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#1434 - Trevor Thompson

2020-02-28 | 🔗
Trevor Thompson is a former Navy SEAL, B.A.S.E. jumper, cameraman and photographer.
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Ash Rogan and get yourself some awesome and delicious lions main coffee full discount applied at it's. Ok, we did it MIKE today is he's a former Navy seal he's done so much. It is life, it's tough, to kneel down to one thing: Serbia, my guest. It is a former navy seal. He is jumping in sky. Diving, instructor, Isabel Hunter he's an awesome guy, and I was introduced to him by my good friend John Dudley and had a great time talking to him and that's it
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yeah, good stuff, so it's our man. How are you want to do the full calmly store did last night I figured like you know: there's a chance is gonna, be there. Let me look at her. Take my bodies, yeah, we're there all the time. That's go sounds like the gym. That's. Where will we train and you can see it and its right to see its foreigners that kind of training going on with that kind of creative art did you need other people to respond to the ads. Are weird art like that? You really can't you. In a I mean, then you just talking yourself: have any of you been economy shows before a few actually went to your show. That was in San Diego RE, Fromme Rye right right at two Macular riot Portugal that what you that's, fucking casino yeah, gets about rap. It's like people, I think it's just because it comes off his silly per
is the name probably to get spot. So why last night was one man in the wee Wee, almost like a mini podcast in the back bar comas, sunlight tat, we get our member out of school. Shall we talked about it, think, like all the different things that we talked about, that we have to remember but one of them is shot out to our body. Andy Andy stump hoop based equally. We were, How can last night about what things that happened There is an event, while you were serving where a helicopter shot down, and then you were the reply. You were the replacement group. Yes, I was augmenting the group. It ended up replacing the guys who passed away during extortion, seventy and that was a huge of that right, an enormous huge loss to special operations community as a whole in houses they do. Andy's part gas with campaigns is out right now cleared hot
and he was saying that they were flying towards fires, An organ of the actual is a different story is a different story, but he was saying that he got hit by an r p e g at night, which is rare, like apparently those things not easy to aim. No, there remain a system rocket propelled grenade its shoulder fired me just point name. So the thing isn't that accurate, so you didn't Scope on them, century, one depending on which, when using yeah, can a sort of just getting a site picture through the techie windows. You ok and dumb. So that was. That was a thing. The Andy could have been in that group absolutely could have, which is very tough for guys that aren't there. That could have been there to know that that's a possibility with so many dudes that spent so much time together.
Like him with those guys yeah. One things we talked about last night was the difference in perception between what War is actually like verses, what civilians think wars like and how much of that stuff a sort of polluted by me, by movies and television shows were they. They paint this picture of it and do you know what it's like or you you guys you don't want to know the people that were actually there yen its. I think it's cool, what you're doing and what as exactly overdoing where their allowing as to paint that picture fair. Everybody, these individual perspective, because all of us get a dick, be from everybody's individual perspective, because all of us get a different sliver of what's going on
You know we all see a slightly different reality when we're there each person's different, but I think it's important that everybody gets to relate that to the. U S special, because of how long this has been going on in its been twenty years of sustained fighting. For a small amount of Americans, That's really insane. If you stop and think about it, cuz remember: we used to think about war. War to or Vietnam like Vietnam dragged on forever was nothing about this wasn't twenty years yeah its wild. It is really crazy because it seems perpetual seems like thereby that are serving now with their fathers Jesus Christ, the real thing, while right that make sites fuck, yeah. You know when we're talking about last night. I was saying what it like this.
Is it frustrating to you? And you see, media depictions of only seem films about war like that, like you see something, that's really woefully inaccurate, yeah. It's only really frustrating when you can see that their that whomever put that together doing it for their own profit and gain there misconstruing something too to push in agenda whatever it is. It's political economic who cares right that that's just unfortunate, especially when their portraying things that are going on now with deeds that are really alive still bright. That's that's tough! To see yeah. Friends, Marcus, Latro and he's gonna come on and talk soon and dumb, that's gotta, be the weirdest want you watch in marking mark play when a movie
but no no disrespect me mark Wahlberg, Wahlburgers, great actor and he's a he's, a beast he's a he's, a pretty inspirational dude. I mean I like Mark Wahlberg a lot but to see that guy from Marcie marking the Funky You seen him yet, like you yes in you in writing. Tadeusz! What's going on, I send you an account, inclines ads and now you're playing me like that, from my ass? I get me so weird Subaru. It does like some guy and probably Santa much shit. You never really said earlier the other guys what proudly Cooper was body in the movie who the other guy yeah was it. That's right, there's gotta be total. Is now so bizarre this Riddick event in your life, that probably I mean I want speak, be for markets, both scattered still be in his head every day, So they all day long stuff doesn't go away. Yeah. You know you were you. We are individually
Think! Oh yeah, you know! Maybe it s kind of feed because you're, not the one who lived it exactly with everything. With everything with everything were, very insensitive to the way the people feel about traumatic events are yes or things that we can understand as part of who you are now. Think is a thing that you can understand more than war. If you have an experienced me, I'd I haven't. Obviously I obviously having experienced it, but when I think about it, I'm like anyone else. I should be thinking about like what it's like. I have zero knowledge yeah, but it's almost it's it's very similar to like hunting is right if you're not part of it, distorted view of whatever is going on is so odd because your centrally fantasizing and trying to build image up in your head of a that's what that must be like with no,
leading to actually say that's really it's like because you haven't touched it now Imagine hunting is not nearly Isn t No? No, it's something else is added, so many people just don't they get it wrong to do and how to get it. Robbie like being upon stage or performing in front of thousands millions of people, young people don't understand what that's like unless you're up their right doing the thing right, yeah, but the do the thing about war, that's more it's more crazy day. Those things with crazier than those things is that you're taken seventeen eighteen year, old, kids and subjecting to that, while there there really still just figure, not life like really in the beginning stages of figure, not life like not even allowed to drink, yeah That is really crazy. You can't drink. But you can chew people thanks for voting. New article four year cannot in there its
so weird one right, good luck, dog now, but the is, if you made it the same age First of all, don't make voting eighteen, terrible idea all these fuckin and people voting. She resisting fuck, you wasn't Nancy policy so that they may she's at sixteen. Broken. I was sixteen. I was a champ really was. I was one of the Damas Fuckin human beings on the plan. If you'll allowed me to have any say whatsoever and how the world's process just think of the shit you thought was cool. How now. Why not allow the same shit was school attitude. Sad comic book, into loud noises and loud cars. I wasn't like most shiny shit. Yeah shiny shit like this champ Fuckin Most things are not an end, or maybe I'm wasn't into yoga or jujitsu back. Then we're or hunting or bow hunting that pretty fuckin similar but she's damage shit
I'm still damage shit, but really really dumb shit back them extra damn acts. Dump sixteen year old Damas, Fuckin ridiculous, condemn yeah even have the x. Not only that you ve only been getting bonus for three years. Your bath right. Does everything turns you on a fuck yeah. Do you, member those days, those were so confusing to go from being like an eleven year old, twelve year old, to be the thirteen or fourteen year old, like what is happening in my pants, the fucking is this: you go from Ngos and Lincoln logs to settle exactly those get it. Girls are experiencing it too, and so It's like this weird. To playing like adults play relationships, yeah get it right. Now idea that those people can vote like fuck, you and so ridiculous yeah is there Should we will do our yet it shouldn't mail, a drink devilish unviable vote, but you can send war. Anxious!
you can go to warn waiver? Yes, seventeen! Well, that's what Andy did the assigned revenue, seventeen and pre nine eleven more power to yeah, that's wild how old do you no enlisted? Nineteen what was your instincts which really crazy, you're fuckin sooner? How did artist will show is Trevor me, this is, as he says, red Cloud son, Jack, red concealment. Can people see that it's fucking great man you're? Really? I did so you women school for art, did so. I went to the Chicago ART Institute for a year before I join the Navy and my time family has a lot of art background my mom Eddie College, my dad does bronzes and he actually has a sports cartoon for the I woe yeah. So and up art. Is that up and as most in music a lot and doing our and picked art is that was but Ozma
passionate about that was what two dozen six and three months in college MIKE Fuck this place a heart, no part of this. What was it? didn't feel like us doing anything with with with some, shit. Goin on you know six! Oh ok, here on an like both migrants. Dad served and great good and had served, and we ve had a lot of military history. So I think that subconsciously, I felt a little, It is an impetus to do that like hey it, maybe just give it a go, do it. I'm do the hardest thing. I can't figure out thought about it MIKE. Yeah, my dad's on dropping out of school, I'm gonna go be a Navy seal and can only imagine the other side of that phone like what the fuck is going on
how high is he could see, made a phone call from college while we're your school Chicago earnestly to end. You family lives in Ella, our genes in West, while here how they handle it. Pretty well the way quieter than expected. I think they thought that I would just like. Wash it out of my system before really did it, and so on A little extra surprise me told him like a week or so later that I put a leave them since and like you, I am not really not coming back to school was gonna come home and trained for this FARC How can we imagine my my frank campaigns? The sun son is Ranger. Now re just recently deployed in its for him. It is really. Crazy struggle in in it head, it's like for one is proud of his son
Honoured in and in others expression, if not my son, whose yeah, but on the other hand it's like wow only son is deploying he's gone over seasoning he's involved operations is for real for real forever. If I come from a family that we have had a lot of family members have seen combat its periphery and they got it, and I saw that once a graduated, I could really cedar. I could see how's affecting them. Stuff to see, but I really wanted to do that thing, and you know you just a kid thought I understood I was getting into and how that was. Gonna fuck my family in Egypt. I mean it. Now get it. I could barely now see and how would you know thirty, two yeah growing imagine yeah. I mean that we are only talking about thirteen years ago. Now
some, but we're talking about was the difference between In the way the media depicts it the way it is. Is there anybody? That's it got it right? Is there any movie that you watch your that's pretty goddamn close. I don't know they're all through our closest, you know, but a lot of money for a Hollywood ized they have to be. I get it You know, I understood the tone story right. You must. Donna Documentary, it's just a story, but I can't. I can say that saving private Ryan with super close, not obvious that wasn't for that, but my dad's dad said he had to step out of the theatre when you went to go see that because he could smell diesel, he remembered it. It's that strong. The memory was he had Normandy? No here he did
Common landings in the South Pacific with the rank or that fuckin opening scene. When they were on the beach. It's it's! It's tough, fucking, nuts man, there That was the only way that they could handle that situation that they have to do it. That way, can imagine being one of those guys and has to get off those boats that was there. That was their good, better best scenario. The advances this house has to happen. How many people died? Andy thousands, I'm not positive honour that it was thousands of people, perished, said There was something that someone did commemorate. The anniversary of the event did something that representative every body of everyone who died did it like beats like what were the number here goes for honey. Twenty five thousand out into german troops were killed, wounded or went missing during the battle of Normandy.
Two hundred nine ALA gadget, these Jesus Christ, it's fucking insane, that's fucking insane I mean I remember my grandad has- and I knew he had told me these things before I joined about stormy, a beach in South Pacific and everybody left right front and back him dying, going up the sand. Yes, sir, but that those are the kinds of things that it's tough to hear that the fucking in Saint that's the thing It is all over the sand and represents all the different people died, and it is everywhere. Everywhere. You look so that if you were a person who We had this abstract idea that this war went down there. That gives you a visual representation of what it must have looked like kind of almost getting in your head that it makes it more visceral. Yeah just look and see that many fuckin bodies- and that was the best case scenario for these guys
yeah, that's the best case scenario. That's why they do that. Were your staff. I got down. You know it's it stuff like that or like a month before I went Afghanistan is about a month. Is more exertion. Seventeen happen MIKE Fuck, I'm going there to replace those guys. It makes it really. Really like some something sound home really well and some things don't and for me that did what was your first upon. So my first one was worth: A team: why were you doing? Submersible works? Drove liquor, twenty two foot, many sub for five years, rail area- and we are doing like waterborne activities and how deep ago that's classify fora but, It legally you're really, but it's a little summary, Sir Run
on scuba tall like living doing so. Water gets in there you well, so you weren't scuba gear, while your piloting yelling. So what gets in there, you well the guy. You can probably put the picture of it. Browser mine, forgotten. Of a mind, far ass tv just been in a is crazy, but being scuba gear inside of a fuckin submarine with the door shut out advised how much Aragon there enough that a fact It looks that's not about our convertible. It none behind those deeds. Those doors sliders shut up sit. It can drive relatively fast, we're like if you had em up unlike, should it be for allowing say something from a Fuckin James bond movie that doesn't. It is likely that former Fuckin James Bond movie tonight.
Freeze we train in the daytime. It is bananas is wild driver thing. Your magic is your landing on the back of a summary. It's true. The two feet. Long is I mean that's what I recall that leaves a clear is fake, taking my southern, the movie about they'll have one s bullshit. Doesn't it it's like a human torpedo? Yeah, that's what it looks like it looks like a fuckin missile. It is fuckin is pretty cool, wow, so as while this ten of those things that other countries have like You can use a submersible since the first World war, when did they first invent submarines earlier on, I think anything revolutionary war. There was a guy like paddles Ass around in a year in like Our very like an Pharaoh yeah like crazy lookin, while I'm just gonna, we version at first.
