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#1448 - Joey Diaz

2020-03-26 | 🔗
Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now”.
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with and be entertained by, and no one is an me every my life more than Joy DS, and I'm just Happy he's! Ok, I wanted sit down and talk to him, and as always, it was a wonderful tree in an experience in my opinion is a funny guy has ever lived, I never met. They I love and death. Please welcome Joe ideas The job experience were alive. Judea is my brother, I feel in become new fuck man rested, you'd know rested, rang. Asked it very rested. I looked at it at says the reset button whose I came by Vegas. I know what time it was a boy twite night was fifty percent capacity. Yeah, we were there a week later we were there when Tommy was at the ambrosch and the US
they're on their vague. Sir, the LAS Vegas Card, because it was goes down to have not even half. Me now, a week after you, you were thirty percent capacity but would drop in less than thirty. It was authority, but you have seen was packed with path now and then I came. The com is stored. More second and that's my could smell in the fuckin air. When I'm one in three green room, Berwin ICE, all those people in the great room, I basically had a fuckin petticoat acquiesce and I went right to the door. The street door in the back to be any Murphy door he comes back. That's quality at this house is yet again it is the other guards. Together I went to the Eddie Murphy DAWN stay there and you could just see people in the audience like nothing was going on. I just got a discussion and I was shattered by satellite umbrellas,
we'll be in New York for Saint Paddies Day, and the Monday before I was to have been the year of the sixteenth and seventeenth, will show it nigh act on the twelve and I saw it happening. I went to adapt the first shot up my need to get the job for the arthritis they said you might have. We had reaction to it and sure enough Tuesday, I went back from class and the guy goes above. Your leg is bruised so little bruising on my leg at home and that made on the news it at his new Rochelle and with second La Rochelle Niagara Delightful neighbours. My memory might serve me right but in my mind that talk close yeah pretty on top of everything, so I sent the letter the Proba picture, my neither produces some act dominant does they want me to come and Thursday for wardrobe
and I was just sit mile town for two days in about a jersey and each like tat. So even during all this, there were still plan on film, and this is for the sopranos modem. So we're gonna do couple shoots re shoots, not re shoot ecstasy that Tuesday, when I got all new Russia, must I sent them with picture my me in some I get on a plane to Friday. I want the swelling the go down, but it doesn't take your fuckin analogy d and when I was in New York City may I went by the garden to eat lunch. I want to get out of my hotel room. I went to the garden on the side. You could sit there at twelve o clock and varied stake: sandwiches, whatever you want pretty fuckin good to trucks. No, they have a building that has allowed inside have from trapped and you could still outside fuckin beautiful. But when I was sitting there was a Tuesday I was off from shooting and I remembered Poland. My wife is specifically SAM. I like it here everything but
Godzilla comes out rather well. All these people come here. If you New York City of Manhattan, like on the fifties and just sit there and a cafe. You can estimate its, maybe ten thousand for every ten minutes that you set their people that work by you. We don't have that for traffic, and now I like those in New York, this little bit of foot traffic downtown sunset strip that ships sail you'll, see people walking round the sunset rip Hollywood Boulevard, but not to the dense popular now, not not numbers of New York, so always no fuck, brain is a g baby. This is Smith. This is going to happen. I just kept cutting it down and my biggest fear was going to the EAST coast and getting stuck it could happen. I would have to buy a truck and Cadillac and drove back.
Was already prepared like I was like a by a truck, can drive back? Didn't you do that drive as along ass? We do have done that drought only time. What is it five days? Five days would days. Is what four days you gonna do like what sixteen hours Tartu stay away I did Colorado New Jersey, like the back of my hand, how far the early eighties three, what does it from here to Colorado, Acute Denver? I think sixteen sixty Utah sought leg is ten ten, that's a good one. Good escape. Let's get us Does it have you than I have not, but I've done, Vegas, multiple times, reservations about foreign half format and then you go another success somewhere in arranging the salt Lake, depending on traffic, tough salt Lake, you got to salt city at five in the afternoon I call fuck rush hour. Where's, the cars is flyby. There's no one here. This is the way that we can move. We thought I thought
Ali City was like millions of like millions of people, some millions, wouldn't. What did we figured out Jimmy? Didn't? Isn't it one thousand pool for complacency. Love it? I love SALT Lake City. I do so in the rain is because at the moment the Mormons stake on it. Nobody knows about the reef long. They get anyone, aid scrape Mexican for re food. Would you go to that? One disease, one famous mexican joint isolated one Izard. I was walking around us and I go Joey Dave. I got the perfect spot. You seem coolly, drawbridges mexican joint. What is that of one famous mexican spot in to get. The number is estimated at two hundred, but that's not it into areas. One point two million sought on that like that, goes all the way out of the mountains. One two million, that's enough else, nothin
now two thousand in the city and you should have pardoned when people like that's none. I study, remember cancer coach travel, not my account culture that two Fucking Greeley cancer, gotcha dog or people- that's what sometimes find, while once they cancel sell by South West. On my wool I hope those grazing and storms plainer and keep in the o r open and cancel my show in the main room, they asked offer me a spot in the hours work. I don't think we should. We do when shows this just doesn't seem like the Seams it's getting real is a bit if you make a mistake and there's a fourteen day a period where all these people can get infected. Who the fuck knows who gets infected during those fort days? It's so because we didn't know what it was yet still we don't know worded it still strange, because so many be an inch or so. But apparently asymptomatic is not shown any symptoms and he has asthma and I was reading something fun out of this is true that
somewhere in the neighbourhood of sixty percent of the people, are asymptomatic, and I wondered. That means they never show symptoms or one off. Beans they did their aid. Symptomatic for a certain period of time, so sixty percent of people infected or a simple. But a certain percentage of those people ultimately get the cold or get the get the coffin all the the terrible symptoms. The fever cause. You really listen. You know a lot of people. A lot of people and nobody's called me yet that has it I have Michael YO. Michael YO, was almost dead. Michael went to New York. City did Gotham, he came back. He got real sagging, yes, yes, he, pneumonia and the cover, nineteen at the same time, so he, corona virus, end ammonia and he said now now six days ago talked him two days ago. He said for four days before that he thought I was gonna die here.
In brief pneumonia and this grown up. I think I think this mother Fucker warning it like plays with you. If you do, have it if you don't get it You can kind of I go. Oh was it's no big deal, but if you do get it it fuckin grabs. You are Jamie knows it grows. Twenty one lost her sense of smell and taste and adjust it Rex people, We were. We were Google and a story about this olympic swimmer from South Africa. Thirty once dad athlete Olympics. When we said this fucked him up. He said it was the worst things ever experienced, so it's weird I could put it. It almost like plays with our mind, makes so People seem like their immune and some people are fine. Maybe it's you take a chance outside, take a chair. Good or restaurant take a chance go to the beach. Let's go to the page. What's that
thing that can happen, close asshole and then old, deep pocket and then boom a bunch of people, new family, get it and and boom grandma dies. The currently you know what happened lately. The greatly did squint out they all live together, yeah yeah yeah, they all live together hang together that, along with that, that's how people are. Why came from disposable? There's a basement. Modern grandfather live in a basement. Your parents live on the second floor. Eurobonds were born. We hang up together, footstool family lesson from Freehold New Jersey alive for people from a family reunion they went to like. Oh yes, I saw that one. I saw the wonder. The guy had the thirty nine, both the fortieth birthday Party and the opposition. Complains planes, afterward and went off to different parts of the country. Family majority was not very old either now or the youngest one. The diner thing was fifty five. They had someone that range it. Sam am. I, We will have the mass gun. Am I jump in
down roused buying groceries. Now am I go. I stop I went to one box and class after that there was an out and out, like you know what this is too personal. We hunting it with a chance. I got back at the house. I cattle bags at the House everything should be done out of my yeah if you're a person- and you want to work out this so many Youtube, videos or just body weight work out soon get a fuckin amazing work out with nothing. You don't need any equipment. You just do. Barbies and shops and body weight, squats lunges. You there's plenty of work and out to do folks and free, so beautiful thing about Youtube. If somebody really good. Fitness instructors did just put their stuff out there for free because they want people found and you know you can get a ton, a great body weight work out, you don't need nothing and if you need waits folks eagerly shit up around your house and eager to do a great work out with I'm sure you got a can of paint somewhere the pie, ways fifteen pounds in people
things land around three list. I don't let me meditate back them at a time when you can imagine what I do is I hit the bag I broke. My work tat is now you can't do that long work out now, as we do for the other day for the rest patient data recovery that right there's no recovery. My well just suddenly way out every fifteen minutes nice in the back in the bag is very essential. Tasks in the bag is very essential. Get by I am getting. I ask your points. You look at anything benefits over forty four boxing benefits over fifty one benefit is stressed out for a couple days that dog I was getting scared. I wasn't on that scale of it, but I respect it the big difference. I respect what the law something's going on a matter. Fuckin scientists have you ever been you in an earthquake. Yes,
this, for me is the same feeling, but but more magnified it's like, Ok, this is all right, but what is it like? It gets worse. Are you sad and earthquakes? Oh yeah, we're way In July I was on fuckin stage. We were we're home. Are you feel it and feel hours when we can beach and the room show and I just kept down I just kept growing fucked with a beam, falls and hit me this, but you, So why your onstage Jackson, I couldn't let them get scared. I couldn't let them get scared. You move the audience, arrive to people in there, So I could not let the irony of your act where you twenty two minutes. Really it was perfect. I was just thinking about the idea that one of my best times the last June stand right in the middle of my stay. There. Had a calm them down, so I just meant or ran for they get scared yeah.
You're, my last so I did was like a Tuesday or a Wednesday. The improper forget, maybe Wednesday, did want chow P M show great fun time, because I think this is it this last show, for a long time. I didn't want somebody who say they went to the improper way. I didn't want some say that they got serve the calm here. You know shake that thing is you'll, never know, there's no way anybody couldn't dial and into one person or you gotta from that's. That's the weird thing we're a costly interacting with people and touching surfaces, and according to this he's cruise liners that there casting where these people are sick. Even people are asymptomatic. It shows the virus stays on surfaces for as much as seventeen days. That's new discovery? They thought it was three days before that now the realizing, even in a symptomatic people, people who don't get spray this it's weird,
it's a fucking, weird virus man. It's real, weird, real, weird, my foot Doktor Peter Tee. I was saying that most people, fifty five and under they seem d, just get cold. I mean it's a date. There find it they feel like shit for a while, but they get over. It said, but then just twenty eight year old fitness instructor. That one of his friends is treating was a doctor this guy's on a ventilator he's a fitness instructor and they, like you, could be genetic conditions, predisposition hence in and also it might be shaping the thinking that raping might have something to do with damaging some people's lungs in us or cigarette smoking. Cigarette smoking is a bad one and they think that MT, have contributed to a lot of deaths in ITALY and in China, local in China and in ITALY, this house doubt smokers and they have less cancer in China. Did you see that
is? Are we sure they have less cancer like when they say they have deaths like how many deaths think about China? you believe those numbers. I don't trust a fuckin word. If they're trying to say, that this is an american disease that so that the chinese people that there's some propaganda network from China that I don't know it's, can due to the government or water members, people just fucking around. Maybe people trying to be funny but they're putting out that this is a man made disease that was spread in China, but the United States government. So who the fuck trusting that I'm not trusting. I trust ITALY when the numbers because I think that been pretty but what a disaster it is, but China's trying to make it seem like everything's bouncing back now I don't buy it. They opened up the movies in China, verbal let's go to the movies, I wanna watch it online and I am already oh, my god watch a horror movie wherein unslackened
there just wondering if everything you touches eventually gonna kill you fuck. Apparently yum they were say and also that it has to do with blood type and they don't know why but allow the fatalities were blood type, a seem to be vulnerable, or maybe just a coincidence that sea they don't have enough. Yet, and especially here like reliable data that we can trust here in America. They don't have enough, yet So when are you when I think about it? What gets me is that same feeling, like an earthquake like once, an earthquake, kid sort, o hurry, we're ok right now, but now we know that this can happen like the first one we're experienced, I was the first year here had an apartment in North Hollywood and wasn't it was a thin place. Like you, here the next door neighbor she would get phone calls. I would hear her answer machine go offices, the nineties and I would hear the person
talking on her answer machine. I could hear every conversation she heard she had like. You is through a towel like that's out, then it was a shitty Apartment, but when the earthquake hit, the apartments went like this, and I remember thinking this is when you were a kid in your playing in a refrigerator box member those refrigerator Box, we get a monastery and we all climate em fuck around, but they were, they were flimsy and make this house felt like a refrigerator box. Just start moving like this, and it wasn't even a big earthquake, recycle five, something like a five five shut, my that wasn't a huge when the citizen aftershock from North Ridge just start doing. This is moving back and forth now. So I didn't think it was gonna, be like that of the ground. Would shake be like you, don't you feel your feet? It's not everything just goes left and right everything just ships like them,
the ground is made out of like sand or somethin like instantly just becomes pliable. It's weird. I saw the cat drinking water and all of a sudden saw the academy Bohemia. That's how much of a deep eyes I heard it looked like you know you, I'm a computer in something you and I looked, and I saw the cat drinking water and all this time I saw the cadmium. We landed the off and they're supposed to feel some before the earthquake. I think dogs do colleagues, I think those eels, all cats, those indoor cats done, they don't you Brigham and Mouth runs by that I mean that that but thanks I had her alive and kicking a midnight they'll dollars of Ireland with Airline Judith. How many of you have now three? You have three, that's crazy! You have to
at one point nine tat night. I think you had eleven group. I forgot how many months I that is freedom had so many deaths are yet a budget Pharaoh ones lived in the yard. To your Marty mariners I kind of set up to release. He used to it as all place. It is flocking pronounce them three down three girls. All the boys points to ticket my favour. One died three months ago, boy. Now, I'm down the girl Foma, what I'm a goop. What my next move is unwilling to see what the please maybe chairmanship it. We should get our air no shit legitimate we should get out of here. This should be our wake up, call, which is just ask up alone in Denver. This is a big wake. Up call for a lot of this is gonna, be a big wake up. Now, there's a lot of places like love land. Outside of Denver? You don't mean evergreen. Thirty minutes outside of Denver. One would have become one time when have Montana,
now, but here's the thing Danvers got comedy. Just got common. You know why, when we just open up a club of Montana buildings that we could do it that's, never been jumping up a club in Saint Louis, resolving up a club. Imagine if we did we go open up a cloud of war with everybody else. Common school and can milling Montana. If we just decided do those less I'm u a month six months ago. So what do you think I loved their? What what alone Bozeman? What are we waiting for the winter months?
