every human heart-
she see that with our books, for example, you know a lot of books are actually like transmitted on these, telegram groups in arabic looks likes that same Harris Riots in which it dawkins these kinds of ideas that are really super censored and in the Middle EAST. So you, you know that's kind of both the gap that we're trying to plug. It's that, since books are not available in that language, I think this is crazy statistic. More books are translated between English and spanish in one year than English and Arabic in a thousand years, while It's crazy. That is going crazy. So the exposure to those ideas, yeah exactly ran The only other options get these people learn English, which is far more difficult
worse of most end, and you know your your average person living ensue. Syrian refugee camp isn't going to learn that quickly the enemy people where they are right. So I think the statistics we ve started. Ten percent of English Wikipedia was actually in arabic which means that every time like, for example, let's say you'd yearly OJ me go Google, this rate and and and you expected answer. It just is just the tip of our fingertips, it so it's so baked, and Modern life. Now we don't even like think twice about it, but imagine if, like you living animal, say Saudi Arabia and like ok, let's just google it ten up out of every ten times. One time there's no answer, because the pages and eggs a sore and urges the word of feminism doesn't exist in Arabic. So can look it up or secularism doesn't exist, the it's kind of its how'd. You expect people the kind of break out of their of their minds out of there
doc Phoenician now, and it's not where we're not sing like this is a top down thing. What you have to read this? It's that I just want to live in a world where being ignorant is choice for everyone. This is a choice for us like what they like. We Norway now your leg damages just like. Basically, you spend your nights watch the bachelor relating you know. It is it's like I most venerable. I do too, but I know I'm judging four hours, lizards. They also or into interesting things, but I know some people do consume. I must not my friend camp, but exactly ass. It does we him. You know, you know why such a programme the female bachelor rats. He was an old guy.
I only know they're still going on, because I met the czech outline and still am. I might just lays that their lead says drains of people even interested, and I now it's now it's a weird thing very weird thing: yes, that ignorance would be a choice, would be nice yeah. So so will you saying? Is it these part parts of the world? where the problems of getting them to shift their perception of the world is that now exposed all the great works then exposed to the different ideas, different ideas and different different debates, and ever monoculture known monoculture because of our society is they have religions, they have ways of life that are just so deeply entrenched right and then so I have a couple of really really heavy censorship, both from your authoritarian government and so from your religion. You know that
first word. For example, the first weight in the Koran is actually read rule, but they really mean just read this one thing and you just the sort of like the habits of a free mine are not really cultivated. So when you are taught growing ought not to question things and in part I understand, because I think when you grow up in an asian households with lake, you know tat your parents there's this sense of like your question, my forty, you know it permeates culture from a very, very young age and imagine like if you kind of grow up in that environment. You're going to internalize all those things and that's why it kind of you know it follows you over time. So when you in school you're talking no questions as this is not like here. What is like Such things are stupid question Chad. There are an Asia like this. There are stupid questions over here too, but your told your at least told that were given charter break, but
I understand what you're saying, and that must be really interesting for you to go from this one fairly restrictive environment, to a fairly open environment. Cracked and did did that. If that happened in new and being exposed all these different. I did that spark this. Desire to help other people so to expand their there. There are yes and what their exposed to yeah, because what I felt like a fish out of water marine on the Singapore. I was always the person that, like the teachers, how to call again on your daughter's asking to question she's disrupting the class we're gonna question. I went to Sunday School to. I was when I was a kid who is just like You no excuse me, but why? Why do the dinosaurs? What ways the Bible that the dinosaurs and and and human beings walked. You know basically like days apart when light we know from sight, and that the air was millions of years.
Fossil you, of course. Of course they were like just keep her out of we just rather her not come to Sunday School rule oil First, there was no one. They tried to leg, sorted through, say, listen more be the God was testing people and This is why I told my mom it's a really, but in class I it's just you know it's how there's no up this new culture, dialectics of having dialogue and refining your positions is that comes from authority, this event confucian culture. So it's like. Well, I am your teacher, so it is. The waiters were an ok, that's one: of it and if you say, grew up in the Middle EAST, asking a question could be death rate If you even remotely like Satan's Aurelia, especially remotely reveal that you might be having atheistic thoughts.
That's dresses like we're talking about different scales and degrees, of censorship and consequences. For that, and I think when I met my cofounder fazl, you know, I think, ok, I guess I have. I had issues with the country I grew up in, but for him it was. He ended up almost been killed by Al Qaeda for just like starting a blog talking about new importance of secularism and countering violent extremism. Real. How he came here is a refugee, so, unlike ocean, maybe they are out of the almost killed by Al Qaeda workers when the? U S and data Baghdad. He was living in Baghdad at the time and Al Qaeda took over his neighborhood ones. Those avoid said almost ousted rape and
He was kind of like penal roaming around like telling can attend the use army. Certain things. Ok, you know like this is where our guide is this the sell me my friend here it has been like radicalized and a kind of you. They put him on a on a hit list. You know because he was not sympathetic to their cause and also other up on the death lists. His brother was killed just horrible story. The Brigitte rushing recently interviewed him on from Pakistan, and- and I get the sense that lake Oh shit, like the consequence of saying what you think there is like, at least in my case was just like hey. Maybe I'm going to jail in Singapore well, but in Iraq was deaf. You think it's hard for people in America to reach. We grasp what that environment. must be like because we're so accustomed to this idea of freedoms.
Beach, and it's not real, yes, its own grained rebel. Are appreciated in tower in here. reward is the whole maverick thing. I think You know as long as America still can celebrate mavericks and taller, not just tolerate them. Back celebrate them were we're gonna, be fine right, yeah and hopefully The thing is that, if it exists the way it exists in other parts of the world, it and exists like that here? Like the word? The cases of human hey when you see any form, Dick leadership or control or propaganda or controlled by the state or by industry. That's of tat you see in other countries is you beings in two thousand twenty they mean are. We would like to think that our constitution bill of rights in all of our ideals and what this country, founded on gonna, keep it from deteriorating like that and most Equally, it will
the reality is those. People in Iraq are human beings in two thousand twenty and there are living in a completely different way than where living right now the same on the same timeline things did not go well there and theirs in this horrible situation. where they are controlled by these relate fanatics, and they are still and there's not a lot that date. and do other than escape right, and you know right now also like with the rise of China there also starting to you like, basically, is some form of light electronic tyranny right. Nor able to just released and the internet and away that's been unprecedented, and access these bookkeeping, Yet what none of none of these things that you want you and I can just like open on our apps- can be exercised in China. So the way they just like control information, and now exporting those same tools to other authoritarian countries on the world. Is that part to me is dangerous because uniting
both these on. I came to with this like our aid. This is the place that we can finally be ourselves and think for else. Radio and we're starting to see that the whole world seems to be going in the other direction did so there was a shift in China and the ship was? It was initially completely communist society and now capitalism, at least in the mountain sense, is raised the matter Yes, so this is giant shift in what China actually is, which correspond. so the huge growth. Is it possible that in the future, This shift could move on to other aspects of chinese culture like discourse or the way they ve the government or even some form of democracy. That was what we expect it that's what we spoke, and that was the theory my, but the way China has
behave now, you know they call it. Socialism, with chinese characteristics that official name of this long dry. on game too. You know, institute market reforms sure in riches further for the middle class, lift a lot of people out of poverty, but in a very controlled way and in the way It's like see, that's the thing about culture. You will understand that the there's a fundamental differ, between the China Dream and the American dream right now see jumping as outlined. What he thinks is that China, during its it's, it's basically a top down way too. To its goals and national goal, and and basically what strong, China and Lift a lot of people out of poverty, but you have to your generation is to make sacrifices to not above individual it's about building a strong China and implicitly also about innovation,
knowing that the c c p station poet, Chinese Communist Party, state power, but it's it's that you might have to give up. You know personal sacrifices for the sake of China versus the american dream is, is bottom up its. About your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That's it, and if you do that, that's the american dream and if you achieve a certain level of happiness and chief, you know it's all EC is bottom up. It's not it's not centralized, and it's not something that the chinese government is kind of trying to stop
from an China's willing to play the longing, so it is still a Leninist Leonards Marxists government seeking pink so believes in all of that. That's whilst also totalitarian, but it's you know that they know that led the way to get gain power in the world is to get rich and they did it on some on the backs of on the back of trade with other countries through very unfair practice has actually been cases. So, if you think about like how they, I think there are a lot of estimates of how much the rest they stolen from the United States in terms of intellectual property. Corporates, corporate espionage, now even like academia, is being infected. So how so? It is a rest at the head of the Commission Department at Harvard. Oh that's right, but wasn't that didn't anything that guy was in connection with some weapon ized,
Why was that a virus or something else? was an article linking some canadian researchers to the virus knows, but this was. This was different. The head of the chemist, outta permanent Herbert, was found to have lied about receiving money from the chinese government, so there This programme, a thousand talents programme in China based their offering a lot of money. The New York Times that are really good exposition list. We offer our money to like academic ass. You know it's kind of sucks, be one here in Self Lake and paid that well robot. China's dangling like a lot more money and I'll give you. If you do research China, there's gonna be like less bureaucracy So that's their weight, lira these people in so is hiding the fact that we are getting income from how's? He hiding it. He just didn't report it and put in the
a genuine right and in so doing they went when when you do went when there's a relationship there, China onto research, ran if you'd researching something sensitive, that's a big issue there, article today, where they have confirmed that waterway has some sort of third party back door with a lot of their electronics gas. If there is a lot of speculation, while the United States was banning wore away from the major providers from because they are the very close releasing some and they have some amazing phones. and they were rude- are to use them to some principle. In fact, like one my girlfriend, she's gonna, sponsor, require way. She's european I want to take a selfie of me and I was like I am there's no way that my facebook could ever be. You know in your phone really it I'll answer Tell me why? What is what are your thoughts on it one way is, is really in another, just apparatus of those the main party, the government- and you know I I
really think that that waterways, with respect to the next year of the digital world, is the next sputnik like it is the Sputnik issue over time? We should be doing everything we can to to to not allow way to you. Have this big market share and the person who started it was somebody the headline of party connections to to the king was in general or something and it's really date, that they really offering way. That's very opaque, and you know anyone doing business in China will have to have connections to the government's, especially when you're that big and because it's a government that has such to tell if you're in control of everything you can expect that that whatever information or that they will have to answer to become whenever the government, once, if you're willing to put your privacy in the hands of an entity like that, you know, go ahead, but no,
also that the chinese government has enacted all these mass surveillance policies its. I just wouldn't trust trust them. so what is different between Weiwei and theres? Many chinese manufacturers of, Cell phones and show me yeah it's it's if the government, action. Now, let me one that has the deep government connection. Well, though, the founder at least was general. That much, I know, come and just a lot of party connections, and you know just it's also heavily subsidized by the government, which is why the ways that China has been competing kind of unfairly in global markets right when you have, you can drive out innovation in the United States by by making sure that
Your local version is so competitive prices that they can match. You so in a way, is like a form of economic warfare, which is one of the issues that trumpets really push back on its the China trade issue removed, been criticised by about, or do you think, he's correct on China? Yes on China? Yes, I do think he's correct he's been pushed back on. It is interesting because I think the Democrats were a lot more protectionist when it came to trade right there. There republicans in the libertarians, always like free trade, free trade, Larry thing like let's globalized world or with the whole Thomas Friedman.