Stood a fucking climb into a metal, deck and slyly oceans. Letter got those even the guys that, when the deepest did it like in the thirty or forty is a no one's neighbour did at again. Why didn't some weird? Yet really, and they had a window by Ngos I four inches across. I think it's a friends when they got to the bottom thing: realer, oh shit, my god! Imagine what, because nobody did it before, I would suggest calculations at any time. You actually get down there and then anything going back to your question. How maturity we might I guess we have enough. Oh my god, you're that to me freaks me out more than anything in the waters submarine. The idea, being in one of them: tubes, sliding around and not be I'll, see using sonar anything like what's no water, big ass animals in the water
big ass animal, olive deuce Bob you create a little stress, fracture, I've seen whales and sharks and dolphins, and also the crazy shit down echo can crazy shit. Man we on the bottom wants- and we saw this like Scorpion Crab, looking thing like walking around on the ground. It was like this Paul What's so, you make an earth like like a great name, yeah real, delicate crap grab like great, Dane Underwear, underwater waters Riddick out what it was, but whose terrifying does it that is an undocumented animal luxuries documented there's a bunch of those weird like spider crab. Lookin things walk around. Fuck. Will they don't know what everything is in the ocean constantly porn up new shit like this thing, size of a car. Would really, weird is really really old ones at the bottom. People have that the only come up when they get. I guess who nom wash them shore of heresy knows
websites dedicated to stop. There was in the Thailand soon Army. I go away down the rabbit horn, some of that crap, Those things don't even look real and they ve pulled like. I think that recently got a whale that had a spear tip in it from like two hundred years ago, a hundred and fifty years like Sosa, currently living will. Woe here saw hundred and fifty years ago, during the Moby Dick Day, someone harpooned here and it lived. I think that I have heard this recently yeah, while these animals are crazy. I mean those green. The sharks lived to be like three hundred or some now shit. That's what they is now what they think that one! That's one of the fears about the Loch Ness monster. There might be some sort of a landlocked greenland shark here or just people full shit, I'm going number two ongoing number like how you feel about ask us. That's how I feel about that shit. I've there's enough scary, shit out there
We don't need to make up a large ness monster. It doesn't make sense. I just think that peat see things in the water and then they exaggerate the size of Rome and the next thing. You know they tell a story. This problem Yet there was some eels, I'm sure, or maybe us urgent or something like that. Sturgeon are huge this as this desert, so big, and if you saw one from a distance at night, you would assume that there was a monster or an alligator algae, yeah, I heard, is scroll down. Please I can see the title. The nails vibes, harpoon attack a hundred and thirty years ago, to become the world's oldest mammal lucky that harp Well, I'm glad I wasn't full Shau embedded in his neck. Why is that not insane? It was caught off Alaska so how they catch it. Biologists claim the firehouse prove the bow head is the oldest living memo on earth? Is a thirteen centimeter arrow shaped fragment dates back to around eighteen? Eighty WA mean fifty ton wailing
coasting arouses freezing art artic waters since the victorian times. That's not man, wild and since they never took calves, the estimated the bow had with several years old when it was first shot and about Thirdly, when it died last month also died, God damn it products, they got it. I mean a gaping it. Yeah, it's just weird, how many different things to do with the whales, these attacks. With the lamps earth, is the lamp or onshore these. The ito still do enough yet think. Parts of the frozen nor the Faroe Islands do now was a fired from a heavy shoulder gun the harp, tombs attached to a small metal cylinder filled with explosives and fitted with a tie, views. So this broad seconds after shot into the Well Jesus Christ, had some dark.
Weapons, manufacture to a than factory about eighteen. Eighty and said it was rendered obsolete by a less bulky guarding gun, a few years later, so they choose you didn't do it and said, even though Device probably exploded, the bow was protected by a one foot thick layer of blubber and thick bones used to protect used to break through the ice. One foot to breathe out of service mentioned. I fuckin thinkin breakthrough afoot thick of ice. That's insane! That's in Sao stand out ice fishing on four inches of ice, come on. That's yeah, it's breaking through its head for such pitches, oh yeah, pretty whales, and you gotta think they only invented that explosive era Tipp after a couple be dick misadventures. Yeah dragged under an RO out their yeah yeah. Just like pocket book, we got you yeah how they kill it before they had big boats them
they must have had to have a shit ton of boats and surrounded and everybody throw one in there and just keep doing it I'll take I'll. Take none of that. It's just it's their certain animals, that you just feel real bad when they die Wales or one of em aspect there just too smart to too smart? There too regular to majestic and how much you need a web has narrowed ways to make a lamp or lipstick these awful eclipse. This is written a daytime, yeahs, relax Well, apparently, sharks liver is something that a lot of make up and moist risers instead of having no shit yeah they did. They did. Is dna test uncertain, make ups and they found that shark liver, for whatever reasons like this actual. Moisturize or how good you think that makes Vegetarians Phil? I can't you just weapons and shark liver all of your face. No big deal, vision, makeup, sucks, I'm looking for some of the animals from this and armies,
wild say I hadn't heard we tell you secret you're still arriving in the. U S on plastic debris from the japanese tsunami eight years ago. Well, perfect marine biologist don't know how long different species can survive adrift in the open ocean. Some may become invasive when reached new shores. While someone like three hundred different kinds of animals have made it over to the shore the ticket. It's like a Starbucks or again take out cuttings yeah? I think that's like whirls pictures. They use all the time so the sooner we wash boats plastic docks. Oh, I know they did in San Francisco. They would find stuff that was like jam these writing on it, like some stuff that had drifted across, but the fuckin weird animals, the weird animals. They found the bottom of the ocean, weird heartless, looking fucks yet like half of them are blind and see through yeah yeah, and they.
Luminescence why they, they have color light comes out of their body. What is this one? Vile, luminescence yeah, that's with words all the weird stuff they found. Yeah. So when you were under that thing, like you did you come in contact with any animals raising bump the load. Now, think this is the closest. Where became was some dolphins close and then they get curious. They do there are here- and you can hear him when you're under their looking, oh yeah, one way Here too, we were in Maui, dance and training. We heard some some Wales as they were migrating, you have seen them Molly a bunch errors, close yeah. We did a boat Thing where you go out and try to find the whales fuckin call as wild man. Did you don't really are They are right next home. Yet Europe next sitting like oh, that's, a school bus with a brain.
Yeah a smart school bus and then orchids those, though the freak closer, just giant dolphins, yeah, but the dolphins ya want one, a part of that there really nice to people that that's what's really interesting to me about workers is at an end. Captivity is commonplace active, like documented that they ve actually hurt people through. I kill people in the ocean. They actually help people. Sometimes before the water like helper mob onto the boat I don't know why they would do that like. Why do they like us with a fuck dolphins, maybe they're so smart, but the ones out there like don't take me. Don't take me help you out like pick another right revolution, So smart that delicacy of these one hundred have guns. Planes- and they can show guns out of plain. We don't have thumbs analysis help american about. Yes, dear friend, cannot hear this sum that the fact that were set
oh here in twenty twenty, and they have see world where they make those fucking things, do tricks for fish and dashes dark it Superman? it's dark that might as well be slavery. I it's like I did an animal I mean a different, a human had a very intelligent creature, the year Jack, keeping Fuckin swimming pool. I feel so bad for all of us in not just like not just the aquariums bit exudes too. He kills me and you go somewhere and I call there's polar bear. That's really! Coolly did the whole place like it's now. Meanwhile, it's fucking sixty lie, agrees that yet and like the common interest, They do not want a good work in the back end, but yeah. Do we really, need to put him on display like I now it's weird like a gift shop. I went to this wolf connection recently which is like a wolf sanctuary out near our palmdale and
these we were doing great work there really nice people to take care of wolves, and now it's mostly by people get wars and try to keep Miss pads and they really can't can't control like on a horror. Wool for eighth wolf type, animal some of em, but most unlike seven ace, Wolf, look at is a lot of orphan lot of one of them was like all both from a couple of moral wolf, but you feel bad when you're out there, because you want those fucking things to be free. I could see him and you, like, I love the fact they are taking care of him. I love the fact you care by, but I wish there were just out their run around like you don't belong in here. Even long somewhere in Montana and they cast rhythm of the victim, I want to make a babies. Isn't it weird how we can a whitewash that statement at its fixed animal, the air Yeah see you don't get up now cause balls off to say so you did everybody does that, and it sets we're thing. Man like I want to a wants with my old dog Johnny cash. Brought a man. The vat goes. She she touched
his ball. She was wise to have these. I go because there they make testosterone, that's what keeps him healthy agreed. Talking about, he was born with those I'm no good reason, not gonna, let em fuck dogs, and he make babies with me. All the time is not going to disappear. Sovereignties go if I can get out make a bunch of babies like this is a well cared for dogs in a nice yard. Like he's good trust me, it doesn't have to gives balls chopped off, and my very that that was a good friend one of dying, drunk driving out some fuckin asshole slammed in Iraq. He told me goes it's not necessary. He goes in. It does affect the dogs, energy level? It does affect the dogs hormonal growth leg, whether if you do dogs really young. They never wrote a full maturity, they sort stay like a puppy for a long time, and I had a dog like that that we got there was rescued dog, why she wasn't rescued from pets door
and he had been castrated. Really young pests Darcy did Rescue of yes I did. It was My wife got up, but he was a bitch. He was I hated every other dog hated, the groundwater, growl kids and he just was always. Insecurity is like he never grow, but testosterone When he was little, he was at its owner yeah I mean what are we gonna music six months, all Missouri Club, it's really just us as humans being lazy as an animal owner yeah right right Not you d want to control it. You're gonna train it His castrated so can't make this already too, and we must make it that that's a standard, Spain, Noirtier Pats Bob Barker, says a meal. Spain, noodle, your pet, like wit, females, is different because they will bleed all of your house and they go and heat in two different animal. I mean I understand it, but still, but still like come right, yeah, it's your choice to owe nothing right or a partner with it really unless it,
does that mother Fucker will spray all of your house. You have a male cat. You better cut his balls off out of milk. Did it anyway, he was, how can a car use feral and piss off my Fuckin house man. He just left does tail up and spray like right in front of the ill luck. That's when I had to get it fixed, I haven't gotten fixes, like I guess, who's per se. Seven months or want to finally have a fixed, and I get paid him, but I could only pat him if I move towards him slowly, like we had a weird relationship mean. I can't I mean it's, it's basically a lion: would fuck you up. Do try to the idea of feral media was really fair like when I got him. He was a baby and My friend actually found em and her boyfriend were stanzas apartment and below the apartment. It was I just opening, like those legal in a little, the crow
Space area in this cat had a bunch kittens so high a boyfriend rescued. These kittens and then she said given way to people and I'm sucker some like I'll. Take on these I got a home is like pissing out me and I had a lock myself in a room with this cat for like two or three days, I just brought books, a little box, and now may I brought books and I put a bed in there and, this means fuckin cat. Guess. Room of my house, we're gonna, be hung out together, four days, crazy. I gotta pick. He would purse so loud. When I paid him, he was so happy in ensues. I let him go. He His try to fuckin climb up the curtains and, like all my God, is never gonna work out. What have I got myself into when I started and then my other cat was outside and she was I The fuck are you doing in there with this cat. This is crazy.
I couldn't. I didn't have hurt, but once that helped when I let her in after like a day or two, and we come right up to me, start parent patent and the council there is not even her music, meet me there, and but by the time he was getting older and developing in always get ready to breed. He starts brand. My my house capture him and bring to the vat. Should I was entertaining Jude. It was a battle. I mean it. Fuckin battle just me and him locked down in this bath. And I was tryin- I wound up, throwing a robe over him wrapping One and staffing then stuffing I'm in a hamper and then taping the top of the hamper my job, and then bringing him to my friend Doktor Craig and your brow.
FUCK a wild cat and ideals today, and it is looking like Larry we talking, as has balls removed, browsing yeah to the what we do with animals man, but but you can't really let like Pharaoh cats. Why Cats, in particular outdoor cats, are responsible for billions of debts bill. Yeah you're. Seeing the numbers it's crazy small birds, birds and rodents. It's in the billions I mean. Is this an that's just in North America and calm mouser sure enough? It's a stunning number, but you can. Learn from those little fuckers like like you want good spam and start tactics. Mr Hunter Object wash away a cat moves like the way they like have
for our part I dont even put it down yet like I was in his life and he let loose and they have a gift from that job get lower. Helping us to teach your shirt. I mean from the jump they have. These I don't believe that and that's a house cat a house cat about nine tiger that the house can have Eric town amount minded. We talk about those who did talk about its. I saw him when I was, although videos one my favorite videos play that Jerry. Those videos, this fuckin dear go into a drinking. I gotta have all want here. Look at the eyes of the eyes. That's a rather like a fuckin super athlete mouth first into the throat yeah. I got it bitch and then the clause is grab hold. So you can get a good clamp down on the throat they catch scary There's a well that's what on your you ranch there
have a camera trap of for a waterhole and in that on pond. They found sixteen different cats Flood extend different background image, predatory cats, their everywhere eating a deer day or whatever they do. The probably want a week for sure I know that's California is very dear to us. This is the fact that this it's very hard to find dear idea. They should be everywhere right. You think about it no, it's hunting on where the dear coyoats amount lines words rather than as a trickle down thing right like there used to be resumed, airs there used to be a lot of other predators they would push those things around because they keep them. Numbers down like the rider cats are going to breed like that. If there is real if there's Greece rules that are also feeding on the same food source YO, but there's none of that the Catholic what's for, can do this.
So weird, it's weird that people don't recognize. It's not to keep them in high numbers around people. They went up killing him, but don't worry. It's all done under cover of darkness, it's all on by state language is a regular, but then they don't sell the tags for that, so they don't make any money off which they could look right back into conservation while it is, the craziest thing this asset, its people, namely, does no way Mt Lion, supposedly is one of the best tasting meets you can eat. I've heard that like a superior pork and is not just from one person green, He told me that our green she told me that Steve or now told me that, for everybody tells me this is delicious. I've heard yeah I'm Callaghan so do it did like us slow. I think he slow looked amount one quarter on the trigger. We settle spectacular. What a cool thing tell like Houseguest yeah, I guess we're gonna- have since local Matlin, that's a weird one that you
tell em outlined burn up with that shit on social media, The aims that young people are get upset about like pigs and those of tyranny in tears are totally ignores oh yeah there, and also because they understand that you bear and the bear Delicious and that you have to kill them. That's that's an animal that you actually have to kill, have theirs in my freezer me to escape their good yeah. It's indeed, I was your first hunt right with dollars- yeah that was a Various phone call will you we ve been doing archery for how long zero renewing our three for a grand total of no time really? Oh yeah, so you learned on the fly, so Andy gives me a ring: hey man, some he dropped out of this hunt. Do you wanna go like yeah. No questions asked. Ok, He has our. I hear some shit you gotta do site leave to book, you get to Kansas like when he goes next Wednesday Well so, essentially, I, like I gotta, go
Here too, I flat my dad and Andy and Chad Mendez- was out there near due note a turkey hat, and I was just there to like what and observe and learn how to shoot the bow from dead, so you flew out never Annabel before never touched, one, never touch! two bone loud John Mother, fucking. Dudley Yoda is coaching. You, oh Kansas, yet in a while in a barn, wow to that guy, so selfless with his time I've told so many people. I've never met somebody it, can a station in life that gives away more of their time now, His praise is incredible: he's a real evangelist for archery. Thank you, John TAT. Now he sees awesome he's like he's changed the way, so many people approach archery to Korea from a technical, point here- is changing the game. Yeah Junta percent. It such
What? What is another thing we're talking about last night to that? It's such a therapeutic thing for veterans. It's so because you know it such an intense activity, and it's such a an over what this such a deep learning curve, the so much to get from it. It's a forever sport yeah! You will never be perfect at archery down, never and if you think you ever will be just look at debts. Social media channels and that fucker shoots every damn day now and every day he's like yeah could be better then, you can always make a bad shot. Absolute. You everybody can screw yeah now arteries weird thing, and but these success that you do get from it it so like I've of hunted with a rifle before, and it's very satisfying did Grady that me. It had to its great
mean it really is the best meet the world and it anyway, you can get it his great through ethical means, yes, but The difference between the wave feels when I'm cooking Elk stake. That's from a bow hunt. There's something I shot with a rifle assignment, comparable yeah. It's it's certain special too, because you're you're so close to those animals too. Yeah, what's bomber shot with about a hundred yards American attempted something that that's what I mean. That would be ridiculous. That's an often shot with a rifle. Barely You probably do with Ireland pretty red nobly rivalry, decent rifle shot, yeah. Figured landside people shoot unshaded a thousand yards yeah. It's something special when you close in on an animal- and you can hear it eating right, you hear it breathing You can hear your heart beat in your ears and he's his ears twitch would at the job.