good, though son, that winter is real muscle. Grizzly bears a Willis until now. What is an thrill realised that we could do anything that is at a real eyes? Look after Rio, quite a certain amount of bliss, a certain percentage of Californians I wake up, and am I going to that again right. They get up and leave the certain doubts wines than go like me that go shit. You gotta get generated from my fat sleep at me, machine and every time you gonna shoot market by two, some Beata can't queen cor by to canvass you all my fucking garage, I'm good, Diego have dried some good, I'm good! You know I could homage chow, I'm a child of the sixtys. When I was growing up, Building a movement that fall outside the dog Fox, we ve got nobody remembers the fuckin fallout shelter and they had Tang. In fact, in Tv Dennis down there and every once in a while, you building would run a fuckin thing. The rushing to cover the respite in Europe, the run through the basin and closed the door, and they had like event
grandma schools? You gotta go down to the basement and they give you a light: the Fuckin, Tang JUICE and all that shit about fire. Children were coastline Loggia, nobody remembers the for larger, so I've always live like it's the fallout, shelter I always had a back situation. I got we don't fuckin Tom, do they Family came over here when sixty six sixty day has been over here already. Dabbling in over here is the fifties flock around the numbers. What I would have my mom was door. What I thought my dad was doing, so they wore ready. They made an official and sixty six So what I was being raised here, my first cup we isn't this country would we were living under fear. Vietnam was gonna, dad just killed. Heavy, and now they just guilt as I was alive and kicking when they would see answer on killed Robert Kennedy, so it was a different time that we were living a little fear. Cubans had pointed
missiles at us, often arise I don't want that fuckin cool flats, why the fallout shelter with big just in case they will buy matters. We go downstairs to a basement Livingstone. Might that signing. What factors me was: the Europe all Romero fight LEO Romero fight. I was invited to our friends ass, to watch the fight and I put pretty much had a nervous breakdown from the fear leaving out building because it was the custom was real nervous breakdown. You didn't want to go to your friends out best guy. However, you are like they're gonna stay home for people in whoever. Now I ask them what they will. Coolby Hu Jia, nobly been China nobody's been knocked that's the problem was gonna. Look at that the scheme that went game and new Russia, the jewish gather went to listen. I got what to do to you once game with irony, cinnamon and cruel conditionally work you want in a group
then he went to the synagogue. Neuro challenge bread roll around. He should be the most popular guy, the neighborhood but I am saying that guy nobody wants popped up, and so he brought it there from ITALY. He went to gain in it. He couldn't gonna fuckin ribbit, the Y, all men of buck n. You tower block an aspirin categories like a big. But probably plan the trip to ITALY long before I don't got your flock. Why are we not the best remedy? Want any fast and earlier they passed the buck and Utah, but before then Xyz me fuckin, crazy, dogmatize, decrees that shit that shit. We gave you or you can go Ajax. Uk, good Ajax. Nobody wants a schedule. You can't go age. You have all away to fuck, evidently to go skiing. Cocksucker Well, maybe wanted to go skiing as well as go to ITALY. Libya
she promised me his eyes. He took people that he carried out have a passport. You can't leave me tastes, I'm going to ITALY's awesome. I know it is saying that, but he added with skill. You went to a ski trip in ITALY right, but also occur in ITALY. You did eat pastor councillors, sites you that he passed and asked him sites and aspects of these hidden, fame because ass, but we're fucked, no aspen, you break it up but there is apparently guy from aspirin, then had to realise that a new tab you like scheme, I dont my skin- you don't I know I only sandwiches might origami likes it, but they enjoy you. They like those places we ve been aspen, aspens beautiful. I love it. Did you come back? What the fuck did you come back with a heavy blow it? There was a guy guys. You know you must really who had it apparently knew he had it in. He refused to self quarantine here, restaurants, road, the boss, whiskey, and draw wonderful job now, throw him month. Yet
building about the store that that shocking that night tuesdays to Thursday's pact packed with people yep from other sea from mobile countries, show that started Gimme the Willie's that night, when they can't The story girl- I was happy, I'm just worried about the weights death. You know what light we burn rock along ass, ten Damon, Rock and roll. Yeah well they're, putting together some sort of a fund to help they do it quickly and we're gonna be able to donate and there. The things we want to have stream shows too, but I don't think that's the way to do I mean, if, if they do do, I need you have a bunch of people almost Ipod Castile, maybe that maybe that would work like a telephone raise money, I say what I thought about dream like during the stream, but up I can not stand. I thought, but the last summer this week, with John whatever age be able John Oliver John Oliver, unless we have an audience.
Now good, no boiler, while when no one's laugh at my, you need that energy death Do live shows from the laugh factory yesterday was the answer, and it was no audience and watch and J moron stage for compliments for how to panic attack now shut off guy, just not good. This is busy drained it really. There's a word does now. I wanted the work we are, and I thought that I could do it for people just to break the monotony you know what it's like watching somewhat, with no voice sing in the shower year, not fuck. I didn't turkey how border we do you wanna go like ten o clock. You, like I'm fuckin at night. Now
my boy, my wife goes to bed. The baby goes to bed. We ever on up home school schedule, lab lemme Clock, ten o clock video conference, eleven o clock than we do math we take a breather. She had the mid to every big. I hit the midst, the house that stress that, in terms of the move and over on a schedule, but at night like this, the for I have not been allows in twenty one night What what twenty? Fifth? Today's twenty for the twenty three nights, so at eleven o clock or your little boy take out! I'm edible started, not working because you want then to exposed on yeah just been thought of intolerance having pop into trees. Yeah I've been eaten them. So much like the fruit like the first week of the weak proposal paddies I wish I was on the sole much personal stress. I was so fearful will happen.
In writing to New York was came flocking assailed. I wasn't imagine. If you took that fly, you would probably got it mean that that the whole New York area. These are real good. Fancy manager, blue by myself, CAP La planned out, but the more I thought. Well, I'm like guys I dont have been hotel. I know how forties another food service industry work, I use that very weekend that YO got it. The very weaken the you when the Whilst I was ahead of it, that was the fucking aid of it and it still is still just climate. What they said is to two weeks is going to read, it reach its apex, but they they have. You know an astounding number of cases. They do, however, test more then California, so that more accurate in terms of their numbers. There's more testing being done in New York City by think by threefold than California. It's crazy man. This is a whole.
New time and I really hope as a wake up call for us. It is a wake up. Call this dog listen, as is jockey, as this may sound, whatever I've always had a faith. My faith got me too. I am afraid him what a higher power, let's call it a pop. I always had a faith and power and everybody knows about crime. Is me
the fuck imposed a boyfriend com. I know all about it. For me, this is like a power wetness. Now like it's a recent look around. You guys got caught up in selfies yeah, like you'd, gotten corn up himself he's. You know you can see a fucking concept, its two hundred fifty dollars the sixty dollars to park. You know you got a movie theater, you walk out. An american family can go to a sporting event. The normal american family, Chemical was warning without a lot of control Joe. We can't move apartments, one thousand five hundred and four studio. We just got greedy man degrees been too much. You know I got to feel bad for Disney, losing six million suck. My dick you would charge me one hundred and forty add a cocksucker one hundred and forty a day.
Does the least of our problem now are the big problem. Most people think that this is all this life. The way we live in is gonna be permanent, Nano, its change for a real change of rules fucking greedy. What is definitely that and we will get an always out somewhere soft were soft. That's the big especially where software here, because we now have to deal with whether right here we have to do nothin you got side of it. Sleep. I decided to build a great place to be almost. I needs a sleeping bag get under an overpass if it does rationally rains. Ten days here, you'll be fine. You know, this is a great place because of that, but because that also we're not humbled enough, you know that. This is where we will get humble to the places where people have to deal with direct nature. Snowy places, roll call places like If you go to any places near an ocean, that's what little slap in the face like wake up. Bitch take a look at that. You ain't shit
or another one same thing like you could tie up they're stupid is bears up, there's mount lines up there, they're fucking, kill and deal with their face. Dont need holding the fuck you up to go, go hike, go I can get lost hippy in like that. It's a wake up. Call. Those places. And I think this is a wake up call for the whole country. The whole world is a wake up, call we're voluntary and it's also a wake up- call cancer is enough. People take carrier health, please is a one defence for this. That seems to be agreed pond by almost everyone. Is there If you have a strong immune system, you have a better chance to get through any sickness, and you can do something to strengthen european system your immune system is something you work on. You know you could work on it by cleaning up your diet, equal work on it with regular exercise, work on it with regular sleep. Things have a real big impact on european system, also vital. And supplement with vitamins eat a healthy diet, get some exercise and if you can
Getting a fuckin saw everyday tremendous for your body, producing he chalk, proteins or your body reducing information, alleviating stress its grave, your cardiovascular system, which is great for you as a bunch of differ things you can do you didn't. Easy to use. This is like ok, I'm alive. Now, there's a wake up call, I'm so glad you didn't happen to me. I didn't get wrecked by this. I'm gonna get my life in order and it can be done It's something that everyone can do in this is the time to do it. This is a good time to do it yourself I've until you get in through. This is a good time. Get your house in line? If you don't know people who know about me, as I was a sickly kit,
I will never never believe on the age of four to six, because my dad Diane and my mind going some way. My mean system fell apart was respiratory always got cold, always shots in our back scenes. I knew the people by first mammoth hospital. I rose what asked York. I mean it was real. With me when I was six suddenly and our five, as will you really which went on treated like I just said you have asthma still, like my mother, said for faggots, though about you, don't you have asthma right now, I'll grew at my daughter. Don't realize he has it, and now I see it Maryland. Does she have an inhaler yeah when you don't use an inhaler on my no gently Javert like a week them my mother was kept getting relax the UK,
Mcafee why your mother's har, so I grew up with this fuckin thing and then, when I was sixteen, I put not over thirteen days lung infection from paragraph services, then I'm not supposed to smoke. I'm nervous bosses when I started smokin how we get sick the days. Afterward I had a jump hurdle to smoke part, but when you are smuggled cigarettes, what about that? I was a company that, let's not even talk about that, would let's talk about their idols ahead, smokin reef earlier, I would smoke grief and it would be an event. I would have to take three or four days It would crush me for that war. Will then, once I built the town, and so that then I sat paddling build a tolerance of who white smoke dope with like smoked up with me. You and Jamie, and somebody out next day I'll have a temperature. Do you get set from some yeah thirteen fourteen?
so by the age of fifteen. I already knew how to keep my shit like if I smoked a view and Jamie Everyday. That's why smoke with one somebody else comes into that circle. I would get sick Four had a MAC out, so I to be very aware at a young age, why smoked wit, I got sick a lot when I was competing, I wasn't in care myself, fact element to fundamental intake shit. I got sick or what because was always stressed out to those always nervous, because fighting all time So you know you get ready in the weeks up to a tournament. You know that's the more stressful. When the week of the tournament, had always come down something in We want to fighting sick forensic in Anaheim. I flew out California to find the nationals are fought. Sick had three fight sick. Did we figure, out what the US percentage so was an estimation, those close a sixty percent, ace and always go. It was like twenty percent of my things. As time goes, our they're getting a better picture of it.
Take care your immune system, kids of enduring a shitload of water to while only pay in my crazy compulsion, Boucher see beyond the oil see the oil for sure. I took some Patsy video accidentally. I don't want pay attention went to the cabinet to get them sums meat. Cd rom man is tasty. What is this site? Peanut butter Phoebe deal and I have three drop forceful and then I looked, I said, pat my damn Obama B. Ok, it's not the differences with Jean C b d M, these pet formula in the regular formula, but I had threefold drops of their peanut butter.
Pet formula. It was quite delicious. It was pretty good you to go out. I take a nap supplements. Vitamins, Katy yeah. I t allow things you know like I said I ve cut down three for a little bit throughout. This was gone like through founts. Maybe a week joints among its like an eighth away. I've got my compounds as it allows go off. Edibles, I'm enjoying the time just of the religion. Since time of no pressure of things to do You know no shows to go to stay on every night hang out with girls, joy- and I don't want to move
yeah with me the first week until I had that little nervous breakdown, the seven that was really fucking with me and then I said, that's it. I went back to my roots. I went back to boulder. I took it back from the Roper Institute Bench and I took it back to the meditation for what I would do is I hit the back fifteen and then to come down. I stretch and just through yoga poses and breathe, and then the end would like a long fucking meditation gets invited, de I do everything outside back has ever backyard hadn t I think they'd hidden the bag is a consultation. Yes, I really do yes, I think if you really can just concentrate on these, are agreed at every
three minutes thirty seconds off. I do try to do five said the lad, but then, after at the stretches really help me, oh yeah now have no crowd there. Be I got no acupuncture knows his crown closed crimes, yeah. I stay here where the last two weeks, I did a little, not Nova door, which is the red lights until about ten days ago and then start again more serious one leg: statues cutting down this whole thing and thence. Last week I see what was going on at the parks and shit the support close to my ass. I slimming over. I made a few calls. This is crazy. He's paper pact there on top of each other
and they found run him, but I knew that makes no sense there all running the same. Why are you re right, indissolubly running right into an economic and other business deals, gotta J D and upset my widely spoken morons run behind each other. You know like a sudden, you fuckin rocky, would you fuck him that guy's Russia behind you sucking up Rep, oh my god and the chick my new, and they all want in the same direction ten feet away from me, Secondly, race Erentz having violated gothic other capital, like the cops are born in the park. All is what we do. Will you can be by myself right? I saw some people the paths at the park were somewhat hold them pass for somebody you get it Do we had some space away from me to get a little work out? There's always be that goods on a commodity
There's always that day! Man are you worried about the curve virus? I have to take the right was utterly my daughter's arrays was so today. Forty five, I get my wife a break and I just take, for a little stroll just where out a little where a little bit we play badminton one factor, as do the tennis with the fly here. I throw with walls town lady a day in the heat of all this on their at nine fifteen. For a reason they got the playground sealed off, and then they got a hue trucking parts and for some reason everybody got to walk out of walking between me and my daughter talk by the second person. I had to say some really really. You can't walk around Walk in between people can have enough. They touched your fuckin with while they dont dinner. Change their behaviour. The best was the guy that watch me playing with my daughter
to see him over corner my job and I could see him. I could see him the whispered to the wife. Some stupid shit what does he do you start working towards? not even paying attention to him, but I am watch them for this convention. I'm watching him playing my daughter, drawn the worth of war and he's walking towards me. Finally, how to stop- and he goes high. I just want the ship. I go step. He just looked at me and I felt tat before, but this is what actually going on out there. Wanna shaky dear people try to shake hands. Don't they still want to shake hands like it's, not gonna happen. Stop right there. I got hit me on Twitter Niger Bath, but that doesn't want to hug at one another body, nothing, you gotta tell me, I wanna hear whom shown in here would afford an envelope which I don't see you have done
most me at all. People did did not change their behavior now, as somebody Golgotha Baby, this the number of people right? So some people penitentially everything some people are over cautious. I went to the fuckin to market this lady, a goggles on and she had for me. Not goggles, but big jack. Your NASA's dark sunglasses, a fucking face mask with these giant gloves on and she's, walking away from everybody like everyone's bomb and cheese. Doing gross regime Michael, but you you ve gone too far, there's a little ridiculous and then looking at other people there are acting like there's nothing wrong. They try to shake your hand and then these people that pay attention too much so that they become paranoid, that item eleven their life and then there's other people. Our paying attention at all the barely paint. Fundamentally, barely look I'm in the middle. I know lived my life. That means I logged on a seminal infinite, yeah, some lemons filthy, an article in a fanatic. Ok, nothing!
I got a roll of paper everything about why this latest all knife- malaria, like myself up ten times with. Why does I got I'm not put myself in a bad position. You know you been quarantine, J Movement, Quarantine, Jamie, I didn't go fuck Somebody is that tonight I'll be account no go where naivete that tonight there's a car to dug up if it. Was there still nobody, universities, latin students back into the. Jesus is going to look out for him. There was an article on CNN, Leather shown liberty, university, opening up its doors again. Students Ike, it's just started. You fox you just you know. Where do you think we are right now, beginning you're, never gonna be gas You don't really get a good till midnight loosen. It keeps accelerating every day, with accelerating every day the Medes is at the beginning. Every data more cases
date is more people getting sick, knows, say yesterday. I don't call he's talking about EAST yeah because it's a very special data him safe That is a special day, virus doesn't give a fuck. What day, you think Jesus came out of the ground. This virus doesn't give a fuck, and if you don't respect it, people going to die and there's people like the lieutenant Gov. I think is who is of Texas, who is like we take a risk with older people. Just to get the economy back in line people, what are you saying in eating the kind of you should we should get the inquiry back in line and by doing so some old people gonna have to die. You ready to sacrifice people for money. Their older people would rather die than let covert night in harm? U S, economy, Texas, official said older people would,
other died as what he says: Lieutenant Governor Dan, Patrick, ok,. Yeah! You know you saying that he's in that high risk category himself, because he seventy you know, as these politicians are terrified that is going. Led to an economic disaster and their names gonna be stuck. I you know. I think there were terrified at first that they had. They had to act that a close things down But you didn't have a plan, and now they realize, like oh, my god, this might have to state lockdown for a long time. What the economy yeah, you didn't have a plan, no one at a plant, so they locked in giving down, and now they like listen. This could last a long time. We got a. We start the rumblings now again. Ball rolling again, because if this goes six seven months and no one's working, no one can go outside their house for six seven months. This is crazy. We won't have any money and China's gonna take over Tucker cross an asshole pc did that I saw there was actually pretty accurate worries Tom.
