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#1435 - Suzanne Santo & Gary Clark Jr.

2020-03-03 | 🔗
Suzanne Santo is a singer/songwriter currently touring the world. Her new album releases soon with the single "Fall For That" featuring Grammy award winner, Gary Clark Jr.
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heart Junior joined in and holy shit was it was. It was crazy. I mean it was four and a half hours young Jamie for hours in total for hours There was a lot of like warm up they came in, they were plan and we were having fun laughin like at least half an hour. Just joking around a four hour. Podcast does magic and there is a lot of fun to songs the beginning and want we book bark that bitch that book ended book ended. We book ended that bitch, so without any further. Please welcome Gary Clark, Junior and Susan and Centre will gain experience by limiting their natural. That's how we do it here on Monday, fuckers happen that Yugoslavia on birds owed
on the other hand, for this, like man So this is an intense. Why I M very excited the giant fans about you and I'm glad we do this same like life itself, I'm so you guys want to start with song yeah start with some will start with long bad, beast, bad beast all right? Ok, this is the first time. We ve like down this together. So how should look out folks, you ready Yeah,
You go from gamey kicking and screaming start going. You again is too. That is being changed me. Send me very soon do not achieve mete out damned if I gave in town in fact, then how China, as a trap, laying down common goals to match their catches city, one now mags angels, dad is bad! Bade me. China, me send me varies in new key made out there that do
on Sunday Mamma. She gave me this very day on sound aim on the brain is so bad name, mom brain.
I think that our aid, I don't think I'm on our borders in me, carrying Maghribi bad, is it bad? They may contain the same me again. Jimmy
Gary play again. Sometime how many times you years perform together, not met many. I maybe once at the Jamieson thing, was the Davos it's the first time here I just heard into Gary Hardy, invisible guys, never fucked around together, nothing before that one moment No, I mean we plan and we met with catlike overtime, years ago, and we were just babies you know that show was so dope. Israel that's that you guys did James thing was so what you remember that or you were there and then Jamieson was like. Why is this video like going like via? oil because you to eat it. Are you like coal mines ram and then you know they're all asking about PR, and it's a maiden. I ride one
our time favorite song. So when you guys went into that like random, I'm, like all my god when I say over the morning, whenever I have to do morning, radio morning, radios liked you gotta be funny like six thirty, a m, you know and you get a shaky shake. The cobbler lying just went to bed like four hours ago around little, so I would hit hit a joint and listened amid I ride, or you will be aware that sells minor warning saw. Then I write it was my more cause when you're high first thing in the morning on your way to the radio there's a fee when you get when you isn't that song, like these guys, we're just out there. It's a cruiser They were three ya. No, meta music, then was so free. There was something something special. About like that era, music and that song and then see you guys doing together and to give it that Gary Clark, Junior, sound we're gonna sound. You gotta, sound man,
it's amazing all the fucking people playing guitar. I hear your sound. I give a sound that special. It's very great, read Hunter what the fuck you're doing man no shit about the car. He was tricks. I don't know what I have. No idea is its do, it underlines the ignorance and a lot of furs handsomer river, keep it like it in a moment of fun. Do me did that? Did you Gus together with better it was. It was ban area and there was someone else: rag, jammer, Conor, I've, that's right, yes right and the as together, God, damn that was fun allocated to thank you, we, you know, I don't know when honey honeys gonna play again, but we did. We had a lot of fun jazz made some awesome songs. Thank you, shouted to Ben Are you ban hugged to your fellow? He feels that the average
That's real nice never do men. So that's crazy- that you guys had never done that before that one night We brought us on you, you bestowed a great, gift on honey honey by cause you played at the ace that day or that night, and then there we were, you know, brought in by Gary to do after party sponsored by Jamieson, hence all the leg listen barrels and all the stuff. You so much fun, I mean it
downtown outlay, which adds to it, because Data lays straight a blade runner these two hands and a homeless people, either thousands in gangs and weird graffiti and due to lifted and closing the large doors in the middle of the night to fill a people who had done any other day. Man took my: why do some nice restaurant drug was? I rode I'll go anywhere else around I'll? Make stay right here, rosy! That's true! We feel fear facts that we watch people smoke crack, what is of or math whenever there is, how can they smoke in something and they may, which is doing, are openly industry like we're, elevated and when them little came back? We're look my guises. Rewiring ironic. Crack is crazy right there on the street near all those little vials broken vials of be everywhere. It's crazy yeah, fuck man
Max blew, it is in its also beautiful building, so they ve also been. He's insane apartment, building, stairs, Gorges office, buildings, strange sight, there's a concerted effort to try to turn into some like too general. Down hell, but Emmy it's happening, but when you're in California. Do you really want to live in downtown outlay? Eddie, Bravo loves. Does the outer he doesn't live there, but he has his air, but you don't zero. There are that the move you it's a fun hang, but you know I want to. I don't know I want to be in the canyons role. We have lost mantle of course right, perhaps a beach front property, a little bit of Union Brad Pitt, remember a little bit of nature and that I had a dream that I was wait for the general good part cast an eye off. Had a dream that Brad Pitt nine were dating, and I was in fact late as we ve talked about so
I can't see. I know my way around the other by my dream. Isn't gonna cut your friend, nice ladys and good music? I got one for you: did you quintet dino moving? I did it was incredible how how weird was the violence of God? It was tough. It was last year when my parents and what What was ironic is they knew who all the characters were. Like my dad said. Oh, I bet that's tex I'll bet because those were real. People are some of em, and you know that was kind of chilling to me to think about the fact that they knew by name who these Charlie, seven heads were by watching this move, because if you know what way before my time what super super popular story and the idea of the other part about it is like those people that killed those folks you know how the story turned out right, see you expect the air
happier ending is way by nice. It's like inglorious bastards to just other Brad Pitt Movie and my just plugin smaller Valentino he's a wizard in early May. That he's he's the last guy allowed to make a move like that that the big when I say that, Violence is shocking. I don't mean in this really that it's bad, I'm not saying that I'm sick shock that in a movie in two thousand twenty could have a dude smash. Some girls had exactly the mailer whew. This is wild, that's pretty grandfathered in, I think territorial grandfather did right. Everyone has always known him for having the wildest craziest fuckin from Paul fiction straight on his whole career, like Fanny little expected gap in the fucking, whom Thurman with it injection. In the hard I mean so many of his movements alone, like a guy goes, nobody goes deepening territorial. But
the thing is it he can still do a super ultra violet moving people. Consider it great art- and I think that getting harder and harder to do right. I think I think he's a sort of like everybody knows: that's Tarantino, no movie! You can see some Magnuson right, I think of it. A new person try to do it. They would hit more woke reaction, more people, like we really celebrating a scheme whereby smashes a woman's ahead in the pulp. He does a good job of like get like getting up the good to win. Oh yeah so, and we all want that family. So you know, if anything like he's, got a formula that ten years to work yeah we see that the bad guys just the shit kicked out of on its its there's just ass there, it's fucking great, it's violator, tame it, You know the desert sort of resistance to certain narratives as an end
kind of scenes, certain kinds of depictions of violence should even have it for entertainment sake, God damn it so nice have at some, unlike him around the adequacy finding him ass. I would love to Amendment Conway story, super nice cool, but he makes madness. You know agent, you leave a territory in a movie what the fuck pretty soon Joe you're gonna, be in the next term Tina now, none in the meat talking like this site of watch until appreciative, that's great! that's one of the reasons why I am appreciative of music to have no idea what's going on, neither do we. We have heard we sounds are concerned. As I say, we go and get a better knowledge of music, I've done, while our asian care I don't really know how to take very how many instruments do play just a guitar do play. Others are just play this well enough to keep the lights on
she's humble So humble measures on draw, but you're Mattie Instrumental Listener Master of Nano Master of none. I am spend fun though I I really am practically every day. I really like love it. I used to practise cause. I was afraid of sucking and now I practice as I just I will really want to play- and I think there is a threshold that I that I crossed like a little while back and but I just I need I want to get so much better. You know I'm sure you could relate to that. Like it's hard to be satisfied, do you do fine, a struggle between being a person concentrate on one aspect of music or one concentrates on a bunch, difficult, high instruments, yeah yeah, it's like and picked up my banjo and a year and then
also, I think when, when your muscles are strong and you play one in my modest string, instruments are kind of cousins. You know, but the vial and is the hardest one. When I step away from it, went and then I come back, their ito that makes sense can get into cruising move ocean yeah it's an emotional instrument to IKEA totally got you can do your crush it to do so the violence has ratified it. People find it. Mr Leinen, job skills of my Mama violin game of straw It's true, it's such a weepy instrument is abusive, no one's ever like said. But it's so nice to those wizards of the pact figured all these fuckin things out here. You know, man could you met, in Vienna when the first person sat down to piano and was oh, my god, yeah
mention of life where people only could make noise. Let me remind you, see: people like Mozart, Beethoven, they went nuts. Wouldn't you may go nuts of you're smart. You live back, then I'm good at my user. That's what you ve done is you're out a toilet die of distant, lighter workin on you can share tell, but everybody was thought to be crazy. They had any any idea outside the system Galileo under House arrest is whose figuring shit out about the year they really like he ended his life on house arrest. You couldn't go anywhere. I wasn't just because it was heresy. You piece of shit is challenging the orthodoxy. It's funny all that stuff Manifest day. You know the Saint sort of same thing: it's a part of people. We like to control people think and behave, and if we do outta the guise of religion
under the guise of the correct politics or under the guise of annual media, anything anything, we can do it's just a path. Of human behaviour. You see it you know right wing people want to get people fired. You see with social justice. Wars want to get people fired. It's a pattern of human behaviour. There's people that are the most grass of soldiers for a cause mate and there the frontline of anything good or bad, and sometimes you know people get fired some people get into. Chaos obliges I just killing these days. I really struggle with, like you, never really know the truth so hard and in its so frustrating, because I want to be front lines of information and know what's going on in my country in the world, but I get so fucking frustrated and I'm really struggling with it- it makes me in thing. You know it's it's hard to put things in perspective to yeah. I just can't corona iris thing is is a good example of that is, get everybody
de on edge and we all should be on edge for diseases. Don't get me wrong? Why are we not on edge that five hundred thousand people die every year from cigarettes? He added die print, truly from cigarette real, and that is an insane pile of bodies. That happens every year who barely worried about that again is proud of its mark and will it ever live your life sister catching the grown up lamb? Now let me sit outside smoke cigarettes Turnovers Oliver, I mean- maybe maybe there's LISA Good antioxidants in whatever brandy there's a salad point. There is a good point me in the good for your brain I've had a couple of cigarettes of Adam with my friend tony inch cliff right before I am stage outside woe, and then I had when I went to work.
Which a palace smoked a cigarette with them before every shall I get it. I asked we're going. It's not like. I just thought it was stupid, but it's ok. Drug we have a good time to time, new Tropic than it. Actually, nicotine actually enhances brain function, really that it has a similar effect to other new tropics like you know like gay, I like for brain or in any those like one. Cigarette, you're kind of like an occasional cigarette is that were taught, and nicotine in and of itself is a stimulant that some think cigarettes. What it really means nicotine, but it now gettin in any form, what have you can get it if you'd to view smugglers? if you're totally chew it does something to your brain, is actually enhances the way your brain functions. Ok, maybe you But if your memory, maybe a little bit of your verbal ear, your Dixon, I being poor words quicker well music easy story, my going so that the work for me
Well, maybe he's goin out. I think you ve, probably alone, probably flatly my grandmother if out of my grandmother, had a brain aneurysm when she was like inner forties, woe and she she, then my families in the restaurant business in Cleveland and they just open a new store in the story, goes like this. She was there they weren't up to code or something, and they needed to like clean the shit out of this place, so they could get their licence whatever. She was really stressed out and she she felt a pop and heard she said it sounded like running water in her ears as she com Uncle John. And she smoked cigarette outside and waited for him and he went to the hospital sure as shit, she had a brain on tourism and the doktor said that the cigarette probably it probably saved her life because your blood vessels they constrict right,
That is absolutely whose world whose the doktor here, oh, I am Amy Arbiter in diameter. Look, I know me to get in trouble for this, but the doktor, but anyway she survived the brain and tourism. It was like you know, but the story is that the cigarette had allotted who, with her making it to the hospital alive, you should, or that she didn't make that up She also did a couple rail, cooking and sorry dad. I know he's gonna. Listen to this, make anything causes your blood vessels to contain really jewelry narrow, which limits the amount of Blair you girls and yours, while votes. If you haven't aneurysm starts moment, you never get quick get to where it is not at all. You want to go camels, no I'll do right, those it all. Those on series are a nice day on the pool all the due to its most those filled with cigarettes with the most savage humans yeah. I knew about break the filters off
Given that our only maltreating give a fuck it was there the gamble, hitting power, his teeth, where'd they go. I would imagine I weren't there good. Well, though, it was a guy that I met when I was in a pool hall and white plains. New York's when the first times are really understood what gambling Dictionary lies to pass off as being no big deal, but being around like real gambling Amazon here and there ones- and I liked like they're nice guys, this white plains Charley was a nice guy couldn't Gambling couldn't stop Gamblin, because any was a pretty decent pool. Player elegant anyway and occasionally so, but he would always wanna play people from always want other people to back him like it I'll get behind me- can be fuckin beat this guy and he no matter what it was, he had to be an action all day long and in New York. You can bet on horseback
this is how you somehow another them his can. You know they won't let you have casinos in my city, but you could go these off track. Betting places this fucking, I couldn't stop gambling they long, started, study him like as his friend he was quite a bit older than I was when I was in my twenty six priority. Sixty did you father under the what not to do category of your studies, file that out in no. That was a thing or the other. I didn't grow up around gamblers. So what's in the skies like whoa, this is crazy. Attic. These guys are all attics yeah. We're like the old folks like this machine addiction. They also have screen addictions. What worries us like priority area with this guy would snapped the filters of cigarettes. Who can say that for a long time where we are at a very low he's dead? As far as I am saying here that is dead is for feel, like I'm, not surprised, I enjoy the company for the brief multimillion. Hang out with them
that kind of a legendary character around wiping the Ark laws that it was a great guy. I've got that's where we're first move from Boston to New Jersey, was around a lot of these weird characters at this one princess Randal, like comedy stuff or just friend well with one part of it was from comedy stuff, is my friend John Tobin, who is also stand up comedian, our friends of with him first he's our work is poor. Ok, My group was this: go fuckin place and Pool CNN like pull shocking for a long time gap, but it was just being. Round weirdos yeah. This is the point among that good approval, the regional right play, pool Joe. He put a glove on and, unlike what is going on here, what has every intention of aiming as it is only then resumed here, you're, like with various various measures, love plan I'm not trying to save you.
It's a damn balls like I have to pay the boss correctly yeah. They demand respect, don't I know it was the first time I was ever a terrible people. Why honey, but take it easy on those The first time I around, like around, like a like legitimate, realise, a definite, not appoint someone, many of us by a loss to know how you were meeting all these characters. In New Jersey April. Fool halls and comedy and people understand him a Dick a gambling addiction started on gambling designs and, but I just did- think it was a real. I think that's what it was over takes us out tell us that there would have been weak being around people really Dixon began. Room like this is just like a drug that of drugs are given themselves, they don't mess with the is it is that it's also, they don't go to the drugstore. They go to the my God, what the fuck am, I done store and he has gets him all day,
far here and then occasionally they weren't you. I thought you was in high loans in low lows. You know it's a thing or I m a gambler. You know my big time them. How much we lost not a lot. I play poker regularly. What's the big hit? What's the number one I mean, I said I don't have a hundred dollars, then I won't like Must, I want in one sitting was like literally. Five hundred bucks. Just like I was at a three card poker table it, but like com games. I like playing poker with my friends, you are taking in France Money yeah yeah, that's a sure as our hard. Yes, you find out a lot out about someone when you beat him and again the mental dm tissue and realize I like that, you know you don't wanna play cards as someone who can be a dick. It has to be fun, but it's interesting. It is interesting that we have the game's over
Oh I'll yeah, sometimes kaluza twenty bucks be pissed you for a year here. That's fine girl, type, it'll gratify, but that we get so personally invested in the weight cards lay out to the public. Do you always given these balkan aces we'll have a half that in its also year, you know that this game and you have the real people and then you can see how people hold their hand. I can usually tell if someone's got cards. You know you just pay attention during those who pokers part like amateur psychic part a game of of craft and kill yeah. I always liked the hang of when my landlord has a card game downstairs and I just walk downstairs with a bottle of tequila and have so much fun and dont need to leave the house and make a cup of butter and then go back upstairs and my farm it. You know what makes me think. Hypnosis is those dues that we're sunglasses, the table right to the threat, Looking when we can do that, I have nothing to them comparison,
threat of someone looking into their eyes. They would rather, that extra she'll that's, it seems to me a wise move. I respect, and I respect that so you're saying I should wear sunglasses always home. Ok, fine, thanks guys I saw J C in the crowd. You see once nighttime sunglasses yeah, I get it in a way. We look at your eyes. You Jason must be annoyed job back bunch of knowing him time few of us are in half on stage. I feel like I can get padding here, as are those of the US them. I feel like you could, where better sunglass, none of those are perfect for his law. Are they lose their thing that around his neck, the beads and already grassroots party, fat, so he sure as boobs for those now he's got money baby. Money, look at them! Chips did something pretty spectacular, one of those guys
second, when those fucking world series of bullshit you know does that there is proper boost buffer from the USA. Really yet giant poker player loves that shit, he's always in thy Duggar pool. You said poker pool you dead, I'm looking that fact, our group's main yeah, it was distracted. Cement chips address bar, has a killer posts, poker player legal, a jet one gets annals worlds, residing illegally really get a poker, no chance, please zero desire to be sit, nothing's happening, you haven't you ever, but usually on board and unfair, that's fair, but I feel that, as you know, Marshall Artist who you're mine game is such a big element. I feel like you would crush poker table. Probably not cause has tag powerful us not fun to watch for me. Watch and I gotta get it again and again sucked into that trap. Look I won't push it on you, but am I
Next time we haven't home game would be really fun to have you. They are frontier, just talk to go there and talk show a little. I lose either. And I guess it's just because certain scene with golf like of been told to try. Off, like I can't see a clear is I want to get into it and I want to get stuck. It has stuck stuck. It says that our Scylla, that much of the pine part, but I just Mongol my comedian Friends- would get in the gulf. They go on the road together with fuckin giant golf bags, travel across the animal to govern a day, and they all do jokes. It neither always exhausted, around all day with Lubs. Is their work out element to it like you, if you're still working of your poor, because you gonna carry your clothes, but it's also like just the whole thing, you're walking around this course Rafe.