Position when he wrote about it in Lexus and the olive tree that if we globalized world that economic, that your at you you lift a lot of people are poverty or your economic pie grows by your politics shrink that was idea right. No to countries that have Mcdonald's would fight a war or something like that. That was his theory and in the case of China. Obviously that didn't happen like the part about the politics changing quote by a tenement prick protester. He said if the free world doesn't change, China Channel changed the free world, oh, and if you think about what happened with the NBA Europe, the whole Darrell more. He explained that, because that was shocking to me, because the way they were capitulating to China? As you know, I was a little stunned meat because it was so open explain what happened. So Daryl,
more who is the e g m of the Houston Rockets. He tweeted out basically a little picture that that show that he supported Hong Kong protesters and the Hong Kong protest as have been added since July of last year. Twenty nineteen they would have been protesting. Thee incursion of of chinese control into their supposedly autonomous region. China promised them that there would be two systems, one country too, comes after the hand over ninety ninety, seven from the British to two to China thief slowly kind of erode it back in which in many ways and freedoms have been kind of diminishing over time. The straw, the straw that broke the camel's back, was actually this policy that they pass a law. They passed at seven
anyone can be extradited to China for trials. Basically was after a case that happen the criminal case and the Hong Kong people knew that this law, if it goes in effect, basically gives the chinese government legal right to disappear, kidnap anyone and bring them for trial in sums, of Kangaroo or show trial in in China, and that has happened so booksellers. It's always. The booksellers in Hong Kong have been kidnapped because they were publishing these like insider accounts like dirty, secrets of the other c c p, whenever there is a weak, because the chinese Commies parties huge the political euros huge, and so there was a bookseller call, causeway books spending,
publishing all these like accounts from within the but Chinese Communist Party, and the honor of that bookshop. One data's disappear and he ended up in China was basically force kidnapping and he was released. I think he was here. He did his jail time and now he's sending up another books, Bookshops Taiwan, but but that law, basically with just have allowed China to do that legally this time. So the Hong Kong youth were up in arms. They you know they. They were tired of
There were the ways that their way of life had changed since the British have handed over an army not in in a way they were kind of pining for the good old times the girl times when they were under a colonial. You know an english colonial master, which was one of those like moment for any one on the left and so dare more. I tweet it this out and, of course, you know how big bird the China market is for the NBA right, like all these players have contracts with them. In fact, the Houston Rockets have a lot of contracts with the chinese Cctv for broadcasts. They also had like merchandise, opportunity, sneakers that were made it there and that caused the huge huge outcry in China. They were just like, oh he's, disrespecting us and they were able to force him to basically make a groveling tweet. That's it. I'm sorry for hurting
links of the chinese people and then, like all the other, some big players actually came out in an evil kind took the side of the boat. Chinese government? They always who are we to do? You know they ve kind of, like the perspective thing when, when they are so strong on other forms of activism, here NBA when it came to the North Carolina bathroom bill, you are morally paternal abominable they were. They were all like. What are you? Are you doing this? Because you think this? Or are you doing this because you think it'll make people think more high what're you it's always hard. When someone does side on the work like woody are you doing this because you think this or our doing this, because you think it'll make people think more highly of you. If you do it such a contrive thing tonight, it so difficult to figure out why people are acting the weather acting so when they were acting in that way. It was so transparent.
There was no advance our votes about it like they were pressured. And they were worried about the money. They were worried about economic. You know whatever allow me, therefore, we happen, It was really obvious, though, is that this is not like trans people. he's in the bathroom dislike you guys are threatened exactly exactly, but the number of companies that have kowtow to China's orthodoxy is there should be some dish keeping track of all of this. Their companies like Mary out even like luxury brands. So I think verse, Archie or dodging and I got trouble because I think on the website. They list that, like countries that were in and it was like, they put Hong Kong, Macao in Taiwan and China at noon, and I wait what what are you doing? This is all China right. If you don't change that website, you're not
we allowed to do business and everyone wants a share of the chinese market. That's the problem! It's like the biggest market in the world, now, maybe India's bigger, but while lease in the future and they will get bigger, but everyone wants excess to chinese market, so so their able to use the leverage to basically bully companies movie execs to produce the content they want. So several I think well, war Z was affected. You know the other movie was doktor strange. The marble envy, where the character plate by till the Swinton was suppose to be its main monk, but you can't like Tibet. Is this like hop an issue for China re like people fighting for independence, for while the Dalai Lama's exiled, so they changed the character. It wasn't a tibetan monk who assisted change it to Caltech monk and they made it to be a woman playing. returns that peace, the chinese government, so they they changed it in the american versions. Well yeah
that woman was. American version is right because the studio they're all going on these deals, which, on China's financing all these movies. Now what so that woman in doktor strangers initially supposed to be a tibetan monk LEO male. Why but beach, they re wrote it to reflect the celtic Caltech female monk, woe and then I think the two recent, the top gun movie- that's coming Tom Cruise, you partially financed by China, and they have these. Like his jacket, people notice that there was a package that was like missing and it turns out like that patch. It was like for some reason, China, which has triggered by it, and it was gone like those we lived through job, no one ever talk, and not just in the cost This is a yes was the problem. Was that Japanese? That's the Taiwanese like the? U S, S Galveston
but but that that's what that's? What makes it so scary that are able to pressure people do to change their behaviour from afar. Without you know, bullets. This is just money money. This is access war. Someone whore, that's why I think, like one of the solutions to this is to really like start. Somebody should really started website. Maybe she me I'm just track all this stuff, all the companies that have come to our kowtowing to China, although interesting the ground you know, and so you can decide what to put your money. So it's just a giant part of the market as the problem with these films sick. It's probably the top. over in China. First of all, China invests and then They sell those movies over there and there is an enormous part of their overall budget right. That's what like an intended: the Box office there,
outside of the United States. A second largest market is China. The third one is Japan and its exact reason. One fifth of China. Basically so it's not nowhere or close and in a world driven by profits. Capitalism if you try to get couldn't turn to you, no changes move for China and technical pounds. Things IRA is it that once upon a time, yeah one well done then had so it's weird that that easy just this throw some money around and people change their culture right. I mean Google with developing a search engine for China. Well, I knew some people at Google while I was going on and their their position was. If we don't do this they're gonna cop our search engine and just steal all the intellectual property or we can work with them and provide a censored version of Google, and I remember certain they're gone. This is almost like legal,
drugs, like its messy, there's no good way here. This is the ball. They both suck like boy it sucks if they steal the intellectual copyright, they they steal the ideas and create their own version of Google. It also so Google goes over there and self sensors right and provide them with Billy to filter out information, but I think also that, if There is also an argument that, if it was Google at least maybe they they have one technical in China, and so therefore it might be to change things are keep a pulse in Libya and their health and something there's the argument, letters the blocked war, way or our efficiency, at least, but it's interesting that they blocked waterway from use all their apps, so why we no longer as apps dig dinner no longer have access to the Google placed, or so their new phones, they have to have their own apps. Yes,
with the the mate P. Ethics p. Forty, please called the newest lays flagship found. Then they can't did I'm access anymore, either some some absolute inside load from the web. You mean download on directly to your phone, but for the most part their access to the Google play doors completely shut off. So the thousand and thousands of apps feeling, you want, if you eat a lot of a lot of people apps or everything, it's not the phone itself, if the apps, if you don't Twitter and Instagram and Facebook in whatever the equivalence are in different countries. Eureka, Sherlock, but I think mister, Cities is a good policy to abide by right so link if China can influence us. If you want, because the Chinese,
They always use the their market, as will shut you out of our market. If you don't do this well, we should be doing the same work, which I think is what trumpet tried to do with the tariffs. We're gonna shut, you of a market, we're gonna penalized you unless you open up some things you ve been. You know, there's been an unfair trade practices world, it's hard for us to understand? What's really going on, because you know the news all show this anecdotal story of farmers upset because, as you know, he's losing money, is it trumps tariffs and then people our tariffs, bad I think, as a temper really comprehensive view of it? It's because they allow studying you'd have to die.
Deep and really try to understand the economics behind it. All most report want to do that, so we just sort of sold a merit of the news. Came. The same thing happened with like so so: colic industries that were important on national security like steel. Those are things that we want to be careful. How much we actually do out source to oversee is because their might come a time when we'll need those. You know, I mean what happens if you globalized to the point that China's producing what you're still civil war. And where are you going to come from, MR so easy to be cut off? A lot of really worried about a hot war were definitely in the end. Older now with China feels. But you know tat it does have military ambitions. I mean those their action in the South China Sea, have shown that they did. You want to be at least militarily strong. They haven't. You know to their credit, having taken any.
They didn't go in Hong Kong with tanks or anything right, so no bloodshed on that account, yet But it's one of those things also that in twenty forty seven Hong Kong is going to return to China fully anyway their willing later, twenty four, the crystal handover, what it was only like for fifty years before this is just the transition, so the longing belongs to China, and they know that this is not good. if there's no hope in your eyes of China, eventual becoming what they hoped it would be ones. Capitalism was sort of introduced if people got information, if there were ways to resist the encroaching tyranny, especially did
will turning right there in all forms. So it's not just a surveillance. All this ai stuff that they're sort of like collecting people's like facial scans. if an unless the revolution kind of comes from within and enough people woke up. Maybe it can be over it it, but Otherwise we just gonna be no. It's gonna be headed to its we're bipolar world where there's a new access and a new allies deserts that will stop. That talks already is absolutely the opening you seem like there in a rush has taken the south, China, Pakistan, a second set of China. Now so they're all
there is an alliance kind of forming. You can see it in you know what happened with the? U n passed this resolution condemning China's treatment of the weaker Muslim since in jail and the signatories to that too that bill that you embryo is basically United States, New Zealand, the Europe, a lotta european powers, the circle. You know these are countries that are often accused of being Islamophobia because they won't accept muslim refugees or that many muslim refugees, but you have Pakistan, and even some meaning majority. The Gulf countries siding with China defending China on on their treatment with with the weaker Muslim since in John, and is one of those things that just like what happened. How is this happening? You know it doesn't make sense. Does anybody have a road map of how they expect all this deploy our does? It seems that
This could be a real problem, the future and most american. up until this whole that up until now a trade issue with the Trump administration most Americans didn't think about China. I don't know, I don't think Hong Kong was the way I think that kind of lit in other bear to seeing the hundreds of thousands of people in the streets every day weeks after months only young in until yeah yeah, I think that the thing had this kind of like descend into police brutality like protests against police brutality now, but is still going on there still urinal and are now at the whole colonel virus. Flaring up there. It's highlighting a lot of issues with the with the chinese government. Taiwan is another issue, still vary the three tease. You can really talk among China. Now, gentlemen, Tibet, Taiwan, these three
thanks that absolute no go neuroscience know what year did you come over here? How old were you, seventeen? Seventy what was the shift like going from Singapore to United States. You live in New York. Them now hear your hometown right, yeah yeah, I lived in Boston for ten years really enjoyed. It actually has called for it I like IRAN, whisky or sire- I really like it, but that those huge culture shock, and when you are signing up for aid. I chose american it's actually easier forcing appoint a plugin play into any of the Commonwealth countries, because, as a former british colony, so are you credits which just transfer kind of more easily to university in England, for example, Australia. But I chose America precisely for the fourth amendment.