About what what could be possible like he was talking about how the NBA What did you see that whole segment worthy NBA? They had said something about China and then Then you see all these people that were praising China and saying positive things about China. What was this was the reason behind that Jamie you're, MBA guy e g M for their Houston Rockets tweeted like support for Hong Kong? That's right- that's right with support for Hong Kong and in China pasted. That is so then started. Tweeting nice thing about China and they stood at the time of that happened. There was, I can be a teams in China doing games and right just come back, and then they start asking all of them. What they thought about this and I, like bronze, starts wearing China. Thank and then everyone jumped on
Like like money over people, I think well you mean that they face consequences for supporting Hong Kong yeah. Well, what Crossing was saying in this peace was there Imagine if that's the whole country like understand that, like of China's the ruler of the world of China, comes the ruler of the world, not the United States. Because of something like this. This is all really possible like the idea that the union, it states is the ruler of the world, so it has to stay the rule of the world forever? No natural disasters, Disease Fuckin asked. Where the impact is a bunch of different things that could shift the balance of power in the world. Rome used to run everything right, the Theirs Europe, England, the UK, Use England used to run to half the Fuckin planet, there's a lot of different country. Is that we're on top of the world that are no longer on top of the world?
he'll, be no real, sticky situation if we had to live under the same military dictatorship to China does and the idea. We would never have to live under that we weak where America, but that's ridiculous, because, where human beings and other in beings are stuck in a circumstance with their living under a military dictatorship, so does the difference between them and ass other than culture and the place where they live, that Dat shifts things change with natural disaster, with disease, with failure of the economy with war. With all these different factors, change in our perception. Like our perception of our society itself, its we're gonna, be like this, and also in this disease comes arms and shuts everything down you like. Well, that's a fuckin wake up call! need to recognise that this is kind of fragile, but the whole system is fragile if the these things happen. Natural disaster, Disease WAR ended
catastrophic cabins, the balance of power completely shifts and who knows who control the survivors are under? Who knows who knows how this works out? This is all real touch and go right. Now. This is real touch and go. This is uncharted territory where we have slipped into where no one's working and everyone scared and the press want to go back to work on Easter, because its actual data him and job, can't talk. The guy was running fuckin president for the Democrats can't talk. Did you see that We believe, should TIM Dylan sent me to videos he's like what the fuck is going on occasion, cognitive decline, Governor New York, Cuomo, Parliament put him in coach, put him in you want you want to go to run for president. That makes sense. You want, a guy who's, an intelligent guys, a strong leader, who's got a lot, experience impress the fact. Gotta meals is to press the fuck out of me qualities like put me up,
human lie ass out, more money he's impressed. Who always impressed me. I don't see you can't say nothing because always gonna be wrong is always at knock. Well, he my jelly you wrong because he's climb the woman's abortion act is always something that's true. That's part, that's does the argument they had about uneven nowadays. No one idea, it's always or something. I don't even know what age the the issue is later abortions. He apparently voted for. I know, there's always something so which is making job, but I know you're somewhere, actually rising, guided us in order to grant that up the other guys doing a good job, and I see that he's communicate this governor Newsome guess he's doing it job I dunno. What is politics? Love is a democratic republic and I just know is stepping up the fight for these people. These make us my choices. And you know what I don't know, what you're fuckin scientists, Joe Rogan limit check I use This no mean either go for ourselves until that time
no, I do know one scientists and she's time in a state of account, my my business, I knew not. I do know three. Four people work and emergency loans that have taught me: it's not a fuckin, pretty place, my brother's a cop Moran Hospital, and he says that it's a fucking night mad at you have the sort of Mount a b, and he is a fear of Yad Kidney Idas and a is. If you have grown Verona, they say to fuck. It made me right because you gotta think this people still get injured, yes and set your mother stuff. So mercies. Carbon in hope is common in then Corona ship, no corolla people down there. They just want fuckin, you know they bring about a ship with a thousand beds. This fucking these goddamn cruise ships. You wanna talk about a patriot dish. Stuck out of a metal craft in the middle of the ocean.
Braden recirculated air, with a bunch of people a party in three years and around you is the ocean, and if you following you dead because they don't scoop anybody out, when do they ever turn the ship around scoop somebody out when they fall overboard, you ever goin over no chance for comics there was always a death sentence. I made a mistake now when I was twenty one with a check on the cruise ship, one that used to go so you leave with six o clock you back at six in the morning and they take out far enough see began the Alley blackjack. I did them on time. Nice by nor wasn't meant to gather the nicest allowing all over Yeah and Asia has a comic. I hate you, I hate to say,
This is a comedian amongst us. It's a death, the death sentence. For me they have a deal work. I do gotta say, though, the fuckin impractical, jokers those guys detour on a bus. I mean bout, apparently everybody loved. It sounds like you fans in their rights, a rare thing right, yeah, two still people there to pull out yeah well, Alonzo goes on jazz tours, he does does jazz. Cruises, you know: Lando Bone is alarming, Odin, is a serious jazz fan love Jazz musics loves Amiss Gazeta. I love him. The dagger he's always been the best. Always Ghana, slippers fan poor Harry believing that talked about this? I write a motorcycle everywhere. He had a mother, far bad ass by the eyes. A bunch of bikes worries had a bunch of buying one Bmw's by, but he was a kid.
This for em, when they were all would mainly through here, was that by himself in Castelo lads out now living like a back, please Vulcan yellin soon as they got climate. I was happy just for a lot How much I love Alonzo! I was happy jack. For a while. Everybody loves answer everybody. Nobody has a beef alonzo, nobody! No! Why would you First, we will break in these giant his fucking hands Norman's, sweetheart sweetheart. He doesn't even know your break him like a never you'd, never know that he's six foot for two and fifty pounds solid muscle, whatever the fuck is he tat of a man it's hilarious too. Is you got here is a dude is got great points like his. Out of his life. He said he goes not every trop supporters racists, but every raises is a trump support
not a whole out a racist voted for by and we maybe a few. They can't let that guy run for They have to point out here that we have to see these recent videos are also I'm Senate Augur that have you seen Jamie and then you fuckin kill Bernie Sanders. You basically killed by these? They can't read me that Porto you put the case that out of god- oh my God, Julia. The porter weaken check one shot Boccaccio, oh, is causing us. If I got my support to reject that that she will twenty eight years old she wanted around two riches Congress. Why she's like flocked in our power to because it Joe Rogan back them? Well, not that I found them that they used a video of me to support their their campaign to say that endorse them, and then they took a bunch of my bits
and they took a bunch of things were set in the park as high as fuck out of context and made it look I'll. Some right wing monster may I got some sort of homophobia its and then the EU the transfer of thing from that, though, I know that you do not a man, you don't know. The story used to be a man for thirty years became a woman for two months are beaten, FUCK a women without telling them her whole life. She had been a man up until recently. She just thought it was a medical condition that she didn't have to reveal an I got domestic violence yet raised its. It should be. Criminal did not tell somebody they mean The idea that you are the same thing as a biological woman is just not fact, not scientific fact, and yes, a bunch of our bullshit about her that I'm not even horrible shit that I just said mean things that she's a man like your man. He can't you can't go fighting led the truth necessary.
Did, I said the truth, and I said it because giving I'll have a lot of friends, but here's the thing, I'm a guy that I support both riding. Ok, I support. If you're a woman, you want to fight a man, I support it, but you gotta. Let that person know that you're, a man You if you used to be a man you got to. Let him know if you want to. If a woman wants to fight a biological man right now, a guy with his balls and she wants to do it, in the end. He wants to do it and they sign off on it. You could skydive Can you do that the both the same weight? God do I think you should, if you're my friend, if you're a woman, you're my friend abilities to metaphysical advantages to dangerous. All you have to do is hit you once they didn't. Have be a skilful as you have the clip you you're fucked and that's the truth. That's what happens I mean it's a giant advantage doesn't mean the woman can't win because germane to random me, actually how to kickboxing fight with a man and not them the fuck out that with the ladys of These the iron lady from HOLLAND, she's a beast but she's a former,
you see, featherweight fuckin, chairman of the world, may choose. Animal that lady and had a real, close fight with Amanda Nunez recently for the ban on re title she's, the one that best fighters on our on earth, beat a man knocked him out, but you shouldn't fight, a man You don't know it's a man, that's route you didn't know that someone used to be a man- that's rude to so they try to pretend that I'm on Transphobia crusader. I love all people literally love all people, I don't care what you are, whether you're gay strain or asian, or black or white, or I don't care, I don't care, I just if you're nice, I'm nice to you, that's all a hundred percent open to everybody, but I'm not gonna bullshit. You can't fight women. If you used to be a man and not tell him it's so ridiculous, That's, that's even debatable subjects. I got bit about it. Why should never, but I think in society we get to appoint, were some
what's that, hey man, I think it's cool. You get your dick removed them. The fuck out checks and people below you're out of line. That's what I got. That's where we got so overly progressive in the fight to do that. I think we got a right that script about a guy who follow my girl it turns out she's a man worth a wedding. She cover. You know my name with you go in there. He allow flexibility do she's. Really hot used is still under. Do you really care, the question. Now that's what some people are? Some people are gonna, give a fuck em right to die with you, Hugo, when you're alone, with him, her public man, it some in the fight to do the right thing and that's what what what's going on with progressive when they get overly progressive. They think they're fighting to do the right thing, but you have to be able to call out shit, that's wrong on your side, and this is one of the problems that the
Democratic parties have right now. Does Joe Biden Guy, you guys got, able to call it out. You can't, Let this slide does everybody else sees it and tromp is gone. Eat him alive. He's gonna eat that guy I think I can barely remember what he's talking about, while he's talking to know which one it was theirs. Video there's a view of each to play any of em they're, all right, they're, all crazy. Every video of him recently talking stumbling through shit. He forgets what he's talking about. We should be making those mass we should be moving on those ventilators. We can do that. Why doesn't mean just act like a president I stood away. The man for the job is done now, probably Preston He's junior soprano liquor, it's not that, So that's not even the worst example. That's just an example with the one down there when he's talking to that lady
I think that was a struggle to there was a struggle fast period for keeping businesses shut and people at home. Are you all concerned as transparency and not let the cure be worse than the problem itself. We have to take care of the cure that will make the problem worse, no matter what no matter what we know, what has to be done. We You have to agree a fast recommended period. See you don't know what I'm talking about when he's talking- and this is not like this- I'm looking at this like a medical condition Ok, I'm looking to dislike. Ok, when I'm kind of fight- and I guy limping, I think you heard his name. A cargo Santos against John John, I think you heard, is neither a thing to some goin on his knee. That's what I'm looking at this Look at this as a medical issue. That's not a normal way to communicate less high as FUCK Kosovo's. I believe I don't know what I said this lady,
you could be in the middle of all those interview, blast, edibles guy. What are we ve been talking about? I Think that's what it is. I think he's an eye these all these very old turkey cat. Look good either and they make a bottom. His skin is all pull tight like a lizard Lady Augusta formaldehyde, it's a he's, gotta formaldehyde right, he's, gonna, just press a button, Governor Cuomo Governor call more rights. That's right! I love this baby. I love this attitude. So look and he's been honest. I'm telling you unless our less you are flocking, any just got any street New York. You know looking for him age from July. Let it's too many people. It's too many b.
It's no use now another type of each other go. I couldn't even think about other varying on either Rudy like I was stand somewhere on Park Avenue nice, I gotta get into an open which are fuckin, filthy. Ok, when you walk into an old people sitting in cars, but the windows shut, breathing willow, He's breeding I've open at the current level because you gonna get any of you a minute. Take my hand, be wiped out and lower the windows closed. The fucking dog nodded when I get on the various. Outside all sit in that I breathed the Hudson River and have good for you. That's as good as its gonna gas effect at all those bodies flown in there that Fuckin Moluccas, dusting Air pollution, but other factors in that. But I know look within weeks team ACT right team was that got contaminated.
Fourthly, got it in our that not at all my fuckin made, but I dont think nobody. Hoboken was really bad about, not abandon the cops I d go in there, for my whole body was My call bogan didn't give a fuck like they were talking just haven't orgies, Hoboken GINO Tommy, you gotta stay it really for the fanatical down and they closed Hoboken like you are allowed to go into Hoboken. Only people lived in Hoboken, good party. You know about it then ages, the fuck and shut it down. Somebody had a meme on their page but I d been Dan L. I ve got no amendments. Snoop, I remember who it was. But anyway they had an meme on their page. That said, you tell me you. Gonna put him in jail of they go out after a p m, but you people out of jail early because they got the corona virus and some are gone like? Why
what the fuck, what do you say and you gonna lie people up your letting people out of. If you look at this whole thing, there's been some weird people got test, they got tests. I think I tested by some weeks ago even has been obvious I call him as the budget is, but I respect your mammas edges. Albania, the blight loosen the gunshot while he lives in England and he got tested because he was in contact with other people that had it in my fourth and how we could, cause he's in Rikers Rikers. As of massive outbreak. No, yes, yeah he's Rikers, he's an maximum security. Tourism Buffalo They move into that because of the corona Hazan, a hospital buff he's five buffalo he's fucked he probably has no will do to live. You know you probably never will get through. This What kind of medical treatment going gonna give him, but this could do women easily,
he's so sick. Already you look at the guy can barely walk is held. Is deteriorating that the stress in this trout killed crushed him took, when he hears off his life in some way, the suggested this sense why don't you? I was just saying we're talking about this yesterday. Imagine if you came up to him four years ago and said I want to show your future die in a bed in prison for things you ve already done. Now we are walking around toes the town, gettin limos climate. Now people are, we having to you and cheering you getting interviewed on the car bit, everyone ouch you out. I want to, Harvey Wine steam, fascism, basing amazing company and the move as you We're together that allow me to shine so many people. Have you seen other people that that praised him? and then four years later, imaginary, the things he's already done. He had already done them at that point And they knew what they were brazen. I wonder what they know
They knew those scumbag Emersonian, then yeah. They know they are no doubt you got us They are now so what the fuck yeah they went back, locked on toys wait a second, so I repeat that party women saw, I raped you at a party now the next year is gonna, be another. Can festival shawl began last summer day because they wanted to work so the thing about Harvey is apparently this is Whitney Cummings take on it. She said he would actually give them the things he would tell them. He would give them so you say: hey you suck my dick, I'm gonna make you star and he would actually do it would actually put them in these movies. He would give. Them what they so they were happy. So they would get all this. Treatment, they have their some alone time of them every now, and then it would send a ME males, lovey dovey emails, really they hated him, and that's when the others came out. He didn't even see a common cause. He thought that they loved him. He
that they would send him these email, so he sent the emails to the press. Like look? Look at all these emails. These girls love me. Even though he had done scumbag shut them, it's just He had it set up This was how you got by. This is how you made movies. This is how you want to be famous. This is how you get famous. I can help you get famous. You can help me get reticent, come breathing, something that everyone Thank everyone and all the guys do really every guy come in There was never a body Brad Pitt threatened him because he right, even when a partial, feel real intractable. Apparently hell. I don't know man, one of the people. The producer did not have symptoms and was under close observation is not clear. Why? He had been test on you.