Hours and hours and you know, looked like lining up shots and then move on to the next shown you concentrating all day should take ever since its guys, all of it especially rich dues like to do business love to play golf they get together and they fuckin swat that ball round chase it require it like. It is an investment in the clear yeah. We have virtually reality now, yet their walk at around on the field. You looking for a ball, You mean like Golden T, it's just I get it. It's a super skilful game, but it's like to me It's interesting as an outsider has never been hit by the bug. I know that if I tried it, I'd probably get been by that golf bug seems like everybody. Does your house in game an extra curricular sport? Let your into like tennis, no, never
that seems to me a recipe for monistic stammers need for others. Should I do. I see I made it. She had leaving this gets healthy for other still right off. I like tenancy, I would get so mad if I couldn't like. Do you get to you, because I play tennis yeah like yeah, maybe maybe as major his dupe resource. It doesn't mean anything care, get the ball with second kind of law. Ok, take care about that. Let it reason not play tennis. For real. Imagine what It must have been like the first time, a human being invented a musical instrument for real Imagine how do then the drum Probably a probable ano, maybe, and maybe some sort of a red someone blue yeah win through their made sound
doing what the wind was doing on bird calls giant right turn a lower that turkey- and I don't sound like oh I got some agreements- can do that insane. This try you and I'll tell you the hunting bodies and stuff. They have legit turkey calling contests and elk calling contests or man the Roman and taxes our screening televised. Oh my god, I'm sportsmen Channel might have some footage on it, but mostly you, but you can find it on the internet, dude. Ok yeah he's doing they. They they. Of course they have these Turkey calling card to link up try sound the most like a turkey to do there Oh, yes, I got you in the morning they can do. I can't do it. My Morse code, if you like that, I'm brand and the Elk one they they put like a little thing. Their mouth like it's almost like a rat,
It's like a flat rate and sits on the top of your mouth and they below into a tube. This sounds like a really horny male Algeria and they have contests whose Isn't that I'm crazy? Who is how do you know How do you know if it's a good common question? That's a good question la grill, your question this, but it's an art, read it the short fibre it is. When you hear I like this, do you can do it and make it sound exotic and l like wow, and they can talk? They ve been around Elk for decades there? They can kind of talk elk shit in there attracted to them a little bit cry. We want the beautiful animal something weird. Ok, I'd like to hear what we have heard. That sounds like that. That's probably one of the first sound right mimicking animals yeah, but then Sir One figured out how to make a fucking guitar.
And no one stop that shit sense, stop and think about that for a while, you over the fuck made the guitar that made out like a cat, got error like animal intelligence for the strings in the beginning. I know that imagine our board. You have to be before we start doing. Remember anything. I mean that if that is not going to try to tell you, I think that our hollowed out for a year, yeah when, when like this scales, like wended tone, we become a thing. This is fascinating, its wits weird thought feeling. I should know that Russia to its partners, we have no more to do. Should we write it down the staples notepad learning. Where the sound well start would create a year, because what is was it like. The Egyptians like who was the first musical instrument created was the Egyptians though we know of like with, is a depiction an image of a meal.
Legal instrument was like a harbour some like that when you think that would have been why I would think yeah. I mean what wet year Wet Year time frame or are we talking here for James? I don't either wobbled Egyptians, who was a long long empire, they were alive. This is how crazy it is Cleopatra, was closer. Her life exists it closer to the birth of the Iphone than it did the construction, the pyramids, but guess what yes because the Egypt has been around for a law fuckin time, yeah yeah, two thousand Five hundred BC the estimated year that they built the gray peer, anaemic pyramid of Visa and Cleopatra was like. I think she died, she died in a day and she died closer again closer the iphones like she died like the first couple centuries or somethin. Eighty, that's so
egyptian empire. I've been around for fucking. Do you do you ever think about like in the in the aliens? Since you know all the conspiracy surrounding the pyramids and things like? Do you ever wonder about like more of the start rest rule affiliations with Egyptians, not just the Egyptians, with human beings, and this is why, because it sounds ridiculous, such as when you talk about it and because it sounds ridiculous, mean talk about people dont like talk about rate, so don't it doesn't get considered as being a potential react. But we are so different that every other thing on this rock there's, nothing even close to us, we're so weird we may music. We can talk. We can say video through the sky. We understand humor, we understand nuance when you stand chaos in ITALY's and love and we're concept, make a newer and better shit and there's nothing like us. Everything else is trying to mate. Inmate Ryan, even dolphins
answer as smart, us, apparently or maybe even smarter, livid giant head the view. Brains, Dickens hey there sonar compete. They have all this shit that we don't. We came to comprehend. The language is complex. We know you know what it is. We know they have a language, but we don't even know what they're saying they also like like play. They had dooms things you out of there crows like to play, but were so different here we may crazy shit. We can nuclear, we can nuke each other. We can fuckin. Power, our phones with the sky mean we're weird we make which it was like this fuckin wind want to turn that shit into electricity. We fix And make windmills and explains that sore through the atmosphere. Everything else is just fucking and well sometimes joint raise all the windows were like back to Where did music come from? You know Sometimes I wonder if, like the people that came up with these, things in. Obviously you can go.
School and learn a trade or ino become a man her of your crew. After engineering, but Sometimes I wonder if it's just like some weird other. Dimensional source comes out of nowhere. That's what I think, ideas, yet I'm saying idea, I think a bit saying this: for a long time. I think we should think of ideas as a life form this trying to propagate, because everything that you see came from an idea, everything yeah every invention, every everything, every song the you ve ever written and sang every book. That's ever been read, all that stir every book ever written came from it dear and then boom. It's real thing. Imagine if ideas, because we don't know where their common front. I feel like that when I write sometimes I'm like what you ever feel like that was I almost got gift something's, given you a yes like a chance, like. It was a channel of sorts, we'll get
but have we really is it? It's weird is I want It is to be interpreted like a hundred percent. Give you credit for crew I don't want to know where we can say that that might get weird about this. That did not don't get worm come from what I'm what I'm coming from us. Everybody that I know that creates things. Has very similar narrative delegates come I don't know where you're going to have to be there to get it. You know Yes, a thing where you in the group and operate, particularly if you spend a lot of time on it and you you're, working at your passionate about and you're focused on its It's almost like. Amuse, even if it's not real need still real it's there's an accuracy to do like if you pretended that there were some God that was wisps bestow. Lying upon you. These amazing ideas, if you focused on it and if
you led the correct life and lived the right path. Then it would give you these gifts if you focused on your art form and that that would be like if you, if someone told you that there was a god doing electronically, so ridiculous? What will you give it? who is doing the same thing. It's like God's doing it for you. It really does work. I give you folks some what you're trying to do these weird moments do come out work. Activity like pops up and you don't know where it came from idea will come to you. I think it's equal, not equal parts, Bates, You know when you put in the effort till I keep the muscle flex like the creative one, where you're writing regularly or you're practicing regularly, and then you also kind of let it you know, sort of come in its. I saw Dan Herman speak once it wanted Duncan trestles live podcast and he had this. He said here I call it the ginger bred man, theory
and he said it was almost like he was I don't know why this was what he said, but he was a gingerbread man and there was a big hole and top of his head and there is all this shit falling into this whole from somewhere and every once in a while about ten percent of it with lightly dust, the rim inside. The gingerbread jar and that was him and the rest was other stuff cheese. Quite right. I love reckon already african worries on my way. You know a thing about that and they watch rigging already you dear you'll, be ok, I get it. I don't get it. Do you get the do get a letter. You also have to like put in an effort to inspire yourself, inform yourselves. Reed learn grow with, and then you put all that together and you know how we ve talked about war of art steer old book for anybody. That's kinda as not just like writing, but it's
kind of about writing, but it's also about, like. I think everything does a weird thing that we call that We call procrastination and, and he calls a resistance in the book It's really interesting because you realize like what is is weird thing: they tries to keep people from being their best stuff tracks, it like a weird. Fusion stress about it that keeps you from focusing. On what you really need to do to be true professional, and these are laid out in the book in a way that makes the unethical figured it out like when it was like forty years all figured out He had been doing wrong, changed his direction and then Like super successful as a writer, So I really respect it is right, and this book is one of them interesting things, because you know like his history, that he can figure out how to get out of his way of life and puts in the work work has, I think, a lot of its subconscious too. It's like you want to see seed and you want to grow.
Involved, but then there's these obstacles of like a habitat. You know it too, namely to do this, and you know it. I got it. I got caught. You know you just kind of procrastination in this: it's it's a powerful force. You know and in that can grow into so many things. You're self. Doubt then I'm not ready. I can't do that. I'm not ready, can't play that show or whenever you know, I'm not Messiah good example, but but seems like there's a wrestling match in creative people's heads, particularly performance artists, like you guys, are like comedians or singers, any, but where does a wrestling match between like creating stuff and and and being discipline, putting in a lot of lot of work. More slacking off and feeling like. Oh my god, I gotta get back to work again and then we really excited to work hard and get going again in some people far too far in one way or the other, and then like a weird balance in their luck. You also have to be scared.
Fuck yeah yeah. I think that, because that's that's your vote mobility is a big part of of ex giving an honest thing to a crowd when you're playing, music or or comedy you know. I think that, Sorry, if you look I'm talking too much carrying no, no, no, no don't worry about it. We're we're all gonna talk for a long time. We are usually they does express yourself. It's ok! I I I've played music folks and- and I dont want to like they say this- and a knock against. Of a tory students and things like that, but I found it people that are really really smart in the music call education element and- and Again, I got a lot of friends and I hope I'm not stepping on details, but it's almost like harder for them to via about the
Is there so smart and they're they're, almost mathematical, with their playing wrestling Gary like let's just fucking rock, like let's hang out and like find the thing I think sometimes I've felt like when I played with people that I know I'm gonna get some shit for this. I saw my kind of all you're you're, a nice progressive way. I'm trying to I'm trying to find a middle ground that, like you know, I'm not gonna piss off to make people, if not always the case, that there are some brilliant but like the vibe is where it set. So what I'm trying to say is yes, You can go to school and be the smartest and know the map front words and backwards, but if you can't feel it when you're playing live and playing with other people and then there's a huge missing element. That's what I want to say. I am not I don't want to, but I think that you almost have more of an hour. To call when you are you have that kind of intelligence with music, because it's up stared eridu agree with donors. Is writing
now? It may be that I find it now, but I think that it is actually a kind of simplify like this. I think of it like a radio, you know it back in the day when you would to a radio trying Darlin, whatever station and you get that clear channel, sometimes you'd have to move yourself. Sometimes you damages, you know, get you in that place. I think that, as a musician? For me, what I'm trying to do is gather information around me, the little things and not consume myself with this. So when I'm in that place to receive inspiration that that thought or that melody whatever. That is I'm not cloud myself with doubt or this is it these persons doing or whatever I'm just here in this with everybody, but I'm like I now. The sense of the noise goes away a little bit less you're good.
Now you know what I mean is applied. This makes it, but I don't see why I asked like how can I, as an artist? How can I dial into that channel that? How can I be the receiver? Get that clears thing and whatever you are talking about the dinner Osanna Little, that little piece of you at the top of your whole nonsense to that thing, yeah and put not all out there as a force it makes sense to me, but that sounds did knowing I love it is some people are so consumers. Giving what I know right my man and push everything out there that they're not taking the time to sit back and listen, and I just shut the fuk up for a minute and listen to this beautiful inspiration that comes out of nowhere. Just like listen to yourself, your inner being you know when you show up to
a place, and you know you jam and of course you can still be somebody who just comes in and go just gives you everything that they now right. You lie to crush this without without exception effectively. There's where a collective yeah there's other word turn all tune into the same. The adaptation and that's when I magic happens, Blatter. Let yourself go be there. Riding tinge amateur plan, whatever recording classes approach, something you ve evolved, or something new intuitively from the jumped at this is how you need it. To now and like look at things from don't get too like the way describing your ability, shut, the fuck up and look at the wheel. World and draw inspiration from the world. Is that something that came to you in time or is it something that you always kind intuitively knew I'd just I think it goes back to like
Sit around smoker, we, my friends and just got ahead. The boy now has a child with a full grown, so much pressure myself to be What is it you know? I have Canada, is subject to the end of the day. This type of an artist to be this is just who listened to my son, who am I listen? I myself, a village is listening to the This gonna sounds in tuna. That channel discuss our goofy, but that's what comes out near music, when you did, that Knight rider Cuff Jamie, find that shit- oh no, fighting play. We must I know there is now such and such a wonderful moment. It is a hideous Nord, wonderful, but I really mean instilling word for that's by no. This is gonna, be a big resurgence of the wholesale. Something again cannot understand. You never know rehearsal and guys never signed together in new shit together because bust out no writer- I couldn't. I love that song. I couldn't tell you the fuckin words. Invite
say it right now, blue, I might fuck it up. I don't I say. I guess that was my early morning. Smoke we'd go the radio's song, that's a fuckin, amazing, so
Point will make this more my happiest moments as an audience ass. Gary Junior, sound, like you, I now that's good day of that was fun denser those talking, but you have a sound man if somebody play in that
if I'd like that's Garry clutching a hundred percent railway someone pretend to be him less cocaine guidelines a piggy back that because, when When you came in and played on on my tune in July Will you just straighten amp and you, we're doing things with a guitar that I is he doing in like I don't it's, few it's this guitar, but you didn't have in parallel straight in Europe which, out there Right now I have I have have, and- and I love it because you just so sweaty just so- bears its story because that I'm just like so grateful it worked out, but we my my dear and John Spyker who produced the record he is a hell of a guy, and it was like the whole day we had to. About you coming in, and you were flying in from Austin with your family and
said. I think I'm gonna make it, and you and then you said you couldn't make it and jobs Spyker would. He also plays basin, tenacious d and tonight DE was having this like secret, show happening. Ferko gases birthday in in Burbank and joy it was kind of like emptying the whole the whole night and all this stuff in size. I guess I Gary can't make it and then I got a little while later you like, I can make it I'm gettin in innumerable added to the studio. There's like shit John, we go about, it would have us, do you and I couldn't get a hold them for these subjects on like calling all his friends and unlike we gotta, go, we parliament finally like obedient to animals. I think we do and we get the studio and that the air conditioning wasn't white on so and it was in July. So you it was like a hundred degrees outside and It was very hot in their like the kind of kind of insane and we had a half an hour for Gary to play. You did like seven passes.
And it was so amazing. I have video of this, and I can't I haven't then it's you I have to because it's so great and you're. Just Viking, shredding and sweating, and then, when you left your like, I feel like I just played a show. It was so hot and it was great. It was one of my favorite days and then I got to go, watch tenacious d playing the shity bar and it was honestly I was just like this was a great day. In trying to do something together so yeah? So I'm says to me: song is fire fire appreciate you? Thank you. Likewise, there great guitar is something that I have been a part of this. You know the music history of great guitar, his It's a crazy history. You know it's. It's one is absolute most powerful inventions at human beings ever created was the guitar and then the Electric Qatar. Because some of the falcon inspiration is come from some songs that just just make you just
jump and scream and dance around your house must stop and think about. Moving. Does the vocals for sure this theirs? the singing there's the base does the drums, but God damn a Fuckin electric guitar needs to be invested. One variable you can't remove a guitar. This change was they do. They make you fuckin pumped. You can be on machine rate quit that will far you you'll find that extra juice right hilarious, that's funny. They say that motivates you, because when I'm like on tour, and I dont want to work out. I think about you, saying, conquer your inner bitch, how big fuckin gotta, to that Jim downstairs. We all know that inner bitch should all have a businesslike.