Railways. There was a very strong motivating factor for me and also just the culture of fur, like me, said celebrating where People- yes, because I was here so I wanted to be in a place where I thought I would be made. You were so single is pretty conformists in terms of about monocultures. There there is a conformist ride like there is the right course. You go to the right path to take very entrenched, and I really rebelled against that. Like using a fortune got with boundary yeah. I have here the earliest chewing gum because it was banned in Singapore. One of those things just like stuck in my life. I had grown up here. I probably wouldn't meeting this right now one just one in there. but when, when somebody says I can't like like do not touch wet patently Europe,
this has always been a party personalities from tell your young, yet his cabinet disagreeable in with us Nature and nurture dont know I I dont know irate Emily but so, when you came to America when you're seventeen said was that, like yes, it wife, but it was also. There were a lot of culture shocks that I had to adapt to. We know. For starters, it doubly felt like a bit of a step back for me in terms of how the in terms of comfort of limitless then are living the you, It is this kind of a third country companies, Singapore. Really, I want still no, when I landed in law again- and we were taken that drive to you know like at the time was gonna be living in Cambridge. we win my enemies like highway? Only it's rusting. This was kindly, but just slightly before the big Dick was done and The infrastructure was kind of broken the potholes, your health care. What the hell is up with that so was a step back in material conference for me
and in Singapore you know if you grew up even middle Classic, the fiftieth percentage family can afford a domestic helper so menacing, appointing kids. In fact, ninety percent of all the kids, I know growing up all grew up with picking up after them doing their laundry everything, so fingers, no minimum wage. no minimum women's rights, and so, if you know employment and our country it's it's in some economic measurements o the way they do it. It's almost like it's over employed, Donovan unemployment problem
ready as job pretty much no minimum wage. But what what? How do people taking be taken advantage? Our people taking advantage? Because of that? Well, that's why wages are on average low in Singapore and they're, not that high the unites states practices, what you call efficiency wages which, as you know, the kind of people a bit more to to extract a better performance. incentives matter brought back in Singapore. That's not the case, but in Singapore, those streets what're, you didn't care of better averages, o the gotta Lang restructure. I tweeted, maybe like last week, something like goes, but she now we're in like political debate season. I'm so tired of this whole left argument. Like small government, no big government garments problem comes solution. It's it's about effective government and I think that something that the simple govern have really perfected. It's it's
fact of governance said about the size, we're gonna? I dont care whether this is a policy that came from the right or the left its. What works? People respond to incentives right and if we want to encourage a certain kind of behavior. You they're carrots and sticks to to basically cursor behaviour, and so it's there There are things that the government would do in a way that we just went never fly here. Where were you mean we treasure civil liberties too much in the way in which I personally came here? For that reason, but I'll give you good example: social cohesion is engineered in Singapore, so there's it's very, very much cultural multi, ethnic society. You have MILAN, Muslims, Indians, Hindus, Chinese. Buddhist Christians and you know quotations all living in and on an island city state. That's about five million in of population.
and how the government manages this multi cultural project is that eighty percent of people who live in public housing- that's very high, Zika Socialist Wainwright Public Health in the government bills for you and each block has her mimic the racial demographics of the whole. Country, so you don't have ghettos rights. Imagine like a housing state that basically mirrors like okay. If the total make up of the country Sixty percent chinese twenty percent Lily Muslims, but it has to follow. So you can't have basically an area like Birmingham in the UK, where all the muslim immigrants or or you know some like Durban, Michigan or Minnesota with all the somali immigrants, you are forced to integrate its from its way to force people to integrate and have you no neighbours that are just not not your own kind and that's how they ve created the snake
national identity, that's very strong! That's interesting! Because AIR but he would want that they wouldn't want an engineered cracked. You know that's exactly everybody with love is the country, if our neighborhoods reintegrated never, but he just got along with her, but I think I ve always felt that's one things in New York has on a large advantage. Over LOS Angeles is interaction. People absolutely on the subway and walk on the streets with everybody, different classes, different backgrounds, and I think that's really good. I think it's getting up here. It's their contact hypothesis. I actually give kids go out with media black friend growing up legs, and, since you were three for you. You will never in your. You would never think to be racist. There is just one of those things like early contact with different people, and this is
with that's what I feel about ideas too. Early content with different ideas really helps, and that's that's kind of devoted, my might my wife to tobacco some of you know: Darrell Davis's S clear, run about him when I was at that conference that that he was speaking, we were speaking, it would seem conference and that's the conference at Darrell Davis was called NEO Nazi, the he talked about the news that someone called him a NEO nazi yeah yeah, how do they? because we explain to people who is, if you didn't listen the park ass, I did with Darrell Davis's a musician and he, He was doing some shows at this country western bar, and met some people from the clan and through just communicating with them and being friendly with them over a period of many months, he got them to quit.
Quit the clan on their own, even request it, and then over the course of several years, he's gotten more than two hundred people to leave the clan leave me nazi organizations, and he they give him their roles in their flags and he brought them all in here and he's a rational human being very myself, but he Essentially, was enforcing what you're saying that these people are never around. Anyone like one of the guys that he met initially was saying I've never had to buy a drink with a black man before and he's like. How is that possible? I'm in the classroom. I've never of know how to drink with black man, and so is like this the first time ever having a drink with a black man. You making this big deal out of it and then eventually air was going to his house and in dinner with hanging out with them and then the guys are. I can't do this anymore, like. Why am I in the clan? Let me quit and he quit just for Darrell being this really friendly, articulate
brilliant guy, who clearly did for their narrative of what they thought there were the racist friction of what a black man is right. So the incident that happen with this group called Medicines Milwaukee had organised a conference is one of their called may want what medicine this year now with the name of the group that they they were kind of like a secular. So the myths is believed that Jesus Christ was eight lay hidden really exist as a historical figure. That's what I'm at the success, but in any case it is it's a secular our group, that that put on a conference in I doing that for years, and be had alongside you know, people like Sargon if a cod account angular the guy who taught his pulse. Do the right now so difficult came four for a conference in so as Darrell Davis, and you know it was. It was a good. It was bunch of people, but on the spot, on on on the political spectrum. Basically, and
about promoting discourse, civil dialogue, that kind of thing Andy was there as well. So, basically, could you ask when the conference is happening and and and and tea for kind of found out at the start of protesting the conference ain't, they called the count the venue to basically get cancelled. They said was a NEO Nazi rally. Clan really, I honestly. You know the great is our new, his bat that Daryl Davis was there and he got tainted as well. So I start calling this the political one drop rule where it's like kind of what happen to you. If you were
Souci eating or talking to somebody that or just a whole range of people like normal distribution and people. You will be tainted by the most right wing person that you're in orbit with that's just how it goes and that's what happened Adair also when we would have after parties at a conference in tee for gather outside the bar, the Pitman New Jersey people cause Temple was there to an Epiphany Jersey, people police had to station themselves outside of the bar, and you know they were protecting this event with its it's ridiculous, because you know. Yes, you might find sardines politics objectionable, but why is everybody whose associated we know what the conference also with this and wise the response that this needs police protection. It's just were just talking about it. It doesn't make any No, this desire to shut down speech is very dangerous and very stupid. It's childish and insisting that it gets
it just gets reinforced in that culture that this and other the culture of guarantee for people at supporting diva, did understand the consequence of shutting down speech. You think I'm just going to shut down speech in deep platform. People that have marginally offensive views and the problem with that first of all, you closed the door for them to be influenced in a positive way or for people to learn from them being influence in a positive way. Fate had, second of all, the way to shut down. Ideas is not stopped. The person from talking it's to come that those ideas with better ideas and then everyone around them gets to see the discourse when you have these debates online, the people discuss these things online. It benefits millions of people shut down and benefits nobody, but your cause in your causes- probably incorrect, like yours.
Ideas are probably wrong and in the case of Darrell Davis, your definitely wrong he's not a nazi, so view shot. Shutting that down and say that these people are nazis. Will you wrong in your censoring people that are trying to get to the bottom of things and get to the bottom of things mean discussing things trying to figure out tenable solutions or war comfortable middle ground that takes forever? This is not like you know. You have Christina, have summers and she has its discussion and an innate pull fire alarms and and a yell that she's a nazi like she's, a Feminist York, You're crazy, like this everyone has to comply with look ideology, one hundred percent with no deviants whatsoever, and everyone has to take an impasse while the past purity test its this, a dumb way and to communicate the even noticed something to its always that it's a wise, The concern always that if we have this battle of ideas that the person would shift to the right.
yes, why is it? Why are you not concern about the other way right? It's it's finally reminds me of lake cause. I grow prevention, my mama's very religious. It was that she tried to its there? Ok you're, if you're, a good Christian you might get corrupted by ideas, so we have to ban, aren't like Harry Potter, books are banned and my household, if they, the ban on the Earl because it encourage witchcraft. I wasn't allowed to celebrate Halloween downwards, while easily pagan, stuff Kanak, but that's what I mean is like This is a turning. This is evil and if it is taken on this religious dimension, this liturgical dimension, because it's it were always so concerned that the corruption is just going like they're gonna if the right of court, there never concerned that that somebody might be convinced by the argument and go to left why I don't get the world the drift into left? First of all, they think would be a good thing the problem. Why don't you think it will happen?
They don't worry about it. There not worried that some would drift to let you mean by looking at someone's offensive use and that they would be more likely to drift left. As I wish me that lake, it think let them expose everybody to all idea. Why we so concerned that that the individual that there, you know that the target I guess would be would be shifted and not shift that left you, I know you, sir, you have there's an equal, I think they have an infant, our perspective on ideas and their worries but people being indoctrinated their word about the butter not worried about that. If you, if you have someone talking and this this person is preaching somewhat ridiculous thing and some one starts becoming indoctrinated and gravitate towards that. The real, problem is that these people that are indoctrinated are gullible and their foolish. That's the real problem, And in your eyes, there they're going in the incorrect way, doesn't tantalizing
is actually patronising. Is proof of this. I think that's that's when I those people are dumber than you, your smile order. You know better, you need stop these people from being tricked into this right wing ideology. I mean I've. I've heard intelligent people me This conversation about other intelligent people to disagree with them, like bench, Piero that, like Ben Shapiro, should be de platforms because bench, Piero is indoctrinated people towards right wing ideology by having these salient points and articulate sentences and these these ran said he goes on our he speaks very fast. He's got a great grass with english language since very compelling and the ideas it he's indoctrinated young people when no, his speaking with passion, I don't agree with him on a lot of things, but I certainly agree with is right to express himself and he convincing me what
see convincing like when he's talks when, when Shapiro, here's a here's, an area where we deeply disagree, gay people he thinks It is immoral. He thinks he would never go to a gay persons wedding here wouldn't have he wouldn't even go to this celebration after Party of Gay wedding, unlike what this is offer real religious reasons like that does I think that's ridiculous that, convincing me so whose convincing convincing someone, that's a baby, it deals with children. Are we deal with uneducated people redundant people that don't a positive influences what's wrong with letting him express these ideas? These ideas are, I mean he and I had a long conversation about the part guest where I was like a thing is ridiculous when you care my my perspective is what do you care and his perspective? Is he couldn't support that because religious reasons. So then we go deepens the whole with
why? What are these religious reasons? How deep do you go with it to take? Jesus came back from the dead like he doesn't he's jewish. It's a different perspective by You know that and then he do. You really think that God, eggs at homosexuality, is some sort, the cardinal sin in and terrible, if so God, made everything. Why did he make homosexuals? Please explain that what what a weird! I was God that he gives people this urge to be gay, but then he tells them fight them. Urge and then he makes this comparison to that's like murder. Sometimes you want a murder people, my ok, diving it's different, Zita, want a murder people all day every day. I know a lot of gay due to want to fuck dues all the time its head. God did a crazy thing to their system and for you we to believe in God, but have a problem with that. To me is ridiculous. So now
we're banking. On these really ancient words. They were written by people with no grasp of science, no understanding of biology, no understanding of the culture of the world, no understanding of their than the sheer number of these people, taking into perspective that you know you're literally dealing with under one percent. the populations gay, but it's a significant percentage. Susan, Ah them refrain in Hell. Do not done. That is that's really fuck dumb, like give their your neighbours in there just happy and loving. What do you care? The goal should be a cohesive society where people are comfortable being around each other with other differences, exist nice people just nice to each other, exactly that is a matter of your gayer, Strader, trans or black or white, or asian or fuckin. Whatever it shouldn't matter. The individual should matter and the way we interact with each other. That should matter- and we have to take into consideration that, if you're going to live your life by the These things were written down thousands of years ago before people had any of these understandings of
the subtle nuances of humanity and all the differences that people have and and and now the violence SK, understands why they have these differences. Will you're dealing with ignorance? You bet you your ear. You are applying these ancient ignorant rules. to a modern world where we have in a vastly bandit understanding of human beings, faint but events, credit, and he spent a day. He doesn't leaped out of hearing. What are you doing here, but he says he's gonna cut him off five items to my weddings like I can't yours and I want to fuck off but you know what a lot of us who have parents who are super christian Like I understand my mom at the end of the day, you know where those coming from she my sister and an adverse didn't she didn't, and the reason for that is that its was coming from a good place like for her. It was I don't want my daughter go to Hell, so it's like it's like
again. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions right, and so so the only reason shows objecting to it was because of this belief that she's gonna end running and help those coming from IRAN a place of love. Judges, yes and at its base on bronze age ideology. But but you know, I don't think that that was ever doubted that she loved her room and it's so can understand where Ben comes from, and in that sense, even though I mean It makes me angry like me and reject all that stuff. It's silly What is interesting is he so smart way talks about that is all that suddenly see stammering and gets weird, because he knows it's nonsense. No european values, job and embraced. now he's a deep issues, balls, deep religion Would you like to go a lot? A really do and I've gotten so much shit for saying that I, like the guy, no, I need more of that. We need more of the hate. You know he pursued not listener and in practice, on both sides.