There's a lot of shit. The known sound write to me. They don't give me listen envelopes, otherwise people they care about a right and the only palm you have with those things you could really soon state like. I got locked up when each ivy was starting a popular eighty, seven. Eighty eight! So as soon as I got my destination, they had already built an HIV unit that was flattened stereo facility. Herbie out live like a fuckin. Mama The HIV guys live like kings, microwave ovens, tv, real, our yeah. They let them get microwaves all they had everything. How come their own refrigerator, because they want their food. They didn't really know O. It is about an angle of the HIV, so they had their own thing that home cooked. I came and uncalled for the six guys and unit, so you Levin,
I understand that must have contributed so much to homophobia, but ok fell when you non jail, mean in the world in a during AIDS crisis. What do you mean that homophobia in world during the AIDS crisis, when AIDS was was out when it was a big deal mean I Almost two young remember because I was like twenty one when it was happening. I was still a kid, but I mean the people that were already inclined towards hate and gay people and then there's the disease that everyone's terrified of that you get through sex that could kill you and it affects gay people disproportionately. Eighty three, eighty to deliver tough years. You know they even made a phenomenal movie about a cold and the band played on with rich gear and a bunch of great actors. The rich gear played the guided
forget, the guy, that's a choreographer, the bunch of plays. I can't members may oh yeah. He played similar in like a weird manner, nay everybody in them. We was a movie. Was phenomenon whereby age HIV Hiv really started with a stewardess, a male stewardess that would take flight from France ITALY or England. One of those don't quote me: let's just go with France to New York and we would come to me or he would fuck somebody from the play You can go the studio, fifty four get his dick sucks and then go right back angle and he kept doing that. It was all sex with the same stories real. If you want to watch that and the ban planet, people forget about that was on put that on this week. I never saw it. One of my weekly movies is out of. Excuse me Jamie. If you can see, if there's a trailer
the band played. I'm really can play the trail, none other, but Don T you who's in it and you gonna go tat. Had a fact of any even say that everybody I ever it was such a It was such a what just don't go to a movie and don't don't go for a youtube. Don't go to a trailer, just go to the movies on I M d being really. Obviously you look really was that he would see it still flying and Dick, from an uneasy gay he's gonna end of you gotta do is I got it and that time the man we it started with a spy. On my hand in this is a phenomenal phenomenal movie. If you ve never seen so, there's the starring there's the cast Matthew Mo Dean from vision, Quest Alan now, the man came one day now E Bay Christians in fact gave building. Is alleys quite made David Dukes Richard Gear
There's somebody else and is now is that those back in the day when rocks gotta get used, them was glad glamour. Healy was greatness, see there are doctors, yes, rich guy was a choreographer. Does it say which choreography dancer, but it's it's supposed to be. Somebody who is very big at that time whose see who is supposed to be based on dream is on the move report This ensures that the actual choreographer, the real one that is based on a gear right, but five Now who is partly based on feel Collins was now move. It's interesting like that rock stars to be this, do movies back then, on budget summons get did a few movies. He was Jean Symbols Movie called with the dude fraud or my guiding together the bomb in his mouth butter, how're ya. What's right what
dead or alive. Such fathah, Jean SAM is, did that one there was a pack I would. Jean seminar was brilliant was on my army vice he played the coke the around the fuckin, both in the pilot for this second sees. He was family plate of Arab. He always put him out of the moon, pick a son tat. They told them Jean Gobio Arab and he would put together suntan unwanted, dead or alive. He was now terrorist and in Miami Vice, he was like an international arrow bombs deal any oaks up, crackling Topsy little tunnel work and felt cause the good man revised to work. We curious Sedgwick, who is what's his name's wife now He did a tremendous Epps Kevin Megan re Married can make this a lot of great movies from that those that era that I wrote them algae that certain given it started like much forth from made by mistake at about.
The clock I caught, because my wife change something upper House fully through different epiglottis some package and at eleven o clock death wish was stopped and I watched from the beginning and now I know why rape and all I should is disturbing to me. It's that move Oh right may resent that movie is little kid for my shit up wasn't Jeff gold boom, yet was re burial. Why is that seen in that movie. For me up, I watched my mom a lot more batch of rape. Is that nasty Movies got camp. The death wish. We started out the real first. One was really cannot disturbing scary to start and you are with Bronson like go, get em out nano you have with branch and at that time a new year had had the vigilante, the jewish guy Berkowitz when they down the train and shot the two blot yeah yeah, because that he felt in two
new shot, one in the bag right New York was kind of a flock. A little bit of uproar. Animal death wish was first or that movie was first, but death wish is fucking. The rape scene is so fuckin disturbing. You want to cry, and as a kid I remember thinking about my mother at the bar, this could happen to my mother. All this can never happen. I dont get this Jeff Goble Russia is, it was real scary and to whose real creepy had this is horrible shit man does. This has happened to people before that's real Charles Bonds was a bad mother, Fucker Nemo. We do you believe that either shark eyes to argue with that,
Arizona to try to relax after his wife died or his wife was a vegetable and that do gave my gun to completely gun rare and that when it was off pocket over, he just went out at night. Look him from other factors to shoot. I get it. You're gonna get moving people forgot about which once than comfort her good. Is it to real good movie member that movie now, but you guys are doing now they're in the swamp. I think it was Louisiana There are national guard guys they take to being killed and they were to these backwoods swap people live back there and then why? I'm getting those creole, those french dude that speak French, this it man so they they run into these commute. It a people that live deep, I guess like cage and people
Am I saying that right wrongs and what it is and they get fucked up and it's it's dead they get sucked into these guys world they think too being cute and they shoot at some on or something I forget, how it happens, but they wanna get fucked up by these guys and it's scary. Haven't seen in a long time, I enjoy the shit out of it when it came out, though eighty one freshmen high school. It's good fun. Remember this movie yeah, most moving yeah yeah year. What's an elegant, both what's. The first thing I forget he also played taking Kirkland now movie. It could be the stand up. Yes, he could be a lot of movies mercy, was he was in the John carpenters. The thing I remember that the UK curriculum is a lot of work.
See that's: what's the cast Jamie Travis Booth says name no servant, I am Here it's played the doing Jonestown. Oh yes, that's right! That's right! He dares booth powers. Booth That's right, Keith, carotene, that's right as is in there,. Can you show me the as it is to take ticket Carter not correctly to take Carter. Sorry, TT, Kirkland, fucked up. That's I blame the weed. Carter used to be around the store, all round a store great. It was greater damn. I haven't seen him for ever right. He was always doing, he was doing movies. While he was doing stand up and then wonder, just doing these big ass movies when he was in this,
thing. I remember what you is the thing to eighty two. So, he was in the thing when I was in high school crazy So, where time I came out here and saw him six years later here with crazy, why format no more than eighty two, so ten, twelve years later. Twelve years later, I was out here so was twelve years after that southern comfort to get the. But what am I oughta, favourable with all time, favorite that nobody talks was recalled. Twenty ninth street was half its movie about a guy named John push and that you know who he is he's a guy in real life in real life, Joe Pash was the dude in Beverly Hills TAT. He was I to talk of Italian for a long time now that guy now not Muslim Puglia that Dat's job,
page. This movie is a fork in phenomenon movie. Really, oh, my god This is daddy. I aloes best, get movie? If you got daddy issues, you do not want this movie it this so job. Passion, real life, the brother Sir all this movie as a striptease he's great friends, you're so vast alone, The loud puts him in all his movies. Now he's always old and all the storage will be, but this name is a fact that black dude someone I came, the store. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's a guy to move about a guy who hits a lottery ticket New York City, he wins. The New York state lottery ticket the first lottery ticket of wild eyed, true story. That after the alive one. That guy There are Lambeth right that he's the one. That's a very
Today's your lucky day, my name is of common Falco he was he's. Also that way I stole that line from we had a good deal with joy, bananas, that's Beverly Hills CUP, one that selling anymore every this shit and then, in the beginning, a belly hills copies the guy that has the truck the anymore he's. Gonna Robbie said graves scenes like that one would babbling. And then he was an midnight run with when fuck it It made the narrow go, look for the guy, the guy, that they may go. Look for the narrow, the sitting? Will towering got a tank of whose men running at midnight run? Is the narrow and the guy that, with the bad, have peace fucking great, we'll be Dennis Farina, just an academy awards. But what a veneer of best movies Christiana be. He had a do comedy that guy Charles Growed. Ah, this is a classic gunners Farinas. The best guy
stir in the world. Are that's right into narrows about about capture, but as a pseudonym? This is that the do that they I they look for. The barrow would have happened that Charles Grogan Guy, he still look of all Jason. He's the look of what would kill back. That's always look he's still metallurgy, if we won t be the whig company, wouldn't sponsor Viana do near the late night, her he had south and he has laid the bomb word movies, but back to twenty fuck, ninth street. So twenty that when I first move to allay the black, do from the twenty ninth street came into the store one thousand, who is well play the he's a drill sides that movie play and they cause Frank Pash wasn't in real life. Wasn't when he saw the script was a beautiful scrip, but some
alone, allied somewhere in the cinema, down Angola, the brow we love, you story, we're gonna shoot it you're, not gonna play you mentioned that, so they had aunt Ellen Puglia, who was already a star in his own way he's australian Anthony Pye. Is he really? he's Australia. That's amazing! He's Austria there so gonna do in our action. He and a little great New York acts, so they lead envy the lead. Danielle played the father. He played the brother, they to let him be in the movie at a great role, at a greater role in tackling woman. Every movie played the mom. I don't even know what the point the fucking straight. It is just a great movie. What the fuck was. The point of all this shit. Get my job by midnight, run twenty ninth street towards one nitrates. A great movie,
night Ral. Shall I will see all these guys at the store gets wealth in a toilet history who Vinnie curdle, no shit. He could easily seen Polly Warm much MR panel and one time gotta come and go. We have told the Vinnie Colonel Store, Veni. Kyoto was that Close the heaven how you I envy made with raw but tell me in my world order, but do we talk about? He also was gonna fight Falcon your boy, one hope he was scheduled to fight you boy, whose my boy, the guy from Boston Y, know but the shape died from warm and haggling. Oh that's right of any criticism. An animal one who is fighting. He was an animal than I thought. Many colonels in many colonel shows up at the store and then there's somebody else's in get him hanging out with SAM Kennison. I am met Veni right when a while before, but right when all that shit was going down. I went to his apartment
and he was show me the script and tell me what was Wolberg that, for he will know the higher to funding fell apart, like last minute, the fund, fell power in the movie deteriorate, but it was a good movie. He had been erased on his life is lie and it's fucked up story you know, and he was he was willing to say who He is, and you know how he became. Who is? He was a tough motherfucker for the other guy was a tough fighter very time I read his other script and it's better than his scruples
It was a very good squirrels, the other one he wrote about what he had to go. Hide out and care, so he couldn't get any training gems real. Nobody knew where he was looking at the wall. Looking a box and gems. Why was that a hidden, the bag? He decided to run up a Helen Keller. It was very hard to run up the so sorry they robbed. And finally, I was a kid and the block and he had some type of muscular dystrophy and the kid always highlight the walk up that hill surveys illicit before you die workable at one time and they walked up behind the way back. The kid died
Christy Roland Falcons green by. Why then he's got some stories is as restores varies got and he forgets forget his hat. I mean how many fights the euro the other night. I got a valuable it's another calumny award when I forgot about that. I'm, let us be honest with everybody Ray, I refused to watch it. When I came, I refer. Ye is refused to watch what and after I did, Yeah I did Harlem maids is so flock and good huh. Knights, Eddie Murphy to such a flock and black experience that it is a masterpiece. I am It's a lot of shit lately. I haven't seen them forever. What year is that our member scene and when it came out So Richard Prior Murphy, my guides and flogging with the other flocking guy to Red Fox? Oh my god,
This is my good wicked tat picture I refuse to low scene is more. We might suggest black exploitation kid, he ate his soul flock and brilliant. We have you seen dolomite, yes, I haven't The new dolomite herds amaze. I think it's amazing amazing, I'd think if some, I think you did a great job, just He says what more we are delighted that I love my phone la by IP is coming out of my eyes. He's an open. My man and these fuckin die in debate. And you know how we are, and one of us comes up do job. I might here. I, like he's, rang out an idea to come. Do this and the other commissioners, like man, bomb, any evil eye. When you add that when you open making you really care- and he was walking away- he said dumping to somebody goes is gonna, be all right. Eddie, Murphy of Man, a man there is nothing worse than havin, some sound nobody, so it may be.
Drawing on open MIKE cassettes. Are you feeling, when you're an open minded Zia? He gets us our, but nobly salads. It demanded that feel When you want someone on stage in the crowd was packed and you just wish you could get up their economies there right now and I'm trying to do right now, I'm trying to reform during the brake yeah, I wrote the story I like I was lost in my Ex wife back and forth my hand and drove me commie worrisome them, and now I gotta stay outside this is it might, but the only obstacle out with a wife and kid humming. I do commune away from a kid. We just bought a candle. How,
You twenty eight stole my soul like it just like. I didn't want to go to work, no more, nothing else, mad. It gently thing. I love this. Much is doing. Commie was cocaine.