Has drawn back and you're doing and you're like like doing so your first hunt, you go on Our tree blood, I bear hot, so you zero time Dudley out. Does he feel another four weeks yeah? So what he? Let me go to Bob's place to France, okay, so hats off to Bob from performance for measuring me for that and San Diego, and he knew that I was going in there on to get measured for debt. So like I let him know had a time, so he took a lot of time on the day to help me fit and feel like this This can be likened to no more than happy to help. It was great. I show up dead opens up a case and he's like here. It is arrows bill both bill, while, oh, my god, supercool Teach me how to shoot and then he's hike right in yet for weeks Day and I'm gonna need to see videos the first whole week
That's it you're crash course to go from just shooting about four weeks later, you do in a fair chase, while. Bear Hunt so crazy, and you know what honneur per cent is that's doing, but I'm hit Those bears ran away their maker. I saw that I saw that I saw the video of it and when you, when you were eating those bears how weird that feel. It was. It was incredible I so I didn't up in family hunted not out of moral or ethical. We just you know a grip and allay sir. Making the whole house gets right under yet pigeons. So it felt really cool and for me I am neatly farmer with the entire process demonic practice. It takes how difficult it is
What it's like to share that meet with other people? Can I bring one I've been giving away so much meat, and I am more than happy to I. I really enjoyed yeah. I do to try to explain to people like some of my best enjoyable moments. When I get like a text message from someone like my friend, Michael YO, I gave him watch me and I do this fuckin Delicious or my friend Tom. Abortion. We photos of these like AL, grossly cooks, it's nice, it's phenomenal! Their suitability do that. That feeling is so hearted described somebody with something that start to finish your responsible for the entire thing, yeah, being a provider. It's a very under appreciated thing like being able to provide for people give. Something that's like its debts, very intimate when you give someone like our package of meat from then that you shot yourself again. This is coming from Montana like
Well, thank you. You know me pictures, it feel so cool to do it. But that's not why I'm I'm just happy that they look at me. Like that ok, yeah sure. Due to its southern cooking for people to if you could do that, I just feel like cooking for people. I can even cook a meal like I do a lot of cooking to my house. Most of it, I think, probably my wife would agree but cooking for, like a group friends and like laying out, especially as like cooking something that you ve killed yourself. So amazing I've done it. Automaton, you weren't carnivore, for while right, you did carnivore diet that two years ago, how long for your early adopter, almost nine weeks. When did you What what major bail out of it? Variety not really variety, so I started doing some what is essentially middle ish, longer distances like marathon length and
I certainly did come back into doing strength stuff, like a lot of dead lifting and some power activities, and I just really I wasn't feeling all there. I felt like I could get almost a fifty year, but it just wasn't in it right. You need carbs yeah like a little and I'm Talkin like apples yeah so essentially started to put a little but a carbon, and I still only like. Maybe a hundred grams Carbs day wishes on the bottom end of very little and work on carbs. You take him for the most part. So when I'm at home eating, I won t it's mostly white race. Diseases. I just see Breezy Digest here and like whatever is in, vegetables than a meeting which are mostly vegetables. You know was act better, as I do that so Zack, who holds the world record for the fastest twenty four hour run is, he's mostly meat based, it's mostly with AIDS, is really interesting, because if he freaks the plant based people ass, they did so
observe how what he's eating their portion to Galileo and ate it out, it is like you suppose, beginning all these diseases and how she must be death throes, be sick. It's such a dummy. Dear, that meat is what's causing all these people to be sick me. While ninety seven percent of people eat meat like or some night five and hides the healthiest genetic populations are most the animal protein based well, there's a few that are not there's a few. These blue zones like- and I think it's your Belinda there's. This is seventh day, Adventists live out there that only eat vegetables. At best answer, I think that's where the Megan Military India Crossover stirred happening thing about those people, though, is there also like really active and fit, and they don't drink. You now they're, so there their whole lifestyle is very healthy, so it is not just that there does not ingredients. That is oh yeah. I had this guy
we do agree on and he's a biologist, its working on life extension and then one of things that we talked about where its sort of under preceded, is community friendship and a lack of stress. People that, even when they encounter stress, I don't give a fuck There is a real there's, a real benefit, not giving a fuck, and I think you habituated to write like you, create these habits of stress it now what that guy? Well man, oh man, omitting use, pounded up on the shelves in your head. I suppose like I'm relatively even he'll about a lot of things, but it took a long time for me to have the whatever that doesn't affect me, the odds. It's a learned, skill fuck practice it there, you have to be. On top of that, you really do. I mean I would imagine, dealing with anti war people, as Guy to be one of the more difficult things to tell
Eve alone, like people that I mean arrow, if you have encountered rude people that insult you free service or a kind of shit. I haven't had that specifically online, really really that's Maison, maybe maybe it's just because I try actively trying to avoid that kind of stuff. You, because there's the snow, benefit their right like that that person, it trying to have a discussion there were I to tell me how it is. You does matter and the trying ral you up. Damn right, that's gonna make them feel good to Roma yeah. Already ruled up again need that? That's fine, People go out with people online, I've seen Dakota Dakota Myerson him go out with people with people, and I just just want to brutes get a kick out of their enemies. Brave online yeah. It so easy to tell somebody like Europe Pussy when you're not three feet. You're talking about kills them with a rock here, no precise,
yeah just shut the fuck up just seriously. If you have no idea what you're talking about call that guy a pussy is one of the dumbest things a person could say on this earth in your life, he's he's such an interesting guy One thing that we talked about was that I do my best to try. Get guys on that are very and how these stories just to try to. Let just gives people lease another little piece to the puzzle. This never ending puzzle of what these people are experiencing, what people you and him, and all these different people de in Anti and Jacko and everybody else who have had on that served and I'll say less. I, like I appreciate it. I feel it's a thank you from all of us for letting their stories get out and having the kind of open discussion that allows. Rizzo LISA can do the fucking great format for it. I appreciate you guys so much it's in its. I dont think I don't think he gets talked about it now
that these stories get out and I mean jock obviously has won his podcast quitted. It wait gases different operation indifferent things. It went down what it's like and Lawson. You know and Andy does as well and is it? Is it shit on a pike ass now from veterans which is nice, but am it's just one of those it's it's a necessary part of our cultural. Our society, in order to keep a safe and Whatever reason it doesn't get respected the wage and has been part of human history, since you know we could throw rocks at each other yeah and one of them to drive me crazy. More than anything was we. We're doing this benefit when the Yossi did a bunch. We ve done a bunch of fight for the troops, events on bases, and we did it for the intrepid centre for excellence, the tradespeople magic brain injury, we're raising money for them and it was so hard for me during the broadcast to not just
swearing and screaming like how the fuck are we not raising the money? How is this not a How is this thing? You have to ask for money from people to donate what what I want to find out where the budget is more important then taken care, veterans when they come home. What what's more important, who, whose getting whose get all that money would where's that money going to where's it being allocated and wasted words not being spent on these guys coming back I'm dealing with dramatic injuries from serving their country, and it's not as if there's a ton of us right their fuckin aren't like does not that many guys. Bright overall and yap, brick great game, regular, packing pairs of the what three hundred fifty plus million people in Europe it is at that meeting. We try to figure out what the current population, the three fifty I thought it was three twenty just like a couple years ago. Census gets done this year, so do not count. Mexicans.
So there's no idea, it's a semi sense, a strange new idea- and this is my max. If this were needed- asterisks like they can they can baseball my mexican friends out there. I don't mean any disrespect, I'm with you sneak in doing go. Do don't get me wrong, live your life, but the reality is there's a lot more. You motherfuckers here there's a lot more. You motherfuckers here than their they're, going to count the specially illegals in there. Just guess and illegal Mexicans are here. They gotta be guesses gas. Meddling is probably look at the number like twelve. What do they get in the way that is oh yeah? That's it eight million the whole country. It might be less than twenty million people in the greater LOS Angeles area and this we another, eight point: eight million Mexicans like I mean ex again, citizens that are here illegally yeah, probably more. Does that mean?
yes, and I guess I'm just there, yes and I'm just Jessen and again don't get testy. If your maximum, not there's no disrespect. I would find sneak over today that right now, avows live in Guadalajara Falk year. In fact, some rather than on everything I d rather be landscaper token drink, here at eight clock. Fine, I'm good doubts over take back relax nor not being shot by the cartel. Yes, I'm in here I'll take it scares I got a deal with his eye, fell on my truck up, got it yeah exactly yeah due to mean I know quite a few people have made it clear, through hook or by crook, it's gotta be weird to be in go and look over there like damn over there to do whatever the fuck I want. On this side of the river gonna have so crazy, taken it It's weird when there's like fuckin of justice spot and if you It's that other spot things are better dude and some of its really crazy, like I recently watched a movie called queen of the desert,
which is about a woman. Early early nineteen hundred shoes in Saudi Arabia and away in Iraq ended up being friends with Lawrence of Arabia, and she essentially helped carve out what is now a rack. Syria, Lebanon disliked Yet I think after World WAR one they they picked up. A map Middle EAST now the rack that is a main lines on the map. Yeah. Now they did. They tried to like put some of the people groups that were all like. Oh yeah, here's where the salads are here's. You know they try to put all the people groups in right spot, but a lot of those nations they kind of created at the end of that conflict. Where's the weirdest placed the evil areas where their queen the desert. Nicole. Kid member James Franco, Robert Pattinson. Werner's I movie whose he's
he's the director of my all time. Favorite comedy grisly man. Accidental comedy sooner movie now, You haven't seen grisly man. Think food is what does I can't read? One of the best movies have ever sees it. It's fucking great. It's about Timothy, Well, a nice guy and ears like I'm out here. Saving these bears like Bitches Haven, share that eighteen pounds, enormous wild dogs. Saving that thing, he's gonna, eventually you and it was suicide by bear I was so weird. That that movies really funny man, it's really file, have to pull it up. I watch it. Yeah dude Spargo join up and watch a movie. You you'll be like what fuck, is this guy doing things? Looking at him right now, like snack, doesn't know that it could eat m. That's all it is figuring out. Yet it just doesn't know what it is now how, where it is that I'm sure you ve seen it bears in places that probably
seen humans. They like the younger ones, and look at you like yeah. What is that weird thing over there? Will you, Sir, do you said that you ran into one right? We ran into a yeah like a jet black grizzly bear so we're this black one. We have never seen a black pull a picture of a jet black grizzly bear their a thing. Oh yeah, there there the really light blonde, sometimes Korea, the terrifying. Looking I can imagine a werewolf jack bigger than a werewolf with their so big man grizzlies, is so big figure in a hoarse. I was telling you that I saw one once in a while that looked at me and it was a small one. Was only six foot bear but the way that motherfucker looked at me does look. May like to sink into a bus to move. I was hungry and trying to figure out what to do what it can eat. Looking through your soul, it lets you know, like was when you lock eyes with that, like right away lets. You know like ok, this,
What it's like to be a dear I'm part of the foods is yeah like that. That thing is doing is looking for someone slip and whose slipping out here whose dare limping what a dear about to give birth to a calf. Oh shit, let me get close that fawn only pulled up moose half out immediately. They bear up there fifty percent of all the tabs and funds. That's insane, I'm fifty four it's over dear, has to babies, are buried one and then Katya Crazy and the EU Where does the universe I will tell you that my friend Jonathan up their John and my friend John and Jan Rivets, they have this place, been Alberta. Anderson Jonathan was there when a bear. A male bear killed a cub then the female, the mother, haste him off the dead cub after he killed it. And then she ate it she Your own cub men just meet
point hungry, sir, but no hesitation. She is aid it to their terrifying, their terrifying, pathetic weird animal that people associate with, Thirdly, nurse and warm nurse and his men little Teddy Bear a cow. Could you kill a bare and they are fuckin, tough and terrifying shot? A big bore this last spring and when we got up their thing, he had scars all over his face. Bruises when we skinned in. Unlike do this, Fucker was just and he just fought another bear. They went to war, get like a war there tariff. Did you find a photo of black Grizzly bear very hard for Google to understand what I'm looking for looking for just one Gimme Blackberry of our lack of air looked, looks like a grisly whereby ochre may not but they do. It may be color phase grizzly bear the Blackbird yeah
a black there. They shot New Jersey, seven hundred pounds last week, what seven hundred pound The world record by might not have been last week that the last week I was in the end the stories there were or talked about Skype. They stand sets a world record world record black partaken with oh in New Jersey. New Is he apparently, as the highest population of black bears an entire country and the entire North America lose nothing Jack with them? Yet, what's not? That is it. Is there yeah. But it's also like they're, so silly with hunting there, the so what their weird with their restrictions and it now change of the governor stepped and I'm gonna stop bear hot, that's good! Ambrady Fuckin, eighty anymore, that any let em breed everywhere. You dumbing, that's what they're doing It is like a seven hundred pound reckon loophole can have on their mother fucker. Oh, my god another grounds he shouted with. A bow did is theirs photos of Jamie, where it's him standing next to think. That's! What's on its enormous, that's a big, the biggest blackberry ever
biggest Blackberry nobody's ever shot with about good, for you did, did set that's up crazy place, New Jersey, because it's real, really close to New York, but it's also a really rural a lot. Journalists. He's like forest and woods law. The northeast is a kid got killed a couple years back at Rutgers by a bear him in his buddy. He when how scary with happy the I know you're in college girls. Can you have my ran right over like love nature? Oh my, the size of that fact holy shit? We literally up it's like a grisly. Amid on that there are seven hundred So large, I'm neurons I've seen one that's five hundred for that I shot, we think, was somewhere in the middle of trees and he was a huge bear. It is there's a photo. That's like a grisly yeah, that's so big man we're like the main differences. Like the face yeah face size and shape through behave. Greece has like a big, on their shoulders and their pissed off at the universe, yeah
When us, when you see them apparently- and I said like I said, I've only seen one live in the in the woods and it was about six feet. So it wasn't that big, for it was probably baby really only a couple years old, but my friend John says that what happens is like the black bears come in real slow and in gentle looking around and they want to make sure no grizzlies around the grizzlies Did you start knocking shit down and make an they make all the noise in the fuckin world they'll give a shit that bear that we saw the track in us. While we were tracking that Blackburn did exactly that. Second, I looked over cause you like made a tiny tiny, but in the tiny has been a noise and we The track and the southern bears were listening real close an here. This thing I look over and it does exactly that sees we see it. Stamps on the ground and just start knocking shit over in pounds off making a shit on a noise. Do how big it was, but a big.