Think he and I only had we disagree on some issues and some political issues, but he's a decent person. Here nice person he's very friendly he's funny. I enjoys company a lot like bench, Piero. A really do, I think he's a bridge Guy right I mean that. gay things the biggest one cause me. That's the dumbest one, like my my my it always back to why do you care? that's all it is to me like. Why do you care, I dont care you care someone's gay vit. If it does it affect you, how can it? How can in fact, you ain't a you, do have your fingers in everybody's business like crazy, yeah doesn't make any sense to me. I mean south that argument against gay marriage like one. Why does it affect your heterosexual marriage exactly it shouldn't, while the sanctity of marriage is dumb cited. The about Vegas you- could go fuckin drives euro here. you get married arrives through movie theater, I mean that's really what it's like faintly
get married anywhere so dumb, so so ridiculous. I just, I feel like at this stage of civilization. That would there's that we have to figure out what stuff we're gonna abandoned from the old days and what stuff we're gonna keep, and We ve already abandoned a lot of things right in in Christianity. If you leave, you didn't, kill you anymore. You know about this The got rid of some things during the lightened men, exactly they changed a lot of the aspects of Christianity that we associate today with more repressive religions exactly that to be Christianity, I'm I'm a huge fan. If they alight, the alignment in general in fact be enough. Steven pinker with about- and let me now that was the first book we chose to translate into and then and became d like me, Lee. There were a lot of protest in the Middle EAST and west.
distributing that book. Like you, it was actually somewhat the person with the coordinating some of the protests that was like telling us. We want to give this book out too, to the people, because a lot of these use, like they're they're, really jaded, bye, bye, theocratic, the region by authoritarianism and in their like. You know what you know Our religion had never gone through the referendum. We don't want reformation, we want the enlightenment this enlightenment was what could consider in Christianity and away yes and it'll in really? If you look them one, one of the greatest intellectual achievements of Europe came out of their rights. This idea of the social contract of eroding monarch. absolute monarchy separating church and state. All these wonderful invent like an innovations and idea came out of the enlightenment and it was promoted this idea. Like me, people should be free to have their own conscience and think differently and that something that that
really really is needed in and in the Middle EAST, or think. The way that you organization is going about is probably the best way to get books. Translated get idea translated to people that maybe didn't weren't ever exposed to these concepts before and maybe that'll help. answers by producing saw so you know plume pluralism. When I see that, as you know, that's what we're doing promoting pluralism. This idea that you can have all these competing narratives and you asked me what my culture, in only when I can't america how that what was my
experiences moving here. Yes, we're very freeing liberating because I felt like I went to place that that was pluralistic but tolerated all the weirdos and then maybe like twenty fourteen. You know things started to change on Ellison Campus when seen pluralism wasn't tolerated, were ordered to see the rise of of this sort of more intolerant ie. You have to do you know kind of kowtow to this international intersection, albanian, pretty array story, so that was an interesting experience in and I think it was ultimately very detrimental to the to the actual project of of liberalism, its countered, its working against that exact- Yeah, that's that's the really frustrating part of it or yet what you're claiming to be preaching your idea, allergies, actually working against it. Ultimately, behind the scenes- and you just can't seem to see the pattern
go, and you can't stop people from discussing things and say that you support free speech, that's not free speech in Ireland one my favorite, things have been with bench. Piero is watching him talk to those people. He is one of the best at taking questions, and just decimating these social justice warriors go, go watch Ben Shapiro driver, listen. I know, I think that's no good at it. I know I just hate the cash while they can't changes its very click baby and it's not him. He doesn't make those kind now has supporters, but goddamn he's good at it secretly lab at it. I know it's kind of bad for other supporters right I'll. Read me open he's great at it because, as you know, is logical and very intelligent. So when these kids are saying these things that you know they just learned last month in their gender studies class and there their yelling at him, breaks it down Sis one of my favorite things, but that
What kind of discussions are important? First of all so that these kids realised that hey there is this brilliant right wing guy that could decimate your argument really quickly. He talks quickly. and I think a lot smash. Kids were taught like participation. Trophy culture I know that your argument socks, it's like having bad confer. You know you running around the world. Thinking you gonna, kick your buddies. Ask as you ve never really been tested, and everybody who you training was. Has your confuse amazing and then you go into a gem or someone doesn't believe in your confluent fuck you up and go damn that's important. I need you know. That's The culture shock things for me when I first move to Amerika it was that I think I ll american kids were taught like participation, trophy culture. A lot of them were told that they were the bat like you know like Tommy like you are you know, there's nothing you can do is yet you're, just like so amazing and like do these people. it's like american idol. You not,
we used to get the seasons in Singapore to incite people can't sing, and that's why she, why they're putting them on their awful and no he told, then why are you telling me that legs they live in telling their friends on practising going on american idol? Didn't nobody tell them that bro you should just be singing the shower. Nobody told them was coupled things going on. First of all, some those people- trawls they're gone that they know they stuck in their going on because they're gonna get on tv and the best way to guarantee these actually suck by making it there's? No, you gonna, there's no concept of shame like they want to do what they want to be on tv, but also fear factor, don't talk to me about change. I understand that now the machine and attention to eat bowl testicles she had not heroic deftly not role, and its now show on network grain for books as two goals are actually common food Rocky mountain regrets stuff is they? Don't is bad bull testicles noticed by virtually the the way
comes. They took him while there actually deliver ok, but this on theirs. There's! No shame in doing something that most people, I fear for their decision, the thing? What's going on is first of all does love as people that are mentally ill. That's part of the problem. People delusional de mentally ill. They have like legitimate mental health issues and then they and saying, and they sound terrible and no one tells them because it only friends. So are the reasons why I think I think there's a happy medium see. That thing is, you know If you grat Asia, Europe told that you're just a dumb ass all the time in your kind of kind of constantly be down? You know. If you come home, like ninety nine, over a hundred for your math exam, your parents and going to say Pat well wild under they're gonna say: where was that one point which you do wrong and again. You do not doubt that they love you and care for you, that's just how it is to his home, and so you kind of internalize that an and have very low self esteem and religion all like. But Who can enjoy your limitations right? That's the problem like when I I moved here was that I realize, like a lot of the kids I witnessed
with man I wish they had the confidence you know if they are there. Inflated sense of self worth worth was just so big but sometimes it allowed them to get the good jobs. Allow them to aid. The interview don't be stupid. Things like drink doesn't get nervous either. I grew up around a lot of Koreans because I did tat window from the time. I was young, I didn't you and they are I mean I didn't. I thought I knew it hard work. Was does around these people and was never our clear Koreans. who end my friend John Sick, who was on the? U S national team when I was younger, was in medical school so is went through his residency and training to be on the national team so widely. studying he would put his backtrack on fills bag pack up with books and run up. The stairs of the university up and down stairs to get some additional work out said he was try
the train for the? U S team while he was doing his residency very strange and set out he was crazy. He would three thousand nine. Anyone like one of the best taekwondo fighters in the world and It was all through sheer will emit, but he was explaining that to me about what it was like growing up is you are never good, never nevertheless nothing's our good enough. No matter what you do, you could have done better ignored harder. You can always do more yeah. Now I mean it's. its unforgiving. But it's one of those things that it's a good illusion. It's it's a think, a very healthy illusion to have that lake work equals success rate and, and that's why I think you know people of asian descent generally have pretty prime to two to buy into the Republic game Politics rainbow of pull yourself up a bootstraps we need handouts, a harder work, the more likely going achieve something that's. Why
there's just such a natural ally in terms of those big to rely on this group bloc as a political group, de on disgust, racism in academics is the way asian people are treated when their applying for major universities, particularly for Harvard like date. They literally you have score higher if your Asian, because there so many asian people to get in they made it more difficult, answers trying to manage that yeah I mean it's not a meritocracy anymore, but give it decided that they have to do better than white people there, to do better than anybody else, which is crazy lighting. The ins serious thing in particular, the harbor case was that these started downgrading agents on personnel, the heart is that ok, fine, you you want to say that late? Maybe you know we don't want. We want Bwana like lower. The score is the little for other groups, and we know why, but then to downgrade this personnel.