Some of us have an outer bitch to reduce sneezer voracity, onion, asleep ten hours a year, Let's have a coffee city. Ever, let's eat something in the lurch. I just don't work out later right Don't play a little weird mind was less that's your inner betcha. You know in all transparency, though, to the per the work out. You know, portions. Rotation. I definitely this point in my life work out harder than ever did my twenties, while I I love it It also makes me feel so good would start doing well You know I last year when I played with holier irish dude We had a lot. We'd have big tour and one of the girls in the band Rachel Beauregard. It's amazing woman, she's. Yoga instructor in just like kind of an like natural athlete in. She would just work us out almost every day,
and so every day we would do like could just about every day you know Yoga Erlich Circuit training or she like every group tax and the gym, and it just like my mom, My mental game alone was just. Just to have that release almost every day was, it was great and I used to be pretty lazy with it was working out, and so now I do I work out. Most everyday, if not every other day, and I take it every other day. That's fuck and also its thinks he's trying to move your browser so much better across the board. Just but like you know, I love my body, but it also love like the just the effort. You know how I feel good, and then I can
drink is one. I don't feel sad that now I'm gonna get like a buffalo trays. Endorsement doesn't really angry work among many other things, to real problems drinking and are not working. I really think we hear anybody. Let me guys, I love you guys Larry's in Spain, but is its I mean, so many people that are suffering from depression. I dont work on my alleys people. Please, please it's a world changers better than a drug that adaptation, but just you don't even have to fuckin go somewhere man, videos online? If you, if you depressed, is please, please just try something: physical, try, there's a drug that comes out when you do somethin physical and you do like simple burping your apartment. You could you could do something, but this until that happens. When you work out, it's not just like you know, go
Kennedy project theirs. Actual, like benefits to your outlook You know and that's what people this Will it make rationalizations they basis rationalizations off the worst negative stereotypes of someone who works out all time across fit brows or bodybuilder. Do little more people like pretty happy. You know a lot happier than you yeah. Only you obviously really pointed out. I meant that murder now Harry Critique. That's what I meant that so many people you know well, I think we have requirements having our by has requirements generate like energy expenditure and also threat theirs. Worry and like about nature itself and when that doesn't exist anymore. I think the best thing that you do is challenge yourself all the time. What stuff like one that's what a challenge yourself as I do something this difficult and do something physical physical things are
difficult? So if you do something difficult, meaning something we have to concentrate on getting better out and think about, and then also do something physically difficult, so that your body gets its, Nancy Defeat, see things more clearly right, because there's the people that don't ever get a hold their body also don't get a hold their motions late, they spaz out. Will you no further the cross fit thing too like there's a sense of community they're telling these folks are. They have each other's backs, are motivating each other and times when you kind Carnero, like I'm gonna hit the German, you kind of go solo, there's a different trajectory. I think, You know how it means some. Some people can do really good job. At that I personally can't. I will crap pretty early and is very pretty good. But if someone's pushing me now I'll, stick with it, I couldn't anymore. Yeah I'm going to be more. It's the best ways for class. It's fun language. Two classroom and may class or class very clever and others. At forty five
in order to remain an answer into that yeah. Why did we learn that much? We work together. Its motivation angel. I dont do well when someone like kind of like makes funds for not keeping up language. I wasn't a spin class once and this disc and I've, never really spun before and I was it- was hurting my back for some reason. I don't think I've my bike at the right, hider, whatever not to make an excuse for myself, but I was keeping up an instructor, kept calling me out in the class ambulant know you hate me there in the back and the red paths. I guess I do bitch I can eat you ever come back your guess. There's something about people making fun of you think is effective and get you to go on rather have positive, written for that's, usually better and good. Let's keep going all out of intergovernmental fuckin class, your vulnerable yours also vulnerable, so vulnerable. But that's that's a visit, cool and is also like a social experience like when you do at last with a bunch of folks, as you kind of
of each other's energy, whether you liked it better not in our new economy, like it's fun, easier ways, pushing Xilai, yoga class agony yoga by myself. But I, like you, a lot better, firmer roomful upheaval, we're all in this fuckin will gather yeah. Ninety minutes bullshit speaking yoga. I too, the ogre class yesterday walk out of my class in Silverlake dont controls, Stan Unaware of any. I think he was there for the afternoon. Mindful meditation sounds like Duncan they're, probably eyes, fuck yeah, I didn't know you were really now. I say hi anyone looked away and I took my sunglasses up and I was like gave we keep it, but I don't think he actual you see. I declare ragged everything about the fact that addresses one of the great influences now these lighted, his pack ass a couple months ago, was really might have the best twitter page in the known universe, because he's the only one there's never succumb to taking anything seriously lacking
the most preposterous, like suggestions for the future in the world, and yet his Fuckin twitter page is amazing. It so fond of money. Did he says he asked yes, that is that on his page as a bloody dick? What does that? It looks like it with them where's, the fig salami challenge, what that is, I don't know what it is either when undisturbed. Yarrow knows how knows happening debts. Think I his whole. Never about twitter, page asked Larry miserable areas. Comedian Duncan and I became and when he works at com restore, he was one of the people is a comic there, but it was also the dude who you'd call in like if you're in town. It's a man I'm in town Monday ones in they put young a lineup called Duncan so and we out give
my days and then I want to talk on the phone for like fuckin hours. I to do you know about ours too Crowley down like crazy conversations, witchcraft fuck inside you, and the Rev Tele ends, oh my god. Oh my god, and then we just became tight from talking. I found what I would call in for my reservations here. You know my the days are those in town and then we start doing kicks together I ain't he's one of the most interesting people have ever met my life. I don't know anyone like he's ease incredible, fascinate, unique yeah. I I know if it's ok, This on air, going ok the activity, but like he continued and such like in, like he's like, yet there is no like him, he's a truly unique Jem yeah
so you're not story later. I think I knows how to seize this last pull out. First, I don't care by Israeli that now, because I know I forget it sometimes that this is the televised platform in and we have to a scotch empathy, I ask you with your mind: I'm not mad at this. I love this guy deal. This company was far out sounds of commercial because I do commercials for them, but it's real. They were found in the seventeen hundreds same company. They did even operated through prohibitions by They had a medical we'd licences right for four people in California. In other medical we'd licences for people in California. Thank you. I know you would you do try. My back for people in California, was legal right, but before
wrap, always legal you'll get a medical medicinal alcohol use lies right, waste management regime under your dirty doktor, Durham, prohibition like the man, get shakes the old. The thing that can help them is really see right, anthems, role and handed to you go in a racket, but this pocket company did that autumn prohibition, so they ve been making whiskeys for easy three hundred fucking years. I love that bank thicket story well done written about Europe, prohibition era same time, period that there is like a religious exemption also, and I think it was for wine for Judaism. If you are, I could decide on other way you could disperse alcohol, but there is also no limitations into what it took to become a rabbi.
What about that here? We have a lot of advice from a rabbi, though there are hundreds of rabbi, our man everywhere. Just so you get all the way they could just having to produce a good move loud. There's a party Sergio rabbit, that's a lot of work. I don't think they will work and I think they're, just the cuban an honorary rabbi lady, the honorary doktor, because, like debate by and to go through all the literature where'd you the question well, whether you would or not, to do it. It's no! oral judgment or ethical. Does it's it's a fucking immense amount of work, but give you if to go. Learning Julius. To your fuckin rabbi did or did not easy path. That's kind of imitation of a guy like in the tyrians begin, a book to whose and whose nations, where he is studying He goes to Tibet,
and he's trying I'm gonna totally butcher this They literally read it this morning. He's he's tried to go to this like. Cause I'm gonna. This is so bad. Ok help me out. If you remember what I'm talking about, where he's I haven't read it. Since two thousand and two ok so or somewhere in that range when it first sorry, religion in Montana, don't so he's a mess that up with food the gods to other ok, help me out here. So if you studying Buddhism and he's, but he's really trying to get to this, like top level, was eating when he was interested in each and no, he he's trying to get to its almost like a heretic like cottage area of, Sherman then also involves psychedelic than he had all these precautions Heaved ideas about like they were doing, but it it was sorely for
and upon for him to go study with these people, but he needed to learn the language first. Does that make them and my aunt em just butchery mess, we should This removes the point that was well trying and everyone here he was. He was posing as a student studying one thing, but he really wanted to get to this other thing. They had primarily to do with psychedelic and was frowned upon in the that religious community. I It's bad are usual hidden, oh no! No! No! You see you isn't that with almost every religious community and he a pretty firm belief that all religious experiences initially, with a result aside Alex where he was. He was big on This theory that he had that his brother, actually does almost a better job of explaining called a stone date. Theory. His theory was that humans became human because of psychedelic mushrooms, interesting and that the second
should the aliens and that second, mushrooms exist in other planets and they came over here on asteroids and slammed in the earth Boris, can survive in a vacuum and so the Weird life form that actually breeze air. Yeah Nellie eggs, almost easy? Annesley there you're there weird to deny that the motion Your weird like you definitely have done on that, because if you don't that. Might be alien life, If you haven't damage, we haven't done and I'm not mad at you and dislike it, don't ask area that might be the alien psychedelic into so called them. The story about people being like created people by aliens in my earlier maybe the aliens, the mushrooms and that's what Mckenna believed Mcgann had theory that, and he had a bunch of like fuckin science behind in the weird and wears a fuckin science should show you
I have no idea what I'm really talking about mates. It's it's a great theory about the reason why humans went from lower hominids too, to human being. Re was because we ate mushrooms, enlightenment. The reason why the human brain doubled over a period of two million Miriam was the regular consumption of suicide and mushrooms because it exists at all around us and that we ate him all the time and then either all the time, little literally cause some sort of fuckin in neural enhancement of the animal meets at super controversial theory. But when you listen to his brother, Dennis talk about Dennis, you know he's alive and well, and super brilliant guy explain it to me in semi scientific terms. I say someone because I don't know what the fuck you really meant, but the way he splain the development of language that that the reason why suicide and could actually have enhanced the developing a language tat they could make sense. I mean that the core of their mission when they went into the Amazon,
the seventies with no Cell phones, no sat phones with I could it like there could have been two dozen things I could have killed them on their way to little. This village is like profound, in and of itself and the dedication to their study, is blowing my mind, and it makes me feel like I haven't lived at all one hundred that did you ever hear the lottery here. A story word Dennis Mcnerney talks about eating, so many mushrooms, literal, like a lost. All knowledge of who he was and what life was from raising weeks, what became so. I don't know I didn't hit. Firstly, at all easy break through slash, break down, slashing expansion, contraction supernova inside of his brain, that left, like fuckin reeling for a law. Compare time I want to say was, but Terence described, didn't he described it like he's from
Garcia hate somebody mushrooms like he crossed over to the other side, and then he came back. I mean I've, never done it like I've. Never done it like she rose dose. You know that well. It's not true, but I think like this pardon me. That's like you know that are God's dose of narrow listed. I think I think it was thought that thought shirts on heroes. All my hated the dose of mushrooms, it that's because, if he was by himself when he remembered to eat Would he remembered to go to the bathroom? Would he remembered to take our people with him who knows I don't have to review the story about smart, confusing he's. Did you talk to me like? How do you remember all the stuff? I pity you talked about the actual origins for speech and like why could have been connected to suicide and the impact so happened on in the brain. Is this weird thing? It's it's
that's a comforting thought, though, the man has done so many drugs that just raise that they are like a top of is intellect easy to tie to that's really cool he's. A super super super nice guy too, but it's almost land is a key slot in our brain for mushrooms, Hague. Clunk just fits right in I just locks righted place and it might be the reason why we are who we are and somewhere along the line. We forgot. You know definitely ok. If this is ok to say on the air will you take. It is totally, but I've decided Micro dosed after two years that this did not talk about but like when I was sad after tours, like I dont know Gary, if you, if you get like this- but I have this late- come down of like depression for a couple weeks after the road and like there's that initial excitement to be home within your body, It used to the non momentum, air or you're, like you know, like the trained stopped but
trying to keep goin another hundred yards of five years later, and I I would get We said come home and sort of feel like. I didn't know how to come back to my reality as loan leads countries whatever, but my group s a little bit and it would just kind of get me out of my depression. Tiny bit I wouldn't even trip. I would just take a little bit of you know- and I think, there's obviously, like this is nothing new dozens, we're doing that, but it is something that I like, I think is is really profound And helpful has been in my life. The lot of you will agree with you. It's so funny that I thought
after all we ve been talking about. This is the moment where I'm going to get a phone call. I think a little bit strange, I'm happy with it. As you know this I had Balin Atomic Decriminalize mushroom right. I know you, I don't know much about it by trying to push it through and thanks to people like maps. You know who this that organization run by Rick. Dublin is too, and I was crazy work to try to show the benefits psychedelic, particularly with m dna and soldiers who have eaten Stena Wrangle, empty man. Soldiers, yes, M demand. People victims of violence, are victims of Otto Access. A really common one for Pierre de LA opium cannot of accidents and have that the act on the doing its work with the pity de an empty. I may, in their turn, show like this is a legitimate therapy, the trailer highly effective. When I look at it language instead of looking like summits, some illegal drugs gray, only terrible right,
so you got pharmaceutical companies that are our gonna want there you know take on it, which ass the problems that I have influence yeah. The problem is not that they exist. They make up a bunch of amazing shit farmers, drug please make amazing shit leaves a lot of people live and keeps allows you to healthy, but they also are invested making tremendous amount of money, and yet it like the alpha if they find a threat to that money, when they move in politically and their ordinary stop that threaten and they'll hold back certain drugs from being turned legal, very beneficial that might cut into their profit march. Will I beg briefly told you about Sarah set? the sleep therapy I did tell me more about my god. So I have had insomnia for over a decade like most month I could look back and tell you what days on. I could count on one hand that I slept like eight hours, so I
would fall asleep and then wake up three hours later and just kind of deal with the night. And in an hour- and it was a is and was a really tough way to live. You know, you kind can just it sort of rules, your world. Really good friend of mine. My friend Jake I met with him in December, and he said I. I really think you should try this this programme. It's called Sarah set and in what it is, is he help me obtain a like a mobile device. As for my house, but you can. They have facilities all over the country and what it is. Is this sense are you where this headband and has sensors on your frontal and temporal lobes, and it comes with tablet. That is basically bouncing so waves off of your skull, so you listen to these series of tones that are like me. Linking there's no order to it, and it is,
it is a sort of measuring the the brainwave. Activity inside your skull and then evening it out right or left brain it sounds so crazy, do it sounds so crazy? All I can tell you is that I dedicated myself to it for five weeks. You don't have any alcohol, you don't have any marijuana, not even c b d. You obviously not yet. Can you do it? I know you, can you do you're so worked over? Yes, so I can do I I was the first two weeks or horrible. The first two weeks were like a got worse before it got better, but I I can tell you right now, for the first time in over a decade, I'm sleeping through the night woe like- like I never was. I mean If I'm like parting with my friends, I'm not going to slip through the night, but I have did it so different. My life is like, and I I have a different tom. Like my anxiety, is China chilled out closely
that makes a yeah but also recovering better, so something I learn through Sir said was that they, like I talked to this woman in indian Apple, is that was helping me like with the program and she had you know she was like. Have you had any significant head injuries which I have I had it like a jet ski accident? I was twenty two I got fucked up. I got concussed night like two points of impact. It was really bad and he said he would be surprised at how that can have an effect on your legs flight mode. Unlike run from a tiger mode kind of thing, and you know basically the the programme is tailored to people with PTSD. Had injuries are just high stress levels and yeah man. It's bring rate puzzle me I'm. So I'm really grateful that I had a friend who was looking out for me to help me with it, because I mean this kind of getting used to not sleeping unanimously regularly a woman used to fight for the of seeing her name's calves in Ghana, bad ass, jerk from San Diego achieve
He had a fight with Amanda Nunez, as you have seen current Bonamy champion Hooker, and this as before, she was a champion and can actually one of winning the fight, but she got bad or in the first round like really bad and our brain was fucked a long time after that, like shed light significant imbalances in her hormone levels, and it was like legitimate brain damage. Issues to the weight brain, got rock so hard in the first round and she actually came back and stopped men Nunez, which is crazy, considering how much damage has taken the first round, what she wants this place in San Diego, the treats soldiers. Member of the name of the place to remember the name that place Jamie, and they use some something similar or those magnets like very tolerably, powerful magnets. In but through some weight stimulates the areas of the brain has been damaged and regenerate the tissue or regenerates the you know that the use of them, how the brain
I don't know, I don't understand it either but like, but no sound is vibration. So it's it's doing something Emmy. All I can say is that, like, I feel it dramatic difference that somehow, it's so nice, crazy yeah to someone- and this is not an ad- you have not celebrating paper somewhat find out about this. What you could just copy, Google, Sarah cited C e r e lcd and they have facilities that are kind of pop up all over the place. There's at there's another company, I'm not sure what there's always she went to was so now. This is a really good friend of mine who was just lookin out for me. You knew how bad my insomnia was end.
He had a similar version of some in everybody's different in I've, already got their diff, like some people can stay awake all night eat aerial. How long before a robot overlords take troll of our brains? I don't believe us from all the pain and suffering that is to be human. I wasn't gear, I was worried. I was turning to do as I have organised along now. I am by adding the more I think about aliens more think their us in the future as well. The theories that is always good balanced around, because if you look at what a human looks like verses. What a gorilla looks like if you keep Gorman that'll, be scattered scathing that doesn't have any muscles. There's a big giant had the control space and time around it. That's that's probably what return into and we're gonna do it? electronic We're going to introduce something into our brain with its that Elon musk thing that trying to do with a drill, holes and put wires in your brain. Neural leg, it's gonna be have like super fuck and accelerated ability to access information
to be always of the Tipp. Your fingers, I'm guessing eventually, I mean how long before robots we already are really give. We are it's already like I don't know this is gonna. Give you love twenty four seven through an ivy drip. Gonna take Overall I mean you, don't think this is a simulation right now it might be, it might be in might be or my mapping and that's the problem The problem is it so weird it might as well be assimilate it so box is it might as well be simulation? It is its we're worse, some political thrones type shit my guide on television. That's a scary way to put us in a way that is its fascinating. Now. What do we do when we hear now, if so, weird at so, we heard- yeah every once in a while I wake up- and I'm like, I think I just woke up in a different dimension like I know that rounds crazy.
I'm crazy though it is some they suffer so overwhelming the way were changing so quickly and information is coming out. Is that I I don't know if I'm shutting down or if I'm the slight going to another place. We are currently allied unconscious on a raft headed to a waterfall cool What's goin on waking up, as this is happening on holy shit rate, what the fuck we're what's changing, so we actually yeah we're goin twenty five miles an hour straight to work towards it, damn watermelons deftly gonna kill us. I you know what I don't care, How are you doing carry them? We need to get Gary's Refills galleries alone, probably choose to gossipy, have to pee european can, I say I think I was really nice things about God. I hope so, and there were only about positivity days after this conversation with
figure out some sort of like national mantra, we're good. We should keep it positive. People probably play another five or some other fuck you you find one. You're, not gonna. I don't know dangers joint open up this stuff. Stuff? That's his ambrosch for roses all batch of further. Please send me a glass cancer Jamie. We we need to get so sort of glasses made an animal ones which makes it not a glass whatever so we get our glasses like James off in technical.