We like in a six seven back. It was not a huge but greater thing about the crucible attitude to the things stuff we saw was even images. Pissed. We saw it yeah, they don't eat no didn't eat if they don't get aggressive like they have to he's gotta, king and also he's probably trying to eat your bear. I oh he did. He did it we abandon the search more power to actually I've wanted with him now a couple times he's again I think that you got that pair. We were back until dad he's like you really. You got a real good that's when we ended up seeing the bear. It was like the second time that is like an old man. Mcgann isn't worth it. You have your seven, a man with four rounds, and I have my bow
that's not play this game in a bunch of dead for with figures, a bare make sure you definitely till it. How faster you dog, oh, my God, is. I saw a video once of a bear charging the sky and he literally shoots it at the Tipp of the rifle like the head- is where you are and he shoots it like, ass, boom brains does face, plants and slides in towards, and so I asked Ashley like what are you gonna? Do we run into this thing? Goes well it'll, probably birthday just really charges, maybe my how so or what We should it niggers want fears, are pin back. That means it's for real, don't mess! My oh, my fuckin, Lord Jesus Christ, yeah bit as part of the whole like hunting, experience in providing the meat and doing the whole thing is part of the thing it's damn terrifying, but as part of the process real.
Now we really archest in a walking Don't let's hear how here hunting other things, yeah yeah we're? walking water below I just such sharp sticks like real cool, So when you see a grizzly bear cut its this, the it's with the cool, thing about. It is a more definite dont, them do not be there soon, with wolves and with Mount minds its. Far from people understand like cool thing, as it is part of it, being in country. That's part what's exciting about it. Acts when you're in Montana part of was exciting, as you might run into a grizzly bear its might see a wolf. I don't know Saigu to say it, but it does feel like you. Genetics are lit off. He asked you know when you see that stuff like I was. I was much dogs with a body mine up unalaska last month and our normal shit, she's money herds, he's he's wild. He and I were in buses
There they say has like a real sled Liam erases. Well is a cool do while Jeff it frozen trident. While it's crazy We have heard dogs out while mushy wolves and it lights off. You genetics, accurate their motion dogs in the snow, and you hear these how'd, you like I've, heard, wolves and be say its wild programme in the distance. Never hurt him up. When the dysentery, It's weird sound! I wanna hear it be allowed in. I would love to hear we allowed up close yeah. It's they're on their all amazing grids, he bears Mount lines, although apex predator predators, so your First, one was in BC at first sight was busy with Dudley how far the shot twenty two yards ha. That's nice, that's good to keep it tight. Yeah.
I mean it took a couple days and then I stocked up on one. I actually end up taking a shot from my niece, because there was a gap in the in the Bush that the bear was in the other side of I was there. Did you guys cooked the bear that night? I think we might have had and I think we had some mica for heaters or sunlight. Our therefore heater Dudley is shot out of those same year, but he told me that they shot some bears are eating onions and that year wasn't cooked it with wild onions. We went up and picked a crap tunnel onions. Why either up to now. It's a whole hill cover. Wild onions. They like the size, I think, through something those who say that someone actually plant them, there are one point on them: they became while it would make sense homesteader. So what the experience of you going up there and-
when a spot and stock which won the hardest country wants to do, we will why you're doing this like what the fuck is happening, like Fourways, go in there and had a blow now here I am with the in the wood was a couple hundred pound. Predatory animal on the other end of sharp stick, it was. It was super intense and I loved every second, like it was lighting off all the pieces of shit that I felt that was going on when I was team guy and it was lighting off things that I didn't think we're getting let off in my brain way, deep down the consequences and the experience all of it. You know you, you can hear your heart beat it fucking, while yeah and for a bear to be the first thing, I'm taking with a bow
Mike I cannot jack this up there. There is no missing here. I did some severe consequences. Yeah, let alone I feel, like a dog shit. If I write wounded this thing, because I chose to practice as much as I did, which was a short time and still screwed up right. I was elated when I hear that thing. An ash is a guy. Man was wait a little bit like make sure it expires. Did you hear the death mon now know because we went into the Bush like fifteen twenty minutes after to let it expire, he's a guy Alice, protracted. Thank him. He pushes through the bushes, is never mind it's right there at Dogcart. I went right you
heart like top along and hearts I didn't. Even there is often there are, while it made it when I shot it because it was exhaling already, so there was nothing for it among the death mourns weird, I heard the boar this year. Do it it's weird? Oh man, yeah it makes you realize how real it is cause. It's that predators have a different response to being hit, then pray. Animal does get you don't didn't run off behind a freak out right that I try to get away now trying to attack whatever bid them. China, maneuver yeah manoeuvring on you yeah, they're, Rowan and trying to get to the arrow, trying to figure out what's happening and then and then there's like fighting in off as they die. When you first aid so you shoot it, and then they are you. Or eating it. Did you guys eating camp, yet together bear camp? What we like holy shit? What am I doing? Ass wild pretty much. And knowing I still have another bear tag we have to choose may say ten up their rights. Acca trawlers prepares beast
crazy like that, and then they outlawed the grizzly season. Gossips strange reason: The people that I know that live up there, like my friend, my cock region, lives up there. It's like he'll, tell you. There are so many grizzlies up there, it's scary and the fact that they can't hunt them. Now, it's like these people in the city that have no idea what it's like, they ve, never been to the Bush yet, and then they think big brown, cuddly yeah Nobody! These are amazing, majestic animals yeah that eat their own babies. They are there that and anything else and sets a garbage disposal. Why not you clean up crew. So that was your first hot. Yet so how hooked? Where you are an immediate beyond immediately hurt and how many hunts you plenty, you know now as many as I can, reasonably think that I can eat meat and do did you should
Why the biggest moves I've ever seen in my life and to the fact you did that like what a year and a half in the bow hunting yeah, I ended up shooting that moose with a rifle did you and we were both hunting and we were the story ends up being colony because of the size that damn thing the reason it had to be of the rifle, because it was so big so we call them in and called him in and call them in for, like forty minutes, the guy I'd actually again he's like you know. I can hear it to hear it and must make the fucking weirdest noise like I can hear that and we get to the edge of a little lake is about two hundred yards wide, but it was like a quarter mile long. Will the ball go all the way around the whole thing we get down to this, like he's calling he's doing like the horny female comes out of the Bush like three or four hundred yards away from us on the other side of the lake
She's got his bundles happenings: Jesus Christ, its biggest missive ever seen my of thanks and I see him and he gets the edge of the lake and we call them for half an hour aged waving. His ailer that is doing the amount of training that we go here. I it's probably met a like, argued war. If now that size he was huge and they think use about ten, so kept you captain that kept in that and unlike dude, I really want to get on with a bow Please try and get him to swim across there's no way we can. We ever get around right for him and me to get a shot. It wasn't gonna happen at bog. And we never would have seen that guy again is already been three and a half days honey.
I'd only seen one animal and he's like hey man, you can use the rifle if you want to do it and credit to the my training that we go through. I grab that thing on my car right, dude will, if that most hops in the water, I'm handing you the same rifle I'm an issue with bow, but he turns broadside and tried to walk on the lake sceptical my time which it was gettin towards twilight, I'm in a hammer him and I think, turn broadside to walk round the lake and a hammer him yeah, that's them you have to its real. I really wanted to meet I badly. I he could it had no power. I could add the tiniest paddles when occurred. It was just bone and everybody there is like. I can't believe you only been hunting for you asshole, it's pretty crazy when the MIA two Thompson. Was it Thompson underscore passports? I met such aid as Trevor. Not peed Thompson, oh you training! to change it recently, like you know, I'm sure, flatness out and then
Does all the old followers fowl was you how to do it? I do just chastening edit your name is have to find out of its way about its owners and then you keep all the same per hour, that is, I didn't know that, so you have a photo that thing there is, I believe, a scene, Jamie Senior, Judge, Dudley, Deaf deadly Jeffrey, this beautiful grid answer. I am so these early individual photos without me what are you doing this that crazy? How do you do that sky upload? Wasn't there? is an app desire, yak degree Upload three, every time now the cake, it's silly, that's pretty cool man looks really it. So if you scroll down Jimmy, I want to be cut not that loose me at the tomahawk stakes, see that did you
divergent artists. Instagram pages is not like that. Keychain area keep council right there, s a hit, thou on and then scroll over. An areas while the thing so big. How much do you think thing Wade, so they they guessed. He was like. Fifteen hundred fifteen hundred, I pulled side butchered the whole thing, and I pulled about five hundred pounds of meat off of God it was the eight that the entire time we were there we killed. We killed three nos three four miss. While so we had a lot of Musingly fucking Delicious around my God is atrocious, the most credible me. Jimmy go back to the Photo grid and scroll back up all substances
scroll down again what it would I want to say to you gone gone gone at the start of it there. I will go back up there is something that I can't remember. I wanted to ask you a question about something. No now forget it. It's too hard when someone scrawny, oh it's up to change now back gonna forget what it was. So when you were when you guys, were there like how deep in the woods were you. Miles and miles from the nearest real road did Getting with rangers, or did you say I can called sidekicks ripe for how to get out. You don't owe me now knows that man that was an adventure sir. We get it. We get around the lake which totally solid
find me being happy about shoot him of the rifle, because it took us almost an hour to frown lake to where he was dead, and that was us just how often it like hard, not worried about anything. It's out there and we can get it and then we ended up leaving him over nikes was about be dark and of cold out real cold came at the next day, cut him in half waiting, gotta Canoe Canute, each half across the lake individually while and then drug him up Hill, with the help of a atv and deadly and dusty, and actually it was like a fourteen day of recovering that moves and John Smith described. It was insane the such big animals, you dont its heart, to understand how big there until you get one quartered and it's still a hundred and fifty two pounds. The only see it on the ground, the generalised like woe. They crawl inside the thing like at tat time.
And did you get a commercial freezer silly to keep us our cubic fitter? Ok, they asked one just filled amount. So that's mostly what you ve just move right now, Moose Elk White Tail have Alina. I have all sorts there. Do you feel different. We need that kind of food. Absolutely I've never felt better in my life something to that right. It's not just psychological liver, such as Buddha night. If it's the you are what you eat up a thing. That is an athlete that is the product of other athletes that have survived being and killed and destroyed by weather, and you get to kill it and eat it, and it's so fresh and if you choose any really well along with it white, rice and Andrew vegetables How are you doing it? Man? You feel good eating that it's an athlete. The less. I would prefer to it. I say it's like eaten a giant Lebron James, like a super athlete.
Because it is very briefly like if an animal was a predator of human beings looking for the best human beings would probably want to eat like giant and avail players you have seen fighter. You know I mean did when he Brok listener likely that fucking, it's delicious, look at him with his neck. Maybe it's acres bears look at you so hard, probably who, give snack that monitor it, some hard to described. People started ascribed to people what it feels like to just dip your foot in the food chain for a little bit. And come back with something and then think about it all the time again bessys like it's like, I have a pin in every September, like there's a pin on September. I get ready for September as it comes, and one that when that month comes around for us the big ones Elk hunting comes around here in the mountains. It's hard contain your excitement. You like holy shit. It's happened again different emotions like make sure you
that right make sure you play the wind right, make sure you don't get busted year check. My shoe, you show your arrows. A shooting wow sure you're thinking about you release perfectly doing. Are you using a silver back right now ending other hunted with their great did now there yet the I shot. Everything over the last two years are shot with us. Over back is not Eric. Well, it's just the best way. It's it eliminates the whole idea of like not punch in the trigger and not thinking about it. You don't have to think about it. Doesnt thing doesn't exist, just pull you go to sequence, ya, like Britain my last night, you do you see say you're mantra
do. You have a mantra that you say when you drawback turbo, not really, but I I do. I do walk myself through the steps how I've described them to myself after duds describe like hands. Stop sign, get a nice relaxed little side been the elbow shouldered now back. Potential attention is a law at its centre Pull right was telling you about this guy, Joel Turner. Who does? Is it some? It's a thing is cited, change that used to be ironed, mine, hunting and now it's like shot, I q, and he just he's a guy who train people retrained, Swat team members and a big part of it being able to keep her shit together. Where. Things get western is that you have to be able to keep yours system in in
conscious, state, you dont know let instincts happen in everything. Just go wild! You wanna! I was forget this. Is it over? loop, closed loop. I think a cloak. Closed loop is when your things think about it in you have control over it verses and open loop. Is when it's like swing in a baseball bat Sunday I want to sure that I'm right civilian go with Google that, but they teaches the same suddenly yeah sure I've taught combat shooting in the past it closed loop, inverse, open, Lou proceeds, immediate result and upon achieving their Zaragoza wanders out, find something else. Events closed loop perceive not only the result of the fact that all this is different now, but I got a taught. Combat reform pistol go to us of a shot. I q dot com.
You said a little. I've taught them combat rifling pistol along with other people, and it is exactly like that. That's the kind of stuff we teach would you teach to like? What is the process of keeping you shit? Is different for every weapons but it's the exact same is like you just over the bower, I just over the boat. You talk yourself through the steps out loud and it doesn't let all the outside, but will shit get in the way of pulling the trigger the right way right, yeah, that's it You can actually have a communication line with yourself while it's happening, it keeps you in the present moment, you're utilizing the equipment, it's not in charge of you. Yes, yes, It's weird how that fuckin ghost wild on yeah, my god, you see people do some work you shit, all Yuther lose control. They lose control. It's hard to keep control in Algeria.
Be able to maintain Mitt maintained the discipline to keep that monitoring your head and not just go on instinct is very important. It's hard to expect people to do that. Then. You know like. I say that one I've helped people learn how to patient like you need to be focused on what you're doing, because you are in charge of all the actions like this isn't happening to you you ve chosen! Let this happen right this evening. Shooting a gun, drawing a bow they're all very similar or like you're saying they gonna kick right yeah and not letting rogue elements become part of the process. Yeah, it's some its will. The thing that your mind does, where your mind just wants. Spaz out here So it's a weird reaction, distress and adrenaline and always different things- are different. Actors. Are you trying to calculate all at once, a full on Bananas PBS their shit.