the part that that hardly knew downgrade personal will lose the method that they used to do so. This ok, we're not just gonna reliant standardized ass, a cask deserting lake standardize test. You know that their the date that they can easily game that with idea. you can just go for more tuition extra classes and you will do well. Well, we care the whole listing package of the work, and so we want to see more personality. Ultimately, this is about you know what Aristotle called Telos right. What is the killers of higher education? What's the ultimate goal or essence of higher education? Is it to just produce perfect cogs in the machine of the global? me or is it you know to producer, engage citizens or whatever it is right like saw. However, you d find that question what the purpose of higher education you, could Taylor your entrance methods to meet that and Harvard case they decide it. Well, you know we're
owing instead of just looking at your GPA you're essay, We want to see one end of the person want to see what your personality slight. Can you thrive at Harvard? Are you going to be a good contributing meant member of of this in social? Yet exactly- and you know this one of the areas in which consistently it looked like the aging population that was applying to do harm, was downgraded in that score. These court really high when it came to like extracurricular academics or Braun S he tease and all these other standardized us, but when it came to personality they were very consistently downwards. So do you think that that characteristic, like that, the seeking out that was that was applied to specific? we try to limit the amount of asian people possessed the argument right. You know I don't have. It was done specifically for that, but I think Harvard has again. Monocultures suck in general so
You know if you're gonna love for even for me, like I was coming to to study in America like ten thousand miles away from the place. I grew up. I'm willing to go to school about relations could like I couldn't just stay there for, but I- was looking for four for something that wasn't a monoculture even have to expand your mind, rang Sonya on the day. The issue with Harvard is that it was taking federal money and if you see Harvard as a stepping stone to a courier to a future, it is unfair. It is kind of unfair in DE, were penalizing you based on race. That's the Harper approve whether or not this was personality or race, or some sort of other thing that they were selling if that happened to correlate with race, that's the part that at how to was it possible that they were just trying to enhance the way people communicate, campus, and so they just sort of emphasised personality and emphasise socio social interactions and
doing so they penalized Asians without being aware of it? Yeah kind of I mean to be. To be honest, I you know I was in college. I went to my first jello shot like colleagues here. and covered. So now, yes, where I was typical omitted to Joe shots to be a cause of is not enough, but I didn't. I didn't. Have the typical college extent you didn't party a party and I think, a lot of lot of international student confirmation, will probably fallen. Those same habits like were kind of like we know we ve been hold that there's only one way to succeed, work hard and Summa, cum, laude and all these things. So so a lot of us kind of are culturally wind on that and, and you know the do- we contribute to camp in the same way that yours, active student, union leader would lose involved and other curricula- and you know I don't know so- would Harvard want a diversity of of behaviors and interests,
yeah. Probably us you don't you know one of these, like Loring stem people. Aren't you want all kinds of different stuff and you also want people to raise the bar really high in terms of performance. You do yeah mean that that's that that enhances other people's understanding of what is possible, but as a private institution, you can make your student population up the way you want rate you that's why you have what Liberty University, which is Jerry Farewell and its for Christians but it's a private institutions are not taking money from the government. So that's fine, unlike you, see Berkeley State Institution Day, abolish of action, you see a way, although you seized it, look at the population. Seventy eighty percent nation interested in California why's that. This is the uncomfortable you, the wall in others, the part where we just seen online, I don't saved you because they kick ass. They work harder
A more developed, more disciplined people very uncomfortable to talk about differences in group up come because we have to kind of make everybody The same or else there must be some sort of systematic thing, but I think the and because they're so hard working and because they don't complain this. They get people get away with this stuff. Where it get away with discrimination against them. I think there's dying complain The loss of jobs were filed, they are starting to, but it's like you took that around you folks, and there is actually quite a big pro trump asian american boning block. Now I think I read an article recently that Andrew Yang was kind of dragging even Americans back to you know to the left, but remains to be seen. You just dropped out, so you're not lose out,
What's with the same thing, they they want to lower the basically it in terms of the public high schools, the they want to listen to the same policies, front of action poof. So that's it that's coming issue. I think I read an article recently that Andrew Yang was kind of dragging even Americans. Back to you know to the left, but remains to be seen just dropped out so yeah. Now these out, I wonder, what's gonna happen I was bombed about. I was my guy He has a really interesting ideas, and so he so open minded. His is perspectives are so uniquely non politician, yak anyway, how refreshing to finally have somebody scientifically technologically literate? Yes in government, yes, that was really mine. attraction to know when the basic bitch intellectual dark web choice, either ham autopsy was
Basically, it is really a choice, but I really really liked him. Yeah this whole thing so strange. It looks like trying to fuck Bernie over again. Just they did it two thousand sixteen there just that we want that coin flip. Over and over again yesterday care for my were like arrest that kid hurt him. in Georgia? Does an illegal coin flipped other terrible coined the who Things is so weird, it's seeing it play out and see a play out so transparently, so many Conspiracies are like about now they're they're kind of lake painting, meter PETE again, Bernie right here lately use torture by burning issue. yeah booed yesterday. Raymond Bernie was talking about how many billions so many billionaires donate conveyor peat as pretty good bang,
Good, Andrew Yang twenty dropout fuel speculation on, and my side would be mayor of N y- see how he could do that He could that forget. I think he has made is he still a mayor? Here's how you do that! Not that's a bit of a complaint That should be a giant play. Did he do a great job as a mayor me like the bet that clean up all the problems of that city he's don't he's done enough to try to make people notice that I think the african american communities not happy about some issues who talks very well in his handsome he's veteran there's a good three, so fuckin run a rod brought em. They know people are really raking him over. The calls for apparently like his again he's checked all the right boxes, Harvard Mckinsey when he's too perfect, like he was three printed in the DMZ
what is so people very concerned about that, like it so funny how like this whole optics and authenticity? Really, I bet for me, that's why, like Andrea, who is, if you hate politicians, which general rule he's the least, heart to hate. Yes, he's the one talking to him. He so normal he's a guy who run some tech company or something that's what it feels like when I write talk, thankfully yet, and we had better, they might be with twenty four hour exposure social media in new cycle. Disconnect signal is so. Obvious in a way that was never before right. We can see normal people now and we know the difference between grandstanding posturing and just like no Jean normal person. So I mean I just, but also normal people, don't wanna. Do it like that. The whole thing about a sound basis Ryan's it should disqualify anybody who wanted to do exactly that you know the system we have got to go.
it's better than China, right of course. Right now absolutely is dirty is. It is over here still better than the alternatives that we see elsewhere around the world, I'm hoping things just continually a better I'm hoping more. More people understand the mechanism, behind the scenes and how all the stuff works and emigration. Frida. Where do you guys, like you know, you'd, do talk a lot about like woke stuff kind of going about great, Does it not bother you, though, but Bernie that he aligns himself with some characters were super work. I've been here woke activism particular year? Well, Armenia also lines himself with people, a corner west whose brilliant and amazing ideas about that in, like looks at it from an accurate and educated perspective.
I think a lot of, though the weakness is a sign of a cultural shift in the right direction. Less racism was homophobia, a phobia, less filling the blank. All those are the things that we the trouble us about like evil behaviour. And even greed corporate greed, while these these things that trouble us about the invalid that money has on politics and burning, clearly stands Hence all that stuff, and I think that way you see these than this. Most of you know it goes a mark. You have to look at our spectrum. It's like the crew GNP for people who demand a hundred percent compliance is woke. Cardiology, though, hit you in the head with a bike, lock verses people who want single mothers to be able to have free education and free health care and give them the economic support that they have to raise their family and hopefully their children a chance at achieving a success.
Comfortable life in this world. Verses suppress verses, keep them in this fucked up system that just throws them in the meat grind with everybody else treat this country like community like try to do our best to help the people that are in a disenfranchise position, cause you're. So many try to do our best to in some way, economically uplift, all these Billy impoverish sections of our country. That's those the good, aspects of woke ideology, see all guy, the algae, isn't just the you need. Seventy eight different gender pronouns and enough to comply with actually fringe, probably is french, but it's all a fringe right. I mean like There's something wrong with being conservative: fiscally there's nothing brought round with being conservative in the way you dress or the way you behave. You know it like when you go far right, then things get ugly right in what new in its it's, the
outside edges on both parties in the mess most people reasonable people affected conversations with folks, even if they disagreed on certain things. They find themselves somewhere in a comfortable, comfortable discussion where You could at least sort through the ideas and try to figure out. Why? You think the way you think and why I think the way. I think why, how we disagree and are you write or am? I am I wrong work I want to know you know an and most people don't this kind of conversations like trying to figure out if the person who opposes your philosophy area perspective is writing you're wrong. It's very uncomfortable for people. So what are they Do they just fuckin shit on anybody was on the other side and they don't talk during this very little. Exchange of ideas in between there
no left? One. The Gaza. I really like talkative Dan Crenshaw, whose a right wing onto is very reason, have very reasonable he's. So much more than that for doing that thing, ethanol, too. Yes, that was great and we know it now. If such a nice me a copper like to see us, we and any software nowadays like this, you know dividing line between Rang Levin and so is so high per hyper polarize, so yeah mean you, can a guy's will go on a fox news? Show people scream at them Why? How dare you use that, like Jimmy Door? Adjusted Tucker Carl. and show, and people just shit, not em, all over the place for doing then using his platform I would, of course, he's using platform is getting good ideas out there who Tucker Jimmy Jimmy Jerry Door is amazing. You too, I it's fuckin, amazing and the way he breaks down things it's hilarious, but also any accurate and from the far left.
to where the and I disagree with him a lot politically but late he's here she entered into jobs. An angry far left guy whose funding and he last lake wasn't much either that got the dog that have been asked. Laugh about MR crazily yeah, exactly like people crazy, laugh because their laughter makes me laugh it does you watch for that purpose alone. We need more discussions. You know we need more people than in. The thing is, if you like, people got mad at me for having people in the park, gas that are far right people, particularly in the far pass like many years ago, and what it's hilarious and they said his show has had This person that person this person that person all all the negatives and you about fifteen hundred plus the and you'll less like five or six, nor as if that defines the show, but like I said this- is that another example. The political wonder, rule you in an interview like one far person, so you the whole ignore
Jimmy Door ignored that you have had Abbe Martin Edward Snowden, all these people on, like you, ve done thus far right person. Your whole shows worry, therefore Rogan, as you know, this is an alright present boots. Easy to. I look like one. We're look like should be an outright person leaned out you like, as you are, yeah a bald cage fighting commentator. You know that you know I bet. That's it. Terrible? I dont know why this correlation is really started to exist, but it has, I saw, I saw an article on the guardian said something like: if you exercise too much you're, there was an article that lake exercises kind of ago mask like again their lumping all concept in Riyadh, your lumping all these concepts together. It was written by weak pitch, Jack and the fires are no yeah. It's it's silly. There's a lot of really brilliant people exercise all a dime.
They just enjoy it. They enjoy having about it, works really well, there's a lot of brilliant people like raising cars to dead. You know they just enjoy why the mechanical aspect of racing car it's kind of the same thing when you do you do into your body to juice your body up to make it stronger and faster and work better, doesn't mean you dumb. Now you toxic masculine, but this stuff is insidious because it's bad enough to be in political silos were now in cultural silos and their mapping on each other was one of the things that happen when I first moved here was that you know so, I guess I didn't go up here. I wouldn't I didn't know what I should like, sir. People would say. I owe you your Boston, like being educated, liberal coastal elite right, but in our view, a loved that media II,
and saw a girl like that of all people like we know. I'm surprised you washed out. We d- and you know this is the time of my hearty void and leader. I grew up with that stuff. So people we surprised and and they were pushed back on it and it's it's. It's increasingly become that way like from a person consumption habits, what they like Hobbes. You are now able to map what what politics they will have or likely to have that I think we should and means we shouldn't be going down this road, but it's been very, comforting for me see how many left wing intelligent, well, read. Educated people actually enjoy watching you say so to so many of my gear fan like our right and anyone have this conversation me about fights and about this match up in that matter, more power. This is really interesting people that you are never of associated with being like fat like robber, Downy Junior. You have that talk in whom does Matt Damon. You see fit
any anybody. Breaking malls really should be elevated. Because it's so where wages and more more entrenched in these cluster right and people are scared to like things like W W. Like anything they like. You know some. Some people love Fuckin marsh. You know it's Figaro, unlike of courting modest entertaining, did you not see what things like men did, energy meaning, but they don't why you to like what they don't like, which, as you know, it's thought bubbles. that's what it is site. People love when you are, we, the people love when you're, predictable right is one of the reasons why people love and people dressed up in suits you dress, like a sou ensue in you, act like a business person. You say words that are you now you use in a very sick of a very similar way to the other people. You work with an image Sid easy to map out what you're probably going to do and how you gonna react? Theirs.