Like I'm, not the mouse. I just like gold came and stand up calmly and I couldn't figure out of doom and make a living and pay for a family. Then she came home after three months is issuing Wanna be married. No, more importantly, was eighty percent relieve the other twenty. I wanna be a fall in the whole thing, but it's the truth. I found love what it is. Fuckin just stole my soul. Like I did everything I had. I watched every tape I studied common. I studied the shit out of prior. I studied the flock gotta dice. I studied a flock had a bill x in I loved her eggs. In my wife today on before I came up here, I was a rabbit or, as I took my daughter for a walk, my said: thou from Opiate Madrid this and some e mails and ruddy danger. Fear was on the tonight show the week before you
and he said that getting what you study set a joke on the tonight Show- and I was laughing at those funny- he says he drinks so much that he pissed on hours that was the Caddy Shack the man. Having was I watch that that's a great moves up like this. They occasionally whatever the fuck, is going on and has been rough on me and all the first week was rough on me before same patties day. Why taught how to fly? The New York was rough on me. I really had a plan already a mind, I'm coming back from New York. This statement. I'd like a mother. That was my plan for how long I do not know Joe. If he says the eighteenth, I must gone off with one eye before twenty, yeah before twenty shown Vancouver, but but if on the eighteenth before to afford,
running money now. The Monday has not happened I don't see how it can happen unless they come up with some sort of cure. In ten days I mean it's, the twenty fifth. Somewhere around the first week of April. They have a cure. The second happen, the mean there there's search there. Some hope to some treatments that they're coming up with there's no cure there's no vaccine running close vaccine is the only way plus. How big is this place, I'm doing arena, and what? How do you feel Do you feel I dont want to put anybody at risk if, if people- can go to the show and have a good time and not be be a. I would love to do. Do it's weird man? The flu was going around. I know this is worse than the flu. If the flu was going around, we wouldn't think twice of doing so. This would so weird about this. It's like it is,
absolutely more deadly than the flow dont misread. What I'm saying, but it's so crazy. How different our approaches to this as opposed to anything else at ones of killing people You know we ve all known people have died from a disease diseases there. They kill people all the time. We ve never been in a situation where everybody scared of one disease. It's so strange man, it's strange and ongoing. Get past that and just do a show right now Ninety percent sure they're going to cancel. It means that the stuff that their come up with for treatment. One of them is a malarial disease and old malaria disease. To some other different treatments at home Holpen. But there are so many people, man they could get infected if you gotta show of twelve thousand thirteen thousand people whatever it is. How the fuck are you gonna make for those people are ok. Is it your responsibility de sake?
make your own risk. Now I mean what have you get it when you there, but what are we doing? What are we doing in Armenia? Will the whole thing's grey it's. I think it can be a long time before we feel comfortable, do and shows again. It's gonna be strange at first, you know, but I also think when the dust settles, It will settle. Hopefully, unless this is the First thing the falls and then also things fallen, the place we talked about natural disasters we're gonna appreciate peace. We can appreciate We d une appreciate being a Roma around, do whatever you want, go out at three o clock at night. You know you can appreciate. You can appreciate being able to go to a diner and have breakfast with you. Ran. The two in the morning. Laugh the unappreciated Cars in the Street- everybody act in normal, it's gonna mean more, do you now? It's like this and after a rainy day in means more feels better, has more of an impact, and I think you ve gone through a long stretch in this country, where everything was static. Everything
was doing fairly well we're on it. Bored trend, no real tragedy national nationally to change the way we live. Our lives other September eleven, so we got like September eleventh and then all these years of war of where's crime, of course always but we're basically business as usual for most folks know anymore, he's a wake up, call the wake up. Call that you have a finite amount of time in this life in this life the way you're experiencing it right now. Is this just how it is right now, there's a million different factors that are in play constantly been real. Lucky develops the stretch of peace and harmony, but that It could change at any moment really. And we got to use this time to be nice to each other that are used, this time too, to realise that we got. We got a little confused. We got crazy you know everybody just trying to acquire things and everything to move their way up the corporate ladder, like hey, there's
a fucking end. This ride. Ok, this right to stop some day and It doesn't matter how much shit you ve acquired it doesn't matter. You know. How far are you got up this ladder? You know what what position of prominence you have in the community and how your respected by the business world. Nobody gives a fuck when you're dead, it's not you're gonna die. Europe together right now experiencing this thing in this, like really distracted way the thing comes into focus when you're forest, no situation. White like we are now. Will you literally or of nervous about your survival? Then the thing comes into focus and your what to me my gratitude coming to focus my gratitude towards my friends, my gratitude towards my family. My two towards you know, look what we're very fortunate that we're not live in check to check Many of us and many of us have been in the comedy community, many as
made. Many of us are now there's a lot of guys listening this right. Now that we're hoping for these weakens coming up, they could pay. The rent is uncharted territory those folks and all of us that are experiencing this, but the people to go unchecked, a chair, They're the ones are really getting hit. I know that you cannot stress over this and not that you stress make sure yeah weakens remains as we work. You know, and I know fifty percent of people are being honest in my friend said that they get from the day for the cable bill in the middle of August. Cable, no single factory shows gable on day what they call them and on the reception of cable, because I had the money around no problem with it.
I've: just we had to pay the southerners jump and our people right away, yet they jump alone. You ran away, so you didn't want stack. I dont know how landlords gonna be had another friend who said this is really funny who got the voice. Ten years ago caused to eleven years ago there was a dispute. One credit cards during the voice. They Yang two weeks allows the savings counting on average, forty two hundred bucks, red card? Might they come out of the woodwork yeah Chase now called cases whole cases in shit like that yeah they realise and bigger, for what you have if you didn't buy, you stood alone, nay, my yankee now just gag. From me yeah. I say we had to do this by so be very careful you right, you know
you think about it. That way, I could not what the fuck they're gonna do not telling on tv. Is landlord? Isn't gonna care? First off? Listen! If you can't do business, I can't think Europe money but how am I gonna put in their anyone who you this morning. This then we're going to look for a business. If you two brains add you're not doing anything right now. You're mine, ass list is your business like unless you drive but by houses for living yams that gone, how something right even then present? Even if you do you Billig, let's hold on here here with all the normal, nothing now for the next.
Six or seven wish you dont know dick at everyone thought about the China thing either read that article, but that was even a lightning, but you don't know deck my new business, you don't. I don't have the fly nowhere in the stamp yeah to go anywhere. I got Breyer the first week of you. I got in the Annapolis and Cleveland somewhere in there and you that's it. I got nothing July July. Thirty, first I got lost guess who knows? What's gonna happen that an August first I'm in San Diego, then I got no that's who knows of any those members who knows of any those data around ten, an alarm being smart about those? Listen. So what you mean to tell me is that Motley crew, who was supposed to start a huge toy in August,
guns n Roses was supposed to start a massive tour in June? There are pushing their stuff back I've told November December. I mean when libation thinks about, given that Motley Crue money back there the heart attack there were higher than I know, you're holding onto the scene of the two August. I thought the salami talk. So, what's his name Ricky ticket August that they go onto so what are you telling me that, right after people are allowed to go out, people start on spending money right away? there's a guy. I don't think so. They are evaluating every day, went out at work every week that we lose weight that will allow Jack. That's what I've got that far, what I'll check this basic Dillinger people groceries. I think that right now, like where were real touch and go but cells, the rest, the world right, cheek,
This touch and go everywhere, touch and go. Everywhere. Italy certainly touch and go. They still got the streets. Lockdown You know who knows that at night now, don't you some of them. There is a single light. Then New York Zadig, like gay people. They are nothing yellow submarine, watching war, pigs, Bitch, New York, there's the buggy thou Bronx while using and yellow submarine vorhees shit. Far males submarine yell at you know it's killing me the most about. This is one thing about not one in the gun, the galley there's nothing! You can do. Tat went down the captain, Kirk Vienna Prize in our man. I gotta get everything nice, my some easily. Instead, you know that even a belly room show, I don't give a fuck there's always something for us to do. You know
only thing is gonna behaviour. Guess honest: honest honest, honest by what I'm saying today by one I wasn't in those last night, I think for me to go back on stage, will be made first, Eleanor one I'll be on another planet downtown, it's all guesswork right now. We ve really really have no idea. We don't know none of them. How is your focus been on? Writing
Have you been focused enough to really right the best? Having been writing by now? Now yet now, ok, I've read it all. I ran all what is going on whom we ve tried. I've tried the right I've written jokes than I can up. The funny thing is a last week. They had that poor little white kid that the rosy cheeks he's like a guitar that dude never gonna do in his life. Many up this is doctor. I, as is our turn in Florida. You know air like how to write about shit like that, like nobody's man a decade chance. That's me right. That was me, in my team. Anyone can only eighteen year old. Yet do you may call me and eighty one and got the Koran wires? I witnessed nodded he had apart. I wanna take Gimme A let corona virus. Like nothing happens, they can be. Two lines are glaringly so it's all different actors have been asked that kid was a
as a fuckin stump. Did you see that boys powers must be like one number that dummy many Lang? There's one girls like is mobile, They turn up. Oh my god, there was like twenty blue chip to doing that. Forbidden Reggie, I dance like them all. Twenty those girl just spend in its each other ones breadth. Ah, I was fuckin die. That's all areas, the egg. You break your heart. There What about an hour dances? Don't call was slightly rosen. Some I haven't done exactly the fifth grade- type shit goddamn. So I don't know what the fuck When are you going to have that with kids, though kids are gonna, fuck There are eighteen years old, they're, gonna, fuck there go on out there
a couple drinks and I'm the plastic cops are going too far and what about the duty took his mistress stately and he got the fuck. I hope when he was over. They bore no back and saw another bought busted disgraced, dived down his mistress to fuck it at least to do something else I've got the corona holier than they get detained over there somewhere some cats bag mammal file from welcome the voice. She's got nowhere to spend the money fuckin manner shut down. The others know where to go in the world like she's talking about putting on a fight on April eighteenth I don't know how they're gonna do that They're gonna be able any do states the target, doing it in place with less than ten people and then do you know I just know but arena, I guess so. What's gonna commentators. Scientists remain an there
be dug it out like an empty place, and they're gonna try to do that on the eighteenth. They did it for the last Cardan Brazil, because it was ordered by the government. The government ordered all large gatherings to break up on the start, seeing the cases. Corona arising in Brazil, so they have to do that. They'll card indoors, no people, weird so but they're gonna plan could be and Tony this whether your planet so doesn't even have to be a big place. They could do to like a film studio like leg legitimately they could sit vigorous set. Sup in a film studio somewhere me naked Tyler Pair get a place in Florida. They could. Flora. Rent one iota we're Parrys gigantic I'm studios said but I mean we did it in when we did fight for the troops when they did yes and you I see yeah San, Diego and several other places in Austin as well, whenever we did it with there's a few
Don't North Carolina, there's a feud everyone's it we did. They just would use an airplane hangar, the troops, be there that there will be the whole audiences, the troops in a uniform and they would set this octagon in an airplane, having anger and is pretty powerful, different different, real different different kind of show, but they could do that. They could do that in a studio or just a large warehouse you have seek. Do it set up some lights, have some crazy high speed hook up to the internet was party thickly notes get up loaded and we're. Watching from here I mean that they can. Definitely. That the USA has the capability. Doing that thing is having to make sure that nobody has it. You know you can have to test everybody and Someone has a deal at him fight. If they haven't they like it yourself, but they have no symptoms, but together Corona I would have to be as the corona or would have Tony has the krona. This could be the fight him this fight.
So fucking cursed. This point is to be honest with you. I gotta be honest with you higher taxes on the first things, I thought it would talk. At least I told him I'd be ambiguous. Chancellor nullifies could be Well, this Lena feels. Does why didn try and so hard to make it happen, even if, as I tell people arrive at first for couple days, now is matted Dana my fuckin thing. I know you know what this fight asked that this had kept. This happens by itself in a fuckin airport in Evanna Cube. I don't give a fuck, but this fight has together what we waited too long and we can't solutions. Three quarters, you three for the fourth time. For me four. I think this is the fourth positive visits broken knee. Designers have actually might be the fifth does. These events, I think, Sir, the obligatory this fuckin car, Google, it
How many times has tony verses could be been cancelled? I want to say I think this is the fifth time its many times, though, and the best fight this ever that's the failure. Then eighty Giving you know the NBA, then the that's tested pause. Then the phone in the city of New York what under and I'm like all now everything's pointing in the wrong direction. I got bite, though, how Vegas than vague you said. Then I found your jacket blue, Madame Why is the fifth is the fairy it I'm working time come on? and it is this has to happen. It is the final care about any other quite on the card. Just pay them then just pay the just one fight just pay them I pay the paper warm up. I'll pay, the six nine fifty paper view Jesse. A babe and gather, avoided your magic, that's it nobody! Nobody else has to fight sixty nine in April to one fight, one tool to retrain: isn't each corner
everybody, eight yeah one guy Will you put the fuckin judges they watched from home. Now, listen that terrible wondered at the top of their terrible when they say that same alive. Yes well designed to help them be in there oftentimes you, honestly, you get a better view. What's going on when you watch at home. Ok, let's get her headphones on. So when I watch with headphones, because I'm watching like us when I looked down the screen, sometimes I'm watching fight, I have two. Sometimes I get a better view. I can see what the fuck is going on. Theirs pillars in front of you guys are grappling an add on off someone's trying to get a submission or what's happening sometimes as tap and on an even see it also. What would you do? Have Philly break it down? Then after look at it on the screen. When you watch in home oftentimes you have, you really have a better view of it, but this is. Doesn't it that's crazy, or so we don't need a mere within social distancing.
Will you write a year could put him in a fog judges in all come right here, we're gonna look over their shoulders come right here and there and so we need is to three guys Mc Corner to fight is the rough whose buffer testers buffer Bruce buffer he could do long distance, no now no and he's gonna do with gas mask on various bar is gonna, be in their red face. The fucking scuba helm, and I, tat they all fuckin Scooby ailment. Does it have to be paper view? Do you think No piazza for, of course, is literally no. What are you a communist nonsense, socialist trying to get fuckin free, show the same time a time, a pastime stimulus checks? How are you you F C wants money, I, Sir, how are you gonna? Get people to pay for you're gonna get plenty of people and you know what I'm saying: Genuine everything to be really you gotta be absolute Agatha commercials about somebody, fuckin loses so you gotta be a douche bag.
Somebody loses his. How am I gonna put, or is this three or four pre limbs, five pre limbs and then for fight before that? From talking ten fights, something can twenty people three per whatever the trainers? That's a lot of people, Joe and one fact in place when it so it can We gotta eliminate their early premiums and just the main card, they could do that. We would also have to test everybody. Everybody can not shared space either. I cannot be in this room. You, our marrow would have thrown aside. Cases is about the fight, but if everybody's tested and ever once negative. Who gives a shit It should be the only thing like if you just ass does in your negative, but they should be able to wander around. I think this motherfuckers agreed the virus yeah. I think you're right. I think that will go find out more. I think that could be a twenty one.