I can only imagine once I can combat that's a different level beyond yeah. It is so. What are you telling them to think of when you're telling them like reaching combat pistols? you teach them how to utilise a pistol. What do you do? But what is the process of like I train breaks up down as simple as possible so that its easy steps for people to talk through to create a habit said it here, using it as a subconscious effort right. I want you to be able to draw and fire that pistol or shoulder and fire the rifle in a way that you're almost not thinking through. Once you become very proficient the shooting so that your brain can stay open to all the other pertinent shit. That's going on all the scary. Crap is happening out there,
right, so it becomes an automatic yeah movement. You want it to be like that. You want it to be an automatic movement and those guys out there with a shit on more combat time, any shit, ton more teaching, experience that say the exact same thing and they say it because it works, because there is not time to screw around with having to think through the process its similar to. Your drawing a bone hunting right, give time really think through it all now an animal walkin out front? You know you. Does the had that stuff can we die then yeah yeah, super dialed, so with pistol and rifles the same way, I gonna break that down so simple and we can handle so much information saw break it down real, simple and feed. You more pieces individually as they come up now, how much in the military, how much time do they spend in struck ding or coaching people on how
Two, but how to think during intent and stressful situations, so they lead to combat started to do more that when I was in bud. Since a fairly recent thing, relatively recent. And I know they do more now and what they're trying to do is get people to make sure that they can understand what they're doing and perform under the pressure right. And a lot of the lot of the training and a lot of selection, weeds out people can't put stress and information. And in the same way, in a traffic right, ok, so that's what a lot of buzzes yeah but necessity and then further on in the teams like every day, your earning your Triton is what they say. You can always lose it. So. What there? What they're saying is it's all process, but they ve been there weeding people out that can't handle ass sort of shit, and
so this is something that they ve written books on. Are their manuals on this, and or is this just something? That's understood known? I don't murmured happiness on this for me when I was in like psychological stuff, We did have some gas coming to talk to us and then we can rise with you got it. You know. I don't particularly remember exactly what, the advice was like word for word, but I do remember it being like. Follow your training in a were training you, the right way in it sought to do. Is your told ass, do which you know how to do right and you'll? Do it well and is a lot, of being able to perform in combat in these situations that are insanely, stressful and to build a manage information and stress the same time is laudable: just learned by experience. I think so because, like for you
Being overseas or yellow process yeah, I was one of the youngest guys there because I was augmenting meaning I was an extra person. I volunteered to go asked to go so I was open ears, open eyes and closed mouth for four months like
these do that are over? There have been had been doing it for a long time. At that point, I was there to those eleven and twelve and it's all a process that is fatally consequential, and I knew that so you're, like I'm just gonna shut up and fucking, listen or shut up and watch does was it's fuckin terrifying is why it's not necessarily being wise, like you just onawandah yeah, that dude stepping over therefore reason he's not meaning that welfare reason he's doing this varies and he's got his gear set up like that for its offer fun, you know they're not over. There are sorting it's fuckin for real, so yes, questions and the best thing that I've been able to get from the teams which was super evident there. Is you learn how to learn? You learn how to be a student,
a good one, because if you're not there's a good chance, you could die a lot of guys of data received. A lot of guys have died in training still doing the right thing. Yet we were taught him last night about a guy who died and training we send a guy drown! Then they never found his body matters so that virtue is actually the nineteenth seven years. I think people need understand How difficult and training is that people get lost during that time. For our lost our lost. We had diving injuries at the tea there is no negligence, we weren't nor doing things incorrectly should stuff it's We're doing very dangerous shit, now very dangerous from skydiving, with gear to diving really deep for a long time to shooting exercises
Now you compound that and put him altogether endued overseas with somebody else out that its hunting, you. How do they mitigate when you go oversees the effect of being over there too long, because Would I would imagine that the stress of constant combat first, so this My ignorance of it, but this is what I would think, was at what for happens. This is probably like you get better at being caught, and more accustomed to it, but after, while the pressure eventually, to crack you that it did this many many many months over there dealing with it, you have to have two decompress, you do and they have liked. Compression windows at the end of deployments, how much like what a difficult appointment, how long's at last, I was over there for four months and they do everything from where they ve done everything from three months to thirteen plus for special operations, gas,
and the reason being they do the shorter ones because of the operation tempo you doing so much you doing it so quickly and they want you to be freshening. What should be good at it because they dont want that stress to happen, what is that, like this? The stress like what? How does it affect people, because I would assume the affects everyone differently that but the price Of being in harm's way, consistently for law, the term I joke about it, making everybody professionally paranoid like you're off always like I'm not always wound up, but I'm always on some sort of alert for things. Yeah, I'm always I come. Thinking about stuff, I'm always keyed on the second doing, why'd you do it right In no way that I don't, I don't know why that's there, man, I know y know what part of my in saying what the fuck is, that
is that hard to let go and civilian life, or is it just there forever and I think it's their lights on August there forever. I can't! I don't know it's still there, Jersey! Our video doesn't he did. Video recently, where, is like people who say why. Looking over your shoulder, Georgia has been tactical, some checking my flanks. What why he was in the dark and he goes The enemy can't see me we're, not smile? I want them to see my teeth. That guy is hilarious is the best years. I love. I got it through. He so great such an important person to because he's both articulate and savage he's. Both a brilliant guy who is wise and humble, and but also a fuckin guerrilla here is a legit savage. Yet I had a chance to
Ro a little bit with him, I don't do that. Don't do that. It was at Andean DEN and was only broke. Duds Knacker terrified broke a bonus neck. Daddy I throw cancer. He did when they want to tell you like what happened. You ask fuckin heroic, I put me in a greeting snap, my neck big, like the relevant, actually did it getting, I think actually was. He has not call in in Johns Throat doing something I want to say John. That sounds right. I think John. We heard it in full guarded didn't know how to tap exotic this is like going. Yeah think John, had him in full guard might be fucking us up in job, go put. His knuckles ended Johns neck and was like using a net crank, compressing his neck from like. The guard or maybe you inside control and then had a knuckle in the throat. Remember he paused a buying. It was from the guard
It I think I was about like from media to this going on a broken bones. Neck Villa he's a gorilla, big hairless guerrilla, how much do I once it? If you share our targets, not don't do that who is like for I can run away from it Yes, we from the total around now is terrifying. Ouch after it was that it was- Like I was. Wrestling around with a sweaty Pisa mahogany, big guys at a skilled at social, humiliating big, guided skilful I've ever that happened once in the past. Like the I think, I'm cool, then you find out you're, not cuz, I'm not a big dude right, Buddy mine played at played. I think I was lying at Sanford. I came home from deployment and I'm quick a little blitzed has like screwing around half the time like one. Seventy five and picked me up from under the arms like you're, real strong for your site,
and let me down like that Gaddafi also emasculated real strong for your sides. Is it your fucking weird coming? He was hike, he's like three hundred pound Deanna, like six five crap. Huge humans that guy I want to you to you, don't say Do that one time with them did the one time of them with that's ridiculous. He's fucking money, Will your blackfellow eight thanks, Andy yeah Andy, Crazy in any end obsessed. He does Jujitsu five days. We that's when we are teaching not dared to scatter. Oh Jesus Christ. A retrial die, you trying to tell you that we remember this neck broke in Gaza skydiving. Why is it so many team guys wind up getting into skydiving based jumping parachute. What is that? Is that what it is? Is it there's a thing? I mean our speak for you, but
some men of the dead, the highs and the thrills of that stuff of base. Jumping in what what is it so attractive about. I don't know how much you if it's the thrill as the thrill combined and with the enormous amount of mental effort cognitive load, that's going on and focus because you know the consequences fuck you like, if you're on the edge of the cliff and a wink, see there's so much shattered and go round between the second, you push off that thing and you can't and around to this sixty ish seconds that it takes to get to the ground that I killed a lot of people, a lot of a lot of people Yeah, how many times you will suit jump a couple we have about seven hundred patients. Why is that good thing for.
Veterans when they come back as well just to give them something that that allows them to feel that edge again. I would never suggest somebody learned ambition. Really. Fuck now aren't called a sport. I caught a life choice So you only want people do that are drawn to it. Yeah. If Europe, and so willing to do that thing that you will do everything it takes to make it happen and go around me to learn how to do it. Ok, that ok, but I'm not gonna, be like cigarettes choice for you here. Don't go to therapy. You should cliff how much can terribly help veterans I always feel like. Neither either have the ability to handle shit or you don't, and then it can help you if you have devoted handle shit. Agri Islamic is that it does, our arrogant. Assumption on my part from no experience but the way, I'm
give. It is like the amount of wrestling that must be done in your mind, going from combat deployment to regular society and seeing they, the petty bullshit that people think of as Being like life or death, a real real issues need screaming and fighting and like you, fuckin babies, non You see that a lot of guys come back. Is there just like the fuck is wrong with you here? Is this really worth it right, and but I do think that therapy of some type archery technical, shooting based jumping Jujitsu there are things that you can take up I think, help guys unpack ties eyes like undue all of the shit. That's in their head in you, don't have to go to a therapist to talk. And have that's not necessarily the best thing for everybody diesel
We're thing about the mind right where it has to be active, you have to give you my tasks, oh yeah. He Even meditating isn't being task less right, right, you're, focusing on focusing yes, do something there is something going on down a grey matters. Doing some work. You gotta get the engine turnin yeah, it's in So it's like four people that have experienced combat deplore whence, and then they come back to regular life, it's almost your bodies accustomed to a certain level of stress. Now, it's not there anymore, so might start creating and on its own or look. For when I sat there, and I think anyone but I have no idea I haven't been tested. Nor has he, if I know what you know so many of us are like adrenal, fatigued because we're just wound, fuck up at fifth gear for years right. A real adrenal fatigue. I think so yeah
lotta Gaza very just like me about so much right and I don't think that's because they don't care. I think it's because they're they're hormones are out of work. That makes sense. Well, there's also a lot of guys whose hormones or out of whack, you know from ideas and from a man down doors at I've been stumped enough, where I felt my teeth in pressure not supposed to build a failure, teeth, Jesus Christ was so many guys who get back up hormone issues too, because pituitary gland damage from crop chronic brain drama, I'm not surprised em and that stuff. That really Is to be addressed, and that's the kind of stuff like yours and for the charity for the traumatic brain injury. That's shit, you see it looked at we'd be doing preventative work. Yes, ahead of time
yes and then monitoring people making sure that their o k stuff is degenerative, and people need to know that that's out there. And it can be helped. Is it hard sometimes for veterans to ask for help, I think so because they just feel like? Maybe asking shows weakness, or maybe they just it is too difficult to reach out. Think I think it's the too difficult to reach out and don't want to be the problem or there must be nice it or worse than me. I think it's usually there it's not necessarily the fully inflated ego of arms can be hard ass, but right which there is no that's out there, but I think it's a lot of guys that are like others programme right. So if you come home and you're not traumatically injured right, we never legs blown off her arm blown off, you feel like you're lucky, you feel. Maybe you shouldn't be to help. People need out more like. I don't need that see the table. The meagre find somebody else for it that
lack of support when veterans return is really disturbing, like the idea that this which emphasis put into training is so much emphasis into arming and in making sure that everybody is geared up your two million dollar machine yeah. But then, when you get back, they don't have a use for it. More use star fuck. Now it's getting better what are the outside groups to a really good job? But it's tough to realise that there's outside groups that are doing that job. Yes a of its guys. They put the FED doing right right thanks guys. So much there's no pressure on them to the reserve, some of these issues or to help when you come back, is there any coaching the they give you any sort of a genius some. I didn't end up going to ensure that they are always tell you hey? If you need to talk to somebody, there are people to talk to, and but that you talk to others.
A colleges or the combat veterans is well there's ecologists, which I think is a good thing. Getting to talk to psychologist. I think there are any of those guys veterans themselves there. My recollection they're all in the military drawn Walter, but are they all? Did they experience action? I'm not sure I do, I want to say out like offhand without known for certain I didn't end up talking any room, so I don't know. Do you like this is something that you discuss. What team leaders or dog guys have been have deployed in return. Is this like a common thing? We go hey, what's it like when you get back, is it how her heart. Is it to transition to normal everyday life and keep you shit together and would the tools used to try to
maintain, I think, unfortunately, that stuff is getting talked about now, just now and more recently causes so many economic sense? Are you like, like with fighters? Why do they ask each other? How do you recover after fight now? It's? How do you pay for it make sure you win right, cause us all with care about what we're looking at fronted male front in action front in action front action. How do I train? How do I mitigate or the risk? How do I make sure that my buddy isn't one it's killed, because I fuck up right right yeah? So if that's what we're concern about? Nobody gets to crap about. What's gonna beckoned, because you're, just gonna run swash repeat cycle bright till you Don T see her logger I've seen parts of it. Would you think about it? So little dramatic issue, a fake or fake deal,
it seems good I'll fake will fix it, but the idea that someone could be addicted to the action when they want to return, even when they think they're done and they're they're drawn to go back again but, like stress junkies, the men I see it and based on being to arm shore- and you see it's got any people at her just addicted to the feeling of the entire experience. Not the adrenaline, because I dont get a huge adrenaline dump from bishops Did she become pretty com because of the adrenaline Dubbs happening, you probably fact yeah yeah. You're gonna, do you gonna be signed a baseball bat right? That's what Alex Honnold said about solo, climbing, very mellow it is is like when, if I'm with. My heart is being fast, I'm already fucked up you, you are
so far down the train of you jack. This up here is the same thing with age dumping or the energies right where it's like. If you're at the point where you're freaking out some sound terribly, yeah? Do they give you techniques to calm yourself when you are freaking out, is early pray? Do sir? We ve done some reading techniques like the three seconds in hold seven seconds out type, a thing, do that, three or four times in a row, they I remember getting taught that and buds on specific plea for the underwater swim stuff can tell If I had shit out of people hold your breath swim fifty meters, that's a long way off. Was fifty metres long way, the people, drivers are therefore pitch long way, go. Do it if you think about a pool was the average pool twenty five yards across, so let's go up and back twice.