Very narrow band that your operating in when you wearing a suit and tie in iranian office there's a net. oh banned, you could be the asshole suit and guy or you be the standard. You know, work, language, human, being gentlemen. You know that that kind of Daphne is that's people like because they know that they can kind of predict. You know we need they know you gone from, but when your eccentric. When you you're outside the box, your unpredictable and you have an eclectic taste. Did I like it interesting ideas that are that are completely irreverent. don't fit into these patterns like what What does she up to what the fuck's more in her head shut? Their watch wrestling by pro wrestling. She actually likes it up. Yeah profane Wesley. He entered and entertainment rang executive, but some people, don't like when you're unpredictable and they I don't like their own ideas being challenged. It's why things are
The people love about other people that are deeply religious. If if they, if your deeply religious and their deeply religious, they know They can talk to you in a certain way. Well, the Lord has a way making things work out. Yes, it does Tom, he has and they know that you're gonna end a man, you gotta think in this narrow bandwidth, you're, not gonna, get outside that box here, you're, good Christian Y know I can makes a good Christian All that stuff I hear about him just to make any sense to evaluate the current control mechanism a lot easier to hurry. People who you know like exist within this narrative Well, that's why politicians almost always adopt some form of religious ideology. Even tramp tramp was based. Lee never religious is entire life. Mary and I always gave religious that lady who is waiters whatever the fuck range, but the Ladys amazing like Firstly, some crazy that it
are that's what it is and we trump used to be. The doubly Debbie. I now I told you remember this is lady- is basically a wacky manager she's, like Our key manager and Adobe Debbie either talks to God and helps trump out That's how I looked at it. This is working manager. He's gotta, up to now, he's got them. I can crazy hair is either sprite. Ten doesn't go all the way to the outside edges and he's got this wacky lady. Who, I want to say, is banger, but I and be shocked. I wish she I already crazy religious lady way. I already milvey, religiously fairly. Pretty. Isn't she didn't about Logan? listen, Landleaguers her yet the way she presents, but she's got the Karen hairstyle, which is not attract the care and hair style. Oh, oh, oh, look, look, look! Look at him! He's not even is deeply inside
No, it's obvious. It's very calmly again, are you? Landmines? Are you dont know he might be changed. Room someone zones is wondered when you know I I I think that's the thing that kind of ties are all the threads of my life. It says that I definitely oppose uniting ideological should go back to the approach of whose you know I believe in their picture. I, my wife, now that's not the picture. You fuck me Jamie. The picture there were just looking at, doesn't see that lady in the leopard skin, I believe her face. She's barely into this it's a lying on dogs she's. What am I doing? What is this nonsense? I was like. I can't believe, and president I won t again. I have to do listeners, crazily talk to me about Jesus people, thereby into it I mean he's it's a great man, In our mean he didn't go secular at all right But if you look at his past in its history,
he's not a religious got, and also in years another even questions. It is just lip service, though he's in the debate, be she's. His manager I attended the lackey manager. I think I think Obama with similar, I think, has performed church going. I dont think for a moment with her, where digital again too, you're back. They do out altogether the listener. Aisy D seen they fuck, like rabbits she's got a crazy story. Doesn't care like addiction, she came out of it- has to be there to even better, consisting of her journey, no new thing when you mean which singer journeys Jonathan. Can they not the singer? The singer is a japanese gentlemen Odysseus. Have you You know that journey. Like the most
named Stephen was the original guy's name. Steve very steep, very steep vary from journey, beautiful voice. You know that I am now there's a japanese guy. Who does and he was a journey cover. Ban guy and he's so good, though Wednesday parry stepped away. They hired him to sing songs. Anyone fucking, amazing that guy rich guy, that's the guy those Paul, the spiritual advisers, the far right that guy's the singer than when the middle out he's amazing he's very racially ambiguous. Nah picture, if what you say, japanese believe, is japanese. Isn't my wrong about Japanese? Exactly, I thought a red. He was japanese, anyway, he's a guy from a what's his name. ok, we gave unless the filipino towns life
Oh, yes, I think so sorry chances are anyway this guy Sounds eggs exactly like steel Perry make even touch. well maybe the touch bearing we're here. Little play a little bit of it. Jimmy Billy Windsor he few years back still Perry five years, see Perry, wanna, bales urgent to say more this guy's I'll fuckin. Do it and they listen to my damn, do you can do it? He sounds exactly like steel. Very, I can give you some come on raising back to high school baby, he's amazing we'd that that was now. That's him! That's this! Do ok, how glad I am convinced. maybe a better. I liked intensity just a touch.
Just how maybe just sound technologies. We approved a much darker, be you're, being very generous gimme a little more. I have no idea, it's amazing. He so good. I love that adequate story. That's a human story. You know! The story like that fucking cover back also needs a weeds journey. I'm not surprised volcano. There really good thing. They bade. Let left the really good at poor who yes, I guess, but some of the best poor players of all time. Is he on my wall out there? I have two photos of signed photos of filipino poop,
Efron rise and dumb Francisco was God dammit. I cameras last name, but Butter is Efron raises and Jangle Francisco boost amounting Francisco's demanded prior to the top ten. Evans, probably number one ever ever re, as most people would agree with that and boost Montes, probably top ten of all time, a national issue, even positive race off there. Text. Now those are black kosher. I know about another now anymore, it's how silly The reason is, what happened is a nineteen fiftys when American G eyes or in the Philippines they introduce pool to the Philippines and they started playing under really bad conditions, Xray moist outside humidity the tables role really slowly, and so they d a lot of really good skills under bad conditions, and then they would go to good conditions and they also have a gambling culture
So there's allowed a gambling involved and pool incident pulls everywhere. They was outside cafes with terrible Hollis, and these that just got really really good at pool and some of them to this day. So the best players in the world come from the pill Philippines like when on guys would see guys tournaments and they would have plague from the Philippines of illegal work and would go now like China. and ping pong- probably I don't know about that, but I gotta know too much about that. Thus a true of even scarce, rightly so people Can we learned- unlike I note, the actually EAST Coast years, there are highly represent in the Olympics because they train on ice can I get like again very tough. It's tough conditions for justice like fortitude, and then you can adapt to any terrain versus like if you kind of grub schemes, soft power of Colorado securely switch. That way, I know, that's the thing we're we're, making things easier for people make an easier people satellite! That's. Why have you no one of them?
The solutions I have for you know you won. The questions of our time is how we fix journalism right. Yes, one the things I really think we need to do cause. I'm not one of those people that things like the Amis Emma like the media, the problem, I mean I'm kind of part of the media. Now I I right or a spectator USA, which is so serious Brigitte and some of the people that you ve had your show. Roger. Firstly, a she's, the one actually pitch me she's, whereas cheers really funny I wish. I had the freedom to be is inappropriate you say that I wanted to get back to their because you were talking about the way we go ahead with this thing about how to fix journalist back to send the best reporting that the New York Times really does is on international stuff. So, like they ve sent people, they sent journalist intellect these areas and sit down till I see. What's up nearly in that, they would be served, veiled, bye, bye,
government officials and things like that or early, even the ISIS files, where you know this report in your time for Porter Weak Meaney, had gone into Baghdad and, like she, just winning and collect that all these documents by solving and then that you know the came back in the enlightened need reverse engineering. How ISIS was running there entire operation. This is really good journalism, an end when you kind of focus on this, that's going on in other parts of the world gives you a lot of perspective. You realize that, like a lot of walk stuff is actually very America Centric and in it, and if you had zoomed out, you will see that this wasn't a problem. The their most. That issue of you note there must that office temperatures we know being sexist, for example, because there too cold for women. That's not a problem when you have seen how the women in IRAN, what they have to deal with and if we just did a rotation in the newspapers where every
everybody from the from the lifestyle of culture desk has to do a stint in you know Saudi Arabia, something reporting from the fort, like maybe it'll, just needs. have some perspective on shore. While it is our perspective issue right mean when, in the absence of any real oppression, you fine oppression everywhere right at a fine and pencils and yelling progress is the victim of its own success in a way- and you know this one of the things that could I had a big imposition you're, my first joint spectator and what they told me was. I thinking I've not trained ass, a journalist like yet. We know that but As you know, the chairman said like that's what we want you it's, because you can go to the same schools in and go to the same journalism. Scuse, not not gonna! Think, like all the kids are graduating from say, like Colombia, you know four in journalism, so we want different perspectives and say, in fact, is a policy that we don't even ask for where you go to school. We don't ask why you study, we don't care stoning,
Why that's? How I got like onboard justice languages, read your writing and say we just like anything exactly now, Mary It is very refreshing, wonderful, spectator, USA congrats to them why? You think that you change your ground about things. Why do you think that in some way is going to make people take less seriously and people put even then so professionally, like there's just what he said at this lake signal, a flake, how you gonna act? Where are you dress how you come across and in professional settings? That's there's an expectation of you as a start, behaving assert away now when you're funny The problem is that that people dont know like you could say something but late, be totally ridiculous and it's it's a joke, but
and other people might take that seriously and now you're, a racist or eat. Welcome to my work right right, but but you're you work, resolve your Joergen. It's very different! If you are, you know if you are tethered to an organisation that you have to represent at home, that people can separate that so part of my job, as is, is negotiating deals with many of the authorised that you have in your show right people like right. Best selling books, training deals with them. I want your arabic digital rights for free. You know.
I wanna make videos of your books to give you some recent OECD. We in contracts with them, working with publishers, agents and then also fundraising. I have to go to individual Cecile. I hate you know it's gonna cost twenty thousand dollars to travellers who spoke. You know which you wanna sponsored like your fan of this book came. We can get this in Arabic for free, so when you're kind of like handling those things and going into officers in unison, penguin, Random House and it's a certain expectations of you- and I don't know if it's it's it's in more true of women, though that lake they don't expect you to be funny or like the money you are, but the more they take you less seriously verses. Then there seems to be a bit of a gender divide there. I can see I could see how that would be an issue, but I would like it to be their problem. Yours, I like plenty people, so whenever someone says they're discouraged from being funny and that's
One thing I like about you, twitter page, is it it's funny you're very funny, so like this, urging you from being funded, means like. Why would you do that? You can't separate theory? Is gonna get you know, I'm gonna get you on. I don't think that's true man. How could that be true? How was it that someone who just making jokes also can't be this person with a really well thought out perspective. I agree with you that it's it's is just one of the few. bags. I've gotten, like won't, be taken seriously. These people people that are running thing. You need your own show. Maybe you need to stop working people no I mean I still believe in institutions. That's all I'm not like super. You know, I I don't want a revolution. I still believe the way, we're gonna change things is through right now, Just too much power is my heart. Would like a revolution. Maybe I'm just saying at another kind of personal want to tear down institutions.