Something I'm what somebody waiting here, but what about the people got stuck a Texas EP what last week for hours the luggage when it came back into nationally, but not one of them is tested positive there not soon dollars. That's that's! Not your task of those o hare two or higher last week, nobody's tested positive, wait now I've eight hours. Yet, if you go on Twitter, when he was dying is from top folks, and of the corona right and you had. I was out around a virus, yeah the goal in that line. I gotta see how long this could really snake two weeks ago they were saying the step, the a droplets stay in the air for fucking three hours now they're saying some fucking different I don't think they have a lot of reliable information, yet they have said They know what it is
I thought you gotta, be ready as printed led snack. Have you seen the girl virus on the rabbits are now I gotta amazed rampage Josiana, that's what your great is. Guess. It's really catchy I start, I start singing it throughout the day. Sometimes driving around what using a form a couple: play for you have to play it carrying play now. One get a copyright strike were played afterwards. Does the where we live I think people are less less worried about bullshit right now, more worried about real things. I think, and in that sense my favorite people that I've ever met people from Israel, something about them delay care free. My friends, Suki Use, Kickboxing train, in Tarzana, Madeira Tarzan S to go down in trade with them there and dumb. He was from Israel, I went to eat dinner at his house once invite email whose houses family and their plant bond oh drums, dance and ensure that they are having so much fun. They were so happy, and, I said, tell me,
as go? Why why israeli. So, like carefree Ngos, because today over there you can die. We deal with a can die because any day something can happen. Any goes everybody's while you're alive, you on a Party Party Party Fund, have fun have a good time and as I why that's it day day heightened sense of appreciation of life. My friends, all my jewish friends that would go over there for whatever religious they know. I'm going to talk about how hot israeli chicks were like the chicks in Israel, their wild. While in the article of the army, it's a party over there and give us the episode, would they lose their launch missiles? shit in TEL Aviv or oh, yes, he was stock. Yanza old show got stuck there while
Can missiles were flying to what the fuck is that that's right? That's right! Yeah yeah! It's we got! We were looking for TAT instead of trouble being here, our life was so soft. We're looking for trouble, we didn't exist. We are trying to create problems where they weren't. They were real, we're getting outraged about Is it really didn't matter and now we see what matters so now that focus has to be on real real survival things and health and in community and taken care of each other and looking out for the people that don't have any money right now does it not lazy to just get fucked? You know look out for each other right that all those things are We need to focus now, instead of the nonsense that people have been for. We know what is it. I thought it was an aspirin ibuprofen oilskins who don't take that shit. Why shouldn't take them
sure I know. Ibuprofen is non stew, royal, Anti inflammatory and it can do damage to your gut. Bacteria apparently can fuck with your musician Would I be proven will still fight? That's good of Europe you know you needed if you're injured right, but it has an effect on your your. Your gut biome causes formation on some people campaigns was on that shit every day who stay in eight hundred milligrams every day, and it was in all this pain and I sent him this Rhonda Patrick Thing, which was talking about the dangers of ibuprofen and and taking law doses of it, particularly like all the time, and so he gets off of areas like fuck like this danger of struck see if you can find the dangers of taken too much ibuprofen cause is alive, People are really get into that ibuprofen. I think a baby aspen, that's fine! Let's it that night, I think give Y gotta bed because far be protected between five thirty and twelve, which
wait. I my hearty issues. Ibuprofen is very different. Light than ass leave and all that stuff, I'm not big. Unless I absolutely positively have to take some, I don't get that money. They state that so you know Cameron's like twenty miles a day. Fda strengthens warnings that non total anti inflammatory increase, heart attack and stroke risk yeah, for which there that's that's, like Anville, as Non strudel, Anti inflammatory, there's a bunch of different once motoring. Add veil The leave ibuprofen yeah, that's ibuprofen and nap proxy in so to different types. Non struggle into inflammatory, Ibuprofen inept oxen they're, both available over the counter. And he said it's important to be aware of the high profile warnings and the proxy warnings and take steps to limit the risks so cameras on aid donor milligrams, this shit a day,
pain, all the time because you run so much gets off of it and the pain goes away so he's taking some. Thing for pain, causing him to be in pain on time. Causing all this information because, as is got, is reacting to this fucking chemically keeps dump it in there. That's a vicious site because you ve got all this inflammation and that's what's cause. You take the shit and the sheep has given you the information as any thinking. The information is coming from his running, so he gets off of it. No more pain God, damn what we're so ignorant some I mean this guy's a whose an elite athlete musical runs alternate our towns is run as much as to warrant forty miles in one race right, and he didn't know like how many regular folks know that this stuff is bad, for you. How many regular folks take unnecessary medication that could be beneficial
Do you have your real issue, but he take it all the time you take it too much and actually causes problems. This is a wake up call for people when it comes to your health, a wake up, call for taking care of your meat vehicle. Take area body you gotta take body. This is one that if you fortunate strong immune system you You can mitigate some of the effects of it and that's the case with the common cold, the case. Fluids case with a lot of different things? If your healthier here a better chance of care- me out of it on the other are moving on pollution. Never only needles. So I just found out recently that I could take it through my nose could spread. Doesn't work is good on older people, though it does now ass, Doktor asked her home county, I'm never taken, Influenza has needles and you can type I would love to do how once in a while, but
to get really iron vows, and neither that's where you told me to fuck out. That's one party at once. You say needle that's what answer me. So that now you're a great job about that I was right now was that about Monday in a flash or not. But what really is the true tat it is. I ve just I think, the immune system with we flown so much. We have flown so much there that builds a different type of means about, although shows we did like the its theater and giant places. We took pictures of people after the show hundreds of people- you know I just did the treasure Alan sold it to
you know a lot of people went back up to my room and took a tremendous hot boiling shout and yet off the last time I was at the store, I always take a shower before I go on restore the last on one April. Second, with proud your first time in years I took a shower that night. That's how disturbed I was like. I was fuckin. Billy, disturbed from that last time. I will stop here, because I thought I'd be also was only be social distancing. More people grab me that night than ever before and every time they grab me. Something came up to me and talk to me. My skin will cross why am I come and that therefore yeah there's no social disadvantage store. Now
has fallen a rolls over there I was a man is my fucking spot, but now the learned man live without which is crazy, live without, and that helps in time I said not, don't come in. I give her breathing or not being able to combine two different things yeah. I can't wait to get our stage. Have done the same you now we all do the last. For weeks we ve made ourselves laugh now. Windows are occupied yeah, I'm the one of the reasons why haven't written anything as because I'm just enjoying the relaxing meter? It has been too long. We ve been doing this to along the and, alas, run this last nine years has been a run it well once you start really still oyster really taken ass on the road to yeah. You really picked up. You pace, you gotta gotta gotta make Hey where the sunshine and, as I say not, but you got
You got a right as occurred. You gonna write. Why felt like gum with this? I wanted to think about it, because I look I am one of the you know. I love one thing that MAX Holloway says That is what it is and it serves simple philosophy it is what it is. But it's also it's a good way of looking at things like what you gonna. Do you gonna freak out? It's not gonna change, it is what this, and this was this is what it is right now. It is what we're inside all day. You know if we go out We got. Cipher hike is no people there. You know come here away from everybody, no huggin, no kiss and everybody just distant. And we do our social, distancing and waded out, and just this is life right now, we're still lucky's we're still not look. Justin ran comes here. Couple times year after gets back from the Congo, ok, and just those of the Congo sleeps in a grass hot and he's come back with so many different fuckin diseases,
He's got malaria three times now you have so here's some new parasite that they don't. They haven't, identify They don't know what it is. He he's. Worried it's in his brain, because these havin some shakes into chills and some some issues that led him to think that it's connected to that, whatever the fuck, this parasite is to keep running tests on em. They have these top via which virologists that are examining him, but he's deep, deep, deep, deep, deep in the Congo. So who knows, Fox in their there might be some new shit and there he might literally have some new shit in his body right now, and you know this guy keeps going back. He goes back is compelled is, is it is mission in life is to improve the lives of all these people that he met their changed his perspective, you know, he's an amazing amazing person, and he is constantly doing that. Like that is so happy in so friendly and I think one of the reasons why ask, as is perspective,
he knows what it's like where these people live in these visits them. He knows days within four months at a time. He knows what it's like, and he knows how lucky we are. We here we're lucky's fuck So right now we can't do stand up you and I are extremely. Fortunately, we In our so you could just do your part castest. Would he do today is weak to three. Do three, you probably you'll be fine. You'll will give plant chances to rent rave only of people. Over the trust. You know. No one SEC, don't touch anybody. Why better down wash our hands Tiggle a vitamin c eat healthy, all your vitamins mixture good rest get in a song. If you can please get an assault, they have em We now know they have met gems fuck. You can't go to generate to deck, nobody's gonna, fuck and forgetting that, given the hot tub, then nobody knows what a fork in border areas. Asylum We have only realise Russia, gonna cry agenda, two thousand things, but you can't.
There are also sand. One good thing, just elevate. Your body temperature, to celebrate your body temperature like by workin out and breaking a really good sweat. Actually has a good effect on your immune system as well. Even if you like, exercise in a hot room. You kick up your immune system. You have to doing crazy, but You do an azure urine introducing those side of keen, so he shot proteins, swear bunch layers and get a good decent work out and really get hot sweaty good for you, as does good. If ye, if you look it like the first thing after benefits of working out, it's always lulling, stress or telling your blood pressure there. This is the opposite. This is the time right now, a debilitating that yeah don't like. If you want to accurate, I ve had the ability to act.
Punch right now. I know he tell me. I say all this shit is while they they make. You grabbed a thing. Publishers low, like all you're shock, was a black like shit like that all that shit is probably rather low. I can eat up with your immune system here, even though you have been doing much because just the subconscious thought that thought so we have now. You know we start to sit. This shit goes deepened. The is obliging that's what happened to me at once my little nervous breakdown on the right that you're Romero fought. So tell me, you had this you're gonna get into it. You're Your friend invite overzealous towards two fights kneeling our camp and you are
break down at me over like Wednesday, like absolutely not just from the city renown watch. My myself like I always do, or I got a breadth of bread, John John Right, brats. Ninety call me like outlines. It was really don't get a candid couple. People come. Our love for you to come over. He broke his leg scale, oh no! So when they break his legs, can dream so far. No fuckin metal, His main dogs like before I went there was young, it is still very just got off, maybe a week out attacks. To have just got off of a fuckin surgery. When this
it has gone down, he beat the surgery curve light by three weeks for weeks. My god imagine, I'm ok all day, I'm with the family, fuckin six o clock com jump in the shower it, basically where he lives, jump over Laurel king and make a right or my past calmly, stop that's it for some reason, man alone a shower the shower. I just I get in an irregular heart beat. I came out to the warring anxiety medication contrast Woody Degen. They give me point to five whatever taken. What is it like earth, all, whatever the fort? They call Xanax whatever to examine its awful
Well, it's the baby, want it's not! The sticks to junkies, take its little thought, so you got a little anxieties. He took his annex. I took, however, take those more so time between you and me. I wash my wife washes on which, as I put my drug pocket score and if we get there and there could ever get there in early prominent happen between your may, I wash more and I only get like he gives me if I am I'll give it to me, I ask and maybe to prescription, is keep em round. Just intention morale just what does it do? I've never done. I just in case I get that Morgan Murphy Freak out like I'd Morgan Murphy, for which an aim which Morgan Murphy, yet one may I have followed the store. I know what it was. Fucking walked up. The stairs miserly lit up really almost passed out, but I want to destroy.
The room? I came out of a fog that thirteen minute mark. I didn't know if about my mouth, settings, you were on Xanax or the anxiety, no, no just anxieties. I went up there. I just got this with anxiety and I'm an original report was shown on Bali. Can you for me? I can't do it right now. What are you talking about body you have forgotten fuck you I got so I went up their level there, but I was in a coma. I was calm. We high! No, no! My body was so. I saw much hangs. I was just I was spirit, I was like Roseanne Barr at night, I'm just saying shit. I was just talkin, but I remember when I got off the stage fully short told me: you should get anxiety block more often
That is very just worked myself out we work, and I worked myself up that much that night wanna, see your Romero. I wisely Joanna against Chang, whatever when a wily, Jean Wily, John,
I wanted to see her saw and all of a sudden it Jerome anyways. I was struck. I was gonna, take mushrooms and that either, but I was gonna. Take Marshall. Read me my jacket. How long you know what he is my skin I would ever make within the car pull the causes. Driveway went like step, stop the car and then sat there for ten minutes deciding whether I should take the mushrooms, I'm gonna get stopped by the cops. Had no other bosom me. No nothing. There was no reason for this paranoia wishes by my playing tricks army. I started walking in a house in the house. I was in the habit shrunk. I couldn't control myself shy. Take the key
I forgot something you weren't, I let you go, get the fuck insects. Just in case I get a fuckin shy, bring available. Now I will grant Annabelle create legal back inciting get available. How is that that was my acting it I shall wear different chairman away the ship just went through this whole fuckin finally said: stop your ideas. Get your shit together Cox. That is what I turn job. There is yet time. Let's go, let's go mother, fucker we're gonna, go! Let's go come on. What are your fuckin buzzy? What are you fucking, pussy That kind of delight, mainly down one already had some. Why you beef me with some loves the management those who shit we just watch to fight. We have a great time there was a due date, was turn me out: Medical shed Tommy
Fuckin inhale silver, lock, the forget how to block the fuckin thing around a virus, the corona virus he had. It was But you know what that night, I realized I was just having a fuckin. This can happen, normal, that's a type, a shit I lie to avoid like that. Is it the first time I got? I had two compatible with digital and somebody at that time. I look at what we ve got a police. Yet we are not here. Please please get off the big Please added lots. I take my view of and take my dick out MP industry. Clause, whereby that's how bad, but I get things related anxiety. I gotta pee right away, so I'm gonna go. Done one days and those as echo for the train, which she put four hundred this cooperation, and I got a fucking squat since I put the back, I can't go pay
Zack? Will you go, and I put my body just wanted- to check my bag the shock, that's how you get out and what I, a girl. I gotta go my first three months of judges HU. I learned the hard way, never taken edible, no boy Bob taken out about tell the morning gorgeous you sex. It comes back it's gonna revisiting the first time somebody threw a mountain me dog one was Ebby Judo, yes, I don't even know about lightweight Jesus, yet, oh my god, your own, I had to call timeout like it was over, had to run outside. Take my chi off Mykey top off and just take my dick out of this closet going by Burbank Boulevard, I'm just paying. I don't give a fuck about the cops. I tell him the truth,
these huge anxiety attach yeah. Why work out every like heavyweights? I gotta go to the bathroom before and before I get my car, I think, does that. Does the medication help you when you taken as antics Not if you don't take it I very much to do in the daytime go. I got more time for Africans, annex no work. What does it do? That's why I'm asking what a day what happens with Xanax? I know for a fact, in fact, that nobody could tell me why first go to calmly alike, to join these secrets. Are you ready when I got the cardinal, these jerk logical, bring five people to a fuckin shot from Alaska? Nobody come to it, I just with the euro and call me and asked me what you want with me
had the comical legato each of the countries of the world, but this may be the next time you pay and tell the door. So I got into sounds attics. There was a crazy guy, but will the witches got not oppressive murder and his wife ILO? Now that we get that access from a pharmacy? So I was getting back.
These the woman envy you rightly Myers, ten milligrams. You could sell those two bucks, a piece he was given before a court so Life Russia's, was an open Michael. I was Zadok cells, but it always Cassandra contest Self made over the countess had people there, so they would say with we buy some vanishing, Jaime Mayor the broke soured made. All the more cannot bring about what the fatwa which I, despite the now together with you, not think that the price of pills, don't worry by tat, gets you covered as such a high profit margin. It did it really matters. I would Sal's annexed to people in the hundreds. Twenties tends cockades love those days So I was, I was a coke I'd. I'd love likely tat allows what does it do not shoot a fork out like how like you're gonna pass out. You could die away tat when people are de that's a day.
Gettin, Xanax fuckin. I thought it just relaxes you relax as you believe you eat fifty. If you're gonna die fifty doing fifty day, dog thirty of them in three days and boma. It took me five days to recover the auto jor EL dean, embalm on taxes, nineteen and two thousand five for meeting thirty. Ten million and values that he's a lot. The problem with that shit me is ready. This is what I realized. Twenty thirty thousand help make our asylum. I was David check that didn't do didn't get. I saw for me to be around out pop. Those Annie bars now would be I'd, be good enough. These are, I was used to pop like sex. I had my town subdued fuck and I want you like it because I have a drink with them. I would shrink like wanted to drink, should feel tremendous. That's it just wanted to tell you feel like fucked up,
fucked up to drinks and a couples anti buys you get flog This is before his Annie you're not drink. I am now locked up and then I do calmly any two's two volumes and drank the wages. I was an open like a guy right, you know, but the point to my story is that if you eat ten milligrams value five of your body, utilizes five at the other five go into your fat and your body ozone, with the use as a science. Yet you forget you deal with here. So what happens when you eat shit? It's Dixon to your fat, fair return! I will get high.