One there and by their and back and the way we do is we stand and here's the poor jump into a front flip and then swim without touching that, first it for deadly, don't push on you pushed off the other side. You're already twenty five years time away. You need that to so much so much of with so much mental management involved. That's why when guys like Jacko come along and they can take that understanding of leadership and mental management and and then teach it to other people, got teach it too. Preparations and teach it groups and the law in force people that need that sort of understanding. That's coming from a guy like him, with the immense amount of expense. City has in a couple different genres that allow him to then teach that in
way that is comprehensible and super YO. It seems to me that that would be one of the most important parts of that of that. But how to handle deployment, how to handle coming back in the mental aspect of it do learn it. Other guys, like. I think I think it's just I honest I think a lot of it is that process weeds out so deeds that would be the the ticking I'm bomb or the guide it can't handle it right. Slip by the time were training for this stuff and super stressful everybody's. Too much on on their shit. You know and then there's like little stuff, that you learn while you're doing shooting that you can transfer all of it. The breeding techniques right and then by and large, We are so well trained and know that were so well trained at you just doing your damn job like just do your job and do the best you can
Because I'm not thinking about me necessarily as much as thinking about everybody else, also as fast into that the training so ruthless and brutal that it weeds out people can handle shit, fuck and works the midday. Basically the same way since the sixties, What has there been some chit chat about alleviating the standards to let women pass through I've heard of it. I've I've heard that they want to put females through the programme, but not the standards, how many women have gone through buds, zero, don't say that women are gonna, feel like you're sexist. You should lie, I'm not sure Can I graduated if how many women try me? did you not see Georgi and Schuman made through oh yeah, but she still about special, really know women ever made it through Birthnight, while nuts that's a two part equation, there is one there, they weren't
How do the entire time I was in ignoring those in that way when they start allowing them? So I am not sure, but I think that they're trying to make that a thing now Try. I wonder how many women have attempted to go through buds, Jimmy, deviant, Google, how many men have attempted to other buds ladys listening to this, please dont get uncomfortable when not showing any trying to figure it out here for formulated through. In December. We are well aware that certain extreme screening said that our screening process- oh so, showing me through screening how far songs that I don't know because we don't do the same stuff that they're doing for that they're, probably making sure she can make it through the programme. Also, I want to make sure that citizens are the she can priests, green screen about Jesus, three screen they do India for officers to do they really, they want. Those will think about it. But the shit enough now. Charged with such a fucking idiot right, you're, gonna shit on pretty bad right,
so they want to make sure those due are on their game. Yeah so where's the pressure to make women do this. Is it coming from women that want to do it or is it coming from politicians that want a sort of show that they have it the diverse line up politicians, one percent, because here's the deal- I've more than a females iter Apache, pilots fighter. Pilots Bad ass, you d checks, which is explosive ordnance like her cigarette, do some bad women in the military. Yes, want no part of that job. I met one is like I wish. I could be a Navy seal and that's not such shit, They just don't want that job. Wiser are you'd, have to ask them but that didn't the thing about Navy seals is that it's like recognised that these the best of the best. These most savage human beings that we can create the most efficient, the most effect
the ones who can handle the smallest ones can get the job done when the shit is is Harry's, it gets an, but why change the programme just to diversify the lineup there's a thing that they want to show right. They want to show that there not sexist as its equal opportunity. That and the people who want to prevent are the ones that aren't the ring. Yeah, that's the problem, I you're not getting this from the the what team itself then I'll get. I never needed checks nobody in this place up here, and I think it be great figure to survive women run around. He has a pretty ugly. It's probably gonna be really weird when a woman actually does make it through. I'm sure he answered say I feel for those women is going to take a lot of shit. Oh, my god, but doesn't everybody takes it so like rats extra shit after shit, yeah for sure,
Special view, the first one damn right, they're gonna be like well, you didn't do it the same as everybody else which do not write. So when you do return, How did you, how long did you, Sir, for nine years, nine years and when you made the decision to get out what was was a decision based on sir, I never really wanted to do. The Navy is a full time career. My tire life do twenty years and get out and collect the pension The war is starting to at the time, slow down issue for optimal. How quickly guys you gonna seized him on action are saying: no, saw was it's like training for a fight that you never do, I didn't want to be my life, and I was twenty eight. You know like what make some phone calls and see how guys are feeling about stuff over season cuz? I wasn't on the jump team of the time I saw I had like. I didn't quite have my finger, the pulse of what was happening at the team, so
made some calls and those guys like a man. If there's nothin, really tiny down, liquor kid or in a huge, my dad or the lifeline. Dream of this being your Navy seal for twenty years in on you want, other stuff with your life might be a good time to do it? You and I'm unhappy. I did. I got out with all my fingers and toes and am glad that I was able to leave, really good terms and feel really happy about what I did. I feel like we were making a difference. When you say that, like what what made you feel like you are making a difference. The things I know that we get to participate in places we were, and the guy that we removed from the battle space captured or killed. Fuckin shit heads They were using women and children as targets and were causing terror. We say terrorist
People have this dissociated view that now right now just thrown across the newspapers, they were causing terror think people quite you know the krona virus stuff is coming out now or when a bomb goes, off somewhere or there is a mass shooting. Imagine if that's your your entire life here, you walking around town in that's. What's goin on every dandy, Snot Europe, some guy, it's deciding that's their their job in life is to ruin years and we were moving them. So I feel like we were doing it And what did you do when you came back when he got off when you're done, sir. I took some time off, ended a ton skydiving and based on bank love. Those things teaching alone but a combat shooting and then
basically about a year and a half after I got out of military, and he calls me up and he's like hey dude, you want to go on a bear hunt so. That's soldiers like really fresh our really fresh. So when I met you in San Diego you, probably it only been out fur but somewhere near and that's when you were just learning majority gone the baron by then Yak asset. Summer evening we can't we, that Brown yet was wearing her like that of summer. In that's Rossini a super. Fresh, which probably, why, like all sort of peasant, vinegar, I'm sure is it so you're happy with your decision to get out but is it does it feel strange? Does it feel, like you yeah and I miss I missed some of the structure and I
s being able to ask people to do things and be certain they're gonna, don't break you deal with different caliber human being on a regular basis, consistently ran. The boy was gonna, be like glass eels and find each other and hang out with each other outside of it. Issues out here earlier on shore bullshit MIKE guerrillas yeah sure, I'm sure What do you want to do now right now, I'm actually workin for evident black rifle. Oh, are you really taking pictures? Oh no shit! Yes, sir! I'm a photographer for black rifle, that's cool is superfluous. I love those guys. Do I love those deeds. Their facility in SALT Lake is fuckin dope to dude that crazy giant, roasters oh god, oh God, bought them. Pieced together did I ever tell you the whole story about having no he got a little weird with them How do I threatened people rob him off, but it some this crazy old
school roaster like they do other roasting in house to cover Dietrich or something I think ass, a class. I think that's about it. I'll get big fuckin. Really it's chow its beginnings room. It's like a dumptruck ass, I down yeah, that's other rose coffee, so cool it sucks Crazy story to how you outfitted his humvee so that he could reach, first, while he was annoyed it's over. Take us to be. That is coffee. You asked about the cap is Dub Evan Havre closed up. Yeah Evan is a real coffees, but I mean it's. His living now gives a shit about it. You know he cares it so cool, when they made us all these different coffees like this is an Ethiopian this, and this is us groovy hours me feel happier and no cream ever
drink it everything black, get used to drink and black coffee? Good luck, fine Kremer! There I never win, but when they open up they're, going to open up a bunch of bricks and mortar coffee shops where they are being just a partnered with bathroom, I did it We did others you you're going to reach. The company will be sullen coffee about power like immediately so to be inside of all the bass prose, I think a similar amount, but I think it's like in the triple did you ring and then are they gonna. Do some bricks and mortar places outside of that as well? I believe, sir, and have already done they ve done one in Texas due to them. Get people to stop. Putting cream and coffee doubt be fuckin miracle. That would be in doubt literally be America. It would actually be a miracle. He is most people
put cream in Ottawa. I do believe that it is it's a mindless action when I give it up and pour the cream exactly this. When I go to Starbucks, I get my coffee open the word a poor little, but over the garbage cans craven there. I was just talking to have fill with coffee like yeah fifty pound bangers when they say room for cream. I go job but like Jimmy Real room, no, they give you like it and where the sun of Room for Kramer just gonna spill anyways is ridiculous, but when you drink their car we drink like Starbucks Coffee and they drink Brac Black Rifle Coffee, black, ok will this: he actually can drink black disoriented, good and every day I go. I Hence our sitting here and I'm down their hanging over them and all the time and he's constantly rose. And beans and cup and coffee and he's trying to better the experience for the user and, what's really cool, is that found a passion outside of Vienna. You know like a had ass, green by re or whatever in a military like he's, found an identity outside of that and drive?
so hard towards it and he, if so many shit about the user base in the consumer, here really does what so the culture that that company assorted created its you know. Very supportive. A veteran causes first responders causes military police all that stuff. It gave a tune, charity tat they really care in. He tries to higher. So many that's all the time and I believe Dave he could because thereby, bag give a bag? I think given over thirty thousand pounds of coffee for free, two guys overseas, how bad ass. Is that it's amazing, it's a really good company now and get people yeah they care about their plays and care about their customers and Evans. Cox and the coffees legitimate cause. There's a lot of places like all these mass produce places where you go like there's a friend of mine. I worked for the sea, whose Arroyo Coffee Nerd owns only on coffee company and he was explaining to me that the stuff that they buy
you're, a star box or you're. One of these you'd is buying bulk and their staff but his company buys you're buying I got really small batches of coffee matters, not enough available for all these people do. Evan is in Guatemala right now at a coffee farm well, physically their inspecting coffee. The guy gives a shit I said such a strange thing to be focused on it. I got a little little chair fruit. Looking thing hats, weird, you have to put on a register of rather copy Luar Coffee. I had with us now. I do ok, so someone had a bag of it. Camera was their life Yes, it is some of that stuff and we're not really sure from try to my fucking ivy scorpions as those make. This happened turn into Covey, yet Sis one. Washed off after it's gone through its but tastes like coffee, its, but it's a weird
copyright smoothness to it. I don't particularly in our just remember: men like extra fancy, yeah, it's ok Is that right there Jamie that's what looks like when it comes other asshole, it's a city coffee called Kopi Luwak, there's an animal that looks like a rat, but it's actually, I believe, the cat families like deranged rat its. But it's I think it's a. I think it's a fee Why? I look at its claws? Yea ass, his closing is weird. Looking think it's a sieve it, but I think that in the cat family and it eats he's berries that are the coffee beans and it shits out the beans and then people clean the shit it out beans because it the I'm a gas, its break down the outside of the being, whose poor jobs that yeah I'm a shit cleaner, clean out, catch it see, eat. I think it's a kind of a cat,
see. That's true is a civil and the cat family. Like a cat that eats berries, man, fucking, weird Inga, just just put up civet, save it in the correct. What does this figure dispirited? Clicker oh come on, hyperlink make so many video tat family just how they were to peace maybe the nocturnal safe Food Sars virus say some sort of feel. I wouldn't. Maybe maximum is that what it is just as is already ok, us small to medium sized mammals. Maybe California, overlanders scientific classification, scientific, was so already your search, so did, you just say, is a separate in the cat. Family is a city.
Like a moron. Began thralldom scientific drought in the cat fabricated Barney STAR, Civet call the civic cat area, any number of long bodies, short legs, carnivores, the family, Verde Civil found, ok, say confirmation yes, is called. How is it I don't know I just sailor. You rightly answer to my question: will find the active somewhere. That's that's good points in mind, it is written, says, is rather cat like in appearance we saw a cat, real area or other related to are not cats. The commonly called civet cast, not cats. In fact, two more closely related to my goose's than the art, a cat, smokers are mean, don't they intact cobras in areas like cobras up as much videos. Online coves can fuck with done. They don't want to do the Mongols modest trail around forget gets
skinny little honey badger case, leaving a jack though I've seen now and it's not Bruce COBRA fights on line and the Coburg gets the Mongols seed amongst so sit down. Oh no, he got me. He is out of its. How goes down design it abandoned Malibu single month, Agatha, that's a ended, freaky, looking mother fucker. He is that looks It does mean Tiger it'll, be right! So why my friend Forest Forest Gallant zinc along took a long day go at that. I can go on there. He is actually going on emission o. My lord for the file scene has been enough, sightings of it in in places, in the world? Is that all how much I can say about this, and I want to give up the location, but they have an area where there's a guy. I who apparently had a captive wanted it died. One he has The file is seen skull and
Examined the skull and they ve see them on a regular basis. Did I see them enough to think that there is an actual breeding population could be to be guided an extinct, something find a thousand right yeah that's a crazy animal manure soon when their mouth were wide open, Dude Pinocchio, it doesnt Kyar a lot like crazy, looking yeah you're stripe, Kyar yeah that mom goose, freaky animal to like there's so many little weird freaky mammals like Wolverines, generating Wolverine in the wild. That's that's a wild little animal bad. Hers and Wolverines Bulgarians alike. At watering describing by dusty duds friend apparent is like ovaries. They're, like Grizzly, bears it got born into that body has further so pissed off? I dare you make me the size. Do not scared shit dude. Would you
if you are that angry, I too so weird little animal minutes. What are they wailing? Fifty pounds may have known how they see read all the time they scare bears offer kills. They scare bears off kills a scare wolves offer kills. They must have second sanely thick fur and it's not very bright not smart. They I mean. Would you be smart? If you're scared a bare Africa kill, I don't it's a. Shit and intelligence thing he's just a fearlessness. It's you know nature. Has this very strange but logical? sort of chain of events that take place right here. Tween, like small tiny animals to the animals eat them to the animals, the deed them, like this whole huge ecosystem. When you see it laid out at any the individual players like that mongoose by themselves, like what part you it's crazy play here. You know what what did you get us doesn't make sense. For something like a grizzly bear to exist?