I kind of work within it to change things because they have the best shot at changing things. So in that send some long, I'm not that much of an outsider. I love this quote. Actually Elizabeth Worn said it. She said in law in life you have to choose. Are you gonna be an insider or an outsider? An insider have the freedom of speech, but he has the power to change things. An outsider can say whatever he or she wants. You can bench about system, you can. You know beer whistleblower, but given the power to changing and choose, you drew that's. It will also go out the quote. Actually, no, I thinking from Larry Summers. I don't know if that's are accurate. I don't You have to be an insider or an outsider. I dont think you financial freedom, so that you don't worry against someone taking away your ability to make a living suppressor own thoughts, crap, that's the big one, but it takes a very you know. A lot of things have to be aligned circumstantially to to
financial freedom, universities and but a lot of that does come from even working within the institution. A lot of people who have huge financial, and that's why so ethical Sarah Haider between something like that? One thing that's not really talked about is the classic implications of council culture, because it's going to affect the lower class more drastically. if you dont have the mental, their chemicals or as a huge class, it simply person to yeah. That's true. It's also just it. Frivolous way of treating human beings and there's no power outward redemption. It's like the thought process of it is so limited because you're, not considering the fact that these these are humans and there's. These are people and people learn and grow and they get bad and is not offering any path the redemption and lumping all and digressions, and all mistakes into the same sort of pile exist It's a childish way treating human beings and its also there's a fear to it. There it's gonna go
back on you, so you go after them like some of the biggest creeps, are also male feminists, right, they're, the ones who I really like. You say that you know me better Andrew Doyle, the other data funny yes, I love he's amazing. That book woke ass, high ass, dick to two tiny Mcgrath, so I love retweeting those two tiny opposed, because so many people like what the fuck is this? Who is bit so mad. They think she's real, so nicely could be in the sense that, like sometimes, she ends up predicting swore we'll commentary she's so close to real. This is like, if you had, television show like, one of them after midnight, episodes that what is was that was a David's paycheck called later something in the other one, the one that Chris Heart used to anyway. You have a talk. Show What's it Jimmy Camel Heavy, is this to tie Mcgrath, or is this a real activist and and you had the court's, backed by a lot of Amr close you.
you know be hard pressed to get a lot of it wrong. We're at the point, though, in our history and culture that that we can either right, better satire than reality wrote and that's that's the problem. It is a problem went when our satirists are actually ended up and up writing better stories or even predicting happening as well. people are losing their fuckin mines. There was a video from the University of Phoenix. I think it was where there's this kid on campus, the other. There was some pro trump group. Did you see that video that kid scream men- and he is saying you fuckin fascist- shall second trompe I throughout cat and he's screaming and he's walking away from them screaming and making. Yes, you should not have you throats cut to completely unhinged, I was watching us. I was like mansion this was some kid. Yelling about Obama and the Obama administration and the liberals makers
not saying anything, he's not saying the reason why hate you is because you detain children at the border in cages, play this. I could hear it Player and Gimme some up that secular business progress. Why? law, no more Ok that poor kid needs a hug yeah, but a man. if you saying that about Democrats, every rule public or every Democrat can suck my balls every river begin slashed. Every Democrat slash there throughout that would be crazy. Amy he's doing that, because there's prose didn't tramp organization there, and so is screaming unhinged. That's one of the problems. I think we should not give you know like we should
give the right legitimate reasons to be complaining about disparate coverage rate? So one of the things that Eric Trump Treaty yesterday was, which I dont even know happened like apparently a van was was was driven into GEO, P, tens or something I want the primaries and it got no coverage I didn't even would until be- I don't I don't know, but There was a story about this and, and Eric from basically tweet it saying that imagine if the labels were turned and give the witches Yet we rounds raw We will hear nonstop their analysis of our firm in other fora problem in America, so we you know The responsibility is on the media to make sure that these people don't have the argument right. The media has to be open, and then and they have to be unbiased in their depictions of these things, and we don't really have that kind of media anymore. We have
a fling median right wing media. Nobody else is going what's going on this, whose right I saw the truth. You flip back and forth from seeing into Fox news. It's like you're in a war, Texas base time, you don't understand. What's what now agree with weird that kid screaming their poor? Kid like what happened Did you get this slide ever Republican slashed? Her throat I now come all who are you what happened to you and you're in school? So learning something I'm Oh, I'm so weary of a sort of dog piling on this stuff. I think I think, when I first knows started on twitter to I was always inflaming, lay or early retweeting. Something that was like all look super were presented were under french and like Nano media, Shouldn T don't amplify that signal Maybe maybe this really is a French. In the end that you know I'm just kind of making, it seem like it's, it's a bigger
you because I noticed I fall into that trap. Sometimes like those is one story but came out. I think when Apple release the than you Iphone those like New York posters, like you, know, I phoned ten exercising was cited, as was credited criticise us being no success and other what why? How do you know any apparently, because, like the phone was kind of big, like the spanned the dimensions and so like a dozen fainter women's hands and as neatly ass, the old version that and then like. I tweeted that angrily like gaff, coarsely everything sexes again, like checks, notes, you know Iphone sexes, and then I realized. I was kind of part of the problem, because when I looked into this whole issue was literally just like to twitter egg accounts and so an article written based, unlike what somebody who's anonymous and on Twitter, that it was excellent could have been the internet research agency in Russia, the fuckin with everybody, yeah yeah,
or Tonia or another version of the time you it is in itself a kind of stop doing that software disciple. That much is possible on twitter account and focus on when things. Let me we already have a lot of good commentators who are fighting this fight right, neeblings, Lindsey, Peter Pagoda did doing it re rigorous. And they're doing in Peter promotions case they're doing it at great peril, like that, on my own diversities, trying to get rid of him and his papers that they did. Those grievance papers are how Larry S hetero normative, and queer behaviour and dog party names cause yakking with guys fucking, really right and amending rolled up fur apparently manufacturing data, which of course, that's the whole point of a whole. Yes- and I know it's the political, his job, yeah, but it's they dont like that mere of mockery. They don't like that on the spot.
like being on them to realise how ridiculous you guys are supposed to be some higher institute of higher education. That's what that you know it is this as narrowing. What happened when, like the atheists, the new atheist started, debating this their religious Christians, it's like the new age is what kind of money right like people at first for hitchin. They matters, but if a mocking tone light what you'll believe is kind of silly and by the way they react to it, was that like you're not allowed to laugh about the stuff Bruno, it's it's always the question is which side can tolerate humor you got it In writing. I agree as soon as he can't be marked and like no one hates me mocks more than then left he's dead, no one. More than workpeople right eye, called light. Two thousand sixteen Netflix special triggered just calling?
triggered, got so many trigger mad MIKE you fuckin doorways. You know I just did it. I just did it to buy all that triggered newer man a funny now It's just weird a weird space right now Why are there so many voices, so many people have. social media and so many people have access to complaining, and so you get is bizarre signal. It's like you got a kind of wit. Let it died down a little figure out what huh this is real and how much of it is that kid screaming slash tiles. How many we worked with me whenever I told him that re right so so I used to say the same thing I could beat the you know, you would see medical journals, reporting cancer rates are going up and it's like cancer, it is is it really the case that we are having more more? You know incidences of cancer or is it our detection methods have gotten better like diagnosed,
six of gone runner and we're just able to catch it at a much earlier stage. So it's kind of inflating the case number yours. So it's hard it's really hard to tell, and you know afraid it seems it seems. I'm saw Boyd by the fact that in the last few months seems like mainstream culture in a comedy started push back you more more people. Enough of this stuff well come and calm restore. Does the front line become restores? The least woke me club in the history of the universe is related to the seller? No, can the sellers really slow too? one in Europe stand up is pretty on work and the thing is the audiences want to hear the stuff they wanna hear mocking all this shit. They want to hear it they enjoy it, and you know you get back. Sometimes we will get up and get mad cuz. You said the wrong word no daily, but you'd you're missing the point, the point is to say the wrong word like what would stand up. supposed to be as marking everything that can be marked in. It
can be marked, it will be marked and if it's funny the audience will laugh and if you like should mark double edged, it just did patient and around don't want. I bet another thing you here that's a weird want to because you shouldn't punch down if it's not funny but if it's really funding your punch, it down the exception. Yeah SAM Kennison, one of his grace bits ever was making fun of people starving in Africa. Yet it was a about those television late night commercials. Where are you sitting in home cooking? You have indicated that you now and well, emptiness his bed is like a real classic you now Could you help? Would you please help- and I brought you up here- I next to him, and he goes it's that ascended a money or send food. He set himself like may send timezone who's gonna go down. There go hey, we drove a thousand miles with your food. We realized we wouldn't, world hunger have you, people would move where the phone you'll ever dad it's like
long crazy bit of SAM Kennison marking starving people, but it how Larry S cause it's done right way. It's it's here now have that minefield where you don't feel bad, because you see do that? No as advocates and no it's gonna be out of years now forget sad wig desert in America. Do we just don't landed, I'm asshole and doing. Obviously not real praise. People are stuck, they don't have the ability to have the resources to get out. There's a real problem. They been near. The climate change is always real. Issued rate does all real issues, but it's horrible, but you're. laughing pretty with nineteen eighty six when he did this, but their stations, the there's, the hat to be like a theory of of humor like why that's funny versus another case where he's punch it down, and it's not good. here. Here's the thing about theories theories alike, theory
are properly probably could in a black you could do a post mortem on a joke and you accurately dissect why it worked. I dont think you could predict how it joke will work because too many jokes are dependent upon the personality dear evidence and countryside additive cultural contrived time, yes, timing, the person only the person doing it is China and innocent always had this little smile, devious smirk and he can get away with more fucked up shit, because that was, is dealt with Rand. You know that wouldn't work, what Stephen right Steven Reign was a sort of absurdest perspective and you know non secular one liners if he had a joke like that, it wouldn't work both cast and what the yelling and the anger and you know in any enemies, fat and
ugly and is always angry. That's like you know. We talk about marriage, getting divorced. You felt bad for him right if Brad Pitt was, their screamin about gettin divorcee by that beautiful fuck. He should shut his mouth he's beautiful, but This this analysis, like the anatomy of humor, really fascinating, Lincoln. Why somebody can get away with it wastes money. Cannot. and I think I remember when we just recently Are we Schaefer dip a joke about cobia like right after you passed away and yeah, though he was, the argument that Dub wasn't necessarily a joke which is also part of it was a marking of someone in the job, is in his marking of people knew already. They would know that he does that when ever anyway dies including people, he loves. That's armies thing and it's fucked up if you dont know ARI
But even if you like, I read it. I was like oh Jesus, sorry, but that's its I've come to expect it like you. Do when Tom Petty died, he loved Tom, petty him, Tom, petty mercilessly. When Tom at a time when a wreath of Franklin died, he marked her mercilessly. You know it's what he does it's sort of his his signature move and he takes pleasure in and his fans. think. It's Larry US, but the best way scrap? It is the way he looks at it. He has a very niche audience when it comes to that and then that joke or that thing Did he does that's funny? to him and his crazy fans it abroad audience and that's what became problem takes a lot about you comedy. I really respect so much it's a strange way to make a living it today. Will I already had a great point about that, too, are is a brilliant guy, better, you celebrated amazing racist stuff.