I therefore cannot, as annex would come out your attitude to fat and educate the annex out of my fat view. Jog. Would you get high of fog gear? The boys are not gold for twelve years at the seven year market, be workin, haven't, found the time and had button to a coke ragman just went through my system, and I get all paranoid creepy firmly like I was still digesting shit broadly years by. I believe that those bars and all those little Zan anything stick into your fat, and then they get me tired and next day here, they'll get me tired. Now I got I sexual monetize Hamley. I sometimes I get really. I anxiety perform better, go up another one once I get down, but
before that is, if I don't need them until they sometimes. I remember that taken out and put them back in the thing. Sometimes I just Roman hamper my wife of ashes. One of my friends who take some says that when you get off of very high addictive, will you also said that when you get off them, it heightens your anxiety by a rubber band effect. That's what he was saying him personal and one day when I do realise what he's fucking things. These things are worse things that year things does it does the worst and why? Because my hair was better before I got these really. You told me something that when you do, when you doing the jack, when you don't know about buying yet the get your strong
that you're not sack disappear. So when you go off the binding, if you're doing steroids, your buys endocrine system shuts down so no longer produces test out. Is that true? Yes, your birthday you bore shrank is that Europe now devolving shrank. Ok, but they don't work anymore, since it is putting any work I feel with those. Ever since I got these hearing aids to clarify my airing. It's made my hearing weaker It doesn't make my hearing, true or as any more I may under you of the fact that you hearing on bad, no, my here
was not gone. Badger Rogan! I was hearing things out of place. I was hearing the wrong things. If I went the dinner would Joe Rogan. It was fine of you and I had a conversation. If you brought your wife time arrest you- and here I would he had not ease. I would just hear Jamie's table on the other side of the room. I could hear his conversation one yours really, and I could hear that the silverware at the table and I can hear the dishwasher washing dishes and every time his flock when it
fuckin thing, I hear that shit every time a fork, it's a restaurant, I would be able to live with them. I was on a restaurant if it with me a new web. I get time what you draw in Duncan mixed I'm just basically. Yes, you that really, yes, that's how bad what is called username there's a couple different names for it. You know I didn't somebody told me they kind that had it. I got. Why do you like? I allow for years I went to cars and I got to the point where her too many things I just neither now down by finally figured out with these my lad low. Does not you you everything I was getting fuck inherent everything you get you here. You get high. You fuckin here everything. So they have all these new airports now that they have sound deadening, swords.
That they Sidney. You noise, cancelling, so you put the man and you can turn noise cancelling on oil could turn him into transparency, mode and transparency mode. The microphone actually picks up this if it's outside of try their doing so make things sound louder than they are like. You can hear things better in the way It seems to me we arrive in a hearing issues to people at maybe too heavy dive hearing is forever. It might make it some better yeah yeah, I dont have any hearing issues, but when I put. Those things. Aren't I can hear things louder. I can hear stuff like further away so cool. I don't think I can hear them talking wasn't that noise translation works, does microphones on the outside that, like flip the frequency and cancels out, oh that's, how it works, and so by not flipping it over anxious adding to it.
Does it, what is the number the village one and a half times louder than normally? Would babies are another when you add three d b, which is not a lot that double sound? That's like its efforts and the intensity of the sound is Mord its double d, it The hard it's like a mask we equation was it's interesting because that's one area were apple has just stolen the show when it comes to were apple verses. Android, like phones, are pretty comparable. I haven't tried them, but I've heard that Samsung maybe has garnered bugs close to the rear people like them, also their very good, but one of the sound cancelling than I have noise, cancelling and the the apple ones that I think the sound qualities been reviewed as being better to there They figured out how to make it like you. Did you just open it up right? You pull it out of your pocket. You open it up and ask if you want to connect your, button connect. Stick it in your anywhere near perfect, and for me it's
so much better than they hands free system when you drive and in the car I just have. My ear and a double tap on that, instead of going through the whole car and hearing in the speakers- and I just here to my ear like I would a normal normal congress. Now what have they are pads on there's another level you could probably get into that. I don't think you have any your monitors, which, unlike Bert, has the Ottoman Christina have those of the sea. When I go to the Arctic, I'm doing an interview you have in your monitor and Inga, really good ones for music- that, like eight different speakers in that little tiny, why have a pair sure headphones for They work on my laptop, didn't work of organ iphones anymore, obviously, but they have drivers, venom and their legs suit. Like this clear coding, or silver core. There look pretty high and foxes sound good, but now it's further the little ones carrying your pocket like airports, goddamn genius invention way more easily replaceable forgot fifty bucks than a threefold,
yeah easily replaceable, they just work so well. They were their work. Great What are these airports? There does all things this two kinds, there's two kinds of noise cancelling than the other kind. Most time I actually have both, but most the time I use the of the regular one can sit on my ear better. The noise cancel my fate a german, and there are legitimate, but it's great. He talked me boy I've and doesn't have to go through year. The system in your car and I've never Bluetooth, set up. Out there the speech here and the speakers. Music. Was I block music instead economy, You know, you said something to me and I realized like that that something that I do and one when I do it. I probably have some of my best results is you were saying couple years ago, you stop listening to music drive into the store absolute, absolutely my
car, that I have some I'm muttered. Some of my favorite sets after I drive there, as a car doesn't have a radio that Porsche that I have the red one. Does it is old, and it's like real nowadays fuckin and its real mechanical and I'm Stop I'm so engage with it, but that I went by the time I get to the coming to my brain is firing right. I've been doing somethin with it, I'm not just press auto pilot and just sit back and relax. I'm on my way to the store and riding on this fuck Cloud like the Tesla without Little Porsche Your brother here are the gears, feel it when you shifting gears. It's like you are engaged, no music, You get there, you let your brain is fired and you can think about stuff you drive, and there instead of I like listening, sets Ellis, do a lot of my sets, but I also like the guy like doing that before shows. Listen driving to show and listening to set for ourselves. I'm not listening shit. Just let
bring it into a good creative place school over the bits global. What I like about one another about make, make myself concentrate on them with no paper. No, nothing just drive in concentrating on the bit. I wanted I heard years ago that true they should act as you all. This latter Marcie Blair that Denzil with certain room once a day and Gulf rule is emotional until he drove the south. It is just a Czech himself for the day, while I said how can I do that stand out, I don't need the fucking cry among the business to make people cry. Only the cry. I just need to be the best me. Do you know that I want to have any wrong began? They robbed you got it right. I owe you
by Anti roms afforded. I, when I do believe in a lot of what he is saying. Yes, I think that that little be harming thought when I went to see him. I was a burglar the kidnapped some after he got through to meet you. I'm saying he made me forget me, works like it or not. The latter simultaneously rob jobs. I got caught. I've got that three was on the pays, Iceland, it is I really do believe stimulus. Take you there in that year to take you to that mind. Ok believes that there is something that we do They can put yourself in this date, but yourself in that stare ass. You know, really believe, there's something to that for sure. Ok, but the reason why sometimes your column mean you'll enjoy what he don't. I'm being honest time right now, what Elena I'm watching Pavarotti I'm watching the mouth most obscure p,
What performance? Why would you tell me that why you lying to me because not you, but why is my wife ago? You know what he's doing in that I'm right right and I'm watching be king. Like writing. In a way I should be. King live from Africa and I'm watching be going were placed, I can only dream into going, but I probably better might when you use a dual commie. I've been there two hundred times I want to learn how to get them more, so I believe, on the way down to the store. Some mornings. I do it just drive without the car and think of a specific time in my life, bad, a good break down the situation to see what happens and that break it. But this gap and on my policies psychotherapist. I just want to see how I feel about the situation today, I always do I always do that. I grow reflecting right
time alone. Right right now thinking a lot about falling in love with calmly to shit. I did stand up coming over to my house as a feature act first and I was an m c at the broker on Tuesday nights. Nineteen mainly one Stanhope, comes as a feature. If anybody ever did that run, you knew that the triple once started Tuesday and bolder and Wednesday you had off and then Thursday you Craig Colorado. I was divorce. Plaid account to bend to her bedroom condom. If the comic was
who, on Tuesday night item by item to sleep all say, would have to pay for all tat. You don T many would have paid. You only may ratify bugs rat mayor pay. Forty eight wrote that crazy said the comic was cool on Tuesday night. I meant, if you all, spend the night tomorrow. Give me a call tonight you at the hotel here, but if you want to drive to Craig, spend the night first time Stanhope came. He was a fuckin feature at the second time that Motherfucker came, he stated my ass. I walked into his calm, Rome like food down. He had an apartment, one bed room apartment, Scott, And I'll never forget saying what the fuck is this and he's like I'm homeless, with this, what you ain't got to do, if you want cuz, he was a real road. Dog of his car came a real rubbed. Yeah fight took his advice. You now Falcon and Julia ninety five
I'm get the car stick in the back. This, like I had a phrase, be there a basketball at every You can have in their number those things. You putting your the metal and if you ready a blue Victor Arabia. Seal up when you bring that shit, our fix a flat, tells a flat? Oh, my God, are your car on the road is a character, building it'll one character building. Every comments- and I know that ever did a somewhat favour people gods, you shit. You know road gigs man, people did road eggs debts a different world man. I remember when I was doing gig. Sometimes the booking agent partition What if I was a middle act, did bring it. Headliner from New York allowed times of these guys. They were club guys like gum, forget the guy's name, but he was an old club act. Who worked around New York City enough,
really did the road just did New York City and he and I did a gauge gathering, Burlington Vermont and you can see them like a rare thing, for the guy did. Never car has lived in New York did know how he's gonna get around. Have someone drive him up from the city? Wanna get a ride with me more than that given a body a right Vermont I don't know like this. Too weird you now this desk doesn't pay them much anyway, but that those guys they didn't do that when they did. Many were like a fish out of water. They like New York City, jokes, nobody gives a fuck about New York City, when there and Burlington Vermont they go right for the whole. Reliable Jody do for a living Lobo that from malnutrition, mainly a crucial issue There are so many comics, though in New York, that they would work the crowd because the crowds or on top EU the crowd around taboo in New York. You know this it are so small is real estate was so precious at the club of stuffed people be stuffed into some of those.
Is like stand up. New York member smaller stage was Boston Comedy but the ear does in fact, when you know it just gets itchy I remembered Fuckin New York calmly club was on Sunday forestry. I remember yet Sally forth on the west side. Suddenly he slew close to their battle. We reform, but that room was more like a little stairway. Tabby yeah I gave a staircase tat was round happy there that was stand up New York, the old one needs to be a New York calmly club guy. Maybe one that you took me at ninety three. I forget what his name is very decent
that's how I mean Mikey Bush Eddie, who is now already Lange's pails already doing as you do. I checked his. You know what that is suffering from anxiety desiring yeah I went when I went to New York. I was scheduled Louis POD cast out Wednesday any cancelled between those drugs. It is not use these not use now he, pod gas with me legions gangs place. It was amazing whose great great, to see him sober and soul of so alert present. Oh they're, so honest and fucking hilarious he's like us. Funny is ever been, fucked up knows laugh about. It does talking about what he did. He snorted glass snore. Glass. His girl broke up these pills, weather in a salt shaker and cracked it and got glass. And snorted glasses noses bleeding.
And he also got knocked out by a guy who we owed money to guy. We owe money to hide some kid to collect and the guy punched him of the nose and smash his nose and so had double whammy happened. Two things the Saint Ives smoking. Starting glass and then that brute dude. He was so funny. He was I'll find new, so alert. It was great it was like the already I knew years ago, but even better, like I don't think I've ever known already sooner. You know the circle of this circle spiralling out of control. You get involved when you when you're going through it, you don't see it yeah once you done it and you have the balls and you look back. There are, however, if I went through, there are areas where you just keep getting in trouble. Isn't funny, though, that that's a human to fight a funny pattern: there is so many humans
plot were heroin route. Eighty six, he got quantities bay in his garage. The calf came now it's things that would never ever happen under regular circumstances, but are far from the drug just issue at one time when members, listen nobly drives to an open, Michael Lamborghini right. You never seen only pull up to now. Oh body, does cocaine hour when the second time does they had a bad time
Do I really do really get time first or it seems like you have a good time. Your body left an opening somewhere. You know. Just how are you immune system did Levin Koran of it. Then? Sometimes your soldiers has a weakness somewhere and that's a coke or the harrowing comes it. I know it is mine. Minorities like fuckin heroin really, but how crazy was I caught up in this shit? So then he went down this fuckin just hole, you know and that's what rehab do they catch they slowly up. They try to identify the problem.
With him was his father. Was it the firing of all of you know the radio guy now he had allowed was way before that he had probably news on mad cow disease. What set him right? You know, that's what the rehab does she know, that's what we, what said shoe the fuck off and you gotta get yourself away from there. I found that with sent me off over the you know. There was a time magazine here for hours. We talk I'm out on bail and I'm fucking out on bail Nap alarm Bell for secondary kidnapping second degree. As some of you know, I'm I got the works dynamic and I'm fucking going in to see his every day and Clippin Tense, Bruce Springsteen Double said see these war in the? U s
the goal of eighty dollars, whatever that, with all four forty allows, I'm gettin twenty two apiece, I'm taken toward them, water with the small to twenty. I got a hundred four coke. Fifty four weed and fifty for lunch- I was it. I still remember like doing this for a month. I, like my addiction, had me on this schedule, but how ain't gonna work when I'm Adam by ominously going to see his roebuck everyday and rob borne by the USA, they even had a might by the door. How do you have to do much more. I just had a walk in walk in to is may believe I was looking for him. And then on the way I like just taking a four of them, putting my shirt and walkers one day, Joe Rogan, to pick up like that of them cuz. I, instead of four I am, I think, for said, the guy says, unlike you, gotta move, occasionally you might as well. Do you gonna move? Do
demands will move five more five miles do what's the difference so Othello taken for boxes, I started taking my tent. Like. I would walk out that door rather like a c d, fuckin thing and one there Oh god, oh Harry, I grant you stop right there. What are you talking to my knees? I come back with us. He these that chasing me in bold in the parking lot of cross roads more here. I am getting Chase one security, God in the car and the other guy foot. I could be them both up by the way I got beat them fuck. Both the brightest care had no Brahms. So what am I dont weapon see these animals I'm running guys. Ok, stop that cool
may methinks I was gonna get away and then I run up. I had an item and I run up to the top of the road results, but they twenty a feeble, the police them stop giving. Fake name and flogging yet out here I am I on flock and bail. Why am I robbed and fuck? You see why we addicted The thrill. Did this not uncommon, get my? makes you think, there's a little bit of addiction and throw steel until all I loved dogma, because you love dollar doing that shit later on would like lighters and shit. All I love. If I'm not in trouble for somebody to listen, I smoke rejoinder. You tremble I leave you now you ll fine, They don't do learn number, but it gets. You have good place, but the reefer lets me. No, I'm still nothing
mommy, ragged dna right now be clean and sob I'll do enough to warrant being focused on sob. This, just let me know, I'm ok. It's like a Teddy Bear Saigon people such data that all this is from a reef and doesn't really get me blasted Mamma. I just told you at least now give you all these capsules view all seed daylight till tomorrow, the TAC capitals. All this thing's ray of the strongest
things what's in there, a b is Fuckin Ashura little blocks agenda, no aground TAC. How many taken a pop to any act alone, two hundred milligrams and take another two hundred tonight I'll be ok wants now I got this Newton called Quick Z quickly, quick. What is that it's a little towards contain? If you want to sleep, you come see me quick Z, quickly within it melatonin light triple anything that put you to sleep. Naturally, they put in their plus a hundred milligrams away this tv and the car or hybrid, my one well and you drink it dog first, I drank it. I found myself. Usually I fall asleep like you do like this. Writing read my computer and you had it.
Yeah. That's one way! That's a b is desolate, I'm away from the computer right I actually back away and then slump. Have you done now in general should have done that once you have ass weak. Now, too, we see eye to eye so fast tat, because I personally on your combined with Roma. Actually I do pills my guy a toolbox. First, not an app and, like my nuthin sapling drank the falcon liquid and Santa started to happen, wasn't gonna fast enough with a tenth of tea I wanted this time to go to bed, so I popped my god. My all hit me at once. I got Larry Holmes. Fucking left hook. That night I woke up on the floor. I fell off the chair and the heat me up my site, my bag
Finally, like, why am I right in a trance I went into the kitchen, I hope, with a blue refrigerant, I pulled out a half a pound, deluxe boy at cheese that she had just bought an american cheese. I took a pact assaulting crackers because of my my money Brad I'm. Ok, I'm married bread on whether this mother Fucker crackers out a whole half a pound, the works while and the whole thing on earth and cheese sliced thin with crackers. I just went to bed. I took off my as it was a big chunk, American Jesus sleet back there. That's didn't have time. I am the new mask wants to know my God talk. Member last night I fucked your my wife Joey. I just bought that globally. Think I know what was I thinking. You have no idea what I was gonna fuck.