there's gotta be a need for it like for some. In the b, this fucking enormous predatory bear thing, That's eleven feet, long, eighteen hundred browser. What is that swims runs ass? The horse right like? Why do you need to be their goods because it's turning these fuckin mammals, I give you dont, have something like that that cleans up they're going to breed like white tailed deal now, and then they will be literally no vegetables. There'll be no plan everything we had eaten up. Tells in the south or white tales around our Dudley lose my dry three miles or our no. This is bound to specially during the right out of control It's crazy up. There did his places greater was amazing. There have you hunted Aspasia, now do better spend some time and have a tag trot you the tag for white tail season with that guy out of control, he's the master like his heel, he'll sit in the same spot for a month. I just waiting for like one, but
Do that guy? It's insane people, people think like. I have patience. Nana Watch watch duds social media like stream during white tales, he's right, what is an aged ram feed his others into line? Be life iii yeah? Oh, my god, you just sits in Trieste him all day. Just pack and he's got Legate one target Bach these after for organ month. I don't have that kind of time. Patients like that! Why? hell patients differently? Obviously, Dudley does everything right, but that why tell patients to be that guy that sets in that fuckin ladder stand in new day. Were you wanna talk of NASH, in November to freezing in Iowa in this way lives there, he moved to a spot, so they get hunt dear and bought a giant farm. So we can hunt dear and then said out there all the time. So you hunt dear, I mean if you love it
go to where it is. From San Diego, because I was sick of the traffic and sick of how California was. You move from San Diego to SALT Lake because of that The Sunday at any shit computer appear messrs traffic, my god. This is like like triple others like Singapore Somethin spices, nuts Haley's is not everybody scooters there's aloud. He wants coups, never seen this motherfucker whipping demonstrate. DR and yesterday I went home and he was now to me on the sidewalk on fast? As I work is ridiculous man fast? he is a really since one, but did I was thinking of Jamie if you wipe on that you're goin down hard, a daily risk, but calculated We therefore have an eye so path noticeable way you don't wear home Doha out again, I'm gone very far. Reckless marble
fucker not thirty miles an hour? No home second got ass little girl to. If I do, if you why, but twenty five miles now, that's fast. I've worked on a bicycle. Standing upright and fuckin hurt hurt you fuck, you mustn't, makin aware super. Homo, like a dork. Did you ever take? Nor did you know I don't know. If you're going to recover from a hit from concrete, you mindless either indifferent guy, you might be dual surgeon all the raw evidence. I meant that we were at home, but I put it on record that I have a home away yet the where it tight yet to have it on strap tight like it has to be good for your brain doesn't rattle around like this. Staring wearing a motorcycle helmet so that you can't be like Peewee footballer, where you gotta go home at the successes to you. She wear a motorcycle, homer and football shoulder paths and then a hand, pads Dante, Wilder's, often better,
Do you know what he's talking about what the anti, while those who get knocked out by Thyssen Fury and be blamed, some of it on the fact that his legs were worn out Zeus carrying around this crazy. I saw Wade forty pounds, I saw me with that. I didn't know it was about it like the fish at first. I thought it was ridiculous. Diarrhoea has created out, but I saw my flies skeletal fighting Quintus going out of here at first. I thought it was ridiculous that he would say that, but then I thought about it when we were talking about yesterday, Michael Yosemite, ad aware that thing for forty minutes when I was like. Oh really, ok, that's different. So if he really did have the thing off for thirty minutes or whatever was that's a lot of weight to be cared for that long? That seems car ridiculous. They let him do that. Lies he wearing clothes ones. Look dope like a very slow course. It did happen, What songs apply? Forty four countries like towns carried out are carried out. Jerry hunger, like our own, see out any wash their I've fast,
Do all bullshit. Ok, I want to hear any fucking national anthems either. I'm happy that the that the USA doesn't do that. They play the English national anthem. American outcome, They know what we do that you at the beginning of the night, the lights off, yet one time do the beginning. First, five, before the vote, fight with international fine, beautiful, perfect. Let's do it don't do it for the main event cocktails. What you guys in the ring dancing around gettin, ready, and now they have to wait for three minutes. I think that company also said they ve made other outfits further fighters who have then gone and to not people so that that excuse wasn't Grady there well he's looking for in future the bottom line is types of fury beat the shit out of him if he had one he would have liked If he has my my outfit right, I scared him right people who say they like putting on that mask makes him transform. It is thought that will give them, It has a casual headed had hidden.
I saw it on that. It's like a mix of sovereign and skeletal or from AG he and pretty fuckin dome stood out so heavy cod. I wonder if he does it again, majesty where's again next time. You know what fuck it fuck fuck, my students resolve old one think of this ass. Five, using internet do thou one looks better. I like the way. That's all I lied. Though delegates are you actually walk around and it doesn't have a lights lighter. I guess Ellie days, Maximilian Mercedes I set about using is agreeing on a throne it so amazing girls, girls regarding a mixed. My debts are risky move. One of the areas where heels over the girls wearing Mckinney's. Did you see the fight Now do it was amazing, I heard it was. It was amazing licences, shocked the world nobody thought that was happening, ties and ran after him and start beaten. The fucker,
Whenever I what we're does groaning IP fought completely different in every phase Aeroflot. He just check and down chased them. Got his face, but he still use good boxing. That's what school we are like when a changed, my shoot up so much that your camp meant me yeah. This shit How much martial arts do they go over and the team very little? Do you think that's good yeah? You don't need to, I think, actually talking to someone about this recently. I think it's better for guys that to put hands on people that are given as many options as we are to end the fight before that with some other means right, like police officers bright I think that those guys really need that kind of training, yes because I didn't put your hands on people there there to serve and protect other citizens yeah. I ain't servant in Peru
ACT in any of our citizens rights. None of us are right. We have totally different job right. I mean just reality. You guys get into it cause it's! It's deaf we for, but I dont think it's in the scheme of things that are necessary to do the job. Well, because, as there are so many variables already that you need to control, adding that too it is gonna, probably watered down the training, fear the things. I add all the cognitive load of becoming good enough at Jujitsu, so that its second like totally second hand, yeah, totally subconscious action. Why? Why get that much out of the way of, I'm trying to shoot you crazy gymnast right. Don't you ever crazy? Gymnastic skills, not particularly particularly don't. Why are you doing we can do something you some things that kind of ability that physical ability to move your body that can dexterity. We translate perfectly: did you do to him the best Fujitsu guys they come from brig dancing that makes
Rich Martinez, my friend bogey he's ten planets San, Diego and he's he just actually just add a submission match against Jake Shields, whose, like a really super respect, a veteran untapped him and Richie started out in seems his brother GEO. They started out as break dancers and they first came to the school. Eddie was like dude there's something on our prig dancing. I do, you think, but the ability that you have to make maneuver your body stand on one hand spin around the circles. Like do one hand handstands in like the physicality, combined with knowing where your body is in space. Exactly like. I understand that, unlike sort o cockeyed sideways on my left elbow yeah, yeah yeah, but Gymnastics is very similar. A gymnast can translate direct and George Pierre actually to improve his overall game started. Getting.
Gymnastics- and he said I had a significant impact at like I'd- be terrifying to watch, do gymnastic the air which is his ability to use his body his like. Well, if I could do all these things, that other guys do back here, springs and flips and always different things like that would be very beneficial. Just just understand how to use your buys. A more advice. As a form of biometrics in a waterway tool for sure yeah How did you get into that? Doing? We drastic shared gymnastics of pure curiosity really, so you didn't like egg. Wasn't somebody took up in high school or college or if I was a cross country and track and feel guy did like long jump, triple jump and then cross country races, and then I've. Always you're right, climbing and deliberate surfing and I've tried a hand at all of goofy sports and from there and my wall. What's the best way,
to get really good physically in all so start learning. Do some of the gymnastic stuff and a few those things I have no, damn clue how those guys end up doing an iron cross or ride up planche or must have I'm some about is good as like her in a seven year old Indeed, I would exert some seven year old, girls, networking and impressive. You know what I mean like my daughter does it's such a crazy thing to see someone utilise their body like that, its impressive, the amount appropriate deceptive What's going on, there might ploy yeah I mean there's so much coordination and you're goin the head over heels, your literally like flying through the air and more than once yeah yeah, but I've done I've done like wind tunnel flying that's kind of air gymnastics. We Internal flying was like it's a tube. Where are you?
in law, like one of those things were you where not have any yeah I've seen that have one is that it's the fucking best. Really man itself, and so is it like skydiving? Would you don't die? That's got having distress right You should come to it. I would love to their pleasant, universal yeah, you sure, say, nigger when there's rugged bow better, it's worth it. Where the drive some have a gig down there is this it and say I go home by saying that this is it there actually that person's upside down seems like you're just build. One of those you could you feel like a cool five. Now, that's how much cross I've been told it's like! add ten or something RO that doesn't say, So that's all fan and so you were in a mass, your lips. Don't fly off very much. Why that's incredible? It's so cool man, and so you when you're going straight up and down like when you when you,
flat solve your parallel to the ground, then Can float well there when you go straight up and down, then the wind can't really carry your way to draw, which is why you start turning. Going in circles cause you're, generating lift. That makes sense. So this is an unusually large one. This is not the same as the one I can average size one. So the one in universals like this, That means I believe that the one there is a an oval and is slightly smaller don't it's. India goes about assessor. Does that something that actually has a purpose in terms of training? Guys? Oh yeah, we they use it. We use on the jump team, a ton and then they yeah. This is it. I fly Erika Dude You are super boyish now that shit, your backyard, but the prince does to doesn't, I'm sure does get like falcons and
for shit, verses, Winton off what I mean, however, diseases it. I don't know I somebody's that used to be there and they used it everyday. Really, one of these guys dawn their teaching people our space I did that wants to very basic, but like it's, how different is like to put that flying up version versus this like level of gas, because it seems like it's a lot a lot like hundreds of hours of time flying really oh yeah. It's a lot of time! learn how to like do what they're doing right there Yeah! I imagine you try that you face first rate of the fuckin wall. Filling in India is a lot of things and looking at that, I might not buying Sisler wind tunnel. Linebacker shit go and huh yeah, oh yeah, but it's it's a real be cool thing and it's a lot like gymnastics, her dancing but in the sky, it's really cool
now you're in all this stuff, and you did try some Jujitsu jog. Oh no, you interested in doing now, absolutely let's do it s always great play on NATO's hours place, there's his allotted. Gets in salt lake, I'm absolutely tuna, like I, was literally talkin to Andy about this yet shot because women with Henry Chickens and John Camera while pervert so we're Bush. With them and they were beer. Your programme. It was like the last straw- are ok, yes, because I'm a guy like you would get addicted to immediately. Just I am sure I will Andy's all in part of the terror. The like hobby creep up hobby create yet another one. That's a great way to put it man. I got that from Sean eventually stir from like Andy's buddy, in thirty seconds out he's like. I can't learn about my. Why does this hobby creep? I dont need another expensive hobby. Man already have enough bowl honeys. Haldeman Hobby creeped its me. So much though it is.
I'll be creep for sure and it does take up a lot of my time but man, I am another love it. I just love being able to cheat use my range here and just shoot It's so relaxing yeah! I wish more people would have the opportunity to do so its brain, scrubbing yeah. You know because, you're, focusing on that task, so completely that it's gonna cleans out the old system. It's an it meditation it just like it! Moving meditation! That's funny way to put it as its exacted a term that a lot of people he's from martial arts, but it is the law believes that term moving meditation from martial arts lobby? We if a running too, which is thing that you really got into yeah I've. Actually, I'm doing a couple: mountain races, sky running races this summer. Don't campaigns, not
I've had Anderson doing like ultra stepmother fart. Why are we doing stupid shit, ten ten between ices, about what he does a mile? He does a marathon a day. Yom get nothing works in eight. Our job does Marathon day just released a video the campaign story and you watch your women. How are you doing this What is he power by nuclear reactor to he's a freak, how he doesn't even get hurt? That's what I do understand since I've been friends them he's been hurt a couple of times a year, yet elegant injury to us. Forty thousand stress fracturing either way kept running. Never stop retired time thinking what problems? Bang out? Why Stanley ass to the other one today, but he gets up two thirty in the morning. Ok, two thirty in the morning sometimes and they'll, run eighteen twenty miles and then who go to work and then during lunchtime, he'll hammer another eight and yet fit in little bit archery, and then afterwards it goes and shoots for our.
And then he goes to this crazy fuckin peeped out man gave that he's got an ellipse waits at night areas. I mean I just don't feel certain people that would that I mean I get it like. We were operating in a similar way when I was in seal teams like your whole life is centred around these things, like I'm sure, really good at all but his whole life senator Rambo hunting. Believer not how the other stuff he does is really to get himself in shape for bow hunting end and to challenge himself so that he understands that his body is imperfect tune and he could do it. It's, due to hang out with him the mounds so goddamn humbling zebra. He runs up these mountains like it's nothing here, I'm dying had I been running, yeah well I do, is I ve been doing it, but I still try to keep up with how the fuck em like Jesus Christ, you just gotta, like one, the minor tricks and logistical Rocca back those I allow nor it they don't even notice it's it's.
Weird, when someone is that dedicated to something and you with them. So weird and a little terrifying right, but it's also really cool, that rock and its values and energy sectors I think there's an old one. Yes, two thousand thirteen other use that rock anymore. He had a hundred the rock, do put in his back back and carry everywhere to death on our way ridiculous person doesn't want. Always someone gave him a rock as a present recently if I can put it on his shoulder and took it with him, to the top of the mountain off gay loser thanks for the rock gave a big fuckin rock, Seventy five on how wrong, but you didn't even bother put in a bag, is carrying around the mountain on his shoulder and which is to make it difficult a gorilla to make it more suck yeah strange person. I mean I get it. I mean I've done a lot of reference and study ass for a kind of fun, it's running as humbling being friends that guy there he saw. Inspirational, mainly I don't know I mean he is.
No, no anybody's, more driven them. It's crazy. So even goggins I couldn't goggins and him we're running goggins is to keep up with camp and gardens Is the fuckin man I mean he is the endurance king, it's cool to be around people like that because it makes you question whether doing enough bright desire like just a little bit like exactly. I I've thought about but after a little bird, I've got in the way of question hanging out with care. One scribes Devil Bert. It's just he's got this weird drive to constantly pushes limits like his This is him right. My fucking dog we put a toy hammer, my desire to air, and so these this toy hammered his mouth and, as a quote, my wife wrote this ouch wrote what are we hammering and how are we supposed to keep doing this and then
I said it can any sensory attacks. Where says, tell Marshall we keep hammering until dead, even your dogs are pushing it enough that's so floating, but the fucking debt is the most campaigns answer ever tell Marcia. We keep hammering until we're dead and you know a serious area and he got up to thirty that mind run a fucking marathon before he went to work. I know how hard no other messages like knows what we do. We mean that there is a means. It is every fuckin word of it thanks
when people say they do a lot of money gets a lot done liked. Does he really? Are you really burning the vote that you understand what this motherfuckers doing is running a goddamn marathon? Every day they tell you like to certain physiologist till you well, when you run a marathon, you need six months to recover. Do you really? Are you sure? Maybe you just need twelve hours yeah, maybe maybe you'll know what the fuck are you talking about man, I'm not sure everybody really has this dial then like what's possible, of think about where we come from like were were the result of successful hunter gatherer Russia for hundreds of thousands of years right now. So we should really good. At this shit, we should be the better. Yet now instead were water balloons, Kelly doughnuts. Why ass? Well, it's when you find out, what's really possible from the human body, when you see people that accomplish an incredible feats of indifference, did you see that former marine, who was, I guess, you're, never former in six?
the two year old do agree. I dared not former Leah. He won the world record for holding a plank he held up. Blank very sixty two color playing for eight hours, and I think it was like thirteen minutes something preposterous highs. I look forward on days like on the other, Applying. Look you this guy. He does not reform. Aren't you s brain again? There's no such thing. We're not just broke into our plant record, elegant em, is a personal trainer, is fuckin. But the shredded it will hold map Echo is terrifying. Eight hours in fifteen minutes fifteen seconds, that's crazy, but don't that's those things that unemployment has that's what it is. Is that what you think fuck it eight? Why the into? for eight hours is illegal people the hard time plank in for a minute at all.