I don't know, but what is its most from twenty thirty, eight years old the one with the present asian driving instructor English. I wait. I've tried my hysterical. I show that a lot of people. a brilliant stand, look at how very very funny guy. I forget what I can say about him, but oh yeah. He had this point about com, these, like this, a grave, four comedy right now, because comedies dangerous, yet like it's real dangerous, ganders, actually, disappearances! it was you could get away Wasn't there wasn't as many consequences people could not like it, but now with social media and cancel culture and everything when people get really angry common and Alec whew Ray, you feel it ok, he's a man now is not the recent massacres is just that he's an artist, and he loves the fact that you know it's like it's very punk rock. Now
a wild comedies, very punk rock, like you, your bucking, a tram, but you are also doing is delayed, of audiences you now here I mean if anybody thanks that you shouldn't say some of the things. I say come see me in an arena, come see, fifteen and people screaming laughing at that I don't think you're right. I think people understand what a joke is. I think people understand that your saying things that if you took them out of context, and put them in a blog, it looks horrible, but if you saying it in the context of comedy when you know that someone just fucking around its really funny and its four reaches people want over the lease from all this nonsense. They want to release from this restrictive way of thinking, and today they want to release from being told what to do. They want to release from these funds kids yarn flashed back throughout its like a goddamn What are we doing here? That's we're comedy comes and gather. My release was just moving
yeah, you know like moved a place that that all this stuff is possible, that we can laugh at ourselves again and to this end, Why you have this really interesting perspective? Is because of the fact. came from real suppression. You understand, causing real suppression, real consequences. You there and then you're, seeing these Munger consequences and you, like you, as this is a problem like you need to go to Afghanistan for couple weeks. You need to see what it's like in life, really suppress of cultures. Exactly now, I mind will you end up self sensory? Don't you need the government to do it anymore after lustre, her scared, but it doesn't matter if the government of toward a month after a while the others I was going to be similar eating. The consequences are different and we should get through a separate that I rather lose my job them with my life boots. Also, it's in the with weakness, in particular in the
the propagation of weakness in it, and then the promotion of weakness and the very strict it here, and this ideology and the aggressive take downs of people dont comply. You are you are essentially in to gaining a sort of totalitarian way of thinking, but it's in a way that you think is good, but it still, Italian, tell totalitarian way of thinking, you're, ear, who met in this very rigid ideology. Demanding compliance purity, yeah, that'd people, comply you're going after them. is everything that is against being a liberal, progressive thinker, exactly you're supposed to be a person who promotes discourse and open minded communication, and if you like, Adele Davis is the past version of that ever now he's the best version of it, because all he is.
It was a musician. Who is a very eloquent inarticulate person who had the patience to sit down with people to believe in a really fuckin stupid thing and just through his mere existence and who he is, person change the way they thought is so powerful and that's been more powerful than all the punch and not see people yes, the positive anti people such a problem. My friend Kurt was talking to this guy who's a very prominent. Left wing, thinker, very powerful person, and my incur was talking companies like in the guys like saying too what's wrong. With punching a nazi, he was who's. The problem whose can decide what the Nazis you're, lucky we're not talking about real nazis, were used punch Nazi. You might be talking about your grannie, whose republican caution Ex tromp, because Trump believes in God, isn't grandma nazi right well in tee for things die while he's the New Jersey Anti for things that Darrell Davis Isn t. So,
yeah, yeah you're right over there. The concept creep, Benito you're. A great word works to your advantage. If, if this is you know it, there are people for whom the incentives are, are there to to make it seem like the enemy, is early, that big has, then you can implement all the solutions you want can you know the population gets coward, interfere. Basically, it's it's a again, that's another to tell a tearing yeah- it's almost like you, click, creating intellectual, false flags. Are you wrapping up all the all any diverge, from this region? ideologies, some some horrible fuckin thing that needs to be attacked, squashed and poison, Lynn on fire, but Currently, at the end of the day, what we really need to do is be nicer to each other, and more power of our problem is lack of indication. And if you go to these things like when you see someone trying to close down a Christina hot summers, speech what you see is them yelling its yelling
It's like screaming, setting our fire alarms screaming that people are fascist. That's not communication! That's just like if you're talking to someone that blah blah blah unless they knew blah blah blah its childish and the factors is all taking place at universities so, discouraging effect, people. Think this it's important needs another problem, People on the left that aren't that way, but think that these people, like an teeth, are probably good because they're like the bulldogs. They like the attack dogs of the left and they'll, go to the right and they'll Del Valle D. Double reinforce our ideas. You don't understand the consequences of this you're, just gonna with with all the energy the girls in a negative way from the left, you're getting more energy. The goes in a negative way from the right it's a union thing. It's exaggerate. Its hungarian dialectic pendulum swings parliament's. Why? Yes and its inevitable-
it's been a part of human interaction forever. The best way to communicate with someone is never yelling at them and screaming at them. The best way. Is to listen with into their ideas, and where am I with logic. Where amount, with long conversations like the best way for two people who have a separate view of the world, put those put those separate views. The world together said you tell me your view of the world, Tell me, in together. We can keep it in a narrow scope, we're both educated about what we're talking about we're not talking about something when the other person is really no data to draw from conversation sit down talker through its possible we can get back to doing that. problem is we're so custom over the last ten years to communicating digitally so accustomed to blaring. Our ideas out then checking to see who agrees every five six
checking our likes and checking our our comments. This is a non social way of interacting through social media. Social revolves choose people sitting apart from each other, looking into each other's eyes being in the same spaces, each other, that's how humans are designed to communicate. That's how we evolved to communicates were bay, we spending the vast majority of our time, debating issues in an unnatural way. I would say that If a luxury now- because it feels like it's very easy and very popular to China- should launch Social media in general. Right links are great aspects for small might well in. Without it, we could be reaching part of the world that that sensors thanks rain lot at you, and I would have never talk exactly remember. This constitution allows you, I think Steven Pinker ones word about business, like that. The difference between common knowledge and shared knowledge, common knowledge is like we both know something to be true, but share knowledge is
that we now. I know that you know that I know something so it's recursive and that creates a very deep an environment like you know, imagine if you the one loan, atheists and Saudi Arabia there was no way for you to reach other people. You would think you're completely buyers that you're, the only one that things different, but in, world where you can reach out, and you can read other perspectives of a sudden. You realize that we, I know that I'm alone. I know that you know that. I know that I'm either and in which changes how you feel in terms of ideologically just to safety, and it creates real change. One of my favorite quotes of all time with was in this manifesto written by Cameron of the name now, but it was about the you know what free internet- and he said the problem is that we cannot separate the air that Nick's wings beat from the air that chokes it's so poetic, because you remember these cases of these girls that were escaping
and then she got locked up in Thailand and she was saying I'm trying to escape from my my father he's. I dont want whether he job any more. I want to break out, my family would kill If they find out I'm you know, I don't want this rynch marriage. Whenever and and the only reason she can reach the outside world. In that activists, lawyers hurt her story of could help her and she got asylum in Canada is because a social media. So it's like the more we want to regulate these things, the Mauro, making it hard for a lot of these people who live in still closed societies, because the only way to get in through the internet. I think the internet in general is like most things. There's. No, it's it's not by Mary is not one or zero; it's not great or bad. It's both those things Altogether is amazing aspects of social media mean just that
distribution of information is so radically increased over the last ten years, but right now we're focusing so much on the bad. Yes, you know therewith we're focusing too much and under the way, its use negatively and really not accounting for the things that it has brought the earth and your own motives, I think all of it is moving in a good direction. This is one of the reasons why I dont completely hate the soul. woke ideology guide, a market like we're, saying, like When I say I'm in support of a lot of people like Bernie and people let go with him because think they want good things. They want a society. That's more kind. An inclusive over to be fair, Bernie, didn't like as a purse like himself personally, wasn't a big politics, guy, all in twenty. Sixteen, not all you times have a bitch and just easier to do it now,
slide right in yet more support assistance. Weird it's a weird dig. A battlefield now are battlefield and its causing their democratic pay display yeah, it's quite what kind of hilarious it's just. I love fake shit when people like obviously fake, I love and they give fake speeches and they do fake political things. There thumb in their hand, like that. I love that stuff slovenly fallen those patterns just, but it makes it of its what you do on our daily lives here, but that's I got an Andrea stands out in such our contrasts, like a whose I've tried doing there seems a good were I'm just really upset that will never get the image of Andrew Yang doing their whipped cream bukovsky thing in the White House. Did you see that was? Do you know? the story he with his followers with green. No, he was dressed in his New Hampshire Office Right
Nan scorn will agreement people's mile exact, staffers mouth and as the funniest thing, Like you know, many told him optics or hunger was white cream, your shootin people's way and he's on his knees. Yes, that's all that's wrong. Button but I'm just upset that this is not enough in the warehouse lay. I thought that that exploded, having right now a trump and is doubly Debbie manager. you probably in the White House right now doing that exists, and I was really bad hit piece on Andrea, aimed at times there wasn't so bad that people started like they are disabled comments. Why did you do that? One of the tools were finding disgruntled ex employees of his two basically should on him and like one of the complaint, was that he precious people to do karaoke world when a monster. I know I'm not your best or worse.
fine. You know in twenty years of employment, history, no one! You should be passed. Your purity test, no one, no one till evening, especially You actually turn light on them, everybody's flawed and especially You only highlight those flaws outside the context of whatever the fuck they were talking about, the conversations they were having and what was going on and he could a very distorted perception of someone by just snipping in piecing together. So it that's, why selling city s name? What's also why it's weird when it's coming from Journalists- and you should know what you're doing you should Although this is not an accurate or objective analysis of the who, this person, but that's what I mean that person wrote this article, who you know we're sexting ope he's uncomfortable with language in and there was some in. There were some implication in the peace that lake. He he's clumsy with how he deals with women staffers right and it's like yeah. Ok, this guy's and technology.
you know, like maybe speak, got some social q reading such issues. I mean I do too, and it's like to drag someone. Oh you know to basically like sling minded somebody like that it's horrible thing is, though, there doing, because that's what cells You know these magazines and newspapers have become or of slaves to click back, make the economy to get clerks, having disarms to their actual journalist. Now in the pressure, that's on them to get a bunch of clicks, breach article and The other have editors to change the title of their articles to make more salacious, but that's why they they did the whole pay all think right. In our times. Transition to subscription worries us for that best that they won't be subject to the whims of their store, this the law because a lot of those things to get through Google NEWS feed- and you know you have to it through to the pay off? You want to read it, but the initial titles. What gets you to click the link? And then you realise its pay wall
you don't just sign up without reading anything, you go there. Because there is an article, that's interesting to you and then Eve. I bet confirms your worldview with the west or goes against an angry. I mean, I have to say it in that regard lucky, they don't have the pressure, the villages level right, whatever now there's no gap, there's no! That's also Listen. I got to wrap this up, but I appreciate what you doing. I think it's wonderful. This idea that you're getting these books, these people and converting it converting languages so that they can understand some of these great works, and I mean it's it's in the right direction and again your twitter feeds awesome could help people tell people where they get a hold of yourself, media and twitter at Miss. Unless now ten m Elsie Aegean, my own website. Did you.
I know it's like not an that's. My rebellion might millennia, rebellious no instagram occurred, I enjoyed talk. India on Latvia, anxious by ruddy. Thank you. Have one for turning into the show, and thank you to the mother, Fucking Tash, app down the cash out from the app store or the Google play store today and use the power Morocco, Joe Rogan, all one word you will receive ten hours and ten dollars will go to our good friend, jested Rennes fight for the future. Charity building wells for the pig meat in the Congo. Thank you also sue Teeter, something that I have been using for more than twenty years now. Tita version tables there an awesome way to use gravity and your own body weight, decompress your spine and relieve pressure on your discs and surrounding nerves. I fuckin love I use it all the time I have
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