He gets through. If I'd do it, a little bit in at least is in I tell you that decides origin daily, Madame in yellow dude, I don't care what color any guitar you're gonna bring here is they could be bright pain, put that mother Fucker on the wall right next to rigid prior right there, How are you Make it happen. Did? I ever tell you a story about my friend Phil Hartman, when he was a kid
He was a roadie for Jimi Hendrix for one night. He was I what would it whatever you call it? A grip someone who's on stage tag as an anti terrorism, states state hand and dumb Susie using teenager, and Hendricks, is at the whisky and he's there he put his hands on speakers, make sure they don't fall over because they were a perilously close the edge and address just fuckin going off here go off right in front of prayer right in front of them right in front of him and he said dude he goes. He was feet away from me. I could have touched it. Who's Hendrix, Phil, Hartman told me. We great Mean Philharmonic High a couple times when we did his radio together and was one of the only couple of times and I got high during that era. It was
wasn't much. He got high. He got highlight a matter of fact. I might not have even gotten high deftly got drunk anyway. He was, tell me about when he was a teenager that he worked with Jimmy Henry he was a tech at the whisky weight. So how Then he must. When I met him, I want to say he was forty six when I met him come on so like nineties. Now before when I met him. How can I want to say he was like late forties so when he A teenager Jimmy died in late seventies right. He died in eighteen. Seventy earth and crowd early ever be ok story. So how will do so when I met fill. It was ninety four that was twenty four years later, that make sense if he was like nineteen of the times and like wow. So anyway, he's a kid and Hendricks is right in front of him and his job is to make sure that
beakers and found the crowd say looking up at the stage centre froze agent, Fuckin Jimi Hendrix is right in front of them in this prime. I went out when everything is going down, you can believe it was real. You couldn't believe you stand right in front of you. Hendricks did exist before there was no does not pre Hendricks, there's just Hendricks and everything else as well. Will you read about Eric laughed and like AIR Clapton quotes about seeing Hendricks play for the very first time is fascinating. Cause you realize like with, is top of the food chain. Guitarists go to sea Hendricks, Nigger fuck. Are we deal in one? do. What is it and then fill city was happening right from filled with dabbling. It for fun, really enjoyed like playing guitar fucking around. So for him to be a kid and we stand and right in front of Hendricks performing was like one
Did he did he know at the time? Did you say you know at the time that was Ike or he was a fan in our economy, and this is like, but I guess it has to be like sixteen or seventeen whenever that that day was Jimmy's like rain, you know we need before he was like clean clubs and then playing you know. Magnitude to question. That's a good question should exert. I know he dismayed records were powerful years before, like really getting out there and thing live play livestock, whose Ike tuna to children so you're, both Isley brothers, radio people like little richer behind your back it's all right on why they didn't like him. Do another fancy teeth and fired, couldn't drawn attention to herself maybe they'll be great almost days were also does some sound. You know like one of my motto, my favorite
influences of Jimi Hendrix, Steve Raven, my absolute ferris. Has he managed to mimic Jimi Hendrix in a tribute way, but also may get kind of his own like he did some shit. It was clearly. He had a sound everyone sound. Nobody was clear, Jimi Hendrix Fan like Super that was a giant influence of em you could tell, but yet he was different like it wasn't offensive like one He did voodoo child Stephen The child is fuckin slam if you ever heard it here I mean that are now maize, tv Ravens Route, a child's and may is better, but it's fuckin amazing us it's it's a yvonne almost like the hat can gather tribute in a way cool. It's got up, but it's got fuckin for, behind who it's good is another great work out. You read out
Finally, I write your starting right, everybody right now who child withstand re man someone makes it together as a video on Youtube with both of them, But how do I can't say heads them together think damn! Well, that's it! the guy that, like there wasn't a Steve Raven before Stephen he's a unique human like he had very, very unique, sound yeah, those and cactus shirt must be honest with us in video, multiple tabs rovard. Only some. You never knows that can carry come on. He you're very fashionable man beside from Austria, and course he from oak, Cliff, Dallas Texas, down Did I tell that it? My goddamn luggage comes our taxes shared as
exhibit Raynham regional chaos. Red spots are there were they took good chunk of the fucking, countering climate yeah it does not allow gosh, I ever love hate relationship of Texas, analysing Hagar. How do you know it or of the required time into care? You that's why? It's not me, I'm not gonna get political among and I'm just like as a texture, that does not matter. Does that to heart is a security system to keep to many people from Verona sake? I mean you can't even go outside its wine, so good, it's perfect of you can take that sign a he had just at just the can. In yourself, Sir get assign your has gonna get you slowed down. Now it's rolling elevator doing together, there like mean main spot as mean hub taxes for me home
in Texas is one the best places on earth. He had. Everybody knows it now, unfortunately, Gunnar Highway, like the word, got out at a traveling. No, no, no John area, it's pretty somebody Mozilla Houston, Fucked, Austin used in fact Dallas. Yet a few used in fact doubts and made us ass the days of her that before It is a weird spot right like us and is somehow another. It's not. Watered down as collaboration between us. You know, there's the desert worsen as New Orleans. Louisiana often is particularly artistic. Some weird were not entirely but there's a giant chunk of artists, Austin fear are the weird like tat is a lot of in Austin. There's a lot of focus on India
and aunts, and a lot of like rewarding independent artists and independent musicians and appreciating like real shit right bought Austin. What this one thinks about Austin it's like if, one a percent more than anything, any other city in the country favours Real shit, it favours authentic food. Authentic music, it's out there it's a different kind of town all year, deafened If we go to town did not bind the normal bore, they're in bulk, its red spot. You know, to say it because they get swarmed yeah how to You feel about like wool: what's happened to it since it like people like found out about it? How I feel about here live a few miles away. Yeah! That's why you're not you're, not the valley of the you know about our love. I grew up there teenager they're, running the streets, and you know I ran to the same faces everyday for fifteen years that I see somebody else
yeah, I mean for those young musicians out there were. You now have to deal with the bucket and planet every tips and how these people from all over the place come in rain again, and almost unlimited did you do that was playing with a bug in front of you, yeah you're a busker in now. Let's call does official tagging clubs, like I you know like in bars, would hang on you play for four hours Why are you played so luncheon and you'd make six dollars for people, Lamb, God, damn it I mean by it. What are we talking when this was habitant? Ninety Ninety eight, through two thousand ten, really well thanks. I live for you when it things, like legitimately happened. Many to Twitter, I got a call from Clapton complain. My first.
Can't change my home near Holy Shit man, so Yemen, and candles in only mean that error, closet Zaragoza but so I don't mind the forthcoming, You know me. I feel item. If you and timid the somalian account take you spot and yeah you fucking game, yeah yeah, I mean that's how I feel about it. S happening everywhere, sick people come in and filing cabinet automatic era, you're really good it at year. Like I don't know, your generous man would mean, like I, like you have this ability to like when you were talking about turning into the radio like your good listener. That's that's with them. And you know as a musician where I was a middle child soldiers- have been about me ass. Dear dear that's Purvis, that's a good middle Charles
but you know what I mean like that. That's a really positive way to look at rapid change. He's like a city like Austin that you know you you'd, say it's being inundated with just like this huge volume of people coming in and it makes your life whatever, but instead you're like knock on like that, sets a good attitude. I will I salute that. What is there will be more comfortable now able to get out of the man s yeah. Does great attitude for all aspects of life to hear that the idea that someone's gonna take a spot like they're not gonna, take spot. That's not so what's happening were well you? May I mean yes, I like you, I know it I think, you're a condition to feel that way, though, that somebody's gonna take pursuer spot and that's that's fucked up way to live. Yes, your thing scared, I think, for a long time, people you know really dealt with scarcity. You know you look back people their lives and, like the nineteen twenty three, that we like a hundred ten pounds
like all the men, those tiny men like everybody was being anywhere. You didn't work out Durban. They worked in will. I hope I didn't starved to death in out through the twenties, like the roaring twenties and then and that depression that what you know, people starve to death, was like a regular occurrence in this part of the world that that's happening right now yeah. We we're we're a weird animal yeah. We really are yeah, and what we are today is somewhat different than what we used to be at lightning speed, isn't funny to think about like the gym in all the intricacies- and you heard me halted camera talking, but what none? I would not like to like our physicality in how we tailor our bodies and work out and then just what you said like nineteen, ten and people are one hundred and ten pounds and, like you know, they're just eating trying to get enough money to eat and then, like we have these lifestyles of life
to a science are exercising our diet and it's fucking fast, yeah we're just try, but also people around the world are still living like that with China. The latter, much yeah. That's we're trying to there too. I stay alive, we try and ninety two Montgomery got it so hard. Now I mean, like many of you know. Heart is not a failure, but how does it hard to non resident? It makes its hard to do things near. It might be heartened mentally denial. Do a thing until struggles reels vodka right yeah. I know I think there's like a weird line of being like conscious of and then feeling worthy of your own lifestyle and your own life, that's where
a rear, weird robot overlords? How comes in place on reading she keeps me you re legs, ethics into strange you're on the foot down and become one doktor become one with the vibration Susan and has no land is no reason to be a rebel. My last day without stating stadium I'm ready to change some shit, the narrative- I don't know I don't like it. What narrative to network you know it music industry stuff? I think, working really hard to go against the grain of like right now himself, release like I, don't have a record company and I'm self funded It's really hard. But it's also really gratifying at the same time, because you know right now. I, since I left honey, honey. You know like honey honeys kind of on ice, for you know,
sort of you didn't territory of the other yeah? Well, we were figure it out. You know well said, link us why you know the battle is getting ahead you know, and and being a woman and being in my thirties and and not like you know, no one wants to hop on board until they know it's working, and though I made this incredible record and it's so well received, and then folks are like yeah well, you know cause when it's when its working, rather than like get in now, and you know I feel I don't feel scourge by that I feel informed, but that that's Also, business move. You know because it is taking art and turning it into commerce and no one
still bet on a horse. That's now winning yet we know, and he I'm pretty. I feel good about what I'm doing, I don't think I should, be doing something else, but it still Google, you know so when I said I want to change the narrative it's it's sort of like. I want a kind of prove to mice health and others that lake you can do it like. You find a way you know and its it's really hard but you can do it and you can help from your friends like this is so cool to be here with you guys, like I don't know if I could really convey that enough, that this is a huge help. To what I'm trying to do right now, but yet also the thing that keeps me up at night of being, like all my colleagues, but at the same time you know the damn music industry out to speak to that right? Now, it's tough was, it seems. Me if I, as an outsider, has no business in the music presence. When I look at it,
a vague. It's a big ship that had the like cut parts of itself off now to smaller ship yeah announced it's still a pretty big ship. It's, not what you used to be. The money does not amend anymore in the form of record sales. So it's it's entrenched. Tentacles deeper into the industry and other things like merchandise and might live, shows and all these different things to stay alive, and maybe it helps yeah. Maybe it doesn't. It depends entirely upon the artist, but I what you're doing at your point in your life we like look. This isn't fucking working like what what do I need to do like? being attached to this group's not doing it being touched that group doing it, what the fox doing it. Let me just try to not be attached to someone through the internet. You have the option to put your stuff out there and it gets a reaction from people like stuff
tests, and then they got oh shit, spits town. You know thanks. First of all, it sweet. I you know, I love you. I love you too. Like I wanna like take over the world, I just wanna like make a good living. What I love? That's all I one NATO and its it's fucking hard and those horrid, but it's also be like in eight You know I want to capture that thing. I want to get into the right tune into the right radio station and also not have to worry so much about lake not having enough to get by. You know that kind of thing in its it sounds silly, but it's not like that. That is my reality. But what is the major function of a record label not having just wonder it was a major function? record label when you not really necessarily selling records, so they not gonna blow but business. Why you we
can't you anyway, and on this I can give a little bit yo. Therefore, marketing promotion marketing, though the folks who help you with budgets for tour A bank so when this is like a ages for tourism, because you have to lay out money in advance to set up a sad and to make sure that everybody gets to the place, they have the money to get to the event didn't, set everything up and then then they would some of the reward, so it's almost like an initial investment based on return from tickets. They arise so the ears like you know it is its expensive to be out onto right. Yet it is a lot to be prepared for anything and everything ran paying to play basic and saw what they do they come in, and I hope you would think Dead and in an arm, but sometimes it doesn't work for the people.
You know and that's that's the thing is I people come into this thing I made it. I've got this does deal with your record. Doesn't here I'm innocent hidden? They ve invested all this money, so it's kind of it puts this extra pressure on you to figure out what you need to do to make it, and I think some people go down a different rather would change a switch of the thing and in an arm, but they became very helpful young. It depends on your attitude to a lot of it: attitude in what you think I like you, are you being taken advantage over ASEAN and varieties? Is gonna pay off because this so it go so up and down? You know dependent on our imagined, be hard free and creative and having good time with it. If you feel you being taken advantage of putting a dark cloud over it, there's that, and I think there is also the misconception that once you get a big, ichor deal and I've had a few where you think all of a sudden like you have to stop doing so
thing when they are going to do it for you. That is like them Yes, miss snake, you could ever make it in and if anything you have to work harder and prove to them that, like your kind of work, the of their time and money. You know. Sometimes it demands its friends on the company but a source. You know it essentially like when you I deal with this with these folks like they have a lot of your creator integrity and in some ways, depending on the deal on how it shaped, and you know, they own your copyright if they want, on your record, depending on your deal. Sometimes you have more leverage than others and YO thats a case like hockey, a good free, that's so where did they own? The whole thing they could ever on the whole thing. Why I certainly will you sell it for the exorbitant amount of money, the didn't you would on the whole saw they were on the writing, the music
We learn the right now, not that nodded arena, how washing our different? Ok, so you could still have someone else so that song so ok, so I self release my last record. Ruby red and I learned a lot cause- I heard my own pr and distribution companies, and I really got into the nuts and bolts on how all this shit works and I'm not sure this is changed to sometimes this is me no going back forth, but when you when you're copyright, the digital return on things like spot. A fine Itunes are ten to one so when record companies on your copyright in all your streaming is, is like kicking like, fuckin, taking off their making. HANS money under the ring and ten times more than you are? Yes? Yes, I know career ladder, labors now poring over one million per hour from streaming. That's all lacking in saying shit, so they figured it out
they figured out how to get deeper into the arteries like real, close the heart, but that the hustle is like China era, but they also the keys to a lot of doors with it. You know, I think it's like it weird turn I do, but I have a feeling If you just look at the landscape that data less and less of an issue of almost every year They didn't know nothin that allows you not create feuds. Outing Vanessa have the keys to arenas a thing. If you go through major agencies that that's that's solved, distribution over the internet just through people finding about it, sharing causing it around it's probably as useful, if not better than anything, is I'll, find out about a pot gas find out about people on Twitter find out about it. They read to each people Instagram Repose stuff, and then it hits millions and millions of millions and millions of people. A hundred percent organic happens. Time, which is good media.
It's almost like you, your bank, rolling on the it not be, a good idea. If you do somebody else, so what you're doing bankrolling himself I believe myself or let us put this out, whereas if you do with a label gifted so Many people have to be ends, nothing wrong with it. I'm sure it's worked out grave for both you and a numerous occasions, someone leaving use. Yes, we have to work with. Someone is alive. All, I'm saying I'm sure like will. First, while there are some great companies, I dont know what, like you know, what come? What level you work with. Belgium were are these illegal you're fucking, amazing, in your crushing it- and you know like some, companies? That's not the case, and you know people jobs, depend on your success in if there scared and they go in this in this way that it's not like it doesn't hit.
Yes or something like they drop me fast it and you know I'll, speak That is why some other women in preference to change his name to a fuckin symbol, yeah that we, that is perfect as they currently stand. Yes, imagine you are trying to keep your current statues business g a team of all time come I mean the of all time, goats, he He was androgynous before we knew what the fuck was here. Dance around with high heels. Nor could they shit because it was so good, think about all the home of what we were talking about. Transphobia, hang think about all this shit must have endured in like night in eighty or whatever the fuck it is when you put out at first album- and it didn't anywhere, but it was so good. Everybody just had a step, the fuck back purple rain. It was put the way.
Dress was ridiculous. A magic Ryan Reynolds wasn't a movie about a singer who dress Lagrange did normal grade. He he's so good. He gave himself a handicap. Crass like a goddamn king, say shit. My fuckin music is so good I've been a motorcycle helmet shut the fire bed, some do whatever I want a branch gamma. He was other planet, come on. Let goes on he was another plan. Rarely rarely people like this exists hearing it to meet him Gary Oh, no, I fucked up one time I came back from torn and I got an invite to you like you want me to come out the next day and I was jet lagged and dealing with family stuff, and I was like I can't make it tomorrow, but so bad, but such a big fan. I think here I think, mean I think Does it once see him at the hard Rock in Vegas like when you just started: do music again and tore again yeah
and I was really so after midnight- tired do some. The morning ass. I got one worker fuck this? U turn to me, I think we should all work out so are actually, let's out tonight with more aware than ours. I'd run. I've done that before Jamie you and are burnt down into a fuckin bench. Press competition, Dreyfus, fuck after our partners in this is crazy. Word. I heard something didn't hurt someone my leg, Papa Muslim, a legacy of luminous kiss now those like my hammy somewhere, my lower handling a completely different. So we yet it's this the bane of all existence, but it's the soil. So much pledge our theory. It is I'm having a great time,
You see that's what we whiskey and but all boughs and jails. The rocky sees a given great moments. Joseph Times, you gotta pee, got. The side is the right in the Middle EAST. Ok, when was the last time you guys went puking town from drinking too much from Jane has been a long time, but I hear from my stomach virus is four days ago. What who only in between shows the Improv T governors. My whole family had my wife adverse than one of my daughters had it and then I'm like that ship is and you damn item in the bathroom whether improv like I do not feel good MIKE. I think I might pew to go up minutes. One just make myself you like. I was made herself so shoves, three fingers down my going down my throat and I didn't feel, like God, damn
and then and then always out of my body, was like all you want a party at the time of the most violent like cartoon. It's just I mean fuckin card Tunis laid down the core. My lower lowers the spinal column like I was worried, I was gonna, pull muscles crank, crying a and I stepped up and wash my hands and and what right back in appeal again. So I two or I shall like that once and then I did a show and then I drove home and on the way home also keep together
He puts things are the real. It was tat. What car you driving the Tesla tassels nice is a comfortable rights very advanced to keep away from those harbour bumps might disturb. You barely got inside my house and just raw violent violate the most violent, throw up a thing. I've ever had a my life was spectacular. Heavy shower like that british later about yeah Thou shows. I did the second show that night tat we too, but I made it to the I could show no problem as the worst Mew afraid we're in ass in planet and an air it owns. We just got back towards like a holiday shoulder ones. There we were got some pizza from this is only a medium and long term measure the Tao relaxing on the bus and we look each other like.
No word development after we left side by side? Five minutes ago you guys Ah, you know me assign you gotta get up I'll, say it. I know just Dragon Breton feed. Now. Did you tell him now in, but I was pretty obvious yet it out why my best sweaty and then hit a note. Yet you know my god like that, but we also had a thing over in Europe. Couple friends of mine this gave ban had some and Oh, no, we had to fly than you know like in Europe when you travellers. They ran legato oysters once my wife is going off voices occasional, food poisoning his rough. Because did you know that when you get food poisoning our boat, they try to continue now
I don't know that either food points apparently can spread from person to person. Never knew that until this area night inert either someone someone got food poisoning on a boat and they couldn't leave the finance? That's true, it is a pleasure. It is prudent because we're trying to figure out because the oyster things tat it spreads within my wife is like it. I think that should is actually contagious, if you're bacteria, essentially rain, exact, exemplary behaviour getting on your hands and get things you touch those things right, right, yeah, yeah, fine! They they wanna make people dirty bitches, I people confident that has in touch and things that everybody gets food poisoning. You kids literally, can happen that way, my life asked honey honey show that was the I will it was puke city I don't know what it was. I
started in the middle of the night before the Show- and you know it was. It was Miss Paine gig- that for us that we couldn't turn down in. They had a bucket for me backstage movies I needed like ditch. Does it affect your vocals yeah. It affected everything. It was well, first of all I would mention affect the I'll, be honest. You know what Happened- Ben graciously, let the I'll know, Jesus he's not feeling so well. Everybody like just want. You know we're going to give you the best show we can but like give her some love, and I could feel it feel their support, and I got at will there was a or what and I are basically played in my pajamas like I'd. Do anything to my face. I didn't wear and I was wearing, like I just out there like I was dead. I was lost on the couch and they illegally to go and unlike those gay and it was a really intense show, but also in like a kind of
beautiful gay was our last like scheduled, show together and dumb neo, better, narrowly, crying and stuff and like we had this whole thing, but the crowd really help me up. They really do puke during the show, ironically, but I was sick for like days and then I flew to double in the next stated. Join the hose your band. So is there a weird mine fuck, I don't, I don't know pardon me wonders if it was sudden like weird like mental thing, because no one Scott sick, but I mean I was really sick, doubtless mental thing, but I like it out that a bet. It was a mental thing, though, that the crowd rate raised you yeah, there's our hands. You know they talk. Like one of the worst things that happens to people in terms of illness and disease is loneliness or the worse things like this this, not about people that are lonely and sad, its it's one of the worst things terms of indicators of overall health, relic aegis.