Before the morning. I work better, for in the fog it like. I woke up at three therapy and with what the fuck, oh, my god, I must have went down at one o clock I've been. I probably was listening to our what the fuck store still just man on the floor. Nobody saw me, that's how drilled I got that was. I think that was the Wednesday yeah. That was the tenth I own, like the smoke go to sleep and allied to eat and go to sleep I'd just like to go to sleep when I go to sleep, but when I, when I get high like if I get high before bed, I have to get out of bed. I gotta grab Peter that's my best ideas come I made my best ideas. Come like the first, we have to get and I like the right just like a rush that happens. A rush of wild thoughts habits happens like the first like forty minutes to an hour right after I as a dozen their population, pop in your head. Your head come on.
Let's dance like you, gotta get up. You can't just try to sleep on that. When those little moments hit, I start getting ideas. Okay, this is a time you get a right because you know how many times you just go through your day derive any interesting ideas. And I'll sudden you get high and they come out of nowhere. It's like the most under created engine for ideas ever get it's fun, how would I get home at night? I always think of some between the two stages. Something always happen if the main room, the original or vice versa- and something always happens, how I could do something a little better them which so, when I get home here I do take a piss, I wash my hands. I does the best time to guide TAC T going. I got my little room,
t homo tee with the sea bs levelled breath, mints now they're file or their breath. You are attracted to me, oh my god, that called sleep. The product is my key coma and that's the tea I drink. This call tranquil and its. Every time I got. It became a meal and your Beirut, Europe, a martyr Yorba, Martha you ever Marty's stimuli within the cousin. Whatever you're, but somebody and then you have three milligrams, a TAC ten milligrams, a c b and am. I Those are the things that will use the free. They got everything no melatonin, but deck fuckin pills its contain that might take a little tin,
like a tin of little tiny bereavement, and you better be careful how you dig to agree that but I also had like three hundred milligrams of the other things. Not I don't know no day I went to LAS Vegas the Lass Road to guide. It was LAS Vegas. I went with those, they were don't get me wrong, it's not this inside the tac that kills used to see beyond Jamie. Can we find that would see Vienna's I don't know I've never heard others. It was appalled turbines and right It's all a dirty cousins to see beat what does a Turpin. Officially one of those things things in it. Back like explained the that can have annoyed with its anything. That's like what it better use of great word when you can use the term confidently
Nobody can say: Turpin confidently, Benoit knowledge. Europeans are what you smell. Large diverse largest a first class Vienna compounds plants? Insects, order can plants, so it's just that a component of the planet Right CBS News would like that that system is for the same, so Dvds, so CBS Study benefits, include pain, relief, anti insomnia, promote growth of bone cells, antibacterial anti inflammatory anti convulsive, an appetite stimulants, very interesting, so It sounds real, similar to just tac or c b d
so just another Kanab IRAN is that what it is tat there is some new ones are finding out see like I've. Gotten teach see a what he's not psychoactive, and there are some another new one sector to the scientists. Getting I am right now like is real aid. You d, C b d is fucking great for you really it's great value. A real, I feel the difference. I don't see any downside, I'm I'm not seeing it, I'm looking for it right on time, to find out the suddenness of does too you see just google the negative effects of c b d I've never heard of any of you. I have only form now you see with the cream. Automation claim share my legs now at the vaguest. My had him, my skin not dry, went somewhere like when we start useless
we ve done side effects include nausea fatigue and irritability. Now I doubt it. I think you just talking to pussies yeah blame it. On that c b d man maybe have fatigue. I was charitable because you see every day. Yeah. You know, you know what you should get night. If you take like
was a thousand milligrams of c b d at night when you get home work out of you, gentlemen. We have an injury like I know it rested forgotten me at night, like I, like all that shit I'd rather take that shit and had opiates. I got this point my life at all then Xanax Ambien, the ambient may should do crazy shit. Let's make you get a directive and may say crazy. Shit do Emesa said: do dumb should at night may crazy shit do so in a one with these away, months. All I got the deep economic races commoner. Suddenly a little I can live with the Abbe doesnt right. You don't really sleep, though I just can't put your way for low, but are you don't got your fault, keep cycle right who was tat was actually go through a fault to it.
Some want to make sure we get this right. Ambient doesn't allow you to go to a full rem, sleeps local, really. I think so. I think it's a different cycle when we had Matthew Walker, the sleep expert It was when he was doing very informative part ass, the best and the one. Listen, I'm it tastes on your part cash. For Monday, ninth of March of the eight march, I was the best part castle which one ass the one about
broke down the corona virus. That's this guy, one, the Astor home. After all, they have to buy. That's when I put the fear got it. That's the one that open my eyes a little bit more. Why people react in the way they were here: yeah, those those wake up at all, wake up call bigwig hard to find, because I would also imagine that any negative effects would be resolved by the pill industry online to Google it somewhere out, as I like, maybe at high dosages. It might affect it, but the very first thing assesses affects us. So the damn wishes ambient had no effects on Ramsgate really side on basic and interesting. This island, Matthew, Walker, assign you. I know that these are merely to Denmark Wonders, and you know we're gonna go deep issues that you think is supposed to go there, but you don't goes deeper.
Why don't we, Google does Ambien effect, do get real sleep on ambient about that? That's been us have to dig through, like or more as you like me look, I guess, caused requests very first things that come up just like blogs about Ambien. Unlike yes, I get sleep. This is the very first thing that article call Paige is probably a result. Yeah, we have to figure it out what you know. What I need to talk to. I know that Matthew Walker was talking about the negative effects of it, but I need to talk to someone else and get like the gift. The rap down or just listen to what he said about it. You get the rap down. I know there's something to it were a dozen totally it's not the same as a sleeping eight hours without it same amount of recovery or something it just seems At any time. We could take something just knocked you out like a chemical. Just put you out, there can't be good,
be good for the chemical. You take that crap. That's good! You ve done some. I mean you're gonna recover. Once you crashed what you ve done, something very strange, you ve taken something shuts you off this- to me- that. When I'm up I'm up. Am I not my up? Ok, we'll get up in the one. I'm tired. I lay down taken anything Well, I need it for work. Ok, I get it you need. It It just seems to me that if you want to be healthier, taking something just make you go to sleep his? Not let me up here yet I think it's a natural. Alternative ditches relax as you know that, but something that Knox you the fuck out and when you wake up you're in a gunfight with the cops, because that's what ambient does you would Kevin James woke up in the middle? I talked about it. I'm one of my specials made a fuckin. Turkey went to the grocery store when they made food.
People came home and they live. What the fuck outta is like someone broke into the house. He thought he went to the supermarket and bought food. And made a meal and he thought someone broke into his house and cooked scary. Till the people are in the middle of a dry on the highway they wake up. They have no idea They got there. They I do something. But when there are ambient they just ambient walk, they do all kinds of wacky shit. I think people have committed murders when they're on ambient. I think there was a guy see if that's true Matthew Walker says that you acting the restoratives benefits of sleep from yeah we're getting true sleep. This switch off the top of your cortex, the topic of bringing splendor magazine and put you in a state of unconsciousness. That's not sleep! That's cryogenics, where the simple
Sleep does not have the same restored of powers, Vega, immune, boosting emotional resilience. So, of course, the other stuff do you read was shells the pill industry trying to fill up the Google search folks stay up. When you tired, go to bed my advice to you So you get the new, no one. I didn't need sleeping pills bag in the foot. In pioneer days. Take a wagon ass, the country in front of Indians all day you can just go to sleep. Man he's asleep you're tired. This is all day you tat your exhausted. I've always used briefer earlier talk of the Palestinians. I've, always usury for the sleep a and b I've. Always use reflex. Slow me down. I know for a fact, and always slow me down my mind- has always been yeah factor. By tat saw something they should be treated with something
early on didn't catch, it didn't know, existed now. I know how to combat. South down self medicate in I know other smoke derived from I'd. Try really dig the meditation in the last two weeks and Whistle award took me from where I was at the word took me from a out me it to the main thing with which his accept acceptance is the main thing in this whole thing? That's right now, once you accepted you'll, be a loose. Thirty pounds await You don't live twenty more years. Accepting this that you didn't. Look up and nobody around you fuck up. You didn't fuck up job this. Just fuck up, because I shot somebody at the store. I acted ballots door. There's nothing to do with us. You know this is something from life We will all bounce back in this. My be year might take two might take six months.
You don't know, what's going to happen, I know that's gonna change people's lives for the better. People going to go. You know what I didn't want to work on fucking all this anyway. You know what this going to make people think from outside the box, which is something needed for this both negative and positive. From this whole situation, how work for you is appeal. How works for you, it's gonna be up to beauty. Well, Every time there is a moment of adversity you can you could recover from that a vote you can recover from that adversity? You have an opportunity to grow. It's always. Wouldn't lose the quote dead. Raphael Lovato quoted that in I'd every seed of adversity. Is inside every inverse he's a seat of an equivalent benefit whose at thinking grow rich
was a guy's name, him God it this week in your memory. It wasn't me, Fifty four now, yes, Napoleon Ellsberg very interesting book, ruffian, Lovato Junior. He loves that book. That book to him as like. That's like yours- his one of his motivational books, Jody as is wrapped up with reality, then is always great see. I'm glad you do any good to see you brother, you now. I now Jane he's dying. There's no sports. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. What are they doing to dig in us? Just put everything aside, some more betting on the weather right now they ve their liking, maskers doing like virtually this weekend that they're starting up with some past dry,
So what am I gonna? Originally? Oh, my god, you know I was to go doing week, some old, the owl by God. I want some really good the at night, but fuckin you have seen least came to uncle joy. They showed off, three check. Randy fights rang now another very interesting. Go in there, not train and taken a light, get flock and lit Devil down autonomy, shit stopped him and then come back catch on with that right and then come back again. That's been great. I wish you could narrator like the idea was I like any fuckin. I should call We should talk to you and I d get together and do then because even ailing go eat, that's great right now to get like all fight.
Put him up and not a bad idea. Now, my god, this is the time to do it. We should have a fight companion for old pride fights like get. Somebody cries I M Lord John, and that we should do like I liked. I love to go. Get school done. Overall we are beginning the japanese guy, but which one Sakharov, a psycho Robert. I don't by the way that the education idead next yeah a great ideal ease via companion would like some of those great old yeah hearts. You never pick out a car. Pride dynamite or some shit there's so many want put together a card of dislike top ten, oh yeah. We could totally do that, but the best way, I think, would be if we put it together where they could sink it up like the dark side of the moon and then watch all card with us, so we're gonna pay. Play right now, starting here's the first round, and three to deny that this, like we do irregular fight. So they can, they could be seen,
so they're watching it with us. Yet you ok, came true ass. We too great idea d as Dad Macgregor. Add everybody on both fights back. They ended up with a babe de as didn't he s been have something like eleven hours of yes, yes, bandit up like a baby, here's the thing Macgregor you have seen fights for some strange reason and I'm not sure why there as entertaining to watch the second time as anything of every hour I store bs Greg around my paper view and could be Macgregor Tita watched, John Whaley in and Yawning J J five times. Yes, I have so my tv at all for I've? Why it's like watching them cut Jim said so? Good and even better that without good, that was so nerve racking. That fight was so crazy. I why staff fight a gang at times a watch this I'll bet, a yellow, Romero fight at least two times a. Why obliged
John Jones, Tioga Alvarez. I washed out, I mean Diego worm target Paul Paul No, no, no Jago, Santos Jesus Christ, titles, targets have as well to it tat. We I blame the we'd better watch out. Dominick Reyes fight a bunch of times. I watch that fight at least four or five times watch that fight with a fine tooth comb, and I don't, I still can't call it. That's any basis that this guy wanted that I wanted to fight that's open to interpretation, and the third round is open to interpretation. No question Domini! is one the first to know, question John Jones, one the last to is that third round a third round. To make it even that seem like hard to sit, that's hard to say round I kind of lean towards. Maybe Dominic raised it enough to win that round, because I think he landed more volume in that room, but John
Troll the state of the art John John Put was started, but pressure on Em John was trying to catch him specially towards the end, the round which I was for whatever, he's score higher the end of the room, To me is like this one should start to change them. Person might get a relief from the bell or the other person was gaining an advantage. That's what to seem like the around three. I see my John was torn again in vat and once again I woke up. I want it's good to go five man. Dominic raises a bad mother, Fucker he put a show you think about what he did and how come he stated from the goat, a guy's been everybody, John John Speed everybody and Dominic Gray has put it too got it so close that is a real argument that he might have done to win the decision. I don't necessarily grew their argument. I think Most kind of agree with of a draw of people started, I could almost see that third round being to draw, but I, like John,
meaning because John was stronger in the fourth and fifth rounds. I think it means more. I think it should mean more. I know it doesn't, but it should. It's like The fight was going his way. He was starting to take over That's what you want to see me once you, the guy, was trying to chase the other guy down and and beat on at the end of the fight whose doing, at the other five, while the enemy I was John Jones, but still improve in court impressive, because I think the T, I silver, not silver, Channel, Santos Fight, Jesus Christ. Joseph was another bad motherfucker from Brazil, but tat Santos fight was a split decision. People forget that I mean necessarily agree with that. There was a split decision. I thought John One, but it was closed. After one judge disagreed one judge, incompetent or competent. You be the judge David. De Santos and in our Santos put on a helluva was an amazing fight, but you know
John still, the greatest of all time. If you look at all the guys, eighty beaten, Anthony Smith, O S, p early autumn achieved or shot Evans is good on the line. Ravage slowdown alive veto about we're just gonna like everybody, John Pizza, Everybody Daniel Komio twice stopped and the second time John beats. Everybody John beats. Everybody. Sulphur Dominic raised per hour show like that This is why this corona viruses so fucked up for Emma ay ay that people can get get sick and their loved ones can catching get sick, of course, but be goddamned. Some good fights the debt that need to be made. And how they gonna make em. What are we gonna? Do Thyssen furies their push, enticing fury and wilder three to pushing back there? After that I want to do that. I think you can try to push back to July or something right: the fall That's right! I was in July that's right, mobile who's, gonna Vegas in July.
Does a fight and vague in July, I'm supposed to be at the park theatre in July in Vegas you on the day before the right yeah, that one. That's next, the MGM I'm at that place a place where they do the waves. I dont, who knows of I'll be able to. I don't know, I mean. MAX. I always said a best. It is what an oil is get the funds right. It is what it is we love people have a guy. We do thank you virtue in an end, I feel like when the cool things about this about being able do podcast this week with bird in time, and you, like our community, still together we're still together worse still, it was still have fun together and we We want you guys be connected to that Lou. That helps I mean, even if it's just a it's stir in a community or sister, you know a virtual community, it still all of us
a kind of vibe on these conversations and have a good time together, we're all in it together, including people listening. You know. This is a weird thing that were doing and we're not gonna stop because this virus, if we to do it from my house if it gets so crazy, they keep me in the house, but we're gonna. Do it We'll hook up with some sort of cameras will make it happen and make it we're gonna make it happen or healthy. We got got seven, we got you stay black, we love you buy. Thank you, friends pertaining to show. Thank you too door dash right now listeners and get five bucks off their first order of fifteen dollars, a boar when you download the door dash app and you enter the code Rogan. That's five bucks Of your first order, when you download the door dash app in the app store and you enter the code Rogan, so that's cut Rogan for five bucks after forced order with, dash where also brought to you by trigger goddamn? They make a good grill folks, you don't even know You don't even know until you get one so well
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