And a shepherd the record in two thousand thirteen, but then lost it head to head with another guy, but now is backs, and I broke the record Dallas Fuckin banana. And holding onto his followers hilarious. I guess maybe needs a timer in front of maybe that's what it is or just give I mean eight hours we would just get bored. You definitely get bored, but the The amount of mental fortitude, You have to have to be able Do that and hold opposition for eight hours in fifteen minutes. What did he say was due to forging those like something that video for mental health awareness, yeah, you're, crazy well. You should be doing for mental health awareness for people to be aware of your half people. Beware how fuckin crazy you are that guy's coming have you that, as I do he ain't gonna hangar stop now this people that their mind is just walking stronger to book. The p too
Jesus Christ, you that that's somethin patients are you I'm eight hours and a plank patient yeah does IP do, but what happens establishing a wonder what he ate before he did this or, if IE eight, bring it. Can you banana why you're plankton there, maybe like itself, yeah. I was running where you're doing like liquid diet, stuff yeah Joe, that was a tough Sparta the real long dives. We did like every time stuff pointed at that nine ten, our range, it's like you not eating right right, you come out near haggard Nor can imagine man. That's gonna be fuckin hard just When I do the you have seen, I dont really eat. Fellow six or seven hours, its heart, a fox with yeah yeah, Your your brain is just your brains are hey man, though this is not working well, we need some extra stock sums. Essen what's missing to eat, my case. I'll get a hot dog or something what I'm doing but that's just that.
Just sitting there talking now, which you know it's a credible. How much burns off energy is playing chess? they did these daddy's world class chest players in these world championship events, and they found there. Burning thousands of calories just sitting there playing chess because they were all losing weight and then figure once guys losing weight like what's happening over the course of this tournament. You know how to do it, but then brain is firing me that six thousand calories roberts. Ask our guy! That's the Stamford Professor, who were without a pot who study, stress, and primates at Stanford University, says of chess player, can burn up to six thousand calories a day or play the tournament three times what an average person consumes? The debt? Yes, they ve, they figured this out fairly recently because of lot of these guys losing shit loads of weight. That's why I've brain? I wonder I don't think
commentary burns off anything near what a chess player birds are, but I wonder what it does you you are thinking. Day. Why you watching the fights and wonder how much of burden do! When I get out of there. I like a fuckin, woefully jacket workshop on it. Yes, I do, but if you're hurting my right isn't going to you, that was also the whoops trap is measuring yeah, it's measuring your heart rate and its also, I mean it's based on your activity, I dont think it's gonna know. Mental activity to heart rate is jack. If they're they're burning six thousand hours a day, just sitting Lance gonna get measured, calories burned off of your physical gas right, not right. It's just not think. Well, that's also like different exercises that are physically taxing and also mentally taxing. They have we to more calories soya, like myself
about the dives, like I've done, dives iter, six to twelve hours, long You gotta water and, like I'm sitting on things like amusement brain alot yeah, but it's also called fuck and I've come on water couple times and lost eight plus pounds, while in the water in the water to that's not it wears it going out becoming a part of the ocean s right, madam, Your Europe is not a lot of liquid lose water to the ocean, while you're in the water? I did, he get dehydrated won't immersed. In water says that polar that company, that polar strand music, it's a popular one too. They tracked a chest champion twenty one years old in October, he burned five hundred sixty calories in two hours of sitting and playing chess meat is about the same amount as Roger Frederick.
It would burn in an hour of tat, singles tennis, really once it's an hour working. I've done I've, that's about what I do like an hour of an electric was about five sixty six hundred, but I would feel I've Federer Hop and around all that ply owes leviathan vastly more efficiently. Second year debts, he's hyper, inefficient right, leg, Bernard Hopkins, when used a box, knows super efficient, elevate, sustained elevated blood pressure. Don't wonder of chess is the pinnacle of things you do that. Aren't physical in terms of movement but are incredibly calorie, taxing. One of those that not only has a very calm works game. Oh my opt and maybe like go brain surgeon girl, barely moving by your likes constantly hours and hours at time. The yeah yeah. Well, there certain things you do after it's over you just fucking, exhausted and starving to death like do. I do to shows a night actor.
Over I'm so hungry and then two percent due to our ten or fifteen minutes because you're thinking in your managing it while you're doing it is a giant audience there and you gotta be fuckin guy. That's but there you have see, makes me more hungry but also accepts our seven hours a day and you can move around a lot now hunting does it boil you're when you're going through the mountains and the intensity of hunting and then the concentration all those things and it s incredibly cower consume. It all comes up right. It, like you finish day, hunting out their legs buying stocking. Even if you don't kill something right, you don't get enamel. You can at the end of the day and all of a sudden, I holy shit, I'm really hungry, and when I got a week yeah. I do and all day and then, when you wake up in the morning, it literally ivy trained by the day before, like oh everything's, on a per cent in it. Just fried
You get to like a six seven day hunt when you get to a day, sixty seven bro. You have put in some fucking work. Do that for data moose, unlike ok real again because you're gettin up like it's like alchymic your gear predawn and get not there is something that is so missing from videos. There's something about hunting. Videos, like people just don't understand how miserable can they not just that like they were so why you're happy quite happy at the end, he just kill an animal like if you have any idea how hot this is and then how Penalties is executed, good shot, you're, gonna nervous. I was Jack this year and then one it's over and the animals down it's more of a relief and Success is night. It's everything altogether. In alleviation of pressure. Success, happiness, but it's? U! Dont. But the longer and hard to the hunt is the more. You appreciate tat, though
all in how much you're putting in and I've heard that from as were there like half you put your ticket the first day in him. You're just gonna feel like arm I hear for taken all you shit. I punch might take it every chance. I tat. I have heard that argue over Nora, like look, I'm not binding nonsense. Stephen, our on one of his shows he had this elk and it was like first day the hunt- and it was a great ally- is about to shoot. It is like I'm not ready and my heart, I wanna keep hunting in anyone them not getting it out because that's our works, Karma Bitch, wild sight. He explain that he had just gotten back from another era so consumers filming and then the episode previously just last week get shot and Elk ok, so he was like had meat in a free rein and he's doing it, for this show just didn't wanna like shoot it right there in that, and also this probably the pressure of you have to have a narrative television show that had been heard. It can't be
at my shit together and nice that do you ever think you'd be interested in filming staff and putting pudding content ox. I know you're a photographer you're to take pictures, not really I like taking pictures of other people doing that stuff fine for me to go out and do these hunts with Andy and dead, because I get to take pictures I really enjoy photographing how people go through processes and I really enjoyed taking pictures. It's it's been a really meditative process for me and a creative thing for me to do coming from art school now I have an outlet for that and I really like being able to do it. I don't think I would want to videotape or take pictures of myself doing it, but participating in the circle and being part of that process, and
the document it from my point of view, I enjoy that's what you're not interested in someone filming you while you go on doing, aren't they so am I wouldn't say no right, but I'm not gonna, that's not so damn seeking out that is a thing that a lot of people get into when they get into hunting, especially if they have a good social media profile like you do like they start thinking like maybe they should like film HANS and that could be like it's a weirdo right, because its becomes a part of what you're doing to sort of expand. Your social media profile, so then it feels weird does cycle. What's your agenda right, agenda. Is meat in the freezer right enjoying the process and man it has been some really cool. Time was really really really good, France, yeah and at the IDA I dont think I could give head up fur pushing the be passed on
Does it feel many sites and then also the filming thing? The real problem is that person filmy use also in the way like there's an extra body moving this extra smells, this extra sounds they have to move to get the shock and sometimes like you drawn on animal they don't have a shot, so they move in order to get a better angle. The animals like much of shock. Is that now season and takes off that's and more power to guy like the other able to do it successfully. Ah, it phenomenal air, but it also takes us, actual and skill and a desire to do it and he's really he's really able to show people hunting in a great way right, and pass on a lot of skills and a lot of the enjoyment of process now Zurich, once that Europe really interested in doing they have done. I really wanted to a spot stock Matlin, oh Jesus, oh yeah, you spot in stock thing that spots and stocks. Yes, we're gonna, do that
I don't know, sir. I think in the Dakotas in Oregon, there's a decent chance for it a decent chance cause a population density, population density, and then I think Oregon and I want to South Dakota. Don't allow targets so or begins. Where that's dance in the workplace, that's dense, four footed, amene foliage thou be hard. I think it be. How do you know what, though I want that kind of chant like those are the things that really get me like waiting? inside your words on him, others. Last night, you couldn't you resolve, while three weeks the I'm thinking in my head. I need a couple weeks to make it happen while and I'm an look, I'm a new hunter, but I'm doing as much research is possible, talk and all the right people. When it happens, happens so that we really want to make it happen. What surprised As for that, you get a tag eager to the basque country and are you gonna baby sack? Are you gonna? Do sleep in the woods I get me my that would be without community is solo busy?
solar or maybe one of their guy. I think more that you're gonna have so much presence in those was university, a cat yeah, so how the fuck, Do you find a cat when you buy yourself, think you're gonna cut a track or find a kill, so Europe plan is to get yourself in an area where the rat, let us not got a line up there, but that's part of the spare the cool part about hunting, not just killing right right, the more that's all that's probably one of the most difficult hunting or downright which in for me, a grey, a pathetic for not having seen a mountain nine. When I was younger, I just had a real, deep feeling about mountain lines. I think they're incredible animals and I think it would be a really really special thing to pit my training and brain with a bow against a cat
like and eat it. Yes, that's gonna, be weird Edith sitting down there eating a cat you killed with a bow and arrow its can be really cool if its. If I'm able to make happened at some point. We want me nearly a lotta meals that cat, I think, their huge you a little cat like the ones on down here like a hundred and ten hundred twenty pounds, ones up and b c or like two hundred, do they really get there being two hundred yeah? That's a big cat. He had a weird animal. The disorder coexist with us. You see now follow that. I have out there of the one whether huh Hollywood sign, that's a real photo, I've done. First, it's so cool, it looks vague, but that's from a camera trap that that is a job. Can the lives and growth is park right by the who We would sign dear Catherine CATS, her wild, that is that is a crazy place for it to live, though, because its literally on top of people, when the good luck finally dear up there. For that reason, TAT mother,
is Jack and I'm all eaten everything and dogs and cats, and probably kids and some TIM. Don't love engineered a foolish means weird animal to coexist with people in these sort of semi urban setting scientific park, but it's only weird because of the setting and because we are not used to it. We ve coexisted with these things for so long and now it's weird as we Separated the last few generations so how deeply How far? Where are you from plan this out? Probably couple years? If I'm guessing correctly,. How's that word, because it's hard to get a tag or no, because I want to make sure that my skills and my ability are up to snuff, were I'm comfortable doing that and pulling it off Oh it's right now, just a thought. Like a plan absolutely put on the book, between twenty three years on my back, suddenly TAT
What about him between then or else I'd love to do it in a recent start, helping to guide with coal open, Kodak really up in Alaska Asia, Buddy mine, oh no shit! I was up there. I knew him before all this now, oh you met him. We met through all this. In last year I went up and assisted him on a mountain goat, Mountain GOAT Hunt. It's crazy aren't super cool, that's crazy terrain rise. I was up there pack kneeling really and you do, that for the experience is to see what it's our gap really enjoyed it and I told him manner really wanna come back and help you guide with Brown bear and with with sicker blackmail, and mounted again so this amendment to be up there doing up to your balls, deep, the I mean you're, all in its mouth, like that's just my I fucked love it? Like I love given that deep into shit like- you. Give me a pool. I'm gonna find a bottom yeah
with this is that it's a really interesting thing to get all in with too, because it is such up part of our dna and then it is the source of your your nutrition yeah, which is really interesting like those that a hobby actually feeds you my hobby, allowed me not not purchase. Read me a store in years. Never easy incredible, and then I get to share of people there. Now these incredible, and it really is the best me even by and it really You know we beat that bit it like a dead horse, but it really does make. It seem different when you're eating that food, your feelings or different- insist tar described for people, but I would like people to experience it somewhat, and I think I can get kind of the shadow of it when you catch a fish and eat that fish you get a shadow of it touch glimmer yeah You don't get the real Elk stake feeling now you don't get the elbow deepen their
Nothing apart. So this is like your life now, absolutely while which black rifle has really allowed me to do. That is likely to take fair amount of their lifestyle and environmental shoots and pictures. So I am able to go and HANS with Evan and dead and Andy and make it happen and take pictures the way tat. They have a crazy ranch down. Taxes to I was down there asked you. How was that it was in chrome, I heard a herds really awesome. Oh yeah taxes is such a strange place. It's is it described. Texas is that's how the rest the world sees. America. Absolutely I totally agree with hundred percent. They, like America, Iraqi, Mean Texas yeah its October. It mean if it's a mess for sure, but it's like a sort of life this places at America that are so clearly what the California's, when those places so clearly California yeah it does its very differ. Than a lot of the rest, the country and tat by taxes.
The most extreme version that want to make sure you know yeah yeah. They'll take delight, you know it's swallows incentives for honey, Opportunities like Texas, incredible mean an absolutely exam. X and all kinds of weird animals from other places that they transplanted there. Millions and proudly I and partly funded dinosaur. If you can ask if people as an unreal they'd be in southern Iraq yard in Texas and Guide Haven, T Rex Ranch, as a dream for a lot of people, do the TED Nugent thing tat nature? just, has a house on a ranch in Texas, any HANS literally on his land anyhow, basically everyday does he has so many exotics the way exotics work and taxes are basically private property, so you don't have to abide by hunting seasons. You do it by whenever you feel like doing so, anytime. You want to step out of his
yarn go shewed Oryx for dinner its koodoo day, yeah, its crucial gets. Algeria has koodoo rice. How wicked is that, while the weird thing is like what, if they get out a Texas, Does anybody have a fucking plan for the whole of a sudden there? You know Marco Polo, Sheep and Nevada programmes Zebras here this free range zebras in Texas Does our bullshit? It's awesome! That's crazy! Ethel areas there! So nuts it sets It's such a fucking, nutty part of a country that there's enough? more tigers in captivity in Texas, neuron or all the while the world to cartoon version of the United States there launched into one state, sir. Oh, are you planning on just traveling around and in hunting? Now that's like a giant party, your lifestyle absolutely have you? Have it planned out because some of them, I know I'm waitin on find enough from doubt about spring there. So you can work for black rifle and then do your hearts absolutely and clean
crazy or something can so quickly become a giant part of your life? I fucking love. It now discredits we're out some Pherson Judea Tune, maybe or hobby creep like say weapons, listen brother. We just did three hours earlier, not awesome. Time flies. Tell people one more time: you're Instagram in your social media, so my Israel is Trevor DOT, p that Thompson and there, as well. As my photography, my check out. Radio globally was one s brother apply voting. Thank you. Thank you friend, for turning into the show, and thank you too are sponsors. Thank you too, for sick matic, forcing matic nutritious and delicious mushroom coffee, and they got you a sweet deal,
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