You just don't have a reason to go. You feel bad people, you're real circuits, rear its real bad for immune system, but on the other hand, when P love you and you go out there and they know you're sick and they love you and they send you a sound hippie and woo woo, but feeling, ok and then it all. I believe that its assent We are feeling the feeling you get with kickstart. Mahars comes on a limited gave. You never gets its real, it's the truth, honestly, its realize you all a hundred percent concur with you. Thompson had a great quote about music being few. He had looked at it like fuel wood,
I can quote so am I gonna save my life like two, like my sadness, my joy of it. My inspiration changes how you feel now here a great song of changes. It's a fucking drug is just like a drug that changes here. Feel music, as there has been a matter of energy to me, a question of fuel sentimental people call it inspiration, but what they really mean as fuel. I have always needed fuel, I'm a serious consumer, on some nights. I still believe that a car with gas needle on empty can write about fifty more miles. If you have. The right, music, very loud. That's cool, when he remembered Fucked up- where we now music, ass, a writer and as a listener has saved my life will do people do more work, you like me. Changes like the way. First of all, how many people at their job They have some bullshit, that's fucking job, but music gets him
really warehouse workers. Your people are doing ship, they could hear music in the background music get some through our shared, not this one and they yet it out to their friends, and if it is having a good time while their work- and I mean that's a fact right- it's everywhere should job if it, even if you can listen to music at a bullshit, empowering that's what it'll make such a way better instruction gig they they suck. When the I can inform and comes over its is no music guys like white, no music. What is worrying television or movies without music, ominous dog shit, I guess there's a whole bunch of dead space, but you also have that sort of like no music score to your life. Yes, you know,
have those moments in your life. We are going through a break up or you're going through whatever you're empowered and you ill for on some run, the jewel of killer killer. My country, s largest Texan and will do get out Here- is used crazy for can speech the Bernie Sanders. Roquette cowed of hair, like one of them goose bumpy speeches, were glue he's going to run the jewels I'll goosebumps I get like a physical reaction to their music, it so powerful and an killer MIKE, if you don't want to run for President killer Michael runs for president, would be real whole battle. The whole she's gonna guess Enviro Israel, rather than TAT S. All he keeps on what that guy runs for president of the human being is a powerful orator like like a fuckin new age preacher when whose unit that burning,
attacks on. Why do that? Some serious shit like he was He was spitting flame woe and who uses a brilliant man for something about people that can do that right. That can have those fuckin giant speeches and that's why the reasons why trumpet successful as his ability to stand in front of large groups of people and get big reaction may serve dumb shit. He does, but it be, but it it's all in whose your audience he is only. Who's there and what else? If they heard that night right, that might be the most fund shit, I've heard that night if she is like, if you're back comic, you know a lot of bad comics. Do they have terrible comedians open for them, so they have like to cite the it is in a calm and by the time they get up in a sense. That's what trumpets trumps a comical, nothing but city comics on before him. So all the politicians in form of even the most interesting, was a really boring to listen talk to for long periods of time, but Trump goes up there and it makes fun of MIKE Bloom.
Hi by duck and under the fuckin table. Any clause, Hilary Crazy, her lion, Hilary and Sleepy Joe Biden, image, jokes about them. I'm not say I'm not just to find what he does, but the reason He could even do what he does. Is everybody besides him when it comes communicating is so goddamn boring where they get. Their message is self fucking, boring cheese if you're fucking, tellingly you're, so annoying with the thumb thing, your foolish, you wouldn't talk and, like my house, I know who the fuck are you man? Who are you why you lied about your past? Why you pretend? about this. You you're, the weird sleight of hand. Does something to wear masks killer. Mike is no mask now his guns blazon earlier.
That kind of person is the Future power man. That's what's going to happen. I went back to the transport has shrunk. Did it really monkey using? I ran like em, it's like a magic trick, but so is everyone else. That's the problem. The problem of saying that is so is TED crews are the videos are TED. Crews with his family, like pretending to have a real moment was family is up. What is this fucked up there in the living room like bombing, and we must now do you think we're we're like sculpted faint scripted reality trump is the antidote to that. That's the problem there, all crazy. That might be a worse kind of crazy. It's a rotation system, its who watched till it must apply Joe, No, no, I think your time known to run a matter for eminent among damage should doing less than doing a row are leading us all. Sir Leon Shit naturally All I'm saying is lying
This is nonsense. These few other do this. They are nonsense, paid to do it for you to trick in its like someone, some amid a good description of it, I think, was cow Kaminski, that's exactly what he was saying. It's exactly like. There was a bunch of crappy. Millions of imitating the cadence of David tell Macao will talk like the average body here, these brilliant punchline any he inspired a whole gigantic slew of people that have imitated this David tell cadence. Most of it is harmless and they just fans, and they- wanting to be like him, they might even realize you're doing it and they eventually find their own voice. That happens, I'm sure, with musicians. Heavens problem with anybody in and more in everything right, but that that the problem is so to speak. Doing something like that is I can't listen. You can't run the world if you're doing a character feed I guess you're trying to make us economic and you pretend you're David, so fine, but if you want to run the fucking,
free world- and you do and the Obama thing you talk like this and you talk in the east, cadence exactly the well sure I've Obama used to talk, I fucked you man. That's. Why you? Who are you bitch? Who are you at least we know job? Is he might be crazy? It might be That's my legally icy! It might be your right just. They all are the whole thing's crazy everybody wants to be present in almost every one step, a couple of em you know I like This will, in fact want to run this thing: crazy people, I think, you'd be cool if they met. A brow aggravated now. Honestly, though, if the Democrats like teamed up with who each other's aliens I think they are doing that right now actually lies Anders year. Ino had of NASH security year, president, your vice president, like it in this way that I think they all have strength. Its tough, too
you feel like one of them has it all and an essentially that's the case with most people, but if they, I don't know I know the Democrats here in January when politics, because these will get me so much shit about it in it. Well, fuck em! I don't care. I. I think that, like it's a really scary time and Trump is everybody server yeah by his his blatant. I want a p I have to hold its gather this one so anxious right now. Garrick learning wins this one thing, though he did not even leaving Pietro, nodded and wisely play a sound and then but lemming. We don't have to pay any more songs. But let me come back you just most each those I'm good, quick and where eternities active be too, I have to pee again and I've already running for calves on that man like how
Let me feel bad about myself. A shit come on now. Told you how much my mom talks about how good looking you are nowhere near. She said it literally sitting love her and I said mom Gary. Married to a beautiful supermodel and he's about. They won't naive, the third. Maybe your mom's me. She is she's great or more people follow shit out. He made me feel better in the mornin. Wake up and look at this face back get out of here. Gary think I'd! Yes, a good life. Eight years is very sweet things for being here, well how about it? We're running the Joe Rogan podcast without Joe Rogan Jimmy not many people are gonna. Do that all my guide? Ok, What should we talk about Joe what a legend absolute
where this space suit and, as you know, is antlers and as their taxidermy in this room, yeah antlers copy that no special place I've. Like we're in a bomb shelter of party town. You know like we're safe here, and we have a good time and we could stay here for a while. I wouldn't be man. This is worth me too, So how can we model our lives like it's like w? Joe hey start Roma, should now ok one sauna need a sensor deprivation thing, to what really is no, but you Joe ironically, sent Ben Jaffe and I've moaning honey to censor deprivation tank in Venice Beach, and it was gone
while till I got to the point where Alec panicked a little bit Joe we're doing so without you literally rode down son? I was just telling the story of when you sent been an eye to this. Sensory deprivation, in Venice and with crash prayers. Mama, yeah and I can't I went in and crash was basically like look the door is- and you guys you like in here you know, do you think and so I was in the tank, and I got to this point where I like started to panic.
And I thought I was just trying to this sort of go somewhere in the nose? I wouldn't what question leave open the arrogant and I went to suffocate seconded, go for the door and then I got it in my eye and although you are really, I wasn't, I maybe I'm not sure, but I am so entirely here. I know that you're like, namely to any less vicious, and I ended up like going ahead too, like jump out, go to the shower and what they are reinstated. I kind of sad there did tell it so ridiculous? I failed my first blow tat. You never get as events there, this air plenty air to have it. I got up, but I will pay off. I went to a cruel therapy in Austin one last time I was there and I loved it square.
If we also, I got, I didn't last the three minutes I did like two thirty before I started a panic of these are supposed to make you do to the first time today to thirty. That's your rebel segment why Maybe that's why I need you to back to haunt well whose first woman disease, like my dad, was a
We have found a lonely under as this out. I would hope it's like JANET Geography and out years anymore, demand more Georgi rain, never she's a Navy seal she's like suck my dick and they were granted full. There was the ass, a woman is ever visits. I wonder now you wow that's, but that is a great honour to address, as I believe I believe in you Well, I realise and movie. I fear this rag bag in the money honey days, and I you know I did have a nickname and it was suck my dick sues say. I will too often like the reflex, but it's a good thing that a girl and save those has never taken everything so areas like no one gets offended.
The girls like some. I do. I find any of your five year, a guy like that is outrageous, you're off the telling him to hear you what a guy would be offended by, like you think, suck my dick. We would soon and this is where I got outta me too from you guys, number possible and would be a good indicator of like what the Deuce baggage. She was upset of using succulent over. Who are you well that the climate worryin, which is gonna scare- and I think that way, though it's not that way, because that would require men to be upset a woman for since, unlike suck my dick that hasn't gotten that crazy it? I hope that the only way I could ever is an automaton. I don't think so. Either there's a lot of issues amongst us. It has a lot of bitches amongst us. It could go bad, we could hit the rocks and then back you, know what we need, but we needed to conquer those inner bitches, then that it is not capable gettin up. The two yards is gonna, be no movement agreed boom, that war. This at some guys like this.
For sure a lot of men who would try to claim that way in that direction? Well, let's hope that's not the case with podcast folk bloats operating a penis fucking around this injustice. Your problem It appears that at one I'm pretty sure. I said that the last foger games I played in nobody laughed so I was like. Oh will you fuckin play poker the butcher series Normie Religion nor Misa, can't handle it took about how much money you take from it? Wasn't you know
ass were sauce. Large glaciers. U turn out to fuck up her game right now. She was needed now. Ok, I've always wanted to be good at just be a thing that will be called on to tell people. I term regulators really yeah. I guess so. Your things of saying that any by them, like you're, really good at a lot of other things to serve light. Ass is one of them. Once it's like universally respected, immediate, due to replace of chess Gary has it asking now checkers. On the other hand, the bug you are voting soldiers near fluid opponents each year, therefore squares Oh, my god is only so many games enjoy someone. I love game hours a day. That's the problem! I recently this is so silly. My
your landlord flash friend invited me downstairs to play this game that was created by the rich dead poured out author, but you cannot created by the author, their book yeah and its. I can't I don't know it's called, but it it was Colson, please help someone do it's about its financial game. It's like of adult monopoly, ochre adoring! Look at how monopoly! Wasn't you get out of the rat race? I'm always scared. Rapporteur, began. The rat race and then you go to the like big dogs and its view. Three enlightening, because your kind of like buying property and then you're like making deals and there's some about it. That way, Did you read rich dead poured now it's interesting. It's it's an interesting way to approach a relationship with money. If you ve ever struggle with it or weren't sort of given a crash course on how to handle it
or not handle it. What did you get out? I got that like that the power that money can have over you is. Something to reconcile with you know in a way that you can live a healthier life, and you know not Obviously in a consumer society like you, gonna have this constantly. I need any and all that stuff, but rich at port at first of all, I read half the book. I didn't really books. I can't really like a speak on the entirety of it, but it gave me a day current level of confidence that money was taking from me. You know like the word as an artist like I chose the life to be a musician I could have lived in We want insult, spaghetti and add a comfortable life, but in your work family as a great favour, gray, restaurant it that ship is there,
old, because it's like out of my media families hands but the time I have had many many moments of my life rose like should I move home and just like ditch this music thing, because that would be so much easier and monies Ben like this. You know you kind of how I've I've ad, a roller coaster and it can enlightened room sleep in rule, my happiness in my anxiety, but when I read rich add port at and then in conjunction with this board game played with Russell it? Really, it's so funny. It seems I want, it seems, like part of the whole illusion, reality and so need money to survive, but this the stock that we put into it is pretty. Incredible. You know an enemy
unlike the things that we think that we need in order to two like transfers, yes, yes, and and I feel like theirs is weird mine game always playing with it. Like in terms of getting the next level. My music career, like it's gonna, take this much how you gonna get it in all that stuff, better. The the day. I think when you sort of really like rules is your white knuckles on on the thing it all works itself, I know that sounds pretty. You know bride, but I think a money, something. That's entangled in the life of this does great aspects too, but you can do with your money. Tangled into to life in a weird. What is like this? What you currently can do right basin, circumstance showing based in your life, your health, what your responsibilities this week
she can do, and this is what what's like, what's humanly possible for you do and when you see people that are making a lot of money- and you see that money the money searches it get you thinking that we should do. You should do that money Whatever that money is it don't know, I used to make less money now I make more money, and that makes more money than even I make I got to do with it is to get more money, but then you do that you rose This is, in fact, in our most a day is spent doing. That's not enjoyable. That's not what I want to do so then it's what you want to do, what you can do what's possible and which we want to do and they don't always go together. Sometimes what you can do is a you. Have too much responsibilities in your. You are you're, always in a feel the short sighted by life, because it's random, it's crazy. Its chaos, but the money thinkin trick you like, if you have We have a certain amount of money in the bank, like Brian counted the best of once you go to a restaurant
about what food costs, because everything else is bullshit as I do. You write possess. When you're free right, when you know you rent, is paid, you know your gear. Gas is paid. You you ve card payments, paid you not worried about at all. He could scarcely let's go eat. You know well care even leave a nice fat Tipp. Thank you. Can I buy that's when That's when you rich everything other than it's like. What are you doing? Are you just try score points, because that's what we do want trying at the high score we're going to get there go on like that. I scored a year therefore contains centipedal. They went elaborating on ever thought about. Our kid gave out a pivotal palm era where just just pass palm super old school dork shit, that's plenty, but that's what it's like yeah! It's like you know. You have a minute used up obsessing about it. It stops becoming a problem in
I'm ways immediate depends on your situation, but here for me it feels like this weird, like spiritual. Grapple, I'm just like it like once a chill out of start yes, always because you're we more relax. If you more relax, you're better. If you better, you attract people, they want to do stuff with you, desperate people yeah anxious. He bore the work his angry people feel angry that they ve been fucked over by the system. Somehow, and I'm not angry, I will say that I feel are really grateful for that, like with How hard I work in like trying to get the things that I really want? I don't feel aided or- or you know, cynical about it. Feel really excited still on the lily. I think Gigantic is going to be really romance. There have been those times you gonna, look back on me and brass hit, just funding laying out what browser, but when the best music,
when familiar bright. Do something about these days like yams, have to appreciate that, because, when I go on that they are gone forever, yeah the gander gone forever. Yeah. I am, I think, about that sometimes cuz I I do believe like I. I know that I won't feel like I do now with this is like the struggle you know whatever, but I also think so, You know. Maybe this I didn't. I read the secret or watch. The secret, however, have had two guys I broke up with give me the secret, as a book by dating fruit in Ghana and lumberjack vermonter soldiers and Arborous clean, linen trees, but light in the act.
Be funny kind and other should, like those gonna go to Bozeman. I love those mountains. What I'm talkin about every poker tables is in both on my guard. She has a hustler Gary's data, fuck away and re do not have a water pipe muddy. When I visit this late there's this bar there. That is like a six c table and I probably going once a year, and I love it, and I dont know the same: do of the dealers, AMOS Spencer and allow in the last few years. I love it makes me feel so called he goes. Honey? I, my black eyed man and you get play off of forty bucks for six hours, noblesse its judgment so hustler I don't know. I gave this I'll just fuck her at times I don't know I'm just like your legs play. Cards have fun fun games for people. If you know of ever done, mills via our quest things, we put on a vcr helmet, go to warehouse and wine tat fight,
our soils and shit. Now I was dancing. I won't be our dance like with this robot, with Johns by he's got Spyker had of the hour helmet and, with him and his wife in late ahead and we were drunk and having fun, and then I was dancing with a robot, and then I got dizzy. I mean you're not reassure the ground is real. It's weird will eat the thought of. It is disconcerting because you're like it so Let's sound, visual, the actual, like depth of speed, yes, you know you're like in a real setting and then You come out near like this business. On that and that's a fact. I know you're like that- scaring that's where we're at oh yeah, that's where the future is because, right now it still pretty crude. You still definite tells not real life. But how long is at last there there there's so did Duncan speaking Duncan had the vote
First, h, Tc Ain T survive, which is one of the very first consumer virtual reality had says you to buy and he like an early adopter, so when Duncan, when they were, they were first going through it you'd put his help and I was attached to a pc, be veal, these cables and you couldn't move far yet a very small Eric moving, but in everything was really really really pixelate. It like in no why did it look real? It looked more like like some sort of an old school videogame. Ok, but then I came and this is bogged down again two years later and I tried the new one and the new one was way better outside. And the new one. I was at the bottom of the ocean whales swam by. Look right in the wells. Eyeballs holy fuck do and he's like prayers You should see the poor,
sounds like like: no, they don't eagles. Yes, they do, and there was a few quite a few things. You know, there's one archery gaieties amazing. It was like almost like South Park style characters out and towards trying to kill you, and then you would shoot em like Roman times like barbarians or attack in your castle, and if the on this castle, with a bow and arrow and be shooting he's like South Park, look unshaved, but it was fucking crazy. As you Kilkenny about, I killed all the cannons. I promise you you're so tired, as your organs are just doing this. For me It's a messenger resulting my shoulders retire. Yardage everything was tired. It's you! Don't they ve our work out like you do we know for sure you, like you, know, training with Olympia, some rate boxing games. They super nervous, you feel like you're box. In summer, you get headgear on big rush.
Do the Fucking cross on his chest is coming towards the entire funny you it's not their cartoon lookin. They look like MIKE Tyson Portfolio to characterise the cartoon look, and can you feel no, but you see why, when they hit Europe that we are, disorienting. As is well, it's like you would feel like if you eventually malaria. Like your back the war that is now to say, I was reading my one just yesterday, it opened up. I think it's called dreams. But now, like an animal thing like you have centres on your hand and like the two kids are so I felt like I was touching the animal yet who does? I guess, that's dreams, gate they haven't and sensory city. That's but the book difference. We know this is not a fight with a thing like that. Boxing one it it see it. It's a real work! the Dreams cable unjust fund like that one. So alien zoo, and this I got a thing that this this this. Alien comes towards you and you put your hand on his head that, like a little bit, you know that we got working. There he's got a little foam rubber thing. He puts
whether it be in touch it, but you really feel like it too might be touching his aliens fuckin head, I'm I will say I feel like like there was like a little piece of my humanity that was lost when I was in a vcr situation where I came back and, unlike I got time or something what you, what you said is best that it's more fun sometimes and regular life and its crude. When complicated yeah. This is the you meant for simulation theory. The argument for simulation theory is, we know it's coming one day if things keep. If you go back to like the mall to be in my pee, I don't know, I don't know, but if you go back like the model t and then look at like a modern brand, new, Bmw at the amount of time. Knowledge of the shift to so radical, so so crazy, and not that long. Hundred years or so imagine what is going to be a hundred years from now, because things-
Speeding I was going to be alive. Apparently Billy outrage, dude stuff that we're seeing now in terms of a virtual reality, It is just the tip of the iceberg: yeah yeah, it's weird some freaky shit, you're gonna be able to stay home and do concerts. Ass, the goal we could actually authority available, but I mean having fully immersive like someone's on stage with you. Jameson event looking and actively territorially alive show. I don't know if you're right I I don't love you right. I think you're right, I think you're right, but not right and I dont think I think we're limited to what we're we're we understand people were capable of right. Now I don't I think, and until our actual like resources collapse and you can't go outside and have to live in a bubble. Nothing. Replace alive show or alive comedy show like
when you're right there. I think you're right for now, till the v argue like Breton Wind, on your face and the fucking heat from the pyrotechnics or whenever by the way I was at the Grammy's when you played and the pirates. Makes- or I would like there is fire ASEAN, I dont think I don T do very far away from being able to transmit more immersive, experienced lyin com appearest tongue and socks Zasada exhort you gonna get a bunch of people that are just Here's what I should like here now you first now here is the question? Is dont free or thought? That's not the question that was now as a request decline to renew our camp is, I can't believe that you could replace check me on here behalf spread the energy that you get from, performance with,
virtual reality. I can't believe our subscribed to that thought that it gonna- be manufactured, digitally like you can get real effects of the sensory stuff with the sound in the visual and maybe even have machinery that gives you physical, like air or heat or cold or whatever would you know stimulate that thing, but I can't at the core, My being thinks, I think that you could You could substitute the energy that you feel when you connect with a group room full of people, cheers love you guys. This is so much fun. Solomon Kane, I'm saying I do I completely agree with you, but I dont, ok, myself, Tupac live a coach l Maybe we're well, you should play its part, been doing cross. Their right to privacy reject but was
The same thing. No, but now is not the same thing, but I'm kind of in the middle, like you feel you get. This is what I think. I really think this like right now, you're right, right now, can't be at a show where you are. Stage live get that same exact experience. If you were at home on a computer or the Argo I feel it right now, yes, but in the future they might be able to get to the point where it is better to do it through view, because I'm standing right next to you, why you sing on stage laughing, not The intimacy of the crowd. Experience we're right, can look to your neighbors and be like fuck yeah. So right, but you know Zimmer that one way you can emulate that in cells that finally fine and online community, and when they in reality they meet
virtual reality? Not only is it more satisfying than real life has ever been, for them is the only way things better than real and they don't have that it's happening, but this might be the only way where they can recreate some sense of community through digital entanglement liked to do through through he's not here as well together in a room, real sexual entanglement, you're. So right, but that is not tat unless you feel it I can guarantee Hungary. The people are not gonna gets you're not going to catch the right break, didn't have a good and a card carrying. How do you know them who loved everybody gives us. We were headed. Folks is this: it I know this is our Pique. I think this is the worst thing that could ever happen to us. I think this is just a problem in a puzzle. I think the way handle these problems and puzzles is what's gonna define our future as well.
Thing. Unless there is a lot of old school people with old school ideas, trying to keep, things run same where they were. When there's no internet, no accountability, I think there's a healthy level of of solving in integrating and also not going full throttle robot theirs. These thing you know this things happening at the same time, the can affect your life forever Lee campaign it's all them and that their income industrial waste and yet chemicals for life and second Allah to now the ocean and so where's the bunker where's. The party bunker lot of questions right because player. Do we fuckin figure this thing out before the canoe gets, the waterfall well, in all transparency, though like when it comes down to it like the end, I'm not afraid to die. Well, this budget
crazy? I'm not I'm really not like I, like you, I mean I don't want to suffer and like burn in like nuclear. Like you know, waste in and be like in that aftermath. I really that, but you know when it's like, if its lights out I'm pretty spiritual, some sort of curious of like what's next year and then There's nothing then like what the fuck do. I care yeah. It is really right this. What I've always said. Everyone wants to go to sleep, but everyone's gonna die right, everyone suited for sleep, timid, shut off, hope I come back
I want to be vulnerable for our selves goods, cod, but first of all, as someone has been deprived asleep, I love it. When you have you given the robot overlords, I pray. I am actually don't. Don't we speaking to you right now I'll at the back of your brain around. You have never been happier Gary glaring air near Suzanne and shut the pod Bay doors. It's a matter of time before we integrate wherever the fuck is the future. Time, we're hanging out we're we're. Heirloom people will have the last word We bore me, I'm the oldest of all of us, I'm fifty two, which means when I was a kid no activities in the art of the ass shape of all of us. The link on you think I'm hanging there really is ongoing, in two miles and going back in March.
To get it my god, I want to see your face, Oh yeah, I like you, did the same time. Last year you hear these children. That is its way, What does that was at quota is a quote. Inspiration is like bathing its effective, but it must be done. Daily Senate quote his quote, like that fear who said it inspirations like bathing yeah. It's like its effective, but it must be done daily. I can hang daily work I myself brutally and really Unpoetical paraphrase that. Do you know how I like back to like the avenue
lose having like depression in staff set Bertrand Russell first in the popped up is exemplary, said also change a little bit of scene, ten variations of inspiration like a shot, You need a daily and bathing bubbling teeny so on it is the best he's. The best is the goat and love like actor by it but back to like Perry, inspiring yourself man when I Well, I've been like really in it. In my life head, and and down patches read a book to something Take your brain away from where you come from, where I don't like you, develop a new story or inspiration or like even just like jargon, you're getting new words. There's something about it. That's really empowering you know I watch the movie again real risks. Then I haven't seen quite a long time is called after Ethic park. Actually, that is called happy people located Tiger Awar, Werner Herzog Diamond
the great document about these really really really fuckin, happy people and they live in Siberia, and these three hundred enough in this town and some of them are trappers and some of them were hunters. Some of them gone pick pine, and they grind ominous old fashioned, would machine of dogs everywhere. They live on the base, this river and they scratch and claw get by every year. They know what to do. They work every fuckin day they get up. They run. Its through the ice nor the catch pike. They say they have like hawks on their hands and like eagle, none! Ok, sorry, if you give the Mongols visa list, these people live in. This really really remind hospitable, cause fuck area, recalling the rivers only thoughtfully, two or three months, the whole year river, the deliver its a great dark. Memory, but I want to live in and the thing about it is one of city Werner's One of my favorite document, Arians Kazi, he's so passionate about fascinating things, whether its
is our grisly man or the one about the young, the cave, painting in Paris, France. Theirs is amazing documentary, but these forty sat up believe its forty thousand year old cave paintings. They found and this cave in France would like what the fuck Imagine what these people's lives were like? creative people that work becoming what we are today, but only forty thousand years. Yes, they're, probably freely fuck, and so Lord. What we are- and they see we're just barely line by limiting fuckin caves in France, and this cats, lions and oxen, and always crazy animals are depicting on the walls. These key where they raise their families and hope they didn't get eaten. I think, that's what I think that its simplicity, it's like it is simple love like sustenance and intimacy? You know
community in community yeah everything like bonds, like the do like I would say this about prison was the word thing they can do they put in solitaire, isolated. Take you away from Erebus murderers and thieves yeah. They put you buy yourself. You like now came in general population I'll. Take my chances. You'd rather take your chances. You know what I love about year, Bernie Sanders Sanderson episode was: he said that there is an epidemic in this country and its lack of community. Yes, and I thought that was really profound he's right. Me is right, you know you don't really like half of us. Don't no, our neighbours and so, since I've been home for a while, since my last tour, which has been like crazy, I've really enjoyed immersing myself in in my community in like getting to know where I like people, where I get my coffee and it feels oh good, to walk in
have the Miller cases brought you era. Modern Roma almost want a lottery, and, unlike yes thank ye, who is a little thing, but it's not. You know you of recognition and in people see each other in that. Goes a long way. Does man really does like knowing your neighbours is good? Feelin haven't a community is a good feeling. That's one of the things that the we're talking about that an indication of health care in order. The indicator, poor health issues, when you don't have those connections, feel real lost, an enormous sense of community and its that's one of the things that any sort of thing can provide them. That's why it's dangerous to get lumped up in groups, because some groups are talk. That gives you really camaraderie. That's like that's what gangs are all about, rightly people Robin look real bad circumstances in together through a group
fine loyalty in unity, and they give compelled to act in the interests of their group. Even if it's like really dangerous ITALY, or should it right, and so they do it out of love, they do it. They do a negative thing, a positive rate for a positive reason, because they cannot love. I think we all do that we all do that with our idea, I'll jeez we do with our religions. We do with so many different things. We do. We do because we want love, but were we would not were fit. To understand the mechanisms that are work that are causing us to be a fool a mental us or reactionary or really a radical person on one side or the other were really does want to be loved. But it's so simple. The that many things come already mastered, admit yeah, I mean, what's that was telling you guys earlier about the Ella that the LOS Angeles Papa I went to my second game yesterday. It was their season opener and you Norman die Hard Cleveland Sports fan. I I love ram, frown my love, the tribal love, the calves, although the brown,
but I can have a beef, then I felt was not get into. It was very clearly censured. Well, just like grounds but, like my guy lay identical even question of high and mighty on Cleveland. Oh shit. Who's the Yossi Heavyweight Champion, the World Steve Bay, Miocic Where does Steepy live Mother Fucking Cleveland for youth? Have you ve thought you? What's a Euclid bro, you good These things have gone, demanding a water. Ok, you know high on our active or their great bottled up he's agree has heavyweight of all time. Do you know, the you have greatest most accomplish heavyweight of all time is lives and from Cleveland shut your mouth
claims. Gladwin. Ok is a great guy in what is a modest. I am not as educated on the, u have fallen silent and I will- and I and I ask you in all transparency. I know this is boxing, but I did watched the war older guy fiery did not like it at all it made me. Very sad, but you you're alive the Asher dead. They are doing game. Have you seen a boxing match live at? No, oh! No. I watched on the television. Others live where you from. No, but let me give back dammit work. I want to get into the EU have see a little bit more, but I get a little tripped up by it. But what I want to say about it? No, I
I first of all a levy, and I want to go to a match. I just really time could not go next week and I will be on tour odor. Yeah, you know gas. We carry Gary Vegas Gary's leeway to act Jenny Wren, learn, but when I'm in town I gotta get to have a good time on tour, I do what people fuck each other tat dna. Even a few of you get some foma, hey Jerry, you really love tagging words Euro. My face comes back for thirty years, oh, please leave you asshole to say was- and I would certainly did Henry the allies
see team is, has been constructed by some pretty great, folks and allay like like wolf barrels. A big impetus by in the team and me a ham and and all these great folks that kind of tailored to LOS Angeles, and my first game was, you. Could I've never felt that kind of pride in LOS Angeles, like I've, always sort of felt like a transplant here and have been here for almost twenty years, and it was incredible that the game itself is. Is mine blowing like its nonstop in that, like the physical feat of, and I grew up playing soccer, so I love to watch it. I love to play like it's great, but the sense of community here and the enthusiasm and just the the way that they have built the stadium. In downtown LOS Angeles. It was it was having to do. You want a hand of heart.
I did. I felt even a little hard I felt so deeply. You can make fun of me all you want look at that gorgeous stadium through this battle were you a soccer fan or she's me football fan. Can we just come up with one fuckin name? We can't cod football. Ok. Why because we have american football. We allow that line in this way, managers and change their names. Barbara. You tell us Memorial ahead of us shit, we're all in this together on this, talking about names, I don't even like football, I think, of their real men. They take those fuckin helmets off. Now waste Bothwell suitable nonsense to forget it. Let us very clearly always savages am joking. Does it just jokes fucking,
corn, Freddy Assholes future do calmly, and I dont know we're gonna get someone as we might ask Kidding canyon of agrarian pads. I think she play football from Fuckin hamster wheel, just giant hands two wheels slamming each other figures that show that gives us a pat up the fucking entire area around you. Why we playing games protects you other way, so five related side ferris with each other, from a distance of one hundred yards you're in the centre of power in it he slammed miniature. What's eliminate city under everybody which need bigger, we need golf court size areas to play on there. It gives some views. It would get some that's out of my. Why that's how it was that's, actually, not even man. That was the guys in the transitional period. There transitioning does right when in yes, The regional men were leather helmets, yeah now leather, but here's the thing
here's a little shot out to our native american friends, one of the problems- one, when they first start inventive football is the native american teams would block the white team surely have these dudes were like Nina College Education, an answer in trying to learn how to play this. Game and these native American due to put the smash down on that, though the Fuckin old school angry that Grandpa got scalped land, That's me yeah. They live in bison for a thousand generation, but that real smart it wasn't like they are making millions of dollars. How much player you know they will. This is a new thing. They had real jobs and then football yeah. So this is a story tat if you, Google, how sorry how american Indian save the sport of football. It's an amazed storing and it's the wrong the origins of beginning of football. The purely had paths they like this. Shoulder fuckin things. It like dude
have now and sport codes to themselves. Look like they more boxy craze, when does the male equivalent of a push opera is a dude with padded shoulders and sport coat before you is disease. What it is there that we're little thing. Medicinal yeah whenever I buy like a vintage jack, and I take the shoulder Panza like inducement rebel, not making suck. My dick had not yet I think there was an empty are lucky. A radio lab podcast on services about radiological foxier, people died, playing. Football RO, says like but how many people, playing even without a year by nineteen people, die planet where's timeline one year oh, my god, those people were different.
Look out for a segregated Larry's got it didn t get it now have to pay to. But and keep him unable to Jerry gets this an epic one. Take one for the team is three and a half hours, and I saw that I didn't. We should only play a song when Gary comes back on. You know now, whatever the fuck exhaust dear fan, beholdest, amazing, here's the thing didn't have tools, this whole reason. This part cast became successful. Irish fear who love know and love he's right at once. I love are to death. I love, and these amazing, but I gave you the worse advice ever talk about. It often is a good report As for hours long I went on eagles, don't know what's wrong, but I go. Then you don't have to I'm pretty sure the last honey honey podcast for about three and he had fully admitted by the way, but is not knock on, are no one knew what was going on back there, and I was just stubborn yeah
yeah. I was saying I think you ve done a great job doing your way. I really in I I salute that and I also like you know Joe. You felt it hand in my career and in what's goin on with honey honey and how you ve supported us in like there's something very special about not just during your way, not telling it to anyone else's agenda plague, it's pretty fuckin cool, you do in my friend bid. The crazy thing is that it happened a hundred percent organically that there was no preconception. There was no idea. This is going to happen. Just keep doing. I do it. Like and then eventually it happens but like when you what's he sturgeon have fun, was that so good? How one was that, oh good, but eyes I enjoy that so much eaten because, like we went to see what another one of our friends and there's like real who intimate said. I dont know sturgeon. You
twas, I'm never Madame la they didn't. There was some communication back and we so we both worked with Dave Cobb on Honey honeys. Last record was produced by Dave COM and he does all circles. Records for the most have is crazy. I would assume or that you guys had met now. I've never met him. A huge fan, love em. But I tells you got mad at him in that point where he did like an old seven minute, guitar solo shredding at his fucking sick and then he said. Alright, it's a little too much testosterone left, Sir tone it down for the Ladys and he played like a like love song, and I was like ass. He was
Looking for a good subway memories of I fucking love him in a given area matters. But let me tell you I, like Rock n roll, you know who else I love that dude who's on the rover them right now, Tyler shoulders, yeah he's called damn he's he's a bolt of his arms that I've listened to very more than two zero Morton to title he's really he's really Atlantic. They're doing like stadiums? Aren't they there like doing Jesus live far Alan's fill out then stern sturdy told me, quick sugar lost twenty bound to submit tax mother fucker, our twenty parents are ready to do so what kind of rain is nothing like God, I'm Pino, I'm in a penal who has three and then we should probably pilot and we're going to reopen one. There were no, it's fine does no one Have no boss, you're right, you're right, Suzanne, good luck, return with
nice things about you, I don't know what's gonna happen, Tiggle left You go the right way he's not Gary car. Yemen is, I love that did death my favorite people he schoolwork outside. You guys. Hanging in new introduction Did I love him me used up Yes, he's amazing that off a bunch for experiences with him, but one of them was like. I have a couple of bodies mind that at the time there were living in Idaho, they came down to visit me and I said: hey I go come on down. These are just like they did. They live in bomb fuck. Right at the time shouts. My friend can truth. First light of hunting apparel company
my friend Rhine Callaghan, and they came with me to laugh, accurate wages hanging out- and, I said, hey my friend Sturgeon simpsons gonna come by and they like what Sturgis shows what with his but as I was up here and there and they were all small and holy shit. We just smugly was terrible. Samson survey gets in trouble sword, but and you know he goes. He goes what the fuck's has happened. We just smug, we were says a gas not as last album, but the one before I didn't know I was supposed to not tweet it. But I was the one who broke his Adam. I broke the cover up, but I put it on As the rapporteur said, the Sab was the shower. He sent it to use on research in the leg I did. I thought it was already everybody. I know how, far before the release it was pretty close. Pretty clubs
it only helps combat worth saying. Is that it's a shit now, of course, many of us in the main thing he's he's a unique dude? You know like its hearted, define him like he's all over the place, that's kind of what time it is. I feel I agree with you. I agree with you. People are complex, yes, and they should be we should be complex and then sometimes not like. I love Ac Dc, those that yeah That's! Ok, though, it's like, I don't know think there's right where a wrong way. I think it's great to have all sorts of different things. Cushion lotta roses. Thus kids song for further ages and it's a real simple song about a giant. Lady put you now,
It's a real, simple song about a real large lady and it's amazing, a lotta amazing tat out, hold out a rosy a decent man come on. Oh yeah come on sister Anne. Meta in an equal word my son who to girls You know I mean sister works. We need equal, I'm a big fan of the friendly. Like and how, in a friendly way like not internationally way allow Congress hookers Conway when girls yell shit out not settle down hooker, but it is all love. It's not. Like him. I went away, I feel like you're, the only person, the only person I mean that, and I I don't say that lately that I'm Ike can laugh when you're like yet Ich
Do you imagine, I know we're almost a decade I know all MIKE. We men, two thousand eleven great. We did that the world showed two thousand and twelve. That was fun. We the land sparingly we did. Suppose we risk failure. Money money, Joe Ideas, donor, handrail darling. I did a show at the will turn in LOS Angeles and December when he first two thousand and twelve, that was the tears, but the end of my encounter. My tat. He had a computer so deep that motherfucker, where he got so high he came up with an algorithm based on the e Chang? That was mapping time. Wasn't the mine calendar it was. It was both. Ok is the Tat it was. Novelty, is based on novelty coincided with this is what happened. He came up with a thing called novelty theory and novelty theory. He bay. Stop the each ink the eating, which is.
It's a divination system in chinese divination system and they would throw these hex grams aboot sex crimes and they would indicate Certain pattern- and they would try to recognise this pat- was it hex grams of a chain. Anyway, they would throw these. There were thirty stones, it is perhaps the Kurds, as you so it's a chinese method of divination is more than a thousand years old and they were try. To conduct what Mckenna believed what he believed aging really was believed. It was a map of time and that the had through some way figured out through. Ex ramps recognise a time was it was mimic apple. You could capture it in an hex rams. In in in mathematics and geometry is like a string theory kind of thing almost I, and that you could come up with some sort of a system to this thing and he called us some time waves, zero and what he thought that
system was, I thought that was a system of recognising, novelty like new ideas, creative things, whether as the internet or internal bastion engine or the Tesla, electric car, anything we're was where you could map that out. You could say: okay, if you looked at as a mathematical algorithm- and you saw how this is gonna play out- you could almost pretty patterns in this wave, and where do you? Where do you predict this happening in that happening and where does it end? Where does it get to appoint, would so As you know knows, it's fucked do and in time since his life. He believed that time I'm was December, twenty first, two thousand twelve, and he and his men effect my Barracuda nineteen. Seventy Barracuda, my my license plate was December. Two thousand twice because, unlike if this bitch ends,
I wanna be drive around there's. Nothing else. Did you think I was gonna end, you really dear! That's why we did that show together. That's look at that road and stand hope. Oh my god he's all like. I was makes me so he semi twenty first, those like if someone die, I'm going out my favorite people on the planet legitimately There's! Nothing you through the countdown. That's what I love. There was no like two nine you're like happy new year by the values they live down. When others are always great worries fun. It was fun. It was like my favorite p. On my family and my friend he's been entered too able to do a shower. I fuckin suit. He Odin gonna come capture me his election, fuckin, very fine Dave August apparel currently has to
yes, don't joy ideas. Doug stand hope, guys and honey. I mean that was so. Special is one we are currently replanting assigned Tom. I was fun, we agreed this means stand up, look either stand up, is much cut. My fuckin pinky, you offer stand but he's not soon enough. You know so whenever we gonna make an excuse to do this, we are we gonna. Do another should tell us right now. We're gonna do another ended the world podcast men. The new presidential elections so is it nowhere where twenty first two thousand, what is it the first week, the first two first move, em or whatever it is Twenty twenty we're gonna be out the communist or will make that should happen. We don't do another lie bog. Does this time is asking to be me, stand opening up of the people we last we got too many people November third and the world or not.
It seems like we're on a lot by night. My thought all this is like everyone, even the people that of government just people who we all they need to listen to. We only ass an we can work together. This the system that we're on this fuckin clock that we're on it's not good for anybody. I worry no one's good, it being wrong, no one's good, it being like on a mistake. I'm so sorry cause you're, a human and that's what we do and that's where I think, there's this lake real disconnect with the people that are quoting quote running this country. You know there's there's no room for error, it shouldn't be running at us and they know it. That's why they're holding onto the spot? No one should be. I think they would do a better job running it if they could exhibit human quality he's and also be leaders at the same time by our group. You know, but I think they're scared. I think, but he's scared. I think, when you the position we have here is relying killer.
Mine, mine control, over giant groups of people, huge can keep shit together, like who you are you an alien? Are you have another can planet Yes, I know it. I wonder now mean them who take me dear later then do dude member calls encounters, as are the talk to people, the girl we should place on or not society we hit. The perfect partners were at work. Mass. We do whatever every one of you guys want a place on. We can place on, but this park, as has been perfect grandfather the universe is called us for. We could play the single on the way out. You know we'd have to play alive song. We could play in other variation. Would you do everything you down here. I think you can't box unwilling over here? I can't smoking then play
smoke after a modern radio. Taxicab he's just put your we'd prose, none, I'm not up and not pro there's real prows, this real prose act. Bronson. That Motherfucker, as as I took a picture this LISA I took a picture is Astro to MIKE what I'm an amateur, I'm a baby you're a little baby liquid Tommy child gave me baby Thursday I've been there will never ever shrine amounting to fire. I launched on chinese origin stay there and I will. I will love it as much or more. I would like it if he asked me to Tommy Tom, send me a direct message at Bro. I would really appreciate if you lift that on air, I lied on air out of respect for his eyes to listen. Bamboo? When I was little kid me, my friends have headphones on over Fuckin record pledge listener Tommy John G time:
fact that even know those guys it's so where's me out. I want to get away from them since two real. How are you guys real? I know you may acting days I worked with cheek he was on the show I work. I worked. Future needs on that show with Don Johnson member that shit Russia now I know cause a Barracuda is Plymouth, Barracuda, discontinued, nineteen, seventy four so my cheek in China. What or Cheech rather teach Morn, not cheating, Chong taunts John, was, Then we have. What we want is a thorny issue was listen. You can suck. My money has no real monies that real. This is like MRS Life,
mine is not real, I'm an accountant, listen! This is my house I have to. I have to check back in from time to time, just to make sure that you know here. Doesn't here man I gotta get out here what time it is unclear what day it is. Sometimes it's nice to know seeking Gary you're here and I'm so glad you're here, my god, I'm glad you're too there. It is ash bronze enough food smote, one two, three, four, five, six, seven blots in the course of one had one t I think, that's right. That's crazy! When hard, you just keep Goin I don't have the weed tolerance like I have the booze tolerance. How do you feel about splits in here? You up you sure you, Gary Marine, we will we ever we have other than we have in this room is set up for some real bad
over the years and during the Van suck, all the era of the room and connected oh Jesus, they that as well we set it up, but we built this, whom we had set it up for dice clay dice like this smoke would come in and smoke and I wonder why tell not smoke so I bought because I was happy he's here, so I bought him I bought an air machine. Oh my god, I process the air. While he was there s three Andrews, I didn't realize clay. That's that's animal abuse it. I was like perfect now you want for smokers, so fire up that split kind. Sir, do not be scared, young Jamie's impervious to all forms of intoxication he's, probably from the plan is one. If anyone is it does from afar. It is late. Just staring Unita. Is Jamie Visa thousand milligrams of Tutsi no lie. Why I'm like? How are you is? I can find no around. Fifty twelve fifty she's been pardoned.
I haven't silver marrying a journalist from afar twelve fifty I'm impressed very impressed that he's an alien and also inspired well. You know, like sheep candied, like certain grass and shy fateful era's growth for him the empty kills. I did not know that you can take it as a party or brain but of a sheep gets all would like TAT, they just die legs stickler near twitching. It turns out that eighty Dm T rich, concentrated patch of grass Joseph Deadness tracks like farmers in certain areas would finally, sheep like legs now way The last time I smoke DM tee. I I I was in the bath and I was you know, prepared to have a moment. I got myself all situated near like lit up, and then I hear like
I get up and I put a robot and I go to the front door and my old landlord Carl so the king and my bathtub with leaking own- and I was you Didn'T- know No and I was very high bone and there was a dear. Oh, my god, you D, de? I soon pixelate an inch and be ass, though it was a kind of old, so I didn't get ass lightning do solid now, but I got enough of a head to be fucked up with my landlord, knocking on my door when I was well high and empty so anyway, as I am I haven't smoked since I liked you at some point you don't get in trouble. Twenty four hour of the day, tat tree, wouldn't I called zero Rogan occur in this place and see that over the years is gonna, be ITALY. This holds
for later they should get it. I do for you so, when I think I am right now they should be issued by the missing the point where this, like, though the drug Users versus fuckin law enforcement, tv gas should be on drugs. So I do good jerked. Law enforcement she all beyond mushrooms. That's. Why should I every cop on mushrooms, like you'll know which which can get hug This creates a bill now you're, losing your soul, like that. You just need to know is run up on the other guys he's dead, imprison right now. The guy's does a bank robber, the baby marathon with it. So, I think, all cops seat. Andrew Yang at a great idea, is all cop should be purple belts and due to which I entirely agree with. I think it's a great idea. Seas
have some understanding of how to defend yourself. If someone tries to grab you and get your gun, a hundred percent agree with that, but also what not be mushrooms to why you're playing games tomorrow, Mary throughout their life and death in the streets. Bill level that we act or men have you just limitation. Wants you to city tried to teach people the right way we worked together, agree well, a part of love? yeah. I think it's possible yeah. I think we just need to justice. Chemicals that we have just like you, ve done with exercise and some people dumb with medication. Adaptation and mitigation, some people do as music. It adjusts the chemicals. I think that's I think everyone that we know of its beneficial to adjust the chemicals, whether its through YO or meditation oral.
Love or music or comedy or anything you can find. That puts you in a better place. We should embrace that an agreed Mushrooms are one of those things. I agree, I it's not it's. You shouldn't list the OECD Highway to Hell all day long, Is it easy highway to hell? Twenty four seven, it's gotta be a bummer man. I mean You might like the first two or three play, and I guess you didn't write, slight ability, Squire lonely ass the night. You don't want to hear it every day, but every now and then, when you, the car? You know you have that due to thing that happens when you car Saint up to Blue, to hear You can't do that due to wear like ran, later place on yeah, you nearly always all now not algae because of the air and a lot of titans, I told them
it's a girl that what there was one of his bits would come up like one of the four things than in my heart to interplay say what's but sometimes it's a random thing to sometimes it doesn't do it. Alphabetically just doesn't randomly and like you'll get a coup song, nowhere displays we started car. That's a trial So little weird drug you what you guys was a little weird drug. Likewise, I love you so are we drug dealers that what you're saying ass good way we're like the proverbial? I love whenever you could use proverbial, we should be wearing robes you haven't. I was really be from the get Boys had will deepen the ghetto boys had this you leaving,
CARE. For you, yes, Sir Sir? No you wanna do it. You gotta, do Willy DE from RO boys had this video that he put up of James Brown like right after James Brown had gotten arrested for some some craziness buddy like on the air apparently has occurred fairly rapid, albeit a rescues like live, that freedom has got these raising glasses on amazes me. Will you didn't love that areas there? Look Egypt, lady, this, that we get in trouble come on we'll get Java. We play a missile clip, it's a famous club. Look it now clean James Brown Strangers interview ever the charges of love.
Or a way out of the nine year old, Lady America, you. This is not the first time you and your. Why that's a real? Can I speak to the manager here? Could it's amazing camp look at his glasses he's. I get he put those guys are perfect. That's an entrance bitter movement in your dimension. You know that my feet. Regimes brown, video of all time is alive in Zaire. Live in Zaire before Mohammed Ali and George Form and fine Yes, yes and James Brown comes out and performs live right before me. Mohammed Ali Fucked, up George Foreman,
brown beginnings on to arouse Ass God and you ve got a real. What is a seventy four southern? So what is it? Seventy, four you gotta! This is the world's a different place. James Brown LIVE in Zaire, just crew russian. It just question it again what the fuck was out. They're like James Brown, before James Brown, nothing, not a fucking thing, not a thing, oh Schuman, original. Just
superhighway entry, our ass, mean J B James Bran another. What thankyou Gary baby answer Jesus Christ you're? Why present day mean as thing you represent a major model because our self, by looking at his of it, I knew what I said. I will you should know, I have often Alfred and using a dude like him, I mean he's so goddamn talented. He could wear what every wanted hated west bull, fighting cape Right James. Anti, where anything that spans those past anything today. Did you notice that the river was on this bad in their wherein? Oh, my God, a about it, but I pulled off far easier than a male, a male
Poland now office. You know what the everything everything I've already been done for the most part. Oh about. I do, I think, like it's like the sexuality and individuality in a lot of ways have been exacerbated. Now the weird I sound cynical. I think that thing now is being authentic. That's what's a rarity I agree with you. If that's what you are but if you're some hyper sexual James, Brownlow Fucker from another dimension this, but as those father, air or an earlier foresee, because he earns eighty no grounds alone. Vitamins to speak of stem cells. Yes, forty one do a lot of home cooking and a lot of love that is fuelled by love as like. Maybe for people on earth is
famous ass. He was in nineteen. Seventy four areas- man, that's that's weird moment in time. You know it's I shall I was watching a video of Elvis Presley, sing and suspicious mines, and I was like that poor, asked should never had a chance, never had a chance. Swimming with me. Here is what I mean now one that famous before office could never happen it was a real and then sudden as young. I added nowhere and all the signs are there like. Is he wife when she's fourteen? Why are you doing it because you want, reclaim his innocence, like people can verify like maybe, but it would be probably a bunch of. Is that It was more likely this guy's slinky like sliding away from reality with pills and how Amy and stardom question. How does he funny about that? In this case it was fun,
but that was we expect there will be a year where he should be able to keep it together because, like aren't, they need I then already younger hell all was Elvis when died at forty five. Not that old, however, was a Jimmy general. Please, yes, Sir in thirty five got seven. Seventeen forty to forty two ain't share that ain't shed notes and was he was a new thing. There is a new thing. The new thing was, this: fucking Insane supernatural sex appeal star, what tassels on his pants do in fact, karate character. Crazies tank entails
he was. He was kind of Missus Lammle alot away. Could you imagine, like you're out of your remark? I couldn't, and then there was Michael Jackson, nor am, I sure, am but Michael Jackson hold my beer. You wanna see crazy how, but do what you do when I'm six about that a b c, and then you have you and all the way to the world on your bag of like the exiled, com that you are and the barriers that you ve broken in and then you know the effective. On people and how much they rely? pony you. I can't fucking imagined. I can't imagine Jamie gonna say I was just didn't write and some of his karate was vague. He was actually just running about Ed Parker, who was a noted Campo curve, master and back in the day.
Answer my day and night. Its habits pants rip when there is for how dare you or do you really is a great moment in history- is a different thing, But I know he was really colonel squatting there in Samara, there's gonna shit together fully pants rape and land, such as you think he was proclaimed down, Stroll agenda member That's only rivers, nipple gay Ethel gay many progress has some crazy Farley residual lives on a giant farm. We realise me yeah, he's gonna know I haven't talked to rights horses, that's Lenny, advertising- is all video online. We see him in his estate in Brazil riding forces over the matter without any grand
dear me, like he's along the South America, they say what brings up over recent years brought you go to preserve, raised at sunset. Jesus Christ married You had some see releasing a bastard usb if these amazing he's a fucking counted are you gonna go my way? Maybe do so town he's our towns. Have you seen the film Wahid produces Mick Jagger record were erected for making There's no way argument is incredible. Did he is. I assume you could tell just way whereat early today
that ain't- what is already oh yeah, showing Jamie Cassettes, an amazing video, because you can tell like what kind of a person he is both following him around this house, where talks about what these things in his house mean him. What little This is of art things, as someone left him think people, the things that have like real significant Mean Timmins talk about a what they are with architectural digest? People try to weird Armani, gonna Fuckin ranch in Arizona, learning tries the year reactionaries zone. I raised a ranch in Brazil mighty like holding up air homo. We are willing to another continent, bans, whatever, whatever live in the dream, at a level that is levels as levels that money this one June, the song.
Jagger this song. You do this, the videos, here's that we talk about levels this. How is this dude, still slew, laying in back how old is Mick Jagger? What is lit? Slits gas, let's be conservancy seventy three years, might be. Seventy six right, you. What are you Jim Hugo Terminal, please seventy six per year come on I'll, swears, Aubrey Degree Podcast, I do have a like. I feel like these people are joyful. Now I hear that that the anti aging contingency is as propagating joy, I think you're right nothing What Mick Jagger one of the big things? Is it Mick Jagger
I really really into fitness liking. I don't know that oh yeah, he works out twice a day does via he doesn't like yeah he's he's. All I see. What's it like you, gotta keep this bucket boat on the river Kay, This vote on the river and he's he gets after it does is legit. Does dancing, and so they should be dancing requiring an thing is advancing is alive and well. His heart was so. If you want to see me, Jerry arise from the infant industry right there you see up at him. He's gonna stand still no disguise fuckin hustling realizes what He's doing you guys grants dissidents. Who does I do this? Is my my things? when I'm in my studio, work all by myself and dance crazy. Gary absolutely a bus at our someday Gary therefore awesome. Man you desert to your own sounds.
And other peoples to its eyes. I would tell me tat, I loved it in Algeria making my own, I don't dance and am ideas at home alone often, but I should get out in like it's a kind of exercise to certain snatches of physical exercise, its like a spiritual exercise in January. You are enjoying yourself, though, that word spiritual, so poison, by crystals and in order that this illegal ways I feel like freedom, LULU, it's true. It's true Why should joy have boundary shouldn't? Was it we're all scared? Now that does I have this conversation with a friend of mine about Bernie Sanders. We're talking about socialism and in alike, is like thought you been socialism, I socialism, but but what? What about fixing
The things that are broken doesn't seem appealing to you and we have socialism for a lot of different things like the fire department, the police department, but unlike- but that's not what I meant to that's what I'm really into I'm really until like people having a big stake in community, and I think, when you look out for people, that's when you have the biggest stake in community, and I think that What things were missing today who are missing? We We can do it or a neighborhoods like we're talking about. Like you know your neighbors, it's really nice, but I think we can do it in the expansive way as long as he didn't give in to the temptation. To be sure to people that we don't know in a treat everybody is, if we're all a part of a community. I think that can be done and I think the best way to sort of enhanced that kind of thing the aim is to make decisions that are for the downtrodden make decisions that it for the working class and the people struggling in the people who are just tram, put food on the table and keep her home. He did that. That's that's concentrate on that. First, before anything,
because those are the hardest hardships in this too many. But they have this idea that every one that's in that experience is there, because the lazy or because they dont work hard or because, I really think that they deserve Agnes uses. There's a lot of people to do things like that, but this is because it is. It is a very ignorant, but it's it's also that they don't know that have an experience with those people who experience and if this thing every person alive, you look at her look at a person is doing great. Look at a person has fallen apart. You would be that person if you did what they did. There's nothing difference, agree less you're talking about physical things like that different string. You seen bolts, running speed and different sheen, mind like this. This is a good thing. This is are unsuitable for in positive thinking. Brow like says that this is not happening right. This certain things you can't get past, but there's a lot of things you can get in and in one of the problems that we all have. Is our perception, negatives,
you look at things is more like we're all cool we're all like but he wants you to do bad. That goods are good. We cannot do good. Either we can. We can all go for that mindset of our own, but that want you to do bad in those people on the other of attention, exactly a formula which we first use. Third also scares retreat in the wrong way to treat them like. We did kill him, and drown in our other they're they're, not the back. I think it's like the hurt people, her people things. You know you you just you gotta exact, see those people say: hey, I see you and I'm gonna hug, you and your unlike. Let's all fuckin move together. Yes, the problem, as some of them were really legitimately broken yeah, like some people, the terrible job are raising their kids to the point with a broken kids and those kids need to to find some way back to the garden its heart the reality of scale, the factors three hundred and fifty million people. Just in America,
means that the real numbers at North america- because that's fucking crazy for us to try to put that into perspective, is almost impossible. I think we can understand their number means, and that will also be a team, but I think it's possible I think we have to look at it. The right way If you have no room for douche bag Harry no room for doubt really possible, but it's impossible. I think it is, I think he was need a higher level of guidance and of understanding of the consequences of not behaving that way and the benefits of behaving that way. The promise we look at it like it's a nagging like somehow and others a weakness if you're, if you show, if you show any sort of sympathy or compassion in order or understood, try to have some understanding for people downtrodden or poor people. Look at you like your weak, ignore you you're you're. Looking at the wrong way, you looking at
You feel uncomfortable about it because it makes you feel weird because there's too many variables and it'd be better. If you just nailed down to one or zero is a lazy or the good hard working people is a good, hard working people to take it out the delays they don't it's not. It's not like as saying that if they were so yeah there's so much more. Does too many of us me too many variables the idea that, like no one should get help that so crazy. I was on welfare when I was a kid it's it's important, it's important for people to keep them FED and gives people a chance like that doesn't mean people gonna come steal, your money, the means which are chip in a little bit. We have to figure out how to make sure that the government has our confidence we feel like we can throw them our money and they gonna do the right thing with it and we're gonna help communities went to help people and that's what I raise wary about for good reason. It's just who the fuck who's. Taking your money, then I'll give you an accountant, cheat Show you what this man it is, give it up.
I meant earlier when I was there. I don't know it's true I don't know it's hard, but at this time. I think what you are saying is so powerful because, like you can have your sort of government, filiation and like all these are the people that are quoting quoting care of us and then you can. So to carry yourself in each other and recognise your neighbors and recognise your community and cunning bill from the ground up know who you're you're local representatives? Are you now for FUCK's sake, like your kids in their school? wars and, like all that stuff like that, is a very powerful tool. We're in I mean those are official titles and official designations and all that stuff is awesome too. But it's also just know the fuckers around you rang, like in in be nice to each other and figure it out together we're acting like everybody is not gonna help you Everybody's not don't understand you and then that when that gets fed to scale of this impasse,
possible number three under fifty billion people through fifty million people doesn't make sense to us is so hard for us to ever understand What it's like to try to like do what's best for three hundred and fifty million people, it doesn't make sense recedes do its best for yourself, it's gonna work itself, it's going to sort itself out. There is ever consistent action involved in that exactly and if his ever conspiracy to keep people stupid, That's a conspiracy yeah make that seem like it's normal make. Does he only amount? Everybody shouldn't go, hey you real! he can affect things, and we really should be. Attention is, and we should all figure out a way to do it together, where the the Hey motivation is to make life better for nobody. Will you really really really really rich overseer right really really really really really rich. What have you really really really really you didn't notice.
This notice. It said I didn't know it, but you are contributing in a dynamic way to a system that helped you get really really really really rich see. The balancing act is not wanting to get to place where you stifle people's need to do well because they have They need to have some sort of motivation. Some people do you want of motivation, but you want to feel good about contributing to that's that's. What's up, stop. This idea come steal your money. I know why you We're gonna help. You gonna help don't steal any money, you're going to help people that can help themselves. There's people you might have got lucky mighty, gotta, good parents and good situation, good neighbourhood, good school- it well some people out, so you could get fucked when they're, really young thicket rob they get beaten, not big torture, It scared that's normal in life to and you can help them, and this is what I think
and you get lost in words like socialism and retiring as in all these different fuckin labels that carry all this weight behind them. If we just sail it, quits. Intentions is your intention to make the community a better place for everybody and make people I am sure we will have food a matter. People are loved me people are in a that's what we do as a community that we should do this stuff is bullshit, because if you don't that you have anything and you can have real you gonna feel really uncomfortable yeah thing that's a thing in these fuckin labels, whether its liberal Republican, you fuckin Cook, you goddamn hippy, all these differently, people's happy, but people so easy to dismiss people with these labels and that such an agenda right any with it. Plays that part of the human psyche. That wants to be a part of a team attack. Closing ideas, as becomes a fuckin tribal thing, it so or to sort out what's right what's wrong, but
I think we're in a weird space where there's no one at the wheel. I think First time, there's no the gun, that doesn't have a whole. The wheelers mastery here ass also airy. It's all a road, four hours, but no one's at the helm. No one's gonna hold that goddamn battleship the parrot chips, those handles on the wheel, strap yourself in insured no ones at that, we the face you known around, I'm gonna go out on a limb here. You said this earlier and we laughed about it. But, like the thing is you know you said the word love and like music in art, and you know things that are cohesive in committee environments and helping people come together. Like in terms of like feeling like like white, what can I contribute like fuck? How can I help because this feels like an epidemic this, this disease
amendment. You know amongst us and all sphere everybody! So scared, I'm scared! You know I am an obscure and I go in and out of it I go in and out as bring us back in Rome. I don't know my my fears fleeting. You know it. It's things that are, they feel superficial at times, but at the end of the day like this, no love thing, the energy that yo you you couldn't make fun of me. I don't give a fuck, you know like. The fact is like we all need it. You know we all want it and we all deserve it? So what would you do with that? You know We can sit here and dissect politics and agendas, and this guy and this guy and socialism all stuff, but we are need to feel that thing and it is love and it's very, very, very powerful, and it comes in many forms in has you know different hats, and I think that
right now like like sure that you feel it at a show right when you play music for people, you know, ah I am sure you feel it the time with your podcasting, with your shows and with the outreach that you have in your forgive me. I don't want to assume you know I feel it in all the varying degrees of the shows that I play in things like at the end of the day, this stuff like where we're out is a scary place, but there's like this thing, Is this like kind of one thing in its aim? Is the love thing in that as like a different adjectives around it and firms that are like recognising each other and seeing each other and saying hey, we're different, but the same were we're ok, like let's keep move, being you know the thing,
that saves me from all this like deep depths of fear. Is that like period There is really nothing else. I have to say like It's a weird world that we're living in, but that's the thing, that's it it is. World and people can Tipp left or right. That's bad! Announce, people don't tip good or bad one way or another depending upon how you approached them short in this, is a thing that a lot of us get wrong. You run to someone. There are deck, your dick back. It turns into a fight like the guy was a fuckin dick, yes, but sometimes was a deck and you're, not a deck. They stop here, Dick we later we talked about as at the beginning, the part? That's right! That's right! We do it like what you did to defuse the situation where energy its heated and some his angry or are you know, I don't why should we tell the story but, like you know you its accountability,
to like you know when you metals presumptions right, you gonna conversations with presumptions, This guy feels about you like this fuckin guy thinks I'm an idiot. I know like a winner society like you have rightly you know what it's of its work? ok to be wrong, landing made a mistake, I'm so sorry, it's not just okay to be wrong. It's a gift when you're wrong, to give Gazeta unanimity that comes at the end of a long as we're really helps your education as a person. Yes, I agree as a fuckin girlfriend boyfriend a lover of Father son you, learn when you fuck up, you learn You learn like goddamn, I I guess that's all, valuable lesson cause it's humiliating lesson. One you said yourself free to is theirs there's some when you're hanging onto righteousness like this, like you the ability to say that you were wrong. That is a fucking burden. It's all just a burden. It's it's a foolish pursuit,
you should relish every opportunity to apologise and say wrong as showing of strength he ass, if think you're strong you Think is strong and you know you're wrong and you don't tell the truth. Will then you a fool, you're missing out on an opportunity for you to be strong. Fee to show that you're strong. The show that you made a mistake. I've made a lot of mistakes. I make him all the time. I'm a fucking dummy you my best, but ultimately the day, there's a lot of dummy in there and I do my best but if I make a mistake, I will fucking on the shit out at mistake. If you talk to me about it, and you want to have a discussion about it, I'm not one of those people that does any value in pretending. You didn't make a mistake. I think there is a real societal but wrong about the misconception. That is, they don't know the people who did it didn't understand the other rules or written were written by people who really hadn't had a good grasp of the territory. They didn't really understand what they're saying they should have top people that school they should top people.
Like that in junior high school high school for sure, there's just said your your failures, those feelings that you ve they teach you about history in math and those things are great. There's nothing wrong with that, but They taught us about how your failures are very valuable fuel. You have that feeling that you get one girl dumps you feeling has when you crash your car the feeling that you get when you and ruin something you say something wrong when some it comes out of your mouth when did end thing: you do wrong! You fly out of a class whatever the fuck. It is that negative feeling is a boost, its supposed to take you into next orbit. It's almost a blast you into the next room, full of understanding what you were doing wrong and how to improve in your life and how to go forward with better habits. And if you dont experience that pain feeling that embarrassment than you do really know how value bullet is to stay on Your grind
I will say it all the time it resonated. People go stay, any right. Click, yes, yes, but I'll. Show you. Why do you think that it's not ok to be human do you think, suicidally speaking, we can't just be like a Annabelle and strong. At the same time, workers or just nervous is out there. But, like I mean like systemically like that, is since the beginning is that link them the like me, key brain and asked that sliced keys you- and it is now for all that shit I got about is forever fucking bottles my mind just because we are worried about people that are not put in their way when people starving to death, it's an in ancient ancient instinct, when they were like, if we barely had enough food to keep our babies alive and our friends alive and our parents alive barely had enough food, and we saw someone slacking holy shit. You want to fuck and kill them, have you saw them, someone that was sneaking food? There was taken too much food resources, wasn't put in their work and he would just
slightly shy of being comfortable, and you knew this fuckin lazy, mother fucker. They just did their work. We would all be fine, but they don't do we do they data claim their foot heard or the Clinton Backards they go back. Cave, nobody wants to kill him, that's what the fuck that's for it's a real source balanced relationships like the sort of aggression against like welfare people. Need a pdf, still Piazza eggs that examining exploit it and get it exactly exactly. What's call its attaching ultimatums or ultimate, rather, like this is the ultimate truth to any sort of circumstance in a general sense to pretend it five million fuck a yet, let's put it a city of x amount of people of a million people that are on some sort of assistance with its food stamps or welfare. Whatever. To pretend there one thing is crazy to bridge
and it's all one story is crazy. One set of circumstances once that's that's that's nuts, that the question should be like Look, there's no billionaires or sign up for food stamps, bright, snow millionaires. Try no get welfare money right, so it's only when you're desperate, so the question like how do we engineer society so that even the most death for people never hit that spot. Never the spot where they need assistance. The most desperate people, Always taken care of what you don't have to worry about it and then What motivation is just following your dreams, doing what you enjoy doing, whether it's a thing like playing music or writing or whatever it is whenever it is finding that thing, but that that motivation for doing that things should be above all above the idea, the you have to survive by doing some shitty job to make a living to pay for your bills. Rob you of your your
your time and resources should be allocated a face nice, this latter resource. Ok, let's just pretend you don't you don't need a job. We're gonna, give you the money, you don't Egypt, but understand this mother fucking, give it a gift. You give it to you the Beethoven ever had Hendricks. Never had nobody had it. You got you enough to live now, go but understand you got if you'll key live eighty years. Sitting over there is like tomorrow, where every tapestries you weren't going to die. We just have to look at the way we distribute money as being like we Think about it. Right now is being. This is the way we ve always done it. This way, we're gonna, do it, but money, even exist. Citizens citizens really recent, It doesn't mean we're doing it right. We shouldn't have tents, fill with almost people, that's fucking grows we should have people sitting in the street in San Francisco. That's fucking gross of you, if you guys have to pay more money to make sure this health care for a bunch
most people with mental illness that are shitting Oliver streets. You should deadly, spend that money is going to fix it, but a bunch due to squeeze and second power hoses out their where's that go, and we note open. You know they do. You have in Algiers up there, they do, is they give those people little bit of money and am bus ticket to like SALT Lake City or something ass in Texas or ass. They do that in an MOSS and they say you that a motel for thirty days and then get the fuck out and maybe I'm somebody else, I'll fuck yeah, and they make it somebody else's problem. We tried to trace that right. It's grabbed ass before Lisbon, all over the country, they ship him two different place. Yet at a huge thing, Orange County there was like, like our own. Like a mile, long tent city, and they got him out. I don't know where they sent him. You know those as like the human equipped then thrown a cigarette out the window in the higher someone's gotta figure out. It's terrible
Sarah. What are we gonna? Do guys? What the fuck are we going to do so then? I think you figured out a lot of things I m so when you sell short Nelson Mandela, amazing revelations journey show in the Robin documented shit yeah, but I think the morgue he's gonna sound ridiculous, but I think more conversations people have like this. We try to figure out what's going on If we concentrate on what what do we need to do my best I agree on the percent that things as real wake up and walk out of the house. Yeah understanding you what's your intention of Ngos worked it yeah that, but I think would you talking about. You come up levels and in different brings in this enhances its effectiveness
It's not that easy. Southern all learn learn about people that are different from you know. I think that a lot of folks ignorance is something to recover from you, if you don't know if you haven't it, if you're in religious type, and you have an opinion about gay people, but you ve never met a gay person in your life and what it's like to be gay and why you know it's like you think, it's a choice or whatever you think you know until you have it. You can't really have an opinion until you actually sit across from somebody and look them in the eye and talk to them. You know, I think, that's that's where a lot of this you know discord comes in in terms of we're all different and we are but we're not. You know, I don't know how I don't want to go there, but we're there. But with this and about as the things at a superficial. Yes, thank you. No woman.
Different about is what we are: what human beings, what whether we have weird accents styles or Hobbes, or meat. Musical welfare is all that stuff. What it wouldn't whatever interested in whatever the weather is the way we like to dress. Or the style and we like to eat or the places where they live, or all things are interesting, but what we really are that that poor, whatever the fuck. You are the centre, that's a human! Being that that's what's real! that's what's real and when you love people, they love you and you love each other back. You all recognize that thing that human the thing is the same It's the same. It's the same of your children, the same your mother, it's the same in your neighbor the same, and everybody is the same. It's it's love! It's like us We don't you know the only time that people lash out as when someone lashed out against them and drug it's terrible and cockeyed twisted, but- what will we? We are in the same way
all the same going through this weird strange existence. Ass, almost like some crazy gains being played out. No one what what? What even if it's not a simulation, is this. What people need understand? Even if it's not it still is it's not even This is real. It's still a simulation. You you're a fucking. Nothing fourteen billion years ago. You are part of head of a pin and you have splendid and he didn't raise one of your own big bang here here recently by your fuckin human body, even exists because of Ross. His son explode nuclear rebel. Yes, we are, I Natalie rob. I think that we, who are that's all we stop Moby. Yet now don't fuck you and we too can save me to their God. So what is it very Mitchell,
Now I forgery mentioned. We are all stars. I like my we Crosby and hurt my feelings, my phone anger myself. We are million year old, carbon, to get ourselves breaks the cognitive you start with also what do in all fairness, I started because our call debates like three times class families only you can call me that no one now are you mark my words, friends, we're all gonna say: ok, that's what I'm telling you the only one. I know you are now living in resolving no one else. She talks to be. Do, though document or do I say whatever you can a nice guy. This is
some time great now bows goes podcasting get If there's one do one more sign, read this bitch up and brain devour. Well, should we Oh, my god, it's five o clock. Let me play with a moral, then four and a half our part calibre jamming. This is a record low for four hours. That's very years, warmed up a bunch. You ve done this long before it. Heaven Smith has a record right. Z of the record. I dont know what my friend it Just then call it we did to pod. Can you in Bert did five and a half hour that might have been fuelled by some? Very I've never met him, but I love your blessing to ok, you wanna medium. I would love to say yet please of two hundred percent big fan. That's the machine but you know were made. The machine was not just the grocer, I'm ok, you up with wisdom,
please greatness, God bless it. Ok, so you know Gary played on the song, it's called fall for that OTA sounds like this, yeah, it's gonna come out like to think so. File that stuff in April in April the full. Now, just a was sought, wonderful, album, not sure on how much history I can get it together.
You come here when it comes out. Please percent air clergyman s answer. Please loves you, we did it.
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